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Title: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 3 (23/04/2014)
Post by: olive29 on November 27, 2013, 02:29:21 PM
First of all, I'm not going to abandon my other fic 'The Devil Inside Me'

Second, thanks a lot Supermaji-san for your help in creating this fic and proofreading it...  :bow:

Then, I present you all...

Chapter 1


The school bell rang, indicating the school is over. Most of the students packed their things hurriedly because they wanted to get out from the school ground as soon as possible. But, Watanabe Mayu, a skinny boy with glasses who was sitting in the corner of the classroom seemed unfazed with everything that happened around him. He slowly packed his things and by the time he was finished, all of his classmates already left the class. He got up from his seat, fished out an iPod from his pocket and put on his earphones. Turning on the music, he then walked out of his class.

Mayu just walked past the school gate, when suddenly three boys who wore the same school uniform as him stopped him in his track. One of the boys stepped forward and pulled his earphone out of his ears forcefully. Then the two other boys stepped beside him, both of them grabbed onto his shoulders and slammed him to the wall. The 1st boy then grabbed his collar, “Oi, Watanabe, give me your money!”

Mayu slowly reached behind him and pulled out his wallet. The 1st boy grabbed his wallet and opened it. He took all of the money from the wallet and tossed the wallet back to him. He then got his face close to Mayu and hissed at him, “You’re pathetic,” before giving him a punch on his stomach. The two boys who have been holding him then pushed him down to the ground. They then proceeded to kick him while laughing at him. Mayu can only curled up into fetal position. After several minutes, they finally stopped and looked at him with disgust.

“You’re really pathetic,” said the 1st boy before spitting on him. His two friends also did the same. Then they walked away.

Mayu laid in the same position for several minutes, then got up and brushed the dirt from his clothes. His whole body ached. He then put his earphone back in his ear and walked back home, acting like nothing happened.


   When Mayu arrived in front of his house, he saw his father’s car in the passageway. Weird, it’s only 4 P.M. He usually arrives at 9. Mayu shrugged and went inside his house.

   When Mayu got inside his house, he saw a girl sat in the living room with his father. They were chatting but they stopped when they finally realized that Mayu was also there.

   “Ah, Mayu…you finally came home. Come here, there’s something I need to tell you,” said Mayu’s father, Watanabe Kouki, while patting the empty spot beside him. Mayu slowly walked to the couch and sat down beside his father. He looked at the girl who was sitting in front of him and studied her carefully, with long black hair that slightly curled up in the end, big eyes, cute shaped nose, and a princess aura, she looked very beautiful.

   Watanabe Kouki cleared his throat, making Mayu diverted his eyes back to his father. “So, Mayu, I want you to meet your sister, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

   “…” Mayu looked at his father blankly then he moved his eyes to look at the girl in front of him. The girl, Yuki, just smiled at him. His father then continued, “You probably don’t remember her. Both of you were separated when you’re still kids. Your mother took Yuki with her when she left. But, she passed away about three weeks ago and I think it’s better for Yuki if she stays here with us, so from now on, she will be living here, in this house with us. I hope the two of you will get along well,” explained Watanabe Kouki while patting his son’s back.

   “…” Mayu seemed lost at words while staring at Yuki. “It’s nice to meet you, Mayu-kun. Please take care of me from now on,” said Yuki while bowing slightly.

   Finally Mayu woke up from his trance. “It’s nice to meet you, too,” said Mayu coldly. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going to my room now. I’m tired.” Mayu slowly got up from the couch.

   “Okay. Ah, before I forget, Yuki will attend your school starting from tomorrow,” said Kouki. Mayu frowned then looked at Yuki. The latter was staring at him, and then her lips curved into a seductive smile. Mayu slightly raised his brows at her. “I usually go to school at 6.30 A.M. You better be ready on that time or I’ll leave without you,” said Mayu before slowly walking upstairs to his room.


   Mayu opened his shirt slowly. Bruises started to form on his body. He is used to it, though. He is an otaku and an introvert, he doesn’t like to socialize with people, that’s why he doesn’t have a single friend in his school and it made him an easy target for bullies. But, when he was bullied he never fought back. He just gave them whatever they want and even let them hit him. He didn’t care what they did to him, because he thought there’s no point for him to fight back. They’ll leave him alone if they get bored anyway.


The next day

   Kashiwagi Yuki always loves all of the attention that was given to her. She loves how people, old and young, men and women, stared at her in awe whenever she was out on the street. Today is no different. As soon as she stepped out from the house and walked to her new school with her brother, she could feel people’s eyes were following her. She could imagine their mouth was left agape when she walked past them, but she didn’t even bother to throw a single glance at them. She smirked mentally and casually trotted behind Mayu. They walked to the school in silence.


   When the siblings walked past the school gate, Yuki could feel all of the students' eyes were directed on her and Mayu who was walking beside her. Whispers could be heard everywhere. She just raised one of her brows and followed Mayu to the principal’s office. After Mayu dropped her off to the principal’s office, he went off to his class without saying anything.


Yuki was standing in front of her new classroom while waiting for the homeroom teacher to call her to get inside the class and introduced herself. Finally the teacher called her to get inside the class. When Yuki stepped inside the class, all of the boys started to get noisy. Some of them hollered when they saw her while the others giving her cat calls. She just smirked and introduced herself. “Hi, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki. I’m from Nagoya. Please treat me well. Yoroshiku,” Yuki ended her sentence with a wink, making the class grew noisier.


   When it was finally time for lunch break, a lot of students, boys and girls, gathered around Yuki and introduced themselves to her. Several girls that belong to popular group in the school even asked her to hang out with them when school is over and she gladly accepted their invitation.

   Suddenly, a boy asked her, “Kashiwagi-san, this morning I saw you walked to school with a student from class 2 – A, Watanabe Mayu, can I know what’s your relationship with him?”

   “Mayu-kun? Well, he is my brother,” said Yuki while smiling. As soon as those words slipped out from her mouth, the students that gathered around her gasped in disbelief and murmured can be heard everywhere.

   “She is the geek’s sister?”

   “Eh?! Impossible.”

   “Wow, that nerd sure is lucky.”

   A girl then said out loud, “Eh?! Really?! Watanabe is your brother? But you two are so different. I mean you’re very beautiful while he looks like a nerd, no offense.” All of the students inside the class laughed at the girl’s comment, but Yuki didn’t say anything.


   When the school is over, Yuki asked the girls to wait for her when she excused herself to go to Mayu’s class. When she was walking in the hallway, every student was looking at her in awe, but she just smirked and kept walking to Mayu’s class. She finally saw Mayu when he was stepping out from his classroom. When he saw Yuki, he raised one of his eyebrows at her questioningly. Yuki just chuckled at him, “I just want to tell you that you can go home by yourself. I’m going to hang out with my friends. Bye,” said Yuki then she turned around and walked away.


   After Yuki walked away, all of the students around there suddenly gathered around Mayu. Some of the boys grabbed Mayu’s shoulder and shook him frantically while throwing questions at him.

   “She’s the rumored new student, right?”

   “Watanabe, how did you know a goddess like her?”

   “Watanabe, what is your relationship with her?”

   “Watanabe, please introduce me to her.”

   Mayu didn’t say anything and he has to force himself out of their grasps and ran away from them before they caught him again and started to ask him more questions. Argh…I hate all of this. I wished they would just leave me alone. It was all because of Kashiwagi Yuki!!!


I hope you like it, guys !!!  :nervous
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki)
Post by: Konoe on November 27, 2013, 02:37:38 PM
Those bullies. :angry:

Wait... What?! They are siblings?! :shock: Blood related right?

How will it become Mayuki?

I'll stay tune. :)
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki)
Post by: chiqinna on November 27, 2013, 02:42:10 PM
I like it!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki)
Post by: Tupi on November 27, 2013, 03:44:55 PM
Forbidden love, huh? Or, it's just Mayu's father planing something?

update soon...
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki)
Post by: Haruto Lee on November 27, 2013, 04:16:59 PM
Yeah a new story!!!!! :love:

Siblings Love? Forbidden love? Uhmmmm.... Interesting

Yuki's personality......  :angry: Is Yuki a player?

Update soon!!!! And I don't have to update mine

Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki)
Post by: imteedee on November 27, 2013, 05:13:39 PM
My Kami-oshi  :shocked is always beaten up...always dead...always the one struggling.... :sweatdrop:

LOL but it's quite refreshing though, and I'm hoping they're siblings for real, I wanna know how will it work

INCEST? bring it on.  :nervous ohgosh. my comment....

will wait for an update  :thumbsup
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Post by: Chanaline on November 27, 2013, 05:36:39 PM
What th... I comment and the comment disapear??? :shocked

Um um! REally interesting!!! Is Mayu have a cool side that will make Yuki fall fo him (no he is bullie...)

Yahhhhh! They are siblings  :shocked

I wait for the next with a lot of interest!!! (I don't know if we can say that in English lol)
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 1
Post by: mo-chan on November 27, 2013, 07:16:45 PM
finally a mayuki incest *p*
I can't wait to see how things will proceed :D
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 1
Post by: mayuki_daisuki on November 27, 2013, 11:20:25 PM
 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
chapter 2 please!! :cow: :bow:
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 1
Post by: anakpanti on November 28, 2013, 02:23:36 AM
Why everyone's chapters become more shorter and shorter by the time?? :(

Nice start, I guess you and supermaji will become a great team.  :)

Cool Mayu.... but maybe too cool. I wanna know what the reason behind his attitude.
Yuki... it seems she loves under the spotlight, likes to be the center of attention.
I can't wait when both of them talk/fight with each other, it will be funny.  :lol:

Well... I become lazy to write, there's many fanfics that interesting for me to be read like this and like konoe's too.
I just wanna sit and read. :on drink:
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 1
Post by: Kirozoro on November 28, 2013, 03:08:47 AM
Interest start

Mayu is a nerd ka? And Yuki is  popular girl

I wonder how their relationship up

Mayu and Yuki are siblings
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 1
Post by: olive29 on November 28, 2013, 08:11:07 AM
@Konoe: Do you want to have their DNA tested to know if they're blood related or not?  :grin:
Don't worry, I have my way to make it to become Mayuki..  :grin:

@Chiqinna: I'm glad you like it...  :thumbsup

@Tupi: I don't know. What do you think?  :D

@Haruto Lee: Thank you. You will get to know about Yuki more in the next chapter.

@imteedee: I'm sorry for making your kami-oshi suffering..  :bow:
Are they a real siblings or not? Who knows?  :grin:

@Chanaline: I don't know what make Yuki interested in him either.. :?
Thank you..
Please wait patiently... :bow:

@mo-chan: Yup..yup...It's usually WMatsui, isn't it?  :lol:

@mayuki_daisuki: please be patient..
I'm working on it.. :grin:

@anakpanti: I'm still trying to improve my writing skills..
I'll try to prolong the next chapter and chapter 5 of TDIM..  :cry:
I'm sorry if it's too short.. :bow:

Thank you.. :grin:

Hey, don't be lazy !!!  :angry:
I'm waiting for the next chapter of 'Wanted' !!  XD

@Kirozoro Thank you.. XD
Stay tune for the next chapter...
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 2 (01/12/2013)
Post by: olive29 on November 30, 2013, 08:03:20 PM
Special thanks to Supermaji-san for the help...

Thank you for the silent readers, the thank you clickers, and the comments..

If you have any critics or suggestion regarding my fics, feel free to tell me..  :D

Hereby, I present you...

Chapter 2

Watanabe Mayu closed his manga, taking off his glasses then rubbed his sore eyes. He then got out from his bed and stretched his body. He suddenly stopped and tilted his head, trying to catch any noise from the house, but nothing. The house is eerily quiet. He glanced at the digital clock on his bedside table then frowned. 8:25 P.M. She’s not home, yet? Well, it’s none of my business anyway. Mayu shrugged then walked out to the porch to get some fresh air.


Mayu has been standing in his porch for several minutes, gazing at the night sky when suddenly a black Porsche stopped in front of his house. Mayu watched silently when a boy who looks a few years older than him stepped out from the driver seat and walked towards the passenger seat. He opened the door then a girl stepped out from the car. It was Yuki. Yuki held the boy’s hand that still holding the car door, then whispered something to the boy, making him blushed furiously. The boy then moved closer, trying to give her a kiss, but Yuki put her finger on his lips, stopping him on his track. He looked disappointed, but Yuki just smirked. She whispered again, making the boy’s cheeks grew even redder while nodding his head frantically. Yuki then planted a kiss on his cheek before waving him goodbye and walked inside the house. Mayu watched as the boy stood there for several minutes, looking dreamily at Yuki’s direction before getting in his car and sped away. Mayu chuckled. I knew that she was trouble the moment I laid my eyes on her.

Mayu went back inside his room as someone knocked on his door. He opened the door only to find Yuki stood in front of him, still wearing her school uniform.

“Hey…” greeted Yuki. Mayu raised his eyebrows. “Hey…”

“Can I come in?” asked Yuki.

Mayu narrowed his eyes at her request, despite his brain screaming no, he opened his door wider and moved aside so Yuki can stepped inside his room. When Yuki got inside, she immediately plopped herself down on Mayu’s queen sized bed while her eyes wandering around his room. His room was painted in beige and smelled like peppermint. In the corner of the room there were two shelves that filled with anime figurines and mangas. Beside the shelves there was a table with a laptop on top of it. Mayu’s room is very neat and clean and strangely calming.

Mayu closed the door then turned around to look at her. He folded his arm in front of his chest while leaning his back towards the door. “What do you want?” asked Mayu coldly.

Yuki pouted at him. “Aww… don’t be so cold. I just want to talk to you. Yesterday we didn’t have time to talk. I want to know you better. You’re my brother, but I know nothing about you. Don’t you feel the same?”

Mayu stared at her, feeling annoyed, but Yuki only looked at him while smiling sweetly. They were staring at each other for several minutes, until Mayu finally broke their staring contest by rolling his eyes and groaned, “Fine. What do you want to know?” Yuki beamed brightly when Mayu finally relented.

“Hurry up, before I change my mind,” grumbled Mayu.

“I want to know everything about you. Your favorite book, your favorite food, your favorite color, your hobby-“ Yuki paused to take a breath and then continued “-whether you have a girlfriend or not, and how many have you had in the past and I want to know if you’ve slept with any of them. Because we all know that quiet guys like you are usually animals in bed,” teased Yuki while grinning from ear to ear.

Mayu’s eyes widen and he stumbled back a bit when he heard Yuki’s question. He was blushing furiously and started stuttering, “Wh-what are you talking about? Is that the kind of question you would ask to someone you just met yesterday? No wonder.”

“What? It’s not like we’re strangers. Besides, knowing all of this will make us feel closer, don’t you think? Come on, don’t be shy,” pestered Yuki while smiling excitedly.

Mayu cleared his throat. “W-Well, I just met you yesterday. Despite the blood relation, to me you’re still a stranger and I don’t feel comfortable to share anything with you. Anyway, it’s already late and I’m tired. I don’t have time for this.”

Yuki pouted. “Aww…come on. I just want to know.”

Mayu frowned. “Look, we still have school tomorrow and I’m tired. I want to sleep now. So, you better go back to your room.”

Yuki sighed then got up from the bed. She walked towards the door with Mayu trailed behind her. Mayu then moved to open the door for her when Yuki suddenly turned to face him.

“I’ll let you off the hook for now. But next time, I won’t be so nice.” Yuki smiled slyly. “Anyway, I was going to ask you if you need a ride to school tomorrow, because Hiro will come to pick me up and drive me to school. You can tag along, if you want to.”

“Thanks for the offer, but no. I prefer to walk,” replied Mayu coldly.

Yuki shrugged. “Okay, then. See you tomorrow.” Yuki suddenly pinched Mayu’s cheek hardly, making him yelped in pain. “Itai!”

He immediately slapped her hand. “What the hell?! Don’t touch me,” growled Mayu while rubbing his cheek. Yuki just chuckled lightly, sticking out her tongue, and stepped outside the room.

As soon as Yuki was out, Mayu immediately shut his door and locked it. Leaning his back towards the door, he let out a heavy sigh. I knew it. She’s a handful.


The Next Day
News that Kashiwagi Yuki - the popular new student with features of a goddess - is the older sister of Watanabe Mayu - the school’s nerd who is always alone and often get bullied – spread like wildfire among the students. As soon as Mayu set his foot inside the school ground, several boys approached him instantly. One of the boys wrapped his arm around Mayu’s shoulder casually, making Mayu groaned mentally. No. Not again.

“Watanabe, where’s your sister?” asked the boy while looking around Mayu, trying to get a look of his sister.

“I don’t know,” growled Mayu. He shrugged his shoulder uncomfortably, trying to get the boy’s hand off of his shoulder.

“Eh? I think both of you go to school together? You live in the same house, right?” asked the other boy confusedly.

Mayu didn’t say anything and keep walking, but suddenly there was a big commotion coming from the school gate. Mayu and the boys that surrounded him turned around just in time to see a black Porsche - the same car that dropped Yuki off last night – stopped in front of the school gate. Whispers can be heard everywhere, all of the students trying to catch a glimpse of the driver and the passenger of the expensive car. Suddenly the boy from last night - Mayu assumed as Hiro - stepped out from the car. Walking towards the passenger seat, he opened the car door then extended his hand to Yuki who grabbed it before stepped out from the car gracefully. A lot of girls squealed when they saw the boy. Looking closely, Hiro’s physical appearance was striking. He was tall and has a lean frame. With short brown messy hair and charming smile, he looked like a model that came out from a magazine. Yuki smiled sweetly at him then gave him a kiss on his cheek before walking inside the school.


Right after Hiro sped away with his car, a lot of girls immediately swarmed around Yuki and started asking questions to her regarding Hiro.

“Yuki-chan, is that your boyfriend? He’s so handsome,” exclaimed one of Yuki’s classmates.

“Woah, Kashiwagi-san you sure are lucky. I want a boyfriend like him, too,” sighed one of the girl dreamily.

Yuki just smiled then walked inside the school building with the girls trailed behind her, fussing about what just happened while the boys, who happened to witness the event that has just occurred, groaned in frustration, because they think they had lost their chances to become the school idol’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Mayu just snorted and shook his head then walked towards his classroom without care about what just happened.


When it was time for lunch break, several girls from Mayu’s class suddenly came to him.

“Watanabe-kun,” called one of the girls named Oota Aika.

Mayu looked at her questioningly. “What?”

“Are you free after school? We want to ask you to hang out with us and also can you bring your sister with you?”

Mayu’s patience finally ran out. He sighed deeply and barked, “Look, if you want to hang out with my sister, why don’t you ask her yourself?! Stop trying to use me to get close to her. Just leave me alone!”

The whole class grew silent after Mayu’s outburst. All of the students’ eyes were fixed upon him.

After several seconds someone finally voiced out, “We are asking you nicely. You don’t have to be so harsh.” It was one of the girls that approached Mayu, Miyazaki Miho. Mayu just snorted then walked out from the class.


Mayu was sitting under a tree behind the school building while listening to his favorite song through his iPod. Most of the students prefer to spend their break time in their classroom, in the cafeteria, or on the rooftop, so Mayu who doesn’t like crowded place often spends his break time in that place. It was his favorite spot. Suddenly three students approached him. They were the same students who usually bullied him. One of the boys grabbed his iPod harshly then slammed it to the ground. The other boy grabbed his collar, pulling him on his feet then slammed his body to the tree harshly, making Mayu groaned in pain.

One of the boys grabbed his chin and chuckled, “Just because your sister is popular, don’t even think for a second that we’ll go easy on you.” They then started to punch him.


During the break, Kashiwagi Yuki was talking to her friends in the classroom, gossiping and joking around when suddenly one of the juniors barged in and approached her while panting heavily.

Yuki raised her eyebrows at her. “What?”

The girl stammered, “I-it’s Watanabe-san. H-He was being bullied.”

Yuki widen her eyes then got up from her seat quickly. “Where is he?”

“He is behind the school building.”

Yuki then ran towards the back of the school.


When she finally arrived, her eyes immediately landed on Mayu who was lying on the ground. His arms wrapped tightly around his head and his legs were drawn towards his abdomen. Three boys were kicking him while laughing at him. Yuki felt her blood boiled. She curled her hand into a fist then yelled angrily, “Hey! What the hell are you doing?!”

The boys stopped then turned towards the voice, only to find Yuki standing in front of them. They immediately ran away, leaving the battered and bruised Mayu with Yuki.

Yuki walked towards Mayu then squatted down beside him. She touched Mayu’s back slowly, but quickly retracted her hand when she saw Mayu flinched.

“Mayu-kun, are you okay? Let’s get you to the infirmary. Can you stand up?” asked Yuki while putting her hand on Mayu’s shoulder softly.

Mayu lifted his head and looked at Yuki. “It’s okay. I’m fine,” groaned Mayu while sitting up.

“No, you’re not fine. Come on. Let’s get you to the infirmary.”

“Urghh… I said I’m fine. I don’t need to go to the infirmary,” grumbled Mayu. He stood up slowly.

Yuki looked at Mayu’s face. His cheeks were bruised and his lips were bleeding. “No, you’re bleeding. We have to treat your wound. Come on.” Yuki grabbed Mayu’s arm and dragged him towards the infirmary.


Mayu was sitting on the infirmary bed while Yuki fussing around the infirmary, looking for gauze and medicine to treat Mayu’s wounds. When they arrived at the infirmary, the school’s nurse was off to somewhere, so Yuki had to treat Mayu’s wounds.

After she found the things that she needed, she grabbed a chair then sat in front of Mayu. She picked up some cotton, soaking it with alcohol then dabbed it to Mayu’s lips, cleaning his wounds. Their bodies were so close to each other and it made Mayu felt slightly uncomfortable. He’s not used to be so close to other people and the fact that he could smell Yuki’s scent, didn’t help him at all. Yuki smelled like vanilla.

They were silent for a while until finally Yuki spoke, “Why didn’t you fight back? Why did you let them hit you?”

Mayu shrugged. “What’s the point? They’ll leave me alone if they get bored anyway. If I fought back, they won’t stop and they’ll keep bothering me.”

Yuki frowned while applying some ointment on Mayu’s bruised cheek. “That’s it? You just let them hit you, because you’re afraid of them?”

Mayu narrowed his eyes at Yuki. “I’m not afraid of them. I’m just avoiding any unnecessary confrontation.”

Yuki backed away slightly to look at Mayu. “Really? I don’t think so. I think you’re a coward. You are a coward who ran away without even trying to fight back,” taunted Yuki.

Mayu felt his anger rising inside of him. He stepped down from the bed then yelled, “You don’t know anything about me! You’re only a stranger! Stop acting like you know me!”

Yuki stood up then shouted back, “For God’s sake Mayu all I wanted is to get to know you! Do you know how happy I was when I found out that I have a brother? I’ve been trying to get close to you, but you always brushed me off! You always act coldly towards me and treated me like a stranger! Does the fact that I’m your sister means nothing to you?!” Yuki then stormed out from the infirmary, leaving Mayu stunned.


After that incident, Yuki didn’t try to approach Mayu anymore. They went home separately. Mayu walked back home alone while Yuki was picked up by Hiro. When Yuki arrived at home, Mayu was having dinner. Without saying anything, she immediately went to her room. She didn’t even bother to look at him.


Mayu was lying on his bed, trying to get some sleep. It’s already past 11 P.M, but he didn’t feel sleepy at all. He kept replaying the incident that happened in the infirmary today. He was feeling restless and guilty. Maybe, I’m too harsh on her.
Mayu got up from his bed then got out from his room. He walked towards Yuki’s room at the end of the hallway then knocked on her door. He stood there for several minutes, waiting for Yuki to open the door, but nothing. She probably already fell asleep. Mayu turned around to return to his room when suddenly the door opened, revealing Yuki in white t-shirt and blue pajama bottom.

Yuki frowned when she saw Mayu. “What do you want?” asked Yuki coldly.

Mayu cleared his throat then suddenly bowed down. “I’m sorry.” He straightened up and looked down on his foot. “I’m sorry for what happened in the infirmary today and I’m sorry for pushing you away. It’s just that I’m not really good with people. I don’t know what to do.”

Yuki smiled and stepped forward to pat Mayu’s head softly. “It’s okay. I forgive you. But…”

Mayu lifted his head and looked at Yuki suspiciously. “But…”

Yuki smiled slyly. “From now on, you have to stop acting cold towards me and I also want you to start calling me ‘Onee-chan’.”

Mayu’s eyes widen and he stammered, “Wh-what? No, it’s embarrassing.”

Yuki chuckled, “Aww…come on. Try to say it. ‘Yuki-oneechan’.”

Mayu blushed and shook his head furiously. “Noooo…”

Yuki pouted cutely, “Come on, don’t be shy. If you don’t say it, I won’t forgive you,” threatened Yuki.

Mayu looked away then mumbled, “Yuki-oneechan.”


Hope you like it, guys...

And if you can give a comment, critic, or suggestion, I'll accept it gladly...  :grin:

Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 2 (01/12/2013)
Post by: imteedee on November 30, 2013, 08:23:39 PM
it felt...I don't know  :shocked seems Yuki has two sides... the devilish-seductress and the lovely onee-chan side  XD

Mayu got beaten up, why am I not surprised?  :nervous

oh okay...okay...consolations are deeply welcomed  :cry:
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 2 (01/12/2013)
Post by: Kirozoro on November 30, 2013, 10:06:25 PM
This ch is so cute

Mayu is so cute when he try to say 'Yuki oneechan'

Cant wait for the next ch
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 2 (01/12/2013)
Post by: chichay12 on November 30, 2013, 11:32:04 PM
cool new update XD
I wonder who's gonna fall in love first, i bet its mayu :D
I cant wait to read your next update
Have a nice day and UPDATE SOON :on gay:
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 2 (01/12/2013)
Post by: Terragen on November 30, 2013, 11:50:05 PM
Cute! Mayu was cute!

Too bad yuki already had boyfriend
Title: Re: A Sinful Feeling (MaYuki) - Chapter 2 (01/12/2013)
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waiting for yuki to turn into black so she can beat whoop those boys oshiri's :twisted:
mayu too cute!!~ 'yuki onee-chan'~ kawaii, mayu blushing so much :inlove:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Yuki is interesting.

My poor Mayuyu. I hope that will stop those bullies but I don't mind another scene of Yuki treating Mayu's wounds. :D
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I think Mayu will fall in love first and why because Mayu didn't really have friends. Maybe he will take it wrong her sister's gentleness.  :huhuh how to explain.... Just like not used to the sister's love and suddenly she came into his life and gave him the gentleness.  :sweatdrop: sorry I am too stupid to explain well.

Mayu is so cut in the last part  :wub:

Update soon
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I agree with Haruto. :thumbup

Mayu will definitely misunderstand Yuki's kindness because he never experience it to other people. Why wouldn't you fall in love to the only person who makes you feel you are loved or care deeply for you?
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I'm almost screamed when I read that last line, that incredible cute.  :)

I think Yuki fall first. She's already have interest to Mayu. Mayu cute, but cold, and difficult to understand. Maybe Yuki curiosity changed into love when she know Mayu better.
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He even willingly to say sorry to Yuki in a day! (Oh my God, I want Mayu become more cooler than this.)
Yuki will get him easily.

Yuki helped him from being bullied. I wonder when Mayu will fight back if someone try to bully him again.

Speaking of which, Yuki and Hiro.. they're a lovers or not?

Thank you for your update.  :)
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I'll update the next chapter after I finish my exam and the next chapter of TDIM. Please wait patiently..  :bow:

@imteedee: It's just Yuki want to know Mayu more, he's her brother after all...
sorry, for making Mayu that weak...  :bow:

@kirozoro: awww...thank you. Yup...yup...Mayu is so cute *faints*. Just wait for the next chapter...

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@FoxKuzan: awww...hello and welcome  :welcome
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As for your 2nd comment, because the said person is his sister? But, aren't siblings supposed to care for each other?

@Haruto Lee: ahhh...I understand. You mean Mayu will fall for Yuki's kindness, right?
Well, just wait and see..  :grin:

@Kiri-el: Yeah, it's cute right?
She was interested in Mayu because he is her brother
Won't you feel curious too if you suddenly meet again with your long lost brother after separated for many years? And you don't even remember that you have a brother. If it was me, I will definitely try to get close to him, too..

@anakpanti: well, Mayu is not made by stone, you know..
He may be cold, but he still has heart and it was his fault anyway. Yuki only tried to help him, but he snapped at her, so it's the right thing to do, to apologize.
And, yeah.. Hiro is Yuki's boyfriend.. (for now)  :lol:
Please wait for the next chapter patiently..

@gek geki:  :lol:
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Just read it
And the plot was interesting

In my eyes
Yuki like seducing mayu LOL

Wonder yuki will regret wanting mayu to called her onechan

Tsk yuki yuki in the future you want mayu call you just yuki LOL
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It seems Mayu became a punching bag.. Why made him weak.. :cry:.:banghead:

Oooohh~ Yuki made Mayu to call her onee-chan.. This is it~! :fap The start of the sinful feeling.. Or not~ :nervous Hehehe

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Just see what will happen next..

@sidny48: will do

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And I'm planning to make a fanfic for Yuko as a tribute to her.

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It was interesting ~

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I don't know if this is good enough. My writing skill is getting rusty. But, hopefully you'll like this chapter..  :grin:

Chapter 3

It’s already past 10 P.M. Some people maybe already fell asleep or huddled in the safety of their home, but for some people, the night life had just begun. In one of the famous nightclubs in Tokyo, a girl was seen sitting alone on one of the table. Wearing a one-shoulder black dress that was cut to just above her knee, with ruching that accentuated her curves, and a pair of stiletto black pumps that had a strap around each ankle, she quickly became the center of attention of the nightclub visitors. However, no one dared to approach her because of the guy who came with her. The young man stayed close to her and acted like her guard dog, glaring at every single person who tried to get close to her. But, when the young man suddenly left her alone, one of the men who had been watching her for quite some time immediately seized the chance to get close to her.


Kashiwagi Yuki tapped her slender fingers on the wooden table in front of her, following the rhythm of the music that blasted inside the large, dimmed room. Her eyes were focused on the crowd that dancing wildly on the dance floor. Suddenly, her musing was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice that came from her side, “Where’s your bodyguard?”

Yuki turned around and came face-to-face with a handsome man in his mid-twenties, who was busy checking out her body. He was so engrossed with the view, he didn’t even realize that Yuki had turned around and currently watching him.

“Enjoying the view?”

Yuki’s voice finally brought him back to reality. He quickly diverted his eyes to Yuki’s face while smiling sheepishly, feeling embarrassed because he was caught red-handed when he stared at her body. He ran his fingers through his hair then straightened his leather jacket, trying to compose himself in front of her.

Yuki smiled while watching the stranger tried to straighten up himself. Feeling amused with his action, she decided to give him a chance to talk to her. She felt like he could entertain her for a moment while she waited for Hiro to come back from the men’s room.  Also, maybe they could hook up later, when she got bored with Hiro and decided to dump him.

After tidying up himself, the man cleared his throat, breaking the silence between the two of them and asked, “Are you alone?”

Yuki let out a smirk then leaned forward, bringing her body closer to him, and asked seductively, “What do you think?”

The man craned his head to peek behind Yuki then diverted his eyes to look around them. Seeing no trace of the man who came along with her, he turned his gaze back to her and beamed, “I don’t see anyone with you right now. So, you must be alone.”

“What make you so sure that I’m alone?”

“Because I’ve been watching you since the moment you stepped inside this room. You are accompanied by a man who much more looked like your bodyguard than your boyfriend, and he’s nowhere to be seen right now. So, you’re alone.”

Yuki clapped her hands and let out a hearty laugh. “Yes, I’m alone,” she paused for a bit to glance at the stranger in front of her who was still watching her while grinning from ear to ear, obviously feeling pleased with himself for being able to make her laugh, then continued, “for now. My bodyguard is in the men’s room.”

He grimaced. “Ouch! Too bad.” Suddenly he reached forward and took one of Yuki’s hands that had been resting on the table. Squeezing it softly, he wiggled his eyebrows at her then smiled mischievously. “Just leave him alone and go out with me. He looks too uptight and boring. I’m way more fun than him.”

Yuki was about to give the stranger her reply when a strong punch suddenly came from his side and collided with his cheek, sending him to fall to the floor and passed out instantly. Yuki immediately jumped down from her seat with mouth opened, staring with wide eyes at the raging man who just sent the stranger to the floor, Hiro.

Hearing the commotion, some of the people around them immediately stopped their activities and turned their attention to the three of them. When Yuki realized that a lot of people were watching them, she immediately grabbed Hiro’s arm to stop him from further harming the poor man.

“What the hell are you doing?” hissed Yuki.

Hiro turned to look at Yuki. His face was flushed with anger as he clenched his fist tightly. “He was flirting with you!” Hiro snapped. Whispers could be heard from the crowd around them, but no one dared to move to help the stranger who was still lying on the floor, or to separate the couple who were getting into an argument.

“We. Just. Talk. Nothing more.”

“You just talk?! Do you think I’m blind?! He was holding your hand! And you let him!” shouted Hiro while pointing his finger at Yuki’s face. “I just left for a couple of minutes and you already flirted with him! You even let him held your hand! If it took longer for me to come back here, you probably would’ve fucked him! I know you’re a slut when I met you. You let me sleep with you even though we had just been dating for several days!”

When the last word left Hiro’s lips, Yuki immediately raised her hand and slapped him hard across his face. She clenched her jaw tightly. Her face was red with anger and embarrassment. No one… no one could humiliate her like that and got away with it.

Hiro was stunned with Yuki’s action, so he could only stay silent when Yuki sneered at him. “You’re lucky that I’m able to put up with you for two weeks. You always boast about yourself just because you are good looking and have rich parents, when you’re just plainly stupid and boring. Well… I’m done with you. You and your small dick can go find another girl who will put up with all of your crap.” Yuki then grabbed her purse, preparing to leave the nightclub, but then she stopped abruptly in front of him and decided to add insult to his injury. “Just an advice, before you decide to sleep with a girl, you probably have to do a lot of practice first, because you’re horrible in bed and for your information, I was faking it the whole time.” Yuki then walked away from the stunned man and went out from the nightclub.


Yuki didn’t know where she was or how long she had been walking. She didn’t think and kept walking. When she felt that she was getting tired and her legs almost gave up, she finally decided to stop walking and sat on the bench not far from there.

Looking around her, she finally realized that she was in an unfamiliar area and there wasn’t any vehicle around.  She started to wonder how she could get home. It was getting late and she was exhausted, mentally and physically. There were some people who were still hanging around that area and she could ask them to help her, but she wasn’t in the mood to talk to strangers.  She didn’t want to ask for her friends’ help either, because they would surely ask her a lot of questions. When it came to this, she could only ask for his help. Opening her purse, she took out her phone and scrolled down through her contacts. Finding the name she had been looking for, she pressed the call button. ‘He’s going to kill me for calling him this late, but it can’t be helped.


Watanabe Mayu was enjoying the time of his life. There wasn’t any homework that needed to be done, his father was out of town because of work, and, more importantly, a certain annoying girl, who happened to be his sister, was having a sleepover at one of her friends’ house. So, he had all the house for himself.

Mayu was having an anime marathon in the living room. His legs were lifted on the table, and his body slightly slumped on the couch. He was humming happily, following the opening song of his favorite anime that played on the television while stuffing his face with his favorite snack, jelly beans. But, his peaceful time was short-lived as it was interrupted by the sudden ringing of his phone. A frustrated groan escaped from his lips as he snatched his phone from the table and looked at the name of the caller who dared to interrupt his leisure time. Kashiwagi Yuki’s name flashed on the phone screen. He let out a growl. ‘What does she want this time?’

Mayu was tempted to ignore the call, but horrifying thoughts regarding the older girl suddenly invaded his mind. A picture of Yuki’s body, lying unconscious in some dark alley flashed on his mind. ‘What if something bad happened to her? What if she is in dire need of help? What if she’s dying?’ Mayu shook his head to get rid of the worrisome thoughts then reluctantly pressed the answer button.


“Mayu, where are you?” Yuki’s demanding voice suddenly interrupted him.

“Hello to you too, Yuki nee-chan,” replied Mayu sarcastically. But deep down in his heart, he felt slightly relieved. From her voice, she seemed okay. “I’m at home. Why?”

“I need you to pick me up. I’m lost and I don’t know how I can get home.”

Mayu frowned. “Where’s your friend? Aren’t you supposed to have a sleepover at your friend’s house?”



A heavy sigh was heard from the other side of the phone before Yuki finally confessed, “Something happened and I was left behind.”

Mayu rolled his eyes and groaned. “Can’t you just catch a cab or something?” It was already late and moreover, it was cold outside. He would do anything just to avoid from getting out of the house.

“There isn’t any vehicle, let alone a cab around here.”


“Won’t you help this beautiful sister of yours?”


“Help me, Mayu. Please…”Yuki’s voice sounded more desperate, making Mayu finally relented. “Ugh… Fine! Text me your exact location and don’t go anywhere. Just wait for me. I’ll be there as soon as possible.” Mayu hung up then turned off the TV before lazily dragging his body to get up from the couch to change his clothes.


Yuki hugged herself, trying to shield her body from the cold night air. Once in a while, she threw a glance at her phone screen before darting her eyes back to the empty street in front of her. More than 20 minutes had passed since she called and asked Mayu to come and fetch her. But, up until now, there was no sign of the younger boy anywhere. She was getting restless. She had been calling him for more than ten times, but he didn’t pick up his phone. ‘Mayu, where are you?’ Yuki lowered her head, thinking that she probably made a mistake by calling him to pick her up. She knew that despite she is his sister, but Mayu never really liked her, and he was annoyed by her. He was probably fed up with her, and decided to leave her alone in this unknown place.

“What are you doing here? Let’s go home.” Mayu’s voice was suddenly heard from her side, pulling Yuki out from her negative thoughts.

Yuki whipped her head to Mayu’s direction and beamed, “Mayu! You…” but, her words died on her lips when she looked at Mayu. Her jaw dropped and she stared at him with wide eyes. Mayu was wearing black jeans, a white T-shirt with some anime designs on it, and a black hoodie. But what made Yuki so shocked wasn’t what he was wearing, but what he was gripping at the time. Mayu’s hands were holding the handlebars of a bicycle. Mayu came to pick her up with… a bicycle!

She expected Mayu to come and pick her up in a taxi or something, not a bicycle.

“You’re expecting me to ride on a bicycle with this dress?!” Yuki exclaimed, disbelief apparent on her face.

Mayu observed Yuki from head to toe. Her appearance and outfit were certainly not suitable for riding a bike. But, Mayu didn’t care. As far as he remembered, Yuki left the house dressed in a blouse, a jacket, and skinny jeans, and that outfit was certainly suitable for a bike. He shrugged then answered coldly, “If you don’t want to get on the bike, then I guess you just have to walk to get home.” Mayu climbed onto his bike and started to pedal away, wanting to get away as soon as possible from this ungrateful, annoying girl. Didn’t she know that he had to sacrifice his precious time just to pick her up?

When Yuki saw her only ride to home was getting ready to leave her alone, she started to panic.

“Wait! Wait!”

Hearing the desperate plea that came from the older girl, Mayu rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. He finally stopped and waited for Yuki to come to him.

When Yuki was getting closer to Mayu, she started to shiver. It was getting colder. She stopped near the bike and asked hopefully, “Mayu, can I borrow your jacket?”

“No,” Mayu rejected flatly.

Yuki was flabbergasted. Any man would certainly lend her his jacket immediately, but Mayu just coldly rejected her and without even batting his eyes.

“B-But, I’m freezing here.”

“I’m feeling a bit cold too, and also, I’m sensitive to cold. I don’t want to get sick. Now, hurry up! It’s getting late and we still have school tomorrow.”

Yuki glared at her brother and pursed her lips, but nonetheless she moved to sit behind him without saying anything. After making sure that Yuki was comfortable in her seat, Mayu started to pedal his bike.


For several minutes, they were riding in silent. But, Yuki who couldn’t handle the cold, started to move closer to Mayu, trying to take on his body heat. She felt Mayu’s body stiffened when she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her body tightly on his back, but she didn’t care. Mayu was warm and he smelled nice too. She rested her head on Mayu’s shoulder, inhaling his peppermint scent. It was calming.


Mayu held his breath and tightened his grip on the handlebar, trying to keep his eyes on the road when he felt Yuki wrapped her arms around his waist. When he felt Yuki pressed her body against him, he started to lose his focus and the bike started to falter. Mayu was trying hard to regain his composure, but feeling Yuki’s warm breath on his neck, her slender arms tightly wrapped around his torso, and her breasts pressed against his back, making it harder for him to focus on the street in front.

Mayu had never been so close to anyone before, so he was feeling slightly uncomfortable with the close proximity between him and Yuki. Deciding that he finally had enough, Mayu stopped the bike and swatted Yuki’s arms, making the older girl yelped in pain and released her hold on his waist.

“Ouch! What are you doing?” asked Yuki while rubbing the spot that was hit by Mayu.

“Stop clinging on me.”

“But, I’m cold and you’re so warm.”

Mayu narrowed his eyes then let out an exasperated sigh. Suddenly, he took off his jacket and shoved it into Yuki’s hands. “You’re cold, right? Here… Wear my jacket and stop clinging on me.” Yuki didn’t say anything and quickly wore Mayu’s jacket then went back to hold on the back of Mayu’s t-shirt while the younger boy resuming to pedal the bike.

After several minutes, Yuki suddenly scooted closer to Mayu and wrapped her hands around his waist.

“O-o-oi… What are you doing? Stop hugging me. I’ve already give you my jacket, there’s no reason for you to feel cold again,” stammered Mayu.

“You said that you’re sensitive to cold, right? With this you won’t feel cold again.” Yuki tightened her hold on Mayu’s waist.

“Y-y-you don’t have to do this. I-I’ll be fine. I don’t feel cold at all,” Mayu stuttered. A tinge of pink appeared on his face due to the closeness between him and Yuki.

Yuki pressed her body against him, then replied, “I don’t want to be responsible and have to take care of you if you get sick.”

Mayu gulped nervously. “I-I won’t get sick and I’m actually feeling a bit warm right now.”

“You’re lying. You were shivering a moment ago.”


“I can’t possibly let you get sick because of me. This is the least I can do for you,” Yuki said sincerely.

Hearing her sincerity, and he did feel a bit cold before, Mayu finally surrendered. “Fine! Do whatever you want.”

Yuki let out a victorious smile then snuggled closer to her brother. Taking a glimpse on the younger boy’s reddened face, suddenly the urged to tease him emerged. Leaning closer to his ear, she whispered, “Why are you blushing? Are you probably thinking something lewd?”

The bike shook a bit. “W-w-what are you talking about? I-I’m not blushing. Stop teasing me or I’ll leave you here!”

Yuki giggled. “I’m just kidding.”


“Mayu,” called Yuki. Her voice turned serious.


“Thank you.”


Yuki smiled happily then rested her head on Mayu’s shoulder, enjoying the rest of the ride in silence.

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