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Title: The Rosehouse Ladies (POLL; I need your opinions, dear readers~) [19.02.2017]
Post by: ametakarano on April 19, 2015, 08:23:42 AM
hello minna-san~  :onionwhip:

ametakarano here... bringing up a new fic.



Prologue (
The Characters (
Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger (
Chapter 2: A Forgotten Memory ~Part 1~ (
Chapter 3: A Forgotten Memory ~Part 2~ (
Chapter 4: Sudden Changes (
Chapter 5: New Headmaster, Who Art Thou? (
Chapter 6: Freshly-baked Hearts (
Chapter 7: Scorched Hearts (
Chapter 8: The Salty Girl's Past (
Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead (
Chapter 10: Seeking For Attention, Or Perhaps... Love? (
Chapter 11: Cherry Blossoms And You (
Chapter 12: Inside My Cold, Dark Cocoon (
Chapter 13: Runaway (
Chapter 14: Searching For You (
Chapter 15: Labyrinth (

i hope you enjoy this short prologue~

The Rosehouse Ladies


The Rosehouse – a special school for girls, some are orphans while others were sent to stay there because of delinquent and socially-unacceptable behaviors. For years, it has been successful in turning bad-mannered girls into good-hearted ladies. What will happen when a yankee, a spoiled rich kid, a masochist, a girl who lives in her own virtual world, two orphans and a new unknown girl live in the same house? How will they cope with each other’s differences? Will they be able to find something that will make them want to change, perhaps love, within their stay in the Rosehouse?

During my six months stay at the Rosehouse, I don’t think I have changed anything. I’m an orphan. My parents died in a car accident almost five years ago. I was then sent to a local orphanage in town but the other orphans there don’t like me. They bullied me secretly but as soon as the nuns found out, they transferred me here… It was lonely being alone but at least no one hurts me here. The headmaster and the teachers had been so nice to me. So, I guess it was better here…

I’ve stayed at the Rosehouse for two months already… Up until now, I was still upset because electronic gadgets including cellphones are not allowed here. They are trying to isolate from the entire virtual world that technology creates. My parents sent me here because they said I was living inside my own world… They can’t blame me… they were too busy with work… They don’t even spend time with me. But at least, here at the Rosehouse, the headmaster listens to me.

A month’s stay at the Rosehouse makes me want to hurt myself more. I was transferred from an orphanage outside the town. The doctors say I have a serious mental condition… and I needed a peaceful place to live in. I love hurting myself and I also have obsessive and compulsive behaviors. It was weird… There are times that I just feel the urge to hurt myself. The infirmary has been my most visited place here. No wonder…

A week after my mother’s death, I was sent here by my aunt. Her daughter, which is my cousin, was sent here before me. She was a computer game addict… Regarding myself, I don’t have any problem. After all, I’m here to look after my cousin. Actually, I have been staying here for two weeks already… But I’m feeling quite uneasy with my housemates here. My cousin was not even talking to me… But the headmaster was pretty much approachable, as well as the teachers.

One week ago, before I was sent here at the Rosehouse, I was living the life that I wanted – the life that I was supposed to enjoy. But my father sent me here because he thought that I was enjoying too much… and that I am a spoiled brat! I wouldn’t be like this if he spent more time with me and if he had given me enough attention and love that a daughter seeks! I may be well off but I seek for something that money can’t buy… I hope I can be loved, too… Someday…

This is crazy – a yankee living in a doll-house-like place! Within my one week stay here, I don’t feel like I am myself anymore… Actually, I arrived here the same day the spoiled brat came. I missed my life back then – the street fights, the black leather jackets we wore, my old friends… Why am I here? Unfortunately, the police arrested us when we joined the gang fight. Since we’re still minors, others were sent back to their homes, but because I am an orphan, they looked for an orphanage who’ll accept me. But none approved of me… well, except here… The headmaster accepted me whole-heartedly. She was really nice to me… and that’s the only reason why I’m still staying here.

The Rosehouse was created to help girls find their true and kind self. I personally believe that everyone has a naturally good heart. Yes, I believe that the Oriental view of Man is true – that man is generally good. I don’t do this for publicity nor for fame. I just do what I want to do… Being the headmaster isn’t easy… but seeing them find their own selves is enough to make me happy. Maybe that’s my purpose in life… to help others find what they live for…

so, how's it?


thanks for reading!  :luvluv2:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: jhom_09 on April 19, 2015, 08:39:31 AM
so who's the pair this time,?  :dunno:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: junchan48 on April 19, 2015, 09:13:54 AM
Yankee in the girl's school?o.0
Well. Sounds interesting~
I haven't any clue who is the pair>0<
So I will wait for the next one~~~
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: chrunoi on April 19, 2015, 09:26:56 AM
I haven't commented on your fics before but here I am to comment!

The prologue is interesting~ I can't really tell which bit belongs to who except for maybe 1?  :mon huh:

Update the first chapter soon!  :gmon nya:

Also I like Yuri Diary by the way hehe > u >
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: ChibiRine on April 19, 2015, 12:12:04 PM
WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA :frustrated:

This is interesting, I wonder who's who. :hehehe:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: phoenix0i on April 19, 2015, 12:19:33 PM
Sugoi. The prologue is so interesting.
Can't wait for the next update!  :love:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: taenylove on April 19, 2015, 12:52:33 PM
Please let Takamina be the yankee and Acchan the spoiled kid! :bow:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on April 19, 2015, 01:35:52 PM
OMG I have to see more! Please continue! :bow:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on April 19, 2015, 01:51:22 PM
would be nice to see some non cliche pairings  XD  very interesting Prologue, will wait for your update~
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: luvsidney on April 19, 2015, 05:37:05 PM
New story!!! I wonder who is who and the most curious is the headmaster who will be the one? Shinobu-San? Dun make it be aki-p XD
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: Kirozoro on April 20, 2015, 03:23:23 AM

I wonder who you going to pair up

Update soon
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Prologue) [19.04.2015]
Post by: nguyen23 on April 20, 2015, 04:43:59 AM
Interesting  :inlove:
Waiting for your update
Title: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: ametakarano on April 21, 2015, 09:37:41 AM
@jhom_09: the pairs are still a surprise...  :glasses:

@junchan48: there's the characters below...  :sweat:

@chrunoi: which one?  :kekeke: thanks for reading Yuri Diary! I'm glad you liked it...

@ChibiRine: tehehe.. thanks senpai... here are the characters~  :shy1:

@phoenix0i: here's the update... i know you'll be happy with this one~  :shy2:

@taenylove: we'll see who's who...  :sweat:

@Ruka Kikuchi: i'll surely continue this one, Ruka-senpai~  :luvluv1:

@sakura_drop_: tehehe... the pairs are still a surprise... i'm still undecided about it though...  :stoned:

@luvsidney: the headmaster is...  :glasses: a secret for now.

@Kirozoro: pairs are still...  :frustrated: :glasses: undecided.  :gyaaah:

@nguyen23: here's the update you're waiting for...  :shy1:

here's a short update, minna-sama...

sorry if it's quite...  :frustrated:

i'm quite busy with school matters...  :on cloudeye:

but i'll post the chapter one in the coming days...

meanwhile... these are the characters...


 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

Cast of Characters

“Ohayo… Excuse me, are you Shimazaki-san?” A short yet lovely girl asked me. Who is she? This is the first time I’ve seen her here…

I nodded at her. Then she showed me a cat-like smile, which is so cute.

“Shimazaki Haruka-chan, my name is Itano Tomomi. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu…” She bowed before me.

I did the same. “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Itano-san. B—but why are you looking for me?”

“Ah! I almost forgot! The headmaster asked me to make a dress for you – a gift, since you’ve been here for six months already…”

“…” I looked at her with a blank expression.

“Will you let me inside your room? I need to get your sizes.”

I just showed off a slight nod as I held the door open.


“Unnn…” I slowly opened my eyes as I’ve been awakened by a couple of knocks on my door.

“Watanabe-san…” A voice called from outside my room. I know whose voice it is – the cute headmaid’s.

“H—hai?” I answered softly, not even moving out of the bed.

“Breakfast is ready at the dining room already…”

“I’ll be coming… I will just get myself dressed…” I said as I tucked myself again under the blankets. Good thing she can’t see me. Then, my ears caught a faint sound of footsteps. It slowly faded away after a few seconds…

She fell to my lie too easily.

I let out a sigh as I pushed away the blankets covering me. Stepping out of my soft bed, I slowly stretched my arms and legs.

It surely is time to wake up…

I did my usual morning routine. After dressing myself up with my normal clothing, I slipped out of my room—

“Mayu-chan~! Mayu-chan~!! OHAYOOO~”

My cousin startled me.

“Hello there, cousin…” I said to her and managed to show a smile.

“Let’s get going! Mou… I don’t want to eat cold breakfast~!” She said as she clung onto my arm to pull me towards the dining area.


“Glad you’re already awake…” I heard a familiar voice not far away from me.

It didn’t somewhat surprise me seeing myself in this white-walled room. After a few seconds of regaining back my senses, I soon felt a sharp pain on my left arm.

I looked at the spot where I feel the pain… and found it covered in a white bandage.

“I think it was quite too early to have a bandage wrapped around your arm, Matsui-san… Ohayo.”

“Ohayo gozaimasu, Dr. Ohori…”

“It was a deeper wound this time, huh?” She let out a sigh as she shifted her legs on her seat. “Why on Earth—”

Her words were cut off when the door swung open and another girl entered the clinic. It was the nurse herself.


“Doctor Ohori… let’s go grab something to eat… You haven’t eaten yet.” She then noticed me sitting up on the bed. “Ohayo, Matsui-san… I think you should go and have some breakfast, too. Can you move your arm?”

I tried moving my wounded arm. I winced in pain but inside my heart, I knew I was really happy… “I think I can…” I said as I try to hide a smile forming in my lips.


“Mayu-chan~! Mayu-chan~!!”

I showed off my best smile to greet my super cute cousin. But she greeted me bluntly with a “Hello there, cousin…” But something shocked me… Did she just – smile? Whoa! Then, that’s great!

“Let’s get going! Mou… I don’t want to eat cold breakfast~!”

I snaked my arm around hers and started pulling her towards the dining room. The sleeping quarters was a bit far away from the dining area since the mansion was really a huge one.

Mayu was not really in the mood to walk faster. She was always like this… while I keep on teasing her and smiling at her so that we can finally find some closeness between the two of us.

“Come on, Mayuyu~ Try being a little bit more energetic!” I walked an inch away from her and I was now walking backwards when suddenly—


I bumped into something… Was that a wall?

I looked around and saw an angry face so near to mine. “Ooooops…” It was the yankee, and I think she’s not really in a good mood today. I’m dead!

“I—I’m sorry…” I showed off a really really cute smile, hoping that it will erase the girl’s anger.


I slowly opened my eyes as the sunlight seemed to be too dazzling to my closed eyes. I slowly walked out of my bed and went to the table where a huge mirror was placed.

“Ohayo, Kashiwagi Yuki—Gyaahhh!”

Uh-oh! Tell me this isn’t happening! Tell me this isn’t real! E—eye bags! H—how come I got these? Then I remembered that I was crying the whole night before… Still in the agony of being thrown in this house – or school… or whatever place the Rosehouse is.

I—I need to conceal this! It’s too ugly!!!

I quickly went to the bathroom and get myself ready for breakfast. After those daily routines, I get back in front of the mirror again and opened up the box placed at the table. I rummaged through its content and found a concealer, the answer to my problem. I wiped up an amount of the make-up enough to cover my swollen eye bags.

“And now… it’s looks a bit normal. I don’t think no one will notice because no one really pays attention to anyone here…” I mumbled to myself.

A sigh left my lips. I stood up and headed towards the door. Breakfast will be served soon. I know.


I was about to open the door of my room. It was almost time for breakfast. The girls here usually eat with everyone… Yes, also with the headmaster.

I turned the knob and swung the door open, enough to let me slip out of the room—Ouch!

My face soon was angered when a girl bumped into me and almost stumbled. She slowly turned her head to look at me. “Ooooops…”

Seems like she figured out that I’m not in the good mood today…

“I—I’m sorry…” Then, she smiled at me! Seriously?! I—Is she… teasing me?! Why on Earth is she smiling like that?!

The first second I saw her smile, I felt a sense of creepiness creeping up my spines. But then after a few more seconds that she stayed that way… I—I felt something weird inside my chest… and my cheeks felt really hot…

“What do you think are you doing?!” I said as I eyed her dangerously. Just to let the weird feeling in my chest go away.

I have been here for a week already but… it’s the first time that I managed to observe this girl’s face carefully… I don’t even remember her name. Was it… Misaki? Or Minori? Or maybe… Mitsui? I don’t know!

“E—eto… Miyuki says sorry to you, Yamamoto-san…” She said with an apologetic tone as she looked down to the ground.

Oh yes, that’s it! Miyuki! So, that’s her name…

“Tch!” I said as I turned the other way around and started walking to the dining room…



i hope you liked it...

thanks for reading!

comments and complaints are very much welcome...

 :luvluv2: :byebye:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on April 21, 2015, 11:58:18 AM
so I guessed Mayu and Rena correctly  8)


Mhm, I wonder if the couples will be in between these or will they be paired with additional characters....  :?

We'll see I guess, I shall wait for your update  ;)
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: Pokotan on April 21, 2015, 12:03:04 PM
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on April 21, 2015, 01:21:57 PM
Ooh~ ii ne~ :deco:

Can't wait to see more~ :cathappy:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: phoenix0i on April 21, 2015, 01:55:01 PM
Thank you for making me happy.  :cry:
SayaMilky, WMatsui, Mayuki and Paruru!
So excited to read this fic.  :thumbsup
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: Kirozoro on April 21, 2015, 06:14:29 PM
Mayuki, Sayakamilky, Wmatsui, YuiParu and (Tomotomo?)

They r my OTP couples

Update soon
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: nguyen23 on April 21, 2015, 09:01:22 PM
Thank you for your update  :twothumbs
Wow!!!!  :wub:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (The Characters) [21.04.2015]
Post by: kuro_black29 on April 22, 2015, 09:43:17 AM

Thanks for the upd~
Title: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: ametakarano on April 24, 2015, 09:01:17 AM
@sakura_drop_: there will be more characters... i think.  :hee:

@Pokotan:  :shy1:

@Ruka Kikuchi: thanks for the support, Ruka-senpai!  :shy2: and you and cometerz-chan really got me into AyakaNatsumi!  :nya:

@phoenix0i: you're welcome.  :on slopkiss: i hope you'll support this one too... like what you did on Yuri Diary.  :luvluv2:

@Kirozoro: i think there's more pairs to come...  :luvluv2:

@nguyen23:  :shy2:

@kuro_black29:  :luvluv1:

an update... minna-sama.

thanks for the warm support!

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger

(Third Person’s POV)

Seated around a long, rectangular table, the girls gathered at the dining room for breakfast. The head maid, Ichikawa Miori, soon entered the room along with the other maids – Oku Manami and Ono Erena.

“Minna-sama… The headmaster wishes to tell you that she won’t be joining you for breakfast today because she still has important matters to attend to…” Miori announced.

The girls didn’t verbally react at all. But they’re quite intrigued of what their headmaster is doing. Well, this is indeed the first time the headmaster didn’t join them for breakfast. But they forgot all those thoughts when the carts of food are brought in and the scent instantly made their stomachs grumble in silence.

The maids gently placed their food for the ladies there. They also poured in some milk for everyone.

“Excuse me, Ichikawa-san… but why aren’t you joining us for breakfast?” Milky posed up a question.

“We are not allowed to do so, Watanabe-san.” Miori said briefly.

“B—but why not?” Milky asked again.

“Don’t worry, Watanabe-san, we’ll have our meal after you finish yours.” Manami said.

The girls started to dig into their plates filled with delicious food.

It was a quiet breakfast for them, as usual. Among all of them, Haruka was the one who have been staying there for the longest time. And the most recent were Sayaka and Yuki…

Even though some days already passed, they haven’t chatted casually with any of their other housemates. Maybe because they all have different characteristics…

And soon enough, the quiet breakfast was done.

Each of them left the dining room silently and was about to go back to their own rooms… when they saw the headmaster walking in the hallway… towards them.

While in front of the headmaster, they stopped walking and bowed to her.

“Ohayo gozaimasu, Arika-sama…” The girls said in chorus.

The headmaster was a petite lady yet she was highly respected by the girls. With an aura of elegance, she slightly lifted the edge of her dress and lightly bowed her head to the side.

“Good morning, ladies…” She said with her soft voice. “I was about to see all of you… and as I can see, you’ve just eaten your breakfast…”


“I wish to talk to all of you.” The headmaster said with a smile. “Let’s walk over to my office…”


They had a short journey to the headmaster’s office. They stopped in front of the closed door.

The headmaster reached for the knob and turned it. The door swung open, revealing her office. “Come in, ladies…”

It was a huge, cozy room with peach draperies that hung flawlessly on the windows. There is couple of lovely oil paintings that hung on the walls and vases full of pink roses around the room. A bright and lively room, indeed – which clearly reflects the headmaster herself.

The girls entered and found two persons already inside…

“Ohayo gozaimasu, Arika-sama…” The girl with the long and ebony hair bowed elegantly at the headmaster.

The bow was returned.

“Ladies, please take a seat…” Arika said as she herself sat in her seat. The girls sat on a long, rounded couch in front of her.

“You have a new housemate…” Arika-sama announced to the girls. A tall and slim girl stood up. “Please introduce yourself…”

“I’m Matsui Jurina.” The girl said plainly. “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”


(Jurina’s POV)

I introduced myself and bowed before everyone. Quickly, I roamed my eyes and looked at all of them. As I can see, they’re just normal teenage girls… Well, except for a certain girl.

She was pale-faced and that eyes of her… those deep black-colored eyes.

Our gazes met in an instance but she looked away quickly…

Oooooh, that girl gives me creeps.

“Arika-sama, I’ll be joining Matsui-san and tour her around the house.” The ebony haired girl named Itsuki Yui said.

“That’s a good idea, Yui. Then, maybe I can dismiss the other girls now…”

“Girls, I hope you get along with each other by now…” Arika-sama said before we all go out of her office, leaving her and Yui-san inside.

As we go out, a cheerful girl approached me with her bright smile. “Hello! Matsui-san, right? I’m Watanabe Miyuki, but you can call me Milky…”

“Nice to meet you, Milky. By the way, you can call me Jurina.” I smiled at her.

“Let me introduce you to—EH?!” She looked at the other girls but they were already leaving. “Matte kudasai, minna-san!”

They stopped walking and looked back at us.

“That girl’s Mayu-chan… She’s Kashiwagi-san. She’s Shimazaki-san. That one’s Matsui-san… and she’s Yamamoto-san…” Miyuki said as she pointed at each, one-by-one.

Matsui? The creepy girl has same family name as I…

“Nice meeting all of you… I’m—”

My words were cut off when…

“How come did you know my name?!” Yamamoto loudly said.

“Because we’re housemates, duh?” Milky sarcastically said.

“But these girls here don’t know! Maybe you are my stalker, aren’t you?!” – Yamamoto

“How dare you—”

“Will you please cut it off, you two!” Kashiwagi cut off Milky and Yamamoto’s quarrel. “Miyuki, you’re done with your introductions? I have my own things to do…”

Kashiwagi said as she left. The others did the same thing as her, leaving Milky and I.

“Jurina, please bear with them… We’re still adjusting with each other.”

“Don’t worry. I understand.” I smiled at her and I’m sure it brought her a sense of relief because I saw her face brighten up again.

“Thank you. Nee, I got to go now… See you later!” Milky waved her hand and left me.

I stayed outside the headmaster’s office. Itsuki-san soon stepped out of the office.

“Let’s go? I’ll tour you around first… Then I’ll bring you to your room lastly. Your luggage had been put there already.”

We started walking around.

Itsuki-san toured me all around. We went to the infirmary, her office, the dining area, the dance hall, the library, the gallery, and even the garden…

I’ve met Dr. Ohori Megumi, Nurse Kasai Tomomi, Matsubara Natsumi – the librarian, and others…

Lastly, we went to the sleeping quarters… and to my room…

“I’ll be leaving you now, Matsui-san. I hope you remembered something from the things I said.”

“Thank you very much, Itsuki-san…” I said as I bowed at her.

“Welcome to the Rosehouse, Matsui-san. I hope you enjoy your stay here…” Itsuki-san said as she lightly bowed her head to the side and showed me her smile. I watched her walk in the hallway, away from me. When she was already out of my sight, I turned around and entered my room.


so, that's it...

i'll post the next chapter in the coming days...  :sweat:

btw, this PV is my inspiration in writing this story...

Watashi no Bara wo Haminasai ( by ALI PROJECT  (I know BbSis-san understands me why I like Ali Project so much) :whistle:

just want to share, though.

thanks for reading!  :luvluv2:

comments are highly appreciated... as well as complaints and criticisms...  :kneelbow:

Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: sakura_drop_ on April 24, 2015, 10:12:27 AM
I think some people might be: who iz dat? she is not AKB and then leave

I am fine, though I have no idea who she is ><


still most happy about Mirukii  :wub: :wub: :wub:
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: phoenix0i on April 24, 2015, 02:23:12 PM
I'll totally support this fic.
Having Jurina here means fun.
SayaMilky having a rough start.

Thanks for the update.
Would wait for more.  :thumbsup
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on April 24, 2015, 04:11:46 PM
niceeeeeee fic

please make
 yukirena couples too   *teary eyes * please.


*give ice-cream *

please author -saaaaaaan
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: sastio13 on April 26, 2015, 11:24:27 AM
ah ametakarano-san, you start a new fic eh?
rosehouse seems interesting and fun! :thumbsup
goodluck with this fic ne! :)

ah jurina finally come! ano, where's yuihan? hehr

niceeeeeee fic

please make
 yukirena couples too   *teary eyes * please.


*give ice-cream *

please author -saaaaaaan
well I (REALLY REALLY) want yukirena too, but it's ok if you're make wmatsui, least, if you dont mind, make yukirena pwease pwease hehehe

ah, more important is make update first then hehe ganbare! XD
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on April 26, 2015, 11:57:02 AM
ah ametakarano-san, you start a new fic eh?
rosehouse seems interesting and fun! :thumbsup
goodluck with this fic ne! :)

ah jurina finally come! ano, where's yuihan? hehr

niceeeeeee fic

please make
 yukirena couples too   *teary eyes * please.


*give ice-cream *

please author -saaaaaaan
well I (REALLY REALLY) want yukirena too, but it's ok if you're make wmatsui, least, if you dont mind, make yukirena pwease pwease hehehe

ah, more important is make update first then hehe ganbare! XD

glad yo hear that someone here is also Yukirena fan xd.

author -san we will treat you in ice-cream so please write yukirena.
Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
Post by: sastio13 on April 26, 2015, 03:32:29 PM
ah ametakarano-san, you start a new fic eh?
rosehouse seems interesting and fun! :thumbsup
goodluck with this fic ne! :)

ah jurina finally come! ano, where's yuihan? hehr

niceeeeeee fic

please make
 yukirena couples too   *teary eyes * please.


*give ice-cream *

please author -saaaaaaan
well I (REALLY REALLY) want yukirena too, but it's ok if you're make wmatsui, least, if you dont mind, make yukirena pwease pwease hehehe

ah, more important is make update first then hehe ganbare! XD

glad yo hear that someone here is also Yukirena fan xd.

author -san we will treat you in ice-cream so please write yukirena.
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Title: Re: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger) [24.04.2015]
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Jisedai? next generation?
ah... but it's interesting when I saw oku manami and ono erena the two youngest sisters of the old K
I wonder I won't meet saeyaka here ^^ nei?
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Seems fun! You added Jurina here!!!  °\(^▼^)/°
Make it some wMatsui, or JuriMilky, or JuriMayu or whatever and I'll give you a tight hug :lol:
I want it to be looooongeeer XD
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Title: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 2: A Forgotten Memory ~Part 1~) [01.05.2015]
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@sakura_drop_: yeah, arika-sama's not an AKB member. she's too old to be one... well, she's my queen. and the vocalist of Ali Project. but don't mind her much... she's not a main character though... thanks for the support, saku-chan.  :luvluv2:

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@wmatsui fanfic.: thanks... i can't promise to make this one a YukiRena... but some YukiRena moments are possible.  :luvluv2:

@sastio13: yes new fic... yuihan will be arriving in the following chapters.  :luvluv2: i--ice cream! yay! but i can't promise anything yet...  :kekeke:

@luvsidney: we're not sure of that... well the other old K members will appear here once in a while.  :glasses:

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Chapter 2: A Forgotten Memory ~Part 1~

(Jurina’s POV)

After our healthy dinner, each of us went straight to our rooms again. My room wasn’t that big, nor wasn’t it that small too. I opened my luggage and unloaded it, placing its contents on my bed…

I arranged my clothes and piled it neatly on the closet.


What’s that?

At the topmost part of the closet, there’s something taped there. I reached for it and gently removed the adhesive. It was a piece of folded paper. I opened it and scanned it…

“Is this a… letter?” I mumbled to myself as I began reading its content.

This is for the person who’s staying in this room now…

I do not know you. You do not know me. But please… give me some of your time by reading this…

Why? Because I don’t want to be totally forgotten by everyone…

I’m the former occupant of this room. My housemates and I get along well with one another… but I have one friend that is closest to my heart. She was so dear to me. I loved her more than anyone else in this world. Why? Because I know that she accepts my whole, true self…

I’m an orphan…I didn’t have the chance to meet my parents. They said that both of them died in a car accident when I was still an infant… but I fortunately survived.

It was difficult living in a world where no one accepts you… I was transferred to many orphanages all my childhood years… and the last place I’ll stay is in here.

The headmaster, Arika-sama, welcomed me whole-heartedly… but… during my stay… I—I knew I disappointed her… She was the kindest person I know and that’s the reason why I reached this decision…

I saw some parts of the paper which are as I supposed were drenched with some fluid – most probably the tears of the writer – and by the time it dried it left a few marks which are hardly recognizable… I resumed reading the letter…

Even though I was happy that at last I’ll have some nice place to stay, there’s a hint of doubt in my mind. I kept on wondering why the headmaster accepted me here… It was the weirdest thing I felt in my whole life… I don’t seem to trust Arika-sama. I—I want her to die… because I can’t bear seeing those eyes full of mystery. Every time our gazes meet, I felt something weird creeping up my spine. I don’t know what it is. I don’t even know if it’s real… or just a figment of my imagination…

I secretly planned an assassination of the headmaster. I can’t bear the torture that her eyes bring me… I watched all her moves and for many weeks, I plotted a perfect plan of killing her. I suddenly remembered a short story which I can possible relate to… The tell-tale heart… I felt the same thing as what the character there did. The person was undoubtfully good… but those eyes failed.

Then the time for my planned assassination arrived. After we had our breakfast, I secretly followed the headmaster with a dagger in my hand. She headed to the rose garden… and there was this small statue, she rotated it and she reached out for the wall and pushed it. She entered that small door, confident enough that no one knows about that secret place except her. I soon followed her inside and hide beneath the bushes.

It was indeed a lovely place. There were lots of butterflies flying around. I saw Arika-sama walk towards the rose plants… Her back was facing me. “Maeda-san…” She said with her sweet voice. She knew that I was following her. I didn’t move – I just kept hiding on the bushes. “Why are you still hiding? Aren’t you supposed to do something now?” She said as she kept fondling the growing rosebuds. I was shocked with her words. She knew it. But how can she?! I never told anyone. “How did you know?” I asked her. She faced me with a smile. “If that’s what will make you comfortable with this place… then I’ll—” I cut off her words. “Shut up! You’re a hypocrite!” And then I ran out of the garden… really embarrassed of my actions.

She knew about what I was planning to do, yet she didn’t stop me. Why? Why would she do that when her life’s in great danger? She didn’t even got mad at me… I remembered her face when she’s saying “If that’s what will make you comfortable with this place… then I’ll—”. Her eyes were full of sincerity. Suddenly, it seems that her eyes looked so innocent. I felt a sense of guilt for what I was planning to do… I don’t know what to do… I can never have the courage to face her anymore…

And I knew that there’s one escape route to ease what I’m feeling… That escape will never lead to freedom… And that route leads to a place where I can never see her anymore… nor see my beloved friend. I’ve decided…

If you are reading this right now, then it seems that my plans… were successful. I killed myself. I took an overdose of sleeping pills. I cannot bear the guilt of my dark assassination plans for the kindest person I’ve known… I’m weak. Please do me a favor… and tell the headmaster that I’m sorry for my twisted mind and wicked plan… even though I didn’t succeed. I want to say sorry to her because I failed to change myself… It was too late to change myself. I’m sorry… for everything.

And to you who’s reading this… If you ever cross paths with someone whose name is Takahashi Minami… please give her this letter. And tell her that I loved her so much. Thank you very much… and I’m sorry for… giving you some burden of my unfinished business.

So, I’ll end it now. Thank you so much… to whom you are.

Maeda Atsuko

When I finished reading the manuscript, I felt that my cheeks are already wet from my tears. I folded back the paper and put it inside my drawer. Maybe it’s time for me to take a sleep… So I prepared myself in going to bed, and after that… I laid myself in the soft bed.

But the thoughts of the letter I’ve read a while ago kept on bugging my mind. I can’t sleep!

I reached for a comic book that I’ve always had when I was young. I read it… just to divert my mind from the thoughts of this Maeda Atsuko… But when I was in the middle of reading it… and just as I was getting sleepy… I began hearing sobs.

Is that only my imagination? Or was it real…?

I just shrugged my shoulders. Maybe I was just imagining it…

But I still hear it… and it seemed to be getting louder. So I got off my bed and opened my door… I slowly peered in… There’s no one in the hallway… but I can still hear those sobs.

Then I noticed a strand of light coming from a not totally closed door. It was from the room beside mine. Who could it be? With my curiosity aroused, I went out of my room and peered in through the unclosed door and…



“Matsui-san!” I said in surprise as I ran inside her room towards the figure crouched in the corner of the room… with her blood-soaked hands.


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Gosh~ such a heavy letter and burden for Jurina…and that girl gotta save someone in the middle of the night…so busy!
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Sad letter from atsuko... :farofflook:
And, what happened with Rena ?? :scared:
update please author-san :hee:
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is atsuko died?  *cry*

i feel very sorry for her,why did she wanted to kill the headmaster?

ok, i hope that you make very very sweet moment of yukirena.
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Thank you for your update!!  :)
Can't wait to find out what happen next  :inlove:
waiting for your update  :)
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Atsuko died?TOT
And what happen with Rena?>O<
What's going on???

I love this fic, author-san~
So...I'll wait the next update~
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That's great more characters. Im so eager to read.
Atsuko killed herself. I wonder.
Here it comes. WMatsui's meeting.

Anticipating for your next update.
Thank you.
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Ehhhh...coool~...rena killed someone??
Unconsciously or accidentally??....
and it nice ur making their room side by side..xD

Thanks for update~
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Rena kill someone?! O_O

Or... was it Geki?

Atsuko's dead... and now Jurina has to find Takamina...

But Atsuko sensed something odd about Arika, right? Was it true..?

Update soon! :bow:
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the next generation to carry on the unfinished business left by the old generation... ^^
geki appeared!!
look forward to the next one~!!
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Atsuko's last letter...

Her regret....

Would Minami receive Atsuko's letter?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@DC2805: yes, jurina will save her.  :cool1:

@The Ray: here's the update.  :hee:

@wmatsui fanfic.: yes, she died.. because atsuko thought that there's something hidden between the headmaster's intention of accepting her in the Rosehouse.  :kekeke:

@nguyen23:  :shy2:

@junchan48: yeah, maeda died.  :sweat:

@phoenix0i: more characters coming... maybe in the next chapters.  :glasses:

@kuro_black29: she didn't kill someone.  :on lol:

@Ruka Kikuchi: she didn't kill anyone, senpai.  :shifty: and there's nothing sinister about Arika-sama. it was all maeda's imagination.  :glasses:

@luvsidney: yeah, something like that.  :glasses:

@cisda83: here's the update.  :hee:


here's the update minna-sama

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Chapter 3: A Forgotten Memory ~Part 2~

(Rena’s POV)

I was crying, but inside my heart I was so happy. This is crazy… I am crazy…

My hands were soaked with the crimson fluid and so my clothes are drenched with them, too… The fluid was so mesmerizing to look at – a rich shade of red color that seems to be glowing under the dim light of my bedside lamp.

I was inside my own ecstatic world when someone banged my door open…

“Matsui-san!” She said as she ran towards me. My vision was a bit blurry because of my tears. She’s the newcomer, right?

“What happened to you?!” She asked me but I didn’t reply… Instead, I just smiled at her.

“Come on, I’ll bring you to the infirmary!” She said as she quickly carried me in her arms.

“What do you think are you doing?!” I said to her with a hint of annoyance.

“Your wound needs to be treated at the infirmary! Before you run out of your own blood!”

Her words pinched my heart, all of a sudden. Why is she showing too much concern about me… when it’s the first day I’ve ever met her in my life? Why doesn’t she just let me—

“Here we are!” She announced as she pressed on the doorbell.

“But Dr. Ohori must be asleep by now—”

My words were cut off when the door next to the infirmary opened. “What’s the matter? Can’t you see it’s still midnight—”

Dr. Ohori went out of her room and towards us with just her sleeping clothes. “Matsui-san, eh? I shouldn’t be surprised.” She said. And she is pertaining to me… “Let’s go inside the infirmary.”

“I—I saw her… like this… inside her room.” The newcomer stuttered.

W—wait… Is she… looking at the doctor’s bo—body?! I glared at her as she laid me atop the soft mattress of the bed.

“What?” She asked me as she noticed my sharp glare.

“Nothing.” It was my brief reply when I saw the doctor wearing her white lab gown.

“Matsui-san…” The doctor said and both of us looked in unison. “I mean Matsui Jurina-san…”

Oh, yeah… I almost forgot that her surname’s same as mine…

“Can you please lend me a hand here?” The doctor said and Jurina agreed quickly.

The two of them brought up some cotton balls, bandages, alcohol, and other things that they’ll use to cure my wound.

“Let me see that wound…” Dr. Ohori said as she brought my left hand close to her, enough distance to check on my wound… “Whoa… The cut’s really deep. But you’ve been lucky because it didn’t damage any vein.”

I didn’t react at what Ohori-san said. She let a cotton ball be drenched in water and wiped it on the now coagulated blood around the wound. It wasn’t painful until she replaced it with one cotton ball drenched in alcohol…

“Ittai kore.” I gritted my teeth as I felt the sharp pain in my hand. I was so pained… but I—I felt so happy! I love the feeling of those sharp pains… and how it tinges in my nerves.

But my sudden feeling of ecstasy stopped…

“Wait, Ohori-san… May I?” Jurina grabbed my hand and she moved her face close to it.

What’s she doing?

“This will ease the pain away…” She blew gently on my wounded hand.


I felt a brush of heat on my cheeks.

“W—what are you doing?!” And even my voice was a bit shaky.

“Blowing the pain away…” She said with air-puffed cheeks. I looked at her innocent eyes and then I don’t feel any pain anymore. “Now… is it still painful?”

I suddenly cannot answer her simple question. It seems that I lost my own tongue…

“That’s great, Jurina-chan. You’d be a great nurse someday…” Dr. Ohori said as she put some ointment on my wound and winded up a bandage to cover it. “Now… It’s done.”

“Yukatta!” Jurina cheerfully said, along with her beaming smile.

“Thanks for your help, Jurina-chan.” – Dr. Ohori

“You’re welcome, Dr. Ohori… and thank you. By the way, sorry for waking you up at this unholy hour of the night…” Jurina bowed before her.

“May I go back to my room now?” I plainly asked Ohori-san. She just nodded. “Thank you, Dr. Ohori…”

I got off the bed… and walked out of the infirmary… annoyed of that new girl.

“Wait, Matsui-san…” She stopped me by gripping my right arm. “I’m Jurina Matsui… Nice meeting you!”

“My name is R—Rena.”

“I—I hope we can be friends!” Jurina smiled at me… I didn’t notice that… I was smiling back at her.

(Third Person’s POV)

The next morning…

The girls were called out by the maids for their morning tea… They met up in the garden, with the table and tea cups already set…

They sat up in a large, round table… There were two unoccupied seats.

“Where’s Jurina-chan?” – Milky

“Jurina and Arika-sama won’t be joining you today… I think they have something to talk about…” It was Itsuki-san who just arrived. “For the meantime, I’ll take Arika-sama’s seat. She wants me to tell you something, girls…”

She sat on a vacant seat as the warm tea pots were brought in. The three maids poured everyone a cupful.

It was their own decision whether they’ll add up some sugar on the tea.

Itsuki-san sipped her tea and proceeded to her message. “Girls, the headmaster wanted me to make sure that by now you start getting along with one another…”

“But that’s a bit difficult task, Itsuki-san.” – Milky

“Why do you say so, Miyuki?”

“Because… the girls here… create her own world and a barrier to not let anyone inside their life…” – Milky

“You think so? Then… we’ll be putting those barriers down…” Itsuki-san said with a smirk.

Meanwhile with Jurina…

Jurina headed towards the headmaster’s office. She met Itsuki-san earlier and told her that if she wanted to personally talk with the headmaster then she must go there right now before the headmaster goes to the garden for the morning tea.


The headmaster opened the door of her office and invited Jurina in.

“I want to talk to you about something, Arika-sama…” The young girl seriously said.

“Have a seat… and we’ll talk…” Arika sat herself on her own seat facing Jurina. “What is it that you would like to talk about, Jurina-chan?”

“It’s about… Maeda Atsuko…”

“M—Maeda… Atsuko?” The name rang through Arika-sama’s head. And certain images of Maeda flashed through her mind… She knew who Maeda is… How come did she temporarily… forget about her… when her memories of the girl are those that aren’t meant to be forgotten?

Arika-sama suddenly broke out in tears… and it caused Jurina a sudden sense of panic.


“ARIKA-SAMA!!” What a nice timing! Someone rushed to the headmaster. “What happened to her?!”

Back to the garden…

“Now… you need to at least talk with someone from the group. I’ll pair you up…”

The girls suddenly feared of how this thing will turn out…

“Let’s see… Haruka and Mayu. Then, Miyuki and Sayaka… And lastly, Yuki and Rena…” Itsuki-san said as she pointed randomly at the girls.

“But what about Jurina-chan?” – Milky

“She’ll be with… Yuki and Rena.”

“What are we going to do?” – Yukirin

“Hm…” Itsuki-san sipped her bitter tea. “I want you to work together with your pair and bake something…”

“Anything?” – Paruru

“Will it really help us?” – Mayu

“I haven’t even touched an oven!” – Sayanee

The girls had different reactions about the sudden plan.

“Well, yes, you can bake whatever you want – cookies, cakes, or any kind of bread…” Itsuki-san soon emptied a cup of tea.

Erena poured in a cupful for her.

“Yes, I believe that it’ll help break the ice between all of you… unless you’ll be baking without talking?”

The girls were silent. There’s no escape to this. Itsuki-san will never break her words. “I’ll be expecting you to bake two days from now… If you have questions, you know where to find me—”

“Itsuki-san!” A girl came rushing towards them. It was the librarian, Matsubara Natsumi.

Itsuki-san excused herself and approached the librarian. “What’s the matter, Natsumi?”

“The h—headmaster…” And just by the look at Natsumi’s eyes… Itsuki knew there’s something wrong.

“Excuse me, girls… but I need to go now… to attend on something. I hope you won’t forget my task to you… Spend the rest of the day to talk with your partner.” Itsuki tried to calm herself as she walked away. Once she was out of sight from the girls, she began firing lots of questions to Natsumi.

“What happened to her? And where is she?”

“I was about to bring her some books that she wishes to read… Then, I walked into her office finding her crying heavily in front of Jurina… I don’t know why. Jurina wasn’t telling me anything… So, we brought her to the infirmary…”

At the infirmary…

“Where’s she?!” Itsuki said as she rushed inside.

“Don’t worry, she’s asleep. I’ve injected her tranquilizer… Itsuki, she keeps on repeating a certain name…” Dr. Ohori said.

“Who’s name?”

“Maeda Atsuko…” Hearing that name, Itsuki’s eyes widened. Her gaze landed upon a certain person.

“Megumi, Tomomi, Natsumi… Can you let me talk privately with Jurina?”

The three mentioned left them alone inside the infirmary.

“What did you tell Arika-sama?” Itsuki was more serious now.

“I asked her about a girl named Maeda Atsuko…” Jurina bit her lip as she answered.

“How did you know about her?”

“Because of this…” Jurina handed her the letter. Itsuki-san read it silently.

“You should’ve told me first… A—Arika-sama is…” What happened was unexpected. The stonehearted Itsuki-san suddenly cried. “She is blaming herself to be the reason of Maeda’s death…”

Itsuki continued the story. “When we found her dead in her room, Arika-sama almost lost her sanity. She was depressed and ate nothing for days. She locked herself in her room… But after a week, she went out of her room. It was as if nothing happened…”

“What happened to her?”

“People have a tendency to forget something that they fear… or some memories that haunt them.”

“Something like selective amnesia?”

Itsuki nodded. She looked at the sleeping headmaster. Somehow, her sleeping face looks peaceful…

“I’m sorry…” Jurina said. Itsuki gave the letter back to her.

“It’s not your fault…”

Then, there’s a moment’s silence between the two of them.

“This is bad… I’m afraid that she might not be able to…” She held the headmaster’s hand tightly. “Manage the Rosehouse anymore…”


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OK. Arika's not bad... but, she blames herself for Atsuko's death. Poor her... :(

And poor Rena, too. She keeps hurting herself, because of mental disorder... :cry:

Hope Jurina can help her. Please update soon! :bow:
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I love your pairings!
Im too curious to know what they'll bake.
WMatsui's moment is cute though.
Hoping for an update soon.  :rock:
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lol Rena you always love pain i love pain too heheheheh
don't make Rena lose her coolness so fast i love her seeing cold toward jurina hehehehhohoho huhu

Ohhh Yukirenaaa.


waiting for update *
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Hurray ! It's paruru in this fic ! Hurray !! < read , read, read > huh ? Where is yokoyama-san @.@ So it's no yuiparu then T.T I wonder if it's chinparu ! Atsuko died T.T It is payuyu and yukirena bake cake hehehe thank you so much for updating and wait for your next updating !
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author-san, I like this story and secretly hope the chapters can be longer…

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I Like this story sooo much  :twothumbs
Author-san where's Yuihan?  :? *Hope for YuiParu Couple  XD

YukiRenaa   :heart:
Please make YukiRena as a Couple  :twothumbs
Pleaseee  :jphip:
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would she regain her memories?

How is she related to Atsuko's death?

what's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

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Title: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 4: Sudden Changes) [15.05.2015]
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@Ruka Kikuchi: We'll see... Who will help Rena?  :glasses: sorry for the long wait, senpai~  :kneelbow:

@phoenix0i: that's only temporary pairs... i think so.  :kekeke: :glasses:

@wmatsui fanfic.: i love Rena's coldness here, so i'll be making it harder for Jurina... or Yukirin.  :on lol:

@giotuyet: yuihan is...  :on gay:

@DC2805: i'm still working on longer chapters. so please forgive me if this chapter wasn't really that long. i've been quite busy with personal matters.  :kneelbow: but i'll try making it longer next time...  :hee:

@dhee48: yukirena? i can't promise anything...  :kekeke: by the way... yuihan is...  :on gay:

@cisda83: arika-sama blames herself for atsuko's death.  :on shady: here's the update, though.  :shy2:

here's an update, minna-sama.

sorry for the wait. have been busy with school enrollment (currently a fourth year university student) that i haven't had time to post this. sorry if it isn't that long. and i hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 4: Sudden Changes

(Third Person’s POV)

The girls were left back at the garden; they started talking about what Itsuki-san said earlier…

“Was she serious about what she said?” – Yuki

“I think so…” Milky said as she let out a sigh. “Out of all the girls here… I got her as a partner. I’m pitiful.”

“Pitiful?! I’m the one who should be pitied!” – Sayanee

“You? Huh? That’s funny, you know!” – Milky

“Will you two please shut up? We heard enough of your quarrel already.” – Yuki

“I agree with Kashiwagi-san. Cousin, why don’t you just settle things with her already?” – Mayu

“With this yankee?!” – Milky

Mayu nodded. “Remember, she’s your partner in your task.”

Milky looked at Sayanee. The yankee raised an eyebrow. Milky did the same too.

“I don’t think they will ever reconcile.” Rena commented.


Itsuki-san sent Jurina back to her room, instructing her not to tell anyone about the commotion that happened. She then called for an emergency meeting to all available staff of the Rosehouse. That includes her, Dr. Ohori, Nurse Kasai, Itano-san, and Matsubara-san.

They went to her office to talk about the current situation of the headmaster and what measures can they do to maintain Rosehouse while Arika-sama is incapable of doing so.

“As of now… Arika-sama is not okay. We need to transfer her to an appropriate hospital so that she’ll recover as soon as possible. When she’s here, she will just remember what happened to Maeda. For the meantime, we will leave the Rosehouse in your hands…”

“But the four of us cannot handle the Rosehouse well…” – Natsumi

“There’s Miori, Manami, and Erena to help you.”

“But I don’t think we are capable of leading the girls. I mean, they respect us… but we need someone who will gain a respect just like how they respected Arika-sama.” – Megumi

“I see your point there, Megumi… but who can it be?”

Tomochin raised her hand. “How about if we contact the other ladies? I mean… they’re just around – many of them.”

“But they have their own lives now… Do you think they would accept it?” – Tomo

“We need to try… It’s for Arika-sama. I’m sure they’ll do anything for her… considering the fact that we—” – Tomochin

“In that case… we need to contact all of them.” – Natsumi

“We need to get all the manpower that we can.” Itsuki-san said as she stood up. “For now… I need to properly explain everything to the girls…”

Itsuki-san dismissed the four women and asked for the girls to meet her inside the headmaster’s office. Her head was occupied with thoughts of Arika-sama. She was her beloved senior. She dreams of being like her someday… She hasn’t prepared herself for this kind of thing.

Her thoughts were put to an end when the door swung open… She let the girls enter the room. She was trying to keep her composure and not break down in front of the girls.

“Sorry for calling you in again. We have already talked earlier… but there are sudden changes regarding the Rosehouse. Please take a seat.”

The girls were not used to a calm Itsuki-san. Somehow, they sensed that something isn’t right.

“It’s alright, Itsuki-san… but where’s the headmaster?” – Sayanee

“That’s what we’ll be talking about.” Itsuki paused to gather up all her courage. Then, she let out a sigh. “There’s a bad news.”

The gravity of Itsuki’s stare was very heavy. The girls had that clue that it was of prime importance… and they didn’t like the dull atmosphere of the room now. It was very much unlike the bright and cozy atmosphere whenever the headmaster is around.

“The headmaster is sick. She is currently incapable of managing the Rosehouse… so we decided to have some sudden changes… and a temporary new headmaster.”

“Are you the new headmaster, Itsuki-san?” – Rena

She shook her head. “It’s not yet decided… but I assure you that you’ll be in good hands while the headmaster is away. By the way… I’ll be away too for a while. I can’t let the headmaster alone.”

The look on the girls’ faces cannot be painted. They looked so grim about the headmaster’s state but they cannot do anything about it.

“But… Arika-sama will be alright?” Sayanee asked with a concerned tone. It was unusual that she expresses concern towards others but… the headmaster is like a big sister to her. She suddenly remembered the older yankee of their gang – their leader – who acted as her big sister when she was younger.

“I believe that she will…”

“May we know what happened to her?” – Miyuki

“Even though I tell you… you won’t fully understand it. Her condition was not good, that’s all that I can say.”

“Can we see her?” – Mayu

“I guess that’s fine… You may head to the infirmary after I dismiss you. She’s sleeping there right now.”

The girls were silent.

“Have you fully understood all that I told you?”

“Hai…” They answered in chorus.

“Please… I’m asking you to respect whoever will be the next headmaster. Respect her like how you respect Arika-sama. In that way… I think Arika-sama will be very proud of you. She will be proud to see that her girls are growing right.” Itsuki-san said as she quickly wiped a tear that flowed down her left cheek.

That moment somehow made the girls realize how important the headmaster is to them… and somehow… it felt like they wanted to change.


“How about her, Tomochin? Have you contacted her?” – Tomo

Tomochin shook her head. “But I’m still trying… She’s the one who’s best fitted to become the new headmaster.”

“How about you, Meetan? Have you called anyone?” – Natsumi

“Well… I did call some people. Guess who accepted our request…” – Meetan

“Who?” – Tomo

“Akimoto, Masuda, Miyazawa, Sato, even Yuko and Haruna.” Meetan said confidently.

“Really? Then, that’s great!” – Natsumi

“Yuko told me she’ll tell her as soon as possible. She believes that she’ll accept our request for Arika-sama’s sake…” – Meetan

“Wow! At last, somehow… we’re having all the ladies we need.” – Tomochin

“We won’t stop contacting the others…” – Natsumi

(Someone’s POV)

The next morning…

I woke up earlier than usual and quickly prepared myself and my things. I can’t believe I’ll be going back there. But as soon as I received the call last night and heard about the headmaster’s state, I accepted their request.

The Rosehouse had been my home back then… before I was allowed to go out and meet the world.

The journey to the Rosehouse felt very long. I don’t know if it’s because of my own excitement of having myself back there… or was it because I was nervous? I don’t know what I’m feeling. I was the last one in my batch to leave the Rosehouse… and that gave me more time to be with Arika-sama and Itsuki-san and the others.

That was only six months ago… but it felt so far away already…

Things have been going on so fast.

Time has been flying so fast.

I need to catch up on the fast-paced world…

But when you’re inside the Rosehouse, things won’t feel as fast as it is in the outside world.

After some more time on the road… at last, I arrived at my beloved old home – The Rosehouse.

The gate was opened by a young girl. I don’t know why but she looked familiar…

Oh, I remember now! She was the one who came here on the same day that I was leaving… She looked at me with an emotionless face.

“Ohayo… Yokoyama-san. Do you remember me?”

She asked straight-forwardly. I don’t really know her name. I just remember her face…


“I think you don’t. I’m Shimazaki Haruka. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

She smiled at me. She was adorably cute! “Y—yoroshiku, Shimazaki-san. Let me introduce myself formally… even though you seem to know me already… I’m Yokoyama Yui.” I said, returning a smile.



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So YuiParu moment will come too~
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And Yui came when she went out to outside...

Who are they calling to replace the headmaster?

Is it Minami?

Can't wait to find out

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Chapter 5: New Headmaster, Who art thou?

(Yui’s POV)

“Make I ask something, Yokoyama-san?” Haruka said in a monotone voice.

“Yes, you may. Say, Haruka, what is it?”

“Are you the new… headmaster?”

I shook my head in reply to her question.

“Then… do you know who it is?” She asked again, without exuding even a bit of emotion.

For the second time, I shook my head. “I don’t know who it is. I’m here to be the assistant headmaster, just like what Tomochin told me.”

Yeah, they didn’t tell me who the new headmaster is. But I have one person in mind…

“Haruka!” Someone called from somewhere behind Haruka. As she turned around, I peered in also behind her.


Wait. I know that girl.

“Sayanee…” I said in a soft voice.

Haruka looked at me with a questioning look. “Do you know her?”

I nodded.

I can see Sayanee’s lips form into a smirk. “Long time no see… Yuihan.”

She walked towards us. “Ohori-san asked me to help someone with her luggage… I didn’t expect to see the famous Yuihan here.”

“Same as I. It’s been two or three years since last time, am I right? You looked so young back then.” I smirked at her, too.

I know I shouldn’t be behaving like this. I’m a changed person now. I threw my old life away… but here comes someone… bringing back memories of my past.

“You were really different now…” She said as she got her hands on my luggage.

Haruka was confused of what we are talking about now.

Well… Sayanee and I have met before – quite few times before. She belongs to the gang who’s the main enemy of our gang.

Yes, I was a yankee, too. Back then… before I was sent to the Rosehouse, years ago.

But the Rosehouse changed me. The headmaster changed me. I changed myself.

“Bring me to the headmaster’s office.”

(Third Person’s POV)

“Have you ever tried to bake before?” Yuki asked Rena as they were strolling in the garden.

Rena nodded her head shyly. “Yeah… quite a few times before…”

“Really? That’s great. I myself suck at baking.” Yuki commented.

“You can learn.”

“By the way, what will we be baking?” Yuki inquired.

“Have you eaten melon pan before?”

Yuki shook her head. “I don’t think so. What is it?”

“Crust bread with melon filling.”

“Do you know how to bake that thing?”

Rena slightly smiled as she nodded. Yuki wasn’t sure if she really saw Rena smiling or it’s just her imagination.

“We’ll help each other, Kashiwagi-san.” Rena said.

“Kashiwagi-san? Too formal. Yuki or Yukirin will do.” She glanced at Rena and gave her a heart-warming smile.

Rena was taken aback by that lovely smile. She hasn’t seen any smile as lovely as that before. “Y—Yuki, you can call me Rena.”

“You know… Rena… You’re interesting, for a girl. I mean… you were shy but— never mind. By the way, where’s Jurina?” Yuki cut off what she was saying. She didn’t know how to tell her exactly what she wanted to say.

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s in her room… Yuki, what do you mean by that? Could you kindly explain?” Rena asked her.

A sigh escaped from Yuki’s lips. “Well… At first, I thought you were weird… But now, somehow, that impression changed. Talking to you made me realize that you were really not that weird as I expected.”

“I know I’m quite weird… I have this urges of my disease occasionally.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re often in the infirmary. I noticed that this week…”

Then, both of them were quiet.

“How about you, do you have any first impression about me?” Yuki asked Rena, as she glanced at the shy girl.

When their gazes met, Rena automatically diverted her eyes into another direction.

“I don’t know. I don’t believe in first impressions.”

“Why not?”

“Because they are most of the times wrong.” Rena answered briefly.

“You’ve got a point there…”

They continued strolling around the garden. There were lots of flowers everywhere.

Rena’s eyes roamed everywhere… She then noticed a lovely pink rose. She went near it and reached out her hand and picked it.

“So, Yuki… are we friends now?”

She looked back at Yuki. All of Rena’s actions were new to Yuki. She hasn’t seen her smile before. She hasn’t even seen her talk longer to their other housemates. It was all new to her. And it made her find the shy girl quite interesting.

“I guess so.” Yuki showed Rena again her award-winning smile.

“Thank you…” Rena said as she handed Yuki the pink rose she picked a while ago. She was smiling, though.

Yuki can’t help but to smile, too.

She didn’t expect Rena to act like this… but she liked it.

“Thank you also, Rena…”

Rena cannot take anymore Yuki’s lovely gaze. She looked away, still smiling.

“You know, Rena… you look really pretty when you’re smiling.”

(Sayanee’s POV)

Well… we’re now walking towards the headmaster’s office. I wonder if the new headmaster was Yuihan…?

Haruka didn’t accompany us because she and Mayu will still have things to talk about regarding that baking business Itsuki-san left us. I wonder what will happen to Miyuki and me…

Well… it isn’t the right time to think about that annoying girl.

What a coincidence seeing Yuihan here. I haven’t seen her for years… That last time I saw her… was in a gang fight between our gangs. It was the last time I saw her… and Neesan.

Neesan was a senior yankee of mine. She was the leader of our gang. She was like an older sister for me… She cared for me when I was young… and I took care of her when she comes from a fight.

She was strong, even though she was smaller than me. She may look though, but inside she was really kind and a bit fragile.

I missed her…

“We’re here.” I told Yuihan as we stood in front of the wooden door of the headmaster’s office.

Yuihan slowly turned the knob and pulled the door open.

“As I expected…” Yuihan said as we saw someone – her back facing us.

I felt this weird thing inside my chest. My heartbeat was unusually fast, and my hands were cold. I looked closely at the girl… and she resembles someone…


Is that my Neesan…?

It felt like it was her… but it felt impossible to see her here—

“Ohayo, Yui.” The girl said.

The voice was familiar. I won’t be mistaken… It was same as Neesan’s voice.

My thoughts were put to an end when the girl turned around to face us.

My eyes almost gawked at the sight.

“Sayanee… It’s been a while. You’ve grown now.”


It was really her. My Neesan. I was now teary-eyed. It’s been quite long since I last… cried.

“I, Takahashi Minami, am the new headmaster.”



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Takamina < 3 Our haruka is salty as always (-.-") It make me wonder how she will change when she fall in love with yuihan ! She will change, won't she ? Wait for yuiparu sweet moment !!! Yuki rena have a good begin xD Rena is so pretty when she smile but she is the most beautiful when she cry (-w-") Still for payuyu bake cake and kojiyuu, sayasae go to rosehouse hehe Please come back ASAP !!!
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Chapter 6: Freshly-baked Hearts

(Third Person’s POV)

Today was the day that the girls will do the activity that Itsuki-san had assigned them.

They were now gathered inside the baking room when someone opened the door…

“Ohayo gozaimasu!” A woman said in a cheerful tone. “I’ll be the one to assist you in this activity… Well, there’s supposed to be someone to accompany me but she’s late… Anyways… My name is Sato Natsuki! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

The woman bowed before them and the girls greeted her in return.

“So, if I may ask, who among here has experienced any baking before? Please raise your hand.”

Only Rena, Miyuki, and Yuki raised their hands.

“Sato-san, I tried baking few times before… but it isn’t successful.” – Yuki

“Well… it’s alright. At least, you have tried it. Besides, you have partners to help you… so I guess it’ll be fine.”

“But how about us? Neither Haruka nor I has done any baking before.” Mayu protested.

“You may ask me anything. Regarding the basic baking procedures, we prepared a booklet of guidelines…” Natsuki handed each group a booklet. “Here…”

They were suddenly startled when the door was loudly opened… and a girl came rushing inside, panting. “Forgive me for the commotion!”

“You’re late.” Natsuki coldly said.

“Don’t tell me your lectures now, Sato…” She whispered to Natsuki. Then, she looked back at the girls. “My name is Masuda Yuka. Sorry for my tardiness.”

She bowed apologetically to the girls. Then, she showed them her brimming smile.

“Y—Yuttan?!” Sayanee exclaimed in surprise. She knew who the woman is.

Yuka froze upon hearing that name.

“Nobody calls me like that anymore.” Yuka said with an ice cold voice. She threw glares as sharp as ice shards to Sayanee.

Sayanee was taken aback. “I—I’m sorry…”

“Masuda…” Natsuki looked worried.

The mood of the room suddenly changed.

“So… Let’s begin…?” Natsuki said in a cheerful voice, trying to uplift the mood of the room.

“Hai!” The girls said in chorus.


(Sayanee’s POV)

As soon as Sato-san announced the start of the activity, I quickly opened the booklet she gave us. I can’t let myself become a burden to this annoying girl beside me.

“Oi, Yamamoto! You’re spacing out! I said please beat the eggs now…”

“Can’t you see? I’m reading this booklet?!”

Milky let out a sigh as she placed her hand on her temples. “Sayanee… I’ll help you, okay? You just have to trust me…”

I was suddenly speechless.


“Great! Now listen to me. We’ll start with the eggs, flour, and other main ingredients for our simple chocolate chip cookies…”

“What would I do?”

“If you may… please beat the eggs.” She was speaking in a really soft voice that I never noticed before. I did what she said…

“Is this okay?”

“That’s perfect!” She smiled at me.

Lovely, I thought.

Wait! L—lovely?! What  the hell. This is the first time I used a word with “love” as its root word. And it’s really weird.

“You know, Sayanee… When you bake with love, the results will surely taste good.” Miyuki said as if she has read my mind.

“Oh… Really?”

Love. Love. Love. What’s that?

The only person I love is… Neesan. A sisterly love even though we’re not real sisters… Could she be my inspiration?

It’s weird. Our sudden meeting, I mean. Yesterday…


“Sayanee… It’s been a while. You’ve grown now.”


It was really her. My Neesan. I was now teary-eyed. It’s been quite long since I last… cried.

“I, Takahashi Minami, am the new headmaster.”

Neesan is the new headmaster? Did I hear her right?

“Omedeto gozaimasu, TakaMina.” Yuihan said.

“Sayanee… if I may ask you, please call in the other girls here.” She looked at me with those eyes of her – but they are of a different glimmer now. It was sparkling… and pure.

“Hai…” I nodded then I turned around for the door.

“One more thing… you can’t call me Neesan anymore. Things are different now… but… I won’y forget that you have been my… little sister… before.”

Those words echoed in my ears as I made way out of the room. I don’t know what to feel. It was a curious mix of emotions…


I managed to bring myself back to reality. Only to notice that Miyuki was actually staring at me…

“What are you thinking about…?” She asked me with those innocent eyes still plunging deep in my own vision.

“N—nothing! Let’s keep doing our business here!” I stuttered as I felt a heat creeping in my face.


(Jurina’s POV)

This baking thing was nothing but a really nasty business! I don’t know anything about baking! I fumbled with the container of flour as Rena instructed me on how much will I put in the bowl…

“I said that’s enough!” It was rare to hear Rena raise her voice. Well actually it was rare to see or hear her speak because she prefers to be alone, most of the time.

“Rena… Is the consistency of this alright?” Yuki asked her.

“Uhm… you should stir it more.” Rena calmly said.


Why is she so calm when she talks to Yukirin and when she talks to me, she’s so cold! I pouted my lips as I opened the container of sugar.

“What do you think are you doing?!” Rena folded her arms and glared at me. “Enough of the sugar already… If you want to have diabetes, do it yourself and eat a sack of sugar!”

“Why are you so mean to me, Rena-chan?” I pouted at her and showed her my award-winning puppy-eyes trick.

But she cut my tactics of with a blunt reply. “Tsk.”

“Hey… I don’t want to act referee between the two of you all day. So please get yourselves back into business.” Yuki said.

Rena’s mood suddenly changed. She was talking comfortably and absolutely calm to Yuki… and I don’t know why but… I hate it.

I wonder why… but I don’t… like what I’m feeling now.


(Mayu’s POV)

I roamed my eyes around the room. It seems that the others were doing fine and Haruka and I haven’t started anything yet.

“Well, maybe, we should start with the flour and sugar and eggs… just like in this booklet.” Haruka said.

“Yeah, let’s see the procedures…”

We slowly followed the procedures. I think it went well… except for the beaten eggs. When we mixed it in the flour mixture, I noticed that there are some eggshells in there, too! Oh no. This isn’t good!

Then, Haruka opened a small container. The smell of the vanilla extract was too overpowering.

She poured in all of it until the last drop in the mixture. “Well… cookies will still be cookies, no matter what it tastes like.”

Then, I almost accidentally slipped on the spilled flour on the floor. Good thing that I had held into the table. Too bad the rolling pin fell off and rolled on the floor.

It rolled near another group’s table. I reached for it at the same time another hand reached for it. I quickly snatched the rolling pin and looked at the person. “Kashiwagi.”

Our eyes met in an instance.

“Clumsy girl.” I heard her murmur. I just shrugged my shoulders. No need to thank her.

“I’ll just get another one, Haruka.” I said to her and I asked Sato-san for another rolling pin. She easily gave me one…

Then, Haruka and I continued on what we’re doing.

“I guess it’s ready for the oven…” Haruka said with the same expression as always.

“I never thought it would be quite easy.” I commented, seeing that we were almost finished compared to the other girls.

I hope it’ll still taste good. And that they won’t be able to notice the eggshells in it.


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Chapter 7: Scorched Hearts

(Haruka’s POV)

Mayu and I are now sitting, waiting for our cookies to be baked. I’m not really sure if it will taste good. Well… I doubt if it will taste like food. But still cookies will still be cookies.

I started to observe the other girls, same as what Mayu does.

Sayanee and Milky seems to be doing fine but they’re still bickering just like what they usually do. On the other hand, Jurina, Rena and Yukirin seem to be okay. Rena was mostly doing the cooking. Jurina and Yuki assist her, though.

My thoughts were put to an end as Mayu let out a sigh.

“Are you bothered with our cookies?” I asked her.

“Yeah…” She looked down to the ground. “I mean… I don’t know if it’ll be edible.”

She said it in a really serious way. I can’t help but to let out a light laugh. “I feel the same.”

“Wow. A—are you… laughing?” She suddenly looked at me.

Is that a big deal if I laugh?

“I think so.” I said, bringing out my normal facial expression and monotonous voice. “Is it… unusual?”

She nodded in affirmative. “Quite.”

Then, we were engulfed by a moment of silence. I secretly observed her from the corner of my eyes. She was a really cute girl. At first sight, you won’t think that she’s a video game addict. She looks like a normal school girl. But, yeah, you can never judge a book by its cover.

“It’s done, I guess.” She pronounced.


“The cookies…” Mayu stood up and walked towards the oven with light footsteps. I followed her and helped her in getting the cookies off the oven.

It smelt weird… and looks weirder.

Brown blobs of irregularly-shaped cookies. I wonder… is this really edible?

The door soon opened and a lady entered the room, Yokoyama-san, to be more specific.

“Hello, ladies…” She greeted with a slight smile. “I’ll be the one to judge your baked goods…”

Bad luck for her. I wonder if these brown blobs can be considered as baked goods…

I was looking at these really irregular cookies when Mayu raised her hand.

“Sato-san, we’re done!” She said with much confidence.

Is she trying to poison Yokoyama-san?

The three older ladies went towards our table. I am observing their facial expression as they drew nearer. As soon as their gaze fell on the cookies we baked, I saw a sudden expression of worry on Sato-san and Masuda-san. But it doesn’t apply to Yokoyama-san. She still has same expression as she had when she entered the room.

“Are you sure you’ll eat it, Yui?” I can faintly hear Masuda-san’s whisper to the assistant headmaster.

She nodded her head. “Irregularly-shaped cookies doesn’t totally mean that they cannot be eaten, Yuka. We’ll judge based on the quality and not on its appearance.”

She reached for a piece – the darkest colored one. “If you don’t want to try it, then don’t. I will.”

She was about to eat the cookie when…

“Wait!” Mayu stopped her.

“What’s the matter, Mayu?” Yokoyama-san inquired.

“In any case… here’s some milk.” She said as she handed her a glass of milk.

“It’s so nice of you, Mayu. Thank you.”

Mayu went beside me and whispered. “I just can’t take it if she’ll be poisoned. It will bring me a sense of relief in doing so.”

Yokoyama-san proceeded on her task and slowly, she took a bite of it. She munched it without changing her facial expression.

Does it taste okay? Or… is she just good in hiding what she really feels?

“H—how’s it, Yui?” Sato-san asked her.

“It tastes quite bitter. I wonder if these girls put enough sugar. The cookie is a bit overcooked, though... But it isn’t that bad.” She commented before taking a sip of the milk.

Mayu leaned in closer and whispered again. “I wonder if she noticed the eggshells on it… or maybe not?”

I just shrugged my shoulders in reply to her inquiry. Eggshells? I didn’t even notice it myself…

“For the meantime, you two can sit there and wait for the other girls to finish.”


After a few minutes…

While the two remaining groups were still waiting for their goods to be baked, Mayu and I just sat silently beside one another.

“I wanted to try our cookie… but something inside my head keeps on telling me not to.” She just said it all of a sudden.

“Then don’t.” It was my brief reply. It never even entered my mind to take even the smallest bite from those toxic-looking brown blobs.

Mayu looked at me seriously. “Why don’t you try it?”

I can’t help but to scrunch my eyebrows at her truly stupid question. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Why not?”

“I believe we have the same reason not to.”

She stared at me with those eyes of her. So innocent, I thought. She let out a sly smile. “I guess you’re right.”

As soon as she said that remark, we noticed Yokoyama-san slightly twitching on her seat.

“Hey, Yui, what’s happening to you?” – Yuka

“This is n—nothing…” – Yui

“Is something wrong?” – Natsuki

“You look a bit pale…” – Yuka

Her face twitched in pain as she put her hands on her abdomen. “Ittai…”

Sato-san and Masuda-san exchanged looks. They knew it.

These cookies are… toxic.

(Yui’s POV)

I was immediately brought to the infirmary because of this twitching pain I’m feeling in my stomach. Is this because of those cookies made by Haruka and Mayu? I guess so. It was what I have eaten aside from the breakfast meal…

Natsuki and Yuka remained in the baking room while they asked Haruka to accompany me here.

“So… what have you eaten aside from breakfast meal?” Megumi asked me, her thin eyes looking straight at me.

“She ate the cookies we made.” Haruka answered for me.

“Can I see those cookies?” – Megumi

“Here.” Haruka handed her another piece of the weird blob of cookie. Megumi’s eyes almost gawked at the sight of the thing.

“Are you not in the right mind, Yui? Who would think of eating a thing like this? It doesn’t even look like it is edible…” Megumi lectured me.

“I never thought it would be this bad.”

I stole a glance at Haruka. She doesn’t seem to be affected nor moved by Megumi’s seriously negative statement.

“Next time, you should be more careful with what you eat. For now, drink this pill. It’ll wear the pain away.” She handed me a pill. Then, she stood up and headed for the door. “I’ll be leaving the two of you here. I still need to meet with Itsuki-san today to ask about Arika-sama’s condition… and also to tell her what’s happening here.”

“Thank you, Megumi. Have a safe trip.”

Megumi soon left the room, leaving Haruka and I together inside the infirmary. Silence enveloped the room for she wasn’t speaking, so I wasn’t, too.

Another wave of pain flushed through my abdomen. I gritted my teeth and maybe my face flinched.

“Yokoyama-san, I suggest that you drink that medicine now.” Haruka said with the usual tone of her voice… and still without any facial expression. “Here…”

I was a bit shocked when she swiftly handed me a glass of water. I accepted it and drank the bitter pill.

“I’m sorry, Yokoyama-san.” The girl looked at the ground.

“It’s alright. It’s not really totally your and Mayu’s fault. It was my fault.”

“No, it isn’t. It was mine.”

I don’t know if I fancy that she said it apologetically… or is it real? I mean, I haven’t even seen her laugh. I saw her smile once, when she greeted me yesterday…

I was suddenly out of words.

“If only I can do even a simple baking... It was my fault that there were eggshells on it… and there weren’t enough sugar. I’m sorry for being incompetent.”

Her hands trembled.

“Don’t say that. A single mistake doesn’t mean that you’re incompetent. If you think you’re incompetent then you’ll forever stuck in being an incompetent one… It’s just a matter of changing your vision of yourself.”

After hearing my words, she looked at me with her teary-eyes… “Yokoyama-san… I—”

I reached for her hand and held it tightly. “What is it? Tell me…”

“I—I’m afraid… of everything. I can’t do anything right. Ever since before…”

“What do you mean…?” I looked at her inquiringly. Her gaze met mine, and it was in her eyes that I saw a hint of a deep sadness.


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Chapter 8: The Salty Girl’s Past

(Yui’s POV)

Haruka’s eyes suddenly were filled with emotions. We were staring at each other for quite too long already yet she wasn’t saying anything.

“Haruka… you can tell me anything. I’ll listen…”

After I said that statement, she looked away. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk about her past… So, I decided to just keep silent.


Her voice was soft but it sounded hurt. I looked at her as she began telling me… her past.

“I was once a normal girl who studied in a normal school with normal friends. But everything changed after that incident almost five years ago…”


(Haruka’s POV)

It was Christmas season when it happened. My parents and I were shopping gifts and having a good time somewhere, three days before Christmas Day. I was so happy at that time because as a kid, I really loved Christmas. I never thought that it would bring me a bad memory… the worst memory stuck in my mind.

After buying everything we wanted, we decided to go home because mom said she’ll cook our favorite homemade meal. We immediately rode our car and stuck all our groceries on the trunk.

Drops of snow were slowly falling down. What a sight to see! The white scenery was too lovely. I was just looking outside of the window. Dad played some music and mom even hummed its melody. Everything was too normal…

That’s why I didn’t expect that something bad will happen.

The surroundings were slowly starting to darken… and there were more frequent snow drops.

We were about to approach a road curve when someone suddenly crossed the road.

It was too late if my dad will step on the brakes, so to save the person, he maneuvered the vehicle. My heart beats so fast – scared because our car swiveled on the road. It was really slippery because of the snow…

The last thing I heard was my mother’s scream… before a loud collision.

And then, everything went black.

The next thing I knew was when I gained my consciousness back as I heard voices and swirling noises buzzing in my ears.

“She’s still breathing!” Someone said as I felt myself in the arms of that person.

I slowly opened my eyes and soon enough, my body writhed in pain.

“Where are mom and dad…?”

The volunteer didn’t answer my question.

“You’ll be fine. We’ll bring you to the hospital.” Instead, that was what she just said.

I quickly roamed my eyes as they fetch a stretcher for me. There’s still the wrecked car which collided on a huge tree. But I didn’t see any sign of my parents, just some patches of blood evident on the snowy road.

“Where are they… my mom and dad?! Tell me! Please… tell me!!”

No one answered my question. I just heard some orders about taking me to the hospital.

“I won’t be going anywhere without them! Tell me where my parents are!”

They were successful in transferring me to the stretcher. I was screaming and crying at the same time. But still there’s no one answering my questions.

They began to carry me up to the ambulance – still with unanswered questions in my head.

Suddenly, the swirl of voices seems to hurt my ears. Instead, I heard the volunteer’s voice fading in a distance. “You’ll be fine… I promise…”

“Mom!! Dad!! Where—” But my vision started to become blurry. They’ve injected a dose of tranquilizer to my body. Soon enough, I can’t feel anything except for the heaviness of my eyelids.

After a couple of hours, I woke up seeing myself inside a white room…

“At last, you’re awake.” It was the same volunteer whom I met earlier.

“Where are my parents…?”

She let out a sigh. “I don’t want to be the one to deliver the news but I guess I don’t have any choice…”

She paused to let out a bigger sigh.

“They’re gone. We found them dead-on-the-spot…”

My lips trembled as I felt my heart palpitate. “No! No, this isn’t true! It’s just a dream, right…?”

She shook her head. “I’m sorry but it’s the truth…”

When she broke the news out, that was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. It left me entirely broken, feeling both my body and heart all beaten up…

Few days passed…

After the funeral ceremony of both my mother and father, I went to our house. I’m feeling alone… and empty.

I spent the night there, with my restless mind. Living in a house like that would likely drive me insane, sooner or later. Every part of our house just bring back memories of my parents – both happy memories and sad.

It was the worst Christmas season I’ve ever celebrated. The Christmas season that took all my happiness away…

The next morning, I woke up with a heavy heart. I was doing my daily usual morning routine when someone knocked on my door. So, I went to see who it was.

“Ohayo…” It was our neighbor who knocked, and there was someone else with her – a nun to be more specific.

I just stood there and stared at the two of them without saying anything.

“May we… come in?” My neighbor asked and I answered her with a light nod.

“Haruka-chan… I know you are now alone. You are so young, not even close to reaching the age of legality—”

“I think I can live alone.”

“Don’t you have any relatives whom you can live with…?”

“I don’t have any.”

They looked at each other and then both stared at me with eyes full of worry.

After that incident, they tried finding some legal action to send me in an orphanage – and they were successful in doing so. But if you’re going to ask me, I’m choosing my life back to my old house, even though I’m alone… at least, it brings me quite some peace of mind.

The orphanage I started to live in was managed by nuns. There were many children there – orphans like me. The nuns have been nice to me. There were few children who managed to get to know me, but there were also some who have never been nice to me.

They disliked me, thinking that I’m an emotionless and anti-social kid. They didn’t understand me. This is who I really am, so why will I change for them?

They began bullying me and calling me incompetent. That may be quite true. I’m not good in cooking or in sports, not focused on academics… Maybe they’re really right.

They began doing unreasonable things to me, the usual bullying which happens to weak kids like me. I didn’t tell the nuns about these… but they’ve found it out.

So, they decided to transfer me to other orphanages…

But same happened to me in the next four orphanages where I’ve stayed.

The last orphanage I’ve went to… the children there were the worst. The worst I say because they’ve even planned to beat the hell out of me.

The head of the orphanage found out, so, he looked for another orphanage…

And found the Rosehouse.


(Yui’s POV)

“That happened about six months ago… I was sent to the Rosehouse. And that same day, I met you, Yokoyama-san…” Haruka said with teary eyes. It must’ve been hard for her.

“Yeah, I still remember that day… when I was leaving the Rosehouse. I still remember you…”

“But not my name?”

I nodded. A momentary silence consumed us.

“Eh… Haruka-chan…”

She looked at me with her normal, emotionless eyes. “Yes?”

“Please… don’t think of yourself as incompetent.”

“…” She just looked down at the ground.

“I mean… you’re a cute girl. And I believe that you can do something perfectly, that you can excel on something… Maybe you just haven’t found that certain thing… But for now, please believe in yourself more… You may be different from others… but that’s what makes you special. You are special in your own ways, you must always remember that.”

After saying that, I felt another jolt of pain in my stomach. “Owww…”

“Yokoyama-san! Are you alright?” She quickly rushed near me. I can see a bit of concern in her eyes.

“Yeah…” I said that with a sincere smile. She was really cute… and I find this girl interesting.

Our gazes locked as it met. I felt like melting before her scorching gaze…

“Thank you… Yui-san. Thank you so much for believing in me.” I felt weird when I saw her blush. My heart pumped faster than usual.


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Chapter 9: To Live as if Dead

(Rena’s POV)

The sweet smell of the newly-baked melon bread soothed inside my nose. It looks yummy that I can almost fancy hearing my stomach grumble.

“Mmmmm~ It smells good!” – Jurina

“I’m sure it tastes good, too.” – Yuki

The thought of having baked Melon Pan again makes me smile. Well… if there’s another thing I love, except for pain, then that would be melon pan.

Certain images of my childhood went flashing through my mind… and it brought a sense of nostalgia for the days that passed.

Sato-san and Masuda-san walked over towards our table to taste our work.

“Are you ready to have it tasted?” – Sato

“Ooooh~ It looks nice!” – Masuda

I looked at Yuki and Jurina, and we all agreed.

The older ladies each got a piece of the bread and slowly munched it.

I do hope it really tastes okay… It’s been quite a long time since I last baked… Maybe, a year or two years ago, was the last time.

By observing their faces, it brought me a sense of relief. They looked satisfied with the taste.

“Good job to the three of you. It was perfect.” Sato-san said with an amused face.

“We made plenty of these. Would you mind if we give some to each of the girls?” I asked.

“Sure. That’s a nice thing to do, Matsui Rena-san.” Masuda-san said.

Yuki and Jurina distributed the melon bread to the other girls. Since Haruka-chan and Yokoyama-san were in the infirmary, we decided to reserve two pieces, one for each of them.

“Jaa… Itadakimasu!” – Jurina

Each of us took a bite of the melon pan.

The taste melts inside my mouth. It was heavenly.

It was long before I tasted melon pan again. Suddenly, I felt a lift of my spirits. But somehow, I longed for my past… the time when I was still… as innocent as a child can be. The time when there was no sense of impurity of mind; the time when everyone would just be happy and contented living that simple life; the time when I was still young and free. Right now, I was still the same shy Rena… but there’s a great difference now. There’s no more glow of innocence in my rotten eyes. After witnessing that event, there wouldn’t be any more left.

It was that same day and that same event that totally changed me…

It happened almost two years ago…


It was just a normal night for our family… Mom prepared a usual dinner and we ate it heartily…

Dinner was usually a quiet one. Being a sole daughter of the Matsui family, it’s a usual thing to be alone. Dad was often busy with our company so was always left with Mom back at our house.

Things that night were just so normal that we didn’t expect the sudden turn of events…

After we had eaten, I was about to go up my room when we heard a loud bang of the door… Dad signaled me to hide to the nearest place I can. And that’s what I did…

I went over a small, empty, closed cabinet… Being thin means I’ll fit in. I peered right through the key hole.

I saw several men – five to be exact, wearing leather jackets and iron knuckles – who barged inside our house.

“Who are you?!” My father yelled at the unknown group.

But they didn’t answer. Instead, two of them restrained my Dad. Even though he’s trying escape from the grip, he cannot. They were too strong…

“What do you want?!” My Dad, once again, yelled. It was answered by a loud chuckle, a demonic laugh.

“What’s happening— aaah!” Mom was walking in when she was shocked as two other men laid their hands on her.

“Ooooh, you’ve got a lovely wife, Mr. Matsui…” One of the goons said.

I wanted to step outside of where I was hiding. I need to stop them. I need to save my mother and my father… but…

How can I?

I’ve got no choice but to keep quiet and watch them…

“Get your filthy hands off of my wife!” Dad was screaming so loudly, that his voice painfully rang through my ears.

But to tease him, they tore apart my mother’s clothes, revealing the white skin still covered in a tiny undergarment.

Mom was crying…

Dad’s heart almost broke into pieces as he saw how the leader roamed his hands around my mother’s body.

It broke my heart, too… to have witnessed this hideous scenery.

My Dad looked away. It was heart breaking. I can still the slight whisper of the man to my father. “If you don’t watch what he’s doing, we’ll kill your wife…”

And so, he got no choice but to watch…

To watch the impurities done to his wife – how they ruined her. His eyes were filled with tears, same as hers, and also same with mine.

But it was as if a bulb lighted inside my head. Through the narrow space, I reached for my phone inside my pocket and dialed the police. I spoke really softly so that the goons won’t hear or take notice of me. I secretly prayed that they’ll come soon enough.

Outside that cabinet, things started to become worse. All we can hear was the sound of Mom’s muffled cries as the man’s skin touched hers.

I can’t watch it. I can’t take it anymore! Dad just stared at them blankly. It was as if he was sleeping with open eyes.

Time passed by really slow. For each passing moment, I was wondering why does it need to take so long before the police arrive…?

I must do something!

But if I go out… I might probably just end up like Mom. It’ll just pin Dad down. I had no choice but to wait… wait for help.

With my poor self crouched inside this dark place, I prayed.  I was startled when I heard a thud and a loud cry… It was definitely my mother’s voice!

So I peered again through that small hole…

With my mouth gaped open, my heart broke upon the scene I saw. Tears burst out of my eyes. It was as if I wanted to scream but there’s no voice coming out of my mouth.

There, on the cold floor, laid my mother’s naked, blood-smeared body. The man stabbed it a few more times.

Meanwhile, the other two men beat my dad. He wasn’t fighting them back. With their iron knuckles, they punched him to death… Blood was splattered all around.

After they assured themselves that both were dead by now, the men departed, leaving me and my parents’ dead bodies.

I can’t feel anything anymore. I wanted to cry but my swollen eyes were drained of tears.

I was cursing under my breath until everything went black.

It felt like I was floating around in the air, but suddenly I felt pain on my back after the fall…

And then, I found myself inside the cabinet – crouched. I opened the wooden door only to see the depressing scenery. I called out to my mom. I called out to my dad. But they don’t seem to hear me…

I saw how my mother was stabbed and how my father was beaten… It was a replay of everything.

After the killing, a man turned around to face me. His eyes were dark with the lust to kill yet his face was flushed. He walked over, coming closer and closer to me. Then, his blood-stained hand touched my cheek. It was as cold as ice. Even his breathe was cold, I can feel it as he whispered something.

“Did you… like it…? You were supposedly dead already. You will live as if you were dead…

After he said those words, he vanished into thin air.


I was awakened from that nightmare.

Ever since then, I would occasionally have the sudden urge to hurt myself…

I was supposed to be dead already! I was supposed to be with my parents in heaven! I’m not fit to live in this rotten world… not anymore.

And just like what the man inside my dream told me, I lived my life as if I was dead.

I didn’t let anyone get close to me. I closed my heart from any feeling except from pain and sadness. I will be suffering forever, that’s what I thought.

After the incident, I was sent to a mental institution to rehabilitate and stabilize my mental condition that is bothered by a severe post-traumatic stress. They restrain me most of the time because I would always find ways to hurt myself – or rather, to try killing my poor self.

I stayed for one year in that institution but they yielded no development regarding my case and so I was transferred to another institution… and to another… and to another… until they finally considered their last resort, the Rosehouse.

It was weird, how the slight and small taste of melon pan was enough to bring tons of memories back. Well… as if these memories have really left my mind.

“Nee, Rena-chan… Are you alright?” Yuki asked as she noticed me spacing out all of a sudden.

“Uh… yeah. I just thought of something.”

“Oh, I see… By the way… our melon pan tastes really yummy! Thanks to you!” She said that with a really cute reaction that made me smile in an instant.

“Rena!” Yuki and I were having our moment when Jurina interrupted us.

“What is it this time?!” I glared at her. But she wasn’t moved at all. She just kept her bright smile.

“You’re great!”


It’s weird – how I suddenly felt shy after hearing that compliment from her. “T—thanks… but it wouldn’t result to that without the help from Yuki and you…”

“But it was you who lead us…”

“Yeah, I guess I did…”

The intensity of her gaze, I can’t take it anymore… It was as if it was passing through my eyes, looking at me deeper.

But her smile vanished when someone entered the room.

“Oh, Takahashi-san! Ohayo gozaimasu!” Sato-san and Masuda-san said in chorus.

“Ohayo! Can I… come in?”

“Sure thing…”

The small lady walked inside the room, looking at all our works. “I’m glad that all of you here seem to be working hard… and having fun.”

Jurina was suddenly quiet. I wonder why…

(Milky’s POV)

While the other girls were done with their work, Sayanee and I were still waiting for our cookies to be baked.

I let out a sigh. It was tiring, after all.

“Nee… Miyuki.”

I looked up at Sayanee and found her handing me a bottle of water. “Gee, thanks.” I gladly accepted it and drank from it. It felt a bit refreshing.

“What’s bothering you?” She suddenly asked.

“Huh? Nothing…”

“But you look so grim.”

“I’m just tired. I guess.” I glanced at her only to find her staring at me. I instantly looked away because I felt my cheeks get immediately hot.

It suddenly felt awkward. Time by time, it felt like her gaze was falling upon me.

“Miyuki, I guess it’s done. Look!”

“Yeah, it is.” We both went to the oven. She wore hand gloves and opened it as well as getting the heated tray of cookies inside.

“It looks good, I think. I wonder if it tastes good…” She commented as she placed them on the table. “But I believe it will. I put my trust to you…”

“Let’s have them try it.”

I fetched Sato-san, Masuda-san, and as well as the newly-arrived headmaster to try our cookies. We gave each of them a piece and they tried it. I stole a glance at Sayanee. But she was staring deeply into the headmaster as if she knew her long ago…

“Hey.” She was a bit startled. She threw a quick glare at me!

What’s the matter with her?! Why is she so moody?!

“Oishii~” The headmaster commented. I was quite pissed off because of Sayanee’s mood swings. But… did I fancy that her eyes shone a bit of happiness? Maybe I was just imagining things…

“Minna-sama… everyone has completely fulfilled this task. We wish that you all learned something from this task… not only learning how to bake… But also learning how to communicate and synergize with your Rosehouse-mates.” – Sato-san

“Hai!” We all answered in chorus.

“It was a fun experience, right? So, next time you’ll be assigned to do a task, always do your best, okay? Always give your best shot.” – Masuda-san

“I’m sure Arika-sama would be happy…” I heard the headmaster’s faint whisper.


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Chapter 10: Seeking For Attention, Or Perhaps… Love?

(Jurina’s POV)

The baking session was finally over but we stayed in this room for the clean-up. Even though we have three maids here, we are still obliged to help them with the chores. It was fun watching all of us doing the cleaning most especially Yuki whom was not really subject to these kinds of work prior to her arrival at the Rosehouse.

Sato-san, Masuda-san, and the headmaster had already left to check on Yokoyama-san whom I believe was still at the infirmary with Haruka-chan.

The headmaster, Takahashi Minami… was she the one Maeda-san was pertaining to in her letter? I need to know… I need to talk to her as soon as possible.

“Mou, so tiring…” I heard Yuki’s faint mumbles as she leaned on the wall.

“Yukirin…” Rena went over and approached her.


“Here…” Diverting her gaze away, Rena offered a handkerchief to Yuki.


The princess-like girl gladly accepted it with a smile and it caused Rena’s cheek to blush.

W—what am I feeling…? There’s something pinching me inside…

The scene was so beautiful but it was an eyesore for me so I diverted my eyes somewhere else…

I saw Mayu having a hard time with her cleaning so I went to where she was…

“Hey… Do you need help?”

She nodded as an answer. “I’m having a hard time here…”

I reached out for a tray and cleaned it. The girl beside me let out a sigh…

“Is there something wrong…?” I asked her, out of my concern.

“I just… missed my old life, I guess…”

“How long have you been here already?”

“More than two months…” She answered without giving much emotion. “And I still haven’t changed anything yet…”

“Why do you need to… you know… change?”

A silent moment passed by us. Maybe, it’s better if I didn’t ask…

But all of a sudden, Mayu opened her petite mouth. “Because I—”

But she was interrupted when we suddenly heard a sound of shattered glass…

We turned our heads towards the source of the noise…

“B—blo—od!” Yuki looked very scared as she was staring at Rena. “Rena-chan!”

It was a feeling more intense than an instinct which caused me to run towards Rena who was playing barehanded with the shattered glass on the floor. A rich shade of a crimson liquid flowing out of her hands freely…

On the other hand, Mayu quickly sprang up to her feet and assisted the awestricken Yuki…

“Bring her to the infirmary! Now!” I faintly heard someone shout. It was because I feel my heart pounding loudly out of concern for Rena…

I tightly held her hand which startled her a bit, causing her to let go of the now blood-stained glass…

“Rena…” My body began acting on its own. Maybe it was because of my adrenaline. I swiftly wrapped my arms around her body and carried her bridal style as we headed to the infirmary…

(Natsuki’s POV)


“Uwaaah~ Their baked goods really made me full…” Yuka said as she patted her tummy.

Just a while ago, I saw her old self back…


When Yamamoto called her Yuttan… I saw it – her sharp glares which I haven’t seen a long time ago.

I was lost in deep thought out of concern for her and only her loud voice was able to bring me back to reality.

“Oi~ Sato! Y’aren’t list’nin’ to me, are ya?”

She was speaking in Osaka dialect, again.

“My bad…” I raised both my hands and bowed apologetically. “Sumimasen…”

“Say, Sato, what’ve ya been thinkin’… Ya’ve been spacin’ out quite too long… I’ve been speakin’ and speakin’ and speakin’, ya know?!”

“Uhm… I—” I cleared my throat first before looking down to the ground…

“I—I was wondering… why does Yamamoto-chan know you as… as—”

“Stop!! Please… Stop already… Natsuki…”

N—Natsuki?! Seriously… She called me Natsuki? The fact that she called me by my first name was alarming… It automatically brought me to stop.

“G—gomen ne…”

Then, there was a dead silence between us.

“Let’s just not talk about it now, Natsuki… Not now…”

It wasn’t Yuka’s normal tone. She was never like this… not until this moment. Somehow, it felt like I really don’t know her. I nodded and spoke lightly. “Wakatta…”

“Thank you…”

After she said that, I felt a pair of warm arms wrapping around me. I didn’t expect this. Never did I imagine Yuka doing this…

I loved her ever since before.

I love her up until now…

But I never assumed that she would feel the same. That’s why I don’t expect her to act sweet…

Anyways, it was because she was sad now. Certainly, that’s the reason. Because I made it clear to myself that I’m just a friend to her.

But her warmth was enough to scorch my heart…


“Yuka… Please call me Yuka…”

My heart was seriously thumping now.

“Y—Yuka…” I nervously said.

“I can’t hear it, Natsuki…”

“Yuka!” I said it louder. My arms arbitrarily wrapping around her body…

“Thank you very much, Natsuki…”

“Yuka… I—I l—” I wanted to tell her what I feel but I guess it isn’t the right time to confess. “I’ll always be here for you.”

Meanwhile with Yokoyama-san and Paruru…

(Third Person’s POV)


“Yes…? Do you need anything, Yokoyama-san?” Haruka asked with much concern.

“I’m feeling quite better now… I wish to go back to my room already…” Yui said as she sat up.

“I’ll accompany you.” The emotionless girl said monotonously.

“Thank you…” But Yui’s bright smile managed to bring a pinkish hue on her cheeks.

Haruka went close to Yui. She brought Yui’s right arm up her shoulder as she wrapped her left arm along Yui’s waist. “Let’s go?”

Yui nodded.

The two girls walked out of the infirmary and headed to Yui’s room…

Haruka helped Yui to her bed. “Is there anything else you need, Yokoyama-san?”

Yui gently shook her head. “Thank you very much, Haruka-chan… I guess I’ll be fine by myself now…”

“Then, I’ll go now… Get well soon, Yokoyama-san…”

Haruka went to reach for the door. She glanced back at Yui to check for her for the final time…

“See you later, Haruk—OUCH!”

Yui, once again, twitched because of an instantaneous pain she felt.

Haruka quickly approached her. “Yokoyama-san!”

“The medicine may not yet be effecting fully… But… I—I can manage…” She faked a smile even though her stomach really hurts.

“I’ll stay here… and look after you, Yokoyama-san.”


It was loud and clear. Yui’s heart skipped a beat. She looked away, afraid to meet Haruka’s gaze. “I—If you insist…”

Haruka closed the door and sat on the edge of Yui’s bed. Yui tucked herself under the blankets, still not looking at Haruka, eye-to-eye.

“Thank you… Haruka.”

Back to the two Matsui’s…

(Rena’s POV)



I cannot feel anything else except from my racing heart and a bit of pain on my hands…

“Why are you doing this again?! Let go of me!” I wailed at her but she ignored me and continued on her way.

“Jurina! I said stop!”

And she did stop…

But it was not because she was letting go of me.

She let out a sigh as she managed to open the door of the infirmary. “Rena… Why are you doing this to yourself…?”

She continued carrying me inside the empty infirmary and gently sat me on the bed.

“Ohori-san? Kasai-san?” She called out. “They aren’t here…?”

“Rena, why—”

“I don’t need your help.” I cut her words off. “I don’t need anyone else’s help.”

She took a step back with her face in awe. I expect her to leave me alone now…

She turned away and walk towards the door…

But instead of going out, she closed the door. When she faced towards me, she had that smile plastered on her face.

“I can see that you’re a bit hard-headed—”

“I want you to leave me alone!”

The girl was seriously pissing me off!

She clicked her tongue.

It just annoyed me more. My face was flushed, I know.

“I said… leave me alone!”

“Tsk tsk…” In a split-second, she was now in front of me. She held my wounded hand. “Come on… It needs to be clean. Don’t act so stubborn.”

She smiled brightly – a smile enough to melt the fury inside my heart. Again, my heart raced as she lightly dragged me towards the sink.

The cool water oozed the crimson liquid off of my hand. A surge of pain tinged my nerves. “Ittai…” I let out a sly smile.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“It’s none of your business.”

She let out a sigh again. “Okay… If you don’t want to talk about it…”

Once my wound was clean, its bleeding soon submerged. And so did the pain…

She dragged towards the bed and asked me to sit down. It was no use refusing her, so I did what she told me.

She brought in a medicine kit and drenched a cotton ball with alcohol.

Once that small, white ball touched my wound… I felt another jolt of pain. The smile on my face widened and Jurina noticed that I was enjoying it.

“Rena… You like… pain?”

I nodded.

“Naru hodo…”

That was her sole reaction.

Wow… She didn’t even ask why.

Jurina wrapped some clean gauze and a bandage around both of my hands.

“Jurina… Why are you doing this…?”

She held my arms tight. “The pleasure you’re getting from hurting yourself… isn’t acceptable.”

“What do you—”

Before I continue what I was about to say, she quickly pushed me. It caused me to fall over the soft mattress. She brought her finger up to my lips to silence me. “Sssh…”

“But you don’t understand anything…” I was looking at her and she has this really intense, sincere gaze.

“Not yet now… but I will someday…”


She swiftly moved her face near my ear. “Rena, I’ll be the one to take your pain away. I’ll protect you… I promise.” She said in a whisper. Her hot breath brought warmth on my face.

It left me speechless. Jurina quickly moved and planted a soft kiss on my forehead.


Then, she moved away and headed towards the door. “Never forget that. Jaa… Please take a rest. I’ll get going now…”

And she left me – leaving me with my heart beating abnormally fast.

At Yuki’s room…

(Mayu’s POV)

I brought Yuki here after the commotion a while ago. She was just staring blankly at the floor.

“You’re afraid of blood?”

She nodded lightly. What a weakling! It’s just blood, nothing to be afraid of!

Her shoulders started to shake… I cannot see her face because she was looking down.

“Hey, Kashiwagi—” I went near her and was about to lift her face up.

“I—I don’t like it when someone’s getting hurt.”

My hand stopped on its tracks and instead of touching her face, I brought it up to pat her head.

“Don’t worry about Rena. Jurina will take care of her…”

“I—I don’t like it… B—blood… everywhere… I don’t like it. Kowai… Meccha kowai.” She mumbled it repeatedly.


Then, she broke down to tears and the sound of her sobs echoed through the room.

She looked so weak – so weak that it made me want to protect her.

“I’m here… You can cry on me…” I said while I hugged her.

She just sobbed and didn’t move at all.

It was weird. I’m feeling breathless all of a sudden, just by having her close to me.

“Yuki… Hey… Calm down…”

I slowly felt her arms returning my hug back. It all felt warm inside my heart.

“Won’t you leave me…?”

She suddenly asked with a pained emotion.

“Do you want me to?”

She shook her head lightly. “No… Please… I don’t want to be alone even just for now…”

“Okay… I won’t leave…” I said and I can feel that it brought her a sense of relief after hearing her sigh.

Her crying soon subsided and I can slowly feel her weight pressing down on me. Her breathing slowed down and she fell asleep while in my arms…


I heard no response. She really was asleep.

I moved lightly, careful not to wake her up, as I laid her down her bed…

I was tucking her under the blankets when I felt her hand gripping the end of my shirt. She was mumbling. “You said… You won’t lea—”

“No, I won’t…” I said as I removed some strands of hair covering her lovely face.

As I was observing her sleeping face, I felt her hand tugging my shirt causing me to fall on the bed beside her… I was about to stand up…

But it was too late because her arms hugged me quickly like I was some kind of stuffed toy…

I had no choice…

But to stay right beside her… until she wakes up…


I—I’m feeling sleepy…


(Third Person’s POV)

While everyone was busy with everything else… Sayanee and Milky remained in the baking room to continue cleaning.

Milky let out a sigh as she stared at the blood-stained floor. “The blood had stuck here already…”

“Don’t touch that—”

Sayanee was about to stop her but Milky continued on cleaning the shattered pieces of glass on the floor…


“What? You worry too much, Yamamoto…”

Milky isn’t getting wounded by the sharp glass.

“But you might get—”

“Don’t worry… I’m used to doing stuff like this… I worked as a waitress before…”


“I can see that you’re starting to worry about me now~” Milky said teasingly, making Sayanee blush.

“Who told you that?” Sayanee asked with folded arms.

“You…” Milky answered straight-forwardly.

“What do you mean—” Sayanee hasn’t finished what she was about to say. She turned to look at Milky but her jaw almost dropped after seeing Milky’s brimming smile.

It was the loveliest smile Sayanee had ever seen in her life – so lovely that it made her speechless.

“Oh… Sayanee, you’re drooling…” Milky walked over to her.



Sayanee’s eyes widened when she saw Milky slip over the floor. Her adrenaline rushed and she quickly moved forward to catch Miyuki…


Both their hearts beat very fast.


Sayanee caught Milky in her arms, her face close to hers.

They were just a breath away from each other… and Sayanee cannot think right anymore. Her inner feelings took over her body and without much thinking… she moved her face much closer and closer to Milky…

“Sayanee… What are you doing—MMPH!”

Milky’s heart skipped a beat when she felt the contact of Sayanee’s lips to hers. It felt so warm… and soft. She didn’t know why… but it felt really heartwarming.

When Sayanee realized what she was doing. She quickly snapped out back to her normal self and let go of Milky.

She was really embarrassed of what she did, so she ran out of the room – away from Milky.

Milky, left all alone, was in shock too… and all she had to do was to touch her lips and once again, feel the kiss that they shared.


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Chapter 11: Cherry Blossoms And You

(Jurina’s POV)

Why did I say that?

And why does my heart beat like this?

This is surely crazy!

I kept thinking about Rena until I get back to my room. I’m going to get Maeda-san’s letter to talk to the headmaster and tell her Maeda-san’s message…

I let out a sigh as I sat down on my bed.

I—I don’t know why but I really want to get closer to Rena…

Stop… Stop! Jurina! You still need to talk to Takahashi-san!

I composed myself and gathered my thoughts back. After getting the letter, I headed off to the headmaster’s office…

(Minami’s POV)

After checking out on Yuihan (who still has an aching stomach, good thing Shimazaki-chan was looking after her), I went back to the headmaster’s office.

I let out a sigh as my eyes roamed around the familiar room… Arika-sama surely got a good eye for elegant and dazzling things. Somehow, it felt like I don’t really belong here…

Time flies by so fast…

I hope I can bring back time. I wanted to bring back time.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard soft knocks on the door.

I stood up to see who it was. Once I opened the door, a young girl stood in front of me.

“Takahashi-sama, may I have a word with you?” Jurina said.

My lips managed to curve into a smile. “Yes, come in and we’ll talk inside.”

I sat back on my chair and the girl sat in front of my table.

“Takahashi-sama, did you also live here at the Rosehouse before?”

“Why? Yes, I did…”

“Do you know… Maeda Atsuko-san?”


Maeda Atsuko.

That name… It was a long time since I last heard that name.

It left me speechless. I stared at her with my mouth gaped open.

H—How did she… knew about Atsuko?

Jurina must have noticed my surprise.


“How did you know about Atsuko?”

She reached inside her pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

She handed me that paper and I stared at it for a long time before wanting to open it. The paper was already yellowish, and just looking at it gave off a nostalgic vibe.

“W—What is this?”

“I found it inside the closet in my room… and Maeda Atsuko-san happens to be the former occupant of that room…” Jurina answered.

“I—I know…” That was all I can say.

I can feel my heart pounding heavily inside my chest.


“It’s my fault Arika-sama had that breakdown…” Jurina said as she turned her head down.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“I asked her about Maeda-san…”

Wait, what is she talking about? This isn’t what Itsuki-sama and the others told me…

“I—I’m sorry…”

“I see… You know, Jurina-chan, Itsuki-sama and I have not talked about it…”

“Really? But she perfectly knew about this.”

I can’t think of proper words to say. My hand trembled as it held the paper…

“I think… I’ll leave that to you now, Takahashi-sama… I’ve done my part already.” Jurina’s lips curled into a smile. I tried to smile back but I know that it didn’t really look like a real smile after all.

The young girl left me all alone inside the office…

Again, my eyes stared at the folded paper…

I’m curious about what’s written inside – but somehow afraid of bringing back the past, bringing our memories back…

In the end, I slowly unfolded it and started reading.

This is genuine. I know Atsuko’s handwriting by heart…

When I was done reading the letter, my cheeks were already soaked and my heartbeat was really fast…

I never knew about this before – not until now…

Maybe this was the reason why Arika-sama had that depression after Atsuko died. She blamed herself…

But the real thing that surprised me was Atsuko’s confession about her plan to kill Arika-sama. It never even crossed my mind that Atsuko has thoughts like that inside her head…

On the times we’ve been together, I would just always see a smile feigning with innocence…


Two and a half years ago, to be exact… It was my arrival at the Rosehouse when I met Atsuko. Both Yui and I were sent here by the police when we had a gang fight.  Good thing Sayanee and the others had escaped to somewhere before the police came and took us.

We were first sent to jail, but they’ve found out that we are still underage so they sent us here…

The moment I first came here, I met Atsuko…

I can still remember her smile as well as her shoulder-length hair.

She’s sitting down under a cherry blossom tree, watching the petals drifting in the wind. It felt like the color of the petals was reflected on my cheeks when I saw her. I was too shy to approach her.

And I didn’t expect her to approach me either… but she did.

“Do you like… cherry blossoms, too?”

Hers was the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, I nodded curtly and slowly traced my steps towards her…

“Would you like to… sit here… beside me?” She asked again. Who was I to turn her down and so, I accepted the invitation…

Slowly – yes, very slowly – I sat down beside her. And without saying a word, both of us gazed at the drifting cherry blossom petals in the wind…


Everything started from there… Day-by-day, we watched the blooming sakura until the end of spring. In that span of time, we have known our personal details. Little-by-little, we became closer with each other… until we became best of friends.

Everything felt comfortable when I’m with her. Slowly, my rough attitude changed…

I can still remember that day before she was found dead in her room…


We were under that cherry blossom tree where we first met. That certain tree became our favorite hang-out place.

“Oi, Atsuko…” I poked her cheek.

“Hm?” She replied bluntly.

“You’re spacing out… Tell me what’s on your mind…”

“This is of no importance… Don’t mind me.”


She cut my words off when her eyes met mine.

“Ki ni shinaide…” She smiled and that took all my worries away.


It was spring time again and the cherry blossoms here grew lovely petals again… adding a pink color to the entire greenery.

“Can I lean my head on your shoulder?” She asked me.

“Isn’t it quite low?” I asked her, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

“Not really…”

“Well… If you want… y—you can sleep on my lap…”

“I think that would be better…”

She lowered herself and lied down on my lap. The scent of sakura was scattered in the air. The stillness of the scenery with her made me breathless.

“It’s better watching sakura petals in this position.” Atsuko said.

I looked up and yes, it was way nicer at that way… Rays of sunlight were filtering through the drifting petals above.

I looked back down at her and agreed about the beautiful scenery. But for me, watching her is lovelier to my eyes.

In a few moments, she was already asleep. Her chest bobbed up and down in a slow and steady pace in contrast to mine which almost cannot contain my racing heartbeat.

That certain moment made me realize how special she is to me. It made me realize that I’ve already fallen in love with her.

I just continued watching her sleeping face until the raindrops started to fall upon us. She instantly woke up and we headed back to the house.

We bumped into Haruna who’s walking out of the house…

“Where are you going Haruna?”

“Oh…” She smiled and showed me an umbrella. “I’ll fetch Yuuchan… I bet she’s still sleeping at the gazeebo…”

Haruna ran outside at the same time we took a shed at the front doorstep of the house.

“The rain was so sudden.” Atsuko commented. “Let’s go and grab a cup of hot chocolate…”

I agreed with the suggestion and we both made our way inside. The house was filled with other girls doing their own businesses…

Atsuko and I sneaked into the kitchen and helped ourselves in providing each a cup of a hot chocolate drink.

After dishing out our incredibly sweet drink, we headed upstairs to her room…

“Nee… Minami…” Atsuko opened up a conversation.


“Do you… regret being here?”

It was a tough question for me, but there’s one clear answer I know in my heart.

I never regretted being here because this is where I… I… met her…

“At first I was sad… But someone made me not regret my stay here… and it was because of y—”

But my words were put to a stop when we almost bumped into the headmaster.

“O—Ohayo, Arika-sama…” I managed to say.

“Ohayo, Takahashi-san. Ohayo, Maeda-san.” She curtly greeted and went away.

When I looked at Atsuko, she had that gloomy look on her face.

“Where were we? Ah, I was saying—”

“Minami.” I was stopped again. “I’m feeling quite dizzy. I guess I’ll head to my room… alone.” She coldly said.

“Don’t you want me with you?”

“I want to be with you. But… for now, I want to be alone.”

“At least, let me walk you to your door…”

She nodded and we proceeded. When we arrived at her doorstep, she quickly slipped herself inside and shut the door close.

I leaned on her door. Just one wooden door separates me from Atsuko, but it felt like at that moment, she shut me out of her heart.

The next morning, I’ve seen her at breakfast but we didn’t have a moment to talk. I didn’t know that it would be the last time I’ll get to see her… alive.

Few hours passed… Atsuko didn’t join us for lunch. She just locked herself inside her room.

“Yo, TakaMina, what happened to Acchan?” – Yuko

“Did you two have a fight?” – Haruna

“That’s clearly lover’s quarrel.” – Mariko

“I don’t think so… Maybe, she’s just having mood swings.” I answered.

Later that night, I went up to her room to fetch her for dinner…

I knocked on her door but no one answered. I called out her name but again, there’s no response.

I started to worry. My heart raced as I frantically tried to turn the knob.

I ran to Arika-sama and Itsuki-sama and we went back with the keys.

The motion felt like it slowed down when we opened the door.


I felt my heart stop for a moment when we saw her pale body lying down the floor… Itsuki-san and I immediately ran to her body.

It was cold and lifeless. There’s no use neither calling her name out nor shaking her body.

I sat there, hugging her body…

I can’t let her go…

I won’t ever let go.

After six months, they approved my plan of leaving the Rosehouse. I can’t bear being in this place where I can feel Atsuko everywhere…

I went to that cherry blossom tree where we first met. It was mid-autumn now that’s why the tree stood there without the blossoming pink petals. Even if it’s looking lifeless, in my eyes, memories give life to that certain tree.


Back to reality…

I folded back the paper and wiped my tears off. Even if knowing the truth hurts, it wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t bring Atsuko back. It wouldn’t perish my love for her.

Thank you, Jurina-chan…

Indeed, a memory is the sole thing that doesn’t change… when everything else does.


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Title: The Rosehouse Ladies (Chapter 12: Inside My Cold, Dark Cocoon) [21.12.2015]
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Chapter 12: Inside My Cold, Dark Cocoon

(Yuki’s POV)

I see nothing but darkness…

Where am I?

I tried to reach out my arms but it cannot feel anything, it cannot touch anything around me. It was like I was in the middle of a dark abyss – in the center of an extreme void.


My voice echoed through the emptiness. I don’t know what lies beyond this darkness… and that made me afraid. Without even seeing or hearing anything except for the faint sound of my footsteps, I wander around to search for something…

Something that even I… don’t know…

After some time of walking around, I began to get tired so I stopped. With my weak body crouched, I gently sobbed…


When I heard that voice calling my name, I lifted up my face and the sight of a familiar person met my eyes. The woman was wearing her favorite white summer dress adorned with light blue flowers printed along the lower part of the cloth. She was smiling at me… Hers was the kindest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Mama…” I tried to reach out to her but when our hands met, I felt her warmth slowly disappearing until I was in contact with her icy fingers. Ever her appearance changed. It was just a matter of time before filth and blood slowly covered her dress. Her hair became a mess and scars appeared on her body and face. Only the smile and the kind look in her eyes didn’t change…

“I love you, Yuki…”

“M—Mama…” Before I knew it, I was crying as I watch her apparition slowly vanishing within my vision. “I don’t want to be alone…”

And yet, I find myself alone inside this dark place…

“Arigatou…” I can vaguely hear a child’s voice whisper on my ear as a blinding light illuminated everything around me.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and the sight of Watanabe Mayu’s face so close to me was enough to shock me.

Why is she here?!

Out of shock, I pushed her away from me, waking her up with widened eyes.

She stared at me with confused eyes then she stood up and straightened her clothes. Mayu went out of my room without even saying a word…

That was extremely weird! I don’t even remember why she’s here…

I closed the door which was left open when she left. My heart was pounding loud, I don’t even know why.

My mind was occupied by memories triggered by my dream a while ago. Painful, it was. I missed my mom…

Then I heard soft knocks on the door. I opened it and saw Miyuki standing in front of me.

“Hey, Yuki-san, are you alright now?” She asked with a concerned tone.

It confused me. With scrunched brows, I asked her, “What do you mean? I guess I am fine right now…”

The girl just stared at me in amazement. “You don’t remember anything?”

I shook my head lightly. “What happened anyway?”

“Well… Rena had some kind of weird action a while ago. You panicked when you saw blood flowing out of her hands… Mayu rushed and assisted you. I believe she stayed here for quite some time, you didn’t see her inside your room?”

So… that’s it. That’s why Mayu was here. Feeling much guilt, I asked Miyuki where her cousin might be.

“I saw her enter her room and slamming the door close…” Miyuki said while scratching the back of her head. “That’s mainly the reason why I went here, and I guess I know now why she did that…”

I smiled awkwardly as I stepped out of the room. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix this…”

I waved my hand at her as I walked away…

Mayu’s room was quite far from mine. As I walked nearer, I felt my hands were starting to get cold. I knocked at the door softly, “Watanabe-san…”

But she wasn’t responding. I was about to turn and walk away when the door swung open and there stood a stoic-faced Mayu.

“Can we talk?” I asked. She didn’t speak but opened the door wider. I assumed that as an invitation and I followed her inside her room.

Roaming my eyes around, I can’t help but to notice the difference between hers and mine. Her room was extremely clean with bunch of comic books piled along the shelf. Hanging along the wall was a sole anime poster with cute characters. Her bed was covered with a plain peach-coloured sheet. She sat on the edge of the bed with her arms crossed. “You done scrutinizing my room?”

I awkwardly sat near her and tried to form my words. “Well… I’m here to apologize.”

“Apologize for what?”

“Because I… Well… I’m sorry for waking you up with a push and without even thanking you—”

“Ah, that… It’s fine. Really.” She said without looking at me. “You even came all the way here just to say that?”

I nodded. “And to explain too… I’m afraid when I’m seeing too much blood. And somehow causes me a panic attack, just like what happened a while ago. I even tend to forget things sometimes…”

“Sou ka…” Said Mayu without any reaction. “Anyway, why are you even afraid of blood?”

Her question made me speechless. She looked at me inquiringly and posted another question. “Do you have some bad experience about it before?”

My answer was a nod. She looked interested about hearing my story and I guess lashing out what burdened me for years will do me good, too.

“I was young back then when my mother died because of an accident. We were heading home after going to an amusement park when it happened. Along the way, we saw a child crying on the sidewalk. She was alone and as if lost. We approached her and asked her where her parents are but she just cried more. Not done with her tantrums, she even ran away from us, crying and calling for her mom…”

I paused for a while to take a deep breath.

“She ran to cross the road but didn’t notice an approaching car. Mom was alert and let go of my hand to save the girl. In an instant, she pushed the little girl away from the center of the road but mom didn’t have the time to… save herself. S—She got hit by the car…”

My voice seemed to crack as those vivid memories return to my mind. Up until now it still felt painful…

“I saw her favourite white dress adorned with blue flowers get painted with a red colour. It was so horrific that it even made my stomach lurk. But more than that, I felt my heart suddenly breaking. My mother died on the spot… I won’t even forget that experience even though how painful it is.”

Mayu’s mouth gaped open after I told her about my story. She was just staring blankly in front of her.

“I’m sorry. I—I shouldn’t have asked…” She said as she bent her head down.

I wiped the stream of tears that freely flowed out of my eyes. “It’s alright… It’s even a relief having all of it out.”

“You’ve been keeping it for too long?”

“Yeah… Since my mother died I never brought the topic up, not even with my father. I never met the girl again… I tried to forget about it but it’s no use. It haunted me for years.”

“But what if you meet the girl again? What’ll you do?” Asked Mayu.

“The girl? I—I don’t know… Because of her I lost my mom.”

“But she didn’t do it on purpose, you know…”

“Yes, but having met her brought up that tragedy!” My voice suddenly felt so loud. She was startled when I yelled at her. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“No need. I’m sorry for asking, though.”

Silence consumed the both of us again. But this time I was the one who broke it.

“Thank you for listening to me, Mayu…”

Mayu looked at me with an expression which I cannot explain. She just nodded, I took it as a sign to leave. I stood up and went for the door. For the last time, I glanced at her. Her eyes were fixed on me as a smile was drawn on my face.

“No… Thank you, Yuki…” I vaguely heard her say as I closed the door. My heart was pounding unusually loud. I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my room feeling my heart a bit lighter.

(Miyuki’s POV)

After the incident moments ago, I locked myself inside my room trying to recall what really happened. Things went on really fast and it was unbelievable.

“I can’t believe it. She stole my first kiss…” I mumbled to myself as my fingers tried to feel what was left from our kiss.

“Come on, Miyuki… As if Sayanee really has a thing for you… She was just trying to get into your nerves, you know!” Convincing myself was rather difficult. I walked back and forth with my thumping heart. I was too tensed and I knew I needed to divert myself into another thing that’s why I decided to go outside my room.

Coincidentally, I saw Mayu slamming her door close. Her room was just beside mine. I wonder… did she and Yuki also fought?

Both curious and concerned, I walked up to Yuki’s room and talked to her about Mayu. It somehow let my mind free from the previous thought. Yuki bid goodbye and left me alone in the empty hallway.

I thought the hallway was really empty but when I was walking back to my room, I saw the door of her room open. Her, I mean Sayanee’s…

If you were there, you could feel the sudden awkward atmosphere slowly drawing around the two of us. I did an awkward gesture of diverting my eyes away as I walked fast as well as slamming the door of my room close as soon as I got in.

I don’t want to look for any reaction from her. I don’t want to assume anything…

I leaned on the door as my fingers went back to the familiar place – my lips, feeling all of it again.

(Sayanee’s POV)

“What the hell did I just do? That was freaking crazy, Sayanee!” Mentally conversing with myself wasn’t doing me any good. I was rushing to go away and vanish from Miyuki’s gaze. My impulsive action was definitely too embarrassing…

It somehow felt the same like when I had my first kiss, only this time I was the one who started it. As soon as I got inside the room, I buried my face on the pillow and mentally cursed myself.

Miyuki deserves an apology but I still can’t figure out how to approach her.

After moments of gathering my courage and pondering over my feelings, I decided to step out and fix things immediately. The moment I opened the door of my room, I saw her walking a short distance away from me. It was awkward, I tell you! She didn’t even look at me when she passed by my room. I felt the guilt as she slammed her door close. I walked up to her room still pondering about starting the conversation about what happened moments ago. When I stood in front of the closed door, I suddenly felt my hands cold and shaky.

I—I can’t do it. There were rarely few moments when I totally loses my confidence and this is one of those. I remained motionless as I stood in front of her door.

Waiting is the least thing I could do, for now…

For the meantime, I still need to accept that… I’m starting to like Watanabe Miyuki.

(Mayu’s POV)

Yuki was here inside my lair a while ago. I can’t help but to cry after hearing her story which made me feel nostalgic of a certain memory of my childhood.

A while ago, I was definitely mad at her for yelling at me without any reason but now I can see her point. It was only me who was too reactive about what she did. It made me wonder, yeah, why am I reacting too much? Why am I too much affected? When we aren’t really close, to begin with. Moreover, our conversation were just casual and random. We aren’t even friends… I can say we’re mere acquaintances. Considering those facts, why do I find myself seeking out for attention from her?

I guess I understand the reason why…

Not only because I personally like her…

But because of that certain memory.

Since that day, I secretly wished to see her again to thank both of them for saving me that day. If they weren’t there, there’s a great possibility that I wouldn’t be living today…

Now, the problem is… how can I tell her that I’m the same girl when she regretted the memory of meeting me that day?

I can’t blame her anyway…

It definitely was hard and painful to lose someone especially when it’s the most important person whom you have lost.

“I’m sorry, Yuki…” I whispered to myself even though she can’t hear me. “Sorry for causing the pain you burdened for a long time…”

How can I tell her… that I was that girl who was saved by her mother, plenty of years ago?

That I was that girl who was the reason why her mom was killed…

That I was that girl who she regret to have met…

That I was that girl who wished to meet her again…

That I was that girl who was starting to fall for her…

“How can I tell you, Kashiwagi Yuki?” I whispered, hoping that the wind can bring her that message for me.


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Chapter 13: Runaway

"...I don't want to stay at the Rosehouse anymore..."


"...Just where do you think are you going?"

"Anywhere.. Far from here."


"I ruined everything.."

"You really want to go?"

"Yes.. Will you stop me?"


...Take me with you.."


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Chapter 13: Runaway

(Third Person’s POV)

Takahashi Minami barged inside the clinic and slammed the door close. Dr. Ohori instantly approached her.

“What’s the matter, TakaMina?”

“Meetan, do you know anything about Atsuko’s death?”

“Atsuko’s death? What do you mean…?” Asked Meetan.

“Why Atsuko killed herself.” TakaMina’s voice was loud, it almost sounded like a cracked glass.

“I can’t understand you—”

“Then you don’t know anything!” Concluded Minami as she stomped her fist on the table. “Where’s Yui-dono? I need to talk to her! Now!”

“But she’s—”

“Take me to her. Now.” TakaMina said, cutting all of Meetan’s words.

“Okay.” Said Meetan, with a sigh of defeat. She walked out of the clinic with the angered Minami tailing behind.

Two girls stood in front of the tall gate of an enormous mansion. One of them pulled a string and a bell sounded. After a few seconds, a tall person approached them and opened the gate.

“We’re here for Arika-sama.” The girl said before showing the bouquet of flowers she was holding. “I’m Oshima Yuko, and she’s…”

“Umeda Ayaka.” Stated the other figure beside her.

The attendant took their presents and let them enter the house.

“Except for Yui-dono and Ohori-sama, seldom people visit Arika-sama.” The attendant said. “By the way, my name is Inga.”

They walked along the long hallway surrounded by elegant porcelain vases along the sides. The scent of red roses adorned the air as it stood beautifully inside the vases. Yuko and Ayaka’s eyes widened in amazement of such aestheticism. At the end of the hallway, there stood two separate staircases. Between them was a beautiful stained glass window with pretty shades forming a shape of a butterfly. The rays of the afternoon sun struck the glasses, forming colored shadows splatted all over the floor. It was so magnificent that the two of them almost gawked at the sight. Inga led them and ascended up the left staircase.

“These are beautiful…” Ayaka exclaimed, pertaining to the oil paintings hanging on the wall.

“Arika-sama painted them when she was younger.” Replied Inga with a subtle smile. They continued walking until they reach the second to the last room along the corridor.

“We’re here.” Pronounced Inga before knocking thrice at the door. Another tall figure opened the door and asked Inga about the girls.

“They said that they came here for Arika-sama.” Inga explained.

“But, you see, Arika-sama doesn’t accept visitors—”

The words of rejection were cut off when a voice trailed from inside the room.

“No, Lala Mirya… Let them in.” Then, Itsuki Yui appeared behind the figure named Lala Mirya. Itsuki Yui-dono still wore the same creepy aura and emotionless face, but somehow she looked so tired now and it can clearly be seen because of the bags thickly forming under her eyes.

Inga handed Lala Mirya their presents and soon left them inside the room. The two girls stood beside Itsuki Yui-dono as they stared at Arika-sama’s sleeping figure on the bed.

“What happened to her, Yui-dono?” Asked Yuko sadly.

“She’s not in a good shape, as you two can see… She had an emotional breakdown and she often experiences hallucinations caused by traumatic stress.” Explained Yui-dono. “We have resorted in tranquilizers to calm her down.”

“How did this happen? She’s never like this before…” Ayaka posted up another question.

“I’m not in the position to answer up the question. Only Arika-sama has the right to explain it to you… But given her situation right now, I guess your further questions will remain unanswered.” Answered Yui-dono as she caressed Arika-sama’s soft white hand. “She’d grown so thin.”

“But still beautiful…” Yuko continued.

“As ever.” Yui-dono said with a sad smile.

“I hope she recovers soon…” Said Ayaka.

“Yeah.” Yui-dono looked at the two with a serious face. “But for the meantime, I’ll need your help, ladies. With Arika-sama’s condition right now, I cannot leave her side. She needs me more now. Takahashi is the one who was temporarily taking over the Rosehouse as the headmaster. Yokoyama is there to take-over my place. But still, we need everyone’s help to train the girls there…”

“It’d be my pleasure to help, Yui-dono.” Ayaka said.

“Count me in.” Yuko said, showing her squirrel teeth. “Demo… I cannot stay full-time at the Rosehouse.”

“Why?” Asked Yui-dono.

“Well… I need to go home every day. Haruna’s always at home and she’s taking care of our adopted child.”

“Okay then… I understand.” Yui said, flashing a little smile. “Thank you.”

Their conversation continued until they heard some knocks again. Lala Mirya went to open the door but a single person barged in angrily.

(TakaMina’s POV)

My heart was beating really fast.

It was pounding like a beast wanting to get out of its cage.

“Yui-dono!” I called out to her as I walked fast inside the room. Just when I was standing a meter from her did I notice Arika-sama who was peacefully lying on the bed. But that small sense of pity vanished because of the anger that I’m feeling.

“Takahashi-san, what’s the matter?” Yui asked.

“TakaMina!” Yuko and Ayaka synchronously said. It was then that I notice the fuss I was making inside the room.

“I need to talk to you, Yui-dono.” I said, my gaze silently pleading to her. She let out a sigh and asked everyone to leave the two of us alone in the room.

Yui-dono held my wrist and dragged me away from the bed. “What is this all about, Takahashi-san?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“About this.” I showed her the folded piece of old paper. Her face looked pale somehow and for the first time, I saw her bit her lip and looked down to the ground.

“Even I didn’t know anything until I read that. Arika-sama never told me a thing about that…” She said sadly. “Never did I think that Maeda-san was like that.”

“Yui-dono… I don’t want to stay at the Rosehouse anymore…” I said sternly. She looked at me with a pained gaze. “It’s just… painful. You do know how hard I tried to move on after my best friend’s death. And in just an instance, it all came back again.”

A pain tinged inside my chest. Her image came flashing on my mind suddenly, and it really felt painful. It all came back to me: the vivid memory of her smile and the pain of losing her. I lost her already and I know I couldn’t do anything that can bring her back to me. A tear dropped from my eye and it was followed by another until I found myself kneeling on the ground and pleading on Yui-dono.

“Takahashi-san, calm down!” Yui-dono assisted me and she wrapped her thin arms around me.

“Atsuko…” I whispered but my whisper will never be heard by her.

“Compose yourself, Minami…” Yui-dono patted my back and somehow calmed me. “If that’s your decision and it’s final, I don’t have any right to stop you…”

“Thank you…” I hugged her back and let out a sigh of relief. I hope my decision will somehow let the stress off my mind.

(Third Person’s POV)

Sayanee walked along the hallways with a dejected face. She didn’t expect what happened while she was lying on a white bed and taking a rest, curing her head ache.

She was bothered by having heard about the commotion inside the clinic. It was the first time she has seen her Neesan like that. She has always admired her for keeping her head cool even in tight times… but this time was different. She was angry – really angry.

“Yamamoto-san!” A voice called from behind her. The short-haired girl turned to look at the speaker. It was Yokoyama-sama. She hurriedly approached Sayanee. “In any case, have you seen Takahashi-sama? I was looking for her everywhere yet she seems not to be around.”

“Well… The thing is…” Sayanee gulped before speaking up. “She stormed inside the clinic just a few moments ago.”

“Stormed? You mean—”

She nodded lightly. “First time I’ve seen her very angry.”

“Geez. Where could she be?”

“I heard she was looking for Itsuki-dono.” Said Sayaka. “Anyway, who is this Atsuko?”

Yuihan looked at her blankly after hearing the name.

An hour passed when the headmaster and the doctor came back to the Rosehouse. Yui went out to meet them only to find Minami with a gloomy face and red, puffed eyes.

Everyone was gathered inside the headmaster's office. Yui-chan had a bothered look on her face as well as Sayaka. All others were confused yet intrigued of the sudden assembly. Even the librarian who seldom leaves the library was invited.

"Minna-sama, I, Takahashi Minami resigns as the headmaster of the Rosehouse. I'm sorry."

The announcement was straight to the point and it shocked everyone. Still a deafening silence consumed them and Minami can hear her own heart pounding really fast. "One more thing, prior to this resignation of mine, Yokoyama Yui-sama will now be appointed as your new headmaster."

"Demo! Takahashi-sama--"

"I'm sorry, Yui-chan... Sorry for giving you a real big responsibility here. Sorry I wasn't deserving enough to be able to lead these wonderful ladies..."

"I don't think I can--"

"Of course you can! You have my trust. I'm leaving the future of these girls into your hands."

Yui's protests weren't considered anymore. It has been decided.

"That's all for today. The announcement will be effective tomorrow. Thank you."

Lots of reactions were gained after the announcement but there was one who seemed to be deeply affected by the situation. Dinner time passed without anyone seeing Takahashi-sama. The girls have already returned to their respective rooms...

Jurina sighed as she plopped herself on the soft mattress. She was very much bothered about Takahashi-sama's resignation. A pinch of guilt was felt by her for having have found a letter which caused this sudden chaos.

"Here it goes again..." She murmured as flash of scenes passed through her mind.


(Jurina's POV)

My heart was pounding really loud after accidentally hearing a conversation between my father and an anonymous man.

I felt my throat running dry as those words resounded inside my mind.

"It's done, Matsui-sama. Your brother and his wife..."

"I hope you didn't leave any trace of identity..."


"Anyway... How about the child?"

"Child? What child? They're just the only persons there..."

"They have a daughter!"

"But... We didn't see anyone else aside from them!"

My father let out a sigh before speaking again. "Anyway, she would certainly not survive without her parents. Besides, how would she know what we did?"

"Definitely, Matsui-sama."

"I congratulate you for a job well done. Here's an incentive."

I can't believe it... My father... planned on killing his own brother!

This is horrible! He is horrible! He is not my father! He is a demon! He is evil!

I slumped on the floor and started crying. I was too hurt and angered that I didn't notice it when he grabbed my arm and spoke with a stern voice.

"You heard it?" He asked, grabbing my arm with a strong force. I didn't speak but then he lifted my chin and asked again.

"Jurina! You heard it, right?!" My gaze met his and I felt a chill running through my whole body.

"You're a killer!" I shouted to him, but he just smirked at me.

"Now what?"

Fury aroused inside my chest and I raised my hand and spank him on the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. "You're not my father! You're a demon!"

He smiled at me. “How did you know? But I’ve been your father ever since we got you out of the orphanage.”

“What?!” Confusion ran through my mind because of his words.

“You’re an orphan. You’re not our child. We just adopted you. So, you don’t have any right to speak like that to me! Get it?”

My heart sank after hearing the revelation. That’s the reason why I don’t have any siblings. They aren’t capable of having a child. And they resorted to adopting one…

I stood up and ran back into my own room, still in the state of shock. The white bed became crumped when I lunged into it, muffling the sound of my cries.

I don’t want to stay here anymore. I need to go away. Anywhere, far from this home. Far from my father! I gathered all my things and stormed out of the house.

“Jurina-sama!! Jurina-sama!!” The head maid called out to me. “Where are you going?!”

“I’m leaving!” I shouted but didn’t look back.


“Let her do what she wants.” It was my father’s voice which I heard from a distance.

I didn’t look back.

I wouldn’t look back.

It was after that incident when I met Itsuki-dono and she offered me to stay at the Rosehouse. I don’t have any choice left and ended up agreeing to her.


(Third Person’s POV)

“Maybe… This isn’t the right place for me.” She sighed, stood up and gathered all her things. Jurina has made up her mind.

The pendulum swayed as the clock struck 12. She hastened and tried to keep her steps as quiet as possible. She’s sure that the main door of the house was locked and the key is probably kept by Yokoyama-sama. The only possible exit she can think of is to get down from the second floor balcony and climb the wall past the gazebo and beyond the small pond. That would be able to lead her out of the premises and she’ll be good in finding her way to the city proper.

She lifted her luggage and walked over to the balcony. It was indeed very dark. Just as she was about to climb down the balcony, a cold hand grabbed her wrist.

“Just where do you think are you going?” Just hearing the voice can make her heart pound loudly. She knew who the person is and she’s sure that she wouldn’t be mistaken.

“Anywhere… Far from here.”


“I ruined everything.” Said Jurina, feeling her throat suddenly dry.

“Do you really want to go?”

“Yes. Will you stop me?”

A brief moment passed without any answer. Jurina had stared too much at the lady when she grabbed her wrist tighter.


Jurina looked away as she suddenly felt something painful inside her chest. She was secretly hoping that she would’ve even wanted to stop her but she guess she was wrong…

“Take me with you.” The girl stated, making Jurina look back at her with wide eyes.

Jurina slightly smiled at her and asked. “Are you sure?”

“Please… take me with you.” Rena said.


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Chapter 14: Searching For You

(Third Person's POV)
"I wonder what took those two long? Jurina-chan didn't even answer when I called out to her before I get here. I thought she must be here already..." Said Milky as she stirred the hot cup of tea.

"Maybe we should go fetch them for breakfast?" Asked Yuki.

"I'll go fetch them," said Sayanee. "might as well call Yuiha-- Yokoyama-sama, I mean... to join us, too."She stood up and passed by all the other girls' seat and headed to the corridor.

Sayanee just really wanted to get Milky out of her sight even for a while. She was having distress after the incident between them. She hasn't even said a proper apology. The girl sighed before knocking at Jurina's room. But there was no answer... She tried to turn the knob but it was locked from the inside. She then tried knocking on Rena's door but got the same results. No answer and locked doors. It intrigued Sayanee actually and she also checked on the infirmary to look for them since Rena has been frequently visiting there.

But Dr. Ohori and Nurse Kasai were the only people there. She looked over the library but Matsubara is alone there. That's when she headed into Yuihan's room.

She knocked on the door and got a permission to enter.

"What's the matter, Yamamoto-san?" Asked Yokoyama-sama with a small smile.

"Rena and Jurina weren't answering my calls and they even locked themselves into their room." Said Sayanee with a worriedtone.

"Let's check them out."Yuihan and Sayanee left the room quickly. It was a quick stroll to get into the two Matsui's room. Yuihan got Rena's key and gave Jurina's to Sayanee. They proceeded and at the same time they opened the door,what greeted their eyes is only an empty room...

"Where were we, Jurina-san?" Asked Rena as she looked at the horizon beyond the window of the train. The place were full of sakura trees and it felt refreshing to see a sight like that. There weren't too many buildings that's why she thought they really are far from the city.

"We're almost there, Rena-chan." Smiled Jurina. She's one luckykid. Good thing that she has saved money on her personal bank account. They have enough for a train ride and two weeks of food, if they are lucky enough.

She missed the sight of the place. This is where she usually spend her summer with her father. Father... the thought of him made her feel sad.

But she quickly eliminated the thought and looked at Rena. It was already morning and she surely is starving.

"You hungry already?" Asked Jurina. The question made Rena blush and looked away with red cheeks.

"Don't worry, we'll get something to eat quickly as soon as we got to our summerhouse."She said as she flashed a smile."By the way, I haven't asked you yet... Why did you come with me?"

Rena looked down shyly as she answered. "I want to escape.I know that's what you want to."

"Yeah, I guess so... But we have different reasons I believe."

She looked at Jurina who was looking beyond the window. Jurina wore a sad smile as she spoke again. "I felt guilty. When I arrived there, everything was ruined. Arika-sama fell ill. Takahashi-san had couple of emotional sufferings, too. Even Itsuki-san--"

"But it isn't your fault."

"It's totally my fault. If only I didn't arrive there, things probably are going well..."

"But if you didn't, I might've been..." Murmured Rena in a pale whisper.

"The one thing I didn't regret is to meet the others and you..."

Back at the Rosehouse.

"What?!"Itsuki-san said in a loud voice as she and Yuihan talked across the phone. "They didn't leave any note?"

"None. I'm sure they didn't pass by the main gate when they left, maybe they climbed over the wall fence." Yuihan tried to calm herself. "I wonder where they went..."

"How can we know? Rena has no immediate relatives near, and I know nothing about Jurina." Itsuki-san sighed. "I'm wondering why they left... Maybe Jurina--"

"How about we look at the nearby town?" Suggested Yuihan.

"You should try that. I'll contact someone to help you. I hope we find those girls soon."

"I'll ask the other girls if the two left any word to them..." Said Yuihan before hanging up the phone. She let out a sigh and massaged her temples as someone knocked at the door.

"Come in."


She turned around to face her. She immediately knew the person by the voice. "Shimazaki-chan..."

"Sayanee told us already. I came here to tell you what I think I heard last night." Haruka seriously looked at Yui and spoke again. "I was up late last night when I heard a door open. Then, followed by a set of footsteps. I don't know who's it is but I think it was Rena because when I went and peek on the outside of my door, it resembled her shadow somehow. I thought she was just going to drink some water or anything that's why I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to bed."

"What time did that happen?"

"Midnight. That's all I've got to tell, Yokoyama-sama."

"I wonder where those girls probably went..."

"And why did they go?" Added Haruka. Yui patted her head and pinched her cheek.

"We'll find out. Soon. Thank you, Paruru~"

"P--Paruru??" Blushed Haruka upon hearing the strange nickname Yui gave her.Yui just gave her a wide smile. "Me??"

"Isn't that cute, Paruru?" She winked at her. Haruka felt her heart thumping when she hears Yui call her by that name.


Yui scratched her head and gazed at her. "You're even cuter when you're embarrased!"

"Yokoyama-sama!" Pouted Haruka. She walked out of the room. "I'm done here.. I--I'm leaving!"

She closed the door loudly and leaned on the other side as she tried to keep her composure cool but she feels excitement inside her chest.


Jurina and Rena walked a short distance after the train ride and a summer house came into view. The sky looks a bit grey, a heavy rain felt like brewing from a distance. Jurina started to run while carrying their luggages. "Let's hurry. It might rain soon!"

Rena came running behind her too, careful not to drop their food and other grocery items. They set foot into the wooden stairs just in time before a faint drizzle started to pour. The view of the distant sea looks peaceful even though the waves seems to be stirred by the wind. Jurina got her keys and opened the door.

A nostalgic feeling came into Jurina after turning on the lights and gazing at the familiar place. It felt nostalgic as the fun and sad memories flashed back on her mind. She did spend her vacations here with her father. She placed the luggages beside the sofa and sat down.

Rena noticed that she looked somewhat sad and sat beside herafter closing the door. "Are you alright?"

Jurina just looked at her and hugged her suddenly. Soon enough, Rena felt her shirt being soaked with the girl's warm tears. She pat her back to comfort her. Then, Jurina broke the embrace and smiled through her teary face. "I'm starving. Let's eat!"

Rena smiled and stood up. "I'll help you prepare dinner."

"Ooops! No. Just sit back there. You're my guest! And I wouldn't let you close to knifes and other sharp objects, okay?" Said the now energetic Jurina. Rena obeyed and settled herself back on the sofa. She kept herself busy by looking at the photo albums piled on a shelf near her as the other disappeared to the kitchen to cook.

The first pages of the album contained plenty of Jurina'schildhood photographs. Photos of her while swimming, playing with the sand, eating watermelons, riding a bike, and some shots taken near the sea. There were photos of her while in her school uniform and some while doing marathon stuff.

Rena can't help but to smile at the cute sight. She can just imagine how cheerful and happy Jurina as a child. She didn't envy it, though she wanted to see Jurina like that.

"You look still the same right now compared to when you were younger."

"I'm still young!" Pouted Jurina as she was making curry for dinner.

Rena continued to browse on the pages. She saw photos of Jurina with her father... She suddenly remembered her parents. She wanted to ask Jurina about her father but Rena does not know how to start sensitive and personal conversations like this.

She shrugged off the thought and smiled as she saw bunch of Jurina's photos from being a child up to when she reached her adulthood.

Rena didn't notice the time until she heard Jurina calling out to her. "Rena-chan, lunch's ready!"

"Hai!" She responded and went to the dining room. The rain still fell outside and it gave a chilly feel inside the room.

The moment she entered the dining room, Rena was welcomed by the sumptous aroma of the food.Even if it is just a simple curry and rice, it looks really exquisite into her eyes. Jurina pulled back a seat and let her sit there. She sat at the seat opposite Rena.

"Let's dig in?"


Rena had a spoonful of the food and ate it.

"How's it?" Asked Jurina as she intently watched Rena.


"Uwaaaah~ Yokatta! Jaa, itadakimasu!" Exclaimed the younger girl and started to eat, too. They chatted as they eat until they finish their dinner.

"Gochiso-sama." They said in chorus as they stared at the empty plates.

"I'm full!" Jurina said as she rubbed her tummy. "I'll do the dishes, you go on to the room at the second floor.Your room is the one adjacent to mine. You can take a bath already, I'll go check you out after the chores are done."


Jurina proceeded on the dishes and Rena went up to the designated room.

The girls ate their lunch being quite silent. It felt rather lonely, missing out two people on the table. All of them had a bothered mind about the whereabouts of the two Matsui's.

After lunch they went to the greenhouseto do some gardening. An unfamiliar person came into view as she stood at the middle of the small staircase. The gentle wind lightly blows on her hair and the rays of sun shone like a crown. She looked like a queen even she's just wearing a simple peach one-piece dress topped by a mint green apron.

She took notice of the girls and smiled at them brightly. "Oh, hello ladies~ Gokigenyou!"

"Gokigenyou!" The five girls said in chorus.

"I'll be the one to help with your gardening today, I'm Kojima Haruna."

The girls introduced theirselves respectively. And they soon started the gardening.Kojima gave them the instructions and they worked in pairs. Yuki was paired with Mayu, Haruka and Miyuki while Sayanee was paired with Kojima herself.

She showed them a bunch of seeds piled carefully on the shelf, rose seeds, sunflower, daisies, marigolds, and all other kinds of flowers. Haruna asked her to pick their own preference of flowers.

Yuki and Mayu decided to choose sunflowers and got the seeds. They were given a pot where their names were attached.


Mayu filled the pot with the rich soil and handed Yuki a shovel.

"Thank you!" Said Yuki as Mayu carefully placed the pot back into the table.

Yuki dig into the soil and had Mayu place the seeds inside. Haruna noticed their cooperative work and went near them. "You two are doing great."

She smiled as she watched them proceed. "After that, water the plant. A good flower blooms when the ones who planted them share the same love for the plant and for themselves, too."

Mayu and Yuki suddenly blushed after hearing her words. Yuki peeked on Mayu only to see her face red up to her ears. It made Yuki smile though and inside her chest she can feel a rhythmic sound of the beating of her heart.

She thought, "Does your heart beat the same pace as mine.. Does it, Mayu?"

"Y--Yuki-chan!!" Mayu said before looking at Yuki only to find her smiling and staring at her. It made her blush severely.


"L--Let's water this together.."She said as she looked away and tried to compose herself.

Yuki filled the watering can with cool water. She had Mayu hold the handle with her and the moment their hands made contact, they both felt their hearts skipping a beat.

"Iku yo?"

They watered the plant with a sincere smile on their faces, hoping that it will bloom beautifully, and so is their relationship.

After the gardening, Sayanee helped out Haruna in cleaning as the others prepared for the afternoon tea.

"You did well, Sayaka-chan."

"Thank you, Kojima-san."

Sayanee looked quite bothered because everytime her gaze meets Miyuki's, the girl always divert her eyes somewhere away from her. It made her sad because deep inside her heart, she knew Miyuki is someone special to her.

"What's the matter, Sayaka-chan?"Asked Haruna as soon as she noticed Sayanee's behavior.

"Can I ask something, Kojima-san?"

"Hm? Go on..."

"Have you ever fallen in love? How does it feel like?"

"Eh?! Don't tell me you fell in love at first sight with me?!"

"Are?! No! Not you, Kojima-san!"

Haruna chuckled at the surprised girl. "I know, I know. Let me guess... It is Watanabe Miyuki-chan, right?"

Without answering, Haruna knew she was right with the way Sayanee's face turned red so quickly.

"If you like her, then tell her!" Another voice came inside. A small figure approached them.

"Where's Mako-chan?" Asked Haruna to the girl.

"Sleeping at the infirmary. Don't worry, dear... Kasai, Tomochin and Kyura are taking good care of her." Said the girl with her squirrel-smile.

"Dear...?" Whispered Sayanee.

"Yes, she's my partner. Oshima Yuko.And Mako is the infant we adopted."

"Hi, there little rosebud!"

"Little Rosebud?"

"Yes, we're at the Rosehouse, right? You ladies are the rosebuds and we're the full-grown ones."

"And you called her little, you midget!" Teased Haruna. Yuko pouted. Sayanee thought how cute this couple is.

"Anyways, back to the topic.. You should talk things with her, Sayaka."

Sayanee has decided. She knew she wanted to clear things with Miyuki..

She want to proudly tell her how special Miyuki is to her.


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Chapter 15: Labyrinth

(Sayanee's POV)

I want to! I want to tell her about this silly feeling inside me chest! Convincing myself isn't too easy. I might sound crazy but yeah even I can't understand this weird feeling. All I know is that I need to see Miyuki. I need to talk to her..

I stood up proudly, lifting my chin up and walking confidently until I stop in front of her room. The warm confidence was blown out immediately, making my hands cold and shaky.

I knocked at the door twice.. and she immediately answered, "Yes, who's there?"

"Mi--Miyuki..." I managed to say.

"Yes? Sayaka." Said Miyuki sternly. I gulped and gathered all my courage.

"Can we talk?"

"We're already talking. Tell me what you've got to say now." She said behind the closed door.

I leaned my forehead on her door and spoke, "I'm sorry..."

"What for?"

"The kiss. I didn't mean to--"

"Ah, you didn't mean it?"

"No, it's not like that."

"Then what?!"

"It's just that..." I paused and took a deep breath. "I--I like you, Miyuki!"

She didn't answer. Her silence is enough for me to know that she was displeased.

"I said it, at last.. That's all, Miyuki. Bye.." I said before starting to walk away. My chest felt too stucked up with pain. I bit my lip to prevent my tears from flowing.

I even imagined I heard her door creak open. I didn't bother to look back. I don't want to get hurt by my silly imaginations.

It was halfway through the path to my room when I heard her call my name.


My tears started pouring. I can't look at her.

"Is it... true?" Asked Miyuki, almost a whisper but I can clearly hear it.

I nodded as an answer because I know that my voice would be shaky.

Then, I heard her running footsteps and suddenly a pair of warm arms came embracing me from behind.


"It is true." She said, her face buried on my back. I started to feel the back of my shirt getting drenched. "Your heartbeat says it."

She embraced me tighter. I don't know how am I supposed to act or respond. It was just that I'm too overwhelmed. I turned around and held her shoulders lightly, making our eyes meet each other's gazes. She smiled at me through her crying face. Miyuki was so beautiful. Her eyes are shining like a clear spring and her tears are a shining stream.

"Sayaka... I like you, too!" She said in a whisper. It sounded too melodic that my heart pounded with a new beat.

(Third Person's POV)

Meanwhile, Yuki went over to Mayu's room. The latter was fiddling on a box below her bed and Yuki was just watching her. There were photos of Mayu and some anime characters.

"Do you watch anime, too, Yuki-chan?" Asked Mayu.

Yuki lightly shook her head. "I think I'm more into TV dramas and reality shows, Mayu-chan."

"Ahh~" Said Mayu before piling back the contents inside the box.

"What's your favorite anime?" Asked Yuki.

"Uhm, that's tough... I don't know, really. But I really enjoy watching anime and listening to anisongs." Replied Mayu. She sat beside Yuki at the edge of her bed. "But there's this one anime which I last watched..."

"Hm?" Yuki was listening carefully to Mayu, pursuing her to continue the tale.

"In a world named Daikuuriku, people are born as females. After they turn seventeen, they go to the spring so that they can already choose their gender. If they are undecided, the guardian of the Spring will choose for them... It made me think... What if I was born in that place? What would I choose?"

"And you'll choose what?"

"I don't know yet..." Said Mayu. "How about you? What would you choose, Yuki?"

"Hm, let's see..." She paused for a bit and thought silently of an answer. Mayu looked, no, stared at Yuki, making sure no detail of her well-sculpted face was unscrutinized. Mayu sighed happily, being given the time to stare at her like this.

"I guess I'll choose to remain a female." Answered Yuki with a smile.

"Why?" Followed up by Mayu.

"Hm... Maybe because I love being a female? Or maybe cause I'm used to being one? Haha. I like the female charm too much. Females are strong yet still exuding that finesse aura and elegance." Answered Yuki with bright eyes. Mayu intently watch those brown irises as it sparkle with the silent admiration Yuki had for the female race.

Mayu smiled and asked again. "On the contrary, don't you think it is nice to be a male?"

"Perhaps it is... Would you like to become one?" It was Yuki's turn to ask.

"If there would be a girl for me like you, Yuki-chan." Mayu said in a mere whisper, not audible for Yuki to hear.

"What?" Asked the confused Yuki.

"Ah, I mean, I think it would be nice too. Or maybe staying in the middle would be fine." Added Mayu.

"Anyways, we've been talking about bunch of things... Yet I haven't asked why you are here at the Rosehouse." Yuki brought up that topic.

"Ah yes, I guess so... Well, it's quite simple. My circumstances, I mean. Well, I'm just someone who's adding up to the incurable disease of the society. One who got consumed by the system, I guess." Mayu paused for a bit to take a sigh. "My parents just wanted to get me out of the house. You know, anti-social behavior is the problem, I guess. Well, it isn't too much of a big deal to do the things you enjoy, right?"

"You mean...?"

"I enjoy playing computer games, that's what I can sum up the problem. Whenever I play, I got to get too much hooked in it that I play all day, yes, without even going to school. It was like I was living inside a new different world where I can always be who I wanted me to be."

"I kinda feel the same. It's tiring to act like the girl everyone expects you to be." Added Yuki.

"I agree, being a daughter of people with good standing always gives you lot of attention you didn't wish for, attention you didn't needed."

"Do you like here? I mean staying here?" Asked Yuki again.

"Well, since I stayed here I got to chance to live freely, of course, except my mild addiction to RPGs. I met girls of my age with different stories. I mean, it felt like somehow we're trying to build a bond... Like a family, you know." Answered Mayu again. "How about you, Yuki? What are your thoughts?"

"I didn't dislike here. I made friends somehow." Yuki's answer was brief. "Yet still I really miss my mother."

Mayu looked at Yuki after hearing her words. She felt her heart beat so fast, like it was thumping the march of guilt inside her.

"But I can't bring her back. No matter what my struggle is. I can't." She soon become teary-eyed.

"Yuki, I've got something to tell you." Said Mayu. She knew it was a desperate move and she was risking the chance of their friendship. But Yuki needed the answer... That Mayu was the reason why Yuki's mother was dead.

(Yui's POV)

I ended the phone call and sat back on my chair. It was very exhausting. I wonder where did those two girls go? I massaged my temples as I closed my eyes.

It's hard to be the headmaster. If only TakaMina didn't quit the job...

I know I was only good in supporting and not in leading itself. Even since before when I was still part of a gang.


Two years ago...

I stood behind our leader as we got caught in a circle of enemies. I can still remember the smirks on their faces as they walked around us, all ready to charge an attack on us.

Three, two... One.
After counting three seconds, I saw them charge at us. There's no choice but to fight.

I dodged an incoming punch straight to my face before kicking him on his stomach. The man groaned in pain as he fell to the ground. Another one grabbed my hand and was trying to wrestle me. I turned around, slightly twisting his arm before pushing him down. Someone then grabbed my clothes and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground, feeling the numbness of my face.

I soon felt the pain but when I saw my comrade being assaulted by three more men, I did my best to get up and help him.

I jumped to one of the men, shocking them as I fought him with my bleeding face. I can see my comrade coughing with blood but still managed to get another man down. And now we're done to just one.

I saw her smile at me. I know what she's thinking. I fought the man with bare hand combat until I got hold of his hands and restrained him. My friend cracked her knuckles before giving the guy a punch on his face. I held the enemy tightly for another punch. I can see how it caused a slight wound on his cheek.

"That's enough." I looked at the enemy and examined the slight stream of blood on his face...

My friend then coughed again and she covered her mouth with her hands.

"Are you okay, Sashihara?" I asked her but she just smiled at me showing her bloodstained lips and even the small pond of blood in the palm of her hands.

"I'm fine! Let's go home..." She said while smiling but after turning around, she felt to her knees, coughing more severe than a while ago. I heard someone chuckling softly. It was our enemy leader for today. I punched him in the face and ran towards my friend, assisting her to walk.

"I'll be fine, Yuihan... I'm just tired."

"No, you need to see a doctor. I'll go and tell KitaRie to go with you... I'll look over our recruits."

"Fine... But I wouldn't disappear for too long." She said with a chuckle as we continued walking...


I missed them. My old family... Sasshi, KitaRie, and the others. What could've happened to them?

I stopped my reminiscence when someone knocked on my door. "Come in..."

A familiar set of footsteps were heard, Paru's.

"Yokoyama-sama, someone wishes to see you..." She said with the same monotonous voice which sounded good in my ears. "Would I send them here?"

"No need. I'll meet them on the garden." I stood up and straightened my clothes. "Will you walk with me?"

Haruka nodded with a smile. I walked towards her and walked side-by-side with her. She walks softly, not even making any disturbing sounds. Even the sound of her footsteps relax me. Just feeling her presence is enough to get all my stress away.

"Paru, thank you..." I said in a pale whisper which made her look at me quizzically.

"Why, Yui-sama?" She asked. "I haven't done anything yet."

"No, you've done lots of things, thank you."

"I can't understand..."

I just smiled at her and continued walking with her beside me until we reach the garden where two people were waiting...

(Rena's POV)


At the summerhouse...

I was walking by the shore alone because Jurina had taken a nap at her room. The younger girl felt so exhausted after eloping from the Rosehouse. I felt tired too but the scenery by the shore was so beautiful...

My bare feet slowly dug into the soft sand as small waves of water splash on my feet. It felt cold but the afternoon sun felt warm on my skin that's why it felt good...

Whenever I see the orange-coloured sky, it made me remember the vivid memories of my past. When I reminisce today about the happy days with my family, it only makes me feel sad and empty. I didn't have anyone left... Not anyone except for Jurina.

Jurina was the only one who tried to ease my pain away.

Jurina was the only one who will give me a warm smile and a sincere gaze.

I never thought I would be this close to her. You know, at first, I was attracted to someone else... But Jurina is someone who will make you look at her and once your eyes were set on her, it will be a hard task to take it off of her.

I stopped walking and looked back. I saw the set of footsteps I left on the sand. They're small, indeed, but enough to leave a mark. But soon, large waves will come to erase these marks... Even smaller waves can erase it. I smiled bitterly to myself. I've got this feeling wherein I want to erase my past... But in doing so, it might erase who I am now. It might erase the sole purpose on why I am living...

I walked away from the water and sat on the dry sand. The sun's about to set...

I watched intently the slow waning of the sun as it disappears from the horizon. The sea reflected the redish orange color while the splashing of water served as the music for my afternoon. I wrote her and my name on the sand as I smiled...


"Rena-chaaaaan!" It was her voice. I stood up and ran towards the house.

"Hey..." I said, greeting her with a small smile.

"Did I sleep too long?" Asked the young girl as she scratched her head. I shook my head.

"Probably about an hour only. By the way, what do you want for dinner? I'll cook." I suggested.

"We still have extra viand and rice, left-overs from our lunch." Explained Jurina.

"I should re-heat it then." I suggested but her face looked worried. "Don't worry about me."

I said to relieve her. She smiled. "Fine... I'll go upstairs and clean the room. Would it be fine if we share the same bed? I don't have the keys for the other rooms."

"It's fine for me. You?"

"Of course, it is!" She agreed cheerfully and walked upstairs, leaving me by the kitchen.

(Jurina's POV)

I walked upstairs to clean our room. The door softly creaked as I open it. Upon entering, I saw the familiar set-up of my room. The orientation of the bed, the closet, and even the table was still the same. It suddenly felt nostalgic...

I walked over the table and found out a large layer of dust on the surface. There were unpiled books by the side and a picture frame of my father and I. I turned it down before placing it inside an old box under my bed.

I piled the books on the mini bookshelf by the wall and tidied up the table, brushing up the thick layer of dust. Then, I changed the bed sheet, too. After that, I did sweep the floor and changed the curtains and other clean-ups.

I looked at my wristwatch after. Just thirty-six minutes passed...

I decided to go and check out Rena in the kitchen. When I went there, I saw her busy with preparing the tea. She looks fine... I shouldn't worry too much, I guess. I roamed my eyes and noticed that the knives weren't placed on the knife rack.

"Rena-chan... Where are the--"

"I placed it inside the cabinet so that it wouldn't tempt me so much." I smiled at her statement and sat by the chair, still watching her move in the kitchen.

"You're hungry already?"

"Quite, but my tummy can wait."

"This will be done soon."

(Third Person's POV)

In another place...

The smoke-filled place was quiet tonight. A lady in black leather jacket sat by a stool over the counter. She lightly tapped her fingers on the table as she watched the dew streaming on the cold glass. Her phone rang again.

"At last..."

She answered the phone call, still maintaining the grim look on her face. The conversation didn't last a minute. After putting the phone back on the table, she grabbed the glass and drank the contents. The taste of brandy was too familiar to her and it made her smile.

As soon as she emptied the drink, another lady entered the bar. Her long, black hair is shining even through the dimmed lights. She smiled at the lady sitting at the counter.


"Minegishi, what took you so long?" Asked the girl in leather jacket.

"Got a call from Yuihan. We're needed. I'll tell you the details later." The newly-arrived girl leaned closer to her as she smirked, smelling the alcohol on the other's breathe. "Drunk again? Guess I'll have another rough time tonight."

Shinoda Mariko smiled before leaning in for a kiss. Minegishi Minami kissed back but the other pulled away soon. "I know you are more than prepared, Miichan."

"Well, you know me too well, Marichan."

Back to where the two Matsui's are.

After the dinner, both of them got their bags to the room and took a shower one after another. Rena sat by the edge of the bed as she waited for the younger girl to finish putting on her pajamas.

"Oh, why are you still up, Rena-chan?"

"I waited for you." Rena said shyly then she moved to the left side of the bed. Jurina jumped beside her and hugged a pillow.

"I don't feel sleepy yet!" Protested Jurina.

"Why don't you go and read a book?" Asked Rena before putting the blanket above her.

"It's boring... How about if we..."


Jurina didn't finish her statement as she hit Rena with a pillow.

"What was that for?!" Said Rena.

"Pillow...fight?" Asked Jurina before throwing another pillow at Rena's face.

"Ittai! Get ready!" Rena did the same but didn't hit Jurina at all.

"What's that?! HAHAHAHAHA." Teased the young Matsui.  Then the two continued throwing pillows at each other and laughing heartily as they played like kids.

Rena threw her final pillow without any more power. She lied over the bed and felt the smooth mattress. "I'm tired!"

Jurina lied beside her as she panted from chuckling. "That was fun!"

"Yeah, it was!" Rena turned to look at Jurina only to find her looking at her.

"You know, that's the first time I actually seen you laugh like that, Rena."

The girl blushed and looked away. "It's been quite so long since I last had so much fun..." She buried her face under a pillow and spoke with a muffled voice. "Thank you!"

It made Jurina smile to herself. "I'm glad I did make you smile." She removed the pillow covering Rena's face and it made their eyes meet, making both their hearts race.

"Let's... Go to sleep?" Suggested Rena to shrug the feeling off.

Jurina nodded but Rena didn't expect when Jurina leaned in and kissed her forehead. "I'm happy that you are with me..."

The statement made Rena's heart skip a beat. She smiled at Jurina. "Well, I wouldn't be anywhere but your side when you wake up tomorrow."

"Sweet dreams, Rena."

"Sleep tight, Jurina."


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Chapter 16: A Stormy Night (Part 1)

(Jurina's POV)


I woke up with a bright smile after the first night of sleeping beside Rena. As soon as I opened her eyes, I saw the girl's sleeping face. She was breathing lightly but I can hear her breathes clearly. My heart pounded as I watched the magnificent view.

I never knew that watching someone sleep could be this enjoyable. As I was doing this, Rena soon woke up. Her brown orbs gradually came into view. "Oh, m--morning", she said before covering half of her face with the blanket.

"Good morning, Rena-chan!" I greeted her happily and removed the blanket on her face. "Don't hide in there! Hahaha."

"Have you been watching me... sleep?" She asked with a blushing face. I nodded while smiling. She just blushed redder and hid covered her face with a pillow. I heared a muffled "uwaaaah".

I didn't know she has this side, too. Well...

"You're soooo cute~" I didn't stop myself from trying to hug her.






I giggled after hearing that sound. She chuckled too and gave me the brightest smile.

"I'll be going down now and prepare breakfast. You should come down soon."



(Third Person's POV)


In an unfamiliar apartment.

Mariko opened her eyes from sleep, she was feeling a bit dizzy and closed her eyes again for a minute or two. After that, she opened it again and looked beside her but there wasn't anyone on the left side of the bed. It was then that she smelled the familiar aroma of garlic rice. She was hungry already but decided to stay in bed for quite some time more, trying to remember what happened last night.

She didn't notice the footsteps approaching her. A girl opened the door and stood on the side of the bed with a grin on her face.

"Marichan! Breakfast is ready!"

"Miichan.." She looked at her and started to smile.

"Come on let's eat already. I'm starving!" She said.

Mariko quickly sat on the bed, letting the blanket covering her chest to slide down her lap.


"Get dressed already!!!" Minami said as turned around not to look. Mariko stood up and quietly walk near Minami. She sneakily wrapped her arms on Minami's waist and embraced her tightly.

"M--Ma--Marichan!! What are you--"

"Sssssh! Be quiet or I'll keep you quiet with force." She savored the moment like it was the final one. The embrace lasted for a minute.

"Miichan, I love you." She whispered to Minami's ear before letting go of her.

But Minami quickly turned around and caught her arm. She pulled her closer and was now the one hugging Mariko. Her fingers caressed the bare back as she leaned in for a kiss. "I love you more, Marichan."

"Saa... Get dressed already! The breakfast will be cold!"


(Third Person's POV)

Back at the Rosehouse...

Breakfast has been unusually quiet. The remaining five girls and Yokoyama Yui sat and ate when a familiar person came by..

"Sorry for walking in while you're having breakfast..."

"Oh, Itsuki Yui-sama!" Yuihan said before standing up.

"Go on, continue your food. I just wanted to check you girls out. I'll go meet someone else after looking around here.."

"Anyways, how's Arika-sama?" Asked Yuihan.

"Well, there are little improvements on her health. I'm glad she's slowly recovering. But I think it will take time before her full recovery." Itsuki said with a smile.

"That's good news, Itsuki-sama!"

"Yes, it is.."

After some conversation, Itsuki left. They finished their food and drank their tea. After that, Yokoyama Yui asked the girls to go to the library and meet with the librarian there.. She said she has few visitors to talk to.

The girls obeyed and walked up to the library. Honestly, it was a really large room filled with many many books ranging from fiction books to educational books to encyclopedias and other reading materials. The smell of book resided on the air but the librarian seemed to really love that smell. She flashed a small smile as she saw the girls walking in front of her..

"Yui had instructed you to come here.. Today, all of you can go find some books to read. You can borrow any book that you like and afterwards reflect on the things that you have learned. I would require a reaction paper, I guess... Wait... Am I just sounding like a teacher? Hahaha."

The girls just looked at her, puzzled by her weird behaviour.

"Anyways, I'll introduce myself formally... though I know all of you knows me. I'm Matsubara Natsumi. A former resident of Rosehouse too. I work at the library as a volunteer. Besides, reading has been my passion. I was once a--"

But her speech was cut off when someone opened the door. Everyone looked that way and saw someone unfamiliar to the young girls.

"Oh, did I--"

"Yes. What do you want?!"

"Is this a good way to welcome an old friend?" The girl smirked and walked inside. "Pardon my intrusion but I guess I'll be working with all of you for the meantime.."

"What do you mean...?" Asked Natsumi to the petite lady in front of them.

"Am I not welcome as a fellow volunteer?"


"Sorry for my intrusion, ladies.. I'm Umeda Ayaka. Guess I'll be seeing all of you more often."

Umeda sat on an empty seat facing Natsumi's and observed her as she spoke.

"Well..." Natsumi paused and took a deep breath before continuing. It was weird that she was suddenly feeling anxious because of an old friend watching her. It has been a long time since they last talked. "There are labels on the shelves as to what kind of book you want to read. Pick any book you like. By the way, you can always visit here if you want to read. The library is always open for enthusiasts."

Natsumi smiled as she concluded her short speech. The girls dispersed and searched the shelves for books. She sat down her chair and glanced at Umeda who was staring at her.

"What's the matter?"

"You haven't changed at all... Your face and the way you speak, I mean."

She didn't speak. On the other hand, Umeda Ayaka has changed a lot since before. Physically and mentally. She knew but silence was the best option.

"Hasn't it been a long time?"

"Yeah... I didn't expect you to come back here."

"Well, I did stop chasing her before. But fate wasn't too good to me, I guess. It was either I wasn't too good on running away or fate's too good on catching me up. I ended up being with her more often, more often than I would have wanted. And that's pretty bad for me. Hahaha."

Umeda faked a smile. Natsumi knew. She remembers Umeda's eyes now. It wasn't the same as before...

"Did you ever tell her?"

Umeda shook her head. "I don't want to regret something afterwards."

"You've changed." Said Natsumi briefly.

"I guess I did."


(Third Person's POV)

For the meantime, Mayu was looking for nothing on the shelves. She didn't knew what she wanted to read. She just walked along it, smelling the strong smell of the old books. There were plenty of books that she saw and all of them were cleanly piled along the wide and tall shelves. She stopped on a literary section and ran her fingers over the piles of books.

She stopped when a book title caught her eye. It was something familiar, she has heard of it before.

Wuthering Heights...

She remembered. She has read that before. A tragic love story...

Mayu got the book slowly out of the shelf but she was shocked when her eyes met someone's familiar gaze.


"What a coincidence!" Yuki said with a surprised reaction. Then, she titled her head and smiled at Mayu.

Mayu's heart pounded so loud and fast. She smiled back at Yuki.

"Nee, Mayu-chan... Want to go read our books at my room later?" Asked Yuki.


How can she refuse?

"Great~ Jaa. Until later." Yuki waved her hand and walked away. Mayu just stood in amazement. Her cheeks were blushing very red and the pounding of her chest was still very loud.

The smile on her face vanished as she remembered some of their conversations before.

"I can't let myself completely fall in love with her... Though, I know that I have fallen already. I can't be happy on feeling like this unless I have told her the truth... Maybe later would be a good opportunity." Mayu thought to herself.


(Third Person's POV)

Meanwhile Sayanee and Milky walked together on the same lane and looked for books of their interest.

"Do you like reading, Sayanee?" Asked Milky.

Sayanee simply shook her head. "I did read mangas before but not literary pieces or encyclopedias. Magazines, I guess. Hahaha. How about you?"

"Well, I like to read. I worked part-time at a bookstore before."

Sayanee smiled at her, amazed by Milky. "Maybe I'll take a liking to reading, too.. If I gave it a try."

"Unn!" Said Milky with a nod.

"I'll look over there." Said Sayanee. She walked a bit to the right and searched th shelves for novels. While Milky looked for detective novels. She found something she liked but she can't reach it. Sayanee saw her struggling and tried to get the book for Milky but couldn't reach it, too.

"Ahh, there's a small ladder!" Said Milky after roaming her eyes around. She got the ladder and put it in place. She stepped on it... but just before getting her hands on the book, the ladder broke and caused her to fall.

Luckily, Sayanee quickly caught her in her arms. But it caused the ladder to shatter into pieces and made them stumble over the floor, making a loud noise.

"Are you hurt?" Sayanee asked concernedly while she was holding Milky on her arms.

"No, thanks to you." Said Milky while blushing.

Soon, the others ran over and checked them out.

"What happened?!" Asked the librarian.

"The ladder broke when I tried to use it to get a book. I almost fell down but Sayaka caught me."

"Are you both fine?"

The librarian and Umeda-san assisted them to stand. But it was then when Sayanee noticed the pain on her right foot. "I--It hurts. I think I got sprained."

They removed her shoe and saw the swollen foot. "Watanabe-san could you assist her to the infirmary? She needs to get treated." Suggested Umeda-san.

"I haven't used that ladder for ages. Well, no one did until now."


Later that night... After dinner.

(Mayu's POV)

I browsed few pages of the book I borrowed from the library. The faint smell of it was somehow relieving and the yellowish pages looked nostalgic. I stood up and walked out of my room to read the book in Yuki's room.

I wasn't yet inside yet my heart was beating so loud. As soon as I reached her door, I felt my heart stop. I knocked once and Yuki immediately opened it for me. It brought back my excitement and a bit of anxiety.

Yuki greeted me with her bright smile and invited me inside. She was already in her pajamas and I find it really cute. She plopped on her bed with her book on hand while I sat on the edge.

"Oh, Wuthering Heights! I've heard of that before." Commented Yuki then she showed me the book of her choice.

"The Little Prince?"

She nodded. "I've read this before. I still remember one of the best lines inside... What is essential is invisible to the eye." She smiled at me again.

"Cool. I think that one's pretty cool."

"We can exchange books after both have finished on ours."

Yuki sat up and started reading. I stared at the cover before starting to open it, revealing the first page. The smell of the book was pretty strong now. Maybe it has not been read lately. The yellowish pages are quite brittle to touch and a bit rough too. I was just starting to read it when I noticed the familiar sound of the rain trickling on the roof. I looked and noticed that, yes, it is raining.

I yawned after suddenly feeling cold. She looked at me and asked if I'm sleepy already. I shooked my head cooly and continued to read. I was getting to absorbed in reading to not notice that Yuki was already asleep on her soft mattress.

The long strands of her hair enveloped her face and formed a bizaare aesticity. I closed the book and looked closer at her.


I can hear my heart loud. For me, this is a moment to be treasured. Looking at her sleeping peacefully like this, she looks like an angel... If only this feeling could last forever.

But suddenly, Yuki opened her eyes. I was a bit shocked and so was she. She immediately blushed right after seeing me and I literary froze before.

"Uhm... A--Are you watching me?"

I guiltily looked away, she gave a light chuckle and touched my cheek. Her hand was warm.

"You're so cute, Mayu."

My heart raced after she said that. I looked at her straight to her eyes and they were gleaming. I didn't expect what she did next. Yuki closed the short distance between our lips.

Doki doki.

Doki doki.

The feeling was magical. But I cannot lose my mind now. I pulled back and smiled at her. Maybe now is the right time to confess.

"I love you, Yuki."

"I feel the same."

She cupped my cheek again and caressed it with her soft palm. Her lips were asking for another kiss but I refrained from doing so. She looked at me confusedly.

"There's something I need to tell you..."

"What is it?"

"I... I am..."

Maybe, this is the right time.

Though I highly doubt that she would want to kiss me again after this.
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