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Title: **_ KojiYuu Short Fics _**: Soldier Squirrel Part 2 UPDATE!!
Post by: Korisu29 on January 21, 2015, 07:15:21 AM
I do not know, but suddenly the idea came when I was writing my other fic, so I decided to write this before I forget. *my poor brain*

Soldier Squirrel

Part 1

A long brown haired girl, get out of bed with lazy. She took off her pajamas and threw it into the corner of the room. She dragged her feet to the bathroom.
"Haru-chan, if you're not fast, you're going to be late." Her mother yelled from downstairs.
After a few minutes, the girl like a model go to the dining room. "Morning, mom." She sat down and ate the bread.
"Hey, what's wrong with your face? Today is your class visits to the museum, right? You should be excited." Her mother sat in front of her. Haruna still pouted.
"Why should to the museum? It would be nice if going to the beach."
Her mother chuckled. "Haru-chan, your class visits to the lesson."
"We can also learn on the beach."
"What will you learn if you go to the beach?" Her mother tried to tolerate her daughter.
"I can learn about starfish, shells, and much more."
Her mother just smiled. "Finish your food before Acchan come. Do not let her wait for you again."
"Mom, you're not listening to me." Haruna pouted.
"I'm listening, dear, but it has become the school's decision." Her mother stroked her hair.

--- ## ---

"Haruna, can you smile a little?" Acchan pinching Haruna’s cheek.
"I prefer to sleep at home, Acchan. Here is very boring."
"You really lazy cat." Acchan leafed through the book she was holding. "At least take heart a little bit so that you can complete the task of the school very well." Acchan look around objects on display in the museum walls.
"Woaah, samurai." Acchan approaching. "Haruna, this is very cool. I would like to have one like this at home." Acchan looks very excited.
Haruna raised her eyebrows. "What for?"
"To help my mother cut vegetables."
Haruna laugh. "Cut the vegetables with samurai, huh?" Haruna walked over to Acchan.
"It would look cool."
"Yeah, but your mother will be shocked to see her daughter cutting vegetables by using a samurai." Haruna hit Acchan’s head use the book in her hand.
Acchan pouted. But suddenly her eyes shining after seeing to the other. "Woaaahhh ... cool." Acchan approaching war soldier statue that stands proudly behind a glass. Haruna following behind, shaking her head.
Soldiers were using armor and holding a samurai. His face looks scary. Haruna smiled at Acchan who was grimacing in front of the mirror staring at the soldiers.
When turned to the side, Haruna’s eyes attracted by a replica of the war. Haruna approach and attention. In the replica was shown some soldiers are fighting using swords.
Haruna frowned when she saw the strangeness of the replica is being seen. All the soldiers in uniform black iron and holding a samurai, but there is one soldier who uses a red uniform. The soldier was not holding a samurai but green lightsticks.
"What is this?" Haruna leaned her face to the glass. "Squirrel?" Haruna tilted her head. "Strange. Why is there a squirrel here?"
"Haruna, what are you looking at?" Acchan standing beside Haruna. "Woaaahh ... they are fighting. Cool."
"Acchan, look at the soldiers who wore red uniforms?" Haruna pointed toward the glass.
Acchan leaned her face. "Ah, the commander of the war."
"Un." Acchan nodded.
"How do you know?"
"Just guessing. Hehe"
Haruna sighed. "Look again."
"Umm ... maybe true he was a commander, because he was wearing a different uniform."
"She was not wearing a samurai, but lightsticks, Acchan. It was weird."
"Mmm ... maybe he is being signaled. Perhaps this war going on at night, so the commander was in need of light."
"And the soldier was a squirrel!!" Haruna looks annoyed.
"Mmm ... maybe it's just a costume." Acchan respond with calm and walk away.
Haruna puffed out her cheeks. She's turned back toward the replica. She is very curious. She leaned her face again. And then suddenly she jumped.
"Shhhh. I know you're starting to get excited, but please lower your your voice."
Haruna face looks of shock. "Acchan, this soldier winked at me." Haruna pointed red uniformed soldiers.
Acchan smiled and shook her head. Acchan walked over. "Where?" Acchan leaned her face to the glass. "Not moving." She turned toward Haruna. "Stop joking, Haruna."
"I do not lie." Haruna turned toward the squirrel soldier again. The squirrel was smiling. "Look!" Haruna pointed. "I saw a squirrel was smiling." Acchan holding her forehead. "Really, I'm not lying."
"Enough. Let's go!" Acchan pulled Haruna away.
"Ha, look! The squirrels waved to me!"
"Stop screaming, Haruna! This is a public place!"

--- ## ---

Haruna could not sleep. She was still thinking about the soldier squirrel in the museum this morning.
Haruna sighed. "Maybe Acchan true, it's just my imagination." Haruna tried to close her eyes. But then she heard a strange noise in her room. Haruna stood up and turned on the light.
She looked into the various corner of the room but did not see anything. When she was about to go back to bed, she saw her bag move, as there is something in it.
Haruna approached the bag she put on the table slowly. She took the slippers near her bed.
Slowly she opened her bag, and ... "Huh?" She tilted her head.
"Why does this thing is in my bag?" She took a puppet squirrel soldiers from her bag.
The squirrel was smiling. "Hi."
"Kyaaaa!" Haruna threw the squirrel into the wall.
"Ittai! What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me?" The squirrel standing and holding her little ass.
Haruna mouth open, her eyes wide. "It's just a dream, Haruna. It's just a dream." Haruna slapped her cheek. "Ah, Ittai." Haruna stroked her cheek. "It's just my imagination. I would close my eyes and within five seconds of this squirrel will disappear."
Haruna closed her eyes and started counting. On the count of five she opened her eyes.
"Phew, I was right, it was my imagination." Haruna felt relieved that she no longer saw the squirrel in front of her.
"Wow, girl, your panties are very cute." Haruna bowed her head and saw a squirrel was standing below her.
"Kyaaa ... pervert!" Haruna kick the squirrel up to the corner of the room.
The squirrel was lying on the floor and holding stomach.  "Ittai ..." The squirrel said quietly and cried.
Haruna feel guilty. "He-hey, are you okay?" Haruna walked over and knelt. She touched the little squirrel with her index finger.
"My stomach hurts."
"I am sorry." Haruna took the little squirrel and put it in her palm. The little squirrel lying in the palm and embraced Haruna’s little finger. Haruna smiled and stroked the little squirrel's head gently. "Does it still hurt?" The little squirrel nodded.
Haruna stand and then put that poor little squirrel on the bed.
"W-what are you going to do to me? I'm not ready."
"Eh? What do you mean?"
"I'm still a virgin."
"What?!" You nasty little squirrel! If you're still talking weird I'll toss you out the window. "
Haruna got into bed and lay down. "What is your name?" Haruna asked the little squirrel who lay beside her.
"Oshima Yuko. And you?"
"Kojima Haruna."
"Umm ... then I'll call you nyannyan." The little squirrel giggled showed her teeth.
Haruna frowned. "Why?"
"Because you're cute, like a cat." Yuko chuckled.
Haruna rolled her eyes. "Why you could be in my bag?"
"I followed you."
"Because I love you."
Haruna sighed. "Go to sleep, tomorrow I will return you to the museum."
"No, I do not want to. Please, I do not want to go back to the museum."
"I do not want to jail on charges of stealing items from the museum!" Haruna snapped poor little squirrel.
Yuko bowed her head. "I'm always waiting for this opportunity once every hundred years. If I fail, I had to wait another hundred years."
"What do you mean?" Haruna curious.
"I was hit by a curse."
Yuko nodded. "In the past, when I became a soldier, I do not accidentally kill a squirrel in the woods. And the king squirrel was cursed me into a squirrel. I will be back into a human if there is someone who is willing to love me and kissed me before the full moon, day three. If it gets when it arrived and no one is doing it to me, then I have to wait another hundred years. "
"So, in fact you are human?"
Yuko nodded. "Yeah, I'm a normal girl, just like you."
"When the full moon will arrive?"
"Two more weeks."
Haruna nodded. "Let me stay here, nyannyan."
Haruna sighed and began to think. "Umm ... okay."
"Yatta!" Yuko jumping up on the bed.
"But, do not ever appear in front of other people. If they do not accidentally see you, pretend to be a puppet. You can make them get a heart attack, you know."
"Yes, I understand, nyannyan!"

--- ## ---

When Haruna opened her eyes, she saw a little squirrel was sleeping on top of her chest. She wanted to throw the squirrel away, but she stopped herself because she did not want to hurt the poor little squirrel again.
Haruna gently lifted the squirrel and placed on top of the pillow. And then Haruna bath.

"Nyannyan, good morning."
"Good morning, Yuuchan." Haruna sat on the edge of the bed. "Feel better?"
"Un." Yuko rubbing her eyes. Haruna smiled, she thinks it's very cute. "So, what will you do while waiting for the full moon?"
"I will make you fall in love with me and then you will kissed me, nyannyan."
Haruna sighed. "You made me worry, Yuuchan. I can not love you."
"I've never been in love before, and I do not know what it is?"
"Then, I'll be trying to make you understand about love."
Haruna stood up from the bed and stood in front of the mirror, smoothing her uniform.
"Where are you going, nyannyan?"
"I am coming along."
"No, you stay here!"
"But I want to see the situation outside, nyannyan. I've been a long time did not see the state of this city." Yuko pouted. "If this time I failed again, maybe I will see different scenery, a hundred years from now."
Hearing the Yuko’s words, somehow Haruna’s little heart was hurt. She could almost taste Yuko’s loneliness and sadness.
She walked over to Yuko who sat on the bed and knelt in front of her. "Yuuchan, what if someone saw you?"
"I will hide in your bag, nyannyan."
"What if you run out of breath?"
"Open your bag, so I can breathe."

--- ## ---

"Woaaahh, nyannyan, this is very beautiful!" Yuko put out her head from Haruna’s bag.
"Yuuchan, keep your voice down!"
"Waaa, the building is very high, nyannyan! How can they climb to the top? Do they use a rope?" Yuko ignored Haruna’s words.
Haruna shook her head. “Shut up, Yuko!"
"Heeeehh, why do you call me Yuko?"
"That's your name, right?"
"But, this morning you call me Yuuchan. I like it, nyannyan."
Haruna sighed, and then insert Yuko’s head by force.
"Nyannyan, open your bag, I could not breathe!"
"I will open my bag, if you are silent."
"Ok ... ok ..."

--- ## ---

Haruna can not sit quietly and listen to the lessons because the little squirrel inside her bag to keep moving, sometimes she sings too. Haruna repeatedly kicked her bag so Yuko quietly stopped moving.
"Nyannyan, how long have not you clean this bag?"
Haruna bit her lower lip and tried to think of solutions that Yuko silent.
After a while, "Hi, nyannyan ... did you miss me?" Yuko put out her head from the bag.
"Shut up!"
The teachers and classmates look towards Haruna. Haruna became flustered. "Ah, I’m sorry, I mean ... ano ...." Haruna trying to find a reason.
"Mou, nyannyan, you startled me. Yuko out of the bag and into the desk drawer. Haruna eyes widened and she began to panic.
"What are you hiding, Kojima-san?" Teachers approached Haruna and look into the drawer. But the teacher did not see anything in the Haruna’s drawer.
"I'm sorry, I was surprised because there are ants that bite my hand."
"And you tell ant to be quiet, huh?" Teacher chuckled.
Haruna scratched her head. "I am sorry."
And the lesson begins again.
But this time Haruna more can not concentrate, because when the teacher was coming toward Haruna, Yuko jumped into Haruna’s skirt.
Haruna can not sit comfortably because Yuko keep moving. And even Haruna should shut her mouth with her palm, because she could not resist the sensation she had never felt before.
"Haruna, are you okay?" Acchan whispered to Haruna. Acchan sitting next to Haruna’s table.
Haruna just nodded her head.
Unable to stand, Haruna catch the small squirrel who still inside her skirt.
Acchan’s eyes widened, seeing what was done by Haruna. Acchan tear the paper and wrote something on it, and then threw it to Haruna’s table.
"OMG!! You have a dick??" Haruna eyes wider reading Acchan’s message.
Haruna just shook her head. Although Haruna already holding Yuko inside her skirt, Yuko still could not stop moving. Haruna right hand still in her mouth, while her left hand holding Yuko.
Acchan throw the paper again. "Are you horny? Your dick standing!!!” Haruna shook her head again.
Acchan threw the paper again. "I never thought that you are a boy. Are you in disguise? Kyaaa ... is like in the dorama!!" Haruna rolled her eyes.

When the lesson is finished and all her friends go, Haruna could breathe free.
"Haruna, explain to me! Is it true that you are a boy? Is it true you're in disguise? And wow ... you're still horny!!" Acchan look towards Haruna skirt.
Haruna sighed and pulled out Yuko from under her skirt. Acchan’s mouth wide open look a squirrel out from Haruna’s skirt.
"Ha-ru-na?" Acchan mouth wide open. "Oh, God." Acchan clutching her head. She tried to catch her breath. "Haruna! I know you are very interested in this squirrel doll, but it does not mean you should steal from a museum!"
"I did not steal it! She who follows me!"
Acchan laugh. "How funny you are!" Acchan scratched her head. "Stop joking, Haruna!"
"I am not kidding!" Haruna packed up her books. "I will explain in my house!" Haruna look at Yuko who was still lying on the table with a smiling face like a stupid squirrel.

--- ## ---

"Yuko, wake up!" Haruna trying to wake Yuko is now lying on a table in Haruna’s room. Acchan just shut up and pay attention.
"Yuko! If the count of three you do not wake up, I'll step on you!"
"Woah, nyannyan, don’t do it!" Yuko stand. "Last night you told me to pretend to be stuffed when somebody sees me." Yuko pouted.
"Waa!" Acchan surprised to see Yuko move and speak. "Are you alive?"
Yuko turned toward Acchan and nodded. "Hi, cute girl. My name is Oshima Yuko. You can call me Oshima, Yuko, Korisu, Korin, but you can not call me Yuuchan. Only nyannyan who can call me by that name."
"Nyannyan?" Acchan asked.
"Yup. Haruna is nyannyan. It was a nick name that I gave her last night. Oh, one more thing, only me who can call her 'Nyannyan'. Understand?" Acchan nodded and tried to process what is going on at this time.
Acchan turned toward Haruna. "Is this a dream?" Haruna pinched Acchan cheeks. "Ittai!" Acchan release Haruna hand from her cheek. "How could this happen?"
Haruna explained to Acchan like what is described Yuko to Haruna last night.
"A curse, huh?" Acchan nodded. "I'm sure the museum is currently looking for her."
Haruna leaned back on the bed and closed her eyes.
"Hey, can you dance?" Acchan asked Yuko who was rolling around on the table.
"Of course." Yuko stood up and started dancing. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, how sexy I am." Yuko wiggled her hips. Acchan burst see Yuko action. "Do I look sexy?"
"Yes, you are very sexy!" Acchan looks very excited. While Haruna just sat and looked thoughtful.
"Haruna, I want to have one like this at home." Acchan turned to Haruna. "Can I bring Yuko to my house?"
Acchan pouted. "Why?"
"Nyannyan, are you jealous?" Yuko asked hopefully.
"Of course not! Baka!" Haruna stand. "I'm going to take food." Haruna out of the room.
"So you're going to make Haruna fall in love with you?"
"Un!" Yuko nodded with confidence.
"What if until the third full moon Haruna can not love you?"
Yuko bowed her head. "Ah, I'm sorry."
"It's okay." Yuko said quietly.
"Are Haruna was the only person who can make you free from this curse?" Yuko frowned. "I mean, if Haruna can not love you, maybe someone else can."
"What do you mean?"
Acchan winked to Yuko.

--- ## ---
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Title: Re: KojiYuu OS: Soldier Squirrel Part I
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YEAH :yossi:

Hahahaha..... I can't help smiling reading your fic... :lol:

acchan thought yuko was haruna's outstanding friend.... :lol:

acchan and haruna rivalry for yuko..WOW

More kojiyuu..

yes i've been waiting for your other fic author-san....


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Yuko got cursed?! :stoned:

But she followed Haruna on her way back to her house :mon XD:

But Acchan asked Haruna if she was horny was too priceless!  :mon zoom:

But Acchan likes Yuko?! :dunno:

Oh well continue it~ :mon bye:
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Is Acchan going to get Yuko?

Haruna keep ur squirrel tight

Update soon
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HaHa.. it was funny!  XD
But I want to know if Yuko get out from this curse..  :huhuh

Thank you for update!  :)
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Squirrel yuko is so cute!!!
The fic's title made me think of this:
Title: Re: KojiYuu TS: Soldier Squirrel Part I
Post by: Korisu29 on February 13, 2015, 04:49:05 PM
I have not had time to edit the last part of my fic "Soldier Squirrel", but this idea suddenly came, so, I'd better write it before another idea came again and disturb me  :mon sweat:
But do not worry, I already have plans to edit it. I will soon post it after I finished editing it. hihihi ...
Ah, I think I talk too much. Just read it and give me some criticism or suggestions for the next fic  :mon geek:
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Part 1

We never realize what is most precious in our lives before we actually lose it. If we lose our precious stuff, maybe next time we could buy it again if we have the money. But if we lose the most precious person in our lives, we can not possibly buy another one, right?

What would you do if you lose the most precious person in your life? What would you do if you only realized after a few years passed? Are you going to look for that person? Are you just going to silent and cry? Are you going to look for a replacement to be able to forget about that person? If you ask me, the answer is "I do not know".

My name is Kojima Haruna. 27 years old. I worked as an editor at a publishing company that is well known in my town. Every day I go to work at 8 am and then go home at 4 pm. Every day I do something like that, except Sunday, I'm going to sleep until the sun is above the man's head. Sometimes someone asked me to walk out. She is Shinoda Mariko. She is the owner of a bookstore near my office. Sometimes I go buy a book at her store to find some reference. I've known her since I entered college. We're good friends, she's a funny girl. One year ago, she expressed her feelings to me, but until now I did not give an answer. At that time I did not know, I just think of her as a friend, or maybe my sister.

But now I know the reason why I have not been able to receive Mariko. It's all because of this girl. The girl who took all my first. My first love, my first kiss, and even my first *ahm* (you know what I mean, right?). A crazy girl who is always chasing me from the beginning I started high school, she never gave up even though I always avoid her. And in the end I accept her love a year later, because she always made me feel that I was a very meaningful. She made me feel that I was her most precious treasure.

Everything went fine at first, but then when we were in grade three, we often fight for the little things. It's the little things that often I take for granted and eventually become a big thing.
"Yuuchan! I'm trying to concentrate!" I got rid of Yuko’s hand from my thigh.
"Nyannyan, give me attention!" Yuko stood up from the chair.
"Is all this time I do not care about you?" I pause my game.
"But you're always busy with your stupid gadgets!"
"I need a refresher!" I snapped at her.
"But not when you're with me!" Yuko raised her voice. "Lately we are busy with various activities before our graduation, we rarely get to meet, and when we have time to meet, you are always busy with your stupid psp! Is your psp is more important than me?"
"Why do you ask like that?"
"Because nyannyan pisses me off!" Yuko turned around.
"Yuuchan often pisses me off too! Yuuchan often flirted with other girls even though it was in front of me!"
"That's because I want you to notice me! You are always busy with your own world! Even when I was flirting with another girl, you can still continue your game, right? Why do not you pull me from the girls? Why do not you yelled at me in front of the girls to tell them that I was yours! "Yuko trying to catch her breath. "I often wonder, if you really love me or you accept my love just because you feel pity?"
"Whatever!" I resumed my game. I hate when Yuko asked if I really love her or not. Why does she ask? Does she not believe me?
"You choose me or your psp?!"
I stood up from my seat and walked away while continuing my game. I was getting annoyed because Yuko gave me more questions pisses me off.
"So you choose your psp, huh?"
I heard footsteps behind me. Yuko took psp from my hand and threw it into the wall. My psp shattered on the floor.
"Yuko! What have you done ?!" I snapped Yuko. "I bought it at an expensive price and you destroy it for granted! That's my precious stuff!"
"Is it more valuable than me, nyannyan?" Yuko bowed her head.
"Sure!" Yuko ran left me who was cleaning up the shattered pieces of my psp.
After a quarrel that day, we fight again two weeks before graduation exam begins. And the next night, I called her and asked for broke. At school, we did not greet each other, even though our class next door, we rarely met. I'm busy with my world, and Yuko with whatever she does.

When the graduation ceremony ended, Yuko approached me. "What are you doing after this?"
"None of your business." And I walked away.
I'm being very cold to her. I did not ask what she would do after this? Is she going to work or go to college? Even I did not say goodbye when I was about to go to Tokyo to study there. I do not know anything about her afterwards.

I'm sorry, Yuuchan. Sorry for all my foolishness. If I could go back to that time, I want to hug you and say sorry to you. If that time I was not selfish and not busy with my world, maybe this time we are still together. I miss you, Yuuchan. I miss your smile, your laughter, your warmth, your touch, everything about you. If only ...

"Are you alright?" A friend sitting next to me asked me with a worried face.
"Y-yes ... I'm fine." I did not realize that my tears drip. This always happens whenever I remember Yuko. I stood up from my seat and headed to the restroom. I sighed in front of the mirror. Perhaps because yesterday Marichan took me to the zoo and I saw a squirrel was playing in a tree. When we still in high school, my friends often call her squirrel because she does look like a squirrel. My little squirrel … Oshima Yuko.
How's she now? Is she still the same as that naughty little squirrel? Or is she is now a graceful woman? Is she already has someone else in her heart? Or is she already married? Already have children? Damn! Thinking about it makes me hurt!

---- ## ----

"What's wrong with your face?"
"Your face is like a cat that has just lost the tail." Mariko chuckled.
Marichan invited me to dinner after I got home from the office.
"I just feel tired." I stirred the drink in front of me.
"Is your boss still often tease you?" I shook my head. "If he still likes to tease, please tell me, I will come to your office and kick his ass."
I chuckled. "You can get me fired from the company."
"I'll find you somewhere else." Marichan rinse her mouth with a tissue. "Or you want to work at home taking care of our children?" Marichan winked at me. I threw my straw to her and she laughed.

Marichan drive me up in front of my house. As I was about to walk in, Marichan holding my wrist. I turned. "Haruna, you can tell anything to me if you're in trouble. I will always be there for you. Ok?" Marichan stroked my hand.
"Un. Thank you. But right now I'm fine, I'm just tired. Maybe the lack of sleep, too."
"All right, go to sleep and do not open your laptop again." I pouted. "You can write your stupid fanfic every Saturday, Haruna. Not every day. At work you write, at home you write too. And in the end you are sleep deprived."
"Yes, mom."
Marichan sighed. "Tomorrow I do not want to see you to run in front of my shop with messy hair." I chuckled. "Good night." Marichan kissed my cheek and walked away.

--- ## ---

Nearly two hours I sat in front of the computer, but none of the ideas that came out. I just stared at my computer screen is still blank. My head rested on left hand and my right hand playing the mouse. Suddenly I felt someone hit my head quietly with a book.
"Are most of your soul left in the house?" Tomochin sitting next to my desk. I just smiled. "Do you still keep the data last year?"
"Un. Why? "
"It will be printed again next week, just need to edit a bit." Tomochin take flashdisk  from inside the drawer. "Copy it in here."
"Who's going to edit it?"
"Of course you are. You are making it, right? Our boss just want to see it. " I copy the files to Tomochin flashdisk. When I open her flashdisk, I saw pictures of her with someone.
"Eeehh ... WTomomi more sticky now."
"We will get engaged next month."
"Un." Tomochin put the book on my desk. "And this, please revision is as much as 80%."
"80%? Did not last month only 40-50%?"
"You choose 80% or 100%?"
I sighed. "Ok, 80%." I pouted and Tomochin chuckled.
"Hey, how is your relationship with Mariko? Did you receive it? "I shook my head. "You fool, Haruna! What was less from her? She is beautiful, tall, rich, smart, and most importantly, she loves you. Ah, if you've loved someone else? Who? Tell me! "
"Shut up! Take this and go see the boss before he killed you! "I gave her the flashdisk.
"One more thing, Haruna. Working with concentration! I do not want you any fill our article with your stupid fic!" She stuck out her tongue.
"Eh? How do you know?" I was shocked.
"Mariko told me." She laughed and then walked away.

--- ## ---

"Good morning, slacker! Late again?" Tomochin greet me as she drank her tea. "Ok ... ok ... you can answer it later, set your breath first. I'm sure you had run on the stairs. "
I sat down and turned on my computer. "Tea is no longer warm." I drank my tea.
"Come early, then."
"I've tried."
Tomochin chuckled. "I can not believe it. Mmm ... by the way ... last night I read a fic in one of the forums and the stories that remind me of someone. I wonder if the author of the story it was you?"
"Shut up and do your job!" I said coldly.
"Hey, what's wrong with you? Were you miss someone?" She laughed.
I rolled my eyes. "And where did you know that forum? Do not tell me Mariko told you! "
Tomochin laugh louder. "Yes, she is."
"Damn! I'll kill her later!"

--- ## ---

After lunch, I was back at my desk. I wonder where Tomochin go? She should have been here.
After a while she came back with a smiling face. “Where have you been?”
"I just go for a while and you've missed me?"
"I did not say that I miss you! Baka!" She laughed and then sat down.
I felt something strange with the music being played in my office today. Why are all these songs like quipped me? YUI - Please Stay With Me, SCANDAL - Namida no Regret, Avril - When You're Gone, and much more. When I glanced sideways, Tomochin pretend like an innocent girl.

--- ## ---

"Nee, Haruna ..."
"Saturday, let's go to the movies."
"Un." I'm still busy with my laptop.
"Is that the photos when you go to the village?" Mariko look into my laptop screen.
"Why is not there a picture of you? Why are you just photographed the trees and the road?"
I chuckled. "It's nothing, I just wanted to photograph it."
"Why are so many photo cornfield?"
"Because it looks interesting to me."
"You're weird." Marichan pinched my cheek and then lay down beside me. "Haruna ..."
"Is there a part of your life that do not I know?"
"Mmm ... why do you suddenly ask?"
"It's nothing, just curious."
"There is nothing, I'm just an ordinary girl who go through life with the ordinary."
I'm sorry, Marichan. I do not want to worry you or hurt you by my stupid life story.

--- ## ---

"Wuaaahh ... do you really Haruna? Am I dreaming? "Tomochin pretending surprised to see me come in early. Unlike usual. Yes, because last night Marichan sleep in my house, and she woke me up early.
"I'm not Haruna, I was an angel."
Tomochin laugh. "It's really a miracle!" Tomochin put her bag and sat down. "Did you hear the news that today there will be a new employee?"
"A new employee?" I rolled my chair facing her.
"Un. The new editor, but not for our team. "I nodded my head.

When everyone was working, suddenly the chief of editor standing in the middle of the room. "Attention please! Today, we have a new friend. She will become an editor for our new team." A girl came into the room with a smile that looks very familiar to me. Her long hair is dark brown. Her dimples, her smile, her eyes. I know her.
"Good morning. My name is Oshima Yuko." Yuko bow.
Oh, my God, is this a coincidence?  Is this a fate? I wanted to run to her and hug her, but it was not possible for me. Maybe its all been changed now.

When lunchtime came, Yuko has not been at her desk. She was called by our boss. Damn! The man can not remain silent if they see a cute girl!
I ate lunch alone in the cafeteria because Tomochin go to lunch with Tomomi, her girlfriend. I thought back about Yuko. She looks mature and beautiful. Her dimples that always makes me crazy still look cute. Even more cute.
A friend told me that she already has one child. I wonder if it's true? Yuko was married and had one child? I felt my heart shattered into pieces. Why does this feel so hurt? But my little heart did not believe it.
"Hey." Suddenly Yuko stood beside me. I choked on my drink and cough. "Sorry, did I make you surprised?"
"It's okay." I waved my hand in front of my face.
Yuko smile. "Can I sit here?"
"Sure." Yuko sit in front of me.
"Long time no see. How are you, Kojima-san?"
Kojima-san? You called me what? Kojima-san? Call me Nyannyan, Yuuchan!
"I am fine. How about you? "
"As you can see. I'm fine." She smiled and opened her lunch. "I do not think that we will meet again."
"Un. A coincidence." I'm being as quiet as possible.
"I think this is fate." Yuko smiled again.
Yuko, can you stop smiling? Your dimples  make me could not help myself!

--- ## ---

After work I follow Yuko. Damn! Now I become a stalker! I saw Yuko stood at the gate of a house. Yuko open the gate, then the door opened. A little girl ran up to her. "Mamaaaaa." Yuko knelt down and hugged her. The girl looks similar to Yuko and she called Yuko with mama? Is it true Yuko already married? My tears dripping profusely. It is so painful. But I stood in my hiding place to see Yuko husband.
Yuko took the little girl's hand and into the house. Yuko husband did not come out. Might be at work. Suddenly my cell phone rang. An incoming message from Marichan. I forgot that today I'm going to watch a movie with her.

"Whether something is disturbing your mind? You've been crying, right? Let's go home, we watched a movie some other time."  Marichan drive me home.
We sat on the couch. I leaned my head on Marichan shoulders. Marichan put her arm around me. She gently stroked my hair.
"Did something happen?"
I shook my head and wrapped my arms around her waist. Now my head on Marichan chest.
"You can tell me anything." Marichan kissed my head. I tightened my arms and cried.
Who knows how long I cried. When I opened my eyes, it was morning and I realized that I slept on top of Marichan. I still hug her as she slept on the couch. I moved and Marichan awakened. "Is it morning?"
I nodded and Marichan sat. "Quick shower, you'll be late." I shook my head.
"Hm? Do you want to skip work?" I nodded. "Well, whatever, I want to open my shop." Marichan stand but I quickly pulled her hand. She sat back down on the couch and I hugged her.
She chuckled and rubbed my head. "Please, stay on my side."

--- ## ---

Day by day I'm getting closer to Marichan, and finally I decided to accept her love. Yuko was able to start a new life, I had to be so. I should be able to forget Yuko and start my new life, with Marichan.
I do not think that Marichan would be so serious to me. After a few months I receive her love, she proposed. She wants to marry me. But I do not want to rush. And finally we decided to get engaged first.
"Did you tell your parents?"
"Un. But they could not come next week. Maybe next month. You are not a problem, right? "
"It’s ok." Marichan smiling while choosing a ring for both of us.
"What about your parents?"
"They are ready anytime." Marichan winked at me.

--- ## ---

"Oshima-san." Tomochin waved her hand toward Yuko who was looking for a place to sit in the cafeteria. Yuko walking toward our table. "Please sit here."
"Oshima-san, how old is your son?"
"Five years." Yuko smiled and I saw a ring on her finger.
Haruna. Hold your feelings. You've already with Marichan and soon you will be engaged.
Lunch ended and we went back to work.
When I photocopied my report, I saw Yuko was packing her belongings. I passed near her desk and ask. "Where are you going?"
"I'll be home sooner. Today is my daughter birthday." I nodded my head. "Please come after work later."
"Eh? does not matter if I come?" I thought, this is a good opportunity for me to meet with Yuko husband.
"Sure.” Yuko put a bag on her shoulder. "You already know my house, right?" She winked at me and walked away. Looks like she already knew that I ever followed her before.

--- ## ---

I get Yuko’s home around 6 pm because I buy a gift for Yuko’s daughter. I bought a doll.
"The party is over, huh?" I went into the house and took off my jacket.
Then a little girl ran towards me and hugged my legs. "Hime-neechan, you finally come!" She looked so happy to see me. This is the first time we met, but it’s like she already knew me. She called me Hime? I remember Yuko often called me Hime at that time. I wonder, whether Yuko ever told about me to her daughter?
I knelt in front of her. "Sorry ... I'm late."
"It’s okay. I'm glad Hime-neechan would come to my house."
I smile. "Onee-chan got something for you." I took the gift I had been prepared.
She smiled broadly. "For me? Thank you!" She jumped for joy.
"Mako-chan, let onee-chan sit first." Yuko walked to the kitchen to make a drink.
I sat on the couch and Yuko’s daughter following me. She sat on my thighs and faced me.
"Hime-neechan very pretty."
"Mako-chan pretty too." Recently Yuko calling her Mako, so I also call her Mako. "Mmm ... where your father?"
Mako pouted. "I do not know."
Do not know? What is this? Do Yuko pregnant out of wedlock? Are Yuko divorced? Is Yuko husband is dead?
"Hime-neechan hair is very beautiful." Mako playing with my hair and I chuckled.
"Mako-chan, sit here, oneechan tired from work." Yuko came to bring food and drinks. She patted the seat beside her.
"It's okay." I rubbed Mako head.
Suddenly, the phone rang and Yuko went to pick it up. Maybe Yuko husband, to say that he came home late, because I do not see anyone else in the house besides Yuko and Mako.
"Onee-chan ..."
Mako smile showing her teeth that look similar to Yuko, then she hugged me and put her head on my chest.
"What?" I stroked her head slowly.
"Your body is warm like mama Yuu body."
I let Mako sleep on my chest. I thought back about Yuko. Yuko often do things like this a long time ago. She loves to sit like this and hugged until she fell asleep.
"Kojima-san ... I ..."
"Shhhh. Mako-chan already asleep." I whispered to Yuko and Yuko nodded. "Where is Mako-chan room?"
Yuko pointing to one of the doors. I carry Mako-chan into the room and put her to sleep on the bed.
Yuko smiled at me when I covered Mako with a blanket. "You deserve to be a mother." I smiled.

We were out of the room and sat down on the couch.
"I heard, you will be engaged." I nodded. "Is she the owner of a bookstore near our office?"
"How do you know?"
"I've seen you go with her." Yuko took the glass and drank it.
"Maybe next month."
Yuko nodded. "Are you going to invite me?"
"Sure. You should come, take Mako-chan with you. "
Yuko nodded. "I'm so happy for you."
"Thank you."
If I may be honest, talk about it with Yuko made me very upset. I can not deny that I still love Yuko. It all would be wonderful if this place is my house with Yuko, and Mako is our son. But all that is not possible, right?
Haruna! Hold yourself! Next month you will be engaged to Marichan! Forget Yuko! She already has a family!
"Mmm ... May I ask you something, Yuko?"
"Where is your husband? Was he overtime? "
Yuko smile. "She or he was in a place I do not know."
"What do you mean?"
Yuko laugh. "I am not married."
"Eh?" I was shocked. "Then, Mako?"
"I adopted her two years ago."
"When I visit the orphanage, I saw Mako. She looks like me, so I adopt her. At first, she called me oneechan, but after she entered kindergarten, she often looks sad because her friends at school have a mom. So, since then, I allow her to call me mama. "
"Was it you who gave her the name Mako?"
"Of course not. Mako parents died in an accident when Mako two years old, then she is treated by her grandfather, before he died, her grandfather left Mako in the orphanage. "
"Do you change her family name?"
"I did not change it, because I really like the name of her family."
I nodded. "What is her family name?"
"Kojima. Kojima Mako."

Along the road leading to the house. I tried as hard as possible to keep from crying. I do not want to look like a helpless girl.
If I do not hurry with my thoughts to receive Marichan’s love, if I still have a chance to be with Yuko? Am I still allowed to regret anything like this before the engagement? Why is it so painful?
I opened my door and I was shocked.
"Surprise!" Marichan shouted and hugged me. I saw my parents and Marichan parents sitting in a chair. They smiled at me.
Yes, this is really a surprise!
"Where have you been, my daughter?" My mother asked me.
"I-I from my friend's house. Sorry to make you wait." I sat on the chair.
"Did not papa and mama say that will be here next month?"
"Next week papa have to go abroad for a few months, so we're here to change your engagement day."
"Yes. We want to speed up your engagement day."
"Aren't you supposed to be happy?"
I pretend to smile. "Un. I am happy. I'm just a little surprised." Mariko held my hand tightly and smiled at me.

What should I do? I can not possibly hurt someone as good as Marichan. Does not matter if I continue this engagement if the majority of my heart still for Yuko? If I cancel this engagement, can I still hope to Yuko? Do Yuko still love me? What should I do? They all look happy with my engagement with Mariko. I do not want to embarrass my family. I do not want to hurt Marichan's parents too.

--- ## ---

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My spot :P

Tsk, another MariHaru.


As expected from my kouhai giving me such feels :mon inluv:

Plus, it's pretty obvious because Yuko didn't change the family name because it's KOJIMA

Update your shots and fics~ :on gay:
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Nice..i like it!!!!!

Kojiyuu with baby mako yeah!!!
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Ahhhh... Update please!  :farofflook: :farofflook:
Both your one shots are awesome and if you remember me author san, please update look at me my love as well. I think i commented on the fic. But not really sure. Oh well, thank you for the stories and hope to see an update soon.  :glasses:
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I just want oshima ryoka was her daughter BUT mako with her dimples... and her last name.. sounds good. Of course you have a chance haruna dont waste your time
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Helloooo ... Korisu29 desu ~  :gmon bang:
This morning, my friend sent me a song, and yeah, I got the inspiration from that song and I immediately wrote it. If you want to ask when I will update the "Soldier Squirrel and Takaramono", umm ... I've done, just need to edit it ... hihi ...
Well, happy reading ...

I'm without You

A thousand times I tried to avoid it, a thousand times I tried not to come back, but my pace becomes more definite, staring at your shadow in the love that is not real.
A thousand times I looked at your photo, a thousand times I call your name, my desire to you, more pressing my heart, but I always felt I was not able to.
Yuuchan ... listen to me, I'm without you, it's very difficult for me. All my memories with you, too beautiful for me to forget. Your smile, your eyes, and your spirit, which always makes me be in a better place.

The first time we met, you suddenly say that you love me. I'm really surprised at that time, how could? Even I do not know your name, you also do not know my name. I think you're crazy, but no, you're not crazy, you're a good girl, smart, and funny, just sometimes your love is so crazy and even make me crazy.
When you're still with me, the time was so beautiful. Every morning you will wake me with your sweet kiss, and then you'll make breakfast for me. Never once this house looks dirty when you're with me. You never complained even though every day I make this house a mess.
I often look at you when you're cooking for me. You always tie your hair and showing your seductive neck. You will tell me to sit down at the dining table or in front of the TV while waiting you finish cooking. Sometimes I could not help myself, and I approached you, and then put my arms around your waist and kissed your neck. You will chuckle when I do a little bit naughty.
You are the best for me. Never once did you try to hurt me. Even if you're angry, you prefer to keep quiet and stay away from me for a while, you said that you want to calm yourself so you do not get the words that might make me hurt when you're emotional. How kind you are.

I smile, even laugh when I remembering you, but in the end I'm going to cry. It is too painful without you by my side.
Yuuchan ... when we will meet again? I miss you. I miss your smile, your eyes, your touch, your hug, your kisses, and your word love.
Where I have to stepping, Yuuchan? Your trace is too vague to be followed.
Where I had to stepping, Yuuchan? Your love is too hard for me.
Please enlighten your love,  so I do not fall into darkness.

I sighed and closed my eyes to pray to God, hoping God will eliminate the pain in my heart.
But a moment later, I opened my eyes when I heard the sound of footsteps approached me. A girl looks like a squirrel with cute dimples on her both cheeks walked over to me. She put her hand on my cheek and wiped my tears. Then she sat down beside me and put her arm around my waist. She hugged me very tightly. "Papa ... do not cry. I'm here." I rubbed her head. "Nee … Mama Yuuchan, see? Papa Riku crying again." A little girl five years old talking in front of the Yuko tombstone. "Lately, Papa Riku very whiny."
I chuckled and kissed her head. "Papa was not whiny, Papa just missed mama Yuuchan."
"I know. I also missed mama Yuuchan." The little girl pouted and made me laugh. She's really similar to Yuko.
"Mmm ... maybe you're right, papa whiny."
"Papa ... what is mama doing now?" She looked at me with innocent eyes.
"Mama was watching us, dear. Mama happy because seeing you grow up and become strong child. Just like mama."
"Un." I hugged my daughter tightly. Thank God, you made me realize once again. I have a little girl beside me. She is the antidote to my wound, my life, and my everything. "Dear, papa love you very much. Thank you for being born in this world to accompany papa."
"I love you too, papa." Once again I kissed her head and then she smiled.
"Umm ... let's go home, Papa will make a cake for you ."
"Un." She nodded excited.
"Say goodbye to mama."
"Mama, I and papa want to go home. Tomorrow we will come here again. I'm love you, mama."
She looked back at me and I smiled at her. Her little hands clasped my hand tightly and we started to walk away leaving Yuko's grave.
"Hey, ride to papa's back. Papa will carry you."
"Yatta!" I crouched down and she climbed onto my back.

God gave me the most beautiful gift in the world after Yuko dies. She is my life, my happiness, my everything, she is my daughter. A little angel who always beside me every day.
Yuko dies after giving birth to our first daughter. Yuko has tried hard until she saw her daughter was born safely, although after that she must return to God.
When I looking back, I seeing Yuuchan standing and waving at us with a sweet smile. Yuuchan ... thank you for everything. I hope, someday, we can meet again in a better place. I, you, and our daughter. I love you, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. My love for you will never change. No one can replace you in my heart.
It's just about time, right?

---- ## ----

Does it make you hurt? hehe
Actually I do not like sad fic, but I wanted to try it, and ... Damn! I feel hurt too.  :mon hanky:
I want to made into two shots, but after I thought about it, maybe this time I will be sadist and let it be a one shot. hahaha
See you at the next fic ....  :gmon hi:
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Aha! I'm glad to know that the other two will be updated soon. ≧∇≦
Ma.. Moving on, this fic.. Broke my heart.〒_〒
BUT its a good one. Sad but good.
Thank you for the update and hope to see you soon~~
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why your last fanfic was too sad? :(
but great story as always. remember your another fanfic korisu san  :panic:
iam like an addicted person, open jphip just to see your update and another story from kojiyuu shipper  :love:
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Y U DO DIS?! :mon wtf:


BUT HEY, I LOVED IT! :mon inluv:

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but i like it ...
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Soldier Squirrel

Part 2

"Un." Acchan nodded. "How?"
Yuko grinning. "Umm ... I love cute girls, and I think you're cute."
"I do not know." Yuko seated and holding her head
"Heeehhh. Why?"
"I do not like flat chest." Yuko pouted.
"What?" Acchan awkward and peeked her own breasts.  "It's not flat."
"Really? I do not believe it."
"I do not lie."
"Then show it to me." Yuko stood and smiling.
"You pervert squirrel! Do you think I could fall into your trap, huh?!" Acchan hit Yuko’s head.
"I am dying." Yuko lying on the table and holding her head.
"What are you doing?" Haruna came in with food in her hand.
"Nyannyaaaann ..." Yuko seated and holding her head. "Acchan hit my head." Yuko pretended to cry. "Ah, food!" Suddenly Yuko’s eyes shining. "Here, here. Put the food here. I'm hungry." Yuko patted the table she was sitting on.
"I do not bring this food for you." Haruna put the food on the table.
"Nyannyan, do not be mean to me. From last night I have not eaten."
"This is for you." Haruna gives the food to Acchan. Then she took for herself.
"Uh, where to me?" Haruna avoid Yuko’s words. "Nyannyan cruel!"
"Yuko, come here, eat with me." Acchan called Yuko who was sitting on the edge of the table. Yuko walking toward Acchan without look at Haruna. Yuko sit in front Acchan.
"Nyannyan really cold."
"Let her be. She was like that." Acchan take the food. "Let me feed you.”  Yuko open her mouth and eat food from Acchan’s hand.
"Acchan, besides you're cute, you'll also a good girl."
"Thank you. Open your mouth again .... aaaaaa." Yuko opened her mouth again. Sometimes, she bit Acchan’s hand slowly. "Naughty squirrel."
On the other hand, Haruna just look at them with pouted. "Here, I brought you peanuts." Haruna issued peanuts from her pocket.
"I do not like peanuts."
"I love cheese!" Yuko pouted and turned toward Acchan again. "Aaaaa ..." Acchan smiling and feed Yuko again.
"You're a squirrel or a rat?" Haruna looked a little annoyed.
"Squirrels and rodents were brothers." Yuko spoke without looking at Haruna. "Acchan, again, I'm still hungry."
"Tsk." Haruna out of the room.
"Satiety?" Acchan wiping Yuko’s mouths with a tissue. Yuko nodded. "Um, now, tell me about your past life."
Yuko looks was remembering her past life. "I used to be a warlord. I fought to protect the kingdom along with two of my friends. Takahashi Minami and Watanabe Mayu. Takahashi Minami or  Takamina, I call her, she was also a commander. By the time we were walking around in the woods. I swinging my sword to get rid of small trees that block our path, but accidentally my sword hit a squirrel. The squirrel was dead covered in blood, then came an old woman. She cursed me into a squirrel. Because Takamina also be in the same place with me, she was hit by a curse as well. She also turned into a squirrel. But her body size is smaller than me. If one day you see a squirrel with a stupid ribbon on the head, she is Takamina." Yuko sighed. "Watanabe Mayu, she is actually a princess, but she is a rebellious girl, she decided to go to war with us to defend the kingdom from enemy attack, because she was the only child of the king. Our relationships are like brothers. We often got the nickname Oshiri sisters, because we like to touch oshiri.” Yuko chuckle. "But one day she made a mistake. She touched Kashiwagi Yuki’s oshiri. Kashiwagi Yuki is the daughter of another empire that has magic. She cursed Mayu into a rat." Yuko sighed again. "I also have a very obedient maid. Her name Kawaei Rina. She's a little stupid, but very loyal to me." Yuko covering her face with her little hands. "I miss them."
Acchan rubbed Yuko’s head with her finger. "I hope you can meet them again in the future. I'm sure they're fine. "
Haruna came into the room again and sat back on the bed.
Suddenly Acchan’s phone rang. "Ah, my mother. I'm going to answer it." Acchan out of the room.
Haruna approached the table. "Here, I buy you a cheese."
"I'm already full."
"Yuuchan, I’m sorry, I'm just kidding." Haruna put her head on the table and pouted. Yuko looked and wanted to pretend still angry to Haruna. But her desire fade after seeing Haruna cute face.
Yuko clutching her chest and her eyes shine. "Nyannyan kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Yuko jump towards Haruna.
Acchan opened the door, "What happened?" She looked panicked. But then she smiled after seeing Yuko lying on the floor with a stupid face. "I know what you've done, naughty squirrel. You take a chance again, right?"
“Skinship ... skinship ... yeah ... skinship everyday ... yeah ...” Yuko singing and dancing on the floor. Haruna and Acchan just shook their head to see Yuko’s behavior.
"I must to go home now." Acchan told Haruna.
"Un." Haruna nodded.
"Yuko, let's go home."
"Eh? What do you mean?" Haruna little surprised.
"Yuko, come to my house, I had a lot of cheese." Acchan squatted in front of Yuko.
"Yatta!" Yuko jump for joy. But then she looked at Haruna. Haruna was silent, but from her eyes, Yuko know that Haruna is sad. "Umm ... maybe another time."
"Why?" Acchan pouted.
"Because it seems nyannyan still want me to accompany her." Yuko winked to Haruna.
Haruna blushed. "W-what? You are too confident, Yuko."
"Hmm ... well, another time then, promise me." Yuko nodded.
Acchan stand up. "Haruna, if you feel hassles to caring Yuko, give her to me. I'll take good care of her."

--- ## ---

"Nyannyan ... my hime ... wake up ... it's already morning." Yuko rubbed Haruna’s cheek with her hands. "Nyannyan ..." A moment Yuko pay attention to Haruna’s face. "Maybe a little kiss will not hurt. Nee, nyannyan?" Yuko closer her face and kiss Haruna lips. "So soft ..." whispered Yuko.
Haruna slowly opened her eyes. She was surprised when she saw Yuko so close to her face. "Wha-what are you doing?"
"I'm just trying to wake you, nyannyan. It’s already morning, you have to get ready to go to school." Yuko pretend like nothing happened.
Haruna sat on the bed and look around the room and look like something different. Then she looked at Yuko. Yuko grimace showed her teeth. "Are you clean it up?" Yuko nodded. "You can?"
"Of course, I am strong, nyannyan." Yuko raised her hands and posing showing her muscles. Nyannyan chuckled and rubbed Yuko’s head.
After a twenty minute shower, Haruna came out of the bathroom with already wearing uniforms. Yuko sitting on the bed with pout. "What’s wrong?"
"You! Why are you already wear a uniform! You should out with still wearing a towel!"
Haruna just shook her head and then smoothed her uniform in front of a mirror. "Well, okay, I forgive you." Haruna raised her eyebrows. "Quickly nyannyan, we'll be late." Yuko get out of bed.
"We?" Haruna turned toward the door where Yuko is standing. "You are not allowed to go to school. I do not want you to make a mess like yesterday. "
"But nyannyaaaann ...."
"No ‘but’, you remain in my room until I come home from school. Do not go anywhere, out there dangerous." Haruna opened the desk drawer. "And this is cheese for breakfast and lunch."
"But I want to go to school, nyannyan. I'm lonely if I’m here alone." Yuko lowered her head.
Looking Yuko like that, of course make Haruna feel sad, but if she let Yuko go with her to school, maybe another mess will come. She knew exactly Yuko behavior.
Haruna lifted Yuko and put her on the table. "Yuuchan ... listen to me. I just go for a while. After school finished, I'll be home soon. Yuuchan want to waiting for me, right?"
"But I want to protect you, nyannyan."
"I will be fine."
"But ..."
"Yuuchan ..."
"Haru-chan, breakfast. Acchan will coming soon." Haruna’s mother shouted from the dining room
"Ja ne, Yuuchan." Haruna left the room and close the door, so Yuko will not follow her.
Not following her? You are wrong Haruna! You do not know Yuko. She has 1001 ways to be able to get what she wants.
Yuko saw Haruna left the house from window. As usual, Haruna went to school with Acchan.
Yuko jump back to table. And then she pushed the glass until fell on the floor. Suddenly Haruna's mother came into the room.
"Eh? How can this glass fall." Haruna’s mother took the glass and looked around the room. Yuko hiding behind the book. "Eh? Clean? Not usually Haruna wants to clean her room." She smiled and walking toward the table next to Haruna's bed. She took a picture frame and smiling. "You're already mature now, dear."
Yuko took the opportunity to run out of the room.
"Yahooooo ... I'm free." Yuko raised her hand when she reached the edge of the highway. "But, where nyannyan school? I forgot the way to get there." Yuko turned to the right and to the left to determine the direction. Then passing near her a bunch of girls who wear the same uniform as Haruna. Yuko secretly followed them and ended up in front of the Haruna school gates. "Hahaha ... I know I'm smart."
Yuko ran into the school yard. "Wuah, so many cute panty. Gahd, I'm in heaven!" Yuko ran enjoy the scenery in front of her. "So many soft thigh. I want to touch them!"
Yuko not accidentally hit something in front of her. Something furry and big. Yuko rubbed her head. A cat right in front her eyes. "Ah ... ny-nyan-nyan ... hehehe." Yuko stepped back cautiously. This is nyannyan, but not nyannyan who she knew. That cat showing the fangs to Yuko.
"I do not want to die." Yuko said in her heart. "O-oi big cats, don’t you dare to scare me. I'm a warlord! I could karate, taekwondo, judo, kungfu! Do you begin to fear now?" Yuko posing like to fight. "Stay away!" The cat kept coming toward Yuko with the wild eyes. "I-I’m not a rat, I’m a squirrel. Cute squirrel! If you hurt me, nyannyan will be angry to you. She is more horrible than you when she's angry!" Yuko stepped backward until her back touched the wall. "Hey, look!" Yuko points to a direction and then ran away. "Nyannyaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn ... help me!!!"

--- ## ---

Haruna sat looking towards the window. Acchan somehow disappeared anywhere. A moment later entered a bunch of girls talking loud enough. "Poor little squirrel."
"Yeah, right, I wonder whether the squirrel was going to be fine." They sat down and a girl came to their table. "What happened?"
"I saw a squirrel in this school. That squirrel was being chased by a cat."
"Squirrel? Since when our school have a squirrel?"
They just shrugged and changed the subject.
"Squirrel? Squirrels in school?" Haruna slow brain started thinking. "Yuko!" She stood up and then ran out of the classroom. Her classmates just see Haruna strangeness attitude.
Haruna ran down the school in a panic. "Yuko! Yuko!" She continued to call out Yuko’s name. But Yuko not show up. She was almost desperate search for Yuko that never meet. Her breathing started irregular. Between fatigue and panic. Without realize Haruna craying. She never worried like this before. Her hands started shaking and her vision became blurred because of the swift tears. "Yuuchan ... I'm sorry."
Haruna leaning on the edge of the barrier and looked down into the garden. She saw Acchan sitting in the garden. But she saw strangeness in Acchan shoulder, like something is stuck. Acchan stroked it is and talk. "Yuko?" Haruna ran down the stairs to approach Acchan.
"Shhhh ... do not cry Yuko, I'm here. Everything will be fine." Acchan rubbed Yuko back who was lying on her shoulder.
"But ... but ... I’m almost takes by cat ... I'm scared." Yuko tightened her grip and buried her face into Acchan neck.
"I will make sure that the mischievous cat would not approach you again. I'll protect you from now on. "
"Thank you, Acchan."
"Yuko!" Haruna standing in front Acchan. "I told you not to exit the room, right? Then what are you doing? You want to make me feel guilty for all this if something happens to you? You want ... "
"Stop it, Haruna!" Acchan snapped Haruna. "Don’t scold Yuko. Don’t you see, she is still frightened by a cat almost eat her? You want to add a fears?!"
Haruna can only be silent. Of course she did not mean to scold Yuko. She's just too worried about Yuko.
"But I've told her to remain at home." Haruna lowered her tone.
"Yuko also can be bored! What if in your room suddenly appeared a mouse or other animal that is trying to hurt Yuko? You can take her to school, so you can more keep her! How careless you!"
"Why are you yelling at me?"
"Because I'm worried about Yuko! Do you not feel worried when you leave Yuko alone?"
"I ..."
"From now Yuko will stay with me." Acchan stand up from the seat.
"Eh? Why?"
"Because I'm better able to treat Yuko than you!"
"But ..."
"Nee, Yuko ... you want to stay with me, right?" Yuko nodded.
"Fine, you can stay with Acchan. Whatever! Do what you want to do!" Haruna pouted and then pretended to smile. "From now on I can study, sleep, eat, and bathe quietly without disturbing! Bye!" Haruna left Acchan and Yuko.
"Nyannyan ..." Yuko crying again.
"Shhhh ... Yuko, do not be sad. After school we go shopping, ok? I'll buy a lot of toys and cheese. Yuko want it, right?"
"Really? You will invite me for a walk?"
"Un. We'll have fun together. "

--- ## ---

Haruna lying on the bed. It's nearly morning but she can’t sleep. She kicked her legs on bed and rolling around.
"Damn! It's only four days without Yuko, Haruna! How can you miss her so badly?" Haruna sighed. "What is being done Yuko there? Does she feel comfortable with Acchan? Is she happy with Acchan?" Haruna ruffled her hair. "Yuko, you idiot!"
And finally, until sunrise Haruna not sleep. She kept thinking about her little squirrel who was with other people.
"You ok, dear?" Haruna’s mother hair stroked her hair when they breakfast.
"Maybe." Haruna eat breakfast lazily.
"Are you and Acchan were arguing? For several days she's not here. "
"We're fine. Acchan was busy." Haruna pout.

--- ## ---

Haruna POV

It has been four days I did not talk to Acchan. Maybe I should apologize to her. Umm ... I wonder whether today Acchan bring Yuko to school.
I walked towards Acchan table. She was busy reading manga. “Acchan ...”
“Hm?” She speaks but her eyes still fixed on the book in front of her.
I knelt down beside her desk. I put my hand on the table and then put a head on it. “Acchan ... I'm sorry. Please do not be mad at me. I know I was wrong.”
Acchan closed the book and hit my head with that book. “Who is the one who always avoided? Me or you?”
I pouted and Acchan hit my head once again. “Baka.”
“Forgive me.”
Acchan sighed. “I'm not mad at you, I’m just a little upset because your careless.”
I nodded. “Umm ... anyway, did you bring Yuko to school today?”
“Ah! You speak to me just for Yuko, huh?!” Acchan hit my head again with the book.
“Acchan, stop hitting my head!”
“Tsk!” Acchan looked away.
“Of course not. I miss you, you know.”
“I can not believe you.” Acchan still pouted.
I stood up and jump towards Acchan then hugged tightly. “Acchan, I miss you ~”
“Oi oi ... stop it, Haruna!” Acchan tried to pull my hand away from her neck.

End of Haruna POV

--- ## ---

Haruna prepares to go to Acchan’s house tonight. She had said that it would visit the house because she missed with Acchan’s mother. Yeah, it's just a cheap excuse of Haruna, because actually she just wanted to see Yuko.
“Eh? When did you get into my house?” Acchan looks surprised because Haruna was already inside the house without knocking.
Haruna just chuckled. “Yuko in my room.” It seems Acchan already know that Haruna really just wanted to meet Yuko.
“ I want to meet your mother, not Yuko.” Haruna crossed her arms and pout.
“I know who you are, Haruna.” Acchan said without looking Haruna. She was busy preparing dinner.
“Where is your mother?”
Acchan sighed. “Haruna ... you know that my mom always come home at night, right?”
Haruna grinned and then walked into Acchan’s room located on the second floor.
Haruna into Acchan’s room slowly. She saw Yuko was playing small bikes. All around her there is a miniature house and all its equipment. Small chairs, small table, there is even a stuffed squirrel in the neighborhood.
Haruna only pay attention near the door. She smiled, but somehow her heart ached. If only she could make Yuko this happy.
Yuko swirling her bike, and she accidentally saw nyannyan standing in front of the door. “Nyannyaaaaannn!!!!” Yuko come down from her bike and jump towards Haruna. “Do you miss me, nyannyan? Did you come here to see me? Do you miss my touch?”
Haruna put Yuko on the table which contains a lot of toys and then she sat nearby. “You have a lot of toys.”
“Un, Acchan who bought it all for me.” Then Yuko jumped closer to the stuffed squirrel. “Nyannyan, look!” Yuko pressing the button behind the doll. “This doll can talk!” Haruna smiling at Yuko are excited showing her toys. “And look at my little house, nyannyan. In here there is a comfortable bed for me.” Yuko entry into a miniature house and bring out something. “Look! Even complete with a blanket! Acchan really the best!”
Haruna just nod and pretend to smile. “Yuko ...”
“Hm?” Yuko still busy with her small blanket, she tied it on her head. She wants to imitate teru-teru bozu doll.
“Are you happy here?”
“Why nyannyan ask?” She turned to look at Haruna’s direction. Haruna chuckled see Yuko’s face with the blanket. She really looks like teru-teru bozu.
“Nee, Yuko. Want me to hanging you in front of the door?”
“Mouu, nyannyan cruel.“
Haruna pulled Yuko and justify the knot. “Do not tie it too tight, you could hurt your neck.”
“I am happy, nyannyan. Acchan cared for well and gave me everything that I need. I never feel lonely here. In fact, she promised me, if on the appointed day came and no one is willing to kiss me, then she would kiss me. Acchan says that she loved me.” Yuko smiles.
“Really? I am glad to hear that.”
“Nyannyan ...”
“Why are you crying?”
“Eh?” Haruna touched her cheek. And indeed, her cheeks wet because of tears. “Ah, nothing.” Haruna stand. “Yuko, I have to go home. Maybe my mother looking for me. Bye.” Haruna ran out of the room and down the stairs. “Acchan, I'm go home. See you.”
“Eh? Haruna? I've prepared dinner for us.”
Haruna did not answer. She kept running out of the house. She ran with all her might, she passed her house, because she don't want to return to the house in a state of crying. Her mother will be worried.
She ran toward the park not far from her home. The park was deserted. No one was there.
She was sitting on a swing while sobbing. Her heart was so hurt. She wiped the tears with her hands and make her make up look messy.
She looked into the sky, the moon is still visible not perfect. She shouted, “Yuko ... you idiot! You say that you love me, but what are you doing? You're happy with Acchan, not when you are with me! You do not even feel missed me!”
Then she realize what was done, ”How stupid I was. How can I love a squirrel that I just met! This is certainly a mistake! It's impossible for me to love a pervert squirrels! No, not only pervert, she is stupid, crazy, super idiot! You stupid, Haruna!” She covered her face with her palms and sobbed again.
“Yuuchan ...”

After a while she cried in the park, she finally go home. It's already eight at night. She was afraid of being in the park alone.
After reaching home, Haruna went straight to her room. She put her bag on the desk and then threw her body on the bed.
“Eh?” Haruna stood up and opened the blanket that was on top of her bed. “Eh? Yuko? Eh?”
“Nyannyan ... “ Yuko like she was crying and holding her hand.
Haruna gasped and realized that she's accidentally fell on top Yuko’s small body. “Oh gosh, Yuko, I'm sorry. I do not know you are there.” Haruna knelt beside the bed and holding Yuko body. “Where is the pain?”
“My hands, nyannyan.” Yuko pouted.
Haruna stroking Yuko's little hand gently. “Forgive me.”
“It was hurt, nyannyan.” Yuko pretended to cry.
“Hey, do not cry. I'm sorry.” Haruna kissing Yuko’s hand. “Still hurt?”
Yuko nodded. “My head was hurt, too.”
Then Haruna kissing Yuko’s head. “Still hurt?”
Yuko covered her face with her palms. “What is wrong?”
“It was hurt, nyannyan.”
“Hey, let me see it.” Haruna release Yuko’s hand who covering her face. Haruna wiped Yuko’s tears and then kissed her eyes, cheeks, and nose. “Still hurt?”
“My lips were still hurt, nyannyan.”
Haruna raised eyebrows and realizes that she has entered into Yuko trap.
“Your lips hurt?” Haruna pretend she really care. Yuko nodded.
Haruna closer her face and Yuko began to close her eyes.
“Ittai!!!! Nyannyan, ittaaaaaaiiiii!” Haruna pinched Yuko’s cheek with her both hands.
“Your acting is really good, Yuko!”
“Woaaa ... nyannyan, let go my cheeks! It’s hurt! I love you, nyannyan. Please do not kill me with your sadistic hands!”
After a while Haruna removed her hand from Yuko's cheek. Yuko lying on bed and holding her cheeks. “My poor cheeks.”
 “Why are you here? Did not you say that you are happy together Acchan ?! Yous said Acchan is the best. She can give you all that you need. Even she can give her love for you!” Haruna asked without looking towards Yuko. She sat on the bed and crossed her arms.
“Are you jealous, nyannyan?” Yuko sit next Haruna.
“Of course not! Why should I be jealous!”
Yuko laugh. “Why are you laughing?!” Haruna turned toward Yuko and pouted.
“Because you're so cute when you're angry.” Haruna looked away again.
Yuko sighs. “Yeah, Acchan can give me everything. Toys, food, and even love. But, do  you think I could just accept it? No, Haruna.” Haruna turned and began to listen Yuko words. Haruna curious, because this is the first time Yuko calling her “Haruna”. ”I only visited her home for a while. I feel sorry because she is often alone at home. Her parents always come home late at night. That’s all. Not because of the home, food, and even love. I just love you, Haruna. Wherever I go, how far I go, how long was I gone, but in the end, I'm just going to come back here. In this place. You know why? Because here there is you, Haruna. My heart is here.” Yuko closer to Haruna and put her hand on Haruna’s thigh, not in her pervert action. “I do not want to give my heart to someone other than you. I prefer to go back into the squirrel forever than I should love others.”
“Ba-baka! Stop your cheesy words!”
“I'm serious, nyannyaaaaaannnn!!!! I love yoouuuuuuuu!!! Can you believe it?”
Haruna turned toward Yuko who looked at her full of hope. Her cute eyes as saying that she hoped Haruna believe her words.
“Yuko ... “
“Can I ask you something?”
Haruna look at Yuko’s eyes. She bit her lip like she was nervous. “Umm ...”
Just tell me, Nyannyan.” Yuko smiles.
“Ummm ... “
“Hm?” Yuko rubbed Haruna’s hand who was on the bed. “Say whatever you want to ask, nyannyan. It is okay.”
“Yuko ... how long have you not shower?”
“What the ... heeeehhh????? Nyannyan????!!! Mouuuu!!!! I thought you would ask about our relationship!!!” Yuko kicks her feet on the bed like a child.
“But really, Yuko. You are very smelly. Is at Acchan’s house you don't bathe even once?”
Haruna laughed and then stood closer to her dresser. Yuko still rolling around on the bed. “Nee, Yuko ...” Yuko not turned to Haruna and still rolling. “Yuko?” Haruna raised her eyebrows. “Yuko!” Yuko still pretend not to hear. Haruna sighed. “Yuuchan ~”
Yuko sat on the bed. “Yes, my nyannyan?”
“You need a shower now.”
“What? Do not want. Cold.”
“I will prepare warm water for you.”
“Do not want.”
“Well, tonight you sleep outside.”
“Do not want. If nyannyan want to shower with me, maybe I'll consider it.”
“Well, tonight you sleep outside then.”
“Noooooooo!!!! I will take a bath, nyannyan!” Yuko ran into the bathroom. Haruna just smiled and shook her head.
In the bathroom ...
“Remove your clothes, Yuuchan.”
Yuko releasing red uniform that always she use slowly. Haruna just standing and take a look to Yuko who was undressed. “Nyannyan, I'm embarrassed.” Haruna blushed and turned in the other direction.
“I will prepare warm water.” Haruna walked to bathtub. She fills half the water and check the temperature. “Yuuchan?” Haruna looked back, she saw Yuko still wearing her clothes. “Why do not you take it off?”
“Give me a towel to cover my body.”
“What? Yuko, your body is filled with feathers. Nothing you need to hide!”
“But ... still I'm a girl.” She whispered.
Haruna sighed and stood up to take a towel and then give it to Yuko. “Nyannyan, it was too big.” Haruna turned around again. “Nyannyan, how could you give me toilet paper for towels?” Haruna rolled her eyes and out of the bathroom again. A moments later she entered with a handkerchief. “Well, thank you my love.” Yuko take that handkerchief and then wrapped it around her little body.
“The water is ready.”
“Thank you. You are really good future wife, nyannyan. I'm not wrong to chosen you.” Yuko ride to the edge of the bathtub. “Wooaaaahh ... a pool. Yuko was about to take off her towel, but then she turned toward Haruna. “Nyannyan, why are you still here? You want to see me shower?” Yuko wink.
“Ba-baka. It was too dangerous to let you be in here alone!”
Yuko smiled and then took off the towel. Then she jumped into the bathtub. “Wohoooo!!!” But then ... blup ... blup ... blup ... “Nyannyan, help me! I can’t swim!”
“Yuuchan!” Haruna stood up from her seat and lifted Yuko. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, you're right. It's too dangerous to let me be in here alone.” Yuko try to arrange her breath.
“I'm sorry, I thought you liked to swim.” Haruna reduce the water in bathtub. “Is it enough?” Yuko nodded.
“It's okay, Yuuchan. I am here.” Yuko slowly insert her foot into the water with Haruna help. “Aaahhh, the water feels very comfortable ~” Yuko started to play with water.
“Yuuchan, let me help you.” Haruna put shampoo in her palm and then wiped into Yuko's body.
“Aww, nyannyan want to touch me ~”
“Shut up!”
Yuko laugh. “Nyannyan, do not tickle me.”

After the bath, Haruna put Yuko on table. After drying off Yuko with a towel, now Haruna drying Yuko feathers with a hair dryer.
Once dry, Haruna walked to the closet and take out the clothes. “Wear this. I ordered it specially for you.” Haruna gave her a red hoodie to Yuko.
“Aaaaahhh ... kawaiii. Thank you, nyannyan!” Yuko immediately put it on. “Woah, fitting for me!” Haruna smiling.
“Mmm ... anyway, why did you give me a clothes? Do you not want to see my naked body again?”
“Idiot!” Haruna hit Yuko’s head and then get to sleep.
Haruna never felt this happy before. Every day she could laugh with Yuko. Yuko will do anything to make Haruna laughing and happy.

---- ## ----

Finally, the day before the full moon came. The full moon happens once every hundred years. In the curse, Yuko will go back into a human when there is someone who genuinely love and are willing to kiss her on the third day of the full moon. On the first day of the full moon, the moon looks flawless and radiant as usual month. The second day, the moon will glow red, indicating the process of opening the door a curse. The third day, the moon will be red. At that moment, Yuko must kiss the person who really loved her. If the kiss was successful, then the moon will return colored as usual and Yuko will go back into a human on the next day.
That night, Haruna received a call. From her grandfather. He said that her grandmother was ill. After that, Haruna’s mother told to Haruna to prepare to go visit her grandmother in the morning. Haruna’s grandmother lived in Tochigi.
Haruna can not sleep well tonight, because the next day is the first day of the full moon. What should she say to Yuko.
Haruna slowly opened her eyes. She turned to the side, Yuko not there. Then she heard the sound of someone singing in the bathroom.
“Let it goooooooo ... Let it gooooo ... can’t hold it back anymore ....”
“Let it gooooo .... let it goowaaah, stupid shampoo, why did you get into my eyes!”
Haruna got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She opened the door slowly. She saw Yuko bathing in the sink. She was cleaning her face under the faucet.
“It was very cold.” Yuko shivering.
Haruna chuckled to see how cute these squirrels. Because hear a sounds, Yuko turned. “ Ha! Nyannyan, you pervert! You peek me when I am taking a bath!”
Nyannyan gasped and immediately shut the door. From the outside Haruna hear Yuko laugh.

---- ## ----

“Yuuchan, I promise, I'll think about it for two days. And I will be home before midnight on the third day. Maybe in the morning or afternoon I've got here.”
Yuko nodded with a sad face. “I know this is hard for you to love someone like me, Haruna. If you feel you can not, do not force yourself. I will be fine.”
“I'll think about it, Yuuchan.”
“Thanks.” Yuko smile, but she could not cover up feelings of worry and sad.
“I'll be right back, Yuuchan.” Haruna gently stroked Yuko’s cheek.
This is not a Haruna whim. Haruna wants to bring Yuko with her. But when she heard the goal Haruna went is Tochigi, instantly Yuko afraid. When Haruna asked, Yuko said that place is forbidden to Yuko. Yuko not allowed to go there or she will forever remain be a squirrel. Even if she waited a full moon once every hundred years.

--- ## ---

Haruna sat outside at her grandfather's house, looking up at the moon. Tonight, the moon looks normal. Of course, only Yuko and the people affected by the curse that could see the change in color of this moon. Haruna repeatedly sighed to calm her heart and mind. She still doubted her feelings for Yuko. If she kisses Yuko just because she wants to get back Yuko into a human, in the end she will only hurt Yuko.
But finally, on the second day she realized, yes, she loves Yuko. Only two days without Yuko at her side, did not hear her voice, she was felt so lost. She felt so missed that little squirrel. Only Yuko who could make her smile from the heart. Only Yuko who could make her feel this missing.Only Yuko who could make her cry and laugh at the same time. Only Yuko who could make her crazy.
Haruna grandmother's health condition has improved. This afternoon Haruna and her mother decided to return home. In accordance with Haruna plan. But then came a woman, Haruna’s mothers old friend who want to talk about something important. So they delay their departure.
Haruna started to panic because it was already 7 evening. Today is the third day of the full moon. Haruna repeatedly pacing and tried to give a signal to her mother to stop the conversation and immediately returned home. Although this looks disrespectful, but she must do it.
"Yuuchan, wait for me." Haruna whispered as she looked at the clock on her phone.
Finally, at 8 pm, the woman's home.
"Did she not tired keep talking from afternoon till night?" Haruna grumbled when she justifies the seat belt in the car.
"Hush, you should not be talking like that, Haru-chan. She is an mama’s old friend. There are important things to say. She ... "
"Haiiiiii." Haruna cut her mother’s words as she did not want to hear the story about her mother and her friend.
Haruna's mother chuckled and rubbed her daughter’s hair, and then turning on her car. "What’s wrong, dear? Usually you do not want to hurry home from grandparents' house."
"It's nothing." Haruna repeatedly checked the clock on her phone.
"Is there someone waiting for you?"
Haruna can not hide her red face. "Mom, it's late. We have to get home, if later mama sleepy, I can not replace your position, I can not drive a car. "
She began to worry not only because of the time, but she began to think about other problems. What if Acchan kissed Yuko first? That means Acchan which will be Yuko’s girlfriend. Haruna will not be able to accept it.
She could not ask her mother to accelerate the pace of the car. She was worried if something bad happens to them. If the drive is her father, perhaps she could ask him to accelerate the pace of the car. But that's impossible, because her father had died a few years ago.
After a journey of nearly an hour, Haruna started to feel sleepy. "Ma, if we already reached home, please wake me up." Haruna whispered before she fell asleep.

--- ## ---

"Haru-chan?" Haruna’s mother stroked Haruna’s head gently. "Dear, we've arrived."
"Ma, I'm still sleepy." Haruna just change her position.
"Last night you said if we already reached home you asking mama to wake you." Haruna was shocked and immediately woke up. She remembered Yuko. She opened her eyes and out of the car.
And even make her more surprised is outside already light. She looked into the sky. Moon has changed with the sun. She checked the clock and was already 6am.
"What?!" Haruna turned toward her mother who was put out the stuff from the car. "Ma?!"
"Sorry dear, our car stalled last night."
"Why did not you wake up me?"
"Mama did not have the heart to wake you. You slept so soundly. You ... "
Haruna ran into the house without listening to her mother story further. She ran to her room. "Yuko?" She looked to all direction. She did not find Yuko in the room. She opened her blanket. Yuko not under the blanket. She searched at a pile of books, Yuko’s hiding place whenever she make Haruna angry, but Yuko was not there. She was looking in the bathroom, under the bed. Yuko was not there, too.
She tried to contact Acchan, but Acchan’s phone inactive. She called Acchan’s home, but no one picked up. Haruna throw her phone and started crying.
"Dear, what's wrong?" Haruna’s mother panicked looked her daughter suddenly cried.
"Yuko ..." Haruna speaking on the sidelines of tears.
"Yuko? Who? "
"My squirrel."
"Eh? Since when do you have a squirrel? "
Haruna did not answer. She stood up and then ran out of the house. Her mother tried to called her but Haruna did not listen.
Haruna ran past her gate and then run to road.
"Haru-chan!" Haruna’s mother shouted with all might when she saw Haruna ran into the street and a car drove right at her.
Haruna’s body slammed by a car and she fainted.

--- ## ---

Haruna woke up in a white room. She is now in a hospital. At her bedside, her mother sat and held her hand.
When Haruna looked at her mother, her mother crying. "Thank God, you saved my daughter."
"Ma ..." Haruna said quietly.
“Yes, dear?”
"Where is my Yuuchan?"
"Hm? Yuuchan? Who is she?" Haruna’s mother looks confused.
Haruna trying to sit up on bed even though her head still hurt.
"Dear, you should not move too much."
Haruna was not listening, she kept trying to sit up. Her mother helped her to lean on the bed.
"Yesterday you hit by a car, Acchan brings you to the hospital."
"Acchan who took me to the hospital?" Her mother nodded. "Now where is she?"
"She was going to buy some food."
Haruna trying to get out of bed, but her mother blocking her. "Dear, where are you going?"
"I want to find Yuuchan." Haruna tried to pull her mother’s hand.
"You can find her after you really well."
"I was cured, ma! Let me go! "
Suddenly the door opened and Acchan into the room.
"Haruna? You awake?" Acchan put food on the table and then hugged Haruna.
But Haruna immediately release her hugs. "Where’s Yuko?"
“Yuko! Where’s Yuko?"
"Yuko? Who is she?"
"Acchan! I'm the one who hit by a car, why is it you who got amnesia?"
Haruna ran out of the room. "Haruna!"
"Auntie, you stay here, I will pursue Haruna." Then Acchan pursuing Haruna out of the hospital.
Haruna ran to the museum without wearing footwear. She kept running all the way regardless Acchan who kept calling from behind.
When she reached the front entrance of the museum, a security blocking Haruna. But Haruna insisted to entering.
"Sorry Miss, the museum will open later at 10 am. Please wait for another hour."
"Please let me in, my friend was inside. I want to see her." Haruna wriggle and cry. "Please."
"Inside there is no one, except the janitor and museum staff."
"Not. My friends are inside!"
"I'm sorry, but I can not let you in, Miss."
"Please, I want to meet my friends." Haruna cry loudly until she was sitting on the floor. The security started to panic.
After a time Acchan come up with still panting. "She ... she is my friend."
The security nodded. "Please calm your friend."
Acchan tried to lift Haruna’s body who sat on the floor, but Haruna reject it. She continued to wriggle like a little child who lost her doll.
Because he does not have the heart, the security finally let Haruna entry, but with still under surveillance. Haruna walked to the place where he first saw Yuko. Acchan and security followed her from behind.
Haruna was standing in front of a miniature war. But Yuko not be there.
"What are you looking, Miss?" The security was curious because earlier Haruna said that she wanted to meet her friend.
"A squirrel."
"Squirrel? But this is a war museum. Maybe you have the wrong places. You can find squirrels in the museum of animals."
"This squirrel is a warlord! She should be here wearing her red uniform!"
Acchan and the security raised their eyebrows.
"Yuko!" Haruna shouted. "Yuko!"
"Miss, please do not make a fuss." Haruna kept shouting regardless of warnings from the security guard.
"Miss, please take your friends out." Acchan nodded.
"No, Acchan. I do not want. I want to meet Yuko. Let me go!"
"Sorry to make a fuss." Acchan bowed to the security before leaving the museum.
Acchan and Haruna sat on the edge of the road, in front of the museum. Haruna kept crying called  Yuko’s name. Acchan tried to calm her.
"Haruna, who’s Yuko?"
Haruna looked at Acchan with annoyed face. "Don’t joke, Acchan! That's not funny!"
"I am not kidding.”
"Yuko, a squirrel who can speak."
"Eh? Haruna? You dreaming about a squirrel?"
"I'm not dreaming. In fact, you also know her!"
"I do not know what you're talking about, Haruna." Acchan shook her head.
"We went to the museum for a school assignment that time and then we saw a squirrel wearing a red uniform!"
"Going to the museum?" And then Acchan nodded.
"You remember?"
Acchan sighed. "Now I know. You dreaming, Haruna. It was all just a dream."
"No way!"
"Of course! Because we do not go to the museum! We did a school assignment to the museum two days ago, but when we went to school, you're hit by a car. You do not unconscious two days, Haruna. You really made us afraid!"
"You're wrong, Acchan! I was hit by a car when I looking for Yuko, not when we go to school. When I got home from my grandfather's house, at Tochigi, my grandmother is sick!"
"But your grandfather and grandmother had died two years ago, Haruna!"
Haruna gasped and began to remember. Acchan right, her grandfather and grandmother had died two years ago. How could she forget?
"It was just a dream, Haruna." Acchan said softly and rubbed Haruna’s back. "Let’s come back to the hospital. Your mother must have been very worried about you."

--- ## ---

Haruna has been cured and discharged from hospital. She will return to school on Monday. Today is Sunday, so she just lazing at home. Sometimes she still thought about the dream. About Yuko.
Haruna sitting in front of the television, while her mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Some time later she heard someone knocking on the door. Haruna pretended not to hear it. Her eyes still fixed on the television screen. Her mother just shook her head and then opened the door. Haruna's mother did not rebuke Haruna behavior this time, because she knows her daughter is sad.
"Haru-chan, your friend." Haruna’s mother shouted from the front of the door.
"Who? I think my friend just Acchan." Haruna thought, and started to stand up from her seat.
When she had reached front of the door. She saw a girl wearing a red shirt standing in front of the door. The girl was grinning that make Haruna hand trembling slightly.
The girl held out her hand. "Hello, my name is Yuko Oshima. You, Kojima Haruna, right?" The girl's face reminds Haruna about a squirrel.
Haruna was not welcoming her hand. She was silent, but she knew that her tears began to fall.
"Yuuchan!" Haruna hugged her tightly.
"Eh?" She looked surprised. But then she smiled.
Haruna's mother was just standing next to them and smiled. But her smile did not last long. Haruna mother’s smile turned into shock when she saw what had been done by her daughter.
Haruna off her arms and then kissed Yuko’s lips. She does not care if her mother was still in there.
"Ma, I love her. Can I? "
"Ha-hai. You can love her."

--- ## ---

Flashback and at another place ...

A bunch of girls is walking. It looks like they finished seeing a concert, in their hands there a lightstick and they enthusiastically talking about what they had seen.
The girl who wore red shirts was named Oshima Yuko. The girl who had been following Yuko's steps is Kawaei Rina. The girl similar a cyborg who and wearing glasses was named Watanabe Mayu. And the last one, which looks the shortest of all, who wore a big ribbon on her head. She is Takahashi Minami.
"Hey, Yuko-chan. You once said that you are conqueror of men and girl, right?" Mayu said while playing Takamina’s ribbon.
"Un. Why?"
"I want you to prove it to me." Mayu challenging Yuko.
"What is that?"
"Look at that house." Mayu pointed toward Haruna’s house. "There was a cute girl. Her name is Kojima Haruna. She is my senpai. If you can get acquainted with her, or even you dare to kiss her, I'll give you my new gravure magazine."
"Yosh. You will see the power of Oshima Yuko."
Yuko walk with confidence toward the house which has been designated by Mayu.
At another place ...
"Yuko really confident." Takamina whispered behind trees along with Mayu and Ricchan.
"That's Yuko-sama."
They continue to pay attention to what is done by Yuko. They can not believe what they see, when suddenly Haruna pulled Yuko and then Haruna kissed her.
"What the heck!"
"That's Yuko-sama! My great master!"
"This is really unexpected." Mayu whispered and shook her head.
Then they saw Haruna invited Yuko into the house.
"What's going to happen in there?"
Riichan and Mayu just shrug their shoulders.
"Hey, look!" Mayu pointing towards a girl who was walking toward Haruna’s house. "Takamina, now it's your turn!"
"Eh? Me?" Takamina pointed to her face. "Impossible!"
"Hey, who knows, maybe you can be luck like Yuko-chan. Come on." Mayu put her arm around Takamina neck. "Just say hello and then kiss her, as did Yuko-chan. You can do it, Takamina!"
Takamina sighed. "Yosh, I'll try it!" Then Takamina out from her hiding place and approached the girl.
"Hey, girl."
Acchan turned and raised her eyebrows. "Can I kiss you?" Takamina trying to show her best smile.
"Idiot!" Acchan walked into Haruna’s house.
At another place ....
"Bwaaahahahahaha! Got you, Bakamina!" Mayu and Ricchan do a high five.


---- ## ----

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Saving a spot. lol

Oh! So it was a dream XD I'm curious to what will happen if Haruna found out that Oshima Yuko is different from Oshima Yuko. lol  :nervous

That dream is quite scary....  :panic:
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Woah... it was a dream..!?!  :shocked  I would say pretty good, but in the end sad dream..
Ah... in some moments you really made me worry.. :O

Ahaha.. poor Takamina in the end..  :lol:

Thank you for update!  :)
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saving spot first~

LOL master Yuko's surely got some luck  XD  :lol:

But really, you got my heart pinched a moment there  XD knowing its just a dream..

Nonetheless she got the great master Oshima Yuko in the end~
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I like it..........


waiting for your new fic and update of your first one......

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You'll be on hiatus by the end of this month eh? All the best my friend!\( ö )/
Moving on, the update was quite unexpected, the fact that it was only just a dream was really.. Mindblowing ..
Anyways, I hope you'll be able to come back soon and write more awesome Kojiyuu fics. Now there'll be one less Kojiyuu shipper posting fics..っ╥╯﹏╰╥c
Do try your best to wrap up some of your fics so that you wouldn't leave us hanging.ヽ(´∀`)ノ
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So everything is a dream?!?

Omg ahhahah Takabaka got super slap from Acchan!!

Yuko is conquer all girls and guys xD