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Title: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki" Chapter 1
Post by: mayura48 on November 05, 2014, 07:20:58 PM
ehm..ehmm... i make a new mayuki cap again this time yay !!  :hip smile:

i'm sorry that i couldnt make it for my other other fic  :cry: *but i will update it for next time*

hope you like this fic tooo !!  :twothumbs

~Have you belong to me ?~

14 November 2014.

AKB theater.

Backroom, after theater performance.

“Mayu-san, you look more shining than usual..” takahashi Juri, one of the kouhai give an accopliment to her lovely senpai.

“and you look so happy too.. its surprised me that before you was in sick condition.” Juri said again continuing her sentences.

“but..then since you already back to here…..I’m really happy for you mayu-san !!” takahashi juri said then running to her admirable senpai then hug her tightly.

“whooaa.. calm down juri-chan.. your hug make me hard to breath”. Watanabe mayu, the one who has already comeback from her sick, protested to her kouhai while try to lose from the younger hug.

“oi.. chotto ! chotto !” seems someone was shouting when the two of girls are hugging.

“release her, you stupid !” the one who shouted before then approching the two figure.  “mayuyu just healed from the sick yesterday.. if you make her uncomfortoable like this, you willl make her sick again”.

“but.. but.. yuki-san.. I really miss mayu-senpai” juri protested to yuki while releasing mayu from her hug.

Mayu laughed a bit. “it’s okay yukirin.. she just miss me, why so angry ?”

“look ! mayu-san is not angry to me.. why you so angry to me then ?”  juri said while give an dull face to yuki.

“you !!” yuki started to glared to juri with anger.

“hai..hai, let finish there”. Mayu cutted the scene before the unwanted scene begin.

“its okay seems that yuki have something to say to me.. if you not mind then.. excuse us, okay ? and.. its seems that the other is waiting for you too.. making someone wait is bad you know.”

“hhh.. its okay then” juri sighed while noded to mayu. “jaa.. I will take my leave then.. thanks for your concern mayu-san.”she give smile to mayu before leaving the scene.

“you need to concern about your condition too you know..” yuki said started the conversation.

“hee.. kawaii ! yukirin kawaii !” mayu smiled to yuki while give her bestfriend a hug.


“of course I’m “Baka” when I’m with you”, mayu smiled again to yuki wich made the older can’t hold her laugh for the younger.

“Jaa.. since you have comback.. how we celebrate it with Yakiniku ?”

“Yay !! as expected from yukirin ! you always know what I really want !!” mayu replied cheerfully.

Yuki just smiled while looked to the younger.

Yuki's mind

Such a stupid person like this… why I can fall in love with such stupid person like this

“common yukirin.. I already very hungry now !! hurry !!”

“yes princess mayuyu..”


then in the some yakiniku resto.

“nee yukirin.. do you miss me ?”

Yukirin almost chooked when hearing those question.

“o-of course I m-miss you… why so suuden asked something like that”

Yuki's mind

Of course I miss you… I really miss you.. you were the persone that I love. How can I not miss you

Mayu smiled to yuki, “he ? I don’t know.. I just want some clarification maybe ? hehe”


Mayu laughed a bit, “ I’m happy that I can comeback.. so I can see yukirin again”

yuki blushed, “mouu.. stop teasing me mayuyu..”

Mayu just can't help to laughed again while looked to yuki, she always like yuki's reaction when she teased her.

“nee mayuyu.. you look so happy today ? is there something happen ?”

“hee ? n-nothing happen.. I’m happy cause I can meet you again”

“comon mayu.. you are not a smart lier”

Mayu pouted to yuki. “as expected from mamarin.. always know what happen to me”.

“so..  what happenning to you that can make you so happy like right now ?”

“truthfully.. I was— suddenly mayu phone was ringing

Mayu try to looked her phone, and its just strange moment that she smiled happily and blushed a little when see saw the information on the scrreen of her phone. That’s make yuki a little confused for a while.

Yuki's mind

Why mayu so happy when seeing her phone.. I never saw her like this before”

Mayu was still with her smile when she reading the message from her phone.

“neee mayu.. is there something interisting from your phone, why you look so happy  ?”

the word from yuki make mayu startled a bit. Suddenly mayu’s expression changed into uneasy when she looked to yuki, she was hide her phone in hurry from yuki.

"eh ?.. hha.. n-nothing interisting yukirin, just original mail".

"eeeh ? you cant lied to me mayu.. let me see it !" yuki said while try to reach mayu phone.

"" yuki ! stop this !" mayu struggled to defend her phone from yuki.

"common mayuyu ..dont being mean to me.. i want to see too"

"no..yuki stop it.. i dont want.." mayu keep struggling.

Yuki's mind

why you being like this mayu... must something happen to you.. and its like that have some realation with this matter on your phone.

"no... yuki.. stop this !!!!" suddenly mayu shouted wich make yuki stoped her action.

“...." yuki was silenced and backed to her seat. she didnt expect that mayu would shouted to her.

“….” Mayu looked down silenced. Yuki was recognized this sudden awkward and try to change the situations.

“mayu…its okay if you didn’t want me to see.”


“mayu ?”


“mayu, im sorry if I have done wrong to you.. are you okay ?”

Mayu suddenly looked to yuki. “ you have done nothing wrong yukirin.. its me.. its just… I..i..i..”

“its okay mayu, you don’t have to push yourself if you didn’t want.”

“….” Mayu was silenced with yuki word, the good yuki is always seeing annd caring for her.

“whooa.. the meat is so good right !!” yuki said try to change the conversations.

“common mayu.. you need to—

“Yuki…I was dating with someone..”

Yuki stopped.

“I was dating someone now.. yuki, you're is my bestfriend and I think you should know this.. and .y-you was the first person who know about this.”
Title: Re: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki"
Post by: Kirozoro on November 06, 2014, 01:05:16 PM

Mayu who the hell did yiu dated!!?!?

Poor Yuki

Update soon
Title: Re: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki"
Post by: yurinmayuki23 on November 06, 2014, 02:21:34 PM
waaaaaaaaaaah who is it mayu ?? nooooooo
:( yukirin will be sad and hurt </3  :banghead:

this is great~ yey! another mayuki fic  :wub:
please update soon author-san  :bow:  :)
Title: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki" chapter 1
Post by: mayura48 on November 22, 2014, 07:21:46 PM

chapter 1
~Love is a cruelity~

I love you. You love… not me.

From here,  I could make one statement about what you call it “LOVE”…

‘Love.. is.. a cruelty’

Even I’ve said that, I still couldn’t put ‘love’ in the fault/wrong side… huh ? why ? its because ‘love is never be a wrong’…Yea !! he’s never be in wrong !! never !!.…even he’s already make an innoecent people got suffer… Even he’s already hurting other people… even he’s already make me in hard-sick-suffer.. love still cant be blamed.. love still cant be judged…love still never wrong. That’s why ‘love is a cruelty’.

But, in the other side… if you already trapped in ‘love’, there is a moment.. even you’ve fallen into ground.. even you’ve being hurted.. even you’ve already suffering.. even you’ve feels like dying. You’ll still stood up again and say “I didn’t give up yet, and I’ll get what I want about you”. And that’s what I could say was happened to me right now. I already got hurted, but still… I couldn’t stop.. I couldn’t stop for loving you.

That’s ?.. I’ve learn it from you. I’ve learned all of those sick-stupid thing since your last confession yesterday. I’ve learned enough since that day.

Its me.  Kashiwagi yuki.  and I’ll get what I want and no one can stop me.


Its been 3 days since your last statement. And surely.. since that day.. I’ve been avoiding this world. Completely. Deciding to take the days-off was only my choice that I’ve already took. And it cant helped, I thought it was the most safe decissions for now. I’ve known better for this..

It was my first thought that I could fold my sickness with avoiding you, but no..nope. I still couldn’t belive it that even I’ve already took 3 days-off, I was still preoccupied with your presence. My mind is still going on you. Ratherly it was more more more stronger than before. This feeling have really grows more bigger than I ever thought.



Yuki was shocked. She didn’t know how to respond at this situation. And she choose to denie it.

“ah !! nice prank mayu !!” suddenly yuki burst into laughter, “you know.. you not need to be going this far you know !? you really makes my heart stopped.. !!”
yuki said in the midle of her laugh.

But the reality is always cruel. Mayu was just silenced while looking to yuki. she know that yuki couldn’t accept this situation. But she couldn’t hide in the lie.

“mayu.. say something mayu.. why you just silent ?” yuki said when she stopped from her laugh.

“its lie ..isnt it ?” she said again, somehow her voice was tremble, her hand was shaking like crazy.

“mayu..? say something mayu.. ? please.. “ yuki said in agony, her eyes become teary.

“I should hope that you trust in this reality yuki..” and with that, mayu was stand up and walked away from yuki. leaving her in the terrible condition.

“lie… its must a lie..” yuki mumbling something.. “I know you lied , mayu..” she was talking to herself still not realizing that mayu was already leave the scene.

“mayu… mayu… mayu.. mayu.. mayu..” its just a moment after yuki realized that mayu has gone.

“mayu ?.. where is mayu ? Mayu !!!??” yuki shouted like crazy. She’s not cleared her mind that she was still in the crowd place. Everyone in that place was looked
at her, wondering what going on with her. and that drives yuki into an more crazy state.

“MAAAYYYUUU ..!!!??”

And that was the last shout from yuki before she collapsed.

Flashback end.

It was in the one of the most expensive apartement in this city.

In the corner of the room. Hiding in the shadow. There is girl. She was sitting silently in there. Not really aware with her surroundings. Her eyes was swollen, indicating that she was really cried so hard in the past day. but aside from her terrible condition, there is still a beauty which was hidened in the sad face of her. Still cunning like always. The beauty of the ice. The beauty of snow. The beauty of.. yuki.

“Yuki open the door !!!” there is sounded a shout from the outside of the room, it was sidened with the sound of the door that being kicked.

“its have been three days that she trailed herself in this condition takamina-san.” A man has voiced out to talking with the short girl beside him, it was cleared that this man was the manager of the girl who was shut her life in this room.

“I didn’t know what to do…” the man said again in a worried tone.

“Yuki !! I said open the door !!” it was the other shout from the other girl in that scene. People may mistaken the shout from a man when they hear that sound, but truthfully it was the shout from a girl.

It was the short haired girl who’s in her angry condition was shouting like crazy and try to broke the door with kicking on them.

“Sae.. calm down !!” the short girl that not mistakenly was takahashi minami, shouted to the short-haired girl.

“ck.. I don’t have to calm when my bestfriend in the condition like this takamina !!!” the short haired girl reclaimed a protest.

“you’ll make other problem if you cant stay calm down, sae ! I said calm down !!” takamina said in the angry tone, but it was so great that actually could bring the short haired girl become the silent one.

After the condition was being handled with takamina, she began to start the conversation.

“manager-san.. did you know what happen to her ?”

“if I know… then I shouldn’t calling you takahashi-san.” The manager said with a smirk.

Takamina was silent for a while.

“are you know.. what happen to her before she began acting like this.” takamina asked again, trying to found what happen, and what the reason behind all of this mess.

“I don’t really know.. takahashi-san, she was really in a good condition before.. really it never popped in my mind that she would gone crazy like this.” the manager try to explain.

“Oii  !! don’t call my friend a crazy !!” sae suddenly interupted.

“jeez.. sae ! can you shut your mouth and let him explain what actually happen In here !?” takamina shout again to sae.

“but he said yuki was crazy !! and I don’t eat that takamina !!” sae more angried again, she’s already clenched her fist, ready to punch the stupid manager.

“Sae if you not calm down now !! I’ll call sayaka to shut your mouth !!” takamina said threatening the short-haired-tempered girl. And somehow it was worked.

“so what information that you have in there manager-san ?” takamina begin to asked the manager again when she already handled the situation.

“s-she was in good condition takamina-san.. nothings wrong..” the manager said in shaked voice, he’s didn’t ever know that the top idol could be so scary in this state.

“ah !..” and it was some moment when the manager realized something. “there is one.. takamina-san.. etoo.. she was a bit sad when watanabe mayu-san was sick, but she’s already get on her mood again when she knew that watanabe-san was healed and take a comeback.. and she’s really happy that time.” The manager said continuing his explaination.   

“ah.. mayuyu, why its not come into my mind !?”, takamina reclaimed something. “then manager-san, are mayu have known about yuki’s condition ? is it she have come to check on her ?” takamina asked again to the manager.

“I don’t really know about that takamina-san..”

Takamina was silent for a while, thinking of something until she make a statement, “I see.. it’s a bit rare if mayu not know about yuki’s condition.. she was the closest one to yuki..”

“so.. what are you going to do takamina-san ?” the manager asked.

“hemm.. I will take care of this manager-san.. you can go home now.” Takamina said while ordered to the manager to leaving the scene, and after the manager has already gone she’s began to check her phone, trying to call someone.

“are mayu was the reason on the all of this mess.. ?” sae began to asked.

“I’m not really sure sae… but it could possible if we try to check it.”

The phone was already connected.

“ah.. moshi-moshi ? it me, takamina… mayu, where are you ?”

And then there is takamina who’s already walked away from the scene, eaten by her talk with the cyborg girl. Leaving the short-haired girl standing alone in front of the door. Sae was not really sure about it… but she began to think that it was starting from mayu. She has known that yuki was really liked about mayu. And there no mistake that the reason wich could bring yuki into a condition like this is… if yuki was really being hurted by mayu. But she need to to make a sure about it…. she really need to make sure about this mess.

Sae was trying to call her best friend again, “ yuki.. did you hear me ? are you being allright in there.. I’m sory yuki.. I’m sorry that in this stupid moment I really couldn’t help you.. I’m sorry”. Sae began to cry while landed her head in front of the door.

Takamina was finished her things and founded that sae was already cried in silent. She walked closely to sae.

“she allright, sae.. yuki was strong..” takamina said then began to tapped sae head. It was not surprising that the genking was cried in the takamina’s shoulder. There is no one to be better than takamina who’s known this thing about sae. Aside from the strong impression that she acted in the outside. Sae was really a caring and lovely girl. That was takamina had learn about the short haired girl on this day.


In the other side..

Tokyo in the rain. It was really  a bad day for someone who wanted to going out. They should know that they shouldn’t take a mess with a weather like this. a
heavy rain. A thunder. A strong wind. That’s completely a pack of horror things when it was happening like this day.

But hiding in the horrorable weather like this. in the one of the corner graveyard of this city. There is beautiful woman standing in front of  the one of the grave in there. She’s really beautiful. Even someone who saw her would say that she was a goddes for real.

“onee-chan.. I know that I should take an revenge for your dead.. but she really loves you.. ”

She’s began to talk, but still there is no one in there. She’s talking with the grave.

“but you did love her too, right ?.. “

She started crying..

“I know.. there is no one who could hurt you, nee-chan.. I’ll take the part on revenging your dead… I promise.. I’ll make her suffer for you”
Title: Re: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki" Chapter 1
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on November 22, 2014, 07:26:03 PM
To the poll, I voted for an AKB member. Pls can it be Furukawa? :)

Plus.... Is it Milky visiting Mayu's grave?
Title: Re: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki" Chapter 1
Post by: River1721 on November 22, 2014, 07:36:20 PM
What Mayu said really took an effect on Yuki. I hope Sae can help Yuki be herself again. :depressed:
I wonder who the person in the end was? And who was her Onee-chan? :dunno:
Can't wait for next chapter~ :hee:
Title: Re: Belong ~Prolouge~ "Complicated Mayuki" Chapter 1
Post by: Kairi65 on November 23, 2014, 01:22:05 AM
Plus.... Is it Milky visiting Mayu's grave?

no way...anything but that.. :cry: