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Title: Humans And Robots - Chapter 24 (Kojiyuu + Others) 28/12/2016 (COMPLETED)
Post by: JoeYee on March 02, 2015, 09:57:24 AM
Shinoda Mariko
- The eldest sexiest in the Group also somewhat the Adviser of the Group
- Dating Minegeshi Minami
- Status = Human/Robot

Akimoto Sayaka
- Head of the Group a.k.a Strategist of the Group
- Dating Miyazawa Sae
- Status = Human

Oshima Yuko
- Captain of the Group a.k.a Successor of the Group
- Dating Kojima Haruna
- Have been missing for a year after a mission
- Status = Human

Takahashi Minami
- Vice Captain of the Group
- Crushing on Maeda Atsuko
- Took over the role as Captain of the group, after the disappearance of Oshima Yuko
- Status = Human/Robot

Maeda Atsuko
- The smartest of the group
- Crushing on Takahashi Minami
- Helping Takahashi Minami to lead the group after the disappearance of Oshima Yuko
- Status = Human

Watanabe Mayu
- Head Doctor of the Group
- Dating Kashiwagi Yuki
- Status = Human

Kojima Haruna
- Doctor #1 in the Group after Watanabe Mayu
- Dating Oshima Yuko
- Worried about her partner who has been missing for about a year
- Status = Human

Kashiwagi Yuki
- Doctor #2 in the Group after Kojima Haruna
- Dating Watanabe Mayu
- Status = Human

Matsui Rena
- The Strongest of the Group
- Crushing on Matsui Jurina
- Status = Human

Matsui Jurina
- The youngest in the Group
- Crushing on Matsui Rena
- Was under Oshima Yuko, but after her disappearance, she was assigned to be under Matsui Rena.
- Status = Human
Itano Tomomi
- The hot-tempered one in the Group
- Dating Kasai Tomomi
- Status = Human
Kasai Tomomi
- The Chiyuu(?) of the Group
- Dating Itano Tomomi
- Status = Human/Robot

Minegeshi Minami
- The Clown of the Group
- Dating Shinoda Mariko
- Status = Human

Miyazawa Sae
- Going Undercover for the Group
- Dating Akimoto Sayaka
- Has been an undercover for quite some time
- Status = Human/Robot


In the year 2075, human race have improve drastically. Building robots and turning humans into them. It was for a good cause until one day a scientist decided to take over the world, she misused the power that was suppose to keep the human race safe. She began to reprogrammed their systems. They became the deadliest weapon on earth. We the Chosen Ones have to protect the human race. Our main base, which is located in Akihabara is a place which is safe as it has a barrier around it. Therefore there are able to sense the robots. There are other bases located around Japan, Like Sakae, Hakata and Namba. There are good robots and bad robots. There are those who were once good but were reprogrammed. Will we be able to stop them before it's too late?

Hello, somewhat new? Hope you enjoy. Will try to update Chapter 1 by today. :glasses:
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wow... interesting  :D

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i want to know about mayuki & kojiyuu especially  XD
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I can't wait for some actions and, KOJIYUU~! :mon inluv:

Update soon~ :mon bye:
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Yatta.. Mayuki will appear in this fanfic
Looking forward for this fanfic^^
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Title: HumansAndRobots(KOJIYUU+MAYUKI+ATSUMINA+WMATSUI+OTHERS)Chapter 1 - 2/3/2015
Post by: JoeYee on March 02, 2015, 02:30:30 PM
fath107 = Thank you and will do~  :hee:
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Mayukishipper = Yeap. Mayuki will appear!  :nya:
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Thank you for commenting and all. :kneelbow:
Well then, here's Chapter 1.

Chapter 1
Jurina pov
I was being chased by the robots. Okay, first let me tell you about the robots. There are two types. Number one, they're the ones who can shoot missiles. They're totally robot. No humanity in them. P.S. They can talk. Two, half human, half robot. As of now, they're are no half humans, half robots in the community except for the chosen ones but according to Sayaka, there's a probability that the half humans, half robots are being reprogrammed in a bad sense and their being hidden.

Anyways, I ran as fast as I could and thankfully I managed to blend in with the crowd so I lost them. 'This is getting serious. I've got to go back to the base.' Checking my surrounding I noticed that I couldn't do it. There was no way to escape as the robots were still rounding the area. I took a sit at the bench nearby. Not long after I saw them again but this time they have a different target. The target was not one of the chosen one.

The robots weren't only after the Chosen Ones. They were also after people who are so called "corrupted". They released a missile towards that person and that person crashed into the river. I gasped in surprised. 'Was there nothing I can do?' As I was about to take action, the person wearing a cap and a mask who was sitting beside me held me back. "It's better not to get involved now." I was about to retort back but another sound of missile surprised me. They were shooting at the same target who has been shot into the river. It was as though they didn't want to spare any chance.

I sat back down, shock written all over my face. I couldn't believe this. This has to be a dream but unfortunately it wasn't. I sighed. I contacted Sayaka and told her about it. I also informed her that I was being chased and I need to go back to the base. She told me to wait for Acchan and Takamina to come. Apparently they were already on their way. As I was about to stand up, the person beside me gripped my wrist. "And where do you think you're going?" The same person who held me back earlier questioned. The voice sounded familiar but I shook it off. "Nowhere, you should go home now its not safe here." I was removing her grip from me but she held on. "I thought you were waiting for backup?" I looked at her amused, too lazy to retort I nodded. 'Her eyes look familiar.' "But still you have to go home." I replied nonchalantly trying to shake this random person off.

She stood up and removed her cap and mask. "Ara ara, have you forgotten about your captain?" She gave her signature smile. "Y-Yuko san?" I replied shock. She has been missing for a whole year and now here she is. Right in front of me. "Hai hai. Its been a while. I have to report to Sayaka as well so we'll wait for Acchan and Takamina to come." She said. " H-hai." I saluted at her before giving her a bear hug. "Oof.." She chuckled. "My little Jurina is all grown up eh.." 'Now she sounds like my mother.'

"Mmn. Where have you been? We were looking for you everywhere but we couldn't find you. Kojima-san was so upset." I mumbled the last part. "I'll explain it to you all later. It's been a year eh.." Before I could reply another loud blast was heard. "Sh*t they found us." I muttered. "Well then, let's take this thing down together ne?" Yuko-san said. "Hai!" I agreed. We stood up and got into position.

"Well well what do we have here.."

Cliffhanger~ :kekeke:
Okay, let's see. This chapter is undeniably short. I apologize for that.  :kneelbow:
And so, you must be thinking I'll be hiding Yuko since she's missing but no~  :whistle:
So only Jurina and Yuko has made their appearance, rest assured the rest will appear soon enough.  :ding:
Thank you to everyone who is reading this story. And I must go now~  :on gay:
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 1 - 2/3/2015
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Eventhough its short but i enjoy this story :on drink:
I do love the mainstreams pairing  :ding:
Update soon :shy2: :mon determined:
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 1 - 2/3/2015
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New kojiyuu fic....yeah!!!!

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 Nice  concept.... :glasses:

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thanks for the mainstram pairing XD it means I could read saeyaka later in the story haha anyway, ur story setting is interesting!!  It attracted me heehee

I was surprised mayu is not a robot hahaha
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 1 - 2/3/2015
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So interesting I haven't read some pairings like tomotomo in a while looking forward to your update really want to know why Yukon was missing
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 1 - 2/3/2015
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Title: HumansAndRobots(KOJIYUU+MAYUKI+ATSUMINA+WMATSUI+OTHERS)Chapter 2 - 13/3/2015
Post by: JoeYee on March 13, 2015, 01:29:44 PM
Yhuiii = Thank you~ Sorry for the late update. :kneelbow:
arawche079 = Thank you~
luvsidney = Saeyaka will be appearing a little later than the others though. And yea, I myself was surprised. Why didn't I put Mayuyu as a robot?  :dunno:
XxRoByNxX78 = Yeap.. Will do my best~
jhom_09 = Here is the next chapter~ :glasses:

Sorry for the late update. I was having exams on the day after I posted this story.  :on study:
My exams are over and so here is the next chapter~

Chapter 2
Yuko pov
"Well well what do we have here.." The robot said. Before any of us could retort, she shot a missile at Jurina. She avoided it nicely but the missile was still following her. I told her to run towards said robot. Though she had this 'Are you kidding me?' face, she still did as I told her to. I took out my gun and aim at the missile. "Jurina!! Back flip!!" She once again did as I said and jump high into the air. I released my trigger and shoot the missile as it exploded at the robot. Jurina landed gracefully in front of me and smiled. "Still as sharp as ever captain." She turned and walked towards me. Apparently the robot wasn't down.  She managed to released a gun shot but it was too late for Jurina to avoid it. I dashed and stood in front of her, getting shot at the left abdomen before I released another trigger aiming at its neck. That did the trick and soon it fell. "You're still the same eh, Jurina. But you've improved." I said before I collapsed into her arms.

Acchan pov
"Who is that?"
"She's bleeding." Minami stated the obvious.
Jurina carried said girl to our car and placed her carefully at the seat. 'Yuko? Nah, it must be some one else.' She was putting pressure on to the wound to prevent further bleeding."Good timing Acchan. And if you're wondering, yes. It's Yuko-san." I was stunned. "What?" I questioned. She disappeared a year ago in a mission that Sayaka wouldn't even tell us about. Nyan nyan got so mad at Sayaka. "Hey guys, it's been a while ne.." She said flashing her signature squirrel smile. "Yuko!!" Minami shouted. I started the vehicle and drove above the speed limits but still mindful of Yuko's wound. "Where were you?" Minami questioned. "I'll expla-." Yuko was interrupted by Jurina who looks like she's going to faint any time. "Yuko-san, you shouldn't talk now. Continue to breath. I'm sorry." Yuko raised her arm and pat Jurina on the head. "It's alright. Did you forget that I'm strong?" Jurina muttered a no and continued to apply pressure to the wound. Minami called back to base informing them that we have an injured person with them. Unfortunately or fortunately Nyan nyan and Yukirin were busy so only Mayu could treat Yuko. I stopped the car and Jurina carefully carried Yuko on to the stretcher. Mayu was there.

Mayuyu pov
"Shiriri-chan. Hey, its been a while." she said coughing out a little blood. I quickly snapped out from my daze and focus on her wound. "Jurina, details." Jurina quickly gave out the details. "Shot at abdomen. Nothing else." I nodded and pushed the stretcher in to the base. The lift was already waiting for me. Jurina followed and press the floor number for me. After reaching said floor I quickly pushed her into the operation room having many thoughts running wild in my head. 'Where were you all this time?'

Kojiharu pov
I got news from Jurina after my finishing an operation, Yuuchan is back but she got shot while protecting her. Jurina kept apologizing to me. I only pat her head. "It's alright. Yuuchan is strong." Jurina let out a chuckle surprising all of us there. "J-Jurina?" She wiped her tears before she continued. "Yuko-san said the exact same thing.." Everyone including me was surprised by what she said. I pat her head as we continued to wait for said operation to finish. Even Sayaka was here.

About 30 minutes later the operation light was off. Mayuyu came out with Yukirin. Apparently Yukirin went in to help as she finished her operation early. "I've removed the bullet and she isn't in danger. She should wake up soon." Mayu said removing her mask. "That fast? I thought usually it takes hours for them to wake up after putting to sleep?" Sayaka questioned. It may sound rude but she was definitely concerned. "Yuko-san told me not to put the normal amount of dose of anaesthetic." Mayu mumbled. "What? She could be awake during the operation!" Sayaka shouted. Yukirin interfered and said. "We had no choice. She said that if we put the normal amount of dose she wouldn't undergo surgery. She said she wanted to tell you all what's happening as soon as possible. That's why we complied."

Sayaka shook her head. "This Yuko.. Alright, Mayu. Sorry for raising my voice and shouting at you. The two of you should get some rest first. We'll tell you when she's awake. The both of them nodded and head out. Sayaka turned to me. "Kojima-san, I think you should go in and talk to her first." My eyes widen and I nodded my head and muttered a thank you. I quickly made my way in and sat beside her. I held her hand in mine. Oh, how I missed this feeling. Not long after, I could feel her fingers twitching against mine. "Yuuchan.. I'll tell Sayaka and the rest." As I was about to stand, she tighten her grip on our intertwined hands. I looked at her. "D-Don't go.." Her voice was hoarse. "Okay.. Do you want some water?" She nodded her head. I stood up and walked to the table which has a jug full of water, a cup and a straw. I quickly filled the cup and took the straw as well. I walked back to her and placed the cup at the side table. I helped her to sit up and after making sure she is able to sit on her own, I held the cup and brought it nearer to her so she could sip on it. After finishing, I placed the cup on to the side table and continued to hold her hand. It was silent, but it wasn't uncomfortable. We were lost in each others gaze. I was about to break the silence but she started. "Gomen ne."

And that's it for now.  :whistle:
Will do my best to update soon~  :glasses:
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Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 2 - 13/3/2015
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Ahehehe~ Arigatou!
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 2 - 13/3/2015
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Thank you!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 2 - 13/3/2015
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Oh what kind of news that Yuko is bringing...?

Robot and Human war... similar with the US drama 'Falling Skies'

Well I like the outlines of the profiles...

But still don't know why the world turns up to be a war between Robots and Humans?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the new story

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Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 2 - 13/3/2015
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arigato author-san :D :D
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 2 - 13/3/2015
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I hope Yuko will be ok ...  :mon cute:
good job author-san!!
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Title: HumansAndRobots(KOJIYUU+MAYUKI+ATSUMINA+WMATSUI+OTHERS)Chapter 3 - 31/3/2015
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Claito, arawche079, jhom_09 = Thank you for supporting~  :hee:
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Azusa = I wonder... Anyways, here is the next update!

Late update again.  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
Hope you enjoy this chapter~

Chapter 3
Yuko pov
"Gomen ne.." I said as I kissed her hand. I tighten my grip on hers. She shook her head and I could see that her eyes were getting teary. "I miss you so much.." I said as I reached my free hand to caressed her face. She leaned in and held my hand. "I miss you too.. So so much." I pouted. "Mou Nyan nyan has lost weight.." She chuckled. "It's your fault.." I looked at her with a dramatic shock expression. "Ehh?!?!" She pinched my cheek and said. "You disappeared a year ago without saying anything. Did you know how worried I was?" "Ittai..." She released her hold on my cheeks.

"I was so scared.. I thought you left me.." She said looking down. I could see the tears flowing. I quickly placed both my hands on her cheeks and made eye contact with her. "Haruna.. I'm sorry.." I said as I kissed her on the forehead. I wiped the tears falling from her eyes. "Ne.. Kiss me?" She asked. I could see that she was afraid. Afraid that this was only just a dream. I slowly leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It was a gentle one. I separate ourselves and looked into her eyes. "Haruna, this is not a dream. I'm really here and I love you." I said as I gave her a quick peck on her lips. "Mmn. I love you too, Yuuchan." I smiled and pulled her into my embrace.

After a while, she pulled away from the embrace and I pouted. She giggled. "Let me go call the others in." I shook my head. "Yadaaa~" She chuckled and kissed me on the cheeks. "I'll be here with them, okay?" I pretended to think. "Okay, but you have to sit near me and let me snuggle with you." She nodded her head in agreement and stood up. "Yatta~ I love you Nyan nyan."

Sayaka pov
Kojima-san called us in. I send a text to Yuki and got a reply soon. I went in with everyone else. Kojima-san walked back over to Yuko and sat behind her on the bed while Yuko just snuggled against her. All of us who saw this gestured smiled. "Can't get your hands of your cat huh?" Minegeshi aka Gachapin said. Kojima ignored her while Yuko just stuck out her tongue.

Jurina was standing at the corner fidgeting. I gently pushed her forward and she was surprised. I nodded my head and she headed over to Yuko. "Yuko-san, I'm really sorry for letting my guard down." She bowed a 90 degrees. She let out a chuckle. "Jurina, it's alright." She said with her squirrel smile. "Oh by the way. Who took over teaching you after I dissapeared?" She asked with a curious tone. "Rena took over your position." Acchan said. Yuko had this smug grin and looked over to Jurina who was blushing.

"Rena~" "Hai!" Rena walked to the front and stood beside Jurina. Before Rena could begin, Yuko spoke with her serious tone. "Rena, you did a good job on teaching her. Though there's still room for improvement. But overall, I could see that she has improved a lot." Rena bowed her head. "Hai. Thank you Captain." She chuckled. "Ma.. Rena, can you continue to teach Jurina?" Jurina was blushing so hard all of us smirked. Rena nodded her head. "After all, I don't think she would want me to teach her." Yuko said dramatically.

Before Jurina could retort, the Mayuki pair came in. "Oshiriko-chan! How are you feeling?" Yuko nodded her head. "Better than ever. Ah, Sayaka don't blame them. I told them to do so." I shook my head. "I heard.. So, since everyone is here can you start and tell us what happened?"

Yuko pov
I let out a sigh. I was expecting this. I laid back and wrapped Nyan nyan's arm around me tighter. "Did you tell them about the mission?" Sayaka shook her head. Meanwhile nyan nyan tighten her grip around my waist. I placed my hand on hers and rubbed it to calm her down.

"That mission.. Sayaka send me to inspect the base of the enemies." Everyone looked shock but Takamina was the first one to snap out of it. "What? You send her alone to inspect the enemies base?!" Takamina yelled at Sayaka. Tomochin was the next one to speak up. "I expected you to do a better job than that." Before any of them could continue, I interrupted.

"She wanted to send me, Takamina, Tomochin, Yuki, Rena and Mariko. She wanted to send a whole squad but I refused. I knew that it was very dangerous and it might have been safer if there was a whole squad but I didn't want to risk it. So I requested her to send me only." Mariko look annoyed. "You can't make decisions for us." I look sternly at her. "Yes I can. I'm your captain." "You're just misusing your authority." She retorted back. I sigh.

"I would like to mention that if you or Takamina went you both would have been corrupted." This caught Sayaka's attention. "What do you mean?" I let out another sigh. "When I arrived at their base, I saw some of the half humans and half robots got reprogrammed against their will. They didn't have a choice. The reprogramming only takes a few minutes and after it's completed, they become aggressive and some even went out of control. I was about to leave but I was caught by one of them."

Sayaka's eyes went wide. "That was when the connection got cut off." She said. I nodded and started to remove my shirt, surprising the rest. "W-What are you doing?" Minegeshi questioned. After removing my shirt with only my bra on, I felt a hand running down my back. "Yuuchan.."  I smiled a sad smile at everyone and turned to face her letting everyone see the scars on my back. "After they caught me, they brought me into a chamber and forced me to speak my whereabouts but I refused."

Nyan nyan was crying. I moved my hands up to wipe her tears. I turned back to the front. Everyone looked shock. I took the opportunity to wear back my shirt. "Somehow whatever punishment they did, all of it was directed to my back and no where else. I don't know when but I was starting to lose it. That was until a few weeks back. This half human half robot, know who I was and helped me. Her name is Sae.

Apparently she wasn't under their control and she was a spy send by Sayaka long time ago. One night they beat me till no end and she stepped in. She seems to have authority at the enemies base. She injected some substance into me. That substance was supposed to make me somewhat dead. I don't know how but it hides the pulse of the one getting injected. Soon they all thought I was dead as they couldn't find my pulse and decided to dispose me. She helped me after that and here I am now." I let out a sigh. They all look surprised.

Mariko's expression softened. "But if we have went with you it wouldn't turn out like that. You wouldn't be missing for a whole year." This time I raised my voice. "Don't you get it? If all of you went with me we might have not even be here by now." I looked over to Acchan, Tomo~mi, Mii-chan, Jurina and Mayuyu. "If I brought all of them with me, you all would've suffered like how Nyan nyan did. As much as I didn't want to worry or hurt Nyan nyan it was the only way."

Everyone was quiet after listening to my statement that was until I felt Nyan nyan moved from behind. She stood in front of me and slapped me. "You were very selfish Yuko." With that she stormed out of the room. "Mariko, Mii-chan. Can you follow Nyan nyan?" Mariko was the first to speak. "As much as I disagree on your decision and I very much agree with Nyaro's statement. You were being selfish but you were just choosing the best for all of us. Don't worry about Nyaro, we'll take care of her." With that Mariko and Mii-chan left to look for Haruna. After they left, Tomochin spoke up. "Undeniably selfish." With that she left with Tomo~mi in tow, who muttered 'Give her some time.' before she disappeared.

Mayuyu walk up to me and said. "Yuko-san. Thank you." I looked confusedly at her. "You know, you're the only one who thanked me." I let out a little chuckle. "I understand why you made that decision and I thank you. If something happened to Yukirin, I wouldn't know what to do.." I sighed and pat her head. "You're welcome." Meanwhile Yukirin was blushing at Mayuyu's statement.

"Mayu, Yuki. Go and rest, you both must be tired with the operation." Sayaka said. Before they left, Yuki said. "Yuko-san, I'll look for the best medicine to cure your scars at your back." I smiled broadly at her. "I would like that. Thank you."She smiled back and they both left.

Rena was the next one to walk to me. I sighed. "Go on.. You can hit me if you want." Rena shook her head. She hugged me and whispered. "Thank you Yuko-san. If I went and didn't come back I wouldn't be able to get closer to Jurina. I wouldn't be able to spend that much time with her. So I thank you." I smiled and pat her back. "You're welcome. But you should tell that to Jurina, not me." She nod her head.

"I'll tell her soon. I dont want to regret it.." I smiled at her. "That's the Rena I know." Jurina soon walked over to me. "I don't know what to say.." I sighed. "It's alright. Rena, bring Jurina to her room and let her rest please." She nod her head and they both left, leaving Acchan, Takamina and Sayaka.

Takamina sighed. "If I were you I would've done the same thing.. I won't blame you." Acchan on the other head just nod her head. "Give them time, they'll understand. Especially Tomochin. We'll talk to them if necessary. Get some rest for now and dont think too much." Acchan pat my head. "Thank you. You guys rest well too." I told them. They left and now it was only Sayaka who was left.

Sayaka pov
"I'm sorry you had to went through the tortures." Yuko shook her head. "It's alright. It was my own decision and even if you give me a chance to repeat it, I would still choose to do the same thing."

I smiled at her. "So.. Anything else you missed out?" She thought for a while and all of a sudden I could see an imaginary lightbulb on her head. "Sae said that she has managed to gain the enemies leader's trust and soon we will be able to attack their base this time. She has been able to stop some reprogramming on some half humans and robots. She'll contact you soon. Oh and, she tells me she misses you." She said with a genuine smile. I smiled back at her. "Get some rest, tomorrow will be a long day."

Done. I wonder is it too long... :dunno:
Oh well, will try to update soon. No promises though.  :sweat:
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Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 3 - 31/3/2015
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Thank you for update!!!!

Who tortured my yuuchan?

Next chapter please....
Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 3 - 31/3/2015
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Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 3 - 31/3/2015
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Title: Re: Humans and Robots (KOJIYUU + OTHER MAINSTREAM PAIRINGS) Chapter 3 - 31/3/2015
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Chapter 4
Kojiharu pov
'How could she be that selfish? Didn't she know that I would be worried?' I ran with those thoughts in my head. I was stopped short by Mari-chan. Mii-chan wasn't far behind. "What do you want? Did Yuko ask you to follow me?" I hissed at her.

"I want you to calm down. Yes she did but listen to me. First, think from her point of view. If you were in her spot what would you do?" I tried to calm down and after some thinking I came to a conclusion. 'I would've done the exact thing she did.' Mii-chan spoke after she caught her breath. "I would've done exactly what she did. It may be selfish but it was the only choice. Look, she suffered all those beatings for us. If all of them went instead, things would've got worse for all of us. For us at our own base and even the ones at the enemies base." Mii-chan ended.

It was true. The scars were all deep and it looked painful. "She protected and spared all of us from the suffering. I know you feel hurt and betrayed but she was suffering as much as you were. No, she was suffering more than any of us. She got hurt physically and she must be dying on the inside. Those beatings.. They were inhumane.." Mari-chan added.

They were right. She wasn't the selfish one, I was the one. I didn't even bother to understand her actions and I slapped her. Yet she was worried about my well being and asked Mari-chan and Mii-chan to follow after me. "I..." I was at lost for words. "Go on now." Mii-chan said. "I'm sure your squirrel misses you." They smiled warmly at me. I thanked them before running back to Yuuchan's room. 'Yuuchan, I'm sorry. Wait for me.'

Acchan pov
'Who would've thought that the whole year when we were living fine, she was going through a living hell.' I sighed. 'I hope Nyan nyan is alright..'
"Acchan, are you okay?"

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "H-Hai?" Minami was looking at me with concern in her eyes. "Just wondering how you're doing." I gave her a small smile. "I'm fine.." She lets out a sigh. "I think we should leave Tomochin alone for now. Giving her some space and time to think would be the best." I nodded my head in agreement. "She has Tomo~mi with her so I think she'll be fine." I added. "Yes, I believe Tomo~mi will be able to calm her down." Takamina agreed.

"Ne Minami.." She looked at me, indirectly telling me that she is listening to whatever I'm going to say. "What do you think of it? I mean the situation that Yuko was in." She stopped in her tracks, thinking deeply about my question. "I think that she has been through a lot. The whole torture thing must've been painful.." I nodded my head in agreement. "She was there for nearly a year too." She added. "Yuko is really strong. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I mean, she couldn't even keep her hands away from Nyan nyan for five minutes and now she nearly went through a whole year without touching her. It must've been hard." We both chuckled. The atmosphere gotten lighter, thanks to Minami's attempt.

We continued walking back to our room. Yes, somehow we ended up being roommates as well. Minami was about to open the door but I stopped her.  "Acchan?"
"Minami, I.." I love you.
"...I-It's nothing."
"Alright, but know that I'll always be by your side."
"Mmn. Thank you." What am I afraid of..

Yukirin pov
"Ne Mayuyu.." I started. She hummed to show that she was listening. When I said nothing else, she stopped in her tracks and looked at me. "Yukirin?" I too stopped and looked fondly at her. "Mayu, I love you." Mayu blushed a shade of red that would put a tomato to shame. "I know. You say it often."

She continued walking and I sighed. "Don't you love me too?" I questioned her still at the same spot while she was frozen at her spot. "I know you do after what you've said to Yuko-san but after seeing how the usually strong Yuko-san being hurt and seeing how Kojima-san acted, it surprised me. I just wanted to hear it from you, to be reassured that the feelings we have for one another are real and not some kind of dream."

She let out a sigh and walked towards me. She intertwined our hands and kissed me on the lips. "I love you too, Yuki. Very very much. And Yuki, this is not a dream. It's real. The feelings I have for you are nothing but real." She said with a sincere smile. "Thank you for loving me, Yuki." She said as she gave me a quick kiss on my lips. I smiled back at her and pulled her into a hug. "Thank you for loving me too." I mumbled and nuzzled at her neck, breathing in her scent. "Yukirin, that tickles.." I chuckled. "Ne, Yukirin. Let's go back to our room." "Mmn!"

Rena pov
"I don't understand.. " Jurina muttered. I looked at her questioningly. She caught my gaze and started. "Why would she do all these things?" Still confused by her sudden question, I asked her. "Do what things?" Jurina was lost in her thoughts and after a while she continued. "Why would she send herself to a mission alone when Sayaka already planned for a whole team to go? It felt like she was just giving herself to die by going to the enemies base alone." I sighed, starting to get lost in my thoughts as well but I realized something.

"Because she's Yuko." I started. "Because she's our beloved Captain and because she doesn't want any of us to get hurt."
"Even if it means that she'll be hurt instead?" She asked timidly. I nodded my head. "Even if it means that she'll get hurt." I repeated. "You were once her student. You should know how she is." Jurina nodded her head slowly.

"Anyways, I guess now you're officially my student, yoroshiku onegaishimasu." I said with a small smile. She blushed. 'So cute.. I'm going to have a nosebleed..' " Y-Yes! I'll be under your care." She bowed. I smiled and pat her head as we head back to our room.

Tomo~mi pov
Tomochin pulled me out of Yuko's room and brought me to the cafeteria. "I'm going to buy some food. Is there anything you want?" I shook my head and gave her a small smile. 'Even when she's mad, she's still so caring.' I giggled at that thought.

After she bought her food she sat beside me. "I swear, Yuko never fails to annoy me with her 'I know what's best for my team.' " She said as she continued eating. I sighed. "Tomochin, would you have preferred to go?" She looked at me and nodded her head. "Of course. Going into the enemies base alone was just stupid." She said with a very annoyed look. I let out another sigh.

"If you went, you might not have came back.. I really thank Yuko for not allowing Sayaka to send you. I.. I can't lose you. Just thinking about it makes my heart hurts." Tears started to fell but not for long as Tomochin turned over to face me and started wiping my tears. "I'm sorry." She apologized as she hugged me. I shook my head and slowly my sobbing ceased. She wiped my tears and smiled lovingly at me before letting out a sigh.

"She could've talked to us and we might have been able to plan another plan which doesn't involve her going to the base alone or the rest of us going." Tomochin said as she rubbed her temples. I nodded my head in agreement. "But what's done is done.. Ne, I think you should apologize to Yuko tomorrow.." She nodded her head. "I know.. I guess I got a little too emotional and said hurtful stuffs." I pat her head and smiled gently at her. "It's alright.  She'll understand.." Tomochin once again let out a sigh. "I hope so.. Well, let's get back to our room and catch some sleep." She stood up, threw the rubbish, placed the tray at the counter and held my hand as we walk back to our room.

And that's it for now. I'm sorry if it's short.  :err:
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Erkhem, Here is Chapter 5 as promised. Author's note will be at the bottom. Without further a due, let's start!

Chapter 5

Yuko pov
'Ah.. She must be really mad at me..' I thought as I was laying back down on the bed. 'I hope that Mariko and Mii-chan could calm her down..' I let out a sigh. I know that most of them were mad at me but I do not think that I made the wrong decision. It was the best choice out of all the options we had.

I sat up as I had the urge to use the bathroom. I hissed as I sat up too fast and I hurt my wound. Suddenly the door opened and Haruna was standing there, panting.

"Yuko!! A.. Are you okay?!" She said as she panted. "H-Haruna.." I stuttered. She quickly came in and ran over to my bed. "Where does it hurt? " Haruna started shooting me with questions. I quickly moved my finger and placed it on her lips to stop her from rambling. "I'm fine.. I just needed to go to the toilet."
She let out a sigh. "Please be more careful and you should've asked for help."

I let out my signature squirrel smile. "Hai hai.." She held my waist and slowly maneuvered me to stand up. "Lean your body on me." She said as she put my arms around her neck. I nodded my head and leaned my body on to her. She brought me to the toilet and closed the toilet seat then she sat me down on the toilet bowl. "Erm.. Nyan nyan.. Can you wait outside?"

She blushed hard. "M-Mmn. Call for me if you need anything. I'll be waiting outside." Without waiting for my reply, she left. I smiled at the action. After I was done, I called for Nyan nyan. She was going to bring me back to my bed but I stopped her.

"Nyan nyan, can we talk?" I asked pointing to the couch. "But you should rest now.. We can talk later." I shook my head. "Haruna, please?" I said giving her my best pleading face. She sighed. "Alright.." She brought me over to the couch and slowly settled me down. "Are you feeling comfortable?" She asked, concern was evident in her voice. I gave a small hum as a reply. I took a deep breath and started.

"Haruna, I'm sorry for being selfish and leaving you behind. I'm sorry for hiding everything from you. I know that the past year you have suffered as much as I did."  I said as I caressed her face. "You even lost weight.." I mumbled. She shook her head. "I should've been more understanding.. I'm sorry for getting mad at you. Does it hurt?" She asked as she caressed my face. I gave her a small smile. "Just a little.. But if Nyan nyan kisses me, the pain will be gone." I said acting like a little kid. She giggled.

She leaned in and kissed me on the right side of the cheek. "There. Feeling better?" I shook my head. "You slapped me on the other side." I said with a pout. She moved in and kissed me on the other cheek. I gave her a wide small. "Yatta~ I'll be all better thanks to Nyan nyan." She giggled. She suddenly stopped and looked at me. "Yuuchan, I'm right handed. I'm sure that the first time i kissed you was the place I slapped you." I gave out an awkward laugh. "I just wanted more kisses." I admitted.

She looked at me with a stern look but it soon soften. "Mou, if you wanted more  you could've just asked." She said with a pout. "Ehh?? But usually Nyan nyan never complies with my request." She looked at me and gave a sad smile. "I don't usually complied because I thought that all Yuuchan cares about is skinship." She said with another pout. "I know Yuuchan loves me but sometimes you're just to perverted. But you know, after you went missing I realized that I actually miss having you by my side, trying to get me to comply to your skinship requests.." She chuckled. "So that's why, now I will let Yuuchan have skinship with me but there's a limit." She said as she pinched my cheeks.

I gave her a wide grin. "So, I can kiss Nyan nyan whenever I want?" She nodded her head. "You have to read the situation though. Keep your hands and lips to yourself when we are in a serious situation." She said like a mother. "Mou Nyan nyan.. You're treating me like a kid. I know when to initiate skinship and when not to." I said with a pout. "Oh really?" She said with a glare.

"I-I guess not. I'm sorry. I'll keep my hands to myself when the time isn't right." She smiled broadly and patted me on the head. "Ne Yuuchan, you should get some rest now." She gestured me to stand up. I shook my head. "Nyan nyan, can I sleep on your lap?"  I gave her my cutesy face. "B-But you need to sleep properly." She blushed. "Haruna.. Please?" I continued on my efforts.

"Alright but if you're not feeling well tell me, ne?" I nodded my head and gave her a small peck on her cheek. "Thank you." She helped me to adjust myself so that I'll be comfortable. She placed my head on her lap. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. "Why are you sighing? Are you uncomfortable?" She questioned. "I'm fine. I just really miss doing this." I said as I took her hands and intertwined them. "Mmn. I miss it too.." She squeezed my hand. "Goodnight Yuuchan." She said as she leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Goodnight Nyan nyan." I said a smile before I start to feel the fatigue and soon surrendered to sleep.

Mayu pov
Yukirin and I woke up earlier than usual today because we needed-.. No, we wanted to check on how Yuko-san is doing as were very worried. We had our breakfast and soon after that we start to head to her room. I slowly opened the door to avoid making any creaking sound. I head in with Yukirin in tow. I was shocked and surprised to see that there was no one on the bed. I was about to go on to panic mode but Yukirin stopped me.

"Mayuyu, look over there." She said as she pointed over to the couch. I looked over to said direction and a smile crept on to my face. "I wonder did they slept like that since yesterday.." I said aloud but it wasn't loud enough to disturb the occupants on the couch. "Maybe?" Yukirin shrugged her shoulders. "We should wake them up though. Sayaka did say that she wanted to have a meeting." I mumbled. "Eh? But Yuko-san is still recovering.." "It must be important if she wants to have the meeting." I said stroking my imaginary beard.

"The both of you are so noisy.." Kojima-san muttered. "Ah! We're sorry." The both of us said it at the same time and bowed a little. "What time is it?" Kojima-san asked. "A little past seven." Yukirin answered back. "Sayaka said she wanted to meet all of us here at 8.30 right? To accommodate with Yuuchan." I nodded my head in reply to her question.

"How is she doing?" Yukirin questioned. "Better than before." Kojima-san said as she stroked Yuko's head. "Kojima-san, are you still mad at Yuko-san?" Yukirin asked. Kojima-san gave a small smile and shook her head. "That's good. Yukirin and I will bring some food for the both of you." I said as I intertwined my fingers with Yukirin's, gesturing her to follow me."Thank you." Kojima-san said with a smile.

Yukirin pov
I followed Mayu out with our hands intertwined as we headed to the cafeteria. "Mayu, maybe we should cook for them." I started. "E-Eh?? I think the cafeteria food is fine." Somehow she's starting to look a little pale. "But-.." I was interrupted by Mayu as she placed her finger on my lips.

"Yukirin, I know you want to cook for them to show your gratitude but we don't have much time to wait for you to cook. They'll understand." She said with a sweet smile. I resign and nodded my head. "Then let's get some food for them." I said. Before I turned, I managed to hear Mayu let out a relieve sigh. I wonder why though. 'I must be hearing things..' I shook my head to clear my thoughts and continued on getting the trays.

Sayaka pov
"Is everyone here?" I asked as soon as I entered the room. "Yes, everyone is present." Takamina answered. "Good, let's get started." I said as I sat myself beside Yuko who is at the couch with Kojima-san. I cleared my throat and started.

"As you all know, it will take some time till Yuko fully recovers so Yuko, your job now is to rest well and recover fast but I need your help on something." She nodded her head and gave me her signature squirrel smile." "Kojima-san, I have personally go through your scedule and clear you off for two weeks. I want you to keep an eye on Yuko." "Thank you." Kojima-san with a small smile. "Yatta~ I have Nyan nyan with me. Thank you Sayaka." Yuko beamed brightly while Kojima-san blushed. The rest of us just smiled.

I once again cleared my throat to gain their attention. "Until then, Takamina. You will continue to lead the squad." "Hai." She said as she saluted at me. "Moving on, Yukirin. Same as Kojima-san, I have been through your scedule and have cleared you for a week. I want you to focus and use that time to find or even create a medicine to heal the scars on Yuko's back." "Hai. I will do my best." She said with a determined look.

"Mayu, you'll be the only one on duty for now. Don't stress yourself out." "Alright." She said letting out a little sigh. "For the rest of the squad." I said as I looked at them. "You'll be going through intense training for a week and we'll start to plan after all of you have finished the training." "Hai." They answered in unison. "Any questions?" "No." Everyone said in unison.

"Good, by the way. This time, you'll be training under me, oh and Yuko. You'll help me review on their trainings." "Ehhhhhhhhhhh?!??"

Everyone's eyes were wide and their jaws dropped while Yuko just smiled broadly. "Hai hai~." Yuko said nonchalantly. "You must be joking." Mii-chan said, waving her hand. "Do I look like I'm joking?" I said with my strict face. "B-But, if you train us then you would be even busier than before." Kasai stuttered. "Don't worry about it. I have it covered. I'll see all of you at 12pm sharp. Meet at the training ground." With that I stood up from my seat. "Rest well, Yuko." I said to her before I left the room.

Tomochin pov
After Sayaka left the room, the others slowly began to leave either to eat or rest before the training starts. Kojiharu went out to take of some work stuffs and so only the three of us was left in the room. I walked up to Yuko. Tomo~mi was beside me as well. I guess she's probably worried that I'll get pissed off. Yuko on the other hand  looked at me, surprise evident in her eyes.

"Tomochin.." She started. "Is there anything wrong?" She questioned with a concerned tone. "No.. I.." I sighed and took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. "I'm.. I'm sorry for being rude. I don't agree on your choice as I believe that if we managed to discuss about it, then you wouldn't have to went through all the beatings." I looked directly into her eyes. She gave me that gentle smile of hers, silently asking me to continue knowing that I'm not done.

"But.. But, I really thank you for everything you've done for us, up till now." I said bowing down. I felt a pat on my head so I looked up. Yuko showing her signature squirrel smile shook her head. "It's no one's fault. I'm just glad that you're willing to talk to me." She said wiping an imaginary tear. I chuckled at her expression and ruffled her hair.

"Glad you guys made up." Tomo~mi smiled widely. I nodded my head in agreement as I continued to ruffle her hair. "Hey now, go and get some rest. Training will be tougher than usual for this whole week." Yuko said, removing my hand from her head. "Hai hai, obasan.." I joked. "H-Hey!!" Yuko retorted. I laughed as I pulled Tomo~mi out with me.

Jurina pov
All of us were at the training ground early, even Yuko-san was already there waiting. "Ehhhhhhhhhhh...." I grumbled. "There there." Rena said as she pat me on the head. "As much as I dislike training under Sayaka, her training is very effective with the short amount of time we have." Takamina started. "Mmn. Somehow she always manages to see through your movements and now with Yuko, she can find our weak points in a matter of time." Mariko-sama said.

"Ma, let's all do our best." Acchan chimed in. "Hai." Everyone said. "Erm, Yuko-san. Will you be fine?" I asked. "Yes, I'll be fine. You guys do your best and don't disappoint me.." She said with a stern yet gentle gaze. "I would really like to see how much you all have improved." Everyone nodded their heads. "We'll do out best, Captain!" Everyone said. She gave a chuckle and smiled brightly. "Good, like Acchan said. Let's all do our best."

Extra scene
Mayu pov
'The only doctor on duty for nearly a week eh..' I rubbed my temples as my head starts to hurt. I was back at my office after the short meeting. Thankfully there wasn't much patients in our hands now and hopefully there won't be much cases at least for this week. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I masked up my usual cyborg expression. "Come in."

"Excuse me.." Her voice was music to my ears. "Yukirin.." I said as I broke my composure and smiled lovingly at her. Yukirin closed and maybe even locked the door as I heard a click sound. She walked over to me and sat on my lap, making me instinctly wrapped my arms around her waist out of fear that she might lose her balance and fall or maybe I just love hugging her.

Yukirin on the other hand, wrapped her arms around my neck. I grinned at the position we're at. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Not that I mind that you're here." I added seeing her stare at me. "I'm worried about you Mayu." She said with concern lace in her tone. "What's there to worry about?" I asked giving a questioning look. "Well, I'm worried that you'll tire your self out since you're the only doctor on duty." I smiled broadly at her and gave her a peck on her lips.

"Yuki, you don't have to worry about me but if it makes you feel reassured then I will tell you this. I won't push myself too hard and I'll make sure I have enough rest." She nodded her head and pulled me in for a hug. "You don't push yourself too hard as well Yuki." I said softly. "Mmn.. I won't." She nodded her head.

"That's good to hear." I said as I bit into her neck and sucking to make a mark. "Ahhh.. M-Mayu..." She moaned at my ears making me feel hot and bothered but I managed to get a hold on the on growing lust. I licked the part where I bit and we separated ourselves from one another. "Mayu's a pervert." Yukirin pouted. "Only to you." I said with a wink. Yuki blushed so hard that I believe that it was even redder than a tomato. "You're so cute." I said as I lightly pinch her nose.

"Mouuu.. Ah. Do you want to go for lunch?" She asked me with her puppy dog eyes. I nodded my head and smiled at her. She pulled me up and as we head for the door she stopped at her tracks. "Yukirin?" I asked questiongly. Suddenly I was pulled back into an embrace. I felt her breathing at my ears. "We'll continue what you started tonight." She said as she nibbled my ear and then blew into my ears. With that she looked at me, I could see a smirk coming up from her face. "Y-Yuki..." I stuttered. She giggled. "That was payback." She smiled at me. "Maa, let's go~" She said as she pulled us out to the cafeteria.

The extra scene is actually an "apology gift" from me as the next chapter might take some time to be updated as I'll be having exams soon. Again.  :prayers:
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Chapter 6
Sayaka pov
Two months have passed since Yuko came back. In this two months, everyone was working hard. Yuko has fully recovered and she'll be restarting her training today. Thankfully, she didn't pushed herself during her recovery period. Kojima-san did a good job on keeping an eye on her. Meanwhile the others trained hard, trying to improve and overcome their weaknesses.

Yukirin has been working on a medicine for Yuko since then. According to her it's already 60% complete but worry not, she's not pushing herself too hard. Mayu on the other hand has been doing fine, being the youngest doctor to become the head doctor has it's pros and cons but she's managing well. Sae contacted me not long ago. We should be able to start the operation in two months time, that is if everything goes according to plan. Oh how I miss her.

Yuko pov
Today is the day where I will be officially back in the team for training. So far, the team has been doing well and I can't wait to spar with them. I smiled as I got myself ready. After getting done, I head to the kitchen. Apparently Nyan nyan decided to cook today.

"Good morning Yuuchan." She said turning around for a while. I smiled back at her. "Morning Nyan nyan." I walked over and snaked my hands over at her waist. "How's breakfast?" I said blowing into her ear. "Yuuchan.." She giggled. "Almost done. Can you pass me the plates at the left corner?" I kissed her on the cheek before muttering a yes. "Do you need any other help?" I asked as I pass her the plates. She shook her head.

"Oh Yuuchan." She started. "Yes?" I looked at her questioningly. "You're starting back your training today right? I'll be there to watch your training today." She grinned. "Do your best Yuuchan." She said as she gave me a quick peck on the lips before heading back to what she was doing earlier. I giggled at her actions.

'She'll be watching eh. This is worrisome.' "H-Hai. I will do my best because Nyan nyan is watching." I said with a small smile. "Mou.." She pouted. 'So cute..'  "Yuuchan, can you set up the table?" She asked. I nodded my head and started setting the table. Breakfast was served not long after. It was wonderful as usual. 'With some usual flirting and some food feeding.' I giggled at that thought.

Moving on.. (Nope, I'm not telling you about what happened it breakfast. It's private. :P) Moving on, today I'll be sparring with Sayaka and the whole team will be there to watch, not to forget my beloved Nyan nyan. Hopefully they will be able to learn something out of this but honestly I'm a little worried. It's been a while since I've moved around freely and I'm having a little problem with controlling my strength.. I guess I'll not go all out. Ma, I'll do my best.

Takamina pov
Everyone is already waiting at the training ground, except for Yuko and Sayaka. "Hey Acchan, have you seen Yuko?" I asked her as I looked at my watch. Acchan looked at me and shook her head. "Maybe they're coming over now?"

I let out a sigh. 'Where are these people..' Just as I was about to call for them, the both of them came walking in with Nyan nyan in tow. "There you are. Everyone is already waiting." Sayaka nodded. "Sorry for being late, we were caught up with some stuffs." Yuko nodded her head in agreement. "If I may ask, why are you here Nyan nyan?" I asked her.

"I just wanted to see Yuuchan train." She said with a bright smile. I chuckled. "Well then, the two of you go and get ready. We'll be waiting outside of the training ground." I gestured. They nodded and went into the training ground. While they were doing their stretches, I gathered the other members. "As you all know, Yuko will be back on the team and today she'll be sparring with Sayaka. They'll be doing hand to hand battle today, no other weapons are allowed. I hope that all of you will focus and try to learn something from this."

"Alright already. Let's get this started." Mii-chan started anxiously. "Calm down Gachapin. They're still doing their stretches." Mariko said as she hit Mii-chan on the head. The WMatsui nodded their heads. "I can't wait to see Yuko-san fight." Jurina muttered. "Let's start." Tomochin said. "Takamina, we're ready." Yuko said through the intercom. "Alright, let's start."

Yuko pov
"Alright, let's start." I heard Takamina saying. 'Yosh, let's do this. Don't go all out.' I reminded myself and got in to position.

"It's been some time since we last sparred with each other." Sayaka said aloud. "Yes, time sure flies.." I said with a small smile. "Let's see what you have under your sleeves. Just because you just recovered doesn't mean that I'll go easy on you." Sayaka said with fire in her eyes. "I never planned for you to go easy on me." I said with a grin.

The both of us took our stance and as our eyes met for a brief moment, we were instantly in close range combat. Sayaka moved in on me and delivered a punch, I dodged aside and attacked back with a punch. She too managed to dodged it. I continued my attack with a wide arc kick. The blow landed on her stomach and she was pushed a few meters back. "You've improved, Yuko. I'm surprised." She grinned. "Likewise." I winked at her.

Sayaka charged forward, delivering kicks and punches at a high speed. I twisted, blocked and dodged to avoid from getting hit. 'She's fast.' Unfortunately, Sayaka managed to land a blow on my leg, making me lose my balanced. I went down on my knees and as fast as I could, I delivered an upercut, heading towards her chin. She stepped back and grinned. "C'mon now, is that all you've got?" Sayaka taunt me. "Well, I was just warming up." She frowned.

With the close distance we had I delivered a powerful jab on her stomach. Sayaka reflexively blocked it and this causes her to bend down her body. Taking the opportunity, I quickly got back on to my feet and hit her with a firm and stronger uppercut. This time I managed to land a blow on her chin. She flew a little and staggered backwards. She got back up on her feet and in a flash, the both of us continued exchanging quick and powerful blows.

We distanced ourselves from one another, breathing a little heavily. Sayaka gathered all her energy and charged at me. She attacked with a roundhouse kick aiming at my head. I quickly put my hands up to block said attack. I did a few backflips to distance myself from her. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and took in a deep breath. "Stop running away Yuko. You've improved but you're not going all out." The frown deepen. 'You don't understand.. Even if you keep taunting me I won't go all out here. It's too dangerous..'

I ran full speed ahead with my fist raised. My fist was stopped by Sayaka as she looked at me with stern eyes. "Why are you holding back?" I sighed back at her confusing her. I quickly removed her grip on my fist and started landing punches on her abdomen. I finished it with a low kick and elbowed her right at the same spot.

Haruna pov
'Yuuchan..' All of us were watching the match and of course we heard everything Sayaka said. Is she really holding back? Yuuchan landed her final blow and the match was officially over. I could hear Jurina telling Rena about how awesome the fight was, ignoring the fact that Yuuchan wasn't going all out. The Atsumina pair gave a loud sigh. "Something is definitely not right." Takamina said. Acchan nodded her head in agreement.

Yuuchan pulled Sayaka up and Sayaka frowned. Yuuchan gave a weak smile and the both of them started heading out of the training ground. After settling down,  Sayaka spoke. "Yuko, you didn't use much of your strength. No, I meant why didn't you go all out?" Sayaka shook her head. "You didn't even use half of your strength.." Yuuchan let out a forced smile. "Yea, you're holding yourself back." Takamina mention. "Is there anything wrong?" Acchan asked. "Not really.." Yuuchan said looking around. "Yuko, please be honest with us." Sayaka said with a firm tone.

"I.. I'm worried that I'll hurt you. To be honest, ever since I got out from the enemies base I had problems in controlling my strength and my body coordination was totally out of it." She said as she fiddled with her fingers. "I talked to Sae about it, I thought it was some side effect of the substance that she injected into me. But apparently the said substance was not suppose to have any side effects. Sae herself was confused so she took the substance that was injected into me for a test and it seems that it was modified." She stopped as she made eye contact with us.

"Sae looked back at the past records to see anyone else had use said modified liquid and unfortunately there were no records about it. But the side effects were thankfully minor. I only have problems with my body coordination, body balance and in terms of strength. The liquid strengthens ones strength, as mine has suddenly improved drastically but it takes time to master it. She managed to help me with my body coordination and my body balance but in terms of strength, we didn't have much time to work on it." A loud sigh was heard.

"It's not really a big deal. For the past few months I've been trying to work it out and I've been getting better but I still do not know what is my limits in terms of strength."

Sayaka's eyes widen. "Not a big deal? For God's sake. Why didn't you tell us earlier?? We could've helped you." Sayaka shouted as she rubbed her temples. "Tell you? You guys already have a lot of things in your hands. I don't want to be a burden to any of you." She retorted. "And you don't understand.." She mumbled. I could feel the tension rising higher.

"Then make us understand." Tomochin said. Yuuchan let out another sigh. She went back into the training ground, clenched her fist and delivered a blow to the ground, the ground sunk a little. "This is the maximum strength that I can control." She said. "W-Wait a minute. Isn't that very strong?" Jurina stuttered. "Yes, my strength has improved drastically but.."

She clenched her fist one more time, delivering another blow. The whole ground shook from the impact. This time a bigger and wider part of the ground was sunk. "This is what happens if I went all out. There are chances that this isn't even my full strength but I don't know." She shrugged.

Soon Yuuchan came back in with a heavy sigh. I made eye contact with Takamina, telling her to ask Rena to bring Jurina out. She got my message and said. "Rena, could you bring Jurina out for training?" Rena nodded her head and brought said confused/shocked girl out. After the both of them were out, the rest of us soften our expression.

"You know that you can tell us whatever problem you're facing. No matter how busy we are, we'll make time for our friends." Sayaka said with a sincere smile. Yuuchan looked up and sighed. "I know but-" She was interrupted by Takamina. "But you don't want to seem weak in front of others.." She nodded her head, her hands fidgeting.

I walked over to Yuuchan and kneeled down in front of her. "Yuuchan.." I said as I interlaced our fingers and eyes made contact. "We'll face this problem together." I said giving her a peck on the forehead. She nodded her head and tighten her grip on our intertwined fingers. "I'm sorry." She said as she squeezed my hand.

"What for?" I asked caressing her face. "For not telling you about my condition." She mumbled. I kissed her on the lips ignoring the fact that everyone is still there, watching us.  "It's alright. Come on, I'll bring you for a check up. We'll check and diagnose what is wrong." I said gesturing her to follow me. I gave a reassuring smile to the others and we started heading to the hospital.

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Chapter 7
Jurina pov
Takamina asked Rena to bring me out for training. 'I believe that they don't want me to know too much.' I sighed. "Whats with the sigh?" Rena asked. "I feel like they're still treating me like a kid." I pouted. "You'll always be a kid in our eyes." She said as she pat my head. I let out another sigh.

"Ma.. What are we going to do? Are we really going to train now?" I questioned. "Hmm..." Rena said, deep in thoughts. "We'll train later.." Rena replied an continued walking a little further before stopping again. "Jurina. Do you want to go for a walk?" Rena asked. "Eh? A-Are you sure?" I tilt my head to the side unsure.

"Well, do you not want go for a walk with me?" She looked at me with a pout. 'Rena.. You're too cute for your own good..' I blushed. "A-Alright. Lead the way." I said as I walked over to  her.

We made our way to the park and we continued to walk side by side in silence. After a while, the Rena decided to stop and so, we took a seat at the bench. Silence engulfed us, but it wasn't an uncomfortable one. Rena let out a sigh and started. "Jurina. I have a story I want to tell you." She said looking down. "Will you listen to me?" She said as she made eye contact with me.

"Mmn!" I said with enthusiasm. She took a deep breath and started. "There once was two princesses who loved one another deeply but neither of the princesses knew that their feelings were mutual. After all it was forbidden love. They tried to not think about the other but it was no use. On one fine day, they're families were holding a party. One of the princess drank too much and confessed her feelings towards the other. The other princess was shock but glad at the same time. They started seeing one another but not for long, as their parents found out that they were seeing one another." She looked up into the sky and continued.

"Back then, a girl who loves another girl is considered as a taboo. Not to mention that, they are the princesses of the King and Queen. Such act was obviously considered as a disgrace to the family. The King and Queen were against such things and decided to marry their child to some other kingdoms prince. Society too did not accept such kind of love. But they did not gave up." She said with a small smile.

"They both ran away from their kingdoms.." She stopped. "Did they live happily ever after?" I asked after making sure that she wasn't going to continue her story. She nodded and gave a small smile. "That's nice.. It feels like it's the both of them against the world." I said with a smile.

"Isn't it weird?" Rena asked. "What is?" I asked back in confusion. "Two girls being in love with one another." She muttered. "Hmm. Nope. Take Yuko-san and Kojima-san as an example. They loved one another deeply and they believed in one another."

I took a deep breath and continued. "I don't think gender is a problem. The bond is more important than anything else." I ended. Rena smiled and asked. "Do you know why I'm telling you this story?" I shook my head. "I.. I have something I would like to confess to you about.." She took a deep breath and started.

"Jurina, I love you. Hearing what you said earlier on, calmed my nerves down. I'm glad that you don't find a girl loving another girl weird. I know that you might not like me back but I just had to tell you. The way you smile when you see something you like, the fact that you sometimes act like a little kid." She chuckled.

"You know, after Yuko-san came back. She told me to have courage to confess my love to you. I agreed because I didn't want to feel any regret as our lives as the Chosen Ones are very unpredictable." She sighed and continued.

"But it did take me a long time to gather up my courage." She said with a nervous chuckle, as she took my hands in to hers. "Jurina. Will you be my girlfriend? I promise to love you deeply and not to leave you no matter what happens. Though we might fight at times but I'll do my best so that our relationship will work." She ended.

I felt tears gathering in my eyes. My tears started to fall but Rena was quick to wiped it off. I wanted to speak but somehow my ability to speak was off. "I guess that's a no." 'No... It's not a no..' She said with a sad smile. "Ma. It's alright. If you don't mind, I have to go." She stood up, ready to leave but I held her back.'C'mon Jurina! You can do it!' "N-No.. Wait." I said.

"Jurina, you don't have to force yourself. I underst-" You don't understand Rena-chan! I have to stop her before she thinks that I don't like her back as well. But how? I have to silence her. Ah, I know. I silenced her with a quick peck on the lips. She blushed hard but she still looked confused.

"Rena. I love you too and I would love to be your girlfriend." I said with a cheshire smile. I pulled her in for a hug as she started crying as well. I rubbed her back in hopes of calming her down. After a few minutes, her sob ceased and we distanced ourselves. I wiped her tears and smiled lovingly at her.

We both leaned in for a kiss. I closed my eyes and soon I felt sparks fly. Her lips were addictive. I pressed back a little harder as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me in. I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist as we continued to kiss. Soon we separated because of the need to breathe.

"Jurina, I love you." I had a wide grin on my face as she said that. "I love you too, Renachan~" She blushed at the nickname I gave her. I chuckled and pinched her cheeks. "You're too cute." I said as I leaned in and kissed her on the nose. She pouted at me and started.

"So Renachan will be my nickname from now on?" She asked. I nodded and smiled lovingly. "Is it alright with you?" I questioned. "Mmn. Thank you." She said giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Ma, even though we're dating now. I'm still your superior so when we're training so you have to obey my orders." Rena said, her serious expression plastered on her face. "Hai!" I saluted at her. "Renachan, so I don't have to obey your orders outside training?" I said with a grin. "E-Ehh..." She said with a pout. "Just teasing you." I said and gave her another quick kiss on the lips. She giggled. We both intertwined our hands as we head for training.

Yuko pov
I followed Nyan nyan as she brought me to the hospital for a diagnosis. We went in and we were greeted by Mayu who looks disheveled. "Hey. What brings you here?" She asked. "We have to do a test to diagnose something." Nyan nyan said. "Oh? Do you need help? I just finished my shift." She said looking at her watch.

Nyan nyan shook her head. "I'll call you if I happen to stumble upon anything that I don't know. But for now, I think you should have a rest. You look tired." I nodded my head in agreement to what Nyan nyan said. "Alright. I'll go and catch some rest. You know where to find me if you need me." She said as she waved and left. We continued on heading to one of the rooms.

Thankfully there was an empty room and soon, I was instructed by Nyan nyan to change my clothes and lie on the bed. I closed my eyes as I felt myself going through the machine, leaving goosebumps on my skin. "Your brainwaves are normal and physically you seem healthy as well.." She mumbled and continued on typing, fingers dancing over the keyboard.

All of a sudden the sound of the keyboard died off. "Nyan nyan? What's wrong?" I questioned, curious as I couldn't see anything as I was still lying on the bed. "Give me a minute." Nyan nyan said in a serious tone, which hasn't been heard often.

A few minutes have passed and soon the sound of fingers typing continued. 'I wonder what's wrong..'  Nyan nyan let out a sigh and stopped typing. "Yuuchan, I found out why you are unable to control your strength." She continued to type a little while longer and started.

"As you said earlier, the substance that was injected into you strengthens ones strength. But it's not only that. I compared your current condition with the one before you went missing and it has changed drastically. It literally raises a persons stats and not only the strength, all at once. Your strength, speed, endurance, agility and flexibility all have increased a whole lot more." She stopped and walked over to me, gesturing me to sit up.

"You have to learn to cope with it." She stated the obvious. "Nyan nyan.. I am trying to." I sighed as I rubbed my temples. "What did Sae taught you when it came to the strength part?" She questioned. I scratched my head, recalling back what she taught. "Ah. Boxing." I said, managing to recall back.

"Hmmm." She said putting a finger at her chin, in a thinking gesture. 'You're cute even if you're serious Nyan nyan.' I smiled a small smiled at that thought. "I think the only way for you to cope with, or even overcome this is to continue your boxing lessons. I mean before all of this you never took boxing before right?" I shook my head in reply.

"Sae-chan asked me as well." I stated. "About?" Nyan nyan question, wanting me to elaborate further. "She asked me which martial arts I have not learned before. I've learned most of it as you are aware of." I said. She nodded her head.

"You've done Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kendo, and even Kung Fu." She shook her head reminiscing back about our past. "Anyways, as boxing is a new thing for you, the new skills and knowledge that you can acquire from such training will let you understand better the scope of your strength and find better ways to control it, or work around the limits of the power." I nodded my head in understanding.

"Wait. But who is going to teach me boxing?" I asked. Nyan nyan had this weird smile on her face. "I know just the person." She said as she took out her phone to call someone. "Hey! It's been a while. Do you think you can come over and teach Yuuchan boxing?" 'Eh?? The person she is speaking to knows me? But I don't remember knowing anyone who knew how to box.. If they did I would've been intrigued to learn.'

Unknown pov
I was finally getting a break after this whole time in Namba. 'Finally.. I need to look for-..' I was interrupted by a phone call. It was Nyan nyan. A frien of mine back in the old days if I have to categorize her. "Hey, whatsup?" I started. "Hey! It's been a while. Do you think you can come over and teach Yuuchan boxing?" She asked.

"Heh? The first thing you asked me after all these time is this?" I sweat dropped. I swear this girl.. "Mou.. Are you helping or not?" I sighed. "Alright. You're lucky I just finished everything in Namba. I'll come by to the base by tomorrow noon." I said. "Yatta~ Thanks!" I sighed again.

"No problem. How is Yuko anyways?" The news about Yuko, the captain of AKB48 got missing was really a shock to all other groups. I was undeniably worried considering the fact that we were once close buddies. But she came back a few months ago which was a huge relief for me.

"Wait, is that why you want me to come over and teach her boxing?" I asked after realizing the reason. "Mmn. She's having problems with controlling her strength. It was suggested that she should take up a new martial arts that she has never learned before." She said.

"Ah.. So that's why. She doesn't know I picked up boxing right?" I questioned. "Nope she doesn't." I sighed again for God knows how many times. "Don't tell her that I'm the one teaching her. Keep it a surprise." I requested. "Hmm. Alright. I'll see you tomorrow then!" With that the call ended.

EXTRA SCENE (Because you wanted to know what happened during breakfast)
"Yuuchan, say ahh.." Haruna started as she held the spoon right in front of Yuko. Yuko complied and opened her mouth. "Ahh.." The spoon was placed into her mouth and soon the burst of flavours were happening right in Yuko's mouth.

"Dou??" Haruna asked. "It tastes delicious Nyan nyan!" Yuko said with her eyes wide open. "Really? Yatta~" Haruna cheered. Yuko scooped a small amount of the food and brought it to Haruna's mouth. "Here, let me feed you back." Yuko said. Haruna complied and opened her mouth. "Ahh..."

Yuko brought the food close to Haruna's mouth and quickly removed it when Haruna was about to chomp down the food. Yuko quickly put said spoon into her mouth and grinned at Haruna. "Yuuchan.." Haruna pouted. "You're so mean.." Her pouting intensified.

'I'm going to have a nosebleed.' Yuko thought. She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and brought another spoonful of food for Haruna. "Here." Yuko offered. "Yada.." Haruna shook her head and continued eating on her own. "But Nyan nyan... I was just teasing you." Now it was Yuko's turn to pout.

Yuko got no replied and she sighed. She was about to bring the spoonful of goodness into her mouth but a hand stopped her. "Ahh.." Haruna opened her mouth waiting for Yuko to put said goodness into her mouth.

Yuko smiled widely and quickly but carefully brought said spoon into Haruna's mouth. "Eheheh.." "Yuuchan, you're giggling like an idiot." Haruna said. "No I'm not. I'm giggling like your idiot." Yuko said with a grin. Haruna blushed. "Flirt."

Cliffhanger!!  :kekeke:
Well not really but now you know! There will be a new character in this fic.  :ding:
It has already been decided and the clue here is, Namba.  :dunno:
I wonder is it obvious..
And this chapter is dedicated to the WMATSUI~  :luvluv2:
And the extra scene was NOT planned. That's why it's short.  :depressed:
Anyways, thank you to those who commented on this fic and of course the silent readers as well! :kneelbow:
Before I go, if I may ask. Mind teaching me how to use tumblr?  :err:
Ahahahah. Well, that's all for now! Off I go~  :on gay:
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What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

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Title: Humans And Robots (KOJIYUU+MAYUKI+ATSUMINA+WMATSUI+OTHERS) Chapter 8 9/6/2015
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Oh right! This time, if you have not re-read the prologue since the last few chapters I've told you to, this time before reading this Chapter, please do go through the prologue to avoid confusion! Okay then, let's start!

Chapter 8
Sayanee pov
If you're wondering who am I, I am Yamamoto Sayaka also known as Sayanee, my status is Human. I used to be classmates with most of the girls in the Akihabara base and we were pretty close.

We were asked to help stop the bad robots. We all accepted the offer but some of us got into different locations. I was sent to Namba, Rena to Sakae, Sakura to Hakata and Yuko and the rest were at Akihabara. The robots main force is at Akihabara, that's why most of the strong humans and half robots are located there. We are called The Chosen Ones.

The Sakae base has been closed down about 3 years ago as there were not enough man power. That's why Rena and Jurina were shifted over to the Akihabara base. Jurina was just a newbie when she was placed in Sakae and it wasn't long because the Sakae base was shut down. She entered the Akihabara team with Rena and so Yuko took her in as her student and taught her.

As I was saying before I got interrupted by the phone call, I need to look for Milky. I was finally done with all the work in Namba and I haven't seen her for about a week due to the amount of work that has accumulated. And I need to inform her about this trip and also the other Sayaka, as in Akimoto Sayaka. I hope she'll allow me to bring Milky along as well. Reporting to her is a must as she is the head of the whole Group and I believe Kojima-san would've forgotten the "minor" details such as informing the head of the group of this change.

Owh and Milky doesn't know Yuko and the rest as she joined the group later on. Milky is the head doctor for the Namba base.

I picked up boxing a year ago, that's probably the main reason why Yuko doesn't know about it. Well then, I'll have to inform Milky as well that we're going to Akihabara for a while.

Sayaka pov
"So basically Kojima-san managed to find a way to help Yuko and you'll be the one helping?" I asked. "Yes. I'll do my best to help her." The other Sayaka replied. "Then I'll leave it to you." I let out a little sigh.

"Erm, I have a request though. Is it possible for me to bring Milky along?" She asked timidly. "Milky? As in Watanabe Miyuki? The head doctor of Namba?" I questioned. "Hai. Rest assured, Milky actually has been asked to take some time off, so I was thinking if it's possible, I would like to bring her to Akihabara with me." She explained. "Ma, I guess it's fine. I'll get people to set up a room for you. I'm assuming that you'll be here tomorrow? Anyways, just try your best to help Yuko recover fast." I said in a commanding voice. "Yes and roger that." She said like a soldier. "Oh. Don't tell Yuko that I'll be coming over to teach." Sayanee suddenly added. "Alright."

After that we talked for a while longer before we ended the call. 'It's a good thing that we manged to find a way to help Yuko to overcome the proble-..'

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. "Hello?" I answered without bothering to check who is on the other line. "Sayaka." 'Sae?' This time I checked the dialer and to my surprise it really is her. "Our attack will have to be pushed further back by a month." She said getting straight to business. "It is a good news in some ways but why the sudden  delay?" I questioned.

"Trust me Sayaka. I don't have much time to talk but how is Yuko-chan doing?" She asked her tone becoming more of her Genking personality. "Alright. We managed to find a way to help her and since the plan is going to be delayed by a month, hopefully she can recover by then." I said. "It's boxing right? I believe she'll be able to recover in a month time." She replied nonchalantly. "Yea, and you didn't mention to me about it." I said a little annoyed. "Eh? I-I guess I forgot.." Sae stuttered and let out a nervous chuckle. I sighed. "I think we should cut the line off." I started. "..I love you and miss you." I said sincerely. "I know! I'll be back soon. I love you too and miss you very very very much." She said. With that the call was ended.

Yuko pov
Nyan nyan and I were heading towards the cafeteria to have lunch after the check up but there was something still bothering me. "Ne Nyan nyan.. Who is going to teach me boxing?" I asked. "Hmm? Secret." She answered with a wink. "Mou Nyan nyan.." I pouted. "You'll know tomorrow, don't worry about it.." She said kissing me on the cheek. I let out a sigh and nodded my head. As we arrived at the cafeteria, something caught my attention.

'Ho... Isn't that Jurina and Rena..' I said with a grin on my face. "Yuuchan, what are you thinking? You have this weird grin plastered on your face." She said cupping my cheeks, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Nyan nyan!! Look over there!" I said enthusiastically, pointing to where the WMatsui's are sitting. They are actually spoon feeding one another!

I looked back over to Nyan nyan to see her shock expression with her jaw dropped. "The flies are going to fly in Nyan nyan." I placed my finger at her chin and close her mouth. She blushed at the action. "Ne ne, let's go over and greet them." I said, pulling Nyan nyan with me without waiting for a reply.

"Hello~~" I greeted them in a sing song voice. I guess I surprised them both as their faces got as red as a tomato. "Y-Yuko-san.." Jurina stuttered. I walked over to Rena and put an arm around her shoulder. "You finally made your move eh.." I teased her. Before she could reply, she was interrupted by the Mayuki and Atsumina pair.

"Who made their move? Acchan asked curiously. "Rena did, I think." Yukirin said nonchalantly. "H-How did you know?" Jurina asked. "Well, you just told us." Yukirin chuckled while Jurina turned a darker shade of red. "We were here from the start when the both of you started flirting with one another." Mayu said with a smug grin causing the WMatsuis to blush even harder.

"So, the two of you are officially together now?" Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion. "H-Hai.. Thanks to Yuko-san who encouraged me to confess my love, I confessed to Jurina. But it did take me some time to gather my courage." Rena sighed. "It's alright. I'm glad you did it." I said as I gently pat Rena on the head. "Jurina." I turned to said girl. "Y-Yes??" Jurina stuttered. "Be nice to Rena and take care of her." I said in a commanding tone. "H-Hai.. I'll take good care of Renachan.." Jurina said with firm determination.

"Heh... Renachan?" The Mayuki pair and I said teasingly. The both of them blushed. "Yuuchan, stop teasing them.." Nyan nyan giggled. "Let's go get some food. I'm hungry.." She pouted. "Hai hai.. Rena, Jurina. Congratulations." I said with a gentle smile. "Thank you.." I pat Jurina on the head. "I'll see you later." Before I left with Nyan nyan, I stopped by Takamina. "Don't you think it's time to make your move before it's too late? " I whispered to her. With that I left with Nyan nyan to get our food.

"What did you say to Takamina?" Nyan nyan asked. "Hmm? Something that will hopefully encourage her on confessing her real feelings." "Yuuchan, since when did you become a match maker?" She giggled. "I didn't!" I replied with a grin.

Takamina pov
"Don't you think it's time to make your move before it's too late?" Yuko said before she left. 'Make my move huh..' My thoughts were interrupted by Acchan who is calling me. "You okay?" She asked, worried evident in her tone. I nodded my head in reply. "They'll make a great couple.." Acchan muttered softly.

Maybe it is time. "I'll see you later okay?" With that I left. 'C'mon Takamina. I have to be brave. Even Rena and Jurina are together now.' I slapped both my cheeks. "Yosh! Let's do this."

Acchan pov
'I wonder what's wrong with Minami. She seems out of it.. Is it related to the WMatsuis being together? But why would she even be bothered by the both of them being together. That's just silly.' I shook my head to clear my thoughts which unfortunately failed. 'Ah. After Yuko whispered to her she got out of character. What were they talking about..' I sighed as I sat myself down at the cafeteria. My train of thoughts was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. It was the Tomotomo pair. "Can we join you?"

Tomochin pov

"I'll see you later okay?" With that Takamina left. Acchan soon sat herself down with a gloomy atmosphere surrounding her. 'I swear this two will never fail to give me a headache.' I looked over to see Tomo~mi letting out a sigh while the Mayukis were just teasing the WMatsuis. "This two are really oblivious." I said rubbing my temples. Tomo~mi nodded her head and sighed. "Maybe we should try to wipe away the gloomy atmosphere surrounding Acchan, chiyuu?" She suggested. Feeling the headache starting to ease, I nodded my head. We walked over to Acchan and I tapped her on the shoulder. "Can we join you?"

End of Flashback

"Sure.. Have a seat." Acchan gestured. "Why the gloomy face?" I asked trying to seem oblivious. "Something isn't right with Takamina." Acchan stated and sighed. "Eh?? What do you mean, chiyuu?" Tomo~mi questioned. Acchan was undeniably deep in thoughts but soon she let out a sigh and shook her head. "Maybe I'm just worrying too much. Don't worry about me." She said waving a hand. "Oh, I'll go and get some food." Acchan stood up and left.

"I wonder is Acchan aware of her own feelings.." I mumbled. "At least Takamina is aware of it. Hopefully she'll be able to gather her courage and confess soon, chiyuu." I looked over to Tomo~mi. "I definitely hope that she will. I can't stand seeing these two acting like this and by the way why did the word chiyuu reappeared back?" I asked tilting my head to the side. "I just thought that it has been a long time since I last used it so I decided to use it chiyuu~"

"Tomo~mi.. Don't use it too much if not I'll get annoyed." I said with a stern look. "Mou.. But only today, chiyuu?" She said with a pout. 'Cute.' "Alright." I said with a small smile. "Yay! Thank you Tomochin." She said giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

Okay now, you guys might be wanting some action scenes with Sayanee and Yuko but that will be on hold for now. The next few chapters or maybe two, will be mainly focused on the Mayuki pairing first and then the Atsumina pair. Of course the WMatsui, Tomotomo and Sayamilky will be there for some fluff, but my main focus is the Mayuki pairing, Atsumina pairing and of course I will put in some Kojiyuu fluff.  :shy1:
After all, I miss my Kojiyuu pairing..  :fainted:

Oh, and er.. Another announcement, I WON'T be on hiatus but updates will take some time especially after the end of this week (Mid-Term Holidaying~) as I'm sitting for a major exam this year and the exam isn't that far away.  :depressed:
Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter and sorry for the long author note. :kneelbow:
Oh and of course, thank you to those who commented and of course the silent readers!  :luvluv2:
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Ah... Poor Atsuko so gloomy... wondering what's going on with Takamina

What about Takamina... would she have the courage to confess to Atsuko?

What's going to happen in the next chapter?

What about Kojiyuu?

I'll be waiting for your update

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Alright! Erm, yea. Chapter 9 and 10 will focus more on Mayuki and Kojiyuu. Chapter 11 should be Atsumina's arc.
Sorry for the long wait, but without further ado, let's begin!

Chapter 9
Takamina pov
'What should I do? Which is the best way to express my feelings for her? How should I do it? By keeping it simple or by making it fancy?' There were so many questions going through my brain as I paced back and forth at the training ground as that place is deserted at this hour. Oh and I do believe that it was not the wisest choice to run off leaving Acchan alone just now but what's done is done. I need advice but from who?

I know I'll start with Mayu. She has been with Yuki since God knows when. Okay, maybe it wasn't that long ago but they have been together ever since we were in high school. I believe that she'll be able to give me some good advices. I went back to the cafeteria and thankfully I spotted the Mayuki pair but somehow I couldn't see Acchan anwhere. I hope she's fine. I didn't mean to act cold. I sighed again.

I walked over to the Mayuki pair who were still sitting with WMatsuis. 'Great! Now I can ask for more opinions.' "Hey guys, there's something I want to talk to you about." I said as I scratched the back of my head.

"What's up?" Jurina asked. "You look troubled.." Yukirin stated bluntly. "Yea. I was wondering. How did you confess your feelings to the one you like?" I said unsure as I made eye contact with the four. "Ah.. Finally you plan on making a move on Acchan?" Mayu said nonchalantly. "H-How did you know?" I stuttered. "You guys are pretty obvious and oblivious at the same time." Yukirin sighed. "So, you're planning on confessing to her?" Jurina asked. "Y-Yes. But I wonder how should I do it. I want to make it perfect."

"Confessing your love doesn't have to be perfect you know.. You just have to be honest and sincered when you confess your feelings to the one you like. You may stutter like an idiot even after you planned on what to say." Mayu said with a fond smile. "I agree on that. Ma, I guess everyone has their own concerns when it comes to this." Rena said. "Renachan, it's time for practice." Jurina said after checking the time. "Oh, alright. Let's go.  Good luck Takamina-san." "I know you can do it Takamina-san!" With that the WMatsui pair left.

"Soo... Do you have a rough idea on how you want to confess your love?" Yukirin asked curiously. "Yes but if it's possible, may I know who confessed their feelings to the other first? As in for the both of you. When you guys officially announced that you were dating, there wasn't much of a change. You guys were practically acting like a couple already." I said amused. The both of them blushed.

"So, you want to know who confessed first and how we did it?" Mayu asked for confirmation. "Shiriri-chan!! You guys did it already?" Yuko shouted all of a sudden causing a total silence in the cafeteria. "Yes, we've done the research already." Mayu said with a sigh. "Sorry for interrupting. You can continue on with whatever you're doing." Mayu gestured to the other occupants at the cafeteria. Everyone snapped out of it and continued on with their task.

"Yuuchan.. Why did you do that?" Nyan nyan asked as she rubbed her temples. "I was just surprised to hear that they've done it." Yuko said with a pout. "Yuko-san, you're misunderstanding here." Yukirin sighed. "Yea, Takamina-san was just asking us on who confessed first and how we did the confession." Mayu added.

"Oh.. Speaking of that. I never got to know how you both got together but I do know that the both of you started dating after that accident." Yuko smiled nostalgicly. "Anyway, mind enlightening us?" Yuko said with a genuine smile. "I want to know too." Nyan nyan added. "Well then, we're all ears." I said as we gathered around the Mayuki pair. "Well, Yukirin was the one who confessed to me."

Flashback (High school)
Yuki pov

"Mayuyu, are you free after school?" I asked. Mayuyu looked at me for a while, thinking about her schedule. "I'm free. What's wrong?" Mayu asked, her  concerned eyes scanning me from up to down. "N-Nothing.. Can you meet me at the school rooftop later?" I looked into Mayu's eyes, hopeful. "Sure? Yukirin is everything alright?" "Yes, I just have something to tell you." I looked around nervously. "I-I'll see you later." With that I fled the scene.

You see, I've always love Mayu ever since we were kids. But there was an incident which had made me fall hard for her.

My family just moved over to Mayu's neighborhood and they told me to go to the playground to play to make some new friends. I complied and so the 7 years old me went to the playground. I sat at the swing as I watched the other children play. Suddenly, a ball was kicked towards my direction. I couldn't dodge the ball and so it hit me squared on the face, breaking my glasses in the process. I cried. The owner of the ball walked to me and took the ball. "Eh. Nerd, why didn't you avoid it? You're so stupid." He mocked as he laughed. Hearing that, I cried harder. "Oh look, the nerd is a cry baby~" The guy continued on to mock me.

The other kids who were around were all looking terrified at the boy. They send me an apologetic look as they didn't dare to stand up against him. But then, all of a sudden..

"Hey! Stop that!" An unknown person shouted. I took a peek from my hands as I continue to sob. "Leave her alone, you idiot." She shouted. That surprised me. This is the first time someone stood up for me. "Ugh, it's none of your business." The boy glared at her.

"Well you're wrong." She said as she stood in front of me, shielding me from him. "Tsk, stupid girls." With that he left. I was still sobbing as the girl crouched down in front of me, removing my glasses. "Are you okay?" She asked me as I nodded my head.

"He broke your glasses." The girl said as she held my glasses. "Don't cry." She said as she wiped my tears with her other hand. "Hey, are you new here? I've never seen you before." I once again nodded my head at her question.

"Ah.. You see, that boy is a bully here in this neighborhood. He tends to go for the glasses type of girl but I didn't see why he went for you." Mayu said confused. "W-What does t-that mean.." I said trying to control my breathing. "I mean you're really pretty without your glasses." She complimented me. I blushed at what she said.

"See, you're blushing. So cute." She said as she pinched my cheeks. I looked at her and pouted. "Ahhhhh.. You're too cute to be true." She continued gushing over me. "Anyway, my name is Watanabe Mayu. You can call me Mayu." She introduced herself. "Mayu..yu?" I mumbled. "Eh? Is that my nickname from you?" Mayu asked surprised but happy. I nodded my head. "I'm Kashiwagi Yuki." "Yukichan.. Yukisan.. Yukirin..?" Mayu said in a questioning tone. I blushed when she said Yukirin as only my family calls me that. "Alright. I'll call you Yukirin." Mayu said with a grin.

And that's how I fell head over heels over Mayuyu.

I was planning to confess my love to Mayu but a friend of mine told me to meet her at the school's back alley after school. I don't know why but I agreed to her request. As the bell rang, I headed over to the school's back alley.

Mayu pov
Yuki told me to meet her here after school. 'Where is she?' I sighed as I rest my head on the grill. "Watanabe-san." A stranger's voice startled me and pulled me out of my thoughts. "..You are?"

"I am Yuki's friend. Yuki won't be coming up here. Watanabe-san, I like you. Would you go out with me?" She stopped. 'Did something happened to Yukirin?' "I'm sorry but I'm interested in someone else." I was about to leave but the girl stopped me. "Watanabe-san, you're going to look for her aren't you?" She said. "This matter doesn't concern you." I replied.

"Watanabe-san, why would you like someone like Yuki? She's just a good for nothing girl. Pretending to be weak and defenseless, getting the students attention. That's also a part of her act to get your attention! She's a slu-" "Enough." I said in a cold voice and gave her my cyborg stare which manage to silence her.

"You have no right to say such things about Yukirin. I'm warning you, spread this nonsense at school and you'll face my wrath." I said staring straight into her eyes. The girl let out an eerie laugh. "You're precious Yukirin might already be dead." She said with an evil glint in her eyes, as my eyes widen in surprise.

"Mayu!! Go to the school's back alley! . Yukirin got attacked by a bunch of people! Sayaka, Takamina, Acchan and Mariko-sama should be there already." Yuko shouted as she rushed in through the door to the rooftop. "I'll take care of things here. Go!" Yuko pushed me out and I ran as fast as I could, towards the back alley, countless thoughts going through my head. 'Yukirin.'

Yuki pov
I was waiting for said friend at the school's back alley but she still hasn't appeared. "Maybe she forgot.. It's still not to late to go and look for Mayu." I mumbled. "You're not going anywhere little girl." The voice startled me. I turned to see a bunch of fully grown men gathering nearer and nearer to me. "What do you want?" I said aloud, trying to be brave as I gave them a cold look.

"Someone told us to wipe out your existence." He said with a smirk. "And that's what we're going to do." He said as he charges forward, holding a metal pipe aiming for my head. I quickly dodged said attack and kick him in his groin as he screamed in pain.

Okay, now let me tell you this. You must be wondering how would I know how to defend myself. You see after meeting Mayuyu, she brought me into her circle of friends which includes Yuko-san, Takamina-san, Acchan, Mari-chan, Mii-chan, Tomochin and Akimoto Sayaka-san. All of them knows how to fight and so when I met them, they too taught me how to fight to defend myself.

Moving back to the scene. The situation doesn't look good for me as there are about a 100 of fully grown men surrounding me. "Y-You.. How dare you!" The guy who got kicked in the groin shouted. "Everyone attack!" The whole group of people started charging towards me. I managed to dodge some attacks but not all. I got hit at the leg and I fell to the floor. Another guy started charging towards me, he raised his metal bar and was about to strike at my head but I stopped it with my arm. I screamed in pain as I heard my bone cracked. I fell to the floor whimpering. "Not so tough now eh?" The said guy raised the metal pipe, getting ready for the final blow. 'Mayu...'

Sayaka pov
"What the heck do you think you're doing?!" I shouted. Takamina, Acchan, Mariko-sama and I jumped into the air and managed to get in between Yuki and the bunch of people.

"Takamina, Acchan. Check on Yuki's condition. Mariko-sama and I will handle this bunch of people." I said. Takamina and Acchan went to where Yuki was and I stared coldly at the attackers.

"You messed with the wrong people." Mariko-sama said as she cracked her knuckles and her neck. "Tsk, that's very arrogant of you to speak like that when you're surrounded by almost a 100 fully grown men." He taunted. "Stop talking." I said as we both got into our fighting stance. "Let's do this quick." I said as I took a quick look to where Yuki is lying. Mariko-sama nodded at me and soon a battle cry was heard as we charged forward.

Mayu pov
I ran as fast as my legs could bring me. 'Yuki, please be safe.' Not long after, I can hear loud noises going on as I've arrived at the scene. My jaw dropped as I saw Sayaka and Mariko-sama, fighting a bunch of grown men. "What the?" I said aloud. "Mayu! Yuki's here!" Takamina shouted, snapping me out of my daydream as she gestured for me to go over to where she was. 'Yuki.'

I ran over and to my shock I see an injured Yuki. "Yukirin.." I quickly bend down and gently held her hand as I carresed her face. "She's got a broken arm and her leg has fractured. She might have more broken bones but we aren't too sure. The ambulance is on it's way." Acchan said.

"Mayu, try to keep Yuki conscious. We have to help Mariko-sama and Sayaka with the grown men." Takamina requested. I nodded my head in reply as the both of them went to fight as well. I gently squeezed her hand. "Yukirin.. It's me, Mayu. Open your eyes.." I carresed her face with my other hand. Yuki's eyes slowly flutter opened. "M-Mayu.." "Stay with me okay? Don't go to sleep." I asked. She gave a slight nod.

"There they are!" Yuko shouted. A group of police appeared stopping the fight. Haruna and Rena appeared with the doctors, guiding him to our location. Yuki was carried on to the stretcher and brought into the ambulance with me and Sayaka following to the hospital.

Thankfully Takamina and the rest weren't injured or hurt. Apparently Yukirin's friend was having mental health issues, that's why she was acting so... irrational. Yuko wasn't hurt as well as she managed to calm the said girl down. The bunch of grown men will be jailed for attacking a minor.

"Yukirin.. Hang on. We're on our way." I said I gripped Yukirin's hand. "..M-Mayu.. There's something... I.. want to.. tell you." Yukirin said. "No.. Stop talking. You're short of breath." I said. "N-No.. Mayu.. I.."

All of a sudden, Yukirin's grip slackened. "Yuki!!!" Mayu shouted getting the doctors attention. "C'mon Yuki.. Stay with me. You haven't heard my answer." I said with tears in my eyes. The doctor did a quick check and let out a relieve sigh. "She fainted but she's fine but we have to get to the hospital fast." The doctor said. He quickly tapped the person driving and told him to go faster.

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Minami is seeking advices...


Yuki.... what's going to happen to Yuki?

Would Yuki be able to confess to Mayu?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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All of a sudden, Yukirin's grip slackened. "Yuki!!!" Mayu shouted getting the doctors attention. "C'mon Yuki.. Stay with me. You haven't heard my answer." I said with tears in my eyes. The doctor did a quick check and let out a relieve sigh. "She fainted but she's fine but we have to get to the hospital fast." The doctor said. He quickly tapped the person driving and told him to go faster.

Chapter 10
Yuki pov
'Where am I...' I groaned in pain as I felt an incoming headache. 'What happened?' I sat up and touched my body. 'Strange.. I have no wounds.' I stopped to touch my body. I stood up and looked around. 'Ah. I was ambushed and I got attacked.' I started walking around with a thought in my head. 'Am I dead?'

Everything surrounding me is white. "..Is there anyone?" I said aloud. A figure appeared not long after I called out. "Kashiwagi Yuki." The unknown figure stated as it walked into my sight. "You" I questioned her as my eyes widen in surprise. "Yes I am you. Do you remember what happened?" She asked. I shook my head in reply. "Not really. I just remembered getting attack and losing consciousness." I shrugged and let out a sigh.

"Yes, you were attacked but your group of friends managed to save you. You were actually on the way to the hospital before you fainted and appeared here." She gestured to our surrounding. "I see. So am I dead?" I asked bluntly. "No you're not." She laughed. "You just fainted and so I too took the opportunity to talk to you." She said as she started to walk. "C'mon. Let's go for a walk."

I didn't question much as to why were we walking around. "You see, I've seen the future." She stated out of the blue. "The future?" I asked surprised. She turned around and looked into my eyes. "Yes. There are a lot of things that are happening to our world. Specifically, yours." She made a hand gesture and not long after that, an image appeared.

There was chaos everywhere. Kids and elders being killed without mercy. There were people fighting and the bloodshed was horrifying.

"Soon, this will happen in your world." She snapped her fingers and the image disappeared. "..What??" I looked at her in disbelief. "But fear not. You and your group of friends.. You all will be the one who will defend your world." She said with a gentle smile. "You came here just to tell me that?" I asked surprised.

"Hmm. Not only that. I know you like your childhood friend Watanabe Mayu." I widen my eyes in surprised resulting in my other self to laugh. "You don't have to be surprise. After all, I am you." She laughed. "You were planning to confess your feelings right?" She asked as she looked into my eyes seriously. I nodded my head, wanting to reply but I got cut off.

"But after what happened you might just back out. So, I'm here to tell you. If you confess your feelings, everything will be fine." She said. "How can you be so confident?" I asked. "Because I've seen the future." She said as she checked her watch.

"Well, I guess I've kept you here longer than expected. Mark my words, you and your friends are the only hope for the future of your world. Whenever you face any problems, don't give up and continue to work as a team. Everything will go well if you guys continue on with your burning spirit."

"W-What?" I stuttered in surprise.

A table with a button appeared beside her. "I guess this is goodbye. Well then, we'll meet again if there is a need." She said as she pressed the button. As she pressed the button, the ground below me disappeared and I found myself falling down into darkness.

Mayu pov
"Kashiwagi-san only suffer from a broken arm and some bruises around her body, other than that she is fine. Her condition might have worsen if we didn't reach the hospital in time. She isn't waking up yet because of the anaesthesia." The doctor said as he heaved a relieve sigh out.

I bowed and mumbled a thank you to the doctor while he just gave me an encouraging pat on my shoulder. He took his leave and soon I sat down beside Yukirin. Yukirin has been in an uncouncious state ever since she was sent here. I ran my hand through her hair and arranged her bangs.

The door opened and soon footsteps could be heard. "How is she?" Yuko asked as she stood at the other side of the bed. "She still hasn't waken up.." I answered without looking at her. "I see.. Do you want to get something to eat? You haven't ate since yesterday." Yuko questioned, concerned was obvious in her tone.

Yes, Yukirin was admitted to the hospital yesterday and she hasn't waken up yet. I have called her parents and informed them. They came to visit earlier today, informing us that they'll unfortunately be busy for the next few days, so they requested for me to be with Yukirin and update them constantly about Yukirin's condition.

"I don't have the appetite to eat." I said coldly. "Mayu, do you want Yuki to see you like this? Do you want her to wake up and see you sick?" Yuko said strictly, this made me look at her. Her eyes were not filled with pity but instead, concern. "Alright, I'll have some food." I sighed.

"Good. I'll be going to the convenience store with Nyan nyan. We'll be back in an hour." Yuko said with a small smile. Before she left, she pat me on the shoulder. "She'll be fine." Yuko gave an encouraging squeeze on my shoulder and with that she left.

Silence filled the room. I held Yukirin's hand tightly, giving a small kiss on it. "Yukirin.." I sighed. "Stop sleeping will you?" I said desperately but there was no response. As time passed, I found myself slowly dozing off but as I didn't want to fall asleep, I went to the toilet to freshen up. As I returned back to the room, to my surprise Yukirin's finger was twitching and soon her eyelids flutter opened.

"Yukirin!!!" I ran to her side as fast as light and quickly but gently held her hand. "Are you okay??" I asked, concern evident in my tone. "What am I asking, of course you're not okay." I groaned at myself for asking such question. To my surprise, Yukirin giggled a little.

"I'll go get the doctor." I was about to dash out but Yukirin gripped on to my hand tightly. "Ma..yu.." Yukirin stated hoarsely. I helped her and slowly brought her into a sitting position, mindful of her arm that was broken and some bruises. I held a water bottle that was prepared by the hospital and a straw was picked from the bundle that Takamina and Yuko bought. "Here.. It'll be easier to drink this way." She nodded her head and started to sip on the bottle of water.

"..Thank you." Yukirin said sincerely as her voice became less hoarse. I smiled and soon tears that were gathered at the corner of her eyes fell. Yukirin who was watching, panicked seeing me act like that. "..M-Mayu?" Yukirin stuttered. I wrapped my arms around Yukirin's neck and pulled her in for a warm embrace. "Yokatta... I was so worried about you." I sobbed at the crook of her neck. Yukirin with one arm disabled, awkwardly pat me on the head. "There there.. I'm fine now.. right?" Yukirin tried to comfort me like how a mother would. I nodded my head and Yukirin let out a sigh of relief.

"Ne, Yuki." I started, still resting my head at the crook of her neck. "Were you able to hear everything I said in the ambulance?" I stated, wondering about her consciousness in the ambulance. Assuming that we'll be in this position for some time, Yukirin shifted a little to get herself more comfortable before she started to recall back. "Hmm. I wasn't concious so I didn't really hear anything. Is there anything wrong?" Yukirin asked.

"...I see. It's nothing.." I shrugged. "Oh. There was something strange though." Yukirin said as she tilted her head to the side. "What is it?" I questioned but before she could answer me, the door opened showing Oshiriko-chan, Kojima-san, Mariko-sama, Rena-san, Takamina, Acchan and Sayaka.

"Yuki! You're awake!" Takamina shouted relieved. "I'll go get the doctor." Yuko stated as she started to walk away. "Yuuchan, wait for me." Kojima-san said as she chased after her squirrel who ignore her.

The others came in and sat beside Yukirin. "How are you feeling?" Rena asked worriedly. "I'm feeling better." Yuki said with a smile. "Ah, Mariko-sama and Sayaka-san. Thank you for saving me." Yukirin said as she bowed a little towards Sayaka and Mariko-sama. "You don't have to thank us." Mariko shrugged.

"If you want to thank someone, you should thank Yuko." Sayaka said and nodded her head. As she said that, Mariko-sama just stood there eyes wide in surprised. "Eh? Oshiriko-chan?" I asked surprised. Sayaka's eyes widen in realization that she made a mistake with Mariko's glare.

"Yea. We were about to leave school when all of a sudden she just stopped and after a minute she told us that you" Takamina gestured to Yukirin. "were being attacked at the school's back alley while she just started to sprint to the school roof." After Takamina ended, Oshiriko-chan came back in with Kojima-san.

"The doctors will be here in 10 minutes. There are a lot of patients." Yuko stated as she walked in towards Yukirin's bed with Kojima-san in tow. "How are you feeling?" Kojima-san asked. Yukirin said the same thing earlier but she looked at Yuko, curiosity in her eyes. "Yuko-san, how did you know I was getting attacked at the back alley?" Yukirin asked.

Yuko looked at her surprise. "..I..I just had a bad feeling about it." Yuko shrugged. "But that doesn't explain how you know where exactly Yukirin is when she got attacked." Takamina stated. "And not to forget how you knew Mayu was up on the roof." Acchan stated, as everyone looked at Yuko. "I.."

"Ah, Kashiwagi-san you're awake. We'll be doing a quick check up so can the rest of you please exit the room for a while?" The doctor asked nicely. "We'll talk about this later." Yuko said as she walked out. The rest also started to leave but as I was once again about to leave, Yukirin held my hand tightly. "Doctor, can she stay here?" Yukirin asked the doctor who looked amused with a pleading look "Alright."

End of Flashback
"Ah, that does bring back some memories.." Yuko said while Haruna pouted. "The Yuko back then was so cold and stoic.." Haruna sighed as pouted eliciting laughter from the rest. "Not going to deny on that." Takamina agreed while the Mayuki's laughed even more. "Well, you managed to break the stoic me didn't you?" Yuko said with a smile as she squeezed Haruna's hand eliciting a giggle and a small blush from Haruna. "By the way, what happened back outside when we were in the room?" Mayu asked as she looked at Yuko curiously. "Well.."

Yuko pov

'Ugh.. I got to carried away. I shouldn't have acted that rashly. But if I didn't, Yuki-chan's life would've been in danger.' I sighed as I rested my body on the wall. Haruna was beside me but she didn't questioned me. She gave me the time and space that I needed which I am grateful for.

I looked over to Sayaka and Mariko who are both also deep in thoughts. I walked over to them as they were standing away from Takamina and Acchan. Haruna wanted to follow me but I shook my head and gestured for her to go over to the Atsumina pair.

She pouted but she complied. I let out a sigh as I stopped in front of the both of them. "It's time isn't it?" I said with a stern look on my face. Sayaka and Mariko looked at me and gave me a small nod. "We don't want them to know too much as it I'll put them in danger but we don't have much of a choice now." Sayaka sighed.

"It's inevitable. Sooner or later they will know." Mariko said. "I just hope that they'll be understanding." I sighed.

"You girls can go in now." The doctor said aloud breaking the awkward atmosphere. "Thank you doctor." All of us said as we bowed a little. All of us headed in to the room. Yuki and Mayu were looking at us with curious eyes. There was another awkward silence.

"..What did the doctor said?" I asked, breaking the silence. "I'm going to be fine. Can you please tell us what are you hiding from us?" Yukirin pleaded. Everyone's eyes was on me again, I sighed as I stood in front of them.

I looked over to Sayaka and Mariko gesturing them to stand with me. "Yukirin, when you fainted did you see an unknown figure but apparently it is actually your own self?" I asked, looking straight in to her eyes. I could see Takamina fidgeting from the corner of my eyes while Yukirin's eyes widen in surprise. "H-How did you know?"

"You see, the three of us here had also have that dream. But it was worse for Yuko." Sayaka said as she gestured to me. "In that dream, you saw yourself showing you the future, am I right?" I questioned, ignoring what Sayaka had said. Yukirin nodded, still looking surprised.

"In my case, the first time the dream happened it was the same as you. Just seeing myself showing me the future of the world, the chaos and bloodshed. The following times where the dream occurred, I got pulled into the future. I was there to witness all the killing and torturing." I shivered after recalling back everything I went through.

"You may think that, 'Oh it's just a dream..' But you're wrong. I could smell the blood and I could hear people screaming in pain while some were screaming for help." Everyone else looked bewildered while Mariko looked sympathetically at me while Sayaka gave me a pat on my shoulder.

Mariko and Sayaka seeing that I needed time to compose myself, continued on for me. "You see, those who had those dreams are the Chosen Ones. Frankly speaking, everyone here are the Chosen Ones." Mariko stated bluntly. "Yes, I believe Takamina already had such dream. Am I right?" Sayaka looked at Takamina questioningly. "Y-Yes. But I thought it was just some dream." Takamina said in surprised.

"Unfortunately, it isn't." I stated after I composed myself. "The three of us have been aware of all this since when we were young. Oh, there's something that Mariko needs to tell you." I said, gesturing to Mariko.

She took a deep breath before she started. "I'm not human. Well I am, but I'm not fully human. I am half robot half human." She stated. Everyone's eyes widen except Mayu. "I knew it!" Mayu stated aloud breaking the tense atmosphere. Mariko laughed. "Yes, I am aware that you knew. You also had that dream not too long ago right?" Mayu blushed and nodded her head at the statement.

"Are the both of you human?" Acchan asked. "Oh yes, we're fully human." Sayaka smiled. "Mii-chan, Tomochin, Tomo~mi and Sae are also chosen to become the Chosen Ones."

"How long have you been aware of it?" Takamina asked. "Aware of what?" I asked as I tilted my head to the side. "Aware that you are the Chosen Ones." Acchan answered firmly. "Well myself and Mariko-sama have been aware when we were 15." Sayaka answered. "What about Yuuchan?" Haruna asked. "..I've been aware ever since I was a kid." I sighed.

"I have this ability to sense whenever the Chosen Ones have had said dream. After that, I'll talk to them about it." I stated. "But that still doesn't explain how you knew where Mayuyu and Yukirin were." Acchan said. "I.." I stuttered.

Sayaka sighed as she rest her hand on my shoulder. "Let me tell them?" She asked gently. I shook my head and composed myself. "I can mark whoever I want to and whenever they're in trouble I'll be able to sense it. I marked all the Chosen Ones for safety precaution." I said with a serious look.

"Let me tell you all something." Mariko said with a smirked. "She has marked all of you AFTER she was sure that you were the Chosen Ones. But there was an exception." Mariko grinned even more. "Mariko. Stop it." I said seriously.

Mariko ignored me and continued on. "She has marked Nyaro ever since they first met BEFORE she even confirmed that she was one of the Chosen Ones." I groaned mentally as I continued on with my poker face. I glanced over to Haruna and saw her blushing. The Atsumina and Mayuki pairing smiled and grinned at me.

I cleared my throat and made eye contact with Haruna. "I'll be honest here. Yes. I've marked you ever since I first met you because I have a hunch that you are the Chosen One." I said sternly. Haruna looked hurt but soon that facade was covered with a fake smile. I mentally groaned again. "And because you looked so fragile, I am worried about your well being and I needed to make sure that you are safe." I said with a blush and she soon a genuine smile was plastered on her face which made my heart beat a little faster.

Sayaka decided to save me from the situation and continued on seriously. "We believe that this will only be the start of everything. There are a few of you who have not have that dream yet right?" Sayaka asked and she got a few nods. "Rest assured we strongly believe that said dreams happened only once except for Yuko's case." Sayaka said.

"You can tell me straight whenever you have said dream but even if you don't tell me, I'll be able to sense it." I shrugged. "Alright. We'll leave now. Yukirin, take care of yourself. We'll come visit with you tomorrow." Sayaka said after catching Yukirin kinda sorta dozing off. "Remember to tell any of us if you have said dream." Mariko reminded. With that the rest of us left.

End of Flashback
"That does bring back some memories." Yuko said with a nostalgic smile. "So, when did the confession happen?" Takamina asked anxiously while the Mayuki pair giggled. "Calm down Takamina." Haruna said with a grin. "C'mon, hurry up. We don't have all day." Takamina said. "Alright alright. It happened right after you guys left." Mayu said with a grin.

Yukirin pov

"Ne Yukirin, how are you feeling?" Mayu asked worriedly as she looked at me. "I'm fine. Just a little tired and surprised with what Yuko told us." I sighed as I rubbed my temples. Mayu nodded her head in understanding. "That was indeed a surprise." She said as she started stroking her imaginary beard, eliciting laughter from me.

We both stayed silent as we looked at each other fondly. I suddenly thought of what my other half said in my dreams. ' "If you confess your feelings, everything will be fine." She said. "How can you be so confident?" I asked. "Because I've seen the future." '

"..Yukirin? Are you okay?" Mayu asked as she gently grasped my hand. I stared at her dumbly. 'Mayu..' "Yukirin, I'll go and call the doctor." She said. As she was about to sprint off I held her wrist tightly. "Mayu, I have something I need to tell you." I looked into her eyes, never wavering.

"What is it?" Her gaze soften. "I.." I stuttered. Mayu smiled at me, it feels like she know what I'm going to say. "What is it?" She asked again, smiling warmly at me as she held my hands.

"Mayu, I.." I took a deep breath. 'This is it. I'll honestly tell her how I feel.' "I've fell in love with you ever since we first met and..." I stopped as I avoided eye contact. Mayu reached out one of her hands to grab my chin. She lifted it and made me look into her eyes. "And?" She gently prodded as she smiled encouragingly at me.

"And.. When I was near the death bed, I really regretted not telling you how I feel." I said as my eyes started to watter and not long after, a tear dropped.

Mayu smiled at me as she wiped the tears that started to fall. "I know Yuki. I love you too." She leaned in and kissed me on my forehead. I felt esthetic. My childhood crush actually loves me back.

"I've love you ever since we were kids. When I saw you getting bullied, I don't know what or why but I was upset with how you got treated. After that incident, I promised myself to always protect you from danger and yet here you are.." She said with a sad smile.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you Yuki." Mayu apologized as she carresed my face. I shook my head and pulled her into my embrace. "It's not your fault." "But.." "Mayu enough. It's not your fault." I felt her nod hesitantly at me. 'Guess she's still upset about not being able to protect me.'

"Ne, Mayuyu." I called her with her nickname. She broke our embrace, a sad expression still plastered on her face as she looked questiongly at me. "Can you promise me something?" I asked with a smile. "Anything for you.." Mayu said sincerely making me blush.

"Promise to protect me from now on?" I smiled mischievously at her. She genuinely smiled at me and nodded her head enthusiastically. "I promise you Yukirin!" She said with determination. I giggled at her reply.

I leaned in and kissed her at the bridge of her nose. After that, I rested my forehead against hers and we looked lovingly at one another. "..Yukirin, can I kiss you?" She asked me with a hesitant smile. "You don't even have to ask." I said shyly as she leaned in and gave me a kiss. It wasn't an aggresive one. It was just like how I hoped for my first kiss to be. I closed my eyes, feeling those soft lips that I have yearned for.

Not long after we both separated, smiling warmly at one another. "I love you Kashiwagi Yuki." Mayu said lovingly as she leaned in for another peck on my lips. "I love you too." I looked at her fondly.

End of Flashback

"And that's how it happened." Mayu grinned reminiscing back about the past. "What a cute way to confess." Yuko grinned. Takamina smiled broadly but soon a frowned appeared on her face. "Why are you making that face? Our love story not interesting enough for you?" Mayu teased as she wrapped her arms around Yukirin.

"N-No! It's just that I was thinking how nice was your confession." Takamina said seriously. "Don't have any idea on how you should confess your love?" Yukirin asked as she held Mayu's hands in hers. Takamina nodded solemnly.

"..Well, do you wanna hear how our relationship started?" Yuko asked as she saw how Takamina was having an inner war. "Yes please! We all know that Yuko was a cold person back then and Nyan nyan was following Yuko no matter where she goes but we also don't know how the both of you started. It'll be good to be able to hear more experiences!" She said with her eyes sparkling.

"Yuuchan.. Are you sure?" Haruna asked. "Eh? What am I supposed to be certain about?" Yuko asked confused. Haruna pouted and hit her on the head. "Nyan nyan~ What was that for?" Yuko pouted. Haruna pulled Yuko into her embrace and whispered into her ears. "Are you sure you're ready to tell them about your past?" Haruna pulled apart and looked at Yuko's stun face.

Everyone looked at them confused. Marimii, Tomotomo, WMatsui, Sayaka and Acchan came in at this time. "Yuuchan? Haruna called worriedly as she held Yuko's hand. "What's up?" Mariko asked curious. "Well.." Mayu looked at Yuki wondering how they should answer.

"..I'll tell them." Yuko said after snapping out of her thoughts. "You sure?" Haruna asked concerned. Yuko gave a nod and squeezed Haruna's hands in reassurance. "I'll be here with you." Haruna said leaning in for a quick kiss on Yuko's lips making Yuko smile.

"We were talking about how the Mayuki's got together and it shifted to the Kojiyuu pair." Takamina stated bluntly, somewhat forgetting that she was asking for love advice. The Mayuki pair let out a loud sigh.

"I.. I've been hiding something from you guys." Yuko stated nervously. "What are you hiding from us, chiyuu?" Tomo~mi asked curiously. "..Before we talked further about this, let's go somewhere private." I gestured for all of them to follow me as we head to the meeting room.

"Can you tell us now?" Mayu asked gently. "..Do you remember the time when Yukirin got hospitalized?" Yuko asked. Everyone nodded their head. "You told us about the Chosen Ones then." Acchan said. "Yes, but I kept something from you all."

Mariko and Sayaka eyes widen, knowing where this is going. "Are you sure Yuko?" Mariko asked. "You don't have to tell them anything if you're not ready."  Sayaka said. "Eh? The both of you know too?" Mii-chan looked at the both of them in surprise while the both of them just shrugged.

"They know because they were the first two who realized that they were the Chosen Ones earlier then the rest of you." Yuko said as she rubbed her temples.

"Nyan nyan knows because we are together." Haruna squeezed Yuko's hand in encouragement. "So what exactly are you hiding from us?" Tomochin asked, her tone showing that she's serious.

"..Do you all remember me talking about my family?" Yuko asked. "No, we've met them before though." Rena answered. "But back then when we asked you about them, you would give us the cold shoulder for days." Mii-chan stated bluntly.

Yuko gave a sad smile. "I have a reason for acting like that." She said. "What is the reason?" Rena asked as she looked into Yuko's eyes with concerned. "..My parents.. They're the reason why we are having this war between humans and robots."

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Yuko's parents the ones that started the war or the reason?

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"My parents.. They're the reason why we are having this war between humans and robots."

Chapter 11
Yuko pov
"What do you mean?" Tomochin asked confused. "Yea, you're saying that your parents started the war?" Takamina continued. "How is that possible?" Jurina said in disbelief. "But your parents seem to be really nice." Tomo~mi added. "Is this some kind of joke?" Yukirin questioned with a nervous laugh. I stayed quiet, feeling my head spinning around.

"Yuko-san, you mean your parents are the ones who misused the power for evil?" Rena asked after some deep thoughts. "..Yes." I said aloud. Everyone in the room fell silent. "..I used to have a brother." I started. "What?!?!" Mii-chan shouted in surprised, resulting her into getting hit on the head by Mariko. Usually we would laugh whenever this happens but the atmosphere was so tense that none of us laughed.

I gathered my thoughts and took a deep breath before I started. "He was older than me and just like me, he is very smart or should I say wise. When I was still a kid, he found out that our parents are misusing the power given to them for evil and so he secretly build an organization which is the current one we're in, to stop them. It took him years and when the organization was ready and completely build, I was already 8."

I let out a sad laugh. "Unfortunately, during that time my parents found out. They were determined to kill him." I released my grip on Haruna's hand as I gripped both my hands tightly. "How would they have the heart to kill their own children?" Takamina asked surprised. "Because we're not." I answered sadly as I looked up at them. I could see that they were even more surprised.

"You see, my biological parents were scientists. They were assigned on the task to further the experiment on robots with my foster parents. My biological parents were the actual ones who created the robots, with the concept of wanting humans and robots to live in peace but my foster parents didn't want that. They wanted power. Power to rule the world and therefore leading them to a disagreement, resulting them to go on their separate ways. My biological parents knew that my foster parents were up to something and so they had made a new system, The Chosen Ones. I was the first Chosen One and I've been aware of it ever since I was 5." I stopped. "So, did you went against them?" Mayu asked. "Yea, did you? Since you knew you were the Chosen One." Yukirin added.

"No, I didn't even know that my foster parents were bad. My biological parents past away due to a lab accident. My foster parents were assigned to take over the project. They took me and my brother in because they believed that we would be able to help them in the future to further their experiments. They also wanted to keep an eye us."

Haruna looked worriedly at me as she held both my hands in hers. "You see, when they found out that my brother was going against them, there was no longer any point in keeping him alive. My brother didn't want to burden nor put me in a dangerous position as I was still young so he didn't told me anything about it. Before he left to run away, he gave me a pendant. I didn't know why the sudden gift, but as a kid, I was really happy to receive that gift from him."

"Whenever I asked them, 'Where's oni-chan?', they would just answered that he went abroad to studies. Being a kid, I believed them as my brother is smart. But deep down I had a feeling that it wasn't like that." I took a shaky breath as I looked at Haruna who smiled encouragingly at me.

"I found out when I was 10. I had dreams that were all about the pendant and one day, I couldn't stand it any longer. My curiousity got the best of me. I took off the pendant and to my surprise there was actually a hidden spot behind it. I made sure I was alone before opening it. As I opened, there was a piece of map. The map led me to this base here." I said as I looked at my surroundings.

"When I entered the place, I was amazed alright. Following the map, I ventured further in. It led me to the tech support. There was a video already there, just waiting for me to press the play button." I said with a nostalgic smile. I removed Haruna's grip from mine as I opened the file which required me to type in my password. I typed a few words and soon I had access in. After a few more clicks,  said video appeared. "I'll play it for you all."

"..Yuko-chan. If you're seeing this it means that I'm no longer here. I'm sorry that it had to be this way but there's something I have to tell you. Our foster parents are planning on something bad and I decided to stop them. But unfortunately, I won't be able to. Remember about mum and dad mentioning about you being The Chosen Ones? Yuko-chan, you have to find all the other Chosen Ones and stop our foster parents. I know it's hard but you have to do it. For the world and it's future. You and the other Chosen Ones have to stop them before it's too late. Noro-san and Ohori-san will be there. Do you remember them? They are our biological parents good friends." He stopped with a smile."They'll be helping you throughout the process." He gave a toothy grin before continuing with a serious expression. "Yuko-chan. If you're looking for me, stop. You won't be able to find me anymore. Please stay strong and fight for the world Yuko-chan. Remember, oni-chan loves you."

With that, the video ended and I could see that everyone was surprised and some others were in deep thoughts. Haruna grabbed my hands and held them tightly. I took a deep breath to stop my tears from falling before continuing. "After realizing that my foster parents weren't who I thought they were, I went back to home, packed my stuff and secretly ran away from them. Thankfully I managed to escaped and I came back here, to the base meeting some grown ups."

"Ohori-san and Noro-san?" Takamina asked. I nodded my head. "A few others who were my biological parents good friends as well. They told me that they are aware of what's happening because my biological parents told them about it before the accident. They also said that my brother had find them and asked them to help. They helped me in managing the base as I was still young plus it was a request from my biological parents and my brother. Not long after that, my foster parents gave up on looking for me and decided to continue on their research. I on the other hand, met Sayaka and Mariko around the age 11." I smiled fondly at the memories. "Yes, we became close pretty quickly but Yuko was distant at first. Thanks to our persistence, we managed to break her ice and get in." Sayaka said reminiscing back about our past.

"And as the time goes by, I started having dreams about both Sayaka and Mariko on alternate nights. At first I didn't understand why I was having dreams related to them but after one fine night, I found my parents old journal. Inside there it was written about some of the Chosen Ones. It also stated that I, will have dreams on a certain individual when the time has come for them to know about the Chosen Ones. And so, it led me to confronting the both of them which led to much shock." I chuckled a little.

"Well, we didn't know what to expect. I mean, back then you were 11 while we're 15." Mariko said. "That's true. It was weird as how Yuko was able to know about the dream as we didn't even mention to each other." Sayaka agreed.

"We'll do a little time skip. After that, I slowly began to meet the rest of you as Sayaka and Mariko made me enrol at our past school." I smiled fondly at them. "No wonder you were such a cold person." Gachapin said, once a again resulting in her getting hit on the head by Mariko. "I won't deny that. I had problems trusting people." I shrugged. The others looked at me with a sad smile, silently encouraging  me to continue.

"Well, it slowly led me to knowing that the rest of you are also the Chosen Ones." I smiled. "I see. Is there anything else you are hiding from us?" Takamina questioned as I fidgeted in my seat. "..There is. In fact, not even Sayaka nor Mariko nor Nyan nyan knows about this matter." I said resulting the other three to look at me seriously. Nyan nyan gripped my hand tightly. I squeezed hers back in reassurance.

"My foster parents were there when I was captured." I shivered. "They were the ones who tortured me and they strongly believed that I'm dead." I said looking at Sayaka. "And it has to remain that way. We cannot allow them to know that I'm alive. They believe that if I'm gone, there will be no way for The Chosen Ones to win them." I kept eye contact with Sayaka.

Sayaka scowled at me as she stood up from her place and slammed her hands on the table. "You shouldn't have hide this from us. This is an important matter." She reprimanded.

"What, did you expect me to tell you that my foster parents that I loved turned out to be my enemies and they were the ones who might've cause the lab accident that resulted in my biological parents death? You want me to tell you we have to kill them?" I shouted back as I stood up and tears started to fall. "I couldn't.. They might've been the reason as to why my biological parents are dead but they were the one who raised me up with love when my biological parents passed away." I let out an ironic laugh.

"But they had the heart to whip me, wanting me to die!! Did you know how hurt I felt? Did you know how much I wanted to give up hope on life? I was so close to dying that I thought 'Just die.. You won't have to suffer any more.'" I cried out as I fell on to the floor. Haruna wrapped her arms around me as I sobbed.

"Sayaka!" Mariko shouted as she ran over to me and wrapped me in her embrace as well.

Takamina pov
The others and I myself, were frozen in our seat as we didn't know what to do. We all looked worriedly at Yuko who was a crying mess. Acchan grabbed my hand and gestured for us to go out. I made eye contact with the others, they all got my signal and so they headed out. I looked at Mariko who nodded her head in understanding as Acchan and I headed out as well.

As we were outside, I could see that everyone's eyes were watery. Not wanting other people to know what happened, I gestured them to the other meeting room. All of us quickly headed in and as soon as the door closes. I could hear Jurina sobbing in Rena's arm. Yukirin and Mayu's eyes were also getting redder. Tomochin who was always hot tempered was quiet as she held Tomo~mi who was also sobbing harshly in her arms. Tomochin although quiet, I could see that she was sad. Mii-chan on the other hand was crying a river loudly in the room.

I looked worriedly at Acchan. Her eyes were also red and so I pulled her and wrapped her in my embrace. "Shh.. It's okay." I said as I gently patted her on the back. My eyes started to tear up as well and soon the whole room was full of sobs.

Mariko pov
I stared coldly at Sayaka who looked guiltily at me. "Yuko, it's alright.. Let it all out." I urged as I rubbed her back while Haruna held Yuko tightly in her arms. I stood up and separated myself from them as I pulled Sayaka to a corner.

"That was immature." I said as I stared at her. "I know but it wasn't right for her to hide this from you, me or anyone of us!!" She retorted. I growled as I pushed her to the wall. "Do you have any idea how much pain she's going through?" I scowled. Sayaka groaned. "..I'm sorry." I removed my grip from her. "Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Yuko later." I said as I looked over to Haruna who looked worriedly at us. I shook my head and smiled and gestured to her that we're leaving the room for a while to give them space. I looked over to Sayaka, gesturing her to follow me out.

Haruna pov
"There there.. Let it all out.." I said as I gently pat her on the back. "It hurts Nyan nyan.." Yuko sobbed at my chest as she tighten her grip on my shirt. My eyes started to get redder as tears start to fall as well.

I held Yuu-chan tightly in my embrace, patting her gently on the back while whispering comforting words to sooth her. Soon her sobbing ceased. "..Yuuchan.." I muttered. The both of us pulled apart as she smiled sadly at me. "I'm sorry.. I keep making you cry." Yuko said as she wiped my tears and kissed me lovingly on my forehead before moving down to the bridge of my nose. I shook my head and carresed her face with my hands, wiping the tears. I looked into her eye and smiled lovingly at her. "You'll be fine. All of us will be here with you." Yuko nodded her head. "Yuuchan, please don't hide anything from me any more? I want to be with you not only through the good times, but the bad times as well." I caressed her face. "...Whatever you're going through in the future, please tell me?" I pleaded as my eyes started to water again.

"Mmn.." Yuko smiled a genuine smile this time. I smiled in return and leaned in, pressing our lips together for a quick kiss. I stood up before gently tugging Yuko to follow suit. I ran my fingers through her dishevelled hair and wiped her tear streaked face. Yuko copying me as she too helped me to tidy up so that we'll look more presentable.

"..Yuuchan.. If you want, we can continue on from where we left now later in our room?" I smiled teasingly at her, eliciting a laughter from her. "I would love that." She said as she leaned in for another peck.

"Mmn! Let's go look for them?" I smiled encouragingly while Yuko nodded her head. "I'm worried about them too.." Yuko sighed. "Especially Sayaka and Mariko."

Takamina pov
After some time, Mariko-sama and Sayaka came in. "How is Yuko?" I asked worriedly. "Nyaro is taking care of her. Give them some time." Mariko sighed as she walked over to a Mii-chan who was sitting in a corner, sniffing.

Sayaka came in looking guiltily. All of us stared at her while some of us even glared at her. "I know I know. It's my fault. I should've been more considerate." She raised her hand in defeat. "I'm glad you do." Mayu said coldly. "I will apologize to her later." Sayaka said with a hint of regret in her tone.

I sighed and rubbed my temples. Acchan had calm down some time ago and now she's with Rena, trying to calm Jurina down. The atmosphere was still very tense but soon Mariko-sama started speaking.

"Yuko had a tragic past." Mariko said aloud after she managed to calm Mii-chan down. "But now we're here aren't we?" She said with an encouraging smile. Me, understanding what she was planning, continued on.

"And that's why we have to train harder to help Yuko in this." I said with determination.

"Yuko has been standing on her own two feet ever since she was young." Sayaka added with a sad smile.

"But now we're here, and so we'll help her to lighten the burden." Yukirin said with a determined smile.

"Even if it's just a little, we have to help share her burden." Mayu added, thinking about how her Oshiri Sister had helped her throughout her life.

"We should tell her to depend on us more." Tomochin said as she sighed.

"I'll do my best to help Yuko-chan." Tomo~mi said as she wiped her tears. Tomochin tighten her grip around Tomo~mi and smiled lovingly at her.

"That's right." Rena said with a smile as she lifted Jurina's chin, making eye contact with her. "Jurina, Yuko-san has helped us a lot right?" Rena questioned as Jurina gave her a nod. "She's help us through thick and thin and she never abandoned us no matter what happened." Jurina said as her sobbing started to ceased. "Mmhmm. That's why we have to help her and do our best, okay?" Rena smiled while Jurina nodded her head and pulled Rena in to her embrace.

"Yosh!! Let's do out best for our beloved leader!!" Mii-chan said as she pumped her fist in the air. A few laughters were heard and soon the door opened, showing Yuko and Nyan nyan standing there. Everyone froze in their spot as Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile and came in, hand in hand with Haruna.

"Er, did you hear everything?" I asked. "Yeap.." Yuko said with a smile. "Right from the start?" Mayu questioned while Yuko nodded her head. "Right from the start." Yuko repeated.

"A-Ano.." Sayaka started as she rubbed the back of her neck, clearly indicating that she was nervous. "I'm sorry for being so inconsiderate. I as the head of the group and also as your best friend shouldn't have acted that way. As what Mariko had said, the way I acted was really immature. I'm sorry." Sayaka said as she bowed a straight 90 degrees.

"It's okay.. I understand that you're just worried about me." Yuko said as she waved her hands. "But still! I'm sorry!" Sayaka apologized. "Alright alright.. Apology accepted." Yuko giggled as she pat Sayaka on the shoulder. Yuko looked over to the rest as Tomochin started.

"..Yuko, please depend on us more." Tomochin said firmly resulting in Yuko to give a nod. Jurina walked over to Yuko and bowed a 90 degrees in front of her. "Yuko-san, please give me extra lessons!" Jurina said as I could see Rena's eyes widen. "What's with the sudden request?" Yuko laughed, amused.

"I want to be stronger, to protect everyone here that I love. I also don't want the accident that happened back then to repeat it self because of my mistake." Jurina said seriously as she stared at Yuko. "Alright, but you'll still be under Rena." Yuko agreed with a smile as the rest of us smiled at their interactions.

"Of course I will be, I didn't asked to be under you." Jurina said as she sticked her tongue out at Yuko resulting Yuko to widen her eyes in surprise. "Why you mischievous pup." Yuko said as she wrapped her arms around Jurina's neck and started ruffling her hair. "Ahhh!! Stop! I was just joking Yuko-san!" Jurina shouted as Yuko was relentless and continued on messing with Jurina's hair.

"Oshiriko-chan!!" Mayu shouted as she to ran over to then and messed with them as well. Soon, Yukirin, Rena, Tomo~mi and Nyaro joined in the mess. "Hey wait for me!" Mii-chan shouted back to her usual Gachapin mood.

Atsuko, Sayaka, Mariko, Tomochin and I stood aside as we watched them with a smile on our face, thinking of the same thing. 'We have to win this war.'

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Chapter 12
Takamina pov
Sayaka requested for me to wait for Sayanee as they will be arriving today. Acchan decided to tag along as she had nothing much to do. "Takamina." Acchan started. I hummed in reply to show that I'm listening. "Do you know why Sayanee is coming over?" Acchan questioned as she tilted her head to the side in confusion. 'Ah... Kawaii..' I zoned out and soon I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Takamina? Are you okay?" She asked worriedly. "Ah! H-Hai! E-Eto, Sayanee is coming over to teach Yuko boxing." I answered her question with a little blush.

"Is it to help her with adjusting her strength?" Acchan asked curiously. I nodded my head. "Hopefully it'll work out." I sighed. "It sure had been a while since we last saw or even talk to Sayanee.." Acchan said as she looked around. "Mmhmm.. I didn't know Sayanee picked up boxing.." I said stroking my imaginary beard.

"Yes she did. Oh, this matter should be kept secret for now." Nyan nyan said as she appeared behind us. "Eh? But why?" I asked. "Because Sayanee doesn't want Yuuchan to know.. Yet.." Nyan nyan answered with a sighed. "Are you waiting for Sayanee as well?" Acchan asked curiously. "Mmhmm.." Nyan nyan answered as she sat herself down beside Acchan.

"How is Yuko doing?" I asked, concern evident in my tone. "She's fine.. Thanks for asking." Nyan nyan answered with a smile. "If there's anything wrong, don't be afraid to tell us." Acchan encouraged as she squeezed Nyan nyan on the shoulder. Nyan nyan nodded her head in reply and smiled brightly.

"Yo." A voice called for us. "..Sayanee?" Acchan started. "The one and only." She replied grinning. "Woahhh.. When did you cut you hair short?" I asked in surprised. "A long time ago, my friend." She answered as she run her fingers through her short hair. "Sayanee~~" An unknown voice called. The figure soon appeared and latch herself on Sayanee. "Ehh?" I looked in confusion. "You're dating as well?" Acchan asked as both our eyes widen in surprise.

Nyan nyan giggled. "You guys never kept in contact, did you?" She accused. "Well.." The three of us rubbed the back of our head sheepishly. "Anyway! This is Watanabe Miyuki, my girlfriend. This-" Sayanee introduced. "Wait! Are you Mayu's sister?" I asked as my eyes widen even more.

Sayanee pov
"No she's not.." I rubbed my temples as I looked at both my clueless friends. Haruna stepped in and introduced the two. "The not so tall one is called Takahashi Minami while this one is called Maeda Atsuko." Haruna said. "Oi!" Takamina shouted, eliciting laughter from us. "Nice to meet you Takamina-san and Maeda-san. As Sayanee said, I'm Watanabe Miyuki, head doctor at Namba." She bowed a 90 degrees.

"Nice to meet you." Takamina and Acchan replied with a little bow as well. "Wait! You're the head doctor at Namba?" Acchan asked. "Yes I am?" Miyuki answered, surprised by the sudden outburst. 'Ah.. Kawaii desu~' "Are you sure you're not Mayu's sister?" Takamina asked suspiciously. Nyan nyan sighed as I rubbed my temples. "For goodness sake, Takamina. Just because they have the same family name-" I was cut short by Takamina as she retorted back. "They have the same rank in wor-" I cut in her sentence and continued. "-and the same rank in work, it doesn't mean that they're related."

Takamina and Acchan dropped their suspicion after processing what I told them. "Alright, sorry for doubting you Sayanee. By the way, you can drop the honorific." Takamina said with a small smile. Acchan nodded her head in agreement. "You can call me Acchan." Acchan smiled her signature smile. "Eto.. You can call me Milky." She smiled widely. "Well then, Sayanee, Milky. Let's get moving?" Haruna said as she gestured for us to follow her lead.

Yuko pov
I was asked by Sayaka to wait at the training ground. 'I wonder where is Nyan nyan.. Even Acchan and Takamina isn't here..' I sighed as I started doing my stretches.'Nyan nyan left the house early, I didn't even get my morning kiss.' I let out another sighed. "Hey, what's wrong? You've been sighing ever since you got here." Mariko stated. "Just wondering where are the others.. I've got a feeling that you guys are hiding something from me." I said as I took a glance towards Mariko who had her usual poker face on.

"Hmm. Maybe. Maybe not." She teased as she stretched her legs. "Yuko-san, you don't have to worry too much. We're definitely not hiding the fact that Saya-.." Jurina was stopped halfway, courtesy of Rena who covered Jurina's mouth with her palm. Mariko gave Jurina a death glare, frightening the poor puppy. "W-What she meant to say was, we're definitely not hiding the fact that Sayaka is very secretive.." Rena said nervously.

"Yes! Exactly what she said!" Jurina said as she clapped her hands together. "Hmm.. Can't deny that.." I shrugged my shoulders. After making sure I've warmed up enough I called over to the other three. "Hey, you guys done with your warm ups?" I asked. "Yeap!" Jurina agreed. "Pretty much." Mariko said as she cracked the bones located at her neck. "Yeap, I'm done." She grinned. I nodded my head as I looked over to Rena. "What about you?" "All set. What are we gonna do?" Rena asked as they all gathered themselves around me.

"We'll do a 3 vs 1 fight." I said with a grin. "Wait. Are you sure?" Mariko asked concerned. "Yeap. I've talked to Sayaka about this before." I said with my signature squirrel smile. "Alright. Becareful." Mariko smiled warmly at me. "You guys are the one who should be careful." I said with a grin. "Yuko-san, I'll do my best!" Jurina pumped her fist into the air. "We won't hold back." Rena smiled deviously.

"Good. Don't hold back, cause I won't hold back either." I said with a grin as I cracked my knuckles. "Right and if you don't think you can continue on with the fight any more, just raised your hand and we'll take that as a forfeit. We'll wait for said person to leave and that person will start our match back." I added. "Hai!" The three shouted in unison.

No one pov
Yuko, Jurina, Rena and also Mariko took their stance as they started the battle. Everyone was waiting for the other to make a move and not to any of their surprise, Jurina was the first to lunge forward. Jurina ran at full speed, as she jumped with her fist ready, aiming at Yuko's face. Yuko grabbed the fist aiming for her face but at the same time, she was making sure that she's not using too much force in order to avoid inflicting any pain on her junior.

Yuko delivered a blow right at Jurina's stomach, causing her to stumble a few steps back. Before Yuko could move nearer to Jurina, Rena appeared in front of her. Yuko took a few steps backward as Rena continued on advancing. Rena raised her knee to the waist as she pulls her toes back and in a flash, she extends the foot at Yuko. Yuko raised her hands to block said attack.

Outside the training ground

"Oh? Is there training today?" Sayanee asked after peeking inside. "Mmhmm. Yuu-chan already got the permission from Sayaka to do a 3 vs 1 fight." Haruna said as she leaned on to the glass, continuing to observe her squirrel. "This is actually a great opportunity." Acchan said as she smiled. "Yes! You can observe Yuko's condition as she trains." Takamina added as Sayanee gave a small nod. Milky on the other hand looked amazed by how Yuko could do a 3 vs 1 fight, without much difficulties.

Not one to give up, Rena continued on with a jump kick. Yuko who red Rena's movement blocked the attack. Yuko quickly grabbed Rena's leg as she spun her around before tossing her into the air. Yuko jumped up with her fist ready, aiming at Rena. All of a sudden, Mariko appeared. She grabbed Yuko's fist and threw her back, causing Yuko to land on her back a few meters away. Rena who was falling down, was caught by Jurina.

"You okay?" Jurina asked as she scanned Rena's body, looking for any wounds. "I-I'm fine.. Thank you." Rena said with a blush. "Hey now! Stop flirting and help me." Mariko stated as Yuko continued attacking with her fists non-stop. All Mariko could do was to block said attack as they were no room for her to counter-attack. Yuko took the opportunity when Mariko was distracted, and did a karate chop at the side of the neck. Mariko groaned in pain as she fell to the ground. "Mariko-sama!" Jurina shouted. "Watch out!" Before Mariko could react, Yuko clenched her fist as she did a backfist. She swung her fist backwards into Mariko's face, making Mariko raised her hand in defeat, pausing their practice match.

Mariko quickly stood up and exited the training ground. "You okay?" Takamina asked as she eyed Mariko. "Oh you're here already." Mariko smiled warmly. "I'm fine.. Yuko didn't really used much of her strength." Mariko waved her hands. "Hello there, Mariko-sama.." Sayanee greeted with a grin.

"Well well, it's been a while hasn't it.." Mariko grinned. "Anyway, how long have you guys been here?" Mairko asked. "Long enough to see you beaten up." Sayanee teased, resulting in Milky to hit her. "That's not nice." Milky said as Saynee rubbed the back of her head, feigning pain. "It's alright.. We're used to her acting like that so no worries." Mariko smiled.

"So how have you two been do-." Mariko was interrupted as Yuko shouted. "Mariko!! How long are you going to take?" Yuko complained as she continued to eye the WMatsuis. Mariko looked over to the others who laughed. "We'll continue on later." Mairko said with a wink. She cleared her throat before shouting " Let the match continue."

'One down, two more to go.' Yuko thought as she grinned. Rena and Jurina who discussed a plan earlier ran forward in the speed of light. The WMatsuis jumped on Yuko and Rena managed to get a hold of her while Jurina get's her into a bear hug. "Feeling cuddly?" Yuko teased as she attacked Rena with a front kick causing her to stumble backwards. Not giving a second, Yuko's forearm was folded inwards towards the body and delivered an elbow strike towards Jurina who was 'bear hugging' her from the back. Jurina groaned as she loosen her grip on Yuko. Yuko grabbed one of Jurina's hand as she lifted her off the ground, throwing her on the floor.

"Yuko's strength has really improved drastically.." Sayanee said as she eyed Yuko. "Indeed it has." Mariko answered, without looking away from the fight. "Sayanee, to be honest, like what Mariko-sama said earlier, this isn't even Yuko's full strength." Takamina said as she looked at them fight. "I believe that Yuko is not even using half her strength." Haruna said with her poker face.

Jurina tried to push herself up, but to no avail. She raised her hand in defeat as she slowly got up. "Jurina! Are you okay?" Rena shouted from her position that was pretty far away from Jurina. "I'm fine.. Do your best Rena-chan!" Jurina shouted to her girlfriend and smiled encouragingly to her before she exited from the training ground as well.

"Oh! You're here!" Jurina widen her eyes in surprised. "This is the first time I'm meeting you but I've heard lot of stories about you." Jurina said as she bowed a little. "We'll continue this later." Jurina smiled as she shouted for the second time. "Let the match continue!"

"So it's the two of us left eh?" Yuko said as the two started to round each other up, observing each and every movement of the other. "It seems like that." Rena answered with a small smile. Soon the two were in close combat range. Rena was on the offensive while Yuko was on the defensive. Rena did a roundhouse kick but was blocked by Yuko. Rena quickly retracted her leg and raised her leg high and pulled it down with the heel pointed downwards, aiming at Yuko's head.

Yuko let out a loud groan as she fell on to her knee. "The advantages of being tall eh?" Mariko grinned as she continued to watch the practice match. Taking the opportunity, Rena focused all her strength on to her leg and did the roundhouse kick again, once again aiming at Yuko's head. Yuko raised her hands to blocked the kick but this time Rena's kick was too powerful, resulting in Yuko to fall to the side. Yuko shook her head and quickly got back up on her feet. "You done? Now it's my turn." Yuko said as she slowly stood up from her position before she dashed forward in an inhumane speed.

Now this time, Yuko was on the offensive. She continued to throw punches all over the place while Rena was trying her best to block all the punches thrown in her way. As the time goes by, Yuko's punches increases in terms of speed and power, the fatigue was slowly getting to her but she controlled her breathing to avoid herself from panting.

'The longer she does this, the faster the speed is increasing.. She's also doing a good job with her breathing, she's not taking too much air and not releasing a lot either. That's the Yuko I know.' Sayanee thought as she smiled a little.

On the other hand, Rena was starting to feel the fatigue as she panted. "Tired already?" Yuko teased as Rena's temper started to raised. Before Rena could reply, Yuko kept her fingers touch together, her hand pointed downwards as she swung upwards, striking the underside of the jaw. Rena flew into the air from the impact.

Yuko gathered all her strength and attacked with a roundhouse kick aiming at Rena's abdomen. Rena groaned in pain as Yuko fell onto one knee, breathing harshly. Rena raised her hand in defeat as the others came in. Haruna ran to Yuko's side while Jurina ran over to Rena.


"Are you okay?" Jurina asked worriedly as she used the towel to wipe Rena's sweat. "I'm fine.." Rena said after she gathered her breath. Rena pushed herself into a sitting position as she tried to control her breathing. Jurina passed Rena the water bottle as Rena muttered a thank you before gulping the drink down.

"..Good fight, Rena." Yuko said as she gave Rena a thumbs up. "Thank you.. You did a good job as well." Rena complimented her. "Thank you for holding back though.. I didn't want to have bruises on my face." Mariko said as she touched her face, eliciting laughter from the others.

"You did a good job Yuu-chan." Haruna praised as she passed Yuko a towel. "Nyan nyan..." Yuko took a deep breath, wiping her sweat with the towel before continuing. "Why are you here?" Yuko questioned as she looked at Haruna in surprised.

"I can't come to see my squirrel practice?" Haruna said with a pout. "You know I didn't mean it like that." Yuko said and raised her hands in defence. "I know. I was just teasing you." Haruna giggled. "We went to fetch your teacher for boxing." Haruna grinned as she side stepped, revealing another figure.

"Hey there... It's been awhile hasn't it?" Sayanee smiled before throwing a water bottle towards her, surprising her but with her quick reflexes she managed to catch it. "..Sayanee?"

And that's a wrap. I tried to write another fighting scene, I think it turned out better than the last one.  :wahaha:
I'll have to write more fighting scenes to improve on them!  :kekeke:

Erm, if you had red my OS post, then you will see that I said that I had an announcement to make.
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I hope that my fellow readers will be patient, waiting for me to comeback.
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I hope you enjoyed this Chapter. This will be my last update for now.
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Chapter 13
Yuko pov
"Wow. Hey there." I stared at the figure in front of me. "...You're going to teach me boxing?" I asked as I eyed her up and down. "Unfortunately so." Sayanee sighed. "I didn't know you picked boxing up though.." I stated surprised. "That's because I didn't mention about it. Also I started it about a year ago, when you went missing." Sayanee rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "Oh.. Right, somebody was always talking about Milky." I teased, resulting in both of them to blush. "Yuuchan.. Don't tease them." Haruna smiled a little as I nodded my head. "Hai hai.."

Sayaka who came in not long after we started our banter, smiled a little. She clapped her hands, gaining our attention. "We'll be  having a meeting after you guys cleaned up. I have informed the others as well about the meeting. It'll be held in the First Meeting Room. You guys have an hour to cleaned up. Don't be late." She warned.

"Hai.." We all said in unison. "We'll talk later okay?" I said as I gave Sayanee and Milky a curt nod. "We'll bring them to their room." Takamina said as Acchan nodded her head in agreement. "See you guys later." Sayanee said with a grinned as Milky waved before the four of them started making their way to the rooms.

"Well, I guess we better start cleaning ourselves up." Rena said as she slowly stood up with Jurina helping her. "We'll be going back to our room now." Jurina bowed a little. "AH! I better get going too. I'm supposed to bring Mii-chan for lunch." Mariko said as she checked her watch.

The rest of us snickered hearing it. "Mmhmm.. We'll leave now as well." I said as I grabbed Haruna's hand and squeezed it a little. Mariko left ahead of us as we slowly walked back to our place. "Did you hurt yourself?" Haruna asked concerned. "No no.. I'm fine." I smiled as I hummed aloud. "What are you thinking about?" Haruna asked curiously.

"Well, I've been thinking.. Why did you keep it a secret from me? As in, why not tell me that Sayanee is going to teach me boxing?" I questioned somewhat amused. "..She didn't want you to know." Haruna said as she fidgeted. "I know we made a promise not to keep secrets from one another. Gomen ne.." Haruna said as she dropped her head, feeling guilty.

"Nyan nyan~~" I called as I cupped her face. "It's alright. I understand that it's not you fault." I said with a smile. I kissed her on the forehead, eliciting a small smile from Haruna. "Let's go home.."

Meeting Room 1
No one pov

Sayaka was waiting in the meeting room for the Chosen Ones to arrive to begin the meeting. The Mayuki and Tomotomo pair were the first to enter. "Good afternoon.." All of them greeted her as they sat themselves at their usual seats. The Atsumina pair came in with Sayamilky a few minutes after the other four. The four looked wide eye at Sayanee.

"Woah..." Yukirin said with her eyes wide open and jaw dropped, her usual over reaction. "Why are you here?" Mayu asked surprised. "Not that I don't want you here." She said quickly raising her hands in defence. "Hmm.. You'll know later." Sayanee winked at them.

"This is Watanabe Miyuki." Atsuko introduced. "She's the head-." Takamina was cut short as Mayu stood up pointing a finger at her. "You!" Mayu shouted, surprising Sayaka and the Atsumina pair. Yukirin and Sayanee rolled their eyes, used to their way of interacting with one another. "Long time no see sis!" Mayu ended as she smiled widely and walked over to Milky and gave her a hug. "Sis?" Atsuko widen her eyes in surprised. "You lied to us Sayanee?" Takamina crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow.

Before Sayanee could retort, she was interrupted by Mayu. "No no.. We're not sisters. Back then when we were still beginners, we were in the same team. I depended on Milky a lot. So somewhere along the line, people tend to think that we're sisters as they always saw us together. Not to forget the fact that we have the same family name." Mayu grinned.

"She's the head doctor of Namba." Yukirin added, finishing Takamina's sentence. "We knew long time ago." Yukirin added nonchalantly. "E-Eh?!" Takamina said in surprised. "To be honest Takamina, the both of you are the only ones who did not keep in contact with me." Sayanee said as she looked at the both of them who avoided her gaze. "S-Sorry about that." Takamina said as she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly while Acchan laughed nervously.

Sayanee laughed as she gave a curt nod towards the Tomotomo pair. Tomo~mi was fast asleep, resting her head on Tomochin. Tomochin nodded back and gave her a small smile. "Anyway, where do we sit?" Sayanee asked as she looked around. "You can sit there." Sayaka gestured as she pointed to two seats beside the Mayuki pair. As they were settling down, the other three came in. The Kojiyuu, Marimii and also the WMatsuis.

"W-We're not late are we?" Jurina asked as she gulped. "No you're not.. We're just here early." Mayu said checking her watch. "We understand you guys need to take a longer time." Takamina nodded her head in understanding. "Please settled down." Sayaka gestured at the few empty seats.

"Hai hai!" Mii-chan shouted. "HO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Mii-chan shouted after managing to spot Sayanee. Mariko hit Mii-chan on the head, eliciting laughter from the others. "Lower down your voice would you?" Mariko sighed as she looked apologetically to the others.

Tomo~mi who was fast asleep just a while ago, woke up due to the noise. "Mmn?" She woke up groggily. "You okay?" Tomochin asked concerned. Tomo~mi nodded her head and gave a reassuring smile to Tomochin. "Just a little tired.." Tomo~mi looked around and spotted Sayanee, "Hey..You're here already?" Tomo~mi smiled warmly at the pair. Sayanee nodded her head, giving a small smile seeing that not much had changed from high-school.

Sayaka cleared her throat, silencing them. "Since everyone is here, we shall start the meeting." Sayaka said as she typed a few things on to the computer. All the others sat up straight, waiting for Sayaka to continue. "As you can see, Sayanee and Miyuki-san is here with us today. Sayanee is here for a reason while Miyuki-san is here just to accompany Sayanee." She stopped as the others looked intently at her.

"What's the reason?" Mayu asked. ".. All of you are aware of the fact that Yuko has problems with controlling her strength. Kojima-san did some research about Yuko's condition and after getting information from Sae, it is confirmed that Kojima-san's research are proved to be correct, therfor it led us to finding a way to help Yuko to control this aspect." Sayaka stated as she looked over to Yuko.

"I'll have to pick up a new martial arts and learn from the basics to have better control in my strength. Sayanee will be here to teach me boxing." Yuko stated while Sayanee nodded her head. "I got a call from Nyan nyan just a few days ago, informing me about this matter. Thankfully, I managed to clear up all my work back in Namba." Sayanee said with a small smile.

"Yuko's case was one matter. There is another reason as to why I called all of you here. Sae told me not long ago, we'd have to push our plans a month back. If we count the total amount of time left, it would equal to three months." Sayaka stated. "Isn't that a good thing?" Jurina asked in confusion. "Ya.. We get even more time to prepare too, chiyuu~" Tomo~mi said. "That's where the problem lies." Sayaka said, resulting in to a few of them widening their eyes in realization.

"I don't get it..?" Mii-chan said somewhat in questioning tone. "You see, it's true we have a longer time to prepare." Mayu said as she stared at the three intently. "But if we have more time to prepare, it also means that the opposing force.." Takamina stopped as her hands fidgeted. Acchan who was sitting beside her, rested her hands on Takamina's and held it gently. "It also means that the opposing force has more time to kill other innocent people." Acchan ended for Takamina.

"That's not the only problem. They might found out that we're plotting against them." Tomochin sighed as she rubbed her temples. "They also might plan something on a bigger scale compared to before." Rena looked warily at the others. "They can also gather a larger amount human or robot force to go against us." Yukirin said as she trembled a little.

Yuko looked at the other three who seemed to finally understand the situation that they're in and slumped onto the table. Yuko looked over to the others who looked discouraged. "C'mon guys! Don't get demotivated for such reason!" Yuko urged. "The fight hasn't even started yet and here we are feeling defeated."

"What Yuko said is true. It's too early to give up. For now, Yuko will be going through her training and I need the rest of you to also give your all in training to improve yourself." Sayaka stated as she leaned forward in her seat. "I'll be depending on you, Takamina." Sayaka said as she smiled encouragingly.

"I understand. I'll make sure the others train properly." Takamina said as she nodded her head. "I'll be there to help." Acchan said as she squeezed Takamina's hands encouragingly. "Right, there's one more thing. Yukirin, Kojima-san and Mayu, we have good news." Sayaka said as the three tilted their head in confusion. "Oh, what is it?" Mayu stated with interest. "Hai hai~ Can I say it?" Miyuki interrupted as she waved her hands. Sayaka agreed and gestured for her to go ahead.

"The Namba base was also working on a way to help cure the scars on Yuko-san's back." Miyuki stated before sighing. Haruna caressed Yuko's hands in an attempt to calm her squirrel down. "What's the problem?" Haruna asked. "We're stucked.. The medicine is actually already 50% complete." Miyuki said as she looked at Yukirin who clapped her hands.

"Did you bring the documents for the medicine?" Miyuki nodded her head in reply as Yuki beamed. "Maybe.. Just maybe.. We can combine both of our researches together, to make a cure." Yukirin stated as she smiled happily. Mayu inwardly chuckled, seeing how Yukirin was being so bubbly and energetic.

"Okay.. I'll leave to you doctors to discuss about it later. Yuko, don't worry about it." Sayaka said as she smiled gently at Yuko who nodded her head. "Mariko and I will be discussing on a better strategy here. Meanwhile, the two of you can take the other meeting room to discuss about the medicine to heal Yuko's back." Sayaka said as both Miyuki and Yukirin nodded their head.

"Kojima-san and Mayu, both of you will be on duty as usual." Sayaka stated as she looked worriedly at the other two. "Don't push yourself too hard. So far, there wasn't any major attacks that cause much casualties. After you are done with checking the wounded, you can help Yukirin and Miyuki-san." The two nodded their head in understanding.

"The rest of you.. As today, Yuko, Mariko, Rena and Jurina had a practice match, I would prefer for the WMatsui's to do some light training. Rena, you'll take care of Jurina. Meanwhile, Mariko will be here with me to plan a strategy so there's no need to worry about her overexerting herself." Sayaka said as the others nodded.

Sayaka looked over to Yuko with a stern expression. "You on the other hand, I'm pretty sure this mornings session was tiring?" Sayaka questioned while Yuko rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "Well, not really.. I believe I can start training today. We don't have much time to waste on." Yuko felt Haruna squeezing her hand in encouragement, resulting in Yuko to smile a little.

"Alright then, Sayanee and you will be taking the main field as we have managed some upgrades which are much more better for a person like you." Sayaka stated as she gestured to Yuko who pouted. "What does that mean?" Yuko said aloud, resulting in a few to laugh.

"Takamina and Acchan will take charge for training the others, which are basically Mii-chan and the TomoTomo pair." The TomoTomo pair nodded their head in understanding. "YOSH!!" Mii-chan shouted, resulting to Mariko face palming.

"Well, I guess that's all for now. Dismiss!"

Yuko POV
"Sayanee, I'll meet you at the main field. I have somethings I have to do first." I said as Sayanee nodded her head and started making her way over. "Yuuchan? What things do you have to do?" She tilted her head in confusion as I giggled a little. "Nyan nyan.. Can you come with me for a while?" She informed Yukirin who gave her a curt nod as the both of us started heading out.

"Where are we going?" She asked as I pulled her into an empty room, shutting the door behind us as I kabe don her. "Y-Yuuchan? What's the matter?" She eyed me concernedly as I shook my head. "I'm just worried about your well-being. Don't overexert yourself ne.." I leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips.

She giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "I won't.. Ne Yuuchan.." I wrapped my arms around her waist and nudged her to continue. She leaned in and whispered into my ears. "I love you."

I blushed as she laughed. "That was..unfair.." I pouted as she beamed brightly at me. "But I love you too." I grinned. "If you're feeling tired and all, just tell Sayanee and have a break, okay?" She raised her hand and caressed my face. "I don't want my Yuuchan to get hurt because of her recklessness." She sighed as I nodded my head. "I understand. Ne.. After when we're done with training and research and all, can we have dinner together? At a restaurant that is.." I suggested as Haruna's eyes widen at the idea.

She nodded her head furiously and beamed brightly before pulling me into her embrace. "Alright, I'll make the bookings.." I distanced ourselves and smiled at her. "I'll see you later. okay? Take care." I leaned in giving her a kiss on the forehead as she nodded.

The both of us took our leave, with a dinner date in mind.

That's it for now!
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Title: Humans And Robots - Chapter 14 (Kojiyuu + Others) 22/9/2015
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Hey there~ First things first, I apologize for the late update.  :kneelbow:
I've been a little caught up with some stuffs even after exams are over..
Second thing is. I think that my story is getting a little too draggy but I'll do my best!
Without further ado, let's begin!

Chapter 14
Sayaka pov
Meeting Room 1 [/b]
"I'm pretty sure that the opposing force still does not know that Yuko's alive." I leaned back at my seat as I looked over to Mariko. "I'm not too sure about that. Remember back then when we found her?" Mariko started. I nodded my head after I managed to recall back the incident.

"Jurina and Yuko encountered one of their robots and the chances of said robot informing the others at their base is high." Mariko sighed as she looked worriedly at me.

"True. So now there are two possibilities. 1. The opposing force is not aware that Yuko's alive. If that's so, I believe that they won't have their guards up."  I looked over to Mariko who nodded her head in agreement.

"If that's so then we are at advantage. With how everyone is progressing now, we have high chances of winning this war." Mariko kept silent, lost in thoughts before she added. "But we should not underestimate them regardless on whether are they aware that Yuko is alive." She said as she frowned.

I gave her small nod in understanding. "The second one would be that, they are well aware that Yuko is alive. But I truly doubt that they know.." After some thinking, a light bulb was lighted. "The robot that you were talking about earlier, I just remembered that some of our people helped to bring said robot back, they even operated it to get information after confirming that the thing was fully robot."

Mariko looked at me with her eyes widen. "What?" I asked her confused. "Seriously? You left out the most important detail?" Mariko groaned in her seat as I gave her a nervous smile. "Sorry, there was so much going on that I forgot about it." I sighed as Mariko soften her expression and waved the matter off. I ran my fingers over the keyboard and soon, said folder appeared.

"What was the result?" She asked after she got behind me. "Base on her memory card, she only encountered two Chosen Ones. Our scientists believe that the robot was a newbie and it doesn't recognize Yuko as well. Her communication line wasn't even activated." I red the report that was updated into the mainframe.

"That's good news. I believe that we can start planning on our strategy based on the second possibility." She said as I gave her a small nod in agreement. 'This is going to be a long day..'

Meeting Room 2
No pov

"Hmm.." Yukirin said as she analyzed both documents. "Milky, why did the the Namba base started experimenting on a cure for the wound on Yuko-san's back?" Yukirin asked as she looked over to Milky curiously before continuing to read said report.

"The fact that Yuko-san was caught as she was investigating, was something that even all the other sister groups know. We were all very worried throughout the years but recently when we received information that Yuko-san is alive, we were really glad. We wanted to come over right away to visit but we were all busy therfore we couldn't make it over until now." Milky smiled a little as Yukirin nodded her head in understanding.

"Sayanee heard that the wounds that Yuko-san received was really serious and that it may leave huge ugly scars. After confirming that, Sayanee privately talked to Sayaka, asking her for the permission to allow the Namba base to research on a cure for Yuko-san." Milky grinned before adding. "Sayanee really takes Yuko-san as her best buddy even after all these years." Yukirin smiled warmly as she recalled back the times they spent together when they were still a bunch of normal high schoolers.

"They were close back then we were back in school.." They fell into silence not long after. Milky gave Yukirin the time and space to analyze said documents.

About a whole 30 minutes later, Yukirin nodded her head frantically. 'It is possible to combined both our findings!!' She grinned and as Miyuki loooked questioningly at her. "We can combine both of our findings!" Yukirin gave a thumbs up as Milky looked at her in disbelief. "Really?! That'll be great!" Miyuki beamed while Yukirin nodded and started bouncing around like a kid.

"We can try to make a prototype first." Yukirin said as she gathered all the documents, gesturing for Miyuki to follow them to their lab. "Ah. I'll message Mayuyu and Kojima-san to tell them that we're at the lab." Yukirin added as she fished her phone from her pocket. Miyuki offered to help her carry said documents which was accepted by Yukirin politely.

Doctor's room.
Mayu pov

'Ah.. I've done my rounds.. Thankfully everything is fine.' I sighed as I leaned back into the chair. 'I wonder is Kojima-san done..' I took out my phone and to my surprised, there was a message from Yukirin.

Sender: Yukirin~~
Subject: Yay!
Mayuyu!! After analyzing both documents, it is possible for us to combine both our findings to make a cure for Yuko-san! We'll be in the lab making a prototype! I'll see you later, don't push yourself too hard!

I grinned as I red the message. "That's a relieve.." I said as the door swung opened. "What is?" Kojima-san asked as I gave her a small nod. I passed my phone over to her and she beamed as she red the message. "This is great!" Her eyes beamed brightly making me let out a small laughter.

Soon her phone rang, signaling an incoming message. She took out her phone, unlocked it and opened the contents of the message.

Sender: Yuki-san
Subject: Cure
Kojima-san, we've analyzed both documents and it is possible for us to combine our findings to make the cure. You can come over when you're done with your job.

Her eyes widen as she pouted. "Even after all these years, she's still so formal with me." She passed me her phone as I red said message. "It's a habit already.." I said with a grin. She let out a sigh before continuing.

"You done with checking your patients? If you are, we could go over to the meeting room together." Kojima-san offered with a small smile. I nodded my head in agreement as we headed over together.

Training ground
Rena pov

"Jurina, do you think you can train today?" I asked as I eyed Jurina worriedly. Jurina grinned and nodded. "We can do some light training and then head over to the mainfield to watch Yuko-san?" Jurina suggested as I thought.

'It is the best option for today since I don't want us to wear ourselves out.' I sighed as I gave her a nod. "We'll be doing physical training today. Planking, sit ups, push ups, lunges, crunches, squats, jumping jacks, frog jumps and chin up." Jurina stared at me wide eye. "Renachan~ We're supposed to do light training." She pouted as I giggled.

"Hai hai.. We'll be doing 5 out of all that I mentioned." I grinned a she let out a relieve sigh. "How many times?" Jurina started stretching her muscles. I smiled an evil smile. "Five hundred times." I teased.

"Renachan~~" She whined. "Two hundred times.." I said as she reluctantly agreed. "We'll start with sit ups?" She asked as I have her a nod. "Jurina got herself laying on her back as she looked me at. "Renachan. I need someone to hold my legs." She said as I walked over and held her legs.

"There.." Jurina nodded her head and adjusted herself before coming up. I started counting the amount of times she came up until she kissed me still with a wide grinned plastered. I stared at her in disbelief. "What are you doing?" I asked her as she looked at me innocently.

"I'm doing sit ups like you asked me to." Jurina said nonchalantly. "Does that involve kissing me?" I asked her as she gave a thought. She nodded her head furiously as I giggled. "No more kisses until you're done with all your physical training." I said sternly as she pouted but nodded her head in agreement. 'Too much physical contact..' Rena thought as a small blush makes it way on to her cheeks that went unnoticed by Jurina who continued on with her sit ups.

Takamina pov
"As you all have heard earlier, everyone will be busy. Yuko will be training with Sayanee at the mainfield, Mayu-chan and Nyan nyan will be making their rounds at the hospital before going over to help Yukirin and Milky. Sayaka and Mariko will be planning on a new strategy while the rest of us will continue on with our training." I said as I looked into their eyes.

"WMatsuis will be on their own as Rena will be training Jurina and so it'll only be the four of us. We'll be doing speed running today. Speed running will help you to improve your fitness level in a relatively short time and increase your running speed. In speed running, you will alternate periods of fast running with periods of walking. In this way, you can do more fast–paced running in a given workout than if you continuously run without resting." They nodded their head in understanding and soon the Tomotomo pair started with their warm ups.

I smiled encouragingly at them as I discreetly reached out and gently squeezed Atsuko's hand who smiled back at me. "Let's do our best." We both said at the same time together, causing a little blush to arise on our face. "Hey you two, are you going to stand there the whole day, doing nothing?" Tomochin questioned, snapping us out of our daydream. "S-Sorry. Let's start!"

Main field
No pov

"It's been a while since we last sparred right?" Sayanee said as she grinned widely at Yuko. "Mmhmm.." Yuko smiled as she stretched her muscles. "Right, I need you to do me a favor." Sayanee stated as she took a few steps back. Yuko looked questioningly at her as she stopped stretching. "I need you to attack me without holding back."

Yuko's eyes widen as she shook her head. "I can't control it. I don't want to hurt you." Yuko stated as she looked at her fist before making eye contact with Sayanee who seemed to be in a state of confusion. Realizing she phrased her sentence wrongly, she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Ah. I meant I need you to attack without holding back on this." She gestured to the boulders stacked up. "Ehhhhhhhhhhh?! Maji?" Yuko asked with her eyes wide opened. "Yes. I've asked Sayaka about this. The reason as to why we are doing this is, I need to know at least the maximum amount of strength that you can exert. Oh right, Sayaka also mentioned that this training session will be recorded for future purposes."

Yuko groaned as she rubbed her temples. "Alright.. Let's get started." Yuko stretched her arms before eyeing the rocks in front of her. "We'll start with a medium size bolder first." Sayanee stated as she placed said medium size in front of Yuko.

After Sayanee had retreated, Yuko closed her eyes as she calmed herself down. Yuko took a deep breath and as her eyes shot opened, she broke the boulder into pieces. "The amount of strength you're using?" Sayanee asked as Yuko stared at her fist. "15%."

Sayanee's eyes widen in surprised but she jotted it down. "If that's so.. We'll try with two huge boulder." Sayanee gestured for Yuko to start after she arranged it. Yuko nodded her head as she hit said boulder. "50%."

Sayanee nodded as a thought came into her mind. "Right, I've watched the video of you hitting the ground, leaving a big dent behind. Do you think your strength has grown?" Yuko nodded her head as she sighed. "Honestly speaking, if I have to compare, I would say that back then that was 80%.." Yuko sighed as she herself arranged five huge borders before hitting it, resulting in all of them to break.

"100%." Yuko whispered softly. Sayanee's eyes widen. "How are you so sure? You said you didn't know your maximum strength." Sayanee asked as she was confused. "I don't but this is the maximum I can control. I believe that there's something more but, I can't control it." Yuko looked nervously at Sayanee who nodded her head in understanding.

"Yuko. Try this." Sayanee arranged 20 huge boulders surprising Yuko. "Alright. I won't be holding back." Yuko sighed as Sayanee nodded.

Training ground
"Did you hear something, chiyuu?" Tomo~mi questioned as she wiped the sweat that was dripping down her face. Tomochin sighed but nodded her head in agreement. "What was that?" Tomochin looked over to Takamina and Acchan who looked confused as well.

"Should we go have a look? After all, we're having our break aren't we?" Takamina agreed to Acchan's request and so the four of them started making their way over to said noise.


"Renachan did you hear that?" Jurina asked as she looked worriedly around. 'What is going on?' Rena sighed. "Ne.. I think we should have a look." Jurina suggested as Rena complied.


"Wow. Yuko, you broke all the boulders." Sayanee jotted it down as she walked over to the last boulder. "I think you can do more than that. Last try, we're going with 50 boulders. We'll see how far your uncontrolled strength can go." Sayanee added as Yuko nodded her head.


"What are you doing here?" Takamina asked surprised seeing Rena and Jurina here. "We heard some noises.." Rena started. "So, we decided to check it out." Jurina added as Takamina nodded. "You weren't the one involved in making the sound?" Acchan asked as the two shook their head.

"I think it's Yuko. We should go to the main field." Tomochin added as she started making her way over followed by the others.


"What was that?" Mariko looked questioningly at Sayaka who quickly typed a few things down on to the pc, opening the surveillance system. Seeing that the sound and vibration was coming from the mainfield, she let out a sigh of relieve.

Sayaka opened the mainfield footage as Mariko stood behind her closely, watching. "Usoo.."


"Ehhhhhhhhhhh?" Milky stated as she heard the sound. "What's happening?" She asked as Yukirin shook her head in confusion. The two headed over to the other meeting room, looking for Sayaka and Mariko.


"Sayaka, what is going on?" Mayu questioned as Sayaka resize what she was watching on the the screen behind her. "What?!" Haruna shouted as she saw what was being shown on screen. She sprinted out of the room heading over to the mainfield. "I think I should head over as well." As Mayu was about to head out, she bumped into Yukirin and Milky who was making her way in.

"Oh hey there. I'll be coming back later okay?" Mayu said as she gave Yukirin a quick peck on the lips, causing her to blush. Mayu dashed out following Haruna as well. "W-What was that about?" Yukirin asked diet an eyebrow raised.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhh?! Is that Sayanee and Yuko-san?" Milky stated as Yukirin averted her eyes over to the big screen. "Maji?"


"What are they doing?" Takamina asked anxiously as they all watched Yuko who was ready to smash about 50 boulders. "Maji?!" Acchan for the first time stated with her eyebrows furrowed.

"Eh? Kojima-san. Why are you here?" Jurina asked surprised to see the doctor here. "What in the world are they doing?" Haruna stated as she rubbed her temples. "Mayu is here to, chiyuu!" Tomo~mi pointed over to Mayu.

"We heard a ruckus going on." Mayu stated as she looked into the main field and her eyes widen. "What the-" "No foul words Mayu." Takamina stopped Mayu from continuing. "I was about to say, what the fish!" Mayu sticked her tongue at Takamina who rolled her eyeballs.

"She's going to hit 50 boulders." Tomochin stated nonchalantly as all of them jaw dropped.


"Ready Yuko?" Sayanee asked as she nodded her head. "Go all out." She whispered before Yuko started taking her stance.

That's it for now! And cliffhanger~
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Title: Humans And Robots - Chapter 15 (Kojiyuu + Others) 14/12/2015
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Let's start shall we?

Chapter 15
"Ready Yuko?" Sayanee asked as she nodded her head. "Go all out." She whispered before Yuko started taking her stance.


No one pov
'I can do this.. Just let it go wild.' Yuko took a deep breath as she calmed herself down.

Yuko took her stance and closed her eyes. A few seconds went by, as everyone held their breath. All of a sudden, Yuko's eyes shot opened, surprising the others.

Yuko let out a war cry before moving her fist in, onto the boulder. Everyone who was watching jaw dropped as 25 of the boulders were smashed in the process, but Yuko wasn't done.

Her fist remains at the same place as she focused all her energy into it. Yuko opened her fist, putting a high amount of force that causes the boulders to break into pieces.

Yuko fell onto one of her knees as she panted. The place that once had 50 boulders stacked, is now full of rubles as all 50 boulders broke.


"Yuko!" Haruna was alerted as soon as Yuko fell onto her knee. She ran into the mainfield, hoping to help her squirrel with Mayu in tow.

Meanwhile the others were in awe. "Did you see that?" Jurina stated enthusiastically as everyone solemnly nodded their head. "Her strength is inhumane.." Tomochin muttered under her breath that didn't went unnoticed by the others.

"Yuko-san is so strong." Tomo~mi stated as Jurina nodded her head in agreement furiously.

Rena pouted as she saw the scene in front of her. "Yuko-san is taking my title away." Jurina giggled seeing her Rena acting like that while the others laughed seeing how Rena was acting.

"And what is your title?" Jurina asked, feigning innocence.

"The strongest of the group." Rena continued pouting as Jurina pinched her on the nose. "Then you'll be the Gekikara-est in the group!" Jurina stated cheerfully while the others let out a snicker.


"... That was.." Yukirin started as the others were still stunned by Yuko's strength.

"Sugoi ne, Yuko-san." Milky stated as the others nodded their head in agreement. Sayaka tapped on a button, instantly connecting her over to the mainfield with a screen appearing.

"Yuko, are you alright?" Sayaka asked a she observed Yuko who was still weak from that move. Haruna was beside her with a bottle and telling her to control her breathing.

"..Yes." Yuko smiled reassuringly at Sayaka who gave her a nod. "Sayanee, was that the highest count of boulders?" Sayaka questioned as Sayanee nodded her head.

"Yuko, did you have any control of that amount of strength you exerted?" Yuko leaned back onto the ground, thinking deeply. "..No. I just told myself to let it go wild." Yuko shrugged as she sat back up.

"So far, the highest amount of boulders that Yuko can destroy while she still has control over her strength was 25." Sayanee stated after checking on her notes.

'She can only control half of what she can't control.. But, if Yuko can break through 25 boulders with her strength being under control, I think this is pretty good. I believe Sayanee will be able to help her even more.'

Sayaka thought to herself before giving a small nod in understanding as she told Yuko to take a break for at least 15 minutes to cool herself down.

"And why exactly are the rest of you here?" Sayaka asked with an eyebrow raised, looking at Takamina and Rena's group. All of them let out a nervous laughter.

"W-We were having our break when we heard some sound." Jurina stated nervously while Rena continued.

"Therefore we decided to see what was going on. Jurina, I think break times over. Let's head back over." Rena gave a small bow before hastily dragging Jurina along with her.

"Same case here." Takamina raised her hand in defense. "We'll be heading off now." Acchan added as they started exiting the main field.

Sayaka sighed as Mariko laughed. "Kojima-san and Mayu, please do make sure Yuko is in a good condition before she continues her training." Mayu nodded her head as Haruna was practically all over Yuko, worried for her well-being.

"Did you overexert yourself?" Haruna asked gently as Yuko shook her head and gave Haruna a reassuring smile before patting her on the head. "I'm fine Nyan nyan.."


"To this extent eh.." Mariko muttered. "What do you mean?" Sayaka look confusedly at Mariko. "Yuko's strength." Mariko sighed as she rubbed her temples. "Ma. I guess it's a good thing." Mariko smiled a little as Yukirin and Milky nodded.

"Well, we'll be going back to the other room now." Yukirin said as she pulled Milky along. "All the best." Sayaka said as they left. "Well then, let's get back to business too." Sayaka looked over to Mariko who gave her a nod.


"I hope Yuko's fine." Takamina said as Tomo~mi nodded her head in agreement. "She'll be fine." Tomochin said as Acchan reached out to Takamina's hand, gently grasping it.

"Tomochin is right. After all, she is Yuko." Acchan smiled reassuringly as she gave Takamina a small squeeze, eliciting a blush from her.

"Ah! Takamina-san, I have something I need to do." Tomo~mi said as the others look at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Eh? What about training?" Takamina asked as Tomo~mi rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"It's really important.. I'll explain myself to Sayaka if she questions." 'It's not like she doesn't know what is going on..'

"Anyhow, I'm sorry and please excuse me." With that, Tomo~mi bowed before taking her leave.

"Eh?" Takamina stared blankly as they watched her leave. "Tomochin, any idea what's going on?" Acchan questioned as Tomochin thought for a while but nothing came to her. She shook her head as they sighed. 'What's going on..'


"Oshiriko-chan, Sayanee. I think that's it for today. We don't want you to overexert yourself." Mayu sighed after checking Yuko's condition.

Yuko was about to retort but she was stopped by Mayu who gave her a stern glare.

"Not to forget that you trained this morning as well. Oh right. What was it again? 3 versus 1?" Mayu raised an eyebrow at Yuko who pouted.

"Fine with me. We will start tomorrow." Sayanee agreed as she told Yuko to rest well before tomorrow's training.

"Otsukaresama." Yuko said as Sayanee replied politely in return before taking her leave.

"I'll be heading to see if Yukirin needs help. Kojima-san, you can stay with Yuko. I'll inform you if there's any good news." Mayu said with a smile as the other two muttered a thank you to Mayu who waved it off.

"Stupid Yuuchan." Haruna muttered right under her breath but it didn't went unnoticed by Yuko. "..And why am I stupid?" Yuko asked with an eyebrow raised, amused as Haruna stared at her. "Because Yuuchan is Yuuchan." Haruna sighed as she gently urged for Yuko to stand up.

Yuko laughed at her statement. Haruna had an arm wrapped around Yuko's waist, supporting her as they made their way back.

"Ah, I nearly forgotten. Nyan nyan? Can I borrow your phone? I left mine back in our room." Yuko asked as Haruna fished for her phone in her pocket. She passed it over to Yuko who muttered a thank you in reply.

"Hello? Tomo~mi? Yuko here." Yuko greeted with a grin on her face. "I'm done with training do you need help?" Yuko asked as Haruna took a glance at Yuko, wondering what was going on.

"Ah, wait a minute. There's another call coming in, chiyuu." Tomo~mi said as she answered said call after seeing who the caller was.

"Sayaka!" Tomo~mi greeted.

"Tomo~mi? Is today THAT day?" Sayaka asked as Yuko smiled widely and answered her with a yes.

"Sou.. I nearly forgot. Well then, shall we meet up now? Mariko knows what's going on." Sayaka asked as the other two heard Mariko laughing on the other side.

"Mmn. I'll be bringing Nyan nyan with me though. Oh, I'll be heading back to bath first." Yuko said as she checked the time.

"I'll be seeing you in 30 minutes?" Yuko stated unsure but the other two waved it off and agreed. The call was ended as that was said. Yuko looked around taking in her surroundings, she found out that she was already back to her place.

"Yuuchan? What's going on?" Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion. Yuko giggled and told her on what was going on.


"Ehhhhhhhhhhh? It's their anniversary?" Haruna said aloud surprising Yuko as she lost her footing. Haruna quickly held onto Yuko, preventing her from falling as Yuko sweat dropped.

"Nyan nyan, not so loud." Yuko reprimanded but she smiled a little, seeing how her cat was acting.

"We'll be helping Tomo~mi with the surprise as soon as I'm done bathing." Yuko added as Haruna gave her a nod.

"Do you want to bath with me, Nyan nyan?" Yuko asked as she started to removed her shirt and pants.

Haruna blushed seeing Yuko clad only in her underwear. Yuko took a glance and inwardly smirked, seeing that Haruna was blushing.

"Nyan nyan?" This snapped Haruna out of her reverie and she gave Yuko a meek nod. 'Heh.. It's been a while since we last bath together. This will be fun.'


"So, Tomo~mi. Do you have any plans?" Sayaka asked as she nodded her head enthusiastically.

"I gave a lot of thought on it. I want us to relive our first date." Tomi~mi said with a sweet smile, making the other two soften their gaze on her.

"I see. So what do you need us to help you with?" Mariko asked curiously. 'Since she already knows what she wants to do, why does she need us?'

Tomo~mi smiled sheepishly as she clapped her hands together and bowed her head. "Well since there's going to be the four of you.. I was thinking.. Maybe.. Er.." Tomo~mi fidgeted as the other two looked on with an eyebrow raised.

"Tomo~mi. Calm down and tell us." Sayaka urged gently as she took a deep breath calming herself down.

"I need one of you to help me take photos of the date. When the date is over, I want to compile the photos, making it an album and give it to her." Tomo~mi nervously looked up.

Mariko raised her hand and volunteered for that task. "Leave it to me!" Mariko playfully saluted at Tomo~mi who giggled.

Tomo~mi took out her phone and called for Yuko. After the line was connected, she put it on loudspeaker for the others to hear.

The phone was answered a few beeps later.

"Yuko-chan, we-" Tomo~mi was stopped as she heard a moan from the other side of the phone.

Sayaka and Tomo~mi blushed hard as Mariko had her trolled face on.

"Heh. Already making love in broad daylight eh.." Mariko said aloud.

There was a loud thud on the other side of the phone and soon a groaned was heard. "Y-Yuuchan! Are you alright? I'm sorry." Haruna's voice was heard as Yuko told her it's okay.

"Why hello there, good timing you have." Yuko said feigning annoyance, eliciting laughter from the other three.

"Yuko-chan, back on topic. I need you and Haruna-chan to help me decorate a place." Tomo~mi started, getting serious.

"The school's rooftop?" Yuko asked as a small smile graced her lips.

"Mmn! I'll leave it to you alright?" Tomo~mi asked as Yuko smiled widely although the others couldn't see. "Leave it to us! Nyan nyan, let's get going." Yuko said before ending the call.

"And what do you need me for?" Sayaka asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I need you to be the middleman. I need you to help me call her out." Tomo~mi said as Sayaka nodded her head.

"Where do you want to meet up?" Sayaka asked as she eyed the monitor that was displaying the town as everyone was busy with their life.

"Our school. Do not let her dress too flashily, I don't want to attract unnecessary attention." Sayaka nodded at her request.

"The date will be starting about an hour from now. The rooftop will be the last checkpoint or place that we'll be heading to." Tomo~mi added as the other two gave her a thumbs up.

"Now now, hurry up and go make yourself pretty. Right, take your clothing and head over to my room to bath. We will have to avoid her bumping into you right? I'll have to search for my camera. Oh, and Sayaka. You can help me after you're done with bringing her to the destined place." Mariko said as Sayaka gave her a nod and Tomo~mi thanked her. "Yosh, let's do our best!"


Author pov
The five of them went to work on the task that were given to them. Well then,  let's head over to see how Yuko and Haruna was doing.


"Yuuchan.." Haruna panted aloud as Yuko had kabe-don her on the door and the two started their make out session.

'Here we go again..' I sighed as I rubbed my temples.

"Oi. You two. No making out. Not at least until you're done with your task." I shouted over to the two, surprising them.

"A-Ara, author-san." Yuko greeted as Haruna blushed and hid at the crook of Yuko's neck.

"You two heard what I said, right?" I asked as the two nodded while Yuko laughed nervously.

"We'll be getting back to work.." Yuko added as she gave Haruna a quick peck on the lips.

"Yuuchan!" Haruna turned redder as she pouted at Yuko's actions.

"Author-san.. I have a question." Haruna started as she looked nervously at me. I raised and eyebrow, urging her to ask her question.

"Why are you appearing in the story?" Haruna asked as Yuko gasped, covering Haruna's mouth while looking nervously at me. "She didn't meant what she said." Yuko defended as I stared at the two before smiling a little at them.

The two sighed in relieve before relaxing a little. "I guess I just wanted to check on how everything will be going. After all, can't the author make an appearance on her own story?" I asked as the other two laughed and shook their heads.

"Well then, I'll be off. Keep your hands to yourself you two." I said before taking my leave.

No one pov
"Ah. Bye bye~" Yuko said as Haruna sighed. "She was the one who wrote that we were making out." Haruna pouted as Yuko laughed.

"Let her have her fun." Yuko gently pat Haruna on the head before heading to the bag full of decorations. "Nyan nyan, let's start decorating the place." Yuko grinned as Haruna nodded.


Author pov
Well then, that was fun while it lasted. I guess I'll be disappearing from the story now. Cameo appearance, part 1, end!


No one pov
Mariko managed to get her camera which turns out to be an expensive DSLR. Sayaka who decided to accompany Mariko for a while looked quizzically at Mariko who had a smug face on.

"I know what you're thinking. 'What an expensive camera.. Does she even know how to use it?' Is what you're thinking right?" Mariko asked as Sayaka nodded her head.

"Well yes. I do know how to use this expensive thing." Mariko said as she checked her watch, gesturing for Sayaka to go do her task.

'It sure has been awhile since I last used this.' Mariko sighed before going over to Tomo~mi's house, hiding strategically behind bushes as she waits for her to make her move.


Sayaka on the other hand, quickly got over to the training field. It didn't take her long to find Tomochin who was bending her upper body, taking a much needed break from the hardcore training.

"Tomochin." Sayaka called as she was close enough, surprising all of them. "Sayaka?" Takamina looked questioningly at her.

"Eh? What is it?" Tomochin asked as she straightened herself before walking over to her.

"You're dismissed for the day. I need you to go shower and please dressed appropriately. There is a meeting that you have to attend." Sayaka stated in her serious tone as Tomochin looked confused at her.

"What meeting?" Tomochin asked as the Atsumina pair looked on with equal confusion on their face.

"A private and confidential one. Now hurry up. I need you to be at the front entrance of base. We will head over to the meeting place together and you have 45 minutes to reach there. Don't be late." Sayaka added before taking her leave.

"Huh?" Tomochin clicked her tongue in annoyance as she wasn't told beforehand.

"Tomochin, I think it's best you go back and clean yourself up." Acchan said as Tomochin nodded in reply before taking her leave.

"Takamina.. Do you have any idea what's going on?" Acchan asked as she shook her head in reply.

"We should continue practicing for now." Takamina said as Acchan reluctantly nodded. Takamina who caught the hesitation sighed.

"We'll have a 10 minutes break." Takamina said as Acchan cheered and lay flat on the ground, feeling the after effects of the hardcore training.

"I'll get you your water bottle." Takamina took her leave while Acchan smiled in content.


Author pov

Someone is calling me but who is it.

"Author-san! Over here!" The voice repeated.

I looked over to the voice and I sweat dropped.

"Why hello there, Minegeshi-san. What brings you here?" I asked as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"You forgot something. Or more specifically, someone.." She stared deep into my eyes, making me shiver from the intense glare.

"I'm sorry about that. To recompense, I'll have a chapter featuring you and Mariko. Since we've done Mayuki and WMatsuis already." I said as I added into my notes.

Miichan on the other hand looked wide eyed at me before I added. "But, it'll be after Tomotomo and Atsumina."

Miichan groaned in reply but accepted the offer.

"Alright then, I'll put you back into the story now. I apologize for my mistakes." I bowed a 90 degrees before sending her off.


No one pov
"Gachapin! Where have you been?" Mariko jumped in surprised as Miichan tapped her on the back.

"I was..busy." Miichan sighed as Mariko nodded her head. "I'll be helping out with you as well. You'll focus on Tomo~mi while I'll focus on Tomochin." Miichan said as she pulled out her mini DSLR.

Mariko grinned at Miichan before giving her a thumbs up.


It didn't take long for Tomochin to reach back into her room and she quickly got in the shower.

'Tomo~mi is not here.. I wonder where is she..' Tomochin thought to herself as she sighed. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and quickly rinsed of the soap.

Thirty minutes later, Tomochin came down from her room and Miichan was quick to snap some shots, which turned out very nice.

Tomo~mi on the other hand had left the apartment about 20 minutes ago, with Mariko secretly following her.

Sayaka on the other hand met up with the Marimii pair before she was called by Yuko to help them with the decorations.

Seeing that Miichan is here to help Mariko, Sayaka agreed and took her leave, heading towards the school's rooftop.


In actual fact, Tomo~mi didn't know that her accomplice will be taking photos of her as well and oh Mariko was grinning nonstop. She was snapping pictures every now and then of a nervous Tomo~mi fiddling with her dress and all.


Miichan who was following Tomochin quicken her footsteps as Tomochin walked down the hallway at a high speed. Miichan inwardly groaned but pushed on and soon, they were at the entrance.

She bumped into Mariko, who quickly covered her mouth and hid to avoid suspicion.

Miichan muttered an apology before the two slowly peeked their heads out to see on what was going on.


"T-Tomo~mi? Why are you here?" Tomochin eyed her in surprise as Tomo~mi nervously fidgeted.

'She's hot..' Tomochin thought to herself before blushing a little.

"Erm, Tomochin.." Tomo~mi's strawberry voice called her as Tomochin sweat dropped.

"Do you remember what day is today?" She asked as Tomochin gave a thoughtful look before nodding her head.

"It's our anniversary." Tomochin answered as she smiled fondly at Tomo~mi who smiled brightly at Tomochin before walking over and wrapped her arms around her neck.

On instinct, Tomochin wrapped her arms around Tomo~mi around the waist as the two sighed in content.

"So, care to explain on what is going on? Oh, and you look really beautiful in the dress." Tomochin added as she gave Tomo~mi a quick peck on the lips which caused her to blush.

"Thank you.. You look dashing too, in your formal wear." Tomo~mi grinned as Tomochin pinched her on the nose.

"..You see. I thought that we should go on a date to celebrate our anniversary. Is that okay?" Tomo~mi asked unsure, causing Tomochin to laughed.

"Alright. What do you have in mind?"


The Marimii pairing were diligently following the Tomotomo pair and boy did they snapped plenty of photos.

Thank the heavens that technology is now very advance, Marimii pairing sent their pictures over to the other three on the spot, letting the trio filter and organized the photos.

The trio which consists of Yuko, Haruna and Sayaka were long done with the decorations. The lights were set and they even got a bench and a table and placed it in the middle of the rooftop.

At the start, the trio were bickering over which photo to be compiled but in the end they managed to come to an agreement and continued working together.


The date went well and soon it was coming to an end.

"The date went well, didn't it?" Tomochin said nonchalantly to herself as Tomo~mi grinned. "I'm glad.." She tighten her grip on their intertwined hands.

The two had went to many different places to eat, the cinema, and even the arcade. Tomochin who noticed that it was getting late, asked Tomo~mi should they head back to the base now.

"Hmm? There's still one place I want to go.." Tomo~mi said as she tugged on Tomochin's sleeve, making her follow where her lover is heading to.

It didn't take long for them to reach their school.

Tomochin was curious alright. Why were they back at the old school? Did they have permission? Will they be caught for trespassing?

"Tomochin, I got permission from the school. Don't worry." Tomo~mi smiled as she give her a quick peck on her cheeks before she continued to make her way to the rooftop.

The trio who received the call beforehand from Mariko quickly hid behind the barricade as they slowly peeked out, waiting for them to come.

Earlier on, Sayaka who got bored of organizing the photos, decided to go to a bakery to buy a cake as a gift for her beloved friend. Yuko and Haruna agreed to fork out money and so Sayaka bought a cake and it was placed on the table in front of the bench.

Meanwhile, Haruna was still receiving photos that were send by the Marimii pairing and so she continued to work on it.

Yuko on the other hand, made sure that the light and everything was set.

The sound of the door opening surprised the trio but they gathered their composure and continued working silently as Yuko helped Haruna with the photos while Sayaka kept her eyes on the couple who just came in.

Sayaka took a quick glance to the side and to her surprise, she saw the Marimii pair on the other side of the building with this huge zoom in thingy on both their cameras as they continued to snap the pictures.

'Those two sure are going all out. They remind me of paparazzi's..' Sayaka inwardly laughed to herself before focusing back on the couple.

"Wow.." Tomochin felt her breath taken away as soon as she stepped on to the rooftop.

'They really did a good job.. I owe you guys one.' Tomo~mi thought to herself as she giggled at her girlfriend's reaction.

The two made their way over to the bench and table that was placed in the middle of the school's rooftop.

Tomo~mi gasped in surprise to see the cake on the table as she felt her eyes teared. "Tomo~mi? What's wrong?" Tomochin was alerted as soon as she saw her girlfriend's reaction.

"A-Ah.. Happy tears.. I wasn't planning to get a cake." Tomo~mi said before adding. "No offense though." Tomochin giggled as she waved it off.

"I actually managed to get some help from a few of our friends.. They were the ones who helped me with this plan." Tomo~mi smiled sweetly as she wiped her tears.

"Well, we'll have to thank them, don't we?" Tomochin smiled as she wiped the remains tears on her face.

"Tomochin.. I'm really glad that I met you. Without you, I would be lost in the abyss. Not knowing what to do and not have any confidence. The person I am today is all because of you. Because of your love, I grew day by day and I became a much stronger person. Thank you for loving me despite knowing that I am not fully human. Tomochin, I love you." Tomo~mi ended her sentence with a long tender kiss on Tomochin's lip.

Tomochin felt her eyes water as she wrapped her arms around Tomo~mi, pulling their body closer to one another.

The trio out he other hand smiled in content at the touching display. Sayaka felt her eyes teared as she remembered Sae.

She felt a pat on the shoulder as Yuko squeezed her shoulder reassuringly before giving her a wide smile.

Sayaka smiled in reply before giving her a thumbs up.

The two separated, panting heavily as they sat on the bench with Tomo~mi on top of Tomochin.

"Happy anniversary, love." Tomo~mi beamed widely before Tomochin leaned in and buried her head at the crook of Tomo~mi's neck.

"Happy anniversary to you too. Thank you for sticking with me throughout the years. Thank you for being patient with my hot tempered attitude. I love you, Tomo~mi." Tomochin ended before leaning in to give Tomo~mi a tender kiss.

The two soon separated from each other and cut the cake, spoon feeding one another before deciding to call it a night. The two took their leave, carrying the cake with them as Yuko and Sayaka got into action, quickly removing the decorations, putting them into a box.


After they were done, Yuko single handedly carried the bench and the table down the stairs with Haruna and Sayaka in tow.

"Your strength is inhumane, Yuko." Sayaka said nonchalantly as Yuko placed the furniture down, arranging them neatly before giving Sayaka a grin.

"I've been told. Oh, Nyan nyan. Are you done?" Yuko asked as Sayaka called for the Marimii paired with her smartphone.

"Almost.." Haruna said as she kept her eyes glued on the monitor, not watching her step Haruna slipped.

A small shrieked was heard and Haruna closed her eyes shut, bracing herself to feel the pain but nothing came.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist, preventing her from falling on to the floor. "That was close." Yuko sighed in relieve before she reprimanded her cat.

Haruna felt her world stop as she blushed. Yuko pulled her back onto her two feet and after that Haruna leaned in giving Yuko a quick kiss on the lips and muttered a thank you.

Yuko grinned as Haruna rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly before she continued to focus on the task in hand.

Three minutes later, the album was done and the Marimii pair managed to caught up with the trio.

The five, high fived one another before heading out of school to catch up with the couple of the day.


The Tomotomo pair were surprised to see the five of them running and calling after them. The two stopped, letting the other five catch up to them.

"Happy anniversary, you two!" The five shouted together as the Tomotomo paired thanked them.

"Tomochin, they helped me with today's preparation." Tomo~mi grinned as she gave each one of them a hug.

"..Thank you." Tomochin mumbled as the other five smiled. It was rare of her to show her gratitude and they all knew well.

"Oh, who bought the cake? You didn't have to." Tomo~mi asked as they slowly started making their way back to base.

"Well, Sayaka suggested it." Yuko answered as Sayaka grinned widely. "The cost of the cake was shared by the three of us." Sayaka stated a she pointed over to the Kojiyuu pair as well.

"Ah, thank you." Tomo~mi grinned as they continued to walk in silence.

As soon as they arrived at the base, the Marimii pair tapped Tomo~mi and Tomochin on the shoulder causing them to halt their next step.

"As your request, we made this album for you." Mariko grinned widely at them as Tomchin gasped in surprise while Tomo~mi smiled fondly at Tomochin.

"The photos were by me and Mariko." Miichan said with bright smile before giving the two a thumbs up.

"I edited and organized the photos. Yuuchan and Sayaka helped picking them." Haruna said as they all smiled widely at them.

Tomo~mi and Tomochin flipped thorough the album as Tomo~mi blushed.

"There are photo's of me too?" Tomo~mi stated shyly as the Marimii pair snickered.

"Of course. We can't have pictures of Tomochin only and we had enough manpower to go for the both of you." Mariko grinned as Mii-chan gave them a lopsided smile.

"Thank you." Tomo~mi bowed in gratitude as the others waved it off. "Yea.. Thank you.." Tomochin smiled at them as the others grinned.

The Tomotomo pair, pulled them into a hug in the hallway surprising the five of them who quickly returned the hug.

"Hey hey, what's going on?" Takamina asked.

"Where did you all go?" Sayanee asked nonchalantly.

"We couldn't find you." Acchan added as she pouted at them.

"Group hug~" Mayu stated as she wrapped her arms around the group of people as well.

"Wait for me!" Jurina was on her feet before she wrapped her arms around them as well.

The seven of them laughed as the other eight looked questioningly at them.

Sayaka took it to herself and explained on what happened today while the others when woo and ah and wow.

The album was also passed around as they complimented Haruna on her editing skills.

Before they went back to their own respective rooms, they once again congratulated the couple for their anniversary.


"Ne, Tomo~mi. This was the best anniversary ever." Tomochin said with a grin as the two reached their room.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, but it's not over." Tomo~mi said seductively as Tomochin tilted her head in confusion.

"I have another gift for you." With that, Tomo~mi unzipped her dress letting it fall on to the floor.

"This is is your last gift. Happy anniversary, love."


The two were going at it like animals and on the next morning..

"Ne Renachan.. Did you here weird noises last night?" Rena who knew what Jurina meant went red but didn't answer.

The others who were passing by, heard as they diverted their gaze to the Tomotomo pair.

"Heh.. You guys did it all night didn't ya.." Mariko had her trolled face on as the others held in their laughter.

"No wonder Tomo~mi is wearing such high neck shirt. You must be covering the love bites." Miichan continued to teased them as the two turned even redder.

This caused all of them to laughed but it was stopped soon by a cold aura. They all slowly looked over to Tomochin who was about to explode in anger.

"Nyan nyan!! Let's run away!" Yuko pulled Haruna who ran with her, not wanting to feel the Tomo-rage.

"Ara ara.. Look at the time. We must be going." Mariko went off with Miichan and Sayaka in tow.

"Takamina! Hurry!!" Acchan pulled her along, escaping from them.

The WMatsuis, Mayuki and also Sayamilky had their eyes widen in fear as they all slowly retreated.

"W-We said nothing." Mayu defended her and Yukirin who nodded her head in agreement.

"N-Now now.. Tomochin, I-I just came back and Milky here is i-innocent.." Sayanee stated nervously, knowing that Tomo-rage is absolutely something you didn't want to face.

"Tomo~mi. Please help us!" Jurina stated as she got ignored.

The six of them went pale, knowing that there'll be no escape if Tomo~mi isn't willing to help them.

"Even if you didn't, someone has to be the sacrificed. Unfortunately for you all, it'll be the six of you." Tomochin stated as she glared at the six of them.

"Prepare yourselves."

With that said, screams were heard throughout the base all day long.

This morning before Tomo-rage
Yuko and Haruna who had waken up early, stayed snuggling on the bed. "Ne, Nyan nyan.." Yuko started as Haruna hummed in reply, indicating that she's listening.

"Do you want to go on a breakfast date instead? Since we missed our dinner date to help Tomo~mi.." Yuko sighed as Haruna looked at Yuko with a wide smile plastered on her face.

"Mmn! I would love that." Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile and soon the two got out of bed to get ready for their date.


"Where do you want to go?" Yuko questioned as she tightened her grip on Haruna's hand. Haruna shrugged, not knowing where to go while Yuko thought to herself.

"Let's have our date at the cafe near our base. It's really cozy.." Haruna nodded her head in agreement as the two made their way to the cafe.

It didn't take long for them to reach said place and just as Yuko had said earlier, it felt very cozy. The interior designs, the placement of furnitures and also the colour were all at where is was supposed to be.

The two took a seat, opposite of one another as a waiter greeted them and passed them a menu.

After much arguing and discussion, the two finally ordered their food.

"Yuuchan.." Haruna called as Yuko looked questioningly at Haruna who giggled and shook her head.

"I just felt like calling your name." Haruna smiled sheepishly as she laid her head on the table and looked lovingly at Yuko who blushed at Haruna's attitude.

Throughout the date, the two were flirtatious. There was once the waiter tried to flirt with Haruna and Yuko made sure to let everyone know that Haruna is hers.


"You didn't have to scare the boy.." Haruna said with a smile as Yuko pouted. Haruna patted Yuko on the head and pulled her squirrel in for a quick kiss.

"There. All better?" Yuko nodded her head before intertwining their hands as they made their way back, deciding to go to the cafeteria.

"Ne, Nyan nyan." Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"I love you." Yuko grinned as Haruna blushed but felt her heart flutter.

"Mmn. I love you too, Yuuchan." Haruna replied as the two once again leaned in for a kiss.

Uwaa... I think this is the longest chapter I've ever written for this story.
I hope you guys enjoy it and well, this chapter featured the Tomotomo pair! They're just so kawaii ne~  :luvluv1:
Unfortunately, Atsumina got delayed again I'm planning on a little more drama for these two so be patient? :kneelbow:
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Hello. I'm back with an update~
Let's start~!

Chapter 16
A few days have past since the Tomotomo's anniversary.

Yukirin and Milky has been making minor adjustments to the medicine which will help to remove the scar.

Mayu and Haruna has been continuing their duties, checking on the patients. If they had extra time on their hands, Mayu would go over to help Yukirin while Haruna would stop by and watch Yuko trained.

On the other hand, Sayanee has managed to help Yuko gained better control on her strength. Yuko had been going all out, knowing that they don't have much time before they clash.

Mariko and Sayaka had managed to get a blueprint on the enemies base and were still discussing on whether should they do a surprise attack. Yuko would drop by to get information on the current plan and sometimes give her own advises.

Tomotomo has been training hard with the Atsumina pair and Miichan. Takamina who is in charge of it, guides the girls and tries very hard to overcome their weaknesses.


"Miichan, you're too slow." Takamina shouted over to Miichan who nodded her head in understanding and quicken her movements.

Not long after..

"Tomo~mi! What are you doing?!" Takamina yelled as she walked over to her.

Tomochin who was beside Tomo~mi, quickly went and stood in front of her, blocking Takamina from Tomo~mi.

"Tomochin, get out of my way." Takamina said sternly as Tomochin clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"What is it with you? We've been going at it for hours without a single break. It's normal for any of us to get tired." Tomochin sharpen her gaze as Takamina stood her ground.

"Yea, it would be nice if we could have a break." Miichan added as she walked over to them.

Takamina turned her head over to Miichan and scowled at her.

"We don't have time for breaks." Takamina said sternly as she continued to glare at them.

"T-Takamina-san.. A break can help us to feel more energized." Tomo~mi said nervously as she stood beside Tomochin.

"You're not even good! How can you have a break?! There're so many opening that you can't even defend!" Takamina shouted at Tomo~mi who felt her pride wounded.

"That's it! Takahashi Minami, we'll trained by ourselves. We don't need a leader who is being so pushing and not understanding." Tomochin glared at Takamina before taking Tomo~mi's hand and gently guiding her to follow her.

"Takamina! That was rude!" Miichan scolded as Takamina hung her head down.

"Tomochin and Tomo~mi. You don't have to leave. Come back after 30 minutes of break. Miichan, you too." Acchan said with a small smile.

Tomochin looked at Acchan and gave her a small nod while Miichan followed behind them.

"Minami. What's wrong? Why are you pushing them so much?" Acchan asked as she slowly reached out and held Takamina's hand.

"They're weak. We can't beat them like this!" Takamina shouted as Acchan jumped back in surprised.

Acchan released her grip on Takamina as her eyes started to water.

"They only want breaks but they are not improving-!" Takamina was cut short by Acchan who slapped her on the face.

Acchan had her head down, with her hair covering her face.

Takamina on the other hand was shocked by the sudden move made by Acchan.

Takamina stared at Acchan dumbfounded.

Acchan was shaking as she slowly lifted her head and looked up at Takamina as tears streamed down her face.

"You're.. You're not the Takahashi Minami I know and loved anymore." Takamina stood there, eyes widen as she felt her own tears falling.


The Kojiyuu pairing were sitting at the main training ground, cuddling as Sayanee gave Yuko a five minutes break.

"How are the patients?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head.

"A lot of patients who were under me had been released so I don't have much to do as Mayuyu won't let me help her with her patients." Haruna pouted as Yuko giggled.

"Maybe you should come and train.. It wouldn't hurt." Yuko grinned as Haruna thought on the offer.

"Hmm. Maybe I should. We'll see how things goes." Yuko nodded in understanding as the two continued to cuddle.

"Yuko, Haruna." A voice greeted them. The two turned their head to see the Tomotomo pair and Miichan.

"Hey you three. How was training progressing?" Yuko asked as she stood up and helped Haruna to get on to her two feet.

"Bad." Tomochin stated as she took a side glance at Tomo~mi who was obviously still hurt by Takamina's words. The Kojiyuu pair looked at them with confusion plastered on their face.

"Takamina had been pushing us a lot lately. Today was the most absurd though. There were no breaks and the worst thing is, she criticized Tomo~mi!" Miichan stated as she waved her hands around dramatically.

"What?" Yuko raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

"We wanted to train on our own instead because training with the current Takamina won't bring us anywhere but Acchan asked us to go back after 30 minutes of break." Tomochin added as Miichan nodded her head in agreement.

"Where are they now?" Haruna asked as Tomo~mi told them, that they were at the training ground.

"Look Tomo~mi. We all know that you may not be the strongest physically, fastest or even the smartest but there's one thing we all know. It is that you have a heart of gold. You are much stronger than you think you are, Tomo~mi." Yuko encouraged before patting her on the head.

"You can do it!" Yuko grinned as Haruna walked over to her and patted her on the head as well.

"Don't give up, Tomo~mi. And don't take Takamina's word to heart. We all know that she didn't meant it." Haruna added as Tomo~mi gave them a small smile.

"I know.. I won't give up." Tomo~mi smiled as Tomochin tighten her grip on Tomo~mi's hand.

The Kojiyuu pairing nodded their head and excused themselves, stating that they will look for the Atsumina pairing.

"Sayanee! Give me 30 minutes! There's something I need to settle." Yuko shouted over to Sayanee who sighed and waved them off.

As soon as they were out sight, she rubbed her temples.

"Goodness.." Sayanee turned over to see the Tomotomo and also Miichan standing there.

"And why are you guys here?" Sayanee asked with an eyebrow raised.



"You've been getting very short tempered as well. The Takamina I know wouldn't have acted like that." Acchan stated as she rubbed the tears streaming down her face.

"..Maybe you don't even know me." Takamina stared coldly into Acchan's eyes.

Acchan once again raised her hand and slapped Takamina.


The Kojiyuu pairing went as quickly as they could to the other training ground and as soon as they arrived, they saw Acchan raising her hand to slap Takamina.

The two looked at each other worriedly before quickly fastening their steps over to the two.


"I hate you." Acchan stated aloud as Takamina felt her heart stopped.

Acchan ran away from Takamina, zooming past the Kojiyuu pair.

Wordlessly, Haruna nodded her head in understanding and ran after Acchan.

Yuko on the other hand, walked over to her midget buddy.

"Care to tell me what happened?" Yuko asked as she sat herself down on the training ground and pat on the spot beside her.


"Acchan! Stop running!" Haruna shouted as Acchan ignored her and continued to run.

'Maeda Atsuko. You leave me no choice.' Haruna thought to herself as she got fire up.

Haruna sprinted all the way and managed to stop in front of Acchan. Acchan stopped, surprised to see a panting Haruna.

"Nyan nyan.. What are you doing here?" Acchan asked as she turned around and wiped her tears.

"Acchan, let's go somewhere and talk privately."


"I.." Takamina sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs.

"Does it hurt?" Yuko asked nonchalantly as she looked up into the sky.

Takamina muttered a yes underneath her breath.

"But honestly Takamina. I believe you deserved it." Yuko sighed as she made eye contact with Takamina.

"You don't understand.. We don't have much time left before the confrontation." Takamina said desperately as Yuko nodded her head in understanding.

"You should know that of all people, I would understand the situation everyone is in, the most." Takamina flinched as she recalled on what happened for the past few months.

Yuko sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Yes, we don't have much time. But what you're doing isn't right. I know you want them to improve and all but pushing them this way won't bring any of us anywhere. You went as far as to not giving them a break. You criticized Tomo~mi and you even told Acchan off." Yuko said sternly as Takamina shrink back from Yuko's words.

"But if I don't push them, they wouldn't improve! It would be dangerous for everyone when we go for the mission!" Takamina told her as Yuko's gaze soften.

"Takamina, if you're worried about their well-being, you shouldn't have even pushed them this way!" Yuko scolded.

"You don't want them to die and lose their life, that's why you're pushing them. But while you're trying to protect them from the future, you've hurt them in the present. That's not the way to protect the people you love."

Takamina pondered on what Yuko stated as she reprimanded herself for losing control. Losing her rationality.

Takamina felt herself cringed at the thought of her criticizing someone who is trying so hard to improve and not giving them any breaks.

She cringed even further when she thought of how she treated Acchan.

Yuko gave Takamina a squeeze on the shoulder as Takamina let out a sigh of defeat.

"..I'm a horrible person." Takamina said as she let herself fall onto the ground, resting on her back.

"You are." Yuko said as a small smile made a way to her face.

"But you can apologize to them. They'll understand if you tell them the reason as to why you acted that way." Yuko encouraged as Takamina nodded her head.

"I wonder will Acchan be able to forgive you though." Yuko said aloud as Takamina sweat dropped.

"Y-Yuko! You have to help me!" Takamina whined as Yuko shrugged her off.

"You hurt her feelings pretty bad if you ask me. I mean, this is the first time she ever slapped someone. You're pretty lucky that she only slapped you once." Yuko shook her head as Takamina felt her spine shivered.

"E-Erm. A-Actually, she slapped me twice." Takamina rubbed the back of her neck nervously as Yuko jaw dropped.

"Are you serious?" Yuko asked as Takamina slowly nodded her head.

"Takahashi Minami. You're so dead." Yuko said as Takakmina groaned.

"Not helping.." Takamina rubbed her temples as Yuko laughed.

"Hmm.. You shall hope that Nyan nyan would be able to calm Acchan down." Yuko smiled a little at the thought of her cat.

'But I believe you'll be forgiven as long as you know your mistake.'


Haruna brought Acchan back into her room as Acchan sat down on the couch in the living room while Haruna went to prepare tea.

Acchan sniffed as she rubbed her red puffy eyes. 'Stupid Takamina..'

"So.. What happened with the two of you?" Haruna asked as she placed two cups of tea on the table as Acchan thanked Haruna for the tea.

"She.. She just wasn't being herself these days. She trained us hard and never gave us a break. Tomo~mi must have been feeling the fatigue because she slowed down and then Takamina criticized her, saying that she was weak and all." Acchan said as Haruna listen attentively.

"And then later, I told the three of them to leave so that we could talk privately. I asked her why was she acting that way. She said that they're not even improving and they want breaks. That's when I slapped her and told her that she is not the person I used to know and love anymore. I also said that recently she has been very short tempered and told her that the Takmina I know wouldn't act like this. She retorted by saying maybe I didn't even know her." Acchan said as she felt her eyes water again.

Haruna quickly grabbed some tissues and passed it to Acchan who muttered a thank you.

"That's when I slapped her another time and told her I hate her before running off." Acchan sniffed as Haruna leaned back in her seat, digesting the information that was give to her.

"So, you slapped her twice?" Haruna asked as Acchan nodded her head.

"Hmm.. She deserved more." Haruna said seriously as Acchan groaned.

"Nyan nyan! Stop joking around." Haruna giggled a little before looking seriously at Acchan.

"I'm not joking though." Haruna had her serious face on as Acchan sighed at Haruna's antiques.

"Anyhow, have you thought on why she acted that way?" Haruna asked as Acchan shook her head.

"Maybe she was worried for everyone's well being that's why she kept pushing all of you." Haruna said as Acchan thought on Haruna's statement.

"Maybe she is but it didn't meant that she should have acted the way she did. I mean, look at Yuko! She will be in the most dangerous position when they find out that she's still alive and yet, she managed to remain her composure and not act rashly." Acchan said as Haruna smiled sadly.

"You know, the calm and composed Yuuchan you see very day is not the same at night." Haruna sighed as Acchan looked confusedly at her before a perverse grinned came onto her face.

"What? She's more rough with you at night?" Acchan teased as Haruna blushed and shook her head.

"I-I meant emotionally. I have caught Yuuchan crying to sleep for a few nights.." Haruna sighed as she thought back on the shaking figure in their room.

"S-Sorry. I-I didn't know." Acchan apologized as Haruna waved it off.

"She's just playing tough in front but she's as worried as Takamina. But Yuuchan is better at hiding her feelings and keeping her rationality." Haruna sighed as Acchan nodded her head.

"So, will you forgive Takakmina?" Haruna asked as Acchan shrugged.

"I know I will but I want her to tell me the reason as to why she acted that way. I want her to know what is she apologizing for." Haruna nodded her head in understanding.

"I believe she'll know." Haruna smiled reassuringly at Acchan as she patted her on the head.


30 minutes later, the Tomotomo pair and Miichan went back to the training ground to see Takamina and Yuko waiting for them. Yuko greeted them with a warm smile plastered on her face and so the others greeted her in returned.

Before Takamina could apologize, two other figure appeared.

"Nyan nyan~" Yuko ran to her cat and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Can't get enough of your cat eh?" Miiichan teased as the others laughed.

Takamina cleared her throat, gaining the attention of those around.

"H-Hey. I'm really sorry for acting that way just now. That was really immature and rude of me. Tomo~mi, I'm really sorry for what I said earlier on. I didn't meant to hurt you but I did. I'm sorry." Takamina bowed a 90 degrees as Tomo~mi hummed in reply.

"..Forgiven. But you have to buy me good food, chiyuu~" Tomo~mi added as Takamina beamed at them.

"Of course!" Takamina mentally sighed in relieve as Tomo~mi managed to forgive her for her rude behavior.

Takamina turned her attention to Miichan and Tomochin before bowing another 90 degrees.

"I'm sorry for being rude and tough on you all without explaining the reason as to why I acted that way."

"What's the reason of you apologizing?" Acchan asked all of a sudden surprising everyone except for Haruna and Yuko.

Takamina made eye contact with Acchan before taking a deep breath and started.

"I was acting that way because I was worried for the well-being of all of us. You are all aware that the confrontation will be taking place very soon, I guess I got carried away. Like what Yuko said earlier on, while I was trying to protect you from the future, I've hurt you in the present. I'm really sorry." Takamina bowed another 90 degrees as Tomochin, Tomo~mi and Miichan nodded their head in understanding.

Takamina was just worried for them, that's why she was pushing them.

"I understand.. But you owe me food as well as an apology." Tomochin stated as Takamina looked up and smiled at her giving her a thumbs up.

"Me too!! You owe me plenty of food! I was so tired from the non stop training." Miichan complained as the others laughed.

Takamina gave her an okay sign as Takamina turned her gaze to Acchan, who smiled sadly at her.

"Hmm, Tomochin, Tomo~mi and Miichan. Would you like to train with me just for today?" Yuko asked, noticing the change in between the two.

Tomochin and Tomo~mi who too noticed it nodded while Miichan shook her head.

"We should just train here like Sayaka asked us too." Miichan stated as Tomochin glared at her.

"W-Well, I guess we can join you for training." Miichan nodded her head, complying with their request.

Yuko intertwined her hands with Haruna's as they made their way to the main training ground.

The other three followed them and soon only Acchan and Takamina was left at the training ground.


"I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, Atsuko." Takamina said as she slowly made her way towards Acchan.

"I'm sorry for being an inconsiderate brat." Takamina stopped in front of Acchan and slowly held her hands in hers.

"I should have discussed this matter with you beforehand instead of training everyone the way I did. It was very very wrong of me to do so."

Acchan felt herself releasing a relieve sighed as she stared into Takamina's eyes.

"Will you forgive me?" Takamina asked as Acchan slowly nodded her head.

"Thank goodness." Takamina pulled Acchan into her embrace and wrapped her arms tightly around her waist.

"I'm glad you know why I got mad at you." Acchan mumbled as Takamina nodded her head.

"Oh, Atsuko.." Takamina started as she put a little distance between them.

Acchan tilted her head to the side in confusion, gesturing for Takamina to continue on.

"You said that I'm not the Takahashi Minami you know and LOVED anymore. What did that meant?" Takamina emphasized on the word loved as Acchan blushed.

"L-Like you said. You were acting like a horrible, inconsiderate brat. I don't love the Takamina who behaves like that." Acchan huffed as Takamina laughed.

"So, what kind of Takamina will you love?" Acchan hummed, lost in thoughts thinking for an answer.

"I love the Takamina who is kind and caring. Who will never shout at me." Acchan stated aloud as Takamina sweat dropped.

"Also, Takamina who is a good and understanding leader." Acchan ended with a goofy smile on her face.

"So will you love me if I have all those criteria?"

"Hmm.. Maybe?" Acchan teased as Takamina pinched her lightly on the nose.

Acchan pouted as Takamina retreated her hand.

"I love you though, regardless of how inconsiderate a brat you were." Acchan confessed as Takamina felt her heart pump faster.

"But I don't appreciate how you behaved." Acchan sighed as Takamina nodded her head in understanding.

"I won't do that again! Promise!" Takamina stated as she held her pinky finger out for Acchan.

"Pinky promise!" Acchan giggled at Takamina's childishness but complied and wrapped her own pinky finger around Takamina's.

Takamina pulled Acchan into her embrace as she grinned widely.

"I love you too, Acchan. I love you to the moon and back." Acchan laughed at the cheesiness but decided not to tease her.

"So.. Does that mean we're official?" Takamina asked as Acchan hummed, showing that she is thinking.

"Maybe?" Acchan teased.

"Acchan~" Takamina whined as Acchan laughed and placed her hands on Takamina's cheeks.

"Yes, we're official." Acchan leaned in and kissed Takamina.

At that moment, the world stop for the both of them.

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Chapter 17
0800 hours

16 hours before the mission.

Sayaka had a proud smile on her face as she looked at the teams in front of her.

Six teams were formed and they will be lending a helping hand in this war between the humans and robots. All of the members have went through countless training and are ready to sacrificed themselves for the sake of the world.

"Once again, thank you everyone. I'm really proud that all of you will be fighting this war with us." Sayaka bowed as the others cheered.

"It's not a big problem. After all, you helped us. You helped us despite knowing that we're useless." One of them stated.

"Yea! You helped us half humans, half robots to adapt to our current condition. I'm truly grateful to be a part of this!"

Cheers erupted from around the room as Sayaka gave them a warm smile.

"Alright. Everyone, gather in the meeting room now." Sayaka commanded as they saluted before quickly scurried in.


Yuko, Haruna, Acchan, Takamina, Jurina, Rena, Mayu, Yukirin, Tomochin, Tomo~mi, Mariko, and Mii-chan were already in the meeting room, sitting at their respective places.

The atmosphere was tense. Countless thoughts, positive, negative, running through each and everyone's head.

They all quickly settled into their places as they waited for Sayaka to start the meeting.

Sayaka stood in front of the meeting room as she watched last of them entered.

She took a deep breath, hardening her gaze before she started.

"Thank you for being here everyone. As you know, we will be launching a surprise attack on the enemy. With Sae, our undercover agent, we have confirmed that the enemy won't be expecting us anytime.

They're actually planning to attack us in about two weeks time from now. Therefor, after much discussion, we decided that we have to attack the enemy first."

The others nodded their head in understanding.

Sayaka typed on the keyboard, creating a hologram.

"This is the map of the enemies base, ground floor. We have manage to secure a room with all the medical equipment there. If we are running low on medical supplies, you can head over to said room and replenish." Sayaka pointed over to the room located at the corner.

"Kashiwagi Yuki and Kojima Haruna will be our head medics. Team Resuscitator and Team Saver. You will be following them respectively and help heal the injured.

Kojima will be with the front line while Kashiwagi will be on the rear line." Yuki and Haruna both nodded their head respectively.

"Roger!" They saluted as Sayaka nodded her head. "Any questions?"

"Excuse me, mam! What about Watanabe-san?!" One of them questioned.

Sayaka cleared her throat before answering the question.

"As we have discussed earlier on, Watanabe will be helping us with the front line. Takahashi Minami, Kasai Tomomi, Shinoda Mariko, Matsui Rena and Watanabe Mayu herself, will be in our front line.

The front line will be led by them. Team Phoenix and Team Jaguar, you will be helping them with the attack.

Miyazawa Sae will also be with the front line."

A few rogers could be heard across the meeting room.

"For the rear line, Oshima Yuko, Matsui Jurina, Maeda Atsuko, Minegeshi Minami, Itano Tomomi and myself will be in the rear line.

Team Cyprus and Team Xander, you will be with the rear team."

They saluted and Sayaka nodded her head.

"Thanks to our research team, we have been able to improve our weapons. We're confident that the enemies weapons aren't as high-tech compared to ours.

We believe that they will still be using normal fire arms. Because of that we are at an advantage." Sayaka explained as the others nodded their head.

"The front line will be using laser blades/swords/axes, whichever you prefer, while the rear line will be backing up with long-range laser attacks.

A good news for the long-range attacks is that, the ammo will never run out."

The others nodded their head in relief that they do not have to worry about ammo. Sayaka grinned as she gave Yukirin, Mayu and Haruna a thumbs up.

"Anyhow, the rear line will not be going head on with the enemy first as they have to store their stamina and energy for later."

Sayaka gestured to the projector, changing the hologram.

"This is the hologram of the whole enemies base. Our plan is to do a silent attack. Do not alert the enemies that we're at their base. This basically means that we will be doing a sneak attack.

We'll be starting from the ground floor, as the video surveillance room is there. If we managed get a hold of that room, it'll be best for us as we will have eyes all over the place.

Mariko and I myself will be stationed there with Team Xander. We will be giving out warnings and the next move to be made.

After that, you all will head up floor by floor and continue on with the attack.

As you can see, the building has 10th floors. You'll be splitting up on the 6th floor. The rear team will head up by themselves first and as soon as the front line team is done with their floor, they will be backing up the rear team.

The boss's room is located at the highest floor. It'll be best for everyone to regather before heading to said room." Sayaka ended as she looked at the people in front of her who nodded.

"For those who are half human, and half robot, please be careful. We don't want them to infect you.

Anyhow, even if you were infected, we managed to make a cure. I myself and the Team Xander's leader will be holding a few antidotes for Shinoda Mariko and the other members.

As most of the leaders in the front line team consist of half human and robots, we will pass out a number of antidotes to Watanabe Mayu, Matsui Rena, and the team leaders of the two teams, Team Phoenix and Team Jaguar.

None of the rear team's leaders are half human, half robots therefor, we will be handing a lesser amount of antidotes to them for Team Cyprus.

The medic team will also have the antidotes but the main focus of the medic team is to help the injured humans.

The half robots, half humans have a lower risk of getting severely injured compared to humans."

"Are there any questions?"

Everyone shook their head to the question.

"Well, I have one for all of you. Attending this mission may cause casualties. This means that you may die on the battlefield." Sayaka said seriously as she eyed all of the people present in the room.

"If you wish to pull yourself out from this mission, you may do so now." Sayaka stated firmly as none of them moved.

"Sayaka-san! We are willing to sacrifice ourselves for this mission. After all, we have to prevent them from abusing the half robots and half humans in the world." The team leader of Team Phoenix stated.

"Yes! The Chosen Ones have been protecting us in the past years, let us do something for the others as well!" Another shouted.

Soon the room was filled with cheers and the morals of everyone has been raised higher.

"Alright! I'll pass the time to Yuko who has something to tell you all." The others quickly silent themselves as they watched Yuko.

Sayaka moved aside gesturing for Yuko to stand at her spot.

Yuko smiled in gratitude at Sayaka as she cleared her throat, hardening her gaze.

"I truly am grateful for all of you who are here. This war between humans and robots happened because of my family and I sincerely apologized from the bottom of my heart.

I had the aim to fix this matter alone with my fellow comrades and friends but all of you joined us, strengthening our force by tenfold.

Thank you. When the war ends, I will make sure that you will be remembered by the future generations for being the brave ones who stood up and fought this war with us!" Yuko ended as the others cheered aloud.

Yuko bowed a full 90 degrees giving them an encouraging smile before heading back to her seat.

Sayaka stood up from her seat, telling them that the surprise attack will be starting at 0000 hrs and asked them to meet at the base before dismissing them.

1000 hours

14 hours before the mission.

"Well, I guess we should go and prepare as well." Tomochin stated as the others nodded.

They all stood up from their seat, ready to leave when suddenly Yuko called out.

"Hey, let's meet up before the mission. Come back here at 2300 hours." Yuko said with a small smile as the others gave an okay sign.


"I'll be in the rear line while you'll be in the front line eh.." Jurina sighed as Rena gave her a small exasperated smile.

"It can't be helped. I understand why I'm needed for the front line though." Jurina pouted at Rena's reply.

"I can't help but worried about you Rena-chan.." Rena patted Jurina on the head with a grinned.

"I'll also be worried about you. After all, you are very reckless." Rena teased as Jurina feigned innocence.

"What are you talking about? I'm very calm." Jurina retorted as Rena laughed before she got more serious.

"But seriously, Jurina. Please don't act so rashly. I'll be very worried for your well-being." Rena rubbed her temples as Jurina leaned in, giving Rena a quick peck on the lips.

"Don't worry. I'll be more calm and careful. You have to be careful as well. I don't want to see you hurt." Jurina stated as she wrapped her arms around Rena.

"I know. I'll be careful too." Rena smiled lovingly at Jurina.



"Mayuyu, are you sure you should be fighting?" Yukirin whined as Mayu nodded her head, full of determination.

"After all, I've trained hard as well." Mayu stated as Yukirin pouted.

"But you're supposed to be on the medic team. Not to mention, we will be separated." Yukirin retorted.

"Yukirin." Mayu called.

"How can you leave me alone?" Yukirin ignored Mayu and continued to complain.

"Yukirin." Mayu tried again.

"I'll be so worried that I won't be able to help with the medic team."

"Kashiwagi Yuki." Mayu huffed as Yukirin looked questioningly at her.

"I know you'll be worried but I'll be fine. The front line consists a lot of strong fighters as well. Oh, I also believe that you'll stay professional during the mission." Mayu stated as Yukirin sighed.

"But as you said, they're a lot of strong fighters, why do they need you?" Yukirin raised her voice as Mayu groaned.

"Yukirin, we've discussed about this. They need me because I am capable of fighting as well. We need all the manpower we have. Besides, having you and Kojima-san is more than enough for the medic team."

Yukirin pouted as she heard that.

"I'm just worried. After all, this is the first time you'll be heading into the battlefield. This is a matter of life and death."

"I know. I promise you that I'll come back to you in one piece." Mayu raised her pinky finger for Yukirin, who took it instantly.

"That's a promise, Watanabe Mayu." Mayu nodded pulling Yukirin into her embrace, kissing her passionately on the lips.



"Tomo~mi.." Tomo~mi sighed and turned over to look at her girlfriend. Tomo~mi raised an eyebrow, gesturing for Tomochin to just say whatever that is running in her head.

"Why did Sayaka put you in the front line.." Tomochin complained as Tomo~mi shrugged.

"Tomochin. You're underestimating me." Tomo~mi said as Tomochin shook her head.

"It's more dangerous in the front line. I'm worried about your safety, Tomo~mi." Tomochin reasoned as Tomo~mi crossed her arms around her chest.

"Tomochin. I've improved a lot from back then. I know that I can keep myself safe so you don't worry about it okay? After all, most of the strong fighters are placed in the front line. They'll cover my back."

Tomochin sighed but she nodded her head.

"I understand. But please, be careful." Tomo~mi nodded her head as she walked over to Tomochin and kissed her on the lips.

"You too. Don't be reckless." Tomo~mi warned as Tomochin groaned.

"Yes, mum." Tomochin teased as Tomo~mi pouted and slapped her on the shoulder.

"Just kidding. I love you." Tomochin showered Tomo~mi with kisses, causing the later to giggle.

"I love you too, Itano Tomomi."



"Gachapin! You must be quick and alert at all times. Don't be a burden to the others." Mariko said nonchalantly as Mii-chan gasped in feigned hurt.

"Mariko! How could you say such things?!" Mariko rolled her eyeballs before retorting.

"Well, it's true. I'm still wondering why didn't Sayaka put you in the front line.." Mariko leaned back in her seat thinking as Mii-chan huffed in annoyance.

"Aww come on.. I'm not that bad." Mii-chan whined as Mariko ignored her.

"Oh well, There has to be a reason as to why Sayaka arranged it that way." Mariko shrugged as she stood up from her seat staring out the window.

After a moment of silence, Mariko said, "Please stay safe, Mii-chan."

Mii-chan gave her a thumbs up, asking for her to be careful as well.

"Keep an eye on Yuko as well." Mariko added as Mii-chan puffed her chest out and placed a hand on it.

"You have my words, Mari-troll!" Mii-chan stated dramatically as Mariko felt her eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"What was that, Gachapin?" Mariko strode over to said girl who quickly ran away.

"Hey, get back here!" Mii-chan stick her tongue out at Mariko.

"Catch me if you can~"

'That woman..' Mariko inwardly laughed to herself as she ran after Mii-chan.



"Acchan. Please keep Yuko in check." Takamina said as Acchan raised an eyebrow, unsure of what it meant.

"I mean, this is her foster parents she's facing. It must be hard for her." Acchan nodded her head in understanding.

"Please be alert at all times. Fighting in the front line will be tiring and dangerous." Acchan pouted as she wrapped her arms around her midgets neck.

Takamina nodded her head, giving Acchan a kiss on her forehead.

"You have to be alert too. I'm sure the others will watch your back but please.. Be careful." Acchan scrunched her nose, giving Takamina her signature smile.

"I know. We've trained for this for a long time now." Acchan stated as Takamina hummed in reply.

"But still.." Acchan placed a finger on Takamina's lips, keeping her silent.

"I promise I'll be alert at all times. I'll be extra careful. Okay? I love you." Acchan ended with a tender kiss on Takamina's lips.

"I love you too." Takamina mumbled as the two continued to make out.



Yuko could be seen sitting at her desk, with the papers neatly placed out. After running her eyes on the papers one last time, she rolled it up and stashed it away.

She leaned back in her seat, shutting her eyes as she started to feel the pressure of the mission.

'It's really time eh.. Oni-chan, Otou-san, Okaa-san. I will end this war between the humans and robots.'

Haruna who entered the room not long ago, silently made her way over to Yuko, studying her facial expressions.

'She must be worried..'

Haruna made her way to Yuko and landed her hands slowly on Yuko's shoulder, massaging her tense muscles.

Yuko who was surprised, flinched and opened her eyes wide before relaxing when she found out that it was Haruna.

"Nyan nyan~ You scared me." Yuko pouted as Haruna giggled.

"Sorry sorry. You just seem so lost in thought.." Haruna continued to massage Yuko's shoulder as Yuko moaned in delight.

"You're good with your hands." Yuko said nonchalantly but she received a slap on her arm from Haruna.

"Pervert Yuuchan." Haruna stated as Yuko's eyes widen in surprised before it turned into a perverted grin.

"What were you thinking, Kojima Haruna? When I said you were good with your hands, I meant that you're good at massaging. What exactly were you thinking?" Yuko turned around and leaned in nearer into Haruna's personal space.

"N-Nothing! D-Don't say such misleading things next time." Haruna muttered under her breath as Yuko laughed.

"Alright. You're also very good with your tongue." Yuko teased as Haruna turned into a blushing mess.

"Oshima Yuko!" Haruna yelled as Yuko quickly leaned in, giving Haruna a kiss on the lips.

This somehow managed to calm the later down. The two stood there, embracing one another as they rested their foreheads against one another.

"Ne, Nyan nyan? Are you mad?" Yuko asked as Haruna sighed and shook her head.

"That's good." Yuko gave her another kiss before walking over to the window and sighing.

"You know. I may be behaving like a hormonal teenager but I'm really worried and anxious about this mission. I don't want any of us to get hurt or sacrificed." Yuko started as Haruna slowly made her way over to Yuko and wrapped her arms around Yuko's waist, resting her chin on Yuko's crown.

"There's no guarantee that all of us will come back alive and in one piece and I don't want that. All these people, you, Takamina, Acchan, Mariko, Mii-chan, Mayu, Yukirin, Rena, Jurina, Tomochin, Tomo~mi, Sayaka and even Sae. You're all sacrificing your lives for this mission."

Yuko's tears started steadily streaming down her face as she held Haruna's hands that were wrapped around her waist for support.

"I'm really sorry.." Yuko apologized as she fell on to her knees with Haruna still wrapping her arms around her.

"All of you could've been living a normal life and none of those people would've died. It is because of me that you all got involve with the war between humans and robots!" Yuko cried as Haruna cooed the girl who became an emotional wreck.

"Oshima Yuko. This is none of you fault. Stop blaming yourself." Haruna cooed but she felt her own eyes watering.

"We'll all be fine. We've trained hard remember?" Haruna continued as she wiped her own tears.

Yuko gave her a small nod as Haruna smiled a little.

"Yuko, you're the strongest person I've ever met and I'm really grateful that I met you. You don't have to blame yourself for any of this. All of us are willingly going for this. We may be The Chosen Ones but if we didn't want to be a part of this we could've just left.

Neither of us left because of the leadership and hand you lend us throughout our hard times. To us, this is a way of returning the favor that you did for us. You sacrificed yourself all the time for the sake of others.

Let us all do something in return for you, Yuko." Haruna said as Yuko sighed and rubbed her tears away before taking a shaky breath and nodding her head.

"Sorry for suddenly breaking down." Yuko apologized as Haruna shook her head and pulled Yuko in for a hug.

"It's alright.. The Chosen Ones will fight will with the others. Have faith in all of us, okay?" Haruna gave Yuko a kiss on the crown of her head.

Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile which managed to calm Haruna's heart.

"Alright." Yuko grinned as she stood up, offering a hand to Haruna as well.

"Oh, now that I think of it. I'm glad that you managed to join us for combat at times. Now I don't have to be that worry about your safety but please. Leave the fighting to the others okay?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head.

"You must stay calm as well alright. Face them bravely. We'll all be watching your back!" Haruna grinned sheepishly, causing Yuko to pinched her on the nose.

"Yes, my Nyan nyan." Yuko grinned.


2300 hours

1 hour before the mission

All of them came back into the meeting room, the atmosphere was thick alright.

Yuko stood up from her seat, gaining the attention of the others.

"Well then.." Yuko fidgeted as the others looked on with a confused expression.

"Yuko-san? Is there a problem?" Rena asked as Yuko shook her head and scratched the back of her head.

"I.. I'm just.. E-Erm.. Thank you." Yuko bowed as the others all stood up and shook their hands.

"Oshiriko-chan, did you hit your head or something?" Mayu asked as she went over to her.

"She's not having a fever!" Mii-chan stated after checking Yuko's temperature.

Yuko laughed and stopped them.

"I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart. Being able to fight with all of you means a lot to me." Yuko grinned as Takamina gave her a thumbs up.

"We've been through thick and thin ever since we were in high school. We'll all face this matter together." Takamina grinned.

"Yeap. We'll have a party to celebrate our victory after we finish this mission." Mariko smiled broadly as the others cheered.

"I won't disappoint you Yuko-san!" Jurina pumped her fist into the air.

"Well then, let's do that together, shall we?" Sayaka asked as she gestured for them to all stand in a circle.

"Are we really doing this?" Tomochin clicked her tongue, feigning annoyance.

"Oh c'mon, Tomochin. I know you want to do this." Mii-chan teased as Tomochin rolled her eyeballs.

"It's been a while since we last did this, chiyuu~" Tomo~mi said as they all placed a hand in the middle.

"Yuko! You lead the cheer!" Acchan said as Yuko gave a determined hummed.

"Let's win this and come back all together! Yosh! The Chosen Ones, let's go!"

"Yea!!" The others cheer as they all grinned sheepishly after their cheer.

"Let's head to the base and get ready." Sayaka commanded as they all headed out.

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As expected, the Kojiyuu one has a longer moment than the rest haha.  :on lol:

Hai Hai Joeyee-san!  :hee:

You probably don't need me to say that I'm dying for the next chapter too.  :wahaha:

Well since it's a war, casualties can't be avoided right? There's always a dead person or two. Or some people losing a limb or losing memories or something like that, wars are never that chill.  :mon scratch:

I shall pray for my beloved AKB members. And of course, the other people who is also in the war.  :mon pray2:

Ehhh I'm dying for the next chapter! (Like I stated above :3)  :mon star:

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Chapter 18
0000 hrs

The front line was led by Takamina and Mariko while the others were led by Yuko and Sayaka. Takamina and Mariko sent a few people to scout the area and after getting the clear sign, they started making their way into the building.

Team Jaguar was to stand guard at the outside of the building, while Team Phoenix sneaked in with the front line. The rear line were still waiting for further instructions before heading into said building.


"Guys, two guards just around the corner. Their backs are facing you all." Sae's voice could be heard. Mariko relayed the message and Takamina took a quick glance at the corner, seeing two guards with their back facing them, patrolling the area.
Takamina nodded her head before gesturing for Rena to attack them which the latter gave a thumbs up.

Rena sneaked up on the two unsuspecting guards and knocked the lights out of them. Tomo~mi helped Rena to pull the body aside, tying them up and stuffing clothes into their mouth.

"Sae, can you hear me?" Mariko whispered into the device in her ear.

"Yes, I can. The guards you knocked out are actually prototypes, so you can just unplug them but you need to bring their body with you. We don't want to alert the enemy that we're here." Rena and Tomo~mi unplugged the "person" and tied their hands and stuffed their mouths with a clothe.

Mariko stared at the two questioningly, wondering why did they tie the "person" and stuffed it's mouth with a cloth.

"Just in case." Rena stated after seeing Mariko's gaze.

"Mmhmm, you'll never know chiyuu~" Mariko held back her laughter and nodded her head and asked Sae for directions.

They may have the map in hand but unfortunately it's hard for them to read it as the structure is really confusing.

"Take a left turn, before heading straight forward, the surveillance room is the first door on the right."

Mariko nodded her head and gestured for them to follow her. Rena and Tomo~mi carried the two prototypes and swiftly moved towards the surveillance room with Sae's directions.


Mayu stick her ear at the door, trying to listen to the chatters behind the door to estimate the amount of people in said room.

"We can take it easy for these two weeks." Sae's voice could be heard.

"Yea, the attack only begins then." One of them agreed.

"They're going to get the surprise of their lives when we attack them."

"They're going to die a painful death.." The laughter echoed at the hallways.

Mayu showed a sign to the others, stating that there is 4 people in said room, including Sae. They all nodded in understanding and Mariko gestured for Team Phoenix to check the area which they comply.

As soon as Team Phoenix left, the remaining 5 of them took their stance.

Mayu did a sign, counting down.

'3, 2, 1, Go.'

Takamina kicked the door hard and the door burst opened. Rena, Tomo~mi, Mayu and Mariko immediately attacked the prototypes, knocking them out immediately.

"For God sake, we are supposed to stay silent." Mariko hissed as she dragged the two body of the prototypes that were knocked out earlier, closing the door behind them.

"Yea, and the door wasn't even locked." Mayu stated nonchalantly as Takamina rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"Sorry, I got too excited.." The others sigh before turning over to look at Sae.

"Goodness, Sae. We miss you so much." Mariko pulled her into a hug which was soon joined by the others.

"I missed you guys too. But now's not the time to get emotional. Let's get to work." Sae stated firmly as they all nodded.

Rena and Tomo~mi unplugged the prototypes, tied them and stuffed their mouths with clothes while Sae and Mariko started scouting the area.

"Guys, we've taken over the surveillance room." Takamina reported and Yuko's voice could be heard from the other side.

"Good, scan the floor before we head in." Yuko commanded.

"Yuko-san, we've done so. The area's been cleared, you all can move in now." The leader of Team Phoenix stated.


"Good job, we'll be making our way in. Meet us at the center court." Yuko gave a thumbs up to her team before they started moving in.


"Mariko-sama, Tomo~mi. The two of you will stay here and inform us about the enemies movements. Team Phoenix, 3 of you are to stay here as well while the others are to follow me, Rena-chan and Sae to the center court." Takamina commanded and instantly the leader of Team Phoenix commanded for 3 of their men to be stationed at the place.


"Mii-chan, please bring Nyan nyan and Yuki-san to the surveillance room. 4 of you follow them, you are to stay at the surveillance room as well." Mii-chan saluted and dragged the two doctors with her.

"Anyhow, good to see you Sae." Yuko grinned while Sae nodded with a smile.

"Sae..." Sayaka called out but it was heard but the latter.

Their eyes met and they were about to speak when it was interrupted by Yuko.

"Guys, not now okay?" Yuko was high on alert as she heard faint footsteps coming from the upper floor.

Saeyaka nodded in understanding and they settled for a brief hug before returning their full attention to the current situation.

"Front line, head to the second floor now. Rear line, check the floor we're at before heading up. Team Jaguar, please scout the area, make sure it's clear. Go." Mariko commanded.


After taking out a few more guards at the 1st floor, they headed up to meet up with the front line. Takamina gave them a thumbs up, gesturing for both of them to head on to the third floor together which was agreed by Mariko.


"You know, it's weird, we're at the 6th floor and the past floors were pretty unguarded." Takamina stated as Yuko nodded her head in agreement.

"Mariko, do you see anything out of ordinary?"

"Not at the moment. Wait." Soon, the sound of someone typing away on the keyboard was heard.

Deciding not to head up, the others waited at the 6th floor until further instructions were given to them by Mariko.


"Yuko. You won't like this." Mariko started.

"What's going on?" Yuko asked.

"They knew that we're coming." A gasped could be heard on the side.

"Mariko?! Mariko!!!" Yuko screamed into said device but she got no reply.

"Damn it!"

"What's going on?" Jurina asked as she saw the frustrated look on Yuko.

"They knew that we were coming! How?" Takamina stated on behalf of Yuko as she too heard from the device.

"Sae." Yuko racked her brains and could only think of a person who would betray them. She glared daggers at said girl who shook her head.

"Yuko, I did not tell anyone about this! Why the hell are you looking at me like that?" Sae returned the glare while Yuko punched the wall in frustration.

"I don't have time for this. Sayaka, Takamina, you take over. I'll head back down to the surveillance room." Yuko was about to leave but Mayu and Tomochin stopped her.

"We'll be following you." Tomochin stated firmly.

"Alright, let's go."

The three soon left the 6th floor, while all eyes were on Sae.

"Sae, did you?" Takamina eyed Sae who threw her hands up in frustration.

"Why in the world would I betray you guys?! We've been working and planning for this revenge for such a long time!" Sae hissed as Takamina backed down.

"Takamina, now is not the time to point fingers at anyone. We should find a place to hide and wait for news from Yuko." Sayaka gestured for all of them to enter an empty room.

"Sorry for suspecting you, Sae." Takamina apologized after awhile.

"It's alright." Sae sighed as everyone waited anxiously in the room for news.


The three rushed all the way into the surveillance room and was relieved to see that they were unharmed.

"What happened?!" Yuko questioned as Mariko pointed to a few prototypes on the floor.

"They suddenly came in and attacked us, but no worries we're fine." Mariko reassured as she dust her clothes.

"You guys alright?" Yuko asked as she eyed Yuki, Tomo~mi, Mariko, the members of the team and lastly Haruna.

"Yea, we're fine." One of the members from Team Phoenix answered.

Yuko eyed Haruna up and down, who smiled reassuringly at her. She sighed in relieve before looking over at Mariko with a questioning gaze.

"What did you mean when I wouldn't like it?"

Before Mariko could answer, the computers in the surveillance room turned black.

"What the?" Mayu stated as Mariko gestured for them to move away from the computers, just in case.

The computers soon turned back on.


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Hey there Shanjuu~ Here's the update~
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Anyway, let's start!

Chapter 19

"..." Yuko stared blankly at the computers that were all broadcasting the same thing.

"Yuu-chan?" Haruna called out but she got no reaction.

"You've come, my child." Said person on the other side grinned evilly.


"Hey, what is going on?" Takamina asked.

They were waiting in the room for news when the TV in the room started broadcasting an unknown man.

"We don't know too." Mariko replied as they observed the man.

"Wait! Shit, it's him!" Acchan point her finger at the screen.

"What, who's that?" Jurina asked, not understanding who this man is.

"Yuko's father, or to be exact, foster father." Acchan deadpanned.


"I'm not your child." Yuko spat as her glares intensified.

"Why, aren't you rude to your father." Said man laughed as Yuko lost her patience.

"You are not my father!" She threw a punch onto one of the computer screens, causing it to shatter into pieces.

The others widen their eyes, taken aback by the action. Mayu and Haruna immediately stood beside Yuko. Mayu tend to her wounds with Yuki's help and Haruna tried her best to calm said woman down.

"Yuu-chan, breathe." Haruna pat Yuko's back while she intertwined her other hand with Yuko's uninjured hand, calming the woman down almost immediately.

"What do you want?" Yuko asked calmly.

"The correct question is, what do you want? You are the one who is invading my company." He stared intensely back into her eyes.

"I want you dead." Yuko gritted her teeth as those words left her mouth.

The man burst out laughing almost maniacally.

"We'll see if you can make it that far. I'll be waiting for you on the 10th floor, Oshima Yuko. You have an hour." The screens turned black soon after.

Mayuki removed the clothe that was soaked with blood but sighed in relieve when the wound is gone.

"Thank goodness you heal fast, Yuko-san." Yuki stated as Mayu nodded her head in agreement.

"Oshiriko-chan, we need you in your top form if we're going to take him down." Mayu squeezed Yuko's shoulder, reassuringly.

"Y-Yea.. Sorry for blowing up." Yuko apologized as she rubbed her throbbing temples.

"It's alright, Yuko-chan." Tomo~mi patted Yuko's head.

"Yea, if I were you, I would blow up too." Tomochin lightly hit Yuko on the forehead with her knuckles.

"Guys, we need help." Takamina's voice echoed in the room.


They made their way up to the 6th floor in record time and they were surprised to see a huge group of people fighting with one another.

"Don't just stand there, come and help us!" Sayaka shouted and soon they were in action.

"Haruna-san, Yukirin, stay behind." Mayu stated as the two shrugged their shoulders and ran forward, surprising Mayu.

"Yah! It's dangerous!" Mayu was about to scold them but she was stopped short by a punch. She shut her eyes waiting for the impact, which was supposed to be on her cheek, but she felt nothing.

She opened her eyes, surprised to see Yuko blocking said attack.

"Shiriri-chan, believe that the two of them are more capable than ever to protect themselves." Yuko twisted the man's arm before throwing him over her shoulder.

"But still.." Mayu sighed as she landed a kick on a man who was running towards her.

"Watanabe Mayu, look." Mariko shouted and pointed her finger towards Yuki's direction.

Mayu followed said finger and saw Yuki landed a punch on a man's face, a cracking sound could be heard. Mayu winced when she heard it.

"Wow, I can't believe Yuki-san broke his nose." Jurina had her jaw dropped as she witness what happened.

Rena gave Jurina a quick peck before using her finger to close the latter's mouth. "The flies will go in, Jurina."

"Guys, this is not the time for PDA!" Tomochin groaned in annoyance as the WMatsui pair apologized shyly before continuing their fight.

"Mayu, she'll be fine." Takamina reassured.


'Remember to never to get on Yukirin's bad side.' Mayu shuddered as she replayed the image of the man getting his nose broken from the punch.


It was endless, the amount of enemies were overwhelming.

"Sayaka-san, should we use our weapons?" Tomo~mi asked as she landed another blow on the man's cheek.

Sayaka and Mariko bend down to look at one of the fallen enemy. They did a quick scanned at the fallen enemy before finding a bar code.

"Yes, we can. All the ones we've been fighting were prototypes. I believe the next batch which appears will have guns and knowledge to strategize and attack us.

Mii-chan used one of the device that was created earlier on and scanned the place.

"Guys, the enemies are all prototypes, they're not humans so feel free to kill them." Mii-chan stated nonchalantly as the others face palmed.

"What she meant was you don't have to hold back, feeling worried of harming a human being." Mariko quickly supplied as the others nodded their head in understanding before continuing their fight.

"You should've phrased your words properly, Gachapin." Mariko flicked Mii-chan's forehead causing the latter to groan.

"Agreed." Tomochin stated as she landed a kick on the stomach of a man before grabbing her gun and started shooting.

"We have to stop wasting time, Yuko needs to reach the 10th floor in 45 minutes!" Mariko stated aloud as everyone took their weapons out, wiping the place clean almost instantly.


Clearing the 7th floor with ease, they quickly climbed the stairs to the 8th floor. What Mariko and Sayaka predicted was true, when they arrived at the 8th floor a few shots were fired towards them and they had to fall back.

"Well, here they are. Leave this to me." Rena stated as she cracked her neck before putting her game face on.

Yuko nodded her head while she diverted her gaze to Sae who understood her.

"There's another way up." Sae stated as they all nodded their head in understanding.

"Jurina, I need a distraction." Jurina nodded her head and headed to look for items she could use to distract the robots.

"Kasai-san and Itano-san, can you head over to the other side of the hall? When me and Jurina starts to distract them, fire them immediately."

Tomotomo nodded their head in understanding but before they left, Mariko passed them a earpiece.

"Wait for Rena's instruction." Mariko squeezed both their shoulders before sending them off.

Sayaka took out another earpiece and passed it to Rena.

"You can stay in direct contact with Tomochin through this." Rena muttered a thanks and Jurina soon came back with a bunch of food.

"Jurina, is this your term of distraction?" Haruna raised her eyebrows in amusement.

"I couldn't find anything else but I believe it'll work." Jurina stated with determination before taking her position.

"The plan is for Jurina and myself to distract them, while Kasai-san and Itano-san will attack them from the back. The rest of you should continue heading up, towards the 10th floor. We'll meet you when we're done." Rena gave them a thumbs up as Yuko and the others nodded their head in understanding.

"Stay safe you guys." Yuko pat the two on the head before gesturing for Sae to lead the way, beckoning the others to follow her.

As soon as they were out of sight, Rena averted her gaze over to Jurina.

"Let's do this." Rena grinned as Jurina flashed her charming smile before nodding her head enthusiastically.

"Itano-san, we'll start our distraction now."

"Noted. Be careful."

"We will, you too." Rena nodded her head and the two started their plan.

Jurina dashed across the place, hiding behind a pillar as the shooting followed her. Now that Rena's area is not targeted, the latter ran further and hid behind the pillar, undetected.

Three loud thuds were heard and when Jurina took a peek behind the pillar, she saw three of the shooters on the floor, probably dead.

The others panicked when they saw three of their comrades fall, they started firing aimlessly towards the direction where the shot was fired.

Now that they have their back towards WMatsui, the two launched their attacks as well, firing their guns at them, killing 4 of them.

"Itano-san, are the two of you alright?" Rena asked as their enemies are now firing at both directions.

"Yea, we're fine. What's the plan now? They're coming in on us." Rena took a peek and hid back before gesturing to Jurina to throw the food she got earlier on, far away from all of them.

"We'll be throwing a distraction." Rena grinned as Tomochin nodded her head.

Jurina threw it far away and it landed with a thud, the enemies turned away from the Tomotomo area and headed towards the sound.

The four immediately came out from their hiding spot and fired at them rapidly, taking all of them out.

The four grinned and high-fived one another as soon as the last enemy was down.

"Sayaka-san, we've cleared the floor. We'll be joining you in a moment."


"WMatsui and Tomotomo has cleared the floor, they'll be coming to help us soon." Sayaka stated as she used a knife and slayed the robots like they were nothing.

"Rena has improved a lot huh.." Sae stated nonchalantly as she used a sword to slash the robots.

"She grew a lot throughout the years." Mayu stated as she landed a blow with her metallic gloves on the robot.

"Mmhmm, I believe she was using long range attack earlier on. You should see her perform short range. Her attacks are strong and precise." Takamina landed a few punches with her brass knuckles in place.

"I hope that Yuko will be fine." Acchan tighten her grip on the dagger before slicing the robot's neck.

"I believe in her." Mii-chan used her katana to parried an attack before landing a roundhouse kick on the opponent.

"We all do." Takamina flashed a small smile before continuing her fight.

"Let's do our best and meet up with them soon." Sayaka encouraged and they continued the fight with a burning spirit.


Mariko, Mayuki and Kojiyuu were up at the 10th floor, standing in front of a huge door. They made their way over to the door and Yuko took a deep breath, gathering herself.

"Yuu-chan, you'll be alright. We're here with you." Haruna squeezed Yuko's hand, reassuring her that everything will be alright. Yuko flashed a small smile and nodded her head.

'Gather yourself together, Yuko. It's time.'

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Chapter 20

"Huh.. You've made it just in time." The man grinned as he kept his pocket watch back into his suit before standing up.

"And you have company.." He eyed the other 4 before he made a gesture. All of a sudden, prototypes came out and restrained the 4.

"Yah, what are you doing?!" Mayu growled as she struggled to get free.

"Let them go." Yuko glared daggers at the man.

"Why should I?" Said man made his way over to Yuko, standing a few meters away from the latter.

"They have nothing to do with this." Yuko hissed while said man raised his eyebrows in amusement.

"Why, I wouldn't say that they have nothing to do with this if I were you. I mean, look at you. You're supposed to be death but somehow, right now, you're alive and well, trying to avenge your family." He laughed before walking back to his seat and pulled a hologram out.

"Well, maybe it's because you're stupid enough to believe that I'm dead, Akimoto." Yuko retorted, tightening her fist.

"By the way, I'm not only here to avenge my family. I'm here to stop you." Yuko stated firmly before taking a quick glance over her shoulder to check on the others.

'Luckily, they're just being restrained.'

Yuko made eye contact, signalling for them not to act rashly which they all understood.

"Oh? Stop me? I wouldn't say I'm the stupid one since you and your friends just presented yourselves at my place." Akimoto pulled out a knife, running his fingers on the knife.

"I tortured you, both physically and mentally. I'm surprised you're still alive." He placed the knife down on the table before pressing on the hologram, which was showing a video.

"Shall we replay what happened back then?" He smiled evilly.


WMatsui and Tomotomo had regroup with the others and they continued to fight on.

"Should we head up now?" Takamina asked after she knocked the last prototype out.

The others were about to reply but they were interrupted by an unknown man's voice which appeared with a hologram.

"Takamina, I have a bad feeling about this." Acchan stated as she watched the video.

"I'll record this, just in case." Sayaka stated as she pulled out a device and started recording.

"Shall we replay what happened back then?"

"How is she?" Akimoto walked in with a woman while eyeing the body which was being held up high in the air by chains.

"Sir, she's not speaking a word." One of the prototypes said as he passed him a whip.

"Yuko, Yuko.. You can make your life less miserable if you just tell us why were you sneaking around our place." The woman spoke as she made her way over to Yuko holding her chin, making the latter face her.

Yuko was barely conscious as they were beating her relentlessly the whole night. Yuko glared at the woman who was holding her before using the last of strength to shake herself free from the woman's grip.

"Bullshit." Yuko growled and spitted at the woman who immediately landed a harsh slap on her.

"I think we should knock some sense into her." The woman hissed in disgust, wiping the spit with her sleeves before walking over to Akimoto who nodded his head in agreement.

"I wouldn't have to do this to you if you just told us, I mean, we are your foster parents who took care of you." Akimoto stated as he walked closer to Yuko.

"Took care of me? Wow, Akimoto. Your sense of humor is getting so much better." Yuko rolled her eyeballs at the man who then walked over to her back.

"Sasshi's right. We need to knock some sense and maybe some manners into you." He whipped her on the back, hard. The cracked of the whip resounded in the whole room.

Yuko shut her eyes tightly in pain but she refused to scream, she refused to show that she was in pain, she refused to let them enjoy, seeing her suffer.

Yuko laughed aloud surprising the others in the room.

"Is that all you can do?" She raised an eyebrow and a smirk was plastered on her face.

Sasshi glared at Yuko before walking over to her and landed a few punches here and there before finally retreating when the same smirk still plastered on her face.

"If this doesn't work maybe we should show you how we killed your parents, and then your brother?"

This caught Yuko's attention. The whole time she was held captured, they only use physical violence on her and never mentioned anything about her biological parents nor his brother.

'This is new, maybe I'll find out something..'

She glared at her foster parents as they commanded for the prototypes to bring a projector and their laptop in. (Back then, holograms were not created yet.)

It didn't take them long to play the video.


"Akimoto, you can't do this! We're supposed to use this for good." Oshima Hideki hissed at the man.

"Nonsense! Power is all that matters, Hideki." Akimoto stated firmly as Hideki shook his head, disagreeing.

"We should head on to our separate ways. You believe that power is most important while I on the other hand believe that peace is more important than anything." Hideki stated firmly as Akimoto shrugged.

"Suit yourself."


"That was when we when our separate ways.. Do you remember about the news where your parents died in a lab accident?" Akimoto asked as he grinned evilly, she didn't like where this was going.

'No..' Yuko gave a small nod.

"The truth is... We killed them." He burst out laughing before playing the video.


"No, Akimoto. We've talked about this." Hideki hissed but he ignored him.

"You're planning something against us aren't you.." Akimoto glared at said man before pulling out a gun.

"Akimoto. Calm down it's not what you're thinking." Hideki raised his hands in defend.

"Nonsense.. I know you've been planning on something to take me down." He released a shot into the air before aiming it back to Hideki.

Hideki was about to retort but the door opened and there stood his wife.

"Ryo, get out!" Hideki yelled but it was too late as another gunshot was fired.

"No!!!!" Hideki fell onto his knees as tears streamed out from his eyes.

"You monster!" Hideki growled as he dashed towards Akimoto, landing a punch on him.

Akimoto fell back but immediately pointed the gun at him.

"You son of b*tch." Akimoto hissed as he raised the gun to Hideki's forehead.

"Just kill me." Hideki closed the remaining distance as he held the gun on his forehead.

"I'll do just that." Akimoto pulled the trigger and soon a loud bang was heard. Hideki's body fell limp onto the ground as Akimoto grinned evilly.

Sasshi walked in the room as if she did not hear any gun shots fired.

"Great job!" Sasshi grinned as she gave Akimoto a peck on the cheeks.

"Of course." Akimoto landed another kick on the dead body before heading to the table.

"Have you set the bomb?" Akimoto asked as he kept his gun.

"Yes, we'll make it look like a lab accident." Sasshi grinned before pressing a button.

"C'mon, the place is gonna blow up in 3 minutes." Sasshi stated as Akimoto nodded his head.

The two left the place and true to her words, 3 minutes later, the explosion took place.


The clip ended where it was and Yuko's tears were steadily streaming.

"Aww, look. She's crying." Sasshi clapped her hands in amusement.

"Ho? Where's that arrogant b*tch face we saw a few minutes ago?" Akimoto mocked.

Yuko hang her head in defeat as the scene of her parents being killed kept being replayed in her mind.

Sasshi walked up to her and landed another kick which caused Yuko to spit out some blood.

"I knew they were up to something but who would've thought that they were planning on a new system to destroy our plans?" Sasshi said as Akimoto nodded his head in agreement.

"The Chosen Ones huh." Akimoto spat as soon as he said that.


"Honey, shall we head on to the next one?" Sasshi asked with a devilish smiled plastered.

"Yuko, have you wondered about what happened to your brother?" Akimoto pressed the next clip, not allowing Yuko to answer.


The video of a man being tied to a chair was shown. Soon, the lights went on and the man started to stir.

Bruises, blood stains, old and new could be seen all over the man. The man shook his head, trying to get rid of the black spots that kept appearing in his vision.

"My my, you're finally awake Oshima Hikaru."  Hikaru growled at Sasshi who then ran her fingers over his face.

"Don't lay your filthy hands one me." HIkaru hissed as Sasshi grinned at him.

"Filthy you say.. You know, I was wondering.. Why did you go against us? If you didn't, maybe I could make you into one of my toys." Sasshi said with her eyes full of lust.

"Go to hell." Hikaru stated as Sasshi landed a slap on him.

"You know, today I'm going to end your life. We have decided that it is useless to keep you alive." Sasshi pulled out a knife as she ran the blade on his chest.

"Good, I've been waiting for this day to come." Hikaru stated as Sasshi laughed.

"Your sister has been asking us where have you been.." Sasshi stated as she applied pressure on to the knife, slicing into skin. Hikaru held back a pained scream as he kept his poker face.

"We told her you're studying abroad but she didn't quite buy it. She still asks for you like an annoying brat she is." Sasshi continued as she ran the knife, cutting into his arm.

"It's so tempting to take her life." Sasshi then moved the knife onto his stomach, doing the same thing.

"You wouldn't. She inherited everything from otou-san and okaa-san. If you killed her, everything will be donated to charity. You won't get a single thing from this." Hikaru clenched his fist tightly as he said those words.

"Ah.. You're right.. Aren't you a sad child. Your parents left nothing for you." This time, Sasshi landed a stab into his stomach causing the latter to hissed in pain.

"Oh well, I'll stop here. I want you to die a painful death. We'll let your blood flow out until you die." Sasshi stated as she shrugged her shoulders before leaving the room.

Hikaru groaned in pain but when he saw the camera in front of him. He put his poker face on, taking a deep breath before speaking.

"Yuko, I don't know... if you'll ever see this but if you do.. don't give up.. and fight on.." He coughed out blood this time before flashing a small smile.

"Gomen ne.. I can't protect.. you." Hikaru smiled apologetically.

"Take care.. of yourself." With that Hikaru passed out and soon died.


"Oni-chan!!" Yuko screamed as tears streamed down from her face. Yuko screamed in agony as she struggled against the chains, managing to land a kick on Sasshi who immediately stood back up and took the whip to whip her.

"You have no rights to kick me." Sasshi whipped again as Yuko continued to cry out in agony.

"Why the f*ck did you kill them?!" Yuko screamed at the two who merely laughed.

"Because they were sticking their noses into other people's business." Akimoto shrugged before he turned off the laptop.

"Finally, some reaction though.." Sasshi laughed before landing another whip onto Yuko's back.

"We'll see how long you can live.." Akimoto grinned.


"You monster!!" Yukirin screamed as tears were falling out from her eyes.

"Are you even sane?" Mariko glared at the man with such intensity that it surprised even Yuko.

"You piece of shit." Mayu hissed in pure anger, struggling to get herself free from the grip.

Haruna was quiet, she had her hanged her head in defeat as tears steadily stream from her eyes. 'Yuu-chan..'

Yuko once again took a quick glance to the back, asking them to shut up which they three reluctantly agreed to. The sight of Haruna hanging her head in defeat, worried the latter. 'Haruna...'

Yuko stayed rooted in her spot as she shut her eyes, holding back the tears. She resolved her faith and stood her ground this time, not showing any signs of weakness to him.

'Otou-san, okaa-san, Hikaru-oniichan. Please give me strength.'

"What's the point for showing the video?" Yuko asked nonchalantly.

"Hmm, I was hoping for more dramatic expressions from you.." Akimoto ignored Yuko's question.

"Well, sorry for not being able to show you a more dramatic situation." Yuko shrugged as she took a few steps forward.

"How could a child be that emotionless.." Akimoto wondered aloud but got no response.

"Oh, and to answer your question. It's to show your friends how pathetic you were back then." Akimoto started laughing before his gaze turned serious.

"Also, it is to show that, that is what you'll be going through when I defeat all of you." Yuko glared back at Akimoto with the same intense gaze.

"Over my dead body." Yuko stated before signalling for the others to break free and attack.


"That piece of shit." Takamina hissed as she threw a hard punch on a prototype that has been disconnected.

"You mean me?" Sasshi appeared from behind them with a troop of prototypes.

"Bitch." Tomochin clicked her tongue in annoyance and anger at the woman.

"You're going to get it from me." Sasshi narrowed her eyes at Tomochin.


And I'm cutting it here! Yea, I know what you're thinking.. Why the hell Sasshi?
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Lol is there going to be a bitch fight between Tomochin and Sashi? They seem like the type of people to pull each others hair lol  :mon fyeah: But it'll be good with a serious fight as well.

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Chapter 21

Mayu, Yukirin and Mariko broke free from their captors grip and unplugged them, almost immediately. Yuko did the same and quickly made her way over to Haruna who was frozen in her spot.

"Nyan nyan?" Yuko called out and gently touch the elder woman. Haruna looked up with teary eyes before throwing her arms around the latter, crying her heart out.

"N-Nyan nyan? Don't cry.." Yuko pat the sobbing woman on the back wanting to calm her down.

"Yuko, get Haruna out of here." Mariko yelled as she landed another punch on the incoming prototypes, stopping them from going any further towards the Kojiyuu pair.

"Yes, Oshiriko-chan! We'll cover you for now, hurry!" Mayu took out a gun, shooting lasers at the prototypes.

Yuko nodded her head and muttered a thank you to them before carrying Haruna to a secluded area. Yuko shut the door and gently placed said woman down.

"Haruna... Don't cry.." Yuko's eyes were getting teary as well as she saw her beloved crying. Yuko gently wipe the tears that fell on to Haruna's cheeks before planting a kiss on her forehead.

Haruna gathered her composure, trying her best to control her emotions. She reached out and intertwined Yuko's hands with hers.

"It hurt so much Yuu-chan.." Haruna whimpered as she looked into the latter's eyes.

"My heart hurts so bad, seeing you being tortured all alone. I wasn't there for you when you were going through your hardest time." More tears fell as Yuko pulled the latter into an embrace.

"Silly girl." Yuko sighed as she started to pat Haruna on the head, affectionately.

"Kojima Haruna. What you saw was what happened in the past. Yes, I endured the torture all alone but now I have you here facing this with me. Sayaka, Mariko, Takamina and the others are here too. I'm not alone now and that's what matters." Yuko ruffled the Haruna's hair before pulling away, creating a little distance between the two.

"I don't want to see you blaming yourself, okay?" Yuko leaned in and gave a tender kiss on Haruna's lips.

Haruna immediately returned the kiss wrapping her arms around Yuko's neck. Haruna was about to deepened the kiss but Yuko pulled away, causing the former to pout.

"No blaming yourself okay?" Yuko repeated and she received a nod.

"Good. Now, I would love to continue our session but we're currently at war and I think we should her the others." Yuko grinned sheepishly as Haruna blushed at the statement before nodding her head in agreement.

Yuko pressed another tender kiss on the latter's lips before pulling her to follow her out.


Mayu dashed forward towards Akimoto, wanting to land a punch on said man but he avoided it by grabbing her arm and twisted it to an odd angle causing the former to scream in pain.

Yukirin who heard it immediately head towards Akimoto, landing a solid punch on him.

"Nobody is allowed to touch what is mine." Yukirin hissed before landing another kick at the man's stomach. Akimoto groaned in pain as he tried to push himself up.

Mariko who caught the scene unfold was undeniably amused. She took a quick glance to the back, hoping to see the Kojiyuu pair and right at that moment, the two appeared.

"Are you alright?" Mariko asked Haruna as she continued her attack on the prototypes.

"Yes. Sorry for breaking down." Haruna rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly while the others told her it's okay.

"Huh.. I guess it's time to use our secret weapon." Akimoto grinned evilly as he stood up, holding on to a walkie-talkie.

"Release them now."


Atsumina, Saeyaka, Tomotomo, WMatsui, Miichan as well as the others had managed to destroy all prototypes and was about to attack Sasshi but all of a sudden, a voice was heard.

"Release them now."

"Just in time." Sasshi grinned evilly and soon, a whole group of prototype appeared.

They were about to attack them but was stopped by Miichan.

"No, don't attack them! They're not prototypes. They're half humans, half robots!" Miichan yelled as they all froze in their spot.

"Damn it." Takamina hissed as she held back a punch, pushing the half robot away.

"What will you do now, The Chosen Ones?" Sasshi smiled evilly at them.

"Guys, keep your weapons! I repeat keep your weapons! We will knock them out while the rest of you tie them up! Do you have ropes?" Sayaka asked the Teams that were with them.

"Yes mam!" The two leaders shouted in reply.

"Good. Let's do this."

Takamina on the other hand informed Yuko and the others that there weren't fighting prototypes anymore but instead they were fighting the half human, half robot who were brainwashed by Akimoto and Sasshi.

"Our only option is to knock them out as we don't want to hurt them, Yuko." Takamina stated and a sighed could be heard from the other side.

"Alright, please be careful. I assume Sasshi is there?"

"Yes, she is." Yuko could hear from the talkie that Takamina is very pissed off at Sasshi.

"Takamina, don't act rashly. Sasshi may not look like it but she can really fight. Please be careful."


"You're absolutely insane." Yuko kept the talkie at her back pocket as she knocked out one the half human and half robot who tried to attack her.

"You don't say.." Akimoto grinned evilly before he pulled out a gun.

"Leave Oshima Yuko alone. I want to kill her with my own hands."

The brainwashed half humans, half robots did as they were commanded and focused their attack on the other 4.

Akimoto fired a shot towards Yuko and she dodged it at the last second. Yuko started running towards Akimoto who continued to fire at her.

In a blink of the eye, Akimoto's gun was flung out of his hands and Yuko landed a punch at his stomach.

"You suck old man." Yuko mocked. She was taken aback when the latter burst out laughing instead.

"I guess it's time to turn it on." Akimoto reached to his neck and flicked on a switch.

Soon his eyes started to flicker from black to red.

"What the..?" Yuko took a few steps back as she watched the man's every move.

Akimoto hanged his head down for a few seconds before he started rubbing his neck, cracking a few bones.

"Well then, shall we officially start?" Both his eyes were bloody red, and he flashed a smile which caused Yuko to involuntarily shiver.

Akimoto dashed forward and landed a hard blow on Yuko. The impact of said punch, flung her out of the room and Yuko landed hard on her back on the floor below them.

Yuko groaned in pain as she pushed herself up, and held on to her stomach.

'Damn.. That hurts like hell.' Yuko groaned.

"Yuko?! Are you alright?" Sae who saw Yuko suddenly flung down from the upper floor at the corner of her eye, immediately went over to help her up.

"Y-Yea. Did you know what happened to Akimoto?" Yuko asked as she took a quick glance up and gasped.

"Sae, move!" Sae stared confusingly at Yuko but the latter managed to pushed her away just in time as a pot smashed into floor, breaking into pieces.

"You're going to die in my hands today." Akimoto stated as he jumped down from the upper floor.


The others who were with Yuko earlier sighed in relieve as they saw that Yuko was alright.

"Guys, we have to knock them out faster. We need to help Yuko!" Mariko stated and they all nodded in agreement.

'Please be careful Yuu-chan..'


"Da hell?" Sae cursed as she looked up and saw Akimoto jumping down from the upper floor.

Yuko who was watching Akimoto immediately dodged another blow that was aimed at her.

'He's so much faster and stronger after turning on the switch on his neck. What did he do to himself?'

Yuko who was injected with a substance in the past was able to keep up with the attacks thrown to her, she dodged and blocked said attacks before jumping away from him, creating distance between the two.

"What did you do to yourself, Akimoto?"

"What you asked? I turned myself, into one of them." Akimoto pointed at Sae as Yuko had her eyes wide opened.

"But I'm much more stronger when compared to them." He grinned before dashing forward again.


Sae who heard everything immediately headed over to Sayaka and Takamina to inform them about what she heard.

"What?!" Takamina asked as she knocked two half human and robot out.

"Yes and we need to help her! Hur-"

"Not so fast. Are you forgetting about me?" Sasshi jumped in front of them, blocking their way.

Sae glared at said woman before asking the others who were done to help Yuko,

"I'll handle her." Sae stated firmly as Sasshi watched on with amusement.

"Are you sure?" Takamina was worried that Sae alone won't be able to stop the woman.

"I'll help Sae-san." Rena stated and smiled reassuringly at them.

"But-" Jurina wanted to protest but the elder girl stopped her with a quick peck on the lips.

"I'll be fine, you do your best and help Yuko-san alright? Don't act rashly." Rena reminded the younger girl who nodded her head with determination.

"Stop the mushy drama." Sasshi hissed before launching herself forward doing a roundhouse kick which unfortunately for her and fortunately for the girls, who managed to avoid said kick.

"Go!" Rena yelled and they all nodded their head in understanding before leaving.

"I'll be helping here too." Tomochin stated nonchalantly.

Sae and Rena turned around and saw the woman, who smiled at them.

"Right, let's do this."

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Oohh the couples are getting separated to fight different enemies....

Such a short update... I'll wait for the chapter 22 eagerly
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As promised.  :hee:

Chapter 22

"Tomo~mi, Gachapin, Yukirin, Mayu and Haruna. Go and help those who are injured." Mariko instructed as soon as they cleared the upper floor.

Tomo~mi and Mii-chan who heard the walkie-talkie immediately complied and headed off to help the injured ones while Haruna on the other hand, was reluctant on complying to said request.

"Kojima Haruna, snap out of it. We're at war here. Don't let Yuko worry about you." Mariko reprimanded the former in a stern tone.

Yuki and Mayu smiled reassuringly at the elder woman.

"It'll be fine, Kojima-san.. We're with you." Yuki stated as Mayu nodded her head in agreement.

Haruna flashed a grateful smile before the three left to help those who were injured.


Yuko groaned in pain as she was thrown to the wall before sliding on to the floor. She pushed herself onto her feet as she wiped the blood that was dripping from her lips.

"I'm surprised you're still able to stand." Akimoto stated nonchalantly as she flung one of the half human, half robot away.

"Stop! Don't hurt them!" Yuko hissed as Akimoto shrugged.

"They were the ones coming on to me."


Jurina who decided to sneak up on Akimoto, aimed a knife at Akimoto. She dashed forward and aiming for his heart but the man took a step forward causing the latter to stab the man at his leg.

Akimoto hissed in pain before grabbing Jurina and threw her across the room.

"Didn't your elders teach you not to sneak up on others?" Akimoto glared daggers at the younger woman as he placed his palm on his injured leg.

'I'm pretty sure I heard a few cracking sound..' Jurina groaned in pain and Yuko immediately made her way over to the younger.

"Jurina!" Yuko eyed the younger woman worriedly, looking around the room for help. She saw Atsumina, Sayaka and Mariko heading in to distract/attack Akimoto.

"Yuko-san.. Did I.. act too.. rashly again?" Jurina inhaled deeply, causing her to wince in pain.

"No no no.. You didn't. You did a great job." Yuko smiled reassuringly before pulling the talkie from her back pocket.

"Haruna! Come over and help! Jurina is hurt! Quickly!" Yuko slid the walkie talkie back into her pocket before wrapping her arms around the younger woman.

"I'm going to carry you to a safer place, okay? You've got to stay with me." Yuko stated firmly as Jurina nodded her head.

"This may hurt." Yuko huffed before she lifted Jurina and carried the woman who winced in pain to safety.

Yuko immediately carried her to a spot which is clear of any fighting. It didn't take long for Haruna to appear with a medic box.

"Haruna! I think she punctured her lungs! She's having a hard time to breathe." Yuko informed the doctor who nodded her head before averting her gaze from Yuko to Jurina.

"Jurina, stay with us, okay?" Haruna smiled warmly at Jurina before diverting her attention over to YUko, gently pushing her away.

"Go and help the others." Haruna stated firmly. Yuko nodded her head after planting a soft kiss on Haruna's forehead.

"Isn't that.. nice.." Jurina chuckled as Haruna eyed the younger woman.

"You better stay with me while I treat you. We don't want Rena turning into Gekikara." Jurina giggled before wincing a little and nodded her head.


Yuko rushed back to the scene only to catch Takamina who was thrown back by the impact of the punch.

"Midget! You okay?" Yuko gently put Takamina onto her feet.

"Who are you calling a midget?" Takamina glared at Yuko as she held onto her bruised stomach.

"No one but seriously, are you alright?" Yuko eyed the woman who nodded her head.

"But when the hell did he get that strong?" Takamina questioned aloud as she watch the three who continued attacking and dodging at the same time.

"When he switch on a button at the back of his neck..." Yuko stated as she eyed Akimoto.

"I know you're not seriously injured but please rest here alright? His strength is on a whole new level and I don't want you guys to get hurt anymore like Jurina.." Takamina nodded in understanding as she led herself to where Haruna and Jurina was.

Yuko dashed towards Akimoto from the back, locking her arms at his neck, strangling him.

Akimoto struggled to break free but Yuko was holding tightly on to his neck.

The three saw the chance to attack Akimoto as Yuko was keeping him busy, they all moved in landing punches and kicks at him.

'At the rate we're going, we can win this.' Mariko thought to herself as she landed another punch on the man.

Mariko was taken aback when Akimoto caught her arm and threw her on to her back.

'I thought too soon..' Mariko hissed as she pushed herself up before staggering away.

Yuko released her grip on the man, landing a kick on his back which caused him to tumble forward.

"Mariko? Are you alright?" Yuko called out to the woman who nodded.

Takamina who saw what happened immediately went over to help Mariko, pulling her away from the scene.

After making sure that Mariko wasn't seriously injured, Takamina pulled Mariko to where Haruna was.

"Takamina! Stop pulling me, I can fight! We're supposed to help Yuko!" Mariko retorted while Takamina rolled her eyes.

"You know, I believe Yuko wouldn't want us to fight Akimoto. She appreciates us helping out that's why she allowed us to fight him but once we have been knocked away by Akimoto, she'll pull us away not wanting us to injure ourselves further like Jurina did. Although some of us are half human, half robot, she doesn't want anyone of us to suffer from any injury." Takamina explained to Mariko who was deep in thoughts.

"We'll watch her from here. She'll be alright." Haruna stated as she continued her treatment on Jurina.



'Aish.. I can't believe I forgot about the switch on his neck when I was strangling him.' Yuko face palmed herself as she remembered how close she was to turn off the cause of Akimoto's inhumane strength.

"Guys! Aim for his neck, there's a switch at the back." Yuko stated as the two nodded their head, too focused to not notice the mistake Yuko did earlier on.

"Damn." Yuko hissed as he dashed towards Akimoto who reflected all her attacks, landing a punch squarely on her stomach causing her to recoil.

"You're weak." Akimoto stated as he continued to dodge the attacks from the duo.

Akimoto attacked with a roundhouse kick, knocking the two back. They pushed themselves up with much effort, taking their stance once more.

"That kick was weak alright." Sayaka stated as she wiped the sweat from her face.

"Are you a girl?" Acchan winced a little but she stood up on her feet.

"Oh really?" Akimoto asked with an amused smile.

He dashed forward to the two, punching them square in the stomach before disappearing behind them, using his elbows to knock them on the ground.

"Acchan! Sayaka!" Yuko yelled as the two fall limp on to the floor.

Takamina and Mariko who saw the scene immediately hurried to their feet, wanting to pull them away from the scene.

"Damn it Akimoto!" Yuko yelled as she eyed the two who lay motionless on the floor.

Tears unconsciously fell from her eyes as she diverted her gaze and glared at Akimoto.

Akimoto burst out laughing evilly, his pain forgotten at that moment.

"You're just as weak as your father." Akimoto taunted her, smiling evilly.

"You piece of shit."


Takamina and Mariko had safely carry the two unconscious friend to where Haruna was and they thank the heavens when the saw Mayu and Yukirin at the scene as well.

"I'll check on Mariko, you check on Acchan." Mayu stated firmly as she eyed her two unconscious friends.

"Please be alright Acchan." Takamina squeezed her hand tightly.


Yuko threw punches at an inhumane speed towards Akimoto who was taken aback by the speed of her punches.

Akimoto took a few hits before distancing himself further from Yuko.

Before he could say a single thing, Yuko ran up to him and did a roundhouse kick.

Akimoto blocked said attack but he stumbled backwards from the impact of said kick.

Yuko was relentless. She continued attacking with high kicks, low kicks, jabs and punches at every opening, not giving a chance to Akimoto for him to take the offense.

The man had no choice but to defend himself but unfortunately for him, Yuko's punch only got stronger and faster as she continued to land bows on him.

Yuko's gaze were murderous as she continued attacking. Akimoto received a few heavy blows and felt himself shivering from the intense gaze but didn't show it.

"You have hurt enough people. I won't allow you to hurt anyone else anymore." Yuko stated firmly.

Yuko took her stance as she eyed the man, taunting him to attack her first.

"You ask for it, you b*tch." Akimoto ran towards Yuko throwing punches everywhere but it was all blocked by Yuko.

'Damn! There's no opening.' Akimoto thought to himself as he continued to throw punches and he managed to land a few punches on said petite woman.

Akimoto grinned when he managed to land a few blows on said woman and was about to taunt the woman but all Yuko did was bursting out into a maniac laughter.

"Done? It's my turn now." Yuko wiped the blood stain with her sleeves.

Akimoto glared daggers at Yuko, aiming for a punch at her face but he was stop short as Yuko caught his hand, stopping his advance.

Yuko punched Akimoto square in the stomach before she flip forwards, going behind Akimoto, using her elbow to land a blow on him.

"This is for Akimoto and Acchan." Akimoto heard some cracking sound from his back as he hissed in pain

Yuko grabbed Akimoto from the floor and swing him, hard across the room, causing him to hit his back at the wall before sliding on to the floor.

"This is for Jurina." Akimoto scream in agony as his back came in contact with the wall again.

Yuko picked up a gun on the floor as she made her way towards Akimoto.


"No! Yuko, don't do it!" Mariko yelled from her place as she saw the scene unfolding before their eyes.

Mariko's scream surprised the others as they looked up from what they were doing.

"Yah! Don't scream! You'll wake the patients!" Mayu stated but it was useless.

"Oshima Yuko! Put the gun down!" Takamina yelled from her place but it fell on deaf ears.

Acchan and Sayaka groaned in pain as they woke up from their unconsciousness.

"Too loud, Takamina." Acchan held onto her head.

"Acchan! You're okay! Thank goodness, you got me worried." Takamina carefully embraced the former.

Acchan smiled at her lover's silliness before asking, "But what was the ruckus all about?"

Before anyone could answer, a loud bang echoed in the building.



"Don't do this Yuko, you'll regret it." Akimoto said as he saw Yuko picking up a gun from the ground.

Yuko let out an evil laugh before pointing the gun at him.

"Oh, I'll be regretting if I don't pull the trigger." Yuko smiled evilly as she fired.

"This is for my brother." Yuko fired the gun.


"This is for my mother."


"And this is for my father."



"Yuko! Damn it!" Sayaka hissed as she saw Yuko firing three shots.

"What are you two doing here?! Go and stop her!" Sayaka hissed at Mariko and Takamina who snapped out of their reverie, rushing towards Yuko.


"Yuko! Why did you open fire at him?!" Mariko asked as Yuko remain unfazed as she walked towards him and turned off the switch at his neck before pulling a pair of handcuffs, cuffing his hands together.

"Yah, we're talking to you!" Takamina pulled Yuko to face them.

Yuko smiled cheerily at them, taking the two by surprised.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Yuko?" Mariko eyed the woman from head to toe.

"What? Nothing's wrong?" Yuko titled her head to the side in confusion.

"The heck? You just open fire at Akimoto and shot him three times and you tell me there's nothing wrong?" Takamina asked with an eyebrow raised , taking a few steps back.

"What are you talking about? I did not shoot him three times." Yuko raised her eyebrow, genuinely confused.

"You released three shots, didn't you?" Yuko nodded.

"I did but it wasn't aimed at him." Yuko pointed to the side of Akimoto to show the holes at the wall.

"He fainted when I fired the last shot." Yuko stated nonchalantly as the two stared at her, not believing what they heard.

"You can check his breathing if you don't believe what I said." Yuko pointed towards the supposedly dead man.

Mariko pushed Takamina forward, signalling for the latter to check on his breathing. Takamina glared at Mariko before moving forward and hesitantly placed her finger at the bottom of his nose to check his breathing. She let out a relieve sigh when she felt air coming out from his nose before nodding to Mariko who to let out a relieve sigh.

"Told ya." Yuko laughed at the two before returning her gaze to Akimoto.

"The authorities will be coming over soon, I believe." Mariko checked her watch, noting the time as the two nodded.

Yuko carried Akimoto's limp body on her back as they made their way over to where the others were resting.

Yuko placed Akimoto's body on the floor and as she looked up, she saw Sae, Tomochin and Rena who was carrying Sasshi's body, came up to the group with a small grin.

"Glad you guys managed to handle her." Yuko grinned at them as they return her with a thumbs up.

"You did a great job too." Sae grinned at her buddy as they high-five one another.

Rena immediately when to Jurina's side, looking worriedly at Jurina.

"Rena-chan~ You're here~" Jurina called out cutely.

"Kojima-san, is Jurina alright?"

"Not really, but she'll survive this. We need to get her to the hospital as soon as possible though." Haruna flashed a small smile towards the two.

Rena bowed a 90 degrees, thanking Haruna as Haruna waved it off.

"Oh my Acchan~ Are you feeling better?" Acchan blushed at how affectionate Takamina was calling her but nodded her head.

"She's alright. No broken bones unlike Jurina, just a bruise." Yuki reassured Takamina who let out a relieve sighed.

"What about Sayaka?" Sae sat beside Sayaka who seemed to be out of it.

"She's not as lucky as Acchan. She has a few broken bones but other than that, she's alright." Sae sighed and was about to hold the woman's hand but she was startled by her loud voice that echoed at the place.

"Oshima Yuko, did you kill Akimoto?" Sayaka's deadly voice broke through the air causing all of them to look at her.

"No I didn't. Why are you all asking me this? He's still alive. Takamina checked it already." Yuko frowned.

The others let out a relieve sigh while the three newcomers looked on with confusion.

"Well, excuse us for thinking that you killed him when you fired three shots at him." Sayaka rolled her eyes at the shorter woman.

Connecting the dots, the three understood what was going on before chuckling.

"Sayaka~ Why don't you ask us if we killed Sasshi?" Sae whined to her beloved who immediately turn red at the cuteness.


"Okay, stop the yippy-yappy. The authorities are here." Mii-chan who appeared from nowhere stated as she and Tomo~mi guide the authorities towards Yuko.

"Hello there. I'm Superintendent, Kim Taeyeon from the Police force" Taeyeon greeted Yuko with an extended hand.

"I'm Oshima Yuko. I don't mean to sound rude, but you're Korean right?" Yuko asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, we are." Another voice came in surprising the others.

"I'm Inspector Tiffany Hwang, Taeyeon's sidekick." Taeyeon shot a disapproving glance towards the latter who ignored it.

"We were asked to assist the Japanese Authorities with this case. That is why we're here." Tiffany added as Yuko nodded her head in understanding.

"Thank you for coming all the way from Korea to assist us." Yuko bowed a 90 degrees, followed by the others.

"Ah, no no. It's nothing." Taeyeon bowed back at them, followed by Tiffany,

"We'll need to take your statements later but for now, we'll bring all of you to the hospital to check up before we take the statements." Taeyeon stated as Yuko nodded her head in agreement.

Yuko was about to take a step forward when she felt the world around her spinning.

"Yuko!" Haruna's voice was heard as Yuko fell on the floor with a loud thud.

"Bring the stretcher in!" Taeyeon yelled.

That's it for Chapter 22.
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Chapter 23

Yuko groaned as she woke up. She looked around, not surprise to see the white light she's currently seeing.

'Am I dead?' Yuko thought to herself as she sat up from her position.

She shielded her eyes as the white light shone brighter than before. She dropped her hand when she heard a familiar voice.

"Yuko.." A fatherly voice which Yuko had not heard for years.

"Otou-san.." Yuko's call to her father, almost inaudible. She felt her eyes tearing up as she saw him.

Yuko pushed herself up from her position and ran to him, embracing him.

"Otou-san.. I thought I wouldn't see you again." Yuko stated as she buried her face into the crook of his neck.

"Well, you're seeing me now aren't you." Hideki grinned as he patter her on the head.

"I'm not the only one here, you know." Hideki pulled back and gestured to the back with his head.

"Okaa-san. Onii-chan." Yuko smiled brightly seeing the other two.

She released her grip on her father before running to the other two.

"I miss you all so much." Hikaru grinned as he patted her younger sister's head.

"We miss you too." Yuko grinned at her brother who smiled fondly at her.

"We're glad that you've been doing fine without us." Yuko's mother stated as Yuko shook her head in denial.

"I wasn't fine.." Yuko retorted as a low chuckle was heard.

"You weren't but now you are." Hideki flashed a fatherly smile towards Yuko who nodded her head.

"They're waiting for you, you know?" Hideki waved his hand and soon a picture appeared showing Haruna and the others.

"Haruna.." Yuko called out longingly.

"You love that girl don't you?" Ryo asked in a motherly tone.

"Yes, I do. Will you accept her as your daughter's other half?" Yuko asked with her puppy eyes set.

"Aigoo.. You don't have to do those cutesy eyes. We've already accepted her when we saw how wonderful she is to you." Ryo pinched Yuko's cheek before laughing.

"Your onii-chan approves as well. Take good care of her alright?" Hikaru stated as Yuko nodded her head furiously.

"Yuko? We're glad you were able to take down Akimoto and Sasshi. The world will be a much better place without the two. I'm glad you did not open fire at him as well. You have made all of us proud." Hideki grinned before pulling her daughter into a fatherly embrace.

"Otou-san. I'm not the only who is supposed to be credited. Everyone there, everyone who fought their hardest are to be given credit too. The ones you have chosen, The Chosen Ones." Yuko stated as her father nodded in agreement.

"I must say though, my parents are two wise and awesome parents who chose wonderful people to help take down evil." Yuko giggled as they all laughed.

"Well, it's time you go back to them. Take care of yourself, imoto and remember that I love you very much." Hikaru gently pat Yuko on the head.

"Thank you onii-chan, I love you too. Thank you for protecting me all these while." Hikaru grinned before giving a thumbs up to his younger sister before gesturing for her to head on to their parents.

"Otou-san, Okaa-san. Thank you for everything." Yuko smiled lovingly at her parents who embrace their youngest affectionately.

"Yuko, remember that you're a strong person and that your family loves you dearly, okay?" Yuko nodded her head as she pulled back.

"Go on now, my child. Remember that we love you dearly." Hideki grinned at his youngest.

"Thank you. I love all of you too."


"She's waking up!" Mii-chan's voice could be heard in the room.

Yuko groaned as the light was shining too brightly into her eyes but it was soon darker and she promised to thank whoever that was blocking the bright light with a kiss.

Yuko slowly opened her eyes to see Haruna staring right at her.

"Hi." Yuko greeted with a grin and immediately leaned up for a kiss, surprising Haruna.

"Omo. She's just like you Taetae!" A high pitched squeal could be heard in the room.

"Tiffany Hwang." Taeyeon glared at the latter but it wasn't scary because the former's face was bright red.

The others snicker at what happened while some shook their head.

Haruna leaned in, pecking Yuko on the lips before pulling back and smiled sheepishly.

"And you're not like her." Taeyeon stated nonchalantly.

"Yah! Kim Taeyeon! What is that supposed to mean?" Tiffany glared at Taeyeon who smirked at her.

"I meant what I said. You're not alike." Taeyeon leaned in and whispered into Tiffany's ear. "You on the other hand, you're insatiable." Tiffany was a blushing mess and when Taeyeon pulled back, she grinned widely at her work.

"Anyway, we're glad that you're finally awake. Dr Kojima, do you need to check on the patient?" Taeyeon asked as the others shook their head.

"Taeyeon-san. If you leave the two alone, you won't be able to get her statement ever!" Takamina stated honestly causing the two mentioned to blush while the others to snicker.

"It is undeniably true. It's better if you take up her statement now before you think of leaving them alone." Mariko added causing everyone to burst out laughing.

"Yah, stop the teasing. How long was I out?"

"Only about half a day." Mayu stated as Yuko nodded her head in understanding.

"Have your received everyone's statement?" Taeyeon shook her head as she gestured to the three.

"I've got everyone's statement except for the three here and you, yourself."

Yuko looked around, relieve to see that Acchan, Sayaka and Jurina are there.

"How are you three feeling?" Yuko asked as the three nodded and gave her the okay sign.

"Oh not the three at the front. I meant the three at the back." Taeyeon gestured to Sae, Rena and Tomochin.

"Ohhh..." Yuko answered awkwardly and soon the room fell into silence before Mii-chan burst out laughing.

The others joined in the laugh as well and soon they atmosphere was back to usual.

"So, we'll let you rest for now. We'll get their statements first, alright?" Tiffany stated as they nodded their head but Yuko raised a hand in question.

"Why didn't they recorded their statement earlier?" Yuko tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Well, they wanted to wait for you to wake up first." Taeyeon answered as Yuko stared at the three in confusion.

"They just wanted to show off on how they defeated Sasshi." Sayaka stated as Sae blushed.

"Not us two." Rena and Tomochin said at the same time.

"We wanted to record our statement but she won't let us." Tomochin stated with a click of her tongue.

Everyone diverted their gaze over to Sae who was now redder than a tomato.

"I-I didn't mean to show off. I just wanted Yuko-chan to not missed out on this." Sae defended herself as the others laughed.

"Alright, we'll be taking your statement now. The camera's ready, Taeyeon." Tiffany stated as Taeyeon nodded her head and gestured for Sae to start narrating.


"Let's see what can the three of you do.." Sasshi crossed her arms as she glared at them.

"Oh, we can do a lot of things." Sae stated as she eyed Sasshi before sending signals to the two.

Tomochin and Rena exchanged eye contact, communicating through their eyes understanding what Sae want them to  do.

"Oh really now? I can't believe you betrayed us." Sasshi glared at Sae who shrugged her shoulders.

"You're the stupid one. I've been undercover for such a long time and you all never suspected me before." Sasshi felt herself losing her temper at Sae's words.

"What did you say?" Sae raised her eyebrows, amused.

"I said you are stupid. I've been snooping around and you didn't know I was the mole until today." Sae repeated and Sasshi lost it.

Sasshi dashed forward, aiming her punch at Sae's face.

"Say goodbye to your pretty face." Sasshi snickered but her fist did not landed on Sae's cheek.

"What the?" Sasshi turned around to look at what was stopping her but she was taken aback when a fist landed on her face.

Sasshi groaned in pain as she held on to her face.

"No!!!! Not my face!" Sasshi screamed in agony as the other snickered.

Sasshi glared daggers at the three who stopped snickering almost immediately.

"You'll pay for this." Sasshi dashed forward, aiming her fist at Rena who landed the punch on her face.

Rena deflected the attack easily but she stood frozen in her spot when she heard the walkie.

"Haruna! Come over and help! Jurina is hurt! Quickly!"

'Jurina?' That once second was enough for Sasshi to land a blow on Rena who groaned in pain.

"You're fully human aren't you?" Sasshi stated as Rena's eyes widen when she saw Sasshi holding on to syringe with weird liquids.

"You'll die as soon as this enters your system."

"No! Rena-chan!" Sae shouted but she was too far away from Sasshi to stop Sasshi.

Rena shut her eyes, preparing herself to feel the needle in her skin but it never came.

She opened her eyes, surprised to see that Sasshi was thrown away from her.

"Itano-san." Rena's eyes widen when she saw the girl who was holding on to the syringe with her hand.

"Shit shit! Sae-chan!! Itano-san is human too!" Rena yelled as she panicked.

"Tomochin!" Sae made her way over to them, glaring daggers at Sasshi who burst out laughing.

"What was in that syringe?" Sae yelled at Sasshi before dashing forward, landing a strong blow on her stomach.

"The same one we give to you half human, half robots. You won't die though because your system is alright with the liquid but for humans, they will die as soon as it's in their system." Sasshi grinned evilly before bursting into laughter.

Sae landed a low kick causing Sasshi to fall on her knees in pain.

"Itano-san!!" Rena was about to cry but she raised her hand stopping the other from speaking.

"I'm fine.. I think." Tomochin stated as she pushed herself up.

"Yeap.. I'm fine.." Sasshi stared at Tomochin in surprised.

"But how?!" Sasshi stared on with confusion.

Sae used her watch which has a scanner to differentiate those who are purely human, those who are half humans, half robots and those who are fully robots.

She scanned it with her watch and was surprised at the result.

"Tomochin, you're not purely human...?" Sae stated, but it sounded more like a question.

"Huh.. That explains a lot of things but it doesn't at the same time..." Tomochin looked at the two who had their jaw dropped.

"We'll talk about this latter." Tomochin dashed forward, landing a roundhouse kick at Sasshi, sending her a few feet back from where she was before.

Rena and Sae nodded their head in understanding and was about to dash forward to attack Sasshi but she was knock cold by Tomochin's kick.

"Well, thank you Tomochin for making our jobs easier." Sae stated as she pulled out a cuff and cuffed Sasshi's hands.

"Let's head over to Yuko-san." Rena stated as they all nodded.


"That's the end of it." Sae stated as they all nodded their head in understanding.

"Wait, Tomochin. You're a half human, half robot! But how did it go unnoticed when we did the scanning?" Yuko was genuinely in confusion.

"Tomochin's half robot side wasn't that... How do you say this.." Tomo~mi thought to herself.

"Let's just say that her robot side didn't stand out much or it was like nonexistent until Sasshi injected the liquid into her." Sayaka stated as Yuko nodded her head in understanding.

"No worries. She has undergo a full-body check up and she's alright." Mayu answered Yuko's unasked question, causing the latter to grin.

"Thank you Shiriri-chan." Yuko grinned.

"Alright, is there anything to add you two?" Tiffany gestured to Rena and Tomochin who shook their head.

"She did a great job on retelling the story though." Rena grinned and gave Sae a thumbs up.

"But I think you may want to privately interview Sae to ask about her undercover past." Yuko stated blankly and was taken aback when they all broke out into laughter again.

"Rest assure. We've been well informed and we've done that earlier on already." Taeyeon smiled at Yuko who hide her face behind Haruna, embarrassed.

"Yuko-ssi, do you mind if we take your statement now?" Yuko shook her head and gestured for them two start.

"Fany-ah, don't forget to stop the recording and start a new one before we start recording her statement."

"Yah, Kim Taeyeon! Are you trying to humiliate me?" Tiffany hissed at the former who sighed.

"I just didn't want you to repeat your mistake which will lead to you getting reprimanded from the higher ups." Taeyeon stated concernedly causing the other to pout but she did what she needed to do.

Taeyeon cleared her throat before diverting her gaze back to Yuko.

"So Yuko-ssi. We just need you to answer two questions actually and we're done." Yuko nodded her head in understanding.

"First question. Is it true that Akimoto and Sasshi were your foster parents?"

"Yes, they took care of me and my brother after my parents passed away in an 'accident'."

"Alright. We've received the video that was submitted by Sayaka-ssi so they'll be extra evidence to back your statement." Yuko looked over to Sayaka with a brow raised.

"I just had a bad feeling so I decided to record it." Yuko smiled warmly at her friend, mouthing a thank you.

"Second question. Did you open fire at Akimoto back at the place?"

"Yes I did. I fired three shots but it wasn't aimed at him."

Taeyeon nodded her head.

"Well, that's it actually. We'll make sure to clear you parents name as well as to make sure they stay behind those bars forever." Taeyeon smiled warmly at Yuko who nodded her head, thanking her.

"Alright, we'll be making a move now. Take care!" Taeyeon and Tiffany bowed to them and the others bowed back politely as they left the room.

"Nice people aren't they.." Jurina stated as they all nodded their head.

"Anyway, I'm glad that this case is finally coming to an end." Yuko let out a relieve sigh.


"Fany-ah? Are you still mad?" Taeyeon was worried as the younger of the two was walking ahead of her.

"Ani.. I.. I'm just feeling guilty when I thought back on what happened back then when I made that mistake." Tiffany sighed as she hang her head in defeat.

"Aigoo, my poor mushroom. It's alright, okay. Thankfully, no action was taken." Taeyeon grinned before pinching Tiffany's cheeks causing the later to slap her hands away.

"C'mon, let's hand in the report and head home." Taeyeon smiled warmly at Tiffany with her hand reaching out to Tiffany. Tiffany returned the smile and intertwined their fingers almost immediately.

"What is this? You have gone through so much training and yet you can't do a simple thing?" The higher-ups hissed at Tiffany who had her head hang even further.

"I..." Tiffany gulped as she felt herself shaking.

'Why did I make such a simple mistake?' Tiffany inwardly groaned at her forgetfulness.

"Sir, I must say that Tiffany is not at fault." Taeyeon who had been quiet throughout the whole session, finally spoke.

"Then are you telling me that you're the one at fault, Kim?" Taeyeon nodded her head as the higher up asked Taeyeon to explain.

'What the hell Taetae?' Tiffany was glaring daggers at Taeyeon while Taeyeon gave her a quick and pleading glance which caused the taller of the two to sighed in defeat.

"I was rushing Tiffany and I insisted on bringing the next suspect it before she even had the chance to change the tape. It was my fault that this mistake happened and I apologized for it." Taeyeon stated firmly and bowed.

The higher up let out a heavy sigh. "Well, Kim, Hwang. Get your ass outta here before I decide to take any action on the two of you."

The two had their eyes widen before bowing and immediately left the room after thanking their higher ups.


"Kim Taeyeon! What the hell was that?" Tiffany glared at Taeyeon who sighed before pulling her to her office.

Tiffany reluctantly allowed the shorter of the two pull her and as soon as they were in the officer, Taeyeon slumped her body on to the couch.

"Fany-ah. You don't expect me to not do anything when you're being reprimanded by the higher ups." Taeyeon stated as Tiffany huffed and crossed her arms.

"But it wasn't your fault. It was my mistake, you stu-"

"Yah! Tiffany Hwang Mi Young." Taeyeon stood from her seat, interrupting Tiffany who gulped after hearing Taeyeon call her with her full name.

"Yes I am stupid. I shouldn't have tried to cover for you. I shouldn't even have worried for you." Taeyeon hissed as she sat back down.

"But damn it Tiffany. If you were in my shoes, you would do the same." Taeyeon soften her tone as she rubbed her throbbing head.

Tiffany felt her heart throbbing as she head what her beloved Taetae had said. Tiffany took big strides over to Taeyeon and engulfed her into a bear hug which was returned by Taeyeon.

"I'm sorry." Tiffany apologized as she buried her face into the crook of Taeyeon's neck.

Taeyeon sighed before shaking her head. "It's alright.. Sorry for raising my voice." Taeyeon gently kissed Tiffany on her forehead.

Tiffany shook her head and kissed Taeyeon's neck, causing shivers to run down the elder girl's spine.

"I'll make it up to you tonight.." Tiffany whispered seductively into Taeyeon's ear and gently bit the ear lobe.

'Someone's getting laid tonight.'


And that's it for TAENY~
Two more chapters guys. I'll try to update it soon.
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Title: Humans And Robots - Chapter 24 (Kojiyuu + Others) 28/12/2016
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Yes you're right Genkikid! This chapter will be the last and the next one will be the epilogue but...

I'll skip the author's note for now, let's head into the finale!

Chapter 24

A few weeks later

"Defendant, do you have anything to say?" Judge Yokoyoma Yui asked as Akimoto broke out into laughter.

"No, by all means, send me to jail." Akimoto shrugged his shoulders as Judge Yokoyoma felt her eyebrow twitching but she maintained her composure.

Yuko and the others who were watching kept their silent as Judge Yokoyoma directed her gaze over to the juries who nodded their head.

"Members of the jury, I believe you have reached a verdict?"

The jury spokeswoman stood and nodded her head. "Yes, your Honor. Your Honor, the members of the Jury find the defendant guilty of first degree murder, kidnap and abuse."

Akimoto stood up and broke out into laughter as the judge bang her gavel before there was silence again. "Order, order in my courtroom." She said in a stern voice.

The guards pushed him down back to his seat and restrained him from moving.

Judge Yokoyoma cleared her throat before speaking.

"I will now pass sentence of the verdict. After reviewing the evidence that was submitted by the police force, The Chosen Ones, as well as the statements given by the victim, I have come to a decision. I agree with the jury on the verdict of guilt, and hereby sentence Akimoto Yashushi to a death sentence for first degree murder of murdering Oshima Hideki and Oshima Ryo, kidnapping of Oshima Hideki, and abusing of Oshima Yuko." She said this statement with finality.

Yuko who heard the sentence let out a relieve sigh as Haruna squeezed her hand tightly.

'Otou-san, okaa-san, oni-chan, you can rest in peace now. Justice is served.' Yuko smiled a little at her thoughts but she soon caught sight of the sheriff putting handcuffs on Akimoto who glared daggers at them, or more specifically her.

Akimoto was about to make his way over to them but the guard held him back before leading him away.

"Ah, what a relive." Mariko stated as the others nodded their head in agreement.

"Are you doubting my rationality on this case Shinoda-san?" Judge Yokoyama asked as Mariko immediately shook her head and bowed in apology which caused the others to snicker.

"Anyhow, I'm really glad that you did not pull the trigger the other day." Sayaka beamed widely and squeezed Yuko's shoulder reassuringly as the shorter girl nodded her head.

"If I did, I think I'll be the one behind the bars." The others snickered while Haruna pouted at the statement.

Judge Yokoyoma gestured for them to quiet down and they immediately did so as the guards then led Sashihara Rino in. The crowd went silent as they saw Sasshi behind the bars.


"Defendant, do you have anything to say?"

"Yes, your Honor! It wasn't my doing! I was only doing what I was asked to by that old man!" Sasshi was going hysterical and Judge Yokoyoma gestured for the guards to hold on to her.

"Members of the Jury, have you reached a verdict?"

"Yes, your Honor, we have."

"Members of the Jury, what you say?"

"Your Honor, the members of this Jury finds the defendant guilty of first degree murder and abuse." The jury spokesman sat back at his seat as the judge nodded her head.

"I will now pass sentence of the verdict. After reviewing the evidence that was submitted by the police force, The Chosen Ones, as well as the statements given by the victim, I have come to a decision. I agree with the jury on the verdict of guilt, and hereby sentence Sashihara Rino to a death sentence for first degree murder of murdering Oshima Hideki, and abusing of Oshima Yuko." The judge said this statement with finality.

"No no! Let me go you bitch!" Sasshi struggled as the sheriff put on the handcuffs and brought the woman out.

Judge Yokoyoma stood up from her bench as the trial was over and left after giving a small nod to Yuko and the others. The crowd behind them soon took their leave and they sat in silence.

"Yuko? Are you alright?" Takamina asked as Yuko gave her a reassuring smile.

"Yuko, we have to go meet Judge Yokoyoma for a while." Sayaka stated as the shorter of the two nodded her head.

"We'll meet you guys outside." Miichan then ran out of the room while Mariko could only shook her head.

Yuko gave Haruna a kiss on her cheek, grinning reassuringly at the latter.

"I'll see you in a while." Yuko waved at Haruna before patting Sayaka who was talking to Sae on the shoulder.

"Be fast!" Sae grinned after leaving a quick peck on Sayaka's lips, causing the latter to blush.

Yuko teased the taller girl as they made their way to Judge Yokoyoma's room.


"So, what will become of the place after this?" Sayaka asked referring to the building Akimoto used as his 'hideout'.

"Well, before that, actually.." Yui fiddled with her fingers as the two stared questioningly at the former who let out a sigh before staring at the two.

"We need the help of The Chosen Ones to reprogram the infected half humans and half robots as well as those who are fully robot." Yui held her breath as she observed the two who exchanged eye contact.

"Of course. We were planning to do it even if you did not ask us." Yuko nodded her head in agreement with Sayaka's statement.

"Great! Thank you very much. We'll send them over tomorrow, first thing in the morning." Yui let out a relieve sigh before nodding her head.  "Right, about what will happen with the place, it'll probably be cleared out and be abandoned."

"If it's not too much to asked for, is it possible for us to head over to Akimoto's building and do a little digging?" Yuko asked as Yui cleared her throat uncomfortably before leaning forward.

"About that, I'll let you in on something and I'm only going to say this once. The police force will only be clearing the area by next week so they do not know what is there and what is not." Yui then leaned back into her seat as the two stared back at her, wide eyed.

"What? I believe you all need to make a move now?" Yui then stood up from her seat and gestured for a handshake with the two.

The two smirked before standing up and Yuko shook her hands with Yui before Sayaka.

"Thank you very much for your help on the case." Yui grinned at the two who nodded their head.


"Well, there they are!" Jurina grinned as she jumped and cling onto Yuko.

"Jurina!" Rena reprimanded but it fell on deaf ears.

"Yuko-san~ What did the judge say?" Yuko moved away from Jurina before wrapping her arms around Haruna's arm.

"I'll tell all of you later, we have somewhere to go to first." Yuko stated as Sayaka nodded her head in agreement before gesturing for them to head into the van.


"Where are we going?" Acchan asked as Yuko shrugged her shoulders.

"Stop being so secretive Oshiriko-chan." Mayu stated as Yuko sighed.

"Yea Sayaka~" Sae whined while the others cringed at the voice.

"You'll know when we arrive."


"What are we doing here." Tomochin stated flatly as they all diverted their gaze over to the two.

"Well, we have to head up and dig the place to see if there are any valuable information that we can use." Yuko stated as she eyed the building.

"What about the police?" Yukirin asked as Sayaka grinned at them.

"Yui told us that they'll only come to clear the building next week but they might be scheduling earlier so we have to do it now." Sayaka stated as she gestured for them to walk in.

"Wow, Yui? As in Judge Yokoyama Yui? What else did she tell you?" Takamina asked as they made their way into the building that they fought in not too long ago.

"Yes that Yokoyama Yui and we have to help them to reprogram the half robots and half humans as well as the robots, first thing in the morning, tomorrow." Everyone stopped in their tracks as they heard the statement coming out from Sayaka.

"Are you serious?" Surprisingly, Rena was the one who asked.

"Yes, totally." Sayaka nodded her head and gesture to Yuko who also nodded her head.

"Aish, let's do everything quick. We'll be leaving for a holiday in a few days time." Mayu stated as she fastened her walking.

"We're leaving too, chiyuu~" Tomo~mi stated as the others stared at the two.

"Where are you heading to?"

"Hawaii. Wh-"

"No way, that's where we're going."

"Wait, you too?"

"I'm going too, with Haruna."

All of them burst into laughter after realizing that all of them will be heading to Hawaii for a vacation, not to forget, they'll be heading to Hawaii on the same day, and the same flight.

"Guess all of us will be doing things much quicker then." Yuko grinned as the others nodded before they headed to different parts of the building to do their search.


They managed to clear and took all the information needed, leaving the building almost empty in two days time.

Haruna, Mayuki, Atsumina, and Tomotomo helped with the reprogramming of those who were brainwashed while the others helped as soon as the building was cleared.

It took them another two days to finish their task and the next day was allocated for all of them to pack their luggage as they'll be heading to Hawaii tomorrow.


A few days later

Kojiyuu, Atsumina, Mayuki, Marimii, WMatsui, Tomotomo, Saeyaka were all at the airport. They were waiting for the gates to open.

"Jurina behave!" Rena reprimanded the younger one who pouted and stopped moving around.

The others snickered at the youngest in the group who caused her to huff indignantly before dropping her act when she saw Rena's eyebrow twitching.

"Rena~ I'm sorry. Please don't be angry?" Jurina pleaded with her puppy eyes set as the older of the two stared at her.

"No more next time alright?" Rena sighed as Jurina nodded her head before wrapping her arms around Rena's waist, hugging her.

"Guys, we're in public." Mii-chan stated as she kissed Mariko on the lips causing the others to roll their eyes.

"Says the girl who just kissed another girl on the lips in public." Sae smirked while the former ignored her statement, Sayaka on the other hand shook her head after hearing said statement.

"Atsuko~ I want ice cream~" Takamina whined to her lover causing the others to cringed, Mayu on the other hand who heard about ice cream, whined to her lover, Yukirin, about it too.

"Aish, the two of you." Tomochin glared daggers at the two while Tomo~mi held onto the former's arm, indirectly, pushing her breast into her arm.

"Tomochin, don't be mad, chiyuu~ We're on a vacation, chiyuu~" Tomochin could on stiffly nod her head at the statement.

Yuko who was watching this from a distance smiled to herself. Haruna who caught her lover smiling at them, squeezed their intertwined hands.

"It's been a while since we last saw them behaving this way eh?" Yuko grinned at Haruna who nodded her head in agreement.

"Yuuchan, I miss you." Haruna leaned in and wrapped her arms around the shorter girl's neck before burying her face into it.

"Nyan nyan~ That tickles." Yuko giggled before wrapping her arms around the latter, ignoring the others who are now snickering at them.

"I miss you too. We'll spend a lot of time together during this vacation, okay?" Yuko kissed Haruna's head as the latter nodded her head.

"Oi, lovebirds. We can board the plane now." The two blushed a little at Mariko's statement.

"Aihhh.. Says the one who kissed the latter back, right on the lips." Jurina teased as she high-fived Sae.

"Let's go guys!" Miichan pumped her fist in the air while Yuko laughed aloud, causing the others to stop what they were doing and burst out into small fits of laughter.

"Yea.. Everyone, let's go." Yuko wiped her tears before beaming a bright smile to all of them which was return by the others.


With a word count of 63521, that's it for Humans and Robots! I'm honestly contemplating should I write epilogue but hey, we'll see how it goes. It's been a long journey for HAR, to be exact, it has been a year, 9 months and 26 days and I'm not putting the figures here for fun, I just wanted to say a big thank you to those who have been patiently waiting for my updates as well as bearing the random disappearance of this author. I'm not sure if I have achieve the expectations some reader has placed on me and if I have failed to hit said expectations, I'll try harder in the future! Once again, thank you to all the readers!

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