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Title: Bite Me! (Chapter 17) [YuiParu, SayaMilky, Mayuki, WMatsui] 6/28/16
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Note: This is a collab with me and Rukakikuchi! The main couples are SayaMilky and YuiParu! (

Bite me



“Yokoyama Yui.”

The loud voice boomed in my ears as I had my head bowed down before him. I knelt in front of his throne, sitting above a flight of stairs, as he looked down on me.

“You have broken countless rules of the Senate and have disgraced your name as a member of the Vampire Estate. Tell me, is there a reason behind this rebellious behaviour of yours?” He glared with discomfort at me; I can feel his eyes piercing me like a knife.


“I expect you to clean up your act and start behaving properly if you do not wish to be killed.” He said.

“Yes sir.” I nodded softly, giving in to his orders. The male sent me away to my room.

I sat there at the window seat, opening the glass doors as I stared up at the full moon shining in the twinkling star filled sky. The cool breeze against my face reminded me of that time. Where I had no worries.

The time were all was good and right.

The time when I was with her.

“Haruka...” I called out her name unconsciously. My heart ached for her, I yearned for her, but such feelings were forbidden with my race, falling in love with a human is like committing treason to my people.

My body began to feel numb, just doing something as simple as thinking about her hurts. I clenched my fist as I inhaled, which was then followed by a slow and exhausted exhale.


That’s it. I’ve had enough of this. I can’t live without her, even an eternal life isn’t worth living if I’m not by her side.

I stood up and firmly placed my feet as I began packing the things I needed for the travel that was bound to come. After smoothly finishing what needed to be done, I inched myself closer to the window and looked back what used to my room. I took a deep breath...

And escaped.



I feel so peaceful. This place, it feels like home to me. Lying inside this small boat, floating along the calm river. And the sky is so clear, the moon is the only thing I see.

I was lying against someone’s lap, feeling their hand softly brush against my hair as it lulled me to sleep. She was humming this sweet lullaby to me, and I felt happy. I could look up and see her smile, a warm, yet sad smile.

“Don’t be sad.” I would say to her.

I would reach up to hold her cheek, and she would take her cold hand in mine, kissing my palm.

“Haruka, I promise I’ll always be by your side.”

“But, what if they find you? If they learn about us, what we are.”

“I won’t let that happen.” She knelt down and pressed her forehead against mine. “I’ll protect you, forever.”



“Yui, I...”

“Paruru! Wake up!”

I opened my eyes and saw my best friend hovered above me.


“How long are you gonna snooze for, seriously? We’re gonna be late!”

“Sorry...” I rubbed my eyes and stretched out my arms as I got up. I let out a loud yawn and went to change into my uniform.

Lately, I’ve been having the same dream every night. I was sitting in that same boat, with someone I felt as if I loved deeply. Rina always told me that I would sleep talk about it, but I never remember. Only her name.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!”

“Hai~” I grabbed my bag and headed out the dorm with her.

We always walk to school together from our dorm room. The path we take was always welcoming. The crisp autumn air and bright orange coloring the trees.

I looked over and saw Rina blowing into her hands as she rubbed them together. I giggled a bit, hiding it behind my scarf.

“Kawaei~” I heard a loud voice behind me and saw Anna walking over to the two of us.

“Yo, Annin!”

“Nee, nee, did you hear? We’re getting a new student.”

“Eh~? Really?”

“Who is she?”

“Well, I don’t know about her much, but apparently, she’s from this really fancy school for rich people.”

“So, basically, she’s like an elite scholar.”

“You have more competition, Kawaei~”

“Oi!” She pouted.

“What do you think she’ll be like, Paru?”

“Me? Hmm...” I looked upwards as I wondered about this question. I parted my lips and smiled softly. “Nice.”

“Hm, simple. Good.”

“Hehe, sorry. I’m just tired.”

“Another weird dream?”

“She was calling out for her in her sleep again. ‘Yui~! Yui~!’”

“It was not like that, Rina~.”

“Well, besides that, it’ll be interesting to meet her. I wonder if she’ll be in our class.”

“Yeah...” The conversation ended as we reached the school. We took off our shoes and put on are pairs of Uwabaki’s that are assigned to us and entered our first class.

I examined other classmates that were standing and talking to other. I was always one to stick in my own group of friends, I wasn’t very out going. I escorted myself to my seat and casually sat down. My seat was next to a wide window that gave me a view of the bright sun.

I stayed still in my seat as my teacher quickly walked in with his normal frown and grouchy looking expression. Students who were sitting stood up, the kids who were already standing payed sudden attention to the teacher as all of us bowed, syncing together.

“Alright everyone… Before we get started with class, we have a new student joining our school.”

This wasn’t new news to me at all, I was excited but not so much that I could scream.

“Now please, come in.”

“Hai.” I heard the frail voice as a young girl walked in.

My eyes widened when I saw her face.

No way…

“I’m Yokoyama Yui. It’s nice to meet all of you.”

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YuiParu!!!! *-* waiting for more!!
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Waiting for dat SayaMilky, just saying ;)
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Chapter 1


What? Why is she here? The girl from my dreams. I stood in disbelief as I didn’t dare blink my eyes. My body turned stiff.

She’s real?

“Okay, Yokoyama-san, your seat will be beside of Shimazaki-san. Is that okay?”

Our eyes met, and I immediately saw a spark in her eyes. As if she recognized me as well.

“Ah… yes.”

I shyly sat there as she came over and took her place beside my desk. She quietly stared at the teacher as he began his lesson.

I was honestly so bored in this class but since she is here, it’s hard to be that way. The atmosphere grew incredibly awkward and uncomfortable for me. I wanted to speak to her, but I knew the teacher would scold me.

Once class had ended, I was about to speak when she suddenly stood up and turned to look at me.

“Shimazaki-san, correct?”


“I would like it if you gave me a tour around the school.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in a curious way before nodding my head and standing up from my chair. I lead her out to the hallway and looked around to see which place I should show off first.

As we walked down the hall, I rose my voice.

“So, I heard you transferred from this private college. What’s it like?”

“My private school?”

“Yes. Anna was talking about it, she’s on the student council. She said that you used to go to this fancy college.”

“I wouldn’t say it was fancy… but...”


“They were strict with me. Always.”

They? Who are “they”? Students? One of the teachers?

“They never let me leave. They always had to keep extra eyes on me. They said it was because I’m special but all of that is just...”

She fell silent. I turned to look at her, and she just avoided my gaze.

“So, how did you enroll here?”

“I ran away, and then applied here myself.”

“Wow… that’s kinda impressive. Scary, but impressive. You’re really smart, aren’t you?”

“What’s the library like here?” she changed the subject suddenly. This made me slightly suspicious about her.

“It’s alright, I don’t necessarily go in there too often… It’s filled with lots of old books.”

“Souka… I like old books.”

I turned and saw a slight smile on her face.



“Ah..!” I rubbed my temple slightly as I felt a sharp pain in my head.

“Are you okay?” She said with a worried tone.

“Yeah… it’s probably because I overslept. I’ll be okay.”

“Oh.. okay.”

I sighed and forced a smile. “Now then, shall we continue?”

“Ah, sure.”



“Come here, baby~”

I pulled the young man close to me, ruffling up his hair a bit as I stared into his eyes, placing him deeper under my spell.

“You’ve been so sweet, you deserve a lil’ reward~”


“Hold still,” I turned around and pinned him to the brick wall. “I promise, this won’t hurt a bit.”

I watched him close his eyes in bliss as I unleashed my fangs and bit down into his neck, sucking his blood. I kept feeding on him, drinking until he went limp and was dried out.

As I released myself from him, I wiped the extra blood off my lips and licked it off my thumb.

“Younger men are best, after all...”


I sighed as I heard my Master mind-messaging me and I turned around to see him on the other side of the alley.

“Yes, Tadashi-sama?”

“What is your report on Yokoyama? Did you find her?”

“Apparently, she ran off to hide in this school not too far from here.”

“Good girl.” He walked over and handed me a picture of some girl.

“Who’s this?”

“She’s your target.”

“Hee~ looks like an easy kill.” I licked my lips, just imagining how sweet her blood would taste. “She’s a virgin, right?”

“Yes. Her blood is still pure.”

“Good. I wanna get her before someone else does.”

Back to Yui…


“And, this is the library.”

As she pointed around, and explained every section of books I couldn’t help but smile.

She’s so cute.

“Why don’t you look around a bit, find something you like?”

“I will.”

I walked around each rack that was holding books and stopped in my track, I sensed something...rather familiar in way.

I looked around the library to find no one I knew besides Haruka, as I waited a minute and turned back around I was immediately hit, the wind was knocked out of me, I couldn’t grab my breath.

“Yui, what’s wr-” I heard Haruka’s voice, but then I saw a figure come up behind her and cover her mouth. She whispered in her ear and she fell into a deep sleep.

“Haruka!” I grabbed Haruka before she could collapse to the floor and looked to see a familiar face. “Miyuki...”

“Miss me, Yuihan?”

“Why are you here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I came for her,” she said, pointing to Haruka. “She gives off such a sweet scent. She’s the perfect catch.”

I clutched onto her tighter and held her close to me.

“I won’t let you touch her.”

Miyuki gave me a dark glare, which I returned.


Her voice rang in my ears again, my eyes darting towards her face. That cute sleeping face, which brings me back, to those times. Those memories that make me weak…

“Ah, I see. You’ve fallen for her, huh?”


“You fell in love with a human!”

“Miyuki, you cannot tell Tadashi about this.”

Miyuki’s eyes widened as she made a sarcastic facial expression. “Why?!”

“Because, just...don’t!”

“I’m basically breaking rules with you, if I hold this secret then I might die to! I don’t want to die!”



I felt tears burning in the back of my eyes. I can’t hold it anymore. I cried, bowing in front of her.


“Hey, what do you think you’re doing here?!” A teacher suddenly came in. “You don’t go here!”

“Uh-oh, gotta go~” She giggled before running out.


Thank God…

I stared down at Haruka, still sleeping in my embrace. It’s been so long since it’s been like this.

The teacher that had shouted came walking towards.

“No sleeping when school is open. Wake her before I scold you two.”

I nodded lightly as I glanced back down at Haruka. I wasn’t able to do such a thing to her, it was impossible for me.

If only I could reverse time…

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Chapter 2


I hear crying. Someone… someone is crying. I opened my eyes and saw her face, tears streaming down from her eyes. I tried to speak again, to touch her face, wipe away her tears, but my body is so heavy.

“Yui...” My voice called out weakly. Her tears fell onto my face.

My chest, it hurts… I feel so sad, my heart is breaking. Like it’s bleeding, but still beating.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Haruka.”

Why? Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything…


“Yui, I...”


I felt myself become pulled back into reality and I saw Yui above me. I was in the infirmary, lying in the bed.

“What happened?”

“You fainted.”

Ah, I see. Because I’m so tired…

“Nee, Yui...” I said. “Can I ask something weird?”

“Sure. I don’t mind.”

“Have we met before? When I first saw you, I had this feeling that we’ve met somewhere before.”


“I knew it was too weird to ask.”

“No.” She answered softly, making me look up. “Actually, I feel the same way. It was this feeling of deja vu.”


“Maybe we did meet some time before, long ago...”

A long, long time ago…

“Yui, I...”


I felt her finger press against mine and she rubbed her thumb on my cheek. She was wiping off a tear.


“You were crying in your sleep. You must’ve had a bad dream.”

Strange, I’m not much of a cryer… Maybe I did have a nightmare. I rarely remember any of my dreams. I always forget them when I wake up.

All I feel is… a lingering, sad pain in my heart.

“Just rest here for a bit. I’ll tell the teacher you’re resting here.”

I nodded as she walked off. I watched her back as she walked out of the room and shut the door…

And I felt the pain again.



“So, Miss Watanabe, can you please explain to me what you’re doing here?”

I kicked my feet as I sat down in front of the principal’s chair.

“I want to know how a student who has not applied for this school was able to slip in undetected so easily.”

“I wanted to see Yuihan.”

“Ah, Yokoyama?”

“Hai. I’m from the same school she transferred from.”

“Well, Miss Watanabe, our school board is very strict, so I will have to have a talk with someone from--”



I leaned over and raised my eyebrows in a seductive manner as I placed my hand on the male’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to do such a thing, it’s not really needed after all.”


“Really, you don’t have to go through so much trouble just for me~.”

The old male stared into my eyes, becoming hypnotized.

“Now say that you agree and that you shouldn’t do something that’s so idiotic.”

“I agree...and I shouldn’t do something so idiotic.” He murmured in a dazed fashion.

“Good, I’m glad we have this situation under control.” I pulled away and stood up straight. The male blinked and had a fairly confused expression.

I looked over at the left wall and puffed out my cheeks.

“ that I think about it...wouldn’t it be fun to go back to school? More blood for me... right?” I glanced back at the principal and smiled, sitting on his desk with one leg crossed over the other.

“Do you think you can add me into your group of students, principal-san?”

“O-of course! Will do! your first day starts tomorrow… P-please be here...Miss Watanabe.”

Such a pervy old man…

“One last thing…”
I leaned towards the male’s neck and parted my lips, showing my sharp fangs. He stayed in a daze as I dug my teeth into his neck, as blood poured out, it painted my mouth.

His blood is so sour…

After that, I started touring my new school by myself.

This is perfect. Not only will I be able to get close to Shimazaki, I’ll also have a wide range of slaves to toy with.

Who shall be my first victim~?

Just then, I small sound made my ear twitch. The sound of guitar strings. I looked inside one of the classrooms and saw someone tuning their guitar and playing a small melody. I saw their face and grinned a bit.

A cute boy~. Perfect!

I knocked on the side of the door cutely and entered the classroom. The boy looked at me and smiled.

“Oh, hey. You new?”

I didn’t say anything and walked slowly over to him, swinging my feet a bit with my hands behind my back.


“You’re good. You like playing your guitar?”

“Oh, yeah. This guitar is my prized possession. I never do a show without it. Maa, this is my electric guitar, but it’s not like my acoustics. The Light Music club’s performing tomorrow, so you should definitely--”

“Shh...” I pressed my finger against his lips and grabbed his tie, wrapping it around my hand and pulling him closer. “You talk too much, sweetie~”

I stared deeply into his eyes as I drew him into my hypnotic spell.

“Do you think you can do something? For me?” I said in a cute voice.

Then, he blushed a bit and… pushed me away?

Wait, is he resisting me?

“You’re really close. Guess that means you’re friendly. Haha.”


That’s weird. It didn’t work. Then, one more time…

“C’mon, baby~” I pushed him against the wall and stroke his face slowly, tracing his jawline and down to his neck. “I don’t think you can refuse me, right?”


“You just can’t say no~.”

“Wh-what are you talking about?”

I backed away from him, confused. I don’t smell anything strange in his blood. He’s completely unaffected.

How?! How is he resisting my charm?!

“Oi, there you are!”


“C’mon, we need to practice!”

“Ah, sorry.” He said as he separated from me. He took his guitar and grouped with the other girls, but before leaving, he turned back to me and said, “Hey, it was nice meeting you. I hope you come to the concert tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll do that….” I said a bit sulking.

“Cool. Bye~.”

I pouted angrily as he left, my cheeks puffing out as I stomped my foot.

“Stupid boy!” I shouted. “How DARE he resist my cuteness!”


The Light Music club had a performance on the schools stage tomorrow, and I was nervous, but doing what I love most was what calmed me down.

“Sayaka, be a little more confident when you play, other than that, you're amazing!” The leader of the music club called out.


I sat back in my chair as I looked over the tabs that needed to be played in our first song.

“So, Yamamoto, who was that girl you were talking to?”

“I don’t know. Must be a new student.”

“It looked like she was flirting with you.”

“Eh? Flirting?”

Hm… now that I think about it, she was acting funny, like she was flirty and cute. Maybe she thinks I’m a guy.

“Well, anyways, we should practice.”

“Un...” I tuned up my guitar and looked through my notebook, filled with lyrics of songs I wrote myself. “She said she wanted me to do something for her… Maybe she wants me to perform a song for her.”

“That would be nice.”

“Sasuga, Sayanee.”

“Haha. I just wanna make her feel welcome.” I tuned my guitar again and strummed it, creating a beautiful note. “Nice~”

“Alright, shall we get started?”


“1, 2, 3, 4!”

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Just started reading this and I must say, I find this interesting. ^-^)~
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Chapter 3


The next day, I quickly recovered without a problem. I sat at my desk in a comfortable fashion as I leaned forward to rest my head.

“Do you feel better?” I looked up, only to find Yui sitting down at her seat.


“That’s good.” She smiled.

“Paruru!” Rina came running to my side, her facial expression was quite excited.

“Did you hear! Were getting another new student!” She slammed her hands on my desk, causing me to flinch slightly.

“No...where was she from?”

“Yui’s old school! Can you believe it?!”

Yui widened her eyes as she sat stiff in her seat. She stared at the desk as her mouth fell open. Yui looked up at Rina and gave her pleading eyes.

“Do you know what she looks like?”

“Hmm... kind of dark hair, she’s really cute and short, so I heard.”

Yui sat in confusion, I could see it in her eyes. Our class teacher came strolling in as we all stood from our seats and bowed, greeting him like normal.

“Today...we have a new student here, her name is-”

“Watanabe Miyuki!” The girl named Watanabe came walking in with a hyper attitude as she had a huge grin on her face. Many boys muttered a few things like “Sugoi!” or “Kawai!”

I glanced back at Yui only to find the corners of her mouth twitching in nervousness. Even though I would probably get in trouble, I needed to talk to her.

“Yui, are you okay?”


“You don’t look like it, I can ask the teacher if you can go to the infirmary, really!”

“I’m really fine…” she looked over at me and forced a fake smile. Even though I knew it was fake, I didn’t want to irritate her any longer .

“You can sit in front of Yokoyama-san.” The teacher pointed in a empty seat.

“Perfect~!” Watanabe smirked as she took her place in front of Yui. She spun around and looked at Yui.


“Aren’t you glad I’m here for good, it’s like we are best friends again!” She smiled and glanced at me, something about her eyes just made crumble in on the inside. “Ah!”


“Are you possibly Shimazaki Haruka? Your so pretty!”

“Un, thank you!” I smiled fragilely as I looked back at Yui. I really hope she’ll be okay.

As class ended I noticed how Yui was in a hurry and dragged Miyuki out of the room, the odd thing was that Miyuki was waving bye at me.

Should I follow? Or continue on with my day?


She’s such a sly person, doing something like this, I stayed in this state until class was over. I stood up from my seat and immediately clenched onto Miyuki, pulling her to the nearest place in the school that was completely bare.

“What do you think you're doing?”

“It’s just for fun! I miss being in highschool, remember the old days when we were young and careless...well...I still am...I don’t know about b-”

“Cut it out!” I intertwined my arms and stood on one foot.

“You’re really here for Haruka aren’t you?”

“No! Oh goodness, n- okay yea your right, so?”

“So?! I told you to keep us a secret, did you run back and tell Tadashi?”


I frowned even more as I pressed my face into my hand with frustration, while exhaling.

“Miyuki...please...please keep me and Haruka a secret...I’ll do anything for you, I’ll be your slave, I’ll go get you people to feast on, anything! Just please don’t tell him!”

I bowed to her with slight tears in my ears and I smashed hands together. Miyuki stared at me in disbelief, probably cause I never did this to her before.

“Okay, I’ll keep your secret...In the mean time, I’ll think of something for you to do.” She smiled

“Bye bye~” Miyuki waved as I lifted myself and watched her walk away.

She’s up to something...

I must have been late to my next class while discussing with Miyuki, even know it’s bad, I didn’t go because I would be scolded.

“Attention, all students, please gather in the auditorium for performance by the Light Music club. All students, please gather in the auditorium.”


That stupid boy. How dare he, resisting my charm like that? What the hell is wrong with him? Either he has some vampire blood in him… or he’s gay.

Well, forget him. I still have plenty of slaves to choose from. All sorts of boys to eat out of my hands and serve me.

“All students, please gather in the auditorium for Light Music club performance.”

Ah, speak of the Devil…

I walked over to the auditorium with a crowd of teenagers surrounding me.

As I entered the auditorium, I immediately spot that odd boy messing with his guitar, since I don’t know his name, I’ll just call him odd boy for now.

More and more kids flooded in as they stared up at the light music group.

“This better be good~!” I murmured, as my eyes locked onto the boy.

“Okay! please enjoy our first song!” The boy yelled, he has a pretty light voice for a guy.

They began playing and I instantly found my heart struck with the beautiful sounds that were being emitted from the stage, this guy must get a lot of girls following him around.

My eyes flickered as they continued with their performance, more and more songs were played, more and more people were happy with them. A smile was placed on my face unintentionally as they finished their performance and spoke out there thanks. 

Now was my chance…

I ran towards the stage as the boy was still getting his things packed into his case.

“Wait! wait!” I shouted as I ran closer to him.


“Your performance was amazing! I liked it!” I said with a cute facial expression.

“Ah, thanks. You’re Watanabe...Miyuki, right? Transfer student.”

“Hai. And you’re Yamamoto-kun.”


I took his hand and pulled him closer to me.

“Why were you so mean to me, Yamamoto-kun? You didn’t compliment me at all~”

“I… Huh?”

“Tell me I’m cute~.” I said in a cute tone, trying to work my hypnotic powers on him.

“Uh...” He blushed suddenly, and held my shoulders again. “Ah, is that how it is?”


“Uwaa~ I guess I was right. Sorry.”

What is he talking about? Does he not like me? What’s his deal?!

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.” He suddenly ran off and opened one of his cases, taking out a wooden guitar.

“What are you--?”

“Shh.” He pressed his finger against my lips, silencing me with a smile. “I want you to hear this.”


He started playing his guitar in front of me. I stood there, silent. A bit entrance by his music.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this… Is this.. love?

He started singing…

yoru no jidou kouen JANGURU JIMU no ue
daremo mitenai kara SUKAATO de noboru

kodomo no koro wa takaku omoeta
ichiban teppen ni koshikaketa kedo
sonna ni kowaku kanjinai no wa
watashi ga otona dakara

koi nanka mendou da
itsumono jibun ja naku naru
modokashikute mune no dokoka ga
doyon doyon to hanareteiru

kare nanka iranai yo
hitorikiri de iinda
koko ni kite ano hi no hoshi ga
ima mo zutto te no todokanai
basho ni aru nara

He finished his song with a deep exhale as he released tension, it felt like my heart stopped. My cheeks felt hot… Was I blushing?

Considering the way he’s giggling a bit, I must be.

“You’re cute, Miyuki.”

“I-I...” I didn’t make him say it. But why..?

“Hey, sorry about our earlier meeting. I didn’t get to explain things and it got… awkward.”

“Un...” Why? Why am I just..?

“Come ‘ere.” He suddenly came up and hugged me, making my heart beat faster. “Hey, we can be friends, right? Nothing awkward about that, right?”


I closed my eyes, returning the hug… And….

Wait… Are these..?

Yamamoto… is a girl?


“There you are!”

“Ah, sorry,” Sayaka suddenly broke the hug and left me. The warm sensation, the sweet, slow heartbeat coming from her…

It was gone.

“Sorry, Miyuki. I gotta head back. See ya later.”

As she left, I suddenly fell to my knees. I held my chest, feeling how hard it was pounding.

My first, true love… The first person who’s been able to weaken me, resist my charms, and steal my heart… is a girl.

“I’ve fallen… for a girl?”

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OMG, some SayaMilky....  :shocked:  :heart: You know me Ruka... Really well...
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OMG, some SayaMilky....  :shocked:  :heart: You know me Ruka... Really well...

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you falling in love for a tomboy girl
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Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  :shocked :shocked :shocked

Sayamilky and Yuiparu...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Probably my two favorite pairings in YuiParu and SayaMilky. And I'm really loving the story so far.
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plase update soon~!!! :inlove: :inlove: :wub: :w00t: :drool:

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Chapter 4


I have to find out what Miyuki’s intentions are...this is driving me crazy.

“Yui...what’s wrong?” Haruka spoke out as her facial expression changed from excited to quite worried.

“Eh? Ah! I’m fine” I giggled softly as I was pulled out of my deep thought.

“Mm...I never got to ask you this, but, were you popular at your old school?” I furrowed my eyebrows at this question, always trying to come up with lies were difficult.

“Hmm...uh….yea...I guess you could say that…”

“What’s it like….to be like that?” I could see something in Haruka’s eyes that reminded me of her old made me feel a burning sensation inside.



“Because a lot of people want to talk to you.” I’m giving stupid answers to a question I don’t even know how to answer!

“Ah…” she nodded as if I was becoming awkward…

Oh god please help me!

“Um...have you ever had a boyfriend?” I widened my eyes at this question, looking away. I guess I can’t help it…

“No..” I softly whispered as we continued to sit on the green grass. Lunch had just begun.

“I see… Hey Yui! You should come over and spend the night!”

Spend the night?! I really don’t think I would be able to sleep!

“Uh….ummm… I..ah…..sure.”

“Great! we can walk home together!”

Haruka smiled at me fragiley and stood up from her previous spot.

I never could forget that innocent smile even if I tried to…

My heart was beating so fast, my body felt like it was in flames, she had such an alluring charm without even knowing so.

She’s amazing…


I still can’t forget the beautiful song that was sung, the song that traveled out of her lips and pierced my heart!

I was in a daze and I couldn’t even remove myself from it. I wandered around the halls as I carried my lunch that was full of things I don’t eat, preferably called human food.

“Miyuki!” A loud voice was heard behind me as I spun around to find Sayaka.

“Ah! Sayaka!” I opened my arms and quickly jumped towards Sayaka, dropping my bag as I did. I wrapped my arms around her and tightly squeezed.

“Eh?” She softly murmured as I was still wrapped around her. “Woah, what’s gotten into you?”

“I missed you.”

“Ah sou?”

She’s blushing again. I wonder if she does like me.

I wonder if I try again, it’ll work… I just need to take a different approach to this since she’s a female.

“I don’t like being lonely.” I said cutely, swinging both of her hands in mine. “Promise you’ll always stay by my side. Okay, Sayaka?”


I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her.

“I really… like you, Sayaka.”

I sniffed her neck a bit, capturing her scent. She smelled so sweet.

“Ah! T-thank y-you. I like you, too, Miyuki.” I heard her say. I smiled and was ready to bite her, but… “You’re a good friend.”



“Yea...what’s wrong with being friends?”

“N-nothing!” I pulled away and smiled like a innocent young girl. Did I really just become friend zoned?

“Good! Let’s go have lunch in the club room.” She smiled with a wide smile and softly chuckled, softly pulling me along as she walked.

She just friend zoned me!?!


She’s blushing a lot, just by me holding her hand. I wonder if she does like me for real…

No, that can’t be it. We’re both girls… it’s impossible.

I was continuing to become more uncomfortable as she flirted more and more. As if she wanted me to...

“Sayaka?” I looked to over to find one of my band members wide eyed in confusion. I blushed as my face turned red.

“It’s not what you think, honest!”


“Then what is it?”

“It’s just, uh...”

I looked over and saw Miyuki sulking in the corner of the clubroom. She didn’t even touch her food, she was just staring out the window and sighing.

I sighed and put down my guitar. “Hold on, guys...”


I walked over and sat beside Miyuki, trying to get her attention.

“What’s wrong?”


“C’mon, talk to me. We’re friends, right?”

“Are we…? Really?”

“Of course. You’ve had a friend before, right? Surely...” I went silent as I saw her sad eyes. “Wait… you’ve never had a friend?”

“No… or, maybe..? I don’t know...” She covered up her face in embarrassment.

“Masaka… Did you mean all that, Miyuki? When you said you liked me?”

“I… I don’t know… Oh, this is so confusing..!”


“I just want to know… what it is I’m feeling right now. I’ve never felt like this.. with anyone. Especially even a girl… You’re so much different. I didn’t have to do anything… You just… You did all that by yourself. Saying such nice things and being so sweet...”

Wait… was she wanting me to do those things just because she said so? Is that why she was flirting?

“Sayaka… you’re...” She leaned closer and hugged me. “You’re pure...”


I patted her head gently, trying to comfort her.

“Thank you.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll help you figure out all this, Miyuki.”

“Really..?” She looked up at me, tears in her eyes. She looked so cute.


“Sayaka… thank you.”


I glanced around my last classroom, class had just finished, and I need to meet up with Yui. I told her wait for me outside, and hopefully she is. I gathered my things and ran out, being in a hurry I bumped into a few people here and but was forgiven as I ran by.

“Yui!” I shouted as I began panting heavily.


“How long have you been waiting?”

“Not long.”

I blushed when she suddenly grabbed my hand, smiling at me.

“Let’s go.”

“Okay.” I smiled kindly as my happiness reached its boiling point, something about her just made me want to cry in happiness every time I see her. My heart pounded against my chest, I stared at our interlocked hands as we walked towards my house.

Don’t let go, don’t release my hand until it’s actually needed. We reached my home, quickly opening the door and racing up to my room.

“Hey Yui, did you tell your parents about you coming?” I glanced over at her as I was walking over to my bed to sit. She looked pretty out of it as she stood in my doorway.



“Eh? Ah… yea, hehe. I did, they said it was fine..” I couldn’t help but to laugh at her ditsy actions.

“Yokatta~” Haruka stretched out her arms and looked around. “This is a nice dorm.”

“Thank you.”

Just then, something caught me…

No, not now. I can’t do that now. What if she.. hates me..?

“Yui, are you okay?”

“U-un… I’m alright.”

“O-okay…” I smiled awkwardly, furrowing my eyebrows as we sat in silence, in an effort to try and stop this awkwardness, I patted beside me, inviting Yui to sit next to me, she did as I ask.

There was this heart pounding feeling again, this feeling that I couldn’t shake away. I looked up at Yui as she looked at me, syncing together, that….that same look I used to receive in my dreams, I began receiving bits and parts of my dreams again.

She continued to look at me with adorable eyes as I suddenly found myself being drawn closer to her. I couldn’t resist her, she was too much for me to handle.

Yui’s face immediately became mortified and red as she placed her soft, warm palms on my shoulders.

“Ah!? W-w-what are you doing?!”

I realized what I was unintentionally trying to do, snapping out of it as I pulled back on myself.

“Gomen! Gomen!” I shook my head as my own face grew as red a tomato. Yui widened her eyes even more as she looked away, covering her face.

Only if I continued to move closer to her lips...
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Can't hold myself anymore..
YuiParu and SayaMilky just TOO CUTE!!!!! (>̯┌┐<)

Omg YuiParu almost kisu...!!!
SayaMilky being all sweet like that~ (≧▽≦)づ♥

So interesting~!
Looking forward to the further happening XD
Thankyou author-san :D
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I just love the sayamilky couple
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kyaa~!!! whatever happened?! :inlove: :inlove:

update~!!! :bow: :bow: :inlove: :inlove: :deco: :cathappy:
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Why don't you make some surprise, like this Sayaka is also a vampire? or maybe a werewolf? or a bigfoot's child or..  :shakeit: #slap
Just kidding, update soon!
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awww  milky is in love
update soon please
Title: Bite Me! (Chapter 5) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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Chapter 5


I slept on the floor as Haruka slept in her bed. I guess you couldn’t really say I was sleeping...even though some people say it’s stereotypical, and that a vampire can’t sleep, it’s true, we cannot do such a thing. I looked up at Haruka’s sweet and adorable facial expression….

That’s right…

She almost tried to kiss me….I rolled over and covered my face as I thought about her facial expression when that happened.

Why didn’t I let her….? Argh, this is irritating me! That could have been my only chance with her, now it’ll never happen. I sulked under my blankets as I frowned.

“Yui...” My ear twitched as I heard her sleep talking. “Yui… Yui, don’t leave me… I-I love...”

She’s starting to remember. This is good. If she progresses like this, her memories should return soon.

I should at least treasure the moment when she’s asleep…

I gathered my strength and lifted myself up from the floor, crawling over to the side of Haruka’s bed, then sitting.

“So cute….” I whispered to myself in a soft voice as I ran my fingers through her hair. She hadn’t flinched at all as I continued. I stared at her with hungry eyes as I slowly leaned closer to her, she wouldn’t know unless if I told her. I closed my eyes and paused before my lips touched hers…

So soft… So sweet...

I’m kissing her without asking...isn’t it bad? I've been begging for her since decades ago, I should do it. I closed the gap between us and passionately kissed her, I couldn’t find myself to pull away from her, but if I got caught who knows what she would do, I forced myself away from her as I covered my mouth.

“I can’t believe I did that….” I murmured under my breath as I shyly stared at her.

It was worth it though….



I see her. I hear her voice again. Once more, I finally feel at peace.

“Haruka, I love you..”

“I love you too.”

I closed my eyes as she came closer, her arms wrapping around me. I feel her warmth once again, and I can’t help but feel incredibly happy.

Then, I felt something soft pressing against my lips. She was kissing me, I realized, and it felt wonderful. I softly leaned into her as she continued to kiss me with passion.

I couldn’t help but to wrap my arms around her neck as she hugged me tighter, I could feel her lips quiver and her heart beat become faster…..then it disappeared. Everything disappeared.

I was quickly awoken from my sleep as I looked around to see Yui in her homemade bed, sleeping.

Ah, it was just a dream, I shouldn’t think anything of it...right?


I’m so hungry…

I haven’t drank any blood in a few days. I’m starting to feel my hunger get to me. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to control myself…

I stumbled around the streets that were only illuminated by the shining of the moon, no one was out, there for, no one to feed on. I rubbed my forehead as I continued to walk towards an unknown area.

“Ahh...she’s so young…” A group of boys spoke as they stood in the middle of the sidewalk. It was obvious that they talking about me. I raised my eyebrow as I softly smiled at the group.

“Why don’t you come over here and show us somethin’….”

Without responding, I walked to the group of boys and began to use my hypnotic powers on them.

“This way, sweetie.” One of them grabbed my wrist suddenly.

“Eh…?” I looked in their eyes. They weren’t under my spell… they’re drunk! I tried to let go, but they pulled me hard and pinned me to the wall.

“Just keep quiet and you won’t get hurt, kay?”

My eyes widened as I began to grow paralyzed. Yes, I am a vampire, but we only have certain powers, not the same.

I began to become a scared child under them. Their hands touched my body, I couldn’t help but to scream loudly and call for help, it was instinct.

Someone… please help.

“Leave her alone.”

What? I tried my best to look past the group of men that were surrounding me, it was a familiar voice.

It was Sayaka! Wait, what was Sayaka doing out so late?

“Oh, you wanna play with us, too, eh?”

“Get away from her.” She spoke in a different voice from normal. It was cold and harsh…

She was angry. Seriously angry.

“Wow, you're quite up front.” One of the men spoke out to her as she just stood with a frown and furrowed eyebrows. I couldn’t help but to feel my heart skip a beat, she was willing to risk herself to save me….


She slowly walked closer to the men and became more aggressive.

“Go away…”

“What are you gonna do about it?” all of the men’s attention flickered over to her as she stood. Sayaka didn’t even flinch as their cold eyes reached her. By this time everyone was paying attention to Sayaka, this could give me time to escape, but I can’t leave the one I love behind. I quickly ran beside the men in a specific way so I wouldn’t get pulled at.

I look back to her once more before running off.

Sayaka… Please be safe.


I remember I saw Miyuki being harassed by some drunkard men… Then, darkness took over my world.

It was her. My other self. Whenever she took over, I had no control. I didn’t know what I had done. I would wake up in another place and wouldn’t remember how I got there. Sometimes I’d have this pulsing headache and feel sick to my stomach. There was even one day I got so ill, I vomited up blood.

There’s a monster inside me, and right now, that monster has gotten loose. She’s out there probably tearing those men apart. I can feel it, her anger. Was it because I wanted to save her she came out? To save Miyuki from those men…

I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’m just scared….

Miyuki, please be okay…
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Comment first, read later!!

Edit: finally an update! So, Yui stole a kiss from Paru?!  :mon lovelaff:

And Sayaka...I wonder why and how she has a dark side... :mon curtain:

Update soon!!!  :mon yeah:
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A stolen kiss!! :w00t:

Ah so Sayaka have another personality?? :?

Interested me more and more! XD next next next! Lol
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I've recently started to really like YuiParu and this has made my day as I am reading it thanks so much for the update I'll make sure to keep reading
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There’s a monster inside me
That's it! Is that you,.... Bigfoot? :wahaha:
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Sayaka becoming Naruto' s nine tailed monster.
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Sayaka becoming Naruto' s nine tailed monster.

No. XD
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Chapter 6 (Part 1)



“Sayaka! Sayaka, wake up! Sayaka!”

“...ugh...” I woke up and saw Miyuki above me, tears at the rims of her eyes. “”

“Oh, thank God! I’m so glad you’re okay!”

“What… happen--ah! M-my head...”

“Here, I’ll help you up,” she wrapped her arm around me and helped me up to my feet. I tripped a bit and fell onto her, clutching onto her shirt. I can hear her heart pounding. I looked and saw her cheeks flushed a bit.


“Eto… y-you’re close.. to my chest...”

“Ah, gomen.”

I fixed my position and tried to walk, but she caught me before I could fall.

“I’ll walk you home.”

She helped me walk all the way back to my dorm. Neither of us spoke a word, and a deafening silence of the night surrounded us. I don’t know why, but I feel like something is different about Miyuki, it’s not because she likes me but it’s something else that jist sparks my interest about her. I glanced over at her as she turned the door knob and walked me inside without hesitation.



“Do you think you can stay here...with me?” I softly spoke as we stood in the middle of my room, things grew awkwardly quiet. I didn’t have a thing for Miyuki…it’s just...she comforts me, a lot. Miyuki stayed frozen in her spot until I coughed a little to get her attention.

“Ah! yes! Thank you..!” She quickly dragged me over to my bed and set me down softly like I was glass. I closed my eyes as she let go of me, but when she did my body felt so cold, and useless.

“Sleep with me…” I carelessly muttered into the air, and again there was silence. I gripped my blanket and raised it so she could come into bed with me. Miyuki is such a good friend, not many people would do this for me….

She crawled under the blankets and muttered the simple words..

“Oyasumi, Sayaka.”


Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re sleeping in the same bed!!!

It feels good, but it also feels like I’m going to have a heart attack. I’m so close to her body, it’s unbearable. I stayed there in silence. Without notice, Sayaka suddenly slipped into a deep sleep. I glanced up at her as I softly smiled at her innocent face, the face that resembled a child.

“Kawaii...” I said softly so she wouldn’t hear me.

I felt her move in her sleep and before I knew it, one of her arms wrapped around me, her cheek perfectly nuzzled against my shoulder. I couldn’t help but blush madly as I felt her slow breathing on my skin.

I moved away some of her hair and saw how peaceful she looked, a slight smile curved on her face. I should just let her stay like this… just for tonight…

This is so perfect… How can loving someone like her be a sin?

“Please… Miyuki, please.”

Ah, Yui…

“Haruka was the most important thing that had ever happened to me!”

Is this why she became a rebel? Was this the love that she had experienced with that girl? If that is so, then…

Then, I am….


She called my name in her sleep. Oh God, that’s too much!

KYAAAAAA, what do I do?!

I buried my face in her hair, smelling her sweet scent. I felt my heart pounding, gulping as I had the sudden urge to drink from her blood and taste it for the first time.

No! I can’t hurt Sayaka…

Then, I noticed something strange when I looked down at her neck. Something I didn’t notice before. Sayaka normally wears a choker around her neck, with a cross on it, but now, some of the choker was slipped off and revealed a red mark on her neck…

“Masaka… that’s..!”

I quietly untied her choker, revealing the symbol.



That’s a blood seal! But, that means…

Sayaka… is a vampire?!


I woke up with a soft headache as I sat upwards from my bed, the first thing I did was look down at Yui, she looked so comfortable….. She also had the slightest, most awkwardest smile on her face. I wonder what she dreamed about.

Quickly forgetting about it, I instantly stood up and walked towards the bathroom to get ready for the day. We didn’t have school today either, which was great. I came back to my room and walked over to the dresser as I picked out clothes for me to wear for the day.

Yui stayed still, as she slept peacefully.

After putting on my clothes I glanced back down at Yui. Softly smirking as I put on my hoodie.


“Mmm…” She slowly started to force herself off the ground, then sat on her knees as she stared up at me. Her eyes had something gleaming in them, but I don’t know what.

“What did you dream about? You seem happy...”

“Ah… nothing… I didn't have a dream.”

Didn’t have a dream? Then...what was she smiling about? I decided to shake off my curiosity for now and threw Yui some clothes she could fit into.

“C’mon, we don’t have school, so I wanna spend a day in town.”

Yui slowly slid on her clothes as she spoke.

“Ah! That would be great… What are we gonna do?”

“I dunno, but we will figure it out, right?”

Yui finished putting on her clothes and waited for me as we went downstairs to eat.

“What do you wanna eat?”

“Hm… bacon and eggs.”

“Then, me too.”

“You want some juice?”


“Alright. I’ll take… tomato juice.”

“Eww! I didn’t know you liked tomato juice.”

“I think it tastes sweet.” She opened a can and drank it.

I couldn’t help but to cringe a little as she swallowed the red painted liquid, it made chills run up and down my spine. I quickly tried to shake off my traumatization as I glanced around my cupboards and fridge to  find the things I needed to make breakfast.

Eggs, bacon, and some spices to help with the taste.

In an instant, Yui ended up drinking every little drop from the tomato can without hesitation. I set everything on and put them in their correct place, letting them cook as I turned around to face Yui.

“So, just a minute ago, I saw you smiling in your sleep.... Were you dreaming about a boy, haha?” I softly chuckled as I joked around with her.

“Haha...ha…. Yea, there is this really great guy that I like, I’m sure you know him…you guys are almost like the same person!” She smiled awkwardly as a response and suddenly covered her face in her hoodie, how weird…

“Are you okay?”

“Mm-hmm..” she nodded softly.

She’s completely lovesick. It’s actually really cute.

“What’s he like? Maybe I do know him.”

“Hmm… he’s.. shy, sometimes. But.. he’s caring and sweet… and sometimes, he says things that just make me smile and warm my heart. He’s everything to me.. and I love him.”

“He sounds really nice. I hope I can meet him someday.”

“Maybe you will.”

I looked back at the breakfast I was cooking and noticed that it was about done, I quickly took it off of the stove and slid the two eggs onto two different plates. Quickly handing one plate to Yui as I placed mine on the table.

“The bacon will be done soon..”


I often kept looking at my shoulder to see her staring off into space, sighing with a smile on her face.

Yup. That’s complete lovesickness.

“Ah, the bacon’s done.” I said before taking a few strips of freshly cooked bacon onto each of our plates.

Yui’s face softly lit up as she looked down at her food.

“Can I have more?”

More? I gave her a lot already, and she wants more?!

“You haven’t even touched your food thought…”

“I know, but I probably won't be full after I'm done.”

I stood slightly surprised with her, but quickly sat at my seat after.

“Where's your parents, Haruka?”

“Work, both of them leave pretty early...I never get to see them.”

“...I know how that feels..”

I softly raised my eyebrow as I looked up at her after swallowing some of my food, what is that supposed to mean?

“What do you mean..?”

“Ah… Umm.... My parents died..a long time ago….” She softly spoke and quickly continued to eat her food.

“Did you ever have company from someone afterwards, someone that was as important as your parents?”

She slightly smiled as she looked back up at me, something shined in her eyes that I couldn't identify. “Of course. That guy I was talking about before, he always comforted me. We were actually a couple.”

“Oh… that’s nice. I really wanna meet this guy now..” I slightly chuckled as I continued eating after.

“Oh, um, you can’t! Because..he…. is on a trip…”

“A trip?”

“Y-yes. He went to America for 4 months starting last month.”

Aww….how sad, she can’t see him for 3 months.

“I’m sorry.”

“’s fine, it still feels like he never left haha.”

She must really be in love with this guy.

I wanna fall in love, too…
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Masaka?!  Sayaka's a vampire?  :shocked:

If so, how did she have the seal and why? :w00t:

Can't wait for the next update!!  :cathappy:
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Sayaka as a vampire. That's cool.
YuiParu and SayaMilky is escalating well.
I'm still curious. How strong would Sayaka be...

Can't wait for the update.
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what !!!! Sayaka is vampire !!!!!!! .........  author-san please hurry up to update ...... I can't  :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile: wait.
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Chapter 6 (Part 2)


I can’t… I can’t go to Tadashi-sama now…

I’ve committed a sin. I’ve fallen in love with someone, a girl… who may or may not be a vampire… This is so confusing.. I can’t take it!

I can’t go back…


I heard Sayaka wake up as I laid there, staring at the ceiling.



“What’s wrong? You look a bit flustered...”

“Ah, um… I’m fine.” I lied. I wasn’t fine. I was so confused, I could burst into a million pieces.

She smiled and got up, patting my head.

“You’re weird, y’know?”


“But, a cute kind of weird.”

Sudden words like those love to make my heart flutter. Whenever she says things like that, the words she speaks wrap around my heart like chains. They grasp onto me, tighter and tighter, making my heart feel like it’s about to burst...

“I’m gonna get ready for the day. Do you wanna wear the same clothes or…?”

I snapped out of my day dream as soon as she began to speak again.

“I’ll borrow yours….”

Sayaka simply nodded and smiled as she got up and began to get ready. I started to get changed, too, moving as quickly as I could. I unconsciously looked back and saw her changing, blushing red before snapping my head back.

I finally got into my clothes and started putting on my makeup. Once I was done, Sayaka was also ready and itching to go do something, I could tell.

“What are we gonna do?”

“Well…. there’s this place not too far from here I like to go often. Would you wanna come? I could use some help with a few things.”

“Ah, sure. That’s fine.”

“Awesome! Let’s go.”

She grabbed her jacket and started heading out. I got my bag and followed her, but then I noticed she had forgotten to put on her choker, making me remember the mark I saw on her neck.

Does that sign really mean she’s a vampire…?

I took the collar and put it in my pocket. When I got downstairs, she was already waiting at the door, her jumping and shaking legs showing her impatience.

“Let’s go!”


The walk was short and pinned by boredom, all I could think of was that stupid mark, how was I not smart enough to pick it up before? As we reached the small looking building, I became horribly puzzled by the run down look of it.


“It’s my parents old shop, I always wanted to restore it. I basically grew up in it.”

She nonchalantly walked closer to the small entrance and pulled out a golden key, placing it in the keyhole and twisting it until a small click was heard.

She turned the knob and opened it, smiling as she yelled, “I’m here!”

Some people turned and looked, while suddenly waving to sayaka with ease. I was completely mistaken by the outside of the store, the inside of it was full of beauty, I was actually quite surprised by it.

“What do you think…?”

I looked back at her in awe as I suddenly smiled. I don’t know why...

“Did you decorate this place?”

She answered with a small nod and smiled gently. She looked so cute, and adorable, I could feel my heart pound against my chest and my temperature rising.

“Sayaka, you’re so perfect, I love you!!”

I squealed as I tossed my arms around her neck, pushing my cheek into hers playfully.

Her face grew red, she was even adorable when she’s embarrassed.

“M-Miyuki, stop.”

She tried pushing me off as I stuck like glue onto her. I glanced over and I couldn’t help but to notice two familiar looking guys staring at us two, not with envy, but hatred. They also seem different from what my instincts tell me. I glanced back at Sayaka and pulled myself away on purpose.

My appearance and emotion quickly was placed into a serious mode.

“Can I use the bathroom?” I asked Sayaka with a girly smile that was only there to hide my true intentions.

“Sure, just go down that long hall and then go left.”


I softly made my way to the long hall and glanced back at the two men, as they were still glaring. I nonchalantly walked down the hall some more, inching my way closer to the bathroom.

Without looking back, I entered the small room that was still neatly decorated, walking towards the mirror on the other side of the room and waiting. I obviously knew who the two were.

The two men came bursting into the door at the same time. I knew them from working with them a couple of times.

“Watanabe Miyuki, you are sentenced to death do to the crime you have committed upon our race.”

“For what?”

“For falling in love with a human and not retrieving Yokoyama Yui.”

“How do you know if I've fallen in love though?” I replied with smart ass comment as they grew angered.

The two men looked at each other with disbelief.

“Kill her.”

“Guys, guys, guys, come on~. Let’s sort this out, we used to be so close and you're seriously gonna betrayed me for Tadashi?”

“We aren’t the betrayers.”

One of the men quickly lunged at me with incredible speed, it was actually quite impressive. I dodged without thinking and quickly hit him in the middle of his neck with a kick and moved onto the next guy. I stared into the others eyes as I tried to work my charm but I noticed that, the necklaces the wore were power proof, it deflects everything.

I stayed paused as I tried to sum up everything but before I could finish I was struck in the back as I fell to the floor, the wind was blown out of my lungs.


One of them quickly picked me up off of the floor and held me by my arms, trapping me.

“This is gonna hurt, but don’t be angry at us, he ordered us to make it painful.”

The man in front of me grinned and clenched his fists tight as the man behind me held me tighter than before. I tried squirming out of his tight grasp but it was too much, he was too strong, I couldn't even jump.

I closed my eyes waiting for my heart to be ripped out.

But all I heard was silence.

I was released from the tight grip as I opened my eyes to see one of the men on the floor, and one of the men is still standing.

“I never liked Tadashi anyway... Look, I’ll keep your current place safe for now, but you need to hurry. Tadashi is planning something big.”


“We’ll keep your little secret… for now,” he said before taking the other man and leaving.

I stood there, alone for a while. I gulped.

I was a little shaken. They must know something about Sayaka that I don’t know, or at least one of them does. 


Yui’s POV

“Let’s go, Yui.” Paru murmured with a light smile on her face. I trudged along beside her as I examined every building there was in sight. I always had this feeling whenever I’m with her, and I never knew how to deal with it.

It kind of hurts me that she doesn’t remember us, us being together, in our far off past. I softly wrapped my fingers around my other hand as I held them behind my back and thought of things to say to her.

“How much money did you bring?”

“I was supposed to bring money?”

Paru looked confused and a little shocked.

“Yea, that’s what you do when you hang out at the mall, you're supposed to buy things, right?”

“W-well...” She giggled a bit. “Yes.”

I looked up ahead as I kind of shrugged it off. Is that what these people do now a days? Why can't they just hang out and walk around like we used to do.

“When can I meet that guy?” she mentioned the conversation from this morning.

“Are we seriously on this again?”

“C’mon, tell me~” That smile, too cute..!

I really didn't know how to answer that question, I didn’t know what to say.


“Don’t be shy.”

“Uh.. well… the truth is, I...”

I can’t say the truth, she won’t trust me anymore!


“Paru… I--”

When I looked at her, I saw her expression changed and she slowly collapsed, knocked out.

“Paru!” I caught her body before she fell. I sensed the presence of another vampire, and when I looked, I saw two men I hadn’t seen in a long time.

“So, this is where you ran off to, eh, Yokoyama?”

Tadashi, and his little pet, Yuuki.

I had a slight scowl on my face as I held Paru in my arms as gently as I could.

Tadashi walked closer and closer as he grinned with satisfaction.

“You know, I actually thought that I wouldn’t be able to retrieve you, but I did.”

“Tadashi… I-I can explain.”

“Oh, Yui, you naive girl… you know the only way this will ever work is if--”

“No! I won’t do it! I will NEVER sire Paru!”

“Oh really?”

“No...” I held her close. “I won’t… I will never taint her pure soul.. with such a curse...”

“Are you turning on our kind, Yokoyama?”

I took a minute to examine his question.

“No. I’m not. Your rules are very strict, you don’t allow anything.”

“Are they now?” Tadashi shook his head as he glared at me with disgust. “Must I always remind you, dear, acting selfish like this will get you nowhere.”

“You don’t understand… I.. I..!”

“You what?”

I bit my lip, feeling tears in my eyes.

“...I love her.”

Tadashi stood in silence as the soothing wind passed by calmly. I can tell he felt somewhat betrayed.

“Why?......why would you fall in love with your own prey?”

“She’s not food, Tadashi. Don’t ever categorize her as food.”

“Well, then what is she to you?”


“out with it…”

“She’s someone I can’t live without….she’s more special than you’ll ever know.”

He shook his head as his follower glared at me through his pitch black glasses. I stared down at an unconscious Paru as Tadashi clenched his fist tightly.

“Your a delinquent. I’m ashamed to even call you one of our kind. Take her with us.”


I wasn’t allowed to even finish my sentence as they ripped my hands from Paru and pulled me by arms. I tried fighting and using my power but Tadashi’s power was basically deactivating anyone else’s power. I squirmed and squirmed.

The tears that filled my eyes began to fall out onto my cheeks as I screamed out Paru’s name. I want her to hear me. I want her to see me. I don’t want this to be the last time I get to see her, I didn’t even get to tell her I loved her.


“Screaming won’t help..” Tadashi muttered as he summoned something that I have never seen him summon. He quickly dragged me inside as they entered and I saw my old home. The place where I used to stay with all my other species.

I’ve given up…..what’s the point of trying….I already lost.

“Congratulations….you caught me………………..what are you gonna do now.”

“Keep you locked in the castle’s dungeon forever….” Tadashi’s pet answered for him blatantly.

I looked back down at the floor as I saw it slide from under me.

Save me Paru.


I suddenly woke up from the cold cement floor as I looked around for Yui, has she gone some where?

I was so confused...I don’t even remember falling asleep, maybe I fainted from shock. I slowly shook my head as I removed myself from the hard ground.

My head ached and my ears rang. I glanced around again to find Yui, but nothing was to be found. I must not think about it too much at the moment...I’ll ask her at school about it tomorrow.....

I stood silently as I stared down at the ground. I can't help it, this doesn't feel off.

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Finally you came back I'll wait next chapter..... 
I can't wait what happen to them .  ><
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Some SayaMilky moments here.
What kind of being is Sayanee?  :?
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Chapter 7


“This is punishment for disobeying the rules...”

I heard the sound of the whip crack, then felt a sharp pain in my back. I screamed out, hearing my voice echo on the walls.

“Does it hurt?” Yuuki said sadistically. “Remember this pain… Let this moment burn into your memory.”

Another whip cracked. I shouted loudly, the strong laps from the whip repeatedly hitting my body.

“Just imagine, if you sneak out again, it’ll be worse.”

He leaned forward, grabbing my hair and pulling my head up to face him.

“You should be grateful for Tadashi for not letting me kill you. But, I won’t allow you to get your feed. And you know how monstrous that can be.”

I sneered. “Not letting me eat… isn’t this form of punishment good enough? You’re too cold, Yuuki...”

He just chuckled, letting go of my head.

“Say what you want. You can’t do anything while you’re chained to the wall like that.”

I gripped my fists. I already felt how empty my stomach was; I haven’t eaten in a few hours, and I was growing weak…

He chuckled again.

“Wait until we get our hands on your lovely girlfriend…”

“Don’t you dare hurt her..!” I growled angrily. My body moved forward, pulling the chains a bit, but binding me tightly.

“Oh, darling...” His cold hand caressed my cheek. “It’s not like she loved someone like you anyway. You're just a monster, nothing more.”

Why is he saying these things? These aren’t true...are they?

I slowly glanced down at the floor as my lips began softly quivering. I tried stopping the tears from falling.

“She will never love you...”

“No…!” I shook my head, trying to block out his lies. “You’re lying!”

“Face it, Yokoyama...” He grabbed my neck. “All that you are, and ever will be, is a demon marked by Satan… your so-called love is never to be.”

What’s wrong with me? I feel like I’m going crazy..!

“You can never be with her! Not for all of eternity!!!”



“..!” I just sensed something bad…

“Miyuki, is something wrong?”

“I...” I can’t tell Sayaka. I smiled and pretended to be okay. “Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”

“Okay.” She smiled simply. “I’m gonna get us some drinks. You want anything?”

“Mm~ tomato juice.”

“Alright,” she walked off. I leaned up against the wall, remembering the scary feeling I had.

It was a strange feeling, a mixture of emotions, pain, despair, fear, all at once. It made me feel scared, to be honest. I’ve never sensed such a strong presence like that…

Speaking of… I sense someone near. Who is this?

“Watanabe Miyuki?” I heard a voice from behind.

There were two people. One with short black hair, with dark, almost black eyes, the other was taller and thinner, with long hair and similar black eyes. There was a collar around the shorter girl’s neck, with a chain that connected to the other’s arm. Is she her pet or something, or are they doing some kind of S&M thing?

“Yes… who are you?”

“That’s not important right now,” the girl stated. She came forward, looking at me intensely. “Do you know the location of Yokoyama Yui?”

I shook my head.

“Hmm… then, do you know where I can find anyone named Shimazaki Haruka?”

Eh? They know about Yui AND Haruka? Who are these people?

The girl suddenly leaned closer, sniffing my neck.

“You have quite an interesting scent...” She licked me, causing me to shudder. “You could be of use to us.”


Is this girl.. a vampire?

The taller girl pulled on her chain slightly. “Jurina...”

She looked at her nodding, then looked at me.

“If you need anything, come to this location,” she handed me a card. It was black, with a white rose on it. There’s nothing written… “It’s special ink; it can only be seen under the moonlight.”

The other girl came closer, “If you are unable to find Yokoyama Yui… come to us immediately.”


The two walked off, the girl named Jurina clinging onto the taller girl’s arm and laying her head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arm around Jurina’s waist, their hands intertwining.

“What a couple,” Sayaka came back. She must’ve saw everything. “Do you know them?”

I shook my head.

“That’s weird. I wonder who they were,” she said before opening the can of tomato juice. “Here.”


We clicked our cans together and took a drink from them.

I looked at the card again. If it only appears in moonlight, I better wait until it gets dark. I put it in my pocket.

I softly looked over at Sayaka as she drank her drink slowly and casually. This curiosity that I have has been growing and growing, I have to ask her.

“Sayaka, that mark you have.. on your neck… Are you...not...human?”

She looked at me, slightly confused. “What are you talking about?”


“Miyuki, things like that don’t exist.”

I cautiously looked down at the ground as I grew nervous.

“’re right… What was I thinking…?”



Yui’s been gone for a while. I wonder where she is…

I’ve tried texting and calling, but she’s not picking up. I sighed, putting away my phone. I decided to take a small break and went inside a cafe.

After ordering a cup of hot chocolate, I waited and looked through the menu. Then, I heard something…

“Sniff, sniff...”

“Hm?” I looked to my side and saw someone wearing a hoodie, sniffing my shoulder. “Kya! You scared me..!”

She had a blank expression, an almost completely bored one. She sat down beside me, placing some gum in her mouth.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak...”

“Um, do you need something?”

“I was watching you,” she said. “You’re looking for someone, aren’t you?”

She said blankly as I looked at her with alarmed facial expression. She was overly plain and her face rarely moved, it would be boring to be around her all the time.


She grinned wickedly. “Me too.”

“Why are you--?”

After blowing a bubble, she spoke again.

“Let’s make a deal. If you help me find my friend, I’ll help you find yours. We both get what we want, and everyone’s happy.”

“You’d… do that?”

“Of course.”

I smiled widely, taking her hands. “Thank you!”

I paid for my small lunch and we both left the cafe.

“I’m Haruka, by the way. Shimazaki Haruka. What’s your name?”

I saw her smirk. “Nezumi. Like the mouse.”

“Interesting. Nice to meet you, Nezumi-san,” We arrived at the crosswalk. “So, what does this friend of yours look like?”

“She has ivory skin that shines in the moonlight, and raven black hair that’s long and smooth as silk. She had round eyes with pitch black night orbs. She wears a cross necklace and carries a Bible with her. She rarely speaks unless spoken to, and she is exceptionally light on her feet.”

Wow… she sounds amazing, and beautiful… I’m so jealous, I’ve never known someone like that.

“Where would she normally be?”

“She likes to read by herself, so she’s probably somewhere quiet.”

Hmm… I think I have an idea.

“Follow me,” I said to the girl. I lead her to the old library downtown. Not as many people go here like they used to, and its filled with all sorts of old books. I thought that maybe if Nezumi’s friend was here, maybe Yui would be, too. Hopefully…

We went inside, it was almost empty and dust almost everywhere.

“Sniff, sniff… I smell her.”

“Eh?” She can smell her? Is she wearing perfume?

“She’s here.”

She started walking off on her own. I ended up following her into a deeper part of the library. I remember, when I was a kid, I went through here once. I vaguely remember what happened, but I was certain I saw a beautiful woman here. I thought maybe she was a ghost or an angel, but as I got older, I marked it as a figment of my imagination and forgot about it.

I fanned away the dust and cobwebs, then saw someone standing at a large bookshelf. She was reading a Bible, a cross necklace around her.

It’s her..!

“Nezumi-san, there she is,” I said, pointing to the girl.

She smiled.

“Black,” she called her friend out, catching her attention. “I brought her.”

Eh..? Her, as in me? What is she..?

“Good girl,” she patted the hooded girl, kissing her forehead.

She then walked over towards me, staring at me intensely with pitch black eyes.

“Shimazaki Haruka… we finally meet.”


“I see. You still don’t remember. No matter, you shall understand soon.”

She touched my forehead slightly, then, I fell deep asleep.

Not this again...


“Nee, Black…what do we do now?”

I stared down at the unconscious girl and then up at Black as Black looked down at me softly with her stinging black eyes, they were captivating, I felt like crumbling to my knees as she looked at me. I quickly looked away from her and looked at the ground.

“We need to take her to the hideout...”

“I’m not carrying her! You do it!” I glanced back up at Black as she wasn’t very pleased, i’m not gonna have her tell me what to do no matter if she bit me or not!

“Your being so stingy!”

She rolled her eyes and quickly picked up Haruka, giving her a piggyback ride. I intertwined my arms as I glared up at the two.

“You never do that with me…”

Black rolled her eyes as she summoned a wide portal to the hideout and walked in.


I quickly followed behind. As we walked in, the portal closed behind us and we immediately found Rena and Jurina. Rena’s eyes lit up as she witnessed who we brought.

“Ah~! You found her!”

“Yep, thanks to me actually…” I shouted as I walked over to a dusty chair and sat down carelessly.

“So, what’s the plan?” Black murmured out as she raised her eyebrow and sat comfortably on a dusty couch.

“We have to get one knows where she is, we have to find someone who does.”

“We met someone…!” Jurina slightly piped up as she sat up.

“You could obviously tell she wasn’t human, she was slightly nervous looking when we asked her, she had a certain aura around her.” Rena softly admitted.

“And,” Jurina licked her lips, “she smelled just like us. The sweet smell of roses, the vampire’s blood. She smelled delicious, right, Rena-chan?”

Rena blushed. “Sh-shut up...”

“You two, are you sure you aren’t related?”

“NO!” Both of them yelled at the same time. Why can’t me and Black be like that!? This makes me feel uneasy. I looked at the ground as everyone stayed silent.

“If she’s what you guys says she is then she must be most active at night...why don’t we snatch her at midnight? You two still remember what she looks like right?” I quickly murmured out as I gave them a serious glare.

“Yea! she has long curly hair, a cute childish face, natural height, she kinda looks like an idol.”

I sat there pondering on who it could be. My mind was stuck in a haze for a few minutes until it finally clicked, I slightly grinned at the image of the girl.

“By any chance does her name start with a M?”

“yea, her names Watanabe Miyuki.”

Just who I thought...
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Awesomeness overload....wmatsui and mayuki nicee~
Let the party did mayu know miyuki..??

Thanks for the update author san..~
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ooooooo .... I can't wait to find out more about Yui~ *-*)  :sashiko:
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Chapter 8


I sat at my desk as a group of human girls talked to me about boys and stupid things that I don’t care for. I was really worried about Yui and Paru, I haven’t seen them at all. If I was approached my Tadashi’s workers there could be a great chance that they were as well.

I inhaled and exhaled slowly as I glanced over. Sayaka was on her phone, earbuds in as she was listening to her music.

Does she even know that she’s not human? I don’t really know when Yui and Paru became my responsibility, but I can’t help but to worry, I dunno, I might be overthinking this to much.

I quietly stood from my seat as I walked to the entrance of the classroom and slid open the door.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak~...”

I widened my eyes at who I saw standing in the doorway, my hands fell to my sides as I gripped my skirt.


That wicked grin I haven’t seen for a while, that smile that belonged to Mayu.

“What are you doing here?”

“You seem to be something important to a lot of people. Come with me.”

Mayu gripped onto my arm as she yanked me along through the halls of my school down to the main entrance.

“This is how you say hi to me? After all these years?”

Mayu stopped walking as I spoke my feelings out to her. She turned to look at my facial expression.

“Oh Watanabe Miyuki, I love you so much! ...Is that what you wanted to hear?”

I widened my eyes at her sarcasticness and furrowed my eyebrows.

“Yes...that’d be nice actually...I mean...I am your cousin after all.”

“Cousin or not, you still screwed my family over…”

“That was not me! I had nothing to do with it.”



“I chose not to care, let’s go, someone want’s to see you.”

She grabbed my arm again but I ripped my arm from her grasp as I grew more angered.

“Who is this someone?”


“If it’s anyone that is a vampire, then no, I have class to attend.”

I turned my back to Mayu as I rubbed my forehead with my right hand.


This voice belonged to a much different voice, a more...depressed voice. I turned my head out of curiosity to see who it was, as I thought, it was the owner of one of the vampire kingdoms, Black. I rolled my eyes, completely through with all of this. There has been a lot of things that happened in the past that I hate.


“Please be cooperative, we need to help Yui.”

Yui? They need to help Yui?

“What? Why?”

Black looked back at Mayu with a somewhat concerned look as she then glanced back at me.

“We lost all contact with Yui, no one knows where she is or what happened...Do you know where she might be?”

Black raised one of her eyebrows in a innocent way as stared at me for the answer to her question. I tilted my head in confusion as I tried to think back and analyze everything.

“Tadashi’s workers came and tried to arrest me for not capturing Yui and falling in love with a”

Black and Mayu slowly smirked at me almost simultaneously. What were they smiling about?

“Miyuki, you fell in love with a human too?” Black murmured as she crossed her arms.

“Do they love you back?” Mayu smirked even more.

I softly blushed as I rubbed my arm nervously. I slowly inched myself away from them as it grew silent.

“She...she doesn’t”

“Oh...its a she...I thought for sure it would be a guy with the power you have...I mean you could have someone as hot as Fukushi Sato!” Mayu shouted as Black hit her arm, I could sense that she was obviously jealous.

“Just continue on with Tadashi..” Black mumbled.

I nodded as I parted my glossed lips to continue.

“The thing with Tadashi, is that when he has multiple targets to take care of, he usually takes care of them at the same I fear that he has either enslaved Yui, or is going to let her stay in the dungeons until she dies...or-”

“That’s enough… Mayu, let’s go.” Black grabbed Mayu’s arm as she looked at Black and tried yanking her arm back.

“You can’t always boss me around like this Black, its unfair and stingy!”

Black snapped her head back around and gave Mayu an intense look. She immediately quietened down and they left.

I sighed, returning to the classroom, where I saw Sayaka still listening to her music. I approached her, tapping her shoulder. She took out one of her earbuds.

“Hey, what’s up, Miyuki?”

“Sayaka…I need to tell you something.”

Sayaka raised her right eyebrow as she put on a surprised facial expression. I took no time to waste as I grabbed her wrist and yanked her along. This time, I was going to be serious and forward with her, I don’t care what she says, I just wanna get it off my chest...

I dragged her out to the school yard and quickly let go while turning to face her. She looked so surprised and scared, I thought it was quite funny but I really didn’t care to laugh or smile.

“You know that time about vampires and everything?”


 “Well, it’s all true… and I know, because.. I’m a vampire.”


“Look, Sayaka...this world isn’t what you think it is. There’s so much more to it… You still have yet to realize.. all that’s going on.”

“Miyuki, what are you talking abo--” She suddenly winced in pain, pressing her temple.


“Ugh… it h-hurts…” She suddenly collapsed in front of me. “M-miyuki… the infirmary….”

I held her shoulders and helped her walk to the infirmary. After taking a few pills for her headache, she laid down on one of the beds and fell asleep. 

I caught myself staring at her, I could never bring myself to figure out what was so enticing about her… Ever since I first saw her, there’s been this strange feeling inside me I couldn’t erase. I’m still confused as to what it is, but…

Somehow, with Sayaka… I a way.

As I was thinking, I heard a slight groan and saw Sayaka sit up from the bed.

“Sayaka..?” I held her shoulder, supporting her up. Then, I saw her eyes…

They were different, they weren’t Sayaka’s eyes, at least, not the Sayaka I know. These eyes were...sinful.

“Sayaka…? Are you okay?”

She groaned again as she hung her head down, not supporting any of her body weight.

“Please answer!”

“You’re so annoying...”

I widened my eyes as I leaned away from her, removing my hands from her.


She immediately stood up from the bed without any struggle. Why was she suddenly just so angry? I don’t remember doing anything to make her angry…

“I was in the middle of a good nap. I don’t like being woken up, especially by you. Why are you always so clingy? Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Sayaka, please, just sit down.”

I stood up for my seat and furrowed my eyebrows while my jaw was dropped. I’ll admit, her words hurted me so much but I care about her health more than her words.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

She shouted loudly at me with anger as she balled her fists up. She turned her head towards me and glared at me, this burnt a hole through my soul. It felt like I was dying. 

“Sayaka… come on, it’s me… Miyuki.”

Her eyes widened a bit.

“Wait...” Her fists unclenched. “You… you’re that girl who...”


She leaned forward and smacked her hand against the wall. I believe what she’s doing is a kabe-don. But… why is she..?

“Listen, is what you said true? Are you really a vampire?”

I nodded, still a bit shaken by her eyes.

“I see. Then, I want you to listen carefully. Whenever I come out, I need you to follow everything I say, and if you want to stay with her,” she pointed to herself. “Then, I suggest you not disobey.”

“Sayaka, what are you-?”

“Oh, and don’t call me by that name.”


“My name’s not Sayaka. It’s Antonio.”
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Antonio-nee san  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :thumbsup
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Im hoping for an update.
Antonio neesan is in the house!
Milky being inlove with Sayanee.
What could possibly happen.
Mayuki were cute though.

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Warning!: This chapter is rated PG-13. lol


Chapter 9



“That’s right,” Sayaka said. Why is she acting like that, like a different person, with a different name?

“What do you want?”

“Simple. I saw that girl you were talking to, the girl in the hood.”

She’s talking about Mayu…

“She could be a lead to finding your friends. I want you to contact her again, find out who she’s working for. Any information you can get, bring it to me.”

I gripped my fists.

“What are you so quiet for..?” she glared at me. “Do you know something?”

I gulped.

“Mayu… she’s part of a resistance… along with Yui, in order to...”

“In order to what?”

“To… protect Haruka. That way, she and Yui can be together. Tadashi wanted me to capture and kill them, because it was against our rules, and she had rebelled, but then...”

“That’s when you met Sayaka,” she finished my sentence.

I nodded.

“Are you going to join their resistance?”

“I… I don’t know. I betrayed Tadashi and… Haruka still has no idea who or what we really are… and now, Yui’s missing… Tadashi could’ve--”

I felt her hand on my head. I looked up at her eyes. They weren’t as cold anymore. They were more gentle, caring. Like Sayaka, but somehow different…

“Do you care for them?”


“Even though she’s a rebel… even though Haruka’s human… do you care for them?”


“Do you love Sayaka?”


“I…” I didn’t know what to say. My lips quivered as my breaths became shorter and unsteady. I felt like headed and began to sweat, it’s amazing how Sayaka can make me feel like this.


“I take that as a yes…”

“What?!” I widened my eyes as I looked up at Antonio with annoyance, as much as I’d hate to admit it, yes, its true, I do. Antonio removed her hand and slightly looked away in a serious tone.

“But, back to the main topic, that Mayu… No, that Nezumi, she’s not to be trusted. You can tell by the way she carries herself.”

I kept my mouth shut because I agree with her. She was family, and I still love her, but she is sneaky and wicked, no one can trust her. Antonio raised an eyebrow and placed her hand under her chin to think.

“What do you think? About her I mean.”

“I agree, but lets just see what happens, I mean it’s not for sure that she will do it.”

“You really don’t know how to use your brain.”

She rolled her eyes and exhaled with an attitude.

“I have to sleep now.”


“I get tired using this body during the day. Just call for me if you get anything,” she said before sitting down and closing her eyes.

“Wha..? Wait..!”

Her eyes opened again and she looked at me.

“Miyuki..? What happened..?” That’s Sayaka. I can tell.

“You… got a headache and collapsed,” I said quickly.

“Really? Ugh, I’ve been having those way too often...”

“Just rest for now. I’ll get you some water.”

“Thanks...” I got up and walked over to the sink and looked around for cups in the counters and shelves, I luckily found some and quickly did as I said. I walked back over to her and gave her the water to drink. “Thank you...”

She pulled out something from her pocket. She popped in a few pills and swallowed them with the water.

“What’s that?”


“For what?”

She looked away a bit before saying, “You don’t wanna know…”

I raised my eyebrows and thought about asking but what’s the point. I grew slightly worried and troubled, about what Antonio said...I feel like I should tell the group but I feel as if they would grow mad.

I inhaled and pouted as I tried solving everything.

“What’s wrong?”

I looked up at Sayaka as she pulled me out of my deep thought.

“Ah, nothing...just tired, that's all.” I smiled faintly as she looked at me suspiciously.


“Are you feeling better?”

“Yea, when this happens, it goes away quick, I went to doctors before, and they said that it’s not normal for me to regain myself that fast.”

“Ahaha...maybe you have another you who’s trying to get out.” I chuckled slightly.

“Yea right Miyuki! don’t play around haha.”

“Yep...ahaha….definitely playing around with you…” I said slyly as I rubbed my arm. I slouched as I fell back into thinking, I have to tell the group, I am willing to risk what could come of this.

“Sayaka, I’ll be right back, okay?”


She quickly grabbed my hand as I stood up. I raised my left eyebrow in confusion as I slowly sat back down.


She just sat there, staring at me with an unidentifiable emotion, her lips were quivering, as was her eyebrows. She let go of my hand as she started tear up, wait, why was she tearing up?!

“Ah! Sayaka, did I do something? Are you okay?”

“NO! I’m not! Every time this happens, I feel so heartbroken afterwards!”

“When I leave?”

“No! When I regain conscience, i’m always either mad or angry, and I never tell anybody about it!”

“Oh...look, it’ll be fine, don’t cry.”


she didn’t say anything and just let her head hang, I felt so bad for her, that I even started growing sad myself.

I hesitantly hugged her in a supporting way...but the strange thing was, it was like I was glued to her, I couldn't seem to remove myself, I don’t want to.

“Thank you, Miyuki.”

She hugged me back, I felt like crying, she finally hugged me back!

“Are you okay? Why are you shivering Miyuki?”

“I’m not!”

“Yea, and you’re really warm, are you sure?”

“Yes! I’m fine!”

I quickly stood up and removed myself from the moment, if I stayed in there any longer I would probably die. I ran out of the nurses office quickly as I bolted to the courtyard.

I need to find them, but I don’t know how to get to the hideout that they spoke of.

“What would Mayu be doing?” I murmured to myself as I tapped my foot. She was probably stealing money out of an ATM or something, or in the arcade. I rolled my eyes and put my hand on my face.

What about Black, what would she be doing? She would probably only be active in the night time, right? I’ll just hunt for her then, right now, I need to find Mayu, start with them.


I sat quietly as Mayu ran around my house like she had no limits, it was really scary sometimes, such a small thing could have such big energy. I slowly stood up as I rubbed my head.

Me and Mayu met back when she was 13, of course, I was the same age as I am now. She still acted the same as she does, except she was a little more closed off.

“Ah! Yuki, how long have we been dating?” Mayu suddenly stopped running around to ask such a odd question. Her eyes had a certain sparkle in them at that moment.

I looked up at the ceiling to do the math and so on.

“3 years...and 9 months.”

“You know, we haven’t really done much together, have we?”

“You’re right…”

“You’re the one who asked to date me…”

Oh...I see, she only asked me that so she could get her point across.

“What’s your point?”

“I wanna do something, you act like you don’t even love me that much anymore.”

She ran to my couch and threw herself on it as she intertwined her arms and pouted. I do show affection a lot...just not in public like she wants.

I slowly walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water to quench my thirst, after I did that, I walked back to the living room and still saw a pouting Mayu on the couch. I rolled my eyes as I took a few drinks from my cup and walked over to the couch Mayu was sitting on and sat down.

“I’m sorry…”

“That won’t work, Yukirin.”

I looked back up at her with a unbelievable look. How does sorry not cut it!? I’m being serious! I grew slightly angry at her as I clenched my fists.

“Then what will-!?”

Mayu grew bold over the years since I met her. She was quite afraid of a lot when we first met. She grabbed my spring jacket that I was wearing and then placed another on my cheek. My heart pounded out of my chest, almost breaking my rib cage at that. I never felt like this with anybody else in all my existence.

“Do you love me...Yuki?”

I paused as my eyebrows quivered. She was staring into my eyes, Staring into the nothingness inside me. She was so innocent around me, that’s another reason why I don’t do much. A long time passed before I parted my lips to say anything. I was caught, and forced not to say anything because I was captivated by her beauty.

“...yes, a lot…”

Mayu softly smiled as she tucked a piece of my loose hair behind my ear. She slowly began leaning in towards me, taking her time as she slightly pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes, it took me a second to figure out what she was trying to do.

“Eh! Wait! Wait!” I placed my hands on her lips as I looked down at the couch. My whole body was hot, and I can tell my face was red.

“...Can I do it?”

She grabbed my hands and took them off her mouth as she nodded softly without making an expression. I just awkward, she’s the human, vampires are always  stereotyped to be the dominant one, and she probably expected that herself.

I inhaled lightly and put my left hand on her cheek as I examined her. She seemed more nervous than she usually is, and her eyes were already closed, just simply waiting. Her skin was soft like porcelain.

...I’ve been such a bad girlfriend to her, she’s honestly so caring, and she takes care of me, she deserves more than me. She could have picked so many others but decided to pick me...I love her so much, more than I even know. She’s so perfect just by herself…

I lightly leaned in and closed my eyes. My heart beated quietly as I softly tilted my head and kissed her softly. I was always so locked up to people that they don’t even know my real name, only Mayu does. Mayu lightly kissed me back as she returned the favor with strong feelings. Things didn’t get heated, but just remained romantic and gentle like everything always was between us...well...not always but...yea.

“Please go further Yukirin…”

I widened my eyes as my body grew to a burning fire on the inside. She kissed me again but this time was more dominant and different. She pushed me down onto the couch and groped my chest. I moaned as she fondled with me and kissed my neck.

“Ah.. Mayu...”

“Yukirin...” she suddenly took my shoulders and made us switch positions. “Show me how much you love me.”

Her legs wrapped around my waist as she leaned forward and kissed my lips again. Our tongues intertwined, I could hear her small moans as I caressed her head.

I suddenly felt her lips quiver as mine were still pressed against hers, why was she so nervous? I quickly pulled away and saw tears running down her face.


I quickly rubbed her tears away with my white sleeves as I grew more worried than I ever have.

“I’m sorry...I’m so sorry Yukirin...I’m horrible. I don’t deserve you, I’m sorry…”

What? Wait, what did she do, she must’ve done something she's regretting now.

“Sorry for what? Don’t be sorry, don’t cry.”

I hurriedly hugged her tightly as I put my hand on the back of her head and the other firmly pressed on her back.

Even if I asked her what she did, she won’t tell me.

I’ll get my information some other way.


“Rena~ kiss me~”

Mou, why does Jurina have to be like this right now? We’re supposed to be watching Haruka until she wakes up, and all she wants to do is kiss me. I mean, seriously, is she in heat?

“C’mon, Rena, just one kiss~ Then I’ll be quiet for the rest of the day, okay~?”

“Jeez, why are you so persistent?” I said annoyed.

I’ve known Jurina for a long time. I first met her when she was 18, and even now, she’s still spoiled around me. But, she certainly has matured in many ways since that time. I guess being a kissing monster is NOT going to be one of those things she grows out of.

“Nee~ Rena~” she asked, hugging me from behind. “How long have we been together?”

She held up the chain, signifying what she meant.

“Almost 3 years...”

“And how long has it been since we officially became a couple?”

“1 year.”

“And what does our contract state?”

I sighed, knowing what she meant.

“In exchange for your protection and absolute obedience… I give my body, my blood...”

“And your love~” She nibbled my ear. “To me, and only me! That’s what it said.”

“The last part was your variation.”

“I know~ But that’s because I love you, Rena~ Now kiss me~”

I groaned silently. “Fine, if it’ll keep you quiet, then--” I couldn’t finish as she circled the chair I saw sitting in and face me. She sat on my lap and held both my wrists as she got closer.

“Just what I wanted to hear,” she said in a sensual voice before kissing me.

Her tongue invaded my mouth as we interlocked fingers and she dragged me into a deep, hot kiss. She bit my lip and caused me to cry out. Letting go of my wrists, I wrapped my arms around her neck and let her icy fingers roam across my skin.

“J-Jurina...” I moaned as she started massaging my chest and nibbled my ear again. My leg in between hers, and one of my hands grabbing her butt, I was starting to feel horny, too...

Through my blurry vision, I saw something move. Blinking a few times, I looked on the couch and saw the girl was waking up. She looked at us for a few seconds, her face turning red.

My eyes widened. “Uh, Jurina...”

“What? I’m busy...”

“No, look,” I pushed her away, making her look at the girl.


Haruka covered her mouth, turning away.

Oh my God, I can’t believe this. We probably just mortified this girl! This is because I let my guard down and let Jurina do what she want, now we have to deal with this girl who just woke up and saw us all hot and bothered! I smacked my forehead.

“Well, that was fun,” Jurina said while licking her lips. “We’ll have to continue later.”

I blushed as she winked at me.

“So~ Shimazaki Haruka-chan,” she walked over to the girl. “It’s nice to finally meet you~”


“Ah, yes, I need to introduce myself,” She grabbed her wrists, pinning her to the couch.

What is she doing?!

“My name’s Jurina. I must say, you’re very cute, Haruka-chan.” She purred before biting the girl’s ear. She let out a small cry from the pain; Jurina always had a strong bite.

“Jurina,” I spoke in a serious tone, meeting her gaze.

I sent her a telepathic message, “You can’t. If she doesn’t remain pure, we can’t perform the ritual.”

She smirked. “Alright, I hear ya.”

She got up from Haruka. “Really, Yui has some good taste.”

“Yui?” Haruka’s eyes widened. Looks like her interest gets peaked when we mention Yui. “You know Yui? Where is she? She disappeared and--”

“It’s okay, Haruka. We’ll find her,” I said. I raised my hand to her. “I’m Rena, by the way.”

“Rena-san… um, are you and Jurina-san..?”

I blushed again. “Oh… um, yes. And, I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“I-it’s okay… you two seem.. very close.”

Jurina hugged me from behind. “We are. We’ve been together for quite some time, ne, Rena-chan~”

Mou, this girl will never change…

“How did you two meet?” At that question, I blushed madly.

“Ooh~ you wanna tell her that story?”


That story… yes, that night I first met her… Like hell I’d forget that.

Flashback, 3 years ago…

“Men are sh*ts!” I yelled angrily, slamming my fist on the table.

“I drink to that,” my friend, Airin proclaimed. She, Churi, Akari, Yuka, and Mieko all invited me to a drinking party. They said I needed a drink to forget about my boyfriend dumping me.

“Mou~ don’t be so mad, Rena,” Akari said. “Not all men are that bad.”

“You should talk. You’ve had more boyfriends than any of us!” Mieko said.

“Shut up! Mieko-baa-san is older, so she should have more experience as well.”

“Who are you calling baa-san?!”

“Well, at least you guys can have boyfriends,” Yuka said sulkily. “No matter how hard I try, it’s impossible for me.”

“You’re just more popular with women cuz you’re so ikemen.”

“Yeah, you should just become a man!”


As they were talking, I walked over to the bar to have some time to myself. I told them just to give me something that was strong; I just want to forget everything that’s happened. I held my head and sighed, this day has given me a headache.

“This seat taken?” a voice said. I looked up and saw a beautiful young woman. She was wearing all black and I couldn’t help but notice her shirt was a bit… revealing.

“No.” I said, blushing as I looked away from her chest.

She seemed to notice and smirked. “What’s the matter? Have a rough night?”

“A little...”

She rested her hand on her cheek. “Tell me.”


“I’m right here and I’m all ears. I’ll listen to you.”

So, that night, we just sat there together, I was talking about my problems and drinking, and she would just sit and listen. She reassured me, she was such a kind person.

About an hour into our conversation, I was really drunk. I was so out of it, but it still felt amazing, like I was floating.

“Men… are sh*ts,” I said again in between giggles. I get really giggly when I’m drunk.

“I hear you,” she said. “I never cared much for men.”

“What~? But, you’re so.. hehe, hot..!”

“Oh, you think I’m hot?”

“Duh! I’ve been staring at your f*cking boobs all night! Look at them, they’re bigger than mine!”

“No way, they’re still small,” she pouted.

“Still, they’re bigger compared to mine...”

She giggled. I liked her smile. She suddenly stood up, walking closer to me.

“Y’know, I like you, Rena-chan,” she said. “I was thinking I’d come here and it be a boring night, like usual, but you caught my interest.”

“Me too. I don’t even remember why I was so angry earlier.”

“Um, I believe it was because your boyfriend was a d*ck.”

I laughed. “Oh, right. Haha… seriously, though, if I could, I’d rather date a woman than ever date a man again.”

She raised her eyebrow. “Oh really?”

“Yea...” I looked up at her. She was stunningly beautiful.

I took a few seconds to stare at her before grabbing her and pulling her forward. I kissed her lips with passion and she responded back. I felt hot and her soft lips were taking me over the moon.

“Fuu~” From a distance, I could hear my friends cheering. I knew they must’ve been watching for a while.

“Way to go, Rena!”

“Yea, that’s a nice catch ya got there!”

I separated from her and stared in her eyes again.

“Wow...” I said as I caught my breath. “You… are a good kisser.”

“Thank you.”

“No, really, how did you get so good?”

“I’m just like you; I had bad past experiences.”

“God, you’re so hot...” I simply giggled.

“Obviously, you’re too drunk...” I felt her pick me up and carry me in her arms. “I’ll just take you to my place.”

“Uh, yea, okay...” I was getting lost. My vision was blurry.

“Hey, I hope you were finally able to forget about that d*ck of a boyfriend of yours.”


I finally lost all my senses and fell asleep in her arms.

A few hours later, I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck. I groaned as my head pulsed and I looked around at my unfamiliar surroundings. I was in a hotel room, lying in a white bed, and instead of my pale pink dress, I was in a white, long T-shirt that covered my bum, and nothing underneath but my panties.

I turned and saw the woman I saw last night, sleeping beside me in her same all-black attire. I blushed, thinking about last night when I was drunk. The thought of her undressing me and putting me in these clothes caused my blood to creep up my face.

I slowly got up, walking over to the bathroom, when suddenly I felt a pain at my neck. I touched it slightly and saw a drop of red on my finger.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw two small puncture wounds as if she… bit me?

Did she bite me?! Or is this some weird hickey? Again, the thought of what we could’ve done last night made me blush mad and I covered my face. The moment I uncovered it, I felt the girl’s arms wrap around me and I saw her embracing me.

“Ohayo, Rena-chan,” she cooed softly in my ear. “My, you sure look good in that T-shirt. You can have it if you want, it’s gotten too big for me.”

Still blushing, I gulped as she pulled away my hair and exposed my wound.

“You saw this, right?”


She purred softly and kissed the wound. “I’m sorry I hurt you. I just couldn’t resist,” she said before licking the blood.

“Last night… what happened?”

“Oh yeah, you were drunk, so you don’t remember.” She turned me around to make me face her eyes again. “You gave yourself to me~”

“Haa?!” I felt my cheeks get hotter at her statement.

“The Blood Pact,” she raised her wrist and revealed a scar that looked similar to her bite mark.

Immediately, a memory flashed in my head. The girl in front of me bit her wrist and let her bright red blood drop into my mouth. She kissed me deeply before going to my neck. Her icy fingers caressed my arm as she bit into my skin with her small fangs.

That moment, I knew…

“Are you a… vampire?”

She gave me a cat-like smirk. “Correct~”

I back away a bit, holding myself up against the sink.


“Honto,” she stepped closer, leaning forward to me. “This contract says that I’m your guardian now.”


“Right. I’ll protect you from anyone who tries to hurt you or kill you, even if it’s my own kind. In exchange for that...” she leaned to my ear, “you let me drink your blood whenever I need to.”

My body froze up at that. In exchange for my blood, this girl is my protector..? The thought of it seemed strange, but… something inside me felt like this girl was sincere with her word.

She looked at me and smiled again, that reassuring smile.

“Is that a deal?” she asked.

I could feel my lips shake a bit at how close she was to me. So close, we were almost kissing.

“I… I guess I have no choice.”

End of Flashback

Luckily, I spared the details of all the steamy moments when I was drunk and I didn’t reveal Jurina was a vampire. She still hasn’t regained her memories from what I can tell, so she’s not ready for that yet.

Me and Jurina both left the room so she could rest.

“We should tell Mayu and Yuki she’s up,” I said, but then gasped when I felt her hug my waist.

“But, before that~” she said before nibbling my ear a bit. “Wanna continue where we left off?”

“Mou, you’re so stubborn...” I said before kissing her and she dragged me into the other room.
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Thanks for the update XD

I am surprised that mayu and rena are human not vampire.

What make mayu say that she don't deserve yukirin? And why yukirin ask rena instead of jurina who is also vampire?

Please update soon XD
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Chapter 10


I can’t stop thinking about’s all like a replay of when we first met. She clouded my mind and took me by storm without caution, but instead of feeling good, I felt so nervous to the point of thinking my stomach couldn’t handle anything I would put down.

“Yukirin…” I whispered softly as my breath slowly leaked from my mouth and turned into an icy smoke. My body was shivering with a cold that wrapped around me and pierced me like a steel chain, no matter how many levels of jackets I packed onto my body.

I wish she was here, I wish she was here to hold me and tell me it was okay...but she wasn’t, she wasn’t here to save me, and she wasn’t here to love me. What I did to her...the group, to everybody wasn’t right, it was unfair, and it wasn’t forgivable.

I inhaled the frostbite air as it nipped at the inside of my lungs and pulled me to the brink of coughing.

I was outside of a small convenience store. I was only there to think about what I did, get a breather.

(Flash back)

Yuki hugged me as we sat on the couch, all I could feel was emptiness, I felt like a hollow shell that wasn’t ever gonna be filled by another matter. My tears stained my cheeks as Yuki tried her best to wipe all of them away but it was just too overwhelming for her. I didn’t deserve her for what I did. 

“I love you Mayuyu, so much, I want to be with you for as long as my existence...Watanabe Mayu, I devote myself to you.” Yuki said we a confident smile.

What she said made more salty tears drip onto Yuki’s shirt.

“Don’t say that, don’t say that. You don’t want me, I don’t deserve you, you're too good of a person!” I shouted.

“...But I’m don’t understand half the stuff I did…” Yuki solemnly looked down towards me and stroked my hair.


“I’ve done worse than you’ll ever know, Mayuyu.”

This caused me to look up at her and stop crying for a couple minutes. This made me feel better but only by a little.

“It’ll be okay, just tell me what happened…” She said comfortingly as her voice soothed my ears, slowly pushing me to relax.

I stopped and looked at the ground as I tried to think of what to say, but i honestly couldn’t bring myself to say such things to her. I frowned and furrowed my eyebrows as my look of sadness came back. I stood up and removed myself from her tight grasp as she stood up behind me and followed me to the exit of her house.

“Why can’t you tell me?”

“Things are better left unsaid, Yukirin.” I didn’t bother to look back at her or else I knew my tears would breach through my eyes.

I could feel her dark brown eyes pierce my back like a knife, I knew she was pissed and I knew she felt unwanted, she was an emotional person and always took my emotions wrong.

She suddenly spun me around and pinned me against the closed doorway. Her grip on my wrists only grew tighter and slowly began to hurt. Her lips were glued to mine.

I grunted as I attempted to push her away but it was no use. I’d die for attention like this from her that I never usually get, but not like this, not when I don’t deserve it.

“Yuk-” I tried saying her name between every breath she took but she was too dominant and quick.

She didn’t bother letting me even have a gasp for air, she was being too selfish. I could tell that the way she was acting wasn’t because she was turned on, it’s because she thinks I don’t love her...I could read her like a open book. I was growing impatient and angry, but more saddened than angered.

She slowly began pressing my back into the door more as I unconsciously lifted my eyebrows. She pulled away and opened her eyes and all I could see were red glowing eyes that stared into my soul without hesitation, she’s angry, at me. I gasped for air as she took her time to stare at me. She still had a tight grasp on my wrists and didn’t dare let go.

“Please don’t act like this with me Mayu.” She said in an angered tone, but also pleasant. I liked it when she was mad, I found it sexy, but I was too overwhelmed with my own feelings.

I looked away and yanked myself away from her as I turned my back to her.

“Goodbye, Yuki.” I said as my eyes teared up. I covered my mouth with my hand and opened the door then ran out.

(Flashback ends)

I breathed slowly as I looked at the full moon that glittered in the night sky.

“Why did I do that..?” I said, rethinking about that moment.

I bought a few snacks and left the convenience store. As I walked down the street, I got a chill up my back as I felt someone was watching me.

I turned around and saw a figure not too far from me. I started shaking when I saw of faint glow of red in his eyes. I turned my head back and started walking faster. I could still hear his footsteps behind me, catching up to my speed. I picked up the pace more, and started running. I looked and saw two bright red orbs staring at me, along with a grin with sharp fangs.

“NO!!!” I dropped my bag of snacks and started bolting.

No, not him! Please don’t let it be him!


A dark voice lingered through the darkness and reached me, causing me to shiver.

“Yukirin! Yuki! Please!” I screamed for Yuki to come but I know she wouldn’t be here, it was no use.

“Yukirin…” I whimpered softly as I tried running faster but it wasn’t progressing.

The person that was chasing after me grappled onto my arm and grinned wildly as it’s eyes were like red glowing lasers, I’m so screwed now. I was shaking so much that I couldn’t tell what was happening. My bones ached but my mind kept away from that.

“You're such a slippery little mouse, ya know that?” The dark voice sounded mischievous and somewhat devilish.

“T-tada...shi?” I said through shivers as I was being hypnotized by his red eyes.

“Right...Nezumi, your time is running out, give us more information about Paru and Miyuki, or you know what will happen…” His long nails slowly pierced my skin as he furrowed his eyebrows in anger. I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t find any words to say to him so I softly whimpered to myself.

“Please stop…” I mumbled softly as I tried pulling myself from his grasp, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Now now, just relax.”

“No..! I’m not Nezumi. I’m Mayu. I..!”

He chuckled, holding my face with his cold hands and making me stare into his eyes.

“Mirror, oh mirror, tell me, who is the most beautiful in this world?”

I shook my head, trying to look away.

“That is, the most stupid people in this world.”

“Stop! Stop!!!”

“Then, who is the most ugly in this world?” I felt him come closer, I could feel his breathing. “Tell me. Who is the ugliest?”

No… stop this..!

“You’re a waste of a daughter. I’ve got all the money in the world; I don’t need you.”

“Papa, how can you say that?!”

“Go away! Find some use for yourself if you can!”

Papa… Mama… where are you..?

“You’re so ugly! How can you even go out with that face?!”

“Look in the mirror once in a while, will you? Hahaha!”

“No one needs you. No one loves you.”

No, that’s not true..! Yuki… I have Yukirin…

“Would she love you if she knew?”


“What if her feelings changed for you? Everyone changes. If she knew that you betrayed her, she’ll surely come to hate you.”

No…! She wouldn’t..!

“I think she would.”

Liar! Stop!!! STOP IT!!!!



“I’m sorry. I’m leaving you.”

“No. Please, don’t leave me!”

“Stay away from me, you traitor! I hate you!”



“Now… tell me, who is the ugliest in this world?”



“Yes…. because I am the smartest.”

He grinned. “Who are you?”

I felt my mouth curve in a grin.

“I am Nezumi.”



I don’t know what to think anymore...maybe it’s something I did...maybe she doesn’t love me, how could you love something so hollow and blank.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I played with my thumbs and sat blankly on the couch replaying everything that happened. Maybe I went about the situation wrong. I need to say sorry to her, I shouldn’t have been so selfish. My heart ached and it felt like she was leaving me, I know she wasn’t but I was very emotional...actually, maybe she was leaving me, who knows.

I threw my head back onto the couch rest and closed my eyes. I felt so shallow and empty, I can’t let go of it.

“I have to go find her...or else she’ll never come back...she always does that, I’m always the one who has to fix things...this is stupid.” I mumbled under my breath as I grunted in anger. I stood up from the couch and slowly walked over to the kitchen while feeling my lips softly.

Her kisses did feel soothing and did feel like she wanted to do it...but it also felt like a pity kiss.

“Mayuyu…” I murmured as I covered my face and then looked up at the ceiling, forcing my self not to cry. I have to go find her. 

I charged for the door and quickly slammed it behind me, starting my search for Mayu.


Mayu sat beside me as she fixed her bangs to the side of her forehead.

“Yuki...what did you think of me when we first met?”

I sat there and thought for a little second and then parted my lips.

“I thought you were a little brat, you wouldn’t let me help you.”

“Thanks…” She mumbled sarcastically to herself as she looked up at the blue sky and admired it as she continued to mess with her hair and fix it...but why?



“Do you know what the most abused word in the whole world is?”

“I’m not sure…”

She paused for a minute and suddenly looked at me with a grin.

“I love you.”

My heart hit a brick wall and immediately stopped beating, I didn’t even say anything back to her, I didn’t bother, I was too nervous. My eyes widened as I covered my face in embarrassment, I didn’t know what to think at all.


She raised her eyebrows as she looked back at me, ignoring how nervous I was.

“Do you know the second most abused word there is…?”


I held my breath and exhaled before I said what it was.

“I love you too.”

I looked up to glance at Mayu’s face and all I could see was stone frozen, maybe she thought I was going to turn her down. She looked away as we sat silently on the hill, no words, no sounds, just silence.

I was so embarrassed, maybe she only said it as a joke, I’m so stupid! I hugged myself as my eyebrows twitched. Everything was so awkward.

Mayu slowly leaned towards me and pecked me on my cheek first. I uncovered my face to look at Mayu as she suddenly smiled like a perfect celebrity would. It was so weird, I watched her grow up and now she just seems so old, a teenager.

“W-why d-did you-”

“Cause I can, and I will do it for as long as I live.” She teasingly smiled again, I know she was only doing these things to make me embarrassed.

She paused again and softly placed her head on my shoulder as she grabbed my hand and began playing with my fingers. This was all going so fast, I don’t understand anything anymore.

“Yuki...can I kiss you?”

I clenched my eyes shut and froze up as I glued my mouth shut. I didn’t want to say yes because I would be too nervous, and I’m most likely bad at kissing, but I want to say yes because I wanted to do that with her ever since she turned 14.

“Yuki?” She asked again as she turned her head and looked up at me.

“Just do it before I change my mind.”

“Are you sur-?”

“I said do it!”

She looked away and then glanced back up at me as she softly leaned towards my face. I couldn’t see how she looked because I kept my eyes closed the whole time, honestly, out of all the years I lived, I haven’t actually kissed anybody I really, truly loved.

Mayu gently pressed her lips against mine and treated me as if I was glass. She softly put her hand on my cheek as I flinched. My body slowly shivered as she pressed her lips harder onto to mine, maybe she was the dominant type?

I slowly began to become hypnotized by her gentleness, she was so caring, I definitely couldn’t keep up with her. I softly began leaning as well and then unconsciously moving my hand to grab onto hers.

She lowered her hand that was on my cheek and placed it on my shoulder, then softly pushing me away. She opened her eyes and lightly smiled up at me as looked away.

“Was that bad?”

“More…” I murmured as I interlocked my fingers with hers. I was still nervous, but since we already did it, what is there to be worried about?


“You talk too much..” I pouted then quickly kissed her again but it was more wanting than the last one. Even though I never really kissed a lot of people, I felt so experienced right now.

I slowly pushed Mayu to the ground without removing my lips from hers. I could feel how surprised she was but when I took a second to stop and think, I noticed that her lips were quivering under mine.

I slowly began moving my lips as she did the same. I was becoming too selfish at the moment but I didn’t care, I just wanted her, all of her.

I licked the bottom of her lip as she softly flinched and wrapped her arms around my neck. She opened her mouth and allowed my tongue to enter it. I have never kissed like this with anyone, but I’m glad she was the first person I could do it with.

She flinched again as our tongues glided against each others. Her soft hands moved down to the middle of my back and clenched onto my shirt while softly tugging on it every time I would move my tongue across the middle section of her tongue. I was becoming too selfish with all of this, I don’t even know how she feels about it.

I furrowed my eyebrows in a worried fashion as Mayu opened her eyes and suddenly used all of her body strength to push me onto my back while removing her lips from mine. She sat on my stomach and placed one of her hand onto my shoulder and the other one slowly slithering its way up my shirt. I stared blankly as she looked down at me with lust. Her face was red, it looked like she was embarrassed herself.

She quickly leaned down and pressed her lips against mine again but then quickly moved them to my neck.

“Have you done this before, Mayu?” I managed to say between stifled moans as she kissed my neck harder and then started nibbling on my ear.

“Yes…” She softly whispered as she went back down to my neck and started nibbling on it. My body grew hot and I couldn’t stand it anymore, my mind was somewhere else and I couldn’t even think correctly.

I paused as I widened my eyes and slowly felt my back sliding downwards. It took a second for me to realize that we were sliding down the hill, but it was only the beginning so it was slow.

“Mayu! We’re slipping.” I alerted Mayu as she just softly shrugged.

“I’m being serious!” We began going faster and I could feel gravity starting to force us to roll.

I didn’t care what Mayu was going to say, I quickly wrapped my arms around her and placed on hand on the back of her head and the other on her back as I held her as tightly as I could.

We rolled violently down the hill as grass and small twigs flew around us lightly. As smashed to the bottom Mayu began laughing loudly as she ripped herself from my grasp and laid still.

“That wasn’t funny.”

She didn’t bother to reply but only laugh. Her laugh suddenly made me smirk and chuckle to myself as I stared at her while giggling.

I will always love her…

(Flashback ends)

I ran through town as I glanced through store windows, I already checked everywhere she would be but I couldn’t find her, she was gone. I began growing massively worried and troubled, I had no idea where she was and it scared me to be honest.

“Black!” A familiar voice shouted from on top of a building. I examined around to look from which building the voice was emitted from, but it didn’t really matter since the person who said my name jumped down from it and ran over to me.

“Do you know where Mayu is at?!” I softly said in a worried tone as I glanced around from where I was at.

“No, but look, you shouldn’t trust Mayu, she’s backstabbing us, she’s not to be trusted.”

I grew angry at her words and immediately halted to stare at her.

“And how do you know this?”

“Because she’s Mayu! Black think about it, how the hell would Tadashi know where Yui was!?”

I paused and stared her as I tried thinking about the situation, Mayu used to be like that, but she’s not anymore.

“Maybe Jurina and Rena told him, Mayu wouldn’t do that, she’s trustworthy!” I shouted at her as I stomped my foot and grew tense.

“You're not thinking about this all the way Yuki! You don’t understand! You can’t change who you are Black!” She shouted loudly at me as she stood at a ready to fight. Mayu wouldn’t do that, I know her!

“Whatever, I have something more important to deal with!” I shook my head in discuss and began running to the other side of town.

“Don’t run from who she is just because you love her, Kashiwagi Yuki!” Miyuki yelled out loudly as I tried my best to ignore it...but in the back of my head, I knew it was true, and there’s no way I could fix it.


I was wrapped up in too much things at once. I used to have such a normal life before Yui came into my school. I didn’t understand anything that was going on. And now, there are more people who seem to be associated with her, and I’ve been caught up in some weird mess. 

I’m so confused…frustrated...angry.

Ever since Yui came along, I have been having these strange dreams of a girl that sort of looks like her, but I can’t really say she did exactly look like Yui cause her face is some what of a blur whenever I wake up.

This girl that I dream about...has a feeling of love towards me, and I somewhat feel the same about her, but when I wake up I go back to my original feelings. Whenever Yui’s with me, I become full of love, and I feel like only caring for Yui, I forget about all my other problems and only pay attention to her.

I don’t know about my feelings anymore, I don’t know anything anymore…

I was sitting in Rena’s, or Jurina’s house, alone. They had gone off somewhere, but I sadly didn’t know where. It was midnight and my eyes were beginning to grow tired. I inhaled then slowly exhaled as it then turned into a sad sigh.

I spent so much time with Yui, and then all of a sudden she just leaves without saying goodbye, it’s uncalled for, not to mention rude.

I miss her…

The front door suddenly opened and in appeared a hyper Jurina, followed by a tired Rena, these two are really a perfect match for each other.

“Haruka, come with us, we need to show you something!”

“What?” I replied with a tilt of my head to Jurina as she smiled like a devious cat. Rena quickly walked over to me and grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off from my seat and looked back at Jurina as she nodded. Honestly, what were they planning to do?

All of a sudden things became a blur and I couldn’t see anything, my stomach began to feel sick, I don’t understand what happened just now.

We arrived in a small room that was only lit with a few lit candles. It was cold, but they seemed fine. There was also a window letting in the light of the moon, and a strange altar-looking table sitting under a mural.

“What is this place?”

They didn’t bother to answer, they only looked over at a girl that was turned around and resting her head on her hand, from the back it sort of looked like Miyuki, the girl turned around and sure enough, it was Miyuki.

“What’s going on?”

“Here, sit.” Rena grabbed an old wooden chair. I did as commanded and looked up at them, begging for an explanation. Miyuki walked closer to me as she sat down onto her knees and began talking to me like I was a kid, I mean, I know as much as a kid does about the world so I guess it was okay.

“You don’t understand what lives in your world Haruka. We are vampires, well some of us. Yui is also one, me and Yui belonged to the same vampire tribe and Yui fell in love with your past self, since she broke one of the rules, I was sent after her to kill her, then I fell in love with a human and they are after me for the same reason. They got a hold of Yui and she is stuck in the dungeon of our leaders home...we need to go save her.”

I sat there a moment, silently taking it all in. “....Eh?”

Rena stepped forward. “I know this is all confusing for you, but you have to believe us. Jurina is also a vampire and she and I are bound together by a blood pact.”

I don’t know what to think about this, I’m even more confused and I still feel sick from what had just happened.

“Is this a joke?”

“No!” They all said in a serious tone.

I stared at the ground, wide eyed. So those dreams that I had, were they true? Was it Yui? I sat there in silence as I tried to process everything, taking it in one by one, word by word. That explains why Yui always seemed so nervous around me. I was baffled by the things I was forced into.

“So they are after me too?”

Jurina nodded as she frowned.

“Then… what’s going to happen?”

“We devise a plan and strike at the first, but in order to win officially, we need Yui, she’s one of the most powerful vampires out there.”

“So how are we gonna do that?” I stood up from my seat so I could face them on an eye level.

“We haven’t quite figured that out, that’s why we brought you here.”

Miyuki piped up and looked at the whole group.

“There’s always guards who stand at the portal entrance, there is no way we could sneak into there without getting caught, and not every vampire knows each other, so why don’t we bring Haruka and say that she’s a special treat for Tadashi?”

Everyone then looked at me for acceptance as I suddenly raised my eyebrows in surprise.

“What if we get caught and then I die! I don’t want that.”

“It’s okay, you wouldn’t be the only one dying Haruka!” Jurina smiled as she patted my head in a reassuring way.

“How are we going to get in the castle though? They always have that treat escorted by a top guard.” Rena looked at Miyuki and intertwined her arms.

“You’re right…”

“Why don’t you guys just take a couple vampires, knock them out, and steal their suits…” I said softly as I stood there motionless.

“That could work, in order to do that we need guy vampires. Miyuki, you could be able to hypnotize them right?”

“I think, it only works on some vampires, the only way you can tell that it will work is by the formation of their pupil. Some are shaped like a cats, and some are shaped like ours.”

“What about getting to the dungeon?”

“Someone keep Tadashi busy while we sneak to the dungeon.”

“How about Miyuki goes to Tadashi and brings Haruka to him so he thinks she’s loyal, once we get Yui we take a bolt for it back to the portal, but before we go to the portal, some has to knock out the guards or at least keep them distracted.”


“Just, Haruka, you have to act like you're getting ready to be killed and you don’t know what's going on.”

“I don’t know what’s going on 90% of the time, so it won’t be hard.”

“Awesome, Miyuki, what time does Tadashi take breaks again?”

“At 9am, he takes his time torturing people, so we should go at that time.”

“ ready.”
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Chapter 11


“Okay...are you guys ready yet?” Miyuki shouted to us as we started getting ready.

“Yea, where’s Yuki at?” I mumbled as I tried jamming on some ripped up jeans.

Miyuki stopped and shut her mouth as she looked at the ground, then awkwardly smiled.

“She and Mayu are a bit busy.”

“Mou, what are those two doing?”

“Jurina, nevermind that. Let’s get ready to go.”

Rena came through the house as she was already done with everything but she seemed quite worried about something.

“Jurina, come here.” She murmured as she gripped onto my wrist and pulled me into her bedroom that was down the hall.

Rena slammed the door shut and then harshly wrapped her arms around my neck, embracing me like this was my last day of living.

“Please, be safe, and pay attention to what you're doing, don’t act so carefree, please, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

It’s the first time she ever expressed her feelings like that, it made my heart skip a beat to hear that. I didn’t know she cared for me that much at all, it made me glad.

“I’ll be okay, stop worrying so much!” I smiled as softly pushed her away to give her a soft peck on her lips. Tears were flooding her eyes but not quite leaving them.

“Really! Don’t cry! We’ll be safe! Besides I should be worrying about you, not the other way around.” I puffed out my cheeks a little as I stroked her hair gently, her hair was soft and silky, it felt good on my fingers.

“You’re right…” She sighed and nodded as she opened the door so we could go.

“WE DON’T HAVE TIME!!!” Miyuki screamed through the house as loud as she could, you could tell she was angry.

“Right!” I grabbed onto Rena’s hand and ran to Miyuki.

“I need a drop of your blood, Haruka.”


“Blood, ya know, the thing that runs in your body and makes you live?” I said to her sarcastically as she smirked at me unpleasantly.

“Why mine though?”

“Vampires like Tadashi can use portals without hesitation because he’s one of the rulers, vampires like us need human blood in order to run certain powers like that…”

“Right.” Haruka extended her wrist and pulled up her sleeve as I pulled out a knife from my back pocket and handed it to Miyuki. She sliced Haruka’s wrist open without question and immediately began saying a bunch of long rituals and suddenly a portal grew from the inside of Rena’s house.

“Here.” Rena went into a near by door and gave Haruka a cloth so she could cover up her wound.

“Ready?” Miyuki looked back at us and smiled.

“Ready.” Me and Rena quickly wrapped our arms around Haruka’s and acted as if we were about to imprison her.

“Make sure to act like you're struggling.” I whispered to Haruka as Miyuki walked through the portal and disappeared in seconds. I quickly followed behind her.

We appeared in front of Tadashi’s palace, and like Miyuki said guards were standing at the sides of us, staring us down.

“State your business.” They frowned and crossed their arms almost simultaneously.

“We are here to return Shimazaki Haruka.”

They glanced down at her as she appeared sweating and nervous like we had ordered. One of the guards looked at Rena and pointed towards her.


“Relax...she’s with me.” I said with a cool smile as slowly put down the guards hand.

“Okay, you’re free to go…”

Miyuki nodded as she waved her hand telling us to follow her. I wasn’t very nervous about the situation, rather cool, Rena on the other hand, you can tell she wasn’t very comfortable. The only vampire she’s ever been around other than Yuki, Yui and Miyuki is me.

I glanced around looking for special outfits that would address that some vampires were upperclass guards but the only ones we found were by the castle doors.

“Miyuki, go check and see what the eyes are like.”


Miyuki quickly trudged over to the gate and started pointing at us with her thumb as we stayed behind. She ran back and shook her head, great, now we have to find other ones.

“Another place is on the sides of the castle. You guys wait here.”

She quickly jogged to the side of the castle dodging through crowds of working vampires and guards. She quickly came back with outfits from the guards and pulled us off to a hidden place by a rather large bolder so we could put on our suits. We did successfully and made our way to the door. The guards looks at each other and examined us, then nodded at each other and opened the large opening to the courtroom where Tadashi’s throne was placed. This was going smoother than I planned, no faults or anything.

Miyuki pulled us aside so we could hand off Haruka to her and we could sneak our way to the dungeons. I looked at Rena as she stood beside me. We tried our best to casually walk to the door that goes to the dungeons.

“Yui’s down here..?” Rena asked nervously.

“Afraid so.”

“Who knows what Tadashi could’ve done to her when she was in here.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s a reason why Tadashi is our ruler; he’s the strongest among us because of his power to warp people’s minds. He can make them do whatever he wants and alter any thought in their head.”

“That’s awful...”

“Don’t worry. Yui is strong, she wouldn’t submit to Tadashi so easily.”

“I hope not.”

We walked down a long flight of stairs and at the bottom, arrived at the dungeons. There were so many prisoners here.

“We need to find Yui.”

We started searching all of the cages, looking for Yui’s cell. All the cells reeked of bad blood, some of these guys must’ve been here for years. One cell even had a corpse, which made Rena almost barf.

Then, we finally found the cell Yui was kept in. She looked almost dead, and there were also dark bags under her eyes, as if she hadn’t slept in a few days. Even vampires can grow tired, but we’re more tolerable to that than humans.

“Yui!” We ran up to her cell and looked at her. “Good, we found you. Let’s get you out.”

She looked at us with hazy eyes.


“But, Yui-”

“Leave… hurry.. before he finds out...”


“Yui, we have Haruka. You can be with her now.”

Her eyes suddenly widened and she held her head, screaming.




“Yui, you love her, don’t you? This is what you’ve wanted since forever.”

“No! Haruka’s dead! She’s DEAD!!!”

“Eh?!” Oh no…

“She’s gone. She’s dead to me…. I-I can’t….”

“Yui, it’s not true. Haruka’s here, and we need to go, now!”

Just then, I felt someone grab my shoulder. Me and Rena both looked and saw a hooded figure, along with some guards.

I saw a smirk on the figure’s face. “I knew it.”

Huh? That voice sounds familiar…

“Intruders,” one of the guards said. “Looks like you were right.”

“What should we do with them?”

“Kill them…” the girl muttered sharply as she grinned


I stared for a second as I tried to make out what the face looked because it was so dark it the dungeons. I squinted my eyes and examined her face more, but there was something we needed to do first.

“Rena…” I muttered Rena’s name and as I did, she knew what I meant.

I quickly jumped up from the ground and kicked one of the guards as hard as I could with both feet. Rena quickly whipped out a metal bar, it was the size of a pen, but them she clicked a silver button on it and it extended into a long batten. She quickly wacked him in the middle of his head then hit him using her feet and batten and he was out.

The girl that was standing between the two guards froze and then broke for a run, but I quickly grabbed onto her wrist. She turned her face and all I could see was her eyes down to the bottom of her nose do to the small light that leaked through the window, that’s all I needed to realize who it was.

“Mayu…” I stood frozen in my place as she tried pulling her wrist away from my grasp but my grip grew tighter.

“Mayu...why?” I managed to say as I stood in awe.

“My name isn’t Mayu!” She shouted as she extended her arm, a line of silver blades shot out towards me, I had to let go of her, there was no way to escape the blades without doing that. She began running again but Rena quickly guarded the only exit in the room.

“Don’t do this Mayu, you can change, this isn’t you.”

“Shut up, you don’t know who I truly am, you never cared for me before.” Mayu punched Rena in the stomach as hard as she then slipped through an opening when Rena crouched over to grab her stomach.

“Shit…” I quickly grabbed the keys from my guard suit and grabbed onto Yui and pulled her along. She was struggling a bit and tried to make me let go.

“Sorry bout this...”

I chop the back of her neck and knocked her out. I carried her over my shoulder and went back to Rena.

“Rena, we don’t have time, get up.” I alerted her as she nodded and stood up, regaining her posture.


I sat there and waited for Tadashi’s break to be over with Haruka as multiple guards stared at us with devilish eyes, waiting for us to slip on something.

I glanced over and saw Mayu dashing to one of the guards. I knew she was a traitor, stupid rat. I wasn’t dumb, she found out about Rena and Jurina.

“Miyuki, time to go, come on!” Jurina yelled as they bolted for the door as fast as they could. I looked over at Haruka and grabbed her wrist as I bolted for the exit. Guards began charging after me and Haruka, there was no way to get out, it was like a circle of guards. I cursed under my breath as Haruka suddenly grew nervous and worried, she was shivering profusely.

“You can’t escape, you're going to die.”

“You were good while you lasted.”

“We’ll have fun with this human.”

Haruka couldn’t stand it, she suddenly collapsed onto the floor and fainted.

Great, just when I need her the most.

I quickly picked her up and jumped out of the circle of guards and headed for the door. As all of us exited the castle, I cursed at Jurina loud enough to where she would be able to hear. We reached the portal to the outside and quickly jumped out back into Rena’s house.

I quickly reversed my ritual and the portal disappeared in an instant, but in the process a vampire was trying to get through, his hand got cut off as it was closing.

“I told you to be careful!” I turned around and shouted at Jurina in frustration.

“Uh, no you didn’t, and besides it was all Mayu’s fault, she’s the one who went snooping around the castle for us with her super animal nose.” she responded as she rubbed the back of my neck.

“Guys, be quiet...Yui needs to rest.” Rena demanded as she tried laying Yui down the sofa. That reminded me…

“What about Haruka?”

“What happened to her?” Rena asked.

“Nerves, she got all worked up and fainted.” I replied to Rena as she began walking to a spare bedroom, as I followed.

“Ah, I see...You can set her on this futon.” She pointed to the white futon that was on the ground. I nodded and did as she said. Rena paused, and then turned to me as she had a hint of sadness.

“I should tell Yuki about Mayu…she probably won’t listen to anyone else, I just wish it wasn’t like this.” Rena mumbled.

I looked at the ground and softly stroked my arm.

“I know...I already tried telling her, but she refused to listen.”

Rena nodded as she took her leave from the room. I stood motionless and sat there to think...maybe I should go visit an old friend, keep my mind off of things.


I sat in the living room and waited for Yuki to return. I don’t know how I was going to tell her about Mayu. I thought back to that moment, feeling my stomach. That punch definitely left a bruise, but I never thought Mayu was that strong.

Another thing was…

“My name isn’t Mayu!”

What was that about? Why was Mayu rejecting her own name? I’ll have to think further into it later.

The door opened and Yuki walked in. She looked incredibly tired, she must’ve been searching all night. I also noticed she was soaking wet due to the rain, it must’ve been pouring while we were gone, because it’s calmed down now.

“Yuki...” I helped her sit down on the couch and covered her in a blanket because she was shivering. “Why were you out for so long? You’ll get sick...”

“I-I was.. l-looking for M-Mayu...” she said in between her shivers.

I bit my lip. “Yuki...”


“There’s something I need to tell you, and you won’t be happy...” I said nervously. I took in a deep breath before speaking again. “Me and the others went to Tadashi’s castle and saved Yui.”

“Really? That’s good...”

“But… we saw Mayu there,” her eyes suddenly grew dark as she looked at me. “She attacked us, and tried to get us jailed in. We were able to stop her, but--”

“Did Miyuki make you say this?” she said in an angered tone.


“I can’t believe you’d actually side with her and tell me this awful lie!” She got up, her hands balled into fists.

“Yuki, I--”

“But...” Her eyes suddenly widened. “You wouldn’t lie, especially to me, and especially if it was something about Mayu… which means….”

She sat down again, holding her head.

“It’s true…?”

“I’m so sorry.”

She became very angered and stomped the ground. She punched the wall near us and created a hole.


Then, she looked at me and started crying. Yuki never cried in front of me, or anyone for that matter. She wasn’t a crier. But this broke her heart, I could tell. She ran over and hugged me, crying into my shoulder.

“I’m sorry...”

“I don’t understand… how could she do this to us..? I thought she changed….”

“Yuki...” I feel bad for her.

What do we do now?
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Omg I'm going to killed myself not to find this awsome fanfic!!!

Omg Tadashi what did u do to Mayu?!?

Black help Mayu!! Mayuki and Wmatsui kyaaaaa~~

everyone going to save Yui, can't wait tonsee how the pan work

Update soon
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Chapter 12


“Nezumi, you’ll always stay faithful to us, right?”

“Yes...of course.”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes…” I spat out my words immediately as I smiled kindly at him, I do love him and he makes me nervous. I do love him, I do, I’m sure of it, there’s no way I can’t live without him, he’s my one and only.

“Even more than Yuki?” He mischievously smiled over at me as his eye color changed to a icy blue that was almost as cold as ice itself.

I paused for a moment as I tilted my head to the side and smiled cheerfully.

“Of course, you beat over everything, Tadashi.”

“Would you kill Yuki even if I ordered you too…?”

I sat uneasy as I continued to smile thinking about what to say, I had no problem saying I would do it but something held me back and it was hard to escape from it.

“...Y-yes.” I forced myself to say it. Tadashi waved his hand for me to come closer, and I did as he ordered.

“Nezumi, will you kiss me?”

“...of course.”

I slowly closed my eyes and furrowed my eyebrows awkwardly as they began twitching, this is all so weird for me, I don’t understand all the uncertain feelings, I know I love him, for sure. I inched myself closer and closer and by time there was only a small gap between us, I paused…

I… I don’t know if I can do it. My lips quivered, so I softly placed my hands on his knee so I would be able to support myself from bending over to kiss him, since he was sitting down on his throne.

“Nezumi…” He whispered softly as he suddenly grabbed my cheeks with both hands and forcefully kissed me without any hesitation. My legs felt like they were gonna give in and my heart raced. I could only think about him. He moved his lips along with mine and then quickly pulled away with a wicked grin on his face.

“Good…” He murmured and stood up from his throne, suddenly leaving the room with me still left in awe.


I carried Haruka into the room and laid her down on the altar. She was still unconscious from what happened in Tadashi’s castle, but in her sleep, she was most likely reliving her memories with Yui.

“Are we ready to begin?” I asked Jurina.

“Hold on, Rena and Yuki aren’t here. What’s taking them so long?”

“I think I know...”

A few seconds shortly after, the both of them came in. Yuki looks like she had been crying earlier. She walked over to me, I was afraid of what she might do to me. I closed my eyes as she suddenly got closer. Then, I felt her arms wrap around me and she pulled me in for a hug. I blushed slightly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you...” she whispered in my ear.

I nodded. “It’s okay… I’m sorry, too.”

“For what? You tried to tell me, and I wouldn’t believe you.”

“I never wanted to. I know how much Mayu meant to you, I expected that reaction. I deserved it.”

She broke the hug and shook her head, slowly patting my head.

“You really are a good girl.”

I blushed again, looking down.

“Alright, let’s begin.”

We gathered at the altar and blew out a few of the candles until one was left.

“Did you get some of Yui’s blood?”

“Yes, here.” Jurina handed Yuki a towel which had some of Yui’s blood on it. She took the blood and placed a drop on Haruka’s forehead.

She then opened her bible and started whispering under her breath. I saw Haruka starting to struggle, the memories were starting to come back. It must be painful for her.

Eventually things were getting more intense. The light of the candle fluttered and Haruka’s thrashing became more intense.

“Hold her down!” Rena said as we grabbed her arms and tried to keep her still. Tears were flowing from Haruka’s eyes and she kept screaming, her loud cries filling the empty room.

Haruka, I know it hurts, but stay strong, for Yui...


“Paru… Paru.”

I opened my eyes and found myself in a field. I felt so relaxed and everything seemed peaceful. I looked up and saw a familiar smile.

“Good morning, hime.” She kissed my forehead.

I couldn’t help but smile. “Yui...”

I slowly sat up, facing her.

“Were you having a good dream?”

“Of course. It was a dream about you and me.”

She giggled. “You’re so sweet,” she said as she held my cheek. It felt so warm, I held her hand.

“I love your hands.”

She smiled and pulled me closer, letting me rest my head on her shoulder.

“I love your warmth.”


“Hm?” I raised my head up and kissed her lips.

“I love you.”

She smiled and kissed me again.

“I love you, too.”

We kissed again, this one deeper than those short kisses. They were warm and full of love. I felt so happy.


“Haruka!” Yui yelled as I suddenly got pulled into a unknown persons arms, they held me tightly and almost choked me to death.

"Let her go!" Yui demanded, but as soon as she stood up a knife was pulled to my throat, the blade was stained with previous blood, but didnt fail to shine. I started to flail and try to get away from the man but it wasn't possible. All I could feel was the cold steel against my throat...then...

I couldn't feel anything any longer.


I felt something pulse inside me. I opened my eyes again and found myself on the altar in the hideout. I looked and saw everyone gathered around me.


I sat up, feeling my head. I was able to see them, those moments I spent with Yui, long ago.

“I remember.”

I looked around and tried to find Yui, but she wasn’t here.

“Where’s Yui?”

“In the other room.”

“Tadashi did something to her, messed with her head.”

I stood up. “Let me see her.”

They exchanged looks before they escorted me out and showed me the room she was kept in. She was changed to the wall, acting like a wild animal. There were scars and wounds all over her body.


“Tadashi tortured her. Her mind couldn’t take it anymore and she became like this.”

“Are you sure you want to go in?”

I nodded. “I have to...”

Jurina bit her lip and opened the door. I stepped in, looking at Yui. I slowly walked over to her, kneeling down and raising my arms to hold her shoulders.

“Yui, look at me.”

She looked at me with glowing red eyes filled with anger.

“Yui, it’s me. It’s your Paru.”

She shook her head. “No, she’s dead! Haruka’s dead!”

“No, I’m right here!” I held her cheeks. “I’m here...”

I saw tears in her eyes. She screamed and tried to break free, flashing her fangs. I hugged her and held her head gently.

“Come on, Yui. I need you.”

I kissed her lips and held her head in place as I felt her struggle. I kept her still and eventually she started to calm down. She began responding to my kisses and her hands reached up and clung to my back. When I parted from her, I saw her fangs were gone and her eyes were back to normal.

“Haruka…?” she spoke in a frail voice. “Is that you..?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”
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a quick update~!!! :cow: who's mayu(or nezumi) to tadashi..? :?

i just hope mayuki be back together quick...but i'll doubt, at least not without some drama :drool:

can't wait to see sayamilky too..

and glad Yui is back to normal...i hope ;)

but a lot of update...hope it doesn't mean need to wait a looong time for the next.. :cry:

but still willing to wait!! :cathappy:
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Mayu seem to have other dark story before she meet Tadashi shi. And she like Tadashi!!!!  Why?

Rena bond with jurina so that mean she is kind of immortal? I mean is she still human but able to live with long life.

Thanks for the fast update XD
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Chapter 13


“Sssh…” Haruka hissed as she tried stitching up a few open wounds I still had from Tadashi’s torturing sessions. I had cuts all over my body, but some of them were pretty gruesome and i’m quite surprised Haruka didn’t faint at the sight of it. We were sitting on the bed in the spare room.

“It hurts…” I whispered to myself as I clenched onto my loose white shirt that they put on me. I was one of those button up shirts, a few of the top buttons were unraveled so I had to wear it like I was in a magazine or something.

“I’m almost done, don’t worry.” She started stitching up more of the wound as I flinched and grabbed my shirt tighter than before, expressing my pain. I groaned softly the more and more she’d poke the needle through my skin. I couldn’t help but to make sounds of pain, it hurt, badly.

Haruka suddenly stopped when she was almost done with the cut. She stared at the cut with mid-wide eyes, her face was somewhat of a pink hue.

“Would you stop making those noises?” she muttered in a blank tone as she then proceeded onto the cut again.

“It’s kinda hard n-not to- ow!”

“I’m done…” She softly smiled and avoided my gaze as she stared at the floor solemnly. Her face stayed red and her eyes stayed glued to the floor.

“Haruka?” I was utterly confused by her odd actions.

Haruka pressed her right hand on my bruised cheek and quickly pressed her lips against mine without any question. My once dark eyes changed into a greyish haze as I widened them from surprise. What was this about? All I could hear was my heartbeat in my ears and my mouth quivered against her soft porcelain like lips.

Without parting our lips she slowly and cautiously pushed me back towards the bed, watching my cut up back. My body grew heated, my mind was filled with only her, I couldn’t think.

She softly parted our lips and looked down at me with sad eyes, then smiled gently.

“I’m sorry...I didn’t remember...I feel so mean, you must have went through so much pain just for me…”

I kept my mouth shut do to my surprise.

“Do you still love me, Yokoyama Yui?’

I looked to the side as I covered my mouth with my sleeve. I couldn’t help but to blush, she was only staring at me with loving eyes, and I didn’t know what to do.

“...I do..” I groaned under my sleeve so it was slightly muffled. Haruka slightly paused as she looked down at me with nervousness in her eyes.


Everytime she said my name it hurt, but it also made me nervous and shiver. I slowly looked back up at her as I then cautiously wrapped my arms around her neck while gazing into her eyes. It felt as if everything was going so slow, it felt like I was being pulled from the time i’m in now back into the passed, she’s exactly the same, personality, eyes, and her beauty.

“Kiss me…” I demanded slightly as I yanked down on her neck ever so slightly. She nodded and followed through with my demand as she leaned down, closing her eyes and softly pressing her lips onto mine, she had no nervousness whatsoever, and she seemed as if she was already used to it.

She pulled away away whilst opening her eyes as she then went back to her past position.

“More…” I murmured as I began to be feeling love drunk. She slowly leaned down again and repeated but the only thing that was different was that her lips stayed stuck to mine, she began moving them as I followed her kissing pattern. She was a great kisser, because this actually made me feel like going crazy. Paru immediately increased her dominance as she bit my ear as hard as she could, at least so I thought.

I let out a loud squeak as she pulled away I grabbed my ear and stared up at her, all I could see was a devilish smile, she was so cute, but I was too traumatized by the pain.

“Why?” I grumbled as I tried rubbing off the pain.

“I wanted to hear you…” She said with a clueless look.

I covered my face again and tried not to squeal with happiness.

“What was I like, my past self?” she murmured to me as she gently laid next to me, waiting for an answer. I laid there silent as I looked up at the ceiling.

“You were you, you weren’t any different…maybe a little more salty but-” She lightly punched me in the arm playfully as she laughed, as did I and faced me while laying on her side.

“But… when you were with me, you weren’t like you would be with anyone else. You were always the kindest towards me, more than anyone.”

She smiled again.

“...I love you, Yui…” She grabbed my hand with hers and suddenly interlocked our fingers together, it’s like she didn’t even forget, and it made me happy. I stayed laying on my back since I had cuts and bruises all over the place.

“I love you too…” I smiled at her as she leaned towards me to give me a peck.


“He’s not gonna stop threatening us until he gets Yui and Haruka…” I said confidently as we all sat in Rena’s house, discussing about plans and such, the hideout was used for that, but Yui wasn’t in the condition to travel, and we needed to protect them both.

“We have to go back there...we have to put an end to all of this, once Tadashi wants what he wants, he’s gonna get it one way or the other. By us escaping with Yui and Haruka, it embarrassed him, so he will get his revenge…” Miyuki sat firmly a chair.

“But he’s expecting us…” Rena murmured. I raised my eyebrow at her as she continued to speak.

“He has Mayu right? Well he’s only using her for us to come so he could kill us off one by one, he knows we will come to get her.”

I didn’t feel comfortable about this topic, I just wanted to get off the topic of Mayu, try to forget about her for now.

“Why don’t we assassinate him?” Jurina asked

“He’s too smart for that…” I mentioned.

“Let’s hit him with force, show him what were made of!” Jurina stood up from her seat and had a determined smile on her face but I quickly shut her idea down with a shake of my head.

“Violence is not the answer, lets look at everything before we go to the most idiotic…”

Jurina sat back down and slumped over.

“Poison him…” Rena looked over at me as I analyzed every pro and con about her idea.

“Someone will catch us, since Mayu did, she could catch us again.” Miyuki grumbled as she rubbed the back of her head.

“Then send someone in that she doesn’t know!” Jurina looked over at Miyuki as she somewhat had a look on her face.

“...Ya know that actually might work, but just in case the plan fails we should have your army at guard, Black.”

I looked over at Miyuki as she finished her sentence, I didn’t feel right with her calling me black, it made me feel unknown to her.

“You can just call me Yuki, you don’t have to call me Black just because i’m a ruler of one of the 5 kingdoms, you know that right?” I said softly with a kind smile. Miyuki smiled back as she nodded, saying thank you with a half bow.

“I have someone that might do it…” Miyuki uttered softly as she stood up from her seat.

“I have to go and consult with her about it though…”

I nodded as she took her leave from the group and left the house. I looked back at Rena and Jurina as they kept their eyes on me waiting for orders.

“You guys will have to be fighting with me if anything goes wrong, but in order to do all of this we have to wait until Yui heals, since Yui has somewhat of the same power as Tadashi’s. Yui will be kind of like a walky talky for us, she can read anybody’s mind like Tadashi and control their thoughts exactly like him, the only difference is, is that she uses her powers for good.”

“How are we gonna take care of Mayu...?” Rena knew it was a touchy subject for me, I could see it on her face. I grunted as I stared at the floor again sitting in silence.

“I’ll deal with her…”

“Yuki, think about this, I have no problem doing it though…” Jurina softly said as she started to look sincere.

“It’s fine, I can do it.”

“She’s on the same level as vampires, but only in her head, she could get out of anything without question.” Rena murmured as she sat back in her seat and intertwined her arms together.

“I’ll be fine!” I grew a little irritated with Rena.

“I dealt with her for I don’t know how many years.” I mumbled under my breath, I didn't think Rena and Jurina could hear me.

“When do we head out?” Jurina asked cluelessly.

“Until Yui heals, we need her for this.”

“Right, right.”

I softly scowled at the ground, thinking about Mayu. I couldn’t forgive her for betraying us, but there’s still a part of her inside me that worries.

Mayu… why did you do this..?


That weekend, I was out with Sayaka again. I was waiting for her at the intersection; she said she had something to do today and invited me to come along. I wonder what it is she has to do…

“Miyuki,” I heard her call my name. She came wearing a rocker outfit similar to when I saw her at the school concert, and carried a bag where her guitar was held in.

“You ready?”

“Un. Let’s go.”

We took a while walking around town. I felt as though we were going around in circles, like we were just wasting time. I didn’t want to ask where we were going, because I would feel rude, so I just stuck to myself and kept quiet while I followed Sayaka from behind.

I stared at her back and smiled to myself softly, I felt happy, like I could forget all of this mess i’m involved in and just pay attention to her...for once I wasn’t stressing over something. I loved Sayaka, and I will win her heart, it couldn’t be that hard, could it?



Sayaka looked at me through the corner of her eye and smiled at me while she parted her pink lips to speak.

“Thank you...for everything I mean, for being there for me when needed.”

I felt my heart thump inside of my chest as I raised my eyebrows. I widened my eyes more than normal as the sudden moment reached to my heart and squeezed it dry. The way she said thank you made my heart stop in motion, and my bones paralyzed. It’s as if I lost all feeling in my body, and my mind was blank.

“I want to show you something…”

She took my hand and we went to an abandoned park that looked like children would play at. I’m surprised that almost no one was here, but Sayaka explained that since a new playground opened, everyone eventually forgot about it.

She then took out her guitar and started singing a song.

When the days are cold
And the cards all fold
And the saints we see
Are all made of gold

When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood's run stale

I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide

No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come
This is my kingdom come

When the curtains call
Is the last of all
When the lights fade out
All the sinners crawl

So they dug your grave
And the masquerade
Will come calling out
At the mess you made

Dont want to let you down
But I am hell bound
Though this is all for you
Dont want to hide the truth

No matter what we breed
We still are made of greed
This is my kingdom come
This is my kingdom come

When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
Its where my demons hide
Its where my demons hide

Dont get too close
Its dark inside
Its where my demons hide
Its where my demons hide

They say it's what you make
I say it's up to fate
It's woven in my soul
I need to let you go

Your eyes, they shine so bright
I want to save their light
I can't escape this now
Unless you show me how

I stood there, touched by the song. I found myself crying. My salted tears stained my cheeks as the orange setting sun gleamed at us as she smiled at me with kindness that overwhelmed me.

“Sayaka...” I murmured under my breath as I covered my mouth and nose with my hands.

That song explained a lot, a lot that was true. Does she know about Antonio, does she know her so called “demon” is real? Does she like me?  So many questions, like a car wreck that involves more and more cars at the second.

“Miyuki...” she came up and hugged me. “You’re my friend, right?”

I nodded. “Of course.”

“Would you stay my friend… even if you learned something.. awful about me?”

“Yes.” I said without hesitation as I softly wrapped my arms around her waist as she hugged me tightly. Was she going to tell me something I don’t know? My heart skipped a beat again as I stood still and motionless.

“I… The truth is, I’m scared… there’s a monster in me, a beast I can’t control...”

Her grasp on my neck grew tighter as I softly hugged her more comfortingly.

“I know…”

“What?” She pulled away and looked at me with nervousness as I quickly widened my eyes and grew nervous myself. That’s right, she doesn’t know that I talked to Antonio.

“I meant you’re a beast at the guitar…” I stuttered on a few words and softly chuckled at the situation.

“No, I’m being serious, there is a actual demon inside me, I meant what I said in that song.” She mumbled and then looked at the ground at the end of her sentence.

“It’s nothing I’m afraid of, I’m a vampire, not a human.”

“I know, but I don’t want it around anymore...I’m tired of it, I’m tired of collapsing almost two times a weeks, I tired of being angry for no reason, having emotions that aren’t even what I’m supposed to be feeling at that moment.”

“Sayaka...” I took her hands. “I know some people who can help.”


“They need me for something very important… but, I think they can help you.”

“Really? These people… they can get rid of this.. demon inside me?”

“Yeah… I’m sure they can...but before we get a rid of it, I ask a favor.”

She perked up her ears and looked up at me as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“We help from it...long story short, two vampire kingdoms are going to clash and we need all the help we can get…”

She paused took her hands away from my grasp.


“Please Sayaka!” I pouted as I looked at her in plead.


“Because we all could die if you aren’t there to help!”

She paused again and drew a blank as I waited for a reply.

“I.. I’ll think about it…” She grumbled under her breath as I threw myself at her and hugged her neck tightly.

“Thank you, thank you! I love you Sayaka!”


“Um...I meant as a friend!” I tried playing it off as I removed myself from the hugged and punched Sayaka on the arm playfully, she just nodded awkwardly at me along with a nervous smile.

“Thank you, Miyuki. l love you too...”

“Eh..?” I blushed slightly as I heard her whisper the last part.

“I love you… as a friend,” she said with an awkward giggle.

She loves me… just not the way I do.


I sat comfortably on Rena’s couch as I watched TV idols intently. I wonder what it’s like being an idol, it must be fun...although a lot of hard work.

“Rena~!” I murmured softly as she stood in the kitchen doing something I was unaware of.

“What…” She said in a slightly low and annoyed tone as she continued what she was doing, did I do something to make her mad? Maybe I should ask her...but usually when I do she gets even more mad...I’ll just keep to myself.

“Are you cooking dinner?”

“...” She didn’t bother to reply to me as I stared at the TV.

“Rena, come on, I’m hungry. If you don’t hurry, I’ll eat you instead~” I said jokingly. Her back was towards me, so I decided to get up from the couch, surprise her, and snaked my arms around her neck.

“Rena~” I spoke in a seductive voice, trying to tease with her. “I’m serious, I’ll have you for dinner if you don’t make me food,” I whispered before nibbling her ear.


“Mou, you’re being mean today, Rena~” I furrowed my eyebrows and grew a little frustrated.

“Stop talking…” She mumbled with annoyance as she removed herself from my grasp and walked over to the dishes to begin cleaning them. Out of all of the years I’ve know her, I've never seen her like this. her face was sour and she was tense, this made me somewhat afraid.

“Are you oka-?” I know I shouldn’t have asked her, but I couldn’t help it, the curiousness was killing me. Rena immediately turned around before I could complete my sentence. She stomped her foot and glared at me.

“I thought I told you to shut up? Can you do that?” She shouted as her voice punctured my ears without hesitation, it was devastating. I slowly backed away and looked at her with a cautious look, like a wolf bowing down to its alpha.

“R-Rena, I...”

“You can be so annoying! I always hated that about you, don’t you get it? I said I don’t want you to talk and yet you still continue, you’re so stubborn and i hate you for that. Leave me alone and go find another victim you suck the life out of!”


Those words hurt me deeply… It made a rush of anger enter my body. I took a minute to process things a little.

“...You’re not my owner, and I’m not your slave, just because you say something doesn’t mean I have to do it Rena!”

“Who do you think got us into this mess?! If I had never met you, you’d be with some other girl having to deal with this!”

“Oh yeah?! Does this mean it’s my fault?!”

“Maybe it is!”

“Well, if that’s true, you should be thanking me, because if you had never met me, you’d be ALL ALONE! You’d be alone and probably dead because of that bastard boyfriend! I’ve met that man and I knew what he was thinking, so you should thank me for saving your life!”

I saw her eyes widen. Her eyes were dark and empty, like everything in her world shattered. She looked broken, like she had nothing else to lose. Something in her snapped, I don’t know what it was, but hopefully it’s not something that’ll leave a scar.

I had calmed down and looked at her as she gave me a strange look.

“Rena… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean--”


I furrowed my eyebrows and glared at her.

“Why would you laugh at a moment l-”

“Are you angry?” She murmured and smiled wickedly as she stared at me with dark eyes, they were cloudy, almost exactly like a demon’s eyes...but worse.

It didn’t feel like Rena anymore.


“Hehehehe… hahaha.. hahahaha..!” she kept giggling creepily as she raised her hand and started biting her nails.

“Rena… Rena, stop… Y-you’re scaring me.”

“Oh really? What a shame…” Her voice was haunting.

She started walking towards me, tilting her head a bit as she giggled more. She took her hand over her neck and rolled her head a few times, I heard a crack. Then, the click, click, click of her biting her nails once again, followed by that insane laughter.

I don’t really feel safe where i’m at, i’ll admit, i’m more than scared.

I’m terrified.

“Hahahaha! Gekikara’s come out to play~”

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omg Gekikara O_o" Jurina gambatte 😰
sayaka i hope you would help them =)
YuiParu scene 😍😘
Yuki and Mayu what will happen to the both of you??
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gekikara~!! :shocked it just me or every partner of the vampire have a secret identity? (with the exception of Haruka...perhaps..? ;))

with mayu being tadashi's...partner? sayaka having antonio, and now, rena being gekikara..
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SayaMilky and WMatsui so cute.
This fic is nearing its intended war.
Thank you for the update!
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Chapter 14


“Gekikara…?” Yuki asked softly as she continued stacking Styrofoam cups on top of each other, she worked at a coffee shop.

“Have you ever seen her like that? Because I have never seen her like this...especially the stuff she said to me, it was like breaking every bone in my body one by one.” I leaned on the counter as I covered my face with my hands.

She looked dazed and paused from stacking the cups

“...I honestly do recall something was when you were out doing something and you just left us to hang out…”

She continued her work as she finished her sentence and put an empty coffee cup under the machine opening and pressed a button for the coffee to come out.

“Long story short, I had to pin her down and hold her still because she continued trying to grab sharp objects to stab me with…” She turned her back to look at me and waited for the coffee to fill the cup.

“How did you get her to stop acting like that?”

She chuckled tiredly and rubbed her forehead.

“I didn’t...”

She exhaled as she turned back around to turn of the machine and grab the cup to put mixtures in that the customer wanted.


“I didn’t, it was when you got back is when she started acting normal again...maybe she has two personalities, but the other personality is maybe capable of things that even Mayu can’t do.”

I looked away as I began to drown myself in deep thought. My eyes clouded over with a blue haze as I grew slightly sad. What if it’s a demon? Or a supernatural being that she snaps in and out of when she wants to.

Flashback, several hours ago…


Gekikara grabbed a silver knife from the dishes behind her and began throwing jabs towards me as I tried my best to dodge every shot. This “Gekikara” is nothing like Rena...maybe Rena is just a cover up for her actual personality...maybe she does actually hate me.

“Stop!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as she began to come closer and closer to me while wearing an evil grin.

“Play with me!” she demanded with furrowed eyebrows as she used her free hand to punch me, while using the other hand that was holding a knife to slash at me.

“I’m sorry Rena…” I mumbled to myself.

I quickly grabbed her arm before she could stab me and chopped her neck in one quick motion, knocking her unconscious. I don’t know how long she’ll be like this, so I found some rope and tied her up so she couldn’t escape.

“Rena… how can this be..?”

End of Flashback

“Why do you work and spend most of your time in the human world but own a vampire kingdom in another? I don’t get it, I mean don’t you have everything done for you when you own a kingdom?” I tried keeping myself away from the negativity that keeps attempting to nipp its way in my head.

“You get bored of it after 10,000 just kind of want to do things yourself for once.”

“Then how does your kingdom process without its ruler there…?”

“A person that’s kind of like a vice president…or two”

“What’s there names?”

“Akimoto Sayaka and Miyazawa Sae.”

Akimoto and Miyazawa… could those two be the legendary Twin Towers I’ve heard about?

“Aren’t they really powerful?”

“Mhmm...Look…” Yuki turned to me and looked at me with sadness.

“I have to go back soon, I can’t come back to the human world all that often...after the war is over you guys won’t see me all that often, unless of course you came to my kingdom, but even then I’m pretty busy.”

Each kingdom had a nickname; there are five kingdoms in all in the vampire world, very large kingdoms at that. Tadashi’s kingdom was called “the kingdom of power” because his kingdom was full of wealth, powerful vampires, but they are greedy and selfish.

Oshima Yuko’s kingdom was called “the kingdom of freedom” because she lets everyone who lives in her kingdom do a lot of things; she wasn’t a very stern person, that was the kingdom I was born in.

Yuki’s kingdom was called “the kingdom of seriousness” because she keeps a tight rein on her people, they don’t have enough freedom.

The other kingdoms were “the kingdom of light” and “the kingdom of darkness.” The two people who own those kingdoms were siblings but completely opposite. The kingdom of light was very passive and wanted peace; however, the kingdom of darkness was filled with madness and were constantly destructive.

These five kingdoms are pillars to our race, but don’t think there was always peace. Hundreds of years ago, there was a war that killed many of our kind, humans as well.

At first, we only had two whole kingdoms in our world, the two rulers were the most powerful among any, but the truth was, was that they hated each other so much that they couldn’t see one another without growing angry and rapid. One kingdom was full of vampires and the other, was filled with humans, a vampire by the name of Ryu, fell in love with a human named Minami.

The thing that disturbed the human kingdom most was that the human was the daughter of the ruler. Both of the kingdoms feared one beast only, and that was a Dhampir. They had the powers of a vampire but didn't have any weaknesses, which made them almost indestructible. They were also outcasts because they didn’t belong to either kingdom.

The rulers couldn’t kill any of their people so they banished the offspring to leave to die before it grown too old to destroy both kingdoms…

Well...the Dhampir ended up coming back and breaking both kingdoms apart, casting away humans from our world, forcing them to leave without care, while he left the vampires under his wing, only to let them suffer.

It was finally after a decade passed someone finally knocked him off his pedestal and ordered the other Dhampir to leave forever, never to return. Rulers for the other 5 kingdoms. No one knows how the vampire killed the Dhampir, whenever someone asked him, he refused to answer.

In any case, the vampires and humans achieved peace, and centuries after, the humans forgot about us. There are still mysteries of us being alive, but it’s for us to be left unknown, for peace reasons.

“Jurina...” Yuki woke me from my deep thoughts and looked at me with concerned eyes.

“Have you ever met a Dhampir” I immediately asked as I looked at her with knowledge hungry eyes. She looked a bit startled at first but later relaxed and began to part her lips to answer.

“...I don’t think I have...I heard that they hate full vampires, they despise them or something like that. Why?”

“How do they act around people?” I didn’t bother answering her question, and just continued with my own.

“I don’t know exactly, but I have heard from previous rulers that they don’t obey anyone, they have their own rules, and they are blood thirsty all the time, why?” She asked again.

She walked around the counter and took a break from her job as she slowly sat down next to me.

“....What if Rena was a Dhampir…?” She asked as she asked me as she stared off in space.

“Is that even possible, we would have found out a while back…” I shrugged it off as I rubbed the back of my neck.

“But, only the strongest ones can hide their vampire side and only act as a full human...How does she taste when you bite her?” She asked casually as I grew a little uncomfortable.

“Do you mean like...sexually or?”

“Blood, what does her blood taste like? Idiot.”

“Sweet…look, don’t you think Rena would tell me by now that she was a Dhampir?”

“And do you think by now Mayu would tell me she was a backstabber?” She looked back at with grim filled eyes and a little anger was generating from within her. I could tell whenever we talk about Mayu she gets angry, maybe she’s trying to let go...perhaps she thinks she can’t get her back, and she probably won’t. Tadashi controls minds, Yuki doesn’t.

I grew a little hesitant as I gently clenched my hands together and placed them on my lap.

“...Let’s just get off this topic...let’s go do something fun, get this off our minds, huh?” I asked with a soft smile, I could act like I’m over something I’m depressed about, but it’s only acting, a smile can cover up so much things.

“Wait, what about my job? I can’t just le-”

“Screw your job Yuki, you're the ruler of a vampire kingdom, not a human, you should let go of things more, stop being so serious all the time, here, lemme show you.”

I grabbed Yuki’s hand and pulled her along to the exit but before I left through the door I turned around and cupped my hands around my mouth.

“They put poison in the coffee!” It’ll be funny after I see the place shut down, I never liked it there anyway, I won’t miss it.

I grabbed Yuki’s hand again and grasped it tightly, I caught a glimpse of her face and she seemed 100% embarrassed about what I said, or maybe something else, not quite sure, but right now I don’t care.

On the outside, Yuki was this stern girl who has the word death written all over her, mostly everyone from my home kingdom was deathly afraid of her, but to be honest, she wasn’t like that, once you get to know her she’s just like a japanese high school girl would be...which is odd, considering she didn’t grow up in this time period...regardless she was trapped inside a 20 year olds body as was I, stuck in a 18 year olds body.

“What is there even to do?!” She asked, slightly agitated.

“There’s plenty to do! Come on, let’s have some fun!”


“This here is Akihabara, the crown jewel of Tokyo. You can’t be in Tokyo without coming here once.”


“Have you not been here?” I pointed to the ground as I gave her a funny and clueless look.

“No, no, I have...but I was on a date back in 1267…it looks so much better.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki?! Going on dates!? This is new. With whom?” I immediately spat out every word with a rush going up and down my back, Yuki was known not to have any significant others, especially in her past, even if she did no one knew about them for specific reasons.

She gave me a somewhat cautious look, contemplating on telling me or not. Before she could reply I put my hand on her shoulder and slightly patted with a smile.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…” I flashed a little charming smile at her as I glanced around Akihabara.

“Ah! Let’s go to the arcade…”

“I have already been in one though…”

“But have you played anything that was in there?”


I looked over at her with a playful scoff. “You are so boring...come on.”

I pulled her sleeve along to the arcade as she tried her hardest to stop me, she would not stop complaining, I don’t know how Mayu does it.

Once we got there, I immediately went to the most expensive virtual reality game there was in the arcade. I wasn’t much of a game geek, but when Mayu showed this game to me I couldn’t stop playing this. It was a big booth you had to enter, inside was a panel of buttons and two joysticks, with a headset you would have to put over your eyes like sun glasses.

“What is this?”

“A zombie game, here put this on…” I said while looking at the headset that was placed on the panel of buttons in front of us. I picked up and placed it on Yuki’s face.

“Oh wait, but before that…” I took of the headset off of her head, and as she looked at me, her eyes were this icy blue color, like the sky but in the winter with no clouds, it was quite heart wrenching.

“Stop staring at me…” She looked away as I quickly snapped out of my daze. I glanced back at her without her noticing and her eyes changed back to a dark black.

“I don’t know how Mayu deals with you.” I said while pointing to the buttons, ready to explain what they did but before I could Yuki wasn’t very subtle with what I mumbled.

“Don’t mention her!” She complained as she stomped her feet like a child. Without caring I began to explain what each buttons does when pressed and how to play the game correctly.

“Did you get that?” I asked her after I was done with the list of instructions.


“...Whatever.” I said annoyed as I shoved the headset back onto her head as she began complaining again.

“Don’t start; I’m not ready, hold on.”

“Too bad.” I flipped a switch on the headset and quickly rummaged through my pocket for a couple yen. I quickly entered them in the slot and the game began...I could only tell because Yuki let out a surprised scream.

“Wait, how do I pick a different gun?”

“You don’t, you just started, you can’t unlock things when you’re new.”

“That’s stupid…”

“...You’re stupid...” I mumbled under my warm breath as she shouted at me. It was quite funny with that big headset on her face; she didn’t know which way to look in order to yell at me.

“You put your hands on these.” I grabbed both of her hands gently and placed them on the correct buttons that are mostly used.

She leaned forward and asked when the game will start officially.

“Does it have a countdown?”


“Then you’ll start in 3 seconds obviously...” I chuckled at her as I leaned back on the seat.

She sat there and played that game for 3 hours...not because I made her...but because every time I told her to get off she would say “hold on...” or “Just a minute.”

Once she was actually done with the game, it was already growing dusk and I needed some business to take care of. We walked out of the arcade tired, especially me.

“Ah...I’m hungry.” Yuki grumbled as she held her stomach and threw her back as she made a sour face. After she said that she whispered something, all I could hear was the word father, which made me remember this was an important day for her.

“We have to go home though…” I said as I stared in front of us as we walked on the grey concrete that was kissed with an orange hue.

“’re right.”

“Just kidding! Beat you to that shop over there!” I pointed to a ramen shop down the road as I began running after it like it was my last chance to ever eat again.

“You’re just like Mayu!” After she shouted that I could hear her feat tapping harshly against the concrete behind me and cussing.

Just like Mayu, huh? Just like Mayu...does that mean something?

As we reached the shop I began laughing loudly as she bent over and tried catching her breath.

“You’re not very athletic, are you Yuki?”

“Shut up...I was just tired because I’ve been playing video games all day, give me a break.” she panted heavily as she tried regaining her breath. Me and her never spent this much time together, it was always Rena who was with Yuki and I would just follow. Yuki has somewhat of the same personality as’s quite...weird.

I made a confused face as I stared at her. As she looked up she caught me looking at her again but instead of telling me to stop she made somewhat of a confused face herself, we were just caught in a staring contest, but mostly caught up in our thoughts.

“Ah, Jurina, and...Oh that Kashiwagi Yuki?” An unrecognizable voice echoed through my brain as I turned around to see who it was.

“Don’t call me that, I’m Black to you; you don’t have the privilege...”

As I looked at who it was I was astonished, I immediately grew angry.

“We can’t even have a normal talk anymore...what happened to us Yuki; you used to be so innocent…” Tadashi stopped grinning as he stopped his sentence, and put on a glare.

“Or so I thought you were…”

I grew overly confused, what was going on? I looked back at Yuki as she glared at him with blood red eyes.

“What’s he talking about Yuk-?”

“My, haven’t even told your best friend...that is such a shame!” Tadashi went from looking at her to looking at me as he smirked.

“I and Yuki used to be the most perfect couple you could ever ask, get this, one da-”

“Stop, please.” Yuki growled through her teeth as she clenched her fists tightly, she was obviously angry. I was so confused at this point, that I couldn’t even think correctly. I stared at him waiting for him to continue as he teased Yuki with his eyes.

“One day poor Yuki decided to show me her true self an-”

“Stop!” She shouted as she stood helplessly, it was then when I noticed...she was frozen.

I stood at a ready to punch him as he intertwined his arms. His face grew from a smirk to a twisted frown and furrowed eyebrows.

“She decided to lead me on until the day she turned me into this, she was only using me for blood, and only to spread her venom because she thought she deserved to have the honor…and she was definitely not given the permission to do so by anyone.”

I widened my eyes as I parted my lips in awe. That was a part of the 10 rules of vampirism, you’re only supposed to turn people who want to be, not doing it whenever you please, unless you were given permission, which I was. When you’re a vampire, we only feed on animals unless you’re reckless like Tadashi’s kingdom and the kingdom of darkness.

“She left me in the middle of a dirt road with broken limbs! She thought it was so funny that I couldn’t move! She tortured me! She laughed at me as I lay helpless!” He shouted in anger as he pointed to the ground, trying to explain with his hands.

I was in total shock, I couldn’t process what was happening, my jaw dropped and my eyes were wide. I didn’t dare look back at Yuki, I didn’t feel safe.

“Black…” I shivered as I whimpered her true name in fear. I slowly turned around and glared at her face as she stood with a helpless face.

“Why? I always thought why people called you Black…” I mumbled as I stood in a complete daze, I wasn’t there emotionally.

“It’s not what you think, honestly, please, listen to me!” Yuki shouted as she tried regaining her control over her limbs.

“No, you don’t have to…” I whispered to her as my face changed, angered. My face grew hot and my legs grew heavy.

“Jurina, I-”

“YOU’RE WORTHLESS! NO WONDER WHY MAYU LEFT YOU, YOU’RE HEARTLESS!” I screamed in pure anger as my voice echoed into darkness. I could tell Yuki was stunned, her eyes were beginning to tear up and she fell to the floor as she was giving her feelings back.

I looked back at Tadashi as he stood with blank face. I softly walked up to him has he looked at me with an honorable look and a smile.


“What day did that happen?” I asked him as he smiled and nodded.

“On today, today was the day she let me suffer…back in 1267.”

“Huh...that’s strange because Yuki always used to talk about today… Today is her parents birthday, dumbass, she wouldn’t kill anybody on her father’s birthday.” I shouted as I quickly clenched my fist as tight as I could and quickly punched him as hard as I could in the jaw which knocked him down onto the floor, out cold.

“Yuki, quickly, come on before he regains consciousness!” I shouted as I grabbed her by her waist and quickly lifted her up like a bride, she was still stunned so she couldn’t run on her own. She wrapped her long arms tightly around my neck as she hugged me tightly, almost cutting off my breathing.

“How’d you know?” She whispered in a small tone as she softly whimpered as tear came from her eyes and stained my shirt.

“It’s your parents birthday, I didn’t mean what I said! I only said that so he wouldn’t grow hostile and put up a fight, don’t cry, it’s not true.” I tried cheering her up as I jogged us back to the base home, I didn’t know where it was exactly, she had to point where to go.

As we reached the hidden base, I quickly set her down inside near the couch as she quickly laid on the couch and buried her face in the couch. I closed the door behind me as I walked closer to her. I knew Tadashi wasn’t fully lying, something was true, I could hear it in his voice.

“Okay. Tell me what happened.” I knelt beside the couch as she refused to show me her face.

“Please...I won’t say anything that’ll hurt you, just tell me the truth.”

“Promise?” she mumbled like a little kid who had just got done crying. She still refused to show her face.

“I promise.” I waited for her to look at me, it took about 2 minutes full.

“We were together for 2 years before this day, back in 1267. In 1267 I was just turned into a vampire by a gang of men who did horrible things to people…they picked me of the street and took me into a dark alley at night time and used me as food, then left.”

“...” I nodded as I waited for her to continue as she wiped tears from her cheeks.

“When vampires are fresh like I was, we tend to be ruthless. What he said about turning him was true, but it wasn’t today and I didn’t torture him like he said. He was right, I didn’t have permission to turn him, because I didn’t know there was a world of vampires that had rules. After biting him carelessly, I quickly took him to a hospital and disappeared, I didn’t leave him right where he was unconscious…”

She looked at the moon that was full. It was beaming through the window’s, lighting up the room.

“Well, even though you weren’t in the right, all of us have stories, don’t feel so bad...that was way back, that isn’t you anymore, you’re a mature, well, smart, and generous person.”

“Please say sorry about what you said…” Yuki whimpered as she covered her eyes with her arm, she choked up a lot while she was trying to explain her story and she still was.

“I’m very very sorry, it is not true.” I stayed knelt beside the couch as I patted her head softly. I felt bad, my heart couldn’t take all of this, she was obviously so hurt about Mayu, and she obviously tried to let her go.

“You’ll get her back...I promise.”

“But...I don’t want her back…” She burst out in tears as she covered her face back in the couch cushions.

“Don’t say that! I’m sure there is an explanation on why she’s acting like this.”

“There isn’t…” She shouted as she laid still.

I sighed harshly as I rubbed my forehead and shook my head. I need to figure out how to get her to be distracted...I can’t just let her lay and cry the whole night, that would be mean. I inhaled then exhaled one more time as I cringed at the fact i’m even thinking about doing this...

“Yuki...sit up.”


“Sit up…” I put my hands on her shoulder and tried with all my strength to lift her up from the couch to sit up right. She continued to cover her face with her right arm, still crying her eyes out like a child who just seen their parents leave.

I gently grappled onto her arm and drug it downward towards her lap and softly stared at her with generous stare. Tears stained her skin and made it stiff. Her eyes still shut, which was good for what I was about to do.

I softly put my hands on her cheeks and gently leaned in towards her face. I very gently kissed her lips for a short period of time. Maybe that’ll get her mind off of things, hopefully. I removed myself from the kiss as I backed away. All I saw was a stone frozen Yuki sitting on the couch with wide eyes. I looked down at her with my normal, blank facial expression.

“Okay...” I waved my hand as I walked over to my bedroom in the base and took my leave from the room, Yuki didn’t say anything before I left, she was completely frozen.

Maybe what I did wasn’t what was needed…


I sat still beside Tadashi’s throne as I stared blankly into space. This doesn’t feel mind feels captivated, I can’t think correctly no matter how much I tried, it hurts to think, so after a while I just began to stop...but my heart hurts, it aches, like a broken ice sculptor...I can’t pick up the pieces, neither can Tadashi... I love him but he can’t help I love him? Is this love? Does he love me? My brain pounded against the walls of my skull as I asked myself these questions. I have been in this castle for about 9 days and it doesn’t feel like home even when it should.

I sat dazed as my brain felt like it was being stabbed with no halt, but I need to figure this out. My eyes began to water as the pain increased, it only increased as I used my brain more and more to think but it wasn’t responding well, because I suddenly began crying in pain. I whimpered harshly I thought about Yuki, it hurt my heart and my brain.

What was I trying to accomplish by doing this? I’m hurting myself when I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t think.

I grabbed my head and slouched over as I tried getting off the pain by forcing myself to block what I do best, think. I hated not to think, that’s my process. My eyes hurt and stung while my ears rang like a huge bomb went off right next to me.

Why… why does it hurt so..?!

“Nezumi-sama, are you okay?” one of the guards asked.

“Ugh…. I-I.. I don’t know… it hurts…. I can’t make it stop….”

“Where is Tadashi-sama?”

“Find him!”

They all head out, leaving me alone. Somehow, it makes me feel worse. I feel lonely, and scared… I hugged my knees as I sat there crying more.

What’s happening to me…?


What was that..? I didn’t move from the couch since that. I touched my lips gently, remembering the feeling of Jurina’s lips against my own. I couldn’t stop replaying that moment, what was it for, why would she do that? She should really use her head sometimes, she doesn’t know the power of something like that.

I exhaled slowly as I tried to sort out her thinking process, but before I could do that I would still have to figure out my own thinking process about it. It all happened so fast, the first second, I was crying because of Mayu betraying us, the next…

My skin itched from the tears and my eyes were still watery. My bones ached but the thing that hurt most was my chest, a stab wound that wouldn’t grow smaller, that wouldn’t heal. Jurina adding to the confusion just makes it hurt more than ever...I don’t understand.

This is all too much for me… I need to rest today.

I laid myself down on the couch and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before closing my eyes and letting myself drift into slumber.



“Yuki… I don’t love you anymore.”

“Eh? What are you saying? You have to be lying, right?! Mayu!”


No… don’t go..! Mayu! MAYU!!!

“Yuki, wake up!”

“Mayu!” I shot up from the couch and saw Miyuki in front of me. “Miyuki..?”

“You okay? You seemed like you were having a nightmare. You kept calling Mayu’s name in your sleep.”

Sweat drenched my whole neck and my face, I was so scared that I was panting softly. My eyes were wide and my brain stung.

“Yea...I’m fine…” I slowly sat up on the couch and rubbed my face as I tried regaining back reality.

“What do you need?” I asked her as I looked up at her then at a nearby clock to check what time it was.

“I gained someone who could help us win the fight...also, I found something while I was at Mayu’s place.” Miyuki stuck her hand in her left coat pocket as she tried finding something. I didn’t want to see it whatever it was, it would probably me cry if I saw it.

“Here.” She pulled out a crumpled paper ball, I looked up at her confused as she nudged me with her hand, telling me to read it. I gently picked up the paper ball and slowly began opening it.

“You couldn’t even keep it in good condition?”

“Shut up, okay? I was being chased down by one of Tadashi’s hound dogs.”

As I finished opening it, my body grew numb and my throat felt as if it had a huge block in it. The first this I saw was Mayu’s hand writing.

“Why are you giving me this?” I looked up at her then back down at the paper as I began reading.

“Be quiet..” She murmured as she waited for me to be done.

The note read:

“I had to write this note because I couldn’t dare see your facial expression if I told you...and I would have used someone’s phone...but I didn’t want to...look, Tadashi only found out about Miyuki and Yui because I told him, it wasn’t because I wanted to, I had no choice. He said that if I didn’t tell him he would run down your whole kingdom in one single blow, I couldn’t let that happen to you, It wouldn’t be right...I know how much that place means to you...I’m such a coward...please forgive me, please don’t hate me for what I mean too much to me, and if you did begin to hate me I-”

I closed the letter without finishing it, everything became a blur again as I tried to look at Miyuki with tear glossed eyes.

“I don’t understand her anymore..!” I shouted, trying to fight my tears. “Why is she messing with me like this, making me feel these things?! How can she be so cruel?!”

“Did you read all of it!?” Miyuki asked as she grew a bit worried.

“...just take it back, I don’t want it.” I threw the crumpled note to Miyuki as she caught it with one hand before it hit the floor. Miyuki gave me a worried look before catching it.

“Anyway, about the person I told you about, who can help us… she said she’ll think about it, but there’s something I want you guys to do for her.”


“She has this… alternate self, or something like that… she calls it a ‘demon’ living inside her. And she wants to get rid of it. ”

“A demon?”

“I’m not sure what it is, but she’s a vampire, like us. She herself doesn’t know it, but her other self does. All she asks for is our help to get rid of the other personality, nothing else.”

Hearing that slightly triggered something in me as I tried wiping away the tears that haven’t left my eyes just yet.

“Gekikara…” I whispered softly to myself as I turned my back to Miyuki in order to add things up.


“Gekikara…have you talked to her alternate self?”

“Yea, it’s name is Antonio, she collapses every time it happens, it’s like she disappeared, and the only one stuck in that body is her demon.”

“Antonio, Gekikara...having two personalities, being able to not live on because they are half human...having other personalities that are more ruthless and careless than their actual personalities…” I whispered to myself as I walked around my living room trying to add things up. It was still night time outside, in the early am’s.

I turned to Miyuki and looked a bit suspicious.

“Have you heard of the Dhampir race before?”

“I may look stupid, but I’m not…” Miyuki rolled her eyes and intertwined her arms harshly.

“What if they were Dhampirs?! They have the power of vampire but don’t have the weaknesses like us, like having to live off blood!” I shouted as I smiled in excitement, not because they might actually be Dhampir, but because I actually could find out something.

“...What?” Miyuki widened her eyes as she grew bit disgusted with herself. “I fell in love with a...Dhampir? But Dhampir are horrible beings, they aren’t like us.”

“Just shut up Miyuki, we need to go tell Jurina about this, this is important.” I quickly bolted for the exit as Miyuki followed behind me.

I went to the door of Jurina’s room and knocked on the door.

“Jurina, wake up!” Miyuki shouted.

I heard her groan slightly on the other side. I got in and saw a lump on her bed where she was, covered by her blankets.

“Jurina, wake up!” I quickly ran over to her bed in excitement as I ripped the blankets from her body.

She groaned once more as she quickly sat up and harshly threw her arms around my neck while pulling me towards her lips, giving me a long, aggressive kiss as I could feel her mouth turn into a smile.

Oh my God…
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Chapter 15


Oh my God, what the hell just happened?! Why did Jurina just kiss me again?! As she parted away from me and broke the kiss, she leaned her head against my chest with a smile on her face. I looked and saw Miyuki’s eyes widened.

“J-Jurina..?” I shook her shoulder a bit, which made her tighten her grip around my waist.



“Rena, don’t leave me…” She clung to my shirt tightly, her voice cracking a bit, as if she was near tears. “I.. I can’t lose you.. I love you...”

I froze like stone as she continued to hug me. I felt the blood creep up to my face as I saw her shirt was also hanging low and I could see her cleavage.

“I’m not Rena!” I shouted out and then began throwing a small temper tantrum.

She opened her eyes and dizzily looked at me. She rubbed her eyes and blinked as she saw my face. Her eyes widened and she quickly removed herself from me.


My whole body felt as though it was on fire, I honestly don’t know if it was from anger or embarrassment, I quickly glanced back at Miyuki as she looked completely flustered by the whole situation.

“It’s not what you think, honestly! We are just friends! Nothing more!” I shouted as I waved my hands and shook my head.

“Yeah, I was just having a dream of Rena, and I didn’t know that Yuki was still here, so...” Jurina then looked at me. “Wait, why are you still here?”

“Where’s Rena?” I asked quickly trying to change the awkward topic.

Her eyes widened a bit. “Uhhh...”

“Where IS she?!”

“Okay, calm down, I put her in the basement back here after she went all psycho killer on me. Come on, I’ll show you,” she said as she walked out of the room and led us downstairs to the basement. As she explained to us everything that happened I paid attention closely to everything she was saying, I’m almost positive this “Gekikara” is a Dhampir.

Jurina was the first to lead us and as she walked down the steps, she suddenly stopped as she came into view of the whole basement. Her eyes were wide and full of worry, since me and Miyuki were behind her, we couldn’t see anything. I grew a bit curious as I quickly hopped down the stairs, only to see broken rope lying on the floor, and nobody was to be seen down there.

“No…” I said with a panicked voice as my heart dropped. If a Dhampir is let loose, who know what will happen, what if Tadashi gains a hold of her and uses her against us, or kills her.

Miyuki quickly ran down the stairs as well and witnessed everything.

“Oh, come on! Ever since I met you guys, you guys made my life so much harder!” She complained, not seeming to really care what Dhampir have the power to do, or maybe she just wasn’t educated on it.

“Follow me.” Jurina quickly ran up the stairs at a high pace and ran out of the door without changing out of her pajamas or getting ready for the day. Me and Miyuki followed without hesitation.

“Where do you think she would be?”

“Gekikara is as much of a stranger to as she is to you guys…but I have one place in mind.” Jurina whispered out as she began to softly pant, probably out of nervousness.

“What are we gonna do?!” Miyuki shouted behind all of us...but no one replied.

Jurina turned a corner and bolted across the road, causing cars to stop in there tracks and yell out aggressively. Jurina really loved Rena...and she wasn’t choosing to give up...that’s mostly what I adore most about her personality...maybe I should be like that more, but it’s not the easiest.

“Sorry, sorry!” Miyuki yelled to small piles of pedestrians here and there whenever she would bump into them, they looked wasted and high.

“Where are we going!?” I shouted to Jurina as she kept her mind on the trail and didn’t bother talking.

We kept walking, until she stopped again. She stood shocked at a trail of blood which lead into an alleyway. We followed the trail and saw three corpses, all gruesomely mutilated. The gory sight made my stomach churn.

“Gekikara did this…?” Miyuki asked.

“Yes… ” I whispered under my breath gently as I covered my mouth in awe. I caught a glimpse of Jurina’s face as she grew completely mortified.

“We need to follow the trail...this alley way leads to a park...I just hope she didn’t go there.”

“Right…” I nodded in agreement as I tried to step over the bodies and avoid as much blood as I could. Some vampires could control the smell of blood, but I couldn’t, if I smelled it, I would grow cruel and unsympathetic. I tried ignoring the smell as I rushed through the alley way while Jurina and Miyuki were going quite slow. I ran till the end of the alley.

My stomach couldn’t take it...what I saw...I can’t explain, I wanted to throw up.

“Yuki…” Jurina yelled as she ran up to me and stood my side, once she caught sight of the horrifying scene she covered her mouth and nose, whilst closing her eyes. Miyuki still stayed behind examining the bodies for something.

Bodies and intestines were strung on the play equipment while blood covered the grounds like a war had just took place. I couldn’t take the smell, it was sweet and I didn’t feel so hot.

I quickly escaped the place and left Jurina and Miyuki there. I was losing it and I could tell, I need to escaped to somewhere. The only reason why not a lot of people noticed, was because the park was small and surrounded by buildings, and you can only enter it from that alley, with the exception of the gate off to the far right, It was in the middle of the night and plus not many people go there in general.

I ran to the gate and took my leave as I quickly ran down another alley way and found myself surrounded by pedestrians again, they lived their life like nothing happened.


Rena’s voice? Don’t tell me…

I turned around and saw a bloody Gekikara, there wasn’t a spot on her that wasn’t painted with red. She bit her lips while tasting the blood on her fingers. With Dhampirs, they supposedly have no shadow. I glanced up at moon as my eyes turned red, Vampire’s eyes turn colors do to feelings or surroundings, mine change red only from anger or a sign that I’m losing it...and I’m afraid that it was the 2nd choice.

My vision grew slightly blurry and my head fell into somewhat of a sensation feeling. I tried glancing down to see if Gekikara had a shadow, and indeed, she didn’t.

“I knew I was right…” I placed my right hand on my head as I began growing slightly dizzy.

“About what specifically, don’t talk to yourself...You’ll sound crazy if you do that, hm?” She then chuckled as she grinned twistedly.

“You’re a Dhampir...aren’t you?”

“You finally noticed...How come you didn’t notice earlier?” She raised her eyebrows as she bit on her nails, making a click sound every time she bit her nails shorter.

I walked closer to her as I took my time to regain myself back.

“You’re not very strong around blood, huh? Does it make you hungry? Does it make you want to kill more people?” She asked so many questions as she walked closer and closer, the scent on her body drove crazy, and the blood was fresh, which drew me even more insane. I backed away as she gotten closer.

“Play with me…” She stopped walking as her eyes grew blood red as were mine.


She laughed loudly as she charged towards me, tackling me down in an instant. The only advantage I have when I’m around blood is that I grow a little more powerful that I originally am, but that won’t help me in this situation, it give me time to get away but not much. She clenched her fist as she used her free hand to cup around my neck, choking me.

“Don’t turn, Yuki, don’t let it get to you…” I thought to myself as I strained under Gekikara’s tight grasp, I could feel my airways closing. I closed my eyes as I tried lifting her off. It was hard, if I hurt my best friend, it would hurt me.

She laughed again and quickly took a blow to my jaw, then punched me repeatedly. I grew slightly angered by her acts as I quickly grabbed her hand before punching me again, and bent it backwards. I kicked her off harshly as she hit the floor with a thump to the floor and a slight yelp.

She immediately gained her stance and began laughing again.

“Are you angry? Hahahaha!”

“Very…” I grumbled as we both charged for each other, both of our heels clicking on the cement.

I dodged one of her punches and swiftly punched her in the right rib, I widened my eyes as I looked up at her in astonishment. Her body had no bones, it was empty, I didn’t know Dhampir had the power to get a rid of their bones when needed, then gain them back.

She looked down at me with an insane smile, then powerfully elbowed me in the face, causing me to fall back onto the floor and whimper softly.

“Is this fun?” She laughed again, it’s like her laughing never stops.

She grabbed me and lifted me from the ground using my shirt, and harshly threw me to the ground, causing me to grow even dizzier.

“Don’t change, it’s not worth it…” I thought to myself as my eyesight grew even more blurry, the scent of blood had me in its grasp, and it would dare let go of me, no matter how much I tried.

“Hee~ looks like you’re about to snap,” she giggled as she grabbed me and pushed me towards the wall. “I wanna break you.”

No… Jurina..!


I heard Miyuki scream as she looked at something. She pointed in the corner of the jungle gym and saw a decapitated head, a child’s head, with bite marks on the neck.

“My God...”

“Where’s… the body..?” she said, trying not to faint.

I looked and saw not too far away, under a tree, the child’s body. There were bite marks from Gekikara all over the corpse, like she had sucked the child dry, no blood was to be found leaking out.

“This girl is seriously insane…” Miyuki uttered out as she covered her mouth in horror.

I stood very still in my place, I couldn’t believe this was happening, it made me wish I never existed, maybe all of this was my fault like she said, maybe I truly was the thing that made her insane. Part of me wanted to ball up on the ground and cry, while another part of me wanted to beat the living crap out of Gekikara, but as much as I want to, I can’t, I can’t seem to bring myself to do that to Rena’s body.

God, this is making me crazy…

As soon as we were about to leave and find Yuki again, my ear twitched as I heard a soft noise. It sounded almost like a growling noise, like a hungry wolf. We both looked and saw not too far in the darkness, blood red eyes glowing. I at first thought it was Gekikara, but then the figure stepped out and revealed it to be Yuki.


“What’s wrong with her? Those eyes...” Miyuki said, a bit scared.

“Something’s happened. Her bloodlust has taken over her.” I spoke softly to Miyuki as we both kept our eyes glued to Yuki. If what I said was true, if she has really snapped into a bloodlust mode, she’s even dangerous to her own kind…

“We have to leave her here...She’ll snap out of it sooner or later..”

“How long will it take?” Miyuki whispered back.

“Probably till sunrise…” I said calmly while standing still.

“Where do you think Gekikara is at?”

“How am I supposed to know…?” I frowned at Miyuki as I cautiously backed up as Yuki gained her distance.


“Run!” We both started to escape, but I felt myself become knocked down. Yuki was on top of me, eyeing me like prey. Right now, the bloodlust has gone to her head and is making her lose all sense. She doesn’t care about anyone or anything, all she knows is to hunt, kill, and feed.

“Yuki, don’t do this! We’re friends!” I shouted as I tried pushing Yuki away with all my strength but she was too strong. She said nothing, she was just like a robot.

I grumbled and growled as my strength started failing on me. Her eyes grew wilder like fire, with no limitations.

She’s not snapping out of it, looks like I have no choice…

“Forgive me for this, Yuki.” I grumbled under my heated breath as I could feel my body beginning to sweat do to all the struggling. I grit my teeth together and furrowed my eyebrows while clenching my fist tightly.

Before she could bite me, I punched her in the face. She gave me a look of anger and charged at me again. Miyuki came from behind and held her back.

“What are we gonna do with her?”

“The bloodlust is making her go wild. We just need to isolate her somewhere so she can calm down.”


Yuki grew more wild as she squirmed profusely, almost causing Miyuki to fall on to the ground. She growled and stomped her legs, trying to run towards me, I’ll admit, I grew even more scared because Miyuki began to lose her grip on Yuki.

“Uh, there!” I pointed to a shed not too far from the park, it look like it was pretty stable and it could keep in Yuki.

We tied her in rope and locked her in the shed. I heard her scream in anger, followed by a crash.

Again, forgive me, Yuki…

“How long is it gonna be until she calms down?”

“I dunno…”

I heard a familiar giggle and saw Gekikara coming closer.

“Hey~ what are you doing, locking up my new toy?”

“Yuki is not a toy!”

I turned around and grew angered as I seen the bloody felt weird seeing Rena covered in blood, she wasn’t like that.

Gekikara gave a twisted grin and walked slowly as she tried avoiding all of the dead bodies that filled the park...just think that these people has families...what are they gonna do when they find out? I glared at Gekikara with clenched fists.

“If you really think about it, she is...I mean, she’s a queen but it’s so easy to control her with a little blood right?...pathetic.” She smiled casually as she walked towards the shed, as soon as Gekikara walked towards it Miyuki stood in front of it, guarding it.

“I mean, that’s what made it so easy to fight her…” Gekikara murmured as she grinned Miyuki and pinned her to the main door of the shed...I dunno what her tactic was, but if it was trying to make Miyuki scared, it was working.

I had a ball stuck in my throat that I couldn’t swallow, but I quickly gripped onto my pride and quickly walked over to gekikara while pushing her away from Miyuki, Gekikara looked a little surprised but quickly regained her grip on her usual self, and gained her distance on me, making the space between us smaller. My heartbeat was increasing as began growing closer, I was like a little kid trying to stand up to a bully.

“You don’t use you’re head that much, do you?” Gekikara whispered as her eyes hypnotized mine without any struggle, it didn’t help any that it was Rena’s body. I tensed up as her blood stained fingers placed themselves on my chin as she grew closer. Why is she doing this?

“You should just let go, forget everything and let instinct drive you.”

I looked away as I bit the inside of my mouth in nervousness. Miyuki stood completely shocked about everything, I wouldn’t blame her, I even tried my best to stay casual. Banging echoed behind us as Yuki tried to get out.

“You hear that? She’s already let everything go, and she’s not gonna stop until she satisfies her hunger. You seem tense yourself, you really shouldn’t let all those bad thoughts cloud your head. Just let your mind go blank and you’ll feel better.”

I stopped as I thought about everything, Gekikara’s trying to brainwash me just because it’s Rena’s body...but she obviously doesn’t know that I’m not weak.

I quickly slapped her hand away and pushed her back, whilst wiping the blood off of my face. She then again grew a bit surprised but went back to normal in seconds.

She began giggling as she bit down her longest nail that was on her fingers. I stood at the ready to try and fight her again, or attempt to knock her out, she laughed before taunting me with her finger and then charging at me. I ran and tackled her body, making us both fall.

My anger swallowed me whole. I was angry at Gekikara, I wanted Rena back, I wanted my Rena back, I didn't want Gekikara. I clenched my fist up into a ball again as I sat on her stomach, ready to punch her, but it was like something stopped me, like someone was holding my hand back from going forward. I hesitated more as my eyebrows began to twitch, why was this happening?

Gekikara waited for me to take my swing, but she had something in her eyes as well. There was… fear? No, it didn’t look like that, but it did feel like something that wasn’t Gekikara’s own emotion. More like Rena’s…

Rena, are you still in there..?

“What are you waiting for?” she spoke in a low tone with serious eyes.

She’s right, what was I waiting for? I shouldn’t be like this, it isn’t Rena, I know it’s not, she’s gone. I lodged my arm back and quickly jabbed my fist into Gekikara’s jaw. She grunted slightly, as she placed her hand on her face.

“I didn’t think you would actually do it.”

“I’m serious…” I grabbed her wrist. “You… what you’ve done is unforgivable.”

Just then, Gekikara grabbed me and turned me over, making us switch places. My back ached as she slammed me into the ground.

“You don’t know anything about me! All you care about is your girlfriend! I didn’t do anything to her, I am her!”

“You are NOT Rena!” I shouted loudly as she glared down at me. She grabbed the collar of my shirt  and slammed me onto the ground again as she gritted her teeth. Her eyes began to grow redder than before.

“Do you have any idea what she is...what I am?! Are you that selfish to see your own girlfriend for who she truly is?!”

“She’s huma-!” I was caught off by her sudden shouting.



“There’s a reason she and I are one… I’m not a normal vampire. I’m a Dhampir!” She growled at me and stood up. I sat completely confused and utterly lost in my own mind.


“I’m a Dhampir… Half human, half vampire...don’t you get it? I am her! And she’s me!” She snarled and then glanced back at Miyuki.

“She probably even knew!” Gekikara pointed at Miyuki with a blood stained finger as Miyuki shuddered.

“Miyuki… is that true?”

“The clues that she showed and the things that Yuki said, it kinda was obvious.” She said as she tried holding the door shut from Yuki pounding it open behind her. Yuki screamed and shouted for us to get her out. I stayed on the ground, caught in a trap of sorrow.

“Do you understand now? What I am. What she is. We… are one.”

This set me off as I immediately got up onto my feet and stared at her.

“What you did here is unacceptable… For all this time, you’ve been taking innocent lives… I won’t put up with this anymore.”

I was about to leave, when I felt someone grab my arm. I saw Gekikara looking at me with sincere eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She muttered.

What is she doing? Does she think I’m really going to forgive her, after all she’s done?!

“I know you must hate me… but if you hear me out, I’ll give you back Rena. And I’ll never interfere with your lives again...but you need to realize that she has a choice whether I stay or leave.”

I took a minute to myself as I began thinking about it. My eyes flickered as I looked down at the ground and frowned.

“Okay...just leave us alone…” I took my arm from her grip and grabbed my wrist, due to her grabbing it to hard. “Miyuki…”


“Take Yuki out. We can handle her later…” I said sharply as Miyuki followed what I instructed.

When she opened the door, Yuki’s unconscious body fell forward onto the ground. Looks like she tired herself out, but this means she should be back to normal when she wakes up.

“I’ll carry her,” Gekikara then said as she slung Yuki over her shoulder. “Let’s go. She’s heavier than I expected.”



I felt Yui’s cold fingers move aside my hair and her lips pressed against my neck. Her fangs pierced into me as she began sucking my blood.

“Ah… Y-Yui…” a small groan escaped my lips. It hurt, it didn’t feel as everyone else thought it felt like a knife just slicing itself deeper and deeper.

At first it felt blissful but it turned into pain. I pressed my palms onto her shoulders and attempted to push her away with all my might, but it was no use. She began biting deeper into my flesh as I whimpered under my breath.

“Yui, stop!” I cried out, but there was no response. My body felt like it was being drained and I felt drowsy.

“It hurts! Please stop!” I yelled out loudly, but she only bit down into my neck this time, I was on the brink of passing out. My neck felt like it was being sawed off, and my body was becoming numb. I began harshly hitting Yui’s shoulders to get her off but she wouldn’t budge.

I’m going to die…

I began crying for mercy and screaming at the top of my lungs loudly, no one came for my aid. I screamed again as loud as I could…

I woke up, dripping with sweat in my dorm room. Tears running down my face, it was then I just noticed that I was screaming in real life as well. I threw the covers off of my body and immediately ran to the bathroom to check myself of any bites. I was shivering as I switched on the light in the bathroom, and it wasn’t from the cold. I gazed into the mirror at my reflection as I scanned myself, grazing my neck with my sweaty hands for anything unusual. I quickly unbuttoned my pajama top to see if anything else looked unusal, and luckily, it didn’t. I leaned over the sink with my head down as I sighed in relief…

Thank god it was just a dream...but… Would Yui really do that? Everyone knows that when vampires become hungry, they feast on anyone… Yui even warned me, when a vampire’s bloodlust becomes strong enough, it can take over them, make it enough to kill their prey. But, she wouldn’t let that happen to her, right..? She wouldn’t kill me…. right?

My eyes flickered as my eyebrows twitched in fright. My lips quivered as I stared back up at the mirror, looking at my reflection, I looked like a loss cause or better yet...a train wreck. I was so frightened I wouldn’t dare go to sleep…

I walked cautiously back to my bed, looking over my shoulder every minute that passed. I grew skeptical as I crawled into my bed and sat up holding the covers in my clutch. I tried to get the thought out of my head, but I soon found myself shaking, silently crying over the nightmare.

I don’t think I could face who she really is…
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(WE ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER. We are planning a good story plot for you guys so make sure you stay and read cause stuff is about to go dowwwwnnn!!!!!)

Chapter 16


I sensed something was wrong...I couldn’t sleep and my stomach felt turned. I wanted to rest, but I just can’t knowing something was wrong.

I need to see Paru…just to make sure everything was okay with her first before I check anybody else.

After a long time contemplating with myself, I decided to walk back to her dorm. The walk sort of cleared my head and helped me relax, but I was still undoubtedly uptight. A group of girls that were still in baggy and loose clothes came up to me and suddenly asked if Paru was okay…

I was completely halted by the question, raising my eyebrow in confusion. I didn’t know what to think. Why would they want to ask me?

“Why? Is she okay?” I asked a little staggered.

“You’re her best friend, right? You would know these kinds of things…”

“Look, we saw her walking out of her dorm to the bathroom, she had bags under her eyes and she was really pale. I tried saying something to her but she ignored me…” The girl looked at me questioningly as If she knew I had something to say, but to her disappointment, I kept my mouth shut.

“Something must’ve really scared her.”

“Did you guys have a fight or something?”

“No...but I’m going to check on her now...Thanks.” I said hastily with a fake smile as I pushed my way through the small crowd.

After explaining to the principal why I had been out for so long (along with a bit of memory wiping), I walked down the hallways of the dorm rooms and found Haruka’s dorm. I knocked on the door cautiously before opening.


She was turned toward her bed, digging through something in her school bag. I saw her head turn and her eyes met mine. Before I could even realize anything else, Her stare was blank and dead. She was wearing a red t-shirt and grey pajama pants, her hair looked like it was home to a rat.


I immediately ran to her side, about to hug her, but she backed away from me in an instant. I felt discarded and slightly hurt by her actions...but she moved as if she were… afraid?

“What’s the matter?” I said instantaneously.

“Yui… you promise you’ll never hurt me, right?”

Why would she ask such an odd question like that? I grew somewhat offended upon her asking.

“Paru, of course I wouldn’t.” I placed my hands on her shoulders as she slightly flinched in their presence. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked over trying to figure things out...her blinds were shut, they were a dark brown color, so the room was only partially lit with brown.

As I glanced back, I noticed something in Paru’s eyes that caught ahold of me and held my tight like a whip. Her eyes were like a book she wanted me to read, and she made it very obvious.

...she didn’t wanna be near me.

 what could have I done that was so vain?

“Did I do something wrong?” I then asked.

“No…” She looked away at her white carpet as she roughened her facial expression.

“Then what is it? Why are you acting distant from me all of the sudden?”

“Nothing...i’m not acting distant...”

“Please, you can tell me anything! I’ll listen, if you need to talk about something, i’m here for you” I grew impatient. I moved my hands away from her shoulders and looked at her with a pleading face for the truth.

“Thank you.” She gave me a rich and plastic smile that you would see on a cheap romance movie.

...It was a fake smile.

What is it you’re keeping from me..?

“Well then, I guess I must be off.”

I moved in to kiss her, but she hesitated again. I stood there in silence as I gave her a strange look, but just simply patted her on the head and gently kissed her forehead.

I looked at the floor and glanced around her room in a state of uneasiness as I headed towards the door. I could feel her dark brown eyes gawk at my back as I made my way with small footsteps, it made me feel heavy and I felt like I was being judged but I am clueless as to what I did.

“I’ll see you in class later on… Um...goodbye.”




I sat Yuki down on the couch and let her sleep. Gekikara was facing me and Miyuki with a guilty look on her face. I sat down beside her with my face soft, my eyes looking at her.

Gekikara had sincere, culpable black-holed orbs that seemed like a whole different world you could get lost in, a world filled with all kinds of different stars and feelings. I didn’t want to gaze but it felt hard to pull myself back to the hellish reality we are in. In a second, I tore my eyes from hers and kept my vision towards hands.

“Now… instead of keeping us guessing and playing your dirty games, can you please just explain, from the beginning.. who are you really? Rena or Gekikara, which one of you is the real one? Because i’m very tired and stressed about this all, Which one of you is-?”

“Both of us are very real, Jurina. I feel everything that Rena feels, and she feels everything I feel.”,She stopped me in my track of words and gave me a stern look, followed by pursed lips.

Without testing her any further, I gathered enough courage to speak once more. “I mean… is Rena the original..? Or are you?”

“Oh, that,” Gekikara chuckled. “I guess if I were to say… it’s me. But my human side created Rena so I could have a normal life. Well, sort of a normal life, anyways.”

I sat in complete and utter silence…She changed her emotions, just in a snap of fingers, not only was I bewildered at that but...but...

that person I have been in love with for years was a monster? Or I was in love with a fake...

Gekikara flickered her eyes as she adjusted them to me and fixated them, picking up her cold drink from the nightstand and pressing it on her lips. She didn’t seemed to be bothered that we were putting her on the spot, she seemed used to it to be blatant. Everyone in the room was completely awed and confused.

“When will you turn back to Rena?” Miyuki asked abruptly. Gekikara calmly set her drink down and stared at the window that was peering out into an empty street.

“You don’t get it…I am her…I am half human and half vampire, right? So I have a personality from my human side and a personality from my vampiric side, then I have a side that's mixed with a little of both, which signals I am switching to my human side...almost like a personality disorder.” She said somewhat grimly, but softly smiling.

“Rena is completely different from you though, she’s more gentle, She’s better than you in multiple ways…” Miyuki responded aggressively. I tried my best to figure out everything right there and then so I could think of a proper response but my head wasn’t willing to solve this with me.

“’re right...she is.” Gekikara muttered as she took another sip. “I like you, Jurina. I understand how much you care about Rena… I’m sorry we both kept this from you for so long.”

“No.. I understand… Rena probably didn’t want this to become a burden for me or anyone else.” I looked toward Gekikara in a agreeing way. I really do understand why they kept it to themselves...but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a bit thrown off even still.

I paused and everyone was silent. I’m sure Miyuki and Gekikara could read me like an open book that just feel off of a shelf.

Gekikara then spoke, “Look, just.. Take care of her, okay? Rena is the part of me I never got to be; a human being. You’d actually be surprised, a lot of us, not just Dhampir, want to be human.”

“Eh? Why is that?” Miyuki squeaked as she was propelled off of her tracks as well.

“For one, eternal life actually gets really dull and lonesome after a few hundred years. And another, if we love someone, sometimes, more than them being with us for all eternity, we much rather want to be with them for just an ordinary lifetime. Plus, humans are afraid of us vampires, so we become outcasts by them.”

“...Now that you say that, it’s true…” Miyuki agreed and looked at the ground with an dumbfounded look.

“Don’t worry, Gekikara. My love for Rena will never disappear. It’s eternal.” I nodded with a mature smile.

Gekikara beamed. “I know it is, I feel it every time Rena feels it... And I can feel that she loves you deeply, too.”

“She...does? Sometimes, I feel like she doesn’t…” I said with furrowed eyebrows and a sad smile.

What I was saying was true. Rena would become ice cold to me and it confused me to the point where I would become frustrated...but did I ever say anything? No, because I didn’t want to risk upsetting her and ruining our relationship.

She merely shook her head and gently brushed my hand with her cold finger tips. Her eyes grew wide as she slightly leaned in towards me reassuringly.

“Believe me. That love she felt for you has always been there, since the night you first met her. She may not show it all the time, but she truly, deeply cares about you.” Gekikara’s voice was as soft and sweet as honey, it sang to my ears and whisked my heart away as I gawked uncontrollably...the funny thing was, is that it sounded like Rena.

I smiled a bit more brightly as a wave of relief struck me.

“I can feel-” I stopped in my sentence as I slightly chuckled to myself in a way and moved my eyes from Gekikara’s face to ground. I’m sure that Miyuki is having the time of her life watching us have a personal moment.

“You can feel what?” Gekikara said, noticing I had stopped talking.

“Actually… Somehow, you saying it is similar to Rena saying it.” I peered into Gekikara’s dark orbs that coxed there way to my lungs as my breath came to a halt. It really did feel like Rena was here with me.

All I wanted to do right now was hug the person in front of me that was gripping my hands ever so didn’t feel right to me… it wasn’t Rena fully. In fact, it was a whole other person.

All the sudden, Gekikara started laughing, but not her scary twisted laugh. This laugh was cute and almost infectious. It was starting to sound more like Rena’s.

Maybe she’s switching back to Rena, I thought. That’s why she’s acting more like Rena…

“Oh, Jurina…” she said as she ceased her laughter slowly. “Rena made the right choice.”


Suddenly, Gekikara give me kiss on the lips. Her lips were warm and as soft as velvet. My whole body felt a shiver that pushed me to put my hand on Gekikara’s shoulder in a relaxed way.

She parted from the kiss and looked at me with gentle eyes.

“I love you…” She murmured tenderly.


The next second, Gekikara’s eyes closed and she suddenly collapsed in my embrace as I stayed on the couch. Miyuki just sat in her spot confused by everything, but she also seemed like she was watching a free movie. She cracked a faint smirk and looked at me with an amused face, her eyes twinkling. I’m she figured out what was going on even before I did.

“That was fun… let’s do it again sometime.” She gave me a teasing wink, mocking me before standing up sharply. She turned and marched her way to one of the small square rooms that was available.

I sighed and looked at the pale girl sleeping in my arms. Her face was gentle and innocent.

I put my hand on her head, pulling her closer to my chest. I’ll admit I was being a bit selfish, but at that moment, I couldn’t have cared less...I felt complete as a person. I parted my lips with a short smile and stared at the sleeping beauty in my arms.

“I love you too, Rena…”
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Chapter 17


My eyes flickered back and forth as I prepared my Nikon camera on its tripod. It was early in the morning and I could feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness. My body was worn out and I felt as if my knees were made of lead. The bags under my eyes deepened and my hands were shaking drastically.

The reason I’m like this is because I haven't taken my pills that helped me avoid these incidents… not because I’m ruthless, but because I wanna get to the bottom of my personality disorder. Having a personality disorder is hard and I’m fed up with it…

I can’t do this...


I slammed my hands on the counter as I grew very impatient of waiting.

“What do you need?” A doctor at the counter muttered in a very blank tone as she stared at her computer, typing what seemed to be a long, stretched out email. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing big framed glasses. She was wearing a white lab coat with a black turtleneck. She appeared to be about in her early 40’s.

“What I need is someone to give me my check up! Do you realize how scary it is to be a teenage girl that has personality problems?!”

The doctor looked at me almost as if she didn’t care what I was saying. She looked at me as her glasses were slightly pulled down. She raised her long skinny finger to the left of her as there was a hallway.

“Down the corridor to your right, go see if he’s done or not.” She said monotoned and looked back at her computer.

I was utterly impressed by the way she handled me, but that still doesn't mean I’m not mad.

I marched my way to the corridor as she said. I didn’t know what was going on with me, but I definitely wanted it gone. I scanned through the hallway as I found a big light brown door that was made of a rich shiny oak.

I knocked on the door and a low voice bellowed, “Come in.”

I opened the door and saw the doctor sitting at his desk. He had grey hair with black streaks. He looked old...too old. I was still raging on the inside and I felt as if I needed to punch somebody across the face for such a long wait, but I kept to myself and refrained. I stayed in the doorway as he asked for my name in a rugged tone.

“Yamamoto Sayaka…” I answered quietly.

“Your appointment is later today…” He looked at me from the papers he was holding in his hands, “You’re rather early… in fact, a couple hours early.”

He stood up from his chair and proceeded to walk over to a cabinet, inside was pills, all kinds of different pills.

“Well, lucky for you the patient that was supposed to come in a couple minutes ago said she couldn’t make it. Since this is the last day before I go on vacation, why not mix it up. What do you need?” He grabbed a bottle of oval shaped pills that looked as big as a bus.

I stood in confusion.

“My personality disorder...I want it gone.”

He turned as if realizing who I was in an instant.

“ you were explaining everything over the phone, I have gotten everything ready for you. I heard or a case similar to yours once, it was a girl your age, maybe a little older…”

I simply looked un-amused as I stood in the doorway, still kicking at the ground. My face was sour and still.

“Here.” The doctor held out his hand with the pill bottle placed inside. “Take these twice a week, after taking them for about two months, show a video of your progression in your mood swings.”

“What are these?”

“Antipsychotic medications,” he answered shortly, somewhat of a laidback tone.

I stood there and nodded as I just stared mercilessly at these little green colored pills in my hand. I literally just had to take these stupid things and I would fine? Are you serious?

“Yamamoto-san, you can’t lack on taking these pills if you want results.”

“If I take these long enough, my disorder will disappear? ...For good? Right?”

The doctor looked at the ground and blinked for a couple moments as began peaking my irritation, but I need to stay calm.

“No...but it will keep it at bay for a specific amount of time, perhaps a whole week at most, but that's rare. The drug is aimed to stay in the body’s blood cells and store it. It mostly depends on the person.”

I sat confused and dazed, but then ultimately accepting my fate with this drug.

“Alright…” I stood up taking the drugs in the small tinted bottle.

“Try to record your progress. Maybe write in a journal, video, anything then show me it, it will help us with further studies.”

“Anything else?” I grumbled as I stood up from my seat heading to the door, my back facing him.

“You need to have your parents sign a few papers for…..” His voice faded away as a memory deep inside triggered me.

“Mom… Dad…”

My thoughts racing, I ran out of the room. Tears wanted to burst from eyes, but something was stopping it, maybe I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself. I sprinted my way out of the walk in clinic and down the street.

I didn’t know where I was running, and I didn’t really care. I wanted to leave this place, this crude world people think that is just so great. There was an ache in my chest that traveled to my hands and feet, my face was red and my head was filled with flashbacks of my parents. They were truly the only ones who loved me, who understood me as a person and their daughter...but they are gone, for good.

End of flashback…

I gave a heavy sigh as I tried laying in my bed and dozing off. My eyelids were like concrete blankets, dump trucks just forcing more and more layers of the hard liquid on to dry and become cold. My arms were as if they were stapled to the bed, almost in possible to lift the. I think it was safe to say that I was ready to finish this day with silence.

Something held me back though, but I couldn’t know as to why. My room was lit only by a single light, I wasn’t afraid of the dark, and my house didn’t have any monsters in it. It was dead silent.

“I’m overthinking things...I should get some rest, I have a gig tomorrow…” I whispered to myself as my voice traveled to nowhere else in the room but my own ears. I finally succumbed to my sleepiness and dozed off into a peaceful haze that couldn’t be disturbed if someone even tried.

I couldn't remember much of my dreams, but what I did remember is that my body felt restless and uncomfortable, as if somebody was moving it without my consent. My dreams were filled with nothing but a red taint and awful things I can’t exactly put my finger on, but I remember waking in the middle of the with my face buried far in my hands and my body trembling with fear, but after a while I drifted back into the place where nothing could bother me, or so I thought.

I woke up, with the sun in my face and my body feeling well rested. I got up to scan through my wardrobe for my uniform as I noticed something quite chilling on my right arm.

A big long, stretched cut was very well noticeable and it looked somewhat fresh with only little scabbing. My eyes widened and my body grew nervous. I never had this happen before, and I need to know what happened.

I scrambled over to my camera, trying to turn it on, but it was out of battery. I took the nikon off of the tripod, found the camera charger in my nightstand and quickly made my way to the kitchen to plug it in.

“Come on, come on, come on!” I was impatient and scared. My hands were shivering and my eyes were flickering.

The camera gave me a subtle greeting and turned on, to what seemed to be forever. I looked through the gallery with no obstacles in my way. I found what I was searching for, the video from last night.

I sat down in the chair that was tucked underneath the dining room table and pressed the play button, something in me didn't want to watch, it's like the same feeling you get when you're about to watch a scary movie. My heart was pounding as I gulped down my anxiety and pushed play.

I saw myself facing the camera after it was set up. I watched as I walked over to the bed and laid down, slowly drifting off into slumber. I fast-forward a bit past a few hours. After a while, I saw my body beginning to stir in my sleep, my arms thrashing. I could hear myself mumbling. My body was moving and twitching, finally it stopped.

It went on in sessions, going, stopping, going. When, finally, my body sat up and looked at the camera, as if I was dead. My eyes were squint and I had an evil grin on my face. Was this the personality disorder, or was I actually possessed by a demon?

My body grew cold as I watched all of this happening. The strange thing is, is that I don’t remember this happening….at all.

Something crept in my mind and told me to not watch anymore for the faint of my heart, but i couldn’t pull my eyes away, or push myself to stop the video. I kept watching with a bone chilling stare in my eyes.

My body stayed staring at the camera with that same grin for a couple moments as it got up and stood in front of the camera, adjusting it to full body view. Its as if I was watching a stranger. This was not me and I knew it, I could feel it.

“Interesting. Perhaps with this, I can pass on a message,” she spoke to the camera. “Let me warn you. You’re already involved with a world of trouble after that Miyuki girl revealed who she really was. But after you find out what I am, there’s no more going back to the life you once knew.”

“What...?” I murmured to myself as I continued watching.

“Everything will change. You’re not normal, you're anything but normal, and sadly, your parents died before they could even tell you anything. Rather tragic, wouldn’t you say?”

Not normal? What on Earth does she mean..?

“I can’t say who I am yet, but I will reveal something interesting. You have a half brother. He is someone you friends rather hate a lot.”

“I have a brother..?!” My eyes widened as I heard what she revealed.

“You see, there is a whole other world besides this world full of humans. Another word is infested with vampires and just vampires...That place is where your mom came from. She met your half brother’s father and became smitten at such a young age...They had your brother that locked their so called love...Then your mother wasn’t so happy anymore. She escaped to the human world, forever running away from her old love. She then met your father one day, she immediately fell in love and the same goes for him. The got married and then had you. You were everything they wanted...But the only thing keeping them apart...was your mother's secret. She was a vampire and your father...was a human. That makes you and me a dhampir.”


“She would slip you blood as you grew up without your father knowing. Oh you gave your poor father such a hard time. Everything seemed fine until all the lies caught up to your mother. The supreme ruler of one of the five kingdoms came to your house, which was indeed her old lover. She screamed and screamed for them to leave. Your father stood in cold fear as he held you in his arms. Your mother spread out her arms, sacrificing herself for everyone else. Your father set you down in a safe place where the intruders could not find you. In the end, your parents were murdered in cold blood...and police came to see a bloodied house with two corpses holding each other’s hands tightly…”

I felt tears welling up. My body felt numb, this is all happening too fast. I found myself holding my breath and waiting for this other being to finish. I wanted them to just stop but they wouldn’t...I don’t believe this.

“Oh...but I never got to telling you who your beloved brother is. His name is Tadashi, one of the rulers of the five kingdoms and he is just so powerful. He is exactly like his father, bloodthirsty… What would he do if he found out about you huh? Maybe you should talk to Miyuki about this, after all...she did work for him. I’m sure she came to kill you….maybe Tadashi does know about you, maybe he wants you dead. It’s only a matter of time Sayaka…”

My hands gripped the side of the table as I kept growing more and more scared of myself. My skin felt dirty, it just felt like I owned a small part and this other being owns everything else.

“...You’re probably scared right now, huh? That’s funny. I’m sure you want to know who I am though...right? My name is Antonio, and I am you. You are me. You just have to learn how to control me...but that’s not so easy. I have to accept you, you have to show me your worth something...I’m sure you're thinking this is all how about I show you some proof?”

She took her fingernail and dug it into my right arm, blood dripping from my arm rapidly. Her nail began going downwards. The crazy thing about all of it was, was that she was smiling as her nail went deeper and deeper.

The video suddenly cut out and went a pitch black. I sat there confused but mostly terrified. I didn't know what to do with myself now, I didn’t know who I was or what this other world was. I looked down at the cut on my right arm and grabbed it as it began to sting.

I need to talk to someone about this...but I don’t wanna sound crazy.


When I woke up, I found myself back in my apartment. Cold...lonely, I could see dust flying around in my living room as I lay on my couch. The last thing I could remember was fighting Gekikara. My body felt weak, there was absolutely no energy left with in me for anything. My muscles ached when I moved them, like something sharp was piercing them every second.

My eyes darted around and saw Jurina enter the room from across the hall. She didn’t see that I was awake, and lazily walked to the fridge, pulling out a can of tomato juice.

“Jurina…” I spoke softly. My whole body felt so tired and weak. Luckily, Jurina could hear me and turned to look at me.

“You’re up,” she smiled, grabbing another can of tomato juice and handing it to me. “Here. This should bring back some of your energy.”

“Thank you…” I sat upwards, took the can and opened it, gulping down the cool juice. I stayed staring at the floor. For some reason, I felt so lost. I couldn't even think of what to say to start a conversation. My mouth was glued shut and  my hands stayed attached to the cold can.

“How are you feeling?” Jurina suddenly broke the shallow silence as her gentle smile brought a warm welcome.

“My body hurts… W-what… what happened?” I stammered a little, not because I couldn't find what to say, but only because I was scared of what SHE was gonna say.

“Your bloodlust took over. But it’s okay. You didn’t hurt anyone.” She spoke calmly, drinking the beverage in her hands.

“W-what about Gekika-?”

“Don’t worry…” She says, cutting me off instantly. She set her drink down on the coffee table and patted my shoulder. “Everything’s and Miyuki were able to settle things.”

I sat uneasy for a little bit as I drank my worries away with Tomato juice. Jurina leaned back into the couch, picked up the Tomato juice from the table and looked down at her drink as she rubbed her thumb on the back of the can.

“It’s just, some people are worth helping… We couldn’t just leave Rena like that. It turns out that all we needed to do was talk. Gekikara wasn’t who she seemed to be. Yes, she claimed multiple lives, but she’s working on it...somewhat.” Jurina took another sip as that widened my eyes.

Jurina was completely right, Gekikara wasn’t who she seemed to be at first, not only that, but some people are worth saving. My mind went from blank to a full on running train, ideas sparked from here to there.

“Jurina, you’re so right!” I set my drink down and grabbed Jurina’s shoulders tightly.

“I am? ...I mean… Y-yeah! I am! I’m so brilliant.” She smiled slyly. I could tell she was lost, but I really didn’t think there was any time to explain.

I stood from the sofa and began running around the house to wake everybody else up from their slumber. I scurried into my room, that was currently abandoned so I could call the rest of the group.

“Yuki, what are you doing?” Jurina rushed in after me as she grabbed the sides of the doorway with both arms.

“We're gonna save Mayu, like you even said, some people are worth saving…” I rushed, pressing buttons to call Yui and Paru.

“Whoa...wait Yuki, we can’t do that now. It’s way too early, you don’t know what Mayu will do. She might betray us again and I don’t think we can handle that right now.” Jurina came towards me, trying to reason.

“What are you saying Jurina?” I furrowed my eyebrows as I held the phone up to my ear.

“I’m saying we shouldn’t do this.”

“Yes, we should. Because to me, Mayu is a person worth fighting for.” I grew determined and somewhat hostile as I gripped the phone a little harder.

“Hello?” Yui interrupted our argument as Jurina shook her head scowled, storming off.

“Yui! Would mind coming over to my house? I need to explain some stuff to everyone in person! Could you bring Paru also?”

“Um...I would definitely, but...that's gonna be a slight issue.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“There’s something wrong with Paru...I don’t know what…”

“But we need her she’s a part of our plan!” I facepalmed and sighed. “...Look, fine. I'll just get Miyuki to get her.”

“...Okay, well, you have fun with that. I’ll be over soon.” Yui hung up the phone as I removed the device from my ear. I immediately ran back to the living as I yelled for Miyuki.

“What!?” She yelled at the top of her lungs from an extra room. I walked to the room that Miyuki was in and found her laying on the bed with the sheets all over the bed.

“Get up, we're gonna save Mayu today, come on.” I muttered while shaking Miyuki vigorously.

“Save Mayu..? Eh?!” Miyuki sat up from the bed and dropped her jaw in awe. “She’s already far gone, there's no way… She’s Tadashi’s property.” Miyuki layed back down and pulled the sheets over her head.

“No! I won’t allow it!” I ripped off the covers.

“Are you being serious…?” She looked at me in my eyes as I stayed halted.

“Yes, please cooperate.”

Miyuki froze in the bed as she tried to think. A long silence was the only thing we could hear.

“Fine...what do you want?”

“You have to get Paru, she might be in school, so please hurry.”

“Okay~ okay~” Miyuki whined as she walked out in inhuman speed.

“Jurina! Is Rena up yet?!” I yelled down the hall.

“Yeah, but.. She doesn’t like the sound of your idea,” she yelled back.

I grinded my teeth in a violent fashion. My body heated up like a fire as I clenched my fists and scowled to myself. Maybe I need to do this myself, if everyone else is against me. There’s no way I’m giving up on Mayu like everyone else is.


“Ugh, that’s it!” Yuki shouted loudly as she stomped out of the house.

“Yuki! Oi, wait, Yuki!” I yelled after Yuki as I was stopped and forced to stay in the position I was in.

“Jurina..!” Rena clenched my wrist, facing me with a concerned gaze. “Jurina.. About what happened… I…”

“Rena, you don’t have to say anything.” I said, rushing to get my words out, I didn’t want Yuki to do something irrational, I have to go stop her.

“But.. what Gekikara did… I’m sorry… All of it was my fault..!”

“No, really. It’s okay,I forgive you.”


“Now, you wait here. I need to go get Yuki.”

I shook my hand from Rena’s grasp and bolted out of the door and looked everywhere to see where Yuki was heading, and finally I spotted her.

“Yuki, Wait!” I screamed as I tried running up to her. She just ignored me and kept walking. I grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks. “Hold on a second! We need to think this through before rushing in!”

“I am thinking! Thinking of saving Mayu! It’s you and everyone else who aren’t--”

“No! We are thinking. You’re rushing into things too quickly. Just stop for a moment and actually consider the situation.”

“Jurina, do you realize how hard I’m trying?! I want her back! I want her to be back in my arms and safe but it's so hard because she isn’t here, she's not with me, she's not with any of us! Mayu is gone, she even lost herself and I don’t know what to do! She was a part of me and she helped me through the lowest parts of my life! She believed in me, she knew I could be something great! I miss her rooting for me when I was on my knees begging for my life to end! She always brought me back to reality and told me that I have a big job, that I have to run an entire kingdom! She was the only person who actually got me throughout all of the years of my life but she's gone! She’s missing and I want the one thing that made me feel human back! I haven’t been a human in centuries and she was the only thing that made me feel okay for once!”, Yuki shouted at the top of her lungs as her voice traveled through the sky like booming thunder, as she was saying all of that, her voice crackled vigorously. Water filled her eyes, tears streaming down her face like heavy rivers that were forever flowing with no end.

“Yuki…” I said with empathy and loosened my grip. Yuki never cried, so this was a rare, heart wrenching sight. I almost wanted to cry myself, I was seeing my friend heart broken but I couldn’t do anything to help her. 

I realize the pain that she’s in, I know what it feels like to think you lost someone for good, maybe she really needs to do this by herself...but I don’t want her to be hurt. Everything is just so loosely planned, we can’t just go up there and demand for her back. I was stuck in between two choices and I couldn’t pick at this moment, everything was happening so fast.

People walked past us and realized that we were arguing, quickly averting their gaze from us to not make it less obvious that they were listening.

“Just let me be…” Yuki shook her head in disgust almost and took her arm back, stomping off into the distance as I stood in place with confusion surrounding me like a blanket of unluckiness.

I sighed to myself softly and stared down at the cement ground and kicked my foot gently as I heard little pebbles scrape underneath my shoe. Maybe she just needs time alone so her head can clear and she can process her thoughts.

I stood by myself as I began thinking of what I could do to help but...but I couldn’t. My mind wasn’t working properly, like a broken machine waiting to be fixed but there wasn’t anybody with the power and knowledge. I softly slugged back to Yuki’s apartment with my head hung low and my eyes gentle.

I reached the doorway, there I saw Rena, sitting on the couch...waiting...for me. The light hit her beautiful white silk skin as the light pierced through her eyes, causing the prettiest shade of brown god could have ever made. Her black strands of hair fell perfectly around her neck and her lips looked so I understand. Yuki doesn’t get to see what she sees in Mayu everyday like I do with Rena.

Rena glanced over at me as she grew somewhat of a sad expression. She hugged herself and looked away from me as she put on a insecure look. She looked vulnerable and sad.

I walked over to the sofa and placed myself next to her. She leaned away cautiously and avoided meeting my gaze.

“I didn’t know I disgusted you that much...You made it seem like I wasn’t anything I not important to you anymore?” She muttered softly to me as she stared at the floor, empty.

I was taken aback as I widened my eyes. Where was this coming from? What Yuki said made me realize how comforting it was to still have Rena with me, how important and powerful love is. Love made me feel good but it wasn’t just love, it was Rena. She helped me through so much...why didn’t I realize this sooner?

“No, no, no! You are important to me. You walk me through so much, you give me the guidance that I was never given to by anybody else because nobody else cared enough. I was always just that kid who annoyed others. Rena, you're everything to me, and I would be more than happy to give everything up just to keep you. I have been so irritating to you and I’m so sorry for that. Please don’t ever leave me for anything…” I grabbed Rena’s hands as she widened her eyes.

She smiled gently as she looked back at the ground with a chuckle under her breath. Her chuckle was so perfect it made my heart stop and a chill run down my spine. I didn’t deserve her, but I have her and she's mine, to keep.

I put one of my hands on her cheek as she looked up at me in amazement as she blushed lightly. The shape of her face was everything I dreamed of...she was everything I dreamed of...ever since I was little. My eyes were glued to her.

I leaned in to kiss her, but I didn’t want to pull away. Mayu was everything to Yuki, and Mayu is gone. I don’t want that to happen to me, I don't want Rena to leave me, she was the only thing that mattered to me. I pressed my lips harder against hers as her arms snaked their way around the back of my neck. She gently bit my lip and teased me, giving me that smirk of deviousness. My head spun as this only made me want more.

I pushed her down onto the couch as I parted our lips to kiss her on the neck. I heard her soft sighs ring in my ears like bells as my hands roamed her body, slowly caressing her curves. From her chest, down to her hips and up her back, to below her waist and lower to her thigh. I could hear her heart pounding like a drum as her hands gripped my hair.

“J-Jurina…” she whispered my name. I looked deep into her eyes and smiled seductively.

“Give yourself to me.”

Rena covered her mouth and raised her eyebrows. Her face was red and her eyes were glossy. She stared at me as if she was contemplating something. She glanced around the room and quickly met with my gaze again.

“Is anybody home?” She said softly as she looked down at my lips and ran her fingertips on my cheek.

“No…” I smirked slightly as I leaned in to kiss her again.

This time the kissing grew more vicious, like we were holding back something, like a confession of some sort but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She quickly sat up as I stayed sitting on her lap. She ran her cold hands up my shirt, causing my skin to tingle in pleasure. She kissed me more harder than usual...maybe she’s been holding back all this time.

Her tongue licked my bottom lip as I pressed my body against hers. I slowly opened my mouth, granting access for her to enter. Our tongues wrestled harshly as her palms pressed against my lower back. I could feel my stomach drop as she grew more dominant by the second. I’m not gonna lie, I liked this.

I wrapped my arms around the back of her neck as her hands held my waist. Her lips were so soft, like cotton almost. I laughed breathlessly, as if drunk from the idea of what we were doing. I came alive under Rena fingertips, her touch. My body screamed for her to do more to me.

She cut our kiss, putting my lips into protest, but it was instantly halted when her lips grazed my collar bone. I grunted delicately as I ran my fingers through her hair as she licked my neck in a pleased state.

“Oh God… I never thought you could be so.. rough, Rena,” I whispered. “It’s so sexy…”

I moaned hungrily as she only responded with a tighter grip on my body.

“Rena…” I murmured as she pushed me onto the couch harshly as she caressed my body. Her mouth met mine as our tongues danced vigorously.

She parted momentarily and stared in my eyes. “Do you like this? Me being rough and dominant?”

“Honestly… yeah. I love it.” My eyes pleaded as I tried yanking Rena closer to kiss again, but she wouldn’t budge.

She slowly got up, her lips trailing to my ear.

“Race ya,” she said with a giggle before running to one of the spare bedrooms.

I sighed and shook my head with a small smile following after.


I looked through the halls, looking at girl to girl, trying to find the one girl on my mind, Sayaka. Sure, I was supposed to be looking for Paru but she’s not of importance to me at the moment. I really wanted to find her, I need to talk to her, and I really don’t feel like dealing with anybody else.

“Hey…” A tall boy walked up beside me as he tucked his long nimble hands in his pockets.

“I’m not interested…” I continued walking, scoping around for Sayaka.

“Whoa, I just said hey, I didn’t ask you to have a date with me.” He held up his hands in peace.

I walked faster ignoring him as he followed like a lost puppy. I bumped into teenagers as they were trying find their way to their classes. I glanced into each classroom that I passed until I widened my eyes and gotten an Idea.

“Wait!” I stopped and turned, placing my hand on the boy's chest to stop him from walking as well. He had black hair that was cut to his ears. His eyes were a slight green color as well. He looked startled.

“Do you know anyone by the name of Yamamoto Sayaka?!”

He looked up and around the large hall, slowly pointing in the direction behind me.

“You mean that one?”

I hurried and turned my head, and sure enough, It was the one I was looking for.

“Aww, you’re so nice thank you so much!” I patted his chest and kissed his cheek softly, bolting off into the distance to talk to Sayaka.

I dashed to Sayaka’s side and hugged her as if I haven't saw her in ages. Sayaka was a bit closed off as she kept her arms at her sides. She was so stiff, with no emotion whatsoever.

“Sayaka? What’s the matter?”

Sayaka looked around for a bit before taking my wrist and dragging me somewhere more private to talk. Her eyes had fear and resentment trapped inside them, while her skin was as pale as the clouds in the sky. She looked terrified, but of what, I did not know.

She pulled me into a nearby janitor's closet and shut the door behind her harshly. A long strand hung from the ceiling that was connected to a light bulb, Sayaka pulled it as the light lit up the small room.

“We need to talk…”

“...Okay?” I replied back as stared into her eyes. Being so close to her in such a small room made me shiver with excitement.

“I...I recorded myself sleeping--”

“You recorded yourself sleeping? I didn’t know you were into that stuff Sayaka…” I smirked slyly and gently messed with the tie around her neck.

“N-no that’s not what I mean...Stop it!” She smacked my hands away with a flustered face.

“It’s just, I--” I pouted softly to myself.

“Nevermind that. Anyways, like I said, I was filming myself in my sleep, and I got footage of… my other self. It said that it’s name was Antonio and that there was a such thing as a vampires’ kingdom and that my mom was a vampire. She married some guy that was also a vampire and had a kid named Tadashi I guess and then she had me with a human and I don’t what any of this means...”

I stopped in place. My heart felt like it was being drowned slowly, losing breath as time goes by. My eyes widened slowly as I began realizing more and more by the minute. My hands went cold and my face went flush, I could tell because of Sayaka’s facial expression.

I have fallen for not only a girl, but a Dhampir whose half related to the ruler of one of the five kingdoms. This is beyond so many levels of breaking, that I have no idea what to do.

“Are you okay Miyuki?”


“Miyuki!” She shook my shoulder lightly, snapping me out of my daze.

“Oh.. Sorry. S-so, did she say anything else?” I couldn’t tell her how much trouble she was in, she would freak out too much and I couldn’t have that. I need to keep her safe from Tadashi.

“...Um...She…” Sayaka dropped her head down a little as she rubbed the back of her neck, she was obviously having a hard time getting something out.


“She...she said were trying” She stuttered out, trying to avoid my gaze.

I stood in my place for a good 5 minutes as I was trying to process everything in my brain. I was angry, Antonio is up to something, she has to be...either that or she is just testing Sayaka. I looked down at the ground as well and tried to think up and answer.

“Sayaka, i’m not, you know that...If I was, you would already be dead.” I looked back up at Sayaka as she looked slightly guilty now.

“I would never do anything to hurt you…” I moved closer to Sayaka as I grabbed her face with my hands, the thing was, was that I didn’t realize I was doing it.


“I mean it…” I mumbled gently as my eyes caught a hold of hers.

Sayaka silently stared back. My body felt so comfortable and at ease in the line of her gaze. My voice just wanted to come out and say I love you but I felt as though that would ruin everything. My thumbs rubbed against Sayaka’s cheek bones as my lips pursed in fulfillment. I held back everything in my body that wanted her at that moment. My eyes grew glassy and my body heated up.

Sayaka closed her eyes sharply and grabbed my wrist with her hands, ending the moment as we knew. She ripped my hands off of her red face and looked away.

“Uh...I-I...I have have something.” She smiled nervously and quickly walked out of the closet, leaving me in there alone.

I held my chest, feeling it tighten.

“I love you…” I said under my breath with a slight smile.
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