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Title: Now You See Me (Chapter 3A) [March, 13 2015]
Post by: Yhuiii on February 10, 2015, 01:28:30 AM

-Watanabe Sae, a CEO, The leader of Watanabe Corp., Mayu's brother
-Watanabe Mayu, Sae's little sister

 The Former members of G-Fingers:
-Matsui Jun, The heir of Matsui Group, Yuki's brother
-Kashiwagi Yuki, a Singer, Jun's little brother
-Matsui Rena, SKE48's member, Jun's girlfriend
-Oshima Yuu, a prosecutor
-Minegashi Minami, moved to France

Another casts will be revealed soon

Sorry for my teribble has been 4 months since I started learning English. frankly speaking.. I’m not confident with this story  :fainted:

Now You See Me

"Ya! Ojou-sama! Wait for us! "

That blaring screams startled some people who were there. Instantly they looked away, saw a young girl about of eighteen sprinting followed by several men in black suits behind her.

Her body looked tiny, wearing feminine clothes, white shirt coupled with a pink long-sleeved cardigan and floral skirt. Her hair was tied in twintail makes her appearance looked very cute.

( (

Watanabe Mayu. The girl paused, took a deep breath fanning her face with palms. The four men were still chasing her. Mayu watched amazingly at the airport in front of her but she was forced to continue her mission to escape. Her pursuers was getting closer. Fortunately at that time she saw a nearby place. Completed with an airport security officers and a back door. A very safe way out.

Mayu fixed her bangs. With convincing style she entered the store. Looked some clothes, and went to the ladies' changing room. She saw her pursuers was a little confused, asked the security officer who is visibly annoyed seeing the excitement that they had made. The pursuers eventually continued their pursuit, passing the clothing store.

Feel that! Mayu smiled with satisfaction. The girl finally bought a hat and then quietly out through the back door. Her pursuers had gone away. Mayu breathed a sigh of relief. She looked around and realized that now she was in a lobby-like a flower garden. Mayu decided to sit on an aluminum chair. Where am I going? A flat smile tugged at her lips. Still hoping that the rest of the day would be nice. Mayu probably be walking around Tokyo, visiting Akhihabara region, a heaven where she could indulge with animes, action figures, mangas and everything that could spoil an otaku like her. But when considering that, Mayu pursing her lips. Remembering the promise of her brother. Unfortunately, the promise was never fulfilled because the company was very remarkable flurried time consuming.

It's all your fault ! Because you were too busy! Mayu exhaled upset. Nagged at her brother excessive attitude and also guards who were chasing her. She then pull out her sketch book. Mayu started drawing a manga story based on her own ideas. Shortly thereafter she was feeling a strange aura around here.

Mayu groaned inwardly. Still continued to draw. Then low and husky laughter suddenly sounded in her ears. Mayu gulped, painstakingly, but the laughter grew louder. Sounded warm, welcoming, friendly, though Mayu knew, the owner of the voice was not human. The figure was clearly laughing at her sketch. A man who has the peculiar aura. Eyes are supposed to be friendly and warm.

Without realizing it, Mayu cocked her head facing the large LED screen above her. Finding the similarity between the images in that news with the strange figure beside her.

"... The leader of Matsui Group, Matsui Jun who also is a former member of G-Fingers has been found dead of an overdose of morphine.  Until now, the police concluded that the incident was still pure suicide. Many people suspect that he gets a lot of pressure in leading a large company coupled with the unfolding scandal involving him with one member of idol group SKE48, Matsui Rena has made him frustrated ... "

please don't hesitate to criticize :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Prologue)
Post by: Louise-sama on February 10, 2015, 02:16:01 AM
I wonder how Mayu is related to the Jurina or Rena. Hehe.
About your English, you just have to consider proper subject-verb agreement and you'll be fine ^_^
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Prologue)
Post by: crosteks on February 11, 2015, 08:57:04 AM
kyaaa...she's so cute & Beautiful.. heheheheh :inlove: :inlove:  :panic: :panic: :inlove:
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Prologue)
Post by: Weird Panda on February 11, 2015, 11:26:10 AM
Is this story gonna telling about a ghost's (Jun) life?
This Jun asking Mayu's help to solve the case of his death? And if Mayu can't help Jun, she'll be taken to another dimension with Jun by force huahahah~

Don't think too much about this comment, I'm just a kid who watching too much movies. But if you want to make a story like this.. You have a same taste with me, bro 8)
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Prologue)
Post by: sakura_drop_ on February 11, 2015, 11:37:01 AM
Is this gonna be angsty? If yes, I am all for it  :ding:

I am curious now, if Jun (that is found dead of overdose) is really dead, pretending to be dead or is it Jurina's brother of some sort? I have a lot of questions in my mind.. How Mayu is related to Jun? Why the men were chasing her? She is ojousama? Maybe she ran away from home? Maybe she is Jun's sister? God, I wanna read first chapter already  :frustrated:

And your grammar is good, good luck on writing stories and welcome I guess?  :hee:
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Chapter 1) [Feb,12 2015]
Post by: Yhuiii on February 12, 2015, 12:38:21 AM
@Louise-sama : Thank you for your advice. It was very helpful  :farofflook: :on cny1:
@crosteks : thank you for commenting. Yes she is always cute  :shifty:
@Weird Panda : maybe this story will flow like that. :kekeke: but no one knows. :hehehe: whoaa we have the same taste, I also really like the fantasy genre. :ding:
@sakura_drop_ : Yes, it is :mon determined: thanks for giving me a warm welcome :gmon tears:

Now You See Me

Chapter 1

The stage was silence and darkness before the sparkling light from lamp and applause of audience swung the feeling of the singers on the stage.

Music. Rhythm. The beautiful harmony was as soft as the feeling in the deepest part of heart.

The pounding tone. Choreography, blocking of stage.

Amazement, expectation.. music and song.. all of them followed like the rhythm of the sparkling world.

Everything was directed to a place. Everyone was directed to a person.

The idol.

Kashiwagi Yuki felt it for a long time. The blinding light, the hectic applause. Three years ago. After his solo debut in the music show on television, his debut was easy due to his popularity as the former members of G-Fingers, top band in Japan with so many fans. However, there were many problems in G-Fingers itself. Love, intervention of parents... and other problems came. Then, the members decided to retire one by one.

Matsui Jun went home and became the leader of Matsui Group Company after the death of his father. He left the entertainment world forever and stayed in office and his luxurious home in Nagoya.

Oshima Yuu decided to continue his study. He had been a prosecutor in the police.
Minegashi Minami decided to marry her boyfriend, Shinoda Mario. They lived in France.

Matsui Rena decided to participate in the audition of SKE48 and continued her relation with Jun after breaking Yuki's heart.

All of them lived in their own way. Yuki chose his own way. To continue his dream. To be soloist. Not the part of G-Fingers anymore. Not the part of Matsui family anymore. He broke his relation with Matsui family after removing his family name. He used the stage name Kashiwagi Yuki instead of Matsui Yuki.

Everything was felt so fast for him. Popularity and praise came like the wave. They brought him to the top of his career as one of the best soloist in Japan. His amazing voice and the mastery of several musical instruments were supported by his handsome face. His charm and perfection made him stand on the blinding place, so he could not see anyone around him.

"Do you still hate Jun since he retired from G-Fingers? Or because of Rena? The little brother like you is the reason why person like Jun decided to commit suicide."

   "Your way to mention it was very convincing, Oshima-san," said Yuki with flat, formal tone that was not very comfortable for a close friend, "However, You, Oshima Yuu The Prosecutor, the only friend of my brother after retiring from G-Fingers, you should know it better." He avoided Yuu's stare, "Onii-chan is not a coward who chose suicide as the solution!"

   There was sarcasm in Yuu's laugh. However, Yuki did not care about it.

   "I always trust my brother", said Yuki with confidence. "If he might use drugs and his mother did everything she wanted to him.." Yuki clenched his hand unconsciously. He almost punched the table. "He must have a reason, but it is not a reason to commit suicide."

   Yuki's anger made that man stood up and left Yuu. However, Yuu's scream stopped him.


   Yuki turned around and saw Yuu standing listlessly. Yuu seriously stared at him. "Perhaps, you are right. If that presumption was right, I am suspicious that the closest person of your brother did it."

   Yuki closed his eyes. Why must he remember that happening now? The words of Oshima Yuu, the prosecutor, punched his heart more than physical punch. However, the ignorance was the only act he master and it was always obvious from his gesture.

   No. Perhaps, it has been your dream, Nii-chan. However, you was not brave to reach it. Yuki clenched his hand. Furious. The anger exploded in his head, while he thought about Jun.

   The brother who was always obedient. Someone who threw the heyday in the music world with their dream band. A person who was loved by Rena and hurt Yuki's feeling at the same time. Why can Yuki not hate his brother until now?

   Onii-chan, why did you choose the coward way to die?

   "The person who may kill your brother. The closest person to him, Matsui Rena." said Yuu, the prosecutor; his stare was sharp and hurt. "Perhaps, you will find people who get involved in the network of drug dealers. The drugs that kill your brother."

   Yuki stared that the hectic audiences. The swung lighstsick, the voice of girls. It was his world. It was the world of Kashiwagi Yuki. Where the hustle was like silence. Where praise and applause were felt too quiet to hear.

What made us so tired?
What’s making things so difficult for us?

“I love you”, those words that I can’t say now
“I love you”, those words that I’m unable to say now
“I love you”, those words that I’m unable to say while looking at you now
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

Why didn’t I understand you?
You must have been lonely and very hurt.
Please listen to the many things that I wanted to tell you but couldn’t

“I love you”, those words that I can’t say now;
“I love you”, those words that I’m unable to say now;
“I love you”, those words that I’m unable to say while looking at you now
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you (

   Nobody notices that. Between the beautiful music and the golden voice of the idol, there was something hidden in his eyes.

   The firework sliding like water fountain made the show more spectacular. The audiences below the stage shouted hysterically and moved every attribute they brought. They shouted at the idol.

   That he did not care about his brother was a lie. Although his brother got everything, compassion, attention, and .... Rena.

   A girl who hurt him and left the empty scar.

        The wound that made him always afraid of love.

        A girl who might kill his brother.   

( (

Note: This will be a long long story. There will be many chapters. I hope you all don't get bored in following this story. Updates of this story will take a long time because of .. hmm you know my 'engrish' isn't so good :on cloudeye:

  :byebye: :on gay:
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Chapter 1) [Feb,12 2015]
Post by: Mayukishipper on February 17, 2015, 05:16:47 PM
Ah.. So yuki is rena's ex boyfriend and now rena is jun's girlfriend, right ?
Title: Re: Now You See Me (Chapter 2) [March, 11 2015]
Post by: Yhuiii on March 11, 2015, 08:15:11 AM
@mayukishipper : i guess you wrong  :lol: i hope this chapter can answer you question :bingo:

*I just want to update this boring fic, sorry for my bad engrish  :bleed eyes:

Now You See Me

Chapter 2

The name of the ghost was Matsui Jun.

   A dazzling handsome man from Japan. His eyes looked friendly, His blonde hair touched neck. It was so soft that it tempted Mayu to touch it and feel its softness with her fingers. Mayu really admired his smile. It was wide smile with beautiful teeth. His eyes were narrowed. The edges of his thin lips formed beautiful curve with dimples.


   It was the first time for Mayu to meet a very handsome ghost. Unfortunately, the ghost followed her until her home and laughed when Mayu's sibling was angry and punished her. It was like a treatment to a child.

   "My little brother is also a singer. His name is Kashiwagi Yuki," said Jun sadly. “Perhaps, you will be a little scared of him. He is a little rigid, but he is actually kind-hearted."

   Mayu tried to silence Jun, but the stories of that man inevitably made her know some facts:

1.   Matsui Jun died because of overdose.
2.   The morphine was injected by his lover.
3.   His girlfriend also admitted that she did not love Jun at the last moment of his life.

Those three reasons were enough for Mayu to feel sorry and wanna help Jun. However, did she have to go to meet Jun's little brother? Why did she suddenly want to know him?

Jun still continued telling his story without being asked. Mayu was annoyed more than before and she put the earset. She hummed, following the rhythm of song on her i-pad.

Coz someday, someone's gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day, I'll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you

I know someone's gonna be there
Someday, someone's gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday, someone's gonna take your place
One day, I'll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you
someday, someday (

The night light hit her skin. That girl sat on the floor of balcony in the course room. It was the highest room at her mansion. The silence swung in the air. Only the song filled that girl's brain. The sad tone made her restless.

Mayu closed her eyes and enjoyed the music with its hum. She felt that someone take off one of earsets from her ear. Then, the soft voice of Jun touched the ear of that girl softly, "The song is really sad."

"Not your business."

"I enjoyed it. Really. Your voice is good."

"Although you praise my voice, I will not be affected."

Jun put the earset on her ear again, pressed the previous buttons to repeat it from beginning and closed his eyes. Mayu unconsciously stared at the scar expression on his face.

"Life is sad without a lover, doesn't it?"

"I don't know," Jun shook his head while facing Mayu without taking off the earset from his ear, "Perhaps, it is not worse than knowing that your lover loves your little brother more than you..."

"Who is she? The name of your lover?"

Jun looked down as if he was shy. "Her name is Matsui Rena," said him with low voice. "She befriended us when we formed G-Fingers. I know how Yuki loved her and thought about her. However, I was quite egoist to feel happy when Rena accepted me as her lover, Jun's chest shook for a while as if he breathed.

“Unfortunately, that girl actually assumed that we are the enemy. She and her sibling still had the grudge to our family and they had intention to destroy the Matsui family."

"I am sorry to hear that."

"I am the one who should apologize; I must ask for your help. Only you can see me, Miss-"

"Just call me Mayu."

"Mayu-san, I beg you. Don't let Rena and her sibling destroy my family."

Mayu was in silent. Jun's hand tried to touch her, but that girl chose to avoid that. The touch of a ghost was not comfortable at all. It stung more than electricity. Jun's eyes looked painful when his gaze was at Mayu's eyes.

The song instrument was ended. Jun still looked at Mayu with pain and expectation.

Jun looked down at floor one-quarter meter under his feet, "Do you know how it feels to see without ability to touch? How does it feel to listen without ability to speak? That man said it sadly. Unexpectedly, Mayu sighed and stared him.

“I know. I experienced it when I was still thirteen years old," Mayu bit her lips for a while, as if she remembered a happening that released all of her sadness.

"At that time, I had an accident. I should die. However, someone pulled me from the gate of death. Since that time, I can see people like you," Mayu turned to see Jun and a tear dropped through her cheek.

"I will help you to speak. That's the only thing I can do."

*i almost forget if i have this fic  :smhid  :lol:
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Ah.. I understand now
So complicated lol
Btw thanks for update author-san^^ can't wait for next chapter ><
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Author-san.. Please update soon... :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Poor Jun.. :fainted:

And let it be jurimayu...  :wriggly: :shy2:
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 :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

why to short author-san :fainted:
But it's ok as long as you keep update this :shy2: And i will be waiting for it :wriggly:
oww JuriMayu :wriggly: then Mayuki i think it will gonna be exciting story..(^_^) ganbatte author-san
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@Mayukishipper : here is the update  :lol:
@Raizel : jurimayu?  :? could it be
@crosteks : i'm glad if you wait this  :roll:

*sorry for my bad engrish.. grammars mistake etc  :bleed eyes:

Now You See Me
Chapter 3A

"Are you still angry with me?" The figure of the handsome man opened his jacket and rolled up his sleeved before wearing a black apron bearing with a lily. The logo is part of White Lily’s café uniform, a café in the Shibuya district.

Mayu just silence at her brother- Watanabe Sae, while he started the engine and set the cup.

As the leader of Watanabe Group, Sae may have feared charisma. But not for Mayu. For her, the figure of Sae remained a vexing figure, who locked her freedom since the accident. And his attitude was getting worse since their parents died.

"Sorry I've gone too far. Stop pouting like that, grumpy could make you old faster," Sae’s finger landed on Mayu’s cheek before that man was showing off his beautiful smile.


Sae was six years older than the girl, Mayu. Many people captivated by his good looks. Including Sayaaka, Sae's lover in Australia. Mayu looked tiny when she neared with his brother. At first glance, seemed Sae’s face has softened, right when Mayu saw a tender look behind the sunglasses are shaded by flicks lashes.


In fact, Sae was a hard and firm. Somehow since childhood Mayu always relied on Sae. This made Mayu so easy to forgive Sae. She always considered Sae as the best brother in the world. Just one smile. And all the rage of Mayu will be volatile.

"How long you are going to remain silent?"

Mayu sticking out her tongue. Sae has finished making espresso and locked it into the machine.

Mayu actually want to keep silent until her brother became very annoyed. However, when considering her promise to Jun, the girl chose to melt all the circumstances before her cranky got worse.

"How's Sayaa-neechan?" Mayu finally spoke. At a glance, Mayu could see Sae's face hardened, shortly before her brother smiled and poured espresso into a cup, "She's good," Sae replied coldly, "She will always be good."

Mayu felt uneasy tone in Sae’s voice, she was no longer continued her questions. Sae was pouring milk onto the espresso with movements that was not understood by Mayu, created an image using a cappuccino art. His movements were gentle and charming. As his style in front of the canvas. Although now Sae has not scraping the beautiful in paintings he made.

A cute smiling rabbit for Mayu above her cappuccino. Sae was a great barista. Mayu saw Sae grabbing another cup containing odd strong coffee, and sat down in front of Mayu.

"Sorry," said Sae gently

Mayu pursed her lips, looked for a moment at cappuccino in her hand, she didn’t have the heart to 'drink' the cute bunny.

"What are you thinking? Still wants to meet Mio K-on!? Or thinking about a guy? "

Sae really guessed correctly Mayu’s mind. Mayu felt her cheeks warmed with embarrassment. Somehow glimpse of her mind drifted to Kashiwagi Yuki. Thinking about whether Yuki will treat her well if she really came to his house? Does Yuki will simply trusting her?

Mayu was not even fans of that singer.

Sae’s eyes still locked her, trying to get Mayu to talk, but she chose to inhale the aroma of cappuccino while avoiding Sae’s gaze.

"Do you really want to leave the house?" Sae smiled take an empty coffee cup from the hands of Mayu, then back to the counter to wash. Mayu noticed her brother's back. And somehow she felt that it was the right time for her to get a chance to meet Yuki.

"Of course," Mayu deliberately made her voice sounded sulky, "Today Oniichan should let me out! If you do not, I will continue to be angry at Niichan!"

Sae’s one hand pushed into his pocket, before issuing a card and handed it to Mayu. He laughed for a moment before saying, "The weather is nice today. Maybe you can walk alone today. "

"Really?" Mayu jumped for joy when the e-money card that can be used to pay any kind of transportation, vending machines, clothes and so on in Japan is now in her hands. With it she could walk around anywhere she wants.

"You're not angry anymore?"

"Oniichan, you’re really kind!" Mayu hugged Sae, "I love you Niichan."

Slowly, Sae raised his hand, touching and stroking Mayu’s hair, "My little sister was old enough to take care of herself."

"Arigatou Niichan!"

Sae released Mayu, Mayu gaze fell to his eyes, "I'll let you out of the house," he said with a smile, "As long as you promise me something."

"What is it, Niichan?" Mayu sparkled her eyes, she smiled broadly. However Sae pushed her gently, a little sigh when he turned away from Mayu.

"Do not ever approach the danger."

"What do you mean Niichan?"

A cold smile tugged at his lips. Mayu did not know the meaning. Mayu also did not know when it was her brother being harbored with anger very big and burning.

The Heat.

The anger was hidden from the outside however so burned within.
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Oh.. Yhuiii-san new update thanks.. :ding:
What's the meaning of Sae's cold smile? So curious.. :glasses:
Those photo.. :luvluv2: :on bleed:
Btw, where is Jun?? :tantrum:
I hope you'll write more about jun and mayu..   :farofflook::kneelbow:
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Thank's for the update :wink: