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Title: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 16 (Part 3) *190223*
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 01, 2015, 07:39:13 PM
New thread for mine and Sky's collabos. This time, we've done several different Super Sentai based fics, featuring AKB group! Our stars; Team K! Please enjoy~

Ver. 1
Chapter 1: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 ( Pt. 3 (
Chapter 2: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 (
Chapter 3: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 (
Chapter 4: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 (
Chapter 5: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 ( Pt. 3 (
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Chapter 8: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 (
Chapter 9 (
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Chapter 16: Pt. 1 ( Pt. 2 ( Pt. 3 (

There are two powers that balance this world. Light and Darkness. They are two powerful forces, those of good and evil. Yin and Yang.

Whenever there is a disturbance in the balance, and the evil of the Darkness grows too powerful, the Light chooses warriors of pure heart to wield its power and protect our world from this dangerous enemy.

Even now the war of these forces has yet to cease, and once again, the Light must call upon her strongest soldiers…



Yuko opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by light. She remembered this feeling, this warmth. She had felt it once, long ago…

“Yuko, it is time. The enemy has begun to move.”

“My lady… why have you called me? My power is...”

“The Gods have allowed me to grant you your power once more. You will be the one to help assemble and lead the next chosen warriors.”

“I see… thank you.”

“Now, take my hand. Let me grant you my Light.”

Yuko reached her hand up to the sky, feeling a warm hand grasp hers. She closed her eyes again as light enveloped her body.


Yuko opened her eyes again and saw she was back in her room, her hand stretched out to the sky.

“Yuko…?” she looked and saw her partner, Kana, by her side.

She slowly sat up, then felt something was different. As she put her hand down, she touched something that was lying on her bed. Something that wasn’t there before.

She looked down and saw a pendant. A white crystal with silver metal holding it, tied to a chain like a necklace.

“Is that… possibly..?”

Yuko nodded.

“Then, that means...”

“It’s time.”

Title: Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Prologue & Chapter 1 Pt. 1)
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Chapter 1 (Part 1)

As a taxi rides down the streets of Tokyo, a young girl sitting in the back seat looks out the window with a smile. She had a long ride on her way from Kyoto, and she had soon arrived at her destination. The taxi cab pulled up and she got out, paying the driver and taking her suitcase.

Not too long, she had arrived at a small restaurant. She smiled again, looking through the window and seeing one of her closest friends hard at work. She entered the restaurant, causing a small bell on the door to chime.

“Welcome,” the girl spoke, but then her eyes widened as she laid her eyes on the girl. “Ah, Yui!”

“Hey, Takamina.”

“You came back from Kyoto! Okaeri~” The short girl hugged Yui with a smile. “How have you been?”

“It’s been great. I’m applying for a university after summer break.”

“Maji de?!”


“Uwaa~ I’m getting old!” Takamina said, making the girl giggle. As she sat at the counter, the shorter girl poured some water into a glass and gave it to Yui. “But, y’know, it’s been pretty busy over here, too.”


“Yup. Only a few more months, and I’ll be overseas to work in New York.”

“Oh, that’s right. You’ll be going abroad soon.”

“Un. That’s right. I'll be taking my most famous taste known worldwide!”

“What’s gonna happen to this place while you’re not around? Without you, it won’t be the same.”

“Don’t I know it.”

After a few minutes, Takamina came back with some food.

“Here ya are,” Takamina handed her a bowl of her famous katsudon. As she watched the girl eating happily, an idea came to mind. “You know… I will need someone to take over the shop while I’m gone.”


“And, working at a family restaurant would look good on your college resume.”

“Eh?” Yui’s eyes widened. “You mean..?”

“Would you want a job here, Yui?”

“Oh my gosh, yes! That would be great! Thanks!”

“Hey, don’t mention it. You’ve got your future ahead.” Takamina grinned, leaning forward. “Play around, play around~”

“Ah! There it is! Takamina's famous one-liner!”

The two laughed and enjoyed their time together in the small restaurant, eating katsudon heartily.


Meanwhile, in Osaka, a young girl was sitting in the center of a large intersection of Namba. She had a guitar in her hands, strumming a few notes while writing a few things down in her notebook. Her lips moved as if she were speaking silently to herself.

“There you are,” a voice rose, catching her attention.


“I thought I’d find you here.” The girl sat beside the guitar player. She looked down and saw her notebook, filled with song lyrics. “I see you’re doin’ some writing as always, eh, Sayaka-chan?”

“I can’t help it. Music is my passion.”

“You’re so cool~”

Sayaka looked at her friend. “Eh?”

Miyuki took a bit of change from her pocket and set it down in Sayaka’s case. “You better make it big. I’ll be countin’ on ya.”

She smiled. “Thank you.”

Miyuki then got a text. She looked at it and smiled.

“That your boyfriend?”

“Un. He’s waiting for me at the cafe,” Miyuki hugged her friend one last time before waving goodbye. “Good luck! Jyaa~”

Sayaka waved goodbye and went back to writing, a new confidence in her.

“I’ll do it, Miyuki… I’ll make it big.”


In Nagoya, somewhere in Sakae, a young girl is doing a photoshoot for a magazine. The model, being 17, is a very bright spirit with a captivating, catlike smile.

Each outfit she wore was the very essence of a pro fashion model, from a bright pink dress, to a warm fur coat, but the model’s personal favorite was a two piece outfit, with a white and blue striped shirt, navy blue short skirt, and red heels.

“Hai, good work today, Matsui-san!”

“Arigato!” The model bowed to the staff as she was finished with her final shooting.

She went back into the dressing room and saw a bouquet of flowers, with a card on it.

“From Takayanagi Akane. Good luck at work today, Jurina-chan! -Churi”

Jurina smiled at the gift. She got changed back into her regular clothing and started checking her phone. She noticed she missed a call from her sister, Rena, and called her back.


“Hi~ Rena-chan~”

“Ah, Jurina! Where were you? I thought the photoshoot would be over an hour ago!”

“Sorry, nee-chan. It ran a bit longer than I expected. But, I promise I’ll be there tonight.”

“You better. I’ll be making curry.”

“Oh, yay~”

“You want anything specific?”

“Hm… le’ see, I feel a craving for veggies tonight, so put in some nice veggies(yasashii yasai), kay? Just sayin’.”

Rena giggled on her side of the phone. “There you go again with those old man puns.”

“Hahahaha, gotta go! Bye~”

She hung up and put her phone back in her pocket, then her manager came in.

“Alright, Matsui-san, time to go to our next job.”



“Haruppi~” The short haired girl looked back as she saw her best friend calling her name. “Let’s walk home together.”


Haruka was a student at a private all-girls’ academy in Hakata, Fukuoka. She and her best friend, Sakura, were walking home from school under the cherry blossom trees.

“It’s so pretty~”

“If only cherry blossoms could bloom forever!”

They heard a chuckle from behind. They saw their senior, and student council president, Sashihara Rino, standing behind them.


“Sakura-tan, you don’t get it.”


“Flowers, you see, they only bloom once because that’s what make them truly beautiful. It’s what makes them special.”

“Eh~? Sugoi...”

“That’s why, even after they wilt, they will still be able to grow and bloom beautifully once again.”

“I see~! Isn’t that amazing, Haruppi?”


Sasshi patted the girl’s head. “Just you two wait. You’ll both blossom beautifully.”


The older girl just smiled and started walking down the path again.

“What did she mean by that? Does she see us as flowers?”

“Who knows...”


Back in Tokyo, in a tall agency building, auditions were being held. In this group of girls auditioning was a young girl who couldn’t stop smiling, anxiously waiting for her name to be called.

“Next, number 22.”

“Hai!” The girl stood up and walked up, in front of the panel of judges. “Number 22, Kojima Mako desu!”

“Kojima-san, why do you want to become an idol?”

“Simple. I want to shine brightly! Like a star!”

The judge gave her a certain look. “Hmm…you seem a bit.. different from the image we’re looking for.”


An hour later...

Mako pouted as she sat down, outside the agency building.


“Makocchi~” She looked up and saw her two friends, Nana and Miki walking to her. “Yappo!”


“Are? You look glum.”

“Did something happen?”

“I failed the audition...”



Nana and Miki sat on each side of her.

“Maybe I really can’t do this...”

Just then, Nana held both of her shoulders and looked straight in her eyes. “Don’t worry. You can do it, Makocchi. I know you can.”

“That’s right! We believe in you!”

“Yeah, but… I’m 17 now, this is my last chance.”

“It’ll be okay. Soon, a big opportunity will come your way, and when it does, you go straight towards it.”

“You’re using big words again, Naachan,” Miki giggled.

“Don’t give up. Makocchi, you can become an idol.”

With that, the girl gained a new confidence and stood up.

“You’re right. I’m not gonna let this beat me! I’ll definitely become an idol!”

“See? That’s the spirit!”



As Mako got on the bus, saying bye to her friends, she sighed as she went through her phone.

She looked up a bit, then noticed a sign.

“Tokyo Art Museum Special Event: New Art Exhibit grand opening! Special showing of rare gems!”



In an unknown headquarters hidden in Akihabara, Tokyo, a satellite radar went off.

Yuko looked at the computers and saw ranges of powerful energy being emitted at a single point.

“I knew it...”

“Yuko!” Just then, Kana walked in.

“What is it?”

“I found something. A lead...”

She handed the shorter girl a pamphlet to an art museum.

“Tokyo Art Museum Special Event: New Art Exhibit grand opening! Special showing of rare gems!”

“Yuko...” Kana spoke as she and Yuko saw the pamphlet. “Could these be..?”

“Yes. The Prism Gems.”


To Be Continued

Title: Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Prologue & Chapter 1 Pt. 1)
Post by: kuro_black29 on May 02, 2015, 02:49:32 AM
The prism gems????...coooooooool~
Interesting update.... but why
Ur making em sisters...
And what is jurina job??

Update soon ruka san..
waiting for next~ :on gay:
Title: Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Prologue & Chapter 1 Pt. 1)
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Interesting update.... but why
Ur making em sisters...
And what is jurina job??


I just wanted to! Don't blame me! ;P

And as for Jurina's job, she is basically an idol.

Basic stuff. Model, actress, and so forth. Fitting, ne~ :3
Title: Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Prologue & Chapter 1 Pt. 1)
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Chapter 1 (Part 2)

“Hey, Yui,” Takamina walked over to her dear friend. “Look at this.”

She handed Yui a pamphlet talking about a special showing of a new Art exhibit in the Tokyo Art Museum.

“Apparently, they found these extremely rare gems and are showing them off today.”

“That’s amazing~” Yui said with a smile. “Are you going to go?”

“Nah, too busy.”

“Hmm...” Yui continued to look at it with a curiosity. “I think I may go.”

“Hee~ I didn’t know you had an interest in gemstones before.”

“I don’t know. I just feel like it’d be interesting. Intuition, I guess, y’know?”

Takamina chuckled. “Yeah.”


“My Lord...” A figure dressed in black armor walked over to a throne, kneeling down in front of a larger figure, similarly clad in black. He looked like a king or overlord.

“Yes, Lapis?”

“We found them. The Prism Gems.”

The Lord smirked, an evil smile.



Yui got off the bus and stood in front of the large art museum. She had never seen so many people gathered for such an event, and she wondered, just how special and rare these gems could be to attract such a crowd.

She paid for her pass inside and stepped into the large doorway. It was almost like she had stepped into another world.

Her eyes gleamed at the sight of the beautiful paintings that were hung on the wall and the sculptures that had stood proudly. She stared in awe, seeing such detailed artworks that seem otherworldly.

“This is amazing...” she said in awe.

“Excuse me,” a voice called. “Do you know where they’ll be showing the rare gems?”

“Uh, no. I think they’ll announce it.”

“I see… Well, I came here alone, so how bout I hang with you?”

“Okay. I’m Yokoyama Yui. You?”

“Yamamoto Sayaka.”

“Sayaka...” Yui then noticed something strapped to the girl’s back. “Is that a guitar?”

“Oh yea. I always carry ‘er with me.”

“You’re a performer.”

“If you count street performing,” she laughed.

“Kyaa! It’s Matsui Jurina!” a girl screamed.

Yui and Sayanee looked. Everyone in the museum stared in awe as Jurina walked into the building, smiling and waving at her fans.

“Who’s that?”

“I’ve heard of her, Matsui Jurina,” Sayanee said.


“Yeah. At 9 years old, she was cast as the lead to a drama way back when. That was her debut into the entertainment world. Then, when she was 11, she joined an idol group in Tokyo. But, due to certain circumstances, she left the group at 15 and moved back to Sakae. But since then, she’s come back and forth from Nagoya and Tokyo, working as a model and aspiring actress.”


“They called her a super idol. With a title like that, it’s no wonder she’s so popular.”

As Jurina came in, she took out a small pamphlet she had received from someone.

“Mr. Manager, I’m gonna check this out for a bit. Will you make some time in my schedule?”

“Uh, sure. But, will you be okay by yourself, Matsui-san?”

“Ufufu, don’t worry, I’m almost 18. I’ll be okay. Later~” she waved goodbye and went to a crowd of fans.

Mako, who had just entered, happened to notice and smiled.

“Oh my gosh!”

She quickly fixed her outfit and went over to the crowd.

“Uwaa~ Jurina looks so pretty today~” a fan said to her.

“Thanx! Oh, you’re so cute~”

“Um...” Mako walked up to Jurina. “Jurina..-san.”

“Oh, just Jurina is fine.”

She smiled widely. “Jyaa, Jurina! Can I have your autograph?”

“Of course!”

She took out her notebook and let her sign in, but then someone ran into her from behind and she fell on top of her.

“AAAAH!!!” She quickly got up, blushing. “I’m so sorry!”

“Oops...” The two looked and saw Haruppi, rubbing her butt. “Sorry. I kinda got dragged in.”

Yui and Sayaka happened to see the situation and walked over.

“You three okay?”


Then, something happened…


“That’s strange...”

“These four...”

“Something about them...”

“Makes me feel...”


At that moment…


“Attention, everyone who is planning to view the reveal of the new rare gems, please report to the Eastern Wing at this moment.”

As the majority of the crowd started leaving, the five continued to stare at each other.

Then, Jurina giggled.

“Well, this seem interesting, ufufu...” she said. “Since we’re all here, let’s watch the unveiling thing together.”

Mako smiled. “Guess that’s okay.”

“I got nothing else to do,” Haruppi said.

“Alright then! Let’s go~”

“Eh? Wait, Jurina-sa.. ah! I mean, Jurina!”

“This’ll be fun~”

As the three started leaving, only Sayaka and Yui were left. The two looked at each other.

“Looks like we have no choice,” Sayaka chuckled.

Yui did the same. “Un. Let’s go.”


Somewhere in the museum, a figure snuck in and entered one of the rooms. Inside, there was a case holding many glowing gems.

“There they are...” the figure said in amazement.

She walked towards them, admiring their how they shined from the light reflected off them. She opened up the glass case carefully.

“Even if I can’t use their power...” she said, “I’ll still protect them.”

She took the crystals one by one and placed them into a bag she had with her. She carefully placed every one inside, making sure none would shatter and break.

Then, she realized something…

“Wait… some are missing..!”

She then heard an evil laugh echo.

“Lose something, Oshima?”

Yuko glared at a figure sitting on top of a platform.

“Lapis...” she growled angrily.

“Looking for these, I presume,” he said, holding up a few of the gems. With a snap of his fingers, they all turned black.


“Geodites, come forward!”

The black gems took physical forms and turned into strange monsters.

Yuko took out her necklace with a white crystal and held it tight in her hand. She closed her eyes and chanted a few words, but when she opened her palm, nothing happened.

“No, this can’t happen..!” She held her crystal harder. “Come on! Work!”

The monsters were closer, so Yuko had no choice but to run. She took the last five necklaces and ran out of the room as the monsters charged for her.

She looked at the gems in her hand. No matter what she’d do, they weren’t working. They were just regular gemstones.

She groaned. “Fine! I don’t care if they work. I just got to get out of here!”

As Yuko ran out into the Eastern Wing, she accidentally tackled into someone, making them both fall to the ground.

“Oh, sorry. You okay?”

Yuko looked up and saw Yui and the others.

“Oh no, I need to get these five out of here before…”

“Hey, you alright, miss?” Haruppi and Mako helped her up.

“Listen you five, I don’t have time for chit-chat, I need to go, and you should come with me--”

“Woah, woah, I’m not taking orders from some weird chibi.”

“Hey, I’m not a chibi! I’m just 152 cm tall, y’know!”

“That makes you a chibi~”

Yuko pouted. “How old are you, kid?”

“Hey, I am NOT a kid!” Jurina said annoyed, but then she flipped her hair and smiled. “I’m almost a blooming 18.”

“Well, you should respect those older than you. I’m 25.”

“Eh~? So you’re a chibi AND a baba. Who knew?”


Then Yuko realized what she was doing.

Returning to the main subject, she urgently told the girls, “Wait, I don’t have time for this! We need to go now!”

“Why?” Sayaka asked.

“This place and everyone in it are in danger!”

“Danger? Danger from what?”

Before they could say anything, all the power suddenly went out.

“What the--?!”

“What happened?”

That was when Yuko noticed something. She thought she was imagining things, but the gems in her bag definitely were beginning to give a faint glow.


“Guys, I think we should get out of here,” Yui said.

“You think?!”

The six found the lobby again and saw many people had collapsed on the ground.

“Oh God...”

“Are they all..?” Before Jurina could finish her sentence, Mako and Haruka immediately covered their ears going “LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!!”

Yui and Sayaka ran up to the entrance doors and tried to open them, but to no avail. They were all shut tight as if glued in place.

“What’s going on…?”

“Hey, wait...” Yuko examined one of the people who had collapsed and saw that they were fast asleep. “They’re just sleeping...”

“Oh thank God...” Mako held her head and sighed.

“If we can’t get out, then… what do we do..?”

Yuko gripped her fists. She knew she had to get the gems out of here, but with her pendant not working, she was powerless.

“I’ll be putting these five in danger if I keep them here any longer...”

Just then, there was a large crash. The group looked and saw strange monsters approaching them.

“W-w-what is that?!”

The monsters all had different forms, but they were all black and had strange gems on multiple parts of their bodies.


“What on Earth is going on?!”

Yuko watched as the group started backing away from the group of monsters. One of them happened to eye them and slowly approached them.


“What do we do..?”

With that, Yuko made the biggest decision that will change everything.

“The five of you must fight!” she said.

The five girls looked at her in disbelief.


“Against that thing?! No way!”

“You have to. Take these,” she handed the five girls necklaces with different colored gemstones. “Use these to transform!”



“Just hold them up and say ‘Gem, energize’!”

Sayaka looked at Yui. “Should we..?”

Yui looked at the necklace, staring at the red gem as it shined in her hands.

“Let’s just try it for now...” She stood up, gripping her necklace.

The others looked at each other, then they all agreed and stood up with her.

“Let’s go!” Yui yelled as they all held the necklaces up.

“Gem, energize!”

That next moment, the gemstones shined a bright light, enveloping their bodies.

The monsters roared from the brightness of the light. From a distance, a young man in similar black attire as Lapis saw the scene unravel and cover his eyes.

“What the hell..?”

Yuko stared in awe as the girls were covered in bright colored auras of the gems.

“Now say, ‘Summon, armor’!”

“Summon, armor!”

The next second, the girls were dressed in strange clothing. They looked like outfits similar to what mages in medieval times wore, and at the same time, there was also padding on their shoulders, chest, arms, and legs that resembled armor. They looked like something out of an anime, and each had a colored streak in their hair to match the gemstones. The pendants dangled on their chests, shining brightly.

“No way!”

Sayanee reached up and felt the armor that now covers her body. “We transformed?!”

Mako looked at her outfit, surprised by what just happened. “Holy cow! How is this possible?!”

“I don’t know, but… this looks so cool~” Haruppi exclaimed. “We look like superheroes!”

“It’s not superheroes,” Yuko corrected. “You are now Prism Knights.”

“Prism Knights..?”

On the other hand, the man was not pleased to see this.

“Grr! Oshima you fool! You dare give the gems to those puny humans!? Hand them over!”

But Yuko replied, “I’m afraid that can’t be done, Topaz. Once the gems choose a host, they become part of them. Those Prism Gems belong to these five now!”

“Prism Gems..?”


“Wait, who is that?”

“Fine. Geodites, attack!” the man called Topaz commanded as the monsters all charged forward.

“Wh-what do we do?!”

“Hold out your hands and say, ‘Energy, release’!”

As the monsters came forward, Yui stepped up before anyone and held her hands out in front of her.

“Energy, release!”

Once she said that, a red aura shot out of her hands and shot brightly in front of the monsters. It was so strong, the monsters retreated to their gems.

Yuko stared in awe at the sight.

“I never thought she could master that so easily… she IS powerful.”

As it calmed down, Yui looked at her hands.


“Sugoi~” Haruppi’s eyes sparkled. “How did you do that?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Topaz gritted his teeth. “Damn… Fine, I’ll just get rid of you myself!” he said before shooting a beam of dark energy towards the girls.

However a small smirk was seen on Yuko’s face. She ran in front of the group and held her hands out.

“Release!” she said before a barrier surrounded them and protected them from the blast.


“She can use magic?”

“I think it’s time we took our leave,” she said to the girls.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

But her question came unanswered when Yuko now held out her own pendant.

“Work this time...”

She clenched it in her hands and whispered a few words. The next moment, a bright light surrounded the group. It flashed and caused Topaz to go blind for a moment.

Much to Topaz’s frustration, when his vision cleared, Yuko and the girls have vanished from sight.

“Tch! Curses! That Oshima really has some nerve…”

Lapis walked over to him and took the black gems in his hand.

“A minor setback… but next time, we shall defeat them.”

Topaz just gripped his fists. “Fine...”

Then, the two teleported out of the room.


Now as for where Yuko and the five girls had disappeared to, it just so happens that in the last minute, the thing Yuko used was a teleportation spell that came and grabbed the girls and pulled them at Mach speed through what felt like a roller coaster.

In seconds, the five girls were screaming as they were taken to who knows where at lightning speed as thousands of colored lights surrounded them.

“What’s going oooon!?!”

Finally at last they were arrived in a completely other place.

They ended up landing on solid ground, all of them now back to their normal forms and without the armor.


Jurina however was the only one who laughed and said in excitement, “Wow! That was fun!”

“Fun?” Sayanee repeated thinking that the girl from Nagoya is crazy.

“Um...where are we?”

“I’ll explain things, girls, so please stay calm,” Yuko said.

“Yuko!” But, before she could say anything, a girl ran up and approached the woman. “What happened? Did you get the Gems?”

“Yeah, I got 'em, Kana. But so did Lapis. He turned some of them into Black Gems before I could get a hold of them.”

“God, that guy is annoying!”

“Don’t worry, though. I got most of them before they were corrupted.”

“Good...” Kana then saw the group of girls, looking at the pair with wide eyes. Kana screamed and dragged Yuko to the other side of the room. “Yuko, who are they?! Why did you bring them here?!”

“Ah yeah about that...well you’re looking at the new Prism Knights,” she said sheepishly.

“Huh?! How? You gave them the gems?”

“I was sidetracked by Topaz. I had no choice, and besides…” she looked over at Yui, who held the red Gem. “They have been proven worthy by the Gems themselves.”

“Hello?” Sayanee called out to gain the two older girls’ attention, “We’re still here you know?”

The five are still left clueless and out of the loop

“After what just happened, I guess we can safely assume that you two know exactly what’s going on here?” said Yui, “What exactly were those monsters? What is the meaning behind these gems? And who exactly are you two?”

Yuko sighed. “Please, calm down. We’ll answer all of your questions.”

Yui gave a serious look. “Please do.”


To Be Continued

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Wait! No, I want more!
Ya dragging me into reading this fic author-san and now I can only roll and wait for next update.  :bow:
Title: Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Chapter 1 Pt. 2)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 19, 2015, 05:05:52 PM
I decided to make it a three parter!


Chapter 1 (Part 3)

The five girls sat down on a white couch in the headquarters. Kana brought out some snacks and let them eat as she and Yuko sat on two separate chairs in front of the group.

“Now then, please explain everything to us from the start.”

“Okay…” Yuko picked up a cup and sipped some of the tea. “For starters, me and Kana are not human.”

“Well, we are, but at the same time, we’re not like normal humans,” Kana said.

“We’re from another world, a separate dimension from this one, ruled by Lady Ange.”


“She is the queen of our realm, and she created these,” Yuko held up her pendant. “The Prism Gems. Crystals that synchronize with our aura and manipulate energy around us. With that, we can create weapons, or use magic.”

“And then there are those who use the full power of the Gems to protect the realm from monsters like you fought in the museum.”

“That’s what you all became; the Prism Knights.”

“But… why were we chosen?” Mako asked.

Yuko smiled. “That’s because you all have one thing in common. Something very special.”

“What’s that?”

“You all have pure hearts, you see the true beauty of the world.” Yuko explained. “While beauty lives in the eye of the beholder, it is because you see and understand this beauty that you are worthy souls to wield the Gems. They saw that you were worthy, and now, they have synchronized with your aura.”


“It’s an energy humans give off,” Kana said. “It’s sort of like a radiation we all produce.”

“It’s light energy, Kana, not nuclear radiation.”

“Same difference~” Kana pouted as she ate a cookie.

“Wait...” Sayanee realized something. “Does that mean, you’re a Prism Knight, too, Yuko-san?”

“I used to be,” Yuko responded, putting her necklace back on. “My magic isn’t fully restored yet… I can’t do anything. All I can do is support you five now.”

“What about Kana?”

“I lost my Prism Gem a long time ago. I can’t fight anymore...”


“Sorry you two.”

“It’s okay.”

“So, who is it we’re fighting against exactly.”

Now, Yuko had a serious look. “His name is Obsidian. He’s a corrupted being of evil.”

“Lady Ange was created by pure Light. Obsidian is her counterpart, nothing but Darkness.”

“He wanted to overthrow our realm, kill Ange, and turn all of the Prism Gems into Black Gems.”

“So, those monsters...”

“Yeah, they were Black Gems.”

“Obsidian also has an army of Black Prism knights. They side with him and the Darkness, turned on our kind.”

“So, that person we saw at the museum...”

“That was Topaz. He’s one of Obsidian’s men.”

“Who was the other person you mentioned? Um, Lapis, was it?”

“He’s Obsidian’s right hand servant.”

“This guy sounds like trouble.”

“He is.”

“He wanted to plunge our realm into an abyss of Darkness and destruction. Luckily, Lady Ange sent all the Prism Gems down to Earth before she…” Yuko went silent, covering her mouth.

“Before she what..?” Jurina asked.

Yuko covered her face, Kana hugging the shorter girl.

“What’s wrong?” the Nagoya girl asked, then Sayaka nudged her shoulder.

“Can’t you get a clue? She...” she gripped her fist. “She was killed, wasn’t she? By that Obsidian person?”

Kana nodded her head. The others just went silent. Jurina immediately felt guilty.

“Sorry...” she apologized.

“No, it’s fine,” Yuko sat up again. “Ange may have lost her physical form, but… her spirit watches over us.”

“So, she’s like a ghost?”

“Mm, I guess...”

“Anyway, with her gone now, our realm became overrun with Darkness. Only us and a few other Prism knights were able to escape to Earth before being corrupted by Obsidian. But, now that he knows we and the Prism Gems are on Earth, most likely, he’ll want to do the same with this world as he did ours; turn everyone and everything dark and ugly.”

Haruppi raised an eyebrow, making a confused expression. “Ugly, like ugly faces..?”

“No. Ugly hearts. He’ll eat away everything that is beautiful and only leave hatred. This world will be destroyed and turn into a wasteland of devastation.”

“That’s even worse!”

“That’s why we need to fight.”

Yuko took Yui’s hands.

“Yui, you are the leader of this team.”


“I know that you’re very strong. I trust you to lead this team to victory against Obsidian.”

Yui saw the serious look in her eyes and smiled.

“Thank you.” Yui hugged the short girl. “I’ll do my best. In order to stop him.”

Yuko felt her cheeks blushed as she hugged Yui back and smiled.

“So, how do we get back home?”

“Oh, we’re already in Akihabara.”


Kana walked towards a door and opened it, revealing a view of Akihabara. It was like a pocket dimension in the room.


“That’s pretty cool.”

“Just come here tomorrow so we can start training. You have to bring your Gems or the door won’t open for you.”

“Got it.”

The girls bid their farewells and exited headquarters.


“So… it seems we have some new Prism knights that have awakened.”

“Yes sir.”

Obsidian held his staff as he looked down at his servant, Lapis.

“A minor setback in our plans, sir, but,” he held out the Black Prisms he had captured. “they are still weak. We can outmatch them.”

He grinned. “Good, Lapis. You are such a good boy,” he said, reaching out his hand. Lapis kissed the back of it, showing his loyalty.

After that, he was dismissed and re-encountered Topaz in the large mansion.

“Why did you let us fall back?” he growled angrily. “I could’ve killed those girls in a heartbeat..!”

“Patience, Topaz. You let your anger get the best of you.”

“What was that?!”

“Do not fret. Those girls shall be defeated, in due time,” he said before leaving.

“Tch! They better...”


In celebration over their first won fight against the Black Prism knights, the girls all had the rest of the day to themselves. Yui had left and now it was the four of them spending time together in Akihabara.

Soon, they all became hungry and stopped at a restaurant to eat.

“Hey, girls,” Yui came in, wearing an apron.


“You work here?”



“C’mon, I’ll set you up a table.”

Now that they've noticed this restaurant, the other four girls can't help but want to come again, now knowing their newest friend was working there.

"This is good~!" Mako praised after trying out the katsudon.

Yui, who is on her work shift, watched her friends stuff themselves out with the yummy food.

She giggled. "Don't expect a discount just because I work here now," she reminded.

"Yeah yeah..." Sayanee said sarcastically.

"Seconds please!"

Yui shook her head and said to herself, "You girls sure eat a lot..."

“That’s because this is so good~”

As Yui went to fetch a refill for the customers, Takamina came over from cleaning the tables.

"You've made such interesting friends so fast after coming back here just a few days ago," the owner remarked.

Yui chuckled. “I know.”

She looked over at her friends, then looked at her necklace. She had just become part of something big, and even after all that seriousness they experienced, they were still able to have fun and smile.

“Hey, what’s that?” Takamina asked, pointing out the necklace.

“Oh, uh, we all bought them together. They’re.. friendship necklaces!”

“Wow~ that sure is nice.”

Yui smiled and looked over at her friends. Takamina grinned and handed Yui a glass.

“Why don’t you take a break for today?” she said with a smile.


“Yeah, go hang out with your friends. I’ll make you some katsudon.”

Yui accepted her offer and took off her apron before going over and sitting with her friends. They sat and talked about everything, all night as they ate.

She knew she had made true friends, and she was excited, and nervous, about what was going to happen to them next.


To Be Continued

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Chapter 2 (Part 1)

One day, while Yui was working with Takamina at her restaurant, the two happened to notice a lot of people gathered at a new place which had recently opened.

“That restaurant seems pretty popular,” Takamina said as the two looked over at the large crowd gathering at the restaurant.

“Will you be alright? With that sort of competition, they may shut you down.”

Takamina then grinned. “Don’t worry. This restaurant has been around for a long time. I’m not going anywhere.”

Yui smiled. “Good.”

The bell then rang as the door opened and four girls entered.



“Welcome back girls,” Takamina said. “I suppose we’ll be having the usual.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As the girl went to get the food, Yui approached her friends.

“So, Yuihan, looks like you’re doing well over here.”

“I am,” she said with a giggle.

“This place is nice, I can expect you love working here.”

“Yeah! I would love working at such a neat place like this!”

Now Takamina couldn’t help but overhear part of their conversation for a while. Because then it was here that she decided to throw out a suggestion.

"Well then in that case, would all of you girls like to apply to work here?"

The five all looked at the restaurant owner


“Is that really alright?!”

“I could use the extra help around here. How does that sound?”

Yui took a moment to think about it. The more she thought, it might not be such a bad idea. At this way, the five can easily meet up in case of an emergency.

“Actually...” Jurina spoke up, “That may be impossible for me.”

“Eh?” said the other girls.

Jurina continued, “Because… I’ll be so busy with my work as a model.”

“Ah, I see. Being an idol must be tough,” said Takamina.

“Hmm… I think it’ll be tough for me, too,” Sayaka said. “Going back and forth from Osaka and Tokyo...”

“Same here,” Haruppi said. “Plus, I’m still in school.”

Yui turned to the last member who still hasn’t answered yet. “Mako?”

Mako smiled. “It’s okay with me! I live in Tokyo, so I won’t have to worry about travel, and plus, working at an awesome place like this will look good on my idol resume,” she reassured.

“That’s great!”

Hearing their answers, Takamina then said, “Tell me what you’re good at.”

“I have confidence in my cooking skills.”

“How’d you like to start tomorrow? Show me what you can whip up.”

“Yes ma’am!”


Meanwhile, Lapis was looking over a crystal orb which showed the people at the restaurant. He grinned.

“Looks like progress is going well.”

Lapis held one of the Black Gems in his hands.

“With these Black Gems, we’ll suck up all the energy from those foolish humans. Then, when the Prism knights come to stop us, we’ll defeat them when they’re at their weakest. That’s when we’ll take their Prism Gems and Lord Obsidian will become invincible.”

Topaz happened to be overhearing and stepped in. “How was Ange even able to recruit a new team, anyways? We should’ve gotten rid of her troops.”

“No, at least one of them survived.”


“Oshima Yuko. To think she could hide from us and get away with it. She is as clever as I remember.”

Topaz’s eyes went ablaze with anger, turning bright orange. He pounded his fist on the wall as some of his red hair hid over his eyes.

“Enough talk. I’d actually like to see just what these girls are.”

Lapis grinned, pulling back some of his white hair. “Okay,” he turned to his ally. “Go and take them on. I bet Lord Obsidian would be proud if you came back with all five of their Gems.”

Topaz scowled. “I will.”


To Be Continued

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Chapter 2 (Part 2)

The next day, the group arrived at the restaurant and saw it was completely empty. Takamina was still working as normal, though, cleaning the counter.


“Looks like that place is better than I thought,” she said.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m not losing to that place just yet.”

The puzzled girls gave an “Eh?”

Takamina pointed over to across the room. Sitting at one of the tables, eating a croquette, was a young boy who looked almost 12.

“I still have one loyal customer,” said the owner.

Yui smiled widely at the sight of the boy. “Kouichi!”

Kouichi looked up and smiled when he saw Yui. “Yui-nee-chan!” he greeted.

“How are you? I didn’t see you yesterday.”

“Gomen, nee-chan. I had soccer practice, we’re having a big game this weekend.”

“Oh, I see. I’ll definitely have to come then!”

Jurina turned her head to the short woman, “This boy always comes here?”

“Yup. He came once, and said after eating and talking with Yui, this place was his favorite restaurant. Ever since, he would always come to be with Yui and eat with her.”

“That kid must be in love with her,” Haruppi giggled.

“Wait,” Yui suddenly asked. “Where are your parents?”

“My mom had to look after dad. He ate at that new fancy place and got sick,” he said pointing to the restaurant he’s referring to.

This brought some puzzlement to Yui.

“Wait… but, that place is so popular.”

“Now that I mention it, there have been news reports of mass food poisoning going on,” Takamina mentioned.

“What? Mass food poisoning?”

“Yeah, but it seems no one has been investigating… that’s too bad, though,” the woman frowned. She then slung the towel over her shoulder and announced, “I’m gonna go on my lunch break.”

As Takamina left, the group huddled together to have a private discussion.

“So all these people are getting sick from food poisoning. Why is no one looking into it?” Sayaka began the conversation.

“Yeah, you’d think with something like this, they’d check into it,” Mako mentioned.

“It’s gotta be that restaurant,” Yui said, “People have been going nuts ever since that place opened up! That has to be it!”

“But that place is supposed to have really good quality food,” Jurina stated.

“Takamina told me herself, no matter how fancy or how popular, bad food ruins the business.”

“But, how could that be? Even my friends from school said the food was delicious,” Haruka asked.

They pondered the idea, and then Sayaka said, “It must be one of Obsidian’s men. They probably did something that’s making people crave it so they’ll eat more and get even sicker.”

“That would make sense,” Jurina agreed.

“Well, if it is, we need to figure out a way to get everyone out. That’ll buy us time to find them and stop them.”


They broke the huddle and Yui approached Kouichi again. She patted his head and said, “Stay here.”

He only nodded and continued eating.

“Takamina, I’m heading out a bit!” Yui said before she and the others left.

Takamina looked up from her bento, seeing the door close. She shrugged and went back to eating.


Inside the restaurant, the customers were eating all the food that was brought onto their plates. Each spoonful that went down was filled with an addicting taste that made them beg for more.

However, all of them were eating countless amounts, and all of them seemed completely mindless. As if they were animals in the wild gorging down on their prey, their feast. They all felt their stomachs were bottomless, and with each bite, they wanted more.

Topaz watched from the shadows, chuckling under his breath.

“That’s good. Eat more,” he said with pleasure, “All the food here is filled with the nectar of Obsidian’s cursed black lilies. Once it enters their system, they become addicted to it and want more, then it sucks all their energy away and leaves them as empty shells. Soon they will all become mindless slaves to Lord Obsidian.”

Outside the restaurant, Yui and the others arrived at the front doors. Yui pulled up her sleeve and revealed a wrist watch. It was a watch that Yuko had given her and the other four to communicate with her and Kana while they were at the base. She pushed a button on the watch and a hologram of Yuko appeared.

Yui spoke, “Yuko-san, one of Obsidian’s men has invaded this restaurant. People have been getting sick because of it.”

“Hmm, indeed, we’ve been picking up a lot of negative energy since that place opened up. That has to be the explanation.”

“We need to stop him.”

“Right, but first, get everyone out of there. Then, find whoevers causing this.”

“Got it.” She pushed the button again and the call ended. She turned to her allies. “Let’s transform!”

This made Jurina react with surprise. “Eh?! Right here?!” she said, concerned of course the fact that someone might see them transform and their identities will be exposed.

“Don’t worry, I already checked, and no one’s watching. Let’s do it!”


They all raised their Prism Gems in the air, causing them to glow in unison.

“Gems, energize!”

The light wrapped around them and at their command, the armor appeared on their bodies, just like before. Yui then approached the entrance door and swung it open.

“Everyone, stop eating! This restaurant’s food is dangerous towards your health!”

Topaz saw the group and sneered. “Them again...”

Sayanee started proceeding to help some of the customers who haven’t completely succumbed to the spell escape. The others however were more difficult and wouldn’t budge.

“What do we do? We can’t move them!”

“Then we’re gonna have to take this fight elsewhere,” Yui proposed.

And to do that, Yui focused the energy in her Gem to find Topaz. She concentrated as she held the pendant, then focused on finding where he was hiding. She felt a strong energy behind one of the pillars and saw a figure in her mind.

She opened her eyes, “Here!” She pointed at the pillar.

The next second, Topaz stepped out. “You found me. So, you five are Ange’s new knights.”

Yui grinned.

“The fire burning with passion; Ruby Red warrior!” she then said before posing.

He gave me a confused look. “Haa?”

“The cool and calm ocean waves; Sapphire Blue warrior!” Sayanee posed.

“The wild and free-blowing winds; Emerald Green warrior!” Jurina posed.

“The shining sun of happiness; Amber Yellow warrior!” Mako posed.

“The prosperous blooming flower; Quartz Pink warrior!” Haruppi posed.

“We are the Rainbow Prism knights!” All five then said in unison.

Yui pointed at Topaz again. “We’ll vanquish your darkness with our light!”

From the base, Yuko and Kana watched the scene from the base and saw the group posing.

“Oh sugoi!” Kana remarked, “It’s just like the old times!”

“How did they even come up with that?”

“They look like Super Sentai! I heard that series is pretty popular here, so I looked it up. They fight monsters just like we do! Don’t you think they’re like that?! Nee, Yuko~”

“Baka, I dunno anything about your Sentai-whatever thing!”

Kana then stopped. “Ah, they started fighting.”


The five charged towards their opponent and teleported him with them outside the restaurant.

“Damn!” He jumped into the air and summoned Geodites. “Attack!”

“Summon, weapons!” Yui, Sayaka, and Jurina all called out their weapons. From their Gems emerged three different weapons. A red sword, two blue hand blades, and a green spear.

The three charged forward and attacked the Geodites.

But while those three were at it, Mako was a bit reluctant and scared, not really having any experience at all with combat.


When Topaz was about to hit her, she panicked and ducked, covering her head.


“Be careful of your surroundings, Mako!” Sayanee advised.

“H-hai! Gomen!” Mako quickly apologized. “Um, summon, weapon!”

From Mako’s yellow Gem appeared a yellow war hammer. She had a bit of difficulty lifting it, but then swung it and hit one of the Geodites, causing it to poof back into its Prism Gem.

“I got it!”

“My turn! Summon, weapon!” Haruppi held her hand out and from both her hands appeared two guns with pink cherry blossom symbols on it. She shot at the Geodites as they came at her.

Topaz gritted his teeth. “How are they so strong?!”

“Girls, now!” Yuko spoke through their Gems.


Sayaka, Jurina, Mako, and Haruka’s weapons all changed into orbs of light and were absorbed into Yui’s sword making it stronger.

A much larger Geodite approached and she combatted with one swing. In that slash, the beast was cut and poofed into its Gem form.

“We did it!”

“Yui, that was awesome!”

Topaz gripped his fist.

“This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us, Prism Knights,” he spoke.

“Us?” Mako asked.

“You’re still small. We have a much larger army. In the end, it will be us who’ll prevail. And Lord Obsidian will rise again.”

And with that, he vanished.

The dark energy surrounding the restaurant disappeared and everyone who was affected by the Black Gem’s power returned to normal.

“So… now what?”


“You fool, Topaz!” Obsidian boomed. “How could you have not defeated them?!”

“I’m sorry, my Lord! They are much stronger than we anticipated.”

“Do not fail me next time! We must retrieve their Gems!”

“I understand.” Topaz bowed his head before leaving. He gave an angered expression as he left the room, one only Lapis saw.

“Lord Obsidian,” Lapis then spoke. “I shall take care of them next time. You’ll see.”

“Very good, Lapis. I can always count on you, my most faithful servant.”


Later that day….

Since they solved the mystery behind the food poisoning, there were a lot more customers coming to Takamina’s restaurant. Business was booming. So much that you could’ve considered it at five-star level.

“Excuse me? Can I have a refill on water?” a customer called out.

“Hai coming right up!”

The one who responded to the customer’s call was actually Sayanee, wearing an apron given to her by Takamina.

As it turns out, the other four girls have decided to take Takamina’s offer and began working at the restaurant to help with their new blooming business.

Jurina called out from inside the kitchen, “Order up!”

She worked as an extra hand in the kitchen with Takamina, preparing the food for the customers.

“Jurina-san you’re pretty good in the kitchen,” Haruppi couldn’t help but remark.

“I may be working as a model, but I have learned cooking before that,” said Jurina.

Speaking of Haruppi, she was now working as a waitress taking people’s orders, wearing a cute waitress outfit and apron similar to Sayaka’s.

“Yui, here you go!” Haruppi handed her senpai one of the food trays and they carried them out to their awaiting customers.

Alongside Jurina, the other Tokyo local, Mako, was working in the kitchen preparing food. Jurina happened to taste some of the curry.

“This is good, Mako-chan!”

“Thanks! It’s my mom’s recipe!”

Jurina giggled. “You’ll make a good wife~”


Yui smiled as she saw how well business was going, especially now that she had her best friends working by her side.

“This is nice. I hope we can have this happiness stay.”


To Be Continued

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Chapter 3 (Part 1)

“Achoo!” Sayanee sneezed out loud. “God, why is there so much dust in here?!”

“We haven’t used this base for three years. It only just activated after it picked up the energy waves of the Prism Gems,” Yuko said.

Jurina made a disgusted face at the dust. “So that’s why…”

Yui and Haruppi were both dusting off a bookshelf. Haruppi looked at one of them and blew off the cover. She saw a symbol which looked similar to their Gems.

“Yuko-san, what’s this book?”

“Oh, I think that talks about Prism history.”

“Ooh~” Haruppi opened it up and looked through the pages.

Meanwhile, Mako was cleaning up a table when she happened upon a certain object...

“Hey,” Mako picked up a picture frame, “Guys, look at this!”

“What?” They all gathered and saw the photo.

In it, was Yuko, but a bit younger, along with Kana. There were also more girls with them, all wearing similar outfits as them. There was also a young man with black hair and a white uniform they didn’t recognize.

“Hey, Yuko, is this you when you were a Prism Knight?”

Yuko and Kana both walked up, looking at the photo.

“Ah~ how nostalgic!”

“Yup. This was about 3 years ago, before me and the others used our powers to seal Obsidian.”

“Although, I wasn’t a warrior,” Kana said. “I was just a trainee, so now I work as an advisor for Lady Ange-sama.”

“Wow, you all look so young!” Jurina couldn’t help but remark.

“Oh, stop~” Kana giggled.

Yui then decided to ask about the rest that are in the picture that she doesn’t know. “Who are the others?”

“They were also warriors who protected Lady Ange alongside me. There’s Yuka, she was from Osaka working at a takoyaki shop. She wanted to become a singer, but when she gave up her powers, she ended up losing her life.”

“Then, there’s Ume-chan. She left and moved to Fukuoka to DJ a radio show. Tomo~mi, she lost her powers and left to pursue her dream as an idol. Natsumin and Erepyon, both ended up losing their memories...”

“Who are they?” Sayanee pointed at two tall girls in the back. One had a very exotic face and long dark hair, the other had shorter hair and looked very boyish. The boyish girl was hugging the other, and the two were holding hands.

“That’s Sayaka and Sae. Those two were the strongest pair in our group. The two were powerful on their own, maybe more than me, but together, they were truly unstoppable.”

“Are they…?” Yui started to ask, but Yuko put the photo down.

“They disappeared 3 years ago… neither of us were able to find their Prism Gems. We finally gave up searching and considered they had died.”

“That’s terrible...”

Yuko pounded her fist on the table.

“Obsidian did this...” she gritted her teeth, trying to fight her tears. “Because of him… Lady Ange…. Sayaka… Sae….”

The girl’s voice started to crack. She was crying, even though she wouldn’t show her face, the girls knew tears were flowing down. Kana hugged the shorter girl, giving the five a look that asked them to be alone.

They simply nodded and left the room.

“Things suddenly got intense...” Haruppi said, holding her arms.

“Yeah...” Mako agreed.

“Maybe we were wrong to ask her about them…”

“No,” Yui responded.


“I understand what Yuko is feeling. She was very close with those girls, I could tell. I would feel heartbroken, too, if I lost everyone dear to me.”


“Wait, we forgot to ask who the guy was!” Haruppi realized.

“Oh yeah...”

“We’ll ask them when they’ve calmed down. They’re probably still hung up on everything in the past…”


“Lapis…” Topaz glared at the white haired male as he looked into a crystal mirror, reflecting the girl’s in the base. “What exactly are you planning?”

“Oh, a plan that will surely not fail.”

He sneered.

“You see, Topaz, the Prism Gems they hold are some of the most powerful that exist. Ones that hold potential to unleash great amounts of energy. If we can turn them into Black Gems, Obsidian will become invincible.”

“I still don’t trust you…” Topaz said. “Ever since you arrived, I never have.”

He left and Lapis simply chuckled.

“Oh, Topaz… he truly doesn’t know what I am capable of.”


Yuko looked through all the screens in the computer system of the base. Everything seemed to have been functioning probably even though it hasn’t been touched for several years.

“Looks like we’re officially back in business.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

“There’s one important mission for you girls right now,” Yuko started. “Those Black Gems, we have to contain them here so they don’t become more corrupt.”

“We’re gonna use our technology to revert them back to normal,” Kana mentioned.

“You can do that?”

“Well, for some.”

“Not all…”

"It's a learning process. If some become too corrupted, there's a risk of them being unable to revert back to normal Prism Gems and go berserk. Before that happens, we crush them. Unlike--"

That was when an alarm went off. They saw a figure appear on the screen, looking at them.


Lapis smiled evilly. “Hello, Yuko. It’s been some time.”

“Eh? Yuko-san, you know Lapis?” Mako asked.

Yuko gave Lapis an angered look.

“Why do you keep doing this?”

“We have to keep things here moving. In order to succeed--”

“That won’t happen! How many times have I told you, you won’t succeed!”

Lapis glared at the girls through the screen.

“You fools never learn do you. No matter how bright your precious Light is, it will all be swallowed up by the Darkness.”

“How can you say that?!”

“I learned a long time ago, that true power lies within the Darkness. That’s why I am loyal to Lord Obsidian only!”

“You betrayed us, Yukito!!!”

That’s when Yui saw it. She looked at Lapis again, and she saw the resemblance. His hair, even though white, his outfit, even though black, and his eyes, even though dark… she saw it all.

“Lapis is… Yukito..? He’s the guy in the photo...”

“Leave!” Yuko screamed in anger. “Just leave us alone and never come back!”

She ran off, running into her room.


“Oh, well… Anyway, before I go, here’s a present for you girls.” He snapped his fingers and the screen went to static.

Another alarm went off and waves of dark energy came in.

“Black Prisms!”

“We need to go!”


To Be Continued

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Chapter 3 (Part 2)

The girls transformed and were teleported to the scene. They saw the Geodites wreaking havoc in the middle of the streets.

“Let’s go!”

They summoned their weapons and started to fight. However, they found more difficulty in defeating the monsters as they were stronger and more fierce than before.

“What’s with these things?! They’ve grown more powerful since the last time!”

Jurina then happened to notice a gemstone that looked sort of like their Prism Gems, but it was distorted and had a different shape. Like it was mutated. They weren’t like the last monsters’, which were simply Prism Gems that were tainted black.

She pushed it back with all the strength she had, but struggled to keep it steady.

“Hey, a little help, somebody!”

Mako summoned her war hammer and swung it hard, hitting the creature and defeating it. It poofed into its Gem form and revealed a very distorted shape gemstone.

Mako spoke through her communicator. “Kana-san, this Black Gem isn’t like the others.”

“It must be too corrupted. Point the wristwatch to the Gem.”

The girl nodded and pointed the yellow watch to the Gem. A beam shone over it and it disappeared.

“I sent it here so it could be contained, that way it won’t corrupt any further.”

“Okay. Everyone,” she called out to her teammates. “These guys are gonna be harder to defeat, but after we subdue them, we need to send them back to base to be contained.”

“Alright!” Yui raised her sword. “No one hold back!”


When the battle was over, the five helped Kana place all the corrupted Gems in glass containers.

“That should keep them from regenerating.”

Yui and the others all sat down, breathing heavily from the last battle.

“What is this..?” Sayanee couldn’t help but ask in between pants, “I felt a little tired before when we fought, but… now I’m exhausted.”

“The Prism Gems level up your stamina so you can fight, so when you transform back to normal it may take longer for you to regain that energy.”

“Is this how you guys felt when you fought Obsidian..?” Haruppi breathed out.

“No, we were in WAY worse condition. I was passed out for three days after that battle.”

The five groaned.

“Don’t worry. With some training, you girls will be able to strengthen your stamina so you won’t feel as tired,” Kana reassured.

Jurina then remembered something.

“Oh yeah… when Lapis appeared on the screen, I saw a black crystal on his chest that looked like ours.”

“Ah, you’re right,” Mako agreed. “And Yuko-san called him Yukito…”

“Kana-san, what does this mean?” Haruppi asked.

This was when Kana gave a sad expression and sat down along with them.

“The truth is, Lapis… no, Yukito used to be on our side.”


“He was an advisor for Lady Ange and was like a mentor for our team. He and Yuko were extremely close and I think Yuko was even in love with him.”


“That’s why she reacted that way.”

“But… what happened?”

“Yukito ended up making a deal with Obsidian, that in exchange of ultimate power, he would become loyal to Obsidian only. He sold his own humanity to serve him, and his Gem was tainted black.”

“That’s why… Yuko-san said that...”

“You betrayed us, Yukito!!!”

“Yuko couldn’t handle his betrayal… and on top of that, after Sayaka and Sae disappeared, she was worse than ever. Even I can’t do anything…”

She looked over at a door. The name “Yuko” was on it.

“I just hope… she’ll be alright.”

Yui got up and started walking towards the door.


“It sucks being alone… one of us needs to be there for Yuko-san. I will.”

She looked at her teammates. She knew just by the look in their eyes they agreed. She turned back and opened the door, walking into the dim-lighted bedroom. She saw Yuko’s back facing her as she was crawled into a ball, sitting up against the wall on the floor.

“Yuko...” Yui walked up to the girl. “Kana-san told us everything… I’m so sorry.”

Yuko didn’t speak; she didn’t even look at Yui.

“Yukito… you liked him, didn’t you? That’s why you were so upset when he betrayed you… I really am sorry.”

No response came, and Yui sighed out. The atmosphere was tense and silent.

“Do you wanna be alone?” she finally asked.

Yuko shook her head. “No...” Her voice cracked.

Yui knelt down and hugged Yuko, letting her cry softly into her chest. She hadn’t seen Yuko in such a weak state before, even though she always seemed strong.

“It hurts, doesn’t it..?”

Yuko nodded.

“I’ve been alone for so long… all alone… I don’t want to lose anyone else..! I don’t want to be alone anymore! I…!”

“Yuko...” Yui parted from her and looked in her eyes. “You’re not alone.”


“You still have Kana-san with you. And now you have the five of us. You don’t need to worry about losing us. We’re gonna become stronger and beat Obsidian together. We’ll always stay by your side.”

Yuko smiled as she cried more, wiping away some of her tears.

“Thank you, Yui...” Yuko said.

They hugged again and Yui patted the shorter woman’s head.

“You don’t have to be alone anymore.”


To Be Continued


Next chapter will be the start of character focus chapters, highlighting on one of the five main! Hope you'll look forward to it! :D
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Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Ever since becoming a Prism knight, Mako had to live on her normal life while bearing a huge secret. One she could never tell her two best friends.

“Your little brother is really nice, Miki. You shouldn’t boss him around like that.”

“Oh, quiet, Nana!”

“I mean it, you need to be a better big sister to him.”

“Mou~ Mako-chan, tell Nana I--”

When they saw the gloomy look on Mako’s face, they became worried.

“What’s wrong, Makocchi?”


“Hey, don’t be shy. You can tell us anything, Mako-chan. What’s on your mind?”

“Guys...” Mako started backing away from her two friends. “I want to tell you, but...”


“But.. I can’t!”

She started running away. Even when her friends called to her, she didn’t look back.

Mako ran until she was all alone. She sat down on her knees and started crying.

She cried by herself, knowing she could never be able to tell her friends everything. The thought of putting them in danger was breaking her heart, because she wanted to let everything out

Then, as she was silently sobbing, someone walked up to her.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Mako looked up and saw a young girl standing in front of her, looking at her with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Mako wiped her tears away. “It’s nothing… just a lot’s happened.”

“What’s your name?”

“Kojima Mako… and you?”

“Owada Nana.” Nana smiled. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Mako looked at her Prism Gem, thinking through everything. She couldn’t tell anyone about what she was doing…

But… if the others never found out, and if Nana kept it secret, perhaps it would be okay.

“Well, alright… But, I need you to promise you won’t tell anyone. It’s extremely important.”

Mako held out her pinky. Nana nodded and intertwined her pinky with hers.


“Where’s Mako-chan?” Haruppi asked as the four were waiting at the base.

“I don’t know…” Jurina sighed.

“She should’ve been here earlier.” Sayanee paced around the room.

“Maybe she’s doing after school activities,” Haruppi then suggested.

“No. She’s not in the school,” Yuko then brought up. “Look.”

The group saw a blinking yellow dot on the screen.

“That’s Mako-chan?”

“Yeah. Using this, we can track where you all are just in case you get into danger. Right now, Mako’s off the school grounds. She’s--”

But before she could finish, the screen glitched slightly.

“Dang it! Come on!” Yuko pounded the screen a bit, trying to clear up the disruption. “Not again!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I dunno… It’s been happening ever since we got it start up. I wonder if it’s cuz we haven’t used it in a while.”

Kana banged on the monitor and it went clear again.

“Yes!” She smiled, but then she thought she saw something on the screen. It was only for a moment, but it was gone.

“We’ll need to fix that later. For now, you guys go find Mako.”



The four started tracking Mako’s communicator through a small computer given to them by Yuko. When they got close to Mako, it would sound off.

“She has to be around here somewhere…” Sayanee pointed the device in each direction, then headed north. “This way.”

They started walking until they reached a certain café. They saw Mako sitting with a girl they didn’t recognize, talking about something.

“Can you hear them?” Jurina asked Sayanee.

“No. Hold on...” She turned a few knobs on the tracker, making static sound off. “Since there are mics in our communicators, maybe I can hack in and listen on their conversation.”

Just then, the static cleared and they could hear voices…

“So then, me and the others transformed into knights, using these.”


“They’re Prism Gems. We use them to fight Obsidian and his army.”

Their eyes all widened.

“She’s telling her about our Prism Gems!” Haruppi softly exclaimed.

Jurina covered her mouth as Sayanee and Yui formed concerned expressions.

“You gotta promise you won’t tell anyone. If Obsidian tries to get you, I would never forgive myself.”

“Don’t worry, Mako-chan. I won’t tell a living soul.”

“I can’t believe this…”



To Be Continued

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Chapter 4 (Part 2)

“She did WHAT?!” Yuko and Kana harmonized after Sayanee told them what had happened.

“It’s true. She told her everything.”

“Is she crazy?!” Kana panicked.

“Why would she just TELL someone?!”

“But they promised they wouldn’t tell anyone. Mako-chan must really trust her.”

Yuko gained a serious look. “Even so… we can’t risk it.”

“What are you gonna do?”

“What I have to,” Yuko took out her Prism Gem. “I’m going to use my powers to erase her memory. That way, she won’t remember Mako telling her about us and she won’t be at risk of being attacked by Obsidian.”

“And Mako?”

“She’ll more than likely have consequences for her actions.”


“Wow… that sounds like a lot to handle,” Nana said as she looked at Mako’s stone.

“Naanya, I want to know I can trust you with this secret,” Mako took out her phone. “I’ll give you my contacts so we can always talk to each other when we need to.”


However, as they were doing this, an alarm suddenly sounded from Mako’s Gem.

“Why is it doing that? Is it supposed to do that?!”

“It means Obsidian’s minions are attacking.”

And just as she said that, there was a scream. A Geodite was attacking people on the streets, running wild.

“Today’s just another one of those days… Cover me!” Mako said as she hid behind Naanya where no one could see her. “Amber Gem, energize!”

She transformed and summoned her weapon.

“Stay here,” she told Naanya as she went to the scene and fought the monster.

As she was doing this, Yuko and Yui saw what was happening and saw Naanya watching from afar, praying for Mako’s safety.

“That’s her?”


Yuko walked up and tapped Naanya’s shoulder.

“Owada Nana-san, correct?”

“Uh, yes. Who are you?”

“I’m Yuko. I--”

“Oh, you’re Yuko! Mako-chan told me about you!” Naanya smiled. “Is it true you can use magic with your gemstone?”

“I’m sorry, Owada-san, but now that you know who Mako really is, I have to erase your memory.”


“Forgive me… but, it’s a rule. No one must know about us...”

“You mean… just because Mako said all the stuff about Prism Gems, Obsidian, and being a knight that fights bad guys, you have to make me forget?”

“It’s for your own safety.”

“Wait,” Naanya tried to reason. “I can keep it a secret, I promise. Please.”

“I’m sorry, we have no choice...”

“Please, Yuko-san. I just want to be friends with Mako!”

Nevertheless, Yuko can only think of the safety of those outside the team. She looked over at Mako, who had defeated the monster and held the Black Gem in her hand.

“Mako… I’m sorry.”

Yuko placed her Prism Gem on Naanya’s forehead. It started to glow as white energy was being taken from Naanya’s head…

Or, that’s what you’d be expecting.

“Hm?” Yuko looked at her crystal in confusion, “What..? Why is it not..?”

Yui saw that Yuko was struggling and stepped out.

“Owada-san,” she spoke to Naanya. “It’s nice to meet you. Um, so Mako told you everything about us?”

“Yes. But, I promised her that I would keep it secret. So, could you please tell Yuko-san I--”

“Crap! It’s still not working!” Yuko then yelled.


Yuko looked at the two and sighed.

“The truth is… in order to seal away Lord Obsidian for good, I had to use up a good majority of my magic. My Prism Gem still hasn’t fully charged from that moment. And, until it reaches full power, I can’t do anything. I can’t even transform into my warrior form.”

“Does that mean… you can’t erase Owada-san’s memory?”

“No...” Yuko looked at the girl again. “Since this is happened, I’ll give you a chance. But, you have to absolutely, ABSOLUTELY promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t! I swear I won’t! Promise!”

Yuko looked at Yui, who nodded. She then gave a smile and looked at Naanya.

“Alright… if it means that much to you and Mako… then I’ll allow it.”

Right around this time, Mako was starting to come back, so Yuko and Yui quickly hid, saying bye to Naanya.

“Hey, you okay?” Mako said as she transformed back into her normal clothes.

“Yeah, that was amazing. Did you get hurt?”

“Nah. Those things? Nothing I can’t handle.”

“You’re so awesome,” Naanya giggled. “I’m glad I met you.”

“Me too. It’s nice to finally have someone else know the truth.”

As the two walked down the street together smiling, Yuko and Yui sighed in relief.

"Well, I think we can definitely trust Naanya."

"Yeah. That girl is a true friend to Mako."

"So... have you ever let anyone outside in on this? About the Gems and all that?"

Yuko chuckled. "Before I knew you were knights, you and the others."

Yui also chuckled.

"Come on, let's head back to base. We'll let Mako have a day off."



To Be Continued

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And now a longer one; possibly a three-parter. XD


Chapter 5 (Part 1)

One day, the girls were busy working at the Asobina restaurant again as usual. However on this day, Sayanee ended up getting into a bad mood. And it was all because of a certain someone that’s bugging her. Why? Because that certain someone was late.

“Jurina! Where is that annoying model?” she said in annoyance.

“She’s probably busy with work,” Mako said.

“Still, she’s supposed to come to these meetings. They’re important.”

Takamina came up and handed Sayanee her food.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sayanee’s just a little ticked off since Jurina’s late.”

“I don’t blame her, but, Jurina-chan’s an idol. She has a tight schedule,” Takamina smiled. “I wouldn’t worry about so much.”

As Takamina left, Sayanee grumbled, “Little does she know, the fate of the world is at stake.”

Just then, the bell rung.

“Hi guys~” Jurina walked in, slinging her bag over her shoulder.

“Oi, I thought I told you to come here 15 minutes ago,” Sayanee said, a bit ticked off. “Also, about yesterday, you acted out during battle. You weren’t following orders.”

“Eh? But what’s wrong with the way I did it? I was able to defeat the Geodite.”

It was here that Yui chose to intervene when she sensed the flames arising, seeing Sayanee’s eyebrow twitching.

“Now now Sayaka, calm down,” she encouraged the Osaka girl.

“Yeah, we got the job done, that’s all that matters now.”

Sayanee growled and then chomped down on her food in anger, grumbling lowly under her breath.

“Mou~ don’t be so mad~” Jurina said. “Let’s just move on. Now, what shall we discuss today?”

“Well, Yuko wants us to train more so we can unlock our Gems full abilities,” Yui held out her red Gem. “She said when the full power is unlocked, we’ll be more powerful than ever.”

“We need to be prepared for whatever Obsidian will throw at us.”

“No prob,” Jurina said without a care in the world. “Takamina! Bring me your finest!”

“Yes ma’am!” Takamina smiled gleefully to the idol.

Sayanee was about to say something, but Yui stopped her.

“We already know that Lapis and Topaz are formidable opponents… but who knows who else they could have up their sleeves?”

“Don’t worry, we can take care of them, no problem~”

“Are you sure, Jurina? We’re still--”

“I have no doubt about it. What do they got that we can’t handle?”

Sayanee then stood up. “That’s it. You listen here--”

But then, the alarms went off in their communicators.

“What timing,” Jurina grinned. “Let’s go kick some Geodite butt.”

“Hold it!” Sayaka followed her, still angry.

“Will they be okay, Yuihan?” Haruppi asked.

“Don’t worry about that right now. Let’s go!”


Out in the streets, something strange was going on. People were acting like animals, and grown men were acting like children. Basically, everyone was NOT acting like themselves.

“What the actual heck is going on?” Jurina said, a bit shocked.

An evil laugh was heard as they saw a man hovering in the sky.

“Well, well, I’ve been expecting you.” He pulled a strand of his long, midnight blue hair behind his ear.

“Who is that?”

“I am Beryl. I’m a servant to Lord Obsidian.”

“You’re new,” Sayanee held her Gem.

“Let’s go!”

“Gems, energize!”

The girls transformed and summoned their weapons. Beryl summoned some Geodites and they charged towards them.

“Alright, formation!” Yui commanded. The girls all took position, readying their weapons. “Let’s go!”


They all charged forward, attacking the Geodites. Yui slashed her sword and hit it, creaing a slight wound. However, she was surprised to see it healed itself, forming crystal over it that looked like armor.

“They’re a bit tougher than before. We gotta make sure they don’t regenerate!”

“Alright! Go for the Gems, that’s their weak point!”


Mako and Haruppi were back-to-back, the Geodites cornering them. They readied their weapons and tried to fight, but were both knocked away.

“Ow… that hurt.”

“Oh crap,” Sayanee’s eyes widened. “Yui, we need to--”

However that plan was compromised when Jurina acted on her own by breaking out of the formation.

“I got this!”

Sayanee saw the girl started attacking the Geodites all on her own.

“Jurina we’re supposed to stick to the plan!”

The girl ignored Sayanee’s order and continued fighting. She swung her spear and slashed the monsters.

“Jurina!” Mako and Haruppi smiled.

“So cool~”

Jurina winked at them, not seeing how pissed Sayanee was. She took out the Geodites that cornered them, and was about to continue, until she saw a flash of lightning coming down at her.

She was about to be hit, until Sayanee ran and seemed to move at lightning speed, right to where Jurina was. As a result, they both got hit by the lightning and were knocked to the ground.

Beryl smiled and retreated the Geodites. He left, leaving the group confused.

“O-kay, so that happened…”

Yui looked up at the sky. There wasn’t a thundercloud anywhere. So what could’ve possibly hit the two?


Naturally after losing the enemy, things weren’t cool when they got back to the base. Yuko and Kana could easily tell that when the Osaka girl angrily stomped in, just behind a certain, perky puppy girl.

“Oi, Matsui!” Sayanee suddenly yelled in an angered tone. She was also speaking in her Osaka-dialect, which meant she was really angry. “Why weren’t you following orders?”


“You weren’t doing anything we told you! You were going out there on your own, only doing what you want!"

“What’s the problem?” Jurina said with a cat-like smirk. “We got the job done.”

“That’s not the point! You almost got yourself killed because you acted out like that!”

“Ara? Sayanee you should actually be thankful; I saved Mako-chan and Haruppi. Plus…” Jurina glared at the Kansai-born girl over her shoulder. “You were the one who got hit by lightning.”

Sayaka snapped at that and grabbed Jurina’s collar, turning her around.

“What was that you little--?!”

She was prepared to go up and give Jurina a fist to the head but was prevented from doing so when Yui came and held her from behind.

“Sayaka calm down!” the leader urged.

“And WHO was it that almost got hit by it?! Huh?! If it wasn’t for me, you would’ve been dead by now!”

“Ah~ alright, already. I get it.”

“You don’t get a thing do you! You don’t care about anything because you’re nothing but a snobby rich girl!”

Now, Jurina also gained a rather angry expression.

“What was that..?”

“You heard me, and I’ll say it again! You’re a selfish, spoiled, smart aleck little rich girl who only cares about HERSELF!”

Suddenly, Yuko came up and pulled the two apart.

“That’s enough arguing, you two,” she said firmly.

“That’s it!” Jurina finally said. “I’m done talking about this. I’m leaving.”

“Wait!” Sayaka was about to stop her, but the girl had already walked out the door. She growled and anger and slammed her hands on a nearby table. “That goddamn rich girl is so frustrating!”

“Sayanee, I know you’re mad, but you and Jurina have to reason this out. All this fighting will get us nowhere.”

“Whatever… I’m going home,” the Osaka girl got her bag and left the base, slamming the door.

“Ooooookaaaaaay,” Kana broke the elongated silence. “So, this new guy, Beryl… what exactly was he doing?”

“We’re not sure. But everyone was acting really strange.”

“People were acting like dogs and cats, and their were grown men and women behaving like children.”

“That is strange.”

Yuko was looking over the footage. Indeed, everyone was not at all acting normal.

“What kind of spell could do this..?”

“What should we do, Yuko?”

“Well, with Beryl gone, we’ll have to wait until he comes back to figure this whole thing out. For now, you girls can go home.”


“See you tomorrow,” Mako waved goodbye as she and the others left the base.

Kana went back and saw Yuko watching part of the footage from when they were fighting. Specifically, the part where Jurina and Sayanee were hit by the lightning.

“Where did that come from? The weatherman said it was supposed to be sunny.”

Yuko happened to notice something as she zoomed in. Right after being struck by lightning, it looked as if Jurina and Sayaka’s Gems had switched. She thought maybe it was a glitch and zoomed back out.

Speaking of, as she tried to rewind the footage, it glitched on them again.

“Seriously?!” Yuko banged the monitor. “Work, you..!”

It cleared again and Yuko now saw an image of Beryl up in the air, a bolt of lightning coming out his hand.

Yuko and Kana’s eyes widened.

“Oh no…”


The next day...

Jurina opened her sleepy eyes, stretching as a loud yawn escaped her mouth.

She scratched her head, walking towards her bathroom. She turned on the sink and splashed some cold water on her face, releasing a heavy sigh. She was still a bit tense because of the fight she had with Sayanee. She knew she had to apologize to her.

"I wonder if she's still mad, though..."

Then, she saw her reflection in the mirror…

“Hm? Sayanee?” she turned around, but Sayaka wasn’t behind her. “Wha..?”

She looked again. Coming close to the glass mirror, she touched her face.


What Jurina saw in her reflection… was Sayaka herself.



To Be Continued

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Talk about a freaky Friday. Will it be like that episode in NMB48 geinin with Miyuki?

So this is inspired by Sailor moon ey? So where's and who is Mr. Tuxedo?

Now where's Gekikara? I want her to meet Franchesa. And bring the Rapapa with her! I think Gizzur and Wulfgar would like to have a petrified corpse be their new weights.

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Talk about a freaky Friday. Will it be like that episode in NMB48 geinin with Miyuki?

So this is inspired by Sailor moon ey? So where's and who is Mr. Tuxedo?

Now where's Gekikara? I want her to meet Franchesa. And bring the Rapapa with her! I think Gizzur and Wulfgar would like to have a petrified corpse be their new weights.

(Now can you review mine pls? Favor return?)

Um... actually, not Sailor Moon, but Super Sentai. So no Tuxedo Mask.

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Geki: Hehehe... you don't have to ask. I'm already here. Hahahaha

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Chapter 5 (Part 2)

“Eh? Ehh?! EEEEEEH?! Uso! This can’t be happening!!!”

Jurina couldn’t believe she was in Sayanee’s body. She touched herself all around, her hair, her arms and legs, and her… chest.

“Ooh~ Sayanee’s got some big ones...” she said, impressed. Then, she snapped back and looked at her reflection. “Mou, how did this happen?”

She looked at her necklace. The Prism Gem was hers.

“That must mean Sayanee has mine… and if Sayanee’s in my body. Oh God, she’d be furious if--”

Then, she came to a certain realization…

“Wait… If I’m here, then that means… uh-oh. Rena-chan!”


“Jurina~ wake up!” Rena said as she tried to wake her sister up, shaking her body. Jurina was always a heavier sleeper than Rena, but this was ridiculous. “C’mon, stop messing around! You gotta get up!”

“Shaddup~” Sayaka spoke in Jurina’s body, but to Rena, it sounded like Jurina with an Osaka-accent. “Lemme sleep~”

“I’m serious, you need to get up, or you’ll be late! You have lots of work to do!”

Sayaka opened her eyes slightly and when she saw Rena, she became thoroughly confused.

“Eh? Who’re you?”

“Huh?! Jurina, is this a joke?!

Sayaka furrowed her eyebrows when she heard the name.


Sayanee looked across from the room and saw her face in the mirror.

No, not her face. Jurina’s face.

“Wha… WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!”

“Jurina, language!” Rena said angrily.

“Wha..? Why..?!” She looked at herself, touching her own body. When she came up to her.. chest, she said lowly, “...Small.”

Rena raised her eyebrow. “Is Jurina that self-conscious of her chest? It’s bigger than mine, though…”

Just then, Sayanee heard a cell phone ring. It was Jurina’s. She looked and saw her own name on the caller ID and answered.


“Sayanee? That’s you, right?”

Her eyes widened a bit. “Jurina..?” she spoke in a soft voice.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Wh-why are--?”

“Just stay calm. You’re in my body right now, right?”

“Yes… are you..?”

“Yeah. I’m at your place. Let’s meet up at Headquarters.”

“Wait, what about this girl in here?”

“Oh, Rena-chan. She’s my sister. Just say you had rough time at work yesterday. Then make up a weird excuse to leave so we can meet up.”

Sayanee gulped. “Got it. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

She then hung up and looked at Rena.

“Jurina, is everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah, I just.. I was just tired from work.”

“Mou, you really should rest more.”

“R-right. Anyways, I gotta go. A friend needs me to, uh… help her with something. It’s very important, and I promised to meet her today.”


“Sorry, Rena..-chan. I really gotta go now. Bye!” she then ran out of the room.

Sayanee ran down the halls, passing by the many servants of the house.

“Goddamn, this girl really IS loaded if she has her own servants!”

She got outside and made it to the front gates. She looked and saw someone standing outside a sleek, black car.

“Hey, take me to Akihabara, quick!”

“Yes, madam, but.. shouldn’t you change your attire first?”

That’s when she realized… she was still in Jurina’s nightgown.

“Oh, come on!”


When Sayaka finally made it to Headquarters, she had changed into a simple T-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers. She was in a hurry to change, but she didn’t care what she looked like and just went with it.

She walked in and saw a reflection of herself, dressed in a loose white shirt with a black leather jacket over it, long blue jeans, and black heel boots. She was also wearing a black hat. She looked like a model; the exact opposite of Sayanee’s usual style.

“No… way,” Sayanee said as she saw herself.

Jurina turned and when she saw the reflection of herself, she covered her mouth.

“Oh God…” she said shocked, looking at Sayaka from head-to-toe. “What are you WEARING?!”

“THAT’S what you’re concerned about?” Sayanee said, a little pissed.

“Why did you have to come wearing that? You’re making me look like an idiot.”

“Hey, what about this is bad?”

“Everything, right down to the soccer socks, is a fashion-DON’T.”

Sayanee groaned. “Fine~ I’ll be more careful next time~” she said sarcastically.

The two sat down, looking at each other. The only other way they were able to distinguish who was who, was that they were wearing each other’s Prism Gems.

“Why did this happen..?” Jurina asked.

“How did this happen, is the more important question,” Sayaka then stated. “It must’ve been something Beryl did. He made all those people act strangely…”

Jurina’s eyes widened in realization.

“The lightning..!”


“Hey, we’re here~” The door opened as Yui and the others walked in.

“Yo, Yuihan!” Jurina spoke. “Say, tell me, how many takoyaki shops are in Osaka (Osaka no takoyaki yasan tte yuittsu aru)? Just sayin’!”

They all stood silent, taken aback by the sudden remark.


“Sayanee, what’s with that old man-like pun?”

“Hm? Was it not funny?”


“I know, let’s go to Nagoya-kana, Nagoya on Shinkansen!”

They all stood a bit baffled.

“This is… unlike you, Sayanee.”

“But, you look really cool,” Haruppi couldn’t help but remark.

“Don’t I?” Jurina winked.

“Stop!” Sayanee spoke. “I’m darn tired of ya messin’ around!”


“W-why is Jurina-san speaking in an Osaka-dialect?”

Looking at them with a very serious expression, Sayanee spoke, “Guys, we have a problem…”

------After some explaining------

“EH?! The two of you switched bodies?!”

Jurina nodded silently.

“No way… but this doesn’t make sense. How did you two switch overnight?!”

“Because it wasn’t overnight,” Yuko then said, as she and Kana were looking over the footage from yesterday’s fight. “The cause was most likely when you two got struck by that lightning bolt.”

“I knew it,” Jurina said as she and Sayanee looked.

“Is this Beryl’s doing?” the Osaka girl asked.

“It had to have been.”

“How do we switch back..?”

“Well… I couldn’t find any spell we could use with our Gems to reverse it, so our only option is to find Beryl and make him switch you back.”

“You wanna go by force? That’s my game,” Jurina said, cracking her knuckles. “That Beryl isn’t even gonna know what hit him.

“Saya-er, I mean, Jurina, we need to plan ahead this time.”


“If we try to go head first, things would only get worse. We need a fully-thought strategy to prevent who knows what. I understand you’re not all for that, but--”

“Ugh...” Just then, Sayanee held her stomach, letting out a groan. “Argh, I’m so hungry~...”

“You didn’t have breakfast?”

“No. I panicked when Jurina called me and said to meet up, so...” She held it again. “Oh my God… this is the hungriest I’ve ever felt!”

“Mou, quit over reacting,” Jurina said. “It’s just a little hunger.”

Looking at the real owner of the body she’s currently in, Sayaka questioned, “When’s the last time you ate…?”

It was then that something clicked in the celebrity’s mind.

“Ah!” Jurina made a shocked expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just remembered… I have a photoshoot today.”


“Jurina, can’t it wait? We need to switch you two back.”

“I understand that this is important… but my work is important to me, too.”

Seeing Jurina’s serious gaze, Yuko knew what she had to do.

“Alright.” She approached Sayaka, “Sayaka, we have no choice. You’re just going to have to go as Jurina and do her work until we can switch you both back.”

“Haa!? Are you crazy!?” Sayanee exclaimed, “It’s impossible I tell you, impossible! I can’t do stuff like that at all! It doesn’t fit me.”

“You’re just going to have to put up with it. We’ll call you when we need you, but for now, you have to do this for Jurina.”

Sayanee’s eyebrow twitched.

“Why… Why me?”

“Oh yeah, one more thing, Sayanee!” Jurina spoke. “I also have an interview, so, I would probably eat a small lunch.”

“Mou~ okay, okay!” Sayanee groaned.

“Thank you. I promise I’ll pay you back somehow.”

“Yea, keep tellin’ yourself that…” she grumbled as she got Jurina’s things and left.


Meanwhile, in Obsidian’s domain, Beryl and Lapis were watching as chaos was spreading through Tokyo. With everyone’s bodies switched, everyone was in panic.

“Tell me, Beryl, what is the purpose of this spell?”

“Simple, my Lord. All this panic and chaos caused by the humans fuels this,” Beryl held up a Black Gem. “This Gem feeds off havoc and pandemonium. The longer the humans stay like this, the strong it will become. Then, when I unleash it, those Prism knights won’t be able to stop it.”

Obsidian grinned. “Sounds very interesting. I look forward to it.”

Beryl and Lapis bowed before him before leaving.

“Oh yes, tell me, Lapis,” Beryl spoke. “How is progress going on her?”

Topaz’s ear twitched as he heard the conversation.

“Everything is in order. She’ll awaken soon.”

“That sounds excellent. Lord Obsidian will be pleased.”

“Yes. With a warrior of her strength, the knights of Ange won’t be able to stand against her for long.”

Topaz’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who are they talking about..? A new dark warrior, here? I was never told about this…”

“I will go check on her now. Keep the chaos coming,” Lapis said with an evil smile as he dismissed himself.

As Beryl left in the opposite direction, Topaz glared down the hall where Lapis was walking until his figure disappeared in the darkness.

“What is he planning..?”


“Ugh, that photoshoot was a pain in the ass… Eating something will make me feel alive again.”

Sayanee groaned as she held her stomach as she walked the streets of Tokyo. After having finished the photoshoot, she was on break and was allowed to go out and eat lunch.

She arrived at a certain family restaurant close to where her next job was, until a certain voice caught her attention.

“Jurina!” She looked and saw a familiar smiling face with long black hair flowing down.

“Ah, it’s that girl, Rena...” Sayaka said in her mind.

She smiled as she walked to Jurina’s sister.

“Rena… what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I was out and about, and thought I’d stop for lunch. You too?”

“Uh, yeah. I just came back from a photoshoot.”

“Well, since we’re both here, how bout we eat together? My treat.”

“Maji?! Alright! That’s damn awesome!” she accidentally said in her Osaka accent. “Uh… I-I mean, sure. No prob, nee-chan.”

“Mou~ you sure are weird today. Ever since this morning...”


Rena turned and held her sister’s forehead. “You aren’t sick, are you?”

“Nope. Don’t worry.”

The two entered the restaurant and sat down.

“Order whatever you’d like, Jurina.”

Sayanee looked through the menu. All the food looked so good, it made her mouth water. She ordered cola to drink, a hamburger, and large side of fries. Rena ordered spaghetti and gave the waiter their menus.

“So, how did it go?”

Sayanee, who wasn’t exactly listening, looked up suddenly. “Eh?”


“Oh, uh… I guess it went well. Just like always.”

Rena giggled. “I know you love your work. Just don’t overdo it okay? You don’t want to put too much on your plate.”

“Yes, I know.”

At that time, the waiter came back with their food and set it in front of them.

“Itadakimasu,” Rena smiled as she became twirling the spaghetti noodles on her fork and eating them up.

Sayaka looked at the delicious food, the scent wrapping around her nose. The hungry beast in her was released.

“Gomen, Jurina… I know you told me to eat a small lunch, but...”


With that said, Sayaka began eating the big hamburger. She smiled widely, squealing as she chomped down on the meat more.

“Oishii~” she cooed as she ate more.

“Jurina..!” Rena stared at her sister (or, Sayanee in Jurina’s body) as she saw the girl eating all the food wholeheartedly.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Hurry and eat,” Sayaka said, “Mm~ this is so good~ It fills up my empty stomach!”

Rena once again held Jurina’s forehead.

“No fever… did you hit your head last night?”

“Nee-chan, what’s wrong? I’m perfectly fine~”

“It’s not that… But, I’m glad.”


“This is the first time in so long… since I’ve seen you eat so much.”

“What…?” Sayaka’s eyes widened. “What does she mean by that?”

“Rena… what do you mean?” Sayaka asked as she put the fork and knife down.

“It’s just… ever since you’ve started taking your whole career seriously, you’ve been dieting and… I’m just worried, y’know?”

Sayaka blinked. “Diet? But Jurina’s really slim. She even has abs!”

“Ever since you left that idol group, you’ve started eating less and less… I know you’re worried about your weight and figure, but...” Rena held Jurina’s(Sayaka’s) hands. “I’m worried about your health, Jurina.”

Sayaka felt a tinge of pain in her heart. She never knew Jurina was going through that.

“Does Jurina… really do that?”


To Be Continued

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Here's Part 3~ :D


Chapter 5 (Part 3)

“Alright!” Jurina slammed her hand on the table. “We need to come up with a plan to defeat Beryl and reverse the spell on everyone! So… how do we do that?”

“How are we supposed to know?”

“Only Beryl can reverse this.”

“How’s progress coming, you guys?” Yui asked their two seniors.

“We’re tracking him right now,” Yuko said. “Wherever he is, he’s probably causing more chaos and making more people switch bodies.”

“We need to stop him.”

However, even with all the seriousness going on, Jurina felt she needed to break the tension. She found Sayanee’s guitar and picked it up with a grin.


She strapped it on and strum a chord. Jurina couldn’t help but squeal inside.

“I’m a rock star~” she said as if Sayaka were saying it.

Kana happened to look back and saw Jurina jamming out in front of the mirror.

“Jurina-chan, don’t mess with that. That’s Sayanee’s.”

Jurina however didn’t listen and strum another chord, this time belting out a rock star shout.

“Good night everybody!”

“It can’t be helped,” Yui said. “Just let her have her fun.”

Actually, as the group watched, it actually was a sight to enjoy. If you imagined that it was really Sayaka, and not Jurina in Sayaka’s body, they saw a very energetic and fun, rock star girl that was almost never seen.

Sayanee was never this carefree. All that was in mind as they watched.

“Listen to this. Even my singing sounds like hers!”

As she belted out a loud note and strum another chord, her Gem suddenly reacted and a shockwave burst out, causing a big gust of wind to blow.

“Woah!” Jurina stepped back. As the wind calmed down, she unstrapped the guitar. “That was new.”

Yuko walked up to the girl. “Jurina… I think you just unlocked a new power in your Gem. Kinda surprising since you’re in Sayanee’s body, but… the Gem is connected with your heart. What were you feeling when you did that?”

“I was pretending to be Sayanee.”

“No. That’s what you were doing. But what was it you felt while doing it?”

“All I felt was… happy. I was just having fun, being myself.” Jurina looked at her reflection. “And I guess… I wanted to be like Sayanee, but.. at the same time, I want her to be more fun and carefree… like me.”

“You wanted Sayanee to be like you?”

“Yeah… I just wanted to see her have fun once in a while… But then I knew I couldn’t change that. So all I did was be who I was, no one else. And that made me feel… complete.”

When she said that, Yuko saw a bright glow from Jurina’s Gem as it reacted to the true feelings in her heart.

Just then, an alarm went off, signaling that Beryl was on the move again, and he was attacking.

“We gotta go, now!”

“Jurina, contact Sayanee!”

“On it!” Jurina quickly got out her phone and dialed the Osaka girl’s number. However, all she heard was the dull ringing on the other side. “She’s not picking up. She must be too busy!”

“We’ll try again later. Let’s go!”



The reason Sayanee didn’t answer was because her phone was turned off. Right now, she was doing an interview for a magazine Jurina was featured in.

“So, what’s something that’s different about Tokyo compared to Nagoya?”

“Something different…” Sayanee tried to think of an answer Jurina would most likely say. “Right now, I’ve been living in Tokyo for a long time now. It’s definitely a lot busier, especially in Akihabara. I’ve gone there many times and it’s always bustling with people.”

“And is there anything you miss about your home in Nagoya?”

“Hmm… the food. Here, it’s nothing compared to the original Nagoya taste. Haha.” The interviewers chuckled with her.

Then, one happened to bring up something surprising to Sayanee.

“You mentioned in a previous interview that you have since gained a rival. An aspiring singer/songwriter named Yamamoto Sayaka. Could you tell us your thoughts about her?”

“Eh?” Sayanee paused a bit. “That rich girl mentioned ME?!”

“Ah… Sayaka. Mm~ I wouldn’t say she’s exactly my rival. She and I have gotten pretty close since I first came here. Sure, we argue a lot, but Sayaka is just being herself and…”

As she was talking, Sayaka then remembered the fight she had with Jurina yesterday. She remembered all those awful things she said and how upset Jurina had gotten.

But Sayaka couldn’t blame Jurina for all her actions. She knew she was busy with her work, and Jurina…

“She was just being herself… There was nothing that could change that… Even so, I…”

“Eh? Did you two get in a fight?”

“Un. It was partly my fault. I didn’t listen and I said things I shouldn’t have…” Sayanee sulked as she sunk back into her seat. “I have apologize to her.”

“One last question. What is your goal?”

“My goal… my wish is…”

Sayaka immediately remembered what Miyuki said to her before she left for Tokyo.

“You better make it big. I’ll be countin’ on ya.”

“I want.. a solo debut. I wanna make it big.. as a singer.”

“Thank you very much,” Sayaka snapped out of her daze when she heard those words, looking up. “It’s been a pleasure, Matsui-san.”

She shook hands with the interviewers before she got her things and left.

She then turned on her phone and saw a message from Jurina.

“Emergency! Beryl active in Shibuya! Plz come quick!”

“Oh no…”


In Shibuya, the four were fighting the Geodites Beryl summoned. While all this was happening, Lapis was charging up the chaos Black Prism with all the havoc that was going on during battle.

“Just a little more,” he smirked.

Sayaka made it just in time and saw the girls fighting. They were nearly at their wits end.

She saw Jurina trying her best to fight, breathing heavily. A Geodite was coming up behind her, about to attack.

“Jurina!” she called out, transforming and running out. She summoned her, er, Jurina’s spear and blocked it, slashing the monster and making it go back into its Gem.


The two stood back to back.

“I’m sorry… for everything I said,” Sayaka said. “About you being selfish…”

“I’m sorry, too. I should’ve been more serious.”

“I need to loosen up more. I need to listen.”

The two looked at each other.

“Can you forgive me?” Sayaka asked.

Jurina smiled. “Of course. You may be my rival, but you’re also my friend.”

But their moment was broken when the monsters suddenly roared out loudly.

“Hey, check this out.”

Jurina spun around and created a large gust of wind that spun around and knocked away the Geodites.


“You try. Maybe you can do something cool.”


“Don’t think about it. Just have fun.”

With that in mind, Sayanee took Jurina’s spear and spun it in her hands. She moved her feet a bit and saw what looked like water form and slashed the blade, creating a tsunami.

“Holy crap…” Sayaka said before laughing. “That was awesome!”


The two laughed as they battled, having fun with their new powers. All the fun they were having angered Beryl. It was also causing the energy in the Black Prism to fade, dispelling all the chaos.

“You aren’t supposed to have fun! You’re supposed to be a mess! This isn’t right! Where’s the chaos?!”

The two stood back to back again, looking at each other and smiling.

“I think this is the first time I ever saw you smile, Sayanee,” Jurina giggled teasingly.


Beryl growled, then sighed.

“Fine. This is no longer fun.”

He snapped his fingers and all the Geodites disappeared. At that same time, Sayaka and Jurina’s Prism gems swapped colors. The two knights looked at each other.

“Jurina..?” Sayaka looked and saw she was in her body, and Jurina was in hers.

“I’m Jurina..! I’m me!”

“We switched back!”

As they celebrated, Lapis went to Beryl, the two floating in midair.

“Looks like the plan has failed.”

“Oh no, Beryl,” Lapis held up the Black Prism. “We can still use this.”

The two then disappeared. Sayaka and Jurina continued to celebrate that they had switched back, hugging each other.

“Does this mean we won?” Haruppi asked.

“Well, we didn’t exactly lose… so, I guess,” Mako said.

Yui smiled. “True.”

“Wait,” Jurina stopped and looked at the Osaka girl. “How did everything go? Did the interview turn out okay?”

“Yes, Jurina. Don’t worry.”

“Ah~ yokatta~”

“Oh, yeah, also….” Sayaka gulped, holding Jurina’s hands. “Um.. I was with Rena today. She told me everything… about your ‘diet’.”



“I see… ”

“Jurina, you really shouldn’t push yourself like that,” Yuko said as she brought out some tea and snacks for the girls.

“I know. I just thought I need to get serious as part of my solo career. And, now that I’m a Prism knight, I felt I needed to be even stronger…”

“Jurina, just remember to relax once and a while,” Sayanee said. “I’m just starting to learn that myself.”


“Look, we won and everyone’s back to normal, so,” Sayanee took her guitar in her hand. “Let’s take it easy.”

She started strumming and singing a song. The girls all got up and danced as Sayanee performed. Jurina, who had a long day (well, she didn’t do the work, but her body was tired), simply relaxed on the couch beside Sayanee as she played. The two smiled and looked at each other.

Just then, Jurina’s phone rang. They all stopped as Jurina took the call.

“Hello? Yes, this is me… Eh?! Seriously?!” Jurina said, grasping the phone with both hands. “Ah, yes. Thank you!”

She hung up, lowering the phone.

“What did they say?”

“I… I’m releasing a single. I’m getting a solo debut!”

“Woah! Really?!”

“That’s amazing!”

Jurina immediately hugged Sayanee. “I don’t know what you said in the interview, but thank you!”

Sayanee actually didn’t remember herself. Maybe it slipped out unconsciously. Still, she smiled and hugged her back.

“You’re welcome.”


Meanwhile, in the lair of the enemy, Topaz was very angered that Beryl and Lapis had left the scene.

“You ran away! You made yourselves look like cowards!”

“The plan was compromised,” Beryl protested calmly. “There was no point in it anymore.”

“How can you say that?! You could’ve had those girls in the palm of your hands?!” He then looked at Lapis. “The Black Prism! Why didn’t you use it?!”

“We no longer need it for such a minor purpose. We can use it for something much bigger.”

“You…!” Topaz grabbed him. “What are you planning to do? Don’t think just because you changed sides you have my full trust!”

“This was expected coming from Lord Obsidian’s former right-hand man.”

“Why you..!!!”

Obsidian’s voice then boomed. “Lapis.”

The white haired man made Topaz let go and stepped forward.

“Yes, my Lord?”

“I think it’s time to awaken her,”

Lapis grinned at the statement.

“Yes sir.”

Topaz’s ear twitched. As Lapis started to leave, Topaz looked up at Obsidian.

“‘Her’? Who are you talking about?” he asked.

“Our strongest warrior.”

“Strongest warrior?”

“You don’t know about her. She’s been sleeping for a long time, absorbing the dark power of the purest Black Gems. She will be the one who finally puts an end to Ange’s Prism Knights.”

Lapis walked down the dark halls, leading to a door which has never been opened, only by Lapis himself.

He swung the doors open and stepped towards an altar, resting under a ginormous Black Prism that floated in midair. The ultimate Black Prism; the source of all the darkness and malevolent power in the castle.

On the altar laid a sleeping woman, dressed in black armor. Her eyes were closed as her body absorbed all the energy from the large crystal, creating a purple aura.

Lapis took the Prism which had absorbed all the chaos that was caused by Beryl, and placed it in the center of the woman’s chest in her armor.

“Time to wake up… Black Amethyst.”

The woman’s eyes opened, glowing deep violet for a moment before turning back into dark, pitch black eyes. She rose up and gave an evil smile, giggling softly.

Her laughter rose, filling the air and echoing the halls.


To Be Continued


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Gizzur walks into room and bashes Black Amethyst's head with one of his severed heads he has on his belt.

"Go back to sleep!"

*steals chunk of Black Prism*

(I think I know who she is)
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Gizzur walks into room and bashes Black Amethyst's head with one of his severed heads he has on his belt.

"Go back to sleep!"

*steals chunk of Black Prism*

OK, don't do that, plz. We can always battle somewhere else, but not here plz.

(I think I know who she is)

Really? o.o

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Either Yuki cuz 'Black'
Or Rena cuz she was the 2nd woman who shunned me.
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Either Yuki cuz 'Black'
Or Rena cuz she was the 2nd woman who shunned me.

No and no. You are wrong. But good guess. :P
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Evil Acchan.

For some very dramatic Atsumina battle
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Evil Acchan.

For some very dramatic Atsumina battle

No. XD

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Hmmm... Reminds me of Mai Otome for some reason....

*somehow gets a feeling that Ruka and Hack-san is going to strangle me*

There is no hope that my oshi will be the black amethyst... So... I supposed someone with a history with Yuko and Kana..

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Hmmm... Reminds me of Mai Otome for some reason....

*somehow gets a feeling that Ruka and Hack-san is going to strangle me*

I won't strangle you.

And actually, I got more inspiration on this through Super Sentai and Pretty Cure. I've never even seen Mai-Otome. XD

There is no hope that my oshi will be the black amethyst... So... I supposed someone with a history with Yuko and Kana..

Rite? *grins*

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I agree with Hana-chan.  :on GJ:

I guess Black Amethyst was someone from Original K. Most probably... Saechan, I guess.  :glasses:

Amethyst is the birthstone for Februarians, am I right? Will that mean... someone with February as a birth month?

Considering Yokoyama K, Shinobu Mogi-san is the only Februarian.

Considering Original K, Uemura Ayako-san is the only Februarian.

Who can it be...?  :grr:

I have a great feeling that it is Miyazawa Sae-sama.  :on shady:

But I still hope our (Hana-chan and I) dearest oshi will appear somewhere somehow. Tho, that's a bit being selfish of me.  :peace:  :drool:

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I agree with Hana-chan.  :on GJ:

I guess Black Amethyst was someone from Original K. Most probably... Saechan, I guess.  :glasses:

Amethyst is the birthstone for Februarians, am I right? Will that mean... someone with February as a birth month?

Considering Yokoyama K, Shinobu Mogi-san is the only Februarian.

Considering Original K, Uemura Ayako-san is the only Februarian.

Who can it be...?  :grr:

I have a great feeling that it is Miyazawa Sae-sama.  :on shady:

Hee~ that's a good prediction, and I like how you used your knowledge of member's birthstones to help.

But! You'll just have to wait and see~ :3 (I'm such a tease~ XD)

But I still hope our (Hana-chan and I) dearest oshi will appear somewhere somehow. Tho, that's a bit being selfish of me.  :peace:  :drool:

Again, we'll just have to wait and see, ne~ :roll: :P

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I agree with Hana-chan.  :on GJ:

I guess Black Amethyst was someone from Original K. Most probably... Saechan, I guess.  :glasses:

Amethyst is the birthstone for Februarians, am I right? Will that mean... someone with February as a birth month?

Considering Yokoyama K, Shinobu Mogi-san is the only Februarian.

Considering Original K, Uemura Ayako-san is the only Februarian.

Who can it be...?  :grr:

I have a great feeling that it is Miyazawa Sae-sama.  :on shady:

Hee~ that's a good prediction, and I like how you used your knowledge of member's birthstones to help.

But! You'll just have to wait and see~ :3 (I'm such a tease~ XD)


Well, Amethyst focuses on February Births but it is also the Birthstone of Pisces if we're talking horoscope...

And I know potential members born under Pisces..... Fufufufu

*plays kendama out of nowhere*
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Who is black amethyst...?
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Chapter 6

Today, there seemed to be an intense air of darkness in Obsidian’s lair. It was a powerful, intimidating darkness, that left most speechless.

“Topaz-sama,” one of the minions asked. “There’s something happening… This darkness, it’s not normal.”

“I know. It doesn’t make sense. What could be causing this strong aura?”

“Topaz,” Lapis approached him. “Do you know about the large Black Prism that powers this castle?”

“Yes. What of it?”

“They say if you let yourself absorb the energy, bathe within all that dark power, you will become unstoppable.”

“I’ve heard that legend before. But it’s dangerous to do that. It’s how monsters are made.”

Lapis then let out a sly chuckle, “Perhaps you should consider it. You will become strong enough to please Lord Obsidian.”

That was when Topaz snapped, taking Lapis’ words as some kind of mocking.

“What did you say?!” Topaz grabbed Lapis, about to punch him.

Just then, a laugh fill the air. An unknown voice was heard in the dark.

“Well, well...this seem interesting.”


Topaz watched as a figure stepped out of the darkness. There stood a tall woman clothed in black armor and a helmet with covered her eyes and most of her hair, which had been tied up under the black helmet.

Obsidian smiled as he saw her.

“Black Amethyst, you’ve finally awakened.”

The new warrior showed respect and bowed to Obsidian. “Awakened and fully ready to serve you, Lord Obsidian,” she stated.

“So you’re the new dark warrior I’ve been hearing about,” Topaz glared at her.

Amethyst raised her head and looked at Topaz silently.

Topaz looked over at Lapis, who was smiling at the scene. Topaz knew he had planned something with her, and it must’ve involved the Black Prism as well.

“I don’t know what you have planned, Lapis, but I still don’t trust you. And I don’t trust this one either,” he firmly said.

And with that, he walked to Amethyst and raised his fist to punch the black-armored knight, however, her hand caught his fist in a tight grip.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she said coldly.

Topaz was overwhelmed by Amethyst’s strength. Not only that, her aura overall. It was that same darkness he had felt since yesterday.

“It was her… She’s what’s giving off this intimidating dark power…”

“As you can see, my Lord,” Lapis spoke to Obsidian, “with the power absorbed from the Black prism, as well as the Gem I used to absorb all the chaos energy created by Beryl, she will be an unstoppable warrior. She will be the one who takes care of Lady Ange’s army once and for all.”

“Very good work.”

Topaz sneered silently as Lapis was praised.

“Black Amethyst, come here,” Obsidian beckoned his newest dark knight.

Black Amethyst kneeled before him and kissed his hand gently, proclaiming her loyalty.

“Don’t worry, my Lord,” she whispered so only he could hear. “I won’t fail you like these insignificant fools have done.”

Obsidian grinned. “Good girl.”

Amethyst rose to her feet and left with Lapis.

“I’ll only believe it when I see it,” Topaz said lowly.


Around that same time in Akihabara, the five were at Headquarters, training for combat in future battles with Lapis or Topaz. Leading the training was Yuko of course.

“Alright now girls, let’s see how you put your skills to use on the field. Your opponent has been the enemy for now. But now let’s see how you fight against each other. If you know your own skills and strengths, you will be more skilled on the battlefield.”

She had paired four of the five into sparring pairs while one sits out for the moment. One pair consisted of Yui versus Jurina, the other was Sayanee against Haruppi, which meant Mako was left to sit at the side for now.

Now being paired with Sayanee, one of their team’s best fighters, Haruppi was a bit nervous as she knew how strong Sayanee could be in combat.

“Ano, please go easy on me Sayaka,” Haruppi eagerly requested, a bit shaky.

“Don’t worry. This is only practice, remember?”

“R-right.” Haruppi cocked her guns and gripped them.

They waited to see who would make the first move. Then, Sayanee charged forward with her blades. Haruppi quickly dodged and took a shot.

Sayanee dodged it with a swift movement, then spun the blade in her hand and thrust it towards her. Haruppi screamed and stepped back, afraid to get stabbed. She shot again, this time grazing Sayanee’s cheek, as well as a small portion of hair.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?!” Haruppi went to check the wound.

Sayanee nodded, then, out of nowhere, she pinned Haruppi’s arms behind her back and pushed her to the wall.

“Break,” Yuko said, concluding the battle. She then said to Haruppi, “Haruka, you’re too kind. You have to be more alert in battle, don’t get distracted.”


“It’s okay. It just shows you were worried and care about her. Go sit and rest.”

“Hai.” Haruppi bowed and put away her guns, walking over to the bench.

On the other side, Yui and Jurina had begun their own duel. Jurina spun her spear and slashed it towards the older girl, letting out a battle cry.

So far, Yui has not made any initiative to attack and only defended and countered Jurina’s attacks with a calm expression. She wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, Jurina was already breathing heavy and gripping her spear more tightly.

“Come on Yuihan! Don’t tell me you’ve gotten bored! Show me what you’re made of!”

Finally Yui saw her chance and made a strike when Jurina’s guard was lowered at the right time. She thrust her sword upwards, which knocked Jurina’s weapon out of her hands and disarmed her opponent. Leaving Jurina weaponless, Yui then was able to kick at the younger girl’s legs and sent her falling on her back.

“Alright, break,” Yuko stopped them and helped Jurina up.

“What was that..?”

“Turning defense into offense. You can’t let the enemy know your guard is down for even a second.”

“Gotcha…” Jurina went to Yui and bumped her fist. “Good fight.”

With Jurina out, she went to sit with Haruppi and Mako at the sidelines while the remaining two girls are left to duel in the final round

Before they start, Yui first remembered to show manners and said while facing Sayaka, “Onegaishimasu.”

“Same here,” Sayaka replied.

The two then readied their weapons and got into position. Sayanee made the first move and charged with the blades in her hands.

Throughout their battle, the sounds of metal clashing against each other was heard with each contact of their blades. The girls on the side watched the heated battle.

Yui then made a swift movement with her sword and knocked one of Sayanee’s blade out of her hands. She swung her sword to slash the girl, but was blocked by the second blade. The two stood there, Yui trying to break free as Sayanee kept her guard strong.

“Is it going to be a stalemate..?” Mako wondered.

Just then, Yui grinned and in that moment, knocked out the other blade and had the tip of her sword aimed at Sayanee’s neck.

Everything was silent and still until Yui pulled back her sword. Sayanee smiled and the two shook hands.

“What just happened?”

“She saw an opening,” Jurina said. “A small one, but she still saw it.”

Yuko added on, “She took a risk. If she failed, she might’ve been the one to obtain a disadvantage.”

“That’s amazing. Yui-han is really smart, huh…”



After training had finished, the group left and decided to head out to Akihabara. They had just gotten their payment from Takamina at work, so they decided to have an outing.

They headed out first to Shibuya, looking for some new clothes. Since Jurina had lots of experience with modeling for fashion magazines, the idol knew exactly what kind of style her friends would fit.

For the oncoming summer season, everything was bright and colorful. She herself had a white dress with a sunflower on her chest, a cute sun hat, and sandals. Haruppi and Mako had a similar girly style, Mako wearing a red and white striped shirt and a yellow skirt, and Haruppi a pink shirt with a blue bow and white shorts.

Sayanee was a bit more tomboyish with ripped jean shorts and a blue jacket over a white T-shirt. And Yui was a very fun and simple outfit, A dress with a sleeveless jean jacket and sun hat with a daisy in it.

After buying their new clothes, the next place they went to was an arcade. They played almost everything, from Ski-ball, to Dance Master, to Zombie Shooter. They also found a Puri-kura photo booth and took some photos to remember their fun time. By the end, they were able to win enough tickets to earn a pair of funky sunglasses, a watergun, and a stuffed pink teddy bear.

The group ended their day by stopping at a cafe. They ordered some cake and indulged in the sweet food as they relaxed.

“Ah~ today was fun,” Haruppi sighed.

“Yeah. No monsters, no fights,” Mako agreed. “Why can’t we always just have fun like this?”

“It’d be nice if we can always be like this,” Jurina said as she looked at their photos.

They all looked at each other and agreed.

Haruppi then asked something that came into her mind recently. “Hey… when this is all over, what will happen?”


“Will we ever see each other again?”

“Of course,” Yui smiled in reassurance, “We’ll surely be able to meet again.”

“Let’s make sure of it,” Sayanee proposed and then held out her hand with everyone joining in, “After all of this is done and we go our separate ways, let’s promise that we’ll meet each other again here, in Akihabara.”

“It’s a promise!”


Just then, there was a loud explosion outside that grabbed their attention.

“What the...?”

The group ran out and saw a figure dressed in black armor causing lots of havoc in the streets. People were running in a panic as the helmeted figure looked down at them.

“Who is that?”

Now for some reason, the girls noticed and saw their Gems were glowing intensely. They even felt hot. It would seem that the gems are reacting to this new threat.

“Is she one of Obsidian’s soldiers?” said Mako.

“If so, we need to fight her,” Sayaka stated.

They went over to a corner where they couldn’t be seen and transformed. They stepped out and summoned their weapons then came out into the open so they’d be in plain sight.

“Hey, you!” Jurina shouted.

Black Amethyst looked over her shoulder and saw the group. She turned to face them, walking towards the five.

“So, this is Ange’s new team,” Amethyst spoke in a cold tone of voice, “How pathetic.”

She got down to face them, looking at Yui from head to toe.

“You haven’t even reached full power,” she scoffed sadistically. “You’ll be easy opponents for me.”

“Who are you?” Yui questioned the dark warrior.

“My name is Black Amethyst. I’m Lord Obsidian’s strongest warrior. I’ll only warn you once, but this is your last chance to run,” the new dark warrior spoke.

Sayanee snapped. “Ha! We never run!”

“Right,” Jurina agreed. “We aren’t cowards!”

Amethyst chuckled coldly. “If so…then try to defeat me.”

She summoned a black sword and readied herself. In that instant, the five charged, all of them attacking at once.

But before any of them could hit her, Amethyst simply dodged their attacks and blocked every move they made.

Mako swung her hammer, but it was stopped by Amethyst’s one hand and pushed away. She grabbed Mako and threw her to the ground. Haruppi went to her side and shot a few bullets, but all her blocked by Amethyst’s sword.

She slashed her sword and the two were blown away by a powerful shockwave and landed a pretty good distance away.

Amethyst then heard a cry, and without turning around, she stopped Sayanee’s wrist and flipped her over. Sayanee turned herself over and tried to get up but the aches all over her body prevented her from doing so.

“..urgh.. this warrior.. she has such overwhelming dark power…” she muttered through her teeth.

Amethyst now approached Sayaka, planning to use this chance to finish the blue knight while she’s down. But before she could, she then saw Jurina preparing to charge her with her spear, but Amethyst caught it and held onto it tight. Jurina tried to release it, but Amethyst swung it and sent Jurina to the ground.

Jurina got up and tried to fight with her bare hands, but the dark warrior dodged all her punches and kicks. In a minute, Jurina was left sweating like crazy and breathing heavily.

Amethyst scoffed. “You’re weak,” she said before punching Jurina and knocking her out cold.


Yui saw how her friends have fallen and was angered. She charged forward with her sword, letting out a loud battle cry.

But before the tip of her blade came in contact with the dark warrior, Amethyst stepped out of the way and grabbed Yui’s wrist. Her arm became coated in purple flames that burned through Yui’s armor and got to her skin.

It was then that Yui screamed, her hand and arm felt like it was being burned. She fell to the ground and still writhed in pain.


The other three girls ran over to Yui with worry.

“What was that?!” Sayanee saw the awful scar that was left on Yui’s hand.

“Dark flame. Burns more deadly than any normal fire,” Amethyst explained, “If she had touched it any longer, her hand would’ve melted off completely.”

“You monster!”

Amethyst only scoffed at the statement. “You all have had a taste of the Darkness. Next will become much more worse. Soon, Lord Obsidian will succeed in conquering this world.”

Feeling angered, Sayanee gripped her blades and went to stab at her, but the dark warrior turned around and disappeared in black smoke.

Seeing as she had gone, the girls were incredibly weak and turned back into their normal forms.

“She was… too strong,” Haruppi cried, “We could’ve been killed…”

Mako hugged the girl as Sayanee helped Yui stand up.

While bearing the pain, Yui spoke, “Just a little longer…I would’ve..”

“Don’t say anything. For now, we gotta get that wound looked at,” Sayanee advised.

She then helped the youngest two pick up the unconscious Jurina and started walking back to Headquarters.

However, unknown by the five, Black Amethyst was still present in the area, watching in the darkness as she saw the group weakly carrying their comrades.

“It shall only be a matter of time,” Amethyst said, “...before they fall apart.”


Once they got back, Yuko and Kana were shocked at what had happened to them. Sayanee helped Haruppi and Mako get bandaged up as Jurina laid in one of the beds. Yui was with Yuko and Kana, who proceeded to heal the burn wound. Yui hissed as she felt a sting when the medicine touch, but then she felt the cool tingling of it slowly healing her arm.

As she worked, Yuko explained, “It might take three days for the wound to heal completely. I’m just glad there wasn’t any serious damage. This much, we can handle.”

“Thanks, Yuko.”

“We saw what happened on the monitor.”

“I’ve never seen a dark knight like that,” Kana said. “She was like a monster.”

“What did you say her name was?” Yuko asked.

“B-Black Amethyst...” Yui managed to say through the pain.

“Black Amethyst?”

Yuko and Kana looked at each other in confusion.

Kana spoke, “Never heard of her.”

“I’ve never encountered a dark knight this strong… what is this gonna mean for us?”

“It just means we need to be ready. If Obsidian has soldiers like her, who knows what else he may have up his sleeve?”

“Right… If Obsidian’s getting stronger, we need to do the same.”

Yui looked back at the Puri-kura photo of her and her friends.

“Even though it was fun… those moments aren’t going to last for long, are they?”


Meanwhile, in the enemy’s lair, Obsidian and his followers were rather impressed with what they’ve heard concerning Black Amethyst’s first fight against the Prism Knights.

“As you planned, Lord Obsidian, Black Amethyst is a success,” Lapis was pleased to announce.

“Excellent. You did very good work, Lapis.” Obsidian said with a satisfied grin.

Topaz, on the other hand, was not all that enthusiastic about Black Amethyst being their new secret weapon.

“Tch…! Is she really that good enough to beat them?”

He looked over his shoulder at where the one everyone is talking about was. The new warrior was kneeling somewhere in a corner, looking like she’s meditating and preparing herself mentally for the next fight ahead. Her meditation was then interrupted when Topaz was heard calling out to her.

“Hey you.”

Amethyst turned her head so she’d make eye contact with Topaz.

“You may be strong like everyone says. But don’t forget, newbie, I’ve been fighting those Knights longer than you have. Don’t think that you’ll beat them so easily.”

“Say whatever you wish Topaz…” she stated, “However I only have one defeat those Prism Knights as Lord Obsidian wishes. I won’t let you or anyone else who dare defies me get in my way.”

Topaz was ready for a fight, balling his fist as he walked to Black Amethyst.

“Topaz, that’s enough,” Obsidian said. “You are dismissed. Leave.”

“My Lord, I--”


Topaz stood silent for a moment before speaking. “...Yes, sir.”

Topaz gave one last glare to Black Amethyst before leaving.

“I wouldn’t worry about him, my Lord,” Lapis said. “You have no reason to worry anymore. With Black Amethyst, those Prism Knights will fall and this Earth will finally belong to the Darkness.”

Obsidian smiled evilly. “That will be splendid.”


To Be Continued

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Amethyst is a tall woman with black outfit and a helmet that covers most of her hair?

Hm... Seems like I have a wrong guess.

Now, I guess Amethyst is more probably Akimoto Sayaka-sama.  :)

I'm really excited about Amethyst's real personality! And how will the girls be able to defeat her?

I'll patiently wait for your update.   :love:

Anyways, I heard from Hana that you'll update Samurai Princess~ I'm eager to read it!!  :wub:
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Amethyst is a tall woman with black outfit and a helmet that covers most of her hair?

Hm... Seems like I have a wrong guess.

Now, I guess Amethyst is more probably Akimoto Sayaka-sama.  :)

I'm really excited about Amethyst's real personality! And how will the girls be able to defeat her?

I'll patiently wait for your update.   :love:

Again, very good guess. But I still won't tell~ :P

Please be patient and excited, ne~ X3

Anyways, I heard from Hana that you'll update Samurai Princess~ I'm eager to read it!!  :wub:

Me and Hana are working on that right now~ ;3
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Added a new poll, just for fun. X3
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I voted, but that was because I know everything, but I'm not saying anything XD
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So far, looks like no one likes Lapis. lol
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Just a really quick (and kinda lame) update


Chapter 7

“Yui… YUI!!!”

Yui opened her eyes and saw herself in Tokyo. Everything was in ruins like there was a terrible war. She saw her friends on the ground, badly hurt. Their gems were all shattered, fragments scattered on the ground.

“No… what is this..?!”

She then looked behind her and saw Black Amethyst, Topaz, and Lapis standing there. Then, a dark, ominous shadow rose in the sky and started turning everything pitch black.

“This has to be a dream…! Please, let this be a nightmare… wake up…”

“Wake up!”

Yui opened her eyes and found herself back at Headquarters. She saw her friends were all sleeping peacefully.

She sighed in relief. “It was a bad dream, after all…”

To try and relax herself, Yui decided to walk around and left the room. She passed by the training room and saw Yuko was up as well, training by herself with a bowstaff.

“Yuko…” She walked in, making the shorter girl look her way. “Why are you up?”

“Late-night training. Why are you up?”

“Bad dream.”


“Yeah… that fight with Black Amethyst scared me…”

“I understand. She was much more powerful than expected.”

“Will we be able to beat her?”

Yuko smiled. “I have no doubt.”


“Hmm…” Yuko the made a face like she was thinking of something, and said, “Oh yeah, there is one other thing, too.”


“If it’s possible, Gem bearers can communicate telepathically through dreams. I’ve wanted to see if any of you have that power.”


“Yeah. Me and the others had telepathic powers, so I wanted to see if maybe you guys could since you have Gems.”

“Hmm…” Yui looked at her ruby Gem. “I guess it’s worth a shot.”

“Alright. Just lay down and close your eyes like you’re going to sleep.”

“Okay…” Yui did as she said and laid down the mat. She held her Gem and shut her eyes.

“Now, just think of who you wanna connect with.”

Yui immediately thought of Sayanee first and tried her best to connect with her.

“Sayanee… Sayanee, can you hear me?”

She got no answer and thought her power wasn’t working. Yui opened her eyes and saw that she was no longer with Yuko in Headquarters. She was now outside, in the middle of the day. She looked around and saw that she was at a concert and someone was performing not too far away.

Yui got up and started walking closer to see who it was. Her eyes widened when she saw Sayanee on the stage, accompanied by a full band, performing with her electric guitar. The whole crowd was going wild for her.

“Is this Sayanee’s dream?”


The crowd cheered as Sayanee ended her performance. Yui couldn’t help but smile, seeing Sayanee so happy on that stage.

She then felt herself become pulled away from the dream and woke up back at Headquarters with Yuko.


“Did it work?”

“I think it did,” Yui looked at her Gem, which was glowing. “I saw Sayanee’s dream.”

“Did you try talking to her?”

“It didn’t really work… I can try again, though.”


Yui closed her eyes again and this time concentrated on connecting with Jurina.

“Jurina… can she hear me, I wonder… or she’s thinking about work in her sleep. I doubt she’d--”

“Rena-chan~” Yui opened her eyes to see Jurina out in the park with someone. This person, Rena, was someone Yui’s never met, but she seemed close to Jurina as the younger girl clung to Rena’s arm.

“Ah~ it feels so good out here.”

“Yup. Perfect day for a picnic.”

Yui watched as the two sat down together on the soft grass. Jurina laid her head on the girl’s shoulder as Rena started pulling out the food. Rena took out a loaf of melon bread and happily ate it as Jurina munched on a sandwich.

“Oishii~~~” they said simultaneously.

Yui smiled seeing the two girls getting along so well. Then, she suddenly felt herself being pulled back. She rubbed her temple and the vision changed. Instead of the park, there was an open field with a large tree far away.

“What the…?” She was about to walk closer, but then she was pulled out of the dream and woke up, sitting up from the ground.

“What happened?”

“I… I saw something. Only for a moment… I need to go back.”

“Wait, Yui, you can’t force it too much,” Yuko warned.

Yui closed her eyes. “Still, I need to see it. I need to be sure it was real,” she said as she now thought of Mako.

“I need to see… I need to see!”

She opened her eyes and was now in watch looked like a theatre. She saw Mako standing on stage with a few other girls, practicing a song-and-dance routine.

“Ah, that’s right. I think I remember Mako saying she wanted to be an idol.”

Yui watched as Mako was working hard on the dance, but all the while, she never lost that smile. After all, her smile was an important part of her.

As she was thinking about this, she felt the world starting to shift and change again.

She blinked a few times and was back in the field. She saw the tree and started walking towards it, but then heard Yuko’s voice.

“Yui! Yui, wake up, you can’t force this! If you force it too much, you could get stuck!”

“N-no… I just need to see what…”

As she tried to speak, she felt the world start to crack and the image was breaking. She quickly pulled herself back and woke up, sweat running down her forehead.

“Yui, just stop.”

“Need… one last… time…” Yui closed her eyes concentrating. “I need to see what it is…”

“Yui, wait!”

As Yuko’s voice faded, Yui now found herself, not in a field, but in a garden. There were flowers everywhere, creating a relaxing aroma.

Yui saw a group of girls sitting under a cherry blossom tree, all wearing the same school uniform. Among these girls was Haruppi.

“So this must be Haruppi’s dream…”

The girls were all playing together, having the time of their lives. Haruppi had a smile as she had so much fun with her classmates.

Yui concentrated all she had and tried to bring back the field. She opened her eyes and saw that same field with the tree.

“No more wasting time!” She started running to the tree and when she made it, she saw that there was someone sleeping under it on the other side.

She reached out her hand when suddenly, the whole vision cracked and the world crumbled apart. Yui started falling back into what felt like an abyss.

“NOOOO!!!!” She screamed as she closed her eyes, praying for dear life.

“WAKE UP!!!!”

She woke up and the first person she had seen was Yuko, with a concerned look plastered across her face.

“Yuko-san….” Yui breathed out heavily.

“That was really dangerous, Yui. You can’t force your powers like that; you’re still training.”

“I know, but… I saw someone.”


“I saw someone I had never recognized before, sleeping underneath a tree. I didn’t see their face, though. I was pulled away before I could.”

“So… you connected with someone else’s mind? Not just the other four.”

“Yes… I just wish I could’ve seen that person…”

“For right now, what you need is to rest,” Yuko helped the girl to her feet. “Go back to bed.”


Yui walked back to the infirmary and laid down in the bed, closing her eyes and drifting into sleep.

After some time, she found herself in a dream again, but she knew it wasn’t her own. It wasn’t any of the others, or the dream field, so she had no idea who it could’ve been.

Then, she heard someone humming a tune. She looked and saw Yuko by herself, her eyes closed as she felt the breeze blow gently.

“This is Yuko’s dream…?” Yui stared amazed.

She had never seen Yuko look so happy and peaceful before. Her smile was beautiful and the whole image of the calm girl was breathtaking. She hoped that she’d eventually get to see Yuko smile like that more.

With that, she pulled herself away from Yuko’s dream and back into her own slumber.


To Be Continued

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Quote from: Ruka Kikuchi on: November 07, 2015, 10:10:29 PM
“I saw someone I had never recognized before, sleeping underneath a tree. I didn’t see their face, though. I was pulled away before I could.”

Who is that?

Their face? Then, it's not only one person?

Who could it be? Black Amethyst? Hahaha.  :dunno:

Thanks for the update, Ruka-senpai~

I'll wait for the next one~  :luvluv2:
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Who is that?

Their face? Then, it's not only one person?

Oh, no, you got it all wrong. When writers use "their" for one person, it means a character might not know the person's gender.
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thank you for update .... :roll: :wub: :inlove:
I'm a silent reader and this is my first comment I love your works..
can I asked something there will be a pairings in this story? like yuiparu ^_^ :inlove: I love those pair...
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thank you for update .... :roll: :wub: :inlove:
I'm a silent reader and this is my first comment I love your works..
can I asked something there will be a pairings in this story? like yuiparu ^_^ :inlove: I love those pair...

Hmm, we may see a few pairings~ :roll: ;) :P XD

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Chapter 8 (Part 1)

One day, while the girls were working at the Asobina restaurant, the place was becoming quiet as lunch rush was finishing and most of the guests had left.

“Whew...another busy day,” said Yui as she brought another tray of dirty dishes into the kitchen.

“I’m so tired~” Jurina sighed as she sat in a table. “It’s so unfair, Sayanee had to leave early.”

“And also, once we get back to Yuko, we’ll have to train.”


After suffering a defeat from Black Amethyst, of course, Yuko insisted the girls trained more in order to become stronger. This new dark warrior was someone they’ve never faced, so obviously they had to increase their power.

“My arms are still sore from last time,” Mako said, rubbing her arms.

“Un. My leg muscles hurt, too~” Haruppi agreed.

“Even so, we are knights. This is our duty.”

Then the door to the restaurant opened, causing the bell to ring. Like always, the girls greeted the guests with smiles.


Yui guided the two girls who walked into a table.

“Can I start you two off with some drinks?”

One of the girls looked through the menu. Then she asked Yui, “Mm~ does this place have takoyaki?”

“Ah~ all this looks so good, I dunno if I’ll be able to choose.”

After hearing these girls speak, Yui realized something familiar that she recognized.

“Hm? That speech...Could you girls be from Osaka by any chance?” she asked the customers out of curiosity.

“That’s right! We’re from Namba.”

“We came to visit Tokyo for our vacation.”

Hearing this, Mako spoke to Haruppi, “Namba...Isn’t that Sayanee’s hometown?”

Now here the customers had heard what Mako said and smiled.

“Sayanee? You guys know Sayanee? Do you know where we can find her?” one of them anxiously asked.

“Ah, Sayanee’s not here at the moment,” said Jurina.

At this time, the said person was actually out doing an errand for Takamina.

“Ano, so you girls are connected to Sayaka?” asked Yui.

“Un! We’re her classmates!”


Meanwhile, in Obsidian’s lair, Lapis, Topaz, and Black Amethyst were in the old library, looking for a book that would contain potential information on beating the Prism Knights.

“How long must we keep looking? This place is like a maze…” Topaz said, rather bored and annoyed.

“As long as we must. This library contains books which tell all history of Prism Gems, Black Prisms, and even of the Great Gem War.”

“So, that makes… ugh, we’re gonna die here,” he groaned as he kept finding useless books.

“I swear, some of this is as old as Nephrite the Noble,” Amethyst remarked at one of the old books covered in dust.

Topaz’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who?”

“He was a warrior for Ange a long time ago during a war against us Black Prism warriors, long before Obsidian’s reign. He was defeated mercilessly and all that survived in battle was his sacred armor, which was said to be impenetrable.”

“The armor went missing long ago."

"It was also said the armor would shine forever... Truly, he died a noble death, serving his queen and his Goddess."

Topaz now gained a suspicion and looked towards Amethyst, “How do you know about that?”

“I do my research,” she said before looking coldly at Topaz, “unlike some people.”

Topaz was about to lash out when Lapis held him back.

“This is a library, remember? We must be respectful. We find what we’re looking for and leave quietly. Simple as that.”

As Lapis went back, Topaz still glared at them silently. His suspicions surrounding, not only Lapis, but now the new dark warrior, were growing.

“Just who are you really?”

“Found it,” Lapis then said. He opened it and turned to a certain page and smiled. On the page was an image of a black sword. “This.”

“The Onyx Saber?”

“Yes. Whoever wields it obtains immense dark power. Topaz, you will go with Amethyst to retrieve this sword.”

“What?! Why do I--” He fell silent as the helmeted warrior gave him a cold glare. “Fine…”

“You come back when you have the sword.”

Lapis handed him the book and left the library. Topaz glared over at Amethyst.

“Just so you know… If you try anything funny and backstab us, in this case, possibly literally, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“Really? I’d like to see you try…” she said before taking the book and opening it. “There’s a map to where the sword is located. We follow it, we find it.”

“If you’re so sure, go on your own. Looks very well like you don’t need me.”

“No, I don’t. But if you don’t follow orders, Lord Obsidian will be upset, no?”

Topaz gritted his teeth.

“Fine. But don’t get in my way.”


A while later, Yui and the other four got to know more while talking to Sayaka’s friends from her hometown, Ogasawara Mayu (called Maachun) and Kotani Riho.

“Eh? So Sayaka and you guys went to Namba Girls’ Academy?”

“Yup! We were all part of the Comedy Club together!” Riho said.

“Comedy Club?”

“That doesn’t sound like our Sayanee at all. Sayanee’s often ever strict and serious.”

“But, the truth is, Sayanee is pretty wild,” Maachun then mentioned.


“Sayanee was?”

“Yeah, back in our high school days, she was the class clown. Or, seriously, the QUEEN of class clowns!”

“Eh?! Really?”

It seemed hard to believe the always serious Sayaka that Yui and the others know would actually be involved with comedy and gags and such.

“Look, here’s a video of her!” Maachun got out her phone and showed the group a video of Sayaka when she was younger.

Jurina’s mouth was ajar, Yui tried to contain her giggles while Mako and Haruppi laughed uncontrollably.

“Oh my God!”

“That’s hilarious!!!”

“Wait, there’s more!”

After that, the girls saw a marathon of old videos depicting a very fun, laid-back, and hilarious Sayaka.

“Holy crap!” Yui cracked up as she tried to catch her breath.

“Why can’t Sayanee be more like that?!”

“Well, after high school, Sayanee started to be more serious in her music career,” Maachun said.

Riho followed with a sigh, “I wish the ol’ Sayanee was back.”

It was then that Jurina suddenly had an interesting idea. She grabbed her stuff and got up to leave.

“I’ll be right back, you guys.”

“Wait, Jurina-san,” Maachun stopped her. “Before you go…”


Maachun grinned and took her phone out.

Jurina snickered and then said, “Thanks. OK, bye!”


Now it was at this moment Sayaka came to the base after finishing the errand she was sent out to do by Yuko.

“Whew...That's finally done.”

She was feeling rather hungry, so she headed to the Asobina restaurant and made her way down the street.

Now when Yui, Mako and Haruppi looked and saw Sayaka, they immediately recalled the funny videos of the comedian Sayaka they watched just a while ago. Finding it hard to not remember how amusing Sayaka was in those videos when they look at her, they began to snicker and laugh

Sayaka then spotted her friends already present at the restaurant. In her mind she is puzzled and wondered what on earth is making them laugh like that.

“Oh hey. You guys are here,” she said, then her eyes widened when she saw her two old classmates from high school. “Maachun? Ripopo?!”

“Sayaka!” The two got up and hugged their friend.

“Woah! It’s been so long, you guys!”

“Sayanee, we were just talking about you!”

“Eh, really?”

Haruppi and Mako snickered.

“Nee, Sayanee…”

“Is it true you were like.. class clown at your school?”

“Haa?” Sayaka glared at her two friends, who were containing their laughs. “What did you tell them?”

“Mou~ Sayanee, let’s not think about that!”

“Come on, let’s just catch up!”

The two girls dragged their friend to a table and started chatting as they ate. All the while, Sayanee felt uncomfortable from the stares of her fellow co-workers/teammates, who were still chuckling and whispering silently.

Now as all this was happening, Jurina came back and was holding a white crystal behind her back. She saw Sayanee excusing herself to go use the bathroom and quietly followed her.

There, she saw Sayanee at the sink, rinsing her face off.

“Mou… I don’t believe this.. they just had to remind everyone about all that… Jeez, this is embarrassing… Sometimes, I just wish I never even did all that.”

Jurina smirked. “Sorry, Sayanee, that won’t be an option for right now.”

She took out crystal and recited the spell she wrote from Yuko's spell book. The crystal started glowing, signifying it was ready.

“Let’s bring back those high school days~”

Jurina pointed the crystal out to Sayanee and cast the spell on her. Immediately, the older girl felt herself going back in time, the memories unraveling and disappearing until the only ones left were the ones of when she was in high school.

“Uh… what was I talkin’ about?” she said before leaving the bathroom.

Jurina chuckled and tapped her shoulder, “Yo, Sayanee!”

Sayaka looked at Jurina confused, but then smiled and replied, “Wassup! I don’t know who you are, but you look fun! Let’s hang!”

“Sounds cool~”

“Hey, everything okay?” Mayu and Riho walked over to the girl.

“Ah~ Maachun, Ripopo~ what’s up girls~?”


“Are you okay?”

“I’m all good! ‘ey, lez call up Yuppi and Rikanyan and have some fun~!”

The two then smiled. “You mean...”

“Just like ol’ times?”

Sayaka grinned. “If you ask us to~”

“We’ll do it!!!” The two responded.



The three other girls saw the whole scene and were baffled.

“Holy cow…”

Jurina laughed a bit as she went to them.

“Looks like those two have an influence on her. She can’t hold back her Osaka side anymore.”

“Yeah… maybe we should let them catch up.”

“Yup~ Let’s go!”

The girls then left, Sayanee watching them with a rather confused look.

“So, Sayanee, when did you meet those girls?” Riho asked.

“Eto~... I don’t remember. I don’t even recognize who they are. But, who cares?!” Sayanee slung her arms around her friends. “Let’s go paint the town!”

As they walked out of the restaurant, Sayanee then noticed the Gem around her neck. She looked at it blankly, her eyebrows furrowed.

“When did I get this..?”


To Be Continued

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did jurina changed sayanee's past then forgets them in the present time :? :(

No. She erased Sayanee's memories and made her think she was in high school again.
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Chapter 8 (Part 2)

About an hour passed since the girls got back from the restaurant. They didn’t really know what else to do, they had just finished their daily training, and Sayanee still had not returned.

“Huh… seems kinda dull with Sayanee not here,” Mako said.

“She’s still with those two girls from her school?” Yuko asked, as she was informed about the situation.

“Most likely…”

“But, Sayanee is such a diligent girl. She would’ve been back by now for sure.”

“Maybe she’s just out having fun.”

“Well, let’s see,” Kana pulled up Sayanee’s Gem on the screen. “Now, let’s try and get a visual~”

As she was working, however, the screen started to glitch again.

“Mou~ of all times!”

Yuko tore out a paper that came out of the scanner. “What kind of reading is THIS? This is much different than what we got before?”

She then folded up the paper and put it in her pocket.

“Kana, let’s do a more thorough check of any Gem or Black Prism energy later.”

“Gotcha,” Kana said before pounding the monitor one last time. Sayanee’s Gem came back into view, and now there was some kind of attachment. “Hm? A video message?”

“Let’s see what it is.”

Kana tapped the screen and opened the video attachment.

“Oh my Lord…” Yuko’s eyes were wide as she looked at the screen.


Yuko and Yui stood, their jaws dropped, while everyone else was laughing their butts off.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Kana laughed. “This is a WHOLE new side to Sayanee!”

“What happened to her all the sudden?”

“I guess those girls just have an influence on her,” Haruppi said. “I mean, that’s what she acted like when she was in high school. Ogasawara-san and Kotani-san told us that.”

“No…” Yuko made a worried expression. “If that’s how she really was, then why has she never shown this side to us? Why now? It makes no sense…”

“What do you mean? That’s perfectly normal.”

“No, something’s wrong… I can just feel it, Sayanee was…”

Jurina then guiltily raised her hand, “Ano~... I kinda made Sayanee go back to being her ol’ self. Like, how she was in high school.”

“Wha-? How?”

“I kinda, sorta… erased her memory.”

“You did WHAT?!” Yuko and Kana exclaimed.

Jurina took out the crystal she used to cast the spell.

“It was just a little prank...”

“You erased her memory, Jurina!”

“Don’t you understand what that means?! You made her forget she was a Prism Knight! Now she’s left wide open for one of Obsidian’s soldiers to attack her!”


“You weren’t thinking at all, were you?!” Yuko said angrily. “You wanted to be funny with this little prank, but now you’ve endangered Sayanee! Are you happy now?! Is this funny to you?!”

“Yuko-san, calm down!” Yui pleaded.

Jurina remained silent.

“Just go get her back. And make it quick. Me and Kana will be working on other things.”

Yuko walked away from the group and started working on reading the scannings. Kana motioned for them to go, seeing as Yuko was rather upset about Jurina’s actions.

“Let’s just leave her be. You can apologize when we get Sayanee back,” Yui said.

“Y-yeah…” Jurina said. “Let’s go.”


The four girls quickly arrived at the location Sayanee was. They saw her and her friends at an arcade, going absolutely crazy.

“Sayanee!” Yui ran up to the girl and got her attention. “There you are! What are you doing here? We have to get back to He--er, I mean, Yuko’s place.”

Just then, Sayaka did something unexpected…

“Komanechi! Komanechi! Naha! Naha! Hero of Justice, Underwear Man! Yamamoto desu.”

Everyone stood dumbfounded.


“Now, who are you?” Sayanee pointed at Yui.

“Sayanee, it’s me, Yui! You have to remember!”

However, as they were talking, Jurina noticed that Lapis could be seen and summoned some Geodites.

“Uh, guys… we got trouble!” she said, pointing towards what was going on.


“You guys go on,” she said to her friends. They nodded and ran towards the scene. Yui looked back to her friend, “Sayanee, please! You need to remember us! Remember what you really are!”

“What are ya talkin’ about?! This IS who I am! And I don’t want people like you bossin’ me around. Now, leave me alone.”

As she was walking away, Yui took out the crystal and pointed it at her.

“Sayanee, remember who you are!” Yui shouted as she cast the memory spell on Sayanee, a beam of white light shooting out.

The light hit her and all her memories re-entered her mind, making her stop in her tracks.

“I remember now… I’m a Prism Knight.”

Sayaka looked at her friends and then looked at Yui. She knew what was more important. Even though she had fun, it was time to be serious again.

She walked over to her friends.

“Guys, sorry,” she said. “Something came up. I have important business to do.”

“Aw~ really?”

“I really am sorry.”

“Then, will you do one last gag, Sayanee?”

“Please~~~” Her friends begged.

“Oh, alright, alright.”

She sighed. “Glad I got all that out one last time…”

She then walked back to Yui and the two headed to the battlefield.


Back at Headquarters, Yuko and kana were looking at the scanner and searching for what was causing the strange readings.

“No abnormalities… What does this all mean?” Yuko looked at the folded up paper.

Then, Kana noticed something…



“Yuko, this!” Kana pointed at one of the screens, showing a heavy amount of dark energy that was released. “Could this be…?”

“Oh crap… Someone released the Onyx Saber!”


Topaz and Amethyst hovered over Tokyo. Amethyst gave an evil smile as she rose the Saber high in the air. Black lightning shot in the sky and dark clouds started to form.

Thunder roared in the air as the girls were battling Lapis’ Geodites.


Lapis chuckled. “Time for the real show to begin! Prepare to see a whole new kind of darkness!”

As the sky turned dark and rain started to come down, something happened to the Geodites. The rain was transforming them, making them more monstrous and stronger.

“Oh God…”

Topaz and Black Amethyst appeared beside him. The power of the Onyx Saber had transformed Amethyst as well. Her armor looked stronger and very evil, emitting a dark aura.

“Take them out.”

Topaz and Amethyst teleported down to the battlefield. Topaz grabbed Haruppi and Sayanee, while Amethyst took Jurina and Mako. They disappeared and Yui was left alone with Lapis.

“With your comrades separated, you stand no chance against me.”

“No… this is..! I can’t let this happen!”

Lapis chuckled and had the Geodites all charge at once.

Yui held out her sword and tried to attack, but she felt weak. The rain was making her weaker and weaker as it fell upon her.


She fell to her knees and returned to her normal form, becoming sick from the rain’s effects.

“Soon, the others shall fall like you,” she heard Lapis’ voice faintly echoing. “You have failed. Obsidian will finally rise again…”

Yui then fainted, her world becoming swallowed by darkness.


To Be Continued

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“You erased her memory, Jurina!”

“Don’t you understand what that means?! You made her forget she was a Prism Knight! Now she’s left wide open for one of Obsidian’s soldiers to attack her!”


“You weren’t thinking at all, were you?!” Yuko said angrily. “You wanted to be funny with this little prank, but now you’ve endangered Sayanee! Are you happy now?! Is this funny to you?!”

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Yui held out her sword and tried to attack, but she felt weak. The rain was making her weaker and weaker as it fell upon her.


She fell to her knees and returned to her normal form, becoming sick from the rain’s effects.

“Soon, the others shall fall like you,” she heard Lapis’ voice faintly echoing. “You have failed. Obsidian will finally rise again…”

Yui then fainted, her world becoming swallowed by darkness.

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Chapter 9

Yui woke up groggily back at Headquarters. She saw Yuko and Kana hovered over her.

“Thank goodness~ you’re okay!”

“Wh-what happened..?” Yui said as she held her head.

“It’s Obsidian’s army. They got hold of the Onyx Saber.”

A rush of memories hit her as she remembered what had happened on the battlefield.

“No…” She started to cry remembering her friends being taken away. “No, this can’t be…”


“What am I going to do now?”

“There’s no other choice. You have to fight them and destroy the Saber.”

“But how?!” Yui screamed, tears streaming down her eyes. “They took the others… and they’ve gotten stronger… I’m…”

“Yui, listen,” Yuko took the girl’s shoulders. “There’s a reason I chose you as leader for this team. You have a power deep within you, and now you have to let it out to save the others.”

“I do..?”

“You do. It’s always been right here,” Yuko pointed at her chest.

Yui looked at her Gem. All she could think about was saving the others, and all of Tokyo. She grasped the Gem tightly.

“Right. I have to fight.”

Yuko typed a few things into the computer and found the location of Lapis.

“If we hurry now, we can catch him before he leaves Tokyo,” Yuko said, “Also, while you were out, I upgraded your Gem.”


“Yup. The rain that was out there weakened it, so I did a little adjustments to strengthen it.”

“Thank you, Yuko. I’ll be off then,” Yui said before she stepped on the teleporter and was transported to the streets of Tokyo.

The whole place was deserted, the sky dark with black clouds. The place was wrecked due to the previous Geodite attacks.

“This is terrible…”

She then found Lapis and faced him.


“Oh, you’re back already? It didn’t take you too long to recover. How disappointing…”

“Where are my friends?”

“Oh yes. They’re battling elsewhere… Call it a test of strength.”

He approached Yui and summoned a blade in his hand. He smirked and moved his sword, the blade almost touching her cheek.

“Perhaps we should have one of our own. Let’s see if you can beat me. Although, I truly doubt it.”

Yui gripped her Gem.

“Lapis… you used to be one of us. A Prism Knight… Yet, you betrayed Ange… You broke Yuko’s heart… You fell to darkness… Everything you’ve done.. is unforgivable!”

Yui then transformed and summoned a new sword, which had been upgraded by Yuko.

“For your unacceptable deeds… I will defeat you!”


Meanwhile, in what seemed like another dimension, the four girls found themselves in a world shrouded by darkness. Everything was bleak and looked almost like a graveyard. Although they were in the same world, the four were divided into two pairs, miles apart from each other.

Sayanee and Haruppi were facing Topaz, Haruppi protecting Sayanee from the back against the Geodites, and Sayanee doing the same.

Topaz chuckled from above. “How pathetic… Do you really think you can keep this up? Sooner or later, one of you will fall.”

During battle, Haruppi was struggling to keep up with the monsters’ attacks. Before she could reload her shouts, one of the Geodites knocked her down and cornered her.


The blue knight quickly came to her call and slashed the monster from behind.

“Is that all you got?” Sayanee grinned at Topaz.

He sneered. “What a nuisance.”

He then snapped his fingers and created a black cage of thorns around Sayanee. She tried to break out, but they were incredibly strong, not even leaving a scratch.

“Now, where were we, little pink knight?”

The Geodites circled Haruppi, making her shiver in fear.

“What’s the matter? You scared?! Why don’t you just run away like the weak little baby you are!”

“I-I… I..!” Haruppi started to cry.

“Haruppi, don’t listen to him!” Sayanee shouted. “You have to fight!”

The girl shook her head. “I don’t want to anymore… I wanna go home…”

“If you don’t fight now, there won’t be a home to go to!”

Haruppi sniffled and wiped away her tears.


She cocked her two guns and aimed them at the monsters, firing one shot after another and taking out each monster.

Topaz growled angrily again.

“Looks like it’s just you and me,” Haruppi said.

Topaz jumped down to Haruppi, creating a black dagger in his hand.

The battle commenced and Topaz was the one to make the first move, trying to stab the young knight. Haruppi fired a shot, but missed Topaz. She saw him nearly punch her stomach, but blocked it and kicked his side.

He then turned around swiftly and elbow her back, knocking her down for a moment, but Haruppi got back up and fired a few more shots, one landing at his shoulder and another scratching his cheek.

“You really think you stand a chance against me?” Topaz glared. “You’re WEAK! You can’t do anything, so why even bother?! You’re just a pathetic human!”

Haruppi gripped her two guns.

“I… I.. am not weak!”

She fired another shot, and this time, shot Topaz’s hand and knocked away the dagger.

“Haruppi, catch!” Sayanee threw the girl one of her hand knives and Haruppi slashed Topaz, knocking him down.

Topaz was about to attack, when he suddenly felt something pull him back. He disappeared in front of Sayanee and Haruppi. The black cage also disappeared and Sayanee was free.

“What just happened?”

“No idea. But, my watch is sensing Jurina and Mako close by. We need to go hurry and find them.”

“Right! Let’s go!”


At the same time, Mako and Jurina were fighting Black Amethyst. Jurina’s spear clashed with the Onyx Saber Amethyst wielded, creating a loud clang.

“I see your skills have improved since our last encounter,” she said coldly. “But that does not mean you can stop me.”

“I can still try. I’ll keep going until I finally beat you!”

Jurina pushed her away and was about to slash her with her spear when the dark warrior held out her palm and pushed the girl back with a strong force.

The green knight was sent flying and fell to the ground, her body suddenly weak.


“The Onyx Saber increases the dark powers of one’s Black Prism. Oh, but it seems it only stunned you. With the amount of power I was using, you should be out cold.”

Jurina chuckled. “See? We have gotten stronger… you can’t knock us down just that easy as last time…”

Amethyst was about to slash her, when Mako shouted out and ran for a surprise attack, swinging her war hammer.

“Pathetic…” Amethyst froze the girl in her tracks.

“Eh..?” Mako struggled to move, surrounded by a purple aura. “I c-can’t.. m-move..!”

“You’re next,” Amethyst raised her hand and created a dark orb. She shot it at Jurina, the girl just barely dodging, causing her annoyance.

She swung the Saber again, this time, cutting some of Jurina’s scarf which was around her neck. The blade was now aimed at her neck.

“All you Prism Knights are the same… You hold on desperately to some lost hope and try to keep fighting even though all is lost… It’s all pointless.”

“How can you say that?!” Jurina said angrily. “We fight… the reason we fight is to stop villains like you from doing evil deeds!”

“And where is it getting you now?! You should just surrender, just like your oh-so dear Lady Ange and so-called ‘fearless’ leader, the former White knight…”

Now Jurina was mad. A new fire burned in her and she swung her spear fiercely.

“You… will not… talk about her… like that!!!” she screamed as she kept slashing Amethyst’s Saber, leading to one final attack.

Jurina created a strong green shockwave with the shear force of strength, knocking her far away and landing on the ground, releasing the Onyx Saber.

Having let go of the Onyx Saber, the dark aura around Amethyst dimmed. The Saber itself also became smaller and less deadly-looking, no longer resembling a sword, and more like a long knife.

The purple aura around Mako disappeared and she could move again.

“Jurina, get the Saber!”

“On it!”

Jurina quickly took the Saber and wrapped it tightly in a cloth, making sure none of the black metal was shown.

While she was doing this, she looked up and noticed that Amethyst was in great pain, not just from the draining of her energy, but it looked like she was actually having an internal struggle.

She remembered something she had saw in a book when she was searching for the memory spell…

“A pure Black Prism can also hold the power of warping a person’s thoughts or memories.”

When she looked back up, Jurina saw a pulsing purple glow that seemed like it was coming from Amethyst’s eye, as if there was something inside her fighting for control.

“This Saber… it truly is a dastardly weapon,” she said as she tied the cloth tightly.

Amethyst could still hear multiple whispers of the Saber’s corrupt power. It was twisting her thoughts and causing all sorts of chaos in her head. Darkness clouded her senses and she felt like she was going insane.

She ran up and tried to grab Jurina, and in a panic, Mako swung her war hammer and hit the dark warrior in the head, knocking her out cold.

The two walked over the dark knight.

“Now what should we do with her?”

“Maybe while she’s like this, we can--”

Before the pair could think of what to do with the dark soldier, however, a Geodite suddenly appeared and grabbed Amethyst. It then disappeared as abruptly as it appeared, leaving the two a bit shocked.

“Well, scratch that.”

“Jurina-san! Kojimako-chan!”

The two then saw their comrades running towards them. They embraced in a group hug, relieved to have reunited.

“What happened to you guys?” Jurina asked, noticing the injuries on the two.

“We were fighting Topaz. And you guys?”

“Black Amethyst.”

“But she got away. A Geodite took her.”

“Same. Topaz just disappeared. Literally.”

“So, now what do we do?”

The group suddenly felt themselves become pulled away from the world they were in and re-arrived in Tokyo, locked up in a black cage hovered over Yui and Lapis. Topaz was also in a separate cage, watching from afar.

“Why were you locked up in here?” Jurina couldn’t help but ask Topaz.

“Obsidian was angered that I had lost, so he put me in this cage.”

“I’m surprised he hasn’t done that long time ago.”

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” he roared angrily.

“Alright, you two. What’s not important is the confrontation up here,” Sayanee said. “What matters is down there.”

She pointed down to where Yui and Lapis have both already gone through an intense battle. Both had suffered injuries, and both seemed to be struggling to tolerate the damage.

“The readings on Yui’s Gem are weak,” Sayanee said. “If she pushes too hard, she may give out and…”

“Don’t say it,” Mako said.

“Yuihan… She just has to win!”

However, Yui was already at her wits end. Even though she was fighting with all she had, she was growing weaker with each passing second.

She fell to her knees, trying to catch her breath. Her sword was starting to grow heavy in her hands. Lapis flashed an evil smile and started to approach her.

“Someone… someone lend me their strength…”

She closed her eyes, prepared for the worst…

“NO!!!” Sayanee screamed, Jurina covered her mouth and Haruppi looked away from the sight, Mako holding her.

But then, Yui felt a warm hand on her back. Her body suddenly felt light and replenished. She stood up, a bright aura surrounding her, and slashed Lapis away with her sword.

His eyes widened. “This aura… It can’t be..!”

“Lapis, retreat,” he heard Obsidian in his mind.

“Yes, sir.”

He and Topaz then disappeared.

The black cage vanished and Sayanee and the others flew down to Yui’s side, who had now stopped glowing.

“Yui! That was--”

They were interrupted when Yui suddenly collapsed and transformed back to normal.



Topaz stood at Obsidian’s feet, his head lowered in shame from his defeat. The dark lord hovered over him with glowing red eyes.

“Do you understand that I will not allow these constant failures to continue?”

“Yes, my Lord. I’m very sorry.”

“You should be. If this keeps up, someone is going to lose their life.”

Topaz gritted his teeth, growling angrily in a low tone at the memory of his loss.

“More importantly, where is Black Amethyst?”

As he said that, before Topaz could answer, Lapis stepped in, carrying an unconscious Black Amethyst in his arms.

“Oi, what happened to her?” Topaz asked, slightly shocked in seeing the dark warrior had fallen.

“Most of her energy has been drained. Seems that the Onyx Saber really took a toll on her. I’ll take her back to the Black Prism to replenish her energy.”

“You do so, then. Topaz, you’re dismissed as well. And remember, no more disappointments.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The two left and Topaz followed Lapis silently to the dark chamber in which Black Amethyst had first emerged. The sight and overwhelming power of the Black Prism in the center of the room was bone-rattling indeed.

Lapis laid Amethyst down on the altar and let the dark energy become absorbed into the dark knight’s body.

“You felt that aura, didn’t you?” Lapis then said.


“Of the red knight. Something awakened in her. Or, more likely, she awakened something.”

“What are you implying?”

“What if this red knight.. as some connection to Ange’s soul?”

Topaz’s eyes widened in fear. “That can’t be..! We eliminated her! Her soul should be gone!”

“No. It’s shattered, it scattered across Earth. Part of it somehow was able to find it’s way to the red knight. How or why is the question.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll find out why and eliminate it! I want Ange and her bothersome knights completely GONE!”

Lapis only silently walked passed him.

“And just so you know… I still don’t trust you,” Topaz then sneered.

“I understand completely,” he replied before leaving.


(Listen to this ( song playing)

Yui opened her eyes and found herself in a familiar field. She remembered this field from her dreams and saw she was now underneath the tree, asleep.

But the other figure she saw was not sitting with her, asleep. Instead, she saw a young girl standing beside her, looking out at something. For some reason, however, Yui could not see her face clearly.

The girl turned to Yui and what she could see clearly was a smile curving the girl’s lips. She then mouthed something.


“Who..?” Yui tried to reach out to her, but then became blinded by the sunlight.

Her eyes blinked and she found herself back at Headquarters, staring at the white sealing.


She looked and saw Yuko, Kana, and all the others surrounding her as she laid in the infirmary bed.

“W-what happened.. to me..?”

“You were out for three days.”

“Three days?! Tokyo--!” Yui tried to get up, but her body was still a bit sore.

“Don’t worry. We reversed everything the Onyx Saber created and destroyed it permanently. The city’s back to normal and no one remembers a thing.”

The girl sighed in relief. “Thank goodness…”

“Still, what you did during that battle with Lapis was awesome!”

“You were shining and glowing and you looked like an angel!”

“Angel..?” Hearing that word, Yui did distinctly remember someone with her during that time. Maybe it was the girl she saw in her dream, maybe she was an angel.

Kana nudged Yuko and whispered, "Was that part of the upgrade?"

Yuko only shrugged. "I don't think so."

“Look, what matters is that you’re okay.”

“So… what’s going to happen now?”

“I guess only time will tell.”


To Be Continued

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that was awesome,  :twothumbs yui saves the day  :twothumbs

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Chapter 10 (Part 1)

This time was a special time for one of the Prism Knight girls. Because, the third oldest of the group, Matsui Jurina, had just released her official debut single as a solo singer!

A few weeks after Jurina confirmed it, the girls were able to listen and watch first-hand her first live TV performance of the song.

“Woah~ check it out~” Mako said excitingly. “It’s Jurina’s solo single!”

Mako showed her friends the CD albums of Jurina’s recently released single.

“‘Akai Pin Heel to Professor’..?”

“It’s such a mature song~”

“Well, Jurina is almost 18.”

Speaking of, as they were talking, Jurina just happened to walk in and started to leave.

“Hey, Jurina, that was great!” Mako said, noticing the girl.

“Un! Is it true you’re gonna be filming for the music video tomorrow?” Haruppi asked excitedly.

“Huh..?” Jurina looked at them, a strange look in her eyes. “Oh, y-yeah...”

“Can we come watch? Please?”

“We promise we’ll be good.”

“Uh, yea, I’ll… I’ll see what I can do...”

She walked away from the group, holding her head a bit. Yuko happened to walk passed her and asked the two.

“Hey, is Jurina okay?” Yuko asked.

“Yeah, she must be tired from training is all.”

“Plus, she’s been doing nonstop work ever since her single came out.”

“But don’t worry, Jurina’s a super idol, she can handle anything!”

“Souka… I was just worried, she looked a little pale.”

“It can’t be that big of a deal, can it?”

“Come to think of it, Jurina’s been eating less,” Haruppi mentioned. “She kept mentioning she was on a diet and that she was watching her health.”

“Don’t you think that maybe she’s pushing herself too hard?”

Yuko nudged Sayaka’s shoulder. “Sayanee, could this be…?”


Mako decided to see what was really going on and went to the exit door.

“Jurina?” Mako saw the girl dizzily walking towards the door. She turned to look at Mako and gave a weak smile.

“Oh… h-hey, Mako-chan...”

“Jurina, are you okay? You look sick.”

“No, no, I’m… fine….” Jurina stumbled and slowly collapsed to the ground.

“Jurina!” Mako quickly caught her and felt her head. She was burning with a fever. “Yuko! Yui! Help! Jurina’s sick!”


“So, it seems the Green knight has grown quite weak...”

“It seems so.”

“This will be the perfect opportunity to take her Gem.”

Beryl looked over at Lapis. “And how do you suggest we do that? Their base is protected by an invisible barrier that doesn’t allow us Black Gem wielders to enter.”

“Simple. We just need another way to infiltrate.”

“You always make it sound so easy. But don’t you understand that Lord Obsidian is still VERY upset with us since the incident with the Onyx Saber,” Topaz glared.

“He’s more upset with you than anyone,” Amethyst mentioned.

“Shut up!”

“Topaz, it is very true, but if he were that upset with any of us, he’d had gotten rid of all of us minutes ago. But he’s still weak with power, and he trusts us to defeat them. And he also needs me by his side until he can regain his full power.”

“You… you used to be one of them!” Topaz angrily brought up, “You worked with all of them, against us! You and that White knight, Oshima..!”

“I changed. Those foolish Prism Knights have no idea what they’re up against.”

For some reason, as they were talking, Black Amethyst happened to overhear a certain name that was mentioned and when she did, there was a buzzing in her head that made her hold her temple to stop it throbbing.

Lapis happened to see the dark warrior struggling with something and approached her.

“Everything alright, Amethyst?”

When she heard Lapis’ voice, the buzzing had stopped and Amethyst lowered her hand.

“Yes… just a headache.”

“Perhaps you’re still suffering the after effects of the Onyx Saber,” Lapis simply said.

“Perhaps…” Amethyst agreed.

“Don’t let it bother you. The effects will wear off soon.” He then leaned closer to her ear. “And if not, I can easily fix that.”

She nodded. “Yes, Lapis.”

“Hey, I wasn’t finished,” Topaz grabbed the man. “What makes you so sure that Obsidian really trusts you, fully?”

“Because I’ve sworn loyalty to him, on my own blood. I gave the last of my humanity away and my absolute obedience to him. I’ve not failed him once, that is, until the Prism knights rose once again. But he still has not once doubted I was a traitor. So I suggest you erase these thoughts of suspicion, or it will be YOU who’s the first to go.”

Topaz suddenly felt scared. He didn’t show it, but there was something now in Lapis’ eyes that was scaring him. He slowly let go and back away.

“Back to more important business,” Beryl then spoke. “The Green knight.”

“Yes. This could be a chance to take her Gem. Jade, Alex.”

At his call, two almost identical figures appeared.

“Yes sir?”

“I’m putting you in charge of this mission. Find a way to infiltrate their headquarters and take the Green knight’s Prism Gem.”


The two disappeared and Lapis created an image of Jurina resting in the base, her skin turned pale from the fever. The group stared as Yuko and Yui were taking care of her to relieve her fever.

“With her like this, it won’t be long until the entire team also falls.”


“This fever is pretty bad...” Yuko said as she laid a wet cloth on Jurina’s head to cool her fever.

Yui watched the girl’s pained expression in her sleep, her hands gripping the blanket.

“You were pushing yourself too hard…” she said softly.

Yuko decided it’d be best if they let Jurina rest alone. They walked out and saw the others all quietly sitting around the table.

“With Jurina like this, we need to protect her while she rest.”

“Why is that?”

“Even though Obsidian’s soldiers can’t come in, they’re bound to find some other way to catch us off guard. That’s why we can’t leave until Jurina gets better.”

“Do you think they’d try to break in?”

“No. That wouldn’t work,” Kana said. “This place has protected us for a long time. Not ONE Black Prism wielder has ever stepped foot inside.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door.


“Uh-oh, who is that?”

Yuko pulled up the security camera footage and saw a girl standing outside the door.

“Jurina, are you here?”

Sayanee immediately recognized the girl. “Rena-san...”

Yuko then pushed a button and her voice was carried to an intercom outside the base. “What’s your name?”

Rena was a bit confused, but answered into the intercom.

“Matsui Rena desu. I’m here to see Jurina; I looked up her phone on my GPS and tracked it here.”

Behind Yuko, the other girls saw the person standing at the door through a screen filmed by a security camera.

“Who is that?”

“That’s… Jurina’s sister.” Sayanee said.


“I met her when Jurina and I swapped bodies,” Sayanee included. “They live together.”

“This is bad! She followed us here!”

Kana tried to reassure the girls. “Now now girls, let’s all calm down,” she encouraged, “Yuko is going to handle it.”

After a bit of thinking, Yuko spoke, “Gomen. Jurina is busy right now.”


“Ah, don’t worry, she’s fine. Really. She just doesn’t really want anyone bothering her while she’s...” Yuko stopped when she saw a saddened expression from Rena.

“Yuko?” Sayanee nudged her shoulder.

The girl snapped out of her trance and continued, “Er, eto… maybe you should come back and wait until she’s less busy. Is that fine, Rena-san?”

“Well… if you aren’t going to let me in, at least tell me if Jurina’s okay. She didn’t respond to any of my texts or calls.”

“Don’t worry, Rena-san. She’s okay.”

“Has she eaten?”

“Yeah, of course she’s eaten.”

“No, I mean, has she been eating properly?”

“Eh..? Properly?”

“Yes. I’ve noticed it for a while now, but Jurina’s been eating less and less of her dinner. And she’ll go to the gym every once in awhile, even though she’s so fit. She’s says she’s watching her health, but all of this is making her sick. She’s even had to go to the hospital a few times.”


“Rena did tell me Jurina would get herself sick because of her eating so little,” Sayanee mentioned. “But… I didn’t think it was so serious.”

“And not only that, Jurina hasn’t been getting proper sleep either. When she was younger, she couldn’t sleep by herself, but she insisted that she needed to get adjusted and sleep alone now. But, I know the truth. She’s been disappearing for hours, days, every night! She’ll come home late, and sometimes, she STILL won’t go to sleep!”


“And to make things even worse, Jurina’s nightmares have been becoming more frequent and intense as she’s gotten older! I would always be there to comfort her, but she STILL insists I leave her alone! But because of these nightmares, she stays up all night! She has insomnia, and it only makes her condition worse!”

“Rena-san, please, calm down..!”

“I’m worried about Jurina, okay?! I just care about her! I don’t want to lose my ONLY sister!! She’s the ONLY FAMILY I HAVE LEFT!!!”

The feedback echoed loudly and pierced everyone’s ears.

After it calmed down, Sayanee slowly uncovered her ears and held the button to speak in the intercom.

“Matsui-san, Jurina is--”

Just then, Rena’s sobs could be heard from the intercom. They looked at the screen and saw her crying, tears freely flowing from her eyes.

“I-I… I’m sorry...”

Rena then ran off and disappeared from the screen.

Sayanee let go of the intercom button. “Rena-san…”

“That was.. pretty intense.”

“Rena-san must really care for Jurina-chan.”

“Un…” Sayanee nodded. “She does. I know very well she does…”

She gripped her fists.

“I feel sorry for her… Rena-san.”


Back where Rena was, she was sitting alone in the intersection of Shibuya. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she remembered how Jurina had been forcing herself.

She always had a sort of pressure put upon her since she started going solo, and now she was involved with something unknown to Rena. She essentially became worried the day Jurina suddenly collapse while they were together in Nagoya.

The image of Jurina sick in the hospital, how weak and vulnerable she was… it hurt Rena. She never wanted to see Jurina like that again. But now that she knew it was happening all over again, fear and sadness was slowly consuming her.

“Jurina...” Rena softly cried as she covered her face.

“Now, now~” A voice echoed in Rena’s ears. “Don’t cry~”

“Yes, please, don’t cry, child.” Another voice said.

Rena looked around, trying to find the source of the voices.

“Who… who’s there?”

“We’re friends.”

“We want to help you in your sorrow.”

“Eh..?” Rena then smelled a strange perfume in the air. It was making her dizzy and she held her head. “Wh-what’s.. going.. on..?”

“You want to help your dear little sister, right?” Rena then felt someone embrace her from behind, whispering in her ear. “You know how much she’s been struggling, and you want to be of some help to her. The poor thing~”

“That’s right,” the second voice whispered in her other ear. “We can lend you the strength you need; give you the power to help your sister.”

“Help… Jurina...”

“That’s right. Give yourself up to the darkness~”

“And then, you can help your sister.”

Rena’s eyes slowly closed, falling asleep in the two’s embrace. Everything in her mind was consumed by darkness, leaving everything else blank and empty.

“That’s a good girl~” one of the figures said as she stroked her head.

“Now, with you, we will get our hands on the Prism Gems.”


To Be Continued

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Rena has gone to the DARK SIDE! (Just saw Star Wars when I read it)

*Rainoric unsheathes 'Ulfberth'*

Ready for round 2 Geki?
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Mystery figure 1: You won't get in our way this time.

Mystery figure 2: Annihilate him, slave.

Geki: *giggles* Yes, masters. *runs up and punches Rainoric in the face, then his gut*
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Exalted Blade!

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"Gimme back my friend who shares my name! She was gonna show me Chili's!"
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Geki: Oh, I'll give you something spicy~ Hehehe *she then grabs both of his wrists and body slams him, then proceeds to bite his arm*
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We now return to your regularly scheduled fanfic.


Chapter 10 (Part 2)

Back at the base, things were proceeding as normal. The others were training while Yuko and Kana were looking over some things on the base monitor.

The four decided to take a break, but since they couldn’t go out for food, they could only resort of the snacks and leftovers in the fridge and cabinets. Sayanee then remembered she packed some bentos from Takamina’s restaurant and started searching for her bag.

She walked past Jurina’s door, but stopped when she heard a strange noise. She opened the door slightly and saw Jurina moving around in the bed, mumbling in her sleep.

“Must be a weird dream...” she thought.

She thought it was nothing at first and started to leave, but then she saw Jurina’s expression. She looked scared, cold sweat forming on her forehead. Her sleeptalking became louder and Sayanee was able to hear some distinct words.

“No.. Don’t go… don’t leave me..! Please, don’t leave me alone..!”

Sayanee walked back into the room. She walked closer to Jurina and heard more of her sleeptalking.

“Please..! Don’t leave me, I don’t wanna be alone..! It’s dark.. I’m scared..!”


“Please, I need you..! You’re the only family I have left..! Rena-chan!”

Sayanee’s eyes widened.


“RENA-CHAN!!!” Jurina screamed and shot up from the bed. She breathed heavily as she calmed herself from the intense nightmare.

“Jurina, are you okay?”

The younger girl hid her face with her hair. “I-I’m.. fine…”

“You sure?”

Jurina didn’t look at her. Sayanee held her shoulders and made her look at her eyes. She saw tears welling in the young girl’s eyes.

“Jurina… you were talking in your sleep. You were saying things like ‘Don’t leave me, Rena’ and you seemed really scared.”


“You really love Rena, don’t you?” Sayanee sat down beside her. “I know that she cares for you a lot, so you must feel the same way.”

“The truth is… since my parents are always so busy with work, they travel a lot, especially overseas. Me and Rena never see them anymore, so they hired a bunch of servants to look after us. To me, Rena’s the only real family I have. She’s the only one who stayed by my side no matter what.”

“She came by earlier today, wanting to check on you. She’s really worried about your health,” Sayanee then said in a serious tone. “You can’t push yourself to the limit. You have to rest and eat proper meals.”

Jurina only nodded. “Un…”

“I mean it. We can’t have one of our precious knights sick like this,” Sayanee then patted her head.

Jurina smiled. “Arigato.”

There was a knock at the door. Jurina and Sayanee walked into the main room, where everyone was already gathered.

“Jurina!” Mako and Haruppi smiled happily.

“Feeling better?” Yuko asked.

“Un, a little… More importantly, who’s at the door?”

“Let’s see…” They looked at the camera footage, and saw Rena standing out there again.

“It’s Rena...”

“Jurina~ Can I come in?”

Yuko looked over at the girl.

“Let her in,” Jurina said.

She then unlocked the door. Rena opened it and stepped inside. Before she could see the high tech computers, Yuko quickly shut it down. With the holographic screens not up and running, the place looked very much like a modern apartment.

“Rena,” Jurina walked up and hugged her sister.

“I heard you were sick.”

“I know. I’m sorry I made you worry. I know I should tell you about these kind of things. But--”

“No, no, don’t apologize,” Rena said, breaking the hug. “You’re my sister. I must trust you to take care of yourself now that you’re becoming an adult as well.”


“Ah, that’s right. I brought curry, so let me feed it to you.”

“Eh? Maji?! Awesome! You’re the best, sis!” Jurina smiled brightly.

“Jurina, you sure you’re feeling better,” Yuko asked. “You had us all worried sick.”

“Oh come on, it’ll be fine. Ne, Rena-chan?”

“That’s right. You have no need to worry.”

Yuko felt a bit of a disturbing feeling when Rena looked at her. Even her speaking made something feel off.

“Well… if it’s Jurina’s older sister, I trust you, but…”

“Yatta~ Thanks, Yuko!” Jurina hugged Yuko before she could finish, then clung to her sister’s arm. “C’mon, Rena-chan, you can feed it to me in the bedroom.”

“You’re always a spoiled one, aren’t you?”

“Haha, I can’t help it~”

Yui noticed that Yuko had a worried expression.

“Yuko, you alright?”

“Uh, yeah…”

However, Yuko looked back as Jurina and Rena walked away together.

“Something feels… very, very wrong.”


“Here,” Rena set out the tray in front of Jurina.

“Wow~ it smells good.”

“Go on and eat.”

“Un! Itadakimasu~” Jurina spooned the curry rice and ate it, a bright smile painting her face. “Oh my gosh, it’s so good!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I always like Rena-chan’s cooking,” she said as she continued eating at high pace.

Rena just silently watched, her sister often taking a glance and smiling, to which Rena just smiled back. Then, Jurina tasted something strange about the food and blinked a bit.

“Hey… what flavor curry is this..? It tastes so….”

Jurina couldn’t finish her sentence as she felt her mind slowly go blank. The spoon fell out of her hand and she fell back onto the bed, her eyes shut as she fell into a deep sleep.

Rena, who blankly stared at her sister, gave a sinister grin.

“Good work,” a voice said as the two figures from before appeared.

“Sweet dreams, Green warrior,” the other figure said. “You won’t be waking up for a while.”

“Now, take her Gem.”

Rena nodded and ripped the necklace off of Jurina’s neck, the green crystal dangling and shimmering in front of her.

“Her power is ours now~”

“Time to go now, slave. Master Obsidian will be pleased.”

“Yes, Master will be pleased,” Rena said in a monotonous voice.


As everyone was finishing up the last of the bentos, Yuko saw Rena leave, noticing her placing something in her pocket. She bid her farewells to the girls and left the base.

“So that’s Jurina-chan’s sister, huh?”

“She seems really nice.”

“Oi, Kana, you’re such a messy eater. Here,” Yuko handed her a napkin for her face, which was littered with rice. The others giggled at the sight.

“I wonder if Jurina finished eating…” Kana said as she wiped the rice off her mouth.

The group walked into the bedroom where they saw Jurina asleep, the curry still placed in front of her.

“Mou, asleep again, huh?” Yuko walked over and shook her shoulder. “Jurina, come on, get up. You were just sleeping not too long ago.”

But Jurina didn’t respond, which immediately made her worry. She shook her a bit harder, but the girl still wasn’t waking up.

Then, her eyes widened when she saw Jurina’s Gem was no longer around her neck. She remembered seeing Rena leave, something in her hand. She didn’t see what it was, but she was sure she saw a green light flash for a bit.

“No… Rena stole Jurina’s Prism Gem.”


Yui and the others quickly went to Jurina’s side. Yui shook Jurina hard, trying to wake her up.

“Jurina? Jurina, wake up!”

“It won’t work,” Yuko said. She then saw the curry and smelled of it. “This curry… there’s Sleeping Lavender in it.”

“Sleeping Lavender?”

“It’s not deadly. But… consuming a heavy amount of it will make them sleep for a long period of time. Weeks, months, who knows...”

“But, it doesn’t look like she’s eaten much of it,” Sayanee said, noticing how so much was left.

“That should be good then. For now, we have to deal with Rena and get back Jurina’s Prism Gem.”

“Right! Let’s hurry,” Sayanee then said.

The four ran out of the base and saw Rena walking down the street. They quickly ran down and caught up to her.


Rena stopped when she heard Mako’s voice. She turned to them and smiled. It was an empty smile

“Give us back Jurina’s necklace!”

“We know you have it!”

“Sorry, but I can’t do that,” Rena took out the necklace from her pocket and held up the Gem. “It will belong to Master Obsidian soon.”

“Master Obsidian?!”

“Does this mean Rena works for him? She’s like Lapis?”

“No… it’s not like that,” Sayanee said. “I know Rena well enough to know she is sincere and deeply cares about her sister. She would never do this.”

“Then why is she doing it now?” Haruppi asked.

“I think I know,” Yui said, then pointed at Rena. “Look at her eyes...”

Rena’s eyes were dark, cold, completely soulless… no hope of light reaching them.

“She looks like she’s...”


After seeing the look of Rena’s eyes more clearly, Yuko’s suspicions were confirmed.

“Girls, be careful! She’s being controlled,” Yuko spoke through the communicators.

Just then, the green Gem in Rena’s hands glowed and a strong cyclone circled the group. The force of the wind made it hard for the girls to move, they felt like they were going to be blown away.

“Rena-san, stop this!” Mako yelled in the storm.

“You have to wake up! You’re being controlled!” Haruppi yelled as well.

“This is wrong, Rena! Don’t you care about Jurina?!” Sayanee said. “Didn’t you say she was your only family left?!”

“If you care about her that much, you have to fight the mind control!” Yui yelled out.

“That’s enough, slave,” a voice rose and Rena stopped the cyclone. The wind died down and Rena simply stood with the same blank expression.

“Rena,” Sayanee tried to grab her, but Rena took a step back.

“That’ll do no good. She cannot hear your pleas,” Sayanee then heard a voice.

“Who’s there?!”

As Rena backed away, two identical figures appeared behind her.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Jadeite,” one of the figures said.

“And I’m Alexandrite,” the other said.

“So you’re the ones controlling Rena,” Sayanee growled angrily.

“Yes. And she’s done so well for us,” Jadeite said as she took out the green Gem from Rena’s hand. “She retrieved it so easily, because no one would suspect her.”

“Not even her little sister who loves her so dearly.”

“That’s sick!”

“Using people like their puppets you can control and making them betray their loved ones… How cruel!”

Alexandrite chuckled. “Oh, but we merely gave a helping hand.”

“We heard her deepest heart’s desire calling. The desire to help her sister.”

“Help Jurina?”

“Yes. She knew about all the pain and suffering she went through. And she wanted to help.”

“But she was weak and had no power. So we gave her just that.”

Sayanee balled her fists tightly. “You brainwashed her! You took advantage of her weakness!”

“What you call weakness…”

“We see opportunity.”

Sayanee became very angry. She hated that these two were using Rena to take advantage of both her and Jurina. She hated that they toyed with her feelings and made her do those awful things.

“All of this… is UNFORGIVABLE!!!” Sayanee took out her Gem. It glowed brightly and she transformed, immediately taking out her knives to slice the two.

However, they dodged her attacks and made her nearly cut Rena.

“Sayanee!” Yui held the girl’s shoulder as her eyes widened in shock. “Don’t let them get to you. I understand your anger, but anger can be reckless.”

Sayanee calmed down, looking at Yui. “Right.”

“Transform, girls!”


The other three transformed and began fighting the twins. They dodged most of their attacks, and fought back pretty well, but this time, the girls managed to avoid their attacks as well.

Haruppi shot one of the twins’ shoulder, but she saw the wound heal. Yui and Sayanee slashed them, but the saw the cuts become connected by vines and healed. It was as if each attack they landed only made them stronger.

“How are they so strong?!”

“Why don’t you have a look?” Jadeite said as she and Alexandrite raised their arms.

The girls then saw what looked like two vines connected to Rena, almost like puppet strings.

“These vines have a very strong hold.”

“Once they have obtained a heart, that person can be controlled. And this darling rose could not help but let herself fall victim to its thorns.”

“Its also her strong desire that makes us stronger. Her wish truly has benefited.”

“Indeed, sister.”

“So that’s why they heal,” Mako said.

Yui tried to cut one of the vines with her sword, but saw that it was really hard to cut. She pushed down harder, the vines feeling like iron, but then, Rena suddenly cried out, making her stop.

“Oh, that won’t work either, dear,” Alex chuckled sadistically.

“She’ll feel that. And you wouldn’t want to kill her, would you?” Jade replied.

“No..! That’s...”

“You..!!!” Sayanee slashed her two knives again at Alex, but she blocked it by holding up the vine.

When Sayanee cut it, leaving only two small scratches, Rena yelled out in pain.

“This can’t be happening…”

“How are we supposed to defeat them..?!”

“R-Rena...” Just then, Jurina appeared, weakly walking towards her sister.


“You can’t fight in that condition. Go back to headquarters!”

“No...” she weakly said. “I won’t.. f-fight Rena.”

“Ah, so the Green knight appears,” Jade smirked. “How very interesting.”

“Perhaps she should be destroyed by her sister’s hand,” Alex said.

“No, don’t!”

“Go, slave. Kill her and relieve her of her pain.”

“Relieve Jurina of her pain…” Rena started walking to Jurina.

“Ren--” Sayanee tried to stop her, but then she and the others became bound by thick, thorny vines.

“J-Jurina..! Rena’s being controlled,” Yui warned the girl.

But Jurina didn’t listen, she kept walking towards her sister, still dizzy from the effects of the sleeping lavender.

“Don’t worry, Jurina,” Rena gave an empty stare. “You won’t suffer any longer.”


Jurina slowly fell forward onto her sister’s body, Rena collapsing to her knees as she held her in her arms.

“Rena..-chan… I know this isn’t.. what you want… This is all my fault… I’m sorry…”

Rena stared at her sister with empty eyes. Seeing her cry tugged at something deep within her.

“What are you doing?! Kill her!” Jade commanded.

“Kill… kill..?” Rena suddenly formed a confused expression, as if she was struggling. “Kill.. Jurina..? I… I can’t…”

“That’s right… you can’t and you won’t… That’s why.. I love you so much, Rena-chan…”

Rena blinked, looking at her sister as life returned to her eyes. “Jurina..?”

“Tokubetsu no kono SUUPU anata ni… ageru...” Jurina sang weakly as she felt herself slipping into slumber again. “Attakai~n dakara….”

Her eyes gently closed again, falling deep asleep in her sister’s embrace.

“Slave, why won’t you listen?!”

“Do as we comand!”

Rena caressed her little sister’s head, her soft hair running through her fingers.

“Jurina… my beloved sister…”

Rena started to cry, her tears falling freely. The vines which controlled her snapped and disappeared, releasing her from Jade and Alex’s control.


“This can’t be!”

“Warm… light...” Rena held her sister closer, a bright light surrounding them as all darkness that clouded Rena’s heart faded. She closed her eyes. “Jurina...”

Suddenly, a bright green crystal emerged from Rena’s body, shining bright.


“It’s a Prism Gem…”

“This whole time, it was inside Rena?!”

“How did that happen?” Haruppi said, a bit confused.

Yuko and Kana also happened to see, their eyes both wide in shock.

“Woah…” Kana simply said while Yuko’s jaw was dropped.

“Yui, I’ve seen this Gem before! It was held by a very powerful Gem wielder from Ange-sama’s realm.”

“What power does it have?” Yui then asked Yuko through the intercom.

“Healing. Whoever wielded it had the power to heal the sick and injured.”


This was when Yuko suddenly felt a chill up her back, as she saw something dark appear on the monitor.

“Oh no…”

She quickly grabbed her white Gem and headed towards the teleporter.

“Yuko?!” Kana shouted, shocked. “Are you going to..?”

Just then, a dark energy was shot near Rena and Jurina. Yui looked and saw a figure from afar, about to attack, so Yui raised her Gem and shot a beam of light, missing the figure.

It disappeared, and reappeared just in front of Rena and Jurina.


Black Amethyst took this to her advantage and appeared to take the newly emerged Gem.

“I’ll be taking that Prism Gem now,” she declared.

Before she could grab the Gem, Yui immediately blocked her with her sword.

“Black Amethyst, you won’t take that Prism! I won’t allow it!”

The dark warrior growled and grabbed Yui. “Out of the way, weakling!”

She threw the knight away and was about to grab the Gem, until she felt a strong presence which made her freeze in her tracks.

“You won’t harm these girls while I’m here!”

From where the girls are, they were surprised to see none other than Yuko, standing before them with her white Prism Gem in hand, as well as what looked like a sword made entirely out of light.

“It’s Yuko-san!”

They never expected Yuko to come outside of headquarters in person to fight.

Yuko ran towards Amethyst and clashed her sword against hers. The two engaged in a dual that showed both sides just how fierce they were.

“Amazing…” Haruppi’s eyes sparkled.

“So that’s what a true Prism knight looks like,” Sayanee said in awe, Yui nodding in agreement.

“Yui, grab Jurina’s Gem!” Yuko said.

Yui nodded and she and Sayanee started battling Jade and Alex again. Without their hold on Rena, they were weaker and the wounds from their attacks no longer healed.

Sayanee slashed Jadeite’s hand and caused Jurina’s Gem to fly out of her palm. Yui caught it and placed it safely in her pocket.

Meanwhile, while Yuko and Black Amethyst were fighting, Amethyst saw the glow of Yuko’s Gem was weak. She scoffed.

“I am already aware you barely have power, White Knight,” the dark warrior spoke, “Do you think you have a chance against me?”

“I may not have my full power yet… but I can still fight!”

They clashed swords again, but then, Yuko felt something. An awful feeling in her gut, which was similar to what she felt when mind-controlled Rena entered the base.

Amethyst saw this to her advantage and pushed Yuko back with her sword.

“Stay out of my way,” she said coldly before slashing a powerful shockwave and blowing Yuko back, making her cash into a brick wall.

“Yuko-san!” The team ran to her side.

However, Yui saw that Amethyst was going after the Prism again. She ran up and caught the warrior off guard, slashing her shoulder and grabbing the bright green Gem.

“Got it!”

She held it in her palm and sent it back to base through her communicator watch. Seeing that Amethyst had fallen due to the surprise attack, Yui went back to her senpai’s side.

“Yuko, you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m alright… just used a bit more of my energy, but…”

“Yuko, you can’t push yourself like that,” Yui said. “Don’t let us worry like that, okay?”

“I know…”

Now for some reason, Black Amethyst paused for a moment when she heard something that sounded familiar to her for some reason.


However she didn’t let this thought disturb her forever. She only shook it out of her head and forgot about it. She turned back to the group and glared at them, still holding her injured shoulder.

“You may have gotten lucky this time. But we’ll finish this another day,” she announced. “Jade, Alex, let’s leave.”

Without any retort, the two only nodded and silently left.

The group then focused their attention on Rena and Jurina. They went over to the girl’s side and helped her stand up, carrying her sister.

“Sorry for all the trouble, Matsui-san,” Yuko walked up to her, holding out her Gem. “This’ll be over soon.”

A white energy was then absorbed from Rena’s forehead, into the Gem. The girl’s eyes fluttered and she fell unconscious, Yui and Sayanee supporting her.

“Good thing I have enough power left to erase her memory. She won’t remember a thing that happened today.”

“It’s probably for the best. The whole ‘brainwashed to nearly kill your own sister’ can definitely be traumatizing.”

“Neither she or Jurina deserved this to happen…” Sayanee looked over at the two sisters.

“Let’s go. they both need a LONG rest after today.”

As the group started leaving, Yuko stared at the spot where Amethyst disappeared. She remembered that awful feeling in her gut, and it was making her seriously wonder why she only felt it with Black Amethyst.

“Who is she really..?”


Jurina finally regained consciousness back at Headquarters. She saw beside the bed that Rena was sat down in a chair, fast asleep.

On the other side, Yuko was beside her.

“Yuko…” Jurina got up, sitting on the bed. “Is Rena-chan--”

“I erased her memories. She’s fine. And here,” Yuko then handed the girl her Gem back.


“You going to be okay? Today was crazy.”

“It’s fine… I just hate that Rena had to get involved,” Jurina looked over at her sleeping sister. “She’s always been there for me… I didn’t want to worry her.”


Jurina remembered something from about a year ago. It was one night when she was sleeping by herself.

She was having a terrible nightmare. It felt like she was being drowned by darkness and she couldn’t breathe. She tossed and turned in her bed, thrashing about as she cried in her sleep.

But then, she felt the presence of someone and she immediately felt calm. She wasn’t drowning anymore and her crying ceased. Outside her dream, she was embraced by someone and could feel their warmth. It was Rena.

“I’m here, Jurina… you’re safe now. Everything will be okay...”

“Rena...” She called out to her sister, holding her hand.

“I’ll always be here for you.”

End of Flashback

“After all that she’s done, I wanted to be the one who’d protect her.”

“I understand.”

After a while of waiting, Rena finally woke up. Having no recollection of what happened, she decided it’d be best if Jurina came home with her and they took a good long rest.

As the two sisters were ready to leave, Sayanee approached Jurina and tapped her shoulder.

She handed Jurina the bright green Gem that was once inside Rena.

“You can decide what to do with it.”

“Eh..?” Jurina took the Gem and saw her serious face. She smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

She then hugged Sayanee, startling the latter a bit.

“Thank you. You and everyone did so much for me.” She then parted from the hug. “I promise I’ll find some way to make it up to you.”

“No need. You just get yourself back in shape, alright?”


“Jurina, let’s go!”

“OK~ Bye guys,” Jurina waved goodbye to her teammates and left with her sister.

“Jurina… you really are mature, even though you’re still a kid at heart.” Sayanee couldn’t help but chuckle at heart with that thought in mind.


A week later…

“WOOOAH!!!!” The two youngest of the group watched the TV excitedly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jurina’s single hit #1!!!”

“Really?!” Everyone looked at the TV. Indeed, Jurina’s name was on top of the list.

“That’s awesome!”

“I bet she’s really happy!”

As they were watching, the door to the base opened and Sayanee turned around and saw the very person they were talking about standing there.


When Jurina came out, she looked healthier and definitely well rested. And furthermore, her long, raven black locks, were now cut short. She had looked more mature and even more beautiful than she had days ago.

“Oh my gosh, your hair looks so cute!” Mako exclaimed as she and Haruppi admired the girl’s new hairstyle.

Yui smiled. “Glad to see you’re doing better.”

“Don’t get us worried like that again, okay?” Yuko said.


Sayanee then approached the girl.

“So, the Prism Gem...”

“I...” Jurina scratched her neck. “I gave it to Rena.”


“I didn’t tell her its true purpose, but… she promised.. she’d keep it safe.”

Yuko looked over at Sayanee, “What do you think?”


“Please, you can trust her… I know. She’s my sister, after all...”

Sayanee then smiled. “Alright. If you trust her, then that’s all we need to hear.”

The older girl hugged Jurina, causing the same startlement she had previously gave Sayanee.


Sayanee broke the hug and smiled, “You really are a mature young woman, Jurina. You surprised me.”

Jurina blushed a bit. “Mou~ why are ya praising me like that? I’m gonna blush~”

The two laughed. Yuko then nudged the younger girl.

“Yeah, yeah, you may be mature, but you still act like a little kid around Rena-san,” she couldn’t help but mention.


“You really love your sister.. don’t you, Jurina?”

“Of course I do,” Jurina said. “She was always there for me.”


To Be Continued

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"Yeah! The Sleepy Drug Melon Pan works!" Gizzur cheered

Drags Rena to wrestling ring.....

"And my name is John Cena!" Gizzur threw himself to Geki slamming his body at hers.

(There's a part 3 m8? Jurina just hit the Oricon!)
At Least Rena is safe :3

(This is what my imagination is like when Im sleepy)
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I can't believe you just John Cena'd me and Geki.
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nice fight,  :) :)

woah, thats quite surpise a prism gem inside rena's body. :w00t: :w00t:

really curious about Black Amethyst & Yuko's connection  :roll: :roll:

nice hair cut jurina and congrats being 1st.  :D

now there is a chance that rena-san being a prism knight  :) :) :)

thanks for update and waiting for next  :) :) :) :)

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Black Amethyst's identity intrigues me a lot. I have a feeling that it's either Sae or Sayaka LOL

Sayanee X Jurina is cute  :inlove:

Thanks for the update, Ruka-senpai~~!!
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Chapter 11 (Part 1)

Another battle had commenced between Lapis and Black Amethyst versus the five Prism knights. However, things were proving rather difficult, as the two were holding their ground.

The one having the most difficulty was Haruppi. She wasn’t keeping up with the enemies attacks and found it very hard to focus. Amethyst saw this as her opportunity to catch the girl off guard.

She appeared behind the girl suddenly and pushed her back with a powerful shockwave. Haruppi’s body felt weak and sore all over from enduring the long battle.

Amethyst scoffed. “Looks like Topaz was right. You are weak.”

Haruppi tried to get up, but then Amethyst raised her sword to Haruppi’s neck.

“Why are you even a knight? You can’t do ANYTHING!”

Those words suddenly broke Haruppi. The girl stood frozen as she was about to slash her, but then, Sayanee and Jurina came from behind and intercepted her.

The two pushed Amethyst back from Haruppi and clashed their weapons with her sword. Jurina created a strong cyclone with her spear, then Sayanee added her water powers and created a storm that blew the two enemies away.

The two looked back down at Haruppi, who was still weak. Lapis came up with a plan in his head.

“Enough for today, let’s go.”

The two then disappeared. The five became rather confused as to why they had left so suddenly, but for now, their main concern was the injured Haruppi.

“Here,” Mako helped her friend up.

“I’m sorry…”


“What do you mean?” Sayanee asked.

“I.. lost… I couldn’t fight.”

“That couldn’t be helped. Amethyst is strong and--”

“No… it’s my fault.”

“What?! No!” Jurina tried to reassure the girl. “This wasn’t your fault. Haruppi, they only caught you off guard.”

The girl shook her head.

“I get it guys… I’m not strong like all of you,” Haruppi said in a depressed voice.


“Forget it… I’m just gonna go home,” Haruppi transformed back to normal and started leaving.

“Wait,” Yuko’s voice was then heard on the communicator. Then, a small pink bottle was materialized. “Your injuries are rather bad. Drink this, it’s a healing potion.”


Haruppi gulped down the potion and her injuries were healed. She then bowed to her team and started leaving.

“Poor Haruppi…”


“The pink knight… She is undoubtedly the weakest, isn’t she?” Amethyst said as she and Lapis were walking down a dark hallway.

“Indeed, she is. And with the battle several weeks ago, when we had the Onyx Saber, she apparently also took a lot of mental affliction from Topaz.”

“You’re WEAK! You can’t do anything, so why even bother?! You’re just a pathetic human!”

“Since that moment, she’s definitely had trouble on the battlefield… Perhaps we can use this chance to get at her where it hurts, where she is most vulnerable.”

“And how do you suggest that?”

“We go after the people she treasures most; her friends, her family, and eventually her own teammates. She’ll be so weak and desperate, unable to fight…”

As Lapis continued, however, Black Amethyst suddenly stopped walking. A strange vision entered her head that gave her that same buzzing she felt before. It made her feel dizzy and she didn’t like it at all.

Lapis turned back and saw her a few feet away from him

“Amethyst,” he called out. “Are you listening?”

The dark warrior quickly snapped back and walked to him.

“Forgive me, I was lost in thought.”


“I…” she tried to remember what she had seen, but all that came was a blur. “It’s nothing. I forgot already.”

Lapis glared for a moment, a thought clicking in his mind.

“Very well…”

They then came across a door and stepped outside, revealing a large garden, filled with monstrous, alien-like plants.

“Why would Lord Obsidian have such a garden?”

“For poisons and such. Jadeite and Alexandrite look after it mostly, though. They informed me of a flower that we can use against the pink knight.”

They then came across a wall filled with black roses, covered in black vines and sharp thorns. Without being pricked, Lapis took one of the roses.

“And this is it.”

“A rose?”

“This is much more than a rose. It’s a cursed rose. One prick of its thorn and its victim will become so weak, they can’t even stay conscious. They fall into a deep slumber that is near impossible to wake them from.”

“So that’s how you plan to take them down.”

“You’ll see, she won’t even be able to fight after we take down her precious friends.”


Desperately needing a break from fighting, Haruppi concentrated only on school. Around lunch, she was still thinking about all that had been going on for the past few days.

By the way, some of you might be wondering just how did Haruppi manage to get all the way back to Fukuoka...


Some time ago, Haruppi was frantically trying to find a way to get back to her home in Hakata so she wouldn’t be late for school.

“Ah! Oh no! This is bad this is bad…! I have to get back to school!” Haruppi panicked.

“No worries,” Kana reassured, “You can use the base portal.”

“The portal?”

Up till now, the girls only knew how to travel between the base and to Akihabara, but now, thanks to a few upgrades, the base portal could now take them anywhere in Japan.

This made travel from their homes to Tokyo easy for the girls who lived very far away.

End of flashback

However, she was still thinking about the battle, and really, her slow progress as a knight in general. She’s had struggle with training, and when she froze during the battle, all this fear consumed her.

“You can’t do anything!”

Haruppi sighed. “Why did I let her get to me…?”

“Haruppi, you okay?” Sakura came up to her.

“Ah, yeah… Just tired.”

“You must be doing a lot in Tokyo. I’m surprised you can still focus on your schoolwork here.”

Haruppi chuckled. “It’s not a problem.”

Sakura gave her a smile. “Come on, let’s head up to the courtyard. I wanna eat underneath the cherry blossoms.”

“Hai, hai. Cherry blossoms, bloom.”

The two laughed as they started to make their way out, but when Haruppi left, as Sakura was gathering her things, she noticed something strange. There was a black rose blooming at the window, the vines had grown out from the bottom of the wall.

“What on Earth..?”

When Sakura touched the rose, a sharp thorn poked her finger, causing her to wince in pain. She pulled back, seeing a drop of blood on her finger. She then suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor, her eyes shutting gently as her body fell forward and she drifted into a deep sleep. At once, the vines shrunk away and Lapis appeared, holding the rose.

“Sweet dreams, miss Sakura.”

He disappeared right when he heard footsteps approaching.

“Sakura, what’s taking so--?”

Haruppi was shocked to see her friend collapsed on the ground.

“Sakura?!” Haruppi ran over to her friend and picked her up. She started shaking her, trying to wake her up. “Sakura, what’s wrong?! Sakura!”

Just then, another student, Anna came into the classroom. When she saw Sakura unconscious, she panicked and ran out. Not looking, she accidentally ran into Sasshi, who was walking the same way.

“Murashige-chan..?” Sasshi could’ve sworn she saw something.

She thought she saw Anna crying.

The girl hurried in the direction she came from and found Haruppi with a comatose Sakura.

“Sasshi… help..!”


The older girl helped Haruppi pick up her friend and carried her to the infirmary. The two watched over her as they tried to figure out what could be wrong.

“She won’t wake up at all… No matter what I did, she wouldn’t respond.”

Sasshi felt her forehead. “She’s not running a fever…”

“Go tell the principal to call Sakura’s parents. I’ll stay and watch her.”

“Alright,” Sasshi left the girl alone, looking after her friend.


It was then that a familiar figure appeared before Haruppi, causing her to stand up.


“Having some trouble, dear?”

“Why are you here?”

“I just came with a gift,” he held out the rose.

“You did this..! I should’ve known!” Haruppi held out her Gem. “Rose Quartz Gem, energize!”

But, when she looked, nothing happened. She tried again, but still, nothing.

“Wh-what’s going on..?!” Haruka looked at her crystal. It wasn’t shining. “I can’t transform!”

“Oh, a bit of a problem, I see. How sad… I guess this just proves how weak you are.”

“Quiet!” Haruppi shouted, tears forming.

“Oh, and if you want to save your friend, I’m afraid such an act is nearly impossible, especially for the likes of you.”

“Please! You have to tell me how to save her! You used to be a Prism knight, right?! Don’t you have any sympathy left?!”

Lapis scoffed.

“Please, I’m begging you… I…” Haruppi fell to her knees. “I don’t know… what I can do…”

The man glared down at Haruppi as she cried. He clearly remembered the look that Yuko had when she found out he betrayed her and his old team; it was the same desperate look, tears streaming down her cheeks. He clicked his tongue.

“Fine then,” he spoke. “If you’re this desperate, I’ll give you one last hope. There is a way for this girl to be awoken from the sleep curse.”

Haruppi simply nodded, not looking up at Lapis.

“However… it can only be broken by someone whose heart is true.”

“Eh..?” When she looked up, Lapis had disappeared. She gripped her hands. “I have to break the curse, or else Sakura will sleep forever.”

She got up, thinking about what Lapis had told her.

“Someone whose heart is true… True of heart...”

Just then, Haruppi’s communicator sounded.

“Haruppi, we just noticed there was a momentary Black Gem activity in your school. Are you okay?” Yuko spoke.


“Haruppi? What’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

“I… I..!”

As Haruppi was crying, talking to Yuko, she didn’t notice that someone was watching her from afar.

“Haruppi… are you a..?!”

“Haruppi, come to the base so we can talk. Say ‘Flash Warp’ and you’ll be immediately taken back to here.”

Haruppi nodded and held her Gem. “Flash Warp!”

However, just as last time, nothing was happening.

“It’s not working..! I don’t know why..!”

“The power readings on your Gem are really low. Maybe you used up too much energy. OK, we’ll just do it manually. Hold tight.”

Haruppi closed her eyes as a magic circle formed under her and she was surrounded by light. She disappeared, leaving the sleeping Sakura alone in the infirmary.

This was when the person watching her stepped out, having witnessed the entire scene.

“I thought so… Haruppi is a Prism knight.”


To Be Continued

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Nnnnnooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saaaaaaaaakkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry Sak I will kiss you..... oh wait..... I'm a Broken Lord..... I don't have lips.......


*repeatedly whacks Sakura with Helmet/Head*

Wake up! Please! Ulrich will go mad if you don't cook his ribs.
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*Lapis appears*

That won't work, fool.
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*Lapis appears*

That won't work, fool.

There he is!

*Pretty much every Gimaelic man from 10 year olds to 100 year olds appeared armed with, swords, axes, clubs and spears.*
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Lapis: *snaps fingers*

*An army of over 5,000 Black Gem monsters rise*
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*sounds horn*

3000 Vanoran Legio appears.

1000 of which are the Tagmata.
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Lapis: *snaps fingers again*

*1000 very fierce Black Prism soldiers appear with corrupted weapons*
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*Exalted Blade!*
*charges towards Lapis and his minions*

"Get Rekt Senpai!"
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Lapis: *points forward* Kill them.

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"Hussaria! Infernal Blitz! Charge!"

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*3 hours pass...*

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"Ulrich.....hungry......where's me food....."

Ulrich goes to sleeping Sakura

"Saky......Ulrich hungry for meat....."

(Comletely ignores the entire fight happening)
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Lapis: Fall. *snaps fingers*

*Thorny vines from the black rose grab hold of Ulrich, the thorns piercing his skin and making him numb*
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Lapis: Fall. *snaps fingers*

*Thorny vines from the black rose grab hold of Ulrich, the thorns piercing his skin and making him numb*

*eats the vines*

'Saky......Ulrich still hungry......"

*shakes Sakura's body to realise she is knocked out*

*stomach grumbles*

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Lapis: Fall. *snaps fingers*

*Thorny vines from the black rose grab hold of Ulrich, the thorns piercing his skin and making him numb*

*eats the vines*

'Saky......Ulrich still hungry......"

*shakes Sakura's body to realise she is knocked out*

*stomach grumbles*


Lapis: Haha, fool. Eating those vines will only make you weaker.
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*rips heart of black knight and proceeds to punch the knight with his own heart*

"Hey Pencil head! Ulrich's Tetike blood is immune to Poison....actually poison is steroids....."

*Ulrich's stares at Black Amethyst hungrily*

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Churi: *Mouth agape*

Me: Ummm *Walks away*
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OK, that's enough. XD
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Merry X-mas everyone!!! X3


Chapter 11 (Part 2)

The moment Haruppi arrived at the base, she explained to her teammates the situation that had befallen her friend.

“A sleeping curse?”

“Yes. Lapis said the curse can only be broken by someone who’s true of heart.”

“Well, this sounds like a pickle,” Mako crossed her arms.

“Why didn’t you fight him?” Yui asked.

“That’s another thing,” Haruppi showed her Gem, which was very dim. “I couldn’t transform…”

“It’s most likely because you’ve overused its power during battle,” Yuko explained. “We can just let it charge power here.”

“But what if Lapis attacks again?”

“We’ll just have to hold off with just the four of you until Haruppi can--”

“No…” Haruppi interrupted. “I.. I don’t think it’s like that…”


Haruppi started crying. “Maybe… Maybe I’m just not fit to be a Prism Knight anymore… Maybe.. I don’t deserve to have this anymore!”

She ripped the Gem and threw it to the ground, only to be caught by Yuko.

“Haruppi, don’t do that! You’ll break it!” Yuko scolded. Haruppi ran crying to the portal. “Haruppi!”

Yuko reached out to grab her hand, but the girl had disappeared before she could succeed.

“Maybe we should let her be,” Sayanee said. “She needs some time to get straightened out.”

“Poor Haruppi… She’s really letting her insecurities getting to her.”

Just then, the alarm went off and the girls saw a certain pair appear on the radar.

“Not again!” Jurina complained, still tired from the last confrontation.

“Let’s just go!”

The four went to the portal and teleported to Lapis and Amethyst’s location. They didn’t seem to be causing any havoc, however. They were just standing there.

“What do you guys want now?!”

Lapis chuckled. “All according to plan.”

He took out the rose and threw it on the ground, in front of the girls. The vines grew and the girls started to become wrapped by the thorny vines.

The girls transformed, summoning their weapons and cutting the vines, but they kept growing.


One of the vines got Yui’s leg and gripped tightly, the thorns piercing her.


She tried to cut off the thorns again, but then she felt her leg grow numb and cause her to fall.


“Girls, be careful!” Yuko spoke through the communicators. “Those vines are cursed! Don’t touch them!”

“Trying our best,” Jurina said as she sliced more of the vines.

However, the girls were all being grabbed and had increasing difficulty cutting the vines. The vines started to wrap tightly around them and drained their energy, making them weak and dropping their weapons.

“No..! This can’t happen…!”


Haruppi arrived back at her school, running up the stairs to the infirmary to check on her dear friend.

However, when Haruppi was about to walk in, she heard the sound of someone crying.


She slowly walked in, making sure whoever was in there didn’t notice her.

When she came up to where Sakura was sleeping, she looked and saw there was someone beside her, holding her hand and crying.

“Is that…?”

“Sakura… please wake up.”

Haruppi pursed her lips, not trying to speak. “That voice...”

She leaned forward and took a closer peek at who was inside with Sakura. A small gasp escaped her lips when she saw the girl’s face.


“Why..? How did this happen?” Anna spoke to her, trying to get an answer. “Why won’t you wake up?”

As Haruppi thought, she did remember how Anna and Sakura were considered to be the best of friends. They were both really close since grade school, and Sakura always had fun being around her.

“Could it be..?!”

“Please, Sakura...” Anna started crying more, gripping Sakura’s hand tight. “You’re my best friend.”

A tear from Anna’s cheek fell onto Sakura’s face. Then, Haruppi saw something happen that Anna didn’t. The tear started to glow and shine like a star, shining brightly until it disappeared.

When it did, Sakura’s eyes opened and she looked at Anna. She woke up.


“Sakura!” Anna cried more and hugged her friend. “Thank goodness…!”

“Wh-what happened..?”

Haruppi’s eyes widened at the sight.

“True of heart… did that mean.. true friend?”

She decided to let the two be and walked out. It was right around then she ran into her senpai, Sasshi.

“Haruppi, is everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah. Sakura woke up. She’s fine now.”

Sasshi smiled. “That’s good. I’m glad you don’t have anymore problems now.”

Haruppi frowned. “Actually, Sasshi… I’ve not been feeling so confident in myself lately. I’m so weak and can’t do anything… I’m just useless!”

“Who said such a thing?”

“No one did..! ..But, that’s just how I feel…”

“Haruppi,” Sasshi patted the girl’s head. “Don’t you ever doubt yourself. You’re strong. I know you are.”

“You’re just saying that…”

“No, I mean it,” the girl held Haruppi’s shoulders. “You can do anything. You just have to believe it yourself. Say that you can, and you will.”

“You really think so?”

Sasshi nodded.

“Say it, right now.”


“Say you’re strong.”

“I-I’m strong…”

“No, say it like you mean it.”

“I’m strong.”

“Again! Louder!”

“I’m strong! I’m strong!” Haruppi felt a fire grow in her chest. “I’m strong and I can do anything! I’m not powerless!”

After having risen her voice, Haruppi blushed a bit, then looked up and saw Sasshi smile.

“Good job,” the older girl patted her head.

It was then that Haruppi’s watch started beeping.

“Eh?!” Sasshi jumped a bit.

“Oh, sorry! It’s, uh… one of those new high-tech watches with built-in phones.” Haruppi stepped away before talking to Yuko. “What’s the matter?”

“The girls are in trouble! Your Gem has also regained full power! We need you!”

“Okay, let me get somewhere no one can see me, then you take me to the battlefield.”


Haruppi closed the watch and looked at her senpai.

“Sorry, Sasshi. There’s something I have to do.”

“Oh, alright.”

Haruppi ran back down the hall, not noticing Sasshi’s smile.

“Go be strong, Haruppi.”


Haruppi was transported to the battlefield and saw her friends all weakly bound to the thorny vines. They looked like they were going to pass out at any second.


“Well, look who’s here,” Amethyst glared. “The weakling.”

Haruppi stood her ground, staring at the two.

“I… I’m not afraid of you anymore!”

“Oh how cute,” Lapis scoffed sarcastically. “Let’s see then, if you really have the guts to fight against us alone.”

“Haruppi!” Yuko materialized her Gem. Haruppi grabbed it and stood in front of the two.

“Don’t you ever doubt yourself. You’re strong.”

“I’m strong...” She held her Gem tight. “I can do this!”

She held it in front of them, the Gem shining bright.

“Rose Quartz Gem, energize!” she shouted, then was surrounded by pink light. “Summon, armor!”

When the light cleared, she was in her armor. She herself was surprised, feeling relieved she regained her powers.

“I transformed!”

“Don’t think you’ll win,” Amethyst said as she drew her weapon.

However, Lapis prevented her from stepping forward. He snapped his fingers and the vines moved forward, trying to grab Haruppi. She shot them down, hurrying to refill her shots before they could grab her.

The vines didn’t stop and kept growing. As she was refilling, a vine grabbed her wrist. She shot it, but the grip was still tight and she felt her hand become weak, making her drop one of her guns. She kept firing, but then the vines caught up to her and wrapped around her.

She dropped her other gun and struggled to break free. She felt herself growing weaker and tried her best to stay conscious.

She saw her weak teammates through her blurry vision, feeling tears form in her eyes.

“I can’t… I can’t lose now..! I have to be strong..! I’m strong..!”

Suddenly, Haruppi’s Gem started to grow brightly. The pink knight became surrounded by a vibrant pink aura, which slowly started surrounding the vines wrapped around the girls. The vines suddenly changed from black to green, the thorns shrunk, and the roses became pink and filled with life. The girls felt the energy come back to them and were unraveled.

“My strength is coming back!” Mako exclaimed.

After having been released, the vines shrunk and became a single pink rose, which then turned into an orb of light and was absorbed into Haruppi’s Gem. Her armor then changed and gained a design that bared rose symbols on her scarf and her chest.

She picked up her guns and their design was immediately modified, gaining the same rose pattern. She shot at Lapis and Amethyst, both of them just nearly dodging, but were both grazed.

“Girls, let’s go!” Yui commanded, pointing her sword forward.

They started combatting the two with their weapons, now stronger than ever because of Haruppi’s energizing powerup.

Yui and Sayanee clashed their blades against Black Amethyst, now moving much quicker and keeping up with her attacks. Meanwhile, Jurina and Mako were back-to-back, completely in synch, fighting Lapis. Even their bare punches and kicks were more improved.And during all this, Haruppi was also showing lots of progress and was stronger and more confident than she had ever been. She shot her guns and both bullets hit them, one in Lapis’ shoulder, the other shooting Amethyst’s wrist.

“How did you get so strong?! You’re supposed to be weak!”

“No… I’m strong. And I won’t let you ever drag me down and make me feel weak ever again!”

Amethyst charged to slash Haruppi, but Yui stepped forward and protected her.

“Why do you even stand up for her?” she questioned. “Why do you protect those who are weak?”

“Sometimes, there are people most worth protecting, no matter what.”

Yui pushed Amethyst back with her sword and Haruppi shot her again, this time, hitting her shoulder.

The dark warrior looked up and saw the battle continuing. Lapis summoned a group of Geodites and had the girls subdue them, as he had took heavy damage.

“Throw us whatever you got! Geodites, dark warriors, cursed plants… we will ALWAYS be stronger!”

“And we will always protect this world from your evil!”

During the battle, as Amethyst was watching, she suddenly saw a vision of a blurred figure. She saw their mouth move, as if they were speaking to her, but all she heard was a ringing in her ears.

She held her head in pain as something penetrated her mind, falling to her knees as a million thoughts ran rapidly through her head.

She saw multiple visions that made no sense to her, the constant ringing only making her headache worse.

“What is this..?!”

She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t even move…

“Argh..! It hurts.. my head..!”

“...thyst! Amethyst!”

She broke away from her thoughts as she saw Lapis in front of her calling her name.

“Is something wrong, Black Amethyst?”

Amethyst shook her head and stood up. “No…”

However, Lapis was doubtful. He saw the girls still busy with the Geodites and decided now was the time to escape.

“Let’s go, Black Amethyst,” Lapis commanded.


“We’ll deal with them another day. For now, we’re going back.”

The two vanished in black smoke.

The girls finally destroyed the last Geodite and subdued all the Black Gems, transporting them back to the base.

Exhausted from the battle, Haruppi transformed back to normal, collapsing to her knees. Yui held her shoulders and helped her back to her feet.

“Did I.. do good..?” Haruppi breathed out.

Yui nodded. “Un. You were very strong.”

The five started to head back to base, helping their now much stronger partner.


Back in Hakata, Sasshi was gathering her things to go home after a long day. As she was walking down the empty hall, she felt a familiar presence and stopped.


The girl turned and saw Lapis standing behind her, glaring at him.

“Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?”

“Yukito… back again? I see you’re still up to no good with Obsidian. I can’t believe it’s been three years since you changed sides, and you never saw the error of your ways.”

“I could say the same for you.”

Sasshi scolded. “My choice was different. I made the right choice!”

“Why did you leave, Sashihara? Won’t you come back? Don’t you miss being Opal, causing all sorts of havoc whenever you pleased?”

“I changed. All I want now is to make sure those girls are okay.”

Lapis simply scoffed. “Suit yourself.”

He turned to leave, but then Sasshi said, “It will be them who win in the end.”

Lapis simply brushed her off and disappeared.

She then took out her necklace, which had a round opal Gem in the center.

“Even if I don’t have power anymore… I will still watch over her,” she said as she grasped the necklace.


Meanwhile, in the lair of the enemy, Lapis had returned from his short visit with their former ally, Opal, aka Sashihara Rino.

Yes, Sasshi was a former minion to Obsidian, but she had rebelled because she saw the beauty of it and wanted to protect the humans. As punishment for her rebellion, Obsidian stripped her of her powers, reducing her Gem to a useless stone.

“That poor fool… she’d rather be a weak human than serve Obsidian? Fine. Then she shall die with the rest of them.”

He entered the Black Prism room to see if Black Amethyst was restoring her energy. There, he found Amethyst standing alone with her back to him.

“I’ve returned.”

“I see that,” she said, not turning to face him.

“Have you restored your energy?”


After some silence, Lapis stepped closer. He walked over to face her, seeing her still avoiding eye contact.

“You were in pain during battle, Black Amethyst. Something was bothering you.”

The dark warrior stood silent.

“You’ve been hiding it, but it hurts. The pain was unbearable.”

“No, it’s fine,” she insisted.

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not--!” She tried to push Lapis away, but he grabbed her wrist, making her look at him.

“Are you really?” he asked, but Amethyst didn’t respond. “I saw you clearly. Something was wrong. Wasn’t there?”

After a brief pause, Amethyst silently nodded.

“Now tell me the truth, what’s the matter?”

She looked at him and made him let go of her wrist.

“It’s…these visions…”


“I’m seeing things I don’t understand… it’s making my head hurt… I feel like I’m going crazy…”

He saw that this was serious. He could not allow Amethyst’s condition to stay like this, or else things will go downhill for them.

“Would you like me to relieve you of the pain?” he asked.


“I can erase the pain. I have the power.” He looked at her with serious eyes. “Do you want me to stop this pain.”

She nodded. “Yes… if you can, make it stop.”

The man smiled. “Very well.”

Lapis placed his palm on Amethyst’s head. A purple aura surrounded his hand and started to draw out a similar dark purple aura from Amethyst’s head, absorbing it into a ring on his finger. The energy entered a purple gemstone on the ring.

When the aura vanished, he removed his hand and Amethyst’s head dropped before it slowly rose up to look at Lapis.

“Feel better now?”

Through the visor, Lapis could see Amethyst’s eyes glow purple for a moment before it died back down to their previous black irises.

“Much better.”


To Be Continued

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thanks for update ^_^, Merry Christmas  :theking

more mysterious memory & power-ups  :) :) :)

who is sasshi wants to protect ?  :?

waiting for next update  :) :) :)
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who is sasshi wants to protect ?  :?

Haruppi. She's watching over her since she found out she's a Prism knight. ;)
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Just a short update.


Chapter 12 (Part 1)

As the girls were returning to base after work from the restaurant, along with being satisfied by a delicious lunch, the girls came in and the first thing they heard was a loud, frustrated groan from Yuko.

“Why is this happening?!” she said as Yuko and Kana were having some… technical difficulties. The radar was going nuts again, and there was loads of paper being printed out.

“Again, more of these readings!” Kana pulled away all the paper that was coming from the scanners, typing out the same pattern. “It’s been doing this ever since it started up!”

“It makes no sense! Where could it be coming from?!”

“Guys,” Yui and the group walked up to them, proceeding to help organize the mess. “Everything okay?”

“What’s going on with all this… math?” Jurina looked at the papers.

“The scanners been picking up frequent releases of energy around this area, but before we can ever track it, it disappears.”

“It’s been like this ever since we got it up and running again.”

“It’s not the Onyx Saber again, is it?” Haruppi asked worried.

“No. It’s not Black Prism energy… but we have no idea if it IS a Gem or not!”

Mako just groaned. “Mou~ things have gotten so hard lately. I wish we could just have one day to relax and have fun.”

“Sorry, Kojimako, but these are the responsibilities of a Prism knight.”

The girl simply sighed.

“Don’t worry. No Black Prism energy has been detected, so maybe we can at least relax for now,” Sayanee said.

“Yeah, ‘for now’...”

After organizing and cleaning up all the papers, the girls were feeling tired. Jurina flopped down on the couch, heaving a deep sigh.

“I’m hungry again…”

“Well, it seems like everything’s fine for now,” Yuko said. “Maybe you guys should take some time off.”

“Yeah, but doing what?”

“Today’s been kinda slow. Even at the restaurant.”

“Is there somewhere we can go..?”

It was then that a commercial came on as Jurina flipped through channels.

“Hey, check this out,” she said as she caught the other’s attention.

“Today is the grand opening of Dream Paradise, where your dreams come alive!” A woman dressed like a princess spoke while holding a lollipop wand.

“A new theme park?”


“The rides and attractions will take you into a fantasy world, where your childhood memories can be relived, and no one has to grow up.”

Kana cringed. “That princess kinda gives me the creeps.”

“Come to Dream Paradise, and stay a kid forever.”

As Mako was watching, she suddenly felt dizzy when she saw the spiral lollipop wand. She saw it spinning and felt it drawing her in as the woman spoke.

Her eyes became dull and dropped a bit, becoming dark and almost lifeless.

“Stay a kid forever…”

“We’re open 24 hours a day, so please come and stay as long as you like!”

“I wanna go!” Mako suddenly said, a wide smile on her face. “Come on! Let’s go, let’s go!”

“Well, Mako-chan seems to really wanna go,” Kana said. “And I guess we could use a break from all the fighting… and whatever’s going on with the scanner.

Yuko sighed. “Oh alright. We can go.”

“YAAAY!!!” Mako cheered loudly.


The five arrived at the amusement park, Mako still as excited as a kid. Right as they entered, it felt like they were in a fairytale. There was a castle in the center of the park, everyone old and new riding the rides, playing games, and having fun.

Mako couldn’t contain her excitement and started running to the Merry-go-round.

“Wait! Mako!” Sayanee chuckled. “I get your excited, but slow down.”

“Mou~ why do you have to act so strict? We’re in an amusement park! Let’s just have fun!”

“She’s right,” Haruppi agreed. “I love amusement parks.”

“And like Yuko and Kana said, Obsidian’s minions haven’t shown up yet, so let’s just relax,” Jurina said.

“Alright, alright,” Sayanee said.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go have some fun!”

The girls first started on the Merry-go-Round, Mako waved at all the people who passed by while riding the unicorn.

After that, they started to head on the roller coaster, along with more thrilling rides that made their adrenaline pump. They were already overwhelmed by the thrill of it all, but Mako was still bursting with child-like energy.

“Look! A giant teddy bear!” Mako pointed at one of the games, seeing a giant stuffed bear hanging as the main prize.

“Wow… that’s one big papa bear.”

“Can you guys win it for me? Please~?”

“What do you guys say?” Yui said. “How bout we win this thing for Mako-chan?”

“Yosh! We’ll do our best!”

The four set up at the stand and were handed a top gun each. Their goal was to hit the bullseye on all four target’s to get the stuffed bear.

First up was Haruppi. having been wielding a gun as her weapon, she was incredibly good with accuracy, so she got the bullseye no problem.

Next was Jurina. She decided to be a bit showy and turned her head, not looking at the target. She shot it and everyone was amazed when she got the bullseye.

“Sugoi!” Mako applauded.

Then, it was Yui’s turn. She took a deep breath and held the gun with both hands, aligning it with the target. She pulled the trigger and shot it, dead center.

“Ooh! One more, we win!”

“Ganbatte, Sayanee!”

Sayanee was feeling a little nervous, but she saw Mako cheering for her, a wide smile on her face, and it somehow made her feel better.

“For Mako…”

She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath, aimed, and fired.

The judge checked to see where she shot. It was barely near the edge, but it was clearly in the bullseye range.

“We have a winner!”

The girls cheered and were handed the giant bear. Sayanee walked up to Mako and handed her the bear.

“Yay~” Mako hugged the stuffed bear and smiled at Sayanee. “Thank you!”

However, this was when Jurina noticed something strange.

“Weird…” She walked up to Mako and put her hand on her head, moving it until it stopped at her own shoulder. “Either we all went through a growth spurt or Mako shrunk.”

Everyone noticed the same thing. Mako did look a bit shorter than before.

“That’s odd…”

“Guys, I’m hungry~ Let’s get some cotton candy!” The girl tugged at Jurina’s sleeve.

“Alright, alright. I’m getting hungry, too.”

“Let’s go.”

The girls went and bought some candy and snacks. The four sat down and ate, but Mako was unable to keep still.

“Kojimako-chan, let us rest a little~”

“Yada~ there’s a petting zoo just close to here! I wanna see the cute animals!”

“Mako, you can go on your own,” Sayanee said. “Just let us rest.”

“Really?! Yatta! I’m gonna go pet the animals!”

The girls watched as Mako ran happily to the petting zoo.

“My goodness, I’ve never seen her act like this,” Yui said.

“This is probably the first time in a long while she’s gotten to have fun,” Haruppi said. “She said it before at the base, too. She just wants to relax from fighting and have fun.”


“Oh yeah, I think I saw a Ferris Wheel not too far from here. Let’s catch up with Mako and see if she wants to ride it later.”

“Alright,” the girls got up and started heading to the petting zoo, where Mako was.

...Or, at least, she should be. But, she wasn’t.

“Are? Where is she?”

It was then Yui looked to the side and noticed the girl not too far from them.


Mako’s eyes were empty and she was walking as if in some sort of trance. She pointed her out to the others and they quickly went to Mako’s side.

“Kojimako, what’s the matter?”

She looked at them and smiled before suddenly running off, heading to the mirror maze.

“Catch me if you can!”

The four quickly ran after Mako, entering the mirror maze. They heard Mako’s laugh echoing in the maze, following it to try and find the girl.

“Mako! Where are you?!”


It was then that Jurina noticed something run by them. She ran in the same direction and saw the giant stuffed bear they had won Mako on the ground.

“Oh no. Mako!”


Just then, the girls were approached by a young child.


“Bear-bear!” She took hold of the giant bear and hugged it. “I thought I lost you!”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

“It can’t be…”

“You don’t think..?”

Yui knelt down to the child’s side.

“Um.. could you tell me.. what your name is, little girl?”

The child smiled. “Mako-chan desu. I’m this many,” she said holding up six fingers.



To Be Continued

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:) :) every update is the best Christmas gift I received  :) :) :) :) I think of this as a gift  :) :) :) :) :wub:

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Chapter 12 (Part 2)

“Wait what?!” Yuko and Kana shouted confused through the communicators.

“Yeah… Mako somehow got turned into a kid,” Yui said. She looked over and showed the two the child Mako now playing with the others.

“What the actual heck..?”

“We have no idea how this happened.”

“Maybe one of Obsidian’s minions did this. Keep your eyes peeled.”


Yui then closed the communicator and walked back to them.

“Well, looks like now we gotta babysit while looking out for any of Obsidian’s minions.”

“Guess we can’t relax today either…”

“Nee-chan-tachi! I wanna go on the Ferris Wheel!” the little Mako jumped as she pointed at the Ferris wheel.

“Hmm… maybe from up there, we’d get a better view,” Sayanee pointed out.

“Right. Let’s go.”

So the girls made their way to the Ferris wheel, Mako getting in with Yui while the other three got on their own car.

As they slowly made their way to the top, while Yui was looking down, searching to see if Lapis or any of Obsidian’s men were lurking down, Mako was excitedly looking at the whole park from below.

“It’s so beautiful~” she smiled.

“Mako-chan, I understand you wanna have fun, but right now, we need to be serious. I think this park is in danger.”

“Mou~ why should I have to worry? I’m having fun.”

“I know, but… sometimes, you need to grow up.”

Mako shook her head. “I don’t wanna grow up! Being a grown up is scary! I just wanna stay a kid and have fun!”


Yui honestly felt a little bad for the girl. She remembered how Mako said she wanted to relax and not worry about Obsidian. Maybe this was what she wanted… minus being turned into a kid.

“Look!” Mako pointed at the castle. “The Dream Princess said there’s going to be a party in the Dreamland Palace!”

“Dream Princess?”

“Yup! She’s a very nice lady who looks over the whole kingdom.”

“Kingdom… but this is an amusement park. Unless,” she remembered the lady that was in the commercial. “What if it was that woman..?”

“I met the Princess before, in the Mirror Maze I met you and the other nee-chan-tachi. She was very nice and showed me her magic lollipop wand.”

“Magic lollipop wand..?”

“Yup. I got lost in the maze and was scared, but then she showed me the wand and it made me feel happy.”

Yui’s eyes widened. “That wand..!”

“Alright then, Mako-chan, when me and the others get down, we’ll go to the party all together.”



As Yuko was looking through the monitoring system of the computers, she was re-reading the scannings she had received over the course of the past several days.

“These energy readings don’t make sense… they aren’t like any of the past Gems or Black Gems we’ve seen before…”

“Any luck?” Kana asked.

“No… I just don’t understand where these readings are coming from.”

Kana looked at the screen. Then, as she was seeing the previous readings, and remembering past readings they have gotten, she thought of something.

“What if we’re looking at this in the wrong way?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“We’ve been searching for whatever’s been causing the energy bursts from just the surface view. But if we use other settings like our infrared scanner, maybe we could find it.”

Yuko’s eyes widened. “Kana… you genius baka!”

“Oi…” Kana jumped a bit. “How am I supposed to take that?”

“We need to upgrade the infrared scanner,” Yuko started, but then they got another new reading. “Now what?!”

Kana looked at the coordinates. “Looks like it’s coming from the amusement park the girls went to.”

Yuko punched in the numbers, and once it appeared on the scanner, fear grew in their eyes.

“No… this aura.. it’s..!”



Once they got inside the castle, Yui and the others kept Mako close, to make sure nothing would happen to her.

Tons of people have gathered inside the castle, all anxiously waiting for whatever was going to happen.

“Remember, girls, we gotta keep Mako in our sights.”


Yui took hold of the child’s hand. “Don’t let go, okay?”


Just then, the lights went up and the princess came out.

“Welcome, friends!”

The crowd went wild, Mako also getting excited.

“Let’s begin the show!”

As the show was starting, the princess held up the wand. When Mako saw it, she suddenly let go of Yui and started to run towards the crowd.

“Mako, no!”

“I wanna see! I can’t miss this!” Mako ran through the crowd of people, the girls losing her.

Sayanee then noticed the lollipop started spinning in a spiral, a strange light coming from it. Everyone was becoming lost in a dreamy state, enchanted by the wand’s spell.

The girls quickly shielded their eyes, still searching for Mako.

Just then, people started falling to the ground, passing out in their dream state. The girls were the only ones left standing, along with the Dream Princess.

They all stared at the princess as her eyes went dark, glaring down at them.

“This is your doing.”

“You’re a servant to Obsidian, aren’t you?”

Just then, the princess started chuckling. Then, her laugh grew into a twisted cackle, two voices mixing, one deep and monstrous, one still princess-like yet creepy.

“Obsidian has no power over ME!!!

The princess’ skin turned deep green and she grew in size, growing four more arms. Her hair, which was previously pink like bubblegum, turned white. Her eyes glowed demonic red and fangs pointed from her crazed smile.

“What the hell..?” Sayanee said as the girls stood in horror.

I am Malachite! I am the strongest Gem that has ever lived!!! I am the GOD of ALL GEMS AND BLACK GEMS!!! Neither Darkness nor Light, neither Ange or Obsidian can defeat me!!!

“What is wrong with this Gem? It’s like a monster!” Jurina screamed.

“That’s exactly what she is,” Yuko spoke. “Malachite is a corrupt Gem. She was captured and tortured by Obsidian, and she eventually went mad. Now she’s insane and bloodthirsty, and also dangerously powerful. We HAVE to get rid of her!”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You cannot subdue me! I am the Messiah of ALL Gem-kind!!!

“Not for long. Now!”

The girls held up their Gems, transforming.

“We still need to find Mako,” Yui then said. “You guys hold her back while I search for her.”


As the girls began fighting the horrific beastly Gem, Mako started searching for the child. She finally saw the giant bear in the ground and saw Mako still holding tightly to it as she slept.

Yui knelt down and started shaking the girl. “Mako, please! You have to wake up! We need you to fight!”

“N-no… don’t wanna grow up…”

“Mako, I know you don’t want to fight, but--”

“No… want to.. stay kid… Can’t become grown up… Too scary…”

Yui held the girl and let her hold her.

“Mako… I know it’s scary. But we all have to grow up. Things can’t be a perfect paradise. We all have to learn when to stop dreaming and live in reality. But even when it gets hard.. everything will be okay.”

“Everything.. will be okay…”

Yui then saw as a yellow aura surrounded Mako and the child stated growing until she was finally back to her current age.

Mako’s eyes slowly opened as she woke from her slumber.

“Yui..?” she rubbed her eyes. “I had the weirdest dream.”

“It wasn’t a dream, it was a nightmare. And it’s not over.”

Mako looked and saw Malachite, jumping back.

“Don’t worry. Just transform and we’ll fight together.”

Mako nodded. “Right.”

She held out her Gem and transformed, holding her warhammer as she jumped up and slammed the giant hammer into Malachite’s head.

ARGH!!! HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!” Her voice boomed and one of her hands grabbed Mako. “I’ll make you sleep, this time for ETERNITY!!!

“Oh no, you won’t!”

Yui slashed her sword and cut one of Malachite’s arms, causing it to cry out in immense pain.

“That’s it!” Mako realized. “Her arms are her weak point! Get rid of her arms!”

The others followed suit and one by one got rid of all six arms. Malachite roared in anger in pain, her eyes glowing deep red.


Yui slashed the monster one last time, straight down the center, and caused the Gem to poof into its Gem form. They took the large green stone and transferred it back to base.

“Thanks, Yui. We’re gonna make sure Malachite is never released into the world again.”


Just then, the entire castle disappeared and the girls found themselves in the middle of nowhere. Everyone else was still knocked out.

“Um, Yuko… you mind taking us all home? And putting these people back in their homes as well?”

“Will do.”


Once the girls were transported back to base, they saw their two senior knights now looking over the scanner.

“Still getting those weird readings?” Sayanee asked.

“Yes, but we’re making progress. We’re about to switch to the infrared scanners to see where the energy waves are coming from.”

“Oh, that makes sense. They’re more visible that way,” Haruppi said.

“Exactly. And that way, we can also find the source.”

Yuko pushed a button and the infrared turned on, and immediately they got better results than ever.

“Yuko..!” Kana pointed to the screen. “Look! There it is!”

What they were seeing was a scan of somewhere underground, high readings being picked up on the scanner.

“Is that..?”

“Yup. That’s the source of the energy bursts. And it’s Gem energy!”

Jurina then came to the realization, “Yuko… does this mean there’s a Prism Gem somewhere.. underground?!”

“Most likely… but whatever it is.. and how powerful it is.. is still unknown.”

Little did the girls know that somewhere nearly on the other end of the city, something is about to be unraveled that would change the course of the battle.

For late that night, deep underground out of public sight, a strange object was sitting in an abandoned and empty underground water drain, deep inside a large tunnel...and a faint silver light glowed only for a moment from underneath a sheet…


To Be Continued

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Also, for Malachite, just imagine something similar to the character that shares the same name from the show "Steven Universe"

Visual aid:

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I hope that the gem is Ange or someone close to Kana and Yuko by the way this is amazing well written story that attracted me to this site can't wait for the next update.❤️😍💕
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I hope that the gem is Ange or someone close to Kana and Yuko by the way this is amazing well written story that attracted me to this site can't wait for the next update.❤️😍💕

Why thank you. :D
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Wheeew, finally finished reading this in marathon~

It's a great story! The pace was a bit fast so sometimes I have to re-read some scenes, but the concept is pretty interesting. I'm laughing hard when you add 'Orera'. Pffft, nothing beats those dorks, ha ha. And that last chapter when Mako got turned into a child...somehow the scene from Majisuka Gakuen 5 gaiden played in my head, the one with her, Juri and Naanya.  :lol: Sorry, I just can't stop laughing for a while. And it's suppose to be an important scene too...

Anyways, keep up the good work. I'll be waiting for the next chapter~
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Chapter 13

One night, while the night was still peaceful without any disturbances from evil occurring at all, Yui was sleeping at her place. Her pet cat Bisu was curled up at her side and purring as it slept. Yui felt good that nothing had happened and everything seemed normal. She could relax for once and was able to sleep with no problems.

Her mind then slowly drifted into a dream. It was a strange dream, she couldn’t see anything and she felt cold, even though it was summer. She at first maybe thought it was the air conditioner turning her room into a freezing cellar, but something felt unworldly of this atmosphere, it wasn’t normal.

In her dream, Yui could hear something. A sweet voice, of someone singing…

“Can you hear my voice? Is my cry reaching you? Please say you can hear me. Find me in the darkness, and bring back the light. Rescue me from this nightmare, I can’t wake up...”

“Who’s there..?” Yui called out, but she then had a sudden feeling she was being swallowed by darkness. She tried to search for some way out, some light, but her body was sinking into pitch blackness surrounding the room. She heard the voice once again, which let out a desperate cry.

“Help me… Someone, help me!”

Yui’s eyes shot open as she woke up, sitting up from the bed. As she caught her breath, she remembered the song she heard and the cry for help.

The girl’s voice sounded frightened. Even in her song, she could feel an overwhelming pain and sadness. This girl needed help, but she didn’t know what for or who it was.

“Who was that..?”

The voice echoed in her head again.

“Help me..!”

“‘Help me’?”


The next morning at the base, the five girls were discussing plans on how to defeat Obsidian and his army.

“Obsidian is just getting stronger everyday…”

“Yeah. And his army is just as bad. Especially that one dark warrior, Black Amethyst.”

“We need to figure out how to stop them. We don’t know what they could be planning next…”

The girls then noticed Yui was looking pretty exhausted, like she may doze off any second.

" okay there Yui?" Sayanee was the first to ask.

Yui blinked a few times before looking up.

“Huh…? Oh...Actually, I didn’t get a lot of sleep...” she said as she rubbed her eyes before yawning, “I had the strangest dream.”

“Dream?” Jurina repeated, “What was it about?”

Yui took a moment but had trouble remembering. “Mm… I don’t remember all of it clearly…but I remember hearing someone calling for help.”

“Do you know who it was?”

“No… I just knew she sounded scared...”

“Someone.. help me!”

That was the last thing Yui remembered from the dream. “I wonder who it was...” she asked herself.

“Guys!” Yuko and Kana suddenly came in, looking very alert about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“We found something,” said Yuko.

“Eh?” The group walked up to the monitor.

“This,” Kana pointed at a blinking red dot on the screen, “We picked up a reading of Gem energy here. Only it wasn’t there before.”

“We think it’s what’s been causing the disruptions with our technology. We couldn’t see it until the infrared was up.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember that.”

“We were finally able to pinpoint the location of where the energy was coming from.”

“How did it get there?”

“We don’t know. But, it’s very powerful.”

“You girls need to go to this location,” Yuko handed them a sheet of paper that pointed out the location of the energy waves, “and find the Prism Gem before Obsidian and his army.”

“Alright. Let’s go!”


“This is it...”

It took the girls a while, but they were able to find the location from the coordinates Yuko gave them and ended up underground. They were now in the sewers of an underground water drain that ran beneath Tokyo.

“Yuko said that the Gem energy was coming from in here. Let’s find the source of it and see what we can do,” said Yui.

Jurina plugged her nose from the smell. “Blech! Why on earth does it have to be down here?”

“Whatever the reason, there’s something down here and we need to find it!”

“Everyone, split up and start searching,” Yui then suggested.


They entered the area and each went to a different part of the sewers, searching and scavenging for anything that could’ve been causing the energy waves. Sayaka held out the tracking device Yuko had given her. Each time she thought she was close, the result always came up negative.

“Where could it be..?”

Mako and Haruppi talked as they search the stinky sewers.

“You know I heard a lot of rumors about this place… that there are monsters, mutated animals. Someone actually got lost down here and was murdered by an animal,” Mako spoke as they walked.

“Do...Do you think they’re true?” a slightly nervous Haruppi asked.

“Who knows…?”

At that moment, Mako was about to venture into another tunnel. But before she could, she got startled when she came in contact with some kind of invisible wall that sent her back and made her fall on her butt.

“Ow!” she yelped as she hit the ground, holding her bum. “That hurt..!”

She looked in front of her and wondered why on earth she couldn’t go in. It felt like there was a huge wall that hit her in the face, but there was nothing there.

“Kojimako!” Haruppi and the others ran to her. “Are you okay?”

“Something pushed me back… Here,” she pointed at the tunnel.

Jurina walked up and put her hand out. Something shocked her hand and made her draw it back. Now the five of them can see some sort of faint see through wall made entirely out of energy.

“It must be some kind of barrier. A strong one, too.”

And indeed, Sayanee spotted on the wall some faint symbols of some sort. But as she looked closer, she realized that the symbols resembled the same ones Yuko and the others in the magical realm use. It was the same ancient language written in their oldest books.

“Hey...that’s the symbol of the first PRISM Knights! From Yuko’s generation, before our time!”

Seeing that, the girls are now convinced that the Gem, or something important to the knights, must be hidden on the other side of the barrier. Now the question was: how do they get through the barrier?

After a moment of thinking, Yui came upon a solution. “I have an idea. Let’s all hit it with all our magic. Maybe our powers might be able to break it.”

They don’t know if it will work, but it is worth a try.

All the girls then stood in a row in front of the barrier and held their Gems out.



They concentrated their energy and shot beams of light at the barrier. The symbols started to glow intensely and their Gems gave off an incredible aura, which also grew hotter as they continued.

The next moment, they saw the barrier break and created an opening.

“Let’s go!” They stepped through the barrier and went inside the tunnel.

They used the light from their Gems to find their way through the tunnel and into a dark room on the other side. They searched every corner to find what was causing the energy waves, Sayanee frequently checking the tracking device as they found they were getting closer.

As they examined the area, Jurina then noticed something sitting in the corner. It was something rather large, covered by a white sheet.

“Guys… what’s that?” she said, pointing at the mysteriously covered object.

They all walked towards it. Yui scanned the sheet with her wristwatch.

Looking at the readings, she spoke, “There’s massive amount of energy coming from this. Whatever’s under the sheet, it might be the cause of the sudden energy bursts.”

Haruppi gulped. “S-so, who should pull it off?” she said, a bit scared to do it herself.

Jurina and Sayaka looked at each other for a bit, then looked at Yui. Before the eldest could say anything, Mako stepped forward.

“I’ll do it,” she said.

“Woah, Mako sure is brave,” Jurina stated softly.

“Ganbatte,” Haruppi also said.

After making her decision, Mako stepped closer until she’s right in front of the covered object. She then took a deep breath, reached out, grabbed an end, and slowly pulled off the sheet. And the first thing revealed in front of the group was a head. Mako then pulled off the rest of the sheet, revealing a young girl, asleep. She had short hair that was tied in a tiny ponytail and was wearing an outfit that doesn’t look like modern day clothes.

In fact, it was a robe, with long sleeves and a hood. It was a long robe that barely covered her feet, which were bare, as if her shoes were missing, and it had a strange symbol on the back of it. The robe was mostly white and silver, but there was also a hint of gold trimming.

The girls, not expecting to find a person in a place like this instead of a Gem, were left clueless.

“Who is this..?” Mako was the first to say.

“Oi~” Haruppi slapped the girl’s cheek a bit, “Are you awake~?”

“She’s not waking up at all,” Sayanee said as they got no response from the sleeping girl.

Jurina then gasped and said with concern, “What if she’s…?”

Yui knelt down and put her ear against the girl’s chest. She heard the soft beating of the girl’s heart.

“She’s alive.”

“Haa~ good,” Mako sighed in relief.

“What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know...”

Just then, Yui’s Gem reacted to something. She looked and saw a pendant on the girl’s chest, glowing a silver light. It looked very similar to the pendants they had, yet a bit different. On her pendant was a silver gemstone, which seemed to be glowing faintly. Rather than looking like the other Gems they’ve been trying to recollect since they became the Prism Knights, the girls noticed that this Gem resembled somewhat close to...their own. Which meant...

“Is that a… Prism Gem?” Mako asked.

“Does that mean, the energy waves that Yuko and Kana picked up on the radar was from her?”


“But, why does she have one? And how long has she been here?”

“No idea…”

As all of them were talking, Yui’s mind was racing with everything that was going on. She looked at the Gem which was dangling on the girl’s chest. She touched the silver crystal, causing a bright flash.

The feeling she got from it remained on her fingertips for a few seconds.


As it subsided, the girl’s eyes slowly opened. She looked at the group of girls, staring at them.

“Who are you...?” was the first words she spoke.

Yui looked at the girls, who all just stared in shock. She decided to simply introduce herself to the girl.

“My name is Yui. Yokoyama Yui. What are you doing here?”


Just then, the girl gasped and showed a look of worry.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jurina.

She suddenly sat up and looked around, then got up in a panic. “Where is she...? She’s not here..! I need to find her..!”


“I’ve gotta go back there!” Without an explanation, the girl ran off in a hurry, leaving behind the puzzled knights with their questions unanswered.

“Hey wait a moment--!”

“What’s gotten into her?”

“Don’t know. But come on!” The five then ran off after her.


Using instincts, the tall robed girl ran through the sewers until she saw light and a tunnel leading to the outside, which is where she ran to. When she got outside, she kept looking around. That was when she realized that she has no idea where exactly she is at the moment.

“What? W-Where am I? Where is she..?” She held her pendant, closing her eyes. When she opened them up, her eyes filled with more worry. “Why? Why can’t I feel her?”

“Hey,” Yui and the group walked back up to the tall girl. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I… I need to find...”

“You’re looking for someone, right? We’ll help!” Haruppi spoke.

“Eh? Really?”

“Yes. What does she look like?”

“Eto, she’s tall, like me, and she has long hair and a beautiful face with sharp features. And, she has a necklace, just like mine, but the crystal is gold.”

Yui thought over the details. “Tall, long hair, beautiful face with sharp features, gold crystal… Do we know anyone who looks like that?”

For some reason, Yui can’t help but think that the description of the missing person sounds familiar to her.

“Please, I need to find her, quick!”

“Okay, calm down, we’ll find her,” Jurina said, but then she couldn’t help but look at the girl’s clothes, “Um, I have to ask... what’s with your outfit?”



“Don’t be rude!” Sayanee scolded.

“I’m sorry, but, you don’t often see people wear…THAT anymore. It’s like you aren’t from this time.”

The girl was confused by what Jurina was saying, but then, as she took deep thought into it, an idea entered her head and made her scream. Startled by the sudden scream, the girls jumped.

Then Jurina asked, “Whoa! Wh-what’s wrong?!”

“What…what year is this?” the girl suddenly asked.

Yui furrowed her eyebrows. “Eh? Why are you asking?”

“Please just tell me!”


“2015...” the girl repeated, but then a second later her eyes widened and she screamed, “EH?! I-i-it’s not 2012?!”



“But, that was 3 years ago...”

Slowly, the shocking truth came to her.

"EEHHHH!?" the girl exclaimed again, "Wait, you mean...I was out for 3 years!?"

It was obviously a huge shock when you find out that you've been sleeping for 3 years. The girl held her head as she tried to swallow the new information.

"No way...I could've sworn I remember being in a forest just last night, and…” Suddenly, the girl clutched her head in pain, rubbing her temples. "Erk..! Itai..."

“Are you okay?”

“Er… y-yeah… just a headache...”

"Well after sleeping for 3 years straight, I guess that's to be expected," Jurina couldn't help but mention.

“It makes no sense...” she said as she held her head. “I only felt like I was asleep a couple of hours, but…3 years..?!”

The group watched as the girl knelt down to the ground, holding her head and started crying.

“What do I do…? What if I can’t find her..? She… she might be…!”

Sayanee then knelt down in front of the girl and rubbed her back.

“Don’t worry,” she reassured. “We’ll help find your friend.”

The girl sniffled. “Really..?”


“Do you know where she might be?” Mako then asked.

The girl shook her head. “She could be anywhere… but.. I’m determined to find her.”

Haruppi nodded. “And we’ll help.”

“Thank you.”

Now Sayanee had a question that she wanted to know first.

“So by the way, what’s your name?”

The girl remembered that she had yet to introduce herself to the ones who have woken her up.

“Oh. Well I’m--”

But it was here that the conversation will have to be put on hold when a beeping sound came from their Prism Gems. The five girls knew what this means.

"One of Obsidian’s minions is attacking!" Yui told the girls, "Come on!"

Just as she began to run, Jurina called out, "But wait! What do we do about this person?"

The mystery girl gave an oblivious expression. "What is going on here?"

Yui knew that the girl wanted answers since she is unaware of the things that happened while she was sleeping.

"Um look this is hard to explain right now, but please wait here for a while," she requested the girl, "I promise we'll be back to answer your questions as soon as we can."


“Let’s go!” Yui said as she lead the group and ran off with everyone.

After being left behind, the girl now became more confused than before.

But the confusion was put to the side when she detected a feeling she had not felt for a long time yet it was familiar.

"This feeling… does this mean these girls are...?”

Suddenly she realized something that one of the girls said just now.

“Wait...Did she just say Obsidian?”


The girls arrived back in Akihabara and saw, not Lapis and Topaz, but what looked like some Geodites that had a bit more of a humanoid form, still mixed with monstrous traits.

“Who the heck are you guys?!” Sayanee was the first to react to the new Geodites’ appearance.

“Hehehe~ we’re minions to Topaz-sama,” a tall slender one hissed.

“Out causing trouble again. We’ll stop you!” Jurina stated.

“Let’s go!” Yui and the girls held up their Gems. “Energize!”

At once, they transformed and summoned their weapons.

“Prepare yourselves!”

The girls started to fight the minions one by one. Being what seemed like a higher rank of a Geodite, they were much more skilled opponents and very powerful.

Sayanee and Haruppi were back to back fighting them, but they swiftly dodged most of their attacks. Jurina tried to catch them on by surprise, charging from behind, but one happened to notice and dodged, causing her to crash into her teammates.

“Sorry you guys!”

“I’ll take care of this!”

Mako swung her hammer and tried to hit the larger minion, but he pushed it back with a strong force and caused her to let go of the sword and comically spin out of control until she fell.

“Uwaa~ everything’s spinning…” she said dizzily.

“Your turn!” the slender one pointed at Yui.

The two minions charged and came at Yui with nonstop attacks. Yui blocked each one and held them back as best as she could.

From a distance, a certain someone was watching all this and smiled.

“I knew it.”

Yui slashed her sword, but she didn’t notice one of the minions pick up Mako’s hammer and was about to use it on her.


When Yui looked back, she saw the large Geodite lifting the hammer and swinging it down on her. She shut her eyes as it was about to come in contact.


To the girls' surprise, the mystery girl they found earlier had arrived and blocked the attack, pushing back the heavy hammer and knocking the enemy away.

“What the--?!”

Yui opened her eyes and saw the robed girl now pick up Mako’s hammer and handing it back to the girl before facing the enemy again.

“I think this belongs to you,” said the robed girl.

"What are you doing here? I asked you to stay behind!" said Yui.

“Stay behind?” the girl said, “Not when you girls are up against evil wackos like these guys.”

Now after the girl had appeared, the bad guys were both confused, and at the same time, intrigued.

“Who’s that girl? She must think she’s got some guts for coming up against us.”

“And how dare she call us ‘wackos’!”

“Ha! No matter, we’ll just kill her and get her out of the way!”

The mystery girl grinned. “Oh really?”

“Weak humans like you should just run away, or we’ll have to get rid of you ourselves!”

“Try, then! Come at me!” she yelled out.

Yui became worried and shouted, "Wait stay back! They're too dangerous!”

“I’m sorry, Yui-chan… but, there’s something important I have to do.”


The girl held her necklace, the silver crystal shining as she saw her reflection in the gem.

"Time to get back the 3 years I've missed…”

When the girls saw her held up her own pendant, they had a hunch of what was going to come next.

" she going to...?"

“...Does that mean she’s…?”

One of the minions happened to see the Gem and their eyes filled with fear.


The robed girl shouted, “Silver Gem, energize!”

Then, the crystal suddenly flashed and started glowing brightly, blinding Topaz’s minions, as well as Yui and the others. The silver light surrounded the girl, a bright silver aura coating her.

The next second, she was dressed in a Prism Knight’s armor, shining in silver and white with a long cape, baring the same symbol as her robe. Some of the armor looked like it was incomplete, however, like part of it was missing.

Once she had transformed into her armored form, the minions were now struck with alarm.

"It can't be...!" the enemy exclaimed, "It's the silver warrior!"

"What!? I thought Lord Obsidian got rid of her years ago!"

"Well it looks like he was wrong," the silver knight confirmed, “I’m still here, and now, I’ll make you pay for all the wrong you’ve done!”

“Why you...!” The enemy shot out dark energy from their hands, aiming it at the girls.

The silver knight held out her hand, and it was immediately blocked.


“How can she block that attack?!”

“Take this!” The minions charged at the girl, but much to their surprise, she was able to move very quickly and had high reflexes. She blocked all their attacks and knocked them to the ground.

“Not even breaking a sweat,” she chuckled.

“Damn!” One of the minions shot out another dark energy behind the silver knight, almost hitting her if she hadn’t dodged.

“Crap, these guys are stronger than I remember.”

She then held out her hand and closed her eyes, concentrating her energy.

“Summon, shield!” she called out, but it seemed that nothing happened. She opened her eyes. “Huh…? Shield!”

She looked at her Prism Gem. She saw there was a small crack in it.

“Uh oh…”

Now she understood why she wasn’t able to sense where her partner was. With this small little crack, even though it looked minor, her powers weren’t working at all because of it.

“Hehe, got a problem?” one of the monsters chuckled before charging towards her. The silver knight dodged again and held her Gem.

She sighed, “Oh well...guess I’ll just have to use hand to hand.”

She then cracked her knuckles and threw a punch at the oncoming minions.

“Amazing!” Haruppi exclaimed as she and the others saw the fight.

“Yui-chan, you five help me take these guys out!”

“On it!”

The girls used their Gems and created a barrier that trapped the two minions.

The girl then grinned. “It’s been a while since I’ve done this. Let’s hope I’m not too rusty.”

She held out her hand, pointing her finger out like a gun. The symbol on her cape glowed and a magic circle appeared under her feet and in front of her pointed finger.

“Bang!” She made a ‘shot’ and a beam of light shot the two, knocking them back with a brute force.

“Woooooah!!!” The five said amazed.

“This won’t be the last you see us, silver warrior!”

The two minions then disappeared.

There was a flash of light and the armor on the silver knight disappeared. Yui and the others stood where they are, still awestruck by her outstanding power.

“Sugoi...she’s so strong,” said Jurina, the others nodded in agreement with her.

The girl then gave a heavy sigh. “So, Obsidian is awake again… What in the world happened while I was sleeping?”

She then heard one of the girls speak to her.

“Ano...who exactly are you?”


The girls returned to their HQ with their new comrade. The five were sure Yuko and Kana were going to be confused as heck as to who she was and why she was there, but Yui believed she’d be able to explain.

“Oh you guys are back,” Yuko said as she walked in the room, “What ha...?”

Yuko’s eyes met the girl’s, and the girl’s met Yuko’s. The two stared at each other, their eyes both wide in shock.

“...It can’t be…!”

The mystery girl’s eyes widened as well. “Yuko?”

Sayanee was the first to speak, "Yuko-san, we know you told us that we shouldn't bring strangers into the base, but...we've brought some company."

Kana then came in, munching on a cookie, “What’s this about company?”

She then saw the robed guest and her expression became like Yuko’s. Her jaw dropped, the cookie falling to the floor from her ajar mouth.


Afraid that they’ve done something really bad to shock Yuko and Kana this much, Jurina spoke, “Guys, we can explain, really...”

“Kana?” the girl then spoke, stepping forward. She smiled widely. “Well, looks like you haven’t changed. How’ve you been?”

“S-Sae… is that really you?” Kana said, near tears.

“Sae?!” The five exclaimed shocked.

The robed girl gave a child-like giggle. “C’mon, baka, of course it’s me!”

Kana covered her mouth.

“Sae..! I don’t believe it… you’re alive! You’re really alive!” Kana hugged the tall girl and cried.

“Kana, don’t cry,” Sae wiped away the girl’s tears.

“B-but… you were gone for so long!”


“Wait, Sae as in… the same one who went missing?!” Mako said in shock.

Sae turned to the girls and said, “Ah. So you’ve heard of me.”


“Sae-chan!” Yuko ran straight to the tall girl and the two shared a huge hug. Sae smiled and picked the small girl off the ground.


“Oh my gosh, I’m so happy to see you!” said Yuko. Then, as she got her feet back to the floor, she took a moment to step back and look at Sae. “Thank God… I-I thought...”

“Eh..?” Sae suddenly became confused when Yuko started crying. But then she remembered that she was in a coma for three whole years and she probably worried her friend.

She took her thumb and wiped away Yuko’s tears.

“Mou~ don’t cry! It makes you look ugly,” she pinched both of Yuko’s cheeks lightly. “A Yuko who doesn’t smile is like a day without sunshine.”

Yuko wiped away her tears and nodded, smiling.

“Oh certainly haven’t aged a bit!”

“And you certainly haven’t grown an inch since we last saw each other,” Sae joked then chuckled mischievously, “Gee Yuko you could’ve tried to grow more while I was asleep.”


The two laughed after having seen each other in so long.

Then, Yui and the others saw the picture of Yuko and her old team. Just as they expected, Sae looked exactly the same as she did in the picture.

“It really is her...” Mako exclaimed in a soft voice.

“So, she’s been alive all this time. Just asleep...”

“For three years...”

“But how...?”

They still are quite surprised at the fact that this girl hasn't changed in appearance at all when 3 years have passed.

“I wonder…”


Yuko, Kana, and Sae took the time walking together and catching up. Naturally of course Sae had a lot of questions and had Yuko and Kana fill her in with all the details on the things that she had missed while she was hidden away for 3 years.

“I see...So in the end Obsidian was brought back,” Sae spoke after hearing everything, “...I can’t believe it...Lady Ange…How could this have happened to her?”

It was now time for Yuko to ask Sae some questions of her own that she would like her to answer.

“Sae, what happened to you all these years? Why didn’t you return sooner if you were still alive?”

Sae rubbed the back of her head. “Well...I must’ve been sleeping longer than I thought.”

Then, Yuko had an important question to ask Sae.

“Sae… do you remember anything from what happened that day?”

Here, Sae gave an unsure expression. The whole room suddenly went silent before Sae spoke again.

“Actually...I can’t really remember clearly...The last thing I remembered before I blacked out, I was fighting Topaz and Yuk--... I-I mean, Lapis... and then…”

She thought back to the last thing she can remember...


3 years ago…

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed on one stormy and rainy night.

A fight was taking place a distance from the city. The ones involved was Topaz and Lapis against Sae and one other person who fought on the good side. The other warrior of light that fought alongside Sae had gold armor with silver trimming and her armor was the same style and look as Sae’s.

“Sae, look out!”

Sae was hit by Topaz’s surprise attack and sent flying to the side and knocked far away. She didn’t notice it, but the damage she took from that attack had cracked her Gem, causing her powers to weaken.

“Sae!” her partner shouted.

From where she lay, Sae raised her head and saw her friend reaching out to her.

While she was distracted, Lapis appeared from behind and formed an orb of dark energy in his hands, a grin formed on his face. Sae’s eyes widened in horror when she saw her friend and partner then received a powerful blow from the Lapis’ attack, dark energy shooting her.


What happened next was fuzzy to Sae, but the last thing she remembered was hearing a voice, a desperate cry, before her memory turned blank.

“I’m sorry Sae…”

End of Flashback

Back to the present, Sae opened her eyes after recalling the last memory she had.

“...And the next thing I knew, I woke up and found myself underground as if only a few minutes have passed. That’s all I remember.”

“That’s it?” Yuko spoke with an anxious look, “Then...what about her? She wasn’t with you when the girls found you?”

Sae’s face fell and she silently shook her head, letting Yuko and Kana know that she no information concerning the person Yuko is inquiring about.

Though Sae told everything from her side of the story, there were still unanswered questions and gaps to the mystery. Yuko and Kana are left with only a few answers, but a still unresolved mystery.

From what Sae described, Yuko feared the worst possible conclusion to what might have happened to their dear friend.

Then Sae gave a concerned look. “ don’t think that she...?”

She couldn’t finish her sentence, Yuko stood up and faced her friend with serious eyes.

“...No. It’s possible...but I don’t want to believe it…”

Kana spoke as well, “If Sae was able to survive…then I’m sure that that person, knowing how strong she is, has to be out there somewhere, too.”

Sae, too, gained confidence. “You’re right…I can just feel it...she’s alive.”

Sae smiled and stood up, gaining confidence.

“Yosh! Now I’m fired up! Let’s do it! We’ll find our comrade and beat Obsidian!” she proposed.

“Genki as usual, huh?” Yuko chuckled. “You haven’t changed even after three years.”

Sae giggled, then she remembered something important.

"Oh by the way Yuu-chan, I need a favor from you. Uh the thing is...I may have accidentally broke my Gem somehow.”


Sae held up her Gem and Yuko saw the crack that she got from her last fight with Lapis and Topaz 3 years ago.

"I can’t summon my Silver Shield… Is there any way we can fix it?”

Yuko looked at it and sighed.

“I’ll try. For now, you probably shouldn’t overwork it. It’ll irritate the crack and worsen it.”

“I just hope I’ll be able to summon my Shield again…”

Kana patted the tall girl’s back. “Don’t worry, Sae! Those five are strong, too.”

Yuko nodded in agreement. “Plus, now that you’re here, we have an advantage.”

“Yeah, we’ll catch ‘em by surprise! I mean, come on, what’re they gonna do now that we have the Silver Prism knight back on our side?”

And so at the moment, our heroes the Prism Knights have gained the assistance of a new ally to help them fight against Obsidian and his dark forces. But will Sae be enough to help them defeat what will come after them next?


To Be Continued

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So could Sae partner be Sayaka? Could she have turned to the dark side? Could she be Amethyst? I have so many questions but those three are the important ones I have to ask for now can't wait for the next update.
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So could Sae partner be Sayaka? Could she have turned to the dark side? Could she be Amethyst? I have so many questions but those three are the important ones I have to ask for now can't wait for the next update.

I also think sae's partner could be sayaka ^_^ the twin tower of team k

thanks for update, Ruka-san ^_^  :) :)

this getting exciting with more character we have now  :) :) :)

so Sae is the white prism knight then I guess Sayaka is the black prism knight  :) :) :) :) then she was capture or went missing also  :(

Yui is also mysterious in this story, maybe there's connection to her and Ange  :) just guessing  :) :) :)
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so Sae is the white prism knight

No, not white. Sae is silver.

Yuko is white. XD
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so Sae is the white prism knight
No, not white. Sae is silver.

Yuko is white. XD

hahahaha thats some serious mistake XD
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Whoohoo, the moment I read the word 'silver' I couldn't help shouting


This is getting interesting~
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Chapter 14 (Part 1)

In the enemy's lair, a large uproar had spread after news of Sae’s return got out. Topaz’s minions came back, beaten by the Prism knights, facing their masters Lapis and Topaz, and told them the disturbing news.

"What!? What was that!?" Topaz exclaimed in an upset tone, "You had better be telling the truth!"

"It is I swear!" the large, muscular Geodite soldier cried, "The one that stopped us was a Prism Knight warrior in silver!"

The description alone was enough to let Lapis and the others know who exactly it is they're talking about.

“I see. So she survived that… ”

"Silver…? Miyazawa?! How could this be?" Topaz asked himself in frustration, "I was sure I obliviated her back then! There was no way she could have survived! Unless of course--!"

He stopped when a realizing thought came to him.

"Was this Lady Ange’s doing? No. It couldn't be. Something else must’ve saved her…” He then came upon a possible conclusion to the puzzle, “Yes...I should’ve known...It was definitely the gold knight. Only that fool could've done something to keep Miyazawa alive and hidden from under our noses! But I got rid of those two, three years ago! So how...?!”

Unlike how Topaz is worried about how Sae may have survived from death, the others were worried about a bigger matter. They turned to the former ally of the Prism Knights.

"Lapis, if the silver one is alive, then...there could be a chance the gold one is still alive too!" the skinnier soldier cried in panic.

"Damn...! And if so, those two will be an even greater nuisance to us all!" said one of the other Geodites. All of them fell into a panic as they were thinking back to when the Gold and Silver knights were still around.

Topaz angrily grabbed Lapis by his collar.

“You had better explain this!” he demanded, “You were there with me that night, you should’ve seen something!”

“I’m just as clueless as you are,” Lapis said simply, “But no matter. We’ll just bring her down again, while she’s weak, without her dear partner.”

“You… how can you be so calm?! This is the SILVER KNIGHT we’re talking about! If she’s back, then it’ll only be a matter of time before--”

"I wouldn't worry about that, my faithful subjects…” Lord Obsidian walked in. Black Amethyst was also by his side, witnessing the current situation.

The Geodites fell back and bowed at the presence of Obsidian while Topaz released and took a step away from Lapis after Obsidian’s voice halted his actions.

“Lord Obsidian! This is--!”

“Topaz, you must pass this. Just as Lapis said, we will bring down that pesky Silver warrior. You’ve done it once, right? You can surely do it again.”

"B-but my lord, aside from the White knight, the Gold and Silver knights were Ange’s strongest warriors back then! They could ruin our plans for sure if they unite with the others!”

"The Gold warrior is the least of our worries. And besides, the Silver is not as powerful without the Gold knight’s Gem and her Gold Sword.”

“That’s right. She couldn’t summon her shield,” one of Topaz’s minions then mentioned, remembering when said incident occurred.

“I saw!” another then raised his hand. “There was a crack in her Gem. It was small, but I could clearly see it!”

Lord Obsidian chuckled. “Well, now that’s even better.”

“As long as it remains like that, it should be no trouble defeating her,” Lapis said.

Obsidian faced his second trusted servant. "Topaz, you have underestimated the gold and silver warriors once. You will handle the silver one. Don't let the same mistake happen again.”

"I promise you my Lord, I will remove her Prism Gem. And this time, I will make sure she doesn't come back,” Topaz vowed.

"And to make sure you do, you'll be going with Amethyst to finish the job.”

Now Topaz looked at the helmeted warrior with discomfort, not liking the thought that this follower of Lord Obsidian is going to babysit him. Nevertheless he can’t go against his master’s orders unless he wants to get punished.

"As you wish, my Lord.”

Once the two had left, the rest of Obsidian’s subjects still expressed their concerns for the current situation. Lapis started to leave, following Topaz and Amethyst.

"Is it safe to let those two handle them alone?"

"What if the gold one appears?"

"...What the warriors of Light don't know is that we have their weakness. Especially that of the silver warrior.”


After the knights had discovered Sae, a fellow old knight who fought on the good side but disappeared for 3 years, the Silver knight took time to get used to her surroundings. She had explored the headquarters, looking at how the technology in the base had been updated.

“My, this place sure looks different than I last remembered! If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought that I’ve stepped into the wrong base,” she commented, “Back then, Yuu-chan and the others always had the place in a pigsty before I kept bugging them to clean up.”

“Oi, don’t underestimate us,” Yuko retorted, punching her arm lightly.

“Yui-chan and the others helped, too,” Kana said.

“I can still remember Sayaka scolding you guys…” Sae said, holding her own hand as she held something wrapped around her finger.

The two youngest members happened to take notice of this.

“Sae-san, what’s that ring?” Haruppi asked as she and Mako saw the shining silver ring on her finger. It also had some gold metal mixed in it like a marble, and had a gold heart-shaped gemstone on it.

“Oh, this…Sayaka gave it to me.”

“She did?”

“It’s a promise ring. She has the other one.” She slipped the ring off. “She even got it engraved.”

Mako and Haruppi looked at the engraving on the inside.

“Your eternal partner, Sayaka”, it said.

“The heart is gold to represent Sayaka’s love for me. I have her heart, and she has mine...”


“Were you two..?”

Before they could ask, an alarm went off. An image of Topaz appeared on the screen with more Geodites.

“Not again! Of all times...”

“Let’s go!” Yui commanded as they stepped on the portal. “Sae, you stay here. If we need you, come for us.”

Since everyone is aware that Sae’s can’t use her gem at the moment with it still in the middle of being restored, they thought it’d be best if the silver knight stays put. Luckily Sae chose not to argue and accepted Yui’s recommendation and nodded.

“Roger that!”

The portal activated and the girls were gone and off to the scene of the trouble.

“I know they’re strong. They’ll be able to defeat Topaz together,” Sae said confidently, but she didn’t see that Black Amethyst was also there, watching from afar.


The girls arrived at the scene and saw the two servants of Obsidian wreaking havoc.

“Topaz! Amethyst!”

“Well, look who it is,” Amethyst said.

Topaz grinned evilly. “We’ve been expecting you.”

The five immediately transformed and summoned their weapons.

“Where’s the silver warrior?” Amethyst asked. “I was looking forward to destroying her.”

“We won’t let you hurt Sae-san!”

The dark warrior scoffed lowly. “How cute… so sweet, it makes me sick.”

She then raised her sword and slashed it in Yui’s direction.

“Do you want me to hurt your hand again? This time I’ll make it so you can never move it again.”

Yui slightly cringed at the reminder of what happened when Amethyst wounded her that first time they clashed. But she didn’t let that scare her.

“Girls, take care of Topaz and the Geodites!”

“Alright! Let’s go!” Sayanee commanded as she and the others started fighting the monsters.

However, as Yui was fighting, Black Amethyst appeared and their swords clashed. Yui was able to keep her ground and push back the dark warrior’s blade.

“You’ve gotten stronger.”

“That’s right… Ever since that day, I became stronger so I wouldn’t lose to you again!”

Yui slashed her sword and managed to only leave a scratch on the cheek area of Amethyst’s helmet.

The dark soldier chuckled darkly. “Stupid girl… That blind confidence will get you nowhere.”

The two raised their weapons again and their blades clashed against each other several times.

“Black Amethyst… I swear I won’t lose to you this time!”

As their swords prepared to clash once more, Lapis suddenly appeared in between Yui and Black Amethyst.


“What are you doing here?!” Topaz asked, annoyed.

“Just came to check on progress. Oh, dear, but it seems the Silver warrior has not yet arrived.”

“She isn’t coming,” Amethyst said. But then, she grinned. “However, with you here, perhaps we can lure her.”

Lapis smiled. “What an excellent idea.”

He then formed dark energy and shot it at Yui. She blocked it with her sword, but was knocked back slightly.

Black Amethyst raised her sword again. “Let’s show them no mercy.”


Back at the base, when Yuko saw Lapis appear on the screen, she became worried.

"Not good.”

Sae, who was present in the room, saw the villain that appeared just now. She now felt a fire burning in her. A fire of hatred, sparked by Yukito’s betrayal.

"It's him..." she said with a sound of anger in her voice.

Yuko and Kana gasped when they saw Yui being hit by Lapis’ attacks several times and is left in a vulnerable position.

Sae’s fist clenched tightly. Seeing Lapis, she decided she just can’t sit and watch any longer.

In a firm voice she spoke, "Yuko, I'm going to help them."

At first Yuko is hesitant, but she eventually agreed and allowed Sae to go.

"Your Gem still needs more time to be fixed, but for now, I'll let you use this…”

In place of her shield, she gave Sae a bracelet with a light blue-colored Gem to use so she can have something to fight with.

"It's not as strong as the original so please be careful," Yuko strongly advised.

“Got it. Just hurry and fix mine as soon as you can,” Sae requested. She then ran off and made her way to the portal. “Itekimasu!”

As Sae left, Yuko suddenly felt a chill up her spine.

“What was that just now..? I just had the feeling.. something really bad’s going to happen to Sae…”


Sayanee thrust her daggers forward, Jurina at her side as the two combatted against Topaz.

The man created a black spike and threw it at them, but it was cut off by Jurina’s spear. She spun her weapon and slashed it towards him, pushing him back.

Mako and Haruppi finished off the Geodites and moved to face Topaz along with their teammates.

“I’m not losing to you guys again…” Topaz growled angrily.

The four readied their weapons before clashing with Topaz again.

Meanwhile, Black Amethyst and Yui had clashed their swords again, and at the same time, the red knight was also facing Lapis, dodging his attack.

Yui chuckled. “Two against one… really? This is a bit unfair.”

Amethyst slashed her sword, Yui stepping back to dodge.

“All you do is run away. You look like a coward.”

Sae had arrived at the scene of the fight. She saw her kouhai were holding up a good fight against the enemies, but then, she saw Topaz push away the four knights angrily and created four black spikes.

Before they could hit them, Sae ran as quickly as she could and activated the Gem on the bracelet. She created a wall of light which pushed back the spikes and protected them.


“You..!” Topaz sneered.

“Sae-san, thank goodness you’re here!”

However for the first time, the girls noticed a face full of seriousness and anger on Sae’s face as she glared directly at their opponent.

“Why you!” Topaz ran up to attack the girl, but Sae grabbed him and threw him back with a powerful force.


She then walked up to Lapis and gave him an angered look.

“I’ve got an unfinished business with you, Yukito…no, Lapis,” Sae declared.

At the sight of the silver knight’s presence, Lapis smiled and remarked, “Well well well, Miyazawa. So nice to see you again. I can see that you still look the same from three years ago.”

“Still working under Obsidian I see. I’m not going to forgive you for hurting these girls.”

As Lapis got closer, Sae felt her ring once again and gave a very serious glare to the white haired man.

“So tell me Sae, since you woke up, did you remember anything that happened that night? Seeing how you’re here alone and without that person…”

Sae knew immediately what Lapis is talking about.

“Sayaka...You know, don’t you, Lapis?” she questioned her former ally, “What did you do to Sayaka 3 years ago? Tell me where is she!”

“Ah so you don’t know huh? Well isn’t it obvious? Your precious partner is gone. I made her suffer defeat in the greatest way.”

Sae’s eyes widened and showed shock.

“...You’re lying!”

Black Amethyst and Yui had also ceased their battle, watching the scene unfold. Amethyst smirked evilly and started walking towards the scene.

“It’s about time she finally showed up…”

Lapis laughed and continued.

“Am I? I remember everything clearly as if it was yesterday. She didn’t stand a chance against the forces of darkness and continuously suffered in pain. But despite that, she sacrificed herself and allowed herself to get killed by my hands just so to protect you. So the way I see’s because of you that the Gold knight is no longer here. In other words… YOU killed her!”

Sae stood there frozen, her eyes growing worryful.

“No...It can’t be true...Aibou…”

“Sae-san, don’t let him get to you!” Yui called out.

Sae nodded and took a deep breath.

“She’s right… I can’t let him get inside my head. Got to stay calm…”

With her eyes making direct contact with Lapis, Sae showed determination and anger.

" have gone too far," she declared, “For betraying Lady Ange and the Knights...for hurting Yuko...and for Sayaka...I am going to stop you for good with my own hands!”

However her former comrade chuckled in amusement. "Fool. I've known you and the others too well. Do you really think you can defeat me as you are now, much less fight against Lord Obsidian? You know well enough that your powers are only at half their strength without the gold Prism Gem to back you up."

Sae did not like the truth, but she knew her current setback was a fact.

In her mind she thought, “Dang it...he’s right. And since I’m not using my real Prism Gem, I can’t use my full abilities. But it can’t be helped. I’ll just have to use what I have.”

She spoke, “Even if she’s not here… I will stop you.” The gem on the brace glowed and she created a sword of pure light. “Come at me, Lapis. I’m not afraid of you.”

However, Lapis clicked his tongue. “No…your opponent shall not be me, Miyazawa Sae.”


Amethyst stepped out from behind Lapis.

She will.”

This is the first time for Sae to see this dark warrior, so she was quite surprised to see her.

"Who are you? I don't recall seeing you before," she spoke.

"I am Black Amethyst. I serve as Lord Obsidian’s loyal servant,” the dark warrior spoke. “I’ll just warn you this once; I won’t go easy on you.

“A new Dark warrior...” Sae gripped her crystal. “She gives off a powerful aura...I have to be careful.”

Yui talked to Yuko on her communicator.

“Do you think Sae-san will be able to handle Black Amethyst on her own, without her shield?”

“I don’t know… we can only hope for the best.”

Sae looked over to her kouhai. "I'll handle Black Amethyst. You girls go stop Lapis and Topaz!" she advised.

"Okay! But be careful Sae-san!" Yui called out.

While the five ran off to Topaz and Lapis, Sae is left to fight against Obsidian's best fighter.

“No more messing around,” Sayanee said.

“Right. Let’s go!”

The five charged at the two men, both dodging their attacks and trying to counter with the dark energy they supplied. Both sides stood their ground and combated against each other with great strength.

Meanwhile, with Sae and Amethyst, Sae too was holding her own as her blade clashed with her opponent’s sword. While the two are stuck with their swords pushing against each other's blades, Sae stared straight into the dark warrior's helmeted face. She could barely see the woman’s eyes, which were almost pitch black. Dark eyes, evil eyes… intimidating eyes.

"Such strong aura you have..."

"Same as you," Amethyst answered.

Yet, something inside Sae couldn't brush off a strong feeling in her heart.

"Strange...We never met before, yet somehow I feel as though you remind me of something. Or someone.”

“I, as well,” Amethyst said before slashing her sword again. “Perhaps we are fated to be enemies.”

“If so, I’ll defeat you.”

Sae raised her sword again, slashing it to clash with Amethyst’s.

Back with the other five, Yui noticed that Sae seemed to be having a struggle and decided they needed to subdue Lapis and Topaz for the time being.

“Jurina, hurricane!” Yui shouted.


Jurina spun her spear and created a giant wind that blew the two back.

“That should keep ‘em down.”

“Yui!” Yuko spoke through the communicator. “There’s a strong power source coming from Amethyst’s chest area! Aim for the Gem on the chest of her armor and crush it!”

“On it!”

While Sae kept herself away from Amethyst for a moment to catch her breath, she did some quick thinking to herself.

"Strange...The moment I started fighting this Black Amethyst, I keep getting the feeling that I must've fought her if something feels nostalgic... But this is the first time I've seen her."

While she was distracted, Amethyst seized the chance and slashed her sword, knocking the silver knight down.

“You’re so pathetic…” Black Amethyst said coldly.

After Sae was knocked to the ground, the five rushed to her side. Sae had a serious glow in her eyes.

“Let’s take her down. All of us. Together…”

Yui then nodded and everyone charged forward with their weapons.

However, it was then Amethyst slashed her sword and something happened. An incredibly powerful shockwave shot all six of them, sending them flying feet away. The six were knocked back from the force and rolled across the ground, suddenly feeling weak from the immense power of the attack.

“What was that…?”

“That was a strong attack just now,” said Sayanee as she struggled to get back on her feet.

“I’ve never seen such power…”

From the base, Yuko and Kana were watching the fight from the dark armored soldier. It was after seeing that last special attack move from Amethyst that Yuko had a strange hunch.

“Why...did that move seemed familiar…?” she said to herself.

Kana overheard a bit of Yuko’s muttering and said, “Hm? What is it?”

“Oh… nothing. It’s just...” She looked at the warrior wearing the dark armor. “That move just now looked like...”

As Sae tried to get back up, her hand clutched her Prism Gem. She was surprised when she felt something burning hot on her hand. She looked down and saw the crystal was glowing intensely.

“What..? Why is it reacting? And to what?”

It was then Sae came upon a realization, as she had remembered that attack Black Amethyst just did.

“Wait a minute…”

It hit her. That attack from Black Amethyst was definitely something she is familiar with, because she has seen a slightly different but similar version of it many times.

"That technique...How do you know how to do that?" she questioned Amethyst, "That was something originally created by only one person!"

She remembered very well back in the past. Back when she, Yuko, and some other old comrades were training on how to become warriors themselves, Sae's close friend had worked vigorously to develop a brand new technique.

That was when she perfected it, a powerful shockwave created from her blade, just by the sheer force of her movement and body weight, she could knock down any opponent. She practiced on a line of wooden poles, cutting them all off cleanly.

"Sugoi! How did you manage to pull it off?" she asked her friend that day.

"Took me a long time to invent it. It's my new secret final attack in battle," said her friend, "I'll teach it to you someday."

No one other than herself, Yuko and the friend that invented it should know that secret technique.

“Why...? Why does a servant of Obsidian know that attack?!” she asked herself.

After Sae questioned her, Amethyst still made no change of emotion.

“Fool. It is my own technique that I created and perfected. No one else knows this except for me and me alone.”

“What?” said Sae in disbelief, “But...that’s impossible.”

All this time, Yui had managed to sneak up behind Amethyst without her noticing and had her sword

“I got her…!”

She gave a huge swing and a loud crack was heard, followed by shattering. The crystal which was on Black Amethyst’s chest broke into pieces and the dark warrior fell to the ground.

Her body laid still on the ground, Yui breathing heavily. She turned back and started to walk away. No one saw that Lapis saw the whole thing, but he was smiling.

“Yui-chan… you did it..!” Sae said in awe.

“It took some energy, but--”

“...hahaha…” A familiar laughter was heard as Yui turned her head back.

Her eyes widened as she looked behind her and saw Amethyst rising to her feet again.

“It’s not that easy to defeat me…” Amethyst said, not at all affected from Yui’s last attack.


“Why didn’t she die when the Gem shattered?!”

“That Gem… it must not be the one linked to her heart!”

Amethyst raised her sword again, charging to Yui. By reflex, Yui also swung her sword and slashed it, hitting Amethyst’s. They clashed several more times until Yui heard the sound of something shatter.

“Argh!” Amethyst backed away and held her head as there was a large crack now at the center of her helmet.


“Why you…!” Amethyst prepared to attack, but then, something happened...

After taking the hit from Yui’s sword, the helmet on the enemy’s head broke and fell off. Long dark haired flowed down, and revealed a beautiful face with dark, empty eyes.

Yui was caught by surprise to discover Amethyst’s real face.

"Huh? Black a human?"

Yuko’s eyes, however, widened in shock once she saw the face on the monitor. “No...”

“Oh my gosh…” Kana covered her mouth. “It’s…!”

“Sayaka?” Sae was the one who finally said it.


To Be Continued

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My guess was right about Amethyst being Sayaka I wonder what's going to happen now knowing that Sae's former partner and lover was on the dark side. I also want to know what's going to happen to Lapis and Topaz now that their strongest warrior has been weakened. This update was absolutely brilliant and wonderful.😎👏❤️
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I F********** knew it!

Double Sayaka time!!!
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woah my thought guess is correct Black Amethyst is Sayaka  XD XD
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Man... Long time since I gave resposes to this fic but I do follow them...

Everyone certainly has grown stronger. The fact that Yui can take on Amethyst and Lapis (not for long though) surprises me. I guess this is what is called character development in the story, eh? Fufufufu...

So Saeyaka are the duos that used to be some of the strongest eh? With Sayaka revealed as the Black Amethyst, makes me wonder how Obsidian corrupted her mind in the first place...

KanaSae embrace~ oh the 2nd gen feels!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maa.... Reminds me of Tokyo Dome 1830m concert as well as the 2012 Sousenkyo, Kana and Sayaka are close friends as well.. I'm immaging her being emotional on finding Sayaka as the enemy the girls have been facing the whole time.

Good work, keep up, and expect a late christmas present from me btw. Fufufufufu

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Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Nobody on the Prism Knights’ side knew that they were going to receive a great shocking truth in their current fight against Lapis, Topaz and mysterious Black Amethyst. But in the midst of fighting Amethyst, a great hidden discovery was unveiled before the Prism Knights’ eyes. For the first time since they met Amethyst, the Prism Knights and Sae were now shown the face that was hidden underneath the helmet of the dark warrior. After she saw Amethyst’s real face, Sae is left in shock.


A distance from Sae, all the girls, excluding Yui, were confused by Sae’s behavior as they watched her get up to her feet.

“Eh? What’s the matter with Sae-san?”

“Could it be that she somehow knows Amethyst?”

But the four had to put their conversation on hold when they had to quickly avoid an attempted strike from behind by Lapis.

“I’d focus on your own fight if I were you four,” Lapis advised.

For now, Sayanee and the other three will have to help Sae and Yui later once they’re done with Lapis.

It was hard to believe, but Sae was looking at the face of the one who has been her partner for many years that everyone thought had died 3 years ago. However, after saying her name, Sayaka did not respond to her partner. She looked down and kicked away the broken helmet, clicking her tongue.

After hearing what Sae said, Yui is left in puzzlement. She was the only one that was able to hear the name Sae said a moment ago. “That’s…Sayaka?”

At first Sae felt nothing but relief when she has seen for herself that her friend was alive after all. In an instant, she forgot about fighting Black Amethyst and lowered her weapon.

"'s really you..." she began, "You're alive!"

She was about to run and hug the woman.

“Sae-san, wait!” Yui tried to stop her, but Sae ran past her.


However she was forced to stay back when Sayaka swung her sword in an attempt to hit Sae again, reminding the silver warrior that she still works for the enemy.

“Nani? Sayaka, what's the matter with you? Why are you doing this? It's me, Sae!”

Without saying a word, Sayaka raised her weapon and charged towards Sae. The latter quickly dodged her attacks, scared.

“Sayaka, stop! Why aren’t you listening?”

But Sayaka simply glared, that evil glare, that reminded Sae that she was indeed still Black Amethyst.

“How can this be..?”

When Sae lost focus for a second, Sayaka then grabbed Sae’s collar and started punching her.


Back at headquarters, Yuko and Kana was seeing the whole thing unfold on the base’s monitor.

“Oi! What is she doing?!” Yuko said in disbelief.

“Yuko, why is Sayaka beating Sae up?! This makes no sense!”

“I don’t know… but...something’s off…”

Sae was thrown to the ground, looking up weakly at her best friend.

“Sayaka…don’t you recognize me?” she asked as she slowly tried to get up.

Without showing any change of emotion, Sayaka walked up to Sae and looked down at her.

“Oh, I know who you are,” she said darkly. “You’re my enemy.”

Sayaka then bent down to grab the girl’s neck and lifted her off the ground, choking her with one hand.

“Saya..ka...” Sae coughed, “Stop… th-this isn’t you...”

“Sayaka?” the girl repeated as she continued to strangle Sae, “What a stupid name. Sorry, but I’m not the one who goes by this name. I am Black Amethyst, the strongest warrior of Lord Obsidian’s army.”

“N-no...! Stop this...! Saya...” Sae started coughing as she tried to catch her breath, struggling to release from Sayaka’s grip and let the air re-enter her system.

Yui then looked and noticed the girl’s cold and empty stare. Her eyes were lifeless, filled with darkness.


She remembered that one time, when Rena was possessed by the enemy. She had no control of her body, she couldn’t stop herself from the bad things she was doing.

“That explains it. She's being mind-controlled.”

“Yui!” The four knights called to their leader. “What’s going on?! Why isn’t Sae-san fighting?!”

It was then that Sayanee also noticed something that she and the others hadn’t before.

“Guys… look.”

She pointed at Sayaka’s chest. Dangling there was a pendant, identical to Sae’s, but the crystal was pitch black.

“She has a Prism Gem!”

“Then...does that mean Amethyst is a Prism Knight?”

But again, they had to focus on Lapis as he created an orb of dark energy in his hand.

“What do we do? Sae-san needs help!”

“Alright! Jurina go and help her! We’ve got this!” Sayanee urged.

Taking Sayanee’s suggestion, Jurina nodded and pulled away and ran towards the area where Sae, Yui and Amethyst are, leaving Sayanee, Haruppi and Mako fighting Topaz and Lapis on their own.

Sae tried to make her partner let go, but she still had a strong grip on her neck.

“Why…?” Tears began to flow down as she was starting to lose her breath, slowly fading.

Here Jurina ran up, raising her weapon to Sayaka. She slashed her arm, making her let go of Sae and dropping her. The girl started gasping for air, finally catching her breath.

“Sae-san!” Before Jurina could reach her, Sayaka grabbed the girl and threw her to the side, making her crash onto the ground hard. “Ow...”

It was here that Yuko needed to make desperate measures.

“Girls, retreat! Get out of there now!” she urged.

Sae however couldn’t move. She just laid on the ground, staring at Sayaka and her expressionless face.

“Sae-san, what are you doing?! We need to go now!”

“Sayaka...” Sae thought. “Why is she doing this...?”

“Sae, we have to go!” Yui tried to move her, but she wouldn’t snap out of her daze.

“Yui, shout ‘Flash Warp’ out loud!” Yuko spoke through the Gem.

Following Yuko’s instruction, Yui called out, “Flash Warp!”

There was a flash of light that blinded Amethyst’s eyes for a moment. When it died down, she looked and saw that they were gone. Much to her dismay, the girls have vanished without a trace.

“Damn it...” she growled lowly.

Seeing as there was nothing left to do, Lapis took it upon the trio to leave.

“Let’s go you two,” he said to the others with no expression.

As for Topaz, you can tell he is obviously dumbfounded at the truth about Black Amethyst’s true identity.

He approached the once good warrior with a chuckle. “Amusing...So all this time...the one who served Lord Obsidian’s side right in my plain sight was you all along, Akimoto?”

After sheathing her sword, Sayaka turned her head to eye Topaz.

“Are you going to call me by that name too, Topaz? Well don’t. It’s not my name,” she coldly stated.

And as she walked off, that’s when he finally realized what was really going on. Why Sayaka turned on her comrades, and why she rejected her own name.

“So that’s the gist...Her mind is completely wiped clean.”


Returning to base, the five knights took a moment to regain their breaths and rest from the weary fight that left them small injuries and scratches. But it was here that Sae suddenly approached Yuko with an upset expression.

“Why did you tell us to fall back, Yuko?” Sae questioned, “That was Sayaka we just saw fighting as Black Amethyst!”

“There was nothing we could do. Obsidian is growing stronger.”

“I could’ve tried to get Sayaka back. Just a little longer and I would’ve--!”

“Sae, that’s the point,” Yuko said, “Our opponent is Sayaka. As you and I know well, she is much stronger and more skilled than the five. They don’t stand a chance against her.”

After a second of silence, Sae then impatiently questioned Yuko, “Did you know? Did you know Amethyst was Sayaka all this time?”

“I swear, none of us knew until now like you have,” Yuko stated, “I just can’t believe… All this time...the Black Amethyst we fought these several times...was her all along.”

“Okay, I hate to interrupt, but would somebody mind filling us in here?” Sayanee finally chose to enter the conversation between the two seniors, “We want to know. Is Amethyst really a Prism Knight?”

Sae and Yuko looked at each other. Sae just remained silent and looked away from her friend. Yuko thought she would just leave the subject be...

But in the end, one of them has to explain everything.

Yuko became the one who spoke, “Yes...Amethyst is one of us. Her real name is Akimoto Sayaka. And like Sae, Kana and myself, she was a Prism Knight from our team that served under Lady Ange before you girls became Knights.”

The five chosen girls gasped, except for Yui, who had expected this shocking truth a bit earlier.

That was when Yui thought back and recalled the picture they saw of Yuko and their predecessors. Sae was standing with a young woman who was identical to Amethyst. That was Sayaka.

"That's why her face was familiar… It was the same girl in the picture."

“Wait… Sayaka was.. our senpai who went missing along with Sae three years ago.”

“That’s right… And what’s worse, Sayaka was our Gold knight. She had the Gold Sword which she used with Sae and her Silver Shield.”

“So, the reason why Sae-san’s power is weakened and she can’t summon her shield, is because Sayaka-san became corrupted..?”

Yuko nodded, Sae’s face becoming more heartbroken and gloomy by the minute.

“With Sayaka as she is now… her Gem having been corrupted by Obsidian’s power, there’s a strong possibility it will turn into a Black Gem and she’ll stay like that forever.”

“So, she could become like those monsters we’ve fought?!”



“But you girls saw her too, right?!” Sae argued. “That wasn’t a monster! That was undoubtedly Sayaka!”

“But then why is she fighting on the enemy’s side?” Haruppi asked, “It also looked like she didn’t recognize Sae-san.”

“I have no idea…” Yuko regrettably spoke, “Like how I thought when Sae disappeared 3 years ago, we all thought Sayaka was dead too.”

“But…she’s alive.”

“Yes…One of Obsidian’s minions must’ve captured her and did something. Changed her heart to darkness.”

“I saw,” Yui then said. “Her eyes… Obsidian is controlling her.”

Sae gripped her fists.

“I’m going back...”


“I have to go back! To save Sayaka!”

“Sae...” Yuko faced the tall girl. “You can’t do that.”


“You saw what happened out there. Any longer, and you would’ve been dead.”


“I’m sorry… Our Sayaka is gone.”

Sae felt herself become overcome with anger, and she slapped Yuko, shocking the others.


“Yuko, you idiot! Have you forgotten that Sayaka is our friend?! I know that the Sayaka I love is still in there!!! I’ll prove it, and I’ll bring her back!!!” Sae ran out, tears streaming down her face.

“Sae...!” Yuko was about to go after her, but then she saw Kana step in front of her, “Kana, what are you..?”

“Let her go.”


Kana gave her a serious look. “You aren’t being honest with yourself again.”


“We both know you want Sae to save Sayaka. You want her back just as much as I do. You just don’t want Sae to go cuz you’re afraid you’ll lose both of them again.”

“But, I…!”

“Yuko, I get it…you’re worried. But, I believe in Sae. What she said is right...Sayaka’s in there, somewhere.”

Yuko started crying again, wiping her tears with her arm.

Then, Yui thought back to what happened a moment ago. She remembered something Sae said before running off.

“What did Sae mean… the Sayaka she ‘loved’?” she spoke.


“She said it before she left… that she’d bring back the Sayaka she loved.”

“Masaka…was she and that girl...?” Sayanee also started to piece it together, as did everyone else when exchanging looks.

Yuko looked at the girls, a sad look in her eyes.

“They were…lovers.”


Upon returning to Obsidian’s realm after the battle, Topaz approached Lapis with a serious look in his eyes.

“You knew, didn’t you?”

Lapis gave a teasing smile. “What?”

“This whole time… you knew that Black Amethyst was Akimoto… You knew about it this entire time she’s been here, haven’t you?”

“Of course I did. I’m the one who turned her.”


Lapis held out his hand and showed a ring on his finger, a glowing purple Gem in the center.

“This crystal holds all her memories inside. I saw the opportunity while she was weak to make her one of us. I even took the liberty of tainting her Gold Sword black. With her as our strongest warrior, the Prism Knights don’t stand a chance. You saw during battle, how the Silver knight was weak and defenseless after seeing her beloved Gold knight turned to the Darkness.”

Topaz did remember, he saw with his own eyes. When Sae saw the dark warrior’s face revealed, she forgot about fighting and couldn’t bare to hurt Amethyst. This was because Amethyst was Sayaka, someone Sae loved deeply.

“And you aren’t afraid that they’ll try and break Amethyst from our control?”

Lapis chuckled. “She’s been held by the Darkness for 3 years. And it’s a strong hold that’s not letting go. And even when she was starting to resist control, I would just erase the intruding memories again.”

Topaz looked over at the dark warrior, as she stood by herself.

“So don’t worry,” Lapis turned Topaz’s attention back to him. “As long as we have her in our power, the Prism Knights will fall.”

It was then that Jade and Alex happened to notice the dark warrior by herself and approached Black Amethyst.

"What is on your mind, Amethyst?" Alexandrite asked.

Sayaka had the look that she is in deep thought. She was thinking back to when she faced Sae. She clearly remembered it all; the look in her eyes, the sound of her voice.


She growled lowly. She knew that wasn’t her name, but she felt something odd buzzing in the back of her head when she was calling out that name.

"That silver warrior...She brings me a disturbing feeling..."


"...Something about feels...familiar somehow. It's as if I had known her from somewhere..."

“Don’t let them get to you, Amethyst,” Jade said. “It’s probably one of Lady Ange’s mind tricks.”

“Yes… you’re right. I’m sure that’s it.”

Just then, Beryl walked in...

"Oi, Amethyst, the master wishes to speak with you. Most likely to lecture you about your failure against those girls just now. Topaz, Lapis, he wants you both, too.”

“Thank you, Beryl,” Lapis said before motioning the dark warrior forward.

They walked down the hall into Obsidian’s quarters. Amethyst stepped forward and faced him.

“You have summoned me, Lord Obsidian?”

“Black Amethyst,” he spoke as Sayaka stepped forward. “Kneel.”

The dark warrior simply obeyed and knelt before his throne.

“So...I see that you’ve let those knights get away alive under your watch. Not only that, you failed to eliminate the silver knight.”

Amethyst was silent for a moment and bowed her head again. “I apologize Lord Obsidian. It was my own mistake,” she said without denying her actions.

“It’s not often I give second chances… but, I want to see you try and redeem yourself. You came close, but if you lose them again--”

“I know, sir,” she said. “I won’t. They won’t escape me a second time… and that Silver warrior. I’ll make her...”

She fell silent as she saw Obsidian raise his hand over her.

Suddenly, a dark energy shot from his palm. It hit the woman’s head and caused Sayaka to let out a cry of pain. She continued to moan and groan as she felt something behind ripped out of her mind, like she was losing part of herself.

“You will make sure that girl doesn’t get to you. Those nuisances will only get in your way. They’re only trying to cloud your senses. You must never let your guard down. Is that clear?”

As the dark energy disappeared, Sayaka’s head dropped, her eyes glowing deep purple before turning blank and dark.

“Yes, Lord Obsidian…”

After she stepped back, Topaz and Lapis now approached the throne.

“You two, you will also be held responsible for allowing the knights to escape. I expect you not to fail me like this again.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, tell me what our next move shall be?”

“I have already detected that the silver knight is active. We can use this chance to destroy her.”

“Excellent,” Obsidian grinned. “Amethyst, hold out your sword.”

Sayaka silently lifted up the black sword in front of Obsidian. He raised it out of her hand and into the air, surrounding it with dark energy and tainting it further.

“You shall use this to annihilate that pesky silver warrior and crush her Gem,” he said as he lowered it back down.

Sayaka looked at the sword, about to take it in her hands, when she suddenly felt a tinge of pain in her heart. Her eyes widened as she saw a vision of Sae’s pained expression, her eyes filled with sadness. Her hand stopped a bit.

“She is resisting...” Lapis said.

Obsidian took Sayaka’s chin and lifted her head up, staring into her eyes.

“Erase those nonsense thoughts from your mind. They are all tricks by the enemy. You are of the Darkness. You belong to the Darkness.”

The pain in her chest slowly faded as her eyes grew dark again. She lost the bit of resistance she had in her mind. She practically forgot it.

Her hand grabbed the sword, gripping it tight.

“Good girl,” Obsidian said, “Now, go and terminate that Silver knight.”

“As you wish, my Lord.”


To Be Continued

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sayaka and sae were lovers and thats great   :wub: :wub: :wub:

with the power of love sayaka will save by sae   XD XD :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Happy New Year!

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“Erase those nonsense thoughts from your mind. They are all tricks by the enemy. You are of the Darkness. You belong to the Darkness.”

The pain in her chest slowly faded as her eyes grew dark again. She lost the bit of resistance she had in her mind. She practically forgot it.

Her hand grabbed the sword, gripping it tight.

“Good girl,” Obsidian said, “Now, go and terminate that Silver knight.”

“As you wish, my Lord.”

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Chapter 14 (Part 3)

“They were lovers..?”

“Like… girlfriends?”

“Yes.” Yuko answered. “Exactly like girlfriends.”

A tense atmosphere fell upon the group. All of them went silent.

“I never thought...”

“So, that’s why she was so determined to get her back.”

“Yeah… those two were close. I’ve never seen two people who were so connected with each other as they were.”


“Sae...” Sayaka leaned her head against Sae’s shoulder. Around her neck, a neck collar with a golden Prism Gem dangled and shined.

The younger girl was sleeping, but then awoke as she heard Sayaka’s soft voice.

“Sayaka..?” She looked up at the older girl, who was still awake and looking up at the stars. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I don’t know…Too much on my mind, I guess...”

“About Obsidian?”

Sayaka nodded.

Sae simply smiled and took both of her hands.

“It’s okay. We’re the unstoppable Twin Towers, remember? No one can beat us. We’ll defeat him.”

“Sae… how can you be so sure? We don’t even--” Sayaka stopped when she felt a soft peck on her cheek from Sae. “Eh..?!”

“I’ve got you with me. I don’t need to worry.”

Sayaka found her smile again and hugged the latter.

“Thank you.”

After a bit of silence, the two looking up at the sky again, Sae laid her head sleepily on the elder’s shoulder.

“Sayaka, sing for me.”

Sayaka nodded before sitting up and singing.

“Fly with me to the moon. Let’s go beyond the stars. We’ll leave the darkness and the sadness all behind. Kiss me under the stars, and fly with me. Show me your love is true.”

----End of Flashback----

“That’s...” The girls found themselves driven to tears. They never heard such a sweet love story. “Amazing.”

“There was nothing, no power in the entire universe, that could define their love for each other. Their bond really was something unbreakable.”

“If so, maybe Sae-san can do it,” Jurina said confidently. “With how strong her Gem is, as well as her love for Sayaka, maybe.”

"That's not the only problem I'm concerned about. With Sayaka like this, Sae won't be able to unlock the Prism Gem’s power completely.”

"What do you mean?"

"Since the beginning, the Gold and Silver Gems were created to work in unison. As long as both are together and in tact, Sayaka and Sae can unlock the Gems' full powers. And not only that, but Sayaka also had a Gold sword that went with Sae’s Silver shield. But at this moment...with Sayaka, the last owner of the gold Gem, now in the enemy’s control, Sae can't fight with her full strength or use her shield. And also, she won’t be able to heal the crack without Sayaka’s power.”

“So what should we do..?”

“If we want to help Sae, we gotta think of some way to restore Sayaka’s Gold Prism Gem. It’s the only way she can use her full power.”

“Then, we need to turn her back,” Yui said.


“We can cast the memory spell on her, like what happened to Sayanee! Maybe if she remembers who she was before becoming Obsidian’s warrior, she’ll return to our side!”

“That’s… actually not a bad idea,” Jurina said.

“It’s not going to be easy,” said a concerned Yuko, “As long as I’ve known her, Sayaka is a skilled fighter. Her abilities almost are equal to mine. And plus...Sayaka must’ve been under Obsidian’s influence for a long period of time. I don’t know if the spell will even work with her as she is.”

“Yuko, we need to try for now. It’s our only hope.”

Yuko saw the girls were serious, and she eventually agreed.



No matter what, despite the fact that the one who she worked with for a long time was now their enemy, Sae was determined to save her friend. And to find Amethyst, Sae went to the spot where she assumes the dark warrior will appear. Perhaps it's because there's a possibility that Sayaka may still be in Amethyst that she thinks that this spot will be the place she will show up at due to her and Sayaka’s connection they have with each other.

She stood there and waited. She waited for what felt like eternity. All she could think about was getting the Sayaka she loved so dearly back. And as she predicted, walking towards her is Black Amethyst, who has come to finish the job.

"I knew you'd come to this spot, Sayaka," Sae spoke.

"You still call me by that name?" Black Amethyst said with discomfort, "How many times do I have to say it? The one you know as Sayaka is not me."

But Sae firmly shook her head. "No...I refuse to accept that. I know my partner all too well. And I swear, I will free you from this evil spell, Sayaka!"

"You're wasting time...Come at me, silver warrior."

Sayaka raised the black sword and Sae drew out the same sword of light she used in the previous battle.

“Sayaka… I promise I’ll save you from this curse.”

Then with a yell, both knights charged at each other and began their fight, their swords clashing with a loud echo.

The echo could be heard by the five girls as they walked up the hill and saw their senpai fighting the mind controlled knight.

The two of them clashed swords together. All that was in Sae’s mind was Sayaka, memories of her and the girl in front of her, together, smiling and being in love. Sae was fighting to get her loved one back.

“This is pointless,” Sayaka said coldly. “You can’t win against me.”

Sayaka then slashed her sword and pushed Sae back.

The silver knight ran up, preparing to slash the girl, however, because it was Sayaka, something in her mind stopped her.

Sayaka smirked as she saw an open opportunity and created an orb of dark energy, hitting Sae’s stomach and knocking the wind out of her. She then kicked the girl and made her fall to the ground. Sae’s sword of light fell a few feet from her and disappeared.

Now Yuko’s voice came through the bracelet Sae was wearing.

“Sae, what are you doing!? Get out of there now!”

But Sae shook her head. “No...Not until I save our friend!” she stated in a firm voice.

“Are you crazy, Sae?! You are no match against Sayaka as you are now!”

“I don’t care…” Sae got up again, gripping her fists.


“I’ll keep going… I’ll keep on fighting over and over...! Until I save Sayaka! I won’t give up on her!”


“What foolish thoughts...” Sayaka said before sending a powerful shockwave of dark energy. Sae was hit by it and thrown back, crashing into a tree and falling to the ground.

The other five have arrived just in the nick of time. Seeing Sae was cornered, Sayanee moved quickly and blocked her attack.

“Hey, that’s no way to treat a fellow friend,” the blue warrior lectured Sayaka.

“You again?” Sayaka pushed her away. Yui and the others prepared their weapons, ready for a fight.

But before any of them could engage combat, Sae shouted, “Hold on!”

The five stopped and turned to look at Sae in puzzlement. Sae got to her feet, shaky and still looked out of breath, but her eyes showed seriousness.

“You girls stay back…” their senior firmly stated.


“I told you...I know the Sayaka I love is in there... and I alone will fight her,” she declared, “She is my friend...I shall be the one to save her.”

“Sae-san, we understand how close you and Sayaka-san were. But we can’t let you do this by yourself. Let us help you save our senpai!”

“No!” she screamed. “Sayaka is… more to me than anything in the entire world… ”

At this time, Amethyst was growing very impatient.

“Whether one or all of you fight me at this moment, I will destroy every one of you all the same in the end.”

“Sae-san, you’re really going to fight her?” Mako asked.

“Sayaka-san is your lover, right?” Haruppi also brought up.

“She is… And I know, from the bottom of my heart, she’ll come through. I just gotta get to her.”

She cracked her knuckles and faced Sayaka. The black-armored knight sheathed her sword and cracked her neck.

“Even if I have to beat it out of her… I have to reach Sayaka.”

“Sae-san…” Yui smiled to her senpai. “We trust you.”


The battle commenced again and the two were now fist-to-fist, fighting with their bare hands. Sae was feeling the force from Sayaka’s attacks, but still held her ground in order to try and get through to her.

“Sayaka, forgive me… This will hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Sae then grabbed Sayaka’s incoming fist and punched her. She felt her hand sting a bit, but it faded. Sayaka came for another punch, but Sae kicked her. Sae threw several rounds of punches and kicks, Sayaka doing the same and keeping up. She then grabbed the girl’s leg and pulled her down. She grinned evily as she pinned Sae down and started punching her face, the ground shaking beneath Sae from the incredible force.

However, during the fight, Sayaka was feeling strange thoughts invade her mind again, distracting her. When she went for another punch, she felt something stop when she saw the girl’s face revealed slightly from the broken helmet. Sae saw this as her chance and grabbed Sayaka, flipping her down and changing their positions.

“I’ll beat you out of this spell!”

She started the same round of punches, calling out to reach her partner.

“Sayaka! Please, wake up!”


“You need to remember who you really are!”


“You didn’t want any of this! Right?! Sayaka!”

Sae’s fist punched the ground as tears fell down her eyes.

“...hic… please…” She sniffled. “..This is wrong.. hic… I don’t want to fight you…”

Sayaka gave a dark glare and pushed Sae off of her. She got up and wiped the blood off her lip.

“What a weak knight you are…”

Sae stood up, wiping off her tears. “Sayaka… I still believe you’re in there.”

“Shut up!”

“I know you don’t want this… Now show me,” Sae held her arms out, standing completely open to any oncoming attacks the controlled knight would throw at her next.


“What are you doing?!” Jurina asked.

Sayaka scoffed.

“What? Is this your declaration of surrender?”

The silver knight shook her head.

“I’ll never give up on you… I won’t give up on our love.”

Sayaka clicked her tongue. “How stupid…”

Her arm became coated with dark energy, she sped towards Sae and swung her fist to punch the girl.


“..!” Her eyes widened a moment.

The next second, her fist swung forward and punched Sae’s chest, sending her flying back feet away. She crashed into several trees from the pure force, her back and head now sore from the injuries.

Sayaka stood there a moment, the sudden thought that made her nearly hesitate now gone.

“Time to finish her,” Obsidian spoke.

“Yes, Lord Obsidian.”

Sae was cornered once again, weaker than before. Her Gem’s light was fading, overwhelmed by the dark energy. The transformation was undone and Sae’s armor disappeared, leaving her unarmed and defenseless.

Sayaka saw her big chance and walked closer.

“I suppose this is where it all ends for you, Silver knight.”

“Sayaka...” Sae spoke, close to tears. “Sayaka, I know you’re in there.”


“I believe in you… We’re the unstoppable...Twin Towers, remember?”

“Twin Tower...?”


Just then, something inside Sayaka sparked. She felt a hard pulse in her chest, and her heart rate increase slightly.

“ this feeling…?”

“Sayaka… please, I love you… I don’t want to lose you to this spell.”

Amethyst looked at Sae. Seeing the tears in her eyes, she felt that same tinge of pain. She didn’t see it, but there was a small glimmer of gold light, that shimmered for just a moment in her Gem. She felt something inside her, something in her chest. A growing warmth…

“No...Why am I feeling terrible about this…?” she thought in her mind.

“Do it...” Obsidian’s voice spoke in her head, pulling her back under the spell. The warmth disappeared and cold darkness replaced it.

Sayaka raised her sword, grasping it tight as she swung it down, about to slash Sae and end it all. The five closed their eyes, fearing the worst.

“No!” Yuko yelled.

However, none of them heard or saw anything. Yui opened her eyes slowly, and what she saw was shocking. Sayaka’s sword stopped just inches over Sae’s head while its owner looked like she’s struggling or fighting something in her mind to keep it there.

“Guys...” Yui slowly got up, getting the others attention. “Sayaka-san…she’s...”

Sayanee and the others looked, seeing the current situation.

“She’s not…killing her...”

“She stopped herself.”

“But how...?”

“It’s the dark magic wearing off...! She’s fighting Obsidian’s spell!”

Yui saw that she must be fighting, resisting the spell controlling her and refusing to finish off Sae.

“What are you doing? Finish her!” Obsidian commanded.

But Sayaka put every effort to keep her sword from moving that it was shaking over Sae’s head.

“...Nnnnnnrghh… N-no…! S-Sae...Sae is my…!”

That was enough proof to Yui that Sayaka was in there, fighting Obsidian’s spell. Yui saw the opportunity and stepped forward.

“Sayaka-san, if you can hear me, you have to fight whatever’s controlling you!” she called out, “Remember who you are! You are supposed to be fighting as a Prism knight! Remember Yuko-san and Sae-san! They’re your friends!”

Sayaka grasped her head with one hand, blurred images flashing in her head. Slowly, random words came out of Sayaka’s mouth.

“R-remember...I...I remember...Light...Friends…” she repeated some words Yui said to her.

Obsidian saw that his puppet was fighting his control, and invaded her mind with more, powerful darkness.

“Don’t listen to her.” Sayaka clutched her head tighter as she heard his voice. “You are a warrior of the Darkness. You must defeat her.”


Sae slowly got up, facing her dear friend. “Sayaka…I know you’re still in there. Just listen to my voice, okay? I’m here! I’m going to save you from this mind control!”

She tried to walk forward, but Sayaka saw this and aimed the sword at her neck, preventing her from moving forward.

“Please…! I need you to listen. Obsidian does not have power over you. The Darkness can’t control you. You’re a soldier of the Light!”

While Sayaka continued struggling to break free from the spell, Sae here noticed something she hadn’t seen in the previous battle. If her eyes hadn’t deceived her, she could see a slight scar revealed on Sayaka’s left shoulder.

“Wait...that’s it!”

She then got in contact with Yuko. “Yuko, I’ve got an idea! You have to tell Yui to aim for Sayaka’s left shoulder!”

Yuko was confused at first. “What? The shoulder?”

“Yes! Sayaka has an old battle wound on the back of her left shoulder that she got from a past mission years ago!”

After a few seconds, Yuko finally understood what Sae is suggesting.

“That’s right. That was when..!” she thought, then agreed with Sae. “Alright, I’ll tell Yui!”

Yui then heard Yuko’s voice on her communicator. “Yui! Listen carefully, I need you to hit Sayaka’s shoulder at the right moment!”


“Sayaka has a weak spot on the back of her left shoulder. If you could hit that weak spot, then we’ll be able to stun her long enough so we can use the spell on her!”


Sayaka felt an immense pain in her head. She was about to slash Sae, but the girl caught her wrist in time before the blade could come in contact with her.

At that time, Yui could now clearly see her left shoulder, which was now unprotected. Sae made sure to hold Sayaka tight in place while the latter is struggling to break free.

"Let go...!" Sayaka demanded.

"Yui-chan now!" Sae shouted, "I can’t hold onto her forever! Do it!”

With Sayaka restrained, Yui hurriedly acted quick and raised her sword. Then she ran behind the two knights and prepared to slash her sword.

Seconds before Yui could reach them, Sae gave a last minute word to Sayaka.

“I hope you’ll forgive us for this later Sayaka…”

It was after she said this that Yui had successfully managed to hit Sayaka’s shoulder.

“Ack! ARGH!!!” Sayaka held her shoulder, crying out in pain.

Yuko's voice was heard from their communicators, "Now! Use this chance to cast the memory spell! Yui, strike Sayaka while she’s resisting Obsidian’s magic!”

Knowing what she must do, Yui took out her Prism Gem and concentrated her energy, aiming it at Sayaka.

"Fellow warrior of the Light, be free from the Darkness!"

With that, Yui charged forward with the Gem in her hand and shot Sayaka with a beam of bright, white light, which shot Sayaka’s back and made her give out a yell.

Once she was hit, Sayaka felt as if something pierced her chest. Her heart was pounding as she fell weak at her knees.


“No! Get up, Black Amethyst! Defeat the silver warrior!”

Sayaka could no longer hear Obsidian voice. She suddenly felt a new feeling wash over her. She felt scared, lost, her mind racing.

“ Wh-where am I…? Wh-what am I.. doing..?”


Sae walked over to her partner, trying to fight her tears as she saw her partner shaking.

“I don’t know… what to do anymore….” She held her head, feeling a buzzing that made her whole mind numb. “Who am I...?”

“Sayaka...” Sae took her hands, lowering them. She hugged the older girl as she stood there, frozen like a statue. “Please… I need you… I need you to remember… you’re one of us. You’re of the Light.”


A memory hit Sayaka. A vision of Sae, smiling brightly at her, appeared before her eyes.


Sae parted a bit to face her, staring into her eyes.

“Come back to me.”

She leaned forward and kissed Sayaka’s lips. It was a soft, tender kiss upon her gentle lips, but overflowing with Sae’s love and warmth.

Sayaka felt that familiar warm feeling grow in her heart again, lifting the darkness inside. All of her memories of her and Sae together played in her mind like an old film, recounting each moment, each precious second they spent. She dropped the sword in her hand and the dark armor on her body slowly disappeared so she’s left wearing only the same robes Sae was wearing.

“NO!!!” Obsidian yelled in anger.

The ring on Lapis’ finger started to crumble, the Gem losing its life and cracking. The entire ring broke into pieces, falling on the ground.

“No, it can’t be..! She broke the spell..?!”

And once Obsidian finally lost his control over Sayaka and he vanished from her mind, Sayaka collapsed on the ground and laid there.

“Sayaka!” Sae instantly was the first to run over to the unconscious girl and held Sayaka in her arms.

When the other girls arrived, they saw Sayaka’s pendant, the black crystal slowly turned gold again and regained its shine. The girl held her dear partner close as tears well in her eyes, falling on Sayaka’s cheek.

“Sayaka, wake up. Please...!”

Sayaka’s eyes slowly opened, looking up at Sae. As her vision cleared, she saw tears running down her face.

“S-Sae...” She slowly reached her hand up, holding her cheek. “Don’t cry.. I don’t like seeing you so sad...”

“Sayaka!” Sae hugged the older girl. “Thank God…you’re back..!”

“Yes…I feel like I’ve been asleep for so long. I had a terrible nightmare… you were gone, and my world was filled with darkness...” She slowly got up, wiping off Sae’s tears. “But now, that darkness is gone, and the light has returned.”

“Sayaka...” Sae slowly leaned forward and hugged her again, burying her face into her neck.

“This warmth… I missed it so much...”

At last, Sayaka was finally free from Obsidian‘s control and became her old self again.

She then turned to Yui and gave her a smile. “Thank you. You saved me,” she said with gratitude.

“Anything for a fellow Prism knight,” Yui said in return.

However the fight was not over yet.

“Fine! If that’s how it’s going to be, I’ll destroy both of you myself!” Obsidian boomed with anger.

He summoned a large group of Geodites onto the scene, waiting to attack them.

The five girls prepared themselves for battle, but they were stopped when Sayaka stood up.

“Why don’t you five step back on this?” she suggested. “It’s time I finally get back to fighting on the right side.”

“Couldn’t have said it better,” Yui said as she lowered her sword. The five stood back as Sayaka and Sae stood back-to-back, facing the Geodites that circled them.

“Let’s do this Sae.”

Sayaka then held up a Prism Gem that is shaped and looks different than the Gems the other five have. The pendant had a shining gold crystal held by silver metal, which looked very similar to the design of Sae’s.

Sae replied by holding up an identical Prism Gem, but the crystal was a glistening silver and held by gold metal.

“Right behind you, aibou,” she said. She looked and saw her Gem had healed itself, the crack disappearing.

For the first time, they were going to witness their senpai fight using their own Prism Gems.

“Gold Prism Gem!”

“Silver Prism Gem!”


Gold and silver light shined down upon the two. It was blindingly beautiful, a powerful light that they’d never witnessed before. As the light faded, they saw their two seniors had transformed into their knight armor. This time, now that the gold Gem user was present, Sae's appearance changed slightly. On her outfit, there was now gold trimming, and Sayaka’s outfit had silver trimming to correspond to Sae.

The two had armor that shined silver and gold respectively, Sayaka holding a sword that had gold gemstones embedded in the blade and a shining gold handle, and Sae now had a silver shield and gloves with silver metal and silver crystals embedded in it. Both have capes that hung down behind them.

The girls were dazzled at the sight of their seniors now changed into warriors of gold and silver.


"So shiny..."

“So this is.. the true power of the Gold and Silver Gems.”

After they've transformed, the gold and silver warriors then started the fight. Sayaka took out her sword, the black melting away and returning to its golden glory. She slashed the sword and sent a powerful shockwave, getting rid of some of the Geodites. Another came her way, but Sae immediately summoned her shield and protected her.

“Got your back,” Sae winked.

“Just like always.”

“Yosh! Let’s go!”

The two then seemed to fly and started fighting the Geodites individually. Amazingly, Sayaka and Sae now became more speedier. They’d swoop in and attack in a flash just like light without getting caught by any of the monsters.


Sayaka held her sword strongly, pushing away a few Geodites.

“These things got stronger since the last time… Sae!”

Sae then did an incredible move. She threw her shield and sent it flying in the air towards the Geodites, defeating them and poofing them back to their Gem forms. The shield then spun back and Sae caught it.


The two then walked back to each other’s sides and saw one Geodite that was bigger and looked stronger than the others.

“Shall we bring out the finish, Sayaka?”


The two held each other's hands, their two auras mixing together perfectly. A large orb of light formed at their hands and aimed towards the Geodite.

“Light Metallica!”

The light shot out at the black monster, causing it to melt away in the light and revert to their Gem form.

When the light faded, the girls were left in awestruck.

“That… was…”


After the monsters had been defeated and all was said and done, Sae couldn’t help but let out a shout of joy and hugged her beloved partner.

“Yatta! Yatta, Sayaka! Sayaka~~~”

“Sae, calm down!” Sayaka said, but she found herself smiling and laughing along with the girl. “Mou, you haven’t changed a bit, have you?”

“Well, I have been asleep for three whole years~.”

The five knights smiled and faced their sempai.

“You two were amazing!” Jurina said ecstatically.

“I’ve never seen anything like that!” Sayanee said.

Sayaka smiled. “It feels so good to finally be back with my partner. I missed you all those years.”

“Aw~ me too~” Sae said as she hugged Sayaka, laying her head on her shoulder, causing Sayaka to hiss in pain.

“Ite! Oi, it’s still sore. Careful.”

“Ah, gomen…”

Yui then decided it was probably time they find out just exactly what happened to them so many years ago.

“Would it be okay now, if you tell us what happened to you both three years ago?”

The two older knights looked at each other.

“I think it’s best time we explain what happened, right, aibou?” Sae said to her partner.

“Un. You’re right.”

“Alright. Then, Sayaka-san, how did you end up under Obsidian’s control?”

“That’s...” Sayaka looked at her partner, who nodded in agreement. “...The night Sae and I fought against Lapis…”

---Flashback, 3 years ago---

What actually happened on the night when the two of them disappeared, the Twin Towers were actually on a mission to track down a traitor amongst their team. Yukito. They recently discovered that that certain traitor was planning to revive Obsidian, and in doing so, granting him more strength. This they had to stop at all costs before it was too late.

Unable to wait for backup, the two chased after Lapis and Topaz on their own. Eventually they reached a part of the city that was just outside the outskirts of Tokyo.

"As I expected...I knew you two would eventually figure it out and try to stop me.”

A displeased Sayaka gave an angered look as she held her Gem. When she and Sae have discovered Yukito is behind the treachery, they at first didn't want to believe it.

"Yukito-san, why in the world would you want to side with them? Why have you turned against Lady Ange?!”

"Lady Ange is a fool. We who are given these powers deserve the freedom to use it however we wish rather than just use it to defend the humans and mortals. That is why I've decided to see how powerful Obsidian would become, to make him the ruler of the new world.”

"Have you gone mad!?" Sae spoke, "Obsidian is a dangerous threat! If you revive him, not even you can avoid being destroyed by him when he tries to take over the world!"

“Oh no. Obsidian has promised me an eternity by his side. We shall rule over this world together.”

Still hoping a small presence of the Yukito is still there, Sae used a last desperate form of making him reconsider.

“Yukito… Yuu-chan loved you.”

“That’s right. Don’t you regret doing this to her?”

“The White knight? Ha! She is nothing but a mere pebble. She and all of you will be powerless under Lord Obsidian's rule.”

Not only because he has chosen the path of evil, but mostly also because he has hurt their dear friend, Sayaka and Sae could not contain their anger any longer.


Sayaka and Sae no longer saw the one who they’ve seen as a friend and comrade. Now, they can only see one who has turned to the dark side.

“We have our duty...And as warriors of Lady Ange, we will stop you ourselves!"

Yukito only scoffed. “Oh, you will try, my old friends…”

In seconds all of them used their Gems and transformed and the battle ignited just like that. At that time, thunder roared as a storm started. Even under the heavy rain, as lightning and thunder rolled in, the battle was heated.

For hours the four have fought nonstop as the storm and rain continued. They eventually chased the two enemies into an abandoned warehouse.

“Sayaka… we have to stop them before…”

“I know,” Sayaka said simply. “But like you said.. we’re unstoppable together. They can’t beat us easily.”

Unfortunately Sayaka and Sae underestimated their opponent. For now that Yukito had changed sides, he had gained extra power that was much stronger than the Twin Towers were used to, now that his Gem was corrupted to a Black Prism.

Due to this, he caught the two off guard, gaining extra strength that allowed him to beat Sae down and make her weak, as well as immense dark energy. It was that very dark energy that he used to injure Sayaka so severely, which even now still left a scar.


Sayaka fell to the ground. She felt her powers weakening, she looked at her crystal and saw a portion of it was tainted black due to the exposure of the powerful Black Prism energy.

When Sae went over to Sayaka’s side, she saw part of the visor on Sayaka’s helmet had cracked so part of Sayaka’s face was seen. And through the hole in the visor, blood was seen trailing down Sayaka’s face.

“At this rate…Obsidian will be revived...! What do we do, Sayaka...?” Sae asked weakly with worry.

The two are almost at their wit's end and near exhaustion.

In the last desperate attempt, Sayaka decided that she had to use a sealing spell in order to subdue Lapis and Topaz, and prevent Obsidian from being revived.

“I don’t know if I may survive after this...but at least it’ll seal away Obsidian.”

“Sayaka...what are you talking about…?”

“I love you… Sae.”

She then used her magic to put Sae under a sleeping spell. While she was asleep, her Prism Gem became inactive, which made it impossible for the enemy to find them until Sae woke.

“Flash Warp!”

Right after she said the words, a bright light appeared and blinded the two dark warriors. Once the bright light disappeared, Lapis and Topaz were discouraged to find that Sayaka had disappeared along with Sae.

“Grr! They got away!” Topaz growled in frustration.

“Don’t get so upset just yet,” Lapis insisted, “She can’t have gone far, not with those injuries.”


Lapis was actually correct. Though she had managed to get away from the scene, Sayaka had only gone a short distance, walking through a forest away from the city. She panted heavily while running underground with an unconscious Sae over her shoulder.

Unfortunately she still had the injuries from her fight and is almost out of energy from using too much of her magic. A trail of blood was left behind from the wound on her back that Lapis gave her earlier.

She looked at her pendant and saw her golden Gem was becoming more and more tainted black. But she was determined to get Sae somewhere safe before Lapis and Topaz catches up to them.

She head down into the sewers, hoping to hide from them until she was able to regain enough strength to fight again. She finally decided this is the spot to stop. Carefully she lowered and laid Sae down at one of the tunnels in the deepest, darkest part of the sewer.

“Sorry to do this Sae...But you’ll be safe here. Just wait, I promise I’ll come back for you.”

And to ensure that Sae will be safe for sure, Sayaka got up and conjured some little bit of magic in order to perform a spell and create a barrier that surrounds the area.

“I have to contact Yuko,” she started to call Yuko, but she saw her communicator was busted up from the battle. “Crap…”

“Ha! Did you think you could hide from us forever Akimoto?” Topaz taunted as he and Lapis appeared in front of her.

“No...I don’t intend to hide...I’m going to end it here once and for all…”

They thought she was out of energy to fight...but they were wrong. It just so happens that Sayaka has just a tiny amount left, enough to perform the sealing spell.

She whispered the spell under her breath, a magic circle appearing under them. It glowed intensely and started to suck the two down into the underworld. However, Lapis raised his hand, a purple lightning shooting from his palm and injuring Sayaka further.

She knew she had to be strong, she had to complete the spell. But in her heart, she knew that this was probably her last moment.

“I’m sorry… Sae... Yuko… Goodbye…” A single tear fell from her eye.

The next moment, a bright light surrounded the area, making everything go complete white.


By the time Yuko and the others from their team finally arrived at the site where they detected the massive amount of Gem energy was released in the area in the forest, they had hoped to find Sayaka and Sae alright.

But to their startle, they found the area in ruins as if a great earthquake or explosion had occurred.

"What in the world happened here?"

They started searching for her friends, trying to connect with their communicators, but had no luck. She eventually gave up and kept searching further.

"Sayaka! Sae!" Yuko called out.

"Where are you guys?"

It was then that she saw the area where Sayaka’s Gem was last detected. The place looked as if the most awful incident occurred and left nothing behind. All that they could find in the end was a torn piece of cloth from Sae’s robe and Sayaka’s ring.

"No… Oh God, no..."

Yuko could not bear the thought that her two friends were gone. She started crying as she held the items in her hand.

“Sayaka… Sae… why..? Why did this happen..?!”


After the explosion, Lapis took Sayaka’s unconscious body back to his lair in the realm of Darkness.

He wiped her memories clean, leaving her mind as blank as a new sheet of paper. For three years, she had slept, her body becoming corrupted by the Darkness.

“Let’s see what they’ll think after losing their precious Gold knight,” he said as he waved his hand over Sayaka’s Gem, turning the rest of it pitch black.

When she had finally awoken, she was fully under Obsidian’s control, an enslaved warrior to the Darkness. They trained her to become the ultimate killing machine, to defeat anyone who was in her way, especially the Prism Knights.

“With you, we shall finally get rid of those pesky knights of Ange once and for all.”

In her heart, Sayaka was completely powerless. She could do nothing but watch as the darkness slowly took over her, making her grow weaker and weaker. Every time she tried to fight, she was shocked by an immense pain that made her stop. It felt like the spell was killing her, drowning her.

“Sae… I’m scared…where are you...?” Sayaka cried silently as she buried her face in her knees, darkness surrounding her. “Please… I need you… save me.. before this Darkness kills me….”

---End of Flashback---

“So that’s what happened…”

“I did succeed in sealing the two down in Obsidian’s realm and preventing them from reviving Obsidian… But they dragged me down with them and in my weak state, corrupted me…”

“I was asleep the whole time, and with Sayaka gone, she couldn’t undo the spell so Yuko and Kana could find me.”

Feeling deep regret for her actions, Sayaka bowed in front of the five young knights.

"You five, I wish to apologize for attacking you. I am deeply sorry. For everything. Especially,” she turned to her partner. “For hurting you, Sae, of all people...”

“Sayaka, it’s not your fault.”

"That’s right! It wasn't your fault at all," said Mako, "You were controlled by the enemy against your own will."

“Yeah! That Obsidian was making you evil!”


“Sayaka-san,” Yui faced the taller girl. “There’s no need to apologize. Even if you made mistakes before, what matters is that you’re back here, where you belong.”

Sae then patted Sayaka’s shoulder.

“With that said and done, let's head back home shall we?” Sae insisted.

After so long of being brainwashed and disappearing from the world, Sayaka could not think of something better than that.

“Home....that sounds good,” she can't help but remark.

Then a playful grin appeared on Sae’s face.

“Race you there, then? Like old times?”

A grin appeared on Sayaka's face as well.

“You're on!”

“I'm gonna win this time! Ready set go!” Sae said in a flash.

At once the two of them took off like race horses in a race against each other. Luckily for them they remembered how to get to the old base despite the years that passed.

Meanwhile the five girls that were left behind couldn't help but find it amusing as they watched their senpais act like children (though it's thanks to the fact that the two haven't aged for the past 3 years that this is possible) and started running to catch up with them.


A while later, Yuko and Kana were overjoyed when they saw the girls and Sae return with Sayaka back on their side where she truly belongs.

"Sayaka, you baka!" Yuko had to retort yet was shedding happy tears when she went and hugged her old friend, "You and Sae disappeared for 3 years and made us worry sick and think you're dead! If you do something like that again, I'm gonna kill you!"

Sayaka smiled as she returned the hug. "It's good to see you haven't changed either, Yuko," she was pleased to say, "I'm sorry to have worried everyone."

Sae then couldn't resist but joined in the hug, wrapping her arms around the two.

"The Shinyuu Trio forever!"

Of course Yuko wasn't the only one who was happy to see Sayaka.

"Sayakaaaaa~~~~!" A teary-eyed Kana ran over and hugged the tall girl’s neck, "Don't scare us like that again!!!”

"Hey Kana," Sayaka laughed, "I see you've improved a lot since last time."

“Yes! I’ve been working a lot harder to be a good advisor for Ange-sama!”

“That’s good. I’m proud of you,” Sayaka said as she patted the girl’s head.

“Oh, that’s right!” Kana ran to the drawers and opened one up. She pulled out a small box from inside it. “Here… we kept it.”

Sayaka opened it and saw it was her lost ring. A gold ring with silver mixed in it and a shining silver heart gemstone. There was an engraving inside.

“Your eternal partner, Sae”

Sayaka smiled and slipped the ring on, now feeling she had she was complete once again.

“Sayaka…” Sae hugged her partner once again, giving her a short peck on the lips. “Okaeri.”

Sayaka smiled in return. “Tadaima. Sorry I kept all of you waiting.”

Sae's forehead touched hers, the silver knight now smiling.

"Our KIZUNA is eternal."

After saving an old comrade from the clutches of the enemy, Yuko’s two tall friends then decided to make an announcement to the five warriors.

“Even though I was under Obsidian’s spell, I still remembered what I’ve seen when you girls fought. And from what I’ve seen, you five still have some problems learning how to carefully manage your magic,” Sayaka began, “With that, Sae, Yuko and I have come to an agreement and have made a decision...Starting today, Sae and I shall be your new PRISM Knight teachers.”

The five girls exclaimed, “Eh!? Teachers!?”

Sae beamed and said, "From here on out, yoroshiku!"


To Be Continued


And now, a fitting song to close this chapter~ ;)
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I'm glad that they have finally broken the spell off Sayaka and she has regained her memory back and she is on the right side fighting. I'm also glad that her and Sae are back together and with Yuko and Kana and that they will be the girls teachers. I wonder will the girls get into relationships. This was an amazing ending to this chapter can't wait for the next chapter.
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they will get stronger than before, now they have Yuko,Sae & Sayaka as their teacher  :) :) :)

I love how your describe how much sae loves sayaka and their past ^_^.

I love Yui being smart & observing in this story  :) :) :)

thanks again Ruka-san  :) :) :) 
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I hope she appears here. You'll make two people really happy if she does. LOL
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Chapter 15

After a phenomenal victory against Obsidian and rescuing a fallen Prism knight, the five young knights were now reaching a higher level. Not only did the girls have gained two more allies, but they also have new mentors to teach them more about how to handle their powers. The girls became familiarized with more skilled styles of combat and an array of powerful spells.

Ever since Sayaka and Sae made themselves their new teachers, they gave them special training in order to better their skills. Sayaka focused on combat and fighting, since she had such an athletic build, while Sae helped train them in many types of magic spells to strengthen their Gems.

And today, the two had a special lesson planned.

"Okay girls, today's challenge, you must try and fuse your weapons with Gem energy,” Sayaka explained.

“Huh? Fuse? What does that mean?”

“Allow me to explain!” Sae said cheerfully. “By focusing our Gem energy into our weapons, we can strengthen our attacks with magic. For example, Yui could use a fire spell to create a flaming sword!”

“Woah! Cool!”

Sayaka and Sae had prepared the girls' task, giving them weapons they didn’t normally use.

“Alright. Place your Gem in the open base of the weapon you have in your hand,” Sayaka instructed. “Once it’s locked in, concentrate on merging your Gem’s energy with that weapon.”

The five did as their mentor instructed and placed their Gems inside the weapons. Yui had a pistol, Sayanee and Jurina had swords, Haruppi had a katana, and Mako had cufflets.

After they felt their energies merging with their weapons, they soon noticed that the metal was glowing the colors of each of their Gem auras. With their new powers, they decided to test what they could do.

Yui shot a few bullets at a near target. The bullets looked ablaze with fire and shot each one at the bullseye, leaving slight burn marks and smoke.

Sayanee and Jurina clashed their swords. Jurina grinned and slashed her sword, blowing the older girl back with a gust of wind. Sayanee retorted this by freezing her blade like ice and clashing with Jurina’s again before pushing it back with a colder shockwave.

“Brrr.. looks like winter’s come early,” Jurina chuckled.

Haruppi slashed her katana and was surprised to see she could generate many cherry blossom petals. However, as she slashed them again, they became razor sharp and shot at the targets, leaving tears and rips.

“Better be careful with that one,” Haruppi said as she sheathed the katana.

Mako then started throwing punches with her cufflets and saw she could generate lightning. She went to the punching bag and gave it several rapid punches.

“Yeah! Woo!” she cheered.

“Not too fast, kay?” Yui warned.

When Mako stopped, she smiled brightly. “Not even breaking a sweat!”

“Well, I guess they mastered it quickly,” Sae smiled. Sayaka nodded and agreed.

"Alright then, let's really put them to the test!" Yuko said.

The girls trained for hours with their newfound powers, mastering their Gem energy fused weapons and combining them with the new combat skills they were taught. Soon, the girls were tired and out of breath from using so much energy.

The Twin Towers looked at each other and smiled.

Sayaka then announced, “Okay, that’ll end training for today.”

Those words were like heaven to the five that they instantly collapsed and can finally relax.

“Uwaa~ it’s over...”

“For now.”

“I’m hungry~ Let’s go to Takamina’s family restaurant and get some katsudon~”

Now it was here Sayaka and Sae had overheard a bit of their conversation and heard something that puzzles them.

"Hey Sayaka," Sae whispered to her partner, "What is a 'family restaurant'?"

In response, Sayaka shrugs her shoulders.

The five happened to notice their puzzled expressions. Mako then walked up and asked them.

“Wanna come with us?”

“To where?”

“The family restaurant. It’s really good!”

“Uh.. could you maybe explain what that is?” Sae then asked shyly.

"Eh? Sayaka-san, Sae-san, you don't know what a ‘family restaurant’ is?" Haruppi asked.

The Twin Towers shook their heads.

“How bout a karaoke box?” Mako then asked curiously.

Again, they shook their heads.


"For all our lives, starting when we were only young apprentices training to become knights, we've trained and lived away from the city and public," said Sae.

"It's required back then for warriors to be separated from the public at a young age so to help focus in the training," Sayaka included, “We were instructed never to venture into the modern world. We pretty much shut ourselves out so no one would know we existed.”

“So...” Haruppi covered her mouth. “Don’t tell me…you’ve never even been to an amusement park?!”

Sae hesitantly answered with guilt, “Sorry, Haruppi...”


“Well, now that things have started to change, me and Kana would sometimes go out and blend in so we could stake out some of Obsidian’s activity,” Yuko stated.

“Plus, the five of them have grown up living in the modern world,” Kana also mentioned. “I guess it wouldn’t be bad if Sayaka and Sae went out now.”

“Yeah, but, we don’t know a thing about modern human society,” Sae said.

It was here that Jurina’s optimistic character took over and she made a statement.

“This won’t do! Sayaka-san and Sae-san, you two need to be more aware of the modern world,” she strongly recommended to the two.

Sayanee and the other girls of the current team are confused to what Jurina has in mind.

“Uh...Jurina? What are you--?” Sayanee began but she was ignored.

“Time for a makeover, you two!” Jurina said.

The two just blinked.

“Uh…what’s a makeover?” Sae asked confused.


Jurina and the others wanted their senpai to experience the life of a person living in the city. So they took them around Shibuya in order to transform her two senpai in order to fit in with the modern world.

The first thing though she needed to do was take them to a clothes department so to find them modern looking outfits since all the two had to wear are their robes. At first they were about to go straight to the girls clothing section, until Jurina stopped them and thought maybe they should try something different. By her suggestion, she brought the two to the section where there are boyish clothes available. She became like a stylist and would some sets of clothing that fitted the two girls, immediately taking them to the changing rooms to see their new look.

"Okay senpai-tachi, let's have a look at you!"

Sayaka and Sae walked out of the two changing stalls at the same time to reveal themselves in the outfits the girls picked for them. Sayaka was wearing a pair of jeans along with a loose button-up shirt, while Sae had a T-shirt under an unbuttoned flannel shirt and loose jean overalls.


"You two look so cool!"

“Sae, you could pass off as a boy!”

“Eh~? Really?” Sae giggled as she admired her reflection. “Sugoi~ so this is what people wear nowadays.”

Sayaka looked over and saw some girls wearing cute, frilly and pink clothes, meanwhile her clothes had a tomboyish feel.

“Why can’t I wear clothes like that?” Sayaka said as she looked at the flowery, girly dresses.

“Oh come on, Sayaka,” Sae hugged her partner’s waist. “You look beautiful to me, no matter what clothes you wear.”

“Hmm, more girly, huh…” Jurina looked through the clothes, then she got an idea.

She got a few items that looked well together and asked Sayaka to try the new coordination on. When she changed and came back out, she now had on a jean jacket with the sleeves slightly rolled up on top of a plain white top and a long yellow skirt.

“Wow! That’s so cute!”

“Yeah, that definitely suits you, too!”

Sayaka looked at herself in the mirror, blushing a bit.

“You think..?” she smiled shyly.

“Sayaka~~~” Sae immediately hugged the girl and moved in to kiss her. However, Sayaka was shy and pushed her back a bit.

“S-Sae, not now. We’re in public…”

“Nevermind that. I’ll let the world see how much I love my Sayaka~”

Seeing the two all lovey-dovey made the girls giggle.

“Who knew these two were such a cute couple?”

Jurina however felt like there was still something she can do to improve the Twin Towers’ appearance.

“Yosh!” she grabbed both of their hands. “Time for Part 2 of the makeover! To the hair salon!”


“W-wait, Jurina-chan! What’s a hair salon?!”


An hour later the girls exited the hair salon, and the four were amazed to see their two senpai’s new hairstyles.

By Jurina’s suggestion, Sae’s hair was cut much shorter than what it used to be that she couldn’t tie it up in her tiny ponytail anymore. With this new look Sae looked so much closer to being a boy, in fact, she was very handsome. As for Sayaka, she had her hair slightly trimmed and was dyed from black to a dark brown, darker than Sae’s hair.

“Woah~ you guys look amazing!”

The two looked in the mirror at their new haircuts and were blown away. They almost didn’t recognize themselves.

“Uwaa~ sugoi~ This is so cool! It’s so short!” Sae played with her new hair, ruffling it.

“Oi, Sae, don’t mess it up,” Sayaka said like a mother and proceeded to fix the girl’s hair. “There.”

“Hehehe, thanks.”

“And with that, Operation Senpai Makeover has successfully completed!” Jurina cheered.

The four girls applauded Jurina’s work while Sayaka and Sae still looked in awe at their new appearances.

“So, now what?” Sae asked curiously.

“Now, your first experience with the modern world. We’re taking you to our favorite family restaurant!”

“Oh, that’s that thing you mentioned earlier,” Sayaka realized.

“Yup! You’ll love it! It’s a great place!”

“Well, alright. We trust you, girls.”

“Alrighty! Let’s go~”


Of course, the team had to let their two senpai try out the food at Takamina's restaurant, as it was too good an opportunity to pass up. They quickly brought the pair to the family restaurant and entered.

"Welcome," Takamina greeted the new customers, "Hm? I've never seen you two before. Are they friends of yours girls?"

"Hai!" Jurina replied, "They are...friends from out of town. They just moved back to Tokyo.”

“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you,” Takamina said to Sayaka and Sae, “So what will you two be having?”

Sayaka and Sae glanced at the menu but showed puzzled expressions, quickly hiding behind the menus so Takamina wouldn’t see.

“Psst, Sayaka...I have no idea what those things are,” Sae whispered to her partner so Takamina couldn’t hear them.

“Neither do I.”

“Hm? Is something wrong?” asked Takamina, pulling down the photos.

The pair flashed awkward smiles. Not wanting to be rude, Sayaka spoke, “Um...forgive us. We seem to have trouble deciding what to order.”

But Takamina smiled and laid down their menus on the table.

“Alright then. How about I give you two my special recommendation?”

“Recommendation?” Sae repeated.

The two looked at each other, nodding.

“We’ll do that then.”

“Perfect,” the short girl smiled as she took their menus. “Wait here a moment.”

A while later, Takamina came out with a tray of her recommended special dish.

“For you girls, I made something special. My delicacy, Takamina’s famous katsudon!” the girl said as she laid out two bowls of katsudon in front of the Twin Towers. “Go ahead and eat up!”

The Twin Towers curiously looked at the strange new dish.

“Ka-tsu-don?” said Sae.

Sayaka was about to pick up some of it with her hands, but Takamina stopped her, “Woah, woah! Here, use these.” she handed both of them chopsticks.

“What are these..?”

“Oh, I’ve seen these. Japanese people eat them with almost everything,” Sayaka said as she broke apart the two sticks.

“Eh~? Sugoi, Sayaka. How did you learn about this?”

“I was curious and I guess I couldn’t help myself.”

“What, are you two foreigners?” Takamina giggled, “Come and eat up now, before it gets cold.”

“Ah, yes, ma’am!” Sayaka said.

Sae looked over at her girlfriend, having difficulty using her chopsticks.

“Here…” Sae gently took the girl’s hand and showed her how to properly hold them. “Like this.”

“Oh. Thanks, Sae.”

“No prob,” Sae smiled and gave a small peck on Sayaka’s cheek.

Takamina blushed a bit, covering her mouth. She walked over to her five junior employees and whispered to Yui, “Are they a couple?”

Everyone nodded, smiling at the cute gesture Sae made.

“Let’s eat, then,” the short haired girl spoke.


The two then picked up the first pork cutlet with their chopsticks and bit into them.

Just after one bite, the two suddenly lit up with bewilderment.


"This is...!"

They looked at each other then exclaimed at the same time, "Umai!!"

The two began eating the Katsudon up happily and wholeheartedly. The five young girls couldn’t help but giggle at their senpai's reactions to tasting the food for the first time.

“Wow, I’ve never seen two girls eat like that,” Takamina chuckled.

“Mm~ so good!”

"I've never tasted anything like this!”

"Well I’m happy to hear that. Feel free to drop in and have a meal here anytime," Takamina willingly insisted

"Thanks!" said the Twin Towers.

After the pair was finished, they put down their empty bowls and sighed blissfully, leaning back in their seats.

“My belly’s full…” Sae smiled, poking her stomach. “Hehehe, I’ve never felt my tummy be this full~.”

“That was great. Thanks, Takamina,” Sayaka said.

“No problem. Now then, with that, it’ll cost 1400 yen.”

The two then raised their heads with wide eyes.

“Um… Sayaka, do you have money?” Sae whispered in Sayaka’s ear. The elder girl looked at her and shook her head. Sae frowned, “Me neither.”

“Don’t worry, girls,” Sayanee smiled. “We’ll pay for it.”

“Eh? Do we have enough left? I mean, we went shopping and went to the hair salon, too.”

“Oh, you girls have had a busy day!” Takamina said. “In that case, it’s on the house.”

“Maji?!” The Twin Towers said.

“Anything for close friends of my co-workers. I hope you both become loyal customers.”

The two then smiled and bowed in front of the tiny chef.

“Thank you so much!!”


After a good lunch, since the girl’s had finished training and had nothing else to do, the five took their two senpai to a local park. There, the five sat under a large cherry blossom tree and just relaxed in the spring air.

Yui let out a relieved sigh as she breathed in the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, Jurina and Sayanee sat beside each other while Sayanee was strumming her guitar, and Haruppi and Mako were chatting and taking photos.

Sayaka and Sae, however, weren’t sure exactly what they should do. The two were afraid of one of Obsidian’s minions appearing and attacking them again, so all they were able to do was keep watch. They kept pacing and looking around to make sure nothing was going on.

“Sayaka…” Sae walked backwards and had their backs touch.

“Don’t worry. I’m here,” Sayaka gently held Sae’s hand, reassuring her.

“Sayaka-san, Sae-san, why so tense? Sit down and relax,” Haruppi said.

“But… we need to keep a lookout just in case one of Obsidian’s goons come after us.”

“We don’t need to,” Yui then spoke, her eyes closed.


“We worked hard and deserve a break. And I don’t think Obsidian will be coming back so soon after such an epic defeat. Besides, if he was, we would get word from Yuko.”

“Which we haven’t~” Mako added.

“But isn’t it important we always keep watch?” Sae asked. “Just in case..?”

“Working hard is important,” Jurina spoke.

“But feeling good is important, too,” Sayanee continued. “You just gotta know when to balance.”

“Right~” The two looked at each other and smiled.

“I guess we can’t blame you, since you girls are young,” Sayaka said, but still had a serious expression. “Still…”

“Trust us, senpai-tachi,” Yui said as she patted down on the grass underneath the tree.

The two looked at each other and finally decided to go by their juniors’ words. They sat down underneath the tree and tried their best to relax and not think about Obsidian.

It was then that Sae looked up and noticed something.

With a smile she said, “Hey, Sayaka… doesn’t this remind you of our tree?”

“Eh..?” Sayaka looked up.

“See? The flowers are shading us from the sun perfectly.”

“You’re right…”

Sae laid her head on Sayaka’s shoulder and smiled. “I’m glad you’re back.”

Sayaka couldn’t help but feel her heart skip a beat. She leaned her head against Sae’s. “Me too.”

“See? No worries,” Yui said as she sighed out peacefully.

“Un…” Sae’s eyes drooped and she let out a small yawn. “Sayakyaa… I’m sleepy…”

“Me too… It’s so nice…” Sayaka’s eyes gently closed. Sae’s did the same and soon, soft snores could be heard from her.

The five looked at the sleeping couple, watching silently as they slept with their fingers intertwined in one another’s. Haruppi couldn’t resist and took a quick photo of the two.

“Kawaii~” she whispered with a wide smile. “I’m keeping this.”

“When should we wake them up?” Sayanee asked Yui.



To Be Continued
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I'll wait for the next one! Ganbatte~  :onioncheer:
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nice , come back ^_^ ruka_senpai/author-san

new powers to our five heroes with new looks to their senpais

very convincing words there jurina & sayanee
“Working hard is important,” Jurina spoke.

“But feeling good is important, too,” Sayanee continued. “You just gotta know when to balance.”

it reminds me with steven ^_^ like steven universe. thats nice

see you in next chapter . I will definitely wait for it...
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very convincing words there jurina & sayanee
“Working hard is important,” Jurina spoke.

“But feeling good is important, too,” Sayanee continued. “You just gotta know when to balance.”

it reminds me with steven ^_^ like steven universe. thats nice

That's where I got it from. :3
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Preview of Chapter 16:

“Where am I..?”

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now,” Yui reassured her. “I found you outside. You got in an accident.”

“Accident?” The girl look at Yui confused.

“Don’t you remember?”

“No… I can’t remember much of anything at the moment,” she said as she held her head.

“Do you remember where your from? Or anyone from your family or friends from school?”

She shook her head.

“Do you at least remember your name?”
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????? :? :? :?

I wish paru is that person......  :roll:

or new ally/enemy .. and nice preview ..... can't wait for this  :) :) :)
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Chapter 16 (Part 1)

One day, Yui was shocked to see a huge accident that had taken place in front of the shop. What could’ve caused the accident, she didn’t see, but by the looks of things, and how she found a fragment of a dark Gem at the scene, she knew Obsidian was involved.

She went outside and investigated the scene, taking pictures with her watch and sending the Gem fragment to Yuko for analyzation. She was about to leave, when she heard a groan in pain. In the wreckage, Yui found a young girl, struggling to remain conscious as she tried to crawl out. Yui helped the girl and looked at her.

“Are you okay?”

The girl only looked at her, dazed, before her eyes fluttered shut and she collapse, unconscious. Yui saw her head was bleeding slightly, so she obviously took a large blow to her head in the accident.

It was then her Gem started glowing. She closed it in her hands, looking around to see if Obsidian’s men was around. Fearing that the girl would be in danger, she took her in her arms and carried her back to headquarters.

“Guys, I’m sorry, but I brought a civilian,” Yui quickly apologized to her teammates and mentors after putting the unconscious girl in the infirmary.

“Yui, what were you thinking?”

“I-I’m sorry, but I couldn’t just leave her there!”

“Well, I understand that you care, but just be careful. If she found out our secret...”

“I know. I really am sorry.”

It was then Yui noticed something, or rather someone, is missing.

"Ara? Where is Sayaka-san and Sae-san?"

"They're not here. They left on a small assignment by a certain comrade of ours’ request," Yuko explained, "They'll be back in a day or two."


“Yeah, a good friend of ours who used to fight with us. She lives in Fukuoka right now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Look, we’ll let you look after that girl while we train. Just keep her in the infirmary.”


While the four got back to training, Yui sat in the infirmary by herself and watched over the sleeping girl. She couldn’t help but admire the girl’s looks. She was beautiful, almost like an angel or sleeping princess. Another thought entered her mind, however, as she continued to stare…

“She seems familiar… Have I seen her before somewhere?”


Yui then heard a small sound. When she looked, she saw the girl begin to stir from her slumber. Her body started to move as she groggily rose her body.

“Hey…” she spoke in a soft voice. “Hey.. you okay? Can you hear me?”

The girl’s eyes fluttered open and looked around. She looked at Yui and stared at her for a moment before looking around again, seeming unfamiliar with her current surroundings.

“Where am I..?”

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now,” Yui reassured her. “I found you outside. You got in an accident.”

“Accident?” The girl look at Yui confused.

“Don’t you remember?”

“No… I can’t remember much of anything at the moment,” she said as she held her head.

“Do you remember where your from? Or anyone from your family or friends from school?”

She shook her head.

“Do you at least remember your name?”

This time, the girl nodded.

“Haruka,” she answered. “Shimazaki Haruka.”

“Haruka… Nice to meet you. I’m Yui.”

“Yui,” she spoke softly, giving Yui a sweet smile. “Nice to meet you.”

“So, Haruka, what do you remember? Do you know how old you are?”

“Hmm… 21.”

“Oh. Do you remember if you go to college or anything like that?”

“Mm~” She concentrated, trying to remember. “Maybe… I’m not sure.”

“That hit you took in the accident must’ve affected your memory. I’m sure you’ll remember once it heals.”


“Do you remember where you live?”

“Ah, that I remember. I live here in Tokyo, at a local apartment complex.”

“I’ll help you find it later.”

“Thanks, Yui,” Haruka smiled again, giggling a bit.

“Hm? What’s so funny?”

“It’s just.. I feel happy talking to you.”

Yui smiled at that statement. “I’m happy to hear that.”

“Maybe we should talk and meet each other more? Can I have your number?”

“Sure. Let me have yours.”

Haruka started searching through her purse. She found her phone and pulled it out, but was shocked to see the screen was cracked.

“Oh no… it must’ve got broken from the impact,” she frowned. “I’ll have to buy a new one.”

“I’ll go shopping with you one day to pick one out.”

“Would you really?!” Haruka smiled widely.

“Of course.”


“Yui, how is she doing?” Yuko then walked in.

All the sudden, Haruka’s expression changed. She became shy and awkward and shrunk away as Yuko walked toward Yui.

“She alright?”

“Yeah, but I think she hit her head in the accident. She lost her memory temporarily.”

“Oh, alright. I hope you get better soon,” Yuko said with a friendly smile.

“Ah… uh… thanks,” Haruka answered awkwardly.

The two merely blinked, a bit surprised at her reaction. To Yuko, it seemed rather… “salty”. And for Yui, even though she just saw her so bright and bubbly and comfortable talking, this was rather strange to see her act so shy suddenly.

“Uhhhh, okay~ Anyways, Yui,” Yuko leaned closer so Haruka wouldn’t hear, “there’s some Black Gem activity. Go take Haruka home so you can go out for battle. The others already went.”

“Okay,” Yui responded. Yuko then smiled at Haruka one last time, to which the girl only gave another “salty” reaction.

“Okay~.... Bye,” the girl simply said before leaving the two of them alone.

“Come on, Haruka. I’ll walk you home.”


Haruka and Yui walked side by side through the busy streets of Tokyo, when they finally reached the apartment building Haruka lived in.

“I guess this is where we part,” Haruka said with a shy smile.


“Can we meet again someday?”

“Sure. We have to get a new phone, don’t we?”

Haruka chuckled. “Right.”

“Since I can’t text you, I’ll just come by here to see you. It’d be a lot easier and quicker.”

“Okay. Bye, Yui,” Haruka waved goodbye as she walked back into her apartment building.

After that, Yui quickly ran to where the fight was taking place. She used the compass/tracker on her communicator to see where her teammates and the enemy were.

“This way!”

She kept running until she saw her teammates fighting against Beryl, fighting against lizard-like beasts with Black gems on them.

“What on Earth..?!”

“Yui, Beryl’s been experimenting with Earth animals and mutating them with the Black Gems. He’s turned them into Geo-beasts!” Yuko’s voice spoke.

“How dare he!”

Yui quickly transformed and entered the battle slashing her sword towards the beasts as she protected herself. Then, she glared at Beryl.

“This is awful, Beryl! You turned these innocent animals into monsters! Unforgivable!”

“Ha! These animals were weak and powerless before I got a hold of them.”

“But they’re lives were still precious to this world,” Sayanee said angrily. “You took it away from them by making them such beasts!”

“Now you’re going to pay for these actions!”

Yui slashed her sword at the beasts, hearing them roar and cry out in anger. She felt sorry for them, but as they were now, they knew that they were in pain and needed to be put out of their misery before they could cause harm.

Sayanee used her powers to freeze the beings in their spot, bounding their frozen feet to the ground. Mako and Haruppi would shoot out their bullets and shuriken as the beasts’ tails swung at them.

“Yui,” Jurina yelled towards the leader, “The weak spot is their tail! There was one other, but I cut its tail with my spear and it was defeated.”

“Got it! Everyone, aim for the tails!”

Just as Yui said, after the beasts were subdued, everyone used their weapons and aimed at their tails. One by one, the beastly lizards fell and reverted to small black stones. After collecting the stones, the next obstacle to deal with was Beryl.

“You PRISM knights have gotten in my way for the last time,” he pulled out a whip and cracked it, sending out a huge shockwave, knocking the knights back.

He then lassoed Yui with the whip and picked her up, hanging her in the air.

“Starting with you!”

Yui shut her eyes as she saw Beryl coat his hand in blue lightning and reaching out to electrocute her. It was that moment when a purple light came out of nowhere and hit Beryl’s back.

“Argh!” He let go of Yui as the knight fell to the ground, landing on her feet.

“What..?” she blinked as she saw a purple light, flying around Beryl.

“Damn it…” Beryl held his injured back. “Another day, knights.”

He then disappeared, and Yui, before anyone else, saw the purple light disappear as mysteriously as it had appeared.

“What happened, Yui?” Haruppi asked, confused.

“I’m not sure…”


After the description she was given, Yuko stopped and looked at Yui with deep curiosity.

"Wait a second, what was that? Did you just say you saw a purple light?"

“Yes. I don’t know what it actually was, but I know it was on our side,” Yui said.


“What do you think it was?”

“To be honest, I’m not too sure. If you see this light again, take some pictures of it so me and Kana can investigate.”


“And, how is Haruka? Did she suspect anything?”

“No. We’re good. In fact, all she wants is to see me again.”

“Well, at least she seems to get along with you. She was pretty… salty to me.”

“Salty?” Yui chuckled. “No, she’s just shy. She’s as sweet as sugar.”

“That’s a good thing to know.”

To Be Continued
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all and all nice ^_^ wait for pt 2.... and that mysteriously purple light that's for sure to keep in mind in next part.... :? :? :?

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Added a new poll!

After two years, would you guys like to see a new version of Prism with the current Team K (Komiyama Team K), or continue on with the adventures of Yokoyama Team K's Prism Knights? Please let us know! ^-^
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Important note: Made a few revisions in Chapter 8 Part 1! This will be important for a future plotline once this fic is off hiatus! ;)
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It's time... for revival! xD

Yes, we're back! Here is the next part of Chapter 16!


Chapter 16 - Part 2

Now after the girls have told her of the mysterious figure that helped them in battle, Yuko needed to pass this information to Sayaka and Sae, who both were still on their small mission in Fukuoka.

She talked to them through the computers as she contacted their communicators. After Yuko talked for a minute, the Twin Towers were caught in surprise like she did.

"What? A purple light?" Sayaka spoke, "Is that true?"

"Yui said she saw it herself," Yuko confirmed, "It was a purple light that seemed to

"Yuko, you guys know what this could possible mean?" said Sae, "Could it be...?"

"It's not it?"

Yuko is not sure herself.

She looked at the photo of themselves back in the old days with their original members and former teammates.

"Is it really you...?"


The next day...

“Haruka!” Yui met with Haruka in front of her apartment building, the two dressed for their day out to buy the latter a new phone.

Haruka smiled when she saw Yui and waved at her.

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting?” she asked as she walked down the steps.

“No. I just got here. Let’s go.”

The two started walking into the city, chatting a bit as they did. Once they reached the shop, they began looking for a new phone for Haruka.

While she was doing that, Yui looked at some of the phone straps and saw a pair of pink and blue straps with star charms on them.

“These are cute… Maybe I should buy them for Haruka.”


Yui looked back and saw Haruka behind her, making her jump a bit.

“I picked out a phone. Will you help me choose a case?”

“Oh, sure,” Yui smiled a bit, then showed her the straps. “Hey, what do you think of these?”

“Uwaa~ they’re so cute!”

“I was thinking of buying them, so we could match.”

“Really? Thank you!” Haruka hugged Yui suddenly, making her blush. A few seconds after, however, Haruka became aware of some people staring. “Ah! Sorry… I got excited.”

As she pulled away, Yui stared at her shy expression, her heart fluttering a bit.

“What is this..? It’s like I’m on a date with her…”

After picking out a case and setting up her new phone, the two left the shop. Yui then proceeded to attach the matching straps to each of their phones.

“Kawaii~” Haruka smiled brightly.

“We still have some time left to ourselves. Is there anything else you wanna do?”

As if on cue, the two heard a small growl. Haruka smiled, embarrassed.

“I’m hungry…”

“Why don’t we go eat at a café?”



After an alarm had went off alerting more Black Gem activity, the four went out searching in the streets, looking through dark alleys and abandoned buildings.

“Weird… it should be here…”

Even though they had been searching for a long time, their trackers still didn’t pick up anything. It was as if the energy had disappeared.

“Mou~ it’s obvious it’s not here,” Jurina said. “Let’s go.”

“No, we have to keep looking,” Sayanee objected, making the younger girl pout.


It was then that Kojimako spotted a Black gem on the ground. Sayanee scanned it and saw that the energy readings were a match.

“This is what was causing it,” she confirmed. “But.. why is it already poofed.”

This was when the girls suddenly heard the sound of someone singing in the distance.

The voice was very beautiful, it filled the air with a serenade that was soothing and powerful at the same time. With each note, the girls were all captivated by the beauty of it, hearing it echo softly.

“Who’s voice is that?”

The tracker then got another reading of Gem activity, pointing in a direction toward a shadowy alleyway. They followed it and noticed the singing was getting louder with each step. They then stopped when the tracker showed that the source of the Gem energy was right in front of them.

“It should be here… but I don’t see anything,” Haruppi said. The girls only stared into the shadows.

Jurina called out, “Hello? Is anyone here?”

The voice then spoke in a Kansai accent, which Sayanee immediately recognized.

“You heard my song?”

“Yes. It was very beautiful,” Kojimako said.

“Aw~ you’re makin’ me blush with that sort o’ flatterin’.”

“Where are you?” Sayanee asked. “Can you come out?”

It was then that a hooded figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing a girl in purple and white robes. With the hood, the girls couldn’t see her face. And Jurina also noticed a purple Gem that looked similar to theirs on her chest.

“Are you... A Prism knight?” she asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Wait… you were the one who helped us last time,” Sayanee realized. “That purple light came from you!”

“Ah, you saw that?” the knight chuckled.

“Thank you so much for the help,” Mako thanked the girl in advance.

“It was nothing at all!”

“No, seriously. If it weren’t for you, our friend would be dead probably,” Haruppi urged. “Whatever you did, it was amazing!”

“That’s right! We should get Yuko to see you! She’ll be so happy to know there’s another powerful Prism knight in Tokyo!”

As the girls made the call on their communicators, the purple knight’s eyes widened.


Yuko had come out so she can see the Purple knight for herself. After she was contacted, she rushed to the scene.

“Guys, what’s going o--?!” Yuko screeched to a halt when she saw the hooded girl.

“Yuko, this is the girl who saved us! She made that purple light that hit Beryl!”

Without saying another word, Yuko only walked closer to the hooded figure. They stood staring at one another for a moment before Yuko smiled.

"I knew it. It really is you isn't it...Yuka?"

The five turned around to look at the purple warrior. The girl removed her hood and revealed her face for the first time. Looking at them is a girl with short brown hair and a bright smile.

"Who else would it be?" she said with a smile.

“I don’t believe it..! It’s really you!”

"Wait a Yuka...isn't that the senpai who Yuko said lost her life back before we became Prism knights?" Haruppi asked.

This new warrior smiled and confirmed, “That’s me!”

That could only mean one thing to these girls...

At the same time, the four gave out loud yells of disbelief.

"EEHHHH?!?!?!? SHE'S A GHOST?!?!"

“Hehe…” Yuka chuckled awkwardly.


To Be Continued
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Before starting, I'm sorry if my english is really broken... It's not my native language so...

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It's been a Long Time I read AKB related fic and this is the first I saw which is not abandonned
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I don't know if you know this anime but your fic remind me of "Houseki no kuni" which the cristals names and fights. Even if in your fic, cristals are enemy.
But this anime is recent (released in 2017 or 2018) and your fic is oldest so I think is not related at all.

Well, let's speak about the fic now. It's pretty good I think. Sometimes I can't understand all the situation but I guess it's because I'm really Bad with english.  :P
You have created a great universe  :thumbup
I really like the story about Jurina and Rena ! Jurina is getting better now right ? At the beginning when I know they're sisters I was quite desapointed but After this story I Can apreciate their relationship just like it is.
Haruppi story's was very short but it's all right ! We don't need more  :thumbup And I hope Sasshi will have a another role After.
Mako story was sooooo cute  :heart: Mako-child !  :wub: :wub:
Will Naachan and Miki be back in the fic ? Owada too !

Those two stories were short but it's alright since is not my oshis stories~  :P :P

About Saeyaka I like their story but I don't know... I'ts just me but I can't see them like a couple  :banghead: But I'm glad they're back home.

And next ?
Do you know why you HAVE to finish this fic ? Because you have already written all the stories of all the characters except for my oshis !  :angry:

I guess with Paru I Can finaly have the story of Yuihan ! I want a cute story for her please ~ Make Yuihan happy with Paru !  :heart:

I also want Sayanee story's ! She made a promise with Miyuki right ? In the 1st chapter..  I want SayaMilky~ Even it Milky has a boyfriend there is not that much stories about Sayamilky~~~~ That's why YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU !!  :thumbsup :bow: :bow:

And I guess we will have more informations about Lapis... Will Yuko fall un love for him again ? Let's see !

That's all ! Thanks for write this fic, I hope you will continue this.

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Chapter 16 - Part 3

“Ahh~ that lunch was so good,” Yui sighed happily as she walked Haruka home after their day out together.

“Yeah, it was. And the cake we had for dessert wasn’t too bad,” Haruka held her belly. “I’m so full, I might burst!”

As the two chuckled, they eventually arrived in front of Haruka’s apartment building.

“Ah… we’re here.”


“Time sure flies, huh… I really wanted to spend more time with you.”

“Me too…”

Yui felt her heart flutter a bit as she looked at Haruka, who was shyly averting her gaze.

“Would you want to go out to lunch again sometime?”


“I work part-time at a family restaurant. You should definitely come by!”

“Okay! I’ll try this weekend when I’m free!”

“I’ll see you then.”

“Yeah! Bye bye!”

The two parted ways, and Yui walked on from Haruka’s apartment building with a smile on her face.

However, it was then she realized something...

“Ah! That’s right, I never turned on my communicator!”

As soon as she turned on her wrist communicator, it began to ring loudly.

“Huh?! It’s Yuko!” She quickly answered it, worried it might be an alert of a Black Gem attack. “What’s wrong?”

“There you are, Yui! Where’ve you been?”

“Ah, sorry! I was spending the day with Haruka and forgot to turn on my communicator. What’s going on? Is it Obsidian’s minions?!”

“Uhh… not exactly.”



Everyone returned to the base so that they could be formerly introduced to one of their seniors. After being caught up on the situation, Yui couldn’t believe her eyes seeing the ghost of one of the original Prism Knights standing before her.

Yuko began, "Let me introduce her again to you girls. This here's Masuda Yuka. And as you already know, she's the Prism knight who was one of your predecessors."

“B-But I don’t understand,” said Jurina, “How can she be here?”

“My soul was able to live on through the power of my Gem since it was unharmed.”

Yuka held out a glowing, violet colored Gem.

“It’s a tanzanite,” Yui recognized the gemstone.

“After I died, I was asleep for the longest time, for who knows how long. But then, I heard Ange’s voice call out to me.”

“Yuka… your friends need you. I don’t have my full power restored, but I can grant you enough to help them.”

"It was thanks to me being a former Prism knight that Lady Ange was able to grant me the chance to be here in this world, but only as a spirit. But in this way, I'll be able to help you guys!”

“Help us?” Sayanee asked.

“With what?” Haruppi also inquired.

“To find the three Legendary Relics!”


“They’re special artifacts that can be used to defeat Obsidian, once and for all! They were lost during the Great War when Ange sealed him away, but if we find them, we’d be able to beat him for good this time!”

“What are they?”

“The first is the golden armor of Nephrite the Noble. The next is the Blade of Bismuth. And the last one is Ange’s Heartstone. If we find these three Relics, you guys will become strong enough to face Obsidian!”

“Armor, a blade, and a… Heartstone?” Mako raised a brow. “What’s that?”

“When Ange gave up her powers, her body and heart were separated,” Yuko said. “It’s a bit difficult to explain, but her body was turned into pure light, and the Heartstone is all that remains of her. It was the core of her magic, so when she died, all of her magic faded, as well.”

The five slowly took in the information, the younger pair of Mako and Haruppi trying to comprehend as best they could.

“So, the Heartstone isn’t just her Gem that powered her magic, but also Ange’s actual heart?”

“Basically,” Yuka said frankly.

“That sounds like it’ll be difficult.”


“Don’t worry,” Kana then said. “We’ve already got a search party started!”


“Remember how we said Sayaka and Sae were helping out a friend down in Fukuoka?” Kana then brought up on one of the computer screens a video image.

It was a livestream of a radio broadcast, featuring a young woman with vibrant red hair.

“Ume-chan!” Yuka exclaimed with a wide smile. “Man, she’s gotten really pretty~”


“Isn’t she one of our senpai, too?”

“Yup! Sayaka and Sae asked her to start a search party for the armor of Nephrite the Noble!”

“Since Ume-chan’s a radio DJ, she has a bunch of followers, so maybe one of them have seen something that looks like Nephrite’s armor!”

“Do you think it’ll work?”

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”


To Be Continued
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Yeay thank toi for update this fic !

Love the Yuiparu part !
This chap is short but it's okay, don't worry

Can't wait for next chapter
Please continue this fic !