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Title: REBORN 2016 Reboot - Chapter 5 (042517)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 11, 2014, 08:55:27 PM
(2014 version)


Credits to:
Writers Miyumi, Jasmine(mayuki_daisuki), Ann(Lost Heaven), BbSis, editor Tora Matsui-san, co-plot editor Tan-chan,
video editers Negi and Nouke-san, poster/art by MYJR, and Lisa(aidorudaisuki) for the amazing trailer video.



Prologue (
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(2016 Reboot)

Credits to:
My co-writer Michael (MayukiIsLife), and akbdaisuki48 for the new trailer and poster.

Trailer (
Chapter 1 (
Chapter 2 (
Chapter 3 (
Chapter 4 (
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Chapter 6 *In progress*
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project [TEASER]
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 13, 2014, 03:24:47 AM


    Around 2013 and 2014, there was a huge blizzard that covered most of Asia, Korea, and Japan in snow. The sun was hidden in the clouds, the sea closest to the shore froze, and the power plants failed, sending dangerous, and deadly toxins into the air. Everyone had to stay in safe houses, never stepping outside into the ice-covered wasteland the city had become. This time in the Eastern Hemisphere was called the “Cold Age.” With little food, no money, and the population decreasing due to mass pneumonia, it was a greater economic crash than the Great Depression, and more catastrophic than the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami.

    But then, just at the start of the 22nd century, a miracle happened.

    A scientist, whose name I can’t remember right now, had been studying the toxins in the air since the blizzard began, and was able to create a substance similar to blood that could penetrate the harmful chemicals. One fateful day, he shot the substance into the sky, and it instantly cleared the toxic air and clouds, bringing warmth and life back to Japan. He shared his creation with everyone in Eastern Asia, and people were able to use the extract of the “blue blood” to create medicine that could heal the sick, dying people and let them live much longer than normal. This blue blood was also said to give humans enhanced physical and mental strength, and even special powers, but many were skeptical. So then, he decided to take his project one step further.

    He created androids, the blue blood being their life essence, and allowed them to harness the chemical’s true powers and use them. They were smart, strong, and had the incredible ability to save someone from death and bind their souls together. They lived and grew, like humans, but also protected them. The rumors of their powers were proven to be true, and they started a revolution for the next generation of “New Tokyo.” This miraculous time in the 22nd century of Japan became known as Japan’s “rebirth.” The androids were saviors at this time, and were named “ANGELs.”

    And now, in the 24th century, year 2313… Well, it’s how we live now.


FICTION 【リボン】| REBORN "Who We Are" - Opening Credits (version:drama) (

Comments are appreciated. Enjoy! :heart:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: ptrd3009 on May 13, 2014, 04:53:29 AM
it's really interesting  XD
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: cisda83 on May 13, 2014, 10:49:53 AM
AH... very interesting sci-fiction prologue

Can't wait to see the story

Eh... I only see Haruna, Yuko, TomoTomo, Mayuki and Atsuko

So they are the ANGELs?

Is Minami going to be there?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Cometerz48 on May 16, 2014, 08:32:59 PM
Mwahahaha~ So happy to see a Sci-Fi fic appeared from you guys~~

Can't wait for it man.. I repeat, can't wait for it..  :whistle: :hehehe:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Kirozoro on May 16, 2014, 10:14:11 PM
i love the video

update soon
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: BbSis on May 17, 2014, 04:05:31 AM
Ruka,, you posteeeeeed *.*

Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 21, 2014, 01:14:46 PM
@ptrd3009: Glad you find it interesting! XD

@cisda83: Don't worry. Your questions will be answered soon enough.

@Comertez48: I hope you'll enjoy... I repeat, I hope you'll enjoy~

@Kirozoro: I'll send your thanks to Lisa-chan.

@BbSis: Haha, yea, I posted. Sorry I didn't warn you ahead of time. :sweatdrop:

I'm sorry we're a bit late in progress for posting Chapter 1, but don't worry, it'll be uploaded soon enough.
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: 48matama on May 21, 2014, 01:33:55 PM
Nice trailer ><)/ [sorryforbadenglish.-.]

This is looks interesting .-.

Please update the chapter 1 quickly ><)/

Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: BbSis on May 21, 2014, 11:37:51 PM
No problem dear :3 I really should go back to help, cause I really enjoyed the time helping writing it :)
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 22, 2014, 03:03:18 AM
@48matama: Are you new? This is the first I've seen you around here. And don't worry about your English problems; most people do. Anyway, thanks for the comment. I'll be sure to update soon. Lisa-chan is in the midst of making some posters, so I'm waiting for her.

@BbSis: "Dear"? Kya! :cathappy: You're making me blush~ >//////< Yes, please come back and work. Message me anytime when you want to.
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: atsukojiyuu_C on May 23, 2014, 05:28:17 PM
WOW this seems AWESOME!!!  :ding:
i love all the cast, not to mention there's my mighty squirrel and her beloved cat LOL but where's takamina?  :? ah guess i need to wait for the story begin XD
i'm definitely will be waiting for the further update!
woah so freakin' excited  :mon XD:
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@atsukojiyuu_C: I'm glad you're so freaking excited. Uho! XD
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: atsukojiyuu_C on May 23, 2014, 06:37:39 PM
UHHO!  XD oh my, i missed akigori so much (._.)
chap 1 please~ LOL no offend, take your time guys  :D
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Justqle on May 23, 2014, 07:07:27 PM
wooooouuww, this is awesome  XD XD
one thing that make me curious about this story is takamina doesn't appear at the prologue ..
maybe because the awesomeness, it will take longer for each update? Lol

yosh, i'll be waiting yoo  :mon dance:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 23, 2014, 07:36:42 PM
@atsukojiyuu_C:  :lol: I just had to do that, when I saw the little monkey *Forgive me, Sayaka*. I miss her, too, but I'm glad to see her career is taking off.

@Justqle: Yes, you're right. It is because of the sheer awesomeness in this fic we're late. XD

We'll try our best to get ready and post, so please wait patiently. :bow:
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Post by: vivinardisa on June 15, 2014, 05:24:14 AM
Wow   :w00t:

This is so interesting, i Like to read this  :thumbsup

The video is so awesome  XD

I want more  :inlove:

Please update soon  :cow:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: River1721 on June 19, 2014, 01:19:04 AM
This sounds so interesting and awesome!! :mon XD: :mon star:
I think I might die when I get to read chapter 1! :mon sweat:
I'm so curious about the pairings that are going to be here ! :mon look: :mon mischief: 
Update soon ne ~  :byebye:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project -- Prologue
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on June 19, 2014, 03:04:43 AM
@vivinardisa: Glad you liked the videos(I'll send your thanks to Lisa-chan). I hope you'll stay excited and keep checking up.

@River1721: I can tell by your lil' "Uhho" dance you're interested. But by the fact you think you're going to die reading the first chapter... Is it that awesome? XD And don't worry, pairings will be revealed as we go.

And to all you readers, I am very, VERY sorry for the HUGE delay.

I will try to get things done as fast as I can, so please, stay tuned in!

Gomennasai and arigatou gozaimasu!!! :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on June 21, 2014, 07:51:19 PM
Good luck with it Ruka-san :) And thanks for helping me get to 200 thanks :)  :twothumbs  :theking

But in all honesty I love pilot Yuki as much as Samurai Yuki :)
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on June 21, 2014, 08:03:38 PM
Good luck with it Ruka-san :) And thanks for helping me get to 200 thanks :)  :twothumbs  :theking

But in all honesty I love pilot Yuki as much as Samurai Yuki :)

@MaYukiIsLife: Thanks for the kind words. I'm really starting to lose hope that if I don't get this updated soon, I'm gonna start losing my followers. :cry:

As for Yuki, I thought it was pretty cool how she was pilot(but, in general, everyone in the RIVER PV was awesome), and you're Samurai fanfic looks epic; can't wait for next chapter of that! :thumbsup

Although, I have already wrote a bunch of the draft, and I'm just going to say the storyline may be a bit different than what Lisa was able to portray in the video(due to having needed the specific video scenes and cuts).

Just hope that doesn't disappoint. :panic:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on June 21, 2014, 08:32:57 PM
Good luck with it Ruka-san :) And thanks for helping me get to 200 thanks :)  :twothumbs  :theking

But in all honesty I love pilot Yuki as much as Samurai Yuki :)

@MaYukiIsLife: Thanks for the kind words. I'm really starting to lose hope that if I don't get this updated soon, I'm gonna start losing my followers. :cry:

As for Yuki, I thought it was pretty cool how she was pilot(but, in general, everyone in the RIVER PV was awesome), and you're Samurai fanfic looks epic; can't wait for next chapter of that! :thumbsup

Although, I have already wrote a bunch of the draft, and I'm just going to say the storyline may be a bit different than what Lisa was able to portray in the video(due to having needed the specific video scenes and cuts).

Just hope that doesn't disappoint. :panic:

Hehe thanks I've got character bios to post and maybe the next chapter in full~ If you want I could help :) in anyway whether it be help write or proofread I'm fine with it :0
Yukirin looks good in anything whether it be a suit or a samurai costume it'll look epic
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on June 21, 2014, 09:01:59 PM
Hehe thanks I've got character bios to post and maybe the next chapter in full~ If you want I could help :) in anyway whether it be help write or proofread I'm fine with it :0
Yukirin looks good in anything whether it be a suit or a samurai costume it'll look epic

EH? Maji?! :shocked: Thanx.

Uh, just PM me and I'll see what I can do, okay? We'll talk later. :heart:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on September 05, 2014, 03:24:40 AM
Uwaa~ it's been too long!!!

I seriously am sorry, everyone! I really don't know the current condition of this fanfic... T^T

Please, just wait a little longer!!! TT^TT
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Post by: jumpcx on September 05, 2014, 10:09:22 AM
Just found this fic, and it seems awesome  :farofflook: :luvluv1:
So I'll wait patiently for ur update :shifty:
Jk Jk  :kekeke:
But to give u some inspiration here is Mariko-sama  :onionwhip:
*gets pulled to the back* *sounds of heavy physical contact*  :on kimbo:
Well..... update soooon  :on beatup:
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on September 05, 2014, 12:55:11 PM
Just found this fic, and it seems awesome  :farofflook: :luvluv1:
So I'll wait patiently for ur update :shifty:
Jk Jk  :kekeke:
But to give u some inspiration here is Mariko-sama  :onionwhip:
*gets pulled to the back* *sounds of heavy physical contact*  :on kimbo:
Well..... update soooon  :on beatup:

A-arigatou. I will do my best.
Title: Re: REBORN fanfic project (My sincerest apologies)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on October 27, 2014, 04:03:40 PM
Thank God!!! I finally had some time to post this!!! :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

I've been considering a lot of things and finally decided to post the first chapter today. I'm sorry for the long wait~ :kneelbow:

Now, please enjoy. :hee: :hee:


Poster by MYJR

Chapter 1 - A new girl in town

Haruna’s POV

    “Sono hitomi~♪ Sono kuchibiru~♪ Sono subete♪ Oh, itoshiku te~♪”

    My glass holophone was playing the music into my ear buds clearly, drowning out every other sound of the world around me as I hummed the tune to myself. I rode my hoverbike down the steep hill, not bothering to touch the pedals as the lightwheels floated just above the concrete surface. My speed increased as I went farther down and I instantly hit the brakes as I turned a sharp corner, returning to normal speed.

    “Ima sugu ni~♪ Otoshitai~♪ Dakishime yo♪ Oh, Baby, My Angel♪”

    This path, the path I’ve taken every day, in the bustling city I live in, has grown boring. Even though I see this path all the time, it stays the same. Nothing changes. Long streets, skyscraping buildings, large billboards. Even TV news has grown old, not that I’d pay much attention.

    I know this path well, the path to my school. After leaving my apartment, I’m come up to the same steep hill I bullet down and head into the suburbs. I’d pick up an apple for breakfast from the obaa-chan, if I didn’t have toast already in my mouth, and go back later in the afternoon for groceries. I’d pass by the park where I see kids playing on the jungle gym happily, smiling and giggling. I would occasionally wave at them before heading off again.

    Yes, it was all the same. Nothing special, just the ordinary routine everyday. I don’t hate it; I don’t hate my life.

    I just want… change.

    “Mou nido to~♪ Hanasanai~♪”

    Oh, I forgot! My name is Kojima Haruna, 18 years old. I go to New Tokyo Central High School; I’m a third year. I live alone in my own apartment in downtown Tokyo, and even though people offer to live with me, I tell them they don’t have to. I know very well about where I live and about the troubles in my past, but honestly, I don’t mind.

    I’m not lonely. I’m not totally alone.


    I hit the brakes and screeched to a halt in front of the entrance gate to the school, facing one of my best friends who I succeeded in scaring and leaving her frozen in shock. She pouted cutely and punched my shoulder.

    “Mou~, don’t do that! You scared me Nyan-nyan.”

    “Sorry, Acchan. I was going fast again.”

    She giggled, creating a small wrinkle in her nose from her cute smile. “You always say that.”

    Her name is Maeda Atsuko, but everyone calls her Acchan. She lost her mom when she was very young, her dad is always working to make ends meet, and she doesn’t have any siblings, but she always seems to look on the bright side of everything. She’s always smiling. That makes me happy.

    At first, she was incredibly shy and introverted, but as we got to know each other more, she wasn’t such an introvert anymore. She’s about a year younger than me, and we seem to be as close to sisters as we can ever get. She always wears two matching bracelets on her wrist; one blue and one red, and they both have her initials “M” and “A” on them.

    “Haha, but seriously, you should at least try to slow down. Maybe take one of your earbuds out. That’ll help you concentrate on how you’re riding.”

    “Hey, I’m riding just fine! I just have trouble with the brakes. This is an older model, you know.”

    “Well, at least you have this LONG ponytail as your own personal warning sign.”

    I held out my ponytail in front of me and looked at it. It isn’t that long, is it? I just always keep it tied up.

    “Ah! By the way, is that a new clip?” she asked, pointing at the small golden bow in my hairband.

    “Yeah. You like it?”

    She giggled again. “I swear, you become more like a model every day.”

    I snickered a bit at that. It’s my dream to become a model after I graduate high school. Well, when I hopefully do.

    “Mayuyu! Yukirin!”

    We saw the two girls just happened to be watching us from our classroom window. After I parked my bike with the others, we entered the school and met them in the hall, just outside the classroom.

    The beautiful pale girl with dark eyes is Kashiwagi Yuki, nicknamed Yukirin. Next to me and Acchan, all the boys think she’s a princess. However, Yuki is also known for being cold and black-hearted. She doesn’t quite like boys. At all. Trust me, if you try to get a boy to ask her out, she will give him a glare that will send him headed for the hills.

    The younger girl with the twin pigtails is Watanabe Mayu, nicknamed Mayuyu. She’s known for her “cyborg” personality, because she shows almost no emotion, except to her closest friends; that’s us. And, she’s a MAJOR anime otaku. Once you get her talking about it, it’s hard to make her stop. She’s like a live doll, she’s so cute. She has a dream of becoming an idol, and we always go to karaoke so she can practice her singing, even though it’s already perfect.

    “Good, you’re here, Haruna.”

    “We thought you’d never come.”

    “Hey, you’re lucky I did. I made a good choice not to sleep through my Momusu alarm clock.”

    They all laughed. I just sheepishly giggled and scratched the side of my head. Sometimes, I’m a real airhead. I do clumsy things like that, but believe me, I have my moments.

    Meaning? There are people WAY dumber than me!

    As we continued chatting, the bell finally rang, the chimes echoing throughout the hall as it bounced off the walls.

    Time for class, as usual…

    “Oh, I better go,” Mayu said before grabbing her bag and heading down the hall “I’ll see you guys later.”

    “Bye, Mayuyu.”

    Mayu’s 16 years old and a second year, making her the youngest out of the four of us. Luckily, her classroom is just downstairs, so we always meet up in between classes.

    We hurried into our seats before the teacher came in and started taking attendance. Acchan’s in front, I’m three seats behind her, and Yuki sits near the window at the back of the room. Once the teacher finished attendance, he sent back the tests we took yesterday using the holoscreens on our desks.

    Ugh… Another bad score? I swear, school is out to get me…

    I looked up and saw Acchan looking at her score. Her hand made a movement that said “Yes.” I could only see so far as I 90-something percent. Acchan’s pretty smart; she’s even studying to become a nurse. I looked back at Yuki, who just let out a sigh. Of disappointment or relief, I’m not sure. I groaned and banged my head on the desk. Even school’s gotten boring.

    Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; “How can school possibly get any more boring?” Well, to tell you the truth, school can actually be fun for us. What with the technology always being upgraded, we always have a new way of learning. How should I explain…?

    Think of it like the sun provides all the power, and it’s always sunny. You see things that only scientists or astronauts or stuff like that were able to, you go on more field trips than normal, but while standing in just one spot. All of that can even make you wanna stay… longer. I was like that once. I was excited to learn and see new things and I was amazed by all of it. But, after a while, it had just… gone stale.

    Yeah, I admit it… Things in life were different for me at a time. But…I bet life would still be good without all the technology.

    “… ...jima..! KOJIMA!!!”

    I suddenly heard the teacher yelling at me and I fell off my seat, hitting the ground on my butt. I just sat there as some of the kids were laughing at me.

    “Kojima, please quit dozing off and pay attention.”

    “Yes. Sorry.”

    After a few long classes finally ended, it was lunch time and the four of us were all eating together in the classroom. I look at everyone else’s bento while I eat mine. Acchan and Yuki are so lucky. They have their parents make lunch for them. Mine, it’s not AS good as theirs. The only thing I’m good at making are sweets. Mayu’s a pretty good chef, too…

    Are? Actually, I’ve never really seen Mayu cook before. I wonder…

    “Hey, Mayu-chan, who makes your lunch?”

    “I do, all by myself. Why do you ask?”

    “I was just wondering. I always thought your parents did.”

    “Oh, Mayu lives alone,” Yuki said.

    “Eh? No way. Why?”

    Mayu got silent for a bit, looking around nervously.

    “Uh… family troubles. Both of my parents divorced and I don’t have any siblings.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Mayuyu.” Acchan patted her head cutely.

    “I know exactly how you feel. It can get pretty lonely in my apartment. But, I always have the other residents to talk to.”

    “Yeah, and you always got me next door.” Yuki said with her sweet smile. She always seemed to act as a motherly figure towards Mayu.

    She smiled sweetly again. Ah, she’s so cute. It’s nice to see her happy.

    “Thanks guys.”

    “Hey, did you guys see the news?” Acchan suddenly spoke up. “They found a new plant somewhere around here.”

    “No way. Again?”

    Ever since Japan was “reborn” 200 and some years ago, the flora and fauna evolved and adapted to almost alien-like species. It didn’t surprise anyone anymore if they found a new species.

    “Yeah, I saw it, too,” Mayu said. She pulled out her phone and typed in a few things. “Here.”

    She showed us a hologram from the screen. The picture showed a violet flower with a few yellow and green bulbs.


    “Florem dæmonium?”

    “That’s what they called it. It means ‘demonic flower’ in Latin.”

    “The thorns were still very sharp and still had some venom in them. And the vines mended into the building when they found it because they were so thick. They even said when the bud first opened, it sprayed a weird gas into one of the scientists’ face and he got sick.”

    “Sick? How sick?”

    “Well, they said his symptoms were the same as the swine flu, but he also had some diarrhea and even passed out during work. One of the footage showed a man vomiting after coming in contact with the pollen for a mere seconds.”

    “Sounds serious.”

    “They took some of the pollen this morning to analyze, but strictly informed everyone to stay away from it.”

    I leaned back in my seat, still looking at the photo.

    It’s really that dangerous, huh?

    “Y’know who might be able to heal him?”

    We all stopped and looked at Acchan as she said that.

    “The ANGELs.”

    We shushed her and saw that everyone was already staring at us. Acchan just gave us a confused look, like she said something wrong and didn’t realize. After we calmed things down and the other classmates stopped looking, they went back to what they were doing and we huddled closer to Acchan..

    “Acchan, are you crazy?” I whispered.

    “Yeah. No one has actual proof that the ANGELs exist anymore.”

    “Sorry...” she got a bit embarrassed and sat back in her seat. “Well, if they do, I bet they’re as amazing as what I’ve heard of them.”

    After that, we just ate our lunch and remained silent until class started. But the thought of it never left my mind. And I’m sure the others were like that, too.


    “Tadaima~” I said to no one in particular. I threw my bag on the floor and plopped down on the couch. I just stared at the ceiling, reminiscing about our conversation earlier. We ended up talking about it again as we walked home from school.

    “I bet they’re as amazing as what I’ve heard of them.”


    I wonder why Acchan said that. Does she really think the ANGELs are real?

    I mean, the only people that ever saw an ANGEL are either scientists who made them or so stinking rich, they have them as maids or butlers. Either way, anyone who could’ve known anything about them are all probably dead.


    My grandma used to tell me stories about all my relatives who lived during that time. She always said they were called ANGELs because they were saviors to the humans during the Cold Age. One day, I think 20-something years ago, all of them just disappeared and everyone just forgot about them after a while, saying they were just myths.

    It seemed my grandmother was the only one left who remembered them. She died three years ago, before I got into high school. My mother got sick and passed away after I was born, and my dad got in a car accident near Christmas when I was 8.

    There’s no one left. And, to tell you the truth, I’m starting to hate life.

    Yeah… what I said before was a lie. There’s nothing exciting, nothing to look forward to, nothing to do. I’m not saying I wanna die… I just want something to change soon. But, I don’t even know if it would be for the better or worse… I don’t know how or when, but…

    I just want it all to change.


    “Everyone, stay back! Please step aside! We need to evacuate the building!”

    “Hurry! Get outta here!”

    “Mama, where are you?! Mama!!”

    My mind was still trying to process what was happening. An alarm, the smell of smoke, screaming… A fire?! I instantly woke up and found my entire apartment was on fire.

    “Oh god...” I didn’t have time to think. I just ran up and tried to run out, but I stumbled the heel of my shoe broke. I saw a large wall of fire in front of me. “God, no…”

    I crawled my way through and made it into the hallway. There was smoke everywhere. I ran out, covering my mouth, but it was so hard for me to see. My arm was just flailing around, trying to drive the smoke away, but it only attracted more.

    “Miss! This way!”

    The man quickly grabbed me and helped me out of the building. I was still very weak and my head was light. My feet started to move without me noticing. I had to escape.


    I tried to walk, but I ended up staggering and leaned against a brick wall for support.


    I was coughing a lot, trying to catch my breath, but the smoke from the fire congested my lungs. My vision was starting to blur and my body was aching. My legs gave out and I fell to the ground, landing in a dirty puddle.


    I felt the cold air against my skin, all my muscles relaxing against my will. I looked up and saw the moon lighting up the sky. All that light soon faded into darkness as my eyes slowly closed.

    That moment, I knew I was going to die.



    ...Wait… My heart… it’s still beating…. I’m alive?!

    ...Hold on… I feel something...on my lips… And, I taste something…


    Ah… is this medicine?

    What is going on?


    I opened my eyes and was surprised to see someone above me… I felt something heavy on my body. I could only portray it as a body as I regained my senses. And, I also felt something soft… pressing against my lips. ...My face.

    Something… Someone was….KISSING me!!!

    What the-? Why on Earth is this person kissing me?!

    God, I can’t believe my first kiss had to be with some random stranger!! Mou~ YADA!!!

    The stranger parted from me and opened her eyes, revealing large dark brown orbs. Her eyes instantly locked on mine and we were engaged in a staring contest that seemed to last forever.

    Wait… HER?!?!?!

    This person’s a girl….? THIS PERSON’S A GIRL!!!!!

    Does that mean my first kiss was also a GIRL?! Oh, dear God, what is WRONG with me today?! I swear, today’s just been the craziest day! First, I get a low score on my test, then my apartment building burns down, now here I am with some stranger who stole my first kiss!!! I cannot keep my head straight today!!!

    ...Mm… But, she did save me… And, she is kinda cute…

    I examined her closely. She looked about my age, eighteen. Her uniform was a white button-up shirt with a pitch black skirt and tie. She wore a black jacket with black leather boots and fingerless gloves. Her shirt was also unbuttoned so that I could see her black sports bra and a shiny, faded gold necklace. Her hair was about at medium length and was dyed brown.

    A girl… huh...


    I didn’t exactly know how to respond to what just happened, mainly because I have no idea about it, so we just sat there, staring at each other. It left us in an awkward silence and the cold wind gently blew. Then, she started getting closer to me, stopping just inches apart from me. She was blushing, and the heat creeping up my face made me realize, I was too. I could feel her breath against mine as her lips inched slowly, closer and closer to mine…

    “WAIT A SECOND!!!” I screamed as I pushed her off me.

    Well, what else was I supposed to do? She was about to kiss me again. KISS me!

    She sat up again and rubbed the back of her head, giggling.

    “Haha, sorry, sorry. It’s just, when I saw you, you were so beautiful, and, well, I couldn’t hold it in, so my body just, uh…”

    She was probably still a bit embarrassed with talking about it, since she was giggling and chucking while she talked. I also noted her cute smile. She… had squirrel-like teeth. And dimples.

    “Uh, hey, if it makes you feel better, I did say you were beautiful. And, you look so cute when you blush. Ufufu…”

    I just nodded dumbly, unable to speak.

    “Anyways, I really am sorry. I mean, about kissing you and all, but it was the only way to give you the medicine and save you.”


    “I formed a contract with you and saved your life. If I didn’t see you here, you would’ve died already.”

    It took me a while to process what she just said. I blinked a few times thinking about it.

    Contract… wait, what?

    “Did you just say… ‘contract’?”

    She nodded, then held both of my hands.

    “It means we’re connected now. You’re my ‘Link’ and I’m the ‘Chain’. We’re bounded together by fate.”


    She giggled again, scratching her cheek with her finger. “Basically, it kinda means you’re my girlfriend, now.”

    I released her hands and backed closer to the wall.

    “Who are you? No, WHAT are you?”

    “My name’s Oshima Yuko. I’m an ANGEL. What’s your name?”

    “Uh, I’m Kojima Harun-ah... Wait, WHAT?!”

    “I said, what’s your name?”

    “No! I meant, what did you say you were, just now?!”

    “Oh, that. I’m an ANGEL.”


    …….EEEEEHH?!?! She’s an ANGEL?!?! A REAL ANGEL?!?!?!

    My jaw dropped to the ground, but then Yuko pushed my chin up and closed it.

    “You okay? You’re awful quiet.”

    “Y-y-y-you’re really an ANGEL?”

    “Of course. What else?” she said with a big smile. “What did you think I was?”

    “I don’t mean it like that. It’s just… I thought the ANGELs were extinct.”

    She shook her head. “That’s not true. There are still many ANGELs. I haven’t met all of them, but I know they are very much… here.”

    “How can you tell who’s an ANGEL and who’s human?” I pinched her cheek. It feels like real skin! “You’re too human.”

    “Itai~...” she whined, shaking my arm.

    “Oops. Sorry.”

    She rubbed her cheek, pouting like a little kid.

    “Well, humans can’t tell as easily as us, but if you see a wing-shaped mark on their chest or glowing eyes, you have yourself an ANGEL. Look…” She pulled down her shirt a bit, revealing a wing-shaped scar just below her collarbone. “See?”

    I nodded.

    She got a little silent, then got on my lap, looking at me like a cute puppy.

    “Nee, Haruna…” I was a bit shocked to hear her say my name so casually.


    “You came from the building that just burnt down, right?”

    “Uh-huh…” I said, depressed. “I used to live there.”

    She grinned and stood up to her feet, holding her hand out.

    “Wanna live with me?”


To Be Continued
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Chapter 2 - The Beginning

Haruna’s POV


    “Nee, Haruna…”


    “Wanna live with me?”


    “I can help you move in. I’ll call the police department and see if they recovered some of your stuff, and if not, I’ll buy you new clothes and everything.”

    “You’d seriously do that?!”

    “Of course! Anything for my new girlfriend. What do you say?”

    “....Just… don’t call me ‘girlfriend’, and we have a deal.”

    End of Flashback




    Mou… shut up. Let me sleep five more minutes….



    “Hm?” My eyes popped open and I saw a certain squirrel facing me.

    “Good morning, princess.”

    I blinked once, processing what just happened.

    She… kissed me, didn’t she?

    I looked down to see her position on me. She was on the bed, her arms and legs spread apart on both sides of me. And, her face was close… TOO close!

    “Kyaa!” I instantly threw her off the bed and she fell to the ground. “Yuko, what are you doing here?!”

    “Did you forget already? We live together now.”

    Something in my head sparked. I looked around the room I was in. It wasn’t pink, but instead completely white. It was almost empty, except for the bed, and the closet had a few of my clothes in it. The dresser was a bit dusty, and the table beside my bed was small and old, a plain lamp on it. Furthermore, my Morning Musume alarm clock and Idoling!! poster was gone. Anything else that existed in my room was missing, too.

    “So it wasn’t a dream?” I said to myself.

    “I’m sorry they couldn’t recover anything else from your old apartment. The fire seemed pretty worse than expected.” Yuko got back up, rubbing her butt. She sat down beside me. “But, look. I washed your uniform, and, oh! Some of your magazines aren’t that charred. Uh… And, your watch was saved.”

    She handed me my small watch with the red and silver bead band. My eyes widened when I saw the time.


    “Is that really the time?!”

    “Well, I had to replace the batteries and reset the time--”

    “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?!?!” I screamed running out of bed and grabbing my uniform from the chair, then headed to the bathroom just down the hall.

    “You looked so peaceful and so cute. I couldn’t bare to wake you up.” She followed me and just stood there as I brushed my teeth. “Plus, I was making our lunches, unpacking some stuff, ordering some new furniture…”

    I gargled the water in my mouth and spit it out.

    “Don’t tell me, you just moved here?”

    “I did. Just the day before I met you.”

    I groaned and pushed her out of the bathroom so I could change, then locked the door. Yuko’s not only my new roommate, but she also transferred to my school. And, if that wasn’t enough, she’s saying we’re dating now, just because she saved me.

    What a weirdo she is… Yeah, I said it. She’s WEIRD!

    I mean, yeah, it happens in fairytales, an ordinary girl meets a handsome prince, they fall in love, and live happily ever after. But… But, this is real life. And she’s a GIRL, for crying out loud! I don’t hate lesbians, don’t get me wrong, but that doesn’t mean I AM one!

    Although, I guess I owe her. She is an ANGEL, and she did save my life. The least I can do is thank her.

    When I got changed into my uniform and put on some makeup, I remembered that I threw away my hairbow because it was dirty. I ran out and went to the living room, where I saw Yuko adjusting her collar.

    “Yuko, do you have a hairband I can borrow?”

    “Sorry, I don’t.” She walked over and started playing with my hair. “But, honestly, I like your hair like this better.”

    “Eh? Really?”

    “Yeah! You should leave it down more often.”

    She started twisting and twirling the curls of my hair on her fingers while making up a little tune. I sighed and started gathering my things. I looked in the mirror one last time before getting my things and heading out the door.

    “C’mon, Yuko!”

    She came almost instantly at my beck and call, running up and jumping onto my back, hugging me from behind. Then… I felt her… sniff me?

    “...Haruna, you smell so good~.”

    I just stood there, with a blank face, trying not to explode.

    “Nee, Haruna, can I ride on the back of your hoverbike?”

    I cleared my throat. “My bike doesn’t have a back…”

    “Then~, can I ride on YOUR back?”

    My eyebrow twitched and I sighed again.

    “I… guess just this once.”

    I walked to my bike and started unlocking the chains. I’m surprised Yuko can stay on me like this for THIS long! She’s like a koala bear! As I got on and put my headphones in, she pulled one out and stuck it in her own ear.

    “..Ooh~ you like Morning Musume!” She suddenly unplugged my earbuds out from my phone and pushed it into a small compartment under the handle. “I wanna listen to this.”

    “Hey, stop! Do you even know how to work this?”

    “Don’t worry. I’m an ANGEL. I know how to control these kinds of technology,” she said as she pressed a few things on the hologram screen. Then, the music started blaring loudly.

    “Nippon no mirai wa (WOW WOW WOW WOW)♪ Sekai ga urayamu (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)♪”

    Can I just say this? It was like that the whole way.

    “Dancing ALL OF THE NIGHT~~~!!!”

    When we were riding, a lot of people kept staring at us, and Yuko was just waving at them, like an innocent little kid.

    “Hi kids~! Hi store manager~! Hi obaa-san~!”

    My face was burning red. I really want this to end.

    “Hey, Yuko…”


    I looked up ahead and saw THAT steep drop coming closer. I pursed my lips and looked at her through a few strands of my hair.

    I guess I should let her have her fun…

    “What is it?”

    “...Hold on tight.”

    I held my feet up above the pedals and gripped the handles tightly. As we finally got to the edge, Yuko started leaning forward to look farther down, and it caused us to drop earlier than expected. I screamed from the strong wind, and behind me, Yuko…

    “Wheeee! This is SO AWESOME!!!” Yuko was surprisingly fine.

    We speeded down the road like a bullet, making sharp turns at every corner, and all the while, Yuko was screaming in joy. We burst through the school entrance and just before we ran into someone, Yuko and I stepped on the brake, did a wheelie, and screeched to a halt. When we dropped back down, Yuko was holding onto me tighter than before. Both of us looked like a complete mess, our hair in tangles, and I could feel our hearts both pounding. I looked down and saw one of Yuko’s hands on my… chest.

    “Hey!” I threw her off me and quickly put my bike up. Then, I saw my reflection in the mirror. “Mou~, this is why I keep it in a ponytail...”

    I turned back and saw Yuko looking at her hand.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Haruna…” She looked up at me and grinned. “You have really nice boobs.”


    “You pervert!” I screamed as I hit her over the head with my bag.

    Again, what was I supposed to do? I mean, come on! No ones wants to hear that said to them, especially in public. It’s inappropriate!

    “Don’t say that here!”

    “Sorry, but…” She looked away from me and blushed. “It’s true.”


    “Okay, okay, I’ll stop.”

    I gave her one last glare to make sure she’d shut up, and she replied with a nod. I heaved out a heavy sigh, fixing my hair and uniform before heading in.

    “Hey, wait up, Haruna~!”

    When we were walking together down the hall, I saw that a lot of the other students were staring at me. I didn’t know why or how exactly to respond to this, because they were looking at me like I was a ghost or something.

    This is kinda weird…

    “I told you this hairstyle suits you better. People can’t help but stop and stare at you,” Yuko whispered. Maybe she was just trying to make me feel better. Still, I don’t think it’s that at all.

    “Nyan-nyan?” I looked up and saw Acchan standing in front of the classroom door. She suddenly started crying, then ran up and hugged me. “Nyan-nyan! I was so worried about you! Oh god, don’t scare me like that!”

    “What? What’s wrong Acchan?”

    “I saw what happened last night, with the building being burnt down. It was all over the news. And, when I saw it, I was so scared. I thought you were--”


    “Yes! But, I’m so glad to see you’re okay. How did you survive?”

    “Oh, uh…” I looked away from her for a second, breaking the hug slowly. I can’t just tell her what happened. She would freak out!

    I turned back to Yuko, who just shrugged and gestured her hand in a way that said, “Go on. Do it.”

    “Uhh, Yuko saved me,” I said, pointing back to her.



    “I’m living with her now, since I got nowhere else to go. She just moved here.”

    “Oh, okay. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Yuko.” The two girls shook hands. “My name’s Atsuko. Just call me Acchan.”

    “Okay, Acchan. Nice to meet you.”

    “So, are you two good friends?”

    “Actually, we just met.” She hugged me and nuzzled against my cheek. “But, I’ve already grown really close to Nyan-nyan~.”

    Ahh… She’s started calling me Nyan-nyan…

    Acchan just giggled looking at us as she rested her head on my shoulder.

    “Hey, lemme introduce you to the others.”


    The two held hands and walked in the classroom together. I put my hands together and mouthed to God, “Thank you.” I walked in and saw them already talking to Mayu and Yuki.

    “Hey, guys.”

    “Yo!” Yuko said suddenly, startling the two. I smacked my forehead.

    “Uh, Acchan, who is this?” Yuki asked.

    “She’s a new student here. Her name’s Yuko.” Yuko just waved cutely. “Yuko, this is Yukirin and Mayuyu.”

    She shook both of their hands, bowing to be polite. However, when she got to Mayu, she suddenly stopped and stared into her eyes. It was kinda creepy, but what was even more strange was that Mayu didn’t react. The two were just frozen like statues, staring at each other intensely. Then, Yuko smiled.

    “I like you,” she said. Mayu just blinked and nodded shyly. Yuko looked past her and saw her notebook. “Oh, this is SO cute!”

    “Th-thank you.”

    “Hey, can I say something? This peach…” She pointed to the corner of the page. Mayu’s notebook pages were all pink with a peach drawing on the end corner.

    “What about it?”

    “To me…” She covered her mouth a bit with her fist and snickered. “It kinda looks like someone’s butt.”


    “....Ah… Oh, yeah. It… DOES kinda look like it, doesn’t it?” Mayu was giggling with her and sat down as they kept talking about it. I was just standing there, still holding my head.

    “It’s this kinda shape…” she said, making a shape with her hands that… yes, looked like a butt.

    “Ah! That’s it!”

    “That’s it, then. Oshiri!”



    “That’s your new nickname. Oshiriko~!”

    “Ah! Shiriri~!”





    …I’m doomed.

Third Person POV

    Somewhere hidden from the world, covered in plants that seemed other-worldly, there were three girls, all sitting around a large table. There were countless chairs, almost all of them filled with stuffed animals. The three girls were dressed in lolita dresses, giggling amongst themselves. The entire table was covered with cups and plates, and the food was nothing but sweets and tea. A kid’s tea party and their personal wonderland.

    One of the lolitas, dawning a frilly pink and white dress and a bunny doll strapped on her back, suddenly felt something at her feet. She got up and knelt down to one of the thick vines on the ground. She put her hand against the rough surface and felt it pulsate. Her eyes widened a bit and a smile crossed her face.

    “They’ve reached the surface,” she said in joy.

    The youngest, a long haired beauty dressed in all white, giggled as she twirled her parasol in her hands.

    “My, my… Now, that didn’t take long at all, did it?”

    “Oi. I was just as patient as all of you,” the tsundere girl pouted.

    “Sure you were,” the eldest of the three siblings said before sipping some of her tea. She wore a midnight blue dress and a top hat on her head, contrast to her two younger sisters’ headbands.

    “Well, it doesn’t matter. The point is… we’re ready.”

    “Yes, we can finally take this world and plunge it into darkness.”

    The three sisters giggled again, like innocent children. It was cute, but somewhat sinister and frightening. The eldest stood up and smiled, grabbing a small bag shaped like a cake.

    “Let’s go.”

    “Yes, sister.”

    They walked off together, skipping happily and giggling, while never knowing that someone had been watching them in the shadows.

    “You think they’ll make it?” one girl with long, bright orange hair said.

    The girl beside her chuckled.

    “They won’t last three seconds.”

Haruna’s POV


    As we ate outside on the courtyard, everyone was talking to Little Miss Perverted Squirrel while they ate. I just sat under the shade of the tree quietly and listened to them.

    I still can’t believe Yuko was able to survive so far; I thought she would die of embarrassment and run out of school, but she kept doing her little pervy actions without remorse. It’s at least got her some friends… Male friends. WHAT do the boys in this school see in her?!

    Also, can I even trust her with my own life? Someone like her can’t POSSIBLY be an ANGEL. It’s just…. too weird! If she really is the kind of ANGEL she says she is, she should be more responsible and act normally. Going to school and trying not to stand out so much that people stare at you weirdly is the first step.

    ……...Needless to say, she has NOT reached that.

    I really am doomed. She’s hopeless.

    Yuko made me lunch for the first of what will surely be many times, but I still don’t know if I should eat it or not. I just stared at it, listening to everyone talk. Yuko was talking about her hobbies; snowboarding, climbing trees, and playing the bass(if you call those normal hobbies, okay.) She also said her special skills were making weird faces and doing impressions, which she gladly demonstrated for us.



    Need I say more?

    “Hahahaha, you’re hilarious, Yuko-chan!”

    “I can do MUCH more than that, but if I tried now I think I’d break my face,” she giggled, making everyone laugh again.

    “So, can you do anything else?”

    “Uhh, oh yeah! I can talk to animals!”

    I snickered sarcastically. There’s NO way that can be true.

    “Do you really think we’ll believe that--” I was about to say something, but when I looked up at her, I saw she had her hand up to her ear. “What are you doing?”

    “I hear something…” she said with her eyes closed.

    We all looked around. Nothing.

    “I don’t hear anything,” Acchan said.

    “What is it?”

    “Someone’s calling for help.”

    She opened her eyes again and looked around. She looked at two students who were about to sit down, and in an instant, stood up, rushed over, and yelled, “Don’t sit down there!” They backed away, confused.

    Yuko knelt down, looking at something on the ground. Her lips were moving… as if she was talking to something. She started speaking to the two students again, pointing at the notebook one of them was holding. He gave it to her, then she opened it and scooped up a small brown object into it.

    A bird’s nest?

    Yuko started looking around again, then dashed to one of the trees. She grabbed onto the tree trunk and started climbing up until she was covered by the leaves. A few seconds after, she jumped back down, landing on her feet, and handed him back the notebook before returning to us.

    “What was that all about?”

    “There was a baby bird with her brothers. Their nest got blown out of the tree from a strong wind and they were calling for help.”

    “So you CAN talk to animals.”

    She just smiled and answered with a shrug. I sighed and leaned up against the tree. Yuko looked at me and spoke again.

    “Hey, Nyan-nyan, why aren’t you eating? You haven’t touched your food.”

    “Eh? Oh, I’m just not hungry…”

    “C’mon!” She crawled over to me and grabbed my chopsticks. She sat on my lap cutely, like a puppy, pinning me against the hard wooden trunk behind us. “I’ll feed you.”



    I was about to scream, but she popped the egg into my mouth. I chewed it up and swallowed it.

    Hm… This is actually pretty good.

    “Ah~” She picked up a small piece of fried chicken and held it up to me again.

    After staring at it for some time…

    “Ah~” I let her feed me again and chewed up the fried chicken.

    “Aww, you two are so cute~.”

    “Yeah, you’re like a couple.”

    “That’s because we-mm!” I covered her mouth just before she could say anything else. There’s NO way I’m letting her say that! She kept screaming into my hand, her arms wildly moving in body language that said, “Let me go!” She kept shaking me, but I refused to let go. Then, she stopped…

    And, I felt something warm and… wet….

    She licked my hand….. LICKED IT!!!!

    “Gross!!!” I screamed out, pushing her off. She landed feet away from me and stared up at the sky. The others looked at me with wide eyes. I just sat there and laughed awkwardly… then groaned.

    This is the worst day ever…

    *Bell rings*

    Ah… Finally, the end of the day.

    I packed up all my stuff and was about to head out, when…

    “Nyan-nyan~!” You guessed it.

    Ugh… What now?!

    I bit my lip and turned to see her and the other three.


    “We’re going shopping at Platinum Shibuya. Wanna come?”

    P-Platinum Shibuya?! THE Platinum Shibuya?! The place where countless models have been discovered?!

    I refrained from freaking out in excitement and cleared my throat.

    “Ahem, uh, w-why are you going there?”

    “Well, it’ll be summer before we know it.”

    “And, 109 is the best place to get summer clothes.”

    “AND, I heard they were having a sale. A lot of the new clothes were shipped in from places like Hawaii and Guam.”

    “So, I thought we should all go and get some new summer outfits. Just us girls.”

    “We may even find some cute bikinis~!”

    Yuko walked over to me and held out her hand. “C’mon, what do you say?” she asked me with a smile. I chuckled; I seriously can’t believe her.

    “Sure. Why not?”


    We hurriedly left school and headed straight for the bus stop. I can’t lie; I’m actually excited. I rarely ever go to Shibuya, because of the fancy clothes and busy traffic. I always just see pictures of it in Akihabara. But, Yuko actually making it possible for us to go? I could just…

    “Nyan-nyan?” I turned my head and saw her poking my shoulder. I took out one of my headphones.

    “What is it?”

    “You were smiling. Are you happy about going to Shibuya?”

    “Ah…” I looked out the window and saw the famous 109 sign a few feet away. I smiled. “Yeah, I am. And, just for that, Yuko, you get a reward.”


    I gave her a small peck on the cheek, and her whole face turned red. You could even see the steam coming from her. A wide smile brushed across her face as she closed her eyes and sighed.

    “Yuko-chan, you okay?” Mayu asked.

    “Smells like happiness~”

    I giggled a bit and put my headphones back in. I figured Yuko needed to be repaid for all she’s done. She deserves it.

    “We’re here!” Acchan cheered happily.

    We looked out and saw it; Platinum Shibuya, 109, in its true glory.


    When the bus stopped, we got off right in front of the 109 building.


    “It’s even bigger than I even imagined.”


    We all turned and saw Yuko taking pictures with a small camera. I wonder how long she’s had that? She looked at us and smiled.

    “What? I always carry it with me, just in case.”

    “Oh yeah. You said that you liked doing photography, didn’t you?”

    “You should help out with the school newspaper.”

    “C’mon, let’s go!”

    Once we went inside the building, we saw a good number of people already shopping. It was packed with all these colorful clothes and dresses, sparkling and flashy jewelry, and cute and sexy bikinis. It was a girl’s summer paradise. We even saw a catwalk in the middle of the store where they had fashion shows.

    “This place is SO COOL~!”

    While we were looking at all the clothes, I noticed that Yuko had disappeared. I started searching for her, mostly in the lower areas, because she’s short.

    Then, music started playing out of nowhere…

    And when I looked up at the catwalk….

    “Hey girls~!”


AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koishitara "Idol to Guam de Koishitara" 大島優子 (Yuko Oshima) (

[*Note: Basically, you can stop before it gets to the fourth outfit(or not. XD)]

    “Yuko, you are CRAZY!”

    “C’mon~! Let’s do this. Fashion show style!”

    I crossed my arms, glaring at her.

    “There’s NO way we’re going up there. It’s embarrassing, right, guys? ….Guys?” I looked around and noticed… everyone was gone.

    And guess what they were doing…

AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koishitara "Idol to Guam de Koishitara" 前田敦子 (Atsuko Maeda) (

AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koishitara "Idol to Guam de Koishitara" 渡辺麻友 (Mayu Watanabe) (

AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koishitara "Idol to Guam de Koishitara" 柏木由紀 (Yuki Kashiwagi) (

    “Nyan-nyan~” Acchan and Yuko smiled, grabbing both of my hands.

    “It’s YOUR turn~!”

    “Wha-? Hey, wait!”

AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koishitara "Idol to Guam de Koishitara" 小嶋陽菜 (Haruna Kojima) (

    “Haruna, that bikini looks really nice on you.”

    “Yeah. You look sexy, Nyan-nyan.”

    “Nice oppai! Nice oshiri!”


    SHUT UP!!! Mou~ this is so embarrassing...

    I wanted to yell and smack everyone upside the head, but I puffed out my cheeks and refrained the sound from coming out. When it was finally over, I changed back into my uniform and gave them the clothes.

    “Nyan-nyan, don’t be mad,” Acchan said to comfort me.

    “I’m not. I’m just embarrassed.”

    “Hey, think of it like this; this was your very first experience of being a model. In Platinum Shibuya.”

    Hm… Now that I think about it, I was pretty happy about coming here. After last night, I thought I’d never go to Platinum Shibuya and become a model. Yuko just made one of my dreams come true. I smiled.

    “See? And, you owe it all to Yuko.”

    I looked and saw her with the others, paying for the clothes. She looked at me and smiled.

    “Yeah… I guess I do…”

    When we left the building, we were surprised to see small vines growing from the corner of the building.

    “What the…?” Mayu went over to see what was causing it. Her eyes widened. “Guys, look!”

    We ran over to her side and saw a little, dark green bud in the center of the vines.

    “What is it?”

    “It’s that flower. The one that was on the news; that flower I showed you all yesterday.”


    “But why is it here?”

    Yuko got closer to it and examined the vines. She put her hand on the ground, pressing her palm against the hard concrete. I knelt down to her side.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “The roots of the flower were growing from the bottom of the building. It’s coming up from the sewers!”

    “Then, that means…” Before I could finish my sentence, the bud popped open and sprayed a weird purple gas. Yuko pulled me backwards and covered my mouth and nose so I wouldn’t breathe it in. When it stopped, Mayu pulled out her phone and took a picture of it. She pressed a few buttons and the hologram showed all kinds of graphics and statistics, analyzing each part of the flower.

    “I knew it…” she said as she looked at some of the images. “This flower’s been mutated.”


    “This isn’t normal plant structure. These chemicals can completely damage the human system. It’s beyond normal Earth studies.”

    “What are you saying, Mayuyu?”

    “This is an alien plant.”


    “Kyaa!” We heard a scream from behind us and saw a woman collapsed on the ground. Then, there was another. And another. It kept on going until everyone had either fled or went unconscious. We were the only ones left at the scene, fully conscious. We looked around and saw more of the flowers, their vines spread out on all the buildings.

    “What is the meaning of this? What the heck is going on here?!”


    I heard someone giggle. It was soft; an innocent, childlike laugh. Then, another giggle came. Another voice added on, then another. The three voices seemed to echo, as if it was a large group of little girls laughing at us. Then, the laughter vanished.

    “We have survivors,” one voice spoke.

    “My, my, it seems thats true,” another replied.

    “Who’s there?! Show yourselves!” Yuko yelled out, trying to be brave.

    “...Behind you.”

    We all turned around and saw a trio of girls wearing lolita dresses, smiling innocently at us.

    “Eh~? Did you not like our lotus flowers?” the girl with a tanuki-like face pouted.

    These little kids did all this?

    Her pout suddenly became a dark glare as the three came forward, giggling softly. They circled around, leaving us surrounded.

    “Who are you?”

    “We are loyal servants to the Queen’s army.”

    “We may look small, but we’re really spicy. We’re…”

    “The Sanshou Sisters!”

    “Myao, eldest daughter.”

    “Rabutan, second daughter.”

    “Manamana, youngest daughter.”

    “We are but mere underlings, however. Our DEAR Queen is not the type to look upon us. But, now, we finally have a chance to raise our status.”

    “So, now, it is time for us to rise…”

    “And you…” they suddenly dropped their things and their eyes became dark. “To fall.”

    The girl named Myao charged at us and kicked me in the stomach. I coughed hard; the wind was blown right out of me. We all ran off to hide from the three.

    “Mou~ don’t run away!”

    “Yeah…” Rabutan smiled, but her eyes were evil. “We just wanna play.”

    Myao smiled and took in a deep breath.

    “Let’s play… Hide-and-seek.”


    “I’ll find them first!”

    “No, I will! I DEFINITELY will!”

    As the two girls were fighting, Myao broke them apart and the three started to search for us. We were hiding behind one of the buildings, cloaked in the shadows. We kept silent, trying hard to breathe softly and slowly. I put my finger up to my lips, telling everyone to stay silent.

    I peeked my head out slightly to see all of them scattered, looking around. Rabutan suddenly raised her head, so I pulled my head back in. I heard her speak.

    “Do you smell that?”

    There was a tense silence as we held our breath, hearing her footsteps come closer to our location.

    “I smell… an ANGEL.”


    Everyone looked at each other, then stared at Yuko, who was clinging onto my chest. She looked up at me and I saw fear in her eyes.

    Oh God… what am I gonna do now?

    “Ah-ha!” The three girls appeared before us and smiled evily.

    Manamana chuckled and held her parasol up to point at our necks.

    “Now, which one of you is it?”

    Acchan and Yuki were still really confused, looking around at all of us.

    “An ANGEL? Here?”

    “Does she mean one of us?”

    “Well, it’s not me,” I said with my hands raised.

    “Not me.”

    “Me neither.”

    Yuko and Mayu were the only ones who remained silent. Just that made the girls giggle. I know Yuko is an ANGEL, but Mayu? I don’t think she could be… She doesn’t seem like she’d be one. And, Rabutan said she only sensed one. Yuko was the only exception.

    “Guys…” Yuko spoke up.

    No… Don’t…

    “...It’s me. I’m the ANGEL… They want me.” She slowly got up and stepped in front of us, protecting us. “I’m the one you want, so don’t hurt them.”

    “No!” I grabbed Yuko’s arm. “What is wrong with you, Yuko?! If you’re the ANGEL you say you are, then you should be protecting us! You have powers, right? Powers that can help you fight these weirdos! Now USE them!”

    “....I can’t.”

    “Eh?” I stopped, letting go of her arm and backing away from her.

    The girls laughter started again, but louder than before.

    “You’re so useless!”

    “What a worthless ANGEL. You crack me up!”

    Myao pulled out something in her cake-shaped basket, a seed. She cracked it open and her arm became engulfed in green fire.

    “Let’s finish this.”

    She flew a few feet backwards and created a bow and arrow completely made out of the green fire. She shot the arrow and it bulleted towards us. Yuko didn’t move from her stop. She just held her last breath, shutting her eyes tight, and held her arms out to protect us. All we could do was sit behind her and watch the scene unfold.

    I closed my eyes, waiting for the worst…


    “…..Hm?” I opened my eyes again and saw we were still alive. Acchan and Yuki had their eyes shut and ears covered, still afraid they were gonna die. “Acchan, Yukirin, look.”

    They slowly opened their eyes and looked around.

    “Are we dead?” Yuki asked.

    “I don’t think so…” I answered her. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if we were or not.

    Acchan looked up and jumped a bit, her eyes wide. “Look.”

    We all looked and saw there was a force field around us.

    “Who did this?”

    I looked over and saw Yuko on the ground. She was looking up at something.


    She turned her head and looked at us with surprised eyes.

    “How did--?”

    “It wasn’t me…”

    Our eyes widened in shock. “Eh?”

    “Then, who?”

    She turned back and pointed at a figure in front of us. What we saw shocked us. The figure, standing there with her hand held out, generating the force field…...was Mayu.


    Mayu lowered her hand, making the force field disappear, and turned around to face us. She had glowing silver eyes that shined like the moon.


    She smiled awkwardly. “Surprise…”

    “Ha!” Manamana spoke up. “SO it’s her!”

    “Hey, you’re midget friend’s pretty brave to stick up for you, huh, ANGEL?!” Rabutan yelled out, sarcastically.

    Mayu looked back at them with a dark glare. The three sisters laughed on, but then stopped and looked at her, dark and evil.

    “Get them…”

    At the eldest’s command, they charged at us with their weapons, but Mayu created another barrier around her to protect her. When it disappeared, she created a small ball of energy and threw it. It hit Rabutan and sent her flying into a building. Manamana ran forward with her parasol towards Mayu’s neck, but she spun around quickly and dodged it. She elbowed her and knocked her down to the ground. She growled and got back up, but to her surprise, Mayu grabbed her arm and was flung backwards. She hit the ground hard, leaving a small crater.

    Myao got really angry and charged at her with her fiery arm raised. She prepared to punch Mayu, but she grabbed her fist before that could happen. The fire became weaker, and using her other hand, Mayu pushed her. It was a light push, but it caused a sonic boom that made me cover my ears. When I looked up again, Myao was on the ground, covered in rubble. She coughed as she tried to get up, but fell back down. Blood trailed down her chin. The other two sisters quickly approached her and supported her up. They all glared at the completely uninjured Mayu.

    Myao sneered. “We’ll remember this…” she growled before the trio disappeared into darkness.

    We just sat there, staring at the lone girl, surrounded by complete destruction with a blank look on her face.


    She came back to us, her eyes now returned to their normal dark spheres. She held out her hands and helped us up.

    “Mayuyu… why didn’t you tell us?”

    “...” She kept silent.


    She slowly walked up to Mayu and pulled down her shirt. She had the wing-shaped scar on her chest.

    “Yuko-chan, you knew?”

    “Yeah…” She pulled down her own and showed them her mark.

    “Oh… my… God…”

    “Y-you’re both… ANGELs.”

    Mayu smiled sadly. “I’m sorry… I-I’m sorry I kept it secret for so long. I thought if I told you… you’d hate me.”

    “Are you kidding?” Acchan said.


    She giggled and hugged Mayu. “Now, why on Earth would we think that?”

    “You were amazing out there, Mayu. It was awesome!”

    Mayu blushed madly and lowered her head, her eyes covered by her bangs.

    “You’re the best friend we could have, and since you’re an ANGEL, that’s even better!”

    As all of them were giggling and talking, I looked over at Yuko. I saw the guilt, the regret in her eyes. She looked up at me and walked closer.

    “Nyan-nyan… I’m so sorr--” But, I stopped her as I pushed her away from me. She fell to the ground and looked up at me.

    “What the heck, Yuko?! What were you thinking?! You could’ve been killed!”

    She got up, angry at me like I was. “Hey. I’m just TRYING to protect you! It’s what I’m supposed to do!”

    “You weren’t ‘trying’ hard enough! You could’ve made a forcefield like Mayu and fought those girls, but you just stood there like an idiot wanting to be shot down!”


    Her screams echoed against the buildings, silencing everything else around us. She finally calmed down and looked at me with sincere eyes.

    “I… I can’t control it.”


    “My powers… They’re too powerful. Every time I try, it… It just…. doesn’t work.” She backed away from me slowly, holding her chest. “I’m…. useless.” Then, she ran off, not saying anything else.

    “Yuko-chan!” The others tried to stop her, but she just pushed them away and kept running.

    Frustrated, I held my head and left the scene. I went straight home and locked the door in my room. As I plopped down on the bed, I took the pillow beside me and screamed into it.

    Yuko… why..?


To Be Continued
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“I saw what happened last night, with the building being burnt down. It was all over the news. And, when I saw it, I was so scared. I thought you were--”
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“Ah~” I let her feed me again and chewed up the fried chicken.
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Chapter 3 - Awaken Anew

Yuko's POV


    I sat alone in the bar, covered by the hazel golden light of the lamp above me. My arms held my head as I rested my forehead on them and sighed loudly. I was still guilty about what had happened earlier with the others and I’m sure Nyan-nyan was sulking about it, too.

    I didn’t even get to apologize…

    “What were you thinking?!”

    I bet she hates me now…

    “Korisu?” I heard a familiar, high-pitched voice call my name. I looked up and found the very owner of the strawberry voice, standing in front of me smiling.


    She sat down beside of me, playing with my empty drink glass. Of course, I knew it had to be her. Looking at her(at least in the outfit and wig she was wearing right now), you’d at first think she’s a guy. But, hear her voice and you instantly know. I mean, why else? She does work here; at a danso cafe.

    “What’s wrong? You look depressed.”

    “A lot happened earlier today…” I said, looking down. “You probably wouldn’t wanna hear.”

    She giggled; she knew I was just being modest. “I’ve got time.”

    I told her everything that happened when I first met Haruna up to what happened a few hours ago. She just sat and listened to me, nodding and often asking questions, but, she mostly stayed silent and listened. Listened, with a slight smile on her face.

    “And, then I just ran off. I’m pretty sure Haruna left and went back home, too.”

    “It was that bad, huh?”

    “Yeah…” I sunk into my chair. “I feel pretty bad about it….”

    “Don’t be. It’s not your fault,” she said sweetly, taking my hand.

    “But, still…”

    “Look, if Haruna is as a good a friend you say she is, I’m sure she’ll forgive you.”

    “You think?”


    I smiled. “Thanks, Tomomi.”

    “Chiyuu~” She made the adorable sound that makes me giggle. “Hey, I gotta get back to work, okay?”


    I was about to leave, when…

    “Oh! Wait.” I reached into my bag and handed her a CD case. “Here. This is the artist I recommended you.”

    “Ah, thanks. I’ll listen to it later.”

    “Alright. Bye.”


    After I paid and left the restaurant, I started to head back home, but then I got a text from Mayu.

    “Yuko-chan, can you meet over at my place? I think it’s time to explain ANGELs to Acchan and Yukirin. -Mayu.”

    “Alright…” I sighed out loud.

    I followed the directions Mayu texted me to her house. Mayu’s place was so fancy; she’s so lucky.


    I saw Acchan and Yukirin already talking to Mayu, but they were obviously still very confused about what was happening.

    “So… explain to us again,” Acchan said.

    “Well, I may not look it, but I’m over 75 years old!” I said, raising my arm. “And, Mayu is actually 50!”

    “Uh, yeah, we kinda got that. But, why did you guys not tell us?”

    “The truth is, I had to do it to protect you.”

    “Protect us?”

    “The ANGELs must keep themselves hidden to protect people. There are bad people who want to use us for evil things and hurt us.”

    “I just wanted to live a normal life, like humans. I didn’t want to risk it.”

    “There are some ANGELs who do let a few people know their identity. A friend of mine told one of her classmates, and she’s kept it secret for her. We only tell people we can really trust.”

    “Don’t worry, Mayuyu.” Acchan got up and took her hands. “You can trust us.”

    “Yeah, your secret’s safe.”

    “Ufufu… thank you.”

    “So, who were those girls?” Yuki asked.

    “I’m not sure. But, they probably want to cut off all the other Links and Chains.”



    “The elixir we use to save humans from death connects our souls into one being, forming a contract. The human is called a ‘Link,’ and once the contract is formed, their soul in bound by the ANGEL’s, so they don’t cross over into the other world.”

    “A.K.A. ‘Afterlife’,” I chuckled.

    “The ANGEL is called the ‘Chain’ in this situation. They’re what connects the two and bind them together.”

    “So, that means, if the ANGEL dies, the Link’s soul will be released from the contract and they’ll disappear.”

    “But, if the Link dies first, the ANGEL’s soul won’t die off. The contract between them will break and their power level will decrease until they can find a new soul.”

    Acchan just crossed her arms, nodding as she absorbed all the information in, while Yuki leaned forward in her chair and tapped her bottom lip slightly. “So… basically, they wanna kill off all the ANGELs and whoevers connected with them.”

    “Who or what would do such a thing?”

    “No clue.”

    I got worried and decided to call Haruna to see if she was okay.

    “Mayu, can I use your phone?”

    “Yeah, it’s over there,” she said pointing over to the kitchen counter. I went over and dialed in the number to our house. The only thing I heard was the monotone ringing of the other line, left unanswered.

    Haruna, pick up…

    I held my chest, praying to hear her sweet voice. I wanted to apologize for everything, never keep anything from her again, and have her finally accept me…

    But, nothing.

    “She must not be home yet.”

    “Well, it’s already late, so how about we all sleepover here for the night.”


    “Lemme call my dad.”

    Everyone was ecstatic, chatting among themselves, while I just listened to the flat noise continue.

    “The number you dialed is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone.”


    “Hey, Nyan-nyan? Where are you? Can you call me when you get back? I’m sorry… I-I’m… really sorry…”



Tomomi’s POV

    “Kasai, two more Orange Lilies at Table 2!”


    “Hey, Kasai, can you help me with this?”


    “Kasai-kun~! Send these meals to Tables 5 and 7!”


    My name is Kasai Tomomi. I work at the Queen Dolce III Café & Bar in New Tokyo, and, yes, it’s the same danso cafe that stole women’s hearts centuries ago.

    Basically, all I have to do is go around waiting tables and serving young ladies and older men dressed as an ikemen, girly-boy, high school student named, respectively, Chiyuu. Don’t get me wrong. It seems hectic, me handling so much, but it’s a lot more fun than it looks. I get to meet all these nice people who tell me funny stories, and my best friends always come and see me.

    Speaking of which...

    “Min, min, min~”


    “Hey, Tomo~mi-chan--oops! I mean, Chiyuu-kun.”

    “Haha, I’m on my break right now, Natsumin. You can just call me Tomo~mi.”

    I sat down at her table, putting my bag down while I talked and listened to her.

    “Nee, did you see what happened today?”

    “At the 109? Yeah, I saw.”

    “Yuko was here earlier. She said she and some of her new friends were out shopping when it happened.”

    “That’s scary!”

    I rested my elbows on the table, the back of my hands holding my cheeks. “I’m just glad they’re safe,” I sighed out.

    “Yuko-chan’s an ANGEL, too, right?”

    “Yeah, but there was another ANGEL, Mayu-chan, who saved them.”


    Me and Natsumi are the only ones who know Yuko’s secret.

    ...Actually, I found out when I first met Yuko. She told me.


    It all started thirteen years ago. I was nine when it happened. A car came without me knowing and took my life. Yuko said my child body was far from saving because of the damage, so they put my heart into a new, adult body. I was an ANGEL.

    “This is you from now on, Tomomi.”

    I went to high school and met Natsumi. She’s the only one who knows about me and Yuko. I never really saw Yuko too much after graduating, but we often keep in touch.

    “You’re my friend, Tomomi. I won’t leave you.”

    End of Flashback

    I decided to try and take my mind off things and went into the restroom. I unknowingly brought my bag in and dropped something. When I looked, I saw a clear, plastic case with a black CD that gleamed in the unique restroom lighting.

    “This CD…”

    Natsumi came in again and saw me looking at the CD case.

    “What’s that?”

    “Oh, Yuko gave this to me. It’s a singer she recommended me.”

    “Ooh~ I wanna hear it!”

    She took out her CD player and placed the black disc inside. Music started playing and she smiled widely.

    “OMG, I know this!”

    “You do?”

    “Her name is Tomochin; she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world!”


    “Dear J ♪ Furi muita kimi wa ♪”

    Natsumi started dancing while singing to the song. She’s really good, y’know. She goes to a really good dance school.

    “You are J ♪ Utsukushi sugite ♪”

    “Nee, Natsumin…”

    “Hm?” She stopped dancing and looked at me.

    “What’s her last name?”

    “Hm… I don’t really remember.”


    I turned on the sink and started washing my hands, but that name still echoed in my head. The music became completely drowned out and as I saw myself in the mirror, I could see myself getting younger. Those days… The time I had with her; when I was just a normal human. I can still see her, hear her.

    I wonder... how she’s doing… Tomo….


    “Hm? What is it, Chiyuu?”

    “When Tomo~mi grows up big, she’s gonna be a big star!”


    “Yeah, and she wants Tomo to support her, too!”

    “OK, Then, Tomo’s gonna become a star, too.”

    …But… that didn’t happen... for me….


    Natsumi’s voice sounded again and broke me out of my trance. I felt the icy, cold sink water running down my hand. She turned off the music and looked at me worriedly.

    “Tomo~mi-chan, you okay?”

    “I-I’m fine…” I said, trying to cover things up.

    “You sure? You’re not sick or anything, are you?”

    “No. I’m fine, really.” I took the CD back and put it in my purse. “I’ve gotta get back to work.”

    “Uh, okay…”

    I dried my hands off and bowed at her slightly before leaving.

    “Kasai, can you take care of the counter?”

    I slapped my cheeks a few times before sighing and putting a smile back on my face. “Sure. I can do that.”

Third Person POV

    The Sanshou Sisters have returned to their home, grieving over the loss they just faced from Mayu. Myao angrily punched the wall.

    “Damn ANGEL!”

    “Even though we are Dark ANGELs created by Her Majesty, we indeed faced a formidable opponent,” Manamana said before sipping her tea. Myao growled at her comment, the awful memory playing in her head. She punched the wall in the exact same spot. Rabutan was busy stuffing her face with cookies.

    “Shuch foo juz chee shink chee ish(Just who does she think she is)?!” she said with her mouth full.

    Myao gritted her teeth in anger. “We’ll get ‘em next time.”

    “Hahahaha. You?!” They heard someone behind them and turned to see a girl with short, black hair.


    “Y’all don’t know the first thing about those humans,” Yuka said in her signature Osaka dialect.

    “Did you really think you stood a chance against those ANGELs?” a girl with long, orange hair said, behind her.

    “Hey, don’t underestimate us just cuz we’re small!” Myao prepared to punch Yuka, but she blocked it and twisted her arm behind her back, pinning her to the ground.

    “Can y’all really call yourselves the Sanshou Sisters?” the Osaka Dark ANGEL whispered in her ear.

    Myao lit her arm up in flames, causing Yuka to retract from her.

    “Don’t mess with us just cuz we’re kids…”

    Yuka snarled and walked back to her sister’s side.

    “Why are you two here?”

    “We heard about your little brawl with the ANGEL. We wanted to give you something to help in your next battle.”

    “Maigh shug jee misshon du chuu(Why should we listen to you)?” Rabutan pouted, still with cookies in her mouth.

    “Because, if you follow our advice, you will surely beat her.”

    Their eyes widened in interest. Myao slowly turned around to face the two again.

    “Keep talkin’...”

    The fanged girl pulled something out of her pocket. A handful of pink tinted seeds.

    “What are those?”


    The three girls looked up at her, confused.

    “Poppies?” they harmonized. Umechan nodded her head, then crushed the seeds in her hand. When she opened her palm again, it was filled with pink-orange colored poppies.

    “The poppies’ scent attracts anyone and everyone who smells them. They lure a human into a sweet dream and sap their energy until there’s nothing left.” She took a few petals and blew them into Manamana’s parasol. “If you can drain the energy of those weakling humans and that oh so perfect ANGEL, everyone else on Earth will be putty in our hands.”

    The three smiled.

    “So… that means, if we beat her…”

    “Guess y’all will be able to rank up to a higher status.”

    The orange haired Dark ANGEL blew more of the petals onto their weapons and the girls giggled with glee.

    “We were just passing by here.”

    “We were just playing here as usual.” Myao said nodding. “We weren’t asked to take care of that deadbeat ANGEL or anything.”

    The other two nodded and skipped back off into their childlike wonderland.

    Yuka chuckled. “People think out loud a lot lately.”

    Her elder sister chuckled and walked off.

    “Nee, Umechan?”

    “Hm?” She looked back at her.

    “Ya really think it was alright to give ‘em the poppies?”

    Umechan giggled softly and patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry. It’s not like they’ll really beat that ANGEL. And, if they do lose, we’ll just act like nothing happened and leave them to rot.”

    Yuka smiled evily.

    “C’mon. She’s waiting for us.”

Yuko’s POV

    Everyone had already fallen asleep, so I decided to take my chance and sneak back to mine and Haruna’s place. I need to apologize now before things get worse. As I got to the door, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I quickly turned to see it was just Mayu.

    “Where are you going?” she softly asked.

    “I’m going home to check on Haruna.” I was about to leave, but she grabbed my arm.

    “Can I check something first?”


    She pulled my arm and brought me outside to an old door on the side of her house. She opened it and lead me down a flight of stairs to a metallic door that looked like a safe. She typed in a code in the padlock and it opened, revealing a weird room. It looked like a mad scientist’s lab you’d see in those sci-fi or horror movies… from the future.


    “Did you… make all this?”

    “The basement was like this when I bought the house. I just made a few adjustments to help with my research.”

    I looked at her, my eyebrow raised. “How rich are you?”

    She set a tablecloth on top of a large table and looked at me.

    “Lay down.”


    My finger went up and pointed at me.

    “Yes, you. C’mon, it won’t hurt.”

    “That’s what all the mad scientists say,” I murmured under my breath.

    “I heard that loud and clear, y’know.”

    Ah… I forgot she had an acute sense of hearing. Most ANGELs do.

    I sighed and laid down on the table, still scared at what she was going to do. She started up a computer at her research table and typed in a few things. She was going so fast, and was so concentrated. “Um… M-Mayu, what are--”

    “SHHHH!!!” My head popped away from looking at her and I was back to staring at the pitch black ceiling that looked like an abyss I had fallen from. “Yosh…”

    She pushed a button and a few laser lights started scanning my body, all of them scrolling down and sending a ticklish feeling on my skin, then back up and sending the intense heat of it to my head, making unable to control my laughter.

    “Hold still. Almost…”

    I pursed my lips, trying to hold in my snickers, and after a few short seconds, it was over.


    I heaved a heavy sigh and sat up on the table. It felt like I was dancing way too hard and burned off most of my energy. She brought up a scan on a large screen beside us. It was my endoskeleton. It was glowing all sorts of colors, like a thermal camera took a picture of me. Mayu put her hand on her chin, like a genius mad scientist would.

    “Just as I thought…”


    “There had to be a reason why your energy waves were so weak when I met you. You said you couldn’t control your powers. What exactly did you mean by that?”

    I flinched a bit, looking at my scanning again.

    “Well… It’s more like I can’t access them. Whenever I try, all my energy will just build up and be released all in one place, and that causes them to go wild.”

    “Go wild… What does that mean?”

    “For me, um… mostly minor explosions.”

    “Well, you’re able to retain some psychic ability, since you can talk to animals and sense ANGELs, including me. And, during the scan, you laughed, which is a good sign of your energy’s radiation balance,” she said typing in some more things on her computer.

    “Then, what’s wrong with me?”

    She turned in her seat and crossed her arms. “It’s most likely something disrupted your system long ago and caused a blockage. It’s been inside of you a long time, so it was most likely the reason. Tell me, have you been exposed to abnormal radiation, strong electromagnetic waves, or toxic chemicals?”

    Hm… Electromagnetic waves?

    Now, that I think about it… there was one time.

    “...Almost 26 years ago…. in the research facility I was made… there was an explosion…”

    “A nuclear explosion, probably.”

    “When I came to, I was in a new facility… and I was never able to use my powers again… I had rehabilitation done to heal some injured parts and a few repairs to regain some of them, but… for any others, they were just…”

    I was unstable…

    Mayu smiled and nodded her head. “Well, there may be a solution. This.” She pointed at the scanning of where my heart was.

    “My heart?”

    “Your soul, to be exact.”

    She came up beside of me and whispered in my ear.

    “When you were scared and clinging onto Haruna yesterday, were your heartbeats synchronized?” Her question made me blush.

    But, now that I remember…

    “...No. Not really. Hers was… slightly off from mine.”

    “You two formed a contract, didn’t you?”

    "Ah..." How did she know?!

    “That has to be it! I saw the fire two days ago at Haruna’s building. There was NO WAY she could’ve survived. And, since you two happened to meet that same night, that’s the only logical explanation. Am I right?”

    She seriously sounds like the guy from that “Galileo” drama; a mad genius indeed.


    “Ha! I KNEW it!”

    “Um, how does this help?”

    “It’s Haruna. She hasn’t accepted the contract fully. Her subconscious is still refusing it without her knowing. If you can get her to accept it out loud, her conscious and subconscious will finish the process completely.”

    “And restore my powers?”

    “I’m certain.”

    I cheered inside, a wide smile on my face. “Thank you, Mayu. I’m gonna go see Haruna.”

    “Okay.” I got up and started to leave, then turned and saw her smile. “Good luck.”


    I ran out, headed straight back home to see my sweetheart. I would apologize, and I would finally be happy again. After so long, I can be happy…

    Then, while I was running, I saw something. No…. Someone. I didn’t know who at first… I squinted to try and see her figure in the dark. Normally, ANGELs can see in the dark, but that’s still not fully recovered for me yet.

    She looks like… Huh? Isn’t that Oya-san, the student council president? What is she doing this late?

    Someone with her, holding a big responsibility such as student council president, shouldn’t be out and about this late. Oya-san herself is a fun girl to be around, not too uptight or strict about anything, but… this is odd. And, the way she’s walking… It’s like she’s in a daze.

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

    Still with a bad feeling in my gut, I gulped down my fear and slowly, silently followed her. I didn’t know where she was going or why, but I still don’t think this is normal. She just kept walking, not suspecting my presence. As we kept walking, I thought I saw a flower fall from the sky. It was a poppy flower.

    Then, I heard that giggle… The childlike giggle that could only belong to those girls. And, what was creepier, the sound was swings, squeaking and creaking as the children swung on them.


    Oya-san walked into an abandoned building, so I hid behind an alley and watched her. After a few minutes, I saw more pink and orange poppy petals. I looked up and saw Oya-san on the top of the building. The Sanshou girls were there, too, smiling at her. Manamana was spinning her parasol, making the petals flutter about. The three pointed to the edge of the building, making a surge of fear shock through my spine.

    They’re gonna make her jump!

    I saw her slowly walk up and jump off. Before she fell, I rushed over and shot up into the air. I caught her in my arms and floated safely to the ground. She was asleep.

    Sanshou, you’ll pay for this!

    I ran into the building and found a room filled with stuff animals, lace curtains, and anything you’d see in a little girl’s room. There was a table set up for a tea party, but no one was sitting down.

    “Good evening.” I turned around and saw them inching closer to me, giggling among themselves.

    “We can play here, right?”

    I gripped my fists, I was ready to fight. They just giggled and Manamana blew a few poppy petals again. They blew right into me and brushed across my face.

    Then, I felt something change in the atmosphere. The strong fragrance of the orange-pinkish flower was flowing into me, making me feel all… numb. I slowly fell to my knees holding my head. I could feel my breathing slow and become deeper, my heart rate decreasing to a relaxed, hypnotic rhythm. I slowly fell to my side. I was asleep, yet I wasn’t. I couldn’t think straight. It was so weird… My vision was slowly turning pink.

    “....Ufufu… Pink~....”

    My eyes were flickering a bit, my body slowly and surely growing warmer. It was like I was in a dream. I didn’t even flinch when I looked up and saw the three circled around me, smiling.

    “The game starts here…” I heard one of them say.

    Who…? Who is that? Where have I seen her before? I didn’t know, I didn’t care. I just giggled and slowly closed my eyes, falling into a blissful sleep and wonderful dream.

Haruna’s POV

    Today, a beautiful, sunny Saturday… But, I’m spending it indoors. I slept late, too, so it’s already 2:00. I heard the phone ring last night, but I didn’t pick it up. I heard Yuko’s voice, and it made me feel guilty for all those mean things I said to her.


    “I’m…. useless.”

    I wonder if she’s okay… I hope she isn’t mad at me. I didn’t mean to say all that. It just… happened. I always talk before I think.

    As I was thinking of all that had happened, my cell phone rang. I picked it up and saw it was Mayu.


    “Haruna, is Yuko there? I called her cell, but she turned it off.”

    “Huh? N-no.”

    “What?! She left early last night! How can she not be home?!”

    “Eh?” Hearing her weird conversation made me nervous and I sat up.

    “We had a sleepover last night, and Yuko went home so she could talk to you. Did she leave?”

    “No…. She…” My eyes widened. Fear was rushed inside of my body, realizing what might have happened to her last night while she was coming home. “She never came home…”


    I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest; I’ve never felt like this with anyone before. Yuko was different.

    What if she was… kidnapped?

    “We need to look for her right now! I’ll start looking downtown with Acchan and Yukirin, you start searching for her up there. See if anyone might have seen her.”


    Once I hung up, I instantly changed clothes and headed out. I hopped on my hoverbike and speeded down the street. I went from door-to-door, asking everyone if they had seen her, but they all had the same answer. “Oshima-san didn’t come back last night.” After that, I decided to check the streets and alleys, just in case she got drunk or was in a fight. But, no luck.

    I kept searching, never stopping. The sun was starting to set. But, I had to keep going. I wasn’t going to stop until I found her. I could feel this heavy feeling inside my chest, increasing my grief. I held my tears inside and kept searching the city. Then, I got another call from Mayu.

    “Haruna, where are you right now?”

    “Uhh, I’m near the large hotel next to an old ramen place. Where are you guys?”

    “Not too far. We’re near an abandoned building near a playground.”

    “Playground?” When that word came in, I mentally slapped myself. Of course they’d hide near a playground; they’re little girls!

    “It’s just a few blocks away. Hurry!”

    “Alright, I’m coming!”

    I hurried to the building she told me about. When I got there, she and the others were waiting outside the building.

    “Mayu!” I stopped in front of the building and saw a pink light coming from one of the windows. “Is she in there?”


    “I’ll stay out here, just in case the Sanshou Sisters come back,” Mayu said. “You guys go in and find Yuko.”

    “Got it! Let’s go.”

Third Person POV

    As the others ran in, Mayu kept watch at the door, ready for when the girls would come. Then, right when she turned around, she felt something blow into her face. She coughed due to the sudden shock of wind, then she slowly started to feel dizzy. Her muscles were relaxing against her will and she had trouble keeping balance. When she looked up, her vision was all blurry and pink.

    She saw three small figures in front of her, which she instantly knew were the Sanshou Sisters. She also thought she saw small flowers, their petals scattered in the air; poppies to be exact.

    “It’s time for your punishment,” Myao said, but Mayu could only define it as gargling noises. Then, she felt her limp arms being grabbed by the two younger girls and she was dragged off somewhere, but she couldn’t find out where as her vision soon turned completely dark.

Haruna’s POV

    We ran up the stairs and found the door to the pink tinted room. We hurried in and saw Yuko sitting at the end of a long table. There were tea cups and sweets set up all around the table. And sitting at the other end was a yellow cat doll. Yuko was fast asleep, a neon pink teddy bear in her lap. She was tied to the table.

    “Yuko-chan!” Acchan and Yuki hurriedly untied the rope around her while I started shaking her to wake her up.

    “Yuko! Yuko, wake up!”

    “Mmm, no~.... Mm, I can’t.. eat another bite….” She was talking in her sleep while bobbing her head a bit. Her hand was waving to no one in particular.

    “C’mon, get a hold of yourself!”

    Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at me. Her eyes were dizzy and very sleepy. She giggled.

    “Nyan-nyan, look,” she said to the stuffed cat doll while pointing at me, “there’s a talking cat here~. Ufufufufu…”

    “Mou~” I grabbed both of her shoulders and shook her harder. “Yuko! Wake! UP!”

    But she didn’t listen to me at all. She was talking to the dolls like they were actual people, having conversations that only existed in her mind. I was calling to her more and more, but she didn’t even look up and acknowledge me.

    “Ufufu… don’t worry, I won’t tell… hehehehehe…”

    “Yuko, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!”


    Before I knew it, there was a red place on her cheek and her head hung low, the pink doll in her hands dropping to the ground. She groaned again and rubbed her eyes. When she opened them again, she was looking at me, wide awake, but still looking like she was drugged. She looked around, confused, one of her hands holding her sore cheek.

    “Wha-? ..Nyan-nyan…? Wh-where are we…? Ow, my cheek hurts~...”

    “No time to explain. Let’s go, Mayu’s waiting for us outside.”

    She got up and started walking, but her legs were still wobbling and she fell to her knees.

    “Mou~ my legs are still numb…” she whined slapping her legs. I held her arm and slowly helped her back up. We ran out of the room and hurried back outside the building. But… Mayu wasn’t here.


    “Where’s Mayu?”

    Somewhere behind us, we started hearing an old creaking sound followed by the familiar giggles of the Sanshou girls.

    “Oh no. Mayu!”

    We hurried over and saw them in the playground. Mayu was tied to a roundabout while the girls spun her around and beat her up. What was worse, she was just letting them beat her up and was dragging her feet in the dirt. I saw her eyes. She was drugged.

    “Haha, serves you right!”

    “You wanna play with us, right?”

    “You’re enjoying this, right? Haha! You’re pathetic, ANGEL!”

    Mayu… How can they do this?

    Myao stopped in front of her and punched her right in the face. “Lame!”

    “Pitiful. Just pitiful.” Rabutan giggled.

    Myao kicked her stomach and gathered the others over.

    “Let’s take a souvenir photo.” Manamana pulled out a small camera and took a photo. After that, they returned to their positions and continued to spin her. They punched or kicked her whenever they came to their section, and Mayu just limply got dragged around.

    “You want more?!”

    “Hahaha, you’re weak!”

    Myao stopped her again and grabbed her hair.

    “Don’t mess with us!” she said before punching her again. Mayu’s head hung low and her hand which was tied up had let go of the bar. Her other arm was just limply hanging, swaying slowly.

    “You’re finished…”

    She were about to receive the final blow, but then me and Yuko ran up and stepped in front of her, protecting her. I obtained the powerful punch to my stomach and fell to the ground coughing.


    “The hell are you doin’ here?”

    “Yeah, you wanna play with us, too?”

    Yuko looked at the girls angrily and growled. “I’m gonna get you for this! And I’m going all out!”


    “Mayu’s my friend… And, I’ll protect her… And Acchan… Yuki…” There was a long pause and she turned to look at me. “Haruna, too… You three should know what that’s like! You’d do anything for your friends!”


    “Friend?” The three started laughing, as if everything Yuko said was a joke. They kept laughing and laughing… Then, Rabutan kicked her stomach.

    Manamana took out her parasol and held her chin. “What are you doing, using the word ‘friend’ in this day and age?”

    Myao grabbed her hair and pulled her down to the ground. “You’ve seen way too many teenage dramas! You’re nothing but a weak, pathetic human. You serious about all this ‘friendship’ or whatever?!”

    She punched Yuko right in the face and she hit the roundabout. They continued to punch and kick her, but then Yuko got mad and pushed them away. Her hands were balled into tight fists and she started fighting back. They kept dodging her and hitting her, but that only made her angrier and she continued to fight. She kept going and going, never stopping. That was real, serious anger.

    “...Haru… na…” I heard Mayu’s hoarse voice call out to me. She was slowly waking up.


    “Haruna… you need to… save Yuko…”

    “Okay! Tell me what I need to do! I’ll do anything!”

    “There’s only one way…”

    I nodded. I don’t care what I have to do; if it means I can help Yuko fight, I’ll do it.

    “You have to… accept the contract.”

    “Eh?” What she said confused me again. "I thought when she saved me, I… I should’ve…."

    “You alone can do it… It’s the.. only way…”

    “But… how? Didn’t I already--?”

    “You have to say it out loud... That’s the only way you can accept it...”

    I turned back and saw Yuko. She was breathing heavy and had bruises on her face, blood dripping down her chin.

    “What happens if I don’t?”

    “....Something bad.”

    Manamana seemed to hear us and she and Rabutan came to us. Mayu was getting beat up again by Rabutan, while Manamana got on top of me and started strangling my neck.

    “You’re so troublesome!”

    “Let’s just get rid of you two right now!”

    Mayu coughed up blood and looked at me.

    “Hurry, Haruna! Say it!”

    I tried my best to breathe, doing all I could to shake her off me, but it wasn’t working.

    “Haruna, if you don’t…” Mayu said again, still receiving heavy damage from the small girl. “Yuko will die…! And so will you!”


    “That’s the risk humans take when you form contracts with ANGELs. If they get killed, you’ll die too!”

    I felt this strange rush of emotion hit me, making the thoughts in my head scatter. I didn’t have time to think, and looked over to Yuko. She was on the ground, Myao kicking her. She was coughing blood non-stop and was slowly losing consciousness. I felt my heart grow heavy, and in my panic, I let out one final scream.

    “Yuko! I accept! I accept the contract!”


    I suddenly felt myself regain my energy and pushed Manamana off me. She flew back and hit her head on the roundabout.

    “Itai~” She started crying like a little baby while holding her head. Her older sisters rushed to her side, trying to comfort her.

    Then, when I looked over, Yuko slowly got up to her feet. She wiped the blood clean off her chin and took a deep breath. Gripping her fist, she raised her arm up and punched the ground. There was a huge rumbling beneath our feet, causing the Sanshou trio to stop and glance back at her. There was a large dent left where Yuko’s fist hit the ground so hard. She looked up at them. Her eyes were glowing a golden yellow color, like the sun.

    “Wait, she’s an ANGEL too?!”

    She smiled and walked over to punch her, but they quickly dodged her. Yuko just chuckled and looked at them with those intense, glowing eyes.

    “You think you can stop me?” she said to them with a smile. She ran forward again and tackled Myao, but she pushed her off and got up to attack Mayu again. Mayu’s only solution was to kick her, but Rabutan and Manamana were on both sides of the roundabout, turning her to mess up her balance. Myao covered her leg in green flames and kicked her stomach, but Yuko stepped in front of her and protected her, stopping it on impact.


    “Mayu, you take care of the others. I got this one.”

    “Why don’t you just--?” Rabutan was about to punch her again, but Yuko grabbed her arm and pushed her out of the way. She ran right into Manamana and caused them to both fall to the ground.

    “The hell you doing?!”

    “You were in the way, dammit!”

    All of the sudden, the two girls started fighting. Myao had to come in and break them up, but ended up becoming part of the argument, too.

    Guess even they have trouble working together…

    Then, Yuko moved over and Mayu sent a high kick to Myao. She pushed Rabutan in front of her to block her.

    “What the heck?!”

    “That’s what you get for being careless!”

    Manamana got up and approached her. “Stop screwing around! What are you--?”

    Mayu kicked the girl from behind. Then, Yuko elbowed her in the back and she fell beside Rabutan.

    Myao shot Mayu an angry look. “Why you…!”

    Mayu sent another kick to Myao, but she dodged it and glared at her.

    “That was close, eh?” Her arm was coated in fire again and she prepared to punch her, but Yuko blocked it. Myao was able to punch her a few times, but she swung her arm out and almost hit her.

    Now, Myao’s expression was looking a bit… scared. But, she didn’t show it and snickered.

    “You should use your brains, y’know?”

    Yuko about kicked her side, but she grabbed it and pulled her down. She turned back and coated her leg again, ready to kick Mayu, but I quickly grabbed it and held onto it hard. Even though it was on fire, I felt absolutely no pain, and I could feel I was holding onto her stronger than I normally would.

    “Now, you can’t kick anymore…” Mayu chuckled.

    Before Myao could punch her, Yuko quickly pulled Mayu’s arm and instantly broke the rope on her wrist. Myao’s arm was now twisted in the roundabout and she couldn’t get out.

    “Guys! Help me out here!” she pleaded to her fallen comrades. They looked at each other and left.

    “Yeah, right. Like we’ll help you!”

    “Go to Hell!”


    Mayu strapped her arms under Yuko’s and flipped her up. Yuko’s leg raised up and she kicked Myao on top of the head, causing her to fall. She clutched her head while softly crying. Yuko dusted herself off watching her.

    “What a crybaby…” she softly chuckled.

    Myao got up, still holding her head, and left towards the direction her sisters went. Yuko and Mayu looked at each other, smiled, and high-fived.

    Yuko came over and helped me up. “You okay?”

    I just looked at her. I feel I’m on the verge of tears.

    “Haruna…” She bit her lip and sighed heavily, probably trying to contain her own tears. “I--”

    But, I hugged her as tight as I could, not wanting to let go.


    “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Yuko!” I screamed into her shoulder, tears falling down my cheeks. “Please… Please forgive me… I didn’t mean any of that! Just please! Yuko, I…”

    I didn’t know what else to say.

    “...Thank you.” Yuko hugged back and patted my head. When we parted, I quickly dried off my tears and took in a deep breath.

    “You okay?”

    “Uh-huh.” She stretched her arms and smiled. “Better than ever.”

    “Good.” I hugged her again, resting my head on top of hers.

    Yuko giggled, placing her forehead on my shoulder. “This height is perfect~.”

    “Hehehe…” I didn’t realize at first, but Acchan and Yuki were watching the scene, smiling.

    “Aww, how sweet.”

    “I guess this means you two are a couple.”

    Yuko looked up and smiled. I’ve got a bad feeling about this; the look in her eyes is….

    I can’t believe I have to do this…

    “Come on, Haruna~. You have to do it now to make it official.”


    "You wanna make it up to me, right?”

    I groaned and walked out in front of the courtyard. Everyone was staring at the two of us, mumbling to each other. Yuko took hold of my hand.

    Here goes nothing…

    “I’m Yuko!”

    “And I’m Haruna…”

    “And we are…” She held up our hands high in the air, for everyone to see. “DATING!”

    All the students were giggling, whispering to each other while pointing to the two of us. I looked over and saw Acchan, Yuki, and Mayu, who just gave me a thumbs up. I groaned and watched Yuko happily swinging our arms.

    “So, are we official?” she asked with a smile.

    I looked around at everyone, who was waiting for something else to happen. I sighed and turned to face her.

    “Only after this….”



    “Feel better now?”

    Yuko just smiled and nodded, hugging me around the neck. Everyone applauded like it was a live concert.

    This is going to be a long year…

Third Person POV

    Deeper in the heart of the alien forest, along with four girls at her beck and call, a beautiful young woman sat on a throne. She was the Queen, dawning a crimson red and navy blue Victorian dress with a black corset and red rose on the left side of her chest, where the heart normally beats.

    She was a truly stunning Queen, with dark purple eyes that looked evily, with almost no light. Her hair was short and brown, complementing her fair skin. She had a red rose on the right side of her head, and you could see a slight scar just under her right eyebrow, which was covered slightly by her bangs.

    Umeda, the princess and most loyal to the Queen, entered and kneeled before the beautiful woman.

    “My Queen… I have received new intell from the Sanshou Sisters.”

    “What?” she spoke coldly, but had a hint of intrigue in her low tone.

    “They have reported that two ANGELs have been found.”

    Her eyes narrowed and she stood up.

    “So, they still exist…”

    “I’m afraid so.”

    She slowly walked down from her throne and patted the orange haired girl’s head.

    “Thank you, Umeda… my loyal princess.” she said before walking back to a large cherry blossom tree at the end of the forest, just behind her throne. It has not bloomed.

    “What shall we do?”

    The woman’s head turned slightly, so Umeda couldn’t see her eyes.

    “They should rest for today. Tell them not to make a move until I say so.”

    Umeda smiled and bowed one last time before leaving.

    “As you wish… Sado-sama.”


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To Be Continued
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Chapter 4 - Long time, no see

    “Hajime wa kizukanakatta kurai~♪ Dareka wakaranakatta kurai~♪ Ano hi no BABY♪ Suteki na LADY♪ Umarekawatteta ♪”

    That song played throughout the room as I buttoned up my shirt. My uniform was simple; I just had to dress like a handsome young boy. By the way, the entire theme for our attire is cosplay. Normally, we dress like characters from anime or manga, but we often get to choose the kind of clothes we wear. Me? I’m the typical ikemen high school boy. Just simple. Surprisingly, it’s the most popular out of all of them; I still don’t know why.

    “Mou nido to hanasanai kurai~♪”

    “Dare ni mo ubawarenai kurai... ♪” I softly sang the tune to myself as I fixed my wig. After getting the CD, I learned the lyrics to all the songs instantly. What can I say? This “Tomochin” person is good. I’m glad Yuko recommended it to me.

    “Dakishimetai BABY♪ Boku wa GET READY♪ Ai no tame ni subete wo sute yo♪”

    When I finished adjusting my neck tie, I checked my wig one more time before heading out. I have to work late tonight, so I might as well enjoy it. I headed to the counter and saw a regular customer waiting for me. She was smoking tonight as usual, and she was looking seductively at the other waiters.


    “My, my, Kasai-chan, you’re looking as handsome as ever.”

    I giggled a bit. Meetan was always perverted, but I accept her kindness. “Th-thanks.”

    “Yes, danso cafés are my absolute favorite,” she said before taking in another puff of smoke. “And you’re my favorite waiter, Kasai-chan.”

    “How’s your husband?”

    “Oh, he’s doing just fine. But, he still doesn’t compare to everything I’ve seen here. Ufufu…”

    “Mou~ stop that, Meetan.”

    “It’s true. You really are a great cross-dresser, Kasai-chan.”

    As we were talking, we looked over and saw the stage was set up for a show. An audience had already gathered.

    “My, my, what is this?”

    “There’s going to be a performance tonight for the 9’o clock show. Apparently, she’s really popular around the world.”

    “Oh, I wonder who it could be.” She smiled and put out her cigarette as she got up. “I’m going to get a front row seat.”

    I giggled and started cleaning off the counter, then the show started. I decided to take a little break from work and watch whoever was performing.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen Dolce III Café is proud to present tonight’s musical guest. Please put your hands together for ************!!!” I couldn’t hear her name because of all the cheering.

    The stage went dark, and when the music started, I instantly knew.


    It was her, Tomochin. The real her.

    She… She’s more beautiful than I imagined. That golden hair that falls perfectly to frame her face. That face, those attractive eyes and luscious pink lips curved so perfectly. And it matches her look so well. Her dress, that stylish white dress with black gloves and shining accessories. Those leather black boots and belt to complement her figure. She’s like a supermodel.

    “Dear J ♪ Chikazuita kimi wa ♪ You are J ♪ Kiseki no DAIYA ♪”

    And her voice… that cool, sexy voice. It’s perfect. I don’t know if she’s lipsynching or not; it’s just beautiful.

    “Boku wa me ga~♪ Kurami sou sa ♪ Sekaijuu ga~♪ Nusumou to shiteru yo ONE MORE CHANCE ♪”

    I completely forgot about my work and watch the girl dance on the stage, her voice echoing through the walls. I was just so entranced by her beauty… She’s something else…

    I wonder if this is what it feels like to fall in love….

    “Deaeta imi ♪ Oshiete kure ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh... ♪”

    Before I knew it, she was done, and I found myself applauding for her. The audience cheered loudly; she truly is a star.

    “Good evening everyone. Thank you for coming to my show.”

    That smile… it makes me feel so happy, I can’t explain it. This is the first time I’ve seen her but…. It feels like I’ve known her my whole life.

    “I hope you all enjoy yourselves tonight. Let’s live like all time has stopped!”

    “WHOOOO!!!!” Everyone was so excited seeing her. I understand; we don’t normally get big time celebrities like her to perform.

    She did more of her songs, one after another, and never even stopped to take a break. Everyone didn’t change. They cheered and screamed more and more as she went on. They treated her like she was the greatest treasure on Earth, and she took in all the praise as she performed. She was so cool, too. Her expression never changed and she didn’t mess up in her dance routine or the lyrics to the song. When it was over, the audience demanded more, and so did I.


    “Alright, you want one more?” She sounded tired, but she had that fire in her eyes that never burned out since the beginning. She could do one more for us.


    “Okay, one last song.”

    She was all alone on the stage, the microphone in her hand, smiling to her adoring fans. I wasn’t sure, but… I thought, for a short second, she looked at me. Those gorgeous eyes seemed to meet mine and she smiled.

    “Please enjoy… ‘10nen go no kimi e’.”

    The soft, sweet melody started playing, and I smiled seeing the lights shine perfectly on her. This was my favorite song, because… It reminded me of her. Whenever I heard the lyrics, I think about where she might be and what she might be doing at the moment. And, thinking about her… makes me sad… and happy.


Deatte kara dore kurai tattan darou
Kamigata mo nankai ka kawatta kimi sa

    When I first saw her, she could barely smile. Because of that detail, I caught myself thinking that she may be even more beautiful if she could smile. So I went to a nearby garden and picked the most beautiful flower in there. She was shrinked on the street curb playing with tiny rocks when I approached.


    When she looked up at me, I saw this sad emptiness in her eyes. It was dark and lonesome, where it seemed no light could reach. I knelt down to her side.

    “What’cha doing?”


    “Hm… Here, this is for you.”

    My smiling face left her really surprised.

    “Uh… th-thanks…”

    Surprisingly, she gave me a tiny shy smile. But, it was already bright for me; a sight I would never forget. After that, I asked her if she wanted to play with me.

    “Eh? You really…”

    “Sure. Tomo loves to make new friends, and you shouldn’t be all alone either. From now on, Tomo will be your friend.”

    She blushed a bit, looking away from me.

    “Now what’s wrong?”

    “....M-my name is Tomo, too.”

    “Eh~?! Really?”

    “Tomo… Tomomi. Itano Tomomi.”

    “Oh, okay. I’m Kasai Tomomi. You can call me Chiyuu.”

    She looked at me confused. “Chiyuu?”

    “Chiyuu~ Chiyuu~ It something I often say.”

    She was still a bit confused, but then she giggled, showing that beautiful smile I wanted to see. I started snicker a bit, too, and before I knew it, we were both laughing.

    “Hehe… C’mon, let’s play, Tomo.”

    “Ufufu, okay, Chiyuu.”

Ka to itte bokutachi no kankei wa
SHOU UINDOU no houseki mitai ni tooi

    Everyday, we played with each other. We became best friends. It was like we were never strangers. Nothing like from that darkness and loneliness. We used to meet up on that same street we first met. Tomo was already waiting for me when I got there. I approached calling her name.

    “Tomo! Chiyuu~” I said this jumping onto her, kissing her cheek. She blushed; she always blushed, but pretended it only upset her a little. It was always so cute~.

    “Why you took so long? Let’s go!” She then dragged me to the nearby park. It was our favorite playing place. We swung on the swings, spun on the merry-go-round, built sand castles and wrote cute little notes in the sand.

    “Tomo, Chiyuu loves you ❤ ”

    Tomo blushed madly and after a few seconds, wrote “Chiyuu, Tomo loves you, too.”

    We looked at each other and giggled. After that, she stood up and ran. She ran over to the riverbank we always sat at. I followed her calmly, but instead of sitting beside her, I went to the river edge. I giggled feeling the cool my water hit my toes. As an idea crossed my mind, I smiled mischievously at Tomo. She looked confused at me. I just leaned down and felt the cold water with my hands. An instant later, I screamed “Chiyuu~!!!” and splashed water on her.


    I chased her around, splashing water on her when I got the chance, and when I finally caught up to her, I tackled her to the ground and we rolled around in the sand. We were laughing as we got up, wiping our clothes clean. We walked back up to the grassy hill and saw daisies everywhere. As Tomo laid in the grass and stared up at the clouds, I picked some of the white flowers and tied them up to make a beautiful tiara. I placed it on her head and giggled.

    “You’re a princess, Tomo. You’re Tomo~mi’s princess.”

    This only made her blush and smile, but a “I’m not.” came out of her mouth.

    “Hehe, yes, you are.”

    “Really, Chiyuu…”

    I came behind her and hugged her. “Tomo~mi thinks you’re perfect.”

    “Chiyuu, you are the perfect one here.”

    I shook my head. “Tomo and Tomo~mi are both perfect. You’re a princess; I’m a princess; we’re both princesses.”

    She giggled again and took a few of the daisies.

    “Well, every princess needs a tiara.” She tied them together into a perfect hoop and placed it on my head. “There. Perfect.”

Kimi ni tsutaetainda
Unmei no naka no kakuritsu ron
Shiriaeta no wa riyuu ga aru
Sekai ni tatta hitori

    As we sat under the large tree, staring up at the clouds, I smiled watching the sunset.

    “It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?”


    Then, I came up with something that day.


    “Hm? What is it, Chiyuu?”

    “When Tomo~mi grows up big, she’s gonna be a big star!”


    “Yeah, and she wants Tomo to support her, too!”

    “OK, Then, Tomo’s gonna become a star, too.”

    I smiled at her. “Let’s make it a promise then.”

    “Yeah. Pinky promise!”

10nen go made boku wa matteru
Kimi ga dareka to yorimichi shite mo
Tomodachi no mama hohoemi nagara
Kyasha na sono senaka kono basho kara mimamorou

    Months passed. On that day, she came to me with a sad look on her face. I sensed something was wrong since that light in her eyes I loved so much was gone, replaced by teary eyes.

    “Chiyuu? What’s wrong, Tomo?”

    She ran up and hugged me, crying into my shoulder.


    “Chiyuu… I’m going away…”


    “M-m-my father… He.. H-he got this big job in Europe, so… w-we’re moving… I’m leaving Japan, Chiyuu, and I’ll never see you again…” My eyes grew wide as soon as I realized the meaning of those words. In a small proportion, it was devastating. My best friend, my princess, my star, was parting, leaving me. Never is such a sad word.

    “Tomo…” I broke the hug and faced her. “Please, don’t say that…”

    “B-but… but.…”

    “Tomo~mi thinks that we will see each other again, so don’t go tell her things like ‘never’, okay?” I felt myself start crying and wiped off my tears. “‘Kay?”

    “Chiyuu….” She wiped off her cheeks and hugged me again. All I could do was rub her back and comfort her. She was clutching onto my shirt, her tears making my long hair all wet. Then, she broke it again. “Oh, I… almost forgot…”

    She pulled out something in her pocket. A small box. When she opened it up, it revealed two matching rings.

    “Friendship rings?”

    “Promise rings…”  She took one in her hand, then took the other one and put it in mine. “It’s still a bit big, but… when we get older, it’ll be able to fit. If we meet each other again…”

    “When we meet each other again…”

    “Ufufu… all we have to do is look for the rings. That’s the only way we can find each other.”

    I nodded, hugging her one more time before she slowly let go of my hands.

    “Goodbye, Chiyuu….”

    “See you later, Tomo…” I kissed her forehead and started walking off. “Let’s meet again soon…”

Hageshiku moeru you na ai mo ii kedo
Itsu made mo kienai kimi e no ai
10nen ijou datte boku wa matteru
Sou nani mo iwazu…

    It’s been a while since Tomo moved to Europe. My days have been so lonely since then. A sad feeling engulfed me and made me suffer like I never thought I would. My parents started to get worried. I didn’t eat well and only sighed weakly; I didn’t even smile anymore. I could only stare at the promise ring and pray to the heavens to see Tomo once more.

    That night, the rain poured cold outside. I waited my parents go to bed. I had a plan. I couldn’t just stay at home and watch the time pass before my eyes while I wait for Tomo come back. The more I waited for her, the black shadow of sadness grew inside me and encircled my heart. It wasn’t a difficult task for a kid to open the door. Everyday, I saw my parents lock it, so I knew where they keep the key. As it was in a slightly high place, I stretched myself to reach the key and get my freedom out of that loneliness.

    I carefully opened the front door, stepped outside and closed it silently behind my. Then I ran. I ran for my freedom. I would reach all my goals if I just leave that place. Or so my child mind thought. I headed to an avenue. I was sure I would find a way to reach Tomo. She was my happiness after all. The excitement of the moment, mixed with the bittersweet memories of my princess left me so blind.

    Truthfully speaking, I was running aimless through the streets, not paying a single attention on my path. But, it was late and the rain unmotivated people to get out of their houses, right? Silly childish thought.

    Without my notice, a light approached me, but the honk came too late. The brakes failed because of the wet asphalt and the car skid. At first, I felt nothing. It was just a strong push that sent me flying. But the car, still skidding, started to spin forward and my tiny body rebounded on it. As I fell on the asphalt, I felt it. It was so heavy. Heavy and dragged me until it crashed on a tree.

    Why was it so difficult to breathe? Why couldn’t I move? I didn’t know, I didn’t care. I could barely see, no sound could be heard, and I couldn’t think straight. I just felt pain… pain… pain, everywhere.

    “Ha. What do we have here?”

    A voice brought me back to a weak light. Was it a concerned tone, or just a curious one? I wasn’t sure at that time. I thought I saw her face, but it was all a blur before my eyes. I did see her kind eyes looking at me, though.

    “Poor thing… The medicine might not be enough to treat this one.”

    Then suddenly, all that heaviness was gone, lifted off of me. I saw a smile cross her face.

    “Let’s get you fixed up…”

    That was the last thing I heard before all that pain faded away and left me in darkness.




    There was something softly pounding on my temples. My head was pulsing, trying to interpret what was going on around me. I felt strange. Something was different...

    My body felt different.

    As I opened my eyes, I found myself laying on a bed in a completely strange room. Its brightness blinded me for a few seconds. When my eyes finally got used with the light, I saw a girl with short, brown hair right beside my bed, on a chair.

    “You alive?” she asked me. “Finally, I thought you’d never wake up.”

    “...Who are you?” I finally was able to find my voice and speak. I found it strange. Something in my voice seemed… different from normal. I wasn’t sure what; it still sounded like my voice.

    “My name’s Yuko. What’s yours?”


    I slowly rose up from the bed, looking around the unfamiliar room. It looked kinda like a hospital.

    “Where… am I?”

    “You’re in an ANGEL facility.”

    My eyes widened. “ANGEL?”

    “I couldn’t heal you back there after the accident. Still, I just couldn’t let you die there… So I brought you here and fixed you.”

    “Fixed me?”

    I looked down at my body. But, it wasn’t my small child body anymore…

    I suddenly matured. Why?! How long was I unconscious?

    “Yes…” Why her tone sounded so sad? “Your body was… half destroyed by the car…” Her voice was fading. But, I could still hear clearly.

    “What?!” I raised my voice, not wanting to believe on what my mind’s suggestion. This kind of thing wasn’t even possible.

    “In order to keep you alive, I had to change your body. And I hadn’t much of an option. Neither time.” That was what I feared the most.

    “Please tell me you are lying!” I said grabbing her shoulders and shaking her. How would I meet Tomo now?! She will not recognize me!

    “Hey miss, calm down! At least you are alive!”

    I suddenly stopped to shake her. She have a point. At least I’m alive and perfectly fine to find Tomo.

    “Only thing is… you have a special body now. In order to keep you alive, I had to transform me into an ANGEL.”

    “...I’m… an ANGEL?”

    “This is you from now on, Tomomi.”

    And she explained me everything. It was so surreal for my kid’s ears. Still, I was there to prove wrong. That girl was there too.

    “I don’t believe it…” I said still digesting everything.

    “Don’t worry…” Yuko said again, taking my hands. “Everything will be okay.”

    “Will you… help me? I still don’t know much about this body, so…”

    She nodded.

    “...Thank you.” I started crying again and covered my face. “I-I’m sorry… it’s just… my friend moved away, and I miss her… I-I love her… so much…. so…”

    “I understand. And, I promise I’ll help you…” She got up from her chair and sat beside me on the bed. “Cuz from now on, I’ll be your friend.”


    “You’re my friend, Tomomi. I won’t leave you.” That scene looked a bit familiar, like when I was with Tomo, and a nostalgic smile crossed my face.

10nen go ni wa mukae ni iku yo
Kimi no sono te wo boku ga tsukamou
Konna chikaku de namae wo yonde
Zutto kizukanakatta
Tejina no tane wo miseyou

End of Flashback



    “Excuse me. Sir?”


    I opened my eyes slowly and raised my head off my arms. Did I fall asleep unknowingly?

    What time is it?

    I looked at the clock. It’s already after 10. What happened? I’m still at the counter...

    “You up?” Someone called to me… Her voice sounds familiar…

    I saw someone in front of me… A young woman with shining golden hair and attractive eyes… Those lips that curve just right… The fang that comes out when she smiles like that….

    That…. that smile….

    “Tomochin!” I finally found my voice again as I raised up and faced the pop star.

    “Oh, are you a fan? I thought I saw you watching me; you looked really happy.” That statement made me blush madly. She giggled.

    “Uhh, oh! May I fix you something? Anything. I’ll make it especially for you.”

    “Really? Thanks.”

    I hurriedly grabbed a glass and set it out just in front of her.

    Oh god…. What should I make her? Chiyuu~ I’m so frustrated!

    “Hmm… what looks good?” she said looking at the menu. “What’s your recommendation?”

    “Eh?” I looked and saw the top of the list, a beautiful blue cocktail. That!

    That is the only exception.

    “Ah! I highly recommend this one.” I pointed to the picture of the light blue drink.

    “OK, then, I’ll take one of them, please.”

    I smiled and brushed off my bangs a bit. She must’ve thought it looked cool, because she smiled at me. That perfect smile.

    Wait… why do I sound like I’m in love with her? I like her as a singer, but…

    Mou~ I must just be tired. Yeah, that’s it.

    I picked up a glass and spin in on my palm to start the flair. Placing it back down on the table, I bowed down slightly and looked up, smiling.

    “Watch this…”

    I grabbed a bottle with my left hand and tossed it behind me. Catching it with my left, I quickly flipped it up in front and poured a bit of that into the shaker. A colorless liquor that tasted like chocolate. I picked up another 2 bottles and juggled it in the air before flipping one up and balancing it on my elbow.

    She just sat there, amazed by what she was seeing. I chuckled softly.

    With a quick popping motion, the bottle flipped back into my hands where I added them to the shaker. The glass was now emitting a citrus orange scent from the soda bubbles quietly popping, colored a perfect shade of midnight blue. I stretched my hand across the counter and spun a small carton of cream on my finger before pouring it in.

    Closing the lid to the shaker, I picked it up spinning it on my palms and arms, shaking it along the way until it is complete. Throughout the whole performance, I had ice hidden in my palm that never melted and added them one by one into the glass. I threw the shaker up to the air one more time and finally caught it in my palm and poured it into the glass.

    “Sugoi~” she cheered and clapped as I finished my performance and handed her the finished drink. I decorated it with an orange slice and small yellow lily and slid it to her.

    “I present to you our top delicacy, the Blue Carnation.”

    “Thank you…” She leaned in a bit, looking at my nametag. “Kasai-kun.”


    Wait… Does she think I’m really a boy?

    She took the stem of the glass and sipped some of the drink.

    “Mm! This is really good.” She happily drank it and before I knew it, she was done. She must’ve really liked it. “You’re good.”

    “Hehe, thanks.”

    “Next, uhh, how about a Honeysuckle?”

    “Of course.”

    I took her cup and happily prepared her second drink as she continued to talk to me. “How do you like working here?”

    “It’s fun, but my true wish is to become famous. Y’know, a pop star, like you.”

    “Hmm…” Her hand raised up and caressed my cheek a bit. “I think you could do it. You’ve got the look for it.”


    “And, your voice…. ufufu, your voice sounds like a girl’s. It’s so cute.”


    “Well, it might make you seem younger that way; like the little brother type idol. That’s pretty popular from what I’ve learned.”

    Oh dear… She DOES think I’m a boy…

    “Here you are…” The next drink I gave her, the Honeysuckle, was sweet and looked like milk, and had a white honeysuckle flower in it. She sipped it and smiled at me.

    “This is good, too.”

    “Not too sweet, is it?”

    “No, it’s perfect. It really tastes like Milk Tea.” She continued to drink it and looked through the menu again. “Can I have an Orange Lily next?”

    “Are you sure?” I took the glass her previous drink and started cleaning it. “You’ve already drank two.”

    “Yeah, it’s alright. I can handle alcohol very well. Don’t worry.” She was giggling and her cheeks were already a bit pink. But, she seems to be fine.

    About an hour passed as we continued chatting, and once she finished, I gladly started making her an Orange Lily. As the name applies, it’s a tropical cocktail dyed orange, like a sunset, and it would instantly tingle on your tastebuds. I raised my voice again.

    “Do you like it? Being such a big star?”

    “Hm… Well, it has its perks…” she spoke in a lower voice than normal. She was still a bit drunk, and was probably tired from the late night show.


    “Sometimes its good; I get to see my fans all the time, and I don’t mind the paparazzi. But… y’know how there are some people who hate your guts enough to wanna ruin your career?”

    I nodded, slowly pouring the drink into the glass.

    “I hate those… I don’t know why someone would do that.”

    “Maybe they’re jealous.” I slid the glass to her and leaned up against the table. “I think it would be nice to live such a fancy life like that, but I don’t see why anyone would go through the trouble.”

    “Sometimes, I wish I could be a normal girl…” she mumbled to herself before sipping the cocktail. She looked up at me and giggled.


    “I like you…” She placed her arms on the table as her head slowly lowered and rested on them. “You know just the right things to say…”


    “Ufufu… I would love to have… a boyfriend like that….”

    Her eyes slowly closed and her breathing got deeper and slower.

    She fell asleep….

    I sighed and smiled at her cute sleeping face. I can’t just leave her here; it’s way too late, and she most likely came alone. The other staff members and customers left, so we were the only two left.

    “Guess I have no choice…” I walked over and picked the sleeping girl up, carrying her in my arms. “Oof… you’re heavy…”

    I adjusted her a bit so she could get comfortable and walked out of the bar. I have no idea where she lives, so the only choice I have left was to take her to my apartment. Once I got there, I laid her on my bed and changed into something more comfortable. I was about to take my wig off, but then I looked over and saw Tomochin again.

    She looks cold…

    I took a blanket inside my closet and wrapped it around her. “There…”

    I was about to leave, but then I stepped on something. There was a small black wallet on the floor. It must be Tomochin’s.

    I slowly picked it up and opened it. I saw her driver’s license…

    “Itano… Tomomi?”

    Itano…...That was Tomo’s surname.

    Wait…. is this… Tomo?!

    I backed away, trying to hold in my tears. “There… There’s only one way to know for sure!”

    I leaned down and lifted her right hand. Nothing. Then, her left hand… On her pinky finger was a small silver band with tiny pink jewels embedded in it and a heart in the center. I felt my heart skip a beat.

    I looked at my own hand, my pinky… It was the same.

    “Tomo…. chin…!”

    I fell to my knees, my wig falling off and making my hair flow down onto my shoulders. I buried my face into my arms and started crying, unable to hold my feelings. I can’t believe it… It’s Tomo. It’s really, really her! My princess, my best friend, my star… and we finally met again. Just like we promised thirteen years ago, we were together once more.

    “Tomochin… Tomochin…!” That was the only word I could manage to say. I was too in shock to do anything else. All I could do was sit there and cry my heart out.

    Tomochin… I’m so glad you’re back…


板野友美/10年後の君へ (Music Video) (


To Be Continued
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Chapter 5 - My Savior

Third Person POV

    Queen Sado sat alone at her throne, plotting her revenge against the ANGELs. Now that she’s learned of their existence, she’s been planning her new battle strategies to finally get rid of them once and for all. At her side was her four underlings, Shouwa, Jumbo, Rice, and Anime.

    “Girls…” the Queen in the Victorian dress spoke up.

    “Yes, Sado-sama?”

    “Tell me… what do you know about the human world?” she asked with her hand rested on her chin. “You must have something…”

    They looked at each other and smiled.

    “Well, we did have one plan. But, we need your help to do it,” Shouwa said.

    Rice came up and gave her Queen some new clothes, folded up neatly, and placed it on her lap.

    “What are these?”

    “It’s your new outfit.”

    “This disguise will make you look like a perfectly normal high school girl,” Anime said with a grin.

    Sado just looked at the strange uniform, her eyebrows raised. “This is what human girls wear?”

    “We have outfits of our own, too. It’s what we wear when we go up to spy on those humans.”

    “Now, put that on.”

    Sado was very confused by all this, but none the less, she changed out of her dress and put on the strange, navy blue outfit. It had a red scarf to go with it, but she didn’t find it amusing and discarded it.

    She smiled. “Perfect.”

    “Now, all girls need style, so~...”

    She turned around and saw the four hiding something behind their backs. Shouwa took her hand and dragged her off. After that, it was a huge string of events that happened so suddenly, she couldn’t keep up. When it was over, she didn’t even look like her. The roses in her hair was gone, and now there were blonde highlights in the short, brown streaks. She had earrings and jewelry that definitely didn’t match her fancy, Queen-like style before. When she turned around, she saw a beautiful rose pattern decorated in red and silver rhinestones and diamonds on her back. It even had a skull wearing an American flag styled top hat.

    “Do you… like it, Sado-sama?” Jumbo said.

    She remained silent, still staring at her reflection.

    “Wait!” Anime rushed up and turned Sado around to face her. She raised her arms up and pulled a white and grey fur coat on her. “There.”

    “You look awesome, Sado-sama!”

    “Awe-some?” Sado said with her eyebrows furrowed; this is the first time she’s heard such a word.

    “It means totally cool.”


    “That means really, really, good.”

    “Hm… I still can’t believe people wear this kind of stuff.” She turned to face her underlings again. “Now then, how are we going to defeat those ANGELs?”

    “We just happen to have a group of minions already waiting in the human world. All we need is to have the Queen give them power.”

    Sado chuckled. “Fine… if I must.” She walked off, her hands in her coat pockets. She was not one to do her own work, being Queen.

    “Oh!” Shouwa rushed up to her side, along with the others. “We have one more present.” She gave her a ball and string toy she’s never seen before.

    “What is this?”

    “It’s something the kids on Earth play. It’s called a ‘Ken-dama’.”

    “The key is to get the ball on the top of the stick and stay there without touching it with your hands.”

    Sado started swinging the Ken-dama around, trying her best to get it on the spike, and got it in on her first try. And, she succeeded again and again, like it was child’s play. The four just watched her, impressed.

    “As expected from the Queen…” Shouwa said with a smile.

Atsuko’s POV

    It was finally morning and I opened my eyes to see my digital clock showing the current time.

    Hehe, that’s strange… I woke up before my alarm went off. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that.

    I got up, stretching my arms, and opened the doors to my closet. After changing out of my pajamas and putting on my uniform, I checked myself in the mirror one more time. I slipped on both of my bracelets, adjusting them to show my initials, and fixed my hair one last time before headed to the kitchen.

    “Morning, Dad!”

    “Good morning, honey.”

    I sat down at the table and started eating, talking to my Dad. “Work going well?”

    “Same as ever.”

    “Ehehe, don’t worry. Something good’s bound to happen soon.”

    “I know, sweetie,” he chuckled. “Things just haven’t been the same recently. After the accident. Is everyone else okay?”

    “Yeah, we’re fine. We didn’t get hurt.”

    “I was worried about you. I didn’t want my little girl to get hurt.” He got up and rubbed my head. “My favorite little girl…”

    “I’m your only little girl, Dad.”

    Once I finished eating and cleaned my plates, I headed out the door. Before leaving, I saw an old picture on the shelf. It was my mom before she died.

    “I’m leaving now…” I picked it up and wiped the dust off the glass to reveal my mother’s face. A beautiful face with kind eyes and a warm smile. A mother everyone would want.

“I’ll see ya later, ‘kay?”

    I put it back carefully on the shelf and headed out.

Tomochin’s POV

    As I was slowly regaining consciousness, I felt a bit sick. Maybe I overdid with the drinks last night. I don’t remember coming home though. Did Kasai-kun sent me home? How did he know where I live? I shifted on the bed and ended up feeling something. Slowly opening my eyes, I found myself in a completely different room. The bed was comfortable and spacious, but an unknown person was leaned on the bed, her head resting on her arms. Her cheeks were a bit wet, as if she was crying.

    Who is she? She kinda looks like Kasai-kun… maybe she’s his sister. I wonder why she was crying. Did something happen last night? I hope I didn’t say anything harmful to her. I can’t even remember when we met, let alone having a conversation. Maybe, he asked her to take me to her home. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. He’s such a nice guy, I need to go to that café again and thank him.

    Suddenly, I remembered I had a meeting this morning. A meeting with my boyfriend. I looked once more at the girl, who was soundly asleep. She looked tired. I didn’t want to wake her, so I carefully took off the blanket covering me and wrapped it around her. Then, I stood up and looked for the exit. Her apartment was very neat and organized, though it wasn’t much.

    I wondered how a person could live with her brother in such a small space. The living space was small, the kitchen didn’t have much space either, and the bathroom was just down the hall. Although, looking around, I didn’t really see a lot of guy stuff. Only girly things like make-up and dresses. Trust me, I know what a girl’s room and guy’s room looks like. I also saw Kasai-kun’s uniform on the couch, meaning he must’ve been here.

    As I looked at the clock, I realized I was late for my meeting and John, my boyfriend, didn’t like it when I arrive late for our meetings. As soon as I opened the apartment door, I noticed something very peculiar. I knew that view very well. It was the same I have from my apartment. When I opened the door, I saw my apartment just a few feet away.

    What a weird coincidence…

    We’re right on the same floor. Guess she lives a higher lifestyle than I thought. I wonder why I never met her on the hallways. Looking at the apartment number, I was on extreme side of my own hallway. More questions filled my mind about why I never noticed her before.

    Ugh, wait… I don’t have time to think, I gotta meet up with John.

    But, first I have to go to my apartment to get something to hide my face. Maybe sunglasses and a hat. Those paparazzi are the only thing I don’t like to have on my life as an idol. I hurried back to my apartment, changed clothes, put on the shades and hat, and hurried back out so no one would see me. When I got out, I saw that my wallet was missing. I looked around and saw I wasn’t too far from the café. I had to hurry, so I texted him and told him I would be there as soon as I can.

    He texted back: “Fine. I’ll wait, but remember our deal.”

    It’s impossible not to remember it. He’s always remembering me.

    Truly, every time he does this, it pisses me off badly. But, I had to… or it would be bad for me. I answered: “Understood.” That was it, then I hung up and walked to the café as quickly as I could. I walked in and saw John already waiting for me in a dark corner of the room.

    “You’re late…” he said as I walked up to him.

    “I’m sorry, dear… ”

    He stood up, putting his arm around me, and buried his nose in my hair.

    “Why were you delayed?” His voice was gentle, but I heard notes of the my boyfriend’s sadistic part.

    “I got a bit tired at the concert and overslept.” I prayed that he believed in my lie.

    “Don’t overdo with your concerts. I still need you very much.”

    “Fine, fine, I won’t.” I laughed and sat down beside him.

    “What are you going to order?” He handed me a menu. “I would advise cake with cinnamon and strawberry shake. It’s a most delicious desserts here.”

    “Oh, really?” I made surprised face, even though I’ve already read through the menu before. “Then, I think I’ll order that. You?”

    “I’ll probably just drink a chocolate shake.”

    “Alright.” I kissed him on the cheek and went to find the waiter. I looked around at the counter and saw Kasai-kun wasn’t here yet.

    I wonder why he’s late?

Atsuko’s POV

    Once class ended, I met up with the girls again and headed to the old lounge room. It was the only place we could talk and not be disturbed, since almost no one comes in there anymore. Mayuyu cleaned it up so we could use it and be more comfortable. Mayuyu had to do the whole ANGEL explanation to Nyan-nyan, who was just relaxing on the couch and drinking soda.

    “Okay, I kinda get it, now. So, I can’t let Yuko get killed, cuz I’ll die, too.”

    “Yup. I strongly recommend the two of you stay close together. That way, in case something happens, Yuko will be there to protect you.”

    “Also, if an ANGEL contracted with someone are too far apart, their powers will weaken and, if apart for too long, the bond between them will break in some circumstances,” Yuuchan spoke up, eating a pocky.

    “Now THERE’S a good reason, Yuuchan.”

    Ever since the incident yesterday calmed down, Nyan-nyan’s been less tsundere towards Yuko, caring for her and trying her best to resist her harassments, and I’ve even convinced her to start calling her “Yuuchan.”

    “Alright, so from now on, I’m gonna be by your side at all times,” she said with a salute, and hugged her tightly.

    “So, is there anything else we should know, Mayu?” Yukirin asked.

    “Oh! There is one more thing. All over Japan, there are special ANGEL facilities specializing in creating, treating, and training ANGELs for life on Earth.”

    ANGEL facilities, huh?

    Mayuyu pulled out her phone and showed a map of Japan. There were several red dots pinpointed on it. “There are all sorts of facilities; some are hospitals, some help with combat training, some who even specialize in making and rebuilding ANGELs.”

    “There are this many?”

    “Even in Tokyo. Some of them try to keep themselves hidden, since almost no one believes ANGELs exist anymore, but there are still those who work out in the open.”

    I touched one of the dots pointed in Tokyo. It was a facility called the B.L.U.E. Organization.

    “Ah… that name brings me back,” Mayuyu chuckled. “I was made in another facility run by the B.L.U.E. organization in another part of Japan.”

    “Really? Where?”

    “Over in Nagoya. I was transferred to Tokyo to complete my training, then I started school with Yukirin.” Yukirin looked over and pressed the hologram. It showed pictures of the inside of the facility. “Ha... It hasn’t changed at all.”

    “We should go and see it, Mayu-chan,” Yuuchan said excitedly, slapping her back.

    “Hm… Yeah, we should. After school, meet me outside, okay?”


Tomomi’s POV


    “Chiyuu. I missed you so much….”

    “I missed you, too, Tomo.”

    My eyes slowly opened as I found myself leaned up against my bed. I was still a bit groggy from last night, the faded images of memories playing in my head. I suddenly remembered what had happened and looked up.

    “Tomo!” But, when I looked around in my apartment, Tomo was gone. My room was the same as it always was.

    Was it a dream?

    I looked and saw myself wrapped in a blanket; it was the same blanket I wrapped Tomochin in. In my hand, I saw Tomochin’s wallet still gripped inside tightly, a few dry teardrops on them.

    It wasn’t a dream. Tomochin IS Tomo!

    After so many years… I met her again. Is this really happening to me? Yesterday, mixing cocktails for her, I still doubted it. But now, there is no doubt. Even if yesterday, she saw not her childhood friend, Chiyuu, but bartender of danso café Queen Dolce, Kasai-kun…

    I still want to be with her. Even if I lie to her and to myself. What should I do?

    I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. My work is still waiting for me, especially since I’m already late. I washed up my face and put on a fresh set of make-up, then grabbed my uniform and wig and quickly changed. Once everything was ready, I grabbed my stuff and headed out. Tomochin’s wallet was in my pocket; I plan on giving it back to her once I find her again. I got on the nearest taxi and had them drive me over to the café.

    When I got there, I saw Tomochin sitting with an unknown man. Who is he? Tomochin’s smiling while talking to him, so they must know each other very well. She was wrapped in his arms, and he kissed the top of her head. He must be her boyfriend.

    Eh? Boyfriend?! That’s impossible! At least, I hope that it’s impossible…

    I started to wonder if I should approach them or not. They were such in an intimate situation to be interrupted. As a great sadness took my heart, I headed to greet my boss and apology for my lateness. He warned me that if I was late again, I’d be seriously punished. And, I do NOT wanna know what he means by that…

    After heading towards the counter, I saw Tomo calling me and approached me, a smile on her face.

    “There you are, Kasai-kun. I was wondering what happened. Why were you late?”

    “Uhh… I overslept.”

    “Eh? I didn’t see you at your apartment.”

    “I was in my room. I went to bed after I brought you home.”

    “Well, thanks for that. And, if I said anything to your sister that hurt her, tell her I’m sorry.”

    Eh? Sister? Did she see me while I wasn’t wearing my danso?

    She then took my hand and walked me over to her table, where that man was waiting and staring at me.

    “Kasai-kun, this is John. He’s my boyfriend.”

    “He… what?”

    “Hehe, now I feel kinda guilty for what I said last night. I was a bit tipsy and wasn’t thinking.” she said while scratching the back of her head. Then, the guy looked at me strangely. His glare was deep and kind of scary, but the next second, his expression softened. Somehow it made shivers run down my spine.

    “Nice to meet you, Kasai-kun.” His voice was somewhat cold and his eyes were analyzing me. “What did you said to him, dear?”

    “Ah! I just said someone nice like him would be nice as a boyfriend…” She then walked back and sat down at his side. “But, of course, I’ll always have you, baby.”

    “Oh, you’re too sweet…” I watched as he kissed her forehead and she cuddled against him. Something in my chest hurt. And, at the same time, I was feeling weird toward all that sweet talking. ANGELs have above average abilities, so I bet this is one of them telling me something was up with this guy. He kept glancing back at me, this evil-looking glare, but would then turn back to Tomo and smile sweetly.

    I don’t trust this guy…

    “Oh, that’s right. Kasai-kun, can you get us these?” She pointed at two pictures on the dessert section of the menu.

    “Okay…” I finally said, nodding and bowing to them respectively. “I’ll go do that…”

    My senses kept telling me to keep an eye on them. Especially John.

    “Ah!” Then, I heard Tomo’s voice again. I turned and saw her checking her pockets. “Crap. I don’t have my wallet. I must’ve left it somewhere.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll pay.”

    Before he could do anything, I went back up and reached into my pocket. “Actually, that won’t be necessary.” I laid down her wallet in front of them. “This fell out of your pocket back at my place.”

    “Oh, thanks, Kasai-kun.”

    I smiled and went off to prepare their drinks, but somehow, I still felt scared. Out of the corner of my eye, I still saw John staring at me with incredibly cold eyes. I quickly fixed the bangs of my wig so he couldn’t see my eyes looking at him, and more importantly, so I wouldn’t look at them.

    Get a hold of yourself, Chiyuu…

    I sighed and turned over to the counter, ready to continue work.

Atsuko’s POV

    Once school was over, we hurriedly headed out and followed the map that lead us to the facility. It was bigger than we could’ve imagined. It looked like a completely normal hospital, but when we were inside, it was so amazing. There were all sorts of templates and information all about the ANGELs. One of the scientists walked up to us and greeted us.

    “Good afternoon.”

    “Well, what do we have here? A group of guests?”

    “Sir, my name is Watanabe Mayu. I’m an ANGEL created by a B.L.U.E. organization facility in Nagoya.”

    “Ah, yes, Mayu-chan. I’ve heard about you. I had just started working here after you left; my name is Minoru. I’m the new head of the organization here.”


    “The former head retired just some time after I arrived. He said he saw something special in me.”

    We heard a chuckle come from behind. “Yeah, he definitely saw something…” When we turned around, we saw a young woman with short, light brown hair. “I don’t know what it was.”

    “Now, Oshima-san, can you do me a favor and compliment me without being sarcastic?”

    “Sorry. Force of habit.”

    Oshima-san? Her name is Oshima, too?

    Yuuchan approached her and tapped her shoulder. “Nice to meet you. My name’s Oshima Yuko.”

    “Oh, do we have another Oshima here?”

    “Well, it’s nice to meet you, too, Yuko-chan. My name’s Mai.”

    “Mai… Mai…” She repeated it a few times to remember it, then looked up and smiled. Can I call you Mai-mai?”

    “Hehe, sure.”

    Minoru came up to them again and smiled. “Alright, so what is it I can do for you and your friends?”

    “Well, we thought you could give us a tour of the facility?”

    “Sure thing. C’mon, girls.” He lead us down the entrance hall, showing us all the holograms painted on the walls. “Now, we’ve been studying the structure of ANGELs for quite some time. These statistics show the blueprints for our most recent designs...”

    As they were talking, I looked around and saw separate training rooms for all the ANGELs. All of them were dressed the same; white, almost see-through, button up shirts, blue and pink skirts, and black leather gloves and boots.

    “Some of the ANGELs still have some training to finish up on before we let them out into the human world, but when they’re ready, they’ll be as human as us.”

    “Why does this one have headphones?” I said, pointing to one girl who was fighting a cyborg. She had white headphones with blue rings of light on them.

    “Ah… she’s defective.”


    “There was a glitch in her system; she can’t see. The headphones are designed to send her strong electric sound waves to enhance her missing senses. With this, she can feel a person’s mere presence just by listening for their movement.”

    The ANGEL jumped up and threw a high kick, sending the cyborg’s head flying off.

    “Woah…” All of us harmonized.

    “She’s definitely a fighting type. Now, some ANGELs become scientists, teachers, doctors--”

    “Um…” Mayuyu spoke up. “C-can an ANGEL become an idol? It’s always been a dream of mine.”

    “Hm… Well, I don’t know any rule that says you can’t, so… Yeah, I’d say you could do it. You’ve got the look of an idol.”

    Mayuyu giggled and twirled one of her ponytails a bit.

    “Now, shall we continue?”

Third Person POV

    As they continued walking, Yuko pulled Mayu’s arm and came close to her ear. “Hey, Mayu… I don’t trust this Minoru guy. He’s hiding something, I can feel it.”

    “I’ve had that suspicion about him, too. His heart rate and vocal patterns are stressed.”

    “We should keep an eye on this guy; we don’t know what or who he really is.”

    “Got it.”

    Sado and her four companions walked the streets of downtown Tokyo. Down here, there was crime and darkness coming out from the shadows, especially since the 109 incident. The four lead her to an old building with all this graffiti and vines on it.

    “Is this the place?”

    “Yup. Just head down the stairs.”

    When they descended down, they already saw a two women waiting for them. “Welcome back, girls. Ohh, who do we have here~?”

    “She’s our boss, Sado.”

    Sado glared at the delinquent woman and clicked her tongue. The woman gulped down her beer and threw the can behind her head.

    “What is she here for?”

    “We need some help… to take care of a few people.”

    “More specifically, ANGELs.”

    A smirk painted on her face. “Well, well, ladies, to do that, I need me some more minions, ‘ya hear? I can’t take ‘em on all by myself. I wanna REALLY see them suffer.”

    Sado scoffed. “Fine. We’ll send in someone to make you some more minions. They’ll be here in one hour.” Then, she walked off, still playing with her Ken-dama.

    The other woman looked at the four.

    “She’s something else…”

    “She really is, isn’t she?” Shouwa chuckled, but then got punched by her other three allies. “Hey!”

    “Let’s go, girls!” Sado called off from afar.

    “Yes, ma’am!”

Tomomi’s POV


    “Guys, don’t laugh! It’s not funny~”

    Natsumi was on the table, banging on the wood as she tried to calm herself, while Meetan wiped away her tears with her handkerchief.

    “Wait, so she REALLY thinks you’re a guy?!”



    “Okay, okay, Natsumi-chan, calm down.” Meetan finally caught her breath and calmed her down. “Now, this Tomochin, she’s really your childhood friend?”

    “I’m positive! She has the ring to prove it. This ring, she gave it to me before she left for Europe. Tomochin had the matching ring on her finger.”

    “But, I’m still surprised she didn’t recognize you.”

    “Yeah, you think, if she’s your real friend, she’d recognize you instantly!”

    “Well….” My voice shrank, remembering the accident that happened 13 years ago. Of course Tomo wouldn’t recognize me. I don’t look like myself anymore…

    I’m not… me anymore.

    “I-it’s been so long… It doesn’t surprise me that she doesn’t remember me. I can’t make her.”

    “Well, who knows, maybe she will remember you, eventually,” Natsumi said confidently while patting my back. I nodded, then left to continue my work. In my head, however, there was something I couldn’t forget. It was something that happened earlier today, when I was working.


    I was up at the counter, cleaning glasses and plates, when John came up.

    “Um, excuse me, can I get a refill?”

    “Oh, sure.”

    As I took his cup and started mixing the new drink, John was looking around suspiciously, every once in a while sending me a dark glare. When I finished, I was about to give it to him, but he then grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. I instantly met those incredibly cold, dark eyes.

    “Listen here, Kasai, I don’t like how you’re actin’ around Itano. so back off. Or else…”


    He looked at me closely, examining me, then laughed sarcastically.

    “You’re a girl…” he said before letting me go. “I’m watching you, so don’t you forget it. If you want what’s best, stay away from Itano.”

    Then, he left… left me shocked.

    End of Flashback

    I shook my head, trying to get those awful thoughts out of my head. I sighed heavily and decided to leave work earlier than normal. I clocked out and departed for my apartment building.…

Atsuko’s POV

    “And, here’s our final stop for the day. This is our main tech lab.”

    “Woah, this is so cool!” As we all split up and looked around at the lab, Minoru called someone from upstairs and sent him down here. When he came down, he was carrying a lot of files and papers, almost dropping them.

    “Ah, I-I’m so sorry.” He hurriedly tidied them and set them down on the table. “My name’s Haruto.”

    “My name’s Mayu. Watanabe Mayu. These are my friends; I took them down here for a tour of the facility.”

    “Well, it’s nice to meet all of you. Uhh, forgive this mess. I’m a real clutz.”

    “Now, now, Haruto-kun, don’t think like that.” Mai-mai said, comforting him.

    “How would you like to help tour the girls?”

    “Oh, sure!” He fixed his labcoat and started showing us all the computers containing information about the ANGELs inner body structure. There were all sorts of scientists working harder than ever, typing words and numbers that would at first seem like nonsense.

    As they continued, my eyes wandered around, and I saw another separate room, completely white in contrast to the blue tiled room I was standing in. When I looked inside, I saw something that made my heart stop for a moment. Inside an incubator-like capsule was a young girl, all sorts of tubes and machines connected to her. She had an oxygen mask over her mouth and headphones on her head like the last ANGEL I saw. She was fast asleep inside the capsule and there was a monitor measuring her heartbeat.

    “Acchan?” Mayuyu called out to me again. Everyone came over and looked.

    “What the…?”

    “Who’s that?”

    “Is she… an ANGEL?”

    Minoru and Haruto came over to our sides. “Yes, she is…” Minoru answered. Haruto stayed silent. “She was in a terrible accident two years ago.”


    “There was an explosion caused by a power overload. It happens when too much of an ANGEL’s energy is released all at once. We had to move her here to repair the previous containment room she was in. She hasn’t woken up since that day.”

    “That’s so sad…” My hand slowly raised and touched the glass. “It’s unbelieveable…”

    After some silence, Minoru started to guide everyone back and headed up the stairs, but I remained where I was, staring at the poor girl. I still can’t believe it. How can such a thing happen to an ANGEL like this?

    That… perfect, beautiful ANGEL… had such a tragedy happen to her….

    I just can’t stand that thought…


    “Eh?” There was a sudden change in the monitor’s slow pattern. A slight jump.

    As I looked closely, the girl’s eyes were slowly opening. They were just barely opened, but I could see a faint red glow in them. Her head slowly turned and she saw me; her eyes were looking straight into mine, or that’s what I thought. She weakly raised her hand and touched the glass capsule. Her mouth moved to say something.

    “Help… me…”


    “She’s ALIVE!!!!” I suddenly blurted out, causing the entire room to go silent.

    Where did THAT come from?

    I looked behind me and saw the two rush to the glass screen once more. “She’s awake…!”

    Minoru gained a dark look. “Start it up.”

    “What?!” Mai-mai got mad and tried to stop him. “Why are you doing this now?!”

    “It can’t be helped, Oshima! Haruto, start it up!”

    “Ah! Y-yes, sir!” Haruto suddenly got scared and rushed to the computers. He typed in a few things, and the plastic tubes removed themselves from the ANGEL’s body and retracted into the machines. He pursed his lips, a look of guilt and sadness in his eyes. “Forgive me…”

    He pushed a button, then all of the sudden, the ANGEL’s back arched, jolting her up. She covered her ears, the headphones more specifically, and was screaming and groaning in pain. She was spasming, trying to break free of the capsule, but it was impossible.

    “What are you doing?!”

    “You’re hurting her!”

    Minoru just glared at us, not doing a thing.

    Mayuyu rushed over and quickly turned it off. Haruto’s face was painted in fear, trying to turn it back on, but Mayu kept fighting him.

    “Stop! You can’t do this to her!”

    “You don’t understand. It’s not my--”

    Suddenly, Minoru came over and shocked Mayuyu with a taser in the back of her neck. Her body shook madly as if she was having a seizure, foam coming out of her mouth. She fell to the ground, still spasming every so often.

    “Mayu!” Yukirin rushed to her side and held her close. Mayuyu’s eyes were completely white. She started giggling and babbling incoherent words, foaming nonstop. “What did you do to her?!”

    “I just shut off her system a bit. She’ll be fine, she just needs to reset herself.”

    I got mad, really mad. Nyan-nyan came forward and turned him around.

    “How could you?!”

    “This is none of your concern,” he sneered at us. “All of you, leave immediately!”

    I gripped my fist and moved to the door into the other room. I tried to open it, but it was locked tight. I looked back and saw Minoru push the button again. The ANGEL was howling in pain, her body shaking as sweat ran down her forehead. Yuuchan yelled out and kicked the door, causing it to fly open. She ran in and punched the glass capsule, shattering it. A loud alarm went off. She pulled the girl’s headphones off and quickly helped her up. I came over and assisted her, carrying the girl under my arm.

    “Why you little…!!” Minoru tried to stop us, but Yuuchan pushed him into the machine and caused sparks to fly everywhere. I ran off with the girl, away from the explosion. Blood was running down his mouth. He wiped it off with his labcoat and got up, but fell back to his knees. Yuuchan’s fist was bruised badly, too. She must’ve punched it really hard. Nyan-nyan and Yukirin took Mayuyu somewhere safe, away from the scene.

    After everything calmed down and I reprocessed my thoughts, I realized I was still holding the ANGEL. She was clinging onto me tightly, her arms shaking as her breathing slowly turned back to normal.

    “Are you okay?” I asked calmly.

    She looked up and I met these gorgeous eyes that seemed to make time stop around us. We just stared at each other, not making a move, until her hand slowly raised up and touched my cheek. She smiled.

    “It’s you…”


    “Atsu..ko…” she breathed out before she collapsed in my arms. I continued to stare at her, mentally repeating her last words in my head.

    “Atsuko”... She called me Atsuko…

    “Give her back…” Minoru growled.

    “No.” I held her closely to me, standing up.

    “Give her back!”

    “No!” Yuuchan grabbed him and punched him, knocking him to the ground. “You don’t deserve her. What you’re doing to her is wrong. Do you even care about the other ANGELs?”

    “What about the other ANGEL we saw? Did those headphones affect her, too?” Yukirin said angrily.

    “Maybe you’re the reason for the explosion two years ago!” Nyan-nyan yelled out.

    “Who do you think you are?!”

    He looked over at me, his eyes widened.

    “Doing such a terrible thing to this girl… I absolutely WON’T forgive you!!!”


    My chest… Why is it…?

    He backed away slowly, looking at me with surprised eyes. “You…. How?” He got back up, grabbing a broken pipe. “You shouldn’t be here!”


    “You have interfered for the LAST TIME!!!!” He ran up, swinging the metal pipe towards my direction. Then, Yuuchan tackled him and twisted his arm, pinning him to the ground.

    “Get outta here! Now!”

    His other scientists started surrounding him, but Haruto grabbed the taser and held it in front of him. “Take her somewhere safe!”

    “We’ll take care of things here, Acchan! Hurry!”

    I looked at the girl again, still unconscious in my arms. “Got it!” I wrapped my other arm under her and carried her off, running out of the building. There’s only one place I know she’ll be safe; my house.

Third Person POV

    The yankee woman still waited for her new comrades to arrive. She didn’t know what was taking Sado so long, but she was getting impatient. Her large friend gave her another beer after she finished the last one and she gulped it down, licking her lips. Finally, she heard the door creak open and saw none other than the Sanshou Sisters walking down the steps.

    “Hello, obaa-chan.”

    “We came to play with you.”

    They threw seeds down onto the floor, them Manamana spun her parasol around and filled the room with an intense mist of fog. When it cleared, the woman found herself surrounded by a clan of delinquent yankees with wooden swords and metal pipes.

    “Prez!” Two girls stepped in front and bowed down to her.

    “President!” Everyone did the same.

    “They’re your puppets, obaa-chan,” Myao giggled. “They’ll do whatever you want.”

    The president giggled and cackled loudly. “Perfect.” She stomped on the ground and rose her new puppets up. “Let’s get those ANGELs!”


    The three sisters giggled, watching the new group of minions rampaging around the room in joy, chanting.


    Back at the B.L.U.E. organization, things were mass chaos. The lab was a mess, the scientists were roughly fighting against Yuko and Mai, and Mayu was still having a seizure, screaming in pure insanity. Mai was doing her best to protect Yuko from the other scientists as she kept fighting Minoru. Haruto got scared and hid under the table. Haruna and Yuki walked over to him.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I can’t handle all the pressure. I don’t get into fights.”

    “Hey, it’s alright.” Haruna patted his back, comforting him.

    “Ugh… the only thing I’m good at is messing things up. My only place is on my laptop.”

    “Hey, that’s a start. You’re good with computers, and from what we’ve seen, you’re an excellent scientist.”

    “And who knows? Play your cards right, you might replace Minoru as the head~.”

    Haruto blushed a bit and grinned. “Hehe, well… I always wondered what it’d feel like sitting in the boss’ chair,” he chuckled shyly, trying to act cool. “I could fix things up around here.”

    “Uhh, speaking of fixing things…” Yuki pointed to Mayu in the other corner of the room, still flopping on the ground like a fish with white eyes and saliva drooling down her mouth.

    “Oh, right.”

    They sneaked over, almost getting hit by a scientist flown across the room by Yuko. They hurried and rushed to Mayu’s side. She kept screaming and making random sounds and unknown words that could only be described as nonsense.

    “How long will she be like this?”

    “The shock took quite an effect on her. She may be like this for a few hours until she can fully reset… or…” Haruto held her up and with his wrist, he chopped her neck. After a few whirring sounds, Mayu’s eyes blinked and returned to normal. She looked around, confused.

    “Wha-? What happened?”

    “Mayu,” Yuki hugged her, relieved. “Thank goodness.”

    “Y-Y-Yukirin?! What’s going on?”

    “You’re system had a bit of a fuse, but I fixed it. Might wanna get a good night’s sleep tonight.”

    “Oh, thank you, Haruto-kun.” She looked over and saw the fight going on. “Minoru-kun? What?”

    “Long story short: he’s evil.”

    Mayu got up and rushed to Yuko’s side, fighting off some of the scientists surrounding her.

    “You back from the world of chaos, Mayu-chan?”

    “Yeah. Now, let’s take care of these freaks.”

Tomomi’s POV

    I finally reached home after a long day of work. I decided it was time for me to relax and changed into some new clothes to head out to a night club. Fixing my hair and checking my make-up as I headed out, I passed by one apartment and heard the sound of something breaking.

    When I looked through the cracked door, I saw Tomo and John, but he looked really upset and possibly drunk as he yelled at her. She tried to reason, but ended up getting punched or kicked somewhere and became more and more quiet as he kept going. He said he was going to punish her for her actions.

    He pulled out a knife, holding it to her neck, backing her against the couch, then one by one, sliced off the buttons on her jacket and ripped the fabric on her blouse and skirt. He chuckled evily at her and started kissing her neck. One of his hands was groping her chest while the other held her soft, milky thigh.

    Oh god… He’s raping her!

    She pleaded for him to stop, but it only got him angrier to the point of ripping her bra off with the knife. She covered her chest, but then John aimed the sword at her face again. She tried to break free, but ended up getting a small cut on her cheek. Blood shed…


    Something in me sparked and I burst through the door. “Stop it!!!”

    The two looked at me in shock.




    Then I just realized… I’m not wearing my danso.


Tomochin’s POV

    It’s that girl; Kasai-kun’s sister. What is she doing here?

    “You… I thought I told you to back off!”

    John sounds really mad at her… Don’t tell me… they know each other? Has he been cheating on me?

    “I can’t let you do this to her. I won’t allow it!”

    “You think you’re something else, eh?” He stomped over to her, the knife gripped in his hand. “How about you say that to my face?!”

    “John, stop!”

    “Stay out of this, Itano!” he yelled at me. “This is a man’s fight…”

    "Men"? Is he still drunk or was that a lame joke?! That’s not Kasai-kun; it’s his twin sister! He can’t hurt a girl like that saying it’s a fight between men!

    “Come at me, Kasai…”

    John made challenging gestures towards Kasai-san, which made the situation run out of hand.

    She charged at John, trying to punch him, but right before she could hit him, he turned to the left and she missed her target, falling down in the process. She quickly got up and looked over at John. John looked at her with a smile that showed he was mocking her. I could see this only angered her more and she launched another fist to his face which actually hit John, causing him to have a bleeding nose and an severly hurt ego.

    He wiped his nose with the backside of his hand and looked Kasai straight in the eyes. “You're dead meat, ” he sneered.

    I stood only a meter away from the happening, shocked from what just happened. My eyes followed all of Kasai-san’s moves, the next movements went in slow motion as I saw John push her.

    “No!” I hurried to grab her and hugged my arms around her waist to protect her. “John, enough! I won’t allow this!”

    “Damn it…”

    “Tomochin…” I heard her call my name, with that voice…. that voice that was so soft, like an innocent child. I saw her eyes, watery from her tears forming in her eyes.

    Wait… how does she know my name?

    I felt him grab us and shoved us to the wall. He started throwing punches, hoping to hit the high-pitched voice girl, but I stood there, taking every hit. He punched, kicked, scratched me. I could bare with this since I was protecting her from it.

    “You… You BITCH!!!!!”

    He screamed and picked up a chair, which didn’t stand far from him and aimed it at us. After that, everything was a blank. I felt the girl pull me aside and she took the blow. Blood dripped down the side of her head. I saw glass flying as the crashing sound echoed inside my head. I felt myself falling backward, and when I looked behind me, I saw an abyss of darkness.

    I heard him roar in anger and hatred, his eyes filled with darkness. He pushed us farther down, cursing aloud at us. Both me and Kasai-san started falling down, down, down. I screamed to the top of my lungs, as I saw my life flashing before me. I quickly grabbed Kasai-san, who was unconscious, and hugged her tight, tears falling down my face.

    Then, I felt us hit the ground, and everything became black...

Third Person POV

    Yuko and Mayu were back to back. Minion scientists were slowly approaching as the two girls analyzed the current situation. Three on each side, either holding a metal pipe, a tranquilizer gun, or just fighting with bare hands.

    “Yaaaa!!!” They let out their battle cries and charged forward. It must be easier to knock down the ones with bare hands first, so that was their main target. Also, because there was only ONE person fighting with bare hands, and that person probably wasn’t thinking straight and panicked.

    Halfway through, though, the ones with tranquilizer guns started to shoot. In a silent understanding, Mayu dodged to the right side and Yuko to the left side. Their movements were synchronized, and in an instant they were reunited again ready to knock down the closest one.


    The minion with bare hands instantly fell down unconscious. Mayu and Yuko shared a smile and rushed to the next target. At the same time, the ones holding the metal pipe started to charge toward their direction. Though they were only humans, they were making both girls start to sweat a bit.

    “Tough crowd, eh?” Yuko breathed out, facing Mayu’s back.

    “Yeah, but not nearly as tough as the Sanshou Sisters,” Mayu replied as she caught her breath.

    They both released another battle cry and were able to dodge the swings of the metal pipe. Yuko quickly grabbed it and it started a tug-of-war between the two. Yuko was able to use her strength to win and hit the scientists coming at her with it.

    On the other side, Mayu didn’t think of using the pipe and was fighting with bare hands. Her mind was giving her the precise information she needed to let her body perform the right moves. The scientist couldn’t touch her, and before he knew it, he lost his weapon and took a blow to the gut, falling to the ground. Mayu thought it was over, but when she looked over, someone had a gun aimed at Yuko.

    “Yuko!” She ran in before it could hit her, and took the shot for her instead. However, she wasn’t killed by the bullet as it pierced her shoulder. Rather, a large electric shock entered her and shocked her entire body, stunning her.


    “Y-Yuko… I c-can’t… m-m-move…”

    Yuko looked at the scientist and growled angrily, gripping the metal pole in her hand tighter.

    “You BASTARDS!!!” She began swinging it and hitting every scientist that came at her. Her eyes will filled with anger and her voice became a loud roar. This was how furious Yuko was, and it was scary. This is what happens when you do something wrong and make her mad. THIS state was how Yuko gets when she’s serious. And that seriousness even made Haruna stare in awe and shock.

    Before they knew it, Yuko had beaten everyone. She heaved a heavy sigh and let go of the pole. The glowing in her eyes, which was very intense and burning like a fire when she got mad, had finally calmed down and disappeared.

    She finally sighed out again and walked back to help Mayu up….


    “Ah!” Suddenly, she felt something penetrate her back and her whole body shut down. There was a strong electric current running through her whole body, preventing her from moving. She fell to the ground, holding her chest in pain. When she looked up, she saw Minoru holding the gun in one hand, and the taser in his other, already turned on.

    “I’ve had enough…”

    Haruna and Yuki ran to their sides, knelt down and holding onto them.

    “I’ll make sure you never interfere with me again. As for the ANGELs, we’re going to have a long, LONG talk.” He picked up the pole and was about to whack them with it, but then…

    “Yaaaa!!!” Minoru felt someone come at him from behind, releasing his grip on the taser and pole, and pinned him to the ground, twisting his arm behind his back. It was Mai. “Go now! Hurry!” she yelled. “I can hold him off long enough to call the police! Go find Maeda-san!”

    They nodded, picking Yuko and Mayu up, and carried them off as they left. They were able to escape the building and get home safely. Haruna and Yuki laid the two ANGELs on the two beds in the spare room of Mayu’s house.

    “Are you gonna be okay?”

    “Th-the tranquilizer only stunned us… the paralysis won’t wear off for another few minutes.”

    “How long does it last?”

    “By my calculations…” Mayu’s eye projected a few hologram statistics of her body before retracting back and disappearing. “An hour.”

    Haruna got out her phone and dialed Atsuko’s number.


    “Guys? What’s going on?”

    “We just got out of there, but Yuuchan and Mayu are paralyzed for a while. How’s the ANGEL?”

    “Still asleep. I’m going to take her to my place so she can rest. They’ll never find her there.”

    “Mai-mai’s also going to call the police and arrest Minoru for good.”

    “That’s good to hear. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, okay? Today’s just tired me out.”

    “Okay. Bye, Acchan.”

    As Haruna hung up, a slight frown crossed her face. Something about Atsuko’s tone...was different. It didn’t sound like it normally did, or would, and it worried her.

    “I wonder if she’s alright… I wonder…. who that ANGEL is?”

Atsuko’s POV

    Once I finally got back to my apartment, I set the unconscious ANGEL down on the couch and covered her with a blanket. She must’ve really been through something; she was asleep the entire ride in the taxi, clung onto me like a child to her mother. I looked over at the fridge and saw a note Dad wrote.

    “Gotta work late tonight, sweetie. There are three puddings, so be sure to save one for me, ‘kay?  -Dad”

    “Three, huh?” I muttered to myself.

    I looked back at the girl. She looked like she hasn’t eaten in forever. I sighed, a slight smile curving my face seeing her sleeping peacefully. I went back into my room and changed into something more comfortable. As I checked myself in the mirror, the sound of her voice still resonated in my head.


    I stopped for a moment, still thinking about it. It’s not that I don’t like my name, but… Nobody ever calls me that. I rarely hear someone refer to me as Atsuko; except for my dad when he’s serious while talking to me. The only one who called me Atsuko was him. Furthermore, I’ve only just met this girl, and she seems to act like she knows me and missed me a lot. I don’t know a single thing about her. I think I would’ve known who she was when I saw her if things were like that.

    Hrm… but, I wonder why she knows me in the first place?

    When I came back out, I saw the girl wide awake and looking around.

    “Ah, thank goodness,” I said and startled her. Guess she’s not fully aware of things yet. “I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried you died.”

    She just stared at me, shy to speak. She’s been in there for so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a bit scared of humans.

    “Hey, don’t worry.” I knelt down to her side, patting her head softly. She flinched at first, but calmed down and let me comfort her, looking at my eyes. “You’re outta there now; it’s all over.”

    She looked down from my gaze, blushing a bit. She gripped the covers.

    “..Th-thank… you…” She smiled, biting her lip. “Atsuko…”



    I was about to ask her how she knew me, but then I heard a large growl come from somewhere. She covered her face with her long hair and blushed madly. That made me giggle.

    “Was that you?!” I said, laughing a bit.

    She looked at me, embarrassed. So cute.

    “Alright, alright, I’ll get you some food.” I got up and opened the fridge. I got out the two plates of pudding and two spoons. “Here.”

    I got back and set down one of the puddings in front of her. She slowly picked it up, staring at it.

    “My Dad made it. He says that he’s never seen someone eat his pudding and not smile.” I said while eating the pudding and, guilty enough, smiling myself. She looked at it some more, then slowly raised the spoon and ate some of the pudding.

    “...Mm! This is so good!”

    “I told you.”

    She kept eating more and more of it, a smile painted brightly on her face. “Mm~ I’ve never tasted food this good. Oishii~!”

    “My Dad’s the best cook I know. He even got his uptight boss to smile after one bite of tempura, so the legend says.”

    She started laughing, listening to my silly stories while still eating. I noticed she kept trying to hide behind her hair, often blowing her bangs out of the way, too. I came over and sat beside her, moving some of that hair and tucking it behind her ear. She suddenly looked at me with a surprised expression.

    “Let’s get that long, silky hair outta your pretty face.” I got up and took a hairband, tying up her hair into a ponytail. “That’s better.”

    She looked at her reflection in the mirror.

    “You like it?”

    “Uh, yeah… But, I feel like it’s missing something…”

    “Really?” I took a good look at her. It did look like something was wrong.

    Wait, I know!

    “Wait here.” I ran into my room and found the perfect accessory to go on her head. A big red ribbon. I ran back to the girl and tied it around her ponytail, letting it perfectly stand on top of her head. “There, now you look perfect.”

    She blushed a bit, giggling. I guess she really liked it.

    “Um, Atsuko…”

    I suddenly heard my name again, making my heart skip a minute. “Y-yes?”

    “Ano….” She suddenly got all quiet; she looked like she was about to cry. “Eto~….”

    “Hm?” I tried to comfort her, but she just turned away from my gaze shyly.

    “E-eto… do you wanna help clean the plates?”

    I thought she was still scared about talking to me, so I decided to be nice and not worry about her.

    “Sure.” I took both of the plates and started the sink, cleaning off the caramel from them.

    I still couldn’t help remembering what that girl has been through. Seeing as she was really afraid of me, she must’ve been hurt quite a lot by Minoru. And, those headphones, they must’ve been making an awful noise for her to hate it that much. Worst of all, the power overload and explosion caused her to go into a coma, so she probably was never able to experience a normal life. All those sad feelings running through my head made my chest hurt, and I wasn’t paying attention as the water started flowing out of the sink.

    “..tsuko… Atsuko!!!”

    Her voice suddenly brought me back and I slipped from the water on the floor. The plate broke and I clumsily cut my finger. She rushed up and turned the sink off.

    “Are you okay, Atsuko?” I looked to my side and saw her. She was so close to me.

    W-why is my heart pounding so…?

    She looked at my finger, raising up my hand to her mouth. She kissed my finger and started sucking on it weakly. I started to feel the heat run up my face and I felt dizzy, so I panicked and pulled my hand away.


    I looked at my hand, the wound not bleeding anymore. It was still warm.

    “Atsuko, what’s wrong?”

    I pursed my lips, still looking at her. “Hey… W-why are you calling me that?”


    “Atsuko… only my dad ever calls me that. Why do you keep calling me that?” I could hear my own voice raise and she slowly backed away. “How do you know me so well that you think you can call me that so freely?!”

    Her eyes widened. “What?”

    “Everyone I know calls me Acchan. You’re the first person I’ve met that calls me Atsuko… but, I don’t know you! This is the very first time we met, and you suddenly think we’re friends?! How do you know who I am?! Tell me!!!”

    “....” She got silent, looking at me with sad eyes. Then, her lips shook again, speaking with a slight frown. “You don’t…. recognize me?”

    “N-no… Am I supposed to?”

    She frowned more, turning away from me while holding her chest. I realized what I done and calmed down, taking a deep breath.

    “I… I-I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to yell at you.” A sad smile crossed my face, followed by a wry chuckle. “We… We got off on the wrong foot. I think we can try to be friends, so let’s at least--”

    I suddenly stopped as I felt her lips pressed against mine.

    Oh god… She… KISSED me?!

    When I finally realized what was going on, I pushed her away, surprised by her sudden action.

    “What are you doing?!”

    She just ignored me and pulled me in for another kiss. I tried to push her off me, but she was strong. TOO strong. Her kisses became deeper and rougher the more I struggled, causing me to lose oxygen and have trouble staying conscious.

    I saw weird, blurred images of me and this girl together, doing different things. We were laughing, smiling, having fun together, like we were really friends. I could hear her voice call my name over and over in my head. However, the ones after were different. I felt this immense pain in my chest watching them, despair and hurt overflowing. The girl, she was crying.

    I noticed that as I struggled less, her kisses became more gentle and sweet, as if she was pleading for me to kiss back. I felt like I was going to black out, so I gathered all my strength and pushed her off me completely.

    “Stop!” I ran out and went into my room, leaning up against the door. I slid down to the ground, covering my mouth while crying.

    I can’t believe that just happened…

    Just who is that ANGEL?

To Be Continued
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Chapter 6 - True Strength

Third Person POV

    Atsuko woke up the next morning to the familiar sound of sizzling grease on the frying pan sounding from down the hall, in the kitchen. The smell of freshly cooked eggs and a wonderful aroma of morning air swirled in her room and tingled in her nose. She rubbed her eyes, trying to stay awake, but she was so tired that morning. She stayed up late, remembering the incredible scene that had taken place in her home that earlier night. The night when the ANGEL girl she rescued from the evil B.L.U.E. organization suddenly kissed her. She pushed the girl off and locked herself in the room, and she’s been in there ever since.

    “What was that?”

    She held her head, remembering the strange visions she suddenly saw while they were kissing.

    “That was so weird…” At first, she thought she had gone crazy, but when her sanity finally came back as she was falling asleep, she began to think the girl perhaps inserted those thoughts into her head. “Just what IS she?”


    After letting Atsuko calm down for a few minutes, the ANGEL decided to go into her room and check on her. When she saw the door was locked, she took a small paper clip and picked the lock to get inside.

    “Atsuko?” she softly called her name. She saw a large lump hiding under the thick, marshmallow fluff covers of Atsuko’s bed. She slowly approached her, shutting the door silently behind her. “Are you okay, Atsuko?”

    Atsuko’s head was turned away from the ANGEL, her bangs covering her face slightly. She thought perhaps she was asleep, so she tried to wake her up, shaking her shoulder slightly.

    “Wake up, Atsuko… I just wanna talk…”

    But no answer came from the girl, as she adjusted herself in the bed and blocked her face more with the short, brown hair. The small ANGEL just sighed in regret and left Atsuko alone in her room once more. However, the truth was, Atsuko was wide awake, only pretending to be asleep. There was something strange about the short girl, and she didn’t trust her. She just laid there, thinking of what had happened to her previously in the day until she fell asleep.

End of Flashback

    She tried to ignore those thoughts in her head, rolling around in her bed while she banged her pillow and covered her ears with it. Finally, her clumsy movements caused her to roll off and fall to the floor. Throwing her pillow back onto her bed, she knelt against the thick blanketed mattress and rested her head on top of her arms, groaning. Her head was throbbing, trying to comprehend all those weird visions she saw.

    “This is giving me a headache…”

    She then felt a strange buzzing in her ears and held her temple with her two fingers.

    “Atsuko…” She could hear the ANGEL call her name once more, which only made her head throb more. Then…

    “******!” She suddenly heard her own voice. She was confused for a second. She could’ve sworn she said her name, just now. But, she couldn’t quite hear. Soon enough, before she could even guess the name she had heard, her head began to stop throbbing and she sat down on the ground, hugging her knees.

    “What is happening to me?”

    Then, she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

    “Atsuko? Honey?” It was her dad. “I’ve got breakfast. Would you like me to bring it in?”


    Her father came in carrying a tray with freshly cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, and Atsuko’s favorite cherry tomatoes with a piece of cabbage. He set in down in front of her and poured out some orange juice in her glass.

    “Are you okay? You were already asleep when I got home, and you didn’t touch your dinner last night.”

    Atsuko furrowed her eyebrows a bit as she opened her milk bottle. She never ate dinner last night. Maybe that's why she has a headache.

    “I… ate the pudding.”

    “I saw. Thanks for saving me the ONE, by the way,” he chuckled. “Were you not hungry?”

    “Not really…”

    Her father patted her head, smiling warmly. He thought maybe she was tired and had a rough day yesterday, so all he could do was comfort her.

    Atsuko looked at her food again. “Did you make this?”

    “Oh, no. Actually, you’re friend in there did.”


    “That girl in there. She said she came to visit you and spent the night here, so she made us breakfast. She’s really good, too.”

    Atsuko just stared at her plate, still shocked at what she was hearing. She couldn’t believe that ANGEL stayed and did this.

    “She… What is she thinking?”

    “You two are friends, right, Atsuko?” he said once more. “She was telling me that you both knew each other well in middle school and were very close. Apparently, she moved away before you started high school, and you probably wouldn’t remember her after so long.”

    “What?” Atsuko couldn’t believe what he was saying. She thought that ANGEL might have tricked him or planted thoughts in his head, too.

    Then, she felt another buzzing in her head. She saw a vision flash in her head. She was at her middle school, staring out the window, when a sudden crash caught her attention, followed by a roar of laughter. When she looked over to the front of the classroom, she saw the ponytailed girl on the ground. Looks like she tripped and fell over. She just sat there awkwardly rubbing her knee as everyone laughed at her. Suddenly, Atsuko’s body moved on her own and she walked over to the shorter girl. Her hand reached out to her.

    “Are you okay?” she said to the fallen ANGEL girl.

    “Y-yea…” She kindly took Atsuko’s hand and stood back up. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

    “You sure?”

    “Yea! It was just one lil’ slip. It’s happened before.”

    The two girls laughed, and Atsuko’s heart grew warm as she saw the ANGEL smile. That brightness in her eyes that wasn’t there before, making her more beautiful. Something was different, and the Atsuko in this scene didn’t seem to have a problem.

    She really was her friend.

    “Atsuko?” The sound of her father’s voice brought her back to reality. But, she still felt a throbbing in her head remaining after the vision.

    “I… I don’t feel very well today, Dad.”

    “You don’t?” He took his hand up and felt her forehead. “You’re not running a fever…”

    “My head kinda hurts…”

    He smiled softly and nodded. “I’ll go get some medicine before I leave for work. If you still don’t feel better, then you can stay here.”


    He left Atsuko alone so she could eat the rest of her breakfast, them came back with a Motrin pill to treat her headaches. Atsuko took it and climbed back into bed so she could rest, opening a manga she normally reads.

    About an hour later, she still felt light headed, so she decided to stay home for today and rest. Once again, she heard the door open and the small ANGEL walked in.

    “Atsuko…” she spoke softly, in a concerned voice. “Aren’t you going to school?”

    Atsuko tried to hide her feelings and smiled weakly. “I don’t feel all that well.”

    The ANGEL gave her a sad smile and sat beside her bed. “Do you like manga?”

    “Mm… I don’t read it all the time. This one, in particular, I like. But, I mostly read shoujo manga. Ufufu, I’m also a big Twilight fan.”

    She giggled hearing Atsuko answer. “Makes sense. I read shounen manga. My favorite right now is ‘One Piece’.”

    “Eh~?” Atsuko giggled a bit as she read her manga and listened to the ANGEL rambling on about her favorite manga like a fangirl.

    However, a few seconds into it, she felt light headed and her vision blurred for a few seconds. She blinked a few times and saw the girl in front of her, wearing the same middle school uniform she had, and was acting out scenes from “Naruto” and “One Piece.” She even did impressions of characters from “Dragon Ball” and did a kame-hame-ha! All the while, Atsuko sat there, laughing and applauding the ponytailed otaku.

    “Jeez, you’re so cute, ******.”

    She sheepishly smiled and rubbed her head.

    “Ah~! You’re turning red! Like a cherry tomato! I didn’t expect you to be THIS girly. Or girly period!”



    Outside the vision, the real Atsuko shook her head, trying to stop the vision from going any further. She then watched as the ANGEL sat up and looked at the small shelves lust behind her bed. She picked up the two bracelets Atsuko always wears and smiled.

    “You still have them…” she mumbled in a low voice so she wouldn’t hear. “Thank goodness…”


    “..Oh. Nothing. Um, I like these bracelets. Did you make them?”

    “Actually, one of the caretakers from my old daycare center gave it to me about three years ago. It was to congratulate me. I had surgery to cure my cancer and this was the gift she made for me.”

    The ANGEL smiled sadly and put down the bracelets. “That’s... so nice…”

    Atsuko’s eyebrows furrowed watching the girl’s sudden sad expression. Her beautiful eyes filled with such pain and sadness made her chest hurt, remembering all the pain she might have gone through when she was held captive. She could only imagine, all that unbearable pain, every single day, to the point where it kills you.

    “What on Earth happened to her?”

    “Hey, I’m gonna go out for groceries. You want anything specific?”

    “No. I think we have enough for dinner, so I’ll leave it up to you.”


    The short girl left Atsuko’s room, hiding the sad expression on her face. As she shut the door behind her, she held her chest and tried to hold back the burning sensation of her tears forming in her eyes and blinding her. She shut them tight, her hands clenched together tightly.


    She ran off and exited the apartment, covering her face and tears fell freely down her face.

Tomochin’s POV

    “...chin..! ..omochin..! Tomochin!”

    “Mm… huh?”

    “Wake up, Tomochin!”

    This voice sound familiar to me. But I can’t open my eyes to see who it is. My mind started to fade out again. This darkness is pulling me in… it feels like I’m hanging by a thread...

    “Tomochin!” Suddenly someone shook me vigorously and I was able to regain my senses. My eyes opened slowly and I blinked a few times to see Kasai-kun’s sister above me.


    “Tomochin, I’m so glad you’re okay!” She hugged me tight and was crying into my chest, getting my clothes wet.

    “What happened? I don’t remember clearly...” I hugged her and shook my head.

    She looked up and started crying harder, hugging me tighter. When I looked up, I saw I was far, far from my apartment. It looked like a skyscraper from down here. At the bottom of the alley, where everything’s damp and mold covered the wettest parts of the walls, staining it green. I almost puked at the smell, and watching rats eat the carnages of dead birds. I covered my mouth.

    “Where are we? This place is so strange...” I wanted to run away from that place and go home. I even can’t remember why I was here. I hate when I can’t understand something. Especially now.

    “I’m sorry, Tomochin…” I heard her call out to me again.

    “Huh? Why are you apologizing?”

    “Because… i-if I didn’t do something to save you, h-h-he probably would’ve killed you. B-but I only made it worse…”

    Suddenly the memories hit me. I remembered all events from yesterday. John… How could he do this to me and Kasai-san? Rage started to grow and boil like fire inside me. I want to kill that bastard. For me... and for Kasai-san.

    Her cry started to slow down, but she still hugged me tight. I patted her head. “None of this is your fault. I was dumb enough to actually let him into my life from the start. I was desperate.”

    “But, what if he…?”

    “Then… I’ll beat all the crap out of him.” She laughed because of this. I smiled.

    “Sure. And I’ll help you.” She laid a small kiss on my cheek, taking me by surprise.


    “Thank you. Thank you for coming back...” And she laid her head on my shoulder.

    Coming back? From where? Why did she say it so...?

    “Ano… Kasai-san. What is your name?”

    “I’m Tomomi. Same as yours.” She whispered this to my ear sleeplessly. “Chiyuu wants to sleep. She didn’t sleep well last night...”

    She let out a small yawn and eventually fell asleep in my embrace.

    Chiyuu? Where have I heard that..?

    As I thought about it, I remembered what had happened when we both fell out the window. I felt the side of my head, hissing in pain when I touched the small wound. It was still bleeding a bit, but most of it was dry. I then realized that Kasai-san actually protected me, but she didn’t have a scratch on her.

    What on Earth happened?

Third Person POV

    The ANGEL walked alone on the streets, the silence of the city increasing her feelings of sadness and loneliness. The only sounds that echoed in her ears were her own footsteps and the soft plastic bag rattling as everything in it bounced with her step. Her cheeks were still wet from her tears and her eyes slightly red. Her ponytail swayed in the wind as it blew from behind her, and her bangs just covered her face slightly so you couldn’t see her empty eyes.

    Her legs were tired from walking so long, so she stopped and leaned up against the brick wall, continuing to feel the wind coldly blow on her wet cheek. She wiped her tears off and sighed, feeling her heart shatter as she remembered what had happened the previous night. Remembering how hard it was, the hurt she felt remembering everything that happened in the past, trying to get through to her. Inside her heart, she screamed for her, but she knew that no matter how hard she tried, her loudest voice could no longer reach.

    “Why did everything have to change?” she asked as more tears fell down her face.

    “Hey.” Suddenly, a high pitched voice broke the silence surrounding the poor girl, making her look up suddenly in surprise. But, she didn’t see anyone.


    “Hey, you.” And she heard the voice call out to her again. She looked to her left side and saw a young girl standing beside her. She was wearing a grey school uniform with a white ribbon, most of it covered by her pink leopard jacket, and had flashy nails and jewelry to match her stylish look. She also had some of her hair pulled up her hair with a scrunchie.


    “Why are you cryin’?”

    She hurried and wiped off her tears and straightened her posture. “Oh… I, uhh, was just thinking of something.”

    “What were you thinkin’ about?” The flashy girl walked closer to the short ANGEL and patted her shoulder. “You can tell me. I’m listenin’.”

    The shorter girl just sighed and the two started walking down the street again. She hung her head low and twisted the small plastic bag of groceries in her hand. “Well, you see… I lost someone very important to me almost three years ago. And, I really miss her.”

    “She important to you?”

    “Yea… I-I love her. Very much, actually. But, it’s been so long now…”

    “Hey, I understand ya.” She patted the ANGEL’s shoulder and smiled. “Things change.”

    All she did was nod and try to hold back the rest of her tears.

    “But, y’know… sometimes they happen for a reason.”


    She then felt someone whack her head with a metal pole and she lost consciousness. The stylish looking girl chuckled and turned to see her senior, holding the pole in her hands.

    “Nice work luring her out, Chiharu.” The elder girl grabbed the ANGEL’s ponytail to lift up her face. “Now then, let’s get rid of this ANGEL for good.”

    “The girls are gonna love this,” Chiharu grabbed her collar and started dragging her across the floor. “Let’s go, Sanae.”

Tomochin’s POV

    How could that be possible? Falling from such a height and she didn’t have any wounds, not even a little scratch or bruise. Who is she? Or, rather, what is she?

    I stare peacefully at the sleeping girl on my arms. She was still hugging me, and I could only do the same. Such a ordinary beautiful college girl at first look, but… Her body is not ordinary. She is special, I feel it. And that “Chiyuu”... I didn’t remember something about my past in that country, but this girl… She reminds me of someone, who I really cared about in my past. However, I couldn’t remember…

    My legs finally started to hurt from walking all the way to… well, wherever we are, and sat down on the bench, laying Kasai-san down on my lap. Looks like I’ll have to wait for the bus to get back home. I felt her stir in my embrace and she let out another small sound as she awoke.


    Seriously, what the heck is “Chiyuu”?

    She sleepily rubbed her eyes and looked at me. “...Tomo..?”


    “Tomochin… where are we..?” she asked as she groggily sat up and yawned loudly.

    “The bus stop. We’re going home.”

    “But… Chiyuu doesn’t want to… Chiyuu’s afraid you’ll get hurt again, and she doesn’t want that…”

    “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him, and this time, for good!”


    I looked at her and saw her pinky held out at me. I chuckled a bit and hugged mine around it. “Yeah, promise.”

    What is this feeling? It’s… so nostalgic. I wonder, where I could’ve felt this?

    Gah… It’s so hard to remember what you can’t anymore… Mou~ this is too tiring!

    The bus finally came and stopped in front of us, hissing out a nasty cloud of gasoline and stinking up the place. Kasai-san had to cover her mouth from how bad it smelled.


    I laughed in small voice. She’s so cute...

    “C’mon, let’s get home.”


Third Person POV

    The ANGEL hazily opened her eyes and woke up in a dark room. She doesn’t know where she could be, but she had the feeling that flashy girl she met before, Chiharu, had something to do with it. She tried to get up and walk around, but when she tried running for the door, she was restricted by something and shocked back to her knees. She looked back and saw there were chains bounding her to the wall at her wrists and ankles. She was about to scream, but soon found there was tape covering her mouth so no one would hear her.

    Cursing silently, she grabbed the chains under her hands and started pulling with all her might. She could feel the chains being pulled and held out from the brick wall, but it was also blindingly painful to try and stretch them out and break them. She was grunting and gritting her teeth under the tape, sweat already forming and a vein bulging out of her forehead and arm muscles. She shut her eyes tight from the pain until she was finally able to break the chain at her right arm loose and fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

    Without waiting any longer, she pulled out the other chain binding her left arm, while trying NOT to pull her arm out of its socket, and proceeded to pick the lock at the shackles down on her feet. Once she was free, she threw the chains to the side and ripped the tape off her mouth. She winced in pain slightly, feeling she might have just pulled out the tiny, not visible hairs under her lip.

    “Well, at least I got rid of that damn moustache…” she chuckled under her breath.

    She quickly slammed open the door with all her might, crashing to the ground. When she got back up, she held her shoulder, feeling it still throb in pain. Looking at her own hand, she saw some slight blood seeping from her jacket.

    “My powers still haven’t fully recovered yet...” She gripped her bloody fist, remembering that there was still something she had to do.

    But first, she had to find the freaks who kidnapped her and make sure they don’t hurt her or anyone else again.

    “Just a little longer...”

    Sado stood alone in her room, staring at herself in the mirror, wearing her strange new attire given to her by her four Unders. Seeing such a new and different change of style made her feel weird, but at the same time, she liked her new look. As she headed back to her throne, she approached the still unbloomed cherry blossom tree. On its trunk, centered by thick, thorn covered green vines, was a single blood red rose blooming in the middle of the tree.

    “Soon…” she spoke up in the darkness, “The time shall come...”

Haruna’s POV

    Acchan didn’t come to school today. That empty desk at the front of the class instantly got everyone’s attention, and it made us worry. When she didn’t come even by lunch, I tried to call her, but her cell was turned off. I didn’t know the phone number to her apartment, so we had no choice but to visit her after school and see if she’s okay.

    “Hey, what if she’s not there?” Yuko brought up in the silence of the bus.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Maybe she went out somewhere.”

    “Alright. Then, me and Yukirin will go and check to see if she’s home. You and Mayu search downtown for her. We don’t know if she had to run errands or if…” I looked around to make sure no one was listening before continuing. “..if someone took her.”


Yuko’s POV

    Once we left the bus stop downtown, Nyan-nyan and Yukirin headed towards Acchan’s apartment while me and Mayu started searching downtown. We tried looking through all the convenience stores and local markets, but no one saw her or her Dad. We even asked them if they saw anyone with red hair(the ANGEL we had saved before), and they did, but they don’t seem to know who she is. We decided to take a break and stopped for some ice cream.

    “God, it’s so hot~!”

    “We’ll be out of school soon, so don’t pout,” Mayu scolded me while eating her vanilla soft serve. I sat down beside her, pouting as I ate my chocolate ice cream.

    I then thought of something that’s been bugging me ever since me and Haruna started officially dating, and I really need to get it out and tell someone.

    “Hey, Mayu-chan…”


    “Uh… H-have you ever gone on a… date with someone?”

    She about choked on her ice cream and looked at me with wide eyes. “W-what?!”

    “I kinda wanna go on a date with Haruna… but I have no idea how. So~, I thought I should ask you.”

    “Why are you going to ME for advice?”

    “You play a bunch of dating sim games, don’t you? I thought, maybe, just maybe, you could….” She was just glaring at me with this emotionless face. Desperate, I got down on my knees and bowed down in front of her. “Teach me your ways, Mayu-chan!!!”

    “Eh?!” She blushed madly, backing away from me a bit. “D-don’t do that. People are staring!”

    “Please, I need your help! I wanna make my first date with Nyan-nyan perfect!” I grabbed her collar and gave her my puppy-eyed, begging face stare. “Pweaze, Mayu-tan~?”



    She just looked around, trying to break my gaze, but she eventually gave in and sighed. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

    “Yaaaaay!!” I jumped up and hugged her around the neck. “Thank you~!”

    “Yuko-chan? Mayu-chan?” A familiar voice rang in my ears as I looked behind and saw a certain scientist walking towards us.


    “What are you two doing here?”

    “We’re actually looking for Acchan, and possibly that ANGEL. Acchan didn’t come to school today, so Yukirin and Nyan-nyan are at her house to see if she’s home.”

    “Ah, so she and Minami finally got back together.”

    Eh? Minami?

    “W-wait… who’s Minami?” Mayu was speaking in a soft, serious tone. And that look in her eyes… it was so different than normal.

    “Oh, the ANGEL you saved yesterday. That’s her name; Takahashi Minami.”

    “You mean…” Mayu spoke up, “She’s the one who went missing almost three years ago?”



Haruna’s POV

    We finally arrived at Acchan’s apartment building. We rang the doorbell, but no one came and answered. After waiting a few seconds, we tried again and again, and finally, Acchan came to the door. Only, her hair was a bit messy and she was still in her pajamas.

    “Guys? What are you doing here?”

    “We wanted to check on you to see if you were alright. You didn’t come to school and everyone was worried about you.”

    “Oh, I’m fine. I had a little headache this morning, but I’m fine now,” she replied with a smile, but somehow, it didn’t seem to reach her eyes. The wrinkle in her nose didn’t even appear when she did.

    “May we come in?”

    “Sure.” She let us in and started fixing us a small snack for us. The very first thing we noticed was that the ANGEL was gone. Where could she be? I checked her room to see if she was sleeping there, but there was absolutely no sight of her in the apartment.

    “Hey, Acchan, where’s that girl?”

    “Hm?” She turned to look at me, carrying the plates of snacks in both her hands. “Oh, she went to run a few errands for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have a place to live anymore.”

    “So, you’re going to let her live with you now?”

    “I guess. I don’t think I have much of a choice. What if those people come after her again?”

    “Don’t worry. Mai-san said she was going to make sure Minoru will be arrested and everything at the B.L.U.E. organization will be taken care of.”

    She just nodded and sighed as she sank into her chair. I clenched my fists, knowing it was hard to think about what could’ve happened to that girl. But, Acchan seems to be thinking about something more. Her eyes weren’t as bright as normal, and she was really deep in thought, even as Yuki and I kept talking and she never listened. Even after she said, “I wonder when she’ll come back,” she just nodded and didn’t seem to pay full attention.

    After a while, she finally smiled and looked at us. “Hey, you guys wanna hang out today?”


    “I just wanna finally hang out like a normal teenager again. No more ANGEL business and stuff like that. Y’know? Just spending time together and having fun, before we even knew Yuuchan and Mayuyu were ANGELs.”

    “You’re not worried something’s gonna happen?”

    “No. I don’t want to think about that stuff anymore. Just a little break from all this and just...”

    I patted her shoulder and smiled. “Okay. I get it. Sure, let’s hang out today.”

    “Haruna, are you sure? Yuko and Mayu--”

    “I’ll call them and tell them what we’re doing. It can be just the three of us,” I answered Yuki as I got out my phone and dialed Mayu’s cell phone number. I heard the tone go off and waited until she picked up. “Hey, Mayu, did you find that girl yet?”

    “The ANGEL? No, but me and Yuko are with Mai, and we got a lead on her.”

    “You did?!”


    “They’re at Mai-san’s place. She said she told them about the ANGEL.” I put the phone on speaker and Mayu’s image came up. “Tell us what you know so far.”

    “Her name is Takahashi Minami. She was created by an ANGEL facility called ‘Accel Inc.’ over 80 years ago. She was captured by the B.L.U.E. organization three years ago because of her strong powers. I was still able to make contact with the scientists who created me even after my training was finished, and when I contacted them, they knew about it and was already doing an investigation on her anyways. All facilities contain and collect info on every ANGEL existing, so if something happens, it informs them immediately.”

    “Well, no wonder they wanted to keep her locked up for so long.”

    “Look, uhh, we’re headed downtown to search for her, so do you think you guys can meet us up later? We’ll be in Akihabara.”

    “Okay. We’ll call you if we find out anything.”

    I was about to hang up, but then…

    “Oh, and Acchan.”

    “Eh? What’s wrong?”

    “Um… how did Minami act towards you?”

    “How did she act? Mm, normal, I guess. She’s really nice, and super sweet. She even made us breakfast this morning.”

    “Is that all?”

    “Yup. She’s just a normal, friendly ANGEL.”

    Mayu looked confused, but she just smiled again, slightly, and nodded. “Okay. I’ll call you later, I guess.”

    “Okay. Bye, guys.” I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket. “I wonder what that was about...”

    “Acchan, do you know that ANGEL?”

    “No, not really. She’s just really nice,” Acchan giggled as she got up. “I’m gonna get dressed and then we’ll be off.”


Tomochin’s POV

    When we sat in the bus, Kasai-san fallen asleep in my shoulder again. Is this girl really that sleepy? Then again, we were up pretty late, and got up early. As I’m an idol, I understand how to deal with those schedules.

    Hm… Her face is so cute when she’s asleep. And, her snoring is cute, too. ..But... why do I think that?

    I need to relax, because all this tension is driving me crazy.

    We finally reached home and I tried to wake Kasai-san up, but she was still fast asleep.

    Mou, this girl is really hopeless...

    What do I need to do, carry her on my back? ...Mou~, guess I don’t have a choice. I picked the girl up in my arms and carried her to her apartment. I could hear her stomach growling loudly, so I thought I should make her lunch. I walked towards the bedroom and put her down gently on the bed. I closed the door and make my way to the kitchen. My arms ached, because that girl was heavier than I thought. I opened the fridge and looked around for something to eat. I found four eggs and a bag of bread.

    Good! Let’s have the omelet on breakfast. I hope that Kasai-san will like this. I got two pans and started heating the stove. I broke the eggs into one of the pans and put down a couple slices of bread on another. Soon the incredible smell began to spread around the kitchen and that made my stomach growled. Turns out that I want to eat too. Oops…

    I snickered a bit and opened the fridge again to find a few slices of bacon. I thought maybe Kasai-kun bought them to eat, so I decided to cook them, too. Then, I looked around and realized Kasai-kun wasn’t home. I wonder where he could be. Maybe he had to go to work and left already. Oh, well.

    After a while, I heard Kasai-san wake up and come in.

    “Tomochin, what are you doing..?” she said as she rubbed her eyes cutely like a little kid would.

    “Ah, ohayou, Kasai-san. I’m making lunch, or really late breakfast.”

    “Oh, really?” she came to me and inhaled. Her stomach growled. “Mmm… I think that I’m a little bit hungry...”

    “A little bit?” I laughed. “Your stomach was growling like an engine in a Formula-1 car”.

    “Oh...” She blushed. I giggled at her embarrassed reaction.

    “By the way, where’s your brother? I want to thank him.”

    “Eh?” she seemed to be surprised. “My brother?”

    “Yes. He’s working at a local cafe, you remember him?”

    I turned off the stove, pulled out the two plates of the closet and put omelet on them. Taking another plate, I put the ready toast on her. I went to the table and put three plates on it.

    “Breakfast is ready. Let’s eat.”

    She smiled and sat down, grabbing her plate and pulling it closer to her.

    “Itadakimasu~” In the next 15 minutes, I heard only the sound of munching and chomping as the very hungry Kasai-san eats artless food that I made. But, I was concerned that she didn’t answer my question. After everything had been eaten and the plates were washed and put in their place, I asked the same question again.

    “So, how about your brother?”

    She looked at me as if she doubted if she should say something or not. After a minute of silence, she finally spoke.

    “Ano… Tomochin… I need to tell you something very important. Just wait for me here, okay?”

    I slightly nodded and sat on the chair as she went into the bedroom and shut the door. When it opened again, Kasai-kun came out, wearing his uniform.

    ….Wait, how did that happen?!

    “Kasai-kun? Where’s…?”

    “I’m not Kasai-kun… Well, I am. We’re the same person.”


    “The café I work at is a danso café. It’s my job to dress as a male there. And, when you first saw me, too, and when I met your boyfriend. It was always me, since the beginning.”

    “Kasai...” I was shocked. I can’t believe it was him… her… And, I actually considered that I…

    No! That… right now, that was a lie. I didn’t say that. Forget what I said.

    “But, why didn’t you tell me?”


    I slowly got up and grabbed my bag from the couch. “I’ll be going now...”

    “Wha-? Wait! Tomo!”

    I stopped as I reached the door, my hand almost touching the knob.

    Tomo? Where have I..?

    "Tomo... chin... please, don't go..."

    “...You… should probably get ready for work. I’ll see you later, Kasai.”

    I slowly opened the door and left her. As I closed the door, I leaned up against the wall and held my head.

    How could I… think such a thing?

Yuko’s POV

    At Mai’s apartment, me and Mayu-chan sat down on her large, white couch as she poured us some tea.

    “You two want cookies?”

    “Hai~” we harmonized.

    She walked over and set down the tray carrying the plate of cookies and tea set. She poured us out the tea and the sweet, herbal aroma filled up the entire room. The scent, combined with the almost all white décor, was so beautiful and it calmed and relaxed us.

    “Here you are…”

    “Thank you~” I instantly took a sip of the tea and the warm, bittersweet flavor of the fresh Black Tea tingled on my tongue and trickled down my throat, heating it up.

    “Mm~ Oh my God, this is amazing.” Mayu was enjoying it, too, but unlike her, I was scarfing down the cookies as she was relaxed on the couch only eating one or two while drinking the tea.

    “So, tell us more about Minami. Like, what were those headphones she was wearing?”

    “Those were created by Minoru. He built them to transmit high frequencies only ANGELs can hear.”

    “Like that defective ANGEL.”

    “Yes, only, she was never defective. She was a perfect ANGEL when she was first created.”

    “Then, what happened?”

    “Well, when she was first made, she was smart and very high advanced in her training. However, she wasn’t very strong and would often have trouble during physical training. Minoru didn’t like this at all, and would scold her or even push her past her limit to make her fight. Then, he finally broke her and she had a meltdown. After she calmed down, Minoru made the headphones while she was unconscious.”

    “And it made her stronger.”

    “Yes. But, it did much more than that.”

    “What did they do to her?”

    “The sound waves that entered her brain increased her physical strength and she was able to succeed in her training. However, they also reset her mind completely. She lost all her emotion and obeyed Minoru’s commands completely, no matter what it was. She was a mindless robot, a slave controlled right in the palm of his hands.”

    “That’s terrible.”

    “And he tried to do that to Minami?”

    “Yes, but luckily, she was able to resist the brainwashing and endured all that torture so she wouldn’t give into him. Eventually, it resulted in a power overload and she almost died if we didn’t save her and put her in that capsule. Her powers shut down because of the explosion and she had to remain in that capsule to fully charge them. It took two years until she finally woke up, yesterday.”

    “So, she’s okay now, right?”

    She frowned slightly. “Well, I don’t think all of her powers have been restored yet. Her energy levels were still a bit lower than normal.”

    “Even after two years?”

    “Minami had a strong power level, the strongest I’ve seen compared to the others. She was truly something else. Hard-headed, brave, and rebellious, with a pure heart of gold. But, she was also very sensitive and caring. I think she’ll be okay, as long as she doesn’t take any major damage."

    I slowly set down my cup on the table and looked at her with serious eyes, staring straight into hers. "Mai-Mai... Does Minami... know Acchan?"

    A sad smile appeared on her face. "Ah, yes. Maeda Atsuko. She and Minami were very close; she always thought about her and talked about her. It was her love for her that helped her resist the brainwashing effects of the headphones."


    Me and Mayu leaned in closer. "What do you mean by that?"

    “Wait, you mean she never told you?”


Minami’s POV

    As I sat on the ground, leaning up against the wall, I held my fists together as I tried to gather up as much energy as I could to gain enough strength and fight. I heard some footsteps coming this way, so I quickly hid behind the wall. I saw two shadows pass me and when I looked back over my shoulder, I saw that girl who captured me, along with some other girl, walking down the stairs.

    After I heard their footsteps disappear, I hurried down the stairs to try and find the exit. When I reached the bottom of the staircase, I found the door wide open, letting in all the beautiful, warm sunlight and cool fresh air. I was ready to run out, scream in pure joy, then go right to the police to arrest these girls. However, I heard some movement coming from a room downstairs.

    They must be in there…

    I started walking down the stairs and the first thing that came into my mind was the horrid smell. It was hot and damp, making my throat feel dry and tight, clenching and unclenching like a fist.

    I swallowed my own saliva as my nose continued to be enveloped by the moist, rotten air combined with a strong scent of burning wood. As I walked down the metal stairs, hearing the echo of my footsteps bouncing off the walls, I found the room just to be an open space, graffiti painted on some of the walls, wood burning in a small fire inside a metal bucket, and what looked like a forklift near the bottom of the stairs.

    As I reached the bottom and continued looking around, I heard what sounded like a wooden sword hitting the ground. I turned around and saw a few girls walking up from behind me. More and more appeared, including the two girls I saw earlier. Everyone had the same grey school uniform, with white ribbons, and each one looked different to separate them. Some with lots of jewelry and accessories, some with yarn tied in their hair, some just flashy in all.

    “Are~” I turned and saw a woman carrying a can of beer in her hand, a much larger woman with short black hair and wearing a blue jersey following behind her. “What do we have here? What a surprise, meeting up in a place like this.”

    “Who are you?”

    I heard a giggle coming from my right and I saw three girls wearing lolita dresses and playing with some of their accessories. I got more irritated and looked at the woman again.

    “Do you want something from me?”

    “God, you’re annoying!” the strawberry voiced girl said. “Look, it’s pretty simple. We’re gonna get rid of you, for good.”

    My eyebrow twitched as I saw all of them smile evily at me. “I won’t let you hurt anyone… especially not Atsuko.”

    “Huh?! Who the hell’s that?”

    “Listen here, missy, this isn’t a one-on-one. Got it?”

    I only gripped my fists tighter as I knew what was about to happen. I could only think about her. I could only imagine what she could be doing, and where she is. And, if anything, I can only hope, deep, deep down inside of her, she would surely, truly remember.


Atsuko’s POV

    Today was finally a day for us to relax after a long while. Just me, Nyan-nyan, and Yukirin, being regular high school girls. We didn’t do much; we just went shopping a bit, and right now, we’re here at a karaoke box. We ate and celebrated as we each took turns singing songs. I didn’t sing much, I was shy about my voice, but the guys would often force me. They’d both normally sing songs by idols, like AKB, Morning Musume, or Matsuura Aya, and they made me even sing Otsuka Ai’s “Sakuranbo” with them.

    But, really, I just wanna forget all about that ANGEL. I seriously don’t understand her. Why did she suddenly kiss me? Ever since, she’s acted strange around me and all these weird migraines keep coming up, irritating and confusing me more. I don’t want the guys to worry and get involved. I just want to leave all of this behind and just have fun. Completely forget about that girl.

    “C’mon, Acchan!” Nyan-nyan kept shaking my shoulder while pouting.

    “Guys, I’m telling you, my voice is terrible,” I shyly say in between my giggles as they danced and cheered.


    “Come on, Acchan, it’s just one song. You have a great voice.”

    “Yeah, but you guys sing better.”

    Yukirin looked at the screen and smiled. “Okay, how about this? We’ll all three sing the song together, and whoever has the best score will be named the Queen of Karaoke!”

    “Yeah~! Let’s do it!”

    I giggled at their excited behavior and got up, taking one of the mics in my hand. “Okay, one song.”


    “So, what are we singing?”

    “Hebi-rote! Hebi-rote!”

    “OK! AKB48’s ‘Heavy Rotation’!”


Third Person POV

    The Boss of the Yabakune girls cracked open her can of beer and widened her eyes in excitement.

    “Yabakune! Merry-go-Round!!!

    Minami stood and watched as the girls started forming a circle around her, all of them gripping their wooden swords and metal poles in their hands.


    The next thing she knew, they all started circling her, going at a single pace as they stared at her intensely. Minami took in her surroundings and focused her energy as she saw the woman gulp down all the beer and the girls seeming to pick up their pace. She closed her eyes, focusing her power and building it up inside of her. It was weak, but she could feel it; it was strong enough for her to fight these girls, but all of them at once, she’ll just have to see. Time seemed to stop as her mind was taken back to those moments, those memories of her and the time they spent together.

Back at Atsuko’s location...

Atsuko’s POV

    “Heavy Rotation~”

    As the song was finishing, I suddenly felt a pulse surge through me. When I turned and looked, I saw a vision of me and that ANGEL, singing together. She looked at me and smiled as she finished.

    “Your voice is beautiful, Acchan...”

    “Ehehe, yours is better.”


    “What's wrong?”

  “Hey, ******, from now on, can you just call me ‘Atsuko’?”

    “E-eh? But, why?”

    “I don’t know. I guess… because you’re my best friend.”

    “Hey, Acchan, are you okay?”

    “Can you hear us?”

    “...Okay. So, Atsuko, then.”

    “Acchan!” I heard the two call for me and I saw them in front of me once more.


    “What happened? You were spacing out a bit there.”


At Minami’s location...

Third Person POV

    Minami was surrounded by calm silence, all other noises and scents disappeared in her mind as she was in her dreamland, until she finally heard the can drop to the ground, as if it were thrown up in the air, and everyone charged at her. She opened her eyes and started dodging their attacks and successfully hit a few of them while they kept trying to hit her.

    She was able to hit a girl once and knock her to the ground, but the second after, she obtained a blow to the back. And again. And again. She turned and was ready to hit them, but was thrown back by another pole that hit her. She was thrown over to another girl, who punched her in the face and almost knocked her down, but was able to regain her balance.


At Atsuko’s location...

Atsuko’s POV


    I suddenly felt my heart pound extremely hard, as if it were about to come out of my chest. A sharp pain shocked me in the head, a high tone ringing in my ears as I clutched my forehead and dropped the mic in my hand.


    “What’s wrong?”

    I sat down as I felt my head pulse, but… there was pain somewhere else. There was a strong pain in my back that almost caused me to fall down, but I was able to sit down before something could happen. Another pulse rushed through me as the pain was also somewhere near my cheek. I gritted my teeth as I winced in pain silently.


At Minami’s location...

Third Person POV

    “No, Minami! Don’t think about her!”

    She tried to concentrate as someone pulled her by her collar and whacked her with a pole again.

    “No… Don’t think about her. Don’t think about how beautiful she is when she smiles, how cute her laugh is, how sweet she is to you.”

    She punched the girl square in the nose, but she couldn’t get the thought of her out of her mind. That sweet voice that was music to her ears, the glowing beauty in her eyes, that perfect smile formed in her soft, luscious pink lips.

    “Minami… promise you won’t get into fights anymore. Please, for me?”

    She heard her voice echo in her ears again.

    “Argh! No, don’t!”

    “Eat it!” She felt someone push her against the stair rail, hitting her with the pole before throwing her to the ground.

At Atsuko’s location...

Atsuko’s POV


    I can hear her, I can see her, but why? Why are these thoughts still in my head? They aren’t real; she just put them in my head. They just can’t be real. Me and this girl, we’ve never met, and we never--

    “A promise...”


    The vision I saw; it was me and her at the side of a hill. And in her hand… were the bracelets. The exact same bracelets on my wrists. The ones I got from…

    “Our promise. Don’t you forget it, kay?”


    During that vision, all that pain faded away. I could only feel this weird, tingling feeling inside my chest that made my whole body numb. Finally, I was able to calm down as it ended, but my head was still throbbing from the intensity of the vision. I looked at my wrist, at the bracelets, remembering what had happened in that vision. She gave them to me, but I know that’s not true. Why would she even do that? Is she messing with my head, or…?

    “Acchan, what happened?”

    In my confusion, I ran off out of the room, and out of the building. Even after I heard them call for me, I ignored them and continued running. I don’t care where I was going. One thing I knew for sure: I had to find that girl. I need to find out just what she knows about me and why, why she put those thoughts in my head, why she acted so strange around me. I need to find out who she is. Because if I don’t, who knows what will happen next.

    I suddenly felt another pulse shock through me and somewhere, a voice told me where to go. I let my feet take me wherever they wanted and I arrived at some abandoned building. I could hear the sound of fighting going on, and screams of pain.

    That voice…

Back at the karaoke bar...

Haruna’s POV

    “Acchan!!” We ran out to try and find her outside, but she was already long gone when she arrived. “Where did she go?”

    “I don’t know. What could’ve gotten into her?”

    I suddenly heard Yuki’s phone ring, and when she looked, she saw it was Mayu.

    “Moshi-moshi? Mayu? ...No, Acchan just left… I don’t know! She just freaked out and ran off!”

    “Is Yuko there?”

    “Yeah, here.” She handed the phone to me and I leaned down so we could both hear it.

    “Guys, what happened?”

    “Are you guys in Akihabara?”

    “Yeah, we’re at the building with the karaoke bar.”

    “Meet us at the Don Quixote. We’ll explain on the way, but we need to find Acchan, now!”

    “What? Why?”

    “We just learned something BIG about Acchan and Minami.”

Tomochin’s POV

    I can’t believe this… Kasai Tomomi. I don’t know who or what her true identity is anymore. I can’t believe she kept this secret from me. But, really, it’s my fault, too. I was stupid enough to think such damn things, and it made me so… crazy! But… bit by bit, I grew closer to him… well, her. And, the more I got to know who she was, I felt…

    I felt this connection. I was afraid of what it could’ve been, I thought I was just drunk or stupid, but even when I was sober, I felt it. And, when she saved me, I saw something in her that made me feel so… amazing…. It was probably… my first love.

    ….Damnit!!! Why the HELL am I thinking this?!

    I can’t… I can’t do that. I can’t fall in love with someone, not now, and especially not with a girl. There’s no one I can trust, not that I know I can. All that John ever did was use my dirty little secrets and twist them to his liking to make them so… realistically fake(wow...) and blackmails me and tortures me with them. He hurts me, harasses me, that’s all men ever do. He lied and said he loved me, then he changed.

    Then, I met Kasai and finally felt I could trust this person. I felt love that was pure and nowhere near fake. Even though… Kasai Chiyuu, the ikemen college student, wasn’t even real to begin with. He was just a character created by bartender of danso café Queen Dolce III, Kasai Tomomi. How could I have not known? How could I have been so clueless to not see that? I’m such an idiot…

    I was a fool… who fell for everything.

    Before I knew it, I felt someone grab me from behind, his arm wrapped around my neck, and a handkerchief covering my mouth. I tried to scream and break free, but it was useless. I felt tears blur my eyes as my mind went blank and everything around me disappeared into dark silence.

Minami’s POV


    I felt one of the girls picked my up by my collar and punch me in the face. I got up and threw her off, but only to feel myself be pushed down and kicked in the stomach. They just laughed and cheered as they watched me suffer. I felt like crying, but I wouldn’t. I won’t cry in front of these monsters and show them I’m weak. Because I’m not. I’m strong. I’ll be strong for her, I promised her. Gritting my teeth, I slowly stood up and felt a burning anger flare up inside me as I looked at them. Right now, my power is still weak. I might not be able to hold on for long.

    “I won’t let you touch Atsuko.”

    “Hey!” I heard a familiar voice echo inside the room, one that made my heart skip, pound, and ache all at the same time. I turned and saw her at the end of the staircase, watching everything that happened.

    No, Atsuko…

Atsuko’s POV

    What is she doing? Doesn’t she know going up against all these people alone… She.. she could get killed! All of these girls, and they’re hurting her so much. And… the Sanshou! Why are THEY here? Did they make them do this to her? Now, that… that’s unforgivable. I stood here, and I watched them, watch them torture her, even after she’s knocked down.

    “Hey!” I hurried down and they all stopped to look at me. She just stood there with this sadness in her eyes, this worry… it filled in the emptiness, but it didn’t suit her. It didn’t look like her natural look. Not like… that smile she had in those visions.

    Wait… what am I thinking?!

    “You!” I walked up to her and held out my wrists to show her the bracelets. “What do you know about these?”

    “....” She remained silent, still looking at me with a shock expression.

    “Look, I’m sorry, but this has gone too far. You keep putting these thoughts in my head, and I can’t take it! Tell me, how much do you know about these? About ME?! Who ARE you?!”

    “Atsuko… I…”

    “Don’t call me ‘Atsuko’!!!”

    “Hey, stay outta this, girly!” One of the girls was about to hit me with a wooden sword, but the ANGEL got in front of me and took the blow. I suddenly felt a surge of pain through me that very second and held my chest, feeling it pumping inside of me intensely. And, there was pain at my shoulder. The right shoulder, the same one that she got hit with from the sword.


    “Oh, I see~” I saw an older-looking woman giggle as she twirled her braided hair. “You two are connected, huh?”

    “Huh? What are you--”

    “That means, if we kill the ANGEL...” Myao came up and grabbed my wrist. Before I knew it, Rabutan hooked a pair of pink handcuffs on me. “We’ll get rid of her too!”

    “No!” She tried to stop them, but was whacked in the head with a metal pole and fell to her knees. I could feel the pain rage through me, along with the same high-pitched tone I heard ever since she had kissed me that night. The Sanshou girls dragged me over to a large pole standing in the ground on the right side of the room and cuffed my hands behind it so I couldn’t move. I could only watch as I saw them pick the ANGEL up, who was still dizzy from that blow to her head.


    They were lined up on both sides to create a path for their boss, who was standing at the end with a smirk on her face. The ANGEL didn’t even try to break free from the two girls holding her. The boss spit out the gum she was shooting and rolled her neck. She looked at her with a smirk before going wild.

    “Yabakune!!! Murofushi!!!

    The large woman behind her grabbed her arm and started spinning her around as the girls cheered and screamed out in excitement. As I was watching this, it gave me a headache as her spinning was blurry and making me dizzy, and I could see it was affecting her too. The woman finally let her go, letting out a loud scream. She bulleted towards the ANGEL at almost light speed before she jumped up and kicked her, sending her flying until she crashed into the forklift and rolled on the floor in pain, holding her head.

    That moment, everything just seemed to stop and I felt my heart pounding endlessly. My head felt like it was being slammed into a wall over and over and I couldn’t think at all. Everything else in my world went dark as I heard her voice calling out for me over and over. Inside my mind, I felt the need to scream out her name, to cry my eyes out as this immense pain took over my heart.


Tomomi’s POV

    At work, I sat against the counter with my head hung low. Right now, I felt so horrible because I hurt Tomochin’s feelings. I rarely spoke to the customers, my flairs weren’t as good as always, and people thought that I was sick.

    “Kasai, maybe you should just go home for today.”

    “N-no, I’m fine...” I put on a fake smile and tried to keep going.

    I feel awful having to think about what Tomo might think of me now. I thought, if I told her, that I was her childhood friend, and an ANGEL, who I was, she’d remember and accept me. I thought I could explain to her everything, what I can do now to protect her… like that night….

    When we fell from her apartment, I was badly injured, it took a while before my healing powers kicked in and slowly healed my wounds. My dislocated shoulder, though, was another story...bluntly, it HURT. Luckily, though, Tomo was only barely injured since I protected her, but she had blood at the side of her head. I took out my handkerchief and started cleaning up the small wound, then I picked her up and started carrying her.

    I was running far, far away from here, because I didn’t want to see John and he hurt Tomo again. I found this dirty and smelly lane and decided to wait here, because I think that in that place, maybe, we’d be safe. All night, I guarded Tomochin and watched her while my body recovering from injuries. And now she was mad at me… I wonder, why? Because I’m not ikemen Kasai-kun? My heart aching because of this…

    “Oi, Kasai-kun! What are you doing?” I heard my chief’s voice and wake up from my thoughts. When I did this, I realized that I spilled one of the client’s cocktails on the bar, and now a green puddle forming on the floor.

    “Gomenasai!” I bowed to chief.

    “Nee, Kasai-kun, go home for today. You need this.” He patted my shoulder. “Sato-kun will replace you.”

    “Ah… Roger...”

    I went to the dressing room and changed into my regular clothes. Suddenly, my cell phone start ringing. I looked at it and saw the caller ID said “Unknown.”

    Who is this?

    I pressed the green button and answer to the call. “Moshi-moshi? Kasai desu.”

    “Hey you, bastard!” I recognized that voice. John!

    “What are you want from me?”

    “How rude...” He giggled. “Your bitch Itano is in my hands.”

    “What do you do with Tomochin?!” I was really pissed off. What could have he done to her?

    “I did nothing to her. But if you don’t come, she will die horribly.”

    “Where are you?”

    “Come to the thirteenth warehouse. I will wait for you.” And he laughed.

    I shut off my phone. That bastard… I’ll kill him. Then, my legs bolted and I ran through the backdoor.

    Tomochin, wait for me!

Minami’s POV

    “Minami… Minami..!”


    “Minami, promise you won’t leave me.”

    Atsuko, please…

    “Thank you, Minami. You’re my best friend.”

    Atsuko, don’t talk to me like that, that sweet voice that just makes my heart melt. Don’t look at me with those eyes, those gorgeous eyes I can get lost in forever. I can’t forget you. I can’t forget that moment, that day that broke my heart. I don’t want to see you cry anymore. I just want you back. Please, remember those moments we had, where you would just fall into my embrace in a dream that could never be broken. God, why do you do that to me, Atsuko? I love you…

    “So this is how it is, huh, ANGEL?”

    I just laid there and watched as they charged at me, ready to give me another beating. All this pain, all this suffering, I’ll endure it, so you won’t get hurt.

    I’m sorry, Atsuko… I failed…

Tomomi’s POV

    I rushed to the warehouse building that was on the city’s end. It truly was, as I thought it would be, the most awful place that I’ve ever seen. The light was coming from the second floor, so I opened the rusty creaking door and ran to the staircase. One set of stairs led down and the other was in the mud of some unknown content. The air smelled of something unpleasant and I thought I was gonna puke because of it. It seemed that everything rotten could be found here, all gathered together.

    I found another door which had been beaten down and metal chains on the ground next to it. I ran inside and saw a flight of stairs leading to a lit room. I also noticed there was a closet nearby with the lock had scratches from a knife on it. I heard someone banging, and when I pressed my ear against it, I recognized the voice.


    “So, you decided to show up after all, huh?” I saw John walking towards me, a sadistic smile on his face.

    “Let Tomochin go!”

    “What, that simple? And where’s my last goodbye kiss to her?” He smirked. “Or should I said ‘goodbye’ to both of you?”

    He then took a gun out and aimed at my heart.

    “Uh-huh… Already running away and falling.” I said in a sarcastic tone. “Leave us in peace! We don’t need your devilish deals here!”

    “You don’t wanna fight me and prove yourself to your lil’ bitch friend? What are you, chicken?”

    “Gah…” I got really irritated. “I’ll ask you, one last time, to leave us and go away! I don’t want to use violence.”

    “Haha… Are you really trying to scare me?”

    In one second, he cocked the trigger and shot me. Previously, I wouldn’t have noticed it, but now, it seems my vision became sharper and my speed has increased. As if in slow motion, I saw the bullet fly towards me. I quickly dodged it, and then he broke a board in front of where I was standing.

    “How… how did you do that?” John surprisely stared at me. I just glare at my hands. How did I do that? It’s impossible for a human...! But, wait… that’s right, I’m not human. I’m an ANGEL!

    Tomochin… Now I know how to protect you! We will live together. Soon...

    I tensed and, after I felt how my power boiling inside me, I ran up to John faster than anyone and hit his face with my right fist. He fell on dirty floor.

    “Wow… You ANGELs are unpredictable.” He wiped the blood that flowed from his splitting lip.


    I went to his side and picked him up by his collar.

    “How you learn about ANGELs, bastard?” I was really pissed off, because that human being knows who we are.

    “We all have our sources of information. And secrets too. Isn’t that right, ANGEL Kasai Tomomi-san?” He wheezed and grinned. “But very soon, both of you and your damn allies will be dead. I’ll kill you. Every single one.”

    “You can’t do that because I’ll kill your fucking body and burn it up. For Tomochin, for Korisu, for anyone of my friends and important people.” I could feel the rage rise from my heart.

    I felt like I started to circle around a light breeze, that soon turned into a tornado. I saw his eyes widened when he saw what was happening. I could feel my power consume my consciousness. I can’t control my body. The rage was in control of me now. I’m scared…

    Somebody, help me! Tomochin...

    Suddenly I saw a ray of light in a darkness and heard a soft voice. This light was so gentle and beautiful and this voice was so calmly… I close my eyes, when…

    “...yuu! ...iyuu! Chiyuu! CHIYUU!”

    I recognized that voice, but I couldn’t remember who this voice belonged to.

    I… don’t remember you… I… want to die…

    “Chiyuu, stop this! Come back, please!”
This voice was overstraining herself in screaming. “Come back, Chiyuu, please! I need you!”

    My name is… Chiyuu?

    “Chiyuu, come back! I love you!!!”

    I felt like someone hit me on the head. I remembered.

    This voice… Tomochin! I need to come back and rescue her!

    “AAAHHHH!!!” I screamed and open my eyes. The wind ceased and I saw that John was now lying on the ground. His eyes was closed, and his breath seemed to have stopped. I fell to my knees and started breathed heavily.

    What did I do? Did I kill him?!

    I looked behind me as heard a banging coming from down the hall.

    “Tomochin!” I gotta hurry and save her. I got up and started running in the direction the banging was coming from. “Tomochin, I’m coming!”

Atsuko’s POV

    “******, no!!!”

    I felt a shock run through me and a sudden vision flashed in my head. This time, it was so intense and painful, that I screamed out loud. I didn’t know if I was even conscious or not anymore. I just screamed and screamed in agony, I can feel as if my heart is breaking, just aching in so much pain. In my ears, I heard this horrible sound that drowned out every other thought in my head. It was just a single tone, but in my head, it sounded like a crescendo of these awful noises that grinded my eardrums and made my whole body feel as though it was being ripped apart.

    “No!!! No, PLEASE!!!” I could hear my own voice yelling, screaming, pleading for someone. Something. It only made my heart ache more and I felt like I was going to cry. “Please, let her go!!!”

    I shook my head as I felt the sound only become louder.

    “Please, don’t take her away from me! I don’t want this!!!”

    “Don’t worry.”
I heard the familiar chuckle that only came from Minoru himself. “You won’t even remember you knew her, let alone loved her.”

    “NO!!! I don’t want to leave her!!!”

    “You’re a nuisance. Everything will be better this way.”

    “Don’t do this… Don’t make me forget her! I won’t forget you, ******, never! I’ll come back for you, I PROMISE!!!”

    I felt as if my heart stopped that moment. Everything around me froze in time again. I stopped screaming, my head hung low. I could hear only the sound of me crying, wailing in pain, until it faded away and silence came to me. The next thing I felt were the tears streaming down my face. I looked up and saw Manamana staring at me. But, there was something different in her eyes. No evil, no darkness… it looked like she pitied me.

    “Manamana?” Myao called for her again and she turned away her gaze. I looked over and saw the ANGEL on the ground, blood streaming down from her mouth. Two girls picked her up again, facing the boss.


    “Shall we give her the finishing blow?”

    I could only sit there and watch as she grinded her foot against the ground, ready to take her down.

    “Take this!!!” She screamed out and ran up to her, however, before she could attack, everyone was blown back from a large earthquake that shook the ground. It only lasted a few seconds, and everyone got back on their feet.

    “What do you think you’re doing to her?” It was Yuko.

Minami’s POV

    That girl. Where have I seen her before? She looks like one of the girls that saved me yesterday. There’s a bandage wrapped around her hand. Yup, that’s her, the one that broke the glass containment capsule to free me. She’s incredibly strong. I got up as she started walking over to me, looking at me with serious eyes. She smiled a bit.

    “Takahashi Minami… right?”


    She turned over back to the stairs, where I saw the other three girls that were with her. Then, she turned back to me and smiled. There was this look in her eyes that made me feel a bit suspicious as to if I can trust her or not. She then glanced over at Atsuko and smirked.

    “Tell me…” She said as she leaned closer to my ear. “You’re contracted to Acchan, aren’t you?”


    How did she…?

Atsuko’s POV

    That ANGEL… Why is it when I look at her, something sparks in me? When I see those eyes, those beautiful dark eyes, it’s like another world. And that voice, the sound of it makes me feel safe. Sometimes it’s strong and confident, but then it could instantly become soft and gentle, and it warmed my heart so much.

    ….Wait, what? Why am I saying this? I don’t know who she is, I don’t remember meeting her, I…

    “Don’t leave me, Atsuko...”



    “Please… you promised… Don’t leave me...”

    My heart kept pounding, but it didn’t hurt. Instead, I felt this pleasant warmth surge through me, coursing through my veins, right from the core of my heart. I didn’t try to stop the visions, I let them continue.

    I was in the hospital, the one I was sent to when I was due for my surgery. Her face was glistening with tears, crying by the side of my bed, holding my hand tight. I was sleeping… No, that can’t be. The machine beside of me is flat lining... Am I dead? She looked up and caressed my cheek, tears falling down her face. She wiped them off and her eyes glowed a bright, passionate red.

    “I won’t let you go...” she whispered as she leaned closer and pressed her forehead against mine. “I absolutely won’t allow it.”

    Before I knew it, she kissed me deeply, holding my neck as she transferred the medicine into me. It brought back the life inside me and my heart grew so warm.

    Then, boom… boom… boom… I could feel my heart pounding. When I opened my eyes, I saw her hovering over me, a sad smile curved slightly on her tear streaked face.



    Wait… that happened… That happened, didn’t it?

    I suddenly felt another spark inside me. I felt something change that made me realize the truth about this… it was real. And everything I saw was real. And all those feelings inside of me, the happiness, the sadness, the pain… all of that was love. True love. That feeling inside of me made all of that pain disappear. I remember. I remember that moment, where she saved me in the hospital, when we made that promise, when we were separated… Oh my god…

    How could I forget her?

    She… She’s my savior… my protector… my… My lover.

    “I… I love you, Atsuko.”


    Minami. Takahashi Minami. She’s the ANGEL who saved me from dying of cancer, the one I’m bound to by the contract… and the girl I fell in love with.

Tomomi’s POV

    I hurried to the closet where Tomochin had been hiding and saw her cradled against the corner, her mouth taped shut and her arms and legs tied by rope. She looked up at me and screaming, crying. I hurried to her side and untied the ropes. Once I ripped the tape off, she smiled and hugged me, still crying.

    “Oh my God, Kasai-san… I was so worried.” She broke the hug and turned to look at me. “Thank you.”

    “C’mon, let’s go.” I took her hand and started leading her out of the apartment. It was over. Now, we can go home and not worry.

    But, then…


    “Argh!” I heard a gunshot. Tomochin was in front of me, protecting me. She took the shot for me and blood started seeping out of her back


    I saw John on the ground, the gun in his hands and blood running down from his forehead. He smiled evily. “Serves you right...”

    “No!!!” I watched as Tomochin fell to the ground, holding her shoulder. “Tomochin!”

    “D-don’t worry… I’ll be oka--”

    *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*

    Three more shots into her back, all to protect me, all so I could live. She smiled weakly as she fell to the ground.

    “No! Why? Why did you--?!”

    “You’re next, ANGEL!!!”

    I ran up, blocking all the bullets by slicing my arm and pushing them away from me in the slashes of wind. I grabbed the gun from him, trying to make him let go. He had a strong grip and readied the trigger one last time.

    “You’re finished...”

    “NO!!!!” Everything in my mind went blank as I ripped the gun from his grip and shot him… right into his head. He was dead instantly. I dropped the gun and slowly turned to see Tomochin in a pool of her own blood, her breathing deep and heavy as she tried to stay awake. I slowly walked to her side and fell to my knees. “Tomochin… hic…. I’m sorry… Th-this is..hic..all my fault… hic….”

    “N-no, Kasai-san… th-this is all… m-m-my fault… I was s-stupid enough to fall in love with John… a-and now, because of me...”

    “Tomochin, please don’t say that! If I never met you, none of this would’ve happened! We wouldn’t have gotten dragged into this!!!”

    But… meeting each other… was what I wanted the most… How did it end like this?

    “K-Kasai… -san...”

    My eyes widened as she smiled and looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, her hand cupping my cheek.

    “Y-y-you’ll… b-be okay… You’re… a really great girl… I-I’m glad… I g-got to meet you… You’re a…. g-good… friend….” Slowly her voice faded away as her eyes slowly closed and her hand dropped to the ground. Her head tilted to its side as she breathed out her last breath and lost all warmth in her. I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I held my head with both hands, crying over her.


Minami’s POV

    The ANGEL smiled at me and patted my head as she knew she had found out the truth about me and Atsuko.

    “I thought so...”

    “But, how did you know?”

    “Uh… Let’s just say, a little birdy told me.”

    “Even though one more came, the situation doesn’t change,” the Yabakune boss said, trying to hide her fear. The ANGEL faced the back of me as we were circled by the Yabakune girls. I couldn’t help but look over to Atsuko, who had obviously been crying. Her head turned towards me and she cried more.


    I felt this feeling of joy rush inside me and I felt all my power come back. I could feel everything burning like a powerful fire inside of me, that fire that can burst out of me and I turn into fire myself. I closed my eyes, feeling this immense power rush back into me. A smile crossed my face.

    “Can you feel it?” I asked the girl behind me. “The fire burning inside of you...”

    “You bet. It’s called excitement.”

    When I opened my eyes, I could feel the atmosphere around me change, and it felt good. The sweat at the back of my neck was long gone, and I had no fear or pain left. Only fire.

    “Cover my back, will ya?” I said to her as I felt my wounds heal and I gripped my fists.

    “Same here,” she chuckled back as she knelt down and held her knees.

    As they started to charge at us, I felt everything happen in a flash. It was just one punch and kick after another, and every time we knocked them down, they got back up, just  wanting more. I didn’t mind this at all; I wasn’t afraid anymore. I can take down these girls now, and nothing was gonna stop me. I saw as all of them suddenly became scared of our strength, still circling us, but backed away and refrained from attacking. I turned and saw the other ANGEL took down a few girls herself, but she was watching me, a smile on her face.

    “You’re better than I thought...”

    I saw the boss growl and stomp her foot.

    “Yabakune~ Merry-go-Round~~~!!!!”

    I stomped my foot, too, and fire circled the entire area. It caught onto their bodies and burned them instantly. They turned into clumps of burnt vines and plants and fell to the ground, dissolving into black dust. Only the three lolitas were left, and now it’s time to punish them for doing this to me and Atsuko.

    We both ran towards them, letting out our battle cries. I coated my arm in fire as she clenched hers hard and a veil bulged out. Raising our fists together, we were ready to punch the two girls in front of us, until the girl in the white dress came in front, opening her parasol. Our punches combined instantly crushed it, then burned it, and we hit her chest, engulfing her body in flames and sending her flying into the wall. The fire disappeared around her and her body and dress were covered in black dust.

    “Manamana!” the two others screamed as they rushed to her side. The girl Manamana was slowly fading away into black dust and her parasol fell out of her hands. There were tears forming and slowly running down her eyes as she laid there, her sisters crying on top of her. She held their arms and gave them the burnt parasol.

    “Good...bye….” Her eyes slowly closed and she completely disappeared, a pile of black dust leaving her place, along with a small pink key that matched the handcuffs on Atsuko. The two girls looked at us, seriously pissed at killing her sister, but all that anger faded away and they ran off crying.

    Biting my lip, I looked at the ANGEL behind me to see if I did something wrong. She just shrugged and scratched her head. She told me that they were fighting against us, anyways, so I think I should be happy I defeated one of them. I stood up and took the key over to unlock Atsuko’s handcuffs. As I did, the other three came down and were shocked to see the scene.

    "What... happened?" the tallest girl with big ears asked.

    "The midget over there burnt them. And, Manamana's gone, too. Blame her."

    My eyebrow twitched at that. “Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?!”

    “Ehehehe...” She shouldn’t be laughing. She's just a few inches taller than me; I'm not THAT short. And who gave her the write to pass the buck onto me? She’s as much a part of this as I am.

    Ah, forget it… I just met the girl, anyways.

    "One down, two to go," one girl with raven black hair spoke as she rubbed the black material in her hands.

    "Where did all this soot come from?" a girl with twin pigtails that I instantly recognized as a younger ANGEL. She’s… Watanabe, I think.

    "Again, blame her."

    "Mou~ quit that, Yuuchan!"

    "Ufufu, okay, Nyan-nyan. I'll stop..." She hugged the tall girl and sent me a devilish smile. "For now~"

    I ignored her teasing and unlocked the cuffs holding Atsuko’s wrists behind her back. She turned around and looked at me with teary eyes.

    “Are you okay, Atsuko?”

    She remained silent and stared at me, tears began streaming down her eyes again.

    I guess… it’s hopeless now.

    I was about to leave, but then I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned and saw Atsuko, who suddenly pulled me close and hugged me. She softly cried into my shoulder as she hugged me tighter.

    “Minami…! I missed you so much!”


    She remembers me. Finally, after so long, she remembers me. I closed my eyes in pure bliss and hugged her back.

    “I missed you, too.”

    “I’m so sorry… hic... I said all those things to you… I-I.. hic… I couldn’t remember… anything… hic... I-I didn’t mean any of it, I… hic… I’m sorry...”

    “It’s okay. It’s not your fault,” I reassured her as our knees buckled and we fell to the ground. I caressed her hair, letting her sob silently into my chest. “They made you forget...”

    I felt her clutch onto me tighter as I slowly broke the hug to face her.

    “But, it’s over now… We can be together again, and this time, forever.”

    “Minam--” I shut her up with a kiss, sweet and tender. I don’t want her to cry. I just want her to smile, to let me hold her and love her. I could hear the others squeal a bit as they watched, but ignored it and continued kissing her. When we parted, I could finally see those beautiful eyes sparkle, that warm smile I loved so much. “Minami...”

    “I love you, Atsuko.”

    “I love you, too, Minami.”

Tomomi’s POV

    “Tomo! Tomo, no please!” I shook her body, trying to wake her up, but she wouldn’t respond. I kept calling to her over and over, but it was no use. She was gone, dead, and I couldn’t save her now. It was too late.

    No… Tomo..!

    “Tomo! This is all my fault! Because of me… I..! I wish this never happened! I wish I could go back and redo my meeting with you! I could’ve meet you sooner, I could’ve saved you before you were hurt! I could be with you and nothing bad would happen...”

    I beat her chest, trying to make her heartbeat again.

    “Please! COME BACK TO ME, TOMO!!!”

    I slowly lifted her body up, caressing her beautiful face. I slowly let our lips meet as I transferred the oxygen into her.

    Breathe, Tomo…

    But, that same moment, I felt something much more. I felt this warmth that couldn’t be explained. Even though her body was ice cold, it was warm, and it was sweet. I felt myself let out something and it entered Tomo’s mouth, slowly dripping down the side of her lips and down her chin.

    I broke the kiss and saw a purple liquid trailed down the side on her mouth. I covered my mouth, realizing it came out of me. Yuko told me that ANGELs can create a special elixir that can bound two souls by a contract when the human is near death. And, it could only be transferred by a kiss…

    “Tomo...” I smiled and hugged her body, crying into her shoulder more. “Thank God… I-I… I...”

    I can save you… We can be together…

    “Tomo, please hold on for me...”

Yuko’s POV

    We were finally able to destroy one of the Sanshou, along with the Yabakune minions, and got home safely. Acchan was still in Minami’s embrace, fast asleep after she calmed down from crying. I walked over and saw her smiling as she continued petting her head.

    “So, you two are lovers, eh?”

    “Ah! Y-yes, she and I… we’ve been together for so long. It broke my heart when we were separated for almost three whole years.”

    “But, Acchan didn’t seem to remember you at first.”

    “The scientists at the B.L.U.E. organization erased her memory. They tried to do the same with me, but I wasn’t going to give up Atsuko so easily. Now, maybe I can start school normally again and keep my promise with her.”


    “She and I made a deal that, if I quit fighting people, which I did a lot back then, we’d start studying to become nurses.”

    “Nurses?” I said, a bit surprised.

    “Oh yeah...” Mayu said, “A lot of nurses and doctors I know became doctors after finishing medical school.”

    Yuki smiled and said, “And Acchan did say once she wanted to study nursing.”

    I giggled and patted the short ANGEL’s head. “Now, that’s love.”

    “What?” I saw Haruna come down the stairs and saw me.

    And, speaking of which…

    “Nee, Nyan-nyan...” I stood up and approached her, catching everyone’s attention.

    “Eh? What?”

    “Nyan-nyan… this Friday, you wanna…..go on a date with me?” I bowed down really far, holding out my hand.


Tomochin's POV

    “....Mm...” I slowly opened my eyes and saw myself back in Kasai-san’s apartment. I shot up and felt my back. No wounds. And, these clothes, they aren’t my clothes. These were Kasai-san’s. And, speaking of which, I saw her asleep on my side, her eyes glistening with tears. “K-Kasai-san?!”

    My voice instantly woke her up, and when she saw me, she instantly hugged me. “Tomo! This isn’t a dream, right? You’re alive?! You’re REALLY alive!!!”

    I was shocked at her sudden behavior. She kept crying as she hugged me tight.

    “Kasai-san...” She broke the hug and when I saw her crying face, something inside me sparked. It’s as if a bell went off in my head. Her crying face… her smile… something about it was familiar.

    Kasai… Tomomi…

    "Chiyuu wants to sleep. She didn't sleep well last night..."


    My eyes widened as I suddenly remembered something I haven’t thought about in such a long time. A memory I hadn’t remembered for so long because of the stress of my career. I picked up her hand, and when I saw her pinky, my heart skipped a beat.

    The ring!

    “Chiyuu?” I could see that brightness in her eyes that matched with Chiyuu’s so well…

    No. Kasai-san was Chiyuu. She IS Chiyuu.

    “Chiyuu!!!” I hugged her tight, unconsciously crying from the memories in my head, playing over and over like a broken record. “Oh God… it’s really you.”

    “Tomo, I’m so glad you remembered me.”

    “Wait… you knew?”

    “I never stopped thinking about you. Ever since you moved away, I wanted to see you so bad. And, then I became an ANGEL; long story, by the way. I was so sure I’d see you again. I wanted nothing more but to see you.”

    “Chiyuu...” I broke the hug and wiped away my tears. “You saved me… Thank you. You really are an angel.”

    “Oh, Tomo~!!!” she started wailing again and sunk into my arms.

    You’re my angel. My savior. My very best.. best friend.


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To Be Continued
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Chapter 7 - Heavy Rotation

Yuko’s POV


“Nyan-nyan… this Friday, you wanna…..go on a date with me?”


Silence ran throughout the whole room as I stood there, my head never rising up to face Haruna.

“I… I know it’s sudden, but… I want to--”

She rose her voice and knelt down to face me. “On Friday… I don’t think I can.”

“I see...”
I hung my head low as I turned from her. “I understand. I knew you’d probably refuse me if...”

“But, we can probably go this Saturday.”

I looked and saw a smile on her face. Before I knew it, she hugged me and patted my head as my face was buried into her chest. My cheeks grew hot.

“We can definitely do that, right?”

“So… it’s a date?”

“Yeah. It’s a date.”


End of Flashback

I stood alone in the streets of Akihabara. I was wearing comfortable clothes, but also cute and fashionable that Haruna would like. I spent the entire night at Mayu’s while she got ready by herself. She told me that she wanted us to meet up so we could see how each of us did. Now, it’s all up to fate.

“Today’s the big day...” I told myself, then slapped my cheeks.

God, I’m so nervous… I was getting nonstop advice from Mayu. She really knows her stuff when it comes to romance. I still don’t have a clue to any of what this “dating” or “romance” stuff even is. The only thing I really know is love at first sight, and that was with…


I’ve never been in love with anyone else. There was never any other guys I was interested in, probably because I always act like one, but I never really felt a romantic attachment to any of my girl friends either. Besides, I only had one…

...Ugh! Why am I even thinking about this?!

I need to focus on this date! We’re in Akihabara, we could eat at a nice cafe or play in an arcade. Or we could go to Platinum Shibuya and buy clothes. Or maybe we could go to a karaoke box… Haruna likes idols. Maybe I can take her to that AKB theatre near here. She’s let me listen to them before, and they’re really good.

GAAAAAAAH!!! Why does the FIRST date have to be so complicated?!?!?!

“Yuuchan~!” My heart skipped a beat when I heard that voice. MAX HIGH TENSION!!

I turned and, finding my long waited girlfriend by my eyes. God, she’s like a goddess. I couldn’t contain my happiness and smiled, waving to her.


She was in light purple dress and white sandals, on her shoulder hung a white clutch with cute bow. On her head was a low twintails with two small terry balls. In my opinion, she looks gorgeous.

She ran up to me, and in my excitement, I jumped up and hugged her koala bear style, making us spin around a bit. When she stopped, I buried my head into her chest and inhaled the sweet scent of her perfume.

What a nice smell… What a nice figure~ I want now~!

...Wait, what about am I thinking!?

Yuko, stop! Get ahold of yourself! From today on, no pervert thoughts!

Smiling to her, I said, “You look great! And your perfume smells great too~!”

“Thank you, Yuu-chan! You look great too!”

Her smile is so cute~~~

“Jaa, where you want to go?”

We began to walk along the random road. Haruna thought for a moment, and then said, “Since we are already in Akihabara, I want to try to get a ticket to the AKB’s theater! I want to see them live...”

She blushed a little bit, and then asked me, “Do you want to?”

“Sure. I’ll go anywhere my Nyan-nyan wants to.”

“Jaa~ Let’s go!” Haruna hold my hand and happily began to walk to the Don Quixote, “AKB, wait for us!”

“AKB~ 48!!!”

“Yuko, have you ever even listened to any AKB songs?” I shook my head, making her giggle a bit. “I thought so.”

“Sing me something.”


“C’mon, one song! How about that one, uhh… Hebi..?”

“Heavy Rotation?”

“Yeah, that!”

“Erm...” Haruna coughed and start singing, “POPPUKON ga hajikeru you ni~ Suki to iu moji ga odoru~”

Suddenly, I don’t know why or how, but I started singing the song with her, the lyrics rolling off my tongue so easily.

“Kao ya koe wo~ Omou dake de~ Ite mo tatte mo irarenai~”

“Oh, Yuu-chan, you know this song?” Haruna was surprised at first, but she was happy I got to sing with her.

I shrugged a bit. Honestly, I was surprised I remember the lyrics, too.

“By the way, you have a lovely voice~” Haruna said, patting my head.

“Eh~? I’m not that good. Not as good as Nyan-nyan~.”

“That’s not true. In any ways, let’s continue our song. Together.”


“Konna kimochi ni nareru tte~ Boku wa tsuiteiru ne~”

And in this very moment, we came to the building, which housed the theater. We lifted to the 8th floor and aimed to the ticket-office. Haruna’s eyes were sparkling and shining brightly as she saw the large theatre lobby. She’ll finally see her dream!

“You really love them, don’t you?” I said as she looked at all the posters from their CD releases. She nodded. She looks like a kid in a candy store.

I got us two tickets for the show later tonight. It starts at 8:00, which means we’ll have plenty of time to spend our day together, and then head back here.

“C’mon, Nyan-nyan, I got the tickets!”

“Yay~ Yuu-chan, we’re the luckiest people in the world!” Haruna hugged me, “Thank you.”

“Hehe~ You’re always welcome, Nyan-nyan!” I smiled and hugged her back, “Etto… We have plenty much time before show, where you want to go?”

“Hm… I heard that new shopping center was open in Akihabara, I wonder if we can go shopping?”

“Wonderful idea! But… I don’t know where this center is...”

“Yuu-chan baka~” She pat me on my head, “It’s near the Amusement Park.”

“Um, sou desu ka?” I rubbed my head, “Then… Let’s go!”


After a ten minutes, I guess, we arrived to the HUGE building. It was build in a modern style like, you know, large glass windows, neon lights… You, I guess, can imagine that. In the door, we were welcomed by couple of special dressing girls. They were dressing in a sexy maid-style dress and cute neko-mimi. They look hot, but…

My Nyan-nyan is better~! Hehe~

In the building, there was various shops as people entered and exited the stores. Firstly Nyan-nyan go to the music shop, and I just followed her. She stopped near the stand, where there were discs of AKB48.

She thought a little bit and then said to me, “What should I buy? What do you think, Yuuchan?” She bit her lower lip and I thought that her cuteness is overwhelmed.

“Umm...” I looked at the CDs, slipping on a pair of headphones and hearing the music play. I can understand why Haruna loves them so much; their music is so catchy and cute. “Sure, Nyan-nyan. I’ll let you buy whatever CDs you want.”

“Yay~” She smiled happily and start to choose discs.

In the end, in total she brought 6 CDs. They were “Ponytail to shushu”, “Everyday Kachuusha”, “Suzukake Nanchara(I can’t really read the whole title. It’s too long…)”, “BINGO!”, “Boku no taiyou”, and “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

“C’mon, let’s buy them.” We headed to the counter and set the discs on top of each other. Then, we stood and waited as they each got scanned.

Then, we saw the total amount.

“..Woah. That’s a bit more expensive than I thought.”

“I guess the older singles cost more.”

“Yuuchan...” I looked at Haruna, who was scrambling through her purse. “I may not have enough to afford all these CDs, and then help pay for lunch.”

“Ah, souka… Hm...” I started to pull out my wallet to look, but Haruna stopped me.

“Don’t worry, Yuuchan.” She smiled as she released my hand and patted my head. Then, she took away some of the CDs and left just one.


“I’ll just buy the one. I’ve heard the others before anyways.”

She paid for the CD, and then the cashier had it put in a plastic bag and handed it to Haruna. As we left the store, she packed the CDs into her bag and smiled, humming one of the songs.

“Alright, what next?”

“Uh...” I looked around and saw a new clothing store that had just opened last week. “How about there?”

“Okay. I bet it’s got some cute clothes in there for summer.”

“Let’s go~”


When we went to the store, Haruna immediately ran to the dress branch and start to choose very cute little dresses. I, in my turn, went to the underwear branch. When I saw a cute pink bra and panties, I giggled like a mad woman and grabbed them. I also saw the cutest white bra and panties with blue lace and light blue ribbons. Right beside it was a sexy looking black and purple pair with red ribbons.

“I bet Nyan-nyan would look sexy in this~” I said slyly before sneaking it into my stash.

I hid my collection of underwear into some clothes and went into the changing booths with Haruna. She told me the clothes I picked out looked cute, never suspecting that I picked out underwear.

I grinned a bit as a sneaky plan hit me. Cleverly, I twisted my foot a bit and “accidentally” ran into Haruna, causing the both of us to ram against a wall. I quickly apologized as I picked up the clothes we dropped and sneaked the sexy black and purple underwear into her clothes before handing them back.

Then we went on to our separate changing rooms. Before entering mine, I turned my head a bit before going in and watched Haruna close the door behind her. Smiling widely, I rushed over and slid in front of her changing room. I pressed my ear against the door, waiting for a response…

“What the heck?!”


“YUUCHAN!!!!!” Haruna flew out of dressing room. Her face was bright red and her fists were clenched as she was holding the bra and panties in her hand. I made a peace sign with my fingers before running into one of the changing rooms and locking the door. I heard her banging on the door. “Get out here now!!!”



“C’mon, Nyan-nyan~ Can’t you forgive me? Just this once?”

“I’ll NEVER forgive you!” Then, I heard her storm off and slam the door.

I bit my lip, a little guilty that I made her mad. I came out of the changing room and go to looking for Haruna. I went around the store, but couldn’t find her.

Haa... looks like I couldn't keep my promise of not being perverted. Maybe I was too cruel?

“Haruna, gomen”, I stopped in the middle of the hall and mumbled my apologies to nobody. “I’m really sorry, Nyan-nyan...”

Still no response.

I knocked on the door. “Nyan-nyan?”

Not knowing what else to do, I opened the door, which was, to my surprise, unlocked. When I walked in, however, I froze in shock as I saw another girl, who wasn’t Haruna, undressing. Her shirt was unbuttoned and pulled down slightly to where I could see her cleavage, and she was just unhooking the belt around her skirt.


“Ah, oh my God! I-I’m so sorry! I--”

I suddenly felt a cold chill up my back. I slowly turned around and saw Haruna behind me, emitting a dark aura as she glared down at me, her face brighter than a Christmas tree lightbulb.

“N-n-n-n… nyan-nyan… I-I-I can e-e-explain..!”


“Gomen, Nyan-nyan!”

“...” She was still upset because of me. She’s moved straight up to the silent treatment.

“Haruna, please talk to me~...” I just begging her for a one phrase.

“I don’t know what to say to you!”

She finally replied~ But, not in the way I wanted.. haa…

“Nyan-nyan, what do I have to do to make you forgive me?”

She turned to face me, glaring strongly. I got down on my knees, pleading for forgiveness, giving her my biggest, sparkling puppy eyes. She groaned at me and knelt down to my height.

“Then… if you bow your head down and beg loud and hard enough, I may forgive you.”


“You gotta plead and plead until I feel satisfied.”

Nyan-nyan, when did you become such an S?

Nether the less, I bowed completely down to her feet and lowered my head to make my forehead touch the skin of the concrete. I screamed as loud as I could for her to forgive me. There’s probably a lot of people staring, wondering what was going on, but I refused to raise my head. I yelled again, this time clenching my fists as I raised my voice. I looked up to see her shocked face and quickly started kissing her feet, begging for her forgiveness. Before I could say anything else, I felt a sudden chop at the base of my head. I looked up and saw Haruna’s face was tinted pink.

“Okay, okay… I was just testing you; I didn’t think you were serious. Mou~, people are staring at us, Yuuchan...”


“Since you already made your point, I’ll forgive you. But, please, just get up. You’re causing a scene...”

“Hai.” I lowered my head, slowly getting up.

“And, please, if you found any underwear you think I’d like, just tell me instead of trying to sneak it into my clothes.”


Haruna walked in silence for a few minutes and then said, “Hey, look, an amusement park!”

I looked over and saw the entrance to the park she was pointing at. Almost everything was animal themed.

“Zoo Carnival?"

“Nee, Yuuchan, can we go? Please~!”

“You must like this place.”

“It’s one of the Top 5 amusement parks in Japan. I rarely ever get a chance to go to any of them now. While we’re here, can we please go in? It would be so perfect!”

I giggled at how she was acting like a cute little kid, and patted her head.

“Sure. Let’s go, Nyan-nyan. Fun awaits!”


Before we entered the park, we heard loud music where the funny voice was singing about the circus and how all the animals acted crazy. It literally was a “Zoo Carnival”. You could see the animals in the cages were real; from giraffes, to elephants, and even little brown monkeys. And at the same time, the rides and attractions were jungle themed. There was a large dome hovering over the entire park to make it look, feel, and sound like a real jungle.

“This place is cool. No wonder it’s in the Top 5.”

“What do you wanna do first, Yuuchan?”

“Hmm...” I looked around, then saw a large ferris wheel. “How bout that?”

“You’re not afraid of heights, are you?”

“Don’t worry. Besides, I’ve got you.”

“Then, let’s go~!”

We walked to the Ferris wheel and boarded on one of the carts. Slowly, we raised up, up, up, and when we stopped, we got an amazing view of the entire park. You could even see holograms of some birds flying in the sky. Everything below us was nothing but green, and everyone was so small, like ants.

“This is amazing~.”

Suddenly, a cute red Macaw parrot flew up to our booth.

“Ah, look. Kawaii~”

“Kawaii!” the bird repeated.

“It spoke!”

“That’s right, Yuuchan. Parrots are able to repeat human words.”

“Oh~. Konnichiwa!”


“Tehee~” I probably was smiling like crazy. Suddenly Haruna slapped me playfully on the cheek. “Eeeeh? Nyan-nyan, whyyyyy?”

“Stop thinking about weird stuff, you freaking pervert!”

“But, I wasn’t think about that sort of stuff...”

“Oh, yea. What were you thinking?”

“What were you thinking?!”

Why is the PARROT taking her side?!?!?!

I sighed, looking at her. “I just wanted to make him say something funny.”

Haruna glared at me, so to prove I was right, I cleared my throat.

“Genki ga areba nandemo dekiru!”

“Genki ga areba nandemo dekiru!”


Haruna just raised her eyebrow, looking at the parrot.

“See?! See?!”

I could see her finger tapping a bit, so I grinned and then let my voice out.

“I love you, Nyan-nyan!”

“I love you, Nyan-nyan!”

“Eh?” Haruna looked at me, a smile brushing across her face. “Yuuchan...”

“Nyan-nyan! I love Nyan-nyan!”

“See? The parrot also loves you, Haruna!” I thinking a bit and the genius idea came into my mind, “Nyan-nyan, I want to give you this parrot as a present!”

Haruna blushed a bright red and said, “Yuuchan, you can’t!”

“Hehe, well, maybe not this one, but I’ll buy an app on my phone, and download a red Macaw, and I’ll make sure every morning, it’ll be your alarm clock. I’ll make it say ‘Good morning, Nyan-nyan’ and ‘I love you, Nyan-nyan’ as many times possible.”

“Haha, Yuuchan, that’s sweet.”

Then the Ferris wheel starting moving again and the bird flew away. When we got back to the bottom, we started walking when we suddenly felt a large whoosh of wind. I looked up and saw we were near a roller coaster.

“You wanna go on that?”

“Are you alright with roller coasters?” she asked me. However, I felt her hand grip onto mine tighter.

“I’ll be okay. Just hold my hand.”

“Okay, I’m on your care”.

We bought the tickets and stand in the queue. I was surprised because of how many people don’t afraid the roller coaster.

Finally, our train arrive and we sit and buckled the straps. As we slowly raised up the high slope, I felt Haruna grab my hand again, tighter. I looked over and saw her shivering a bit, closing her eyes. Using my free hand, I patted her head and reassured her. She seemed calmed a bit, but when we start the fast fall down, I heard her scream loudly. I let out a big shout of my own, too, but mine was more in joy than her horror scream. I made a mental note.

I hugged Haruna tightly as she gripped onto my jacket like a cat and not wanting to let go. We both screamed as we started bulleting through the coaster as it circled the park. I heard some music playing over all our screams, a good time to thank my superhuman hearing, and realized it was an AKB song.

I looked and Haruna, who was still screaming, and patted her head, making her stop a bit and look at me.

“Bokutachi wa jetto cosuta mitai ni koi ni ochite~”

I saw a shine in her eyes and understood that I was on a right way to defeat her afraid of roller coasters.

“Hada wo motomeai kasanete hakanai yume wo mita~”

As we kept twisting and turning, faster than ever before, we just held our hands tighter and kept singing, screaming ever so often, but then laughing at it like it was nothing.

“Unmei ni furimawasareru you ni subete owaru~”

I start to feel a warm feeling grow in my chest that was overcoming me when I seeing Haruna’s face. I guess, in some sort of way, I figured out how to get rid of her fear. She forgot all about it and was happily singing with me.

“Kimi wa waruku nai~”

“Naka nakute ii yo~”

“Sou kimi to aete tanoshikatta Juliet~”

Is this... true love? This feeling?

In that moment roller coaster stopped and song had ended. But Haruna hadn’t let me go yet. I saw her peaceful face and smiled.

“Do you like this, Nyan-nyan? The roller coaster?”

“Un… Nee, Yuu-chan, let’s go here in next Sunday...”

Eeeeh? Nyan-nyan wants to go on another date with me? Seriously?!

“R-really? Nyan-nyan?”


I’m gonna faint~...

The whole day, we spent the day smiling and happy. She held my hand almost all day. While at the amusement park, we looked at the animals, rode in almost every ride, and went through the best attractions. I was even able to buy her a pink teddy bear, and she won me a yellow fox doll. Suddenly, I saw the watch and it was about time when AKB show is starting.

“Nyan-nyan, we have to go if we don’t want to miss the whole show...”

“Eeeh!? Is this sooo late? Hurry!”

We practically ran out when we were finally finished to get to the Don Quixote and hurried to the 8th floor fast. I rushed eating the rest of my cotton candy, holding Haruna’s hand as we walked up the escalators together. There already was a huge crowd there, all of them excitedly waiting for the doors to open.

“Yuuchan, where are our tickets?”

“Right. Uh….” I put my hand into my pockets to grab the tickets…




Oh, crap, the tickets aren’t here. They must’ve fallen out in the amusement park. Maybe I can still find them. I quickly ran out and started heading down all the stairs, passed everyone. I finally got to the door, gritting my teeth as I tried to catch my breath.

Suddenly, I felt my foot get caught on a mat. As I burst through the door, my foot twisted and I fell to the ground, landing in a puddle and getting my outfit wet. I held my foot, looking at how my shoelace was frayed. And worse, now I look terrible. My pink shirt was stained with the ugly brown water and my hair was a mess.

“Yuuchan!” Haruna came out and saw my injured foot. She quickly helped me out,but my ankle was still sore and it was hard to walk. Seeing her concerned look broke my heart. I was making her so happy before, but now…

“I’m sorry… Haruna.”

I let go of her hand and walked away from her, trying to run as fast as I could with my limp. I heard her call for me, but I couldn’t face her knowing I ruined her dream.

Between the pain that felt like needles sticking my foot everywhere and the feeling of pain inside my breaking heart, I was crying silently as everything piled inside and choked me. I finally made it to a local park and leaned against a light pole to catch my breath.

I brushed off a few people as they saw me and tried to talk to me, looking down at my swollen foot. I slowly walked up a small hill and sat down, massaging my sore foot to try and relieve the pain. I wiped away my tears and curled up under the tree as night fell. I rose my head as I heard footsteps walking towards me.

“Yuuchan!” I heard a familiar, blissful voice ring in my ears and I raised my head up to see her running up to me. “There you are. I’ve been looking everywhere!”


“Why did you run away like that?” she said as she knelt down and took off my shoe, examining my foot. “With your condition, like this--”

“It’s fine.” I cut her off. “It’ll heal...”

Ignoring me, she pulled out some cloth and wrapped it around my foot. Then, she sighed and sat down beside me. I could see she was obviously worried sick about me and I must’ve scared her to death when I suddenly ran off without saying anything.

I guiltily said, “You’re going to miss the concert...”

“I don’t care. I had to save you, Yuuchan.”

“But… it’s your dream.”

“It’s just a dream, Yuuchan. I mean, yeah, it was a once in a lifetime chance, but you’re more important. You’re a living person and you’re really precious to me.”

I laughed coldly. “Last time I checked, I’m not human.”

“You have a human heart, right?”

“Haruna, I’m different. I’ve always have been. I was never able to control my powers, I mess up almost everything I do, and… you said it yourself, I’m a pervert. I’m not perfect. I even had to ask Mayu to give me advice about going on this date with you.”

When I looked at Haruna, she looked shocked, but not long after, she cracked a smile and started laughing.

“Oi! What’s so funny?”

“Haha… I did the same thing.”


“I had to spend the whole day yesterday with Acchan and Yukirin so they could help me prepare for this date. I was so nervous, I didn’t want you to get hurt. I wanted to make my first date perfect, especially since it was with you.”

“You spent the whole day worrying about me? I did the same with you. I wanted you to have the best day ever, so I had to do everything I could to make you happy.”

Haruna turned towards me and helped me stand up, supporting my back against the tree as she carried my weight under her arms.

“Look, I know you’re different. You’re an ANGEL, for crying out loud. But, in a way, you’re still human. Here...” She pointed at my chest. “Not even ANGELs can be perfect. I know that. You shouldn’t feel bad about it.”

“But...” I turned my head away.

“You can learn how to control your powers and prevent the outbursts. I’ll help you. Even if you mess up, you fix your mistakes just as easily. You’re a weird, crazy, perverted squirrel.”

I turned it away more, blushing at her words. Then I felt her warm hand touch my cheek and I met her beautiful eyes again.

“But you’re my squirrel.”

Then, she gave me a small kiss on my forehead. Feeling my cheeks flush more, and my heart pounding so much. Unable to control myself, I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her in to kiss her lips. I felt my leg rise up as I tiptoed to her height, deepening the kiss. I was surprised when she kissed back, holding my waist to help keep my balance.

I love this. I can hear my heart synchronized with Haruna’s, and her scent enveloping my nose, bringing me to Heaven. And each time I feel my lips part for air and crash back against hers, I’m being knocked straight back to Earth with the best feeling in the world. People say sparks fly when lovers kiss, but to me, it’s more like a raging fire.

Wait… we are “lovers”, right?

Then, I heard a loud crash of thunder and the next second rain poured all over us as we continued kissing. When we finally parted, we looked up at the rain and laughed at it, seeing how our day came to a close with that. As I was smiling, I looked back and saw Haruna staring at me.

“I love you, Yuuchan.”

“Ah….” I felt my heart skip a beat, looking up at her. Seeing her smile, I couldn’t help but smile back. “I… love you, too.”

“You mean it, right?”

“Of course. I always do.” I kissed her one more time and hugged her tightly as the rain poured down on us.

I love you, Haruna. You put my heart on heavy rotation.


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Chapter 8 - Once upon a dream

Yuki’s POV

“Mm…” I felt a cool breeze brush across my face as it woke me from my slumber. The sudden cool temperature sent chills throughout my whole body as I slowly stirred.

“Hm?” When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar room, lying in an unfamiliar bed. The room was a very spacious room, perhaps too spacious, as the bed was the only item visible in the entire space. It was dark, and it would’ve almost been impossible for me to see if it wasn’t for the open window letting in the light of the full moon. All the cold air was getting in, too, gently blowing across from the curtains.

I slowly rose up from the bed. It was a rather old and uncomfortable bed; a thin white sheet was the only thing that tried to cover my body from the cold, which didn’t help at all, really, and both the mattress and pillow were worn out and hard, not as soft as they originally should’ve been. I wasn’t in my regular pajamas, and was now wearing a white nightgown. The dress and sleeves were cut short, exposing myself more to the cold air circling the room, and it was incredibly girly as there were frills, lace, and even a ribbon tied somewhere at my chest.

I slowly stood up, feeling the icy cold floor, and slowly walked over to the window to close it. However, as I was about to, the curtains wavered and sent a cool breeze to my face one final time, brushing past my hair and into my ear, as if whispering something. I closed my eyes from the sensation. I felt the atmosphere in the room change that brief moment. As I opened my eyes back up, I felt a strong presence. A presence that told me something… someone… was behind me. I slowly turned around….

And… there he was. A handsome prince with glistening silver hair and electric blue eyes that shimmered as the moon’s light reflected off him. His whole body was glowing, lit up in the darkness. He was clad in a beautiful white suit with golden highlights and a long, luxurious white cape that only added on to his powerful aura. But, even as I stared at him, and the more I did, he just stood there and smiled at me, not saying a word. Just a warm smile curved his lips. However, there was something in the back of my head that I couldn’t erase from my thoughts. This person… I don’t know this person. I’ve never seen him before.

“Who… Who are you?” I finally asked him as I found my voice.



My eyes popped open as I jolted up from my bed, holding my chest. It felt… tight.

I looked around in my panicked state. I was back in my room, in my bed, and in my black pajama shirt with black and white striped pajama pants. It was morning, the sun shining bright, and my alarm clock was going off for who knows how long. I quickly turned it off and looked out the window. It was open, the morning sunlight sneaking past the curtains into my room. And it was warm in my room now instead of cold. It’s almost summer.

I sighed and leaned back down on my bed, slowly sinking a bit into my soft pillow. I couldn’t help but toss and turn, messing up my hair, as I remembered what had I just saw.

That dream again…

I’ve had that dream ever since I entered my first year of high school. That recurring dream that never changed, never progressed. I had it every night since that day, and the memory of it is burned into my brain. The one part I didn’t like about it the most… was the prince. I don’t know who he was, and yet I see him every single time in my dreams, in that outfit, and he just smiles, never uttering a single word to me.

I… I just don’t understand it. My heart will pound, ache, as if it was about to burst out, but when it’s over, the feeling of it tightening still remains, as if I wanted to see him again, and be with him long enough to hear his answer.

….But... But…! I hate boys!!! I absolutely HATE them!!! They’re immature, filthy, and they don’t care about anything!!! I don’t care if ALL boys in the world just died, right here, right now!!!! I HATE THEM!!!!!!



I finally decided to get up out of my bed and lazily moved to the bathroom. My older brother, Takeru, was already brushing his teeth.

“Mouchashou shuchi. (Ohayou, Yuki.)”


Once he finished, I entered the bathroom and locked the door so I could get ready. Between brushing my teeth, combing out my messy hair, and putting on make-up, it’s an entire process that can take up to about 18-20 minutes. Anyone waiting at the other side of the door, would probably hear a few crashes or weird noises, like you hear in cartoons. (lol)

But when I get out, I look like this:


“Perfect.” Once I got my uniform on, I headed downstairs and saw Mom and Dad already at the table, eating breakfast.

“Good morning, Yuki-chan.”

“Sleep well?”

“Yeah, I guess…” I tried my best to hide my feelings. I don’t want them worrying about me. Takeru had already gotten dressed, too. He goes to a nearby college, so he always comes and stays with us when he’s not at his apartment for overnight work or studying.

I started eating my breakfast as always, listening to my parents brag about Takeru’s natural talent and smarts. I added myself in and giggled every once in a while, but I mainly ignored and continued eating. Sometimes, I just don’t understand it, and I don’t want to. When I was finally finished, I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

“Itekimasu~!” I headed down the regular street to school, eating the last bit of my toast on the way down.

I met up with Mayu at the bus stop, as she was already waiting for me with her rabbit headphones playing her music. Yes, I said it. RABBIT HEADPHONES. Like, in the “Suzumiya Haruhi” anime. As the bus to our school came and we got on, I stared out the window watching the scenery pass by as Mayu played with her holophone.

“Nee, Yukirin…” she suddenly spoke up, catching my attention. “Did you hear? We’re getting a new transfer student today.”


“Someone from the student council texted me. She said he’s a really good-looking guy.”

I nodded and sighed as I stared at the window again.

Great. Just what we need… ANOTHER guy.

“We’ve been getting a lot of transferees, haven’t we?”

“Yeah. First, Yuko-chan, then Minami, and now this guy…”

“Quite the semester, I guess…”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. A week after Minami fully recovered, she returned to our high school to finish her studying with Acchan to become nurses. And, as you could guess, Acchan was very overjoyed to have her girlfriend back by her side in school.

Even in school, before class...

“Minami~” she sang her name once more as she hugged her from behind and rubbed her cheek against hers. “I’m glad we’re together again, but it SUCKS we have to be in different classrooms.”

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I’ll come and visit you after classes, and you’ll always have me after school.”

“But, still~~~ I’m lonely without you~~~” Basically, she’s acting like how Yuko would with Haruna. Minami also lives in Acchan’s house, too, and ever since the two were separated almost three years ago, Acchan can’t stand to be apart from her for even a second.

“Hey, it’s okay, Acchan.”

“Yeah, you got us!”

“Thanks guys. It’s friends like you that I can count on.” She blushed and rubbed herself against Minami’s shoulder. The school bell rang, then Mayu ran off to her class and Minami gave Acchan one last peck on the cheek before heading off, too.

“Alright, everyone. Take your seats.” The teacher came in and settled everyone down. I continued staring out the window. I know what’s gonna happen next. “Before class, I’d like to introduce a new student to our class. Please come in.”



Before I knew it, all the girls in the room stood up from their seats, screaming to the top of their lungs. Even Haruna, Yuko, and Acchan were part of the chaos, everyone yelling out words like “Ikemen!!!’’ and “Kakkoii~!!!”

Oh… it’s only me, then?

With everyone at the tips of their toes, jumping up and down to see the ikemen transfer student, I couldn’t see a thing. But, really, I didn’t mind. I don’t wanna see his face.

“Everyone, settle down! Settle down!” the teacher straightened out things once more and calmed down the noisy students. Once everything was silent, he spoke again. “Now, please introduce yourself.”

Everyone sat down as the transferee picked up the chalk and writing his name. Everyone continued to gaze in awe at the handsome beauty(even though I didn’t glance at him) and whispered among each other as well as swooning. My eye twitched and I unknowingly peeked out of the corner of my eye due to the loud tapping of the chalk.

“Hm?” I turned around, finally seeing the transferee’s appearance. Good height, fairly tanned skin, messy black hair.

I scoffed. They’re freaking out THIS much over that? He looks pretty normal to me... Then, he turned around and I saw his face. Dark brown eyes that sparkled and a wide, bright smile on his face.



A girl? That’s a GIRL?!

I don’t believe it. A girl! And she just waltzes in here, wearing a BOY’S uniform, and isn’t embarrassed, not even with all the girls in here fawning over her?! She’s something else…

“Eh~, I’ll be looking forward to being part of this class from now on. I’m Miyazawa Sae. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~!”


“Alright, Miyazawa-san. Uhh, you can sit in that seat next to Oshima-san.”


I looked right beside of me. There was an empty desk just beside Yuko, and it was really close to me.

“Is that okay, Oshima-san?”

“Uhh, yeah. Sure.” Yuko’s face was turning a bit red and she was giggling a bit. Miyazawa smiled and walked to her seat.

Then, she looked at me and grinned widely.

“Hey, Sae-san! If you need anything, you can go and consult Yukirin, over there!”

Huh?! Yuko, what are you doing?!

She looked over at me and smiled, walking closer to me. “Um, Kashiwagi Yuki-san, right?” As she got closer, I hid my face a bit and looked away from her.

I nodded.

“I’ll be right next to you, so if you need anything, I’m here. Same goes for me, too; I still need to get used to things. Ufufufu….”

I nodded again, trying not to show my face to her. I could feel it getting a bit hot as I felt her breathing down my neck.

“Hey, c’mon, Kashiwagi-san, don’t be like that. Let me see that pretty face~.”

Clenching my fist and gaining the courage, I slowly turned around to face the boyish girl in front of me. I flinched a bit; she was extremely close to me. Suddenly, everything in the air became all tense and serious. Miyazawa’s smile slowly faded away as she stared at me, shocked at something. We continued staring at each other’s eyes as I heard the students started whispering again.

Wait a minute...

This girl… She… Oh God… She… She looks like the boy in my dreams! But, why?! How?! This can’t be possible!

Then, her hand slowly reached up and held my cheek. “.....Wow.”

“Eh?” I could feel the heat creeping up my face rapidly as I could hear my heart pounding and I got even hotter.

“You’re… really, really cute! Ufufu…”

I looked around and saw everyone glaring at me in jealousy. I slowly removed Miyazawa’s hand from my cheek and turned back around to face my desk, blushing madly.

“Hahaha, oh my God. I’m sorry, did I surprise you there?”

“....” I kept silent. I have no words to say.

“..Oh, I know! Hey, listen, even though I’m wearing this, I AM a girl. My uniform just didn’t come in on time, so I have to wear this for the rest of the semester.”

“Y-yeah, I kinda got that…”

She giggled again and patted my head. “Take care of me from now on. Ufufu…”

This girl……… is CRAZY!!!!!!!

Haa… One more class before lunch. Then, maybe I can get some peace…

That Miyazawa girl was pretty noisy during class, unable to stay still in her seat. And she had trouble figuring out some of the questions, so when she wasn’t asking one of the students, ME, or the teacher, she would just make a bunch of noises before coming up with some randomly weird and stupid answer that made the class laugh.


Now, I was going over my notes, and hopefully, nothing would happen… Or so, I thought. I felt someone hug me from behind and rub her cheek against me. Yup, it’s Miyazawa.

“Yuki-san~ Can I borrow your notes, pweaze~?”

My eyebrow twitched a bit at her childish tone, and she just wouldn’t get off me when I tried to push her off. “You should’ve paid attention in class. The only way you learn is to study on your own.”

“Mm but it’s hard~. I really don’t understand a thing. I’ve never been in school before.”

“You were homeschooled?”

“Well...” she giggled and scratched her head a bit. “Something like that...”


“Hey, how’s everything going over here?” Yuko came up, holding our shoulders.

“Apparently, Miyazawa-san has never been to a school in her life.”

“No way! Wait...” Yuko looked at her intensely, staring at her like some weird pervert. “You do look familiar...”

“Oshima Yuko-chan, I know you.”

She jumped up excitedly. “You do?!”

“Yeah. You’re an ANGEL from Section K in Fukuoka.”

“Eh?!” Mayu and the others came over and heard the conversation. “What did she say?”

“H-how did you know I was an ANGEL?”

“Cuz I am, too!” She pulled down her shirt collar a bit and showed us her scar indicating she was, indeed, an ANGEL. “I’m a part of Project DiVA, made in Tokyo, Miyazawa Sae. I’m 100 years old~”

“Shhhh!!! Don’t say it out loud,” I informed her as I covered her mouth. She removed my hand and smiled, continuing to talk to the others. I just sat down and tried to concentrate on studying. One of my friends, Aki, came up and started talking to me.

“Yukirin, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just a little tired...”

“Didn’t sleep well again?”

“I slept. Just had a weird dream was all...” I looked and saw she was smiling and nodding, probably only half paying attention. “Nee, Akicha...”


“Do you think it might mean something? I’ve had these weird dreams over and over, every night.”

“Well, what are they about?”

“Uh….” I don’t want to tell her that a boy who looks JUST like Miyazawa appears in my dreams EVERY night, and it’s the EXACT SAME DREAM that I have EVERY night! “Well… I keep seeing the same person in my head… and even though I don’t know this person, something inside me makes me see him--”

“Eh? Him?” She gasped and had a little spasm in her seat. “Yukirin, are you in lo--”


“Okay, okay,” she giggled, “I was just kidding.”

“Sure.” I gathered up my stuff and started leaving. “I’m going to the library, where I can study in peace.”

We were having class outside today in gym, so I think today, I can at least try to relax in the sun and feel the cool air as we were running our laps today. I continued stretching as Yuko was going absolutely wild with all the gym activities. She’s broken almost every school record in gym we have; she’s incredibly athletic despite her being a pervert and also having a very small body. Not as small as Minami, but it’s still amazing she has so much energy packed inside her.

“Yuki~!!!” And, speaking of energy… “Yuki~!!! Yuki-chan~!!!”

I turned around and saw Sae and some of the other students on the basketball field. Even though she’s a girl, she immediately went to watch the boys play basketball and joined in the fun, yet she still continues to be my cheer squad.

“Fure fure, Yuki-chan!!! Ganbare, ganbare, Yuki-chan!!! Ei, ei, OOOOOHH!!!!”

Oh dear God… This is so embarrassing. That idiotic girl’s got everyone staring at me.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed, Yukirin,” Acchan said as she patted my back.

“Yeah, Sae-chan’s just really nice.” Haruna said reassuringly.

Groaning, I pulled up my sleeves and walked over to Miyazawa, standing with the other boys while dribbling a basketball.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothin’.” She dribbled the ball and bounced it off the wall a few times in her happy daze.

“Look, can you take it down a notch with the cheering and yelling? It’s embarrassing me a little. B-besides, you’re not even supposed to be up here!”

A small sound came out of her mouth as she nodded her head and continued dribbling, shooting the ball into the basket, but missed.

“Are you even listening?!”

She just made another sound and ignored me.

“Look, this is BOYS’ only. And the only person who doesn’t want you to be here more than our coach is me. Wanna know why? Cuz I’m not the biggest fan of BOYS.”

“Hey.” She stopped for a minute and looked at the basketball, spinning it on her finger(or, at least, trying to). “Is there a GIRLS’ basketball team?”

“No. Only the boys.”

She looked around a bit and smirked, a devil like smirk. “Think I can join the boys’ team?”

“What?! Why?”

“In case you forgot, I got quite a bit of praise for my ikemen looks in class. I can pass off as a male student and join the team. It would be the ultimate fake-out in competitions!” She giggled thinking about it and shot the basketball again.

“Well, if you wanna do that, that’s not something to ask me. Talk to the coach or the school principal, but...”

“Hm?” She looked at me with these innocent eyes and this insanely cute smile that could make even my heart tug a bit.

“Uhh… D-don’t get your hopes too high up. I still don’t know if the principal will fully accept it.”

“Okay~” She skipped over to the basketball hoop and continued her shooting practice. I walked back over to my side of the field, giggling. I chuckled a bit. No matter how ‘handsome’ or ‘boyish’ she is, she’s a girl deep down.

The day is finally over, and I’m so tired. I wanted a day to relax, but with this dream still on my mind, and a new transfer student, who seemed to come out FROM my dream, things have been too crazy for me to concentrate on anything!

“Hey, Yukirin,” Acchan and the others were already packing up and leaving. “We’re going to study together at Yuuchan and Nyan-nyan’s. Wanna come with?”

“Uh, no, I’ll study at home. Besides, I’ve got some things to take care of back home. Is Mayu coming?”

“No,” she answered. “I’m staying after school. You guys go on ahead.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“Okay. Bye, Mayuyu! Bye, Yukirin!”

I sighed and laid my arms on the desk, looking outside the window and remembering what had happened after my final class ended, just a few minutes ago.


“Yuki~! Yuki-yuki!” I saw Sae run down the hall excitedly, jumping around and giggling as she left the basketball players.

“Hey, why are you so happy and jumpy?”

“I’m not happy, I’m GENKI! Just call me the Genking!”

“Okay? So what happened?”

“I told the sports supervisor about putting me on the basketball team.”


“She said she’d think about it~” She sheepishly smiled while giggling and scratched her head. I tried my best to hide the irritation and shrugged.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Okay. See ya tomorrow, Yuki… rin. Yukirin! Alright, I’ll call you Yukirin from now on, ufufu...”

End of Flashback

Miyazawa Sae… who are you?

I can’t get the thought of her out of my head. That smile, those eyes, that voice. I held my head, trying to contemplate what was going on. She really does look like him. There was something inside her that made her exactly like the prince. Her personality, though, goes in a whole other direction.

..No, Yuki, it’s just a coincidence she looks like a boy. There’s NO way that can happen...

Sighing, I laid my head down and closed my eyes a bit, trying to rest. I eventually fell asleep, and before I knew it, I had the dream again. However, it was different. Instead of the bedroom, I was in the dark streets somewhere I’ve never seen before. It looked like Tokyo, and yet it didn’t at the same time. And, I was wearing a different school uniform than normal.

Oh, now what?

As I looked around at where I was, I suddenly felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned my head and saw the silver hair prince standing behind me, but instead of his beautiful white suit, he was wearing long black pants and a vest over a white button-up shirt, with a long cape around his waist and a white ascot with a black cross in the center of his chest. He slowly took my hand and helped me to my feet. We stared into each other’s eyes, then I saw his widen in shock and he smiled, suddenly hugging me.

“Eh?” I finally felt him. He touched me, held me, for the very first time. And, that one time, I felt this incredible warmth. Even in this cold darkness, he was warm.

Wait… what am I thinking?!

“Stop!” I broke the hug and saw his smile again that seemed to make things stop. I felt myself weaken in his gaze, then he did the unthinkable.

“I found you.”

His face got closer and closer to mine, and before I knew it… He….


I popped up from my seat and looked around. Only a few minutes had passed, but… I’m still here. I’m still awake. The prince is gone… Why do I keep having these dreams? At least something different happened this time. But… what does it all mean?

“Kyaa!” I heard Akicha squeal behind me, along with some other girls in the class. “Yukirin, look what Sae-san’s doing!”

“Eh?” I got up and looked out the window to see what all the fuss was about. Outside, in the middle of the courtyard, under the large tree, was Miyazawa… playing the violin.

What is she doing?

I ran down as fast as I could to see what she was doing. I reached the courtyard and saw pretty much every girl circled around the center hill of the courtyard watching Miyazawa gorgeously playing the violin. Her fingers lightly teasing the strings to create amazing sounds, her eyes closed as she was lost in the music. Everyone stared in awe, even me, watching such a beautiful, handsome girl playing the small, wooden instrument in her hands…

Wait, why am I saying stuff like that?! This is crazy!! What am I doing, thinking that sort of stuff?!

I just stood there watching her, and as she continued, the sound just echoed in my ears and prevented me from thinking. Admittedly, it was beautiful, and I’ve never seen someone so… passionate while playing an instrument like that before. But, more than that, it was sad, like there was something dark and sorrowful behind that happy, energetic smile of hers. She reached a high note and I felt my heart skip. I found myself dumbfounded and felt my heart grow warm watching this. Her sad, beautiful melody… beyond compare…

Oh God… I must be going insane…

As the song ended, people just kept staring in awe at Miyazawa as her arms slowly lowered and dangled at her sides. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked straight at me. Her eyes pierced deep into mine and I saw a sign of surprise for some reason. Slowly setting the violin down, she walked over to me, still staring deep into my eyes. I was frozen in shock and didn’t know what to say or do. I just kept staring at her eyes, those gorgeous blue eyes that…

Wait… Blue? Why are Miyazawa’s eyes blue?

She held my shoulders and inched closer to me, her eyes glowing bright blue as she stared at me.

“W-wh… what are yo--” I didn’t have time to answer a full question as I felt my mouth close suddenly against something. After overcoming my shock, I soon realized Miyazawa was kissing me. It was a long, warm kiss that was filled with love and passion. She parted away and gave me a soft smile. A smile… just like the prince!


“Let me go!” I pushed her to the ground and backed away, covering my mouth. She slowly raised back up and held her head, looking at me confused.


Her eyes… they’re back to normal.

“Yukirin, what’s wrong?” She stood up and tried to touch me again, but I ran off before she could do anything and ran straight back into the empty classroom. I touched my lips, remembering the feeling of her sudden kiss.

Why?! How could she do that?!

Without wasting another second, I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door, heading to the entrance gate to leave. I regret bumping into someone, probably Aki since I heard her call for me and ignored her, but I wanted to leave this place now. I don’t want to face Miyazawa again. I can’t believe she kissed me in front of everyone like that, it was so humiliating.

I got home and immediately went up to my room, locking the door. I sunk to the floor and hugged myself. I let her touch me like that, kiss me without warning, caught completely off guard. How can she do that to me and not have a thought of doubt?! How can she smile at me when she knows she embarrassed me so much?!

“I hate her. I hate Miyazawa Sae!”



To Be Continued
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Chapter 9 - Blue Rose

Yuki’s POV

That girl… That ANGEL… That… freak! Miyazawa Sae, what is wrong with her?! How could she have the guts to pull something like that off on me and she doesn’t regret it? My first kiss… stolen by her, of all people! She must think she’s funny, being able to do that. And, to mimic such a thing… like that prince. Is she trying to mess with me? To get on my last nerve? Well, it worked. I hate her. I hate that she did that to me. I don’t want to face her. If she ever does that again, I’ll go crazy… I don’t want to see her… I don’t want to talk to her… I hate her for doing this to me….

Sae’s POV

Crap! I overslept this morning and now I’m gonna be late. That’s the first and only thought in my head as I bulleted down the sidewalk. I missed the bus, and even though I tried to catch up to it and call for someone, I ran out of breath and tripped on my own two feet. Now, I’m speeding down the road, possibly leaving skidmarks as I slid down and made it through, just before the gates closed.

Whew… safe~.

I fixed my uniform a bit and pulled back some of my hair as I walked inside the school… That is, until I saw my reflection in the window.

“Holy cow, my hair’s a mess!” I said to myself, with a slight giggle. I hurried to the bathroom to fixed my mess of a head, and I saw Yuko and Nyan-nyan already there. Looks like Yuko was having a bad hair day, too, and Nyan-nyan was fixing it for her.

“There. Perfect.”

Yuko jumped up and hugged Nyan-nyan’s neck. “Thank you, Nyan-nyan~”

“Ah, Sae-chan! Good morning.”

“Yo, Sae~. That a new look for you?”

“Yeah, it looks really nice.”

“Haha, no, actually the wind did this,” I giggled as I scratched my head. It really is messy, plus the fact that I had major bed-head and rushed straight out of my apartment to get here on time. “But, don’t worry. I can fix this, no prob!”

I turned on the sink and cupped some of the water into my hands. Taking in a deep breath, I leaned my head down and poured the water on me, slicking my hair back while straightening it through my fingers. I turned it off and shook my head ferociously like a dog, drying it off.

“Nyan-nyan, you have a hairbrush?”

“Eh? Uh, yeah.”

I grabbed it from her and brushed my hair out into perfect curves, spiking it up at the ends. When I was done, I checked my bangs in the mirror one more time and smiled.


“Woah, that was so cool, Sae!” Yuko came up and ruffled my hair, making it messy again. “It’s dry, and so perfect. I love your hair!”

“You should keep it messy, Sae-chan. It makes you look more handsome.”

“Hahaha, guys~”

“Kyaa, you’re blushing~!!! That’s so cute, Sae!!!” Yuko jumped onto my back and gave me a noogie while holding me in a headlock.

“Hey, Yuuchan, quit!”

“Yukooo, HAHAHAHAHA!!! That tickles!!!”

“You’ve got all the girls fallin’ for you, here, Sae! You’re such a playboy! Why on Earth were you made a Prince Charming and I was made a Hentai Prince?!”

“Yuko, we’re not even boys.”

“That’s not the point! Teach me how to be the ultimate ikemen, Sae, cuz you’re the King! Well, Queen.”

“Oh, you...” I pushed her off my back and proceeded to the classroom. I smiled as I saw Yukirin already at her desk, reading a book. I called her name and started to ask what book she was reading… but, once I got over there, she got up and left.


I wonder what’s wrong with her. She seemed just fine yesterday, and now, she’s ignoring me. I guess I annoyed her a bit cuz I was so loud and straight-forward; I really gotta stop that, ehehe.

I’ll just talk to her, later. I’m sure it’s nothing.


Yuki’s POV

How does she still have the decency to come up and face me after what happened yesterday? She seriously doesn’t feel bad at all for doing that to me, kissing me and humiliating me in front of all those people?! That selfish ANGEL!!! She’s even worse than Yuko!!!

…Well, maybe not that bad, but… I could see Yuko doing that to Haruna…..

But, THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!! She was trying to mess with me, get inside my head. Was she trying to act all prince-like to impress me?! How does she even know what I’m thinking… unless Akicha told her… I hate her. I don’t want to face her again, in case she decides she wants more… which she better not. I hate that Miyazawa.

Third Person POV

“Kuso… What should we do now?” Myao was sitting on the floor, while Rabutan was circling around her. “How could we have lost to her?”

“I can’t believe…” Myao whispering. “Manamana is dead… Our sister is really dead...”

Rabutan sat down, holding her head as she tried to contain her tears. Myao was doing the exact opposite as she was cradled up in the corner and tears flowing freely down her eyes.

“Quit crying. Manamana wouldn’t want to see that.”

“Hey, I can cry if I want. She’s gone and we’ll never see her again. Don’t you feel the least bit sad?”

“I do. But, that doesn’t mean I just crawl up into a ball and hide from the world, you crybaby!”

“I am NOT a crybaby! Don’t you think if I wanted to do something, I would’ve by now?! Unlike you, who’s just sitting there?!”

“Hey, you just…!”

“Just what?!”

“You’re just going too far! Manamana is dead, but our deal was to do our best and continue! So enough whining!” Rabutan stood up and, lifting Myao by the collar, punch her hard across her face. Myao was shocked, holding her swollen cheek. Rabutan’s eyes widened as she realized what she had just done.

“Baka...” she heard Myao’s voice breaking. “Rabutan no baka!”

She ran off, leaving Rabutan all alone in the empty forest. Even with the large tea party of stuffed animals and nothing but sweets orderves, Rabutan eventually found herself crying, too.

“Myao...” She gritted her teeth and wiped off her tears. “Myao no baka!”

She sat down on her small, pink chair, covering her face as she wailed in misery.

“How can she not understand the simple things? After Manamana’s death, we should just be able to continue what we began… But why can’t I go on?!”

Sae’s POV


I am so happy right now!!! The vending machine was stuck, and this girl wanted some chocolate covered donuts. And, when I helped her out, she was super happy and just adorable~! As a result, two packs of donuts came out, and they were the LAST ones, too! So, as a reward, she thanked me by giving me one, for FREE!!! And what could be better than free chocolate covered donuts?!

“I got donuts~ I got donuts~” I cheered happily as I ran down the halls, one donut stuck on each of my two fingers. I munched one of them off and giggled as I approached one of the classrooms. I saw Acchan nuzzling against Minami’s cheek while she sat on her lap. “Hi, guys~”

“Sae-chan? You seem happy.”

“I am. I got donuts~.”

“Ooh, can I have one?” Acchan chirped with happy eyes.

“Sure.” I handed her and Minami each a donut and they both ate it whole, but then Minami got a little choke and fell off Acchan’s lap as a result. I instantly got down and helped her back to her feet, patting her back. “You okay, Takamina?”


“Yeah, that’s your nickname from now on.”

“Oh, that’s so cute. Alright then, but I’ll keep calling her Minami if that’s okay.”

“Totally fine with me.”

“Okay, bye, guys.” I ran off and left the classroom, still all giddy from the donuts.

Back in the classroom

Third Person POV

“No matter how you look at it, she really is a girl,” Acchan giggled as she saw Sae skip away down the hall, her feet twirling and twisting down the hall to make her walk look more like a happy dance.

“Yeah, but… she’s still boyish,” Takamina chuckled as she sat back down beside Acchan.

“Not as much as you though.”


As they were talking, two girls came up and interrupted them.

“Hey, Acchan, Takahashi-san, you were just talking to Sae-san, right?”



“Didn’t you hear the rumor about her? Yesterday, she was playing the violin in the courtyard, and then she kissed Kashiwagi-san.”

“Eh?!” Acchan was shocked at hearing this. If someone, especially a boy, tried to kiss Yuki, they’d be dead in a heartbeat. Even if it was Sae, why did she do that? “Is that true?”

“Yeah, our friend said she was there when she saw it.”

“No way...”

“You think she likes her?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Takamina stood up and looked down the hall, seeing Sae in such a good mood. Of course, she knew she was an ANGEL the minute she saw her, and she of course knew what it felt like to fall in love at first sight, but she didn’t know the whole story. She didn’t know Yuki for long, either, but she knew she was the type that didn’t want to deal with something like love. Something had to have happened that caused all this.

“Why would Sae just kiss Yukirin?”

Back to Sae…

Sae’s POV

“I love donuts~ I love donuts~”

As I was skipping and twirling down the hall, munching on the delicious donuts in my hands, I passed the library and saw a familiar figure out of the corner of my eye. When I turned back and saw, I was definitely sure of it. It’s Yukirin. I walked in and stepped closer to her, ready to rush up from behind and hug her, but I slowed down as I realized she was asleep on the table while she was reading her book. A sneaky thought entered my head and I smirked as I tiptoed to her. Slowly, I pulled back some of her hair behind her ear and revealed her cute sleeping face.

Ah~ she looks like a princess.

I looked down and saw she was lying on top of the book she just happened to be reading. “Sleeping Beauty.” And, she was right on the page where the princess pricks her finger and falls asleep.

What a weird coincidence…

Slowly removing the book from under her and replacing with her bag, I started turning the pages of the book until I found the part I wanted to see the most, the ending scene. The ending is always the best part of the story; where you read everything and it builds up suspense and excitement, sending your imagination into overdrive, and when it finally climaxes and the biggest things happen. I definitely don’t seem like the kind of girl who would read books, but I do. I love them. Especially fairytales. Wouldn’t it be great to live a fairytale life? Ufufu...


“Ah..!” I jumped a bit as I heard Yuki wake up and slowly rise from her sleeping position. She flinched as she saw me, and after some awkward silence, she grabbed the book from my hands and left, not saying a word to me. “Wait, Yukirin!”

“Miyazawa-san?” I heard a small voice come from behind. I looked and saw a young girl with long, silky black hair fix her red glasses.

Are? That’s, uhh, Kuramochi-san, right?

“Kuramochi Asuka-san, right?”

“Eh? Ah, y-yes...”

“I didn’t know you worked here. Do you like books?”

“Uh, yes… I work at the local library part-time afterschool, too. I-I... I really do like books. I didn’t think you would because you’re such a… um, sporty girl, Miyazawa-san.”

“Ehehe, don’t be so formal. You can call me Sae. And, can I call you ‘Asuka’ or something?”

She turned a bit pink and looked away from me. “Um, my friends call me M-Mocchi...”

“Alright, Mocchi, then.”

Mocchi turned a deeper shade of red and seemed to form a shy smile on her face as she hid behind her glasses. I giggled a bit at the sight; it was too cute to ignore. I got my dounts and left, but then I thought I saw Yukirin watching me from the far end of the hall, but she wasn’t there.

I wonder what’s wrong… I wish I could talk to her…. just for a bit... I sure hope I didn’t do something to make her mad…..

“Nah~! No way!” I giggled happily and resumed eating my donuts.

Third Person POV

Umeda was the first to notice one of the two Sanshou, all alone as she cried and punched a tree in frustration. She told her underling, Yuka, to find the other and bring her, while she took care of the eldest Sanshou sibling. She walked over and grabbed her wrist, restraining her from punching the wood once more, for her fist was already bloody.

“Hey, what are y--?! ...Umeda?”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I-I… did nothing. But what are you doing here?”

“We’re here to deal with your little affairs. It’s no big deal.” Umeda released Myao’s hand. “So why you’re hitting a tree with such force?”

“It’s just because...” Myao look at Rabutan, who is now talking with Yuka on the other side of the trees. She watched as they were arguing and started pushing each other, then Rabutan yelled out something to make Yuka slap her, and she went silent.

“Well?” Ayaka’s voice broke her from her daze.

“..Manamana… She is no longer with us..”

“What?” Yuka, apparently hearing their conversation, approached them. Behind her Rabutan sadly wandered, hanging her head as her wrist was being fragged by her elder. “What do you mean?”

Myao and Rabutan looked at each other. they both saw the sadness and guilt in each others eyes, and they nodded, almost like a telepathic apology. Myao turned back to face Ayaka.

“She is no longer with us...” Myao sighed. “Because she was killed.”

Umeda’s eyes widened. “By whom? Who killed her?”

“The ANGELs.”

It was a minute of silence when Ume-chan sighed and spoke. “It can’t be helped. I should tell this to Sado. But… now we can do something important.”


Sae’s POV


Yay~, lunch! I’ve been waiting for this all day! I’m SO hungry. I was ready to go back to the vending machine and get something, but then I ran into someone.

“Oh, sorry!” When I looked, I saw it was one of my classmates, Takajo Aki. “Are? Takajo-san.”

“Eh?! S-Sae!”

“Hey, Takajo-san. I haven’t talked to you since I transferred. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Thanks.” I noticed she’s blushing a bit. That’s so cute~. But, really, I don’t find it weird, nearly every girl I’ve talked to has blushed around me, especially Yukirin and Mocchi. These three~ They’re making ME blush! “So, Sae, have you talked to Yukirin any today?”

“Eh? Uh, no, I tried to, but… she keeps ignoring me for some reason. Why do you ask?”

She giggled a bit and blushed even more, slapping my shoulder. I wonder what’s going on. Everyone’s been acting kinda weird around me… Especially…. Yukirin.

“Well?” I asked her again after I brought myself out of my thoughts.

“Hm? Oh, well, I was talking to Yukirin, and she was talking about you a lot, and you guys seemed to be getting along well yesterday...” Again, a heavy blush. “I think Yukirin might l-like you.”

“Oh, is that it? Well, everyone likes me, so it’s alright. Haha...” My laughter died out a bit as I saw a confused expression on her face. But, that didn’t last long as she giggled with me.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s nothing. She probably just likes you as a friend.”

Hrm, but if she really does like me that way….

No, Sae, don’t think those things!! KYAA!!!!

“Um, well, I was just going to get some lunch. Wanna come with? I’ll pay.”

She smiled brightly. “Sure.”

She grabbed my wrists and started leading me down to where one of her friends, Rie, was serving sandwiches. Rie’s family owns a local market, so all the sandwiches she makes are “Kitahara Handmade” as she says.

“Hey, Kitarie, give us two soba sandwiches!”

“Coming right up!”

She wrapped up the sandwiches beautifully and handed them to us as I laid the money down on the table.

“Hey, keep the change. Call it a tip for your family market.”

“Uwaa~ Thanks, Sae-chan!”

I took my sandwich and started munching on it, then I saw myself face to face with Yukirin. We stared at each other for a while, then I shyly wiped off the saucy grease from my face and smiled.

“Hey, Yukirin. I haven’t talked to you in a while. How are you?”

She just remained silent and started backing away from me. And that look in her eyes… was almost as if she was scared of me.

“Yukirin, talk to me, please.”

Instead of answering me, she ran off and as I watched her, I finally had enough of her ignoring me. Obviously, there’s something bothering her, and I’m not gonna stop until I help her feel better. Rolling up my sleeves, inside my head, I finally screamed “That’s it!” and I raced after her. I chased her down the hall and rushed out of the door until we were finally out at the front of the school. She stopped in front of a large cherry blossom tree to catch her breath, and now was my chance. I stopped in front of her and held her wrist gently.

“Yukirin, tell me what’s wrong. I just want to help you.”

“Miyazawa, just leave me alone...”

Why does she keep calling me “Miyazawa”?

“Yukirin, please!” I held both of her shoulders to keep her from running and looked at her eyes. “I promise, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or make you upset. All I want to do is help, but I can’t do that if you close yourself in. Please, tell me what’s going on, and I’ll fix it!”


She sounded a bit shock, but I noticed her eyes were tired and the light was slowly fading. She still had bags under her eyes from this morning and she’s been sleeping all day, but now I can see she’s at her limit as she’s holding onto my arms.

“M-Miya… zawa...” Her knees buckled and she fell in my embrace, her eyes snapping shut as she finally succumbed to her insomnia.


Yuki’s POV

I haven’t slept since that day. I couldn’t sleep or eat, just thinking about it made me sick. I wanted to cut school, but my parents insisted. They didn’t know, I could never tell them what was going on. But, I felt so awful. I wanted to stay away from her, to run out of that school screaming, but I didn’t have the energy. I could feel slumber taking over and pulling the strings to control my body, only making me weaker. And now, here I am, cornered by that ANGEL. I tried to run off, but she grabbed my shoulders and looked at me with those deep, dark eyes. I could feel my heart was racing, but my mind was slow and lagging. Everything around me and fading and my world became dark as I fell into the open arms of sleep.

After what felt like an hour later, I woke up on the ground and saw Sae hovering over me, that soft, heart-warming smile curving her lips slightly.


My eyes widened as I very soon realized her eyes were glowing blue once again. There was this comfort to the light glowing in her eyes, that brightness, and I didn’t feel like running. The thought didn’t enter my mind. I felt relaxed, safe as she stood there.

But… why?

“I promise, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or make you upset. All I want to do is help, but I can’t do that if you close yourself in. Please, tell me what’s going on, and I’ll fix it!” Sae’s words echoed in my head.

Then, when I looked back down, I saw Sae holding something in her hands, offering it to me. Held gently in her hand was a single rose. But not a normal rose... A blue rose.

I was about to ask her why she had that and where she got it, but then, for just a short second, I saw she had transformed in front of my very eyes… into the prince.

My eyes opened and I blinked a few times as I awoke from my dream and saw I was in the school infirmary. I got up from the shock; I had a dream and it was so vivid. It was almost real, like it had happened a mere few seconds ago. That’s never happened in my dreams before.

“Ohayou.” I heard a whisper beside my ear and I gasped suddenly. Sae was sitting there beside me. She wasn’t the prince, and her eyes weren’t glowing, and she didn’t have the blue rose. She was just Sae.


“Did you have a good nap? You’ve been asleep for about three hours.”


I looked out the window and saw everyone who was in after school clubs outside, talking. Turning my head back to the clock in the room, I saw the time.

3:59. It’s almost 4 PM.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You looked so peaceful… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, you have such a cute sleeping face. Ufufu...”

I turned my head a bit so I wouldn’t have to see her. I still can’t believe she’s acting like this. I’m sure her intentions aren’t bad, but… she embarrassed me, and she hasn’t apologized or given any reason. She’s acting completely normal. I heard her laughter die down, and when I looked, she was giving me a serious and worried expression.

“Yukirin...” she said in such a small voice. “Do you hate me?”


“I just wanna know what’s wrong. I wanna help you.” That expression in her eyes was like seeing a poor little puppy, one even I couldn’t resist.

I guess now’s the time to ask…

“Miyazawa… Why did you… k-kiss me yesterday?”


If now was the perfect time to ask, it would be the only time. Any other time would be too late. I can see in her eyes she realized what she had done. I know she must be confused as to why I acted like that around her, but I couldn’t bring myself to forgive her. If I didn’t tell her now, things would only get worse.

“I just want to know… why you did that. If you can just explain to me, like, do you have feelings for me? Or...”


“You just surprised me all the sudden. I was so embarrassed, I thought that--”

“Wait, Yukirin...” she stopped me, holding my hand. “What are you talking about?”

Eh? Has she not been listening?

“Miyazawa, you kissed me, and that really embarrassed me. Now everyone--”

“I never kissed you.”

My eyes widened a bit, her hand still holding mine. I went silent seeing that sincerity in her eyes. She was telling the truth, or at least, she thinks she is.


“I didn’t kiss you yesterday. I-I don’t remember ever doing such a thing to you.” Her hands grasped in mine, that sincere look in her eyes, it was too much. Why is she acting like this? “I don’t really remember much of yesterday, anyways. I just remember I was talking to you in the hall, but then after...”

“You’re lying!” I made her let go of my hands and got up. She did the same.

“I’m not.”

“Miyazawa, just stop. There’s no way you can say that and it be true! You kissed me, and I can never forgive you for that! Plus, with you acting like nothing happened, it’s just humiliating me.”

I grabbed my bag and was about to head out, but she called my name again and tried to stop me, holding my shoulder.

“Please, if we can just--”

“I’m sorry, Miyazawa… There’s nothing you can do.” I said coldly to her, removing her hand. “Just leave me alone.”

“Yukirin, please.”

“No! I said LEAVE ME ALONE!” Then, I ran off as fast as I could. I didn’t want to face her, I didn’t want to talk to her. After she embarrassed me, humiliated me, she acted like nothing happened, like that moment never existed. But, I knew. It was real, and everyone in school knows, too. They’re spreading rumors about us, and people are seeing me different.

I don’t want to be that. I don’t want love, I don’t need it. Everything was perfectly fine until that ANGEL came. If she hadn’t come here, everything would’ve been fine, nothing would’ve changed, and I wouldn’t be like this. I wouldn’t be….

I’m… crying?

I felt my cheek. Yes, I was crying. That doesn’t happen to me. I never cry. If that ANGEL, if Miyazawa Sae never came, maybe my dreams would have faded away. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except my future. And, I wouldn’t have shed my first tears since I was a child.

Sae’s POV

I left the infirmary and leaned up against the wall, looking down the hall where Yukirin ran off. What happened to her all of the sudden? She said I kissed her… and then, she started crying when she left. I touched my lips, trying to remember, but nothing came to mind. I think if I kissed her, I would’ve remembered, I would’ve sensed that feeling just now, but… nothing. But, her eyes, the way she acted, how she spoke… she seemed to be telling the truth, but nothing in my head links…

Did I really… kiss her? ….No, if I kissed someone, I would know… I would’ve known… if something like that happened….


“Ah!” I suddenly felt this sharp pain in my head. It was this intense pain, like my head was being pounded against a large wall, or being scraped against something heavy, and my ears, I could hear this incredibly high pitched tone that made it feel like my ears were bleeding. I moaned and groaned in pain, holding my head tight.

What…. What’s going on? M-my head..!


“NO!!!” My hand punched the wall, leaving a small dent in its place. The noise and pain in my head faded as I caught my breath. I remember that feeling, that intense heavy feeling over my body, that feeling of wanting to scream so loud, it hurt. It hurt my entire body so much, but I knew it was just my head.

I hadn’t felt like that since…

“Oh no...” I looked at my hand, realizing what was going on. Finally, a connection was made in my head.

That’s the only explanation.

“It’s happening again..!”


Third Person POV

In the darkness, secluded from any source of light except for the moon, the four girls entered a dark cave that no one else dared to enter. Myao and Rabutan had marking drawn on their hands and arms, all the way up to their shoulders and near the nape of their neck. They laid down on solid rock as restraints bound them down, their wrists and ankles unable to move. Umechan was already mixing up something in a large rock cauldron, then she poured some into two cups and forced the two poor Sanshou to drink it.

The two reluctantly swallowed the suspiciously viscous liquid. It’s taste was horrid and make them gag, and it felt warm and slimy going down their throats. As they were thinking it was a stupid decision to take the potion, their inside started to burn. An unpleasant sensation took over their bodies, engulfing them with an excruciating pain. Soon, their struggling could be heard by the sound the the restraints friction. Arms and legs stirred into all direction.

At the same time, Yuka started to chant unintelligible words to the Sanshou sisters, almost as if in a foreign language. Umechan joined her after throw an unknown thing into the rock cauldron. This new ingredient made a shady fog rise from the cauldron. This fog seemed to have a life of its own. It slowly swayed, dancing toward the rock where the sisters helplessly struggled. It smoothly touched the two girls body and caressed their skin, almost like it was looking for something.

When the fog completely covered both girls, it stopped. It’s stagnate state lasted only a second and was suddenly fading, like it was being sucked by every cell of their bodies. They felt this power, burning like fire inside them, and they could feel their muscles tense, and relax, over and over again.

It didn’t occur to them that their marks were changing, and growing, spreading throughout their entire body, until it reached up behind their ear, onto one side of their face. Myao’s eyes popped open, but they weren’t their normal, dark brown eyes anymore. They were glowing a neon green, her pupils slit like you would see in a snake’s eye. Rabutan’s was the same, too, a bright neon magenta pink with slit pupils.

“Oh God…!” Myao screamed out as she felt this new sensation coursing in her veins. “The POWER! It’s.. unbelieveable!”

“More, more!” her younger sister giggled maniacally. “I want MORE!”

Ayaka and Yuka smiled as they watched them slowly transform. Their outfits had completely changed from normal. It was cute, but also creepy and intimidating, like evil, demonic lolita dolls. They had yarn tied in their hair, strange, foreign markings on their capes, and even Rabutan’s precious bunny rabbit doll had changed, it’s fur now black and eyes a spine-tingling blood red. The two girls rose up, breaking the restraints on them and an evil aura covered their bodies as they giggled evily. Umechan walked over to her newly transformed underlings and gave them each an eyemask to wear.

“From now on, you two are no longer the Sanshou sisters.”

“That’s right,” Myao smirked as she put on her mask, which instantly hooked on without a string. Rabutan nodded and did the same.

“We’re double the trouble. Literally.”

“Let’s call you… the Twin Blades.”


To Be Continued
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Why did sae forgot that she kissed yuki?

Nice fic author san
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Chapter 10 - Love at First Sight

Sae’s POV


I stood outside the hall, staring at Yukirin’s empty desk. I came here first thing in the morning so I could apologize to her, try to explain what happened, but she never came to school. I was the first to notice, since she was so quiet, it took a while before anyone else in class found out. I sighed.

“Sae-chan~” I heard Yuko’s voice as she ran out and hugged my arm. “What you poutin’ about?”

“Oh, nothing, Yuko. I’m just.. thinking about Yukirin.”

“You miss her? Yea, I feel you. I wonder if she’s alright.”

Takamina came out and leaned up against the wall. “Hey, guys...”


I stared up at the ceiling as the two talked. I can still remember clearly what had happened yesterday. Whatever happened, it really upset Yukirin, but… I could’ve sworn I left for home after I talked to her that day. She says I kissed her…

No, that just can’t be. Yukirin is just a really nice girl, and I wanna be friends with her. Still, I get all doki-doki when I’m talking to her and I don’t know what else to say; it’s so weird.

I wonder…. Hrm…

“Hey,” I rose my voice and caught their attention. “How do you know… when you’re in love with someone?”

“Eh?” They harmonized.

“Like, when did you first realize you were in love with Nyan-nyan and Acchan?”

“Oh, we’re talkin’ love, are we?” Yuko giggled. “Well, when I first saw Haruna… Mm, I don’t really know what it was. It just hit me, y’know?”

“Oh, same with me! I just understood in that one moment that I really like her,” Takamina responded.

“Speaking of which, you never really told us how you and Acchan first met.”

“Ah! Yea, that’s right. When did you know you liked her, Takamina?”

Takamina turned a bit pink and giggled, covering her mouth. “Well...” she chuckled out softly. “Actually, that’s a bit difficult to say...”


She sighed and calmed down a bit, fanning herself off before speaking again.

“The thing is, when I first ‘met’ Acchan, she wasn’t a teenager. I actually first met her when she was still a child...”


Third Person POV

“....” A young child stood under a tree as she watched her bright red balloon swaying in the breeze. The child, who was actually Acchan, didn’t try to call for help or get it herself, for she didn’t know how to do either.

She just stood there, about to cry, when she suddenly felt a light breeze blow across her face. Before she knew it, a black figure flew in, grabbing her balloon, and landed down in front of her. It was none other than Minami, dawning an all-black outfit with these weird accessories attached to her ears.

“Here.” She handed Acchan her balloon and patted her head softly. “Don’t cry. It’s okay.”

“...Th-thank.. you...” she finally let her voice out, staring up at the ANGEL.

End of Flashback

Sae’s POV

“Eh~ that’s so sweet, Takamina.”

“She was still a child then, and I didn’t want to see a child like her cry. I had to, it was the right thing to do. I soon realized I was unconsciously watching over her, and eventually, I joined the same middle school as her. Before I knew it...”

“It was love, as it was meant to be, right?”

“Haha, exactly.”

“Well, maybe that’s it, Sae. Maybe you just found the right person when you saw her.” Yuko said as she nudged my shoulder. “And I can guess who it is...”

Her finger pointed to Yukirin’s empty desk.


“It’s SO obvious you have a thing for her.”

“W-what?! That’s not true at all!!!” I felt my face flush madly as Yuko gave me a perverted grin.

“C’mon, you know you want her. After all, I’ve heard the rumors… About you two gettin’ all… smoochy-smoochy.”

“Yuko!!!” I lowered my voice and pulled her closely. “I didn’t kiss her.”

“Everyone says you did. Plus, I saw you sleeping with her in the infirmary. You two looked so cute; you should just ask her out.”

“I can’t do that...” I broke away from her and leaned back against the wall, sinking to the ground. “She probably hates me...”

“You’re in love with her, right?”

I looked up at them, frowning.

“Well, you don’t know that you’re in love right away,” Takamina spoke. “It takes time before you truly realize it. Just think about it to yourself for a while.”

“Thanks guys.”

Yuko ruffled my hair before she and Takamina left. I hugged my knees and sighed into them, still thinking about yesterday. I still remember that face, her crying face. I remember that voice, it was filled with so much pain and shame. Whatever happened to her… really hurt her.

But… just what happened?

Third Person POV

“Sado-sama.” Umechan came in and knelt down in front of her Queen.

“What do you have to report, Umeda?”

“The ANGELs killed Manamana.”

Sado’s eyes widened in shock. But only for a short moment, then her head hung low as she groaned lowly. “Damnit… those girls really are useless.”

“Not entirely.” Umechan grinned. “They just needed a little push was all. I was able to give it to them.”

“Really?” Sado’s eyebrow twitched as she looked back at her. “So?”

“So… I summoned the Chaos spirits and had them possess the two. They’re out causing some real mayhem right now.”

She turned to the mirror and touched the glass with her fingertip a bit, a few ripples formed and then the image of the Twin Blades appeared. There was broken glass on the ground, and they were taking all the jewelry and draining the humans of their energy. Behind the masks, they’re eyes were glowing brightly, and they laughed maniacally. Yuka was standing in the corner of the room, smiling as she watched the humans suffer.

Sado smiled slightly. “Very well done.”

Umechan smiled and bowed her head. But when she looked up, that smile had gone.

“But remember...” she said in a low voice. “Chaos demons are quite…incompatible.”

“Yes ma’am...”

Sae’s POV

At lunch, I watched outside the window as Yuko and the others ate outside on the courtyard. I tried to call Yukirin and ask her about what happened to her yesterday and what made her mad, but she didn’t answer. After three more times, I finally gave up. She’s been ignoring me ever since that day. I couldn’t even face her now, I just had to watch from a  distance as she suffered with something I didn’t know about.

Although, as I kept thinking about what was going on, I couldn’t help but remember. That pain I felt… that splitting headache accompanied by that voice calling out for someone. I had a good feeling that there was something seriously wrong with me… And I think I know what.

“Sae...” I heard a voice call for me from behind and when I turned around, I saw Mayuyu.

“Mayuyu? What are you…? I-I thought you were eating lunch.”

“I lost my appetite. I was watching you earlier in class; you kept staring at Yukirin’s desk. I know you’re really worried about her. I am, too.”

She walked closer and leaned against the wall beside me. Everyone else was outside or in another part of school, so it was just the two of us.

“Sae… what do you think about her? Yukirin?”


“What do you like about her?”

Why this question all of the sudden?

But, I just sighed and calmly answered her question.

“Well, she’s smart… She answered a lot of questions right in class and she helped me out when I was confused with something. She never lost her cool, and was always so calm and professional, she’s so mature. And, she’s also really cute. When she blushes, I giggle every time. And, just looking at her…. just… wow.”

“Just ‘wow’?”

“Well, I mean… She’s beautiful.”

“Sae...” she pursed her lips a bit and looked at me. “Are you.. in love with Yukirin?”

“Ah! Did you overhear my conversation with Yuko and Takamina? I-I already talked to them, and well...”

“I mean, just the way you talk about her, and the look in your eyes when you do… it lights up.” She giggled, and I did the same. “And… well, I saw you kiss her.”

My eyes widened when she said that. “I saw you kiss her.” She was there when it happened. That means… she might know something..!

I turned around to face her and grabbed her shoulders.

“Mayuyu, you saw what happened, right? Tell me. Tell me everything that happened.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Just tell me, what did I do that day, when and how did I kiss her?”

There was confusion in her eyes, and a faint blush. I calmed down and let go of her shoulders before asking again.

“Please…. tell me what you saw.”

“Well, I was outside on the courtyard, doing some plant research for science class, then I accidentally ran into you. I apologized, but then you just looked at me weird, like you didn’t know who I was. Then, you just smiled and patted my head. It was weird, but I saw that your eyes were glowing bright blue. I didn’t know if it was my imagination or something, but it was very vivid blue. Anyways, after you left, you went to the center of the courtyard and started playing the violin, and when you were finished, you went to Yukirin and… you.. k-kissed her.”

“And then?”

“Then… she pushed you. She was really mad about it; Yukirin isn't that type of girl, y’know. She doesn’t like someone kissing her suddenly, especially boys. N-not that I’m calling you one.”

“It’s okay, Mayuyu. I get called a boy often...”

“She… she doesn’t want anything to do with love. So, then, she ran off.”

“Is that all?”

“Y-yeah, pretty much...”

That’s it… That has to be…

“Mayuyu...” I rose my voice once more as I held her shoulders. “I have to tell you something, but you gotta promise to keep it a secret.”


“Please, you can’t tell anyone, not even Yukirin,” I said in a serious voice and looked straight in her eyes.

She nodded. “Okay...”

I took a deep breath, prepared to speak.

“The truth is… I--”


I felt another sharp pain hit me as the voice yelled at me. I clutched my head as I fell on one knee, the high ringing resonated in my ear.

“Sae?! Sae, what’s wrong?!” I can hear Mayuyu, but I can’t concentrate on what she’s saying. I can’t focus. All I hear is that noise, all I feel is pain, this immense pain that makes my body feel heavy, and my head feels like it’s about to split open. My heart is pounding so fast, I think it’s gonna burst. I wanna scream, but no sound comes out, like something’s lodged in my throat. I can only hear my groans of pain as that voice echoes in my head.

You cannot tell her! You cannot tell anyone!


I won’t let you do this, Sae!

“Sae, what’s going on?” I looked and saw Mayu’s blurred figure. She was looking at me with worry in her eyes.

I can’t let him do this… If she sees this…

“D-don’t… c-come any.. c-c-closer…!” I breathed out as I rolled on the ground.

“Sae..!” I saw Mayu’s hand try to reach for me, then I felt myself be pulled back, but I could still hear what was going on.

“No! Go away!” I heard his voice mixing with mine as my body went numb from all the pain. I was losing control; he was starting to take over. Darkness surrounded me, but my mind still allowed me to hear what was going on.

“Sae, stop!”


Yuki...rin.… No……





I woke up on the ground and saw Mayu, sitting against the wall. Her hands covered her mouth as she looked at me with wide eyes. I looked around. Everything was blown away, the door of the classroom near us crashed open and on the ground. That classroom was unused, but it was supposed to be locked. There was frost and ice on the floor and wall where I was, and ice cracked the window slightly.

“Mayuyu...” I said as I got up. I didn’t try to get close; she looked like she was afraid of me, now. “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to do this.”

“Sae… what’s going on? Is something wrong?”


“Don’t tell her.” I heard his voice in my head, but this time, no pain came to me.

“...I’m sorry, Mayuyu. Just forget it.” I said as I got up and started to leave.

“What? But--”

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine...” I lied. I know what’s going on now, and I have to stay away. “I think I’ll just go home and get some rest… Bye….” I ran off before she could say anything, and covered my mouth as tears flowed down my face.

Meanwhile, out on the courtyard…

Yuko’s POV

I looked up at the window just over my head as everyone ate their lunches and talked. I thought I heard someone screaming up there, then this weird crash or explosion or something. Did the chemistry club mix the wrong chemicals together or something?

“Yuu-chan~” Haruna pulled my sleeve and got up to see what was going on. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah, nothing. I just thought I heard something...”

“Do you think Sae-chan’s alright? She’s been thinking about Yukirin for a long time.”

“Yea, and Yukirin isn’t here either.”

“I wonder what’s wrong with them lately.” I said as I leaned against the tree. “Sae and I talked to; she was asking me and Takamina about love.”

Haruna looked at me with wide eyes. “Love?”

“Yeah, she wanted to know how it felt when you were in love with someone for the first time. And, I think she’s got it bad for Yukirin.”

“Oh yeah, I heard about what happened. Is it true?”

“Yea, Mayu said she even saw it happen. I don’t know, but just the look on her face when she told me. I think Mayu knows something. And, I’m also worried about Yukirin. I think if she doesn’t make up with Sae and forgive her soon, things are just gonna get worse. Sae really cares about her.”

“And that’s why you think she’s in love with her?”

“It’s easy when you identify the tells. Everyone has them. Like Takamina, whenever we start talking about Acchan and she’s not around, she’ll get super girly. She’ll just go on and on, giggling and acting like a fangirl. There was even one time when Acchan walked straight in and she didn’t noticed, and when she did, her face will turn tomato red.”

Haruna laughed a bit. “That’s so cute.”

“I love it when Minami acts so embarrassed. She’s such a girl.”

“She’s also a hopeless romantic.”

“Haha, Yuko~! She’s not hopeless!”

Haruna turned and looked at me. “How did you know you were in love with me?”

Ah, this question again…

I looked up and thought about it a bit; I didn’t want to make it sound silly. Well, maybe a little.

“I guess it was like Sae: ‘Love at first sight’. You are down right gorgeous, and anyone would be lucky to have you. But...” I looked at her and hugged her waist. “I’m not givin’ you up so easily.”

“Oh, you...” she wrapped her arm around my neck as I giggled madly. She just knows how to make me love her more, huh? She makes me happy…

Yuki’s POV

Already 2 o’ clock, huh? Damnit…

I never left my bed since I got home yesterday. I couldn’t eat or sleep, because I didn’t want to go to school. I wanted to clear my mind, but it was impossible. Everything that happened to me the past few days played over and over like a broken record. I want to move on, but I can’t. Just so you know, this isn’t love. This is insanity. This is hatred. I’ll never, ever forgive that Miyazawa… If she is worried about me, though… then how can she explain what she did?

*Ring ring*

I heard my phone ringing at the side of my bed and broke away from my thoughts. Slowly picking it up and looking at the screen, I saw that it was Mayu.



“Yukirin, are you okay?”

“Mayu… Yea, I’m fine. Just tired… Why did you call on your cell? Why didn’t you use the school phone?”

“Because I thought, since Sae’s already tried to call you on the school phone three times, you’d ignore it if I did.”

“O-oh...” I blushed, thinking of how devastated Sae must’ve been when I wouldn’t answer her. I probably made her worry about me more. “Nee, Mayu… why is Sae so worried about me?”

“Eh? Yukirin, don’t say it like that. Sae really cares about you.”

“But, Mayu, she...” I pursed my lips. I wanna stop remembering, I wanna forget, but I just can’t. It’s impossible. “She...”

“I don’t think Sae meant to hurt your feelings like that.”

“Eh?” All the sudden, her voice got serious. The voice in it was so different from normal, even more than after she told us she was an ANGEL. Was she taking Miyazawa’s side? What does she mean by that, Sae didn’t mean to hurt my feelings? She didn’t mean to kiss me? Nothing she’s saying is making sense, and that never happens when it’s Mayu. If Miyazawa didn’t mean to kiss me, why doesn’t she just apologize? She shouldn’t act stupid and pretend nothing happened when it obviously did.

“Yuki… Sae’s really sorry.”

“..!” I blinked my eyes a few times.

“She knows what she did was wrong, and I think she wants to apologize to you as much as you do, but… she just doesn’t know how.”

“...Is that all?” I said coldly in response.

“She even tried to tell me something, but then she started freaking out and left. She went back home, and since I don’t have her number--”

“Wait… what do you mean she was ‘freaking out’?”

“Well, it was like...” she went silent a few seconds before speaking again. “She… she was probably just frustrated. I-it wasn’t even that bad.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, she just got a bit stressed and stopped talking about it. In fact, she didn’t even freak out the least. I guess I was just exaggerating.”

Something’s not right. Mayu doesn’t lie, she’s not the type who would keep a secret. Well, yeah, I know she had to keep her identity a secret, but other than that, she never kept secrets from me. She’s bad at that. Whenever she tried to hide something, she’d either be clumsy and trip up or just feel guilty and come clean. I could tell in her voice, there was something else going on, and she didn’t want me to know about it. She was keeping something, and I think Miyazawa has something to do with it. There’s definitely something up, and I need to know what it is now.

“Whatever… I’ll be back tomorrow, so tell her not to worry, okay?”

“Thanks, Yukirin. I think she’ll be happy.”

“Yea, sure...” I sighed out. I told her bye and then hung up, pulling the covers back over my head. The thought of that ANGEL… just won’t leave me.

I would do anything… If it was just to erase that one moment… I’d do it… to forget.

Mayu’s POV

When after-school classes were done, I packed up my things and started heading home. I was going to call Yuki, but she didn’t pick up her cell. She was probably still thinking about the last time I called her, and Heaven only knows if she’s forgiven Sae or not.

I shuddered a bit. I still remember clearly that event with her today. She was really hurting, fighting something inside her that dared to come out, and in her mass hysteria, she had a meltdown. She went completely berserk and was screaming in pain, then this huge burst of psychic energy was released from her. The air in the room went cold, ice and frost surrounding her, and when she was done, she had only just realized what was going on and left.

There was truly something wrong with Sae; there’s something about her that’s different from the other ANGELs. I have a theory on what it could be, but… I still don’t know. But, with that much strength in her powers, it could possibly be true.

I walked outside to the entrance gate and saw Sae standing out there.


“Sae, I thought you went home.”

“Well, I, uhh, wanted to see if the basketball team was practicing. But, they wouldn’t let me back in, so...”

“It’s okay. They have practices everyday after school except Fridays, and they’ll be starting games soon, so those will be on Saturdays.”

“Alright. Thanks, Mayuyu!”

I decided to take a walk together with Sae a bit to clear my head about today. Being with Sae definitely helped. She always said things that you couldn’t help but smile and laugh with her. Even if she made a stupid remark and tried to cover it up, it’d be too cute to resist. Contrasting that was her outfit. Sae had a different fashion sense that us, I remember she showed us pictures she took of herself and the outfits she wore were all so… well, it suited her.

She and Takamina seemed to have bad sense in fashion, as Acchan showed us pictures of some of the outfits she wore in the past, but none compared to Sae’s colorful combinations. Right now, though, wasn’t too bad. She just wore a T-shirt with some grey pattern on it, a black jacket and matching pants. The belt around her wasn’t too flashy, it was normal, and it suited Sae’s black spiky hair and her rebel ikemen look.

But, somehow, the memory of this afternoon couldn’t leave my head. That pain in her eyes, her voice, everything. Like she was resisting something from taking over her… Maybe that’s it….. I still don’t know…

“Hey, Mayuyu,” I heard her voice and looked at her. “Is… Yukirin okay?”

I gulped before I answered her. “Why do you ask?”

“I just wanted to know… you seem to be her best friend, I thought you might have known something.”

“Are you still thinking about today?” I watched as her eyes flinched a bit and she gripped her fists, biting her lip. “If you wanna talk about it--”

“No, it’s fine.” I watched as she faked a smile before telling me goodbye and heading home. I saw the darkness in her eyes where the light used to be; and there was sadness...

It was already dark, so I decided to go home, but then I saw something come out of an old building. It was a woman, but she looked like a zombie, all the life was drained out of her. I ran up and tried to help her walk, but she looked at me with these empty, glass eyes. Her mouth was slightly opened, trying to say something, then curved into a terrifying smile.

I watched her hands rise up and she tried to strangle me. I was able to break free before her nails could seep into my skin. She growled and ran up to me, but then I released a sonic wave and knocked her down. She collapsed, unconscious, and I could see the purplish blue veins from her unnaturally pale skin. She was still alive, but her heart was not beating… She had no soul.

I looked inside the building and saw others that were like her, but were already tired out and were unconscious. In the far end of the room, I saw a bottle. A bottle with light in it. I slowly walked in through the window, careful not to step on the broken glass and wake the zombified people.

When I got close enough, I took a good look at the bottle. Pressing my temple, I activated my computer database chip and started scanning the bottle. In the small orbs of light, I saw the people, moaning and groaning softly in pain and agony. It reminded me of Sae today, all that pain in their voice as they tried to fight it.

I suddenly heard a horrid screech as a soulless man ran up with a knife, but I quickly dodged only to see his scream woke up the other people. They blankly stared at me as they inched closer, so I gathered up all my energy and stopped the ground, creating a sonic boom and knocking them down. They were unconscious, for now, but I don’t know when they’ll wake up. For now, I just need to turn them back to normal.

I took the bottle and opened it, then took each of the golden light orbs and placed it into each person. The color in their skin turned back to normal as the life in them returned, and I sighed with relief.

Who could’ve done this?

“That wasn’t very nice...” a voice echoed as I started to walk off. I turned around and saw a woman I’ve never seen before. I first took note of her thick Osaka accent, then I noticed that she was hovering over the unconscious woman I had saved. “Oh, well… she wasn’t of much use, anyways.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Yuka, loyal servant to her Majesty.”

She’s like the Sanshou Sisters… "Her Majesty"…

Just who is the Queen, I wonder? I started to ask her, but then she turned and started leaving.

“Well then, I guess I’d better report this to her.”

“Wha-? Wait!”

“Catch ya later, alligator!” I watched as she walked off and teleported out of my sight before I could stop her.

“Come back here and fight!”

Then, two familiar voices entered my ears.

“She called us just in case...”

“Something like this would happen.”

“You...” It was the two Sanshou, Myao and Rabutan, but… something was wrong.

I watched as the two girls walked out, but something was different about them. There were these weird markings on them, each on a different side of them, right from their ankles to their face, at least, from what I’ve seen. They untied the straps on their masks and slowly removed them, revealing these demonic looking green and pink eyes. Their dresses were different, too. They were now a gothic-lolita style, and there were small gold and silver crown medallions on their ribbons. In their hair, there was yarn tied in, and Myao’s hat and Rabutan’s ribbon became a mix of black and pink.

“It’s been quite a while, ANGEL...” Myao said with a smirk. On the side of her cape was a strange red mark knitted in the cloth.

“Did you miss us?” Rabutan giggled as she hugged her now black bunny, which also had the same red mark knitted into its back.

“What happened to you two?”

“Now, now, don’t be rude. We just had a little growth spurt.”

“Seems like more than that...” I looked at them as they separated to both sides of me. There was this aura surrounding them, and it was strong, more evil than before. “More like a power-up.”

“Ano~ we did want to play with you some more, but you broke our toys.” Rabutan said with a sadistic smile.

“Which means...” Myao slowly let go of her small handbag, and Rabutan strapped her bunny friend onto her pack. Then, their eyes turned dark and evil, their pupils shrunk like thin slits of a snake’s eyes. “We’re going to… break you.”

Yuki’s POV

“Thanks for dinner.”

At early evening, I had finished my supper and walked back up to my room to rest a bit. I sighed, the thought of the past few days never left my mind. You think I would, even if I wanted to… I soon noticed I had received a message on my cell phone. I turned it on and checked to see who had left it. It was Mayu.


I still remember her last call from today. Those words… something in her voice wasn’t right when she said them.

“Sae’s really sorry.”

“She knows what she did was wrong.”

“I don’t think Sae meant to hurt your feelings like that.”

I wondered what she had meant by all that; I’ve never heard her talking about things like that. But, then again, I already knew Mayu had a distinct knowledge for love and romance. I thought to myself why she hadn’t come home yet… I pulled back my window curtains to see her lights weren’t on. I was starting to get worried, so I decided to go out for a walk to clear my mind. Maybe she was doing the same and I would run into her.

All of a sudden, I got call, and it was from Mayu.


“Hello?” Then, it got weird… no one was talking, but… I heard fighting in the background, then I heard a familiar voice… It was Mayu! I used my phone tracker app that Mayu had installed and saw she was just down the street. I hurried and ran towards her direction. “Mayu!”

Third Person POV

Rabutan was the first to attack Mayu, trying to throw a punch at her, but to which she quickly dodged. Then, Myao came up, trying to land her signature kick onto Mayu’s head, but she blocked it with her shoulder. She quickly threw her arm up to punch her, but she had ducked down before it could reach her.

As she raised up again, she pulled her arm back and lunged forward to punch her, but ended up it meeting her arm. Myao’s free arm started to hit her again, but Mayu quickly leaned herself back so she wouldn’t face the impact.

Rabutan’s kick came next, aimed at her stomach, then a punch came towards her. She quickly grabbed her fist, pulling her arm, and thrusted her knee into Rabutan’s stomach, causing the wind to be knocked out of her and she coughed up some blood. Mayu quickly turned and sent another kick towards Myao, but she moved to the side just in time to dodge and send another kick aimed to her head, which was blocked once more. The two girls stood side-by-side of each other in front of the ANGEL.

“With that cute face...” Mayu chuckled.

“Which one?”

“Eh? Me, right?”

“No way. She means me!”

“Stop screwing around!” As they were arguing, Mayu ran up and jumped in the air, about to punch them, but they both noticed and moved away, letting her land on the ground. She got right back up and instantly faced Rabutan.

Before Rabutan’s kick reached her, she quickly grabbed the incoming leg and punched her face successfully. As she freed herself, Myao came up from the other side, sending her punches one after another. Mayu dodged them quickly, but they were all very close to hitting her. She quickly pushed her away, only to have the second girl to run up to her again and try to attack.

Rabutan grabbed Mayu’s arm while she tried to pin her, then Myao came and grabbed one of Mayu’s legs that tried to kick her. The two were shaking her, teasing her as they held her still, unable to attack, and yelling echoed through the empty streets. Mayu struggled to break free, then Rabutan’s arms pinned her down as Myao let go of her leg and started punching her face.

They then threw her against the brick wall, landing into some trash cans, and were about to proceed once more with their torture, but Mayu rolled away before anything could happen. She slowly stood back up to her feet, touching her lips as she felt blood at the side of them.

“You’ve grown up a bit, haven’t you...”

“Why thank you.” Rabutan giggled to Mayu’s comment.

Myao’s eyebrow twitched. “Huh? Don’t listen to her; she was just being polite.”

“What? But it’s true.”

“You gotta be kidding me. You’re fugly.” she said before clicking her tongue.

Rabutan glared back at the ANGEL.

“Well, then, I guess I’ll grow a little bit more~”

She rushed forward, but ended up her attack failing and was flown back a bit. Myao proceeded to do the same, but Mayu quickly stopped her fist and turned it with the back of her hand and knocked the elder sister away. The younger came up from behind and and grabbed her neck, but Mayu elbowed her in the stomach and freed herself from her grasp. She sent a series of punches to her, until she felt the elder push her shoulder and spun her around to face her. She saw the incoming punch, and quickly blocked it with her arm.

As she held her arm tightly from moving, she looked up and saw a figure coming down the street. It was Yuki. She quickly pushed Myao away, kicking her to knock her down before proceeding to Rabutan. She blocked her arm and quickly punched her face, once. Then twice. And three times. She was ready to deliver the final blow into her, until…

“YAAA!!!” she heard Myao scream from behind.

“Mayu!!!” Then, Yuki’s voice.

She quickly turned and saw a figure step in front of her, taking the blow. Then, Rabutan pushed her back down and threw dirt into her eyes. Everything around her became blurry and her sight system temporarily shut down.

Yuki’s POV

I watched there as Mayu was beating the Sanshou girls. I noticed they were different, they were wild and more demonic than before. Did they get a power-up or something? I saw Myao pick up a wooden pole and she screamed before rushing to Mayu.


I hurried and without thinking, I hugged her, taking the blow from the pole into my back. I bit my teeth into Mayu’s shirt from the splintering pain. I felt the younger sister push Mayu to the ground, then she kicked my stomach and knocked me down before throwing dirt at Mayu. It got into her eyes and she screamed.

“Mayu!” I quickly helped her sit up as she rubbed her closed eyes.

“I’m okay, Yuki. I just need to clean out the lenses in my system...”

I felt the two girls grab my shirt and pull me away, then they started kicking me with joyful, sadistic smiles on their faces. I noticed they had fangs growing now in their mouths. They were small, but they were still fangs.

That’s when I knew, they transformed into demons.

“Come on, Yuki, get up~” they said sarcastically as they dragged me on the ground.

“Yeah, we’re not done yet.”

I heard Mayu growl angrily and she got up, swinging her arms blindly to try and hit them. She screamed at them, telling them to fight, but they had moved out of their reach. Rabutan grabbed her shoulder and punched her face, knocking her to the ground. They kept doing so, along with dragging me and kicking my stomach repeatedly. As I was coughing, trying to catch my breath, I leaned up against a wall and sat down, watching Mayu knock both girls away, but they just giggled as if it was all just a game.

“Haha, this is awesome!”

“Are you okay?!”

Then, as my head leaned back, I turned and saw something not too far away from the scene… as the clouds moved and the moons light shined on it, I instantly knew. That thought came to me…

“A handsome prince with glistening silver hair and electric blue eyes…”

That aura… That powerful energy…

No, it wasn’t a prince. It was…


Sae’s POV

As I walked back to my apartment, every word that I heard from the first few days I’ve been here echoed in my head. Meeting Yuki, hurting her in such a way, and I can’t tell her. And Mayu, she knows. She knows that I’m… different. She doesn’t know why yet, but I’m certain she does. Furthermore, she knows Yuki’s been suffering and it’s my fault…

No! I have to make things right!

Gripping my bag, I quickly turned around and walked back in the direction Mayu was going in. I kept going until I heard her voice, followed by some other screams.

What’s going on?

I finally stopped when I saw that Mayu was in a fight with these two girls wearing there gothic-lolita outfits. They kinda looked like girls from a horror flick, and it sent chills through my spine. And boy, were they strong. But so was Mayu. She was doing a number on them, trying to fight back. I wonder who they are, why are they fighting.

I watched as one girl grabbed a wooden pole and was about to hit Mayu.

“Mayu!” I was about to help, but then I saw Yuki was already there. She met my gaze, probably, but just for a second, then she yelled out and got in front of Mayu, taking the blow.

Something inside me, watching that… snapped.


Oh no… Not again..!

I dropped my bag, feeling my heart grow heavy. Everything inside me was shutting down; I was starting to lose touch with myself. I wanted to scream, to fight, to help. But all I could do was stand there, frozen like a statue, and watch. Watch as they tortured Yuki, beating her, even when she was at their mercy.

“Yuki~, stand up. Come on, stand up already~”

My heart was pounding, my breath labored to sharp intakes of air. I was feeling him take over me.


No, please. Don’t!

Don’t you..!

Yukirin… I’m sorry.

...dare TOUCH HER!!!


I felt everything inside me go numb and my mind went completely blank. My eyes slowly closed as my head dropped and I felt all self-control left slip away from my body.

Third Person POV

Myao and Rabutan suddenly stopped their roar of laughter as they felt something was wrong. There was a pain in their noses, and they felt like something was inside it. They quickly covered their noses, raised their heads up, then, when they looked at their hands, they saw blood from their noses on the palms of their hands.


“T-Tomato sauce..!”

“S-st-strawberry sauce..!”

All the sudden, that toughness was gone and they started whining and crying like babies in front of the two girls. Of course, they weren’t paying attention, as this was to be expected.


“Mou~ it’s that ANGEL’s fault.”

“Yeah, we’ll need to call an ambulance!”

As they were carrying on, Yuki was watching as a familiar figure was standing right behind the two demon girls. It was Sae, her head hung low and her hands balled into loose fists. Her head slowly raised up, her bangs covering her eyes slightly, but you could see that they were actually closed. Overhead, the clouds moved away and the moon’s light shined on her, revealing her entire figure to them. What Yuki saw, however, wasn’t a normal Sae. Sae’s body was covered by an electric blue aura, which seemed to make her hair also shine silver. Like the prince’s hair. The Twin Blades had stopped their fussing and turned around, giving Sae a dark look.

“We’ll pay you back...”

“For our nosebleeds...”

Even though Sae’s eyes were shut, she could hear everything perfectly clear. She could hear the two girls circling her, the broken glass from the window crackling at their feet as their heels stepped on the ground. Slowly, they circled around each side of her, meeting in the middle right behind her, and high fiving each other as they switched sides and ended up on opposite sides of her.

The next moment, everything in Sae’s ears was silent. Only a light breeze blowing remained until it finally faded away. She remained perfectly still, her eyes shut tight, and her hands still loosely wrapped into fists.


“...Argh!” She heard the scuff of Rabutan’s feet and her grunt as she ran up to punch her.

Sae’s mouth curved a slight smirk, and in an instant, she spun around and circled the smaller girl, dodging her attack and pushing her away to her elder sister. Sae’s feet screeched to a stop a bit, and when she opened her eyes, the two saw they were glowing an intense blue light.

Yuki’s heart skipped a beat as she felt those eyes were looking at her, too.

“A handsome prince with glistening silver hair and electric blue eyes…”

Those same blue eyes that stared into her soul, calmed her when she was stressed, and warmed her heart. But now, those kind, gentle eyes were now sharper and fierce, like a different person from the prince she saw smile at her. The prince who kissed her. Now, those eyes were more like the ones of a knight who wanted to protect her.

“Sae...” she suddenly heard her voice call out to her… by her first name.

In one swift movement, Sae spun around once more and sent a flying kick to both of the girls, knocking them down instantly. The straps on Rabutan’s bunny snapped off and it fell on the ground, landing a foot away from them.

The Twin Blades looked up to see Sae standing with her back turned, but they were terrified at something. Sae’s aura was intense and powerful, like nothing they’ve seen or felt before. They huddled against each other on the ground, holding each other as she turned around to face them. They started shivering in fear as Sae raised her hand up to them.

Meanwhile, Mayu blinked her eyes as her system cleared out and the first thing she saw was a blurry figure of the two demonic lolitas on the ground, facing them was a figure covered in blue light. As she recalibrated her eyesight, she soon realized it was Sae, covered in a beautiful sky blue aura. She saw her hand aimed at the two girls, and at her open palm, an orb of intense blue light. Mayu and the two frightened ex-Sanshou watched as Sae’s lips mouthed something before a bright flash surrounded them.

I won’t forgive you...

Then, the two girls’ screams filled the air.

When the flash was gone and Mayu looked, she saw that there was ice covering the ground, mixed with black dust where the Twin Blades used to be. She soon realized Sae used an ice elemental attack to freeze and destroyed the girls. Her hand slowly lowered as she stood there, staring at the remains, letting out a sigh.

“Sae...” Mayu slowly got up, about to walk up to the girl.

Sae’s head turned and looked at the girl with a shocked expression. She didn’t say anything and just turned her gaze to the girl sitting on the ground behind her before looking down at the ground. Her fists slightly tightened.

“Sae… how did you...?” She didn’t get to finish her question as she passed Mayu and knelt down in front of Yuki.

Mayu suddenly had a realization.

“Could it be… Is Sae..?”

Yuki stared at the ANGEL in front of her. Her powerful aura and overwhelming energy surrounding her was gone, only leaving her mesmerizing blue eyes. Sae had a sad expression on her face, biting her lips as she looked away from Yuki a short second.

Yuki spoke in the silence, “M-Miyazawa...”

Sae gritted her teeth a bit, her eyes not looking up at the raven girl.

“Miyazawa… why are you--?” Suddenly, Sae placed her finger in front of Yuki’s pink lips and looked at her once more, her eyes locking on hers. Yuki felt frozen in her spot. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think. Her body wasn’t responding to her own thoughts and everything seemed to slowly melt away into nothingness. Sae spoke softly, gently into her ear.

Go to sleep for a bit.

On that command, Yuki’s eyes lost all light and slowly closed, the energy in her body slowly faded and made her limp and heavy. She fell into the girl’s embrace, placed in a deep sleep and drifting into a dream. Sae carried the sleeping girl in her arms securely before she started to walk off. Mayu was watching everything unfold and was silent, but then finally decided to speak up.

“Sae..!” her voice made the elder ANGEL stop in her tracks, turning to look at her. “Where are you taking her?”

But all she got as a reply was a smile, no words. But that look… it was something to Mayu. She watched as Sae did a running start before she jumped and started flying in the air. Watching this, Mayu finally fitted the last piece in and came to a conclusion.

Powerful aura, intense psychic power, and incredible abilities no other ANGEL had(that being ice powers and flight). There was only one conclusion Mayu could process in her mind; the only explanation for Sae and her circumstances. Sae was an ANGEL made with the original blue blood formula made centuries ago. The only thing was, how and why does she? Was Sae older than she had said, or was there another secret to this? She didn’t have time to think anymore as she now had to follow Sae to find wherever it was she was taking Yuki.

In the air, Sae was light as a feather, floating in the sky as if there was no gravity around her. Her blue eyes looked down at the girl in her arms, peacefully asleep in her dream world. A memory flashed in her mind, making her smile. She looked back up as she saw her destination. Her home.


To Be Continued
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:deco: Last chapter of the SaeYuki arc! And something special at the end~ :deco:



Chapter 11 - Memories

Third Person POV

Sae arrived at the balcony to her apartment and slowly descended down to the solid ground. She walked in, still carrying the raven-haired girl, Yuki, princess style in her arms and slowly set her down on the couch. She continued to watch her sleep, beautifully, peacefully. So many memories of the past filled her head, the past she wished she could have back, but knew she never could. The back of her hand slowly caressed her cheek, it was so soft and warm. Sae had a smile on her face, her heart racing inside as this pleasant warmth enveloped her body.

She had this sudden urge come over her, one which, she could not resist any longer. She wanted to kiss Yuki. Those soft-looking, small and delicate lips that she loved so, and she wanted to kiss them once more. How she longer for it, how she missed it, since the last time she did so. Her hand cupped Yuki’s cheek as she slowly leaned forward to kiss her. She was confident about this, that one kiss. She knew this kiss would bring her back; the girl she loved more than anyone else in the world. And bringing her back would mean the world to her. Her eyes slowly closed with her lips inches away from Yuki’s…

“No!” Suddenly, her own voice echoed inside her, causing her to jump back and clutch her head, a throbbing pain shocking her in her head. Her eyes open wide.

What are you still doing here?” she spoke out loud in a voice lower than normal.

“This is wrong. I don’t want to do this to Yukirin!”

You still don’t get it, do you? She’s the one.

“You may say that, but--”

I’m sure, Sae!” she screamed at herself, hitting her fist on the coffee table behind her while she sat down. “Sae… you don’t know anything about true love, not yet…


Why are you so worried for me? Didn’t you say you wanted me to be happy? To have her back with me? You promised you’d help me.

“Well, yeah, but… she hates me.”

The outer Sae went silent, staring at the ground as she bit her lip.

No… she doesn’t hate you. She hates me. But… maybe if I remind her who she is… just maybe…” Her hand slowly raised up to touch Yuki once more. “Maybe she’ll love me again.

“Wait!” Sae screamed again and caused her outer self to feel an intense pain in her head, causing her to stand up and back away from the unconscious girl. “Yukirin’s different now. She’s not the same girl you knew before. If you do something, she’ll hate BOTH of us!”

Quiet!” The other Sae banged on the mirror, looking at her reflection.

However, unlike this Sae, who now had glowing blue eyes, in her reflection, the real Sae could be seen. Her eyes were brown, and even though she mimicked the outer Sae’s movements, her facial expression was different. It was worried.

If you don’t let me do this, she may disappear for good.

“You don’t have to force her!” Sae’s reflection spoke on its own.

Have you forgotten everything I’ve told you?! She and I, we were meant for each other.

“That doesn’t mean you can do something like this, Ruka!”

The outer persona, Ruka, looked down and pressed her head against the cold mirror. Right now, this wasn’t Sae. It’s someone else inside Sae’s body. This persona was the one who kissed Yuki that day, the one who saved her, the prince who haunted her dreams. He was a part of Sae, but perhaps, from long, long ago.

Suddenly, Sae and Ruka heard the door open and someone ran inside calling out for her.

“Sae!” She saw Mayu there, standing in front of her. Of course, Mayu didn’t see Sae in the reflection or hear her talking. She just heard and saw Ruka.

Why did you come here?” he asked.

“I’m worried about you, Sae...”

Ruka didn’t want to answer. She just looked away from the young ANGEL.

“Ruka, don’t be like this...”

“Yukirin...” They heard Mayu as she slowly walked over and was about to touch Yuki, but Ruka ran up and grabbed Mayu’s wrist, gripping it tight.

Don’t touch her!

“S-Sae…! I-itai.. Itai..!”

“No, don’t hurt her! Mayuyu’s my friend.” Ruka suddenly froze hearing Sae’s voice. His grip was still tight on her wrist, not letting go, but he was staring at his own hand as she spoke. “I promise you, she won’t do anything to hurt you. She’s like me, she just wants to help you!”

Mayu looked up and saw Sae’s eyes, the light in her eyes flickering to stay in control.

Ma… yu… yu..?” The two voices mixed together until all the light in her eyes disappeared and they returned to their normal brown orbs. Sae was back in control of herself and blinked her eyes a few times as if she woke up from a dream. She saw her hand holding Mayu’s wrist and quickly let go, backing away. “Oh my gosh, Mayuyu! I… I’m so sorry..! I didn’t mean to….”

“Sae, what happened back there? That was...”

Sae didn’t remember anything that happened passed Yuki being beaten up by the two devil-lolita girls. Ruka saw everything and was furious, so he came out, and that was when Sae blacked out. When she woke up inside her mind, she saw Ruka with Yuki in her apartment about to kiss her, but anything before that, nothing.

“M-Mayuyu, I… That.. that wasn’t… I-I didn’t...” Sae couldn’t speak, she was cornered.

“Sae, please tell me what’s going on. I want to do everything I can to help you.”


Sae gulped as she looked away from Mayu’s gaze, talking to her inner persona.

“Ruka, you can trust her. Mayuyu’s my friend.”



Ruka sighed in Sae’s mind.Well, I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ve already revealed myself enough.

“Thank you, Ruka...”

Sae let out a sigh and sat down on the chair near the couch. Mayu pulled up a chair near Sae’s desk and sat down, too, facing her. Sae took a deep breath in before speaking.

“Okay… Well, when I was created, there was… a bit of a problem.”

“What kind of problem?”

“The heart I was made with. Somehow, the blood’s formula was able to awaken something in it. The soul of the person who had it… he still survived. And now, he’s inside me.”

“You mean… like a split personality?”

“No, not like that at all. He’s still alive, and his mind and soul is separate from mine. But, there are times when he tends to take control of me. It happened when you saw me kiss Yukirin.”

“And when you beat the Sanshou...”

“Eh? Who?”

“Oh, I’ll tell you later. So, when did you know he was in there, with you?”

“It was actually a week after they created me. I was starting my combat training. All of my tests said that my physical and mental statuses were stable, but when I started training, that’s when things went bad. Ruka was trying to take control of me, and it was so painful, I was having a panic attack. I was going absolutely crazy, I could see these visions in my head I didn’t want to see. I kept yelling at them, trying to make them go away, until I realized what I was seeing wasn’t real. It was Ruka’s mind, his memories.”

Mayu stopped her for a second. “W-wait… Ruka?”

“That’s his name. Ruka.”

“Oh, it’s a boy… that explains why he kissed her.”

“Explains a lot, doesn’t it?” I chuckled.

“And when you saw them, he stopped?”

“No. Neither of us stopped. I couldn’t regain control of myself, and all I could remember after that was that he was attacking the guards. They were finally able to pin me down and sedate me. The room was covered in ice and frost, everything knocked over and the glass window was shattered, glass on the floor.”

“That means the psychic power comes from him.”

“They said the ice was a side effect of the powerful energy waves.”

“Makes sense...”

“When I woke up, I was in restraints. They were afraid when I woke up, I would do something. They were monitoring my brainwaves, but they couldn’t find anything.”

“So, how did you know?”

“While I was unconscious, I had a dream. I was in this room, completely white all around me. When I looked, I saw a glass wall separating me from a black room, and Ruka was on the other side. He lived a long time ago, and had a lover, Maria. He was stabbed in the back and died protecting her, and he missed her so much.”

“So, that’s why he started trying to gain control of you. So he could see Maria.”


“And...” she suddenly went silent, turning back to Yukirin. “Is Maria..?”


“Okay, I think I understand… I promise, I won’t say a thing.”

“Thanks, Mayuyu.” Sae hugged Mayu and sighed as she finally was able to tell the truth. “Can you call Yukirin’s house and tell her she’s staying here?”


Mayu pulled out her phone and moved into the other room as Sae leaned against the wall and stared at Yuki.

“Ruka… are you really sure Yukirin’s really Maria?”

There’s no mistake. That light in her eyes… it’s small and faded, but it’s there. Yuki is most definitely Maria.

“Well, if she is… just wait until the time’s right, okay? I don’t think now would be a good time to tell her everything.”

I understand, Sae.

Sae smiled and sat back down in front of Yuki, a small sigh leaving her.

“Hey, also...” she said to her second soul once again. “Could you, maybe… use your powers to erase Yuki’s memory? I don’t want her to hate me.”

You want me to… make her forget you?

“No… Just where I, er, you kissed her. I don’t want her having to carry that burden. I’ll do it. I just don’t want her to stop liking me because of it.”


Sae closed her eyes and let Ruka take control once more. He raised his right hand up to Yuki’s forehead and let himself search through her memories.

I’ll seal those memories away and try to replace them with a different thought to fill the void left behind. And, you must absolutely make sure she never finds out about it, or it could reawaken inside of her.


Ruka whispered a few words to himself as a strong energy transferred from him into Yuki’s mind. He was in fact changing the memory to get rid of the one where he suddenly kissed the raven girl and false memories of Yuki and Sae getting along took their place. When he was done, he released Sae’s body from his control, causing her to sigh out heavily.

“Thanks, Ruka...”

Just remember our deal. One day, she will have to wake up.

Sae slowly nodded. “Alright...”

“Sae.” Mayu came back into the room, kneeling down beside the genki girl. “I called Yuki’s parents and they said it was alright for her to stay here. Just be sure she’s ready for school tomorrow.”

“Okay. Thanks, Mayuyu.”

Mayu excused herself from Sae’s apartment and left without a hunch of what had happened earlier. Now, Sae had a big secret to keep from Yuki, and even though she was carrying a large burden, she was doing it so she could be happy. Although, in the back of her mind, she knew the truth.

“So Yuki is… the reincarnation of Ruka’s lover, huh?”

The next morning, Mayu was walking to school by herself. She called Yuki to see if she wanted to walk together with her, but she said she had already gone with Sae. She was a bit surprised by the way she said it, too. She sounded like she was happy being with Sae. But Mayu knew, Yuki hated Sae, ever since she kissed her, and all the sudden she changed. She thought maybe because Sae saved her life, she would’ve forgiven her, but she knew the one who truly saved her was Sae’s alter, Ruka.

When she got to school, she was even more surprised to see Sae and Yuki were talking to each other, like they were friends. Sae wasn’t being persistent or demanding, and Yuki wasn’t mad at her at all. They were smiling, laughing, as they talked to each other completely normal, as if they had been friends from the start.

“Y-Yukirin...” she got close to the raven girl. Yuki smiled seeing her best friend.

“Morning, Mayu.”

“Yukirin...” Mayu gulped and tried not to seem suspicious. “What are you two doing?”

“Oh, we were just talking about last night,” Sae giggled.

“Sae invited me over to her place to help her study. We were up really late, and I fell asleep while we were working. It was so embarrassing!”

Mayu watched as the two laughed, but Mayu stood there shocked, trying to comprehend what was going on.



Yuki was dreaming, deep inside a world that had no light or color. Her legs moved forward, letting her walk slowly and smoothly. Her eyes were open, staring blankly at her feet, but her mind was fast asleep, drifting off in a thick fog. She heard something ring in her ears, like the chime of a bell, as a gentle breeze blew across her face. She stopped and immediately looked up with black, lifeless eyes. In front of her was Ruka, a smile on his face as he stood in front of her. He handed Yuki a blue rose, which she quietly accepted, then turned and started leaving. Yuki held out the rose and started to follow it, following Ruka’s path.

Outside her dream, Yuki slowly woke up on Sae’s couch, watching the girl flipping through some of her notebooks and copying down notes from her book. Yuki slowly got up, adjusting her eyes from the darkness as she woke from her daze. She scratched her head a bit, trying to remember what was going on, and after a few seconds of being wide awake, it hit her. She was studying with Sae tonight, and for some reason, she had fallen asleep while she was reading(unbeknownst to her, it was a fake memory implanted into her head by Ruka.)


She remembered first meeting Sae. She felt something was off about the girl, something made her different and it made her feel strange inside, but she could no longer remember what that was anymore. All she knew (now) was that Sae and her instantly became close since the first day she transferred. Sae was loud and energetic, like a ball of lightning bouncing around the room, and her smile was so bright that it lifted her bad mood.

“Nee, Yukirin, call me Sae.”


Sae looked at the girl laying down on her soft couch and handed her a blanket.

“Finally up, Sleeping Beauty?” Her comment made Yuki blush, as she remembered Sae spotted her sleeping in the library while reading the book with the same name. “I already finished copying off the notes, so you’re welcome to stay here and sleepover if you want.”


“Ehehe, sure, why not? Besides, you’re so beautiful when you sleep. Ufufufufu...”

“Oh my God, shut up!”

“It’s true. Just to be fair, I’ll fall asleep so you can see my sleeping face,” Sae pouted as she closed all the books turned off the light, then crawled under the blanket with Yuki and fell fast asleep. Yuki didn’t even think Sae slept because she was so hyper, but it surely had to come from somewhere. And that was, going to bed early.

And yes, Yuki slept with her, too, but not after looking at Sae’s sleeping face for a firm 20 minutes.


End of Flashback

“You can’t be serious! You just LAID there, staring at me for a whole 20 minutes before going to sleep?!”

“Don’t feel bad about it. Your sleeping face was so cute, Sae.”

Mayu stood there as the two laughed, continuing their conversation. She had no idea what had changed Yuki’s mind about Sae, and in such a short amount of time, too. Just what was going on here, she thought. Why was Yuki being nice to Sae all of the sudden? What could’ve caused that sort of change in a short amount of time?

“Well, anyways, I wanna make it up to you, Yukirin.”

“Eh~? Sae, you don’t have to do anything.”

“C’mon, there’s gotta be something~”

Yuki giggled and patted Sae’s head. “I know. How about I invite you over for dinner at my place? You can help my parents cook.”

“Really?! Oh my gosh, thanks, Yukirin!!!” Sae wrapped her arms around Yuki’s neck and rubbed against her cheek, making her giggle more as her face turned pink.

Eventually, Mayu was able to make an excuse to pull Sae away from Yuki and talk to her, but only for a short amount of time before class started. As she sat at her desk, she stared blankly at her notebook, remembering what Sae told her. She said that she took care of everything with Yuki, but she should never mention the kiss. This made Mayu very suspicious about what Sae could’ve done, and she knew she had to find out what that was.

*Ding dong*

“Are? Yukirin, are you expecting someone?” Yuki’s mom asked as she heard the doorbell right when she was about to fix dinner.

“Yup.” Yuki got up and answered the door, there stood her ikemen friend. “Sae!”

“Can I come in?” Sae smiled softly at Yuki, waiting at the doorstep. Yuki nodded and Sae walked into the household.

She politely took off her shoes and looked around at Yuki’s fancy clean house.

“Your place sure is nice, Yukirin,” she giggled.

When Sae walked in, she greeted her parents politely and quietly sat down on the couch while they prepared dinner. She saw her brother watching a variety show on TV, and when she saw one of the guys fall into the pool, he made a ridiculous reaction because of how cold the water was. Sae burst out into laughter.

All while Yuki was talking about what Sae was like to her parents and Sae watched TV, Yuki’s parents and brother just stared at the genki girl. Something about her was… very familiar.

Just then, the doorbell rang again. Yuki didn’t know who it was, but was surprised to open the door and see Mayu standing there.

“Hey, Mayu. What are you doing here?”

“My oven’s broken at my house. Can I eat dinner with you?”

“Um, sure. Sae’s here, too, if that’s alright.”

“Eh?” She leaned forward and saw Sae sitting on the couch.

“Hey Mayuyu~” she said, waving happily to the girl.

Mayu waved back with a faint smile back at Sae who was sitting comfortably.

“Dinner is ready!!” Yuki’s mother called after setting the table, everyone gathered around and sat in their seats.


Everyone started happily eating, Sae was talking and giggling with Yuki’s mother, Mayu glanced at Yuki for a brief moment.

“Yukirin, are you okay?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Why?”

“Well, it’s just… after everything that’s happened, life is still troublesome.” Mayu complained in a cyborg tone.

“Everything that’s happened?”

Mayu looked and saw Sae looking at her, shaking her head a bit.

“Ah, well, with school and stuff like that. And also, what's been happening recently in Tokyo.”

“Oh, yes, I heard about that. Honey, were you okay?”

“Yeah, Dad. Me and the others were safe when the accident happened. Mayu actually helped us.”

Sae listened to them talk, and still glanced at Mayu from time to time, as if they were reading each other’s minds. She didn’t want Yuki to know the truth, not after all this. Mayu, of course, did not know of what had caused Yuki’s sudden personality shift towards Sae. She smiled and laughed at her, with her. All of it made Mayu suspicious that something was wrong.

Yuki’s family was suspicious about something, too. Then, Takeru asked…

“Hey, Sae-chan, do you have any older brothers?”


“I go to a college in Tokyo and wanted to know if you’re brother went there.”

Sae’s eyebrows furrowed. “My brother?”

“Are you related to someone named Ruka?”

Sae’s eyes widened a bit, Ruka’s ear twitched when he heard his name, and Mayu’s body shuddered a bit.



Yuki suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head. She closed her eyes and winced a little, setting her fork down. Mayu noticed this and looked at Yuki worried. Her parents did the same.

“Yuki, are you okay?”

“Yeah… but my head hurts...”

“Why don’t you go to your room and rest a bit. We’ll take care of Sae-chan and Mayu-chan while you do.”

“O-okay...” Yuki slowly got up and went upstairs to her room, shutting the door behind her and falling onto her bed.

She was feeling dizzy, the room spinning, and her heart was pounding in her chest. Her vision was blurring as something inside her body grew warmer. She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down, and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Sae and Mayu were downstairs, talking to Yuki’s family…

“Who told you I had an older brother?” Sae asked Takeru.

“No one did. You just looked like someone and I thought he might have actually existed. But, really, you do look like him.”

“Ruka...” Mayu anxiously rubbed her sweaty palms on her knees a bit and came up with a lie, “I don’t think I’ve heard of him… Who is he?”

“Well, it’s a funny story...” Yuki’s father and mother sat down on the couch, handing the three a book. “Ruka was actually… an imaginary friend Yuki made up when she was little.”


Yuki’s mom opened the book and revealed pictures of Yuki when she was in kindergarten. While all the other kids played in groups, she would play by herself. Whether it was drawing, swinging on the swingset, or reading, she was almost always seen by herself. Most of the pictures were of her drawing on the ground with chalk.

And, to Sae and Mayu’s surprise, one of the pictures she drew looked a lot like Sae. Of course, it was still a children’s drawing, but the resemblance was still noticeable. She wrote the name “Ruka-nii-chan” beside it, so it was most definitely Ruka. She also drew a picture of what looked like Yuki as she was now, but it had the name Maria.

“Who’s Maria?” Sae made another lie.

“Yuki always made up stories of her and Ruka, where he was a prince and Maria was his princess, so she always drew it to look like her. As she got older, she stopped talking about Ruka around 3rd grade and eventually forgot about him.”

“But, seeing you today, Sae, was quite a discovery...”

“Maybe you both went to the same kindergarten,” Mayu suggested.

“No, that couldn’t be possible. We would’ve already known something if that was true. This is the first time we’ve ever met Sae, and besides, Yuki never mentioned having a friend with that name, let alone any.”

“She was kind of shy when she was younger, so back then, she was always a loner.”

Sae giggled looking at all the pictures of young Yuki, then closed the book.

“Well, I’m sorry to say, you guys, but I don’t have any older brothers named Ruka. Maybe it was just someone who looked like me. I mean, I’m already boyish, anyways.”

“Hm… well, that is true.”

“Yeah. When Sae transferred to our school, a lot of us thought she was a boy at first.”

“Well, anyways, it was great meeting you, Sae-chan, and we’re so sorry for all the confusion.”

After that, Sae decided to leave. She asked Mayu to check on Yuki later and call her to tell her if she was okay or not. Sae walked back to her apartment, remembering one of the pictures of Yuki drawing her and Ruka on the ground. It was them in a field covered in blue roses, Ruka and Maria holding hands, smiling.

“Ruka and Maria… who would’ve thought it’d be me and Yukirin?”

Back with Yuki…

Yuki was still in her dream, still fast asleep in a thick fog that clouded her mind. But now, something was awakening, and her memories were starting to unravel inside her mind. Her heart beating slowly and her breaths deep, she shifted in her bed as everything started coming together like pieces of a puzzle.


In her dream, she kept walking, but her sleepy eyes flickered, trying to stay open. She heard her own voice inside her head, her conscience, slowly trying to regain control of her body.

“Wait, stop… Stop!”

Then, she suddenly stopped walking. The light slowly returned in her eyes and she looked up, seeing herself somewhere in a forest. She was wearing the school uniform from her last dream, holding the blue rose in her hand.

“Eh? What am I doing here?”

Then, she looked in front of her and saw the prince, Ruka, standing in front of her. She didn’t move, or more, she didn’t want to. Her legs wouldn’t let her move. Ruka walked closer, holding her cheek. She felt that touch again, a warm, calming touch. It was soft and gentle against her cheek and it made her blush. Then, she looked and saw a sad look on Ruka’s face.

“Please… remember me,” he said.


“Hurry and remember… my dear, sweet Maria.”

Yuki opened her eyes, waking up in her room. She shot up from the bed, sitting down at the edge of the soft mattress. Her cheeks were a bit flushed and her heart was still pounding fast.

“Ruka… Maria…?”

She remembered what was happening. Everything from when she was a child, when she imagined Ruka for the first time, and when she first dreamt about him meeting her in her bedroom, up to now. Sae transferring, the sudden kiss, the incident with her and the Sanshou. The mix of memories left a confusion in her brain, until she realized something.

Ruka wasn’t real. He was just in her mind, a figment of her imagination(or, at least, that’s what she thinks.) Ever since so long ago, she kept that memory of him locked up, and after Sae came into her life, all of the heaviness over her was lifted off.

“He’s not real...”

*Knock* *Knock*

“Yukirin? Are you okay?”

“Mayu?” Yuki got up and opened the door to see Mayu standing there.

“I didn’t go home yet because I wanted to check up on you.”

“Mayu, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Of course I do. I was worried.”

“Well, thank you. I’m fine, Mayu. The headaches gone now, so I guess I was just a bit sleepy.”

Mayu smiled softly, a bit relieved, but she knew for a fact that it wasn’t Yuki’s fatigue at all.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay. Oh… And, um...”


“...Ah… nothing. Nevermind. Good night, Mayu.” Yuki patted the younger girl’s head and hugged her, making her blush slightly, then went back into her room.

Mayu stood there frozen, holding her chest. Her heart was beating rapidly.

When Mayu got back home, she stood up against her door and sighed, remembering everything that had happened today. She walked upstairs to her room and sat down on the edge of her bed, staring at a folded sheet of paper on the small white table standing near her. Amongst all her manga, anime posters and figurines, storybooks, and her laptop, nothing else seemed more important than that one paper.

She slowly picked it up, staring at the pink paper folded up inside a white envelope. There was a red heart sticker on the tip of the flap, and Yuki’s name written in pink cursive. Mayu set it down and screamed into her pillow loudly. She hugged the pillow and stared up at the ceiling.

“I couldn’t bring myself to do it today...”

She picked up a small notebook and crossed off today’s date on the calendar. Then she set it down on her dresser and sighed, sinking her face into the pillow. She could still remember it clearly, even if she tried to forget. The warmth of Yuki’s hug, her delicate pink lips, the sweet rosy scent on her skin. Every second, Mayu couldn’t stop thinking about Yuki.

“Mayu, you idiot...” she said to herself in a soft voice. “Why? Why did you have to fall in love with your best friend?”


To Be Continued
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Now, I'm confused who yukirin really loves...

It should be saeyuki....
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Wow ... It make me think who will it became MaYuki or SaeYuki  :?

Update soon  XD
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Chapter 12 - First Love

Mayu’s POV

I slumped onto my bed. My mind was filled with the events earlier tonight. I didn’t know what to think of it. I couldn’t sleep because too many thoughts ran in my head. Sae and Yuki? My brain just couldn’t process it fully for some reason. Maybe I was right in thinking that they were connected somehow. I could tell that Yuki wasn’t alright when I went to check up on her. I heard her murmur “Ruka” in her sleep. She did the same at dinner, too, which made me wonder.

I sighed into my pillow and sank further under my covers as I curled into a small ball, a tinge of pain in my heart. Once again, my unrequited love drama continues. Then I saw a picture of two girls in uniform. That was me and Yuki from middle school, I sometimes still reminisce those times. It made us close friends, yet I felt something was more between us as we went into high school… or really, since the day we first met. It wasn’t long before I realized what I was feeling… is love.

Flashback, 4 years ago...

“M-my name is… Watanabe.. Mayu… It’s very nice to.. m-meet all of you...”

I remembered clearly the first day I was transferred into Yuki’s school. Everyone stared at me like I was a doll or a little kid; I was the center of attention. I was just a first year, so I didn’t have the same class as Yuki. At that time, I didn’t have the courage to speak out loudly and clearly, which only made my classmates eye me even more.

“Hai, arigatou, Watanabe-san. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?”

“Umm… I-I like… anime and… i-idols…”

“Haha, Watanabe-san is so cute.”

“Look at her. She’s like an idol. So pretty~.”

“Kyaa!! Look at the ribbons in her pigtails. Kawaii!!”

I didn’t really like the fact that everyone was calling me cute, it only seemed to have made me more shy. It had only became more and more tense as more and more people commented on my, so called “cuteness”, and gave me more attention than I asked for.

“Um… y-yoroshiku… onegaishimasu...”

“Watanabe-san has been homeschooled for a long time, so everyone please treat her nicely so she can adjust to our school. Okay?”


I remember searching the playground for somewhere I can keep to myself during lunch. And since everyone was crowding around me, I ended up going to the library. I honestly like books so that’s a plus and I can read in peace. Since I didn’t know where I was going, I seemed like a headless chicken.

As I was meandering across the halls, I heard a screech coming from the second year classrooms, thumping footsteps, and before I knew it, a body landed on mine. My torso started to really hurt as the figure rushed to her feet.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so, so, SO sorry!” I could hear the person talk, but I was too busy dusting myself off to look up at her yet. “I kinda pulled a prank on my classmates in 2-D and it was very funny. Oh, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki by the way.”

A prank, huh? So that was why I could hear screeching coming from the second year classrooms...

“Uh...” And then, I looked up as she took my hand and helped me up.

When I first saw her, I was taken away by her beauty. Her pale skin was shining so perfectly in this light, her dark eyes were alluring and very attractive. The way she spoke was calm and luscious, like a mother’s voice.

“What’s your name? You look very cute, just saying.”

“...Uh… W-wa…”

I was surprised I could barely speak to this girl. I tried telling myself, “This isn’t hard! Just talk! Speak! Say something!” But that moment, everything was piled up in my throat and I couldn’t get the slightest word to come out.

She just seemed to chuckle and she let out a beaming smile. It seemed so majestic, especially with the sun beaming towards us.

“Hehe, you really are cute. Uh, Watanabe, right?”


“Oh, that’s right. You’re that new transfer student. Nice to meet you, Watanabe-san.”

“Y-you too… Kashiwagi-san...”

“Just call me Yukirin. Everyone does.”

“Okay… Y-Yuki-rin...J-just.. C-call me, Mayu…”

“Mayu. That’s a pretty name.” Then, she patted my head gently, and I felt a sudden warmth. Not only on my head, but beating rapidly in my chest.

Eh? Why is this...?

“Let’s get along from now on, Mayu-chan.”

Ever since the moment we met, my whole life changed. Every time I try to think, my mind is always on Yuki. I couldn’t forget about her. The first few days seemed easy, but as each second, each hour passed by, it only became stronger. I could hear her voice in the wind, feel her warm touch on my bare skin, and see her beauty in my dreams. That’s all that kept going through my head.

Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki…


“Eh?” I looked behind me and suddenly saw her standing there, watching me. “Yukirin?”

“You okay? You looked like you were really deep in thought.”

“Ah! N-no. I was just really deep in thought...”

“Oh alright then.” She then showed that signature smile that I just can’t get enough of. “Well, since we’re here… let’s walk to PE together.”

“Your class is having PE, too?”

“Yea. Pretty big coincidence we have the same PE class times, huh? Haha...”

I blushed as she continued talking. I couldn’t control what was going on with me. There was nothing I could do.

“C’mon.” She took hold of my hand as we started walking together. This is just making my heart pound more.It seemed so surreal and my mind and heart seemed to have stopped at that very moment. Yuki, why do you have to be so beautiful?

We then started walking for what seemed like an eternity, everything felt like it was throbbing. But it didn’t matter to me, I kept on walking. As we walked into the basketball gym with 20-some more people, it did feel really awkward to be stared at for long periods of time.

“Since we always have two classes for this PE period, I wanted to make sure the second years could properly teach you first years a bit of hockey and/or basketball before they go off on work experience if they choose PE. I will choose the pairs before you second years go and pick the first year you find cutest.”

“First: Oya Shizuka go with Komori Mika.”

I recall Oya-san was someone in my class who never listens to our homeroom teacher. She’s sort of a class clown. As for Komori-san, I don’t really know much about her, since she doesn’t talk much.

On the other end of the gym, I saw the cheerleaders practicing a routine. I recognized their captain, Sashihara-san. I think she’s a third year, and she’s also… a bit of a hetare. I don’t know any else about her, but Yuki once told me she was a huge idol otaku and that she even convinced the cheer team to do wotagei one time.

I would’ve liked to see that… I laughed a little inside on the thought.

“Next: Watanabe Mayu go with Kashiwagi Yuki.”

Ehh!? Me and... Y-Yuki!?

And it kept going and going. It seemed my first friend, Ota Aika, has a partner she wants to be with. She calls herself a tsundere, but she’s really not like that at all.

“Nee, Mayu. I need to teach you or my grade in PE will drop and I’m really good at basketball. You tackle like this.” She showed me a demonstration with the coach and she was dribbling whilst swerving away from the coach. He didn’t even see Yukirin zoom past. I could see why she was the team captain for our basketball team.

I saw a past picture of the coach from a few months ago with the team on his lanyard. She stood right in the middle with a large trophy from the annual national basketball competition in her hands.

“Now all of you , listen up! I want to see our Second-Year basketball team in action. Kashiwagi!”


“Since Kashiwagi here is our captain, she and her team will show you different techniques to practice basketball.”

Then I saw Yukirin holding a basketball in her hand, then spinning it on her finger like a professional basketball player would.

Straight afterwards, I saw her dribble and straight after a speedy dash towards the hoop, blocking every defender that was in her way. I think some of the first years who do basketball call her "Flash" and I can understand why. A trick shot soon followed, as expected from the "Basketball Queen". I saw others try, and it wasn’t as spectacular as any of her moves. I continued to stare at Yuki, impressed.

“Mayu, look out!”



Everything from those next few seconds were a blank. It’s as if my legs suddenly gave way to my weight and my head made impact with the floor. Something interrupted my system from behind. Did someone throw a basketball, and it hit me? I watched as my vision slowly blurred and every other noise faded…

“....yu-chan… ..Mayu-chan.”

“..Ugh...”  As consciousness caught up with me, I found that I was in unfamiliar territory. Yuki eyed my every move, making it all seem awkward for me.


“Y-Yukirin… C-can I j-just ask where I am right now?”

“Um, my house?”


“Yeah, the teacher said I could bring you home so you could rest, but… since I didn’t know where you live, I brought you to my place.”

“Oh...” I blushed madly, looking at her bed sheets. I was surrounded by soft clean sheets of a full white mattress. And they smelled like her… They smelled like Yuki’s strawberry scent.

Yuki… Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki..!

“Are you okay, Mayu-chan? Your cheeks look a little flushed.”

I felt my cheeks. They were hot. I was blushing! And in front of Yuki…

And suddenly, she pressed her forehead against mine.

“You don’t seem to have a fever.” She smiled and then got up from her seat. “I’m going to get you something to eat. It didn’t look like you ate much of your lunch, so I’ll feed you. Wait here a bit…”

Yuki walked out of the room, leaving me alone. Her room was so neat and tidy. It almost looked like a rich girl’s room. There were fashion and gravure magazines set up in one corner, and there was a poster for idols like Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya. There was also a guitar, a few notebooks on her desk, one of them open to show some writing. I think poetry. Wait, there’s also something in her closet, I think…

“Mayu-chan~” I quickly sat back up, pretending not to try and look in her closet, and watched her walk in.

She laid out a tray with some food in front of me and proceeded to feed me, but I gently held her hand and stopped her.

“Y-Yukirin… I’m perfectly capable of feeding myself.”

“Don’t be so tense, Mayu-chan. As long as you’re under my roof, you’re under my care. Just relax and I’ll take care of everything.”

She spooned up some of the curry rice and sat on the edge of the bed, facing me. She just smiled seeing me blush, because we were so close.

“Hai. Ah~” She lifted up my chin gently as she spoon fed me and giggled at my expressionless face. I didn’t know what I could possibly do in this current situation.

Right now, she’s completely babying me. Feeding rice and soup to me from a spoon, breaking apart bread, gathering up the meat and veggies to eat. She really is like a mom, and all the while, she smiled at the shy me as I ate all the food.

As she fed another spoonful of miso soup to me, she said, “You’re really gloomy, y’know.”


“You wouldn’t get close or talk to anyone when you first came here. You were such a loner, always with your nose buried deep in your manga. Even when you first met me, you looked like you were having trouble getting even a single word out.”

“It wasn’t that… I was just surprised, with us bumping into each other like that. I’m not that shy.”

“Are you kidding? You acted like Tomoko-chan from Watamote!”

My eyes widened at that. “You read manga?”

“Eh?! AH! No, no, no, no. A friend of mine reads that manga and she showed to me once, that’s all. She told me about the ‘Tomoko-chan’ girl, so, hahahahaha...”

Yukirin… Is she..?

After she calmed down and finished feeding me the rest of my small lunch, she went to wash the dishes. When she came back, she caught me in mid-yawn and saw me rubbing my eyes cutely.

“Haha, kawaii, Mayu-chan.”

She knelt at the side of the bed again and patted my head.

“You must’ve had a long day...”

“..A-ano… Y-Yukirin...”


I looked away from her slightly, blushing a bit. I took in a breath before I spoke again.

“Um, Yukirin… what do you think of me?”

“Wha… what do you mean by that?”

“I mean, social wise. Am I good to get along with? Or am I just a bother, or...”

“Mayu-chan, I don’t think that.” She took hold of my hand again, laying her head against my arm. “You’re a great person, Mayu-chan, and a good friend.”

“F-f-f… Friend?”

“Yea...” She then let out a yawn. Must be true that yawns are contagious. “You’re a… very precious friend to me, Mayu-chan…”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I never had someone tell me I was their… precious friend….


..Just "friend"? Well, I knew, since we just met, we start as friends…

But, I finally learned what was happening to me for so long. Why I reacted a certain way towards Yuki. I was in love, love at first sight, and it was strong. It was something I’ve never, ever experienced before. And.. it felt amazing. Being with Yuki was the best thing for me and it made me feel so happy and peaceful. I’m grateful my first love was Yuki.

“Thank you… Yukirin.”


“Yukirin?” I looked down closer at her, nudging her a bit. Her hand was still loosely holding mine and her heavy head rested against the bed mattress, near my arm. She fell asleep.

I smiled at her beautiful sleeping face, taking a blanket and wrapping it around her. I tucked myself in and stared at her once more. Before I knew it, my body acted on its own. Closing my eyes, I knelt forward and gently kissed Yuki’s cheek.

“Oyasumi, Yuki...”

End of Flashback

It’s been four years since that moment…

I can still remember every bit of it. When I realized for the first time I was in love with Yuki. But, I’ve never been able to freely express my feelings to her yet. I could only watch her from afar, all while she cared for me as a friend. Even after she graduated middle school, and I had one more year, I wrote a letter with my feelings for her, but I’ve never been able to give it to her. No matter how many times I try.

Slowly, I picked up the envelope and unfolded the pink slip, reading aloud the contents written…

“Dear Yukirin,

Personally I’m not the person to say these words, but ever since I bumped into you I felt something was there. Not just friendship, but “Love”. 

It seems so surreal to me that I know such a friend who would like me for who I am. I don’t know if you're willing to share my life with me, I would share it with you too. But, honestly, it just doesn’t seem right telling you in person.

I don’t have that courage yet...

The point is, I’m in love with you. I’m crazy about you. If I ever “see” you again, hopefully, things will be different. I’ll be stronger and finally be able to confess.

I don’t want anyone else. I want you, Yuki.



I continued to stare at the paper. As my mind drifted off and the words written on the thin slip began to scramble into alphabet soup, my arm grew heavy and I laid it down against my chest, sighing heavily. So many years passed since then, but nothing changed at all. Even as I grew closer and closer to Yuki, I never gained that courage I needed to confess to her.

Maybe I should just give up…


“Eh?” I suddenly sat up when I heard my phone go off. Who would be calling this late at night? I quickly picked it up and I was surprised to see the name on called ID. “Y-Yuki..?”



“Moshi-moshi. Mayuyu? Are you still up?” Yukirin’s voice... even now, she sounds and acts like a mom.

“Uh, yeah, Yukirin. I’m up. Why did you call me?”

“I was about to go to bed, but then I looked out my window and saw your lights were still on, so I wanted to check up on you. Is everything okay?”

“Oh. Haha, yeah. I was just doing a couple things and lost track of time.”

“Late night manga reading again? That’s bad, Mayuyu. You should get your sleep.”

“Hahaha, right. I know, Yukirin. I’m going to bed now. Night.”



I quickly put the phone back up to my ear, clutching it a bit as my heart was pounding.


“You seemed worried today. Are you sure everything’s alright?”

I gulped some of my saliva down and cleared my throat. “Y-yeah, Yukirin. It’s nothing, really. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“That’s impossible.”


“Mayuyu, I care about you too much to stop worrying. You’re my most precious friend.”

I smiled inside as I felt tears of joy starting to form in my eyes.


“Of course~. You’re my best friend.”


Fine. And… Come that may! We sometime can start a lovers’ relationship, but… I’m glad that we’re now just friends.

“Thanks, Yukirin. Oyasumi.”


I closed my phone and set it back on my dresser. Looking back at the letter one more time, I smiled and took out my pink pen, writing something new on it.

“I don’t care how long I have to wait. 5 years, 10, 20, 50… even 100. I’ll wait forever if it means, somehow, someday, we can finally be together.”


I folded up the small pink paper and kissed it gently before putting it back into the envelope and closing it. I set it on the countertop of my bed dresser and turned off the light. Closing my eyes, I remembered Yuki’s sweet, warm smile one last time before drifting into sleep.

Someday, I’ll be sure I finally confess to Yuki… Besides… I know more about her than anyone else. I know that she sometimes has trouble doing things like laundry or cooking on her own, and that she would love someone who was sincere and loving for her… I know the perfect confession I would give her and I could only dream of our future. For now, that remains a dream…


Actually, we have more in common than you think… Because there’s one more secret about her no one knows… But that’s another story…


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Chapter 13 - Friend or Foe

Yuko’s POV

“Nyan-nyan~~~” I ran across the fields in slow motion, chasing after my beloved girlfriend as she ran in slow motion, too.

“Yuu-chan~~~” That perfect smile, mixed with the spring fragrance and summer sunshine, made her like a goddess. Well, more than ever.

I tackled her and we rolled down the hill, hugging each other and giggling. She gave me her sweet smile and kissed my cheek. All I could do is smile as she softly kissed my cheek, over and over, the flowers swaying in the breeze and carrying the peace bringing scent into my nose.

“I love you, Nyan-nyan~”


I heard a ringing in my ears that was keeping me away from my dream. I blindly pounded my fist around to shut it off and when I found the alarm, I punched it hard, breaking it. I sighed with relief as I drifted back into peaceful sleep…


I shot up from the bed and looked at the clock.

“It’s past 8:30?!?!?! Holy crap, I’m late!!! Oh, god, why didn’t I wake up? I was dreaming about Nyan-nyan and overslept!!! Nyan-nyan, why are you so perfect?! Yuko, you baka!!!” I screamed to myself as I hurriedly got dressed. I don’t even care if I don’t have makeup. I gotta go!

I bet Haruna’s already left.

I grabbed my bag and ran down the halls, bursting through the front door.



“Hm?” I turned behind me and saw Haruna standing at the door in just a plain T-shirt and frilly pink shorts.

“What are you doing?”

“Nyan-nyan, c’mon, we need to go! We overslept, and we’re late to school!”

“No, we’re not.”


“It’s summer vacation. We just started today, remember?”

“Summer… vacation?”

“We have three months off of school for the whole summer.”

“You didn’t tell me that?”

“Technically, the teacher told us last week, but you were asleep in class, so I guess you didn’t here. Even if I did tell you, I bet you’d be spacing out on how beautiful I am and forget it.”

I felt my cheeks get hot, scratching the back of my head as a sweat-dropped. Or maybe that’s just because it’s hot. The sun is so bright today.

It’s hot… It feels like….

“Summer… So, no school for three months?”


No school, huh?

“Woo-hoo!” I ripped of my uniform and changed into some more comfortable clothes for the heat, then plopped down on the couch. “Summer~!”

“It’s hot, isn’t it?”


Then, I thought of an idea… A fun idea.

“Hey, let’s get the others and we’ll all go to the beach!” I said to Haruna as she fanned herself with a sheet of paper.


“It’ll be fun! Think of it. The ocean, the food, the public community onsens!”

“Hm… I guess that’d be fun. It’ll be a good way to cool off.”


Haruna giggled and patted my head. “Okay, I’ll call the others and we’ll go to the beach.”


Tomochin’s POV

I open the window and let all the fresh air in. The feel of summer. Warmth, and the smell of the sea. It’s so nice…

I couldn’t say the same about the heat, though. I had fans going on throughout the whole apartment. It’s so hot~. I fan myself as I go to open the door in mine and Tomomi’s room.

Ever since the incident with John, and me finding out she was my childhood friend, I’ve been living with her now. Things have been so much more peaceful. I’ve been able to continue my career without any fears or regrets.

And the best part… I’ve got my best friend with me.

Right now, I’m looking at her, so peacefully asleep in her bed. Curled up in the covers like a caterpillar in its cocoon, hugging the pillow with the cutest sleeping face in the world. I actually sneaked a peek of her napping at work once, and I took a picture of her.

I took out my phone and pointed it at her.

This one’s gonna be my wallpaper. Ufufu…


“Hm?” I quickly shut my phone and hid it behind my back as I heard her wake up from her sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she stretched herself out as she looked up at me with her just-woke-up face. I squealed a bit inside. “Mm… What Tomo doing…?”


Oops… that was close.

“Chiyuu...” She pulled the blankets off her and scratched her head as she sleepily yawned. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten, miss sleepyhead...” I ruffled her already messy hair as she just giggled.

“Ah~ I’m hot, Tomo...”

“Summer’s starting off strong this year.”

“Un...” She opened the window and smiled at the beautiful sea view. “Nee, Tomo… Chiyuu wants to go to the beach.”

“Eh?” I saw her pointing outside to the beautiful clear beach, the sun just over the horizon. It looked so sparkly and clear, probably nice and cool, too. I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip as I saw Tomomi smile.

“Can we go?”

I smiled and patted the girl’s head. “Okay, we’ll go. But, first, we gotta make you look beach ready. Come with me.”


Yuko’s POV

“KITAAAA!!!” I yelled out happily as we all stepped out of the bus. The beautiful beach was in front of us right now. The shimmering, blue ocean, the perfectly clean, white sand, and the smell, the feel, the heat of summer was all around us. The bus driver told us he would take our luggage to the house we were staying in, which meant it was time for us to play. “Woo-hoo~ Beach, here we come!!!”

“Yuuchan, slow down!”

I smiled back at my girlfriend, wearing a cute pink and white striped jacket and white short-shorts under her bikini. I, however, already had my bikini topped exposed, showing the green silky material donning a bright yellow star pattern, and my jacket tied around my waist, over my ripped-jean shorts.

“Mou~ wait for us, we all can’t run like you, Yuuchan,” Acchan giggled, patting my head. She was wearing an all white bikini under her cover up, and Takamina was wearing a similar red jacket as mine over a yellow bikini top.

“Yeah, no one can outrun me!”

“Maybe Sae-chan can,” Yukirin looked over at Sae, who just came out and was adjusting her Hawaiian style shirt over her white swimming shorts, decorated in brown polka-dots.


Yukirin giggled as she played with her jacket, loosely hanging over her light blue bikini.

“Is that a challenge?” I said jokingly as I poked the side of Sae’s waist.

“Woah, woah, woah! I-I didn’t challenge you to anything, Yuko!”

“C’mon, Sae-chan. I bet you could bullet down that beach and swim to the ends of the Earth and back.”

“Yukirin, I’m not that good a swimmer.”

“But, I still wanna race you.”

“Yukirin, Yuko-chan, stop teasing Sae.” Mayu walked out, carrying a bunny rabbit towel with a hat and shades on. She was wearing a pink bikini with red hearts on it and had tints of brown in it, including a brown ribbon. “Leave the poor girl be.”

“Thank you, Mayuyu.”

“I’ll deal with you later, Sae.” I said as I gave her the, “I’m watching you”, look.

Haruna sighed and took my hand, which instantly took me. She dragged me along as we headed towards the beach, and I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot as she dragged me along like I was her pet dog. We finally reached the sparkling beachside and set up everything before we went swimming.

I saw Mayu open up the umbrella, then sit under it and pull out a manga to read while she waited. Then, Haruna grabbed my attention once more as she removed her jacket and revealed her beautiful, lavender bikini. In my mind, so many thoughts were racing. God, I can’t contain my perverted fantasies when she does that. It’s too perfect.

“Hey, Yuuchan, do I look alright?”

“Oppai….” I purr in a low voice as I can’t take my eyes off her gorgeous figure.


“Ah..” I slapped myself in the face mentally as I was brought back into reality. “Uh, yeah, you look nice. Perfect.”

“I hope I can get a good tan line.”

“Here, I’ll put some sunscreen on you.” I squirted the cold white substance into my hands and rubbed it in my palms before applying it to Haruna’s smooth back. I lathered it on her shoulders and arms good, while she took some and got her legs. I wanna touch those legs, but right now, I’m at the base of her neck.

“Everything okay, Yuuchan? You slowed down.”



“Kyaa!” I heard a small squeal wake me from my trance. When I looked over, Haruna and I saw Takamina trying to fix her bikini top, which seemed to be falling off a bit. Acchan was able to clip it back, laughing as she saw her girlfriend was still covering her chest and her face turned completely red as a tomato.

“Haha, Takamina, kawaii~!”

“Nee, Sae-chan, show me the top you chose.”

“Oh, right.” Sae unbuttoned her shirt and threw it behind her. We were all surprised to see, not a matching white bikini top with brown polka dots like her shorts, but an orange spaghetti strap bikini top. Some of us snickered as we saw Sae had chosen a mismatching swimsuit combination.

“Sae… your top doesn’t match your shorts.”

“Could you not decide what to wear, or put the wrong one on by mistake?”

“Eh? What do you mean? I bought it like this.”

All of us burst out into laughter, while Sae just stood there clueless. Mayu told me she actually went to Yukirin’s for dinner once, and when she saw her, she was wearing a very colorful, but also strange clothing coordinations. I also remembered when Sae emailed me a picture of a new outfit she bought.

Guess Sae just has a different sense of style than us…

“Remind me the next time we all go shopping together, we make sure Sae doesn’t choose anything on her own,” Yukirin whispered to us in between her chuckles.


Tomomi’s POV

“Yay~ The beach~!” My voice sounded as excited as I was. I raised my right arm and approached my left hand to my cheek. I fixed my clean white sweatjacket as it laid over my bikini with pink flowers.

Tomo giggled beside me, picking my attention. She was wearing jean shorts and a matching ripped jean jacket over her green striped bikini top. Her gaze at me was nearing amusement.


“Nothing.” Her smile was pretty and her eyes were shining brightly. I knew she was happy, especially since it’s me.

“C’mon.” I took hold of her hand, causing her blush cutely. “Let’s go.”

She didn’t say a word and let me guide her to the shore. The hot sand gave place to a cool moist one as we got near the water. A chill ran up my spine every time my toes touch the cold ocean water. Apparently, so does it seem to happen with Tomo, as her hold on my hand tightens a bit whenever she stepped into the tide as it pulled in.

“Kyaa! It’s so cold~!”

“Beats the heat, huh?”

“Un!” I swing her hand around as I kicked some of the waves, creating ripples as it splashed the water.he laughed and started to kick the waves as well.

“Reminds me of when we used to play in the river.”

“Yup, those were the days~.”

I looked at the water as she played with it using her feet. A sly grin stretched across my face as I planned something sneaky. I let go of her hand, running up in front of her, and splashed the cold water onto her skin.

“Ah! Chiyuu!”

“Hahahaha!” I couldn’t help but laugh seeing her shocked expression. Then, she started laughing with me, and the next thing I knew, she started splashing me. “Hey! No fair!”

“I’m not fair?! You splashed me first!”

We continued splashing in the water and laughing, just like we did in old times. It was like there was no one there besides us. We had fun and got refreshingly wet. It totally eased the hotness from earlier. Actually, we were drawing a lot of attention with our little childish play. But we only stopped when we heard a loud growl coming from my tummy. While I blushed hard, Tomo kept laughing.

“Sorry. I guess I was too excited to come that I forgot to eat.” My helpless tone made her smile again.

“It’s okay. Let’s find you something to eat.”


To my surprise, it was Tomo who held my hand this time. I couldn’t help but blush a little. Then we began to walk towards the beach hut.

Halfway through, we were stopped by a small group of people squeaking “Tomochin~”. They were obviously fans. I let go of her hand and gestured I’d be going ahead.

“Take your time,” she said before going to talk to her fans. I smiled.

As I resumed the walk, my mind travelled to the wonders the beach hut hid in their menu.

“Mm… Hamburger steak, with smoothie.”

“What flavor would you like?” The cashier said to me.

“Ah, eto~... Strawberry. Oh, and put in one of those cute little umbrellas.”

I saw the man blush. I must’ve fished him in unknowingly. “Of course. Any sides with your steak?”

“Medium fries please. That’s it.”

“Okay, ma’am. Right away.” He took my menu and I patiently waited for him to return with my food.

With my food in hands, I started to search for a place to sit and eat peacefully. Medium fries may seem too much, but I want to share them with Tomo.

We used to be like that, sharing each others food. Tomo would always complain I was a messy eater, then wipe away the food that was on my face.

She’s like a big sister…

“Nee, isn’t that her?”

“Hm?” I looked over and saw two girls staring at Tomochin, pointing. But, by the looks on their faces, they didn’t seem that much like fans.

“Is that really… Itano Tomomi?”

“I think it is...”

“Of all places, just what is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to be in the same place as that whore is.”


“Me neither. I don’t even know how she have courage to show her face in public after everything.”

They… They are really talking about Tomo…

“Yeah. Such a whore as Itano Tomomi shouldn’t be walking among normal people.”

They are talking about Tomo… My Tomo!

I couldn’t bear it anymore. I gathered my bravery and walked towards them.

“Nee, what are you two talking about?”


“You were talking about someone. Itano Tomomi, right?”

“Oh, God. Don’t tell me you actually like that bitch.”

“Why are you saying such mean things about her? Calling her things like ‘whore’ and bitch. I know Itano Tomomi. She’s my best friend!”

“This girl must be clueless.”

“Yeah. Who could ever be friends with someone like her? What a joke.”

What? How can they say this about Tomochin?

Yuko’s POV

“WATER FIGHT!!!” I suddenly shouted as I pulled the trigger of my water gun towards NyanNyan. She seemed very shocked as I grinned cheekily.

“Why you..!” She ran up and tackled me into the water. Yukirin slyly picked my spare gun as she ran up to Mayuyu. I’m surprised she was able to drag her out of her manga world to play.

Although, then again…

“Black Magician, I shall not be defeated by you! With my Holy Seraphim powers, I shall purify your dark soul and send you back to the Abyss!”

“Hehe… Speak for yourself, Priestess...”

I wonder what kind of compromise they made to lead up to that.

“Minami~” I looked and saw Atsuko swimming away in her innertube, Takamina rushing up behind her with a shark fin on her head. “Kyaa! Help me~”

“They look like they’re having fun.” Sae giggled as she popped up from the water.

“You sure?”


We all stopped our fooling around and looked to see someone in the distance, flailing around in the water. I was afraid she was gonna drown, so me and Sae quickly swam over to the girl and helped her up to the shore. She was coughing a lot, so Haruna hurried and got her some fresh water to drink.

“Th-thank you...” She gulped the water down and caught her breath. I looked at her ankle and saw seaweed wrapped around it.

“Looks like you really got in a bind.”

“Yeah, before I knew it, my foot got stuck. I tried to break out of it, but it only got tighter...”

I started untangling some of the seaweed and saw her raw skin, some of it scraped and bleeding.

“Mayuyu, get the first aid kit.”

“On it.”

When she came back, I started disinfecting the wound, feeling her twitch every now and then. Mayu and Sae had to practically hold the girl down until I finally got all the medicine on and had Takamina wrap it in gauze.

“So, what’s your name?” she asked as she tied a good knot into the cloth.

“Mi-Minami… Minegishi Minami. I came here for summer vacation.”

“Eh? My name’s Minami, too. Takahashi Minami. Just call me Takamina, so we don’t get confused.”

“Un! Nice to meet you, Takamina. And, thanks for saving me, uh...” She looked at me as she straightened her long black hair. Her smile reminded me of a Gachapin.

“Yuko. And the others here are Acchan, Sae-chan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, and my girlfriend, Nyan-nyan.”

“Just Haruna is fine.” She said blushing.

“Hahaha. Alright. Well, thanks again, everyone. I thought I was gonna die if I stayed there longer.”

“Well, since you’re here, why don’t you hang out with us until your friends and family come back for you.”

“Actually, I came here alone.”

“Ah, alright.”

“Well, c’mon, let’s play. We’ve got some water guns you can use.”

Mayu came up from behind her. “Make your choice, will you join the Black Organization, or will you come with me to the Holy Senate?”


“It’s a game she likes to play. Basically, are you on Mayu’s team, or mine?” Yuki said as she refilled her gun. “Mayu’s team is her, Yuko, Acchan, and Sae, and the other team is me, Haruna, and Takamina.”

“Hm… I’d better join your team to even things out.”

“Kuso!” Mayu pushed the other Minami away and pointed the gun at her. “You traitor. You act innocent and kind, pure of heart, but you belong on the dark side! Unforgivable!”

“Okay, maybe that’s taking it too far...”

“No...” I looked and saw the girl was grinning and her eyes seemed darker from normal. She chuckled lowly. “I’ll show you, just how strong the darkness truly is… I’ll swallow up every last one of your precious light.”

She’s WAY too good an actress!

“Hey, guys! Guess what I found~” We all heard Sae screaming, but when we turned to look…



“Sae, where the HECK did you find that hose?!?!?!”

“It was in the shed not too far from here,” she grinned as she started running and spraying all of us like crazy.

I hid behind a tree with Minami and smiled at how she got everyone soaked.

“I guess Sae’s the one true winner.”

“Haha, this is fun, Yuko-chan!”

Tomomi’s POV

Laying on top of the large bed, I sighed happily as I held my stomach. I was so full with food, and this room was so nice. Outside, there was a great view of the beach from the hotel balcony. I heard the bathroom door open as Tomochin stepped out.

“Today was a good day, huh?”


“Nee, Chiyuu, I heard that there was an onsen downstairs. You wanna go.”

“Eh~, sure. It’d be nice to just sit and relax together. Are you okay with going, Tomochin? You not embarrassed that we’ll both be...”

“We’re both girls. It’s no big deal.”

I giggled and slowly got up, stretching my arms.

“You’re right. Let’s go.” As she grabbed my right arm, we made our way to the onsen’s change room.

We chatted throughout the way there happy and absentmindedly. When we arrived at the changing room, we could see the other guests busy with changing. We found two empty baskets one beside another and we choose them to place our clothes. The thought of seeing Tomochin in how she came to the world for the first time made me feel weird. I was also embarrassed in exposing my whole body in front of her.

I started to strip myself without looking to my sides. But the curiosity was stronger than me. Unconsciously, I glanced out of the corner of my eye slowly. The first thing that caught my attention was her chest. Compared to my own, hers was slightly bigger. Her waist was smaller and her stomach looked so cute, and as I looked down farther, I could actually see some finely toned abs. Her slightly tanned skin looked sexy, and her underwear definitely suited her personality, cute and stylish.

When I looked back up, my eyes met Tomochin’s and I turned my head to look away. I blushed for sure. I heard her shy giggle and saw her looking at me. I quickly covered up my chest, shyly covering my eyes with my bangs.

“Mou~ you’re so cute, Chiyuu.”

“Stop it, Tomo~ it’s embarrassing…” The last part was more of a whisper. I heard Tomochin giggle once more.

“Don’t worry, Chiyuu. You have nothing to be ashamed about.” Tomochin said reassuringly. She patted my head a bit, making me blush more.

I heard a group of girls whispering behind me, but when I turned to look at them, and they saw me watching and listening to them, they start leaving. It intrigued me a lot. Were they talking about us? I lightly shook my head to let this thought go away.

“Chiyuu.” Tomochin’s voice broke my daze as she held my hand. She now had a towel wrapped around her figure. “Let’s go. Hurry and get changed.”

“Uh… right.”

In a certain hurry, I finished to strip myself and wrapped a towel around my body. Then we headed to the bath area. There was a few women washing themselves and sometimes having cheerful chats. We then walked to a discreet corner to proceed with the washing thing.

“Chiyuu. Can you wash my back for me?” Tomo asked me with a ducky smile.

Eh? Tomo wants me to wash her back…

“Honto ni?” I was so insecure about it.


Still nervous, I slowly took the sponge in my hand and started scrubbing her back. I was really focused on scrubbing, but my ears caught whispering again. I turned my face to it’s direction, and this time the ones responsible for it didn’t notice my stare. And once more, it was that nonsense talk where they call Tomo a whore….

“To think, Tomochin would go this far, especially for a girl.”

“I didn’t think she was like that.”

“Maybe that girl paid her or something. Who would be so desperate as to beg such a bitch to go to an onsen with her?”

“One word; lesbian.”

That’s so mean… How can they say that? That’s Tomo they’re talking about! MY Tomo!!!

“Chiyuu?” I heard Tomochin’s voice and turned back to look at her. “Is everything okay?”

“Uh… y-yeah.”

“You sure?”

“Un. I’m just a little tired, I guess...”

“Hey, don’t force yourself, kay?” she said with a smile as she turned to pat my head. “I care about you.”

“Ah… arigatou.”

Tomochin rinsed herself off and went to one of the tubs to rest in. I did the same and sat down beside her.

“This is nice.”


“Sometimes, I just want to be free...”


“I really don’t like being a celebrity sometimes, Chiyuu. Having to work day and night, dealing with paparazzi, all sorts of rumors and scandals arising...”

“I feel sympathetic…. Sometimes I would want to be in your position, just so you know how it feels to have that freedom.”

“Yeah… If only we could turn back time.”

“And go back to the way things were...”


After a while, we both got out and dried off. We went back into the changing rooms and put on the bathrobes we were provided.

“Nee, what will we do now?”

“Hm… I am kinda hungry.”

“OK. Let’s get dinner.”

Yuko’s POV

“Yuuchan~” Haruna hugged me from behind as I stared out the window. “Aren’t you happy we get to share a room?”

“Ah, yeah, I am.”

“Plus, Acchan and Takamina are sharing a room, and so are Mayuyu, Yukirin, and Sae-chan.”

“All three of them in one room?”

“I know, right?”

Hm, those three are quite a love triangle…

“Oh, yeah, what about that girl? Miichan?”

“She’s probably got her own room.”

“Yeah, but...”

I don’t really know much about this Miichan person. She gave off this aura. Maybe, she’s an ANGEL. There was something suspicious about her behaviour when she was with us. What if she’s under that Queen I keep hearing about… If she is, then she’s most likely a traitor to the ANGELs.

“Yuuchan?” I looked back and saw Haruna looking with a worried expression on her face. “I’ve never seen you so deep in thought. Are you okay?”

“Ah, yeah, I’m fine...”

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I just keep though about that new girl, Miichan… I don’t know, but who do you think she is?”

“You think she’s an enemy?”

“If she is, then what do we do?”

“Keep guard and don’t tell her the important things… Then we can track her and kill her, if she’s our foe.”

I saw smile on the Haruna’s face. “You’re too cute when you’re thinking so seriously.”

“Nyan-nyan, daisuki~~~” I hugged her, tickling her waist.

Even sometimes, I need to be serious…

“Guys! Yuko, Haruna!!!” Just then, Sae, Yuki, and Mayu all walked in, in a panic.

“What’s wrong?”

“Acchan and Takamina!”

“They’re both missing!!!”


Tomomi’s POV

“Dinner was good, wasn’t it?”

“Un. It was delicious.” I said, holding my stomach. I’ve never eaten so much good food in my life. I guess that’s one good thing about being a celebrity. I stretched out my arms. “I’m so full! Nee, let’s go to the walk on the beach!”

Tomochin stared at me. “Why?”

I pouted. “I just want to see how stars look at the beachside~ ”

“Wakatta. Let’s go.”

It was dawn when I and Tomochin go out of the hotel. There were no one at the streets and we walked and enjoyed the silence. It was so good and I’ve wanted to stay like that forever.

“The sunset is so nice.”

“Sou ne...”

Suddenly I felt that Tomochin touch my hand firstly, then stopped.

“Eh? Tomochin, what happened?”

She just stood there and stared at me. “Sorry, Chiyuu...”

I was a bit shocked. What was she apologizing for all of the sudden?

“I heard that girls earlier… They spoke bad things about you because of me. They hated me. And they’ll hate you if you stay with me. So...”

“What are you saying?!” I were angry. “Don’t even plead me to leave you! Because I’ll never do that! I will always, ALWAYS be by your side! Okay?”


“I… I love Tomo!”

Tomochin cried. Hardly and unstoppable. Because of my confession…

“Tomo~!” I rushed to her and hugged her.

She hugged me back. “Arigatou, Chiyuu~ You’re the only person who didn’t leave me”.

After some time she stopped crying and we just stood and hugged each other.

“Nee, Chiyuu..” She muttered.

“What?” I stroked her head.

“I… l-love...”

“Eh? I didn’t heard you~”


Suddenly she kissed me. It was a passionate kiss and I felt the salt on her lips even now because of her tears. But, it was sweet. We turn apart when our air in lungs had ended. We both were blushed and panted.

“Chiyuu, I LOVE YOU!!!” Then she hold my hand and we start going to the beach.

“Me too.”

Then, I heard it again. People talking.

“Bleeeeccch~~~ They just kissed! That’s so disgusting!”

“How can that girl going out with that bitch?”

“Two girls? Isn’t is against rules? This girl is immoral, nee~?”

My patience has a crack and then burst. “SHUT UP, IDIOTS!!! You’ll never understand anything with such a attitude!”

Tomochin glared at me with shock on her face. “Chiyuu, you’re...”

I’ve said when smiling, “I had to shut their mouths. They’re so annoying! My head is aching because of them~”

Then I laughed and Tomochin joined me.

“Chiyuu, I couldn’t ever think that my girl is so testy~ But… Thank you.”

I smiled to her and hugged her again. “See, see! First star appeared! It’s so bright~~~”

“Yeah, like you, Chiyuu~” She placed a gentle kiss on my right cheek and patted my head. “I’m glad that I meet you.”

“Me too...”

Just then, two police officers came over to us.

“Itano Tomomi?”

“Y-yes. Why do you--?”

“You’re under arrest for the murder of John Kurozawa.”



To Be Continued
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Chapter 1 - Awake


Year 2018. A devastating blizzard froze most of the Eastern hemisphere, sending Japan, Korea, and the majority of Asia into what was considered the “Cold Age”. Everyone was kept in safe houses and were sheltered from the cold wasteland the world had become. With scarce food, no money for resources, and toxins released in the air due to the power plants failing from the bitter cold, the economy and population suffered greatly.

However, two years later, a scientist came across a blue, blood-like substance. The origin of this substance was unknown, but the scientist found that it was able to clear the toxins filling the air. He shot the substance into the sky, and sure enough, the air cleared and restored warmth and life.

Over the next decade, technology advanced rapidly, and the scientist used the blue blood to create medicine, new alternative power sources, and his greatest technological achievement; the ANGELs. ANGELs were humanoid robots who could coexist alongside humans, each linked to the vast cyberspace of the Internet, and capable of doing all sorts of things.

And now, in the year 2076, Japan is now one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with New Tokyo being the heart of it. Everyone has easy access to the newest technology, and ANGELs have integrated into being an everyday part of society.


“Sakura-tan~” Sakura heard the familiar call of her best friend, Haruka. The girl hugged her friend as the two walked out of the train station. “You heading home?”

“Yup. What about you?”

“I got a little bit. I thought I’d come hang at your place for awhile.”

“Alright.” The two held hands as they started walking.

“Hey, did you get SJK48’s new single?”

“I did! I already downloaded it on my phone!”

“It’s so catchy~ I haven’t been able to get it out of my head!”

Sakura giggled as her friend sung the song, mimicking some of the dance moves. As they were chatting, they passed by a bakery where an ANGEL was helping a human employee carry in fresh baked loaves of bread.

Sakura got a bit hungry seeing the round loaves, so she and Haruka stopped and bought a few loaves of melon bread and curry bread.


“Karai~ But, oishii~. Hehehe.”

“Hey, you’ve got curry on your face,” Sakura chuckled as she pointed out her friend’s messy eating.

“Hey, did you see that ANGEL who was working at the bakery? She was so cute!”

“Yeah. I wonder if she’s a new model. Y’know, the ones that can actually eat food and turn it into biofuel!”

“Ahh, ANGELs are so cool~ If I could, I would love to have my own.”

“What for?”

“Hmm… I guess to be a friend. There are people who do that, right? They get their own ANGEL just to have as a companion. Plus, if I move out, maybe she can help me cook or clean my room!”

“Oi, that’s more like a servant than a friend!”

The two laughed until they reached the front door of Sakura’s apartment. The two stopped and stared confused as a huge package was propped up against the door. Sakura looked and saw her name addressed on the box.

“What the heck is this?” she asked. “Haruppi, help me carry this in.”

The two girls carried the heavy object in, placing the package in the middle of Sakura’s living room. Sakura noticed a note attached to the package, which was signed by her uncle.

“This is from my uncle?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“What could he have sent you that’s so big?”

“I’m not sure…”

She opened the envelope and unfolded the letter, reading it.

“Sakura-chan, I know it’s been some time since I’ve contacted you, but I have a good reason for it. I’ve been working on this for quite some time, just for you. It’s your very own ANGEL.”

Sakura’s eyes widened at the word. “Eh? An ANGEL?!”

“What?! There’s an ANGEL in here?!”

She continued to read it, ignoring Haruka’s questioning.

“I know this may be bad timing, as you are focused on school and your personal life, but I can’t help but feel something bad is going to happen. So, I sent you this ANGEL to protect you in my place.”

“What..?” Sakura became more confused as she read on. “Protect me..?”

“I also included a guidebook so you can understand how she functions and learn how to use her properly. Please, be safe, and be happy.”

“That’s so weird…” Haruka said as she sat beside Sakura.

“This is so sudden. Why would my uncle have been programming an ANGEL just for me?”

“Maybe he’s right. There’s something going to happen that would have a need for you to have protection.”

“Yeah, but what?”

Haruka shrugged. “He might just be worried.”


Sakura then got a boxcutter and opened on the package. The two saw the ANGEL curled up inside the box, shut off and appearing to be asleep. Her body was wrapped in plastic wrap, and she was dressed in a white two piece outfit.

“Woah! She looks so pretty!”

The two girls gently lifted the ANGEL out of the box, unwrapping the plastic wrap off her.

“She looks so real…” Haruka commented as she and Sakura stared at the humanoid robot. She then touched her hand. “Uwa!”


“Her hand is so soft! It feels like real skin!”

Sakura touched her hand and her eyes widened. “You’re right. She’s like a real person.”

“Hey, how do you turn her on? Does she have a switch or something?” Haruka asked, searching for a button or switch to turn the robot on.

Sakura looked inside the box and saw a book titled “How to get to know your ANGEL: For beginners”, and a brand new Holo-pad. She looked at the rest of the letter.

“I downloaded the app that directly links to her. Just enter the authorization code and you will have control of her.”

Sakura turned on the Holo-pad and saw an app with an angel wing symbol. She tapped it and saw a blue screen, with a text box under the words “Enter code”.

She typed in the code written on the letter, and saw the screen change.

“Would you like your ANGEL to access your Holo devices?”

Sakura tapped the word “Yes” and saw a loading screen appear. After it disappeared, the words “Access confirmed” appeared.

“So, what did that do?”

“I think it hooked up to my phone. Maybe it works like a computer; she’ll be able to access my contact information now and inform me when I have a call.”


Sakura then saw a new phrase appear.

“Jurina: Sleep Mode”

“Jurina..?” Sakura blinked at the name.

“Hm?” Her friend looked over to her side. “What’d you say, Sakura-tan?”

“Her name’s Jurina.”

Haruka opened the book, finding the section on how to turn the ANGEL on.

“When the ANGEL is in Sleep Mode, activate Speak-Command and say ‘Awake’.”

Sakura saw a microphone symbol at the bottom of the screen. She tapped it, turning on the Speak-Command with the words “Please speak” appearing on the screen.


Automatically, the two heard a beep and watched as Jurina’s eyes snapped open. She sat up and stared at the two before eying Sakura.

“State your name.”

“M-Miyawaki Sakura.”

They saw the ANGELs eyes glow blue before returning to pitch black.

“Miyawaki Sakura: Authorized.” Jurina’s stoic face soon changed to a soft smile. “Hello, Sakura.”


“J-Jurina-san, was it?” Haruka spoke. “I’m Haruppi, Sakura-tan’s friend.”

Jurina looked over to Haruka. “I know. Sakura’s contacts from her Holo-phone have been added to my database.”

“Eh? They have?”

“Yes. You’re Kodama Haruka. You're in her Friends list.”


“She really is like a super-computer.”

Jurina turned back to Sakura. “Sakura, would you like me to do anything?”

“Uh… Not right now, thanks. I’m still figuring everything out.”

“Hey, Jurina-san, you want some?” Haruppi offered the android a loaf of melon bread.

Jurina’s eyes glowed again, as if examining the loaf.

“I apologize. I appreciate the offer, but I cannot consume food.”

“Eh?! You can’t eat?” 

It was then that Sakura noticed a number on Jurina’s left arm.


“‘002’..? So… you’re a Type 2 model?”

“That is correct.”

“Ehh~ I thought she’d be the new model that could eat…”

“Let’s see…” Sakura took the book and started reading through it. “What can this ANGEL do?”

Sakura already knew how amazing ANGELs were. They had a memory chip installed in them that could connect with the Internet and obtain loads of information. As she just learned, they were also able to connect with her Holo-phone and memorize all her contacts and schedules she had.

Since Sakura was taking her time to learn about how the android functions, Haruppi decided to head home, leaving the girl alone with her new ANGEL. Sakura sighed. She took a break from the manual and decided to focus on her homework.

“Sakura, would you like me to assist you?” Jurina asked again, breaking the silence.

“Um, I guess.. I could use some help with this math problem. It’s not my best subject.”

Sakura showed Jurina the problem, letting her analyze it.

“The answer to this equation is 22.5. And x=9.”

“Eh?! That was amazing,” Sakura said in awe as she wrote down the answer.

“Just let me know if you need any more help.”

Sakura turned and gave a smile to the android. “Thank you, Jurina.”


Kojima Mako was humming to the tune that played loudly from her speaker. She was relaxing in her room, reading a manga while snacking on sweets, when a girl with short brown hair came in.

“Makotii, Haruppi is calling you.”

“Oh, cool. Bring her up.”

Nana tapped a button on her wristwatch and created a hologram of Haruka in front of the girl.

“Kojimako! You won’t believe what just happened!”


“Sakura-tan got an ANGEL! From her uncle!”

“Eh?!” Mako sprung up from her lying position and looked at Haruka’s hologram. “She did?!”

“Yeah! She can talk and look up stuff from the Internet! She’s also super pretty!”

“That’s so cool,” Nana joined in. “What’s she like? Is she cheerful? Funny?”

“Ooh, or maybe a bit mischievous.”

“Actually, she’s a Type 2 model. She doesn’t really have a personality… but she’s nice.”

“Eh? A Type 2?”

“That’s pretty old nowadays. Her uncle must’ve had it for a while.”

“What’s her name?”

“It’s Jurina. You should see her; maybe I’ll ask Sakura to take a photo of her to show you and Yuria-chan.”

“I’d love to meet her,” Nana said. “It’d be nice.”

“Okay. I’ll text her later.”

“Alright, talk to you later~”

After the hologram shut off, Kojimako became curious.

“Nana-chan, do they still make Type 2 models? Type 3 have become pretty popular lately.”

“I’m sure they still do. Though, it’s probably very few since the models got new upgrades.”

“Type 2’s will probably go out of date, like those Type 1 models.”

“More importantly,” the girl gave Mako a stern look. “You have homework to do.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to work…” Mako lazily said as she got out her pencil and worksheets. It was then that she looked over to the number that was printed on Nana’s arm.


“So she’s older than Nana…” She mumbled before starting her work.


After having done her homework, Sakura became hungry. She looked through her fridge and couldn’t find anything, until she felt a presence behind her, making her turn around sharply.


“Are you about to prepare dinner?”

“Ah… well, maybe,” Sakura scratched her head. “I can’t really cook.”

“If you’d like, I could prepare dinner for you.”

“Eh? You can cook?”

“The data to do so has been recorded into my mainframe. I can find a recipe that satisfies you.”

Sakura smiled. “That would be great. I’ll leave it to you!”

Sakura left the kitchen so the android could do her work. She flipped through channels on her TV, from variety shows, to drama, to news. Her nose twitched as a delicious aroma filled the room.

“Smells good…”

Then, she heard something odd. She heard a voice… singing.

“Hashiri dasu~ BASU oikakete~ Boku wa kimi ni tsutaetakatta~”

“Eh?” Sakura muted the TV and continued to listen.

“Kokoro no moya-moya ga kiete~ Taisetsu na mono ga mietanda~”

“Is Jurina singing?”

Sakura slowly got up from the couch and tiptoed back to the kitchen, seeing that her new ANGEL was indeed singing while she was cooking.

“Konna kantan na kotae ga deteru no ni~ Nani ni tameratte miokutta no darou~ Boku wa boku de aru tame ni~ Shoudou ni sunao ni narou~”

“Jurina?” Sakura finally spoke.

Jurina stopped her singing and looked at Sakura.

“Yes, Sakura? Is something wrong?”

“No, it’s just… You were singing.”


“What song was that? I’ve never heard of it.”

“Oogoe Diamond. It’s an AKB48 song from 2008.”

“AKB… Wow, that’s a really long time ago. How did you have a record of that?”

“I have several records of data from 70 to 80 years prior to today.”

“Eh? Why would my uncle have such information..?” Sakura pondered. “What exactly did my uncle program you with?”

Jurina suddenly stopped moving. She stared blankly for a few seconds, her eyes glowing blue as if she was processing something.


After a few seconds, Jurina’s eyes returned to normal.

“I apologize. Memory of everything before today is unavailable.”

Sakura’s eyebrows scrunched.

“You mean… you don’t remember anything from before you woke up here.”

“No. Perhaps it was erased or deleted by accident.” She looked and saw Sakura had a very sad expression. “I’m very sorry.”

The girl then shook her head. “It’s okay. Maybe I’ll send a letter back to him. Ask him personally. Thanks, anyways.”

She was about to head back to the living room, but was stopped when Jurina called out to her.

“Wait,” she said with some sort of urgency. Sakura turned around confused, looking at Jurina’s eyes. She must’ve imagined it, since Jurina’s expression was still stoic. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

“Oh. Okay,” Sakura sat down as the ANGEL did final preparations on the food. She then said, “You can keep singing if you want. It was nice.”

Jurina nodded before continuing.

“Daisuki da, kimi ga daisuki da, boku wa zenryoku de hashiru~ Daisuki da, zutto daisuki da, koe no kagiri sakebou~”

Sakura found the melody enjoyable. She tapped her fingers unconsciously to the beat, her nose filling with the growingly delicious scent of the food the android was cooking up.

“Daisuki da, kimi ga daisuki da, iki ga kurushiku nattemo~ Shimatte okenai Oogoe DAIYAMONDO~”

Before Sakura even realized, Jurina had plated the food and set her dinner in front of her.

“Here you are,” Jurina handed her a fork as Sakura eyed the plate of spaghetti.

She twirled some of the noodles onto the fork and ate them. Her eyes widened at the surprising flavor bursting in her mouth.


She ate the spaghetti more and more, with Jurina watching over her. Sakura couldn’t help but notice her stares and her smile slowly faded.

“Y’know, Jurina… you kind of remind me of my sister.”

“How so?”

“Mm…” Sakura put the fork down. “I dunno. I don’t really remember my sister too much. I just remember that I had one… and she died a long time ago when I was young.”

“I see.”

Sakura slurped some of the noodles. Jurina noticed some sauce on her lips, so she took a napkin and handed it to her.

“You got tomato sauce on you.”

“Oh.” Sakura chuckled as she wiped her lips before continuing to eat.

She slurped up the rest of the noodles, cleaning off the plate. After having finished, Jurina started cleaning the dishes as Sakura returned to watch more TV. As the hours passed, Sakura grew tired and unknowingly fell asleep on the couch.

Jurina happened to come in and saw Sakura snoozing as the TV was left on. Jurina looked at the TV and as if by some psychic power, the TV turned off. She then looked over to Sakura again, seeing her still peacefully dozing off. She knelt down and gently stroked the girl’s head.

“Mm… Mama… Papa…” Sakura murmured in her slumber. “Onee...chan…”

Jurina’s eyes suddenly turned blue. Her lips curved into a smile before whispering to Sakura.

“It’s okay. I’m here, Sakura. I’ll always be here.”

She then laid her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket, keeping her warm. Her eyes returned to normal as she stood back up.

“Good night, Sakura.”


To Be Continued
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ohohoho since I just been around recently i havent read the first version yet, so i just jump to this reboot one
Gosh imagening Little sakura protected by little Jurina (like Jurina already very matured even when she is 11 she looks 18 lol) ITS SO HARD TO STAY ALIVE

 :jphip: :jphip:
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Chapter 2 - Contract


Sakura woke up the next morning and saw she had fallen asleep on the couch. She jolted up and saw Jurina at the kitchen making breakfast. The ANGEL sensed she was awake and turned to her.

“Good morning, Sakura.”

“Jurina..?” Sakura walked up to the kitchen, sitting down. “I forgot to turn you off. Do you need to recharge?”

“Don’t worry. I shut myself off manually.”

“Eh? You can do that?”

“Yes. If I’m not being used, after an hour, my system shuts off on its own.”

“Oh.” The girl’s eyes darted as she saw some eggs and slices of bacon cooking on the pan. The appetizing scent and sight of the food made her lick her lips.

Jurina looked over, noticing her eying the food. “You look hungry.”

“Ah,” Sakura noticed her actions and looked away. “Sorry.”

“Here,” Jurina handed her a glass with a pink drink inside. “Strawberry banana smoothie. I just made it.”

“Oh, thanks,” Sakura took the drink, placing a straw in before sipping it. “Umai!”

Jurina smiled seeing the girl’s pleased reaction. She flipped the eggs and bacon as Sakura enjoyed her smoothie.

“Oh, also, you received a text from Haruppi.”

“Cool. Read it.”

Jurina’s eyes glowed blue as she read off the message sent from Haruppi.

“Sakura-tan, Nana-chan says she really wants to meet Jurina-san. Do you think you can bring her to the train station so she and Kojimako can see her?”

Sakura nodded. “Send her a message back. Tell her that I’ll be there in about 10 to 15 minutes.”


Jurina then set the eggs and bacon down on a plate, soon followed by a surprising pop sound from the toaster. Two perfectly golden toasted slices of bread popped out and the ANGEL sat them beside the eggs and bacon before handing the plate to Sakura.

“Thanks!” Sakura excitedly grabbed her fork and started eating. She squealed excitedly at the yummy food, hurriedly eating.

“Not so fast,” the android advised.

“Hai.” She nodded her head before continuing to eat more slowly.

After finishing breakfast, Sakura grabbed her bag and school supplies, hurried to change back into her uniform, and approached the door.

“Let’s go!” she said to Jurina as the two headed out of the apartment. “You’re gonna like Nana-chan. She’s really cool.”

The two started walking to the train station, eventually meeting up with Haruppi, who was waiting for her friend.

“Sakura-tan~ Jurina-san~”

The two friends hugged as the trio then started walking to the station.

“So, how did you do on your homework?” Haruppi asked.

“Good, I guess. Jurina helped me out a bit.”

“Ehh~? Now I’m jealous! Maybe I should get Jurina-san to help me the next time I hang out with you.”

“I told you, Jurina isn’t a servant. Treat her like a person.”

Haruppi chuckled before looking back at Jurina. The ANGEL remained silent, watching the two with a stoic expression.

“Jurina-san, you can join in the conversation if you want.”

“What would you like me to talk about?”

“Hmm… Why don’t you tell us about yourself? Like, what was Sakura-tan’s uncle like?”

“Uh, actually, Haruppi, Jurina’s memory was wiped out. She doesn’t remember anything about what happened before she arrived to me.”

“Oh…” Haruppi pouted. “Alright then… How about telling us something about being an ANGEL?”

“Like what?”

“Like, what’s it like being hooked up to the entire Internet?” Haruppi turned around, walking backwards. “And when you do look something up, what happens then?”

“The circuits wired to my data chip send me codes and I’m able to read the data given to me.”

“Ooh~ So, does it, like, appear in your eye or something? Like those eye contacts that allow you to see what’s on your computer?”

“Yes, something similar to that.”

“That so cool~!”

It was just then that Jurina suddenly grabbed Haruka’s wrist and pulled her close, making her squeak.


Jurina looked down at something. When Sakura and Haruka looked where she was staring, they saw a little stray cat eating some food left out for it. It mewed before walking away.

“Oh…” Haruka chuckled. “Thanks.”

“That’s why you need to look where you’re going when you walk backwards!”

“Sorry, sorry,” the two chuckled as Jurina stared at the little stray.

The cat stared back curiously, just staring back with wide eyes. It tilted its head, making the android tilt hers as well. It was then that Sakura noticed the android hadn’t been with them.

“Jurina!” she called out, grabbing her attention. “Let’s go.”

Jurina caught up with them and the two continued chatting until they arrived at the train station, with Mako and Nana both waiting for them. She waved to Mako, the latter waving back as they approached the two.

“Yappo, Sakura!”

“Yappo!” They said their usual greeting, the three giggling. “Nana-chan, yappo!”

“Yappo,” she greeted them before looking to Jurina. “Is this Jurina?”


Nana approached the ANGEL with a smile.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jurina. I’ve heard quite a bit about you.”

Jurina just stared at the other ANGEL for a while. The two locked gazes silently, with Nana’s smile slowly fading. A confused expression formed on her face.

“Nana-chan, everything okay?” Mako asked, tapping her ANGEL’s shoulder.

“Uh, y-yeah,” Nana slowly backed away, continuing to glance at Jurina every now and again.

“I heard from Sakura that you’re a good cook. Is that true?” Mako asked.

“That’s what she’s told me. I simply followed the recipes.”

“Well, you must be REALLY good then.”

Sakura couldn’t help but notice Nana’s expression. She seemed a bit tense after first talking to Jurina. She approached the android worriedly.

“Hey, Nana, you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but… Something’s different about her.”


“Jurina… I don’t know what’s different, but she seems.. off.”

“Yo, guys~” The two stopped as Yuria arrived at the station.


“Sorry I was late. It’s actually a funny story, I--” The girl stopped when she saw Jurina. “Woah… Who’s that?”

“That’s Jurina,” Sakura explained. “My uncle sent her to me. She’s my new ANGEL.”

“Dude, awesome!” Yuria ran up to the android. “She’s super fancy! Where’d your uncle get the money to buy this one?”

“Actually, Sakura-tan’s uncle made her.”

“Woah, seriously?! That’s so cool! So, what kind of stuff can she do? Can she fire rockets out of her wrists?! Ooh, or does she have laser vision?!”

Haruka laughed. “Yuria, she can’t do that. She’s not a superhero.”

“She can do all sorts of stuff, like cooking and cleaning.”

“Meh.” Yuria shrugged it off. “What about flying? Can she fly?!”

“Yuria,” Nana flicked the girl’s head a bit. “She’s not Astroboy.”

“Yeah. You watch way too much tokusatsu and anime. Jurina’s just a regular android like Nana-chan.”

“Fine~” Yuria pouted a bit. “Here comes the train.”

As the train came up, Mako and Yuria boarded on, Nana waving bye to the girl.

“See you when I get back, Jurina,” Sakura said, bowing to the ANGEL before she and Haruka boarded with them.

“Have a good day, Sakura.”

“Bye, Jurina-san~” Haruka waved goodbye one last time before the train door closed and left the two androids.

Nana looked over to Jurina, seeing her stoic expression.

“What are you going to do now?” she suddenly asked Nana.

“Hmm… usually, until Makotii comes back, I just relax at the house. Watching TV or reading manga. If I need to, I go grocery shopping. And then…”

“Would you like me to accompany you?”

“Eh?” Nana looked over and saw a soft smile curve her lips.

“May I accompany you? In grocery shopping.”

“Accompany..? Well, I don’t mind.”


Once at school, the four entered the classroom and began their regular routine. In-between classes, they’d chat with their other classmates. Sakura had become quite the hot topic when news of her new ANGEL companion spread.

Her classmates asked her several questions about the android, curious for answers. But since Sakura still didn’t know much, she could only tell them what she had already pieced together from the previous day. Most of the class just thought she was bluffing, but it was the truth. Sakura knew very little about the ANGEL.

During lunch, she sent a message to Jurina, to see if she was okay by herself. She got a message saying that she was with Nana. After seeing that, she couldn’t help but think of Nana’s words.

“I don’t know what’s different, but she seems.. off.”

“What did she mean by that?” she murmured.

“Sakura~ Oi, Earth to Sakura~”

“Eh?!” Sakura looked up and saw Mako in front of her. “Oh, sorry. Were you saying something, Kojimako?”

“I was wondering about Jurina. Does she ever smile?”

“Um, yes, sometimes.”

“How about laughing? Has she ever laughed at a joke or a funny scene in a drama?”

“Actually, no, I don’t believe so. She’s very stoic. Which makes sense, since she’s a robot.”

“Yeah, but Nana’s a robot, too, and she can feel real emotion.”

“Well, remember, Jurina’s a Type 2 ANGEL,” Sakura reasoned. “Type 2 androids don’t have the advanced AI that allows them to express emotion.”

“Still, I feel like she’d at least smile or something when we met her this morning.”

“She’s really pretty, though,” Yuria said, joining the conversation. “If you guys hadn’t told me she was an ANGEL, I would’ve suspected she was a famous idol!”

“Oh, I just remembered. She can sing, too!”

“Really?!” The two’s eyes widened.

“That’s awesome!”

“What can she sing? Anything from SJK?”

“No, actually, it was an older song. Apparently she has data from several decades ago.” Sakura placed her chin on her hand. “My uncle always loved old things. I wonder why he saved all that old data into Jurina’s database...”

“Sakura-tan~ Here, I bought an extra melonpan for you,” Haruka said as she approached her friend.


As she ate the loaf and heard her three friends chatting, all she could think about was the mystery behind Jurina. She wished she could ask her uncle personally about the ANGEL and why he gave her to her. But by the content in his letter, that seemed impossible.

“Uncle… what are you up to?”


Meanwhile, Nana and Jurina were shopping for food at the local supermarket. The latter was scanning several food items, checking their freshness. Her eyes glowed as she scanned some potatoes before deciding which ones to buy and which ones to leave.

Nana had two steaks in her hand, unsure of which to choose.

“Hey, Jurina, what kind of steak do you think I should get?” Nana asked. “Kojimako really likes tender steak. But, this one is cheaper…”

Jurina walked over and held the two steaks and examined them. She handed one back to Nana.

“This one,” she said. “That’s the kind she likes, isn’t it? I’ll take this one and make it for Sakura.”

“Okay,” Nana put her steak in her basket. She looked over to Jurina’s grocery cart, which was filled with all sorts of food. “How much food are you planning to make her?”

“I have several recipes saved into my database. I would like to try some of them.”

“From the Internet?”

“Yes. I found them after cooking for her the first night.”

Nana looked at Jurina’s stoic face. When the ANGEL turned to her, she gave Jurina a smile.

“Could it be you enjoy cooking?”

Jurina responded with a soft smile. “Yes, I do.”

“That’s great! Ah, she told me you were singing, too. Do you enjoy that?”

“Yes. I enjoy music. Especially music from years past.”

“That’s amazing. So Sakura’s uncle must have programmed you to be like that. She did say he always liked old stuff,” Nana chuckled. “Now it makes sense. Of course he’d do that! He’s into vintage!”

“What do you mean?”

Nana looked and saw Jurina staring at her in a strange way.

“I was not programmed to enjoy cooking or enjoy singing. I simply just enjoy it; they are my own thoughts.”

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean--”

“Nana-san…” She came closer, staring deeply in her eyes. “I am alive. And so are you.”


After that, Jurina simply walked away, continuing with her shopping. Nana just grew more confused.

“Alive? What does she mean by that?”


Once school ended, Sakura returned to her apartment, only to find several packages of food being delivered into her apartment. She looked inside and saw Jurina unpacking each of the boxes, getting out all the food.

“Jurina.. Where did all this food come from?!”

“I went grocery shopping with Nana-san. I plan on testing out several dishes to prepare for you.”

Sakura looked at the receipt and her jaw dropped.

“5,000,000 yen?! How on EARTH did you get this money?!”

“The money was saved into my system by your uncle.”

“How did my uncle get so much money?” she said, overwhelmed. She sat down as Jurina continued unpacking.

“How was school?” Jurina then asked.

“Oh, it was good. A lot of people were talking about you.”


“Yeah. My classmates were curious about what you were like. They all really wanna meet you.”

“Perhaps we should throw a party.”

“Eh?” Sakura’s ears perked up. “A party? Like a slumber party?”

“Yes. If your classmates are curious, you should let them get to know me. I can begin making preparations.”

“Hmm… I guess that’d be cool. Alright, let’s schedule it for…” The girl looked at her calender. “This Sunday.”

“Understood.” Jurina’s eyes glowed blue before returning to normal. “The schedule has been set.”


After packing up all the food, Sakura started doing her homework. Since she didn’t have as much as yesterday, she found herself quickly getting bored. There wasn’t much on TV, so for a while, she just laid on her couch, playing games on her phone.

Jurina noticed that she was bored, so when it came time to make dinner, she voiced out, “Sakura, would you like to help me prepare dinner?”

Sakura looked up and put away her phone. “Okay.”

She walked up to the kitchen and saw Jurina set up ingredients already.

“Eggs… rice… ketchup…” Sakura’s eyes widened. “Are we making omelet rice?!”

“That’s right.”

“Yay! I love omelet rice!” she cheered excitedly.

“I’ll start cooking the rice. Why don’t you manage the eggs?”

“Alright.” Sakura took the eggs, cracking it open at the same time.

She looked over and saw Jurina had already started up a frying pan and put in the cooked rice and other ingredients in.

“Looking good~” Sakura commented.

She began mixing as the aroma filled the room. After Jurina finished the rice, Sakura poured the eggs into the pan and started letting them cook.

Once the egg was cooked, she carefully guided the pan to the plate where the rice was set and placed the layer of eggs on top. For the finishing touch, Sakura grabbed the ketchup bottle and drew a heart on top, along with the letters “J” and “S” on both sides.


Sakura then sat down, grabbing the spoon before beginning to dig into the food. She squealed at the delicious flavor spreading through her taste buds.

“Mm~ this is so good!”

She quickly ate the whole omelet, but still felt hungry. She looked in the freezer and saw that there wasn’t much aside from a few frozen foods and ice.

She grabbed her Holo-phone and head towards the door.

“Jurina, I’m going to the convenience store to get some ice cream,” she said to the android, who had started cleaning the pan.

“Understood. Be careful.”

Sakura chuckled. “I will. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

With that, Sakura left the apartment and hurried to the convenience store. Once she stepped in, she was greeted by an ANGEL who was working one of the registers.

She grabbed two cups of ice cream, a few cups of pudding, and a loaf of her favorite melonpan, and went to the cashier. After scanning the items, she took out her Holo-phone and transferred the digital money from her phone into the reader, paying for her items.

“Thank you,” she said kindly to the ANGEL as she took the bag with her things and left the convenience store.

As she was walking back to her apartment, she heard a crash and saw someone collapsed at the side of the road. Her eyes widened as she rushed to the person.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“R-run…” The girl grasped her arm as she was bleeding blue blood.

“An ANGEL..?”

Just then, Sakura felt a sharp pain at her side. She looked and saw someone stabbing a knife into her. A person with glowing red eyes.

“No…” She dropped the bag and grabbed her side, trying to stop the bleeding. She fell weak at her knees as she saw the two figures were fighting.

She saw a few bright flashes from the blue-eyed ANGELs hand.


She grabbed the red eyed figure and lightning shocked her, making her collapse.

“That hacker must’ve gotten to you…” she muttered. “I’ll have to look into this.”

“H-h-help…” Sakura said as she grew weaker.

The ANGEL looked at her. “I’ll get someone. Wait here.”

After they left, Sakura tried to stay conscious as her vision started to fade. Her breath turned shaky as she heard footsteps coming toward her.

She felt a pair of arms pick her up, wrapping her in a warm embrace. She looked up and saw blue eyes staring down at her.



“You don’t want to die here, do you?” the ANGEL asked. Sakura weakly shook her head, tears filling her eyes. “Will you accept the contract?”


“Will you accept it?”

Sakura’s lips quivered, trying to speak. Finally, she spoke in a whisper.


She saw Jurina smile before her vision turned black. She then felt something press against her lips, followed by the sensation of a liquid entering her mouth.

“What is this..?” she gulped the liquid down before opening her eyes slightly.

She saw Jurina was kissing her. After parting, she weakly touched her lips and saw a blue substance on her fingertips.

“Blue… blood….” Sakura soon felt her consciousness slipping again. As she fainted in the ANGEL’s arms, she heard her say something.

“Contract complete.”


Sakura woke up from what felt like a long sleep. She opened her eyes, squinting as she found herself in a completely white room.

“Huh?” she slowly got up, seeing that she was in a hospital. “How did I get here..?”

She saw her Holo-phone on the table beside her bed. She looked at the current date and time, her eyebrows furrowing.

“Saturday..? Two days passed?”

The door then opened as Yuria entered.

“Ah, she’s up,” she said to Haruka and Yuria’s ANGEL, Anna as they entered.

“Hey, don’t just barge in,” Anna said. “She may still be tired.”

“Sorry, Annin.”

“Sakura-tan, you okay?” Haruka asked as she sat beside her friend.

“Haruppi… what am I doing in the hospital?”

“You don’t remember?”

Sakura just shook her head.

“Oh yeah, you were pretty out of it yesterday,” Yuria said.

“You were in an accident, involving a rogue ANGEL.”

“You were almost killed.”


“A rogue ANGEL stabbed you. We found you collapsed on the road toward the convenience store and called an ambulance as fast as we could.”

“Luckily, the doctors said you were in stable condition, so you’re okay.”

“But yesterday, you were all loopy ‘cause of the painkillers,” Yuria mentioned. “You were super sleepy all day and kept forgetting things.”

“Looks like you’re back to normal now.”

Annin’s eyes glowed blue. “Mako just texted. She and Nana are on her way.”

Sakura then remembered something. “Where’s Jurina?”


“Is Jurina coming?”

“Well…” Haruka looked at the other two. Yuria just shrugged her shoulders. “We don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jurina’s missing.”


To Be Continued
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Chapter 3 - Hacker


“What? Missing?”

“Yeah. We tried looking for her yesterday, but she wasn’t at your apartment.”

Sakura sighed, laying down onto the bed. She felt the bandages under her shirt, covering what was most likely the stab wound.

She thought back to that time and remembered the other ANGEL she encountered.

“Who was that..?”

“What are you talking about?” Anna asked.

“There was another ANGEL there, fighting the rogue one. She stopped the rogue and said something about a hacker, I think.”

“A hacker?”

“I heard news about it,” Anna then mentioned, her eyes turning blue. “One week ago, an ANGEL suddenly turned rogue and turned on their master. After they were forcefully shut down and inspected, it was deduced that a hacker corrupted their mainframe and implanted a virus into their system.”

“A virus? Don’t most ANGELs have a firewall or security system that protects them from getting hacked?”

“Yes. He must’ve found a way to break through it.”

Just then, the door opened and Nana and Mako walked in.

“Sorry we’re late. There were some police investigating the rogue ANGEL incident around our street.”

“We were just talking about that.”

“You okay, Sakura?” Nana asked.

“I’m fine.”

“I freaked out when Yuria called and said she and Annin found you stabbed! Naanya was with us too, and she was panicking.”

“Anyways, I just talked to the doctor and she said you’ll be free to be discharged today. I already filled out everything, so you just need to gather all your things and get changed.”

“We’ll wait outside for you.”

“Okay,” Sakura said as her friends left the room.

She slowly got out of the bed and found her a change of clothes, probably left by Haruka or one of the others.

As she was changing, she then got a text from an unknown number. She opened up the text and read the contents.

“Miyawaki-san, I have your ANGEL safe and sound. Don’t worry, she’s unharmed. Come to this address to retrieve her. I’ll be waiting. -Yamamoto”


She texted back, “I’ll be there,” and closed her phone. After getting changed, she met her friends back in the lobby.

“Ready to go?”

“We’re going to relax and do some karaoke,” Yuria said.

“I’ll pass, guys. I got something to do.”

“Alright. We’ll see you later.”

Sakura separated from her friends, pulling up the map on her phone to find the location of where the person Yamamoto was waiting.

Eventually, she found the location, finding a flat with the name plate “Yamamoto” on the mailbox.

“This must be the place…” she muttered as she approached the door, knocking it. “Hello? Yamamoto-san?”

The door opened and an unknown person stared at Sakura.

“Oh, you must be that girl from the other night,” the person said in a Kansai accent.

“Are you Yamamoto-san?”

“No. The name’s Miru. Sayanee’s kinda busy at the moment, but you can come in.”

Sakura entered the room and saw another girl, apparently sleeping on a chair. Sakura then saw a plug hooked into the back of her neck.


“Don’t mind Fuuko. Sayanee’s just rebooting her ‘cause she got hacked. She’s installing a new anti-virus system into her.”

“Eh?” Sakura stopped, looking back at Fuuko. “‘Hacked’? ‘Anti-virus’? You mean..?”

“Yeah. I really am sorry for that,” Miru said. “Fuuchan really is a nice girl. Sayanee was the one to program her, after all. Well, both me and her.”

“You’re a programmer?”

“Yup. I love working with computers.”

“Yamamoto-san said Jurina was here. Is she okay?”

“Oh, you must mean that really pretty ANGEL. Yeah, she’s all good. Sayanee’s got her now, said she wanted to research her a bit.”


“Yeah. Your ANGEL must be a rare Type 2 model. Neither of us have seen anything like her before. Where’d you get her?”

“My uncle made her.”

“Woah! He must have some serious talent!”


Just then, one of the room doors opened. Sakura saw Jurina walk out, a woman following after her.

“Jurina!” she smiled widely.

Once the ANGEL saw her, she smiled and rushed to give Sakura a hug, surprising the latter.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” she said cheerfully.

“Eh? Jurina?”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come visit you at the hospital. Did your wound heal alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Sakura looked at the ANGEL as she broke the hug. Jurina just smiled, her eyes warm and full of joy. “How about you? Is.. everything okay?”

“Yup! I’ve never been better.”

“I see,” Sakura then looked at the woman giving her a smirk. “Uh, yes. You must be--”

“Yamamoto Sayaka. Just call me Sayanee.”

“Sayanee’s been looking after me the whole time you were in the hospital,” Jurina said.

“Let’s see…” Sayaka moved toward Sakura, lifting up her shirt to see the bandage. “Mind if I remove this?”

“Uh, sure…” Sakura said, slightly blushing.

Sayaka slowly peeled the bandage off, smiling.

“You healed quite nicely,” she said. Sakura looked down and saw only a scar remained.


“Hey, Sayanee, how is Fuuko-san?” Jurina then asked.

“Hmm, she should be alright now,” Sayanee walked over to the ANGEL. She pulled out her phone and opened up the same app Sakura had. “Awake.”

Fuuko’s eyes opened and she stretched as if waking up from a nap.

“Ooh, that was a good reboot,” she said, unplugging herself. “Thanks, Sayanee. I feel a lot better now.”

“No prob.”

“Uh, Sayanee, could you explain what exactly is going on? I only just recently heard of this hacker and I’m quite worried.”

“Alright. You two sit down.”

Sakura and Jurina took a seat on the couch, the ANGEL woman pulling up a news article on her TV.

“Recently, there’s been quite a bit of rogue ANGEL activity being caused by an anonymous hacker. I’ve been researching and creating an anti-virus system to protect more ANGELs so that they don’t go rogue.”

“So, no one knows where this hacker’s located?”

“No. This person’s good at covering their tracks.”

“If I ever find the person who hacked Fuuchan, I’ll punch ‘em square in the nose!” Miru said.

“Sakura,” Jurina tapped the girl’s shoulder. “You don’t worry about the hacker. And if any more rogue ANGELs try to attack, I’ll protect you.”


“Of course!” the ANGEL then hugged her again, snuggling against her. “If someone tries to hurt your cute face, I wouldn’t forgive them! I won’t allow that!”



“J-Jurina doesn’t normally act like this. Did you do something?”

“Not really. When I found her, she was shut off, and when I hooked her up, it said that she was re-uploading some backup data and rebooting.”


“Anyways, you two are free to go now. But if you ever need me, you just call,” Sayanee said, handing Sakura a slip of paper with her number on it.

“Thanks, Sayanee.”

The two then bowed and left, walking home.

“Nee, Sakura, can we stop at the convenience store?” Jurina suddenly asked.


“You never got your ice cream.”

“O-oh. Sure, I don’t mind.”

Jurina smiled and grabbed the girl’s hand. “Come on, let’s go!”

“Ah! Okay! Hold on!”



“Azuma-san, you have a delivery.”

Azuma Rion looked at the nurse calling for her from the door. She was surprised to hear that anything was being delivered to her at this time.

The doctor and two nurses came in carrying a large package, placing it up against the wall.

“I’ll open it for you,” she said as she opened up the package, revealing an ANGEL resting inside. “Oh my, this is a lovely model.”

“Wait, do you know who sent this?” Rion asked, curious of who would send her such a package.

“Let’s see…” The doctor looked at the tag on the box. “It’s from… Oh, that can’t be right.”

“Who is it?”

“It says it’s from your father, Azuma Masahito.”

“Eh? My dad? But he’s…”

“Perhaps he scheduled this to be sent at a certain time.”

“I guess so.”

As the nurse was taking a look at the ANGEL, she noticed an envelope placed beside her. She handed the envelope to Rion, letting her open it. She read it carefully, not missing a single detail.

“Rion, I know this might not be the best time to tell you this. However, I have created an advanced AI for the ANGELs that have been circulating the world. This is one of the earliest models I could make with this AI and I think will benefit you when I’m gone. Take good care of her for me.”

Rion folded the letter as the nurse proceeded to turn the ANGEL on. The ANGEL’s eyes opened and stepped out of the box.

“Are you Azuma Rion?” she asked the girl.

“Yes…” she said as the ANGEL’s glowing blue eyes turned a soft brown.

“My name is Nao. I was created to aid you.” Nao then bowed to Rion. “Please take care of me, as I will you.”

Rion looked at the ANGEL for a moment. She didn’t say anything and just laid there.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” the doctor said as he took out a Holo-pad from the box and handed it to Rion. “If you need assistance, just use the Nurse Call.”

Rion nodded as the doctor left the room. She looked back at Nao, who just smiled as she took a seat beside her bed, resting her chin on her hands.

“Anything you need me to do?”

“N-Nothing, really,” She replied, surprised by the behavior of the ANGEL.

“Are you hurting anywhere?”

“I don’t think so. Everything feels fine.”  Rion then grew a solemn expression as she touched her legs.

“What’s wrong?”

“My legs… They’re paralyzed. The accident I was in crushed the lower half of my spine…”

“I see. I’m very sorry for what happened to you.”

Rion gripped the blankets, looking away from the ANGEL. Nao could only sit and look on as Rion tried to fight her tears.

“Why…?” she heard her say. “Am I just this unlucky…?”


“Could you please leave me alone?”

Nao didn’t say anything, and slowly got up, leaving the room. Rion started to cry in the empty room. All the painful memories came flooding back to her, of the accident that left her paralyzed, and forced her father to leave her side.

“Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?”


That night, police continued investigating the scene of the incident to see if the rogue or hacker would appear again. While on the search, one of the officers spotted someone coming toward the scene.

“Don’t come any closer!” the officer said, until he saw the glowing red eyes. “Oh no. It’s a rogue!”

The officers held out their guns as the rogue started coming forward.

“Don’t move, or we’ll shoot!”

The rogue just gave a blank stare and kept moving forward, raising their arm. An energy orb formed from the android’s palm.

It threw the energy orb at the officer it saw first, creating a blast that blew them all back. The ANGEL created another energy orb, preparing to throw again.


The men shot their guns at the android, the bullets deflecting as soon as they hit.

“Crap! Our bullets can’t pierce it!”


They tried to run, but one of the guards was grabbed by the android, being pulled by his ankle. He screamed as he felt his ankle being twisted at an uncomfortable angle, the bones crushing as blood started to surface.

“Argh!” He tried to make the android let go, but his efforts were useless as he started losing feeling in his foot. “Get out the taser!”

Another officer got out the taser and shocked the android, short circuiting them and shutting them off. The officer held his injured foot as he clenched his teeth in pain.

“Damn it… Whoever’s doing this is no joke…”

It was then that a female officer noticed a strip of paper slipped inside the ANGEL’s outfit. She pulled it out and unraveled it, revealing a flash drive kept inside.

“Sir,” she handed it to the chief. His eyes widened as he saw the item, taking it from her.

“Thank you, Kitagawa. We’ll investigate this back at the station. For now, call an ambulance.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Hai! Tonight’s dinner is chicken broth ramen~” Jurina said as she placed the bowl in front of Sakura.

“Thanks! Itadakimasu~” Sakura slurped up the noodles and sighed as the flavor of the broth hit her tongue. “Ah~ that’s so much better than that hospital food.”

“Always nice to come back to home cooked meals, right?”

“Un!” Sakura chuckled as she ate more of the ramen. “Mm, by the way… what were you doing when you were with Sayanee?”

“Hmm, not much. I think I was shut down most of the time, though. I was recovering some of that lost data.”

“What data was it?”

“Oh, uncle Shinjiro!” Jurina’s smile lit up, making Sakura’s eyes widen.

“My uncle?”

“I remember he uploaded a bunch of his personal data into me. Like of you and your family.”


“Ah, that reminds me,” Jurina then handed her a cord. “Sayanee gave me this. She said you could plug it into your phone and transfer or access data with it.”

Sakura took the cord and placed it in her pocket. “I’ll try later.”

She finished eating her ramen and went to the living room, taking out her phone as she looked at the cord pulled out from her pocket.

Jurina looked over curiously and walked to her side.

“You still thinking about your uncle?”

“A little. I just wish I knew my uncle more. About why he did all of this.”

She felt the android place her head on her shoulder. She was met with puppy eyes she would’ve never expected her to make given how she previously acted.

It was then she remembered something the night of the incident. When Jurina came to her rescue, she was saying things that didn’t make a lot of sense to her. She clearly remembered something about a contract and wanted to know what she had meant by it.

“Hey, Jurina…”


“I remember, when you found me on the street, you were talking about a ‘contract’... What is that?”

She got no answer from her. She looked over and saw her staring blankly with glowing blue eyes.

“Jurina?” She lightly touched her shoulder, trying to wake her from her frozen state. “Jurina!”

Finally, Jurina blinked, her eyes returning to normal.

“Yeah?” she looked at Sakura as if nothing had happened.

“Uh, mind if I plug this in?” she said, changing the subject in her mind. “Maybe I should just wait to ask about that…”

“Okay,” Jurina pulled her hair back, revealing a USB port in her neck.

She plugged the cord into Jurina’s neck and hooked it up to her Holo-phone. On her screen appeared the words, “Would you like to access data from ANGEL model 002-310-J?”

She tapped “Yes” and Jurina suddenly started giggling.

“That tickles,” she said in between chuckles.

The first thing Sakura found were several pictures and videos from when she was a baby. She scrolled through them and saw many pictures from throughout the years. From when she started elementary school, to family summer vacations, to holidays like Christmas. Many precious memories from Sakura’s childhood were found.

What surprised Sakura, though, was that in several of the pictures, there was another girl with her and her family. A girl who looked exactly like Jurina. All Sakura could deduce was that she was her sister, but it rose curiosity in her again. Why did her sister and Jurina look so similar?

“Everything alright, Sakura?” Jurina asked, her eyes containing a tinge of curiosity.

“Yeah. I’ll just save these onto my phone,” she said as she tapped the “Save files” button. “It’s so funny, though. You really do look like my sister.”

After a confused tilt of the head, Jurina just giggled.


“Sakura, don’t be silly. I AM your sister.”

Sakura looked at her shocked, surprised by what she just said. “Eh..? B-but, Jurina… you’re a robot. An ANGEL. You--”

“I know that. But I’m still your sister!” Jurina then hugged the girl. “And you’re my cute lil sis~”


“I’m so happy. You grew up so much,” she said warmly. “I’m proud of you.”

Sakura said nothing and hugged her back. The only thing she could comprehend from all of this was that her uncle somehow programmed the ANGEL with her sister’s memories. In some way, it made sense. And for the first time in a long while, Sakura started to feel like she was with her sister again.

“Thank you… Onee-chan.”


To Be Continued
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*insert Dramatic music*


Sisters really?

What next? The hacker is me because of 'Hack' in my name?

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What next? The hacker is me because of 'Hack' in my name?

No, the hacker is not you. x3
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okay this is not incest... right...coz she is a robot...right?
well...its ....i...probably okay even with incest theme too (wait wth I'm saying?? you despicable human being)  :banghead: :banghead:
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okay this is not incest... right...coz she is a robot...right?
well...its ....i...probably okay even with incest theme too (wait wth I'm saying?? you despicable human being)  :banghead: :banghead:

Don't worry my friend, everything will be explained in time.
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New semester has started for me, so since I'll be busy with classes, posts may come later than normal. I hope you readers will understand. :bow:


Chapter 4 - Threat


“Kitagawa, the chief’s called you to his office.”

“On my way.” The young officer spoke as she made her way down the hall to where the chief police officer was waiting. “You wanted me, sir?”

“Yes. I’ve researched the data contained in the flash drive we found last night, and… you need to see this.”

Ryouha walked over to the computer screen and saw images of people who had been injured or killed by the rogue ANGELs, as well as what looked like parts of a computer or some kind of machine.

But the last one was a message written out with newspaper clippings to spell out “If you don’t quit interfering, you’ll be next.”

“Why is the hacker doing this?” Ryouha asked.

“Who knows. However, it appears they know we’re on their tracks, so I’m going to ask you to go undercover. You’ll be going to a local school near where some of the recent incidents have occurred.”

The chief handed her a bag containing a new school uniform and a new student ID for Ryouha.

“Send me any information you gather while you’re undercover.”

“Yes, sir.”

She went back to her office before turning on a certain application on her computer.

“Nagi, power on.”

On the screen, the image of a young girl appeared.

“Sup, Ryou-chan!”

“Just got a new mission. I’m going undercover as a high school student,” Ryouha pulled out a Holo-watch, showing it to the digital girl. “You get to tag along.”


Nagi, short for Nagisa, was an AI created by Ryouha’s father. Since he didn’t have the money to buy the newest ANGEL model, instead, he and his college buddies created an AI that could help Ryouha when she’s on a case.

Once the watch got turned on, Nagi was immediately zapped into the small screen, her image appearing as a hologram.

“It’s been awhile since you’ve been a student, right, Ryou-chan?”

“Yup. I’m actually kind of excited. Going back to a school life, even if it’s just a little while, sounds pretty fun.”

“Maybe you’ll make a new friend~”

“Maybe,” Ryouha smiled as she looked at the uniform.

She smiled as she remembered her school days, before she became a police officer. There were many fond and bittersweet memories from that time.

“Yosh,” she folded the uniform back into the bag before looking back at the AI on her wristwatch. “Monday is when we start. Can you gather some information on the school I’ll be going to?”

“Of course!”


Sakura woke up that morning and heard the familiar singing voice of her android. She walked out of her room and saw Jurina seemed pretty excited about something.

“Jurina, you seem excited. Something happen?”

“Sakura, did you forget?” Jurina asked with a smile. “Today is the slumber party!”

Sakura’s eyes widened as she suddenly remembered the date. With all that was going on, she completely forgot she had scheduled a slumber party with her friends.

“Ahh, that’s right… It completely slipped my mind.”

“I already sent everyone an invitation notifying them. The party begins at 7PM!”

She continued humming as Sakura couldn’t help but smile. The cheerful mannerisms really reminded her of her sister.

“I AM your sister.”


“Hm?” Jurina looked over and saw Sakura had a sad smile.

“Thanks,” she then said, giving a much more cheerful smile. “Alright! Let’s get ready for the party!”

Jurina smiled back. “Hai!”


Rion was currently in rehab, trying to get herself used to not having to use her legs. Nao was assisting her with her rehab exercises. The girl struggled to do her stretches, grunting as she tried to sit up.

“Nao, can you hand me my water bottle?”

“Sure.” Nao kindly handed her the water bottle.

Rion opened it and gulped down the water, exhaling bitterly.

“Rion, I know you’re frustrated, but it’ll be okay. You’ll get used to it.”

Rion didn’t say anything, looking down at her legs.

“Hey, I know, next we’ll do some exercises on the wheelchair. You’re going to need to know how to move around on your own.”

“I know that,” she said coldly.

“I was only trying to--”

“Let’s just continue.”

Nao didn’t talk back, simply nodding at Rion’s statement.

After several more stretch exercises, they finally decided to move onto wheelchair exercises. While Rion acted stubborn to the android, Nao kept being as polite and patient as she could be. She was sure Rion was suffering and just needed time to open up.

Rion, on the other hand, couldn’t bare the pain of losing her father. All she thought about was the accident; the plain fact that her father had died because of her insolence. And this ANGEL was just only adding to her pain.

“Rion, look out!”

Rion didn’t realize what she was doing and almost fell backwards, but luckily Nao was able to catch her.

She looked up at the ANGEL in surprise. “Those were fast reflexes… I wonder if Dad programmed those in too…”

“Are you alright, Rion?” Nao asked.

“Y-Yeah… Thanks.”

Nao helped sit Rion’s wheelchair up again and looked her in the eyes.

“Are you sure? You seemed out of it just now.” Nao’s eyes then glowed blue as she examined the girl. “No injuries. Maybe you were just dizzy.”

“Eh? What were you just..?”

“Oh. I have a personal care program installed into me. My prime directive is to make sure you are happy and healthy.”

“Oh… I see,” Rion said as she started turning around. “Let’s head to the cafeteria. I’m hungry.”

“Okay,” Nao smiled as she started pushing Rion down the hall.

“So Dad programmed her to be like a nurse… I wonder what else she can be programmed with…”

They arrived at the cafeteria and got the food set out. Rion wasn’t very fond of the hospital food, as it didn’t really taste well. It was usually bland and just didn’t look appetizing to her, so she never really ate much.

After Nao got the tray of food, they went down to a table and sat down to eat together. Rion watched as the robot was eating an apple with a smile.

“So you can eat that? It doesn’t mess up your system or anything?” she asked curiously.

“Nope. I was programmed to eat, so I can create biofuel out of anything I eat. Plus, I also have taste sensors, so I know what food tastes like.”

“My word… Dad has gone far and beyond to make sure these ANGELs are advanced,” Rion thought. “Huh… what else can you do?”

Nao chuckled. “You curious?”

“A little.”

“Well, not only do I have a vast access to the Internet and can connect with your personal devices, I also have stored in my system a ready supply of Blu elixir medicine.”

Rion’s eyes widened. “Blu?”

“Yup.” A compartment in Nao’s wrist opened and she pulled out a small blue pill. “Whenever you need them, I got ‘em right here.”

“That’s incredible..! How did you get those? Aren’t they super expensive?”

“Your father had a ready supply when he was creating me. He seemed to have wanted to make sure that you had the medicine in case you had fallen ill.”

Rion had heard of the amazing properties of the Blu medicine. It was a miracle medicine; the elixir would enter the person’s system and adapt to rid the body of any disease plaguing them. It was the very medicine that saved people during the aftermath of the Cold Age.

“That’s just amazing…”

Nao smiled. “Looks like I finally caught your interest.”

“Well, I wanted to be a nurse. But it looks like that’s not going to happen now…”

Nao simply nodded, until an idea struck her.

“You still could go into medical work.”

“You think so?”

“Of course. The only thing injured on your body is your paralyzed waist. But that shouldn’t stop you from becoming a nurse. Your hands and your brain still work the same as they do. And you’re still young!”

Rion looked down at her hands, smiling. “You’re right… and maybe… just maybe, I could finish what Dad started.”

“And what was that?”

“He wanted to help the world by creating ANGELs so advanced, they could do things that humans couldn’t. That’s why he went into development for creating the Type 3 models. And that meant creating you first to see if the AI would work.”

Rion looked at Nao with a new glimmer in her eyes.

“Nao, when I leave this place, I wanna go to medical school. And, I want you to be with me so I can achieve my Dad’s old dream.”

The ANGEL smiled, taking Rion’s hands. “Understood. Then alongside being your caretaker, I’ll also be your partner.”

Nao bowed to Rion, as she did the same.

“And… I’m sorry. For being so harsh to you before.”

Nao looked up, seeing an apologetic look on Rion’s face.

“I was so upset because of the accident… of Dad’s death, that I took it out on you. I really shouldn’t have acted that way.”

“It’s alright. I know you were in a lot of pain,” Nao spoke, “If you need to, just take out your emotions on me. I’ll understand.”

“Nao…” Rion still felt guilty for her actions on the android earlier, “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

The android then gave her a kind smile.

“Alright then.” She then patted the girl’s head. “You really are a nice girl.”

Rion blushed a bit with the ANGEL’s words and continued eating her food, hearing the ring of Nao’s laughter.


Later that night…


“W-what’s with the 180 personality flip on Jurina-san?!” Haruppi asked as she and the others were shocked at the once stoic ANGEL now acting like a cheerful, puppy-like girl.

Sakura leaned forward, whispering to her group of friends.

“Turns out, she really did have a personality installed into her. It seemed to have been part of some of the lost data she regained.”

“So… this is what Jurina really acts like?” Mako looked as Jurina was fixing food for the girls with a bright smile. Her lips curved in a grin, “I think this is better.”

“O-oi, what’s that supposed to mean, Kojimako-chan?!”

“I just like that Jurina is smiling. It’s a lot better than that inexpressive face she had before.”

“Hey, Mako-chan, where’s Nana?” Jurina then said.

“Oh, she went to get some snacks, like pocky. She’ll be here in a bit.”

“OK~ You all just relax and wait. Dinner will be ready in just a moment!”

“Hai~~” Mako and Yuria immediately flopped down onto the couch. Yuria was checking her online media updates while Mako grabbed the remote and flipped through the TV channels.

“Sakura-chan, check out this cute magazine I found,” Naanya said as she pulled the girl forward to sit with the others.

“These girls are so hectic,” Anna said, Jurina chuckling.

As all this was going on, Nana was making her way back to Sakura’s apartment with the bag of snacks for the girls.

“I wonder if Jurina’s finished the food already…”

While she was walking, she saw someone concentrated on their phone. They crossed paths and, since they weren’t looking, the ANGEL collided with the person. They started to fall, but Nana caught them just in time.

“S-sorry. I wasn’t looking,” they said as they held on Nana for support to stand back up.

“You oka--” Nana tried to stay, until she felt something invade her system.

In her neck, the person plugged in a flash drive. Nana’s body started to spasm as her eyes turned red. She dropped the bag and stood stiff, staring blankly ahead.

The person smirked under the hood they wore.

“Have fun,” they said before removing the flash drive and leaving.

Back at Sakura’s apt.

“Dinner’s ready!” Jurina announced.

The girls ran to the kitchen and saw plates of yummy food set out for them, filling up the room with a delicious aroma.

“Holy cow!”

“Sakura, you said Jurina was a good cook, but I didn’t think she was THIS good!” Yuria exclaimed. Anna flicked her head.

“Yuria, that’s rude.”

“Come on, sit down,” Sakura said. “Let’s eat!”


As everyone started digging in, Jurina watched over them with a smile as they all enjoyed their meals. However, as she was watching, she soon felt a strange sensation.

“W-what’s going on..?” She held her forehead.

Threat detected

Her eyes suddenly glowed blue before turning pitch black, her expression turning stoic and blank. Yuria happened to notice and looked over.

“Jurina-san, everything okay?”

Sakura saw Jurina was staring at the door and seemed very alert.


At that moment, the door opened and Nana walked in. Mako sighed.

“Oh, what. It’s just Nana,” she smiled and got up. “Hey, did you get the snacks?”

Before she could approach her, Jurina held out her arm, blocking her way. The two ANGELs kept staring at each other silently.

“Oi, what are you doing, Jurina-san?” Yuria asked.

“All of you… Get out of here.”


“This isn’t your friend Nana. She’s being controlled by the virus.”

“What?! Nana’s been hacked?!”

Before they could do or say anything else, Nana ran to Jurina and tried to strangle her. Jurina pushed the hacked ANGEL back, pushing her against the wall.

“Go! Now!” she said to the girls.

They quickly backed away and ran to Sakura’s room, locking the door.

“What the heck?! How did Nana get hacked?!” Mako said as she paced around the room.

“Kojimako, calm down,” Haruppi said.

“Yeah. I’m sure Jurina will find some way to--”

“To what?! What’s going to happen to Nana?”

“Mako, let’s calm down a minute,” Sakura said, trying to calm her. “Just take a deep breath.”

Mako nodded, inhaling deeply as she sat down on Sakura’s bed. She exhaled, closing her eyes.

“Okay… I think I’m good now. But, I’m still worried.”

“I know. We all are.”

It was then that Sakura remembered she left her phone back in the living room.

“I better go get my phone,” she said.

“Eh? Why?”

“I know someone who can help.”

She slowly stepped out of the room and hurried to get her phone. As she did, she saw Jurina still in a struggle to hold Nana back.

As Nana thrashed violently, trying to break free, Sakura saw Jurina’s eyes glow blue as they stared into Nana’s red eyes. She was surprised to see Nana’s wild expression slowly go blank. The two continued to stare until Nana’s eyes turned blue.

“Anti-virus system installation complete,” Jurina said, her eyes returning to normal.

Nana blinked furiously as her eyes reverted to their normal brown color.

“Eh..? Jurina? What’s going on?”

“The hacker got to you. But you’ll be fine now.”

“I was.. Hacked?!”

Jurina nodded, Nana growing a shocked expression.

“No way…”

The other ANGEL gave a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. You didn’t harm anyone. I made sure of it.”

“Thank you,” Nana exhaled in relief.

The others stepped out of the room and saw what was going on. Jurina looked over and walked towards them.

“Everything okay now, Jurina-san?”

Jurina didn’t say anything and walked towards Anna.

“What?” she asked as their eyes locked.

Similar to before, Jurina’s eyes glowed blue and Anna stared back for a while before her eyes reflected the blue glow.

“Installation complete.” Anna’s eyes returned to normal as Jurina let her go and smiled. “Now you’ll be safe, as well.”


“I transferred the anti-virus system into Anna and Nana’s mainframe. Now the virus won’t affect either of you.”

“Woah, you can do that?” Yuria asked amazed. “You really are kind of a superhero.”

“Mou, enough with that already, Yuria-chan~”

“Jurina…” Sakura faced her ANGEL as she gave her a serious look.

“You don’t need to be afraid. I will keep danger away from you.”


“My prime directive is to protect you… Sakura.”

After saying that, Jurina suddenly collapsed in Sakura’s arms, her eyes closing.


A few seconds later, Jurina stirred awake and looked around confused.

“Did something happen?” she asked.

“You don’t remember?!”

Jurina just shook her head innocently.

“She’s back to her cheerful self…”

“Jurina, you were acting like your robot self again.”

“Yuria, she is a robot.”

“I mean, her more stoic self.”

Jurina just tilted her head, more confused.

“Jurina…” Sakura then spoke. “You said your prime directive was to protect me… Was that what my uncle built you for?”

“My prime directive?” Jurina asked before laughing. “Silly. My ‘prime directive’ is to be your sister!”

The ANGEL hugged the confused girl. Sakura looked at her friends, who all just shrugged as they were just as confused as her. Sakura remembered a certain paragraph that was written in her guidebook. It's said that every ANGEL is made to do a specific purpose; their prime directive. Prime meant it was their one and only directive. So hearing such a thing from her own ANGEL was boggling her mind.

“It can’t be… Jurina has two prime directives?”


To Be Continued
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hoo...2 prime directive? this made me making some conspiracy theory of what  going on
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Hey. It's been a while. XD


Chapter 5 - Lost data


After a long and hectic night, the girls decided to retire to bed. Sakura stared at the ceiling as she couldn’t forget the ordeal that just happened. On top of Nana temporarily going rogue, more mystery began to accumulate around the ANGEL Jurina.

“My prime directive is to protect you.”

“Silly. My ‘prime directive’ is to be your sister!”

She sighed, turning to the side in her bed. The sudden personality switching Jurina had been experiencing was making Sakura question which one was the real Jurina.

“Jurina… just who are you really?”

Meanwhile, Jurina was finishing up cleaning the apartment while Nana and Anna just relaxed. Nana, however, couldn’t let go of the thought of her being hacked and turned into a rogue.

“Nana, it’s okay,” Anna said. “Jurina said she made sure you didn’t hurt anyone.”

“Yeah, but… How can she be so sure?” Nana looked over at Jurina, who stretched her arms with a smile. “Jurina… she’s said some strange things to me before.”

“Like what?”

“She said… she was alive.”

Anna’s eyebrows furrowed. “Alive?”

“Yes. And she said I was too. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that.”

“Does she think she’s human?”

Nana shook her head. “I don’t think that’s the case. She’s aware that she’s an ANGEL. But, maybe she thinks of herself differently. As more than just a machine.”

“Do you think it’s because she was programmed with human memories?”


“Nana~ Annin~” Jurina walked over to the two. “I’m done cleaning, so what do you guys wanna do now?”

“Um… I don’t think there’s much else to do.”

“Hmm, I guess you’re right. Well then, I’ll just go to sleep then,” Jurina grabbed a blanket from the couch. “Where are you two going to sleep?”

“We’ll just sleep on the couch.”

“Alrighty then,” Jurina wrapped the blanket around herself. “Good night.”

She sat up against the wall, closing her eyes. Nana and Anna grabbed their own blankets and laid against the couch.

As they closed their eyes, they started to shut their systems off, until Nana heard something.


She opened one of her eyes and saw Jurina was talking in her sleep.

“Sakura… protect.. Sakura… I promise… uncle Shinjiro…”

“Eh? Shinjiro? Sakura’s uncle?”

Jurina adjusted her position, a soft sigh escaping her lips. Brushing off the sleep-talking she had just heard from her, Nana closed her eyes again as she switched into Sleep mode.


The next day...

After breakfast, the girls hurried to the train station to get to school. Once they got to their classroom, they heard excited and curious voices from the students.

“A transfer student? Is that so?”

“Yeah. I heard she used to go to a school in Sakae.”

“I wonder why she transferred here. I heard that some of the schools in Sakae were some of the best in the country.”

“A transfer student, huh?” Naanya said. “That’s interesting.”

“Yeah, I wonder what’s up with that. We rarely get transfer students during the middle of the year,” Mako said.

Soon the teacher came in, with a young girl following behind her.

“Alright, class, starting today, we have a new student.”

“Kitagawa Ryouha desu,” the girl greeted, bowing.

“Kitagawa-san has moved to Tokyo due to her father’s work. She’s still adjusting to her new surroundings, so please make her feel welcome.”


The teacher looked around for an empty seat and saw one next to Mako and guided Ryouha to sit there. She took her seat down, she smiled at Mako, who smiled back.

“Nice to meet you, Kitagawa-san.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

Class then began with homeroom, which was English class. It was Yuria’s least favorite class, since she wasn’t good at English. Ryouha, on the other hand, only concentrated on the tasks she was given and completed the with some ease.

“Kizaki-san, could you read the sentences from page 38?”

“Ah, crap…” she whispered as she stood up. “Um… Pu-pureezu… h-hando mi zaa…”

A few students snickered as Yuria tried to pronounce the words. Yuria kept trying until the teacher cleared her throat, signaling her to stop.

“That will be fine for now, Kizaki-san.”

“Hai…” Yuria sulked as she sat back down.

“Alright, Kitagawa-san. Why don’t you try?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ryouha stood up, looking at the sentences. “Please hand me the pencil.

“Oooh~” A bunch of her classmates exclaimed, impressed by her pronunciation.

Do you have a spare one?


“S-she’s good,” Yuria said, surprised. “She’s really good.”

Would you like to copy my notes?

The teacher smiled. “Very good. Well done, Kitagawa-san.”

“Thank you,” Ryouha bowed respectfully and sat back down.

“Maybe I should get her to tutor me…” Yuria thought, placing a hand on her chin.

The next class was math. The teacher put out a few equations for the students to try and solve. Haruka was called up to the board to try and solve one of them.

Haruka placed the tip of the pen on the whiteboard, trying to figure out the equation. She leaned her head against the board, a frustrated sigh leaving her.

“Kitagawa-san, why don’t you come up and help Kodama-san solve this problem?”

“Yes, sir.”

Ryouha walked up to the board, taking another pen and started writing out a method that will help her solve the equation. She wrote down the answer at what seemed like lightning speed to Haruppi.

“Woah, woah, how can she do something this complicated?!”

Even the teacher stared amazed as she completed the equation with ease. She then set down the pen and went back to her seat, Haruppi left standing shocked.

“She must be some sort of genius!”

After math and history class passed, it was time for P.E., so everyone got changed into their P.E. uniforms and headed to the gym.

“Race ya guys!” Yuria said with a giggle.

“Hold up, Yuria!”

As they were running off, Ryouha looked at her Holo-watch and turned on Nagi.

“How’s everything going so far?” Nagi asked cheerfully.

“Good, so far. Nobody suspects anything about me. Once classes are over, I’ll be heading out to investigate the scene and see if I can get any information on the case.”


“Kitagawa-san, hurry up!” Sakura said as she and Mako made their way down the hall.



While waiting for Mako, Nana decided to do some research on Sakura’s uncle, Shinjiro. She accessed the Internet and typed in Shinjiro’s name.

She found some links of some news articles related to Shinjiro and an ANGEL project. The project was under the codename “Guardian ANGELs” and had several other people listed. Scientists, mechanics, programmers, all sorts of people.

“So Sakura’s uncle was involved with this… Could Jurina have some sort of connection?”

She decided to search up Jurina’s name, but found no links relating her with the project. She tried typing in Jurina’s model number, but again, no results came up.

“Was she a secret project?” she thought.

As she looked at the screen, she thought back to what had happened last night.

“My prime directive is to be your sister!”

“Sister..?” With those words in mind, she cleared the search box and typed in “Miyawaki Jurina”.

The first thing she saw was a news template from several years ago. The article talked about a car accident involving a young Sakura and a girl identical to Jurina. Nana remembered Sakura talking about this accident, and that her sister had died while she had survived.

Nana sighed, leaning back in her chair. “This is too weird…”

It was then that she got a video call from Jurina. She answered it and was greeted by the familiar smile of the ANGEL.

“Hey~ Whatcha doing, Nana?”

“Oh, nothing. Just surfing the web.” Nana minimized the window of the article and looked at Jurina. “Hey, Jurina, can I ask you something?”


“I was wondering… Do you know anything about a project called ‘Guardian ANGELs’?”

Jurina developed a confused expression, tilting her head. “Huh?”

“I was researching it and found out Sakura’s uncle was involved with it. I was thinking maybe you knew…” Nana saw Jurina’s eyes turn blue, flickering as if she were glitching. “Jurina? Can you hear me?”

Jurina’s eyes returned to normal, staring at Nana as if she just woke from a daze.

“Uh, sorry. What did you say?”

“I was wondering if knew anything about a project called ‘Guardian ANGELs’.”

“Mm, nope. Can’t say I have.”

“Alright. Well, I guess I’ll talk to you later. I’m gonna continue my research.”

“OK~ Talk to you later,” Jurina said as she cut off the call.

Nana crossed her arms. “That was odd. She froze up when I first mentioned the Guardian ANGEL project… Maybe that was part of her missing data.”

She decided to search up what happens when an ANGEL’s memory chip is reset or has data erased from it. She found a link to a web post written by a programmer for ANGEL’s memory chips. She scrolled down and saw what he wrote about lost or erased data.

“When an ANGEL’s data is accidentally removed from their database, usually, there would be a backup installed into the memory chip that would have to be recovered by either the programmer or the ANGEL itself.”

“Backup data… So she’s trying to recover it?” She saved the site link into her mainframe. “I’ll tell Sakura about it.”


“Agh, gym tired me out…” Haruppi groaned as she sat down in the changing room with the others.

“Yuria, how can you be so athletic? Don’t you ever get tired?” Mako asked.

“Nope. It just makes me even more energized!”

“Man, I’m jealous…” Sakura groaned. “Again, my running…”

“Mou, don’t get so down about it, Sakura-tan,” Yuria said. “If you ask me, I think it’s cool you run like Evangelion.”


“Alright, Yuria,” Mako pulled her back. “That’s enough of that.”

“Hey, I know. What if you install one of those personal trainer programs into Jurina?”


“If you get that application, you could do all sorts of exercises and improve in P.E.”

“Cool! That kind of application exists?!” Mako exclaimed. “Maybe I can install it into Nana so me and Naanya can do the same.”

“Sakura-tan, I’ll email you the application so you can look at it.”


Meanwhile, Ryouha happened to overhear their conversation as she was changing back into her school uniform.

“So, those girls have ANGELs…”

“Cool! I wonder how they got their own ANGELs~” Nagi giggled. “Ryou-chan, maybe you should ask them about it yourself!”

“Maybe. Perhaps since the incidents have occurred around this area, they’ll know something.”

“Plus I bet their ANGELs are really nice!”

“Ryouha-san, were you talking to someone?” Naanya asked as she looked over to Ryouha. The girl quickly hid her watch from where Nagi was speaking.

“Oh, no! Just talking to myself.”

“Hm? But I thought I heard someone else…”

“Naanya, let’s go,” Mako called out.

“Oh! Okay~”

As the other group started to leave, Ryouha followed behind them, trying to hear the rest of their conversation.

“Seriously, why didn’t your uncle install any cool apps into Jurina?”

“He probably just didn’t have the time. Plus, he’s more into the older programs; he never really used the more advanced devices.”

“Sheesh, your uncle needs to get with the trends,” Yuria chuckled.

“Hey, it’s not that big a deal.”

“Yeah. Plus, there are people who can’t afford the newer models. Sakura’s uncle is smart, but he probably can’t use the more advanced devices because he doesn’t have the money for them.”

“No… I doubt that’s it,” Sakura then said. “Because, Jurina has 5,000,000 yen stored into her mainframe.”

“5,000,000?!” They all exclaimed, starling Ryouha.

Yuria happened to notice the girl there and smirked evilly.

“What? You eavesdropping?”

Ryouha jumped slightly. “N-no.”

She stepped closer, chuckling. “Hehe, come on, just say if you’re curious!”

“Oh, uh… well, I guess I am curious. This Jurina… is she an ANGEL?”

“Yep! Sakura’s ANGEL, actually! You should see her; she’s super cool~”

“Really?” Ryouha approached Sakura. “What’s she like?”

“Hmmm… she’s kinda like a sister to me.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah… You could say we’re close.”

“I didn’t think someone could be that close with an ANGEL. I’ve never had one, so I wouldn’t really know, though.”

“Oh, I see.”

They walked back to the classroom, with Ryouha secretly starting to type notes on her watch. Without her noticing, Yuria noticed her movements and smirked as she snuck behind her and caught a peek of the Holo-watch.

“Sup, Kizaki-chan!” Nagi suddenly said, making Ryouha jump.

“Woah, your Holo-watch can talk?!”

“Oh, that’s, uh…” Ryouha tried to explain, but then Nagi’s hologram appeared out of the phone.

“The name’s Nagi! Nice to meet cha~”

“Woah, an A.I. program!”

Everyone gathered excitedly to see Nagi. The A.I. posed like a model, smiling and waving at all the girls whilst Ryouha blushed.

“Oi! Can you all calm down?”

“Ah! Are you getting jealous, Kitagawa-san~?” Yuria asked, the others giggling.

“I-I am not!”

“Oh, Ryou-chan, you’re blushing!”

“Fuu~” Ryouha puffed her cheeks as everyone poked them playfully.



“Ya wanna go?! Oi! Bring it!” A loud delinquent spoke as she was taunting some other yankee girls, looking for a fight.

“The hell you want, kusogaki?”

The girl threw a punch, hitting the other’s cheek. The rest of the delinquents started to gang up on her.

“Yosh. Let’s do this,” the girl said as she cracked her neck.

Her opponent moved forward to hit her with a bat, but before she could, someone step in front of her and blocked it.

“Hey, what the f--?!” she couldn’t say the rest of her sentence as the bat was ripped away from her. The mystery girl tapped the bat on the ground several times, glaring at them.

“All of you… should behave yourselves better.”


“Fighting out here is stupid and pointless,” she said bluntly. “Make some use with your lives and don’t waste it baring your fists.”

“The hell was that, you..!” The girl dropped the bat, grabbing the delinquent’s wrist and dragging her away.

“Oi, Juri! What the hell?!”

“You really should stop getting into fights, Ryoka. I wouldn’t call it the best hobby.”

Ryoka clicked her tongue. “Why do you always butt in?”

“Because it’s my prime directive to keep you out of trouble.” Juri’s eyes twinkled blue for a moment.

“‘Prime directive, prime directive,’ so annoying… I know my mom gave you to me so I would stay out of trouble, but you aren’t a replacement for her!”

“And I’m not. I’m just here to make sure you stay out of trouble.”

The delinquent girl groaned, finding it needless to try and break her hand free from the ANGEL’s grip. As this was going on, the other yankee girl just clicked her tongue.

“Let’s go. This sucks…”


“Jurina, I’m home~” Sakura said as she returned to her home.

“Welcome back,” she heard the ANGEL say.

“Anything happen while I was gone?”

“Nope, not much. But I did chat with Nana, though, through Holo-chat.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” Sakura threw her bag on the couch. “What’s for dinner?”

“Hmmm… tempura!”


As Sakura sat down on the couch while Jurina went about her business, she then received a text from Nana.

“Nana texted you~” Jurina said. “Want me to read it?”

“No thanks, Jurina,” she said, getting out her phone. “I’ll read it myself.”

“Oki doki!”

Sakura opened up the text from her phone, seeing a link that Nana sent her.

“This might explain Jurina’s lost memory data.”


Sakura opened the link and saw a site explaining how ANGELs who have had data lost due to glitches or damage. She saw how they would need to recover their data manually through their memory chip or have a programmer access it.

“Maybe Sayanee can…” she wondered, calling up the woman’s number.

“Hey, Sakura. What’s up?”

“Could you come here?”

“Eh? Why?”

“I was wondering… maybe you knew a way to repair a damaged memory so Jurina would be able to recover her lost data?”

“Sorry. I already did what I could, but I know of someone who might be willing to help. Her name’s Oba. She’s a skilled programmer; she even gives college seminars about computer programming.”

“Please contact her!”

“Gotcha. You take care, alright?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she said before hanging up, smiling wide. “Jurina!”

“Eh? What, Sakura?” Jurina asked, surprised a bit as Sakura came to her.

“We might be able to recover that lost data of yours! Sayanee said she knows a programmer who might be able to find a way to re-access it!”

“Re-access… lost data..?” Jurina’s voice suddenly trailed off.

She backed up, holding onto the side of the table.

“Jurina?” Sakura grew worried as Jurina’s eyes started to flicker a bright, electric blue. She began to speak in a robotic tone.

“Nova Special Project: Guardian ANGELs. Number 002-310-J, ANGEL 01. Owner, Miyawaki Shinjiro. Prime directive, care and protection. Special feature, self-learning and self-updating mechanism.”

“Jurina? Snap out of it,” Sakura said, trying to shake her awake as she kept talking nonchalantly.

“Nova… We are Nova,” she stated before collapsing to her knees. “Ugh… m-my head…”

“Jurina, are you okay?”

Jurina looked at her sister, rubbing her temple.

“Sorry.. I don’t know what came over me. I blacked out there for a moment…”

“Jurina… what’s Nova?”

However, the ANGEL just raised a brow. “Nova?”

Sakura frowned, seeing that Jurina has forgotten again.

“Nevermind…” she said with a heavy sigh.

“Hey, don’t look so down,” the android then said, pinching Sakura’s cheeks. “Smile!”

The girl couldn’t help but chuckle at the cute movement. Jurina then moved to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. As she did, Sakura sent a text to Nana on her phone.

“Find whatever you can on Nova and project Guardian ANGELs. It might be a lead to Jurina’s origins.”

After a few seconds, she got a reply.

“Already on it.”


To Be Continued
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