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Title: The Other Side of Me (MaYuki) [Chap. 4] 05/21/14
Post by: shiruba_rein on February 12, 2014, 09:29:34 AM
First of all, I'm sorry I haven't updated my other fic . . . . . I was just so busy for the past month  :panic: . . . .

We just had our prom last night and I was sooo tired!  :err:

Also, this month I'll be preparing for our graduation, so I get less leisure time . . . . .

but during prom, I thought of this story and I just can't help but type it  XD

Also, this is my first Mayuki . . . Anyways, please enjoy  :hee:

Chapter 1

(Yukirin’s POV)



“Nnn . . . . Mph . . . “ I grouchily slammed my palm on my alarm clock which was ringing on my side table

I sat on my bed, stretched my arms and yawned; I faced the new day with an unenthusiastic, sleepy face.

“Yuki~ Come down and have your breakfast . . . . . “ my mother called me from downstairs

“ . . . Hai~ . . . “ I replied lazily as my back fell against my bed and feeling my eyelids getting heavy again

“Yuki, if you don’t go down now you will be late for school!! . . . . “ mother knocked on my door in order for me to snap out from my drowsiness

“Tsk . . . .” I get off from my bed and went downstairs. The smell of fried bacon and eggs snapped me back to reality

“Come on Yuki . . . Hurry up. You still have wake Mayu-kun . . . . “ my mother pointed her spatula at me and I sighed.

“I know Okaa-san . . “ I murmured while munching my breakfast.

This has been my way of living ever since I became a high school student and I already memorized the things I do every day because I made a mental checklist.

Kashiwagi Yuki’s Checklist:

1.   Waking up early

2.   Getting ready for school

3.   Going to Mayu’s house

4.   Waking him up

5.   Getting him ready for school

6.   Going to school together

7.   Helping him with school activities

8.   Helping him get out of trouble

9.   Going home together

10.   Helping him with home works and studying

Watanabe Mayu. 17 years old. A 2nd Year high school student. He is my childhood friend whose house is just beside ours. Our balconies are so close that I could just walk over it and by passing through his window; I’m already inside his room. That’s how close we are.

Mayu acts like a kid; he cries way too easy, he is stubborn and gets upset when things don’t go his way. He also spends too much time watching anime and reading manga causing him to have low grades. The teachers would always scold him but he got off the hook once he shows his awfully cute pleading puppy eyes. Sometimes he is bullied by other guys because of his kid-like personality and I acted like his guardian, protecting him from harm.

But sometimes it annoys me that I have to watch over Mayu every day. It’s not like a hate Mayu or anything, it’s just that I can’t find time for myself. I can’t go to mixers, I can’t spend time with my friends, and I can’t find myself a boyfriend!

I went to my room and went over my balcony and went to Mayu’s, as I open his window I saw him still lying on his bed and I can hear him snore a little.

He is sleeping like a baby; his knees are close to his stomach and he was hugging a large teddy bear.

“He’s already in high school yet he still sleeps with his stuff toy, what a kid . . . “ I chuckled slightly, looking at my child hood friend sleeping soundly

“Mayuyu . . . Ne~ Mayuyu . . . . Wake up . . . “ I shook him slightly

But he just kept on snoring and snuggled deeper in his teddy bear.

With this event happening every day, I already came up with a solution for this problem. I lay down on the bed beside him and leaned close to his ear.

“If you don’t wake up now, we won’t stop by to your favorite ice cream shop . . . . “ I whispered teasingly

Suddenly his eyes opened and looked at me with a childish grin on his face.

“Ice cream?? . . . . “

“ *sigh. Is that what you say first thing you wake up in the morning?? . . . . Ohayou, sleepy-head . . . “ I smiled as I got off from his bed and fixed the creases on my skirt

“Ohayou Yukirin~ . . . . . “ he smiled

@ Classroom

“ . . . Yukirin! . . . “ I turned around to see my friend Milky calling out to me.

“Milky . . . . Do you need something? . . . “ I took my seat and Milky went in front of me, slammed her fist on my desk and leaned her face closer to me.

“This time, I’m definitely taking you to a mixer . . . . All we have to do is to ditch that hooded guy over there  and then secretly take you to that mixer. Sounds good? . . . “ After hearing her statement, I turned to look at my childhood friend wearing his signature hoodie looking outside the window.

I sighed “I really want to, but . . . . I can’t just ditch Mayu . . . . He needs me . . . “ I saw Mayu who was still looking outside the window but he is sitting at the edge of his chair and he was rocking it slowly, he couldn’t keep his balance and fell off his chair.

“See what I mean? . . . . “ I turned to look at Milky who has a disappointed pout on her face

“ *sigh . . . . Can’t help it . . . . but I’m not giving up!” Milky went to her seat and I got up to help Mayu who landed on his butt.

“Hora . . . . “ I offered my hand to him and he gladly accepted it. He stood up and gave me a very big smile “Yukirin~ . . . Arigatou ~ .  . . “ he said

I really can’t leave him alone . . . . .

After Class

I was just about to stand from my seat but a hand prevented me to move.

“You can’t escape now. . . . . We really have to go to this mixer, there are going to be hot guys! . . . you might find your future boyfriend there!”Milky squealed.

I was about to reply but Mayu cut me off by saying “Yukirin~ I thought we would go to the ice cream shop . . . . “ he pouted

I was about to reply to him but the teacher suddenly went inside.

“Eto . . . . Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Miyuki, you need stay  . . . Due to your low grades last semester, you need to comply by making a 5-page essay which will be passed not later than 5:00 . . . Understand?” the teacher gave the three of us a glare and handed each of us a paper which contained the topic for the essay.

“But . . . . But sensei! . . . it’s already 4:00. An hour won’t be enough to make a 5-page essay! . . . .“ Mayu pouted, giving the teacher his puppy eyes

“So I suggest that you should start now, Watanabe-kun . . . . “ the teacher huffed his chest, showing his stubbornness

“but . . . but! . . . . “ Mayu held the teachers hands and looked at him straight in the eyes. Mayu’s pouting face and his teary eyes worked.

“ *sigh Alright . . . . . Instead of 5 . . . Just make it 2 . . . . “ the teacher left the room leaving us three behind.

“Wah! It worked! . . . . “ Mayu cheered

“Let’s hurry up and finish this essay . . . . Yukirin and I have a mixer to go to . . . . “ Milky took a seat and began writing

“But Yukirin told me that we would go to the ice cream shop! . . . “ Mayu pouted while showing Milky his puppy eyes

“That won’t work for me . . . . “ Milky ignored Mayu and continued writing

“ . . . . Yukirin~ . . . “ Mayu tugged my sleeve

“I will decide on that later . . . for now, we have to finish this essay . . . “  I took a seat beside Milky and began writing

“Fine!” Mayu stomped his way towards the chair next to me and sat down but instead of writing, he was drawing his favorite anime characters.

“You really are hopeless . . . . “ I sighed

A few minutes have passed but I only made 1 paragraph, Milky has made 4 paragraphs and Mayu has made none.

“Yukirin~ . . . . I’m thirsty . . .  “ Mayu began to poke my arm

I sighed “what do you want? . . . . “

“I want lemonade! . . . . “ he said happily

“How about you Milky? . . . . “ I asked

“Cola is fine . . . . “ she replied without taking a glance at me

I went out of the room and went downstairs where the vending machine is located.

(End of Yukirin’s POV)

Back @ the class room

The air between the two persons left inside the room became heavy.

“ . . . Oy . . . “

Due to the different tone that Mayu used from his usual ones, Milky turned to look at him with a surprised face.

“M-Mayu? . . . . W-what do you want? . . . . “ Milky stuttered as he saw the aura that Mayu has is different from his childish self

Mayu suddenly took Milky’s paper and rapidly finished her essay by filling the 2 whole pages of paper with paragraphs

“Pass this to the teacher and leave me and Yukirin alone . . . . . “ he handed the papers back to Milky

“But . . . My essay – “

“As you can see, I already finished yours, at most you can get an A+,  so you can go to that mixer . . . . . ALONE. “ My placed his hands inside his hoodie’s pockets as he waits for Milky to waltz out of the room.

“M-Mayu . . . Is that really you? . . . .You’re different than usual . . . “ Milky began to approach Mayu slowly  and looked at him from head to toe

“Yeah . . . It’s me . Cool, smart, hot . . . Well, I can be a playboy if I want to . . . No one knows this, well except you now, . . . . this is my true self.” Mayu smirked as he leaned his face dangerously close to Milky’s. He tilted her chin with his thumb for her to look straight to his eyes. “ I was just pretending to be a helpless little kid so that her attention will be always at me. . . . . so that Yukirin would never leave me . . . . “

Milky’s face become red.  Mayu placed his lips beside her ear

“Don’t say anything . . . . this will be our little secret~ “  Mayu gave her a playful bite on her ear
“Go home now . . . . . “  he said seriously as he distance himself from Milky who was dazed at looking at Mayu

Mayu snapped his fingers and Milky went back to reality.

“M-Mayu . . . . I- “

Yukirin suddenly went inside the room carrying the drinks.

“ . . . Hey, are guys finished yet? . . . . “ Yukirin asked as she placed the drinks on the desk

“Yu-Yukirin . . I – “ Milky was cut off by Mayu

“Milky is already finished with her essay and is about to pass it to the teacher . . . . “ Mayu’s tone was child-like but the look that he gave Milky isn’t

“He~ . . . That’s unfair . . . . I’ve only written 6 paragraphs. . “ Yukirin pouted

“ I haven’t made a single one! . . . “ Mayu grinned childishly

“ Mayu . . . . you’re really hopeless . . . . “ Yukirin sighed “Come here . . . . let’s finish this essay and go home . . . . “ Mayu skipped happily towards Yukirin

“Sorry Milky, I can’t go today . . . . Let’s try next time. . . . “ Yukirin smiled apologetically at her friend and began to write

Mayu was sitting beside her doodling but he was giving Milky the eye.

Milky took a sharp intake of breath and walked out of the room briskly but before she left she looked at the hooded figure with longing as he kept doodling the figure beside him who was cramming in writing her essay.


How was it? . . . . Feel free to comment  :D

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mayu kakkoi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

show your self to everyone~~~~~~

yuki is so lucky to have mayu   :inlove: :inlove:
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A new fanfic from Shiruba and this time it's surprisingly Mayuki!!! Yehey! :on woohoo:

Whoa. Mayu totally loves Yuki. So possessive in his own way and he would go that far to get Yuki's attention.

Take your time in updating, I know how you feel about school is in the way. I really understand.
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More please :on gay:
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What a cool Mayu!!!!

But poor Yukirin... I don't know why but I feel like that....

Yaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! More xD
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Omg Mayu is scary when he shiw his true-self

Mayu acting is way to good xD

Please update soon
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Ohhhhhhh !!!!
I like this character of Mayu !!!!!
Deffy fall for him >///<
Yuki couldn't go anyway, heh  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Don't stop this fic, i like the mayu in it :)
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more please more :twothumbs
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more!!! Mayu was really cool! Though he might want to rethink his strategy of wooing Yuki... :depressed:
Is Milky Watanabe Miyuki?
Title: The Other Side of Me (MaYuki) [Chap. 2] 03/17/14
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Thank you all for your comments  :)

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my fics . . . . a bit busy at school.

 Anyways, here's an update  XD XD

Chapter 2

(Yukirin’s POV)

“ . . . Yuki, could you wash the dishes after you eat? . . . ”

I took a glance at my mother who was watching her favorite show on television. I grunted a reply and lazily began my chore. I felt the cold running water on my tired hands as I wash the dishes and glasses that we used. As I listen to the water dripping and the clanking of the utensils I began to recall the things that occurred yesterday.

It only took me a few seconds to get the drinks because there was a vending machine in the room across ours so I went there instead of going downstairs. After getting the drinks, I was about to go inside but I saw Mayu and Milky having a serious conversation.

Mayuyu’s expression . . . It’s somewhat different than before . . . . His serious face, it’s my first time to see it. I could feel my heart beating loudly against my chest.

But it’s Mayuyu we’re talking about. . . . there’s no way that kid could make such a face . . . .

I placed the dishes against the sink to dry them out. I was about to go upstairs to my room.

“Yuki, are you going at Mayu-kun’s ? . . . . “ Okaa-san asked

“Yeah . . . . I’m gonna help him in doing our assignment . . . . “ I sighed

“Then could you please return this to him . . . “ Okaa-sa handed me a very big book

“ . . . Managing Global Innovations?? . . . . “ Why did Mayu have this book? He couldn’t even answer our physics assignment, much more studying about how to handle an international business . . . . I raised an eyebrow which wasn’t unnoticed by my mother.

“Your Otou-san borrowed it a few weeks ago and apparently he hasn’t returned it because he was on a business trip . . . . just don’t ask questions, return it to Mayu-kun and tell him that your father is thankful for that book . . . “ Okaa-san smiled at me.

 A kind of smile that makes you feel that it has some-kind of secret that it couldn’t tell.

“Okay . . . . “

(End of Yukirin’s POV)

(Mayu’s POV)

It’s feels good to have a hot shower after a long day. The water trickles down on my skin as I meditated under the flowing hot water. I ran my fingers through my hair as a remembered Yukirin’s worried face.

 “ . . . . Yuki . . . . . “ I whispered her name oh-so-softly.

I heard the sudden sound of my sliding window. “ . . . She’s here already? . . . “ I asked to no one in particular. I turned the shower off and began to dry myself.

“Sh*t, I forgot to bring my clothes . . . . . “ I cursed as I looked at my reflection. With this my cover might be blown

“ . . . . I miscalculated . . . . for the first time . . . . “ I sighed and then chuckled.

“ . . . Yuki . . . this is why I like you, you are so unpredictable . . . “ I smirked as I clutched the towel. “ . . . Let’s just ruin the image for 1 night . . . and let out my true personality . .“ I run my fingers through my hair and wrapped the towel around my torso.

“ . . . Mayu? . . . Mayuyu, where are you?? . . . . “ I could hear her voice full of worry as it echoes in my room.

I looked at my reflection for the last time and smirked “I’m coming Yukirin~ “ I let out a childish voice as I went out of the bathroom.

(End of Mayu’s POV)

Yukirin was comfortable at sitting on Mayu’s bed. The soft pillow and blanket were pretty much inviting and since Yukirin cannot control her tiredness any longer, she slumped on the bed and buried her face in Mayu’s pillow.

(Yukirin’s POV)

“ . . . Nnnn . . . Mayuyu smells nice. His scent is like that of a child but at the same time like that of an adult . . . . it’s kinda sexy . . . “ I suddenly blushed at my statement
What the heck am I even saying? . . . . .

“But I kinda like this feeling, Mayuyu’s warmness surrounds me and I can smell his scent. . . and if he puts his arms around me, it gives me a sense of security and love . . “ I murmured against the pillow.

“Like this? . . . “

I suddenly felt a pair of arms surrounding my waist and I feel my back against something warm and strong. A familiar scent started to linger as I felt secure in the embrace.

Yeah, this is what it might feel . . . . wait, whut?!

I suddenly turned to see a naked- no, not naked. A topless Mayuyu with only a towel covering his lower part! Oh, heavens . . . I never thought I would see this day. the innocent, child-like Mayuyu has a muscular, model-like body!! His skin is so flawless, his abs are firm and the expression that he wears on his face is so sexy. Oh my . . . . I am so blushing hard right now.

“Yukirin~ . . . if you continue to dilate your eyes, your eyeballs might come out you know? . . . . “  Mayuyu grinned like a child while I was coloring myself in deeper shade of red.

“Ma-Ma-Mayuyu!! . . . . . why are you dressed like that?! “ I exclaimed throwing a blanket to him. “Wear some clothes right now! . . . you might catch a cold!!”

“ . . . I forgot to bring my clothes while I was in the bathroom . . Te he~ “ he tilted his head sideways acting all cute.

“Whatever . . . . just wear some clothes right now so that we could finish the assignment . . . . “

“Hai~” he went off the bed and began to rummage his closet.

I sighed.

Did he heard me when I was mumbling on the pillow? . . . he might’ve because he gave a reply . . . Yabai . . .

“Yukirin~ . . . let’s begin on the assignment. . . . “ Mayuyu who was now fully dressed, but not in his usual attire, approached me and sat beside me.

“Mayuyu . . . why aren’t you wearing your pajamas? . . . “ I asked and stared at his outfit

 “ . . . Most of my pajamas has holes on them. . . some are at the laundry basket . . . . “ He pouted

“Remind me tomorrow to sew your pajamas and wash your laundry . . . “ I sighed still a bit distracted at looking at him

“A-Ah . . . you don’t have to . . . Onii-chan might go home later, he’ll just fix it for me . . “

“Hmm . . . . okay”

“Yukirin, don’t you like it when I wear something like this? . . . . “ he pulled my sleeve and began to pout. Looking at him again, his tank top just fitted his body perfectly, showing his muscles and everything his body has to offer and just below, he is only wearing his boxers . . . . Boxers?!

“I-It’s not that I don’t like it . . . it’s just that . . . . it’s my first time seeing you wear anything besides your pajamas around this time. . . . “ I adverted my eyes from him and focused on the Managing Global Innovations book. “By the way . . . . Otou-san want to return this . . . he gives you his thanks . . . “ I handed him the book

“No problem . . . . I’m glad to be of help!” he grinned

I really want to ask why he has such book but I decided to keep the question for myself.

“Anyways . . . . let’s get started”

We started to do the assignment; I mean . . . I started to do the assignment while Mayuyu was drawing on his notebook. Then I scolded him which led him to be teary-eyed and I felt guilty.

“ I’m sorry . . . . I’m just tired so, I’m kinda in a bad mood . . . “ I smiled sadly at him

He fidgets and came even closer, his arm is pressed against mine and he leans his head on top of my shoulder.

“As I thought you’re really cute when you act like this . . . . “I smiled and ruffled his hair carefully.

“Honto? . . . . “ he grinned

“Un. . . . you’re like a puppy . . . ah- . . no, not a puppy . . . you’re more like a baby brother. Yeah that’s it! “ I chuckled at my statement but somehow Mayuyu’s atmosphere changed.

“Just a little brother huh? . . . . “ he murmured.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the bed with Mayuyu on top of me, with his hands gripping firmly on my wrist as he looked at me with a darkened expression.

“Ma-Mayuyu? . . . . “

“Ne~ 'Onee-chan' . . . . . Mayuyu wants to play~ . . . . “ he lets out a childish voice but the way he stared at me sends chills down to my spine. My heart beats uncontrollably.

(End of Yukirin's POV)


The next chapter of this fic might be later at night  :D . . . . if not then tomorrow  :P

For my other fic . .  .. . might update it 2 or 3 days from now  XD . . . 

Feel free to comment  :) :)
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Kyaa~ Mayu body is *nosebleed*

Update soon~
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~Kyaa~ Mayuyu is so HOT  :wub:  I want him to be my little brother  :deco:

Please update soon!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for the next Chapter  :thumbsup
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This is soooo interesting

Need a fast update xD

I want to know the next
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hahaha mayuyu sughoii !!  :lol:

what game will be playing ? hha * can wait for next chapt  :twothumbs

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whoaa,mayu is really sugooii !!

please update soon !
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Wh-What will happen :drool:

REally interesting story!! I really want the next! Waiting for that :cow:
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i wanna play with mayuyu  :shy1:
Title: The Other Side of Me (MaYuki) [Chap. 3] 03/20/14
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@ Kirozoro: I hope you didn't lose much blood  :lol: . . . Thanks for your comment  :)

@ vivinardisa: well, he is HOT  :heart: . . . Who woudn't want a hot little brother?  :D . . . Thanks for the comment  :) :)

@ MayuxMatsuixMusic: Thank you for your comment  :D

@ mayura48: you'll know  XD . . . thanks for your comment  :) :)

@ Chanaline: Thank you for your comment  :D :D

@ KotonohaXMakoto: Yeah, me too~  XD  . . . . . Thanks for your comment  :) :)

I'm really sorry for the delay  :(   . . . .

Here's the next chapter  :D . . . . Enjoy!  :) :) :)

Chapter 3

(Yukirin's POV)

"Ne~ Onee-chan. . . . Mayuyu wants to play"

Mayuyu leaned closer and our noses are centimeters apart.

"Ma-Mayu . . . Stop it . . . " I pleaded but he tightened his grip

"O-Okay, okay. . . What game should we play? . . . . " my voice quivered

"Hmm . . . I was thinking . . . . " he placed is mouth next to my ear "How about . . . S and M? . . . " his husky voice sends shivers to my spine

'He was referring to THAT kind of play?! There's no way that Mayu could do that do me . . . After all, he is just a whiny, stubborn, selfish kid who can't do anything by himself. But, why is he acting like this? . . . He is not the Mayu that I used to know . . . . He is like . . . A different person'

"H-Hahaha . . . S-Stop with the jokes Mayu . . . " my tone had a bit of anger in it but my heart is beating rapidly because I felt a slight fear

"What if I tell you I'm not joking? . . . What if I tell you tha I'm serious, Yuki? . . . . " he looked at me in the eyes and his face tells me that he is sincere. He carefully carressed my cheek with his thumb.

"M-Mayu  . . . . I-I . . . "

"Shhh . . . ." He placed his index finger on my lips. My heart is pounding so loudly that I could even hear it.

He started to lean closer, and I closed my eyes shut. I held my breath and concentrated in listening to my heartbeat

'Any second now, Mayu and I will . . . '


"I-Itai! . . . " I held my forehead which was stinging in pain. I glared at the person who possibly did this

"Why the hell did you do that, Mayu?!"

He just tilted his head like he did nothing wrong.

"Because it seemed like you were having a dream . . . . And you were puckering your lips just like this . .   " he showed me his duck lips " . . . Which was so ugly and scary so I decided to flick your forehead . . ." He pouted

"S-So it was all a dream? . . . " I asked him while massaging my temples. I took a glance at Mayu, he was still wearing his tank top and boxers.

'So the part where he pushed me and almost kissed me was just a dream   . . '

"Un~ you fell asleep after you finished doing our assignment . . . . " he said

"Thank godness it was just a dream . . . . I don't know what to do if it's real" I sighed in relief.

Mayu gave me a wry smile. "What was your dream all about? . . . "

"Oh that, well I dreamt about you, Mayuyu and you were like a different person so I was a bit scared . . . . Hahaha . . . " I just laughed it off

"Then why were you puckering your lips? . . . . " he asked

"W-Well . . . . My dream switched where I almost kissed this hot guy but sadly it didn't happen because someone had to forcefully wake me up. . . . " I lied at the first part because I don't want to let him know that I dreamt about kissing him.

"Heh~ . . . . You're weird Yukirin. . . . . " he gave me a childish grin

"Hey. . . . I don't want to hear that from you . . . . " I pouted

* Ring ring Ring ring

A sudden call from Mayu's phone interrupted our conversation. As he took a glace at the caller's name, he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Mayuyu, is omething wrong? . . . . " I asked worriedly

"Ah. . . Its nothing. . . . Excuse me, I have to take this call . . . " and with that he exited the room leaving me alone inside his room.

"Is it really just a dream? . . . . It felt so real . . . " I placed my hand against my chest as it still beats uncontrollably.

I let myself fall against Mayu's bed and snuggled in his pillow
"Mayuyu's scent . . . " I smiled as I drifted off to sleep

(End of Yukirin's POV)

(Mayu’s POV)

I slowly closed the door and sat on the topmost step of the stairs.

“Moshi moshi . . . . “

”Mayu-kun? . . . How are you? . . . It’s been a long time since we talked”

“I’m fine Otou-sama . . . I’m just busy, that’s all . . . “

“ Busy what? . . . watching Yuki-chan? . . . “

“Stop it Otou-sama. I know that’s not the reason why you called . . . . “

“Hahaha . . . as expected of my son, you really see right through me . . . “

“Let’s just cut to the chase shall we? . . . . “

” Sure, if that’s what you want . . . “

“ . . . . “

“You see son, I was thinking of building another branch of Watanabe Electronics Corporation in the United States and I want you to be the supervisor . . . “

“ *sigh Otou-san, now’s not the time . . . I told you that I’ll take over the company once I graduated . . . “

” I know that son but I think you should start handling our business. . . “

“I’m a fast learner, it would be easy once I get to know the basics . . . . I'll also send you some plans that I have for the company in my free time . . . “

” I really can’t argue with you . . . . “

“That’s because I’m smart . . . “

“I know . . . . But once you graduated, you need to accept your responsibilities as my son, understand? . . . “

“Yeah . . . “

” One last thing . . . . . you should be true to Yuki-chan . . . “

Before I could even reply, he ended the call.

“That old man . . . he should really mind his own business . . . “ I sighed.

I looked around me and snapped my finger. A door suddenly creaked open revealing a man who wears a formal suit.

“You called, Mayu-sama? . . . “ he stood behind me and I gave him my cell phone.

“Yeah . . . . I want you to arrange a meeting with the board of directors next week . . . “

“Certainly. Is that all, Mayu-sama? . . . “ he gave me a bow

“ . . . Just wear your normal clothes in this house . . . You’re supposed to be my ‘Onii-chan’. Yamamoto Sai . . . . “ I smirked at him

He smiled “Understood . . . .”

“Tomorrow . . . . accompany me to school . . . . I want you to help me with something . . . “ I ordered then Sai bowed for the last time and returned to his room

I stood up and opened the door to my room. There I found Yukirin who was sleeping soundly on my bed. I approached her slowly and brushed the hair from her face. She really is defenseless; I leaned in closer and kissed her forehead.

“Nnn . . . . Mayuyu  . . . . “ she murmured

“You’re still dreaming about me, huh? . . . “ I whispered “You know what Yuki? . . . I was hurt when you were relieved that it was all a dream . . . . “ I sat beside her and caressed her face slowly.

“It wasn’t a dream . . . . . I could hardly control myself . . .  “ I took a glance at her

I moved my lips closer to hers until it touched. I pressed my lips slowly and then distanced myself.

“ . . . . . You can't blame me if I kissed you, it’s your fault that you’re cute while sleeping . . . . “ I can’t help earning a blush as I look at her sleeping figure.

“Oyasumi nasai, Yuki . . . . “

(End of Mayu’s POV)


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Mayu going to tell the true to Yuki?!?

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Yuki...are you seriously going to accept it as just a dream...  :grr:
Mayu's giving me whiplash with his personality switching!  :frustrated:
Bringing Sai to school, I see what you're planning Mayu... :glasses:
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I hope Mayu would tell yuki about himself


There's a chance that they will not be together after HS :((

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Aww... So cute!!!  :shy1: Maybe Yuki will only realise how much she likes Mayu when he leaves?
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What will happen next   :shocked:
Will mayu tell yuki or will he just stay as mayu that yuki now   :dunno:

I can't wait  :drool:

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I missed 2 chapters and wow! Mayu is seriously hot! :on bleed:

I really wonder what will Yuki do if she discovered Mayu was just acting like a kid. Will she get mad or fall in love? She did got attracted to the sexy Mayu which I fully understand why. :P
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Chapter 4

(Yukirins's POV)

“Yukirin! . . . . Come on, get up now. It’s already morning . . . “

I could hear my mother shouting downstairs. I scrunched my eyebrows and buried my whole body under the blankets.

“If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late! . . . . “

I scratched my head and sat on the edge of my bed.

Wait . . . . My bed?

It took a minute for me to realize that I was back to my own room.

“I remember that I fell asleep on Mayu’s bed . . . . He must’ve carried me towards my room . . . “

I took a bath and hurried downstairs. I looked at my mother who was waiting for me at the table.

“Eat your breakfast now . . . . “ she motioned me to sit on a chair. I nodded then I munched on my breakfast.

“By the way, Mayu-chan told me that he would go ahead to school first, so you don’t have to go to his house today . . . “ my mother said

I was surprised that almost choke out the juice that I was drinking.

“Mayuyu did what? . . . . that’s rare” I murmured my last words.

It was the first time that Mayu and I didn’t go to school together. Looks like I’ll skip numbers 3 to 6 on my checklist.

“So who woke him up? . . . Who dressed him up for school? . . . Who did he went with? . . “ I asked these questions to my mother, one after the other.

“Calm down Yukirin . . . . It seems that you are really worried about Mayu-chan” my mother grinned

“O-Of course I am! . . . He could not do anything on his own . . . “ I stuttered while hiding the little blush on my cheek

“His butle-. . . I mean brother did all the work . . . . “ My mother smiled

“Sai did? . . . I kinda pity him for having a brother like Mayu . . . “ I sighed.

Yamamoto Sai is Mayuyu’s adopted brother but despite being adopted by the Watanabe family, he wouldn’t change his last name and I don’t know why. Mayuyu told me that he was 7 years old when they found Sai in the streets and his parents decided to keep him as their own. I never really heard this from Sai because he really doesn’t talk about his self much.

Sai is the same age as us. He’s mature but fun to be with, he always looked after Mayu but sometimes when he is not around, I would take care of him because he is my best friend. He is very patient when it comes to Mayu and responsible in everything. Aunt and Uncle Watanabe are always out of the country but I don’t know if they are handling their business or just having a vacation. Anyways, I also wished that I have an older brother like Sai

“Ittekimasu! . . . . “ I rushed outside my house, worrying that I would be late. My attendance is one of the few things that I’m proud of, I’m not really into sports and my grades are just average. I’m not really popular and I only have few people that I can call my friends because I was busy attending a certain hooded person who can’t do anything by himself.

Did I mention that I’m bad at multitasking? . . . just like now, I’m running at full speed while busy talking to myself, I wasn’t paying attention to where I’m going until I realized that I stopped running and I fell on the ground with my butt.

Also, I felt something cold against my cheek.

“I-Itai . . . Shit, that hurts! . . . “ the other person complained as he rubbed his head with his hand.

It took a minute for me to realize that I bumped this person.

“Hey! . . . Watch where you’re going! . . . . “ he glared at me while I was dumbfounded then suddenly his eyes widened in horror.

“My ice cream!! . . . . “ he exclaimed and I can see him welling up tears.

So that was the cold sensation that I felt against my cheek.

“S-Sorry . . . .” I murmured apologetically

“You should be . . . . “ he glared at me for a few seconds then he stood up and offered me his hand.

“Hora . . . . “

“Arigatou . . . “ I took it and dusted myself.

I looked at him eyeing his ice cream on the ground. Of course I felt guilty because I bumped him in the first place.

“Anou~ . . . If you like, I can buy you a new one. My treat . . . “ I smiled

“Hontou ni? . . . . Yatta! . . “ he exclaimed

“By the way I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. I’m sorry I bumped into to you, I was in a hurry . . . “

“Miyazawa Sae . . . . Nice to meet you. Also I apologize for being childish earlier . . . “ he grinned and gave me a wink.

Somewhat I blushed slightly and felt a ‘kyun’ in my heart. Now that I took a better look at him he is kinda my type of guy. Loose necktie, messy hair, ear-pierced. A bad boy type. He is also a bit playful and childish and I bet that he is super popular and all the girls in his school must be dying to date him.

I took Sae-kun to Mayu’s and my favorite ice cream shop. After school, Mayu and I always go here making us friends with the ice cream lady.

“Ah, Yuki-chan . . . . welcome” the ice cream lady greeted us.

“Ohayou gozaimasu . . . . “ I replied kindly

“Where is Mayu-kun? . . . . how come you’re not with him? . . “ she asked. She is always fond of Mayu and I don’t know why maybe she likes how Mayu would give her different ideas for ice cream flavors . . . . well, some are unusual ones . . . but they became the best sellers of this shop and with that, we always get free ice cream whenever we come here.

“Mayuyu went ahead first . . . . “

“Ah, souka? . . .. and who is this young man with you, your boyfriend?? . . . “ she glanced at Sae-kun who was busy looking at the different flavors of ice cream

“C-Chigau! . . . . He’s just a friend . . . “ I blushed at her statement

“Oh, sorry . . . The guy is cool, ne? . . . “ she giggled while looking at Sae-kun

“Yeah . . . He is.” I glanced at Sae-kun who looked me at the same time. He gave me a grin and I looked away quickly feeling the heat rush up my face.

“Well, well, well. It seems like Mayu-kun is in a tough competition . . . “ the ice cream lady murmured.

“Ne, Yuki-chan . . . . I want this flavor.” He pointed at the ice cream with the label Durian Snowflake. This is one of the weird flavors that Mayu made that become one of the best seller.

I asked the ice cream lady to give me two cones of Durian Snowflake and she happily scooped it up for us. I paid for our ice cream and thanked her then we exited her shop.

“Mmmm . . . Oishii! . . This is one of the best flavors I tasted!” Sae-kun exclaimed happily

“Deshou? . . . “ I giggled at his reaction.

Just then, I heard the ringing of our school bell in a short distance. Then I realized that I was running late for class.

“Yabai! . . . Class is getting started! . . “ I panicked

Sae-kun just looked at me amused while licking his ice cream. “You should better hurry up then . . . . “ he said

“What about you? . . . “ I asked

“My friends mailed me that the teacher in our first subject is absent, so I’m taking my sweet time licking this ice cream . . . “ he smirked at me

“J-Ja . . . I’ll go ahead first . . “ I bowed at him and was ready to take my leave by he held my hand and handed me a paper.

“Here’s my email address . . . . I think we should see each other more . . . “ he winked and walked away.

I snapped out in my reverie when I felt the melting ice cream on my hand
“Eeeeehhh?!?! . . . “

(End of Yukirin’s POV)

Meanwhile . . . .

(Mayu’s POV)

“Thank you for your kind consideration . . . “ I took a bow and exited the principal’s office with Sai.

Right now we are walking towards the rooftop, I decided to skip our first subject because I know the teacher is late.

“You really can do anything you want, huh . . . . “ Sai murmured beside me.

I took a glance at him and smirked arrogantly.

“This is Watanabe Mayu we are talking about . . . . “

I opened the door towards the rooftop and felt the strong wind forcefully knocking over my hood from my head. It felt so good to feel the wind rushing through my hair.

“So, Mayu-sama . . . when have you decided to leave? . . . “ Sai asked me as he leaned against the rails.

“4 days from now, then maybe I’ll stay in the US for a week . . . . “ I sighed. I need to make an excuse to Yuki for being absent for a week.

“It’s hard being an heir . . . but don’t worry Mayu-sama, you can always count on me.” Sai said it with conviction in his voice.

“ . . . Arigatou, Sai . . . “ I’m really am grateful towards him. He would sometimes do my paper works for the company whenever I’m really busy, or he would persuade the board of directors to postpone the meetings whenever I don’t feel good, he really is a good butler. No. A good friend.

The thing about Sai that I told Yuki was not really a lie, it is true that we took him in when we found him in the streets and even though we are not related by blood, I really did think of him as an older brother.

"Tell me Mayu-sama . . . . Why did I have to enroll in your school? . . " Sai asked me as he folded his arms across his chest

"I think a certain someone wants to meet you . . . . And think you are too." I grinned at him. Of course I know everything about Sai, everything from his past and until now.

Sai huffed his chest a bit and looked away, but he thought that I won't notice the slight blush on his cheeks.

After a moment he decided to ask another question.

“Should I tell my new classmates that I’m your ‘adopted brother’? . . . “ Sai quirked his eyebrows

I smirked.

“I bet that most of them would compare me to you after that . . . . Watanabe Mayu, the unpopular, careless kid who can’t do anything by himself and Yamamoto Sai, the handsome, smart, kind and responsible transfer student . . . “ I ran my fingers through my hair as Sai gave me a long, hard look.

“So what do you want me to do Mayu-sama? . . . “

I give him a smug look.

“Sure, tell them . . . . I would love to see the look on their faces when I get back from the US  . . . . “

“You mean? . . . .”

I just smirked at him and he did the same.

“But what about Yuki-chan?? . . . . “ Sai asked me kind of worried.

As if right on cue, the school bell began to ring and several seconds later I saw Yukirin running so fast while holding a melting ice cream on her hand.

“ . . . . I think Yukirin is ready to face the other side of Watanabe Mayu  . . . . “

(End of Mayu’s POV)


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I love the real Mayu, that sounds Mayu-ish XD
So, he will reveal his true self to Yuki? I'm sure Yuki will miss the childish, stubborn, spoil Mayu. But she'll fall for Mayu nontheless ...
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I like the childish Mayu but also feel great about the true Mayu :inlove:
Yuki's indeed a real mother when she's with the child-like Mayu XD
I wonder what kind of reaction will Yuki have when she know the true :lol:
Sae finally made an appearance :panic: A strong rival since Yuki seems to like the bad boy type :P
But at the same time. I wonder why every boys in this, well, except Sai, love ice-cream? :roll:
Anyway, looking forward to your updates  :w00t:
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At last  XD Mayu is gonna tell Yuki his real personality  8)

There must be something happen to SaeYuki when Mayu is gone  :smhid

Mayu is a really bad boy, More than Sae  :)

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yuki... it's real~ not a dream you know~ and you already have a feeling to mayu~ i hope you will realize it soon.. and you want boyfriend right? mayu already there for you~~~  :shy2: :hee: :hehehe: :hiakhiakhiak:

Mayu! tell yuki you're real other side! and make yuki yours!  :on GJ:

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wow Mayu is kakkoi  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I really curious about the other side of watanabe mayu :3 kyaaaaa
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