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Title: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)
Post by: anakpanti on November 05, 2013, 05:00:03 AM
List of my fanfics:


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Hi all...  XD
Like other authors, I think I will make this thread to post my fics..
More efficient in this way.
Thanks you for reading.
Thanks for your support. :D


#1 Spotlight - WMatsui

Jurina POV

I missed the day…

The day when I was the only one who debuted outside my original group…

The day when I was the only one who became the center..long before my original group started their debut..

The day when I was the youngest member in whole 48 family

The day when I was the only one who became SKE’s center..

The day when I was the absolute center for SKE.

The day when I was the only one who stood under the spotlight.


I’m a stubborn child.. yes, I am.
I’m greedy and I hate lose to someone. I always preparing myself to become the number one and the only one.

But, I didn’t even realize… since when Matsui Rena always standing beside me… share my center position with her.

Why this’s even happening? I never thought before that she’ll become my biggest rival. Never-ever.

Everything started when she took one of main roles in Majisuka Gakuen 1..
Gekikara…. a fiction character that made her sped away, boost her popularity..

That……. the senbatsu sousenkyo…. 2010.
She’s only 1 number behind me.
But climbed up from 29th to 11th?! Such a great number!
Even my ‘19th to 10th’ didn’t worth to be compared with her ‘rocket-ranking’.
She’s too awesome

And…. everything that I was afraid of happened in that whole year, finally comes.
I’ll never forget the senbatsu sousenkyo…. 2011. My nightmare.
Rena took my 10th position. And I? Dropped to 14th.
Since that day, I never really spoke to Rena-chan anymore.
It’s been 2 years.

Of course the citizen didn’t realize it, in front of our fans and the camera… we’re perfectly fine. WMatsui, huh?
But when it comes to the backstage, we’re automatically split up… like the water and the oil.
We have our own world and our own friends.
We never really looked into each other eyes, except during the song and photoshoot.

I was really thankful that in Majisuka Gakuen 2… I wasn’t paired with her.. If that’s happened, I’m not sure that we’ll be okay.

It’s not because I hate her or something… maybe that’s called as jealous.


Rena POV

I missed the day…

The day when I saw Jurina for the first time.. an elementary school student..

The day when I saw Jurina sang and dance for the first time… At that day, I had thought that Jurina will become a big star.. I adore her..
Well, I think that I’m her first fan… but she didn’t know about that.

The day when I heard Jurina called me ‘Rena-chan’ for the fist time… she was really cute, I couldn’t take off my eyes from her..

The day when I always dancing behind her….
I wasn’t really felt disappointed at my position, 2nd row? 3rd row? It’s okay…
as long as I still could see her dancing….
as long as I could see her back….

The day when she called my name, hugged me, and clinging to me..

The day when….. we laughed together.


As the days passed, everything changes.

I didn’t have any feeling about Gekikara… I didn’t know that a bloody-scary-creepy girl character can make me standing like today..
Standing in the front… with Jurina.

I’m not an (too) ambitious girl…
I’m the type of person who goes with the flow.
If something works, then I’d go with it.
If something doesn’t work, then…oh well.

But… what can I say? The flow brings me here… on the top, with Jurina.

Why when I’m on the top with her, I can’t even reach her?
She seems far away even though she’s always beside me… dancing… singing.. photoshoot… variety shows… MC.

Somehow…. there’s a ‘unseen territorial lines’ that separated us. We can’t touch each other anymore.

If in the past I knew everything will turned like this, maybe I won’t tried so hard to be able to stand beside her…
Actually… it’s good enough for me if I can standing behind her again because I can watching her back more closer again.

Jurina… why?


I shed my tears. “……. Me, Matsui Rena, will graduate from SKE48…….” I bowed to the fans.

I can hear everyone shout my name, but…. this is my decision. I’ve decided to watch Jurina from another side.

======================== **** ======================

Jurina POV

Re..R-rena chaann??? Wh-why??! Why she didn’t tell us before?? 1st generation!! Me…. Why she didn’t tell anything to me?!

I burst into tears. I still can’t believe about Rena’s graduation announcement.

So…th-this is really happening?? She will leave me alone? She’ll leave me alone… in the front.


Rena-chan didn’t have much time left.
Her activity in our group decreased as well… Lately, I rarely saw her.
She may busy with her solo activities.

It’s been 2 months since she announced her graduation.
But… I never had a chance to talk with her…
She’s always surrounded by many people..


I’m here… alone… in our empty teater.

The stage…. it’s kinda nostalgic for me.
There’s a day when we’re practiced alone… Just me and Rena-chan.
At that time, there was no one who knows us… not yet.

Young Jurina and young Rena tied their little fingers. The pinky swear.
"Let’s grow up together!
Let’s touch our dream together!
Let’s stand in the front together!
Let’s reach the star… together!”

I gasped.

I… I forgot about our promise….
I’m too selfish, arrogant, stubborn, and blinded by the glamorous spotlight.
Rena-chan reach all of these because of our promise!
She wanna stands with me, together…

Next week…. next week. It’s only a week left.

I get up and then I run away from our teater.
I run as fast as I can….. to Rena’s house…
I don’t care about my identity as Matsui Jurina

I’ll say sorry to her.
I’ll tell her everything.. about my feelings for her.

I arrive at her house… I take a deep breath… I press the bell.

The door opened. She looks surprised, but I can see her happiness in her eyes. “Ju-Jurina… welcome back…. to me.” She shed her tears.

Sh-she is my light… "Rena… I-"

Rena kissed my lips.

This is the time when the words are not necessary at all.

===================== THE END ======================

Hi… sorry for this short fanfic.. I’m doing this only because of my free time.

Sorry if my story is messy or something. :P

I’m just miss myself writing WMatsui fanfic.  :nervous
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
Post by: White Hawk on November 05, 2013, 06:55:45 AM
This is good! :)
I really like your story :D

Rena graduating :cry: Noo~
I'm glad that in the end Jurina coming to Rena, and Rena just kiss her, that's sweet! :wub: XD

Eh, but, somehow, this OS reminds me of the reality now..
WMatsui is rarely seen together again, moreover they are in different team now..
Oh, I miss seeing them together XD

Thanks for making this! :)
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
Post by: edogawa4869 on November 05, 2013, 11:31:29 AM
this is sad yet beautiful OS  :cry:

but kissing scene at the end was epic...  :twothumbs

sweet..  :wub:
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
Post by: Zita on November 05, 2013, 08:17:24 PM
 :bath: I feel better after a hard day.
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
Post by: sopiyah on November 06, 2013, 07:18:44 PM
wow nice fanfic n great story.... :twothumbs :twothumbs
rena gratuation....that's make me sad.....

but in the end rena kiss jurina..... :thumbup :heart: :heart:

arigato anakpanti...
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
Post by: leipyon on November 08, 2013, 07:43:57 AM
I demand more wmatsui from YOU !!!!!!!! XD  :wriggly: :wriggly:
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] Spotlight - WMatsui #1
Post by: Archer1992 on November 10, 2013, 12:38:32 AM
aaaaa i want my Wmatsui again...


Title: [anakpanti OS/SS] [2 Shots] WMatsui , JuriMayu - Aren't you mine? (PART 1) #2
Post by: anakpanti on November 10, 2013, 01:42:52 PM
#2 Aren't you mine? - JuriMayu


My name is Matsui Jurina.

I came from Nagoya, but 4 years ago…. I moved to Tokyo because of my job.
I’m a photographer at one of the biggest fashion company in Japan.

4 years ago I was really felt lonely… I had to left my parents, my hometown, and my best friend….. Matsui Rena.
Me and Rena-chan already knew each other since high school.

Rena-chan was worked as a young lecturers in Nagoya University, but 3 years ago she moved to Tokyo too because she accepted as a lecturers in Tokyo University of Science. I have to admit that she has a really bright brain.

Since 3 years ago, we lived in a same house….

After a year I lived with her, I felt something different towards her… I fell in love with her. And thank God, she accepted my feeling! I was so happy back then.

But it wasn’t last long……


"Rena-chan, " I knelt in front of her.

Rena seemed confused. “Wh-what is it? Please stand up! I’m embarassed, everyone look at us.”

"We already knew each other for 9 years.
In these 9 years, we already dated for 2 years. I think it’s more than enough for me to convince my heart that you’re the only one for me.”

I took a ring from my pocket. “Please be mine. I wanna be with you until God take my life, only the death that can separate us in this world.”

She gasped. “B-but… we both girls. I…. I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Rena-chan just walked away and left me alone in the restaurant.

Rena-chan didn’t go home for 3 days since my ‘fail confession’. I’m really worried about her.

*On the 4th day*

I heard our bell rang, I ran towards the door. I really hope that it’s Rena-chan.

I opened the door quickly.

Yes…. It was Rena-chan, but she was not alone. She came with a man, they were holding hands.

"Hi, Jurina-san." He bowed at me and I bowed back. He’s Yamada… as far as I know, he’s a lecturer in Tokyo University too. I knew him because he often drove Rena-chan home.

Rena-chan walked in, she passed me without said anything.

"Jurina-san… please take care of my Rena." He smiled at me. "See you later. Good night." He walked away from our house.

M-my… My Rena?


1 year has passed, I’m really glad that even though me and Rena-chan aren’t ‘together’ anymore.. well, at least we still living in a same house and we’re still friends.

At first, it was really hard for me to accepted the reality about Rena-chan wasn’t mine anymore. I can’t even understand why Rena accepted my feeling if she didn’t wanna make a serious commitment with me.

But after some months… I can accepted it. I realized that Rena’s happiness is more important than my happiness. If Yamada can give her more happiness than I had ever gave to her, then….. it’s okay.


"Rena-chan!!" I carried 2 big suitcases.

"Ne Juritan?" She came out from her room. She looked surprised. "Where are you going?"

"I will go to Italy for 2 weeks. I have some photo sessions there." I grinned at her.

Her eyes wide opened. “Italy?!! Sugoi!!”

"Yeah…" I scratched my head. "Ummm… take care." I turned away and walked to the door

Honestly… I don’t have anything to say again. Even though we’re still friends, but awkward situation still existing between us. I opened the door.


I turned back. I saw Rena go to her room and then she come out again. She held a scarf.

She walks closer towards me. “I’m sure that you didn’t have any scarf.” She wrapped it on my neck. “It’s winter there.”

I don’t know whether my cheeks blushed or not, I just say.. “Thank you.”

I turned away and then I walked outside. The taxi driver was waiting for me. The driver helped me to lift my suitcases to the luggage.

I got in to the taxi. I saw Rena-chan stood in front of our house, she waved her hand. Take care, Rena-chan.

======================= ITALY ======================

"Ohayou gozaimasu minna!!" A staff greeted us. "How was your night? Is the hotel fine enough for you, Matsui-san?"

"I have no problem with the hotel, thank your for your help." I bowed at him. "Where’s my model?"

"She’s in the make-up room, you can go ahead to the studio, Matsui-san."

I nodded and I followed a staff who showed me where the studio was.

I prepared my camera and other stuff that needed. I gave some instruction to the staff about the brightness of the light.

"Matsui-san. Your model is here."

I turned back. I was a little surprised. She’s beautiful.

"Nice to meet you Matsui-san. I’m Watanabe Mayu, please take care of me." She bowed at me.

"Nice to meet you too, Watanabe-san." I shook her hand. "Then… let’s start."


Rena is right, it’s winter here. I sat on the couch and I saw the snow fell beautifully outside the window. I slurped my coffee.

A message came, I read it.

From : Rena-chan

How’s your first day? ^‿^

I was so happy. I didn’t expect before that Rena will asked about my day.

To : Rena-chan

Everything works well.
And… you’re right, it’s winter here.
Thank you for the scarf.


I waited for her reply but…. nothing. So, I just put my phone on the table and I went to sleep.


"Watanabe-san, look at the camera." *click*

"Okay, great.. now, show me your smile." *click*

"Okay….. show me a smirk." *click* "Nice! You have 5 minutes break, Watanabe-san."

I sat on a chair and then I looked at my camera… sliding the pictures one by one. Wow… in each photo, she looks so gorgeous.

I copied the pictures into my laptop. I re-checked the pictures. Looks good.

"Guys, please rearrange the studio.. we move to the next theme!
Please decrease the light brightness and change the background with the black one.
Watanabe-san, you can change your dress now. Tell the make-up team to thicken your eyeliner, I think ‘smokey eye’ will be good.”

She nodded and then she went into the changing room.

"5 minutes again… please be ready."

"Hai, Matsui-san!!" The staff answered me.

While the staff prepared the studio, I kept checking my camera and took some samples. “Okay, that’s enough. Please call Watanabe-san.”

One of the staff entered the changing room to call my model. But… “Matsui-san… she’s calling you.”

"What happen?"

The staff just shrugged. So, I decided to entered the changing room. “What’s wrong?” She wrapped her body with a cloth.

"I…. I’m embarrassed. This is the sexiest costume that I’ve ever used." She took off a cloth that covered her body and showed me her dress.

I was confused. She’s right that the dress looks so sexy, a black-red lingerie.
But actually…. it’s not a big deal for me because last year… I’ve even took some photos of the nude models for a magazine.
They only covered the model’s body with some colorful paint, I don’t get it but they called it as artistic.

She blushed. “W-well… it’s okay. I will keep doing the photo shoot. I’m sorry for my unprofessional attitude.”

She was about to open the door but I held her arm. “Wait a minute, okay?” I smiled at her because I didn’t want her to felt guilty. I went out from the changing room and I closed the door.

*5 minutes later*

I knocked the door. “Watanabe-san, you can come out now. Don’t worry.”

She opened the door. She seemed surprised. “Where are the others??”

I grinned at her. “This is our last photo session, so.. I asked them to go back to the hotel and take some rest.” I giggled. “No need to worry again, okay? It’s just us right now.” I offered my hand to help her walking.

She held my hand and walked slowly. “Thank you.”

"Okay, now…. show me your best shot." I lifted my camera.

Watanabe started to pose in front of me. *click*

"Show me your sexy smile." *click*

"Please put one of your hand to your head." *click* "Nice! Now, please sit on the couch and show me your pose." I pointed a couch behind her.

Watanabe did as I said. *click*

"Do you live here?" I decided to do some chit-chat with her while taking the pictures.

"No, I lived in Tokyo.. just like you. "

"But… I never saw you before. Are you a newbie?"

Somehow… she was offended. “Are ‘my pose’ looks like a newbie for you?!”

I chuckled. “No, please don’t angry at me. I’m just asking because I never saw you.”

"Well… after we go back to Japan, we can see each other more often then." She smiled at me.

I shrugged. “I don’t mind as long as it’s your treat.” I grinned.

She laughed. *click* *click* *click* I kept taking her pictures until she stop laughing.

"Hey! You took too many pictures."

"It’s my job to take any amazing pictures." *click* "And you’re amazing." *click*

I checked the pictures in my camera. “We’re done. I have no problem with your pictures. You’re a wonderful model.”

She rolled her eyes. “You flattering me too much. You’re a talented photographer… it’s the first time I feel so comfortable while I’m doing a photo shoot.”

"Thank you, ojou-sama." I bowed at her.

She chuckled.

I never think that Watanabe is a playful girl. I mean… she looks so elegan and her appearance is like an ojou-sama.

=================== BACK TO JAPAN ==================

I pressed the bell. Urgh.. I’m really tired. I think I had jet lag.

Rena-chan opened the door. She looked surprised. “Hi, Juritan.” She hugged me. “I thought you will come back at Sunday.” She helped me to bring my bag inside our house.

It’s nice to see her again. I kinda missed her.

"Well… it was lucky for me, I got an expert model. I didn’t need too much time to guide her. Oh, she’s outs-"

"Hi, Jurina-san… nice to meet you again."

Ya-yamada?! Even though I was so angry, sad, and jealous.. I kept trying to smile. “Nice to meet you too, Yamada-san. Are you planned to stay overnight?”

He shook his head. “No.. No. You’re back, so… I think I’ll just go home. I already accompanied her while you’re in Italy.” He smiled.

Wait a minute…. he stayed here for 10 days???!!

Rena smiled. “Yeahh… I was afraid to stay here alone. I’m glad that Yamada-kun accompanied me here.”

There’re too many feelings that mixed in my heart. “Ohh… yup. You’re so kind Yamada-san, thanks for taking care of her while I was in Italy.” I smiled. “So, why don’t you stay here for one more night?”

Rena looked surprised. “Jurina?”

I grinned. “I have a friend too. She’ll stay overnight, It’s too late for her to go home.” I pointed at the door. “She’s my model.”

Watanabe walked in. “Hi. I’m Watanabe Mayu, sorry for bothering you. I’ll go home as soon as possible tomorrow. I promise.” She smiled.

Yamada greeted her. “Hi Watanabe-san, nice to meet you.” They shook hands. “But I’m so sorry, I need to go home.” He pecked Rena’s forehead. “See you tomorrow. Bye guys.” He walked out.

I looked at Watanabe. “Watanabe-san, she’s my older sister… Matsui Rena.” I pointed at Rena.

Rena seemed shocked, but…. I don’t care.

Watanabe bowed. “Nice to meet you, Matsui Rena-san.”

Rena smiled.

=================== 4 Months Later ===================

Thanks to Mayuyu (Watanabe told me to called her like that), she makes my days more brighter than before.

In these 4 months, she often became my model. Maybe… my company already realized that ‘the chemistry’ between the photographer and the model could affected the result too.

Umm… it wasn’t only because of our ‘chemistry’, Mayuyu is an amazing model. Honestly, she still looked gorgeous even if she worked with other photographers.

Thankfully, Mayu keep making me as her top priority. She said that I’m still the only one who can make her feel comfortable while doing a photo shoot. I’m glad to hear that.


The more closer I’m with Mayuyu, the more often I see Yamada-san hanging around in our house too.

I guess… Rena-chan and Yamada-san already planned a commitment that I won’t ever can give it to Rena…. the wedding.

One day, I asked Mayuyu to come to our house too. Somehow…. Slowly, I feel Mayuyu can cure my wound that Rena gave to me.

"Mayuyu…" I can’t looked at her because I was driving my car.


"Wanna come to my house?"

She seemed surprised, but she nodded. “I want to.” She smiled.

Am I starting to falling in love again? But… I’m afraid that I will hurt again. I still can’t forget how painful that I felt when Rena left me.

"Ohayou." Mayuyu greeted Rena and Yamada who sat on the couch.

I only smiled at them and then I held Mayuyu’s hand. “Let’s go upstairs.”

I could see Rena kept staring us while me and Mayuyu went in to my room. I closed the door.

I sat on my bed. Why do I still feel hurt when I see them together?

Mayuyu stood in front of me “Is there something bad happened between you and your sister?” She held my face.

"No, nothing happened." I held Mayu’s hand on my face.

"You aren’t a good liar, Jurina." She ruffled my hair with another hand.

I pulled Mayu closer, I hugged her waist. I buried my face on her stomach. I can smell her sweet scent. “I’m afraid.”

Mayu put her hands around my neck. “What are you afraid of?”

"I’m afraid of losing you, I’ve been too comfortable to be around you." I let go of her waist. I lay on my bed.

Mayuyu followed me, she lay on my bed too. She hugged me. “I won’t go anywhere, Jurina. I will never leave you. Just like you said, we feel comfortable when we are together.”

I didn’t know how it was started, but… we were cuddling on my bed. I wrapped my legs around hers, we were holding hands, and we shared our kiss too.

Mayuyu fell asleep in my arms. I chuckled. I kissed her forehead. “Thank you.

My bad habit, I forgot to lock my room. Rena opened the door, she shocked.

Ssshhh." I put my index finger onto my lips. "I don’t want to wake her." I made my voice as soft as I can.

I swear that I saw Rena’s jealous expression before she closed my door again. I already knew her for years, that was definitely the jealousy.

==================== NEXT DAY =====================

"I didn’t get it, Rena. Why are you so angry at Mayu? She didn’t do something bad to you. She even rarely talked to you. She’s totally nice towards you."

We argued in our living room.

"I’m angry because of what you guys did yesterday!!"

I rolled my eyes. “About HUGGED her in my room? It was just a hug! You’re the one who entered my room without knocked the door. It wasn’t my fault.”

"You had changed, Jurina. You never yelled at me before. Lately, we never talked to each other anymore… we’re live in a same house but we even never greet at each other! Aren’t you my best friend?"

"You… you are the one who changes me, Rena! Don’t blame Mayu.
Of course we never talked to each other… you’re too busy with your boyfriend!!” I shed my tears, I can’t endure it anymore.

I pointed her face, “You!! You aren’t my best friend!! You’ve played with my heart!!
2 years, Rena… 2 years!! You made me believe that you’re really love me.
When you dumped me, you even didn’t turned back to help me stand up again. You left me alone for days, here!! Where are you when I was broken heart?!

And the day when you came back, you held his hand right in front of my eyes!!!
Until yesterday, you kept showing your lovey-dovey in front of my eyes!
For a year, I felt the pain in whole year… but you’re angry at me just because of I hugged Mayu in some hours?!
I even didn’t know what you guys did when I was in Italy!!
Don’t you even have a heart, Rena?!!”

"Jurina……." Rena tried to hug me, but I stepped back.

"You aren’t worthy to become my friend." I looked away. "You’d better leave this house as soon as possible. I don’t wanna see your face again."

I walked to the door, when I was about to open it….

"Yesterday…. Yamada-kun asked me to marry him….." Rena cried.

"As if I care about your wedding." My chest felt burned. I held the knob and open the door.

"I refused him!!!" Rena sobbed.

================= TO BE CONTINUED ==================

Okay… Jurina x Mayu or Jurina x Rena….
kyaaa!!! I’m confused. :P

Read the Part 2 here --> Part 2 (
Title: Re: [anakpanti OS/SS] [2 Shots] WMatsui , JuriMayu - Aren't you mine? (PART 1) #2
Post by: olive29 on November 10, 2013, 02:12:56 PM
Kyaaaaaa..... I LOVE ALL OF YOUR FIC !!!

I think Rena refused Jurina because they both girls...

Rena still afraid of what society thinks about 2 girls being together.

I think that's why she went and got herself a boyfriend, but when Jurina become closer to Mayuyu, she must have realized that she love Jurina, but still afraid of being together with Jurina, that's why she asked that Yamada guy to hanging around in the house a lot.

But, when she saw Jurina and Mayuyu hugged each other, she finally realized she has to do something or she'll lose Jurina forever... chapter, please... :bow:
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Rena rejected Jurina's proposal and is now dating a guy! :OMG:

Poor Jurina :cry:

Okay… Jurina x Mayu or Jurina x Rena….
kyaaa!!! I’m confused. :P

You are still hesitating? Whichever pairing will make Jurina truly happy the most. But I'm sure this will end with Wmatsui. Just look at Rena. Jealousy has started to take over her, overreacting on seeing JuriMayu cuddling in bed. 

As for me, I will enjoy JuriMayu as much as I can. XD
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Your story is so beautiful  :jphip:

I cant hold back my tears while reading this beautiful story  :panic:  :(

Please update soon :bow: :bow:
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wmatsui forever

mayu is yuki's forever
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I always failed in write OS.
At first, I planned to make this as OS, and then... in the middle of the story, I became too emotional and make it more longer and longer.  :lol:


Reply for Spotlight:

@White Hawk : About Rena and Jurina... yeahh... lately,  I rarely see them together.  My WMatsui feeling.... :cry:

@edogawa4869 :
this is sad yet beautiful OS  :cry:
I don't now why but.... I like to write an emotional fanfic.  :lol:

@Zita : I'm glad that my story can made you felt better.  :D

@sopiyah : Rena graduation... I always have a bad feeling about it, that's why I put it in my fanfic.

@leipyon and @Archer1992 : I'm just posting it. I love WMatsui too.


@olive29 : Olive-san, you summarizing my fanfic.  XD
You wrote all the contents of my head.  :lol:
That's all true.

@konoe : Yup, I'm still hesitate. But, I will choose it wisely.  :P
Silly reason: In my fanfic 'Wanted!' I already made Mayu suffered too much, how can I let myself make her suffer in this fanfic too?  :lol:

@Kirozoro : I got teary too..  :cry:

@msst28 : I'll choose it wisely between them. I want Jurina happy.  :)

@gek geki :
wmatsui forever
mayu is yuki's forever
It's the first time I wrote JuriMayu pairing.
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even thought it was your first time making jurmayu piring doesn't mean they end up togrther in the end right?







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Silly reason: In my fanfic 'Wanted!' I already made Mayu suffered too much, how can I let myself make her suffer in this fanfic too?  :lol:

Well if this really ends with Wmatsui then add Yuki if are still guilty of the pain you caused Mayu in "Wanted". Just a brief scene is fine. :P

I always ended up agreeing with what gek geki says. Always nodding at my seat while reading his/her(?) comments. XD
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Here comes the major drama bomb. *shakes my head*

Anakpanti, we meet again! :D

This is a very well done fanfic. I was very amazed by Jurina's anger, I never saw such power and fire in her dialogue. Nicely done! :)

When will you update this? I'm so eager to read it again~ ^^

And I'm sorry if I can't send you the *cough* smut chapter for your other fanfic via email. I'm currently in Japan now, and will be facing lots of work in school when I get back to Jakarta. I'll try to write it on my free time. Gomen ne~ :'(

Again, a very good fanfic. Update it fast if you can~! :)

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Post by: anakpanti on November 10, 2013, 03:35:05 PM
Here comes the major drama bomb. *shakes my head*

Anakpanti, we meet again! :D

This is a very well done fanfic. I was very amazed by Jurina's anger, I never saw such power and fire in her dialogue. Nicely done! :)

When will you update this? I'm so eager to read it again~ ^^

And I'm sorry if I can't send you the *cough* smut chapter for your other fanfic via email. I'm currently in Japan now, and will be facing lots of work in school when I get back to Jakarta. I'll try to write it on my free time. Gomen ne~ :'(

Again, a very good fanfic. Update it fast if you can~! :)

Hi. Arya. You're here!!  XD

Don't worry, I'll keep waiting for your email.  XD

Y-you're in Japan?! Titip salam buat WMatsui yaaaa...!  :lol:

I will update it tomorrow. Thanks for reading.  :D
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 :imdead: My heart is bleeding.

Why Rena refused Jurina?
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Post by: kurogumi on November 10, 2013, 04:10:08 PM
i'm not against jurimayu

but mayuki these day really hurt me a lot especially seigus-san abyss of memory...the most desperated mayuki fic for me,make me even scared to comment

 putri-san If you have not read it I suggest you to read it. soo if you had any complaint about the end of mayuki pair you could just put the blame to seigus-san LOL
psttt don't let seigus-san read this or he will kick me out from this tread LOL...moderator sama was scary~~~ :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:
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but admit it was good ones,but i prefer to read dr.watanabe x nurse kashiwagi series that seigus wrote

no force here

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Post by: shechi on November 10, 2013, 05:17:19 PM
The first, I want JuriMayu :deco:, but in the ending chap, I felling sorry about Rena and I want Wmatsui but I don't want Mayu is hurted  :catglare:@@ Please don't let anyone alone. How about adding new char as Yuki? :cathappy:
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Post by: White Hawk on November 10, 2013, 05:22:56 PM
Wahh~ This is good :twothumbs

Okay… Jurina x Mayu or Jurina x Rena….
kyaaa!!! I’m confused. :P
You should make Mayu x Rena :P XD

About Rena and Jurina... yeahh... lately,  I rarely see them together.  My WMatsui feeling.... :cry:
That's why you should end this with WMatsui! XD

I can't wait for part 2 :D
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I want WMatsui!  :(

at least PM me w/ what couple will you choose because I refuse to read JuriMayu >w>
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Post by: edogawa4869 on November 10, 2013, 06:44:49 PM
Wmatsui Wmatsui .....  :panic:

i hope Jurina can accept rena again...

i believe she still love Rena...

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Post by: rochilu on November 10, 2013, 08:21:22 PM
Rena let her chance go u.u i think you should go for a JuriMayu!   :P
They understand each other and Mayuyu is so kind to Juri, i don't want her to suffer u.u
plus, they seems extremely cute together!  :w00t:
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Post by: mo-chan on November 10, 2013, 09:20:01 PM
my Jurinaaaa T_T
Rena made you suffer like that
Rena should suffer too
but I want a wmatsui too T_T
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Post by: FairyNyan on November 11, 2013, 03:34:04 AM
Another great fic from you anakpanti  :w00t: im officialy your fans now  :lol:

Rena rejected Jurina because she is a girl. Now she rejected yamada... and he is a guy..  :doh:

Juri x Rena plis
and bring yuki to your fic :D
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Post by: mikaellitsa on November 11, 2013, 04:10:29 AM
make rena suffer like jurina before.... but plzzzz make it jurinaxrena:p
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Post by: Terragen on November 11, 2013, 04:12:40 AM
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Hmmm hard choice ever, Rena or Mayu. I usually decide by the storyline.

Currently I'm leaning toward Mayuyu. To change my mindset to Rena, you better give me a good excuse or at least punish Rena for it. :P 

Then again, I've read a lot of fics similar to this before, usually it ended with WMatsui route.

PS: If only J can have both girls. XD
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Post by: qr.rima on November 11, 2013, 11:36:06 AM
Rena or Mayu...

I want to see Rena's growth as a character if I'd ever want her to end up with Jurina. She LEFT Jurina while J was proposing, we all know she gay panicked and she still loves J, but that doesn't erase the fact that she left and continues to hurt J afterwards. I think she has to make J understand why things happened the way it did, knowing that explaining things means she could or not be forgiven. if ever J chooses to stay with Mayu at least there would be closure for them.

As for Mayu, I don't feel think J really wants to be with Mayu. for all we know she could just be subconsciously forcing herself to be with Mayu because she can't take the pain Rena has been causing. I don't want Mayu to act as a mere "replacement" in J's heart. Because clearly J still loves Rena. Also, just because you're 100% comfortable with someone doesn't mean that you're romantically in love with them.

Ahhh I've been rambling sorry. Anyway I'll be looking forward as to how you're going to end this :)
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Hey  :)

I want to say Thank You too always make a fanfic  :heart: :heart:

I always read all of your fanfic cause all of your fanfic it's always iteresting  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

And for this fanfic Please make it a happy ending of WMATSUI :sweatdrop: : :bow: :bow: :bow:

Cause I miss them so much and I need more Wmatsui fanfic  :doh:

Hehehe... :wub:
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actually i'm a silent reader. but now when i read your fanfic,i need to give a comment.
this fanfic is so good  :twothumbs
i really love all of your fic and become your fan  XD
hmm,i like this end with JuriMayu although i'm a WMatsui heavy fans. Rena already make Jurina suffering so much  :angry: so she need take her punish too.

Can wait to read the 2nd part !
Title: [anakpanti OS/SS] [2 Shots] WMatsui , JuriMayu - Aren't you mine? (PART 2) #2
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#2 Aren't you mine? - JuriMayu


"Yesterday…. Yamada-kun asked me to marry him….." Rena crying.

"As if I care about your wedding." My chest felt burning. I hold the knob and open the door.

"I refused him!!!" Rena sobbed.

I stop. Stunned.

"Please..... don't go." Rena look at me. Her sad eyes begged me to stay.

I clapped my hands slowly. "Great job, Rena. Now, you hurting 2 people in the same time." I quipped her.

"Please, understand me... Jurina."

"I already tried to understand you for years!!" I step outside. "I won't go home tonight. No need to wait me." I close the door.

I walk faster to my car and drive it away from our house.

T-tha-that was....... really shocked me. My mind keep telling me to go back to our house and to hug Rena.... to comfort her. I shook my head. "No!! I won't go back!" She...... she already dumped me for long time. Besides that..... there's someone else who waiting for me now.

She open the door. "Jurina." Mayu smile at me brightly and pulling me to her hug.

I hug her too. I close my eyes and then I take a deep breath. I love these feelings... I feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

Being here.... with Mayu is totally different when I was with Rena.
With Rena, I always felt afraid. I'm afraid that she will leave me again... I'm afraid that she will hurting me again. I'm afraid being alone again.

Mayu...... although I didn't knew her as long as I knew Rena, but... I know that Mayu won't hurt me. This is strange, but I already trust her since........



I lifted my head. "Ah, Watanabe-san! Ohayou. Please be ready... I will prepare my camera." I stood up.

She grabbed my hand and forced me to sat again. "What's wrong?"

I confused. "No-nothing is wrong..."

She touched my forehead. "You have fever. Let's go to my house, I already called my personal doctor." She pulled my hand.

"Bu-but.... we have a deadline!! They will angry at me." I pulled back my hand harshly. "And.... You already called the doctor?! How did you kn-"

She used her sleeve to wiped my neck. "Just look at the sweat at all over your body. I had already here since 10 minutes ago and I already called the company to postpone our photo-shoot. So, don't worry." She gave me a bitter smile.

Wait. She.... sad?!


She let go of her arms. She frowning when she look at my face. "What's wrong?" She wipes my cheeks with both of her hands. "Did you just crying?"

I smile. "Nothing is wrong."

She rolled her eyes. "As always." She hold my hand and pulling me to enter her house. "Why do you keep telling me that nothing is wrong? Am I don't get your trust yet?"

We sat on the couch.

"Did you have quarrel with your sister again?"

I simply nodded. This is it. She's always expert in guessing what happened to me. It's like...... I can't hide anything from her.

She stand up and then she walks closer to me. She sit on my lap and put her hands around my neck. "What's the problem?"

I hold her waist. "I will talk about it later."

Honestly... I don't know how to say it. Should I tell her that actually Rena is my ex? Not my sister.
Even though we're still not officially dating yet, but... I'm afraid that she will think how crazy I am to living with my ex.
I can't play with her heart.... I won't become like Rena.

I caressed her cheek. "Let's just enjoy our quality time."

She smile. "I'm glad to." She capturing my lips.

I pressing my lips harder. Her lips are so tempting, I wanna eat it all. I wanna feel it more. Our kiss become more passionate and wild. I enjoyed her rhythm.

====================== 3 Days Later ======================

"Where have you been?' Rena immediately stand up when she see me entering our house.

I walks faster to my room. "I'm tired, Rena. Please don't pick a fight now."

"I don't wanna fight with you. I'm just want to know where did you stay in last 3 days."

I go upstairs. "I've told you to not wait me." I have to increase my volume so she can hear me.

"But you told me that you'll only leave for one night. It's been 3 nights, Jurina!!"

I hear Mayu's voice. "Don't worry, Matsui-san... she stayed in my house."

I facepalming. I change my clothes quickly. It's gonna be a 'war'. I go downstairs and then I grab Mayu's hand. "Let's go. We can't be late." I pull her hands.

Mayu bowing at Rena. "See you later, Matsui-san. Please trust me, I will take care of her."

Rena seems really angry. She clenched her fist. She's going to burst out.

Okay... this is really awkward. I must tell Mayu soon that she isn't my sister. I wave my hand at Rena. "Don't worry... I will go home tonight after our photoshoot finished. We can talk later. Bye..... sister." I close the door.

"Mayuyu... I told you to wait me in my car." I pout.

She giggle. "I'm sorry, but we can't make her keep worrying you. At least she knew that you're with me." She's squeezing my hand.

"Wow. You're really nice towards her. You worrying her but you didn't worried about me... you kept hitting my arms! I'm jealous." I teased her.

"Of course I'm worried about you too. Stop being childish, my handsome photographer." She punch my arm.

"See?! You hit me again." I pinch her nose.

She wanna hit me again, but I can perfectly avoid it. I run to my car and I open the door for her. "Let's go, ojou-sama." I bowing at her and treating her like a princess.


======================== At Night ========================

We sat on a couch in our living room. We sat silently, although we planned to talk but... no one have a guts to start the conversation. I'm really tired because me and Mayu did the outdoor photoshoot today.

It's easier to do it indoor because we can change the decoration as we like, but it's different when we do an outdoor photoshoot. We can't changes the weather. It's tiring to wait the proper moment and tired to looking for nice places, we can't only do it in a same spot over and and over again.

I stand up. "I'm tired and sleepy. Good night." I turned and walk away. I went upstairs. "I know that this is going to be useless, Rena." I enter my room and close the door.

I lie down on my bed and try to sleep. But my phone ringing. I got a message.

Jurina, I'm sorry.
I know that I'm not a good friend,
not a good lover,
not a good ex,
and not a good housemate either.

I know you're tired.
Good night, Juritan.


I sighed. I simply replied. "I'm glad you know." I turned off my phone.


I awakened because I heard the thunder rumbled. I open my eyes and............. dark.

I'm shock to the death. I wanna scream, but suddenly I remember that I had a big quarrel with Rena. I didn't need her help.

I sit quietly and curled, I hug my legs. The darkness make me chills. I have Achluophobia, I'm afraid of the dark. I... I wanna scream. I cried quietly, my self esteem prevent me to ask for help. Damn!!

It's been an hour but the lights still off. Heavy rain outside. I sobbed. Rena... why don't you knock my door? You knew my desease.

I'm tired and sleepy. I'm hesitant. Should I call Rena?? ............ No, I shouldn't!!

2 hours!!! Everytime I heard the thunder strikes, I feel my heartbeat became uncontrolled. I gave up. I decided to went out from my room and ask for Rena's help.

I walk slowly in the dark and then I open the door. I trembled because it's very dark. "Re-rena chan..."

No answer.

"Re.... R-rena chan!" I increase my volume but still no answer.

I'm so desperate. "Matsui Rena!!!!" I screamed.


"Wwwaaaaaa!!!!" I heard someone answered me. Sh-she's here?

I looked down, I see someone lit the candle. "Ahh... are you awake, Jurina?"

"Wh-what are you doing in front of my room?"

"Didn't you just calling me?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah... I'm calling you... but you already here before, right? I didn't saw you went upstairs." I pointed at the stairs.

She stood up and then she give me the candle.
"I already sat here since 3 hours ago. I knew that you afraid of the dark, so.. I just came here..
But I was afraid to knocked your, I mean... you still angry at me and you maybe still slept.
And then I decided to wait here until you call me." She smile. "Now... I can go back to sleep. Good night." She walked away.

"Hey! Why don't you answered me when the first time I called you? I called you 3 times, you know?!"

She stop in the middle of stairs. She turned back. "I know but I'm sorry. I just miss you call my name." She walks downstairs again.

3 hours?? Sh-she sat here for 3 hours?? Stupid. I look around.... darkness everywhere. Urgh God, You must be kidding me! "Rena!!"

"Yes, Jurina." She answered me from downstairs.

"D-don't leave me. Just please..... come here again." No answer. "Oh, okay. No problem if you don't want to." I go in to my room and close the door.

I put the candle on my desk. I lay on my bed again. The candle didn't help me, I'm still trembled.

"Jurina, open the door." Rena knocked my door.

I gasped. "The door is unlocked."

She open the door and go into my room.  She sit on a chair. "I will sat here until you fall asleep. Just relax."

"Thank you." I grab my pillow and my bolsters. I turned my body and facing the wall. I don't want to see her face.

I really wanna sleep, but many questions keep popping out in my head. "What do you want, Rena?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't act like an innocence. You angry at me when Mayu was here, you broke up with your boyfriend and you refused to marry him... I know exactly how painful is it, I feel pity for Yamada-san.
Y-you refused me too, you refused my propose." I gulped. Those pain... I feel it again.

"I'm sorry...."

"Can you say anything else besides 'sorry'? What I need now is a reason!" I feels my tears flowing to my cheeks. I try hard to not make any sound. I don't want Rena know that I'm crying. I bit my lips.

"Jurina..... we both girls so......"

"So... what? Yamada.... he is... a man!! Then why-" My voice cracked.

Rena seems realized that I'm crying, I can hear her steps. She sit on my bed. "Don't cry Jurina, please... It's hurt me too."

"What did you expect, huh? Am I must laughing in front of you?
You accepted my love without a reason, you broke up with me without a reason, and then you refused Yamada-san without a reason too.
I guess.... This is your hobby. I can't wait to see you dating with someone else and then you break up with them again."

"Jurina!!" She stand up.

I turned back and I wake up. "What?!" I see her face. She looks angry and irritated.

"I came to your room to accompany you, not to be lectured by you!!" She walk away and then she open my door.

"Rena!!" She stop. "I just want you answer one question, then I won't disturbing your life anymore." She didn't say anything, so I take it as 'yes'. "During these years, these 9 years... Did you ever love me... Rena-chan?"

"I'm sorry, Jurina." She walks outside and close my door.

I shed my tears. Sorry? I took it as 'never'. I sobbed. I promise.. this is will be the last time I'm crying because of her.

========================== **** ==========================

5 months has passed. I don't know what's wrong with my 'old' Rena, now... she kept bringing different men every week to our home. I even didn't know who are them. Everytime I came back from work, I always see her with a man doing lovey-dovey things IN LIVING ROOM!!

I really want to scold her, but what can I do? We even didn't talk since that night!! And I already promised her to not disturbing her life too. Now... I even didn't have any right to tell 'get a room!' to her. 'So... I keep silent.

I close the door and go to Mayu's house. Lately, I often slept in Mayu's house. I felt uncomfortable in my own house because of Rena and those men.

Today is Mayu's birthday. "Mayuyu... close your eyes, please."

"Wh-what is this?? Why so sudden? You know.... you don't ne-"

"Just do it!" I use my palm to close her eyes. "Don't peek, okay?"

She nodded.

I run to take the gift. I put it near to the wall so it can stand perfectly. "Now peek-peek-peek-peek...!!" I said it with highly enthusiasm.

She chuckle. "Okay-okay Jurina. Relax." She open her eyes. She surprised when she look at a big gift leaned on the wall, it still covered by pink wrapper. "Wow... what's that?"

"Open it.. come on!" I pull her hands.

She giggle. "Actually Jurina... Why are you become more excited than me??? It's my gift!"

I give her my big smile.

She walks closer to her gift and when she's about to open it.

"Stop!!" I hold my head. "Wait a minute... suddenly I feel sick."

She rolled her eyes. "What's wrong, Jurina?"

"Nothing." I walk away. "I will wait you outside, okay?" I walks faster and then I sit on a bench. Mayu have a small garden, it's a really good place for relaxing my mind.

I look at the moon and stars on the sky. I wish she'll like it.


I gasped. I turned my head, I see her stand up in front of the door. I stand up quickly. *doki doki* "How is it?"

She run towards me and then she hugging me. "Don't ever surprise me like that again!!" She shed her tears.

I ruffled her hair. "I'm sorry. So....."

"Help me to hang it on my wall."

"No problem." I shrugged. "I'll help you to hanging it in your bedroom."

"No. I want to hang it on my living room." She pressed her lips to my cheek.

"What??!!! Don't you feel ashamed?" I asking it carefully.

She pinch my cheek. "No, silly. Why should I?! Come on." She pulling my hand.

I see the gift. I gave her a huge frame with her photos sticked in it. I touch it. There are so many her beautiful pictures in it.

Everytime we were together, I always secretly took her picture... with make-up, without make-up, when she ate, when she sleep, when she called me, when she smiled, when she pouted, when she laughed, when she tired, when she got teary, and even there are her silly face too.
I chuckle.

I edited these pictures since last week. I counted these pictures last night while sticked it one by one... there's 347 pictures in it... it's been 347 days since I met her in Italy... since she started to cure my wound..

I realize that something is missing. "Mayuyu...."

"Hm?" She back-hug me.

"Do you really get what I'm trying to say here??" I turned back.

"Of course... I got it. Those pictures... you always took it secretly, right? I looked at it... I wear the different clothes in each picture, well... there're some pictures with same clothes but most of them are different. It's very beautiful, Jurina." She smiled.

I sighed. "Yes... that's right. But... that's not the main point."

She looks confused.

The frame isn't fully opened, so I unwrapped it until we can see all pictures. I walk and go to behind her. I hold her shoulders from behind and I pulling her slowly. I stop when I think I get the perfect distance. I hold her waist... I hug her and I whispered. "Do you see something else, Mayu?"

She leaning her body on me while she try to look at the frame. She looks surprised. "J-Ju-Jurina....."

"Yes?" I can feel her heartbeat goes faster.

"I love you." She turned back and kiss me. She pressed her lips more harder, our tongue started to tangle and dancing in our mouth.

Finally she need some air and then she pulling back her kiss. I smile at her. "So... is it a 'yes' or......?"

"Yes, Jurina. Definitely yes." She shed her tears. "I'm sorry for not noticed it. I'm sure that you worked hard for it."

I wipe her tears. "It's okay... your answer is the most important here." I look away. "So.... still wanna hanging it on your living room?"

"Yes, of course. I even want it more than before."

I surprised. Actually... I expected that she wanna hang it in her bedroom. "I love you too... Mayuyu." I capture her lips.

She lift her legs and put them on my waist. I can completely carry her right now. I walk slowly and carrying her to the bedroom without broke our kiss.

Finally, we get into her bedroom, I broke the kiss. I placed her body onto the bed gently. I wanna touch her body again because I feel really 'hot' right now, but I'm hesitant... "Umm... Mayu... d-do you want us to go on or....? I can wait."

Mayu smile at me. She sit and then she grab my neck, she pulling me closer. "Are you kidding me, honey? Just.... do it." She blushed.

I smile and then I pushing her onto the bed.


"Do you see something else, Mayu?"

I confused, but I tried to look at the frame once again... all pictures are in black-white. I can see the white color slowly formed into some alphabets, I can read it now. Will you be my princess?

I gasped. Sh-she.. she edited those picture to- "J-Ju-Jurina....."


======================= **** =======================

I always try to look away if I see Rena with a man in our living room. I tried to kept my eyes looking straight and went upstairs. I never greeted those men, Yamada-san was the only one Rena's friend that I can talked with. Although I didn't really like him, but at least I knew that he's a good man.

But lately... Rena's boyfriends (I didn't know whether all of them are her boyfriend or not) becomes random at all. One day, I saw a younger man (I guess that he's her student) but another day, I saw an older man (I can't guess who is he).

I kept trying to not interfere Rena's life, but today... I reached my limit. Sh-she bring a girl into our house....

"What is it?" She crossed her arms. "You said that you won't bothering my life anymore. Did you forget it?"

"Rena... what happened to you?"

"Me? I'm great and completely fine. Nothing happened."

"What do you want, Rena?"

"I didn't want anything. Ah, I want to sleep because I'm really tired. Good night, fella."

She's about to walk away, so I grab her arm quickly. "We aren't finished talking yet!"

She release her arm harshly. "Don't touch me too comfortably like that. I'm not yours." She glared at me.

"Did you do all of those things because of a specific purpose? Is it because of me?"

She smirk. "Who do you think you are? Are you trying to say that I did all of those things because I'm jealous at you and pleading for your attention?"

I pissed off. I push her onto the wall and then I pinning her on it. I look at her eyes. "Who am I? You asked me who am I?!!
I'm your housemate!
I was your friend!!
I was your bestfriend!!
I was your lover!!!
I was a girl who ever loved you with whole my heart, my soul, and my body!!
I'm a girl who played by you!!
I'm a girl who dumped by you!!!
I'm a girl who refused by you because I'm a girl and tonight.... you brought a GIRL into this house!!!!
Isn't it enough for you to show me some respect, Rena??!! Huh?!"

Rena stunned. She looks didn't expecting my answer could be stubbed her so deep.

"I'm tired, Rena." I'm crying. I broke my own promise to not cried because of her again. "Did I ever do something wrong to you?? Why do you keep stabbing my heart? Keep making me cry?"

"I.... I.... I-lo-" She look away. "I'm sorry."

I laughed. I laugh while my tears keep flowing. "Sorry again.... you always say sorry to me yet you keep hurting me too." I step back and turn away. "I'm done here, Rena. This weekend.... I will move to Mayu's house. You'll free to use all rooms with those guys and those girls."

I go outside. I sighed. She didn't even called me.... I take it as 'I do not care if you moved or not'.



She look at me. "Yes? What's wrong?"

I look to the floor. "There's something wrong..."

Mayu shocked.

I guess she surprised because this is the first time for me to admit her that there's something wrong.... this time I won't deny it.

She turned off the TV, she look at me seriously. I saw her worried eyes yet still full of love. "What happened?"

"I... I lied to you."

"that you didn't love me?"

I surprised. I shook my head quickly. "No! No... that's not it. I love you and that's not a lie."

She smile. "Then... anything else is fine. It's enough for me. As long as love me.... everything is fine."

I look away again. She's so perfect for me, how can I hurt her like this?

She hug me. "It's okay, honey. Just tell me everything that you need to tell me. I'm listening." She caressed my head.

I must say it. "Re-rena isn't my sister." She gasped, but... I'll keep going. "She was my bestfriend and was my lover. I even proposed her about 2 years ago... but she refused me."

Mayu let go of her arms. She's totally shocked. She sit away from me. "So.... why both of you living in a same house?" Her voice cracked.

"We already knew each other since we're still in high school, 11 years ago. We lived together since 5 years ago.... long before I was fell in love with her."

"Jurina.... this is too much for me." She crying.

"I know, but I didn't want our relationship built on lies. I can't keep it as a secret forever." My heart ached when I saw her sobbed.

"Why....why do you lied to me?"

Although I know she's hurt, disappointed, and sad.. but she keep asking me gently... there's no sarcastic manner in her tone.

"When I met you for the first time, I still love Rena. I did it to made her jealous." I really wanna hit my head onto the wall right now.

She didn't say anything else. I sit closer to her, I wanna hug her but she avoid me. "I understand...... I'll leave now." I stand up.


"Yes, I am. That's why I'll leave."

"Didn't you hear what I was said before? As long as love me.... everything is fine." She stand up and hugging me tightly. "Don't leave me... I love you."

I surprised. I hug her, I kiss her forehead. "I promise that I'll never lie to you again. I love you too." I leaned my head on her head. I wanna hug her forever.

"I have one request."

"Anything, Mayuyu.... anything. What's is it?"

"........... Please move here, live with me. As soon as possible."

Another surprise. "I'd love to."


======================= **** =======================

"Where have you been?"

"My girlfriend's house." I said 'my girlfriend' instead of her name because I wanna make it clear to her. "Where are they? Your boyfriends or your girlfriends? It's my first day to not see you cuddling on that couch."

"Jurina, please..."

"What? You wanna say sorry again? That's your favorite word."

"So... you'd move tomorrow?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Oh, wow. Finally you care about it." I said it in cold way.

"Is it too late?"

"For what? To say sorry? You don't need to say it."

She cried. "To say that.... I love you and I always do." She bit her lips.

I wanna give her my sarcastic comment again, but.... she looks serious. I saw her eyes, those eyes looks bitter, full of loneliness, and painful. She keep looking at me, keep staring my eyes.

I look away. "You should became an actress instead of a lecturers. Your acting skills seems keep better everyday."

I wanna go upstairs but she blocking my way. "I'm hurt, you already knew that."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeahh... a sorry again. I already get used to it."

"I was confused. I was afraid. I was afraid of everything, Jurina.
My family would be angry at me.
My friends would tease me.
I was afraid of other people's eyes.
I was afraid that someday their finger will pointed at me and all that I can do is only looked at the ground."

Where did she get the courage to say this all on me? "You care about those people but you didn't care about me. You save yourself by hurting me. Selfish."

"I don't want to lose you, Jurina. I know that.... If I keep thinking about what people will say and if I keep afraid of them.... I'll lose you. I love you, Jurina. Is it too late for me?"


Am I dreaming? To hear those words from her lips... it's impossible. I keep looking at her eyes, suddenly our happy memories popping up in my head.

How we met for the first time.
How she helped me study.
How we became bestfriends.
How we laughed together.
How she always came to me if I was sad.
How she always show me her smile.
How she moved here because of me.
How I confessed my feeling.
How she accepted my feeling,

I cried. I grab her cheeks and kiss her. I missed her.

I keep pressing my lips onto hers. How stupid I am to not understand her?! I never think about her pressure. 

I hold her head. I don't let her to broke our kiss. Why I didn't realize that she did all of those things to get my attention?

I use my right hand to hold her hand. She's too afraid to face this cruel world.

I pulled her body closer to me. The warm body that I missed for years. She thought that she was 'sick'... she use Yamada-san, she thought that Yamada can cure her.

Our kiss become more and more passionate. I can feel her tears, she missed me too. We suffering for years.

I feel her hands wanna entering my shirt. But.... she dumped me. Why she didn't just tell me about this since long time ago? She made me suffering too much... I cried too much. 

I broke the kiss. Mayuyu.

==================== A Year Later ====================

"So... Is she your new girlfriend?" I pointed at a girl who sit beside her. A girl with long-raven hair... her skin looks so white... she has a unique nose shape, but it looks perfectly fit with her face. Beautiful.

"Yes." She simply answered me and then she sipping her coffee. Wow... she has a great taste. I smirked.

I look at my lovely girlfriend. "You seems knew each other? You keep staring each other."

"Yes." - "No."

I look at both of them alternately. I confused, so I just drink my coffee.

"She's my ex!!" Both of them said it in the same time and glare at each other.

Me and Rena shocked. We choked. We almost spouted our drink from our mouth.

"Okay... I think it's time for us go home." I pulled my girlfriend's hand. We get in to my car. "You made me so jealous!" I pouted.

"Don't worry... I'm completely yours. I love you." She peck my lips.

I caressed her cheek. "Prove it to me."

She act like she thinking hardly. "How about.... go home quickly and spend our 'quality time' more longer than usual?"

I grinned. I turned on the engine. "Tighten your seatbelt, miss." I smirked.

===================== THE END =====================

Read the Part 1 Here ---> PART 1 (
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 :ptam-hbk: :ptam-hbk:

it broke my heart  :cry: During the thunder scene I thought they'll be both OK but... Huhuhu :(

BUT Lol at the end. Hahaha  :lol:
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yeah it's more fair like that

Rena with Yuki and Jurina with Mayu

but i don't expected that Mayu and Yuki is know each other LOL how funny

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Thank you so much!! For finishing this awesome 2 shot! :twothumbs

Soo, in the end, it's Yuki right?
So it's YukiRena and JuriMayu then?
Ahhh~ YukiRena :wub:
It's YukiRena right?
Thankyou sooo much for bringing YukiRena XD
Hehehehe! I'm happy~  XD

And I'm glad that WMatsui is not fighting anymore :D

And Thankyou again! XD
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I really appreciate your efforts in finishing this despite your hard day at work yesterday. Arigatou gozaimasu :kneelbow:

JuriMayu was a good choice. Rena hurt Jurina too much that she doesn't deserve her anymore.

She brings home guys and even girls?! Rena is the worst. A very bad move to get noticed by Jurina! :angry:

Rena is such an idiot for dumping a sweet girl like Jurina. At least Mayu is there to heal Jurina's wounds.

Everybody got their happy ending so that's great. :twothumbs

Lol Mayuki was once together too. XD
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I just hope that they are all happy.  :)
Thanks for your hard work. :bow:
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that's really complicated...

but finally you finish it...

yeeeaayyy...  XD

so, it's JuriMayu and YukiRena right?

and Mayuki was a couple back then...

hahaha... nice...  :thumbsup

thanks for finish it..  :twothumbs
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@leipyon : About the thunder scene. I want to make 'it' happened too, but... how can it'll happen? I mean... they had a big quarrel lately.  :P

@White Hawk : Yes... they're YukiRena and JuriMayu. Then... MaYuki is ex lovers.  :lol:
Ohh... I have a plan to make YukiRena OS/2 shots too. Just wait.  ;)

@Konoe : Yeahh... I finished this until 2 AM.  :lol:
But my another fanfic seems too complicated, I hope I can finish the chap 7 on the weekend.

Rena was desperate. Jurina totally ignoring her since the Thunder scene. But, at least she successed to be called by Jurina when she brought a girl.  :lol:
Rena is a 'straight' girl, she was a little bit confuse when Jurina propose her.
But, she chose the wrong move... she hurting Jurina too much.

@Zita : I have a plan to write a sad ending fanfic later.  :P
I always write the happy ending for my fanfics.

@edogawa4869 : Thank you for reading too.  XD


For my other friends that demand me to end it as WMatsui, I'm really sorry.  :kneelbow:
JuriMayu is my first love in fanfic world, I suddenly decided to write them.
Don't worry... I'll make more WMatsui fics later.  :)
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naaaah don't apologise Tianne
well for me I'm satisfited with the end :D
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@White Hawk : Yes... they're YukiRena and JuriMayu. Then... MaYuki is ex lovers.  :lol:
Ohh... I have a plan to make YukiRena OS/2 shots too. Just wait.  ;)
Ooookaay~! I'll wait for it :D

Thankyou for always making such an awesome fic, anakpanti-san :D

And about the ending, it's okay since there's RenaYuki lol XD
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@Zita : I have a plan to write a sad ending fanfic later.  :P
I always write the happy ending for my fanfics.

Then I have to prepare myself.
Just tell me when :nervous
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Oh my.i have to prepare my self.
I will blame kur* san! Its her fault!
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Thank you wafflekyun  ( you gave me some ideas to write this OS.

This is for gorjesspazers  ( migikata48 (, thank you for your request.

Well.... since I'm not really good in picturing Black and Geki in fight scene, I write their life after they graduated from Majijo instead. :p

Enjoy. :bow:

#3 New Life - YukiRena

I entered a small cafe near the supermarket where I worked. I saw an empty table and then I sat on the chair without thinking too much.

Where is she? I sighed. Is she fight with some random yankee before she get here? Or maybe I walked too fast? I facepalmed. I think that I need to learn how to walk slower.

I started to read my ‘bible’ to kill some time.

*5 Minutes Later*


Someone opened the door harshly. I glanced the door. Seriously Geki, you don’t need to waste your awesome power just to open a small door. I rolled my eyes.

I raised my hand so she can notice me. Yes, she looked at me but in 2 seconds later she looked away to a table in the corner of the cafe. She smirked and started to giggle.

This is bad.

She approached 2 men who sat there.

"Get off your ass, I wanna sit here." She put her hand on her neck and let it hung there.

"What the heck?!" A man hit the table and then he stood up. "Don’t you see that I’m the first who sit here?!"

"I said… I WANNA SIT HERE!!" Gekikara raised her voice.

"You son of a bitch!" Another man stood up and he lifted his fist.

I approached them quickly. I mean… really quickly since I have an awesome speed. I grabbed his fist. “Move or you’ll regret!” I glared at both of them.

They looked shocked because they didn’t notice where I came from, when I got there, and how I could got there in a blink of eye. “O-okay…”

Both of them left us and they chose another table.

"Geki, stop being reckless. You can’t pick a fight wherever and whenever you want." I sighed.

"I’m sorry. I just want to sit here because it seems more quiet here. We can’t talk properly if we surrounded by others." She smiled as she sat in front of me.

"Okay, you better hurry. My lunch break almost over." I looked at the clock that hanging on the wall.

She avoided my eyes. “Ummm… Hmmm…. *cough* Ehhmmm…” She seemed hesitant and nervous.

"Come on, Geki. You act strangely." I rolled my eyes.

She put both of her hands on the table and then she looked at my eyes. From her gaze, I knew that she wanted to say something serious.

"Let’s live together."

I gasped. I was really shocked. I rarely showing my overreaction to other people, but those words make wanna eat a ton of salt. “W-what?! You know… this is not a proper time to joking with me, I need to go back to work soon.”

She seemed a little bit disappointed by my answer. “Do I look like joking to you?” She looked at the ceiling.”I’ve waiting for 2 years to say it again to you.”


I visited Geki in the hospital, she stabbed by one of Yabakune’s student.

I told her that I can kill the one who stabbed her at that time but she prevented me. She said that we can’t took someone’s life just because we hate them.

I smiled. She has changed.

After we did some chit chat, suddenly the topic turned into another topic that made me felt so awful.

"So, that’s why you refused me? You had a boyfriend before and both of you already had a baby?" She seemed sad. "I understand, sorry. I’m sure that you have a happy family." She gave me a bitter smile.

I sighed and then I looked away. “He left me when I was still pregnant.”

She surprised. “Then why your refused me?”

I tighten my grip onto her blanket. “Although my baby is came from an ‘accident’ between me and him, but… I’ve betrayed you, I can’t be with you.”

She caressed my cheek. “Your baby isn’t an accident, he’s a gift.”

I started to cry and then she wiped my tears. “Wait for me.”

I frowned. “Hm?”

"I can’t graduate this year and I can’t keep my promise to Yuko senpai. But, you can trust my promise now… one day, I will come back to you and ask you a same question like I’ve ever asked you 2 months ago."

Let’s live together, will you? That question repeated in my head.


"You just graduated a half year ago, Geki. Is it okay for you?" I looked out the window. "I have a child. We’ll disturbing your life."

She took out a small box and then she put it on the table. She stood up. “I’m going first, see you later.” She walked out.

I saw her crossing the street and then walked away without looked at me again.

I opened the box that she gave to me. A key? I found a letter too.

This is my apartment address.
That’s not a big place, but I’ve worked hard these months so I can rent it.
I love you.


I chuckled as my tears rolling on my cheeks. That brat, she changed too much. How can she bad on her study but she’s expert in love?

=================== 2 Years Later ===================

No!! She didn’t change at all! I groaned as I saw so many crumbs on the floor. It even leave her trail!! I followed the crumbs and it ended in our bedroom.

Geki has the tendency to make our house dirty because she often left so many crumbs on the floor after eating her favourite biscuits or crackers.

I saw her played with our child. They laughed together when she tickled his stomach. “Geki, can you just sit on one spot when you eat your crackers? I already swept the floor over 20 times today!”

She simply shrugged it off. “You moving fast. I thought it’s not a big deal for you. You can clean the house in one go.” She grinned.

I smacked my head. “Yes, I can clean it faster but I still have many things to do. I need to do the laundry and cook the meal for us. Although I have this kind of speed ability, but I can tired too.”

She put our child on the bed and then she gave him a toy to play. “Okay!! I will cook for us! It doesn’t matter for me.” She walked to the kitchen.


"Black, look! I made you a soup."

"I won’t eat that."

"Why? I only put 10 spoons of tabasco this time."



"G-Geki!!" I grabbed Geki’s hand before she succeeded to turn on the stove. "Let’s just buy our dinner."

Even though I’m not really good in cooking, but…. she was terribly bad!! And she often put too much pepper and chili sauce, it made me and our child couldn’t eat it and end up with bought our meal outside.

That’s why I never let her to do the cooking even if I can’t do it sometimes. We usually will order some food or buy a take out to feed our growling stomach.

"Okay." She entered our bedroom and then she carried our child on her shoulders. "Let’s fly outside, boy!! We’ll buy our dinner. Fffooooommm…" Geki imitated the sound of plane as she ran outside.

I chuckled.

At the early days of our relationship, when we started to live together, I didn’t trust Geki that much (since I knew how Gekikara was at Majijo) to take care of our child but as time goes on I found out that leaving our kid into her hands doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

Sometimes when I was too busy with my job, Gekikara will offered herself to watch the little one at home. Unexpected, we had no problem with taking care of my boy.

*Few Days Later*

I pressed the bell. I heard Geki ran towards the door and then she opened it for me.

"Welcome back. Why do you come late? I even arrived 2 hours ago from my work." She pouted and then she dragged me inside. "It can’t be good for a girl to walk outside in the middle of the night."

"Geki.. It’s still 10PM."

Yeah… she mad at me if she came home earlier than me. She always says that a ‘wife’ should come home first.

I often laughed by myself if she said it, I mean… why she want to be a ‘husband’ so badly? We both girls. Even though it become a must to choose who’s the wife and who’s the husband, I can’t let her become a ‘husband’ so easily because she didn’t have any responsibility at all.

"Sorry, I took overtime in supermarket because we need some extra cash to buy some new clothes for our boy, he grow up too fast!" I giggled.

Well… I thought that it was funny until I saw her face. I guess… I bring a wrong topic.

She walked away and then she threw her body onto the couch. “You know.. you can simply tell me if you need something.” She pouted. “I can work harder.”

I sighed. Geez! A ‘husband’ syndrome again?!

I sat beside her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling.” I held her face and made her looked at me. “You already worked too hard for me and for my kid, I can’t let myself to increase your burden because of a tiny case like that.” I pecked her lips. “I love you.”

She blushed. “W-well.. O-okay… I think I become too sensitive.” She hugged me.

I smirked. I think I found a new way to calm her.

I tried to use it everytime she started too worry about me or when she was angry at me because of some random cases, and it works!

I thought that trick will succeed in any cases, but I guess I was wrong. Buying her some spicy crackers is a must or else Geki will be in a mad at me for a whole week and go punch some random yankee on the street

"Where’s my crackers? I opened the the refrigerator but I didn’t find it.”

I gasped. I stood up quickly and I held her hands. I looked terribly felt regret. “I forgot to buy it. I forgot to checked our refrigerator this morning, I thought there were some packs left. I promise that I will go home earlier tomorrow and give you some big packs.”

I wanna kiss her but she stepped back. She seemed really mad. “You can sleep first, I wanna take a walk outside.”

She went out and then she slammed the door. I sighed.


*On The Weekend*

We sat on the couch in our living room after our kid already slept an hour ago. He was too tired because he played hide and seek with us inside our house. We often spent our holiday played with our kid at home because I rarely get a time off.

Living room was our favorite place to be together since we love to sat on the comfy couch while reading a book or watching some movies.

I sat calmly beside her and listened her while she told me some funny story. Geki often dominates our conversation or activity since I prefers to just sat and be quiet all the time.

But it didn’t mean that I never spoke at all. Sometimes I will make some comments on her story and giggled when Geki act like a completely idiot.

After an hour she talked (and never stops) some random stories, she turned on the TV and I started to read my book again.

When the channel showing an American Rock MV, she stopped changed the channel and then she started humming. I didn’t have an amazing IQ like our friend, Nezumi… I can’t concentrate if there’re too many sound that I heard, so I decided to stopped reading for a while and listened Geki’s voice.

I didn’t really mind it since I loves Geki’s voice while humming various rock songs. I even influenced by her… sometimes when we were having a bath, I often asked her the name of the song.. and then I will listening to it secretly.

Finally… Geki finished humming and I could continue to read again. She decided to turn off the TV because there’s no interesting channel for her anymore.

“You look so beautiful while reading.”

I surprised and then I looked at her. I didn’t realize that she kept staring at me since a few minutes ago. “Don’t fooling around. You make me lost my concentrate again, Geki.” I said it as I felt my cheeks blushed.

"I’m serious! I feel like I can stare at you for a whole day." She grinned.

I chuckled. I never understand why the scene of ‘I’m reading a book’ was so interesting for her, but deep down I found it kinda cute. “Quit staring me.” I grabbed my cup and drank my hot tea.

"Let’s go on honeymoon in 2 or 3 years later. How about… going abroad?"

I spitted out my tea. “That’s too random! You made me choked. Can you stop making me lost my concentrate? I wanna read my book.”

She laughed. “Okay. I’m sorry.” She stood up. “Well… I will sleep first.” She kissed my forehead. “Don’t sleep too late.”

I nodded and then I saw her entered our bedroom. I sighed.

Honeymoon was never been an option for us since we were too busy punching some yankee in our youth days. And now, we working hard so we will be able to pay some bills and fulfill our needs. But probably… the thought of going honeymoon never leave Geki’s mind and still be one of her future desire.

We always wondered if us could ever go into other countries such as America or England. Geki often watch a travelling programs in TV and it always excite her and makes her even more curious about how the other side of the world look like in her own eyes.

I chuckled quietly because I never expected that the bloody-scary-creepy girl could have a romantic thought like that.


We rarely had a big quarrel, but there was a time when I got really irritated at her and I couldn’t tolerate it.

"Are you fighting again?" I crossed my arms

I never likes it when she came how so late with bruises and bloods, it’s indicating the fight that she just got into.

"We’re adults now and there are a lot of important things to worry about rather than just fighting with some yankee like we used to do in our glory days. We’re not kids anymore! Wake up, Rena!"

Both of us knew that if I already at my limit, I would started calling Geki by her real name.

Geki remained silent, she couldn’t do much about it and just let me alone for quite some time.

*A Week Later*

It’s been a week since we fought over her childish attitude. I planned to didn’t talk to her for more longer, so she can realize and reflect her mistake.

But…. I couldn’t hold it when I saw her went home drenched. ”You seems forgot to bring your umbrella.” I wiped her wet hair with a towel as she entered the door.

She shocked. “D-didn’t you still mad at me?”

"Not anymore. Well…. say thanks to the rain."

She put her hands around my waist. “I’m really sorry about what happened. Somehow… I missed to entered some battle fields. You know… I love fighting.”

"You can fight with me if you want it so badly." I replied sarcastically.

She sighed. “I promise that I won’t do it again. I love you and I really missed you.”

"I’m sorry too. I’m being too strict towards you, but I just didn’t want something bad happen to you again. Didn’t you remember how sad I was when I saw you arrested by the police? Didn’t you remember how panic I was when I saw you in the hospital?? You almost died because of someone’s knife!" My eyes teary when those scenes flashing in my head.

She approached my face and then she pressed her lips against mine. “I’m sorry… I hate to see you sad." She captured my lips again as her hands entered my shirt.

"G-geki…" I was surprised. Honestly, we didn’t do ‘it’ for quite long time because we were too busy with our own work.

She nibbled my ears and it caused me let out a soft moans. “You can call me Rena tonight. Is our boy already slept?” She whispered it.

I nodded.

Well… let’s enjoy our night." She smirked.


We have a blanket around us, we drank some hot chocolate together while cuddling in the couch since it was a cold night. We definitely became very reluctant to do other thing if we already reached our ultimate comfort.

I leaned my head on her shoulder as she wrapped her hand around my waist. “Rena, do you remember when the first time we met?”

She chuckled. “How can I forget, Yuki?”


It was a nice summer day for young Kashiwagi Yuki until some bastards flirt with her in the way home from school.

Those boys were rude and it was became an enough reason for Yuki to start punching their face. She wasn’t a yankee at that time but she knew how to fight already, thanks to her karate lessons.

Unfortunately, those boys were too much for Yuki to handle.

"I’ll be happy to assist you."

A certain tall person suddenly came in the middle of Yuki’s fight, offered her hands to help the cornered young girl who immediately nodded to such an offer.

"Good. Oh, and the name is Rena by the way. Matsui Rena."

It only took seconds for them to finish the remaining boys, had their uniform covered in blood and parted ways but somehow they knew that they will definitely meet again somewhere.


I smiled. “If it wasn’t because of those pervert boys, I will never met you.”

She caressed my cheeks. “Yeah.. I even entered Majijo because of you. And ummmm…. I didn’t tell it to you before but… after that day, I came to their school and I crush them until their bodies completely covered by blood.”

"What?!" I lifted my head and looked at her eyes. "You already became a yankee in a such young age?!"

She pecked my lips. “Please don’t yell at me again tonight.”

I shrugged and then I put my head to her shoulder again.

"Hey," she picked a story book from the table, "please read it for me."

I saw the title. “Little Red Riding Hood?!” Geki seemed to have a huge interest into these kind of stories especially the one that have a wolf character on it.

She grinned.

I smacked her head. “Still childish at all.” I grabbed the book from her hand.

She lie down on the couch, she put her head on my thigh. I caressed her head while I read it for her.

I finished reading it. She already slept on my lap. “Good night, Rena. I love you. You’re a perfect lover for me.” I closed my eyes.

Thanks God, you gave me this girl as my partner.

===================== THE END =====================

I only picturing their daily life. Since it’s an OS, I didn’t put a complicated problem. :p

I hope you like it. It’s my first RenaYuki. :D
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GekiBlack... wonderful!
Geki is kawaii as always~ So is Black~
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Post by: anakpanti on November 25, 2013, 02:11:52 AM awesome~~!!
GekiBlack... wonderful!
Geki is kawaii as always~ So is Black~

Yeaaa!! I love Geki, she's so cool and (unpredictable) too gentle.  :lol:
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Waah~ BlackGeki~! :wub:
Thankyou so much for making a YukiRena OS! :twothumbs

Geki is so cute and still childish :lol:!!

I chuckled as my tears rolling on my cheeks. That brat, she changed too much. How can she bad on her study but she’s expert in love?

=================== 2 Years Later ===================

No!! She didn’t change at all! I groaned as I saw so many crumbs on the floor. It even leave her trail!! I followed the crumbs and it ended in our bedroom.
LOL! I love this :rofl:

Thank you again~! I really like it XD
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good work, anakpanti-san...
It's really satisfying, because BlackGeki is my fav in majijo pairing... hehe XD
so creative to make romantic-sadistic gekikara. sometimes, i expect that a creepy girl like gekikara has a really romantic side..
hmmm, i think it's enough see ya at your next update :twothumbs

PS: i'm indonesian too
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Hi… since My ‘Wanted!’ is about to finished soon, I preparing my 4 shots for SaeYuki.
algero ( and an anonymous requested it to me.
I hope that I’m not disappoint you guys.

I’m not good in picturing them so I rarely write about SaeYuki. :)


#4 Regret - SaeYuki


A beautiful lady stepped outside from her red car. After she completely stood outside her car, she closed the door and then she started to wear her sunglasses.

She took off her hair ties, her raven hair fell on her back beautifully. She left her car and then she walked inside the campus gracefully.

The scene of the flawless girl entered their campus made many college students stopped their activities for a while just to staring her.

"Who is she?" Sae threw a peanut up to the air and then she catch it with her mouth. She chewed it.

"New chick in this college." A male who sat beside her seemed completely paralyzed as he looked at the girl. "She entered the fashion design class."

Sae calmly drank her carbonated drink. “So, she’s my kouhai.”

"God!! She even can use herself as the model. Both of you can work together, you can use her as your model."

Sae stood up. “I’m not interest. I have my own model.” She left her friend who still sat on the basketball field.

========================== **** ==========================

Got some new pals already?

Yuki threw her body onto her bed and then she put her phone to her ear again. ”No. I don’t need any friend here.”

Why??? You’ll be so lonely there!" Another girl who talked on the phone sounded disagreed with Yuki.

"What I want to do is finishing my study quickly, so I can go back to Paris with you. All I need is you, only you….. Mayu."

========================== **** ==========================

"S-stop… stop there!"

Sae laughed evily. “No, I won’t.”

Yuki couldn’t step backwards anymore because her back already touched the wall. “You’re drunk.”

"I’m not." Sae kept walked towards Yuki… slowly….. "You’re the one who sneaked into my place."

Yuki stunned. D-dd-damn!!!

========================== **** ==========================

"If I get the 1st place on the next contest, you must do the kneel bow at me in front of all students here!!" Yuki looked so pissed off.

Sae shrugged. “Okay.” She grabbed Yuki’s hand and and pulled it, it caused Yuki’s body fully leaned on her. She approached Yuki’s face and then she whispered, “but if I win, you must kiss me…… on the lips." She smirked. "You don’t have to do it in front of many people… just you and me."

"Get off me!" She pushed Sae strongly. "Sorry, I don’t like boys!" She replied it sarcastically.

"That’s good.. because I’m a girl."

"You’re joking."

"I’m not."

========================== **** ==========================

"Sae senpai!!" Someone came and poked Sae’s shoulder.

Sae turned her head. “Ah, Jurina??!!” Her eyes grew bigger. “When did you come back??” She hugged Jurina.

"Yesterday." Jurina cleaned a bit dust on Sae’s clothes. "You looks so kakkoii, as usual. No doubt, you’re a designer after all… you design your own clothes. The clothes that can make you look like a cool ikemen."

Sae grinned. “My pleasure to hear that from you.” She observed Jurina from head to the toe. “You’ve changed.” She couldn’t hide her admiration.

"Modelling school forced me to become like this." Jurina pouted. "Is it that bad?"

"Are you kidding me?! You’re so beautiful. You looks so mature and girly. I think that I’m going to miss you as a boy." She laughed.

Jurina grinned. “Is a job as your model still opened for me? Because I wanna give my application letter to you.” She sticked out her tongue.

Sae ruffled Jurina’s hair. “It’s yours since the beginning. Don’t tease me.”

=================== END OF PROLOGUE ===================

The prologue is just a compilation of some parts.
Please don't be confused because the scenes didn't connect one to another.

Read PART 1 -->> Here (
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I don't ship SaeYuki but prologue's so interesting. So I think I watch out this Fic.  :wub:
beside....umm I saw Jurina :cow: May be having Wmatsui, still a little :bow: :bow: onegaishimasu.
Yuki will break up Mayu :catglare: Poor Mayu, again :catglare:
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I don't ship SaeYuki but prologue's so interesting. So I think I watch out this Fic.  :wub:
beside....umm I saw Jurina :cow: May be having Wmatsui, still a little :bow: :bow: onegaishimasu.
Yuki will break up Mayu :catglare: Poor Mayu, again :catglare:
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Thank you for always supporting me...  :kneelbow:
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Jurina and Mayu... I haven't decide about them.
But I'll consider your idea about WMatsui.  :P

Mayu..... she always being the one who suffered. I feel bad, but I can't do anything.

Ano... I have an idea about new WMatsui fanfic.
I can't wait to finish this and go working on WMatsui fanfic.  :lol:
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I look forward to another. :grin:
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I just found your OS! They are interesting! I love the JuriMayu fic you made! I'm so happy that the ending is JuriMayu! Thanks for making it! ^_^

And I cant wait for the Saeyuki fanfic 'Regret'. I'm sure that its going to be a great story!! Please update it soon! :)
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Ah! For SaeYuki fanfic, I'm really sorry... but I wish you can be more patient for waiting 'Regret'.
I will update chap 1 in the end of this month or in the beginning of January. Hontou ni gomenasai.  :bow:

For this month, I have 2 pending omake for 'Wanted!' and 2 WMatsui OS... :imdead:
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Hi. :)

I know… there are pending omake and SaeYuki fanfic, but the idea to write this OS suddenly came up when shechi ( me to write WMatsui OS with Christmas theme.

Thanks alot yamachan80 ( your permission to use this cute fanart. Thanks for his quick response so I’ll able to post this OS today. :’)




#5 Last Christmas - WMatsui

= Rena, 22th Dec 2013 =

She opened her eyes slowly, she rubbed it so she could clearly saw the clock that hanging on her wall. 9 AM. Geez! I’m still sleepy. She covered her face with her blanket again.

When she was about to close her eyes again… Jurina. As soon as the name popped up in her brain, she woke up and sat on her bed. “Tsk.”

After she tidy up her bed, she walked to her desk and took the calender. She took a red marker and then she put the cross mark on ‘21’, and then she looked at her note on ‘23’: ‘Go home! To Japan!! Don’t be late! XD

She smiled as she remembered that it was Dec 22th, 2013. It’s been almost 2 years I lived here, alone. I miss Jurina… I really miss her. She put the calender back to her desk and then she walked to her bathroom.

After some minutes, she stepped outside her bathroom. “Ahh… it’s really cold here. Thankfully, this place have the hot waters.”

Rena went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. She walked towards the window while holding her tea, and then she opened the curtain. She could see the snow almost covering the road in front of her house. She sat on the couch and kept looking at outside through the window. “Good morning, New York.” She sipped her tea.

I wonder what’s Jurina doing right now. Well… I think she’s sleeping while hugging her teddy bear right now. I’m sure that she feels cold too. She chuckled.


= Jurina, 23 Dec 2013 =

Shit! I still can’t sleep!! Jurina looked at her watch. 1 AM?! God, save me! The air temperature in Tokyo can kill me anytime.

Jurina sighed. She walked to her wardrobe and grabbed a jacket. This is the third jacket that I wear, if I still feeling cold, I swear that I will sleep inside the oven!!

After she wear the jacket, she climbed up to her bed again and she covered her body with 2 blankets. Worst night, ever! She stared at the ceiling. Rena-chan….

Suddenly, Jurina’s heart beating crazily. What I have to do when I meet her tomorrow? Jurina glanced at a red-small box on her desk. Should I give it to her? What should I say to her?

Without she realized it, she already fell asleep with the calender on her hand. The notes that writen on ‘24’: ’High School Reunion Party at 7 PM


= Rena, 22th Dec 2013 =

Rena already done with her tea. She quickly prepared herself, she grabbed her white coat and her brown boots. I have to looking for a gift for Jurina… a christmas gift. I will feel awful if I don’t bring anything for her.

She grabbed her handbag, and then she stepped outside her house, she locked the door. She walked fast to the main street so she could get a taxi easily. I must hurry, I’ll freezing out here. She put her hands into the coat pocket to endure the cold weather.

She ride a yellow taxi.

"Stop, please." Rena stopped the taxi in front of the shopping mall.

She walked around for some minutes. Urgh! What should I give to her?! We’re become friends since we’re still in junior high school and we always give each other the christmas gift every year.

She entered a clothing store. She stared at a black jacket on the corner of the store. It’s really suit for Jurina. But after the second thought, she shook her head. No! I already gave her a jacket on our 4th christmas. She walked outside.

She entered another store. How about the cap? No, I already gave it to her on our 1st christmas.

She ride the elevator and then she stopped at 4th floor. She looked around and then she saw a sports shop. Should I gave her a basketball? She wanna step inside the shop, but then.. she stopped. Is she still playing basketball?

Rena sighed as she realized that she has no idea about the gift. We give the christmas gift to each other since 6 years ago… we did it every year and I had no difficulty before. But why this year I get confuse?! Come on Rena, you can be more creative than this!!

She decided to go to a coffee shop and sat for a while. I wonder what Jurina’s gift for me. She smiled… but it was a bitter smile.

Rena moved to New York and lived there right after they graduated from high school, March 2012. She moved there to continue her study in 1 of the famous universities there. The communication between Jurina and Rena went well for months even though they lived on the different countries.

They even sent their christmas gifts to each other by post last year. But without realized it, their communication gradually decreased, after that.. because of their busy life in their studies, they stopped calling each other.

They stopped the communication since 8 months ago. Besides because of their busy life, the time differences between them became a big problem too. Local time in Tokyo was 14 hours ahead of New York. The ‘14 hours’ wasn’t a joke, they often felt difficult to find a right time to communicate.

Rena’s eyes got teary when she realized that she didn’t know anything about Jurina anymore… She felt bad about it. That was the reason why she felt confused to choose her christmas gift this year, their 7th Christmas Day.

Finally, she went outside from the coffee shop and then she decided to only walk around the mall since she has no idea about what should she brought for Jurina.

After an hour passed, she decided to go home. “Ahh… it’s really cold. I forgot to bring my scarf.” When she was about to call the taxi…. Maybe…. I’ll give her the scarf. Yes, It’s simple.. but in the cold days like now, scarf is the important thing.

She went back inside the mall.

======================== ***** ======================

= Japan, 24th Dec 2013 =

Rena put all of the luggage into the taxi. She didn’t have someone to pick her up to the airport. Her families are in Nagoya. Yes, Jurina is in Tokyo but she felt too shy to call Jurina after these long times.

She sat in the taxi. Urgghh!!! 13 hours flight is not a joke!! My plane take off at 23 Dec, 7 AM… but when I arrived here, it’s already 24th Dec, 10 AM… jet lag.

After some minutes, she arrived at her old apartment. “Tadaima.” She said it even though she knew that no one inside.

She put her suitcases into her bedroom. She looked at her watch. 11 AM, I think that I still have some hours to take a rest. My head feels so dizzy.

She slept for some hours, she will keep sleeping if the alarm didn’t ringing. Thank to the handphone alarm.

*Bell Ringing*

Hm? I didn’t ask anyone to come here. She put the lipgloss on the table and then she walked towards the door, she opened it.


Rena’s eyes widened as she realized the girls who stood in front of her door and shout her name in the same time. They hugged Rena. “G-guys… easy. I- I can’t breath.”

"How are you?!"

"I’m fine, Churi. I hope you’re fine too." Rena smiled at Churi after she let go of her arms.

But one of her friends still hugged her, she even tightened her hug on Rena. “It’s been so long, Rena. We missed you.” She almost cried.

Rena rubbed her friend’s back. “I miss you too, Airin.” Rena looked at Churi. “How can you know that I’m here? I even didn’t tell anyone that I’m coming.”

Airin let go of her arms. “Jurina told us. She asked us to pick you up.”

Churi chuckled. “Yeah, she said that she’s afraid that you may lost your way to our old school. She’s sure that you will come back and go to our reunion party.”

Rena’s smile widened after she heard ‘Jurina’.

Airin pouted. “You told her about this, but why you didn’t tell anything to us?! We could pick you up in the airport too!!”

Rena shrugged. “I didn’t wanna bother you, guys. I wanna give you a surprise!” She grinned.

I didn’t tell anything to Jurina too. But, if she’s sure that I will come, why she didn’t pick me up or come here by herself instead of asked Churi and Airin? Rena smile gone.


= Reunion =

Rena stopped in front of the hall door while Churi and Airin already rushed into the hall. She glanced the green box inside her handbag. I will give it to her as soon as I see her.

Rena tried to calm down. Her heartbeat hammering faster and faster. She took a deep breath. I miss her.

She held the knob and then she opened the door. The hall was more crowded than she imagined. Rena narrowed her eyes, she was looking for Jurina. She looked around for some minutes, but she still couldn’t find Jurina. Where are you?

"Kyaaaa!!! It’s Jurina!! Jurina is coming!!" A girl shouted.

Rena quickly turned her head to the door direction.

It was not strange for Rena to see many girls screaming when they saw Jurina, Jurina was really famous in their school. Jurina was in the track & field team and she was a basketball player too, she was brilliant in dancing, she’s cute, she always showed her cat smile and her puppy eyes to many girls, she’s cool, she’s beautiful, she always showed her kindness to others… everyone loves her.

Rena couldn’t control her heartbeat anymore, it beating crazily as she saw Jurina walked into the hall. Sh- she looks so cool. As usual, Jurina always showed her tomboyish side through her clothes. She wear a simple black suit, but it was already enough to make her looked like an ikemen. No, she even more awesome than ikemen.

"J-Jurina…." Rena wanna call her, but her voice didn’t come out. It even only sounded like a whisper… no one could hear her. Jurina, please look at me… I’m here. Rena raised her hand.

Rena didn’t have an enough confident to walk towards Jurina. Rena is a shy girl, she has the opposite personality with Jurina. Rena didn’t join any club during high school. What she did back then was only reading and reading. She didn’t hang out with her friends, she even didn’t eat her lunch in the cafetaria.. she always ate it on the small garden behind their school.

Without Jurina, it was even impossible for her to get along with Churi and Airin on their 2nd year… even though she and Jurina had the different classes, but Jurina helped her to entered Churi’s group for the chemical class.

Jurina is the only one person in her small world.

Rena put down her hand as she saw Jurina gave her a little smile. Jurina was about to walk towards her, but a pair of hands grabbed Jurina’s arm comfortably. A girl clinging on Jurina’s arm.

Rena shocked. Rena hope that Jurina will refuse the girl and come to her… as usual, no matter how many girls that came to Jurina… Jurina always ignored them and walked towards Rena.

But…. it didn’t happen tonight. Rena was taken aback as she saw Jurina turned her head to the girl and smiled at her. Jurina even wrapped her hand around the girl’s waist and then she kissed the girl’s cheek.

Rena felt her heart broke into the pieces, she felt her heart was like stabbed by a sword. Her tears almost fell down.

Look-look… they look very fit together." "Yeah!! Mayu is the prettiest girl that I’ve ever seen and Jurina is the most handsome girl that I’ve ever met." "Mayu looks like a doll!! She’s so cute. I love her! If her parner isn’t Jurina, I will steal her! But Jurina isn’t my rival, she’s too high." "Are they dating?

Rena clenched her fist as she heard many girls whispered behind her. She really anxious about the last question that she heard… ‘Are they dating?’

Yes.. I heard that both of them became a lover on last christmas. Jurina confessed her feeling on Christmas Day. Isn’t it too sweet??!!

Sh-she leave me. She lied to me!! Last Christmas?! She confessed her feeling to me too!! She played with my heart. Finally, Rena couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She felt her tears rolled down on her pale cheeks. She clenched her teeth. She rushed outside the hall.

She took a green-box from her handbag and then she threw it to the trash can in front of a class.

Rena ran outside the school building while wiped her tears. No matter how often she wiped her eyes, but her tears seemed never stopped. Her tears kept coming. She bite her lip, she didn’t wanna burst out in front of many people… she tried hard to not cry out loud.

Rena raised her hand to stop the taxi, she wanna go back to her apartment as soon as possible. She cried softly inside the taxi. I hate you, Jurina.


Jurina stopped her car in front of a house. “We’re arrived.” She smiled at a girl who sat beside her. Mayu.

Mayu smiled at Jurina. “You looks so cool tonight.”

"You looks so gorgeous too, Mayu." Jurina pulled Mayu closer and then she kissed Mayu’s forehead. "Everyone there seems so jealous at me because I’m with you."

"I could say the same." Mayu put her hands around Jurina’s neck and then she planted a deep kiss onto Jurina’s lips. "I love you, Jurina.

*An hour later*

Jurina pressed a bell over and over again, but no one opened the door. Is she didn’t come back here?

Jurina looked at her watch. 2 AM. Geez! I already stood here for an hour. Oh Rena, come on!! Open the door.

After some minutes later, she heard sound of unlocked door. The door opened slowly.

Rena-chan…" Jurina looked at Rena.

Rena seemed so shocked when she saw who’s coming to her apartment. “You!!” She was about to close the door again, but Jurina pushed the door strongly. She even almost fell backward.

Jurina stepped inside Rena’s room. “Why did you run away like that?!” She stared at Rena’s eyes. “Do you planned to leave without saying anything to me again?! Like the last time?!”

Rena glared at Jurina. “Then.. what I was supposed to do?! Keep standing there to watch you and your girlfriend kissing each other there??!!”

Jurina closed the door behind her, she didn’t want other people heard their conversation. “What’s so wrong with that?! Are the lover can not kiss their own girlfriend?”

Rena tried to hold her anger so she chose to not answer that question. She was surprised that Jurina said it clearly that Mayu is her girlfriend.

Jurina sighed. “I’m sorry… I’m not here to fight with you.” She walked inside and sat on a couch there. “How are you? It’s been a long time.”

"Why are you so comfortable? I didn’t ask you to come in and sit there!" Rena replied sarcastically. "How am I? I was better before I saw you."

Jurina stood up. “So, do you want me to leave?”

Rena looked at the girl who stood in front of her. Physically, Jurina looked same, nothing much changed after a year except her hair.. her hair grew longer. Jurina still wearing her black suit, the suit that made her looked so handsome in Rena’s eyes. “Yes. I want you to leave, now!”

"Tsk." Jurina rushed towards Rena and then she pinned Rena onto the wall.

"Jurina! What do you thing you’re doing!! Get off me!" Rena struggled although she knew that she would never win against Jurina’s power. "I will call the security!!"

Jurina approached Rena’s face. Their face became really close to each other. Jurina could feel Rena’s warm breath swept her face. “Why do you mad at me, Rena?” Jurina’s voice sounded quivering.

Rena clenched her teeth. “Do you still asking why I’m angry at you?! You said that you love me!! You always said it to me back then!!” She released her hands from Jurina’s grip because she felt that Jurina loosen her grip. She slapped Jurina. “Then what I just saw in the hall?! You said that you love me but you’re dating with someone else!! Last Christmas you confessed your feeling to me but then I heard you confessed your feeling to Mayu on the same day too!!! I hate you!” She pushed Jurina.

Jurina didn’t care about her red cheek, she kept looking at Rena. “Why are you so selfish, Rena?! You’re the one who refused me. You refused me twice!!!” Jurina’s tears fell down. “What should I do then? I’m not yours so why I must kept standing alone? I want someone too… I want someone who loves me back! You can’t have me forever, Rena.. you always used me to do everything for you, you acted like you love me too!! You gave me a fake hope.”

"But…." Rena couldn’t believe about what Jurina said. She think that I use her? She thought that I’m keeping her beside me for years so I can took some benefit from her? She’s rich and famous, she always kind to me.. she will do everything if I ask for help. But… "I didn’t use you, Jurina."

"So, why you refused me?!" Jurina glared at Rena. "I asked you to become my girlfriend at a day before our graduation day… I confessed my feeling, my honest feeling on the rooftop of our school. But then….. what? You didn’t give me any answer, 3 days after that you went to New York without said anything to me. I even didn’t know that you will study overseas!!" Jurina raised her voice. "Didn’t you know how sad and hurt I am?"


"And then!" Jurina cut it off. "Even though I already sent my gift by post to you, I still came to New York just to see you, Rena. Last Christmas I came to New York to confess my feeling once again!!!" Jurina took a deep breath while her tears kept flowing on her cheeks. "I did it because after my last confession… I never could sleep easily, I kept thinking of you every night, Rena."

Rena remained silent.

Jurina kicked a chair beside her. “But you refused me… again! I tried really hard to accept that you didn’t love me like the way I always love you. I even stopped calling you even though I really missed you.
But now….. when I already found someone, why do you act like that again?! You always act like you’re jealous when I’m with someone else. It makes me think that you really love me. Stop playing with me!!”

Rena wanna touch Jurina’s shoulder. “Jurina.”

Jurina slapped Rena’s hand before she succeed to touch her shoulder. “What? Don’t ever think that you can own me like a pet. Stop asking me to keep standing on your side because it’s too hard for me. The more I’m with you…. the more I get hurt and hardly accept that you didn’t love me.”

Jurina walked towards the door, she left Rena’s apartment without say anything again. She even didn’t look at her.

Rena sat on the floor. She closed her face with her palms. What have I done to her?

Suddenly, she felt really afraid. The fear that she never felt before. She was afraid that she will never meet Jurina again, she felt afraid that she couldn’t meet her forever. She grabbed her phone, she tried to call Jurina.

Rena kept trying, but it seemed Jurina didn’t want to talk with her. So, she decided to send Jurina a message instead. ‘Jurina, let’s meet at the place when we meet for the first time 7 years ago. I’ll wait you there at 5 PM. I wanna spend my Christmas day here with you… only with you.

Rena put her phone on the table. If she didn’t come, then it’s over.

======================== **** =======================

= Last Christmas =

Rena stood under the bus stop. She looked at her watch for a hundred times. 9 PM. Where’s she? Rena sneeze. Ahh… it’s really cold here. She sat an then she wiped her nose with a tissue paper. I’m sure that she will come. She kept saying it in her mind.

But her faith almost fade away when her watch already showed 10 PM. There’s no people on the street anymore, Rena was the only one who sat there.

She put her palms near her mouth, Rena blew her palm.. she wanna give her hands a warm from her breath. She put her hands back into her pocket. The gloves didn’t help much, I still feel cold. Rena cried. It’s fucking cold out here. Where are you, Jurina!

Suddenly she saw a red car stopped in front of the bus stop. Rena smiled as she saw who’s coming from the car. Jurina.

Jurina held a blanket and then she wrapped it on Rena’s body. “Baka! You should go home instead of waiting me like this. I can come to your apartment even though I didn’t see you here.” She hugged Rena and then she lead Rena got into her car.

Jurina got into her car too. She touched Rena’s forehead and neck. “Your body feel really hot. You got a fever.. you may catching a cold too!!” She looked really worried.

Rena gave Jurina a weak smile. “You come, finally.”

Jurina started the engine. “Of course I will come. I can’t hate you forever.” She used one of her hands to caressed Rena’s head while the other hand kept holding the steering wheel.

"Thank you." Rena sneeze again.

Jurina saw Rena was shivering. ”Please hold on, okay. You’ll get warm soon.” She speed up her car.

After some minutes, they arrived. Jurina quickly carried Rena into Jurina’s house.

Rena blushed. “J-jurina… I’m not dying. I still can walk by my own feet.” She looked away to hide her face.

Jurina giggled. “It’s okay. Although you gain more weight, I still can handle it.”

Rena hit Jurina’s arm. “Are you trying to say that I’m heavy?!”

Jurina shrugged. “I’m strong, so… you are not heavy.” She grinned.

Jurina asked her maid to help her opened her room’s door. She put Rena on her bed and then she quickly turned on the room heater. “Is this warm enough?”

Rena nodded. She tried to take off her coat. “Your bed will get wet.” She put it on the floor.

Jurina took a small towel from her drawer. “Don’t worry, you can keep wearing it if you want.” She sat beside Rena and then she helped Rena to dry her hair with the towel.

"Jurina…. I’m sorry."

Jurina stopped. She saw Rena avoided her eyes. “It’s okay.” She stood up. “You can sleep here. I will drive you home tomorrow.” When she was about to leave the room, she felt her jacket grabbed by Rena from behind. She turned back.

"I… I… " Rena looked at the floor while her right hand still holding Jurina’s red jacket. "Like I said before, I wanna spend my Christmas Day with you.."

Jurina looked at the clock. It was still 1 hour until the christmas day over. She held Rena’s hand that still grabbing her jacket. “Okay. You can loosen your grip now.”

Jurina climbed up her bed and then she sat beside Rena.

They just sat without talking for about 10 minutes. They were still awkward towards each other.

"Umm… Jurina." Rena decided to start the conversation. "I’m sorry, for this Christmas I didn’t have anything for you. I forgot to buy a gift for you." Rena decided to hide the truth, she didn’t wanna Jurina know that the gift have been dumped because she was jealous at Jurina and Mayu.

"Liar." Jurina simply said it without looked at Rena.


Jurina pointed at her neck. “This is your gift. I saw you threw it yesterday. I picked it up when I ran to catch you up.”

Rena saw a green scarf on Jurina’s neck. She gasped. Yes, it is. Sh-she tried to run after me?

Suddenly, Jurina pulled Rena into her hug. “Did you make it by yourself?”

Rena’s heart pounding so fast when she put her head on Jurina’s shoulder. “Y-yes. H-how do you k-know it??” Her nose could smell Jurina’s perfume on Jurina’s neck.

"Because the seams a little bit messy."

"What?! You didn’t need to say it." She hit Jurina’s chest softly.

Jurina giggled. She tightened her hug. “Thank you. I love your gift. I loves all your presents for me.”

Rena smiled. “I miss you, Jurina. I miss you so bad.” She put her arms on Jurina’s waist. “I… I refused you because I was not sure that we could survive in the long distance relationship. I will always jealous at you. I’m afraid that when I’m not around you, other girls will take a chance to steal you from me.”

Jurina sighed. “You didn’t trust me.”

"No.. of course I trust you. But, I didn’t trust the others… I’m afraid that I’ll get hurt. I’m afraid that I’ll lose you." Rena’s tears rolled down on her cheeks and it caused Jurina’s jacket wet by her tears.

Jurina wiped Rena’s tears. “Don’t cry, Rena-chan. I’ll keep stay by your side even though I know that it’s only one sided love. I won’t leave you.”

"I have to cry, Jurina. Because it’s already too late… you already found someone else. Our friends are right, both of you really fit together. This will be our last Christmas together, I will go back to New York tomorrow."

Jurina sighed. “Why do you always like this? You never share your thought with me… you always play with your own mind.” She let go of her arms. She took a red-small box from her desk. “This is my Christmas gift for you. Open it.” Jurina smiled while she gave the gift to Rena.

Rena quickly unwrapped her gift. “Key?” She frowned. “What k-“

Jurina pressed her lips onto Rena’s lips, she climbed up to the bed and then she pinned her down. “Let’s live together in New York.” She pecked Rena’s lips. “My family have a house there. Let’s live together, only 2 of us.” She pecked Rena’s lips again. “Please don’t refuse me this time. Please trust me more. I’m only yours.”

Rena was really surpised. “H-how about Mayu? Didn’t she’s you girlf-“

Jurina gave a deep kiss to Rena’s lips. “I already broke up with her.


"I could say the same." Mayu put her hands around Jurina’s neck and then she planted a deep kiss onto Jurina’s lips. "I love you, Jurina.

"I love y-"

Mayu touched Jurina’s lips with her thumb. “Stop it, Jurina. Please stop.” Her eyes looked teary. “Don’t lie to me again. I know that you didn’t love me as much as you love that girl.”

"What do you mean?" Jurina tried to kiss Mayu again, but Mayu looked away to avoid her lips.

"Your gaze changed when you saw that girl. Rena. And… her eyes are full of jealousy and anger when she saw us. You love each other.. I can see it." Mayu bit her below lips, she tried to not cry too hard.

Jurina hugged Mayu. “You’re wrong. She already dumped me twice! She didn’t love me. The only one that I love is y-“

"Jurina, please don’t say that you love me again." She caressed Jurina’s cheek. "She must have a reason behind it, Jurina. The reason why she has to refuse you. I can see her love for you in her eyes, but why you can’t see it?
Last year, you asked me to become your lover only because you felt lonely, right? You only need someone to wipe your tears after she refused you, right?”


"I knew it, Jurina. I knew it since the beginning."

Jurina gasped. “So.. why?? Why did you accept my feeling?”

Mayu smiled as her tears kept coming. “It’s simple, Jurina. It’s because I love you. I want always be there for you when you need me. Go and catch her, Jurina. Don’t let her take a stupid decision again.”


Rena smiled. “So, are you a single girl now?”

Jurina could feel Rena’s smile while she kissed her. “No, I’m not. I’m already yours.”

"I haven’t say ‘yes’."

"You didn’t say ‘no’ either. I will be transfered to your college on the next semester."

"Wow… you’re fast."

Jurina stopped. She wrapped her arms onto Rena. “I didn’t want to lose you again.” She kissed Rena’s forehead. “Let’s sleep, we will go out for the real date tomorrow.” She grinned.

Rena chuckled. “Well…. I guess that I will enjoy this Christmas night. This is the last Christmas for us as a single girl. Start from tomorrow, I will make sure that you’ll become mine… only mine. I love you, Jurina.”

Jurina turned off the lights and then she covered their bodies with a blanket. “I love you, Rena. Good night.” She wrapped her arms onto Rena's body.




Why were you late to come to the bus stop? I said 5 PM.

Honestly… I forgot about that. I thought the coffee shop is the place where we meet for the first time. I’ve waited there since 4 PM.

Rena hit Jurina with a pillow. “What?! How dare you forget about it?! We met on Christmas night at the bus stop when we’re still 1st grade in junior high school. You’re lost on your way to go to your home.
I treated you a cup of hot milk in the coffee shop before I helped you to find your way to go home.”

Jurina scratched her head. “Sorry. I just remembered that when I ordered a hot chocolate.”

Rena hit Jurina again. “You enjoyed yourself there, you drank a hot chocolate while I’m freezing at the bus stop?!!”

Jurina hugged Rena. “Well, I’m sorry. I will never forget about it again. I promise.” She chuckled.

Rena hugged Jurina back. “I love you. I can’t wait until tomorrow comes to enjoy the snow with you.”

“Me too. We will make our own Christmas. I will wear a santa claus outfit tomorrow.”

Rena chuckled.

====================== THE END ====================

I can’t wait for Christmas!! >.<

Thank you for reading. :)
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Hi Hi...! :) This is me again.

After Last Christmas (, I'm back again with Christmas-themed OS... and this one is Mayuki!! >.<

Thank you so much mochichan00 ( for this cute fanart. Thank you... you granted my request about the chibi MaYuki. :')




#6 Follows The Snow - MaYuki

Mayu turned back as she heard someone fell behind her. "Yukirin!" She walked towards Yuki and helped her to stand up. "Are you okay?"

With Mayu's help, Yuki stood up slowly. "I'm okay." She cleaned the dirt on her knees. "I didn't see those kids ran towards my direction."

Mayu sighed. She looked at Yuki's knee and pointed at it. "Look, your knee injured. Let's just go home.. I'll help you to treat your wound."

When Yuki saw Mayu was about to walk to another direction, she spread out her arms to block Mayu's way. "We don't need to go back. I'm okay." She took a tissue paper from her handbag, she used it to wipe the blood on her knee. "See? It's only a small wound." She smiled at Mayu.

Mayu frowned, she looked hesitant for a while. But then... she nodded. "You need to be more careful."

Yuki simply nodded. In a few seconds later, Mayu already walked first and then Yuki followed her from behind. "M-Mayu!" She tried to call Mayu, but Mayu couldn't hear her in the middle of crowd street like that. Mayu kept walking and left her behind. Yuki sighed. As usual... she leave me behind. Why she always walks so fast?

======================== **** =======================

"1,2, 1-2-3-Go!" Then music played.

Everyone in the training hall started to dance as soon as their dance teacher gave them the cue.

Yuki, who was given the position on the 2nd row, tried to follow the dance but everytime she moved her left feet, she felt the pain. Tsk. I forgot to take care of my wound before I went to sleep, I was too tired last night.

Yesterday, Yuki offered herself to accompany Mayu to go to book store, even though she was really tired after practiced for Team B theater performance. And today, she had to do rehearsal for their special show at Christmas Eve.


Yuki gasped after she heard that her name was called by their sensei. "Y-yes..."

"What's wrong with you?! Do you think we still have much time for daydreaming?!!"

Yuki bowed. She glanced at Mayu who stood not too far from her. Mayu was given the position on the 1st row along with Jurina. She sighed as she saw that Mayu even didn't look at her. "I.. I'm sorry, sensei."

The sensei looked so irritated because one of the members messing up the dance formation. "Okay, all. I give you 10 minutes to take a break!"

Everyone sat on the floor as soon as the sensei said it. All of them whispered at each other about how tired they are.

Yuki walked away to get her bag to take her reusable water bottle, she sat on the floor while drank her water. She lifted her left pants so she could look at her wound. Yabai, ne? I thought it was just a small wound. She sighed and then she closed her wound again.

Yuki glanced at Mayu direction. She saw Mayu talked with Jurina, they chuckled many times. Tsk. Why she always cold towards me? We've been dating for 7 months yet I never see her laugh like that.. I even forget when the last time she smile at me. Does she still think of me as her girlfriend?

After she let out a sigh, she tried to stand up slowly because she saw the sensei already entered the dance practice hall again.

"Here, let me help you."

Yuki surprised because a pair of hands grabbed her waist to help her. "Thank you, Rena." She smiled.

Rena let go of her arms after Yuki completely stood up. "No problem. But, you'll hurt yourself if keep dancing today. I'll talk to our sensei about your knee."

"No! I'm okay. Rena!" Yuki tried to stop her, but Rena seemed didn't care about it. She saw Rena discussed about her injury with their sensei.

The sensei nodded. "Okay, Kashiwagi-san.. you can go home now. I'm sorry because I didn't know about your knee and end up with mad at you."

"It's okay, sensei. Thank you." I bowed at her.

"Matsui-san, you can go with her too. I give you permission to take her home. Be careful."

"Hai!" Rena ran towards Yuki after she bowed at the sensei. She held Yuki's waist to help her walk. "See? It's easy." She grinned at Yuki.

Yuki rolled her eyes. "You used me to get your day off."

Rena chuckled. She approached Yuki's ear and whispered. "I'm not doing this because I'm lazy. I need your help..." Rena looked around, "but let's go to your place first."

Rena grabbed Yuki's bag and then both of them stepped out from the hall.


"Hey, Mayu." Jurina nudged Mayu's hand. "Why don't you accompany her? Why Rena?!" She slapped Mayu's shoulder.

Mayu smacked Jurina's head. "Don't blame me." She kept staring at Yuki and Rena who walked together...... actually, she stared at Rena's hand on Yuki's waist. "Jurina."


"Rena is your girlfriend, right?"

Jurina laughed. "Are you fucking kidding me, Mayu?! We both know that it's just for 'fan service', WMatsui didn't exist at all."

Mayu narrowed her eyes. She kept looking at Yuki, but then.... she turned her body and went back to her dance position. "Come on, Jurina. Stop looking at your 'fan service' partner and come back to your position." She teased Jurina.

Jurina looked annoyed because of Mayu's words, but she realized that the sensei already glared at her so she decided to ignore Mayu and back to her position.

They continued the rehearsal.

======================= **** ========================

"Then... what is it, Rena?" Yuki asked the question.

"Hey! Let me treat your wound first. Do you think I'm that awful to ask your favor before I do my job as your friend?" Rena pouted.

Yuki smiled. "I'm sorry." She pointed at the cupboard. "You can take the first aid kit there."

Rena nodded and then she walked toward the cupboard. She took the kit. "Hmm... I guess we have to clean it first. Wait here, okay? I will take the warm water." She stepped out from Yuki's room.

Yuki layed her body on her bed. It will be more sweet for me if Mayu is the one who's here. She closed her eyes. Mayu, why you never let me get more closer to you? You keep the distance by always standing and walking in front of me. I know.... I'll never surpassing y- "Awwww!!!" Yuki screamed as she felt the pain on her knee. "Rena!! Can you please give me the clue before touch my wound?!"

Rena rolled her eyes. "Come on, Yuki... quit acting like a baby." She kept 'playing' with Yuki's wound, she didn't care even though she saw Yuki grimaced in pain.
After some minutes... "Done."

Yuki sat on her bed. "So, what is it?"

Rena sat beside Yuki. "Can we eat our lunch first before we talk about th-"

"Rena!" Yuki looked impatient. "Now."

"Okay-okay." Rena took a deep breath. "I want to give something for Jurina... you know... Umm... Christmas present. But I have no idea about it. Can you please come with me to buy it tomorrow?"

Yuki realized something. Duh! I'm forget about it. I haven't buy anything for Mayu too. "Okay. No problem."

Rena looked surprised. "Wow. I never thought that it'll be that easy to ask you. If I know it before, I won't waste my time here and just asking you instead." She chuckled.

Yuki pushed Rena. "As I thought, you did this because you want something for me. You are not my real friend."

Rena put her arm around Yuki's shoulder. "I'm just joking, Yuki. You kinda become more sensitive lately.. is something happened between you and Mayu?"

"W-what?! No.. N-no! Of course not. We're fine." Yuki looked uneasy about the question.

"Well... then I have to go now." Yuki stood up. When she was about to pass the door, she turned around. "Yuki, you can tell everything to me. It's not good for you if you keeping it by yourself. See you tomorrow." She closed the door.

Yuki threw her body onto her bed. Mayu...

====================== NEXT DAY ====================

Mayu looked really tired. "Yuki, let's go home." She grabbed her bag.

Yuki stopped packing her stuff. "M-mayu.... ano... I wanna go to somewhere else...." She felt uneasy to say it to Mayu since they always went home together after their schedules finished.

"It's okay. I'll accompany you then." Mayu walked first.

Yuki scratched her head. "No. You don't need to. You can go home first."

Mayu frowned. "Why? I don't have another schedule today."

"Because I-"

"Yukirin, come on!!"

Mayu turned her head to see who called her girlfriend.

Yuki saw Rena called her, from the exit door. "O-okay! Wait a minute, Rena-chan." She answered her before Rena start to yell at her again.

Mayu turned her head to Yuki again.  "I see..." She walked out even before Yuki say 'See you later' to her.

Yuki felt uneasy about the short and cold answer from Mayu. She walked towards her before Mayu went too far. "I'm really sorry, but-"

"Jurina!" Mayu raised her hand so Jurina could see her. "Let's go home together."

Jurina smiled. "Okay. But please wait a while, okay? Akimoto sensei just calling me."

Mayu walked toward Jurina, and leave her girlfriend who still stood in front of the door. "Okay, but before we go home, let's have dinner first... my treat."

Jurina smirked. "This is my lucky day."

Yuki saw Jurina put her arms on Mayu's shoulder.. they laughed together after Jurina say a silly pun to Mayu. Yuki kept staring at them. Somehow... she felt jealous to Jurina, maybe it was because Jurina could casually talk with Mayu.

"Hey." Rena patted Yuki's shoulder. "Ready to go?"

Yuki nodded. She glanced at Mayu for a seconds before they went through another door.


Mayu released herself from Jurina. "I will go home alone." She walked away.

"What??!! You said that you wanna treat me a dinner!" Jurina crossed her arms. "Liar"

Mayu didn't pay attention to her friend who grumbled behind her.

========================= **** ======================

Mayu and Yuki sat facing each other, they enjoyed their latte.

Yuki smiled while looked at Mayu who still busy with her phone. I wish I can be close to her like this forever. I can see her beauty up close, I can see her cool side clearly. Even though she don't really talk much when she's with me, but I'm still happy to sit beside her like this.

Yuki sip her latte, she prefer the hot one since she really care about her throat.. she believes that the cold drink wasn't good for her voice. "Mayu, should we go to somewhere on Christmas day? We didn't have any schedule on that day."

Mayu drank her latte, on the other hand... Mayu prefer to drink cold beverages although the weather already cold enough. "I don't know... it's still 3 days away, so maybe I will have another plan."

Yuki pouted. Great! It feels like I didn't have a girlfriend at all. She used her hand to prop her chin, she looked out the window. Everyone will spend their Christmas will someone that they loved, but me? Stuck in my apartment... alone! Congratulation Yuki.

Mayu realized the change on Yuki's expression. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Yuki uttered it without looked at Mayu. Why everything start to be cold and so gloomy everytime I'm with her?

They drank their coffee in silence... Yuki was too lazy to start the conversation, she just looked at the snow outside the window.

"Let's go home." Mayu stood up. "It's already dark, we will freezing out there if we go home too late." She walked first.

Yuki stood and followed her from behind. I don't care even if I turned into a snowman out there! She even didn't ask my opinion... I haven't finish with my latte yet she already ordered me to go home.

Yuki looked in trouble while following Mayu because the street was totally crowded that night. Mayu always walk faster and never looked back as if she didn't care about Yuki who kept following her back.

=================== Christmas Eve ====================

Yuki already done with her make-up. She glanced at Mayu, just... a little glance. As usual.. she still busy with her bangs. She smiled. It's funny.. she always stress out because of her bangs.. that's too cute for my eyes.

"What happen, Yuki? You looks happy." Rena grinned, she sat beside Yuki.

"Ah.. nothing. I'm just too excited about our show." Yuki tried her best to find a great reason. And thankfully, Rena seemed 'ate' it well.

Rena nodded. "Yeah, me as well. It's great to have our own show, especially in Christmas like this. I wish next year SKE will have our own show too, maybe on new year eve? since AKB-san already took every Christmas Eve." She giggled.

Yuki smiled. "I hope so. It must be hard for you and Jurina, since both of you the 'top 2' and also the SKE face." Suddenly, she remembered something. "Hey! Speaking about Jurina.. how is it? Do you still wanna take the first move tomorrow? Are you sure to not w-"

Rena's eyes widened, she quickly closed Yuki's mouth with her hand. Rena approached Yuki's face so she could talk quietly. "Can you DECREASING your volume while talking about Jurina?!" She hope no one could hear them.

Everyone in the dressing room looked at them in a weird way.

Yuki nodded and made a peace sign with her fingers, since she couldn't talk because Rena's palm still covering her mouth.

"Good." Rena pulled back her hand, she grabbed Yuki's hand and pulled her hand. Both of them went out from the dressing room.

Jurina walked toward Mayu, she stood beside her. "Yuki is your girlfriend, right?"

Mayu looked at the mirror again. "Why?"

"Are you sure that she's your girlfriend? Because both of them seems very close lately."

Mayu shrugged. "They are best friends."

"Tsk." Jurina grabbed Mayu's shoulder. "I mean... they are become too close. Rena often sneaked out from our hotel... almost every night. Last night, I tried to follow her because I'm worry at her... and guess what? She went to Yuki's apartment!"

Mayu's expression started to change, she clenched her fist. But a few seconds later she was back to her cold expression. "Well... you looks jealous at her. Are you sure that WMatsui didn't exist at all? Is she only your 'fan service' partner?" She smirked.

Jurina rolled her eyes. "I can't believe that you still don't jealous at her. I wonder if your heart is made from a stone or an ice... OR, you didn't love Yuki anymore."

Mayu looked irritated, she put her lipgloss onto the desk. She glared at Jurina. "And how about you, tsundere girl? You acts like a cool kid in front of Rena, but when she wasn't around you... you start to worry, TOO worry."

A staff went in to their dressing room. "AKB48-san, we will start the recording in 5 minutes. Please go to the stage now."

Jurina and Mayu looked at each other, they knew that it isn't the right time to talk about it because their show almost started. They gave each other a 'We MUST talk about it after the recording finished' look. Then... they walked away.

* 3 Hours Later - Recording time is over *

Yuki kept smiling while packing her stuff in the dressing room.


"Co-cch-chotto matte kudasai..." Yuki seemed afraid. "No one tell me that we must play with the mud!" She looked troubled, but she still tried her best to hold the rope and hung there.

The MC laughed. "Yes, we only wrote in the script that there's a game in this show, but we didn't write about the mud as the punishment. Surprise!" They laughed hard.

Yuki bit her bottom lip. No, I'm not afraid being ugly and dirty in front of the camera, But... my skin is quite sensitive to the mud, last time I played with it... my skin turned into red, really red! It even feels very itchy. I will do anything except the mud! Her eyes started to get teary.


Yuki looked at below her as she heard that someone fell into the mud. She gasped, she looked really surprised. Mayu?!

"Yeeyyy!! We already found the loser for the second round!" The MC laughed while clapping their hands.

The staff helped the rest of the team who still hanging on the rope to get down.

The mud was covered by a black plastic before. Because the first round just fell into the water, they thought that the punishment will same... water. But.. NO! After the plastic opened, they could see the mud waiting below them.

Yuki rubbed her palm because she felt the pain. Well, of course... she hung there over 5 minutes. She didn't know where her strength come from, since everyone and herself expected that she will be the one who lose in this round. Rena already lost in the first round. Everyone knew that Yuki and Rena were really weak.

But this... how? Mayu fell as soon as the MC mention about the mud. Yuki smiled. She help me.


Yuki already done with her stuff. I have to thank her. She carried her bag and then she was looking for Mayu. Here she is. She saw Mayu combing her hair in front of the mirror.

Yuki raised her hand. "Mayu! Let's g-" She stopped as she saw Jurina approached Mayu.

Jurina patted Mayu's shoulder."Let's go!" She grinned.

"Where?" Mayu zipped her bag.

"My hotel room, of course. Rena planned to go back to Nagoya tonight, so... we're free!!" Jurina winked at Mayu.

Mayu rolled her eyes. "Are you trying to ask me to stay overnight there?"

Jurina smirked. She whispered. "Yes, we can freely talk about Rena and Yuki there."

"Ah, okay then." Mayu shrugged. "But I will go home first to take my clothes."

"Thank you, my cyborg girl!!" Jurina cupped Mayu's lips and then she ran away.

Mayu gasped. "You!! Kissing monster!! Come back here!"

Yuki saw Mayu tried to catch Jurina. Yuki left the scene, she went out from the dressing room. She sat on a chair in the waiting room. Bad Christmas, ever!

She looked at the clock. 1 PM. She took out her phone and started to type a message. 'Mom, I will go to Kagoshima today. I didn't have any schedule tomorrow, so it will be great to spend my holiday with you and dad. Wait me.' She sent the message.

"You're here."

Yuki lifted her head. Mayu.

"I'm looking for you everywhere." Mayu turned back. "Let's go home together." She walked first.

Yuki followed Mayu from behind. Since that day was Christmas eve, the street was extremely crowded. She tried to follow Mayu with all her strength. After she succeeded to decrease the distance, she talked to Mayu. "How about it? Can we spend our Christmas day together?" She looked panting.

"I can't." Mayu simply answered it without looked at her.

Finally, they arrived at the bus stop. Yuki stood behind Mayu. "Why? Is it something important?"


"Is it more important rather than spend your day with me?" Yuki almost felt hopeless.

"....." Mayu didn't say anything until the bus arrived. She just got into the bus without gave the answer... yet.

Mayu comfortably looked for her seat. She sat on a chair. When the bus was about to move, she looked out the window. Wait.... Yuki???!!! Mayu looked panic. Why she didn't get in?!

Mayu want to get up but it was too late, the door already closed and the bus started to move. Mayu kept looking at Yuki who still stood on the same spot, she looked at the ground.

As soon as Yuki lifted her head, Mayu saw the tears...... rolled down on Yuki's cheeks.

Shit! Mayu felt stupid because she couldn't do anything, she couldn't stop the bus arbitrarily as in the movie. All that she could do was only sat back on her chair.


Yuki stared at the bus that already left. She wiped her tears and walked through another direction. She kept walking, she didn't care about the cold weather and the people who looked at her weirdly because she kept crying. Thank God, she wearing a cap so no one could see her face.

After 30 minutes, she arrived at another bus stop. She randomly got into the bus, she didn't know where she heading to. She looked at her phone. She even didn't call me. I guess... I'm right. I didn't mean anything to her. Why am I so stupid?! Why I asked her to be my girlfriend?! I confessed my feeling and it caused our friendship ruined?!!

Yuki sobbed in the bus, she spent another half hour in the bus. She glanced at the window. Beautiful snow. She have a huge interest at the snow.. she always said that it's beautiful.

Yuki saw a ramen shop still opened, so.. she decided to stop at the bus stop nearby the restaurant. She went in.

* 3 hours Later *

Ahh... it's so cold. She sneezed. And I feel so full. She touched her stomach.

Well... Yuki ate 3 bowls of ramen and drank some glasses of Sake. She ate it all while crying. Everyone in that restaurant started to worry at her.

After she paid the bill, she went out from the restaurant. I think I have to go back to my apartment now. I must go to Kagoshima as soon as possible. Mom and dad are waiting for me. She sighed and then she walked to the bus stop.


Mayu looked at her watch. "Tsk." She took her phone and then she started to play the game.

A few minutes later, she felt someone passed her. She lifted her head. "Y-yuki!" She put her phone back into her pocket and quickly ran towards Yuki. "Yuki, where have you been?! I've waited you for almost 5 hours here." She grabbed Yuki's shoulder.

Yuki slapped Mayu's hand away from her shoulder, she glared at Mayu. "I didn't ask you to wait!" She walked into the elevator.

Mayu was taken aback, but she didn't want to thinking too much.. she quickly stepped into the elevator too. It was lucky that only both of them in there. "I'm worrying at you, Yuki."

Yuki crossed her arms. "WOW. That's new. You never worry at me before." She replied it sarcastically. She quickly walked out from the elevator after it already reached the floor where her room are.

Mayu tried to catch her up. "Can you tell me what's going on??"

Yuki unlocked her door. She stepped into her apartment room. "Nothing is going on, Watanabe." She glared at Mayu.

Mayu gasped. It felt like a bomb exploded inside her ear after she heard Yuki called her by her family name. She quickly held the door as she saw Yuki tried to close it. She pushed it strongly, even Yuki almost fell backwards. "Tell me... what happen!" She closed the door behind her after she succeeded walked into Yuki's room.

"It's over, Watanabe. Now, get out from my room!!" She pointed at the door.

Mayu couldn't believe about what happened. "What do you mean about... IT'S OVER?!" She clenched her fist.

Yuki turned away, she walked into her bedroom and start to pack her clothes into her bag. "It's over! We break up.. today."

Mayu grabbed Yuki's shoulder and forced her to stop packing her stuff. She made Yuki turned back forcefully. She felt Yuki struggled to ran away from her grip.

"Let go of me!!" Yuki pushed Mayu strongly.

Mayu surprised as she felt Yuki slapped her cheek. She clenched her teeth. "Is this really what's you want?!"


"You ask me to break up with you just because I didn't spend the Christmas day with you?!! I can't believe it!"

Yuki started to cry, she cried for the countless times today. "It's sounds stupid for you, huh?!" She sobbed.
She sat on her bed. "Since the day I confessed my feeling toward you... how many times you said that you love me?!" She wiped her tears. "Never."

Suddenly.... Mayu lost her anger.

Yuki looked away. "You always cold towards me and you never care about me.. you didn't care at all!"

Mayu want to say something, but Yuki started to yelled at her.

"You always cold towards me but you keep smiling and laughing while talking at Jurina!! Don't you ever count how many times you smile at me??!! You even never look at me in the eye when I'm talking with you."

"Yuki, I-"

"Do you ever care about how small my steps?" Her tears already drenched on her shirt. "Do you even care how many times I gasping for breath while I'm walking with you?!
No... I even didn't feel that I'm walking with you. You always leave me behind... I'm walking... alone!
I guess... you already knew how weak I am, don't you care about me? I always try to catch you up... I'm walking frantically!
I keep following your back yet you never look back to see me... you never hold my hand. You always leave me alone at the crowd place."

Mayu remained silent.

"You never ask how am I... you didn't care about I'm okay or not."

"Yuki, I care about you! I'm your girlfriend, of course I care about you." Finally, Mayu got her voice back.

"Really?? You care about me so much.. so you choose to stay overnight in Jurina's place rather than to be with me?!"

Mayu looked shocked because Yuki knew about it. "You bring Jurina into our problem?! Then... how about Rena?! Both of you keep holding hands in front of me! You even let her grabbing your waist!!" She tried to defend herself.

Yuki stood, she walked towards her cupboard and took something from inside. She threw a red box onto the bed. "That's the reason."

"What is that?"

"She asked me to help her choosing a Christmas present for Jurina. And... it's supposed to be your gift." She pointed at the red box that she threw before. "Now, I think I'll just throw it to the trash can."

The table turned, Mayu was in a pinch. She didn't know what should she say to Yuki.

Yuki sat back on her bed. "You said that you care about me, but you even didn't call me when I'm not taking the the same bus with you. Why?!"

Mayu stared at the ground. She didn't have a guts to look at Yuki. "Even though I called you... I'm sure that you won't pick it up. You're really angry at me, so I decided to just wait you here and hope that your anger already decreased.
But... I seems I'm wrong, you're become totally mad at me. I'm so sorry about it."

Yuki sighed. "Please stop being so cold at me everytime, Mayu. You need to show your love to someone that you loved even though when they're really angry at you. If you just keep silent all the time, they will misunderstand."

Mayu lifted her head, she looked at Yuki's sad face. "Please don't break up with me." She pleaded.

"Why? You seems okay without me."

Mayu shook her head. She lifted her hands and touched Yuki's face, she looked deeply into Yuki's eyes. "Because I love you.... and I'm not okay without you."
Mayu looked away as soon as she said it. "I'm start to worry when I didn't see you around me... but yes, I never show it to you. I guess.... it's because I'm too shy." Her cheeks started to blush.

Yuki was very happy because it was the first time Mayu being so honest in front of her. She smiled and then she pulled Mayu's hands. "Sit here, Mayu."

Mayu nodded and then she sat beside Yuki. She still didn't look at Yuki, she tried her best to avoid Yuki's eyes.

Yuki chuckled. She didn't know that her girlfriend was so shy like that. She covered her shyness by her coldness. "Mayu..."

"Hm?" Mayu still persistent to not turned her head.

"Look at me... now. If you keep looking away, I take that as 'you agree to break up with me'."

Mayu didn't have another choice, she turned her head slowly. "P-please... dd-don't break up with me... " She stuttered.

After Mayu completely looked at Yuki. Yuki approached Mayu's lips quickly. It felt like in a blink of eye... Yuki's lips already pressed onto Mayu's lips. Mayu's eyes widened.

At first, Mayu was really shocked.. she didn't move even a bit. Yuki wanna make Mayu feel comfortable, so she placed her hand on Mayu's neck and another hand started to caress Mayu's cheek.

"Come on, Mayu. Make our first kiss become memorable." Yuki said it in a seductive tone.

Hearing those words, Mayu started to move her lips and enjoyed Yuki's kiss. Her hands started to explore Yuki's back. She pulled Yuki's waist, so she could feel Yuki's body fully leaned on her. Their kiss started to become more passionate and wild.

Mayu didn't know where she got her guts, but her intuition and her feeling told her to become more aggresive and to make a big move. She obeyed it, she pushed Yuki slowly onto the bed without let go of their kiss.

Yuki broke the kiss and gasped for air. "Wow, easy Mayu. I'm only asking for a kiss." She giggled.

Mayu's 'real' soul come back into her body. "S-sorry." She want to get up but Yuki put her arms on Mayu's neck.

"I'm kidding." Yuki pulled Mayu's neck and started to kiss her again. She could feel Mayu's smile while she kissing her.

*CUT to : AKB48 Perv Fanfics* (

"I  love you, Yuki. I really love you." Mayu kissed Yuki's lips gently.

"I know. I'm sorry for doubting your love." Yuki tried to speak even though she was really tired. She smiled.

Mayu leaned her forehead onto Yuki's forehead. "Umm... I'm sorry, I didn't have any present for you. I didn't know that the Christmas is so meaningful for you."

Yuki shook her head. "It's okay. This is the great present, ever!" She caressed Mayu's cheek.

"Well... is there any special wish for this Christmas? I will try to grant it." Mayu grinned.

"Yes, I have. Please walks more slower from now on." Yuki giggled.

Mayu laughed as well. She kissed Yuki's forehead. "I will."

======================== **** =======================

Yuki groaned. "Urgh! I lost sight of her again!! She didn't change at all!" She grumbled by herself while she kept walking.

She lifted her head, she surprised because she saw Mayu waited her not far away from her place right now. Mayu gave her a warm smile, Yuki smiled back and then she walked faster towards Mayu. She hugged Mayu.

Mayu grinned. "See? I'm waiting for you. Come on." She grabbed Yuki's hand and then they started to walk while holding hands.

Yuki smiled. I don't mind if I'm not walking by your side. I will be happy if you always turn your head like you did just now, to look at me... to watch over me. I will follow your back forever, you're my snow and my Christmas.

===================== THEN END ====================

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy it. :)
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They are so sweet. :grin:
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i love the fanart its so cute!! :deco:
poor yukirn!! :cry:
mou mayuyu your too cold to yukirin :(
wmatsui not real?! *faints* jurina, rena should kissu for real and realize their feelings! :yep:
im glad mayuyu finally showed her love to yukirin :heart:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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Mayu... Mayu...

Your coldness almost cost you Yuki..

But, it's good to see she finally open up to Yuki..

Nice story... :thumbsup
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HALU! I guess it's my first time commenting here so.... Welcome to me!  :nervous

a story like this is quite common THOUGH I just couldn't get enough of it, well, first it's MaYuki. It's funny though, the story just revolved around a single misunderstanding and they were like almost  breaking up and finally ended up on BED  :lol:

TOO TSUNDERE Mayuyu!!! too much!  XD and plus the wMatsui bribery  :lol: this OS made me laugh actually, almost felt like Mayu's bullying Yuki, oh I really love these four  :nervous

More powers to you! I'll read the rest of your works.  :)

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More powers to you! I'll read the rest of your works.  :)

 :mon misch: TD you gotta read Putri's "Wanted". It's awesome but might be a little painful for a Mayuyu oshi like you. :nervous

Anyway! I was wondering how it led to smut since Mayu was too cold. Poor Yuki she couldn't take Mayu's coldness and wants a break up. :cry:

Mayu was just hiding her shyness by being cold but she was so bold in bed. She was the dominant one! XD

This is nice. :D
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Whoaaaa, Mayuyu is so cold towards Yuki  :doh: :shocked: I smell YukiRena and JuriMayu alsoo, i really like how Mayu made Yuki jealous towards Jurina  :twisted: yeah good job Mayu (wat am i talking about)
but in the end they both live happily, that's acceptable  XD btw the smut scene is so hot whaaa, Mayu is the aggressive one :thumbsup :wth
cant wait for your next OS!   :yossi:
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Hi Putri~  :hee:

It short but i like the end they ended up together..  :heart:

I think I'm starting to love JuriMayu more after i read this..  :wub:

I always love BuraGeki~   :twothumbs and Rena's character is hahahahaha  :lol: somehow its remind me of someone's story here in this thread..of BuraGeki.. I forgot..  :doh:

So sweet~  :luvluv1:

Oh...Mayu is so turns out she is very shy~  :on lol: so cute~  :shy1:
and tsundere Juju~  :lol:

Great story as always..  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I want to request more Mayuki  :thumbsup hahahah

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They so sweet omg

Please update soon
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This is my first FuruYanagi fanfic, requested by airinnoasobi (

This is a bit long because the story started since they still did not knowing each other.

I hope you guys enjoy it. :)



#7 FuruYanagi - White Canvas

"Airin, please wait here. Okay? I'm going to buy a cold drink for us."

"Ice Chocolate for me. Thank you."

Her friend simply nodded and then he walked towards a convenience store nearby.

Ahhh... today is amazingly hot! I hate summer. Airin used her hand to protect her face from the sun that so oppressive. It was the end of August, so the weather was quite hot.

She looked around, she was looking for a place to sit. She felt so lucky when her eyes captured an empty bench. She walked towards the bench and then she sat on it. Thankfully that there was a huge tree behind the bench so she was protected by the shade from the tree.

She took out her phone, playing a game to kill some time while waiting her friend. Not long after that, there was a girl who walking in front of her and sat on the bench next to her.... Airin stopped playing. Usually people will bring their dogs to play on the park, but she- Airin chuckled for a moment, after that she took out a notebook and a pencil from her bag. Unique and strange. She chuckled.


"I'm so tired!" Airin threw her body onto the bed. I wanna sleep. She was about to close her eyes, but then she heard her phone was ringing. Aiisshh!!! She woke up lazily from her bed and then she took her smartphone from her bag. She read the mail.

'Your exhibition will be held in 2 days, are all of your paintings already finished? I will go to your gallery tomorrow.'

'Okay' Airin simply sent it to the sender and then she put her phone on the table near her bed. It was a mail from Yamada, the man who walked with her and bought a drink for her this afternoon.

Speaking of this afternoon, Airin suddenly remembered something. She took her phone again, she was looking for an image in it. She stared at a photo then... she smiled.

'Yamada-tan, there is one unfinished painting. But don't worry.. I will finish it tomorrow.'

Right after she sent a mail for Yamada, she connected her phone to the computer and then she printed the photo. She walked outside her bedroom and brought the paper along with her. She entered another room and then she switched on the light.

She could see the canvases lying on the floor, the paint brushes and other coloring tools placed on the table, 2 paint boards near the wall, some papers laid on the floor, and her's other painting tools in that room. Yes, that room is her 'working place'.

Wow, it looks so messy. I forgot to tidy up them this morning. She scratched her head. She stepped slowly so she wouldn't stepping on her stuff.

She grabbed a big white canvas and placed it on her painting board, she put a paper that printed before on the table nearby so she could see it easily. Okay, let's work hard tonight. She tied her long hair and then start drawing with a smile across her beautiful face.

Airin seemed didn't care about the clock that already showed '9 PM' to her, she kept drawing. She even couldn't understand it by herself about why she really want to paint it in the limited time like that. Only 2 days left for her exhibition day, yet she have to finish it tomorrow even though there are still lot of things that need to be prepared.

=================== Exhibition Day ===================

"Churi!! Let's buy the ice creams!!! I almost died here. It's too hot!"

Churi rolled her eyes. "You sat in front of my electric fan for a whole day, yet you still feels hot?!"

Rena shrugged. "Yeah." She grabbed Churi's hand and pulled her outside.

"B-but... my shop!!" Churi tried to resist her best friend.

"Don't worry, my girlfriend will take care of your animal shop for a while." She winked at her girlfriend.

Jurina chuckled. "No problem. Buy for me too, okay? OR!!... I will eat one of your birds."

"NO!!" Churi yelled at Jurina. "O-okay.. I will buy it for you." She stepped out from her shop after Jurina gave her an evil smirk. Urgh!

Churi followed Rena from behind. Yeah, it's quite hot today. She wiped her sweat on her forehead. They were heading to the convenience store that not too far from her shop. Thankfully.. the store was not too crowded, so they they didn't need to queue before paying their ice creams.

"Hey-hey, Churi. Look at that! Why is it so crowded in there?" Rena nudged Churi's arm right after they went out from the store.

"Hm?" Churi turned her head to the left, she saw many people went in and out from one of the buildings there. "I don't know, let's just go-" It was too late, Rena already walked towards that building. "... home." She sighed and then she followed Rena. Tsk.

"Sorry, what happened here?" Rena asked the security guard who stood in front of the building. She seemed really curious.

"Nothing bad happened, miss." He chuckled. "There is an Art Exhibition inside. You can go in if you want, it's free."

"Really?!" Rena was about to step in to the building.

This is bad. Churi could see Rena's eyes sparkling. "Rena, let's just go back. Our ice creams will be melting soon!!" She tried to remind Rena about the ice cream, but actually it wasn't the main reason. She has not bathed, how can I go to the Art Exhibition with animal scent in my body??!! So embarassing.

"Ah, you're right.." Rena pouted. "Jurina will be mad at me if she don't get her ice cream soon." She sighed.

"Yes! And maybe she will kill my bird too." Finally, Churi could convince Rena to go home.

*Some hours later*

Rena and Jurina already went back to their home since an hour ago, so her shop seemed quiet enough.

Churi looked at the clock. 7 PM. Yeay! It's time to close the shop and go home.. I'm so tired. She decided to take a shower first before she go home. In 20 minutes, she already ready to go home. She grabbed her bag, then she make sure that all of her birds were okay, afterwards she closed the shop, and then she walked away.

In the midway, she remembered that she was running out of shampoo and soap... she turned back and then walked to the convenience store nearby her animal shop. She was about to enter the store, but when she turned her head to the left.. she saw some people went out from the building near the store. Hm? The exhibition is still opened?!

She walked away from the store and went towards the building. "Sorry, is the exhibition still opened?"

"Ah! You're the girl from this afternoon, right?" The security guard seemed remember her."Yes, it still opened until an hour later." He smile.

"Thank you, sir." Churi bowed at him and then she entered the building after the guard gave her the flyer. Furukawa Airi. She read the name that writen on the flyer and then she saw the dates too. Oh! The exhibition was held since 3 days ago.

Right after she entered the exhibition room, she couldn't blink. She saw many beautiful and amazing paintings hanging on the wall. Wooww... Is this what called as art??!!! So cool.

It was the first time she entered the art exhibition in her life, because she never knew that art would be that awesome. It seemed Rena already succeeded to influence me, now I can understand why she always crazy in love with these things. She chuckled.

She walked around as she excited to see all paintings in there and took some photos. Thankfully.. there were not too many people inside because it was already nearly closed, so she could see the paintings comfortably. I can't believe that all of these amazing paintings were only painted by one person! Genius!!

Finally, she reached the last painting.. it was hanged in the center of the room. But... the last painting made her heart hammering inside her chest. She has seen it before. I...I-It's me.... H-how??!!


"Excuse me, onee-chan."

Churi felt a pair of little hands grabbed her skirt, the owner of the hands was a cute kid. Churi smiled, "yes? Can I help you, kiddo?"

"Th-this..." The kid gave her a piece paper.

Churi took it from the kid, she saw it. She was totally surprised, it was the sketch of herself. Someone just draw it using the pencil, it was simple.. black and white. But it was still beautiful in her eyes. "Dd-did you draw this?"

The kid shook her head. "A beautiful onee-chan asked me to give it to you." The kid grinned. "She gave me an ice cream too!!" She showed a plastic in her hand to Churi.

"Where's that onee-chan now??"

The kid pointed at a bench next to her. "She was there! She was there!" The kid seemed surprised because the onee-chan already went away.

Churi saw a black car just went away from the park. Maybe it's her car. She sighed, she really want to know who was it. "Thank you, kiddo." She ruffled the kid's hair. After that, the kid ran away to her mother.


Churi opened her bag and then she took the notes paper from inside her bag. She saw the paper once again... it was her sketch, she sat on the park bench with Pino on her right shoulder, the parrot that she raised by herself.

She turned her head to the last painting that hanged in front of her. It was the same painting, but it was much-much-much bigger.. compared to the sketch in her hand. It was more beautiful because the painter coloring it. It's looks so me!! 'Me' in this painting even looks more beautiful than myself in the real world. Rena must see this!! She will extremely jealous at me. She grinned.

"The Unnamed Girl", Churi read the name of the painting.

"Do you like it? You keep staring it since 10 minutes ago."

Churi gasped because she heard an unfamiliar voice, she turned back. "Y-yeah.. I like it. N-no... I love it!"

The stranger chuckled.

Churi frowned. "I'm sorry but... are you the visitor too?" She looked at the girl who stood in front of her. I didn't know her.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I'm being so rude to not introduce myself first." The stranger put out her hand for a handshake. "My name is Fu-"

"Airin!" The man's voice interrupt the stranger. "Please come here, someone want to buy your painting and he want to get your signature too!!"

Airin turned her head. "Okay. I'm coming, Yamada-tan!!"

Churi stunned. Sh-she is.....

Airin smiled at Churi. "Wait a minute, okay?" Airin walked away, but she turned back again. "Well... you can't just standing here. Sorry for being rude again. If you don't mind, please wait me in the lobby."

Churi couldn't find her voice, she was too shock. She shocked because..  first, she finally meet the one who made her sketch.. second, the one who sketching her is a gorgeous woman!! All thing that Churi could do was nodded because Airin seemed waiting for her answer.

"Nice." Airin smiled once again before she walked towards the man who called her before.

Churi watched Airin's back. Am I in heaven now? After Airin lost from her sight, she took out her phone. She took a selca with the painting. She smirked as she sent it to Rena's email. She walked to the lobby and then she sat on a chair while waiting Airin.

Churi looked at her watch, she almost bored because... it was already 15 minutes passed, yet Airin was yet to come. She sighed.

"I'm sorry, miss." The security guard talked to her. "The exhibition is over and the building will be closed soon."

Ahh... maybe she forgot that I'm waiting her. Churi stood up. "Ah, I'm sorry. I'm about to go." She walked out from the building and went to the convenience store to buy the shampoo and the soap.

"Hey!! Hey!!!"

Churi turned back, she saw Airin ran towards her.

Airin stopped beside Churi. "I'm so sorry to make you wait. I didn't expect that some people will buy my paintings, they keep want to talk with me." She looked tired. "I don't know your name so I just called you as 'hey'. I called you many times but you didn't notice it... "

"It's okay." Churi smiled at Airin to wipe her guilt away. "I'm Takayanagi Akane. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Furukawa Airi. Nice to meet you too."

The moment they shake hands, Churi felt a kind of electricity came from her hand and then spread throughout her body.. her heart received 'the electric' well because her heartbeat started to move crazily again, just like when she saw the last painting.

"Do you want to go home together? I will drive you home.. it's already too dark."

Churi shook her head. She really want to receive Airin's offer, but it was kinda weird to go home together with someone who had just met with her in about an half hour ago. "No, thank you. I will go home by myself and I have to buy something first."

Airin frowned. "Are you afraid of me? I'm not a bad girl, I won't give you any harm."

Churi gasped. "N-No... It's not what I mean. I just... didn't want to bother you, we just... meet." She shrugged.

"Umm.. do you mean... we're still strangers? Well... it's true that I'm a stranger for you, but for me... you're not completely a stranger. Why? Because I was painted you for the whole 2 days... I knew your face really well, only the name was missing."

Churi blushed, she hope that the dark could cover her red cheeks well enough.. so Airin couldn't see it. "You already knew my name."

"Yeah, I'm really glad to know it." Airin smiled. "Ah! You can go to the store, and I will take my car. I'll drive you home and I won't accept 'no' from you." She said it before Churi could refuse her again.

Airin walked away to get her car even before Churi answered it. She couldn't refuse Airin anymore because Airin was (too) persistent to drive her home. So Churi just entered the store and bought anything she needs. When she walked out from the store, she saw Airin already waited her in her black car.

"Come on, Takayanagi-san."

Churi just helplessly nodded. "Okay."

======================== **** =======================

Day by day passed without Churi realized it. It's been 3 weeks since she met Airin for the very first time at the Art Exhibition and they always texting each other every day. Churi laughed almost every time she read Airin's mail. She is a funny girl, I never expect it before.

To: Furukawa-san

At that time, when you did my sketch in the park..
why didn't you give it to me by yourself? You asked an innocent kid to do your sly trick. ←_←

From: Furukawa-san

Because I was afraid of a strange girl who talked with a bird.
ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ・_・)┘

To: Furukawa-san

So why did you approach me first? You didn't afraid of me anymore?

From: Furukawa-san

Umm... I'm still afraid of you.

But.... I was more afraid if you ask me to pay you because I used you as my model, so I just tried to approach you nicely.
And it works! You didn't ask some money to me!

To: Furukawa-san

( ̄ε(# ̄)☆((O==( ̄▽ ̄)o

From: Furukawa-san

Ouch.. that was hurt!! m(_ _)m

(シ_ _)シ Gomen ne.

It was a joke, Takayanagi-san.
I was approached you because somehow.... I already felt close to you.
There's a weird connection between the painters and their paintings.

And when I painted you..... I realized that you're so beautiful and it made me wanted to meet you again.


Churi's cheeks redden. She read the last mail twice to make sure that it wasn't a mistake. I... I'm beautiful?! She's beautiful, I'm not.

"Oi, Churi!!"

Churi gasped because Jurina suddenly patted her shoulder from behind. "What?"

"Are you sick or something? Lately.. you often blushing and laughing without any solid reason." Jurina put her hand on Churi's forehead to check her body temperature. "You don't have fever."

Rena laughed. "Jurina.. don't tease her. You were like that too when you met me back then... even until now."

"W-Wait... no! I'm not." Churi shook her head.

Jurina smirked. "Tell us... who it is. Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I don't understand what do you guys mean." Churi made herself busy with her birds so she could avoid those strange stare from her best friends. I'm not falling in love, right? I mean... I just meet her!! Silly. Of course I'm not.. I even barely know her. The only thing I know about her are she's a painter and she's flawless.

"You are definitely falling in love, Churi!!" Rena laughed. "I'm sure that she/he makes your heartbeat uncontrolled and makes your body shivering because of 'the unseen electric'."


======================== **** =======================

Airin got out from her car, she was holding her phone. She called someone.

"Where are you?"

"I'm still working, why?"

Airin looked at her watch. 6 PM. "Ah, you're still in your shop."


"What time does your shop will be closed?"

"Actually.. it's up to me since this is my own shop, but usually I go home at 7 PM."

Airin heard that someone was calling Churi, she guessed that he's Churi's customer because she heard that he asked the price of a puppy to Churi. Airin didn't talk until Churi finished her negotiation with the buyer.

"Hi, sorry."

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Am I bothering you now?" Airin talked to Churi through the phone while she walking towards something.

"No, of course not." Airin heard Churi's chuckle.

"So.. can I drive you home again?" Airin heard that Churi want to say 'no', as always. Every time she offered some help, Churi will always refuse her. Airin stopped in front of a door, she open it. "I don't accept 'no' from you."

Churi flinched a bit. "Furukawa-san?!" She was surprised because Airin suddenly show up in front of her. She almost dropped her phone.

Airin grinned. "Yes, it's me. Why? You said that I'm not bothering you."

"Y-yes.... b-but... I didn't expect that you will come here all of a sudden. You don't have to-"

Airin sat on a chair. "I've told you that I won't accept 'no'. I will wait here until your job finished. An hour more, right?" She grinned.

Churi sighed but then she nodded. She want to talk with Airin, but there was another customer that came into her shop. The other customers kept entering her shop. Usually... she would say thanks to God because there were a lot of customers, but now... she pouted. She wanted to close her shop, but she couldn't. It even there was a man who bought a snake, the transaction would take a longer time when it comes to a big animal like that.

Finally, she could take a deep breath at 7.30 PM. There was no customer left. She approached Airin. "I'm sorry."

Airin giggled. "You don't have to say sorry. You got a lot of customers tonight, you should be happy." She ruffled Churi's hair.

Churi frozen, she couldn't move when Airin touched her head. It was the first time Airin did it to her and 'the unseen electric' became stronger. It caused a big impact to her heartbeat. "Y-yeahh..."

"Good." Airin grinned. "Now, let's have dinner before we go home. I'm hungry and I'm sure that you too." She touched her growling stomach.

Churi chuckled after she heard the sound. "Okay. But wait a while, okay? I have to feed my birds."


"Yup. You said that you have a weird connection with your paintings... and I guess I have it too with my birds." Churi grinned. "I love birds. I REALLY love them."

Airin shocked because Churi showed her a kind of enthusiasm that she never seen before. "I see..." She chuckled. "Can I feed them too?"

"Of course!" Churi grabbed Airin's hand and pulled her into another room.

Airin looked at her hand and.... Churi's hand. I feel it again... my heart beating extremely fast, just like the racing car. I feel like this too when I was sketching her back then... I feel it again when I painted her.

"My friend always called me Churi."

Churi's words made Airin woke up from her deep thought. "Churi?? Bird??"


Airin saw Churi feeding her birds, there were 5 parrots in the big cage. Airin could see that Churi take care of them really well because the birds looked healthy enough. "Takayanagi-san...."


"Can I called you Churi too?" Airin saw Churi's blushed cheeks clearly. Airin smiled. "You can call me Airin from now on. I guess... we already close enough to become a friend."

Yes, they met in the end of August and it was already in the second week of October. Airin was sure that it was already good enough to make a little move.

"Sure. Why not, Airin." Churi gave Airin a warm smile.

"Thank you, Churi." Airin smiled and then she asked Churi to give her an opportunity to feed the birds.

======================== **** =======================


It was like a blink of eye for Airin. It was just 2 weeks before her 7th Art Exhibition. She was so excited and tired in the same time. She has to paint some new paintings and it really took most of her time. It made her barely meet and talk with Churi, she spent her whole weeks in the house... to paint.

The worst part was... her Art Exhibition is in the same day with Churi's birthday, November 29th. She want to paint something for Churi's birthday gift as well.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Airin smiled as she saw who's the caller. "Moshi moshi."

"Hi, Airin. How are you?"

"You ask how am I? It's funny." Airin chuckled.

"What's so funny about it?"

Airin could feel Churi was irritated. "I'm sorry, but it sounds like we didn't meet for a long time."

"3 days without any single message! It's long enough, I guess. Usually.. we always texting each other every single day and we even meet almost every day."

Airin smiled even though she heard Churi mad at her. "Umm... Are.. probably... you missed me?" She wanted to tease Churi. It works! She heard Churi coughed.

"Me? Missed you?? Pfft.. Of course not. I just want to know what happen to you because I don't see you for a whole week."

If Airin was there, she was sure that she could see Churi's blushed face clearly. "Nothing bad happened, Churi." She just remembered that she did not tell Churi about her exhibition. "Well... it's okay if you don't missed me. But I really missed you!! Do you want to come to my house? It's not too far from your shop."

"Y-you mi-miss me?!"

Somehow.. Airin likes to make Churi nervous. "Yeah... I missed you sooooo much! So, please come. I will send my address to you." She pleaded.

"W-well... o-okay."


*An Hour Later*

The bell rang, Airin quickly ran towards the door. "Ohayou!" She grinned as she saw Churi in front of the door. "Come in."

"Hi." Churi smiled. "Wow. Your house is quite big." She said it while she entered the house.

Airin scratched her head. "Yeah... it makes me feel so lonely sometime." She closed the door. "You don't bring your birds." She giggled.

"Don't tease me." Churi slapped Airin's arm. "What are you doing now?"

"Paint." Airin shrugged. "Do you want to accompany me?"

Churi looked so excited because she never saw Airin paint something. She nodded.

"Come on then." Airin grabbed Churi's wrist and then she entwined her fingers to Churi's.

*Thump!* It was surely made Churi's heart reacted again. She followed Airin, they entered a big room. Churi immediately noticed that it was Airin's working place because many canvases and paint tools were in there. She saw the new paintings hanged on the wall.

"I never let anyone enter this room because all paintings here are not published yet. But since it's you... it's okay."

Churi felt so special when Airin said something like that. Airin often said something that made her feels special.. like.. 'I never drive someone home before' and like... 'It is the first time I keep texting someone in every single hour without get bored' and more. It made her flattered.

Churi walked around to see the paintings one by one. "Airin.. All of these are really beautiful."

Airin saw Churi who walked towards every paintings. She carefully watched Churi's back... she really want to hug Churi, but she tried to hold it. "Thanks." Then... she saw Churi stopped at 'The Unnamed Girl'.

Churi never get bored to see her painting, the painting that made her and Airin knew each other. That painting was so memorable to her and then.. she realized something. "Why is it here? You said that all of the paintings here are not published yet. But this..." She frowned.

Airin walked towards the painting and stood behind Churi. "Because I want to see it every day. It was the first painting that I really wanted to finish as soon as I could. I started to paint it in the same day I gave the sketch to you."

*Thump!* Again.... She made Churi feels so special. "I'm flattered to hear that."

"Do you want to have it?" Airin asked it softly.

That kind of voice made Churi's body shivered, but she tried to ignore it. "It's definitely expensive. I can not afford it."

"Baka!" Airin smacked Churi's head. "I don't say you have to paid it." She walked towards her paint board to continue her current work. "Bring it along with you when you get out from my house later. I don't accept your 'no'."

"A-Airin... I can't recei-"

"Ssshh!" Airin put her index finger onto her own lips. "I don't like any voice interrupt me when I'm working."

Tsk. Churi never succeed in refusing Airin. She sighed and then she sat on a chair... she was watching Airin. It's the first time I see her painting something. Her serious expression makes her looks so cool. It is my first to see her serious face as well, she always showing her playful side in front of me.

Churi didn't let go of her eyes from Airin. Every moves that Airin did, made her heartbeat amazingly increased. I... I.. Maybe Rena is right... I love Airin. She smiled.

"Don't look at me with those scary eyes and that creepy smile. I can't work if you keep staring at me like that." Airin said it without looked at Churi.

Churi quickly looked away. She didn't realize that Airin could notice her. "I- I think I'll just go home now. I come here to see you're okay or not.. and you seems okay." She stood up. She couldn't hold it anymore, she thought that she will die soon if she couldn't control heartbeat well. It always happened when Airin around her.

Airin put the paint brush on the table. "Don't."

"Eh?" Churi was surprised.

"Please don't go home now." Airin looked straight to Churi's eyes. "I still miss you."

"Don't tease me." Churi laughed, but then she realized that her fake laugh sounded weird.

"I'm not teasing you. Just... I have an Art Exhibition in 2 weeks, so I keep busy to prepare many things. I even won't have time to go to meet you again later. Please stay longer here.." Airin didn't want Churi went home that soon.

"O-okay.." She sat back on the chair. Somehow... she felt that Airin had a same feeling with her. They just have to wait until the right time.. wait until they were absolutely sure about it... wait until they were sure that they wouldn't make a wrong decision.

============ Churi's Birthday - Exhibition Day ============

OMG! I'm late for about 15 minutes!! Churi grabbed the flyer quickly, after that she entered the building. She was looking around.. looking for Airin. This place is very crowded. Since she couldn't find Airin, she decided to send a message: 'I'm already here. Where are you?'

Not long after she sent the message, she saw Airin stood in front of everyone. She gave a short speech and then she announced that the exhibition opened.

She's really waiting for me. Churi sighed as she remembered their conversation on the phone 3 hours ago.


"Airin.. I'm so sorry. I can't attend your event today. I already told you about this before, right?" Churi sounded very apologetic.

"No! You have to come. I don't accept any excuse from you!! It's one of my big days, Churi."

"I want to celebrate my birthday with Rena and Jurina, we always celebrate our birthday together... it's like our ritual."

"You can go with them in the afternoon until night. I just want you to come in the morning... I want to say something important to you."


"No 'but'. I won't start the exhibition without you!" Airin hung up the phone before Churi could start the argue again.


Honestly.. there was no point she came there since she already looked all the paintings some days before in Airin's house.

"You manage to come."

Churi turned back to see the owner of the sweet voice, Airin. "Hi. I'm sorry for coming late."

Airin smiled. "It's okay, as long as you come."

"So... what do you want to say?" Churi couldn't understand what was in Airin's thought. If Airin want to say something, she could simply tell her by phone or wait until tomorrow..

"Happy birthday!!" Airin grinned and then she gave Churi a hug.

*Thump!* As always... Churi had a problem with her heartbeat when Airin was around her. "T-thank you...." She tried to control herself. She waited Airin to say something, but nothing came out from Airin's lips. "That's it?!"

"Yeah. What else?" Airin chuckled.

Churi was happy because Airin congratulate her, but.... "So.. I come here in a rush just because of THAT?! Urgh! Rena and Jurina will kill me for sure."

Airin saw Churi glared at her with a deathly look. "N-no... of course not." She ended her joke quickly before Churi punched her face. "I have something else too." After she said it, Churi's expression became a bit calmer. "Come with me."

Churi felt her wrist was grabbed by Airin, Airin pulled her out from the crowd.

They stopped in front of a door. "I have a birthday present for you. I really hope that by that... you will realize how important you for me."

All Churi could do was nodded. I... I'm important for her?!

When Airin was about to open the door, she heard her father called her using the microphone. She stopped. "Airin, come to the stage honey.. I want to say something in front of everyone here."

Airin sighed. She patted Churi's head. "I have to go, it's my father."

"Okay, I will wait." Churi tried hard to hide her curiosity about her first birthday present from Airin. She followed Airin went back to the lobby where the stage was built. She saw Airin went up to the stage.

Airin felt her father hugged her and then she saw Yamada-tan went up to the stage as well. And... honestly... Airin had a bad feeling about that. She glanced at Churi, through Churi's gaze.. she could tell that Churi had a same anxiety with her.

Yamada-tan stood beside Airin, both of them changed the smiles.

"Hi, everyone. I have a happy announcement here." Airin's father talked in front of the microphone. "I know that both of you, Yamada and my beautiful daughter.. Airin, have been dating since they were still in high school."

What??!! Churi's eyes grew wide with shock. Th-they.... Somehow, Churi knew what Airin's father want to say next.

"It's been a long time you become a couple, so I think it's time to take a big step. Why do not you two just get married? Both of your parents already agreed with this."

Churi heard everyone in that building cheering and clapping their hands.... except herself. She stunned. She felt that her tears was about to fall, she gave Airin a weak smile and then she turned around. She walked towards the exit door.

Airin facepalmed as she saw Churi left the lobby. This is the hell... damn!

======================== **** =======================

It's been 2 days since her birthday, yet Churi didn't receive a call or a message from Airin. That was my worst birthday ever! She sighed as she realized that the real world was not as beautiful as in the movie or in the fairytale where the prince will catch up the princess if a misunderstanding happened between them.

Churi kept convincing herself that it was only a misunderstood thing. She could clearly see through Airin's eyes that Airin love her, they just didn't say it.... yet.

The only thing that made Churi pissed was.. Why Airin didn't tell me that she already had a boyfriend?!

Other than that, Churi probably could understand Airin position. In her mind, Airin was same with her, they were not sure yet about their feelings... Airin couldn't break up with her boyfriend only for a girl who had just met her for 3 months.

Since the 3rd day, there was no tears dropped from Churi's eyes. She even didn't know why but... she was sure that sooner or later Airin will come to give an explanation.

Finally... after a week, Airin show up in front of Churi's door. Churi didn't say anything, she just let Airin to enter her small house. Both of them were sat facing each other in silence for some minutes.. avoiding each other eyes. They didn't know how to start the conversation.

"So... what date?" Churi decided to start, she realized that Airin wouldn't talk before she start it.

"Hm?" Airin frowned.

"Your wedding date.." Churi smiled. "I will come, don't worry. You don't have to force me like the last time." She giggled.

Airin looked at Churi in a disbelief way. "You didn't angry at me?"

Churi shrugged. "We are nothing more than friends. Why I have to angry at you because of that? I even planned to congratulate you."

"Churi.... please don't say something like that. We both know really well about our feelings even without we saying it, this is only a little obstacle for us. We're not a kid anymore, I think we didn't need to fight because of something like this... useless."

"What feeling?"

Airin clenched her fist. "Churi, if you keep acting like that.. I will really get out of here. I already got a huge problem, I can't stay with you if you just want to make my burden become heavier."

Churi flinched. Suddenly, she realized that her lips saying something that totally different with her heart. Some days before, she could understand Airin position.. but now, after Airin show up in front of her.. why she became really angry and blind? "I'm sorry." She closed her face with her palms. She was crying.

Airin stood and then she approached Churi. She knelt in front of Churi, and then she hugged Churi. Airin rubbed Churi's back to make Churi calmer. "I'm the one who should say sorry to you. I'm sorry." She put her chin on Churi's shoulder. "I was too hesitant in making decisions, I put myself in a pinch. It's my fault. I even didn't tell the truth to you."

"Why??" Churi looked at Airin with her teary eyes.

Airin wiped the tears away from Churi's cheeks. "I was in love with him. But it changes after... I saw you for the first time in the park, I found an unique girl who talking with a bird." They let out their soft chuckles. "At that time.. when I was sketching you, I didn't feel anything.. but when I started to paint you..... something had changed. My love for him slowly decreased."

"Pfftt... Airin, you really have a weird connection with your paintings." Finally... Churi could find her smile but her tears still rolled down on her cheeks.

Airin cupped Churi's cheek. "No, it was not the connection with the painting... it was my weird connection with you." Airin shed her tears as well. "When I met you again at my Exhibition, again... my love for him amazingly decreased without I knew why."

"Don't tease me. You makes me flattered too much."

"I'm not teasing you, baka." Airin smiled while caressing Churi's cheek. "And on the next day after that, my love for him was totally gone when we started texting each other."

"Then why you didn't tell about these to him and to me?" It was the biggest question for Churi.

"It's my fault. I was afraid that you will leave me if I told you about him, because I had been getting too comfortable with you. I was afraid to tell it to him because I was not sure yet about us... All of these things were happened too fast, I even didn't have any time to think."

"Everyone always say that love is a complicated thing. I didn't know what it means until I met you." Churi smiled bitterly.

Airin gave a soft kiss to Churi's cheek. "Please wait me, okay? I promise that I will settle these things.. I will come back to you again as fast as I could."

Churi hates waiting, but it seemed she didn't have other choice. She nodded helplessly. "But please don't take it too long."

Airin smiled. "Sure. This whole week I tried to convince them that I'm not in love with Yamada-tan anymore. I wish him and our families could understand it soon. We have been dating for 8 years, it's so hard for him and our families to break our relationship." She grabbed Churi's hand, she kissed it and then she put it on her cheek. "Don't worry.. everything will be fine."

"I trust you." She smiled for a moment, but then she pouted. "Where's my birthday present?"

Airin chuckled. "I'm sorry... but I think it needs some modification. I will give it to you later." She stuck out her tongue.

Churi smacked Airin's head. She surely know how to tease me.

======================== **** =======================


It's been over 2 months since she met Airin. She couldn't call or send a message to Airin because her phone number was not active. She guessed that Airin's parents took the phone from her.

She passed the Christmas and New Year holidays alone because Jurina and Rena had their own date. Churi sighed. I'm alone... again. She even spent the Valentine's day alone.

Churi stared at 2 paintings that hanged on her living room. The first painting was 'The Unnamed Girl'.. The second painting was........... It's just a white canvas! Blank! Churi scratched her head.

'The white canvas' was her LATE birthday present, Airin sent it to her last month by post. "What kind of MODIFICATION?! It's totally blank." Churi grumbled by herself. She remembered again the notes that was sent with the painting:

We can find love everywhere, even in our darkest time.

Churi rolled her eyes. Did she want to play some philosophy games with me?

She startled as she heard the bell rang all of a sudden. She stood up and then she lazily opened the door. Her eyes widened and she closed her mouth with her hand as she saw who it was. "Airin?!"

"How are you, Churi?" Airin gave a warm smile to Churi even though it was a freezing day.

That was a smile and a voice that Churi longed the most. Churi didn't think twice, she jumped onto Airin.. she hugged Airin tightly... she cried... she sobbed. "Wh-why... are you.. so... long??" She cried out loud while she saying it.

Airin wrapped her arms around Churi's body. "I'm sorry... They are so hard to understand me. They are not like you, only you who can understand me well." She rubbed Churi's back. "Calm down, please. I'm here... I'm here... I won't go anywhere again, Churi."

After some minutes, Churi could calm down. She remembered that they were still standing outside. She let go of her arms. "Come in." She sniffed.

Airin nodded. She went in after she wiped Churi's tears away. She really missed that house because she was often drove Churi home. "Are you okay all of these time?" She asked Churi without letting go her hand from Churi's waist.

Churi pulled Airin's hand, they sat together on the couch. "Of course I'm not okay!!" She looked away to hide her blushed face. "H-how can I'm okay without you?!"

Airin chuckled. "Really? I'm afraid that you already found someone else." She let go of her hand from Churi's waist and went to Churi's hair... she stroke her hair gently. "I missed you so much."

Churi rested her head on Airin's shoulder. "I missed you too." She grabbed Airin's other hand and held it. She want to give a little warm to that cold hand.

They sat in silence for some minutes.. sometimes, silence could be the best way to convey the feelings.

Airin noticed that the white canvas hanged on the wall. "Hey, are you already saw your present? Tell me what did you see."

"I see nothing!" Churi replied it sarcastically. "Tell me what is it means." She was playing with Airin's fingers.

"Ahh, I see... you didn't find it."

"Find about what?" Churi lifted her head and looked at Airin. She was really curious about the meaning behind that white canvas. For a few seconds later, she saw Airin's smirk. Churi sighed. Here we go again... she want to tease me.

"I don't want to say it to you, but I can show it to you." Airin winked.

"Then show it to me!!" Churi was getting impatient.

Airin's lips approached Churi's ear. "I can't show it to you if we are not in love." She whispered it.

Churi gasped when she heard THAT kind of voice again... the voice that made her body shivering. She looked away because she received THAT kind of gaze. "I.. Umm.. I.." Her hands was rubbing with each other.

Airin put her hand on Churi's chin, she made Churi looked at her. She approached Churi's face until their noses touched. "Do you love me, Takayanagi Akane?" She asked it softly.

Love..... Churi was waiting that word will come out from Airin's lips. She was sure that Airin was waiting for her to say it as well. They never say it to each other before, it was still hidden in their heart. They were always afraid and not sure to say that magic word.

Churi stared at those tempting eyes. "I love you, Furukawa Airi. Do you love me back?" Airin smiled at her and she swear that it was the best smile in the world.

"I Love you too, Akane." Airin captured Churi's lips. She gave a deep kiss to those reddish lips.

It was the first time they tasted each other lips after a long time. The sensation will never forgotten, the memory would kept staying in their minds forever.

The kiss grew more passionate as Airin's tongue touched Churi's lips.. begging for entry. Churi smiled and then she granted Airin's wish, she gave a full access for Airin's tongue to lick every part of her mouth. Their tongue tangled to each other.

They stopped for a while to take some oxygen and then their lips glued to each other again. Churi put her hands around Airin's neck as Airin hands grabbed Churi's waist and pulled it closer to her body.

"It's my first time to kiss a girl and I think it's not bad. I love it." Airin whispered it against Churi's lips.

Churi smirked. It's time to take my revenge, "Sorry if I'm disappoint you, but this is not my first time." It was Churi turn to tease Airin.

Airin pulled back her kiss. "What??!! Who was your first??!" She seemed so jealous.

Churi chuckled. "Tell me first about my LATE birthday present. We already admitted that we love each other."

Airin approached Churi's neck. "It's not enough." She kissed the milky neck and it caused Churi let out a soft moan. "Show me your love more."

Churi grabbed Airin's hair gently and then she pulled Airin's head away from her neck. "I won't give what you want if you don't tell me NOW." She glared at Airin.

Airin stood up, "okay-okay. You don't have to angry at at me." She walked away.

"Where are you going?" Churi frowned.

"Look at that white canvas." Airin lifted her hand an then she switched off the lamps as she saw Churi already turned her head to the canvas direction. "You still can find me in the darkness, Churi."

Churi gasped as she saw the canvas.. I-It's glowing in the dark!! I c-can't believe this! She saw the painting carefully.......


"H-how can-"

"I painted it with special dye that can only be seen in the dark." Airin sighed. "You seemed didn't read my notes well." She switched on the lamps again.

"I'm sorry.." She cupped Airin's cheek. "My answer is yes, of course yes."

Airin smiled. "So... are you my girlfriend now?"

"I think... yes." Churi lifted her hand and then she switched off the lights again. She whispered. "Pervert. You made this so I will stare it in the dark with you, right?" She kissed Airin's chin.

"N-no!" Airin blushed and thankfully it was dark so Churi wouldn't be able to see her red cheeks. "I just want to give something unique and special and meaningful!!"

Churi giggled. "I'm kidding. Thank you it's beautiful.. I love it." She kissed Airin's nose. "My first is Jurina... she is my ex."

"WHAT???!!!" Airin couldn't believe it. "I thought she was only your best friend!"

"Shut up and kiss me, my lovely girlfriend." Churi played with Airin's silky hair.

Airin clashed her lips against Churi's again.. but this time it's a wild one.

We meet in Summer.
We falling in love in Autumn.
We finally together in Winter.

======================= THE END ====================

Fiuhhh... *wipe my sweat* finally it come to an end.  :P

So tired.  :lol:

I hope you like it.  XD

Note: The painting is made by Audrey Kawasaki (
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sugoi ne..airin churi finally together at the end XD and that paint are amazing!
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Hi.. :)
It's been almost 2 months since this Prologue (, ne?
I'm so sorry about it. :'(

But, I try my best to update this one since hime_kunGfuu ( terrorizing me. LOL. Kidding.



#4 SaeYuki - Regret



A beautiful lady stepped outside from her red car. After she completely stood outside her car, she closed the door and then she started to wear her sunglasses.

She took off her hair ties; her raven hair fell on her back beautifully. She left her car and then she walked inside the campus gracefully.

The scene of the flawless girl entered their campus made many college students stopped their activities for a while just to staring her.

"Who is she?" Sae threw a peanut up to the air and then she caught it with her mouth. She chewed it.

"New chick in this college." A male who sat beside her seemed completely paralyzed as he looked at the girl. "She entered the fashion design class."

Sae calmly drank her carbonated drink. “So, she’s my kouhai.”

"God!! She even can use herself as the model. Both of you can work together, you can use her as your model."

Sae stood up. “I’m not interest. I have my own model.” She left her friend who still sat on the basketball field. She walked through the corridor and then she entered a classroom. As soon as she passed the door, all girls in that room turned head and stared at her, some of them winked at her. Seriously, I need some breaks from this popularity. She thought it by herself while looking for an empty seat in the back row, her favorite spot.

Right after she placed her butt on the chair, a figure entered the classroom. It was the new chick. Mostly of the boys in that room started to whistle. The girl didn’t bother to smile at them; she just sat in the front seat without looked around. She didn’t greet or bowed at anyone.

Sae smirked. A hot girl who has a cold heart… it’s quite rare.

========================== **** ==========================

2 weeks had passed, Sae noticed that she often met the new chick because they seemingly had the same class in most of their courses. So… her name is Kashiwagi Yuki. Sae thought it after the lecturer called Yuki’s name for answering a question. Yuki managed to answer it correctly and… perfectly, actually. She’s smart.

Sae’s thought was interrupted by the lecturer; her name was called as well. The lecturer threw a question to her; the question seemed difficult because the students in the class began to whisper at each other that they didn’t know the answer. She smiled and then she tried to answer it. Bravo! She got it. Well… I didn’t want to mention it but… I have a bright brain too. She leaned her back to the chair while showing her smile that full of contentment.

The corner of Sae’s eyes noticed that Yuki looked at her, but not in a friendly way… not even close to it. I think… she don’t like having a strong rival. She wants to stand on the top by herself, huh? She replied Yuki’s deathly glare with a smile… a mock smile. Sae chuckled when she saw Yuki turned her head to the whiteboard while showing her annoyance. She’s full of hatred. Shall I keep teasing her like that?

After a month, Sae didn’t know why but she found it interesting to observing Yuki when they were in the same class. She tried to guess what kind of person Yuki was. She’s a popular type girl but she seems don’t care about it, just like me. She’s never smile at anyone, not even at the lecturers. She’s absolutely a gloomy girl and her heart is made by the stone. I’m a bit different with her, I’m popular but I keep trying to nice toward people even though I don’t really like it.

One day, Sae met Yuki on the parking lot. They almost arrived in the same time and Yuki’s car parked next to her car. She got out of her car and then she looked at the other girl who had just locked the car door. She let Yuki walked first and it made her could easily observing Yuki’s clothes from behind. She’s fashionable… not surprise she want to be a designer. I wonder how good she is in making ske-

Yuki turned around. “Stop following me like a stalker!”

Sae was taken aback. Am I being too obvious? She shrugged. “I’m not following you, -” she wanted to add ‘bitch’ in the end, but (thankfully) she canceled it “- Kashiwagi-san. We’re in the same class, remember?” She scoffed.

They would be in the same class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

“I don’t remember.” Yuki replied Sae sarcastically. “I even didn’t know who you are.” She turned her body and then stepped forward again.

Sae walked as well since they had a same class. She laughed behind Yuki’s back. “Well… It surprising me a bit that you act like you didn’t know me at all. I always remember that you glared at me every time I got my spotlight in our classes.”

Yuki suddenly stopped her step and turned back. It made Sae had to take one step back because Sae almost bumped with her. “Listen, STRANGER.” She rolled her eyes. “I don’t have any memory about you, so… you better get out of my way.”

“Listen, STRANGER.” Sae imitated Yuki. “As far as I know, this is a public place. And umm…” She felt her arm was grabbed by a random girl who walked beside her. She kept looking at Yuki while her fingers already entwined with a random girl’s fingers. ”You’re not my type. I have no reason to stalk you, besides that… you have no fun to being stalked.” She smirked and started to walk with a random girl while her arm wrapped on the random girl’s waist. She left Yuki alone.

Yuki looked at Sae in a disbelief way. “Shit.”

========================== **** ==========================

Such an unpleasant first impression happened between Sae and Yuki. Since the day on the parking lot, Yuki began to aware of Sae’s presence more. Yuki always show her black aura every time she made an eye contact with Sae.

On the other hand, Sae looked really calm and decided to just teasing Yuki from afar. How? She began to ‘steal’ some of Yuki’s chances to show off in their classes. Sae always answered the questions from the lecturers when she had a feeling that the lecturers were about to call Yuki’s name. This is really fun. She giggled by herself every time she saw Yuki’s pissed off expression.

Another month had been passed, the rivalry between Sae and Yuki became increasingly crazy. Every students that entered the design fashion class must be noticed how strict their ‘competition’ and it was really interesting to be seen since both of them were popular. Yuki was popular among the boys, however… Sae was popular among the girls as well.

Yuki glared at Sae when Sae ‘stole’ the questions… again. I hate Miyazawa Sae! She walked out from the class when the class finished. You maybe could do that to me in the theory classes, but I will crush you in the practicum classes later! She went to the cafeteria to buy some cold drinks to relax her mind.

A random boy came and stood in front of Yuki. “Can I sit he-”

Before the random boy could finish his words, Yuki already glared at the boy. Her demon glare automatically cast away every boy that wanted to talk with her. My girlfriend is much better than a bunch of stupid boys.

========================== **** ==========================

Got some new pals already?

Yuki threw her body onto her bed and then she put her phone to her ear again. ”No, I don’t need any friend here.”

Why??? You’ll be so lonely there!" Another girl who talked on the phone sounded disagreed with Yuki.

"What I want to do is finishing my study quickly, so I can go back to Paris with you. All I need is you, only you….. Mayu."

Mayu chuckled through the phone. “You make me flattered, Yuki.

“It’s not funny, Mayuyu. How could you always laugh and smile when my parents forced me to study far away from you?!”

Mayu sighed. “Try to smile, Yuki. Don’t take everything with a frown. I love you and I know that you love me too. I don’t care how far we are, as long as I know we will be together in the end.

Yuki showed a slight smile on her face. Her girlfriend really knew how to make her calmed down. “Mayu, if you’re here, right now, I really want to hug you. I miss you so much.”

I miss you too. Ah!” Mayu sounded found a brilliant idea. “We have to learn something since we’re far away and can’t touch each other now.

Yuki frowned. “What is it?”

Flying kiss~

“Ehh??!!!” Yuki utterly shocked. “That was so embarrassing!  I guess you know me very well!” She was too shy to show her affection in that way. Afterward, she could hear the other girl whined through the phone.

Come on, Yukirin. Come on. Come on~ Do it like this… Ummuaahh!” Mayu made a sound of flying kiss.

“Yuck!” Yuki felt she wanted to puke when she imagined she did the overly cute thing like that. I want to see Mayu do that in front of me… she must be really cute.

Mayu laughed. “Try to learn it, so you can do it when we make a video call later.

“What??!! You begin to kill me softly, Mayuyu.” Yuki giggled.

========================== **** ==========================

The fifth month Yuki in that college was a really bad day for her. I guess I’m in the hell right now. She glanced at Sae who sat beside her. The luck is never on my side.

There was a practicum class which they were given a project to design a blue-themed dress. The lecturer said that it was a group project and the group was sorted by their grades. Since Sae and Yuki were the smartest students in that class, they ended up being together in a team.

Yuki sighed. 5 minutes ago, before the group was being decided, I planned to kick Miyazawa’s ass by defeating Miyazawa’s team. But why??!! Why it’s end up like this?! Tch! Yuki rolled her eyes when she saw Sae’s malicious grin across her lips.

“Hi, teammate!” Sae raised her hand to do a high-five with Yuki, but Yuki turned her face away.

 “For your information, I’m not happy with this.” Yuki crossed her arms.

“Me neither.”

Yuki’s eyes grew bigger. What?! This moron really knows how to make my day even worse. I have to ask Mayu’s advice about this!! Or I will end up with punching Miyazawa’s face and ruin this project.

===================== TO BE CONTINUED ====================

I will make it longer on the next chapter, promise! XD

PART 2 --> Here (
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I'm sorry to those who wait me to update the 'Regret' and many fanfic requests.
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Ah! I will use this chance to give you a bit of treaser for my upcoming WMatsui OS. It have over 35K words, so... you'll know how suffered I am. :P


"We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone."

It have 6 chaps and I will tell you the chap titles, so maybe you could guess the plot.  XD

= 1. Rena =
I build my love on agony.
I'm stuck in the past. I try to run away but end up with circling in the same place, alone.

= 2. Speck of Light =
How to illuminate our tiny darkness world?
Let our light shine, we will unconsciously give other people permission to enter and do the same.

= 3. Jurina =
I love someone, but I keep letting her go free.
If she doesn't come back, it means I'll never have her.
If she comes back, I will love her forever.

= 4. Disclosure =
While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive.
There are times when silence and secrecy are the best.

= 5. Upside Down =
We can lose somebody overnight. Your whole life can be turned upside down.
Life is short. It can come and go like a feather in the wind.

= 6. Timeless =
It is not even the beginning of the end. What we call the end is often the beginning.
The end is where we start from.


Thanks.  :D
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Hi, it’s been a quite long time. :)

I warn you, this is a long-long-long OS… LOL. The story is slowly developed, so… please bear with it, okay? XD

I made this OS as my huge thanks to my 250 followers on Tumblr ( and 1,2K likes on JPHIP.
I love you, my fanfic readers. >.<

And umm… there will be other members too.. like Yukirin, Mayuyu, Airin, and Annin.

Have fun with my +35K +45K words. It’s a ‘novel wanna be’. :p


#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 1. Rena =

I build my love on agony.
I'm stuck in the past. I try to run away but end up with circling in the same place, alone.


2 raven-haired girls stood facing each other, they stared at each other eyes.  One of them was crying….. sobbing.

"Is this really the end for us?" She grabbed another girl’s hand to prevent her touching the knob.

"Yes. It’s over. We come to an end." She tried to release her wrist from the grip. “Let me go.” She was piercing her eyes at other eyes, the red eyes. “Please, don’t cry again. It won’t make me change my decision.”

“Rena…” She uttered another girl’s name softly. She looked at her in the eye, she hope Rena could understand her feeling by looking at her eyes. “D-don’t go… I love you. I really do.” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks, her tears kept flowing since 2 hours ago. She could feel her eyes started to hurt and she almost couldn’t open her eyes completely, her vision became blurry.

Rena sighed. I can’t see this any longer, it’s too painful to be seen. I have to end it now. She released her hand from the grip forcefully. “Goodbye, Yuki. Don’t acts like a desperate girl like that! You look so pathetic, you know?!” She reached the knob and then she opened the door before Yuki could beg her to stay again. She walked out and went away.

Yuki flinched. She felt shock because Rena never did something harsh like that before. She quickly stepped out from her apartment room before Rena went too far from her. “Rena! Rena!!” Yuki screamed her name while running toward her. “Please don-” Her words was forced to stop by a slap that came to her left cheek. She got a slap when she was about to hold Rena’s hand.  Her white-skinned cheek instantly reddened and s she could feel the pain throughout her cheek. Her eyes widened and then she touched her cheek, she felt pain throughout her cheek. “R-Rena?”

Rena glared at Yuki. “Stop bothering me!! I don’t need you anymore!” She gave another slap to Yuki’s face. “I DIDN’T love you!!! So stop dreaming from now on.” She walked away after she yelled at Yuki.

Yuki stunned, all that she could do was stood while holding her cheek. She looked at another figure that slowly disappeared from her sight. She didn’t know why, but her tears suddenly stopped. After Rena completely gone from her sight, she leaned her back onto the wall. She still couldn’t believe it happened to her. Why?


Rena stepped out from the elevator, after that she walked through the lobby gracefully. She smiled at the security guard and gave him some money after he called a taxi for her. She got in to the taxi and then she mentioned her home address to the taxi driver. The taxi driver nodded and then he pressed some buttons to set up the GPS. Not long after that, the taxi started to move.

Rena leaned her back and her head onto the seat. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She’s too persistent. The memory about Yuki popped out in her head, she could clearly remember Yuki’s red and teary eyes, she remembered Yuki’s sad and afraid expression. I wonder why she didn’t angry at me even a bit after all what I’ve done to her. She opened her eyes and then she stared at her right palm for a while. Well.. I’m sure that she will angry at me after I slapped her. It’s a good thing. She’s too annoying. She smirked.

She heard her phone ringing, so she took it from her handbag. She got a new message: ‘I still love you… even until now. You can come back to me whenever you want. - Yuki’

What?! Is she kidding me right now?! Ugh!! Rena groaned. She sent a short reply to Yuki: ‘I will never come back.’ After the message already sent, she opened the window while holding her phone.

The taxi driver seemed confused. “What are you doing, miss?”

Rena shrugged. “Nothing. I just want to throw a trash.” After she said it, she threw her phone out the window. The phone crushed by other car as soon as it landed on the ground. “Done.” She closed the window again.

The taxi driver seemed shocked while he looking at his customer through the mirror, but he couldn’t say anything. He just looked back to the street and continued to drive.


Ugh, my head! Rena held her head. I guess I drink too much last night. She woke up and still enduring her headache. She walked toward the intercom that hanging on her wall. She pressed a button and then she talked through it, “Where’s my parents?”

Good morning, Matsui-sama. Your parents went to Italy this morning due to a business trip for 2 weeks. They also said that they had transferred some money to you account. “The voice immediately answered her through the intercom. It was her personal maid in her house.

“I see…” Rena smirked because it means she could do anything she wanted to do in 2 weeks. Money was one of her favorite things, and thank God she was from a rich family so it was not a problem for her. “I want to take a bath.”

Yes,  Matsui-sama. I will prepare your towel and the warm water as usual.

Rena looked at the clock. “Hurry up! I’m late!”

O-okay, Matsui-sama…

Rena left the intercom and walked toward a big wardrobe in that room. She opened the wardrobe and then she crossed her arms while observing the clothes inside it. She frowned. What should I wear?! I’ve wore all of these!

Rena didn’t like to wear the same clothes twice, it was taboo for her. Rena went to other wardrobe and tried to look for a new dress. “Tch.” She pouted. It was a bad day for her because she didn’t find any new dress. “I forgot to buy it. Damn Yuki! She has wasted my 3 hours last night and it made me doesn’t have an enough time to go shopping.” She grumbled to herself.

Not long after that, she heard the knock on the door. Who’s the hell is that?! She knew that it wasn’t her maid because her maids always use the intercom to talk with her, no one in that house (except her parents) had an enough guts to knock her door.

She walked toward the door lazily, and then she opened the door. Her angry expression replaced by a smile as soon as she opened the door. “Airin!!” She opened her arms and then she ran into Airin’s hug. “When did you come back?” She tightened her hug.

Airin giggled. “Geez, Rena! I only went for 2 years.” She hugged Rena back. “I’ve just come yesterday.”

“You said only 2 years?!! 2 years is a long time, you know?!!” She let go of her arms then she glared at Airin. “Then why you didn’t call me?!”

Airin grinned. “This is called as a surprise, Rena.”

“Silly.” Rena rolled her eyes. She wanted to talk more but the maid called her through the intercom.

Matsui-sama, we’ve prepared your bath.

“Do you want to go to somewhere?” Airin asked to her friend. She knew Rena better than anyone in the world; Rena wouldn’t take a bath in the early morning like that if she didn’t have any activity.

Rena sighed. “I have a class this morning.”

“What??!!” Airin’s eyes widened with shock. “You’re joking.”

“Ahh… how I hope this is a joke, but I’m not joking. My parents forced me to enter the college. They said that they didn’t want their baka daughter take over their business someday without going through a good education.” Rena pouted. “I’m not THAT stupid, you know.”

Airin started to laugh out loud. “Aw! Aww!!” She stopped her laugh when Rena started to punch her arm over and over again.

“Don’t mock me!!” Rena smacked Airin’s head.

“Aw!” Airin rubbed her head. “Okay-okay. Just go to take a bath. I will drive you to your campus.” She smiled and then she ruffled Rena’s hair. “Call me when you’re done with your class later, I will pick you up.”

Rena turned around. “No need to do that. I can go home by myself.” She was about to walk but….

“I missed you, Rena. I want to spend more time with you.”

Rena bit her below lips. She hated it. She hate when Airin talked like that to her. She hate when Airin acted like Airin need her more than anything. “Okay.” She stepped out from her bedroom.

Rena walked toward the bathroom that not far away from her room. Actually, Rena had a bathroom inside her room, but she didn’t like if the maids entered her room except for cleaning it. She used another bathroom so the maids could prepare her bath without entered her room.

She entered the bathroom; the size was quite big for one person. She put her fingers into the bathtub to check the water temperature. “Okay, it’s already warm enough. You can go now.” She talked to her maid.

The maid bowed at her and then she put the towel near the bathtub before she went outside and closed the door.

Rena took off her clothes and then she got in to the bathtub. She leaned her back and closed her eyes to enjoy the warm water and the fragrance of the soap more. Why did she come back when I nearly to forget her?

Rena bit her lips; she tried hard to hold her tears. But it seemed she failed because not long after that, the tears rolled down on her cheeks. She cried alone, hoping the sound of her cry wouldn’t be heard from outside.


It was been 2 months since her last quarrel with Yuki, she almost forgot about it because Airin kept filling her days with happiness. But it became a bit strange for her because she never saw Yuki since that night. Well, she was happy because Yuki didn’t bother her anymore, but it was weird because both of them were in the same year and took a same major.

They often entered a same class since their first semester so she wondered why she never saw Yuki even once. Both of them were kind of lost contact because -hell yeah- Rena had thrown her phone onto the street, so there was no way Yuki could call her anymore.

“Hey, dude!” She called a boy who sat next to her.

“Y-yes, Matsui-san.” The boy looked so nervous. Well yeah, who were not nervous when the most gorgeous and richest girl in his campus came and spoke with them?

“Did you see Yuki?”

The boy seemed a bit disappointed because Rena asked about another chick in his campus instead of talked about him. “I didn’t see her since last month.”

Rena woke up from her seat, and then she walked toward the door, afterward she went out from the class without even care to ask permission from the lecturer who was teaching in front of the class. She walked toward the administration office and went in without knock the door. She didn’t care about the long queue in front of that office. “Did Yuki Kashiwagi ever enter her class in these past weeks?” She asked it to a man who sat in front of the PC.

The man looked irritated because of Rena’s rudeness; she even didn’t greet him first. But he couldn’t do anything to Rena, considering she was the daughter of the owner of the university. He didn’t have any other option except looked for the data that Rena asked before. “Kashiwagi-san never attended her class since 2 months ago.”

“Is she sick or something?”

“We don’t know, Matsui-san. Kashiwagi-san didn’t give us any information about the absent.”

Rena hit the table. Tch! That girl! Where did she go?! She did this thing not because she care about Yuki, but she was just afraid that Yuki did a stupid thing because of her. I hope she didn’t kill herself. She decided to go to Yuki’s apartment after her class is over. She's very troublesome.

She went out from the office and then she walked toward the small park behind her campus. She sat on a bench and took her phone. She dialed a familiar number.

Moshi moshi.” The sweet voice that Rena knew really well answered her call.

“Hi, Airin. Can you accompany me to go to my friend’s house this afternoon?”

Oh, hi Rena-chan. I’m so sorry, I can’t. I’m in the hospital right now.

Rena looked surprised and worried at the same time. “What happen, Airin? Are you sick?” She heard Airin’s laugh through the phone.

No, I’m okay. I just go to accompany my mom.

Ah! I forgot that her mother is a doctor. “Okay then. I will go by myself.” She was about to end the phone call, but Airin talked again.

Rena-chan, wait!

“What is it? Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you.” Rena said it because she thought that Airin may be felt guilty.

Airin laughed again. “I’m not going to say sorry, you know? Hmm… I just want to ask you to have a dinner together tomorrow. Are you busy?

*THUMP!* Rena’s heart beat faster than before. She really want to say ‘yes’, but she didn’t want to do something like that with Airin anymore because she knew that it would end up with hurting herself. “I’m busy. You can ask your girlfriend instead of me. Where is she?”

A-ah. O-okay.. I will ask Churi then. See you later, Rena-chan.” Airin hung up the call.

Rena sighed. Well.. I guess I have to go there by myself.


“Where have you been all this time?” Rena crossed her arms and leaned her back onto the wall.

“Why are you here?” Yuki looked away.

“Are you doing this just to avoid me?”

“Are you worried about me?”

Rena seemed really annoyed. “Stop throwing back the questions, Yuki! Just answer me!” She glared at other girl who sat on the couch.

Yuki turned her head to look at other girl’s eyes, the eyes of the girl whom she loved so much. “No need to yell at me.” She said it softly but firmly.

Rena rolled her eyes. “You’re wasting my time.. again.”

“No one asked you to come here. You’re wasting my time as well.”

W-what?! Rena couldn’t believe what she had just heard. It was the first time Rena heard Yuki said something harsh like that to her. “Do you realize about what you’ve just said?!”

“Yes and I really mean it.”

Rena clenched her fist. “I will kick you out from my university tomorrow. I don’t want to see your face again.” She walked toward the door.

Yuki stood up. “You don’t have to do that.”

Rena stopped and then she smirked. I win. She will beg me to not expel her from the campus. “Why?” She replied it sarcastically.

“Because I will do it by myself.” Yuki smiled at Rena.

Rena’s smirk was gone when she heard it.

“I’ve planned to resign from our university and then I will enter other university on the next semester.”

Rena tried hard to hold her shock expression; she didn’t want to make Yuki misunderstood that she cared about Yuki. “As if I care.” She turned back and then she held the knob. She opened the door.


Rena stopped her step.

“My last mail… I really mean it.”

I still love you… even until now. You can come back to me whenever you want.’ Those words echoed in Rena’s mind. “My last reply… I really mean it too.” She stepped out from Yuki’s room.

Yuki sighed. Rena left her alone again, just like the last time. But this time, she didn’t try to catch up and persuaded Rena to stay. She threw her body onto the couch. I’m sure that one day she would come back to me. I don’t why, I’m just… sure. She will come back to me again, just like today. She will come to see me even though I’m not asking it.

Yuki glanced at the white envelope on the desk. ‘Yale University’ was written on it. Yes, Yuki luckily got a scholarship in Yale School of Architecture on the next semester for 2 years. Thanks for her brilliant brain, her amazing grades during high school, and her awesome GPA during 4 semesters.

Honestly, Yuki wanted to apply her scholarship since last semester, but Rena made her canceled her intention. She had a big crush on Rena and she couldn’t leave Rena only for her selfish dream. But after Rena decided to break up with her for no apparent reason, she was completely lost her will to keep study in the university that owned by Rena’s family.

In those 2 months, she tried really hard to search any scholarship at the universities abroad for Architecture, her favorite majors. She passed the eligibility test after she sent all of the requirements and did some online test.

Yuki smiled. Probably now… I’m not good enough for her, but I will. I’m not rich now and I’m not as gorgeous as her. All I have is only my brain. But one day… I’m sure that she will come back to me and I will make myself worth to be her girlfriend. I promise, Rena.

I don’t care how many times she hurt me. All I know is I’m in love with her because when I’m with her… I feel alive.


Rena sat in front of her laptop while typing her assignment. Ugh!! I hate homework!! She stopped for a while and then she rubbed her forehead. I have final exams in next week, yet I still have 4 pending assignments and the deadline is next week too. If I knew this semester will be THIS hard, I wouldn’t break up with Yuki until I graduate. Geez!

It had been 4 months since the last time she met Yuki in her apartment. After that, she didn’t hear anything about Yuki anymore. She didn’t know where Yuki continued her study and she didn’t want to know about it. She just missed Yuki’s excellent brain for her own benefit, that’s all.

Rena tried to shove Yuki from her mind. She took her phone and typed a message. ‘Airin, help. My homework… o(╥﹏╥)o’

A fast reply came from Airin. ‘(`へ´*)ノ I don’t want to help you! You’ve ignored me for a whole week.

Please-please-please-please… m(_ _)m
I didn’t ignoring you for no reason. I’m stress out because my college is quite hectic lately.

Okay. I will help you, but….. you have to treat me a dinner. (¬‿¬)’

Rena chuckled. ‘Deal.’ She sent a short reply.

Airin and Rena had the different majors, Airin majored in graphic design and she took an architect class. But Rena needed a help from Airin because she had to draw a 3 sketch of buildings, Airin could help her in sketching something.

Just in 20 minutes, Airin already stood in front of her door. “Wow, you’re fast.” She said it after she opened the door and saw who was standing in front of her.

Airin grinned. “Of course! I have to come fast, before you can change your mind.”

Rena let Airin entered her room. “I wouldn’t change my mind.” She closed the door.

Airin raised one of her eyebrows. “Really? You was always tricked me when we were still kids.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “I’m not a kid anymore, Airin. Now sit here and help me.” She pointed at a chair beside her.

Airin just did like Rena ordered to her; she sat on a chair next to Rena. “You’re not a kid anymore BUT… you’re still childish and DEVILISH.” She giggled.

Rena slapped Airin’s arm. “Stop teasing me! You better help me now or we will do this until midnight!!” She pointed at 3 papers on the table.

“Okay-okay. Relax, man.” Airin looked at the papers. Rena had did the basic sketch for all of them. All Airin needed to do was only finish it and coloring them. Airin grabbed a paper that took her interest and the she started to sketch.

“You have to ask me first before you add something into it.” Rena patted Airin’s shoulder.

“Okay.” Airin simply answered Rena.

Rena smiled while looking at Airin’s serious face. She’s always like that, nothing can distract her attention while she working on her favorite thing, drawing. She felt that her heartbeat started to beat uncontrolled. She becomes more beautiful than 2 years ago, before she went to Paris due to her work as designer.

“Are you enjoying my face, Rena?” Airin lifted her head.

Rena flinched. “H-huh?” She looked away as soon as she realized that Airin stared at her. She looked at her laptop, she wanted to type something into her assignment but it seemed all of her knowledge was lost without a trace. She couldn’t type anything. Shit!

Airin laughed. “Rena-chan.. your face become so red. Are you.. probably… shy?”

“N-no! I’m not! W-why should I?” Rena stuttered.

Airin smiled. She put the pencil back onto the table. She stared at Rena’s face before she lifted her hand.

“W-what are you going to do?” Rena tilted her head to avoid Airin’s hand. She still tried to avoid Airin’s gaze.

“I just want to do this.” Airin’s hand ran through Rena’s hair that covered Rena’s cheek and then she put those hair behind Rena’s ear. “I want to see your reddish cheek. You looked so cute when you’re like this, Rena.” She smiled.

Rena bit her below lips. Damn! I hate it when she drops the honorific. Every time she calls me with just ‘Rena’, my heart becomes too sensitive about that. The way she calls me ‘Rena’ and ‘Rena-chan’ are quite… different. Am I… somehow,.. still loves her? Damn it! I will end up with hurting myself, again.

“Do you want to say something, Rena?” Airin observed Rena’s eyes. She realized that Rena thought about something. It was almost 2 decade they became friends, so Airin knew that Rena always hide something from her during their friendship time.

“No.” Rena looked back to her laptop and the she continued to type her essay. It seemed her mind already went back into her brain.

Airin sighed. She didn’t want to push Rena too hard, so she just looked back at the paper and started to sketch again.

They worked in silence for about 3 hours. The clock already showed ’11 PM’.

“Thank you so much for your help, Airin. Let’s have a dinner just like our deal before.” Rena broke the silence and wiped away their awkward moment.

Airin stood up. “No problem, I’m glad to help you.” She grabbed her jacket that hanging on the chair. “I think that I will just go home, it’s already too late to have a dinner anyway.”

“Airin.. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t ask you to come here.” Rena felt guilty because she had to see Airin went home in that late of night without had any meal.

Airin smiled. “It’s okay. I'm not hungry anymore.” She rubbed her eyes and then she yawned.

“You seem sleepy. I will drive you home. No need to worry about your car, I will ask my maid to bring it to your house tomorrow.” She grabbed her car key. “It’s too dangerous if you drive like that.”

Airin saw Rena was about to open the door, she quickly grabbed Rena’s wrist. “Just call a taxi for me. It’s too dangerous for you as well! I can’t let you go back from my home alone in the midnight.”

Rena stared at her hand that was grabbed by Airin. She was sure that her face was blushed again, so she kept her head down. “Well… how if.. you stay here for a night since it’s too dangerous for both of us to walk out there?”

Airin was surprised because of the sudden offer, but.. “Okay. It’s a good idea.” She simply received Rena’s offer. Rena was right, it was already too dark to go home alone, and she didn’t have a reason to refuse the offer. Without any single warning, she jumped onto Rena’s bed. “Ahhh.. so comfortable.” She hugged the bolster.

Rena eyes widened. “What are you doing?!”

“What else? Sleep, of course.” Airin smirked.  “Come here, Rena-chan...” She said it in a seductive way while patting a pillow beside her.

Rena smacked her own forehead. I’m doomed, what should I do?! I'm probably going to die tonight.

Airin laughed really hard when she saw Rena’s blushed face again. All Rena could do was only mumbled to herself for being so stupid to give a dangerous offer to her best friend or her ‘one-sided love’.


Rena rubbed her eyes. She yawned while looking at the girl who slept peacefully beside her. Airin. She used her hand to move Airin’s hair that covered her face to behind her ear. It’s been a long time since I saw her sleeping face.

NOTHING happened last night, they were just SLEPT. Airin lost her consciousness after 10 minutes she jumped onto Rena’s bed. I guess she’s really tired. As I expected from Airin, she is not THAT kind of person. Well… I don’t mind if she did THAT to me though…… WAIT!! What I’m talking about?! Rena slapped her own face. Stupid! She felt her cheek became hotter when she imagined THAT kind of things.

Ahh… I’m hungry. Rena tried to distract her dirty mind and started to think about her growling stomach, her stomach begged for something to eat. She woke up slowly, didn’t want to disturb the sleeping girl. When she was about to press the intercom button beside her bed, she felt her hand was grabbed by another girl. She fell back onto the bed because Airin pulled her strongly. “Aww!”

“What are you going to do? You wake up too early.” Airin said it while wrapping her arm around Rena’s waist.

“I… I… Umm…” Rena stuttered. Thankfully that Airin closed her eyes again, so Airin didn’t see her nervousness face. “I want to call my maid. I’m hungry, we don’t eat anything since last night.” She quickly turned her body, facing another direction before her mind went crazier. The situation became worse for Rena because Airin tightened her hug, their bodies became closer.

“But I’m not hungry.” Airin put her forehead onto Rena’s nape without opened her eyes. She backhugged Rena.

Damn it! Rena shut her eyes. Airin is not THAT kind of girl.. Airin is not THAT kind of girl.. Airin is not THAT kind of girl.. Rena kept repeating those words in her mind. But…. her mind went blank when she felt Airin landed a kiss on her nape. Gosh! She clutched her skirt for no reason. She didn’t know what to say nor what to do.

Rena… I think I love you.” Airin whispered. “Why are you so pretty in the morning?

Rena tightened her grip onto her skirt, she bit her lips as she felt Airin fingers gently stroked her shoulder, moved to her arm, and went down to her palm, their fingers entwined together. Anyone! Please save me. She felt Airin’s heavy breath swept her nape. Not long after that, she heard Airin’s chuckle and it escalated into a loud laughter.

“Buahahhaha..!!” Airin laughed out loud and let go of her arm from Rena’s body.

Rena frowned. She turned her body to face Airin.

Airin laughed while facing the ceiling. “Geez, Rena! Why your body became trembled?! I’m not THAT pervert.”


Airin looked at Rena’s face. “What about what? I’m just fooling around. Don’t take it too serious. I must be crazy if I did IT with you.” She laughed again.

Rena clenched her fist. She woke up and then she grabbed a pillow. Rena threw the pillow onto Airin’s face. “It’s not funny!!!” She yelled at Airin, after that she walked away from the bed.

Airin was taken aback, didn’t expect that her best friend will be mad at her because of that little joke. She woke up quickly and managed to grab Rena’s hand before Rena could go out from the room. “What hap-” She stopped when she saw the tears fell from Rena’s eyes. “S-sorry… I didn’t mean to-”

Rena released her hand from Airin’s grip. “You!! Stupid! You never care about my feelings!! You keep joking around like a SHIT!!” She lost her patience. “If you want to do that FUCKING joke, do it with your GIRLFRIEND!!” She clenched her teeth.

Airin gasped. “Why you-”

“Get out from my house!!” Rena pointed at the door.

Airin tried to hold Rena’s shoulder to calm her down. “Rena, I-” But Rena shoved her hand off.

“NOW!!!” Rena looked away; she didn’t want to see Airin’s eyes.

Airin gulped. “Fine.” She realized that she couldn’t make Rena relax if she still there. She felt so guilty and felt so stupid. She didn’t know that Rena’s feelings for her still same like years ago. She thought that it was already over. She walked toward the door and then she opened it. Her step stopped for a while. “Our friendship will be ruined if we’re still like this.” After she said it, she walked out from Rena’s room and then she closed the door.

Rena didn’t need to hold her tears anymore because Airin already left her room. She started to cry out loud. Why I can’t completely move on?! Why I forgot that she already has a girlfriend?! She has Churi!! Why my heart couldn’t understand it as fast as my brain?! She didn’t love me! Not even slight a bit…. My heart keeps suffering like this for 4 years. How stupid!

============================ Continue to Chap 2 ============================

Okay... this chap is full of RenaAirin and RenaYuki.
Jurina will show up on the next chap.
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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 2. Speck of Light =

How to illuminate our tiny darkness world?
Let our light shine, we will unconsciously give other people permission to enter and do the same.


It had been some weeks since that day, the day when Rena shoo Airin from her house. At the first week, Airin kept calling her and sent messages to her but Rena never picked up the calls nor replied the hundreds of Airin’s messages.

After a week passed, Airin didn’t try to disturb Rena again. No matter how hard she tried, Rena wouldn’t respond her. It only would increase Rena’s anger if she kept persistent to contact her, so she decided to wait until Rena ‘comeback’ again. Airin knew that Rena needed to be alone for some time.

Rena ride her car in the middle of the night for no destination, she just wanted to drive and kept moving. Her mind was really messed up. It was lucky for her that her parents were out of town for work so nobody would bother her. She glanced at a bottle of alcoholic beverage that placed on the seat beside her. I want to drink. She stopped the car immediately on the edge of the road.

Rena grabbed the bottle and then she got out from her car. She looked around and her eyes captured a bridge that not far away from where she stood. She locked the car doors. Afterward, she left her car just like that… she walked toward the bridge. She climbed up recklessly onto the bridge railings and sat on it, she sat facing the river. She saw the river below the bridge, the sound of the water was quite peaceful, and she found it could relax her mind a bit. She didn’t care about the cold wind, she enjoyed her solitude by closing her eyes and enjoyed the cold breeze entered her lungs. She kept enjoying the dark and the quiet of night.

She opened her eyes as she remembered that she was still holding the bottle, she opened it and then she drank several gulps of the alcoholic beverage. After that, she cried… again. Why I choose to become a pathetic girl like this? Suffering alone and crying alone. I’m popular, beautiful, and rich... I can get some boys or some girls to accompany me tonight, but… why I prefer to be alone and do a stupid thing like this? Life is completely asshole. She took several gulps of her drink again.

“Are you come here to suicide or something?”

Rena spat out her drink. She was totally shocked by the sudden voice. She choked. She looked around and she found a figure that stood some meters away from her. She couldn’t see the face because the place was too dim for her eyes. “Who are you?! Don’t you ever dare to touch me!! I can put you into the jail with a single call!!” She took her phone and ready to call the police. The moment after she said it, she heard the stranger laughing at her. “What so funny??!! Are the prison is a common place for you?!” She climbed down from the bridge railings.

“No, it’s not. I’m laughing because I only asked you a question, but you already wanted to put me into the jail.”

Rena saw that the figure became closer. “Don’t come closer!!” She lifted the bottle and ready to hit stranger.

“I have to. I want to convince you that I’m not a bad person.”

Rena was still on her ‘ready to attack’ position and waited the stranger to show up. “Stop there!” She ordered the stranger to stop right after the figure stood under the bridge lamp. Finally, she could see the stranger’s face. She raised her eyebrows. “A girl??!! What’s a girl doing in a place like this?! Especially in the middle of the night!” She stared at the girl in a suspicious way.

The stranger laughed again. “Well… I could ask you a same question, Miss.”

Rena narrowed her eyes. She observed the stranger once again, from the head to the toe. She was a bit amazed by the girl’s beauty. Wait! It’s not a right time to think like that!! Duh! Beautiful girl was one of her weakness. “Are you a ghost?” She asked it out of blue.

The stranger burst into laughter. “Hahahha. I think you’re drunk right know. Do I look like a ghost for you?” She tilted her head.

Shit. Rena felt so stupid by asking that question, but she had her own theory in her mind… a pretty girl, in the midnight, at the bridge, and the river. She could be the river guardian or something. “Then who are you?”

The girl walked slowly toward Rena. “I’m just an ordinary girl who looking for a quiet place for relaxing my mind and I was managed to find it …until you come and cry, ruining my peaceful night.” She smiled at Rena.

Rena was caught off guard. “You’re stalking me.”

The girl shrugged. “Maybe. I watched you since you parked your car carelessly.” She pointed at Rena’s red car. “You better move your car before the police found out your car.”

“I don’t care about that DAMN car!” Rena hated if someone gave her an order like that.

The stranger nodded. “I see… you’re a rich girl.” She still managed to talk calmly although she received a rude reply from Rena. “Well… I guess I’ll go home first.” She shrugged and then she turned away. “Be careful, the night is not a safe place for a lovely girl like you.” She waved her hand without looked at Rena. She walked away.

Rena was surprised. Did she have just give me a compliment? Right after I yelled at her? She looked at the sky. Weird.


Rena looked at the stranger; she was not expecting that the girl would talk to her again. Rena saw the stranger already sat on the motorcycle.

“Everybody who has fallen down or been disappointed in life will shine even more after they get back up. I'm sure that you can through it, whatever your problem is. Shine more brightly, okay?” After the stranger said it, she put her helmet onto her head and then she went away.

Rena stunned. She watched the girl gradually disappear from her sight. Okay, she is not a ghost because she rides the motorcycle… she is not a bad girl as well because she didn’t do any harm thing to me… Who is she? Did she have just give me a motivation? I even didn’t ask for it. She rolled her eyes.

Rena looked at her watch. 2:45 AM. I have to go back now before my maids call my parents or even worse… call the police to look for me. She threw the empty bottle to the river and then she walked toward her car. Without she realized… a smile appeared across her beautiful face.


Rena put her chin onto the table. She closed her eyes while hearing the music through the earphone. She was in the class at that time but she seemed didn’t bother to pay attention to the lecturer at all. What a boring life! She let out a soft sigh. She lifted her head and then she looked around. Should I… look for a new ‘toy’? She smirked. Yeah, I need someone like Yukirin... someone who- Rena felt her phone vibrated in her hand. She got a new message … from Airin.

I miss you.

Rena sighed as she realized that it had been over 2 months since the last time she had a big quarrel with Airin. She read those 3 words over and over again, she missed Airin as well. She really wanted to reply it, but she had promised herself to not talk nor meet with Airin until she could completely move on. I’m sorry, Airin. I do this for our friendship sake. She locked her phone screen. I’m trying to found my own light, so I won’t come to you again when every time I feel the darkness coming.

After an hour, the class was over. Rena decided to hangout with her college friends since she had nothing else to do. She preferred to spend her time outside with someone who barely talk with her rather than bored to death at home. She bought some pairs of new clothes and some snacks. Her friends invited her to watch a movie in theater, but she refused it. She wasn’t really into it, she preferred to hear the music or read the novel rather than watching movie or drama. She excused herself to go home first when her watch always showed 9PM.

Rena drove her car away from the mall. In the midway, she received a call from Airin. Ugh! Why now?!  She wanted to ignore it but after the second thought… she realized that it would be better if she told Airin to stop calling her, Airin wouldn’t stop until she asked directly. Rena stopped her car on the side of the street, she didn’t like phoned while driving.

“Moshi moshi.” Rena picked up the call.

Oh my God… Rena!!! Do you know how worried I am?!” Airin even didn’t bother to greet Rena, she wanted to straight at the point before Rena planned to avoid her again. “You can freely yell at me or slap my face if I make a mistake! That’s way better than you avoiding me like this.

Rena sighed. “I’m sorry.” She immediately apologized after she realized how much Airin worried about her. “But I need some time, Airin. You really made me pissed me off last time!”

Can we meet and talk about it tomorrow? I want to show you how sorry I am. I don’t want you avoid me for another 2 months again.

“I can’t. Just give me more time and I will talk to you after I feel better.”

Did I make a huge mistake, Rena? We always fool around all the time, then why it suddenly became a mistake?

“You won’t understand.” Rena bit her lips, tried to hold back her tears.

Then make me understand…” Airin sounded hopeless. “Please don’t stay away from me again. I miss you so much.” ------ “I forget to bring my towel, can you take it for me from my bed?

Rena frowned as she heard unfamiliar voice through the phone.


Rena heard that Airin answered the owner of unfamiliar voice. There was only one name in Rena’s head. “Is she Takayanagi-san?” She tried to guess and she was hope she was wrong.

Yeah. I stay overnight in her place.

Rena clenched her fist. Her jealousy started to take over her mind. Okay, it’s enough! She wanted to throw her phone onto the street, just like what she did to Yuki. But she couldn’t do it since that was her main phone, many important call numbers saved inside it. It would be useless too since Airin got a full access to enter her house and meet her there any time.

Rena? Are you still there?

“Stop calling me for some time, Airin.”

What?! I can’t believe it! You really do this to me?!

“Please respect my decision. I wi-” Rena stopped her words because her car window was knocked by someone. She couldn’t see who it was since it already dark outside. “I will call you later, bye.”

Rena! Ren-

She ended her call with Airin. She saw her phone, Airin called back again so she decided to turn off the phone. She looked at the window again, the unfamiliar figure was still there. Is it a robber?! She started to panic as the window was knocked by the unfamiliar figure again. “Go away!! I will call the police!”

“I’m not stupid. You’ve just turned off your phone.” The unfamiliar figure laughed.

Shit! Rena looked around. Wait…. I've ever came here before. She narrowed her eyes and forced her eyes to focus. This is the bridge! I came here 3 weeks ago! Don’t tell me she is…..

“Hey, don’t be afraid. We meet again.”

Rena opened the window. She rolled her eyes as she realized who it was. It’s her…

“Konbanwa.” The stranger grinned at Rena even though Rena gave her a deathly glare. “It’s nice to see you again.”

Rena wanted to go away from that place, but somehow the stranger looked so interesting for her eyes. “It’s NOT nice to see you again.” She opened the door and went out from her car. “But I’m glad, at least you’re not a robber. I almost die, you know!”

The stranger laughed. “Oh come on! You’re too paranoid. Last time you called me as a ghost and now you think I’m a robber? Pfft.”

“Don’t laugh!” Rena pointed at the stranger face. Then she looked around, the bridge and the street were quiet. “Do you often come here?”

The stranger nodded. “I come here to relax my mind. This is my favorite place.” She smiled. “This place is not crowded, but not too quiet either. So… this place is safe enough. And umm…” She pointed at the river. “I love to hear the sound of water from this river… it makes me calm in a unique way.”

“Okay.” Rena nodded even though she didn’t really understand why a cute girl went to that kind of place. There were more relaxing places in the world other than bridge. Wait… Did I’ve just called her ‘CUTE’?!

“What’s your name?”

“Don’t become too comfortable. We’re just seeing each other twice.” Rena locked the car door. She walked toward the bridge railings and then she sat on it like last time she came there. She looked at the sky.

“I love to watch the stars from here as well.” The stranger climbed up and sat next to Rena. “The sky looks so clear from here. It feels like… I can touch it.” She lifted her right hand, as if she really wanted to touch the sky.

Rena glanced at the stranger who smiled while looking at the stars. This is weird. I even don’t know her name, yet I’ve been this comfortable to sit beside her. Is she having a kind of magnet or something inside her body?

The girl looked at Rena with a bright smile across her face. “Come on, lift your hand too! You’ll be able to touch the stars, just try.”

Rena observed the other girl. The stranger was a bit taller than her, she wore the black leather jacket with a white shirt inside, her silky black hair were fit into her face, she wore the red-framed glasses that covering her dark-orbs eyes… those eyes looked at Rena like a puppy dog, her reddish lips still showed a big grin at Rena. Beautiful.

“Hey-hey.” The stranger waved her hand right in front of Rena’s face. “Did you hear what I’ve just said to you?”

Rena was jolted from her reverie. “Y-yeah.” She looked away from the other girl and then she stared at the night sky. “But I don’t think I can reach it, the sky is too far from me.”

The stranger pouted. “Mou! You’re such a gloomy-grumpy-pessimistic girl… I can tell.”

“Ha?!” Rena glared at the stranger. “We just meet twice! Don’t judge me like that!”

The stranger shrugged. “Well, sorry. Bad first impression, huh?” She smirked.

“You’re an annoying-aggressive-noisy girl!” Rena seemed didn’t want to lose at that time.

The stranger laughed. “It sounds like a compliment to me. Well… In other words, I’m a kind and friendly girl.”

Rena facepalmed. I will die soon if I keep meeting this crazy girl.

“Hey, do you want a soft drink? I have some.” The stranger climbed down from the bridge railings.

Rena wanted to say ‘no’ but the other girl already walked away toward her motorcycle. The stranger brought 2 bottles of soft drink with her. She walked toward Rena.

“Here.” The stranger handed her one of the soft drinks.

Rena was hesitant at first, because she never really received something from someone who her barely know, but then she shrugged. It’s okay, I guess. She grabbed the bottle from the other girl’s hand. “Thanks.”

“Never mind.”

Both of them just sat and drank in silence. It was not the silence of awkwardness, but it was like… they enjoyed the night sky, the stars, the moon, the river, and the serenity together.

Rena closed her eyes after she took a big gulp of the soft drink. She’s right… it’s so peaceful here. She took a deep breath, to feel the cold breeze entered her lungs. It was a bad decision because a few seconds later, she coughed because of the coldness of the air.

The stranger giggled.

Rena looked at the girl in an angry way. “What so funny?!”

“You.” She pointed at Rena. “You’re being too dramatic. If you want to enjoy the air, come here in the morning… it’s not as cold as in the night like this.”

Rena seemed surprised. She watched me?! So embarrassing!! Duh! She climbed down from the railings. “I don’t want to come here anymore.”

The stranger frowned. “Why?” She climbed down too as she saw Rena turned away and walked toward the red car.

“Because I don’t want to-”

“I want to-” The stranger cut off Rena’s words.

“-meet you again.” Both of them said it in the same time.

Rena was surprised. She stopped and then she turned back, facing the stranger. She wanted to find a smirk or a mocking smile from the stranger, but no…. there was only seriousness in her face. “Goodbye.” She uttered that word although she wasn’t sure that she want to meet the stranger again or not.

The stranger shook her head. “No. It should be ‘see you later’.” She smiled at Rena.  After that, she turned away and walked toward her motorcycle that parked not far away from Rena’s car.

Rena entered her car as well. She looked at the stranger’s back from the rearview mirror. She saw the stranger started to turn on the motorcycle engine, and then in a few seconds later… the stranger took the opposite direction and went away.

Rena sighed. Why there’s kind of weird feeling when I’m with her? Is it because she talked comfortably with me, not like my other friends who look awkward when they talked with me? Is it because she’s lively, active, seems easygoing and outgoing, nice, friendly, and funny? Oh wait! I give her some compliments again. Geez!


Rena felt so stupid when she stopped her car on that place again… the bridge. Seriously, what am I doing??!! She decided to come back to that place again after 2 weeks. She even didn’t know the reason. She was just… wanted to come for no particular reason. She also didn’t know what she wanted to see, the scenery or… the strange girl from the last time.

Rena took a deep breath before she stepped out from her car. She looked around. The night sky, the stars, the moon, and the river were still same as she remembered, but… nobody was there. She’s not here. She was not sure it was a happy expression because no one would bother her this time, or it was a disappointed expression because she couldn’t find the girl.

Rena climbed up the bridge railings and leaned her back onto the lamp post. Someday, I will invite Airin to see this place. She smiled. I need her favor to draw the scenery here. I wonder how it feels… walking with her without brings this kind of love in my heart, just pure as a friend. Happy or sad?

No one could see Rena’s bitter smile and her tears of sadness. That was what Rena thought until…

“Waiting for someone?”

“Uwaaa!!!” Rena was totally shocked and she almost fell into the river. “You!!! Baka!! Can you stop surprising me every time you show up in front of me?!” She quickly wiped her tears before the stranger could see it and started to tease her again.

The girl giggled. “Sorry.” She nudged Rena’s hand. “Finally you come again.”

Rena rolled her eyes as she saw the stranger’s weird smile. “I didn’t come here to meet you. I’m addicted to the scenery.”

“I know. You don’t have to explain it to me with those red cheeks.” The stranger seemed enjoyed to tease the pale-skinned girl.

Rena’s eyes widened. “I’m not blushing!!!” She wanted to smack the stranger’s head, but she didn’t do it because it was kind of rude to do it to someone who you didn’t know at all. She raised one of her eyebrows. Since when I do have manners?

The stranger looked at the sky, just like she usually did. But this time she didn’t sat on the bridge railings… she just stood, leaned her body onto the railings, and put both of her hands on the railings. “So, what happened?” She asked it without looked at Rena who sat on the railings.

“Hm?” Rena looked down to see the other girl’s face. “What do you mean?”

“What are you crying for? I’m sure that your tears intended for someone.”

Rena flinched. She saw it?! I always embarrass myself in front of her! “It's none of your business.”

“Broken heart?”

Rena groaned because the question REALLY hit the spot. “None of your business!” She said it firmly.

The girl laughed. “From your expression, it seems I’m right.”

“You!” Rena caught off guard. “I hate you.”

“You hate me? It means you’re weird, there are rarely people who hate me. I have too many people who love me.” She stuck out her tongue.

“Are you kidding me right now?!” Rena – somehow – pissed off again.

The stranger took a deep breath as she put her chin on the railings. “No, I’m not. My problem is the opposite of yours. I’m in the position where I’m the one who can break someone’s heart… I hate it! But I know that I have to do it someday.” She sighed.

Rena didn’t expect that the stranger would talk about her problem. “What happened?” She was curious about the story behind it.

The stranger gave Rena a tease smile. “It's none of your business.” She imitated Rena’s voice.

“You- argh!!!” Rena almost lost her patience. This girl knows exactly how to push my mood button. Tch.

The stranger yawned and stretched her arms. “I’m sleepy and tired. I have to go home now.” She turned her body.

W-wait…. When do we will meet again? Rena just asked it in her mind. She realized that she enjoyed herself when she talked with the stranger.

The stranger turned back again when she reached her motorcycle. “Hey, I won’t be here in a week because I have some business.” She said it as if she knew what was in Rena’s mind. “Come again next week… if you want.”

Again… the stranger hit EXACTLY on Rena’s spot. “I’m not come here to meet you!”

“I’m just saying. You can come anytime. This is a public area anyway.” The stranger waved her hands before ride on her motorcycle, went away from the bridge.

Rena smiled after another figure disappeared from her sight.


3 months had passed. Rena and the stranger always met in the same place and at the same time. They would meet at least three times in a week without asking about each other identity. They only talk about some random things when they met, none of them mentioned about each other private life. They even never asked their names nor changed their phone numbers… they just enjoyed their randomness talks, each other presence, and the scenery.

For Rena, it was kind of became her routine activity. Sometimes, she would come there even though it was not their ‘schedule’… if she was lucky, she would meet the other girl there. Well… if she didn’t meet the girl, she already felt comfortable with just enjoying the night sky.

Furukawa-sama comes. Do you want to meet her, Matsui-sama?

Rena heard the maid talked to her through the intercom. She gasped as she realized that it had been a long time since she met Airin. “Y-yes, let her in.” She answered the maid. I almost forget about her!! She’s mad at me, for sure. She ran toward the door. When she was about to open the door, she stopped. Wait…. Did I’ve just say that I was forgotten about her? Am I already ready to move on?

Rena tried to cast off her thought and then grabbed the knob. As soon as she opened the door, her eyes met with Airin’s demon glare. She gulped. This is bad.

Airin entered Rena’s room. “For God’s sake, Rena!!! 6 months?!” She crossed her arms. “You better give me a good reason NOW!”

“Airin, I-”

“You even gave an order to your security guards and your maids to not let me entering this house for months?! This is crazy!!” Airin cut off Rena’s words. “What was my mistake, Rena??!”

“I…” Rena took a deep breath. Does it sound too stupid if I tell her that I love her? Let me think… ‘Airin, I love you since 5 years ago… so that’s why I ignoring you for 6 months.’…. yeah, it sounds stupid!

“I’m still waiting for you answer.” Airin kept staring at Rena.

Rena was just looking at the floor because she didn’t know what to say. She felt confused, sad, and guilty. “It was not your mistake, it’s my mistake.” She felt her tears rolled down on her cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

Airin was totally shocked when she saw her best friend cried. It was like forever since the last time she saw Rena cried and say sorry to other people. Rena that she knew was a stubborn and arrogant girl, not a fragile girl that stood in front of her now. She became calmer after she saw Rena felt truly sorry about her childish action. “Why, Rena? What happened? Just tell me the reason and then we will try to find the solution together.”

Rena looked at Airin’s eyes, looked deep into her eyes. “I love you, Airin. That’s the reason.” Finally, she said it without a doubt. She felt tired of hiding, hide her love for almost 5 years was not an easy thing to do. She realized that she couldn’t let her heart suffered anymore. It was time to face the truth, she had ready to receive the answer, whatever it was.

Airin was taken aback; she didn’t expect that Rena would say something like that. But… she was not as shocked as supposed to be. She just didn’t expect that kind of answer would come at that time. “I know, Rena. I know that you always love me in that way. I can feel it every time I’m with you.”

Rena gasped. “Since when did you know it?!” She was shocked because she was sure about her acting ability. There was no way Airin could realize it.

Airin walked toward Rena, and then she held Rena’s hand gently. “In about 2 years ago. When I was still in college back then and when you didn’t want to enter the college because you were too lazy to study.” Both of them let out a soft chuckle. “When you gave me those luxurious painting tools as my birthday present with a red rose inside the box… I knew immediately that you had a different feeling toward me.”

Rena enjoyed the warm from Airin’s hand. “That’s it? You realized it just because of it?!”

Airin shrugged. “Yeah. You know Rena… you’re not a romantic person at all. You never show your love to everybody around you, always harsh toward other people.  So when you acted different in front of me, I could tell that I have a special place in your heart.” She tightened her grip onto Rena’s hand. “It was so cute, Rena. I’m really thankful that you love me this much.” She took a deep breath. “But-”

“Yeah, I know.” Rena turned her head. “You never look at me in that way. You only look at me as your friend, especially when you’re start going out with Churi.” She bit her lips. “It’s okay. I understand… I try hard to understand that you never love me. I’ve tried to learn it since 5 years ago.”

“So, that’s why you keep avoiding me for 6 months? Trying to move on?” Airin frowned. “So… is it works?” She pulled Rena closer to her body and then she wrapped her arms around Rena’s body.

Rena wrapped her arms around Airin’s waist and the she rested her chin on Airin’s shoulder. “It’s hard.”

“I’m sorry for making you suffer like this.” Airin rubbed Rena’s back.

Rena shook her head. “Just like I said before, it’s not your fault.” She closed her eyes, enjoyed Airin’s warm body. She took a deep breath, enjoyed Airin’s sweet fragrance. “Umm… I mean…It was hard at first.”

Airin let go of her arms. She looked at Rena’s eyes. “What do you mean?”

Rena blushed instantly. “I… I- Ummm…. I kind of… find a weird girl in a few months ago and she helps me to through this.”

“Hmm… so, is it means that you already found someone else?”

“NO!! NO! It’s not like that!! I love you, remember? I’ve just confessed it to you in a few minutes ago!!” Rena started to panic.

Airin chuckled. “Okay.” She wanted to tease Rena more. “So, what happened between you and her?”

Rena slapped Airin’s arm. “Nothing happened! I even didn’t know her name.” She sighed.

“Ha?!” Airin couldn’t blink. She was too surprised because of her friend’s story, a super weird story. “You’re joking.”

“I’m not. But I’m not too worried about it, she’s a nice girl.”

“Really?!” Airin looked at Rena in disbelief way. “You trust her even though you didn’t know her identity?”

Rena shrugged. “I guess… yeah. She’s a nice friend after all. You have to meet her someday.” She smiled at Airin.

“Well… I’m JEALOUS.” Airin pouted. She crossed her arms and then she turned her body. She acted like she was mad at Rena.

Rena giggled. “You’re the one who dumped me, remember?” She back-hugged Airin.

“It’s a bit weird, isn’t it? You talk about someone who you like with someone who you love.” Airin chuckled.

“I didn’t like her! Well, I like her… but only as a friend.” Rena tightened her hug on Airin’s waist. “Airin… I will try to kill this feeling for you as fast as I can, so this problem won’t disturb our friendship again.”

Somehow, Airin smile disappeared from her face. He looked sad because of some reason.

“Let me say it to you once more and maybe for the last time… I love you, Airin. I always do.” Rena kissed Airin’s shoulder. “But our friendship is more important than my feeling.”

Airin remained silent.  Rena...


Rena turned on the radio with a smile that appeared from her lips.

“You look different.”

“What do you mean?” Rena looked at the girl who sat next to her. This time they didn’t sat on the bridge railings, they sat inside Rena’s car because it was raining outside.

“You seem brighter than usual. Was there something good happened?”

Rena smiled at the handsome girl who sat next to her. “It was not as good as I expected, but let just say that it was going well.”

The girl nodded. “Okay. If I ask more questions, you will say ‘none of your business’ again.” She shrugged.

Rena looked at the stranger. I think it’s time for me to let her read some pages of my private life story. She decreased the volume of the radio. “When the first time I came here, I really messed up. Maybe you still remember that I drank the alcohol beverage at that time. I was so desperate back then and loss of direction… everything that I saw was only the darkness.” She took a deep breath. “At that night you said ‘someone will shine even more after they get back up’ to me. You know… your words gave me a little hope. I have to thank you for that.”

“I’m glad to know that it helps you. You looked so gloomy back then.”

 Rena nodded. “This is what happened at that time… I had a big quarrel with my best friend, my childhood friend, the only friend that I have in this world, and also… someone who secretly I love for years.”

“Did she refuse your feeling?”

Rena shook her head. “No, I was not yet confess my feeling. She had fallen in love with someone else before. I knew that I didn’t have any chance to be with her in that way, she only saw me as her friend. So, I avoided her for weeks because I wanted to move on from my useless feeling. And when I felt hopeless and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to cast away my feeling for her… you came and save me from the darkness. Because of you, I could slowly go out from her shadow.”

The stranger grinned. “So… I’m your savior?! Cool!!” She giggled as she saw Rena rolled her eyes. “Do you really forget her now?”

“No, not yet.” Rena sighed. “But at least I’ve confessed my feeling to her 2 days ago.” Her eyes began to teary. “As I said before, it was just going well… but not as I expected. Well… I’m still happy because I don’t need to hide my feeling anymore. We’re still friends and she will help me to move on, so that our friendship will not be broken because of this matter.” She showed the bitter smile to the stranger. “I feel relieved.”

The stranger reached her hand, she held Rena’s hand. She saw Rena’s shocked expression but she didn’t care, she wanted to show her support. “She is not your only friend anymore… I’m your friend too.” She smiled at Rena. “And congratulation… you already shine brighter now, I can see that you’re sparkling right now. I’ll help you to get back up. You will be able to stand on your own feet soon.”

Rena couldn’t close her mouth and she even forgot to blink. “Wow! You’re not as annoying as usual. Well… thanks.” She quickly pulled her hand away from the stranger’s grip. She was not felt comfortable while her pale skin touched by the stranger.

“I’m not annoying. I’m a kind and friendly girl! Tch.” The stranger looked out the window. “Thank you for sharing your story.”

“I’m not doing it for free. Tell something about yours too.”

“Why should I?” The stranger kept looking out the window to look the heavy rain.

Rena seemed irritated. “You said that you’re my friend, but I even didn’t know who you are. All that I know about you is you always come to this bridge, nothing else.”

The stranger shrugged. “You’re the first one who makes the distance between us. I’ve asked your name since the first time we meet, but you snapped me.”

“Pfft.” Rena tried to hold her laugh. “I’m sorry about that. I never really talked to other people except Airin. What do you want to know about me?”


“It is the person's name who we were talking about earlier, my best friend.”

The person nodded. “I see…” She turned her head again, she looked at Rena. “Then, what’s your name?”

“Matsui Rena, just call me Rena. I think we already close enough to call each other’s nickname.” She smiled. “What’s your name?”

The stranger frowned. “You didn’t know my name??!!”

Rena rolled her eyes. “There are billions people in the world, how I can know all of their names?!”

The stranger facepalmed. “I thought I’ve worked really hard in these past years. I guess I have to work harder from now on.” She sighed.

“What do you mean?” Rena frowned.

“My name is Matsui Jurina.” She sighed again.

“You’re a Matsui too?! Cool.” Rena grinned.

Jurina stared at Rena once again. “Are you sure that you never saw me before? Or at least hear my name?”

Rena put her hand to her chin. She tried to remember all people that ever entered into her life. “Matsui Jurina… Matsui Jurina… another Matsui… Jurina.. Ummm…” She shook her head. “I didn’t recognize you.”

“Urgh!”  Jurina smacked her own forehead. “I’m an ac-” Jurina stopped as she heard her phone rang. She saw the name on the screen. Mayu. “Moshi moshi.” She answered the phone.

Jurina, Where are you?! Come back here in an hour! Stop sneaking out in the midnight, Jurina. It’s dangerous, you know!!

Jurina laughed. “Okay-okay, I will come back as soon as the rain stopped. Don’t worry, I’m fine.” She said it with the gentle tone to calm Mayu. She didn’t want Mayu became too worried about her.

“Okay, I will wait.

“See you later~” Jurina ended the call with a cute voice.

Rena was surprised. It was the first time she saw Jurina talked with other people except her. Wait. Did she have just acted like a cute kid?! Wow. I’m surprised. Suddenly, Rena felt that she wanted to know more about the girl beside her.

Jurina patted Rena’s arm. “Give me your number, Rena-chan.” She still held her phone.

*THUMP!* It was the first time she heard the other girl called her name. “For what?”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Well, we’re friends… we have to know each other better, right? I think it’s time for us to meet and to talk somewhere other than this bridge. Umm… let’s just say that I want to know about your life out there. Don’t you curious about mine as well?”

Rena nodded. She’s right.

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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 3. Jurina =

I love someone, but I keep letting her go free.
If she doesn't come back, it means I'll never have her.
If she comes back, I will love her forever.


Jurina parked her motorcycle inside the garage. Bad rain! She took off her raincoat and hang it on the wall. After that, she pressed the bell and waited someone to open the door.

Not long after that, a girl who wore the cute pink pajama opened the door for Jurina. “Where have you been?!” She looked so mad at Jurina. “We have to go at 5AM, and it means you only have 2 hours to sleep!!”

Jurina stepped into the house. “I’m sorry, Mayu.” She pecked Mayu’s lips before she closed the door behind her. “I was stuck out there due to the heavy rain.”

“Don’t kiss me, monster! I’m being serious right now.” Mayu crossed her arms. “Are you trying to make us lose jobs?”

Jurina pouted. “Mou, Mayu! Please talk to me as my friend when we’re in my house.”

Mayu rolled her eyes. “No! I’ve reached my limit. In these past months, you always sneak out in the night. I never prevent you to go out, Jurina… but at least can you inform me where you go?! So I’ll know how to find you if something bad happen to you.”

“I’m not a kid, Mayu. I can take care of myself.” Jurina turned around 360 degrees, so Mayu could see her body. “See? I’m perfectly okay. No scratches and no bruises.”

Mayu sighed. “Okay. I let you pass in this time.”

Jurina showed her cat smile. “Arigatou, Miss Manager.” She hugged the shorter girl.

Mayu pushed Jurina away. “How many times I have to tell you, Jurina? No kissing and no hugging!!” She struggled to free herself from Jurina’s grip. “You’re lucky that I’m your best friend, if NOT-” She stopped because Jurina attacked her lips again. “Jurina!!!”

Jurina giggled and then she walked away to her room. She left Mayu behind. “Ahh… she’s such a strict and scary manager.”

Jurina climbed up the stairs to reach her bedroom. As soon as she entered her room, she threw her body onto the bed. “How I love my bed!” She grabbed the bolster and then she hugged it. I’m sleepy.

She checked her phone once again before she went to sleep. There was a message from Rena.
From: Rena-chan

Oi, Jurina! (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
I hope you won’t die out there due to the bad weather.
Next time, just let me drive you home.
Good night.
( ・_・)ノ

Jurina chuckled. That girl…


Jurina sat while reading the script. Ugh! My dialogues are getting longer as the time goes! She nudged Mayu who stood beside her and then she whispered. “Hey, Mayu... I’m dying in order to remember this script.

Mayu smacked Jurina’s head. “Stop complaining and do your job well! You’re the main character in this movie. Of course your lines are longer than the others. You have to thankful because of that!

Jurina facepalmed. Yeah, this is how my best friend comforting me. How ironic, isn’t it? She read the script again with a pout across her face. She’s right, I have to thankful. I get more jobs since I won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in Japan Academy Prize 3 years ago, especially after I got ‘Popularity Award’ last year… my jobs load are amazingly increased. I and Mayu often exhausted because of work.


Jurina felt her shoulder was patted by someone. She saw a big cup of hot chocolate milk in front of her face.

“I hope this will help you to relax your mind. Our morning is quite hectic, ne?” Mayu said it without looked at Jurina. “Take this or I will drink it instead!”

Jurina chuckled. Yeah… this is how my best friend comforting me. I guess… it’s not too ironic. She grabbed the big cup from Mayu’s hand. “Thank you.”

Mayu had a unique way to show her support to Jurina. She always smacked Jurina, or yelled at Jurina at first, but in the end… she would showed her warm side. Jurina was never really mad at Mayu since Mayu was her friend since they were in college, so they had understood each other well.

Jurina was a type of girl who loved the freedom, lively, and she had a childish side too, however… Mayu was a discipline, strict, serious, and smart girl. They both had a very contradictory character and it caused them to frequently quarrel. But again… they already understood each other well; they knew that the differences make them complementary and strong as it is now.

Mayu sat on a chair next to Jurina. “Don’t thank me. I did it for me. If you lost your job, I’ll lose my job as well.” She looked at her phone to check Jurina’s next schedules. “We will go at 3PM. As I told you, you’ll be a guest in a variety show today. Then at 5.30PM, you have a photo shoot for a magazine. After that you’ll have a meeting for your new movie at 8PM, I think it’s only a short meeting.”

I guess… I won’t be able to meet Rena-chan today. Jurina sighed. “Okay.”

Mayu glanced at Jurina. It must be hard for her. “What do you want for lunch? I’ll buy it and it’s my treat.” She smiled as she saw Jurina’s big grin. She looks like a puppy when she’s happy. I can’t deny it, she’s cute. It’s her charm.

“Pasta-pasta-pasta! I want pasta~”

If Jurina had a tail, Mayu was sure that she could be able to see her tail wagging. “Okay-okay, Jurina. You don’t have to say it 4 times.” She rolled her eyes. “DON’T!!” She pointed her index finger at Jurina when she saw Jurina was about to hug her. “I said… no hugging and no kissing! No touching is better.”

“Mou~” Jurina pouted. “You have no fun, Mayu. I just want to show my gratitude.”

Mayu glared at Jurina because Jurina still persistent to hug her. “Just say ‘thank you’ without touching!”

Jurina stopped, not because she gave up or afraid of Mayu… but it was because the film director already called her for the next scene.


From: Rena-chan

Are you busy?
Let’s meet at the bridge.

To: Rena-chan

Okay. I will arrive in an hour.

And again… Jurina had to sneak out. It was kind of stupid for her, because that was her own house yet she had to sneak out. But what I can do? Mayu will be angry if I tell her that I want to go out at night like this.

Jurina decided to go even though she knew that she had a job in the early morning on the next day. I’m sorry, Mayu. She turned on the engine, and then she riding her motorcycle to go to the bridge. She couldn’t wait to meet Rena.

After some minutes, she arrived at the bridge. She parked her motorcycle, and then she greeted Rena. “Yahoo~”

 Rena turned her body and smiled at Jurina. “Hi.” She waved her hand.

Jurina waved her hand as well. “Umm… why are you asking me to come here?” It was not their ‘schedule’ to meet, so it made Jurina a bit curious. She put her hands into the jacket pocket because the weather was quite cold that night. She walked toward Rena who stood near the railings.

“Gomen~” Rena folded her hands. “I just want to… umm… introduce you to someone.”

“Hm?” Jurina frowned. Introduce me to someone?? It’s weird. She saw a girl climbed down from the railings; she didn’t notice the girl before. She saw the girl held the pencil and the small painting board.

“Jurina, this is Airin.”

Jurina was a bit surprised, but then she bowed her head a little. “It’s nice to meet you.” She didn’t realize that her smile already gone from her face.

“I asked her to- ah! I mean… I forced her to come here.” Rena let out the soft giggle. “I asked a favor from her to draw the scenery here. She’s a graphic designer, so I guess her drawing is a bit better than mine.”

Airin glared at Rena. “You guess??!! A bit better?!! Hey, my drawing is DEFINITELY MUCH better than yours. That’s why you forced me to come here even when I in the middle of sleeping!”

Rena laughed. “Sorry.” She put her arm around Airin’s shoulder. “Lately, it’s always raining and I become too excited tonight since the rain didn’t fall tonight. I’ve thought about it since months ago that I want you to draw it.”

Airin patted Rena’s head. “Well, I forgive you this time.” She turned her head at Jurina’s direction. “Hi, I’m Furukawa Airi. I’m Rena’s best friend.” She bowed her head.

Jurina smiled at Airin. “Oh, hi. Rena have mentioned about you, not long ago. You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks!” Airin looked happy to receive that kind of warm compliment from Jurina. “WAIT!!!” Her eyes widened as she walked closer to Jurina.

Rena and Jurina were shocked. “What?” Both of them said it in the same time.

“Y-you are….” Airin pointed her finger at Jurina. “Matsui Jurina?!!!” She looked disbelief. She acted like she saw a ghost. “Oh my God!”

Jurina gave Airin an awkward smile. She often forgot about her true identity when she was with Rena.”Oh, I’m glad you recognize me.”

Rena frowned. “Do you know her, Airin?! Are you both had met before?” She looked at Jurina and Airin alternately.

“Huh?!” Airin looked at Rena. “You didn’t know about her??!!” She looked back at Jurina. “I’m sorry about it.”

Jurina laughed. She patted Airin’s shoulder. “No need to say sorry. I just think I have to work harder.”

Rena seemed confused. She couldn’t catch up the conversation.

“So… I think I have to go home now. I have a job in the morning.” Jurina looked at her watch.

Rena tilted her head. Jurina never excused herself this fast. 15 minutes?! We usually talk for about 2-3 hours before we go home. “Go home already?”

Jurina smiled at Rena. “What else? You only want to introduce me to Airin and vice versa, right? I guess… I have no business here anymore.” She scratched her head.

Rena shrugged. “Okay.” She was not sure about it but… she thought that the way Jurina excused herself was kind of rude. She said ‘have no business anymore’?! Wow.

Jurina was about to turn around, but she heard Airin called her.

“Matsui-san! Can I hug you once?” Airin grinned.

Is she my fan? I never give the fan service in the middle of the night like this but… “Okay. No problem.”

“Ha???!!” Rena showed Airin a ‘WTF’ expression. “Can someone tell me what happen here?”

Airin ignored Rena and kept walking toward Jurina. She hugged Jurina.

Jurina hugged Airin back while smiling, but then… she stunned.

Airin let go of her arms. “Be careful.”

“H-hai. Arigatou.” Jurina turned away and walked toward her motorcycle. She wanted to go home as soon as possible, but it seemed she had a bad luck that night. “Shit!” She couldn’t turn on her motorcycle because it ran out of fuel. I forgot to refuel!! Rena and Airin offered themselves to drive her home, but she refused it. She decided to call Mayu to pick her up at the bridge. She couldn’t ride a taxi because she didn’t want to leave her motorcycle there. Mayu will kill me, but… yeah, I have no choice.


Jurina hissed. This is what EXACTLY I expected before. “Mayu, please pick me up at the bridge. “ Jurina said the name of the bridge so Mayu could found it easily. “I- I’m so s-sorry for going out w-without your permission… again.” She stuttered.

Okay!! Wait me there, Jurina. You will die tonight!!!” Mayu hang up the call.

Jurina sighed while putting her phone back into her pocket. See? I know her better that anyone… she’s going to kill me for sure.

“What happen?” Rena seemed realized Jurina’s weird expression. “Are you sure to not let us drive you home?”

“Nothing big happened.” Someone has just told me that she wanted to kill me. I think it’s not a big deal, right? “Don’t worry. My friend will pick me up.” Jurina forced herself to smile.

“Okay. We will accompany you here.” Airin gave a warm smile to Jurina. “Let's chat while waiting for your friend.”

Jurina nodded and followed them. They sat on the railings with Rena sat between Jurina and Airin.

Rena looked at the night sky. She lifted her hand as if she wanted to reach the stars. “I’m glad to have both of you in my life.” She smiled.

Airin kept focusing her eyes to her drawing. She wanted to put her best into her drawing, especially because Rena requested it by herself. It was quite rare for her to see Rena begged her like that. It used to be only me in your life, Rena.

Jurina took a little glance at Rena. She remembered at the time when she asked Rena to lift her hand but Rena refused it because Rena thought that the stars were too far from her. She’s not a pessimist girl anymore.

They just sat in silence. Jurina and Rena busy with staring at the river and sky, while Airin busy with her pencil and drawing.


Jurina turned her head as she heard someone called her name. Her eyes met with Mayu’s deathly glare. Jurina gulped. I’m dead. “Mayu…” She climbed down from the railings and then she walked toward Mayu. She saw another car parked in front of her motorcycle and then 2 men got out from the car; they pushed the motorcycle into the car. Mayu brought their house guards to help Jurina brought her motorcycle.

Airin and Rena turned their heads as well. They looked at the unfamiliar girl who sat in her car. They climbed down from the railings and they saw Jurina held the girl arm through the window.

“I’m sorry, Mayu.”

“Let’s go home.” Mayu said it with a blank expression. She even didn’t bother to greet Jurina’s friends (Rena and Airin).

“Who is she?” Rena finally spoke up.

Jurina didn’t notice that Rena and Airin already stood behind her. “Ah, I forgot to introduce her to you. She’s Mayu, my friend and my housemate.”

Mayu bend down her head at Rena and Airin, and after that she turned her head to the street again and held the steering wheel.

“Both of you living together?!” Airin looked surprised.

Jurina shrugged. “Umm… yeah. It’s been 4 years since we moved together.”

Airin whispered at Jurina. “Oh man, you’re so lucky. She is so hot.

Jurina coughed. She was sure that Mayu could hear it too and she was afraid that Mayu would mad again. But then she relieved because Mayu didn’t give any reaction about it. Jurina decided to tease Mayu in order to decrease the tension between them. She whispered back at Airin. “Yes, I’m lucky. She’s hot outside and inside.

“Aww!!” Airin laughed.

Mayu pinched Jurina’s hand, really hard. “Get in NOW!!! Or you will go home on foot!!”

Jurina grimaced in pain. “Aw-aw-aw! It’s hurt Mayu!” She rubbed her hand in the place where Mayu pinched her. She looked at Airin again. “See how hot she is?!” She pouted.

Airin laughed again. “Yes, I can see her spiciness level.

“…..” Rena didn’t say anything again, she just stared at Mayu.

Mayu stared at Rena back. Jurina and Airin didn’t realize it because Rena and Mayu stared at each other through the rearview mirror… There was a kind of ‘war’ in the way they looked at each other.

Mayu broke ‘the stare competition’, she looked at Jurina. “Let’s go home. I’m sleepy.” She held Jurina’s hand.

Jurina was shocked to death. She swore that she never heard Mayu talked so gently like that before. Ahh… it’s maybe because she’s sleepy and tired, yet I still give her a trouble. She opened the door where Mayu sit. “Let me drive.”

“Okay.” Mayu stepped out from the car and let Jurina replaced her position as the driver.

Rena could see Mayu’s slender body. Mayu wore a simple white shirt and pink hot pants, showing her beautiful white milky skin. Why they living in the same roof? Are they dating or something? She realized that Jurina not even once tell her about her private life. I have to ask her later.

“We’re going first. Thank you for taking care of Jurina. See you later.” Mayu bowed her head before she got in to the car. She sat on the seat beside Jurina.

“See you later~” Jurina waved her hand at Rena and then she started to drive toward her home.

Rena kept staring at the car that gradually disappeared from her sight. “Let’s go home too, Airin.”


Jurina was confused because Mayu didn’t snap her about the trouble that she made 3 nights ago. Yep, she was supposed to be happy because Mayu didn’t rage her for causing the trouble… but it was kind of different because Mayu was not only didn’t rage her, but Mayu also didn’t talk to her AT ALL! Ah! So frustrating!

Jurina summoned her courage before knocking Mayu’s door. After the courage had fully charged, she knocked Mayu’s door. “Mayu, please open the door. Mayuyu. It’s me, Jurina.”

“What is it?”

Jurina heard Mayu answered her from behind the door. “I know it’s been tiring for you to hear my sorry, but I want you to know that I’m really sorry. I promise that I won’t sneak out at the night again. If there is no schedule, I will go home at least at 10PM, I swear!”

“You know, Jurina… you’ve promised me for a dozen times.”

“I know.” Jurina sighed. “Sorry for my childish attitude. Please trust me once again.”

Finally, Mayu opened the door. “If you caused an unnecessary trouble again, I will move out from here. I mov- Let me finish my words!!!” She raised her voice when she saw Jurina was about to cut her off. After she saw Jurina nodded, she continued it again. “I moved here so I can take care of you better, like my promise to your mom. But if you think I’m disturbing you and overly restrictive, you can kick me out anytime you want… it’s your right, besides that… I’m just your manager after all.”

Jurina hate it, she hate it when Mayu talked like Mayu’s position was lower than her. “Just my manager?! You’re my friend! My best friend!! You’re my everything! Don’t talk like that again.” She pouted. “I know that… it’s must be hard for you to take care of me and my reckless actions all the time, but you know… I’m really thankful for that and I never think you’re disturbing me- oh, well…. Yeah, you’re annoying sometimes, but I never want to kick you out!! You're so mean to me.”

Mayu smiled when she heard Jurina talked like that, she felt so flattered. “Come here.” She opened her arms when she saw Jurina was about to cry.

Jurina stepped into Mayu’s hug slowly. “I’m sorry.” She wrapped her arms onto the shorter girl’s body.

“Stop say sorry. I’ve forgiven you.” Mayu stroked Jurina’s hair while hugging her. She let Jurina hugged her for a while, but after that… she realized there was something wrong with the hug. “Jurina, let go of me. You’re hugging me too long.”

“No-no-no~” Jurina tightened her hug. “It’s the first time I can hug you freely. Do you think I want to let you go that soon?”

Mayu glanced at Jurina’s face and she saw a malicious smile. “Shit.” She struggled to escape from Jurina’s grip. Oh god-oh god. She’s back to her original trait. “Jurina!! No hugging! No touching! No kis-” It was too late, Jurina already landed a kiss on her lips. “mmpphh!”

Jurina laughed. “It’s your fault. You’re the one who flirt me to come into your hug.”

“What??!!! Get off me!”

Jurina stared at Mayu’s eyes. “Stop struggling, Mayu.”

Mayu automatically stopped moving because she heard Jurina spoke in a serious way, not in a playful way anymore.

Jurina approached Mayu’s face and then she boops her nose gently onto Mayu’s nose. “Never say something like that again, something like you didn’t mean anything to me. It’s wrong Mayu… because you’re meant something to me.” After she said it, she let go of her arms. “Ahh~ I think we have a schedule at 5PM, I have to go bath. See you in the car.” She turned around and walked toward her room.

Mayu stunned. Her cheeks felt so hot. Her heartbeat became uncontrollable. She breathed rapidly. What has she done to me? Her eyes still glued to other girl’s back. This is why I don’t like her to stand too close to me.




“Why there are so many people around us?”

Jurina lifted her head and then she looked around. “Ah, you have to get used to it when you’re with me, Rena-chan.” She looked at her phone again and continued to update her official blog.

“Ha?” Rena didn’t understand about what was going on there. Right after they stepped out from the taxi, people around them started to follow them. The people even want to follow them entered the restaurant, but luckily… the guards quickly blocked the door. She looked at the window beside her (they sat near to the window), the people still trying to peek them. Is she the president’s daughter or something?! Geez!

After Jurina updated her blog, she looked at Rena again. Rena looked uneasy because of the people outside. She sighed. “Rena-chan, I know that you have no interest about me. BUT! If you already felt something weird about me… why don’t you try to browse my name on the internet?” She rolled her eyes.

“Ah, right.” Rena began to type something on the phone. Why I’m being so stupid?! I even forgot to ask Airin about her.

“Take your time.” Jurina leaned her back onto the chair.  I hate being outside in the daylight like this… too crowded.

It was the first time for Jurina and Rena went together in the daylight, and especially outside the bridge. Jurina couldn’t meet Rena at the bridge as usual since she already gave her promise to Mayu to not sneak out at the night again. Today, Jurina asked Mayu’s permission to have a lunch outside the filming location because Rena kept asking her to meet her since a week ago.

Rena gasped while looking at her phone. “J-jurina… y-you!!” She used her palm to cover her mouth. “You’re an actress?!”

Jurina seemed did not interest about the topic. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Oh my God. Just look at your awards list!! Sugoi!” Rena scrolled her phone screen. Her eyes widened with shock. “You often became the main characters in some movies and drama!”

Jurina shrugged. “Even with those amounts of awards… you didn’t recognize me at all.”

Rena showed her guilty. “I’m sorry, Jurina. I just… don’t really like to watch movie and drama. I prefer listen the music or reading something. I think I even don’t know everyone who appears on TV.”

“Okay, apology accepted.” Jurina smiled at Rena. “Now, tell me what do you want to say. You’re so persistent asked me to meet you. And umm…” She looked at her watch. “… I only have 15 minutes more before I go. I’ll start filming again at 2PM.”

Rena narrowed her eyes. She noticed that there was something different in the way Jurina acted. She was totally different with Jurina that I meet on the bridge. This Jurina looks so calm, elegant, mature, polite, and ‘neat’. Somehow… I don’t like this kind of Jurina. I like her lively and childish side. Is this how she acts in front of her fans? She’s using her poker face now. Rena sighed. She didn’t feel comfortable with the atmosphere there. She raised her hand and called the waitress to bring the bill.

“Wait.” Jurina looked confuse. “Done already? You have not said anything. Hey, wait! I’ll pay.” She was too late… Rena already gave the money to the waitress even before she took her wallet.

Rena stood up. “Just tell me if you have a time to meet at the bridge. I’ll wait… sorry for disturbing you, I didn’t know you have a busy life.” She smiled at Jurina and then she walked away.

Jurina stood up as well. “W-wait. Rena-chan!” She tried to chase Rena, but she couldn’t do it because the crowd began to stand in her way… called her name, took her picture, asked for her sign, and gave her something. She saw Rena already got in to the taxi and left her.

In half an hour, Jurina arrived back to the filming location. She still had 15 minutes to take a break, so she just sat on the couch there. Is she didn't like the crowd?

“Did you meet that girl again?”

Jurina was a bit surprised because Mayu already stood in front of her. “What girl?” She looked at Mayu.

Mayu showed her phone to Jurina. “This girl.”

Jurina looked at Mayu’s phone screen. W-wait… what?! How-

“Nitizen nowadays is quite fast, ne? Your pictures already uploaded everywhere.” Mayu said it as if she could read Jurina’s mind.

“Are you mad at me?” Jurina bit her lips. She only asked Mayu’s permission to have lunch, not to meet someone else.

Mayu giggled. “Why I have to angry at you?”

Jurina looked surprised. S-she laughs?! Did she has just… laugh??!! She scratched her head. “Umm… because I didn’t tell it to you (?)” She seemed unsure about her own answer.

“Geez, Jurina! I’m not a witch who will angry at you all the time.” Mayu rolled her eyes. “I didn’t want you go out at the night because it’s too dangerous for you. You’re a public figure. Then… since you  meet her in the daylight, I won’t angry at you.” She ruffled Jurina’s hair. “Read your script, baka. The recording will be started in 5 minutes.” Afterward, Mayu left Jurina alone.

Jurina exhaled her breath. “Fiuhh. I thought she would become a mad dog again.” She took her script from the table and began to read.

Mayu was standing alone in the dim room. She clenched her fists.


It was a lucky day for Jurina because her schedule ended at 8PM, so she still had some hours to meet Rena at the bridge.

“So… what is it, Rena-chan? I only have an hour here, you better hurry or I will end up in Mayu’s curse again.”

“I want to know about you more.”

“You can browse it on the internet. I’m sure that you can get what you need there.” Jurina climbed up and sat on the railings.

Rena leaned her back onto the railings. “There are some questions that I couldn’t find on the internet, Jurina.”

“Like what?”

“Like… since when you always play alone on this bridge or what your relationship with Mayu or why both of you could end up with living together.”

“I found this brige when I was still in high school. At that time, I had a big fight with my parents… then I walked alone to find a quiet place to calm my mind.  I don’t know why, I ended up on this bridge. Since that day, I kept coming here to clear my mind if I had some problems. I’m always alone here…. yeah, until you came from nowhere. I love being alone here, that’s why I never come here in the daylight… because people will see me and they’ll found my secret place.”

Rena nodded. “So… you felt annoyed when I came here?”

“Yep, sort of.” Jurina shrugged. “Honestly… I felt irritated to when you brought your friend here, but yeah… this is a public place, I can’t say anything. I even never told about this place to Mayu, it was the first time she came here.”

“Well… sorry about that.”

“Pfft. You don’t have to say sorry, I’m not the owner of this bridge after all.”

“Then…  how about Mayu?” She glanced at Jurina.

“Mayu is my best friend and my manager. I know her since we were still in college. That’s all.”


Jurina frowned. She looked at Rena. “Why you look so worried about that? Wait a minute… are you jealous at her when you know that she live with me?” She smirked.

Rena flinched. Shit-shit-shit! She turned her head. She scoffed. “Of course not! Don’t get so full of yourself.”

Jurina climbed down from the railings and then she stood in front of Rena. “I don’t believe you.” She pinned Rena onto the railings. “I’m an actress. I know how to read people’s expression. And…” Her face got closer to Rena. “I know you’re jealous at her when you saw her picked me up here.”

Rena gulped. “It’s only your lame analysis.”

“Really?” She ran her fingers along Rena’s hair and moved Rena’s hair that covered her face onto behind her ear. “Then why your face looks so red right now?” She whispered it while poking Rena’s cheek with her index finger.

“I… I…” Rena couldn’t find a good answer.

Jurina’s nose already touched Rena’s nose. “Are you sure that you’re still falling in love with Airin? You already moved on, aren’t you? You look brighter lately, not as gloomy as the first time I meet you.” She cupped Rena’s cheek and caressed it gently. “You became warmer and nicer toward me as well.

Rena’s mind became totally blank. She couldn’t think about anything again, she was lost in Jurina’s words. She never had been that close to Jurina. She even could see Jurina’s magnificent eyes and Jurina’s tempting gaze clearly.

Answer me, Rena-chan…” She whispered it in a seductive way. She pressed her body closer onto Rena’s body, she didn’t care if someone could see them. “You began to like me, aren’t you?” She tilted her head and her lips came closer to Rena’s lips. She stopped right before she could touch other girl’s lips.

They didn’t realize who started it, but now… their lips already clashed with each other. They shared their warm and sweet lips… they forgot about how cold Japan at the night since they had get used to it.

I think I love you, Rena.” Jurina said it in the middle of kissing.


Jurina grabbed Mayu’s hand. She pulled Mayu’s hand and forced to sit beside her. “Mayu, listen to me. I have to tell you something.”

“Not now, Jurina.” Mayu stood up again. “I have to call the producer to talk about your next show.” She dialed a contact number in her phone.

Jurina grabbed Mayu’s phone and ended the call. She hid the phone behind her back.

“Jurina!! Give it to me! I don’t have an enough time to play with you now.” Mayu looked really pissed off. She tried to reach her phone, but it was not easy since Jurina was stronger and higher than her.

“I’ve confessed my feeling to Rena.”

Mayu stunned on her place. “When?”

“2 weeks ago.”

“Well… congratulation.” Mayu said it as if she didn’t care about it at all. “Now, give my phone back.”

Jurina managed to dodge Mayu’s hand easily. “I’m not done yet.”

Mayu groaned. She crossed her arms. “Okay, what else? Hurry up!” She saw Jurina’s expression changed drastically.

“She… she didn’t give her answer to me, not yet. I don’t know if she loves me back or not, but… I have a feeling that she still loves her best friend, Airin… the girl that you saw at the bridge last time.”

“You are Matsui Jurina! You can get anyone that you want. If she refuses you, you still can get other boy or girl.” Mayu rolled her eyes. “Don’t act so pathetic like this. Now give my phone!”

Jurina clenched her fist. “I’m not joking right now, Mayu! Listen to me!!” She glared at Mayu. “I love her!!! No one can replace her in my heart. You know me very well, Mayu… I never play around when I say that I love someone!” She clenched her teeth. “Your best friend barely broken heart, but you only care about this DAMN PHONE and our WORK?!” She threw the phone onto the couch. “EAT IT!!” After that, she left Mayu alone in the living room. She grabbed her jacket and walked toward the door.

“Jurina! I’ve told you to not go outside at the night!! You’ve prom-” Mayu heard Jurina slammed the door. In a few minutes later, she heard Jurina’s motorcycle engine being turned on. She will go.

Mayu sat on the couch. Then how about me, Jurina? My heart is broken as well. How can I cheer you up when I even couldn’t cheer up myself?


She never understands me!! Baka Mayu! Why she always being workaholic all the time?! Jurina ride her motorcycle away from her house. She didn’t have any place to go other than the bridge. She hope that Rena will be there, so she could ask her directly about it.

Jurina arrived at the bridge. She saw a car, but it was not Rena’s car. Who is it? She saw a girl stood while leaned her chin on the railings. The girl turned around… she could see the girl’s face. “Furukawa-san?”

Airin bowed her head down. “Hi, Matsui-san. I’m waiting for you since 2 hours ago.”


“I also came yesterday but you didn’t show up. I couldn’t ask your phone number to Rena since I don’t want her to know that I planned to meet you.”

So… this is about Rena. Did she know that I’ve confessed my feeling to Rena? Jurina walked closer to Airin. “Why do you want to meet me?”

Airin stared at Jurina. “It seems you didn’t get my warning, Matsui-san.”


Jurina was about to turn around, but she heard Airin called her.

“Matsui-san! Can I hug you once?” Airin grinned.

 “Okay. No problem.”

“Ha???!!” Rena showed Airin a ‘WTF’ expression. “Can someone tell me what happen here?”

Airin ignored Rena and kept walking toward Jurina. She hugged Jurina.

Jurina hugged Airin back while smiling, but then…

She’s mine. Stay away from her.” Airin whispered at Jurina.

Jurina stunned.

Airin let go of her arms. “Be careful.”


Jurina shrugged. “I can’t stay away from someone that I love. Can you?”

Airin scoffed. “You only know her for a year, but I’ve known her for about 18 years.”

“What’s your point by mentioning about years?”

“The point is… she loves me since a long time ago. She loves me even before she knows that you exist in this world. Don’t ever dare to steal her from me!”

Jurina smirked. “Are you afraid because you realized that her love for you is slowly fading away?”

“I’m not afraid of anything! She’s mine since the beginning.”

“Are you feel regret for refusing her feeling? You are the one who dumped her! Don’t put the blame on me, Furukawa-san!”

Airin walked closer to Jurina. “I never regret about the things that I’ve done.” She looked straight to Jurina’s eyes. “I have my own reason. But it seems I don’t care about it anymore.” She grabbed Jurina’s collar. “Listen to me, Matsui Jurina. I don’t care how popular you are… I don’t afraid of you. I will get Rena back.”

Jurina’s eyes grew wide with surprise. Is this a challenge? Why so sudden? What’s her reason? If she loves Rena as well, why she even needed to refuse Rena back then?

Airin let go of her grip. “Good night, Matsui-san. I hope this is the last time I meet you.” She turned around and walked toward her car.

Jurina clenched her fists. “Furukawa-san!”

Airin turned back. She saw Jurina’s face once again. There is no hate, fear, or anger in her eyes. Is she showing me her acting skill right now?

Jurina smiled at Airin. “I love her… but I never and never will force her to choose me. She’s free. Even if she chooses me later, I will never put her in a cage… she can do anything she wants.” She gulped. “But if she choose you… well… it seems I’ll lose her forever. Please take care of her.” She bowed her head down. After that, she walked toward her motorcycle and went away. I’ll lose for sure. She shed her tears.

Jurina arrived back at her home after 2 hours she left it. She saw Mayu slept on the couch. She bent down her body so she could see Mayu’s gorgeous face closer. She noticed that Mayu’s cheeks were wet. I make her cry. I’m being too harsh. She sighed. She forgot that Mayu was so fragile inside even though Mayu had a strong character outside.

She lifted Mayu’s body with both of her hands; she carried the sleeping beauty into the bedroom. She put Mayu’s body slowly onto the bed. “I’m so sorry, Mayu.” She caressed Mayu’s cheek gently. “Good night.” She kissed Mayu’s forehead. When she was about to leave, she felt her wrist was grabbed by a hand.

“Jurina… I’m sorry.” Mayu began to cry again. “Please don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you. I never will.” Jurina climbed up to Mayu’s bed and then she lay beside Mayu. She hugged Mayu and rubbed Mayu’s back to calm her. “Don’t cry, please. It makes me so sad.” She stroked Mayu’s hair.

Mayu wrapped her arms onto Jurina’s body. “S-sl-sleep… w-with me… tonight.” She said it while sobbing.

“Okay-okay. Now calm down. Let’s sleep.” Jurina sighed. What I’ve done to her? I’m so stupid to put my anger on her when she even didn’t make any mistake.

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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 4. Disclosure =

I While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive.
There are times when silence and secrecy are the best.


Rena massaged her own forehead. I hate exam!!! She rested her chin onto the desk. She was preparing herself for her final exam in this semester, after that… it was just 2 semesters left before she graduate.

Every time I do my homework or studying for exam, I always remembering Yuki. She’s so damn smart! God, can I borrow her brain just for a week?! Rena sighed. It’s been a year, I wonder where she is. Wait! This isn’t the right time to think about my ex!! Study-study-study!

Rena opened her book again and read some text lines that written in the book. But again… her mind was distracted by something that not related with her exam… ‘I think I love you, Rena.

Geez! Rena threw her pen onto the desk. Why God? Why?! Please… I have to concentrate. She smacked her own forehead. After some minutes she struggled by herself, she gave up. Okay, I surrender myself to get ‘C minus’ or even ‘D’ tomorrow. She closed her books and then she climbed up onto her bed.

Do I really love her? She touched her lips, remembering the night when Jurina confessed to her… 3 weeks ago. She could remember vividly how Jurina’s lips taste. It was so sweet, tempting, and soft. Remembering about that scene made her heart beat faster. No-no-no! The only one that I love is Airin, not Jurina. She shook her head.

But- She touched her chest. -this heartbeat wouldn’t lie to me. I… I’m confused.

Her mind was distracted by the ringtone that came from her phone. She got a new message from Airin. ‘Let’s meet tomorrow. ’ It was a simple and short message.

What is this? She even didn’t put any emoticon in it. Rena could notice that Airin want to talk about something important. Usually, Airin would ask whether she was busy or not first before asked her to meet. It was lucky for her because she didn’t have an exam on the day after tomorrow. ‘Okay. Where? You want to come here?’ She replied Airin message.

She didn’t have to wait too long because she already got a reply from Airin. She was surprised because Airin asked her to have a dinner together in a fancy restaurant.  She scoffed. Pfft… I think I have to buy a new dress. Suddenly, she had an uneasy feeling about it. Wait. Why Airin ask me to meet there? It’s not her type to eat in a fancy place like that. She gasped. D-does she wants to ask Churi to marry her?! Does she want me to become her witness or something?! A sudden pain came into her chest. I will hate her forever if she doing that to me.


As soon as Rena finished her exam, she drove her car toward the shopping mall. Just like she planned last night, she wanted to buy a new dress. She entered almost all boutiques in that area. I have to looks extremely hot tonight, maybe Airin will change mind after she realize how gorgeous I am. That ‘stupid bird’ is not worthy to become my rival.

When Rena was about to explore a boutique on the top floor, she heard her phone rang. It was a call… it was from… Jurina. She sighed. “Moshi moshi.” She decided to pick up the call after ignoring Jurina for about 3 weeks.


It was the only word that Rena heard from Jurina. “Do you call me to ask about my answer?” She said it straight to the point. After she asked it, she could hear Jurina’s laugh.

No, I’m not. I only want to hear your voice. I’m glad you’re fine.” Jurina paused for a while. “You know… you don’t have to avoid me. Just forget about my confession, I already knew the answer. Well… have a nice day. I have to go filming, bye.

*THUMP!* “J-jurina, wait! That’s not-” Rena heard Jurina ended the call. She tried to call back but Jurina didn’t pick up her call. She typed a message for Jurina. ‘I will never forget about your confession. I can’t forget it just like that! Please wait a little longer, Jurina. I will give you my answer soon, I promise.

Rena waited for a few minutes, but there was no reply from Jurina. She sighed. ‘I’m sorry, Jurina. I have to convince my heart first before I take my decision. I know this is a selfish request, but… I need a time.’ She put her phone back into her handbag after she sent the text to Jurina.

After half an hour, Rena found what she want… a sexy red dress and a pair of black high heels. Perfect. She looked at her watch. She still had 3 hours before the dinner time, so she decided to buy ice cream before she went home.

She stepped into the ice cream shop. Her heart almost fell when she saw Churi sat alone in that shop. She had only met Churi once, it was about 3 years ago… but she would never forget her eternal enemy’s face. What is she doing here? Does she want to buy a dress for tonight as well?

But then… Rena saw a man came to Churi’s table. She narrowed her eyes. Airin never tell me that Churi have a brother. Her eyes grew wide with shock after she saw Churi fed him with the ice cream in Churi’s hand. SHIT!! THAT BITCH!!! I WILL KILL HER!

Rena walked toward Churi’s table in a full speed and she was ready to give some strong punches to Churi. Airin dumped me because of her!! I’m suffered for a long time because of her!!! How dare that bitch betraying Airin?!

Rena stood in front of Churi. “Hey.” As soon as Churi lifted her head to look her, she slapped Churi strongly. If it was it a game, she already got 10 combos for that hit.

Churi was utterly shocked. She stood up immediately. “M-Matsui san. W-wait… let me explain.” She looked so panicked.

Rena didn’t know how to react about it. Should she be happy because after this, Airin would totally become hers? Or! Should she be sad because her best friend was fooled by Churi? “Explain it to my hand, SLUT!” She gave another slap onto Churi’s cheek. She didn’t care about other people who looked them.

Churi saw that the man beside her was about to stand up, so she quickly prevent him. “Can you please leave us alone? Wait me in the car, okay?” The man looked hesitate to leave her alone. “She is Airin’s friend.”

Rena didn’t know what was going on between Churi and the man because he became totally calmer after Churi told him that she was Airin’s friend. She saw the man left her and Churi alone. “WHO IS HE?!” She clenched her fist.

Churi still managed to smile even though her cheek already red because of the slaps that Rena gave to her. “Can we sit first, please?”

“I will kill you for sure, Takayanagi.” Rena glared at Churi.


Airin looked at her watch over and over again. Where is she? What make her so long? It was already 7:30PM; Rena was late for 30 minutes. She felt so uneasy. Does she have a meeting with Jurina, so she cancelled our dinner? She was about to call Rena, but the figure that she waiting for already walked toward her. “Rena!” She raised her hand as a signal to Rena. She looked so flawless in that dress.

Rena smiled and then she sat in front of Airin. “Sorry, I’m late.”

“It’s okay.” Airin smiled back. “I’m about to call you.” She raised her hand to give a code to the waitress to bring the food which she had pre-ordered onto their table.

“Where is Churi?”

“As usual, she always busy with her animal shop.” Airin answered it without looked at Rena, she was busy to read the menu book. She wanted to make sure that she already ordered Rena’s favorite dishes.

“Why she didn’t come with us?”

“One of her parrot is sick, so she wants to take care of her parrot.”

Rena nodded. “I see…” She stood up. “Let’s go to my home.”

“W-wait…” Airin seemed surprised. “We have to eat first. I’ve ordered the food for us.”

“You can have a dinner in my house. I will order my maid to cook for us.”

Airin looked disappointed. “B-but… Rena, it’s really expensive. I’ve paid this food in advance.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Don’t play dumb with me, Airin. We both know that money is never become our problem. Just leave it and give it to anyone in this restaurant.” She turned around.

“Rena~” Airin tried to persuade Rena.

Rena turned her head at Airin direction. “Go-home-NOW.” She glared at Airin.

Airin was taken aback. She was totally confused. But it seemed she didn’t have any choice except following Rena’s order. She stood up and left the restaurant.

Both of them ride their own cars to Rena’s home. They couldn’t talk in the way home since they drove the different cars. In just 20 minutes, they had arrived at Rena’s home. The climbed up the stairs and entered Rena’s bedroom.

Rena sat on the edge of her bed while Airin sat on a chair near the desk, the sat facing each other. Rena didn’t know how to begin the conversation and Airin also couldn’t say anything because she had no idea about the thick atmosphere between them.

Rena pressed the intercom button. “Can someone please bring 2 hot lemon tea into my room?”

“P-please????” A maid answered through the intercom.

“Yes. Please Yoshida-san.”

O-okay, Matsui-sama. ------------ kyaaa!!! Matsui-sama knows my name sh-” The maid released the intercom button.

Airin tilted her head. She knew very well about what happened just now. First, Rena never used ‘please’ to her maids before; she always gave a harsh and absolute order. She never used that kind of ‘help’ tone. Second, it was the first time Airin heard Rena called her maid name and especially… with the honorific and politely. There are only 2 people in her life, me and Jurina.  I wonder who could change her drastically like this, is it me or Jurina?

In a few minutes later, the maid came into Rena’s room. The maid bowed at Airin and Rena before she put the 2 glasses of lemon tea onto the table. It was surprising Airin even more, when she saw Rena bowed her head a little to the maid. The maid almost collapsed because of the sudden shock from Rena’s act.

“What is it?” Airin spoke up to break the silence.

“Just finish your drink before we begin to talk.” Rena grabbed one of the glasses and then she began to drink.

Airin saw Rena drank the lemon tea in one go, just in a blink of eye… the glass already empty. She wanted to grab her glass as well, but her eyes widened when she saw Rena was about to throw the glass at her direction. She tilted her body reflexively to avoid the glass. The glass ended up with hit the wall and it broke into the pieces. “Rena, WHAT THE FUCK are you doing??!! You almost hurt me!!”

Rena scoffed. “What’s the difference? You’re dying anyway.” She still sat on the edge of the bed with a smirk on her face.

“Are you crazy, Rena?!”

Rena stood up; she still looked so gorgeous in her red dress. “Yes, I’m crazy.” She walked toward Airin. “I’m crazy because of you!”

Airin surprised as she felt a pain on her cheek. Rena slapped her. “What’s going on here??!!” She held her red cheek.

“What’s going on here, you said.” She glared at Airin. “I’m the one who should asking you about it. What’s going on with you and Churi???!!!” She raised her voice.

Airin frowned. “What? Are you still mad at her because I chose her instead of you?! Are you still jealous at her?! You don’t have to act so childish like this!!” She glared at Rena.

Rena slapped Airin’s cheek again, but this time… with the tears rolled down on her cheeks. “DON’T-PLAY-DUMB-WITH-ME-ANYMORE!” She pointed at Airin’s face. “I met Churi today… she was with her FIANCE!!!” She grabbed Airin’s collar. “How dare you, Airin…. HOW DARE YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME FOR YEARS!!”

Airin’s eyes widened. Her heartbeat became uncontrolled. She felt the chills in all over her body. “Sh-she tell it to y-you??” She stuttered.

Rena pushed Airin onto the wall. She gave Airin another slap again. “Yes. She told it to me after I slapped her face twice. She tell it ALL!!!”

“D-did she tell you a-about something else??” Airin looked so panicked. She even forgot about the pain in her cheek.

Rena’s tears fell even more. “YES! She told me everything.”


Churi still managed to smile even though her cheek already red because of the slaps that Rena gave to her. “Can we sit first, please?”

“I will kill you for sure, Takayanagi.” Rena glared at Churi.

“I’m sorry for keeping this as secret from you for a long time.” Churi began to talk after Rena sat down. “I and Airin are not dating. We’re not dating since the beginning. Well… I was in love with her, but she never loves me back.”

Rena frowned. “HUH?!”

Churi sighed. “As you know, we become friends since we were still in high school. Then we went into a same university, and that was when I confessed my feeling toward her. But… she rejected me. She said that she loved somebody else, her childhood friend.”

*THUMP!* Rena felt her mind went blank.

“One day, she asked my favor to become her girlfriend for a day.” Churi looked at the floor. “That day was 3 years ago, the day when me met, Matsui-san. Airin planned it all.”

“WHAT?!” Rena hit the table.

“Please, calm down Matsui-san. Let me finish it first.” Churi continued her story after Rena gave a nod. “At first. I was angry at her too. It was like… she used me to make you jealous. But I was wrong… there was a big reason behind it.”

“What is it?” Rena looked impatient.

“Have you ever wondered why she doesn’t work even though she’s smart? You surely know her better than me, Matsui-san… Is she a lazy, brat, and spoiled girl? NO! It’s a big ‘no’, she’s a really nice girl. Am I right?”

Rena was puzzled. She never thought about it before.

“When she was not being able to go out with you, what’s the reason that she said?”

“S-she in the hospital… to accompany her mom.” Rena tried to guess the direction of their conversation. What’s her point? “She went to the hospital every week.”

“Why she even need to accompany her mom? Airin is an architect, not a doctor or nurse or anything.”

Rena clenched her fist. “So she didn’t go to the hospital?! She lied to me?!”

Churi sighed. “I’ve told you to calm down. Airin is not that kind of person; she’s actually an honest girl. It’s true that she went to the hospital, but not to accompany her mom.” She bit her lips. “She’s sick, Matsui-san.”

“What do you mean?!” Rena felt her blood was about to burst out from her vein. “Just spit it out!!” She yelled at Churi because Churi remained silent.

Churi covered her mouth with her hand, tried to hold her tears. “Remember when she said that she went to Paris to study 2 years ago?” She saw a nod from Rena. “I know that I’m not a right person to tell you about this, but if I not… you’ll never know the truth until the worst thing happen.” She took a deep breath. “Actually… she didn’t go to Paris… s-she went to New York for…. surgery.”

*THUMP!* Again… Rena’s heart beats rapidly. “W-what surgery?” She was not ready to hear Churi’s answer, but she knew that she had to hear it.

“She has breast cancer, Matsui-san. She went to New York to ‘cut’ her left bosom and did the therapy for a year. But… 6 months ago, I heard from her that… the cancer has spread to the right bosom. She refused to ‘cut’ her bosom again. She’s dying, Matsui-san!! Please be there for her. She loves you… you’re her first love and I’m sure you will be her last too.” Finally… Churi couldn’t hold her tears anymore.


“Why, Airin? WHY?!” Rena sobbed. She couldn’t hold the deep pain in her heart anymore.

Airin lowered her body slowly and then she sat on the floor. She leaned her back onto the wall. “I’m sorry, Rena-chan.” She stared at the ceilings. “You ask ‘why’… because I hate to say goodbye to you. Just look at us now… it’s look like our farewell, right?”

Rena shook her head. “I will never say goodbye to you.” She bit her lips. “Airin…” She walked toward Airin and the she sat beside Airin. She wrapped her right arm onto Airin shoulder and then she pulled Airin’s body closer. “Tell me all.”

Airin rested her head on Rena’s lap. “About my cancer?”

“No.” Rena caressed Airin’s head.”About us.”

Airin closed her eyes, enjoyed Rena’s hand that gently caressed her head and her cheek. “I don’t know since when I’m falling in love with you… because I’ve started to like you when we were still in elementary school. So, my feeling is developed by itself.”

“Why do you never confess it to me?”

Airin held one of Rena’s hands. “When I was still a kid, the reason is quite simple… I was shy.
Then… when I was grew up a bit older, my reason was… you’re too pretty for me, I wasn’t sure that you have a same feeling with me.
Afterward… when I was in high school, the reason was… you have a boyfriend back then, you loved him a lot and you even cried every night when you broke up with him.
Finally… when I was in college, you were single back then… I planned to confess my feeling toward you, but… at that time, I had just known that I had a cancer and my mom told me that it was still can be cured. I postponed my confession because I didn’t want you to know my disease.”

Rena shed her tears. “Baka! You should tell me your feeling! You didn’t have to through all alone.”

“I planned to confess my feeling right after my surgery and my therapy was over, because at that time… I already know that you had a same feeling with me, I’ve told you before… that birthday present made me realized your feeling.”

Rena cheek blushed. “You know… the red rose was my friend idea. It made me looked so stupid.”

“Well… thanks to your friend because I didn’t see it as a stupid thing.” Airin smiled at Rena. “It even gave me hope and spirit in facing the surgery.”

“I’m glad.” Rena cupped Airin’s cheek.

“But…” Airin lost her smile. “In just some months after my therapy was over, the doctor said that my cancer…” She bit her lips. “…already infect my other bosom. The doctor told me to do the surgery again, but I rejected it… I didn’t want to look ugly when I die later. Can you imagine a girl without breast?” She laughed bitterly.

“That’s not funny, Airin! And you’re not ugly!!”

Airin raised her hand to caress Rena’s cheek. “Thank you.” She pulled back her hand and turned her head. “You know… I even planned to not tell you about my feeling and my disease until I die.”

“Don’t mention about die again!” Rena pouted.

Airin ignored Rena’s words. “But then… Jurina came into your life. She changes you a lot. You look brighter, happier and nicer toward other people. At first I think it’s a good thing because if I die, you won’t be too sad… she will be there for you. She will take care of you well if I’m not around anymore.”

“Airin!” Rena became too sensitive about ‘die’ word.

“But weeks ago, when you told me that she confessed her feeling to you… I don’t know why but… I’m jealous and angry. I’m sorry for not telling you about this… last week, I met her and warned her to stay away from you because you’re mine. I even planned to confess my feeling to you tonight in the restaurant. But it seems it already ruined.” Airin sighed.

“Eh???” Rena looked surprised. So, that’s why Jurina said the weird things on the phone this afternoon? She thought that I’ve chosen Airin?

“Are you angry at me? You know dying people will act so childish and stubborn. People who’s about to die is quite sensitive. Well… I’m uglier than her and she’s so famous. Be with her, Rena. She’s a really nice girl and I know that you start to love her as well.” Airin smiled. “You two look perfect together.”

Rena seemed really irritated about Airin’s words. It was like Airin had given up. “Don’t say ‘die’ again!! I’m being serious here, Airin.” She glared at Airin. “And one more thing… stop saying that you’re ugly. You’re still same in front of me Airin… I don’t care about your breast! Well, yeah… I’m not a pervert girl, so… I guess it’s not a problem.”

Airin laughed.”Okay. I’m sorry, Miss Not-pervert. ”

She went to New York to ‘cut’ her left bosom.’ Churi’s words popped out in her head. She knew that it was a crazy request but… “Airin… c-can I see it?”

Airin seemed confused. “See what?”

Rena’s cheek blushed crazily, but she really wanted to see what it was look like. “Y-your.. umm.. your…” She pointed at Airin’s chest.

Airin got what Rena mean. “You said you’re not pervert!!” She said it jokingly.

Rena smacked Airin’s head. “Not your right breast!!” She still blushed. “I want to see your left breast…” She wondered why she didn’t notice it since a year ago, right after Airin come back.

Airin smiled calmly. “You don’t have to see it. It will make you freaking out, Rena-chan. I don’t want you seeing my ugly side.”

Rena groaned. Why she keeps persistent to say herself is ugly?! I have no choice. I have to make her become more confident. She pulled Airin and forced her to sit. She changed her position, so she can comfortably pinned Airin onto the wall and sat on Airin’s lap. “How many times I have to tell you that you’re not ugly?” She looked straight into Airin’s eyes.

“R-rena… I...” Airin couldn’t say anything. Rena’s face was too close to her and it caused her heartbeat rate increased. Her eyes grew wide when she realized that Rena began to unbuttoned her blouse.  Rena was about to unclasp her black-laced bra. “Don’t.” She held Rena’s hands… she hope Rena would stop.

It’s okay, Airin.” Rena whispered it.

Airin closed her eyes when she felt Rena’s hand unclasped her bra.

Rena took off the bra carefully. When she was about to put it away, she noticed something inside the bra. So… this is why I didn’t notice it. The bra was made especially for the breast cancer patients; it had a fake breast that made from silicon in it so no one would notice it from outside.

Airin hissed when Rena’s icy fingers began to trace her left breast. Rena didn’t touch her right side.

“It’s not as scary as you said, Airin.” Rena saw a big scar on Airin’s skin. Her left bosom is completely… ‘gone’. “Nothing wrong with this…” She touched the scar that caused by the surgery.

“Really?” Airin frowned. She was confused because Rena’s reaction was so calm. “Are you not freaking out after you seeing this?”

Rena smiled. “Why should I? It looks normal and not ugly at all.” She gave a quick kiss to the scar. “Well… I’m sorry for forcing you to take off your clothes.” She chuckled. “Put your clothes back, Airin. We will have a dinner.”

Airin showed her big smile. “Okay~” She felt happy because her best friend didn’t afraid of her. I’m relieved.

Rena excused herself to see the maids. Rena went out from the bedroom while Airin putting on her clothes back. Rena rushed into a bathroom outside her bedroom, and then she locked the door. She started to cry. She punched the wall. God!! Why her?! WHY?!!! She tried hard to not cry too loud, she was afraid that Airin could hear it. Why she should bear the DAMN CANCER?! She punched the wall over and over again. FUCK!


Jurina had just finished the CM filming. She seemed pretty tired and sleepy. She and Mayu sat on the back seat of their car while the driver drove the car toward their house.

“Jurina, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Mayu. I’m just… tired.” Jurina moved a bit to get closer to Mayu, and then she put her head on Mayu’s shoulder. “Can I sleep here?”

“No problem.” Mayu let the other girl slept on her shoulder. She let out a sigh. Shall I reject some jobs so she can take a rest for a couple days? We can go for holiday… just two of us. She looked out through the window. Go overseas will be great. She smiled.

A few minutes later, Jurina groaned as she heard her phone rang. She picked up the call lazily without looked at the screen. “Moshi moshi.” She still shut her eyes.

Am I bothering you?

Jurina’s eyes opened in instant and she lifted her head from Mayu’s shoulder. “No! Of course not, Rena-chan.”

Mayu glanced at Jurina who became completely different from a few seconds ago. Jurina’s battery became fully charged just because she got a call from another Matsui. It’s impossible for us… I think she’ll prefer to stay here with Rena rather than spend a holiday with me.

“Why do you call me, Rena-chan?” Jurina smiled even though she knew that Rena couldn’t see it.

Do you have a time tomorrow? Can we meet? Umm… in my house.

Jurina almost threw up everything that she ate for dinner in 2 hours ago. “H-house? Y-your house??”

Mayu grabbed her skirt and grip onto it strongly. She could guess what was going on although she couldn’t hear Rena’s voice.

Yep, if you don’t mind. I’m too lazy to go out. My house is about half an hour from the bridge.

Jurina’s sense said that there was something different in the way Rena talked to her. “Wait a minute.” She turned her head to Mayu’s direction. “Can you please check my schedule for tomorrow? Do I have some free time?”

Mayu looked at her phone and did what Jurina said. “You have three shows tomorrow and two photo shoots. Your schedule will be finished at 8PM.”

Jurina nodded. “Rena-chan, I’ll be there at 9PM. Is it okay if we only talk for an hour?”

Ahh… it’s too short. Can you stay overnight in my house? Tell to Mayu to not worry about you since my house is totally safe.

“Sure. I can.” Jurina said it without too much thinking. “See you tomorrow.” They ended the call.

Jurina looked at Mayu. “Please let me stay in Rena’s house for a night tomorrow.” She received a deathly glare from Mayu. “R-rena said that her house is safe and… I- I feel that there’s something wrong happened to her. I’m so worried about her.” She tried to convince Mayu. “Please~”

Mayu couldn’t refuse those cute-plead-puppy eyes that begged her to say ‘yes’. She sighed and then she turned her head. “Be sure that you arrived back to our home at 7AM because you have schedule at 8AM.”

“Yay~” Jurina hugged Mayu. “Arigatou~” She showed her cat smile.

Mayu didn’t say anything. She even didn’t yell at Jurina as usual for hugging her.


Jurina arrived in front a gate. She took out her phone and read the address once again. I’m on the right place. She put her phone back into her pocket and then she drove her motorcycle entered the gate. She saw a post guard near the gate. “Hi, sir. I’m sorry. Is this Matsui-san house?”

The guard stood up quickly. Jurina even thought that the guard stood too quick as if he was afraid of her. “Good evening.” He bowed. “Are you Matsui Jurina-san?”

Jurina nodded.

“Matsui Rena-sama have waited you. You can leave your motorcycle here, miss. I will take care of it” The guard pointed at a couch inside the post guard. “Please kindly wait inside, someone will pick you up.”

Jurina took off her helmet. “Okay.” She gave it and the key to the guard. The guard brought her motorcycle away. She guessed that her motorcycle will be parked in somewhere. She entered the post guard and sat on the couch. About 2 or 3 minutes later, she saw a golf cart stopped in front of the post guard.

“Good evening, Matsui Jurina-san. Please get in.” The driver said it to Jurina.

Jurina scratched her head. “Are we going to ride this?” She saw the driver give her a nod. Is Rena-chan’s house still far away from here? Why I even need to ride this thing?

After the driver saw Jurina had sat comfortably, he started to drive toward another gate that not too far from the main gate. He kept driving until they arrived in front of a big house.

The hell! This is her house??!!! Jurina shocked after she saw how big Rena’s house. She stepped out from the golf cart as the driver gave her a signal that they already arrived. She turned her head to the left and then she saw a fountain inside the garden in front of her house. Wow.

“Matsui Jurina-san.”

Jurina turned her head to the right, she saw a maid bowed at her. She bowed back. “Nice to meet you.”

“Please follow me.” The maid smiled at Jurina.

Jurina walked behind the maid. As soon as she passed the main door, she could see many luxury goods inside the big house. W-wait… Am I ‘messing up’ with a Hime?! Thankfully that I didn’t do anything bad to Rena, or else… I will be crushed by her family easily. She climbed up the stairs and then they stop in front of a door.

“This is Matsui-sama’s room. You can go inside since she already gave us an order to escort you here.” The maid bowed at Jurina and then she went away.

Jurina knocked the door. “Rena-chan?” She knocked the door over and over again, but still… she didn’t hear any answer from inside. She decided to open the door and stepped into the room. She saw a familiar figure slept on the bed. Ah… she’s sleeping. She closed the door carefully; she didn’t want to wake the Hime-sama.

Jurina walked toward the bed and looked at the familiar figure closer. Oh sweet baby Jesus!! She’s so damn cute while sleeping! She couldn’t stop staring at Rena’s angelic face. She couldn’t stop herself to not admiring Rena’s sleeping face. She took out her phone and then she took a picture of Rena. She shocked because the ‘clicking’ sound from her phone was quite loud.

Rena opened her eyes immediately.  She saw Jurina stood in front of her bed while holding the phone. “What are you doing, Jurina?!” She sat up quickly.

Jurina hid her phone behind her back. “N-Nothing!” She shook her head.

Rena gave a suspicious look to Jurina. “Are you taking my picture?”

Jurina flinched. “Pfft. N-no. Of course not! Why should I?”

“You definitely were taking my picture.” Rena stood up and tried to reach Jurina’s phone. “Give it to me! You have to delete it!”

Jurina lifted up her hand and dodged Rena’s hand easily. “You look so cute while sleeping.” She chuckled.

“No! I’m look terrible!! I don’t put my make-up!” Rena still tried to get the phone. “Give it to me!”

Jurina put her arm around Rena’s neck. She pulled Rena closer until their faces were close enough. “No, you look so gorgeous… even until now, you still look cute.” She said it softly in front of Rena’s face.

Rena stepped back. “You’re such a flirtatious girl.” She couldn’t hide her blushing cheeks.

Jurina smirked as she saw Rena already gave up. She put her phone back into her pocket. “Yes, I like to flirt, and don’t forget to mention about my ikemen face too.”

Rena slapped Jurina’s arm. “You’re so noisy!”

Jurina shrugged. “Yes, I am.” She said it with a grin in her face.

Rena hissed to show her annoyance. “Whatever.” She replied sarcastically. After that she turned around and crossed her arms.

Jurina smiled. She felt happy because she was able to meet Rena after some weeks without talking with each other. “Rena…” She back-hugged Rena. “I missed you.”

Rena felt so comfortable when Jurina’s arms wrapped her waist. She felt safe and her worries also went away from her mind. If I want her to hug me like this forever, is it means that I’ve fallen for her? Then… how about my feeling to Airin? Rena bit her lower lip. How can I leave Airin when she really needed me? Why my love for Airin decreased drastically when I already know how big Airin’s love for me? Airin had loved me even when I didn’t know what love is.

“What happen?” Jurina put her chin on Rena’s shoulder. “I’m sure that you wouldn’t ask me to come here only to tease you, right?”

Rena sighed. I don’t have someone else to share my thought about Airin. Jurina is the only one person in this world that I trust the most after Airin. She turned around again to face Jurina. She looked at Jurina’s eyes and her hands cupped Jurina’s cheeks… she caressed Jurina’s face gently.

Jurina still wrapped her arms onto Rena’s body. “If you remained silent, I can’t help you. Just tell me about all things that troubling your heart.”

Rena felt relieved because Jurina asked her problems instead of forced her to answer the confession. She felt that Jurina really understood her feeling. “Airin…” She began to cry.

Jurina frowned. So, is this about Airin? She didn’t feel irritated because Rena mentioned her rival name, she just felt anxious about what happened to Airin. “Yes?”

“Airin have cancer and she’s dying!” Finally, Rena let it out. She burst into tears after she said it.

Jurina’s eyes grew bigger… she was really-really-really shocked. She pulled Rena’s head onto her chest, she let Rena cried there and soaked her shirt. She tightened her hug and caressed Rena’s head to calm her. She remained silent because she didn’t really know what to say. She couldn’t imagine if something like that happened to Mayu. “Shhh… Rena. I’m here. I’m here. We can through this together.” She rubbed Rena’s back.

“I… I…” Rena sobbed. “I don’t know what to do. Help me. Help her!” She cried hysterically.

What should I do? Jurina tried to hold Rena tighter because Rena started thrashing in her arms… crying uncontrollably. She didn’t expect that Rena’s problem could be that bad. She carried Rena and then she put Rena onto the bed. She lay beside Rena as well because Rena didn’t let her go, Rena gripped her shirt tightly. She didn’t have any choice except let Rena cried in her hug. “If crying make you feel better, then let it out. I will be here for you tonight.”

Jurina wanted to ask more the detail about Airin, but the situation seemed impossible to ask about it. She decided to wait until Rena calmer.

After cried for 2 hours, Rena fell asleep in Jurina’s arm. Jurina wiped Rena’s tears carefully and gently, she didn’t want to wake Rena. Jurina looked at her watch. 1AM, I still have some hours to sleep. She kissed Rena’s forehead. “Good night, Rena-chan.” She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.


Jurina opened her eyes slowly. As soon as her eyes completely opened, her eyes met with the clock that hanging on Rena’s wall. FUCK!!! She woke up quickly and checked her phone. I forgot to make the alarm!! She saw her phone screen; there were 36 missed calls from Mayu. Oh my God, what should I do??!!

Jurina looked at the girl who still slept beside her. I can’t leave her like this. She stood up and walked outside the bedroom. She closed the door carefully and then she leaned her back onto the wall. After that… she called Mayu.


Jurina flinched as she heard how Mayu answered her call. “M-mayu… I can’t.”

What do you mean you can’t?!! I’ve told you to go home at 7AM!!! It’s already 10 o’clock! You have to arrive here in 15 minutes; I don’t care if you have to fly or what!

“Mayu, please. I can’t leave her alone. Please cancel all of my schedules for a week.” Jurina said it without thinking twice.

WHAT??!!” Mayu yelled at Jurina again. “Are you crazy?!

“Please understand me, Mayu. I will tell the reason later.” Jurina hope that Mayu would let her pass this time.

I don’t care about your fucking reason! Come here now. Do you realize that you put me into a big trouble?!

“I know. I know. But please, Rena’s problem is quite big right now… I can’t leave her alone.”

Mayu scoffed. “So all of this is about Rena. You care to death about her problem, but you put me in a pinch?! I’m in trouble too!

Jurina lost her patience. “Mayu! No. Manager-san, just do what I said! I pay you for managing my schedule, not to tell me what to do or scolding me!!” She could hear Mayu gasped.

“……..” Mayu remained silent for a few seconds. “FINE! Enjoy your time with your FRIEND, Matsui-san.” Mayu hang up the call.

 5 seconds, Jurina realized her big mistake in just 5 seconds after Mayu ended the call. She grabbed her own hair. Damn! What I’ve done?! I did it again… I make her sad again.

“You don’t have to do that, Jurina.”

Jurina turned her head as she heard a familiar voice came from her side. “No, I have to do that. You need a friend now.” She said it gently. “I won’t let you cry alone. And umm…” She scratched her head. “I want to become Airin’s friend as well. Can I meet her today?”

Rena surprised by Jurina’s answer. She walked toward Jurina and then she hugged Jurina. “Thank you. I don’t know what happen to me now if we didn’t meet at the bridge on that night. I’m really glad to have you here and I’m sure that Airin will be happy too.”

“This is what friends are for.” Jurina stroked Rena’s hair.

“Ummmm….” The maid coughed. “Matsui-sama and Matsui-san, the breakfast is ready.” She bowed at Rena and Jurina with her blushing face.

Rena and Jurina were shocked because they didn’t notice the maid presence. They quickly let go of their arms from each other.

“Okay. Thank you. We will go there in 5 minutes.” Rena answered the maid.

The maid excused herself from the double Matsui.

“Wow. If there are paparazzi here, I’m sure that we will be in a front page of some newspapers this morning.” Jurina grinned.

Rena chuckled. “Well… I guess we’re lucky this time.” She reached out her hand to hold Jurina’s hand. “Let’s eat.”

Jurina nodded and then she followed Rena to the dining room. “Rena-chan… you’re a really rich girl. Fortunately, I didn’t rape you on the bridge at that night or else… I might be crushed by your family in instant.” She chuckled.

Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “Baka!”

They sat facing each other and enjoyed the dishes that made by Rena’s chef.

Rena looked around. “Wait… why all of you keep standing here?” She talked to some maids behind her. “I even didn’t remember that I’ve ever accompanied by all of you before. Is it supposed to be only Yoshida-san who take care of me?”

One of the maids bowed at Rena. “W-we are so s-sorry, Matsui-sama. We promised that we’re not going to disturb you.”

Another maid bowed at Rena as well. “W-we will j-just standing here and look at….” She pointed at Jurina. “We are her fans.”

Rena saw all of her maids nodded without took off their eyes from Jurina. “WHAT?!”

Jurina laughed out loud. “I’m sorry, Rena-chan. I couldn’t hide my star aura.”

“Shut up.” Rena threw the tissue paper box to Jurina, but unfortunately… Jurina could catch it perfectly with a smirk in her face. It even made the maids held back their scream because Jurina looked so damn cool. Rena rolled her eyes.

“Matsui Jurina-san, can we take a picture with you and get your signature? Please~” A maid folded her hands and pleaded at Jurina.

“Sure you can.” Jurina smiled at the maids. “I can’t refuse a cute girl request anyway.” She winked. “But is it okay? Since my morning face is quite horrible.”

“No-no-no! You’re still handsome and cool as usual.” The other maid answered Jurina.

“Thank you.” Jurina showed her cute-puppy face to the maids. “But let me finish my breakfast first, okay?”

Rena saw her maid jumped happily. She glared at Jurina. “You’re totally a flirty girl!”

Jurina shrugged. “It’s called as fan services, Rena-chan.”

“Ugh! I shouldn’t ask you to come here.” Rena seemed annoyed.

“Really? Because in a few minutes ago you’ve just dramatically thank me for being on your side. Remember?” Jurina enjoyed herself while teasing Rena. It’s better to see her mad expression than to see her tears again.



It had been 3 days Jurina slept over in Rena’s house because Rena forced her to stay there. Both of them became extreme closer and knew each other better just in 3 days. They didn’t do many activities because most of their time was spent to discuss about Airin and her cancer. They even went to the hospital where Airin’s mom worked and asked the detail about the disease.

Rena was extremely upset, sad, and stressful when Airin’s mom told them that based on the doctors prediction, Airin only could survive less than a year because Airin refused to ‘cut’ her bosom again.

Airin’s mom was the strongest woman that they had ever seen, both of them ended up with admiring Airin’s mom. Airin’s mom accepted and respected Airin’s decision to not do the surgery, she looked ready to lose Airin someday but there was no hopeless in her eyes… it was difficult to express in words about how Airin’s mom facing her daughter’s condition.

Jurina and Rena asked Airin’s mom permission to let Airin slept in Rena’s house for some days. Airin’s mom agreed with them since Airin needed to feel the happiness as much as she could. Rena and Airin’s mom went to Airin house to pick Airin up, on the other hand Jurina decided to go home to pick her clothes.

Rena kept persistent to ask Jurina to wear her clothes, but Jurina refused it. Not only because she needed her own underwear *cough*, but she also wanted to talk with Mayu. Jurina had to explain everything before Mayu became more misunderstood.

Jurina took a really deep breath before she pressed the bell. “Mayu, please open the door. It’s me, Jurina.” When she was about to press the bell one more time, Mayu already opened the door. Wait… sh-she smile?! Did Watanabe Mayu have just smiled at me??!!

“Come in.” Mayu smiled at Jurina and let her entered the house.

Jurina scratched her head. She’s not raging at me?! She closed the door. “M-mayu… listen, I-”

Mayu turned around. “I’m fine. You don’t have to explain anything to me.” Her smile still across at her lips. “I’ve cancelled your schedules until next Wednesday. Just tell me if you need something else.”

Jurina frowned. “Are you sure that you’re fine? You act strangely”

Mayu shrugged. “Yeah, I’m doing good. Why? Is it because I’m not yelling at you like a bitch? I’ve told you that I’m not a witch.” She turned around and walked toward her room. “I’m sleepy. Don’t forget to lock the door if you want to go again.” She yawned and then she closed her room door.

Well… this is new. Is something happened to her? Maybe her head was bumped on to something… maybe. Jurina wanted to knock Mayu’s room and talked to her once again, but she stopped as she got a message from Rena that ordered her to hurry up because Rena and Airin already arrived at Rena’s house.

Jurina sighed. I’ll talk to Mayu later. She climbed the stairs, packed her stuff, and then she went to Rena’s house again.

“Jurina!” Rena smiled as she saw Jurina stood in front of her room. “Come in.”

Jurina stepped inside slowly. She was a bit uneasy about how to approach Airin. “Hi.” She greeted the girl who sat on the edge of the bed. “Nice to meet you… again.” She gave Airin an awkward smile. “You look… good.”

Airin smiled back at Jurina. “It’s nice to meet you as well.”

There was a long silence after that. They were in an awkward situation because no more secret between them. Jurina and Airin loves a same girl, Rena… Rena confused about her own feeling… Airin rampaged at Jurina in weeks ago… Jurina barely talked with Airin, but she already knew Airin’s deepest secrets from Rena. The friendship, love, and rivalry made the atmosphere around them thickened. They didn’t know how to start the conversation.

“Jurina, I’m sorry about that night.” Finally, Airin spoke up and broke the silence. “I’ve acted rude at you and said some harsh words. I couldn’t control myself at that night.”

“You don’t have to say sorry. I understand your position and your feeling. If it was happened to me, maybe I would do something worse than that.” Jurina looked at Rena. “It’s okay to protect your best friend and someone that you love. I also would do the same.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Guys, can you stop making me feel bad? I get it, okay? I’m the center of our problems here and I’m tired about this.” She sighed. “I don’t choose anyone. Now, no more tears and no more hatred. Then…can we have some fun?” She grinned.

Airin scoffed. “Pfft. I don’t love you anymore.” Then she gave a wink to Jurina. “I’m Jurina’s fan and I think I love her more than you.”

Jurina smirked and played along. “Yeah… don’t get so full of yourself, Rena. I love someone who can draw well.” She winked back at Airin.

Rena’s eyes widened. “H-hey!!!! Hey!!!” She looked panicked when Jurina moved her lips closer to Airin’s lips. *CHU*

Jurina grinned. “That’s why my fans called me as a ‘kissing monster’. I love to kiss cute girls.”

“So, Am I cute??!!” Airin smiled at Jurina.

“Of course! I’ve just kiss you.” Jurina hugged Airin. She acted like a super cute puppy in Airin’s hug.

Airin laughed and ruffled Jurina’s hair.

Rena looked at her best friends in a disbelief way. “I think I want to puke!” She remembered something. “Kissing monster? But you never kiss me, Jurina.”

“It means you’re NOT CUTE!” Airin started to tease Rena.

Jurina did a high five with Airin. “You get the point. She’s a grumpy girl and not cute AT ALL.”

“SHUT UP!!” Rena walked toward them and began to smack their heads. It caused Airin and Jurina hissed in pain.

After that, they laughed together. They knew that it was not the right time to show their jealousy, sadness, frustration, anger, hatred, and desperation anymore. They buried those pathetic feelings deep inside their hearts because they knew that one of their lives was too short to feel those feelings. Jurina and Rena wanted Airin to feel the happiness as much as she could. At that time they realized that in some ways… friendship will more important than love.


8 months had passed without any single tears dropped from Airin, Jurina, and Rena eyes… at least not in front of each other. But that night… no one of them could hold it anymore, especially Rena. Who could hold their tears when Airin said ‘it is the time’ to them?!

Airin became weaker since the 4th month, her skin looked paler and her body got tired quicker. At the 5th month, Airin refused to receive any therapy and she even didn’t want to go to the hospital. Finally, at the 6th month… Airin couldn’t refuse anymore because her body extremely became thinner and weaker. She went to the hospital, but still... she refused to do the chemotherapy. She said that she didn’t want to lose her hair too… she didn’t want to look ugly at her funeral event.

The 7th month, Airin was not the girl who Rena used to know anymore. No more Airin who always showed her bright smile every time they met, no more Airin who always laughed even though it was just a silly joke from her, no more Airin who stroked Rena’s hair to calm her, no more Airin who hugged her when she cried, and no more Airin who showed her love and sweetness to her even though she made a damn mistake. Airin at the 7th month was the girl who just lying on a hospital bed, the girl who couldn’t smile and didn’t have an enough power to talk, the girl who just shed her tears without able to wipe it by herself, and the girl who her life was supported by hospital equipment.

Finally… the 8th month, Airin completely couldn’t move her own body… she even couldn’t moving a finger. Her hair was still there since she refused to do the chemotherapy and still… refused to cut her bosom again. She looked amazingly thin, as if only her bone and skin that left in her body.

It was a night in the end of the month; Airin took off the medical ventilator from her mouth and said, “This is the time.” It was really shocking because she could speak after 2 months of silence.  “I saw my dad and 2 angels come to my bed 2 days ago.” She said it weakly. Her dad died when she was still a 17-year-old girl. Her dad was died because of the car accident.

Right after Airin said it, Jurina tried so hard to make Rena calmed down. Rena cried hysterically… it was so painful to be heard. Jurina hugged Rena really tight.

“Can I talk with my mom? Only us, please.” Airin looked at Jurina, Rena, and Churi who also in that room. She saw the slight nod from them and after that they left her alone with her mom.

After some minutes, Airin mom went out from Airin’s room… she cried really hard after she closed the door. It was time for Churi to go inside Airin’s room, and then… it was a time for Jurina and Rena to get in.

“Hi.” Airin smiled at them.

Jurina let go of her arms from Rena’s body because she could see a slight jealousy from Airin’s eyes. “Hey buddy. It’s nice to see your smile again.” She held Airin’s hand.

“I missed your smile as well.” Airin replied it while lying on her bed. “Thank you for these past months. You always take care of me really well… you always come to the hospital even though you’re very tired after finished your schedules. You know… I’ve considered you as my best friend.”  Her smile never left her face although it was only a weak smile. “Please take care of my Rena. I trust her in your hand. Don’t ever dare to make her cry after this because I’m definitely will curse you from heaven!”

Jurina chuckled. “Okay. But don’t get too often to watch us, because you will totally jealous.” She grinned. She stood up after she saw Airin’s smile. “Umm… I will leave you two alone.” When she was about to open the door…

“Thank you for never crying in front of me, Jurina.”

Jurina turned back and smiled at Airin. After that, she went out from the room.

Rena tightened her grip onto Airin’s small hand. Her tears were still flowing on her cheeks. “You, baka! How dare you planned to leave me alone!!”

“I will never leave you, Rena-chan. I will always watch your steps from up there. Besides that, you have Jurina.”

“Jurina is different from you!! You know me better than her! Don’t comparing yourself with her.” Rena sobbed.

“One day… she will know you better. It’s only the matter of time.” Airin smiled. “I love you, Rena… I never stop loving you.” She noticed that her words made Rena cried even louder. She decided to make a joke. “Ahh… it’s nice to die like this… still virgin and never been kissed.” She let out a soft chuckle. “Jurina’s kisses didn’t count here.”

“Pfft!” Rena smacked Airin’s head softly. “Silly!” There was a long silence after that. “Airin…”

“Hm?” Airin hummed.

“Well… about your virginity, I can’t do anything about it.” Rena blushed. “But umm… I’m glad to be your first kiss.” She rubbed her fingers together. She looked so nervous.

Airin rolled her eyes. “That was only a joke, Rena. Don’t take it too serio-” Her eyes widened as she felt a warm lips touched her cold and pale lips. She wanted to push Rena away, but she was too weak to do it. “R-rena. mmm! What ar- mmhh! Sto- mhh!” She couldn’t finish her sentence because Rena kept clashing her lips onto hers. She smiled and then she closed her eyes… she just wanted to enjoy Rena’s lips as long as she could. She didn’t want it ended because she had waited it for years to be that close with Rena. It was a warm and gentle kiss.

Rena pulled back the kiss. “Are you happy now?” She caressed Airin’s cheek.

“I’m really happy, but… I feel so tired as well. Can I sleep?” Airin closed her eyes.

Rena began to panic. “No. No!! You can’t sleep!” She touched and shook Airin’s arm. “No!!!” She cried and screamed. “No!! No-no-no! Airin, wake up!!!!”

Airin opened her eyes slowly. “Ugh! So noisy. I want to sleep. Do you think that I was dead?” She grinned.

“Eh?!” Rena stopped crying and then punched Airin’s arm softly. “Don’t tease me at the time like this!! That was a lame joke, EVER!”

Airin laughed. “You’re being too serious, Rena.” She sighed. “Now, can I sleep? Don’t be too noisy, okay?”

Rena nodded and wiped her tears. She realized how stupid her action just now. “Good night. I will be here until you wake up.”

Airin smiled and then she closed her eyes again. “See you, Rena-chan.”

Right after Airin closed her eyes, Rena heard a long beeping sound from the machine beside Airin’s bed. “N-no way…. You’re just sleeping, right Airin?” He hand trembled. “Airin?” She touched Airin’s arm. “Please answer me…” She bit her below lip.

Suddenly a doctor and some nurses rushed into the room, they checked Airin’s condition.

When the doctor was about to put the defibrillator paddles onto Airin’s chest, Rena stood up. “Don’t touch her!!! She just sleeps!!! Don’t disturb her!”

Jurina hugged Rena tightly because she wanted to push the doctor away. “R-rena, calm down.”

The doctor finally stopped. “I’m sorry. I’ve tried my best.” He covered Airin’s body and face with a white cloth.

Airin’s mom and Churi rushed onto Airin’s bed and then they hugged the cold body.

Rena stopped struggling in Jurina’s arms. “S-she said that she just wants to sleep and I shouldn’t be too noisy……” She sat on the floor, covered her face and cried.

Jurina showed a bitter smile. “See you later, Airin. I promise to protect Rena with all my might.” She mumbled it to herself.

Airin died when she and Churi were the 26 years old girls... when Rena was a 25 years old girl… when Jurina and Mayu were the 24 years old girls. They were still too young to see their friend’s death.t wants to sleep and I shouldn’t be too noisy……” She sat on the floor, covered her face and cried.

Jurina showed a bitter smile. “See you later, Airin. I promise to protect Rena with all my might.” She mumbled it to herself.

Airin died when she and Churi were the 26 years old girls... when Rena was a 25 years old girl… when Jurina and Mayu were the 24 years old girls. They were still too young to see their friend’s death.

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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 5. Upside Down =

We can lose somebody overnight. Your whole life can be turned upside down.
Life is short. It can come and go like a feather in the wind.


3 years had been passed and many things happened, but thankfully it’s all happened without any big trouble.

Only a year after Airin’s death, Jurina went to Rena’s house to meet Rena’s parents. She asked their permission to let Rena lived in her house, in other words… she proposed Rena.


Jurina looked really calm in front of Rena’s parents. She sat in the couch and facing both of them with a smile. Three of them talked and laughed together, in other hand… Rena just sat beside Jurina and kept silence for about an hour.

Rena grabbed Jurina’s hand and then she dragged Jurina into the bathroom. “What are you doing?!”

Jurina looked at Rena innocently. “I asked your parents’ permission to bring you to my home. Is it wrong?”

Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “You never asked me to become your girlfriend yet you already came here to propose me?! You planned to meet my parents but I know nothing?!” She looked so mad at Jurina.

Jurina scratched her head. “I think there’s no need to ask you to be my girlfriend formally since I already knew that you love me as much as I do.” She grinned. “Well… if you say so… Would you be my girlfriend, Rena-chan?” Her smile was so big and almost showing all her teeth.

“Ugh!” Rena faceplamed. “In the toilet?! You must be kidding me!”

Jurina laughed. “Look, Rena-chan.” She cupped Rena’s cheek and caressed it gently. “The way we touch each other, the way we sharing our kisses, the way we look at each other, and the way we treat each other… We’ve became a couple already. We even didn’t need to state it out loud with our lips. I’ve thought of you as my girlfriend since Airin asked me to take care of you.”


“Rena.” Jurina sighed. “I want you to be the partner of my life, not just as simple as my girlfriend. I want you be my side forever.” She smiled. “I’m sorry to not telling you first about my meeting with your parents. I even don’t expect that your mom would call you to go home because this should be only me and your parents here.”

Rena remained silent and still looked at Jurina.

“If you feel that I’m not okay to become your partner, then… you can refuse me in front of them.” Jurina gulped.


And guess what, Rena accepted it and her parents accepted it as well. Rena was confused why her parents accepted it easily.  These were the reasons…
First, Jurina actually already established a good relationships with Rena’s parents since they met in the hospital to visit Airin. Jurina often chat with Rena’s mom and dad through the phone.
Second, Rena’s mom is Jurina’s hardcore fan. THAT explained everything. Rena’s mom and Jurina often had some lunch together and talked about Rena.
Third, Jurina gave the miniature of Paris city as birthday present for Rena’s dad. Rena’s dad is an architect, so he was so happy when he received the miniature like that.

Jurina did all of those things behind Rena’s back. Rena must admit that she was a sly girl. She stole Rena parent’s heart by giving a bribe to Rena’s dad and used her charm to ‘blind’ Rena’s mom.

Rena moved to Jurina’s house a month after Jurina proposed Rena. Jurina, Mayu, and Rena lived together there for almost 2 years. Jurina’s house was quite big, so it didn’t cause any problem.

Jurina’s career increased after she starred in a movie that had a wonderful story and it successes in the market. Mayu kept busy with the managerial stuff and took care of Jurina’s contract. But Rena… didn’t have anything to do.

3 years ago, Rena left her college and focused in taking care of Airin. After Airin died, she was too depressed and sad… she never thought to continue her study. Her parents didn’t force her anymore since they knew Rena’s situation back then. And after a year, she already felt better and wanted to continue her study but… she was became too lazy and she had another dream.

“Jurina.” Rena sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hm?” Jurina lie down and covered her face with a pillow. She had just arrived at home after filming a new CM.

“Can I have… a child?”

“WHAT??!!” Jurina utterly surprised by Rena’s random talk. She removed the pillow from her face and looked at Rena. “That’s totally a silly joke, Rena.”

“It’s not a joke.” Rena pouted. “I feel so bored to be here alone. You and Mayu always go home late and I don’t have anything to do.”

Jurina sighed. “Come here.” She opened her arms to let Rena came and slept in her hug. “I’m so sorry.” She stroked Rena’s hair. “I don’t have much free time and I…. well… I’m sorry because I’m not a man so… I… I can’t make you pregnant or something….”

Rena realized that she made Jurina misunderstood. “No! No. It’s not what I mean…. I’m just bored. That’s all!” She looked at Jurina and she found a pair of sad eyes. “You don’t have to say sorry.” She kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“I promise that I will spend more time with you if I can.” Jurina knew that she wasn’t sure about that. Her schedules had increased crazily lately and she rarely got some holidays. She felt guilty to make Rena felt alone for those 2 years. She must be bored to death. She sighed. “I’m sorry… I’m sure that you regret it now… to live with me. I’m so stupid to not thinking about it first when I asked you to live with me.”

Rena really wanted to smack her own forehead for making Jurina worried. She wrapped her arm around Jurina’s waist.  “I’m not regret it! I never will!! I’m happy to be here with you. Sleeping with you like this is a happiest thing in my life.” She tried to convince Jurina that she was OK. “I love you and I don’t need anything else.” Why I make her sad when she’s tired and need some rest?! Ugh! Grow up, Rena!! Don’t be so selfish! Your boredom is not even compared with her tiredness in making money every single day! She talked to herself.

“Let’s sleep.” Jurina said it without a smile on her face, she didn’t frown either. She turned off the lamp that placed on the small table beside their bed.

Rena turned on the lamp again to make sure that Jurina was OK. She’s not okay. She saw Jurina’s tears rolled down on her cheeks. “Oh my God, Jurina. I’m okay. Why are you crying??” She wiped Jurina’s tears. “I love you. Please smile for me.”

Jurina showed a slight smile and then she turned off the lamp again. “We can sleep now.”

Rena turned on the lamp again. “You turned off the lamp so I can’t see you crying, right?” She knew it since they never slept in the dark because Jurina hate the dark room. She saw a slight nod from Jurina. “Since when you become a crybaby like this? Duh.”

“Since I’m with you.” Jurina pouted.

Rena pulled Jurina’s head onto her chest so she could caress Jurina’s head comfortably. “Let’s just forget about what I said before. I’m more than happy to be with you.” She felt Jurina nodded in her hug. “Okay, we can sleep now. I will make the breakfast for you two tomorrow.”

“Hontou ni?!” Jurina looked at Rena in disbelief way. “I and Mayu will go at 5AM.” She knew that Rena was not a morning person.

Rena nodded. “Of course. I will wake up earlier tomorrow for you.” She smiled.

Jurina, finally, smiled again. “Yeay!! I love you, Rena-chan.” She pecked Rena’s lips before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“I love you too.” Rena closed her eyes as well.


Jurina looked at many dishes on the table. “You know…. Rena-chan. I never know that you can cook.” She was astonished. She had just finished showering and ready for dinner.

Rena shrugged and then she sat in front of Jurina. “I didn’t know it as well. I wonder if it’s a kind of gift from God.” She chuckled. All that she did is only browsing the recipe on the internet and then she implemented it.

Jurina giggled as well. “Cool.” She grabbed Rena’s hand on the table. “I’m really happy to see your smile.” She gripped Rena’s hand gently and caressed it a little.

Rena felt her cheeks became warmer and she was sure that it became redder too. It had been 2 years they lived together yet she still couldn’t help the rumble in her chest every time she looked at Jurina’s adorable grin and Jurina’s lovely eyes that looked at her in a sweet way.

Both of them kept staring at each other until someone dropped something… it was Mayu. Her phone was slipped from her hand. She walked straight toward her room after she picked up the phone from the floor. She had just went back from somewhere.

“Mayuyu, let’s join us. Rena cooks something for us again.” Jurina called Mayu who was about to closed the door.

“I’m not hungry.”Mayu simply said it while closing the door.

Jurina sighed. I don’t remember when the last time I see her laugh. Yes, she’s a cold person but this become too much! She’s my best friend but it’s like… she WAS my best friend. She never angry at me anymore, but she didn’t smile either! She always said ‘yes’ to anything I told her and never be strict anymore. Sometimes, I miss the moment when she raged at me, but after that she always showed her smile and patted my head.

Jurina ate her rice with a blank expression. She kept thinking about Mayu. She even never said ‘No hug! No kiss! No touch’ anymore. I’ve tried to did it twice just to make her talked to me but… she didn’t refuse it nor mad at me. She just stood and waited me until I let go of my arms, and then she would walk away like nothing happened. She completely ignores me.

“Jurina, is the taste THAT bad?”

Jurina flinched a little because Rena woke her from her own little mind. “No, it’s not. It’s totally delicious!” She smiled after feeding her own mouth.

Rena frowned. “Is that so? But you look troubled.”

“It’s not because that. I’m just… thinking about something else.” Jurina looked at to her plate to avoid Rena’s eyes that trying to observe her. She continued to eat her dinner.

Rena was not aware about how close Jurina and Mayu in the past because both of them already act like that since she moved in. She thought that Mayu was always gloomy like that. Mayu never ate her cook; she always got ‘I’m not hungry’ or ‘I already ate’ from Mayu. She never talked with Mayu more than 1 or 2 sentences in a week. They never sat together and talked something together. They even didn’t greet when they met each other, even a simple thing like ‘ohayou’ didn’t exist between them.

Mayu always locked herself in her room right after she arrived at home. Since Mayu always locked the door, Rena had no idea about how Mayu’s room looked like and she even never saw Jurina entered the room as well.

“I’m done.” Jurina put the chopstick to the empty bowl. “It’s delicious, as I said.” She didn’t lie about it; Rena was surprisingly good at cooking. She stood up. “I’ll help you to wash the dishes.”

Rena stood up and walked toward Jurina who already brought the dishes to the kitchen. “You don’t have to.” She grabbed the dishes from Jurina’s hand. “You can sleep now. I can take care of this by myself.” She planted a small kiss on Jurina’s cheek. “I know you’re pretty tired, babe.”

“Are you sure? I mean… I’m a girl too; of course I can do cleaning or washing something as good as you.” She stuck out her tongue.

Rena put the dirty dishes into the kitchen sink. “I don’t trust your ability on the kitchen. You’re only good in acting and flirting.” She teased Jurina.

Jurina back-hugged Rena. “Let me wash it so you’ll see how good I am.” Her lips approached Rena’s ear and whispered. “If my result is outstanding, be sure that you’ll give me a prize for it.

Rena felt Jurina’s lips kissed her nape gently and Jurina tightened the hug on her waist. She felt Jurina’s warm breath swept her nape and it caused her body shivered. Rena turned back and facing Jurina. “You’re always sly as ever, Jurina.”

Jurina showed her seductive smirk. “You better preparing my prize now.”

Rena pressed her body closer to Jurina’s body. “How if… I give you the prize in advance?” She wrapped her arms around Jurina’s neck.

Jurina smiled. “That’s a really good idea, but… can I wash it tomorrow morning? Well, since I want to enjoy my prize for a whole night.”

Rena used her index finger to touch Jurina’s cheek and it slowly went downward onto Jurina’s jaw, and then moved to the collarbone and finally the finger ended on the edge of Jurina’s shirt… right above Jurina’s chest. “Deal.” She showed her tempting smile to Jurina.

As soon as Jurina heard Rena’s answer, she captured Rena’s lips and kissed her passionately as if no tomorrow.


“WHAT ARE THESE THINGS??!!!” Jurina yelled at Mayu and her finger pointed at Mayu’s room.

Mayu’s eyes widened with shock as she saw her room door wide open. “You don’t have any right to enter my room, especially without my permission!!!” She clenched her fists. “That’s my own privacy! Now, go away!!” She passed Jurina who stood in front of her room. When she was about to enter her room, Jurina grabbed her arm and pulled her away from her room.

“You owe some explanations, Mayu!” Jurina glared at Mayu.

“I don’t need to explain anything!” Mayu tried to release her wrist from Jurina’s grip. “Let go of me!!”

“Y-you smoke, Mayu?! I saw many packs of cigarettes scattered on the floor and some cigarettes in an ashtray!” Jurina still glared at Mayu and she didn’t let Mayu free from her grip. “I even saw many of empty liquor bottles in your room!!! So that’s why you always lock your room?!”

Mayu gasped. She never saw Jurina so mad at her like that and it made her felt scared. She pushed Jurina. “I have right to do anything I want! I’m not a kid!! I can do whatever I want, Jurina!”

Jurina clenched her teeth. “You can’t do whatever you want in my house!! This is my house and you have to give me an explanation about this fucking thing! Since when did you bring these stuffs into my house?!”

Somehow, ‘my house’ words made Mayu really angry. It was like she was worthless in Jurina’s eyes. I’m the one, maybe the only one, who helped her to become like today! If it’s not because of me, she wouldn’t be able to buy this big house!! I worked all day and night with her and helped her to reach her dream and career! Did she think that I can’t afford my own house?! She crossed her arms. “Then shoo me. I’ll move out from YOUR house immediately and I’m really glad to do it!”

Jurina was taken aback. “YOU!! M-” She was about to yell at Mayu again, but then she felt Rena held her arm and rubbed it slowly to calm her.

“Calm down, Jurina.” Rena looked really worried. She turned her head to Mayu’s direction. “Can we talk about this with a cold head, Watanabe-san?”

Mayu scoffed. “Don’t act so kind in front of me. It’s your entire fault!!! You’re not supposed to sneak into my room, bitch. Did you learn something about MANNER, rich girl?” She mocked Rena.

Since Mayu went with Jurina for a whole day, she was sure that it was Rena who told Jurina about it. 2 hours ago, she let Jurina went home first because she had something to do and when she came back 15 minutes ago, Jurina yelled at her and made her confused. I’m so stupid! Why did I even forget to lock the door?! Shit.

Rena utterly shocked when she received those harsh words from Mayu. She really wanted to slap Mayu’s face, but she realized that it wouldn’t help to ease the atmosphere. She tried hard to make her mind kept cold and calm. “All I want to do was cleaning your room, Watanabe-san. Is it so wrong to clean my family’s bedroom? We won’t judge you. We only want to know what happened. We know that you won’t smoke and drink with no reason. We’re here to help you.”

“Family? Pfft.” Mayu scoffed. “I’m not even your friend. I don’t need your help.”

Jurina walked toward Mayu. “Did you have just called her a ‘bitch’??!!!”

“Yes, why?” Mayu smirked.

“Jurina!” Rena called Jurina right before Jurina landed a slap onto Mayu’s cheek. “It’s okay! I’m okay. That’s not even the case, Watanabe-san is more important now.”

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Seriously, you make me feel SICK, Rena.” She dropped the honorific, but not in a good way. “I want to puke now.”

Jurina took a really-really-really deep breath. She tried really hard to calm down. Mayu is my best friend. I should know her better than anyone in the world. She kept repeating those words in her mind. “Rena, can you leave us alone for a moment?” She saw Rena’s eyes that full of worries. “I won’t do anything stupid.” She showed a slight smile to convince Rena.

Rena nodded. She believed that Jurina could handle the problem well. She went upstairs and then she entered her bedroom.

“What is this about?” Jurina asked it right after she heard the sound of the door being locked. It means Rena couldn’t hear their conversation anymore. “You’ve changed too much after I asked you to arrange my holidays 4 years ago. I did it because of Airin, she was dying back then! Why you never understand?”

Mayu walked away and then she sat on a couch. “You bring that topic again? I even didn’t say anything about it. You can do whatever you want anyway. I have no problem about it.”

“Liar.” Jurina said it straight to the point. “After that time, you become a completely different person… you never look at me in the eye when we talk, you never angry at me but never smile at me either, you don’t care about me anymore, and you never say ‘no’ to what I say to you. We’re become like a work partner only. You’re my best friend, Mayu… not only my manager.”

Mayu yawned. “Are you done talking? I’m sleepy. Your speech is getting longer.”

“I miss you, Mayu. I missed you as my best friend. I miss the time when we laughed together and did some crazy things together.” Jurina ignored Mayu and kept talking. “Tell me about your problems, Mayu. I’m here to help you solve it.”

Mayu stood up. “Good night.” She walked toward her room. “You have a filming at 8PM tomorrow, so be ready at-”

“Do you love me?”

Mayu stopped.

“You love me more than just a best friend, right? You’re jealous at Rena. That’s why you do these stupid things.”

Mayu turned back and glared at Jurina. “You wish!”

“I know you better than anyone.” Jurina slowly walked toward Mayu. “You’re definitely falling in love with me.” She looked at Mayu in the eye.

Mayu stepped back but Jurina kept walking closer.

“Is this how you show your love to someone that you love?”

Mayu felt her heartbeat rate increased as Jurina kept attacking her, right on the spot.

“I care about you, but I can’t force my heart to choose the person I love. We have to solve this thing in a good way. Please don’t act like this, Mayu.”

Mayu felt like her heart was peeled by Jurina. She didn’t expect Jurina could notice it. She felt embarrassed, angry, stupid, and desperate at the same time. She couldn’t step back anymore because her back already touched the wall.

Jurina stopped as well. “Do you want say something, Mayu? Or you keep persistent to shut your mouth and suffer by yourself?”

“Yes, I want to say something.”

Jurina smiled. “What is it?”

“I’m sleepy and I want to sleep.” Mayu smirked.

Jurina’s smile was gone in instant. “You piss me off.”

“I’m glad to do it.” Mayu walked toward her room. “See you tomorrow.”

Jurina crossed her arms while looking at Mayu. She sighed after Mayu closed the door. She facepalmed. I’m doing a big mistake for years. I make her heart broken for years. She never thought about it before. At first, she just said those questions to tease Mayu, so Mayu would tell her the truth. But right after she saw Mayu’s expression when she threw those questions… she knew that she hit Mayu’s spot. I am her problem.


“This is the last day for me to work with you and I will move out tomorrow.”

That was the first sentence that Mayu said after a month and it succeeded made Jurina frozen. “W-what?!” She looked at the figure that leaned her back on the wall.

“I’ve applied my resignation letter a month ago to our management, they accepted it. Your new manager will be introduced to you tomorrow, so come to our office at 10PM.”


“Thank you for your hard work in these 7-8 years.’ Mayu bowed at Jurina who still stunned. “Well... then, good night. I will clean up my room before I leave tomorrow so… you guys don’t have to worry.” She stepped into the bedroom and closed the door.

Rena covered her mouth with her hand. “She can’t be serious, isn’t it?”

“Fuck!” Jurina walked toward Mayu’s room. She knocked the door. “Open the door!” She knocked again. “Open this FUCKING door, Mayu!” She knocked the door harder since Mayu didn’t open it. “Goddammit!” She started to turn the door knob over and over again. “Please-please-please, Mayu. Open the door. Let’s talk about it first. You can’t leave me alone like this.” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks. “Mayu!! If you don’t open the door now, I will break it!” She kicked the door.

“Jurina…” Rena touched Jurina’s shoulder. “Relax. She won’t open the door if you keep yelling li-”

“Shut up!” Jurina shoved Rena’s hand from her shoulder. “Go to our room and just sleep. Let me finish this thing with her in my way.” She glared at Rena.

Rena was taken aback. “You don’t have to yell at me.” She was so irritated by Jurina’s words. “Fine!” She walked away and left Jurina alone.

Jurina felt so guilty to do something like that to Rena, but at that time she couldn’t think properly anymore… her best friend was about to leave her, she couldn’t imagine how her life would be continued without Mayu. “I’m so sorry, Mayu. Please forgive me. Don’t leave me!” She raised her voice again. “How can you do this to me?” She sobbed. “It’s okay if you’re tired to become my manager, you can find another job that you like… but please don’t move out from this house.”

“I’ve bought my own house. I’ll live there.” Mayu answered Jurina from inside her room.

“I can’t through this without you. Please! We still can fix our problem in a better way, not in this way.” Jurina knocked the door. “Let’s talk, face to face. I’m sure that we will find a solution.”

“Just go to sleep, Jurina. You’ll have a hectic day tomorrow, so you better take some rest.”

Jurina heard Mayu yawned.

“I’m tired and sleepy. Good night, Jurina.”

Jurina clenched her fists. “You didn’t tell me about it!! You took the decision by yourself!! Don’t you know how hurt I am?! Don’t be so selfish, Mayuyu!” She waited for an answer but she didn’t hear any voice. “I hate you!! You better not show your face in front of me again or else I will punch you.”

Jurina kicked the door once more before she walked away. She went outside and turned on her motorcycle. Fuck this shit! She rides her motorcycle in the midnight.


Rena watched Jurina from behind her back. She saw Jurina sat on the couch dan watched the entertainment news on TV. The news said that Jurina’s ex-manager (Mayu) moved to another big management and she would become manager of an actress who got a huge popularity lately; the actress was Jurina’s rival. This is bad. She saw Jurina’s body quivered in anger. This can’t be good. She walked toward Jurina. “Jurina, don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

“NO! No, it’s not!!” Jurina covered her face with her hand and began to cry. “Do you know how amazing Mayu’s work?! Mayu will make that girl bathing in popularity. She already proved herself to make me huge like today, many of managements tried to hire her in the past but she refused it all for me. But now… she received one of them. That girl maybe will be my strongest rival in the future.”

Rena noticed that Jurina became a really different girl after Mayu left her 2 months ago. Jurina almost lost the optimism in facing something, Jurina’s emotion became uncontrolled… lately, Jurina often got angry easily. Jurina’s enthusiasm in working became not as big as when she was with Mayu. She kind of remembered her past when she lost Airin, she was very unstable back then. It’s always sad to lose a friend.

“I want to go to somewhere.” Jurina stood up.

Rena looked so worried. “Where?”

“Why?” Jurina glared at Rena. “Are you become the second version of Mayu now?” She said it sarcastically.

“No, that’s not it.” Rena cupped Jurina’s cheeks with both of her hands. “I won’t prevent you. You can go anywhere and anytime, but… I just want you remember that if something bad happen to you, I will be extremely sad.” She looked at deep into Jurina’s eyes. “I love you.”

“Okay, I get it.” After Jurina said it, she took her jacket. “I love you too.” Afterward she closed the door and left Rena alone in home.

Rena sighed. There’s one more thing that change in her too. She never listens to what I say anymore. Go outside in the late of night?! Did she never think about the risk?! Now, I know why Mayu always strict to her.

On the next day, Rena woke up because of the sound of the house bell. She looked at her left. Where’s Jurina? Did she already go for work? She went downstairs and then she opened the door.

“Sorry for disturbing you, Matsui-san. Is Matsui Jurina-san still sleeping? I’ve tried to call her but she didn’t answer it.”

Rena was surprised by Jurina’s manager words She looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. 11AM. She hasn’t come back since last night?! She looked at the manager in a guilt way. “She’s not home. I will call you if she’s here.” She saw the manager’s face, he felt so uneasy.

“Matsui-san, please call me immediately okay? Jurina-san has 3 schedules for CM filming and all of them are from the big companies. It will be a huge problem if she’s not around today.” The manager looked fidgety.

Rena nodded and then she closed the door. Where is she?!! That stupid girl! She took the phone and tried to call Jurina, no answer. She tried it over and over again. Damn! Jurina still didn’t answer her call.

Rena got a huge problem in a whole day. Jurina didn’t come back until 10PM and STILL didn’t answer the call, so she had to say sorry over and over to the manager. She sat on a couch in their living room and waited Jurina. Finally, the figure that she waited for entered the house... at 1 AM. She stood up. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, MATSUI JURINA???!!!!” She couldn’t hold her anger anymore.

Jurina walked in while holding her head. “Let’s just talk later. I’m so dizzy right now.” She passed Rena just like that and climbed the stairs slowly.

“Excuse me?”

Rena turned her head to the unfamiliar figure on the door. “Who are you?” She was so irritated to see such a beautiful girl who came with her girlfriend.

“This is Jurina’s motorcycle key.” She put it onto the table nearby. “She couldn’t drive the motorcycle like that so I just drive her home. Please tell her that her motorcycle is parked in my garage.” She bowed at Rena. “See you next time.” And then she went out and closed the door.

Rena clenched her fist. “Jurina!!” She climbed the stairs quickly and rushed into the bedroom. “Who is she?!” She found Jurina lay down on the bed with her eyes shut.

“She’s Iriyama Anna,she was the co-actress in my last movie. I guess you didn’t watch it.” Jurina covered her face with a pillow. “I know that you want to rage me but I’m sleepy and dizzy now. I hope you don’t mind if we talk in the morning.”

Rena really wanted to slap Jurina’s face but she tried to hold it. She realized that there was no point if she yelled at Jurina at that night. “FINE!” She went out from their bedroom and slammed the door strongly. Where’s my ‘old’ Jurina go?! Her tears rolled down on her cheeks. She entered Mayu’s ex-room and then she slept there… or tried to sleep. There were so many things inside Rena’s mind and it made her couldn’t sleep easily.

*In the Morning*

“Good morning.” Jurina opened the door. She saw a white-skinned girl already awake and sat on the bed.

Rena sat and looked out through the window. “Did you sleep with her?” She asked the sharp question without looked at Jurina.

“What?!” Jurina began to panic. “N-no! No, of course not!! I’m not that stupid.”

“So why your motorcycle parked in her garage?”

Jurina could hear the darkness in Rena’s voice. “I just slept in her house for some hours because my head felt so dizzy last night. But then she offered me to drive me home. We didn’t do anything!” She was afraid that Rena might be misunderstood.

“Why you didn’t just go home? You even didn’t sleep here for 2 nights. Was it even needed to stay in her house? Did you know how big trouble that you made yesterday? Your manager raged at me and I couldn’t mad at him since you’re the trouble maker here.” Rena still didn’t look at Jurina.

“I will go to the office today and take the responsibility for everything I did.” Jurina stared at the floor. She still stood near the door and didn’t have any guts to walk toward Rena.

“Where have you been?”

“I… umm… I-” Jurina stuttered.

“Answer me!!” Rena turned her head and looked at Jurina.

Jurina flinched. She felt like a dickhead husband who was afraid of his wife. “O-okay…. At the first night I went to casino and play some games to relax my mind. And I was kind of there until morning.”

“WHAT??!! You did gamble?!” Rena stood up and glared at Jurina. “Then, what’s next?!”

“I umm… because I was too lazy to go for work and my mind still messed up and I was afraid to go home because you would mad at me… I…. I went to bar to kill some time and then I got drunk. I couldn’t go home like that, so I just ‘having fun’ again until I even couldn’t move again from my seat.”

“You did GAMBLE and dead DRUNK! What else??!” Rena crossed her arms.

Jurina gulped. “I slept on the couch there until Iriyama came, she coincidentally found me there, and then she kind of… saved me. She wanted to drive me home at that time but she didn’t know this house and I was unconscious at that time. So… she brought me to her house. After I woke up and could answer her question about this house address, she drove me here. The end.”

“Why you didn’t answer my call? Your manager called you as well.”

“That’s because I-” Jurina stopped as she heard her manager called her. “O-ohayou gozaimasu.” It was the manager’s turn to rage at her. She closed her eyes, she bit her below lip, and fidgeting because she was really nervous. “O-okay. I will come in an hour.” She sighed after the call ended. “Rena-chan, I-”

“Go. You’ll get more troubles if you’re late.” Rena turned her head. “We’re not done yet.”

“Yeah. I’m going now.” Jurina turned away and closed the door.


Career that Jurina built in 8 years was threatened by 1 day, the day when she did the reckless things. 3 companies from CM that should be starred by Jurina, brought these cases to the court. They said that Jurina breaking their contracts. Jurina’s management had tried to suggest those companies to solve this in a good way without involved the law, but they refused it.

They sued Jurina some huge amount of money or she had to go to the jail if she couldn’t pay the penalty. The court process had started since 3 weeks ago and Jurina’s lawyer tried his best to reduce the amount of money. It was kind of hard because Jurina had clearly done the mistake.

And it seemed Jurina’s misery wouldn’t end soon, one of the gossip magazines published Jurina’s activities in that day. They was kind of paparazzi-ing Jurina. They published the news about how Jurina played the gamble in a casino and got drunk in a pub; the news also included Jurina’s pictures. The news spreading really fast and it caused job offers for Jurina decreased drastically and all CM and dramas that had Jurina in it… being suspended.

Jurina also had to pay a huge amount of money to the casino. She didn’t remember that she could do the stupid thing like this, she put many of her bet when she drunk and again… the media could smell it. Jurina became the cover of some magazines… but not in a good way.

Jurina’s misery didn’t stop there. She had to face something ridiculous that could make her relationship with Rena worsened. There were the pictures of Jurina kissed Iriyama in the car. The pictures were also from the day when Jurina got drunk. Since both of them were the great actresses, the pictures spreading in amazingly speed. She was shocked because she didn’t remember that thing happened, Iriyama had never told her about it.

Jurina had to say thanks to Iriyama because Iriyama didn’t blame her in front of public. ‘Nothing happened between us. She just drunk and I wanted to take her home. But yeah… you know… drunken people could do an unexpected thing. *chuckled* So please don’t make this become a big issue, Matsui-san already suffered enough. Please support her.’ It was Iriyama’s comment and Jurina felt relieved when she watched the news.

Jurina knew that Rena was really-really-really angry at her, but she still glad to know that Rena still loves her after many bad things happened during that month. One day, Rena’s parents came to Jurina’s house and asked Rena to just go back to their house. They were really disappointed by Jurina’s ridiculous and reckless actions. Jurina couldn’t say anything when Rena’s parents said that she gave a bad influence to Rena. But unexpectedly, Rena defended Jurina in front of her parents. Rena even refused her parent’s offer to go back to their home.

After Rena’s parents went home, Jurina locked herself in Mayu’s ex-room and cried out loud. She didn’t let Rena entered the room to comfort her, that was a great shame for her to be that weak in front of Rena.

“Jurina, listen to me.” Rena talked from outside the room. “No matter what happen, no matter how angry I am, no matter how bad your mistakes… I still love you. I will be on your side, always.”

Jurina really glad to hear that and it caused her tears flowed even more. I’m sorry.


2 months had passed, everything became really different. Jurina got fired from her management and then they had to move into a small apartment, Jurina’s ‘old’ house was confiscated because she couldn’t pay off the debts to 1 of the 3 companies. She didn’t let Rena to ask some helps from her parents. She felt so embarrassed if Rena’s parent took part in their financial problem.

Jurina gulped when they arrived at their new house. “R-rena… are you sure t-that we can’t afford a bigger and nicer apartment?” She saw how small that place. It looked dark and dirty… the roof, the window, the floor, and the door were already rotten. She couldn’t imagine that Rena wanted to live in that kind of place.

Rena held Jurina’s hand. “Yes, we can buy the nicer one but we have to save some money for our daily needs. Just to remind that both of us are unemployed. Besides that, if we lived in the nice one… the electricity bill would be more expensive, right?”

“Are you sure that you’ll okay with this? I mean… you’re born from a rich family, you’re not familiar with this situation.” Jurina looked at Rena. “Well… my parents already died since I was in college, so… I’ve experienced to live like this. Well… not this pathetic, but at least I know how it felt became a poor girl.”

Rena sighed. “Jurina, I love you.” She gave a small kiss on Jurina’s lips. “As long as you’re beside me, I think I even can live under the bridge though.” She smiled. “Let’s through this together, okay?”

Jurina felt lucky to have Rena in her life; if it was other girl… she would leave Jurina for sure. The regret and guilt stabbed her heart again. How bad I am to bring my lover to this kind of place. She felt the warm water flowed on her cheeks. She sat on the floor and cried. “I’m sorry.”

Rena knelt so she could hug her girlfriend comfortably. “It’s okay. I’m okay.” She stroked Jurina’s head and rubbed her back to calm Jurina. “Just promise me to not do something like that again. Never do the same mistakes again.”

Jurina nodded and she rested her chin on Rena’s shoulder. “I couldn’t imagine my life without you.”

“Baka!” Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “Don’t ever imagine something like that!”

“Can I kiss you now?” Jurina asked it while sobbing. She really wanted to kiss Rena to show how happy she was to have Rena.

“Wow. That’s new. When you start to ask my permission to do something like that?” Rena chuckled. She sat on Jurina’s lap and put her arms around Jurina’s neck. “The kiss is okay, but don’t do something more than that, both of us are pretty tired today.”

Jurina wiped her tears and grinned. “Deal.”

Jurina approached Rena’s lips and kissed her gently. “I love you, Rena-chan.” She whispered it inside Rena’s mouth.


3 months had passed without any big difference, they still had a poor financial.

Rena felt so stupid to not finish her study in the college. It was really hard to get a job with a good salary if we just a high school graduate. Her current job was just as a cashier at a bookstore.

On the other hand, Jurina still unemployed. She tried to apply to many of managements but all of them refused her. They were afraid that Jurina would do the same mistake again… the showbiz world didn’t trust Jurina anymore.

Jurina was so stressed out; she didn’t go out from the apartment for 2 weeks. She was afraid to go outside because she felt that everyone would bad-mouthed her behind her back. Her prestige and self-esteem prevented her to do a small job like Rena did. Rena often gave her some flayers from the places that needed an employee like cashier, waitress, clerk, etc… but Jurina always refused it.

Usually, Rena would just sigh when Jurina refused to look for work. But there was a day when she felt really SICK of Jurina’s childish and arrogant attitude. “Can you just find a job, Jurina?! It’s been our fourth month here!!! If you don’t make your ass work, we will die of starvation soon!”

“Be patient, Rena. I will find something, I promise.”

“When? When you will find something to make money?! Are these four months haven’t enough for you?! I can’t work alone to fulfill our needs!”

“Rena, I-” She tried to touch Rena’s shoulder but Rena shoved her hand.

“I’m tired. I want to sleep.” Rena left Jurina stood alone. She chose to sleep on the rotten wooden chair rather than slept with Jurina on the mattress.

When the morning came, she took a bath quickly and went for work before Jurina awake. She worked as usual, counted money, printed the receipt for the customer, updated the bookkeeping, and any other tasks.


Rena turned around as she heard a voice that sounded familiar to her ears. Her eyes widened with shock. “Y-yuki?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Yuki smiled. “I’m glad you still remember me.” She looked at Rena’s uniform. “Oh, you work here. Such a coincidence.”

Rena was glad because Yuki didn’t sound like wanted to mock her. “Yep.” She shrugged. “How are you?”

Yuki’s smile still didn’t left her beautiful face. “I’m fine.” She glanced at other people who queued behind her to pay their books. “Here, my phone number.” She gave a white card to Rena. “Please call me after your work hours is over today. If you don’t mind, I want to talk with you. I kind of miss you.”

Rena gave Yuki the books that Yuki bought. “I don’t mind.” She smiled at Yuki.

Yuki grinned. “See you later. I will pick you up here.” She waved her hand and then she walked out from the book store.

Rena smiled. She becomes more beautiful than the last time I meet her. I’m glad she’s okay.

Right after Rena finished her job, she called Yuki. She didn’t wait too long until Yuki came. “Hi.”

“Hi. Let’s go.” Yuki let Rena entered her car. “I’m sure that you’re hungry. Let’s just find one restaurant so we can talk comfortably.” She wore her seatbelt.

When she Rena heard the ‘restaurant’ word, she felt uneasy. “A-ano… I don’t have money. I usually just cook something in my apartment.” She showed a bit of shame face. She was ready if Yuki wanted to mock her, since she was really harsh toward Yuki back then. But then, she shocked because Yuki just smile at her. It was not a mocking smile; it was a sincere smile… a warm one.

“I’m the one who ask you to go out with me, so… it’s my responsibility to make you full.” Yuki chuckled. She started to drive.

Rena relieved because Yuki so friendly toward her, she felt guilty about everything that she did to Yuki in the past. “I’m sorry.”

Yuki seemed surprised but she laughed to ease the awkward atmosphere. “We’ve just met and you already said sorry? Oh man, you even didn’t make any mistake.”

“I mean… for everything that I did to you back then.”

Yuki already expected that those topics would show up. “Don’t worry, Rena. I take it as my life experience. Well… it was fun back then though, to be with you.”

Rena was lost for words. Thankfully that they arrived, so the awkward atmosphere was fly away by itself.

Rena learned more about Yuki because Yuki kept talking about her fun experience when she was in college, and she was a cum laude… as expected. She worked as a team leader for many projects in her office and she was promoted to become a manager on next month.

Rena was not ready to tell much about herself and Yuki seemed didn’t force her. Yuki gave her address to Rena and hope that she would play there sometime. Yuki kept persistent to drive her home even though she already said that her apartment was not a pleasant place.

Yuki looked really happy to know where Rena lived. “It’s already too dark to visit your apartment. Can I come here someday?”

Rena closed the car door. “Of course. We’re friend anyway.” She shrugged. “But… umm….” She looked at the ground.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “I don’t care about how your apartment look like. I just want to talk with you, that’s all.” She smiled. “I’m going.” She turned on the engine.

Rena waved her hand. “Be careful and see you next time.” She entered the apartment building after Yuki’s car already lost from her sight.

“Where have you been?” Jurina opened the door. “You never go home this late.”

“I meet my old friend and then we go for dinner.” Rena put the plastic onto the table. “Here, for you. I’m sure that you haven’t eaten anything today.”

Jurina opened the plastic. She frowned as she saw a luxury restaurant name written on the box. Well… I’m sure that all of her friends are the rich people.

Jurina ate her dinner while Rena took a bath. It was like forever since the last time Jurina ate something nice like that. She saw Rena went out from the bathroom. “Thank you.”

Rena dried her hair with a towel. “Don’t thank me. I can’t afford to buy something like that. You can thank my friend later. ” She lay down on the wooden chair, just like last night.

“Rena-chan, please sleep with me here.” Jurina lay down on the mattress.

“It’s more comfortable here.” Rena said it in a cold way.

Jurina sighed. She’s still angry at me.

Rena closed her eyes. She was pretty tired, so she could fall asleep easily. When she awake on the next morning, she felt her hand was held by someone. She looked to the ground and saw Jurina laying there while holding her hand. Jurina moved the mattress near the chair and she didn’t wear the blanket. Rena realized that Jurina gave her blanket to Rena.

Rena woke up slowly without released her hand from Jurina’s grip. She smiled and then she put the blanket onto Jurina’s body. She kissed Jurina’s hand and let go of her hand slowly. “I love you.” She whispered it while stroking and kissing Jurina’s head.


“Rena-chan, I get a job. But umm… I only work as a taxi driver. Ano… it was the only job that I felt fit with me because I didn’t have to stand in front of too many people.” Jurina scratched her head. “I’m sorry.”

Rena smiled. “Why do you say sorry for a good news like that?”

“Huh? Good? It’s just a driver!”

Rena laughed. “And I’m just a cashier, so what’s the difference?”

Jurina grinned. “So… where’s my prize?”

Rena rolled her eyes. “You’ve not even begun to work. You will get it after you show me your first salary.” She winked.

“I have to wait it until the end of month?! Ugh!” Jurina acted like she was angry. “Ah!” She hugged Rena. “Why don’t you give the prize in advance?” She kissed Rena’s neck. “Like when you asked me to wash the dishes.” She bit Rena’s below lip.

Rena smirked. “You look so hungry.”

Yes, I am.” She planted many kisses on Rena’s neck while her hand already found itself rubbing Rena’s back.

Rena approached Jurina’s ear and whispered… “Then eat me.

Jurina smirked as she heard Rena’s words. Her lips began to clash with Rena’s lips… the gently kiss escalated into the passionate kiss, and ended up with the wild kiss. It seemed like Jurina wanted to eat Rena’s lips.

Rena put her arms around Jurina’s neck, she pulled Jurina closer to her body. She parted her lips to give Jurina’s tongue full access to enter her mouth and tasted it all. When she was about to unbuttoned Jurina’s shirt, someone knocked the door.

“Urgh!” Jurina groaned. “Tch!” She let go of her arms from Rena’s body. “Who’s that?!”

Rena chuckled and patted Jurina’s head. “Easy Jurina, we still have a lot of time.” She found it cute to see Jurina’s annoyed face. She walked toward the door and opened it. She gasped. “Watanabe-san???”

Jurina’s expression changed drastically. “What are you doing here?!” She glared at Mayu.

Mayu laughed sarcastically. “Me? I come here to slap your face for doing something mindless some months ago. You ruined our hard work in 8 years just in a blink of eye.”

“Shut up!” Jurina clenched her fist. “It’s not your business.”

Mayu scoffed. “That’s why I always strict at you. You’re just a STUPID girl who always does the STUPID things. I’ve just left you for some months but you already lived in a place like this.”

Rena wanted to run away from the battle between two best friends, but she couldn’t go anywhere. She couldn’t hide either since there was only one room in their apartment. She decided to just sit and watch. She had a feeling that Mayu still care about Jurina and Mayu had her own way to show it to Jurina.

“I said, SHUT UP! How do you know this place?”

Mayu pointed at Rena.

Jurina looked at Rena in a disbelief way. “You tell her??!! I can’t believe this!!”

“Sorry, Jurina. But she’s your friend, your best friend. I already knew how it felt to lost a precious friend and I don’t want it happen to you.”

“She’s not my friend!!!”

“Let’s see in 5 minutes later… you will keep yelling at me or you will kneel down and thank me.” Mayu opened her handbag and took something. She put an ATM Card onto the table.

“I don’t need your money, Mayu!” Jurina felt that Mayu insulted her in a worst way. “Take it back! I can survive without you!”

“It’s a waste if I give you my money to you.” Mayu rolled her eyes. “It’s your money and the detail is in this book.” She put a book onto the table. “Sorry for not telling you about it, but a bit percent of your salary automatically cut and were sent into that account for years.” She pointed at the ATM Card. “I’m saving it for you if something happen to you and you unexpectedly need it, just like now. Even though it’s still not enough to get you house back but use it well.” She turned back. “Bye.” She walked away.

Jurina stunned. “What?!” She grabbed the book and looked at the detail. She saw 15% of her money from every CM, photo shoot, filming, and many other things were saved into this account…. for 8 years!! This is a good amount of money. Shit! She ran to catch up Mayu but it was too late, Mayu already drove her car away. This is how my best friend showing her loves to me. How ironic, isn’t it? She shed her tears.


2 weeks after Mayu unexpectedly visited their apartment, that time was Rena’s friend turn. Yuki came to their apartment. Jurina was really shocked when she saw Rena and Yuki laughed together inside the apartment.

“Oh.” Rena saw Jurina stood in front of the door. “Okaeri~” She stood up and the she kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“So… she’s your girl friend?” Yuki stood up as well and then she was smiled at Jurina.

Rena nodded. “Jurina, this is Yuki, my old friend that I told you on the other day.”

“Wait… Are you Matsui Jurina?” Yuki looked at Jurina closer. “Wow. That’s explaining many things.” She smiled at Rena. “So, that’s why you live here.”

In Jurina’s ears, it sounded like… ‘So, that’s why you live here’ means ‘So, she’s the reason why you suffered here’. She looked at Rena, but Rena looked fine with Yuki’s words.

“So… you’re Rena’s old friend?” Jurina decided to talk with Yuki when Rena excused herself to buy sugar.

“Yes.” Yuki looked straight into Jurina’s eyes. “I was her college friend and… her ex.”

WHAT THE FUCK?!! Jurina was utterly shocked while hearing Yuki’s blunt confession.

“I don’t want you to put the blame on her if something happen in the future so… I’ll say it to you now. I still love her and I want her come back into my hug. I want it to be fair, so you won’t tell that she’s cheating on you because I’m the one who will approach her.”

Jurina was totally dumbfounded. Hell.

“I know her long before you meet her. She has changed a lot and I guess you’re the one who success in changing her ‘bitch’ attitude.” Yuki leaned her back onto the chair. “You’re a strong rival, Matsui-san.” She looked around the apartment room. “But I think I have some advantages here.” She smirked. “You better keep her well or I will steal her from you easily.”

Jurina’s blood heated. It was the first time in her entire life to see someone clearly stated a war with her, especially a stranger like Yuki. “We love each other! You’ll never be able to change her feeling toward me.”

Yuki shrugged. “I don’t say that it will become an easy job because I know she loves you. But! Nothing impossible, Matsui-san. Once you gave a tiny chance for me to enter her heart again, you’ll regret. That’s why I said… keep her well.”

Jurina clenched her teeth. She’s strong and I hate to say it but… this girl is so damn gorgeous and she seemed rich as well. Yabai!!


I still love her and I want her come back into my hug’ those words kept repeating in Jurina’s head. “SHIT!” She hit the steering wheel and it accidentally hit the car horn, it caused the horn roaring really loud. Oh god, that’s really surprising me. Fiuhh!

Jurina couldn’t concentrate in driving the taxi on that day. She almost hit the granny who was crossing the road, almost bumped onto the other car, almost fell into the ditch, and many other stupid things. Why?! Why she came when my life is pathetic like this?! If she comes when my career is on the peak, I’m sure that I won't THIS worry.

Jurina's shift work was finished at 8PM, after that she went back home. She didn't even care about drinking tea and eat some snacks which she could get for free from the company. All she wanted to do was only met Rena and hugged her tightly to throw her worries.

“Tadaima~” Jurina opened the door and then entered the apartment. She shocked when she saw Rena was not alone in there. Wait… WHAT?!

“Okaeri~” Rena smiled at Jurina. “You know, Jurina… Yuki came to help me cook something!” She pointed at Yuki who was holding a knife, Yuki was chopping some vegetables. “She bought some ingredients for us!” She looked totally happy.

Yuki waved her hand at Jurina. “Hi. It’s nice to see you again.” She smiled.

Jurina gave them an awkward smile. This is insane!!! She closed the door. “Okay. Happy cooking for you guys. I want to take a bath.” She was really not interested about it.

Rena seemed noticed that there was something wrong with her Jurina. “Wait.” She walked toward Jurina and then she cupped Jurina’s cheek. “I love you.” She planted a small kiss on Jurina’s lips.

Jurina smiled. Her worries went away all of a sudden when she looked at Rena eyes that looked at her in lovely way. “I love you too.” When Rena turned around, she showed a victorious smile to Yuki.

Yuki rolled her eyes. I've not even started anything.

Jurina entered the bathroom with a big smile on her face. Yuki and Rena continued to cook the dinner. Not long after Jurina finished, the dinner was ready. They didn’t have a dinner table so they just sat on the floor and ate the meals.

“Sorry, Yuki. Well… this is our condition now.” Rena apologized to Yuki because they had to eat on the floor.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Yuki smiled at Rena. “It’s not your fault anyway.” She shrugged.

Jurina played with her mind again, for Jurina ‘It’s not your fault anyway’ means ‘It’s your girlfriend’s fault anyway’. She really wanted to flush Yuki’s face with the cold water.

Rena relieved. “I’m glad that you’re okay with this.”

Yuki started to ask a good question. “By the way, Rena… why do you not looking for a job that fit to your major? We’re architects!” She looked proud to say the ‘architect’ word.

Rena stared at the floor. “Actually, Yuki… I didn’t finish my study. I stopped when I was about to enter my last year there. There was a kind of big problem happened.”

Yuki choked. WHAT?! She glared at Jurina.

Jurina glared back at Yuki. She was like… ‘It’s not my fault!’ But somehow, she felt guilty. Even though it was not her fault that caused Rena stopped her study, but she had never asked Rena to continue it either.

“I see…” Yuki tried to calm down. “Well… if you want, you can work in my team. I already knew about your ability. You’re smart enough back then… you just…. lazy.” She chuckled.

Rena chuckled as well. “Yeah… I’m sorry for making you doing my homework and project all the time. And umm… I can’t work with you. I mean… I want it but I’m just a high school graduate. If you recruit me, your other team mates will be annoyed.”

“It’s okay. I will give you a kind of test and if your result is good enough, you can enter my team. Oh! Our company has a scholarship program too. I will help you to get it.”

Jurina glared at Yuki. This bitch in action again!

Yuki smirked at Jurina. This is what I called as a START, Jurina-san.

Rena showed her beautiful smile. “Really?!” She seemed so happy.


“Rena, I don’t allow you to work with her!” Jurina said it firmly. She was so tired to say it over and over again, because Rena kept whining to her for a whole week.

“Why?” Rena was really confused because Jurina had never said the reason.

“Just… NO!” Jurina yelled at Rena.

“This is my only chance to make our life better!”

“We still can survive without that job, Rena. I’m sure!”

“Why are you so sure?! We’re just a cashier and a taxi driver now!! Wake up, Jurina!!! You’re not popular and rich anymore! We still have to pay debt to one big company!! Are you sure that we can survive in a life like this?! I don’t want to life like this forever!”

Jurina was taken aback. That was the first time Rena put the blame on her about everything that she did back then.

“You didn’t let my parent help us!! You let my parent sad to see their only daughter have a life like this. You know, Jurina…. They had never let me cleaning my own room before, so what do you think when they see me live in a place like this and cleaning our rotten apartment every damn day?!”

Jurina gulped.

“Don’t be selfish, Jurina! You can’t survive without anyone’s help! You’re so arro-”

“ENOUGH!!!” Jurina glared at Rena. “NO is my last decision. But if you REALLY want to work with her, then DO IT!” She pointed at Rena’s face. “Don’t ever insult me like that again! And don’t ever treat me like a useless person after my career destroyed, because I will get it again someday!” She turned around and walked toward the door. “Oh, and one more thing… if you don’t want to live like this, then leave. Go back to your parent and I won’t hold you back.” She went out from their apartment and slammed door.

Jurina decided to not sleep at their apartment at that night. She went to the place where she worked and then she asked her boss permission to take a taxi. She wanted to work at that night because there was nothing to do.

Jurina drove her taxi aimless while looking for someone who would stop her taxi. She was driving all night with the tears accompanied her. I know that something like this will come. Someday, she will leave me because of this… soon.


2 weeks had passed; Jurina and Rena didn’t talk to each other during those 2 weeks. Jurina slept on the rotten-wooden chair for 2 weeks. Well… that wooden chair was kind of a place for ‘the angry one’.

Jurina often found Yuki and Rena talked together in the apartment after she went back from work. And when it happened, Jurina always walked straight into the bathroom, and then she would go out after she finished take a bath. Jurina didn’t want to be there and just looked at Rena talked with Yuki like a stupid girl. Jurina walked aimless until 10PM because she already learned that Yuki already went home at 9PM.

Another 2 weeks had passed; they didn’t talk to each other for a month. One night, Jurina awakened in the midnight and wanted to go to the bathroom. She passed Rena on the way to the bathroom, and something caught her eyes. There were so many papers and books beside Rena’s mattress. She walked slowly toward the books so Rena wouldn’t wake up because of her steps. Jurina read the titles of those papers and books. It was all about… architect.

Jurina clenched her fist. So, Rena-chan decided to take the test and entering Kashiwagi’s company. It seems that bitch, I mean… Kashiwagi succeed with her plan.

Last time, Jurina got into a huge trouble when she knew that Mayu would leave her. She didn’t want to do a same mistake and hold herself to not drink any alcoholic stuff despite her mind was so messed up. She couldn’t eat and slept properly. She often daydreaming when she was driving, but thankfully she didn’t get any accident.

One day…

“Jurina.” Rena called Jurina who was about to get out from the apartment.

Jurina turned around. “Hm?” She should be happy because Rena finally called her name after 1 and half months. But no, she had already got a bad feeling about this and she was already ready to hear it.

“Start from tomorrow, I will work at Yuki’s company. I do it for us, Jurina. So please-please don’t be selfish anymore.”

This is it. I knew it. Jurina looked straight into Rena’s eyes. “So, it’s like your dream comes true, huh? Architect is cool. It’s good for you.” She shrugged. “But you don’t have to do it for us.”

Rena was confused. At first she thought that Jurina agreed with her decision, but she wasn’t sure because the last sentence seemed weird. “What do you mean? Of course I want to do it for us.”

“Don’t you hear me, Rena? You don’t have to do anything for us… anymore.”

Rena stood up. Her heartbeat’s speed was increased amazingly. She was so afraid. “Don’t say it, Jurina. Don’t say that you want to-”

“Go.” Jurina cut off Rena’s words. “Leave.”

Rena stunned and her mind went blank. She through all of these misery for her lover, but when she was about to work harder… her lover wanted to kick her out.

 “Go back to your parent and you can freely work with Yuki. Just like I said, Architect is cool… but not for me. I can through this pathetic life by myself. I can survive without you.”

Rena couldn’t hold her tears. “Why are you so STUPID, Jurina?! Why?!” She cried hysterically. “I don’t have any idea why you want to end this??!! We’ve been together for years!” She leaned her body onto the wall. Her feet suddenly became too weak to prop her body.

Jurina began to get mad. “You ask me the reason?!!! You’ve insulted me that day! Go back to your home and enjoy your comfortable life as a rich girl! Someday, I will laugh at you when I can stand with my own feet again! I will get back my fame, my money, and my glamour life!!”

Rena gasped. She shocked because her words on the other day made Jurina that upset and she even didn’t say sorry after she said it. “I didn’t mean to insult you. I’m MOTIVATING you, Jurina! I want to open your eyes.”

“Oh really? You want to motivate me by working with Yuki?” Jurina scoffed.

“I don’t get it. Why are you so angry at her? She even didn’t do anything wrong!! She just wants to help us, that’s it!”

“Help us?! Pfft. You mean… help you.”

“What’s your point? Spit it out and stop make me confused!” Rena’s cheeks were still flooded by her tears.

“Who’s Yuki?” Jurina crossed her arms.

“She’s only my college friend, Jurina!!”

“WHO IS YUKI?!!” Jurina raised her voice.

Rena was taken aback. She realized what it was about and then she began to panic. “Listen, Jurina. I didn’t want to hide it from you. I’m just thinking that it’s no need to tell you about it. But Jurina, you know that I love you… only you! Yuki is only my past.”

“She still love you! Don’t you realize it?! Don’t you look the way she gazing at you?! You even ignore my warning to not work with her!!!”

“Jurina, I-” Yes, Rena noticed it. Rena knew that Yuki still love her, but she tried to ignore it. She wanted to be friends with Yuki after all terrible things that she had done to Yuki in the past.

“I don’t want to see your face in here after I go back from work.” Jurina turned around and opened the door.

“Don’t you love me, Jurina? Why are you trying to push me away?”

Jurina stopped. “Love is not everything. We can't survive by only relying to love.” She closed the door and left Rena.

Rena sat on the floor and hugged her own feet on her chest. Love is the only one that we have now, Jurina. If you throw it away, nothing left for us.

============================ Continue to Chap 6 ============================

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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live


We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 6. Timeless =

It is not even the beginning of the end.
What we call the end is often the beginning.
The end is where we start from.


After a big quarrel between Jurina and Rena last time, Jurina lived in the apartment… alone. That night, when Jurina went back from work… her apartment room already empty. Rena really left her.

A month after that, Jurina became a really different person. She was became a quiet-gloomy-cold type of person. No one had ever seen her smile and laugh anymore. She had never talked to anyone except to her boss and her customers who used her taxi service. She had no friend to share her sadness. She had no friend to share her thought about her problem. She was completely alone.

My parent, my girlfriend, and my best friend leave me alone. Sometimes I feel that I want to commit a suicide by cutting my hand when I’m in my apartment or by crushing my car onto a truck, but… if I do that, people will laugh at me.

Jurina still believed that someday she would reach the top again.

“xxx restaurant, please.”

Jurina nodded as her customer said a name of one restaurant. She drove without looked at a passenger who sat on the back seat. “Sorry, Miss. It seems I have to turn back and find another pathway.” She said it after she saw there was a bad traffic jam from afar.

“No problem. I’m not in hurry anyway.”

Jurina turned her head to her left, so she could see the rearview mirror before she turned the taxi.

“Matsui-san?! Is that you?!” The girl seemed be able to recognize Jurina after she saw Jurina’s left face.

Jurina flinched and then she turned her head to look at the girl. “Iriyama-san?!” She didn’t notice it before because Iriyama didn’t stop Jurina’s taxi by herself, the taxi was stopped by a security guard and Iriyama just stepped in from back.

“Oh my God, Jurina… Where have you been? You’re like… gone!”

Jurina was a bit embarrassed because Iriyama saw her in a taxi driver uniform. She sighed. “It’s a long story, Iriyama-san. Well… the conclusion is I have pathetic life now.” She continued to drive.

Iriyama looked at Jurina through the rearview mirror. She looks different. It’s not a face of Jurina that I remember, this Jurina looks so…. miserable. I can’t imagine if that’s happened to me. Somehow, she felt that she wanted to help Jurina. “Where do you live now?”

“Umm… in a small apartment near the xxx market.”

“Then, change our destination. We go to your apartment now.”

“WHAT?!” Jurina utterly shocked, she nearly crashed her car to a bus. “No! You can’t! Oh, I mean… that’s totally not a pleasant place. My place is too terrible for you. Besides that… I still have to work until 8PM.” She tried to say many reasons so Iriyama didn’t see how poor her life.

Iriyama chuckled. “Matsui-san, I’m not a rich girl who can’t go to that kind of place… especially my friend’s house. Don’t worry. I will not mock you just because you are not like you used to be anymore.”

“Friend?” Honestly, Jurina had never considered Iriyama as a friend. She only thought Iriyama as her work partner and her savior. Iriyama saved her life twice, first when she drunk at the pub and the second when Iriyama talked about the ‘kiss’ accident. Her face felt hot when she remembered that she kissed Iriyama.

“Yeah, we’re friend. Go to your apartment, now… or I won’t pay the bill.” Iriyama smirked.

Jurina glanced at the amount of money that she saw on the monitor. Shit, it’s already enough for my meal today. She sighed. “You’re pretty cunning, you know? Alright-alright, but don’t scream if there’s a cockroach passed your foot.” She tried to say a stupid reason again so Iriyama would change her mind.

Iriyama laughed and enjoyed her victory.

In a few minutes later, they arrived at Jurina’s apartment. Jurina let Iriyama sat on the chair.

“Do you want to drink something? I can buy it for you. I kind of… didn’t expect any guest tonight.” Jurina scratched her head.

“No. You don’t have to buy anything for me. I just want to talk with you.”

Jurina frowned as she noticed Iriyama’s serious face. “Okay.” She sat in front of Iriyama.

“Do you live here by yourself?” Iriyama looked around.


Iriyama frowned. “Where’s your friend? When the last time I drove you home, I saw a pale girl. And umm… where’s your manager? As far as I know, she lived with you, I always see her in the filming location with you.”

Jurina stared at the floor. “They leave me.”

“Ahh…” Iriyama seemed very sorry to say the question. “Sorry.”

“No problem. I already get used to life alone.”

Iriyama crossed her arms and leaned her back on the chair. “I want offering something to you.”

“What is it?” Jurina looked confused because Iriyama suddenly changed the subject.

“I will bring you back to our showbiz world. I will help you to get out from this misery.”

Jurina was really surprised. Her eyes widened. I can’t believe this! Did someone have just offering me a work?! Wait! She glared at Iriyama.”I’m sure that you’re not doing it for free. You want something from me, right?” She narrowed her eyes.

“You’re clever, Matsui-san.” Iriyama smirked. “I won’t ask too much from you. Be my girlfriend and call me Annin from now on.”

“W-wait……” Jurina was taken aback.

“Don’t misunderstand.  I didn’t like you or something sweet like that. I have 2 reasons, first… I want to break up with my fiancé and second… I want to be under spotlight with you. Can you imagine if the media ‘find’ us? We’ll absolutely become the cover of EVERY magazine. Well… our jobs will increase and I’m sure it’ll help you too.”

“Wow. You’re kind of expert to do such a sly trick like that, Iriyama-san.” A pretty girl can be scary sometime. “Actually… I have no problem with your second reason since I need some spotlights too. But about your fiancé…..” Jurina seemed hesitant.

“I just realized that he’s a gold digger. I want to break up with him in a worst way… I want him to know that he didn’t mean anything to me anymore. My plan is… after media expose our fake relationship, I want to announce it in front of public… that I decided to cancel our wedding.”

Jurina gulped. Pretty girls are surely scary. She nodded. “Okay. We have a deal here, Annin.” She started to call Iriyama’s nickname. “Do I have to sign something?”

“Oh, come on. I’m not that strict!” Annin chuckled. “I trusted you.”

Jurina shrugged. “Okay, so… When do we start?”

“Now. You’ll move in to my house… tonight.”

Jurina just followed Annin’s scenario, she moved into Annin’s house at that night and (of course) she resigned as a taxi driver. She didn’t know before that Annin’s uncle had an artist management, Annin helped her to get in. At first, Annin’s uncle seemed hesitant to recruit her, but because of Annin… she finally could enter the management after she promised to not doing a same mistake again.

At first, it was hard for Jurina to enter the entertainment world again because everybody in that management kept gossiping her behind her back, but… again, thanks to Annin. Annin really protected her from the stupid people who tried to make her down. Annin always gave her some motivations to keep trying to reach her dream again.

Jurina spent a whole week just with Annin. Annin was kind of tried to ‘fix’ her appearance that almost fade away because of the miserable life for almost 2 years. Jurina went to the beauty shop everyday and she also went to the boutique to buy many expensive and pretty clothes. Jurina felt like she entered the heaven again.

Their management set a press conference for Jurina in next week. There were many reporters from TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine signed up to attend it. The reporters really want to know about Jurina after she ‘lost from earth’ for 2 years, and it also because Annin would be there too.

The news of the press conference spread really fast and it made Jurina felt so nervous. She was afraid that everybody would mock and tease her.

“Are you ready?” Annin seemed worried because the press conference will be held in 5 minutes.

“No.” Jurina looked really pale and seemed uneasy.

Annin sighed. “Relax, Jurina. Remember… this is not the first time you stand in front of many people. You’ve been here before and you just have to get it back! You’re a great actress and I’m really proud to be your work partner.”

“I… I’m a great actress?” Jurina always heard it in the past; everybody always gave her many compliments. But that time… a compliment sounded unfamiliar to her ears, especially from an amazing actress like Annin.

“Of course you are! Where’s your confidence go, Jurina?!” Annin hugged Jurina. “Look, I’m not here just because of our agreement. I’m here because I care about you. I’m your friend, remember? You’re not alone.”

Jurina hugged Annin too. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.” Annin let go of her arms. “So… are you ready?”

Jurina took a deep breath. “Yes. I’m ready.” She grabbed Annin’s hand and held it tightly. As soon as they passed the hall door, they saw many cameras flash attacked them.


“Rena, I think you want to watch this.” Yuki pointed at the TV.

Rena sat beside Yuki. “What is this? Why I have to watch it?”

“Just… watch.”

Rena read the title: ‘Live Broadcast from Matsui Jurina Press Conference’. She gasped. J-jurina?! The warmth was filling her heart as she saw the only one that she loved after some months of separation. She really missed Jurina.

*Live Broadcast*

Reporter: “Welcome back, Matsui-san. Where have you been? You’re gone for 2 years.”

Jurina: “Thank you. Well… I’m not ‘gone’, I’m just dying.” *chuckled* “Just kidding. For 2 years, I learn how to be a different person. I’ve experienced many good things and bad things. I hope it’ll make me become a better person in the future. Thank you for your support.”

Reporter: “Why did you decide to come back?”

Jurina: “Honestly, I was really afraid to come back. All managements also didn’t want to open their arms to me because of what I did in the past. I have to say huge thanks for a gorgeous girl who sits beside me now, Annin, she’s the one who give the light in my dark world. She supports me to reach my dream again. She’s the only one who trusts me when everyone turned their heads away from me and left me behind.” *Smiled at Annin* “Thank you for always be there for me.”

Annin: *Smiled at Jurina* “You flattering me too much.”

Reporter: “Iriyama-san, why did you decide to help her and recruit her into your management? I remember that… 2 years ago, when the kiss accident revealed, you said that you didn’t have any relationship with Matsui-san.”

Annin: “If we want to help our friend, is the ‘relationship’ become so important? I help her because I care about her, as simple as that. She’s a strong girl, if it was happened to me… I might be couldn’t survive until today. She’s a great actress, model, and entertainer… I’m’ proud to be her friend.”

Jurina: “Well… reporter-san. If the ‘relationship’ that you mean is a ‘romantic relationship’, actually… we not yet to think about it but the possibility is always there. Right, Annin?”

Annin: “Yeah, nothing is impossible.”

*Everyone in that location seemed surprised*

Reporter: “But Iriyama-san, you have a fiancé, right?”

Annin: “Hmm… about that… umm… I have no comment about it today, but just like Jurina said before: ‘the possibility is always there’.”

Reporter: “Okay, for the last question today. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make your first day ruined but I think everyone want to know about your dept to xxx company.”

Jurina: *smiled* “Don’t worry. My day is still fun even if you give me that kind of question. Everyone must have made ​​a mistake … I did a mistake, so I will pay it off. I will get my house back. So that’s why I need your supports. I promise that I will never do the same mistake and I will become a better person.”

Annin: *Hold Jurina’s hand* “My support is always for you.”

*Jurina and Annin whispered at each other when the host closed the live broadcast. They smiled at each other.*

*End of the Live Broadcast*

Rena rubbed her own hands, she looked at the TV in a disbelief way. “Y-yuki…”


“Am I mistaken or they really close to each other in a romantic way?”

Yuki sighed. “Even though they denied it, we all can see that ‘something’ happened between them.”

“Oh my God, Jurina…. Why do you become like this?” Rena covered her face with her hands and then she cried softly. “Did she forget about me just because of a silly quarrel?!”

Yuki wrapped her arms onto Rena’s body and let Rena cried on her shoulder. “Sshhh… shhh…” She rubbed Rena’s back. “You have to accept the fact that she’s not yours anymore. You can’t cry every night just because of her! She already kicked you off, Rena. You have to move on too!!”

Rena shook her head. “I trust her and I still believes that she loves me. She just needs to grow up and realize that I’m the only one for her.”

“Well… while waiting she realize her feeling, why don’t you give me a chance to make you happy? I deserve to get a chance! Can’t you see it? I never stop loving you. I work hard to become a better person just because of you. Maybe… just maybe, you belong with me… not with Jurina.” Yuki wanted Rena understood her feeling.

Rena released herself from Yuki’s arms. “Please, Yuki. We already talk about it for a dozen times.” She looked at Yuki’s face. “I don’t want to hurt you anymore! What I did to you in the past was bad enough and makes me feel guilt until now. I don’t want it happen again. I don’t see you in that way.”

Yuki sighed. “I don’t care if you make me hurt for a hundred times, Rena. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I will never leave you or push you away like Jurina did to you. What can I do to prove it to you?”

“Yuki….” Rena cupped Yuki’s face.  “I know it and you don’t have to prove it. I trust your words, but-”

“Rena!” Yuki held Rena’s hand that cupped her cheek. She gripped it gently. “If it doesn’t works for us, well… I will never prevent you to go back to Jurina. A chance…. just… 1 chance.” She caressed Rena’s cheek. “I want you to know that I need you in my life.” She wiped Rena’s tears.

Rena couldn’t say anything again because Yuki was so persistent to make Rena became hers. “Okay.” She agreed although she knew that she would hurt Yuki… again.

Yuki smiled. “Thank you.” She planted a soft kiss onto Rena’s forehead. “I promise that I will never let you sad.”

Rena smiled back. Oh God… she’s so nice to me. Can I love her instead of Jurina? She let her body covered by Yuki’s arms again. Jurina, please come back before it’s become too late for us.


Months had passed and Jurina’s career became better and better. She had never stop said ‘thanks you’ to Annin every single day and it made Annin laughed because Jurina was so cute when she showed her gratitude.

Jurina really worked hard to get the good reputation from public again. She never refused any job offer. She also worked day and night to get more money so she could get her house and her motorcycle back. She sat and looked at her saving book and she was so happy when she realized that her dept only minus approximately 10%.

Next month… I can breathe again. Jurina shed her tears.

“Hey, why are you crying?” Annin nudged Jurina’s arm.

“It’s not a sad tears. I’m happy now.” Jurina grinned at Annin. “Next month I’ll be able to pay my debt. I will get my house back and I will give you a full permission to stay there whenever you like!!”

Annin laughed when she saw Jurina’s fiery eyes. “Easy boy.” She patted Jurina’s head. “By the way… congratulation for that.”

Jurina nodded. “Thanks. It’s all because of you. If I didn’t meet you that night, I might still stay in that small apartment.”

Annin smiled. “You know, Jurina. It’s always nice to see your smile. When I met you that night, you didn’t smile at all and it scared me.”

“Okay! I will give you my big smile everyday from now on!!” Jurina started to show her super cute puppy smile.

“Silly!” Annin chuckled. “Umm… Jurina.”


“Can we announce that we’re dating? How about… tomorrow?”

Jurina was taken aback. “Huh?!”

Annin smacked Jurina’s head. “I want to break up with my fiancé, remember? You forget our agreement!” She pouted.

“Ah! That!” Jurina felt so stupid to not remember it. “I’m sorry. Tomorrow is okay. Umm… do you have any plan?”

“How about… we do like we did 2 years ago?” Annin smirked.

“Wait…. WHAT?!”


Rena usually didn’t watch TV, but lately… she often did it. She wanted to see Jurina because lately, Jurina often appeared on TV.

Rena wanted to go to the bathroom but her steps stopped because she heard ‘Breaking News from Matsui Jurina and Iriyama Anna’ from the TV. She sat back on the couch.

*Breaking News*

Breaking news: Matsui Jurina and Iriyama Anna announce their dating status to public. Iriyama-san has cancelled her wedding with her fiancé and she confirmed that Matsui-san is her current girlfriend.

*A paparazzi found Jurina and Annin kissed each other in a car.*


Reporter: Do you have any comment about that accident? Was Matsui-san drunk again?

Annin: “No one drunk there. It’s not wrong to kiss your own girlfriend, right? Why this become a big news?”

Reporter: “Because we know that you have a fiancé, Iriyama-san.”

Annin: “Oh, him? We’ve broke up.” *looked at her watch* “Sorry, I have to go filming. Bye.”


Reporter: Do you and Iriyama-san really dating?

Jurina: “What did Annin say to you guys?”

Reporter: “You both dating.”

Jurina: *shrugged* “Well… if she say so. I can’t deny it.”

*End of the Breaking News*

Rena stunned in front of the TV. What?! Rena hoped that her parent didn’t see that news because her parent must be upset if they knew it.

Matsui-sama, Kashiwagi-san is here. Do you want to meet her?” Rena’s maid talked through the intercom.

“Okay, let her in.” Rena replied it. She turned off the TV and wiped her tears. I didn’t want to make Yuki sad. She will upset again if she know that I still crying because of Jurina.

Rena opened the door when she heard someone knocked it. “Hi.”

Yuki smiled and kissed Rena’s cheek. “I miss you.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “We’ve just met last night.” She let Yuki went in to her room. “How’s your work?”

“It’s fine. It’s just fine because you’re not there.” Yuki back-hugged Rena and then she kissed Rena’s bare shoulder.

Rena turned back. “I’m sorry. I can’t make it today since I have some homework today and I had 2 exams this morning.” She looked at Yuki’s eyes. Those eyes were so beautiful. If Rena looked at Yuki’s face closer, she could find Yuki’s face became more gorgeous.

“It’s okay.” Yuki pecked Rena’s lips.

“Hey! You steal a kiss!” Rena pinched Yuki’s cheek playfully.

Yuki laughed. “Can I kiss you again?”

Rena was silent for a moment. The memory about how Jurina kissed Annin made her really mad. “Sure.” She replied it without thinking again. She let Yuki’s kissed her. Yuki was about to stop but Rena put her arms around Yuki’s neck and pulled Yuki closer. “Please, don’t stop tonight.”

Yuki utterly shocked when she heard it. She didn’t need a second thought to kissed Rena’s lips again. She put all of her passion in it. She found her hand sneaked into Rena’s blouse and caressed Rena’s bare stomach and waist. “Can I have all of you tonight?” She whispered it inside Rena’s mouth.

Rena remained silent but her lips kept moving along with Yuki’s lips.

I want every last bit of you.” Yuki couldn’t hold her lust that already took over her mind.

Yuki began to lift up Rena’s blouse. “I want to eat you up right here and now, can I?” Her breath became heavier.

Rena closed her eyes. Maybe Jurina already did it with Annin too, so why I can did it with Yuki? Her jealousy really made her blind. “It’s all yours, Yukirin.”

Yuki smiled and then she completely took off Rena’s blouse and had the time of her life.


“Finally!! Home!!!!” Jurina jumped happily when she opened the door.

Annin chuckled. “Hey, Jurina. I have another surprise for you.”

Jurina stopped. “What is it?”

“It seems you can through this without me.”

Jurina turned her head and find Mayu stood on the terrace. “YOU!!!!” She clenched her teeth.

Annin thought it would be a great surprise but it was not. “O-okay…I’ll leave you two alone. Goodbye.” She went out from Jurina’s house and then she entered her car. She wanted to go home.

“Why are you here?! You left me already!!” Jurina yelled at Mayu.

“I was in love in you, Jurina. If I kept standing around you, I will never be able to move on.”

Jurina was totally shocked by Mayu’s blunt confession. “W-was?”

Mayu shrugged. “Yeahh… I think I’m okay now. Don’t worry.”

“Tch!” Jurina turned her head. “I’m not worried about you.”

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Don’t acts like a tsundere girl in front of me or I will leave you again.”

“I don’t need you to be here!” Jurina clenched her fist. “You’ve never came to me when I was still life in a pathetic life!”

“If I offered you some help back then, are you sure that you would receive it??!!!” Mayu raised her voice. “I know you very well, Jurina. You’re too arrogant and you have a solid self esteem like a stone… you wouldn’t let anyone else help you!!!”

Jurina sighed. She’s right. I hate it when she’s right.

“Jurina… can I live here with you again? I miss you so much.” Mayu looked at Jurina with her teary eyes. “I didn’t drink and smoke anymore. That time…. I was just too stressed out.”

“I still hate you, Mayu.” Jurina crossed her arms. “But I think it’s okay if you move in again since I hate to be here alone.” She smiled. “No matter what happen, you’re my best friend. You helped me so much in the past and this is the time I pay you back.”

Mayu smiled at Jurina. She ran toward Jurina and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.” She cried so hard on Jurina’s chest.

“Hey! Where is your ‘No hug! No kiss! No touch’ goes?” Jurina imitated Mayu and teased Mayu.

Mayu punched Jurina’s chest softly. “I hate you!”

Jurina wrapped her arms onto Mayu’s body. “We hate each other. I know it.”

“Where’s Rena?” Mayu wiped her tears. “I have a feeling that your relationship with Annin is just a fake. Am I right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Jurina was so amazed about how Mayu could know her really well. “I… Umm… I kind of kicked her out.”

“WHAT??!!!!!” Mayu smacked Jurina’s head. “STUPID!!!! You’re a stupid-idiot girl!”

“Aww!” Jurina rubbed her head. “She insulted me! She put all blame in me!! She mocked me in front of my face!”

Mayu sighed. “Listen, Jurina. If we’re stressed, our emotion becomes uncontrollable. Maybe at that time Rena almost lost her hope, she needed your support but you ended up with kicked her out. Rena really loves you, Jurina… I can see it from her eyes. Get her back before everything become worse.”

“I don’t know.” Jurina seemed hesitant.

“Jurina, she’s a girl who keep standing beside you and through so much pain with you! She’s a rich girl but she wanted to live with you in a small apartment just for you! She left her parent just for you! Oh my God, I don’t realize that you’re this idiot.” Mayu shook her head.

“I’m sure that she’s with Yuki now.”

Mayu frowned. “Who’s Yuki?”

“Her ex-girlfriend.”

Mayu smacked Jurina’s head. “Yabai!! Get her NOW!!!”

“Okay-okay. Relax. It’s already 11PM! I will come to her house tomorrow.”

Mayu shrugged. “Well… tomorrow is good enough.” She looked at her ex-bedroom. “I’m sleepy. Good night.” She walked toward the room.


Mayu turned her head. “What?”

“Sleep with me.”

“HUH?! No way!! Such a baby!”

Jurina folded her hands. “Please-please-please~ besides that, if Rena already come back here… you won’t be able to sleep with me again.” She grinned.

“Such a silly reason. But okay, only for tonight. We’re too old to sleep together, you know?”

“Yeay!” Jurina looked very happy. “Umm…. Mayu.”


“Saving 15% of my salary is a good choice, you helped me so much. Thank you.”

“No problem.” Mayu shrugged. “A stupid girl like you will always need a smart girl like me.” She chuckled.


Jurina sat in front of Rena’s parent. The situation was really different from the last time she asked their permission to bring Rena. This time was so cold, dark, and scary.

Rena’s mom began to talk. “Matsui-san, we’re really disappointed at you.”

“We’re so upset and angry, but… Rena is already old enough to make her decision. If she want to be with you again, we can’t say anything, but DON’T EVER AGAIN make her sad!!” Rena’s dad raised his voice.

“H-hai!” Jurina bowed at them as both of them left Jurina and Rena alone in the living room.

Jurina exhaled. I thought they will kill me. She took a really deep breath before she turned head onto Rena’s direction. Oh God, this is bad. She looked at Rena’s face that already heated up by anger.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING HERE?!” Rena yelled at Jurina.

“I… Umm… I kind of… want to…. bring you back (?)” Jurina stuttered.

Rena scoffed. “Me? Come back to you?! Pfft! Do you think I’m so stupid to do a same mistake?!!”

“So… be with me is a mistake?” Jurina asked it carefully.

“Yes!” Rena said it firmly. “Besides that, I’m with Yuki now.”

Jurina felt so sad and disappointed at herself. “I see…” She stood up. “Well… I think I have no business here anymore. See you next time, maybe.” She didn’t want to force Rena since it was all her fault, her childish attitude caused Rena went away from her grip. Besides that, if I keep forcing her, maybe her father will shoot my head with a gun or something. I’m not yet ready to die, Airin will rage at me up there because I make her Rena become totally suffering on earth.

Jurina hoped that Rena would call her name, but no. Rena let her went away. I did a huge mistake by kicked her out that day. She shed her tears.


“Y-yuki… Jurina came to my house… 3 days ago.” Rena said it carefully to her girlfriend.

“So?” Somehow, Yuki already knew what would happen next.

“When I looked at her face… I’m sure that I still love her.” Rena felt guilty when she said it but she had to say it.

“But she already make you suffering for a long time!” Yuki tried to convince Rena to stay.

Rena smiled. “I’m just like you, Yukirin. You don’t care how much I hurt you, you keep loving me with all your heart…. that happen to me as well. No matter how many times Jurina make me life in pain, I still love her. That’s love.”

Yuki couldn’t say anything again because every single thing that Rena said was true. “As I said before… I will never prevent you to go back with her.” She turned her head. “Don’t thank me because I hate to make a decision like this. I can’t force you become mine if it just make you sad. Now… go.”

“Are we still friends?”

Yuki shook her head. “I don’t know. Give me some time to accept it first, accept that you’re not mine.”

Rena stood up. “Okay. But I really hope we can become friends.” She took her handbag from the desk and went out from Yuki’s room.

Yuki cried alone in that room. Again… I feel it again. A damn broken heart!! After years, I still can’t have her. It’s all vain.


Jurina stopped her motorcycle near the place that had a very long not visited by her, the bridge. Jurina never went there anymore after she and Rena knew that Airin had a cancer.

Jurina sat on the bridge railings like she used to do years ago. Hi, river! It’s been a long time. Everything go well except… Rena. I get my best friend, money, fame, and glamorous life back…. But, I didn’t get Rena back. How ironic, isn’t it?

Jurina looked at the sky. Hi, Airin! Can you see me? Can you hear me now? I’m so sorry for not be able to take care of Rena, but you don’t have to worry… I’m sure that Yuki can take care of her better. I’m really a suck girl, huh? Yes, I’m suck! I’m so s-


Jurina turned her head as she heard a familiar voice called her name. “R-rena!” She climbed down the railing quickly.

Rena walked toward Jurina. “I went to your home but Mayu said you’re not in home. So… I guess you’re here since she said you didn’t have any schedule.” She smiled. "And Mayu also told me that your relationship with Iriyama was just a fake thing."

“Ah! Yeah…” Jurina scratched her head.  She didn’t know what to say.

"BUT!" Rena pouted. "I'm still mad at you because you kissed her... twice! Oh my GOD, TWICE!!!"

"Sorry." Jurina showed her guilty face. "She helped me to reach my dream again, so..... yeah... it was just a part of our agreement."

Rena sighed. "Okay, we'll talk about that later... but I'm glad she didn't take you away from me." She tilted her head. “You didn’t want to ask me why I’m looking for you?”

“Ah! Right! Why are you here?” Jurina showed her super awkward smile.

Rena smiled. “I’m here to get my partner back because I can’t live without her.”

Jurina was so surprised by Rena’s words. “Wait… HUH?!” She frowned.

Rena rolled her eyes. “Can you stop acting like an idiot? Just shut up and kiss me!” She opened her arms.

Jurina hesitated. “Why? You said before that be with me is a mistake.”

“Yes, it’s a mistake because I smile like an idiot when I’m thinking about you. I still love you, Jurina. I will love you forever.”

Jurina smiled and then she wrapped her arms onto Rena’s body. “You will?”

“Yes.” Rena cupped Jurina’s cheek. “That’s the problem. So, please don’t make me sad again because no matter how many times you make me hurt… I’ll always come back to you.” She shed her tears.

“I love you, Rena.” Jurina kissed Rena’s cheek and wiped her tears away.

“I love you too, Jurina.” She ruffled Jurina’s hair. “I missed you.”

Jurina pecked Rena’s lips. “Rena, do you remember when you said to me that you want a child?”

Rena blushed. “W-well…. Why are you mentioning about it now?! It’ll make you sad again.”

“No, I’ll not sad again. Well… I think we can adopt a child after our financial more stable than now… A girl or a boy is up to you.”

Rena didn’t know how to react about that sudden decision from her partner.


Rena frowned. “But?”

Jurina smirked. “Well… normally, a woman can’t get a child in instant. You have to get pregnant first…..” She whispered at Rena. “I will try hard to make you pregnant every night.

Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “BAKA! Stop joking around and give me a child as soon as possible!! I will be the only one who have a solid right to give her/his name, okay?”

“Deal.” Jurina laughed. “Let’s go home. Please stay with me tonight. Tomorrow I will ask your parent permission again. And PLEASE pray for me so your dad won’t kill me.”

Rena chuckled. “Ahh… Jurina. I love you so much.”

Jurina gave Rena a deep kiss and hugged Rena tightly. I get her back… my life is complete now… I’m not alone again. Even if I will die someday, at least I already have Airin in heaven and my other friends on earth. Wait, what?! I feel like an angel now.

**** Some Decades Later ****

“NO!! NO!! I can’t let her go!!! Doctor, do a surgery again and make her healthy again!!!” Jurina grabbed the doctor’s collar.

The doctor seemed so sad. “Okay, as you wish Matsui-san. Please go to the administration office to sign some documents… as usual.”

“Mom!!! Stop it! We already make her suffered by doing 18 surgeries already!!! Do you think she will happy to life like this? She’s hurt, mom!” A middle-aged woman tried to calm Jurina.

“You didn’t know how I feel!! I can’t live without her!”

The woman held Jurina’s shoulder. “I know how you feel, mom.” She cried. “She’s my mom!! I’m as sad as you! But please… stop this! Stop her pain. Do you realize that she always cry in pain every night?!”

Jurina sat on the hospital’s chair. She shed her tears. God, why You have to take her too?? Last year you already took Mayu from me… How can I live here alone?

A little boy held Jurina’s hand. “Grandma, don’t cry. Mom told me to not cry… but if you cry, I will cry too.” The little boy pouted.

Jurina smiled weakly and then she caressed the boy’s head. “I won’t cry.”

“Mom.” The woman held Jurina’s hand as well. “If you really love her and want to help her, be with her when her end comes close. Sit with her. You don't have to do anything again but really be there with her. Someday, I will do the same to you… I love you, mom.”

Jurina tried really hard to hold her tears.


Jurina knocked the door. “Rena-chan.” She sat beside Rena and then she held her lover hand.

“Jurina, don’t be sad.” Rena said it very softly. It was like a whisper, so Jurina’s ear had to really close to her mouth to be able to hear it. “I’m okay. Airin and Mayu are waiting me.”

Jurina cried softly. “I’m really jealous at Airin! She will be able to flirt with you again.” She chuckled while crying.

“Baka!” Rena smiled at Jurina. “Hey, the death is not as scary as you thought. I saw Airin and Mayu… they smile and they look really happy. They told me to tell you to not be too sad because we will meet again for sure.”

“Is this a kind of our farewell or something?”

“No… it’s not a farewell. It’s a ‘see you again’.” Rena smiled. “I love you, Jurina. The death can’t separate us too long”

3 days after that, Rena was passed away. Jurina was really sad because all of her closest friends already left her as well, Airin-> Annin-> Yuki -> Mayu -> and then…. Rena. Jurina didn’t sure how long that she could survive on earth because she was already pretty old too; especially because she had to live alone without her friends.

**** 2 Years Later ****

Jurina realized that her last breath would come. Her daughter and her grandchild held her hand gently… they were crying.  She remembered that she did it too when she was about to lose someone that she loved.

Finally, Jurina took a really deep breath and closed her eyes. Everything became so dark, cold, and silent.


“Oi, Jurina! Don’t be so lazy, wake up!!”

Jurina felt that someone shook her body; She opened her eyes slowly because it was too bright and white. She blinked her eyes over and over again to adapt the light. She shocked as she saw who that was. “Mayu??!!!! Mayu!!!!!” She woke up quickly and then she hugged her best friend. She wanted to cry but no tears came out.

Jurina let go of her arms as she realized that there was something wrong. “M-Mayu… you look so…… young?”

Yes, it was Mayu’s appearance when she was 20 years old.

Jurina covered her mouth with her hand. “H-how?!!!! Am I dreaming or something?!” She looked so surprised, confused, and panicked.

Mayu laughed. “Well… relax, Jurina. I’ve experienced that kind of ‘jet lag’ before, thankfully Annin helped me.”

Jurina frowned. “Annin is here?” She looked around and found nothing except white. “Where am I?” She looked at her body. She seemed pretty young too, maybe around 21-22 years old. She wore white clothes, just like Mayu. She smiled.

“As I told you, Jurina… the death is not that scary.”

Jurina turned around as she heard a familiar voice called her name. “R-rena chan?” She looked at the ‘people’ who stood beside Rena. She saw Annin and Yuki smiled at her. She smiled back. “Long time no see.” She turned her head slowly and she found Airin stood near to Rena…. She was holding Rena’s hand. “Hey!! Don’t touch her in such a pervert way!!”

All of them were laughed.

Airin rolled her eyes. “Pervert?! I’m just holding her hand!” She chuckled. “Welcome, Jurina.”

“It’s good to see you again, Airin.” She smiled at  Airin. Airin looked so pretty and it made her could forget how suffered Airin when she was in the hospital.

4 of them left Jurina and Rena alone as if they knew that both of them need a private talk.

Rena walked toward Jurina. Jurina was paralyzed because of Rena’s beauty. If she was still have a heart, maybe her heart already jumped around and beat so fast like a Grand Prix car. “It’s nice to see you again, Jurina. You look so handsome and cool.” She caressed Jurina’s cheeks.

Jurina smiled as she saw how Rena looked at her with a pair of lovely eyes. “I miss you so much, Rena-chan. And umm… you look so flawless!! Oh man! Cool!” She grinned.

Rena chuckled and then she held Jurina’s hand. “Thank you for giving me so much love when we still on the earth. You taught me so many thing that I wouldn’t be able to find it if I was not with you.”

Jurina smiled. “I have to say thank you as well. You never made me felt alone no matter what happened. Thank you for always be there for me. I always found your love in every seconds of my life.”

Both of them walked away while holding hands. They walked with smiles on their face as they knew that their love would live forever and it would never end.

========================== THE END ==========================

Umm... I hope you like it. I've tried my best to write it. :')

See you later in my other fics.
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Putri-san. You killed me again. :catglare: A~ A~ so tragedy. Poor everyone.  :banghead: :banghead: I want to know what happen next?  :panic: :panic: Please update soon. :bow: :bow:
I can translate it, can't I?  :deco:
Thank you for update. :deco:

Of course you can translate it as usual.
Because it's a really long fanfic, you will surely really tired in translating it. :p
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Umm... I hope you like it. I've tried my best to write it. :')

You have no idea how I felt when I was waiting for this story.
And that last part? I literally checked this post every five minutes. So depressing. :sweatdrop:
But I am happy that I did so. This is officially one of my favorite stories.

Thanks for your hard work. :bow: :bow: :bow:
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I accidently started at p3
but... reading it:
Airin death: whhhhyyy!!??? sob... <- reaction
Other stuff... so angsty
End: wow you killed em all... yet its a happy ending... Airin~~~

I can't begin to put my thoughts together,
but this was awesome...
Simply put in the way S. Haruhi books are titled: Le Angsty Life of Matsui Jurina + Crew
Twas awesome
Ze end
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hmm.... author-san I kinda dissapointed with the ending :'( too hasty :(

but I'm glad you finished this story :) keep writing amazing fic anakpanti-san ^_^
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hmm.... author-san I kinda dissapointed with the ending :'( too hasty :(

but I'm glad you finished this story :) keep writing amazing fic anakpanti-san ^_^

Which part that you said too hasty?
I can make it more detail, in a specific part, if you want it. :)


Umm... I hope you like it. I've tried my best to write it. :')

You have no idea how I felt when I was waiting for this story.
And that last part? I literally checked this post every five minutes. So depressing. :sweatdrop:
But I am happy that I did so. This is officially one of my favorite stories.

Thanks for your hard work. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Every 5 minutes?! Wow... >.< I'm sorry to make you wait.
Thank you for your support. :D
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Yatttttaaaaaaaaa. . . . FinaLLy. . I've been waiting 4 u. . . When u say u'LL post the next chapter in d'morning. . . It's reaLLy makes me Look at this topic every 1 hour. . Maybe,,the end is just sooo far from I expected. But,,it's reaLLy OWESOME. ! Trims
Title: Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Yatttttaaaaaaaaa. . . . FinaLLy. . I've been waiting 4 u. . . When u say u'LL post the next chapter in d'morning. . . It's reaLLy makes me Look at this topic every 1 hour. . Maybe,,the end is just sooo far from I expected. But,,it's reaLLy OWESOME. ! Trims

Sorry... my work was quite hectic on that day.

Well... tell me about what did you expect as the end? Mybe I can use it in my fic later. hahaha.
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OMG anakpant-san what was that? I had mixed feelings while reading... Happy then sad, happy then sad...

My heart... UGH!!..... After a big exam it is always good to read a story like that :D

But I was expecting some Mayuki :lol: Even with that square love (? Can we say that...) Yah anyway really good! :thumbsup

Thank you! :twothumbs
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I was not expected that u write the confLict with Annin is so that easy to be soLve. N,even I never think it wouLd be 'tiLL they die u write it. hehe. I just think,after they back.They have some honeymoon around the worLd,n jurina becomE hoLLywood artist.
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I was not expected that u write the confLict with Annin is so that easy to be soLve. N,even I never think it wouLd be 'tiLL they die u write it. hehe. I just think,after they back.They have some honeymoon around the worLd,n jurina becomE hoLLywood artist.

Ahh.. about Annin.

It seems I forgot to write that when Rena looking for Jurina to Jurina's house.... Mayu tell her that JuriAnnin relationship is just a fake. =___="
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Omg it a wonderful ending

Aww...i want more

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Soudesu neeee. . . . . That makes me guess. . "Aaaah. . . Rena 4give her bcz Jurina Dare come to Rena's House. She have a very serious FeeL toward her. Even She KICKED OUT Rena.!!!" how dare Jurina here. . Hehehe. . So,,I think u shouLd make Omake to thiS.
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I’m sorry for only making the short story. :p
I wrote it just an hour before I had a meeting with my client, to relieve my stress. Silly. LOL.
Okay, enjoy this short and meaningless OS.


#8 WMatsui - Dear Fans

A few years ago, I always thought that Jurina was very cute. I mean… how on earth she could kiss every girl so comfortably like THAT?! Well… I always tried my best to avoid her lips, but yeah… we all know how amazing Jurina, right? She was still so young and strong back then, I would never win against her. Never, even until now.

In a few months ago, my thoughts about Jurina changed 180 degrees after I realized how serious our fans about this ‘WMatsui’ thing. My curiosity forced me to surf into the internet to know about what actually fans thought about us. I typed ‘WMatsui’ on the search engine web and guess what? I found many strange things. It really made me shocked to death.

First, I found my photos with Jurina but our fans has been edited it and put some funny or sweet words in those photos. Second, I found out that our fans… kind of… drawing us… well, they called it as a fanart. I carefully saw one by one those pictures. On the internet, one post always linked to other posts, and that was why I found many-many-many edited-photos and fanarts. I had to admit that their fanarts were very amazing and beautiful but……… how should I put it….. it just strange for me.

Maybe it already became my hobby because I found out that it was interesting to look at those pictures. Every time I had a break time during photo shoot, theater performance, or other schedules… I always opened my phone and began to search our names on the internet. I often felt that my cheeks become hotter every time I found some ‘too sweet’ fanarts and photos on the internet. I started to feel…. weird.

Now, every time I look at Jurina… everything that I saw on the internet pops up in my head over and over again. It makes me even want to avoid her more than before.

“Rena chaaaan~” Jurina clinging toward me by grabbing my arms and hold it tightly. “Tomorrow, we are going to Tokyo again! I’m sure that they will put us in the same hotel room as usual.” She grins.

Fuck! I try to shove her hands. “Let go of me, Jurina.” But Jurina seems don’t care. She even put her hands on my shoulders and standing in front of me. One fanart pop up in my head, the one that picturing me and Jurina looked at each other with our passionate eyes and about to kiss. “Stay away from me!! You’re so annoying! Don’t you know that?!” I raised my voice as I felt my heart hammering inside my chest.

Jurina looks surprised. “Rena-chan? W-what hap-”

“Nothing happened! J-just stay away, do you understand?!” I cut her off.

Jurina pouts. “Rena-chan has no fun.” She turns around and walks away.

I smack my own forehead after Jurina lost from my sight. Seriously, what happened to my brain?!

I keep my distance from Jurina, I do my best for my own sake. Every time Jurina walked closer toward me, I stepped back and shoo her away. She would pout at first, but then she didn’t have any other choice except went away after I said many harsh words.

After some months, I succeed in making Jurina stay away from me. She never clings toward me anymore and she never kisses me anymore. I feel relieved because my heart don’t have to beat really fast like before anymore. Yeah… every time Jurina was around me, my heartbeat rate amazingly increased.

After a year, it turns out too much. Jurina not only didn’t kiss me and hug me anymore, but also… we never really talk anymore. We only talk if it’s about our job like dance, sing, formation, and such. The distance grows too much and as I expected, our fans realized it. Our fans started to wonder about what happened between me and Jurina. Well… it can’t be helped since there’s no way to tell them the truth about our private stuff.

We often went to the same shows but we never looked at each other face and make an eye contact and we even didn’t talk to each other in front of the camera. We only do some interactions if the MC says so and we can’t avoid it. It also happened during the concert, we never holding hands like we usually do back then, because Jurina prefers to cling toward Kanon and other juniors rather than standing beside me.

Well… it doesn’t matter for me, I guess. I still have Airin anyway and umm… lately I’ve been closer with Manatsu as well. They are so cute! Yeah, Jurina is cute too but… somehow, it seems different for some reason.


Fans know me as a ‘social-networker’, because I managed to regularly update my twitter, mobile mail, blog, instagram, and G+ despite my busy schedules. On the other hand, Jurina is kind of…. lack of knowledge about technology? She rarely posts something in her accounts and often get confused about how to use them. I secretly chuckled when I heard other member talked about her.

When I’m about to update my g+, I see Jurina’s post. Well… I guess she has realized how important the social network is. Every day, she posted some of her selca and I’m just like… wow! I never noticed before that she can be THAT cute and beautiful. She grows up really well and she looks totally different from Jurina that I saw some years ago.

Because of ‘g+ selca effect’, I can’t take off my eyes from Jurina during rehearsal today. I notice how amazing every curve of her body now, I’m watching how she dance and I feel that my heart almost fall when I see Jurina’s sexy and powerful dance moves. I think she perfectly knows how flawless her body is, so that’s why she often use some costumes that showing her perfect and tempting abs. Wait a minute! I smack my forehead. It sounds like I’m a pervert!!

Many fanarts and photos come to my head again. I have to look away from Jurina before my mind start to imagine something inappropriate again. I sigh. Geez! Please stop torturing my brain.

I walk toward my bag and take my phone. Maybe updating my social network can divert my thought from Jurina. Right after I log in to my account, I receive so many notifications. So, I read some of them. My fans told me that Jurina started flirting Abiru Riho-san on g+ and they said that I have to get Jurina back before it’s become too late. What?!

I feel like a stupid girl now because I quickly open my g+ and go to Jurina’s account. I read it… lately, Jurina often mentioning about Riho-san and they even took some pictures together! I feel even more stupid when I open Riho’s g+. Okay, I’m looks like a stalker now. I read that Riho often wrote about Jurina as well, she bluntly wrote that she’s falling in love with Jurina. For some reason, I feel so uncomfortable about it.


My phone almost falls from my grip as I hear Jurina calling me. “Y-yes?” I look at her and put my phone back into my bag.

“Are you sure that you have mastered the dance move for our new song?” Jurina stand right in front of me. She looks at me and then she tilted her head. She’s waiting for my answer.

I shrug. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“Good. Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“H-hotel?!” Okay, now I’m a really dumb girl. I forget that we’re in Tokyo now, not in Nagoya.

“Yes, hotel. If you still want to stay here, it’s okay. I will go first.”

Tch! Those gaze again. Her gaze becomes colder and colder as the time goes. “Okay, let’s go. I still have a photo shoot tonight, so I think I have to take a bath before I go to the studio.” Sometimes, I feel so envy at Jurina. She’s still underage so she doesn’t have to work until midnight. She has more time to take a rest.

In some minutes, we finally arrive at our hotel room. I take a bath quickly because the driver will pick me up in an hour and take me to the studio. I take a glance at Jurina when I fixing my hair. She’s smiling when she looks at her phone.

“Is there something wrong?” Jurina seems notice that I watching her from the mirror.

I’m utterly shocked but I managed to calm down, well… I’m an actress after all. “Nothing. It’s just strange, to see you smiling by yourself.”

“Oh, I’m sorry if it’s bothering you. It’s just… the mail from Riho-chan is very cute and I couldn’t hold my smile.”

“I see.” I stand up. “Okay, I’m going now.”

“Wait, Rena-chan!”

“Yes?” I stop when I was about to open the door.

“Can I borrow your laptop? I forgot to bring mine.” She pleads. “I want to search something regarding to my theater performance tomorrow.”

“Okay, no problem.” If it’s about our jobs, I can’t refuse it. “I will mail the password when I reach the car.”

As soon as I sit inside the car, I mail the password to Jurina and then I close my eyes and try to take a rest while heading to the photo shoot location. Right after I close my eyes, the memory about Riho’s and Jurina’s g+ come to my mind. I groaned. No-no-no! Hell to the no! I’m not jealous……….. right? Riiiiiiight?!

*Few hours later*

“Tadaima.” I’m lazily open the door. I’m really tired. My body is tired because of my job and my mind is tired because of ‘Abiru Riho and Matsui Jurina’ things. Damn!

Jurina turns her head and look at me. “Okaeri~”

Wait… Am I mistaken or I really see her smirk? Somehow, I feel bad about it.

“I want to ask you about something.” Jurina pointed her finger at the laptop screen. “What are these things, Rena-chan?”

My eyes widened. Oh shit – oh shit – oh shit!! She opened the damn folder!!! “Hey!! That’s my private stuff! Why did you open it without my permission???” I feel so fucking panic.

Jurina roll her eyes. “I wouldn’t open it if your folder name is not ‘WMatsui’. I opened it because I saw my name included in it too.” She stand up and walks closer toward me.

I step back. “W-what?”

She scoffs. “So… these are what you’ve been doing for a year. You get rid of me, but you used those things to imagine SOMETHING about me.”

My back touches the wall and I can’t move anymore. Shit! “N-no! Don’t say things like that. I’m not that creepy!! I just want to know what our fans think about us.”

Jurina walks more closely. “Really? Why that thing becomes so important to you?” She tilts her head. “And umm… you put the folder on your desktop, so it means you frequently open it.” She stops right in front of me. I can smell her citrus scent that tickling my nose.

“Listen, Jurina. This is not like you think. Don’t misunderstand me, okay?” I try to convince her that I’m not THAT bad.

“Okay…” Jurina walks back toward the laptop.

I thought the topic is already over, but I’m wrong. She opens a file. “Then… what is it? Well, even though I’m really bad in English… but I know what this is about. Can you explain it? Did you write it by yourself?”

I’m narrowing my eyes so I can look at it clearer. I gasped as I read ‘Ahhh~ Nnngh! J-Jurina… m-more faster and harder!’ “Hey!!!” I run toward my laptop and then I turn it off forcefully. Why?!!! Why??!!! There are a lot of fanfics in that folder, but why she opened THAT one?! The smut one?! Shit! “Our fans wrote it, not me! I’m just appreciating their works! They’re showing their love in many ways!!”

Jurina crossed her arms. “You know, Rena-chan… you looks cute when you’re panic.” She chuckle. “No matter how hard you explain it, I still see you as a pervert. Well… we have a schedule tomorrow morning, so… good night.” She turns off the lights and then she crawls up to her bed, leaving me standing alone like a fool.

I groaned, showing my irritated feels.


I hate when all SKE members gather around. Why? Because I will definitely see how Jurina flirts Riho right in front of my eyes. Urgh! But what else can I do? It’s for our concert purpose, so… I have to attend the rehearsal.

“Matsui Rena!!”

“Y-yes.” I’m so surprised when the sensei called my full name.

“Stop day dreaming!! You moved to the wrong direction!”

I bow at the sensei. “I-I’m sorry.”

“You did a lot of mistakes today! Stop fooling around!”

I bend down my body once more to show how sorry I am. I take a little glance to the mirror and I see Jurina’s reflection smirks at me. I hate to mention it but… Riho sit next to her. My worst day, ever!

Today, my rehearsal with SKE ended up with a disaster. The sensei kept raging at me for all day long and I couldn’t hide my embarrassing face from my juniors.

“Today’s rehearsal was quite fun, huh?”

I am glaring at Jurina who sit next to me inside the train. We’re on our way to Tokyo for our duty as the senbatsu members. “Yeah… FUN!” I leans my back onto the chair and cross my arms.

“Rena-chan... you know. After your pervert-ness has revealed by me, we talks more often, huh? Do you feels, somehow, regret because you keep fantasizing about me… us?” She giggles.

Urgh! This kid! Why she never stops mocking me about THAT stuff?! “Jurina, I’m not in the mood now.” I sigh. “I’m not a pervert and I don’t care if we talks more often or not.” I said it sarcastically.

Jurina shrug. “Okay, if it’s what you want. I will act like before… I won’t talk with you except for our works.”

“Whatever.” I shut my eyes and try to sleep.


Jurina really do it! She acts so cold towards me. She doesn’t care about my presence at all, just like before ‘that’ folder accident happened. Also, and also! Especially! Riho’s fangirling stage makes me sick!! Honestly.

I rub my own forehead as I realize that I’m J-E-A-L-O-U-S. And this jealousy even bigger than when Jurina confessed in a magazine interview that she fell in love with Mayuyu during filming Majisuka Gakuen 2. Maybe it was because Mayuyu has never really show her affection toward Jurina in public… but now, Riho is quite strong since she’s really confident to say how much she loves Jurina in front of everyone.

Right after our dance practice is over, I grab Jurina’s arm and drag her out from the crowd. I see Riho throw a sharp glare to me but I don’t care, I’ve reached my limit.

“Aw aw aw! Rena-chan, it’s hurt!” She hissed in pain.

“Oh, sorry.” I let go of my grip as I realize that I grips her arm too hard. We’re in the empty room now. No one member or staff around us.

She rubs her arm. “What is it? Why do you drag me here?”

“A-ano… ummmm…. hmmm…” I’m sure that Jurina noticed my anxiety because I stuttered too much. I rub my own fingers.

Jurina smirked as if she already knew what I want to say here. “Say it.” For some reason, she licking her lips, it’s her habit… her sexy habit.

I shook my head. “Nothing.” Seriously, I don’t have any courage right now. I’m about to turn away and walk away. I’m surprised as I feel Jurina grab my wrist and pull my body closer to her. I can’t breathe.

“Say it, Rena-chan.” Jurina’s face is really close to mine. “How long you want to keep it in your heart? Let’s be honest here.”

Oh, fuck! Why she become too pretty now? Why now??!! I can’t take off my eyes from her. “Well, umm… this is maybe sounds weird and doesn’t make sense, but… I think I’m jealous when I saw you clinging toward Riho.” I look away, but Jurina hold my face and make me look at her again.

“And then?”

“A-and then… I- I realized that I love you. I didn’t know how or when it started, but… those fanart, those edited photos, and those fanfics from our fans helped me to realize how much my feeling for you. I never imagined you in a wrong way, REALLY! It just… I imagined you as if you’re mine, that’s all. You’re still underage after all… I will go to the jail if I do something bad to you.”

Jurina remaining silent for a few seconds, she just looking at my eyes as if she wants to make sure that I’m really honest with my words. She’s still holding my wrist tightly and we stare at each other eyes in silence. “Rena-chan.” She broke the silence between us.


“I feel like I want to kiss you right here… right now. Can I?”

“Pfft!” I give her a fake laugh to cover my nervousness. “You’re a kissing monster. It’s the first time I see you ask a permission to kiss someone.”

She smiles.

OhSweetBabyJesus!!! Her smile is so… cute! I gulp, anticipating about what will happen next.

“I have to ask permission because this one will be totally different.”

I frown. “What’s the different? Kiss is still the kiss.” I raise one of my eyebrows.

Without any single warning, she’s capturing my lips. She’s right… it’s different. This is a long and deep kiss... and also full of passion and love. Usually, she just gave the other member a small kiss on their cheek or lips… but this one……

She pulls back her lips and go to my ear. She whispers, “Rena-chan, I love you too. From now on, we can do everything that written on fanfics and everything that drawn on fanarts.”

I’m blushed as many scenes and pictures come up to my head.

Jurina pinch my cheek. “Except the ‘faster and harder~’ part. Pervert!” She laughs.

“Aw!” I rub my cheek. “Wait a minute. Are we dating or something now? How about your lovely fangirl? Abiru Riho.”

“I guess… yeah. I love you since we did ‘Kataomoi Finally’ filming. At that time, I realized how special you are in my eyes and in my heart.” Jurina pout. “But you always shoo me away, so… I gave you some space while hoping that someday you’ll realize that you miss me.” She smiles. “And finally, it comes today.” She scratches her head. “About Riho-chan, ummm… I don’t know. I hope she won’t end up as my anti after she knows our relationship.”

I feel flattered and relieved as I knew that Jurina has fallen for me since a long time ago. I put my arms around her neck. “Glad to know.”

Jurina caress my cheek. “I guess our fans want to see us being together on TV and such again, after a long time. They always mention your name on my blog and g+, so let’s become warmer when we appear on TV and shows.”

I show my smirk to her. “Before we get warmer on TV, why don’t we do a ‘warm-up’ first?” I wink at her.

Jurina ruffled my hair. “Pervert.”

We laughed together and then she kissed me one more time before we go out from the empty room while holding hands.

Without all of you knowing it, you guys have been helping us to be together like this… Dear fans, thank you so much.

========================= THE END =========================

I hope this is not that bad. :p
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I was grinning and smiling all the time~ oh god, can it become more sweet?  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Sankyuu~  :thumbsup
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Beautiful story fo Wmatsui

Rena is a pervert xD

Please update soon
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I feeL the story is have a fact inside. I feeL and I see,Wmatsui moment Last I see is when SKE48 RH 50 2012. After that,I just see WMATSUI moment from camera on stage. And,I see WMATSUI moment again when in Tokai Radio 13/12 2013. It seems a year. Thanx.
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This sounds so realistic :grin:

Thanks for update  :luvluv1:
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Great story! Somehow, it feels like it's real  :?
but still, the story is really interesting! I don't know how many time I've read this fic  :nervous
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You did a great writer  :twothumbs
I really like this  :heart:  :inlove:
 :bow: thank you for making a great OS
I hope there are more FF Wmatsui or Mayuki  :wub:
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I'm really enjoying my time when I wrote those fanfics.
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Goodbye or see you later (maybe). :kneelbow:


*Note: I'll let my account active, just in case there's someone who wanna read my fanfics. Umm, I'll keep reading my favorite 'on-going' fanfics, so... don't get shock if you read my comment on the other fanfics.
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I really hope you just taking a very long break from writing. (I'llwaitforyou)  :cry:
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Why u Quit ?? Is it a break or reaLLy the Last time ?? I hope you'LL comeback. . I know,,If you are a Last year Senior high schooL you have to focuz to your NationaL Exams,Don't u ?? Ganbatte 4 Your exams. ! I'm your fan. I reaLLy enjoy read ur story.
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Why are you doing this? :shocked
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Whatever you decide to do in the future~ ganbatte ne~
I'll miss your works...but yea.
Even in the writing world, there are graduations~
Don't die.
:p lol, just joking, but it'd be bad if you died,
so don't die on us even if you ain't gonna write anymore~~~
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Thanks for giving us those wonderful fanfics  :)
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Why? Why?! WHY?! :tantrum:

I was eagerly waiting for that Mayuki OS smut too and the final omake for Wanted! :gyaaah:

This is such a sad news. :mon cry: I hope you will come back someday as a writer.

Thank you for the hardwork. :kneelbow: I will surely miss you and I.. I.. waaaahhh! :on speedy:
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Anakpanti~san...!! How dare you toLd that "I FORCED" u ???? Huaaaa. . I'm not that bad... And Even u said "I'm TERORIZING" U ??? Hidooiiii...I just want u to finish it first,but if u won't,I can understand. I'm la~hi~ka this my nickname cz My name is Long.
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Sorry for the late reply!

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But now I am relieved that you will finish you job before you graduate. But I really hope that you could stay around for a bit longer!  :kneelbow:
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#9 WMatsui - Survive



= Rena =

“Mom, I have an extra lesson for piano after my class this afternoon.”


“I’ve said it to you last week, mom… I’ll participate in Piano Competition next month.” She rolled her eyes.

“Ah.” The woman laughed. “I’m sorry, honey. I forgot about it. Just call me if you’re done, I’ll pick you up.” She stopped the car in front of the university main gate. “We’re arrived.” After she turned off the car engine, she kissed her daughter who sat next to her. “Have a nice day. I love you. See you later.”

“I love you too, mom.” She stepped out from the car.

The middle-aged woman turned her head to the back seat direction. “Ta-”

“Take care of your sister and help her if she needs something.” A girl cut off the woman words and said it in a cold way. “I know, mom. You’ve said it every day to me.” She said it while putting the books into her bag. “I know it. She’s a perfect girl and I’m a bad sister.” She opened the door and stepped out from the car.

“No, you’re not bad!” The woman raised her voice so her other daughter could hear her. “See you later!” She waited for a respond but as usual… her oldest daughter didn’t give her an answer. She sighed. After she saw that both of her daughters had been entered the gate, she turned on her car again and went away.

Rena turned her head and saw her mother drove the car away, and then she looked to the front again… she saw her younger sister, Sakiko, walked with a bunch of popular students in the campus. She sighed. I hate my life. She walked straight to her class without greet or greeted by anyone.

She entered the class and found an empty chair on the back row, and then she quickly walked there and put her butt on the chair before someone else taking her favorite spot. Not long after that the lecturer came into the class and then he prepared his laptop and also the projector.

The lecturer spent about 10 minutes to set everything. “Okay, let’s start our class.”

All students looked at the lecturer and completely shut their mouth.

“Just like what I’ve told you in the beginning of this semester, we will have a Humanity Project this month. 2 days ago, our campus has been decided which country that we will visit for doing this project….. Philippines.”

In about 3 seconds later, all students in the class cheering out loud. They looked so happy and excited about this humanity project. Most of them did the high-five with their friends and they began to discuss about their individual plans in Philippines.

“Okay-okay, guys… Please be quiet.” The lecturer could understand his students’ excitement. “I know that all of you will start to plan something fun, but remember… first of all, we go there for a Humanity Project. The project will be held in 2 days and we give you another 2 days for enjoying the natural landscape of Philippines.” He smiled.

Rena could hear the others cheered even louder and saw how excited the students. But it was not gave any impact to her. I don’t want to participate in this silly project!

“Sorry, I’m late!!” A student entered the super noisy class. She looked so confused about the situation in that class.

“Matsui Jurina! Why do you always late on my class?!”

Jurina bowed at the lecturer. “Sorry.” After that, her friends gave her a signal to sit beside them. Jurina grinned and then she rushed toward her friends who already talked about the Humanity Project.

Rena took a small glance at Jurina’s direction. Popular kids are always same. She rolled her eyes.

============================= ***** =============================

= Jurina =

“Hi, J.” A girl stopped in front of Jurina. She bent down and then she whispered at Jurina who sat on a chair in the cafeteria. “Don’t forget about tonight. 8 PM.

Jurina smirked. “I won’t forget about it, sweetie.”

The girl planted a small kiss on her cheek before walked away.

“She’s hot. Your new girlfriend?”

“No. She’s only a friend, Churi.” Jurina proceeded to eat the meal that she bought before.

“Friend with benefit?”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Kanon, please. I’m eating right now. Stop teasing me!”

Churi and Kanon giggled.

“Hi guys.” A gorgeous girl sat beside Jurina.

“Oh, hi. Where have you been, Yuria?” Kanon looked at her friend who had just bought her lunch.

“Sorry, I’m late. I had to go to the bathroom first.” Yuria drank the soft drink.

Churi tilted her head. “Bathroom? Did you’ve just make out with someone or something?”

Yuria almost spit out her drink in mid-sip and Jurina choked as well. “Guys, please!!” Both of them said it in the same time and glared at their silly friends.

“What?!” Churi said it in a innocent way. “Both of you are popular… WE are popular, so… it’s easy to have a sexual relationship with anyone.”

Jurina smacked Churi’s head. “Stop your non-sense talks!”

Kanon had accidentally seen a girl who had just sat on the chair, not too far from them. “Guys, do you know her?” She pointed her finger at the corner table. There was a girl who sat there.

Jurina turned her head and narrowed her eyes. She observed the girl. “I don’t know her name, but… I often see her. Is she from our class?”

Churi and Yuria nodded as they had a same thought with Jurina.

“She used to be a nice girl. She was in my middle school.” Kanon sip her coffee. “And you know what? She’s Sakiko’s older sister.”

“Wait WHAT??!” Three of them looked so surprised.

“Matsui Sakiko??!!” Yuria couldn’t believe her friend words.

Churi was surprised as well. “Their personalities seem too different. Sakiko is a ‘popular junior’, but that girl is the ‘unknown girl’.”

Jurina kept looking at the girl even though Churi, Yuria, and Kanon already turned away from the girl. “Kanon, you said that she used to be nice. What happened to her?”

Kanon shrugged. “I don’t know. Well… maybe it’s hard to have a perfect sister.”

“Especially when the perfect sister is studying in the same college with her.” Yuria added.

“Precisely.” Kanon nodded.

Matsui Jurina, please come to the principal’s office right now.” The big voice came from the cafeteria intercom.

Everyone in the cafeteria looked at Jurina. Jurina facepalmed. SHIT!

Yuria glared at Jurina. “Stop making the trouble! Or you won’t be able to go to Philippines with us, baka!!”

“What have you done this time?!” Churi slapped Jurina’s hand.

“Aw! It’s hurt.” Jurina rubbed her hand. “I skipped some important classes for 2 weeks. And then… yesterday, our principal found me with a girl, I forgot her name, kissed each other inside the library. Well… it’s not my fault! That girl captured my lips first, not me! I went to the library to sleep peacefully, but she came to me.”

“Library?! Stupid.” Kanon sighed.


Jurina put her clothes into her bag. Fiuhh…. I’m very lucky that the principal still give me the permission to do the Humanity Project in Philippines.

In about some minutes later, she was shocked because her mother grabbed the bag from her grip. “H-hey, mom. Let me pack my own stuff.” Jurina tried to grab the suitcase from her mother hand.

But Jurina’s mom slapped her daughter hands, not too hard, it just to shove away the hands from the suitcase. “No! No. You’ll bring some USELESS stuff instead of the USEFUL things.”

“Mom! I only go for a week, not for a month!” Jurina scratched her head.

Jurina’s dad chuckled softly. “Honey, Jurina is right. She doesn’t have to bring too many clothes and medicines. She only goes for a week.”

Jurina smiled at her dad. “Thanks, dad.”

But it seemed Jurina’s mom didn’t care about them, she kept packing her daughter stuff. “A week is a long enough time, Jurina.”

Jurina and her dad rolled their eyes. They couldn’t do anything to against the mother who overly worried. They decided to sit and watched the woman put everything into Jurina’s suitcase.

After half an hour, finally…. “Done!” Jurina’s mother grinned at her husband and her daughter. “Let’s go.” She asked her husband to bring the suitcase to their car.

Jurina stood up and walked behind her parents who walked toward the car. I will miss you, mom… dad.

============================= ***** =============================

= Humanity Project =

Okay, listen!” The lecturer talked through the megaphone. “We will have the dinner at 7 PM so you still have 3 hours to take a rest!

Churi nudged Jurina who stood beside her. “Take a rest? Bullshit! Let’s go swimming after we put our bags in the hotel room.”

Jurina grinned. “We have a same thought.” She did a highfive with Churi. She looked at Kanon and Yuria who smirked as well.

All of them rushed into the hotel room after they got the key. They put their bags on the floor and then they took their swimsuit. After they changed their clothes, they left the bags just like that…. messy.

They wanted to swim on the sea, but it seemed the sea waves were too un-stable because the wind was quite strong in the time like that. They counted together, “1, 2, 3, Go!” All of them jumped into the swimming pool in the same time.

“Wohooo!!” Jurina cheered loudly, she looked so enjoyed it. It was just the swimming pool but she felt it so refreshing, somehow, she felt the water and the air in Japan were so different from Philippines.

Jurina lifted her head while kept swimming; she wanted to enjoy the scenery of the sky and the clouds. But her eyes had accidentally noticed a girl who stood on the terrace of one of the hotel rooms on the third floor. The girl was holding the binoculars. Isn’t she Matsui Sakiko’s older sister? She stared at the girl just for a few seconds because her friends suddenly splashed the water onto her face.

—— On the other hand ——

Rena stood on the terrace while holding her binoculars. I can’t believe that I’m actually come here. She sighed.


“I don’t even want to go on that silly trip!” Rena replied sarcastically. “I don’t want to be forced to go and hang out with people I never talk to.”

Rena’s mother shook her head. “You have to go, Rena. It’s your chance to get more friends.”

“I don’t need any friend!”

“It’s your chance to do something fun with someone else. It’s time for you to help people besides yourself.”

Rena groaned. “Fine! I’ll go, so you and Sakiko don’t have to get stuck with my face for a whole week.” She went upstairs.

“That’s not the reason, Rena. I’ve told you… this is-” Rena’s mom words was been cut off by the sound of the slammed door.


Rena saw the beach and the sea scenery through the binoculars. Well… at least the scenery didn’t disappoint me… so beautiful. She enjoyed the scenery for about 15 minutes and also taking some pictures. She was about to go inside her room, but the cheering from the swimming pool made her mind distracted. She looked down and saw many students fooling around. They didn’t know what the meaning of ‘take a rest’. She went inside her room and planned to spend an hour for sleeping.

==== On the next day ====

The students was visiting a small village, it spent about 2-3 hours from the hotel. They gave away many things to the locals… like rice, sugar, salt, cooking oil, blanket, clothes, and toys for children, etc.

And the day after that, they worked together to built a kind of small outdoor patio so the locals could sat together to watch the TV that the students gave to them.

“Here, let me help you.”

The pair of hands offered some helps when Rena tried to lift a wooden pole, but it hardly moved; she wanted to paint it, “Oh, thanks.” She said it without saw the helper face.

Rena was not good in many physically jobs, so she just did a small job like that, like coloring or paint the wall, or collect the garbage on the ground.

Both of them lifted it together and put it vertically beside the wall, so Rena could paint it easier.

“You’re welcome.” The helper smiled at Rena, but Rena seemed didn’t pay attention to the helper anymore. The helper walked toward Rena and whispered. “You’re so white, don’t forget to use your lotion or your beautiful skin will be burned.” After that, the helper walked away.

Rena was a bit surprised and then she looked at the helper direction. She only could see the helper’s back.

“Jurina! Please help me to give away these medicines to the locals.”

“Okay!” The helper lifted the bag from the ground and followed the one who called her.

Rena raised her eyebrows. Jurina? Matsui Jurina?! Wow. It was the first time for her to talk with Jurina, the popular girl from sport club. She shrugged and then proceeded to paint the wooden pole.

============================= ***** =============================

= Wrong Decision =

“Matsui- Matsui - Matsui! Wake up!!”

Rena opened her eyes slowly as the 2 girls disturbing her peaceful sleep. See?! This is why I didn’t need any friends! They always irritating anyway. She woke up lazily. “What is it?” She forced to talk with those girls since 2 days ago because they were her roommates and her teammates in the humanity project.

“Matsui, this is good news!!” One of the girls looked so excited. “Yuria, one of the richest student in our college rent a boat tonight! She invites some of the students to come and enjoy the party~”

Rena rolled her eyes. “I’m not interest.” She covered herself with a blanket and then she lay on the bed again.

“Oh, come on!” The other girl took the blanket and threw it onto the floor. “Listen, this is the only chance, we have to go! Joining a party on the luxurious boat and enjoying the night sky of Philippines…. OMG! You won’t have a chance like this again!”

Rena groaned. I hate them! This is going to be the first time and also last time I hang out with them. She woke up. “Okay.”

“The boat will be leaving in an hour, you better hurry.”

Rena take a (super quick) shower, she didn’t bring any pretty dress so she just wore the white t-shirt and the pink gingham check pattern pants, she grabbed her bag that she had prepared before, and then she took a bottle of water from the table.

“Let’s go.” A girl pulled Rena’s hand and then three of them rushed outside the hotel. They ride a taxi and went to the harbor.

Just in 10 minutes, they arrived at the harbor. They ran toward the boat that almost left without them. They walked around the boat. Rena felt so thankful because no one there using a dress, well… that was an unexpected party after all.

‘’Do you want to drink a cocktail?”

Rena shook her head. “No. Just…. enjoy yourself, okay? I’ll just walking around and taking some pictures.” She left both of her roommates. She walked away from the crowd. She stood on the left side of the boat to enjoy the night lights and the wind.

Rena took her binoculars from her bag and then put it closer to her eyes.

“You won’t be able to see anything in the midnight like this.”

“Kyaa!” Rena utterly surprised. She looked at the girl who talked to her. “You scared me!!! YOU-” She paused as she realized who it was. Tch! I can’t put myself in trouble just because of a silly popular kid. She walked away from the girl before her anger burst out. This is her friend’s boat. I will be kicked out in the middle of the sea if I yell at her.

But before Rena could take any step, she heard the police siren wailing. WHAT THE FUCK?! She saw the police’s boat came closer.

This is the police.” The police spoke through the speaker. “Prepare to be boarded, you ride an illegal boat and the boat has been operated in the forbidden zone. To all of you, move to the front side of the boat.

Many of people ran to Rena’s direction and went to the front side of the boat. She kept being pushed to the edge of the boat while everyone looked so panicked. Rena lost her balance when she bumped with too many people. “Kyaa!” She fell onto the sea because the side of the ship just as high as her thighs.

Jurina was shocked. “Fuck!” She quickly jumped onto the water to help Rena. She grabbed Rena’s body and then she held Rena’s body tightly before she swam toward a small canoe near the boat. She guessed that the small canoe was used for an emergency case.

“Climb up!” Jurina helped Rena to ride the small canoe, and after that… she climbed up as well. “What the hell are you doing?!”

“What?! I fell!!”

Jurina took a small knife from her pocket and then she was going to cut the rope that connected the canoe and the boat.

“W-wait What?! Why did you cut it??!!” Rena looked so freaking panic.

“I already got too much trouble in college, I can’t get busted tonight.” Jurina succeeded in cutting the rope and then the canoe left behind without being seen by the police.

Rena grabbed Jurina’s collar. “I want to get back on the boat!!” She looked at the boats. “They’re getting too far away!”

Jurina tried to calm Rena. “Relax, girl. We’ll go back to the hotel when everything cool down.”

“I want to go back to the DAMN BOAT!!”

“Okay-okay!” Jurina crawled to another side of the canoe. “We’ll hang back and quietly follow them from behind.”

“Hurry up! The sea waves make us move to the wrong direction!!”

Jurina took a big plastic that covering the back side of the canoe and then she was really-really shocked. “FUCK!!”

“What?!” Rena rubbed her own fingers while trying to calm down.

“No machine.”

*THUMP!* Rena became so afraid when she saw the boat already too far from them. “We won’t be able to see the boat! What do you mean by ‘NO MACHINE’?!”

Jurina grabbed her own hair. “This canoe didn’t have a motor to make this thing move!”

“No motor?! What now, genius?!”

Jurina groaned. “Be quiet. Let me think!” She became panic as she felt that the waves became stronger.

“Do you even know which way to go?!” Rena held the edge of the canoe tightly because she didn’t want to fall again this time.

“I don’t know.”

Rena clenched her teeth. “What do you mean by YOU DON’T KNOW?!”

Jurina rubbed her own lips. “We’re stuck here.” She couldn’t close her mouth when she saw some big sea waves were about to ‘attack’ their canoe. “Hey, watch out!” She quickly grabbed Rena’s body, she forced Rena to lay down, and then Jurina took the big plastic that she saw before… she used it to cover their body. She whispered at Rena. “Hold on to the canoe and onto my shirt tightly, okay? Close your eyes.

Rena nodded while her tears already rolled down on her cheek. She held Jurina’s body tightly and then she closed her eyes. God, please do not drown us.

Jurina saw the huge waves had been appeared right in front of their canoe. She gulped. After the second thought, I think get busted by the police is much better than this. She lay down beside Rena and then she gripped the canoe tightly.


The waves ‘slammed’ the canoe strongly.

======================== TO BE CONTINUED ========================

PART 2 (

This is for the request number 12 (, but yeah… THAT part will be appeared on the next chap.

Okay, this is supposed to be an OS, but as always… I’m too excited and it makes the story become longer than I expected before. :p

I tried to write the SaeYuki and other pairings, but the idea still didn’t come to my head. Sorry, please kindly wait more longer.

Thanks for Sherin ( for trying hard to make my WMatsui feelings come back. :P
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Yeay new fanfic !!  :inlove:

This fic so interesting.. Update it fast okay  :lol: and there is a THAT?  XD
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Update soon~

I wonder what Jurina mean she got to much trouble in college

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This fanfic is interesting >.<
Please update soon,Anakpanti-san m(_ _)m
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Jurina is crazy poor Rena...update soon!!

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Hi. :)

Before I continue my ‘on-going’ fics… I kinda make a ‘warm-up’ first with this short OS.
Well…. as you know, it’s been months and I didn’t write anything! I’m afraid that my writing skill is kinda reduced or something. :3

I hope you enjoy it.

Words: +19K


#10 WMatsui/JuriMayu - Warmth

6 months ago… I met her for the first time.
In my whole life, I always think that ‘love at the first sight’ is the most silly thing in the world… but then, I experienced it myself.


“Ouch! It’s hurt!!” Jurina rubbed her left hand after someone bumped into her arm when she was about to enter the convenience store. The plastic bag slipped from her hand and fell onto the floor.

 “I’m sorry.” Another girl bent down her body and then quickly helped Jurina to collect all stuff that scattered on the floor. After that… that girl was just walk away without looked at Jurina’s face.

“……” Jurina didn’t have anything to say. Her heart was beating so fast like a jet plane. The things that happened next are so hard to explain, like… suddenly her mind went blank, her legs became so weak to support her own body, she stunned while she felt her stomach was taken over by thousands butterflies, her voice couldn’t come out, etc.

The girl just went away from the convenience store without knowing that she already left ‘something big, unseen, and memorable’ inside Jurina’s heart.


That’s it!
Yeah… just in 1 minute my heart has been taken away by a stranger. I’m so pathetic!! Right?

After that day, I always came to the same store every day after I came back from school… to wait her, well… in case I was lucky to meet her again. I spent 1 hour every day for 3 weeks to look for her, but… it was useless. I didn’t meet her.

Actually, I don’t remember her face because at that time I was too focusing with my fucking hurt arm. I only remember her scent, her cold and white fingers when our hand had accidentally touched each other when she handed over my plastic bag, and also her back figure when she walked away that time. I even can’t remember her voice because she only said ‘I am sorry’. It’s so depressing! Even if I meet her on the street, I wouldn’t know if I will be able to recognize her or not!

After a month, I stop coming to that store. I believe that one day, love itself that will find a way for us to meet again (and I wish that girl don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend when I meet her later).

However, it’s been 6 months, but… love hasn’t shown its way for me to meet her again!!

“Oh God!!! Where on the earth is she??!!! Arrgghh…!” Jurina screamed as she tried let out the desperation from inside her heart.

“Jurina!!! You’re so noisy! Go to sleep or you will late for school tomorrow!”

Jurina rubbed her own forehead because she forgot that it was already midnight and she hasn’t finished her homework. Well… she was too busy with her own mind. “O-okay mom!” She turned off the light and climbed up onto her bed. Screw homework! Screw love!

====================== 3 Months Later ======================

“Jurina… daisuki. Please be my girlfriend and please accept this.” Mayu put a small box onto Jurina’s table.

All of a sudden, Jurina forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. She just stood and stunned in front of her senpai who had just confessed her love to Jurina. Sugoi! How can a cute-adorable senpai come to me while holding a delicious cake and confessing her love to me?! I’m totally a lucky kid! But… “Mayu-san, are you sure that you love me? Ah sorry, I didn’t mean to doubt your feelings… but, I mean… in this whole year, everybody in our school know that Kashiwagi-san hook up on you. Well uhh… it makes me think that you just use me to make her jealous or something.”

Mayu walked closer to Jurina and then… She approached Jurina’s lips and planted a kiss. “I love you, Jurina… and I’m so sure about it” She smiled. “I didn’t use you for something like that and I didn’t have any feelings for Yukirin.”

It was just a quick kiss but it already enough to make Jurina’s heartbeat rate increased. I like Mayu-san, of course I like her! Everybody who still has a normal brain and normal eyes will be defeated by Mayu’s charm, totally. She’s amazing and gorgeous. Jurina smiled and then she pulled Mayu into her strong arms. “So, this is why you shoo away my classmates? So you can comfortably talk to me? You’re pretty cunning.” She giggled while hugging Mayu.

Mayu nodded and then she wrapped her arms onto Jurina as well. “Well…. It’s easy to shoo away the kohai from their class.” She grinned.

Jurina let go of her arms and pinched Mayu’s cheek. “Ahh… you use your status as a senpai. Such a bad girl. Well… since you’re a bad girl, can I just drop the honorific? In these past months you always drop the honorific without asking it to me first.”

“Ouch!” Mayu rubbed her own cheek. “It’s hurt!” She pouted. “You will be able to drop the honorific in calling your senpai only if you’re their girlfriend or their best friend!!” She smacked Jurina’s head.

Jurina smirked. ”You’re too lovely to become my best friend, so…”

“Soooo…?!” Mayu’s eyes grew bigger and she showed a big smile.

Jurina grinned. “So…. let’s become a cute couple from now on.” She pulled Mayu into her hug once again and then she stroke Mayu’s silky hair. “Mayu.”

Mayu tightened her grip onto Jurina’s uniform. She was so happy.  “Jurina, I love you.”

“…” Jurina looked at the ceiling.

Why? If you ask me why I accepted her feelings, I can’t say much. Mayu is the only one senpai who became my friend. Last year, when I was still a first year student, she save me from some senpai who want to bully me and she helped me A LOT in my studies as well.

However, in these past months I became quite popular after I joined the archery club. Most of girls are crazy for me after they saw me wearing the outfit with bow and arrow in my hand. Now, no one want to bully me again… it means I don’t need Mayu’s protection anymore. I know that I shouldn’t rely on her too much anymore. I shouldn’t bother her too much like before.

But it seems, she misunderstanding about the reason why I became farther away from her. She thinks that I didn’t want to be her friend anymore after my name ‘written’ as one of many popular students.

She also thinks that Kashiwagi-san is the reason why I don’t feel comfortable around her anymore. Well yeah… Kashiwagi-san is a bit clingy and easily gets jealous when it comes to Mayu, but Kashiwagi-san is a nice girl… I don’t mind if she and Mayu go on date.

But this all is beyond my expectation! Mayu likes me?! Wow, I feel flattered.

How about my so-called ‘first love’? I give up. It’s almost a year yet I can’t find her, so… I just keep it in my head as a sweet memory. I can’t abandon Mayu ‘who bravely stands in front of me and says that she love me’ for someone who I even don’t know her name and her face… right?

====================== A Year Later ======================

To: Mayu

Hey, my lovely senpai! ( ˘ ³˘)❤
Let’s go on date tonight, babe. (ˆˇˆ)-c<˘ˑ˘)
Would you?

Jurina grinned after sent a mail to her lovely girlfriend. She didn’t pay attention to the teacher in the class because she missed Mayu so badly. Yup, she and Mayu didn’t attend the same school anymore…Jurina is still a high school student but Mayu has been graduated last year and attended the college. Thankfully, Mayu chose the university that placed in the same town so they still able to meet even though not as often as before.

Jurina smiled as she felt her phone vibrated.

From: Mayu

Of course! o(^▽^)o
You don’t even need to ask that question.
Pick me up at 7 tonight, okay?


Jurina simply sent ‘okay’ and then she put her phone back into her pocket. Oh God, I can’t wait to meet her and celebrate our first anniversary together.


Jurina entered Mayu’s house. “Wow! You look so stunning!! I can’t believe that you’re my girlfriend.” Jurina couldn’t blink as she saw Mayu in a cute pinkish dress.

Mayu couldn’t hide her red cheeks. “S-stop saying that! You always flatter me every time we meet.” She looked at Jurina’s eyes. “And you look so handsome and cool, as usual.”

Jurina smiled and then she took Mayu’s hands. She looked at Mayu’s eyes while holding Mayu’s hands “Happy anniversary, Mayu.” She came closer to Mayu and then she gave a soft kiss onto Mayu’s forehead.

Mayu let go of her hands from Jurina’s grip, after that she wrapped her arms onto Jurina’s neck. “Happy anniversary, Jurina. I love you so much.” She placed her chin onto Jurina’s shoulder while hugging Jurina.

Jurina stroke Mayu’s hair and patted Mayu’s head gently while her other hand already placed on Mayu’s waist. “Our first anniversary… I’m so happy. Every second that we spent together felt so comfortable, happy, and precious. Thank you for a wonderful year.”

Mayu let go of her arms and then she wiped her tears… the happy tears. “Let’s go on date before my tears fall uncontrollably.”

Jurina nudged Mayu’s hand. “Oh, come on! Why girls are always crying?! If you’re happy, you should smile and laugh a lot, okay?” She helped Mayu to wipe the tears away.

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Quit act like you are not a girl, Jurina.”

Jurina giggled. Sometimes, I always forget that I’m a girl too.

Mayu and Jurina went out from the house, they heading to the garage. Mayu opened the passenger door for Jurina.

“Urgh! Not again. I wanna drive.” Jurina pouted.

Mayu chuckled and then she pulled Jurina’s hand. She forced Jurina to enter the car. “I won’t allow you to drive until you graduate from high school.” She closed the door when Jurina already sat inside the car. After that, she entered the car as well and placed herself on the driver seat.

“For God’s sake, Mayu! I will graduate in a month!” When Mayu was about to turn on the engine, Jurina remembered something. “Mayu… on the day you confessed your love to me, you bought a cake… right?”

Mayu nodded. “Yeah, why?” She started to drive.

“You know… it’s so delicious!! Where did you buy it? I always forget to ask it.”

Mayu shrugged. “I forget the name of the cake shop, but we can go there tomorrow if you want. I think I still remember where it is.”

“Yeay!” Jurina punched the air. “You’re so kind, babe.” She gave Mayu a quick kiss on the cheek.

“H-hey! Don’t kiss me when I’m driving!! I’ll lose my concentration!!”

“Then let me drive now.” Jurina grinned at Mayu.

Mayu laughed because her girlfriend was still persistent. “I will let you drive next month, Jurina. You can drive me wherever you want after your graduation day.”

Jurina crossed her arms and then she looked away. “I hate you.”

Mayu chuckled. “My cool girlfriend is whining on the anniversary day. Adorable.”

Jurina looked out the window. A year has been passed without I realize it… so fast. Mayu… I think I won’t be able to life without her, she take care of me so well. Being around her is always comfortable. I’m so thankful that last year I accepted her feeling.

====================== Next Day ======================

“Here! I’m sure that this is the place.” Mayu parked her car in front of a cake shop.

Jurina looked at the shop. “Great! Let’s buy a cake similar to the one you gave me last year.” She looked very excited as she saw many cakes ‘lined up’ in front of her eyes.

Mayu let out a soft chuckle. “Hold on your drool, kiddo.” She went out from the car and then she entered the shop. She walked toward the cashier. “Chocochezz, please.” It was the name of the cake that she bought last year, a brownies that layered with creamy baked cheese.

Jurina followed her girlfriend entered the cake shop. She couldn’t stop admiring the cakes inside that shop. She walked around to see the cake while Mayu talked to the cashier. In a few minutes later, Mayu patted her shoulder.

“Jurina, this is your cake.” Mayu smiled as she saw Jurina’s huge grin while taking the plastic bag from her hand. “Wait a minute, okay? I want to go to the toilet.” She went after Jurina gave her a slight nod.

Jurina looked around and she realized that no other staff in that place, only a cashier. Yes, it was not a big cake shop… but it was not small either, so Jurina thought that it was almost impossible to maintain the shop alone. “Hey, are you the only one who works here?” She asked it to the cashier to fulfill her curiosity.

The cashier lifted her head as she heard the customer talked to her. “For today, yes… it’s only me. There are 3 others, but they don’t work since today is the public holiday.”

“I see…” Jurina nodded. “So why don’t you enjoy the holiday as well?”

The cashier smiled. “If I take the holiday, you won’t be able to eat that cake today.” She pointed the plastic bag on Jurina’s hand. “When I saw your grin before, I bet that you really want to eat it.”

Jurina laughed. “Yes, you’re right. It’s been a year since the last time I ate this and I hope the taste is still same.”

“Don’t worry, the taste won’t change. I’m sure that you’re still going to love it.”

Jurina raised one of her eyebrows. “What makes you so sure?”

The cashier shrugged. “Well… because I’m the one who make it.”

“What?!” Jurina was taken aback. “You’re a cashier and a… pâtissière?” She looked unsure and confused.

When the cashier wanted to answer the question, Mayu already show up and called Jurina. Mayu took Jurina’s hand and then they went out from the shop while holding hands. Jurina slightly bowed her head at the cashier before she went out.

====================== A Month Later ======================

Jurina had accidentally looked at the calendar. Oh God… next week is Mayu’s birthday and I almost forget it! I almost dig my own grave… again.

2 years ago, when they were still in the friend zone, Jurina forgot about Mayu’s birthday and guess what happened… Mayu refused to talk to her for a whole week.

Jurina scratched her head while thinking about what she should give to Mayu as a gift. Ah! I will order the birthday cake first, I will think about the gift later on. Without too much thinking, she grabbed her jacket and then went out from her house.

Jurina took a bus and thankfully there was an empty seat inside the bus. After ride for about 10 minutes, she stopped at the bus station. She walked to the cake shop near the bus station. She opened the door and went inside. She looked around.

“Can I help you, miss?”

Jurina smiled at the waitress. “Last month, I bought a cake from here and I really love the taste. Can I talk to the pâtissière who make ‘Chocochezz’? I’ve met her before and now I want to order a birthday cake from her.”

The waitress tilted her head. “Do you mean… Matsui Rena-san?”

Jurina shrugged. “Well… I’m not sure, since I didn’t ask her name.”

The waitress smiled. “I think she is the person you’re looking for since she is the only one pâtissière here and also the owner of this place. Okay, I will call her. Please wait a moment.” The waitress walked away.

She’s the owner?! Wow! Jurina couldn’t hide her admiration. She sat at a chair there while waiting the pâtissière came.

“Excuse me?”

Jurina stood up as she heard someone talked to her. “Oh, konbawa.” She bowed her head. “Do you remember me, Matsui-san?”

Rena bowed her head as well. “Yes, I remember. You’re the one who doubted my job as the pâtissière and the cashier.” She chuckled. “Can I help you?”

“I want to order a birthday cake for next week, but I want the special one since this is for my girlfriend’s birthday”


Jurina waved her hand in front of Rena’s face. “Are you there, Matsui-san?”

“O-oh… I’m sorry.” Rena snapped out. “Is she the girl who came with you last time?”

“Yes, she is.” Jurina nodded.

“Okay, please wait there for a second.” Rena pointed at the table on the corner. “I will take my pen and notes first.”

Jurina nodded and then she walked toward the table that pointed by Rena before. In a few minutes later, Rena came and sat in front of her.

“Okay. Now, tell me about her name, her date of birth, the size of the cake, and your girlfriend’s favorite flavors. Oh, if you want to add other details for the design of the cake, please feel free to tell me.” Rena was ready to write.

And then… Jurina and Rena discussed about the cake for about an hour.

“Okay, I think that’s all.” Jurina laid her back on the chair and smiled at Rena. “I’ve been pay it in advance, so you have to finish it on time. Okay?” She grinned.

Rena laughed. “Even though you pay for it later, I will still finish the cake on time.”

Jurina stood up and shook Rena’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you again. Thank you for your hard work, Matsui-san.”

“It’s nice to meet you too. See you later.” Rena had accompanied Jurina headed to the door.

“Ah!” Jurina turned around. “My name is Matsui Jurina, 18 years old. We share the same family name.” She grinned. “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself at the first place because I’m too excited about the cake.”

“Wow, you’re still young… I’m 24 years old. Well… see you later.” Rena waved her hand.

Jurina bowed her head lower than before since she already knew about the big gap between their age. “See you later too, Matsui-san.” Jurina walked to the bus station.

====================== 3 Days Later ======================

Ah GREAT!!! RAIN!! Urgh! Jurina ran and searched the place for waiting until the rain stopped. She arrived at the bus shelter nearby and then she sat there.

Jurina quickly opened her bag and checked something inside it. Thanks God it’s not wet. She put a CD with its box into the plastic bag, so it wouldn’t get wet in case the rain falls heavier later.

Jurina looked at her watch. 8 PM?! Urgh, I’m sleepy! She grumbled because she had been waiting for 30 minutes but there was still no signs of rain will stop soon.

In about 10 minutes later, a black car stopped in front of Jurina and the driver honked. Jurina narrowed her eyes as she saw the window opened. Who’s that?

“Matsui-san!! Get into my car!! I will take you home… if you don’t mind!” The driver yelled from inside the car so Jurina could hear it. “I think the rain won’t stop tonight!!!”

Ah! Matsui-san! The pâtissière and the owner of the cake shop. Jurina quickly bowed her head first before she ran into the car.

“What are you doing there, Matsui-san?” It’s dangerous to a young girl to walk alone in the night like this. Rena began to drive.

Jurina used her own jacket to wipe her wet hair. “I went to my friend’s house to take a CD, but then when I was about to go home… the rain falls crazily. Sorry for bothering you, Matsui-san.”

“No problem. It’s just a coincidence, I’ve just come back from a restaurant nearby and then I saw you sat alone there. Where’s your house, Matsui-san?”

Jurina told the address to Rena and it seemed Rena knew that area because she saw Rena give her a nod. “By the way… you can call me Jurina. It’s a bit confusing to call each other as ‘Matsui-san’ since we both are Matsui.” She chuckled.

“Okay, Jurina-san.” Rena smiled. “We have the same thoughts about it.”

After sat in silent for about 15 minutes because they still felt awkward toward each other, finally they arrived in front of Jurina’s house.

Jurina opened the door and then she went out from the car. She used the umbrella that Rena gave to her. “Thank you so much, Matsui-san. How much I should pay you?”

Rena rolled her eyes. “I’m not a taxi driver, Jurina-san.”

Jurina laughed. “Just joking. Well… I will return your umbrella tomorrow. Thank you so much and see you later.”

Rena smiled and then she closed the window.

Since she saw Rena was about to leave, Jurina turned around and opened her house gate.

Rena opened the window again. “Hey, Jurina-san! Wait a minute.”

Jurina looked back. “Yes?”

“Maybe… you can pay me with a cup of coffee (?).”

Jurina grinned. “Okay! I will come to your shop tomorrow …to return your umbrella and go for a cup of coffee.”

“Nice.” Rena smiled again and then she drove her car. She glanced at the rearview mirror… she saw Jurina entering the house gate.

====================== Next Day ======================

“Hi.” Jurina bowed her head.

“Konbawa, Jurina-san. I’m glad you’re coming.” Rena smiled.

“I have promised you to come today. I won’t take back my words.” Jurina took something from her bag. “This is your umbrella.”

 “Thank you for bringing it back.” Rena took the umbrella from Jurina’s hand. “Please wait a minute, okay? I have to check something in the kitchen before we go.”

Jurina shrugged. “Okay. Take your time.”

After 5 minutes, Rena patted Jurina’s shoulder. “I’m ready. Sorry to make you wait.”

Jurina turned back. “It’s okay.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Rena led Jurina to her car that parked outside the shop. “I know a coffee shop nearby here. I often went there when I was still a high school student like you, so yeah… I think it’ll be good enough to your wallet, so don’t worry.” She grinned.

“Actually, I’m not a high school student anymore. I’ve been graduated 2 weeks ago.” Jurina smiled and she seemed a bit shy. Yeah… honestly, my wallet is in a weak condition since this week is Mayu’s birthday… I’ve used some of my saving to pay the cake and I still have to save some for a special dinner with Mayu.
I almost stress out last night when Matsui-san asked me to treat her. She looks like a rich girl, so… I have no confident about this.

Rena wanted to talk again but she stopped since she heard Jurina’s phone was ringing.

“Ah, it’s my girlfriend. Please excuse me for a while, Matsui-san.”

Rena chuckled. “You don’t have to ask my permission to pick up your girlfriend’s call.”

Jurina grinned and then she answered the call. “Moshi moshi.”

Where are you, babe?

“I’m on my way to coffee shop with someone. Why? Do you miss me?” Jurina loved to tease Mayu.

I always miss you all the time. But… wait a minute, it’s a girl or a boy?!

Jurina could hear a jealousy tone in Mayu’s voice. “Whatever you’re thinking now, I’m sure that it won’t happen. So don’t worry.” She chuckled.

Ahh… I love you. You always know my feelings well.” Mayu giggled. “Would you come to my house and stay here tonight? My body not feeling well… I think I have a fever.

Jurina became a bit panicked. “Fever?! I will go there now!!”

No… you don’t have to. Enjoy your time with your friend, just come here after that.

That was one of many reasons why Jurina likes Mayu… Mayu had never forced her to do something right away even though she knew that Mayu really needed it. Mayu always respect Jurina’s private time. “Okay if you say so. I will come as soon as possible to take care of you tonight.”

Rena glanced at Jurina. “You’re a nice girl. She’s lucky to have you as her girlfriend.” She said it after she saw Jurina ended the call.

“Not really.” Jurina put her phone into her pocket. “I’m the one who lucky to have her.” She smiled at Rena. “I think you’re an amazing girl. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend now, she/he is lucky as well.”

“How can you so sure that I’m an amazing girl? We’ve just met some days ago.”

Jurina shrugged. “Just like how you were convinced that I’m a nice girl even when I didn’t do much in front of you.”

Rena chuckled. “Oh, we’re arrived!” She looked excited as she parked her car.

After that, they entered the coffee shop. It was lucky for them because there were not too many people there. As soon as they sat, the waitress came and they order what they wanted to drink.

“You know, Matsui-san… it’s the first time for me to hang out with a girl who much older than me. It’s a bit… awkward. I don’t know how to act.”

“Geez! Like seriously, don’t mention about my age. Just act like usual and talk comfortably in front of me. I’m not THAT old.” Rena pouted.

Jurina laughed. “It’s not easy to act comfortably in front of you, we’ve just knew each other better in less than a week.” Suddenly, Rena approached her face. She choked because the distance between their faces only less than 20cm. “W-what….”

“It’s my first time to hang out with a girl much younger than my age too, but…” Rena frowned. “I don’t know why but I could comfortably talk with you. Usually, I’m a quiet person… a REALLY quiet girl. This is so weird and make me even wonder… did we ever meet before?”

“N-no… w-we’ve never meet before. The day when I came to your shop with my girlfriend last month w-was the first time I met you.” Jurina stuttered while answering Rena’s question. “I-I’m sorry but… y-your face is too close to mine.”

“Ah!” Rena felt awkward as she realized that she was too closer to the younger Matsui’s face. “Sorry.” She rested her back onto the chair and then she calmly drank her coffee.

“No problem.” Jurina drank her coffee as well to neutralize the awkward situation between them. She squeezed her brain to find a topic to talk about; if not… they will surely sit in silence again. “Ahh… I forget to tell you that your Chocochezz is so tasty.”

Rena raised one of her eyebrows as if she said… ‘See? I’ve told you!’

Jurina giggled. “Alright-alright. I’m so sorry for doubting your job. But hey, I ordered my special cake for my girlfriend’s birthday to your shop… it means I don’t doubt you anymore.”

Rena nodded while smiling full of contentment. “Good.” She sipped her coffee again. “Did you have decided about which university that you’ll attend next month?”

Jurina shook her head. “Not yet. I think I’ll just look for a job until I find one that fit enough for me.”

“Can I know about your grades in mathematics?

“It’s always ‘A’. Why?”

“Congratulation!! You’ve just got a job!!” Rena grinned.

Jurina frowned. “Wait what?” She got confused.

“Come to my shop tomorrow for negotiating your salary. You’ll work as a cashier in my cake shop. I’m tired to have 2 jobs at the same time.”

Jurina was really shocked. “I… I thought I have to do a test and an interview to get a job.”

Rena shrugged. “You’ve just did the interview.”

“The only question that you said to me is about my grades in mathematics.”

“Yeah… and it has been counted as your interview and test. You’ve been passed it. So, don’t ask anymore question. If you want that job… come to me tomorrow, after lunch hour. Do you understand?”

Jurina nodded even though she was still felt confused about what had just happened. “I… I think I have to go now. Umm… my girlfriend is sick and I have to accompany her.” She stood up and she bowed her head at Rena.

“I’ll take you there.” Rena stood up as well. “Just tell me where her house is.”

“Wait… you don’t have to-”

“You can’t refuse it!” Rena cut Jurina’s words. “Just pay the bill. I will wait you in the car.” She walked away and left Jurina who still stood there like an idiot.

I think I’ll go crazy. Jurina scratched her own forehead. We’ve just met each other last month… once. We’ve just talked to each other less than a week. She asked me to act comfortably in front of her although she’s much older than me. Now… in a blink of eye she’s already became my boss! 2 minutes ago I’m still her customer! Everything between me and her changed too fast.

====================== Next Day ======================

Mayu opened her eyes and then she saw Jurina fell asleep on the couch. “Jurina… Jurina.” She called her girlfriend softly.

Jurina lifted her head slowly and then she rubbed her eyes. She woke up and walked toward Mayu. “Good morning.” She smiled at Mayu and then she touched Mayu’s forehead and neck. “Do you feel better now?”

“I guess so.” Mayu gave Jurina a weak smile. “Thank you for coming.”

Jurina kissed Mayu’s forehead. “You don’t have to thank me for this. You’re my girlfriend… it’s my job to take care of you.” She cupped Mayu’s cheek. “Wait a minute… I will make your breakfast, okay?”

 “Why do you only act much sweeter when I’m sick?” She teased her ikemen girlfriend. “I’m not hungry. Please sleep beside me.”

“Mou~ I'm always nice to you all the time!” Jurina felt offended. She climbed up onto the bed and then she wrapped her arm on Mayu’s waist.

Mayu let out a soft chuckle. “I know. I know that. I’m just kidding. Don’t get mad at me. You look so cute when you pouting like this.”

“No! I’m a cool kid, not a cute kid!” Jurina gave Mayu a warm smile. “Mayu…”


“Can I kiss you?” Jurina looked straight at Mayu’s eyes.

Mayu was taken aback. She didn’t know her cheeks got redder because of the fever or because she was too shy. “You’ll get sick.”

Jurina shook her head. “I’m strong, besides that… I don’t care if I get sick because I know that you will take care of me really well.” She giggled. “I miss you so bad. You always busy with your study.”

Mayu laughed. She knew that Jurina always love being spoiled by her. “Okay, come here… but just a quick kiss, okay? I don’t want you infected by me.”

Jurina approached Mayu’s lips until their lips touched. She let her girlfriend wrapped her arms on her neck. She kissed Mayu’s lips deeply and slowly. She felt Mayu was about to pull back her lips, but Jurina didn’t give Mayu a permission to do that. Jurina kept kissing Mayu until she needed some air.

“You will get sick for sure.” Mayu played with Jurina’s hair.

“Just like I said before… I don’t care.” Jurina grinned. “Mayu…”


“I have to go after I cook your breakfast, but don’t worry… I will come back as soon as possible.”

“Where are you going?”

“Do you remember the cake shop that we visit last time?” Jurina continued after Mayu nodded. “Yesterday I met the owner and then she asked me to come there for negotiating my salary as a cashier.”

“What?! Are you serious, Jurina?” Mayu looked shocked. “Are you sure that you won’t attend any university this year.”

Jurina sighed. “I want to… but I haven’t found a faculty that makes me interest.  Are you angry at me?”

“No. Why should I mad at you? I respect your decision. I’m just surprised because I don’t know that you’re looking for a job. Why don’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t expect it either. She suddenly offered me a job after I said that I won’t attend any university next month.” Jurina laughed.

“So… she was the person who went to the coffee shop with you yesterday? I’ve never know that you know the owner.” Mayu frowned.

“Guess what… the owner is the cashier! She’s also the one who make the brownies that you bought for me! Wow!” Jurina looked so excited.

“Really? Wow. I wish she won’t regret in recruiting you because I’m sure that you’ll eat all of the cakes.”

“Don’t tease me again.” Jurina started to tickle Mayu’s waist. They laughed together.


“Okay. Now, please sign here.” Rena gave Jurina a piece of paper that contained of Jurina’s contract after Jurina agreed about the salary. “You’ll start to work next week.”

Jurina took the pen from Rena’s hand and then she signed the paper. “Done. Thank you so much… boss.” She bowed her head at Rena.

“Boss?” Rena laughed. “We’re friends. You don’t have to call me like that.”

“Excuse me?” Jurina frowned. “Friend?”

“Yeah… I know your house, I know your girlfriend’s house, you’ve treat me a cup of coffee, I find a job for you, we laugh together… that’s what friends do, right?” Rena smiled.

“Yes, but-”

“It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with me, but I hope you can act like yourself in front of me. Don’t call me as ‘boss’ because it makes me feels like an old woman. Just call me as ‘Matsui-san’, as usual… it’s even better if you can call me ‘Rena-san’.”

“Matsui-san is better.” Jurina didn’t feel comfortable to call her boss with her front name.

“Tomorrow is your girlfriend’s birthday, right? I’m done with the cake this afternoon. Do you want to take it now or….”

“I will sleep in her house again tonight since she’s still sick, so I can’t bring the cake now. It won’t be a surprise anymore if she sees the cake. I’ll just bring her to come here tomorrow… she said that she want to meet you, if you don’t mind.”

Rena was a bit surprised. “She wants to meet me? Of course I don’t mind. I want to congratulate her as well.” She smiled. ”Well… then… you can go home now. I guess your girlfriend needs you now.”

Jurina stood up. “Thank you for your understanding, Matsui-san. See you tomorrow.” She bowed her head before she went out from the cake shop.

==================== Mayu’s Birthday ====================

Good morning.” Jurina whispered it to Mayu. “Happy birthday, Mayu.” She gave a quick kiss onto Mayu’s lips.

Mayu yawned while opening her eyes slowly. “Thank you. I love you so much.” She said it while smiling. “Just like last year, you’re the first one who congratulates me. It makes me really happy.” She shed her tears.

“Urgh, not again!” Jurina climbed up on Mayu’s top and then she pinned Mayu down on the bed. “Please don’t cry. Why do you always cry when I do something nice to you?” She pouted.

“How many times I have to tell you, Jurina? This is the happy tears.” Mayu wrapped her arms onto Jurina’s neck and then she pulled Jurina down. She smiled while rubbing her nose with Jurina’s nose. “Can I get my present now?”

“Of course!” Jurina grinned as she took something from below the pillow. “This is for you.”

Mayu quickly grabbed it. “Thank you!” She pecked Jurina’s cheek. “Can I open it now?”

“No!!” Jurina looked so panicked. “Y-you can open it when I’m not around.” She looked away as she wanted to hide her blushed face.

Mayu giggled. “Okay-okay. I will open it later.” She caressed Jurina’s face. “You’re so cute when you’re shy like this.”

Jurina ruffled Mayu’s hair. “Should we go now?”


“You said that you want to meet my boss.” Jurina was about to wake up but Mayu pulled her shirt.


Jurina looked at her girlfriend who still lying below her. “Yes?”

“Since I can’t open my birthday present now, Can I unwrapping something else?” Mayu pulled Jurina closer to her body. Their lips almost touched and she could feel Jurina’s warm breath swept her reddish lips.

Jurina showed her mischievous smirk. “Well… since I’m not a jailbait anymore, so…” She approached Mayu’s ear and whispered. “Do whatever you want.

Mayu smiled and then she began to give the passionate kiss to her girlfriend.


“Konichiwa, Matsui-san.” Jurina bowed her head at Rena.

Rena smiled. “Oh, Jurina-san. You came!” She whispered at Jurina. “The cake is in refrigerator, you can take it from there.” After Jurina went to the kitchen to take the birthday cake, she looked at the other girl. “You must be… Watanabe Mayu-san.”

“Yeah. It’s me. Nice to meet you.” Mayu shake Rena’s hand.

“Nice to meet you too and happy birthday.” Rena smiled at Mayu.

“Thank you, Matsui-san. I hope you won’t regret in recruiting Jurina. She loves cake too much, so… if you’re not keeping your eye on her for 5 minutes, maybe you’ll lose a cake from your shop.”

Rena giggled. “Thank you for your warning, Watanabe-san.”

In a few second later, Jurina came while holding a cake. She put it on one of the tables there. “Babe… it’s time to blow the candles and make a wish. I can’t wait to eat the cake!” She grinned.

Mayu was surprised because she didn’t expect that Jurina would buy her a birthday cake. She walked closer toward the cake. Happy birthday to my princess. Please grow old along with me! It was that written on the cake. Without she realized it, the tears rolled down on her cheeks. “Thank you, Jurina.” She hugged her girlfriend tightly.

Jurina hugged Mayu and then she patted Mayu’s head gently. “It’s my pleasure to make you happy.”

Rena smiled while looking at the two young birds that showed their love toward each other.


It’s been 3 months since I work under Matsui Rena-san. She’s a nice girl and a hard worker. I adore her so much.

I don’t know why but… everything that she did, look so flawless in my eyes. The way she greet the customers and the co-workers, the way she talk cutely to the kids who want to buy a cupcake, the way she smile, the way she laugh… all of them just… so lovely.
I even can’t take my eyes from her when she jumping around in the kitchen because there’s a customer comes to praise her cakes.

I love the way she praise my job… she will pat my head or ruffle my hair while saying, “Good job, Jurina.”
I also love the way she smile while saying, “thank you for your hard work, Jurina. See you tomorrow.”

I wonder why I crazily adore her like that.

And today… I’m very excited because yesterday Matsui-san promised me to teach me about how to make a simple cake; she will teach me today after office hours over. I wish next year I can give Mayu a cool birthday cake that made by myself.

“Oi, Jurina! Are you crazy or what? You’re grinning by yourself since 10 minutes ago. What happen?”

Jurina couldn’t hide her embarrassment when she saw Rena giggling because of her stupidity. “A-ah… n-nothing happened, Matsui-san.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “How many times I have to tell you that I allow you to call me ‘Rena-san’. Oh, come on! It’s been some months yet you still can’t comfortably talk in front of me. I won’t bite you or something. You don’t have to act too polite in front of me because it make me feel awkward.”

Jurina sighed. Actually, I always hold myself to not call her by her front name. Why? because I don’t want to feel too comfortable around her. I always keep myself inside the boundary, besides the fact that she’s much older than me… I also feel that she has ‘something’ that can pull me along with her…. However, she always asks me to cross the boundaries between us. Honestly… for some reason, I’m afraid, but… “If you say so, I will do as you said… Rena-san.” This! I’ve crossed the line for the first time and I hope this is not the first step that will bring me to something terrible in the future.

Rena smiled as she heard Jurina called her by her first name. “Good! I hope we will get along from now on.”

Jurina showed an awkward smile.

“Ah! About the cake! You want to learn how to make a simple cake today, right?”

Jurina nodded.

“Nice! I’m sure that I will become a good teacher for you.” Rena said it with full of confidence.


“Wow Jurina!! You’re great!!! Just in a week you’ve succeeded in making a simple chocolate cake!!!” Rena clapped her hands while looking how good Jurina’s cake after she took it out from the oven.

Jurina grinned. “Well… thanks to you, Rena-san.”

“Let’s add ‘Chocolate Buttercream Frosting’ on the top of your cake!” Rena said it with full of enthusiasm.

Jurina chuckled as she saw how her boss took the ingredients to make the butter creams. “Rena-san, this is my cake, not yours… remember? You put too much spirit into it.”

Rena facepalmed. “Ahh… yeah. Sorry. I become too excited.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. She’s adorably cute. She looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. Shit! 9 PM?! She looked around, and yes… only both of them left in the shop. “Rena-san, can we continue it tomorrow? I’m hungry~” She pouted.

Rena looked at her watch. “JESUS! Why the time always goes faster when we do something fun?!” She put Jurina’s cake into the refrigerator. “You must be hungry. Let’s have dinner together and after that I will take you home.”

“No. You don’t have to. I’ll just go home by myself.” Jurina shook her head.

“Why do you always refuse my offers?!” Rena grabbed Jurina’s hand. “Come on!” She pulled Jurina along with her.

In the moment their hand touched, Jurina felt some kind of electricity that flowing from her hand and then it attacked her heart. Jurina quickly released her hand from Rena’s grip.

Rena was taken aback by Jurina’s action. “S-sorry… I just-”

“I’ll just call my girlfriend to pick me up.” Jurina quickly answered it because her heartbeats were very unstable at that time. She dialed Mayu’s number and she was relieved because Mayu agreed to pick her up. She looked at Rena who stunned in front of her. “You can go home first, Rena-san.”

“Am I did a mistake?” Rena couldn’t believe that Jurina’s mood changed so fast like that.

“No, you’re not.” Jurina looked away; she didn’t want to have an eye contact with Rena.

“Okay.” Rena sat on the stair. “I will accompany you here until Watanabe-san come. Can I?”

Jurina didn’t answer it because she was too busy with her mind. I love Mayu, right? She rubbed her hand. Her hand… feels so cold.


Today I even can’t look at Rena-san’s eyes… because last night, after Mayu came to pick me up, I didn’t say ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you tomorrow’. I just…. went away like that! Urgh! She’s my boss! She can fire me anytime.

Jurina smacked her own head. Stupid!

“Are you okay?”

Jurina flinched as she heard the voice that familiar to her ear. “R-rena-san…” She bowed her head.

“Yesterday, you were grinning by yourself… and today, you’re grumbling by yourself.” Rena shook her head while letting out a soft chuckle. She walked to the kitchen.

After Rena completely lost from her sight, Jurina sighed. She was relieved because at least Rena didn’t mad at her. I’ll just apologize to her after I’m done with my job. She continued to serve the customers in paying their cakes.

*Few Hours Later*

“Ano…. Rena-san.” Jurina kept looking at the ground while talking to Rena. “I’m so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to be rude but…” She was confused what should she say next. But I feel there’s a kind of electric that attacking me when you touch my hand and it make me shock last night… Urgh! What was that?! That’s a stupid excuse! She will laugh at me and then firing me as soon as she hears it.

“It’s okay.”


“You don’t have to apologize to me.” Rena sat on a chair and looked at Jurina who stood in front of her. “I’m the one who cross the line… I shouldn’t grab you hand last night.  I’m the one who make you feel uncomfortable and I’m really sorry for that.”

“No, Rena-san. It’s not like that. I-”

“3 months ago, when you came to me to buy a birthday cake for your girlfriend… I don’t know why but… I feel so comfortable around you. Just like I’ve told you before that I’m usually is a quiet type girl, as you can see… you’ve never seen my friend come to this shop because…. I don’t have one. It’s the first time I ask someone to be my friend.” Rena looked at Jurina’s eyes. “I ask you to be my friend… I ask you to feel comfortable around me… I demand you to act like yourself in front of me. I desperately want you to be my friend because it’s the first time I open myself to someone.”

“Rena-san… I-”

“But it seems…. The more I ask you to feel comfortable around me, the more you feel uncomfortable… right? I guess… I ask you too much in these short time. I even drop the honorific when I call you. I’m sorry, Matsui Jurina-san.” Rena stood up and then she bowed at Jurina. “Well…” She grabbed her handbag. “I’m going home first. Don’t forget to lock the shop. See you tomorrow, Jurina-san.” She walked through the door.

Jurina stunned. She couldn’t say anything. There’s someone who desperately want to me my friend?! This is new.


After that day, Jurina realized that Rena seemed not like the usual Rena anymore… no more smile and no more laugh.

Jurina felt that her waist was being nudged by someone. She looked at her right direction; it was another employee who worked in Rena’s cake shop… a waitress.

Hey-hey! Do you know what happen to Matsui Rena-san?” The waitress whispered it to Jurina.

Jurina shrugged. “I also wonder why she changes drastically like that, right? She’s usually a cheerful girl.” She decided to just play along since she didn’t want other employees knew that she was the culprit. They will throw me from the window if they know that I’m the one who make their boss act like that. Okay… I’ll apologize to Rena-san tonight and then I will resign from here. That’s the best way to end all of this drama.

You’re wrong, Jurina-san. She’s totally NOT a cheerful girl.

Eh?! But… I always see her joking around. This is the first time I see her like this.

You’re lucky for being able to see THAT side of her from the very first day you work in here, seeing her laughing… smiling… and fooling around. I’ve been worked here for 2 years but… the very first time I see her smile was 3-4 months ago, exactly when the first day you entered this shop.

Jurina frowned. “What do you mean?”

Rena found that 2 of her employees were joking around. “WHAT are you guys doing?!” She glared at Jurina and the waitress. “Don’t you guys see that today we have many customers?! Do your job properly.”

“I-I’m s-sorry, Matsui-san.” The waitress bowed at Rena, she looked so scared.

Jurina stunned. That was the first time she saw the scary side of Rena. She couldn’t believe that Rena could act so serious and scary like that.

“Do you have a problem with your neck and your voice, Matsui Jurina-san?” Rena looked at Jurina who was still standing while stared at her.

Instead of only bowed her head, Jurina quickly bowed 90 degrees at Rena. “I’m so sorry, Matsui-san.” Right after she said it, Rena walked away.

“That’s what I mean. Matsui Rena-san didn’t change; she’s just… back to normal… cold, serious, quiet, and strict.” The waitress left Jurina alone as one customer called her.

Jurina found out that… call Rena as ‘Matsui-san’ felt so strange because ‘Rena-san’ had became her habit. She also realized that… she brought a great impact for Rena. She didn’t know before that Rena had considered her as a friend who even could change the personality.

I can’t believe that ‘the old Rena’ is kinda scary… Jurina sighed.


Jurina looked around. There’s no one left, everyone had gone home. And then… she took out everything that she saved earlier from the refrigerator. She put everything on the table one by one carefully. After everything had been setup properly, she took out a paper from her pocket… a recipe to make a Chocolate Caramel Tart.

I’m so sorry Mayu, my first homemade cake is not for you. Jurina rubbed her palms for a moment, and then she began to mix the ingredients.


“Oh God, I feel suffocated here.” A waitress walked toward the dispenser behind Jurina, she drank 3 cups of waters. “It’s been a week since Matsui Rena-san back to her normal form. She has just rage at me because I didn’t see a piece of tissue paper on the floor. I guess… one of our customers threw it.”

Another waitress patted her friend’s back. “The scary thing also happened to me this morning. Matsui Rena-san yelled at me because I’m late for 15 minutes! But I already sent a mail to her early this morning to inform her that I would come late because I had to go to the bank first and she even replied ‘It’s okay. Take your time.’ Ugh, her mood seems so unstable these days.”

“Wait… next week is Matsui-san’s birthday, right? How I hope there’s a miracle will happen next week that can make Matsui-san transform into ‘the nice form’ again.”

Jurina, that had been eavesdropped them since 5 minutes ago, suddenly turned around. “When exactly her birthday date?”

The two waitresses seemed surprised, but one of them answered. “N-next week… July, 27.”

“Thank you.” Jurina turned onto the cashier machine again and showed a slight smile.


Jurina read the recipe one by one and followed the steps carefully. Tomorrow is her birthday… it’s a perfect day to say sorry and fix everything.

In a few hours later, the basic layer of the tart had been finished. She was really proud of the result when she took it out from the oven. Well… I’m not sure about the taste, but at least the appearance is not bad. She smirked. I think I should open my own cake shop in a few years.

Jurina looked at the clock. SweetBabyJesus!!! 1AM?! Oh God. She had to wait for a few minutes until the temperature of the tart cake was decreased and ready to be ‘decorated’. In the meanwhile, she prepared some berries that will be placed on the top of the tart cake.

In a half hour later, everything was done. Jurina put the cake into the box and then she put it inside the refrigerator. Finally…

It was almost 2AM and Jurina knew that it was too dangerous for her to walk home, so she just wears her jacket and then she lay on the chairs. She also didn’t forget to set the alarm at 5AM, the shop usually opened at 9AM so she was sure that she wouldn’t late for work.

Jurina wasn’t sure why she wanted to do it for Rena, she just felt that something was missing when she couldn’t see Rena’s smile for 2 weeks.

*Rena’s Birthday*

Jurina saw the other girls approached Rena to congratulate her before they went home. Jurina just stood behind the cashier machine while counting the money that they get on that day. After she finished counting the money, she went to the kitchen and took the tart cake from the refrigerator.

Jurina walked toward Rena, she was very nervous as she realized that she was the last employee in that shop.  Damn! “Matsui Rena-san, this is the money that we get today… as usual, you can check the detail in our system. And this…” She put the plastic bag that contained of the tart in the pink box onto the table. “Happy birthday.” She kept looking at the floor. “Please don’t rage at me if its taste is awful.”

Right after Jurina said it, she walked really fast toward the door. She kept walking toward the bus shelter and thankfully… the bus came in a few seconds. She quickly got in to the bus and then she rides it. Huft… thanks God; I didn’t have a work shift tomorrow so I don’t have to meet her.

In about 30 minutes, Jurina finally arrived at the bus shelter near her house. She went out from the bus and then she walked toward her house. When she was about arrived at her house, her heart almost jump out from her chest as she saw Rena’s car parked in front of her house. W-wait… what?! She’s so fast! I have to run away… NOW!


Jurina was only able to take the first step because Rena already yelled her name from afar before she could even run. She gulped as she saw Rena slammed the car door. She bowed at Rena. “M-matsui san.” She scratched her own head. This is the worst! I’ll die! No. I’m already dead.

Rena walked toward Jurina. “Why did you run away?!”

“I-I’m afraid…” Jurina kept looking at the ground. It had become Jurina’s habit… when she talked with Rena, her eyes automatically would looking down.

“About what?” Rena frowned and tilted her head.

“T-the…” Jurina coughed. “The cake.”

“Can you even look at my eyes when I talk to you?”

Jurina slowly raised her head. She looked at Rena’s eyes. I don’t remember that she has beautiful eyes…….. Wait! Damn it! What I’m thinking now?! She smacked her head.

“Let’s eat the tart together, Jurina.” Rena smiled. “It’s so pathetic if I have to eat my birthday cake by myself.”

At that time… finally, Jurina could breathe easily. Rena’s smile has just wiped her worries away. “Okay, but I’m not sure about the taste.”

Rena shrugged. “I don’t really care about the taste, but if it’s too awful… I’ll just order you to eat it all.”

Jurina stunned. Oh, God.

Rena giggled when she saw Jurina’s frightened face. “No, I’m just joking.”

Jurina let out a sigh because she felt relieved. “Well, then… let’s go inside. My parents will be glad to help us in eating my awful tart.” She grinned.

Rena nodded. She took the plastic bag from her car and then she followed Jurina went into the house. She greeted Jurina’s parents.

Jurina told her parents… that day was her boss, Rena, birthday. Her parents congratulated Rena. They opened the cake and then Jurina put the candles onto it. Rena blew the candles, make a wish, and then she cutting the cake. The taste wasn’t THAT awful. Rena had to admit that Jurina has a talent to become a pâtissière as well.

They ate the cake together; Jurina’s parents even order some other meals, so they also had the dinner together. 2 hours later, the small birthday party was over.

“Matsui-san, you can sleep here if you want. It’s already dark outside.” Jurina’s mom said it to Rena before she and her husband entered their bedroom.

Rena smiled at them. “Thank you so much for your offer.”

Jurina went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes.

“Let me help you.” Rena stood up.

Jurina was surprised. “No! You don’t have to. I can do it by myself.” Honestly, Jurina couldn’t imagine that her boss washing the dirty dishes in her house. She talked again when she saw Rena was still trying to grab the dishes. “OR! I will prepare your bedroom first before I wash the dishes. We have a guest room here.” She was still trying to prevent Rena.

Rena rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on. I’ll just sleep with you in your room. I won’t give you too much trouble. Now, let me help you to wash the dishes, okay? I’m pretty tired.” She pointed at the clock. 11 PM.

In my room?! My boss will sleep in my messy room??!!! Help me. Jurina forgot how to breathe.

Finally, they washed the dishes together because Rena kept persistent in helping Jurina. They were silent for some minutes until Rena began to talk.

“When did you make the tart cake? You always have the work shift in these past 3 days, right?”

“I made it last night. You won’t believe it, Matsui-san!! I slept in the shop last night.” Jurina laughed. “I finished it at 2AM, so it’s impossible for me to go home at that time.” She grinned at Rena.

“WHAT?! It’s dangerous, you know?!” Rena glared at Jurina. “If there was something happened to you in my shop, I would deal with the police!!”

“I know and I’m sorry, but… I couldn’t find any other way to make you smile again. All of us are so terrified because you always mad at us, Matsui-san. And umm… I had a feeling that I’m the reason why you act like that, so… yeah…”


“And I also missed Matsui-san’s smile and laugh. Tonight, I’m so happy because I can see it again. So, thank you to the tart cake.” Jurina grinned like a cute puppy. “From now on, let’s be friends… I need a friend as well. But I warn you that I won’t hold back anything again. Being my friend will surely make you suffer.” She showed a smirk.

Rena couldn’t believe what had just she heard. Finally, Jurina opened ‘the door’ for her. She let me to become her friend. “Thank you, Jurina.” She smiled at Jurina.

“You’re welcome, Rena-chan.”

“Wait WHAT?! Chan???”

“Yes. You also drop the honorific without asked it to me first. I’m just being kind to you for using ‘chan’ because you’re MUCH OLDER than me.” Jurina laughed. “I’ve told you… I won’t hold back anything. You’re the one who ask me to become your friend.” A mischievous smile appeared on Jurina’s lips.

Rena couldn’t blink. I think… I’m in a pinch now. This kid is totally dangerous. She facepalmed.

“Okay, we already cleaned all dishes.” Jurina yawned. “Let’s go to sleep.”

Rena dried her hands with the tissue paper. “Where’s your room.”

“Upstairs. Just follow me, Rena-chan.” Jurina quickly climbed the stairs.

Rena followed Jurina from behind. When she was about to enter the room, the door was being slammed in front of her nose. WHAT?! “Jurina, open the door! What are you doing?!”

“WAIT A MINUTE, BOSS!” Jurina yelled from inside the room. “I have to clean it first. I don’t want my boss see how messy my room is.”

Rena laughed. “I can help you to clean it.”

“HELL NO!” Jurina yelled again. “If I let my boss entered my messy room, I will be fired tomorrow!!!”

When Rena was about to knock the door again, she heard the sound of the door that being unlocked from inside. She saw Jurina’s grin as soon as the door opened.

“The room is ready, Ojou-sama.” Jurina let Rena entered her room. “Maybe it’s not as comfortable as your room but… yeah… this is my bed.” She pointed at the bed. “You can sleep there, Rena-chan.”

Rena entered the room. The room was smaller than hers, but somehow she felt so comfortable inside it. “Thank you, Jurina. I owe you.” She smiled. After that, she climbed the bed and wrapped her body with the blanket.

Jurina locked the door and then she laid her body on the small bed on the floor.

“What are you doing, Jurina?!”

“What? I’m sleeping. Isn’t it obvious?” Jurina rolled her eyes.

“This is your room and your bed, yet you sleep on the floor?!”

“Well… you’re my boss after all.” Jurina grinned.

Rena woke up and the she grabbed Jurina’s hand. “Sleep on your bed and let me sleep on the floor.” She pulled Jurina’s hand strongly and slowly dragged her onto the bed. They fought for a few minutes.

Jurina tried to release her hand from Rena’s grip. “I can’t believe that we’re fight over who will sleep on the floor! Usually people fight over for bed.” She chuckled. Her hand was being release by Rena after she sat on the bed. When Rena was about to walk toward the small bed, she quickly grabbed Rena’s wrist. “Just… sleep with me, here.”

Rena looked at Jurina. She gulped. “Is it okay for you?”

Jurina shrugged. “My bed is designed for 2 people, so… I guess it’s okay.”

“Well then.. you can release my hand now.”

Jurina quickly let go of Rena’s wrist. “Sorry.” She climbed up the bed first and then Rena lay beside her. “Good night, Rena-chan.” Jurina turned off the light.

“Sweet dreams, Jurina.” Rena wrapped her body with the blanket and then she closed her eyes.


As Jurina expected before, the day after she gave Rena the birthday tart and Rena also stay overnight in her house… she could see Rena’s smile again. The worker seemed very happy because the mood of their boss already changed drastically again.

It was the first step of their friendship


Day after day, week after week, and month after month has been passed. Friend word has been change into best friend. They knew each other better and everyone in the shop also knew that no one could separate them if they were in their little world.

“Oi, Jurina. What are you doing?” Rena smacked Jurina’s back.

“Ouch! It’s hurt, Rena-chan!” Jurina rubbed her back. “I’m texting Mayu.”

Rena sat in front of Jurina. “Wow. Such a lovely couple.” She giggled.

“Don’t be jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!” Rena stuck out her tongue.

“Every girls in your age should be had a lover. Why don’t you looking for one?”

“I do have one.”

“Really?!” Jurina raised her voice as she didn’t expect that answer. “Who is she? But… you always with me all the time, so why I’ve never meet her? Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“Whoa whoa. Easy kid.” Rena chuckled. “She’s not here. She’s struggling with her Master’s program in Netherlands, but she will graduate in August this year. You should meet her; she’s a really nice girl.”

“I see…” Jurina nodded. “She must be a smart girl.”

“Of course she’s smart!” Rena smacked Jurina’s head with her hand. “She’s not a baka girl like you.”

“Ouch. My head!” Jurina glared at Rena. “You’re lucky because you’re older than me and you’re my boss, if not-”

“WHAT?” Rena tried to tease Jurina. “What would you do if I’m not older than you and I’m not your boss?” She raised one of her eyebrows.

Jurina looked at Rena who stood in front of her. What would I do if she’s on my age? I never think about it before. I’m always wondering why she wants to be friend with me, a kid who 6 years younger than her. She narrowed her eyes. She’s nice, she’s rich, she’s beautiful… just like an angel, and she’s cute….. What would I do with a girl like that? Maybe… just maybe, if she’s on my age, I will… have the courage to fall in love with her.

“Jurina?” Rena waved her hand in front of Jurina’s face.

Jurina flinched. “I…. I have to go!” She grabbed her bag quickly and then she walked out from the shop. She didn’t care about Rena who called her name over and over again, she kept walking away. FALL IN LOVE?! That’s so silly. How dare I even think about it when I’m dating with my precious Mayuyu?! That’s so wrong.

Jurina took out her phone and then she called Mayu. “Babe, can I come to your house? Ah no… I mean… can I stay overnight in your house? I didn’t have a work shift tomorrow.”

Of course you can, Jurina. You can come whenever you want.” Mayu sounded very happy.

“Okay then, see you in an hour. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

Jurina ended the call. Lately, I rarely spend my time with Mayu. I’m only with Rena-chan all the time and now I know that I have to spare my time with Mayu as well. I wish after I meet Mayu, those weird and scary thought won’t appear in my brain anymore. I already have Mayu and she’s my everything. Rena is only my friend, no more… no less.

===================== 2 Days Later =====================

“Where have you been since 2 days ago?” Rena stood beside Jurina who‘s busy in counting the money. “You even ignored me.”  She pouted.

“I was stay overnight in my girlfriend’s house.”

“Aww! Such a cute lover.” Rena pinched Jurina’s cheek. She let go of the cheek when Jurina tried to grab her hand.

Jurina showed her irritated face as Rena stuck out her tongue at her because she failed in catching Rena’s hand.

Rena laughed. “I can’t wait my girlfriend come back.” She sighed. “Seeing how cute both of you, make me miss her more.”

Jurina stared at Rena’s face. She looks sad… I bet that she love her girlfriend so much.

Rena rested her chin on the table. “2 months left until she come back. Should I fly there to give her a surprise?” She looked at Jurina and waited for Jurina’s answer. “What do you think?”

Jurina looked deep into Rena’s eyes. “You can’t go!” She said it without thinking.

Rena frowned. “Why?”

Why? Wait… why do I prevent her to go to her girlfriend? Jurina was panicked. “B-because… uhhh… ummm…. Who’s going to take care of this shop if you go there? You’re the owner. If you go, it means the shop has to be closed for weeks, after that your customers will go to other shop… you’ll lose your customers too, and then your income will be decreased.” She was facepalming inside her head. What a lame excuse!

“Ahh… you’re right.’ Rena looked down. “Oh wait! I can trust this shop on your hand!!” She looked at Jurina’s face again. “You’re the one who will take care of this shop while I go later.” She grinned. “I can count on you, right?”

Jurina was still panicking. SHIT! “Y-yes… of course you can count on me all the time.” She saw Rena’s smile began to bloom. “BUT! You said that she’s working on her thesis now; if you go there… don’t you think that you’ll distract her? You’ll ruin her concentration.” She saw Rena’s expression started to change again.

Rena pouted. “You’re right. Maybe I’ll just give her a trouble if I go there. Okay… I’ll just patiently wait her until August.” She smiled at Jurina. “You’re a smart kid.” She patted Jurina’s head.

“Of course I am.” Jurina grinned. She felt relieved.

Rena stood up. “You can’t let your brain become useless. You have to go to the university next year! I don’t want to see you skip the college entrance exams like last year and this year, okay?!” She pointed her index finger at Jurina’s face. She walked to the kitchen after she got a slight nod from Jurina.

Tch. Jurina scratched her head. Last night Mayu also said the same thing. She sighed. Yeah… next year, Mayu will graduate. She will ashamed of me… she will ashamed if she tells her friends that her girlfriend didn’t go to the university and just an ordinary employee in a cake shop. She let out a sigh again. I’ve skipped the college entrance exams that held 4 months ago… the only one chance for me to go to the college this year is… study abroad.



Jurina flinched as she heard Mayu yelled at her through the phone. “Calm down. I’m just asking your opinion.”

I will pick you up on the cake shop this evening. See you later.” Mayu hung up the call.

Huuffft. Jurina rubbed her own forehead. Mayu will surely kill me this time.

“Something’s wrong, kid?” Rena back-hugged Jurina.


Rena rubbed Jurina’s back to comfort her. “Tell me what happen. I’ll try to help you.”

“Mayu wants to cut my neck.”

Rena gasped. “I… I guess I can’t help with it.”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Something’s happen between you two?”

Jurina sighed. Should I tell Rena-chan too? Ah no! If I tell her now, she will stab my eye with a knife even before Mayu pick me up to cut my neck. “Just a simple love quarrel. Nothing’s big.”

“Relax. I hope your problem can be solved soon.” Rena massaged Jurina’s shoulder. “Hey, do you have any plan tomorrow night? Let’s go to the movie theater, I want to watch something and I miss popcorn.” She grinned.

Jurina nodded. “If I still have a head tonight, I’ll go with you tomorrow. But if not, I ask your favor to dig my grave.”

Rena chuckled. “Kids nowadays are so scary.”


“Mayu… please. Listen to me.” Jurina reached Mayu’s hand. “I was only ask your opinion. It’s not like I will go for sure.”

“You’re scaring me.” Mayu shed her tears. “I think I have told you the reason why I attend the university in the same town with our ex-high school.” She was sobbing.

Jurina wiped Mayu’s tears. “Yes. It’s because you can’t go too far from me. I know… I’m sorry.” She hugged Mayu.

“I can’t do a ‘long distance relationship’, I really can’t do it.” Mayu gripped Juina’s shirt. “If you still persistent to go, then we-”

“I won’t go!” Jurina cut Mayu’s words. “I can’t imagine my life without you.” She kissed Mayu’s forehead. “Now, please stop crying.”

“Okay. Don’t mad at me… I prevent you to go because I love you so much.”

“I know and I won’t never mad at you. The reason why I want to go is because of you. Next year you will graduate but I’m still like this…working on a cake shop… you’ll be ashamed of me. I want to make you and my parents proud if later I can graduate from overseas university.”

“Silly.” Mayu punched Jurina’s chest gently. “I don’t care what everybody says about you. Besides that, you didn’t attend the university not because you’re lazy, but you just… haven’t found your interest in a particular majoring.”

Jurina tightened her hug. “Thank you for your understanding. I promise that next year I will take the college entrance exams.”

Mayu seemed a bit surprised. “Really?! What’s majoring that you want to take?”

“Computer Science.”


“Wow, you still have a head. I’m so surprised.” Rena teased Jurina when they met on the movie theater. She gave a ticket to Jurina.

Jurina giggled. “Yeah… she didn’t cut my neck.” In a moment later, she couldn’t stop stared at Rena.

Rena frowned. “Is there something wrong with me?”

“Yes. You’re looks too stunning and too gorgeous tonight. That’s so wrong, Rena-chan.” Jurina lifted her eyebrows twice while showing a mischievous smirk.

“Cih. Be careful, kid. We both have girlfriends.”

“I have girlfriend, but I’ve never see your girlfriend. Maybe you just tell me a fake story to make me stop making fun of you.” Jurina laughed.

Rena smacked Jurina’s face with her handbag. “HOLD THIS! I want to buy popcorn for us.” And then she walked away.

Urgh, my nose. Jurina giggled. “She looks so cute if she’s sulking.” She looked at the ticket that Rena gave to her. Her eyes almost fell off. H-horror movie??!!! Damn! I will kill that old girl. It gave her goosebumps.

*2 hours later*

Jurina shed her tears. “I’ll surely tell Mayu about this. She’ll scold you for me~”

Rena’s laugh was full of satisfaction. “I don’t know that you afraid of ghost.”

“I prefer do bungee jumping 5 times in row rather than watch a horror movie.”

“Really? I prefer watch movie rather than do a crazy jump like that.” Rena couldn’t believe that a strong girl like Jurina cried just because of a movie.

“That’s why we do not fit to each other.” Jurina cried became louder.

Rena chuckled. “Oh man… you’re so cute when you act like a weak kid like this.” She pulled Jurina into her hug and then she rubbed Jurina’s back. “Ssshhh… Stop crying. The movie is over. If you stop crying now, I will treat you dinner.”

“Really?” Jurina wiped her tears with-

“Hey! My scarf!! Don’t use it to wipe your tears.” Rena let go of her arms and then she opened her handbag. “This. Wipe your tears and blow your nose.”

Jurina took the tissue papers from Rena’s hand. “Let’s go. I’m hungry.”

Rena nodded. “Let’s go.” She grabbed Jurina’s hand and they walked in the crowd toward the basement to take her car.

“Rena-chan.” Jurina called Rena while they walking toward the elevator.


“Are your hands are always cold like this? It’s like… ice.” Jurina glanced at Rena’s hand that holding her hand tightly.

“Yes. Everyone said it to me.”

“You’re not a vampire, right?”

Rena laughed. “Silly, of course not! If I’m a vampire, I’ll surely eat you up since the first day we met.”

Jurina raised her eyebrows. “Well… if that’s the case. I’m so glad if you a vampire, so you can EAT ME UP.” She giggled.

Rena stopped her step and made Jurina almost bumped at her. Her face became so red because Jurina brought a dirty joke like that. She turned around, and then let go of Jurina’s hand, after that she hit Jurina’s face with her handbag (again). “Pervert.” And then she walked really fast.

Jurina laughed out loud. She ran toward Rena. “Oh come on, Rena-chan… I’m just joking around. We’re friend, right?” She couldn’t stop smiling every time Rena mad at her. Cute.

When they entered the elevator, Jurina took the movie theater ticket from her pocket. I have to throw this or this will be my nightmare. When she was about to throw it to the trash-can near the elevator, she saw the date that printed on the ticket… July, 20. Wow… next week is already Rena-chan’s birthday again! Time flies so fast.

“Oi, kid! Get out from the elevator. We’re arrived.” Rena talked to Jurina from outside the elevator.

“Oh.” Jurina threw the ticket and then she walked toward Rena.

“Jurina, I’ve told your parents that you’ll sleep in my house tonight. I’ve talked to them by phone before we watched the movie.”

Jurina was a bit surprised. “Cool. This is the first time for me to step into your house. It’s a bit unfair since you came to my house almost every 2 weeks.”

“Yeah… I’m thinking about it too. We know each other for almost one and half year… it’s unfair if I don’t invite you to my home.”

They entered Rena’s car and then they went to the restaurant near Rena’s house. They had dinner for about an hour, and then they went to Rena’s house. As Jurina expected before, Rena’s house is much bigger than her house.

Jurina followed Rena. She entered the luxurious house. “Do you live alone?”

“No, I have 2 maids. My parents live in US.”

Jurina patted Rena’s back.

“What?” Rena turned around.

“Open your mouth. I want to see if you have the fangs or not… to make sure that you’re not a vampire. If you kill me here, no one will know.”

“Tch.” Rena rolled her eyes. “Stop watching some fantasy movies from now on, okay? Your brain has been washed by it.”

Jurina climbed the stairs. “Your skin is unusually white and cold. But yeah… I guess you’re not a vampire since you have a small chest and you’re very thin. In the movie, a vampire always looks so sexy and you’re not.” She giggled.

Rena growled. “You make me really want to kill you, Jurina.” She opened the door. “This is your room. Sleep here. You can use any clothes in the cupboard. My room is on downstairs.”

“NO WAY!” Jurina shook her head. “The hell. I don’t want to sleep alone here after we watched a creepy movie! I won’t be able to sleep.”

“Urgh!” Rena facepalmed. “Okay, you can sleep in my room… but don’t hug me too tight like the last time I slept in your room, okay?! I couldn’t breathe and I’m not a vampire.”

Jurina grinned while raising her two thumbs. “Okay!”

*3 hours later*

Jurina looked at the girl who slept beside her. “Tch. I told her to keep awake until I sleep but she fell asleep first.” She sighed. I can’t sleep.

Jurina woke up and then she sat on the bed. She took her phone. Oh, there’s a mail from Mayu. She opened the mail that has been received by her phone in about 2 hours ago.

From: Mayu

Where are you?
I came to your house this evening, but you’re not at home.
Your mom told me that you… stay overnight in your boss’s house tonight.
Your mom also said that… your boss often came to your house and even slept in your room.

Is it true?
Why do you never tell me about her?


Jurina smacked her head. She knew that if there’s no emoticon in Mayu’s mail, it means she made Mayu pissed off. She quickly replied the mail.

To: Mayu

I’ll come to your house in the morning.

Jurina sighed. She’s jealous. What should I do when I meet her later?

Jurina glanced at Rena who still slept peacefully. She stunned for a moment by Rena’s beauty. This is the first time I see her sleeping face. Usually, Jurina always sleep earlier than Rena when they slept together in Jurina’s room. B-beautiful… flawless… gorgeous… stunning… so attractive.

Jurina approached Rena’s sleeping face. Somehow, she wanted to see it closer. Rena’s beauty has distracting her mind. It was not the first time she realized how beautiful her boss is, but… it was the first time she saw Rena’s face so close. Even in the dim room, her beauty can’t be hidden. She felt her heartbeats went crazy… her heart hammering inside her chest. She felt that she wanted to touch that angelic face… she wanted to caressed that milky cheek… she wanted to kiss that reddish lips.

Jurina flinched as she felt her phone vibrated. She quickly woke up from the bed as she realized that there was something wrong with her. T-this can’t be happening. She felt so scared and even made her body shivered.

Jurina opened a new mail that she had just received.

From: Mayu

I’ll wait you.

Jurina was taken aback. She’s still awake?! Am I making her so worried like this?? Am I make her can’t sleep???

Jurina quickly grabbed her bag and then she opened Rena’s room door slowly. She walked in the dim. She went out from the house and then she talked to the security guard. “Sir, can you call a taxi for me?”

The security nodded. “Okay. But… should I tell this to Matsui Rena-san too?”

Jurina quickly shook her head. “No. Just tell her about this if she already awake in the morning. I have an urgent matter now.”

The security quickly called a taxi for Jurina. Just in 5 minutes, the taxi has been arrived. “Thank you.” She smiled at the security guard and then she asked the taxi driver to take her to Mayu’s house.

Actually, Mayu’s house is quite far from Rena’s house, but because it was in the middle of the night… Jurina could arrive just in 10 minutes.

Jurina knocked Mayu’s door. “Babe, it’s me. Can you open the door, please?” Right after that, she heard the sound of the door was being unlocked by Mayu.

“Jurina?! It’s in the midnight. How could you-”

Jurina pulled Mayu into her hug and then she kissed Mayu. Mayu wanted to escape from Jurina’s lips but Jurina wouldn’t allow it happen. Jurina pushed Mayu slowly into the house without let go of Mayu’s lips. Jurina closed the door behind them and she locked it.

Jurina used one of her hand to hold Mayu’s waist and the other hand went to Mayu’s face. She cupped Mayu’s cheek. Her heart felt ached as she touched Mayu’s cheek, it was wet. She’s crying. Jurina couldn’t express how sorry she was. Not only because she didn’t tell Mayu about her friendship with Rena, but also she realized that she started to have feeling for Rena. At that time, she didn’t know what to say… so she just kissed Mayu to make herself calmed down.

They let go of the kiss almost in the same time as them both lack of oxygen.

Jurina looked at Mayu’s red eyes. Mayu was the jealous type girl, Jurina knew it really well. Mayu just tried to hide it all the time even since they were in high school, but Mayu’s eyes couldn’t lie to Jurina. That was why Jurina didn’t tell her about Rena, she was afraid that Mayu would overreact about it. But… that was went wrong… really wrong.

“I’m sorry, Mayu.” Jurina bite her lips. I shouldn’t hide it from Mayu since the beginning… I shouldn’t fall in love with Rena who is 6 years older than me when I’m dating Mayu and Rena is also dating someone else.

“Jurina?” Mayu was a bit confused. Yes, it was true that she was angry at Jurina… but she didn’t expect that Jurina would say sorry so badly like that. “It’s okay… I’m okay. I’m just… sad. That’s all. You know me, right? I always cry easily.” She caressed Jurina’s cheeks. “I’m relieved that you’re here, with me tonight.”

Jurina shed her tears. She couldn’t hold it anymore. She knew that sooner or later, she will hurt Mayu or Rena or even herself. “I… I’m s-so sorry.” She began to sob. The guilt and the fear started to crawl slowly toward her heart. I have betrayed the love that has been built by me and Mayu for over 2 years … and a friendship between us that has been intertwined for more than 4 years.

“Jurina… you don’t have to cry so badly like that. I’m not even mad at you anymore.”

“Mayu… listen to me carefully, okay?” Jurina saw a slight nod from Mayu. “Something has just happened… I have just realized it right before I went to your house. There’s something that make me sure that I will hurt you… sooner or later.”

Mayu took a step back as she felt a bad feeling about it.

“L-let’s just break up before I hurt you more.”

Mayu couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “Y-you want to break up with me?” The tears rolled down on her beautiful cheeks again.

Jurina nodded. She couldn’t say anything again.

Mayu grabbed Jurina’s hands and then she gripped it tightly. “Is this because I prevent you to study abroad? I’m so sorry, Jurina. O-okay… you can go to wherever you want. Just… don’t break up with me.” Yes, it was better for her to have a long distance relationship with Jurina rather than she has to break up with Jurina.

“That’s not the reason, Mayu.” Jurina looked at the floor. “I have a certain feelings for my boss.” She decided to tell Mayu everything… she didn’t want to lie anymore.

Mayu slapped Jurina’s face.

Jurina felt hurt and flinched a bit, but she didn’t move. I deserve it.

Mayu cried even louder. “I know this will happen someday. YOU NEVER LOVED ME!”

“No, that’s not true. I was in love with you…. until an hour ago.”

“Don’t you even realize it, Jurina?! In these 2 years… you’ve never say that you love me!!! The ‘I love you’ word never slipped from your lips… not even once, Jurina.”

Jurina gasped. I-is that true? I even didn’t realize it.

“Go home, Matsui Jurina.” Mayu said it when she saw that Jurina was about to brushed off her statement. “Please don’t show your face in front of me until I’m ready to let you go.” She wiped her tears.

“Please don’t do this to me, Mayu. I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. We’ve been together for 4 years… We’re always together.”

“You’re the one who force me to do this. If you really don’t want to hurt me… just… go.”

Jurina clenched her teeth. “Okay, I’ll go. I’m sorry and I want you to know that I’m hurt as well… not only you.” She opened the door and then she left Mayu’s house.


Jurina didn’t go work for 3 days; she even didn’t go out from her house in those 3 days. She didn’t pick up Rena’s calls… she even didn’t want to meet her when Rena came to her house to visit her.

I don’t know how to face Rena-chan. What if… someday she realizes that I’m in love with her and then she will do like Mayu have done to me… throw me away. They will leave me alone.

On the fourth day, Jurina decided to go for work. She realized that she shouldn’t hide anymore… she had to face everything.

Jurina opened the cake shop door in the early morning. She saw Rena stood behind the cashier machine; Rena replaced Jurina’s place when she didn’t come to work. She took a really deep breath and then she walked toward Rena. She bowed 90 degrees at Rena. “I’m so sorry to make a trouble in here, Matsui Rena-san. I’m ready to receive my punishment.” She didn’t have guts to look at Rena’s eyes.

Rena remained silent.

“As your friend, I also say sorry to you because I’ve been abandoned you for some days. Just… do everything that you want to do to me. I deserve it, Matsui Rena-san.” Jurina was still bowing at Rena.

“I’m glad you’re back.” Rena smiled. She holds Jurina’s body. “Stop bowing at me. I’m your friend… just call me ‘Rena-chan, as usual.”

Jurina stood up slowly until she could see the face of the dearest to her heart. She missed Rena so much. But when she saw that Rena was about to hug her, she took a step back… she was afraid that Rena could hear her heartbeats that hammering so strong inside her chest.

Rena tilted her head as she confused about Jurina’s action. “Just… go back to your work.” She walked to the kitchen. She knew that Jurina had a big problem, so she didn’t want to bother her.

When Rena walked across her, Jurina could smell Rena’s fragrance. Rena’s fragrance was different from the usual, but somehow… she felt that she recognize the smell. Did she change her perfume?

==================== Rena’s Birthday ====================

Jurina woke up as she heard her phone alarm ringing. She read the notes. Rena-chan’s 25th birthday. Jurina facepalmed. God! I forget about it! She woke up slowly from her bed. I have to buy something before I go to the shop this morning.

An hour later, she was ready to go. She went to the garage and then she took her motorcycle. The motorcycle was her 18th birthday gift from her father and she also has her own drive license, but since Mayu was afraid to see her ride a motorcycle… she never used it. But since she has been broke up with Mayu, she could ride it freely.

Jurina parked her motorcycle in front of a convenience store near the cake shop. I’ll just buy a chocolate and a birthday card for her. I’ll tell her the truth that I forget her birthday.

Lately, Jurina was so afraid to get too close to Rena… she didn’t want to do too much for Rena… she was afraid that she would make her love for Rena go deeper.

Jurina entered the store. As soon as she stepped in, the memory came to her mind. My so-called first love. Yes, it was the convenience store where she met the girl who bumped into her about 4 years ago. I wonder when I can meet her again; maybe she can make me forget my problems now.

In 20 minutes later, Jurina was ready to go from the convenience store. She rides her motorcycle to the cake shop. When she parked her motorcycle, because the window was transparent, she could see Rena stood near the cashier machine.

Jurina holds the plastic bag and then she entered the cake shop. “Rena-chan, look. I’m so sorry… I forget your b-”

“Airin! Airin? Is that you?”

Jurina saw Rena’s shocking face as she looked at someone who had just entered the cake shop. Rena ran toward the door while smiling. Jurina never saw Rena’s smile as bright as that before.

Because Rena ran in hurry, she bumped into Jurina. It caused Jurina’s plastic bag fell from Jurina’s hand.  “I’m sorry.” She bent down her body and then she quickly helped Jurina to collect all stuff that scattered on the floor. She handed the plastic back to Jurina’s hand. After that… Rena was just walk away without looked at Jurina’s face. She walked toward the girl who called as ‘Airin’.

Jurina stunned as the memory of her so-called first love vividly came to her mind. What happened next was so familiar… her heart was beating so fast like a jet plane, suddenly her mind went blank, her legs became so weak to support her own body, she stunned while she felt her stomach was taken over by thousands butterflies, her voice couldn’t come out. She turned back… she looked at Rena’s back figure.


Actually, I don’t remember her face because at that time I was too focusing with my fucking hurt arm. I only remember her scent, her cold and white fingers when our hand had accidentally touched each other when she handed over my plastic bag, and also her back figure when she walked away that time. I even can’t remember her voice because she only said ‘I am sorry’. It’s so depressing! Even if I meet her on the street, I wouldn’t know if I will be able to recognize her or not!


Jurina gasped. T-this scent… that back figure… that cold hands… that white skin… that voice when she said ‘I am sorry’… She closed her mouth with her hand. S-she is… R-rena is… my first love?! Oh God! AFTER ALL THIS TIME?!

“Jurina… Oi Jurina!” Rena called Jurina who stunned in front of her. “Why you just stand like a stone there?? Come here!”

Jurina flinched as Rena called her name, but her foot and her lips were still too weak to move.

“Jurina, this is my girlfriend… Furukawa Airi. See? I’m not lying to you! She’s back!” Rena stuck out her tongue at Jurina. “Airin… this is my friend and also my employee, Matsui Jurina.”

Airin pinched Rena’s nose. “Girlfriend? I’m your fiancée.”

“Aww!” Rena rubbed her nose. “It’s same. You’re my girlfriend and my fiancée. Are you satisfied now?”

Airin chuckled and then she looked at Jurina. “Nice to meet you Matsui-san.” She smiled. “Wow! Both of you have a same family name!”

“Yeah… that’s why we’re become friend.” Rena said it jokingly. “I thought you’ll come back in August.”

“Well… it’s a surprise, babe!” Airin kissed Rena’s forehead. “That’s for your birthday.”

Rena pouted. “Only that?”

Airin raised her eyebrows. “Me and my kiss were still not enough for you? Well… then this.” She gave something to Rena. “This is a ticket to Netherlands. You’ll stand with me on my graduation day.” She smiled.

Rena screamed. “Thank you!!!” She hugged her fiancée tightly. When she let go of Airin’s body, she took a little glance at Jurina. She was shocked. “Jurina? Oh God. Why are you crying???” She walked toward Jurina.

Jurina quickly wiped her tears. “I’m just… happy for you.” She looked at Airin. “Welcome back, Furukawa-san. And about your graduation… congratulation.” She looked at Rena again. “Sorry, I have a headache. Can I ask your permission to go home now?” Her tears kept rolling down on her cheeks.

Rena frowned. “Of course. You can go home now.” She wanted to help Jurina, in case she fell because Jurina said that she was dizzy. But she was so shock when Jurina brushed off her hands.

“Sorry. I can walk by myself.” Jurina walked toward the door. She threw the plastic bag to the trash-can outside the shop. After that, she wore her helmet and quickly turned on her motorcycle. She left the cake shop as fast as she could.

Rena watched Jurina from afar. This is the first time I see her ride the motorcycle. She went inside after Jurina lost from her sight.

*At the night*

Jurina took a deep breath. “As I told you some weeks ago that I want to study abroad, I mean it.”

Jurina’s mom and dad looked at each other. They were a bit surprised.

“As I told you before, we won’t prevent you to go and we’re really happy that you finally continue your study.” Jurina’s dad showed his support.

Jurina’s mom hugged her daughter. “When do you plan to go?”

“As soon as possible, mom… I have to take care of my application letter there, I have to complete any other requirements, and also I have to take an extra course before I take the college entrance exams. I think my TOEFL certificate is still valid and my passport is ready to use. So yeah… I’m ready to go.”

Jurina’s father nodded. “Okay, you’ll go in 1-2 weeks.”

Jurina sighed. Nothing left for me here. I’ve broke up with Mayu because I fall in love with my boss. After I found out that my boss is actually my first love who I’ve been searched for years… I also found out that she has a fiancée. Game over.


On the next day, Jurina worked like nothing happened. Her eyes were swollen because she cried too much, but she still tried to smile at the customers. She did her best to her work.

“Jurina, can you tell me what happened to you? Your eyes swollen like the eggs!” Rena approached Jurina.

“Just like I’ve told you before, I have the headache.” Jurina gave Rena a forced-smile. Honestly… every time she looked at Rena, she wanted to cry again. But she tried to hold it as long as she can.

“I’m not THAT stupid, Jurina. I won’t eat it easily.” Rena rolled her eyes. “You have the headache but you can ride your motorcycle?! That’s so silly.” She looked so impatient. “Is something happen between you and Mayu?”

Jurina shrugged.

“Urgh! Don’t make me die in curiosity, Jurina.”

Jurina didn’t have a plan to tell the reason to Rena. But suddenly, she was curious about something. “Umm… Rena-chan. In about 4 years ago, what did you do?”

Rena raised her eyebrows. “Wow, that’s so random. Umm… I think I was in college.”

“Where’s your university?”

“US. Why?”

Jurina frowned. “At that time, have you been here? Maybe for holiday or something.”

Rena tried to remember about what happened to her around 4 years ago. “Oh! I remember! I went to Japan once… to attend my grandmother’s funeral. This is actually my grandmother’s cake shop, she gave it to me.”

Jurina smiled. “I think I met you at that time. You bumped into me in the convenience store, 2 blocks from here.”

“Are you sure?” Rena frowned. “I don’t remember you.”

“I’m really sure. You even helped me to collect my things that scattered on the floor.” Jurina looked at the ceilings. “Your fingers were so cold at that time… and your perfume scent was so similar to the perfume that you use now.” You looked so beautiful at that time and I’ve been fallen in love with you since that time, Rena.

Rena was amazed. “Wow! That memory is still clear in your mind?! Cool.”

Jurina smiled bitterly. How can I forget the moment I met with my first love for the first time?

Rena kept trying to remember that moment.

Jurina laughed. “Stop trying, Rena-chan. It’s impossible to remember something that didn’t have a meaning for you.”

“Shut up! You’re precious for me now. So it means, we’ve been destined to be together since you were born… you’re precious to me since you were born”

Jurina giggled. She looked at the clock. “My work shift is over, Rena-chan…” This is the time. Jurina took something from her bag. “Maybe you can tell me later if you’ve been able to remember me. In the meanwhile… this.”

Rena frowned. “What is this?”

“My resignation letter.”

Rena stunned and she wasn’t be able to talk for a few seconds.

“I decided to study abroad.” Jurina force a fake smile. “Computer Science. I decided to take it as my majoring. I’ll go in 1-2 weeks.”

“You’re lying.” That’s the first sentence that Rena could say.

“No, I’m not lying.”

“THE HECK, JURINA!!!” Rena threw away the resignation letter.

“I’m sorry for the sudden news. I hope you’ll find the new employee that will replaced my place. I’ve been make you in trouble for some times, I’m sorry for that. You’ve been took care of me for almost 2 years… thank you so much, Matsui Rena-san.” Jurina bowed at Rena.

Rena looked at Jurina. Without she realized it, her tears rolled down. “I’m so angry at you, Jurina!” She bites her lips so she wouldn’t burst out in front of Jurina. She kept trying to make her expression looked plain. “You leave me without tell it to me earlier.”

“I know.” Jurina stood up again. Seeing her Rena cried like that, made Jurina’s heart became hurt… but she couldn’t do anything. There is someone who will take care of her better than I’ve ever did to her.

“I WON’T COME TO THE AIRPORT!!!” Rena clenched her fist. “Do you hear that, Matsui Jurina?! I won’t see you go!”

Jurina gulped. “It’s your choice. I hope I can see you before I go, but if you’re still mad at me until that day comes… I can’t do anything.” She showed a fake-calm smile again. “It means we won’t meet again for 4-5 years later… until I graduate.”

Rena looked away.

“I take it as a ‘goodbye’ from you.” Jurina walked out from the cake shop. As soon as she wore her helmet, her tear rolled down… it kept falling like the rain… she couldn’t make it stop even until she arrived at home.

===================== 4 Years Later =====================

I’m back!!! Jurina took a deep breath. Ohh… how I miss Japan! She pushed her trolley toward the exit door.

The past 4 years were so painful to be told. It’s so painful to leave someone that we love. The hardest thing for me is not talking to someone I used to talk to everyday. I never stop studied so I wouldn’t have time to cry because of my parents, Mayu, and… Rena.

I studied every night… until the late of night so I wouldn’t have time to dream about Rena. Because I’ve ever had a dream about her once and then I couldn’t stop cry for some days.
I didn’t let my parents to give my contact number to Rena, because it would make me missed her so badly and made me wanted to rush come back to Japan.

I didn’t make any contact with Mayu because I still have a deep guilt for her. I didn’t have guts to send a PM on her Facebook, so… I just blocked her account. The only friend that sent the mails to me regularly is… Kashiwagi Yuki. Can you even believe it?!


“Why do you call me to come here? Do you want to pick a fight with me?” Yuki sat in front of Jurina.

Jurina answered Yuki calmly. “Please take care of Mayu.”

Yuki rolled her eyes. “You really want to have a fight with me.”

“I trust her in your hand, Kashiwagi-san. I beg you.” Jurina kept talking. “She’s the type of girl that can’t be alone for too long. She’s so easily crying for something, if she has fever… she can’t sleep alone because she always has a bad dream, she love to be spoiled, she’s afraid of insects, she-”

Yuki hit the table. “What’s your point? Do you just want to make me jealous? You’ve stole her from me!” She glared at Jurina.

“I know that you still love her. It’s totally my fault to steal her from you. I’ve broke up with her some weeks ago and it makes me so worried about her. Especially, I will go overseas soon.”

Yuki smirked. “Do you want to say that… after you dumped her, you want me to take care of her?!”

“That’s not the point, Kashiwagi-san!” Jurina looked really angry. “Please be there for her… don’t ever leave her like I did to her.” She stood up and she bowed 90 degrees at Yuki. “Please. I beg you.”


I’m glad that I talked to Yukirin at that time. Just like I expected before, Yukirin is the best girl for Mayu. Now, they’ve been dating for 2 years.
I always get the news about Mayu from her. Even though Mayu is not my girl anymore, but I still consider her as my best friend.


Jurina looked at both of her parents. She thought that they were the one who yelled her name, but… “MAYU?! Oh my God!!” She pushed her trolley quickly and then she ran into Mayu’s hug. “I miss you!”

Mayu shed her tears and then she smacked Jurina’s head. “If you miss me why don’t you call me, baka!”

“I’m sorry, babe.” Jurina giggled.

Yuki made her cough really hard so Jurina could hear it. “I’m here.”

Jurina let go of Mayu and then she hugged Yuki. “Thank you for keeping your promise. You take care of her better than I’ve ever did.”

Yuki hugged Jurina back. “I’m glad to see you again.”


Jurina parked her motorcycle in front of the cake shop. Mayu told her that Rena still working there. The shop was bigger than she remembered; it seemed Rena bought the building beside her shop. This was a flower shop.

Jurina walked toward the door. She took two deep breaths before she opened the door. There were a lot of people there; it seemed Rena made a small café inside the shop.

“Can I help you, miss?”

Jurina smiled at the waitress. “5 years ago, I bought a cake from here and I really love the taste. Can I talk to the pâtissière who make ‘Chocochezz’? I’ve met her before and now I want to order a birthday cake from her.”

The waitress tilted her head. “Do you mean… Matsui Rena-san?”

Jurina gave a slight nod at the waitress. That’s the same dialog that I did with the waitress 5 years ago. She chuckled. She turned back as she felt someone patted her shoulder.

“Can I help y-” Rena stunned as she saw the customer’s face.

“I want to order a birthday cake for next week, but I want the special one since this is for my mother’s birthday.”

Rena glared at Jurina. “Get out of my shop!”

Jurina smiled. “I won’t make you yelled at me in front of your customers. I’ll just wait you outside until the shop closed.”

“It’s not like the old time. This shop will be closed at 11PM.”

“No problem.” Jurina looked at her watch. “I will wait you for… 4 hours.” She turned around and walked out from the shop. She sat on her motorcycle.

Since the weather was so cold, she took the cigarette from her pocket. She began to smoke. She started to smoke since a year ago, when she got stressed out because of her final exams. But after that, it was became her habit.

I don’t care if she has been married to Airin. I just want to talk with her. Jurina kept watching the shop door while smoking, she was afraid that Rena tried to run away from her.

Thankfully, Jurina wore a thick leather jacket and the thick-long leather pants, the gloves, and the boots… so she didn’t have to freeze outside.

Jurina’s phone battery almost running out of power and she only had 2 cigarettes left. She looked at her watch. 10.30PM, but the shop and the café still has a lot of customers. Rena-chan takes care of the shop really well. Her life is better… without me.

Imagining how happy Rena’s life with Airin… without her, made her angry. She took out a cigarette and began to smoke again. Ahh~ I want to drink. I think I’m going crazy here.

Finally, Jurina saw the lights inside the shop being turned off. In a few seconds later she saw Rena went out from the shop and then she locked the door.

Rena looked at Jurina who sat on the motorcycle. She glared at her and then she walked toward Jurina. “I can’t believe that you still here!”

Jurina shrugged. “Just like I told you before that I will wait for you.” She looked around. “Where’s your car?”

“In these past years I always use the driver to take me everywhere.”

“Why? You’ve become lazy lately?”

“No. It’s too dangerous for me to drive alone because I always cry lately.”

Jurina was a bit surprised, but she kept holding her expression as cold as the snow. She heard Rena coughed as the cigarette smoke moved to Rena’s direction. “Wow. I’m sorry.” She quickly stood up and then she took 2 steps further away from Rena. “Then… where’s your driver now?”

“I asked them to not pick me up tonight.”

Jurina threw her cigarette and then she stepped on it. “Let’s go. I will take you home. It’s getting dark and colder here.”

“I didn’t ask you to take me home.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. She took off her gloves and the scarf. She wanted to put it on Rena, but Rena brushed off her hands. She glared at Rena, but Rena just looked away. She sighed as Rena also refused to wear the helmet. “Okay, we don’t need all of these.” She threw it all into the trash-can. “It’s not my fault if you frozen out there.”

Jurina turned on her motorcycle. “Hurry up.” She glared at Rena who still standing there. “I’ll just take you home and then I’ll go as soon as you get into your house.” She grabbed Rena’s hand and pulled her closer to the motorcycle.

Rena didn’t have a choice except did like Jurina said to her.

Jurina smirked. After Rena had completely on the motorcycle, she began to drive. In 5 minutes later, she could feel that Rena’s body shivered.  “JESUS! I’ve told you to take my scarf and my gloves!” She stressed out. She stopped her motorcycle for awhile and the she took off her cold weather hat. “Use this and don’t you even dare to refuse it again.”

Rena grabbed the hat since she was freezing.

“Put both of your hands inside my pocket. It will keep you warm. I will drive as fast as I can.”

Rena put her hands into Jurina’s jacket slowly. It made her almost hug Jurina.

“Hold my waist tightly or you will fall.” Jurina started to drive again. She ride her motorcycle really fast but it still under her control.

Rena closed her eyes as she afraid. “S-slow down…”

Jurina did as Rena as said, she decreased the speed. 10 minutes later, they arrived at Rena’s house.

“You still remember my house.”

“I will never forget it.” Jurina was ready to go home. When she was about to go, she felt her arm was grabbed by Rena.

“Don’t go home tonight. T-the weather will make you frozen out there.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not as weak as you.”

Rena tightened her grip on Jurina’s arm. “Don’t go.” She said it firmly.

Jurina sighed. “Okay.” She turned off her motorcycle and let the security guard to take care of it. She followed Rena entered the house. If Airin is in this house, I will go home in 15 minutes. She looked around but it seemed there was no sign of Airin. “Where’s your fiancée? Oh, maybe she has become your wife/husband… I didn’t know how to call her.”

“…” Rena remained silent.

“Okay. What do you want me to do now?”

“Sleep.” Rena simply answered it. “Your room is on upstairs.”

“Okay.” Jurina quickly climbed the stairs alone because she still remembered the room that Rena ever showed to her at 4 years ago. She opened the door and then she turned on the light. She opened her jacket and then she threw her body onto the bed. This room is so warm. She wrapped her body with the blanket and then she closed her eyes. She wouldn’t allow her mind to think about Rena by hearing the music from her iPod. She did that trick for 4 years.

In a few minutes later, she fell asleep on that comfortable bed.


Jurina opened her eyes slowly. She was really shocked as she saw Rena already sat on a chair near the bed. “OhSweetBabyJesus! Even though this is your house, can you please knock the door first before you enter this room? You make me shock to death.” She quickly woke up and sat on the bed.

“I can’t believe that you sleep in my house.”

“I can’t believe it either.” Jurina looked at her watch. “It’s time for me to go home.”

“You didn’t want to ask me something? You came to my shop only for talking about why my driver didn’t pick me up last night?”

Jurina rubbed her eyes. She looked at Rena… she could see Rena’s figure more clearly. She’s still as thin as I remember, as white as I remember, her hair is longer, and she looks a bit older, but… her beauty is still there. The beauty that always makes my heartbeats rate increased. “Do you already remember about how we met for the very first time?”

“I bumped into you when I rushed out from the convenience store. I was in hurry because I got a call that my grandmother has passed away. I helped you to collect your things that scattered on the floor, but it seemed I had mistakenly put my melonpan into your plastic bag… I’ve searched for it when I arrived at home.”

Jurina nodded. “I see… that was why I got extra bread in my plastic bag back then.”

“Anything else?”

“Did you eat well and sleep well when I wasn’t here?”

“I’m sure that I ate well… but I couldn’t sleep well since my best friend left me all of a sudden. Next?”

Jurina climbed down from the bed. “I have no other question. I don’t care about anything else.” She grabbed her jacket and then she wore it. “I’ll go now.”

Rena grabbed Jurina’s wrist before Jurina could went away. “Listen to me. I know that you’re angry at me because I didn’t come to the airport to see you go… it was because… my ticket to Netherlands was on the same day with the day you went. My plane take-off a bit earlier than yours.”

“I don’t care.”

“About Airin-”

“I said I don’t care!!!”

Rena tightened her grip, she was afraid that Jurina would go away from her again. “I broke up with her… 3 months after you left me here… alone. Since that time, I always do everything alone.”

Jurina was surprised. I… I thought she’s with Airin all this time. I begged at someone to take care of Mayu, my best friend… yet I let the girl… the only one girl that I always love… live alone. “Why? Did Airin do something bad to you?” She clenched her fist.

Rena caressed Jurina’s fist gently, she tried to make Jurina calmed down… she opened Jurina’s fist and then she held Jurina’s hand. “No. I’m the one who did something bad to her. I left her… because I want to wait you.”

Jurina couldn’t control her heartbeats anymore.

Rena stood up and then she looked at Jurina’s eyes. “When I lose you, I realized that there is a certain aloneness that can never be filled by someone else. That was the moment when I realized that I love you… I do love you, Jurina. That’s the reason why I could feel so comfortable around you when we even barely knew each other at that time.”

“This can’t be happening…” Jurina couldn’t believe everything that had just happened.

“I’m so sorry for not realize it earlier.” Rena shed her tears. “I’m so sorry for not realize that I’m the reason why you broke up with Watanabe-san.” She held both of Jurina’s hands. “The moment when you told me the story about how we met for the first time… I should have realized that I have a deep meaning for you. The memory that happened many years ago is impossible to be remembered vividly if it does not have a deep meaning for someone.”


“You loved me since 7 years ago… I can’t believe it.”

Jurina wiped Rena’s tears. “I can’t believe it either.”

“Please say that you still love me. Please that you love me back.”

“I love you, Rena-chan. I always love you since we met for the first time. I’ve been in love with you even before we knew each other’s name.” Jurina caressed Rena’s cheeks. “I really want to kiss you now, but I have to brush my teeth first. Please wait me for 3 minutes later, okay?” She grinned.

Rena let out a soft giggle. “If you didn’t smoke last night, I’ll let you to kiss me now… but since I really hates cigarette… you don’t even have a chance, babe.”

Jurina tightened her hug on Rena’s waist. “I promise that I’ll stop smoking forever.”

“That’s so sweet.” Rena pinched Jurina’s cheeks.

Jurina rubbed Rena’s nose with her nose. “I’ll do anything for you.” In a few seconds later, she felt her lips have been eaten by Rena. “W-wait! I haven’t brush my teeth.”

“For this morning… I don’t care about it since I miss you sooooo much.”

Jurina showed her mischievous smile and then she captured Rena’s lips again. She kissed it with full of passion as if no tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for my first love for about 7 years… and I won’t leave her again.

Their fingers intertwined together.


“What I like more than anything is the touch of a warm hand… and only Jurina’s hand that can give me the warmth.” – Rena.


====================== THE END ======================
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The way you wrote it, I actually can felt the sourness in my heart as I read. :3 not much writer can do that. So you are great!

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Part 1 (



#9 WMatsui - Survive


= Separate =

“S-sensei!!” Yuria called the lecturer.

“Yes, Kizaki-san? Isn’t it enough for you to make the trouble here?”

Yuria felt so irritated by the lecturer words but she knew that it was not the proper time to debate about it. There was something that more important than that. “Jurina is missing.”

The lecturer seemed utterly shocked. “What?!”

“She never came to the hotel since last night.”

The lecturer stood up. “Why didn’t you tell it to me earlier?!”

Yuria looked at the ground. “I…. I didn’t tell it to you b-because…… I… I thought she was with someone and did ‘something personal’ in another room, but-”

“Where the last time you see her?”

“On the boat….. with me.”

The lecturer rubbed his forehead and after that, he took the papers that contained of the list of his students. “Okay, all of you… please gather around. I will call your name one by one to make sure that only Matsui Jurina who doesn’t with us now.” He called them one by one. In a few minutes later, “Matsui Rena.” No one answered, so he said it one more time. “Matsui Rena!”


The lecturer turned his head and his eyes met the two girls’ eyes. “Hm?”

“Our roommate is missing!! Matsui Rena!” Both of girls said it in the same time. “We went together to Kizaki-san’s party last night, but after we went back to the hotel…. She didn’t there… until now!”

“Ha?!” Yuria frowned. It’s impossible, they can’t be together… right?!

==== On the other hand ====

“How far do you think we’ve drifted?”

“I don’t know. We’ve been here for hours, yet we don’t see anything except this fucking sea and that fucking sun!”

Rena scoffed. “This is YOUR brilliant plan, remember?”

Jurina felt offended. “And how about you, miss grumpy? You’re jump into the water so you won’t get busted. If you were not jump, we wouldn’t be here.”

“Hey! I fell! I wasn’t trying to run away like you did!”

Jurina groaned. “So, what do we gonna do now?”

“Check your phone. Maybe we can get a signal here and call the others to pick us.”

Jurina checked her pocket. “Oh no!” She quickly took her phone. “I can’t believe my phone got soaked!!”

“Yeah.. I can’t believe it either.” Rena teased Jurina. She checked her handbag and thankfully her phone was in there. “It doesn’t have signals.”

“Well… at least your phone is dry.”

“We should’ve followed the police boat to shore.” Rena sighed.

“What, with a single paddle? Sure.” Jurina looked offended. “Please stop blaming me.”

Rena ignored Jurina as she saw something. “Oh, my God. There is an island, there!” She pointed at the island. “Let’s go there.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Are you kidding?! We should sit here until someone picks us up.”

Rena glared at Jurina. “Until the sun burns us?!”

Jurina gave up. “Fine. Okay – okay. I’ll paddle. Gezz!” She grabbed the paddle and then she gave out all her strength to paddle so they could arrive at the island as soon as possible.

Even though it was a bit useless, but Rena helped Jurina to paddle by using her hand. After some minutes, they finally arrived at the Island. They dragged the canoe to the beach. They seemed running out of breath; they threw their body onto the sand and rested for a moment.

“Are you okay?” Jurina turned her head to Rena’s direction.

“Yeah… I think so.” Rena tried to control her breath. “We have to find a phone signal.” She woke up and then she walked around, trying to find a signal.

Jurina quickly woke up as well. When she was about to walk toward Rena, she saw something in the canoe. “Wait!” She took the small box from the canoe and then she opened it… she found a gun.

Rena was really shocked. “What’s that for?!”

Jurina shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe to shoot the bad guys?” She put it into her pocket.

Rena was still struggling with her phone. “Damn! I still can’t get any signal!!”

“Let’s just find a hotel in here and then we can borrow their phone. I’ll bet everyone is probably worried about us… it about to dark soon.”

Rena sighed and then she put her phone back into her handbag. “You, maybe. I can promise you that nobody is worried about me.” She kept walking and left Jurina behind.

Jurina stopped for awhile as she was surprised by Rena’s answer. Like seriously?!

They have been walked for an hour but still… nobody was there. They even couldn’t find any single road.

“I’m hungry.” Rena found a plant and then she picked its fruit. When she was about to eat it, Jurina yelled at her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop!!” Jurina grabbed the fruit from Rena’s hand and then she threw it away.

“What? They’re berries!”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Don’t eat any unfamiliar fruits or plants here. It could kill us!!” She grabbed Rena’s hand and then she pulled Rena along with her. She can die here in a minute if I don’t keep my eyes on her.

They kept walking for another hour but still… they didn’t find anything.

“We better get back to the beach and take the canoe. We have to go from here. There’s no human in this island.” Jurina began to worry.

Rena stopped. “What if… we spend the night on this island? The dark will come soon and the water on the sea must be unstable like last night.”

Jurina frowned. “Do you think so?”

Rena nodded firmly. “Let’s find a place to hide and sleep.”

They walked back onto the beach direction. After an hour, Rena found a cave. “There! Let’s sleep there.”

“I am not sleeping in a cave.” Jurina glared at Rena. “I’m not a cave person.”

“None of us are cave persons! I don’t think we’re gonna find a five-star hotel around here, Matsui Jurina.” Rena lost her patience. “Besides, it’s the safest place. It’s keep dry if it rains and also there’s only one way in.” She walked toward the cave.

Jurina followed Rena from behind and then she also entered the cave. As soon as she stepped in, Rena yelled at her and grabbed her hand.

“RUUUUUNNNN!!!” Rena dragged Jurina go outside the cave.

Jurina screamed as she saw a hundreds bats flew toward them.

Both of them ran toward the beach direction as fast as they could. They were terrified about what had just happened to them. In some minutes, they arrived at the beach safely.

Jurina looked around. “Where’s the canoe?!”

Rena facepalmed. “We didn’t tie it on something and maybe the waves already carried it to the ocean.”

Jurina felt her legs became so weak, she fell to the ground. “We’re stuck here. Both of us.”

Rena grabbed Jurina’s hand and then she helped Jurina to stand up. “Come on. Let’s find a place to sleep.” She led Jurina toward the big tree near the beach. “Do you know how to make a fire?”

Jurina took a cigarette lighter from her pocket. “I wish it still working.”

Rena was surprised. “What?! Are you a smoker?”

“No. I’m afraid of the dark, so I bring it to everywhere I go… in case the lights turned off, at least I could light a candle.”

Rena nodded and then she took it from Jurina’s hand. She tried to use it. “It works!” She grinned.

Jurina sighed. “I put it inside my jacket… my jacket is waterproof. I should put my phone in my jacket instead of my pants pocket.”

They tried to collect the tree branches and twigs as much as they could to make a fire before the sun gone. Finally, the dark came and they succeeded in making fire. Both of them sat together in silence.

Jurina took the gun from her pocket. “I think I know what this is for. We will fire it to the sky twice when there is a helicopter or plane that comes to search us.”

 “Twice?” Rena frowned.

“Yeah. The first one is to get their attention and the second so they can locate us.”

Rena nodded again. “By the way… I’m tired.” She laid her body on the ground.

Jurina took off her jacket and then she gave it to Rena. “Do you want a pillow?”

Rena shook her head. “No, thanks. You will catch a cold.”

Jurina heard a noise that came from the woods. She quickly turned her head to the woods direction and then the noise was gone. “What do you think is out there? In the woods.”

“We’re gonna be fine, Jurina. I know. Just go to sleep, we need some rest.”

Jurina laid her body beside Rena. “Someone will come for us. I know it.”


Jurina grabbed a twig and then she wrote a huge ‘SOS’ on the sand.

Rena who had just woke up, ran toward Jurina. “You’re a morning person, huh? What are you doing?”

Jurina crossed her arms. “I’m trying to save us. What are you doing?” She mocked Rena.

Rena shrugged. “I don’t know. Might go for a swim.” She grinned.

“Hey, where’s your phone?”

“The battery is already dead.” Rena showed an empty bottle to Jurina. “We need some more water. Let’s go to the woods, maybe we can find fresh water. We can’t drink that salt water.” She pointed at the sea.

==== On the other hand ====

“The police have a boat to search the area where they picked up the kids at that night.”

Rena’s mom looked at the lecturer. “When will they be back?”

“Umm, I’m not sure. They said they’d let us know when…” The lecturer continued his words. “They said that a canoe was missing.”

Jurina’s dad rubbed his own palms, he looked so nervous. “How long they been looking? What about a helicopter?”

The lecturer turned her head onto Jurina’s dad direction. “As soon as the winds die down, they’re gonna send someone up.”

Jurina’s dad seemed unsatisfied to the lecturer’s answer. “Have they been searching land? Have you contacted the embassy? Is there a private team we can hire?”

“The police are doing everything that they can with the limited resources that they have. There is no private rescue team, but they did say they were very confident they’re going to find Jurina and Rena.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Rena’s mom anger has been boiling up. “It’s been two days. What are these people doing?!”

“All right, look, I’m sorry.” The lecturer bowed at Jurina’s dad and Rena’s mom.

“Don’t be sorry. Just help us find our children.” Jurina’s dad glared at the lecturer.

==== Back to Rena and Jurina ====

“Let’s built a small hut, in case there will be rains.” Rena collected some big leaves and any other things that could be used for building the hut.

“Good idea.” Jurina came and helped Rena after she took water from the river.

They worked together for some hours in building the hut. Thankfully, they were finished right before the dark came.

Jurina sat beside Rena while hugging her own legs. “They’re not gonna give up, right? Our parents, the lecturers, and the police.”

Rena showed a bitter smile. “No, they’ll come… for you.”

And again… Jurina was surprised by Rena’s answer. She looked at Rena’s face. They’ll come for you too.


Jurina made a much bigger ‘SOS’ than before, she even added the leaves on it and it makes the ‘SOS’ word looked bolder and seen more clearly from the sky. She looked so worried.

On the other hand, Rena seemed enjoyed her time. She drank the water from the coconut that they got from its tree on the beach. “Hey, Jurina! It’s tasty. Do you wanna some?”

Jurina grinned and then she ran toward Rena. She also drank the water from the coconut and it felt so fresh and tasty like Rena said. “Let’s go to the woods. Maybe we can get some familiar fruits that we can eat.”

They walked inside the woods and they seemed so relax because probably they have been adapted with that place. They found a banana tree. Jurina offered herself to climb it.

“Do as you please.” Rena shrugged and let Jurina climbed up. Honestly, she was a bit surprised as she saw how good Jurina in climbing the tree. Cool.

But when Jurina was about to jump down, Jurina’s slipped a bit and it made Rena was so shocked.

“Watch out!!” Rena seemed so worried.

Jurina succeeded in bringing some bananas, but her finger was bleeding. “It’s okay, Rena. I often get injured since I’m a sport girl, remember?” She grinned.

Rena ignored Jurina’s words and then she grabbed Jurina’s hand. She used her own shirt to clean Jurina’s blood. “We have to keep press it, or else it will keep bleeding.”

Jurina felt her heartbeats rate increase a bit, so she quickly pulled back her hand from Rena’s grip. “Okay, now it’s good. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Rena shrugged. “Okay then. Let’s go back to the beach and do a kind of celebration swim?”

“Celebration swim?”

“Yeah… because we are still manage to survive. It’s been a week, you know?”

Jurina stunned. Time goes so fast.


Rena took off her long jeans and then she cut it using the knife that Jurina gave to her. She looked satisfied as she looked at her ‘new’ hot pants.

 Actually, Jurina was so shocked when she saw Rena took off her jeans and only leaving the underwear on Rena’s body. She couldn’t stop staring Rena’s bare thighs. When she saw Rena wore back her pants, she talked to Rena. “Why did you cut it?

“It’s too hot and makes me uncomfortable.” Rena zipped her pants. “If we are on the place like this, a short pant is better.”

Jurina bite her below lips. Yeah, you feel comfortable after you cut it… but it makes me feels uncomfortable now. She gulpedwhen she saw Rena’s milky skin. She’s exposing her legs too much.

“Oi, Jurina.”

Jurina flinched. “Y-yes?”

“Let’s try to catch a fish. I cannot eat any more fruit!”

Jurina laughed. “Same goes with me. I’m tired of banana.” She looked at the sky. It’s been 12 days, where are they?! Oh, someone please find us.


Rena was taking a bath under the waterfall. She enjoyed the fresh and cold water. She used the waterfall to wash her hair and her body. She rubbed every curve of her body; she rubbed it harder since there was no soap that she could use.

“Oi, Rena!” Jurina yelled at Rena, she stood not too far from the waterfall.

“Hey, don’t look!” Rena covered her body with her hands.

“I was just gonna ask if you had any more sunscreen left.”

“The bottles are in my handbag… in the hut.”

“I looked for them, didn’t see any. They’re there, but they’re empty.” Jurina kept asking Rena. She even sat on the big stone near the waterfall.

“I’m sure there’s on somewhere. Now turn around and stop looking at me!!” Rena raised her voice.

Jurina giggled. “You know… every time you say that, it reminds me that I should be looking at you?”

Rena glared at Jurina. “I’m serious, Jurina!”

“You’re the one who asked me to stand guard here.” Jurina showed a mischievous smile to Rena.

Rena gave up. She just ignored Jurina and just proceeds what she was doing before.


“I miss my mom and dad….” Jurina put her chin on her knee. “…my friends, my bed, and my dog.”

Rena threw a stone far away… to the sea. “I’ll bet they’re still looking for you.”

“They have to, right?” Jurina sat and looked at the sunset. “Rena, can you stop saying that they’re only looking for ME? Only Me? I’m sure that there’s someone who missed you.”

Rena ignored Jurina’s words. She just grabbed the cigarette lighter and tried to make a fire. “SHIT!! The cigarette lighter is dead.”

Jurina was panicked. “Damn! We’re gonna have to learn to make our own fire now!” She stood up and then she walked back and forth.

“Jurina, relax!”

“I can’t relax, Rena!! I’m stressed out!!” Jurina yelled at Rena. “I’m afraid of the dark!! Do you hear me?!”

Rena remained silent. There’s no way I could make a fire without the cigarette lighter. I wish the moon will shine brightly every night.

“Kyaaaaa!!!!” Jurina screamed.

Rena stood up and then she ran toward Jurina. “What is it?”

Jurina pointed her index finger at something.

Rena followed Jurina’s finger and then she gasped. “Oh my God.” She saw the bones of a dead man. She pulled Jurina into her hug as she saw Jurina was crying so hard. “Shhh…” She rubbed Jurina’s back.

“How long do you think he was there?!” Jurina screamed. “How long do you think he pretended that he was gonna make it home?!”

Rena shook Jurina’s body. “Listen. This guy is not us, Jurina. He could’ve been some local fisherman or drug smuggler or anyone. You’ve got people out there who love you. People who looking for you.” She pulled Jurina into her hug again. “And you know what else? We got each other. We’re gonna be okay. You hear me? Nothing bad is gonna happen to you!”

Rena brought Jurina back into their hut and then she asked Jurina to lie down. Rena laid her body beside Jurina, she tried really hard to make Jurina calmed down. “Try to sleep, okay? I won’t sleep until you fall asleep. I promise.” She didn’t let go of Jurina from her arms.

Somehow, Jurina felt so comfortable in Rena’s arms. She wrapped her arms on Rena’s waist and buried her face on Rena’s chest. “I hate dark.” She whispered it Rena.

Rena could feel Jurina’s body quivered. Oh God, what should I do to make her calm down? I can’t believe that a popular, strong, sport lover girl can cry out loud because of the dark.

In two hours later, Jurina could stop crying… completely stopped. But still… she couldn’t sleep. “I’m sorry, Rena. I make you didn’t sleep.” She sat and looked at the dark sea. Thankfully that the moon shines really bright on that night, so she could calm down because it was not completely dark as she imagined before.

Rena woke up as well and sat beside Jurina. “No problem.” She rested her head on Jurina’s shoulder. “I can understand why you’re afraid of the dark… it’s because you never alone. You’re always being surrounded by people who loved you. But me? I already get used to the dark and loneliness. You are a popular girl after all. I know it’ll be sounded a bit selfish but… I’m glad we both lost in this island. If not, I will never have any single tiny chance to talk with you, Jurina. I’m so happy that you’re with me-”

Rena’s words stopped because Jurina planted a quick kiss on Rena’s lips. “You’ve talked too much, Rena. Your nonsense talks and all that happens to us lately, make me realize that maybe… I like you. No! It’s even bigger than that, maybe… I love you.”

Rena gasped as she felt that Jurina attacked her lips again. I… I… Am I dreaming right now? Matsui Jurina… kiss me… on the lips. She closed her eyes as she realized that their kisses were going to escalate into the wild kisses.

Suddenly, the tears rolled down on Rena’s cheeks.

Jurina let go of her arms from Rena’s body. She lifted her head and looked at Rena. “Why are you crying?” She frowned.

“That was…” Rena wiped her tears with her hands. “That felt so good.”

Jurina rolled her eyes and then she laid her body again. “You make that sound like a bad thing.” She stared at the stars. She slowly reached Rena’s hand and their fingers intertwined together.

Rena looked at the stars as well. “It’s just… for a while, I forgot where we were. I pictured us home… worrying about what everybody was gonna say about us. I don’t have any confidence to stand beside you, Jurina. I’m so worried that everybody will talk behind me and mock me because I steal one of the popular girls in campus.”

Jurina turned her head into Rena’s direction. She saw Rena’s sad face. But then… she looked at the sky again without said anything to Rena.

Rena looked at Jurina and then she cupped Jurina’s face. When Jurina turned her head at her direction, she kissed Jurina once again.


= Love? =

Rena opened her eyes slowly as she felt the sun already went high. She woke up slowly.  “Jurina?” She looked around but no one there. She stood up. “Jurina?” She began to panic. “Jurina? Jurina!!” She raised her voice but she didn’t get an answer.

Rena ran into the woods while yelling Jurina’s name. “Jurina! Jurina!!” She kept running and looked around. When she was about to cry, she saw Jurina stood not too far away from her. She ran toward Jurina and then she grabbed Jurina’s arm strongly. “Why would you do that?!” She glared at Jurina.

“Do what?” Jurina pulled back her arm from Rena’s grip and then she crossed her arms.

“Leave me there without saying where you were going…” Rena shed her tears.

“You were sleeping!” Jurina rolled her eyes and then she proceeded what she was doing before… making a big hole in the middle of the woods.

“Yeah! And I woke up and you were nowhere.” Rena felt irritated because Jurina ignored her. “What the hell are you doing?!” She raised her voice.

“He deserves to be buried.” Jurina pointed something on her left direction. “At least have a funeral.”

Rena gasped as she saw the bones of a dead man that they saw last night. She wanted to yell at Jurina again, but she didn’t do it. Jurina is right… he need to be buried. She waited until Jurina made a big enough grave for the man.

In some minutes later, finally the man was completely buried. Jurina walked toward the beach and left Rena behind.

Rena ran toward Jurina and then she grabbed Jurina’s arm again until Jurina stopped. “Jurina, I don’t understand.”

“What…?” Jurina frowned.

Rena holds both of Jurina’s hands. “Talk to me! I’m here and…”

 “You’re here and what?! We kissed once. We’re stuck on an island… only both of us here! We’re not soul mates.”

Rena gasped. “That’s mean-”

“Yeah, I’m not a nice guy, Rena!” Jurina cut off Rena’s words. “And now you know the real me.”

“I don’t believe that.” Rena shed her tears. “Whatever it is, I’ll listen. Please, just give me-”

Jurina brushed off Rena’s hands strongly even before Rena could finish her words. They didn’t notice that there was a deep hole behind Rena.

“Kyaaaa!!” Rena’s feet slipped because she was mistakenly being pushed by Jurina.

Jurina gasped. She quickly threw her body to Rena’s direction. “Oh my God! Renaaa!!!” She managed to grab Rena’s hand right before she fell too deep into the hole. “Hold me. I will lift you up.” She used all of her strength to lift Rena up to the ground. Thankfully, she succeed in saving Rena and then she looked at Rena’s knee… it was bleeding. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…” She shed her tears.

Rena smiled as she saw how panic Jurina was. She cupped Jurina’s cheek and then she caressed it gently. “It was an accident. I fell.”

“I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.” Jurina offered her back to Rena. “Come here. I will piggyback you and bring you to the river. We have to clean your wound.”

Rena nodded and then she did as Jurina said. Jurina walked quickly because she was afraid that Rena’s knee could be worse if they didn’t clean it quickly. As soon as they arrived at the river, Jurina let Rena sat on the big stone. Jurina quickly helped Rena to wash the wound with fresh water… she did it gently.

“What are we doing?” Rena said it while looking at Jurina who cleaned her wound. “We’re not a happy couple on an island vacation. How are we gonna make it day after day, just the two of us? What if something goes wrong? I mean… what if I broke my leg, or one of us gets sick or something like that?” Somehow, she began to nervous and panic.

“Hey hey!” Jurina hold cupped Rena’s cheeks with both of her hands. “Relax. I’m sorry to make you hurt like this. I promise that nothing bad will be happen to you again… I will protect you here. Okay?” She tried to make Rena calmed down.

Rena gave Jurina a weak smile.

Jurina grinned and then she pointed at the waterfall. “We need ‘hydrotherapy’… and you kind of stink, so… let’s take a bath together.”

Rena’s smile grew bigger and then she slapped Jurina’s arm. “I’m not stink.. you are!”

Jurina giggled. “Come on. Let’s go there.” She holds Rena’s hand tightly because she was afraid that Rena would fall again. “I’ll help you to walk.”

Rena walked slowly. “You know Jurina… We should maybe think about moving here.” She said it jokingly. “Nice neighborhood, beautiful landscape, and I hear the universities here are great.”

Jurina laughed.


*At the campus*

Yuria, Kanon, and Churi sat together in front of the TV in the cafeteria. They watched the news.

A month after two students went missing off the coast of Philippines, the search for Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena has been called off.
It’s believed that the students have been lost at sea.

Yuria hit the table. “I can’t believe they’re gonna stop looking for Jurina! Even if it’s just for her body or something.”

Kanon glared at Yuria. “Wow, Yuria, that’s kind of morbid!”

Churi sighed. “Well… her dad is still there. Maybe he’ll find her.”

*In Philippines*

Jurina’s dad took out a map and then he put it on the table. “I know we’ve been over this, but if you’d look at the new information regarding weather patterns, you’d see we’ve been looking in the wrong place.”

The police sighed. “Mr. Matsui, I’ve seen this information. Perhaps your embassy can-”

“I’ve been went to the embassy twice!!” Jurina’s dad couldn’t hold his anger.

On the other hand, Rena’s mom was walking around on the street. She was holding some papers and then she showed it to all people that she saw on the street. “Excuse me, have you seen these two?” But… she only got ‘no’ from them. She sat on the street and began to cry.


Jurina’s dad sat beside Rena’s mom. “No planes taking off today… They say the storm could last for days.”

Rena’s mom nodded while staring at the ground. “Yep.” She looked so desperate. “When my husband died… I tried so hard to keep him here, you know. Keep him alive. I almost lost everything I had. Rena and I barely spoke because I was too focusing to her younger sister… I was too busy with my work because I almost lost my partnership at the firm. I was so focused on what I’d lost, I forgot what I had.”

Jurina’s dad sighed. “Maybe it’s time for us to go home. It’s not like we haven’t tried. It’s a tough call.”

======================== TO BE CONTINUED ========================

PART 3 (
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After a long awaiting,finally you post the next chapter~ im so happy :D
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As great as usual! Continue it soon, buddy ! I love it ... (∩_∩)
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Gosh, Jurina was behaving coldly towards Rena at first after "that night". Luckily she was back to her caring self later. Hope she won't abandoned Rena after they are being rescued one fine day!  ;)
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Just built a boat juju or well made a house there and live happily ever after together everyday with rena :on woohoo:
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 :rockon: You rock.
Title: [anakpanti fanfic] MaYuki + Rena - VOICES (OS Prologue)
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This is the prologue for the sequel of "VOICES". I think it’s better to make a long OS for this instead of making a serial fanfics… right? :)

This is to fulfil a request from my friend… ohayoushechi (

To those who haven’t read the VOICES (WMatsui), you can read it here ( or you can read it on Tumblr by look at the list of my fanfics (

The genre of this fic is ‘fantasy’, I guess. :p

Rena and Mayu were Shinigami (grim reaper) that has been lived for thousands years.
They can read each other’s mind, read human’s mind, transform into a human form, move really fast, fly, shouldn’t be known by human, shouldn’t be seen by human, and don’t have love.

But one day, Rena was breaking the rules… she got a punishment because she’s falling in love with human (Jurina), she has to living in hell for 300 years (there’s a time difference between human world and their world… 1 year in human world = 150 years in their world). But in the end, God ordered Rena to not doing her job as a Shinigami anymore because she has love… she’s become an Angel now.

Mayu is still a Shinigami and she is Rena’s eternal enemy/rival. But then… it’s all change after Mayu falling in love with Yuki. She asked Rena to help her to get Yuki.



MaYuki + Rena - VOICES [Prologue]


"Where is Jurina??" Rena was flying around and asked any soul that she met. But no one knew where Jurina was. She searched Jurina from above. Even on earth, Matsui Jurina’s name didn’t exist. She’s…. gone?

"I know where she is."

“Where is she, Mayu? If you put her in dangerous again, I swear I will destroy you!!”

“She’s okay. But, I won’t tell you until you help me.”

“You asked for a help?! Mayu, I think you’re lost your mind. Don’t joke with me.”

“I’m not joking!!! I need your help!! Come with me.”

Rena followed Mayu. They were flying down to the earth. They landed on a school yard. So, she’s not joking.

“Why we’re here, Mayu?”

“How did you feel when the first time you saw Jurina?”

Rena almost laughed when Mayu asked her about that. “I feel like being hypnotized. I’m not a human, but I can feel a happy feeling for the first time. And then……”

“You think she will be the only one. You didn’t care about our rules; you even want to spend your whole life in the hell because of her.”

Mayu’s answer made Rena wanted to fall into the hell for the second time. “How can you know that?”

Mayu was remained silent and she walked into that school. Rena didn’t have any choice except followed Mayu. They entered a class, and then they stopped in front of a student. Rena tried to read her nametag, “Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“I feel it too. I feel all of the things that you said before.” Mayu looked away.

“NO WAY!” Rena laughed hard, she couldn’t hold it anymore. “You love her?? HAAHAAHHA…. You have a great taste, my friend.”

Mayu hit Rena’s head, “We’re not friend. Don’t tell anyone!”

“Easy boy… easy. I will help you. So, where is Jurina?”


“Mayu!! What the hell are you doing?! Just go down there and change your form into a human!!!”

Mayu glared at Rena. “Hey Angel! Don’t yell at me! Just take care of your fucking baby!”

Rena looked at Mayu in disbelief way. “Hey Shinigami, that ‘fucking baby’ is my girlfriend! The baby is the reincarnation of Jurina! Just wait until Jurina grow up again… she will become more beautiful than that fucking girl who makes you so sensitive like this!”

“Yeah… your girlfriend is a BABY. You’re such a dangerous pedophile.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “None of us who aren’t pedophile, Mayu. We have been lived for thousands years! And they’re human… they even barely can survive more than 100 years.”

“Hey… both of you are so cute together.” A soul saw them with a smile. “I always imagine the friendship between Angel and Shinigami… so beautiful.”

Rena and Mayu quickly threw a scary gaze to the soul. “We are not friends!” Both of them said it in the same time.

The soul was a bit surprised. “O-okay… okay.” But then… the soul flew away while laughing. “Such a lovely friendship.”

Rena turned her head toward Mayu. “I can’t believe that everyone here told us that we’re friends. I’m just helping you to get your romance.”

Mayu groaned. “You make it sound like I’m a pathetic Shinigami who asking help from an Angel.”

“But that’s quite true, right?” Rena smirked.

Mayu groaned in frustration again. “Oh, this stuff makes me sick!”

“Listen to me carefully, Mayu. You ask for my help, that’s why I’m here for you. You HAVE TO do whatever I said to you, okay?!” Rena put both of her hands on Mayu’s shoulders. “Go down there and get her before other humans makes her falling in love. All you do in these past years is just sitting here and watched her from afar… that’s so useless, Mayu! She can’t see you! She doesn’t even know that you exist in this world!”

Mayu looked down. “I… I’m afraid.”

Rena frowned. “Afraid of what? Are you afraid because you know that you’ll get a punishment like me if you get busted by your leader? Living in hell for hundreds years?”

Mayu brushed off Rena’s hands from her shoulders. “You’ve just become an Angel in some years but you seems already forgot about how it feels being a Shinigami.” She threw a death gaze at Rena and the flames suddenly appeared from both of her palms. “Shinigami are never afraid of something like that! I’m not THAT weak!”

“Then why?!” Rena looked so impatient in facing the stubborn Shinigami.

“I’m afraid that she will suffer like Jurina.” The flames from Mayu’s palms were disappeared. “We know the rules, Rena. Shinigami shouldn’t be seen by human… there are only 2 choices if that girl know the real me… she must die or I had to be destroyed.”

Rena couldn’t say anything again because the things that Mayu said were true. She has been experienced it by herself… at that time… Jurina died. “Everything will be fine, Mayu. Just… entrust our fate to our God.” After she said it, she flew away to the heaven and let Mayu stood alone on the edge of their kingdom.

After she saw Rena left her, she sat again and searched the girl… the girl who made her felt love for the first time. She used her supernatural eyes to read all names of people on the earth… the name was written on the top of human’s head. Oh, there she is… Kashiwagi Yuki.

= on the other hand =

“Kashiwagi-san, come on! Hurry up! We’re late.”

“O-oh… okay.” Yuki ran toward her friend. She followed her friend who already ran toward the biology class. When she was about to enter the classroom, she stopped and took a little glance to the sky. Nice weather… beautiful sky… I wonder how earth looks from up there. She smiled and then she stepped into the classroom.

Without Yuki knew about it, there was someone who answered her question.

The earth look so beautiful from up here… and it even look more amazing because you’re there. Mayu began to flap her wings and then she went down to the earth. She flew to the earth not to meet the girl, but to do her duty… taking human’s life.


= Months Later =

An Angel and a Shinigami flapped their wings together as they flew down onto the earth. They slide very quickly from the sky. If human could see their movement, maybe they would think that they were a comet. They landed at the empty old house because there was no human there.

“Okay… here we go.” Mayu closed her eyes. In a few seconds later, her appearance has been changed. She opened her eyes again. “How do I look?”

Rena tilted her head. She almost couldn’t stop staring at Mayu because Mayu looked so cute and beautiful in her human form. Hold on, Rena… you can’t say to your eternal rival that she is cute!!! “Well uhh… if we comparing this with your Shinigami form, I guess this one is better.” She said it in a cold way.

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Just tell it honestly to me that I’m cute.” She smirked.

SHIT! Rena forgot that they could read each other’s mind. “Where’s your twintails?” She remembered that back then… when Mayu incited Jurina, she appeared as a cute girl with twintails in front of Jurina.

Mayu shook her head. “I won’t use twintails anymore… it makes me looks so childish. This one is better… beautiful, amazing, mature, and smart.” She just let her silky long black hair swayed beautifully on her back.

Rena shrugged. “Whatever.” She closed her eyes and then she changed herself into a human form as well. “Let’s go.”

“Wait what?!” Mayu was surprised. “I told you to accompany me, but you don’t have to change. I can see you even if you are not in you human form.”

“Maybe you’ll have a kind of ‘jetlag’. I have to make sure that you’re act like human. Don’t walk too fast and don’t mistakenly spread your wings when you want to run, you have to control your power because we even can easily destroy a building in a blink of eye, you-”

“Okay-okay!” Mayu closed her ears. “Too much talking.”

“I’m here to teach you! If they know your identity… game over. You can’t see that girl anymore.”

Mayu sighed.

“The most important thing…” Rena walked closer to Mayu. “Try to learn how to smile.” She showed her biggest grin. “Human’s feeling is so sensitive… if you don’t smile, they will think that you don’t like them.”

Mayu began to open her mouth slowly. She wanted to make a smile on her face, but she couldn’t do it. My face feels so stiff!

“Yeah, I know.” Rena read Mayu’s mind. “That’s how I feel back then. Shinigami don’t have any expression… they looks so cold all the time. Later, try to do it in front of the mirror. For now…” She smirked at Mayu. “… let’s go to school.”

Mayu startled as Rena mentioned about school because it means… she would meet Kashiwagi Yuki. I- I will see her closer… for the first time.

“Follow me.” Rena began to run. She ran really fast, like the winds. “Don’t use your wings!” She yelled it as she heard Mayu’s mind that she was going to fly.

Mayu groaned. “Fine!” She ran toward Rena, but she couldn’t run as fast as Rena because she had never run or walk before… she always used her wings to move to everywhere. I have to learn how to use my feet!

“That’s correct!” Rena talked to Mayu while running across the empty street.

“Stop reading my mind all the time!” Mayu showed her frustration.

They stopped running when they was about to reach the school. Rena asked one of the students there about Yuki’s class.

“Come on! We have to go there.” Rena grabbed Mayu’s hand and pulled her.

“Wait…” Mayu stopped. “You don’t make a plan to make us study in the same class with her… right?”

Rena grinned. “Of course we have to ‘study’ in the same class with her! I did it too when I want to get closer with Jurina back then.”

Oh man. Mayu felt so nervous. She smacked Rena’s back when she saw Rena laughed at her. Don’t tease me!

* In a few minutes later *

The teacher stood in front of the class. “Today, we have 2 new students.” He gave a signal to Mayu and Rena.

Rena smiled and she entered the class without a doubt, but on the other hand, Mayu stunned behind the door… she even tried to hide.

Rena glared at Mayu. Come here, Mayu! Do not act like a coward.

Mayu clenched her fist. I’m not a coward! She stepped into the class. I will kill you as soon as we go back to our kingdom.

Rena shrugged as a sign that she didn’t care about Mayu’s threat. She looked at the students in front of her and then she showed her sweet smile to them. “Good morning. My name is Rena… Matsui Rena. It’s nice to meet you and please take care of me.” It’s nice to have the same family name with Jurina. She bowed at them.

“I’m Mayu.” Mayu closed her eyes for a moment while thinking a nice family name. “Watanabe Mayu.”

Rena rubbed her forehead. Smile at them, Mayu! Bow your head!

First, I can’t smile. Second, I don’t want to bow my head at human. Mayu looked at Rena in a cold way.

That’s really rude. They won’t like you.

I don’t care. Mayu also looked at the teacher in a cold way. “Where do I have to sit?”

The teacher looked so shocked by Mayu’s rude attitude, but somehow, he couldn’t get angry at her. He pointed his index finger at the empty chair in the last row. “You can sit there, Watanabe-san.”

Mayu walked there without being bothered by her surroundings. Everybody in the class looked at her in disbelief way. “What?!” She glared at them and it made them turn their heads back to the front.

Rena coughed and intentionally made the sound. “I’m sorry, sir. Where should I sit?” She kept smiling at the teacher.

The teacher smiled back and then he pointed his finger at the chair beside Mayu.

Rena bowed at the teacher again before she walked toward the chair. She tried to be friendly to her classmates. Right after she sat on the chair, she glared at Mayu. Like seriously, you will ruin everything! You already made such a bad first impression for Kashiwagi Yuki.

Mayu looked at the girl who sat 2 rows in front of her and surprisingly… the girl looked at her too. Somehow, she felt so lost in the girl’s gaze and she felt the happiness attacked her heart. But in a moment later, everything was changed after she read the girl’s mind.

Yuki glared at Mayu. She’s a really-really rude girl and she looks so arrogant. Where does she come from?! After that, she looked at Rena with a smile on her face. That girl, Matsui Rena, seems so nice. I guess we can be friend in the future.

Mayu clenched her fist. Don’t you ever dare to steal her from me, Rena!

Rena rolled her eyes. Of course I won’t! Jurina is more than enough for me. You better behave yourself before she hates you more than that.

Tch. Mayu looked at Yuki again. She was so irritated because Yuki looked at Rena in a sweet way.

================== END OF PROLOGUE ==================

In my imagination now… the plot will not as simple as the first one (WMatsui version).
This sequel will be more complicated than a love story from WMatsui version.
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whooaaa :w00t:

this shinigami thing made me remember about 'Death Note'. :mon beam:
anyway, it's a great prolouge.  :hee:
can't wait for the OS!
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This time more complicated than wmatsui?
Maybe because mayu making bad impression
And i dont thing mayu punishment will be same as rena
Mayu was more cold than rena,still had the shinigami side more
Ah rena was love with babies kekekkekeke
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Finally… it’s finish!!! yeay! \(^o^)/

Thank you so much for always waiting for my update and keep supporting me even though I was on my hiatus. :P

After this… I only have 1 on-going fanfic left… SaeYuki - Regret. :)

As usual, you can search part 1 and 2 in this list (



#9 WMatsui - Survive


= Hesitation =

Jurina stood in front of a big tree, she was holding a knife. “Should we feel guilty?”

Rena filled a bottle with the water from the river. “For what?” She tilted her head.

“Not being sad all the time.” Jurina sighed. “It’s been 63 days… they probably think we’re dead.”

Rena put the bottle into her bag after the bottle full. She realized that what Jurina said before was quite true. They were enjoying their time on that island, especially after they realized that they had feelings for each other. She could simply think that they were a couple on a vacation or something. They laughed together, playing around, swimming, take a bath at the river or waterfall, slept together under a hut, make out, and have sex whenever they want it. “But we’re not dead. Well… we only eat fruits but we’re still okay. Wait… how do you know that it’s been 63 days? You counting it and remember it all the time?” She frowned.

Jurina pointed at the tree. “I used the knife to sculpt one line per day on this tree and I’m shocked because there are many lines that have been sculpted there. How long do you really think we can survive here?”

Rena stared at the tree. “We’re gonna be fine, okay?”

Jurina smiled at Rena. Every time she heard Rena said that they were going to be fine… she could feel relax and calm down again. But still… “I just feel like we should be doing something, like trying to find a way off or-”

“We tried!” Rena cut off Jurina’s words. She clenched her fist and then she walked away. She didn’t know what she was thinking… Why?! Why I have a thought that live in this island with Jurina forever is much better than go back to our ‘real life’? In these past days I’ve been thinking that… it’s okay if we can’t go home. I’m willingly given up on this situation.


Rena and Jurina sat on the big stone near the waterfall. They were hugging each other while enjoying the sun and the water. Rena laughed really hard when Jurina said some jokes to her.

Jurina smiled while looking at Rena. “You were never like this at school, Rena.”

“Like what?” Rena still tried to hold back her laugh before it would explode again because of the past joke.

“I don’t know… fun?” Jurina played with Rena’s hair. “I used to watch you sometimes. You always sit in the last row, you always have your lunch alone in the cafeteria, and I never see you talk to anybody. The first time I hear your voice is when we’re stuck in this island. In here, I’m able to see your laugh and your smile every day.”

When Rena was about to say something, Jurina suddenly stood up. The sudden action from Jurina almost made her fell to the water.

“Rena, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Rena frowned and then she stood as well. She closed her eyes and tried to hear something else except the water. In a few second later she gasped. “Plane…” Yes, she heard the sound of plane.

“It’s fucking time to go home! Come on! Get the flare gun!” Jurina quickly ran toward the beach and left Rena behind. She ran as fast as she could to reach the beach so the people in the plane could see her. I want to go home so badly!

But when Jurina reached the beach, she saw that the plane flew away from the island. She was so panicked. “No, no, no!!!” She ran toward the plane direction. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Because she didn’t have any flag, she quickly took off her pink shirt and then she waved it on the air while yelling. She didn’t care about the fact that she was half naked… she only hope that the pilot could see her. “HEEEEYYYYY!!!!” She kept running.

Rena ran toward Jurina, but she couldn’t catch up since Jurina ran really fast. “Jurina, they were too high!!!”

Jurina stopped as she knew that it was impossible to get the pilot’s attention. “SHIT!” She groaned as she saw the plane left the island just like that. She turned her head to Rena. “Did you fire both flares? I didn’t see anything.”

Rena stopped and then she looked down. “No, I couldn’t find the gun.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jurina felt her anger was boiling. “What do you mean ‘you cannot find it’, Rena?! I give it to you some days ago!!! That was our precious chance after 72 days stuck on this damn island, Rena!!!”

Rena walked toward Jurina. “Jurina… please calm down.” She tried to hold Jurina’s hand. “I don’t know…. I couldn’t find it in my bag. Let’s try to search it… it surely fell on somewhere.”

“Get off me!” Jurina yelled at Rena and then she brushed off Rena’s hands. “I can’t. I can’t do this. I cannot stay on this island anymore!!!!!” She didn’t have a heart to yelled at Rena anymore as she saw Rena was about to cry. She was so frustrating, so she just grabbed her own hair.

Rena saw Jurina sat on the sand… Jurina screamed and cried out loud. She couldn’t do anything to make Jurina calmed down.

“Since we stranded here, we only saw one plane passing above us.” Jurina said it while sobbing. “I’m never gonna see my family again.”

Rena looked at the sky. “Look, Jurina, at some point, we’re gonna have to say THIS IS IT. This is our life, you know? It’s you and me…”

Jurina cried even louder after she heard Rena’s words. She cursed herself for not keeping the ‘SOS’ sign on the sand. Because the sea waves was always erasing the ‘SOS’ sign, she was became lazy to write it again. She thought that the gun was already enough to steal other people attention.

Jurina stood up and pointed her finger at Rena’s face. “Do you think we can survive for more than a year on this island?! You’re crazy!!!”

“We’re gonna make a life here, Jurina. It’s gonna be better, I promise.” Rena walked toward Jurina. “I know it’s hard, but you have to accept the reality! It will help us to make our lives easier!”

“You’re crazy if you think that I would actually choose to live like this!!!” Jurina raised her voice. “This is not living, this is surviving!!!!”


Rena stood near the waterfall because she wanted to take a bath. She took off her clothes and then she walked toward the waterfall. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the cold water that touched her bare skin. She’s still angry at me. What should I do?

Yeah, since their big quarrel last time… Jurina refused to talk with her for some days. Jurina was really angry and disappointed at her. Jurina put blame on her because she made them losing their opportunity to go home.

Rena touched her growling stomach. I haven’t eaten anything since last night. Usually, Jurina was the one who would search something to eat… but since they were on a big quarrel, she should look for her own food. It was a huge problem for her because she didn’t have a skill in climbing the tree. I think… I’ll just look for the coconuts that already fell from its tree on the beach.

In a few minutes later, after she thought that her body was already clean… she walked away from the waterfall. She took 2 big leaves that she had been took before to wipe her wet body, and then she wear her clothes again.

She walked toward a coconut tree near the beach and thankfully… she found a coconut on the ground. She used a big and sharp stone to open the coconut. She didn’t as strong as Jurina, so it took a lot of time until she finally could open it. She ate it really fast because her stomach already begging for something to eat.

Rena walked toward the hut. She felt so sleepy and tired… she was spending a whole day to search the gun in the woods, but she hasn’t found it. When she was about to enter the hut, she saw Jurina slept on the sand. Jurina always slept there to keep the ‘SOS’ sign kept written on the sand. Jurina didn’t want the same mistake happened to them again.

Rena sighed. I miss her. I have to find the gun as soon as possible so I will be able to talk with her…


Day by day has been passed yet they still couldn’t find the way to go home. Their skins became so dark and dry, their weight has been decreased drastically, their suffering became more complicated because they still didn’t talk to each other, no plane or helicopter came to search them… they almost give up.

Rena kept trying her best to search the gun. Where is it!!! FUCK!!! She almost lost her patience. I’ve been searched it for some days… yet I still couldn’t find it! DAMN! She kicked the small stone strongly. Oh God… can we survive?

And then… in a few seconds after that… as if God answered her pray, when she turned her head to the left… she saw the gun hanging on a small tree. Her eyes widened and then she quickly grabbed the gun. The moment when she touched the gun… her tears rolled down on her cheeks. She cried out loud, but then… she laughed. It was hard to express how it felt. Finally, I’ll be able to talk with Jurina. She was laughing in the middle of crying. But wait… how can it end up in here?!

Rena tried so hard to remember why the gun could be hanging so far from their hut. OH SHIT! She remembered…


“Jurina… what are you doing?!” Rena yelled at Jurina.

“I’m trying to get the fruits from this tree!!” Jurina answered Rena from above the tree. She tried to climb higher but the gun on her pocket seemed bothering her in climbing the tree. She took it out from her pocket. “Rena… catch this! Save this flare gun on your bag!”

Rena caught the gun nicely, but when she was about to put it into her bag… Jurina called her name again.

“Rena!! I get the fruit!! This is really tasty. Catch this!!!”

“Wait a minute!” Rena hung it on a tree branch beside her. I’ll take this later. After that, she yelled at Jurina. “Okay… throw it down, I’m ready!!”

Jurina threw the fruits one by one and Rena caught all of it really nicely. After Jurina felt that the fruits already enough for them, she climbed down from the tree. “Let’s bring this to the hut. Well… at least we don’t have to ‘hunt’ for dinner again.” She grinned.

Rena forgot to bring the gun with her. She forgot where it was since the tree was really far from their hut and they only went there once.


Rena quickly put the gun into her bag and then she ran toward the beach as fast as she could. I will be able to talk with Jurina soon… I hope she’ll forgive me.

When she was about to reach the beach, she heard the sound of the chopper. Oh God! She increased the speed. “Jurina!!! I found the gun!!! Let’s fire it to the sky!!!!” As soon as she reached the beach, she took out the gun from her bag. “Jurina… this is the gu-” She stopped as she saw that the chopper already landed on the island.

Rena saw Jurina ran toward the chopper. How can she-…… Ah…. the ‘SOS’ sign. The pilot probably saw Jurina’s sign. The tears rolled down on her cheeks once again. Finally… she can go home. Finally… we will go home without talking to each other. She put the gun back into her bag. So… in the end, my effort is useless. She walked toward the chopper as the chopper crew already called her. She entered the chopper and sat beside Jurina.

Jurina’s eyes seemed as cold as ice… she kept looking forward and she didn’t care about Rena’s presence.


Family and friends eagerly await the appearance of the two students lost at sea for more than three months. Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena were rescued yesterday by a helicopter pilot on a sightseeing tour just off the coast of Philippines.
After more than 100 days on a desert island, they have safely returned to their family, to their friends, to their lives that they thought they might never see again. They-

Rena turned off the TV. I’m sick of it! It’s been 4 days, but most of news channels are still talking about me and Jurina! She hated it because it brought back her memory… the most precious memory in her life. It makes me miss her again.

Rena heard that someone knocked her door. In a few second later, she saw her little sister entered her room. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to check on you. Mom wanted me to tell you that it’s dinnertime.”

Rena sat on her bed. “Okay.”

Sakiko wanted to close the door again, but then she turned around. “You know… when you were gone, I really missed you. We barely talked to each other… but… I want to know that I love you. You are the best sister in the world.” When she was about to close the door, Rena called her.

“Hey, sister!” Rena grinned. “I missed you too. I missed you so much.”

Without Sakiko realized it, the tears rolled down on her cheeks. She walked toward Rena and then she hugged her sister tightly. “You don’t have to be alone again. I will come to you in the campus and we will have our lunch together in the cafeteria.”

Rena chuckled. “Thank you.” She patted Sakiko’s head gently. “But you don’t have to do that. I already felt so comfortable for being alone. I hate noisy place.” She smiled at her little sister.


Finally, that was the seventh day after they were survived from the deserted island. Rena and Jurina have to go back to study again after their campus kindly gave some days for them to take a rest.

Rena took a really long and deep breath before she stepped into her class. As usual, I will avoid all eye contacts. It’s not like I become that ‘popular’ in campus after the past incident, right? Everything will be fine and nothing will be changed.

Rena slowly entered the class. Right after she walked in, all of her classmates stood up and walked toward her with the smile on their faces. She was so surprised because a lot of students said ‘welcome back’ to her, but yeah… as expected, nobody is going to say that they missed me. Well… my mom and Sakiko are already enough for me anyway. She tried to smile while keep going to the table in the last row of the class. That’s my holy spot! She smirked and then she sat on the chair.

She took a little glance on an empty chair, Jurina’s chair. It’s been a month since they the last time they talked to each other. So… it’s really over. I mean… everything that happened between me and Jurina is already over. It’s all happened just because there was only me and her in that island. Well… she has no other option, right? She was nice to me just because I was her only friend in that island.

In a few minutes later, the class became so noisy because all students were cheering. Rena heard that her classmates said ‘Matsui Jurina’ over and over again. She saw Jurina entered the class with a huge grin and then everybody were ran toward Jurina, hugged Jurina, pinched Jurina’s cheeks, ruffled Jurina’s hair, and said how much they missed Jurina.

Rena sighed. Well… her ‘welcoming party’ is very contrast to mine. She put her arm on the table and the she placed her face on it. Let’s just sleep.


Jurina, Yuria, Kanon, and Churi sat together in the cafeteria.

Churi nudged Jurina’s waist. “Hey.”

“What?” Jurina turned her head to Churi after she feed herself.

“So… what’s about her?” Churi pointed at the girl who sat alone in the cafeteria. “Did you…. did it with her?” She showed her mischievous smile to Jurina. “I don’t believe that a girl like YOU… didn’t do anything with a cute girl like her. You even did THAT thing in the library, how come you didn’t do it in that big island?! Bullshit, Jurina. Were you two felt like in honeymoon or something back then?” She giggled.

Jurina choked. “What do you mean?!” She smacked Churi’s head.

“She’s right, Jurina.” Yuria gave a serious look to Jurina. “It’s so impossible if there’s nothing happened between you and her. Over 100 days lived in deserted island! It’s only both of you there!! You must be kidding me, Jurina.”

Kanon chuckled. “I often caught you often secretly took a little glance at her but then you quickly turned your head away when you felt that she was going to see you. The same thing happened to her as well… she often secretly keep her eye on you. THAT awkward situation must be caused by something.”

“I…. I don’t understand what you guys talking about.” Jurina looked away to hide her reddish cheeks.

Yuria laughed. “Look, Jurina. I have a really strong feeling that both of you hook up on each other. So… you better solve your problem with her as soon as possible before both of you being suffered too much. This is the greatest love advice from me to you, Jurina.”

“Pfft!” Jurina snorted.”Your words make me want to vomit, Yuria. Love advice? The heck! You even can’t do the seven times table… how can you giving other people a correct advice?!”

Jurina, Kanon, and Churi laughed together. Yuria showed her irritated face at them.

On the other hand, Rena looked at Jurina and friends because she heard their laughs. Yeah… everything is being normal now. Jurina is back to her popular group again… and me? I’m being alone again…


Rena walked alone on the corridor, she walked toward the class. But then… she saw Jurina and her friends walking ahead at the opposite direction. Rena wanted to run away but there was no way to turn left or right… she wanted to turn around but she didn’t do it because it was so obvious. So… she just looked at the ground while walking and tried not to look at them. Her heartbeat was growing faster and even faster as their distance slowly decreased. Fuck! What should I do?

Suddenly, when Jurina and her friends passed beside her, she felt a warm hand putting something into her palm. Their fingers brushed each other. She quickly grabbed the thing from Jurina’s hand and she kept walking ahead as if nothing happened.

Rena quickly walked toward the small garden in the campus. She opened her palm and then she saw a piece of paper on it. She shivered when she remembered that Jurina’s fingers had just brushed with her own fingers. She quickly brushed off that almost-dirty thing from her mind and then she opened the paper. ‘Come to the parking lot. NOW!’ It was the thing that written on the small paper.

Rena frowned. Now? Wait… now?! Like… NOW???!!! She wants us to sneak out from the class?! She stood up and without too much thinking, she ran toward the parking lot. As soon as she arrived, she looked around but she didn’t see Jurina.

She gasped as she felt that her wrist was grabbed by someone. She turned her head. “Jurina? Wh-”

“Come with me.” Jurina pulled Rena’s hand. “That’s my car.” She pointed at the car that parked not too far from them.

“W-wait… wait!” Rena was trying to stop but Jurina pulled her stronger. “My bag!”

“Don’t worry. My friends will take care of it and give it to your little sister.” Jurina explained it without looked at Rena.

Rena couldn’t say anything again and she just followed Jurina. She entered Jurina’s car after Jurina opened the door for her. In a few minutes later, they were not in their campus anymore.

They were silent in the car. Rena kept taking a little glance at Jurina who looked too serious in driving.

“Weird being back, huh?” Jurina broke the awkward silence between them.

“Yeah.” Rena gave a slight nod.

“I’m sorry for being too harsh back then. I lost my mind because I was too frustrated. I’m sorry for being mad at you all this time.”

Rena’s heartbeat rate even became much faster after she heard Jurina’s voice. She missed that sweet and warm voice so much. “You deserve to be angry at me.”

Jurina stopped her car on the parking lot in front of the park. She was so thankful that there were not too much people there. “Did you…” She turned her head to Rena. “… hide the gun on purpose, Rena? This question is bothering me a lot.”

Rena frowned. “Why should I do that?”

“Because…” Jurina gulped. “you want to be with me so badly? Are you afraid that after we come back here we’re going to separate like before?”

Rena sighed and then she rested her back on the seat. “No, yes, and… yes.”

“Huh?” Jurina frowned.

“No… I’m not hiding it on purpose. I’m not a crazy girl like you think. I forget to pick it up when I put it on the small tree in the woods because I was too focus in catching the fruits that you threw from tree.
Yes… I want to be with you so badly because I have a special feeling for you. But… hiding the gun is not my way to be with you.
Yes… I’m afraid that we’re going to separate. Just like these past weeks, you’re totally ignoring me after you meet with your friends. I know… we’re the different person here; we’re not the same Rena and Jurina who lived on the island anymore. We have our own world here.”

Jurina stunned for a moment after hearing the bold confession from Rena. But then… she managed to shake her head.  “No! I’m still the same Jurina who you used to see!” She took a deep breath. “I’m still the same Jurina who said ‘I love you’ to you.”

Rena looked at Jurina in a disbelief way.

“I’m sorry.” Jurina cupped Rena’s cheek. “I’m just… too angry. I’m sorry for abandoning you all this time. I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.” She shed her tears. “I miss you so badly.”

Rena hold Jurina’s hand that cupped her cheek. “I thought I already lose you. I thought the things that happened between us are only a sweet dream. You were always beside me like a habit back then… so when you ignoring me, I can’t simply forget you. I always wondering if you feel hurt like me or not. But now… I’m so happy after I know that you missed me as well.” She wiped the tears from Jurina’s beautiful face. “Thank you because you’re crying for me. It makes me feel so glad.”

Jurina smiled and then she caressed Rena’s cheek gently. “I want to kiss you. Can I? You’re still my girlfriend, right?”

Rena gave her warm smile to Jurina. “I guess… I’m still your girlfriend. But!!!” She used her index finger to stop Jurina’s lips that has been more than ready to attack her. “This is a public place. We can’t do wherever or whenever we want it like we used to be, Jurina. We’re not on the deserted island anymore.”

“Oh crap!” Jurina whined. “Let’s just go back to that island!”

Rena laughed. “Ah~ I’m so in love with you, Jurina.”

Jurina approached Rena’s face and then she gave a Rena a really quick kiss. “I love you too.”

Rena quickly grabbed Jurina’s collar with her hands. She captured Jurina’s lips. “Kiss me a bit longer.” She whispered it against Jurina’s lips. “Let’s just hope that no one will see us.

Jurina smiled and then gave Rena a deep and full of passionate kiss. “I love you.

I know.” Rena slowly pulled back her lips before everything grew much hotter than that. “But we’ve just survived from an island, so I don’t want to spend my days in the prison just because we did it in public place.” She chuckled.

Jurina chuckled as well. She looked deep into Rena’s eyes. “I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect thing to say… but the only thing that I can remember after I see your face is only ‘I love you’ words.” She kissed Rena’s forehead.

Rena rolled her eyes. “Your plans are so overrated.” She patted Jurina’s shoulder. “Hey, I’m hungry. Let’s search something to eat.”

Jurina turned on her car engine. “What do you want to eat?”

“Anything, as long as it’s not fruits… especially not banana and coconut.”

They laughed together.

===================== THE END =====================

I hope this fic didn’t disappoint you. :3
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Wah~ such a beautiful ending!  :twothumbs
Thank you Anakpanti - san for an amazing fanfic! :theking :heart:
Can't wait for more to come~ :heart: :yep:
Title: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] SayaMilky - Look at Me! #10
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This is the request from olive29 (

I can’t believe that I’m finishing this OS first rather than limitless (JuriAnnin) and voices (MaYuki). Maybe because it’s short. =_=”

Enjoy. :)

Words: 2,2 K



#10 SayaMilky - Look at Me!

“Sayanee… daisuki!” Milky grinned at the girl who was still sitting on the chair in the classroom. “The way you always take care of me and protecting me… I love you for that.” She took a deep breath. “Please go out with me!”

Sayanee frowned and then she tilted her head. “Yes-Yes, of course I love you too.”

Milky looked at Sayanee in disbelief way, she couldn’t believe that she would get a light answer and a quick reply for something serious like that. “Wha-”

“Are you in a good mood today?” Sayanee stood up and then she put her books into her bag. “You always say something like that to me when you’re happy.” She shrugged. “Are you going to go home with me or not? But I have to go to the convenience store first.”

“Eh?” Milky stunned. “Wait a sec-”

Sayanee walked toward the door. “Seriously Milky, you don’t have to flatter me like that every time you want something from me. If you just want me to help you doing your homework again, I’m happy to do it.”

“B-but I’m se-”

“Hurry up.” Sayanee grabbed Milky’s hand and pulled her along toward the door.

Milky let herself was dragged by Sayanee. She looked at Sayanee’s back figure while trying to follow the other girl who gripped her wrist tightly. She sighed. I will never be able to touch her heart.


“Hey Miyuki-san”

Milky turned her head and then she saw three girls were approaching her. “Hm?” She smiled brightly at them.

One of the girls took something from her bag. “Here. I’ll let you borrow my laptop for your next class. Don’t forget your promise that you’re going to treat me tomorrow.” She placed the white laptop on Milky’s desk.

Milky stood up. “Thank you so much.” She held the girl’s hands gently. “You’re my savior today…. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I really do.” Her eyes were sparkling when she said it and she also rubbed the girl’s hands gently.

“E-eh?” The girl’s cheeks became redder and hotter. The classroom became so quiet and full of awkwardness after they heard what Milky said.

“There is it! It’s Milky’s special ability!” The other girl giggled. “Her ‘fishing’ skill is so amazing.”

“Seductress!” The third girl was laughing as well.

Milky was confused. “What?” She looked at them alternately.

Sayanee who watched them from the corner of the class, suddenly laughed so hard. “You say things too lightly, Milky.” She stood up and then she walked toward Milky. “Thank Goodness you’re a girl, if you were a boy… I’m sure that many girls’ hearts will be broken.”

Milky clenched her fist. “But I only say ‘go out with me’ to you, Sayanee…” She tried to say it as cute as she could.

“………..” Everybody facepalmed and sighed. Some of them were giggled.

Sayanee laughed again. “Enough with this ‘fishing’ thingy, okay?” She patted Milky’s shoulder. “I want to go to cafeteria, I’m hungry.” She walked away while waving her hand. “See you in the next class. Don’t flirt with them again.”

Milky looked at Sayanee’s back and let out a soft sigh.


Milky threw her body onto the bed with a book in her hand. She read the title of the book that she bought on the book store yesterday. “Best Confessions of Love.” She opened the book and read it seriously.

You can confess your love in various romantic situation, such as:
~ While looking at the night sky and the stars
~ While holding hands
~ During moment of silence
~ Only two of you on the roof or empty classroom
~…. etc.

Mayuki nodded. “Oh, great! I’ll try one of them.” She turned another page and continued reading.

Best romantic words, EVER:
~ “You make me so happy”
~ “You’re so cute”
~ “You’re so much fun”
~ “I want to be with you”
~ “Please go out with me”
~ “I want to hold you. I want to kiss you” …………………………….

Milky gasped as she read the last sentence. W-wait… what?!!! K-kiss?! She felt her cheeks became hotter while imagining the scene.  She was imagining Sayanee’s red-tempting-sexy lips clashed with her lips… dancing with her lips. Stupid! What I’m thinking?! She smacked her own head.

Milky didn’t want to continue her dirty thought, so she turned off the light and then she used the book to cover her face. I’ve said those sweet words to her over and over again, but… why every word that I say seems so difficult in reaching her heart? Why can’t I get it right? No matter how much I say it, it isn’t enough!


Two girls walked together under the night sky of Osaka. Both of them were wearing the scarf on their necks. It seemed the weather was still cold since it was the third week of January… pretty cold.

Milky glanced at the girl who walking with her, Sayanee. She glanced at Sayanee’s face and Sayanee’s hand alternately. Grab her hand. Grab her hand. Grab her hand. Grab her hand. Grab her hand…. She braced herself to slide her hand, trying to entwine their fingers together.

Sayanee flinched as she felt that someone touching her hand. She quickly raised her hand in order to avoid the skinship. “Eww! What’s this all of a sudden?!” She looked at Milky’s surprised face. “What? Are you cold?”

Suddenly, Milky’s expression became gloomy. She looked away and then she put her hand back into her pocket. “Nothing.” She walked faster and intended to leave the other girl behind. But then, she felt that her wrist was grabbed by someone, the moment after that… her body was pulled and then something warm touched her cold cheek.

“You’re cold.” It was Sayanee who placed a pack of ‘hand warmer’ to Milky’s cheek using her right hand while her other hand kept holding Miyuki’s wrist.

Milky’s heartbeat became uncontrolled as she saw Sayanee looked straight into her eyes. W-wait… what the book says? She tried hard to remember one quote from the book. “S-sayanee… the stars are pretty, aren’t they?”

Sayanee frowned. She let go of Milky’s cheek and wrist, she looked at the sky. “Where are they? You can see the stars right now?” She travelled her sight around the sky, but she found nothing… only the dark sky. “I wonder if my sight is been getting worse.”

SHIT! Milky facepalmed after she looked at the night sky. There’s no fucking star here! I’m FAILED.

“Well… I can’t see the stars, but…. the city lights are pretty, aren’t they?” Sayanee smiled. “Just like on the Christmas Day.”

Milky stunned, she was admiring Sayanee’s warm smile. Warmth… my cheeks felt so warm in the middle of this freezing weather. And the city lights, which I hadn’t even noticed before, are suddenly dazzling. It’s because… I’m in love with Sayanee.

“What’s up?” Sayanee frowned as she saw Milky’s weird expression.

Milky grabbed both of Sayanee’s hands. “Sayanee! I LOVE YOU!!!!” She was squeezing the other girl’s hands.

Sayanee just gave a laugh as the answer. “Hahahhaha. I’ve heard that one before.” She released her hands from Milky’s grip and then she ruffled Milky’s hair. “I’ve told you to not say something like that too lightly. People might be misunderstood.”

Milky tried really hard to hold her tears as she felt so desperate. I want to convey this feeling so badly!
I just want… some kind of reaction.
The reaction that will give me a little sign… my words have been reached her heart.


“Let’s go home together.” Sayanee dragged Milky out from the class.

Milky just sighed and let herself was being dragged by Sayanee. We’ve became friends since years ago, but she always dragging without care. She just walked in silence beside Sayanee, they were heading to subway station.

But even before they passed the school gate, a long-black haired girl stopped them. “E-excuse me…” She stuttered. “I… I am a second year student…!” She bowed her head at them.

Milky tilted her head. Who’s this beautiful girl?

“Y-yamamoto S-sayaka senpai….” The girl continued her words while looking shyly at Sayanee. “I… I see you every morning in the subway and also… I’ve been watching you playing the guitar every day.” She blushed. “I’ve always thought that you’re cool and nice.” She took something from her bag.

Sayanee looked at her kohai, anticipating what the kohai girl would say to her next.

“Here!” The girl handed a pink letter to Sayanee’s hand. “If it isn’t a bother, please read this!”

Milky gasped. She quickly turned her head to Sayanee and then her knee became weak after she saw Sayanee’s blushed cheeks. Fuck! She quickly grabbed the letter from Sayanee’s hand and then she threw it back to the kohai’s hand. “It’s a bother!!!!”

“Eh?!” Both of Sayanee and the kohai were shocked.

“We don’t want it!!!” Milky grabbed Sayane’s hand and then she dragged Sayanee went toward the gate. “Now, we have to get the subway on time, so please excuse us!!!”

Milky kept dragging Sayanee walked away from the strange girl. “WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT GIRL?! Popping out of nowhere like that! Fuck!”

Sayaka gasped. She stopped and the she escaped her hand from Milky’s strong grip. “What’s wrong with you?!”

“What’s wrong with you, Sayanee?!” Milky clenched her fist. “Getting all red like that just because a girl giving you a stupid letter!! How ridiculous!”

Sayanee’s anger was boiling up because of humiliating words that came from her best friend’s lips. “So what?! Huh? Of course I’d get a little flustered! NOBODY’s ever confessed to me before! I’m not like you who can easily ‘fishing’ everyone! Flirting with everyone! Many girls confessed their love to you! But me? NOBODY!!”

“I refused all of them!!!” Milky felt so frustrated. “I confess to you all the time!!!! Look at me!”

Sayanee was taken aback. “Huh?”

Milky looked at the ground, avoiding Sayanee’s eyes. “I say it all the time, that… I’m in love with you, Sayanee. Aren’t I constantly saying it?”

“What?” Sayanee rolled her eyes. “It’s ridiculous. This is not the right time to joke with me.”

“SEE?!” Milky raised her voice. “Look at this! How many times do I have to say it before you believe me? I keep repeating ‘I love you’ words for 3 years but it always bouncing back!!”

“W-wait… wait…” Sayanee rubbed her forehead. “Wait a second… eh? Huh?” The memories of Milky confessed her love… popped up in her head rapidly. Sh-she said that she love me for hundreds times… no…. maybe for thousands times. She placed both of her hands on her own waist while trying to understand what was happen to them. “D-don’t tell me every time you said that you were absolutely and totally… serious?”

“What did you think?!”

Sayanee flinched as she saw Milky’s reddened cheeks and seriousness in her eyes. She couldn’t say anything again. She was too shocked. Right after that, she saw the tears rolled down on Milky’s cheeks.

“If I… wrote you a letter as well… would you believe me then?” Milky was sobbing. “No matter what I do, you won’t believe me… When will you look at me as a girl? Not as a flirty girl who always ‘fishing’ people?” She walked closer toward Sayanee and then she rested her face on Sayanee’s neck. “Tell me… what am I supposed to do?” She wrapped her arms on Sayanee’s waist. “I hate you, Sayanee. You jerk.” She was still sobbing. “No matter how many times it takes, I’ll keep saying it until the day it reaches you and beyond.”

On the other hand, Sayanee still stunned. Her cheeks… blushed.

Sayanee’s cheeks blushed without Milky knowing it.


“WAIT WHAT?!” Milky hit the table. “You said that Valentine’s Day was going to be just you and me! How did it turn into 5 people?!”

Sayanee chewed her gum while playing games on her smartphone. “It’s fine.” She rolled her eyes without looking at Milky.

“It’s not fine! Ugh!”

“Ano….” The voice came from Milky’s back. “It’s quite rude, you know? You treat us like a virus or something terrible.” The girl looked so down.

“Ah. I’m sorry. It’s not what I mean.” Milky looked at the 3 girls who stood in front of her. “But Valentine’s Day is a special day! It’s a day you’re supposed to spend alone with the girl you love! It’s not like I don’t enjoy playing with you guys.” She folded her hand, hoping that her friends would understand.

“BUAHAHAHHAHA!!” The 3 girls laughed really hard. “Looks like someone loves you, Sayaka-san.” They teased Sayanee. “Don’t you have an answer for her, Sayaka-san?” They kept laughing.

Milky turned her head at Sayanee’s direction. “I love you, Sayanee! It’s totally sincere!” She gasped as she saw Sayanee’s cheeks changed its color. “E-eh? EH?”

Sayanee looked at Milky in a awkward way because she felt her cheeks became hotter and redder. She forgot the game in her hands and the gum in her mouth. She felt so… weird. Her phone fell from her grip.

The 3 girls kept laughing and they didn’t realize that Milky and Sayanee were staring at each other with their blushing cheeks.

T-that reaction……. It finally reached; my words have been reached her heart. She looks at me. Milky smiled at Sayanee. Finally.

“Okay… just the two of us.” Sayanee’s answer made the 3 girls stop laughing.

========================= THE END =========================
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Woaaahhhh... thank you...
It's lovely..

Your story refreshed me again after my long work on my thesis  :bow:
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awww and the kiss?
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Aaaah sayamilky .... (´⌣`ʃƪ)
Milky and her fishing things made the I love you became meaningless in everyone's ears, even Sayanee's. Glad she made it in the end ...

Please write more >_<
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 XD this is so sweet. XD
update more please :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
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I don’t even know why I close my ‘voices' draft and create a new draft for this OS instead. XD

Months ago, there’s an annon who request JuriAnnin fanfic ( from me, so… this is the fic. :)

I hope you enjoy it.

Words: 17,6 K



#11 JuriAnnin - Limitless

= 1. Annin =

A girl entered a small café.  She looked so beautiful and graceful with her long-black-silky hair.  The flawless girl looked around to look for an empty table.

“Please?” There was a waitress who smiled at the girl. The waitress seemed wanted to lead the girl to the empty table.

The girl simply nodded her head with a slight smile on her lips. She followed the waitress and then she sat after the waitress pulled a chair for her. “The same as always.” She uttered it to the waitress.

The waitress nodded as a sign that she was understood her customer’s order. She wrote ‘a cup of lemon tea’ and ‘2 slices of strawberry cake’ on her notes, and then she walked away.

The girl looked toward the window and looked outside with an empty gaze. She used one of her hands to prop her chin and then she let out a soft sigh.

Have you ever had a relationship with a player? Well… I have… and it was so painful.

She closed her eyes and brought back her memories.


Annin gripped her umbrella tightly. Ugh! The rain is heavier than I thought. She walked faster toward the bus stop. If I knew that the rain would be so heavy like this, I wouldn’t go home for some hours and stayed in the library instead. She used both of her hands to hold the umbrella because the wind was so strong as well.

In a few minutes later, Annin finally arrived at the bus stop. I hope I won’t be sick tonight. She sighed while wiping her wet face and her wet hair. I forgot to bring my raincoat.

Annin looked around to see if there was an empty seat or not. She smiled as a sign of relieved because her eyes found an empty spot, and then she quickly walked toward it before someone else took the spot. She sat there while waiting the bus.

In 5 minutes later, Annin saw the bus was coming from afar and then she quickly stood up. Unintentionally, her wet umbrella hit someone who was also stood up to get into the bus. “I’m sorry.” She bowed her head a little and when she lifted her head again, she saw that person grinned at her.

“Don’t worry. I’ve been wet since the beginning. I didn’t bring an umbrella.” The girl let Annin stood in front of her, so Annin could enter the bus first.

Annin smiled back at the girl and then she turned her head because the bus already stopped in front of her. She stepped into the bus carefully. She looked around, tried to find an empty seat, but there was no empty seat anymore. So, she just stood inside the crowded bus.

“You’re Iriyama Anna-san, right?”

Annin looked at the girl who stood beside her. “Oh, you know my name. Are we from the same year?” She asked it because she saw the other girl was also wearing the same high school uniform with her.

The girl shrugged. “No. I’m your kohai. I’m a first year student.”

“Wow. I don’t expect a first year student would recognize me outside the school. You guys had just entered school in a few weeks ago.”

The girl snorted. “Of course I’ll recognize you… all of us will, since you’re our president.” And then the girl bowed her head at Annin. “See you later, Iriyama-san.” The girl walked toward the door after the bus stopped and then the girl stepped out from the bus. After she was completely stood on the ground, she smiled at Annin through the window while waving her hands at Annin.

Annin smiled back at the girl and after that, she could see the girl was running in the middle of the rain.


 Annin opened the envelope that was given to her before. “… and the MVP for the Basketball Competition this year is… Matsui Jurina!!!”

Everyone was clapping their hands, cheering, and calling Jurina’s name over and over again.

Annin was definitely surprised when she saw the girl who stepped onto the stage. “You are… the first year student who forgot to bring an umbrella some days ago!”

Jurina grinned at Annin. “Sorry for not introducing myself properly when we met before, Iriyama-san.” She bowed at Annin.

Annin smiled at Jurina. “You don’t have to say sorry for something like that, Matsui-san.” She took the trophy from the table and then she gave it to Jurina. “Here your trophy. Congratulations.”

They both shook hands and smiled at each other.


Annin tilted her head. “Do you… probably… need some help?” She looked at the girl who scratched her head over and over again. “I’ve been watching you, maybe, since 10 minutes ago but you just holding your pen, sighing, groaning, and scratching your head without write anything there.” She pointed at the book in front of the girl.

Jurina looked at Annin who sat across her table in the library. “Oh! Iriyama-san.” She quickly stood up and bowed 90 degrees at Annin. She was a bit surprised because she didn’t see Annin sat there before. “Sorry for bothering you. I will move to another table.” She quickly grabbed her stuff from the table and she was ready to move.

“H-hey!” Annin lifted her hand as sign for Jurina to stop moving. “I didn’t ask you to move. I asked you if you need some help or not, Matsui-san.”

“Ah.” Jurina scratched her forehead. “I… I guess, yeah… I need a help.”

Annin smiled. “Come here and sit with me.” She saw Jurina hesitantly moved to her table. “So… what is it?” She talked after Jurina sat in front of her.

“I fell asleep in Math class and unfortunately my teacher saw it. Then… he gave me this hard task for me.” Jurina pointed at the book in front of her. “If I do not give the right answer for this task today… he said that I will surely get ‘D’ for Math and he won’t let me entering his class for 2 weeks.”

Annin frowned. “Really? You get 2 punishments for a single mistake?!”

Jurina looked down. “Actually… I also forgot to bring my Math book today. I borrow this book from my classmate.”

Annin rolled her eyes. “Let me see your task.” She took the book from Jurina’s hand and then she read it carefully. “Well… I think I can help you.”

A huge smile appeared on Jurina’s face. “Really?! Please-please-please help me, Miss President.” She folded her hands.

Annin chuckled. “Okay. Count yourself as a lucky because I love Math.”

“Yes!” Jurina punched the air and then she quickly moved her chair closer to Annin so Annin could teach her comfortably. “Please teach me, Iriyama-san. I will listen to you really well, so you don’t have to repeat it twice. I promise.” She made a cross sign on her chest.

Annin laughed again and then she began to explain how to solve the task.

“Okay. I got it.” Jurina nodded. “I will try to do it. Please help me to check my answer later, okay?”

Annin smiled at Jurina. She saw Jurina did the task beside her. Somehow, Jurina’s serious face made her heartbeat became a bit faster. She’s cute. She used one of her hands to prop her chin without took off her eyes from Jurina. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath when a sweet scent entered her nose. She smells so nice.


“Iriyama-san! Iriyama-san!” Jurina ran toward Annin.

Annin stopped and then she turned her head. “Matsui?” She was surprised when she saw the other girl looked panting beside her. “What is it?”

Jurina touched her knees while trying to control her breath. “I want to-”

“Where’s your jacket or umbrella?!” Annin yelled at Jurina when she realized that Jurina’s body was drenched.

“I forgot it again.” Jurina grinned.

“Tch.” Annin quickly shared her umbrella with Jurina. “You seems always forgetting many things.”

“You will get wet.” Jurina slowly pushed the umbrella. “You don’t have to share your umbrella since I’ve been wet since the beginning.” She smiled at Annin.

“Don’t be stubborn, Matsui.” Annin grabbed Jurina’s hand and then she pulled Jurina closer. “Let’s walk together to the bus stop.” She firmly said it.

“Okay, senpai.” Jurina didn’t have enough courage to refuse Annin’s order. “Let me hold the umbrella.” She took the umbrella from Annin’s grip and then they walked together.

“So… what do you want to say?” Annin asked it while walking.

“Umm… I want to ask you out. Do you have any plan tomorrow, Iriyama-san?”

Annin was so shocked. She reflexively gave Jurina a scary gaze. What the f-

“No-no-no!! Don’t get me wrong, Miss President.” Jurina quickly shook her head. “I just want to treat you something. You’ve helped me with my Math, so I just want to show my grateful to you. Well… it’s okay if you want to refuse my offer.”

Annin frowned. She narrowed her eyes at Jurina. “Fine.” She finally agreed after she looked at Jurina’s innocent eyes. It’s look like she doesn’t have other purpose. “Just an hour. I have to prepare my speech for the science competition in our school.”

Jurina nodded. “One hour is enough.” She stopped as they already arrived at the bus stop. “But I have a basketball competition tomorrow morning. Can we go at noon?”

Annin wiped her wet hands. “I don’t remember that our school has another basketball competition this semester.”

“This is not our school competition.” Jurina returned the umbrella to Annin. “I kind of participate in basketball club outside our school. The final will be held tomorrow.”

“Oh, really?! Cool.” Annin’s eyes widened. “You seem love basketball so much.”

“I am.” She grinned at Annin. “So… can you go with me after that? For lunch?”

“Hmm…. The competition sounds interesting because I’ve never see you play before. Just tell me where the competition will be held. I will come to see you play and then we can go after that.”

Jurina looked at Annin in disbelief way. “Wow!!! You wanna come and see me play?!”

Annin shrugged. “Well… if you’re not feeling comfortable with my presence, I won’t-”

“No!” Jurina cut Annin’s words. “Just… come.”

“Nice.” Annin smiled at Jurina.

“Sorry for being inappropriate but… can I get your mail address? So it will be easier for us to meet tomorrow.” She gave her phone to Annin.

“Oh, right.” Annin took Jurina’s phone and then she saved her mail address there. “Done.” She gave it back to Jurina.

“Great.” Jurina pointed her finger at the bus that had just come. “Ah, your bus is coming. I will mail the address to you tonight. See you later, Iriyama-san.” She bowed at Annin and then she ran toward the school again.

“Wait!! You didn’t ride this bus?! Our houses are in the same direction, right?” Annin frowned.

Jurina stopped and then she turned around. “Yes, but I left my umbrella in the class because I was too hurried in catching you up! My mom will kill me if I don’t bring it back!!” She laughed and then she ran again in the middle of the rain.

Annin shook her head while looking at Jurina. “Tch. That kid! She knows that she will participate in the competition tomorrow, yet… she still running in the middle of rain. She surely will get sick tomorrow.” She turned her head toward the bus and then she stepped into it.


Annin received an email from Jurina. She opened the email while drinking her hot chocolate milk.

From: Matsui Jurina

\(^▽^)/ Good Morning, Iriyama-san!
This is your ticket. I bought it online yesterday, right away after you said that you wanted to come to see me.
I’m too afraid that you won’t be able to enter because I heard that it was almost sold out. (* >ω<)
The game will be started in 2 hours.
Please come and enjoy the game, senpai. (o^^)o

Annin opened the attachment file. She almost choked after she read the ticket. What?! Section 1?! What’s wrong with that kid?? I’m not even having a plan to watch it from the front row!

Annin read the address and then she exhaled as a sign of relief because the place wasn’t too far from her home. She quickly drank her milk and then she rushed into the bathroom. She took a bath as fast as she could because she felt that it wouldn’t appropriate if she came late after Jurina gave her a Section 1 ticket.

In the next hour, she was ready to go. She thought that she would be late if she rode a bus, so she rode the taxi instead.

 Annin couldn’t stop staring at her watch until the taxi driver stopped his car in front of the basketball venue. She was shocked after she stepped out from the taxi. Sugoi!! She saw a huge crowd in front of her eyes. Well… I’ve never know that basketball is THAT popular. She also saw the huge banner that contained the name of two teams. She had no idea what Jurina’s team name.

Annin entered the venue and then she saw a yellow flag that says ‘Section 101-105’. She walked toward the long queue. By looking at the crowd, without she realized it… she felt so excited about the game. It seemed her adrenaline had been increased only by looking at the crowd around her.

Annin looked at her ticket again to make sure that the seat numbers was right. After she was sure that the numbers was right, she sat on the chair. Wow. The view from here is really good.

“I’m glad you come!”

Annin was shocked because there was a player that talked to her all of a sudden. Of course it was Jurina. “Of course I come because you give me the ticket in advance!” She raised her voice so Jurina could hear her voice from afar.

Jurina smiled and then she jumped over the board that dividing the basketball court and the seating area. She sat at the empty seat beside Annin. “I will feel so guilty if my senpai have to take a long queue just to buy a ticket and watch my game.” She laughed.

“W-what are doing here? The game will start soon.” Annin pushed Jurina a little.

Jurina giggled. “Don’t worry. We still have 10 minutes before the game starts.”

Annin frowned. “As far as I know, the athletes have to do the warm-up first. Why don’t you do that?”

Jurina shrugged. “No need to do that. My body already feels warm just by looking at you.” She looked at the beautiful girl beside her. “It’s not only warm anymore… it’s even feels burning now.” She gave a warm smile to her senpai.

*BADUMP!* Annin stunned for a moment, but after that grabbed Jurina’s hair and pulled it strongly.

“Aw! Aww!! It’s hurt!” Jurina tried to escape from Annin’s grip.

“Stop trolling me and go back there!” She pointed at the basketball court.

“Okay-okay. I’m sorry.” Jurina rubbed her head after Annin let her hair go. “I’m just joking. My team already did the warm-up few minutes ago. Don’t you see that my body is sweating already?” She pointed at her wet arms.

“Ah.” Annin finally noticed that Jurina’s body already sweating so much and she also felt that her hand was wet as well because she grabbed Jurina’s hair. I think… I have to go to the toilet to wash my hands. She sighed and when she was about to stand up…

“Wait!” It looked like Jurina could read Annin’s mind. “Wait a minute.” She ran toward one of her teammate to ask something.  After she got what she wanted, she walked back to Annin direction. “These are the clean towel and the sanitizer to clean your hand. I’m sorry to make it dirty.”

Annin took the things from Jurina’s hand. “You don’t have to say sorry.” She heard the coach called Jurina’s name. “Looks like the game will start.” She smiled at Jurina.

“Yeah. Don’t go in the middle of the game, okay? I know that you don’t really like basketball, but I promise that this game won’t make you bored.” Jurina turned around and walked toward the basketball court. In a few seconds later, she turned back at Annin direction again. “Don’t you even dare to go to the toilet! I’ll keep my eye on you all the time!!” After she said it, she jumped over the board and entered the basketball court.

Annin chuckled. “How cute.” She wiped her hands using the small towel and then she washed her hand using the sanitizer.

In a few minutes later, the game started. Annin saw that all players entered the court, including Jurina. Right after the referee blew the whistle, all players ran to their own positions. Annin couldn’t take her eyes off of Jurina. She looks cool. She was amazed when she looked how fast Jurina sprinted while dribbling the ball, how Jurina gave a command to her own teammates, how Jurina did the lay-up, how Jurina shoot the ball from the 3 points area, how Jurina wiped her own sweat, how Jurina was jumping around and hugged her teammates because they won the game, and especially about how Jurina always took a little glance at her every 5 minutes to make sure that she wouldn’t go in the middle of the game.

Annin saw Jurina punched the air while smiling so brightly. Jurina was also waving her hand at Annin without let go off her big grin from her face. Annin gave 2 thumbs-up for Jurina as a return. Without Annin realized it… her heart began to beat crazily and her face felt heated up. No way.


“Excuse me.”

The girl flinched as she heard the waitress voice. “O-oh. Just put it on the table.” She said it after she saw the waitress brought her order.

The waitress put the cup and the plate neatly on the table, after that she bowed her head a little and then she walked away.

The beautiful girl took a sip of the lemon tea. She looked at the ceiling as if she wanted to bring back her memory again.

If I knew that it would be the day when I’m falling in love with her… I probably would choose to not go.
If I knew that it would be the beginning of my miseries… I would stay away from her.


After the day when Annin watched Jurina played basketball for the first time, the senpai and the kohai became closer than before.

“What are you doing?”

“Me?” Annin pointed at her own face. “I wanna watch you play, can’t I?” She sat on the grass because Jurina prefer the outdoor game than playing inside the gymnasium.

“Of course you can!” Jurina put the basketball on the ground and then she sat beside Annin. “Don’t you have a class?”

“I have, but lucky me… the teacher is not coming today.” Annin grinned.

Jurina laughed. “I thought you weren’t interested in sport.”

“I was, but after I saw you play… I become so excited about basketball. I can’t help it.”

“Are you trying to flatter me?” Jurina lifted her hand and then she playfully stroked Annin’s hair. “If you wanna watch our game, at least wear you jacket. Your head feels hot because of the sun and it also bad for your skin.”

Annin shrugged. “I left my jacket in my class and I’m too lazy to take it.”

Jurina took something from her bag and then she handed it to Annin. “Wear this.”

Annin looked at the hoodie in Jurina’s hand. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. You don’t have to-”

“I won’t accept ‘no’ from you, senpai.” Jurina placed her hoodie on Annin’s lap. “Promise me to wear that.” She stood up after she got a slight nod from Annin. “I have to play now because my friends are waiting for me.” She pointed at a bunch of boys on the basketball court. “Wait me for the lunch, okay? Let’s go to the cafeteria together.”

“Okay.” Annin looked at Jurina who walked away toward the basketball court. I wonder what’s her charm… she even can make me couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She touched her chest. Lately, I can’t control my heartbeat when I’m around her… especially when she touch me like before. She touched her hair and caressed it a little.

“Anna, WATCH OUT!!!”

Annin gasped as she looked that the ball was heading so fast toward her face. Thanks for her amazing brain that told her to tilt her head as soon as possible. She could perfectly dodge the ball.

Jurina ran toward Annin. “Are you okay?”

“Of course.” Annin grinned. “I’m perfectly fine. Well… thanks to your warning and my quick reflex.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Be careful, okay? Don’t daydreaming here! The ball could break your nose, Iriyama-san.” She was very irritated because of Annin’s negligence. “Okay, you better go back to your class, Iriya-”

“Anna.” Annin cut Jurina’s words.

“Hm?” Jurina frowned.

“You called me ‘Anna’ before.”

“Don’t change the subject! You!!- ahh… yeah.” Jurina scratched her head. “I’m sorry for my impoliteness, but I was just… too panicked. Calling you by ‘An-na’ is faster than ‘I-ri-ya-ma’, I have to warn you as fast as I can. So yeah… I reflexively called you like that. I’m sorry.” She bowed her head.

“Don’t worry… I like it.”

“Eh?!” Jurina lifted her head. “But-”

“About our age gap? Fuck with that.” Annin smiled. “You can comfortably call me by my first name, if you want it. We’re friends!”

Jurina wanted to say something, but her friends already called her name to continue their game again. “Let’s just talk about it later, okay?” She patted Annin’s head gently. “Don’t daydreaming again! Or your nose will surely break this time.” After she said it, she ran toward her friends… with a slight smirk on her face. Anna.



“Hm?” Jurina simply answered it without looked at Annin’s face, because she was busy with her shoelaces.

“Can I ask you something?” Annin was fidgeting her fingers.

Jurina stood immediately after she has done with her shoes. “Sure you can.” She smiled at Annin. “What is it?” She frowned as she saw Annin looked so nervous.

“I… uhh… I heard from someone that you have a girlfriend, and… she was so jealous because you are too close with me.” Annin looked at Jurina’s eyes. “Why do you never tell me about your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?! Pfft!” Jurina snorted. “Who said that? I don’t have any.”

“Really?” Annin narrowed her eyes.

Jurina laughed. “Why were you so nervous when you asked me about it? Why are you so curious about it?” She walked closer toward Annin and then she approached Annin’s face. “Do you like me, Anna?” She whispered it softly.

*THUMP!* Annin felt like there was a thunder strike her head. “Baka!” She smacked Jurina’s head. “Of course not!” She rolled her eyes. “I just didn’t want there is a silly couple quarrel because of me.” She turned round, pretending to look for something just because she wanted to avoid Jurina’s eyes.

“So… it means… if I have a girlfriend, you will take some distance with me?”

Annin shrugged. “Sort of.”

Jurina clenched her teeth and then she grabbed Annin’s wrist, forcing her to turn round.

“Aw!” Annin looked surprised by Jurina’s harsh action. She tried to escape from Jurina’s grip because it was too strong and painful. “It’s hurt.”

“Look at me, Anna.” Jurina kept gripping Annin’s wrist. “You can’t go away from me even if I have a girlfriend, please. You’re my best friend and no one can make us apart.”

“W-what?” Annin looked at Jurina’s serious face.

In a few seconds later, Jurina flinched and then she released Annin’s wrist. “I’m sorry. I think there’s something wrong with my head.” She laughed while grabbing her bag. “I’m going home first, okay?” She walked toward the door. “And uhh… I don’t have girlfriend, so… just tell me honestly if you love me someday, because I will surely accept your feeling.” She said it in a teasing way, after that… she gave a wink to Annin and then she stepped out from the classroom.

Annin heard Jurina laughed really hard while walking away from the classroom. That kid… Urgh!


“Nnngh… J-Jurina.” A girl let out a soft moan inside the empty classroom.

Why did you tell her about us?” Jurina flooded the girl’s neck with kisses, licks, and bites. “Don’t you remember that our relationship should become a secret between us?” Her lips move upward, kissing the girl’s jaw. “Why did you tell her?

“I… I’m… nghh… s-sorry.” The girl looked difficult to talk since she also tried to hold her moan. “I’m j-jealous.”

Jurina felt that the girl’s nails were digging her back through her uniform. She bit the girl’s below lip, making the girl’s lips parted. “Let’s break up.” She whispered it against the girl’s lips.

The girl gasped. “W-what?! Why?”

Jurina shrugged. “The answer is simple… you didn’t do as I say… to keep our relationship as a little secret between us.”

“Why should I keep it secret? Are you ashamed of me?” The girl’s tears almost fell.

Jurina cupped the girl’s cheek. “Of course that’s not the reason. Why should I ashamed of you? You’re a beautiful girl.”

“Then why?”

“Because I don’t love you and I don’t want my other girlfriends know about us.” Jurina smirked. “Sorry.”

The girl clenched her teeth, and in a few seconds later… she raised her hand and slapped Jurina’s cheek. “So the rumor is right. You’re a damn player!”

Jurina hold her red cheek. “Yes, it’s true. I wonder why the girls keep coming to me even though they know about me. Well… Honestly, I just love their body… that’s all.” She licked her lips and then she smirked. “Your body is hot… I couldn’t get enough of it. If only you didn’t break our promise, I can enjoy your body a bit longer. What a pity.”

“Screw you, Jurina!” The girl gave another slap to Jurina and then she buttoned her upper uniform. “Fuck you.” She grabbed her jacket and then she left Jurina alone in the empty classroom.

“Shit!” Jurina hold both of her cheeks. “Why did she give me two slaps? Tch.” She walked out from the room and then she walked toward her own classroom.

Actually, there was another girl left in the classroom, hiding behind the tables and chairs. She stood up slowly because her legs had cramp after squatting in the corner of the room for almost 20 minutes. I… I can’t believe this… she’s so… scary.


“Hey. Anna! Anna!!”

Annin heard Jurina yelled her name from afar, but she kept walking away. When she saw Jurina ran toward her in an incredible speed, she wanted to run as well but unfortunately she was weak in sport and Jurina could catch her up in seconds.

“Hey.” Jurina grabbed Annin’s hand. “Wait.” She held it tightly so Annin couldn’t run again. “I want to talk with you. Let’s go home together.”

“I can’t.” Annin tried to escape, but as always, she always failed because Jurina was too strong for her. “My mom will pick me up today… she will arrive in a few minutes.”

“Then I will stay with you until your mom come.” Jurina kept persistent.

Annin stop struggling, and then she sighed. “Okay. What do you want?” She looked at Jurina’s eyes. She didn’t know why, but she felt that Jurina’s gaze was piercing her soul.

After seeing Annin stopped, Jurina let go of Annin’s hand. She tried to control her breath before she spoke because she was a bit tired of running. “In these 2 weeks, you always avoiding me… what happen? Did I make a mistake without me realizing it?”

Annin felt her cheeks became hot as she remembering the scene that happened in front of her eyes 2 weeks ago. “N-no… no! Nothing happened.”

“Are you sure, Anna?” Jurina cupped Annin’s cheek. “Please forgive me if I did something wrong to you.”

Annin couldn’t think straight anymore. Every time Jurina touched her, she felt that her world became upside down. “I… Uhh…” She stuttered. In the middle of her nervousness, she was surprised by the horn. Thanks God! Her mom’s car stopped in front of them. “Sorry, I have to go. Goodbye.” When she was about to run toward the car, she felt her wrist was grabbed by Jurina again.

“See you later, Iriyama Anna-san.” Jurina slowly let go of Annin’s hand. She bowed her head at Annin and Annin’s mom before she walked toward the bus stop by herself.

Annin sighed. I forgot that Jurina didn’t like if I said ‘goodbye’ to her. When we’re going to walk in separate way, she always forces me to say ‘see you’ rather than ‘bye’. She looked at Jurina’s back figure for a moment and after that, she entered the car.


Like seriously… I can’t tell the truth to Jurina! What if she thinks that I’m a pervert after I said that I was secretly watching an inappropriate scene?! Ugh! Why did they have to do ‘it’ in my class?? Annin ignored the papers that scattered on her desk. She sighed and then she rested her forehead onto the desk. I’m afraid that… Jurina want to be my friend only because she wants… my body.

Without Annin realized it, her eyes became teary. What if she wants to get closer to me just because she wants to do something terrible that she usually did to the other girls? I… I… She lifted her head all of a sudden and then she quickly wiped her tears. What the heck?! Why am I crying because of her? She’s not my girlfriend or something! We’re just friends!!

Annin collected all papers that scattered on her desk. I have to prepare my speech for tomorrow! Geez! She began to read those papers again.

*next day*

“Iriyama-san, now it’s your turn.” The teacher patted Annin’s shoulder.

Annin nodded. Yes… I have to give a speech in every school events, that’s one of president’s responsibilities. Today is the last day of the academic year, of course I have to open my mouth and speak in front of all students. Next semester I will become a senior year student and Jurina become the sophomore student as well. She gasped as she mentioned Jurina’s name inside her head. W-wait… Jurina is definitely sits among these students too!

“Iriyama-san?” The teacher tapped Annin’s shoulder again. “You can go onto the stage now.”

“O-okay.” Annin took a really deep breath and then she walked onto the stage. She had been doing speech for dozen times, but that was the first time she felt so uneasy and nervous. As soon as she arrived on the stage, her eyes met with Jurina’s eyes. Shit! Why do I can easily found her in the middle of this huge amount of students?! Ugh.

Annin shook her head a little to wipe away her nervousness and then she began her speech while avoiding Jurina’s gaze. In some minutes later, she was successfully finished her speech and the students clapped their hands for Annin. Finally… it’s over. She exhaled as a sign of relieved because she could finish her speech well, even though she was under ‘pressure’.

In a few minutes later, Annin felt her phone was vibrating. She took her phone and read a new mail.

From: Matsui Jurina

Is this really what you want? Not talking to each other? Okay, I get it.

Annin realized that Jurina began to get irritated because of the situation between them. She really wanted to replay the email and tell Jurina that she really missed Jurina, but… I can’t fall into her sweet trap. I don’t wanna end like the other girls who have been played by Jurina.

Annin decided to ignore the mail.


“Mom!!! The bell is ringing!!” Annin closed her ears with both of her hands. “Mom?” She woke up as she didn’t hear any answer. She rubbed her eyes and then she looked around. Ahh… I fell asleep on the couch. She grabbed the remote and then she turned off the TV, after that… she lazily stood up and walked toward the door while yawning.

“Wait a minute!” Annin yelled as she felt irritated because the person outside her house kept pressing the bell. She scratched her head before she unlocked the door. She slowly opened the door with her eyes closed. “Yes?”

“Annin… umm…”

Annin flinched as she heard the familiar voice. She opened her eyes and she was really shocked to death when she saw Jurina was standing in front of her. Damn! She really wanted to disappear immediately as she realized how messy her hair and how ugly her morning face, especially when she had just wake up like that. “Wh-what are you doing in here?! In the early morning like this!” She looked panicked.

“Ehhh…. actually… it’s not morning anymore.” Jurina looked at her watch. “1 PM, so… afternoon?”

WHAT?! Annin turned her head and looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. SHIT! It’s really 1 PM! Of course mom and dad already left for work! She rubbed her forehead. Tch. Now she will assume me as a sleepyhead girl.

“Can I come in?”

Annin really wanted to say ‘no’, but another part of her wanted Jurina to stay. “Yes, come in.” She didn’t want to abandon her feelings that she was actually missed Jurina. They didn’t meet for weeks because it was still in holiday season.

“Thank you.” Jurina slowly entered the house and then she sat on the couch.

Annin closed the door after Jurina was completely entered her house. “Wait a minute, okay?” She went to the bathroom after she got a slight nod from Jurina. She was shocked as she saw her reflection on the mirror. JESUS CHRIST!! I’m so messy and ugly!! She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth, and then she combed her long-silky hair.

Jurina stood up as soon as she saw Annin came out from the bathroom. “You don’t have to worry about your looks in front of me. You’re still beautiful, Anna.” She said it as if she could read Annin’s mind.

Annin felt her breath stopped for a few seconds because she was surprised. For a second, she felt flattered because of Jurina’s compliment, but then she realized something. Ah, maybe Jurina said it to other girls as well. Well… she has a good experience in flattering girls, right? She ignored Jurina’s compliment and then she crossed her arms. “What are you doing here and how do you know my house?” She was sure that her tone clearly showed an annoyance and it was succeed in making Jurina felt guilty.

“I get your address from your classmate and I’m here to say sorry for a mistake that I even didn’t know. I really want to meet you and I can’t wait until our school holiday ended. W-well… I can go now if you feel uncomfortable with my presence.”

Annin looked at Jurina’s eyes. She could see how desperate and sad Jurina was, but some part of her kept telling her that it was only a fake statement… not sincere from Jurina’s heart. “I don’t trust you.” She was sure that she said it with a small voice, but unfortunately Jurina still could hear it because the house was very quiet.

“What?” Jurina frowned. “It’s almost been 2 months, Anna. Can you just tell me about the fucking thing that makes you decide to take a distance with me?!”

Annin remained silent.

“Please? I beg you.” Jurina walked slowly toward Annin. “I’m tired of missing you, Anna.”

Annin took a step back. “Liar.” She said it with a sharp tone. “Other girls maybe would easily eat your words… but not me.”

Jurina was taken aback. “Wait… what?” She frowned but in a few moments later, she was understood what actually happened. “Is this about the rumor? Do you believe that I’m a player? Do you think that I want to be your friend just because I want to play with your heart?”

Annin nodded. “Precisely.” She really wanted to tell Jurina everything that she saw inside the classroom few weeks ago, but she restrained herself.

Jurina sighed. “You may don’t believe me now, but… you’re different from all of them.”

Annin snorted. “I don’t get it. What makes me different? Is it because I’m the school president?” She said it sarcastically.

“No. It’s because I love you, Anna.” Jurina said it while looking straight into Annin’s beautiful eyes.

Annin’s hands fell from her chest and she couldn’t close her mouth. She was really shocked because of Jurina’s sudden ‘attack’. “What?! I won’t eat that, Jurina.”

Jurina clenched her fist. She quickly grabbed Annin’s hand before Annin could run away again, and then she pulled Annin into her strong arms. She hugged Annin tightly.

“Let-go-of-me!” Annin tried really hard to escape from Jurina’s arms, but as expected, she couldn’t move even a bit.

“Please stop struggling, Anna.” Jurina rested her chin on Annin’s shoulder, and then she closed her eyes. “I won’t hurt you.”

Finally, Annin was defeated by Jurina’s tender and sweet voice. She also closed her eyes as she smelled Jurina’s sweet fragrance that succeeded made her mind went blank in instant. Her heart began to beat crazily. W-Wait….

“I know that you don’t believe me now, but I will try my best to make you trust me.” Jurina brushed her fingers along Annin’s silky hair. “I love you.” She tightened her grip on Annin’s waist. “I will keep saying it until you believe me.” She planted a quick kiss on Annin’s cheek and then she let go of Annin’s body. “Please give me a chance, Anna” She cupped Annin’s cheek. “Do you want to try to be mine? Will you give me a chance to make you believe in me? I want to be the only source of your happiness.”

Annin stunned. She couldn’t say anything and she even forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. She wasn’t sure why, but Jurina had been completely stole her mind. She looked deep into Jurina’s innocent eyes. Does she… really love me? What should I do? A part of herself still try to shoo Jurina away, but sadly… another part of her really want Jurina to become hers, only hers. She felt so relax when Jurina began to caress her cheek gently. “Yes. Let’s try together, Jurina.” A beautiful smile slowly appeared from her lips.

Jurina also gave Annin a warm smile. “Thank you. I love you, Anna.” She pulled Annin into her arms again.

Annin didn’t hug Jurina back because she was still not fully sure about her decision. Maybe I can change her. I will try to change her. I want her to become mine, only mine.


If I knew that she would be the source of my pain, I would choose to say ‘no’.

The tears was slowly coming down from her eyes… then rolled down on her cheeks. She didn’t take off her eyes from the window and not even bothered to wipe her tears. She was also completely ignoring the lemon tea and the strawberry cake in front of her because she knew that those things wouldn’t make her felt better. It was the worst decision that I’ve ever made in my whole life. Trying to change a player? Bullshit!


No need to wait more than 3 days until the news about JuriAnnin couple spreading into the whole school. Some of them said that they were a perfect couple since Annin was a high school president and Jurina was a cool-handsome-charming basketball player. But some of them also threw a negative comment due to Jurina’s figure as a player; they said that Annin was just one of many Jurina’s victims.

Honestly, Annin was a bit irritated because she was considered as Jurina’s victim. But she couldn’t do much because she knew from the beginning that it was one of many risks that she should take when she agreed to start the relationship with Jurina. She didn’t know yet that she was really a victim or not, the only thing that she could do was… trust her girlfriend.

“Hi, babe.”

Annin raised her head to look at her girlfriend. “Hi.” She looked at the ground again after she gave a short answer to Jurina.

Jurina put her hand on Annin’s chin and then she made Annin looked at her. “Is there something wrong? You look upset about something.”

Annin looked at Jurina’s eyes. I have to believe her… at least I have to TRY to believe her. She smiled at Jurina. “Nothing. I’m just over thinking about my future. Well… you know, I’m a senior year student now and I have to decide which college that I should enter next year.”

“Ohh…” Jurina pulled Annin into her hug and rubbed Annin’s back to comfort her. “Relax, Anna. You’re a smart girl… I’m sure that you will be able to enter any university in this world.”

Annin giggled. “Thank you.” She wrapped her hands on Jurina’s waist and enjoyed Jurina’s warm body. “Oh, right!” She pulled back the hug. “I have to buy a cake. Today is my mom’s birthday.”

“Oh, really? Let me accompany you then.” Jurina cupped Annin’s cheek and caressed the cheek a little.

 “Okay.” Annin smiled at Jurina before turned around to close her locker. “Come on.” She took Jurina’s hand and pulled Jurina along with her. I don’t believe that she is a player. Umm… even if she was a player, she wouldn’t be able to go on date with other girls in this school again… why? She looked around her while walking with Jurina. There were a lot of students looked at them in disbelief way. Because the whole students already knew about our relationship and Jurina seem didn’t feel bothered at all to show our lovey-dovey in front of many people.


Annin looked at the girl who was sleeping beside her. She brushed of the hair that covered Jurina’s face with her fingers and put it behind Jurina’s ear. Her sleeping face looks so cute and so peaceful. She gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips because she couldn’t hold back herself to not tasting those sweet lips. I love you.

Annin stared Jurina’s face while smiling for some minutes, but then she snapped. Oh right, I have to study for my SAT. She woke up from the comfortable bed slowly and then she walked toward her desk. She sat and then she turned on her reading lights. After that, she took her English book. Study… She sighed.

Her hobby is studying, but every time she was with Jurina… she became too lazy to read. All she wanted to do was staring Jurina’s face, talking with Jurina, holding Jurina’s smooth hands, hugging Jurina, kissing Jurina’s lips and being pampered by Jurina.

She said that she wanted to stay overnight in my home to help me calming my nerves in facing my SAT tomorrow, but actually… she’s making me tired and fell asleep. Hell yeah, I’m a bit relaxed now… but still… Annin’s cheeks suddenly got redder when she remembered what had just happened in some hours ago. Ugh! Focus, Annin… focus! She slapped her own face in order to make her forgetting THAT thing.

Our first anniversary will be come in a few weeks and I’m very happy because Jurina never made any big mistake. The thing that I afraid the most… didn’t happen. I’ve never heard Jurina dating someone else beside me. Annin smiled. She has changed. Annin opened her English book and started to give attention to it.


“Anna…. Anna….. hey, babe. Wake up.” Jurina shook her girlfriend’s body.

“Ngh…” Annin lifted her head while rubbing her eyes. “What is it Jurina?”

“You fall asleep. Hurry up. You have to go to do your SAT!” Jurina tried to make Annin gained her full consciousness.

Annin’s eyes grew wider. “Oh shit! I haven’t read anything!!!!!!” She began to panic. “I’ll maybe fail this time!”

“Hey-hey-hey.” Jurina hold Annin’s shoulders. “You’re gonna be okay. I’m sure you can.” She kissed Annin’s forehead. “Now go to take a bath.”

Annin hugged her girlfriend. “I’m so thankful that you’re here with me.” After that, she stood up. “Wish me luck.” She gave a warm kiss to Jurina before she went to the bathroom.


“Happy first anniversary!!!” Jurina brought a cake. “And congratulation for your SAT!!!” She grinned. “You’re going to Tokyo! How cool is that!” She put the delicious cake on the table.

Annin gasped. She didn’t expect that Jurina would give her a big cake. She thought before that they would just go to the park, watching a movie on theater, and having a dinner together. “Thank you! I love you.” She couldn’t say anything again because she was about to cry, so she kissed Jurina instead. She gave all passion into it. “I love you so much, dear.” She whispered it against Jurina’s lips.

“I love you too.” Jurina answered it while sneaking her hand onto Annin’s neck.

When the kiss was about to become hotter and wilder, they heard someone coughed awkwardly. They both snapped and quickly restrained themselves. They forgot that they were inside the café. Both of them giggled when they realized their silliness and then they sat back on the chair.

“Come on… blow the candle!” Jurina clapped her hands with full of excitement.

“If I’m the only one who blow the candle, it’s look like my birthday. Let’s just blow it together.”

Jurina reached Annin’s hands on the table. “As you wish, princess.”

Annin blushed because Jurina called her as a princess. After, looking at each other eyes for a few second… they blew the candle.

Jurina looked at Annin’s face; she frowned because her girlfriend’s mood changed drastically. “What happen? Am I disappointing you?” She pouted. “I know that I should buy a bigger cake since you really love strawberry cake.”

“No, it’s not that!” Annin quickly shook her head. “I feel bad because I’ll leave you next week. I’m regret because I didn’t pick the university here instead of in Tokyo.” She expected that Jurina would show a sad expression, but no… Jurina was smiling at her.

“It’s okay.” Jurina tightened her grip on Annin’s hands. “It’s for our future and I’m happy for you. I know that Tokyo is better for you and that’s why I didn’t prevent you to go.”

“O-our f-future??”

“Yes!” Jurina grinned. “Don’t you want to be with me in the future? Together… forever…”

Annin was surprised by Jurina’s answer. “Of course I want it, silly.” She couldn’t hold back her tears, happy tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. Now, let’s eat this cake.” Jurina pointed at the strawberry cake. “So, we can go home quickly and do whatever we want.” She winked at Annin while showing her mischievous smile.

“Mou! You make my cheek blushed many times tonight.”

Jurina chuckled when she saw Annin’s blushing face.


“Annin!!! Your friend is coming!”

Annin heard her mother’s voice. “Oh, okay! I will go down in a moment.” She frowned. Who’s coming? I’ve just get a call from Jurina that she can’t help me packing my stuff because she has a basketball competition. She went downstairs to see her ‘friend’.

“Good morning, Iriyama-san.”

Annin was really shocked when she saw her ‘friend’. “Y-you are…”

The girl bowed at Annin. “I’m Abiru Riho… I’m in the same year with Jurina… and I’m also…” She stopped bowing and gave a smirk to Annin. “… Jurina’s ex-girlfriend.”

WHAT THE F- Annin wanted to yell at the girl, but then she remembered that her parent were in home. “What are you doing here? I don’t remember that I EVER invite you over.” She tried to use her poker face and keep calming down.

“Wow-wow… calm down, senpai.” Riho sat on the couch without Annin asked her to do so. “I’m here to congratulate you since I know that you will go out of this town in 2 days.”

Annin walked toward Riho and stood in front of her and crossed her arms. “Cut the crap. Just tell me what you want.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “Do you want to tell me that you’re going to steal Jurina while I’m in Tokyo?!”

“Pfft!” Riho snorted. “Steal her? I’m not interest to do it, on the other hand… I really hate her.” She laughed sarcastically. “I have no idea why did you want to have a relationship with her after you saw what happened to me a year ago.”


“I saw you hiding behind the table when Jurina and I have a little private time in your empty class. I didn’t know why you could end up in the class because as far as I know, all of your classmates were in the laboratory for Biology class.”

Annin gasped. Sh-she saw me??!! The hot scene between Jurina and Riho played in her mind and it made her really pissed off. “She has changed! You just envy at me because I’m the one who change her, not you, right?!” She didn’t sure about what she said, but she didn’t want to lose in front of her kohai.

“Change? Wow.” Riho clapped her hands. “Congratulation then!” She laughed.

Riho’s sarcastic laugh made her pissed even more. “Now please go out from my house because I have to pack my stuffs. I don’t have time for a piece of shit like this!” She pointed at the door.

“Okay.” Riho stood up and then she took something from her bag. “This is for you.” She put it on the table. “And don’t open it until I go out from your house, in case you want to punch me later.” She chuckled.

Annin saw the brown envelope on the table. She didn’t know why but… she had a bad feeling about it.

Riho walked toward the door and then she opened the door. “You’re cute, senpai… and I don’t want a super cute girl like you will end up like me.” She stepped out and the she closed the door.

Annin took the envelope and then she ran into her room. She was hesitating to open the envelope, but she couldn’t hold back her curiosity. She opened the envelope slowly… her eyes widened in shock after she took out something from the envelope. So… that’s why she didn’t sad when she knew that I’ll go to Tokyo.

Annin took out all stuff from the envelope because she was looking for something. That brat. She found what she was looking for… Riho’s phone number. Without a second thought, she dialed the number.

Moshi moshi.

“This is me.”

Wow, senpai! Such a quick call!” Riho laughed through the phone. “You want to slap me, right? Too bad, I’m not around your house anymore.

“You leave your phone number inside this damn envelope, what for?”

Well… I want to prove it to you that I’m not lying.

“I need your favor… please do something like this for me again… for a year.”

Riho snorted. “Pfft. I don’t want to. I have a feeling that you believe me already, so my job is done. Besides, I gain nothing if I’m doing it for you anyway.

Annin felt that Riho wanted her to say something. “What do you want?” Yes, that’s a question that Riho wanted to hear. She was sure because she heard Riho laughed.

I want you, senpai… for one night.”

Annin eyes widened, she didn’t expect that Riho would be went this far. “I’m not a slut! Watch your mouth, Abiru Riho-san!”

I’m not considering you as a slut. Like I said before that you’re super cute. I’m just curious why Jurina want to be with you for a long time like this, usually she will throw the girls away in some weeks. Is that because you’re good in bed or what?

“…….” Annin remained silent. I wonder about it too.


“Be careful, babe.” Jurina kissed Annin’s lips. “Don’t miss me too much because I’ll be there on the next weekend.”

Annin smiled. Let’s see if I’ll miss her or not. People may think that I’m crazy because I didn’t tell her about what Riho did to me. Yes, I don’t want to break up with her… maybe because I still have faith in her. I still believe that someday she will change…. God, I love her so much. “Be healthy and be good on your study, so next year you can come with me to Tokyo.” She ruffled Jurina’s hair.

“Of course.” Jurina cupped Annin cheek. “I love you.”

She loves me? I’m not sure about it. Annin didn’t want to become too obvious, so she just said what she usually says. “I love you too.” She took a really deep breath. “Don’t be flirty with other girls, okay?!” She pointed her finger at Jurina’s face.

Jurina was surprised, but then she took it as a joke… she laughed. “Okay, dear. Now, go inside. Your train will be departed soon.”

Annin nodded and then she stepped into the train after she gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips. “I love you, don’t you EVER forget about it.” She whispered it to Jurina’s ear.


*5 Year Later*

Annin sat on the couch near the window while watching the first snow falls and holding a cup of hot chocolate in her hands. 5 years. She sighed.
Jurina and I are still dating, well… in case you’re curious so I mention it about it first. I’m working as an accounting in one of the biggest magazine in Tokyo. On the other hand, Jurina is still a senior year student. We lived in the same apartment now.
About Riho… I’ve never heard about her again after our ‘contract’ was over some years ago. I know that she’s a bit annoying, but I hate to admit it that she helped me so much.
And about the other things… still same. Jurina didn’t change at all, same as always.

“What are you thinking?”

Annin felt that someone was hugging her from behind. “You.”

“You’re thinking about me? Glad to hear that.” Jurina tightened her hug on Annin shoulders and then she rested her chin on the top of Annin’s head. “I love you.”

Annin looked at the night sky through the window. “Let’s break up, Jurina.”

Jurina was taken aback. “What?!” She quickly sat beside her girlfriend and then she took the hot chocolate from Annin’s hands. After she put the cup on the table, she pulled Annin into her hug. “Lately, you always mentioning about break up. You don’t love me anymore?” She put Annin’s head on her chest and then she caressed her hair gently.

Annin closed her eyes, enjoying every touch that Jurina did to her. “I’m still in love with you.”

Jurina frowned. “So, what’s the reason?”

“I saw you with a girl in xxx restaurant this afternoon.” Annin could hear Jurina’s heartbeat increased rapidly. “I have lunch with my co-workers today in the same restaurant. I saw both of you… holding hands.”

“W-what? D-don’t be misunderstood.” Jurina stuttered. “She’s only my college friend. I hold her hand because I want to make her comfortable, she’s broken heart.” She tightened her hug. “Please believe me. I didn’t tell you because I’m afraid you’ll jealous for no reason.”

Annin clutched her own shirt. “Okay, I believe you. I’m sorry.” For no reason, huh? Yes, I trust you countless times for no reason, I forgive you many times for no reason, I love you for no reason, and I also can’t broke up with you for no reason. “Ah, I have to wash my face. I want to sleep.”

Jurina let go of her arms. “Okay.”

Annin walked toward the bathroom and locked the door. She washed her face with warm water… but there was a different kind of waters that rolling down on her cheeks. Am I crazy??!!! She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. I’ve done many things to make her stay with me!!! I give her my time, my love, my heart, my body, and my everything to her but-  she was about to burst out, but she tried hard to not make any sound. Why do I still can’t let her go from my life??!!! What’s the meaning of love if my heart always hurt like this?! It’s not the first or second or even third time I saw her with another girl… this has happened dozens of times! But why my heart still believes her??!!! Why do I still can’t fall in love with someone else?! Fuck!

“Anna, are you okay?” Jurina knocked the bathroom door.

“Yeah… I’m okay.” Annin wiped her tears and washed her face faster before Jurina being suspicious at her. “Do you want to go to the bathroom?” She said it after she opened the door.

Jurina shook her head. “I just too miss you.” She pouted. “You’ve been so busy with your work lately.”

Annin looked at Jurina’s face. Oh God, why did You make her so cute like this?! Every time I’m mad at her, I can’t resist this cute face! She always wins over me. She smiled at Jurina. “I love you too.” She walked closer toward Jurina and in a few second later, their lips clashed and dancing together. She poured everything into that kiss… her frustration, her passion, her madness, her despair, her love, and her pain.

God, please help me to find a way to end this misery. Annin closed her eyes and enjoying the temporary pleasure that Jurina gave to her.


Ugh! So noisy! Annin closed her face with a pillow. “Jurina, can you turn off the TV?? I’m really sleepy!” She wanted to reach Jurina, but she found nothing… only found a pillow beside her. She opened her eyes slowly and then she sat while rubbing her eyes. “Jurina?” She turned on the bedroom light. There was only her in the room. She tried to sharpen her hearing because the voice still echoed from somewhere. She woke up slowly from the bed and walked toward the door.

The moment she opened the door, she could hear the voice clearly and it made her goose bumps. Her body was trembling when she walking toward the voice. Her knees became extremely weak just by hearing that kind of voice, but she used all of her might to look at it by her own eyes. The horror came to her when she saw clearly what happened on the kitchen.

“Ngghhhh~ J-jurina——”

“JURINA!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!” Annin couldn’t hold back the tears… the tears flowing like the rain.

The girl who lay below Jurina was flinched. She quickly grabbed her clothes that spread around the floor and covered her body. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know that Jurina have a roommate.” She pushed Jurina away.

Jurina turned her head at Annin. “Oh, Anna!” She smiled like a idiot. “Come here~ Join us~ It’ll be fun.” She grinned and then she let out the sound of hiccup.

“Sh-she’s drunk. I’ve just met her in the bar in a few hours ago. She’s dead drunk and then she randomly talks about her address, so I take her home. But when we arrived here, she began to touch m-”

“STOP IT!!!” Annin yelled at the girl. The tears were still flowing down on her cheeks. She walked fast into her room and then she took out something from the cupboard. She walked back to the kitchen and then she threw it in front of the girl. “Bring her to wherever you want!!! Do it somewhere else!!! Hotel, your damn house, or somewhere!! When she gain her conscious tomorrow, don’t tell anything about me to her! Don’t say to her that I saw this fucking dirty scene!! That’s your money!!! Go!!!!!!”

“Y-yes….” The girl took the money, wear back her clothes, and then she hardly helped the drunken Jurina to walk after she put on the clothes on.

Annin went back to the bedroom and slammed the door. “AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” She screamed out loud. “FUCK!!” She threw the pillow, the bolsters, the blankets, and the bed sheet onto the floor. The room messed up just in a few seconds. “What should I do?!” She was sobbing so hard.

*next day*

Before Jurina went home from somewhere, she quickly packed her stuffs and wrote a note for Jurina.

Jurina, suddenly… I missed my mom. I’ll go back here in a week. No need to worry about me.

Of course that was a lie, Annin missed her mom but that was not the main reason why she went away. She didn’t want Jurina looked at her swelling and red eyes because she has been crying all night. She also didn’t know how to face Jurina when they meet later. She was afraid that she would do something stupid when she saw Jurina… like screaming, punch her, kick her, slap her, or something.

So… this is how it feels to deeply in love with player. Annin was laughing…. while crying.


When Annin opened the door, she was surprised because Jurina looked at her from the couch. “Hi.” She walked straight into the bedroom.

“Who is he?” Jurina followed Annin into the bedroom. “I see him take you home almost every day.”

Annin sighed. “She’s my cousin’s friend and also my manager in my new company. I met him when I went home months ago. Didn’t I tell you before? ” She sighed again. Yes, it’s been some months after THAT accident happened.

“Anna, it’s almost our seventh anniversary… but THAT guy is the first fucking man who takes you home. You allow him to take you home almost EVERYDAY?!”

“Jurina… I’m tired. Can we talk about it tomorrow since tomorrow is the weekend?” Annin wanted to change her clothes, but she was so surprised when Jurina suddenly grabbed her hand and made her turned around.


Annin hissed in pain. “Nothing to do with him. You know that I love you, so don’t worry about him. I’m being nice to him only because he is my cousin’s friend.”

“I’m not allowing you to talk with him anymore!” Jurina tightened her grip.

“Ouch! You hurt me.” Annin harshly escaped her hand from Jurina’s grip. “I HAVE TO talk with him because he is my BOSS.” She rolled her eyes when she saw Jurina’s angry eyes. “Why? Do you think me and him are a great couple?”

Jurina clenched her fist. “It’s not funny.” She turned around and then she walked toward the door. When she open the door, she said “FINE! Do whatever you want!” After she said it, she slammed the door.

Annin rubbed her forehead. I’m deeply in love with her… but living with her forever is a big NO for me. I can’t let myself live in misery anymore, especially after THAT accident months ago. I will be with her as long as I can but I think… not forever. She changed her clothes and then she threw her body onto the bed.


“Let’s break up.”

Annin crossed her arms. She said it in our seventh anniversary day… it’s also the first time in our seven years relationship she said that she want to break up with me. “Can I get the reason?”

Jurina sat on the couch. “I told you to not talk with that guy anymore, but you keep allowing her to take you home. Do you know how hurt I am to see that thing?! You’ve been so cold toward me since months ago. I don’t know whether you bored at me or you didn’t love me anymore…. But I just want you to know that I still love you like the first time I fell in love with you in high school.”

Annin saw that Jurina was about to cry, she wanted to say that she didn’t want to break up and say that she still loves her as well but… NO! I can’t lose to my own heart right now!! I’m about to free! This fucking so-called love makes me live in pain for years!  She took a deep breath and then she opened her mouth. “Okay… let’s break up. Let’s end this.” She saw Jurina flinched a bit, but she tried to ignore it. “I will move out tomorrow.”

Jurina looked away. “Thank you for these past seven years.”

Annin didn’t say anything, she just walked into the bedroom. Of course she has to thank me for these seven years, but me? I don’t think that I’ve ever feel happy again after our first anniversary.


The girl flinched as she heard her phone was ringing in her handbag. She took out her phone and then she found a new message from the person she hates the most… yet also the person she loves the most.

From: Matsui Jurina

Please, Anna. Please.
Just… please… give me one more chance before it’s too late.

The tears rolled down on her cheeks again, but this time the tears wouldn’t be able to stop right away… it was falling so hard, like the rain. She wiped her tears before she typed the answer for Jurina.

To: Matsui Jurina

It’s already too late.

After she sent the reply, she turned off her phone.


= 2. Jurina =

Jurina had been parked her motorcycle in front of a house since 2 hours ago. Argh! I may look like a creepy stalker right now, so embarrassing! She tried to call the number that she always calls recently, but she couldn’t reach it this time. Urgh! Why does she often turn off her phone in the most crucial days like this?! Fuck!

Jurina walked back and forth in front of the gate. Okay, I will wait her. No matter what happen, I have to get her back. She scratched her head. I don’t want to lose her. Why am I so stupid anyway?! Why did I ask her to break up with me in the first place?

She sat on top of her motorcycle because she felt her legs began to cramp again after an hour walking back and forth. Nobody ever believes me every time I say that I really love her.

The first time I met her was under the shelter bus near our school. I recognized her immediately because she was the president in our school, especially because she’s an extremely gorgeous girl. Her black-long hair, her calm and mature side, her warm smile, and her voice when she talked to me for the first time in the bus made me feel mesmerized. I’m a player, but at that time… I didn’t want to add her as one of my collections since she was my senior, too dangerous.

But that wasn’t last long. I want to get her after she helped me with my math task in the library… good girl is always easy to get because I will easily have tons of reasons to talk with them. As I expected, she was too easy… she always want to watch me play basketball even though she didn’t like sports, that was a really good sign.

Not like my other girlfriends at that time who act overly cute and try to be sexy when they were with me, Annin was quite unique… her calm side made me didn’t want to push her too much. We slowly get to know each other better and became best friend. She was a really good friend and it even made me wonder to continue the ‘game’ or not, I just… want her to be my friend because she was a really nice and smart girl.

But one day… she took some distance from me all of a sudden and I didn’t know why. It made me so frustrated and felt lonely because be with her already became my habit. I thought she would come back to me in days, but no, she didn’t talk to me for weeks and it made me wonder. After I got her address from one of my girlfriends (she was Anna’s classmate), I rushed to her house. I almost laughed really hard after I saw her sleepy face and her messy hair in the afternoon… so cute. I tried to not laugh in front of her, but when she went to the bathroom… I laughed really hard (trying hard to not let out any sound).

I persuaded her to tell me the reason why she acted weird toward me at that time… and as I expected before, she felt uncomfortable around me because she heard the rumor that I’m a player. My experiences say that if girls already suspicious to me, they won’t believe at whatever I say. I didn’t want to lose her and the only way that came to my mind was telling her that I love her… even though I wasn’t. I said ‘I love you’ words countless times, but that was the first time I felt guilty when I lied to a girl. It works… she didn’t run away from me again after I said those magic words.

“What are you doing in front of my house?!”

Jurina was startled. “A-anna…” She quickly got down from her motorcycle. “I want to talk with you but you turn off your phone.”

Annin sighed. “There’s no need to talk because my answer is still same and will never going to change.”

“Anna, please… I lo-” She walked closer to Annin but then she stopped as she saw another figure came from Annin’s back.

“Oh, Matsui Jurina-san! It’s nice to meet you again!” A man approached Jurina and reached her hand.

“Kimura-san.” Jurina said his name in monotone way because her mood drastically went bad. She felt being forced to shake the hand. He is a damn guy who always took her home at that time… the fucking guy who made our relationship ended… the shit guy who will take Anna away from me.

“How are you, Jur-” Kimura wanted to say something but Jurina cut his words.

“I need to talk with her… just two of us.” Jurina said it firmly and sharp enough to make the guy stepped back.

“Jurina!” Annin looked irritated.

But then Kimura smiled. “It’s okay, darling. I’m about to go anyway, my friends already waiting for me.” He kissed Annin’s cheek. “See you later.”

“Are you sure to go so soon?” Annin wasn’t sure until she got a slight nod from him. “Okay, be careful.”

Honestly, those simple sweet things make Jurina wanted to puke. Yuck!

Annin let out a soft sigh after she saw Kimura drove the car away. She turned her head toward Jurina. “Why do you always make a mess?” She walked toward the gate and then she unlocked the gate. “Come in.” She wanted to shoo Jurina away but she was sure that Jurina would never go until Jurina talked with her.

Jurina followed Annin entered the house. “It’s not too late to stop now. If you stop, I’ll give you anything you want.” She said it after Annin closed the door.

“Didn’t you read my message before? It’s already TOO late.” Annin sat on the couch and stared at Jurina who gazed at her.

“Oh God…” Jurina looked annoyed. “I didn’t come here and wait in front of your house for hours just to hear those FUCKING words from your lips, Anna!!”

“THEN WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!!! You want me say that I love you and comeback you? HUH??!! That’s never going to be happened!” Annin stood up because Jurina raised her voice and yell at her.

“Why…….” Jurina’s eyes began to teary.

Every time she saw Jurina cried, she always wanted to calm her down and said to her that everything was going to be okay… but unfortunately she couldn’t do that. “Because you said that you will always be my side…. Liar!!!” She clenched her fist.

“WHAT?! YOU are the one who dumped me by dating that fucking guy! You leave me! You are the liar here!!”

“Oh, really? I’m the liar?!” Annin lost her patience. She rushed into her bedroom and then she took an envelope from the drawer, after that she threw all the things inside the big envelope onto Jurina’s chest. “Now tell me who the liar is.”

Jurina was taken aback as a bunch of photos were slapped onto her body. She looked at the photos on the floor. “W-wait… h-how did y-you g-”

“Abiru Riho. Aren’t you familiar with that name?” Annin said it sarcastically.

Jurina kneeled on the floor and then she took some photos. It was her… with girls who ever dating with her. Every picture was showing her doing lovey-dovey with a girl and there were dozens of photos that spread on the floor. That bitch! Ugh shit!! She let go of those photos from her hands and then she stood up… she almost lost her hope. “Listen Anna… that girl is just trying to mess with me because she hates me!”

“May I know why she hates you?” Annin crossed her hands. “Are you trying to deny that you are not a fucking player again?!”

“…” Jurina remained silent.

“Listen Jurina… there are lots of things that I know about you, but I keep it save inside my heart because I didn’t want to hurt you and I wanted to trust you. Now… I’m going to reveal everything and I’m not going to hold back again.” Annin sat on the couch again.

Jurina just stood there like a stone while looking at the ground.

“The first time I knew that you’re a player was when you were with Riho in my class… doing some pervert things in front of my eyes. YES! I was there.” Annin said it because Jurina wanted to open her mouth. “That’s the reason why I took the distance from you.”

Jurina couldn’t believe it. She was shock to death.

Annin snorted when she saw Jurina terrified face. “Don’t get too shocked, Jurina. That’s only the beginning.” She continued the story about when Riho came to her place bringing some photos, about when she asked help from Riho for ‘spying’ Jurina while she began to study in Tokyo, and when they were lived together in Tokyo… lots of her college friend said to her that they often saw Jurina ‘walks’ with many different girls.

Jurina’s knees got weaker and made her slowly sat on the cold floor, she couldn’t hold back her tears, her body was trembled, and she closed her mouth with her palm. She was… too shocked… too sad… felt ashamed.

“You were dating with many girls during our 7 years!!! Do you know how suffered I was?! I tried to keep trusting you even though I didn’t know that you love me or not… even though I didn’t know that you would stop playing with my heart someday or not! You’re a terrible person, Jurina!” Annin burst out. “I love you but I really fucking hate you!!”

Jurina looked at Annin in disbelief way, she didn’t expect that Annin would know her terrible things. She tried to hide her bad habit for years and she always thought that she succeeded in hiding everything from Annin, but no… she made Annin lived in misery for 7 years. “Let me explain-”

“I don’t need any explanation!! I already gave you countless chances during our 7 years to you… what do you want for me again? You want me to go back to you until I’m dying in pain? Sorry, NO!” Annin glared at Jurina. “Do you know why I easily agreed to break up with you? Have you wondered about it?”

Jurina didn’t say anything.

“I’m not sure how many times you SLEEP with other girls, but there was one night when you came back to our apartment in a drunken state… with a girl that you just met at the bar. I saw you…” Annin took a deep breath because she knew that bringing that topic could make her sad again. “… I saw both of you having an intimate time in our kitchen. I gave her a lot of money so she could bring you to somewhere and do THAT in other place. On the next day I wrote a note that I missed my mom and went home for a week.” She laughed, but actually the pain already stabbed her heart. “Every time you hurt me… I was always become the one who apologized because I felt guilty for making you feel bad, but you? You angry at me just because a random guy was taking me home everyday even though I didn’t love him.”

So… that’s why- SHIT!! Jurina grabbed her own hair while crying on the floor. It’s done… I can’t have her again. NEVER again.

“Now you know.” Annin said it sarcastically. “Do you still have a thought that I’ll come back to you?”

“No.” Jurina stood up after she wiped her tears. “I’ll leave now.” She walked slowly toward the door, the moment she grabbed the knob… she stopped for a moment. “I’m afraid that Kimura is going to make you happier than I do.”

“Are you sure that you ever made me happy?”

Jurina looked at the knob. “No.” Her tears were falling again. “Well… I guess this is a goodbye for us. Congratulation for your wedding… ” She bit her below lips and felt her body was shaking. “It will be held on next week… right? Thanks for the invitation card but I may not come, I have to go back to Tokyo… I pray for your happiness. I love you.” She opened the door and then she walked away… leaving her precious memories behind.

Yes, she’s getting married.

At first I didn’t have any plan to ask her to comeback with me because I was afraid that she would reject me, well… we already broke up for a year. But when Annin and Kimura wedding invitation card came to my apartment 2 weeks ago, without thinking too much… I rushed went back to here again and started to plead at her to not leave me. I knew that it was so late but at least I still had a little hope in my heart.

But after hearing the truth from her lips and after I knew that I made her suffering too much back then, the tiny hope that I always hold in my hand… suddenly slipped from my grip. Well… at least I’ve tried.


* 3 years later *

Do you know why do I love being a player? Because I thought that I wouldn’t lack of love. They will love me and do everything for me even when I’m doing nothing. I wouldn’t feel lonely because girls were always around me every time I need them. I thought that love from one girl wouldn’t enough to fulfill my desire of love, no matter how big her love is. I’m very lucky because I’m good looking, and it makes girls always crazy in love with me.

Jurina was looking at the crowd under the night sky Tokyo from her flat window. She wanted to see more, so she walked out to her terrace while holding a cup of coffee. She sat on a bench after she turned on the light. Her flat was on 15th floor, so obviously she could see many beautiful scenes from her luxury flat. She took a really deep breath while closing her eyes. Love can change everything and I guess it’s true.

I realized that Annin’s love is enough for me, only her love. After took several deep breaths, she opened her eyes and took a sip of her hot coffee. There’s no day passed without missing her… Iriyama Anna. She crossed her legs and drank her coffee again. I never meet her since 3 years ago and my agency told me to change my phone number for my safety. Oh right, I haven’t tell you that in these past 2 years I became a model. She chuckled by herself.

Why? I’m not sure why but there was one night when I went home by train… at that time one of the agency people came to me after she saw me. I swear that at that night I only wear a blue jeans, pink shirt, a glasses, and without put a make-up at all. He gave me the agency address and asked me to come whenever I had free time. I came in a week and without a long process, I got a manager after I signed the contract. After that, my life has changed… but I love it. I love being cool, cute, pretty, and glamour in front of many people. Well… since I’m not a shy girl, it’s not too hard to enter the modeling world.

My agency told me that I got many offers to do movies and dramas, but I rejected it all because I don’t want to be too busy and focus only in one thing make me can easily dig my ability. I mostly spent my free time alone in my flat, but sometimes I will go skiing or hiking too.

Jurina startled as she heard her phone ringing. She got a mail from her manager. ‘Sleep well because you have an interview on xxx magazine tomorrow at 9AM and after that you’ll do the photo shoot for their cover ’. She sighed. This magazine again?! They always dig their guests’ private story! Ugh.

* Next Day *

Interviewer:  I remember that last year, when you got an award, I asked you this question. I want to ask it again because I wonder the answer is still same or not.
Jurina: Really? Go on and feel free to ask it. Wow, suddenly I become nervous. *laugh*
Interviewer: Are you in a relationship with someone?
Jurina: Oh, this question? Honestly, somehow I expect this topic would come out again. *laugh*
Interviewer: Well… last time you said ‘no’, right? That’s why I wonder about it. You’re beautiful and I’m sure that many people come to you and confess their feelings.
Jurina: My answer is still same… no, I’m not. I don’t have any relationship with someone since 4 years ago. I also haven’t had a thought to find a love.
Interviewer: 4 years?! I’m surprised, Matsui-san. Can I know the reason?
Jurina: Reason? Hmm… after my first love dumped me, I didn’t have any interest to find a new love.
Interviewer: Why? Do you still love that person?
Jurina: Always. She’s a mature and warm girl, she’s so beautiful and have a long-black hair, and she’s smart. Oh God, I think I revealing too much because I’m too comfortable sit in this couch! *laugh*
Interviewer: Wow, sugoi. I’m sure that your first love will shocked if she read this interview later. She could fall in love with you again, especially after she looks how success you’re as a model.
Jurina: I’m not sure about it.
Interviewer: Why?
Jurina: Because 3 years ago, she was married with a really good man. You won’t believe me if I say that I was a player back then, a really bad player, and that was why she left me.
Interviewer: Okay, I’m surprised because this is a new info. You often said on other TVs, radio programs, and magazines that you ever have a 7 years relation and ended up with break-up, but this is the first time you say the reason. Is it okay to keep publishing this part?
Jurina: Of course it’s okay, since I want her to know it as well. I stopped being player because I’m deeply in love with her… no one can replace her. I don’t want her to comeback with me again since she already has a husband, but I just want her to believe that I really love her. Back then… I always say ‘I love you’ to many girls, so she didn’t believe it when I said it to her. I hope after prove it for about 4 years… she will believe me. That’s it.
Interviewer: Such a beautiful and sad story, I hope both of you can be happy in some way. I want to ask many things about this, but sorry… we have to move to the next question-

Jurina stretched her arms. “Finally my schedule is over for today.” She took a bottle and drank the water. This magazine will be released in 2 weeks, I wonder how Anna’s reaction if she read it. I often mentioning about her in public, I wonder if all of them have reached her or not.


* 4 months later *

Jurina suddenly stopped the car when she saw something on the park. Her heartbeat rapidly increased the speed when she was parking her car. She was heading to a studio for photo shoot, but she didn’t care at all even though she was almost late to go there. She stepped out from her car and ran to the certain spot after she locked her car. Thankfully… she’s still there. She walked slowly toward a woman who was carrying a kid; she guessed that his age was 2-3. “A-anna… i-is that y-you??” She stuttered.

The woman lifted her head and then she was shocked. “Jurina?! Oh God.” She smiled at Jurina. She stood up after she put down the kid. “How are you? I always see you on TV, so I guess you’re oka-” She stopped when Jurina hugged her tightly.

“I miss you. Are you still angry at me?” Jurina’s tears rolled down on her cheeks.

Annin smiled, but she didn’t hug back. “I’m not angry at you anymore. I’m too old for fighting with someone again.” She rested her chin on Jurina’s shoulder. “I miss you too.”

Jurina let go of her arms. “Thanks.” She smiled so brightly, that was the first time since she felt alive again. “Is he your kid?”

Annin nodded. “How about you? You should get married as well so you will have a child too, Jurina.” She chuckled.

Jurina shook her head. “Women are not obligated to have children and I-” She wanted to talk but her phone was ringing, a call from her manager. Shit! She put the phone back into her pocket. “Sorry, I have to go.” She took out her business card and then she gave it to Annin. “Give me a call… only if you want.” After that, she turned her head to Annin’s kid. “Hey, kiddo!” She ruffled his hair. “Sorry… I don’t bring any gift for you, but I promise if we meet again later, I will give you a big one.”

The kid smiled at Jurina. “Yeay!” He looked happy. “I will get a big present from beautiful aunty.”

Jurina giggled. She looked at Annin again. “I don’t know this is a goodbye or a ‘see you later’, but I just want to say that I’m happy to meet you.” She approached Annin’s face and gave a quick kiss on the blushing cheek. “Send my greetings to Kimura-san.” She waved her hands and then she ran toward her car… without stop smiling.


For over a month Jurina waited a call or a message from Annin, but nothing was coming to her phone except her work stuff. Every time her phone was ringing, she quickly ran to take it and always left a pout after she saw that it wasn’t from Annin.

But there was a night when Jurina slept early because she was too tired, her phone was ringing. She was lazily stretched her hand over the small table beside the bed. “Manager-san, I’m sleepy. You can mail my schedule instead of calling me at this hour.” She was about to hang up the phone but-

Happy 28th birthday, Jurina.

Jurina was shocked and her eyes opened in instant. “Anna?” She still remembered Annin’s voice vividly although it has been years. She quickly woke up and turned on the light. She took a little glance at the clock. 00:01:58… wow.

Anna didn’t hear any voice through her phone, so she wanted to hang up the call. “Ah, sorry for making you awake. I just want to congratulate you, well uhh…. bye.

“W-wait! Wait!!” Jurina prevented Annin to end the call. “Don’t. I still want to talk with you.” She tried to control her crazy heartbeat. “Thank you. I’m glad that you still remember my birthday.”

I always remember it, Jurina. I just……

“It’s okay.” Jurina talked after a long silence. “I’m still glad you finally call me. Umm… where are you? Are you in your parent’s house?”

No, I lived in Tokyo since a year ago.

“Really?!” Jurina wanted to jump from her terrace because she was too happy. She’s here?! Cool. “Where’s Kimura? Is he sleeping right now?”

Why do you asking it?

“Because I want to kidnap you tonight. Give me your address and let’s celebrate my birthday.”

Huh?” Annin sounded surprised.

Jurina laughed. “I’m just joking. Of course I won’t be able to kidnap you from your own husband. Just tell me later if you have a free time, I will pick you up. You can bring them with you.” She didn’t hear any answer from Annin and she thought that Annin got confused about something. “You can bring your husband and your kid with you if you want, since maybe if it’s just the two of us… it would be awkward.” She let out giggle, but then she frowned when she still didn’t hear any answer from her beloved girl. “Anna?”

Jurina… Kimura is already dead in the car accident a year ago. That’s why I moved to Tokyo, so I could get a better job as a single parent for my kid.

Jurina gasped. “Oh God!” She closed her mouth with her hand. “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

It’s okay.

Jurina heard Annin’s trembled voice and she felt bad for making Annin’s sad. “Give me your address… Let’s talk.”

We can talk on the phone.

“I see… you may think that I’m still a sneaky girl who will take advantage of you when you’re hurting and alone like this. Believe me that I just want to become a friend who can wrap you up in my arms to comfort you, nothing else.” Jurina tried to make Annin realized that she wasn’t the same old Jurina.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. Maybe later, Jurina.

Jurina couldn’t hide her disappointment, but she could understand Annin’s decision to stay away from her. “It’s okay… you need time to receive me back as your friend.” She didn’t lie about it… she only wants to protect Annin as a friend until Annin found a new love again. She knew that being a single parent is hard because her own mother raised her without her father too. She didn’t want the girl that she love the most have a hardship alone in raising a kid.

They talked for few minutes later, but they had to stop when Annin’s kid was suddenly awake because he had a bad dream that made him cried out loud.


For about 2 months they only talked on the phone because Annin always rejected Jurina’s offer to meet. At first, Jurina eagerly wanted to prove that she has changed by asking Annin to meet her… but lately she realized that she didn’t want to push Annin too hard. Let it flow. It was what Jurina thinking.

Jurina changed her ringtone and she gave a special ringtone for Annin, so she would know immediately if Annin called or messaged her. Every night she always waits for Annin’s call because usually Annin would call her at 10PM, but Annin didn’t call her every night though… maybe just once or twice a week. Jurina wanted to call Annin everyday but she resisted her desire… she was afraid that Annin would feel uncomfortable if she do that.

Jurina ran from the bathroom to grab her phone because she heard the special ringtone. “Hi.”

Wow, you’re fast. Every time I call you, you always pick it up in 2 seconds.

Jurina heard Annin’s chuckled and she was so happy to hear that. “It’s because I always bring the phone with me. You know… work stuff can’t wait.” She lied about it since she didn’t want to act so obvious.

I see…” Annin paused for a moment. “How’s your work? I saw you on TV this morning and you looked so gorgeous.”

Jurina stunned. Sh-she watched me on TV!!! “My work is okay. How about you? Who’s take care of your kid when you’re in work?” She couldn’t stop grinning because Annin gave her a compliment.

I always bring Taichi with me since my office didn’t prevent it. Fortunately, he is a good kid so my co-worker didn’t complain at all.

“Oh, his name is Taichi. Cute.” Jurina smiled.

Their conversation kept going until an hour, after that they decided to end their conversation because Jurina had a work on the early morning. Every time Annin called her, she could sleep easily after hearing Annin’s voice. She couldn’t stop smiling until she fell asleep.


On the 4th month of their ‘phone relationship’, she got an emergency call from Annin.

J-jurina… help me.

Jurina began to panic. “What happen?!”

Taichi have a fever and his body temperature is very high……” Annin cried. “I don’t know what to do… his body trembled so much, but he didn’t cry. He just…. lay on the bed and his eyes closed.

“Wait there! I will come.” Jurina ended the call and then she rushed out from her flat. She ran as fast as she could to reach her car. But when she sat in her car, she paused. Wait… I even didn’t know her address, stupid! She smacked her forehead. She wanted to laugh but it wasn’t the right moment to laugh at her silliness. “Give me your address.” She said it firmly to Annin through the phone. “Hurry up!” She knew that Annin still doubted her, but it wasn’t a good time to think about their bad relationship in the past.

Annin sighed, but then she told it to Jurina.

After Jurina got the full address, she quickly called the doctor to immediately come to Annin’s house. It was in the middle of the night, but because it’s Matsui Jurina… she could get a good doctor immediately. After that, she drove toward Annin’s house.

When she arrived at Annin’s house, she quickly looked at Taichi’s condition. She touched the forehead and the neck. “Have you checked his temperature?” She asked it to Annin without took off her eyes from the kid.

Annin nodded. “About… 40°C”

“What?!” Jurina was taken aback. “It’s too high.” She saw Annin’s terrified face. “Don’t worry, because the doctor will come in minutes.”

And what Jurina said was true; the doctor came to check Taichi condition. The doctor quickly checked Taichi’s heartbeat, temperature, etc. “The fever is so high. I will give him some medicine to make his temperature down tonight, but if his temperature still same or even higher… please bring her to my hospital tomorrow to do the blood test. Okay?”

Jurina nodded. “Thank you, doctor.”

Before the doctor went out he gave some advises. “Please make him drink warm water as much as he can and don’t cover all of his body with blanket…. because even though he feels cold outside, but actually… inside his body is hot.”

Jurina nodded again.

“Thank you so much, Jurina.” Annin spoke after the doctor went from her house.

“Pfft!” Jurina snorted. “You should thank the doctor, not me.” She yawned. “Do you have coffee?”

“Y-yes… I will make it for you.” When Annin was about to go to the kitchen, Jurina grabbed her hand.

“No, I will make it by myself and I will keep my eye on Takkun tonight.” Jurina walked to the kitchen. “I know that you have to go work tomorrow, just go to sleep. I have a day off tomorrow, so I will bring him to the hospital tomorrow.” She left Annin standing by herself in the living room.

Thank you, Jurina.” Annin uttered it softly while smiling. After that, she went inside her bedroom and entrusted her kid in Jurina’s hand.

After Jurina made her coffee, she went to Taichi’s bedroom and sat beside his bed. She put the hot cup on the table and then she caressed his forehead gently. “You’re cute… like your mom.” She gave a warm smile to the sleeping kid. “Get well soon, kid. I promise I will give you a big present.” She kissed the kid’s forehead and then she took her phone. She played a game there to kill time. Annin is still beautiful as I remember… I love her so badly.

* next day *

Oh shit! I fell asleep. Jurina rubbed her eyes. She stood up and then she touched Taichi’s forehead. Thanks God, he gets better this morning. Ah, I have to make his breakfast. Did Anna already go for work?

Jurina stepped out from Taichi’s bedroom and then she walked toward kitchen. She saw a yellow note that glued on the refrigerator door. She read it. ‘Thank you for taking care of Taichi. :) I already made the porridge for Taichi and I also make the toast for you. See you later, Jurina.

Jurina smiled when she read the note. After that, she took the porridge from the bowl beside the stove and brought it to Taichi bedroom. She slowly woke Taichi up and fed him.

“Oh, beautiful Aunty… you’re here~” Taichi seemed confused. “Where’s mom?”

“Your mom is working and I’m in charge in taking care of you today.” Jurina grinned like a kid.

“A-are we going to the h-hospital?” Taichi looked afraid.

Ah, kids hate being injected by the doctor. “If you do everything as I say, I won’t take you to the hospital.”

“I will do anything!” Taichi quickly answered it.

“Good boy.” Jurina ruffled the kid’s hair. “Now, finish your breakfast, drink your water and medicine, and go back to sleep. If you get better soon, I will give you a big present.” She smiled.

“Roger!” Taichi said it out loud.

Jurina chuckled when she saw a cute kid in front of her.

In an hour later, Taichi already go back to sleep. She turned off the light and then she walked toward the dining table to get her toast. “Ahh… I’m hungry.” She ate the toast while watching the TV. Just like years ago, the toast made by Annin is always delicious. Ahh… I missed this.


“Jurina… Jurina.”

Jurina felt someone touched her arms. She opened her eyes slowly. “Oh, Anna. You’re home.”

“Yes. How’s Taichi?”

Jurina woke up from the couch. “He is okay. He’s sleeping right now. I didn’t bring him to the hospital because his temperature has been gone down since this morning.” She yawned while glancing at the clock. “I think I have to go home now.” She scratched her head.

“Let’s have dinner first. I will cook something for you before you go.”

Jurina shrugged. “Up to you.” After she said it, she saw Annin went to the kitchen. She followed Annin to the kitchen. “Is there anything that I can help?”

Annin shook her head. “Don’t worry… I can do it by myself.”

“Okay.” Jurina crossed her arms and rested her back on the wall. She was just standing there and watching Annin’s back figure. Just by watching Annin already made her heartbeat went crazily. I think I want to… ugh! Being in the same house with someone that we love is surely hard to not thinking about IT! Come on Jurina… calm down!!

“If you keep staring at me like that, I can’t focus on this.” Annin said it without looking at Jurina.

“Then leave it. I won’t die even though I don’t eat anything in one night.” Jurina’s eyes were still glued on Annin. “I will die if you prevent me to not looking at you. I miss you so much.”

Annin sighed. “Not now, Jurina. Don’t start that topic again.”

“Do you love Kimura-san? You always sad every time you mentioning about his death.”

Annin turned off the stove and then she turned her body. “If you want to talk about something like this… you better go home now.” She glared at Jurina.

Jurina didn’t care about Annin’s words, she kept going. “This afternoon, I saw your bookshelf and I found many things about me there. You bought all magazines and newspapers that have me in it. Why don’t you just tell me that you miss me as well? Why don’t you just be honest with me?”

“This is why I never let you to come here… because you will know immediately that I still love you.” Annin bit her lips, trying hard to not cry. “Every time I remember about Kimura’s death make me feel regret because even until his last breath… I can’t love him.” Her voice cracked.

W-wait… I don’t expect her to say that she love me. I thought that she only missed me, not loving me. Jurina were shocked. “If you didn’t love him so why did you marry him?! Don’t you know that you hurt both of us???”

“I’m sorry….” Annin couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. “I’m so sorry…. I’m too angry back then… too desperate… too disappointed at you.”

“I’m sorry.” Jurina quickly reached Annin’s hand and pulled Annin into her arms. She rubbed Annin’s back and stroke Annin’s hair gently to calm her down. “Sshhh… don’t cry. It’s okay. It’s okay.” She patted Annin’s head while her other arm keep hugging Annin’s body tightly. “I love you too. I still love you.”

Annin wrapped her arms on Jurina’s waist and she buried her face on Jurina’s neck. “I know… you always say it everywhere. That’s why I can’t stop loving you since I know that you also never stop to love me. I feel bad for Kimura because of that.”

Jurina smiled when she heard it from Annin’s lips. “So, you believe in me? Can you trust me again to love you like this again? To hug you like this again? To keep you safe in my arm again? To wipe your tears again?”

“I believe you now.” Annin hugged Jurina tightly.

“Ohh… thanks Annin.” Jurina felt so relieved. The words that she wanted to hear for 5 years finally came out from Annin’s lips. “I will never do any stupid thing again… EVER again.” She captured Annin’s lips. She kissed Annin passionately. I miss her… I love her…

After some minutes with kissing, Annin felt that Jurina’s delicate hands was about to sneak inside her blouse. She stopped Jurina’s hands. “Taichi is in the bedroom… he can come out anytime.” She whispered it against Jurina’s lips.

We can do it in your room then. I won’t forget to lock the door.” Jurina whispered back and it succeed in making Annin’s face got redder instantly.

Annin was surprised by Jurina’s seducing whisper. “P-pervert!!” She pushed Jurina slowly from her body.

Jurina gave a mischievous smirk. “That’s right.”

Annin smacked Jurina’s head. “STUPID!”

“Yes, I am.” Jurina simply answered it and her lips began to assault Annin’s neck.

She pushed Jurina again. “I HATE YOU!” Annin raised her voice as Jurina began to tease her.

Jurina crossed her arms while smiling. “Then should we break up… again?”

Annin was taken aback. “I don’t want that… we’ve just back together for 20 minutes.” She looked at the ground and hides her blushing face.

Too cute. Jurina chuckled. “Me too, so… let’s make up.” She wrapped her arms on Annin’s slender waist again. “I love you. I will take care of you and Takkun.” She said it firmly while looking straight to Annin’s eyes.

“I love you too. Thank you for everything.” This time… Annin was the one who kissed Jurina. She slowly pushed Jurina toward her bedroom and then she locked the door. Their kisses grew hotter, wilder and more passionate. Their lips couldn’t stop smiling on that night.

============================== THE END ==============================

I’m not sure which would I write next.. Sayuki - Regret or Mayuki - Voices or new OS that have just popped up into my head..
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THIS! reading this was like riding a jetcoster.. really!! this is greats! longggg... but I enjoyed it so much! you really is a, not good but great writer!!

ah.. im crying while typing this.. happy ending! I love happy ending! thankyou so much :bow: :bow:
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JuriAnnin! :D

THIS! reading this was like riding a jetcoster.. really!! this is greats! longggg... but I enjoyed it so much! you really is a, not good but great writer!!

ah.. im crying while typing this.. happy ending! I love happy ending! thankyou so much :bow: :bow:

yeah, right! reading this feel like riding jet coaster!
smile-blush-frown-sad-angry-mad-blush-smirk-grin ah full of emotions & expressions while reading this
yeah love is love... no matter what was happened, they're still loving each other
am happy because it's a happy ending :)
terimakasih anakpanti!
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Did I mentioned that I like Annin too( from that moment I saw her in MG3 ). XD
Even if my favourite couple is ............ you know. This is so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood that I almost forgot who is my favourite couple. :shocked
Thank you :grin:

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I hate you (╥﹏╥) you always make a good story Щ(ºДºщ) !!!

There riho become an antagonist!
I'm glad that kimura die (´⌣`ʃƪ)
I want more JuriAnnin from you or... Jurina x whoever is okay LOL
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Here I come again... with WMatsui OS. -_-

Someone request it to me via (, he/she asked me to write OS based on below pic from Juju's G+
Well... 'fluff' is not my genre, repeat, 'fluff' is not my genre. I don't have a good sense of humor. haha.
So... here we go again.... drama.

Words: 3,7 K

Note: Don't worry SaeYuki fans... I won't forget to proceed my 'Regret'. :)



#12 WMatsui - Hi

As soon as Rena heard her phone was ringing, she opened the bathroom door quickly after she wrapped her body with the towel. She got a message from someone who constantly messaged her and vice versa.

From: Matsui Jurina

I just arrived at my hotel room in Tokyo. (^・ω・^ )
You also will come here tomorrow, right?

Rena grinned after she read the message. Thanks God… she arrives safely. She quickly typed the message to reply Jurina’s message.

To: Matsui Jurina

Yeah, I will come. We both have a same schedule for AKB tomorrow.
I can’t wait! (* >ω<)

Well… you better take a rest, Jurina.
I’m sure that you’re tired, especially because we had a exhausting dance lesson few hours ago.

Rena put her phone on the table and then she sat in front of the mirror while waiting Jurina’s reply. I’m tired too… I don’t like dance lesson because every time we finished practice, I will always have muscles soreness like this. She sighed while massaging her arms with her hands. She stopped when a new message arrived at her phone.

From: Matsui Jurina

Yep, we both are pretty tired now because of THAT hectic dance practice.
You better sleep as well, Rena-chan. (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
Good night and have a sweet dream.

See you tomorrow!

PS: Your dance skill is getting much better lately. Good job, Rena-chan. (*/ω\*)

Rena wanted to jump around while grinning because Jurina praised her effort, but her body was too weak to do it. She simply sent a ‘Good night’ as the reply, and then she proceeded to dry her hair.

======================= NEXT DAY =======================

“Ohayou gozaimasu.” Rena bowed her head as she entered AKB’s practice room.

“Oh. Rena-chan!” Yukirin waved her hand while smiling. “Come here! We have an hour to practice before we go to music show for recording.”

“Hai~” Rena put her bag in the corner and then she quickly walked toward the girls. She was a bit tired because she was just arrived from Nagoya a half hour ago, but it was the risk that she had to face since she entered senbatsu. She placed herself beside Yukirin because it was her dance position.

Before the music played, she looked around and she smiled a little when she saw the person she was looking for. That’s Jurina! In SKE she always dances beside Jurina, but not in AKB… in here, Jurina always stood in front of her. Honestly, it’s more comfortable like this… watching her back. Well… it’s not like I don’t want to be a center, but… standing beside Jurina is always making me feel… awkward.

As soon as Rena heard the music was being played, her body moves along with the music by itself. Because it was the last rehearsal before music show, the sensei didn’t push them to dance using their full skill and power… the sensei didn’t want them to get exhausted. They did the rehearsal just to help them remembering their position and the dance movement again.

* After music show is over *

“Rena-chan.” Yukirin patted Rena’s shoulder. “Manager-san said that you, Jurina, and Akarin have to go back to Nagoya again this afternoon, is it true?”

Rena nodded. “Yeah… SKE will have a schedule at 4 PM, so we have to go back as soon as possible.”

“It’s surely tiring… go back and forth from Nagoya to Tokyo.” Yukirin said it while grabbing her handbag. “Okay, I’ll go first. See you next week.” She waved her hand and then she left Rena and Jurina in the changing room.

Rena took a little glance at Jurina, who still busy with her hair. She was sure that a moment ago… Jurina was also glanced at her before turning her head onto the mirror again, but sadly… Jurina didn’t say anything to her. She sighed. We didn’t greet each other since morning, or maybe… since 2 days ago?

“Hey, both of you. Hurry up! Manager-san is waiting for us in the car.” Akarin called Jurina and Rena. She walked away after she heard Jurina and Rena said ‘okay’ at the same time.

Rena saw Jurina walked toward the door without even bother to look at her. She sighed again. I can’t believe that we’re messaging each other every night. She grabbed her handbag and then she followed Jurina from behind. They were heading to the parking lot.

Akarin was the first one who entered the car, then followed by Jurina, and Rena was the last one. Rena closed the door and then she rested her back on the comfortable seat. She placed her handbag on her lap, after that she looked at outside through the window. I’m sleepy.

Rena took out her earphones from her bag. Every time she wanted to sleep, she always put on her earphones while hearing some songs… it was her habit. She closed her eyes slowly. Even though the earphones were plugged on her ears, she still could hear the girls’ voice. She heard Akarin and Jurina laughed together in the car.

Have you ever had an experience like me? Like… you are totally close with someone in ‘phone’, but in the real world… you barely talk with each other. Rena kept closing her eyes while her mind was playing by itself. Well… years ago, Jurina and I were really close because we always had same schedules, but after our fanbase grew bigger… the distance between us slowly get wider. There are a lot of factors… first, Jurina is very competitive and she began to see me as her eternal rival… second, she became a concurrent member and it caused the difference in our schedules… third, she was Mayuyu’s girlfriend.

Instead of Jurina who sat beside Rena, Akarin was the one who woke Rena up. “Rena-san, we arrived. Let’s go to the train.”

Rena opened her eyes slowly. “Thanks for waking me up, Akarin.” She rubbed her eyes a little and then she stepped out from the car. She followed the manager entered the train station while Jurina and Akarin walked behind her.

They get into the train after their manager paid their tickets. Rena preferred to sit alone while Jurina and Akarin were sat together. Since it was the public place, Rena had another habit in sleeping. After she was sure that her earphones were still plugged on her ears, she took out her sunglasses from her handbag. She wore the sunglasses so when she wakes up later… her swollen eyes won’t be exposed by citizen or paparazzi.

“Rena-san. Lately… you always sleep in the train and car. Are you really tired?” Akarin said it when she saw Rena was about to wear the sunglasses.

“I guess yeah.” Rena simply answered it while wearing the glasses. She closed her eyes. Of course it’s a lie. I may feel tired, but I’m not THAT tired. I always sleep in the middle of our trip because if I awake… there’s an awkward situation between me and Jurina. We won’t talk, we won’t see each other eyes, we won’t smile at each other, so… what should I do except pretend to sleep?

* At night *

From: Matsui Jurina

Do you arrive at your home safely?
I’m worried because you seem pretty tired today. (x____x)

And umm… your sleeping face is too cute! I almost can’t resist my urge to kiss you.
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Rena smiled when she read the message from Jurina. She’s worrying me?! Wow. She never showing it to me… she always act like I’m not exist in this world.

To: Matsui Jurina

You’re worrying me? Really? Thanks.
Yep, I’m arrived here safely and I hope you’re okay too.

Don’t you dare to kiss me, you kissing monster! ~(/// . ///)~

Rena put her phone onto the bed after she replied Jurina’s message. I want to talk with her but I can’t! My tongue becomes so stiff every time she is around me. We never really talk to each other except saying ‘good morning’. I also don’t have courage to ask her why she never talk to me directly.

During the day, we’re completely acted like strangers… but at night, we both act like we’re close with each other.
Rena let out a sigh. I don’t know until when we will keep doing this.


“Rena! Watch your step!!”

*BRAAKKK!!* It was too late, Rena’s forehead bumped into the door. “Ouch. Itai.” She rubbed her forehead. “I’m okay.. I’m okay.” She said it when Churi walked toward her to help her.

Churi chuckled. “You’re so clumsy today.”

“Yeahh…” Rena remembered how the sensei yelled at her over and over again during the dance practice because of her messy dance. She also remembered how her fellow friends in SKE (include Jurina) hissed in pain because she was always move to the wrong direction and stepped on their feet over and over again during the rehearsal. “Maybe I’m just too tired and need some rest. See you tomorrow.”

“Be sure you won’t hit the electric pole on the street or bumping into the wall!” Churi made fun of Rena and made the others laughed out loud.

Rena sighed while walking out from the rehearsal room. Today is my bad day. She knew exactly what was the reason behind her clumsiness was. I can’t concentrate in doing everything today after what I saw in Tokyo 2 days ago.


Rena clenched her teeth as she saw Jurina was helping Mayuyu to remember some dance moves and Mayuyu was also helping Jurina in remembering the lyrics. She saw Jurina and Mayu laughed together while practicing the new AKB single.

Rena’s blood was boiling up as she saw Mayu pinched Jurina’s cheeks because Jurina tried to steal the kiss from Mayu. I think… I’m jealous. This is bad.


She stepped into the car that would take her home.

From: Matsui Jurina

Send me a message as soon as you arrived at your home, okay?! (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

Rena got the message after she placed her butt on the car seat. This kind of situation gets on my nerves. She put her phone back into her handbag. We met almost every day! From the morning until the night, but why she never talk to me properly?! She just… starts to send me a damn message as soon as we don’t see each other face! Ugh. I’m even not sure if I mean something for her… She leaned her back onto the seat and then she closed her eyes. I have to stop this shit before it hurt me more than this.

In 20 minutes later, she finally arrived at her home. She threw her body onto the bed. Ahh~ how I love my own bed! She was too lazy to change her clothes… what she wanted to do was only fall asleep as soon as possible. But when she was about to lost her consciousness, her phone was ringing. Fuck.

Rena lazily reached her phone from her handbag without opening her eyes. She opened her eyes a little to see who sent her a message and it was… Jurina again.

From: Matsui Jurina

Rena-chan, are you arrived safely? I’m so worried about you.

Can you at least apologizing to me for stepping on my feet today?
You stepped on my feet 7 times, you know? (/ω\)

Lately, you rarely reply my messages. (╥_╥)

Rena let out a soft sigh. She was unsure if she should reply the message or not. Okay…

To: Matsui Jurina

I’m sorry.

Rena simply sent it to Jurina and after that she put her phone on the table. She heard her phone was ringing again but she just closed her face with the pillow, against her will to read the message from Jurina.


Oh right, selca. Rena took out her phone from the handbag and did her ritual… take some selca and then upload them to her social network accounts. Right after she updated her instagram, her phone was ringing and it made her a bit surprised.

From: Matsui Jurina

Have fun in our handshake event today! \(^o^)/
Keep smiling to our fans, okay?

PS: You’re so gorgeous when you smile. ☆❤

Rena couldn’t close her mouth after she read the message. W-wait… we are in the same place, right? It can’t be-


Rena turned her head when she heard the familiar voice. It was Jurina…. hugging Kojiharu… while holding her phone. She didn’t send the message to me a moment ago, right? She didn’t use that phone to send me a message a moment ago, right? Rrrriiiiigghhtt???? She blinked too much. We never send message to each other during the day, especially when we’re on the same place and when we have a same schedule.

Rena couldn’t take of her eyes from Jurina. Apart from the fact she was shocked, she was also stunned because Jurina looked so cool and handsome in a long-sleeved white shirt. After that, she saw Jurina let go of her arms from Kojiharu and then Jurina give an attention to her phone. Rena saw Jurina was typing something on her phone.

In a few seconds later, Rena’s phone was ringing. She flinched when she looked at her phone. Jurina??!! D-did s-she just… sent me a message when I was looking at her?! Wow… this is new.

From: Matsui Jurina

Don’t look at me like that. You make me shy. (*/ω\*)

Rena’s eyes were widened in shock. She quickly looked away to avoid Jurina… and to hide her blushing cheeks. She’s so dangerous… I have to go away from her. She stood up and then she walked away from the dressing room. She decided to enter the venue where the handshake event will be held.

*Some hours later*

Finally… the event is over. Rena stretched her arms to loosen her muscles. She looked around the dressing room, she saw everybody were still busy with taking some photos. She wasn’t interested to take another selca again because she already took them in the morning.


Rena saw Jurina looked at her after Jurina said ‘hi’ while smiling. She remained like a statue and blinked her eyes a few times while trying to understand what was going on at that time. Ah, maybe she talked to somebody else. She ignored Jurina and then she sat on a chair. She was planned to take her phone and updating her mobile mail. But when she was about to type something on her phone, she saw Jurina’s feet in front of her. She lifted her head slowly with her mouth open like an idiot. She saw Jurina stood in front of her and STILL looking at her.

“Hi.” Jurina repeat it again without took off her smile from her lips.

Rena looked around, but nobody around her… it was just her and Jurina. *THUMP!* her heartbeat began to race. “H-hi? Hi who? Hi me??” She pointed at her own dumb face.

Jurina let out a soft chuckle. “Yeah, you… Rena-chan.”

“O-oh well…” She stuttered because it was the first time in a year they talked privately like that. Usually, they only approached each other during the show and…. by phone message. “Y-yes?”

“There was a little kid who asked me to take a photo with you during the handshake event. Well… if you don’t mind-”

“I don’t mind.” Rena cut Jurina’s words. She stood up and then she put her phone on the table.

“Wow, you looks so excited.” Jurina laughed while taking out her phone from her pocket.

“I’m not THAT excited. Well… this is not our first time in taking selca because of fans’ request, right?” Rena acted so calm outside, but inside her… her heart felt like burning.

Jurina shrugged. “Yeah.” She stood beside Rena and shortened the distance between their bodies. She was ready to take a two-shot with Rena.

Rena tried her best to control her expression and her heartbeat. Jurina’s sweet scent gave too much impact to her brain.

“Rena-chan, can you move a bit closer to me? Your face doesn’t fully appear on my screen.” Jurina said it while looking at the phone in front of them.

“O-okay.” Rena shortened their gap distance until their bodies touched.

*Click* after Rena heard the sound of camera shutter, she stepped back.

“Wait!” Jurina stopped Rena. “My face looks weird. Can we take it once more?” She pouted.

Rena couldn’t just ignore those puppy look from Jurina’s cute eyes. “Okay.” She sighed and then she stood beside Jurina again.

After Jurina felt that Rena was close enough to her, she quickly turned her head toward Rena and whispered at her. “Why did you never reply to my messages again?” *Click*

Rena flinched as she realized that Jurina’s face was so close to her left ear. She shocked even more when she saw the picture… Shit! It looks like Jurina was kissing me. Her cheeks became redder in an instant.

Jurina chuckled when she saw Rena’s cute expression. “I will only post the first picture. And for the second picture, I won’t share it to anyone… from now on, it’ll become my treasure.” She grinned.

This kid really- Ugh! Rena looked away and then she grabbed her phone and her handbag. “I’ll go first. See you later.” She walked fast toward the parking lot without looking back at Jurina. She saw her manager already waited her inside the car and ready to take her to another place for the next schedule. Thanks God. My schedule saves me. “Let’s go, manager-san.” She said it to the manager as she really want to go from that place as soon as possible.

“Where’s Jurina-san?”

“Sorry?” Rena frowned.

The manager showed his tablet to Rena and showed the schedule table. “You two have the same schedule tonight for the CF, remember?”

“Hi again, Rena-chan.” Jurina smiled at Rena after she opened the car door.

SHIT! Rena slowly moved to another seat so Jurina could enter the car. I’m wrong. My schedule brings me to a great disaster.

The manager was about to start the car engine, but then he stopped as he heard his phone was ringing. He stepped out from the car to pick up the call.

Rena let out a soft sigh as she realized that it was the disadvantage situation for her. Being in the car with Jurina only?! Fuck!

“Please answer my question before, Rena-chan. Why didn’t you reply my messages anymore? I always send you some messages every single night.”

“Why should I?” Rena replied sarcastically without looked at Jurina. She answered it while looking out through the window. “You even never talked to me directly. Why? Are you afraid that Mayuyu would find out that you’re flirting with other girls?” She still said it with her sarcastic tone.

“Wait a minute…” Jurina frowned. “Mayu? You already knew that Mayu and I already broke up months ago, right? Everyone knows that we’re just having fun as best friends now.” She laughed. “And about… ‘other girls’… are you jealous or something?” She moved a little so she could sit closer with Rena.

“Look.” Rena turned her head and braced herself to look at Jurina. “I’m not jealous, okay? I just… don’t understand why you never talk to me directly?! You made me feel like a stupid girl because we only messaging each other, but in our real life… we never talk to each other! We even barely look at each other eyes. We never said anything beside ‘good morning’ to each other. Just look at our situation right now… we always messaging each other every night, but when we meet like this…. everything turns out into an awkward situation.” Finally, Rena was able to pour everything that has been buried for a long time inside her heart. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s because I love you.”

Rena was taken aback. “Wait what?!” She was very irritated. “It’s absolutely not the right time to make fun of me, Matsui Jurina!”

“People may look at me as a strong and brave girl outside, but actually… I’m totally a coward, clumsy, and shy girl when I’m around someone that I love. The reason why I broke up with Mayu was because she found out that I’m falling in love with you and it was hard for her to understand at first. But gradually, she could accept the reality and want to be my friend again.” Jurina looked at the ground. “And you know... I even shouted your name inside the bathroom 5 times before I approached you and said ‘hi’ to you 10 minutes ago. You can-” Jurina wanted to keep talking but she stop as she saw the manager entered the car.

“Let’s go, girls.” The manager turned on the car engine.

From: Matsui Jurina

You can laugh at me now, Rena-chan. ( ̄^ ̄)

Rena turned her head at Jurina after she read the message. She let out a soft giggle. Her giggle became louder after she saw Jurina’s irritated face.

To: Matsui Jurina

━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Your sudden confession make me shock to death.
So… is it means that we are a couple now, shy girl? \(^▽^)/

From: Matsui Jurina

Did you’ve just said that you love me back?!

Rena saw Jurina’s face after she read the message. She wanted to laugh again after she saw how cute Jurina’s expression. Jurina grinned at her with a pair of puppy eyes and waited for her answer. She reached Jurina’s hand and then she gave Jurina a slight nod.

“Yeay!!!” Jurina smiled brightly and then she hugged Rena tightly. “Thank you for making this thing works for me.” She gave a quick kiss on Rena’s lips before she let go of her arms from Rena’s body.

Rena stunned as she didn’t expect that Jurina would kiss her. She shook her head. “So this is how a SHY girl's act. I can’t believe it.” She laughed.

The manager tilted his head as he saw the girls’ via the rearview mirror. “Both of you looks happy all of a sudden.”

Rena and Jurina grinned while looking at each other in a lovely way.

======================= THE END =======================
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Aww so cute, I can bang my head on the wall  :banghead:

your fic is the best and wonderful  :thumbsup :fap

Hope to see a new OS soon  :D
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third, she was Mayuyu’s girlfriend.

 :shock: :frustrated:

But the end is very sweet (*/w\*)
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They so cute kyaaa~

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Hi guys… here we go, a crack pairing. XD
Someone requested this pairing from me and fortunately… I love them both too. :D

I accidentally read Jurina’s magazine interview after the grand shuffle happened. She said that she’s become very competitive toward Sayaka in team K… that’s why I find the idea in writing this fic. :)

The story isn’t about AKB, however, I choose the korean agencies system when all trainees have to be trained before they get their (uncertainty) debut.

Words: 4,4 K



#13 SayaJuri - Our Dreams

Sayaka stood up on the outdoor terrace of her flat. She sighed a lot… over and over again. She looked down at the Japan’s night traffic from her 14th floor flat. Jurina… She let out a sigh again.


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”


Sayaka rubbed her forehead. Damn it, Jurina! Slowly… the tears appeared from her eyes and then it rolled down on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let her sadness out of her hearts.

=============================== **** ===============================

Jurina sat near the window. She sat on a chair while holding her legs near to her chest and she rested her chin onto her knee. I’m doomed. I will never win against her… and I also… lost her.

*FLASHBACK – 6 years ago*

No one had ever expecting that two ikemen in their high school could become a couple. A cool and charismatic senpai could be defeated by a cute little puppy yet a wild tomboy kohai.

It all started when Jurina sneaked out from a boring history class and went to the rooftop to get her extra time for napping. When she opened the rooftop door, she could hear the melodious voice and the guitar sound came from outside. She stepped out and then she looked around to look for the owner of the beautiful voice. She found the girl who was singing… it was Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped as she heard footsteps came from her back side. She quickly turned her head to see who it was. The moment she saw Jurina stood there… her heart was immediately beating fast. She saw how beautiful Jurina with her black-silky hair that covered some part of the cute face because of the strong wind. “H-hi.” She smiled while her heart was pounding loudly. “Are you sneaking out from your class too?”

Jurina showed her wide grin, revealing her teeth. “Yes! History class becomes so boring lately.”

Sayaka let out a soft giggle because of the younger’s bold answer. “Same here.”

Jurina walked toward Sayaka and then she sat beside her senpai. “Your voice is not a joke, senpai. Wow!”

“Ah, you hear it.” Sayaka looked at her guitar again because she couldn’t control her heartbeat if she kept looking at the younger’s cute smile.

“Please sing more~”

“U-uh?” Sayaka turned her head toward Jurina and then she saw the cute puppy showed the super cute pleading eyes at her. It was the moment when she realized that Jurina won her heart already. “Okay.” She knew that it was happened too fast, so she wanted to hide it until the day she would really sure about her feelings. What song do you like?”

Jurina looked so excited and then she enjoyed Sayaka’s voice after she uttered a title of her favorite song. Beautiful… She closed her eyes while enjoying the wind and the song.

====================== **** ======================

Some months had passed and entire school already knew that the two famous girls became best friends. They often saw the two spent their free time together, like… playing basketball together, having lunch in the cafeteria together, joking around, or walking home together.

“Oi, Sayaka-chan.” Jurina patted Sayaka’s shoulder gently.

Sayaka flinched. “Y-yeah?”

“Daydreaming, huh?” Jurina laughed. “I said that… we have to cancel our plan to go karaoke together because Rena-chan asked me out this Saturday.”

“Oh. Is she the 3rd year student who gave you a chocolate last time?”

“Yeah.” Jurina simply nodded while her hands were busy taking off her jacket.

Sayaka sat and watched Jurina began to dance, following the beats of the hip-hop song. “You’re quite popular among our senpai, huh? Such a flirty freshman.”

“You sound like a lonely sophomore student.” Jurina grinned while kept showing her energetic dance.

Sayaka rested her back onto the wall without taking off her eyes from Jurina. “I’d better alone rather than being called as a kissing monster.” She started to mock Jurina.

“Uh-huh.” Jurina shook her head. “Not now, Sayaka-chan. Don’t pick a fight while I’m dancing, it’ll ruin my concentration.”

Sayaka shrugged and then she didn’t say anything again. She just sat and glued her eyes on Jurina, enjoying all Jurina’s dance moves. Her heart almost burst out when she saw Jurina began to do the sexy dance moves. I always defeated by this. Jurina’s sexy moves in a full of sweat body… it sent shivers up her spine. Damn it! She took a bottle and then she drank all water in it.

“Hey! You drink my water!” Jurina put her hands on her slender waist. “I’m tired because I’m dancing for almost an hour, but you spent all my water even though you just sit there all the time?!” She glared at Sayaka.

Sayaka rolled her eyes. “Do you love dance THAT much?”

“Yes. I love dance more than everything in this world!”

Sayaka stood up while holding the empty bottle. She walked toward Jurina and then she gave a quick kiss on Jurina’s lips. “But I love you more than singing.”

“…” Jurina dumbfounded.

“What? You have a heart attack because of a kiss, kissing monster? How ironic it is.” Sayaka laughed. “I will re-fill the water for you.” She walked out from the empty classroom.

Jurina touched her lips while watching Sayaka’s back figure. She began to panic when Sayaka stepped out from the classroom. “Wait-wait-wait!” She felt her cheeks became hotter than before, not because she was tired but because of Sayaka’s words. As far as I know, my love for dance is in the same level with her love for sing… she put all of her strong determination in to it. But… if she said that she love me more than singing, it means… She gasped.

“What are you thinking, baka?”

Jurina flinched as Sayaka showed up from nowhere. Her heartbeat was in incredible speed.

“Here your water.” Sayaka threw the bottle toward Jurina and Jurina managed to catch it. “I have to go home first. See you on Monday.” She took her bag from the floor. “Have a nice date tomorrow, Jurina.” She smiled and then she walked out. Indeed it was a fake smile from her lips. She felt so jealous, nervous, and uneasy every time she remembered that Jurina was going to go on date with someone else. Ahh! I’m going to be crazy! She smacked her head.

====================== **** ======================

“Oh, Jurina?!” Sayaka was surprised as she saw Jurina stood in front of her house at night. “What are you doing here?” She saw Jurina was panting. “Are you running from someone?” She looked around but she didn’t see anyone chase after Jurina. “Where’s Rena? Didn’t you have a date with h-” She stopped bombarding Jurina with dozens questions because her lips already sealed by Jurina’s lips. She was taken aback.

Jurina slowly pulled back her lips and looked at Sayaka’s dumbfounded face. “I love you too.” She smiled.

Sayaka’s shocked face slowly changed out into a cheeky grin. “So… you love me more than dance?”

Jurina felt irritated as she saw Sayaka let out a tease smile. “Tch. I won’t say twice! I only say that kind of words one time in my life!!”

Sayaka couldn’t hold herself but to tease Jurina again. “Wow! So you just say ‘I love you’ one time in your life at someone and that person was me???” She laughed. “Well… I’m so lucky.”

“Ah…. t-that’s not what I mean.” Jurina hate the fact that Sayaka could easily defeated her using her own words.

“Wow… what should I do then? I feel so honored. I think you really like me.” Sayaka showed a wide grin.

Shit. Jurina clenched her teeth. “You’re a weird girl… really weird.”

Sayaka suddenly pulled Jurina into her arms as she already satisfied in teasing Jurina. “I love you. Thank you for coming because since yesterday my brain almost damaged because I was always thinking about your date with Rena.”

Jurina hugged back her senpai. “Are you jealous?”

Sayaka nodded. “I’m jealous and afraid… but not anymore since you’re here now.” She stroked Jurina’s head gently.


Jurina cried when those sweet memories came to her mind again. She remembered how she made a mistake because she didn’t notice Sayaka’s feelings at first. Did I… make a mistake again? She was referring to a moment when she broke up with Sayaka a week ago.

=============================== **** ===============================

Sayaka couldn’t concentrate at anything she did that time because her mind was full of Jurina. What should I do? She’s so stubborn! I was always under her selfishness and I couldn’t do much about it. I’ve done everything to fulfill our dreams… I’m working my butt off to fulfill my promise with her, but why…

*FLASHBACK – 5 years ago*

It was the last day Sayaka as a high school student. Jurina and Sayaka sat together in the park behind their school.

“Tomorrow is your graduation day, huh?” Jurina reached Sayaka’s hand and then their fingers were intertwined together.

Sayaka nodded. “It’s like everything was happened in a blink of eye.” She looked at Jurina’s sad face. “Hey, don’t be sad about it.” She cupped Jurina’s cheek. “Next year you will surely get your graduation ceremony as well.” She smiled. “I won’t leave this town, so yeah… we still can meet whenever you want.”

Jurina sighed. “What do you want to do after you graduate?”

Sayaka looked at the blue sky. “Umm… I wonder what I should do.”

“When I graduate I think I will go to some agencies and do some auditions… I want to be a great dancer and a singer.” Jurina grinned.

“Oh!” Sayaka looked at Jurina with full of enthusiasm. “Then… I will become a singer too!”

Jurina widened her eyes as she seemed became very excited. “Yeah! We can make our albums together and sing our love song together!”

Sayaka kissed Jurina’s forehead. She couldn’t hold herself to not give a kiss to a cute face like that. “We’ll do it together?”

“Yeah, together!” Without a second thought, she captured her girlfriend’s lips. “I promise…”

“Thank you for giving me a dream… a dream where we can walk together in our path.” Sayaka gave Jurina a warm smile. “You have to graduate next year, okay?” She grinned after she saw Jurina’s firmly nod.


“Sayaka, let’s begin our filming again.”

Sayaka woke up from her own memory. She turned her head at the director and gave him a nod. “Hai!” She was in the middle of the making of her PV. Lately, she was so busy because her schedules were always full every day. At the hard time like that, she really needed Jurina’s support but… Jurina already left her, so… she was all alone.

=============================== **** ===============================

“I’ve decided to resign from this agency today.” Jurina bowed at the CEO. “Thank you for helping me in these past 4 years.”

The CEO looked at Jurina. “You’re really going to give up?”


“….” The CEO rested his back onto the chair. “You’ll regret it, Matsui-san.”

“I don’t care anymore.” Jurina simply uttered the answer. “I don’t have a reason to keep stay here.” She stopped bowing at then she turned around. I’m wasting my 4 years in this place and gaining nothing. She walked slowly toward the door after refused the CEO’s offer to stay. Everything has changed since then… since Sayaka won the new comer award of solo singer last year. Nothing is the same.


After Jurina graduated from high school, she went to Sayaka’s agency and took an audition. She was passed the audition in one try and then she became a trainee. At that time, Sayaka was still a trainee too.

Usually, they went to the different classes because Sayaka entered the agency first. But one day, there was a day when kohai and senpai were studied in a same dance class.

As soon as Sayaka passed the door, she saw all kohai were sat on the floor. She felt so happy when her eyes met with Jurina’s. “Hi, babe.” She smiled at Jurina.

“Hi. I miss you.” Jurina grinned. “Even though we’ve just met this morning. Hahaha.”

Sayaka chuckled. “I miss you too.” She patted Jurina’s head gently. “You feel excited, aren’t you? Dance is your favorite after all.”

Jurina nodded. Just like she was expected before that her girlfriend could understand her the most.

“Do you know her?” One of Jurina’s friends walked toward her after Sayaka went to the senpai’s row.

“Yeah, why?” Jurina frowned.

“I heard from my friend, she was really popular here. Her talent is not a joke.”

Jurina was proud at her lover after she heard that. “Yeah, I know.”

“But I heard that she rejected the debut offer that came to her a few weeks ago.”

Jurina’s eyes widened as she didn’t know that one. “Why?”

Jurina’s friend rolled her eyes. “Are you sure that you know her? It became big news here, I wonder you didn’t know. She rejected the offer because she said that she wanted to wait her girlfriend entering this agency too. She wants to get a debut together with her girlfriend.”

At first, Jurina was happy because Sayaka still remembered the promise that they made together. But then…

“I wonder what in her girlfriend’s head. Why did she prevent Yamamoto-san to get her debut?! In here, to get a debut date is really hard but Yamamoto-san has to refuse it because of her selfish girlfriend.”

Jurina clenched her fist. It was like there was a lightning struck her head. She really wanted to argue with her friend but she resisted it because her friend didn’t know the fact that she was actually the girlfriend that they’ve just talked about.

====================== **** ======================

A few weeks later, the kohai and the senpai were studied in the same dance class again. For some reason, Jurina didn’t tell anything to Sayaka regarding the talk with her friend before.

At that day, each trainee would dance one by one in front of the class and they were free to choose the song. After that, they would be divided into some groups to try the group dance.

Jurina looked straight to the front as she heard that her girlfriend was being called by the sensei. She looked at Sayaka who walked slowly but sure to the front of the class. The moment music played, she felt as if she didn’t know her girlfriend anymore. S-she’s so…. great. She didn’t know before that Sayaka could dance like that.

Sayaka’s moves were perfectly synchronized with the beats of the song. She was strong yet so sexy at the same time. Her expressions were also perfect in describing the song and the dance moves. Her body moved along really well with the rhythm of the music. Her beautiful face also made everything became more perfect. After the music was finished, everybody in the class gave applause to her. She bowed at them while smiling.

“You’re so great Yamamoto-an. Too bad… you refused your debut last time.”

Sayaka flinched as she heard what the sensei said to her. She quickly looked at Jurina, but unfortunately her girlfriend was looked at another direction. I hope she won’t hear that.

Jurina looked down onto the floor to avoid Sayaka’s eyes. Of course she heard what the sensei said and it made her, somehow, felt guilty and angry. She clenched her fist for some reason. I… I’ve never know that she can dance THAT good. It’s like she’s a natural dancer. I never see her dancing back then. When we’re in high school, I’m the only one who always practiced every day. She didn’t want Sayaka passes her dance level.

====================== **** ======================

A year had passed and that time… they were in the same vocal class. Jurina knew since the very beginning that Sayaka was an awesome singer. She already knew that Sayaka had a unique voice and able to catch the high notes. Sayaka also knew how to play the guitar and it became a really great value for Sayaka. I can’t defeat her with my voice… she’s too great.

Since that moment, without Jurina realized it… her support for Sayaka has turned into a lie. She became totally competitive with Sayaka, especially in the dance class.

“Oh, there you are! I’ve searched you everywhere. Let’s go home.” Sayaka stepped into the dance training room.

Jurina ignored her girlfriend and kept dancing until she almost ran out of breath.

“Hey, honey… take a break.” Sayaka saw Jurina was panting on the floor. “You shouldn’t force your body too hard.”

Jurina remained silent.

“I’m hungry, Jurina. Let’s go home. You also look tired already.” When Sayaka was about to caress Jurina’s head, she was shocked because her girlfriend suddenly tilted her head to avoid her hand. “Jurina?”

“I heard that you get another offer today.” Jurina looked away. “It will be great if you just receive it.”

“No. Of course I will refuse it. We’ve promised that we will make an album together!” Sayaka touched Jurina’s cheeks and made Jurina looked at her again. “I love you more than singing, remember?”

 Jurina showed a fake smile. “Even if we have a different debut time… doesn’t mean that we can’t make an album together, right? We will make it someday. If you refuse it again, I will be mad at you.”

“Are you sure?” Sayaka frowned. “You know… I don’t mind if I have to wait-”

“I don’t mind. Just take that chance.” Jurina cut Sayaka’s words.

Sayaka sighed. “Okay. I love you.” She kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“I love you too.” Jurina tried to hold back her tears. She already practiced every single day, so her agency could let her have a debut time as soon as possible. But unfortunately, no matter how hard her tried, she felt that she couldn’t catch up Sayaka’s level. Her girlfriend already refused the debut 3 times because of her, and it really made her felt so suck. I don’t want to be her burden anymore. She makes me look like a bad girlfriend in front of everyone.

====================== **** ======================

3 years had passed but Jurina still didn’t get her debut. She didn’t have the right to complain at the company since all of her trainings fees were free. She hardly to believe that she was still lacking in something and it made her agency didn’t let her to reach her dream… not yet.

Jurina sat on the couch while reading a magazine. She saw her girlfriend’s photo there. She caressed Sayaka’s photo a little. She becomes more and more awesome lately, a super celebrity… a top singer. Now, we lived in the very different worlds, all that binds us together is only an old dream and love…

It was almost a month since the last time Jurina met Sayaka because Sayaka’s schedules became so tight after she won an awesome award last year. She often met Sayaka in the middle of the night when Sayaka sacrificed her own bedtime just to meet her girlfriend, to meet Jurina.

“I’m baaaaccckkkk!!!!” Sayaka opened the door with a grin on her face. “Oh my God, Jurina… I missed you all month!” She walked fast toward her girlfriend and then she gave a deep kiss to Jurina.

“Same here.” Jurina said it after their lips parted. “Are you tired?”

“No. I’m so excited because I’m finally have a time to meet you.” Sayaka hugged her girlfriend tightly.

“Really?” Jurina smiled after she saw a nod from Sayaka. After that, her hand sneaked onto Sayaka’s neck and pulled Sayaka into a deep kiss again. She felt that Sayaka’s hands were also grabbing her waist tightly.

*On the Next Morning*

Sayaka let out a sigh, showing her frustration. “I have to go in 2 hours, but I still miss you.”

Jurina looked at the small garden through the window. Our worlds are just too different now.

“Hey, how’s the dance trainer? Is she still as fierce as 3 years ago?” Sayaka giggled. “I missed her. Do you have a class today?”

Jurina stared at the floor. “Actually… I won’t be entering any class.”

Sayaka was taken aback. “Huh?” She tilted her head.

“…I’m never going to enter again.”

Sayaka placed the bowl that full of soup onto the table. “What?! What’s going on?”

“Nothing happened. It just… it’s time for me to stop.” Jurina sighed. I’m going to give up on our old dreams, little by little. “I’m 22 now, so… it’s time for me to try enter the university or maybe looking for a job. I’m a bit too late to enter my real life. Hehe.” She let out an awkward giggle.

Sayaka clenched her fist. She punched the table and then she stood up. “But we promised that we will make our albums together!!! We promised that we will sing our love song together!!!” She felt her blood was boiling up.

Jurina laughed. “You still remember it? Hahaha. Oh, about that. We only talked it once and it was our old dreams, so yeah…”

Sayaka couldn’t believe what Jurina said. “Listen, Jurina. You don’t have to worry, we’re still young. Let’s keep working towards it, okay? It’s okay to take the slow steps, but sure-”

“Stop it!” Jurina raised her voice. “You know… it gets on my nerves. It just sounds like you’re looking down on me with pity.”


Jurina stood up while clenching her fist and then she slowly walked toward her bedroom. She held the door knob and then she opened the door. “It’s easy for you to say that because you had already got what’s you want!!” She yelled at Sayaka.

Sayaka stepped closer toward Jurina. “Jurina… it’s not what I mean-”

“Don’t come here again!!” Jurina pointed her finger at Sayaka.

Sayaka stopped. “O-okay… okay… I won’t touch you, but please calm down.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Jurina looked away. “I mean… don’t come to see me again… EVER AGAIN!”

Sayaka flinched as she heard those words came out from her beloved girl’s lips. “Is it means… you want to…” She bit her own lips before she said it… said the words that she was afraid the most. “…break up with me?”

“Don’t come here anymore.” Jurina entered the bedroom and then she locked the door.

“J-jurina!!!” Sayaka ran toward the door. She knocked the door over and over again, but there was still no answer came from her beloved.

*2 hours later*

“Jurina… I’m leaving now….” Sayaka was holding her bag. She waited in front of the door, hoping that Jurina would prevent her to go. “…..” There was no answer. She sighed. “Okay, I’m going now… I love you.”

On the other hand, Jurina lay down on her bed. She gripped the pillow tightly… she was crying… sobbing hard.


“When Sayaka rejected my offers 3 times, I called her. I talked to her.”

Jurina stopped as the CEO was talking again.

“I was confused because that was the first time for me to see a trainee rejected the debut offer. When I asked her what the reason was, she said… she’s been working hard all this time to fulfill the promise that she made with you, wasn’t she? She practiced and until this time… she’s still working hard to achieve your dreams and you’re just going to run away like this?”

Jurina stunned. Her tears rolled down on her beautiful cheeks. I love you more than singing, Jurina. The words came to her head again. She chooses this path because of me… because of our dreams… our promise. How can I- She burst out… she cried out loud. After some minutes, she turned around and faced the CEO. “Sensei… I… won’t give up.” I can’t give up on our dreams.

The CEO smiled when he heard it from the crying girl.

=============================== **** ===============================

*2 Months Later*

“Jurina… congratulation!!!!”

Jurina got a lot of hug from her friends. “Thank you so much.” Her eyes were teary. “I’m so happy!” She was relieved because her hard work for over 4 years didn’t become useless at all.


Jurina and all trainees were surprised because the door was being opened harshly.

“S-sayaka….” Jurina couldn’t believe at what she had just seen. “I-is that you????”

“Yeah… it’s me. I’m rushing out go here after I got a news that you get your debut date.” Sayaka grinned.

Jurina walked toward Sayaka. She hugged Sayaka tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She cried out loud. “I miss you so much.”

Sayaka smiled and then she hugged back. “It’s okay… It’s okay.” She caressed Jurina’s hair intended to make Jurina calmed down. “I know that you won’t give up. You will never give up on us.”

Jurina buried her face onto Sayaka’s shoulder. “Let’s walk on this path together… again.”

All trainees were confused at first but then they gasped as they realized that Sayaka’s girlfriend was actually Jurina. They felt bad as they always badmouthing Sayaka’s girlfriend, and actually it was Jurina. They were surprised, felt sorry, and felt ashamed.

*2 Years Later*

There was a DVD that placed with a care inside the beautiful white frame. ‘Jurina & Sayaka Collaboration Single’ it was what written on the DVD.

Jurina looked at the frame with a smile on her face, and her smile became wider as she felt that there were two hands sneaked on her waist from back.

“Do you like it that much?” Sayaka kissed Jurina’s shoulder and rested her chin on it. She back-hugged Jurina.

“Yep, I love it so much. The song that you write for us is really beautiful.” Jurina stroked Sayaka’s hair before she turned around. “I love you.” She said it while staring at Sayaka’s eyes.

“I love you too, Jurina.” Sayaka kissed Jurina gently yet full of passion.

The dream that we reached together… I’m going to carve all of it on my heart with eternal love. Jurina smiled while letting her lips was assaulted by her beloved one.

============================ THE END ============================
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Even it's weird to imagine sayanee and jurina together but... Thanks for the sweet story, great as always :)
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Lol it sound weird to see Jurina and Sayanee being a couple XD

But the strog was so sweet and cute

Thx for the OS
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Hellooooo ur new fanfic makes me wanna ask for a request..
Can u please do a sayanee and yukirin fanfic?? I dunno if it would be called  "sayayuki" haha? And add in a jealous mayu haha? I'm a total mayuki shipper but this sayayuki crack pairing has got me interested nowadays since yukirin is on team N with her and if you see their interactions it's kinda starting to peak my interest wahahaha. Thanku for reading my long request and hope u will consider it hehe :)
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Ugh! I'm so sorry for delaying this fic for about 7 months.  :bow:
I just can't find the right time and right mood to write SaeYuki.

Before, I wanted to finish this fic in this chapter... but I can't do that because it's too long.  :P
I will post the last chapter as soon as possible (I promise it'll be in this week). Please trust me for this one.  XD


Words: 5,5 K

Prologue ( - Part 1 (





“Hi, pal.” Sae threw her body onto the chair that placed next to Yuki. “It’s been 3 days. Do you have any idea about our project? Or… you didn’t have it AT ALL. You know, we only have a week.”

“Urgh!” Yuki groaned. “Don’t even think to make me start my day with shitty mood, Miyazawa-san. You’ve ruined my morning, you know?!” She didn’t understand it by herself, why did every word that came from Sae’s mouth always made her pissed off.

Sae chuckled. “Oh, man.” She patted Yuki’s shoulder. “Relax, okay? I’m just asking!”

Yuki glared at Sae, she gave Sae a sharp glare. “Don’t-EVER-touch-me-AGAIN.”

“Whoaa!! Here you come… ‘HotBitchYuki’ in action!” Sae quickly pulled back her hand.

“Huh?! Say it again!” Yuki clenched her fist.

“Ah, nothing.” Sae shrugged. She stood up before Yuki decided to punch her super cool face. “Listen, I’ve had a BRILLIAN idea about our project and I will start to sketch it on this evening. Well… if you, somehow, lack of idea… you can just sit and watch my incredible talent in designing. But don’t worry, because I will put your name in the project report too… I’m a nice ikemen, right?”

WHAT?! Yuki stood up as well and then she pointed Sae’s face. “You—-!!! Ugghh!”

“If you, magically, find an idea for our project too… you can ask any random girl in this college about my address, every girl in this place know my house. Come to my house at 7PM and let’s do the project together. And ummm….” Sae walked closer toward Yuki and whispered. “We can have some fun after that.” She winked at Yuki.

Yuki lifted her hand to slap Sae but Sae could dodge it easily. “I won’t come to your house!!”

“See you at 7PM.” Sae walked away after she waved her hand at Yuki. I’m sure that she will come. I have a strong feeling that she doesn’t want to get ‘free’ grades without doing something, especially from her strongest rival… me. A slight smirk appeared on Sae’s lips.

========================== **** ==========================

Yuki let out a loud sigh in front of a brown door. She was about to press the bell but then she pulled back her index finger. She brought her hand onto her forehead and then she facepalmed. Why do I have to come to THIS MORON’s house?! I shouldn’t come here! She turned her body and was about to take a step away. Wait… where’s my pride if I get good grades from this moron? Miyazawa would think that I’m a stupid girl who didn’t have any single idea for our project. She turned her body and faced the door again. She lifted her hand to press the bell.

“Hello there!” Sae showed up with her cheeky smile on her face.

Yuki surprised because Sae already opened the door even before she pressed the bell.

Sae opened the door wider while laughing. “Hahaha. Your reaction is no joke… so funny! HAHAHA!” She couldn’t hold back her laugh since it was the first time she saw THAT kind of reaction from the cold girl.

“S-shut up!” Yuki pushed Sae and then she walked inside the fancy flat without Sae’s permission. SHIT! This moron caught me off guard.

Sae closed the door. “Why did you take so long to press the bell? You stood in front of my door for about 20 minutes.” She laughed again.

Yuki flinched and then she turned her body. “How did you kn-”

Sae shrugged. “I’ve been watching you from my own CCTV.” She pointed at the TV.

Yuki turned her head and then she gasped as she saw the big TV on the living room. Crap! “Then why did you not open the fucking door when you knew I was arrived?!”

“It was fun to watch you nervously wanted to press the bell over and over again.” Sae smirked. “I know that I’m handsome and cool… yeah, every girl in campus said it to me, but you don’t have to overly nervous to meet me.”

“I’m not NERVOUS!! I’m just preparing myself before I meet a disgusting creature like you.” Yuki sat on the couch. “Hurry up! Let’s finish our project, so I can go home as soon as possible before I puke on your face.”

Sae snorted. “Pfft! I know it’s hard for you to handle my handsomeness.” She pointed at another room. “There. That’s my workspace. I put the design on the table inside that room. The upper side of the dress is already done, so now you can work with the bottom side. Make sure to make it beautiful. I don’t want a creepy girl ruin my masterpiece. We will do the coloring process later, well… in case you are SLOW in working.” She let out a sarcastic laugh.

Yuki glared at Sae. “I will kill you someday… I promise.” She stood up and the she walked toward the room that was pointed by Sae before. “You’ll die in my hand for sure.” She opened the door.

Sae laughed out loud.

Yuki felt so irritated by the laugh. She really wanted to smack Sae’s head with her handbag, but she tried to hold back her anger since she wanted to finish the job quickly. She closed the door so she couldn’t hear Sae’s laugh anymore. She looked around and then… she couldn’t close her mouth. Hell wow….

Yuki saw a laptop and a computer on the table near the door. She looked at the screens and she saw the unfinished design of a beautiful yellow dress. She swept her sight at the corner of the room, and she saw many beautiful dresses hung there. She walked toward those dresses and she looked at it one by one. There were also 3 mannequins that were wrapped by 3 gorgeous dresses. Then on another corner she saw fabrics in many different materials, colors, and patterns. The fabrics were rolled neatly near the wall.

Yuki finally noticed the big table in the center of the room. She saw a stack of empty paper, the pencils, a ruler, and the scissors are scattered on the table. Well… I don’t know this moron working so hard in this field. Does Miyazawa love fashion design THIS much? She put her hand on the top of a white A3 paper. She looked at it while narrowing her eyes. Is this… our group project?

Yuki saw the sketch of a dress on that white paper, even though it was still the upper side but she found that it was beautiful already. Miyazawa is a talented moron. Without she realized it… she smiled a little.

“Hey. Here the pencil sharpener, I forget to-”

Yuki flinched a bit because Sae suddenly entered the room.

Sae stopped talking while holding the pencil sharpener. “What did you do in the past 10 minutes?! You even haven’t put you bag and haven’t touch the pencil!! Ugh!” She stepped inside and put the pencil sharpener onto the table. “As I expected before, you’re a non-efficient girl and a slow worker. You’re wasting our time here.” Th