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Title: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 21 (最後の日—YukiMilky)
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on June 28, 2014, 10:03:10 AM
Day 1 — SayaMilky

Theme: Table

OTP: SayaMilky

Note: This is basically a meme I'm trying to achieve as I finish. The goal is to finish (just) one drabble a day as I try to increase my vocabulary knowledge, reach a deadline, stop my procrastination, better my discipline, and increase my determination to write again. As well as other reasons.

How it works is that I'm suggested or given 21 words, 21 OTPs, 21 days. (I already have all 21 words and OTPs. Sorry!) Then, I will randomly place each OTP with each word and then write about it, regardless of what the word is or the story may be about. The connection may be broad or vague, but it will be there.

Also, whether I am finished or not with the drabble I will post it (so they will be at least 2 pages). No reasons, no excuses. I'm actually going on my third day of the meme, but I forgot to post it yesterday. LOL.

Yamamoto Sayaka used a handkerchief to wipe of the sweat on her forehead and neck. She groaned at the heat that she and the rest of Japan had to battle today. She’d already figured the heat was incredibly hard to beat today as she carried a luggage of groceries the house lacked.

She was coming home for the second time around noon after being asked by the one and only Watanabe Miyuki to pick up some groceries and dry cleaning across the street. Sayaka sighed at the laziness of the other as she entered the living room, and running into the naked figure of the one and only. She picked up a piece of clothing left vacant by Miyuki.

“Milky, what are you doing in your underwear? Oh my gosh, put something on.”

“It’s a bikini!” Miyuki corrected, “And it’s hot!” she whined, rolling around on the boarded floor, “So, so hot!”

Sayaka looked at her with criticism as she sat down on the couch. She hissed at the fact that the couch was so warm without a body warming it, “Then turn on the fan! We even have air conditioning!”

Miyuki ignored Sayaka’s reply as she crawled over to the table beside the couch, touching it and discovering the coolness of the marble coffee table. “It’s cool!” She laid on the table front faced up. She shivered in delight of the coolness of the table.

Sayaka took one look at the girl and hid her face into a pillow with a redness on her face. “Oh my gosh, Milky. I’d feel more comfortable if you wore some clothes.” Sayaka said, throwing her shirt at the naked girl.

“But doesn’t it look good on me?” Miyuki smiled at the girl, removing the clothing from her body.

Sayaka scanned her eyes on the slim body of the girl on the other side of the room. The said bikini was checkered blue and dominantly white, fitting perfectly with the body of the girl. A small blue bow was decorated in between the two breast cups. The string of the bathing suit was tied tightly behind her neck. Sayaka was slowly persuaded to look at the smooth skin of the girl as she went back to stuffing her face into the pillow, “E-enough of that. Just put something on.”

“You’re no fun,” Miyuki pouted. “Then do it for me.”

Sayaka looked up from her pillow, “You’re a grown up, do it yourself.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll be staying like this,” Miyuki said.

A silence carried out for a moment before Sayaka reluctantly sat up, “For an adult, you have the attitude of a 6 year old.”

Miyuki smiled cheekily as she sat up so Sayaka could redress her. Sayaka grabbed the pair of shorts from the center of the room and headed to the table that Miyuki sat on. Not long after, the childish 20 year old was dressed up and she gave Sayaka an unexpected kiss on the lips as she thanked the other girl. Sayaka waved it away as she sat beside Miyuki on the marble table.

“Jesus, it’s freaking hot,” Sayaka said, hoping to hide off her blush as a side effect of the heat.

“You’ll feel a lot better if you lay on the table, Sayanee,” Miyuki singsonged while looking at Sayaka suggestively.

“I don’t want to—Hey! M-milky! Oh my god, stop that!“

Her bare back was forced onto the table by Miyuki as the girl smiled widely.

“See, it’s nice and cool right?”

Sayaka looked at her, “You’re such an idiot.”

Miyuki hummed and kissed the other girl, this time, on the cheek again.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 2 (6/27)
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on June 28, 2014, 10:06:58 AM
Day 2 — NishiRena

Theme: Butterfly

OTP: NishiRena (Nakanishi Yuka x Matsui Rena)

“Come on, Rena,” Nakanishi Yuka said, pulling on her friend’s arm. “Just one night. You’ll turn out to enjoy it.”

Matsui Rena was the stereotypical young and intellectual bookworm of the century. Her specialty was sitting at home like a lazy nut, and reading until she went blind. Her hobbies were, needless to say, reading.

She lifted her glasses up to her eyes again with the free arm that her friend wasn’t tugging on. She sighed tiredly at the girl’s efforts to get her to get off her ass when she was simply content with being in one place. Tugging on her arm, Yuka finally let go of her as she went back to reading the perfectly interesting book in her hands.

“Hey,” Yuka said, pulling the book away from her. In reply, she repeated the phrase back to her. She tossed the book onto the other side of the couch as she slapped her hands to squeeze Rena’s cheeks together and looked into her eyes. “You need some kind of adventure in your life. Sitting here isn’t going to help that.”

Rena whacked the hands away, “I get a lot adventure. One book is like three journeys in one. Besides, I’m not a social butterfly like you.” She crawled over to receive the book until the other girl stopped her by lifting her off the couch and slinging her across her shoulder. “Nishishi, the lord better be on your side tonight or you are going to die if you don’t put me down right now!”

Yuka chuckled and spanked Rena’s butt. Rena squealed, “Luckily, he is if you’re not doing anything.”


Yuka carried Rena to her roommate’s room as she threw her onto the bed, “Sit, you idiot bookworm.”

“For your information, I have a higher IQ than you do.”

Yuka nodded absently as she rummaged through Rena’s wardrobe and threw some cropped shorts and a white tanktop, “What are you doing, Nishi—“

“I’m about to give you a life to live,” Yuka said, throwing one of her own leather jackets at Rena. Rena looked at her sarcastically before looking at the clothing selection that she was given.


“Do it, or I’ll carry you to the club in your PJs.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would, you know me,” Yuka countered before Rena crumbled. She grumbled at the foul play that Yuka was pulling on her as she pushed her out and demanded that she have her privacy as she changed. Being the respectful person she was, she strolled out of the room as her friend changed out of her pajamas.

As Rena exited her room, she looked at Yuka irritatingly before she was dragged out of the apartment and brought to the car.

“Don’t worry,” Yuka said, looking over to her while she patted Rena’s shoulder. “It’ll be fine. I’ll be there, Airin will be there, and so will Jurina and Churi. Along with other people, of course.”

Rena looked at her skeptically.

“I’m a social butterfly, Rena. You said it yourself,” Yuka smirked. “The club is like my natural habitat. Everything will be fine if you’re with me.”

Another sigh escaped her mouth.

As they approached the building of bright lights, loud music, and scandalous dancing, Rena felt unfortunately uncomfortable about the choice she made, allowing Yuka to drag her where she wanted her to be. Her stomach felt weird and she was nervous at the people there. The place smelled like sweaty people and alcohol as she and Yuka entered with ease and slid into a booth where Yuka’s friends were. (She didn’t particularly find Akane, Airi, and Jurina her friends per se, but they certainly passed as “comfortable acquaintances.”)

She watched other girl converse easily with the other girls at the table, calling each other on a first name basis. She sat there wishing she’d snuck a book up her jacket as she boringly tapped her finger to the music playing. Today, she figured it was the first time it hit her that she admired Yuka for her socializing skills. Her smiles were natural and authentic as she talked to others.

She playfully shoved her shoulder into Yuka, who played the game right back and shoved her back. The both of them smiled.

“C’mon, Nishishi. Let’s dance!”

Yuka nodded and looked at Rena in an asking glance whether she wanted to follow her on the dance floor. Rena shook her head and shooed the girl away from her to follow her friends.

She muttered softly, “A social butterfly in its natural habitat, indeed.”
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 3 (6/28)
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Day 3 – ParuMilky

Theme: Heartbroken

OTP: ParuMilky

Note: SUPER OOC OMG. I don’t like this one—the cheese and OOCness hurts my teeth. akejrlskrejmdskjfshd I’msosorry.

Also, would you guys like me to type the OTP down in the subject when I update?

‘Just because she’s a little heartbroken…’

Miyuki stomped her way up the stairs, not even caring whether she bumped into a person. She seemed to be leaking off a mixed aura of frustration and anger as her hands gripped tightly onto the object in her hand. She felt the tag of it touching her hand lightly each time it went back and forth. It was a key and the only key besides the owner to open the door of her destination. Her sped her way down the last room of the dorm before trying to breath calmly.

‘In through the nose, out through the mouth.’

“Paru,” Miyuki knocked on the door loudly. There was no reply from the other girl. She clicked her tongue at the lack of response, “Paru, I’m coming in.”

Miyuki unlocked the door with a key she received from the dorm room leader who figured that because she was closest to Haruka, she would be able to get through to her actions and was fully trusted with Haruka’s dorm key. She closed the door behind her while she walked towards the said girl.

She kicked Haruka’s bed as hard as she could and waited for the motionless girl in the bed to move from her position, “You’re not asleep. You can’t pull an act on me. Get up, Haruka.”

A silence followed between the two before Miyuki grabbed the blanket over the other girl who pull it off, “Just go away, Milky. I’m not in the mood to talk to you.”

“Like hell I will,” Miyuki muttered before pulling off the blanket. “Get up!”

Haruka sat up from her bed and glared at her, “Shut up and go away, Miyuki! This is my room to begin with. How did you even get in!”

“The dorm leader gave it to me so I can get you out of bed to go and actually eat something!” Miyuki yelled at her. She grabbed empty bags of snacks that she assumed Haruka ate to keep herself somewhat full. “This isn’t food, Haruka.” She sighed at empty contents of the bag, “You said you wanted diet. There goes your hard work.”

“I don’t care, Miyuki. Please, just go away,” Haruka said, pulling the blanket back onto her bed. She wasn’t in the mood to see the girl who gave her heartache as she began to forcefully usher the other girl out of her room. Miyuki didn’t leave without a fight of course. Finally, Haruka was able to get her out as she shut the door and leaned onto it.

“I don’t want to deal with you and pretend anymore,” she whispered as her sight began to blur. Quickly, she wiped the tears away. She hated crying.

“You can’t keep doing this, Haruka! Please!” Miyuki began to sound quieter with each word that came out of her mouth. The change didn’t escape Haruka’s ears while the sounds of small sniffling came through the door, “Just because someone hurt your heart…”

Haruka reluctantly opened the door to Miyuki looking at the ground and hiding her face into her hands. Her shoulders followed with her breathing pattern. She was crying. Haruka knew that crying was rare on both parts of this relationship because they’ve steeled themselves from feeing hurt for a long time. Her heart ached just a bit as she watched the girl cry into her hands. A quiet voice escaped her mouth, as she spoke, “You can’t keep treating yourself this way. I hate it when you do.”

“It isn’t fair,” Miyuki sobbed. “You shouldn’t get to be all teary-eyed about it if you’re hurting someone else’s heart.”

 “If you just smile at yourself at the beginning of a new day, you’d feel better,” she continued. “And I love you so much but you can’t see that.”

Haruka tried to pretend that she was fine as she pulled Miyuki into the room with a hug. She apologized quietly.

In the same quiet voice, she announced, “I love you.”
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 4 (6/29)
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Writing Meme – FuruYanagi

Theme: Forget

OTP: FuruYanagi

Note: I didn’t exactly finish this one. OTL

Takayanagi Akane laid down on the sofa presented to her as another girl followed her into the room with a clipboard and wearing a semi-formal attire. Respectively, the other girl had a pair of glasses on with white collared shirt and a pair of dress pants made for women. With a pen on the other hand, she pulled a chair over to the sofa.

“You finally came to a session after a month,” she said.

“Yes, Doctor Furukawa, but these things are hopeless,” Akane said. “I have amnesia, not a stress disorder. It’s not going to help me regain any of my memories from before. And I meet you outside of your office sometimes anyway.”

“Jeez, Akane. No matter where we are, I told you to call me Airi, didn’t I?”

“…Sorry, I forget.”

The doctor smiled at Akane, “But did you know stress can cause amnesia in an extreme?” At that, Akane was quieted. “Anyway, if there’s nothing you can remember, you can treat this time and I like a diary. Except, I can talk. Feel free to tell me anything that’s on your mind.”

“There’s really nothing to say,” Akane let her eyes wander on the plain white ceiling as she thought of anything to say. She sat up suddenly as her eyes seemed to sparkle, “Oh! But, Airi-san, I got a new pet just last week!”

Furukawa Airi nodded, listening to the girl thoughtfully. She was leaned toward the girl as Akane scooted over closer to the girl. Akane had a wide smile plastered on her face as her mouth ran off about her the happiness in her life that has happened to her so far despite the amnesia she acquired months before. Airi remembered that night precisely, but whatever happened didn’t matter to her as long as Akane’s memories were locked in a hidden chest in her brain.

“So the other day I let Papi-chan – you remember Papi-chan, right? – out of her cage with the others and she almost flew into the wind chimes I hanged in my room! Isn’t that bad? It’s so dangerous!”

“That certainly is dangerous,” Airi said fondly at Akane’s rambling.

“I almost had a heart attack when I saw it happen, but Papi-chan is okay! I checked her and everything! Not a single scratch! I’m personally proud of my being a specialist on birds,” Akane said with pride.

“You have a reason to. It’s a wonder why you haven’t tried to study in ornithology,” Airi said. “Why don’t you try, Akane?”

Akane nodded in understanding, “What’s ornithology?”

“You’re a bird lover. One would expect you to know that ornithology means the study of birds.”

Making an ‘o’ with her mouth, she replied, “You know, I really should!” She smiled at the thought. Her: studying in a field of birds. Studying them and studying with them about her findings. She really liked that.

Before she realized it, the hour and a half was just about to end as the 5 minute, and then soon, the 1-minute alarm rang on the table on the side of Airi’s chair. Airi and Akane stood up simultaneously while Airi tucked her chair into the place where it originated from before Airi moved it in the first place.

Airi looked at Akane shortly before bringing the slightly shorter girl close to her and grabbed her in a neck hold.

“What the heck, Airi!”

“You better come around to my office more, or there’s more where that came from,” Airi said, beginning to ruffle up the girl’s hair. The other girl fought Airi’s antics before she stopped and let her go. “C’mon, Churi. Time’s up,” she said as she helped Akane over to the door and fixed her hair.

Akane looked at Airi curiously as the nickname hit a bell in her head. She was still slightly clueless about why as her mind hurt just a bit, but she brushed it off as the effects of Airi messing up and nuggie-ing her.
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Writing Meme – KumiRena

Theme: Want/Desire

OTP: KumiRena

NOTE: I'm going to begin putting the OTP in the subject now since I didn't get a reply. And this was almost 3 pages long~

For the first time in Yagami Kumi’s life, it didn’t hit her that her life could be ending in any passing second of her life until now. One hand in the page she had on her right side, she gripped the paper in her hand and pulled it out to look at the once straightened paper. Her eyes skimmed on the inked letters again.

Although it was already processed into her mind, her heart had yet to face the reality of it. A painful cough came out of her mouth. She leaned against the wall for a small break.

Maybe it was a good thing that her heart wasn’t accepting the fact right now. At least she could pretend to lead a plain normal life for the time being. This wasn’t a thorn on her back at all. And whatever happened would happen. If she died, she would die. It wasn’t like she had the money to do anything about it.

Quickly she crumpled the paper into a ball and stuffed it back into her bag. Upon entering, she was met with her co-worker, best friend, and co-owner of the café who was struggling to pull the shirt down to fit her head.

Kumi looked at her oddly before asking, “Um… Rena… do you need help?”

“Yes, please!”

Kumi unzipped the first few centimeters of the upper uniform at the back so it would be easier. Then easily, she pulled the shirt down to fit with Rena’s body and zipped it back up, “There you go!”

Rena thanked Kumi and hugged her. She pulled her pants to fit a belt onto her hips, “Should I be Ren today or Rena?”

“Whatever you want, but you’re already kind of dressed as Ren,” Kumi said. “I don’t feel like dressing up today so I’m going to be myself.”

“Yeah, it’d be pretty bothersome to change into the other after you helped me with this one,” Rena said, deciding quickly and pulled a dark-haired wig from one of the other smaller lockers with her name on it. She tied her hair up and put on a wig cap before fitting the black wig onto her head and fixed the hair strands to try a more natural look, “So how was class today? Did it suck?”

Kumi nodded before realizing that Rena wasn’t exactly looking at her. She then answered her vocally. She coughed again, sounding a bit better but feeling a bit worse on her part. She hammered lightly at her chest to relieve it, which harbored a look from Rena.

Rena walked to Kumi and placed a hand on her shoulder, “Hey, you okay, Kuumin?”

“Girls would die to hear you say that to them with that look,” Kumi chuckled, putting on the last of her outfit which turned out to be a maid outfit. “But yes, I’m okay. I stayed up all night last night to finish a paper and didn’t feel well this morning when I woke up.”

The older girl raised an eyebrow, “You should’ve called. I would’ve let you let stay home today.”

“I don’t want privilege,” Kumi said, patting the other girl’s arm and sitting down at the makeup area to fix her hair.

Rena shrugged and headed for the door before Kumi called out to her.

“Hey Rena?” Kumi said while she turned to the door where Rena was about to exit from. Her eyes spoke of pure curiosity and a tiny spark of hope. “Say the world ended was ending soon, and you along with it. What would you do?”

“I’d probably take a day off from work to finish my ever-so-long bucket list,” Rena said. “Whatever I liked, really.”

“What if you just died? What would you want us to do? Then me, what would you do?”

“When the time comes, I guess we’ll figure it out,” Rena said, but she squinted at the last question. “Why are you asking these questions? Is there something wrong?”

Kumi smiled and shook her head, “No, it’s just for a statistic I’m doing for psychology.”

Just as Rena finally left, Kumi left out another horrible cough that nearly ripped out of her chest.

Many days later, Kumi wasn’t aware with what happened. She woke up, but she couldn’t hear anything. Her eyes met with brightness and she squinted at it.

It hurt, she realized. Her eyes watered, it really fucking hurt.

Her chest was in pain and her eyes were struggling to meet with the brightness that was poisoning her eyes. Her throat was unpleasantly dry and it almost hurt to move. Soon, sounds of soft beeping crept up onto her.

‘Ah… is this the hospital?’

Starting with her feet, she moved her toes, checking with her eyes closed as she counted. Then as she moved her fingers, she felt the warmth of a hand on her left.

“Kumi,” said the owner of the hand. “You’re so stupid. How could you not tell anyone you were sick?”

Finally, her eyes were adapting to the brightness but she didn’t dare look at the person on her left. Her tears were beginning to flow out of the sockets of her eyes. Despite her raspy and pain invoking throat, she replied, “I’m sorry, Rena.”

She knew Rena was crying, or has been crying. The broken voice of the other told her everything. Rena began to load off about how everyone felt when they heard about her collapsing in school, how stupid she was for not saying anything, how hurt she felt for not being told, how much panic had risen in the others when it happened and so on.

Kumi felt every emotion in the words that Rena spoke: pain, hurt, and sorrow from her state, and happiness from the fact that she was awake and alive. Kumi really wanted to cover eyes as she cried but figured the needle on her right would hurt if she moved.

“I’m sorry,” Kumi said in a quiet voice. “I’m so so sorry.”

With this, it occurred to her that she wanted to live. She wanted to live more than what she didn’t sign for. She cursed the gods, but knew that this must have been to atone for her past life’s sins.

Still… she really wanted to continue to live.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 5 (KumiRena) [6/30]
Post by: Kiri-el on July 01, 2014, 09:42:18 AM
I'm just now find your fics and reading them all and I really like them! Especially these pairing like NishiRena and KumiRena. This two fic my favourites here.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 6 (MomoNyan) [7/1]
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on July 02, 2014, 09:05:05 AM
Writing Meme – MomoNyan

Theme: Light

OTP: MomoNyan (Kinoshita Momoka x Fujie Reina)

NOTE: Based on the quote: “A smile is the light … that tells others that there is a caring person inside.”

Also, thank you Kiri-el for your compliment. Both of those are two of my favorites as well~

Fujie Reina was a lonely girl ever since she left Tokyo for her parent’s promotion job. Inside, she hated the feeling of leaving her friends behind when she first saw them crying. Now her home resided in the prefecture called Osaka. Her parents were now working day and night shifts, her mother working in the day and her dad in the night.

But since moving, and especially a few months before school started, she had nothing to do, no one to hang out with, and no money to do anything about it. Her allowance wasn’t until the next month over and she had only a small amount of it left.

The air conditioning wasn’t installed yet to the entire house and the wifi connection that she was supposedly guaranteed was delayed until school started and it, as expected, promised her the hottest and most boring summer of the year.

She supposed that the only thing she could do left was look out the window and try to find something to do with it.

She watched as children from the neighborhood ran up and down the street, playing freeze tag and other games that only required their hands and thinking. She smiled at them. She remembered when she was a child playing like so, and she missed it.

Suddenly a girl with bright – and most unique – reddish-pink colored hair walked into her peripheral, catching her attention for the longest time until she disappeared into the next house next to hers.

‘Strange…’ Reina thought when the curtain from the window across from hers’ split apart and the window was opened. Curiosity began to become apparent on her face until the red-haired girl appeared again, ‘So she has a room across from mine…’

Again, she was staring at the other girl who didn’t seem to notice her yet as she hung her head outside and fanning the outside air into her room.

“God damn it, why is it so hot today!” the girl screamed.

Reina smiled, “Hey!”


“I said, hey!”

Ignored again.

“Lobster!” she yelled at her, a bit annoyed.

“It’s Momoka, you brat!”

‘Funny,’ Reina thought and laughed while the other girl muttered words of irritation from the heat, and now from her as well.

Her summer mostly passed along like this. Before long, school was starting again with no one on her side. Her outfit was an unusual mix of grey with red. She looked at the uniform in distaste before commenting on the school’s fashion. Soon, she was following the back of the redheaded girl.

“Don’t follow me,” the other said as Reina approached Momoka. “It’s too hot for this.”

Reina shook her head disagreeing with her, “Take a photo with me.”

Momoka didn’t even look at the other girl as far as the entire day passed. Somehow Reina was content with how Momoka was with her, but the distaste of the other discouraged her from making any of the possibility of friendship possible.

Nighttime was the most peaceful for the both of them, despite Reina continuously trying to annoy Momoka. Reina sat on her windowsill, staring at the other’s open window, but empty room. When Momoka entered again, Reina smiled and hollered out for the other girl.

Momoka peaked her head out again, hair wrapped in a towel.

Reina almost laughed at the sight as Momoka looked at her oddly, but smiled for the first time to her.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 7 (ParuRicchan) [7/2]
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Writing Meme – ParuRicchan

Theme: Lips

OTP: ParuRicchan (Shimazaki Haruka x Kawaei Rina)

“Paaruruuu!” Kawaei Rina clamored.

Shimazaki Haruka woke up suddenly at the call of her high school nickname. She reluctantly got up at the continuous call of her name, opening the balcony door with a loud slam and looked downwards at her front door.

There she was, her best friend (unfortunately), calling her name at whatever-o’-clock in the morning. Her voice was loud and sounded completely glazed to Haruka’s annoyance. The girl was at her doorstep after Yui had dropped her off (like she always has) from wherever the hell she came from in the late hours, completely piss drunk. “Open the dooooooor!”

Haruka growled at the sight. She hated being woken up for something like this, “You have your own set of keys, you idiot!”

“All ten keys don’t fit!” Rina said with hiccups in between.

She groaned and reminded Rina she only had six. Again the girl slurred aloud, “Shut up, you’ll wake the neighbors!”

Already, she felt a headache rouse upon her head before she even advanced to her front door. She opened the door to the drunk girl who seemed to fall right through the door.

Haruka grabbed onto the girl before she dropped onto the floor with a harsh thump. She sighed heavily at the baby-ish sight of the other girl giggling for no apparent reason.

“Paruru, you look a bit different today,” she said. “Did you cut your hair?”

Haruka frowned at the girl and shook her head.

“Paruru, do you have a sister staying over today?”

Haruka didn’t try to answer as she shut the door closed and heaved the girl up with her arm over her shoulder. Difficultly, she struggled up the stairs to Rina’s room. As quickly as she could, Haruka threw Rina onto her bed roughly and placed a blanket over her.

“Sit there while I get you a glass of water,” Haruka said, then muttering curses at Yui for bringing home Rina the way she was.

“Thank you,” Rina laughed again in a singsong-like voice. She continuously echoed the words as Haruka came back with a glass of water for the girl to drink before she forced her to sleep peacefully on the bed, “For all your hard work, I give you a chuu tomorrow! On the lips!”

“Hm,” Haruka huffed. “Just go to sleep, okay?”

Rina nodded.

The next morning, Rina seemed to suffer little of the effects of a hangover to both Haruka’s and her own satisfactory. Rina seemed to be blushing a deep red as she got out of bed and approached the kitchen where Haruka was preparing her breakfast before heading off to work.

“Are you fine now?” Haruka monotonously said.

Rina hid her eyes under her hand, “Yes, just fine…”

Haruka looked at the girl judgingly, “Stop drinking at night. It annoys me having to wake up to your screaming.”

“Sorry,” Rina said. She stood up almost suddenly as she walked over to Haruka’s side and kissed on the corner of her lips. Haruka struggled a sentence as she pushed the other girl away slightly. Rina spoke quickly, “S-someonetoldmethatifIdidwhatIsaydrunkI’dbeembarrassedandwon’tdoitagain!”

Haruka sighed at the other girl, “Stop believing in whatever people tell you, idiot Rina.”
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Writing Meme – AkiMocchi

Theme: Sound

OTP: AkiMocchi

NOTE: “The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.”

The quality of this fic is so bad. I’m so sorry.

The walls shook with anger, the nervous sounds of sobbing children and friends, and the praying of mothers and family as Takajo Aki sat in silence with a gun close to her side. Clad in a green army suit, she was stationed to wait and help a group of people evacuate as she waited next to the door. Just moments before, she radioed for help, as a row of enemy troops got too close to the evacuation lines.

Since the beginning of June, neighboring countries spoke of war. Back and forth, the government along with those with the United Nations tried their best to settle flaws.

Today proved to be yet another failed attempt of mediation since North Korea broke through the wall that cut through country and invaded South Korea without hesitation.

Another loud boom exploded into her ears, noting the sounds of pained men afterward. The sounds were getting terribly closer.

Opened suddenly, the door hit the wall with a large slam. Aki stood just as fast, facing the gun to the intruder and just as close, almost shot before she saw the colors of the outfit. There revealed drafted friends as they called for an evacuation, calling for reunions afterward. Children and family rushed out and headed to an underground bunker, which lead down towards the country.

“Mocchi!” Aki said, patting her on the shoulder before asking her how it was for them and friends outside against the enemy.

Kuramochi Asuka shook her head, “Yukirin’s been fighting in the front lines since. No report.”

Aki swallowed hard. The sound of a cannon going off and a cannonball crashing through a nearby building forced herself out of shock as Asuka spoke first, “Come on, we need to go.”

As quickly as they could, Asuka led Aki out of the building. Turning left and right, and sometimes even backwards, Aki was led towards the same underground hatch used to evacuate her group of citizens.

Asuka pushed her into the tunnel, “Go.”

“But your team is here with us,” Aki said. “You’re disobeying orders!”

Without a word uttered by Asuka, she kissed Aki on the lips and smiled, “I’ll live, and I’ll come back to you and your cute ears.”

Aki couldn’t get a word through to Asuka as she shut the entrance of the hatch closed. The suddenly the sound of loud booming erupted and a hard object seemed to land nearby form above. Just as fresh as the kiss was horror creeped upon her skin.

Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 9 (AiriMizuho) [7/4]
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Writing Meme – AiriMizuho

Theme: Hair

OTP: AiriMizuho (Furukawa Airi x Yamada Mizuho)

Yamada Mizuho entered the beauty salon vigorously. Her beanie was messily capped onto her head and her sunglasses shielded her eyes perfectly from the sun. To be quite honest, she looked like someone without fashion sense, which was someone she usually was not. Her nose seemed to sound blocked with snot, catching the attention of the current keeper of the empty salon.

Feeling some concern bubble up from inside, Furukawa Airi leaned forward on her chair and stood up, bringing the younger girl into the room. The before she got a meter close to the girl, she could already realize the other girl was crying. Sure, there had been countless times where she saw the other girl cry, but not as heavy as now as Mizuho broke out into quiet sobs into her worn out shirt.

Quickly, Airi helped Mizuho onto a nearby sofa. She examined Mizuho’s current state as she decided to lock up and close up the shop. Turning back, she came close to the younger girl.

Airi put a hand the other girl’s back. She sat beside her as she leaned Mizuho closer to her shoulder. Quickly, she made the sounds of “shh”-ing to calm her down, feeling the unsteady, but strong emotions of the other girl. She whispered to her that she was fine now as long as she was here.

Believing that the girl was fine, Airi boldly asked, “What’s wrong, Mizuho? What happened?”

Mizuho didn’t say a word while she pulled her beanie off. What was revealed was a buddle of messy and disproportionate hair. Just yesterday, Mizuho entered the shop with her hair normal and long, and most importantly, happy. Now she looked miserable with her hair short and disheveled.

Airi looked at her hair closely, touching the hair that was obviously cut without skill and heartlessly, “What happened to it?”

“They did it again,” she cried, referring to specific group of people. Airi knew extremely well who they were as they tried to enter the salon the year before, chasing after Mizuho.

“The bullies,” she confirmed.

Airi was dumbfounded at what she saw and heard. She nearly cried with the girl, looking at the girl’s hair. To Mizuho, her hair was—since she cut her hair—her pride and now, it was torn to pieces.

“You have to do something about them, Mizuho,” Airi said, hugging her closer.

Mizuho shook her head, reminding Airi that she didn’t really have anyone else to turn to but her.

Making a quick decision, she instructed the girl up to her confusion and led her to a seat in front of the mirror. Pulling her beautician utensils, Mizuho uttered some of her confusion, “What are you doing, Airi-san?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Airi said. She pulled her head closer to kiss her forehead, “I’m so sorry that this happened, but I’m going to fix it for you.”

Mizuho couldn’t say anything as Airi placed a cloth over her to keep the hair from sticking to her clothes. Airi instructed her hands expertly, cutting the girl’s hair with profession while simultaneously sketching a new hairstyle in her own mind.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 10 (NishiAiri) [7/6]
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Writing Meme – NishiAiri

Theme: Pain

OTP: NishiAiri

NOTE: Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was try to get over something that made me really upset and ended up not writing anything because of it.

The sounds of keys being pressed, followed by the sounds of music, slipped through the doors to the silent hallways. Slow but strong, hands played across a piano. Nakanishi Yuka stood in the hallways just outside of the music room. Not even for a moment did she dare open the slightest crack to watch the girl beyond the doors.

Yuka knew the song perfectly by ear just as much as the one who played it. She especially remembered the joke between the two of them when she told the girl that if she were to play that song, she would come to the rescue. Silent and bitter feelings emerged from her, her face making an unfamiliar face. The song played for minutes while Yuka made a decision of whether to enter or not. The exhaustion was obvious as the song began to slow and play sloppily on the piano.

Without a doubt, this was the hardest decision she’d ever made when the song suddenly stopped. She swallowed. The rhythmic ticking of the metronome played loud and clear, unmasked behind the music that was playing just seconds before. She reached out to the doorknob, indecisiveness clawing at her.

The doorknob made a sound, signaling the room’s occupant’s leave. Another jar of doubt poured into her as she walked around a corner while the door opened quietly and smoothly.

“You’re a stupid liar,” the girl whispered quietly, but it registered as louder than it did into Yuka’s ear. Yuka could hear the shoes clack away.

“Airin!” Yuka said as regret began to tear at her for showing herself. “I’m sorry. I’m here.”

As quietly as that, Furukawa Airi turned back to look at the other girl. A second later, Airi was in front of Yuka and she pushed her.

“Apologize,” Airi said.

Yuka was unsure of how to answer her back.

“Go apologize to Rena!” Airi said with ferocity. “If you weren’t such a social butterfly and a flirt to everyone, you wouldn’t be in this situation! I wouldn’t be in this situation! Everything that you’ve done has impacted everyone.”

Yuka shook her head, “I can’t.”


“Because that’s not the type of person I am!” Yuka said. “We’ve been friends since the last decade. You know me as much as I know you, Airin. That’s not me.”

Airi gripped her collar and didn’t know how to reply back to her, but she seemed just a bit hesitant as she began to speak, “I don’t care.”

Yuka looked at Airi a bit hurt, “I can’t confess my feelings to someone I don’t have romantic feelings for. That’s not the type of person I can be!”

In her heart was under a whirlwind of feelings. She said her next words with pain, hurt, and just a bit of anger, “I can’t do it when I love the person in front of me more.”
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 11 (NanaMiki) [7/9]
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Writing Meme – NanaMiki

Theme: Flower

OTP: NanaMiki (Okada Nana x Nishino Miki)

NOTE: Few days ago, I was feeling really upset about myself and was slipping a bit into depression so I didn't write anything for about a day or two. Although, last night I planned to but I knocked out right through from 10:20pm to 3am for being so sleepy and tired after dance practice... I've also taken up trying to tutor my friend in the Japanese language the best I can so I'm slowly getting busier at the worst time. I swear I'll make up for it. I have about 3 days to make up, but I'll do it.


“Miki!” Okada Nana called out to her friend. For about half a week, her friend has been MIA from everyone’s lives with no such contact via email or Facebook. Arriving at the front door, she rang the doorbell and listened to the bell chime throughout the house. “Hey, Miki!”

The window beside the door opened to check the visitor, revealing the expected girl’s face. As quick as a storm, the door opened, “Hi, Nana!” She was in her pajamas as her hair was in her usual small twin tail.

“You’re an idiot. You went and made some people worried for not being on any sort of social media for the past few days. What the hell happened?”

“Sorry,” Nishino Miki said, welcoming Nana in, “My mom grounded me from my laptop and phone, but Grandpa’s been trying to find things to keep me entertained.”

Nana raised her eyebrows, wondering what exactly Miki did to get herself into trouble this time, “How?”

Upon entering Miki’s room, Miki sat onto a chair placed beside the window with a vase of an iris flower propped in her room, “He’s been teaching me about flowers.”

Nana hummed and scanned through the book selection of her friend’s shelf. Pulling one that captured her interest out, she flipped through it and scanned the contents of whatever the book was about. Shortly after, she placed the book back and glanced at her friend before continuing the book wandering, “Just because you sit there and look at them like that, it’s not like it’s going to grow.”

Miki turned to her with an innocent glare with a simple pout, “It’s scientifically proven that plants like flowers grow faster when watched, so I’m going to watch it!”

Okada Nana pulled another book from the shelf and sat down before looking at Nishino Miki skeptically, “No, it’s not! Where did you hear that from?”

“Grandpa,” Miki said in a guilty voice that she usually used when caught.

Her eyes squinting in suspicion, Nana spoke, “Mako is such an impulsive liar. You probably heard about this from her, didn’t you. She’s just teasing you, you know?”

“No, I didn’t! Grandpa really did tell me that, so it’s true!”

“Just because Grandpa told you that, it doesn’t mean it’s true,” Nana said, and then pulled her phone out of her pocket. “I can even search it up for you.”

“I don’t care. I believe in Grandpa,” Miki turned back to her barely budding flower.

A moment passed by as Nana searched up for any results of such blasphemy being true, and then voiced the results out to Miki who ignored it. Nana scratched part of her head and stood up, placing the book on the bed, “I’m going to get some ice cream in your fridge.”

She was ignored again, annoying Nana a bit more than she was used to.

“By the way, they’re supposed to grow faster when you talk to them,” Nana knocked on the door whilst leaving the room.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 12 (RicchanAnnin) [7/11]
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Writing Meme – RicchanAnnin

Theme: Tiger

OTP: BakAnnin (Kawaei Rina x Iriyama Anna)

NOTE: I’ve gone from strict to super my-pace on myself lol. I posted it early because I need to take a shower. I fell off my bike yesterday and skid on my knee for about half a foot, so my parents need to check on my leg again to see how its healing progress is. I'll try to finish and post another drabble tomorrow morning. ('' o wo)/

Kawaei Rina hobbled into her room. Her left leg was wrapped tight in an ankle brace to keep it from moving, and crutches let themselves feel at home under her arms. Already, she noticed its bareness, as her roommate seemed not yet back from dinner. She threw a paper bag onto the bed.

She flopped onto the bed, bouncing along with it. Her finger followed the pattern of the bed sheets while watching the clock’s second hand move. The sounds were loud in her ears and the hand’s movement was stiff. She closed her eyes murmuring as she drifted into a sleep.

‘… 13… 14… 15…’

Silence reigned until Iriyama Anna entered into the room. With her hair wet and covered with a towel, it was easy to predict where she came from as she re-equipped her shampoo bottles onto the drawer where it belonged. She dropped her dirty clothes into a hamper while preparing the school uniform for the next day.

“Crap!” She said as she stubbed her toe while walking towards her desk. She hissed at her missing coordination and nursed her pinky toe. As she turned towards one side to sit on her bed, anyone could see a patch evidently covered her right eye, masking her righter most vision, “God, this eye patch is so annoying.”

Finally, she noticed Rina’s awkward sleeping figure on the other bed. She went to shake the girl quietly, trying her best to harbor the girl awake to take a shower, but she questioned whether she could even take a shower with her ankle in a brace. She took notice of the paper bag and opened it curiously. In it appeared to be a stuffed animal lion in it with a tag addressing to her, “Get well.” She smiled to herself and whispered at how trivial the girl was.

As quick as sudden, Rina shot up from her bed. Immediately, she grabbed onto her leg, “Ah, damn!”

“Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself again,” Anna said, dropping the bag.

“I can’t help it, you surprised me…” Rina grumbled.

“Can you even take a shower like that?” Anna asked, going back to her own bed to sit on while the both of them talked.

Rina nodded, bouncing her uninjured leg, “Probably. I forgot to ask the doctor.”

Anna gave her friend a remark. She headed to her own desk and pulled out two small packets of homework assignments and gave one of them to Rina, who reluctantly but thankfully took it into her hands. She didn’t notice it when Anna took the paper bag beside her, “It was stupid of you.”

 “It was an honest accident,” Rina argued, looking at the assignments.

“An honestly stupid accident, since you made even Renacchi worried of you too.”

Rina didn’t say anything, understanding what Anna was saying and trying to tell her. It wasn’t typical of Rena to be a worrywart.

“I got this for you, but I guess it could be just repaying you,” Anna threw  a stuffed animal at her friend before lifting Rina’s gift to her and smiled.

Rina caught it in her arms in surprise, thrown off-guard at the fact that Anna already knew about her present. She looked at the stuffed animal, “Isn’t this a lion?”

“No, you idiot. It’s a tiger cub. They’re small and adorable, and they’re social, just like you,” Anna said, “Get better, okay?”

“Yeah, I will,” Rina smiled at the present.
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Writing Meme – MutsuMai from Sailor Zombie

Theme: Amuse

OTP: MutsuMai (Mutsumi x Maiko from Sailor Zombie)

NOTE: Since I’m sure no one checks my blog, the reason why I didn’t update yesterday morning and last night was because my knee was beginning to ache, sting, and hurt a lot more than it did on the first few days I had it and I couldn’t write and concentrate because of it. (It still hurts now. I reckon I should get it checked but my mom believes it’ll get better with pills and disinfectant.)

“Have you gotten used to it yet?” Oyamada Mutsumi (Takahashi Juri) asked as she picked up a piece of broken wood on the side and tapping it against the trees that she passed by. Her green jacket was worn out with dirty patches of washed out mud and dirt and likewise her skirt was torn shorter for her convenience. On her back was a light backpack of supplies. It was a few weeks since their departure from the beach and the whole reunion with Momoka.

“What do you mean?” Inui Maiko (Owada Nana) replied at the question. In her arms was an army of tree branches waiting to be burned. Her hair had grown longer and was tied tidily in a ponytail. Just as much as Mutsumi’s, her school uniform was a mess.

“You know,” Mutsumi said, throwing the stick in the air and then catching it, “The world’s apocalypse, running into zombies, all of the shit bombs the apocalypse has dropped on us.”

Maiko gave a positive hum in reply and juggled another piece onto the pile in her arms.

“Good,” Mutsumi said as a zombie stalked over to their approximate position. She leaned onto a tree and slid down, “Then you can fight that upcoming zombie for me.”

Maiko looked at her open-mouthed and said in accusing voice, “You’re kidding me, Mutsumi! My arms are full!”

“I don’t want to sweat,” she sighed while she itched the top of her head and muttered to herself about a shower, “I’m tired.”

“Mutsumi!” Maiko said and nudged Mutsumi’s leg so she could get up. “This is a lot of firewood to pick up afterward, so you have to be the one to eliminate the zombie.”

Mutsumi pulled her hood up onto her head, and smiled at Maiko. Both could see the zombie slowly creep up closer to them as more began to stalk right behind it.

Frustrated, Maiko dropped the stack to the ground. Quickly, she grabbed two branches, and slapped one across the front zombie’s face. As it fell, she stabbed the other branch into the zombie’s mouth and grimaced as its blood drew out. She kicked a nearby one to the ground and repeated her slapping and stabbing actions with the rest of the zombies.

She looked at the bloodied branches and threw them to the ground, rending them useless for a fire. Turning around, she began a short lecture to Mutsumi before another zombie grabbed onto her ankle, pulling her downwards with a scream emitted from her mouth.

“Get off! Get off, get off!” she screamed. “Mutsumi!”

A shot exploded, impacting the zombie’s shoulder in an effort of stopping its attack on Maiko. Mutsumi grabbed Maiko away from it and aimed at its head, ending its undead life.

“Sorry,” Mutsumi said, hugging the girl. “I didn’t think it would still be alive when you finished killing all of them.”

“You always do things without considering the other person!” Maiko yelled and hugged her.

Mutsumi pulled Maiko away for a moment, sincere but amused, “At least I got to practice my marksmanship.”

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Writing Meme – SudaYuri

Theme: Shy

OTP: SudaYuri

NOTE: It probably seems AU but that’s fine. This is one of my favorites because I modeled the style after one of my favorite shorts scriptwriters.

Whispers. Maybe it was her imagination, but they were beginning to be a little smothering, but she’s quiet. Her mouth doesn’t move, and normally her actions do but not today. Her fingers tapped on the wood of her desk. Her body is slanted towards the window, and she looks straight ahead instead of the board where she really needs to think.

From a distance, she peered onto the dazing girl.

Suda Akari likes mysteries. There’s a code to decipher and twists to unravel. Sometimes it’s simple, and sometimes it’s hard, but most of the time it’s weird. Maybe it’s about how bad the milk has spoiled or where her mom last left the hairdryer or the leftover uneaten pizza from three nights ago. But it starts with a question, one that is left unanswered.

To Suda Akari, Kizaki Yuria is that question. Kizaki Yuria is an enigma she wants to crack with all of her heart. She’s always quiet and she never truly speaks. Her face tells nothing as if life is dull for her. She walks like a ghost so no one sees or understands her, but Akari believes it’s what truly makes Kizaki really stand out and what makes her really flamboyant in her eyes. Because she never speaks with her words, almost no one knows what she’s sounds like other than, probably, her own mother.

It’s already passed by her mind that maybe she’s just weird; either Kizaki or herself, but she doesn’t really care.

Sometimes she spies on her. They walk along the same path going to school and back. Often she finds her playing with little children or animals on the way like Snow White in a forest.

Akari smiled at the thought.

But there are whispers: the type that are fake and aim to destroy. They’re not about her, but they’re suffocating.

The emotion it maintains isn’t jealousy or disgust, but dissatisfaction. Akari feels a spark of irritation and anger for every rumor that flies out of their mouth. She scowls at them. They cause tension from Kizaki and an invisible distance between the both of them, and she doesn’t want that.

“Hey, Kizaki! Pay attention!” the teacher yelled and slammed a book onto her desk, making Kizaki jump. All around them, students laughed with the boldness of their fearless rumors.

Yet Kizaki Yuria never minds and she doesn’t care; she always nods with acknowledgement.

Time and time again, Akari notes that Kizaki eats alone at lunch in a classroom that doesn’t mind her. From a corner, Akari sees the figure sitting alone and never caring for anyone but herself. Confident at Kizaki’s lonely sight, she holds her hand out to her, “Hi, I’m Akari.”

Plainly, she nods and bows slightly on her chair, but it translates to Akari as clear as crystal, “It’s nice to meet you.”

She smiles.

Kizaki Yuria just really fascinates her.
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Writing Meme – wHaruka

Theme: Cranky

OTP: wHaruka (Shimada Haruka x Shimazaki Haruka)

NOTE: Super OOC. Wowowow. Paru being this talkative would be nice, wouldn’t it? I find this one kind of funny. Someone help this summer insomniac.

A loud slam vibrated against the walls. Windows shook without another second spared. Shimazaki Haruka stomped her way down the stairs with pure irritation and ignored the other girl on the couch of the nearby living room, who fell off the couch. Haruka made her way to the kitchen, pulling out utensils and ingredients from the cupboards sharply.

“Well someone is cranky today,” the fallen girl said, nursing her lower back from the impact of hitting the floor. It was painfully obvious to Shimada Haruka that something was bothering—no, angering—Haruka today the way she began to make a ruckus in the kitchen. Haruu glanced at the clock and curiously at the time. 9:00am.

Haruka made no gesture of replying, causing Haruu to come closer to her and pat her shoulder lightly, “Paru, you alright?” 9:03.

“After Yui was promoted to a place in Tokyo and moved, Ranran’s been the one to take Ricchan to work and then back,” Haruka said, grumpily.

Not understanding, Haruu asked her to elaborate as she was commanded to take a seat at the kitchen table so she could make breakfast, “What’s wrong with that? Don’t tell me, you have a little something-something between you and Ricchan?”

Haruka gave a crossly glare at Haruu who pulled back in defense. It was a dense silence as she prepared the breakfast of the morning. Haruu faithfully waited for Haruka to finish before she decided to continue, knowing Haruka wasn’t prone to multi-tasking, “And then after I’ve told her not to go freaking drinking after work anymore and she promises, she still does it, but this time, in her defense, it’s under Ranran’s influence.”

‘Well, Suzuran does have a reputation for being more than little bit breezy with her responsibilities,’ Haruu thought and nodded, urging Haruka to continue with her storytelling after she gave the frying pan a light layer of oil and then the batter afterward. Her finished a few pancakes before turning back to Haruu.


“You’d think she would keep her promise of that after she embarrassed both herself and I when she kissed me,” She said, perking Haruu’s ears in interest. (‘So there was something between the two!’) Haruka continued with her rant with Haruu, “But no, she gets piss drunk again and ends up either waking up half of the neighborhood or killing them by bursting their eardrums because she couldn’t restrain herself! Or Ranran! It’s a miracle they even got back here!”

“I didn’t hear anything,” Haruu offered, causing a tiring silence from Haruka when she ignored her again and made a new batch of batter. Curiously, Haruu wondered how many pancakes Haruka was really planning to make.


“Then I’m in charge with bringing both of them up to their bedrooms in 2-something o’clock in the morning because none of you hooligans will get up to help me. Could you even imagine how annoying that is?”

“Okay, wait, Paru,” Haruu said, trying to interrupt the girl from overheating. It really wasn’t common for Haruka to blow up so much and so badly over a trivial event.

“I even told Ranran not to let Ricchan drink,” Haruka said.


“She calls herself an adult?”




Haruka finally took notice of how Haruu was trying to get attention. She quietly pointed at the pancakes that were beginning to look a little overdone. Hurriedly, she rushed to the oddly half-burnt pancake, sure that no one would want to eat it now.

“Relax, okay?” Haruu said, coming behind her and squeezing the girl’s shoulders as she hugged her to help some of the tension in her muscles to go away. She patted Haruka’s head and looked distastefully at the burnt pancake in the pan.

She smiled again, teasingly, “Maybe Ricchan will kiss you again to reinstate that promise.”

She just about started walking away until a hot pancake was aimed and thrown point blank into her face.
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Writing Meme – GomaYukko

Theme: Hungry

OTP: GomaYukko

NOTE: If I could title this story, it would be “Another Night in the Cold.” It feels bittersweet how this came out.

Her eyes looked into the light. Day was still present but the sky was becoming an orange and nostalgic color. The streets were just getting started with their audiences of watching people. It was bittersweet how it felt. Though dim, she could see the light no matter how far, how large and inviting. She could feel the sensation that it gave was warm, but it felt cold.

‘That’s right… Cold…’ Kinoshita Yukiko thought. Her head was leaned onto the brick wall, and she brought her coat close to her skin as she sat in a fetal position. She could almost see her breath when its warmth hit against the crisp air. Her lips were chapped with the dry cold when she licked them. Her hands rubbed her forearms trying its best to gather the warmth into it.

It was the season in between fall and winter, when cool began to be cold, and oh how Yukiko hated that season.

Month after month, she watched as men and women saw her and the people around her wander in streets, starving or secretly dying. And when someone did die, no one would really know enough or try to give a hand. There was no one to call when she would see the light of the eyes of someone she obtusely knew steadily go away. She felt her insides boiling, but she had no one to blame.

A flame of anger was lit up in her soul when people acted like everyone was here because they wanted to be, and especially when people like her weren’t treated like the people they were raised to be. It was almost unrealistic how some were called on their act of kindness but they didn’t give a second glance at those with ragged clothes, sleeping on park benches of street alleys at night. It was almost unrealistic how people were shunned in society.

There was a storm in her head and a stake in her heart when she remembered it clearly how hard stories of other homeless hit close to home, and how hard reality hit her when it did. She dug her head into her knees and hid from the dim light of the sky with her arms and coughed wildly.

“Yukko?” Her partner on her side got up. Ogiso Shiori’s hair was a mess, but Yukiko knew it would be an obvious reason why with their street-side situation. Yukiko gave her a light smile, “Are you okay?”

“When is it ever okay?” She whispered; her smile wavered for a bit. “It hasn’t been okay in a long while.”

Shiori didn’t murmur anything back to her, but as if on cue, their heads leaned into each other.

“My stomach hurts.”

“I know. Mine does too,” Yukiko said, leaning Shiori over to her while her arm rested on her shoulder, “But if I could be everyone’s Robin Hood in a world like this, I would. Maybe the world would finally let there be heroes.”

Then it was silence between the both of them except for the sea of people in the streets and the sniffle of a runny nose. Yukiko hugged the girl tightly and stroked her hair lightly. She shushed quietly, an effort of soothing. She kissed Shiori’s forehead softly, mentally apologizing to Shiori about how this could have happened to them.

And oh how Yukiko hated alleys. They were dark, they were secluded, and they were dirty. She felt a drop of water fall onto her head, giving her another reason to hate alleys, but for once, Yukiko was glad to be in an alley, a place somewhere secluded from other people as her tears disappeared into the cloth of Shiori’s worn out jacket.
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Writing Meme – MaoRi from Sailor Zombie

Theme: Awe

OTP: MaoRi (Mao x Iori from Sailor Zombie)

NOTE: Both Mao’s and Iori’s last names weren’t publicized in the drama so I didn’t include them, lol. I have a horrible excuse reason as to why I didn’t update anything for the past week so I’m going to pass it. - w-;

I’m also aware that the actresses of this drama aren’t AKB members but why not?

“Hi, my name is Mao and I’ll be your classmate from this day onward,” Mao said, introducing herself to her class. Clad in the school’s uniform, she scanned the large classroom of the kind of people were in her class. Already, she could already single out the ‘nerds,’ and the ‘preps’ except one who seemed to carry on smiling for no reason. She had an uncomfortable look for a split second. ‘Must be an idiot,’ she thought as she bowed, “Please take care of me.”

A few classes later, Mao realized that the class was somewhat different from all of her other ones. Through her constant moves with her mom, she knew this was a bit unusual for any school or class to act this way as a few students would normally approach her to talk to her on her first few weeks of school to build a new friendship. She would refuse such things, but she wasn’t sure if she was okay with it or not, to be already rejected from the class before making an impression for them to judge.

Her eyes glared around the classroom, cursing to her self for the fifth time that she forgot her glasses at home for the hundredth-and-one time. She caught a glimpse of the still smiling girl. She looked at her with disbelief when the girls in the class crowded her with either arrogant or conceited looks. Though they were whispers to her ears, she could tell that harsh words were said.

It irked her how it looked. Anyone would easily misunderstand how it looked if looked through a glass window since the girl smiled in spite of her bullies. Mao watched scornfully at the bullying girls before she turned away. At least they weren’t her problem to deal with.

A few days passed by in her new school. Not only did she notice the lack of a welcoming, she realized that the class was just as equally hostile to each other as they were to newcomers like her. Such a thing was obvious to her when she spotted the group of girls continuously approach the smiling girl (whose name she learned was Iori). People laughed often at others for getting a question wrong or sometimes for even getting it right. Every clique lacked the type of support as if everyone stood alone yet still in a group. No one said and replied with, “Good morning!” It was a “one for one” atmosphere, but it seemed robotic how everyone acted to school life.

‘Is that all she can do?’ Mao thought upon seeing the grinning classmate smile stupidly despite a ring of bullies surrounding her again. She shook her head at the scene and said to herself, “How annoying…”

Their snickering went quiet and their smirks became frowns. Though surprised at their listening capability, she was just about to turn away before the group when they began to migrate to her. She squinted at them, seeing their haughty smiles come close to her. She sighed to herself and tried to focus away from the girls, ‘This is going to be troublesome…’

Without knowing it, Mao realized she became a second target to the girls. Day after day, the effects of it began to wear her out and were evident at home whenever her siblings annoyed her. The more it happened, the more annoyed she got. However, even as she tried her hardest to keep calm at all times, it was slowly beginning to be harder for her to ignore their ramblings of senseless insults.

The bell noted the end of class as she pulled out a sheet. She glared at her low marks and massaged the area between her eyes before the paper was ripped out of her hands.

“So you think you’re cool and you’re stupid?” A girl laughed arrogantly. “I didn’t expect this from a brave heart like you.”

Mao’s eyes slanted down in irritation. Before opening her mouth for the first time at them, the paper was taken away from one of the bullies as a hand reached out to her interrupted her. Both she and the group of girls looked at the owner of the hand who’s seemed to be Iori’s. Mao looked at the girl for a moment before the paper was returned to her with the usual smile Iori donned on her face.

“You’ve got something to say?” Another girl pushed Iori to face her. In that exact moment (and for the first time Mao’s ever noticed), Iori gave a mean frown that looked like a threat as itself to the other girl. The other girl wavered for a bit and called her friends away from the girl in a short curse.

Surprised at what Iori did, Mao stared at the girl who returned a revived smile on her face. The way it seemed looked like a silent chuckle while Mao gave a slight bow to her. Her voice failed to show as she opened her mouth and coughed in the middle of her one-worded sentence, “H-hello…”
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 18 (SakurAnna) [7/27]
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on July 27, 2014, 04:29:14 PM
Writing Meme – SakurAnna

Theme: New

OTP: SakurAnna

NOTE: I HAVE A REASON THIS TIME, I SWEAR. My laptop's charger broke and my dad's a stickler about his laptop and whatever comes with it so I didn't get a lot of time with this in these past few days. I fucked badly with the whole meme, lol. Anyway, I feel like I wrote a chapter of an HKT fanfic. haha. I may or may not continue this as a chaptered fanfiction following Annya instead of Sakura. I have some ideas on my mind after all.

Harinezumi is Japanese for Hedgehog. Anaguma is Japanese for Badger. Both are natural enemies.

It’s been a while since Miyawaki Sakura returned to Hakata. Since travelling back and forth in the countries which her extended family lived in, she and her family had scarce the time to come and visit her childhood hometown after moving away to the states several years ago. During the trips, she felt like she forgot how it felt to be back to the place where it all started, but she did remember how much she loved it here.

It was quiet, and if you knew exactly where to be when you weren’t looking for trouble, it was even more peaceful than anyone could ever know. Its peacefulness didn’t reflect on the cheerfulness that the town had when the children ran past by her, screaming with play, and the adults greeted her with smiles or with a familiarity that she was familiar with in parts of Hakata.

Everything was nearly the same, but also very different. Some of the stores that parents of friends owned moved to new locations due to overcrowding, and construction was constantly being done around the city. She was amazed at the place. It wasn’t like New York where people were constantly hustling and bustling, and the buildings sometimes shined so bright that it pierced right into the dark and blinded the stars. It was better.

Even more so, she remembered when she went to a secret place she used to go to after school as a get away. It was like a tree house, minus the wood and all, relocated in a secluded tunnel under a highway bridge. She and her friends often came by and decorated it however they could with flashlights and lanterns and other tools to brighten the dark tunnel, figuratively and literally.

She smiled at the feeling of remembering a place like Hakata, and from the fact that she could afford the visit back to Japan. It was currently summer break for her as she made way to her secret hideout, expecting and hoping to see her school friends there. Oh, she was so excited. She could only just imagine how they would react at her surprise visit.

Sakura went down a stairwell and walked through where the hall led, using a small flashlight that she took from a small compartment under the staircase as she felt a light breeze blow through it. Her hand traced the bumpy wall graffiti, not a thought questioning why it was there in the first place. Light spilled through the top, allowing some light to help her along the way.

In the next corner, she saw the entrance to the hideout, running to it with a smile before it was stolen off her face. The walls were ridden with graffiti, ruining the childlike paintings that she made with her friends. Debris and ragged cloth ruined the image further. The furniture that she and her friends used were still there, albeit very outworn.

She was near tears until a yell erupted from nearby. She hid behind the far side of the tunnel behind one of the couches. As quick as nothing, she turned off her flashlight.

“Hey! Where are you, Team Harinezumi!” a very dark silhouette could barely be seen. “I have something to pick with one of you, you damned assholes.”

Though she heard no steps, she sensed that the stranger was coming closer into the tunnel. She closed her eyes hoping that the stranger would stop getting closer. Bitter humor purged through her mouth as she whispered, “Stranger Danger.”

Suddenly, she was pulled out of her hiding place and slammed into the wall while the stranger shouted a demand to her to ‘call Jovijovich.’

“I don’t know where he is! Please stop!” she replied hastily, oblivious to the ambiguity of the line. She pushed against her handler, failing to get her off of her.


She was yanked away and bashed into the wall again as her head hit the wall painfully. A breath of air escaped from her body from the impact while her head ached harshly. Tears fell from her eyes as she replied again.

In mutters, the girl hissed at Sakura with menace about being a ‘disgrace of a yankee.’

Now Sakura was completely confused as her eyes adapted to the darkness despite being blurry. She began to reply again that she was not a “yankee” when she saw the other person raise a fist in a readied position to punch her. A scream couldn’t will itself to come out of her throat.

It was a blur to her. A fist flew and she remembered falling.

In front of her now was a girl dressed in loose white clothing. Her hand was curled up in the punch and she stared down at the other girl with disgust. She helped Sakura up slowly, whispering a soft apology and turned back at the other girl.

“Who’s to say that you can beat up just anyone you come across? Stupid booger, you Anaguma think you can do anything.”

A hiss came out of the punched girl’s mouth, “Jovijovich.” Then a fight ensued.

The back of her head hurt like hell but Sakura was bewildered at the situation. Someone she had no relation with saved her from getting pummeled and immediately made her feel safe protecting her from her assaulter. And now the two were in a fight with each other. She watched as the “Anaguma” ran away in defeat.

“I was gone for only half an hour and this happened,” the assumed Jovijovich said, touching the bruising jaw. She turned her attention back to Sakura, “I don’t know how you got here, but sorry about the trouble.”

Sakura looked at the girl, looking at her features. She was Japanese, but half of something else. Her hair was a light brown color, fitting her half-foreign image.

She gave her hand out for a handshake, “I’m Jovijovich.”
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 19 (MutsuMomo from Sailor Zombie) [7/30]
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Writing Meme – MutsuMomo from Sailor Zombie

Theme: Bored

OTP: MutsuMomo (Mutsumi x Momoka of Sailor Zombie)

NOTE: I’m so lazy to go back to the drama for information… 2 more daysssssss... The next two, I don't think I can post here, but I will give notice when I've posted them. - w-)/

Akizuki Momoka was and felt like a lonely soul. She’s never had anyone to talk to since late elementary and since then, she spends day and night trying to fulfill selfish needs with sweet or bitter tactics. Everything that before it wasn’t worth any of her time (particularly friendship. It was nothing up her sleeve). Everything was about her, everything circled around her. That way of life shaped her. But now, it was zombies. Stupid zombies.

“If they’re going to keep me in here without a heater, I might as well turn me into a real zombie,” Momoka muttered under her breath. She was on the table with a quilt close to her body. She was kneeling in a fetal position to keep the warmth (or whatever she could get as warmth) to herself. She leaned her head to the corner of the room she was on.

A single soft knock signaled her attention.

“What do you want?”

It was obvious that Momoka did not want her in her presence at all, a strongly bitter but guilty expression on her face as she glared at her through the window. Momoka knew that it was unorthodox of Oyamada Mutsumi to be anywhere near her, especially in the same room as her in the first place.

Upon entering, Mutsumi was instantly scorned from coming into the room. The moment she stepped into the room, chills ran through her body, noting the lack of heat in the room. Wondering if it was an okay decision to come in the first place, she, nevertheless, closed the door behind her unlocked. She shoved her hands in her pockets, “No reason.”

Her nose scrunched up in a mean look. “Aren’t you afraid of being eaten by the zombie?” Momoka said grumpily.

Mutsumi didn’t say anything as she pulled a seat to her as she sat on it backwards, but then she spoke, “No, but if you were one, I’d already be dead.”

She smiled lazily, “Wouldn’t I, Momo?”

“Stop calling me that,” Momoka whispered. “We’re not the classmates we were in sixth grade anymore.”

“Then what are we?”

Momoka couldn’t find the words to use to answer Mutsumi. “We come from different worlds remember?”

“I told you I wanted to be friends, right?” Mutsumi countered.

Avoiding the question, Momoka redirected the question and looked at her with the feeling of hurt deep in her heart, “Why are you here?”

Mutsumi seemed to conform Momoka’s wish of leaving the question alone and sighed. She smiled, “I figured you were bored without anyone to talk to.”
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 LINK PROVIDED (YuiParu) [8/14]
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Writing Meme – YuiParu

Theme: Breath

OTP: YuiParu

NOTE: Paru has never released her brother’s name, but her brother’s name is Hotaru for today.

Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 LINK PROVIDED (YuiParu) [8/14]
Post by: kuro808 on August 14, 2014, 09:36:59 PM
That was really good.  Hope you do more soon.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
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Okay as the subject says, this is regarding the 21st day. I've picked an OTP for this day, but decided I wasn't excited about it thus...

For my 21st meme, I've decided to scrap the OTP I had planned for it. (Except the word, or if you think your word could be more interesting, suggest it and I might use that one instead.) So instead, I want to write the OTP with the most suggestions from both tumblr and JPH!P. It's free-for-all, whether you have read any of my memes or none of them.

However, I will not post it on JPH!P... by the law of the 48 JPH!P writing forum, LOL.

Please request only one OTP. You can send it to me privately or reply here or on anon on tumblr.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 (YuiParu) AND REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on August 15, 2014, 09:51:33 AM
Cross-san! On Day 12! You said you were strict to my pace right? I think you might've pulled a 'Yukirin' on that one XD

As for the pair, could you do YukiMilky? (Kashiwagi Yuki x Watanabe Miyuki) I know you've done a lot of Milky pairs already but listening to these two's duet in NMB's 2nd album, I wanted someone to do a oneshot/meme based on the song~
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 (YuiParu) AND REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on August 15, 2014, 08:33:50 PM
@MayukiIsLife -- I was going to be strict on myself and then I was super my-pace by the 12th day. I guess there's not a lot of discipline in me. LOL. Whoops~


Not a lot of people try to vote or give their two cents, so I figure it'll be better if I make an actual poll. Just because one person has suggested it, doesn't mean I'm going to push all the other requests away and write it. I need people who tell me want they would want to see in the 21st meme.

As of now, I have 3 OTPs lined up and those OTPs are:

When I get 7 OTPs (or more), I'm going to set up a poll on JPH!P. If I don't get any votes and the OTPs are still to variant by next week, I’ll give each of them a number and put them through a generator to choose.

I'm going to remind you guys that this last meme is not going to be as pure as every other meme but YuiParu's, on the other hand...
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 (YuiParu) AND REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
Post by: Senelcar on August 16, 2014, 01:39:50 AM
YukiMilky seems good for me !
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 (YuiParu) AND REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on August 17, 2014, 05:35:54 AM
As of now, the results are:

NishiKumi — 2 votes

YukiMilky — 3 votes

RenAirin — 1 vote

NanaKei — 1 vote

I might allow 3 more OTP requests for the poll (which I plan to make tomorrow, regardless of having 7 OTPs lined up or not. I want to start writing this by Thursday). Please vote for the love of god and the 48g.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 (YuiParu) AND REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
Post by: Kiri-el on August 17, 2014, 09:36:44 AM
It's really a trouble for me, YukiMilky or RenAirin... But my eternal OTP is RenAirin, so... I vote for RenAirin.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 20 (YuiParu) AND REGARDING DAY 21... OTP POLL!
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on August 17, 2014, 11:47:17 PM
The results:

YukiMilky - 4 votes

RenAirin - 3 votes

NishiKumi - 2 votes

NanaKei - 2 vote

SaeAtsuko - 1 vote

AtsuMina - 1 vote

1 more OTP request slot. The official poll will be made later today. By then, I will no longer allow any more OTPs.

It's probably really inconvenient of me, but if you're from Tumblr, please do not vote again in the official poll. I will add the votes from Tumblr later on Thursday. For those who are on JPH!P, please vote again.
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — OFFICIAL POLL FOR THE 21ST MEME MADE!!
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on August 18, 2014, 06:44:11 AM
The poll has been made! I ask again that only the JPH!P users to vote again for your desired OTPs to win. On Thursday, the poll should close and I will start working on the most voted OTP then. I remind that the 21st meme is not innocent.

See you then!
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 21 (最後の日—YukiMilky)
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Writing Meme – 最後の日—YukiMilky

Theme: Touch (Hands)

OTP: YukiMilky

NOTE: ミッシオンをしっぱい! 本当に、ごめなみなさん。あああああ。。。もうダメだ。シンプルミッシオンなのに。。。もう嫌だ。最後に、みなさんのTHANK YOUと よむで、ありがとうございます。私は、すごくマーイペースですね。ごめんね。(笑)じゃあ、どうぞ!


Remember I am only providing a link: (

(If you want to stay innocent, DO NOT READ.)
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 21 (最後の日—YukiMilky)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on August 30, 2014, 02:57:30 PM
Cross. I give you one word. Awesome.

How you described Miyuki's mischievous character and Yuki's dominant one made the contast show a whole lot~
Title: Re: Cross's 21 Day Writing Meme — Day 21 (最後の日—YukiMilky)
Post by: hakase309 on November 19, 2014, 05:19:22 AM
Thanks for creating the fics , m(_ _)m