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Title: Hunt - part 4 (Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu) 31/12/2016
Post by: anakpanti on July 17, 2014, 01:36:05 PM
Hi - Hi - Hi…! XD

It’s been some months since “Wanted!” finished, ne?  XD
(If you haven’t read it, you can search it in this page (

Okay, I will come back again with ‘10 shots fanfic’. :)
This one will have the same genre as “Wanted!”… action, romance (of course), and smut (maybe, :rofl:).

I’m a bit tired in writing OS :doh: , so… yeah, “HUNT” will be my priority now.
There are some of you who requested triangle love story between these members, so… I decided to put them all in this fanfic, okay?

Enjoy the trailer.




"Who is this?" Jurina took the photo from the table. She frowned while looking at the picture with full of curiosity.

"Kashiwagi Yuki." The man answered Jurina. His eyes were so dark and cold. He stared at Jurina in a serious way.

Jurina put the photo onto the table again. "What should I do to her?" She asked it to the man who sat in front of her even though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to make sure.

"Kill her."

========================= **** =========================

When Jurina was about to gulp the beer, there was a beautiful girl who approached and sat in front of her. It was impossible for her to ignore the super gorgeous girl like that. "Wanna drink?" She offered a can of beer to the girl.

"No." The girl answered it while keeping her eyes glued on Jurina.

Jurina laughed. "If you didn't intend to drink, then why someone like you go to the small and illegal bar like this?" She put the can on the table. "Looking for someone?" She smirked.


"Do you need a help to find-"

"No." The girl cut Jurina's words. She rested her back on the chair without took off her eyes from Jurina. "I found her already." She smiled.

Jurina saw a smile, but somehow she could feel an evil behind the innocent smile. "What's your purpose?" The friendly aura between them before... suddenly changed into the thick and tense atmosphere.

The girl snorted and then she took something from her handbag... a gun. She calmly put it onto the table with the mouth of the gun facing at Jurina. "Answer it by yourself."

Jurina glanced at the girl's neck, there was a silver necklace. She narrowed her eyes. The pendant of the necklace formed the twentieth letter of the alphabet in cursive letters, T. "Shit!" She quickly stood up and then she kicked the table, it made the gun fell from the girl's hand. She succeed in making the round table flipped, but she failed to take the gun from the floor because the beautiful girl already pointed the gun at her using another gun.

"Looking for something?" The girl smirked as she realized that she was in an advantageous position. "Stop moving..." The girl said it firmly to Jurina. "... or I will blow up you head."

"Tch! Son of a bitch." Jurina put both of her hands behind her head and stood up slowly. "You win." She shrugged. "Now pull the trigger and shoot me... Mayu."

Everyone in the bar slowly stepped back and walked out from the bar. They were too afraid to interfere the girls.

========================= **** =========================

"How many times I do have to tell you to not enter my workplace without my permission???!!!" Rena was surprised as she saw there was a girl who slept on the table and used the lab coats as the pillow.

The other girl almost fell from the table because she was shocked by the sudden shout. "Jesus! You're scaring me, Rena!" The girl woke up slowly while yawning. "Sorry. I just fell asleep while waiting you."

Rena rolled her eyes. "Fall asleep? Do you think I'm stupid? You INTENTIONALLY bulldoze everything on that table!" She pointed at the lab equipments that had been moved away to another table. "You make this place looks so messy and also contaminated by your germs."

"Oh come on, Rena-chan. I'm not THAT dirty! I showered before I went here." The girl walked toward Rena and then she hugged the girl. "See? My body smells nice, right?" She place her chin on the thinner and paler girl's shoulder.

Rena could smell the sweet scent from the other girl entered her nose. The nice scent that could make her flew away. "Wait!" She pushed the raven-haired girl away before she lulled by the fragrance even more. "How could you enter this lab? I've just changed the password 3 days ago!"

The girl giggled. "Did you forget who the owner of this hospital?" She grinned. "I can enter any room that I want in this place. You know... I have the default password."

"Ugh! Showing off about your wealth again, Yukirin?" Rena walked toward the table where Yukirin slept, she wanted to clean up the mess that created by Yukirin. "By the way, I wonder how you can get the money so easily like that. We have the same age but your money is not in joking amount."

Yukirin's bright expression suddenly turned into a serious expression. She crossed her arms while staring at Rena's back. She knew that since a long time ago Rena had been curious about her job. I can't tell her. In a moment later, she decided to put Rena's words as a joke. "Wow... are you jealous at me?" She giggled while walking toward Rena.

"There's no way I will jealous at stubborn girl like you. HEY DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!" Rena raised her voice all of a sudden when she saw Yukirin was about to touch lab glassware.

Yukirin pouted. "I just want to help you~"

"Hell no! Based on my experience, everything that touched by you will be fall and broken in 5 seconds." Rena cleaned the table using the cloth that had been dampened with alcohol. She flinched as she heard the sound of broken glass.

*CRASH!* Yukirin just smiled like an idiot when Rena glared at her.

"SEE??!!!" Rena pointed at the shattered glass on the floor. "You moron!"

"Buahahhaha." Yukirin couldn't hold back her laugh as she saw Rena's angry face. "Your ears become insanely red every time you're angry at me. Hahahaha."

Rena facepalmed. Somebody... anybody... please help me to shoo her from this place. She sighed.

========================= **** =========================



Yuki gasped as she heard the familiar voice. She turned her head and then she saw Rena stood near the door. "R-rena-chan..." Her heartbeat was beating very fast. "W-what are y-you doing here??"

"D-did you've j-just... killed her??" Rena stuttered as she saw the horror scene in front of her eyes. She saw Yukirin was holding the gun and there were blood stains on Yukirin's clothes.

"Why are you here, Rena? You was supposed to be go home some hours ag-"

"DID YOU'VE JUST KILLED HER???!!!" Rena felt her knees became weak, she could feel her body was chills in horror, and her breath became heavier. "I... I feel like I don't know you anymore...." She stepped back slowly.

"Rena... look-"

"Don't come here!!!!!" Rena shouted as she saw Yukirin was about to walk toward her while holding the gun. She was terrified. "If you take one more step, I will yell out loud."

Yukirin stopped. "Rena... calm down. Please. I promise I will explain everything to you."

"ANSWER ME!" Rena clenched her fist. "Did you've just shot her?!"


Rena gasped. "I will call the police!!!" She was about to run away, but......

"If you take one more step, I will kill you... Rena." Yukirin pointed her gun at Rena.

Rena stunned. She looked at Yukirin's eyes... somehow, her eyes looked like a blood thirsty eyes... cold... scary... and sharp. In a moment later, she felt her tears rolled down on her cheeks.

========================= **** =========================

The two pointed their gun at each other. Their bodies were full of blood and their faces were also swollen caused by previous fights.

"You die or I die."

===================== END OF TRAILER =====================

As usual, the trailer that I make is from some different scenes on the story, so... don't get confused. :)

PS: The pairings have yet to be decided...

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Title: Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Trailer)
Post by: affiber on July 17, 2014, 02:25:34 PM
Oh yes another fic from you :D
A RenaYuki and JuriMayu would be fun~ :P or not..
Whatever the pairing is, i'll read it anway~
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I was sort of hoping you will fight for Mayuki and Wmatsui hard.

Putri welcome back. :on woohoo: I'm sure you know who I'm supporting. But yeah, I'll wait for your decision about the pairing.

I'm actually a little nervous with this new story of yours. :nervous It's action with guns and all like killing. And you killed my oshimen last time. :lol: 
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Mayuki and wmatsui pleaseeeee :mon pray2:
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wow, it's so exciting  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

I had to read wanted, it's realy good :)

I hope that is RenaYuki - JuriMayu. Please continue  :cow: :cow: :cow:
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Interesting trailer  :huhuh

Hope its Mayuki and WMatsui  :thumbsup

So its action fic huh  :oops:
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MaYuki - wMatsui - JuriMayu - YukiRena - JuriYuki - RenaMayu

any pairing suits my taste really well

the trailer caught my attention, I am looking forward to the first chapter.

I might not always comment or press thank you, but I am a silent reader of your fics, dear lady, so yeah  :roll:

I am sure you won't disappoint me~  (no pressure  :lol: )
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yukirena n jurimayu   :ding:

soooo interesting  :on asmo:

please UPDATE soon    :kekeke:
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Omg yes another awsome fic from you

Please made it Mayuki and Wmatsui at the end

Update soon
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New awesome fic by you  :wigglypanda:
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Cool trailer! :tama-laff:
Another really interesting fic :k-great:, I'm excited to read more :k-thrilled:
MaYuki and Wmatsui please :mon sweat:
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Yay, another action fic from you :onioncheer:
Such a breath-taking trailer :ding:
I hope the pairings will be Mayuki and WMatsui :on gay:
But before that happen, some JuriMayu, RenaYuki or JuriYuki, RenaMayu would be great :kekeke:
Looking forward to your updates :on drink:
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ALRIGHT!!! :fap :fap :fap

Can't wait for the chapter 1!

Okay now, this time i'm rooting for JuriMayu and YukiRena! :wub:

Ofc, i'll be more than happy if its MaYuki and WMatsui! :wub: If not, looking forward for unusual pairing like....
*cough*JuriYuki*cough*RenaMayu*coughcough* :nervous

Ohwell, any pairs that you'll decide at the end i'll gladly to accept it! :thumbsup

For now, i'm going to enjoy your awesome work! :lol:

Thanks for the trailer and your hardwork. :kneelbow:

I'll be waiting~~~~ :on gay:
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interesting trailer!!

can't wait for the real chapter! :thumbsup
Title: Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Trailer)
Post by: sastio13 on July 20, 2014, 09:59:45 AM
trailer is so.... :thumbsup
don't take too long, just give us chapter 1!
can't wait! XD
Title: Re: [10 Shots] Rena, Yuki, Jurina, Mayu - HUNT (Part 1)
Post by: anakpanti on July 20, 2014, 01:49:02 PM
Wow. Thank you so much for your positive responses to my new fanfic! I'm happy. >_<
But well... it's also become a positive pressure to me.
I will try hard to not disappoint you guys. :)

Here we go, Part 1.

Words: 3,7 K




= J =

The girl sat on a chair inside her room; she was wearing the white-tight t-shirt, the loose army-patterned long pants, and a pair of black army boots. She took a random black hair-tie from the drawer and then she tied her hair. She turned her head as she heard someone knocked the door. She kept glaring at the door until it opened slowly.

The guy in the black suit walked into the room without hesitation. “There’s a message for you, J.” He took a phone from his pocket and then he put it onto the small table near the door. “50% of the money has been transferred into your account.” After he said it, he stepped out from the room and closed the door again.

The girl smirked. “New job, huh?” She bent down a little to reach something inside both of her boots… she took a knife from each boots. The twin black knives were intentionally tucked inside her boots. She calmly took out the knives from its cases and put them onto the table. “It’s time for sharpening you both… we’ll have a boring job as usual.”

*At Midnight*

The girl who was being called as J by the black suit guy… took the twin knives that had been sharpened from the table and then she tucked it back into her boots. She wore the shoulder gun holster and then she covered the guns by wearing a dark green hooded coat outside the white t-shirt.

J walked toward the door and then she took the phone from the table near the door. She long-pressed ‘1’ button on the phone and then she put the phone near her ear.

2 AM, xxx hotel room 101, Sato H-

J stopped the recording voice when it was about to tell the victim’s name. She had never wanted to know the victim's name because somehow... she felt it as a heavy burden. “I don’t need the damn name.” She put the phone inside her pocket. After that she opened the door and then she walked toward the parking lot to take her motorcycle.

In 25 minutes, she arrived in front of the hotel that mentioned by the recording voice. She took off her helmet and read the hotel name to make sure she was on the right place. “I’m always in love with cheap hotel because I don’t have to worry about CCTV at all.” She smirked.

After she parked her motorcycle inside the building beside the target’s hotel, she walked calmly toward the small hotel. As soon as she arrived at the lobby, she found three men in the black suit looked at her.

One of the men walked toward J. “I’m sorry miss, but the entire hotel has been booked by my boss. You better get out now.”

J turned her head and then she looked straight to the man’s eyes. “Fuck you.” She took one of her gun from the gun holster in an incredible speed and then pulled the trigger. *BANG!* She shot the man’s neck. The man died in a few seconds.

The other men gasped when they saw their comrade collapsed onto the floor with blood. One of the men took out his gun, but J was in advantageous side because she already had the gun in her grip. J shot the man on her head even before he pointed the gun at J.

J quickly turned her head toward the last man, but the man quickly hid behind the pillar. “Wanna play hide and seek, huh?” She uttered it while smirking. She pointed her gun at the pillar and then she shot the pillar. She kept shooting the pillar and it caused the guy couldn’t come out to attack her. She kept walking closer to the pillar while firing, but then her gun stopped firing.

The man smirked when he knew that J ran out of bullet. “Got you little girl!” He came out from his hiding place while pointing his gun. But then he shocked as J already stood right in front of him.

“Gotcha, dude.” J punched the man’s wrist and then she heard the sound of cracking bone.

The man screamed in pain while holding his broken wrist. “Arrgghh!!” The gun fell from his hand. After that he got a knee kick on his stomach. “Ugh!”

“Stupid.” J took out another gun and then she shot the man right on his forehead. *BANG!* “Do you think I only have one gun?” She kicked the dead man’s head before she went upstairs. 101. She read the number on the door. She put the gun back into her gun holster and then she kicked the door strongly.

The door opened and revealed two naked people on the bed. The middle-aged man pushed the girl from his top while taking a gun from under the pillow. The girl fell to the ground and then she screamed as the middle-aged man started to fire J.

J swiftly avoided the bullets by tilting her body several times. When J realized the man pointed his gun at her stomach, she quickly bent down while grabbing the knife from her boots using her left hand and then she threw it right to the man’s right arm.

“Arrrgghhh!!” The gun fell from the man’s hand as he felt a great pain from his arm.

When the man was trying to pull out the knife from his arm, J smirked as she knew that there was a chance for her to do the counterattack. Her right hand took another knife from her boots and then she jumped onto the bed with her left hand grabbed the man’s neck and pushed it hard onto the bed. The man was about to punch J but then he stopped when he realized that there was a knife that already placed on his neck and it was ready to cut his neck.

J smirked as she succeeded in pinning down the naked middle-aged man. “Good decision, sir.”

“W-what do you want? M-money? How m-much do you want?” The man stuttered as he was holding back the pain on his arm and also felt the smell of his death was getting closer. “M-my bodyguards on the downstairs can give it to you right now.”

“Oh, do you mean those stupid men? I already sent them to the hell about 4 minutes ago. You can ask them to give me the money from the hell.”

The man gasped. “W-what?!”

J could see the horror on the man’s face and she seemed enjoyed it. “Well… this is seem to be your last minutes of your life.”

“You! Son of a bitch- ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” The man suddenly screamed as he felt J was pushing the knife on his arm deeper.

J laughed while using her left hand to push the knife deeper and made the wound worse. “You know, I hate when people throwing some bad words at me. At first, I want to make your death quick, but unfortunately you make me angry.” She pressed the knife deeper into his arm and her other hand sliced the skin on his neck a little. “Look, your neck is bleeding too.” She laughed sarcastically while the man under her uncontrollably screaming in pain.

“W-who s-sent y-you?”

“I don’t know.” Finally, J ended his life by stabbing his neck twice. She pulled out both of the twin knives from the man’s body after she saw the man’s eyes turned into white. “It seems you’re dead already.” She jumped off the bed.

J walked toward the door while holding both of her knives, but then she stopped as she heard someone’s cry. She quickly turned her head and she saw the naked girl sobbed on the floor. “Tsk-tsk-tsk… so pity. Why aren’t you running away when I forgot that you’re in here? What’s your name? I’m Matsui Jurina… people usually call me as J.”

The girl’s body was trembling so hard when she saw J walked toward her. The girl was too shock, it made her couldn’t run or even scream. “D-don’t kill m-me….” She said it instead of answering Jurina’s question.

Jurina squatted in front of the girl. “Usually… I also kill all witnesses, but…” She captured the girl’s lips and she kissed the girl gently. The girl was too afraid to avoid the sudden kiss. “… I’ll make it quick.” She whispered it against the girl’s lips.

The girl gasped and her eyes widened with shock. Those were the last things that she did in the world because Jurina already pointed the gun at the girl’s head while kissing. *BANG!* The girl died in seconds.

Jurina took the phone and then she long-pressed ‘2’ button. “Done.”


Jurina placed her bag on the floor and then she threw her body onto the bed without took off her shoes. She lay down on the bed while facing the ceilings. New place again.

Jurina get a recording voice on the phone – killing the target – confirm her job by phone – getting paid – move to other place… it was the circle in Jurina’s life.

Jurina opened the drawer beside the bed and then she found an envelope and a key. She took the envelope and then she opened it. So… this will be my next ‘home’ after I kill the next target. She looked at the address that written on the paper inside the envelope.

Jurina was about to sleep while holding the envelope, but then she realized that she had to do something. She woke up and then she walked toward her bag. She put the key and the envelope into her bag, after that she took the phone that she used for her last job. She walked toward the fireplace in the room and then she lit the fire. After the fire was big enough, she threw the phone into the fireplace and let it get burned.

It was another ‘ritual’ in Jurina’s life. Every ‘house’ that given by her boss always had a fireplace in it to burn the phone or any other evidences. ‘All witnesses have to be killed and all evidences have to be destroyed.’ She remembered vividly what her boss said to her.

“Akh!” Suddenly Jurina felt the sharp pain on her knee when she was about to get up. Shit!

========================= **** =========================

= The Doctor =

“Excuse me, doc.”

“Yes?” The doctor lifted her head and looked at the nurse that stood in front of her. The doctor had the straight-long-black hair, her skin looked too pale compared to normal people, and she had the light-brown eyes. She was indeed a beautiful doctor.

“We have a bit problem on the receptionist desk, could you please help us?” The nurse sighed.

The doctor tilted her head and she also frowned. It was too weird for her. She let go off the pen from her hand. “Did you’ve just… asked a doctor to help receptionist’s job?”

“Well uhh… I’m so sorry for bothering you.” The nurse looked at the ground. “There is someone who persistent want to buy the high dose painkiller. We’ve already told her that we couldn’t sell it casually but she started to get mad and hit the table.”

“You should call the security guard instead of me.” The doctor looked a bit annoyed.

“W-we already called the security, but…” The nurse took a deep breath. “She could easily defeat them all.”

“What?!” The doctor looked at the clock. 1.45 AM. We usually don’t have many security guards at this hour. “Call the police.”

“I want to, but…” The nurse sighed. “She looks in pain and I feel pity for her, doc. Besides, if we call the police, other patients and their families will be panicked.”

“So, what do you want me to do to someone like that?!”

“S-sorry, but you are our department head so you’ll have the full right to shoo her away or to call the police.” The nurse kept looking down. “Besides…” She looked unsure about what she said next. “… you are the owner’s best friend, doc.”

The doctor sighed. She was understood what the nurse wanted to say… calling the police was not an easy thing to do. There are lots of things that had to be considered first before calling the police… outsiders would think that their hospital had the bad security system, have many issues, and many other things that would give negative impact to their business and her best friend wouldn’t be pleased in hearing something like that. The nurses didn’t want to carry that kind of heavy responsible. “Okay.” She walked toward the door while the nurse following her went out from the office room. She walked quickly to receptionist desk, as she got closer… she could hear the ruckus. “Hey! Excuse me!” She yelled at the girl right before the girl grabbed the receptionist's collar.

The girl turned around, it was Jurina. “Who the hell are you again?! Why do I have to face dozen people just to cure the damn pain on my knee?!! Fucking hospital!!” She groaned.

“I’m Matsui Rena, a doctor. I’m one of the head of departments in this hospital.”

“So, you are the boss.” Jurina pointed her index finger at Rena’s face. “Now, give me the damn painkiller and I will pay as much as you want!” She had lots of money… from killing people.

Rena seemed surprised as someone was boldly pointed the finger at her face. “What’s your name, miss?” She had to keep calming down.


“Huh?” Rena frowned. “I need your full name, miss.”

“What the fuck!!” Jurina lost her patience. “I’m here to get the painkiller, not to introduce myself!!!”

“Listen to my words carefully.” Rena said it firmly. “We won’t sell something like that to random people, especially to a harsh girl who don’t have a clear identity like you. Now, please get out from my hospital because we have to clean all mess that you’ve created! We will call the police if you keep persistent!”

Jurina was flinched a bit as she heard the ‘police’ word.  She preferred to choose to die in pain rather than dealing with the police because her boss wouldn’t like it. “Fine.” She turned her body and then she walked really slowly toward the door. She hissed in pain every time her right knee had to prop her body. “Doctor doesn’t have too many differences with murderer, the only difference is… the murderer kills people in a bad way but the doctor kills people in a ‘GOOD’ way.” She said it out loud.

Rena was clenched her teeth, but then… she surprised as she saw Jurina fell onto the ground because of the knee couldn’t prop Jurina’s body well. “Bring her to my office. I want to check her condition.” After she said it, she walked first toward her office room.

Everyone there were taken aback by the doctor’s order, but no one dare to argue with the head of department, especially a best friend of the hospital’s owner. The nurse quickly took a wheelchair for Jurina and then helped Jurina to sit there.

Jurina was surprised as well, but she didn’t say anything. She let the nurse took her to the certain room that mentioned by Rena before. When the nurse was about to help her went up to the hospital bed, she refused it. “I can do it by myself.”

“You can go now.” Rena gave an order to the nurse. “Make sure that you guys clean up the mess that created by this harsh girl.” She glared at Jurina.

“Y-yes, doc.” The nurse went out.

“Why did you change your mind?” Jurina asked it after the nurse left them.

Rena wore her glasses and her lab coat. “Because I want you to take your words again… the doctor is not same with the murderer.” She walked toward Jurina who already lie on the bed.

Jurina raised her eyebrow. She was about to argue but then… “Arrrggghh!!! Fuck!” She screamed as the doctor pressed her knee. “Doctor is the killer!!” She said as she felt a deep pain.

“Pfft.” Rena snorted. “You could defeat our 5 security guards but you cry just because I touch your knee?” She said it sarcastically.

Jurina looked annoyed by the doctor’s words.

“I have to do the roentgen for your knee, so I can identify what’s wrong with your knee.”

“No, I don’t want to.” Jurina simply answered it. It was too dangerous for her to have a medical history in hospital because someday it could be the way for police to find her.

Rena rolled her eyes. “How can I cure your wound if I can’t see what happen with your knee?”

“…” Jurina remained silent for a while. “I don’t ask you to cure me.”

“Urgh! GOD!!” Rena groaned. “If you didn’t want someone cure you, then why you come to the hospital?!” She almost lost her patience. “You make a great fuss in my hospital because you don’t wanna be cured?! Do you know how stupid it sounds?”


“Since when you feel the pain on your right knee?”

“S-since…. I was 12.” Jurina couldn’t really remember what happened to her before that day… the day when she woke up in pain on her right knee.

Rena could see the sudden change in Jurina’s expression. She looks sad and… terrified. “So, I guess you already felt the pain for more than 10 years…” She didn’t know Jurina’s age, but just by looking… she guessed that Jurina’s range age was 20-25 years. “… Have you go to the hospital before?”

Jurina shook her head. “Not even once… this is the first time.”

Rena was shocked. “What?! Then why do you decide to go in the night like this? Is it because you can’t endure the pain anymore?”

“Yes.” Jurina looked away. “I run out of my painkiller pills and I haven’t prepared ice to compress my knee. This hospital is the nearest ‘health facility’ from my home.”

Rena sighed. “You don’t want to get x-ray for your knee… and my answer is also still the same as before… we can’t sell the painkiller to random people, especially the kind of pills that you showed to the nurse before. The high dose medicines like that are too dangerous to be traded freely.” She took off her glasses. “So, what do you want me to do?”

Jurina looked at Rena. “Just give one painkiller pill for tonight… you can choose the dose, it doesn’t matter.”

Rena narrowed her eyes. What’s wrong with this girl?! She stared at Jurina’s eyes for a few seconds. “Fine.” She walked toward her phone desk and then she talked to the nurse to prepare one pill for Jurina.

In a few minutes later, the nurse came with the water and the pill. Jurina took it from the nurse’s hand and then she ate the pill. Rena just watched Jurina from her chair. As for Jurina, she had to wait several minutes until the pill gave her the effect.

Rena rested her back onto her chair while looking at Jurina who already strong enough to wake up by herself. “Be sure to go to the cashier.”

Jurina stood on her own legs, she still could feel the pain but she could endure it. “Of course, I will pay everything.” She walked toward the door. “Thanks and I promise that I won’t come back to your hospital again.” She grabbed the knob and then she opened the door. But before she stepped out, she looked at Rena again. “Believe me… I can get that kind of painkiller pills easily by tomorrow. Your hospital is just overly damn strict.” She said it sarcastically and then she closed the door.

“I hate her.” Rena hit her work desk.


“Rena, are you okay?” The raven-haired girl was panting so hard, her skin looked so white, and she also had a unique nose shape but it looked perfectly fit with her gorgeous face. “I quickly went here from my home right after I heard what have just happened here.” She closed the door.

Rena was a bit shocked as there was someone who opened her office door harshly and made a chaos. “As you see… I’m fine, Yukirin.” She saw the girl slowly walked toward the chair in front of her while breathing heavily. “It’s still dawn. You better go home and go to sleep again. Take a rest.”

“I’m worried about you, Rena!” The girl who called as Yukirin glared at Rena. “Why didn’t you just call the police?! I can’t understand why did you even checked her wound and gave the medicine to a damn girl like that!!!”

“Wow. It seems the news is quite fast until it arrived to your ears. It was just happened 20 minutes ago.” Rena put both of her hands on the table and then she narrowed her eyes. “Did you… ask someone to spy me?”

“N-no!” Yukirin shook her head. “Of course my employees will tell me what happens in my company, right? I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, the owner! Of course I will know everything.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Go home and sleep, Yuki. I have much work to do.” She wore her glasses. “Everything is okay. If I called the police, our hospital reputation could be ruined.”

Yuki hit the table. “Your safety is more important than the reputation!!!”

“…” Rena looked at her overprotective friend. “Really? I’m sure that if it was one of our nurses who called the police without asked me to handle it first… that nurse will be fired by you today.”

“I won’t-”

“I’ve knew you for years, Yukirin.” Rena cut Yukirin’s words. “Now please, go home. The owner of this hospital needs some sleep, right?”

Yukirin kept persistent. “I won’t go home.” She smirked. “I can sleep here.”

Rena’s eyes widened. “Wait what?! You can’t sleep in my office!!”

“Of course I can. YOUR office room is part of MY building.” Yukirin grinned. “I can sleep in that hospital bed.” She pointed at the bed where Jurina laid before.

“Stop showing off your riches to me.” Rena facepalmed. I hate this girl too... I can’t believe that I hate 2 girls in an hour.

=================== To Be Continued ===================


I really hope this chapter is the nice start for this fic. :3
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If that witness is a girl, i bet, right Jurina? :lol:

Rena as a doctor and Yuki as the owner of the hospital. Interesting.
I mean, how will YukiRena will get involve in this and what are the relation of each characters to one another.

New target?
First, who is the assasin to do the work to be done? Mayu? Jurina?
Second, The target, it can be anyone. It can be Yuki, Rena, and Mayu. Even Jurina can be a possible target to Mayu.
even though J is an hired-assasin.
Or NONE OF THE ABOVE? :nervous :banghead:

Someone from the past will show up to who? Is it Mayu?

Wonder who is the BOSS? Who is pulling their threads?
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Well… this chapter is still not have lovey-dovey moment. Be patient until the next chap, guys. XD

Words: 4,1 K




= Free Time =

It had been 2 weeks but Jurina still didn’t get any ‘job’. Usually… after she moved to the next location, she would get a new job at least in a week. But she knew already that her new target will be around her location, because based on her experienced for years… her boss had never asked her to move into a new place without any reason behind it.

Oh shit, I’m bored. Jurina lifted her foot onto the table in front of her while watching the TV. Why don’t they just give me the damn new phone as usual?! She took a little glance at the clock… 07.23 PM. I can’t let myself die in boredom. She turned off the TV and then she went to her room to change her clothes.

In some minutes later, Jurina stepped out from her room after she finished. Her appearance was totally different from her usual outfit; she wore a casual light blue denim jumpsuit with a white sleeveless shirt inside, and then her clothes were paired with white sneakers. She looked at the mirror. I think it’s better to let my hair untie. When she was about to open the door, she stopped. Wait. Should I bring my gun or maybe at least a knife? She decided to go in and took her twin knives. Just in case… She put the knives inside her socks.

Jurina decided to just ride the public transport because if she use a car or a motorcycle that has been prepared by her boss, it could be dangerous if someone unintentionally remember the plate number or something. “Stop here.”

The taxi driver slowly stopped his car in front of a restaurant. “Thank you” He said it after Jurina paid the taxi.

Jurina looked around as if she wanted to make sure that the restaurant was safe for her. After that, she entered the restaurant and then she chose the corner table. She called the waitress to ask for menu list. When she was reading the list… “Ouch!” She felt someone’s handbag hit back of her head. She clenched her fist and then she turned her head. “Hey! You hit my head, idiot!!”

The girl who was about to leave quickly turned her head and then she apologized. “Oh, sorry. I’m so sor- HEY!!” The girl stopped apologizing after she saw Jurina’s face. “You’re ‘the painkiller girl’, how dare you call me as an IDIOT after I helped you last time!!” She put her hands on her hips while glaring at Jurina.

Jurina narrowed her eyes, trying to remember the other girl. She massaged her forehead when she remembered the other girl. “Urgh! You’re the bossy doctor from the damn strict hospital.” She lifted up her head to see Rena who stood in front of her. “You make me lose my appetite. What’s your name again, doc? Rena… the head of department, right?” She said it sarcastically.

“Don’t call me by my first name! You’re very disrespectful.”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “Do you have double personalities or what? You act so wild outside your damn hospital.”

“Pfft.” Rena looked at Jurina from head to toe. She remembered that the last time in the hospital… Jurina just wore a kind of man sleeveless t-shirt and a short ripped jeans. “Say it to yourself.” She pointed at Jurina’s clothes. “Trying so hard to be a cute girl, huh?” She was mocking Jurina.

SHIT! Jurina was suddenly regretting her stupid decision to wear some girly outfits. She wore it because she didn’t want to get too much attention from people around her, so she acted like a normal young girl. Oh man… I’m really happy if my next target is her. I’ll gladly to rip her mouth. She was trying really hard to not take out the knife from her socks. She hit the table strongly and it caused all people looked at her. She stood up and gave Rena an evil glare. “You better pray to your God to not let us meet again.” She said it right in front of Rena’s face.

Rena’s heartbeat went crazy because somehow… Jurina made her scared to death.

After threw a demon glare at Rena, Jurina walked out from the restaurant. “Stop looking at me or I will take your eyeballs out of your fucking eyes!!!” She yelled at the people there.

All of them quickly turned around; without they realized it, same as Rena… they were being afraid of the scary aura that came from Jurina.

Rena stunned while watching Jurina walked out from the restaurant. She has really bad temper. She sighed.

Jurina finally stood outside the restaurant. She looked at the building across the street. I see… that’s why I meet her again. The building that she saw was the hospital where Rena worked. She cursed her careless action. I should have been more careful before going somewhere. It’s too dangerous for me if someone could recognize me like that again. She walked away from the restaurant.

It was her first time for being recognized by someone around her ‘house’. She usually isolated herself until the new job came to her and then she would move to another place right after her target was dead. Unfortunately, she became too bored after ‘doing nothing’ for 2 weeks in her new house.

========================= **** =========================

= Next Target =

It had been 3 days since Jurina accidentally met Rena in the restaurant.

Where are they?! Am I being fired or something? Jurina threw the TV remote onto the table.

Jurina was so frustrated because she couldn’t contact her boss at all. For our safety, you are not allowed to contact me or meet me directly. It was what her boss said to her, so for years… it was only one-way communication. Her boss always used a new number every time her boss had to inform her some important news.

Jurina flinched as she heard someone was knocking her door. Finally I will have something to do. She smirked. She walked toward the door and then she opened the door slowly with a knife on her hand, just in case it was someone who was not expected. She was relaxed after she saw a guy in a black suit in front of her door was holding a phone.

“He said that you have to hear it immediately.”

Jurina frowned but she just did what the guy said. She long-pressed ‘1’ button on the phone and then she put the phone near her ear.

I want to meet you tonight. Just follow the man in front of you.” The voice recording was ended.

WHAT?! Jurina was a bit surprised. He asks me to meet him after years?? She looked at the guy in front of her. “What happen? Why he doesn’t give me a job as usual?”

“I don’t know.” The guy simply answered it. “He only ordered me to say ‘you don’t have to pack your stuff… not yet.’ to you, J.”

“Okay.” Jurina locked her house and then she followed the guy. He asked me to not pack my stuff… it means my target is here. Jurina smirked. How I hope it’s that damn doctor. She was remembered how she was being humiliated by Rena last time.

Jurina sat inside the car for about an hour and she didn’t have any idea where she was heading to, because the windows were black in color… she couldn’t see anything outside. “Geez. I feel my butt is getting cramp.”

“Don’t worry, J. We’re already here.” The guy said it while slowly stopping the car in front of an old factory.

Jurina looked around. It’s really dark here. She saw the guy stepped out from the car, so she did the same. She followed the guy carefully because she barely could see anything. At first, she thought that she would go upstairs and her boss was in one of the rooms in that factory, but no… she went downstairs after the guy opened a kind of hidden door for her. After she went downstairs, the guy opened another door by scanning his fingerprint and entering some codes. The moment the door opened Jurina saw the lights came from inside it.

“Right there.” The guy was pointed the room on the corner.

Jurina walked toward the room. She knocked the door and then the small screen on the door turned on. She saw a familiar man’s face on the screen.

Oh. You’re here, J. Come in.” He pressed a button under his work desk and then the door opened, revealing Jurina’s boss. “It’s been a long time.” He said it with an expressionless face.

“I don’t know that after years, you build our headquarters in the underground place like this.” Jurina sat in front of the man. She looked at her boss that she even didn’t know the full name; they only use an initial letter to call each other. “You look a bit older, Y.”

“And you’re also growing up really well. I can’t believe that the little kid that I’ve been raised since 11 years ago… has been changed into a gorgeous girl this.” He pointed at Jurina.

“Cut the crap and just give me the job.” Jurina yawned. “I’m totally bored in these 2 weeks.”

“You must be wondered why I invite you to come here after years.”

“Yes, and it’s totally wasting my time because you can just do it as usual… by phone.” Jurina rolled her eyes.

The boss stared at Jurina. “I want to do it like that, but not this time because your target is a bit different from before. You’re one of my favorite underlings, so I can’t let my best man just die without any warning.”

Jurina seemed annoyed. “Don’t underestimate me!” She hit the table.

The boss snorted. “Your bad temper is still haven’t change at all.” He took something from his drawer and then he put it on the table.

"Who is this?" Jurina took the photo from the table. She frowned while looking at the picture with full of curiosity. Too bad… this is not the bossy doctor’s picture.

"Kashiwagi Yuki." The boss answered Jurina. His eyes were so dark and cold. He stared at Jurina in a serious way.

Jurina put the photo onto the table again. “What should I do to her?” She asked it to the man who sat in front of her even though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to make sure.

"Kill her."

Jurina laughed really hard. “You ask me to come here only to give me an order to kill a girl? I can’t believe it.”

“Don’t laugh.” He said it firmly. “Before you come here, I already sent 5 men to kill her but… they never come back.” He rested his back onto the chair. “Well… I can assume that they’re dead.”

Jurina looked at the photo once again. Kashiwagi Yuki.

“I will give you all information that I have about her.” He pointed at the photo. “I get it from the men that have been killed by her before. This time will be different… I will allow you to contact me anytime and I also will give anything that you want for succeeding this mission. I will give you the best weapons that we have tonight.”

Jurina narrowed her eyes. “Why are you so eagerly to kill her?”

“Because there’s someone out there who will pay us in a huge amount of money if we can kill her… the digits were not in joking amount. If you succeed in killing this girl, you will get the well worth amount as well.”

Jurina crossed her arms. Is she THAT precious? She wanted to ask it to her boss but she knew that it was useless since she was sure that her boss also didn’t know anything about the reason. Their organization was only running assassins job without care about the reason. As long as their clients could pay them in a great amount of money, their organization would do anything to kill the client’s target. “This is so interesting.” She smirked.


Jurina put the USB flash drive into the drawer. The hell! He wants me to read all files inside this USB flash drive?! And he even gave me some new weapons! Oh, come on! I already killed more than 100 people in my life, so what’s so hard about killing a girl? She took out the photo from her pocket and then she stared at it for a few seconds. She looks weak anyway……. oh well yeah, she’s cute. It’s too bad… I have to blow up a cute girl. She shrugged and then she put the photo beside the flash disk. She closed the drawer and then she went to the kitchen to cook something.

* Next Morning *

Jurina didn’t want to waste her time… on the next morning after she was being called by her boss… she went to her new target’s house. She didn’t want to attack, but she just wanted to know the situation around Yuki’s house. I wonder why 5 assassins could die in this mission. Did she have a lot of elite bodyguards or something?

Jurina put the earphones onto her ears and then she squatted. “Listen… you have to cooperate with me, okay?” She talked to a cute dog in front of her and then the dog licked her face while wagging its tail. Yuck! She wiped her face, showing her annoyed face. “If you’re well-behaved today, I won’t put you back to the damn street.” She pointed at the dog face and then she patted its head.

The night when Jurina came back from the headquarters, she found the abandoned dog slept on the street near her house. She brought it home as she found an idea with the dog… not because she felt pity for the dog.

Jurina stood and then she began to jog around Yuki’s house with the dog, a fluffy white Samoyed dog. She glanced at the big and tall walls beside her while jogging. At first she couldn’t see the situation of the house because the wall was blocking her view, but then… she could see it clearly. Her footsteps slowed down when she passed the gate so she could observe the house longer. The house was white in color and it also had a garden in front of it. Wait… where’s the security guards? She frowned as she didn’t saw single person inside the gate.

“H-hey!!!!” Jurina yelled as the dog chain slipped from her hand. “Urgh! Fuck!” She stomped her foot strongly onto the ground when she saw the dog ran toward Yuki’s house. “No-no-no!!! You can’t get in th-…” She facepalmed as the small dog had succeed passed through the sidelines of the gate and then the dog jumped happily around the garden.

Jurina sighed as she saw the dog was playing on the top of the grass in the garden. “Stupid dog.” She felt more irritated when the dog began to bark out loud. Okay, I think I’ll just leave THAT useless dog in there before someone come and see me. She wanted to go as soon as possible because she didn’t bring her gun or he knife, so it was too dangerous for her if she has to fight with Yuki’s bodyguards. But when she was about to take a step…

“Kyaa~ you’re so cute!!!”

Jurina turned her head toward the house. She saw a beautiful girl squatted beside the fluffy dog while waving her hands at the dog. She narrowed her eyes so she could watch the girl better. The girl wore the sky blue pajama and a pair of white sandals. She focused her eyes on the girl’s face and then she flinched a bit.  She is…

“Hey, is this your dog?” Yuki stood up while pointing at the dog.

Jurina stunned. S-shit! I didn’t prepare myself to interact with my target today!! She just gave Yuki a slight nod.

Yuki walked toward Jurina who standing outside the gate and then she opened the gate without knowing how dangerous Jurina was. “He’s a cute dog.” She smiled at Jurina.

Jurina just gave an awkward smile to Yuki. “I found it on the street last night. You can have it if you want.” She shrugged. Should I kill her right now? Just like in photo… she looks weak. She debated with herself. Wait… I should not act reckless and causing me falls into the dangerous situation.

“No-no-no!” Yuki shook her head. “I’m afraid of dog.”

Jurina raised her eyebrows. “You just said that he was cute.”

“Well, I admit that the dogs are cute, but yeah… somehow, I’m afraid of them. I can’t touch them.” Yuki grinned.

“Sorry, but…. that’s weird.” Jurina couldn’t understand why Yuki called the dog was cute but actually afraid of it.

Yuki laughed. “Yeah, my best friend often said it to me.” She turned her head toward the dog that was still playing on her garden and then showed a pout on her lips. “Who’s the stupid master who dumped you onto the street??” After she said it, she looked at Jurina again. “I’m sure you’re a nice girl. Not much people who willingly adopt a dog from the street.”

Jurina didn’t say anything. You can see how nice I am when I shoot your head.

“Oh, please come in and take your dog.” Yuki opened the gate wider. “You want to continue jogging, right?” She pointed at Jurina’s training suit.

Jurina was taken aback; she was forgotten that she was supposed to act like she was jogging around there. “Y-yeah.” She bowed her head a little and then she entered the gate. She took a little glance at the house and looked around without turned her head. Am I mistaken or this girl really didn’t have any guard around her!!!?? She took the dog chain and then she dragged the dog out of the house before Yuki became suspicious at her. “Excuse us. Sorry for bothering you.” She said it to Yuki when she had already stood outside the gate.

“Don’t worry. I’m happy to meet you and your super cute dog.” Yuki smiled. “See you.” She waved her hand before locked the gate again.

Jurina felt a kind of big thud on her heart when she saw Yuki’s smile. Shit! This could make my job harder. She looks better in person rather than in photo. She bowed her head a little at Yuki before she walked away. We surely will meet again. She smirked.

========================= **** =========================

= Someone from the Past =

Jurina entered a bar. It was so crowded and noisy, it made her felt uncomfortable. She looked around and saw that all tables were full, so she walked toward a table near her. “I want to sit here.” She glared at 4 men who sat there.

One of the men hit the table and then he stood up. “Are you fucking blind?! We’re sitting here, stupid!!”

Usually, Jurina would get mad in an instant when there was someone who said some harsh words at her… but it seemed she was not in the mood to fight anyone that night. “Look.” She opened her jacket a little and showed a gun on her waist. “I don’t want to make a fuss here, but if you insist…” She was about to take the gun, but…

“W-wait.”  All of them quickly stood up. “J-just sit here. We’re about to go anyway.” They let Jurina sat there.

Jurina called out the waitress to ask some cans of beer. After three cans of beer arrived on her table, she took one of them and opened it. Should I go to that house again tonight? Maybe the guards didn’t show up in at noon because she didn’t want to make the neighbors suspicious… maybe she’s only tightening the security at night. She still had no idea why 5 assassins could dead when they hunted Yuki.

When Jurina was about to gulp the beer, there was a beautiful girl who approached and sat in front of her. It was impossible for her to ignore the super gorgeous girl like that. “Wanna drink?” She offered a can of beer to the girl.

"No." The girl answered it while keeping her eyes glued on Jurina.

Jurina laughed. “If you didn’t intend to drink, then why someone like you go to the small and illegal bar like this?” She put the can on the table. “Looking for someone?” She smirked.


"Do you need a help to find-"

"No." The girl cut Jurina’s words. She rested her back on the chair without took off her eyes from Jurina. "I found her already." She smiled.

Jurina saw a smile, but somehow she could feel an evil behind the innocent smile. “What’s your purpose?” The friendly aura between them before… suddenly changed into the thick and tense atmosphere.

The girl snorted and then she took something from her handbag… a gun. She calmly put it onto the table with the mouth of the gun facing at Jurina. “Answer it by yourself.”

Jurina glanced at the girl’s neck, there was a silver necklace. She narrowed her eyes. The pendant of the necklace formed the twentieth letter of the alphabet in cursive letters, T. ”Shit!” She quickly stood up and then she kicked the table, it made the gun fell from the girl’s hand. She succeeded in making the round table flipped, but she failed to take the gun from the floor because the beautiful girl already pointed the gun at her using another gun.

"Looking for something?" The girl smirked as she realized that she was in an advantageous position. "Stop moving…" The girl said it firmly to Jurina. "… or I will blow up you head."

"Tch! Son of a bitch." Jurina put both of her hands behind her head and stood up slowly. "You win." She shrugged. "Now pull the trigger and shoot me… Mayu."

Everyone in the bar slowly stepped back and walked out from the bar. They were too afraid to interfere with the girls.

Mayu showed an evil smile. “I don’t expecting you to recognize me.”

“Your face is totally different, but… your old necklace is still there.” Jurina showed a mocking smirk. “Well… it seems your plastic surgery have a good result for you since you looks so MUCH BETTER than the last time. I think I can fall for you now.” She let out the sarcastic laugh.

Mayu clenched her teeth. *BANG!* She shot Jurina’s right arm.

“Ugh!” Jurina held her arm to press the blood. She closed her eyes while holding back the pain.

Mayu smiled as she looked the pain in Jurina’s face. “Try to laugh again and this time the bullet absolutely will not missing the target… your head.”

Jurina grimaced in pain. “You’ve changed.” The blood was rolling down from her arm onto the floor.

“YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CHANGE ME, MATSUI JURINA!!!” Mayu yelled out loud. “HOW DARE YOU… KILL MY PARENTS IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks. Her eyes that full of hatred glared at Jurina.

“Listen, Mayu-”

*BANG!* This time, Mayu shot Jurina’s right leg. “YOU MAKE ME LIVING LIKE IN HELL FOR A YEAR!” She cried. “I even need to change my own face and faked my death because the people from your side kept looking for me!!”

Jurina knelt on the floor because her legs barely could support her body. “H-how di-did you f-find m-me…?” She stuttered as the pain had been taking over her body.

Mayu snorted while keeping the gun facing at Jurina. “You even forget about this town. Did you forget that this is my hometown?? Of course my underlings will recognize you because I’ve been hunting you for 2 years already.” She wiped her tears because she didn’t want to look like a weak girl in front of her enemy. “My father’s men are working for me now. I’m not a weak girl like you used to know, Jurina.”

“But you’re still a lonely girl that I used to know.” Jurina said it while looking deep into Mayu’s eyes.

“SHUT UP!!” Mayu clenched her teeth. “Keep silent or I will shoot you again!”

“Then shoot me!! End my life now!!” Jurina shouted. “If it will be able to relieve your pain… DO IT!”

“If you say so…” Mayu was ready to pull the trigger.

 Jurina slowly saw the world became yellow… her vision was blurred… slowly all became black. *BRAAK!* She fell onto the floor while the blood kept flowing from her body.

=================== To Be Continued ===================

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Jurina slowly saw the world became yellow… her vision was blurred… slowly all became black. *BRAAK!* She fell onto the floor while the blood kept flowing from her body.

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I can't believe that I writes 7K words for one subchapter. 0_o
At the beginning, I planned to write 4K for 2  subchapter.



= Old Wound =

Jurina blinked so many times before she could fully open her eyes. Ouch! She felt a deep pain on her right stomach and then she touched it. Oh right, Mayu shot my stomach and made me lost a lot of blood. She lifted her head a little and then she saw her stomach had been bandaged neatly.

She tried to get up from the comfortable bed slowly… ignoring the pain on her stomach, and when she sat on it… she saw her reflection on the big wall mirror in front of her. Her head and her right arm were being bandaged. She brushed off the blanket a little and then she saw that her right foot was being bandaged as well. Cih… that girl, I thought she was going to kill me. She rolled her eyes.

“Oh, you’re awake... after 2 days.” The girl showed up and crossed her arms.

Jurina threw her eyes at the shorter girl who leaned her body onto the door. “Of course I’ll awake.” She pointed at the bandage on her forehead. She remembered that her head bumped hard onto the floor because she lost her strength after Mayu shot her stomach. “You’re the one who treating me so well. You have been expecting me to wake up, don’t you?” She smirked.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Mayu looked irritated as she saw Jurina’s mocking smirk. “I make you gain your consciousness back so I can shoot you again, because seeing you in pain is kinda fun.”

Somehow, Mayu’s answer made Jurina wanted to play a bit more. She looked at her gun and her twin knives on the table near the mirror. “Well you can use my knife there, you know? Stab me wherever you want… I’m so available.”

Mayu sighed. “You haven’t change at all.” She walked toward the table and then she took Jurina’s knife. “You’re still arrogant as always.” She took off the knife from its case and then she touched the blade as if she wanted to make sure that it was sharp enough to rip Jurina’s body. “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Jurina calmly looked at Mayu who walked toward her. “No. I’ve prepared myself for that. Well… let’s call it as a job risk.” She smiled when Mayu put the sharp side of the knife onto her neck. She could feel the blade was touched her skin. “I’ve prepared myself to face the fate if someone wants to take a revenge on me… I’ve been killed many people who dearest to someone. I could die anytime.”

“…” Mayu remained silent.

Jurina realized that she had a little chance, so… she did it. She quickly grabbed Mayu’s hand that was holding a knife and then she used her other hand to push Mayu down onto the bed harshly. She sat on Mayu’s stomach while her left hand won the knife back from Mayu’s grip and her right hand was strangling Mayu’s neck.

Mayu tried to escape but she couldn’t move even a bit. “Fuck!” She knew that she would never win against Jurina in physical fighting like that. She was about to scream and call her underlings, but Jurina already placed the knife right on the top of her eyes.

“Uh-uh.”  Jurina shook her head. “Don’t even think about it. The knife will stab your eyes even before you open your mouth to scream.” She smirked. “You should kill me when you had a chance, Mayu.”

Mayu gulped. She was afraid as she saw Jurina’s cold eyes were glaring at her, but then… her eyes widened as she saw Jurina threw the knife somewhere and loosened the grip on her.

“I knew that you didn’t intend to kill me, you just… want to throw your anger from your heart.” Jurina approached Mayu’s face, shortened the distance between their face… she even could feel Mayu’s breath swept her lips. “You know… before I was fully lost my consciousness in the bar, I felt that you quickly ran toward me and shook my body. Yelled my name over and over again while crying… unfortunately, I didn’t have enough strength to open my eyes. I heard you asked for help while hugging me before I blacked out.”

Mayu flinched and then she looked away, hiding her embarrassing face. “After you killed my parents 3 years ago… I became a girl who thinks of suicide many times, a girl who wears a jumper in the summer… afraid if someone from your side would recognize me, and a girl who feels unsecure ALL the time because of you... but guess what, I still love you and I fucking hate it. I’m so pathetic!” She bit her own lips, trying to hold back the tears… but she couldn’t.

Jurina saw the tears rolled down on the other girl’s cheek. “Well… I guess I hurt you so much.” She stared at the girl below her. She rarely had a heart, but that time… she could really feel the deep pain of the other girl. She locked her eyes on Mayu’s eyes, the face might change drastically because of the plastic surgery but Mayu’s real eyes were still there… the eyes of someone who had been always gave a warm smile to her in the past.


Jurina received a voice recording. “This time I give you a harder job so at least finish it  in 2 months, the house is on xxx street, the name is Watanabe-” As usual, she would end the voice recording before she could heard the full name of her victim.

Jurina tilted her head. A harder job? What’s the difference with my previous jobs? She was wondered about it, so she did a kind of observation first.  She walked around the target’s house for a few days and acted like a regular young girl who just passed by the house.

“Uhh… hello?”

Jurina flinched as someone tapped her back. She almost took her gun but she could calm down a bit after she saw that it was just a young girl like her. She ignored the strange girl and kept walking.

But the girl had so much persistence, she kept following Jurina. “Lately, I always see you passing by this house.” She pointed at the big house beside them. “But I never saw you before, are you a new comer?”

“Yes, I’m just moved here few weeks ago.” Jurina took her steps faster but the strange girl managed to walk beside her. She felt irritated as the other girl kept following her. As soon as she reached the main street, she was randomly called out the taxi. “Sorry, I have to go somewhere. Bye.” She said it before she entered the taxi. She looked at the strange girl through a rearview mirror. She’s ruining my plan today.


Jurina put all the photos that she got onto the desk. So… on the daylight, there are 2 guards near the gate, 2 guards in front of the main door, 4 guards that always patrolling around the front yard, and… She sighed. I’ve never be able to know how many guards on the backyard because of THAT weird girl!

It had been 2 weeks but Jurina still couldn’t get enough information about the security guards in her target’s house because every time she wanted to walk toward the street behind the target’s house, the strange girl that was always bothering her lately… always showed up and bombarded her with tons of questions. She sighed.

She looked at the other photos; there were a picture of 4 men who stood behind the gate. It seems the owner of this house doubles their security at night. Yes, she also came to observe the house in the middle of the night from afar. I think it’s better to attack my target in the daylight rather than in the midnight. I can wear a mask to cover my face. But… what if THAT stupid girl show up again?! Ugh! She massaged her forehead.

She took a sip of her coffee while looking for an idea to shoo the strange girl away. She took a little glance on the calendar. I still have one and half months until the deadline, so… I think I can do something to make her go away first… She took a picture of an old man who had just stepped out from the fancy car in front of the house.  …before I kill him.



There she is. Jurina sighed as a sign of her frustration. She turned her head and faced the girl. “Why do you always bothering me?! You’re an annoying girl!” She glared at the girl while yelling at the innocent girl. “Go away!”

The girl stopped all of a sudden. She looked surprised and flinched a bit.

Jurina smirked. It works.

“T-this is the first time you look at me while I’m talking.” Thegirl smiled nervously. “Finally… you don’t ignore me anymore.”

Jurina’s smirk faded away in an instant. What?! She was expecting the other girl would run away after she snapped at her, but no… instead of afraid, the other girl felt happy. “Didn’t you hear me? Go away! You’re too noisy!”

Ignoring Jurina’s harsh words, the girl grabbed Jurina’s hand gently and shook it. “My name is Mayu. What’s yours?” She said it with a big grin on her face.

Jurina frowned and then she quickly pulled back her hand. “Stupid girl!” She was totally frustrated by Mayu.

Mayu laughed. “Oh, Stupid Girl. What a nice name!”

“Arrgghh!” Jurina stamped her foot onto the ground before left the girl alone. Idiot! She was still could hear Mayu’s laugh until she turned right and walked toward another block.

========== Next Day ==========

“Hi, Stupid Girl.” Mayu waved her hand at Jurina and then she walked toward Jurina.

“Tch. Get out of my way. I wanna go to the supermarket.” Jurina pushed Mayu because the other girl stood in her way.

Mayu pouted as the girl left her just like that. She had been waited Jurina there for almost an hour yet she only got a yell from the other girl. “H-hey.” She ran toward Jurina and she made Jurina stopped, by standing in front of Jurina. “I… uhh… Let’s go together. I want to go to the supermarket as well to buy uhh…..c-chocolate!” She randomly said a thing that popped out in her head.

Jurina frowned as she saw the girl who stood in her way (again). “Chocolate?!” She rolled her eyes while sighing. She wanted to push the other girl again, but then she stopped as she saw Mayu’s cheeks that had been blushed crazily. “Wait… don’t tell me that you like-”

“NO!!!” Mayu shook her head. “Of course not! Don’t be misunderstanding.”

“Then why? Tell me the reason why do you always bothering me?” Jurina glared at the other girl. “You better tell me now before I call the police and tell them that you’re a creepy girl who stalking me every day and make me feel in danger.” Of course the police thing was totally a lie, she said it just because she felt impatient as the other girl didn’t say anything.

“P-police??” Mayu’s body was trembled. “P-please d-don’t do that. I just… want to show my gratitude. Umm… a few weeks ago, you’ve saved my pet.”

“Huh?” Jurina frowned. Pet? What pet? She scratched the back of her head while thinking. “Oh!” She finally remembered that when the first day she came to that city, she saw a kitten in the middle of the street. She ran and grabbed the cute kitten when there was a car that almost hit the poor kitten. “The cat?” She saw a firmly nod from Mayu. “Don’t mind that. I just did it instinctively without intended to save your pet.” She walked away.

Mayu kept being persistent and then she grabbed Jurina’s hand before Jurina walked too far. “Just let me give you something you need or treat you something that you want to eat or do something for you. I'm not used to owe something to someone.”

Jurina was about to shove the girl’s hand, but then she smirked. It’s a good chance to make this stupid girl go away forever. She turned her body toward the other girl. “So… basically, if I ask something to you… you won’t bother me anymore, right?”

“Yeah.” Mayu nodded. “Something like that.”

“Alright. Umm…” Jurina tried to think about something to do or something to eat or something she need. “Ah! You can do something for me.” She snapped her fingers when she found an idea. “Make me know this area better.”

“I’m sorry?” Mayu frowned as she didn’t quite understand what Jurina mean.

Jurina shrugged. “Well… as you know, I’m new here. I want to know this area better so maybe you can just accompany me to walk around tomorrow.” She really needed to know the area better, just in case she needed a place to hide, because she just received the information that her current target was the leader of the dangerous Yakuza. At least I’ll know where to hide if I know this area better when something bad happen.

“Okay.” Mayu nodded. “So, where we meet tomorrow?”

“Here, at 3PM.” Jurina pointed her finger at Mayu’s face. “Don’t you dare to come late, Mayu! Even for a minute!!”

Mayu was a bit surprised because she didn’t expect the other girl would remember her name. “Okay-okay!” She shoved Jurina’s finger from her face. “See you tomorrow, stupid girl.” She grinned at Jurina.

“Don’t call me like that!!” Jurina clenched her fist.

“Why?!” Somehow, Mayu enjoyed teasing the cold girl in front of her. “You said it when I asked your name yesterday.”

“Ugh!”Jurina groaned, showing her frustration. “Okay, you win… just call me J. Bye.” She walked away and left Mayu alone. She walked toward the supermarket.

========== Next Day ==========

“Hi!” Mayu waved her hand when she saw Jurina came. A big grin plastered on her face.

Jurina didn’t wave her hand back nor smile back. “Oh, you are not late.” She just walked toward Mayu while keeping her hands inside the jeans pocket. “I was thinking about to hang you upside down on the tree if you were late.”

“Tch.” Mayu glared at Jurina. “You’re really a cold-blooded girl.”

“Yes I am.” Jurina simply agree with it. “Hurry up!” She kept walking and left Mayu behind.

“Oi! I’m your tour guide, you know?!” Mayu walked fast toward Jurina. “You’ll lost your way if you leave me behind, so… be kind to me!”

Jurina rolled her eyes. “First… I have GPS, so I won’t get lost in this small city. Second…” She stopped all of a sudden and then she turned her body while glaring at Mayu. “… You’re the one who owe me something. You’re the one who said it to me yesterday.” She smirked. “You can leave me now if it’s the way you show your gratitude to the person who’ve saved your kitten.” It’ll be much better if she leaves now.

Mayu looked at Jurina in disbelief way and after that she sighed. “Trust me, I really want to leave you now, but I can’t. My parents always teach me to not owe any thing to other people because it’ll make me unwillingly bonded to someone… now I know why.” She walked forward. “Come on. I will show you everything, so I won’t be bonded to you anymore.”

Jurina looked at Mayu’s back figure. Bound to someone? She frowned. Like… I’m bonded to the assassin organization? She followed Mayu from behind.

They spent over 3 hours to take a look for the whole city. Mayu showed Jurina many important places, like hospitals, police stations, schools, universities, train stations, and the nearest bus shelter. Mayu also showed Jurina some fun places, like the small park, convenience stores, theaters, game centers, shopping malls, and many other places.

“And… this is the last area that I can show you.” Mayu pointed at the area in front of them. “If you’re hungry, you can come here to look something to eat. I bet you will be addicted to this place because all meals in this area are so delicious!! I recommend that restaurant for you.” She pointed at the restaurant that not too far from them.

“Okay.” Jurina shrugged.

“Can’t you say anything else except ‘okay’? That’s the only word you say to me in the last few hours!” Mayu crossed her arms, waiting for Jurina’s answer.


Mayu sighed. “There you go… an ‘okay’ again.” She zipped up her jacket because the wind blew stronger. She rubbed her palms together to make her hands warmer. “I need to go home now.” She looked at her watch. “7PM. Wow, I’ve been wasted my 3 hours for you. Okay then… I think it’s a goodbye.” She smiled at Jurina.

Jurina remained silent. Her smile… she looks lonely for some reason. It’s like… she needs a friend. She’s a lonely girl… just like me. She could read Mayu’s sadness even though Mayu showed a smile.

“I’m sure you won’t get lost since you said that you have a GPS, right?” She chuckled a little. “Goodbye… well uhh… forever, I guess.” She turned around and stepped out from the restaurant area.

Forever? Jurina watched Mayu’s back figure slowly faded away. Somehow, she didn’t want to let the other girl went away. Why? Why I have this heavy burden inside my chest now? She touched her chest and felt the heartbeat. Isn’t it already became my habit to always leave everything behind after I’m done with my job? But why? Why now I- She almost lost Mayu’s figure in the middle of the crowd. SHIT! She ran toward Mayu. “Mayu!! Hey!!!”

Mayu was surprised as she felt there was someone who grabbed her arm. She turned her head quickly. The moment her eyes met with Jurina’s eyes, she smiled bitterly. We’re so similar.


“Are you an ojou-sama or something?”

Mayu tilted her head. “Why did you ask it all of a sudden?”

“Well uhh… just curious.” Jurina shrugged. “You always wear high-priced dress, princess-like, and you look elegant when you shut your mouth.”

Mayu glared at Jurina. “Only when I shut my mouth?! You want to praise me or mock me? Be clear, so I can punch you in the face without any regret.”

“See?” Jurina snorted.  “Yes. Just look at yourself, you look so barbaric when you speak.”

“Tch.” Mayu looked away from Jurina and looked at the front. “If you ask me whether I’m rich or not… yeah, I’m from a rich family.” She sighed. “But… not all rich girls have a happy life.” She hugged her own legs and rested her chin on her knee. “I have no friend and I also barely can meet my parents. My father is very busy with his own business, he rarely be at home. In this month, I only see him once.”

Jurina kept staring at the girl who sat beside her. She listened to every word that came from the other girl’s lips quietly.

“My mom… I saw her sleep with another man.” Mayu bite her below lips bitterly while the tears rolled down slowly. “I often see her bring another man to our house.”

Jurina’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow.” She wasn’t sure how to respond it.

“Yeah…” Mayu wiped her tears. “But I can’t blame her… maybe it’s because she’s so lonely all the time, just like me.”

“What?!” Jurina was shocked. “You sleep with a man too?”

Mayu almost fell. “Wait wha-! No!!! Stupid! You ruin the mood!” She smacked Jurina’s head. “I mean I’m lonely, just like my mother.”

“Ouch.” Jurina rubbed her head. “Same with me… I’m lonely too sometimes.”

Mayu’s angry expression changed into a sympathy expression. Just like I thought before… we’re so similar.

“I have no parents and I don’t have friend.” Jurina looked at the bright sky above her.

“I have no friend either.” Mayu also looked at the sky. “For some reason, my parents don’t let me to have a regular life. They never allow me to enter the public school and force me to do homeschooling. They also never allow me to go outside freely.” She chuckled. “If they knew that I always sneak out from home lately just to meet you, they would be really angry at me.”

Jurina closed her eyes. And if my boss knew that I waste my time with you in these 2 weeks, he probably would kill me. She took a deep breath. My target is still alive out there and I need to finish him soon. After that… I have to leave this town…. and you. She clenched her fist.

Loneliness was the only similarity that they had at that time, but it had already enough to become their reason to get closer with each other.

“Mayu, I think you should go back now.” Jurina opened her eyes again and stood up. “Your parents can be home anytime and you’ll get in trouble if they found out you are not at home.”

Mayu sighed. “Yeah… you’re right.” She was lazy to go home but she had to admit that Jurina was right. If my parents know I’m with her, it would be too dangerous for her. She stood up slowly and then she wiped the dust on her dress. “We will meet here tomorrow at usual time, right?”

They were standing on the rooftop of an old building. No one ever came there, so Mayu often used that place to seclude herself because she hated it when her bodyguard always followed her everywhere.

Jurina looked at Mayu before she answered the question. “Yes, we meet here at 2 PM… as usual.” She saw Mayu smiled at her and it made her gulped. Maybe tomorrow is the last time I will meet her since the day after tomorrow… I have to do my job and then I’ll leave forever. Forever…? Her heart sank every time she mentioned ‘forever’ word inside her head. “Mayu…”

“Hm?” Mayu turned around before she stepped down from the rooftop.

Jurina stunned as she saw how beautiful Mayu was. The light of sunset, somehow, made Mayu’s face became dramatically beautiful and stunning. The wind that slowly blew also made Jurina’s heart tortured because, somehow (again), Mayu’s messy hair made Mayu even looked more… flawless.

“I love you… w-will you fucking go out with me?” Those magic words come out from Jurina’s lips even without she realized it. She snapped out as her brain could work properly again. “O-oh! I-I’m sorry.” She looked panicked. “Yeah, it sounds stupid. Ha-ha-ha. It’s only been a month since we know each other, so it’s impossible. It’s too fast, doesn’t it? Ha-ha-ha.” She laughed, but her laugh sounded awkward and weird. She scratched her head. “You better go home now. I- I will go home too.” She walked fast toward the other stairs on that building.

“J…” Mayu called Jurina.

“See you tomorrow.” Jurina stepped down quickly.

“J!!! Stop right there or I will fucking push you from the stairs if I catch you!!!” Mayu yelled at Jurina.

Jurina stopped in the middle of the stairs. “O-okay. I stop. Don’t push me.”

Mayu stepped down the stairs and then she reached Jurina’s hand. “Turn around and look at me.”

Jurina turned her body slowly and then she looked at Mayu’s gentle eyes. The moment their eyes met, Jurina could tell that Mayu was also felt the same thing. Both of them smiled at each other.

In a few seconds later, both of them flinched as Mayu’s phone was ringing.  She picked up the phone and then she smirked after she heard her maid’s words through the phone. She ended the call and then she cupped Jurina’s cheek. “Wanna come to my house, J? My maid said that my parents won’t be home tonight.”

Jurina nodded and then she let Mayu lead her to Mayu’s house. She didn’t care if she would probably dead if her boss found out later. She didn’t care if she had to leave the town the day after tomorrow… after she finished her job. I can visit this town every month or every 2 weeks without anybody know it, so I can meet Mayu here… or maybe, I can ‘kidnap’ Mayu forever from her parents. She said she didn’t feel happy to live with her parents, right? She played with her own mind while walking. She smiled while looking at her hand that was being grabbed tightly by her lover. I would never let her go, no matter wh-

We’re arrived.” Mayu whispered at Jurina. “My parents aren’t at home tonight. They will come back tomorrow from Russia.

Jurina frowned. Russia? She looked around to see Mayu’s house and the moment she realized it, her heartbeat went crazy. W-wait a minute… this is-

Mayu pulled Jurina’s hand and both of them squatted together in front of the big wall. “Listen… our family has many guards in our house, but don’t worry… I have a secret way to get in and get out without anyone knows it. I did it all the time.” She grinned.

Jurina couldn’t say anything. Her brain couldn’t work properly at that time. This is crazy! Fuck!!!! She felt her hand was dragged by Mayu. Mayu placed her hand on the top of the censor and after that, a door opened. They entered the secret door behind the house and then passed the small and empty hallway. The hallway was brought them straight into Mayu’s room. So… this is the safest way in and out.

“My parents made this secret hallway just in case I’m in danger, so I can get out from house or get in to my house easily. They didn’t know that I misusing it to sneak out from home.” Mayu chuckled.

“Bad girl.” Jurina pinched Mayu’s nose gently.

Mayu giggled. “If I’m not a bad girl, we will never be able to meet and falling for each other like this.” She wrapped her arms around Jurina’s neck.

Jurina smirked. “Are you sure that your parents won’t be home tonight.” She approached Mayu’s forehead and kissed it.

“No. They’ll arrive at home tomorrow at 1 PM, so we can spend many hours together.”

“What’s your parents’ job? Why do you have so many guards?” Jurina wanted to know how far Mayu knew about her father.

“My mom is a designer, but I don’t know what my dad’s job. He never told me about it.”

Jurina caressed Mayu’s cheek. “Why did he never tell you?”

“Are you here just to talk about my parents?!” Mayu pouted.

“No-no-no. Of course not! I’m here for you.” Jurina approached Mayu’s lips and then she kissed it passionately. So… my target is Mayu’s dad. What should I do now? It seems I need plan B. She has the mixed feelings in her heart.

========== Next Day ==========

Mayu opened her eyes slowly. She placed her hand beside her body, intended to hug someone, but she only found an empty spot there. Where’s J? She yawned and then she woke up slowly. Her eyes noticed a piece of paper that placed on the bed. She took the notes and then she read it.

Sorry, I have something to do in the early morning, so I can’t wait until you wake up. Meet me at the usual place at the usual time. I want to say something important to you. WAIT ME! I love you. - J

Mayu smiled as she read the message and she was wondering what was Jurina wanted to say. She looked at the clock. 11 AM?! Oh God, I sleep too much! But at least I still have 3 hours before I meet her.

* 2 hours later *

Good morning, Watanabe Mayu-sama.

Mayu heard the maid talked to her through the intercom when she was about to sneak out to meet Jurina. She stopped in front of the secret door.

Master and mistress already arrived at home… they want to meet you to have a lunch together.

Mayu rolled her eyes. She looked at the clock, 1 PM. Shit. She walked back to her room and then she walked toward the dining room to meet her parents. She saw both of her parents sat while waiting her.

“Hi, sweetheart. How are you?” Mayu’s mom stood up to hug her beloved daughter.

“I’m fine, mom.” Mayu hugged her mom as well and then she looked at her dad. “Hi, dad. It’s been a long time.”

Mayu’s dad smiled. “Do you feel lonely? I’m sorry Mayu, we have so much work to do. ”

Mayu sighed. “Yeah, I know. How’s Russia?”

“It’s really beautiful there.” Mayu’s dad smiled at Mayu. “I will take you there someday.”

Mayu snorted. “It’s impossible. You always busy all the time.”

Mayu’s mom reached Mayu’s hand and then she held it tightly. “What did you think we went to Russia for? Your father met his boss and decided to resign from his job.” She also smiled at Mayu.

Mayu’s eyes widened. “Oh really??!!!” She looked excited. “So… from now on, dad will be always at home???”

The man chuckled as he saw how excited his daughter was. “Yes, dear. We can spend our days together. Holiday everyday! I’ve been too old to have a job anyway. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and your mom.”

Mayu stood up and then she hugged her father. “I love you, dad.”

Mayu’s dad patted his daughter head. “I love you too.”

“Okay, let’s have a lunch together.” Mayu’s mom said it to her husband and Mayu.

Mayu looked at her watch, 1.30 PM. “I’m sorry. I’m so sleepy right now because I read manga until late hours last night. I want to sleep and I already have a lunch an hour ago.” She let out a fake yawn. I’m sorry mom… dad. I want to meet my girlfriend now. I promise that I will introduce her to you someday. She excused herself from dining room and walked quickly toward her room.

Mayu opened the other door inside her room and then she walked inside the secret hallway toward the outside door. After she reached the outside of her house, she walked quickly and crossed the street. She didn’t know that before the secret door completely closed, there was someone who entered the door.

Mayu walked toward the old building and then she went upstairs toward the quiet rooftop. She spread her arms and took a deep breath. Nice weather. She looked around to see Jurina, but no one there. She decided to wait Jurina, so she sat on the edge of the rooftop while enjoying the nice weather.

An hour had passed but Jurina not yet showed up. Where is she? Oh, I have to call her. NOW! Mayu put her hand into her pocket to take her phone. Where is it? She couldn’t find her phone and then she gasped as she remembered where the phone was. Damn! I left my phone on the table in the dining room!! She smacked her forehead.

Perfect! Mayu groaned. Jurina hasn’t come and I left my phone! Perfect!! She stomped her feet to the ground strongly before she walked downstairs. I need to go back and take my phone. I will kick her for making me tired like this. Lucky her that I love her, if not… I would ask my bodyguard to kill her right now. She grumbled by herself.

Mayu walked toward her house and in some minutes, she arrived at her house. She wanted to sneak in as usual, but somehow… she felt something different with her house. She peeked to the house gate from behind the tree. Where’s the guards that usually stands behind the gate? She frowned.

Mayu shook her head. Oh, right! I have to take my phone now. She walked toward her secret door and then she placed her hand on the top of the sensor, after that… the door opened automatically. She walked quickly though the hallway and finally he arrived at her room.

Mayu opened the door slowly and looked around before she stepped out. Thankfully, her parents weren’t around, but she felt strange because her house seemed too quiet for some reason. Where’s the guard that always stand in front of my door? Where are all the maids?  She walked downstairs carefully.

When Mayu was about to reach the dining room, she was flinched because she heard the gunshot. *BANG!*

Mayu gasped. W-what happen here???? She wanted to run away but when she remembered that her parents were in home, she stopped. A-are…. a-are they safe???! She was terrified and her body trembled.


Mayu closed her mouth because she was about to scream. She tried hard to not cry even though her hands were shaking crazily. When she turned left, she was totally surprised as she saw one of her bodyguard laid on the floor with blood. Oh my God. She braced herself to take the gun from the dead guard’s hand. She held the gun and she was ready to shoot everything that showed up in front of her. The gun was shaking in her hand.

Mayu was about to walk in to the living room, but she stopped as she heard the voices from there.

“Hahahaha! Just look at how easily I enter your house and kill all of your stupid guards in a blink of eye!”

Mayu narrowed her eyes. I think I know that voice.  She eavesdropped to the conversation.

“H-how can you and your friend entering this house?! I have many guards behind the gate and in front of the house!!!”

Mayu recognized it as her father’s voice. Thanks God he’s alive. She peeked from behind the wall and then she saw a girl who was holding two guns, each of gun’s mouth was pointed at her mother and her father. She couldn’t see the girl’s face because the girl faced another direction.

The girl laughed. “Last night… I unexpectedly knew another way to get in. I think last night was my lucky day.”

Mayu gasped. T-that voice… J…

“Okay, sir… say goodbye to your lovely wife.” The girl looked at Mayu’s mother direction.

“N-No!!!!” Mayu’s father shouted. “Don’t hurt her! Just kill me!!!”

Jurina looked at the woman’s eyes. “Sorry. I have to destroy all evidences.” *BANG!* She shot Mayu’s mother right on the forehead.

“Nooooo!!!!!!” Mayu’s father screamed uncontrollably as he saw the blood rolled down on his wife’s head. “You fucking bitch!!!”

Jurina glared at Mayu’s father and punched him on the face. She hated it when someone said a bad word at her. “Say goodbye to the world. You don’t have to worry about your daughter because I will take care of her.” She was ready to pull the trigger.

“J…” Mayu showed up from behind the wall. “D-did you just… killed m-my m-mm-mother??” Her voice cracked.

Jurina gasped and then she turned her head. “M-mayu?!” She was shocked to death.

“Mayu!!! Ruuunnn!!!!” Mayu’s father screamed.

Jurina’s heart sank. “W-why are you here? D-did I tell y-you to wait me at the usual place???” She couldn’t believe that Mayu saw it all. Sh-she saw me killed her mother?? She wanted to kill herself as she realized that all of her plans were ruined.

“D-do y-you want to kill my dad too??” Mayu bite her lips and the tears rolled down on her cheeks. “Why???!!!! WHYYY??!!!!” She screamed hysterically while pointing the gun at Jurina.

“Mayu… do you know this crazy girl?!” Mayu’s dad looked so lost.

“I’m sorry, dad.” Mayu cried while looking at her father’s face that already covered by blood. “I’m the one who showed her about the secret hallway in my room.” She sobbed. “I thought she is my friend!!! But actually she only used me from the beginning!!!!”

“Mayu… that’s not what I-”

“Don’t you dare to call my name!!!” Mayu cut Jurina’s words. “I thought that you love me…” Her tears fell so hard. “Put down your gun, J. Please don’t kill my father.” She pleaded at Jurina.

Jurina clenched her fist. “I’m sorry Mayu. This is my job.” *BANG! BANG!* She shot Mayu’s father.

Mayu gasped and then the gun fell from her hand. “Noooo!!! Daaaadddd!!!!” She ran toward her father’s body without care about Jurina who could kill her anytime. “Dad, please wake up!! You told me we can have holiday together every day!! You said you will bring me to Russia!!” She hugged her father’s dead body. “Why did you do this to me, J? WHYYY??!!!” She sobbed really hard. “I love you, J… but why???!!!”

Jurina closed her eyes for a moment and then she opened it again. “All witnesses have to be killed and all evidences have to be destroyed.” Her gaze became so cold when she said it. She pointed her gun at Mayu.

“J-J….” Mayu couldn’t believe what she just saw. She wished that it was all only her nightmare… she hoped that when she woke up tomorrow, everything was back to normal. “D-did you want to kill me too??”

“I told you to wait me out there, but you didn’t hear what I said to you. If you stayed there, you didn’t have to see all of this… you didn’t have to know all of this… we could be together, forever. But now… you’ve had seen this… you’re become a witness because you’ve been seen me kill someone.” Jurina stared at Mayu’s eyes. “All witnesses have to be killed.” She pulled the trigger. *BANG!*

After that, Jurina squatted in front of Mayu’s body that already covered with blood. “My full name is Matsui Jurina. If you survive, you can take your revenge anytime.” After she said it to Mayu, she walked away.


Jurina loosen up the grip again, so she wouldn’t strangle Mayu too hard. “You’re lucky because at that time I shot you on your stomach before my friend shot you on your head.”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you think I was able to kill all of your guards alone? I called my friend to help me. Thanks to you because you asked me came to your house and made me knew the number of your guards.”  Jurina smirked. “The assassins should kill all witnesses… it was the ultimate rule in our organization. That was why I killed your mom too. You were also a witness at that time, so my friend automatically wanted to kill you when he saw you witnessing all. He stood behind you at that time… pointed his gun at you all the time.”

Mayu frowned. “So… what you try to say here is… you shot me to help me?” She snorted. “I won’t eat that.”

“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not.” Jurina let go of her hands and then she stood beside the bed. “Your father was a leader of famous mafia… that was why he put so many guards in your house and didn’t let you out freely. He knew that many people wanted to kill him and it was also made you in danger.”

Mayu woke up slowly. Her eyes were wet because Jurina dig her old wound back.

“Your father’s men already killed 2 assassins from my organization before I came because your security was really tight and good. Lucky for me at that time… I met you and you showed me the secret hallway so I could easily attack your house from inside.”

“How dare you-” Mayu wanted to yell at Jurina, but Jurina cut her words.

“I didn’t mean to use you at that time. I didn’t know that you are his daughter. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with you at that time. Everything was happened too fast, so please understand me. If I didn’t kill your dad, my boss could kill both of us.” Jurina sat on the floor and rested her back onto the wall. “It was hard for me too at that time. I even had a thought to kill myself at that time because I didn’t want to hurt you, but… it wouldn’t stop there. If it was not me, someone else would come to kill you and your family!! In order to save you, I had to do that. In order to make you live longer, I let myself brought the huge pain in my heart. I’ve sacrificed everything for you at that time.”

Mayu didn’t know what to say. She just stood there while watching Jurina… she saw Jurina cried while covered the face with hands. She looks so vulnerable now.

“As I said to you 3 years ago, you can take your revenge anytime.” Jurina stood again and then she took the gun near the mirror. “Here. Shoot me now.” She threw the gun to Mayu’s hand. “If you don’t kill me now, I will go and kill someone else. I have a new target and she is as strong as your father.” She closed her eyes and waited her fate.

“Didn’t you hear what I said before? I still love you.” Mayu let go of the gun. “There is no way I could kill you now.” She looked away. “Go away! Now!!”

Jurina opened her eyes. “Mayu-”

“I love you but it doesn’t mean I want to come back to you!!! You’re my parents’ murderer and I will always see you in that way!! Just wait until I don’t love you anymore… I will take my revenge right away.”

Jurina was supposed to be happy because she could live longer, but no… she was sad because of Mayu’s words. “Give me 2 weeks to kill my target and after that… I will go from your town forever. For your sake, I won’t let you see my face again. I don’t want to hurt you twice.” She took her gun and her twin knives. “I will never come back, so... please forget your pain. Goodbye.” She walked out from the room.

=================== To Be Continued ===================


As you can see... this chapter only contains with Jurina and Mayu.
Next chapter, we will have them all. XD
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Mayu laughed. “Oh, Stupid Girl. What a nice name!”
“Hi, Stupid Girl.” Mayu waved her hand at Jurina and then she walked toward Jurina.
“See you tomorrow, stupid girl.” She grinned at Jurina.
“What?!” Jurina was shocked. “You sleep with a man too?”
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Mayu gasped and then the gun fell from her hand. “Noooo!!! Daaaadddd!!!!” She ran toward her father’s body without care about Jurina who could kill her anytime. “Dad, please wake up!! You told me we can have holiday together every day!! You said you will bring me to Russia!!” She hugged her father’s dead body. “Why did you do this to me, J? WHYYY??!!!” She sobbed really hard. “I love you, J… but why???!!!”
“I love you but it doesn’t mean I want to come back with you!!! You’re my parents’ murderer and I will always see you in that way!! Just wait until I don’t love you anymore… I will take my revenge right away.”
Jurina was supposed to be happy because she could live longer, but no… she was sad because of Mayu’s words
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= The Target =

Jurina took a deep breath as soon she saw her target's house. She's just standing one block away from that house. She must be at home. She said it in her mind after she saw a light in some room just turned on. Should I call my boss to ask some of his underlings to help me?

She took her phone from inside her pocket to send a message, but then she also realized something else. Oh great! I forgot my gun! She massaged her forehead as she realized how stupid she was, leaving her place in such vulnerable state like that. Yes, she was  too hurry to leave Mayu behind and forgot to bring her guns and her twins blade.

Didn't want to waste the time, she hurriedly sent a message to her boss. She asked her boss to send some men and also to give her some weapons. After she sent the message, she looked around to see a place to hide until her boss's underlings came. Luckily, she found a shady tree and then she laid under the tree.

She looked at the night sky. Since I separated with Mayu, I don't even remember how beautiful sky is. She lifted her hand as if she wanted to reach the star. She realized that these past year, she was too busy in doing her job and forgot how to enjoy her precious life. She was aware that her life could be taken by anyone, in anytime, and anywhere yet she didn't value her life more.


Jurina flinched as she heard someone called her. She quickly woke up and to be ready to attack anytime. "Oh?" She lowered her fists as soon as she saw 5 men in front of her. "Did Y send you?"

All of the man in the black suit nodded their head.

Jurina quickly asked them to give her 2 guns and 2 blades. After she put the guns inside her pockets and the blades inside her socks, she told the men about the plan to attack Yuki's house. Before they attack, Jurina was given a kind of small headset-mic and put it at her ear so they could communicate.

As Jurina's order, 2 men climbed up the front gate side that almost covered by the shady tree so they could hide properly. The other 2 men followed Jurina and climbed from backyard. Jurina and a man waited outside for a while, until the 4 men were done with inspecting the surrounding before they entered the house.


As soon as Jurina heard it from the headset, she and the man also climbed in the gate. She gave signals to them to enter the house from different doors. Each of them have an ability to open the lock door, it was the basic knowledge that they had to learn before they became an assassin.


Jurina shocked as she heard a gunshot. "What was that?!" She talked through the mic.

"One of us has been shot, J!" The man answered from the earphone. It was the team that entered from front gate.

Fuck! Jurina tightened her grip to her gun. "Watch your surrounding, stupid!"


The team that entered from backyard seemed involved in shootout with someone as well.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! What happen?!" Jurina yelled.

"We're under attack!! Arrrgggh!!"

After that, the gunfire stop but the men didn't say anything again. And she realized that the backyard team had been defeated. "Damn!!" Jurina looked around and as she predicted, there were a CCTV in every corner of the house. "Hey! Beware of the CCTV! She watched us!!"

Soon after Jurina said it, there good amount of gunfire inside the house. It seemed they were became aware of the CCTV because of Jurina's warning and they started to fire the CCTV. But it seemed a bit too late for that because 3 of them were already dead.

Jurina had a feeling that this time is her turn to be attacked. "Be careful." She whispered to the other man.


Jurina quickly hide behind the wall and pulled the man with her. She peeked and she surprised that it was not her target. What?! There are bodyguards inside the house?! B-but... I never see them when I spied this house. Ignoring her stupidity in spying Yuki, she started to fire 2 bodyguards that fired her before. The man helped Jurina by firing his gun as well. The bodyguards were down.

Jurina moved forward and in some meters away, she saw someone shadow. She and the man hide well and wait until the bodyguards  came nearer. And *BANG! BANG! BANG!* She killed 2 bodyguards and the man killed the other one.

But not long after that, there was someone who grabbed her neck from behind. She didn't aware of it because it was so dark. The one who grabbed her neck, used the right hand to forcefully take Jurina's gun and then fired the man who with Jurina. The man down with blood flowing from his forehead. Oh SHIT! She quickly bend down and hit the attacker's stomach with her elbow, and after that she quickly grabbed the blade from her sock. She swing her blade to the attacker's face but the attacker smoothly dodge the blade and kicked Jurina's waist. The blade slipped from her hand. Ugh! She fell backward while holding her waist. So strong.

The attacker took 3 steps forward. "So it's you."

Jurina could see the attacker's face at that time. "Kashiwagi Yuki."

"I thought you're a good girl." Yuki snorted. "Where's your dog?"

Jurina stood up as fast as she could. "Dog comes first, huh?" She fixed her hair and her clothes. "He's with my friend." She remembered left her dog with Mayu inside her apartment. "Well... not really a friend actually, more like my enemy."

"So... you have a tendency to make friend with your enemy? So funny." Yuki walked closer and started to punch Jurina's face in full speed and that time it was Jurina who smoothly dodged the fist. "Hmm. Not bad. Other assassins usually would die by now. They even haven't seen me yet before they die." She chuckled while smiling sarcastically.

Yuki wanted to speak again but she saw a reflection from the mirror, there was a man who pointed his gun at her and his not her bodyguard. She quickly turned around and dodged the bullet. Her upper hand scratch a little because of the bullet, but it not affected her at all. She took a gun from gun holster and fired the man exactly on his chest.

Jurina quickly used that chance to attack Yuki. She grabbed the other blade from his sock and threw it fast to Yuki. It almost hit Yuki's body but one of Yuki's bodyguard threw his body onto Yuki, and the blade took him dead instead. But it was not done yet, Jurina took another gun and started to fire Yuki. Yuki used her bodyguard's dead body to cover her from the gunshot and she successfully hide behind the wall. Jurina was also used that chance to hide behind the big pillar.

"Hey, you know..." Yuki talked loudly to Jurina. "In about 5 minutes, the police will arrive."

Jurina shocked a bit. H-how? Usually my target would be afraid if they had to involve the police. Her target usually had some dark business, like drugs. So they would stay away from police, that was also one of the reason why she could kill her target easier. "You're lying."

Again... Yuki laughed sarcastically. "Well... try me. Why don't we just sit here for 5 minutes and wait them?" She peeked behind the wall and saw Jurina was about to fire her, so she fired her gun first. *BANG!* "You know... with those great amount of victims," Yuki looked at the bodies that lay on the floor. "I'm sure that the police will not stop investigate you until they find your boss and his/her organization."

Jurina clenched her teeth. "That's not going to happen if I can kill you in 5 minutes." She walked toward Yuki's hiding place while keep firing the gun. While firing, she could hear police car's sirens from afar and it made Jurina believed that Yuki didn't lie. Who's this girl actually?! She was standing in front of Yuki already. She pointed her gun onto Yuki's forehead. "See you in hell."


WHAT?! Jurina kept pulling the trigger but it was meaningless because the bullet was already empty.

Yuki smiled and then she quickly stood up and punched Jurina's face. Not only once, but she did it 3 times and then she gave 2 hits on Jurina's stomach. It made Jurina grimaced in pain and she fell on her knees. Finally, last blow onto Jurina's chin. Yuki gave a knee kick toward Jurina's chin and Jurina passed out.

"Tsk. tsk. tsk." Yuki squat in front of Jurina who had been passed out. "You really believe that I will call the police. That's funny." She heard the police car approached her house, but instead of stopping in front of her house, the police stop in front of her neighbor's house. She looked out from the window and she looked at her neighbor face who seemed confused because they felt that they didn't call the police.

Sorry, it was me. Yuki smirked. Yes, she called the police, but it was not for her. She made a fake report to 911 that there was a robbery inside her neighbor's house.

Yuki looked around and watched all the dead bodies that lay on her floor.  Installing the soundproof inside my house is really a brilliant decision. Even with these amount of gunfire, nobody outside noticed it.

*3 hours later*

Jurina gasped as she felt the water that was thrown to her face.

"Wake up, sleepy head."

Jurina opened her eyes but her vision was still blurry. Her body felt ached and she couldn't move. Slowly, she fully gained her consciousness. She saw Yuki sat on a chair in front of her while smiling sarcastically. Yuki's not alone, there were 2 bodyguards stood behind her. She couldn't move because her body was tightly tied on the chair. "Ugh." She felt a sharp pain in her head.

"Who sent you and why?" Yuki looked calm while resting her back onto the chair. "I will let you go if you tell me the truth."

Jurina smirked. "Have you even have an experience with assassins? We won't tell you anything even if we're going to die. Besides, I won't buy it. You will not let me go for sure."

Yuki stood up and she looked angry. "You-"


Everybody in that room flinched a bit after the house's bell rang.

"WHO'S THAT?!!!" Yuki yelled at her bodyguards.

One of the man saw through the camera intercom and then he looked hesitant. "I-t's Matsui Rena-san."

Yuki closed her eyes while clenching her teeth. Why she always bothering me in such a bad time like this?! She sighed. "Let her in." Yuki talked to her bodyguard and then she turned her head toward Jurina again. "Our discussion is not over yet." After she said that, she walked out from the room and the bodyguards locked the room from inside.

Jurina felt 2 pairs of eyes started to watch her, without even blinking. She sighed. I can't believe that I finally lose to a girl. Maybe it's already my time. She realized that she had no choice, if she told Yuki about her assassins organization, even if Yuki really let her go, her boss will hunt and kill her as the consequence. On the other hand, if she didn't tell Yuki about the organization, she will be killed by Yuki instead. Even if I die tonight, I'm ready... because I already met Mayu, said sorry and told her the truth. She closed her eyes.

In a moment later, she opened her eyes because there was a small rock that thrown by someone outside the window. Hmm?

Both bodyguards reacted as well. They rushed through the window and they flinched as the saw something big coming toward their direction. They covered their face as the thing broke the windowpane and rolled over the floor. The thick smoke came out from it. It was actually a kind of high dose of anesthetic.

Jurina cough really hard and not long after that she passed out again, along with 2 Yuki's bodyguards.

On the other side, Yuki heard the news from her bodyguards. Lucky for her that Rena was in the toilet, so she could rushed toward the room where she imprisoned Jurina. She only found an empty chair and her 2 bodyguards who passed out. Tsk. She was about to enter the room, but she could heard Rena's voice that called her.

Yuki turned around and then she walked toward the living room. We will meet again soon, J.

======================= *** ========================

= Second Encounter =

"Ugh! My head." Jurina touched her head. She felt so dizzy as she opened her eyes.

"Like seriously, J. How many times I have to save you again?"

Jurina shocked. "M-Mayu." She shocked, yet she also felt relieved that it was Mayu who with her. Because if it was her enemy, she was not sure if she could handle it or not. Her body was too weak.

"2 days ago I've just shot you 3 times, you know. What made you so sure that you could kill someone tonight?!" Mayu looked so angry. "Are you stupid or what?! If I didn't have my father's underlings on my side, how the hell I could save you without their help?!" At first, she was so mad after she found out that her father was one of Yakuza's leader, but as the time passed by she received many advantages from the loyalty of her father's underlings.

Jurina was speechless, but then she laughed weakly. "Why did you even have a will to save me in a first place?" She looked straight into Mayu's beautiful eyes. "Isn't it what you want? To see me die in pain for your revenge?"

Mayu bit her below lip. She hate her feeling. Her feeling for Jurina made her looked so stupid in many ways. "Listen Matsui Jurina!" She grabbed Jurina's collar. "If you don't die in my hand, that's not called as revenge! So from now on, please... please... please... take care of your self and keep alive." Her tears rolled down. "So someday I can really take my revenge with my own hand." She cried harder without loosing her sight on Jurina's face.

Jurina shocked as she saw Mayu who cried over her. She woke up from her bed, ignoring the sharp pain in her whole body. "Mayu, I'm sorry. Please don't cry because of me again." She pulled Mayu into her hug. "I promise I will live longer for you to kill me with your own hand."

Even though Mayu flinched because of Jurina's act, she closed her eyes while enjoying Jurina's warm hug. It's been a long time, Jurina.

Apparently, the hug was not enough for Jurina. She let go of Mayu's body, but the she pulled Mayu's face instead. She captured Mayu's lips so sudden and it made Mayu couldn't dodge her. She felt Mayu resisted her in the first place, but then... their lips intertwined passionately.

Love, hate, friendship, or anything else... they didn't care for a while about the complexity in their relationship. They just wanted to enjoy their time, even for a moment to pay back their longing to each other.

Mayu forcefully ended their kiss. "It's already 3 AM. You'd better take a rest." She was about to stand up but her hand was grabbed by Jurina.

"Don't leave. Sleep with me tonight."

Mayu looked at those pair of lovely eyes. How can I take my revenge if she keep acting like this? Acting like I'm her most important person in her life. She sighed. "Okay."

* At Yuki's House *

Yuki sat on the corner of her bed while watching Rena's sleeping face. Why did you have to come in the bad time like that? But... She caressed Rena's cheek. I'm glad that even though you're tired from your work, you're still thinking about me and willingly come to my house as soon as your night shift ended. I love you.

Yuki pulled back her hand and then she crossed both of her arm in front of her chest. What if one day... one day... Rena realize the real me? She remembered the mess that had just happened in her house some hours ago. Lucky my people could clean the mess right before Rena's sudden appearance. If not, I'm sure she will shock to death while watching those amount of blood and bodies that killed by me and my bodyguards.

Yuki stood up and then she walked through the door and walked toward the kitchen. I think I need some drinks tonight.

Soon after Yuki left the room, Rena opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling blankly.

================== A Week Later ==================

Jurina stretched her arms. Her body felt so stiff, but she could feel that her strength had come back to her body. I'm hungry. I'll go to grab some food.

Jurina turned of the TV and then she grabbed her jacket and her masker. She completely covered her head with the hoodie and put on the mask. She didn't want to take the risk of meeting Yuki and her bodyguards alone.

Mayu asked her to stay away from Yuki for a while because she wanted to look Yuki's background first. She wouldn't involved in killing Yuki, but she didn't refuse to help Jurina in looking for information since she know this area better that Jurina.

After she looked her apartment's door, she walked out of the building. She walked around on the street for about 15 minutes before she found a small restaurant. She entered the restaurant and then she ordered her meal.

After sat for about 5 minutes, she realized that this was the restaurant when she met the doctor. She looked outside. Oh, that's the hospital. Why I always went here without I even realized it? She sighed. It's better to cancel my order and go to other restaurant. To dangerous for me to keep visiting the same place more that once.

However, when she was about to stand up, she saw someone walked inside the restaurant. Fuck! It's the doctor. And what surprised her for most was someone who walked behind the doctor and followed the doctor got in to this restaurant. Yuki.

================= TO BE CONTINUED =================
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Part 5 please...
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i was expecting that Jurina and Mayu will be together again lol ('cause imma JuriMayu shipper)

tho i think the pairings were already made and i will just read the remaining moments of JuriMayu ;-;  :lol:

AWESOME story by the way, i really like it! Can't wait on your next chap!  :D
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@anin98 : Part 5 will be uploaded on this Sunday (Jan 15th).

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Here's the thing, I love Jurina. I love Mayu. I love jurimayu. I love yuki. I love Rena. I love Yukirena. Lastly, I love you. And what will be made out of them? Correct. A new update.

Am hoping Jurina and Mayu could get back together
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