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Title: Who Am I? (KojiYuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui, and others) - Chapter 3 (UPDATE 14/4/16)
Post by: Korisu29 on April 21, 2015, 10:17:51 AM

Hello … Korisu29 desu ~  :gmon bang:
Yes, I know, I have to update my old fic, but this idea continues to bother me, so it would not hurt if I immediately wrote it. hehe
Back to my fic ... this fic is about a detective who tries to make the students to stop being a Yankee and be a good student. The story is a mixture of "Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu" and "Majisuka Gakuen".
Okay, before someone throws slipper into my head, I'd better put an end to this opening.
Happy reading ....

----- ## -----

Chapter 1

"Nyannyan, listen to me. When I go to America, you should be able to take care of yourself. Don’t late to eat, don’t go home too late, don’t wear sexy dress outside the home, and don’t ... " A short girl like a squirrel was not able to say more because the girl in front of her suddenly kissed her lips.
“I know, Yuuchan." Haruna push Yuko's body lying on the couch and Haruna on top of her.
Haruna put her head on Yuko chest to listen to the sound of her heartbeat that maybe infrequently she heard again. Yuko stroked Haruna hair gently.
A moment later Haruna raised her head and looked into Yuko eyes. Haruna stroked Yuko cheek and then pouted.
"What's wrong?" Yuko pinching Haruna cheeks.
"Nee, Yuuchan ..."
"When you study in America, do not let anyone else kissing your cheek." Haruna kissed Yuko cheek. "Your dimples is mine." Yuko smiled and nodded. "Your nose is mine." Haruna kiss Yuko nose. "Your forehead is mine." Every part of her body mentioned by Haruna, Haruna kiss it. "Your eyes,your ears, and ... your lips." Haruna wiped Yuko lips after she finished kissing her. "Especially your heart, it's mine. Tell someone who tried to come near you that your nyannyan would kill them if they tried to steal you from me."
Yuko chuckled hear how possessive this girl. Yuko did not mind it, because she knows, her nyannyan love her very much.
Yuko put Haruna hair behind her ear and then give a quick kiss on Haruna lips. "I'm yours, nyannyan. Forever."
Haruna put her head on Yuko chest again and hugged her tightly.
"After I finished college, I would come back and then propose you."
Haruna could only nod her head. She knew, if she spoke little, she would not be able to hold back her tears. It was very sad to part with someone she loved for a long time.
"I will soon find a job and raise money, then I will marry you."
Haruna was silent. "You listen to me, right?" She nodded again. Then Yuko felt something wet on her chest. Yuko raised Haruna head to look at her. "Hey, don’t cry. If nyannyan cry, I'll cry too."
"I-I do not cry, Yuuchan ..."
"Then, you named it what? Saliva?" Haruna chuckled and hit Yuko chest.
"Hey, watch out what you hit! Pervert!"
"Who is the one who pervert here, do you think I can’t feel your hands, which is above my butt, huh?"
Yuko laughed and move her hand away from Haruna butt. Now both her hands around Haruna neck and hugged her tightly. Haruna buried her face in Yuko neck. "Baka."
Then suddenly the door is open by force. Some men dressed in black entered and pulled Haruna to stay away from Yuko. Haruna fell on the floor and they bring Yuko by force.
"Let go Yuko!" Haruna trying to help Yuko but a man blocking and slapped Haruna cheek.
"Nyannyan, help me!" Yuko held out her hand to Haruna who fell on the floor.
"Yuuchan!" They took Yuko away and the instant they disappeared from Haruna view.
"Yuuchan! Yuuchan!"

Haruna woke up in a bed. Panting and sweaty forehead.
"Dreaming about your girlfriend again?" A girl dressed in a nurse standing at her bedside.
Haruna nodded. "It's already morning, quickly open your shop before all your flowers wilt." Mariko stepped out from Haruna room, a moment later she returned. "And clean up your trash!" She pointed Haruna clothes strewn on the floor.
"Tsk." Haruna lying on the bed again. She took Yuko photos who are on the table beside her bed and then held it close to her chest.
"Ah, by the way, you look like a bum."
"Shut up!" Haruna throw pillows to Mariko, but Mariko managed to close the door before it hit her.
"I'm leaving, Nyaro!"
"If you remain in the room, how can you find your Yuko? Maybe she was out there looking for you, too." And then she heard sound of the door closed.
Haruna looked at Yuko photo again. "I miss you, Yuuchan. Where are you now?"

It has been nine years since the last time Haruna see Yuko. Days where Yuko left for America. It was the last time. Although previously Yuko has promised to always reach her, but it never happened. After Yuko go, not even Yuko ever contacted Haruna, even just giving the news that she had arrived in America. Haruna also can not contact Yuko. It really makes her like crazy. Until the end, Shinoda Mariko, her best friend, willing to live with her, to make sure that Haruna would be fine.
Haruna slowly began to live a normal life. She became the owner of a flower shop in Tokyo. Not a big shop, but quite crowded buyer.

Haruna awoke from her daydreaming when her phone rang. With lazy she took her phone. "Hello?"
"NYARO !! Lift your beautiful butt out of bed!" From the other side Mariko yelling and then hung up before Haruna could talk.
"Tsk. This girl." With lazy Haruna got out of bed and go to the bathroom.

---- ## ----

At that time, she woke up in a place that is not too bright. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around her. A blond man standing next to her bed.
"Who are you?" Yuko asked while holding the pain in her body, especially on the head.
"I am your father."
"My father?"
A man in the black suit nod.
"I … I can not remember you."
"It’s okay. I'm glad you're fine. "
"Where am I?"
"This is our home. We live in America."
"So, who am I?"
"You are Lucy."
The blond man told the men who had been standing behind him to get clothes for Yuko.
"Change your clothes, father will show you some of the things that attract." Then he left the room.
"My father?" Yuko whispered to no one. Then she slowly stood up from the bed and stood in front of the mirror. "Lucy? I was Lucy? And he is my father? But he did not look like me at all."

---- ## ----

Hello again ~  :gmon sing:
Lucy is Yuko’s name on “Heart Ereki”
Yeah, Yuko hit by amnesia, and in this fic, Yuko will have several names.
Thanks for willing to read my fic ...
Sorry for bad grammar …
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
Post by: shanju on April 21, 2015, 10:50:57 AM
Awwww korisu san >,<
Your story was amazing as always
But you have to update your another fanfic too  :smhid

Iam waiting for your update  :inlove:
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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oh my god...  :luvluv1:
ur story is awsome,.. i luv it,..
what happen to yuuchan,?  :grr:
i hope u can update soon,...
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
Post by: arawche079 on April 21, 2015, 11:51:50 AM

Yuko with amnesia? What happend?

Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
Post by: ChibiRine on April 21, 2015, 01:24:42 PM
NO! NO! No! :frustrated:


I was thinking about to mix Yuko's drama and MajiGaku, but damn. You got first. :mon XD:

I will wait for more updates~ :on gay:
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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OHMAIGOD...  *Fangirls
I like where this is going but if Yuko has amnesia that means she doesnt remember her Nyan nyan .T_T
Ah. Update soon! *bows 90 degrees
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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Noooooo!!!! I hope Yuko will meet Harna

Amnesia i hope it well be cure soon

Update soon ASAP PLS
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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  :wub: :inlove:
Nicely done, well written and surely interesting~~~  :heart: :twothumbs
Im lucky that my KOJIYUU radar's brought me here  :deco: :hip smile:
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
Post by: cisda83 on April 23, 2015, 03:04:51 PM
Ah... who kidnapped Yuko?

Would Yuko remember haruna?

Would she regain her memories?

What's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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OhGosh!! you make new fic!! it's good as always!!  :mon XD:
umm ... when are you going to update "Look at Me, My Love"? (just wanted to ask  :mon sweat:)
please update soon if you have a time ...  :mon inluv:
and this fic too ... i like it!!  :mon beam:
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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nyan nyan waiting too long
so come back quickly
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
Post by: Korisu29 on May 19, 2015, 10:41:31 AM
@shanju: Thank you!! and yeah i will update my old fic soon ...  :mon angel:
@jhom_09: hihihi ... thank you, update yours too ...
@arawche079: you will see ... hehe
@ChibiRine: hehe sorry senpai...I picked it up first
@JoeYee: yeah, Yuko not remember nyannyan, but she always remember me ... haha *slap* ... *ough*
@Kirozoro: umm, yah, i will make Yuko meet you, ah no, i mean meet Haruna ... *of course!!!*
@yuuchans: wow, you have KojiYuu radar?
@cisda83: who kidnapped Yuko? I will explain it in the next chapter.
@Azusa: Thank you!! about look at me, my love ... i will update soon, before the end of this month ... (if I still have time before my hiatus)
@l3utt0sai: it seems I've read your name in other places, but it's been a long time ago ... umm ... maybe just my imagination ... hehe
to silent reader thank you!!

Well, I'll start from here (before my hiatus) and if I still have time, I will pull out all my fic that was in my laptop ...  :mon determined:
if not, then maybe some more time after I come back ...  :mon whimper:

Chapter 2

The brown long-haired girl with still a bit sleepy walking towards a flower shop located right next to her house.
She pulled out the keys out of her bag and opened the door.
One by one she took flowers to the front of her shop and arrange it. She also tidied up the flowers that are in the shop. She smiled at the flowers. When she accidentally looked at one of the flowers, her smile slowly faded. She approached sunflower in the corner of the room. She sighed and touched it. Her girlfriend, Oshima Yuko, really like this flower. She tried hard to hold back her tears.
"Excuse me." Haruna turned toward the sound came from, and a girl standing in front of the shop.
"Yes, can I help you? What flowers do you need?" She smiled and approached the girl.
"Umm ... sorry, I was not looking for flowers." Haruna tilted her head. "I'm looking for Kojima Haruna-san."
"Eh? I am Kojima Haruna. What do you need?”
"Really?" She was seen hold back her tears. "I am Jurina. Oshima Jurina. Yuko Oshima’s sister."
Without Haruna realize, she dropped the vase she was holding.
"Kojima-san? Are you alright?"
Haruna looked over and then ran toward Jurina. She hugged Jurina tightly and cried. "Ko-Kojima-san?"
"I am fine. I just feel happy." Haruna took off her arms and wiped her tear with her palm.
Jurina just nodded her head. "Oh, please come in." Haruna invited Jurina into the shop. The shop is also in the design of such houses in the rear. Because in this place Haruna also often receive guests. "Please, sit."
"Thank you." Jurina sit and look around.
Haruna back to the front and she closed the shop.
"Why do you close your shop?" Asked Jurina when viewed Haruna back into the room.
Haruna smiling. "Because today is special day." Haruna fetch a drink for Jurina. "Yuko often talked about you, and I've seen you in the photo. But at that time you were little. How old are you now?"
"I'm 17 years old."
“I …”
"NYARO!!!" Haruna has not completed what she said when suddenly she heard someone knocking on the door of her shop. "Nyaro, I know you are in here, open the door!"
Jurina was panicked to hear the sound of someone screaming outside. "It is okay. It was just my friend are a little crazy. I will open the door for a while."
Haruna walked to the door and opened it. "What are you doing in there? Why are you closing the door? You should certainly have opened this shop?"
Haruna sighed. "What are you doing outside? Why are you home? Should not you be in the hospital?"
"Tsk. You have not answered my question, and now you are asked me back. "Mariko looked into. "Is there anyone else in there?"
Haruna nodded.
"Ha?! Do you ... " Haruna flicked Mariko’s forehead. "Ittai!" Mariko stroke her forehead.
"Do not think bad. She is Yuko’s little sister."
"Yuko? Oshima Yuko? Your long-lost girlfriend?" Mariko pushed Haruna who standing in front of the door and see Jurina. Haruna just shook her head and followed Mariko from behind.
"Eh? You?" Jurina and Mariko pointed each other.
"Eh? What’s wrong? Do you guys know each other?"
"I met her this morning. She who told me about the address of your shop." Haruna glanced at Mariko. "Why did not you tell me that you are Kojima-san’s friend?"
"Mmm ... because you did not ask me." Mariko smiled and then sat next to Jurina. "Ah, Nyaro, where a drink for me?"
"Drink. I am thirsty."
"You can take it by yourself!"
"Hey, how can you behave like this in front of your prospective sister-in-law. Nee, Jurina?" Jurina just grinned.
"All right!" Haruna pouted and then went into the kitchen. "What do you want to drink?"
"Bring me some water."

Haruna back into the room and brought a glass of water. "Ah, can you give it a little sugar? Hehe."
After a while Haruna back. "Mmm ... Nyaro, can you give it a tea?"
Haruna tightened her teeth and pretend to be patient. Then she came back again. "Mmm ... in here is hot. Can you give it a little ice, Nyaro?"
"Mou, Marichan! Just tell me that you want ice tea!!"
"Hahaha." She laughed, then Haruna back to the kitchen. "Hey, what's your name?"
"Jurina. Oshima Jurina."
"My name is Mariko. Shinoda Mariko. Nice to meet you."

--- ## ---

"Bakushu-san, you should not be carelessly hit the children." A man dressed policeman approached her.
"I already gave them a warning." She said coldly. "Pursue and catch them."
"Hai!" The man went and pursue bunch of Yankee girls who tried to escape.
"Bakushu-san, I've been getting reports of Majisuka Gakuen." The girl whose height is almost same as Bakushu give some papers to her.
"Good. Tomorrow we get there."
"So, what will we do with them?" Takahashi Minami, coworkers Nagamitsu Bakushu, pointing toward some yankee lying on the ground.
"Send them all to the hospital."

--- ## ---

"You have not answered my question." Haruna put drinks on the table in front of Mariko.
"I forgot that today was my day off." Mariko laughed.
"Baka." Haruna murmured.
Suddenly they heard a noise outside. Like the sound of people running.
"What happened?" Jurina asked Haruna and Mariko.
"I will look for a moment. You stay here." Mariko stood up from the chair and out of the shop.
After a while she came back and smiled. "They again."
"Who?" Haruna asked.
"Un. Lately, the police began to crack down on the yankee because they increasingly uncontrollable. They even make mischief in the neighborhood and make people anxious." Haruna and Jurina nodding listened to Mariko. "Lately in the hospital, I treated many patients of the student’s school. The yankee. Their bodies were covered with wounds after fighting finished. I wonder, what they are looking for?"
"So what the police would do to them?" Jurina asked.
"At first the police only gave them a warning, if they remain unchanged, then the police will catch them. Not to be put in jail, but was only given guidance so that they become a ordinary student. "
Haruna sighed. "Maybe they're looking for their identity."
"Whatever their reason, it can not be justified."
"Ah, forget about it, now we have Jurina here. I do not want to discuss about the yankee." Haruna smiled at Jurina.
"Aw aw aw ... your smile sweetly. I can be affected by diabetes."
"Shut up, Marichan!"
"Umm ... Jurina ... are you come here alone?"
"Un." Jurina nodded.
"Where’s Yuko?"
"Eh?" Jurina little surprised and then laughed.
"Eh?" Haruna tilted her head.
"Kojima-san, you really like Mariko-san."
“Yeah, but I am more cute and tall.” Haruna glared at Mariko. Mariko raised her both hand. “Ok, I will shut up. Don’t look at me with that eyes. You really make me scared.”
"What do you mean?" Haruna look back to Jurina.
"How can you ask me where my sister?"
Seeing Haruna serious expression, Jurina stop laughing. "Why do you ask me about my sister? Is not she with you? I came here to meet her. Yuko-neechan said that she would return to America to college there, but she never came. My family's been looking for her in Tochigi, our house when I was in Japan, then we seek to Saitama, your house, but not meet her. I just remember that my sister ever sent a letter to the family that she has a girlfriend named Kojima Haruna. For that then I go back again to Japan to look for you. It's been nine years I have not seen my sister. She never returned to America even just once in the nine year. "
"Jurina ... please do not joke."
"You are supposed to stop joking!"
"Yuko not with me."
Jurina started to look panicked. "What do you mean?"
Haruna holding her head. "Please ... do not be kidding." Haruna’s voice started shaking.
"I'm not kidding!" Jurina stood up from her seat and sat next to Haruna. She held onto her Haruna’s shoulder. "Kojima-san! Where is my sister? She is with you, right? Tell me!"
"Jurina, stop!" Mariko pulled Jurina who shook Haruna’s shoulder.
"But ..."
"Yuko not here."
"Yuuchan ..." Haruna sobbing as she covered her face with her palms.
"Haruna also looking for a Yuko. She never returned nor apprise Haruna after leaving the airport, nine years ago." Jurina shock and make her sit.
"So ... oneechan ... disappeared ..."
"I thought you were here with Yuko." Mariko constantly rubbed Haruna's back to calm her down.
"I think oneechan reject that father sent her to college in America, so she did not come."
"Yu-Yuko ... wanted to make a surprise ... for you." Haruna spoke between her sob.
Jurina massaged her forehead, she began to feel dizzy in the head.
"Yu-Yuuchan ... Yuuchan ..." Haruna repeatedly called Yuko’s name in her sobs and Mariko tried to whisper a words to make Haruna quieter.
Haruna breath started irregular and then she passed out. "Nyaro!"

--- ## ---

"Majisuka Gakuen led by a girl named Maeda Atsuko. Under her there Itano Tomomi, Matsui Rena, Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka, Yokoyama Yui, and much more." Takamina explained to Bakushu when they are in the car for the journey to the police station. "It will be difficult for us if we go directly into the school met by yankee. Looks like we have to overcome them one by one from an angle that they do not realize." Bakushu just nodded her head. Her eyes stared out the car window. "Do you have other plans, Baku-san?"
"I'll think about it tonight." Her answer is short.
"Hmm ... Not usually this flower shop is closed." Takamina talked when they passed a flower shop. "This shop sells many beautiful flowers." Said Takamina as she approached the car window, her face so close to Yuko’s face. "Next time, let's buy a flowers here." Yuko did not answer, she just glanced at Takamina.
Realizing what she had done, Takamina back to the original sitting position. "Sorry."
“Why you should buy a flowers? Is there any your family or your friends who died?" Asked Bakushu aka Oshima Yuko.
"Heeehh, buy a flowers not only to send to family or friends who have died. We can give them to friends or family who are still alive as well. Or maybe someone we love." Takamina took off her glasses and put it in her pocket. "Do you have someone you love?" Takamina asked Bakushu with enthusiasm.
"Eh?" Takamina looks very surprised. "Baku-san?"
"Joking." Said Yuko to Takamina with cold stare, without expression on her face as if to say that she does not like to discuss things like this.
"Your joking is scary. You almost got me a heart attack." Takamina stroked her chest and facing towards the window beside her. But she could not deny that she felt the heat in her cheeks.

--- ## ---

Sorry for my bad grammar ... :mon whimper:
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okay, havent read this yet.
This is getting more and more interesting~  :hehehe:
But how come Yuko end up as a police? i mean she was kidnapped before..  :smoke: 

Alright then :note:

Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
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today i have a headache, it's really hurt
i try to update mine but i can't,
but then i saw your update,.
then i thought it's ok if i read a little, and then i can't feel anything while i read your fic, hehe
your story is interesting, i hope Nyan-nyan and Yuuchan meet soon,
so here ago again, my headache back,.
see you soon :heart: :heart: :heart:

by the way i love it

Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
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Don't tell me that it will turn into some TakaYuu.  :panic: NOOOOO! XD
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
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Ahh.. My Kojiyuu..( TДT)
So Yuko really doesn't remember about Haruna..っ╥╯﹏╰╥c
Thank you for the update.. Do try to update soon! Not to forget your first fic. :thumbsup
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
Post by: arawche079 on May 20, 2015, 01:26:06 PM

hehe nice.....

Chapter 3
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
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EH... Eh... Yuko and Takamina gave warning to the Yankee... so they are the POLICE

What's going to happen next?

Would Yuko and Haruna get together?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
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So Yuko is a pollice?!?

Jurina calm down...Nooo Nyan yan faint

Update soon
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 2
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Woaah, it's so much interesting. I'm waitin for an update Author san. U left us hanging  :bow:
Title: Re: Who Am I? (Yankee Yamete Itadakimasu) KojiYuu, Atsumina, and others - Chapter 1
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Awwww korisu san >,<
Your story was amazing as always
But you have to update your another fanfic too  :smhid

Iam waiting for your update  :inlove:
Title: Who Am I? KojiYuu, Atsumina, Wmatsui, and others - Chapter 3 (UPDATE 14/4/16)
Post by: Korisu29 on April 14, 2016, 09:13:32 AM
hello, I'm back!!  :mon beam:
sorry for too long not being here, umm ... okay .... actually I forgot my password ... hahaha ... and just this morning after I tried it several times finally ... finally ... yeah here I am!!! hihi

Chapter 3

"Marichan, tell me ... this is all just a dream, right? Yuuchan not lost, right? Yuuchan be somewhere and she's okay, right?" Haruna lying on the couch with a limp after knowing that Yuko had been missing since a few years ago. Even her family thought that she was angry because they ask Yuko to studying in America, which is why Yuko never gave the news to her family. "Marichan ... Yuuchan is okay, right?" Haruna clutching Marichan's arm who seated nearby.
"Haruna, listen to me. I think this news is not too bad. "Mariko trying to stay calm.
"What do you mean?"
"With this, we like to get a way out. Had not you just wait Yuko without any certainty? Now we already know how to move."
"Get up and wash your face. We go to the police station right now. We need their help to find Yuko."
"Yeah, Shinoda-san's right."
"Hey, Kiddo. That's my pudding!"
"Oh, sorry. Nobody prepare food for me, and this is all I get. Hihi."
"In a situation like this?" Mariko glared at Jurina.
"I can not think well if my stomach hungry. I have not eaten since last night."
"Forgive me. I will prepare a meal for you." Haruna up from the couch.
"You do not need to listen to the words of this kid, Haruna." Mariko smacked Jurina's head. "And you, apologize to Haruna on what you did before."
"Umm ... Kojima-san, I really apologize for my behavior earlier." Jurina bowed to Haruna.
"It's okay." Haruna rubbed Jurina's head. "You are not wrong. You do not need to apologize to me."
"Aww, Kojima-san. You are very kind." Jurina hugging Haruna. "From now on, I'll call you onee-chan." Jurina rubbed her cheek against Haruna. Somehow it reminds Haruna to Yuko. Yuko often do things like this to Haruna every time they meet.
"Stop it, kiddo. You can make Haruna's cheeks become thin. "Mariko pull Jurina's collar. "Haruna, quickly prepared."

---- ## ---

"Baku-san! How many times have I told you not to use violent means to deal with them? They are still a student? Can not you are looking for a better way?" Yuko scold by the head of criminal division after getting reports from the hospital about the number of victims of beatings by the police.
"They are the Yankees. We can not underestimate them. If we can not teach them with the words, I guess it's okay if we use a little violence. Did not the Yankees were accustomed to violence?"
"But if we could use a better way, why not? Try to think to look for a better idea to overcome the Yankees in our city. Especially those in Majisuka Gakuen because now they who hold the greatest power. If we can make them better. We can easily control others such as Yabakune or another Yankee.
Yuko took a deep breath. "OK. Excuse me." Yuko stood up from her seat and left the room.
“Even I have not finished talking.”

--- ## ---

"When was the last time you communicated with Oshima-san?" A police officer sits in front of a computer and ask about things that are required to look for the presence Yuko.
"9 years ago." Haruna replied softly.
"9 years ago?" The police officer looked surprised. "It's been too long. Why did not you used to report? "
Then Haruna explained about what happened.
"We will try as much as we are to look for Oshima-san. If we got the information, we will immediately notify you as soon as possible. "
"Thank you very much." Haruna, Mariko, and Jurina bowed and then out of the police station.
"I hope the police can immediately find my sister."
"Good morning, Kojima-san ... Shinoda-san." A woman came out of the car and greet Haruna and Mariko.
"Good morning, Takahashi-san."
"Good morning, police midget." Mariko raised her hand.
"Mou, Shinoda-san. Please stop it. I'm a police. I can put you in jail for contempt case."
"And I'm a nurse. I can put you in the hospital." Mariko smiled sadistically to Takamina.
"Marichan stop teasing Takahashi-san." Haruna trying to separate them.
"Ah, by the way ...what are you doing here?"
"I lost my Yuuchan."
"Your pet?" Haruna pouted and cried on Jurina's shoulder.
Mariko hit Takamina's head. "And now you make her cry. Yuuchan is her friend, you idiot!"
"Ah ... I'm sorry. I do not know about it."
Haruna, wiping her tears. "It is okay."
"You're done with it?" Haruna nodded. "Make sure that you provide full information to facilitate the police to search for your friend."
"Why are you here? Usually you are in the central office." Mariko asked Takamina.
"There was a new officer here, so I just checked it. In the past I was a detective, yes, like searching for missing people for example, but because I was not good enough so I moved on to address the criminal section of the Yankee with a senior who never showed expression whether she's happy or sad. Mmm ... maybe the officer who questioned you earlier is the new officer who replaced me." Takamina rubbed behind her neck. "Shinoda-san! Your smile like you're insulting me!"
"Looks like we have to get going." Haruna pull Mariko's arm to get away from Takamina. "Bye."
"Nee, oneechan, is not she too short to be a police?"
"Oi, I can hear you!"
"Ah, hahahaha ..." Jurina scratching her head. "I'm new here. Nice to meet you and goodbyes." Jurina waved her hand and then ran.
"Haruna-neechan, Shinoda-san, I want to walk a little around here. You please go home first. Bye."
"Jurina, wait!" Jurina turned. "If you get lost, do not forget to call me, and if your the battery phone runs out, ask to people around here the florist shop belonging to Kojima. Okay?"Jurina nodded.
--- ## ---
"Nyan Nyaaaannnn .... !!!" Yuko ran and hugged Haruna were just out of the shower still wearing a small white towel to cover herself.
"Yuuchan! Please stop it! Let me wear something first. "
"Do not want! Yuuchan miss Nyannyan!" Yuko drown her face to Haruna's neck, but after a while her face began to descend into Haruna's chest.
"Yuko!" Haruna hit her head.
Yuko pouted and show the face of pain, rubbing her head. "I miss Nyannyan and this is what I get." And she began to shed crocodile tears.
"Yuuchan, I'm sorry." Haruna hugged Yuko and rubbed her head. "I did not hit you too hard."
"But this is hurt, Nyannyan." Yuko sound childish.
"Where does it hurt?" Haruna kissing Yuko's head.
"My heart."
"Hm?" Haruna tilted her head in confusion.
"My heart is miss you so much, Nyannyan. And it hurts. One week I did not see you. I miss you so much."
Haruna chuckled look Yuko childish behavior . "It's only a week, baby." Haruna grabbed both Yuko's cheeks then gave a quick kiss on her lips. "I miss you, too."
"I could not have a day without seeing and touching Nyannyan. Yuuchan want a warm hug from Nyannyan every day. "
"Here ... here." Haruna embraced Yuko again more closely. "Feeling better?" Yuko nodded.
"Being in the Nyannyan's arms is the best place in the world. I love you, Nyannyan."
Suddenly the door opened and several men dressed in black came into the room and pulled out Yuko.
"Nyannyan! Help me!" Yuko extended her hand toward Haruna but the other man blocking Haruna.
"Yuu-chan! Do not take my Yuuchan! Yuuchan!"
"Haruna! Haruna! Wake up!"
When Haruna opened her eyes, she saw Mariko sat next to her with a worried face. "Is the same dream again?" Mariko holding Haruna's trembling hand. Haruna nodded.
Haruna looked at the clock in her room. Already seven in the evening. "Where is Jurina? Is she already back here? "Mariko shook her head. "Marichan, we must look for Jurina!" Haruna rushed out of the room and ran to the exit door. "Haruna, wait!"
When Haruna opened the door of the house, it turns out Jurina was standing at the front door. "What?" Jurina asked for seeing the face of panic Haruna?
"Jurina" Haruna hug Jurina.
"What's wrong?" Jurina asked Mariko standing behind Haruna.
"Haruna think you're missing."
"Oneechan, I'm sorry for making you worry."
Haruna nodded, "Come on in, you're eating yet, right?"
"Un." Jurina looked very excited.
"Something good happened?" Asked Mariko when they were on the dining table.
"Not just good, but wonderful ... amazing!!" Jurina smile and like she was imagining some things.
"Jurina wash your hands first." Haruna said from the kitchen.
"Ah, there's something I want to tell you all. Especially Haruna-oneechan." Jurina back to the dinner table. Now the three of them get together and eat together.
"Earlier I called my parents and informed about everything. My parents panic, but I can assure them that oneechan will be found because we had reported to the police. And to help in the search of oneechan, I will move to school here."
"Where will you stay?"
"Of course here. Nee, oneechan, I can stay here, right? "Jurina asked Haruna with her puppy eyes.
"Of course. I would be happy if you were here." Haruna smiled.
"What? Haruna, you don't need to accept all of these children said!"
"Marichan, it's will more fun."
"Hhh ... yeah, at least there someone else who watching you." Mariko took the water in front of her. "Where you going to school?"
"Majisuka Gakuen."
"WHAT?! OH MY GHOS !!! Haruna this child is really crazy! Are you know that's school? Ah, it's not a school, but a nest of Yankee! You will end up being like them, what would you say to your parents then? This is not good, do not go there!"
"Ah, Shinoda-san, thank you for worrying about me. But this is already my decision."
"I'm not worried. Absolutely not! I just do not want this house is entered by a Yankee!"
"Marichan ..."
"Haruna, do not tell me that you also approve it again!"
"You do not know fully about Majisuka Gakuen, Shinoda-san. There is still some good children there."
"Who said that?"
"Me. Want me to repeat it?" Mariko rolled her eyes.
"Jurina ... are you sure with your decision? Are you already looking for information about Majisuka Gakuen?"
"I'm sure oneechan, don't worry."
"Can you give me one reason why you want to go in there?" Haruna asked gently.
Jurina smiling like crazy and then playing her finger. "Earlier when I walk around Majisuka Gakuen, I stopped at a park. I saw a girl wearing a black jacket is sitting on a swing alone. After a moment she walked out of the park and into the school. The school was named Majisuka. You know, her calm face looks so cool and cute in the same time. Her long black hair blowing in the wind looks so beautiful. Awww ... she looks very cute oneechan and she looks like a good girl. She did not dye her hair or dressing weird."
"Duh." Mariko slapped her forehead. "Just because of love."
"Hey, there is nothing wrong with love."
"I do not want to hear a lecture about the love from a kid like you."
"Yeah, I also do not want to talk about love with a person who has never been in love."
"Jurina! Marichan! Stop or both of you sleep outside!" Haruna raising her voice.
"Yes, mam."

--- ## ---

"Where have you been all day?" Yuko asked Takamina when she into their room.
"I'm sorry, Baku-san, I just got out of the another office to check for new officer there. Is there any problem?"
"What?" Takamina sitting in a chair next to Yuko.
"The head of the criminal division did not like the way we eradicate the Yankees with violence."
"Ah, that. Did not I tell you from the beginning?"
"So you're also blame me?"
"A ... ah ... no ... no ... mmm ... yeah ..." Takamina always difficult to speak when dealing with Yuko cold attitude.
"Head of the division asked me to find another way." Takamina nodded. "And I've been planning this all day."
"Wow, it was great. So, what's the plan? "Takamina look so excited.
"We're going undercover."
"Undercover? Becomes what?"
"Disguising be a student in Majisuka Gakuen."
"Wow, this is like in the movies. So we're going undercover to get there, huh? "
"Not us. But YOU."
"I'm too old to be a high school student and my face was too familiar to them. While you are young and new here. It would not be a problem."
"Heeeeehhhhhhhh ?????"

----- ## -----

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