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Title: Illumination (WMatsui) - COMPLETE
Post by: MisakiShishido on December 10, 2014, 03:09:25 PM
Hello everyone! MisakiShishido here.  :welcome

After reading so many wonderful WMatsui fanfics on both tumblr and jphip, I decided to contribute too! Despite not knowing them as much as everyone else, but I guess this is my take on WMatsui. I originally planned this as an OS, but it'd be a bit too lengthy so I decided to split it up. This is a warm-up for me before I start on an actual chapter-ish WMatsui fic which I'm still in process of piecing my ideas.

Hopefully it's a good read though. It's really been a long time since I've put in the time and effort to write as I had before.

Please do leave a comment so I can improve and things you guys found nice about it too! Thanks a lot!!  XD

Illumination - Part I

“Good work everyone!” 

A staff praised the colourfully-dressed SKE48 members who had just finished their performance and were ready to return home from the studio that just held a JPOP music programme broadcasted on TV called ‘Music Station’. All the members returned the praise to everyone around them before leaving the studio in the bus that was hired to pick them up to their hotel to rest up for the night. Every time they do manage to get work in Tokyo, it has always been such a routine.

And it is because of this routine, a certain ‘professional’ pair could spend some time together.

But then again, when it comes to room allocations, there usually had to be a process of compromising. And it is usually the same four people who are left with the last two hotel keycards, fighting it out who stays with who for the night. It was an unbearable sight for the staff at times till the point they just left the keycards at the register while they ‘brawled’ it out, apologising to the hotel concierge about the rowdiness of the remaining four.

Tonight was just one of those many nights.

 And the four who remained were…

“Oh come on Jurina. You always get to stay with Rena! Why can’t I stay with her just this once?!”

Furukawa Airi.

“Because Rena and I are WMatsui and it’s obviously by default that we have to stay together! Plus, I want to talk to her! Just stay with Churi as usual!”

Matsui Jurina.

“Airin, you don’t want to be in the same room as me tonight…?”

Takayanagi Akane.

“I-It’s not that…! Rena and I planned on watching a late night anime and discussing about it! Right? Rena?”

“… Well… I did say that but… I kind of want to talk to Jurina about some things today… especially about the on-stage discussion at ‘Music Station’ just now…”

And finally, Matsui Rena.

“Hah! In your face, Airi!” Jurina put her tongue out, grinning victoriously beside Rena who could just facepalm at the younger girl’s childish actions.

Akane returned to the ‘circle’ with remaining two keycards and handed one to Rena. Immediately after that, they dragged their individual ‘partners’ off to their respective rooms with their luggage in hand while they continued to argue like little kids. Disappearing from each other’s eyes, the noise was halted, and both Akane and Rena sighed at unison, despite being in different rooms.

- - - - - -

Rena’s POV

Geez… Jurina’s such a kid at times… and the fact that she just loves to pick a fight with my good friend Airi just doesn’t make me feel good. Then again, I always took it in a way that she’s envious and all, wanting my attention. I do give her my attention but being someone who doesn’t really share my hobbies, it’s only natural I’d talk to Airi…

But she should know by now that she has a special place in my heart that no one can ever replace right? We’ve been working together side by side since the beginning of SKE48 and though she claimed we were just ‘professional partners’, I think of her differently… knowing it is forbidden… still I--

 “Yaaay! I’m staying with you again! Ain’t that great?” Jurina, whose loud voice broke my train of thoughts, ran to the bed closest to the entrance and sat on the edge of it, bouncing up and down in excitement. I swear, I could imagine puppy ears on her head and even a tail that is wiggling in happiness right now.

“Don’t forget it’s because I really have something to talk to you about Jurina,” Mou… why do I always have to act tsundere in front of her…? I massaged my temples, attempting to calm myself down before taking a seat right beside her on the edge of the bed. I let out a sigh before looking at her straight in the eyes. I’m glad she calmed down too, seeing how she’s staring at me oh so intently.

Honestly, it’s making me very uncomfortable… but it’s not like I don’t like it…

“Umm… during the on-stage discussion… about Christmas dates…” I began, my heart beginning to pound harder and harder at the same time. Jurina on the other hand, just looked at me with a confused face.

“… You… like illuminations…?”

Jurina’s eyes had a glint of excitement in her eyes and nodded, “Yeah! I really love them. It’s a breathtaking experience every single year since they display different illuminations. The colours are pretty too!” Just seeing her so gung-ho about it, I couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Then umm… what about the whole ‘muffler date’ topic?” That made me slightly uncomfortable. I mean, well, we were in public. It was only right of us to display interest in the opposite sex like normal girls but… it just made my heart sink a little when this whole on-stage discussion went on. Even though I did take part in the discussion on Akarin’s topic…

She put her index finger to her chin, as if she was pondering deeply about something, in a dangerously cute way before voicing her thoughts, “Well~ I think it’s sweet. I mean, seeing couples being kept warm by just a single muffler around both their necks… plus~ doesn’t it feel good when your loved one is so close to you? It’s like being in a world just for two~” She was constantly acting out the scenes she had just described in words, with a dreamy look on her face.

Who am I kidding… Jurina is a normal 17-year-old girl who’d fantasize of having a boyfriend and experience a normal relationship event like this…

“That’s… true,” I forced an answer out quietly.

“Rena, you on the other hand agreed with Akarin’s ‘Bike Date’ yeah? About riding on a bike with your loved one and because the wind’s really strong up front, so it’s hard to hear him so you wait for little signs from him while hugging onto his waist or something?” Jurina asked eagerly.

I did not feel like answering. Not one bit. I said all that on impulse on stage to protect my image…

“Yeah. It’s romantic. I suppose,” I maintained my forced smile.

“Mmm… if we add both our ideas…” Jurina all of a sudden, jittered and rubbed the back of her neck, “… Well uhh… Why not we check out the illuminations tomorrow night? You and I still have work in Tokyo and will probably be staying here for another night or so anyways…”

E-Eh? D-Did she just… asked me out…?

Wait! That’s what I wanted to ask Jurina in the first place!

“I-I was actually thinking of the same thing, Jurina!” Looks like I surprised her by my sudden exclamation as her eyes widened.

“C-Cool! Guess we can check out the one at midtown. They say this year’s concept is on a trip to outer space,” Jurina grinned, “I can’t wait to go!”
I stood up and stretched a bit, excitement boiling up within me but not showing of course. I looked at Jurina and pointed at the bathroom sternly, “Tomorrow’s tomorrow. Right now, go take a shower and get ready for bed.”

“Here comes the motherly figure, Matsui Rena~” She said with sarcasm.

“Ju… ri… na…” I glared straight into her eyes and immediately, she stood up and went to her luggage, taking her necessities with her into the bathroom in a flash.

I let out a sigh and walked towards the coffee table at the corner of the room and had a seat. Taking the pen and thin notepad that was supplied by the hotel, I started writing, while doodling, things about our ‘date’ tomorrow night.

I pictured a scenario in my head where Jurina would be enjoying herself as she looked at the illuminations, and as I was standing beside her, seeing her side view made my heart aflutter. Her mature-looking face, her intense gaze that reflected the lights of the illumination, her irresistible lips… and her slightly-curled jet-black hair that made me want to run my hands all over……

And then… at that moment, she turned to me slowly after briefly calling out my name in a low but audible voice, and looked at me seriously with those intense eyes…

“… I… love you.”

“Kyaa~!” I squealed uncontrollably with two hands on my burning cheeks after my fantasizing session.


Oh crap. I totally forgot Jurina was fast at almost everything. To think she’s already out of the shower!!!

“J-Jurina, you’re fast…”

“Well duh… I’ve always been fast… I thought you knew that.”

I facepalmed. Am I an idiot to have just said that?

“But Rena, you okay?” I felt her presence nearing me, “You look kinda red.”

“H-Hehh?! I-I’m perfectly fine!”

“Hmm?” She glanced at the notepad I was jotting things down on, “What’s that?”

I quickly covered the notepad and roared at Jurina, “I-It’s nothing! Go dry your hair!”

She ruffled her wet hair and let out a sigh. Little things she does like that makes her attractive… I can never have enough of her…

“Yes Mom~ Sheesh.”

“I’m not your mom,” I got up from my seat and went to my luggage, “I’ll go shower now then.” She gave me a brief nod and proceeded to blowing her hair while I went to the bathroom to refresh myself and get ready for tomorrow.

- - - - - -

Jurina’s POV

Rena-chan’s so much more tsundere today it’s annoying but at the same time, cute. I always liked teasing her and seeing her get worked up. Maybe I have a fetish to tsunderes.
“Hmm…?” I glanced over at the coffee table in hopes of seeing the notepad that she hid from me when I was about to read it, and fortunately, it was still there.

Great. I can take a look at it and tease her more with it. Hopefully it ain’t something personal, otherwise I’d just be picking up a fight with her. The times we do argue make me really depressed. Rena-chan’s an important person to me after all.

Knowing she enjoys taking her beauty shower that could last for even an hour, I quickly finished drying my hair and went to see what she’s been desperately hiding from me. It’s weird how she just forget to hide things the next minute she has something else to do. This is definitely not the first time I’ve seen her make this kind of mistake.

I held the notepad in my hand and looked through it. I could feel my eyes widening as I went through the content.

“Jurina… illuminations… beautiful… love you…?”

Wait wait.


And this dialogue, narration… and even random sketches… what was going through Rena’s head just now? And what’s this confession-like scenario?!


“Rena… loves me…?”

As a sister. Right? As far as I remember, we’ve always been like sisters. She’s always taken care of me and is always the shoulder I can cry on when the pressure from both AKB48 and SKE48 builds up. Not only that, but she supports me from behind too. I’m the person I am today because of Rena’s constant support and guidance as someone who has lived six years more than I have. Her maturity and sister-like figure has always captivated me but…

My heart… it’s beating so fast right now… I don’t know what this feeling is… shock? That for sure but… why is a smile creeping on my face now… each beat of my heart makes me feel like I’m suffocating…


I placed the notepad back to where I took it and went to the bed I supposedly claimed right after coming in. I hopped onto the bed, crossing my legs, while leaning on the wall besides me. I was still in a state of shock and confusion. I didn’t know what to do, nor what to say.

I claimed in front of the media that us WMatsui were just a ‘professional’ pair… and if anything, in front of fans who ask about us, I’d jokingly say things like “Rena’s my bride!” or “yeah, I went out with Rena yesterday and she was adorable~” for the sake of fanservice.

I never thought deeply about how I truly felt about her… well probably I did… when I was younger, during our ‘Mousou Deka’ drama shootings. I was overly indulged with my character for that drama and literally fell in love with Rena, with the staff complimenting me about how good my acting skills were and even Rena gave me a pat on the head for acting that well… And then ‘KataFai’ came where Churi, Rena and I were a love-triangle of sorts… The same tingling feeling in my heart arose once again when I was asked to nibble on Rena’s ear during one of our scenes together. It felt… good.

And now, she reciprocates my feelings to me when I was younger…? Do I even feel the same way now though…? It’s confusing… my heart aches… it’s making me happy, but at the same time, it’s making me wonder how I should respond… I do like Rena-chan to an extent… but is it love…? Are we on the same frequency…?

Then again… if this isn’t love I’m feeling… then why was I so riled up when Airi wanted to stay with Rena tonight…? What was that all about…?

As I continued with my deep thoughts, I succumbed to my drowsiness and slowly… I closed my eyes… falling asleep……

- - - - - -

Rena’s POV

Ahh~ that felt good. Having a nice, warm shower after such a cold, busy day hits the spot as always!

"Ne, Juri—"

Turning around the corner just to see her fallen to sleep made me put a full stop to whatever I wanted to say. Why in the world is she asleep in such a position? She should get into her sheets properly… seriously…

Trying to not wake her up, I tried moving her into her sheets as delicately as I could. I’m glad she’s quite a heavy sleeper—

“Rena-chan… smells nice…”

--Or not?!

“J-Jurina…?!” I gasped, saying her name out in a whisper.

There was no response. I could only presume she was just sleep talking… I sighed in relief before pulling up the covers for her so she wouldn’t get cold. She still had a child-like grin on her face. Irresistibly, I parted her hair that was covering her forehead and gave her a peck. Oh my, Rena, when have you gotten so bold…?! Standing up straight, I could feel my blood gushing up to my head again after realising what I had just done. I-I couldn’t help it!

“A-Alright… time to dry my hair… hopefully she doesn’t wake up…”

I went to the hair dryer, but before that, I took a glance to the coffee table and saw the notepad I was using right there. Oh no. I totally forgot about it once I decided to take a shower!!! I thought of the worst scenario possible right then and there.

What if… Jurina had seen what I just wrote…? And drawn as a matter of fact…

“Stupid Rena, stupid!” I cursed myself in a low voice.

Alright… calm down. Jurina’s dense. She probably would’ve forgotten about that notepad after I had went to the showers anyways… stop panicking… and even if she did see it……..


… What if our friendship breaks apart because of that…? Once she knows I have feelings for her, what then…? Will she still be my friend…? Or will she try to avoid me…?

I switched on the dryer.

- - - - - -

Jurina’s POV

Rena… sorry…! I was awake the moment you moved me…!

I shifted to the side that was facing the wall I was leaning on before falling asleep. Covering my whole self in the warmth of the covers, I touched my forehead with a free hand. Rena… she just… k-ki…….

Feeling the heat of my cheeks rising, I poked out of the covers for fresh air when I heard the dryer being turned on. Pulling the covers near my mouth, I tried to return back to sleep, despite of how fast my heart was beating right now and how uncomfortable it was.

- - - - - -

“Tomorrow’s going to be one heck of a ‘date’…” The both of them thought in unison, unsettled emotions filled their hearts as they rested for the night.

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That's cute! Can't wait for the date  :)
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OMG :cathappy:

Tomorrow's gonna be one HECK of a date, indeed! :deco: Can't wait~ >w<
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That's cute! Can't wait for the date  :)

Thanks for reading  :D

OMG :cathappy:

Tomorrow's gonna be one HECK of a date, indeed! :deco: Can't wait~ >w<

Haha hopefully it does turn out to be a heck of a date  XD Thanks for reading!
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 :wub: can't waittt!!!!
So cute~  :deco: :deco: :deco:
Rena-san,  tsun tsun LOL

This date is going to be the epiccccc~
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Neeeeeeeddddd moreeeeeeee. :'( pls.
It's great. :)
I'm looking forward to part 2. :3
Thanks for writing. :D
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Gosh this was honestly hard to write...! Since I'm quite new to this and all...  :nervous

Hopefully it meets the expectations of you viewers out there! Thanks for the support so far!  ;)

Illumination - Part II (END)

The next day, the two Matsuis were not able to concentrate properly during their work, stuttering here and there but they managed to cover their mistakes up professionally in spite of getting a ridiculous amount of nagging from the staff members on site. It was a short talk show which centered on the new Wcenters—Kitagawa Ryouha and Miyamae Ami. Jurina and Rena were pretty much there as backup if the atmosphere goes cold throughout the programme.

Though it seems like the professional duo really made a mess of it, but luckily the viewer’s rating did not plunge anyhow lower than expected. A great sense of relief went through their minds. Their juniors asked if they were okay and while Rena answered as calmly as she could, Jurina couldn’t help but jitter rather obviously. That made Rena awfully suspicious, but she did not want to pay that to mind.

After the programme, all four members excused themselves to the dressing room to change and leave the studio. There, Rena continuously latched herself onto her cute kouhai, Ryouha, which ticked Jurina off slightly. Sure, Rena has been established to be quite the lolicon nowadays but Jurina couldn’t accept that after accidentally seeing her note last night. Ami noticed her behaviour but didn’t say a word, but to diffuse Jurina’s short-temper, she tried to talk to her about various things, like the programme that just passed and her plans before returning to Nagoya the following day in which the latter conversed with her as normally as possible.

Suddenly, a staff came in and informed them that their transport had arrived. Rena, holding hands with Ryouha, went towards the car park in advance, causing Jurina to pout and Ami nudged her on the shoulder, motioning that they should follow suit.

In the van, Rena and Ryouha were enjoying their conversation about the randomest of things. Jurina looked out of the window with Ami just remaining quiet despite her curiosity of wanting to know why Jurina was behaving like this, even though she knew it was pretty much because of Rena.

Arriving at the hotel, Ryouha and Ami parted ways from their senpai, leaving the two alone. Jurina was still in a bad mood which she tries to deny that it was jealousy or possessiveness over Rena while the latter gestured for them to return to the room and prepare to head out to see the illuminations.
At the hallway towards their room, Airi, who was alongside Akane, greeted Rena. And boy, did sparks fly when Jurina and Airi exchanged gazes. Rena and Akane just shrugged at the sight.

“You free now Rena? Akane and I want to go check out the illuminations at midtown. Wanna tag along?” Airi gave a warm smile to Rena.

“Ah. You guys are visiting the illuminations too? Jurina and I are actually—"

“… Rena’s not going with you both,” Jurina voiced out, cutting short Rena’s sentence and her tone of voice sounding rather gruff.

“Jurina, we’re going to the same place. It’d be fun if all four of us—"

“No means no,” Jurina cut Airi’s sentence this time, giving her a really annoyed look.

“J-Jurina-san… are you okay…?” Akane asked, with a look of concern.

The youngest member of the four of them suddenly snapped out of her blind rage and ruffled her hair awkwardly, “O-Oops… uh yeah. I’m okay. Or maybe not… ahahaha. Sorry if I was kinda rude…”

“Jurina…?” Rena looked at Jurina who looked back at her, feeling flustered.

“I-I’ll be in the room. Please excuse me,” Jurina hurriedly swiped her keycard on the lock of her hotel room and went in, leaving Rena, Airi and Akane right outside, dumbfounded for a moment.

“Did something happen at work? She’s acting rather strangely today,” Akane asked out of concern.

Rena shook her head, “I don’t think so? Nothing major at least. Both Jurina and I just kept slipping up on what the cue cards said today that’s all.”

“Hmm… guess it means Churi and I are going together first then. I hope she’s alright,” despite being rivals for Rena’s attention, Airi was worried for Jurina as well.

“Sure. Enjoy yourselves you two. Thanks for the invite regardless.”

“You and Jurina have fun as well. Hopefully we can meet up there,” Akane smiled.

As the two left the hallway, Rena let out a deep sigh before facing the door with her keycard in hand. She felt there was something terribly wrong with Jurina today. The younger Matsui had screwed up as much as she did today. Her gut feelings made it feel like she was the cause of the younger Matsui’s emotional issue.

With a heavy heart, she opened the door.

- - - - - -

Jurina’s POV

What. The. Heck. Is. WRONG. WITH. ME.

“Aaarghh!!!” I let out a groan of frustration while burying my face in my own hands as I sat at the edge of my bed.

Ever since last night, Rena-chan has thrown me seriously off balance! All I could think was about my feelings towards Rena-chan since this morning… as much as I’m excited about seeing the illuminations but this has gotten in the way of my priorities. I mean, can you blame me? I’m an adolescent who still hasn’t actually experienced what ‘love’ truly is yet. Accidentally seeing the one person you’re pretty much closest with due to work writing things related to loving me… it’s… I don’t know!

The fact I made a blunder during a simple talk show as well… I, Matsui Jurina, actually slipped up at a simple talk show! I haven’t made such mistakes in so long… darn it… And it was all because I had to interact with Rena-chan on set… To think Rena-chan is driving me nuts now…!!!


Ah… here she comes… just great. How should I display myself for her now?

“Rena-chan…” All I managed was calling out to her softly, face still buried in the warmth of my hands.

“H-Hey, are you okay?” I could feel her kneeling right in front of me, a hand on my head, patting it softly. It was comforting. I had always loved how Rena-chan patted my head to praise me or cheer me up.

“… Yeah,” I looked downwards to see Rena-chan’s face positioned quite closely to mine. Ah... I know Rena was beautiful… but when was she ever this beautiful… Gosh, that accidental ‘confession’ I read last night is really screwing up my mind…

“Come on, tell me what’s on your mind, Jurina.”



The patting suddenly stopped and when Rena-chan was about to fall back, I managed to catch her fall by pulling onto the hand that was patting my head till a moment ago. Her face had turned red, and I could feel mine heating up too.

“I-I said you, Rena-chan… you’re… on my mind…” I looked away at Rena-chan in embarrassment. Matsui Jurina, since when have you gotten so darn cheesy?! It’s awfully lame!

“J-Jurina…” She continued after a brief sigh, “… You didn’t happen… to have read what I had written on the notepad at the coffee table… now did you?”

Crap. Now what? Come on brain. THINK!


Should I just admit it?! No wait, what if she gets mad?! Not only I’ll miss the illuminations… but I’ll just put a strain on my friendship with Rena-chan!
She suddenly stood up, my hand still holding onto hers, and she gave me a wry smile, “You did… didn’t you…? Don’t worry, I’m not mad or anything.”
I apologised, still looking away from her.

At that moment, she bended down slightly and I felt her free hand cupping my chin, tilting my head to face hers. Closing the distance between us, I felt her soft lips pressed onto mine with her eyes closed. I, on the other hand, recovering from the jolt of Rena-chan’s lips, slowly closed my eyes to feel what she’s feeling now.

Is this… how love feels like…?

She broke the kiss when it was time for some air and averted my gaze, turning her back on me,  obviously feeling embarrassed after what she had done, “S-Sorry… I-It happened on impulse I—"

I jumped out of where I was sitting and hugged her from behind, “… I understand. Thank you, Rena-chan. T-That was close to recapturing my heart… as expected of my ‘other half’…”


“I… had feelings for you. For quite some time ago… I just tried to seal them off… because it was forbidden, because it may affect our friendship… because I thought it was one-sided.”

- - - - - -

Rena’s POV

What did... Jurina just say…? She had feelings for me in the past…? No way…

I felt her arms leaving my waist and took the chance to turn and face her. Her bangs were covering her eyes as she lowered her head, making me unable to read how she was feeling now.


“… That’s why when I saw what you wrote… I got so confused… my heart ached, my mind went blank…” she clenched her fists, “… I kept thinking on how I would confront you… I didn’t want to ruin our plans for tonight… but… it seems like I let my emotions get ahead of me…”

I held her hands to calm her down, speaking as softly as I could, “I should be the one to blame… I’m sorry for giving you such a headache due to my fantasies… I didn’t realise you felt the same too.”

“I always have, Rena-chan…” She looked straight into my eyes, “E-Even though I’m the infamous kissing monster, I felt differently towards you, Rena-chan!!!” Her face was all red after that exclamation.

I’m glad she’s back to normal though. The Jurina I’ve always known, and loved, more than just a sister.

“You’ve been saying things in past tense. I want to change those past tenses into present ones,” I gave her a confident look, “… So let’s go see the illuminations now. Give me a chance to rekindle your feelings towards me, Jurina.”

I have never ever said such embarrassing thing in my lifetime. Not to mention, horribly cheesy! But seeing Jurina chuckling light-heartedly right now, makes me happy too.

“You sound really confident, Rena-chan. I’m looking forward to it,” she gave me a challenging smirk before nudging me to let go of her hands. I totally forgot I was holding onto her…!

She looked at her cellphone briefly to check the time before giving me a nod, “We should get going. I think there’s going to be a light show soon. It’d be nice to see lights flickering and all.”

I nodded in agreement before leaving our room.

- - - - - -

At the Midtown Garden area, it was just as advertised—a breathtaking view for all to see which created a magical, wintery atmosphere. Both sides of the walkway was just blanketed with lights that turned colour every 10 seconds or so and there were even reindeer-shaped silhouettes covered with the LED lights along the way. Families, couples, and friends were enjoying their time as they walked through the long pathway of lights, taking photos with their loved ones and just being there to experience the sights.

Jurina and Rena were both in awe every step they took, talking about every single detail they see. It was one of these times where Jurina really acted like a kid who couldn’t be held back as she roamed around pointing at the lights which formed cute shapes and shouting Rena’s name to catch her attention. The older Matsui just let her be. She was enjoying herself as well, albeit being a little quieter about it while the latter energetically jumped up and down.

Once they reached the center of the garden, they were just in time for the light show. There were lots of formations, like a wave of lights surging towards them, lights flickering to express that an alien was shooting laser beams and even the galaxy above. It was a good thing that the theme was really incorporated to the light show rather than just being an advertisement.

Jurina rushed to see the illumination show up front while Rena slowly walked behind her, taking in the scenery and a hyped Jurina. She was worried the younger Matsui would be depressed for the whole day, hindering the enjoyment of their ‘date’, but she was glad their confrontation at the hotel room before coming here was worth it. She was back to normal, and not only that, Rena had gotten rid of a stress that had been building up.

- - - - - -

Rena’s POV

Wow… so this is how the illuminations in Tokyo looks like huh… it’s spectacular…

“Rena-chan! Come up in front!”

The fact she isn’t bothered with the whole ‘confession’ issue anymore because of the illuminations is extraordinary as well. I’m relieved she’s still behaving normally around me. I was prepared for the worst but I guess I can get those thoughts off my shoulders now.

“Okay okay,” I stood beside her, placing my hands on the railing that set a gap to prevent people from disturbing the lights used for the light show.
Looking right beside me, was the exact same scene depicted in my imagination. The scene that I had written down and caused quite a stir. I swear I had the urge to pinch myself to check if this was reality or a dream.

Jurina looked on at the illumination which sparkled in her eyes. Her lips forming a huge smile. Seeing her side view… it literally made my heart beat faster and faster each moment I stared at her. She realised my stare and turned to me slowly, calling out my name in embarrassment.

Wait if this continues…

“U-Umm… I could feel your stare, Rena-chan… it’s really… intense…” She ruffled her hair nervously.

“S-Sorry… I was just thinking…” I looked towards the view in front of us, “… Even though the illuminations are pretty… your side view is much more beautiful…”


“Hmm…?” It was suddenly silent, when I turned to look at Jurina, her hands were clenched up near her chest with her bangs covering her eyes again, blushing rather furiously.

“W-Whoa… R-Rena-chan… you’re pretty amazing…”

“What do you mean?”

“W-With that one liner…” She looked at me nervously, “… you made my heart pound like crazy…”

I laughed. It was cute that she actually can get embarrassed till this extent. Usually she tries to look mature, hiding all sense of embarrassment in front of members but now, she’s showing me a side that only I have seen. A side to her which I think is totally adorable.

“M-Mou! Don’t laugh at me, Rena-chan…!” She tugged onto the sleeve of one of my arms while I continued to laugh.

- - - - - -

Jurina’s POV

Man… This is totally… uncool of me! Since when have I allowed Rena-chan to embarrass me like this...

I let out a sigh and leaned closer to her, planting a kiss on her cheek, in hopes of turning the tables around.

“J-Jurina…?” She widened her eyes at me, flustered.

“Yeah… this feels much better,” I grinned, “The tsundere role is yours, not mine.”

“W-Who are you calling a tsundere?!” She exclaimed, and I chuckled in reply.

This is really so much fun… I had fun with my family but with Rena-chan… it feels really different. The fact she’s the first friend who has tagged along with me to check out the illuminations makes her feel even more special in my heart…

Slowly… I can feel it… these feelings… budding inside of me once again…

She crossed her arms with a pout, “Mou…”

“Ne, Rena-chan…”


“… I… love you.”


Sensing silence all of a sudden, I took a glance at her. She placed a hand on her mouth, and looked like she was on the verge of crying, which caused me to panic, “O-Oi…! W-What’s wrong with you…?!”

“I-Is…… this a dream…? Jurina…?” She was beginning to sob.

I shook my head and pinched her cheeks softly, “No, silly. You’re in reality. And yes, seems like you were able to impress me, without doing much. But just being here with me now.” I let go of her cheeks and gave her a warm smile, “Thanks, Rena-chan for being my partner since we met, for everything.”

“J-Jurina… Jurina…!” She literally jumped onto me and pulled me into an embrace. I could feel her warm breaths on my neck as I comforted her with a smile.

“I’m so glad I came with you. Next year… in winter, for sure…” I whispered softly, “… I’ll invite you again. It’ll be just the two of us once again… okay?”

I could feel her nodding. Just then, I broke the embrace and used my muffler to wrap us both together, seeing how Rena-chan didn’t have hers on, “Sorry I can’t have a ‘bike date’ with you… but this will do right?” I smiled wryly.

She held onto the muffler with a smile. With our faces being inches away from each other if we turned to face each other, she called out to me, “Jurina…”


— And sneakily kissed me, with the muffler successfully able to block the sight of other people. It was a deeper kiss than the one we had in the hotel but… it certainly felt good with Rena-chan…

As she pulled away, she whispered “I love you too…” softly in embarrassment.

I guess with this… I have done my childhood justice. Rena-chan finally reciprocated her feelings towards me, and I to her.

Suddenly, we both heard voices coming from behind calling out to us. Turning around, it was both Airi and Akane, holding hands.
“Ah! Looks like we were right!” Akane said in glee.

“We were afraid we got the wrong people… and whoaaaa, you guys are actually sharing a muffler?” Airi gasped in sarcasm, “… Like, that’s something someone in the Showa era would do you know,” she smirked mischievously.

“Oh come on! You too? People in this era do this too, okay?!” I exclaimed back at my supposed ‘love rival’, Airi. Seriously, the emcee said the same thing back at ‘Music Station’ that this whole muffler thing is something that was done back in the Showa era…

“Al~right~ calm your horses yo,” Airi stepped back with a smug look on her face in which Churi did me justice by whacking her hard on her arm.

“You both have yet to walk around completely yeah? Why not we go together?” Churi suddenly stopped and looked at me, “… Umm… if that’s okay with you Jurina…?”

Rena-chan looked at me, eager to know my response to Churi as she loosened the muffler a bit so we could walk naturally.

I gave her a thumbs up and off we went to continue this precious experience with Rena-chan sticking closely to me.

This is probably one of the best days of my life.

- - - - - -

Under such a beautiful night, blanketed by the wonderful lights of the illumination, the feelings of both Matsuis have finally reached each other.

It has turned out to be a night to remember for the both of them.
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This date is going to be the epiccccc~

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Thank YOU for reading! :D Second chapter is up!  :)
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Its so cute and sweet. The way Jurina and Rena easily became flustered by each other was funny and adorable. :nya:
Rena being a tsundere and Jurina becoming a little jealous when Rena was clinging onto Ryouha. :mon lol:
Gosh this was honestly hard to write...! Since I'm quite new to this and all...  :nervous

Good Luck Author-san!!  :k-thrilled:
Can't wait for your next fic :hee:
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Its so cute and sweet. The way Jurina and Rena easily became flustered by each other was funny and adorable. :nya:
Rena being a tsundere and Jurina becoming a little jealous when Rena was clinging onto Ryouha. :mon lol:

I know right? XD It was hard to make it feel like one was dominant over the other :v So I ended up with them being fluffy and switching roles throughout  :P

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I totally love it!!!
Thank You for writing thisss  :deco:

I kept smiling all the time
I love when they try to be the one who make another one blushing LOL

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I liked your story very much :3
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Wow that was really cute~
I like when it's Rena who manifest her love first hahah though in this case Jurina fell first, but decided to ignore the feelings.

You put Furuyanagay  :heart: though their type of relationship is rather ambiguous hahaah

I liked your story very much :3
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Haha that's why JuriRena are so cute~  :cathappy:

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Wha a wonderful story...the Wmatsui feeling finally reach each other
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Wha a wonderful story...the Wmatsui feeling finally reach each other

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I got the christmas feeling hahaha
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wmatsui´s love makes my heart  melt..

I know right? Thanks for reading!  XD
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You should write some FuruYanagi, cuz all your fics so far are awesome XD
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You should write some FuruYanagi, cuz all your fics so far are awesome XD

I try to avoid actual Furuyanagi because I'm not really familiar with their relationship >< But I may attempt it in my new fic, 'Indestructible Fire' :)
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