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Title: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: michiyo48 on August 23, 2014, 12:40:30 PM
Hello maybe I'm not a newbie here but it's my first time writing, neh?  :D

Uhm... So now, I want to write a fanfic according to what happen to myself with someone :wub: it's not really important about us but what important, I want to change the character into Jurina and Mayu yeay.. Me as Mayu and her as Jurina..
This story is taken from my real experience, but don’t blame me if I have something like this in me. I don’t want to be like this either, but well I think I try not to come out. You know because it’s kinda forbidden, especially in religion..
Actually I like her because she is an ikemen and she was the one who took a step on me..  :?  :smhid Well let's just see how it goesss
I hope you guys like it! I'm sorry if my English is bad or there'll be anything wrong in grammar because English is not my native languange.
Well, hope you guys like it! Enjoy!  :heart:



Finally, I moved to this school, the school I have neglected half year ago, instead of this state school in my place, I chose another school in another city because I think it was better but then I really am not able to be a girl who stay in the boarding school, it's really suck.. That's why I'm here today, going back to my hometown and going to school here. Fortunately, this school is still the best school in my city, eventhough not as good as my old school before in another bigger city.
My old friends from middle school are mostly here, so I wont be alone here because I know them and some of them are my close friends even they are my so called bestfriends, I think. Yeah then I dont need to worry for sure.
Tomorrow is the time, I will be a new student right after that, I've passed one term in this school but that doesnt matter, I'll be one of best students here just like how I used to be since I was in Elementary school. And I heard that, my score is the best one here after the exams I joined before to pass this school. That is great right? Yeah people know that I'm a great student. Thinking of it, I want to be a doctor someday, or maybe a government accountant, or a programmer, or a singer, blah blah yeah I have so many dreams hehehe

End of Mayu POV


Bad news, or maybe I should say that it is a good news? Well, I think everyone knows it now, that there will be a girl moving to this school. She is not someone from another city, she is just also someone from this town but yeah you know the story... People say that she is so smart,that will be a new rival for me right? but I bet that she wont be able to beat me. Sadly, she will not be transferred to my class, 1-G, though they said she would be transferred uhm if I'm not wrong to 1-E. Yeah that class! We're not rival in the class, but still I will get the best of all the students here, I will win over anyone. I really wonder when she will move to this school, I want to see her...

End of Jurina POV

So that is for a while..
It will be a long long story kkk well let's just see then!  :P
I will update not too long from now so see you :) and I need your review of this prologue if you can just please :3
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: mayura48 on August 23, 2014, 01:27:41 PM
G..greaaatt !!! put your true life story, wow !? and...and that's probably .. your love story too !! hhahaha that felt so touching  XD

And you choose some great pairing too !! *yeah you know... Mayuki is the best pairing for sure, and i love it...but i afterly thought too that the best pair for mayu is... is Jurinaa !!! right ? ... cause they sure have some deep chemistry.. hha if you know what i mean :lol:

Can't wait for the next chapt !!  XD
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: Kirozoro on August 23, 2014, 01:44:22 PM

Look forward to the next ch
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: yuuchan48 on August 23, 2014, 02:54:35 PM
looking forward for it... hoho
where are you from anyway?
well if you wanna tell..
here isnt much differ.. forbidden..
me too once trying to come out, but yet decide not to haha
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: gyuchan on August 25, 2014, 03:55:03 PM
It's from your true life story?!! Wow it was great!! Can't for the 1st chapter
Michiyo-san please update soon :twothumbs :D
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: sastio13 on August 25, 2014, 07:41:59 PM
so, your own story huh? own experience
sadly yes it's forbidden in religion...
but yeah in here, with JuriMayu, its ok, free... lol
i'm looking forward for your next update, michiyo-san!  :twothumbs
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: RenshuChan on August 27, 2014, 10:34:21 AM
There's nothing wrong with love! Especially JuriMayu...!!!
Waaaa, chapter 1 please XD
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE #Replies to reader
Post by: michiyo48 on August 29, 2014, 07:45:26 PM
Replies to readers :)

I should reply first because I cant combine it with the first chapter because it doesnt let me to type many words here.. Is it limited?

mayura48: Hmm yes I understand what you mean hehe so yeah I'm writing my love story but it wont be that same though since its in different location and more but not too different either lol

Kirozoro: The first chapter is coming.. Yeay! Thanks for reading and replying! :)

yuuchan48: Hmm too afraid too come out, what will people say if they know about it? Especially my parents and my friends. I am from somewhere lol I had PMed you anyway.. Okay? :D

Gyuchan: yes its a true story :) thank for reading!

sastio13: yeah its based on my story :) haha yeah think so. I cant be with her but JuriMayu must be together lol :D because they are perfect together kk

RenshuChan: aww sweet! Thanks for reading! :)

Okay thanks so much everyone for reading and replying. The first chapter will come soon :)
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: michiyo48 on August 29, 2014, 07:48:46 PM

"Hello, my name is Watanabe Mayu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" The new girl introduced herself in front of her new classmates. There was only one person she knew in that class, a girl from her class in junior high school. The other people from her new class looked happy to have a new friend and welcomed her because one of their classmates just transferred to another school in another island.

"Okay, now you may sit down overthere!" The teacher told her and she followed his instruction.

"Glad, you're going back here. How was your old school?" A girl that she knew greeted her when she finally got her seat, Mayu sat in front of her.

"It's much better here, I should have spent my 6 months time in this school instead. Nanami, you're right to choose this school!"

"Yeah, I know! This school is in our hometown and It's also international school anyway just dont worry eventhough it's not as good as your old school. Your old school is just too far away thats why you need to live in the hostel and I understand you're just a princess who cant live without your parents." The girl named Nanami teased her.

"Agh, stop that! Not funny at all!" Mayu pouted then tried to focus to the teacher explanation now.

"Wait a minute, the girl next to me wants to greet you, it's Tomochin."

"Hai, Tomomi Itano desu, you can just call me Tomochin, ne Mayu-chan!" The  girl greeted her.

"Okay, whatever! Nice to meet you, but please wait. I want to focus first okay? See you!" Mayu said coldly and back to listen to the teacher.

"Ne, Takamina.."

"Oi.. Nani?" The short girl was surprised by the sudden call.

"Hmm you know that Mayu is coming back to this town and going to this school. I saw her this morning was in rush to her class, I think. And now our gang members are on the rooftop."

"Oh that's great! Let's see her now, it's breaktime, Atsuko."

"Yeah c'mon Minami, hurry!"


Right on the rooftop, under the autumn sky, seven girls were gathering.

"I really miss you, guys! Nice to be your schoolmate again." Mayu said to all girls in front of her, "Yukirin, Mariko, Annin, Sayaka, Miichan, and Haruna are here. Where are Atsuko and Takamina anyway? I miss them so much."

"They're always together as usual.." The girl named Miichan said, not long after that they heard two people shouting after the door suddenly opened.

"Hello guys! Sorry for taking it that long!" The short girl said and ran to the group.

"Waa.. Mayuyu.. I miss you so much!" The taller girl said and ran to hug her soon.

"I miss you too, Mama!" Mayu curved a smile on her lips.

"Okay.. Well, finally we're together again!" Annin said after seeing that great moment all of sudden.

"Yeah, eventhough we're at one school, we're rarely meet in a group like this anyway, because we're busy." The other tall girl explained.

"Eh really?" Mayu asked, she just couldnt believe it.

"Yeah, so it's the first time, we're together again. Then, I think we're gonna be busy again after this." Haruna explained but she didnt dare to watch Mayu.

"Tsh.. You guys are.. I thought that you guys always could have fun together here when I was far away back then.."

"No, we didnt." Mariko responded and then they laughed.

"Anyway, Mayu.. Have you decided to join a club?" The red head girl asked her.

"Oh, a club huh? I think I dont want to join one of them now." Mayu said coldly.

"Heh, how can you say it like that? It is a must you know! You must join at least one club at this school, or you wont be able to get higher class." Atsuko explained.

"Oh okay then." She nodded in understand.

"Well, I reccomend you joining the same club when you were in your old school." Miichan gave an advice.

"Uhm well.. I joined English Club, so we talk a lot about English, its culture and others, I want to join it here too.. But.." Mayu was a little bit confused.

"Not bad! We also have that kind of thing here! Dont worry!" Takamina answer in high spirit and threw her gentle smile.

"Yeah, I joined it anyway, so I can help you to register yourself to Miss Tanaka." Haruna said.


"Agh.. Just join it! Though it's not too important."

"Yeah I did want to say the same thing." Mayu laughed.

"What the.." Yukirin who heard it then punched her.

"Anyway, I also join it with Haruna. So yeah we can help you to register yourself. Follow us to Miss Tanaka, okay?" The raven haired girl  told her and offered her a help.

"Okay, I really need your help. Thanks!" Mayu said and bowed.

"Lol.. Mayuyu no need to be that formal!" Yukirin answered and they with their friends laugh.

"Oi, Jurina!"

The tall and boyish girl turned around when she heard her name being called. She was doing something secretly but then she cancelled it because someone found her here.

"Ah.. It's you, Minami!" She said while smiling widely to hide her previous action.

"Oh thats right! Anyway, Miss Tanaka asked me to call you. Wait, what are you doing here? Why are you standing in front of our class, it's so rare to see you like this."

"As usual, I'm looking for cute chicks here."

"Oh, you're searching that girl again from class 1-D, whose her name again? Uhm.. Oh.. Umeda..."

"Yes, she is one of them, since many girls here. Ok then. See you in the class!" Jurina smirked and took a step to go with her cool action.

"Okay, dont mind!" Takamina just nodded and didnt care to see her cool action not like the other girls who would fall just to see her walking.

"Bakamina.. She doesnt know that I'm actually searching for someone else, te hee" Jurina said in her heart and she smirked alone.

"Hey, Jurina!" The girl named Umeda walked by and greeted her. Jurina then came and hugged her, but then rushed again to the teacher's room. While walking, she kept gazing to people around.

"Where is she? The new student? She is cute enough anyway, I saw her this morning but why I'm not able to meet her again now?" She wondered once again.

She kept walking and then she saw another cute girl from other class then she hugged her, eventhough she didnt know the girl, and the girl didnt know her as well.. It's her habit to hug girls as she likes.

"Miss Tanaka, it's the new student, she wants to join our club." Haruna introduced Mayu to her dearest teacher.

"Yes, she's the new student. Please accept her in our club!" Yukirin added and begged to her teacher.

"Oh yeah dont worry. Hello! What's your name?" The pretty teacher asked and gave Mayu her cute smile.

"Ah, my name is Watanabe Mayu. And I want to join your club."

"Yeah no need to beg that much, you're my new member now!" Miss Tanaka said and patted her head.

"Konnichiwa..." Someone suddenly came in. They turned around to see the one who came.

"Ah, Miss Tanaka.. I think, we need to go first." Yukirin said and grabbed Mayu and Haruna's hands.
"Ah.. Jurina.." The young teacher greeted the new one who came, and the she called for the three girl students who hurriedly went out but they didnt even turn back.

"Thats the new student.. Ah kawaii.. What is she doing here anyway? Is she joining this club too? Huhu but why she go first. Heck Yukirin and Haruna! The new girl didnt even take a gaze on me. So bad!" Jurina once again thought to herself while seeing the three girls kind of running away.

"Hey, are you okay?" The young teacher made Jurina going back to her reality.

"Oh yeah, Miss.. Sorry.. What is it anyway?" Jurina politely asked.

"Oh, I just got a news that we have English speech contest and debate competition. I want you to join the debate competition.."

"Girls, what's wrong?" Mayu confusedly asked.

"What's wrong you asked?" Yukirin responded in bad mood.

"Yes, is that wrong? Why were you in such hurry?"

"You dont understand, Mayuyu.. You saw the girl who came just now?"

"Yes, I saw someone came but I didnt see her face." Mayu innocently answered.

"Wow thats too bad!" Yukirin said in a big reaction.

"Take it easy, Yukirin." Haruna rolled her eyes. They kept walking while talking.

"Heee.. Haruna, it's really a big problem! You know her right? She's dangerous! If Mayuyu doesnt know her, she can be her prey."

"She's not a cannibal. Just dont worry, Mayu-chan!" Haruna rolled her eyes again.

"Dangerous? Prey?" Mayu watched Yukirin in a big question.

"You know.. She's so weird. She acts weird, she does everything weird!" Yukirin said then made her way to her class first.

"I'll go first. Just forget it, Mayu! I was kidding and exaggerating. But she's indeed weird. You can ask Haruna! See you, girls!" Yukirin waved her hand, Mayu just confusedly saw her running, and then she turned her attention to Haruna.

"Is that real, Harunyan?"

"Yeah, thats right! She's my classmate anyway! Jusf forget it, it's not important and you will never be her prey though."

Starting now, I'm so curious, and I want to know more about you, Jurina..


Hehe Chapter 1 finished! How is it?
Thanks for reading guys! ;)
There are so many stories about me and her, and its just the beggining :P
I support  JuriMayu! :3
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: kmkpc22 on August 30, 2014, 07:05:32 AM
it's too nice.
This story base on your true story, right? wow

I'm looking forward for your next update ^^
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) PROLOGUE
Post by: MYJR on August 30, 2014, 06:31:38 PM
She kept walking and then she saw another cute girl from other class then she hugged her, eventhough she didnt know the girl, and the girl didnt know her as well.. It's her habit to hug girls as she likes.
That's really a bad habit XD
If someone I don't know suddenly hug me..don't know how I react :lol:
There are so many stories about me and her, and its just the beggining :P
can't wait....update soon~ :thumbsup
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: wanderingirl on September 03, 2014, 03:52:56 AM
Wow it's so interesting. I love JuriMayu  :cow:
Can't wait for next chap..... Update soon! :bow:
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: Kirozoro on September 03, 2014, 04:16:29 AM
Lol Yuki stop acting weird

Mayu will know about more Jurina later~~

Update soon
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: gyuchan on September 13, 2014, 08:18:19 AM
Nice story~~ :thumbsup
Btw i just want to ask,are u female?or male? :?
Update soon,please~~ :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: mayura48 on September 13, 2014, 12:42:36 PM
i miss an update  :cry: update please !!? :twothumbs

*i just realized about this... you indonesian, right ? hahahaga ... the tittle of this story ..i knew it :lol:
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: RenshuChan on September 13, 2014, 09:23:24 PM
Hahah, Jurina and her cool and flirty antics  :onioncheer:
Wonder how Jurina will catch Mayu's heart  :ding:

UPDATE SOON! :cool1:
Title: Re: What's Wrong With Love? (JuriMayu) CHAPTER 1 [2014/08/30]
Post by: gyuchan on September 14, 2014, 08:26:26 AM
i miss an update  :cry: update please !!? :twothumbs

*i just realized about this... you indonesian, right ? hahahaga ... the tittle of this story ..i knew it :lol:
Eh? he/she is indonesian? how you know it? Hm,btw are u indonesian too?  :ding: