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Title: Love in Okinawa - Chapter 6 (MaYuki)
Post by: Ceej!~ on May 01, 2014, 07:17:28 AM
Hello! Just a thought... oh just another imagination of mine... or let's just say I saw this in my dreams last night XD please spare me but my head and hands are making me move to write a little intro about it. so here it goes...  :jphip:


"My ex-girlfriend broke up with me... I don't know what's the reason why she dumped me... I did my best to make her happy but it seems she doesn't even care about me anymore... so I decided to move on about her, to forget everything, she totally broke my heart, I want to forget our relationship... I decided to have a vacation in Okinawa, where my family owns a beach resort in the said location... My parents knew about what happened to my relationship, they decided to let me go on my own for now so that I can move on my own. As I stay in Okinawa, I met someone... we get a long... I don't know but for some reason, she really helped me a lot on moving on to my past...

Is my Okinawa vacation was a great idea? or this will turn something I don't expected?"


that's all I can think about it for now~ as usual~ possible pair is MaYuki  :wub: since I'm such a bias writer~ sarehhhh D:
if you guys want I can add up pairs~ just give some suggestions and I'll think about it. So, should I continue? or not?  :?
comments are highly welcome here~ thanks for reading  :bow:


Prologue (
Chapter 1: Getting Over (
Chapter 2: Unexpected Night (
Chapter 3: Lingering Memories (
Chapter 4: Missing Piece (
Chapter 5: Island Escapade (
Chapter 6: Unfolded Past (
Title: Re: Love in Okinawa [undecided]
Post by: MayuxMatsuixMusic on May 01, 2014, 09:23:31 AM
CEEJ!~ -san!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mayuki :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

and a little mayurena pls

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Title: Re: Love in Okinawa [undecided]
Post by: chocholate on May 02, 2014, 07:11:41 AM
Aaa make it mayuki pleasee !!! :bow:
Title: Re: Love in Okinawa [undecided]
Post by: gek geki on May 02, 2014, 08:04:03 AM
Title: Love in Okinawa: Chapter 1
Post by: Ceej!~ on May 02, 2014, 05:30:41 PM
Hello! So yeah, it's official... this is another MaYuki fanfic XD and I kinda did MayuxMatsuixMusic's little request. Oh you'll find out soon~ anyway, here it goes... Chapter 1! douzo!!  :jphip:

Chapter 1: Getting Over

“I’m so sorry but this relationship is so over…”

That was the most painful moment I’ve ever got in my past relationship… A break-up… It’s almost been 2 years since that happen but still I don’t know how to feel towards about it.

Until now I still can’t believe our relationship did end and I don’t really know what’s the main reason behind it but eventually I did knew why… and it was all because of my best friend… Eventually my ex-girlfriend and best friend are now dating… I can’t believe it… in the end she was in love with my best friend and not me… not only I ended my relationship with her but also my relationship with my best friend was also turn into pieces. I can’t forgive them… not now… I’m way too hurt about it…

After that happened, I decided on trying to get over it, and what I did was first staying in a far place in Tokyo… in Okinawa…

“Mayu, are you sure you’re staying in Okinawa for now?”
“Yes, Otou-sama… I’ll staying in our beach resort...”
“Okay, son… if you really need some time to be alone. I know you’ll get over it.”
“Arigato, Otou-sama… I’ll help out in the beach resort as well.”

Just as decided… I stay in Okinawa for now… And I will help with the managing of the beach resort from now on.

“Mayu-sama, here are the papers that needs to be check… financial papers for the resort, please do check it out.” said by my secretary, Ai-chan.
“Arigato, Ai-chan… will check this later.”

Thanks to the beach resort, I get myself to be busy and also prevents me of thinking the past.

At that time, I was at the office and suddenly someone just barged in the door.

“YOOO!!! Bro!! Mayu, what’s uppp?!  XD”

It was my twin-like cousin, Ikoma Rin. Usually people mistaken us as twins due to our looks and also with our personality, we totally relate a lot.

“Rin?! What are you doing here?!  :shocked”
“Of course, pay my cousin a little visit… so how are you doing bro?”
“I’m good.”
“Are you sure? Have you move on now?  :huhuh”

And I became silent all of the sudden.

“I knew it, still can’t move on about Rena?”
“How could I move on if you keep saying her name?!  :smhid”
“Oh, I’m so sorry, Mayu.”
“Nah, I’m really doing my best on forgetting, Rin. It’s just painful to forget the past… I just don’t understand how I feel for now…”
“I know, bro… don’t worry… time will come… you’ll have that time to forget about her...”
“Yeah, it’s just I loved Rena so much that it’s just hurting me more than usual.”
“That’s why you should go date someone now… remember, many girls still wants you, Mayu.  :w00t:”
“Oh stop it, Rin… you know me… I can get a date soon if I want to… I’m just giving myself some time… and for now I’m still afraid to fall in love and get hurt all over again…  :banghead:”
“Take your time, bro… oh, can you give me a tour in the beach resort? It’s been a while since I last visit here… onegaishimasu!  :bow:”
“Yeah, yeah… sure… let’s go.”

I gave Rin a tour in the beach resort and as usually whether I go out and explore in the beach resort there’s always some people who always talks about me.

And some girls are like:

“Oh! It’s Mayu-sama!!!  :inlove:”
“He’s with his twin-like cousin, Rin-sama! Kyaaa!  :wub:”
“Kyaaa!! Both of them are so dreamy.  :drool:”

“Nehh, Mayu… you sure have a lots of fangirls here in the resort.  :D”
“Please don’t even mention them, Rin.  :smhid”
“Haha! Looks like this resort is totally doing good than before.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, the business in here is great… many tourist… many girls…  :w00t:”
“Oii! I know what you’re thinking, Rin!  :smhid”
“Hahaha! Fine, fine… I’ll stop XD”
As we both talk random stuffs, we passed by the beach and as we walked in the shore suddenly there was an accident that happened.

“Help!! Tasukete! I’m drowning!”

That gave me and Rin an attention on a girl drowning on the beach.

“Mayu! That girl is drowning!”

I didn’t say anything to Rin at that time but all I did was taking off my shirt and run off to the beach to save that girl.
I swam fast as I could and I get to grabbed her and bring back her to the shore.

“Oii?! Are you okay?!”

“Yabaii?! She’s not responding.”

I have no choice but to give her a mouth-to-mouth respiration before it’s too late... after doing it for several times, finally she did responded.
She was coughing hard and throws up all the water that went to her mouth.
And timing I saw Rin on the scene.

“Rin, can you help her and have her treated in the resort’s clinic?”
“H-hai, bro… I’ll do it.”
“Thanks! I’m counting on you.”

I grabbed my shirt that I left on the shore a while ago and leave the scene because I’m really annoyed when people are starting to talked about me.

“Kyaaa! Mayu-sama just did saved that girl.  :wub:”
“Waaa! How I wish he would do that mouth-to-mouth respiration to me if I was drowned.  :inlove:”

“Now this is why I really hate on doing something big here on the resort, it’s too noisy. Tsk!  :sweatdrop:”

I went back to my room to change my wet clothes and after that I called Rin to know how the situation of the girl is.

“So, how did the girl do?”
“She already recovered, already leave the clinic.”
“Oh? That’s good.”

“So? What’s your plan for tonight, bro?”
“I just want to be alone for now, Rin… I think I’ll just be hanging out on the bar to have a few drinks… I’ll talk to yah soon.”
“Oh, take your time! Next time you should treat me with drinks too!”
“Okay, okay… soon! Later!”
I ended the call.

After that I went to the bar by myself.
And I just sat on my usual spot in the bar.

“Oh? Boss? Just the same order as usual?” the bartender asked.
“Ahh yeah, just the usual drink.”

“Sorry for making you wait… here you go, boss.”
“Ahh, Arigato…”

As I just drunk out myself again… I just keep on remembering those hard times back in the past…  I just keep on drinking until I reach my limit. As I was thinking while drinking suddenly a girl sat beside me.

A girl wearing a black sexy dress and I kinda stared a long time at her… she’s pretty… and then she begun to order some drink and she started talk to me.

“Hey, are you Watanabe Mayu?” she said in a sexy tone.
“How’d you know my name? Have we met before? Anta dare?”

“Oh, I’m sorry for not introducing, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki… the girl who got drowned in the beach earlier today… Nice to finally meet you, Watanabe Mayu.”

Chapter END. TBC~

Thanks for reading~  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: comments are more welcome here!  :deco:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 1 -UPDATED-
Post by: kazutoryu on May 02, 2014, 06:55:59 PM
gosh!!!! Yuki recover so quick!! Or is that Black san??  :grr:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 1 -UPDATED-
Post by: MayuxMatsuixMusic on May 02, 2014, 07:24:29 PM
woohooo~~~ arigatou ceej-san :bow: :bow: :bow:

mayurena mayurena :cow: :cow: :cow:

but nothing can beat mayuki :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 1 -UPDATED-
Post by: Tiptip on May 03, 2014, 03:29:37 PM
So ... Rena is Mayu's EX  :hip smile:

Hope you make the flashback about MayuRena  :shy1:

but nothing can beat mayuki :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Agree !!  :nya:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 1 -UPDATED-
Post by: gek geki on May 03, 2014, 07:02:13 PM
Yuki sound bold here kekekekeke and sexy type character

Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 1 -UPDATED-
Post by: Kirozoro on May 04, 2014, 12:08:00 AM
Hoho Mayuki has meet each other now

Update soon
Title: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 2 -UPDATED-
Post by: Ceej!~ on May 04, 2014, 09:35:42 AM
dunno what will happened next... I just write on what I could think of and also getting references with your comments XD Anyway, here's Chapter 2~ douzo!  :jphip:

Chapter 2:  Unexpected Night

“Oh, I’m sorry for not introducing, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki… the girl who got drowned in the beach earlier today… Nice to finally meet you, Watanabe Mayu.” said by the girl in a pretty black sexy dress.

“How’d you know my name?  :huhuh”
“Let’s just say… I have my connections. :bingo:”

I just keep myself silent and tried to ignore her but then she tell me the truth.

“Okay, okay… I got your name from the guy who went with me in the clinic, your cousin, Rin. So, can you please not ignore me now?  :O”

I just nodded and continue on drinking my drink.

“Oi!! C’mon don’t be so cold towards me.”

I feel so irritated with her to be honest…

“What do you want? You know, I don’t talk to strangers …”
“Eh? You already know my name. It’s Kashiwagi Yuki, Mr. Watanabe Mayu.”
“Yeah, I know… and I heard you loud and clear, Ms. Kashiwagi Yuki but what I mean is, we don’t even know something about each other except for our names. So? Why even bother talk to me?!”
“Jeez, this is why I’m talking to you… So that we can get to know each other and so that we can’t be strangers to each other.”
“What if I tell you I’m not that interested with having a talk show with you, Ms. Kashiwagi?”

Then suddenly she came slowly towards near my ear and whispered in a sexy tone…

“What if I won’t stop bothering you until you listen to me? I won’t give up on having this conversation with you, Mr. Watanabe.”

That totally gave me the chills on my spine while she’s clinging on my shoulders :shocked and I just broke away with her touch.
“Please stop clinging on me like that.”

I just continued drinking my drink and again she came towards me again and whispered…

“I won’t stop being like this until you talk to me.” she said while she’s like drawing imaginary heart swirls on my arm.

‘This is going to be a long night. *sigh*’ I thought.

And I just went through her ears and whispered…

“So, if we talk, you’ll stop bothering me? Fine, start talking, Ms. Kashiwagi.”
“Finally, this is going to be an interesting night.” She said happily.
“Okay, I get it… I’ll be listening… You go start talking.”
“But wait a minute, before I start…”

I let go a sigh…

“What is it now?”
“From now on, drop the “Ms. Kashiwagi”, call me Yuki instead.  :oops:”
“Fine, let’s just start this conversation, Yuki…”
“And oh one more thing…”
“What is it going to be now?”
“I’ll call you Mayu as well.”

I just rubbed my head with irritation.  :doh:

“Seriously, we just met and you feel like calling me on my first name already? You’re really something, Yuki.  :smhid“
“I’m Kashiwagi Yuki after all, I can do what I want to happen, so if I’m saying I’ll call you Mayu, I really mean it.”

‘Damn, this girl is such a pain in the butt’ I thought.

“Fine, do what you want, let’s just get this over it already.”

We just start talking from the basic getting to know each other and such while having our drink. As we talk for a long time, I kinda got comfortable talking with her.

“Nee, can I open up something?” she suddenly asked.
“What is it? Feel free since you’ve already took my sweet, night time.”

And then she’s starting to talk about a certain topic about her life.

“I have my reasons why I’m staying here in Okinawa… I just want to leave my real life in Tokyo for now.”

“Why’d you want to escape from Tokyo and stay here in Okinawa?”

Silence just pass by for a moment between our conversation... and suddenly she just let go of her reasons…

“Because I want to forget… I want to be away from Tokyo, I want to be away from my jerk, ex-boyfriend who replaced me by some other girls… I can’t believe why he did that to me, I mean… I did my best, just to be the perfect girlfriend for him yet…”

She didn't even finish her sentence because she just broke through with her tears, for some reason my body just move on its own and I just gave my shoulder for her to lean on, I don’t usually do this but in this case I totally understand her feelings, on how she felt at the moment. Somehow, me and her share the same situation about our love lives… both of us are just experiencing the so called “Broken Hearted”.

Then I just broke the silence…

“Don’t worry, that jerk would just regret in the end for breaking up with you. I’m sure that he’s not really the person for you… you deserve someone better… just wait for it… and don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s has been in that situation… happened to me as well.”

//flash back
“Happy Anniversary to us, Mayu… I love you!”
“Happy Anniversary, Rena… I love you more…”

And I came towards her to hug her and ended up kissing her in a long moment… it’s was our anniversary after all.  :deco:

“You know, you look so pretty every single day I see you…”
“Oh, stop it… Mr. Watanabe.” She said while giving me small punches on my arms.

She’s really adorable when she does that and she’ll just give me a “Gekikara” look when I’m teasing her… :oops: Me and Rena had been in a relationship where we almost call it as a “Perfect” relationship.

Our parents already know each other… our families are actually friends due to some business partnership. That’s how I met, Rena...
We became close friends at first but I ended up falling in love with her… and of course, she has the same feelings towards me before.
Before it feels like we’re both inseparable due to our closeness to each other…

And actually there was a time that our parents are already planning for our engagement but before that could happen a tragic moment just happened.

I saw her kissing a guy with my two own eyes, I never expected that her love for me was not really meant as a lovers feeling… but her feelings towards me was just actually a feeling for just close friends.

What hurts more is that the guy she kissed was one of my best friends, Matsui John and because of that my friendship with John ended.

After I saw them kissing I just didn't control myself but punch my ex-best friend as hard as I could…
“How could you! Of all people!!! :angry: The one who’s kissing my girlfriend is not other than my so called “best friend”!!! How could you, John?! I trusted you! You’re like a brother to me but then this is how I get from you?!”

“I’m so sorry, Mayu… I can’t helped myself from falling in love with Rena. I tried my best to forget this feeling but I can’t! I’m in love with her!”

As my anger went out I just did punched him many times as I could until a shout stopped me from doing it.

“Mayu! Stop it! It’s not John’s fault. Stop it, please.  :cry:”

She then began to cry everything out. And eventually, I just ended up and let go of him and just break into my tears.

“What did I go wrong? I’m I a terrible boyfriend? Just why?! :cry:”

“I’m so sorry, Mayu… It’s my fault I know that this would end this way but I’m actually in love with John and not with you… I just did not tell you the truth because I just don’t want you to get hurt. I know I hurt you, so I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you early as possible. It’s my fault… so please don’t hate John for this… hate me instead…”

I just went on my silent mode… I just don’t know how to respond to what she’s saying to me… it’s just I can’t believe it…

“I’m so sorry Mayu… I’m so sorry but this relationship is over… I hope in the future you can forgive me on causing you this pain. I’m sure one day, you’ll find someone will love you truly. Sayonara, Mayu.”

After that, both Rena and John just leave Mayu in the scene.
//end flash back

Back to reality.

“Ehh? You actually know how I feel?  :?” Yuki just suddenly asked me.
“Actually, I’m also experiencing the heartbreak feeling you’re feeling now but as of now I really hate remembering it, so I’m sorry if I can’t share something right now. It’s just too painful to remember. Maybe in some other time.”
“Nah, I’m okay with you just listening to me… so that means after this… this is not the last talk for us?”
“Ehh? Uhmm… well, you’re not that bad, Yuki… Maybe I just misjudge you earlier. So yeah, you’re not that bad… Maybe this is not the last time we’ll talk to each other… let’s just see.”

“Really?!  :D I’m so happy… I knew it that you’re not that kind of a stubborn guy after all.”
“You really believe that I’m a nice guy? What makes you think about it? We’re strangers back then.”
“Well, you did save me back earlier remember… I know that you have a soft spot in you.”
“Oh? That…”
“Oh! With regards to that, Thank you for saving me, Mayu. :mon kissy:”

Suddenly she just hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheeks that startled me at the moment. I don’t know but when she did that my mind went blank… I feel like I was mesmerize with her… :oops: Maybe the effect of drinking too much alcohol tonight.

Me and her just end up staring at each other in the eyes that makes the situation a little different than usually… her sexy gaze just turns me on and suddenly in a blink of an eye she just kissed me on the lips.  :heart:

I can’t hold myself but to kiss her back then… until our kisses became bolder than it is… until we lack out of air, we broke the kiss and then she suddenly whispered on my ears…

“Please, let me help you forget… forget about everything that hurt you before…”
And then I responded to her back and whispered…
“No, let me help you forget as well…”

The next thing is that we leave the place and went to my room in the resort which is not far away in our location. We went inside and suddenly she just pushed me on my bed and went on top of me.

And whispered to my ears…

“Let me your sweet escapade, Mayu.  :wub:”

Then she kissed me hard that let me forget my past existence on that night.  :heart:

I'm so sorry if it didn't satisfied you~  :sweatdrop: Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!  :bow:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 2 -UPDATED-
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ceej-san too fast too fast :bingo:

but i love it :ding: :onionwhip: :onioncheer: :ptam-aww:

ahh that scene :scolding:

i want it :tantrum: :tantrum: :shy1: :shy2:

update :bow: :bow:
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Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 2 -UPDATED-
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ceej-san too fast too fast :bingo:

but i love it :ding: :onionwhip: :onioncheer: :ptam-aww:

ahh that scene :scolding:

i want it :tantrum: :tantrum: :shy1: :shy2:

update :bow: :bow:

Hahahaha!! wrote the update yesterday but I was so lazy to post  XD

ehhh? what scene?  :jerk:


I can picture out that "WOW"  :lol:

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O-O' is that to fast!!!!

Poor Mayuki have broken heart

Update soon
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WHOAAAAAA :yossi: :grin:
........ and that escalated quickly, Mayuboy! :doh:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 2 -UPDATED-
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This could not end differently :bigdeal:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 2 -UPDATED-
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 :cow: They getting along with each other~~
Well,about that.. I need an updatee! .-. :bow:
Title: Re: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 2 -UPDATED-
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ceej-san too fast too fast :bingo:

but i love it :ding: :onionwhip: :onioncheer:

He/She right ceej-san !!
We need an update !!

ahh that scene :scolding:

i want it :tantrum: :tantrum: :shy1: :shy2:

update :bow: :bow:

And i want to know ' that ' part  :grin:
Title: (MaYuki) Love in Okinawa: Chapter 3 -UPDATED-
Post by: Ceej!~ on May 11, 2014, 08:11:22 AM
Hello! just got the update XD I'm sorry for keeping you waiting~ please do excuse the errors on this... I really don't know what I'm writing here~ I just write on what I thought. So yea... Hope this satisfies you.. I hope :nervous So here's Chapter 3! douzo!  :jphip:

Chapter 3: Lingering Memories

‘Ouch, why does my head hurts now? Is it morning already?’

I thought while I’m still on my bed. It feels like I have a rock in my head. I slowly got out of my bed to grab some water to refresh myself. I guess I caught myself to a hangover, all I can remember is that I was too drunk last night. Before going out of my bed, I noticed something that caught my attention…

“Wait a minute? Speaking of being drunk? How did I arrived safely in my room?” and after that thought I took off my blanket and I just noticed I didn't wear anything except for my boxers.

“WHAT THE- w-why am I wearing only my boxer shorts? :shocked did something happen last night that I forgot?”

I was so confused while walking towards to the kitchen to grab some cold water.

“How did I lose my clothes if I was drunk last night? Ahhhh!! I’m so confused now… I don’t remember it well.”

As I think of the situation last night… I saw a note posted on the kitchen’s refrigerator…

“I had fun last night. Thanks for being my sweet escape…
Hope we’ll meet up again soon. Call me! ;)
PS: I saved my number on your phone... tehee~
-   Yuki”

I suddenly spit out the water that I’ve been drinking. Fuuuuu-  :shocked

“WHAT THE HECK?! I slept with her last night?! Gawdd damnnn, Mayu… what did you do last night?! REMEMBER IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUDDD!!  :banghead:”

I just remembered that I had a drinking session and suddenly this Kashiwagi Yuki joined with my drinking session but I didn’t remember that she went along in here??! WHAT IN THE WORLDD!?


“Let me your sweet escapade, Mayu.  :wub:”

Then she kissed me hard that let me forget my past existence on that night.  :heart:

She suddenly broke our long kiss and she first took off my shirt and unbuttoned the button of my jeans then she took it off as well. That leaves me with my boxers that time.

“Feeling comfortable :heart:?” she said while her hands are touching my abdomen part.

That just leave me speechless with a red face on what she’s doing to me :mon bleed2:. She’s too much for me, I just had a drinking session with her and I never thought we’ll end up being here in my room and doing this kind of stuffs. Suddenly, she slowly removes her shoulder piece of her dress.

“W-What are you doing?!  :shocked” I just let out with a super red face.

“Undressing~ you want… to see? Oh right… or you want to be the one to undress me? Jaa… do the honor, Mayu…” she then took my hand and put it on her shoulders and she moved towards to my ears and whispered…

“Do the honor to undress me, Watanabe… Please be gentle, Mayu…”

Her voice is taking over me that I can’t even control myself that my hands just simple went to the zipper at the back of her dress and I ended up to unzip it slowly… and her dress just simply falls off to the floor. That leaves her wearing only her black lingerie. I ended up staring at her body and admiring on how perfect her body is…  :inlove:

“If you stare at me like that… I might get pregnant with that endless stare of yours.  XD” She jokingly said and she suddenly hug me tight like there’s no tomorrow.
“Thank you for being my comfort for tonight, Mayu.” She said behind me ears and suddenly she slowly bit my ears and went on kissing my neck.
“ahhhh… hngggg” her kisses turns me on… and with that kisses she end up making a hickey on my neck.
“Uwahhh?! This is going to leave a mark!  :shocked”
“I know… so that everyone will know that Watanabe Mayu has finally moved on and owned by Kashiwagi Yuki.”
“O-Owned?! By you?! Since when?! :mon dunno:”
“Since you kissed me back in the bar.  :heart:”


“Hmmm? I know…”
Yuki suddenly moved her hair on the other side of her shoulder and exposed her neck.

“Do your revenge, Mayu. I’m giving you the honor to make me yours.”
“Oh gawd. Are you serious? Why are you even willing on this?”

“Because I’m slowly falling hard for you, Mayu… I don’t know but I think I’m madly in love with you and I want you to own me as I own you.”

That leave me speechless when she said that to me. I just got mesmerized with her more and I just end up kissing her neck and ended up making a hickey on her neck also it’s very visible to the eye.

“Ahhh, your kisses are too hot, Mayu.” she said and ended up on kissing me on the lips and pushed me once again on the bed while she’s on top of me.
Our kisses grew bolder and bolder every time we did that long kiss and until I can’t hold on… I ended up kissing her back more and it became more bolder than it is… now this time I let her lie and I’m on top of her. I just looked into her eyes, it feels like we just had a little staring contest on our own.

“I think I’m falling hard for you as well, Kashiwagi…  :wub:”
“I love you, Mayu…  :wub:”

She then kissed me while her hands are on my shoulders like she doesn't want to let me go. I just ended on kissing her back. Until we already got turned on with each other… but just when we’re going to do it in the next level I ended up being knockout all of the sudden and I fell asleep.

“Mou, you’re really drunk, Mayu.” she whispered on sleeping Mayu beside her. She then pecked a kiss on his cheeks.
And suddenly I just spoke out randomly while asleep.

“Rena… Rena… why you leave me? Am I not enough for you?”

Yuki heard everything Mayu said.
“I knew it… you’re still not over her…” she then look at the picture frame on the table side of the room… it was Mayu and Rena’s photo together.
She then went to Mayu’s ears and whispered.

“I swear, I’ll help you move on, Mayu… I’ll wait for you…”
She then kissed his forehead and got dress back and leave Mayu sleeping on his bed.”


Back to reality.

Gawddd!! What did I even do to her last night?! Hope I’ll remember it  :?

Suddenly someone rang on the door. I just speak through the speakers inside to speak outside.

“Who is it?”
“It’s Rin, Mayu!”
“Oh? Wait a sec.”

I then run towards the door and open it… Rin went inside the room.

“Bro! I’ve been calling last night. What happened to you?”

He looked at me and was surprised on what he saw.
“Hohoho!  :w00t: What did actually happened last night? Looks like someone finally moved on.”
“Dude, look at you… you’re on your boxers only… then you have a messy hair…”
“Seriously? Rin, I just woke up and I always sleep like this… what’s wrong with that.”
“Not only that, Mayu… what I really mean is that!” the Rin points out the red mark on Mayu’s neck and Mayu run towards the mirror in the room.
“WHAT THE HELL?! It’s not what you think, Rin!  :doh:”
“Oh please, Mayu… don’t hide it from me, I’m your cousin… so it’s fine… and to be honest that’s a very obvious hickey.  :grin:”
“*sigh* Whatever, Rin… okay if this is a hickey, I really don’t have an idea where did I have this… I was so drunk last night and the next thing I knew I was here in my room being like this.”
“Did you have someone on your drinking session?”
“Ahh? That… Yeah…”
“Kashiwagi Yuki… and actually it’s your fault that I ended up having a drinking session with her!”
“Hahaha! I knew it was her… well from what I see looks like she did enjoy hanging out with you last night.”
“Seriously? You should be in my position.”
“Hahaha! I’m sorry, dude! But you know me and she’s not really my type… and to think… I think she’s pretty much your type.”
“Oh, shut it, Rin. I just need my peace for now  :huhuh”

====AT THE BEACH====

I went on a stroll at the beach since Rin was insisting me on going there. I was only with my shorts and being topless since it’s very hot lately at the beach.
“I’ll just go look around, Mayu. I’ll meet you up later.”
“Fine, see you.”

And as Rin left I let myself space out in the beach… and suddenly my phone rang.

“Who could this be? Hello?! Who’s this?”
“Hey, you’re here too? At your back!”

And I turned my back it was Yuki who called me and I hang the call and she walk towards me.

“Oh? ummm, Hey…”
“Never expected of seeing you here…”
“Same with you.”
“So? How’s that thing on your neck.  :oops:”
She said while smirking at me. I guess she noticed that I hide the hickey using a Band-Aid on my neck.

“I guess I know now who did this.”

And suddenly before I said something to her someone called out my name.


Then I turned my back, it was my ex-girlfriend, Rena…


“It’s been, awhile… how are you?”

“Uhmm, I’m good… you?”

“I’m good, Mayu…”

“What brings you here?”

“Oh, we just had a little vacation here. I’m with John.”

When she mentioned that bastard, John… :angry: I can’t help myself but my anger on hearing that name increases but I just manage to hide it from her.

“Oh? That’s great. Enjoy your stay here.”

“Thanks, are you with somebody?”

I just noticed that I’m with somebody alright, I’m with Kashiwagi Yuki and something inside my mind created a thought that made me move towards Yuki.
I grabbed Yuki towards Rena.

“Ahh, yes… I’m with my GIRLFRIEND… Kashiwagi Yuki.”


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Feel like updating~ since Yuki updated her G+ with a MaYuki photo XD So, here's Chapter 4! Douzo~  :jphip:

Chapter 4: Missing Piece

“Ahh, yes… I’m with my GIRLFRIEND… Kashiwagi Yuki.”

I just let out from my mouth… I never expected I’ll make a move like that but my mind just gave me an opportunity to make a plan after seeing Rena again.
And suddenly an unexpected reaction just happened…

“Rena-chan?! It’s been awhile!  :D”
“Yukirin!!! It’s been awhile! How have you’ve been?  XD” Rena asked Yukirin and both of them hugging each other.

And I was like “What the? These two know each other?”  :O

“Oh? Mayu, you seem surprised that me and your girlfriend know each other?” Rena asked while looking at Yukirin.
“Ehh? The two of you knew each other?!  :shocked” I just replied while having a shocked face.
“Actually, I haven’t mentioned before… but Yukirin’s my cousin… we haven’t seen each other for years since she went abroad to do her studies there.”

Ehh? :shocked
“I’m glad to see you, Yukirin it’s been a long time… I know what… why don’t you and Mayu hangout with me and John later… We’ll see you at 3pm here in the beach… for now I have to go find John and go get ourselves prepared… see you later guys.”
“Yeah, Rena-chan… we’ll see you later.”

Rena waves goodbye to both Mayu and Yuki.

And then…

“How long will you hold my hands like that, Mr. Watanabe?  :P” Yuki asked to Mayu and he let go of her hand and leaved him a red face.
“It’s not what you think!  :huhuh” I said back to her…
“What’s on your mind, Mayu? Why did you even say that I’m your girlfriend?”
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you and Rena are cousins. I just want to-” but before I finish my sentence, Yuki finished my sentence.
“-want to have a little revenge? Or you just still can’t move on with the past?”

I was really shocked on what she just said to me.

“I already moved on with it! I just want to have a little revenge on what they did to me back then! I just can’t stand it when they have a perfect relationship and leaving me have this miserable life! That’s why I just said in front of her that you’re my girlfriend and I want her to know that I’m happy even though she broke my heart in a long period of time!”
“I understand how you feel, but my cousin is just being honest to herself and she really moved with the past now… how I wish you’d do the same too!”
“I told you! I already moved on!”
“Prove it then!”
“I’ll prove it later, and like what I said to her you’re my girlfriend… I guess you need to pretend…”

“Aren’t we already look like one?  XD”
She said while joking.

“Ha! Very funny? :smhid Remember this is only for the meantime… we’re not an official couple.  Got it? And please don’t even expect that much about our relationship, we are nothing more than acquaintances last night. Nothing more nothing less.”
“I get it… but there’s one thing… as long as I can carry it… I won’t even dare on giving up on you yet, Mayu!  ;)”

She said while she gave me a wink.
“Oh please, let’s just get this over with.”

And suddenly, my head felt kinda hurt a little and a little flash back appears in my mind...

“Help me!! I’m drowning! Ahhhh”
I heard in my mind and it was like back when I was little… I don’t get it… who’s that person? All of the sudden I just save her…
//end flashback

and I was back in to reality when Yuki suddenly talked to me.

“Mayu? Are you alright? Does your head hurt?”
“No, I’m fine… let’s just meet here before 3pm, okay? I’ll go get prepared… later~”

After both of them got their stuffs for the meet-up at the beach both of them see each other on the same spot.

“What’s with that backpack on you back?”

Yuki asked on Mayu who’s bringing a backpack with him.

“Oh just some stuffs that’s usable for later.”

I said back to her… it was stuffs that I needed for later… I was wearing my beach shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that time while Yuki was wearing a two piece swimsuit and wearing it below with a loose shirt with shorts and a big hand bag.

“You have a lots of things too, Yuki? *sigh* as expected from a girl like you.  :smhid”
“You know I have my emergency things you know… and it’s not all make up or whatsoever you think about, Mayu.”
“Well, whatever… it’s almost 3pm, let’s go already…”

When I was about to go… Yuki just grabbed my t-shirt behind…

“What is it? Hey you know we’re pretending as girlfriend-boyfriend… you don’t need to be far away from me you know… we need to be near to each other…”
“Ehhh? Oh C’mon, what are you implying, Yuki? “
“What I mean is we need to act it out like a true lovers… or else they might found out, silly!”
“Well, whatever… fine… let’s just go already.”

I ended our conversation and put my hands around her shoulders and went to the said venue.

“I never thought you could be like this, Mayu. Tehee~  :P”

She said to Mayu while her hands are around on his back while walking together.

“Oh shut it, Yuki… it’s not what you think.  :smhid”
“Well, whatever, Watanabe… all I know is that I’m enjoying this ;)”

And finally the two of them arrived at the said meeting place, they also saw Rena and John waiting for them in venue.

“Sorry for making you guys wait...” Yuki said while greeting Rena…
“Oh, Yukirin… this is John, my boyfriend… John, Yukirin… my cousin.”
“Oh, nice to meet you, John.” She greeted and shake hands with him.

Then Mayu’s just madly gazing through John.

“Oh, I think you already know… Mayu’s my boyfriend right? Oi! Mayu.”
“Hai Hai… John, nice seeing you.” I said and gave a handshake to him with a hard grip on his hand.
“Ahh, n-nice seeing you too, Mayu.”

I’m just giving a fake smile to him then let go of his handshake.

“Okay? What should we do?” Rena asked Yuki.
“What about we have some refreshments for now…”
“Good idea, Yuki.”
“Hey, guys… we need to grab some refreshments for now… we’ll be leaving you guys for a moment.” The girls said.
“Sure girls, take your time.” We both responded.

After the girls left...

“Hey, John… how about a little Frisbee game for now… since the girls are leaving for a moment… why won’t you and I have a little game.  8)”

I said to John with a game face on my face.

“You’re on, Mayu!  8)”

I started to take off my t-shirt and also John did the same…
And then we started our Frisbee game… our game became on serious mode…

“Hey, no fair! You didn’t throw it well! What a lame throw was that?!  :angry:”
“What? I did throw it well, Watanabe?  :angry:”

Then suddenly I just pushed John that sent him on the ground.

“What was that for?!”

John suddenly stand up and pushed me back.

“For everything!!!!  :angry:”

I just then suddenly punched him in the face! And he even punched me back until the both of us just gave punches to each other and even wrestle on the beach.
And suddenly our fight stopped because Yuki and Rena went back.

“Gawddd! You two?! What are you doing?! Why are you two fighting?! OAO” both of them said in unison.

“He started it!  :angry:” both of us said in unison while pointing fingers at each other.

Then Rena just went towards John and checking his bruises on his face that really made my heart shutter to pieces just like how I feel back before. I just grabbed my things and ended up running away on that place…

“Mayu! Where are you going?!” Yuki asked while screaming but I just ignored her and runaway on the place.
“Rena, I’m sorry… I need to catch up on him.” And Yuki leave the place and run to catch up with Mayu.

After that long run… she found Mayu setting up a pump boat near the shore…

“Mayu?! What are you doing?!”
“What do you think? Leaving this place, obviously…”
“What?! Where are you going?!”
“Somewhere I could be alone for now.”
“I won’t let you!”

Then suddenly Yuki went on the pump boat and sat on it.

“What the? It’s your decision if you’re going with me… but I won’t stop you nor I won’t do anything if something will happened to you in the trip.”
“I don’t care! As long as I get to see what are you doing, Mayu!”
“Whatever, Yuki…”

I just then made the pump boat start and went moving towards the sea…

“Where are we going, Mayu?!”
“I have no idea, I don’t care where I’m going, like I said… you shouldn’t come with me!”
“I don’t care where are you going but I’m going to stick with you!”
“Oh please, you’ll regret this!”

Suddenly the pump boat’s motor engine stopped.

“What the?!  :O” both of us said in unison.
“Now, we’re stuck in the middle of the sea!”
“I told you, you shouldn’t be going with me!”
“Instead of arguing with me, we should find somewhere we could stay, is there a nearby island here?!”

Both of us looked around on the sea and we ended up seeing a nearby island in the sea.

“There! We need to stay on that island for now.”

I just then ended up rowing the pump boat towards the unknown island after that we ended up staying on that island.


Chapter End. TBC~

so? how do you guys think?  :nervous As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!  :bow:
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so something happen in the past between mayu and yuki..
I wonder what happen there.. :bow:
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so something happen in the past between mayu and yuki..
I wonder what happen there.. :bow:

Glad someone noticed my idea  :lol:
Please do look forward for it~  :bow:
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But why mayu seems didn't remember it? did someone bang his head?
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@kazutoryu: you'll find that out in the upcoming chapters~ please do wait for it  :bow:

I'm actually done with this chapter a few days I go, I was just lazy to retype it XD so, here's Chapter 5! Island Escapade~ Douzo!  :jphip:

Chapter 5: Island Escapade


Yuki just said with her enormous reactions which made Mayu a reply...

"Isn't it obvious?  :smhid Enough talking, we better set-up things, it's getting late dark now."

"Late dark?! *gulp* So that means there are weird creatures here?!  :O

"What the heck?! There's no such things as weird creatures, you have a weird imagination, Yuki  :smhid"

"Eh?! I'm not! I'm just stating a fact."

"Well whatever... I'll be setting up the things that I could set up before it gets dark. I'll leave you here."

"Eh?! Are you leaving me behind here?! :yuki:"

There goes her reactions again.

"Well, if an annoying girl like you stands in my way, I'll definitely leave you here!"

"I won't let you leave me here, I'll tag along with you wherever you go on this island!"

"Fine! whatever, just don't get in my way on surviving!"

We then set-up what we could use before it gets late and dark. First we just gathered some woods to set-up a fireplace first. I just cut some wood using a knife I got from the pump boat. Luckily, we got some basic things we could use in surviving in this unknown island.

"Is it just me or we have everything we just needed for our basic needs in surviving here?" Yuki asked.

"Actually, I'm the one who bring this all, I was expecting something will happen like this to me after all, if only you didn't come with me, this wouldn't happen to you. It's fine for me to be stranded here since I'm used to this situation and this also happened to me back in different islands as well, but this is the first time I've been into this island. Now I'm stuck with you. *sigh*  :sweatdrop:" I said with a sigh on my face.

"Looks like I can survive in this island after all." she confidently replied to me.

"Ehh?! what are you saying, Yuki?!  :shocked"

"I mean I'm stuck in this island with a person who's used to this situation, maybe I'll be okay being stuck in this island with you after all, Mayu! :lol:"

"Oi! Even if you are stuck with me, it doesn't mean you'll survive and I'm not really all 24/7 in helping you out here! Seriously, don't depend on me that much! and who said I'll even help you out!  :huhuh"

"Because I know you'll help me whether it annoys you or not and Hai! Hai! I won't depend on you that much, Aye sir!  :P"

"You're already starting to annoy me... fine fine fine~ sheesh...  :doh:"

After all that little argument, we finally set up the fireplace for our own source of light.

"Anyway, now that's done... I'll leave for now, okay?" I said to Yuki.

"Where are you going?!  :?"

"To the pump boat, I'll be unloading the important things that we could use for tonight. Now, listen... You stay here! Don't follow me, get it?! :wth"

"Fine, you don't need to shout.. Aye, sir!  :thumbsup"

I just leave here in the location and went to the pump boat to grab all the important things needed. Good thing I bring a mini tent that is good for 2. I guess we can just share the tent and suddenly I felt embarrassed on what I'm saying... "Baka! What the hell are you saying, Mayu... I won't sleep together with her *sigh* I guess I'll be sleeping on the beach sand this time  :sweatdrop:" what I thought.

After that thought I just bring back on the things... The tent was on my back and also with my backpack and my hands is also full of important stuffs and a few food I brought earlier and suddenly when I was almost there to the location where I left Yuki, I just heard someone screaming. "Ahhhhh!! Go away from me!" It was Yuki's voice! "Yuki?!" I just throw all the things I have in hand and dash towards the place and saw her fighting and killing some insects that are surrounding her and I just gave myself a face palm. "What the hell?! I thought you were in big danger and I just run that much and seeing you with those tiny insects. For crying out loud, Yuki  :banghead:"

"I'm so sorry, it's just I can't stand insects."

"Oh, forget it... sheeshh... I just had to leave those things behind, now I have to pick them up again~  :sweatdrop: *sigh*"
I just leave her again and grabbed all the things and went back to her.

"What's all that?  :?" she asked.

"All the things needed for survival, obviously... just don't look at me, help me with this, I also brought your things too."

"Oh, sorry  :nervous Uhmmm... Thanks Mayu."

"Yeah, yeah... Let's just set-up this tent."

"A tent?"

"Yeah... Good thing I taught of bringing this."

"So, this tent is good for two?"

"Yeah? What about it?  :?"

"That means we'll be sleeping together?!  :w00t:" Yuki just said in excitement.

"The heck are you talking?!  :shocked I didn't say that I'll be sleeping with you in that tent. You'll be the one who's going to use it."

"What about you? I mean this is your tent?  :?"

"I know but I'd rather sleep on the beach sands than sleeping in the tent with you."

"Ehh?! but I don't want you to sleep in the beach sands because of me... and it's your tent after all."

"We'll just talk about this tent thing later... For now, we need to prepare food for dinner. I'm starving!  :drool:"

"I'l go prepare it."

"I got a spare meat on the food stock."

"Hai! I saw it... I'll go prepare it."

Yuki took the spare meat and cooked it in the fireplace and after a few minutes she didn't noticed that she's over cooking it and it turned it like a not edible food because it's super burned.

"Opps! Yabai  :sweatdrop:"

"What the?! That's the only meat I got and you just burned it?!  :angry:"

 "I'm so sorry, I'm so pathetic  :cry:"

"Oh, never mind... I'll just eat fruits for dinner. Sheesh, so much for my meat cravings. *sigh*  :sweatdrop:"

We just both eat fruits for dinner. After that I just spacing out while watching the night sky and I just suddenly saw Yuki's freezing cold in the other side of the camp.

"Seriously, you're hopeless, Yuki." I said while sitting beside her and covered her my jacket that I'm wearing.

"There, take it. You're freezing."

"How about you?"

"Don't mind me, I'm a guy... I can handle the coldness."

"Ahh... Arigato, Mayu  :oops:"

I just became silent all of the sudden and just end up looking at her, she's making herself warm with my jacket.

"I felt warmer, thanks to this... Arigato!  :roll:"

She just then put her head on my shoulders. I just keep myself silent in all those time.  :nervous

"nee, Mayu..."

"What is it?"

"I like it when you're just calm like this.  :wub:"

".... I'm sorry for being harsh on you... I just don't know why I'm like this..."

"Don't worry, even you're being stubborn to me all the time, I'll always accept it... I accept you... just the way you are."

"Why are you being like this, Yuki? Maybe other girls will just hate me for being like this.  :sweatdrop:"

"I'm not your ordinary girl, Mayu  ;)"

"You're really different, Yuki. I'm so sorry for making us stranded here. I didn't noticed that the pump boat runs out of gas."

"No, it's not just your fault... It's my fault for coming with you, Mayu.  :("

I just became silent again and suddenly I just asked her to sleep in the tent.

"You go sleep in the tent, I'll be sleeping here."

"No! I won't sleep alone in that tent and leave you sleeping out here.  :yawn:"

"*sigh*  :yawn: I don't have a choice, do I?"

"Yup, you can't disobey me.  :P"

"Ehh?! You're not the boss of me?  :O"

"Oh, I'm not alright... but maybe soon ;)"

"What are you saying?! Fine... I get it... I'll sleep with.... sleep only, no funny business, okay?!"

"Aye, sir! Let's sleep now  :yawn:"

She just grabbed my hand and went inside the tent together. The tent is exactly good for two but it feels like we're too close at each other and she's just facing at me and she just used my arm as her pillow and suddenly she just fell asleep in my arms...

and I just whispered in her ears...
"Good night, Yuki...  :heart:"

Chapter END. TBC.

That's all for now. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!  :bow: :twothumbs
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Ah.. thanks for the update. Stuck in an island together hub? That sounds really cute  :oops:

I wonder when will Mayu fall in love with Yuki.. I'll wait for that chapter! :twothumbs

And please update 'Waiting in that summer' i am curious~
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NOOOO!!! Where's the next part ??? Щ(ºДºщ)
Up-date-soon! Up-date-soon! Up-date-soon! Onegai :bow:
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Hello! It's been awhile. Just thinking of randomly updating this fic. I wonder if there still readers on this fic tho~  :doh: Well, anyway... here's the update. Chapter 6! douzo  :nervous

Chapter 6: Unfolded Past

It's been 5 days since we got stranded in the island, as of now both of us, still manage to live in the unknown place.

I just woke up and I was all alone in the tent. Looks like that clingy girl went somewhere, hope she won't get lost or trouble again  :smhid. As I get up, I fix the things in the the camping site and suddenly sound was heard... oh it was my stomach, just a sign that I'm getting hungry already but before getting some food for my tummy, I look around the island to see some usable things... also the time to gather some stocks for survival and gather some food, also to find where that clingy girl went.

"I wonder what I can find to eat today... I wonder where that did Clingy Yuki went.  :doh: pshhh~ oh whatever... it's not like I'm worried about her or something."

As I look around, I saw a huge coconut tree, I approached the tree and check it out... and when I looked up, I saw someone up in the tree and it was no other than Yuki  :sweatdrop:

"What the? What are you doing up there? That's dangerous you know!"
"Getting some coconuts, obviously."
"Serious, get down there... that is supposed to be the my job."
"Fine... Just wai-"

but before when Yuki was about to get down the tree, she slipped and falls toward the ground... but lucky her she got a soft landing.


It was Mayu who hit hard in the ground... he also kinda got his head bumped hard on the ground. He felt a total blackout in his mind but manage to pull his conscience back.


As he open his eyes he saw Yuki above him just looking at him... and he was so uncomfortable with the awkward position with Yuki.

"How long are you going to lie down above me? OMOI! (HEAVY!)"

Then Yuki stood up.

"Ahh, Gomen ne, Mayu."
"Oh forget it. By the way, why you're so early and why the heck are you on a tree at that time?!"

"Oh? about that... I kinda woke up early and I just decided to explore... and guess what? I found something interesting."
"What is i-"

Before Mayu could finish his sentence Yuki grabbed his hand and went to the place that Yuki discovered. Somewhere in the most middle part of the island. As they went through they finally arrived in the location.

"Here we are!"

Mayu's eyes roaming around the place because they just discovered a natural hot spring in the middle of the island...

"S-Sugoi!  :O"
"Deshou? I just took a dip earlier there~ it feels so great  :twothumbs"
"Ehh?! you already took a bath in it?"
"Yea, I can't helped it~ I've been longing on taking a bath in a hot spring after all, since we always took our baths in the salt water :sweatdrop:"
"Looks like a nice hot spri-"

but before Mayu could finish his words he suddenly went to the water due to Yuki's strong push towards the hot springs.

"What did you do that for?"
"Since you're just blabbering, I thought it's time for your morning bath, Mayu  :P"
"Enjoy the Hot spring, Ma-"

and before Yuki could finish what she said, she end up on the water as well... due to Mayu grabbed her feet towards the hot springs.

"EH?! I'm already done my part. Now I'm all wet again. Mayu no Baka!"
"Hahaha! just taking my revenge, Yuki  :lol:"
"and besides, as if I'll let you go somewhere again... I don't want you to go around this island without even saying a thing to me."

Yuki went silent because of what Mayu said... and how Mayu was too close towards her... and suddenly she just ended up hugging Mayu.


both of them made themselves surprised on what they're doing to each other.
"Arigato, Thank you for taking care of us in this island. Thanks to your aid, it feels like I'm not even stranded in this unknown island."

The two just end up looking at each other until their heads are getting close to each other and at the end their lips ended up with a sealed to each other. 
Both of their lips were sealed for a long time at that moment, they didn't even realized that they just had a long kiss, as time they noticed that they've been kissing for a long time... the two of them broke that long kiss which ended up a blush on both of their faces.

"Uhmmm, I'm sorry."
Mayu just said to Yuki...

"...  Uhmm, anyway... I'll go get dry myself now, you do your bath, I'll be waiting there."
"Okay... thank you, Yuki."

After Mayu finished his bath... the two went to get their food for the day... usually they would have fruits and fish in their meal which both of them got used to it. Usually every single day they always look around for help in the island but unfortunately there's no way to get off the island. The only way is that someone would show up and find them in the said island. The day is almost ending and it's time for them to set up for tonight... fire place and a comfy place to stay up for the night. As they finished up setting and also their dinner for tonight is also ready... they just sat down near the fire place and just talk to each other, same as usual.

"Nee, Mayu..."
"What is it, Yuki?"

"I wonder how long can we live here... I wonder if we can still live ali-"
"BAKA! Of course we'll live on... and will survive on this island... soon... I know we can leave this island... just think positive!"

Mayu just ended up saying in an anger tone to Yuki. That just made Yuki into silence in their dinner.

"*sigh*, hey... listen... I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't yell at you like that... I just want you to believe and never to lose hope on surviving... We can do this, Yuki... Uhmmm, Gomen ne, Yuki."

After that long silence, Yuki just went towards Mayu and give him a hug that there's no tomorrow...

" :O!!! Yuki?"
"I'm sorry for being so negative... Gomen ne, Mayu..."
"Mou, forget it... don't worry... you're not alone... I'm here."
"Uhh... just for this time, please let me hug you like this, I feel so lonely."
"... if that will lessen your loneliness I won't stop you. Don't worry, I'm here..."

Mayu just then hug her back. Yuki's hug became more tighter than it is. The two then fell asleep while hugging each other.


And morning just came by...

"No! Watch out! Yukirin!!!"
Mayu said while his still asleep which made him woke in his nightmare...

"*breathes deeply* Yume?... it was a dream... itai~ my head hurts."

Yuki was not around when he woke up~ she woke up first than him...  as he experiences a major headache... suddenly some memories in his past just flashed back in his mind.

"Waaaaaaaaaaa!! Tasukete!! I can't swim! help!" a girl was screaming drowning in the shore... but eventually a boy saved the girl's life.
The girl was completely passed out but then the boy did everything to breathe... and the girl finally got her senses... she slowly opens her eyes and the rescuers came by to take assistance.

The next day, the girl was admitted in the near hospital... as she felt lonely in her room suddenly the door opened. The boy who saved her life from yesterday appeared in her room.

"Hi, feeling better?" the boy said.
"You? you're the one who save me yesterday?" the girl asked with a confused face.
"Ahh, yeah... that's me, I just want to see if you're fine now. Oh by the way, I'm Watanabe Mayu."
"Watanabe-san, uhmmm... Arigato... thanks for saving me from drowning. I'm Kashiwagi Yuki by the way."
"Nahh, it was nothing... Glad that you're fine, Kashiwagi-san."
"and thanks for visiting me here, Watanabe-san~ I was really lonely here...  :("
"aww, don't worry... I'll visit you here everyday until you recover... so that you won't feel lonely here, Kashiwagi-san."
"Ehh? Really? TAT uhmm, we just met why are you so nice to me, Watanabe-san?"
"well, from the moment I first saw you... I really wanted to be your friend, Kashiwagi-san... that's why I'm doing my best to make you happy as you recover."
"A-arigato, Watanabe-san."
"Don't mention it, oh... you can drop the Watanabe-san, just call me, Mayu. From now on, we're friends, ne?"
"O-okay~ same with me, drop the Kashiwagi-san, you can call me Yuki. I'm glad to meet you, Mayu."

as the time passes by, the two of them became good friends since then... until they reached their high school days, from being childhood friends they end up being high school lovers. But one day, an accident ended everything, especially on Mayu and Yuki's relationship...

One day, the two of them went out together but unfortunately, the two of them both across the street but those two end up having their attention on the car that is driving fast towards them... that made Mayu ended up pushing Yuki aside the street and ended him being caught up in the accident which made him bumped his head that hard. Many people saw the incident and immediately called for help.

"Mayu! Hang in there! Don't leave me!  :cry:" the only words that came out from Yuki before the rescuers arrived and rushed Mayu to the nearest hospital.

Mayu end up on having a major operation due to a major injury. As the operation was on going, Yuki ended up waiting for Mayu's operation... and the operation was successful. Both Mayu and Yuki's parents arrived in the hospital to check both of them. As of that moment, Mayu is still unconscious.

several days passed until Mayu finally able to wake up... Mayu's family was there and also Yuki was there every single day, to just to see her boyfriend to be awake in his slumber.

"Mayu-kun!" both Mayu's parents said.
"Otou-sama, Oka-sama... where am I?"
"Mayu, you're in the hospital, son. Just be calm, okay, you'll be fine."

as Mayu did have a little chat with his parents... Yuki was just in tears in the corner... she was so glad that Mayu finally gain conscious after that accident. After that, she went towards Mayu's bed. and a shocking situation just occurred...

"Mayu..." Yuki said while having tears in eyes.
"Uhmm, A-noo~ Anta dare?" Mayu replied to her."

that made everyone in the room shocked and as they ask the doctor, it was confirmed that Mayu had a minor amnesia which he forgot some parts of his life.

"Usually, in a major accident like what happened to Mayu-kun... it always ended up a major amnesia like he will completely forgot everything about him but lucky on his case he only got the minor amnesia..."
"Will he ever recover with it?" Mayu's parents asked.
"He will, but we don't know when he will recall everything... so, the only person he forgot was her girlfriend, Yuki-chan, right? because usually, the person who will be forgotten in an amnesia case is the most important person in his life. It's just show that how important she was in his life... but don't lose hope eventually he'll get his memories back."

"Mayu... I'm sorry...  :cry:"

"Yuki was my girlfriend?! :shocked" Mayu thought as he slowly remembers his past.
Chapter END.

I'll try to continue an update soon~ Sorry for being slow with the updates~ school is back for me... and eventually I have writer's block. Gomen~  :sweatdrop: to the readers who always check this fic. Thank you so much  :bow: Thanks for giving some of your time to read this update. Feel free to comment~ Till' next time!  :bow: :twothumbs
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So before Mayu had an accident, Yukirin was his girlfriend!? :yuki: And how did he end up in it? I hope it's all alright between MaYuki in zee end
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just a little spoiler: actually Mayu's first girlfriend was Yuki since I mentioned they were childhood friends and they been together in highschool as a couple... and yeah... accidents happen... then boom~ and I'll try to put up a past chapter I guess... to also fill in Rena and Mayu's past... after Yuki... (even tho, MaYuki didn't call it a broke up since Mayu forgot his relationship with Yuki. Mayu just end up having a relationship with Rena after Highschool. I have many explainations. Please do look forward for it~ SOON- I guess. LOL  :nervous


yeah, she was her girlfriend alright? even Mayu and Rena go out together.. I guess they're still in a relationship but well, Mayu bumped his head hard. so yeah... my imaginations is mixing up my mind. LOL but yeah~ I'll try to make a chapter with full of pasts LOL~

Thanks for reading~  :bow:
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so Yuki is Mayu's first girlfriend. Mayu remember his past.
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don't know why I haven't posted this update, did this last year tho  :nervous well, just droppin' by, dunno when will i ever update again~ getting busy lately... jaa ne~  :bow:

Chapter 7
"Hidden Truth"

As Mayu woke up, he learned some of his past that he was Yuki's boyfriend but he was really confused on what happened to that time.

"I really don't know what happened to us in the past, Yuki but I wonder why she didn't even say a thing about it and pretends that we just met in Okinawa few weeks ago. Why Yuki?"

Mayu said with a confused face.

as Mayu was really confused back in camp, Yuki did walk near the shore like she always do when she woke up in the morning.

"I wonder if Mayu already woke up now." Yuki thought.

"It's been awhile since I've been this close to him since that accident."

"Uhmm, A-noo~ Anta dare?"

That time when Mayu said that line really teared my heart apart. I feel so bitter that why I'm the only one he forgot, I'm her girlfriend after all but after the doctor explained why I'm the one who he forgot...

"so, the only person he forgot was her girlfriend, Yuki-chan, right? because usually, the person who will be forgotten in an amnesia case is the most important person in his life. It's just show that how important she was in his life... but don't lose hope eventually he'll get his memories back."

For some reason when the doctor explained that part I can't help it but to be happy that I was Mayu's most important person that he had to forget about me because of his mild amnesia.

"But time really didn't gave us the chance to fix that accident in a quick time, until now... Mayu doesn't remember anything about me nor our relationship together." I said to myself.

That time when Mayu was really hopeless in remembering me, I just end up like giving up on him, by leaving the country and study abroad to give him time to remember but looks like I did the wrong move.

As I study in abroad, I can't help myself from thinking about Mayu, that's why if there's a school break I just end up going back in Japan to check how is he doing. As I went back, I had to regret on leaving when I heard the news that Rena, my cousin was dating my boyfriend. The fact that he was my boyfriend and we didn't even broke up officially was taken by my most closest cousin.

When I had a time on meeting Rena for the first time in a long time, I ended up giving her  slap in her face, I ended up hurting her because of my selfishness...

"You know that Mayu's my boyfriend right?! Why are you dating him?! What hurts more is that my closest cousin who's dating him! Why Rena?!"

I was really at range that time that I almost explode because of anger...

"Yukirin, help..." Rena response.

"Help me stop my relationship with Mayu."

"To be honest, I'm not in love with Mayu, but I'm in love with his best friend, Matsui John."

"If you're in love with Mayu's best friend then why are you dating him?"

"Because I don't want him to get hurt because I see how Mayu was so lonely since that accident. As days past by, he was really getting close to me since then that he had develop his feelings for me. That time when he asked me out, was also the time when John wanted to asked me out but it's to late since Mayu already made his move. I can't even dare to hurt Mayu more since he suffers a lot that time, Yukirin."

I know that Rena just wanted to help Mayu recovered after that accident since the three before are really close childhood friends, since the three of us went to the same school, because I know that Rena only sees him as a close friend since I begun to have a relationship to Mayu before, and also Mayu wasn't Rena's type that much (lol).

"Yukirin, you know how I only see Mayu as a friend, you know he's not my type. I know how you love him, cousin. Watashi mo, I love Mayu, demo... as a friend only, and besides... you already know that someone already has my heart, and that's John. Dakara, pls. go take back Mayu, I know deep inside that heart of yours, you still love him more than before, and I have a feeling as well, that Mayu still has you in his heart, I know.. Mayu will eventually remembers everything, especially, you. Because when I was with him, I know it's not me who's inside his heart but you. I can feel it, even tho he forgotten your name still, your presence was still inside his heart.. that's why, pls. help him remember, I want us to be back like the usual we are back then. I'm counting on you, Yukirin."

//end of flashback

That was the last serious talk with Rena, I was really moved because of that, that's why I'm working hard to be close to him  again and help him recover his memories, I want us back together, just like the old times how the three of us hang out, how I have this relationship with Mayu, even so.. I still believe that he still has that feelings before. I just need him to remember it all first. Please remember me, Mayu.

Yuki ended up thinking about it while looking at the sea.

Mayu's looking for Yuki, until he finally found her.

"Oi! Yuki, been looking for you, let's eat!"

"Oh, Mayu. I see you're finally awake, sleepyhead XD"

"tch, it can't be helped, I was really tired yesterday."

"I know, well, whatever Mayu, let's go eat already."

"look who's hungry."
"urusai, baka! I'm not."

The two of them ate together and after that they did again the searching for help like they always do everyday, feels like another day to survive in the island.

Chapter End.

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