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Title: Unnatural Events
Post by: postttmater on May 04, 2015, 01:42:14 AM
Unnatrual events


Its the year 20XX, there are unnatural things that goes on here, one time a WEREWOLF came out in the middle of the road and hit my car, now theres only one big indent, i plan on getting a new car soon. Oh almost forgot to introduce myself, the names Matsui Rena, my family is long line of ancient hunters and im suppose to be the next generation. My family died among a case with one of the famous monsters ever, so now im basically the last of my familys generation. Enough about me, lets talk about hunters, there is at least 3 organizations of hunters, for at least the ones i know of, the first one is the Vandel Organization

Vandel Organization
The Vandel Organization is made out from different ranked class, so in other words all the special A classes, the monsters they hunt for is all the specials, top A class as well, anything below, they leave them for the other organizations,their weapons are basically top class, grade A, high-tech gears that any hunter would want. Their boss is the one and only Takahashi Minami, EVERYBODY adores Takahashi Minami, she is clumsy, a failer, a shortie also, but has a serious side when it comes to work.

The next is ExCEL Organization

ExCEL Organization
The ExCEL Organization is made out of the middle classes, some top A classes but they are pretty good, the monsters they hunt for are basically B class and below. The weapons are not exactly high tech like Vandel's but at least it catches monsters. Their boss is Yokoyama Yui, she is nice, a bit serious, but of course has her own mind and is hard working.

the last is ACE Organization

ACE Organization
The ACE Organization is made out of every class hunter they could find, from Class A, B, to E, even F. They chase down every monsters they could get their hands on. Their weapons are just anything that they could get. Their boss is Takayanagi Akane, she is kind, loves birds, and is serious.

then there is the ranks, which applies to all hunters and monsters

Class/Rank SS
Class/Rank S
Class/Rank A
Class/Rank B
Class/Rank E
Class/Rank F

Anyways the organization that im in is ACE, nothing to particular just like the plain and simple, Vandel sent out to recruit me but i declined, my life is also plain and simple until a certain event came by my door
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Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on May 04, 2015, 02:07:17 AM
Ooh~ supernatural fic! Nice~ :cathappy:

Wait, no C and D rank? lol

I wonder who that werewolf was~ :roll:

So interesting~ Can't wait to see more~ :deco:
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Post by: Raizel on May 04, 2015, 05:09:27 AM
I hope for more supernatural fanfic in this thread and I found it..  :w00t:
Thanks author-san.. :thumbup
Btw its Matsui Rena-sama, Hope it will become wmatsui, cant wait for the other pairing too.. :inlove:
Waiting for the first chapter to come.. :twothumbs
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Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on May 04, 2015, 11:04:39 AM

Yaaaaaaaaahooooooooo *Throwing flower at author *

I LOVE TO READ AND Write supernatural fic.

wooow i thought Rena would be vandel leader well welll please make Rena strong okay.

*Hug author *


(because I'm wolf )

waiting for update.
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thanks for the prologue
awesomeness :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Unnatural Events
Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on May 04, 2015, 03:23:25 PM

thanks for the prologue
awesomeness :twothumbs :twothumbs

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thanks for the prologue
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Nee,.tell me truth are you stalking me, because i see you go every place where i go.

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Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on May 04, 2015, 03:34:13 PM

thanks for the prologue
awesomeness :twothumbs :twothumbs

Nee,.tell me truth are you stalking me, because i see you go every place where i go.

hahahaha...nope....i dont get to read all new updated fic these past day...xDD
so that why u see me..."hides in the dark

hahaha..u make me sound scary..LOL

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the fic look amazing, but if the author try to leave it we should kill him/her xd.

i love killing people MUWAHAHAHAHAHA .
Title: Re: Unnatural Events
Post by: kuro_black29 on May 04, 2015, 03:45:57 PM

thanks for the prologue
awesomeness :twothumbs :twothumbs

Nee,.tell me truth are you stalking me, because i see you go every place where i go.

hahahaha...nope....i dont get to read all new updated fic these past day...xDD
so that why u see me..."hides in the dark

hahaha..u make me sound scary..LOL

keep hiding heheheh *Throw popcorn * hohohohoho

also keep stalking meee xd xd xd

sd lol.

the fic look amazing, but if the author try to leave it we should kill him/her xd.

i love killing people MUWAHAHAHAHAHA .

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Title: Re: Unnatural Events ch.1
Post by: postttmater on May 05, 2015, 08:26:43 AM
Chapter 1: The  Recruitment

"Humans dont know about monsters since they always hide their true form," the boss of ACE said. Many of the trainees were taking down notes on this

"so in case any of you trainees dont spot anything wrong...." The boss of ACE cleared her throat


" Anyways, so in order not to-" The boss of ACE was interupted by a girl coming in through the door

"President?"  the girl said

"ah Vice-prez" The boss of ACE said as she turned around smiling

"Everyone meet the Vice-President, Furukawa Airi"

Furukawa Airi
Personality: Nice, sweet, outgoing, carefree
Rank: S Class Hunter
Weapon: Triguns
Job: Vice-President of ACE

"Hello nice to meet you, Im Furukawa Airi, Vice-President, and also your Senpai, unless training then call me Sensei" Airi bowed down, everybody bowed their head down as a sign of respect

"so what brings you down here to the training room Vice-prez?" the president said as she walked over towards the Vice-prez

"uhm, shes here" Vice-prez said in a low tone voice, the president then shot a serious look

"alright tell her to wait in my office" The president then dismissed the vice-prez and turned around with a smile on her face

"alright that is all for today, i shall pick up from what i left off, oh and next week is when we start actual training!" The president said as she waved bye to her trainees. As soon as they left, the president immediately had a serious look once again. The president exited out the training room and into the hallway, as walking the workers greeted the president

"hello president" said one of the worker, the president walked up to the worker and saw her nametag

"Takajo Aki......" the president rubbed her chin for a bit, making Aki worried

"you nickname for me is Akicha!" Aki was surprised by this

"why so surprised, i always give my new workers a nickname!"

"how do you that im a new worker?" Aki asked

"i know everybody here" The president then left Aki and went straight into her office. Aki was left still surprised.

After the president came into her office only to be looking at a girl with long black silky hair and light brown eyes

"Ah Rena-chan youre here!" the president gave a big hug towards Rena

"ah nothing like being at the HQ" Rena said as she looked over the glass window

"so anyways what brings you to call me here prez?" Rena said as she played with the pens and pencils on the president's desk the president gave Rena some mugshots and info of the person

"Find this person and hire them" the president then pushed Rena out the door

"GOOD LUCK!" the door automatically shut behind Rena

"ahh....time to find this person" Rena said as she was walking out the entrance door. Rena looked through the info first

"lets see...a female....blah blah blah.....oh wait a minute......shes a-" Rena bumped into someone

"ah.....sorry, so sorry" Ren bowed down

"no its okay you dont have to bow down" the girl looked up at Rena, Rena looked up as well only to see a girl with dark black hair and light fair skin

(wow....she looks so beautiful....) Rena thought as she gathered her stuff together, she then looked at the mugshot she had gotten from the president, noticing the familiar features from the girl and the picture l, everything clicked within Rena's mind

"ahhh YOU'RE KASHIWAGI YUKIRIN!!" Rena shouted, Yuki covered Rena's mouth and moved her to a dark alleyway

"shh, be quiet!" Yuki said as she slowly took her hand away from Rena's mouth, once she did, Yuki noticed that her hand was all slimey

"ew, is this your saliva?" Yuki said as she wiped her hand at the side if her thigh

"sorry, but why are asking me to be quiet?" Rna aid as she took a hankerchief and wiped her mouth

"cuz, my clan is out to get me....."

"i knew it, you were a monster after all!"

"yah so..."

"if you say your clan is after...... you ,then....... that must mean you're a DEMON?!"

harmful beings who make deals with peoples desires
Weapons: Claws or any weapon
Leader: Yamamoto Sayaka

"SHHH.....anyways yes im a demon"

"wait why is your clan after you?"

"jeez you sure are a curious one huh? anyways i will answer your question, i stole something important from my leader" Yuki took out a silver blade that had red markings on it. All the sudden a demon with red eyes came out of nowhere

"Oi oi oi what do we have here, an SS class hunter? and Yuki, poor Yuki, why are you with this SS class hunter huh?" the demon appeared out of no where next to Rena and Yuki

"i thought you were better then this Yuki!" the demon then stabbed Yuki's arm with a razor sharp claw causing Yuki to let go of the blade, the demon then tried to reach for the blade but was blocked by Rena's katana

"Ooh the nightshade blade, saw one, but nevER FOUGHT ONE!" The demon 's arm was covered with a red aurora, the demon then swunged her claws away making an counterattack, Rena was left grazed after she tried to dodge it.

"nice moves" the demon said licking some blood off of her claws

"disgusting, but....aint that bad yourself either" Rena said as her katana glowed with a dark bluish color

"ah i see you are the original wielder of nightshade"

Creator: Matsui Hakiko
History: was made only for the Matsui family but a spy got hold of the weapon plans for it and started to copy and create it. the only way to tell if it is the original wielder is by the blue darkish aurora it gives off


"so it means your part of the Matsui family" The demon then jumped at Rena and landed on her, the demon used her legs to trap Rena's arms

"what a pretty face......i think i can make it even prettier" the demon raised her claws and it glowed with a black aurora this time. the demon was about to hurt Rena before Yuki stepped in and grabbed the demons arm

"i wouldnt do that if i were you" Yuki glowed with a light green color,  Yuki then sent the demon flying back

"eh so you still havent lost your touch, huh.....well i have to go back now trouble lurks back at home i'll cya later then" the demon then disappeared without a sight. Yuki was back to her normal self.

"you okay?" Yuki said as she grabbed Rena's hand and pulled her up

"yeah im fine....but uh thanks for protecting me"

"no problem....awh you're bleeding, here" Yuki grabbed her hankerchief and wiped up Rena's bleeding wounds. Rena grew embarrassed

"anyways so did you need something from me?" Yuki asked

"huh? what do you mean?"

"you shouted out my name, then you were all full of curiosity..."

"Ah i remember now, my boss want me to hire you to work with us"

"what?! me a demon work with HUNTERS?!" Yuki shouted out

"i know, i know it sounds weird but i must follow boss orders" Yuki shot a glance at Rena

"fine, i'll work for you"


"BUT only for a price, help me settle things with my clan and i will fully join a hunter" Rena looked up at the sky and shouted out


to be continued
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awesome author san...and

thanks for the update author san~
waitng for next~
please make it wmatsui...pweaseeeeeee~ 'teary eyes
But its ur everything fine

ahh~..'ur avoid from being killed too.xD
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hehehehe i hope Rena can settle things with Yuki clan,  and yuki join as hunter,  then yukirena moment hehehhehe

waiting for update.
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awesome author san...and

thanks for the update author san~
waitng for next~
please make it wmatsui...pweaseeeeeee~ 'teary eyes
But its ur everything fine

ahh~..'ur avoid from being killed too.xD
Yes please make it wmatsui and mayuki.... :bow:
Nice chapter :twothumbs
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Post by: wmatsui fanfic. on May 05, 2015, 12:56:32 PM
awesome author san...and

thanks for the update author san~
waitng for next~
please make it wmatsui...pweaseeeeeee~ 'teary eyes
But its ur everything fine

ahh~..'ur avoid from being killed too.xD
Neee, there is so many wmatsui fic please just let this be Yukirena Hmm???


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Title: Re: Unnatural Events shippers
Post by: postttmater on May 05, 2015, 04:09:31 PM
for this fanfic the shippers are Yukirena, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Furuyagani, SayaMilky, AtsuMina, YuiParu, that is all.

if you dont wanna use these shippers then too bad
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yeahhh~...nice author san  :onioncheer:
please update soon~..xD..
but take ur time..
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Title: Re: Unnatural Events
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Please, make YukiRena is the main couple.

Because I see in 4rum have much WMatsui and Mayuki fic.

Hope you update soon :)

P/s: Who are the main couples in your fic ???
Title: Re: Unnatural Events ch. 2
Post by: postttmater on May 07, 2015, 07:21:23 AM
Chapter 2: Troubles occured

Rena and Yuki were walking along in the city after the fight with the demon

*sigh* "Mou~ im all tired out!" Yuki said as she stretched her arms out

"I can say the same thing as well!" Rena said as she checked her watch, Yuki looked around the city and found a bakery, Yuki's eyes widen at this

"Ahh~A BAKERY!" Yuki pointed out as she grabbed on to Rena's arm

(geez shes like a kid) Rena thought

Yuki kept on holding onto Rena's arm

"nee can we go to the bakery?" Yuki said as she pouted out her lips

"hmm fine" Yuki grew excited and raced over there along side with Rena

They finally got there. Yuki was looking through all the cakes that the bakery had and finally found the one she wanted

" I want this one!" Yuki said as she pointed to the shortcake, Rena sighed and smiled

"alright, excuse me, can we get this cake please" the worker got the cake out and Rena paid for it

"here ya go" said Rena as the 2 walked out of the bakery, Yuki then quickly opened up the box that had the shortcake in it and started to eat it

"Oishii~" Yuki said as she took one bite from it, but it just had occurred that Rena never introduced herself

"ah i forgot to introduce my self, the names Matsui Rena"

Matsui Rena
Personality: nice, cute, and a bit serious
Rank: SS Class Hunter
Weapons: 2 katanas and 2 guns and 1 knife
Likes: melonpan
Job: Hunter for ACE

"Ah then i should to, even though you know my name, the names Kashiwagi Yuki"

Kashiwagi Yuki
Personality: nice, outgoing
Rank: A Class Demon
Weapons: Claws
Likes: cute things
Job: Hunter for ACE

"Yoroshiku onegishimasu" the 2 said in unison, Yuki and Rena found a bench to sit at, Yuki went back to eating her cake. Yuki was about to take a bite from her cake but looked over at Rena, who was looking at her watch once again.

"Nee, Rena-san? Say AHH~" Rena looked over at Yuki and shook her head, Yuki just kept on pointing the cake towards Rena, being forced,  Rena did as told and said ahh

"O-oishii...." Yuki then pinched Rena`s cheek

"Kawaii~" After Yuki was done eating the cake they headed back towards ACE. Rena and Yuki arrived at the door

"PASSWORD PLEASE" Rena went up towards the keypad and input the password, the door automatically opened and to Yuki's surprise there was a whole building filled with many technologies and many workers.

"Wow.....this is...."

"Amazing?" Yuki nodded her head

"Yeah i know when i first joined it wasn't like this" Rena went inside first still leaving Yuki in a surprised state. Rena noticed that Yuki wasn't inside yet so Rena went back out and grabbed Yuki's hand, which shocked Yuki, after the 2 went inside, the door automatically shut leaving behind just a silvery lighting. It was a long walk, but an amazing one, Rena never lets go of Yuki's hand, being afraid of losing her in the HQ, Yuki kept looking around the building and saw amazing things such as weapons, testing room, the training room, and the whole entire base. They finally got to the end of a hallway where 2 big white colored doors was standing there, Rena and Yuki both entered the door only to find the the Vice-prez sitting on the lap of the President

"Why hello there Rena and Yuki...." the president then quickly pushed off the vice-prez

"Uhm hi...anyways....i was won-" Rena was interrupted by the President

"You're wondering why i had you hire a demon to work with us hunters?" Rena nodded her head

"Well she can help us" The president looked at Yuki, who was holding on to the silver blade

"The blade of life...."

"Excuse me?" Yuki said

"Ah no its just that this the blade of life you are holding" Vice-prez said as she look down

"Whats the blade of life Vice-prez?" Rena and President said in unison

"Well the blade of life is what it says on its name, it heals the wielder or the person whom the wielder cares or loves....but it comes with a price... anyways but it can be very dangerous as well, you see the aurora glowing out from the markings, well if its red it can do damage, if its black it causes death, if its green it can cause health OR sickness, depending on what your feelings are, and by that i mean if you're evil or good" the vice-prez said

"Wow i never knew that...." Yuki said as she touched the silver blade

"Well nobody calls me an weapon expert for nothing" Vice-prez said blushing, the president smiled at this

"Anyways so i hired Yuki, what now?" Rena said

"Huh oh just go off and do whatever, hunt down monsters, take a day off, do what you need to do" the president then shooed them away and the 2 left, only the president and the vice-prez was alone together

"Heh, so what do we now, continue where we left off?" The president said as she came behind the vice-prez

"Sure why not Akane" Rena and Yuki were out of the HQ and were over at a nearby park

"So what do we do now?" Yuki asked

"I dont know....i need a plan to settle everything with your clan....." Rena was looking at her watch once more until she asked something

"Nee Yuki why do you like cake?" Rena turned her head to find Yuki gone


"YUKI!" Rena sniffed the air only to smell rotten eggs

(Rotten eggs?.....wait a minute....its Sulfur and what only monster can produce sulfur) Rena thought as she got her hunting gear out

Hunting Gear
Every hunter carries one except trainees only when they get promoted then they may have one
Hunting gear includes the hunter's weapons, a gear maneuver, a tracker, and a messenger bag
Tracker: looks like an watch, has different modes and settings tracks down any monster
Gear maneuver: looks like a wristband, changes to anything of desire
Messenger bag: used to carry items and is roomy enough to fit anything in the bag even though small

Rena turned her tracker on to demon mode and found out that there were actually many demons nearby

(Crap, they were probably here to get Yukirin....) Rena thought as she grabbed out her 2 guns from her gun holder and kept them by her side for all causes. As soon as she did some demons started to walk behind her, Rena noticed this and decided to kick some demon's ass, so quickly, making them think that she is trying to lose them, led them into a dead end. The demons smirked thinking that she was stupid, when actually she was getting started. Quickly, Rena got out her 2 katanas and threw it at the demons, the demons dodged it easily, the demons once again they smiled,  when they turned around, they found 2 guns pointed  at their heads, Rena then blasted a head shot at them causing them to dissolve into nothing.

"Heh, stupid demons" Rena said as she put away her guns, Rena walked over and picked up her 2 katanas and went away.

Yuki woke up and found herself in a bedroom, and someone sitting on top of her

"Ah you're awake now Yuki" The girl said as she caressed Yuki's face

"Dont touch me Sayaka" Sayaka had a distasteful look on her face

"Tch- still the same, even after i saved you"

"What do you mean, you didn`t save me" Yuki tried to move her arms but noticed that it was tied to the bed post, Sayaka then moved her hand down towards Yuki's stomach

"Geez, well lets get off that topic now, and how 'bout we get on about" Sayaka then leaned in for a kiss, until she was stopped by something

"BOSS A HUNTER IS HERE!" Sayaka then got up and grabbed her sword

"I'll be right back, Yuki" Sayaka then closed the door leaving just an echo within the room. Yuki looked around to see if there was anyway to get out from the chains but there wasn't, then Yuki got an idea to use her aurora, she glowed green for a second but it went away fast

"Damnit.....what happened?" Yuki looked at the chains closely only to notice that it was made out of titanium

"Hollow chains.....nice one Sayaka...."

Hollow chains
Used to chain up anybody with an aurora glow
Has something else in it besides titanium that makes it to capture auroras

All the sudden there was another loud slam at the door

"Yuki!" There stood Rena who was drenched with little bits of blood

"Ha! Rena!" Yuki called out, Rena appeared by the side of the bed and cut off the chains

"Arigato~Rena!" Yuki hugged Rena

"M-mou.....Yuki....Get off of me!" Yuki then went up towards Rena's face

"HoHo is someone embarrassed?" There was a huge loud slam at the door

"Tch-so there you are....Matsui...." Rena got out her 2 katanas and got into fighting position

"I'll be taking Yuki back if you would so let me" Sayaka grew angry at this comment

"You wouldnt dare...." Sayaka started glow into a deep red color, her eyes turned red

"I said to make peace with my clan....not to start war" Rena shrugged off Yuki

"Its fine i know what im doing" Rena then put away her stuff on the ground but kept her second katana

" your a wielder of Claymore hm? Not a shocker"

Can transform into 10 diffrent types of swords
Default: katana
2nd: Excalibur
3rd: Soul
4th: Phelium
5th: Kraver
6th: Gladium
7th: Raven
8th: Shrever
9th: Dandel
10th: Lucifer

"Activate: Shrever" Rena then ran sliding Shrever on the ground causing the ground to move with each step, Yuki fell backwards and fell on the bed. Sayaka fell backwards as well. Rena then picked up Shrever and swunged it inbetween Sayaka's legs, Sayaka's aurora was gone but only her red eyes were still there

"Y'know, you could've killed me just now~" Sayaka said. Rena kept on breathing hard

"I know....but i have a deal" Sakaya then lifted her head up

"I wanna play a little game. If i win we get to settle this whole dispute, if i lose keep Yuki and banish me into the depths of hell"

"Haha, banish you into the depths of hell? Not a chance, you'll find a way out, about you get to be my slave," Rena smirked

"But if you dare to defy me then your consequence is death" Yuki went up to Rena and shook her head, Rena only nudged Yuki away and made the offer

"Deal" Rena and Sayaka said

Sayaka both took Rena and a chained up Yuki towards the game room

"Welcome to the game room, this where i play all my games and death penalties" Sayaka said

"So what game shall we play"

"Chess" Rena said in a proud tone, this shocked Sayaka AND Yuki

"Ehh.....Chess?!" Sayaka said, but the time Sayaka turned around, everything was already set up,  board and everything

"So lets play!" Rena said as she already sat down on one side, Sayaka came and sat down as well

"Im white your black" Rena started off first moving her pawn, Sayaka did the same thing, and basically it was a quite game from there. Sayaka, who only knows about weapons and fighting, had a hard time knowing what to do, all she knew was to move the pieces into different spots, Rena had an advantage. After about an hour Rena won as simple as that


"We already established a bet and i won so we must settle this dispute, by shaking hands" Rena held out her hand, Sayaka shook her hand

"Fine....i'll tell my clan to lay off" Rena then grabbed Yuki, untied her, and they both left the underworld. Yuki and Rena was sitting in a bench once more

"So....why did you choose chess?" Yuki asked

"The game came to my mind" Yuki gave a sudden look

"Thats a lie" Yuki lightly shoved Rena

"IM TELLIN YOU IT CAME TO MIND" Rena giggled, after a while she checked her watch once again

"Nee, Rena why are you always looking at your watch?"

"Let me tell you something, my car was hit by a werewolf, so i got track of this werewolf and now im tracking it"

"What? Through a watch?"

"Not just any watch, its a tracker"

"A tracker? Whats that?"

"It tracks down monsters, it can track down certain monsters or a whole group of it, also it tells time" Yuki grew surprised by this.

"Well we have to get going"


"Boss wants us" Yuki and Rena got up and headed towards the HQ

As soon as they went towards the HQ they were blocked by a beam of ray light which covered their eyes,  as soon as it was gone Rena and Yuki found a beautiful women standing within the line of sight.

To be continued
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Ur update fast~
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in another topic in AKBar i will create one-shots
thanks for supporting me~
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Chapter 3: Heaven

Within in line of sight stood a beautiful girl, wearing a white short dress. Yuki stared at the beautiful girl for the longest time. Rena tried to snap Yuki out of it but Yuki only started to drool a little bit, Rena took out her hankerchief and had to wipe it

"Uhm Rena?" Rena turned around to recognize the girl

"Ah Mayu" After hearing this from Rena, Yuki finally snapped back to reality

"Wait Rena, y'know this girl" Mayu looked at Yuki and immediately called out her scythe

"Whoa, whats with the scythe?" Yuki questioned

"Ah i forgot to tell you Mayu over here is an angel"

Helps people in need
Weapon: depends on wielder
Leader: Maeda Atsuko

"AN A-ANGEL?!" Yuki then had yellow eyes and fangs came out along with her claws

"Whoa Yuki, put them away she won't hurt-" Yuki immediately ran towards Mayu, Yuki then jumped and landed perfectly on Mayu. Yuki held up her claws and slashed Mayu's face leaving only a scratch. Mayu was able to push Yuki off and Mayu got on top of Yuki. Mayu brought up her scythe and slashed it into the ground.

"I never kill nor hurt others, you should do the same thing as well!" Mayu got up leaving her scythe stuck in the ground

"Ah, im all dirty" Mayu wiped all the dirt away from her dress

"Wow....." Rena was shocked, Yuki got up and wiped off the blood from her claw. She changed back into her human form.

"Geez... anyways how do you know glowstick" Mayu turned around scythe in her hand again

"What did you call me?"

"I said an-" Rena came in between them and had 2 guns pointed at their heads

"Not afraid to stop fighting" Rena put away her guns and put on a smile. Yuki and Mayu seperated and were walking besides Rena into the HQ. Mayu held onto Rena's arm, Yuki did as well, Rena grew embarrassed and shoved them off and when on ahead

"Its all your fault Rena left" Yuki said as she pointed at Mayu

"Me? At least i have a good side~"

"What do you mean by that!" Yuki and Mayu came face to face with each other

"I mean is that all demons are bad"

"Being stereotypical arent you? Y'know not all demons are bad!" Yuki said

"Then if you say so go out with me" Mayu said

"WHAT!" Yuki was shocked

"Meet me at SKE Park, and if you dont show up...well lets just say that a little someone will be on vacation" Mayu left with a smirk on her face, Yuki was shocked, angry, but yet excited. Yuki didn't know what she was feeling anymore . finally Yuki catched up with Rena and Mayu and they were finally at the 2 white large doors again

"Well ready to enter?" Rena opened the doors and found a girl there with a 2 guns on her back, the girl turned around, and to Rena surprise found out it was Takahashi Minami, the greatest Hunter in the world

"Ah Rena!" Minami said as she tried to hug Rena, Rena dodged it.

"Oh come on dont be like that, its rude to your superior~" Rena only shot a glare

"You almost killed an angel...." Yuki and Mayu were shocked

"You dont understand"

"Yes i were pointing your gun towards her and your hand was on the trigger"

"Rena...if you know what a hunter is, a hunter hunts down monsters, that includes angels as well" Rena's eyes were red

"Yes i know that, but ONLY ROGUE MONSTERS, THOSE WHO DISOBEY THE LAWS OF LIVING AND DEAD!" Rena shouted out with tears in her eyes, Minami was only quiet

"She never did anything bad..." Rena pointed at the door

"Leave...leave forever and dont ever comeback-" Rena was interrupted by the President, whose hand was on her shoulder

"I know you hate her, but she has to fact all of you need to stay here" Rena turned around only to have tears roll down her face


"Because its a board meeting" The president pointed at the board members. There was Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka, Maeda Atsuko. Rena and Yuki and Mayu sat down with everybody else, along with Minami and the president as well

"Now lets get this meeting started"

"So i heard that there was trouble among hunters and angels i presume" the president said as she looked through some file complaints

"Yes, there is, one of my angles was almost killed, and you know the peace treaty...Minami.." Maeda looked up at Minami, only to notice that Minami's hand was on her guns already. Maeda then grabbed out her holy saber and sliced the table in half

Holy Saber
Wielder:Maeda Atsuko
Can only be used by angels, the more the will power the wielder has the lighter and stronger it gets

"Oi i payed like $500 to get this" the president said

"Cheap..." Yui said behind her back

"Excuse me did you say something Miss Yui?" The president said as she grabbed out her gear maneuver

"Ahem, i didnt ask to fight, all i asked for what just a board meeting about the angels and hunters fighting, not hunter to hunter fighting" President put away her gear maneuver, she heard a clatter go off, when everybody turned around there had been a big buge mess. Maeda and Minami was ontop of one another fighting, they had blood on their clothes and graze marks and scratch marks on their faces and body as well.

"AH!" Maeda was pushed off and hit the wall, she started to bleed from the back of the head, Then Maeda got up and her holy saber grew brighter, She then ran across the floor and tried to hit Minami, but was blocked by Rena's nightshade

"Stop fighting Lord" Maeda put away her holy saber, Minami got up amd wiped the blood off from her cheek

"Maeda-sama, are you alright" Mayu grabbed Maeda's arm but Maeda shrugged it off

"Im alright...listen if any of hunters dare to do any damage or harmto us, this will mean war" Maeda then teleported back to heaven. The president looked around the place and screamed


"Mou~why do i have to help, im already doing your job of taking care of the monsters, and besides Vice-prez is busing doing training" Rena pouted and left along with Mayu and Yuki, Sayaka left as well for some business to take of, Yui was the only one still there.

"Listen even though you are my enemy, i still have a nice side, so i'll help" The president had a big smile on ner face and the  2 cleaned up the place

Maeda returned back to her palace, and rested in her throne

"Ah...nice to be back" a girl came out from no where

"Ah your back Maeda-sama" Maeda looked at the girl

"Ah Yuko you're here" Yuko sat down by Maeda's throne

"So how is Haruna doing"

"Shes fine...though still not bright as you" Maeda smiled at this

"Still have in you don't you~" Yuko noticed that Maeda was bleeding

"Ah Maeda-sama your bleeding"

"Im fine..."

"Dont tell me that you got into a fight with a hunter" Maeda was quiet

"Jeez it was, even demons are smart enough to follow the treaty"

"Anyways, it must've been an SS Class Hunter" Maeda was confused

"How do you know?"

"Cuz nobody below that class can make a mark on you" Maeda grew quiet once again

"Its fine you should leave besides Haruna is probably wondering where you are" Yuko left leaving Maeda all alone, Maeda then walked up towards a clear blue circle

"The eyesight of heaven..."

The eyesight of heaven
The lord of angels uses this to view the balance of angels and humans, it can also focus on certain humans and angels

"Let see, lets focus on Takahashi Minami" Maeda then zoomed on the Vandel Organization

"Ah, this feels good~" Minami was getting a massage from the recliner she got for her birthday. Even if she was relaxing, Minami could get Maeda off her mind


"Why does it hurt when ever i think about her" Minami closed her eyes, only to be seeing Maeda in her dreams

Maeda walked back to her throne after witnessing Minami

"What does she mean" Maeda then walked towards her bedroom and closed the doors

Rena was asleep, dreaming about the past


"STOP IT MINAMI!" Minami was on a mission, she teamed up with Rena. Rena was running and running but couldnt get close towards Minami and the angel
Rena then saw their mouths moving and Minami's hand on the trigger,  Rena then had her kinfe in her hand, she raced towards the 2 and Rena pushed Minami away. Then there was a gunshot


Rena woke up, she was looking around to find herself in bed, with Yuki and Mayu

"Just a dream..." Rena heard a blinking sound and checked her watch and saw a red dot blinking heavily

"Its here..." Rena got up and transformed her gear maneuver into a mini switchblade, she then carefully walked out of the house. Once she did she looked at a a girl laying there

"Is this the werewolf? Doesnt look like feel bad to leave her here" Rena then took the girl in and layed her on the couch. Rena touched the girl's face and put a blanket over her.

"Even for a monster...shes adorable" Rena walked back to her room and fell asleep once more

To be continued
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Heheheh lol why mayu anf yuki clinging on Rena lol
is this supposed to be yukirena mayuki or mayurena and renayuki.

eh Minami and meada ate fighting lol they aren't bad people meada so stop fighting like cat and dog

nice fic waiting for update.
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Damn, the leaders of the three organisations are good at leading irl XD This fanfic is goddamn good so far~
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Yuki was drooling over mayu~..and what!!!
who's the werewolf..??..jurina/airi...whose the angel airi/jurina..??

U make my day author san
Thanks for the update~
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Chapter 4: the fallen

Rena woke up to find Mayu and Yuki holding each other

"Uhm...Mayu, Yuki?" Mayu woke up first and immediately screamed

"AHHHH!" Yuki woke up and pushed Mayu off the bed

"Ah gross i was holding an glowstick!"

"Ahh....i was tainted by something dirty, Rena where is the bath" Rena pointed at the door and Mayu raced into the bathroom

"...hello?" There was girl in the doorway

"Uhm...Rena who is this?"

"Huh oh- wait...i just thought of something that i didnt notice since last night...HOW DID YOU 2 GET INSIDE MY HOUSE?!"

"Wait you mean me and her?" Yuki pointed at her self and the girl in the doorway

"NO I MEAN YOU AND MAYU!" Yuki had a guilty smile on her face and immediately raced towards the bathroom

"Hurry up Glowstick! SHES ON TO US!" Mayu got out and the 2 teleported out of Rena's house. It was only the girl and Rena now

"Ah sorry but anyways, im Matsui Rena, and you are?"

"Ah im Matsui Jurina"

Matsui Jurina
Rank: Unknown
Personality:Nice, kind, outgoing, carefree, mysterious
Likes: spaghetti
Type: Beta Wolf

"Nice to meet you" Jurina sniffed the air and ran towards the kitchen

"Jurina where are you going" Rena followed Jurina and found Jurina eating the last of her melonpan

"MY MELONPAN" Rena was shocked and devastated, Rena then fell onto her knees like in one of those dramas

"My melonpan....its all gone..." Rena hid her face within her arm and started to bawl, Jurina noticed this and walked over to Rena, Jurina hugged Rena

"Im sorry, its just that i haven't ate anything" Rena took note of this and stopped bawling

"What do you mean, you havent eaten anything, doesn't your pack feed you"

"I have no pack, nor family" Rena grew curious about this but decided to look into this for another day

Yuki and Mayu were at SKE Park

"What are we doing here..." Yuki said

"Well didn't i say that we were going on date" Yuki took some time on it then freaked out

"A D-DATE?!" Mayu then grabbed Yuki's hand and they went to an ice cream shop

"But dont take this personally, for today youre my slave so do what i say...or buy me ice cream" Mayu said this in an cute way making Yuki smile and giggle a little

"Alright alright" Yuki arrived at the counter

"What ice cream do you want 'Mayu'?"

"I want chocolate~!" Mayu started to sound like a kid,  this made Yuki giggle even more

"One chocolate ice cream please" the worker handed the ice cream to Yuki and Yuki gave it to Mayu

"Yah~!" Mayu happily licked her ice cream and the 2 walked out of the store

Sayaka was bored to death in her lonely castle

"Ah~ im bored...where's my servants at this time of day!" Sayaka got up from her throne and walked around the castle to see if anybody was home

"Hello?" Sayaka opened up many doors but to find nobody, Sayaka then went out the garden to see if they were back there

"Hello? Machuun?" Machuun was the butler for Sayaka. Sayaka went to the hedges and found a girl sitting on one the benches

"Who are you and what are you doing in my castle? And how did you get in?" The girl looked up at Sayaka

"Im Watanabe Miyuki"

Watanabe Miyuki
Rank: unknown
Personality: nice, mysterious, cute
Likes:cute things

"Okay but that still doesn't answer my 2 other questions"

"I live in your castle, and i got in many years ago" Sayaka was shocked

"How did you get in unnoticed?" Miyuki only giggled

"i live off in the deeper parts of the castle"

"Wait what do you mean 'deeper part of the castle'?" Again Miyuki only giggled

"I thought this was your castle and you knew everything about it...i guess i was wrong" Sayaka was again shocked

"Anyways...just tell me about the deeper parts of the castle before i make you my slave" Miyuki got closer to Sayaka

"And what happens if i JUST want to be your slave and never tell you?" Sayaka grew hot under her collar, Miyuki giggled and backed off

" sure are fun~ i think i'll head back home, follow me if you like i dont really care, but be aware there are somethings that should be left forgotten" Miyuki then walked away into the deeper parts of the hedges. Sayaka was left with nothing but confusion.

"Mou~ Jurina~" Jurina kept on clinging towards Rena

"I have paperwork to fill out, i can play with you another time" Jurina wouldn't let go, Rena then pushed Jurina off, but due to immense strength that a werewolf had, Rena couldn't pry Jurina off

"Mou~why so clingy~" Rena then pets Jurina's head, Jurina grew happy and shot what looked like a cat-like smile

Yuki and Mayu were sitting down in a bench

"Nee, demon? Why did you call me by my name?"

"Cuz we were in front of a human, it would've been rude to call you glowstick, and we couldve expose ourselves if i called you angel" Mayu licked her ice cream

"Nee, Glowstick? How do you know Rena?"

"I know her because she saved me" Yuki thought about what happened at the HQ

"Then, how do you know Rena, demon?"

"She saved me as well" everything grew quiet from then on, it wasn't until Yuki's phone ringed

"Moshi moshi"

"Yuki get to the HQ, we have a mission" Yuki hanged up

"Have to go" Mayu grabbed onto Yuki's arm

"Nee, once you comeback can we finish this date?" Yuki nodded her head and she walked away

Rena, Jurina, and Yuki were in the president's office

"Wait so you said that Jurina is werewolf" Yuki said

"Yup" the president was playing with Jurina

"Ah so cute, but not as cute as birds~!" Jurina was sitting in the president's lap, this made the vice-prez jealous

"Anyways I want you to hunt down this monster..." The president handed the 2 a yellow envelope

"It killed its own pack and killed humans as well" Yuki and Rena got ready their gear and raced off but before that Rena was stopped by Jurina

"Will you be back soon?" Rena nodded and patted Jurina's head, Jurina then

Yuki and Rena got to the haunted forest, where the monster was currently living

"Here's the place" Yuki smelled the air

"Smells like a fallen angel"

Fallen angel
helps demons, but turned into rogues after the treaty was established
Weapon: illusions and claws
Leader: unknown

Rena turned on her tracker, the tracker was flashing red

"The fallen angel is nearby we should be careful, they use illusions to trick people into thinking what is not real is real, and what is real is not real" Rena got out her guns and loaded them, Yuki transformed into her demon form. All the sudden everything turned black, Rena got seperated from Yuki.

"Yuki where are you?" Yuki appeared out of no where

"Im right here" Yuki grabbed Rena's hand and made Rena lay upon the ground

"What are you doing Yuki?" Yuki then sat ontop of Rena

"Haven't you notice?" Rena grew confuse

"Notice what..."

"My love for you" Yuki then kissed Rena, as soon as Yuki did Rena felt a pain sensation, Yuki got up had a smile on her face. Everything turned black once again, and Rena saw Yuki with a horrid face, Rena looked down to see blood all over Yuki's and to see her body gushing out blood

"RENA! IM SO SORRY" Yuki then quickly covered Rena's wound

"Hahaha this is so fun...just watching other people do my work~" The fallen angel came out of no where, Yuki looked up and saw a cute adorable face

"The names Ota Aika~" Yuki stayed silent

"Huh? Not talking~ mou then its no fun...oh well now its your turn~" Everything turned black once again Rena was on the verge of fainting but saw someone whom she recognized,  it was the monster whom killed her family. Using her last bit of strength,  she shot the monster and the monster fainted

"Rena..." that was the words that came out from the monster, the fallen angel came and sat nearby Rena

"So Matsui~ how is it like to shoot your own partner" Rena blinked only to see Yuki on the floor covering up her wound

"...mou-this isnt fun, your dieing, your partner is dieing, whos gunna fight me"

"I will~" There stood Mayu

"An angel, fighting an fallen angel~how fun" Mayu called out her scythe and let out a huge wave of light towards Aika, immediately Aika dodged it easily

"Eh~ im afraid my time is up, but i will be gladly to be your opponent again, goody day, and hope two 2 feel better!" Aika then teleported out from the haunted forest. Mayu ran to Rena's side and healed her, she did the same thing with Yuki. Mayu then teleported them back to heaven where they can heal and be safe

Rena woke up to see Yuki's face

"Ohayo~ Rena" Rena then sat up

"Where am i?"

"We're in heaven"

"Wait did we die!" Yuki shook her head

"Oh okay-wait if this heaven then how is a demon like you up here?"

"Maeda-sama said she'll let it slide for now" Rena nodded her head and laid back down

"Ah~ im tired..." Yuki patted Rena's head and left. Yuki exited out of the room and ran in to Mayu. Mayu looked up at Yuki. Mayu then hugged Yuki

"Demon...stupid demon..." Yuki was surprised

"We have a promise to keep remember?" Yuki looked down at Mayu

"I got shot and wounded and all you care for is the date?" Yuki said

"Well yeah i mean, you're my slave for today, and you even promised so yeah" Yuki sighed and grabbed Mayu's hand and the 2 went off

Rena was still laying in bed until she got a call from the President

"Moshi moshi..."

"Moshi moshi, Rena where are you?"

"Im in heaven"

"Wait in heaven why are you there?"

"I dont know, but anyways we aren't able to get the fallen angel"

"Ah i suspected that she would be hard to nevermind its alright if you didnt catch her"

"Okay" the president hanged up and let out a sigh

"Whats the matter Akane?" Vice-prez came and sat on the presidents lap

"nothing just the fallen angels again" The president looked at the sleeping Jurina

"Ah i see...but still you need to finish from earlier~" the president nodded her head and set Vice-prez on the desk,  then carefully moved up to her lips and they both started to kiss each other.

Minami was training until Maeda came out of no where

"What is it..." Minami said as she was shooting

"I just want to say im sorry from yesterday..." Minami put away her gun and looked at Maeda

"Im sorry as well...but anyways what is it that you actually wanted?"

"Go out on a date with me and then we can officially settle things between us" Minami nodded her head and Maeda smiled

Somewhere beyond the underworld, Aika was walking along side some where with someone

"So have you been studying them?" The girl said

"Yes i have master" Aika nodded and bowed down

"Good...cuz i have special plans for them...something BIG!"

To be continued
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Chapter 5: who are you?

Sayaka was on her throne, thinking about Miyuki

"Excuse me sire?" Sayaka looked at Machuun who was standing in the middle of the hall

"Yes Machuun?"

"Ah sensed out this so-called Miyuki and couldnt trace it, it must've been your illusions or you could've been sick!"

"NONSENSE! Besides, you servants weren't here since ysterday, where were you?"

"We were asked from you to take a day off"

"STILL MORE NONSENSE! anyways i'll take my leave to the garden don't follow me, and if you do or send any service to me, death will follow" Machuun bowed down at Sayaka who was leaving the throne room

Sayaka made it to the hedges and saw Miyuki, once again, on the bench

"Ah Miyuki" Miyuki looked at Sayaka

" ah hello again~" Sayaka sat down next to Miyuki

"Nee, ive been thinking, what were you saying by 'some things should be forgotten'?"

"You'll know one day, but until then i cant tell you~" Sayaka lightly pushed Miyuki

"Mou~ anyways so are you gunna take me back to your place or not?"

"As i said from before you can follow me if you like"

"I'll take that answer as a yes" Miyuki giggled and took Sayaka's hand and led Sayaka towards the deepest part of the hedge, On the way there Sayaka kept on getting hit by leaves and branches, eventually they finally made it to where Miyuki lived.

Rena was walking with Yuki and Jurina along in the city

"Ah what a nice day today" Yuki was eating a sandwich, while Rena was eating, of course, a melonpan, Jurina was eating beef

"Ah OISHII~" Jurina said

"Hehe~ so cute~" Rena petted Jurina's head, Yuki noticed this and grew jealous

"Mou ever since you picked her up from your porch you've been doing that for a long time now!" Rena went in front of Yuki, and came in very close to her ear

"And you must be jealous~" Rena backed away and went back next to Jurina, Yuki grew hot under collar

"You must be joking..." Rena giggled, and Jurina only looked at them in confusion. The 3 were were walking until it all turned black, finally they had a clear vision and right in front of them they saw 2 cute girls. One girl had a chain in her hand which was connected to a collar which was around the other girl

"Eh~look who we caught Mariyagi~" the girl said

"Ahhaa~i want to eat the hunter!" Mariyagi said as she put a finger in her mouth

"Now now, its not time to eat, we need them for the master~!" Mariyagi frowned but the girl patted her head

"Who are you!" Rena said as she got out claymore

"Hm? Oh im Takahashi Juri and this is my partner Nagao Mariya~" Mariyagi smiled, which showed all of her sharp teeth

"Nee~ Juri...can we?" Juri looked at Rena, Jurina, and Yuki, then looked back at Mariyagi

"Okay" Juri then unhooked the chain that was in her hand from the collar on Mariyagi.

"Hahaha~HAHAHA!" Mariyagi then started to walk towards Rena, then around halfway, Mariyagi started to run. Rena transformed claymore into Gladium

"Activate : Gladium" immediately a silver-like sword appeared in Rena's hand. Mariyagi pounced off from the ground and hit Rena, all the sudden everything went into a blur

"GAH!" Rena said as she land on the hard ground

"Hehehe~ now i've got YOU~!" Mariyagi bit Rena's neck

"AHHHH!" Mariyagi started to bite through Rena's flesh, luckily it wasn't deep. Mariyagi got up and had blood drip from her mouth

"Mhmh~oishii!" Mariyagi licked her lips

"...ah..." Rena grabbed Gladium and swinged at Mariyagi, suddenly they were at a beach

"Crap, not again" Mariyagi looked around and saw it was the beach. Rena pushed Mariyagi down and got on top of her, Rena had changed Gladium into soul, and had it at Mariyagi's stomach

"Are you going to kill me?~" Mariyagi hand was suddenly on Rena's throat. The grip grew tighter and tighter and with every grip Rena kept on losing air. Rena then pierced Mariyagi with soul and Mariyagi fainted. Rena was able to gain control of her breathing again. Rena transformed soul back to gladium and took Mariyagi's body back to Juri

Juri and Yuki and Jurina were in a fierce fight. Jurina had bitten Juri's arm and leg, Yuki had gotten scratches and gahses on her body. Juri had deep gashes on her arm and body as well

"Damn...youre good...but not enough!" Yuki then used her claws and was able to stab the right side of Juri. Rena came back and was still carrying Mariyagi

"MARIYAGI!" Juri had noticed the 2 comeback. Rena sets down Mariyagi on the ground

"What happened? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!" Juri turned into a grayish color and grabbed Rena by the collar

"What did you do to Mariyagi..."

"I stabbed her" Juri then dropped Rena onto the ground and got out her claws, Juri then stabbed Rena but was blocked by something, it was Jurina.

"I won't let you hurt Rena" Jurina had blue eyes and immediately threw Juri

"Rena are you okay?" Jurina came by Rena and hugged her, all the sudden Juri came behind them and stabbed Jurina

" for what you have done!" Juri was about to stab Rena but was blocked once again but this time by Yuki. Yuki had a greenish aurora covering her body

"I would wouldnt think so" Yuki then head butted Juri, which caused a knock out

"Rena are you okay" Yuki helped Rena up

"RENA~" Jurina came running in screaming like a child

"Wait Jurina, i thought youve been stabbed?"

"WEREWOLF REMEMBER? BUT ANYWAYS I WANT FOOD!" Rena and Yuki both sighed and looked at each other

"Alright let go get food!" Rena, Yuki, and Jurina then walked out of the forest

Maeda and Minami were already out on a date. They were eating and talking

"So i had to go up on stage and do MCs since my boss had to go somewhere, and so i told something that was really funny but of course nobody laughed and i was the only one laughing" Maeda then snickered at this

"Hehe i'd pretend to laugh if i were them~" Minami smiled at this and their gaze meet each other

"What beautiful...eyes..." Maeda said as she leaned in closer and closer, it wasn't until Maeda and Minami's lips were touching each other. Minami and Maeda held a long kiss for about a minute until Maeda backed away

"Wow...uhm" Minami was surprised. Maeda touched Minami's hand

"Uh-" Minami's tracker beeped

"I have to go, its an emergency" Minami left, and Maeda sat back in her chair

Miyuki was sitting on Sayaka's lap

"This movie really good~" They were watchjng NMB Genin: the movie

"Haha...nee, that girl looks just like you...cute, adorable...and beautiful..." Sayaka said as she rested her head on Miyuki's shoulder, Miyuki blushed

"Nee but that girl is like you too, beautiful, cool, and kind" Miyuki said as she came closer towards Sayaka. Sayaka and Miyuki were about to get closer until someone came in

"Miyuki!" Miyuki looked at the girl

"Ah Annin~!" Sayaka looked at Annin

"Miyuki! What are you doing with the lord of all demons!"

"Nothing just watching a movie" Miyuki got up and put her arms on Annin's shoulder

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" Miyuki pushed Annin out the door, but Annin forced her self back inside

"Annin, Miyuki?" Another girl came inside

"Non-chan!" Non-chan came in and hugged Miyuki

"Miyuki! Nkce to see back at home~ wait is that who i think it is... yes it is! Its the lord of demons!" Non-chan came inside, then tthere was another girl behind non-chan

"Ah Yuria!" Yuria bowed down and came next to Non-chan

"Er...Miyuki are you going to introduce me?"

"Ah yes! I forgot, guys introduce your selves!"

"Hello, im Iriyama Anna"

"Im Kimoto Kanon"

"A...and im Kizaki Yuria..." Kanon weny by Yuria's side

"Sorry shes shy, but anyways you should know who we are by now..." Sayaka shook her head

"Nope sorry" Kanon, Anna sighed

"Miyuki, you never told the lord of demons yet?" Miyuki shook her head, Sayaka was just confused

"Okay we are the 4 mythological monsters of China, Miyuki's the Azure dragon, Kanon is the white tiger, Yuria is the black tortoises, and im the vermillion bird" Anna said as she pointed to each of person

"SIRE! SIRE!" It was Machun was looking for Sayaka

"Ah i have to go, my butler is looking for me, i'll see you guys tommorow" Sayaka waved goodbye and left

Sayaka came out from the hedges and saw Machun

"Ah sire where were you?"

"I was...uh exploring!" Machun grew confused but just carried on

"Aika, where's Juri and Mariya!"

"Im afraid, master, that they were captured" the girl punched the desk causing everything to tumble

"Aika~ i want you to gather the army...and no need to wait" the girl then smiled with a wide grin

To be continued
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Hehehehehehe lo)i can't stop laughing.

Eh you update so fast i almost miss two chapter.

Sire  Sire somehow it's similar to

Hehehe yuki being jealous i want to aee jealous yuki xd

Demon dating angle .why did meade agreed to date with minami strange everything is happening so fast that make me confused.

Waiting for update
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Ahhaahh Chess for a death game...amazing Rena!!

Who is that beautiful lady at the end?!

Is going to be RenaYuki for this fic?

Update soon
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Sorry for not posting in awhile, just been busy with school and homework so once again sorry for not posting the next chapter shall be posted up within the next couple of days~
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Chapter 6: war begins

Rena was tied up to a chair and Aika was in front of her

"Where is...where is Yuki, Mayu, and Jurina..." Aika didn't respond, her mouth was moving but yet there was no sound. All the sudden sound came out of Aika's mouth but it sounded just like Yuki's voice

"Rena...Wake up" Rena eyes opened to see Yuki's face right next to hers

"AHHH YUKI!" Rena then fell off the bed

"Ah Rena~" Yuki came by and sat next to Rena

"Rena, are you okay?" Yuki shook Rena but wasn't responding so Yuki then leaned in towards Rena's lips and touched them with hers. Rena finally woke up and found Yuki kissing her

"HMMM!" Rena screamed, all the sudden someone spoke up

"Hoho a getting a little hot here huh?" It was the president along with the vice-prez, Rena pushed Yuki off and wiped her mouth

"President! Its not what it looks like!" Rena said

"Hehe~i see but still, its training not relaxing!" Rena, Yuki, president and vice-prez were all out on a training mission for 3 days

"President its time to go, they have arrived" the vice-prez said

"Okay pack up my stuff and meet me outside" Vice-prez bowed down her head and went out of the room

"Same goes for you 2, pack up and hurry outside" Rena and Yuki bowed their head down and started to pack up, the president left the room and the 2 were alone together

"Mou~look at what you did...anyways why were you kissing me!"

"Cuz you were out cold~" Yuki shot a cute glare at Rena, Rena only sighed and gathered her stuff

"Alright you done?" Yuki nodded her head and got up, Yuki then grabbed Rena's hand and Ren grew embarrassed. The 2 walked out of the room and outside the abandoned house. The president and vice-prez were waiting outside and the president was giving vice-prez a piggyback ride

"Uhm?" Rena said

"What! Cant i give someone a piggyback ride?" Rena shrugged and they all started to walk

"Ano, what exactly is chasing us?" The president then started to walk backwards while looking at Yuki


Monsters that specifically chases hunters. They are very easy to kill and are everywhere
Rank: F
Weapon: spears, bow and arrows

"Reapers? Arent they like the most easiest to kill?" Yuki questioned

"Yes but this one is particularly angry at us, mostly cuz we stole its gang" the vice-prez said, Rena was shocked

"KIDNAPPED ITS GANG?!" Rena shouted

"Yes but we'll return it...after we battle it~" president said as she smiled, Rena took a deep breathe and kept on walking with Yuki holding her hand

Over at the abandoned house where the 4 stayed in, someone was lurking among within it

"I smell their scent" it said as it ran its fingers among the wall, it stopped and sniffed the air once again

"That way..." it then walked out of the house and followed among the trail where the 4 went

"Ah!" Yuki tripped which caused Rena to fall as well

"Ah Yuki!" Yuki was on top of Rena

"Guys its not the time to be messing around!" The president yelled out at Rena and Yuki

"Ah...dont blame me, blame Yuki...she tripped and-" Rena was interrupted by the President

"I dont care! Just get up and keep on walking!" Rena and Yuki then quickly got up and kept on walking

"Whats gotten into president?" Yuki said as she whispered into Rena's ear

"I dunno..." Rena whispered back, all the sudden vice-prez came out of no where

"I know why..." Rena and Yuki were surprised by this

"Ah! Vice-prez!" Yuki and Rena said

"President has had some bad memories from here...when she was still a hunter she was put on a mission...this was the place which the mission took place at..." Vice-prez then pointed at a trail, Rena and Yuki looked at the trail.

"Wow..." Yuki said, all the sudden something appeared in front of them

"Why hello hunters and dear airi~" it was the reaper

"Sashihara Rino..." Vice-prez said as she grabbed out her 2 triguns

"why are bringing out your weapons~ im not here to fight...unless..." Sashihara got out a small stick with a small arrow on the top from her pocket

"Wait is that your weapon?" Yuki sajd as she pointed at the stick, Sashihara just smirked and flicked her arm which caused the stick to expand into a longer stick

"Oh..." Yuki just stared at the weapon. Rena already had nightshade in her hand and her gun, Sashihara then grabbed the spear with 2 hands and swayed it among the ground which caused Airi, Rena, and Yuki to fall

"Damnit Sashihara..." Airi got up and shot many times before her bullets ran out, Sashihara just kept on dodging the bullets. On her last shot, Airi was abke to land a graze on Sashihara

"Tch-" Sashihara landed on her feet. A trickle of blood was running down her arm but Sashihara didnt care, she then swunged the spear towards Airi's direction but Airi doged it, the spear then hit Yuki causing to slam into the ground

"AHHH!" Yuki screamed. Rena then ignited nightshade which turned the sword into a dark blue color

"Lets just get this over with...if we are able to wound you you have to stop following us and we return you pack but if you wound me then we return your pack but of course with a price" Rena said as her hands started to glow with a blue color

"Hm both deals say that you would return my pack...i guess thats fair" Sashihara then grabbed a bow from her back and grabbed an arrow

"Lets fight shall we?~" Sashihara said. She then shot multiple times. Rena was able to doged them but soon after was grazed many times

"Ah~" Rena got behind a rock and rested there for about a minute or so

"Oii~ Hunter! Whadda about your team mates~!" Sashihara shouted out, Rena then ultimately forgot about Yuki and the vice-prez

"Crap..." Rena then looked on the side of the rock and saw Sashihara holding up Vice-prez and Yuki

"Ugh...wheres president when you need her" Rena said under her breathe

President was lost in the woods

"Damnit!" President sat down by a pine tree and checked her tracker

"Where are they, did they leave me here to die?! Or maybe they got lost as well?~" president grew anxious and nervous, since she was the only place that scared her

"Ah i need to contact them..." President got out her phone and dialed them up, but the only thing was

"AHHH NO BARS?!~" President got up and searched up and down for bars but apparently there was none

"WAHHHH IM GUNNA DIE ALL ALONE" president wailed

Rena was still stuck behind the rock while Sashihara was shooting arrows multiple time

"Damn doesnt she ever run out of arrows?" Rena looked behind the rock and saw Sashihara with a bagful of arrows

"...i mark my words..." Rena then got out her guns and started to shoot like in the police movies

"Ah so you finally started to fight back eh~?" Sashihara said. Rena was able to make a mark on Sashihara

"AH!" Sashihara saw the bullet wound on her leg. Sashihara almost fell but was able to get back up. Rena then got up from behind the rock and went towars Sashihara

"We won~" Rena smiled but immediately stopped after seeing Sashihara's smirk. Then there was a sharp pain,  Rena felt this pain before but this time it was a deeper, sharper pain

"Ahh..." Rena looked down to see an stick and then she fainted. Yuki and Vice-prez were tied up but were able to get out with Vice-prez's knowledge.

"RENA!" Yuki came by Rena and held her within her arms, Vice-prez came by and arrested Sashihara

"You are under arrest for commiting the 8th law of the treaty" Vice-prez said in a serious tone

"What? What about the deal?!" Sashihara shouted

"Well, your gang will be with you while in jail~"Sashihara struggled and moved alot just to get out of the handcuffs

"Airi!~" President said as she saw the 4, Vice-President turned around and saw president in tears and holding a bird

"Ah Akane~" president just ignored what vice-prez said

"Airi, we need to heal this bird! It wing is broken!" President said as she held out the bird, Vice-prez just sighed

"Okay fine we'll heal the bird but FYI Rena got hurt"

"Heal bird first the heal Rena!" Vice-prez just took a whole deep breathe and looked Rena

Rena woke up and found herself in a hospital, Yuki was there

"Yuki..." Yuki held Rena's hand

"What happened?"

"Well president was lost and found a bird, Vice-President was able to capture Sashihara" Rena nodded

"Anyways, i have to go..." Yuki got up and was about to leave

"Why?" Rena asked

"Just some mission" Yuki smiled at Rena and walked out of the ward. Rena grew confused but just shrugged it off. Then Sayaka came in

"What are you doing here Sayaka..." Rena said in a serious tone

"Well i heard that you were injured so why not visit...besides that i have something important to tell you..." Rena sat up and leaned closer

"What is it..."

"I heard that the fallen angels were gathering up" Rena sat back in her bed

"I dont believe you...i know that demons can make up lies to trick us-" Rena was interrupted

"If you don't believe me then at least let me show you" Sayaka then grabbed Rena's hand and the 2 teleported into the underworld. The 2 were outside a grayish area where the fallen angels lived

"This way..." Sayaka then quickly led Rena by the side of a cliff

"What ar-" Rena was interrupted

"Shhh..." Sayaka then pointed to a couple of fallen angels who were dressed up in armor

"So what does boss want us to do?" One of the fallen angels asked

"She wants us to go to the moral world and destroy it" all of the fallen angels smiled at this. A bunch of fallen angels were starting to gather around in the center of the grayish area. Sayaka pointed at the fallen angels

"What do you think they are doing?" Rena asked

"I dont know but its probably something bad" Sayaka said as she leaned in closer to get a better look of the center. Rena started to walk towards the center but was caught by Sayaka

"Probably not a good idea right now..." then Aika came out of no where

"I sensed that there was a demon and an hunter around here somewhere~" Aika then grabbed Rena but Sayaka transported Rena back into the ward. Rena was back on her bed once more but Sayaka never appeared.

President came into the ward with a bird in her hand

"Ah nice to see you are well~" Rena looked at the president, the look she had was a serious but shocked face, immediately president knew that something had happened

"President the fallen angels have gathered together and will wipe out the moral world..." President then grabbed her tracker and sent a report in

"Alright I'll tell the rest of the organizations and other hunters and we will see what we can do..." the president left the ward and Rena was all alone. Until someone came in.
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 :otomerika:  :inlove:  :wub:

hurray so many yukirena moment making me to die peacefully.

ohhh the war started why did president only care about bird  :smhid
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so sayaka was the same sayaka....too many sayaka..haha
nahh...dont mind me...whoaaaa...fallen angel~

and why the the reaper must be easy to kill
You need to trained more...become strong~

too much yukirena moment...
'died due to shock

Thanks for the update~
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Chapter 7: the planning

Someone came into Rena's ward, it wasnt anybody she knew

"Hello Rena" the girl said

"Who are you..."

"Im Iriyama Anna...don't you remember" Rena then had flashbacks of her when she was still a kid


"Thats right we played together when we were kids..." Annin took out an old photo of the 2 together

"How can i forget...anyways what do you want..."

"We are here to help you"

"Whos 'we'"?

"These 3...and me" 3 girls came into the ward

"YAHOO RENA-SAN~" Milky was being loud

"Hello" Non-chan waved at Rena

"Hi..." Yuria said behind Non-chan

"Uhm hi?" Rena said

"You probably dont recognize them, this Milky, Non, and Yuria" Annin said as she pointed out each of them

"Well okay then but that still doesn't explain why you want to help?"

"...we just want to help~" Annin said

"But until then we are going to leave you be, if want to find us just call out our name~" Annin and the rest of the gang then left the ward, Rena was still all alone for the time being.

Yuki was with the vice-prez

"Come on even a low level demon can do this~" Vice president said as she kept on dodging Yuki's attacks. Yuki was in the  middle of traing and her job was to hit Vice-prez

"Yoohoo~ over here" Vice-prez said as she was waving her hand, Yuki then jumped towards Vice-prez. Yuki was getting closer and closer, but then vice-prez vanished once more. When Yuki landed Vice-prez was behind her

"H-how are you s-so fast" Yuki said as she sat down

"Its called training, which you really need" Vice-prez gave a towel to Yuki, Yuki took and wiped her sweat off

"Alright we'll take break..." Vice-prez's tracker started to buzz

"Alert from president, we have to meet in her office" Yuki and Vice-prez ran over to the president's office, there they saw Yui, Takamina, and President sitting down

"Whats the problem?" Vice-prez said

"The fallen angels are planning to attack and destroy the moral world..." Yui said, a girl was holding her arm

"Rena said that the demon lord took her to the fallen angels base" Takamina said

"Is Rena still with the demon lord?" Yuki asked

"No, when i visited no one was there besides her..." President got up and got a cup of tea

"Wait...what if the demon lor-" Yuki was interrupted by Yui

"Yes we all know that demons, even the demon Lord, lies but this time its the truth" Yuki kept quiet

"So what will we do?" Vice-prez asked

"We'll start planning, when everything is fit we will train and then we will fight" president said

"But we need to consult with the controller of the fallen angels" Takamina said. After that everybody stood quiet, not until Maeda came in

"The balance is off" Everybody stared at her

"What do you mean the balance is off?" Takamina said

"There is nobody controlling the demons in other words the demon lord is gone..." everybody shot a suspicious look at each other. Takamina then got up and started to head out, Yui and the girl thats with her followed Takamina and the president started to follow Takamina as well, before the president exited out the office she told Vice-prez to train the hunters after Rena got out from the hospital Vice-prez nodded and President proceeded to head out. It was only Yuki and the vice-prez

"Ano vice-prez where is everybody going?"

"There going on a mission thats only meant for them..." Yuki was still confused but decided not to question it any further

Rena was finally able to get out of the hospital after she felt better. Vice-prez picked her up and they went back to HQ where they went inside the training room. The training room was a big domed shaped room which held all the hunters.

"Okay so for training we are going to undergo what we call the force"

"What are we in star wars?" One of the hunters joked, Vice-President came over to the hunter

"And i suppose you want a try first since you happen to 'know all about it'?" The vice-prez then gathered everyone outside the dome and into the control room, the hunter who joked was the only one in the dome room, all the sudden vice-prez pressed a green button, the hunters felt the ground tumble a little. The hunter, who joked, chest started to tighten, soon enough he fell onto the ground grasping around like he was wanting air or something else. Vice President  pressed a red button. When she did the hunter, who joked, returned back to a normal state but he was skinny as a tree.

"Now~ who else wants to demo for us?" Everybody shook there heads

"Good now let me explain this...AHEM you will use your auroras to survive what just happened in there...this will help you train your powers to be stronger" Vice president then led them into the dome

"Now before we start any question?" One the hunters raised her hand

"What will happen to him?"

"Good question he will still live just needs to spend some time in the hospital" another person raised her hand

"How long will we be staying in here?"

"Ah for about 3 days,  now lets get started" Vice-prez carried the guy outside from the dome and made sure to shut the door, before anything else she told the hunters to start channeling their auroras, it started to look like a rainbow. Soon enough vice-prez pressed the green button and the hunters felt another tumble

"Did it start yet?"

"Yes it started already you just dont feel it since your auroras are protecting your body, now you probably think that this will not train your auroras but it will."

"What i mean is that if you are weak then your aurora will slowly fade away and you will die~ now ima go and check this guy in the hospital and i will come back soon~ so good luck!" Vice-prez then disappeared from the control room

Yui and the girl, Takamina, and President were out in a silver room

"So after they are trained what will happen then?" Yui asked

"Then we fight..." Takamina said

"Are you sure?" President asked

"Cause i know fallen the time we are done training they will be stronger, I'd say it will take more then 3 days just to get them stronger" president continued

"Then what about having a meeting with the general..." Yui asked, everybody looked at each other and nodded their heads

To be continued
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Okay so i finally have my new computer set up and also i wont be posting until a few days after the SSK since i get worked up a little during this time so i just need some time to calm down then i can write my fanfic so yeah. Actually since the voting period began i've been voting like crazy and spending my money on a bunch of stuff so yeah~ hope you can understand and please watch the SSK whenever you can~!  :thumbup
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I dont think i make any more RenaYuki nor Wmatsui fanfics since Rena is graduating and i love her so much ya'know she's my oshimen n i will feel bad every time i think about her so after this i will only do MaYuki or some other request as long as it is not Wmatsui not Renayuki and i know there is a whole bunch of fanfic readers who like mine mostly cuz its a RenaYuki fanfic so please understand this and thank you
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eh i think there is a misunderstanding i meant that i would finish this fanfic then i would stop making RenaYuki or WMatsui fanfics
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O_o but you write that you can't write yukirena or wmatsui anymore.

Well if you continue the fic it's good think. Hope you good luck
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@4WID desu

Dear 4WID and everyone,

Listen i am truly sorry that you feel this way but im not that type of person who only care for themselves, and yes i know what i said but that...but i didn't stop writing because i was hurt, actually i got over the whole Matsui Rena is graduating thing, i only stopped writing since i was busy moving around towards different places and plus i also had to go to school so i was kind of busy. I wrote "i am hurt" because if i can't portray my words very well so yeah. Besides i didn't say that i would stop writing the fanfic, what i meant was that after im done writing the fanfic then i wouldn't make anymore RenaYuki and WMatsui, and yes i know that Rena-san isn't leaving the world. Im really happy for her since she will be doing an acting career after she graduates, and i will keep supporting her no matter what besides that I CARE FOR HER ALOT  she was like my whole entire world when i first saw her. Plus she has the same personality as me, not really, but we have the same taste if you know what i mean. You probably dont know what im talking about since you probably dont know what she likes and dislikes. Also im really disappointed that you think im self-centered, who only thinks about my self and no one else. I care about you guys, my fans, since all of your replies give me energy to write more but since all the moving and such i was never able to read the replies until now, and when i read this i felt upset since i thought that my fans might be leaving me since i wrote that i wont be writing RenaYuki and WMatsui fanfics anymore. Of course people might say "its all cuz' you post up that comment" well yes but i posted that up to let you guys know. And the reason why u posted up this comment? well ever since Rena-san announced her graduation, i've been thinking..."well if there isn't any more Rena...then there wouldn't be anymore shippers...meaning that i would run out of ideas for my next fic..." i get most of my ideas from watching AKB shows, where there would be shippers...without Rena i cant come up with any ideas for m next fic. Sorry if im not making any sense but this is MY DECISION, i wont  change it unless then. If you guys REALLY want me to continue writing RenaYuki and/or WMatsui fics then i would be happy too, only if guys make request to me, like a bunch. Anyways sorry for making you guys wait on this fanfic, sorry for the announcement, sorry for almost everything on this website.

From the not so genki writer,
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I was reading the initial comment and I feel where you shouldn't stop because of Rena's graduation but also that not writing could be a way to break away from it.  So in a way, don't force it just because but also maybe it be a good way to expand to some other stuff and don't stick to what you know and find other pairings that could match up to suit your interest rather than just saying you're not going to do it because of that reason.

Also, don't fear your fans leaving you.  No matter what people will do so for other reasons rather than not using "this pairing"  Just write what suits you rather than what suits others.  Majority of the time you see all these other pairings and it pretty much should be done with but it keeps popping up regardless so don't worry so much and write :jphip:
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I thought 4WID desu's message was completely inappropriate. I didn't even believe my eyes when I read it! Whatever your decision is, postttmater, people should respect it, and don't let one rude and childish person deter you.

Good luck  :thumbsup
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I always read your fanfics about wmatsui and renayuki when i need insperation for my studies and i really respect your decition about you stopping writing any fics about wmatsui or renayuki because of Rena's graduation and you worrying about your fans leaving you..... but may US, your fans have another story or OS about wmatsui and renayuki before you stop writing about that couple????
even if 4WID desu's comment says crap or you still worry about your fans...
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Dear Postttmater-san

I dont think i make any more RenaYuki nor Wmatsui fanfics since Rena is graduating
Well, I'm getting nervous here. (

Authour-san what you mean by you can't continue the fic??  Do you think you are the only one here who are hurt?  We all are hurt.  you stopped writing because you are hurt, you don't care about us you also hurt us,  we love your fic but you hurt us you only care about yourself and your feeling
(gulp) I'm tensing up. (

eh i think there is a misunderstanding i meant that i would finish this fanfic then i would stop making RenaYuki or WMatsui fanfics
Thank God. it's just a misunderstanding (

well ever since Rena-san announced her graduation, i've been thinking..."well if there isn't any more Rena...then there wouldn't be anymore shippers...meaning that i would run out of ideas for my next fic..." i get most of my ideas from watching AKB shows, where there would be shippers...without Rena i cant come up with any ideas for m next fic.
Well, I don't think u need to worry about Rena's graduation. Well, I'm sad like hell on her graduation, but I believe I'll get over it. We'll get over it. U see, it's been years since Acchan graduated, but u can see a bunch of Atsumina fics here and there. Same with KojiYuu, even AtsuYuu and TomoTomo. They may graduated and gone from the group, but they will never gone from our heart. (This is also the reason why I'm so into fanfics) (

Well, about ur decision, it can't be helped, right? The only one who knows what u feel is you yourself. I do agree with Sophcaro-san that whatever ur decision is, just do it. I'll always support u. Trust me. Hehe.
Since I love this fic, (and I believe many people love it), please do continue. Just take ur time and no need to rush. Cuz I think it's better to finish what we've started.

Uuuuuoooohhhhhh....... I'll totally definitely seriously say the same. !!! (

Alright,I know. I should stop. Gomen.

I'll always support u posttmater-san
Thank you very very very much for ur hardwork ( (
Ganbatte ne``~~~~~~

Well, time for me to goooo... (
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First thing I'm sorry if i said something rude,  beside i didn't said that i hate you, what i mean by you hurt us,  i thought you will leave this fic and won't continue it, i love this fic so much and i wait everyday for update, so i heard that this fic will not continue i get hurt,  yes i may be childish and stubborn, but in my life when i start something i don't leave it half no matter what happen. And before you announcement you should write everything clear, it will not bring any fight and misunderstanding thanks and sorry again.
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LOL 4WID..... :on voodoo: :on voodoo:

:on polter: :on chew:

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Thank you guys for supporting me in my decision...ah readin these comments got my hopes up ARIGATO!
as in matter of fact i think i will make one more WMatsui/RenaYuki fic just cuz you guys are supporting me!
But of course if guys want a certain shipper then go ahead request it and i will make some sort of story with it
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Chapter 8: Advantages

Its been 1 day so far since the hunters started their training only a few people died but thats their fate i guess. Rena and Yuki were sitting on one side of the room while the rest were scattered on the other side.

"Wahh~ so bored~" Yuki cried out when she layed against Rena's lap. Rena, who was looking at her tracker for any new monsters, looked at Yuki and pushed her off

"OOF-" Yuki sat up and rubbed her head

"First never do that again, second if you are that bored then go train or something i dunno" Rena went back to looking at her tracker. Yuki folded her arms and just retorted her body.

"Mou! You're no fun!" Yuki yelled out and walked away. Rena sighed and turned off her tracker, she then rested her body against the wall.


"ARGH!" A man grunted

"Ya know i'll continue to do this until ya tell me" A person who was holding a silver blade that was cover with a thick red substance

"Now tell me what you're up ta' er else this will go deeper..." The girl said as she stabbed the blade into the man's leg. Suddenly a burst of light came in through the room. Since being a room made out of steel the light reflected against the walls making everybody blind.

"Aahhh! Gawd close the damn door would'ya !" The girl said as she used her arm as a shield. Everything went pitch black except for the light in the middle of the room.

"Sorry General Sae" Takamina said

Miyazawa Sae
Class/Rank: SS Class
Job: General of Kakuzya Army
Weapon: 2 pistols

"Geez! I should get a new assistant here before i-" Sae was interrupted by Takamina

"Ahem! We are not your assistant, nor will we ever be!" Takamina said. Sae looked up and saw it was Takamina, Yui with a girl, and Akane

"Oh ma' bad AHEM--te' names Miyazawa Sae im te' general of te' Kakuzya Army, for if you guys don't know about te' kakuzya army, its just basically a bunch er soldiers tat are trained using hunter methods an-" Sae got cut off by Akane

"Yes thank you General for that explanation, im sure all of us know who you are and what the kakuzya army is..." Akane shot an angry look at Sae, Sae just stared at her dumbfounded. Yui then cleared her throat and stepped in front of everybody.

"Ahem anyways General Sae we are here on the behalf o-" Yui then got tugged on by the girl next to her

"Eh? What is it Paruru?" Yui leaned down next to Paruru

"I-...bat-bathroom..." Paruru said in the most cutest way possible, Yui looked like she had stars in her eyes, which she did, and her cheeks were all red. The next thing you know Yui was cuddling Paruru and pinching her cheeks.

"WAHHHH UR SO ADORABLE PARURU!" Paruru just stared aimlessly at Yui. Soon enough the 2 were out the door. Everybody just stared at them when they were leaving.

"Anyways what Yui was saying...was that *in serious tone* the fallen angels are planning to take over the moral world. Most of all the balance is off meaning that the demon lord is gone..." Sae just stared blankly at them then grabbed out the blade from the man's leg and swinged it at Akane and Takamina.

"Get out..."

"Why?" Akane said

"Just get out i- i need te' finish this interrogation..." Akane and Takamina just looked at one another and left the room. There was a break of quiet until the man whistled

"Whew! You told them!" Sae looked at the man and punched him unconscious.


"Ugh im starving!" One of the hunters said as he slopped down

"How many days has it been cuz' im missin' alot of my private time!" Another hunter said.  Everybody looked at him weirdly. Rena was cleaning nightshade and Claymore. All the sudden Yuki fell down next to her.

"What is it Yuki?" Rena said in an annoyed tone. Yuki looked at her and her face looked pale and she had dark circles

"What are you on the verge of dying? Wait you cant die your a demon..." Rena said

"C-ca-kee" Yuki finally said, Rena looked at her like if she was really serious about it. Yuki was able to read her expression and nodded

"Fine i'll warn Vice-prez about us needing food okay?" Yuki nodded. Rena put away her swords and went over to where the Vice-prez was watching them.


Locked up in a cage made out of hollow chains. There sat the powerless lord, Sayaka.

"Ahaha i cant believe it i have the demon lord here, in my palace, right now! HAHAHAHAHA!" The lord of the fallen angels suddenly began to laugh like a crazy psycho. Sayaka just sat in the middle of the cage looking down at nothing but herself.

"Come to think of it...without the demon lord to take the souls...then the balance is off...meaning that all the dangerous souls, all the undead are gunna be let go...then thats when all my precious angels will be let go from your hell of a prison and will take over the moral world!" Again the leader of the fallen angels fell on the ground laughing hysterically and once more like a psycho. Soon enough the leader of the fallen angels got up and snapped her fingers. Then thats when pain happened. Red lighting was bouncing all over the walls and eventually it hit the fallen angels face Sayaka looked up all sweaty and tired, and saw that it was her.

To be continued
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U're literally update it right away. Wohoo...
That's fast. (>_<) I'm happy.. :-D
Anyway, who has attacked the fallen angels' lord? I'm curious tho. :-o
Should i hire Conan to investigate it?? :-B
Ah! The YuiParu moment. I luv it somehow. Ahahaha..... <3 <3 :-* (fangirling mode on) :$ (///_///)
Ok. I'm messing up. Ignore me. (-_-")
Ehm. Alright.
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Here's an preview into one of my latest fanfics!

Majisuka Gauken: We're back!

It's been about a few months ever since Maeda Atsuko went into jail. I mean she wanted to do it, yeah...everybody misses her, including Daruma! Every now and then everybody would come over to see Maeda over at the prison she is in. Of course there's no surprise that ever since Yuko left everything hasn't been in order, the 4 heavenly queens hasn't found a new president yet, so they had to make sure everything is in order...which they hate. It's was always a tiring work for them, having to deal with many of the problems that some group caused, having to fight with people who dare come their way, especially having to fight Yabakune as well. Actually, ever since Majijo High defeated Yabakune, they have been more angry then never. Anyways, so in other words Majijo has their hands tied ever since Maeda and Yuko left. Nothing more to say...except this is only the beginning.
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Chapter 9

Sayaka looked up with her tired sweaty face and saw that it was Annin. Miyuki, Non, and Yuria came behind her.

"Mou! Annin! How come you get to save Sayanee instead of me~" Miyuki cried out. Annin flicked Miyuki on the head. Miyuki flinched and sat in a corner weeping a little bit before coming out. Non and Yuria then patted her on the head and comforted her a little. Annin, not caring about Miyuki right now, searched the palace, she did this in order to unlock the cage that Sayaka was in. While Annin was on the search for the key, Miyuki sat by Sayaka.

"Sayanee~ you look all sweaty and tired~" Sayaka looked up at Miyuki

"Of course" Sayaka was gonna say more but all of her energy was wasted. Annin finally found the key and opened the cage. Non and Yuria came in and grabbed Sayaka. Soon enough the 5 found themselves in the demon lord's castle.

"Huh...never thought we get here quickly..." Sayaka said as she was settled down onto her throne. Miyuki looked up in confusion

"Whadda mean Sayanee? You passed out and plus we teleported back here ya'know! " Miyuki said as she came up and sat down on Sayaka's lap. Sayaka looked at Miyuki then the other 3 who were busy looking at the throne room. All of them nodded and Sayaka just sat back onto her chair.

Its been past 3 days and Vice-prez hasn't given them their freedom yet most likely cuz it was an order from the president that they train a little bit more. Of course almost some of the hunters passed but meh they should be alrite...i think.

"Okay just send the bodies through the tube..." Vice-prez said as she pressed a blue button. Everybody picked up a body and put through the tube like Vice-prez said.

"Ya think they will be alright?" Yuki asked as she was eating a piece of granola bar. Rena looked at her and patted her head then wrapped one arm around Yuki's shoulder.

"Yeah they should after some time in the medical facilities...then in the hospital...and probably in heaven...oh well!" Rena said as she went back to her spot. Yuki followed behind her and they both sat down. Yuki laid against Rena's lap while Rena was cleaning her guns. Yuki watched this, still eating a granola bar.

"Why -u keepsh cleanin- weaponshis...?" Yuki said with her mouthful. Rena stared at her and pushed back some of Yuki's hair.

"Don't eat with your mouthful...its gross and i clean these so it doesn't get ruined nor rusted" Rena said as she finished checking her weapons making sure it was perfect and clean. Yuki gulped down the rest of her granola bar and smiled at Rena. Rena just pinched Yuki's cheek lightly. Then Rena remembered something.

"Hey speaking of weapons...what happened to the blade of life?" Yuki looked around in her bag and finally found it. She took it out and noticed it was glowing black.

"Huh why is it doing that?" Yuki asked, Rena just shrugged her shoulders.

Over at the president's office, Jurina was playing around with the president.

"Come here Jurina!" As the president yelled out, Jurina immediately rushed and jumped against the president. After doing so Jurina began to lick the president's face. Of course without noticing, Mayu was sitting down on the sofa.

"Ahem" Mayu said as she tried to gain the 2's attention, it didn't work so she tried to make it even louder

"AHEM!" Once more, didn't work so Mayu grabbed out her scythe and nearly chopped the 2's heads off. The president and Jurina looked at her, shaken.

"Anywas so i was able to track down Sayaka-sama and turns out she's back in her castle" Mayu said as she looked at her halo.

Used by angels. Similar to trackers.

"Strange...i swear Maeda said that the balance is off. .." The president said as she got up from the ground. Mayu looked at the president with a confused look.

"Huh? The balance isn't off not since the last time i checked..." Mayu said

"I Dont know...ask Maeda..." President said. Mayu pursued her lips. Then went off back to heaven, but before then Jurina jumped along with Mayu. The 2 then made it over at the angel lord's castle and came inside the throne room where they both saw the eye of heaven. Where they noticed that the balance turned black and making everything else it touched black.

"Damnit!" Mayu and Jurina heard someone say behind them. Mayu turned around to see it was Kojma Haruna

Kojima Haruna
Rank/Class: B class
Weapon: Nightmare
Job: assistant for Oshima Yuko
Is half demon and half angel, was hated by everyone except Yuko. Has 2 sides to her.

Oshima Yuko
Rank/Class: A Class
Weapon: Magic
Friends with Maeda Atsuko, and is also next in line to be the new leader of the angels.

Wielder: Kojima Haruna
Is a demon's blade. Haruna's father gave her the blade as it was suppose to surpress her other half. Is able to control fear and people's dark side to them.

"Ugh i cant believe that i forgot Yuko-sama's dry cleaning! She'll attack me again if i dont get it right away!" Before Haruna left she noticed Jurina and Mayu

"Oh hey Mayu! Who's the wolf?" Haruna said as she patted the head of Jurina

"Huh oh this is Jurina! Matsui Jurina" Haruna looked at Jurina closely

"Hm not much of a hunter..." Mayu shook her head

"She's not a hunter nor part of the Matsui family, just has the same family name" Mayu explained

"Heh? I dont get it! Mou...AH THE LAUNDRY! YUKO-SAMA!" Haruna then went off to get Yuko's dry cleaning. Mayu sighed and looked at the eye of heaven which she couldn't even see since almost the whole corner of the palace is now black

"Wait a minute! This is bad!" All the sudden Maeda came out from her private quarters. She noticed the balance and its surroundings were all black

"Gotta be kiddin me! The balance was back but now its all black!" Maeda noticed Mayu and Jurina

"Ah Mayu! Whats the meaning of this!"

"Idk! I thought you would know!" Jurina looked at Maeda and Mayu and held onto Mayu's hand. Mayu patted Jurina's head.

"Huh? Oh no i meant the wolf" Maeda said

"Oh she just came with me...she's Rena's dog" Jurina growled a little bit

"Im not a dog im a werewolf, but anyways i can speak for myself...ahem names Matsui Jurina!"

"So you're part of the Matsui family right?" Jurina grew confused

"Ah no-" Mayu interrupted the 2

"Ahem anyways so what i meant was the black eye of heaven." Maeda took a quick look at the eye of heaven and went back to looking at the 2

"Huh oh thats because the bad souls and the fallens escaped... WAIT WHAT! THE FALLENS ESCAPED!" Maeda then rushed rowards the eye of heaven.

"Quick go alarm the others!" Mayu and Jurina then teleported back to the moral world

The lord of the fallen angels woke up and noticed that Sayaka was gone but on the other hand noticed that the gates had opened. Soon enough the leader called upon forth all the fallens and led them inside the gates to the moral world

To be Continued

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U updated...
Thnk u so much author-san!
Jujurin is a truly puppy here..
All the lickings and jumpings are just... SO CUTE! <3 :-*
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Chapter 10

The lord of the fallen angels led her warriors into the gates of the moral world and soon destruction came upon the humans. Inside the training dome, red lights flashed, which alarmed everybody. Rena, who was resting against Yuki's shoulder, woke up to the blaring alarm and immediately raced towards the Vice-prez.

"What happened!" Rena yelled out. Vice-prez pressed a red button which stopped the training dome. She went inside the dome and told everybody to gather outside. Yuki, who was sleeping, was being dragged out by one of the hunters named Sakura. Rena was still with the Vice-prez.

"Something bad has happened..." Vice-prez said as she quickly walked towards one of the training dome's wall, Rena was following her.

"Well no dur, i can see that...wait what are we doing?" Rena said as the 2 stopped at the wall. Vice-prez took out a platinum card and slide it through one of the cracks in the walls. Soon enough 2 rectangular shapes showed up and they slid to the side showing a room from behind. Vice-prez and Rena walked inside the room. To Rena's surprise she saw one side of the walls filled with weapons, another side that looked like it was for training, but not just any type of training, then in the front was a big window. Rena looked out of the window and saw what looked like the city.

"Ah thats the city" Vice-prez said as she got out a special case that was covered in all black but was designed with golden sakura trees.

"Well yes i can see that its the city, but whats this for?" Rena said as she searched around the room.

"Well its to see all of the monsters and humans." Vice-prez said

"Ah come here" Vice-prez said as she opened up the case. Rena walked over and saw a red blade inside the case

"This is infernal red, your parents asked me to keep this for you until trouble occured....but since you already have like 3 weapons already you don't need it..." Vice-prez then puts away the sword along with the case up in the weapon section. Then very closely she kneeled down next to Rena

Infernal Red
Wielder: Matsui family
Said to control the flames of the Phoenix, and also said to contain the Phoenix itself.

"But in case of emergency,  take the sword..." Rena nodded and soon was given the same platinum card from before.

"Make sure to use it with caution..." Rena nodded her head. Vice-prez then got up and headed towards the window

"Oh no...." she said as she saw the ground opening up from below. Soon enough thousands of fallen angels came out and spread across the city.

"Quick, Rena tell everyone to gather their weapons and get ready for battle!" Rena nodded and ran out. Vice-prez then looked out and soon enough saw the bad souls and demons come out from the ground as well. Vice-prez sighed and grabbed out her weapons, immediately she ran out of the room, and the the training dome and headed outside the building where everybody was already fighting. Rena was using nightshade and her gun, Yuki was using her claws of course with a little bit of aurora.

"Wow~ that training paid off~" Yuki said as she had no trouble blasting enemies left to right. Rena put away her gun and grabbed on to nightshade with both hands and started to glow with a dark blue aurora, she was able to slice and dice all of the fallen angels without a doubt.

"Huh guess your right Yuki!" Rena said as she sliced the remaining part of her side. Yuki finished with her side as well, and came to Rena. Soon enough more came.

"Do you have my back?" Rena asked as she got out Claymore and transformed it into Raven. Yuki's eyes glowed with a green color

"Yeah of course i do, i're my partner" Yuki said as she looked behind herself. Rena snickered and got into fighting position, same with Yuki. Finally the 2 charged at the fallen angels surrounding them.

Maeda was busy putting on her armor, Yuko, who came by her side to help, was preparing the weapons

"You sure you want to get involved with your own kind?" Yuko said

"They're not my kind anymore...besides i need to help, my duty...i mean OUR duty is to protect the moral world and the humans inside it!" Maeda said as she finished, she then grabbed her holy saber and put it by her side. Yuko then chanted a little spell on Maeda

"What was that for?" Maeda asked

"Just for protection~" Yuko said as she settled down and waited for Haruna

"I don't need protection....besides if i were to die, then you take my will and take my place as lord of the angels!" Maeda said, Yuko just glared at her until there was a loud slam at the doors, Haruna came inside along with Mayu

"You guys ready?" Yuko asked

"Yup all of us!" Mayu said, Haruna nodded as well. Then suddenly behind them was thousands of armed angels. Maeda looked at Yuko and yuko nodded.

"OKAY ANGELS PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" Maeda shouted out and everybody teleported out and into the moral world
Over at the middle of the city, the 3 presidents of the organization teamed up back to back to fight off the stringer fallen angels.

"Guess you guys aren't that bad!" Yui said as she was shooting multiple times. Takamina did the same thing

"Ha tell me that again!" Takamina yelled out

"Wait where is that Paruru?" Prez said as she was slicing up the fallen angels with gauntlets.

"Shes at home couldn't let her get hurt!" Yui said

Soon enough Maeda appeared in the middle of the city as well. She saw Takamina and came up towards her

"Takamina! You okay?" Maeda asked

"Yeah, besides uhm..." Takamina said as she remembered what happened, of course being distracted she almost got hurt, luckily Maeda was there

"What!" Maeda said as she cut an fallen angel in half

"Uhm tell you later!" Takamina then ran off to help the others, Maeda then continued to cut the fallen angels in half.

Sakaya was laying in her bedroom when the whole war was happening, Annin told her to rest while they help fight the fallens. Of course Sayaka couldn't rest not without thinking about the war and the person whom she cares the most about get hurt. So she got up, changed into her uniform, got her weapn ready, and called forth all her demons to get ready for battle. Soon enough she was already fighting the fallens. Miyuki noticed Sayaka fighting against some of the fallens

"Sayanee! What are you doing here!" Miyuki said as she sliced the fallens with kladren

Wielder: Watanabe Miyuki
Is a sword made out of blue ice, seems breakable, but is actually hard as steel

"I came here to help!" Sayaka said, soon enough she almost fainted but was caught by Miyuki

"You are out of energy! Go home and rest!" Miyuki yelled

"No...i came here to help and so i will, besides im fine!" Sayaka said as she got up and got out her claws, she had red eyes and was battling like hell, wait, shes the  lord of hell. Miyuki looked at her with a stern look for a few seconds but soon enough trusted her till the end and continued fighting.

Mayu and Jurina were fighting together, Jurina was in her true form, and Mayu had her scythe.

"Oi! Jurina, think we can wipe out this whole group!" Mayu said as she huffing and puffing air, Jurina growled, which meant that in their conditions they probably wouldnt be able to take down a regular human.

"Ah- hey...dont say that besides we have to save the world!" Mayu then clutched her hands around her scythe and swinged it creating a huge blast of light. Jurina pushed her hind legs back and swinged around which caused her tail to hit the fallens. Mayu sat down after no more fallens arrived at their area, and patted Jurina on the head as a reward. Jurina tu4ned back to human being and curled around Mayu.

Rena was busy shooting and cutting up the fallens, Yuki, who was staring at a cake menu, almost got killed

"YUKI NO TIME FOR CAKE!" Rena shouted as she grabbed the menu and threw it away. Yuki pouted and climbed on Rena's back and covered her eyes.

"Argh! Stop it!" Rena said as she dumped her on the ground.

"Ow...Jeez you got some serious problems..." Rena then came up close to Yuki and stabbed her.

"Ahh..." Yuki said before dissolving into nothing. Rena got up and continued to battle out the fallens. All the sudden everything became dark.

To be continued
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So i will be taking a break from Unnatural Events since i will be going on a vacation to Las Vegas and Texas. Also i have other fan fic plans which i need to start on right away since this fan fic is almost finished.  :cathappy:
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Vegas?! (O_o)
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ima back! and so... im nit finished with the fanfic yet but warning! theres gunna be some japanese in here! dont worry i put down translation so in the mean time please wait a little while longeer! :twothumbs
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Chapter 11

Everything turned black for a moment. Rena woke up to find herself in a grey palace, and in front of her was a girl who had lips that looked like unagi.

"Unagi...?" Rena said weakly, the girl had an angry look and slammed her fist on the ground.

"UGH ITS NOT UNAGI!" The girl yelled out but soon enough she calmed down

"...anyways...names Kitahara Rie, lord of the fallen angels" Rie said

Kitahara Rie
Rank/Class: SS Class
Weapon: Fire

"..." Rena stayed silent, Rie just looked at her

"Well, i hope you have fun..." Rie then got up and went towards 2 doors. Rena, who was confused, tried to get up but was grabbed by a red monster who had 4 horns on its head, 2 big and 2 small, 3 spikes on its arms, and 2 big canine tooths were sticking out from its mouth.

"Akai Oni...(Red demon)" Rena said under her breathe. The Oni then brought Rena up closer to its face.

" Anata wa Matsui no yōna nioi... (you smell like Matsui...)" the Oni said, Rena wriggled in the hands of the Oni but it only gripped harder, making Rena unable to move.

"Watashi wa chōdo saigo no jikan no yōna... Anata o korosu yō ni shite kudasaimasu no tame ni anata wa, dokoni mo ikimasen! ( you're not going anywhere, for i will make sure to kill you...just like last time!)" The Oni said as it was about to eat Rena, luckily Rena pulled out nightshade and sliced the Oni's hand. Rena then leaped, did a backwards flip, and landed on her feet. The Oni grabbed its hand and screamed in pain.

" Anata wa Matsui Shibu o shiharau koto ni narimasu! (You will pay Matsui Shibu!)" The Oni yelled out. It then started to run towards Rena.

(Shibu...) Rena thought, she then looked up and quickly dodged the Oni's arm which was swaying back and forth. Rena grabbed out Claymore and it transformed into Soul. Soon enough there were 2 Renas, they looked the same which confused the Oni but the Oni just decided to kill them both. The real Rena was in the front of the Oni wielding Nightshade, while the other Rena was behind the Oni wielding Soul. The Renas then dashed into the Oni piercing the Oni in the stomach. The other Rena vanished and Soul was returned back to Rena. The Oni fell backwards and Rena got ontop of it.

" ... Watashi wa shigo no sekai de anata o mitsukerudeshoushi, anata no chisei o shūryō shimasu! (...i will find you in the afterlife and will end your reign)" the Oni said. Rena puts away Nightshade and transforms Claymore into Lucifer. Shortly after summoning the blade her eyes turn into a faint red. Rena then stabbed the Oni in the head. Of course the Oni was still alive, the Oni then raised one of his arms and slapped Rena , causing her to fly and smack the wall. Rena lost her consciousness, after a short period of  time Rena woke up and found the Oni was gone, along with Claymore. Rena got up and walked towards where Rie was. She opened the door and saw Yuki was tied up. Rena walked a bit closer but ultimately was stopped by the crying noise of Yuki.

"Well well...seems like you made it, i would've guessed that you would die, just like your parents..." Rie said with an evil grin. Rena clutched her fist and grabbed out her 2 guns. She then shot multiple times trying to aim at Rie but unfortunately kept on missing.

"Hmph, seems like they mean alot to you but it seems like you care about them more then your partner!" Rie then shot a fireball at Yuki and it burned her back

"MMHHFFFF!" Yuki screamed out in pain, she had tears in her eyes. Rena looked at this and she was shaking.

"Y-..." Rena stuttered. Rie had a smile to her face.

"What, what was that i couldn't hear you" Rie said before clapping her hands like if she was enjoying this.

"You will die and pay for this" Rena said, she then ran towards Rie. Yuki, who saw Rena passed by, noticed that her eyes were red.

Rena felt something come over her when she held onto Lucifer, she didnt know what it was till now. Rena made it towards Rie and grabbed her.

" n-need to be like t-this..." Rie said, Rena just shoved it off, but then some dark mist appeared and when it dissolved Rie was gone.

Rie then threw a fireball over at Rena, Rena dodged this quiet easily, but soon enough a dozen fireballs were everywhere, Rena had a hard time dodging each and every one of them. Eventually one of the fireballs went flying towards Yuki, Rena rushed towards Yuki and deflected the fireball with Nightshade.

"Haha! Look at you..." Rie said, she had finally come out from hiding and walked up towards Rena, who was already tired, lifted up Nightshade and stabbed Rie, there Rie dissolved into nothing, but of course it wasnt over yet.

"Im over here!" Rie said, Rena turned around and started walking backwards. She looked around to see where Rie was but then she felt a slight pain that got deeper and deeper inside her stomach, she looked down to see herself bleeding. Rena fell down to her knees. Yuki saw this and screamed. Yuki was sobbing so much that it started to annoy Rie. Rie, who was behind Rena, walked up towards Yuki and hit the back of her neck causing Yuki to lose her consciousness.

"Hmph...expecting more of a fight from you Matsui...guess you're not as strong as i thought you would be..." Rie said before taking Yuki into the depths of the fallen's land.

Everything was fuzzy and there was a buzzing noise. (Am i going to die...) Rena thought. Soon enough a darkness came through Rena's mind and she fainted. Within that darkness came a white light, she walk towards the light and saw nothing but empty space. As she continued to walk forward she noticed a black door in the middle, sub-consciously, she opened the door and saw herself just standing there. The other Rena then looked up and to Rena's surprise the other Rena had deep red eyes and in her hand she held Lucifer. Lucifer then disappeared and out came Nightshade, which melted as soon as the other Rena summoned it, on the ground there was 2 guns and a knife bit the other Rena didnt pick it up. Eventually Rena felt something in her hand when she looked down she saw that it was infernal red.

Without any knowledge Rena held up infernal red and walked towards the other Rena, she then swung the sword causing the other Rena to dissolve in black smoke and thats when Rena woke up. Everybody was surrounding her.

"RENA!" Mayu said as she rested her head against Rena's shoulder. "Mayuyu..." Rena said

"Jeez to believe that my best hunter was beaten by a couple of fallen angels..." President said as she said

"Well at least she didnt die, i mean-" Yui said but she got interrupted by Takamina, who shoved Yui.

"Anyways, glad to see you're alrite..." Takamina said. Suddenly Jurina jumped onto Rena's lap.

"Dont make worry...ever...again..." Jurina said as she fell asleep, Rena patted Jurina's head.

"So hows the war..." Rena asked

"So far not good, the hunters are in hiding, some surrendered, some are...anyways the humans are in a safe place" Prez said. Rena sighed

"so...the fallen angels took over the city? Huh..." Rena said. Annin sighed

"Jeez, why so gloomy in here..." Annin said, Everybody looked at the door.

"YAHOOO! MILKY WILL MAKE IT HAPPY IN HERE!" Miyuki said as she tried to jump on Rena, luckily Mayuyu stopped her. Miyuki was being carried by Mayu, and for some reason she liked it.

"Milky...ugh anyways so i came here to warn you that heaven and the underworld has been taken over" Annin said. Everybody looked at each other.

"Alright, lets investigate this..." Prez said, "everybody, besides Rena, will meet me in the sewers" Prez said. Everybody then left.

" can get off of me now...hehe.." Mayu said, Miyuki just hanged on.

"'re to comfortable..." Miyuki said, Mayu just laughed, really awkwardly. Takamina and Prez were the last to leave the door since they had to carry Jurina. Rena waved goodbye and looked at the window. (Yukirin...i will save you...) Rena thought.

"Ahh hold on" Yui said, "forgot my gun..."

"How do you forget a gun?" Takamina asked, Yui just shrugged. Yui ran back to the hospital room, but when she did, she noticed Rena was gone.

"Rena? uhm...GUYS!" Yui said, everybody rushed to Yui's side.

"...does anybody else notice that Rena's missing?" Miyuki asked, evrybody nodded.

"RENA!" everybody shouted.

To be continued
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Me   : Rena! Where are you going??
Rena: I'm gonna save Yuki, moron!
Me   : Wait! Don't leave me... I'm in... :on speedy:
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Me   : Rena! Where are you going??
Rena: I'm gonna save Yuki, moron!
Me   : Wait! Don't leave me... I'm in... :on speedy:

Yeah also don't forgot to kiss her passionate when you save her xd
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Me   : Rena! Where are you going??
Rena: I'm gonna save Yuki, moron!
Me   : Wait! Don't leave me... I'm in... :on speedy:

Yeah also don't forgot to kiss her passionate when you save her xd
Yeah.. And being tortured by Gekikara... :fainted:
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Sorry for not posting up for a long time, i know you guys are all waiting for the next chapter. but i promise you that i will post it up within the next week or within a few days so please hang on, i did not abandon this story and thank you
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update soon!!!!!!!!! :inlove:
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Chapter 12

After everybody left the hospital room, Rena got up and went outside the room, she felt a sharp pain go through her body but at least it wasnt like from before, she kept on shuffling her way down the hall until she bumped into one of the doctors.

"Ah e-excuse, me" Rena said weakly, the doctor shook her head

"iie, its my fault..." the doctor said, then Rena had a sudden deep grin, like if she planned something, which she did. Immediately Rena grabbed the doctor and took him to an empty room. There, she knocked the doctor out and changed out of her clothes, where she snucked out of the hospital. Yui noticed that she forgot her gun so she ran back towards the room and noticed that Rena was gone. Quickly, Yui called everybody back and to their surprise they also noticed that Rena was gone.

Rena walked quickly towards the HQ, which was kind of far but at least she didnt run into any trouble, when she was finally there she noticed that the place was shielded. (Huh guess the fallens tried to attack this place) Rena thought. Rena entered in the password and went inside, nobody was inside the HQ

"Hm? Why isnt anybody here, i mean its a safe place" Rena said. Rena then walked towards the training room and took out the card that Vice-prez gave her and slide it through the crack. The 2 doors opened and Rena walked to the weapons area, she reached out and grabbed the same black box and opened it up. Rena grabbed Infernal and walked out of the training room. But as soon as she walked out 3 fallens came out from no where and started to attack. Rena held out Infernal and swunged it from one side to the other, thus creating a red stream of fire, but it was only for a few seconds before it went away.

The fallens then dispersed into a red, fire-like ash. Rena just continued on without wincing a bit. Soon enough she got outside only to be surrounded by even more fallens, and i know this is a bit too much but hey this type of fanfic needs some action anyways, Rena dashed towards the fallens and did a clean cut inbetween their bodies, making them split into halfs and dissolving into nothing.

Rena continued on towards outside in the city, once she did, she was like batman, hiding in the dark and sneaking up on the fallens.

"So this one hunter was so scared of this one illusion i did that he actually peed his pants HAHAHA!" One fallen said, the rest of the fallens around him laughed.

(Tch...thinking they're so great...) Rena thought, quickly she moved into the shadows and started to take them one by one, obviously this attracted their attentions, so, being on guard, the fallens did an illusion. Rena, who only saw darkness, was being followed by a light. Quickly she tried to escape it but soon enough another light came, then another popped up. Later the darkness went away and Rena saw millions of fallens.

"Oi...if it isnt Matsui..." one of the fallens said among the crowd, the fallens started to clear and go away, once they did there was only one fallen left. It was Ota Aika

"How`s your wound?" Aika said as she walked slowly towards Rena, Rena shot a cold glare at her

"Where's Yuki..." Rena said

"Ara? Who's she the one who you shot?" Aika said in an questionable manner, Rena just continued to glare at her

"I guess so! Anyways shes fine, Rie-sama is happily playing around with her, if you know what i mean" Aika grinned in an evil manner. Rena then ran towards Aika and grabbed her by the neck, other fallens tried to help but were dismissed by Aika

"Im serious, where is she!" Rena said, Aika just laughed

"Ahh you're fun to play with, but i cant tell you where she is..." Rena grabbed Infernal and made a cut on her

"OUCH! Oi! I wasnt finished!" Aika yelled in pain

"...tell me!" Rena said, Aika sighed

"Fine, first set me down"

"Alright...but do anything wierd, for i will kill you" Rena puts Aika down

"Phew...anyways i cant tell you where she is because Rie-sama disappeared"

"What? Why?"

"I dont know, its like she abandon us...well if you want some info, then listen to this, the last time i saw her was with your partner. She was knocked out and Rie-sama carried her towards a portal" Aika said

"Take me to it" Rena replied

"Wait what? Me take you towards our leader just so that you can hurt her?" Aika said

"Yeah so?"

"So....i want in"


"You heard me  i want in! Its pretty simple"


"Because its for leaving us to die here!" Aika then quickly regretted what she said

"What do you mean?"

"Nope cant!" Rena then grabbed Aika and started to pierce the blade into her stomach,

"GAHHH OKAY OKAYY IMA TALK IMA TALK!" Rena stopped and smiled in delight

"Geez, anyways so within 4 hours a giant meteor will come and destroy this place"

"Okay… so how do we stop it?"

"Cant unless...hmm...i dont remember"

"How can you not remember!"

"Hey! I was eating yakuniku when i was being told this"

"MAJIDE?!...tch baka~”

“said something?” Rena shook her head

“ only Rie knows how to stop this right?" Aika nodded

"Okay then take me to the portal" Aika nodded and the 2 set off to towards the portal, they soon got towards the main area where the fallens looked like if they were dead, and i meant it they were all so pale and their wings were now black, and the grey palace was now red.

"Oi what happened here?" Rena said

"Without the power of the leader, everything will be in the hands of the demon lord" Aika said

The 2 continued to walk towards the red palace, they walked past many of the fallens who were either dead or powerless. Aika and Rena soon got closer towards the palace's gates but suddenly they were blocked by a gigantic troll

"What...the...hell...." Rena said

"Tch...Ya'know just cause your not under the reign of Rie-sama doesnt mean you can do whatever" Aika said towards the troll, the troll just growled and screamed towards the 2 making bits of drool and spit fly everywhere

" know this thing" Rena questioned

Aika nodded "yeah he was guarding our gate"

The troll sneered amd screamed again this time actually landing huge parts of spits all over the 2

Rena froze while Aika was wiping off the drool

"Thats it....youre going down no matter what!" Aika shouted as she raced towards the troll, Rena felt another blackout. When she opened up her eyes, she saw Annin, Non-chan, Miyuki, and Yuria, and also herself. They were kids, and they had been playing by an old fashioned Japanese home.

“NEE~ NON-CHAN!” Little Rena shouted out as she was kicking a ball, Non was behind her and she was giggling, on the other hand Yuria was sitting on the porch and eating ice cream, Miyuki had spilled her ice cream all over her and Annin was cleaning her up

“mou…I told you not to get so many scoops” Annin said as she was taking some napkins and dabbing at Miyuki’s shirt

“teehee~…you’re like an otona Annin” Miyuki said, Annin blushed a bit. Soon enough a soothing voice could be heard

“Hai~ Minna, get ready to go to the creek”

“HAI~” everybody said as they went inside, soon enough the “vision” changed and they were at the creek, Annin, Miyuki, Non, and Yuria were all in the water while Rena was playing with her parents

“Okaa-san~ Oto-san~” Rena said, then it hit her. The real Rena soon had a headache, those “visions” were going all fuzzy, and switching from one good memory to one that was filled with fire. Rena then heard a slight ringing noise, the last thing she saw were her parents, who were smiling at first, then were covered in blood. Aika smacked Rena, which woke her up from her black out

“OW!” Rena said as she punched Aika

“AH! Jeez now is not the time to go hitting people, If you want to hit something then go destroy that troll” Aika said

“You mean you haven’t killed it yet?!” Rena said in frustration

“No! besides, my power is useless against him so its up to you” Aika said, Rena grabbed out Infernal and dashed from one spot to another, the troll tried to hit her but she kept on dodging. Rena then was able to get close enough towards the troll and landed a cut on the troll’s leg. The troll roared across the field. Rena then landed another cut on the troll’s other leg, soon making him fall towards the ground. And within the last minute, the troll was laying there, not moving, or trying to get up. Rena had taken her handkerchief and wiped the blood off her sword.

“OOH~ NICE~!” Aika said all grinning and smiling towards Rena, Rena rolled her eyes. The 2 then continued to walk towards the palace.

“so where’s the portal?” Rena asked, Aika pointed towards the brown door that was by many other doors, Rena just stared blankly towards the portal

“so…that’s the portal?” Rena questioned Aika


“and that little door right there, is suppose to take us to an all time powerful leader whose gonna destroy the city?”

“yup” Rena just stared aimlessly towards the door but soon regain consciousness and started to walk towards it. Aika followed behind Rena and off the 2 went, they opened the door and found themselves inside a pitch black room.

“ara, ara look who came?” the dark room became lit and within it was Rie holding Yuki, who was all tied up and gagged

“looks like Matsui came back to get her partner~ how interesting” Rie said

“Let her go!” Rena said, Rie laughed

“HAHAHA~ ‘let her go’!? you must be joking…she’s simply my captive, who helped me killed Matsui!” Soon the light went out again. Rena felt someone kick her in the stomach, then afterwards she heard Aika screaming

“Aika!” Rena shouted,  she then felt something hit her, she didn’t know where it was coming from but all she did know was that it hurt

“hehehe~ this fun, getting to beat you up…hm but something seems off, I know” The lights switched on again

“how about you fight back~” Rie said happily, Rena looked at Rie

“…how about…we play game” Rena asked, this intrigued Rie

“hm sounds pretty interesting~ I guess so…but~ to a game theres gotta be a bet right?” Rie said, Rena smirked

 “alright fine, but I make the bets here” Rena said, Rie just simply nodded

“let the games begin~” Rie said smiling in the most creepiest manner ever

Rena and Rie met face to face, Yuki was blindfolded and out in an cage made out of hollow chains

"so whats the bet?"

"if i am able to stab you with this blade the you let Yuki go and stop the meteor from hitting the city"

"alright...but if i win...i will take you, let your friend die, and let the city be destroyed~" Rena nodded

"so what game will we play"  Rena asked

"a game of death~" Rie said

"sounds interesting~ how do we play?" Rena said

"do you know that one scene from Harry Potter where Harry and Ron were playing chess?"

"the one with the life-size chess piece, and the 2 were playing each other?" Rie nodded


'thats how we are going to play it~ except... this will be like war"

"i still dont get it" Rie snickered

"you'll see what i meant" Rena and Rie then walked over towards a black and white checkered floor where soldiers were standing on the tiles,

"ah i see, so you're using your own soldiers..." Rie shook her head

"they are not mine, ya see they belong to a good old friend of mine, General Sae that is" Rena glared at the soldiers then back at Rie

"you mean you're risking human lives over a little game?" Rie laughed again then she stopped

"i guess so but come on lets just play"

Rena, being white, made her first move and it went on towards Rie, it was like this for what feels like forever but really it's been an hour

"so looks like it just you and me" Rie said, Rena was tired from stopping enemy attacks and having to flee from one side to the other

"y-yeah..." Rena said,

"...seems boring how bout we lighten things up a bit~" Rie said, some reason Rena got a slight chill from this

"okay so how bout instead of chess, let this be just a fight between the both of us~" Rie then came in rushing after Rena, Rena quickly grabbed out infernal and blocked the attack

"ouch...well that stinged..." Rie looked down at her arm and saw that it was burnt

"wonder how that happened well that doesnt matter anyway, all that matter is just finishing this off" Rie then came in and the 2 were fighting each other off. soon, Rie backed off, she was filled with cuts and burn marks while Rena had bruises and cut marks as well.

"that sword is very powerful, must be lucky to have it" Rie said, she was all tired and was sweating like crazy

"uhn..and you seem powerful as well..." Rena then ran towards Rie with all her might and was able to stab her

"...OW!" Rie screamed, Rena took out the blade from her body

"...did i win?" Rena asked

"" Rena puts away her blade and grabbed Rie and started to carry her out

"what are you doing...'

"you still got a deal to complete" The 2 finally made it towards where Yuki was, and Rie stopped the meteor while Rena got Yuki. After that Rie sat down

"go...i'll stay here and die peacefully" Rie said

"...fine...but do you have any last words?" Rena asked

"Tell Love-tan to make everything peaceful"

"wait i thought that she got taken away?"

"she did, i took her away from this place and back into the fallens realm"

"alright..i'll tell her" Rena was dragging Yuki towards the door

"ah and last request..slice the door down" Rena waved as a sign of yes and left, after that she did as she was told and found Aika

"oi..Aika" Aika was laying on the ground of the palace


'Rie said to make everything peaceful...though i dont know what that means..."

"i do" Aika smiled

"uhm okay?" Rena said

"well whatever...just go, your friend looks like she's about to die" Rena nodded, soon enough Rena and Yuki made it out towards the city where everything looked like its normal self.

(good to be back..) Rena thought, She took Yuki towards the HQ's hospital, while she was at the HQ everybody was there surrounding her and hugging her and saying how they missed her.

Afterwards, everything was normal, despite all the unnatural events that happened.

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 I will probably make some short stories about the past AND future of Unnatural Events, so please stay tune :cathappy:
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:shock: This is .... the end??? I didn't see that coming.
Actually I was hoping to see a wilder war between them. But this's ok, I guess.  I Love that Harry Potter's chess scene. Nice pick! :mon thumb:
And yes! I want to see the future. YukiRena moments please.... :bow: :bow: :bow:
Anyway, thank you for creating this fic, postttmater-san... and for finishing it... :kneelbow: this means a lot to me... Really!! :cry: :cry: