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Title: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]
Post by: nguyen23 on June 14, 2015, 04:25:07 AM
Hello everyone  :)
I'm a new writer. My Kami-Oshi is Atsuko, and the main pair of this story is Atsumina :heart:
This is the prologue of my story. I got inspired by the song "Lucky Seven"
I hope you like it.   :)
Please forgive my grammar and wording mistakes  :)
Beyond the Sea

 Chapter 1: Captain of “The Legend”  (
 Chapter 2: An Encounter  (
 Chapter 3: A New Companion  (
 Chapter 4: Welcome Doctor  (
 Chapter 5: An Old Friend  (
 Chapter 6: Traumatic Past  (
 Chapter 7: Revenge  (
 Chapter 8: Mysterious Girl and Jun’s Past  (
 Chapter 9: The Cursed Land  (
 Chapter 10: First Meeting  (
 Chapter 11: Sudden Attack  (
 Chapter 12: Fragment of Memories  (
Chapter 13: The Forgotten Past  Part 1  (  Part 2  (
Chapter 14: Secret of The Past  Part 1  (  Part 2  (
 Chapter 15: Pain  (
 Chapter 16: Danger  (
Chapter 17:  Part 1: Wmatsui   (  Part 2 Marimii  (  Part 3 Mayuki  (  Part 4 Kojiyuu  (  Part 5 Atsumina + SayaMilky  (  Part 6 Atsumina + SayaMilky  (
 Chapter 18: Reunion  (
 Chapter 19: Matsui Clan  (
 Chapter 20: Investigating  (
 Chapter 21: Special Guests  (
 Chapter 22: Case Close?  (
 Chapter 23: Going Back  (
 Chapter 24: Before Storm  (
 Chapter 25: Lost  (
 Chapter 26: Painful Heart  (
 Chapter 27: The Reunion of Two Hearts  (
 Chapter 28: The Mysterious Men  (
 Chapter 29: The Real Heir  (
 Chapter 30: Final Fight (Final)  (

                                                                                                          Beyond The Sea
   Pirate is the term that uses to indicate people who are the thieves on the sea. They steal goods from the Mercian’s ships and other rich people ship. They steal people goods and money and kill them. They are in people mind is bad people.
      However there is a group of Pirate who only steals from pirate, fraud and corrupt nobilities. Their rules are only stealing from bad people and never kill them. They only kill pirate.
   Their ship is named “The Legend.” They are very popular. They are known as the strongest and the most fearful pirate. The prize that the kingdoms have put on their heads is a big money which people can use to buy a castle and live as a king.
        Fate has brought them together, and what destiny will they face together.

Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) chapter 1
Post by: nguyen23 on June 14, 2015, 05:36:09 AM
Here is the Chapter 1
The bold sentences is the characters introduction.

Chapter 1: Captain of “The Legend”
Atsuko's POV
My name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of the pirate ship, “The Legend.” Yes, I’m a pirate. Our targets are corrupt nobilities, and rich heartless people.  On top of that I want to find the greatest treasure.
           Maeda Atsuko (Acchan): Captain of the pirate ship, “The Legend.”
-   She is cold, quiet, and rarely shows her emotion, but in side she is kind hearted and care for her friends and family.
-   Her main weapon is a long sword with a phoenix engraved on the guard of the sword. She also carries a small gun and a hidden dagger
-   Her parent was killed when she was 6

   There isn’t many crews member in this ship
“Atsuko-nee, Jun is back”
   That is my sister, Kashiwagi Yuki, is the vice-captain of the ship. She is responsible in controlling the ship.
           Kashiwagi Yuki: Fighter
-   She is smart
-   She is good at short distance combat
-   She uses long katana as her main weapon. Her deadly weapon is a string the hidden inside her ring
-   She was adopted by Atsuko’s parent when she was 2

“Okey, go tell everyone to meet in the meeting room” I told her.
   Jun that she mentioned is one of my crew members. He is like my brother. I save him from the slave trader 18 years ago. He is from a very wealthy family. He was sold by his cousin after he became the heir of the Matsui clan. His job is gather information about the target for us.
              Matsui Jun:  Fighter
-   He always fights by hands, and he carries a flexible sword in his belt
-   He was saved by Acchan when he was a kid
-   His duty is to find information about the target

   “Good morning Acchan” Haruna said while yawning. 
“Morning, Nyan Nyan” I greeted her.
          Kojima Haruna (Nyan Nyan): Shooter
-   She is a my pace girl
-   She good at controlling and aiming canons in battle
-   She uses 2 hand guns as her main weapon.

   Her name is Kojima Haruna. One day 8 years ago, while I was fighting with other pirate ship, I saved a girl who was captured by those pirates. Her name is Kojima Haruna. For some reason she did not want to go back to her house, so she joined our ship. She is a great shooter, and I appointed her to control our cannons.
“Hi Acchan, Nyan Nyan” Mariko and Mii-kun said
           Shinoda Mariko (Mariko-sama): adviser
-   She is like Acchan’s sister
-   She  always solves any problem that occur
-   She is playful, but she is very serious and reliable

Shinoda Mariko is my advisor. She is like a big sister of the ship. I met her 10 years ago. She travels around with her childhood friend. We helped her to trick a fraud land owner. After that they join our ship.
Minegishi Minami he is an inventor. He is Mariko’s childhood friend. He invented a lot of our equipment. This ship is also renovated by him. Even so sometime his inventions are not work correctly.
          Minegishi Minami (Mii-kun): inventor
-   He is Mariko’s childhood friend
-   He invented a lot of helpful weapon for Acchan’s group.

   “Today, we will attack a Mercian ship” I said to them
 “This Mercian, he is a fraud. He always cheats other people to get their money. A lot of people lost their property from him. In addition, he also associates with the corrupt nobilities to get away from his sin.” Jun said
   “As I investigated, his ship will pass this Maze Rocks at noon in other to go to this island.” Jun adds
   “Like Jun said, Maze Rocks will be a good place for us to attack.” Mariko said while pointing to the map.
     “Certainly, that place has a lot of submerged rocks.” Haruna said
   “In addition, there is a big rock for us to hide. Once his ship gets near the Maze Rock, we will force his ship to go into those rocks by our cannon.” I continue
   “After that we will approach that ship and attack them.” Yuki concludes
   “I have invented a new kind of cannon ball. This cannon ball is very special” Mii said
   “What is special about them?” Yuki asked
   “Instead of damage the physical figure of the ship, this cannon ball will contain spicy smoked” Mii answers
   “Once it hits the floor, it will spread the smoke over the ship. We will wear those masks that I just invented. It will protect us from the smoke” Mii continue
   “Are you sure it will work out, Mii-kun?” Haruna jokily said
   “Of course, it will” Mii proudly answers
Everyone giggles
   “Good job Mii-kun” Jun said
   “This will make our job easier” Mariko adds.
   “Now we will start preparing for our plan” I said
End Atsuko’s POV
After the meeting, they all return to their room to prepare for the mission.
At noon, everyone is already in their position to attack.
When the Mercian’s ship is close, Atsuko give a sign for Haruna to prepare the cannon with real cannonball to force the ship to change its direction.
   “Nyan Nyan, fire” Atsuko commands
 “Aye aye captain” Haruna said and starts firing the Cannonball near the ship.
The Mercian ship after got attack from The Legend, they panic and change their wheel go right into the Maze Rock and stuck there just as Atsuko’s plan.
“Mii, change the Cannonball into the spicy smoked “Atsuko commands
“Right away” Mii said
“Nyan Nyan, aim at the quarter deck and deck of the ship” Atsuko said
After the smoke spread all over the ship, Jun said “guys, ready to have some fun”
“Let go” everyone shouts.
They all wear the mask and ready to go to the Mercian ship
Yuki controls the ship to come closer to the Mercian ship. Then they bridge the two ships.
The ship is in Chaos. Eveyone is Panic and aimlessly running around
Taking the opportunity, they come to the capture and tied all the crews and the businessman together and take all their money and goods in the cargo hold.
When the smoke is gone, the man yells at the Atsuko “who are you? Do you know who I’m? How dare you attack my ship?”
Atsuko walks to the man, takes off her mask, smirks and said “My name is Maeda Atsuko.”
 “MAEDA ATSUKO, captain of THE LEGEND? You filthy pirate”
Yuki comes and slaps at his face and said “don’t yell at her, and who do you call filthy?”
“If you yell again, this sword will cut through your throat” Jun said and puts his sword on the man neck
“Just throw him into the sea” Haruna playfully adds
“Please don’t kill me. Maeda-sama, you can take all you want. Please spare my life” the man begging
“You are a coward” Atsuko said with a contemptuous look 
“You and the people you associate with are the real filthy thieves” Yuki continue
“You tricked people who are in their tough situation, and then take all their money and properties to make yourself richer. We just take something that obviously doesn’t belong to you.” Mariko adds and laughs.
“YOU...You will pay for what you have done……” the man said while gritting his teeth
“We will wait for that” Atsuko coldly said, and walks away
Leaving the man alone in his ship yelling and cursing them
Then they return to their ship and ready to go to the island to buy supply and food.
I hope you like it. Feel free to comment about your opinions  :)
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: Kairi65 on June 14, 2015, 08:13:35 AM
Sounds interesting! Can't wait for the next update!
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: cisda83 on June 14, 2015, 08:24:23 AM
Very interesting new story there

There are going to have my fav. pairings too...

Can't wait to see when the other characters are coming

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the wonderful fic

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: Pokotan on June 14, 2015, 10:19:10 AM
yuhuu i'm waiting for takamina n the gang appear  XD
update soon ^^
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: fira_188 on June 14, 2015, 10:56:24 AM
This fanfic looks very exciting  :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow:
, I can not wait for takamina and the other appear and all my favorite pair also here  :mon squee:
please continue it soon author-san  :mon firecrack:

if I could give an advice athor-san  :glasses:,  please give distance at dialogue among the players
for example
 “Certainly, that place has a lot of submerged rocks.” Haruna said
  “In addition, there is a big rock for us to hide. Once his ship gets near the Maze Rock, we will force his ship to go into those rocks by our cannon.” I continue

   “After that we will approach that ship and attack them.” Yuki concludes

   “I have invented a new kind of cannon ball. This cannon ball is very special” Mii said

maybe like this author-san ,so its not difficult to read
hehe,just an advice athor-san   :hee: I'm sorry if it bothers you
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: NamiRay!!! on June 14, 2015, 11:09:19 AM
This fanfic seems really good!! I love stories about pirates!!  :mon determined:
I can't wait for the other characters to appear!!  :nya:
Please update soon!!!  :pig sleep:
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: ChibiRine on June 14, 2015, 01:51:12 PM

Hmmm, I suggest that you should create a distant between some lines above and down. :)

Waiting for your next update~ :on gay:
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: purnamazaki on June 14, 2015, 04:04:43 PM
I can't wait for the sequel, how they met their partner .. thank you author-san to quickly update
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: JoeYee on June 14, 2015, 06:22:54 PM
Wow. A pirate setting eh..
Can't wait for Yuko and the rest to appear. :glasses:
I have a question though, is Yuko, Mayu and Takamina going to appear as a boy character?
Anyway, I'll be waiting for the next update!
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: kazuko on June 14, 2015, 07:02:04 PM
Takamina hasn't appeared yet. wondering if she wud be a guy or a woman.

Acchan is very strong and devilish. Too perfect!!

i can't wait for the next chapter.
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: vivinardisa on June 15, 2015, 04:53:04 AM
Wow this is so awesome  :shocked

I never read a fanfic when they become a pirate  8)

I reall looking forward to read it even more  :thumbsup  :thumbsup
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 1
Post by: sadrilim on June 15, 2015, 08:52:48 AM
This is a great fanfic.

I hope Takamina will be a guy, because Jurina is a guy here.

Waiting for your update.
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 2
Post by: nguyen23 on June 17, 2015, 04:47:53 AM
@kairi65: Thank you for reading my story  :)

@cisda83: Thank you for reading my story   :)

@Pokotan: Thank you for reading my story  :)

@fira_188: Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for your advice. I’m a new writer, so your advice can help me improve. I appreciate that!  :heart: :)

@NamiRay!!!: Thank you for reading my story. :)

@ChibiRine: Thank you for reading my story. Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate that!  :D

@purnamazaki: Thank you for reading my story :)

@JoeYee: Yes, Yuko, Mayu, and Takamina will appear as a boy character. Thanks for reading my story :D

@Kazuko: Thank you for reading my story. Takamina will appear as a guy.  XD

@vivinardisa: Thank you for reading my story.  XD

@sadrilim: Thank you for reading my story. Yes Takamina will be a guy.   :love:

Thank you for all of your comments, and thank everyone who read my fic. I will do my best to update chapters as soon as possible.   :fap

Here is an update chapter 2  :)

Chapter 2: An encounter

Atsuko POV

   After we park the ship at the deserted part of the Reef Bay, we prepare to go into the Alley city. However, before we can go, we have to disguise ourselves. The reason is the wanted notices about us are placed all over the island, and our prize is so high.

   This small island is a part of the kingdom name Whitewave. In the past, this is a beautiful and peaceful kingdom. But after the king was killed 20 years ago, this kingdom became corrupt, disorder, and chaotic.

   After we finished our disguise, we leave the ship and walk toward the city. When we reach the city, Mariko and Mii-kun go to buy supply for the ship, and Mii-kun also wants to buy some supply for his experiment. Yuki and Jun go to buy food and any necessary goods for us. While waiting for them, I will go and take a look around the city.

End Atsuko’s POV

   When Atsuko walks pass the series of food stand, she saw something that caught her attention. There is a little boy who sneakily tries to steal money from a short man. Then the little boy got caught by the man.

       “Hey kid, what are you doing?” the man asks

   The kid just stutters. He thought that he definitely is hit by the man

   “He will definitely be punished by that man” Atsuko thought

        However, she was wrong. To the boy’s and Atsuko’s surprise, the man does not hit him. Instead he gives him some food and asks

   “Why do you want to steal my money? You know that if you get caught, you will be hit or thrown into jail”

   “My mother is sick and hungry. My house is out of food and I don’t have money to buy food and medicine for her” the boy said while crying.

   After the man hearing that, he buys for the kid some food and gives him some money.

   “Here kid, bring this to your mother. This is some money, go find a doctor for her” he said and pats the kid’s head.

   The kid says thank to him and happily rush back to his home. Atsuko looks at him with a surprise look. When she sees that the man looks at her and smiles, she snaps back and starts walking away.

        “That man, his smile, somehow it looks familiar” she thought.

   After Atsuko finish eating, she leaves the food stands and walks to another place. When she passes through the corner of the market, she sees the little boy again. He is cornered by two big men, one with red coat and one with black coat.

   “Give me the money that the short guy just gave you.” One of the men demands

   “No, this money is for my mom” the boy said in trembling.

   When the men are about to hit the boy, Atsuko runs toward and kicks the red coated man on his face. Making him to fly and hit the wall. Then she grasps the coat of the other man and through him into big garbage.

   “Why are you hit the boy?” Atsuko angrily said

   “His father own our boss money, so we just come and collect it” one of the man said

   Then she gives those two a deadly cold look; they are scared and stand still.

   “Are you ok little boy?” she bends down and gently asks.

   “Yes, I’m. Thank you onee-chan” he answers and smiles at her.

   “Did your father own them money?” Atsuko asks the boy.

   “My father is a gambler. He takes all money at home and also borrows a lot of money to play. After that he run away and leaves me and my mother” the boy said in tear.

   Atsuko’s heart fells tight and sad. She stands up and walks to the two men.

   “How much did he own your boss?” she asks

   “1000 Gold” they answer

   Atsuko takes out her pocket and gives them the amount money

   “Take this and leave the boy and his mother alone” Atsuko said and glares at them

   They take money and run away

   Atsuko sits down before the boy

   “Here take this money with you and take good care of your mom, ok?” She said and gives him a gentle smile.

   “No, I cannot take this. You already pay off my debt with a lot of money” the boy quickly replies.

   “You deserve that. And here keep this flag. If anyone tries to hurt you, just show this flag to them.” she smiles and whispers to him

    The boy opens the flag. There is a unique letter “L” in the middle of the flag. That is the symbol of the popular pirate “The Legend.”

   “You are Ma…” the boy widened his eyes and asks with a low tone, but he is stopped by Atsuko.

   “Remember to say that you are that captain’s little brother” she smiles and winks to him

   He hugs her. After that he runs back to his house.

   Atsuko smiles and starts walking to another place.

Atsuko’s POV

   After saying goodbye to the boy, I start walking again.

   When I pass through the forest, a group of men comes out and starts blocking me.   

   “Ok, beautiful girl, we saw you gave a lot of money to that kid. These days we are out of money, can you give us some of your money, too” one of the guys spoke.

   “In our house is also very boring, how about you coming with us and entertain us?” another one said, and then they all laugh like crazy

   I signs and thought “I thought I will have a peaceful day”

   When I am about to fight those guys, suddenly I heard a voice behind me

   “Honey, where are you going? I look for you everywhere”

   I look back and realize that he is the short man in the food stand

   Suddenly he grasps my hand, pulls me closer, and smiles at me. Then he whispers into my ears

   “Don’t worry, I will save you” then he kisses my cheek

   “Wh..wha..what is he doing?” I stun and look at him with surprise look; I can feel that my face is getting hot

   “Hey midget, this is non of your business. Back off” the big man angrily said

   “Sorry guys, but this girl is my girlfriend. She and I have to go now” he said to the guys

   Suddenly, he throws sand that he holds in his hand to those men. Doesn’t let me response, he drags me to run with him.

        While running, I feel something flashing in my mind, a familiar feeling. For some reason, I suddenly hear someone voice “Acchan, Acchan…”

   “A little boy voice? Who is that?” I thought.

   A sudden the stop snaps me out of my thought.

   “What are you doing?” I annoyingly said while pulling my hand out of his grip

   “I just want help you get away from those bad guys” he said with a smile

   “By the way, my name is Takahashi Minami, you can call me Takamina” he continues and gives out his hand

   “I don’t need your help” I said with a cold tone and walk away.

End Atsuko POV

   “At least, I saved you, and I already told you my name. Could you tell me your name?” Minami reasons while following Atsuko.

   “First, I did not ask your help. Second, you told your name by yourself” she answers and keeps walking.

   “But I want to know your name. I want to be your friend” he pouts

   She stops and asks “why?” “Why do you want to be my friend?”

   “When I saw you at the food stands, I somehow get a familiar feeling. For some reason, I really want to be your friend.” He answers honestly

   “Maeda Atsuko” she said


   “You are the girl in the wanted notice?” he said with a surprise tone

   “Yes, why? Are you afraid, or do you want to capture me for the prize” still keep the cold tone she asked him.

    “No, no, no, I just didn’t think that a popular pirate that makes everyone frighten when they hear her name in the past 7 year can be that young and beautiful, and I don’t think that you are a bad person” he quickly answer and give her his big smile.

   “Somehow I can feel my heart beat fast when I look at his smile” She thought

   “You are weird” she said while trying to keep herself calm.

        After calming down, she said

   “Don’t follow me” then stares at him and walks away.

Atsuko POV

   When I’m back to the ship, Yuki and Jun are already back

   “Hi Atsuko-nee, where have you been?” Jun greets me

   “I just walked around the city and try their food” I answer

   “It is really you, Atsuko-nee. ‘A food lover’” Yuki laughs and teases me

   “Yes, I’m” I said jokingly

   “where is Nyan Nyan?” I ask them

   “Oh she is still sleeping in her room” Yuki answers

   As expected, that is really her.

   “How about you two, how is your shopping?” I ask them

   “Good, we bought a lot of good stuff and fresh food for us” Yuki answer.

   “OK that is good. Now I will go back to my room. Inform me when Mariko and Mii-kun are back” I said to them and go down to my roon.

End Atsuko POV

   While Yuki and Jun are talking to each other, Mariko and Mii come back.

   “Hi guys” Mariko and Mii greet them.

   “Where is everyone?” Mariko asks them

   “Nyan Nyan is sleeping in her room, and Atsuko-nee just went back to her room while ago” Yuki answers

   “By the way, who is that guy?” Jun asks

   “Hi everyone, my name is Takahashi Minami. You guys can call me Takamina.  From today, I will be your new crew member” Minami said with a smile on his face

   Yuki and Jun surprise about the introduction.


    That is chapter 2. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. feel free to comment about oppinions  :)
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 2
Post by: vivinardisa on June 17, 2015, 09:38:33 AM
Wow ....

It's so sweet atsumina finally meet and they are a childhood friend  :?

And how can takamina join the crew  :huhuh  :?

I hope you Will update soon  :cow:  :cow:
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 2
Post by: sadrilim on June 17, 2015, 11:26:52 AM
This is really great!!

hope you update soon.

Atsumina forever  :cathappy:
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 2
Post by: Kairi65 on June 17, 2015, 01:21:48 PM
Hm? did Acchan lose her memory before this story?

and exactly how Takamina manage to join..? :shocked

update soon!
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 2
Post by: kazuko on June 17, 2015, 08:07:28 PM
it's getting mooooooore interesting!
keep writing and update soon author-san!
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 2
Post by: cisda83 on June 19, 2015, 02:02:23 PM
Ah... was takamina was the boy in Atsuko's memory?

What would Atsuko's reaction be about Takamina's membership?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 3
Post by: nguyen23 on June 20, 2015, 02:26:02 AM
@vivinardisa, @Kairiri65, @cisda83, @Kazuko: Thanks for reading my fic. :)

@sadrilim: Thanks for reading my fic. Yes, Atsumina Forever  :wub: XD

Thank you everyone who read this fic :)

Here is my update for chapter 3

Chapter 3: A New Companion

Mariko POV

When Mii-kun and I come back to the ship, I only see Yuki and Jun

“You guys are already back” I greet them

They all turn back to look at me.

“Oh hey, Mariko-sama, Mii-kun” Yuki and Jun greet us

“Who is he Mariko-sama?” Jun asks me

“Hi everyone, my name is Takahashi Minami. You guys can call me Takamina.  From today, I will be your new crew member” Minami said with a smile on his face

Takahashi Minami (Takamina): A swordsman

-   He own a sword with a dragon head engrave in between the rain-guard and cross-guard

-   His parent died when he was 6

“Takamina is like my brother” Mii-kun said.

“His father takes care of me because my parent passed away when I was 6.” Minami adds.

“Sorry” Yuki said and everyone look at Minami.

“nah, it’s ok” he smile at them

“So, what about the new crew member?” Jun asks

“Well, from now on he will join our ship” I said to them.

“I met him in the market, and since he is a skilled swordsman, I think he is a good candidate for us” I add.


“Hey Mii-kun, I think we bought enough material for our ship. How about you? Did you buy something for your experiment?” Mariko asks Mii while checking all her stuffs.

“I think I’ve got enough. We should get back now. It is already dark” Mii answers.

When they turn around, they suddenly bump into someone.

“I’m sorr… ah, Takamina?” Mii said with surprise tone.

“Oh, Takamina what are you doing here?” Mariko asks Minami.

“Oh hey, Mii and Mariko-sama long time no see” Minami greets them.

“I just travel around from town to town” Minami said.

“How are you guys doing? Still together as always huh” Minami asks teasingly and giggles.

“I’m fine. And he still follows me around” Mariko answers Minami and pats Mii’s head.

“I’m not following you, and don’t pat my head like I’m a kid” he annoyingly said.

“You two the same as always” Minami giggles

“Put that aside, Takamina you just travel around right?” Mariko asks

“Yes, why?” Minami answers with confusing look.

“Takamina, did you hear about the pirate group “The Legend”?” Mariko asks

“Yes, I saw a lot of wanted notice about them” Minami answers

“And I just met their captain while ago” Minami though and smile.

“What up?” Mii aks when he saw Minami smile.

“ah.. nothing. And what about them?”  Minami said.

“Do you know that we are one of them?” Mariko continues

“What!!! You are “The Lehmmp”” Mii covers Minami mouth before he could finish his words.

“Hush, Takamina, you are too loud” Mii talks to him with a whisper tone.

“Sorry, I just thought that they just have them same name with you guys. I never thought you two are one of them.” Minami talks in a low tone.

“Do you think there will be that coincident” Mii raises his eyebrow and asks.

“Anyway, I want you to join ours ship” Mariko speaks.

“Why?” he asks

“Well, to tell the true, we short in member. Since you are a strong swordsman, we will become stronger. Therefore we will be able to fight any stronger opponent in the future.” Mariko explains

After a while

“Ok, I will join you guys” Minami accepts the offer.

“That is great” Mariko and Mii said together.

End Flashback

“So, that is the reason” Yuki said.

“And you’re a skilled swordsman huh?” Jun asks Minami

“No, I’m not that good” Minami said and smiles shyly while scratching his head

“Hey guys” Haruna goes up and greets everyone.

“Who is he” Haruna asks with confusing look

“He is Takamina, and he will be our new crew member” Mariko said

 “What do you think Yuki, Jun” Mii asks them

“Welcome to our ship, nice to meet you Takamina” Yuki and Jun said and shake Minami hand.

“Nyan Nyan can you call our captain, and then we will introduce each other” Mariko said

Haruna goes down and informs Atsuko

“Acchan, Mari-chan and Mii are back. They also brought a new crew member.”

“A new crew member?” Atsuko asks Haruna

“Uh, Mari-chan said that he is her and Mii’s childhood friend. She also said that he is a skilled swordsman” Haruna tells Atsuko while they are walking up to the ship deck.

When Atsuko got up to the ship deck, she sees a familiar figure.

“It cannot be” Atsuko thought

The small figure turns to her and greets her with a wide smile

“Hey, Atsuko, we meet again”


“It’s you again” Atsuko finally said with a surprise tone

“Acchan you know him?” Mariko said in surprise tone because she know that Atsuko never like to interact with strangers especially telling her name. 

“Yes” Minami answers

“No” Atsuko answers

Atsuko glares at him

“By the way, don’t call me like we are close with each other” Atsuko coldly adds

“But you accepted to be my friend” Minami pouts

“I never said that” Atsuko answers annoyingly

“But you already tell me your name”

“That because you keep following me”

“Wait, where did you meet Acchan, Takamina?” Mii Asks

“I met her at the market this morning” Minami answers

“Oh I see. So Acchan what do you think about him?” Mariko asks

“Since everyone is agree, it is fine by me.” Atsuko answers

“Well, welcome to The Legend, my name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of this ship. Nice to meet you” Atsuko shakes his hand

“Nice to meet you, too” Minami smiles widely and shakes her hand

“My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, vice-captain” Yuki shakes his hand

“My name is Matsui Jun,”

"My name is Kojima Haruna, you can call me Nyan Nyan.”

“OK you all know each other. Now I will go back to my room” Atsuko said and leave the deck.

Mariko sees that Minami is still looking at Atsuko. She said to him

“Don’t worry, Acchan is not hate you or anything”

“Yes, Mariko-sama is right; it is just Atsuko-nee’s character. She doesn’t like to interact with stranger.” Yuki adds

"However, I think it is opposite. Takamina, you had accomplished something. You made her to tell her name to you” Mariko teases and laugh

“Accomplished huh?” Minami thought

“Come on, Takamina, I will show you to your room” Mii said

“Ah, ok, let go” Minami answers.

On their way

“Do you like Accchan?” Mii whisper in Minami ear

“Wha…wha…what?” Minami stutter and his face turn red

Mii giggles

At night

Minami POV

Today is a day with full of surprise.


“Hey little boy, what are you doing?” I ask him

I caught him while he tries to steal my money

“I…I.. Ummm..I..” he stutter

“Why did you do that?” I sign and ask him

“My mom is hungry, and she is very sick. I need money to find for my mom a doctor” he speaks in a small voice.

*sign* poor little boy

“Here takes these foods to your mom. And here take some money to find a good doctor to your mom” I said to him.

   After I say goodbye to him, I look up and see a girl is looking at this way. She has a pretty and angelic face. Her eyes are very beautiful but cold. Somehow I feel that she is very familiar. I smile at her but she just turns her face and walks away.

   After finished eating, I start walking around the city. When I pass through the corner of the street, I hear some noise. Curious, I walk to the sources of the sound. I see that girl again. She is defending the little boy that I just gave him money.

   She comes closer to the boy, bends down and lifts him up from the ground. She gently asks him about what happen to him. After he told her his entire problem, she stands up and walks to the two guys who are still frighten because of her glare. She asks them about the money. After everything is settled down, she goes back to the boy and gives him money.

   She pats his head and gives him a gentle smile. That is a beautiful smile that I’ve never seen before. However, that smile is also so familiar like I’ve seen that somewhere. Seeing that smile somehow it makes me calm, and my heart just skips a beat because of it.

   Then she leaves. I quickly hide behind the wall. I keep looking at her, and I don't know why but my feet start following her by themselves. Then I see a group of guys is surrounding her. I bend down to pick some sand in my hand and walk toward her.

“Honey, where are you going? I look for you everywhere.” I call her and pull her closer to me.

   When I pull her close to me, she look at me with surprise eyes. I whisper "I'll save you," and then I kiss her cheek. Her surprise face is so cute. Looking at her face, I want to tease her more. However, I have to get rid of those guys first. I throw sand to their eyes and pull her to run with me. Just running with her is very fun. When I think that it is far enough I stop. She quickly pulls her hand out of my.

She asked me "what are you doing?"

"I just want you to help you." I answer

"By the way, my name is Takahashi Minami" I introduced myself and give her my best smile.

"I don’t need your help." she coldly said to me.

"May I know your name" I ask her


She ignores me and walks away.

I follow her and said

"At least, I saved you, and I already told you my name"

"First, I did not ask your help. Second, you told me your name by yourself"

Wow she is so cold, but I get a feeling that deep down she is a very warm girl.

"I just want to know your name and to be your friend" I pout

Suddenly she stops. "Why?" "Why do you want to be my friend" she asks me.

"Somehow I feel so familiar when I see you" I honestly answer her

"Maeda Atsuko" she answers shortly

Yatta! I know she has a soft side.

Wait "Maeda Atsuko" I mumbling to myself. "That sound familiar. Ah… The wanted notice." I shout to myself

"She is that person, but she is too young"

"You are those people in the wanted notice?" I accidentally speak out. I think I make her upset

"Yes, why? Are you afraid or do you want to turn me in to get the prize" she blankly said

I scold myself of how stupid I’m. Just when I can slowly be friend with her, I ruin everything. I quickly answer

"No, no, no it just that you are very young. I never thought that a well-known pirate in the past 7 years is that young. On top of that I don't think you a bad person to turn you to the nobility here" I smile at her

She turns around and said with a soft tone

"You are weird"

Somehow just those words are powerful enough to make my heart skip a beat.

However just a few second, again with a cold voice she said to me

 "Do not follow me” and leaves.

I stand there look at her back and think “girl are very complicated.”

Then I continue wandering around the city. While walking I keep thinking about her, her angelic face and her gentle smile.

“I wish I could meet her again.”

 Because I keep thinking to myself, I do not focus to the road and hit someone.

When I about to apologize to them, they call my name. I realize they are my childhood friend, Mariko and Mii-kun.

It has been a long time since I see them. To my surprise, they are in the pirate group “The Legend,” the same group with Atsuko, and they ask me to join them.

“This is my chance to meet her again.” I thought to myself.

I don’t know why but I really want to meet her again.

Then I came to them to the ship, and become their comrade.

End Flashback.

I sit on my bed and think to myself

“Why does she not like interact with other?”

 “Atsuko, I don’t know why but I want to make you open up yourself, and smile to me.” I talk to myself.

Then something just flashes through my mind “Atsuko, Atsuko…why that name is so familiar”

At the same time

In Atsuko’s room   


“Why my heart beat so fast when I see his face?” Atsuko thought to herself.

“And why did he kiss my cheek?” Atsuko touches her cheek while her face slowly turns red.

“That smile and those eyes …. Minami, Minami, Minami…. so familiar” Atsuko whispers to herself and slowly falls in sleep.


    This is chapter 3. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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Atsumina must have known each other previously... 8)
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Atsumina is always so sweet  :heart:  :heart:

Update soon  :deco:
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This is awesome.  I really like the Atsumina sweet moment.

Yeah!!! You are the  best author san. :yossi:

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i love how acchan being so tsundere!
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Ah... they felt to know each other... but dunno from where?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@Kairi65, @vivinardisa, @sadrilim, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you for reading my fic  :)

Thank you everyone who read my fic  XD

Here is chapter 4  :)

Chapter 4: Welcome doctor.

   After several days traveling on the water, the ship stops at a small island. They decide to go to the island to buy food and medical supplies. After parking the ship near the shore, they all decide to go together because this island is small. When they step inside the city, they see no one.

"Why there is no one in this place?" Yuki wonder

"Wait, did you guys hear some noise?" Minami asks

"Uh, the noise is coming from over there" Atsuko answers

"Let go to see what is happening" Mariko suggests

"Uh, let go" Jun said

   Then they all decide to go to the sources of the noise. When they turn left from the corner they see a group of people. They form a circle and shout

"kill him. Kill the killer"

   They also hear crying sound of a woman

"Please spared his life. Please I'm begging you."

Atsuko's group looks at each other with a surprise look.

"What happen?" Haruna asks

"Let go and find out" Mii suggest and starts running toward the crowd.

   When they got there, they see a horrible scene. The crowd is gathering together and insults young boy whose hands are tied behind his back.  He is kneeling in the central of the circle.
On his left is a woman who is held by two big men. She is crying and begging their mercy.

"What a cruel city" Yuki angrily thought.

   They start throwing stone to the boy. Yuki is at her limit. She runs toward the young man and defends him. When one of the stones nearly hit Yuki, Atsuko runs toward and prevents the stone by her sword. Then, she takes out her gun, and shoots to the sky.

"STOP” she angrily shouts.

   The crowd stays silent. Yuki turns around, bends down before the young man and ask him

"Are you ok?"

He nods

   Then she takes out her handkerchief and wipes his blood on his face. The rest run toward Yuki and Atsuko

"What are you doing?" Minami shout at them

"Are you trying to kill this man?" Jun said and point to the young man

"So, what happened? Why did you people insult this young man" Mariko asks them

"He is poisoned us" one of the men said

"He is the cause of a strange disease." another man said.

Suddenly a man shouts "he is a murderer. Since you people are helping him, you are the same as him." then he throws a big stone to Atsuko.

   Being taken by surprise, Atsuko cannot do anything. She just closes her eyes and waits for the stone to hit her. Suddenly a hand grasps her hand and pulls her back. When she opens her eyes, she sees Minami is standing in front of her. His left hand already caught the stone. He strongly throw the stone back to the man who threw it. The stone flies directly to the men. It passes the man, but the distance between the man and the stone is just a millimeter.

"Next time it will go right into your face" Minami angrily said to him and throws him a deadly look.

"Th..thanks" Atsuko said

"No problem" he smiles at her.

"Do you have any proof to prove that he did" Yuki turns around and shouts at them.

"He has to be the culprit because everyone in our family is sick except his house. They are very healthy" a man said.

"If he did not poison us, then his experiment does. He always does weird experiment" another man said

"He always does crazy stuff" another one adds

"I did not do that. and my experiment is only with herb and plan. They are harmless “the young man finally speaks up.

"I don't know why my family is immune" he adds

"Yes, my son will not do that" his mother said in crying.

   Yuki goes to Atsuko and whisper something to her.

"Well, how about I make a deal with you people" Atsuko said

"What is the deal?" the eldest walks toward her and said.

"You people give us 3 days to find the real reason behind this." she continues

"If after three days we are not able to prove him innocent, not only him but I, myself will gladly accept any punishment from you"

"However, if he is truly innocent, I want you people to apologize to him and indemnify all the things that you did to him" Atsuko finishes

   Mariko and the group surprise with Atsuko's decision. She just looks at them and nods. Then she turns to them

"So, what do you think about that deal?" Atsuko asks them

"Fine, just do as you said. After three days, if you people still cannot find anything, we will wait for you and him right here." the eldest said.

"And don't think about running away" another man steps in said, and his hand is pointing at Atsuko.

   Atsuko comes to the man, smirks and bends his finger.

"Don't underestimate us. If we want to go, do you think with this amount of people can stop us" she said with a cold tone.

"By the way, don’t ever pointing your finger to my face like that if you still need your finger” she glares at him.

   The man is scared and steps back. He takes a few steps backward and turns to Atsuko's group

"Re... Rem....Remember our deal" then they leave the place.

   After those people leave the place, the young man's mother came to them and said

"Thank you for saving my son's life" and then bows before Atsuko

"If you want to thank, you should thank that girl"

   Atsuko said and points her finger to Yuki direction.

"She is the one that asks me to help your son, and I trust my sister's instinct." Atsuko said.

   Then they go back to the young man's house.

Day 1

At his house

"My name is Watanabe Mayu" he introduces himself.

"My name is Watanabe Ayu, mayu’s mother"

   They bow before Atsuko's group. Then after one another from Atsuko’s group introduce themselves to his family. Then his mother excuses herself to leave her son and Atsuko's group alone to discuss about the case.

"Watanabe-san, can you tell us what happen?" Yuki asks him.

"Just call me Mayu. It happened three days ago" he answers

"I don't know what happened. Everything happened in one morning" Mayu continue.


Mayu's POV

   While I am working with my research, my mom knocks my door

"Mayu, are you awake?" she ask me

"Yes, I'm, mom." I answer

   My mother opens the door and comes inside. I notice that my mom face is pale. Her expression is weird. My mom said in panic voice

“'There are a lot of people in this town got the same strange sickness."

"They gather at our clinic to wait for the medicine" she continues

"What did my uncle say about that?"

"He said the cause is unknown."

"What are the symptoms, mom?"

"Vomit, dizziness, stomachache." my mom said

"After a few hours some of them are lost consciousness" she continues.

"Based on those symptom, isn't that they just get poisoning. Maybe by food" I said

"But it is weird that half of the people in this city got that." my mom explains.

   Then after 3 days, the amount of patient is increase significantly. I try my best to look up every single book about plants and poison. Just when I get my best candidate, those people come and take me to the city center.

"Get out here Watanabe Mayu" they all shout.

   When I come out, they jump to me and tie my hand behind my back and bring me to the city center.

End Mayu POV

End flashback

"They accuse that my experiment is making disease appear" Mayu said

"So, what is your experiment about?" Haruna asks

"I research about some rare herbs in the book." Mayu answers

"Polluting is a lie. My experience is only with plant, flower, and herbs how it can affect the environment." Mayu reasons

"Put that aside, we have to go back to our case. So what should we do know?" Marko asks

"First, we have to find the sources of the disease" Atsuko said

"Mayu, you said that you nearly find out about the sources right?" Minami ask mayu

"Yes, the symptoms that my mom mention is really close to one rare plant" mayu answers

"But I have to have the thing that makes those people sick. Therefore I can decide whether or not it is that plant." Mayu adds

"You said that everyone come to your clinic in one morning 3 days ago have the same symptoms, right?" Mii asks.

"That means they have to use the same sources" Jun said.

"But 4 days ago, our city did not have any party or festival to celebrate together." Mayu said

"There is one thing in my mind that everyone in this city will use the same sources everyday" Yuki said while looking at her tea.

"But I don't understand why your family is not affected by it." Yuki said in confuse voice.

"You mean water right, Yuki?" Atsuko asks Yuki

“Yes, Atsuko-nee"

"Ah, about the water, my family only uses water in our well. We don't use the water at the river" Mayu answers

"So that is making sense now. I think we should go and take a look at the river" Minami suggests.

"Uh, we should go there" Atsuko agrees.

   Then they all go to the river and go to the watershed of the river. At there, they see a hole with some weird water in it. There is a small trench that leads the water to the river.

"I think we have found what we need to find" Atsuko said.

"Mayu with this water, can you be able to identify the plant?" Yuki asks him.

"Yes, I can. Give me 1 day and I will be able to identify it" Mayu confidently answers.

"Good, it is getting dark we should go back to your house and prepare" Atsuko said

   Far from their view, there is a shadow hides behind the tree and observes their action. When they get back to the house, mayu immediately go back to his room and start his work. The group also goes to their own room and rest.

Day 2

   Minami, Yuki, Jun, Haruna, Mariko, and Mii gather in Atsuko’s room. Atsuko wants to talk to them about the other thing.

"You guys know that there are no such things as naturally happen right?" Atsuko asks

"What do you mean Acchan?" Haruna asks

"You mean the hole cannot appear by itself. The water cannot get poisoned by that water by itself, too right?" Minami suggests his idea.

"You are right, Minami" Atsuko answers

"Minami?" Mariko raises her eyebrow and repeats

   Everyone is giggle. Minami is happy because she finally calls his name. Atsuko realizes what she just said. She can feel her face start getting hot

"Ahem…uhm well, I mean there have to be someone behind this" Atsuko tries to change the topic

"Certainly, but why did he do that?" Mii asks

"To blame someone or to get something" Mariko said.

"Uh, I agree with Mariko" Atsuko said

"We should wait for Mayu to finish his research so that we can ask him if he knows anyone hate him or his family" Yuki suggests

"Yes, but since we still have some time, Jun, can you go around the city. I want you to try to find some information about people in this city and Mayu's household too" Atsuko said

"Yes, I will go right away" Jun answers and runs out of the room.


   Jun gets back from his work. They all gather in Atsuko’s room again

"People in this city are as unfriendly as ever" Jun signs and said

"My information about them is not much" Jun adds

"They all have their own farm or field to work. Some of them are Mercian."

"They said that that day when they got back home after work, they saw their families were lying on the round and holding their stomach" Jun continues

"How about accusing Mayu is the culprit?" Yuki asks

"A man said that Tod told them about Mayu." Jun answers

"Who is Tod?" Haruna asks

"He is student of Mayu's uncle" jun said

"Oh, I see. Can you tell me about Mayu's family." Atsuko asks Jun

"His father died when he was ten. He lives with his mother. His uncle live with him, too." Jun said.

"What about his uncle?" Atsuko continues asking.

"His uncle is a well-known doctor in this town. Everyone respects him." Jun said

"He is also an expert in plants and herbs" Jun adds

"Oh, I see" Atsuko answers in wondering tone.

   Then they hear the knocking sound

"Atsuko-san, I finished my research" Mayu said.

"Come in" Atsuko answers

   Mayu comes, and they start discussing about the case.

"So, did you know what is that liquid?" Yuki asks

"Yes, it is from the plant name “Orchid Blood”. It is a rare plant. Its flower is a good medicine, but using too much can be very dangerous" Mayu said.

"That water was mixed with the juice from the flower" mayu continues

"The portion is very balance. When people drink the poisoned water in the river, they won't die right away. Instead, It will slowly build up in their body." Mayu explains

"If my calculation is correct, with that amount an adult can die after a week." Mayu concludes.

"I have only one question. Do you know how to make the antidote" Atsuko asks.

"Yes but it will take me half of the day" Mayu said.

"Mayu, you’ll take care of the antidote. We will go to the city center to tell them about you are innocent” Atsuko said.

“Ok” Mayu answers.

At the city center

“What are you people doing here? Did you find the proof?” a man said

“Yes, we will bring you to the sources of the disease” Atsuko answers.

   They follow Atsuko and the rest go to the watershed of the river.

“So, what do you want to show us?” the eldest said

“This hole” Yuki said and point to the hole

“According to Mayu, this hole is containing the juice of the plant call “Orchid Blood”. Although it is a herb, if people who use it too much, they will suffer a serious poisoning problem.” Mariko said.

“We found the proof of Mayu innocent” Yuki said to them

“How could I know this is real? That you people did not set up all of this” a man retorts

“Tell us how we can set this up while you order your man follow us everywhere.” Minami asks while pointing to the man behind the tree. The eldest is scared and said in surprise tone.

“ did you know that I order my men to follow you.” 

“Acchan said that already. ‘Never underestimate us’.” Haruna said to them.

“Fine, you guys have proved that crazy doct…” before he finishes words, he is kicked by Mii

“Hey, respect other people will you” Mii said

“Ok, you have proved that Mayu is innocent. But still you cannot find the real culprit” he said

“Who said that I will find the culprit for you? I just made a deal with you that I will prove Mayu’s innocent.” Atsuko coldly said and smile.

“Now my work is done. Finding the culprit is your problem not us” She said and then goes back to the house.

“Y...Y.You” he shouts.

“That is what they get for not showing respect to other” Mariko thought and giggles.

   Atsuko and the other go around the town for a walk. After Mayu successfully makes the antidote, he goes to the clinic and helps people who are poisoned there. They all thank and apologize about their attitude to him.

In the morning

   Atsuko is woken up by the knocking sound. Standing in front of her is Mayu’s mother, and she is crying. Atsuko tells Yuki to call other to her room. When they get there Mayu’s mother said

“They come and take Mayu again.”

“Please save my son. He is a little introvert and weird, but he is a good person” his mother bows to them

“What? But we already proved that his experiment is not related to the disease” Mii said with a surprise tone.

“Yes, but they said that there is a witness who saw him went to the watershed of river 6 day ago” his mother sadly said.

“They really want Mayu to die” Atsuko thought to herself

“Where is Mayu now?” Minami asks

“He is kept in the city jail” His mother answers

“We will go visit him now” Yuki said

In the jail

“Watanabe Mayu, your friends come to meet you” the guard calls Mayu

“Mayu what happened” Yuki asks

“I don’t know” Mayu sadly said


In the city center

“Watanabe Mayu after all it is you” the eldest said

“I did not do anything” Mayu answers

“Don’t lie. We got the witness who saw you go there 6 days ago” one of the guards yells at Mayu.

“I did not go outside that day” Mayu defends himself

“Bring the witness here then he cannot lie anymore” the elder said

   Then they bring the man out

“Tod?” Mayu is confused

“Tod did you see him at the watershed 6 days ago” the eldest asks

“Yes, when I went to pick up plant and herbs for my teacher, I saw him. He walked to the watershed of the river with something on his hand” Tod said

“Tod, why did you do that? Why did you lie? I did not go outside that day. You know that” Mayu yells and shakes Tod

“Guard keep him down, don’t let him insult the witness” the eldest said to the guard.

“If you said that he is lying, do you have anyone to prove that you are at home that day” the Mayor asks him

“No” Mayu sadly answer

“Bring him to the jail and tomorrow we will punish him” he continues

End Flashback

"So Tod said that he saw you go to the watershed." Atsuko said.

"Yes" he sadly said

"Well, we cannot do anything about it. They already have the witness. May be we are the one that got tricked by you" Atsuko said to Mayu.

"Please believe me, I did not do that" Mayu said

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki looks at Atsuko with sincerely eyes.

"Let go back and prepare to go back to our ship. We stay here for too long" Atsuko said to the group

"Yes, we should go now." Minami agrees.

“But Atsuko-nee” Yuki call Atsuko

“Yuki listen to Atsuko-nee, let go” Jun pull Yuki hand

“Thank you Yuki-san, you have helped me enough” Mayu bow before Yuki

“Sorry” Yuki sadly said

   Then they leave the jail

At night

   When they are about to leave the house, a person come to announce a shocking new. Mayu committed suicide in the jail. He left the letter

“I did not poison the water

but no one believe me

I’m hopeless”

At another place

“Sensei, what are we going to do now? Mayu is dead” a young man talks to the old man

“What do you mean?” the older man said

“You told me to blame him about poisoning the water” the young man whisper

“Tod, shut up” the old man scolds the young man

The older man opens his room’s door and looks around. After seeing that no one is around, he closes his door and said to him

“Be careful do you want everyone to hear that?”

“Now, that hopeless boy is dead, there is only his mother in this house” the old man said

“As his uncle, I’m…. very happy now” the older man said

“I only need to get rid of that woman, so I can fully take over this clinic. Bring this tea to her. After she died, I will announce that she is depressed because her son dead. Therefore she committed suicide, too” the man continues and laughs like crazy.

   Suddenly, the doors swing open, Atsuko’s group steps inside with the rest of the people in town including Mayu. Atsuko claps her hands and said

 “what a happy ending story.”

“Too bad, it has to end half way” she continues

“Mr. watanabe, I cannot believe you is the one behind this” the eldest said

“How can you…how did you?” the man is speechless.

“Good job, Tod” Mariko said

“Do you want to know what happen?” Yuki asks


   After leaving the jail, they get back to Atsuko’s room

“Atsuko-nee why?” Yuki asks Atsuko

“Jun, are you ready to go?” Atsuko asks Jun

“yes, I’m” Jun said and leaves the room

“Jun will deliver a letter to Mayu, and the letter will tell him what to do” Atsuko said

“And us we will prepare ourselves because tonight will be a long night” she continues

“What will we prepare?” Haruna ask.

“Ghost” Atsuko said and smile mischievously.

   Everyone follow with curious feeling.

At the jail

   Mayu sit on the bed with his hands cover his face. Then he feels something hit his head. He turns and sees a figure in the door jail

“Jun” he whispers

   Jun gives him a sign to read the paper

“Faked your death” is what written on there. Then he does what the paper said.

After Mayu die

In another place

   A black shadow sit in a corner and his body is shaking.

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me…. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry” he keeps mumbling those words.

   Suddenly, the window in his room open widely, and behind the white smoke there is a shadow. It appears behind the door.

“Tod, why did you do that to me?” the shadow with Mayu’s voice speaks to him.

“”please Mayu, please forgive me, it is your uncle who told me to do that” Tod said while kneels down.

“So you lie to us” the eldiest said to Tod

"I...I...I" he stutters

"Do you think that I really died?" Mayu stands in front of Tod and said.

"I use my newest experiment to fake my death" Mayu said

"If you want to reduce your sin listen to what we say" Yuki said to him.

   He silently nods

End flashback

   Mayu's uncle after hearing that, drop down on his knees and silently wait for people to take him out.

"Thank you everyone for saving my son" his mom said and bows to them

"It's ok you don't have to do that" Yuki said then they left.

Mayu's POV

   I don't know why but I want this

"Mother, I want to...." I turn to my mother and tell her my decision. However before I say that she smile and said

"Just go and chase your dream"

   I smile and hug her. Before I leave she whisper in my ear

"Yuki is cute and nice right? I like her to be my daughter in law"

   I can feel my face already red. I shout "mom" and then run after them. I chase after them to the shore. Then I call

"Yuki-san, wait for me."

   They stop and look back. She comes and asks

"What can I do for you?"

"I want to join you guys on your journey" I said to her.

   She looks surprise.

"Do you know who we really are?" she asks me

"Yes" I answer

"" she widen her eyes and said

"Although I live in this small island, but I heard about you guys. The people on town did not know, but I did. At first I have a little doubt because you guys are very young. But seeing you guys work and talk together I convinced" I said

"If you know about us why you want to join us?" Yuki asks

"Because I think you are good people, and I want to travel and learn a lot of new thing." I said and smile to them

"Atsuko-nee, what do you think?" Yuki turns and asks Atsuko-san

"I leave it to you Yuki" Atsuko-san said and pats Yuki shoulder.

   Yuki look at me smile and said "welcome to The Legend, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki, vice-captain. Nice to meet you"

   I'm very happy right now

"Thank you Yuki-san" I shake her hand

"From now on just call me Yuki" she said and smile.

End Mayu POV

At night

   Yuki is standing in the deck and looking at the sky

“You are still awake, Yuki?” a voice call her

   She turns back “oh, hi Mayu.”

“Thank you for believe me while no one did” he said to her

“No problem” she said

“Why did you believe me?”

“I don’t know. At first I just wanted to save your life. However when I heard their story then looking at your eyes, I get a feeling that you are telling the true.” Yuki answers

“I guess it just like my sister said that is my instinct” she continues.

“Thank you, hearing that makes me very happy” he said and smiles softly

“Hey Mayu, can you stop thanking me. It is way too formal.” she looks at him and smile

   Then they stand there and enjoy the night sky together. Far from their place there are two people who are sneakily looking at them

“I told you that we will have another couple here” a girl said

“Yea...yea.. you always right” a boy said

“Ouch, that hurt Mariko. Why did you hit my head?” a boy said why caress his head

“Keep it down, Mii-kun, you too loud. It because the way you said” Mariko answers

“Hey, you think when will they become a couple? Mii asks

“Soon” Mariko answers and smile devilish.


Atsuko’s room

“No, no Yuki..Yuki… Ken... don’t do that” Atsuko wakes up from her nightmare. Her face is cover with a lot of sweat

“That dream again. Why it keeps haunting me after those years” she thought to herself

   Atsuko get up and go the ship deck. She wants to relax

“You haven’t not sleep yet?” a voice a call her

   She turn around “oh hi. No I just woke up. I want some fresh air.” Atsuko answers

“How about you haven’t sleep yet?” she asks him

“No, I just like you. I want from fresh air.”

“Say, when on the island, about my plan, I only told Jun about it. Why did you agree with me to leave Mayu there in the Jail?”

“Because I trust you. By looking at your eyes, I know that everything that you do, you will have your reason behind them, and I want to support you.” he said and smiles

“Minami” she looks at him

“huh?” he turns to look at her

“Ah, sorry for calling you that” she quickly looks down

“It’s ok. I’m happy when you call me like that” he smiles at her.

“And can I call you Atsuko?” he looks at her and smile widely

“Since you let me call you Minami, so I guess you can call me that” she smiles, and looks away tries to act cool

“I don’t know why I feel very calm whenever I see your smile” she thought to herself and looks back at him. She realizes that he just stands there and looks at her

“What? Did something wrong?” she asked worriedly

“No, it is just that you have a very beautiful smile”

“You are really weird” she smiles again

“I feel very happy when seeing her smile likes that” Minami thought to himself.

   Then the two just stand there; look at the beautiful sky and feeling calm because of each other present.


That is chapter 4. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to comment your opinions.   :)

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Here is chapter 5

Chapter 5: an old friend

   When Atsuko's ship reaches the crowded city, “Diamond City”, it is already dark. Therefore, they just park their ship and take a rest. They will go to the city in the next morning. While everyone is resting in their room, they hear some noise coming from the ship deck. Mariko and Mii come out first.

"Who are you?" Mariko asks the figure before them.

"You guy are famous pirate ‘The Legend’, right?" the figure asks.

"Yes, we are. Didn't you notice the sign of the flag" Mii answers.

"What happened?" Jun runs up and asks Mariko.

"This person is looking for us. Another words, he is looking for trouble." Mariko chuckles

"I come here to look for Maeda Atsuko" the figure said.

"What do you want from Atsuko-nee?"  Jun points his sword to the figure.

"Atsuko-nee? I thought she only has one sister" the figure thoughts.

“You are Maeda Atsuko’s brother? I thought she only has a sister” the figure asks Jun.

“How did you know?” Jun asks.

"Everyone what happened?" Yuki come to the deck with Mayu.

"Yuki, long time no sees" the figure greets Yuki.

"It is you" Yuki said with a surprise tone.

"What with all the noise up there" Minami said while coming to the deck with Atsuko.

When Atsuko appears on the deck, the figure sudden takes out his two daggers run toward her. Minami quickly takes out his sword, stands in front of her, and stops the daggers.

"Wow you have a good bodyguard huh?" the figure smile and said.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Atsuko asks the figure.

"Yuki, she doesn't remember me" the figure fakes crying and runs toward Yuki.

Seeing the figure runs toward Yuki, Mayu also stands in front of her to prevent the man.

"Yuu, what are you doing here?" Yuki finally speaks.

"Yuu?" everyone looks at Yuki.

"Do you know him Yuki" Mariko asks

"Yes, he is an old friend of me and Atsuko-nee" Yuki answers.

"Yuu? Hm Oshima Yuu?" Atsuko asks

"Acchan how could you forget me" he runs and jumps toward Atsuko, but Atsuko dodges yuu

"Why are you so cold to me Acchan?" The figure pouts

"Atsuko, do you know that guy?" Minami asks her

Atsuko signs and nods

"What are you doing here Yuu?" Atsuko asks him while folding her arms

"I heard a rumor that the most popular pirate "The Legend" will stop by this city. Since the captain has the same name with you, so I thought it could be you. Then I decide to come here and visit." Yuu answers.

"Wow Acchan, after a long time we did not see each other, you and Yuki have grown up and becomes very strong. You even become the pirate whose name are feared by both pirates and nobles" Yuu said

When Yuu looks around, he feels a heavy feeling

“Yuki, Acchan, can you two introduce me to your friends. I can feel the killing aura around them especially your shorty bodyguard” he said.

"His name is Oshima Yuu. Atsuko-nee and I met him when we were a kid. He also helps us with some problem" Yuki Introduces him

“You guys can call me Yuu, nice to meet you all” Yuu goes around and shakes everyone’s hand.

“Do you really come here just to see whether or not I’m the captain of this ship?” Atsuko asks him with a doubting tone.

“Common Acchan, I really miss you and Yuki. It has been a very long time since we say goodbye to each other.” Yuu said.

“She is clever as expect from the captain of the famous ship. Nothing can escape her eyes. But I have to confirm that information before tell them about that.”  Yuu thinks to himself.

“If so then I will leave you there. If you want to chit chat you can talk to them, I will go back to my room.” Atsuko said and leaves.

“No, I have to go now. See you in the city in the morning.” Yuu said and then leaves the ship.

In the morning

They prepare and then go to the city together.

Diamond city is a crowded city. There are a lot of rich people and nobilities live in this city.

   When they reach the city entrance, each of them goes to different places that they want. Atsuko and Minami go to the food court. Mayu and Yuki go around the city and buy some plants and herbs for Mayu. Jun goes and looks for weapons because he likes them. Mariko and Mii go to buy supply for the ship. This time Haruna join them to go into the city. She goes around the city and looks for clothes and some accessories. While she is walking around the market, she bumps into a small figure. The figure falls on top of her.

“Ah, sorry, my bad” the man said to her

When he looks at the girl.

Doki doki

"She is so beautiful. Wow my heart beat so fast" he thought.

"It's ok, but can you get off me" she said

"Ah so...sorry" he stands up

"Wow her voice is so sweet. Man! I want to talk to her, but I have to go now.” he thought

“I’m sorry for bumping to you” he bows and rushes out of the place.

At noon

   Atsuko’s group gathers together at the city gate except for Minami. He has to go buy something. He will catch up with them later. When they pass through the notice board of the city, something attracts attention of Haruna.

“What’s the matter, Nyan Nyan?” Yuki asks her.

“This” she points to one of the wanted notice, and it said

“The thief ‘The squirrel’ has broken into the Mayor's house and stole his house's treasure, ‘Red Diamond'.”

While they are reading the notice, someone calls them.

“Acchan, I’m looking for you everywhere, I really need you and your friends to help me right now”

“Yuu?” Atsuko turns around.

Yuu did not say anything. He quickly rushes to Atsuko’s group. Once again he hits someone before him.

“gr...ahh.. What a stupid day, why I keep bumping into people” Yuu shouts in his mind

"Are you ok, Nyan Nyan?"

Atsuko comes and pulls Haruna up.

Because Haruna is too focusing on the notice, she did not realize that Yuu run to her direction. Therefore when step back he accidentally bumps into her.

“Sor…ah, it is you” Yuu said

“It is you again, next time please focuses on your road” Haruna said with a little irritated voice.

“I’m sorry… wait” Yuu said then he realizes something

“Acchan, did you know her?” Yuu asks Acchan

“Yes, she is one of my crews and my friend” Atsuko answers

"Acchan, what is her name? Acchan, introduce me to her, Acchan" yuu keep asking while shaking Atsuko.
“Stop shaking me.” Atsuko said with annoying tone while taking Yuu’s hands out of her shoulders.

“*sign* Her name is Kojima Haruna” then she turn to Haruna “Nyan Nyan, this is Oshima Yuu. He is my friend”

Then Yuu runs toward Haruna, shakes her hand, and said “Nice to meet you. Nyan Nyan. Can I call you that?”

“Nice to meet you, too. I don’t mind about that” Haruna said

“Satisfy?” Atsuko ask while frowning

Yuu nods, and smiles. Then Yuu realize something he shouts


“What now, Yuu?” Jun

“I forgot the main reason that makes me to look for you guys” Yuu said while scratching his head.

“Acchan, I need your help” he said and pulls Atsuko with him

At the same time Minami reaches the city gate. He saw Yuu pulls Atsuko hand. He runs toward them. He takes Atsuko’s hand and pulls her back

“Where are you pulling her?” Minami stares at Yuu

“Calm down Takamina, I will not take “your Atsuko” to anywhere. I just want you guy to help me” Yuu said.

Hearing that makes Atsuko and Minami blush.

“What do you want us to help?” Mariko asks

“Go to my place, and I will tell you that” Yuu said and shows them the way to his place.

At Yuu’s room.

Yuu rents a room in an inn in city.

“So, what happened?” Yuki asks

“I want you guys to help me find the “Red Diamond" and return it to the mayor." You said with a serious tone.

"What?" Everyone shouts in surprise.

"Why did you want to find that?" Minami asks

"To fix what I did wrong" Yuu sadly said. Then he looks outside the window. His eyes full of regret.

"To tell the truth, it is me who stole that diamond from the Mayor” he continues

“But the one who stole the diamond is the famous thief ‘the Squirrel.’ Don’t tell me you are” Mariko said with a surprise tone.

“Yes, I’m that Squirrel” Yuu confirms.

“Why did you steal that diamond in the first place” Atsuko asks him

“I was tricked” Yuu said with a heavy tone.

“He saved me one year ago, so I see him as a friend, and I trust him.”

“4 days ago, he asks me to come to this city to meet him” Yuu said


“Hey Naru, long time no see. How are you doing?” Yuu greets his old friend

"Hey Squirrel, I’m fine. How about you buddy?" Naru greets him

"I'm good. So why did you call me here today?" yuu asks

"I have a favor to ask you." Naru said and signs

"What is it? Don't hesitate just ask me, I will do everything that I can to help you" yuu said

"10 year ago, my father own a rare diamond named “Red Diamond.” But one day, the man who now is the Mayor of this city came and took it from us. He said that the diamond belongs to him. Because we are just normal family, we cannot go against the rich. From that day, my father is very sad. Two month later he passed away.” Naru said and cries.

“From that day on, I promise in front of my father’s grave that I will take that diamond back and place it in his grave” he continues.

“10 years have passed, but I still cannot find the one who took my family treasure. One month ago, I finally found out who he is. But now he is a Mayor of this city, I’m just a businessman. I cannot do anything. I’m such a hopeless son. My father must feel disappointed about me” Naru continues with a sorrow tone.

“Squirrel, you are a great thief. Can you take this for me? I only have this wish. I really want my father to be happy even he is already dead.” He said in sincerely voice.

“Naru, I will help you. You saved me one years ago. I’m in your debt. I will take that diamond for you, so that you can bring that to your father grave. One more thing, I really hate those authorities who use their power to domineer people” Yuu said.

“Thank you, Squirrel, you are my savior. I’m forever in your debt” Naru said and hugs Yuu.

Yuu promises that man without realizing the real dark plan behind that hug. That night he goes to the Mayor’s house and successfully takes the diamond.

End Flashback

“How did you know that he tricked you?” Jun asks

“After met you guys on your ship, yesterday, I took a walk around the shore. Then I saw Naru sneakily went into someone’s ship” Yuu said.

“I decided to follow him to see what he is doing. That is when I eavesdropped the conversation between him and someone.


“Did you get the diamond” a man said

“Yes, I did. Easily.” Naru said in a proud voice

“Good job, I thought you will meet a lot of trouble to get things from that Mayor’s house” the man said

“I just use my brain for that. I trick a stupid Squirrel to do that for me. I just set him up and saved him one time. Then he act like my dog” Naru said and laughs haughtily.

Behind the door, Yuu stands there stuns with the confession. He is very shock, and tear is running down from his eyes. The one he thought is his best friend is using him. Naru betrayed him and tricked him even though Yuu trust him very much. He tightens his fist. He tries to calm himself down and continues to listen to the conversation.

“When will we meet them to sell them the diamond?” Naru asks the man.

“Our captain will be back here in 3 days. He will take the diamond and bring that to the client. Don’t worry after we got the money, you will get a handsome reward for your good work.” the man ensures him.

End Flashback

“He is so cruel. How could he do that to you? He betrayed your trust” Yuki said in sad tone.

“Did you try to go into his house to look for it?” Atsuko asks Yuu

“I did. After hearing their conversation, I went into his house to find it but there is no sign of the diamond." yuu said

"That is why I need you guys' help. I need you guys help me to find where his secret room is.” Yuu asks sincerely.

“I see. Because he already knows your face, you cannot do thing openly, right? Atsuko asks Yuu

“Yes, so can you guy help me?” Yuu answers.

“Firstly, we need to find a way to go into that house.” Minami said.

“We have three days before his boss comes and takes the diamond” Yuki said.

“We need to act quickly.” Mariko said.

“Jun, can you go to his house to find some information about him and his household?” Atsuko asks Jun

“You can leave it to me” Jun answers then leaves the room.

Haruna all that time just sits and listens to the entire story carefully while look at Yuu.

After a while, Jun comes back. He sits on his chair and speaks

“When I went to investigate his house, I found out that his house is hiring two people to help with the housework because there are two people just retire.”

“That is our chance to get the diamond” Yuu said

“We need 2 people, one will go and find out his daily routine. The other will go and find the secret room.” Atsuko said.

“I will go and find the secret room.” Haruna sudden speaks.

Everyone look at Haruna with a surprise looks, but she looks so serious.

“Why so sudden, Nyan Nyan?” Mariko asks

“I just want to help” she answers shortly

Yuu looks at her “Nyan Nyan, thank you”

“Now we have the one to find the room. I will find out about his daily routine” Atsuko said

“No, you can’t.” Minami said

“Why?” Atsuko asks

“Well, because you are Maeda Atsuko. Even though people cannot recognize you are the captain of The Legend, he associates with pirate. Therefore, the chance that your cover will be blown is very high” Minami explain

“I will be the one to find the information about his routine” Yuki volunteers.

“No, it is too dangerous. I won’t let you do that.” Atsuko strongly opposes.

"But... Atsuko-nee...” Yuki turns to Atsuko

"No is no" Atsuko said

"Atsuko-nee I’ll go. I always go and find information." Jun said

"In addition, Nyan Nyan is already a girl, so the other has to be a guy to protect her." Jun adds

"Ok, we will go with this plan" Yuu said

The next day

   Haruna and Jun go to Naru's house to apply for work. Luckily they all are hired. Haruna works as a housemaid. She cleans up the house and serves Naru drink. Jun works at the kitchen. When they start the work, they begin their plan.

At the kitchen

"Hello everyone, this is Sun (Jun fake name,) he will help you out in the kitchen" the housekeeper said.

"Hi everyone, nice to meet you all" Jun said and smiles cutely.

"Wow, he is so cute" young maids said together.

At the maid's room

"Hello everyone, this is Haruka (Haruna fake name) she will help you out from now on" the head housemaid said.

"Hello everyone, nice to meet you all" haruna said.

At the kitchen

Jun starts his work. He goes around talking with other housemaids.

"Hey, nice to meet you, you're Mai right?

"Hey Jun, you're able to remember my name?" she said shyly.

"Of course, how can I forget name of a beauty like you" he said and winks to her

The girl looks downs shyly, and her face is all red.

Mai work here for a very long time. She knows a lot about the house and Naru.

"Our master is a businessman, right?" Jun asks

"Yes, he is very busy" she answers

"Does he usually stay at home?"

"No, one week, he only stays at home in one day which is today." she said

"Usually where does he stay most of the time?" Jun asks

"Why are you so curious about master?" the maid asks in wonder tone.

"Ah, no, you know that I just work here today. I don't know anything about our master. I want to know where he usually goes, so I can avoid that place. I don't want to get in trouble." he said and smiles.

"Oh, I see. He usually goes to his study room. He will stay there for all day." she said.

"Thank you Mai. I own you" he said, holds her hand, and smile to her

"You're welcome" she said with her face is red.

"Another thing tomorrow, he will go for a business trip. He will go back on the early morning in the next day." she adds

"So tomorrow is Nyan Nyan chance to find the room" Jun thought.

"Thank you again Mai. I have to go now. Talk to you later" he smiles and leaves.

At haruna's place.

"Haruka, tonight you will bring tea to master's study room" the head maid said

"This is my chance" she thought

"Yes, ma'am" she said.

Haruna take the stray and go to the study room. She knocks the door

"Master, I bring tea for you" she said

"Come in" he said.

Haruna comes in. She looks over the place.

"Wow the room is big.” Haruna thought

   There are a lot of books on the bookshelf on the left side of the room. Opposite the bookshelves, there are a lot of drawings that hung on the wall. On the right side of the room is a shelf with a lot of antique and rare stuffs.

"Here is your tea, master" she puts the stray on the table.

"Do you need anything else master?" she asks

"No, you can go now" Naru said.

Haruna bows and leaves.


"Nyan Nyan, Jun how is your work" 3 figures go toward them.

"Hi Atsuko-nee, Takamina, and Yuu" Jun said and smiles

"Hi Acchan, Takamina, Yuu" Haruna greets them.

"We are doing well" Jun said

"I have found out that tomorrow he will go for a business trip until the next day." Jun said

"And he always stays in his study room every time he is at home." Jun continues

“Today, I got a chance to bring tea to his study room. Taking that chance, I placed the powder that Mii-kun gave me on his cup and tea pot” Haruna said


“Nyan Nyan, before you go, takes this with you.” Mii calls and gives Haruna 2 small pots.

“What is it, Mii?” Mariko asks

“That is my new invention. ‘Tracking Powder’.” Mii said

“Nyan Nyan, you find a chance to place the powder in the yellow pot on where that Naru guy touches. So when he touches anything, it will leave the powder there.” Mii continue

“Will he be able to see that?” Yuki asks.

“This powder is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Even if you touch it, you won’t feel anything” Mii explain.

“How can we recognize that?” Haruna asks.

“That will be the powder in the blue pot. You only need to spray this powder on that tracking powder. It will appear.” Mii answers, and then he does an example for everyone.

“Well guys, good luck” Mii said

End Flashback

"Tomorrow, I will go to his room. This will be my chance to investigate his room." Haruna continues.

“Good job, my Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and jumps to the girl. She raises her hand and stops him.

"When you find that place, you and Jun quickly return to the ship, ok? And You two remember to be careful” Atsuko said to them

“Ok” both of them said and leaves

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu calls Haruna

She turns around and looks at him.

“Please, be careful” he said to her

“I will” she smiles and nods

The next day

   Waiting for everyone to gather in the main door to send Naru off, Haruna and Jun sneak into Naru room. While Haruna goes inside and finds the trace of the powder, Jun hides outside to guard for her.

She takes out the powder in the blue pot and starts spraying the powder.

“I will start at the bookshelf.”

She sprays a little power to the shelf from book to book. After a while she already sprayed almost every part of the room

“Why it still doesn’t show up yet” she feels frustrated.

   She goes and looks around the room once again. She spots something shining in one of the drawing. She comes closer and looks at it. Then she takes out the drawing. Behind the drawing is a brick wall, there is a strange shape of brick with a little shining color on its two side.

Haruna tries to pull the brick out, but she can’t. Then she pushes the brick. The brick is slowly pushed back inside the wall. The bookshelf behind her opens a secret path.

Suddenly, she hears the knocking sound at the door.

“Nyan Nyan, are you ok?” Jun whispers.

   Because Haruna is inside the room for too long, Jun starts to worry, so he comes to ask. Haruna knows that her job is done. She pushes the brick back in its normal state, and then cleans up all the room. After that she leaves the room with Jun like nothing happen. Then they sneak out of the house.

“Our job is done. Now we will wait for the part two of the plan to finish” Jun said to Haruna.

“Yes, hope they are ok.” Haruna said.


(the night atsuko, Minami, and Yuu meet Jun and Haruna)

“Jun, you said that Naru will go on a business trip, right?”

“Yes.” Jun said

“Acchan, Takamina, can you guys help me one more thing?” Yuu turns to Atsuko and Minami and asks.

“You want to take revenge?” Atsuko asks

“No, there is one thing I want to confirm.” Yuu continues

“What is it?” Minami ask

“When I’m sure about it, I’ll tell you two.” Yuu answers.

“Well, I guess so. So Jun, where will he go?” Atsuko asks Jun.

“He will go to the west side of the city.” Jun answers.

“West side of the city, I recall one time he told me that he has a big house there. Maybe he goes there to check his properties.” Yuu said.

“Then tomorrow we will hide outside his house. When he leaves, we will follow him. We will wait for the right time to ambush him.” Minami suggest.

“Uh, that is a good plan.” Atsuko said.

“Good. But we have to be careful, he is very sly.” Yuu said.

End Flashback

   At the same time with Haruna looking for the secret room at the study room. At the main door, Atsuko, Minami, and Yuu are waiting for Naru behind the wall near the house. When they see the carriage runs out of the house, they follow him. When the carriage goes out of the city into a forest, they jump out and take down all the guards that follow him. Feeling that the carriage doesn’t move, Naru come out of the carriage. When he comes out, he saw Atsuko and Minami stand in front of him with a smirk.

“Who are you two? What do you want from me? Why did you attack my people?” He asks with an angry voice.

“Wow, you ask too many questions. However, we are not the one going to answer all your question. The one that want to meet you is over there.” Atsuko said and point to Yuu’s direction.

Naru turns around and fall backward when he sees Yuu.

“Sq...Squir..Squirrel?” he stutters.

“What’s wrong, my friend? Why you look so scared when you see me?” Yuu said.

“Of course not, I’m just surprised that you’re still here.” Naru stands, and tries to calm himself down.

“Take off your mask already, that disgusting” Yuu said.

“W..what are you saying Yuu?” he said and smiles softly.

“Do you think that your work is completely secret? Do you think that I did not know that you trick and betray me?” Yuu said angrily.

“So, you know about that. What do you want now? Kill me to revenge?” Naru said with a challenging voice.

“I just want to ask you some question. However, not in this place” Yuu said and punches Naru in the stomach.

At the Ship

“Did you guy caught him?” Mariko asks when she sees Atsuko and Minami walk in.

“Yup, this is our prize.” Minami points to Yuu who carries Naru on his shoulder.

“Did Jun and Nyan Nyan come back yet?” Yuu asks.

“Yes, they are.” Mii answers.

“Where is Yuki and Mayu?” Atsuko asks.

“They went out to buy some food together” Mariko answers.

“Hey, Nyan Nyan, Jun, how is your work?” Minami asks

“Success” Jun answers.

“Now, my turn to go and fix my mistake” Yuu said after he tied the unconscious Naru into the chair.

“I’ll go with you” a voice suddenly speaks.

“Nyan Nyan?” everyone looks at her.

“But this is very dangerous” Yuu said.

“That is why I’ll go with you” Haruna said.

“Aww Nyan Nyan, are you worried about me? You are so sweet” Yuu comes and pinches on Haruna’s cheeks.

“Don’t worry, I’m the great and handsome thief “The Squirrel,” I’ll be fine” Yuu said to Haruna.

Then he leaves the place.

At Naru’s house

Yuu sneaks into the house and comes to the Study room. He follows the instruction of Haruna and opens the secret room.

“Yosh, let go Yuu” he talks to himself

   Yuu steps inside the room. There is a long path that leads to a big door. He carefully takes each step to avoid any traps that place in the room. Suddenly a lance flies to him from his left side. He turns himself and bends backward to dodge the lance. Then he uses his hand to support and jumps up to dodge other two lances that coming from his right side. Lastly, he slides himself under the lances wall. Finally, he reaches the door.

“Finally …ouch”

   Suddenly, a knife flies directly to him. Luckily, he is able to dodge it by lean to the right, but his hand is injured by the knife. Yuu stands still for some time to see if there are some traps left. Then he opens the door and comes in. Yuu see the diamond is place on the table that put in the center of the room. He comes and takes the diamond. When he is about to leave, something suddenly jumps into him.

Meanwhile in the ship

“So you’re awake” Mariko said.

“Who are you?” he asks

“Friends of Yuu another word the famous thief “The Squirrel” Atsuko said

“Where is he now?” he ask

“He went to take back what he was tricked and accidently took from the rightful owner” Minami said.

“No way, how did he know where I hid that?” Naru said

“So, you curious about how did he know huh?” Haruna walks toward him and said.

“ are that maid girl. You tricked me” he shouts.

“We just did what you did to Yuu” Yuki said

“Even if he found that secret path, he never is able to go to that room. I put a lot of trap outside” He said and laughs haughtily.

“Even he lucky enough to escape the traps, he still cannot fight back…”

“The tiger you put in the room right?” a voice coming from the door that cuts Naru’s words.

Everyone looks at the sources of the sound.

“Yuuchan” Haruna speaks

Yuu came back with a scratch in his left hand and some scratches on his face.

“Yuuchan you are hurt” Haruna said and comes to takes care of his wounds.

“Why?” Naru can only say that word.

“I managed to escape from your lovely pet” Yuu said


Suddenly something jumps to him. In reflection he jumps back to dodge it. Then he realize

“A tiger” Yuu shouts “Naru you’re crazy”

   He takes out his two daggers and jump to the tiger from behind. The tiger struggles and throws him to the floor. It jumps to him and tries to bite his shoulder. Yuu tries to release his arms. Then he uses the dagger cut the tiger leg. The tiger groans in pain. Taking the opportunity, Yuu folds his feet and kicks its stomach. Then he stands up and quickly runs out of the room and close the door.

End Flashback

“Finally, you won. Do whatever you want to me” Naru leans back to the chair and said

“I just have one question. What group of pirate that you associate with?” Yuu asks.

“Ken, captain of “The Red Skull” he answers

Hearing that name makes Atsuko steps back and accidently slips on Minami’s foot. Minami quickly hold her to prevent her from falling down.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami worriedly asks

She snaps back and said

“I..I’m ok, Minami.” she said but her eyes are full of pain.

“Sorry I feel a little tired, please excuse myself” Atsuko said and rush out the room

Minami worries and follows her.


That is chapter 5. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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Are they gonna confront the red skull pirates now? And why atsuko is afraid of ken? Or is she afraid of red skull? Thanks for the update!
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Red Skull???

Why did Atsuko seem to be scared or trouble when hearing about 'Red Skull'?

What kind of past do they have with each other?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Here is chapter 6
Chapter 6: Traumatic past

At the ship

"Who is the pirate that you associate with?" Yuu asks Naru

"Ken, captain of “The Red Skull" he answers

When Atsuko hears that name, she steps back. Accidently, she slips on Minami foot and nearly fall. Fortunately, Minami catches her before she falls on the ground.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami worriedly asks.

“Uhm..I...I’m fine” Atsuko said and smile at Minami, but her eyes is filled with pain.

“I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well. I will go back to my room” Atsuko said and leaves the room. When Atsuko opens the door, Yuki and Mayu just come back.

“Hi Atsuko-nee” Yuki greets her.



“Ah s...sorry Yuki, hi Yuki, Mayu. Excuse me. I have to go now” Atsuko said

Then she quickly rushes out of the room. Minami worries and follows her. Minami catches up with her and holds her hand

“What happened, Atsuko? You look so pale?” Minami asks

“I’m fine Minami. I just feel tired” Atsuko said

“Don’t lie to me Atsuko. Who are those pirates “Red Skull”? Who is the guy name Ken? Did you know him?” Minami asks.

"...." Atsuko just stays silent and looks down.

"Your expression changed when you heard their name. Please Atsuko, tell me what happen. I want to help you." Minami tightens his grip on Atsuko hand.

 He looks directly at her eyes. Atsuko looks at Minami eyes. She feels that he worries and cares about her. She takes a deep breath and said

"They killed my second family, and nearly kill us."

Minami widens his eyes with surprise. They go up to the quarterdeck of the ship. Atsuko begins telling him everything about her untold past with the person name Ken.

Meanwhile in the meeting room

"What happen to Atsuko-nee, she looks...uhm.. strange?" Yuki worriedly asks

"Don't know. We are talking about the pirate group "the Red Skull" and the guy name Ken who Naru associates with. Then she said that she is not feeling well and left." Mariko answers.

"Ken" Yuki half shouts in surprise tone and looks at Yuu.

"Yes, it's him" Yuu nods and answers.

Yuki falls back into her seat

"What? What happen? Did I missing something. Why did Yuki react like Acchan when she heard about them too?" Mii said

Yuu looks at Yuki asking her if it's ok to tell them about that. Yuki nods

"He is a traitor" Yuki said

"I used to work with him in the same ship. My sensei saved Acchan and Yuki. Then Ken betrayed my sensei and killed him" Yuu said

"What?" everyone shocks about the revelation.

"I met Acchan and Yuki 20 year ago. That time I only 8 years old."

At ship quarterdeck

“The original name of “The Red Skull” pirate is ‘The Seagull’." Atsuko starts telling the story.


20 years ago, the pirate ship "The Seagull" spots a small boat is floating on the sea.

The Seagull is a pirate ship that goes against the rich and nobilities. It also fights any pirate ships that harm people.

They come closer to see what is on there. On the small boat, there are two little girls. One is about 4 years old, and the other is about 6 years old. The younger girl is crying under the older girl. The older girl is unconscious with blood is running down from her head. Above her is a big wooden stick.

"Captain, what are we going to do?" a crew asks the captain.

"Quickly, you guys come down there and take them here." the captain orders his crews.

They go down to the small ship. Carefully they remove the wooden stick from the girls. Then they carefully lift the unconscious girl up and take the smaller girl to the ship first. The captain comes and hugs the crying girl.

"Don't cry, you are ok now. Everything is ok now." the captain said and tries comfort the girl.

"Fire, a..hix..lot B..lo.od,...a lot...hix.of b.lo..od. Atsuko-nee..hix" the younger girl said with trembling voice

"It's ok now, you are safe now. Your sister is safe too" the captains hugs her and strokes her back.

The young girl starts calming down and stops crying. She looks at the gentle captain with her still red eyes because of crying.

"Good girl, can you now tell me your name?" he gently smiles to her and pats her head

"My name is kashiwagi Yuki" she said in a small voice.

Then they bring the little older girl up. She is unconscious. Yuki saw her sister and starts crying again

"Atsuko-nee, wake up. Atsuko-nee, Atsu..."

Then Yuki also faints because of shock, tiredness and hungrer. When the captain saw Atsuko’s condition, he quickly brings the little girl to the room. Then he takes care of the wound in her head. He also orders his crew to bring Yuki there.

"Captain, when we come down there, we saw that little girl hold this sword very tight. We tried very hard just to take it out of her grip." a crew tells him

"What a special looking sword. Maybe that sword is very important to her, give me" the captain said.

"Uhm, I just put it near her" he thought then leaves the room.


After a long deep sleep, Yuki wakes up. She looks around and realizes that she is in a strange room. Then she sees her sister is laying another bed opposite her. She jumps out from her bed and runs toward her.

"Atsuko-nee, Atsuko-nee" she calls and shakes her sister.

"Yuki, your sister is sick. Let her rest. Come here I bring you something to eat" the captain come in and call her.

She looks back and sees the gentle captain who saved her and her sister. She runs to him and hugs him.

"Thank you uhm..." she doesn't know how to call him

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself" he said and smiles at her.

"My name is Akimoto Yasushi. Nice to meet you. You can call me uncle Aki." he continues.

"Thank you uncle Aki." Yuki smiles innocently at the captain.

He smiles and pats her head. Then he leads the girl to the table to eat. While she is eating, Atsuko is awake. She sits up and looks around.

"Where am I?" she tiredly said

Captain Aki and Yuki notice and look back. Yuki is happy to see that her sister finally wakes up. She stands up from the chair and rushes to her.

"Atsuko-nee, you are awake. Yuki is very happy" Yuki said while hugging her.

"Wh..who are you?" Atsuko weakly asks.

Yuki is surprise with her sister words.

"Atsuko-nee, it is me Yuki. I'm your sister. Did you forget me?" Yuki said, and her eyes are full with tear.

"Yuki...Yuki... Ah my head hurt" Atsuko thought to herself while holding her head. Then something flashes before her eyes. She sees a little girl runs toward her and said


"Here Atsuko-nee this is my present for your birthday" the little girl gives her a daisy flower and hugs her

"Thank you Yuki" she said.

End flashback

"Yu...Yuki" Atsuko said then hugs her sister tightly.

"I'm happy. Atsuko-nee still remembers me." Yuki tightens her hug.

Atsuko realizes that there is someone standing in front of them. She quickly stands up and pulls Yuki to hide behind her back. She sees a sword next to her. She quickly grasps it and stands in fighting form.

"Calm down little girl. I'm not a bad person" captain Aki said to Atsuko.

"I found you and your sister on a small boat, so I took you two in" he continues

"Yes, Atsuko-nee, uncle Aki saved us" Yuki said to Atsuko.

"Thank you..." Atsuko said.

"Why don't you call me uncle Aki like Yuki" he said, and Atsuko just nods.

"What is your name little girl? He asks.

"Uhm... I don't remember...Atsuko?" she said in small voice.

"Atsuko-nee is Atsuko-nee" Yuki innocently said and hugs her sister again

"Wow Atsuko-nee there is some word on your necklace."

Atsuko takes her phoenix shape necklace and reads the words

"Maeda Atsuko"

"I think that is your name." the captain said

"Yuki I know you are still a little kid but since your sister lost all her memories, do you remember what happened to you two? Why you two are on that boat? And you said something about fire"

"I don't know. When Yuki woke up, Yuki only saw Atsuko-nee is unconscious and her head is covered with a lot of blood. I'm scare and cry. Then your ship come" Yuki said

"The only thing I remember is Atsuko-nee is my sister" Yuki said while clinging on her sister.

“Maybe the shock makes her forget what she just said when she comes to this ship.” the captain thought.

Then he leads the two to the ship deck to introduce them to the crews. In those crew there is one little 8 years old boy. He runs to them and greets them.

"Hello my name is Oshima Yuu. Nice to meet you two" he smiles at them.

"Hi my name is Yuki. Nice to meet you" Yuki smiles and shakes his hand.

"Aww Yuki, you're so cute" Yuu said and pinch Yuki's cheeks.

"..." Atsuko just stays silent.

"Hey, your name is Atsuko, right?" Yuu said to Atsuko

"Don't call my name. I don't know you" she coldly said.

"Ehh.. If I don't call you Atsuko, what do you want me to call you when I want to talk to you?" Yuu said.

"..." Atsuko keeps silent and walks away.

“She is so cold” Yuu pouts.

The captain comes to him and pats his shoulder.

“Be patient, Yuu. Even though she is just a little kid, I guess she has been through a lot. Although she lost her memories, but deep down in her heart, I think she still feels a lot of pain. Those are the reason she is very caution with strangers. Try to be her friend kid”

“Aki-sensei. Yes I will” Yuu smiles at his teacher and leaves. He rushes to Atsuko’s and Yuki’s place

"How about I call you Acchan?" Yuu stand in front of Atsuko and said

Little Atsuko stops whatever she is doing and looks at little Yuu.

“Acchan… someone had called me by that name before. Ah.. My head hurts again” Atsuko thought while holding her head

“Are you ok, Acchan” Yuu asks

"See I did not call your name. So can I be your friend?" Yuu said.

“...” he receives the same silent treatment from Atsuko

Then every day, he always come to play with Yuki and tries to be friend with Atsuko

“Acchan, can I be your friend? Yuki already became my friend for a long time” Yuu pouts

Atsuko looks at him and just nods.

They live peacefully in Akimoto’s ship. He treats them as his daughters, and starts teaching them martial art.

In the morning

He calls Atsuko, Yuki, and Yuu to the main deck

“Today, I’ll teach you martial art. Now take out your wooden sword.” he said to them.

Atsuko takes out her sword and does some movement. The captain saw and asks

“Acchan, do you learn Martial art before?”

“I don’t know. Those movements just appear in my head whenever I hold the sword” she said

Every day, he will teach them martial art and tactic.

2 years later

At night

In the captain's room

“Ken, you betray us. You work with the nobles. Kidnapping people and selling them.” The captain shouts at his vice-captain

“Captain, I did not do that. Trust me” Ken said

“Stop lying Ken. I had order people to investigate your work because you act strange lately.” The captain said

“Tsk, so you already knew that. Good, I don’t need to act anymore” Ken said and smirks.

“Why Ken? Why did you do that? I raised and watched you grow up from 3 years old boy until now. I treat you as my son. We promise that we will not work with those heartless. So why now you bow before them and shake their hand.” The captain said in disappointed voice.

“Money. It is an easy calculation.” he said and laugh loudly.

“I’m really bored with a bunch of rules that you make for me. A pirate but cannot kill and attack rich people ship for money. A pirate gives all their money to the poor. Don’t make me laugh. You are too old to be a captain now, my most respectful captain. This time I’ll be the captain of this ship and throw all your rules into your grave with you” Ken said and laughs like crazy.

Then he orders all his man to come and attack the ship. Actually, he already orders his man to hide and wait.

“Yuu, alert all the crews” He said to Yuu

Then the captain takes his sword and run out of his room. After that he rushes to Atsuko and Yuki to wake them up. He was stopped by Ken’s people. While the captain is fighting, Ken comes to Atsuko’s and Yuki’s room.

Acchan is woken up by the noise. Then she saw Ken walks in

“What’s happen Ken-nii?” half sleep Atsuko said while rubbing her eyes. Then Atsuko saw his sword is covered with blood. She stand up and takes her sword

“*cough*... Acchan, he is crazy,....*cough*.. he goes around…*cough*.... and kills a lot of people” Yuu runs to the room and weakly said

“Acchan, be a good girl and give me your sword” He uses soft voice to Atsuko

“No, uncle Aki said that he found this sword beside me, so it is very important to me and my forgotten past.” Atsuko said while holding tight her sword.

“That man is stupid. How can he ignore such a unique sword like this? I will take it by all means. Now give it to me.” he said

“No, never” Atsuko shouts at him

“You left me no choice” he said then he raises his sword to slash Atsuko, but she dodges. Then he turns back and kicks her at her stomach. Atsuko flies and hits the wall. Then he lifts her up by her collar, and tries to take the sword from her hand.

“Give me your sword” he emphasizes each of his word.

“No, I won’t ever give you this” Atsuko shouts

“How about this?”

Ken releases her collar and rushes to Yuki’s bed. He takes Yuki neck and lifts her up

“No, let her go” Atsuko shouts

Yuki is woken up because of surprised and cries.

“Atsuko-nee *cough*” she calls her sister.

He tightens his grip on Yuki’s neck

“Give me your sword now.” He said while raising Yuki higher.

“Atsu….*cough*…*cough*..” Yuki breathlessly call Atsuko

“Please, Ken, release her. I will do anything for you” Atsuko begs

“Give me that sword” Ken repeats once again.

When Atsuko is about to give the sword, Yuu rushes to Ken and kicks him from behind. Being taken by surprise, Ken slips Yuki and steps back a few step.

“Yuki” Atsuko rushes to Yuki

“You ask for this Yuu” Ken is mad.

He rushes to hit Yuu. When he is about to hit him, Aki captain runs into the room and kicks him. He is hit and falls back.

“Ken, how can you kill your comrades like that. You heartless monster” The captain shouts.

“Say what you want, today is the dead of all of you” he said and laughs.

“Acchan, take Yuki to the small boat and leaves here now” he said

“But…” Atsuko said

“This ship is in danger now. You two are like my daughters, so I want you two to live and happy.” he said and hugs Atsuko and Yuki.

“Yuu, takes Acchan and Yuki out of here, now.” The captain said

“hix…hix… uncle Aki” Yuki cries.

“No one can get out of here” Ken said and stands at the door. Aki captain takes his sword and rushes to him. He fights with Ken to buy time for Yuu. Unfortunately, when they run near the door, Ken runs to them and catches Yuki in his hand.

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki calls her sister

“Yuki” Atsuko shouts

Ken throws Yuki on the floor. He raises his sword to stab Yuki.

“No, Yuki. Please Ken don’t kill her.” Atsuko falls down on her knee and screams.

“I already gave you a chance, Acchan.” He said then raises his sword.

When he is about to stab her, immediately, Aki captain rushes to Yuki and uses his body to shield for her.

“Uncle Aki” Atsuko shouts

“Atsuko, quick take Yuki out of here” he said and coughs up blood

Atsuko rushes to Yuki and holds her hand to run. Ken kicks Aki captain to the wall. Then he runs to stop Atsuko. Yuu rushes to stop him, but he kicks him at his stomach makes him fall and cough. Now, he is standing in front of Atsuko and Yuki.

“You, traitor” Atsuko shouts to him

Ken swings his sword to attack Atsuko, but she is able to block his sword with her sword. He tries to punch her, but she dodges. She jumps up and tries to slash him, but because she is still a kid, she doesn’t have enough strength to injure him. However, she is able to make a scratch on his hand. That scratch makes him goes crazy. He holds Atsuko by neck. Then he cruelly crashes her on the floor and makes her to cough up blood. Aki captain gathers all his strength and rushes to Ken. He pushes him down on the floor and holds him tight. He looks up and calls Yuu.

“Yuu, take them out right now”

Ken tries to escape from the captain. He punches him at his injures and kicks his stomach.

Yuu rushes to Atsuko and helps her to stand up. Then he holds Yuki’s hand and runs out of the room. They look back at their uncle in tear. Although he is in pain, he still holds onto Ken to save his dearest people.

“Uncle Aki” Atsuko and Yuki call him in tear before completely out of the room.

Yuu leads them to the boat, and they leave the ship together.

End Flashback

At the deck quarter

Atsuko tells Minami her story in tear.

“Uncle Aki is the reason I became a pirate. I want to be like him helping people.” Atsuko said while sobbing

“I also want to be a pirate to find Ken. However, today, when I heard his name again, it likes a knife just stab in my heart once again. All the things that happened that night come to my head just like a tsunami. I feel scared” Atsuko continues while crying

Minami comes and hugs her to comfort her.

“I lost all my past. Uncle Aki is the person who saved me and helped me. He is like a second family to me. He sacrificed his life for me and Yuki” Atsuko said and hugs him back

“It’s ok now, Atsuko. You always have me beside you. I promise I’ll always be by your side and protect you” Minami said and tighten his hug

“Thank you, Minami. Thank you for always be by my side. Because having you here by my side, I found my courage now.” She said while hugging him.

“I’ve decided. I’ll go meet him and finish what I cannot do in the past” Atsuko continues.

“Good. If you want to find him and take revenge, I’ll come with you and support you” He breaks the hug and looks at her. Atsuko finally smiles.

“Thank you Minami” she said.

Then she leans and kisses his cheek. He is surprised but then smiles widely at her.

“We should come back to the meeting room and discuss your plan with them.” Minami said and hold Atsuko’s hand.

At the meeting room

“So that is what happened with you and Acchan” Mariko said to Yuki.

“No wonder, when Acchan and you heard that name. You two have that expression in your face” Mii said

“I hope that Acchan is ok” Haruna said.

"Yuki, I did not know that you had such a tragic past." Mayu looks at the girl who is crying in front of him.

He comes and hugs Yuki. Everyone looks at them with a surprise look.

"What happen to you two? You look strange from the first step you step into this room" Yuu asks evilly while stroking his chin. Mayu and Yuki face are all red.

"Actually...." before Mayu tells the story, the door opens. Atsuko and Minami step inside. Seeing Atsuko, Yuki runs toward and hugs her sister tightly.

"It's ok yuki. I'm fine now. Sorry for making you worry" Atsuko said while patting Yuki's back.

"Atsuko-nee, you are really ok right?" Yuki asks again

"I'm perfectly fine." Atsuko smiles to reassure her sister.

"Yuu, I have a favor to ask you" Atsuko turns and looks at yuu.

"Yes, what is it Acchan?" Yuu asks

"Can you delay the time you return the diamond to the mayor for me? I want to go to the meeting place and meet him." Atsuko said with a serious tone.

"You want to take revenge?" Yuu asks

Atsuko nods with determined eyes.

"Then count me in. I want to make him pay because he killed the person that I respect the most." Yuu said.

"Naru. Tomorrow where will you meet Ken? And how can he let me in" Yuu said

"Why would I tell you?" He said with a careless voice.

"You are challenging me?" Yuu said

Instantly, he takes Naru by his collar and pulls him to the fore deck of the ship.

"Do you want to turn into fish food or do you want to tell where the place is?" Yuu said with a devilish voice.

"Don't threaten me. I know you Squirrel. You never kill anyone" he said and laughs.

"So, this is your honor to be the first person who the famous thief kills." Yuu said and smirks.

Then he lowers Naru and loosens his grip.

"Wait..wait..wait...please don't do that" Naru shouts in panic.

"So what do you want now?" yuu smirk

"I will tell, I will tell" he begs.

"Good, now tell me quick" Yuu pulls Naru back.

"Tomorrow evening, I will meet him in his boat in the west side of the island. Just take my pendant and show them. They will let you in" Naru said.

"If you tell me sooner, you won't suffer like that." Yuu said.

Then Yuu takes Naru to the storeroom and locks him there. Then they go back to the meeting room

"Ok, tomorrow, Minami and I will disguise as Naru servants. I will go meet him and you guy will ambush outside. When I tell Minami to go outside, you guy will sneak into the ship and attack his crews." Atsuko said.

"Ok let settle like that" Minami said

"By the way, Mayu, you are about telling us about you and Yuki right?" Yuu winks to them.

Mayu’s and Yuki’s face become red because of what Yuu said.

"What happen? What is about Yuki?" Atsuko is confused and asks.

“Actually before you two come in here. We suspect Mayu’s and Yuki’s behavior. They are strangely close.” Mariko said and giggles.

Mayu and Yuki just sit and silent. Then Mayu looks at Yuki and stands up. He gathers all his courage and comes to Atsuko.

Atsuko looks up in surprise

“What is he doing?” she thought to herself

Suddenly he bows and said loudly

“I know this is not the time to talk about this, but I love Kashiwagi Yuki. We want your bless, Atsuko-san”

“Ehhhh!!” everyone in the room shouts in shock.

Then they look at Yuki who is all red now. Yuki just shyly nods

“When did you guy together?” Yuu asks

“When you guys go to capture Naru” Yuki shyly said.


“Yuki, do you want to go out a little?” Mayu nervously asks.

“Uhm, ok” Yuki answers

“ho ho ho, Mii-kun, someone is making his move” Mariko said and giggles.

Mayu’s face is all red. He quickly holds Yuki’s hand and run out of the room. They run to the river, sit on the band, and silent.

“Uhm...Yuki, the river is so beautiful right?” Mayu broke the silent

“Yes” Yuki answers

Then the atmosphere returns to the silent state. Sitting for a while, Yuki feels bored, and she asks Mayu

“uhm… Mayu, what are we going to do? Or we just sit here and silent all day?”

“Actually, I have something I want to tell you” Mayu looks at Yuki and said

“What is it?” Yuki looks at him and asks innocently

He holds Yuki hand and said

“I love you Yuki. I love you since the first time you helped me at the island.” Mayu said

“Mayu” Yuki widen her eyes.

"I know that you just pity on me at that time. Now you just see me as a frmmm..." haven't finish his word. Yuki already kisses his lip. Yuki part their lips and smile to Mayu

"Yuki" Mayu is surprised

"I love you too Mayu. Since the first time I seen you, you already attracted me"

Mayu hugs her tight and said

"I love you Yuki. Thank you for loving me"

"I love you too Mayu"

End Flashback

“Wow congratulation Mayu, Yuki” everyone said together.

Everyone claps and celebrates, but Atsuko still silent, and her eyes are close. Noticing that, everyone is silent.

“Atsuko-nee?” Yuki comes to Atsuko and calls her.

“Atsuko-san? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me anything, I will improve myself.” Mayu said in worry tone.

“You don’t need to do anything Mayu” Atsuko finally speaks up.

Her eyes are very serious, and those eyes that can look deep inside anyone’s soul.

“Are you serious about Yuki? Do you really love her?” Atsuko slowly asks him.

“Yes, I love her more than anything. I will do everything to make her happy.” Mayu said confidently

“That all I want to know. I want you to seriously love her.” Atsuko said her eyes turn into gentle gaze. She turns to Yuki

“Yuki is my only sister, and she is my only family. I love her more than my own life, so please make her happy and protect her if you really love her” Atsuko said and bows.

“But if you ever make her cry, I swear I will make you regret the day you do that to her” she looks at Mayu with a deadly look.

“Yes Atsuko-san, I will use my life to love her, protect her, and make her happy” Mayu said and bows before Atsuko

Atsuko finally smile at them and gently said

“Yuki congratulation”

Yuki runs toward Atsuko and hugs her tightly.

“Thank you Atsuko-nee”

Atsuko pats her head and smile.

“Thank you for accepting me, Atsuko-san” Mayu said.

“You still calling her like that, I think you have to change the way you call her” Mariko tease him

“Mariko is correct” Mii adds and everyone giggles.

“A...Atsu..Atsuko-nee” Mayu call, and his face is all red.

Everyone feels amuse when looking at this scene.

“Ok everyone, everything is settled. Now go back to your room. Tomorrow is a big day” Atsuko said.

Then they leave the meeting room and return to their room.

At night

In Jun’s room

He sits on his bed. On his hand, he holds a white pendant. Its shape looks like a Yang in the Yin-Yang.

“I wonder what you are doing right now.” Jun thought

“I hope one day this necklace can be complete.” he mumbles.


Here is Chapter 6. Hope you enjoy reading this. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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Chapter 7: Revenge

In the Evening

Atsuko and Minami disguise themselves as Naru's servants. Atsuko takes Naru’s pendant as the proof for their identity. After the preparation, Atsuko and Minami go to the west side of the island. When they got there, they see a ship. She comes and talks to the man who guards the ship. Atsuko shows him the pendant and said

“My master is busy right now. He worries that your captain will wait for too long, so he told us to meet your captain first. When he is done, he will come here later.”

The man nods and takes them to the meeting room.

Meanwhile, at another place. Yuu leads the ship to get near the place but not too close. After that they divide themselves and wait for the signal.

Back to the ship

Atsuko and Minami step inside the room.

"Hello captain, my name is Namiko and this is Katsu. Master Naru ordered us here to apologize for his late. He has an urgent business, so he cannot come here right away. After he finishes his work, he will come here as quickly as he could." Atsuko bows and said to him.

"You are quite a beauty to be a servant" ken said while he is coming closer to her. He raises her hand and kisses it. However Atsuko takes her hand back before he could kiss it.

"Sorry captain Ken, but I'm only a servant. Now please excuse myself to the seat.” She bows again and goes back to her seat.

Minami stands there and holds his fists very tight

"Minako-san. Just call me Ken. So we can be close with each other. I'm not your master" he said and winks to her. Then they start talking about the red diamond. Sometime he is flirting her.
"What a disgusting man" Atsuko thought

Atsuko keeps herself calm and said.

"While we are talking in here, please excuse Katsu. He will go out to see if our master’s ship has come yet."

Ken nods.

Minami bows and leaves the room.

"If that filthy man ever touches Atsuko, I swear that I will kill him right away." Minami is frustrated and shouts in his mind.

Minami comes out of the ship deck. He stands in the corner of the ship and signals for Yuu. Yuu received the signal and orders everyone to sneak into the ship. They go to Minami's place. Slowly they spread around and attack the guard.

Yuki sneaks behind the man that stands in the quarter deck and chokes him by the string in her ring.

Jun goes down to the storeroom. Suddenly a man walks through. He quickly hides himself. Then he sneaks behind him and breaks his neck.

Mayu hide behind the door and aim at the two men who guard the meeting room.

Meanwhile in the meeting room

Ken moves his seat closer to Atsuko. He said

"Minako-san, why don't you quit being Naru’s servant and come to my ship?" He moves close to her

"Minami, where are you? Please be quick." Atsuko steps back and thought.

"Captain Ken, you really like to joke, didn't you?" Atsuko smiles wryly.

He stands up and corners Atsuko

"I'm very serious" he whispers and raises his hand to touch Atsuko's face.

Suddenly the door swings open. Minami steps inside. Seeing the scene, he is really mad now, but he has to calm down. He takes a deep breath and said

"I'm sorry sir, but I have something to report to Minako"

He looks at Minami then returns to his seat.

"Everything is ok. Yuu and the other are now at the crews' room to take care of them." Minami whispers to Atsuko's ear.

Atsuko smiles and thought

"Good, it is my turn now"

"Before we show you the red diamond, I have something to show you. I think you will like it" Atsuko said and smiles.

"The only thing I like the most is that guy is not in this room" Ken said while pointing at Katsu

Minami is now at his limit. His eyes are now filled with anger. If he could, he would kill that man in an instant.

"I'm sure you will like it" Atsuko said while pulling a thing that look like a staff that covered with a black cloth.

Then Atsuko slowly pulls down the cloth. Ken widens his eyes and stands up. Before him is the long thin sword with special decoration which is a phoenix that engrave in the guard of the sword.

“See, I told you that you will like this, Ken” Atsuko changes her expression into cold and her tone is full of hatred.

“ did you have that sword? Who are you?” Ken stutters and shouts at her.

“Did you forget me, Ken? The little girl was saved by uncle Aki. The person, you nearly kill 18 years ago. The little girl, you tried to steal this sword from her.” Atsuko said in anger.

Ken is in shock. He sits back to his seat and shakily asks

“You are that little girl. Maeda Atsuko”

“So finally you remember me huh? Traitor” She shouts and slams the table.

“How can you go in here? Where is Naru? Guards, everyone, come here” he shouts from his room.

“Keep your strength to another thing. We already took care of them very good, and make sure that they will never wake up from their sleep.” a voice said and laughs loudly.

“Yo..You are Yuu?” he stutters

“I have to praise your good memories.” Yuu said and claps his hand.

“How about me, Ken? A small and weak little girl, you nearly stab by your sword?” Yuki steps down

“Kashiwagi Yuki?” he said

“So you guy come here to take your revenge huh?” Ken said while laughing.

Then suddenly a lot of noises come from the ship deck.

Mii and Mariko run up to see what happen. They see Naru and his people come to the ship.

“Mii, run down and tell them about this. I will keep them busy” Mariko said

“Ok, be careful. I’ll be right back.” Mii said and quickly runs down to inform Atsuko.

“Man! Naru. Atsuko, Minami you two stay here and fight him. I'll take care of those above." Yuu turns and said.

"My men are here. You all are doom now" Ken smirks

"Seem like you underestimate us huh? Doesn't my name remind you of something else?” Atsuko smirk and said.

"Maeda Atsuko" he thinks.


"It's you, pirate "The Legend". Enemy of pirate." Ken shouts.

"Seem like you realize it. Uhm, we got a new name." Atsuko claps her hands

"You are stupid as your uncle Aki. Being pirate but attack pirate, you are our deadly enemy." Ken shouts and rushes to attack them.

Minami and Atsuko take out their sword and dodge to the two sides of the room.

Meanwhile on the ship deck

"Naru, I already spared your life, but you still don't regret about your action." Yuu shouts at Naru

"Don't make me laugh Squirrel. Do you think that I'll bow down and thank you for that?" Naru smirks.

"I just careless at that time so that you could capture me, but this time, you all will die" he shouts and laughs loudly.

"Prepare for your die" he shouts and rushes toward them with his men.

Yuu rushes to Naru and takes out his two daggers. He jumps up and attacks from above Naru’s head, but he blocks his dagger by his sword. Yuu jumps back. Then they rush to attack each other again.

Meanwhile Jun lures a group of other Naru’s men go down to the storeroom and fights them there. He dodges their attack and jumps up to kick on one man’s ear. After he lands on the floor, he turns and does the round kick on another man’s waist.

At the same time in the quarter deck, Yuki uses her katana to fight with the other group of Naru’s men. With Haruna uses her gun to shoot the men on the main deck, and Mayu uses his dark to attack them.

At the meeting room

“Minami, this is my fight, I want to revenge for uncle Aki” Atsuko looks at Minami.

“I understand, I’ll step aside, but if you are in danger, I will join the fight no matter what” Minami said while holding back his sword, and looks at her with serious eyes.

She smiles and nods at him

“Stop that chit chat and ready to die” Ken said and runs toward to attack her.

Atsuko slides on the floor and bends backward to dodge the attack. Then she uses her right hand to support and jumps up. She rushes to him and pierce her sword toward him. He blocks the sword, but she raises her feet and kicks his stomach. He falls back, hold his stomach, and groans in pain.

In Yuu place

Yuu jumps up kick Naru’s stomach, and then he uses spin kick to kick Naru’s face. Naru is hit. He flies back and hits the ship mast. Taking that opportunity, Yuu runs up and puts his dagger on Naru’s neck to disable his action.

At the same time, Yuki is also finishes almost all her opponents. she takes the string in her ring and chokes her last opponent. As for Mayu and Haruna, they also finished their work.

At the storeroom, Jun takes out his sword and cuts the throat of the last man.

Back to the meeting room

“You are pretty good huh?" Ken said

“I’m not the weak little girl in the past. I’m now a pirate and the captain of the famous pirate ship “The Legend.” I will make you pay for your sin.” Atsuko said.

Ken jumps over her head and attack Atsuko from behind. Atsuko puts her sword behind her back to block Ken’s attack. Then she turns around, injures his right arm, and kicks his face. He falls and drops his sword. Atsuko puts her sword on Ken’s neck.

“Please spare my life, Acchan. Please think about uncle Aki” Ken begs

“Don’t call my name. At that time, did you think about him when you kill him? He took care of you as his own son, but you betrayed his trust” Atsuko shouts

“I know. I was wrong. They tempted me. Please, forgive me this time. I swear that I will change.” Ken fakes crying.

Suddenly, he takes some flour from his cloth and throws to her eyes. Being taken by surprise, Atsuko cannot react to the attack. He takes the chances and kicks Atsuko at her stomach. Atsuko is hit and falls on her knees

“Keeping some flour is a very good fighting plan.” he thought.

“You jerk” Atsuko shouts in pain.

Then he takes out a knife and rushes to stab her. Minami is fighting some men outside the meeting room. He notices that and rushes to her

“Atsuko, Watch out!”

Minami runs to shield for her. He got stabbed in his shoulder. At the same time, he pierces his sword into Ken’s heart. Then he falls down.

"Minami!!" Atsuko catches Minami before he falls.

Atsuko’s eyes are still blurry because of the flour, but she can feel that Minami is very hurt.

"Minami, Minami, are you ok?" Atsuko calls Minami while crying.

"I'm fine Atsuko, please don't cry" Minami smiles and wipes her tear.

Then he faints.

"Minami" Atsuko shakes him

Everyone comes back to the meeting room after finished fighting Naru. When they see Minami's state, Mayu quickly runs to them. He checks Minami's state.

"Don't worry Atsuko-nee. The knife does not cause him any serious injuries. I gave him a medicine to stop his bleeding. He should be fine now." Mayu said.

"Thank you Mayu" Atsuko said in tear.

Then they go back to their ship together.

At the deck

Haruna is standing and looking at the sky.

"Nyan Nyan" Yuu runs toward haruna and calls.

Haruna stands still and looks at the sky

"Say, Yuuchan, are you gonna leave?" Haruna suddenly speaks

"Nyan Nyan, I have a question to ask you" Yuu speak in serious tone.

"Huh? What is it?" Haruna said.

"Why did you volunteer to help me find the secret room" Yuu asks

"Yuuchan, do you remember the little girl who you helped in the ‘Silk Island’?" Haruna said


"Hey guys, that is the daughter of the richest man here" a boy said.

"She is such a shut-in girl. A weird kid." another said

"Let go there and tease her" another one continues.

They come and take the apple from Haruna and run away. The poor little girl just stand there and crying. Then a hand gives out to her with an apple in his hand. When she looks up, she sees a boy with some bruise in his face and his cloth is messed up. He smiles and said

"Here is your apple. I already taught those rude kids some lessons. They will never bully you again"

"Thank you" Haruna said in a small voice

"My name is Oshima Yuu. In the future, I want to be a famous thief. Maybe I will name me 'the squirrel'" Yuu innocently said.

When she is about to respond, a voice interrupts her.

"Yuu, we need to go back to the ship"

"Ok" Yuu shouts back

"I have to go now. See you around" Yuu bids farewell to Haruna. Then he leaves.

Only Haruna stands there with a stupor face.

End flashback

"You are that cute little girl?" Yuu asks in surprise tone

"When I saw you in the first time, I felt that you are very familiar. Then I heard Yuki call you, but that time I wasn't sure if you are him." Haruna said

"Then you ask Acchan's help. You introduced yourself is the famous thief 'Squirrel.' I think that I have finally found you. That is why I want to help you." Haruna shyly said.

"Nyan Nyan, you are the best." Yuu said and hugs her.

"Now, I will answer your question." Yuu returns to his serious voice

"No, I will always follow you everywhere you go, Nyan Nyan." He said and turns her to look at him.

"Nyan Nyan, I love you. Properly, from the first time I met you" Yuu said then pulls her close to him and kisses her on her lips.

After a while they broke the kiss and hug each other. Then Haruna whispers to Yuu.

"I love you too, Yuuchan. From the first time I met you" then she hugs him tightly.

At one room

He stands near the bed and looks at the girl who is still unconscious.

"Why were you there?"


At ken's ship

Jun is fighting Naru's men in the storeroom. He takes out his sword and quickly slashes through the last man throat.

"Finish those stupid pirates. Piece of cake." He said and smirks.

When he is about to leave the room, he heard the girls voice. He comes and opens the locked door. There he sees a lot of young girls who are captured in there.

"Those filthy pirates, they sell people, too" he shouts in his mind.

"Don't worry. I'm not a bad guy. I'll save you all. You all are free now. We will take you to the island."

"Thank you" they said to him and leave.

Then he notices there is one girl who is unconscious. She has a long black hair, and a slender body. She looks just like a sleeping princess. He comes closer to look at her

"It cannot be" he steps back

Then something flashes in his mind.

"Jun, wait for me." A little girl chases a little boy

"Catch me if you can" the little boy laughs and runs around.

Then Jun carries the girl with bridal style back to the ship.

End flashback

"Why are you here?" he touches the girl face and whispers.

“I miss you very much.” he kisses her forehead.

At Minami room

"Mayu, is he ok now?" Atsuko asks worriedly.

"Yes, don't worry Atsuko-nee. It is just a minor injury. He just faints because of losing blood." Mayu said

"Mayu said that he is ok now, so don't worry Atsuko-nee. I think you should go back to sleep. You are exhausted by now" Yuki said in concerned voice.

"Yuki is right Acchan, you are really looks exhausted now" Mariko said.

"If you worry, I can stay here and watch over him" Mii suggests.

"No, I'm fine. You guys just go back to sleep. You guys are also very exhausted today. I'll wait for him to wake up" Atsuko said while her eyes still look at Minami's face.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki just looks at her sister with worried eyes.

Then they all get out of Minami's room. Atsuko raises her hand and touches Minami's face

"Why did you risk your life to save me?" Atsuko said

"It broke my heart when I think that I will lose you" she said while tear rolling down her cheeks.

Then Atsuko slowly falls in sleep because of exhausted.

In the morning

In Minami's room

Minami's POV

I slowly open my eye. My shoulder is hurt. Then I feel someone holding my hand. When I look down, I saw an angel is sleeping. Her hand is holding me tightly. I stroke her hair and move the hair that covers her face to the side.

"Why are you sleeping here my cute captain?" I smiles and thought

Suddenly someone opens the door and stealthy steps inside

"Oh you are awake" Yuki asks me in whisper tone.

I nod slightly. Then I look at Atsuko

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" She asks

"I got injure by Ken's knife then I fell down" I said to her.

Suddenly I remember Atsuko’s crying face.

"Luckily that the knife just caused a minor injury, so you are ok now" Mayu said.

"Atsuko-nee is very worry about you. She cried a lot. Last night, that is the first time I saw her like that. Please take care of my sister. If you ever make her like that again, I'll make you pay for that." Yuki said with dark and deadly aura surrounding her.

"Hush Yuki, you will wake Atsuko-nee up" Mayu tells Yuki in low tone.

Then they leave the room. I look at Atsuko's face. She looks so calm and peaceful.

"Minami, please don't leave me"

She is sleep talking, and I see tear is rolling from her eyes. She looks so weak and defenseless right now. I touch her cheek, and she is awake.

"Uhm..." She rubs her eyes. She is so cute

Then she looks up. I look at her and smile. She suddenly stands up and hugs me tightly

"Minami, you finally awake. I'm very happy" she said

"You are an idiot, why did you run to me? What if he stabs you lower, it would be your heart." she lightly hit my back

I feel something wet on my shoulder. She is crying. The cold and scary captain is now crying like a baby on my shoulder. I stroke her hair and pull her out to look straight at her eyes which are now all red because of crying.

"I told you before right. I will always be by your side and protect you no matter what" I smile and said to her.

Don't let her respond. I pull her up and kiss her lip.

End Minami's POV

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise because of Minami's action. Then she slowly relaxes. She closes her eyes and replies his kiss. Unconsciously, she puts her arms around his neck. He holds her waist and pulls her closer to him. While they are enjoying kissing each other, the door swings open

"Takamina, Yuki said that you are awake...oops sorry" Yuu jumps in and said. Then he realizes he goes in bad timing.

Atsuko and Minami hear Yuu’s voice. They quickly pull out from each other, and their face is burning red

"That stupid squirrel" Minami shouts in his mind.

"Sorry for interrupting you two. Please continue what you are doing" Yuu said and smiles devilish.

Outside, Haruna, Mariko, Mii don't know what happen

"Shhh, let the lovebird alone" he said and winks to them

"I see" they all said and giggle

Then Yuu takes Haruna’s hand, and they go to the ship deck. Mariko and Mii go to Mii’s experiment room

Back to Minami's room

They sit there silently still embarrass because of what happen. Then Minami takes Atsuko shoulder and turns her to look at him

"Atsuko, I love you. You are everything to me." he said in serious voice.

Atsuko cries and hugs Minami

"I love you, too Minami. When you are injured and lost conscious, my heart is broken in pieces. I thought 'what if you never awake, what if I lost you forever' I was very scared. Please don't leave me Minami." Atsuko said in tear.

Minami strokes her back, pats her head, and said

"I will never leave you no matter what. I promise. I will never let you feel scared and lost like this again. It makes me sad when I see you in pain like this"

He then hugs her tightly. After a while, Atsuko finally calm down. Now, Minami sits on his bed and leans on the wall while Atsuko is resting her head on his shoulder. Their hands entwined with each other's.

"You know what Atsuko" Minami speaks up

"Huh?" Atsuko looks up

"When that guy touched your hand, I swear that I wanted to kill him in that instant" Minami said.

"Not only that. he also flirt you. And when I came back, I saw you are cornered by him. I wanted to rush there and kill him right away" he continues

Atsuko smiles and leans to give Minami a short kiss on his lips

"Don't worry Minami. He cannot do anything to me. Do you forget who I'm."

"However, when he cornered me, I'm really scared. I wished you to come back soon"

He kisses her forehead and said

"I will never leave you like that again. No one can touch you. You are my Atsuko"

The he leans and kisses her lips again. After a while, they leave the room and go to the ship deck.

"Hey, lovebird, what up" Yuu teases them.

"Yuuchan" Haruna said to him

"Why are you still here? Your business is done right?" Atsuko coldly said.

"No, I want to stay here with my Nyan Nyan." Yuu said while hugging Haruna

"Wow, since when Nyan Nyan become your?" Minami teases. However unnoticeably, there is a pair of killing eyes that glare at him.

"So, are you jealous, Minami?" Atsuko said with a dangerous tone.

Minami, now, notices the dangerous aura. He hugs his jealous girlfriend and said

"Of course not, my eyes are only for you. My cute Atsuko" then he kisses her cheek.

Atsuko's face slowly turns pink. Yuu notices it then continues teasing her.

"I can't believe my cold friend could be embarrassed and weak towards that midget."

"Who do you call midget?" Minami raises his eyebrow.

“Sorry, I don’t need any more crews on my ship” Atsuko coldly said.

“That is a payback for calling my Minami ‘Midget,’ and teasing me’” Atsuko thought

“ made our captain mad for calling her cute boyfriend ‘Midget’.” Mariko and Mii come to the ship deck.

“Come on Acchan, how can you deny your best friend’s request?” Yuu runs toward Atsuko and fake crying.

Minami stands in front of Atsuko and stops Yuu

"What do you want?" Minami glares at him.

"Yuuchan." haruna calls him

"Nyan Nyan, Acchan and Takamina bully me" he runs back and hugs haruna.

"Nyan Nyan, decision is on you" Atsuko said.

"Yuuchan, you have to behave" Haruna said to yuu

"Yes ma'am" Yuu said and stands in soldier form.

"By the way, where is Jun? I don't see him around." Atsuko asks.

"He found a girl yesterday. Seem like he knew her. He is in her room with Yuki and Mayu." Mariko said

"Acchan, I have something to tell you" Yuu changes his expression.

Seeing Yuu looks serious. Atsuko said

"Come to the meeting room"

In the meeting room

"What is it Yuu?" Atsuko asks

"Yesterday, after I won the fight against Naru, Jun comes up with a group of young girl. I realize that they not only attack people, they also selling people." Yuu said

"That is so cruel." Atsuko slams the table and said.

"I turn to him and ask him about that" Yuu continues


"What are you doing with these young girls?" Yuu asks

"We selling them" he said with his blank expression

Yuu slaps his face and said

"You are despicable"

"Yuu prepare for your doom. You and that Maeda Atsuko. You don't know who you just pick on." Naru said and laughs.

"What do you mean? Who is your boss?"

Yuu takes his collar and asks him

Suddenly, an arrow flies through Yuu’s face and pierces through Naru's neck. Yuu looks back and see nothing.

End Flashback

"So there is a big organization huh? And one more thing they are heartless" Minami said.

"However, right now we don't have any clues about them. Therefore just let it be and wait to see if they will do something to us." Atsuko said.

"I guess from now on just be like that." Yuu said.

"Now, let go to Jun's room to see how the girl is doing and who she is" Atsuko said and they leave the meeting room to come to Jun's.


Here is Chapter 7. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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@Kairi65, @shinigamielf, @Bakamina_Oshi, @vivinardisa, @ChibiRine, @purnamazaki, @Ruka Kikuchi, @The Ray, @AI712, @cisda83: Thank you!!  :)

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Here is Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Mysterious Girl and Jun’s Past

Atsuko and the rest come to the room. They knock the door. Jun opens the door and greet them.

“Hi everyone”

“Hi Jun” they greet Jun

They come into the room to see the girl

"How is she doing Mayu? She still is not awake yet?" Atsuko asks

“Yes. But she is ok. She just is affected by the remaining sleeping poison” Mayu answers

“Who is she, Jun?” Mariko asks

Jun just stays silent. His eyes are full with sadness.

“It’s ok Jun, tell us whenever you are ready” Minami pats his shoulder

“Thank you Takamina” Jun smiles

“By the way, how is your injury?” Jun asks

“I’m fine now, thank you” Minami said

“Not only his wound is healed, he also got our captain’s heart” Yuu teases Minami.

“Wow! Congratulation Takamina, Atsuko-nee” Jun smiles and said

“Thank you Jun” Minami smiles shyly and Atsuko’s face is red.

Jun turns and looks at the girl who is sleeping peacefully.

“Jun, how about you go back to your room and rest, Minami and I will stay here and watch over her. I think you are really exhausted” Atsuko said

“I’m fine Atsuko-nee. I can take care of her.” Jun said

“Jun, you don’t listen to your sister said. I told you just go to sleep. I promise I will inform you right away when she is awake” Atsuko said with serious voice

“But…” Jun said

“Did your sister ever lie to you?” Atsuko pats his head

Jun shakes his head

“Ok, thank you Atsuko-nee” Jun said

“Good boy” Atsuko smiles at him

In the afternoon

Atsuko and Minami are talking to each other while watching the girl.

“We should take good care of her. She seems to be very important to Jun” Atsuko said

“uhm…” Minami answers

“Minami, what up?" Atsuko looks at Minami

“Nothing, it is just that you care a lot for Jun” Minami pouts

“Aww, Minami, are you jealous with Jun?” Atsuko said and hugs Minami

“He has a very sad past, so I want him to feel that this ship is his family. I only see him as my brother” she continues.

“I’m very happy. My cute girlfriend is a very nice and caring girl” Minami said and pinches Atsuko cheeks.

“Minami” Atsuko calls


“I’m hungry” Atsuko said

“I will go to kitchen to cook some food for you, ok? Wait here” Minami said then he leaves the room.

After a while Atsuko fell in sleep on the table.

The girl, who Jun took back from Ken's ship, finally wakes up. She sits on the bed and looks around the room. She notices a girl is sleeping on the table. She steps down from the bed and walks toward Atsuko.

"Pirate cloth? is she together with those who captured me?" she thought.

Suddenly, Atsuko moves her head. Quickly the girl takes out a knife in her boot and puts it on the neck of the haft sleeping girl

“Anyway, I have to disable her action first” the girl thought.

Feeling something on her neck, Atsuko slowly opens her eyes.

“Don’t move or this knife will harm you” the girl said to Atsuko

Atsuko is taken by surprise, so she cannot fight back. She tries to calm down and said

“You are finally awake huh?”

“Who are you? Are you one of those pirates that captured me?” the girl said

“My name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of this ship. No, we attacked that ship, and Jun saved you from them” Atsuko said

“Jun, Matsui Jun?” the girl said

“Yes, it is him. Who are you? What is your relation with him?” Atsuko asks

“Shut up. I did not allow you to say” the girl said and moves the knife closer to Atsuko’s neck

“Calm down, I’m not doing any harm to you. If you are Jun’s friend that mean you are my friend too.” Atsuko tries to calm the girl down

“No, Pirates are bad people. I hate all the pirates. The Jun you said properly is not the “Jun” I know. He is not one of those like you” The girl said.

Meanwhile in Jun’s room

Jun wakes up from his nap.

“How long did I fall in sleep? It is already noon. I should go check on her” He said to himself and leaves his room. On his way, he meets Minami.

“Hey Takamina, what are you doing?” Jun asks

“Hey Jun, Atsuko is hungry, so I made her some food” Minami greets Jun and said

“That is good to have you by her side. Please Takamina, take good care of her. She is very important to me. Even though I’m not her real brother, she still cares and loves me like her own sibling.” Jun bows before Minami

“Of course, I will.” Minami said and smiles

When they come closer to the room, they hear some noise coming from inside. They quickly open the door. They see the girl is standing behind Atsuko and placing the knife on Atsuko’s neck.

“Atsuko” Minami calls

“What are you doing? Release her now” Minami shouts at the girl.

“” Jun calls.

The girl hear her name is called she looks at Jun

“Jun” Rena calls him

“Jun, do you know her, why is she attacking Atsuko?” Minami turns to Jun and said

Everyone in their room heard some noise. They run to the room.

“What happened?” everyone asks

“Rena, what are you doing to Atsuko-nee?” Jun finally speaks up.

“Jun, you are alive. Why are you with these pirates? Why don’t you go back to the island?” Rena asks Jun.

“Yes, I’m alive. I’ll tell you everything, but firstly can you release her.” Jun said

“No, she is a pirate. All pirates are cruel and heartless. They kidnapped you. Did you forget what happened that year?” Rena said

“No, how can I forget what happen that year. The feeling of being betrayed, the loneliness, and the fearful feeling that invaded all my heart.” Jun said

“The people that gave me hope and light are Yuki-nee and her. They help me, protected me even though to them I’m no other than a stranger.” Jun continues

"If that year Atsuko-nee isn't there, I'll never escape from them. She is my family, so please Rena, please release her" Jun said.

Rena releases Atsuko and comes to Jun

"I'm sorry Jun. Why did you feel betrayed? Can you tell me what really happened to you that day?" Rena gently said.

"That day Roy-nii came back with his hurting hand and his head was bleeding. He said that you two were attacked, and you were kidnapped by pirate" Rena said

"He lied. That day, he took me out to play." Jun starts telling them his past.


"Roy-nii, today where are we going to play?" little 6 years old Jun happily asks.

"Today we will go play on the boat" the man said and smile

"Yatta, we will go play on the boat." the little boy happily jumps around unnoticedly about his cousin evil plan.

"Will Rena come with us?" Jun asks

"No, Rena is helping her mom today" Roy said.

"Oh" Jun sadly said.

"You know what, after playing, you can go to Rena and tell her everything that you experienced." Roy said and smile.

"Yes." Jun cheerfully said.

Jun happily skips to the shore.

"Jun, can you go to that boat sit and wait for me?" Roy said.

"Ok." Jun answers out loud.

Jun sits on the boat and waits for his cousin. He sees his cousin goes to talk to a man that he assumes is the boat owner. After sitting for a while, he feels tired and falls in sleep. When he wakes up, it is already evening. He looks around and realizes that he is on the boat, and it is moving very far away from the island.

"Where am I? Roy-nii, where are you?" Jun sobs and calls.

"Your cousin already sold you to us. Be a good boy and shut up" one of the men said and laugh.

"Roy-nii, where are you?" Jun screams and cries.

A man slaps his face and shouts at him

"I told you to shut up"

"Calm down man, you don't want our customers to complain about the quality, do you?" Another man said.

The boat reaches the ship. They take him down to the storeroom and lock him up. Every day he just sits there and cries

"Papa, mama, Rena, I'm scared"

After one week

They bring into the storeroom a little girl. They lock them up together. While the little girl is sobbing, she notices a little boy, younger than her, sits in the corner of the room. She wipes her tear and comes to him

"Hi little boy, my name is Yuki. What is your name?" Yuki greets him.

The boy stops crying and looks at Yuki

"My name is Jun" he said in a small voice

“Why are you captured here?” Yuki asks

“...” Jun just stay silent

"Don't worry, my Atsuko-nee will come and save us" Yuki pats the little boy head

One night

A little girl with shoulder length hair sneaks into the ship. She stealthy goes around the ship to look for something. Then she sneaks into the storeroom. She sees her sister there. She goes to the room and whispers

"Yuki, Yuki"

Yuki is woken up by the call. She happily runs to her sister


“I’m sorry Yuki, I couldn't save you when those guys kidnapped you" Atsuko sadly said.

"It is ok Atsuko-nee. You tried your best. You even got hit by them." Yuki said.

"Yuki, I promise I'll bring you out of here" Acchan said and pats Yuki’s head

Then she notice there is a little boy hides in the corner. She gives a sign for him to come. He hesitantly walks toward her. When he comes closer to the door, she pats his head and smiles at him.

"What is your name little boy?"

"Jun" scared Jun said

"Nice to meet you, my name is Maeda Atsuko. You can call me like Yuki" Atsuko said.

"Don't worry I will save you too. I promise" she smiles at him

Finally the boy smiles at her.

"I have to go now. Tomorrow I will go back and pick up you guys." Atsuko said and sneaks out of the ship.

Tomorrow night

Atsuko once again sneaks into the ship and goes toward the storeroom. Luckily Yuu once taught her how to unlock the door without the actual key. She unlocks the door and come inside. Yuki sees her, runs toward, and hugs her tightly.

“Yuki let get out of here. But where is Jun?” Atsuko asks

“They just took him to somewhere. I don’t know” Yuki sobs.

“It’s ok Yuki. I’ll find him and take him with us, ok?” Atsuko reassures Yuki.

“But now let take you out first” Atsuko said and leads Yuki out of the room.
They successfully sneak out of the room. When they step out of the ship, Atsuko whispers in her ear the way to go back to the house.

“Remember the direction Yuki. I cannot go with you because I have to save Jun. I already prepare a lot of food. If you don’t see me come back, don’t go out ok?” Atsuko said to Yuki.

When Yuki heard that, she runs to hugs her sister tightly

“No, Atsuko-nee. Don’t leave Yuki” Yuki cries and said.

“Don’t worry Yuki, I will come back to you no matter what, I promise.” Atsuko smiles and looks at her sister.

“Did your sister ever break her promise to you?” Atsuko asks

Yuki just shakes her head.

“Good girl, now run to our home and wait for me and Jun ok?” Atsuko said.

Then Yuki runs back to their home, and Atsuko returns to the ship to save Jun.

In a room in the ship

“Jun, prepare yourself. Tomorrow I have a customer who wants to buy you as a worker in his goldmine” a man said to him while counting money in his hands.

“No, I don’t want. I want to go back home” Jun cries and said.

“Shut up brat. Your family already sold you. He wants the heritage, so he gets rid of you by selling you to us” a man said and laughs out loud.

Jun is still crying hard. A man is about to hit him, but another one stop him

“Don’t hit him. We don’t want to give our customer a bad quality goods right?” he said

“That is enough, bring him back to the room now.” the boss said

When they go back, they open the door and throw Jun in. they look around the room and see a little girl sit in the corner with her face is on her knees.

“Say goodbye to your little friend. Tomorrow he will go with his master and work at a goldmine.” then they slam the door.

The boy sits down and starts crying

“hix..hix..Atsuko-nee...hix where.. are ..hix.. you?” he calls Atsuko between his sobs.

A pair of arms sketches out and hugs him from behind

“Shhh, Jun calms down. I’m here. I’ll take you out of here. I promise." Atsuko whispers into Jun's ear.

Jun turns around. After seeing Atsuko, he smiles widely and hugs her.

"Now Jun, let get out of here before they notice us" Atsuko said and holds Jun's hand.

Unfortunately, when Atsuko is about to open the door, the door swing open. A leg kicks in her stomach cause her to fly back and hit the wall.

“Clever enough little brat. I have to give you credit that you are able to sneak into our ship and release one of our goods.” the boss comes in and claps his hand

“But a kid is still a kid, you never win again me” he smirks

Then he comes and lifts Atsuko up by her collar

"Let go of me you filthy pirate." Atsuko shouts

“You dare to call me like that and release my goods. You will pay for that by your life.” he cruelty throws Atsuko onto the floor that make her cough in pain.

“Atsuko-nee” Jun runs toward Atsuko

“And you, you want to run away huh? I didn’t intent to hurt you so that we can raise our price, but you make me no choice. This is for going against us” he lifts him up and about to slam him down

“Stop it. He is just a little kid. He is harmless. If you throw him like that, he will die. Then you will lose your money and your contract.” Atsuko stops the man.

“The little brat is correct.” he thought

“Then I will not slam him, but I’ll hit him. Therefore he can remember that never goes again me.” he said and takes out his whip.

When he hits Jun, Atsuko runs toward and covers him

“Little brat, if you want to be a hero so badly, let me see how long you can endure” he said and whip her nonstop. After a while a man comes to his ear and whispers something to him.

He nods his head and said “that is correct. She releases one of ours goods. We will change her into the goods to replace it”

Then he stops hitting them and walks out of the room. Because it hurt so much, Atsuko faints. Jun sits next to the older girl who now is unconscious

“Atsuko-nee protected me with all her life. I cannot rely on her in everything. I want to be stronger to support, and help her. Jun, from now on you cannot cry.” he thought and uses his hand to wipe his tear.

Then he slowly falls in sleep next to Atsuko.

In the morning

Atsuko wakes up but her body is hurt so badly.

"Ah, my head hurt. My back also hurt. Not good I have to find a way to escape this place and take Jun with me" Atsuko thought.

She looks down and sees a small figure is still sleeping next to her. She smiles and strokes the kid head

"I will definitely take you out of this hell."

Suddenly the door swing open. The boss and his two guards step in. Because the sound of the door opening is too loud, it makes Jun wakes up. When he opened his eyes, he sees 3 men standing at the door. He stands up and hides behind Atsuko's back

"Please don't take him to the goldmine, he is still a kid. He going to die there" Atsuko begs the boss

"Selling people is my job. They survive or not isn't my concern. However, lucky for you, he is busy today so you will have another day to say farewell to each other." The boss said.

Then they leave the room

At evening

In the room they heard a lot of noise from outside of the room. Then a man comes down to them. He gives them a lot of food.

"You two are lucky. Today we attacked a Mercian ship and got a lot of goods and money from them, so we will let you two eat some good food." the little drunk man said. Then he leaves.

"This is our chance" Atsuko thinks

Then she turns and whispers in Jun’s ear.

"They are celebrating their victory now. We will wait until night fall. When they are all drunk, we will sneak out."

"Ok Atsuko-nee" Jun said.

Atsuko looks outside through the small circle window. She sees that outside is already dark, and the noisy sound is already silent. Atsuko calls Jun

"Jun, wake up. We get out of here"

"Uh" Jun stands up.

Atsuko holds Jun hand and goes to the door. She unlocks the door and stealthy look around. They sneakily go out of the room. Jun picks a stick in the storeroom and holds in his hand.

"Jun will help Atsuko-nee" Jun said

Atsuko smile and continue their way.

When they pass the kitchen, they see those drunken pirate lie all over the floor. Atsuko puts her finger on her lips as a sign of silent. Then they sneakily walk through. When they nearly get to the stair, they are stopped by the boss.

"Where do you brats think you are going?" he said with a drunken voice.
Atsuko stands in front of Jun to protect him, but he steps up with the wooden stick in his hand. The man run to them but because he is very drunk, his feet not stable. Jun takes the stick in his hand and hits the man. He stumbles and falls on the floor. However, the man quickly stands up, takes the stick in Jun hand, and throws it aside. He takes out a knife to attack them. Atsuko takes out from her boot a dagger. She raises it to block the knife. Although she cannot win against a grown up man with her still kid strength, but the man is drunk, Atsuko easily blocks him and pushes him down. She uses martial art that Aki captain taught her to fight against him. With Jun help, they are able to defeat him.

"Jun, stand here and wait for me." she said, and Jun nods.

She sneaks back to the kitchen though the drunken pirates. She takes a candle and some oil. She spills it on the floor in the storeroom and throws the candle on it. The fire caught the oil and quickly turns into a big fire. She quickly runs up and holds Jun hand.

"I will burn this ship down, so they will not kidnap and sell people anymore"

Then they run out of the ship.

“Jun, where is your home? I will take you back.”

Jun just silent and looks down on his feet. Seeing Jun looks sad, Atsuko looks at Jun and asks

"Why are you looking so sad?"

"My family doesn’t need me. My cousin sold me to them. I have nowhere to go now." Jun said in tear

"It's ok Jun. They abandon you, but I'll take care of you. From now on, you will be my little brother" Atsuko said and hugs him

"Thank you Atsuko-nee" he hugs her and cries because of happiness

End flashback

"From that day, Atsuko-nee always takes care of me. She treats me as her real brother" Jun said.

Rena is speechless with what really happened in the past. She slowly stands up and walk toward Atsuko. Rena comes closer and bows before Atsuko

"I'm sorry. Thank you very much for saving and taking care of Jun for all these years"

"You don't need to thank me. I'm very happy to have him as my family." Atsuko said

"Ok, now, misunderstanding is clear. Jun cares to introduce us who she is?" Mariko said and winks to him.

Jun stands up, wipe his tear and smiles

"Atsuko-nee, everyone, her name is Matsui Rena, she is my childhood friend, and..."

"And?" Everyone looks at Jun and waits for him to continue while Rena is looking down on her feet.

"She is my fiancée." Jun said while his face is red

"Ehhh!!!" Everyone shouts in surprise.

"Wow Jun congratulation, this is the first time I hear about that" Yuki said

They just stand there and blush

"Let leave them alone, I think they have a lot of thing to talk with each other" Minami said then they all leave.

In the room

Rena walks closer to Jun. She touches his face and said

"I finally found you. You grow up a lot"

"Rena, what happen to you? Why were you on that ship?" Jun said and holds Rena’s hands

"After all these years, people in Matsui clan start believing that you are dead. They already gave up their hope, but I'm not. I still hold this half pendant and believe that one day it can complete again" Rena said in tear

"Rena" Jun hugs her

"Two years ago, my parent forced me to marry Roy”


In Elite Island

At Rena’s home

“Rena, you will engage with Roy in 5 day from now” Rena’s father said.

“But I already engage with Jun, I won’t marry anyone other than him” Rena said

“He is already missing for more than 10 years. Everyone said that he is already dead” Rena’s father said.

“No, he is still alive. I can feel it” Rena holds her necklace and said

“Roy will be the heir of the Matsui clan. It is your luck that he wants to marry you. I already agree, so be ready.” Rena’s father said.

“No, I won’t ever marry him” Rena said and returns to her room

That night, Rena packs her thing and sneakily gets out of her house

“Jun, I will find you” Rena said while looking at her necklace.

Then Rena goes to the ship. She went to a lot of different islands to find information about Jun, but she finds nothing. One day, her ship stops at a strange island. She gets out from the ship and goes around the city to find some information. On the shore, she sees two men are trying to capture two girls. She runs toward to help them.

“What are you doing with these girls?” Rena shouts

“Wow, another beautiful girl. She is more beauty than those two” a man said to the other man.

“How about we catch her too? I’m sure that we will sell her with a very high price.” the other said

“You two are despicable.” she said and rushes to attack them.

She easily takes down those two. Unknowingly, there is someone behind her, and he hits her head. She lost unconscious.

End Flashback

“When I wake up, I find myself in this room. I thought Maeda-san is one of those pirates, so I attack her. Although I was captured by those pirates, I’m very happy because I can meet you” Rena said in tear

“I’m sorry, Rena. You have suffered too much because of me.” Jun tightens his hug.

Then Rena takes off her necklace and gives it to Jun.

“Here is the half pendant. I received it when I got engaged with you when we were a kid. Now I return it to you. You can give it to the person you love” she said.

"Who is that person that you think I'm in love?" Jun asks

“Maeda-san, you love her right?" Rena said

"What?" Jun said in surprise

"I can feel it. The way you look at her, and you really care for her." Rena continues

Jun pauses in surprise

"It’s ok. You don’t have to worry about me” Rena sobs

“hahaha..hahaha” Jun looks at Rena and laughs out loud

“What?” Rena asks

“You think that I’m in love with Atsuko-nee” Jun said and continues laughing.

“Stop laughing” Rena feels a little frustrated.

“Sorry, Sorry but looking at your face right now really funny” Jun said and continues laughing.

"Stop" Rena pouts and hits his chest

“Atsuko-nee is like my sister. I love her as a sister. You didn’t see the short guy who stood next to her. He is her boyfriend.” Jun said.

“Are you Jealous, Rena-chan?” Jun cutely said

“W..wh..who said that I jealous?” Rena stutters.

“Rena-chan is as always. So cute” Jun said and pinches Rena’s cheeks, and Rena blushes.

“Actually, I have someone that I really love. I love her for a very long time.” Jun gently said while turning Rena around.

Then he sketches his hands and wears the necklace on her neck again

“If I don’t love you, I will never introduce you as my fiancée before them” he hugs her from behind and whispers in to her ear.

Tear starts falling down from Rena’s eyes. She turns around and looks at Jun. He caresses her cheeks and leans to kiss her lips.

After a while Jun said

“Rena, will you stay with me in this ship?” Jun said while their forehead is connected.

“Of course, I will. I have waiting for you for so long. Now I will never allow you to leave me again.” she smile and hugs him.

"I'm very happy right now. The necklace is now completed, yin-yang form" Jun said and kisses her again.

Then, they walk out of the room and come to the meeting room.

In the meeting room

“So, are you two ok now?” Minami asks

“uhm...yes, Thank you Takamina” Jun said

Then he holds Rena’s hand and goes toward Atsuko.

“Sorry for causing you trouble Atsuko-nee” Jun said

“It’s ok Jun” Atsuko answers

“Uhm… Maeda-san, will you accept me to be your new crew in this ship?

“No....” Atsuko said

Everyone looks at Atsuko with surprise look

"…Objection" Atsuko said and smiles

Then she stands up and said

"Welcome to The Legend Rena, my name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of this ship, nice to meet you." Atsuko shakes Rena hand

"Thank you Atsuko-nee" Jun turns to Atsuko and smiles

"Maeda-san thank..."

"I will change my mind if you still call me like that" she said and smile at Rena.

"Thank you uhm..." Rena wonders what can she call her

"Just call me Acchan like everyone." Atsuko said

"Or do you prefer to call her like Jun call her since you are his fiancée" Mariko teases.

Rena and Jun blush

"Thank you Acchan for accepting me" Rena shyly said.

"Ok, we will have a welcome party for our new couples here" Mariko said

"We still need one more couple." Yuu said and winks at Mariko and Mii evilly.

"Who said that I will be a couple with him" Mariko said

"Who said that I will be a couple with her" Mii said

"I never said that you two will be together" Yuu said and everyone giggles

The two are blushed.

Jun and Rena look at each other and smile while entwined their hands. Today is their happiest day because they finally found each other.


This is chapter 8. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

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Chapter 9: The Cursed Land

"Atsuko-nee, the storm is getting stronger" Yuki said to Atsuko.

"Acchan, I saw a small Island on our left. It is near our ship" Mariko said

"Ok, we will park there to evade the storm." Atsuko said

Then Yuki controls the ship to go near the island.

In the Evening

The storm stopped. They come out of the ship and go into the town.

"This island looks familiar" Minami thought.

"Ah" Minami said.

"Atsuko, remembered once I told you that there is a town that I want to take you there?" Minami asks

"Yes. What is it Minami?” Atsuko asks

"This is that town, “Lantern Town.” It has a lot of lanterns. At night, they will hang a lot of lantern in front of their houses and the street. It is really beautiful." Minami said

"Wow!! I want to see that" Atsuko excitingly said and smiles

"Come on! Let’s get to the town." Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him.

"They just like little kids" Mariko said and everyone giggles.

Atsuko and Minami get to the town first, but the town is very dark and gloomy. The house’s doors are shut tight, and the atmosphere is very quiet like a dead town.

"Why is no one there?" Atsuko looks at Minami.

"Weird, last time when I came here, this place was very crowded and bright even at night." Minami said


"Did you hear someone scream, Minami?" Atsuko asks.

"Yes, let’s go there to see what happened." Minami said.

They run to the direction that they heard the screaming. When they get there, they see a man who is attacked by a strange creature.

"What is it?" Atsuko asks

"I don't know. Let’s help him first" Minami said.

Then they run toward the man. The creature sees the two are running toward it. Therefore it runs away. Minami comes and helps the man to stand up.

"What happened? What is that thing?" Minami asks

"It appears two years ago. It attacked a lot of people." The man said

"By the way, my name is Kasai Tomo, thank you for saving me. And you two are?" the man said

"My name is Takahashi Minami, you can call me Takamina. Nice to meet you" Minami said

"My name is Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan. Nice to meet you" Atsuko said.

"Maeda Atsuko? You mean you are the captain of the pirate ship "The Legend"?" The man jumps in surprise, holds her hand and asks.

"" Atsuko steps back and said

"I did not think that people from such a small island know about us" Atsuko thought

Minami takes Tomo hand and separates from Atsuko’s.

"What do you want?" He asks while frowning.

"Ah, sorry. It is just that I heard a lot about you and your ship from a lot of Mercian who came here. They said that even though you are pirate, but you only attack pirates and greedy people." Tomo said

"I really admire you. Maeda-san, can you help me save my friend from being sacrificed to the sea God?"

"What do you mean? Can you tell me more detail about that?" Atsuko curiously asks

"Yes, let’s go to my friend's house. Her family owns a small inn. I'll tell you everything there" Tomo said

"Acchan, where are you guys going?" Mii calls

"We looked around the city to find you guys" Mariko said

"Sorry, we had some problem on our way" Minami said

"Why the city is so silent?" Yuu said

"It is also dark" Jun said

“All the house's doors are shut tight” Haruna said

"I have a creepy feeling when I walk around this city" Yuki said

"Acchan, did you see a strange creature running around here." Rena asks

"You guys saw that too?" Atsuko asks

"Yes, at the city gate" Jun said

"It run very fast. What is that thing?" Mariko said

“Tomo will tell us about that thing” Atsuko said

"My name is Kasai Tomo, you all are in "The legend"? It is a great pleasure to meet you all."
Mariko looks at Atsuko like to ask "did he know us?" and Atsuko nods.

After they introduce each other, they follow Tomo to his friend's house.

At Tomo's friend house

"Everyone please wait here. I'll go and call her" Tomo leads the group to sit in the guest room and leaves.

"Tomochin, I have some guests to introduce to you" Tomo calls his friend

"Tomo, where are you going? It dangerous to go outside at this time you know" Tomochin steps out and said.

"Sorry, I just want to kill that thing to save you" Tomo said in sad tone.

"Tomo, if becoming a sacrifice is my fate, I will accept that. However if you die, you tell me how can I tell you parent about this?" Tomochin said

“I’m sorry. But you don’t have to worry about the sacrifice anymore; I have found someone to help us.” Tomo said cheerfully

“Who?” Tomochin asks

“Pirates” Tomo said

“Pirates? How can they help us Tomo” Tomochin said in worry tone.

“They are the famous pirate that I always tell you” Tomo said

“The Legend?” Tomochin asks

“Yes, now, come with me quickly” Tomo said and pulls his friend with him.

They enter the guest room

“Hi everyone, this is my friend Itano Tomomi, you can call her Tomochin” Tomo introduces his friend

“And they are…” Tomo is about to introduce the group.

"Sorry. I'm late" Minami said while stepping into the room.

Minami has to take something from the ship so he comes late

“Takamina-san?” Tomochin calls Minami

“Oh it is you” Minami said

“You two know each other” Atsuko asks in surprise tone.

“I told you before that I’ve been here right, I saved her from a group of bandits” Minami tells Atsuko

“Yes. Thank again that time for saving me Takamina-san” Tomochin said to Takamina.

"It is great to meet you again" Tomochin said and clings on Minami's arm.

Then they introduce themselves

“Tomo can you tell us what happened, and what do you want us to help you?” Atsuko said and pulls Minami to the seat

“This town is lantern town. Each house in this town always hangs 2 lanterns in front of their house. Everyone lives here very peaceful and friendly. However, two years ago, that creature appeared. It attacked a lot of people. We were very scared. Then one day, a man appeared and said that he is the messenger of the Sea God. He said that the Sea God will help us prevent the monster if we offer him a young girl as a sacrifice every month. He also said that we are forbidden to go outside after the sun is set.” Tomo said.

“I see. But this kind of thing is so unrealistic.” Jun said

“Yes, I feel fishy about the messenger” Yuu adds.

“This month is my friend turn. I don’t want her to die, so I went outside to find that monster and kill it. However I failed. Fortunately, you two were there to save me.” Tomo continues

“Please Maeda-san, can you help us about this. In two day, she will become the offer. Please help us.” Tomo said and bows.

“Atsuko-nee, what do you think?” Yuki asks Atsuko

“Uhm… Ok we will help you two.” Atsuko said

“Thank you everyone” Tomo and Tomochin bow before them

“No problem, you two don’t have to do that.” Atsko said.

"Takamina-san, this time you will save me again. It just like fate brings us together." Tomochin said and leans closer to Minami

“It is not that big deal.” Minami leans back and reluctantly smile.

Atsuko sees that. She feels like something is burning inside her.

"Why she is always clinging on him" Atsuko thought and stands up. When she is about to walk away, Minami catches Atsuko's hand

"Atsuko, where are you going?" He asks

"Back to the ship" Atsuko coldly said.

“Today is very late. I think tonight we have to stay here. Tomochin, do you still have rooms for us?” Mariko said

“Sure, you guys come with me” Tomochin said and leads them to their room.

“Sorry guys, I only have four double rooms left.” Tomochin said

“It is ok. we can share room with each other.” Yuu said and smiled evilly.

“Acchan, you will share room with… Takamina. Yuki will stay with Mayu, Jun will be with your fiancée, Rena, Mariko will be with Mii” Yuu said

“Eehhh?” everyone shouts at the same time

“And of course, I will be with my Nyan Nyan.” Yuu said and hugs Haruna’s waist

“What kind of division is that?” Atsuko said

“Everything is settled. Now go to your room” Yuu said and pulls Haruna with him

“Since when he becomes our boss” Everyone thought.

In Kojiyuu's room

“Nyan Nyan, I want to sleep in the same bed with you” Yuu pouts

“No, you are a pervert” Haruna straightly declines

“But you are my girlfriend” Yuu said

“No mean no. That fact won’t change anything” Haruna said

“I promise I won’t do anything” Yuu said

“No is no, now be good and go back to you bed.” Haruna insists

“Nyan Nyan” Yuu looks at Haruna with his puppy eyes


“*sign* Ok, but if you do anything, I will kick you out of the room” Haruna said and gives her deadly glare at Yuu.

Yuu gulps and said “Yes ma’am.”

“But before that…”

Yuu said and pulls Haruna closer and kisses on her lips. After a while he pulls out and said

“That is my goodnight kiss, goodnight Nyan Nyan”

Then he jumps on her bed and closes his eye

Haruna is blushed and smiles at her boyfriend. “Goodnight Yuuchan.”

In WMatsui's room

“What a pitiful girl. She will become an offer but cannot do anything” Rena said.

“Uh, I hope we can help her” Jun said

“I think that Tomo is in love with her, but at the end he will lost her.” Rena said in a sad tone

Jun comes and hugs her

“Don’t worry. We will definitely save her.” Jun gently said

“Uh, I hope that after that he can confess his love to her.” Rena said

“How lucky we are that I finally meet you again” Jun whispers in Rena ear

“And I will never let go of your hand no matter what” Jun tightens his hug

“Yes, we finally meet each other. I’m very happy at that moment. I’ll never leave your side Jun” Rena said and hugs him tighter.

“Let go to sleep Rena, tomorrow is a long day” Jun said and kisses Rena’s lips

“Uh, goodnight Jun” Rena said and kiss Jun back.

In Mayuki’s room

“Mayu, what do you think about that monster?” Yuki asks

“What do you mean Yuki?” Mayu turns to look at Yuki

“According to Tomo, That creature is very scary, it attacks people” Yuki said

“Are you scared Yuki” Mayu holds Yuki’s hands and asks

“I feel a little scare, but the scariest thing is the sacrifice. It so cruel” Yuki said

“Uh that kind of thing should not appear” Mayu said

“Yes, I think so to” Yuki said

“I think we should sleep now. It is pretty late now” Mayu said and yawns

“Uh let’s sleep” Yuki said

“You know what Yuki” Mayu said

“Huh?” Yuki turn around and asks

“I will protect you if something happen.” Mayu said while blushing

“Thank you Mayu” Yuki said and kisses his cheek

Mayu leans and kisses Yuki’s lips “Goodnight Yuki”

In Atsumina’s room

Atsuko sit on the bed while Minami tidying their stuffs

"Atsuko" Minami broke the silent.



Atsuko doesn't say anything and turns her back on him.

"Atsuko, are you mad at me? Tomochin and I is not what you think. I just saved her. That is all." Minami turns Atsuko to look at him.

“Minami” Atsuko finally speaks

“What is it Atsuko?”

“You came to this town before right?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, about three years ago” Minami said

“And at that time, you saved Tomochin, right?”

“Yes, on my way to travel around, I saw her being surrounded by a group of bandits. Therefore I helped her fight them” Minami said

“And did you use the same method as last time you did to save me? (Chapter 2)” Atsuko pouts

Minami looks at his pouting girlfriend and smiles. He comes to sit on her bed. Then he hugs her from behind.

“Of course…” he said and stops

"That is why she clings on you.”

Atsuko pouts and is about to pull out his hand from her waist

“...Not, I only use that because that is you” he whispers and kisses her cheek.

Atsuko face turns red, but she turns away from him

“Don’t lie. Maybe you want to come back here because you want to meet her again."

“Bringing you here to see the lanterns is true, and using that method only for you is also the truth.” Minami said and rests his chin on Atsuko shoulder.

“The truth is in that city, I saw you save that little boy, so I knew that you can handle those guys. However, I want to talk to you so I use that method to attract your attention” Minami said and laugh.

“So you tricked me that time” Atsuko pouts and looks at Minami

“Of course, If not, how can I get close to my cold captain” Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“Now, my princess, do you still feel jealous with Tomochin?” Minami teases Atsuko

“I’m not jealous” Atsuko folds her hands and looks away

“Ok, you are not”

Minami said while turning Atsuko’s head to look at him. Slowly their faces get close to each other until there is no gap between their lips. Minami pulls Atsuko closer to him, and kisses her passionately. After a while they pull out from each other. Atsuko now lies down, and her head is on Minami’s laps

“Say, Minami what do you think about this incident?” Atsuko asks Minami

“I think the most suspicious person is that Messenger” Minami said while stroking Atsuko’s hair

“Yes, I think so, too” Atsuko answers

“It is really strange. Just when the town is attacked, he appeared. Too much for a coincident” Minami said



Minami looks down and sees that Atsuko is already asleep. He gently puts her on the bed and covers her with the blanket. He smiles and kisses her forehead

“Goodnight, my angel”

Then he returns to his bed.

In Marimii’s room

Mariko is lying on her bed while Mii is still doing his experiment

“Mii, what do you think about this monster?” Mariko asks


“Mii-kun, what will you do if…” Mariko pauses “I become the offer?” Mariko said in wonder tone

“...” Mii still silent

“Mii” Mariko calls him

“Huh?” he turns and looks at her

“*sign* never mind, Goodnight” Mariko said in sad tone

“Uh goodnight” Mii said

Several hours later, Mii walks to the girl who is sleeping right now

“I won’t ever let you become an offer no matter what even if it costs my own life” Mii whispers and kisses her forehead

“I will always protect you” Mii looks at her peaceful face smiles and said.

Then he returns to his table and continue his work.

In the morning

Everyone gather at the guest room to discuss about the problem. When they are about to talk, they hear a loud voice at the door

“Tomomi comes out here. We have a message from God that we want to tell you.” a man shouts

Tomochin runs to the door and opens it. Suddenly, a group of men runs into the house and their hands hold a staff.

“As Messenger-sama said, in your inn have eight unclean people. He said that the Sea God is very mad. He wants them to get out of his island, right now.” the leader said

“Now, it is very fishy” Atsuko thought

“But…” Tomo is about to retort, but he is stopped by Atsuko.

“If your island is not welcome us, then we will leave now.” Atsuko said to her group

“But we have to go to our room to get our belonging” Atsuko said

“Make it quick” a man said

“We will” Minami said to them

After they finished packing their stuff, Atsuko goes to Tomo and said

“Thank you for welcoming us here. I hope we will meet again”

Then Atsuko shakes Tomo’s hand and leaves. When they get to the ship, Atsuko orders Yuki

“Yuki prepare to leave”

“O...Ok Atsuko-nee” a little hesitates, but Yuki still follows her sister order. On the ship, everyone is silent.

After their ship depart for a while.

“Yuki, turn the ship around, aim at the deserted part of the island and park there.” Atsuko said

“What do you mean, Acchan?” Yuu asks

“Actually,...” Minami explain


They all go back to their room to pack their stuff.

“Minami, this is getting more suspicious” Atsuko said

“That Messenger is afraid that we will find out something, so he tries to drive us away” Minami said

“Yes, but right now we cannot go against him openly. We have to know who that man is first.” Atsuko said

“I think I will write a small paper briefly tell Tomo where we can meet him” Atsuko said

“Uh, that is a good idea. We will let the ship move far away from the island. After going far enough, we will turn back. However not so close because they can notice our ship again. Then we will use small boat to come to the land” Minami said

“Uh, let do it” Atsuko said

End Flashback

Yuki chooses the far place from the town to park their ship.

They step on the land, and see that Tomo and Tomochin are walking toward them. When Tomochin sees Takamina, she runs toward him and continues clinging on his arm.

"Takamina, I know you will come back to help me" Tomochin said

Takamine turn and looks at his girlfriend. Atsuko turns her face and walks away.

"Tomo, let’s go to another place and talk." Atsuko walks toward Tomo and said

Minami quickly pushes Tomochin away from his arm, and runs to Atsuko

"Our captain is jealous" Mariko sees and laughs in her mind.

Then the group follows them

"When will the ceremony start?" Minami asks and holds Atsuko's hand.

"The ceremony will be held in tomorrow evening, before the sunset. They will tie her in a wooden post that they place near the shore. Her head will be covered with black cloth. Then they will leave the place. There will be only the Messenger and the girl. We are forbidden to go outside. He said that when he communicates with the sea God, we must not interrupt. If we interrupt, thing will get worsen." Tomo said.

"I see." Atsuko said

"Jun, can you go to check on that Messenger’s house?" Atsuko said

"You two go back to your house first. We will meet here in early tomorrow morning." Atsuko continues.

"Ok" tomo and tomochin said.

"Bye takamina, see you tomorrow" Tomochin said and winks at Minami.

"Yuki, Rena let go back to the ship and wait for Jun" Atsuko said and pulls Yuki and Rena with her

"Wow! Takamina, this time you make our captain really mad" Mariko said and laughs

"Stop teasing me. What can I do now?" Minami said and scratches his head.

"Minami, you are very popular with cute girl huh?" Yuu said and giggles evilly.

"So Yuuchan wants to be like that too?" Haruna glares at Yuu.

"Yes, ah No, I only want my Nyan Nyan" Yuu said and runs toward Haruna.

Haruna also turns away and walks back to the boat.

"Nyan Nyan, wait for me" Yuu said and chases after the girl.

"Anyway let's go back to the ship first" Mii said.

At the Messenger's house

Jun's POV

Atsuko-nee tells me to check on the guy who calls himself the Messenger of the Sea God. Now, I'm hiding on his house roof. I saw that he is writing something.

"Someone, come here" he calls his servant

“Yes sir” a man comes and said

"Bring this to the messenger pigeon." He orders

"Yes sir"

His servant bows and leaves the room.

"Let see what the letter is about" I thought to myself and left the roof

On my way, I see a strange room. It looks very suspicious.

"I think I have enough time to catch up with that guy" I thought.

I stealthily step into the room. When I turn back, I see something that nearly makes me scream.

" this the so called monster that this town is fear of?" I ask myself

Before my eyes are a mask of the creature that everyone in this town is scared of.

“I have to catch that pigeon to see who his “God” is?” I said to myself.

I quickly jumps out of the room and runs to the back yard. I saw that the servant is about to release the pigeon. I jump out of the house and hide in a bush. When the birth is flying above me, I jump up to catch it. I open the letter

“Our goods will be served this evening after the sunset.” is what is written on the paper

“So, all the things that happened in this town are caused by that guy.” I thought

“Let inform this to Atsuko-nee” I run back to the ship.

At the ship

In Atsuko room

"Atsuko, can I come in" Minami knocks the door and said


"Atsuko" Minami calls her again.

"I'm sorry. I don't have anything with Tomochin. Atsuko, I only love you" Minami said with a sincerely tone.

"Atsu..." before Minami knocks again, Atsuko opens the door.

"Minami, I trust you. It just frustrated me when I saw that. Sorry for making you worry" Atsuko said when looking down.

"It's ok. You trusted me is all the matter" Minami lifts her head and smile at her.

When they are talking, Yuki comes and said

"Atsuko-nee, Jun is back"


That is chapter 9. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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"Minami, I trust you. It just frustrated me when I saw that.
Sorry for making you worry" Atsuko said when looking

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Would the Legend be able to defeat the evil organization

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What's going to happen next?

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Here is chapter 10

Chapter 10: first meeting

After spying at the Messenger’s house, Jun comes back to the ship to inform Atsuko what happened.

“Atsuko-nee, Jun is back” Yuki calls Atsuko

“Ok, tell everyone go to the meeting room. I’ll be there in a minute”

At the meeting room

Everyone is already at the meeting room

"Jun, what did you find out about that guy?" Atsuko asks

"He is a fake, and the strange looking creature is only a fake, too" Jun said

"As expected" everyone nods and said

"In a room, I found a mask of a beast with two gloves that had claws attacked on it." Jun explains.

"I also found out that that man is associated with some kind of group. To my guess, they could be human trader." Jun said

"It’s them again" Atsuko thought

"I caught their messenger pigeon, and found the letter. It said that ‘the goods will be served in tomorrow evening after the sunset’." Jun continues

"It matches with the time of the ceremony" Rena said

"I see, so they want to capture girls in this way. They will disguise themselves as a beast and a messenger to trick the people in town." Yuu said

"Then they will use that opportunity to catch the girl which implies to be an offer that is taken by the God without any trouble" Mariko adds.

"What a dirty trick" Yuki said

"What are we going to do now? It will be dangerous if leaving Itano-san as a sacrifice" Mayu said.

"We will fake the offer" Atsuko speaks up

"What do you mean about that?" Haruna asks.

"I mean one of us will be the offer instead of Tomochin. When we get to the ship, we will signal the rest to come and attack it. If we are lucky, we will be able to save some of the girls from the previous months" Atsuko explains

"So who will be the candidate for that" Yuu asks

"I will" Atsuko raises her hand

"No way, it’s too dangerous, I won't let you do that" Minami strongly opposes.

"But if it is about the height and figure, I’m almost the same as her. Therefore, they won't realize what happen" Atsuko reasons.

"I won't let you do that no matter what reason it is." Minami insists

"Don't you want to help them?" Atsuko continues

"I don't care. I will find another way to do that. Letting you go into that kind of dangerous task is none of the option" Minami said and looks at her with serious eyes

"But...fine" Atsuko said and sits back.

"Wow, I have never seen this side of Takamina before." Mii thought

"The stubborn captain is defeated" Mariko giggles

"I will do that" a voice comes from the door

Everyone turns around

"Tomo" everyone said in unison.

"Sorry for eavesdropping your conversation, but waiting at home makes me very worry. Therefore I decided to go out here to ask you guy if I can help with anything." Tomo said

"When I knew that they are human trader, I want to do in place of her. I want to protect her." Tomo continues

"Are you sure? This task is very dangerous" Mii asks.

"Yes. I understand Takamina-san's feeling. I also don't want the person I love to be in any kind of danger. I..."

"Tomo, you are stupid" Tomo’s words is cut off by a girl voice.

"Tomochin? What are you doing here?" Tomo said in surprise tone.

"I follow you. I’m afraid that you will do some stupid thing again, and I'm correct." Tomochin said in an anger tone.

"Well, you two talk to each other, we will go out" Minami said to them and pulls Atsuko with him.

Then everyone follow them.

"Tomochin, you are really important to me. I Uhm... love you for a long time. I know you don't love mhmm.." unable to finish his word, Tomochin pulls him down and kisses him on his lips.

"I love you, Tomo. I'm sorry that I did not realize it sooner. I always thought that I love Takamina who saved me from the bandits. 2 days ago, When I saw him again, I thought that this is my chance to be with him. However, this time he is with Acchan. Although I know that I don't have a chance, I still want to try to get him. Just a moment ago, when I heard him strongly against the idea that Acchan will go in place of me, I knew I have no chance. However, it is surprised me that losing Takamina is not as hurt as when I heard that you will disguise as a sacrifice for me." Tomochin said

"At first I thought it is just because you are my best friend. However, when I heard you said that you loved me, my heart is pounding so fast." Tomochin continues

"That is when I realize that my feeling for Takamina is admire and for you is real love" Tomochin shyly said and bends her head down

"Tomochin." Tomo calls her

"But then I realize something..." Tomochi looks at Tomo with angry eyes

" it..? Tomochin" Tomo is scared of the girl’s eyes

"I realize that even though you love me for all those years, you never have a gut to confess to me. Even worse, when I cling to Takamina, and try to get him, instead of jealous, you encourage me." Tomochin said

"and want to find another man for me ." She raises her voice

"When I think about that, it is really pissed me off." Tomochin glares at him


"Tomochin, I know you love Takamina-san. I want to help you, but I know that Maeda-san and takamina-san love each other. I promise you when you are safe, I will find a good man for you" Tomo encourages his friend

End flashback.

"I'm sorry Tomochin. It is just that I think I'm not match for you. You are beautiful and smart while I'm weak, useless, and cannot do anything good except cooking." Tomo said sadly.

Tomochin heard Tomo said that she flicks on his head

"You idiot, I'm not finding a perfect man. I'm finding the person who love me and likewise. Who said that you are hopeless? You are the most gentle and nicest man in my heart." Tomochin said and hugs Tomo.

"Thank you Tomochin for loving me" Tomo said and tightens his hug.

Then they go to Atsuko and the group and said.

"Acchan, Takamina, sorry for the trouble that I made." Tomochin bows and said

"It's ok" Atsuko said and smiles

"Good to see you two are together with each other." Yuki said.

"Congratulation you two" everyone said together.

"Now back on business, who will replace Tomochin to go to the sacrifice?" Atsuko said.

"As I said before, I will. I will disguise as her" Tomo said.

"No, you cannot" Tomochin againsts

"Tomochin, now I have more reason to do that. You are my girlfriend, and I will protect you no matter what. Trust me, I will be fine" Tomo said

"Ok but be careful" Tomochin said

“What do you think Haruna? Can you disguise him into a girl? More precise, Tomochin” Mariko asks

“Hum…” Haruna looks at Tomo

“Since he is skinny, and his height is almost the same as her, I think I can do it.” Haruna said

"Ok then that settles. Tomorrow we will sneak into Tomochin’s room and replace her with Tomo. Because you will be covered by a black cloth, it will be easier." Atsuko said.

"Rena will escort Tomochin back to the ship. Yuki, Mii, Mayu, and Haruna will stay back to cover for Tomo. You guys try to replace the preparers. Minami, Mariko, I will stay on the ship and wait. Jun and Yuu will hide near the ceremony place to guard. When the ship comes and takes Tomo, you two will sneak into the ship because you two are very fast. You two will wait until the ship go to its hideout. After that you will fire the signal for us to come to that place." Atsuko said.

"Ok" everyone said

"Now everyone, go back to your room and rest" Mariko said.

At night

On the ship deck

 A tall figure is standing there. She is looking at the sky and whispers.

"I wonder if you still remember our promise."


Everyone in the ship is busy preparing for the battle. Haruna disguises for Tomo.

At noon, they sneak into the city through the forest. Then they stealthily go into the back door of Tomochin’s inn. While Tomochin’s parent is busy with the faked messenger, they go right into Tomochin’s room. Mayu puts sleeping poison into his dark, and aims at the people who prepare for Tomochin. After they fall in sleep, the group steps in.

"Quick Tomo, wear this clothes and sit down" Yuki said

"Rena, lead Tomochin out of the room by the back door" Jun said

"Ok, you guys be careful." Rena said

Time for the ceremony

"Don't worry Tomo. We will protect you" Yuki whispers in Tomo ear

"Thank you Yuki-san" Tomo said.

Then they go out of the room. The town people follow the messenger to the shore. Then they lead Tomo to the wooden post and tie him there.

"Please sea god, accept this offer and protect us from the monster." The faked messenger said and raises the touch to the sky.

"Now everyone, please return to your home. Remember no one go out." the man said to them.

"Yes. Messenger-sama" they bow at him and leave.

At the shore

Now, there is only him, and Tomo.

"Yuu, look, there is something coming at Tomo’s direction" Jun said

"Here they come. Ready for a big fight Jun" Yuu said and folds his sleeves

"Anytime Yuu" Jun said and holds his fists

The ship is coming closer and closer. Then they park near the shore.

"Hey guys, we have a new good." the fakes messenger said

"How is its quality?" the boss said

"This one is very beautiful sir" he bows and said

"Good, guys, take this one to the storeroom, and lock her there. We will check on her later" the boss said

"Phew. I thought I’m going to die if they take of the cloth right here" Tomo thought

While they are checking on Tomo, Jun and Yuu sneak into the ship. Then the trader moves the ship. When the ship stops, Yuu said to Jun

"Jun, signal everyone. I will go to the storeroom to check on Tomo."

"Ok" Jun said.

Then they separate and do their work.

Jun goes to a corner where no one can see him and fire the signal. The light signal is made by Mii. It is only a light fire to the sky. It makes no sound.

At The Legend

After leading Tomo to the shore, the rest come back to the ship.

"Atsuko, there is the signal" Minami points to the sky and said.

"Good, Yuki, follow that direction." Atsuko said.

"Roger" Yuki said.

Meanwhile, Yuu sneaks into the storeroom to check on Tomo. He unlocks the room and whispers

"Tomo, Tomo"

"Yuu-san. Finally you are here. I'm very scared." Tomo happily said

"Just wait a little longer. Jun already signal Acchan. They will come here right away." Yuu said.

Then he hears someone comes down.

"Someone comes I better hide" Yuu said then locks the door again.

Then he hides in the barrels. A man comes to the room. He is a little drunk.

"I heard that you are very beautiful. Come here let me see you face" he said and runs toward Tomo.

"What should I do? What should I do now?" Tomo is panic

"What a pervert man. Good Thing that Tomo replaced Tomochin “Yuu thought.

When the man is about to catch Tomo, a big explosion come from the ship deck

"What is that sound?" he is frustrated and steps out of the room.

The explosion is the attack of Atsuko's ship. Fortunately for Tomo, they come on time. Then they bridge the two ship and run to the human trader ship

"Who are you? How dare you attack us?" the boss said

"I'm Maeda Atsuko. Captain of The Legend." Atsuko said

"I know what you are doing with people in the “Lantern Town”. We come here to release those poor girls that you captured." Yuki said

"You people again. Last time it is you who attacked Ken's ship. He is weak so that you guy can win. However this time, it is your doom" the boss said and other his man to attack them

They easily take down all the crews. The boss is really mad now. He takes out his sword and run toward them.

"Is that all you got?"

Minami swings his sword and cut half the boss’s sword. Then Atsuko rushes to him and takes him by his neck.

"You know about Ken. That means you in the same group as him. Tell me who your real boss is" Atsuko asks him

"Ha ha ha... With those people like you, want go against my master. Don't make me laugh. He will kill you all" he said and laughs like crazy

"Tell me or I'll kill you right now" Atsuko said in anger

Then once again an arrow flies through Atsuko and shoves into the man’s throat. They look back but see no one.

"Good job you guys" Yuu comes up with all the girls that are captured in the past 5 months.

Then they return to the ship and go back to the island

"Who is the big boss" Atsuko is standing on the deck and thinking.

"Don't worry, one day we will get him" Minami hugs Atsuko and said

"Uh" Atsuko said and smile to Minami

When they get to the town, Tomo tells them everything about the human trader and how Atsuko's group helped him

"Thank you for saving our town" the eldest thanks them

"Sorry about our rudeness" he bows before them

"It's ok you don't have to do that" they bow at him

"If you don't mind, will you stay here to join us in our lantern festival? This will be our very first Lantern festival after two year." the eldest invites them

"Thank you for you offers. It is an honor for us" Atsuko said and bows to him.

Then they return to their ship after a tiring day.

At night of the lantern festival


"Atsuko, come here. I have a place I want to show you" Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him.

When they nearly get there

"Atsuko, can you close your eyes for a moment?" Minami said.

"What is it, Minami?" Atsuko curiously asks

"Ssh. It is a secret. Now be a good girl and close your eyes" Minami said

"Ok" Atsuko said and closes her eyes

He leads her to the top of the mountain.

"Ok, now you can open your eyes." Minami said

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. Before her is a sea of lanterns that is form from the houses, streets, and the market. Minami led her go to the highest place in the town so that she can see everything.

"Do you like it, Atsuko?" Minami looks at Atsuko and asks

"I love it, Minami" she said with amaze tone and hugs Minami

"I'm very happy that you like it." he said

"Thank you Minami. This is the best" Atsuko said and places a kiss on his lips.


Mayu and Yuki walk around the town. Yuki spots something interesting.

"Mayu, they make the flying lantern" Yuki said to Mayu

"Uh, they are so beautiful" Mayu answers

"Mayu, I want to do that too." Yuki said

"Sir, may I have two lanterns" Mayu asks the salesman.

"Sure, here is yours. You can write your wish on there. We believe that when the lantern reaches the sky, our wish will come truth." the man said

"Thank you" Mayu said and returns to Yuki's place.

"Here Yuki. He said that you can write down your wish. Once it reaches the sky, your wish will come truth" Mayu said

"Wow, let's do it Mayu" Yuki excitingly said

Then they fly their lantern.

"What did you wish Yuki" Mayu asks

"I wish that I can be with you forever" Yuki said and smiles to Mayu

"How about you, Mayu"

"It is a secret" Mayu said playfully

"It is not fair. I already told you my wish" Yuki pouts.

"Give me your ear; I will whisper my wish for you.” Mayu said

 When Yuki leans closer, Mayu pulls and kisses her lips.

"I wish that I can see your smile every day." Mayu whispers into Yuki’s ear.


Jun and Rena are walking along the river while entwining their hands together

"Jun, it has been very long time since we walk together like this" Rena said while walking beside Jun

"Yes, I really happy that I can be with you right now" Jun tightens his hold.

"Jun, do you plan on return to the Matsui clan" Rena asks.

"Uhm... I don't want to go back to that place where is always fighting, tricking. Every time, people face each other with a mask" Jun said

"Here I can be free. Everyone treats me as their family. They see me as who I'm." Jun said.

"Yes, I can feel that although they are pirate but their hearts are pure and kind." Rena said

"Sorry Rena, that you have to follow me around like this" Jun said

"It's ok Jun. As long as I can be with you, I can go anywhere. Besides that, being with them is fun. I can experience what I've never done before." Rena said and smiles.

"Thank you Rena" Jun turns and hugs Rena.

Then they sit on the river band and enjoy the night.

“Look Rena, There are lanterns that floating on the water.” Jun said

"So beautiful!" Rena said

"Rena, do you want to do that?" Jun asks and pulls Rena up with him.

There are a lot of couples there. Jun finds place that no one around and takes out the lantern.

"Let do it together Rena" Jun said and smiles at her

"Uh" Rena said and smiles


Yuu invites Haruna to go to the river bank. They sit next to each other and look at the night sky.

"Nyan Nyan, I’m curious, can you tell me how you become the crew in Acchan's ship?"

"Uhm... Acchan saved me from a pirate ship 8 years ago.


Haruna's POV

I sit alone in a storeroom. I was kidnapped by the pirate when I was walking on the shore. Then they locked me up here. Today I hear a lot of noise coming from above. Then someone opened the door. A young girl with a length shoulder hair

"Hi miss, my name is Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan. I'm captain of the ship named The Legend. You are safe now. You can go to our ship" she said and smiles to me.

"Thank you" I said to her and follow her

"What is your name?" She asks me

"My name is Kojima Haruna, you can call me Nyan Nyan" I said

"Ok, Nyan Nyan, Where is your home? We can take you to there” Acchan said

"I don't want to go home." I said and look down

"Uhm.... Do you want to join us?" Acchan asks me

"Can I?" I ask her with surprise tone.

"Why not?" She said and smile.

Then she takes me to her ship. In the ship, there are another two girls and two men.

"Hey guys, we have a new crew. Nyan Nyan, can you introduce yourself?" Acchan said

"Hi my name is Kojima Haruna, you guys can call me Nyan Nyan." I said and bow to them

"Hello Nyan Nyan, my name is Shinoda Mariko." a tall girl with short hair said

"My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, vice-captain of this ship" a skinny girl with long black hair said

"My name is Minegishi Minami, you can call me Mii."

"My name is Matsui Jun"

End flashback

"I think pirate is cool, so I accepted her offer and join them." Haruna said.

"I see." Yuu said

A little silent between them. Then

"Why don't you or Acchan ask me why I don't want to go home?" Haruna asks with curious tone

"Acchan did not ask because she knew it is your personal matter, so I will wait until you willingly tell me." Yuu said and smiles.

"Thank you Yuuchan" Haruna said and hugs him.


At the ship

"Mii, don't you want to go to the festival" Mariko asks Mii

"..." Mii is still silent and does his work.

"Mii, did you hear me?" Mariko angrily asks.

"Ah, sorry Mariko, Did you say something?" Mii said

"Never mind, Just stay with all your precious inventions." Mariko said and slams the door.

"Sorry Mariko, just a little more" Mii thought

At the ship deck

Mariko sits on the bench and looks up to the stars.

"Mii, do you still remember our promise?" Mariko mumbles and tears are rolling on her cheeks.

Suddenly a pair of arms hugs her from behind.

"Of course I remember that" someone whispers in her ear.

Mariko turns around. Her eyes wide opens.

"Mii?" Mariko surprisingly said.

"How can I forget our promise" Mii said and smiles.


On the shore

There are two little kids, one girl and one boy.

"Hey Mii, I wonder how the stars are like when we look closer" little Mariko said

"Mariko, I promise that one day when I will invent something that will help you look more closely to the stars." Little Mii said and smiles

"Thank you Mii." Little Mariko smile and kiss Mii's cheek

"Mariko, will you always be with me together forever." Little Mii innocently asks

"Yes, I will." Mariko said

"Let do the pinky promise" Mii said.

End Flashback

"Here is my present for you" Mii said and gives Mariko a cylinder shape thing.

"Its function is just like binoculars, but I made some changes on that. You can use it to look at the stars." Mii said

Mariko takes it and looks through its lenses

"Mii, thank you it more closer now" Mariko happily said

"So all this time, did you try to make this thing?" Mariko said and Mii nods

"Sorry Mariko, I promised that I will make thing that helps you look the stars closer, but I only can make this one. It just shortens a little..."

"Ssh Mii, you remember our promise is the matter. This thing is more than enough to me." Mii's word is stopped by Mariko's finger

"Thank you for making this thing for me" Mariko said and kisses his cheek.

“One more thing Mariko” Mii said

“You owe me one promise. I want you confirm that once again.” Mii said with serious tone

“What?” Mariko is confused

“You promise me that you will be with me forever.” Mii said and Mariko blushes

“Now I want you to confirm that to me one more time” Mii said and turns Mariko’s face to face him

“Will you be with me together forever?” Mii asks

“Mii” Mariko blushes while looking at his serious eyes

“Didn’t I always with you since that time” she smiles and said.

Mii heard that. He smiles widely and hugs her

“I love you Mariko” he said

“I love you, too, Mii” Mariko smiles at him

Then he leans down and kisses her lips.

“Hooray. You two finally together” Yuu jumps out and said.

“Congratulation you two” everyone said

“Finally, you two confess your love to each other” Minami said.

The two heard the noise quickly pull out

“W...wh..when did you guys get here?” Mii stutters.

“Just in time for the main part” Yuu said and smiles evilly

Everyone giggles while the two is blushing. When they are having fun with each other, a knife flies to Atsuko's direction. She notices and dodges it.

“Who’s there?” Atsuko shouts

“ha..ha..ha. Nice to meet you “The Legend”.” a man in a black clothes and a mask on his face said

Behind him is another man. He just stays silent and crossing his hands.

“You all are annoying pirates. You, captain Maeda Atsuko, You butted in a lot of our business. Our boss is very mad” he said

“So, what do you want now?” Atsuko said with a cold look

“However, our boss will forgive you in one condition.” he said

“What did he want?” Minami asks

“Join force with us. You will get a lot of benefits. You can do whatever you want without any prevention” he said

“What a juice offer” Atsuko steps up and said

“So, you will acc…”

“Too bad, I’m not that cheap and low life to bow down before those despicable people.” Atsuko cuts his word and said.

Atsuko glares at him with strong and determined eyes.


“Yes, we will not follow your evil plan.” Yuki steps up and said.

“You people are stupid. You denied this offer, so you are our enemies. You will die now. Black, kill them” the front man said.

Then the man behind steps up

“Her eyes, they are strong and confident. Interesting” Black thought.

He rushes toward to attack her. Atsuko takes out her sword and block his attack. He jumps back

“That sword, how can that be?” he thought

“Maeda Atsuko, you are interesting. This time is just our first meeting. I will just leave like this, but next time you will die under my sword” he said and leaves.

“I’ll always wait for you” Atsuko smirks and said.

“Black, didn’t you hear me. I said kill them now” the man orders.

“I just come here to be your bodyguard. I’m not your servant. Even your boss doesn’t dare to order me around. Next time, I’ll cut off your head if you order me again” Black said while pulling the man collar

Then they leave the place.

“So, now we really pick on some strong enemy, huh?” Yuu said

“That Black guy is the dangerous one.” Jun said

“That’s right, His eyes are full of killing aura” Minami said.

“Uh, we have to be careful with him” Yuki said

“Now, the real battle is about to begin” Atsuko said with a serious look.

In the dark corner of the ship

There are two men with a hood on their head. They stand there and look at Atsuko’s group

“Finally, we found them.” A man said

Somewhere in the forest

“That sword, it belongs to "that person". How can she have that? I have to ask him about that” a man thought


That is chapter 10. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  XD
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The reason why Haruna can't go back home..
The man called Black..
Can't wait to know what the next stories.. :banghead:
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I had the random thought whilst reading this- what if the boss was aki-p? I know that he's probably dead but what if?

Anyway, thanks for the update!
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Some of the mysteries about Atsuko and Yuki are going to be revealed soon

Would Tomotomo follow them or not?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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@Raizel, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83, @vivinardisa, @kazuko: Thank you!  :wub:

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is chapter 11

Chapter 11: Sudden Attack

After saying farewell to Tomo, Tomochin, and the town people, Atsuko’s group continues their traveling

Somewhere in the forest

A man comes into a house

“I have something I want to ask your master” The man said to an old servant.

“Please wait for me, sir.” The servant bows and leaves.

After a while

“My master tell you to come in” an old servant said

“Hello my friend!” a man comes and pats his shoulder

“What do you want to talk to me, Black?” the man said and sits down.

“The captain of the pirate’s ship that against you, she holds a sword that the same as his” Black said

“She has the sword huh? No wonder.” The man thought

“What is her name?” The man asks

 “Her name is Maeda Atsuko” Black said.

“Uhm. It is just like “her” name” the man said

“Does that mean his daughter is still alive?” Black said

“There is one way to know. She wears a phoenix necklace” the man said

“I see. However, I cannot believe that she is still alive.” Black said.

“Did you kill her?” the man said

“Not yet. I want to confirm if she is his daughter.” Black said.

"Actually, no matter if she is "her" or not, I will also kill her" Black continues.

“However, if she is “her”, I will make sure that she will suffer as much as I did for those years. That is what she has to pay for her father’s sin.” Black said with anger and holds his fists tight.

“That is all I want to ask. I will take my leave now.” Black said and leaves the room

“Good luck my friend” The man said with loud voice

Then he leaves the place

In the evening

Atsuko's ship stops at a holy island which is called "Dragon Island." The island worships Dragon.

"Wow! The island looks so fantastic" Yuki said.

"Since it is still early, why don't we go and look around this island." Mariko suggests.

"That is a good idea. Let's go Nyan Nyan." Yuu said

“Ok” Haruna said

"Rena, let's go." Jun said

"Uh" Rena smiles at Jun

"Everyone, just go ahead and enjoy. I still have something to do.” Atsuko said

“Atsuko-nee, you don’t go with us?” Yuki said

“Uh, just go and enjoy Yuki.” Atsuko smiles at Yuki

“How about you? Takamina. Will you go?” Mii ask

“No, I’ll just stay here. Just go and enjoy.” Minami said

“Ok then we will leave now. Bye guys” Mariko said

When they all leave, Atsuko said

“You don’t have to stay here with me, Minami.” Atsuko said

Minami comes to the bench and sits next to Atsuko.

“Atsuko, are you still worried about Black?” Minami asks

“Uh, how do you know it?” Atsuko asks him

“You are my girlfriend. How can I not notice that lately, you strangely silent and always space out?” Minami said

“It is my fault that everyone is in this dangerous situation right now.” Atsuko sadly said

“Why did you blame yourself for that?” Minami asks

“If I did not take revenge, we would not get involve to them. Because of my decision, I brought everyone into this mess” Atsuko looks down and said.


“Ouch...It is hurt Minami” Atsuko said while caressing her forehead.

Minami uses his fingers to flick on Atsuko's forehead.

“Atsuko, since when did you become a worried person like this?” Minami said while looking at Atsuko.

Then he comes closer and hugs her

“They go with you and help you because you are their friend. If they don’t think that way, they already leave you for a long time since that night” Minami said

“So stop blaming yourself. Believe me, with our power, we will defeat them no matter who they are” Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles.

“Uh, thank you Minami” Atsuko smiles at Minami

“If you ever think like that again, I will use my fingers to flick on your forehead.” Minami said.

Then he forms his thumb and index finger near Atsuko's forehead. She thought that she will be hit again, so she closes her eyes. However when she closes her eyes, she feels something soft touches her lips. Minami hugs her and kisses her passionately. After a few moment they pull out and smile at each other

At the city

“Atsuko-nee is acting very strange these days. Did something bother her?” Yuki thought

“Tomorrow, I will bring her to this town to cheer her up” she thought and smiles to herself

“What is funny, Yuki?” Mayu curiously asks

“It's nothing. It is dark. Let’s go back now, Mayu” Yuki said and pulls Mayu with her.

In the early next morning,

Yuki happily pulls Atsuko to go outside with her.

"Atsuko-nee, let go out together." Yuki happily said.

"Where are we going Yuki?" Atsuko said.

"We go into the city to play" Yuki cheerfully said

Seeing those two run out of the ship, Mariko curiously asks

“Where are those two going this early morning?”

“Maybe Yuki wants to cheer Atsuko up” Minami said while looking at their direction.

“Oh” everyone said together

They walk around the city and look around the place.

"Yuki, why did you pull me out here to play this early morning?" Atsuko asks

"It has been a very long time since we can be together alone like this" Yuki said

"I want to spend this whole day together with my precious sister" Yuki continues while clinging on Atsuko's arm.

"Oh, I thought you just want to spend your whole day with Mayu" Atsuko teases her.

"Atsuko-nee!!!." Yuki pouts

"Aww my cute sister, this whole day is all your" Atsuko said and pinches Yuki’s cheeks.

"Let's keep going, Yuki" Atsuko said.

Yuki and Atsuko walk around the market. They happily enjoy their time together. They sit and eat some food in the market.

"Yuki, how are you and Mayu these days?" Atsuko asks.

“We are good. Mayu treats me very well” Yuki answers

“Good to hear that” Atsuko said

"But we are not as sweet as someone else" Yuki said and giggles

"What do you mean?" Atsuko innocently asks

"You and Takamina" Yuki teases and Atsuko blushes

"Takamina is very care about you. I'm happy that you found a very good boyfriend" Yuki said

"You are always alone. You close yourself to the world. I'm glad that Takamina is able to make you open up a little." Yuki smiles at her sister.

"Thank you, Yuki" Atsuko said

"Are you full, Yuki?" Atsuko asks


"Come on Yuki. Let's go to another place" Atsuko said.

They stand up and walk toward the forest.

"Look Yuki, there is a beautiful waterfall" Atsuko said.

"Let come and sit there" Yuki said

They stay silent and enjoy the scenery. Sudden Atsuko breaks the silent

“Thank you, Yuki. I know you pulled me to this town to cheer me up, right?” Atsuko said

“Uh, because you seem so down these day” Yuki answers

“Uhm...this town is very peaceful right Yuki?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, Atsuko-nee, I really like it.” Yuki said

“Say, Yuki, do you plan on someday you will leave the ship to settle in this kind of place and live peacefully with Mayu?” Atsuko asks.

“What happened Atsuko-nee? Why did you ask me like that?” Yuki worriedly asks

“Uhm… Nothing, it is just that since we were kids, you always experienced a lot of different dangerous situation. Being a pirate is very dangerous. It becomes more dangerous now since we go against that group. It breaks my heart every time I think that I won’t be able to protect you. You are very precious to me. I want you to be safe and happy.” Atsuko sadly said.

"Atsuko-nee, those years that staying with you is very precious to me. I did not see them as difficult or dangerous situations. I enjoy every single day." Yuki sincerely said

"Atsuko-nee is my only family. I don't want to go anywhere. I only want to be with you. Please Atsuko-nee, don't leave me." Yuki said while sobbing.

Atsuko hugs and pats Yuki’s back

"Sorry Yuki, let forget what I just said. We will always be together no matter what. Let’s enjoy our day" Atsuko said while wiping Yuki's tear.

"Ok, Atsuko-nee" Yuki said but her voice is still down.

"Come on Yuki smile for me" Atsuko said while smiling brightly at her sister

Finally, Yuki smiles at her.

In the evening

At the ship

Minami goes back to the ship

“Atsuko and Yuki come back yet?” Minami asks

“Nope” Mii answers

“Already miss “your Atsuko” Takamina?” Yuu teases

“It is just that she went out from early morning until now. It makes me worry.” Minami said

“Uh...Those two really take their time” Haruna said.

“Yes, I also worry about Yuki.” Mayu said

“Don’t worry. They are pirate. No one can hurt them” Mariko said

“It has been very long time since they hang out together. Maybe they just want to spend more time together” Jun said

“Like Jun said, since they didn’t have time alone together much, I think they have a lot of things to talk together.” Rena said

“Uhm… I hope they just forget the time.” Minami said in worry tone.

“It is ok, Takamina. They will be back soon” Yuu pats Takamina shoulder.

“Why I got this uneasy feeling? Atsuko please be safe.” Minami thought to himself.

At the forest

“It is already evening, we should go back now Yuki before everyone starts worrying about us” Atsuko said and stands up

“Yes, Atsuko-nee” Yuki said

When they are about to leave, Atsuko hears some noise from the trees

“Who is it? Come out now.” Atsuko said

“We meet again Maeda Atsuko.” Black said

“It is you again” Yuki said

“Last time I said that if next time we meet again, that will be your dead date.” the man coldly said.

Then he takes out his swords and jumps toward Atsuko. Atsuko takes her sword and blocks his.

“That sword, how can you have that?” he asks

“Why should I tell you” Atsuko answers.

“Then keep that to your grave” He said and kicks her

Atsuko bends backward to dodge the kick. Yuki also takes out her sword and attacks him from behind. He notices and dodges her sword.

Then Atsuko jumps up to slash him from above. He raises his sword to block that.

Atsuko jumps back and then runs toward to attack him once again. He jumps up and kicks her from behind. Atsuko jumps to the left to dodge him.

Then she uses her hands to support and lifts her up, and turns to kick his face. He raises his hands to block her attack. Although he blocked her kick, but the effect makes him steps back a few steps. Then Yuki jumps to attack him from above. He got cut in his left arm.

He stabilizes himself and said

"As expected from the famous ship”

“But in the end you will still be killed by me." the man smirks.

He rushes to attack her once again

"Let's see about that." Atsuko said and jumps over to dodge his sword.

However, He turns around and injures her right hand, and kicks her stomach. Atsuko is hit and steps back a few steps. The kick makes her cough

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki calls her when seeing her is injured

“I’m fine Yuki. Don’t worry” Atsuko said.

"Yuki?" Black thought.

Yuki then runs toward him and attacks him. He jumps up to dodge her sword. Quickly, he jumps to the back of Yuki and kicks her back. Yuki is hit. She flies and hits a tree.

While Yuki is still trying to balance herself, Black rushes to her again to attack her.

"Yuki watch out" Atsuko calls her

When Black is about to attack Yuki, Atsuko runs to Yuki to shield for her. His sword pierces in her stomach. After that he kicks her at her stomach, Atsuko flies and fall into the stream.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki shouts.

"It is your turn now. Don't worry" he said and rushes to Yuki.

While Yuki is fighting with him

*Pant* ...*pant*...*pant*...

"I have to get her out of here" Atsuko thought

Atsuko takes out a smoke bomb

"Mii gave this to me. Let's hope it works." Atsuko thought

Then she throws the bomb to the man’s direction. After the smoke spread out, Atsuko shouts

"Yuki get out of here. NOW"

"But...” Yuki shouts back

"GET OUT" Atsuko shouts louder.

Then Yuki rushes out before the smoke disappears

"I won't let you" he shouts and jumps out from the smoke.

He chases after Yuki. Atsuko sees that. She jumps out of water and rushes after him. Black catches up with Yuki. He injures her left hand and pins her to the tree.

“Now die” he said and raises his sword.

Yuki looks at him with the eyes full with anger. Her eyes make him stun a little

“Her eyes, it is so familiar. It is just like “her”.” Black thought.

While he is still deep in his thought, a dagger flies to his direction. He jumps back to dodge it.

"Your…opponent…is…me" Atsuko said while painting.

"Atsuko-nee are you ok?" Yuki said in worry tone.

"I... *Cough* am...fine" Atsuko weakly said.


"Get out Yuki" Atsuko said while holding her bleeding wound

"Wait for me Atsuko-nee" Yuki said while sobbing

He chases after Yuki, but Atsuko blocks him.

"I told you *cough* your opponent is me *cough*" Atsuko weakly said and smirks.

Then he notices something shine on Atsuko’s neck. That necklace and its shape, so you are his daughter after all” Black thought and smirk.

"Don't think that I'll leave you. I have a lot of thing to settle with you." Black said

Then he rushes to the girl. Atsuko dodges his sword, but because she is wounded, her movement is slower. The sword pierces on her left chest.

"I will make you suffer as much as I did in those years." Black continues, and he release his grudge into his sword

He shoves his sword deeper making Atsuko to fall on her knees and cough up blood.

Atsuko holds Black’s sword

*Pant*... *Pant*... *Pant*...

“What…did…I…do…to…you?” Atsuko weakly said

He kicks her once again. She flies and hits the rock.  Atsuko stands up uses her sword to balance herself.


Black rushes to Atsuko. He grasps her neck, and raises her up.

"It is your father’s sin. You have to pay for what your father did to me" Black said

"*pant*...*pant*... What…do *cough*you…mean? Do…you…know…my…father?" Atsuko breathlessly asks

"Know him? Not even know him. He is the reason that I live as the person as I'm right now. He killed my family." he shouts and tightens his grip

"Even my only daughter, she is only two at that time, but he mercilessly killed her. My daughter, He threw her off the cliff." Black pushes her hard on the rock, and punches her stomach.

Atsuko once again cough up a lot of blood


"Did…you…see*cough* my…father…did…that? *cough* or…it…is…just…your…fault…accusation." Atsuko said while trying to escape from his hand.

"Fault accusation. Everything you said is just excuses for your father” Black said and throws Atsuko to a tree.


Atsuko tries to stands up

“Not good, my vision is slowly blurred. Yuki, I hope you already get to the ship, I cannot hold any longer.” she thought to herself.

“Now die” Black rushes to her

“Minami” Atsuko closes her eyes and thought.

At the ship

Minami walks back and forth on the main deck. Suddenly he hears something


"Atsuko" he thought

He stops and looks around. It makes him more worry.

“Why she is not come back yet? What is this feeling in my heart?” Minami worriedly thought.

“This is very late now. Are they really ok?” Yuu said in worry tone.

“I have to go and find them” Minami said and runs out of the ship.

“We will go too” Everyone said

When they got out of the ship, they see Yuki is running toward them.

“Yuki what happened” Mayu rushes toward her and asks.

Yuki came back with her left arms is injured and panting.

“Yuki what happened? Where is Atsuko?” Minami quickly rushes to Yuki and asks

“Atsuko-nee, Atsuko-nee…”

“Atsuko, what happened to her, Yuki please tell me” Minami urges Yuki

“Calm down Takamina, let’s Yuki calm down first” Mii said and pats his shoulder.

“Quickly go to the forest, Atsuko-nee is in danger” Yuki finally said after catching her breath. Then she faints because of exhausted.

After hearing that Minami quickly rushes to the place. Then Yuu and Jun follow him. Before they go, Yuu turns and said to them

“Nyan Nyan, Mariko, Mii, Rena stay in the ship and help Mayu take care of Yuki”

“Ok” they said.

“Atsuko, Atsuko please be safe” Minami thought while running to the forest.

His heart is burning like it is placed in fire. He looks every parts of the forest. When he gets to the waterfall


Minami breathlessly calls her name when he saw a slender figure is lying on the ground unconscious. He runs towards her. Quickly he lifts her up in his embrace. Her white shirt is now dyed into the crimson color, and her face is so pale.

“Atsuko, please wake up. Open your eyes Atsuko” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said in tear.

"" Atsuko weakly opens her eyes.

She tries to raise her hand to touch his face. Minami catches her hand and places on his face

"D..o n't c..r..y" Atsuko tiredly said and faints

"Atsuko, wake up. Atsuko, please open your eyes and talk to me." Minami cries out

“Takamina, what happe…” Yuu catches up with Minami

Seeing Atsuko's condition, he runs toward them and checks on her.

“”Atsuko-nee” Jun calls and rushes to Atsuko.

“Takamina, calm down, Acchan is still breathing, but we have to bring her to back quickly.” Yuu said after checking her

Minami quickly carries Atsuko and rushes back to the ship.

“Atsuko, please hang in there.” Minami said to Atsuko.

When Minami reaches the ship, he shouts while quickly bringing her to her room.

“Mayu, please treat Atsuko’s injuries now.”

Mayu just finished treating Yuki’s wound. When he is about to go up to the main deck with other, he sees Minami rushes down the stair. He quickly follows him.

“Rena, can you help me?" Mayu calls Rena.

"Mii, can you bring water here for me." Mayu calls

"Ok right away.” Mii said and runs out of the room

After a little while Jun and Yuu are back

“How is Atsuko-nee” Jun asks

“She lost a lot of blood. The sword nearly stabbed into her heart, and the injury on her stomach is very bad, too." Mayu sadly said.

"Atsuko" Minami looks at Atsuko who is now very pale while holding his fists very tight

"However seem like someone already treat her. Therefore, her wounds stopped bleeding.” Mayu said in wonder tone

“Now I need a lot of herbs to make her medicine. Jun can you go to the city and buy those in this paper for me”

“Ok” Jun said and rushes to the city

After a several hours, Mayu with the help of Rena finally bandaged all Atsuko’s injuries. At the same time Jun comes back with the herbs.

“Jun, give me those herbs, I will go and make her medicine immediately.” Mayu said

“Rena, come with me.” Mayu continues

After a while, Mayu comes back with medicine in his hand.

“Give this to me, I will help her drink.” Minami takes the small bow and comes to Atsuko’s bed.

He sits down and carefully lifts Atsuko up. He lets her lean on him and feeds her slowly. However, when he feeds the medicine into her mouth, Atsuko coughs out all the medicine. He tries to feed her again, but she still cannot drink it. Everyone looks at her with worried eyes

“Atsuko, please drink this. Drink this for me, Atsuko.” Minami said while tear is rolling down on his cheek.

He tries to feed her again. This time slower and the amount is less than the first time. Finally she is able to drink it. Minami is very happy about that. After a while, Minami finally feeds all the medicine to Atsuko. Minami puts Atsuko on her bed again and turns to Mayu.

"Now, Atsuko drank the medicine. When will she wake up, Mayu" Minami asks

"I hope she will wake up soon.”

“Why did you say that?” Minami asks

“Her injuries are very serious. One of her injuries is near her heart, so it is very dangerous. Plus she lost a lot of blood. Therefore, although we treated all her wounds, she is still very weak.” Mayu said and looks down

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki runs to the room and calls her sister.

"How is she now Mayu?" Yuki asks while sitting on Atsuko's bed and holding her hand.

"For now, her condition is stable. Though, we have to wait for her to wake up. It is the only way to know that she is out of danger.” Mayu said.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki calls and cries

“Yuki, what happened to you two? Mariko asks.

“We got attacked by Black.” Yuki said.

“That bastard, I’ll kill him when I see him.” Minami said while tightening his fists.

“Because of saving me, she is in that condition right now.” Yuki said while crying.

“It’s ok now Yuki. You two are safe now.” Mayu said while wiping Yuki tear.

“It is already late. Since Atsuko’s condition is now stable, you guys go take a rest. I will take care of her” Minami said

“Ok, you also take a rest. When Acchan wakes up, she properly doesn’t want to see your exhausted face” Mariko said.

"Uhm" Minami silently answers.

Then they left the room.

In the room

“Sorry Atsuko, I said that I will protect you, but now you are hurt so bad.” Minami said while caressing Atsuko’s face.

“Please wake up soon. I want to hear your voice, see you smile, and feel your hug.” Minami whispers while tear running down on his cheeks.


"," Atsuko weakly calls in her unconscious and tear runs down from corner of her eyes

Minami is woken up by Atsuko’s voice. He looks up and sees that Atsuko’s face is full of pain. Her face is covered with sweat.

",," Atsuko repeats the words in pain.

"It's ok now Atsuko. I'm here for you. I won't let this thing happen again."

He said while holding her hand and stroking her hair. Then he leans up and kisses her forehead. Atsuko slowly calms down. Her breath is back to normal.

Somewhere in the forest

“I hope she will be ok” a tall man said

“She will be fine, don’t worry. She is a strong girl. Plus you already give her the medicine.” a shorter man said while patting his friend shoulder.

At some place

"How it is possible? Her eyes, her name" a man though

“And, who are those two people?” He thought

“If they didn’t interfere, she will die now. However with those injuries, I doubt that she will survive." Black smirks

"I will make her pay for what he did." He shouts


That is chapter 11. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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Black is Yuki's father, right!?

Really??? Did Atsuko's father really kill Black's family or the big boss of the evil organisation that arranged the elimination of Black's family?

The two people that saved Atsuko from Black... who are they?

Atsuko's father and Minami's father?

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the update

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Title: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 12 22/07/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vivinardisa, @Raizel, @purnamazaki, @cisda83: Thank you!   :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic   :)

Here is Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Fragment of Memories

At the ship

In the early morning

Mayu and Yuki go to Atsuko’s room to check on her injuries, and bring medicine for her.

“How is her condition, Mayu?

“Her pulse is still weak, but it is better than last night." Mayu said

"Good to hear that." Minami said

"We will take our leave now. Takamina, takes some rest, don’t make my sister worry when she wakes up." Yuki said and leaves with Mayu.

Minami sits on Atsuko's bed and feeds her medicine.

“Atsuko, please wake up soon” Minami said and caresses her face.

After two day

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sees the familiar scene

“This is my room. Am I still alive?” Atsuko thought

“Atsuko, please wake up. I miss you” she hears Minami voice

“Ah, it hurt.” She tries to sit up, but her wounds are still hurt.

While Minami is still sleeping, he feels some movement on the bed. He opens his eyes, sees that Atsuko is awake.

"Atsuko, you finally wake up. I'm so glad" Minami said and stands up

"Minami" Atsuko weakly said

"How do you feel right now, Atsuko?" Minami gently asks

"I’m tired and a little hurt *cough*. But seeing you here with me, I think I'm fine now. *cough*" Atsuko said and smiles.

Atsuko tries to sit up again, but Minami stops her

"You are still weak. Just lie down. Wait here, I'll go and call Mayu" Minami said

"Ok" Atsuko answers

Immediately, Minami rushes out of the room to call Mayu.

Atsuko is lying on the bed and closes her eyes. While she is still deep in her thought, Minami calls her.

"Atsuko" Minami is back with Mayu and the group.

"Atsuko-nee, how are you?" Yuki runs to Atsuko and asks.

"I'm ok Yuki. How is your arm?" Atsuko said

"My arm is fine now." Yuki said

"Acchan, Are you ok?" everyone asks

"Uh, I'm. Thank you everyone." Atsuko said

"How is she now Mayu?" Minami asks

"Atsuko-nee woke up now, so she will be fine. But because she lost a lot of blood, she has to take a lot of rest. Here is her medicine." Mayu said

"Since you have to take a rest, we should leave now." Jun said

"Thank you everyone. Sorry for troubling you guys.*cough*" Atsuko said 

"It's ok. I think you still weak. Take more rest." Mariko said.

Then everyone leaves the room. Minami comes and sits on Atsuko bed

"Are you tired, Atsuko?" he asks and caresses her face

"Uhm" Atsuko said.

"Let drink this and then sleep, ok" Minami said

Minami carefully lifts Atsuko up and feeds her. Then he puts her down and covers her with a blanket

"Sleep well, Atsuko." Minami said

"Uhm... Minami, I think you should go back to your room and take a rest too. I know you are exhausted." Atsuko said while holding his hand.

"No, I’ll be here with you. I'm fine. Don't worry. Now my captain, sleep well" he gently said and kisses her forehead.

The next day

At night

Atsuko wakes up and see that Minami is resting his head on her bed. He is holding her hand and sleeping. She slowly sits up

"Ugh...My wounds are still really hurt." She thought.

She carefully removes Minami's hand from her so that he does not wake up. After stepping down from her bed, she takes her blanket and covers him. Then she walks out of the room up to the deck.

She sits on the bench and looks up to the sky. She tries to remember what happened on the day she was attacked


"Now die" Black said.

"Minami" Atsuko closes her eyes

She heard the sound of weapons against each other. Atsuko opens her eyes which are now blurry because of exhausted. She sees two men wear black coat with hood on their head and mask on their face.

"Who are they?" She thought.

"Who are you?" Black said.

"We are no one" a man said

"His voice, did I hear it somewhere?" Atsuko thought while trying to keep herself conscious.

"You lucky, I will take your life another time" Black said and left.

"Let go check on her?" A man said to his friend

"Who are they? I want to ask them but why I cannot say a word." Atsuko thought and slowly lost consciousness.

"Hang in there" is the last thing she heard.

End flashback

"Who are they? Why their voices are so familiar?" Atsuko thought

"That voice feels so warm and gentle" Atsuko recalls

"And Black, He said about revenge. What actually happened 20 years ago?" While she is thinking, suddenly her head is aching.

" head is hurt" Atsuko holds her head

Then something warm touches her shoulder. She looks back.

"Minami" She calls

Minami puts a coat on her shoulder.

"You just woke up. Why did you go out here? What if you caught cold?" Minami worriedly said

"You know how worry I'm when I woke up and didn't see you anywhere. If you want anything just tell me." Minami said with a serious tone.

"I'm sorry Minami. I just want to take some fresh air, and I really don't want to wake you up. I know you are really exhausted because of taking care of me" Atsuko said and looks down.

Minami puts his hands on Atsuko's shoulder and pulls her into his embrace.

"Baka, next time if you want to go somewhere just tell me, I will go with you. I don't want you to meet any danger again, and I cannot protect you like this time." Minami whispers in Atsuko ear.

"My heart nearly stops beating when I saw you lying on the ground motionless." He continues, and his voice is shaking.

Atsuko hugs him back

"Sorry Minami." Atsuko said and buries her face into his arm

"How are your wounds now? Are they still hurt?" Minami said while sitting next to her.

"It is better but still hurt a little." Atsuko said

"Atsuko, when I came here, I saw you holding your head. Does you hurt somewhere?" Minami worriedly asks

"No, it just that there is something that reminds me of the past. But when I try to remember it, my head is hurt." Atsuko said.

"By the way, Minami, when you went to save me, did you see someone else there?" Atsuko turns and asks

"No, I only saw you there. What happened?" Minami asks

"When I nearly got killed by Black, there are two mysterious men came out and saved me" Atsuko said and tells Minami everything.

"That remind me, when Mayu treats your wounds, he said that there is someone who treated your wound first." Minami said

"I wonder who they are" Atsuko said

"One more thing, when I was fighting with Black, he said that my father killed his family" Atsuko said

"He said that?" Minami asks with surprise tone

"Uhm... Even though I lost my memories, I have a feeling that my father is not a murderer." Atsuko continues

"I wish I could remember what I have forgotten" Atsuko sadly said.

“Don’t worry Atsuko. I’m sure that you will soon remember that. I also believe your father is innocent.” Minami said and smiles at Atsuko.

“Thank you Minami. *cough*..”

“Come on. Let’s go back to your room. It is getting cold out here.” Minami said and helps Atsuko to stand up.


Then they go back to Atsuko’s room

At the top of the ship mast

There are two men watching them

"Do you think it is time to let her know." a shorter man said

"Uhm...let watching them a little more" the tall man said


Next night

"Papa" a little girl runs toward her father. After her is her mother

"Atsu" her father lifts her up

"Honey, you and Atsuko here, Where is Yuki?” her father asks her mother

“Yuki is still sleeping in her room” her mother answers.

“I see.”

“So, Atsu, Papa will go out of town in two day.” the father said

“Papa will go out of town. Atsu will miss Papa. Atsu, don’t want Papa go.” the little girl said and pouts

“Atsu, Papa is really busy. Atsu has to be a good girl” her mother said and kisses her forehead.

“Uhm, Atsu will be a good girl” the little girl said and hugs her father

“Atsu stays at home remember to help your mama and take care of Yuki ok? When Papa gets back, we will celebrate your birthday on a big ship.” her father said

“Yatta, we will celebrate with **** right?” the little girl said.

“Of course, we will celebrate with ****” her father said

Suddenly, everything around her disappears, her father and mother. Surrounding her is only white and emptiness.

“Papa, Mama.” the little girl shouts while crying

“Papa, Mama, Yuki, where are you? Atsu is scared. **** where are you” the girl cries more.

Then a little boy appear in front of her eyes

“**** don’t go. Please don’t leave me” the girl calls and cries.

She chases after him. She shouts and cries

“Please don’t go, don’t leave me”

Outside of Atsuko’s room

Minami just goes back to Atsuko’s room, and he hears Atsuko’s voice. Immediately, he opens the door and runs into her room. He sees Atsuko’s hands rise up into the air as if she tries to catch something.

“Please don’t go, don’t leave me…” she calls and tear runs down from corner of her eyes.

Minami quickly runs to her and catches her hands

“shhh...Atsuko, calm down. I’m here” Minami said while caressing Atsuko’s face

“Don’t go….don’t leave me” Atsuko haft shouts and sits up.

Her face is covered with a lot of sweat, and she breathes heavily. Her eyes are at lost. Minami hugs her to calm her down

“Atsuko, what happened? Do you have a nightmare?” he worriedly asks her

Atsuko is now calm down a little bit. She calls


“I went out a little. When I came back, I heard you voice. What happened, Atsuko?” Minami said and looks at Atsuko's exhausted eyes.

“Did you have a nightmare?” he asks her while holding her hands

“I don’t know Minami. It is like a dream, but it seems so real.” Atsuko said in a confused tone.

Then Atsuko tells him all her dream.

“However, I cannot see any of their face. One more thing, there is a name that I cannot remember. Although I can feel that name is very important, I cannot remember that” Atsuko said while holding her head.

"When they all disappear, I'm really scared. I don't know what to do. I'm all alone there." she said while shakily hugging herself.

Minami hugs her

"You will never be alone Atsuko. You have me, Yuki, and everyone in this ship. They all care for you a lot." he said while patting her back.

"Thank you Minami for always be there for me" Atsuko said and buries her face into his neck.

"Minami" Atsuko calls him


"Please don't leave me." She whispers, and her voice is shaking

"I won't ever leave you." He whispers and kisses her lips.

"Now lie down and sleep. You still need a lot of rest so that your wounds can be healed fast." Minami said.

"Minami" Atsuko calls his name again.

"What is it, Atsuko?" He said

"Can you ...uhm hug me" she shyly said

"Ok my princess." He said and lies down next to her.

He puts his arms around her waist and pulls her closer. She snuggles herself closer to him.

"Good night Atsuko" he said and kisses her forehead.


"I think it is time for her to know" a tall man said

"Ok" a shorter man answers

In the morning

On the main deck

Jun and Rena is talking with each other. Two men with hood and mask appear.

“Who are you?” Jun asks

“We want to meet Maeda Atsuko” the tall man said

“What do you want from her?” Rena asks

"We have something to give her" a tall man said

"What happened Jun?" Yuki comes up and asks

"They want to meet Atsuko-nee" Jun answers

"Are you together with Black?" Yuki asks in angry tone.

"No" the shorter man said.

In Atsuko's room

Minami is woken up because of some noise from outside. He opens his eyes and sees that Atsuko is still peacefully sleeping next to him. Carefully, he steps from her bed so that she doesn't wake up. He goes up to the main deck and asks

"What's happening?"

"They are looking for Atsuko-nee." Yuki said

"Those two men, they are just like what Atsuko described" Minami thought.

"You two are the one who saved her in the night she was attacked, right?" Minami asks

"Yes." The short man said

"Thank you for saving her" Minami said and bows

"No problem" the short man said

"Where is Maeda Atsuko?" the tall man said.

''What do you want from me?" Atsuko is woken up by the noise and comes up

"Take this" the tall man throws a piece of paper toward Atsuko.

"Read and you will know what to do" the tall man continues.

"Can you tell me who you really are?" Atsuko asks with serious tone.

"We are friend" the tall man answers.

Then they leave.

Atsuko opens the piece of paper. It said

"If you want to find the answer about your question, find this person, 'Minegishi Kuu'."

"My father" Mii said

"What do you want to ask my father?" Mii asks.

"Did Mii's father know about my past?" Atsuko thought

"I have to meet him" Atsuko continues her thought

"Ok, we will go to Mii's house to meet his father." Atsuko said.

At night

Atsuko hold the paper and reads it again

"I hope I can find my answer there." Atsuko thought and looks at the sky.

"You will find your answer I'm sure about that." Minami hugs Atsuko from behind and whispers.

"Minami" Atsuko turns around and hug him back

"Somehow I can feel that your answer may be related to me" Minami thought to himself.


That is chapter 12. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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Atsumina are just too cute!

I wonder what Kuu has to do wih everything as well

Thanks for the update once again!
Title: Re: Beyond the sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 12 22/07/15
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The past is going to be revealed in the next chapter

I can't wait to find out about Atsuko's past....

And the little boy in Atsuko's dream is it Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out about the truth

Thank you for the update

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Author san can you add sayamilky to this fic... i mean like they would be a nice additional pairing... like milky as mayu's cousin or sayaka as jurina's best friend or something.. i hope you would consider this...
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Love the Atsumina moment!!! More Mayuki pls!!! :nervous :nervous
Title: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 13.1 26/7/15
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@vivinardisa, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :wub:

@Hdiwnsyjsgsisbusvs: Thank you for reading my fic. I will think about that.  :) XD

@kimseoyeonc: Thank you for reading my fic  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  XD

Here is part 1 of chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Forgotten Past (Part 1)

After two days

Their ship reached the island. Mii is really excited because he is back to his home.

“Everyone prepare. We will go to Mii’s house now” Atsuko said

“Ok” everyone said

Then they leave the ship and follow Mii. Mii’s house is a big mansion, located deep in the forest. They reached Mii’s house after a very long walk. Then Mii leads them to the guest room.

“Everyone, wait here, I will call my dad.” Mii said and leaves.

Atsuko all the time just stays silent. Minami notices that. He holds her hand and said

“It is ok Atsuko. Everything will be fine”

“Thank you Minami” she looks at Minami and smiles.

"I'll go out a little for some fresh air." Atsuko said.

"I’ll go with you" Minami said

"It's ok Minami. I just go outside of the house. I'll be right back." Atsuko said and smiles.

"Ok, Comeback soon" Minami said.

After a while, Mii comes back with his father.

"Sorry for making you wait, guys" Mii said.

"Hello everyone, my name is Minegishi Kuu, Mii's father." Kuu introduces himself.

Then they introduce each other to him. Until Yuki’s turn

"My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you." Yuki said and bows.

"Kashiwagi Yuki? Could it be? Impossible." He thought

Everyone is confused because Kuu just stays silent.

"Dad" Mii calls Kuu

"Ah sorry, nice to meet you too” Kuu said and shakes Yuki's hand

"So why did you guys want to meet me?" Kuu asks.

"Actually, the one who want to meet you just went out. She will be back soon." Minami said

"Uncle Kuu, Long time no sees. How are you doing?" Minami happily asks Kuu.

"Long time no see. I'm fine. How about you?" Kuu said and pats Minami’s shoulder

"I'm very good." Minami said and smiles.

"By the way, Takamina, prepare yourself. Father of your fiancée will come here in three days." he said

“I was very worry since you are not at home. Luckily you are back in time.” Kuu happily said

"What?" everyone shouts

Jun is angry and comes to Minami.

“What is that about?” he takes Minami by his collar.

“Jun, calm down” Rena stops him.

“If you already have a fiancée, why did you want to date my sister?” Yuki angrily asks him

“Yuki, calm down, let hear what Takamina say.” Mayu takes Yuki’s hand.

"I thought that you already dropped that topic." Minami said

"Takamina, your parent is dead, and they entrusted you to me. I have to take care of you." Kuu said

“I told you that I’ll find the person who I love myself.” Minami annoyingly said

“I want you to marry someone that comparable to you. She is from a good and wealthy family. Plus, her father is your father’s friend.” Kuu reasons

“I don’t care. That is why I left 8 years ago. Why did you still going on about that.” Minami said

Then he leaves. When he opens the door, he sees a pair of hurting eyes is looking at him.

“Atsuko” Minami calls

She turns and runs out of the house.

"Atsuko" Minami shouts and runs after her.

Before he goes, he turns and said.

"I'm definitely not going to marry someone I don't love." He emphasizes his words.

"Atsuko? It cannot be" Kuu thought

Kuu turns around and looks at the figure

Outside the house

Minami chases after Atsuko into the forest.

“Atsuko stops. Wait for me” Minami calls

Atsuko stops by the lake.

“What do you want Takahashi-san?” Atsuko asks, but she still doesn’t turn to face him.

“Atsuko, why did you call me that way? Let me explain, please.” Minami said

Minami tries to hold Atsuko’s hand but Atsuko slaps his hand.

“My goal when I came here is to know about my past, but I got another surprise new.” Atsuko said and laughs bitterly.

“Atsuko, Please hear me out.” Minami said

“Congratulation, Takahashi-san” Atsuko said while trying to hold her tear.

Minami is at his limit. He holds Atsuko's arms and pins her to the tree.

“What are you doing, Takahashi-san?” Atsuko said in surprise.

“Don’t call me like that.” He angrily said and roughly kisses her lips

Atsuko tries to pushes him out, but he is too strong.

“Stop it, what are you doing, Takahashi-san” Atsuko finally pushed him out and shouts

“Never, I told you don’t call me like that.” He shouts

“Stomhmm…” Atsuko said but again is stopped by Minami’s kiss.

She tries to push him out but no use. After a while Atsuko finally gives in and replies his kiss. He kisses her gently and passionately until they are out of air. When they pull out, Minami hugs Atsuko and buries his face into Atsuko’s neck.

“Please Atsuko, don’t call me like that. It is hurt and lonely” Minami said in tear.

“8 years ago, He told me about that, but I already denied. After that I left home. I thought he already dropped that topic. I’m sorry. I don’t know he still keeps that thought.” he explains

“Please Atsuko, I don’t need anyone. I only need you. You are everything to me. I love you. Please don’t act like we are stranger.” Minami said in tear.

Atsuko slowly raises her hands and hugs Minami.

“Minami" Atsuko calls him and tightens her hug.

After a few moments, Atsuko and Minami are now calm down. They sit beside the lake, and Atsuko rests her head on Minami’s shoulder.

"You know what Minami" Atsuko looks at Minami and said

"Huh?" Minami said while caressing her face.

"It was very hurt when I heard that you have a fiancée." Atsuko said

"The thought of losing you invaded my heart. I was very scared. My mind kept repeating the thought 'what am I going to do without Minami?'." Atsuko said while tear is rolling on her cheeks.

“‘Who will love me? Who will support me every time I need? Who will protect me from hurt?' those questions kept repeating in my head. It was too much for my limit. I felt like I'm going to break down.” Atsuko said while hugging herself.

Minami wipes Atsuko’s tear and hugs her.

"That will never happen. I will always stay by your side" Minami said and pats her back.

Then they sit there and enjoy the scenery for a while.

"We have to go back now. Everyone must be worry about us" Atsuko said

"Uh let's go back" Minami said.

On their way back, a man appears before them.

"We meet again Maeda Atsuko" he said

"Black" Atsuko and Minami shout.

"I didn't expect that you still alive after those serious injuries." Black smirks.

"Sorry to disappoint you about that" Atsuko said and smirks.

"Actually, it is opposite. I'm pretty happy that you are alive. Therefore I can torture you more. I want you to feel the same way as I feel in the past 22 years."  He angrily said.

Minami takes out his sword and stands in front of Atsuko.

"I won't let you harm her again" Minami said in anger.

"That sword, so you are that bodyguard's son." Black said.

"You know my father" Minami asks

"I'm the one that kill your and her father. How can I not know them? Those swords are the one that they used to fight me." Black smirks.

"You killed our parent?" Atsuko shouts

"Yes, I'm" Black said and laughs

"My father is killed. How can that be? Uncle said that my parent die because of sickness." Minami thought.

"Anyway, if so, I have more reasons to kill you. I will take revenge for my and Atsuko's parent." Minami shouts in anger.

"Don't hold the grudge on me. If you want to hate, hate her father. I attacked that ship because of him. I want to take revenge for my family. If your parent didn't go in that ship, they would still be alive" Black said and laughs.

Hearing what Black said, Atsuko steps back and drops her sword.

"Atsuko" Minami turns around and worriedly calls Atsuko.

"However, I didn't expect that you two still alive after that incident. I thought that my friend already made sure that no one can escape that ship alive." Black continues

Suddenly something flash in Atsuko head.

"Atsu, hide in this closet. Don't get out ok"

Atsuko drops down and holds her head. Seeing that, Minami bends down

"Atsuko, what happened?" Minami holds Atsuko's shoulders and worriedly asks

"My head is hurt" Atsuko said

"Short guy, do you know how your father died? I pierced my sword in his stomach and kicked his face." Black said in enjoying voice.

Atsuko holds her head tighter. Her head is getting hurt more and more.

"About her father..."

"Shut up." Minami shouts to cut his words

"I really enjoy seeing her suffer like that." Black said and laughs out loud

"I slashed his back..."

Minami takes out his sword and rushes to Black

"I said shut up. You jerk" Minami shouts angrily

Fighting for a while, Black stops and jumps back

"You are pretty good just like your father. Today, I will stop right here. Next time I will torture that girl more." Black laughs and leaves

Atsuko holds her head. Her tear is falling nonstop.

"Minami's parent was killed because of my father." the thought keep repeating in her head.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami asks

"Who am I? Minami, Who am I? Is my father really a murderer?" Atsuko cries and asks.

Atsuko holds Minami's arms tightly and repeats the question.

"Atsuko, calm down, calm down. Don't listen to that Jerk." Minami tries to calm Atsuko down

"Did your parent die because of my father? Did you lose your parent because of my father, Minami?" Atsuko weakly asks.

"Atsuko, please calm down. Don't listen to him." Minami hugs Atsuko and pats her back

"Who am I? Minami, Who am..." Atsuko repeats the question and faints.

"Atsuko, Atsuko." Minami calls her.

Immediately, Minami carries Atsuko and rushes back to the house.

Meanwhile at the house

After Atsuko and Minami left the house

"Sorry everyone for this rudeness" Kuu said and bows.

"I'll take my leave now. Please feel free to go around the house." Kuu said and leaves.

At Kuu's room

He sits on his chair and closes his eyes.


"Uncle Kuu, uncle Kuu" a little boy is holding a little girl’s hand and runs to him.

"What is it Takamina?" Kuu said

"Tomorrow I will celebrate Acchan’s birthday on the ship." Minami excitedly said

"Will you make something for us to play?" Atsuko asks.

"Of course Acchan, I will make for you a special present." he said and lifts the two kids to sit on the chair opposite him.

"Uncle Kuu, When will we meet Mii?" Minami asks

"Yes. When will we meet him?" Atsuko excitedly asks

"I will take him here after your birthday. I cannot wait to tell him about you two." Kuu said and pinches Atsuko's and Minami's cheek.

"Yatta" Atsuko and Minami happily shout.

End flashback

"Acchan, are you still alive?" Kuu whispers


"Uncle Kuu, where is Minami?" little Atsuko asks while holding Yuki.

"Don't worry Acchan. I will go and look for him. You two stay on this boat ok?" Kuu said, and Atsuko nods.

After a while he comes back with Minami on his hand.

"Acchan, we will go now" he calls Atsuko.

Suddenly, the big wood that holds the boat broke and falls onto Atsuko and Yuki

"Yuki, watch out" Atsuko shouts.

"Atsuko, Yuki." Kuu calls.

End flashback

While Kuu is deep in his thought, he hears Mariko's voice. He steps out from his room. Seeing Atsuko's condition, he quickly runs to them.

"Atsuko is in shock." Minami said and rushes to Atsuko's room.

In Atsuko's room

"What happened, Takamina? Why Atsuko-nee is in this condition?" Yuki worriedly asks

"We met Black. He said that he is the one that killed our parent. He said that he attacked our parent to take revenge for his family." Minami signs

Everyone looks at Minami with surprised look

"Atsuko is very confused." Minami said.

"Her face resembles with Nami. Somehow looking at her, I can feel the presence of Atsushi." Kuu sits silently and looks at Atsuko.

"Uncle Kuu, I have a question." Minami calls and Kuu looks at him

"You said that my parent died because of sickness. However, why did Black say that he killed my parent together with Atsuko’s?" Minami said

Kuu is silent and closes his eyes

"I will tell you everything when Acchan awake." Kuu said

"Acchan? How did you know Atsuko's name? As I remember she has not seen you yet." Minami is confused.

"As I said, I will tell you everything when Acchan wakes up." Kuu said

"You guys should go back to your room and rest. It is very late now." Kuu said.

Then everyone leaves the room.

At night

In Minami's room
(Italic is Minami's dream)

"Mama, mama, let’s go of my mother" a little boy shout and jumps to kick the man

The man takes the boy by his shirt and throws him to the ground

"Minami, get out of here." his mom said

Then a man raises his sword and slashes his mother back

"Mama" Minami sits up and shouts
He breathes heavily

"What is that? Is that my memories?" Minami thought while holding his head.

"Tomorrow, I will know everything" Minami thought and gets back to sleep

"Acchan, let's go to your house and play" a little boy said

"Uh Minami, Let's go" little girl said and holds little boy's hand.

Another place

"Takamina, let go to the boat" a man said and holds Minami

"Yes uncle Kuu." Minami answers

"Acchan, Yuki let's go" Kuu calls

Suddenly the boat fall down into the sea

"Atsuko" Minami shouts and sits up on the bed

"That little girl who I used to see in my dream is Atsuko? Atsuko and I know each other since we were a kid?" Minami thought in confuse.

Suddenly everything flashes back to him. He tries to gather all the things in his head.

"Mom, Dad" he calls in his mind, and his tear unconsciously falls.

After a while

"It is nearly morning. I should go to check on Atsuko." Minami sits up and leaves his room.

In Atsuko's room (Italic is Atsuko's dream)

"Acchan, why did you look so sad" a little boy asks

Then he comes and sits next to her near the lake.

"****, my papa went to a business trip. I miss him." The little girl said.

"My father also goes together with uncle Atsushi. I also miss him. That is why I asked my mom to come here to play with you." The little boy said

“Let's go and play, Acchan" the little boy said and runs off.

"Wait for me ****, wait for me." The little girl calls and laughs.

Suddenly she is surrounded by fire. The little boy disappears behind the firewall

"**** where are you? Mina....Mina....Minami" the little girl runs and calls

"Minami" Atsuko shouts and sits up.

Atsuko looks around and realizes that she is in her room

"Minami is that little boy in my dream. Does that mean Minami and I know each other long time ago? Did everything Black said is truth?" Atsuko thought and holds her head.

Then Atsuko hears the door opens. She lies back and pretends to sleep. The figure comes and sits on her bed.

"Atsuko, I finally remember about you." The figure said and strokes her hair

"Minami" Atsuko thought

"The familiar little girl appears in my dream is you. I'm very glad that I remembered you." Minami said and kisses her forehead.

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes

"Minami" Atsuko calls Minami.

"Atsuko, you are awake." Minami happily said

"Are you ok, Atsuko? Does your head still hurt?" Minami concernedly asks.

"I'm fine Minami. Don't worry" Atsuko said and smiles.

Then Atsuko sits up

"I want to meet Mii's father. I want to ask him about the past." Atsuko said and stands up

"Uh, let's go. Yesterday uncle said that he will tell us something when you wake up." Minami said.

"He did?" Atsuko turns to look at Minami with surprised look.

"Uh" Minami nods.

Then they come to the guest room. While they are talking with each other, everyone steps in.

“Acchan, how are you?” Mariko asks

“I’m fine now, thank you” Atsuko said and smiles

Then Kuu comes in.

"Ok, since everyone is already here. I'll start." Kuu said

“Firstly, I was the inventor in Atsuko's father's house. I'm also Atsuko's and Minami's best friend." Kuu introduces himself

"The swords that you two are keeping are your family treasure. It was made by special material. Only the head of the clan can hold that” Kuu said

"Acchan, your father is Maeda Atsushi, a noble, head of the Maeda clan." Kuu continues

“Maeda clan?” Rena shouts in surprise

Everyone looks at her with confused look

“I thought about that when I heard Acchan’s last name in the first time” Rena continues

“I heard from my father that Maeda clan is the most powerful nobility clan. They have superior power in every aspect in political and business. Every other clan has to listen to them.” Rena said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise.

"And your parent, Takamina, they aren't normal businessman. Your father, Takahashi Kai is a head of Takahashi clan. He is the strongest swordsman in the clan" Kuu continues

“Takahashi clan, I heard about them through my thief friends. Takahashi clan is a knight clan. Every member in the clan is very strong and skilled swordsman.” Yuu said

“Uh, that is correct. You can say that those two clans are the most powerful clans. Maeda clan and Takahashi clan have a long time relationship. Takahashi clan will assign its members to be the bodyguard of the important people in Maeda clan.” Kuu adds

"Since Kai was born, he was assigned to be Atsushi’s bodyguard.  However they only see each other as childhood friend and best friend." Kuu said

"Takamina, you asked me about your parent. The truth is your and Acchan’s parent were killed, when we were celebrating Acchan’s birthday on a ship.” Kuu said


"Wow, uncle Kuu, your fireworks are so pretty. They have my name" little Atsuko excitedly said

"So, little princess, do you like my present?" Kuu asks.

"Yes, I love it." Atsuko said and smiles widely.

"Atsu, papa and mama have a present for you" Atsushi said

Nami gives Atsuko a glass bracelet with special decoration.

"Do you like it, Atsu?" Nami asks

"Yes! Thank you Papa, Mama." Atsuko cheerfully answers.

"Atsuko-nee, Yuki also have a present for you" Yuki runs toward Atsuko and gives her a daisy

"Wow Yuki, it is so pretty. Thank you" Atsuko smiles at her sister

"Mama helped me picked that." Yuki said

"Acchan, I also have a present for you" Minami cheerfully said.

"What is it Minami?" Atsuko asks.

"I know that you really like vegetable. Today, I asked my mom to teach me how to cook your most favorite dish. I hope you like it." Minami said and gives Atsuko the food

"Minami is the one doing all the cooking work" Akiko said

Atsuko eats and said

"Delicious, Minami, very delicious. Thank you" Atsuko hugs Minami and kisses his cheek.

Minami blushes. Everyone sees that and laugh.

"Uncle Kai, where is my present?" Atsuko holds Kai coat and pouts.

"My present is together with Minami's food" he teases the girl

"That present is not count. That is Minami's." Atsuko reasons

"How about I will perform Kung Fu for my cute little princess?" Kai pinches Atsuko’s cheeks.

"Yatta" Atsuko jumps happily.

After a fun and enjoyable party, they all go back to their room and sleep.

At Midnight

Kuu heard some noises from the deck, so he goes out of his room to check. On his way, he meets Atsushi and Kai

"What happened, guys?" Kuu asks.

"We don't know. We just heard some noise and come here" Kai said

"Let see what happened" Atsushi said

When they come to the main deck, they see 4 masked men standing there.

"Who are you people? What do you want from us?" Atsushi said.

"I come here to make you pay for what you did." a masked man.

"What do you mean?" Atsushi asks.

"Don't play dumb with me." the man shouts and rushes to attacks Atsushi

Kai takes out his sword and blocks the man

"Kuu, go to Nami’s and Akiko’s room, call them and take them to a safe place." Atsushi shouts

"Ok." Kuu said and runs.

Kuu runs to Nami's room. He knocks the door, and Nami opens the door

"What’s wrong, Kuu?" Nami worriedly asks.

"Our ship is under attack, Atsushi told me to take you guys to the small boat." Kuu said

"Can you go to Yuki’s room to wake her up and bring her there for me? I will go to Atsu’s room to wake her up and go there later." Nami said.

"Ok” Kuu said

Before he goes to Yuki’s room, Kuu runs to Akiko’s room. He told Akiko to go to the small boat

“I will go to Minami’s room and bring him there.” Akiko hungrily said

Then Kuu goes to Yuki’s room and brings her to the small boat first. When he reached the boat, he doesn't see Neither Nami and Atsuko nor Akiko and Minami. He puts Yuki on the boat

“Hide here. Uncle will go and find your mama and the rest." Kuu said.

After checking Nami’s room, he runs to Atsuko's room.

End flashback

While Kuu is telling about the past, Minami notices that Atsuko’s expression is changed. She holds her head tightly and looks so hurtful.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami asks.

His voice interrupts Kuu. Everyone turns and looks at them.

"Minami, my head, something keep ringing in my head. It’s hurt" Atsuko said then she faints

"Atsuko, Atsuko." Minami holds Atsuko and calls her

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki and Jun run toward her

"Mayu, can you see what happened to Acchan." Mariko said

"Atsuko-nee is in shocked. Maybe her memories of that night return to her. I think we should bring her to her room and let her rest." Mayu said.

Minami carries Atsuko back to her room. He puts Atsuko on the bed and covers her with a blanket. Then he sits on the bed and looks at her. He moves the hairs that cover her face. Her face is still showing pain expression.

"I will never let you experience those things like that night once again." he said and kiss her forehead.

Then he comes back to the guest room.

“Sorry for the wait" Minami said.

"Uncle Kuu, What happened in that room that makes Atsuko so shock like that?" Minami asks.

"I don't know. When I get there, I saw her mother, Nami, is lying on the floor. She was...." Kuu pauses, and his face looks so sad.

Everyone silently looks at him and waits for his words

"…Stabbed by a dagger in her heart" Kuu said and looks down

"So cruel" Haruna said.

"How about Acchan, where was she?" Yuu asks

"I found her inside a closet." kuu said.

"So she witnessed everything?" Rena asks

"Uhm, I guess" Kuu signs

"What happened to Atsuko-nee?" Jun asks.

"She looked terrify. Her eyes were full of tear. I asked her what's wrong, but she did not say a word until her father come" Kuu said


"Acchan, what's wrong?" Kuu asks

However, Atsuko still stays silent. Her body is shaking. Her tear is rolling down.

"Nami, Atsu" Atsushi runs to the room.

"Nami!!!!" Atsushi runs to his dead wife and hugs her tight.

"What happened to her, Kuu?" Atsushi said in tear.

“I don't know. She said that I bring Yuki to the boat first then she will go after me. However when I came there, I did not see her. Therefore I went back here" Kuu said.

"When I go in, everything turned out like this" Kuu sorrow said.

"Papa..." Atsuko finally speaks up and runs to her father.

"Papa, Mama...Mama..." Atsuko said in trembling voice.

"It is ok now Atsu. Papa is here. Can you tell me what happened?" Atsushi hugs his daughter.

"I'm scared papa. I'm scared Papa." Atsuko doesn't say anything except those words.

Then Atsushi hears someone is coming. He looks up to Kuu and said.

"Please take care of my daughter for me. Take her out of this place right now." Atsushi said.

"Atsushi, don't you come with us?" Kuu asks

"I'm not finish with them. Kai and I just escape from them for a moment. We will buy time for you. Please take care of our children." Atsushi said.

Then Atsushi turns to Atsuko.

"Papa has to go now. Atsu, be a good girl and go with uncle Kuu, ok?" Atsushi gently said to his daughter.

"No, papa, don't go." Atsuko hugs her father tightly and said.

"Atsu, you are a strong girl right." Atsushi said and Atsuko nods.

"Good let go with uncle, ok." Atsushi said

"Here Atsu, take this sword with you. This is for you." Atsushi said and give her the sword.

After that he leaves the room. Then Kuu holds Atsuko and runs to the boat.

End flashback

"After I took Atsuko to the boat, I went to look for Takamina and his mother. I ran to the storeroom after checking every room. When I get there, I saw Takamina was sitting next to his mother and crying. Standing next to him is Kai." Kuu said

"What happened?” Yuu asks

"My mother was killed because of protecting me." Minami said

"What's wrong Takamina?" Mii asks.

"I remembered everything that night." Minami said in tear.


"Mama what's wrong?" Takamina asks as his mother picks him up and runs out of the room.

"Someone is attacking our ship. Uncle Kuu said that we should go to the small boat." Akiko said.

When they get near the place, they see a masked man runs to their direction. Akiko quickly hides. She takes Minami and runs down to the storeroom to hide. Suddenly, someone kicks her back. Akiko falls on the floor, and Minami fall out of her hands.

“Mama” Minami calls his mother

“Run, Minami” Akiko said

The man comes and picks Akiko up by her collar. Minami sees that he run toward his mother

“Put my mom down” he jumps and kicks the man’s back

The man is angry. He takes Minami by his neck and throws him on the floor. Then he takes his sword out to stab Minami

“Minami” Akiko runs toward and holds Minami.

The sword slashes on her back and makes a long and deep wound.

“Mama” Minami screams

When the man is about to stab Minami again, a swords pierce through his stomach. Kai appears behind him and killed that cruel man. Kai releases his sword and runs to his wife and son.

“Akiko, are you ok?” Kai calls his wife.

“Please Akiko, wake up. Talk to me” Kai cries

“Don’t cry Kai. Please take care of Minami for me” Akiko weakly said and then she passes away.

“Mama...Mama...” Minami calls his mother while crying.

End flashback

“My mother, because of protecting me, she was killed by that man.” Minami said with a shaky voice. His eyes are all red because of anger.

Outside the room

There is a figure sitting on the floor, leaning on the door, and crying.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sorry….” the figure keeps repeating the thought.


That is chapter 13 part 1. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)
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Here is part 2 of chapter 13.

Chapter 13: The Forgotten Past (part 2)

Back to the room

“So, that is what happened there.” Kuu sorrowfully said

“I’m very sorry to hear that Takamina.” Mii comes and pats Minami shoulder to comfort him.

“Are you ok Takamina?” Everyone asks in concerned voice

“I’m fine now. Thank you everyone.” Minami said.

“So, what happened next, uncle?” Mariko asks.

“Kai entrusted Takamina for me and left.” Kuu said and signs a deep sign


“Kuu, please take care of my son for me.” Kai said

“I have to go back there and meet up with Atsushi. We have to hold them there. Please take our family out of here.” Kai continues.

Then he turns and looks at Minami.

“Son, I have to go now. You have to be strong ok? You have to protect Atsuko and everyone.” Kai said to Minami

“Uh, I will” Minami wipes his tear and strongly responses.

“That is my son. Take this sword Minami and become a strong man.” Kai said and pats his head.

Then he leaves.

Kuu takes Minami to the boat with him. When they get to the boat, he calls

“Acchan, Yuki, let go.”

Suddenly, there is a big explosion making the ship shaking. The big wood that holds the boat because of that is broken. It falls onto Atsuko and Yuki

“Watch out Yuki” Atsuko calls

Then the boat falls down on the sea.

“Acchan, Yuki,” Kuu and Minami call them

However because it is midnight, they cannot see anything. Then another explosion happens. The ship is slowly sinking. Kuu have no choice but to take a piece of wood plank. He carries Minami on his back

“Hold me tight ok” Kuu said


Then he holds the plank and jumps into the sea.

End Flashback

“We floated on the sea for two day. When we were about to give up, there was a Mercian ship came and helped us” Kuu said

“Every day, Takamina cried and called his parent and Acchan. However, after a week, one day he woke up and did not remember anything.” Kuu continues

“So, as Black said, he is the one that did everything. He killed all your parents.” Jun said

“Why didn’t you go back to Maeda clan and Takahashi clan to inform them about that? Maybe with their power they can catch Black.” Yuu asks

“I don’t think only Black is the one did all of that.” Kuu said

“Why?” everyone looks at him and asks

“The dagger that stabbed Acchan’s mother have Maeda's crest on it. I think it may be related to the Maeda clan.” Kuu said

“That is the reason I brought Takamina to my home town and raised him as a normal person. I afraid that if go back there, Takamina would be in danger. Therefore, I kept everything as a secret.” Kuu said.

“So terrible” Yuki said and cries.

“A Maeda member did that?” Minami thought.

While they are talking, one of Kuu servants comes in.

“Master Kuu, Miss Atsuko is awake, but she is not in her room.” she hurriedly said.

“What?” everyone shouts

“Where did she go? Where did she go?” Minami holds the servant shoulders and asks.

“Calm down Takamina.” Mii said

“I’m sorry, Master Minami. When we get there, Miss Atsuko is not there already.” The servant bows down and said.

“Let spread around and find Atsuko-nee.” Yuki said

When they are about to go and look for Atsuko, another servant runs in.

“Master Kuu, Miss Atsuko is standing outside of the house.” the servant said

“But outside the rain is very heavy” Mariko worriedly said

“Yes. We call her to go in, but she doesn’t listen to us.” the servant said.

Hearing that, Minami immediately rushes to outside of the house.

Outside of the house

Atsuko is standing under the rain. She looks up to the sky, and tear is running down from corner of her eyes.

“Miss Atsuko, please come inside with us” a servant calls her, but Atsuko is still silent.

“Please Miss Atsuko, Master Minami will be mad at us if he sees you here.” another servant said.

“You all just go inside, don’t worry about me.” Atsuko said without changing her position.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her.

“...” Atsuko doesn’t responses

“Atsuko, why are you standing here?” Minami runs to her and pulls her hand

Atsuko turns to look at him with a blank expression.

“Just leave me alone.” Atsuko coldly said and withdraws her hand from him

“What happen, Atsuko?” Minami worriedly said.

“Acchan, come inside” Everyone calls her

“Atsuko-nee, please come inside” Yuki worriedly calls her.

“Everyone, just leave me alone” Atsuko shouts

“What happened, Atsuko?” Minami holds her arms and said

“Minami, Please just leave me alone. I don’t deserve your kindness” Atsuko shakily said.

“What do you mean by that Atsuko?” Minami worriedly said.

“...” Atsuko stays silent

Minami pulls Atsuko to his embrace and said

“What’s wrong, Atsuko? Please tell me” Minami said

“Minami, why don’t you hate me? Why, Minami?” Atsuko whispers.

“I really hate myself right now” Atsuko said and pushes Minami out.

“Why would I hate you? And why did you hate yourself?” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said

Atsuko’s eyes still show no emotion

“Please just go inside, Minami.” Atsuko weakly said.

“No, did you forget what you said? You said that you don’t want me to leave you alone right.” Minami said

“....” Atsuko just stays silent

“And I said that I will always be by your side.” Minami seriously said to Atsuko

“Please Atsuko, tell me what happened.” Minami said.

“Why did you say that I should hate you?” Minami continues.

“Black already said that his target is my father. Your parent is killed just because they are in that ship with us.” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, I told you don’t believe that jerk’s words. He is blinded because of revenge. All he wants is seeing you suffer. He just lied” Minami seriously said

"Everything he said is just like uncle said. How can that be a lie?" Atsuko said and steps back.

“Even if what he said is not the truth, I’m still a reason that your father and mother were killed. Moreover I’m also the reason that my father and mother got killed” Atsuko continues

“What are you saying Atsuko? It has nothing to do with you.” Minami reasons

“No, it was all my fault. If my birthday did not celebrate on the ship, everyone would not be killed.” Atsuko shouts in tear

“I’m the cause of your mother dead.” Atsuko continues.

She is crying harder. Her tear mixes with the cold rain.

“Stop it Atsuko, It is not your fault. It is just a coincident.” Minami hugs Atsuko tight and said

“You know what I heard when I hid in that closet?" Atsuko looks at Minami’s eyes and asks

"He said that thank to my birthday he has this opportunity to kill them” Atsuko half shouts

“Thank to my birthday that he can kill them all" Atsuko emphasizes her words.

“Atsuko, It is not your fault” Minami tries to convince Atsuko

“It is my fault” Atsuko insists



Little Atsuko run to her father

“Atsu, what do you want to celebrate in your next birthday.” Her father asks

“I want to celebrate in a big ship.” Atsuko said and stretches her arms wide

“Hahaha, as you wish my little princess” her father laughs and kisses her forehead

“Yay! I love you papa” Atsuko said and hugs her father tightly

“Atsu only love your papa, mama will be sad” her mother said and fake crying

“Atsu loves mama, too” Atsuko hugs and kisses her mother’s cheek

End flashback

“That is my suggestion. He thanked me for my suggestion” Atsuko said and laugh bitterly

“Our parents were killed. It is all because of me” Atsuko shouts and drops down on her knees

“Atsuko calm down” Minami tries to hug Atsuko to calm her down

“Let go of me. I caused you to lose your parent. You should hate me now” Atsuko struggles

“If it was not because of me, you wouldn’t be hurt because of those memories” Atsuko continues shouting while using her hand to hit herself

 “It would be good if I die that night or if I never exist"

“Stop it Atsuko, what are you saying?”

Minami takes Atsuko’s hands. He pulls her to his embrace and kiss Atsuko on her lips to stop her from saying and hurting herself.

“Atsuko, please don’t hurt yourself. What happened that night will never be your fault. Your parent and my parent will be sad if they see you like this.” Minami said in tear.

“Minami, Papa, Mama, uncle Kai, aunty Akiko, sorry, sorry” Atsuko said in tear

Atsuko hugs Minami tightly and cries loudly on his shoulder. Surrounding the place now is the sound of the cold rain and the hurtful crying sound of Atsuko. Then Atsuko faints because of tiredness

Minami quickly carries her back to her room. Her body is shacking because of cold. Yuki and Rena quickly run toward to help Minami

"Takamina, leave Acchan to us. You, go and change your clothes. They are all wet." Mariko said

"But..." Minami opposes

"She will be fine Takamina. Atsuko-nee will be sad if you get sick. Go change your cloth and come back here." Yuki said and Minami nods.

"Yuu-chan and I will bring some warm water for her" Haruna said and runs toward the kitchen

Minami quickly goes to his room to change. When he is back, Haruna and Yuu are already come back, and Mayu is checking on Atsuko’s health.

"How is she doing, Mayu?" Minami asks.

"Atsuko-nee is under the cold rain for too long, so she gets a fever. She really needs a lot of rest right now. Therefore her fever can go down faster" Mayu said.

“Atsuko” Minami sits on her bed and caress her face which is now very hot.

“Thank you, Mayu.” Minami said.

Then everyone leaves the room.

Outside the room

“So, she overheard our conversation” Mariko said

“Uh” Mii agrees

“So, that is what happened in the room. No wonder she looked so shock.” Kuu said and signs.

“I hope Atsuko-nee will be fine” Yuki sobs

“Don’t worry Yuki. Takamina will take care of her. She will be fine. I’m sure about that.” Mayu comforts Yuki.

“That is so cruel. Poor Acchan” Rena sadly said.

Outside the house

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell her to come here. She is suffering. Just let her live the careless life without remember everything would be better for her” a man said

“She will be fine. Her memories sooner or later will come back to her. You should not blame yourself” the other man said to his friend.

Inside the room

Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said

“Baka, why did you blame yourself for the incident that night?” Minami said while tear rolling down on his cheeks.

“Can you feel that Atsuko? Everyone is worry about you. It is not truth that you are not needed. You are their friend. They really care for you.” Minami whispers

“More importantly, I need you the most. I need you to fulfill my life.” Minami said and kiss her forehead.
At night

Minami wakes up. He goes and changes tower on Atsuko's forehead. He sits on her bed and looks at her sleeping face, but somehow her hurtful expression is still there. He bends down to check her temperature. Atsuko feels something touches her forehead. She slowly opens her eyes

"Minami" Atsuko whispers his name

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami worriedly asks.

Atsuko nods. Then she notice some tear in the corner of Minami’s eyes. She raises her hand to touch Minami's face.

"Why did you cry?" Atsuko weakly said.

"I cry because of your stupidity. Why did you make yourself suffer like that? I told you don’t listen to what that he said.” Minami angrily said

"Sorry Min..." Haven't finished her words, Minami puts his hand on Atsuko’s lips

"If you say "sorry" to me again, I'll be mad." Minami seriously said

“I want you to understand that everything is not your fault, and don’t ever think yourself is not needed once again.” Minami continues

"Uh, I heard you said that." Atsuko smiles at Minami.

"Now, you should sleep more. We will talk about that later. “Minami said


"Good night Atsuko" Minami said.

In the morning

Minami wakes up early. He checks on Atsuko's temperature. Her fever has gone down, and her face look peaceful now.

After a while

Mayu, Yuki and the rest walk in.

"Atsuko-nee, are you ok?" Yuki worriedly asks

"Sorry Yuki. I made you worry and sad again." Atsuko said.

"It is ok, Atsuko-nee.” Yuki said and smiles.

"Thank you Yuki." Atsuko smiles

Mayu comes and checks on Atsuko.

"How is she now Mayu?" Kuu asks.

"She is ok now.” Mayu said.

"That is a relief" Mariko said

"Sorry everyone for making you all worry about me." Atsuko bows before everyone.

"It is ok Acchan. Just lie down and rest." Rena said to Atsuko.

"I think you should rest more. We will leave now." Haruna said.

"Thank you everyone" Atsuko said.

The next day

Atsuko is better now. She asks Minami

"Minami, can we go to the backyard a little bit?"

"Of course" Minami said.

Then they walk to the yard.

"It feels so good to go outside" Atsuko said and slowly stretches her arms.

Minami is standing there, watching Atsuko, and smiling. Atsuko notices. She turns around and asks

"Why are you smiling?"

"Because you are back to yourself" Minami said.

"That day, when I saw you stood under the rain with those hurtful eyes, it broke my heart." Minami caresses Atsuko's face.

Atsuko raises her hand to hold Minami's hand and leans her face closer to his hand.

"That day, when I heard your story about your mother, it was really hurt. I could feel your hurt, your sadness, your anger, and your regret. My heart felt very tight. I remembered Black’s and that man’s words. It was ringing in my head. It made me think that 'it was because of my father that you felt that way,’ 'If it were not because of me, you would not be suffering like that'."  Atsuko cries and said.

"Sshhh… It is ok now Atsuko. I told you before, right. That is not your fault." Minami hugs and pats her back.

"I said that you should hate me. However, the truth is I'm very scared. I'm scared that you would hate me because of what Black said." Atsuko said, and her voice is shaking.

"Baka, I'll never hate you. I love you more than anything." Minami stroke Atsuko's hair and said.

"Thank you, thank you Minami. I love you, too" Atsuko said and buries her face on his neck.

While they are standing there, a servant calls them.

"Master Minami, Miss Atsuko, master Kuu call you two."

"Ok, tell him we will be right there." Minami answers.

Minami and Atsuko go into the guest room.

"Oh, everyone is here" Atsuko said in surprise.

"Uncle, why did you call us here?" Minami asks.

"I have something..." When he is about to speak, the knocking sound interrupted him.

"Come in" he said.

"Master, Mr. Kojima's servant came and said that he will be here at noon." The servant said

"Kojima? It cannot be." Haruna thought

"Who is he, Dad?" Mii asks

"I told you, he saved me and Minami 20 years ago. He is also father of Takamina's fiancée" Kuu said

"Uncle" Minami shouts

"So your fiancée is about to come here." Atsuko said and pouts

"She is not my fiancée. I'm not going to marry anyone except you, Atsuko." Minami shouts, and Atsuko blushes.

Everyone giggles at them.

"Don't worry, I'll apologize to him." Kuu chuckles

"Really uncle" Minami happily said.

"What can I do since your rightful fiancée is already here" He smiles

Everyone looks at him with a puzzle look.

"What do you mean, uncle?" Minami asks.

"The necklaces that you two are wearing" Kuu said and point to Atsuko’s and Minami’s necklace.

"Your parent wore those on you two when you two were engaged." Kuu explain.

"Engage?" Atsuko looks at Kuu

"Yes, you two were engaged since you were born."  Kuu continues.

"Eehhh!!!!!" Everyone shouts in shock.

Atsuko and Minami look at each other in surprise.

"Yes. Since your fathers are best friend with each other. They promise that if their child is a boy and a girl, they will engage them." Kuu said

"However, because of that night, I thought that Acchan was dead. Therefore, I try to find for you a good wife." Kuu explain.

"I would never expect that you two have found each other." Kuu happily said.

"That is unbelievable. After all these years separated from each other, you two still meet and fall in love with each other" Mariko said with amazed voice.

"Mariko is correct. You two are really meant to be with each other." Mii said.

"Congratulations you two" Everyone said.

"Kojima, fiancé, 8 years ago, could it be?" Haruna thought.

“No way” Haruna suddenly shouts and stands up.

Everyone is surprised and turns to Haruna

“What happened, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu asks

“Uncle, Mr. Kojima, by any chance, his name is Riku” Haruna hesitantly asks.

“Yes, how did you know that?” Kuu asks

“Wait a minute, Kojima Haruna…. Don’t tell me you are his daughter.” Yuu shouts and Haruna nods

“Does that mean Nyan Nyan is Takamina’s fiance?” Mariko and Mii shouts

“She is not my fiancée.” Minami annoyingly said and turns to looks at Atsuko

“Calm down Minami. I know.” Atsuko hold Minami’s hand and smiles at him.

“So, that is the reason why you don’t want to go home right, Nyan Nyan?” Atsuko asks.

“Uh, 8 years ago, my father said that he already promised with his friend that I will marry his friend’s son.” Haruna said.

“Although I don’t want that, but he is my father, I have to obey him.” Haruna continues

“Then one day, when I went out to walk at the shore, I was captured by pirates. Luckily, Acchan came and saved me. Since I said that I did not want to go home, Acchan invited me to her ship. Taking that opportunity, I decided to run away from home. I don’t want to be control by my father anymore.” Haruna said

“I want to find the person that I really love by myself.” Haruna continues and hold Yuu’s hand

Yuu looks at Haruna and smile.

“So that is what you really want” a voice comes from the room door.

Everyone turns and look at the sources of the voice.

“” Haruna surprised said.

"Papa?" every shouts in surprise

"Hello Kuu, long time no see." Riku said.

“Uhm, hi Riku" Kuu said

“My first intention to go here is to apologize about the marriage plan. My daughter is missing for 8 years. I thought that our promise cannot complete. But now she is here, I can keep my promise.” Riku said.

“Sorry Riku, I want to cancel our promise.” Kuu said and bows

“What do you mean?” Riku said while frowning

“I always thought that his fiancée was dead, so I accepted your offer. Now his fiancée is finally back. Therefore our promise cannot be completed.” Kuu explains.

"What do you mean Kuu? Do you want to take back your words?" Riku furiously said

Minami hold Atsuko’s hand and walks toward Riku. He bows before Riku and said.

“Sorry Mr. Kojima. But I did not accept your offer from the beginning. The person that I only love is this person. I will never marry anyone else.” Minami said with serious eyes.

“Do you think that you can use that excuse to cancel that.” Riku angrily said.

“But Papa, that is the truth. Takamina and Acchan love each other. Moreover, they were engaged since they were born. And the most important thing is I don’t love him.” Haruna said

“Haruna, since when did you learn to talk back to your father?” Riku slams the table and said to Haruna.

Haruna steps back and looks down. Yuu stands up, holds Haruna’s hand and walks towards Riku.

“What do you want?” Riku said while crossing his arms.

“Mr. Kojima, my name is Oshima Yuu. I’m Kojima Haruna’s boyfriend. Please accept us” Yuu said and bows.

“Pretty confident, huh?” Riku said.

“What can you do for my daughter? How can you be so confident when saying you love my daughter?” Riku seriously said

“Although I don’t know what will happen in the future, I only know one thing that if I still alive, I will do anything I could to love Haruna and make her happy.” Yuu said with a serious tone.

“What will you do if I said that I will not approve for you two no matter what?” Riku said

“I will do anything so that you can accept me” Yuu sincerely said

“Who are you? How can you confidently said that you will make my daughter happy?” Riku said

“I’m….” Yuu doesn’t know what to say

“Papa, stop it. I love him is all matter. I don’t care who he is” Haruna said

“Silent, you are not in position to say anything.” Riku shouts

Yuu pulls Haruna behind his back. He looks directly at Riku’s eyes and seriously said

“Although I’m no one, I will protect her no matter what. I will never shout at her like that. You are her father why did you always force her to do what you want. She also has her own feelings.”

“Now, listen clearly what I say. Even if you against us, I will always be with her and love her. Because of her I can go against everything even the world.” Yuu continues while holding Haruna’s hand tightly

“....” Riku keeps silent and close his eyes.

Yuu seriously looks at him.

“Hahaha...” suddenly Riku laugh out loud

Everyone look at him with a confused look. He turns to look at Kuu

“Sorry Kuu, for angry at you” He said to Kuu

“Ah, uhm…” Kuu doesn’t understand anything

“Papa?” Haruna looks at her father.

“Haruna, Since you were young, you always obey my words. Eight years ago, you were kidnapped by the pirates. I ordered and hired a lot of people to look for you but no new about you. It is truth that I came here is to apologize to Kuu. However, when I stood outside the door, I heard your voice. You are not a little girl that only obeys my words anymore. You are more confident and decisive. I’m very happy.” He said and pats Haruna’s head.

“When I stepped inside here, I saw you were holding Yuu’s hand. I knew that he is the one you choose and love. So I did that to test your boyfriend to see if he is serious about you.” Riku smiles at his daughter.

“Sorry Haruna for shouting at you” Riku gently said

“Thank you, Papa.” Haruna hugs Riku and sobs

Then he turns to Yuu

“Yuu, Remember what you said today. If you ever forget your words, I will make you pay for that.” Riku said with a serious voice.

“Yes, Mr Kojima, I will. Thank you for accepting me” Yuu said

“And sorry for my rudeness toward you” Yuu continues and bows

“It is ok. By the way, just call me uncle Riku. Don’t be so formal.” Riku happily said

“Yes, uncle” Yuu said and smile.

Then he turns to Atsuko and Minami

“Congratulation you two, you two really look good together." Riku smiles and said

“ Mr. Kojima” Atsuko and Minami said

"Please just call me uncle Riku don't be too formal, Takamina and... you are Acchan right?" Riku smiles and said

"Yes. Sorry for my late introduction. My name is Maeda Atsuko" Atsuko said and bows

"Maeda?" Riku is surprised.

"Uncle?" Atsuko notice his behavior. She curiously asks.

"Papa, what happened?" Haruna asks

"Ah....uhm... Acchan, can I asks you something?" Riku asks.

"Yes,” Atsuko answers.

"What is your father name?" Riku asks

"My father name? His name is Maeda Atsushi." Atsuko answers

"Maeda Atsushi!" He stands up and shouts

Then he runs toward and holds her shoulders

"That is her right Kuu?" Riku turns to Kuu and asks

"Yes, It is her. She is still alive Riku" Kuu said and smiles

"You are alive, you are still alive. I'm so glad. " Riku cheerfully said

Everyone looks at him with a confused look.

"D..did you know my father?" Atsuko asks

"Yes, but before I tell you the detail, can I ask you one more thing?" Riku looks at Atsuko

"Yes what is it, uncle?” Atsuko said.

"Are you with Yuki?" Riku asks

Yuki is surprised by his question. She steps up and asks

"Did you know me?"

Riku turns to look at Yuki

"You are Yuki? Kashiwagi Yuki, right?"

"You really look like your father. I am happy that you are alive too." Riku slowly walks toward Yuki.

"You know my parent?" Yuki asks

"I'm your father's cousin. You are my only niece." He said and hugs her.

"Uncle?" Yuki calls him, but she is still very confused.

"Who is my parent? And how did I become Atsuko-nee's adopted sister?" Yuki asks him.

"Your parent was killed by bandits. Acchan's and Takamina's father saved our life 22 years ago." Riku said

Everyone widens their eyes because of surprise.


That is part 2 chapter 13. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.   :D

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Yuki since they thought her parents died, they adopted her as Atsuko's younger sister

But Black survived, he knew someone from Maeda clan responsible but don't know whom responsible.

Then someone from Maeda clan said Atsushi was the one that responsible for the attack of Black's family

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Here is part 1 of chapter 14  :D

Chapter 14: Secret of The Past (Part 1)

At the guest room

“Who is my parent? How did I become Atsuko-nee’s sister?” Yuki asks

“Your father is Kashiwagi Ryu, and Your mother is Kishinosato Juri. Your parent was killed by bandits." Riku said

“When I came to your house, I was only able to save you. Your mother covered you with her body.” Riku sadly said.

“Mother!” Yuki sobs.

Mayu holds Yuki’s hand to comfort her

“I took you and ran out of the house. They chased after us to the cliff. I held you and jumped off the cliff. Thank to Atsushi’s ship that we are still alive. Because I had some family issues, so I asked Atsushi to take care of you.” Riku said

“That was when our fathers met you for the first time?” Minami asks

“Yes. I always wanted to find your fathers to thank them again. 20 years ago, I saved Kuu and Takamina. I was very sad when Kuu told me that Kai’s and Atsushi’s family and Yuki were dead. However when I knew that Takamina is Kai’s son, I was very happy because I saved his son.” Riku said

“That time I really want to do something to repay Kai’s kindness. That is the reason why I came to meet you 8 years ago. I want to arrange the marriage between Takamina and my daughter
” Riku said and looks at Kuu

“I see” Kuu said.

“I’m very happy right now because Atsushi’s daughter is also still alive. Plus, I finally meet my niece, and found my daughter” Riku smiles and said

“Takamina, Acchan, in the future, if you need something, just tell me, I will help you.” Riku said

“Thank you uncle” Atsuko and Minami said

Then they happily talk to each other.

At night

Atsuko is walking around the backyard and thinking

“Today is so great. Yuki can finally meet her uncle. It is very coincident, Haruna and Yuki is cousin.” Atsuko thought and smiles

“However, who is that Black guy? Why did he keep saying that my father killed his family? I guess I should ask uncle Kuu about this.”

While she is deep in her thought, a voice calls her.

“Atsuko, are you there?”

"Minami" Atsuko turns and looks at Minami.

"What are you doing out here this late?" Minami asks.

"I just want some fresh air." Atsuko said and smiles.

"Come on, let’s go inside. Outside is very cold. It is not good for your health." Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him.

"I'm perfectly fine" Atsuko pouts.

"None excuses. I don't want you to get sick again" Minami said with a strictly tone.

Atsuko stops and calls Minami


“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami looks at Atsuko

“Can you go with me to meet uncle Kuu?” Atsuko asks

“You want to ask about Black?” Minami said and Atsuko nods.

“Let’s go” Minami said

Then they go to Kuu’s room

At Kuu room

While sitting in his room, he hears a knocking sound

“Uncle Kuu, Atsuko and I have something to ask you.” Minami said

“Come in” Kuu said

‘What did you two want to ask me?” Kuu turns to them and said.

“Black said that he attacked the ship because my father killed his family. He seems to hold a very deep grudge to my father." Atsuko said

“Yes. I can still remember his voice. It is full of hatred” Kuu said

“Do you know anything about that?” Minami asks

“I don't really know about that. He just said that and attacked us." Kuu said.

“....” Atsuko and Minami stay silent

Then Atsuko look directly at Kuu's eyes and sincerely asks

"My father did not kill anyone, right?"

"Of course not, your father is a good and gentle man. He is a good person." Kuu confidentially said.

"That is what I want to know. Thank you uncle” Atsuko smiles and said

Before she leaves, Kuu asks her

“I know I shouldn’t ask this, but when you were in that closet, did you see the face of the person who killed your mother?”

“Uhm... I don’t know. His words are the only thing I’m able to remember. Everything in my memories is still very blurry.” Atsuko said

“Oh ok, I just want to know that.” Kuu said

“You are wonder about the Maeda’s crest on the dagger, right?” Minami said

“Uh” Kuu answers

"Maeda's crest? Dagger? What are you two talking about?" Atsuko is confused

Kuu looks at Minami

"Atsuko, I want you to calm down before I tell you what happened" Minami gently said to Atsuko

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"When uncle Kuu came to your room that night, he saw your mother was lying on the ground with a dagger stabbed on her heart." Minami said while hold Atsuko's hands to comfort her.

Hearing that Atsuko holds Minami's hand tighter

"My mother" Atsuko whispers

Then something flashes on her head, but it is so blurry that she doesn’t know what that is. Suddenly, she feels a little headache. She holds her head tight. Minami hugs Atsuko

"It's ok now Atsuko. Everything is ok now." Minami said and pats Atsuko's back

"Uh, thank you Minami" Atsuko said

After calming down

“Then we will leave now” Atsuko and Minami bows and leaves the room

They walk silently for a while. Then a shadow appear before them

"We meet again Maeda Atsuko" he said

"It is you again, Black." Atsuko said and frowning.

“What do you want?” Minami stands before Atsuko and asks

"Yes it is me. I come here to make her suffer more" Black smirks

"I won’t let you" Minami said

“I can’t believe after hearing the truth, you still want to protect her, short guy. I’m sure that your parent will be very di-sap-po-in-ted” Black said and laughs

“Minami” Atsuko holds Minami’s shirt

“Don’t try to deceive me. No matter what, I will always protect her, and I believe that my parent will be very pleased when I protect Atsuko like this.” Minami said

Hearing that makes Atsuko very happy

"Now I can confidently said that my father is not a murderer" Atsuko seriously said

"You..." He angrily rushes to them

"You said that you are the one that attacked our ship 20 years ago to revenge. Did you see my father did that?” Atsuko said.

He ignores her question and takes out his sword to attacks her. Minami uses his sword to blocks the sword.

"Are you sure that you witnessed my father attacked your family by your own eyes?" Atsuko shouts and emphasize her words

He is taken with the question. He tries to calm himself and said.

"Don't try to deceive me so that you can escape from your father's sin. I swore before my wife and daughter grave that I will make him and his family suffer.” Black shouts

“Today, I will leave like this. However prepare yourself, next time when we meet again, I will make you beg for my mercy" Black said and jumps back into the forest.

Atsuko looks at his direction with worried eyes. Then they continue walking back to her room. After a while, they reach the room.

"Good night, Minami." Atsuko said and gives Minami a short kiss on his lips.

When Atsuko is about to go into her room, Minami pulls her into his hugs.

“Don’t worry Atsuko, everything will be fine. I will always be here for you” Minami gently said to her

"Thank you Minami" Atsuko whispers.

"Now, sleep well my angel." Minami said and pecks on Atsuko's lips.

In the morning

Atsuko is still sleeping in her room. Suddenly there are a lot of knocking sounds from outside. Atsuko is woken up by the sound.

"Mayu, What's happening?" Atsuko opens the door and asks

"Yuki...yuki..."  Mayu panicky said.

"Calm down Mayu. What happen to Yuki?" Atsuko said

Mayu takes a deep breath and said, "Yuki is missing."

"What!!!!" Atsuko shouts in surprise.

"What happened? When?" Atsuko holds Mayu’s shoulders and panicky asks

"I don't know. This morning, when I came to her room, there was no one in there. I went out and looked around, but I didn’t see her anywhere" Mayu worriedly said.

"Where is...."

"Acchan, Acchan" when Atsuko is about to say somethings, she was interrupted by Yuu’s call.

"What's wrong, Yuu?" Atsuko turns to Yuu and asks.

"Nyan Nyan is missing." Yuu runs to Atsuko and said.

"Haruna is also missing?" Atsuko shouts

"Also? Who is missing?" Yuu asks

"Yuki is missing" Mayu sadly said.

"What?" Yuu shouts

"What's happening in this morning?" Atsuko thoughts while caressing her temples

"Does everyone know about this?" Atsuko said

"No" Yuu and Mayu said

"Uhm, let just call everyone to the guest room first." Atsuko said.

In the guest room

"Atsuko, what happened?" Minami asks

"Yuki and Nyan Nyan are missing" Atsuko said.

"What!!!!" everyone shouts

"Everyone, did you guys know anything or any clues about this?" Atsuko asks

"Last night, after talking with each other, we just go back to our room." Yuu said.

"We also don't know anything about them" Mariko said
When they are talking, a servant comes in

"Miss Atsuko, someone sends you a letter" the servant said and gives the letter to Atsuko.

Atsuko opens the letter, and her expression changes. Minami asks

"What's wrong, Atsuko?"

Atsuko gives the letter to Minami

"Your sister and your friend are in my hand. If you want them back, come to "Sin Island"----Black." Minami reads out loud the letter.

“Black? It cannot be” Riku thought

"That bastard" Yuu slams the table.

“Black kidnapped them? What are we going to do now?” Mayu panicky said

"That is what he mean. He dares to touch those important to me." Atsuko thought and hold her fists

"I will end this" Atsuko thought

Minami notice Atsuko strange expresstion. He calls


 “I will go there and save them" Atsuko said

"Yes, we will go there to save t..."

"By myself" Atsuko cuts Yuu's words and emphasizes her words.

"What!!!" Everyone shouts in surprise

“What are you saying, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“I said that I will go there by myself” Atsuko repeats

“His target is me. I don’t want anyone to involve in this” Atsuko continues

“Are you crazy? You clearly know that he wants to take revenge on you. Do you want to die?” Yuu said

“Beside, Haruna is my girlfriend. I have to go there and save her.” Yuu continues

“What can I do? Because of me, Yuki and Haruna already involved in this dangerous situation. I don’t want you guys also involve in this.” Atsuko said

“And, He only wants my life. If I go there, he will definitely release them.” Atsuko continues

“Atsuko, calm down. Don't do any reckless thing.” Minami holds Atsuko shoulders and said

“If anything bad happened to you, Atsuko, tell me how am I supposed to live?” Minami looks directly at Atsuko’s eyes and said

“Sorry, Minami” Atsuko looks down

“Acchan, do you think that we are coward?” Yuu asks

“Of course not” Atsuko answers

“Then don’t say anything like don’t want us to involve in this.” Mariko said

“Haruna will be mad at me if I let you go alone.” Yuu said

“I’m positive that Yuki will get mad, too” Mayu said

“I will also involve in this for sure. When you saved my life, you didn’t think anything about dangerous. How can I sit back and do nothing.” Jun said

“Guys” Atsuko whispers

“We are pirate, and we don’t afraid of anything.” Mii said and smiles.

“See Atsuko, I told you before, right. You will never trouble them.” Minami said and smiles

“Thank you everyone.” Atsuko said and bows

“So, everyone, can you help me save Yuki and Haruna” Atsuko said and bows

“Of course, we will” Everyone said together.

"Anyone know about "Sin Island"?" Atsuko asks.

“Sin Island" Kuu said

"You know that island, uncle Kuu." Mario asks.

"Uhm… ''Sin Island" is a island of pirates and all kind of criminal" Kuu signs and said

“Do you know where it is uncle?” Atsuko asks.

“That island is very close here.” Kuu said.

“Uncle Kuu, can you take us there?” Minami said

“Uh." Kuu answers

Suddenly someone voice said.

"I want to go, too"

"Uncle Riku?" everyone calls.

"Uh, I want to go” Riku said again

"But it's too dangerous." Yuu said.

"Haruna is my daughter. I want to go there to save her, too." he said

"If so, I will protect you no matter what" Yuu said

“Then, everyone, prepare yourself. We will depart this evening” Atsuko said

"Ok, I will order my servants to prepare a ship for us." Kuu said

At night

At some place

A man sits on his chair


At a big house

Two men are talking with each other

“You are finally back” a man said

“Uh.” the other man nods

“In the past because of hating your father, you left the house and became an assassin. Since he is dead now, I think you should stop being an assassin. Go back to your house and inherit your family business” The man said

“That job is very dangerous, you know.” the man continues

“Uhm... I know.” the man said

End flashback

"It has been already 22 years" he thought and signs.


“Master, we found out something when we spying his house” a servant said

“What is it?” a man asks

“We stole this letter from him” The servant gives the letter to him

He opens the letter and read.

“That Jerk” He angrily slams the table

End flashback

“It cannot be. I hope my thought is wrong.” the man signs

At another place

Black walks in a room

“Hi my friend, what do you want to meet me this time?” a man said

“I want to ask you something about that day” Black said.

“Why did you suddenly ask about that?” the man said

“I saw something that remind me” Black said

“When I came to your house, I only saw dead bodies. Then I saw a man carried your daughter to the cliff and threw her there. I’m sorry. I cannot save your daughter at that time” the man sadly said.

“Uh, it is ok. It was not your fault. It was his fault.” Black answers

“When I came back I noticed that your housekeeper is still alive. Then I took him back to my ship and treated his wounds. However, he just only survives long enough to meet you.” He said

“Uhm” Black slilently replies

“Did you doubt me, Black?” The man said

“Of course not, you are the only one that helps me for all those year. You pulled me back from the deepest hell.” Black said

“I’m glad to hear that.” The man said and smiles

“I have something to do. I’ll take my leave now” Black said and leaves.

After talking with Black, the man walks in a room

“Sir, you called me.” The man said

“Uhm, does Black starts doubting about the past?” A man sits behind the curtain said.

“Don’t worry sir, I’m sure he is still in our side” The man said.

“If you say so, I trust you. Don’t mess up everything” He said

“Yes sir.” the man bows and leaves.

In Black’s house

Black stands in front of the girl who is unconscious

“You really resemble ‘her’.” He thought

“Is it possible that you are ‘her’? But why are you still alive and with them?” He wonders


A man goes back to his house

“Weird, why is it so silent?” he thought

When he steps inside the house, he saw a lot of dead bodies.

“What happened?” he thought

“Juri where are you?” He calls 

He runs up to his room. He breaks down when he sees a woman is lying on the ground. Her body is covered with blood, and her face is very pale. He slowly bends down and touches the cold face.

“Juri, opens your eyes please. Juri, Juri.” He whispers and tears run down on his cheeks.

“No, this cannot be true. Who, Who did that?” He shouts and cries

"You are finally back. Sorry I came too late, I cannot save your family. However, I am able to save one of your servants." A man steps out and said

"Daiki, why are you here?"

"I came here to visit you and your family. However when I came in everything is already like this. “Daiki sorely said

"You said that you are able to save my servant. Take me to him."

"Ok" Daiki said

In the ship

“Master… you… are …back” a servant weakly said

“You, tell me who did that? What happened?” the man said to his servant

"This morning, suddenly a group of men broke into the house. I heard his men called him, Master Atsushi. Then he ordered his men to attack us. He killed everyone in the house and Juri-sama. I disguised myself as a dead corpse to tricked them" The servant said.

"Why did he do that? I didn't even know who he is." The man asks

"I don't know. He just came and cruelty attacked us without telling us the reason" The servant said

“I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS, ATSUSHI.” he screams furiously

End flashback

“Did he really trick me? It cannot be, he is my best friend. He helped me to find that guy to revenge. He even got hurt because of that” He thought


In a wooden house in the forest

“Black, are you in there” A man calls

Black opens the door

“What happened? You are hurt” Black said in surprise

“*Cough* I’m fine, don’t worry.” The man said

“I finally found out who he is. Those guards in his house attacked me when I tried to escape” The man said

“Those people are heartless.” Black angrily said

“Who is he?” Black asks

“Maeda Atsushi, he is a very powerful noble.” The man said

“Maybe you shouldn’t take revenge. He is very powerful. I’m afraid that you will be in danger.” The man said

“I don’t care. I have no one now. I have to take revenge for my wife and daughter.” Black said

“If you say so, I will help you.” The man said and pats Black’s shoulder

“I found out that in two days, he will celebrate his daughter birthday in a ship, and he will not bring any guard with him there. It is your chance to attack him. There is only one thing you have to worry is his friend who is also his bodyguard. He is very strong” The man said

"How can he be happy like that while he killed other family" Black angrily thought

“Ok, I got it. I will go and prepare to attack him.” Black said

“I will go with you.” The man said

“It is too dangerous. You helped me a lot” Black said

“It is ok, you are my best friend, and you also helped me a lot in the past. I will call my friends to help you in case he brings some guards” The man said

“Thank you, Daiki. I own you big time. If in the future you need my help, I will help you with anything” Black said and bows.

“It is ok, we are best friend. You don’t have to do that.” Daiki said

End Flashback

“That girl is a smart girl. She definitely tricks me. I have to focus on my revenge.” He holds his fists tight

“Wait for me. I will make her pay for that.” He holds his necklace and whispers.

In the afternoon

After half a day their ship reaches the island.

“Everyone, are you guys ready?” Minami said

“Yes” they shout together.

“Let go” Atsuko said

They park their ship and step out from the shore. There is someone is waiting for them from there.

"Master is waiting for you" he bows and said.

Then he leads them to Black’s house.

At Black’s house

“Ready to meet your sister and your friend” Black said to Yuki and Haruna.


"What is it?" Black asks

"Master, your guest came" a servant said.

"Good, take them here" Black said.

Few moments later

"Atsuko-nee, Mayu" Yuki calls

"Papa, Yuu, everyone" Haruna calls

"Welcome to my house, Maeda Atsuko." Black said.

“Black.” Someone thought.


That is part 1 of chapter 14. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.   :)
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Here is part 2 of chapter 14

Chapter 14: Secret of the Past (Part 2)

At Black house

"Master, your guests is here" a servant said.

"Good, Take them here." Black said

The servant goes to the main door and leads them to the room that Black ordered.

They step into the room.

"Welcome to my house, Maeda Atsuko" Black said

"Yuki, Nyan Nyan" Atsuko calls them

Yuki and Haruna are tied by the rope and hanging up on the celling. Under them is a table with a lot of sharp spikes on it.

"Now, I'm here. Release them now." Atsuko said

"Don't rush. I have plenty of things to play with you" he said and goes toward Atsuko.

Everyone sees him coming toward. They take out their weapon.

"You people should calm down. If not, I'm afraid that the knife in my hand will accidently cut the rope and "BAM" hahaha. You people can image what will happen to them right?" he said and laughs out loud.

"You...!!!" Yuu angrily shouts at Black

"You are crazy" Minami shouts.

"Yes, I'm crazy. How can you not crazy if in one day you lost everything. My family, my only family, my wife, my daughter, they all died. When I came back, the only thing I saw was my death wife lying on the ground.” He shouts

“After that I received another new. My daughter was dead. She is only two, but he cruelty threw her off the cliff. What do you think about that?” he shouts and slams the table.

"Those are the good things that your father did to me. Thank you him that I became a person as I'm right now." he angrily shouts while pointing at Atsuko.

He takes the necklace and puts on the table

"Look at your father good work. That is the only thing they left for me" he takes Atsuko by her collar and points her the necklace

"Atsuko" Minami tries to pull her back.

"Don't move. If not, I'll cut the rope." He said to Minami

Minami steps back, but his eyes are filled with anger.

"I said my father DID NOT KILL anyone" Atsuko said and emphasizes her words.

"Shut up. Don't use that excuse to me." he said and pushes Atsuko.

“Atsuko” Minami catches her

“You always said that her father killed your family. Tell me what really happen in the past?” Minami shouts at him.

"Shut up. Now you question me. There is nothing to discuss." he shouts.

“If you cannot say that, I can say that you just tell the lie. You just make up an excuse for killing our family.” Atsuko said

“You, how dare you say that?” Black takes out his sword and points at Atsuko.

“Your father thought that he killed all of my family, but my housekeeper was saved by my friend. He told me everything. He told me that he heard the one led those people to kill them is ATSUSHI.” he furiously shouts.

“You just heard from a servant and blamed that my father did that.” Atsuko raises her voice

“He is my servant. He will never lie to me.” Black retorts.

"Enough of chit chats. I thought I will play with you more, but looking at the necklace, it reminds me how tragic and cruel their dead is. Therefore I really want to see your suffer face right now.” He said and raises the knife.

"Now, feel the feeling that I have to endure through all those years."

"Black, your target is me. Don't harm them" Atsuko shouts.

"My intention is making you suffer. If I kill you right now, it is too easy for you" Black said

“Let’s see. Who will I kill first?” Black said

“Maybe this girl, she is your sister right? Can’t wait to see your reaction” Black said and laugh like crazy

Then Black raises his sword to cut the rope.

"Please don't do that. I will do anything please just spared her life" Atsuko shouts and kneels down

“That is what I want to see. You want me to spare their life. Why don’t you kneel down and bow before me. Say that your father is wrong after that kill yourself. Then I will spare her life.” Black coldly said

“No, Atsuko-nee, you don’t have to do that. I’m not afraid of dead” Yuki shouts

“Shut up” Black shouts

“I can kneel before you. I can bow before you. I even can kill myself before you. However, I will never admit that my father is a murderer.” Atsuko said and stands up

“I gave you your chance, but you don’t accept my generosity. Then forget about it.” Black continues

“You said that my father killed innocent people. Why don’t you look at yourself right now? You are about to kill them. Do you think they are not innocent people? They didn’t kill anyone. They did not steal anything from good people. They help the poor and anyone who needs them. So what is their sin?” Atsuko walks toward and shouts at Black

“Tell me Black, what is their sin?” Atsuko takes his collar and shouts

Black is silent with what Atsuko said

“Then I’ll give you your last chance. Kill yourself here, right now.” Black said and pushes her out

“As you wish” Atsuko said and smiles

“Atsuko, what are you doing? Don’t do that” Minami stops her hand

“Sorry Minami, but this thing starts because of me, I have to end it. I don’t want those important to me get hurt again.” Atsuko turns to Minami and gently said

“No I won’t let you do that” Minami seriously said

“Wah! This is so touching. Do you think your act can make me change my mind?” Black said

“Don’t do that, Atsuko-nee. He just wants to trick you,” Jun worriedly said

“Jun is correct. He properly wants you to kill yourself. After that he still will kill them and us all later.” Rena said

“I’m a man of my words. I will never take it back once I said that.” Black said

“How can we trust you?” Mariko said

“Yes, you are with those kidnapper and human trader. Your first intention is kill us all” Mii said

“I have my own standard. I just want to take revenge on her. If she dies I will let you all leave right away.” Black said

“Or, I have another option.” Black smirks

“If you want your girlfriend back, kill her.” Black said to Mayu and Yuu

“No Mayu, don’t do that” Yuki said in tear

“Don’t worry Yuki, I know Atsuko-nee is the most important person to you. I will not do that” Mayu said

“Thank you, Mayu” Yuki smiles

“How about you? Kill her and she will be free” Black said to Yuu

Yuu stays silent and walks toward Atsuko.

“What are you doing, Yuu?” Minami stops him

“Let him go or I will cut the rope.” Black said to Minami

Minami still holds Yuu’s arm tight

“Let him go” Black raises his voice

“Please Minami.” Atsuko gently said

“Why did you do that to me, Atsuko?” Minami said in tear

He loosens his grip and let Yuu walk toward her. Atsuko stands there and closes her eyes

“Yuuchan please don’t do that. Even if I’m alive, I will never be happy about this.” Haruna said

Yuu stays silent and keeps walking. He walks closer to Atsuko and passes her. He stands in front of Black

“What are you doing? Kill her” Black shouts at Yuu

“Do you think that I will kill her?” Yuu smirks

“Haruna will never forgive me if I kill her, and I also will never forgive myself if I do that.” Yuu said

“Yuu” Atsuko turns around and calls

“I just want to take a closer look at you. Your name very suit with your heart and soul, they are all black. Don’t think us as level as yourself.” Yuu shouts at Black

“Good, you people are testing my limitation huh? I will make you all regret.” Black shouts

Suddenly a voice shouts

“That is enough Ryu. I can’t believe that you changed into a cold blooded monster like that."

Everyone turns to the sources of the voice

"Papa?" Haruna calls

"Who are you? How did you know my name?" Black asks

"Don't you recognize me?" Riku asks and steps up

"Riku-nii, you are Riku-nii?" Black said.

"Yes, it is me." Riku said

"That year, I came too late. The only one I was able to save is your daughter." Riku said.

"What do you mean? Isn't that my daughter was killed in that day too? And how did you know that my house will be attacked by her father?" Ryu said and points to Atsuko.

"Maeda Atsushi isn't the culprit." Riku said

"In contrast, he saved me and your daughter." Riku explain

"What do you mean? If it isn't her father, why did my servants said that it is him?" Ryu said.

“He properly tricked you.” Riku said

"The one who killed your family is Daiki." Riku said

"Daiki? How can that be? He is the one that helped me to take revenge while I was lost in pain” Ryu said in doubting tone.

"He lied to you. 22 years ago, I found out that Daiki planned on killing your family" Riku starts telling the past.

“In the past, I always suspected that Daiki uses your family business to do some evil thing. Therefore I ordered my men to investigate him.” Riku said


At Riku's house

A man quickly run into his room and said while panting.

"Sir, while we are investigating about his business with the pirate, we found out that Daiki is planning on doing something to your cousin, Mr. Kashiwagi."

"What does he want to do with Ryu?” Riku asks.

“Sir, last night, we stole this letter from him.” the man said and gives Riku the letter.

Riku opens the letter and read

“Dear Sir

I’m doing my plan right now. Kashiwagi Ryu will go on a business trip in two day. Taking that chance, I will order my men there and kill all his family. Then I will make him completely believe that that “man” is the one who kill his family. After that the only thing we have to do is waiting for the right time.

Trust me sir. Ryu is a strong assassin. He will win against anyone.

Suzuki Daiki”

Riku holds the letter tight in his hand.

“Not good, I have to go there now.” Riku shouts in his mind.

“Haru, call some men to repair a ship for me. I will go to Ryu’s house right now.” Ruki said

“Yes sir” Haru said

“If I involve in this, my family will be in danger. I should tell them to hide in a safe place first.” He thought

Then he leaves his room to prepare. A little girl runs to him

“Papa, where are you going?” The little girl asks.

“Haruna, I have to go out for two day. Be a good girl and go with your Nanny to our house” Riku lifts his daughter up and gently said.

“Ok, Papa. Haruna will miss you” Haruna said and kisses his cheeks.

“Nanny” Riku calls

“Bring Haruna to the house in the deep of the forest in the west side of the island. Hide and wait there until I come back.” He whispers to Nanny

“Yes master.” she bows and leaves

Then he left the house. Because of the storm, his ship is slow down. When he reaches the island where Ryu lives, he immediately runs to his house. Riku quickly runs through the forest. He runs as fast as he could.

"I have to be quick. They are in great danger" Riku thought while running.

When he reaches the house, there are a lot of dead bodies lying all over the house.

"I hope didn't come too late." Riku thought

He runs around to look for any survivor in the house. Suddenly, he hears someone is crying. He runs to the direction.

"Juri, Yuki, are you ok?" Riku run to them and asks.

Yuki is lying in her mother's hands. Her mother is injured and unconscious.

"" little Yuki breathlessly call while crying hard. Riku bends down to pick Yuki up and check on her mother's condition.

"Juri, juri, are you ok?" Riku worriedly asks.

Juri weakly opens her eyes

"Ri..ku..nii." She tiredly said

"Are you ok? Hang in there, I will take you to my ship right away” Riku said.

““I know *cough* that I..can..not *cough* survive *cough*” she weakly said

Then she holds Riku’s hand

“Please… *pant* Riku-nii, Please…take…care…of Yuki…for…me *cough* please… take… care… Of… her… for… me *cough*” Juri breathlessly said while holding his hand tight

“Don’t worry Juri, Yuki is my niece, I will definitely take good care of her.” Riku strongly said.

“Thank… you…” Juri said then passed away.

“Juri” Riku calls and cries.

Suddenly, one of his men comes and said.

“Sir, Daiki comes back. You bring Miss Yuki go by the back door. We will hold him here.”

“OK, take care.” Riku said.

Then he holds Yuki and runs to the back door.

While he is running, Daiki and his men catch up with them. Riku is cornered at the cliff.

“No way to run now Riku. As expected, you always interfere in my business. Give her to me then I will spare your life.” Daiki said

“Daiki, why did you do that? Why did you kill all his family? Isn’t he is your best friend?” Riku shouts.

“Hahaha…. It is all his fault. If he accepts my offer, maybe, he and his family will never end up in this situation.” Daiki said.

“What do you mean?” Riku asks

“Last month, I asked him to kill someone, but he denied that. So I will use this plan to make him my dog.” Daiki said and laughs haughtily.

“You know that he stopped being assassin for a very long time. Why did you force him to do this?” Riku asks

“Because our target this time is not easy” Daiki answers without any hesitation

“You...” Riku angrily shouts

“Since you will die soon, I will reveal my other intention. I also want to take over his business. Kill two birds with one stone. Very convenient don’t you think” Daiki said and smirks.

“But he saved you when you are in troub..”

“Stop with all that nonsense” Daiki cut Riku words and shouts

“Now give me that kid” Daiki said

“Never!" Riku shouts

"Even if I die" he said and jumps off the cliff.

In someone ship

Riku slowly opens his eyes. He sees strange scenery. He immediately sits up and looks around.

"Mr, you finally wake up." the girl said

"Where am I?" Riku asks

"My master saw you floating on the water. He saved you and brought you here." the girl said

Suddenly he remembers his niece

"Yuki, where is Yuki?" he thought

"Did you see a little girl about 2 years old with me?" Riku asks the girl.

"My master saved her, too. She is in the next room. He and his friend are there to take care of her." the girl said

"Please wait here I will inform him that you are awake." the girl bows and leave.

Some moment later

The door opens. There are two men come in to the room.

"Glad that you are ok, now. My name is Maeda Atsushi. Nice to meet you" Atsushi introduces and shakes Riku's hand.

"My name is Takahashi Kai, please to meet you." Kai said and shakes Riku hands

"My name is Kojima Riku. Thank you for saving us." Riku said.

"Can I meet my niece?" he continues.

"Of course, follow me." Atsushi said and leads him to the room.

Riku sees his niece. He quickly runs to her and checks on her.

"She is ok. She is just exhausted." Kai said.

Then Riku turns to Atsushi and Kai.

“Thank you for saving us.” Riku bows and said again

“No problem.” Atsushi said

“What happened to you two?” Kai asks

“My niece’s family was killed. I knew, but I came too late. When I got there, I could only save her.” Riku sadly said

Then Yuki wakes up. She opens her eyes and looks around

“,” Yuki calls and cries

“It is ok Yuki, uncle is here.” Riku comes and hugs Yuki

“What a pitiful child.” Atsushi said and strokes the little girl hair

“I also have a daughter. It breaks my heart when I think what if my daughter in this situation.” Atsushi said with concerned tone.

“I know this is too much to ask, but can you take care of my niece for me? I think my family also is in danger right now. I need to save my daughter. Taking her with me will be very dangerous for her. Please.” Riku said and bows before Atsushi

“Uh, ok. I will take care of her for you. I will see her as my second child.” Atsushi said and gives out his hand as a sign for Yuki to come to him

A little hesitation, but when Atsushi smiles to her, she slowly raise her hands to him. He hugs her and pats her back.

“Where is your home? We can take you there” Kai said.

“My house is in the north, I will show you the way.” Riku said

When the ship reaches the island after one day, Riku said to his niece

“Yuki, uncle have to go now. You stay here with uncle Kai and papa Atsushi, ok.”

“Un...un..un..cle” Yuki calls her uncle while giving out her hands.

“It is ok Yuki. I will meet you when everything is settled.” Riku said and holds Yuki’s hand.

“Thank you, Atsushi, and Kai. I own you a lot.” Riku said and bows

“It is ok. Good luck and take care.” Kai and Atsushi said.

End flashback

“After saying goodbye to them, I went back my house to find my daughter. Then I took her to a far and small island and settled there.” Riku said

"I tried to find your information, but I get nothing. Therefore I thought that you also were killed by Daiki" Riku continues

“Two years later, after I settled everything, I went to meet them again. On my way, I saved Kuu and Takamina. That was when I knew that Atsushi’s and Kai’s family were dead.” Riku sadly continues

“I’m really glad that their children are still alive.” Riku gently looks at Atsuko and Minami

“However, I know another shocking truth. You are the one that caused their dead.” Riku angrily said and looks at now speechless Ryu.

“Here is the letter that that year, my men took from Daiki. You are able to recognize his handwriting right. You were tricked by Daiki for 22 years” Riku said and gives the letter to Ryu.

Ryu holds the letter and falls back to his seat.

“Daiki knew that you used to be an assassin. Because you denied his offer, he did that to you.” Riku continues

“So, you really killed my parent and Minami’s parent through your assumption.” Atsuko said in tear and slowly walks toward Ryu

Ryu just stays silent and looks down

“Why don’t you ask him before you kill him? Why don’t you investigate about that?” Atsuko shouts at him

“Why don’t you at least let him defend for himself?” Atsuko takes him by collar and shouts

She takes a deep breath and said

“You killed my father because you thought he killed your wife and daughter. Tell me what should I do to my father killer before me now?”

Ryu kneels down before Atsuko

“I’m sorry, Because of my stupidity, I made an awful mistake. I killed your and his fathers. I know that my apologies will never heal all the things that you and him had to suffer since you two were a kid. Here take this sword and kill me. I promise, I will never fight back” Ryu said

“Kill you? You tell me to kill you? What an easy thing to say out of an assassin’s mouth” Atsuko said and laughs

“Tell me what will I get after I kill you? Will my and Minami’s parent will come back to us. Will I can meet my mother once again. Will it erases Minami’s painful memory about his mother dead” Atsuko shouts at him and choked

“Atsuko,” Minami hugs her and pats her back

“The pain that you gave us especial Atsuko is deeper than you thought. It will never be healed even if we kill you right now” Minami said and looks at him

Ryu looks down

“I’m a stupid being. I was so blind because of revenge. I blindly trust Daiki’s words without a doubt. I thought he is my best friend, my savior while he actually is my family’s murderer. And those who I murdered were actually the one who saved my daughter” Ryu shakily said

“What have I done for all those years? What have I done?” He shouts and slams his fists on the floor

Suddenly something flash in his mind

“My daughter?” Ryu thought

Then he stands up and looks at Riku

“Riku-nii, you said that you saved my daughter. Where is she now?” Ryu said

“Uncle Riku gave me to Atsuko-nee’s father. It cannot be…” Yuki though in shock

“Wait, you said that you gave my daughter to Maeda Atsushi. Yuki is her sister. Does that mean…?” Ryu looks at Riku

Riku slightly nods as agreement. Ryu’s eyes widens in surprise and happiness. He quickly walks toward to release Yuki and Haruna.

“Yuki” He calls and touches her face

“You are still alive. I’m so glad” Ryu said in tear

Yuki all the time just stuns because of all the truth that comes to her all of sudden. Her tear is falling nonstop. She slaps his hands

“Don’t touch me. You are not my father” she shakily said and pushes him out.

Then she run to Atsuko and holds her arms

"It's not true, right Atsuko-nee. Tell me it is not the truth, right?"

Yuki looks at her sister with teary eyes. Atsuko hears Yuki call but she doesn’t know how to answer that question. She just looks down

“What should I do?” Atsuko thought

“Uncle Riku, you said that my parent was killed by bandits, right?" Yuki looks at Riku and asks

"Sorry Yuki. I thought your parent was dead, and I don’t want you to involve in danger. I’m afraid that you will find Daiki and take revenge." Riku said.

“No, no, it is not the truth. It is no…” Yuki shouts and cries

Then she faint. Atsuko quickly catches her before she falls on the ground

“Yuki” Mayu calls and rushes to Yuki

"Mayu, what's wrong?" Minami asks

"She faints because of shock" Mayu worriedly said

“I said everything I have to say. I will leave right now. Reflect what you have done. Those kids are suffered because of you.” Riku said and leaves.

Mayu carries Yuki back to the ship.

Back to the ship

The group finally reached the ship. They all just stay silent and go back to their room.

In Yuki's room

Mayu puts Yuki in her bed and covers her with the blanket. Then they all leave the room. Mayu stays in Yuki’s room to take care of her

“Yuki, I will always be here for you. Please be strong.” Mayu whispers

“That is not truth. My father killed their father. No…No” Yuki said in unconscious.

Tear runs down from corner of her eyes

“It is ok Yuki. Everything will be fine.” Mayu gently said

 Then he strokes her hair and kisses her forehead.

In Atsuko’s room

“Atsuko, are you ok, now?” Minami worriedly asks

“Uh, I’m ok. However, I’m very worry about Yuki” Atsuko said

“She must be very shock right now” she worriedly said

“Uh, that sudden truth is very cruel.” Minami said and sighs

“What should I do, Minami?” Atsuko looks at Minami with teary eyes and asks

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I think Yuki will be fine.” Minami said and wipes Atsuko’s tear

“No Minami, you don’t know her. She is very fragile. I’m afraid that she cannot overcome this.” Atsuko sobs

“I feel myself so useless. Yuki is shocked like that, but I cannot say nor do anything to comfort her.” Atsuko said in tear

“Calm down Atsuko, she will be fine. She has Mayu, you, me and everyone in this ship. We will definitely help her to overcome that shock together.” Minami hugs her and pats her back

“Uh, we will definitely help her.” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

“Uh, however, we have another problem. That is the puppet master behind Daiki. He is the one that caused all of this. He is also the one that want your father to die. I guess he will somehow relate to the Maeda clan.” Minami said while stroking Atsuko’s back
“Uh, I wonder who he is. Why did he want to kill my father?” Atsuko said.

“Anyway, by now just put aside. I have a feeling that if we stick to the human trader, we will find out about him for sure.” Minami said

“Uh, I guess so.” Atsuko nods

“I think you should rest a little. You must be exhausted.” Minami gently said

“Uh” Atsuko responses

Then she continues hugging him and burying her face on his chest. He strokes her back to comfort her. Atsuko slowly fall in sleep in his embrace.

At Ryu’s house

Ryu stands up from the floor. He tears the letter and thought

“Daiki, I will make you pay for that.”

At a big house

A shadow walks in the room

“Sir, he found out the true.” the shadow said.

“Good job, go back to your place. I’ll take care of the rest.” The man smirks and said

“Yes sir.” The shadow said and bows.

“As I expected, Ryu, I will erase you by myself.” Then man though.


That is part 2 of chapter 14. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.   :) :D
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Would Ryu be able to kill Daiki?

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Chapter 15: Pain

In the ship

At night

“Atsuko-nee, tell me, everything is a joke right? It is not the truth right” Yuki said while shaking Atsuko

When Atsuko is about to say something, Yuki looks at her with teary eyes and said

“Why don’t you say anything? Atsuko-nee, why did you just stand there?”

“You hate me right. You don’t need me as your little sister anymore right.” Yuki continues

“No Yuki. I love you. You are my precious sister.” Atsuko said and holds Yuki’s hand

Suddenly, Yuki disappears in front of Atsuko eyes

“Yuki, where are you?” Atsuko calls and turns around to look for her.

Then Yuki appears again but little far away from Atsuko

“You hate me, right Atsuko-nee? You don’t need me, right?” Yuki keeps saying those word and slowly going far, far away from Atsuko

“No, Yuki. Don’t go. Don’t leave me.” Atsuko chases after Yuki and call her


“Yuki, Yuki” Atsuko keeps calling Yuki’s name in her dream.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko" Minami calls her

Tear run down from Atsuko’s eyes. Sweat covered all her face. She painfully struggles on her bed

“Yuki” Atsuko shouts and sits up

Minami hugs her and pats her back

“Sshh… It is ok. It is just a dream. Atsuko, it is just a dream.” He said and pats her back

“Yuki, Yuki, Yuki” Atsuko calls Yuki, her breath is heavy

“Calm down Atsuko. Breathe slowly. Calm down. Yuki is in her room. Mayu is taking of her.” Minami said and strokes her back.

At Yuki's room

Yuki’s POV

“Where am I?” I thought while walking through a strange but somehow familiar city. Suddenly I hear someone yelling

“You dare to steal my food. You little brat”

What happened? I should go there to see what is going on. I run to the sources of the sound. Then I see a little girl is kicked by some big men. She is lying on the ground and shrunk herself because of hurt

“I should help her” I thought to myself and rushes to her.

When I’m about to run to the little girl, those men stop kicking her

“Today, I will stop like this. Next time, if I see you steal my food again, I will punish you more than this. Remember that.” He shouts at her and kicks her stomach once more time.

I tend to help the little girl, but then I see another kid rushes to her

“Atsuko-nee, Atsuko-nee. Are you ok?” little girl calls her and cries

“Atsuko-nee?” I thought to myself.

“Yuki, don’t cry. I’m ok” the older girl said and smiles

“Yuki? Those two kids are us?” I wonder

“Atsuko-nee, you are hurt. Let’s me help you” She comes closer

“I’m fin… ouch…” she said and frowning because of pain

“See, I told you. Atsuko-nee, let’s me help you” little Yuki helps little Atsuko to sit up

“Look Yuki, I got this for you” little Atsuko said while showing her prize.

“Atsuko-nee, next time, please don’t do that again. I don’t want you to get hurt like this” little Yuki said and sobs

“I’m fine Yuki. Their kick cannot do any harm to me. I cannot let you hungry like this.” little Atsuko said and pats Yuki's head

“Atsuko-nee” little Yuki hugs her and cries

When I'm still looking at them, I hear someone talk to me

“Do you know who they are?”

I turn around to see who is talking to me. That is a shadow. I cannot see its face.

“Answer me, do you know who they are?” it repeats

“They are Atsuko-nee and me when we were little.” I answer

“Do you know this place?” It asks me again

“This is the city we used to live after departing with Yuu.”

“That time she only stole some food from that man’s restaurant, and they cruelty kicked her like that.” I angrily said

“When I saw that, I really wished that I can hit them, punch them” I continue

“I see. Do you know who makes her suffer for all those years since the time she was a kid?”  The shadow asks me again

“Who are you? What are you talking about?” I said

“You know that she is the daughter of a super powerful noble right. She is fated to live a happy and luxury life.  Do you know why did she have to suffer like that?” The shadow ignores my question and asks me again.

“Black attacked and killed her family, right?” it said

“Black?” I said in confused tone

“He is your father. How could you forget that name?” The shadow said and smirks

“What are you talking about? Stop that nonsense.” I shout

“Who are you” I shout and rush to it

“Who am I? hahaha” it repeats and laughs out loud

“I’m you. I’m Kashiwagi Yuki.” It said

Then I slowly see its face. That is me. Suddenly everything around me turns dark

“You are me” I said in surprise

“Yes, I’m you. I’m the part that you deny. The part, which you don’t want to accept” she said to me

“What are you talking about? What part that I deny?” I’m confused

“You are Kashiwagi Yuki, daughter of Kashiwagi Ryu or the assassin Black who killed Maeda Atsuko’s father.” She said to me

“What are you talking about? You lied to me” I shout and cover my ear.

“It is no use to deny. That is the truth. Because of your father, she had to live a hard life since she was a kid.” She said and shows me the scene which was Atsuko-nee was kicked by the men again.

“Shut up, shut up. That is not the truth.” I shout

It is hurt, very hurt. Black is not my father. My father is not the one kill Atsuko-nee’s family.

Then I see Mariko and Mii.

“You are Black’s daughter.” They said and point at me

“No, it isn’t, Mii, Mariko” I call them, but they turn away from me

After that I see Yuu and Nyan Nyan. They say nothing. However their look very strange

“Look Nyan Nyan, she is Black’s daughter.” Yuu said in scornful tone

“I see. That is so scary. Maybe he will kill us like he did to Acchan’s parent.” Nyan Nyan said

Then Jun and Rena appear

“You are Black’s daughter after all. Your father killed Atsuko-nee’s and Takamina’s family.” Jun shouts at me

“He also nearly kills Acchan.” Rena said

I don’t want to hear that, I kneel down and cover my ears

Then Takamina appear in front of me

“Takamina,” I call him

“I will never forgive him. You are his daughter. You are the same as him.” Takamina shouts

“No, it is not like that Takamina” I said but he ignores me

It is hurt. I look down and cry. Then a pair of hand wipes my tear. I look up

“Mayu” I call and hug him

“Yuki” He calls me

“Please Mayu, please tell me that is not the truth.” I said in pleading tone

“Yuki, everything is truth. You are his daughter.” Mayu said and stands up

“Mayu please don’t leave me” I hold his hand and said

“Mayu let’s go” Mariko calls him

He turns away and coldly withdraws his hand from me. Then he walks away and ignores how hurtful my call is. I look up and see they are slowly walking away from me.

“Please don’t go. Don’t leave me” I shout and cry

Suddenly they stop. They stand aside for a girl to walk through

“Atsuko-nee” I happily call her

Then I run to her and hug her tightly. However, she doesn’t say anything. Then I look at her. Her eyes show no emotion. Then she pushes me away from her

“Who are you?” Atsuko-nee said

“It is me, Yuki. I’m your little sister.” I said to her

“I don’t have a sister. You are Kashiwagi Yuki. You are Black’s daughter. You are not my family” She coldly said

“Atsuko-nee, please don’t turn away from me.” I cry and said

“Let’s go of her. Let go Atsuko” Takamina takes my hand off Atsuko-nee and pulls her with him

They all walk away from me

“Please, everyone, don’t leave me alone.” I cry and beg

“See, I told you that is the truth. Accept that already.” myself appears before me once again

“No, it is not the truth. That is not the truth"

End Yuki’s POV

“Yuki, Yuki, are you ok? Yuki, wake up, Yuki” Mayu holds Yuki’s hands and calls her

“No, it is not true. No, no.” Yuki is struggle on her bed

“Yuki, wake up, Yuki.” Mayu gently calls Yuki

“No…” Yuki sits up and shouts

“Yuki, I’m here, Yuki. Everything will be fine, Yuki.” Mayu hugs her and pats her back.

“Mayu?” Yuki calls

“Yes, this is me. Yuki, are you ok? Do you have a nightmare?” Mayu gently said

“Uh, I had a strange dream.” Yuki said

Atsuko and Minami are outside of Yuki’s room. Hearing her scream, they open the door and rush in

“Yuki, are you ok?” Atsuko said

Yuki looks at Atsuko and Minami. Atsuko comes and sits on the edge of Yuki’s bed. She strokes her hair and gently said

“Yuki, are you ok?”

“…” Yuki stays silent

“Atsuko-nee can you take care Yuki for me. I go out a little.” Mayu said

“Ok,” Atsuko said

Then Minami and Mayu leave

Outside the room

Minami and Mayu go up to the main deck

“Takamina, Why did you two know and run into Yuki’s room so fast?” Mayu said

“Last night, Atsuko had a nightmare about Yuki. Therefore we come here, but she didn't want to interrupt her sleep, so we sat on the stair in front of Yuki’s room and wait. She always regrets that she cannot comfort Yuki when we were at Black’s house. I hope she is ok” Minami worriedly said

“Yuki, too. I can feel something strange from her. I hope she will be better after talking to Atsuko-nee.” Mayu said

“Uh” Minami nods

Inside the room

Then Yuki looks directly at Atsuko’s eyes

"Atsuko-nee, please tell me that my father isn't Black right? Everything is just a dream right?" Yuki asks and looks at Atsuko with hopeful eyes.

Atsuko doesn't know how to say the truth to Yuki. She looks at Yuki eyes and raises her hand to touch Yuki's face

"Yuki, I'm sorry." Atsuko gently said

"But that truth doesn’t affect anything, Yuki" Atsuko explains

However, Yuki slaps her hand and shouts

"It does. It affects me a lot."

"Yuki" Atsuko walks toward Yuki and calls her.

“I knew that you really hate me right now, right?. My father is the one that killed yours. You didn’t even answer me when I asked you.” Yuki haft shout

“No, I’m not. You are my sister. How can I hate you? He is him and you are you. You two are completely different.” Atsuko said

“I’m sorry Yuki. That time in his house, I cannot say anything to comfort you. I’m such a useless sister. However that doesn’t mean I hate you. I’m just shock when I heard your hurtful voice and saw your teary eyes” She explains.

“You don’t have to say that. That is not your fault. Now, can you leave me alone?” Yuki turns around and coldly said

“Yuki, what I said is the truth. Please Yuki, don’t push me away.” Atsuko said in tear

“I don’t want to hear anything, please leave.” Yuki pushes Atsuko out of her room.

“Yuki” Atsuko calls her

"Please, leave me alone." Yuki said and closes the door.

"Yuki. Please open the door, Yuki." Atsuko calls and knocks the door.

Minami and Mayu are on the main deck. They hear Atsuko’s voice. They run to her

"What’s happened Atsuko?"

Atsuko turns to look at Minami. Her eyes are now all red because of crying.

"Yuki pushed me out of her room. She said that I hate her." Atsuko shakily said

Minami and Mayu look at each other in surprise

Meanwhile inside Yuki's room

Yuki sits on the floor. She folds her legs near her chest and buries her face between her knees.

"Yuki, please open the door, Yuki." Atsuko said while knocking the door.

"Sorry Atsuko-nee. I don't know how to face you this time." Yuki thought

Outside the room

"What happened, Takamina, Atsuko-nee?" Jun asks

He comes with the rest

"Yuki lock herself in the room" Minami said

"What’s happened? Why did she lock herself?" Riku asks

“I think this truth causes a very deep scar in her heart.” Mayu sadly said

Everyone looks at the door with worried eyes.

Then Mayu comes to the door and knocks

"Yuki, this is me, Mayu. Can you open the door for me?"

Everyone eyes focus on the door. The door slowly opens. Yuki appears behind the door

"Yuki" Atsuko calls her, but she turns away and closes her eyes.

After Mayu walks into the room, Yuki closes the door.

"Yuki" Atsuko whispers.

Minami holds Atsuko's face to look at him

"Let give Yuki time. This truth causes her a lot of pain. She needs time to accept it. Atsuko don't worry. Mayu will take care of her." Minami said to Atsuko.

Atsuko looks at Minami and nods

"Come on Atsuko let go back to your room and rest. You look exhausted." Minami holds Atsuko's hand and said

“I want to go to the deck” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami said

"We will go back now. If you guy need anything, just call us." Yuu said

In Yuki’s room

Yuki is still sitting on the floor and looks down.

Then Mayu comes to her. He sits down and raises his hand to lift her face up. She still doesn’t look at him

“Yuki look at me” Mayu said and turns her face to face him

“What’s wrong Yuki” Mayu gently asks.

“...” Yuki still stays silent

“Is it related to what happened at his house and your nightmare?” Mayu said and Yuki nods slightly

“In my dream, everyone said that my father is Black and walks away from me, including you. You also ignore me.” Yuki said and sobs

Mayu hugs Yuki and pats her back

“Everything is ok, Yuki. Don’t worry about that. That is just a dream. Plus that truth won’t affect anything. Everyone still care for you a lot. Didn’t you see they all stand in front of your room?” Mayu said

“Uhm” Yuki nods

“Do you know why did they stand there?” Mayu asks and Yuki looks at him

“They stood there because they worry about you.” Mayu gently said

“So, there is nothing to be worry about that. And me, There is no way I will ever ignore you. I love you.” Mayu said and kisses her forehead.

“Thank you Mayu.” Yuki said

Yuki finally smiles a little. However, it isn’t last for long. She remembers something and looks down again

“What’s happened Yuki?” Mayu asks

“In my dream, I also saw Atsuko-nee” Yuki said in low tone

“What did you see?” Mayu asks her

“Atsuko-nee said that I’m not her sister. Then she also left me.” Yuki shakily said

“That is impossible.” Mayu confidently said

“You know that she loves you very much right? She will never say that to you.” Mayu said

“....” Yuki just keeps silent

“Didn’t you see that Atsuko-nee is very worry about you?” Mayu said while wiping Yuki’s tear.

“Uhm” Yuki silently responses

“Yuki, look at me” Mayu said while turning her face to look at him

“Just now, you pushed her away because of that nightmare right?” Mayu asks

“She will be sad if you push her away like that. You are her only sister.That nightmare meant nothing” Mayu said

“It is not the nightmare. That is the truth. I’m not her sister.” Yuki said.

“I’m not her real sister. And what even worse, I’m the daughter of the one who killed her family.” Yuki half shouts and kneels down.

Mayu hugs Yuki to comfort her.

“Yuki, You know that Atsuko-nee will not think about you that way right?” Mayu convinces Yuki

“I know she won’t, But I can’t. At his house, Atsuko-nee looks so hurt. Her eyes are filled with sadness. I will never forget that eyes.” Yuki said.

“Atsuko-nee loves me very much. Since we were little, she always protects me. Whenever I need something, she will do that for me no matter what. Yesterday, I knew that my father is the one who killed her parent. I cannot accept that Mayu. My father is the one that makes her suffer for all those years.” Yuki said and pushes Mayu back.

“Tell me Mayu, what should I do now Mayu? How can I accept this truth?” Yuki said and cries.

Then Yuki turns around and runs out of her room

“Yuki” Mayu call her and run after her.

Atsuko and Minami are standing on the deck. Suddenly, Yuki rushes through them.

“Yuki” Atsuko calls her and chase after her. She catches her before she jumps off to the sea

“What’s happened Yuki?” Atsuko worriedly asks

“Let’s go of me” Yuki shouts and struggles

Minami helps Atsuko to pull Yuki back

“Yuki” Mayu rushes to the deck

“What’s wrong?” Everyone hears Yuki’s scream. They rush to the deck and ask

“Yuki, calm down. Listen to me” Atsuko holds Yuki shoulder and shouts

Yuki stops struggling. She silently looks down

"Yuki, why did you run out here?" Atsuko gently asks.

"..." Yuki keeps silent

She struggles off Atsuko’s hands and turns away.

"Yuki, say something to me, I’m very worry about you.” Atsuko said and holds Yuki’s arm

“Why would you worry about me?” Yuki coldly said while withdrew her arm from Atsuko grip

However, Atsuko holds her hand back and turns Yuki to look at her face

“What are you saying? You are my sister. How can I not worry about you?” Atsuko said

“I’m not your real sister, Maeda-san” Yuki shouts and Atsuko stuns

“Moreover, I’m daughter of the one who kill your father.” Yuki shouts in tear

“What are you calling me Yuki?” Atsuko said

“Yuki, as I told you before right, that fact doesn’t change anything.” Atsuko tries to convince Yuki

“Atsuko is right. That truth means nothing. Plus, he was also tricked by other.” Minami adds

“Takamina is right Yuki. The one we need to blame are Daiki, and the guy who ordered him to trick your father.” Mayu said

“That fact doesn't mean anything. After all he is the one that kill her and Takamina’s father.” Yuki falls down on her knees and said in tear

Atsuko bends down and wipes Yuki’s tear. Suddenly, Yuki takes the dagger on Atsuko’s boot and steps back.

“Yuki, what are you doing? Put that down” Atsuko said in surprise.

“No, this is the only way I can do. Right now I cannot face you. You love me and take care of me since we were a kid. However, the one that make you suffer is my father. By doing this maybe I can ease my pain and your.” Yuki said.

“Yuki, don’t do that” Jun said

“Yuki, Everything will be fine. Don’t blame his action on you” Rena adds

“Yuki, put that down.”

“We can talk through this”

Mii and Yuu said while approaching her

“Don’t move” she raises the dagger and shouts

“Killing yourself won’t solve anything” Haruna said

“Do you think that killing yourself is a good choice?” Mariko asks

“Look at Atsuko now, Yuki. Do you think that she will happy after you die?” Minami said

“Everyone, you guys don't have to say anything. I know what I am doing” Yuki shouts back

“Yuki, did you forget what you said to me Yuki? You want to be together forever with me right.” Mayu shouts in tear

“Please Yuki, put that down” Mayu begs Yuki

“Sorry Mayu, I cannot fulfill my promise to you.” Yuki turns to Mayu and said

Then Yuki closes her eyes and raises the dagger to stab herself

“Don’t Yuki” Everyone shout in tears

However, When Yuki is about to stab herself, she feels something stop her. She slowly opens her eyes. She gasps in surprise when she sees Atsuko is standing in front of her and her hand hold the dagger’s blade tight. Blood is running down from her hand.

“Atsuko-nee.” Yuki breathlessly calls and loosens her grip on the dagger

Atsuko then throws the dagger aside and slaps Yuki by her bleeding hand. Atsuko’s blood is on Yuki’s face.

“You are an idiot!” Atsuko shouts and hugs Yuki tightly.

Yuki just stands still and doesn’t know what to do.

“I don’t care who you are? Who your parent is? Where are you come from? I only care that the person who I’m hugging right now is my only little sister. The one I love more than my life.” Atsuko shouts

“Even if you are his daughter, the fact in my head does not change.” Atsuko continues

“Please Yuki, don’t ever do that stupid thing again. It will never ease my pain. It will build up even more. I will never forgive myself if you kill yourself because of me.” Atsuko said in begging tone, and her tear is falling nonstop.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki calls Atsuko and hugs her back.

"I'm sorry Atsuko-nee, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...sorry..." Yuki said

Yuki's grip loosens. She slowly falls down on the ground, but Atsuko quickly holds her.

"Yuki, Yuki,Yuki." Atsuko calls her sister.

"Yuki." Everyone runs to them

"Mayu, what is her condition?" Atsuko worriedly asks

"Everyone, don't worry. She is just exhausted, and lack of sleep." Mayu said

Then Mayu carries Yuki back to her room. Mayu smiles when he sees Yuki's expression. Her face forms a relief smile.

At Daiki place

Ryu comes to Daiki's place to ask him about the past.

"Hello my friend, what bring you here?" Daiki smile and hugs Ryu

Ryu pushes him out and coldly said

"Don't act anymore Daiki. That disgusting. Riku-nii told me everything."

"Hahaha, I know. So what do you want? Kill me?" Daiki said with challenging voice

"I want to know why did you do that to me? Isn't we are childhood and best friend?" Ryu sincerely asks.

“Aww, Ryu, although you used to be an assassin, you are so naive.” Daiki said

“It is your fault. If you accept my offer at first, everything would not be like now.


At Ryu’s office

“Ryu, my friend, how are you doing today?” Daiki comes in and greets Ryu

“Hi Daiki. I’m very good.” Ryu happily said

“How is your family?” Daiki asks

“They are fine. My daughter is 2 now.” Ryu cheerfully tells Daiki about his family.

“Wow, she is 2 now. It has been very long time since I visit your house.” Daiki said

“Uh, When you are free, come to my house.” Ryu said and pats his friend shoulder.

“Uh.” Daiki said

“Ryu, I have a favor to ask you.” Daiki said

“What is it, Daiki?” Ryu asks

“Because You used to be an assassin, my friend has some problem. Can you kill someone for him.” Daiki said.

“Daiki, you know that I stopped being an assassin for a very long time. I will not do that again.” Ryu denies.

“Come on Ryu, please just this time. He tricked my friend and stole all his money. My friend wants to take revenge. However because he is rick, and he has a very strong bodyguard. Plus he, himself, is also very strong. Only you can kill him. You are the strongest assassin.” Daiki pleads.

“Sorry Daiki, I cannot do that. I already promised my wife and my cousin that I will never hold a sword and kill anybody. Please tell your friend that I’m sorry, and please find someone else.” Ryu insists.

“Please Ryu. Please help me just this time.” Daiki said in begging voice.

“Daiki, I said that I will never do that again. Please understand me. I have my family to take care of. I don’t want to let them down.” Ryu said.

“This is you force me.” Daiki thought

“Ok. I understand. I have something to do. I will go now. Bye Ryu. See you around” Daiki said

“Ready to say farewell to your lovely family, Ryu” Daiki thought

“Ok, bye Daiki. See you later.” Ryu said

Then Daiki leave the office.

At a big house

“Sir, he denied our offer. He didn’t want to kill that man.” Daiki reports to his boss.

“So, what will you do now? You said that he is the strongest one. There is only him who can go against his bodyguard, the strongest swordsman in Takahashi clan, Takahashi Kai.” The man sits behind the curtain said

“Then tell me how can we kill Maeda Atsushi. When you went to find him, you confidently promised me that he will do it. However, now he denied it. What can you do, now?” the man raise his voice and slams the table.

“Sir, I’m sorry about that. However, I have another plan that can make Ryu work for us.” Daiki said and smiles evilly.

“What is it? If you can do that, I will grant you your desire” The man said

“I have been friend with him for a long time. I know he is a hot blooded man. His family is his weakness. If he knows that Maeda Atsushi kill all his family, he will kill him no matter what.” Daiki explains his evil plan.

“I thought he is your friend. I cannot believe that you can think like that.” The man said and chuckles.

“I only loyal to you. I'll do anything for you.” Daiki bows and said.

“This time if you success, I will give all his property and business for you. I know that is what you want, right?” The man said

“Thank you, sir. I will do it right away.” Daiki said.

Outside of the big house

“It is your fault, if you accept my offer, I would not do that.” Daiki though.

End flashback

“Daiki!!! Why you??” Ryu shouts

“My family has nothing to do with this. Why did you do that to me?” Ryu continues.

“Don’t hate me. It is your fault. At that time, if you accept, your family would not be like this, and your daughter would not push you away like the other day.” Daiki said and laughs haughtily

"I only have one question." Ryu said

"What is it?" Daiki asks

"Why did my housekeeper lie to me" Ryu asks

"That is easy, life and money. I threatened him that if he don't say that I will kill him. Then I said that I will give him a big reward if you believe him." Daiki said and smirks

“After using him, to shut his mouth, I killed him.” He continues

“You bastard. I will kill you.” Ryu shouts and rushes to Daiki.

“Shadow” Daiki steps back and calls his servant.

Shadow comes out and blocks Ryu.

Shadow takes out his sword and rushes to Ryu. Ryu jumps up to dodge his sword. Then Ryu kicks Shadow at his face. Shadow is hit and steps back a  few steps.

Then they rush to attack each other again. Their strength is as strong as each other. They fight each other from Daiki’s office to the yard. Shadow swing his sword, injures Ryu’s shoulder and kicks Ryu at his stomach. Ryu flies back and hits the trees.

Then he rushes to Ryu again. Ryu jumps up to the tree to dodge Shadow’s attack. Then he Jumps to behind of Shadow and slashes his back. Shadow is taken by surprise. Taking the chance, Ryu jumps up to kick his face, and then he kicks at his stomach. Shadow is hit. He falls on his knee and coughs.

He stands up again and rushes to attack Ryu one more time. Ryu also holds his sword and rushes to Shadow. Ryu turns to the left to dodge Shadow sword, and swings his sword slashes right at Shadow’s throat. A lot of blood is puffing from his throat. Slowly Shadow falls down on the ground and died.

Then Ryu turn to Daiki again. Daiki is frowning because his man was killed.

“Now Daiki, your man is dead. It is your turn now” Ryu said and smirks

Daiki frowns, but then he smile evilly.

“Not too soon Ryu. Do you think I only prepare Shadow to kill you. I know you are the strongest assassin. That is just an appetizer for you. Now is your main dish.” he said and claps his hand

There are a lot of men with bows ambush around the yard. There is a group of men with swords and staffs at the front door. Then Daiki shouts


Immediately, All the archers shoot together, and all the men run to attack him. Ryu uses his sword to block the arrows while moving around to dodge the attack from the men. Ryu uses his sword to change the arrows direction and makes them fly to the men. However, because the amount of arrows is a lot. Ryu got hit at his leg and arm. He falls on one knee and pants.

“Not good. I have to find a way to escape from here.” Ryu thought.

He stands up and rushes to the front door. He holds his sword tight and quickly kills all the men that block him.

“Kill him, don’t let him escape.” Daiki shouts

He continues his way. He jumps up to dodge the attack and uses air kick to kick the men that surrounding him. Suddenly an arrow flies and pierce into his stomach. He fall on the round

“I cannot die here now. I still have something to do. I have to meet Yuki. I have to meet her.” Ryu keep thinking while dodging and running to the gate.

A man behind him slashes his back. he falls and rolls on the round. He uses his hands to support him and jumps up. He gather all his strength and jumps to an archer at the gate. He takes the bow. Then he turns and shoots at Daiki. Because it is so sudden, Daiki cannot react. The arrow flies and pierce into his shoulder

“That is for my family” Ryu shouts and Jumps into the forest.

“Ryu,” Daiko shouts in pain

“Catch him, kill him, don’t let him escape” Daiki angrily shouts

Ryu runs all his mind and hide in a bush. The men run after him into the forest

“Find him and kill him. You all are useless. You all can’t even kill an injured man.” Daiki angrily shouts.

Ryu stays still until he doesn’t hear any sound. Because of tiredness, he slowly lost conscious. When he wakes up, there already at noon. He stealthily runs out of the forest.


“I have to get there by all mean” He thought while running

His wound is bleeding a lot. After awhile he got to the shore. He uses the small boat to get out of the island. He aims at Mii’s island and paddles there.

“I will get there. Yuki, wait for Papa.” Ryu thought.

Next evening

He finally reaches the island. He tries his best to run into to the forest. However, because of his injuries, he fall down and faints.

“Yuki, Yuki” He calls her name in his mind.


That is chapter 15. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Chapter 16: Danger

In the morning

At Kuu's house

In Atsuko's room

Atsuko wakes up after a long and peaceful sleep. She sits up and stretches her arms. She smiles when she remembers what happened last night


In the ship

After Atsuko finally was able to calm Yuki down, Now Yuki is back on her room and rest. Everyone stays in the room to watch over her. They afraid that she will lose her control again.

In the evening

Yuki wakes up. She sits up and sees Atsuko is sitting on the chair opposite with her. She is about to call her, but Atsuko gives her a sign of silent.

Then Atsuko points to the direction of everyone. Yuki looks around. She sees everyone is sleeping in her room. Jun, Rena, Yuu, Haruna, Mii and Mariko rest their head on the table and sleep. Mayu leans on the head of her bed and sleeps while holding her hand. Minami sits on the chairs and leans his head to the back and sleep.

"Everyone." She looks around and smiles happily at Atsuko.

Atsuko smiles back at her. Yuki slowly steps down from her bed. Then Yuki and Atsuko slowly walk out from the room. They walk up to the deck and silently look at the sea

"Atsuko-nee, thank you" Yuki breaks the silent.

Atsuko looks at her and smile brightly. Yuki is confused. She asks

"Why did you smile?"

"I'm happy because you call me like that again." Atsuko cheerfully said.

Yuki looks at her and smiles.

"Yuki" Atsuko gently calls her

Yuki turns and looks at Atsuko.

"Do you feel that, Yuki?" Atsuko said

Yuki looks at her with confused look

"What is it? Atsuko-nee" Yuki asks

"Everyone really cares for you. Therefore, don't push us away anymore, Yuki." Atsuko sincerely said.

"Even though you are his daughter, you are you, and he is him. Don't blame all his works into yourself." Atsuko said and pats Yuki's head

Yuki is silent and looks down.

"In addition, as Minami said, it is not entirely his fault. He was tricked. The truth is I used to hate him very much. However, after hearing uncle Riku's story, I know how he feels. The one I hate the most is the person behind Daiki. He is the one on blame for you, me, Minami, and other misfortune." Atsuko looks at Yuki and gently said.

Yuki hugs her tightly

"Thank you Atsuko-nee. Thank you for accepting me" she said in tear and tightens her hugs

"Silly, you are my sister. You don't need to thank me. No matter what you will always be my most precious sister" Atsuko said and strokes Yuki's hair.

After awhile the ship reaches the island.

"We finally back to the island. Let call everyone Yuki." Atsuko smile and pulls Yuki with her.

End flashback

Atsuko happily steps down from her bed. She walks toward the door and opens it. She takes a walk in the forest. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to feel the fresh air.

Suddenly a pair of arms hugs her from behind, and a voice whispers into her ear.

"You seem to be very happy today."

"Minami" she calls in surprise and turns around.

Atsuko hugs him back and asks

"Why did you wake up so early?"

"You too" Minami said.

"The conversation on the ship between you and Yuki make you happy right, Atsuko?" Minami said while resting his head on her shoulder.

"Uh, Yuki finally understand. She will not blame herself anymore. Plus, she calls me her sister again." Atsuko happily said.

"I'm glad." Minami said.

"Let take a walk around." Minami holds Atsuko's hand and said.

"Atsuko, what are you going to do now?" Minami asks

"Uhm...I'm not sure. The only clues we got is the knife with Maeda clan crest." Atsuko said.

"So, you plan on going back to Maeda clan to investigate about that?" Minami asks.

"Uhm… I guess that is only way for us." Atsuko said.

While they are walking, Minami sees something.

"Atsuko, there is something over there. Look like someone is lying." Minami said and points to the direction.

"Let take a look." Atsuko said and runs to the place.

"A man, he is injured." Atsuko said.

"His injuries look very serious. Let’s take him to Mayu" Minami said.

When Minami turns the man around, they shout in surprise

"Kashiwagi Ryu."

Then Minami carries him back to the house. He brings him to an empty room while Atsuko goes and calls Mayu. Atsuko runs to Mayu's room and knocks.

"Mayu, Mayu. I need you to treat someone." she said

Mayu opens the door and asks

"Atsuko-nee, what happened?" Mayu asks

"This is an urgent situation. Take your medical box with me. I will tell you more detail later." Atsuko hurriedly said.

"Ok, give me a second" Mayu said and runs back to his room.

After that he follows her to the room.

On their way

"When Minami and I were walking in the forest, we saw an injured man. Therefore we brought him back here. When we turned him around to see his face, he is..." Atsuko pauses

Mayu looks at her with curious look

"He is Kashiwagi Ryu." Atsuko said

Mayu widens his eyes in surprise.

In the room

Atsuko and Minami sit and wait for Mayu to treat Ryu. After a while, Mayu finished treating Ryu's injuries.

"How is he now Mayu?" Atsuko asks.

"He lost a lot of blood, but luckily all his injuries are not in any serious parts. Therefore, he is fine. He will wake up soon. I will go and make medicine for him." Mayu said

"Thank you Mayu." Minami said.

"No problem. You two don't have to thank me" Mayu said and smiles.

"Mayu" Atsuko calls him.

"Yes?" Mayu turns and looks at Atsuko

"Please keep this from everyone, especially Yuki. When the time comes, I will tell her." Atsuko said and Mayu nods

Then he leaves the room.

Several hours later Mayu comes back with the medicine. After giving Ryu medicine, Mayu goes back to his room. Atsuko and Minami sit there and watch over Ryu.

At noon

Yuki wakes up. She comes to the main house to meet everyone. However, she does not see Atsuko and Minami.

"Where is Atsuko-nee and Takamina?" Yuki asks.

"I heard the servant said that they left the house from early morning" Mii said.

"Maybe they are walking around the forest. They will be back soon, I think." Yuu said

"Atsuko-nee and Takamina said that they have something to do. Maybe they will be back late." Mayu said.

"Oh, I see" Yuki said.

Then they sit in the room and talk to each other.

In the evening

At Ryu's room

He slowly wakes up. He sees strange scenery. He immediately sits up, but his wounds cause him to groan in pain.

"You just wake up. Don't move too much"

He turns and looks at the sources of the sound. He sees Minami and Atsuko, and Atsuko is sleeping soundly on Minami’s shoulder.

"It is you. The bodyguard's son" Ryu said

"My name is Takahashi Minami." Minami said

"Since you hate me very much, why did you save me?" Ryu asks.

"Even though we really hate you. Especially me, I really want to kill you when you nearly kill Atsuko. However I know that you also are a pawn in Daiki and his boss game. You are a victim just like us." Minami said.

Ryu hears Minami said. He just looks down and stays silent.

"Plus, you are Yuki's father" Atsuko wakes up and said.

"I know you love her and want to see her very much. Although you are hurt so bad, you still tried your best to come here, right?" Atsuko looks at Ryu and said

"Yes, she is my only daughter. 22 years, I thought that she was dead. Now I can see her again. She grew up into a strong and beauty girl. She looks just like her mother." He said and looks at his necklace.

"I'm very happy that I can see her again. I know that I don't have the right to call her again. It is because of me, of my past that Juri and her suffered a lot. However, I just want to see her again and hear her calling "father" again." He said sadly.

He stands up from his bed, and kneels down in front of Atsuko and Minami. Seeing that, they quickly rush to Ryu and help him up

"What are you doing? You just woke up. Even though your wounds are not serious, they are also not small injuries. You have to stay in bed and rest." Atsuko said.

Then Minami tries to help Ryu, but he pushes them away.

"I want to apologize to you two. I know my apologies will never be enough for what you two had suffered. I promise when I meet Yuki again, I will bring my life here for you two." Ryu sincerely said.

"We don't want your life. Just become a responsible father for Yuki." Atsuko said

"If you do that, your apology to us is completed." Minami said.

Ryu is surprised by the two.

"Wait here, I will go and talk to Yuki. Then I will bring her here." Atsuko said and leaves

When Atsuko opens the door, she sees Yuki standing in front of her with teary eyes.

"Yuki" Atsuko calls her in surprised tone

"What are you doing here?" Atsuko asks

Yuki doesn't say anything. She turns around and runs back to her room.

"Yuki" Atsuko calls and runs after her.

"Sorry Takamina, Yuki saw me making medicine. She knows that is medicine for injury. She thought something happened to Atsuko-nee. Therefore she was very worry and kept asking me. She nearly cries, so I have to tell her the truth" Mayu looks down and said.

"It is ok Mayu. Atsuko also tends to tell her now." Minami said and pats Mayu's shoulder.

Atsuko chases after Yuki to her room. She knocks the door

"Yuki, can I come in?" Atsuko gently asks

Yuki just stays silent.

"Yuki, I'm sorry for keeping secret about him here from you. I just want to prepare everything before telling you. I want you to know he is here in the best condition." Atsuko said.

Yuki still doesn't say anything.

"Yuki, I know you still cannot accept him completely. However, I think that you also heard what he said right. He truly loves you. Even though he was injured very badly, he still tried to get here just because of you. Of course, you don't have to accept him right away. Just give him a chance to be your father again." Atsuko said with a soft voice

When Atsuko is about to knock again, Yuki opens the door. Atsuko is happy when she sees Yuki

"Yuki, I'm very sorry for keeping this from you" Atsuko sincerely said and bows.

Yuki holds Atsuko’s shoulders

"It is ok Atsuko-nee, I know you did that for my sake." Yuki said and smiles.

"Are you ok, Yuki?" Atsuko asks in concern tone.

"Yes, I'm fine" Yuki said

"It is ok if you don't want to meet him right now. You can prepare yourself until you can accept him." Atsuko said.

"It is ok. I will go and talk to him." Yuki said

"So, let's go" Atsuko smiles and holds Yuki's hand.

In the room

"I hope Yuki will be ok." Mayu worriedly said

"Don't worry Mayu. Atsuko will be able to talk to her." Minami said.

Then they hear the knocking sound

"Come in" Minami said.

Atsuko steps in with Yuki. Seeing Yuki, Ryu quickly sit up, but his movement causes him pain. He is frowning. Suddenly, a pair and of hands touch his shoulders and gently pushes him to lie back

"Yuki" he calls her name when seeing her in front of him

"Your injuries have not recovered yet. Just lie down" Yuki said

"T…thank you, Yuki" he happily said

Ryu is very happy because Yuki concerns about him. Minami looks at Atsuko and Mayu. Then they slowly step out of the room and return to the main house.

At the main house

"Where did you guys go? And where is Yuki now?" Mariko asks

"Yuki is talking with Kashiwagi Ryu" Atsuko answers

"What?" everyone shouts in surprise.

"We found him at the forest this morning." Minami explains

Then they tell them about Kashiwagi Ryu

In the room

There is an awkward silence filling the room. Ryu is sitting on the bed and looking down, while Yuki is sitting on the chair and looking outside the window.

"Uhm....Yuki" Ryu breaks the silent

Yuki looks at him with surprised look

"Sorry.... Can I call you that?" Ryu asks

"Uhm... Ok, I don't mind." Yuki reluctantly said.

"What do you want?" Yuki asks

"I just want to ask you how you are doing those years." Ryu gently said

"I'm fine. Atsuko-nee treats me very well. She loves me more than anything." Yuki said

"Every day to me is very wonderful. I enjoy every day with her. She is very important to me." Yuki smiles while looking out of the window.

"Then I found the loved of my life. Mayu is very nice. He takes care of me and always stays by my side. To sum up, even we face dangerous situation every day, every day to me is greatest." Yuki said and smiles.

Ryu is very happy when seeing Yuki’s smile. He also smiles to himself.

“I’m glad that you are happy.” Ryu said.

Then the room is filled with silent again.

“How are your wounds?” Yuki looks at him and asks

“I’m fine now. Thank you” Ryu said and smiles

“Yuki, I’m sorry.” Ryu said and looks down

Yuki stays silent and looks at Ryu

“I attacked you and Maeda Atsuko and nearly killed her. I also kidnapped you and Riku’s daughter. I know that I don’t have the right to ask you call me “father” again. I only have one wish is can you forgive me?” Ryu continues

Yuki frowns her eyes and looks at him

“You know when I saw Atsuko-nee was lying on her bed and unconscious, I was really mad. Then Mayu said that her condition was very bad, I swore that I will kill you if something bad happen to her.” Yuki raises her voice

“Luckily that she is healed now. I don’t really care about you captured me. The information that made me shocked is you are my father.” Yuki said in tear.

Ryu looks down.

“My father is the one that killed my sister's parent. They are also my adopted parent." Yuki continues

"Do you know what did I feel at that time? Totally broke down. I want to die. I want to die to ease my pain, to think that is the best way to repay for all her suffering in 20 years." Yuki said and emphasizes each of her words.

"Yuki, I'm really sorry. I don't know what to do to fix my awful mistake. I killed my daughter’s saviors and nearly kill their daughter. I'm such a stupid person" Ryu sorely said

"Even Though, I'm the daughter of the one that killed her family, she doesn’t hate me. She still sees me as her sister. It is her who said that I should forgive you because you are also a victim like her and Takamina. I know that you are not entirely at fault. As Atsuko-nee said, she understand your feeling. I also do too.” Yuki said

“I also am very happy that you tried your best to come here to see me. I heard everything that you said to Atsuko-nee and Takamina. Although I still cannot forget the things you did, I will forgive you, and try to accept you” Yuki continues

"Thank you, Yuki. I understand. I will wait until you can call me….”  Ryu said

“Father” cutting Ryu’s word, Yuki looks at him and calls him

Ryu don’t know how to express his happiness right now. His tear is unconsciously falling. Yuki smiles at him. Then she stands up and said

“Yuki, Thank you, Thank you very much” Ryu said in tear

“You are injured. Please take more rest. I will leave now.” Yuki said.

Then she helps him to lie down. After that, Yuki returns to the main house. She opens the door and walks in. Seeing Yuki, Atsuko immediately stands up. Yuki rushes to Atsuko and hugs her tightly

“Yuki, are you ok?” Atsuko worriedly asks Yuki

“I’m fine Atsuko-nee” Yuki said and sobs.

“Atsuko-nee, finally I can forgive him. I call him as my father again. I can smile before him.” Yuki said

“Good job Yuki” Atsuko said and pats Yuki’s head

“I’m glad that you finally can think openly and put the weight in your heart down” Atsuko gently said

Then they sit down and talk.

“Yuki, we are talking about leaving to the Maeda clan. What do you think? Can we leave in tomorrow, or you want to rest some more?” Atsuko said

“I’m fine, Atsuko-nee. We can leave at tomorrow.” Yuki said.

“Good, let me tell a servant to call uncle here” Minami said.

Then he orders a servant to call for Kuu. After a while Kuu come to the room.

"What do you want to talk to me Takamina?" Kuu asks

"Uncle, tomorrow, we decide to leave the island and go to Maeda clan. I want to know who is the one that behind everything." Atsuko said

"Uhm...You want to leave huh?" Kuu said

"I want to go with you" Kuu continues.

"It is dangerous. If we get anything new, we will tell you." Minami said

"Takamina is correct. It is too dangerous for you to come with us, father." Mii said

"Uhm, if you guy say so." Kuu answers.

"Uncle, actually, uncle Kuu I want you to look after someone for me." Atsuko said

"Who?" Kuu asks

"Kashiwagi Ryu" Atsuko

"That guy? What is he doing here?" Kuu said in surprise tone

"We saw him this morning in the forest. He is injured. Now he is in a room in the west side of the house." Minami said.

"Uhm... How is he doing now?" Kuu asks

"He is fine now. He only need to rest." Mayu said.

"Ok. Anyway, because he is Riku's cousin, I will take good care of him." Kuu said

"Thank you uncle" Yuki said and bows.

"It is late. You all go to rest. You will leave soon at tomorrow morning, right?" Kuu said

"Yes, we will go back to our room, now. Good night father." Mii said

Then all of them leave the room and back to their bedroom.

In the forest

Two men stand on the tree and talk

“Those kids are fine now.”


“They will go to Maeda clan now. What are we going to do?”

“We have other things to investigate. Let them go there first.”

“Ok, let go”

In some place

"Are you sure your plan will work out?" a man asks a person who kneel on the ground

"Yes sir. This time, I will erase them from this world with one blow." the person on the ground answers confidently.

"Good. I don't want another useless servant. You know about Daiki, right?" the man coldly said.

The person looks at the left side of the room. There is a man hung on the rope and dead.

"You don't want to end up like that right? You are my best servant. Don't make me disappoint again like him. If you are success, I will give you everything you want." the man said.

"Yes sir. I will take the action now. Good bye sir" the person stands up.

Then the person bows and leaves the place.

In the next morning

Everyone gathers at the shore and prepares to leave the island.

"Thank you uncle Kuu for all those days, and goodbye uncle Riku" Atsuko said and bows.

"You don't have to say that. Take care" Kuu said

"Goodbye everyone, and good luck" Riku said

Then he turns to Yuki

"Yuki, take care ok. I'm very happy that we can reunite again." Riku said and smiles

Then he turns to Mayu.

"Mayu, you have to take good care of her. If not I will make you regret" Riku looks at Mayu with serious look

"Don't worry uncle. I will" Mayu said

"Thank you uncle" Yuki said and smiles

"Yuu, remember what you promised. Don't let me down. Take care of Haruna." Riku turns to Yuu and Haruna and said.

"Yes father, you also take care." Haruna said

"Don't worry uncle, I will always protect her." Yuu said

From afar, there is a man slowly walks toward them.

"Ryu, you are not fully recovered yet. Why are you come out here?" Riku said

"I just want to see Yuki off.” Ryu said.

“Yuki, take care” Ryu said

“Father, you also take care” Yuki said

“Please Mayu, I entrust Yuki to you” Ryu said

“Don’t worry, uncle Ryu. I will protect her.” Mayu said and bows

"Ok, we will leave now. Let's go guys" Atsuko said and walks into the ship.

Then they say farewell to Kuu and the rest once again and sail toward the sea.

At night

There is a big storm occurs on the sea

They all stay in their own room to rest. Suddenly an explosion occurs in the storeroom of the ship. Everyone in the ship is surprised.

In Jun room

Jun is woken up by the explosion

"What's happening" Jun thought

In Yuu’s room

"It is coming from the storeroom." Yuu sits up and runs out

Then everyone runs down to the storeroom. When they are running down there, they see Atsuko and Minami are standing there

“What happened, Acchan?” Mariko asks

“I don’t know. I was woken by the loud sound, so I came here. I only see this small fire that Minami just use water to stop it.” Atsuko said

Then they hear another explosion sound, this is bigger than before. It comes from the other side of the ship.

“What happened?” Rena said

“Let go there and check” Minami said

Then they all run to the other side. While they are running, another explosive sound occurs at the storeroom again.

"The ship is under attack. They are placing explosion powder in our ship" Atsuko said

"It cannot be. How can they find our ship? We hid them in my secret place of the island" Mariko said

"Anyway let's get out of here before another explosion." Minami said

"The ship is sinking" Yuki said.

"Let come up first and find the emergency boat." Haruna said

When they get to the place, the boat is nowhere to be found.

"They took it away too" Atsuko angrily said

Then a voice appears behind them

"Today is your doom Maeda Atsuko. We placed the explosive powder all over the place you have nowhere to escape now."

They turn around.

There is a man standing in front of them. Behind them are a lot of men carry staffs and swords

"Who are you? What do you want?" Rena asks

"Did you forget me? The man that you met at the Lantern Town." the man said

"So it is you. Did you forget that if you let this ship explore. You will also is blown up and die with us too" Atsuko said

"That is my intention. Just because of that Black, the boss is very angry. He killed my boss Daiki." the man said

"Daiki is dead" Minami said in surprise.

"Yes. Now his other strong servant plans this plan. He ordered me here as a pawn. If I don't do this my family will be killed. So die with me." He said and laughs crazily.

He throws the touch into a big portion of powder which connected to a lot of different group of small powder. It starts to explode

"Run to the deck now" Atsuko shouts.

“Stop them” He shouts

The men rush to them. They fight the men while trying to go up to the deck. Then another explosion occurs making the ship shaking. The ship is now filled with smoke

“Mayu, everyone, where are you?” Yuki calls

“Yuki” Mayu runs to Yuki direction

“Mayu” Yuki calls

“Let go up first Yuki” Mayu said

“Mariko, guys” Mii calls

“Mii, I’m here” Mariko calls

“Mariko, are you ok?” Mii worriedly asks

“I’m fine, it just the smoke limits my eyes sight.” Mariko said

“Give me your hand Mariko” Mii said and pulls Mariko with him

“Nyan Nyan, Nyan Nyan, are you ok?” Yuu calls Haruna who falls on the ground

“I’m fine Yuu. It is just the explosion causes me to lose my balance” Haruna said

“Come on, let get out of here first” Yuu said

“Jun, Jun” Rena calls in worry tone

“I’m here Rena. Let go to the deck now” Jun said and pulls Rena with him

“Minami, Yuki, everyone” Atsuko shouts while running around

Then a shadow appears behind her. It raises his sword to stab her. Suddenly a sword pierces through its stomach. Atsuko hears some noise and turns back

“Minami?” Atsuko calls

“Atsuko, that man tried to kill you” Minami said

“Thank you Minami. Now we have to go to the deck” Atsuko said

They all get on the ship deck at the same time. They are surrounded by those attackers. Then another big explosion occurs on the top ship making everything shaking again. Follow that there are a lot of the explosion come from around the ship.

“We have no choice but to jump out of here.” Atsuko hurriedly said

“Uh, let’s promise that when we are safe, we will come back to uncle Kuu’s house to meet each other ok?” Minami said

“Ok” everyone said

The ship is slowly sinking. Then they all jump out of the ship before the ship completely exploded.


Here is chapter 16. Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :)
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vivinardisa, @kimseoyeonc, @rindg, @key17, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

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Here is part 1 of chapter 17  :)

Part 1: Wmatsui

On the shore

Jun slowly opens his eyes. He realizes that he is lying on the shore. He caresses his temples and said

“Where am I?”

Then he looks around

“Where is everyone?” he thought

Then he remembers last night


“Rena, hold my hand tight. Everything will be ok” Jun said

“Uh” Rena looks at Jun and nods

Then they jump into the sea while the storm is very strong.

End flashback

He turns around

"Rena, Rena" Jun calls

Then he stands up and runs around the shore. Then he sees a figure is lying on the white sand. He quickly runs to there.

“Rena” Jun calls and shakes her shoulders

Rena slowly opens her eyes.

"Jun" Rena calls him

"Rena, are you ok?" Jun asks

"I'm fine, Jun. How about you?" Rena asks

"I'm ok.” Jun answers

“Where are we?” Rena looks around and asks

“I don't know. I just woke up and realize that we are on this shore." Jun said

"Come on Rena; let's take a look around to see if there is any city in this island." Jun said and stands up

Then he extends his hand for Rena to help her stand up. They walk into the forest.

"I hope that everyone is ok." Rena worriedly said.

"They will be fine. We should find someone to ask about this island and how to return to uncle Kuu’s place." Jun said

"Uh" Rena responses

When they are walking, they hear some noise like fighting.

"Did you hear some noise, Rena?" Jun asks

"Uh." Rena said

"It is coming from over there" Rena continues

"Let's go there and take a look." Jun said.

Then he holds Rena's hand and runs to the direction. When they get there, they see a man is attacked by four masked man. He is cornered.

When one of the masked man is about to kill the man, Jun rushes to the man and uses his sword to block the sword.

Then Jun turns around and kicks his face making the man fall down on the ground. Seeing that, the others rushes to Jun. Jun jumps up to dodge their attack. He uses his sword to injure their legs. Then he uses round kick to kick their faces. The men stand up and run away.

Jun turns to the man and helps him up.

"Are you ok?" Jun asks

"Yes, I'm. Thank you" the man said

Then he looks up to see who saved him

“Jun, is that you?” the man said in surprise

"You are..."Jun pauses and looks at the man

“You are Daisuke?” Jun happily call

“Yes, it is me. Jun, it has been very long time since we met each other. How are Acchan and Yuki doing?” Daisuke happily said

“Yes, it has been very long time. For the time being, we are separated from each other.” Jun said

“What happened to you guys?” Daisuke worriedly asks

“It is a long story. I will tell you later.” Jun said

“You know him, Jun?” Rena asks

“Uh” Jun responses

“Who is she Jun?” Daisuke asks.

“Her name is Matsui Rena. She is my fiancée.” Jun answers and holds Rena’s hand

“Congratulation, Jun” Daisuke happily said

“Hello Matsui-san, my name is Sasaki Daisuke. Acchan, Jun, and Yuki helped me in the past, nice to meet you.” Daisuke introduces himself and extends his hand to shake Rena’s hand

“Hello Sasaki-san, Just call me Rena, nice to meet you.” Rena said and shakes Daisuke’s hand

“Just call me Daisuke.” Daisuke smile

"By the way, Daisuke, who are they? Why did they attack you?" Jun asks

"I don't know. I just come back from my business trip. Then they appeared and attacked me." Daisuke said

"Maybe they are bandits. They want to steal my money" he continues

"I don't think so. Your belonging is over there, but they didn’t even take a glance at it. They only focus on you." Jun explains

“Do you know someone that hates you or something?” Rena asks

“Uhm… I don’t know.” Daisuke said

“Anyway, put that aside, let’s go back to my house.” Daisuke said

“Ok” Jun and Rena said

After a while they reach Daisuke’s house.

“Master Daisuke, you are back.” a servant said and bows

“Uh, prepare two guest rooms for my friends here.” Daisuke said

“Yes, sir.” the servant bows and leaves.

Then they come to the main house

“Mother” Daisuke calls his mother

“Daisuke, you are back. Are you hurt Daisuke? What happened? Where are your bodyguards?” his mother said

“On my way back here, I was attacked by a group of men. They were killed. Luckily, Jun and Rena were there to save me.” Daisuke said

“Mother, this is Jun. He is the friend that I told you before, and the girl next to him is Rena. She is his fiancée.” Daisuke introduces them.

Daisuke’s mother turns to them

“Thank you for saving my son’s life.” his mother said and bows.

“No problem, Mrs. Sasaki.” Jun and Rena said and bow.

“Daisuke, next time, you have to be careful. You are the head of Sasaki clan.” his mother worriedly said.

“Yes, mom. Next time, I will be careful.” Daisuke said

“Now mom, I will excuse myself to my office.” Daisuke bows and leave with Jun and Rena

“By the way, mom, can you tell uncle Kaoru to meet me later in my office. I have some business to talk to him.” Daisuke said

Then he leads Jun and Rena to his office.

“Jun, tell me what happened to you guys.” Daisuke said and sits down on his chair

Jun and Rena come in and sit on their chairs

“Our ship was attacked when we were on our way travel around.” Jun starts telling story

Daisuke widens his eyes in surprise

“Before our ship exploded, we all jumped out of it. Because of the storm, Atsuko-nee, Yuki, I, and some of my friends were separated from each other.” Jun said

“I hope that Acchan and the rest ok.” Daisuke worriedly said

“Daisuke, I have a favor to ask you.” Jun said

“Of course, anything Jun. You saved my life two times.” Daisuke said

“We promised that we will go to Atsuko-nee’s father’s friend house to meet each other. Do you know where the “hidden island” is?” Jun said and bows

“Uhm...'hidden island' I know where it is. My family has some business with people over there. I will call people to escort you guys there." Daisuke said

"Thank you Daisuke. I own you big time."

“No problem, Jun. You helped me a lot too” Daisuke said.

While they are talking with each other, they hear a knocking sound

"Come in" Daisuke said

"Daisuke, you call me." a man said

"Yes, uncle Kaoru, I have some business to talk to you." Daisuke said.

"Who are they?" Kaoru turns and asks

"They are my friends, Jun and Rena. They saved my life on my trip back here." Daisuke said.

"You are busy. We will take our leave" Jun said and stands up with Rena

"It is ok, you guys just stay here. You are my friend. Therefore it is ok." Daisuke said

"Ok" they answer and sit back

"What is it Daisuke?" Kaoru asks

"I just went to our business branch in the west side of the island. You are the manager of that place right?" Daisuke asks.

"Yes, what happened?" Kaoru asks

"The workers complained a lot about their work’s atmosphere and benefits.” Daisuke said.

"Those workers are just lazy. They always complain about everything." Kaoru said.

"Not just everything, I saw by my own eyes what they are complaining about. They are the one that help our family business survive. They are the one that make those products for us to sell. You should concern more about them" Daisuke said with a serious tone.

"Sorry Daisuke. I will concern about them more." Kaoru said and bows.

"One more thing uncle Kaoru" Daisuke said

"The material to make our produnt is bad. It is not the first class material. What happen if our customers complain about them. If anything happen, our reputation will be affect” Daisuke slams the table and said.

"What is the provider that you work with? Didn't we always work with the provider in the east side of this island? Why did you stop our contract without noticing me?" Daisuke angrily said

"Sorry Daisuke. They raised the price, so I thought I will change another provider. I plan on telling you but you are very busy with our business. Therefore I accepted the offer from another provider." Kaoru said.

"Raising price? I just talked to them on my trip. They said that there is no change in our contract. They also very curious why did we stop our business with them." Daisuke shouts.

"Sorry Daisuke. My assistant said that, so I thought it is truth. I will ask him again. If he lied, I will punish him" Kaoru said and bows.

"Next time, I will be more careful." Kaoru continues.

"You better do that. Next time if this thing happened again, even you are my uncle, I still have to do something about that." Daisuke said

"Yes, I know" Kaoru said and bows.

"That all I need to say to you, you can leave now." Daisuke said.

"Then I will take my leave now." Kaoru said and leaves.

"Sorry that you guys have to see that." Daisuke turns to Jun and Rena and said.

"It is ok" Jun said.

"He is your uncle?" Jun asks

"Yes, he is my mother little brother. He works for my father business for very long time. I don't know why these years his management is getting worse. I heard a lot of complaining about him." Daisuke said while caressing his temples.

"Uhm.... And you, you are very mature now. Just like an experienced businessman. Not a young and stubborn teenager who Atsuko-nee saved several years ago" Jun teases

"Is it?" Daisuke playfully asks

"Uh" Jun nods

"My father died 2 years ago. I inherited all his business. Therefore I have to focus on the business, and work hard to not let my father down." Daisuke said

"Sorry to hear that Daisuke" Jun sadly said.

"It is ok." Daisuke said.

"Will you guys stay here for a while? I want to show you guys this island and our business.” Jun asks

"Uhm...ok" Jun

“Daisuke, I have a question to ask you.” Jun said

“What is it, Jun?” Daisuke said

“Did something strange happen to you these day?” Jun asks

“Uhm… nothing much. Two days ago, the ship that I supposed to be in was sunk. Luckily, nothing happened to anyone on the ship.” Daisuke said

“Why didn’t you there?” Rena asks

“When I was about to go there, my mom got sick. Therefore I had to stay at home to take care of her, and I ordered my servants to go and apology my client for me.” Daisuke said

“What happened to the ship?” Jun asks

“There is some crack in the ship. Maybe the ship is too old.” Daisuke said

They sit and talk for a while. Suddenly, they hear the sound of something broken. They run out of the room

“What happened?” Daisuke asks a servant

“Sorry, Master Daisuke. Your mother ordered me to bring some herbal tea for you. However, a cat jumped out. I was surprised and drop the tray.” The servant kneels and bows continuously.

“It is ok. Stand up. I’m fine after all, so I don’t need that tea. Just go back to your work, and don’t tell my mother about this or else she will punish you.” Daisuke said.

“Thank you Master Daisuke.” the servant bows and leaves.

Then another servant runs to him

"Master Daisuke, your mother wants to meet you" she said

"Ok, I'll be there." Daisuke said

And Daisuke turns to Jun and Rena

"Sorry guys. Can you guys wait for me a little in my room; I want to show you around the house." Daisuke said

"Ok" jun said

"I will be right back" Daisuke said and leaves

Then Rena and Jun go back to the room.

"Jun, you are worry about Daisuke, right?" Rena asks

"Uh, I get a feeling that those people are not normal bandit. Their target is him." Jun said

"Also the incident two days ago, it is too much for a coincident." Jun continues

"That is why you agree to stay here right?” Rena asks.

"Yes. I don't trust his uncle. I can feel something strange from him" Jun nods

While they are talking, Daisuke are back

"Sorry for making you guy waiting." Daisuke said

"It is ok." Jun said and smiles.

"Let's go" Daisuke

They go around and Daisuke introduce them around the house

"It is already dark. We should go back now" Daisuke said

"Uh" Jun nods

Then they go back to Daisuke's room

"We will go back to our rooms now. Good night Daisuke" Jun said

"Ok, good night guys" Daisuke said

Before Jun leaves, he turns and said to Daisuke

"Be careful with everything around you ok."

"Uh, I will. Thank you" Daisuke said and smiles

Then Jun and Rena leave the room. When they get out of the room, Jun notices something strange.

"What is it?" Jun said and walks closer to the place

"A death cat" Rena said in surprise

"What happened?" Jun said

"This is where that servant dropped the tea. It is poisoned." Jun thought while frowning.

"It is very weird now" Jun seriously said

On their way

Jun holds Rena's hand and walks slowly through the backyard.

"What are you thinking Jun? About that cat?" Rena asks and Jun nods

"That reminds me. This evening, you said that you feel something weird when you look at Daisuke's uncle. What did you feel?" Rena asks

"His eyes, they are just like Roy's. Outside, he looks like very obedient, but inside there is a very dark soul." Jun said with a shaky voice.

Rena looks at Jun and hugs him.

"It is ok now Jun. Everything is in the past. No one can harm you now." Rena gently said to Jun.

"Thank you Rena." Jun hugs her back and whispers.

"Because of that, I want to help Daisuke. He is my friend. I don't want him to experience the same thing as me or worse than me." Jun said.

"I'm sure you can do that. My Jun can do everything if he wants." Rena said to him and kisses his cheek.

“‘My Jun’ huh?" Jun teases Rena

Realizing what she said. Rena blushes madly.

"Hahaha...My Rena-chan is very cute when she blushed" Jun teases and pinches Rena's cheeks.

"S..stop teasing me Jun" Rena said and turns away.

"I'm not teasing you. I just praise my cute Rena-chan" Jun said and turns Rena to look at him.

"Since when did you become a smooth talker like that?" Rena said and pouts.

"I would only be that way when I'm around you" Jun smiles and kisses her lips.

Then they continue walking. After a while they reach Rena's room.

"Ok, good night Rena" Jun said and kisses Rena's forehead

"Good night Jun" Rena said and kisses his cheek.

Next morning

Daisuke takes Jun and Rena around the city.

“Last night, did you guys sleep well?” Daisuke asks

“Yes, the room is very comfortable.” Jun said

“Glad to hear that. You two are my friend, so I want you guys to feel my house as your and enjoy staying here.” Daisuke smiles and said

“Today, I want to introduce you two to someone” Daisuke happily said

“Who is it, Daisuke?” Jun asks

“It is a secret, when you get there you will know.” Daisuke said

Then Daisuke takes them to a restaurant. The restaurant is decorated very special. The waiter leads them to a big room

“Please sit here and wait for me.” Daisuke said

Then he runs out of the room.

Inside the room

“I wonder who the person that he wants to introduce to us is.” Jun said.

“Uh, me too” Rena said

While they are talking with each other, Daisuke comes back. Beside him is a young girl.

“Jun, Rena, I want you guys to meet my girlfriend. Her name is Chiyo.” he said to Rena and Jun.

“Wow!! That is great Daisuke.” Jun congrats Daisuke

“Chiyo, this is Jun, the one that I always mention to you with the other two, Acchan and Yuki. The girl sits beside him is Rena. She is his fiancée.” Daisuke said

“Hi Jun and Rena, nice to meet you two” Chiyo said

“Hello Chiyo, Nice to meet you too.” Rena and Jun said

“Chiyo is daughter of the owner of this restaurant. Her father is also the famous chief in this city.” Daisuke introduces Chiyo

“Oh, this place is very special, huh?” Jun said

“Uh” Daisuke nods

Then they sit down and talk with each other while eating.

“It is time. I should go to the factory to check on their work” Daisuke said

“Chiyo, say hi to your father for me. I have to go now.” Daisuke said to Chiyo

“Uh, you should be careful ok. Don’t exhausted yourself from work” Chiyo gently said

“Uh, I know” Daisuke said and smiles

After saying goodbye to Chiyo, Daisuke leads them to his work place. It is a big factory with a lot of workers.

“This place is my father treasure. He spent all his life to create this place. That is the reason why I have to work hard to keep it and help it develops even stronger.” Daisuke seriously said

“You really grew up a lot. Somehow, I really admire your determination.” Jun said and pats Daisuke’s shoulder.

“I’m the one that admire you. You guys travel around and helps everyone who is needed. That is really great.”

They are happily talking while going around observing the place until evening. After checking the paper works and the place, they go back to the house. From the factory, in order to go back to the house, they have to go through a big forest. While they are walking, there are a group of men sudden jumps out and surrounding them. They rush to attack Jun, Rena, and Daisuke.

“Daisuke, stand here, don’t move. Rena and I will protect you.” Jun said and Daisuke nods

Then he rushes to them. Seeing Jun runs to them, they run into the forest. Jun chases after them.

In Rena's side

She is also fighting with some of the men. She chases after them to other side of the forest leaving Daisuke standing alone in the place.

Back to Daisuke

“Jun, Rena” Daisuke calls and looks around

Suddenly, someone appears in front of him.

Being taken by surprise, Daisuki steps back and shouts

"Who are you?"

The man suddenly pierces his dagger in Daisuke's stomach

"," Daisuke said while holding the knife in his stomach

"Jun, *pant* Rena,*pant* help me" Daisuke breathlessly calls

"Call them for help? It is hopeless. They are really stupid. My men lured them very far away from here. No one can help you now" the man said and laughs haughtily.

"" Daisuke tiredly said

"Since you are going to die soon, I will tell you who am I so that you can rest in peace." the man said and smirks.

Then he takes off his mask.

"U..uncle, why?" Daisuke said in surprise

"Yes, it is me. You asked me why. Easy, because of your money, I want all the property of Sasaki family." Kaoru said and smirks

“…” Daisuke breathlessly said

“Shut up, did you see me as your uncle? You scold me; yell at me like I’m your servant. I have had enough now.” Kaoru said

"If you die, I will take all of them. I want to be a boss. I'm tired of being a small manager. Always bow down before you. Hearing your scold" Kaoru bends down and said while slapping Daisuke's face.

"!!!" Daisuke weakly shouts and then died.

"Hahaha. Good night my precious nephew. Sleep your long life sleep." Kaoru said and laughs out loud.

"I can't believe that you treat your nephew and family like that" a woman said

Kaoru is startled by the voice. He turns around and shouts in surprise


"You still remember that I'm your sister huh? Kaoru" Daisuke's mother said.

"How can you? How did you?" Kaoru said in surprise.

"Do you think that we are stupid enough to leave Daisuke alone there?" a man voice appears

Kaoru is surprised. He turns to the sources of the voice. When he turns back, he sees Jun and Rena are standing in front of him.

"How can you?" his face is filled with confused.

"At first, when Jun said that, I actually doubted it a little. I thought 'how can my own uncle treat me that way,' ‘my uncle would never do that to me,' but I was wrong. You are not a human. You are despicable." Daisuke stands up and said.

"How can you?"

Because of too much surprise, Kaoru is speechless. He cannot say anything except those three words.

"Thank to Jun's amour that I'm still alive until now." Daisuke said.


"Goodnight Rena" Jun said and kisses Rena's forehead.

"I will go and take a look at that Kaoru guy. He looks so fishy to me" Jun said.

"Be careful Jun" Rena said and hugs him

"I'll" Jun said and pats Rena's back.

Then Jun leaves to Kaoru's place.

At Kaoru's room

"That little brat, who does he think he is? Yell at me like a low life servant." Kaoru said and slams the table.

"Tomorrow, I will take everything from him."

"Tomorrow, he will go to the factory with his two friends. You, arrange your men to prepare for the action." Kaoru tells his servant.

"In order to go back to the house, they have to go through the forest. We will attack them on their way back to the house. You guys try to lure those two friends of him far away from him. After that I will go out and kill him." Kaoru said

“Yes sir” the assassin said

“I knew it.” Jun thought

"That despicable man, in order to get what he want, he willingly to get rid everyone even his family." Jun thought while holding his fists tightly.

After spying on Kaoru's room, Jun goes to Daisuke's room.

Jun knocks the door

"Daisuke, are you still awake?" Jun calls

Daisuke opens the door and asks

"What happened Jun?"

"I have something to tell you." Jun said

"Please, come in" Daisuke said

Daisuke and Jun sit on the table

"Daisuke, after seeing your uncle, I felt something not right about him. Therefore, I decided to spy on him." Jun said

Daisuke widens his eyes in surprise.

“What make you think like that?” Daisuke asks

“His eyes, those eyes make me worry.” Jun answers

“Therefore I went to his room just now.” Jun continues

“Did you get anything?” Daisuke asks

"When I went to his room, I overheard that tomorrow he is plan on killing you." Jun said.

"What did you say Jun? He is my uncle. How can he do that to me?" Daisuki said in disbelief tone.

"I know this is hard for you to believe that. I have a plan that can make everything clear." Jun said.

"What will you do?" Daisuke asks.

"Firstly, tomorrow, wear this when you go out with us." Jun said

“What is it” Daisuke asks

“A special amour, my friend gave it to me. It will help you prevent all type of weapons that attack you. The only thing you have to do is act like dead” Jun said

"Tomorrow, Rena and I will act like we are tricked by his men. You will stand in the place and wait for him." Jun said.

"Ok, I will follow your plan. However, I don't think that my uncle did that to me." Daisuke said.

Then Jun leaves the place

End flashback

Kaoru is speechless.

"When you stab me, I tried to hold the blade very hard so that I can fool you that you actually stab me. Those blood came from my hand" Daisuke said

"When we act like we were tricked by your men. Our people had already ambush around the forest. When your men run out of the sight, they will jump out and capture all of them" Rena said.

"Your plan is completely fail from the first place." Rena continues.

Kaoru sits on the ground and looks down

"Kaoru, how can you do that to us? I'm your sister, and Daisuke is your nephew. You are heartless.” Daisuke’s mother said

“Family, uncle? Did you people see me like that? I’m no more than a servant in this house.” Kaoru shouts

Then Daisuke’s mother slaps him

“Did my husband treat you badly? You have a place to live, money to spend and a job. He let you manage all his work in the west side. Do you still not satisfy about it?" Daisuke's mother angrily said

“Brother in law treated me very well. However, when Daisuke inherited the place, everything changed. Although I'm responsible, he is the one in charge.” Kaoru said

"It is true that no one looks down on me. However, it is just outside. Behind me, they said that I’m no more than a dog of Sasaki clan” Kaoru continues

“I'm just a small manager, and I'm tired of it. I want to take over everything." Karou shouts.

"Do you know why did I also take the work there?" Daisuke asks

"It is because your management. You didn't care about workers. You like benefit but you forget the quality. When I inherited the place, I heard a lot of complains. That place nearly collapses because of you." Daisuke angrily shouts

“It is just your reasons” Kaoru said

“Until now, you still don't not regret about your action. I’m very disappointed. Don’t blame your problem on other.” Daisuke’s mom said

"Take him to the authority in this island" Daisuke said

"Yes, sir" his guards answers

Then Daisuke turns to Jun and Rena

"Thanks you two again. This time we really owe you big time. You saved my life and our business." Daisuke said and bows

"No problem. You don't have to do that" Jun said and pats Daisuke shoulders

"Now your problem is solved. We will take our leave now. I don't want everyone to worry about us." Jun said

"Ok, I will order my servant to take you back to that island." Daisuke said.


That is part 1 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)
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Here is part 2 of chapter 17

Part 2 Marimii

In a big house

Mariko wakes up and looks around the house. She sees Mii is sitting on her bed and looking at her. Seeing Mariko wake up, Mii gently asks

"You finally awake. Are you ok?"

"Mii? Uhm, I'm ok." Mariko answers and sits up.

"Where are we?" She looks around and asks

"I don't know yet" Mii shrugs

"When I woke up, I realize that we are in this house. The homeowner said that he found us at the shore." Mii said.

"I see" Mariko said

"I think we should go out and thank him properly." Mariko continues and Mii nods

Then they go out of the room. They see two people are sitting silently. The two turn to look at Mariko and Mii

"Your friend is finally awake, huh?" the man said

"Yes, She is. Thank you, Rikuto-san" Mii said

“Hello, Aya-chan.” Mii smiles and greets the little girl

“....” The girl stays silent

“Aya, Mii nii-chan greeted you. What should you do?” Rikuto strictly said

“Hi” she said shortly

“Aya” her father raises his voice

“It’s ok, Rikuto-san” Mii said and smiles

“Hello miss, how are you doing?” Rikuto said

“I’m fine, Thank you, Rikuto-san” Mariko said

“By the way, my name is Shinoda Mariko” Mariko introduces herself

“Rikuto-san, Thank you for saving us” Mariko and Mii said and bows

“No problem” he said

"Come on you two, sit down. I will bring something for you to eat. I bet that you two are hungry, right?" Rikuto said

"Thank you" Mariko and Mii bow

Suddenly Aya stands up and leaves

“Where are you going, Aya?” Rikuto asks

“I go out for a little bit” Aya answers

“Come back soon” Rikuto said

Then they start to eat

"Rikuto-san, I have a favor to asks you" Mariko said

"What is it?" Rikuto asks

"Can we stay here one more day? We want to find a ship to get back my house" Mii said

"Of course, you can stay here" Rikuto said and smiles

"Thank you" Mii and Mariko said

When they finished eating, Mii said

"Please excuse us; we will go out a little bit.”

"Ok, see you guy later" Rikuto said

Then Mariko and Mii leave the house. They go around finding a ship. While they are walking around the city, they hear something

"Hey, that girl, she doesn't have a mother. Her mother abandoned her since she was born”

“What happened?” Mariko looks at Mii and asks

“Let’s go there and take a look” Mii said

“Uh” Mariko said

When Mariko and Mii go there, they see a group of kids are surrounding Aya. They are throwing stone to her.

"Hey what are you doing to her?" Mariko shouts and runs to Aya

Seeing Mii and Mariko, the boys run away.

"Are you ok Aya-chan?" Mariko asks while helping Aya to stand up

"I'm fine." she answers shortly and withdraws her hand from Mariko

"Let's us take you home" Mariko said

"I'm fine by myself. I don't need your help." Aya said and runs away.

Mariko looks at Aya with worried eyes.

"Let go back now Mariko." Mii said and holds Mariko's hand

"Uh" Mariko nods

They reach home at the same time with Aya

"Aya, what happened to you? Your clothes are dirty. You are hurt" Rikuto said in worry tone

"I'm fine. I just fell." she said

"Let me clean your wounds." Rikuto said and lifts Aya up.

Then he sees Mariko and Mii step in

"Hi, welcome back. Just make yourself at home. I have to take care of Aya a little." He said

"It is ok. Just take care of her. Don't worry about us." Mariko said

After a while Rikuto comes back

"How is she, Rikuto-san?" Mariko asks in concerned voice

"She is ok. She is asleep now." Rikuto said and smiles.

"That is good." Mariko said

"Sorry for my curiosity, but can I ask you something?" Mariko asks

"Uh, what is it?" Rikuto looks at Mariko and asks

"Uhm...where is her mother?" Mariko seriously asks.

Rikuto looks at Mariko in surprise. He is silent and looks down

"Sorry for my question. If you don't want to answer it, you don't have to" Mariko said

"Sorry again for my sudden question. It is already late, we will excuse ourselves now" Mariko said and bows

"Uhm ok." Rikuto said

Then Mariko and Mii go back to their room


Mii wakes up. He lies on his bed and looks up to the ceiling

"Today, Mariko acted very strange." Mii thought

"Did she remember that again?" Mii closes his eyes and sighs

Then he sits up

"I should go and check on her" Mii said and stands up

When he comes to Mariko room, he sees no one there

"Where is she?" Mii thought

Then he goes around looking for her. He goes to the shore because the house is near there. He sees her sitting alone there. He comes and sits next to her

"Mii?" Mariko is surprised

"Why are you here? I thought you are sleeping by now?" Mariko asks

"I should be the one asks you that question." Mii said and looks at Mariko

Mariko looks down.  Mii uses his hands to lift her face up.

"Did you remember that past again?" Mii gently asks and Mariko nods

"Just now, I had a nightmare." Mariko said

"Acchan and everyone said that they don’t want me together with them. They said that I’m an unfortunate child" Mariko said and pauses

"You also said that and walked away from me. You don't even look back at me once" she said in tear.

Mii hugs Mariko tightly

"Don't worry Mariko. I will never leave you alone no matter what. Everyone too, they won't do that to you. You are their friend." Mii gently said and stroke Mariko's back

Mariko breaks the hug and look directly at Mii's eyes

"Really?" she asks with shaky voice

"Uh, I mean that" Mii said and smiles

"Thank you Mii" Mariko smile and kisses Mii at his cheek

"Anytime for my lovely girlfriend" Mii smiles and kisses Mariko's lips

"It is already late now. We should go back to sleep now" Mii said and stands up

"Ok" Mariko stands up

In the morning

When Mariko and Mii come to the main house, they hear someone is shouting.

"Papa, I hate you."

Then they see Aya rushes out of the house.

"Aya" Rikuto calls

He sighs. When he turns back, he sees Mii and Mariko are standing there.

"Sorry, we did not mean to see that." Mii said and bows

"It is ok." Rikuto sighs and said

"Can you tell us what happen? Maybe we can help you." Mariko asks

"I can't border you two with my problem." The man said

"You saved our life. Just see this as our thanks to you." Mariko said

"Last night, you asked about her mother right?" Rikuto said

"The truth is her parent was already dead. I'm not her real father. I just found her in a village" Rikuto said

"That year, I was still a free traveler. I go around from town to town. Then one day I came across a village. That village was under attack of bandits. I went into the village to see if there were any survivors. Almost every house in the village was burned down. Then I heard a crying sound.  I quickly ran to the place. When I got there, I saw a baby girl lied on the ground. Her face was covered with blood. Above her is a man shielded for her. I immediately picked her up. She looked pale and hungry. I went to a city nearby and bought something for her to eat. After that I took her as my daughter and came back to this Island, my home town to live" Rikuto said

"Wow. It must be very hard" Mii said

"Uh, However, I'm very happy to have her." Rikuto said and smiles

“But I got a feeling that the more she grows up, the gap between us get wider” He continues

"Yesterday, do you know why did she look like that?" Mariko asks

"I don't know. That is why this morning I tried to ask her, but it turned out this way." Rikuto said and sighs again


Rikuto goes into Aya's room. He knocks the door

"Aya, are you awake?" Rikuto asks.

Then Aya opens the door for him.

"Come to the main house. I have something to asks you" Rikuto said

Aya just stays silent and follow him. He sits on the chair and asks

"Tell papa what happened yesterday?" Rikuto said

Aya is silent and looks down.

"Did you get into a fight?" Rikuto continues.

Aya is still silent

"Tell me what happened? Why did you stay silent?" Rikuto raises his voice a little

"Yes, I fought some jerks in the town" Aya answers

"Fighting? Calling orders a jerk? Who taught you that?" Rikuto said

"Fighting is a bad thing. It is even worse since you are a girl. It is very dangerous you know." Rikuto said in calm voice

"Do you care about that? Do you care about me?" Aya said

"What are you saying? Of course I care about you. You are my daughter." Rikuto said

"I thought you only care about your business. You never actually talk to me. You always just go back home and ask me question like a prisoner." Aya shouts

"Aya" Rikuto calls

"It cannot be helped, right. Because I'm not your real daughter, I'm just a burden to you." Aya shouts

"Aya" Rikuto shouts and slaps her

Aya holds her cheek. Her tear is rolling on her cheeks

"I hate you papa" Aya shouts

Then she runs out of the room.

End flashback

"I don't know where she got that information. She is acting very weird." Rikuto said

“At first I thought that because I forgot her birthday, therefore she act like that. However, she acts weirder and weirder day by day.” Rikuto said

“She talks less and always stays in her room.” Rikuto worriedly said

“I cannot understand her anymore.” he sighs and said

"Did you know that she is bullied by the kids in town?"  Mii asks

"She did? She never tells me that she is bullied" Rikuto said

"That incident is not the matter who tells whom. It is the matter do you concern about her enough" Mariko said

"Uhm… These days I have been busy with my business. I think I should apologize to her." Rikuto said in regret tone

"So, what really happened yesterday?" Rikuto said

"Yesterday, she had a fight with the boys in town. Then they threw stones on her" Mariko said

"Those kids" Rikuto slams the table

"But why did they bully her? She is just a little harmless girl." Rikuto said

"They make fun of her about doesn't have a mother." Mariko said


"Hey, that girl, she doesn't have a mother. Her mother abandoned her since she was born”

“Shut up” Aya shouts

“I just said the truth. You are an unwanted child.” the boys laugh

“It is not truth.” Aya said

“And your father, my parent said that he is not your real father.” They laugh again

“I told you to shut up” Aya shouts and rushes to slap his face

“You little brat. What do you think you are doing?”

He rushes to her and push her. Aya falls on the ground. Then they throw stone to her.

End flashback

“Those kids, I will do something with them for hurting my daughter.” Rikuto angrily said

"I'm really wrong here. I should pay more attention to her. I thought providing her with enough money, food, and every necessary thing is enough for her." Rikuto said

"Property, food, and others are needed. However, what she need the most is your care. Therefore, she won't feel that she isn't needed. She is a burden." Mariko said

"Can you two help me to find her? I want to say sorry to her." Rikuto said and bows

"Ok, leave it to us." Mariko said

Then Rikuto, Mii, and Mariko leave the house. They run into the town to find Aya.

“Aya-chan, where are you?” Mariko calls

“Aya-chan” Mii calls

“Let’s split out. I think it is faster.” Mariko said

“Ok” Mii and Rikuto nods

Then they run to each side of the village

Mariko’s side

She runs around the town and asks a lot of people, but none of them saw Aya. Then she runs through the market. When she is about to turn to another place, she sees a little figure sit in the corner of an abandon house. Her face buried between her knees. Mariko come closer and sits next to her.

“Aya-chan, why are you sitting here?” Mariko gently said

Aya is surprised. She looks up and realizes that is Mariko

“It is none of your business” she coldly answers

“But I want to be your friend.” Mariko said

Aya widens her eyes in surprise

“Just leave me alone. You don’t have to bother yourself.” Aya said

“Stop being a stubborn girl” Mariko raises her voice

“What do you know about me? How can you say that I’m being stubborn? No one understand me, no one love me.” Aya shouts

“How about your father? He cares for you and loves you a lot. How can you not realize that?” Mariko shouts

“He is not care about me. He only cares about his business. And he is not my real father. I heard what those villagers said; I’m not his real daughter.” Aya said in tear

“Blood related or not, is it matter? The only matter here is he loves you as his own.” Mariko said

“You keep saying that no one understands you, no one loves you. Do you think that you are the only unfortunate girl in this world? There are a lot of people whose fate are more unfortunate than you.” Mii said

“I have a friend who her parent was killed in one night. She has to live by her own since she was a kid. What do you think about that?” Mii asks

Aya is silent and looks down

“And you said that he does not love you because he is not blood related with you, right” Mariko continues.

“Let me tell you this. I also like you. I have no parent. My mother died since I was born. My father died when I was four. I had an aunt; however she did not see me as her niece. She sees me as a bad luck. She hit me and threw me out of her house. Everyone in town see me as a curse thing. Those kids in the town hit me every day.” She said

Aya looks at Mariko with surprised look

“The only one that cares about me is Mii and his father. They took me in and take care of me. So do you think that blood related is important?” Mariko seriously asks

Aya looks down

“Look Aya,” Mariko turns and said to Aya

“I know sometime your father is too concern about his business. He forgot your birthday. However, I know that you understand that he love you right?” Mariko gently said and Aya nods

“You just upset about what the boys said right?” Mariko said and Aya nods

“How about go home with me and tell him your real feeling.” Mariko said and smiles

“Uh, Thank you Mariko-neechan” Aya finally smiles and said

When she runs back, she bumps into a kid.

“It is you again, orphan girl” The boy angrily said

“I’m not an orphan, I have a father. My father loves me very much.” Aya holds the boy’s collar and shouts

Then a woman appears and pushes Aya fall on the ground.

“Get your filthy hand off my son. You are a rude kid. It is truth that kid with no mother is like that.”

When she is about to hit Aya, a hand stops her.

“What are you doing to my daughter?” Rikuto angrily said and throws her hand

“Rikuto-san” The woman steps back

“What happened with having no mother? She is better than someone else having a mother but acting like an illiterate kid.” Rikuto shouts and glares at the boy

“You...” the woman angrily looks at Rikuto

“My daughter has me to teach and take care. I don’t need anyone to do that instead of me. If I see any bruise on my daughter face again, you know what will happen right?” Rikuto warns

“You know me when I was young right. I said that and I mean that.” Rikuto continues

“Come on son. Let leave those people alone.” The woman said and quickly leaves the place.

“Papa,” Aya said and jumps to hugs him

“Sorry papa, for my stubbornness.” Aya said

“It’s ok. Papa also sorry because focusing too much in work and forget your feeling.” He said and pats Aya’s head

“Come on Aya, It is already evening. I had ordered servant to cook a lot of your favorite food. Let’s go back and eat” Rikuto said and smiles

“Yes, Papa.” Aya happily said

At home

4 people are happily sitting and eating together

“Thank you Mariko and Mii.” Rikuto said

“No problem.” Mii and Mariko said and smile

“By the way” Mii said

“I found a ship that passes our house. Tomorrow we will go. Thank you Rikuto-san for your hospitality.” Mii said

“Mii-niichan, and Mariko-neechan have to go?” Aya said in disappointed tone

“Don’t be sad Aya. They also have their business to do.” Rikuto said

“We promise that we will come back here when we have time.” Mariko said and smiles

“You promise?” Aya said

“Uh.” Mii and Mariko nod

“Yay” Aya smiles

At night

Mariko sits on the shore and look at the pearl


“That kid again. Her mother died after giving birth to her. Not long after that her father also died. She is such an unfortunate girl” those people in town whisper to each other when they see Mariko passed by

“Don’t go near her. She is an unfortunate child. If you play with her, bad thing will happen to you.” a woman said to her children

Mariko looks down and walks faster through the market. Then she bumps into a little boy.

“Hey kid, be careful when you go around” his servant pushes her

“Young Master, are you ok?” the servant said

“I’m fine. You don’t need to push her like that.” Mii said and stands up

He walks closer to the little girl. He extends his hand and smiles

“Sorry for my servant rudeness. Are you ok?” Mii said

Mariko ignores him. She stands up and walks away.

“Hey, my name is Minegishi Minami, you can call me Mii. May I know your name?” Mii asks

“Young master, you shouldn’t talk to her. Didn’t you hear what people in this town said? She and you come from two different worlds.” The servant said

“I don’t care. You just go to my father place first. I will go there later.” Mii said and chases after Mariko

Mii looks around the market for Mariko. Then he hears a lot of noise. He runs to the place. When he gets there, he sees a group of boy is kicking Mariko. She is lying on the ground and shrinking herself because of hurt.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Mii shouts

He picks a stick and hits the boys. They run away. Then Mii turns to Mariko

“Are you ok?” Mii asks

Mariko just stays silent. She tries to stand up but fail

“Let me help you” Mii catches her hand and said

Mariko withdraws her hand from him

“Just leave me alone” She said with a small voice

“Didn’t you hear the people in town said? You will get bad luck if you go near me.” Mariko said

“Those are nonsense.” Mii answers

“That is truth. My mother died after giving birth to me. My father died not long after that too. My aunt said that I’m a bad luck and threw me out of her house.” Mariko said

“I don’t believe that. However, if you insist, here take this” Mii innocently said and gives Mariko a small pearl.

“What is it?” Mariko curiously asks

“A lucky charm. It will bring good luck to you” Mii said and smiles

Mariko takes the pearl and looks at it.

“Come on, let go to this place. I will introduce you to my father.” Mii said and pulls Mariko with him

When they get near the place, Mariko suddenly stops. Mii looks at her with confused look

“What happened?” Mii asks

“W...w..why did you go to my aunt house?” Mariko shakily asks

“Your aunt house? That?” Mii said and Mariko nods

“My father is a big customer of her business. So don’t worry. They cannot do anything to harm you.” Mii said and pulls Mariko with him

When they get into the house, Mariko’s aunt sees her

“You, who allow you to come back here?” She shouts

“It is me.” Mii said

“Who are you? Take them out of here” Mariko’s aunt said

“Young master, you come.” a servant said

“Mii, did you cause any trouble that makes Mrs. Shinoda shouts at you.” Kuu speaks up.

“Young master” Mariko’s aunt thought

“Ah, nothing, it is just a misunderstood. I just said to that dirty girl over there.” She said with a soft voice to Kuu

“Mii, who is she?” Kuu asks

“She is my friend.” Mii said

“Mr. Minegishi, that girl is an unlucky girl. You shouldn’t let your son near her.” Mrs. Shinoda whispers to Kuu’s ear

“Is that so? Mii, Is she an unlucky girl?” Kuu asks and Mariko looks down

“Of course not, she is just a normal kid.” Mii said

“Today we will stop our talk about business here. I will go back to my inn now. I will order my servant to tell you more about my requirement.” Kuu said then he leaves with Mii and Mariko

At the inn

“Papa, can we take her to our home. She said that her aunt abandoned her. She is homeless.” Mii said in pleading tone.

“Little girl, what is your name?” Kuu bends down and asks

Mariko hides behind Mii’s back

“My name is Shinoda Mariko.” She answers in small voice.

“Shinoda? So she is your aunt?” Kuu asks and Mariko nods

“Unexpected, huh” Kuu said

“Master, everyone in the house talked about her.” A servant said

“What did they say?” Kuu asks

Then the servant tell him everything that they heard

“I see.” Kuu said

“So, papa, can we?” Mii asks

“Mariko, will you come to our house?” Kuu asks

“Can I?” Mariko said and looks down

“Of course” Kuu smiles and said

“Thank you” Mariko finally smiles and said

“Yay, Mariko, I cannot wait to introduce you to my best friend. He has the same name as me.” Mii happily said and pulls Mariko go to the ship.

End flashback

She unconsciously smiles at the pearl

“Why are you smiling?”

A voice startles her. She turns and looks at the source.


“I just remember our first meeting” Mariko said

“That is the lucky pearl that I gave you” Mii said

“Uh, that is my important charm.” Mariko said and smiles

“Looking at Aya, it reminds me at that time. It is you and uncle Kuu helped me. I’m very lucky.” Mariko said and smiles

“Mii, I have a question.” Mariko looks at Mii and said

“Huh? What is it?” Mii said

“Why did you help me back then?” Mariko asks

“Uhm...b..because I like that little girl” Mii said and blushes

Mariko smiles and leans to kisses Mii’s lips

“Thank you Mii”


That is part 2 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Aww this was a sweet chapter

Mariko's past is so sad  :mon waterworks:

Stupid aunt that threw her away...  :mon annoy: :on voodoo:
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yoo.. marimii is so sweet
who's next? atsumina? kojiyuu? or mayuki?
update soon please ;)
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Hello everyone  :)
I'm a new writer. My Kami-Oshi is Atsuko, and the main pair of this story is Atsumina :heart:
This is the prologue of my story. I got inspired by the song "Lucky Seven"
I hope you like it.   :)
Please forgive my grammar and wording mistakes  :)

                                                                                                          Beyond The Sea
   Pirate is the term that uses to indicate people who are the thieves on the sea. They steal goods from the Mercian’s ships and other rich people ship. They steal people goods and money and kill them. They are in people mind is bad people.
      However there is a group of Pirate who only steals from pirate, fraud and corrupt nobilities. Their rules are only stealing from bad people and never kill them. They only kill pirate.
   Their ship is named “The Legend.” They are very popular. They are known as the strongest and the most fearful pirate. The prize that the kingdoms have put on their heads is a big money which people can use to buy a castle and live as a king.
        Fate has brought them together, and what destiny will they face together.
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Ah... Mariko's flashback...

Very sad but sweet childhood memory

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @key17, @Saint0angel, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is part 3 of chapter 17  XD

Part 3 Mayuki

Yuki wakes up and looks around the room. She sees a girl sitting on the chair opposite of her.

"You finally wake up." The girl said

"Where am I?" Yuki asks

"You are at my house. When I went to play at the shore, I saw you and a man were unconscious there. Therefore I brought you here." the girl said

"A man? Mayu?" Yuki thought

"Where is he right now?" Yuki ask

"He is in the room next to you." the girl said

"Can you take me to him?" Yuki asks

"Follow me." the girl said

Then they go into the room next door.


Mayu slowly opens his eyes. He sits up

“Where am I?” Mayu thought

Then he steps down from the bed

“Let’s check on outside” Mayu thought

When Mayu is about to walk to the door, the door opens

“Yuki” Mayu calls Yuki

"Mayu" Yuki rushes to Mayu and hugs him tightly
"Yuki, are you ok?” Mayu asks and hugs Yuki back

"I'm fine; she is the one who saved us" Yuki answers and points to the girl.

Mayu turn to the girl and said

"Thank you for saving us." Mayu said and bows.

"No problem." the girl answers

"By the way, my name is Ozaki Akira, nice to meet you two.” Akira said and shakes Yuki’s and Mayu’s hand

“Hello Ozaki-san, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you, too.” Yuki said

“My name is Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you, Ozaki-san” Mayu said

“It is ok, just call me Akira.” Akira said and smiles.

“What happened to you two?” Akira asks

“Our ship is attacked and exploded. We have to go to our friend’s house to meet the rest.” Yuki said

“Once again, Thank you for saving us, Akira” Yuki said and bows

“No problem, you don’t have to do that.” Akira said and smiles.

While they are talking, a knocking sound interrupted them

“Akira-sama, master Kenichi’s condition is getting bad again.” The servant said

“Ok, I will come to his room right away.” Akira answers

“What happened?” Yuki asks

“My grandpa, he has been sick for 5 month. We call a lot of different doctor, but no one knows the reason of his illness. Now his condition is getting worse and worse.” Akira said in worried tone.

“Let me try” Mayu said

“You?” Akira is surprised.

“Yes, he is a doctor. Let he checks on your grandpa. Maybe he can find something.” Yuki said

“You are a doctor. Please Mayu, please help my grandpa” Akira said in begging tone.

“I’ll try my best” Mayu said

“Let’s go, I will lead you to my grandpa’s room.” Akira hurriedly said and leads them to the room.

At the Kenichi’s room

“Akira-sama” The servants greets her

“Akira, where have you been in all the morning? We are looking for you everywhere.” a middle aged women said

“Sorry aunt Kimiko, I just went around the shore to play.” Akira answers

“Who are those two that with you Akira?” a man asks

“I saved them at the shore. Let’s Mayu checks on grandpa first. Then I will introduce them to you all.” Akira said

“Who is he? Is it ok for him to check on grandpa?” the man said with a doubt voice

“Don’t worry, Ken-nii. He is a doctor.” Akira said

“Ok, Mayu, can you check on my grandpa?” Akira turns to Mayu and said

“Ok, excuse me.” Mayu said and walks near the bed

After a while, Mayu finished checking Akira’s grandpa. Then everyone leaves the room to the main house to talk.

“How is he, Mayu?” Akira asks

“Uhm...he got a very weird sickness. It is not easy to cure. Fir…”

“You just like those useless doctors who came here before. You just want to ask for more money” Akira’s aunt cut Mayu’s word and said with a scornful voice.

“That woman is so full of herself.” Yuki angrily thought

“Aunt Kimiko” Akira calls her aunt

Then she turns and looks at Yuki and Mayu

“Sorry Yuki, Mayu.” Akira bows and said

“It is ok Akira; you don’t have to do that.” Yuki said

“You, keep all your money to yourself, we don’t need any of it. We do this because Akira saved our life.” Yuki angrily said and points to Kimiko

“One more thing, would you let me finish my words before rudely cutting order people’s words like that. After I finished, you can make as many judgement about my work as you please” Mayu said

“You….” Kimiko is very angry

“Mayu, can you continue” Akira turns to Mayu and said.

“Firstly, Akira, can you tell your servant to buy the herbs in this paper for me.” Mayu said

“Ok, leave it to me” Akira said and takes the paper

“After that I will make medicine for him.” Mayu said

“Ok, now I will introduce you two to my relative.” Akira said

“Yuki and Mayu, she is my aunt in law. Ozaki Kimiko. She is my uncle’s wife.” Akira said and points to the middle aged woman sitting at the left side of the room.

“Sitting next to her is my uncle, Ozaki Kenta. He is my father older brother.” Akira continues.

“You two are Yuki and Mayu, right. My name is Ken, I’m Akira’s cousin.” Ken said

“Nice to meet you” Yuki and Mayu shake Ken’s hand.

“Now I will excuse myself to show Mayu and Yuki around our house.” Akira said and bows

Then they leave the room

At the garden

They are walking around and talking

“Yuki, Mayu, I'm really sorry about my aunt. She is always like that, always looking down on everyone.” Akira signs

"It's ok Akira. We don't mind about that" Yuki said.

“Akira, where is your parent? I didn't see them around" Yuki asks

"My parent died one year ago. When they went on a business trip, their ship sank." Akira sadly said

"Sorry Akira." Mayu and Yuki said

"It is ok. The only person that really loves me is my grandpa. He takes care of me very good. Therefore, I want him to get well soon." Akira said

"Don't worry Akira. I will do my best” Mayu said.

"Yes, we will do our best to help you." Yuki said and smile

"Thank you Yuki, Mayu" Akira said and smiles.

Then someone is coming to their direction.

"Akira-sama, how are you doing?" a man comes and said

"Oh, hi Jiro, you are back. How is your trip?" Akira said.

"Everything is good. The business there is doing very well." Jiro said

The man looks at Yuki and Mayu with a puzzled look

"Jiro, this is Yuki, and Mayu. They are my friend." Akira introduces them.

"Mayu is also the doctor. He is treating for grandpa right now." Akira continues.

"Mayu, Yuki, this is Jiro. He is my father assistant. He works for my house for a very long time. I see him as a family member in this house" Akira said

"Hello, nice to meet you" Yuki and Mayu said and shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you, too" Jiro said.

Then a servant comes and calls Akira.

"Akira-sama, we bought the herbs that you ordered."

"Ok, I will go and make the medicine for him" Mayu said and leaves.

"Yuki, I have some business to attend. You can go to our backyard to check on our garden. I'll be right back." Akira said to Yuki

"Ok. Don’t worry, just do your business" Yuki said.

Then Akira leaves with Jiro.

Yuki is walking around the back yard near the kitchen while waiting for Mayu. Then she hears some voice near her place

"Hey, you are new here right?" a girl A asks

“Yes, I just work here last month” a girl C said

"You know a forbidden in this house?" The girl B asks

“Forbidden?” the girl C asks

"Yes." the girl A said.

At the kitchen

After making the medicine, Mayu takes the medicine and gives it to Akira's grandpa. After that they go back to their room

At night

Mayu are in Yuki's room. They are talking with each other

"Mayu,  how is grandpa's health?" Yuki asks

"Uhm....very strange" Mayu answers

"Strange?" Yuki curious

"Uh, strange. Checking his face, he definitely looks like a normal healthy person. However he seems to be in some kind of coma state." Mayu said

Yuki looks at Mayu with a puzzled look.

"Then when I checked his pulse, his pulse is not stable. It is not like some normal illness." Mayu continues

"So how are we going to help him and Akira, Mayu?" Yuki worriedly said

"I have one solution in my mind, but I have to check on him a little more to make sure." Mayu said.

"Oh ok. Let me know when you are clear." Yuki said.

"I will" Mayu said and smiles.

"Mayu" Yuki calls and leans her head on Mayu's shoulder.

"What is it, Yuki?" Mayu asks while stroking Yuki"s hair

"I wonder if Atsuko-nee and the rest are ok." Yuki said in worry tone.

"Don't worry Yuki. They will be fine. They all are famous pirate. This thing cannot cause them any harm." Mayu reassures Yuki

"Uh....I hope they all are ok." Yuki said.

"Even so I still feel a little worry for Atsuko-nee. This is the first time we are separated from each other." Yuki sadly said

"Here I have you with me. However, I don't know if she is alone or with someone else. Does she meet any danger?" Yuki continues and sobs

Mayu turns Yuki's face to looks at him. He looks straight into her eyes.

"Listen to me Yuki. Don't worry, Atsuko-nee will be fine. I'm sure about that." Mayu gently said and smiles

"We will finish here quickly, so we can back to uncle Kuu sooner, ok" Mayu continues

"Uh," Yuki finally smile

"It is already late. Yuki, I think you are already exhausted. I will go back to my room. You should sleep now." Mayu said and hugs Yuki

"Uh, Good night Mayu" Yuki said and kisses Mayu's cheek

Then Mayu leans down and kisses her lips

"Good night Yuki" Mayu said

Then he leaves the room.

At dawn

While Mayu and Yuki are still sleeping, there are a lot of noise coming from outside. They are woken up because of that. Yuki opens the door and looks around. Then she sees Mayu steps out from his room.

"Mayu, do you know what that noise is?" Yuki asks and Mayu shakes his head

"No, I don't. I also was woken up because of that noise" Mayu answers

"Let's go there and check." Mayu said to Yuki.

Then they go to the main house where the noise comes from. When they get, they see Akira's aunt is running around like crazy. Everyone surrounds her and tries to keep her calm. While she is running, she mumbles something to herself

"They are back, they are back."

Yuki and Mayu run to Akira's place

"Akira, what happened?" Yuki asks

"I don't know. When I was sleeping in my room, a servant called me. She said that my aunt is acting very. Then I came here." Akira answers

"Mom, what happened? Who are they? Mom, what are you saying?" Ken tries to hold his mother and asks.

"They are coming, they are here to revenge." She shouts and then run out of the house.

Luckily, Jiro just comes back from the front door. He catches her. Then Mayu quickly give her some sleeping poison to make her calm down. Then they bring her back to her room

"Mayu, can you check on her to see what happened to her?" Akira asks


Then Mayu comes and check her condition. While he is checking, he thought.

"That's weird, everything is ok. Her health is fine. There is nothing wrong, but why did she act like that?" Mayu thought.

Then he turns and asks Kenta

"When did your wife act like that?"

"I don't know. Last night, when we are talking together, she was still fine. A few moments ago, she suddenly wakes up and starts running around." Akira's uncle said

"Do you know what did she mumbles" Yuki asks

"I heard mom said something like 'they are coming, they are back to revenge" Ken said.

Suddenly, Kenta’s expression changes. Yuki notices that

"What happened, Mr. Ozaki?" Yuki asks

Kenta startles because of the sudden question.

“Ah,, I’m just worry about her.” he reluctantly answers

“Why did he stutter like that? There is something wrong with him.” Yuki thought

“Who are they that your aunt mentions, Akira?” Yuki asks

Akira just shrugs in reply. Then she looks at Ken. Ken also just shakes his head to show that he also doesn’t know.

"Uhm, firstly, I will make some medicine to make her mental stable." Mayu said

"Please help my mom" Aiko said and bows

"You don't have to do that. I'm a doctor. I'll do my best to help my patients." Mayu said

"Then I'll leave now to make medicine for her and your grandpa." Mayu said

"Let's go Yuki." Mayu calls Yuki, and they leave the room.

Yuki is walking around the yard and thinking

“This house is full of weird stuff. Yesterday, those girls mention about something very suspicious. What really happened after all?”


“Watch out, Yuki.”

Mayu shouts and rushes to Yuki. He pushes Yuki aside. There is a flower pot that falls directly at her head.

“Yuki are you ok?” Mayu quickly asks

“I’m fine, Mayu” Yuki answers while sitting up

Then she gasps when she sees Mayu’s head is bleeding.

“Mayu, your head is bleeding.” Yuki panicky said while wiping the blood

“I’m fine, Yuki. Don’t worry, it is just a scratch.” Mayu smiles and said

Akira and everyone in the house heard some noise. They quickly runs out and asks

“What happened, Mayu, Yuki?” Akira asks

“A flower pot fell from there.” Mayu said point to the room at the top of the house.

Everyone gasps and steps back.

“Are you sure that flower pot fell from there?” Ken asks.

“Uh, when I’m about to call Yuki that I finished the medicine, I saw the pot was falling directly at her.” Mayu said

“What is with their reaction? It gets weirder every second.” Yuki thought.

“Whose room is that, Akira?” Yuki asks

“Ah, uhm… my second uncle, Ozaki Kenshin. He committed suicide 8 month ago.” Akira said

“From that day until now, no one goes into his room. It is strange that there is a pot fell from there.” Akira continues.

“Uhm.. maybe I’m wrong.” Mayu said

“Ok, everything is fine now. I have to bring medicine to Mr. Ozaki. Ken-san, can you bring this to your mother’s room?” Mayu said

“Ok, give it to me.” Aiko said

At night

Mayu is talking with Yuki in her room.

“Mayu, are you ok?” Yuki worriedly asks while touching his head

“I’m ok, Yuki” Mayu said and holding Yuki’s hand

“Don’t worry ok” he continues and kisses her forehead

“Uh” Yuki responses

"Mayu, do you feel something weird about this house?" Yuki asks while leaning on his shoulder

"Uh, a lot." Mayu said

"I still don't know why Akira's aunt is acting like that." Mayu said

"Mayu, do you know yesterday what did I hear when I was waiting for you?" Yuki quickly asks

"What is it, Yuki?" Mayu curious asks

"I heard the conversation between the servants in this house about Akira's parent and her second uncle." Yuki said


"The forbidden?" A girl C asks

"Yes" the girl A answers

"The room at the top of the house, everyone is forbidden to go in there" the girl B said

“What is that room?” The girl B asks

"8 month ago, the second son of master Kenichi committed suicide there. He jumps from there” the girl A said and uses a creepy voice to express.

"Wow, so creepy. Why did he do that?" the girl B asks.

“No one knew the reason. I heard some old maid said that his dead maybe related to Akira-sama’s parent’s dead.” The girl C said

End flashback

“Akira’s parent? They died 1 year ago, and Kenshin died 4 months later” Mayu said

“Uh, that is the reason I said that this house is weird.” Yuki said

“Then what did they say next.” Mayu curiously asks


“Isn’t that Akira-sama’s parent are dead 1 year ago? Why did it related to master Kenshin” The girl B asks in wonder tone.

“Uh, one year ago, on their way to the neighbor island, their ship was trapped in a big storm and sunk.” The girl A said

"However, rumor around this house said that they were killed. There was no big storm on that day" the girl C said in serious tone.

“They also said that because they were dead so sudden. Their soul is wandering around and cursing this house.” The girl A adds with a creepy tone

“That sound is so scary. Is that story is true?” The girl B asks in shaky voice

“Don't know. It is only a rumor.” The girl A said and shrugs

“However…” The girl B raises her voice a little

The other two girl look at her with a curious look

“3 month after the sinking accident, master Kenshin got a weird sickness all of sudden. No one knew the cause. He ran around the house and said a lot of weird thing” The girl B said

End flashback

“Running around and saying weird thing? It is just like aunt of Akira.” Mayu said

“Uh, at first, I thought they are just a group of free girls like to gossip. However, this morning, I saw Akira’s aunt. I start to believe some part of their story.” Yuki looks at Mayu and said

“Then what happened to Kenshin next” Mayu asks

“After he gone crazy, Akira’s grandpa ordered to lock him at that room and appointed some servants to guard him” Yuki said

“Actually, he died in his second attempt to commit suicide.” Yuki continues

“His second?” Mayu surprised asks 

"Yes. In the first time, Kenta was able to stop him." Yuki said

"However, they said that when Kenta was pulling him back, he kept saying 'Kenji called me. Kenji called me. They want me to go with them'." Yuki continues

"It just like he saw illusion about Akira's parent." Yuki said in wonder tone

"Wait, Yuki, what did you said?" Mayu quickly turns to look at Yuki and asks

"I said illusion about Akira's Parent." Yuki said in confused.

"That's it. Why didn't I think about it" Mayu thought.

“But who did that? This is a rare type. Not that anyone will know about that.” Mayu kept thinking.

“Mayu, why are you spacing out?” Yuki shake Mayu and asks.

“Ah, sorry Yuki, you word just gave me a big hint.” Mayu said and hugs Yuki

“I’m glad. What is it, Mayu?” Yuki hugs him back and asks

“That is…”

In the evening

In the room at the top of the house

“Kenji, what are you doing here?” Kimiko said

“Kenji, where are you leading me?” she asks

“Why did you want me to take this knife with me?” she continues walking into the room

Suddenly she puts the knife at her throat and cut it. Her blood is puffing all over her clothes. Then she falls on the floor, and dies immediately.

Then someone steps in the room.

“That is what you deserve.” It said

“Jiro, why did you do that?” a voice comes from the door surprised him.

“Akira-sama” Jiro is surprised and said

“So the culprit is you” Akira sadly said

Jiro just stays silent and looks down.

“Just take him out already. It is such a despicable servant.” Kimiko slowly stands up and said

“You aren’t dead yet?” Jiro is surprised.

“Mayu and Yuki knew that you use a special kind of bee to poison her. That poison makes her see illusion.” Akira said

“This morning, they gave the antidote for aunt Kimiko already.” Akira continues

“How did you know that I did that?” Jiro turns to Mayu and Yuki and asks

“Akira told us that you like to research about medicine and all kind of herbs and strange bugs and insects. Therefore, I guessed that you knew about those bees.” Mayu answers.

“I see” Jiro said and sits down on the chair

“Yes, I poisoned her with that bee poison.” Jiro said

“You also are the one that poison Kenshin right?” Yuki asks and Jiro nods

“Jiro, why did you do that?” Akira asks

“You don’t have to ask an unfaithful servant.” Kimiko speaks up

“Someone, bring him to the authority for them to punish him.” Kimiko calls the servant

“Wait. I knew him when I was a kid. I know that he will never harm our family. Please Jiro, tell me why did you do that?” Akira said in tear.

“I think the reason he did that is related to the dead of your parent.” Yuki said

“Am I correct, Mr. and Mrs Ozaki?” Yuki continues

Hearing that, the two step back a few step.

“By the way, the one that threw the pot on Yuki is you, Mr. Kenta, right?” Mayu said

“I..I..d..don’t know what you are talking about.” Kimiko stutters

“Why did I have to kill that girl? She and I are stranger” Kenta said

“You tried to scare us out of here because you afraid that Mayu will find a way to cure Mr. Kenichi” Yuki said

“…” The two step back and stay silent

“Miss Yuki is correct. I did that to take revenge for Master Kenji and his wife.” Jiro speaks up

“Take revenge for my parent? Why? Isn’t they died because of storm.” Akira asks and holds Jiro’s shoulder

“They lied to you, Akira-sama. The storm on the day wasn’t strong enough to make master’s ship sank. They are the one that make master’s ship sunk.” Jiro said

“Don’t calumniate us so that you can be free.” Kenta shouts

“I’m not. 3 month after master Kenji died, I overheard Kenshin confession at Master’s grave at night. He said that he killed Master because Master Kenji knew that he fraud to take money to play gamble.” Jiro said

“Uncle kenshin did that.” Akira is shocked

“You know that the poison of the bee is very special. It can manipulate human’s mind. It makes them see what they fear the most. That is why I poisoned him by that. As I expected, he saw Master Kenji and jumped off from this room.” Jiro said

“If only uncle Kenshin did that, why did you want to kill my mom?” Ken asks

“Your parent is not so innocent in that incident. They are the one that planned everything.” Jiro said

“What are you saying? Stop blaming us. Take him out now.” Kenta shouts

“Stop, let him talk.” a voice comes from outside the room.

“Grandpa! You are awake” Akira happily said

“How can you? Last night…” Kenta words is stopped by Kimiko

“You don’t have to hide. I knew that it is you who puts this chronic poison in Akira’s grandpa.” Yuki said

“What are you talking about? What poison? Stop saying nonsense.” Kimoko said

“Actually, I knew that Mr Kenichi is poisoned when I let he drank my first medicine. I researched about that poison before, so I knew its symptom and treatment. On the first day, I just let him drank a small part of the antidote. His state is better, but the next day, it back to the state of the first day. I heard a servant said that she saw Mr. Kenta went into Mr. Kenichi’s room that night.” Mayu said

“That is why we plan everything on this day so that all the true will be reveal here.” Yuki said

“Uncle, aunt, why did you kill my parent? And why did you poison grandpa?” Akira said in tear

“We did not kill your parent. Don’t let him deceive you.” Kenta said

“Then do you remember this letter?” Jiro takes out a letter

Kenta tries to take it, but Jiro pulls back and gives it to Akira.

“In two day, they will have a business trip. Make a hole in the ship so that they can never come back again.------- Kenta.”

Akira reads out loud the letter.

“You, why did you do that? Kenji is your little brother.” Kenichi said and slaps Kenta

“You asked me why. It is because of you. You only love him. I’m the oldest son, but instead of giving the business to me, you gave it to Kenji.” Kenta shouts

“Because you are useless, you only listen to your wife. You never do anything good. How can I trust you and give you everything? *cough*” Kenichi said

“Grandpa, calm down. You just woke up.” Akira said and helps him to sit down.

“Then why did you poison grandpa?” Akira said

“Because he is too old and stupid, Kenta is here, also my son. He is his only grandson. However, he plans on giving everything to a girl of a youngest son. Therefore, if he died, everything will belong to my son and his family” Kimiko said

“Mother, why did you do that? My wife and I don’t want grandpa’s business or property. Grandpa asked me before, but I denied his offer. I can create my own by my own hand.” Ken said

“You and father are so selfish. You two only think of yourself” Ken said in disappointed tone.

“I think the one that need to be punish is you two not Jiro.” Kenichi said

Then he turns to his servants and order

“Take those heartless out of my eyes. I don’t want to see them anymore.”

“Yes sir.” The servant said

After everything is settled, they come back to the main house.

“Thank you Yuki and Mayu for saving my life” Kenichi said

“It is ok Mr. Kenichi. Akira saved us. That is our way to repay her kindness” Yuki said.

“You two don’t have to say that. Your help is greater than mine.” Akira said and bows

“Akira, actually I have a favor to ask you” Yuki said

“What is it Yuki?” Akira asks

“Do you know where I can find a ship? I want to go back to my friend’s house.” Yuki said

“Oh, about that, my servant will take you two to your home with our ship” Kenichi said

When Yuki and Mayu is about to say something

“And don’t think about deny my offer. I insist about that” Kenichi said and smiles

“Ok, thank you Mr. Kenichi, Akira." Mayu and Yuki said and bow

Then Akira leads them to the bay where her family’s ships park.

“Bye Yuki, Mayu, take care. Hope to see you two soon.” Akira said

“When we finish our business, we will visit you again.” Yuki said and smile.

Then their ship departs to the Kuu’s house.


Here is part 3 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Here is part 4 of chapter 17  :)

Part 4 Kojiyuu

At a pirate ship

In the storeroom

Yuu's POV

Here I'm, being locked up after escaped from the death god. Now I'm about to meet him again. However, I cannot give up. I have to save Nyan Nyan from that ugly and stupid pirate. He wants to take her as his wife. It is unforgivable. I have to find a way to get out of here. *sigh* what is an unfortunate day

End Yuu’s POV


After jumped out of the ship, Yuu and Haruna hold on a wooden plank. They are floating on the sea for half day. Then they see a ship come to their direction.

"Hey, help us. Someone, help us" Yuu tries to raise his voice louder to take the attention from people on the ship. Finally the ship turns to them

"Nyan Nyan, they finally notice us" Yuu happily said

"Yes, lucky for us" Haruna said.

However when the ship get nearer, they notice something.

"That flag. A pirate ship" Yuu shouts

"I hope they will not do anything bad for us" Haruna said in worry tone.

The ship stop and someone come to them in the small boat to take them in. When they got to the ship, the pirates immediately surround them.

"Let's see who is begging our help" A man with a messy beard said

"So that ugly guy is the captain" Yuu thought

"Thank you captain for saving our life, we don't know how to repay your kindness." Yuu tries to please them while shielding Haruna behind him

"That girl behind you, she is so beautiful." the captain said

"What does that guy want?" Yuu furrowed his brows and thought

"Give the girl to me. That is your best way to repay me" the captain said.

“That jerk, no way I want to give her to you. However, he has a lot of people. I cannot fight all of them and protect Haruna at the same time. Let’s see what his intention is first.” Yuu thought.

"What do you want from her?” Yuu asks

“Since she is very beautiful, I want to take her as my wife.” the captain said and laughs out loud together with his underlings.

“He what? He wants to marry my Nyan Nyan. Not in million years. I have to find a way to get us out of this situation.” Yuu said

Then he turns to whisper in Haruna’s ear

"Nyan Nyan, can you hold him for one day. I will trick all of them and take us out of this situation."

Haruna nods slightly.

"I accept your offer" Haruna said

"But, Nyan Nyan... you are my girlfriend. Why?" Yuu hurtfully said

"You are just a small thief. How can you protect me while the captain of this ship is a strong and reliable man." Haruna said and walk away from Yuu.

"Young girl, you are a smart girl." the captain said and laughs.

When he is about to hugs her shoulder, Haruna bends downs to dodge his hand.

"But I have some condition before becoming your wife." Haruna said

"What do you want? Just say it, I will do it for you." the captain said

"Because I was born in a wealthy and traditional family, I want my wedding has to be very formal." Haruna said

"Why is it so important?" the captain complains

"Wedding is the most important thing to me. If you don't accept that, I would rather die than becoming your wife." Haruna said and turns away.

"Ok, just do as you please." the boss gives up and said.

Haruna smiles in her thought.

"Good job Nyan Nyan." Yuu thought

"I want our wedding will be held in two day from now" Haruna said.

"Ok, as you wish." the boss said.

"Until the wedding, you are forbidden to go near me or to my room" Haruna said

"What? Why?" the boss said

"That is traditional in my hometown." Haruna said

"Fine" the boss is pissed of

"Those are my first conditions. The rest I will tell you later." Haruna said

"What? You have more?" the boss said.

"You don't want. Then forget about me being your wife." Haruna said

"Ok, ok I will listen to you." the boss said

"Captain, don't forget our promise" Haruna said in soft tone and winks at him.

"Ok, everything is settle" the boss said.

Then he turns to his men.

"Take my wife to be into her room. Then take that guy into the storeroom and lock him there" the boss said

"Wait what. Why did you lock him up?" Haruna asks in surprise.

"Just now, didn't you said that you don't care about him, so why did you worry when I lock him up?" the boss frowning and asks

"Even so, he is my friend. Of course, I'm worry about him. Can you just set him free?" Haruna pleads

"I'm not stupid. If I let him go around freely, you and he will escape from here right." the boss said and smirks.

Haruna looks at Yuu with worried eyes. Yuu smiles reassure her.

End flashback

“It is already night, those stupids definitely asleep by now.” Yuu thought

“I should make my move right now.” Yuu stands up and walks slowly to the door

Yuu looks around the place and notices that the 2 men that guard him are sleeping. He slowly picks the lock of the door. After success, he stealthily walks behind the 2 men on the table.  Yuu hits one of the men behind his neck. Doesn't let the other man react, Yuu uses his hands to hit the other man hard on his temples. Then he locks them up in the jail. After that he sneaks out of the room. He sneaks around the place to find Haruna. Then he notices a room with two guards stand in front of it.

“Wow, that pirate is not as stupid as I thought.” Yuu thought.

“Uhm….How can I distract them?” Yuu strokes his chin and thought.

Then some ideas pop in his head. He goes back to the storeroom and unlocks it. He comes in and wakes up one of the men. When the man wakes up, Yuu puts a dagger on his neck

“Shut up or I will kill you” Yuu said

The man quickly nods

“Stand up and listen to my instruction.” Yuu orders

He nod and stands up.

Before he goes out, he checks the other man once again.

Then he leads the men to Haruna’s room. He stands behind the man and puts the dagger behind the man’s back

“Stay calm and walk slowly to them. If you do any suspicious move, this knife will go inside you” Yuu coldly said.

The man only just nods.

Then the man slowly walks to them while Yuu is hiding behind him. Thanks to the night, the view of the guards is limited. Therefore, Yuu successfully approaches them.

"Hey man, didn't you guard that man. Why did you come here?" the man said.

"Just answer as normal. Don't do any funny thing." Yuu whispers and puts the dagger nearer.

"He is locked and sleep like a dead person. Therefore I come here to take some fresh air. Plus there is other guy guard him down there" The man said while trying to calm down.

“Asks them, how does the girl doing?” Yuu said

The man nods and said as you said

“How does the girl doing?”

“She did not do anything. Our boss is inside with her.” The man said

“What? He is inside. I need to act quickly.” Yuu thought

When the man is getting between the guards, Yuu quickly hits the man behind his neck. At the same time he turns around and raises his leg to kick the guard opposite him on his jaw making the man lost conscious. Then he uses his elbow to hit the man on his right side at his throat.
Suddenly, he hears Haruna’s voice

“What are you doing?”

Quickly he kicks the door and runs to the room

“You filthy pirate, what are you doing to my Nyan Nyan.” Yuu shouts

“Yuuchan?” Haruna calls him

Then he realizes the situation. He sees a teenager boy kneeling on the floor opposite with Harura

“What is it?” He said in confuse

“Where is that ugly man?” Yuu asks

“And who is that kid?” Yuu continues.

“I’m that pirate. That is my disguise.” The boy said

“What?” Yuu said

“What happened here, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu is totally confused

“Calm down Yuuchan, Sit down and I will tell you.” Haruna said


Haruna is sitting in her room

“What should I do now? I hope Yuu’s plan work” Haruna thought

Suddenly the door opens. The captain comes in

“What are you doing here? I said that you are forbidden to come to my room.” Haruna stands up and said.

“....” The captain keeps silent

Then he slowly walks toward Haruna. Haruna steps back. The captain takes her hand and pulls her closer. Haruna uses her other hand to attack his eyes, but he catches it. Then she raises her foot to step on his foot making him to step back and loose his grip. Taking the chance, she uses her head to hit his forehead. The captain steps back and falls on the ground. Quickly, Haruna takes the man’s hand and twists it behind his back and strongly press him on the floor.

“Thank you Acchan for this martial art lesson.” Haruna sighs in relief and said.

“Acchan?” The captain thought

“Wait.” he said

“Shut up, I told you before right. Don’t mess with me.” Haruna said and presses him down more.

“You are Kojima Haruna, right? You are Nyan nee-chan, right?” The captain said

“Who are you? Why did you know my name and call me that way?” Haruna said

“Do you remember the 12 years old boy in “Dew Island”?” The man said

“Kazuki? What about him?” Haruna said

“It is me, Nyan nee-chan.” The man said

“Don’t lie; if you are him, you are only 18 Years old now. Do you think I’m stupid?” Haruna said

“I don’t know how did you know him but don’t deceive me that way.” Haruna continues

“Nyan nee-chan, It is me. I’m Kazuki. This is just my disguise.” The man said

Then Haruna uses her hand to pull out his wig. Haruna takes out her small knife and place it on the man’s neck

“Now, stand up and turn around. Don’t do any stupid thing or I will cut your throat right away.” Haruna coldly said

Then the man slowly stands up and turns around. He uses his hand to take out his mustard and erases all his disguises.

“It is really you, Kazuki.” Haruna frowns as she tries to remember him.

“Yes, this is me. Many years ago, you and Acchan nee-chan saved me from a group of bandit.” The boy said.

Then Haruna put back her knife.

“Then, Kazuki, tell me, what are you doing?” she asks and crosses her hand

Suddenly Kazuki kneel down before her

“What are you doing?” Haruna said in surprise.

End flashback

“So that is what happened?” Yuu said and sits down

“Uh” Haruna said

“Then kid, if you knew Haruna, why did you act like that and locked me up in the first place?” Yuu glares at Kazuki

“At first, I just felt that her face is very familiar to Nyan nee-chan. Therefore I did that.” Kazuki said

“Why did you come here and act like that?” Haruna asks

“Tonight, I went here to check if you are really Nyan nee-chan. I just want to take a closer look at you. When I heard you said ‘Acchan,’ I knew it is really you. Sorry, Nyan nee-chan” Kazuki looks down and said.

“It is ok” Haruna said

“Then, why did you lock me up” Yuu said

“Because I don’t know who you are.” Kazuki said with an ease attitude.

“But I’m with Nyan Nyan.” Yuu reasons

“That doesn’t matter. I just want to lock you up.” Kazuki said and smirks.

“You, little brat” Yuu said and smacks Kazuki’s head.

“Ouch, why did you hit me?” Kazuki said and caresses his head.

“Nyan nee-chan” Kazuki pouts

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls

“Nyan Nyan why did you siding him?” Yuu runs to Haruna and pouts

“It is really ashamed. Famous thief the Squirrel was tricked by a little brat.” Yuu said and sighs

“You are that famous thief” the boy stands up and said

“Uh” Yuu nods

“That’s cool.” Kazuki happily said

"You are really happy because you can meet a famous thief in person, right?" Yuu said with a proud face

"No, I'm happy because I successfully tricked a famous thief" Kazuki smirks

Yuu smacks his head again. Kazuki glares at Yuu while caressing his head.

“By the way, Kazuki, why did you become a pirate? And why did you kneel before me?" Haruna said

"That remind me, please Nyan nee-chan, can you help me?

“What happened?” Haruna asks

“My father is missing” Kazuki said

“1 month ago, our village was attacked by a group of pirate. They captured the girls in my village. My father led a group of men to their place to save the girls. After 1 month he and the rest still aren’t back yet. Therefore, I’m on my way with some of the villagers to go and find him.” Kazuki continues.

“Those are villagers?” Yuu asks

“Uh” Kazuki answers

“To evade the pirate’s attention, we disguise like one of them to go there.” He continues

“No wonder, they are easy to take down.” Yuu said

“Please Nyan nee-chan, can you help me find my father?” He said in begging tone.

“Do you know where those pirates are?” Yuu asks

“I heard my father said that their location is in “Sin Island”.” Kazuki said.

"Sin Island" Haruna and Yuu look at each other with surprised.

“You two knew about that place?” Kazuki asks

“Uh, we went there once.” Yuu answers.

“Please, can you two help me” Kazuki bows

“Uh, we will help you.” Yuu said

“Thank you Nyan nee-chan, Yuu.” Kazuki happily said

“No problem, Kazuki” Haruna said

“Do you know anything about those pirates?” Yuu asks

“I heard they called themselves the “Demon.” Kazuki said

“Demon” Yuu frowning

“What’s wrong, Yuu?” Haruna asks

“I have some unfinished business with the boss. He is a traitor. He killed my best friend” Yuu said in angry tone

“You know about him” Kazuki asks

“Not only know. We used to be best friend, brother.” Yuu said

“He is a heartless man. He kills people without any mercy even his own little brother.” Yuu said and hold his fist tight.

“In the past, I nearly got killed by him.” Yuu said

“He is that strong?” Haruna asks and Yuu nods

“Then what are you going to do now, Kazuki?” Haruna asks

“I’m not afraid. I will go there to save my father and the rest for sure.” Kazuki said with serious eyes

“You really grow up huh? You are not the weak little boy that Acchan and I saved from those bandits.” Haruna said

“Yes, I have to. My father is the head of the village. Now he is missing, so I have to be responsible to my village. I have to follow my father footstep. He is the greatest dad, and I see him as my grow model. I want to be like him and protect everything dear to me.” Kazuki said

“I really miss my father and the rest. I hope he is ok. He is my only family.” He looks down.

Yuu looks at the boys and smiles. He walks toward him

“Its ok boy, we will definitely save them.” Yuu said and pats Kazuki’s head.

“Somehow I really admire you and your father” Yuu thought

“Thank you Yuu” Kazuki said.

“By the way, where is Acchan nee-chan? And Why did you two float in the sea?” he asks

“Our ship was under attacked and exploded. We were able to jump out of the ship before it exploded. However because of the big storm, we were separated from Acchan and the rest.” Haruna said

“We still don’t know if they are ok. After helping you, I will go back to my friend’s house to meet them. Hopefully they are ok” Yuu said.

“Who can be that strong to attack you guys “The Legend”?” Kazuki said in surprise

“Uh, this time we pick on a very big enemy.” Yuu said

“Oh, I see. I hope Acchan nee-chan and the rest ok.” Kazuki said

“Uh” Yuu and Haruna nod

“It is already very late. I will leave you two to rest. Tomorrow, I will introduce you two again for the rest.” Kazuki said

“Ok.” Yuu and Haruna said

Then Kazuki leaves the room.

Inside the room

Kazuki left the room, and Yuu still deeps in his thought.

“Yuu-chan, are you ok?” Haruna holds Yuu’s hand and worriedly asks

“I’m fine, Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and smiles

“Why did you ask?” Yuu asks

“You look like you have a lot of thought about that pirate” Haruna said

“Uh, I really hate him. When I think about him, I really want to kill him right away.” Yuu furiously said

“Can you tell me what happened?” Haruna gently asks

“Uh, you know the fact that I escaped from Aki-sense’s ship with Acchan right?” Yuu said

“Uh” Haruna nods

“After saying goodbye to them, I travel around the island. Then I was captured by a mine owner” Yuu said


“I’m so bore. Acchan and Yuki wanted to go on their own way. What am I going to do now?” Yuu walks around and though.

Suddenly someone stands behind him and hits his necks. Yuu falls and lost conscious. When he wakes up, he realizes that he is in some kind of room. He sits up and looks around

“Where am I” Yuu thought

“You are awake” a voice makes Yuu startle

He turns and looks at the source of the sound. He sees in the corner of the room, there are two kids.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Yuu stands up and asks

“My name is Kuno Minoru, and this is my little brother Kuno Minato.” the older kid said

“You are just like us was captured by the mine owner. He wants to find free labor. Therefore he captures all the homeless kids.” Minoru said

“By the way, what is your name?” Minoru continues

“My name is Oshima Yuu.” Yuu answers shortly

End Flashback

“That is how I met them.” Yuu said

“Together, we escape that man and live as a group of thief. Every day, we will find information about those rich and greedy. Then we will rob them.” Yuu said

“That time, I thought that we will become good friend and brother for life. However, 8 years later, one day, I overheard Minoru were talking with someone.” Yuu said

“I heard they called him captain. After hearing all the conversation, I realized that he is a pirate. He used me and Minato to take money for him to build his troop and ship.” Yuu angrily said

“What happened next, Yuu?” Haruna asks

“I rush into the room to confront with him. Then we start a big fight. Minato tried to stop Minoru. To my and his surprised, Minoru heartlessly killed him before my eyes. Before Minato died, he helped me to escape the place. I swore that I will kill him to revenge no matter what.” Yuu said and holds his fists tight

“This is my chance to take revenge. I will definitely kill him this time” Yuu continues

Haruna comes and hugs Yuu

“Please Yuu, please calm down. Don’t do reckless thing. I don’t want anything bad happen to you.” Haruna said

“Nyan Nyan, don’t worry. I will not do anything reckless. Now I have someone to take care and love. I will not let me in any dangerous situation and leave you alone.” Yuu reassures with Haruna

“Now, it is already late. Nyan Nyan you should rest now.” Yuu said and Haruna nods

Next morning

Kazuki leads Haruna and Yuu to the deck to introduce them to the villagers on the ship

“Everyone, They are my friend. The incident yesterday is just a misunderstanding. They promise that they will help us” Kazuki said

“Nice to meet you all” Haruna and Yuu said and bow

“Nice to meet you” the group said

“Our ship will reach the island in this evening, so everyone, prepare to attack them tomorrow” Kazuki said.

“Ok” Everyone said

At the meeting room

“Minoru is a smart man. We cannot attack him in normal way” Yuu said

“So, what are we going to do?” Kazuki asks

“Do you know where his hideout is, Kazuki?” Yuu asks

“I heard that his hideout is located in a deserted valley in the west part of the island” Kazuki said

“I see. Tonight, I will go there and investigate that place.” Yuu said

“I will go with you” Haruna said

“No, it is too dangerous.” Yuu said

“But…” Haruna said

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan, I will be fine.” Yuu said and smiles

“Yuu, can I go with you.” Kazuki said

“Uhm… ok.” Yuu nods

At night

Yuu and Kazuki sneak into the valley. They hide behind the big rock to observe the place.

“Their hideout is in that cave?” Yuu whispers

“Uh, There are a lot of guards outside the place” Kazuki said

Then they slowly sneak closer to the cave

“There are a lot of them inside too.” Yuu whispers

Then Yuu wait for a good chance to capture one of the guards. He hits him at his neck and brings the man back to the ship. Then they go back to the ship.

In the morning

They bring the man to the meeting room and ask him

"Where is the place that your boss keeps all the girls and the villagers?" Yuu said

The man keeps silent

"Where are they?" Kazuki holds his collar and asks

He still keeps silent

"Are you testing my patience?" Yuu bends down face to face with the man and asks

The man still stays silent

"Tell me now or die" Yuu holds the man by his collar and puts the knife on his neck.

The man struggle but still doesn't say anything

"Ah...ah...ah" is the only thing he is able to said

Yuu is suspicious. He opens the man mouth and checks

"His tongue was cut" Yuu shouts in surprise.

"What?" Haruna and Kazuki shout

Haruna sits in front of the man and asks

"Can you write?"

The man nods

"Can you tell me what happened to you?" Haruna asks

The man takes the paper and pen that Kazuki gives. Then he writes on it

"I'm just a traveler. I go around the sea with my friend. Then one day, Minoru attacked our ship. He captured me and some of my friend and cut our tongue so that we cannot commute with each other. Then he assigns us to guard the case." Kazuki reads out loud

"That is so cruel" Haruna said

"May I know your name?" Haruna asks

"My name is Jiro" Kazuki reads out loud

"Jiro-san, we want to attack Minoru. Can you and your friends help us?" Yuu said

The man nods

"Thank you Jiro-san" Yuu, Haruna, and Kazuki said and bows

"I also want to thank you guys for saving me" Jiro wrote and bows

"Can you go and convince to your friends and the victims that he did the same thing as you guys to help us?" Yuu asks and Jiro nods

"I have another question. Do you know where did he keep all the girls and victims that he captured?" Kazuki asks

"They were locked in a room at the end of the cave." he wrote

"Ok, tonight we will attack them" Yuu said.

After knowing where they lock the girls and Kazuki’s father, they start the plan

At midnight

Yuu and Kazuki come to the place. They arrange all the man to hide behind the big rocks around the cave. After everything is set, Yuu gives a sign for Jiro to go in. Kazuki disguises as one of them to protect Jiro. He and Jiro silently go around convincing Jiro’s friend and other victims. Outside Yuu and the rest are waiting for their sign.

After a while

Kazuki sneaks out and signal for Yuu to silently attack. More than half of the guards are his prisoners and they are received the same treatment as Jiro. Yuu comes out of the hide place and orders the rest to follow his introduction

Taking the opportunity of the night, Yuu successfully disable all the guards outside of the cave

“Kazuki, you go with the rest to find them. I will go and find Minoru” Yuu said

“Uh, be careful Yuu. Remember what you promised to Nyan nee-chan before go there. I don’t want to see her cries.” Kazuki said

“Don’t worry boy. Did you forget who am I” Yuu said and smirks

“Yuu” Kazuki calls him

Yuu turns around and asks

“What is it?”

“What I said last night was a lie. You are also one of my grow model after my dad. You helped a lot of poor people. I really admire you.” Kazuki said

Yuu smiles at him

“One last thing, thank you for helping me” Kazuki said and bows

“You’re welcome kazuki” Yuu said and smile

Then they run into the cave. Yuu takes the left side of the cave and goes straight to the boss room

At Yuu’s side

He stealthily takes every step. He checks around to see if there is any guard left. Suddenly a man passed by. Quickly he hides in the corner and waits. When the man steps near him, Yuu uses his hand to cover the man mouth and break his neck. Then he keeps walking. Finally he reaches the room. He stands there and knocks the door

“What is it?” a man voices from inside the room

“I have some urgent business to report to you” Yuu said

“Come in” he said

When Yuu opens the door, the man stands up in surprise

“Who are you? I did not see you before” The man said

“Captain, did you forget about me? Didn’t you see my face familiar?” Yuu ask

“Uhm … a little” The captain said in wonder tone

“So, you really forget about me, Minoru” Yuu said in cod tone

Minoru is taken back by Yuu’s words

“Did you forget the day you killed your own brother, Minato?” Yuu asks

“ are Yuu” Minoru stutters

“Yes, I’m” Yuu said

“How can you come here? Guards, guards” Minoru shouts

“No use, I killed all of them. I also save people who you captured and cruelty cut their tongue.” Yuu said

“How can you?” Minoru shouts

“Now, I will take my revenge for me and Minato.” Yuu said and rushes Minoru

“Don’t underestimate me. Remember, you were the loser that day.” Minoru said and takes out his sword

Minoru raises his sword to attack you from above. Yuu raises his daggers to block it. Then Yuu kicks his legs. Minoru jumps back to dodge the attack. Then he swings his sword to attack Yuu from his left side. Yuu bends down to dodge the sword. Then he catches Minoru’s hand and throws him to the wall. Minoru fold his feet to contact with the wall. Then he jumps toward Yuu and injured his left arms.

“What do you think? It is time for you to beg for my mercy” Minoru smirks

“Don’t be too full of yourself. This is just a beginning.” Yuu said

Then they rush to each other once again. Minoru pierces his sword toward Yuu. Yuu jumps over him to dodge the sword. Then Yuu slashes his back make Minoru to fall on the round.

“That is for Minato.” Yuu said

Then Yuu kicks Minoru’s face. Before Minoru can balance himself, Yuu throws his dagger toward him. The dagger flies and shoves into his heart. Minoru fall down and die right away. Then he leaves the room. On his way out, he sees Kazuki and the rest

“Did you find your father? Did you save all your villagers?” Yuu asks Kazuki

“Yes, I found them all. This is my father.” Kazuki happily said and introduces his father to Yuu

“Thank you for saving us, Yuu” Kazuki said and bows.

“No problem. Now, let’s go back to the ship before Nyan Nyan starts worrying about us.” Yuu said and they return to the ship

At the ship

“Yuu-chan, you are back.” Haruna happily said

“Your arm? Are you ok?” Haruna worriedly said

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan that is just a scratch” Yuu said and smiles

“Kojima-san and Oshima-san, Thank you for saving our village. I don’t know how to repay you two” Kazuki’s father said and bows

“It’s ok; you don’t have to do that. Kazuki also saved our life. Just see this is our thank for him” Yuu said

“Son, I’m very proud of you. You are able to come here and manage the village very good.” Kazuki’s father turns to Kazuki, said and pats his head

“Thank you father, but I still have a lot to learn from you.” Kazuki said

“I think you and the rest should go to rest. You all should be very exhausted.” Kazuki said

Then they leave to their room

All the time Yuu just stands there and silent

“Yuuchan, will you stay in the deck with me?” Haruna said

Yuu is surprised

“Uhm...ok” Yuu said

“Why did you want to stay here Nyan Nyan?” Yuu asks

“To relax.” Haruna answers.

“Oh” Yuu answers

Then they silently stand there and look at the sky

“Uhm...Yuu…” Haruna calls Yuu

“Huh, uhm what is it, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu aks

Yuu is a little surprised because this is the first time she calls his name with a serious voice.

“Can I ask you something?” Haruna said and looks at Yuu

“Haruna, don’t be hesitate. You can ask me anything.” Yuu gently said

“Can you tell me more about yourself? I only know you used to be in the same ship with Acchan and you are the famous thief.” Haruna said and looks directly at Yuu’s eyes

Yuu looks at Haruna with a surprised look

“Moments ago, I can feel your sadness when you looked at Kazuki and his father. It is ok if you don’t want to talk about that. If that past is very sad, I hope you can forget the sad past. I just don’t want to see you sad” Haruna sincerely said

Yuu can feel the happiness in his heart. Immediately, Yuu pulls Haruna close to him and kisses her lips. When they break the kiss, Yuu hugs Haruna tightly

“Thank you Haruna. You can’t image how happy I’m right now.” Yuu happily said

"I actually admire Kazuki. He has someone to look up. My father is not like that." Yuu said, and Haruna tightened her hug

"Since I was born, my only family is my mother. I don’t have a father, and I don’t know who he is. Anytime I ask my mother she just stayed silent and cried. Sometime, she told me his stories, but she said in tear. Therefore I decided that I will never ask her about that. People in my village looked down on us. They defied us, and expelled us. My mom has to work very hard to raise me. When I was four, she passed away" Yuu said and tear rolls on his cheeks.

Haruna doesn't know what to say, so she hugs him tightly to ease his pain.

"I'm your family Yuu. I'll never leave you alone" Haruna whispers

"Uh, and I also never leave you alone" Yuu said

After a while, Yuu and Haruna go back to their own room.

In Yuu’s room

Yuu takes out a letter from his pocket


After killed Minoru, Yuu goes around to examine the room. Then he sees something on the table

“A letter” Yuu thought

“This hand-writing” He thought in surprise

End flashback

“Is this your good reason?” Yuu thought and frowning

Then the next day, Kazuki's ship takes Yuu and Haruna back to Kuu's house.


That is part 4 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.   :)
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Yuu's past is finally revealed!

I wonder what that letter was  :dunno:

Thanks for the update author san
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What's in the letter?

Who's next?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

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I feel bad for Yuu, he has a really sad past  :( :(  :cry:

He didn't know who his dad was and his mom died when he was still young, that's really tough

It was sad

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They have a really sad past  :cry:

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Here is part 5 of chapter 17  :D

Part 5 Atsumina + SayaMilky

In an island

At a big house

“Atsuko, don’t worry, everything will be fine” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand tight and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then they jump into the sea under a big storm. Suddenly a big wave hit them making them hit hard on the side of the ship

“Minami” Atsuko calls while trying to catch Minami’s hand

“Atsuko” Minami calls her and tries his best to swim to her

Atsuko is absorbed by churning water


“Atsuko” Minami sits up and shouts

He looks around and realizes that he is in a strange place

“Where am I?” Minami thought while caress his temples

“Mr. you are awake” A man said

Minami turns to the direction of the voice

“Where am I? Who are you?” Minami asks

“You are at Watanabe house hold. My ojou-sama saw you at the shore. Then she ordered us to bring you back here.” the servant said

“I see”

“Let me inform my Ojou-sama.” the servant said

Then he leaves the room

After awhile

“Hello, you are finally awake Mr.” a young girl steps in

“Hello miss, thank you for saving me." Minami said and bows

"No, problem" the girl said

"When you are at the shore, did you see anyone there?” Minami asks the girl

“No, I only see you there. By the way, my name is Watanabe Miyuki. You can call me Miyuki” Miyuki said

“My name is Takahashi Minami, you can call me Takamina” Minami said

“So you didn’t see anyone there” Minami asks again, and Miyuki nods

“I see” Minami sadly said and sits down

“Atsuko where are you?” Minami looks at the necklace and thought

“The necklace, that reminds me. I saw this on the shore” Miyuki said and takes out a necklace

“That is Atsuko’s” Minami thought and takes the necklace

“Miyuki-san, once again thank you for saving my life. I have to find my friend now.” Minami said and stands up.

“Wait, let’s me bring you to my fiancee. He is the Mayor in this city. Maybe he can help you find that person.” Miyuki said

“Uhm...Ok, Thank you” Minami said and bows

“It is ok, you don’t have to do that” Miyuki said and smiles

Then they leave the house.


In another big house

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sits up and looks around the place.

"Where am I?" she whispers.

"You are finally awakes" a voice comes from the door surprised her.

"Who are you? Where am I? Why I am here?" Atsuko asks the person.

"My name is Yamamoto Sakuya, Mayor of this city. When my guards and I went to patrol at the shore, we saw you was unconscious there. Therefore we brought you here." Sakuya said.

"Thank you for saving me." Atsuko bows and said.

"Everyone, Minami. Where are they?" She thought

"Did you see anyone on the shore with me?" Atsuko asks.

"No, I only saw you there." Sakuya said

"I have to go now. I have to find my friends" Atsuko said and steps down from the bed.

“Just stay here, you just woke up. Your hand are injured. I will order my servants to look for them." Sakuya said.

"No need to do that, thank you. I'm fine. I’ll find them by myself." Atsuko said

“Just stay here. Tell me how they look like, I will call my servant to look for them. Plus, I’m a mayor here. If there is someone new, people here will inform me.” Sakuya said

“In addition, this city is big. It is very hard for you to find them” He adds

“Uhm...ok” Atsuko said

While Atsuko is telling Sakuya about Minami and the rest, a servant comes to them

"Sir, Miss Miyuki wants to meet you. She said that she found a man on the shore." The servant said

When Atsuko heard that, she quickly stands up and rushes to the servant

"Where is he now?" she asks

The servant look at Sakuya. He nods

"They are at the guest room." The servant said.

"Come on, I will lead you there" Sakuya said

When they reached the guest room, Sakuya opens the door for Atsuko. Hearing the door opens Miyuki and Minami turn and look at the door.  Atsuko sees the familiar face. She slowly walks toward him.

“Minami” Atsuko whispers

Minami quickly rushes to Atsuko and hugs her tightly

"Atsuko, you are ok. I'm so glad." Minami happily said

"Minami, I'm very happy, too." Atsuko said and buries her face on his shoulder.

Then Minami sees her wrist is bandaged

“Atsuko, your hand, are you ok?” Minami worriedly said while holding her right hand

“I’m fine. It just a slight injury” Atsuko said and smiles

But then she frowns when Minami touches it

“How can that be fine. I just touch it lightly and your face look so hurt” Minami said in worry tone

“I found her on the shore. Her right wrist is slightly dislocated. I already called the best doctor in this city. Her hand will be fine in 10 days” Sakuya said

"So you are the one that saved Atsuko?" Minami looks at Sakuya and asks.

"My name is Yamamoto Sakuya, Mayor of this city. Nice to meet you" Sakuya introduces himself.

"Yamamoto-san, Thank you for saving Atsuko. My name is Takahashi Minami. You can call me Takamina." Minami said and bows.

"No problem, Just call me Sakuya" Sakuya said

"So you two know each other. She is the one that you are looking for?" Miyuki asks Minami.

"Yes. She is." Minami said

"My name is Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan. Thank you for saving Minami." Atsuko said and bows.

"No problem, my name is Watanabe Miyuki, just call me Miyuki. I’m Sakuya's fiancee" Miyuki said and clings on Sakuya’s arm

Atsuko and Minami look at each other and smile while holding each other's hand tightly.

“Sorry for my curiousity. What is your relationship with each other?” Miyuki curiously asks

“Atsuko is my childhood friend, and she is also my fiancee.” Minami answers

“Wow! That is great” Miyuki said with amaze tone

"What happened to you guys? Why was you two in this situation?" Sakuya asks

“Our ship was under attacked and exploded. Fortunately, we jumped out of it before the explosion. We were separated with our friends. Luckily that I found her in here” Minami answers

When they are talking with each other, Sakuya’s servant hurriedly runs into the room.

"Sir, I have something to report." He said

"Go to my office." Sakuya said

"Miyuki, take care of those two for me. I have something to do." Sakuya said and goes to his office.

"The missing case again." Miyuki pouts

"Missing case?" Atsuko and Minami ask while looking at each other with wonder.

"These past two month there are a lot of girls missing in this city. Sakuya is working on it very hard but still cannot find any clues." Miyuki worriedly said

"Can you tell me more detail about the case?" Atsuko seriously asks

"Two month ago, the first case was the daughter of a fisherman. She was kidnapped when she went to market. After that there were a lot of missing cases. Sakuya tries to find any connection between them, but he found nothing. These girls are comes from different family background." Miyuki said

“Anyway, putting that aside. Come on, Acchan, Takamina, let me show you around this city.” Miyuki cheerfully said and pulls Atsuko and Minami with her.

Miyuki shows Atsuko and Minami around the city. They go to a lot of different places


In a secret room

Sakuya steps inside the place.

"She woke up" Sakuya said

"I see" A man said

"I also found him here" Sakuya said

"He is here too?" The man asks

"Yes, Miyuki found him on the shore" Sakuya said

"I see" the man said

At noon

In the market

Miyuki leads them to a big restaurant

“You two wait for me here. I will go and order something for us” Miyuki said and leave

Minami and Atsuko sit down and wait. Minami looks at Atsuko and notice that she is worry about something

“Atsuko” Minami gently calls

Atsuko looks up

“Why are you look so sad” Minami holds her hand and asks

“I…” Atsuko looks down

“Close your eyes, I have something to give you. I’m sure that you will be happy” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko said and closes her eyes

Then she feels something touches her neck

“Now you can open your eyes” Minami said

Atsuko opens her eyes and looks down. She smiles brightly when she sees her necklace

“Minami, you found it. I thought that I lost it” Atsuko happily said

“So this is the reason why you look so sad” Minami said

“Uh, part of it. Where did you find it?" Atsuko said

“Miyuki found it on the shore.” Minami said

“Are you happy?” he smiles and asks

“Yes, thank you Minami” Atsuko hugs Minami and kisses his cheek

"Then what's another part that makes my Atsuko look sad like this?" Minami said while hugging her.

"Are you worry for Yuki and the rest?" He continues

"Uh," Atsuko nods

"Don't worry. I'm sure that Yuki and the rest will be fine." Minami said and pats Atsuko's head

"However, I'm still very worry about Yuki. This is the first time we are separated. I afraid that she will be in danger" Atsuko worriedly said

"Atsuko, Yuki will be fine. I'm sure about that. She is a pirate. She can handle every situation." Minami reassures her.

After a while

Miyuki comes back

“Sorry for making you guy wait” she said

“It is ok” Atsuko said and smiles

Then they sit down and eat

“You two look happy. Are you two always together?” Miyuki said

“Uh, we are always together. If one day I can’t see her, I will miss her a lot” Minami said

“That sound fun. Not like us” Miyuki said

Atsuko and Minami look at Miyuki with confused look

“Miyuki” Atsuko calls her

“Ah, nothing, sorry guys. Let’s eat “ Miyuki said

After  finished eating, Miyuki leads them to a temple

“Acchan, Takamina, this temple is a temple for love. They opened two months ago. A lot of young girls come here to pray so that they can find their loved one.” Miyuki introduces the temple while standing in front of the  temple gate.

"Two months ago?" Minami thought

“Did you come here before Miyuki?” Atsuko asks

“No, this is my first time. Therefore, I’m really excited” Miyuki happily said.

They go around for a while. Then they leave the temple.

“It is getting dark. I wonder if he finishes his work already.” Miyuki said.

“Let’s go back to see if he is done yet.” Minami said

Then they go back to the house. When they get to the door, they see no one in the house. Miyuki calls a servant to ask

“Did Sakuya back home yet?”

“Master Sakuya was back a while ago. He said that if you ask about him, tell you that he is sorry. He cannot go with you because he still has a lot of work to do.” the servant said

“He is busy again.” Miyuki sadly thought.

“Ok, I will go home now.” Miyuki said in a low tone.

“Wait Miyuki. It is getting dark. We will take you home.” Atsuko said and Miyuki nods

After a while they reach Miyuki’s house.

“Uhm, Thank you Acchan, Takamina. See you guys later.” Miyuki said and smiles.

“Ok, take care.” Atsuko and Minami said and smiles

When they are about to go, Miyuki calls them

“Acchan, can you stay at my house? There is  something I want to talk to you” Miyuki said

“Of course.” Atsuko said and smiles

“Ok, then I will leave now” Minami said

“Be careful, Minami” Atsuko said

“Ok, good night Atsuko” Minami said and kisses her forehead

“Uh, Good night” Atsuko said and kisses his cheek

In Miyuki house

Atsuko and Miyuki are walking around the backyard while enjoying the night view

“What happened, Miyuki? You seem very sad. What do you want to talk to me?” Atsuko speaks up

“...” Miyuki looks down and keeps silent

“Can you tell me the story between you two?” Atsuko asks

“Sakuya and me are childhood friend like you two. When we was a kid, he always protect me from bully” Miyuki said and smiles

“When I was a kid, I was  a little chubby. That is why I was bully by those kids in the city” she said


“Hey look guys, that is miss fat girl” the boys said and laughs together

“Let go there and play with her” one of the boys said

Then they rushes to the little girl who is scared and looks down

“Hey Miyuki, do you have something or money to give us. We want to buy something to eat” the leader said

“Sakuya said that you guys don’t have the right to take my money” the little girl said in small tone

“Your little knight. He cannot save you right now” the little boy said

Then he snatches the food in her hand and runs away.

“Give it back to me” little Miyuki said and tries to get it back

“Chase after me, if you can catch me, I will give it back to you” the boy said and runs

“Give it back” little Miyuki calls and cries

Then a little boy stands in front of those bullies and shouts

“Hey, give that back to Miyuki, right away”

“Sakuya, it is you again” The boy said

“Why did you always siding her? We just play with her, right Miyuki” The boy said and smirks

“I only see that you guys are bullying Miyuki.” Little Sakuya angrily said

“So what. That is her fault. I asked her nicely to give us money and food. If she give us soon, we don’t have to do this” He said in scornful voice

“You brat” little Sakuya shouts and hits the boy at his face

“Don’t think that you are the son of the Mayor, and we are scared.” the leader said

Then the group attack little Sakuya at the same time. Little Sakuya defeated them all

“Don’t you dare to bully Miyuki ever again” little Sakuya shouts

“Remember that Sakuya. Go and marry your ugly and fatty Miyuki” The little boys shout and run away

Little Miyuki sits on the ground and cries hard. Little Sakuya walks toward her

“Miyuki are you ok?” Little Sakuya asks

“I’m...hix….fine...hix” little Miyuki said and sobs

“Miyuki, don’t cry. I chased them all away. They will never bully you again” little Sakuya smiles and wipes her tear

“Come on, let me take you home” He continues and helps Miyuki to stand up

“Uh” Miyuki nods

On their way

“Why did you still look so sad, Miyuki?” little Sakuya worriedly asks

“Am I fat and ugly, Sakuya? No one will like me, right?” little Miyuki sadly asks

“Who said that. Don’t listen to those stupid boys, Miyuki. To me you are the cutest girl in the world” little Sakuya said

Little Miyuki looks at him and smiles

“Really Sakuya?” Little Miyuki happily asks

“Uh” He nods confidently

“Thank you Sakuya. I’m happy” Little Miyuki smiles and kisses little Sakuya at his cheek making little boy blush

“And who said that no one will like you. A lot of people like you, your parent, my parent and a lot of people in this city." Little Sakuya said

She looks at him and smiles brightly

"Do you like me, Sakuya??" Miyuki innocently asks

"Of course, I'm. When I grow up, I...I…I...will take Miyuki as my bribe” little Sakuya said while blushing.

“I’m happy” Little Miyuki happily said

End Flashback

“That was so cute, Miyuki” Atsuko said and smiles

“Uh, Sakuya is very nice. He takes care of me a lot.” Miyuki smiles and said

“He was always be there whenever I need. However…”

Suddenly she looks down

“However, since he became a Mayor, we meet each other less and less time. He always focuses on his work. I rarely meet him even though he is my fiancee.” Miyuki sadly said

“Sometime I wonder if he still loves me or not” She said and sobs

“Don’t say that Miyuki. Although I just meet him this early morning, by his look at you, I’m sure that he loves you a lot. In addition, through your story I can feel that he is really care for you. Maybe he just too focuses on work. Why don’t you tell him your real feeling” Atsuko tries to comfort Miyuki

"Uhm, thank you Acchan." Miyuki said

Suddenly a group of men jumps at them and surround Atsuko and Miyuki.

"Who are you?" Atsuko said while standing in front of Miyuki

"Get that girl" The leader shouts and points at Miyuki.

Then the men rushes to them. Atsuko takes out her sword and blocks their attack.

"Miyuki stands behind me ok" Atsuko said

Atsuko pushes the two men in front of her and kicks their face. Then she turns around and kicks a man that tries to grab Miyuki's hand at his throat making him to fall on the ground.
Then another man rushes to Atsuko. She steps back and turns to the left to dodge his sword. After that Atsuko raises her foot to kick his stomach and raises her sword to injure his leg. While Atsuko is fighting with the group of men, the leader takes out his sword rushes to attack her from behind

"Acchan watch out" Miyuki shouts.

A shadow jumps out and kicks the leader at his face.

"Sneaking and attacking other from behind like that such a low and pathetic creature."

"Minami" Atsuko calls the person

Seeing more people, the leader and his followers run away.

"Minami how can you get here?" Atsuko rushes to him and asks

"I was attacked when I was on my way back to Sakuya's place. Then I got an uneasy feeling. Therefore I rush back here to check on you two" Minami said

"Are you ok, Minami?" Atsuko worriedly asks while checking on Minami

"Don't worry Atsuko, I'm fine. Those useless can't do anything to me." Minami said and strokes her hair

"How about you and Miyuki? Are you two ok?" Minami asks

"I'm fine. Acchan protected me" Miyuki said

"Me too." Atsuko said and smiles

"Let tell Sakuya about this. Maybe this is related to those kidnappers." Minami said

"Ok" Atsuko and Miyuki said

Then the three go to Sakuya house. They are sit in the meeting room to wait for Sakuya. Suddenly the door swings open. Sakuya rushes in and hugs Miyuki tightly

"Miyuki are you ok? Are you hurt somewhere?" Sakuya worriedly asks while catching his breath

"Sakuya, I'm ok. Acchan and Takamina saved me." Miyuki said and hugs him back

Then Miyuki realizes that Sakuya is breathing heavily. His clothes is all wet because of sweat.

"Sakuya, are you ok?" Miyuki breaks the hugs to look at his face and said in worry tone

His face is covered with sweat

“I’m ok, I just a little tired when I ran back here” Sakuya said

“You rushed back from your office at the other side of the city?” Miyuki asks in  surprise

“Uh” Sakuya nods and smiles

“Are you crazy? Do you want to die because of tired? That place is very far from your house” Miyuki said in worry tone while wiping his sweat

“I cannot think through that. When I was in my office to work, I heard the servant said that you were attacked. At that moment, I thought that my heart are going to stop. I immediately rushes back here." Sakuya said

“I'm very happy that you are ok. My tiredness is going away when I see your face” Sakuya smiles and said

"Sakuya" Miyuki hugs him and buries her face on his chest.

"Miyuki, tonight, you will stay here. It will be safer. I ordered the servants to prepare for you a room. I also ordered guards to guard around your room. I will inform your parent about this" Sakiya said

"Ok" Miyuki said

"I told you right he very cares for you. Don’t be sad ok." Atsuko whispers in Miyuki ear

"Uh" Miyuki shyly nods and blushes

"Who is the one that doing this?" Sakuya turn to Minami and asks

"We don't know yet. They ran away. Maybe there are belong to those kidnappers." Minami said

"I see." Sakuya said while frowning

"Miyuki, you should go to your room and rest. You must be exhausted." Sakuya said

"Sakuya, walk me back to my room" Miyuki said and gives him her puppy eyes

"Sorry Miyuki, I'm busy, I will go back to my office to investigate more" Sakuya said

"You leave again. But this time is almost midnight" Miyuki said

"I have to close this case quickly before more girls will be kidnapped including you. I don't want you to be in any danger again" Sakuya said

"But I'm safe now" Miyuki said and pouts

"Miyuki, don't pouts like that." Sakuya said and pinches Miyuki’s cheeks

Then he turns to Minami and Atsuko

"Acchan, Takamina, can you two take her back to her room for me. It is a short distance, but I don't want they jump into my house and kidnap her." Sakuya said

"Ok, we will go back to our rooms, too" Atsuko said

"Thanks you two" Sakuya said

Then he turns to Miyuki

"Come on, be a good girl and go back to your room with Acchan and Takamina. I promise when this case is closed, I will go out and play with you." Sakuya said and pats Miyuki's head

"Go out and play. Ok, Sakuya you already promised? Don't break it" Miyuki happily said

"I won't. Now go back to your room and sleep. Goodnight Miyuki" he said and kisses her forehead

"Ok, goodnight Sakuya" Miyuki said and kisses his cheek

Then they all go back to their room.

At midnight

A shadow quickly rushes to the back door of the house. Suddenly a voice appears

"Minami, where are you going?"

Minami turns around. He sees Atsuko sits on the bench and looks at him

"Do you go to investigate about those kidnappers?" Atsuko asks

"Uh, I want to find out who they are? Did those human trader related to those kidnapper?" Minami said

"How did you know?" Minami asks

"I see you act very strange after fighting them. You didn't try to catch them. It is like you let's them run away. Therefore I guess you must have some kind of plan" Atsuko said

"As expected from my talented fiancée. I used "tracking powder" that Mii invented before (Chapter 5 ( I sprayed on them. Now I only need this powder to find them" Minami said and takes out the small blue pot.

"Ok, I will go now. You should go back to your room and sleep" Minami said

"I will go too. I want to know who they are." Atsuko said

"I expected that. That is why I didn't say this thing to you" Minami said

"What did you expected? And why don't you want me to go?" Atsuko asks

Minami turns to Atsuko

"With your characteristic, I know you will ask me to let you go with me no matter what. That why I didn't tell you" Minami said and pinches Atsuko's nose

"Minami" Atsuko calls and pouts

"Atsuko this is too dangerous for you to go there" Minami said in serious tone.

"How so? I'm a famous captain. Is there any dangerous that I haven't been through?" Atsuko said

"I know that you are strong, but do you plan on going with this hand?" Minami asks in serious tone

"I'll be fine. I'm left handed, so I still can fight." Atsuko said and smiles

"You said that you can handle it. What if they attack you from your right? What if they surround you? Can you flexible enough with this bandaged hand?" Minami seriously said while frowning.

"And what if at that time, I can't protect you? What if you are hurt? I don't want to see you being hurt. Your hand hurt is enough to make my heart hurt. I can't bear the thought that I can't protect you like when you were absorbed by the storm." Minami gently said

"Minami" Atsuko hugs him

"I don't want you to be in any dangerous situation either. Please Minami, let me go with you. The thought of you being hurt is also very hurt." Atsuko said and buries her face in his chest

"If they really related to those trade, it will be very dangerous. Please, let me go with you" Atsuko sincerely said

"Ok, however don't do any reckless thing, ok?" Minami said

"Ok" Atsuko smiles and said

At Miyuki back yard

"I sprayed them here. Let see where he will lead us" Minami said

Then Minami sprays the powder. The powder shines. They follow the powder until they reach the place

"The temple" Atsuko said

They hide on tree and look at the temple

"I see. I also feel something off with this temple. Their timing is so fit." Minami said

"Uh, the temple appear almost the same time with the case" Atsuko adds

"Uh, let go check on inside" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko said

Then they sneak into the temple back door. Minami and Atsuko sneak into the main temple. While they are checking around, they hear someone foot step. They quickly hide behind the statue.

"The status is empty" Minami whispers

"Maybe they use this to watch the girls come in" Atsuko said

Then they all go hide in the statute. There are three men walk into the place. Three of them are the monks. Then a big man come out. He had a scar on his right eye and a eye patch on his left eye. He looks so dangerous. The three bow before him.

“He looks so familiar” Minami thought

“How is your work?” The boss asks

“When I went to her house to capture her, that Maeda Atsuko there to save her” the man said

“They knew me?” Atsuko thought and looks at Minami

“Then, you failed?” The boss said, and the man scaredly nods

“Useless” the boss shouts and punches them man.

“Sorry sir” the man kneels down and said

“How about you?” the boss turns to the other man

He scaredly looks down and said

“C...c..captain, we failed to catch Takahashi Minami.”

Minami and Atsuko look at each other with surprise

Then the man kneels down and said

“I’m terribly sorry sir” the two said

“You all are useless.” the boss angrily shouts and kicks them

“Stand up and repair everything we will deliver those girl in two day” the boss said

After a while they all leave the place. Minami and Atsuko wait for the place to quiet to come out. Then they see a figure sneak into the place

“Sakuya?” Atsuko and Minami look at each other.

They get out of the statue.

“Who?” Sakuya turns around and said in a low tone

“Hush...Sakuya, it is us.” Minami said

“You gus? What are you doing here?” Sakuya asks

“Let’s get out of here first.” Minami said

Then they go into the forest.

“We follow those who attacked Miyuki to here. This temple is their hideout” Minami said

“How about you? What are you doing here?” Atsuko asks

“I investigate a lot about this place. I have a feeling that this place is not normal. Therefore, I came here to investigate.” Sakuya asks

“I see” Atsuko said

“We have to act fast. We heard that they are about to deliver those girls” Atsuko continues

“I think we should start at the backyard. I saw something suspicious there.” Minami said

“Let’s go there and check it.” Sakuya said.

Then they sneak back to the temple and go into the yard. When they just jump into the place, they see the wall suddenly opens

“Hide quick” Minami whispers

Then they quickly hide. Minami wait for the man to turn around. He sneaks behind him and places his dagger on his neck

"Shut up or this dagger will cut your throat.” he said, and the man nods

"Open the door for me" he said.

Minami turns the man to the door. Then the man slowly walks toward the left side of the wall. He opens the door for him. Minami makes a sign for Sakuya and Atsuko to come in.

“Tell me where did you keep all the girls” Minami asks him

"The girls are locked in the room in the middle of the hallway on the left.” the man said in tremble.

“How about your boss, where is he?” Minami asks

“He is in the room at the end of the hallway.” The man answers

Then Minami hits him hard on his neck making him lost conscious. Then he ties him at a corner where no one can see him and use a cloth to cover his mouth. After that Minami catches up with Sakuya and Atsuko. They run to the middle of the path. There is a room on the left. They hide behind the wall and stealthily look into the room. Inside the room, there are a group men sit and guard the girls who are locked in a big big room. Minami looks at Sakuya and Atsuko as the sign to attack at the same time, and they nod. Then Minami whispers

“Let’s go”

Then, they come out at the same time. They run to the room and disable all the guards. Then Minami turns and said to Sakuya

"Sakuya, you take care of the rest, I will go to find the boss."

“Ok, be careful.” Sakuya said

Minami  and Atsuko run toward the boss’s place. He kicks the door. The boss is surprised and looks at the door

"Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko. How can you get here?" the man shouts.

“It is you. I should have know” Minami said

"That year, I just take one of your eyes is very generous to you. Now you kidnap the girls in this city. This time I will not spare your life." Minami angrily said

“I also want to find you. I want you to pay for what you had done to me.” The boss angrily shouts

"Also, I want to kill her. Her head worth a lot more than those girls" he continues and rushes to them

Minami easily dodge the boss’s attack. Then he turns around and kick the boss's back. He stumbles and falls. When he stands up, Minami jumps up and kicks his face again. The boss steps back. Then Minami quickly rushes to the boss and slashes his throat.

"That is what I should done many years ago" Minami said.

Atsuko goes into the room and looks around. Then she sees something on the table

“A letter?” Atsuko picks up and looks at it

“Atsuko, let’s go.” Minami calls.

“Ok.” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko and Minami go to Sakuya’s place

“How is everything going, Sakuya?” Minami asks

“Everything is ok. All the girls that were captured in the past two month are here.” Sakuya said

“Glad to hear that.” Atsuko said.

Then they escort all the girls back to their home.

“Thank you guys. Thank to your help this case is solved quickly” Sakuya said.

“It is not thing. It is our thank for you and Miyuki for saving our life.” Minami said

Then they go back to Sakuya’s house.

In the morning

Miyuki quickly rushes to the main house where Atsuko, Minami and Sakuya are.

“Sakuya, I heard that you solved the case. People in that temple are the culprit.” Miyuki asks

“Yes. Last night, with the help of Acchan and Takamina, I’m able to solve the case.” Sakuya said

“Thank you guys.” Miyuki cheerfully said and shakes their hand

“You’re welcome.” Atsuko and Minami said and smile.

“Ok, everything is solved. Now Sakuya, can we go out and play?” Miyuki happily asks

“Sorry Miyuki, I still have some other works to do. I don’t have time.” Sakuya said

“Working again” Miyuki thought.

“But you already promise me” Miyuki said

“Sorry Miyuki, but I really don’t have time to day.” Sakuya said

“Why do you always work? Is work the most important thing to you?” Miyuki half shouts at Sakuya

“Miyuki, don’t be so childish. I’m the mayor of this city. I have a lot of responsibilities in my shoulders.” Sakuya reasons

“How about me, Sakuya? Which place am I in your heart? I’m your fiancee, Sakuya” Miyuki said and cries

“Miyuki, of course you are very important to me. I promise...”

Miyuki raises her hand to stop Sakuya

“It is enough Sakuya. I have heard enough the word “promise” from you. You always have reasons in your head to break your promise. Did you forget what you said to me? You said that you will always be with me. However, seem like you love your work and your stupid mayor’s position more.” Miyuki shout and steps back.

“Miyuki” Sakuya calls while trying to hold her hand

“Do you know how many time did you break you promise with me. If you like working that much, go and be with your works. You don’t need to keep your promise anymore. After all, you don’t care about them at all.” Miyuki shouts and runs out of the house.

“Miyuki” Sakuya shouts

“I will go after her.” Atsuko said and chases after Miyuki


Here is part 5 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)
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Part 6 Atsumina

At the house

Sakuya tiredly sits down on the chair and caresses his temples

“Why doesn't she understand my position?” Sakuya sighs and said

“Sakuya, do you mind if I say something?” Minami sits down and said

“It is ok, Takamina, If you want to say something just say it” Sakuya said.

“I would like to ask you the same question as you said” Minami said and looks at Sakuya

“Did you ever consider yourself in her position?” Minami asks

Sakuya looks up.

“What do you mean?” he asks

“Miyuki told Atsuko that she felt very lonely and sad because since you became a Mayor, you rarely meet her. She also told Atsuko that ‘Sometime I don’t know does he still love me or not.’” Minami said

“Of course I love her. I love her a lot” Sakuya quickly said

“Atsuko said that Miyuki say those words in tear. Her voice like she is nearly break down” Minami said

“Miyuki” Sakuya thought and holds his fists tight

“If we reverse the position, how do you feel when Miyuki ignore you all the time and focus on other thing? How do you feel when Miyuki breaks her promise with you one by one?” Minami asks

“...” Sakuya stays silent

“Do you understand her feeling?” Minami asks

“Uh” Sakuya nods

“I know sometime your work is very important. However, I believe that you know what is more important to you, right?” Minami asks

“Uh, of course I know” Sakuya nods

“Sakuya, let me tell you this.” Minami said

“Sometime, I really feel jealous of you.” He continues

Sakuya looks at Minami with a puzzled look

“I heard Atsuko said that you and Miyuki are just like us. You two also are childhood friend right?” Minami said

“Uh” Sakuya nods

“Atsuko told me a lot of stories which she heard from Miyuki about you two since you two were a kid until now. Do you know what did I think at that time?” Minami asks

“What is it?” Sakuya asks

“I thought that you are so lucky that you can spend all your time with Miyuki every day. In my case, I can’t. Although Atsuko and I are childhood friend, we even engaged since birth, because of a tragic incident, we were separated since we were 6.” Minami said with a sad tone

Sakuya looks at Minami

“After that incident, I lost my memories. For 20 years, I didn’t know there is a girl named Maeda Atsuko. I didn’t remember the happy time that we spent before. Atsuko too, she lost all her memories after that incident. One year ago, fate brought us back together. However, when we meet each other again, it was the meeting between two strangers. Whenever I think about that, my heart is full of regret” he continues

“Luckily that we both are finally be together. At that time, I swore to myself that no matter what, I will never let Atsuko out of my hand once again. I swore that I will treasure every single moment that I spend with her.” Minami said

“Sakuya, you are lucky that you always have Miyuki by your side. I know that you love Miyuki a lot. Future is the thing that we all will never know. Don’t wait until you can’t see Miyuki in your life anymore, and then regret the time that you didn’t spend together with her.” he continues

“I understand Takamina. I’m sorry to hear about your past, Takamina” Sakuya said

“It is ok. I’m really happy right now anyway because the person I love the most is by my side.” Minami smiles and said

Then Sakuya stands up

“Where are you going?” Minami asks

“I go to find my most important person in my life” Sakuya said and smiles

“Do you know where she is?” Minami asks

“Of course” Sakuya confidently said

“I see. Good luck” Minami said and smiles

“Uh, thank you. Wait for my good new” Sakuya said and rushes out of the house


At a big flower field

Miyuki sits at the center of the flower field and cries. Atsuko sits next to her and comforts her. After a while Miyuki finally calms down a little.

“Miyuki, are you ok, now?” Atsuko worriedly asks

“Uh, thank you, Acchan” Miyuki nods and said

Then Miyuki just looks down and stays silent. Atsuko doesn’t know what to do. She just sits next to her. Suddenly Miyuki laughs bitterly.

“I wonder why I am still not getting used to this situation.” Miyuki said

Atsuko looks at Miyuki with a confused look

“This is not the first time that he broke his promise after all. Maybe, his job is more important than me.” Miyuki said while tear rolls down from her cheeks

“Acchan, does he really love me? I’m lost now. I don’t know what to do now.” Miyuki cries harder.

“Miyuki, don’t say thing like that. I’m sure that he loves you a lot. Did you forget that he ran all the way from his office back to his house just to confirm that you are ok?” Atsuko said

“Uh” Miyuki nods

“Let’s stay here until you calm down. Then we will go back and you tell him all your feeling, ok” Atsuko said and smiles

“Uh, thank you Acchan” Miyuki said

"By the way, Miyuki, this place is very beautiful. Looking at those flower makes me feel very comfortable." Atsuko said and takes a deep breath

"This flower field is called “Forget Me not” That is the name of this flower. Sakuya found this. One day he said to me that he found something very interesting and pulls me here. He said this flower field, he find as a present for my 17 birthday." Miyuki said

"This place is also where he asked me to be his fiancée" Miyuki said and blushes

"I see. This place contains a lot of memories between you two right?" Atsuko said and smiles

"Uh, There is only us know about this place. Whenever I feel sad, I will come here and remember our happy time that we spent here. He will always be the one that find me and makes me forget my sadness." Miyuki said

"I see" Atsuko said

"How about this Miyuki? If you doubt about him, why don't we test him" Atsuko said

"Test?" Miyuki

"Uh, you said this place is very important to you two right? If he can find you here that means he still remember all the happy things that he spent with you. It also proves that to him you are very important." Atsuko said

"Should I hope that he will find me? I think he is now still working" Miyuki sadly said

"Miyuki, I'm sure that he is running around to find you right now." Atsuko said and smiles

"Wait here, I will go back to see about that" Atsuko said

"Ok, thank you Acchan" Miyuki said

Then Acchan leaves the place. When she just walks out of the field, she sees Sakuya rushes to the place. She smiles

"I knew he will find her for sure" Atsuko thought

"Acchan" Sakuya calls her while catching his breath

"If you rush here like this, I think you know what to do right?" Atsuko said

"Uh, I talked a lot with Takamina. He lets me know what I should treasure" Sakuya said.

"Then good luck. Don't make her cry anymore" Atsuko said

"Uh I will." Sakuya said and rushes into the field

At Miyuki place


"Miyuki, I have something I want to show you." Sakuya said

"Do you still remember me? I thought you already forget about me" Miyuki angrily said and looks away

"Miyuki, I’m really busy. I'm sorry. How can I forget my girlfriend" Sakuya said and turns her to look at him

"Let go to the flower field." Sakuya said and pecks her lips making her blushes

"Why should I?" Miyuki still acts as angry

"Come on Miyuki. I'm sure that you will happy about this. After that, I will obey every request from you." Sakuya said while hugging Miyuki from behind

"Really?" Miyuki looks at him and asks

"Uh, definitely” Sakuya nods

Then Sakuya pulls her to the field. When they get to the field Sakuya said

"Miyuki, will you close your eyes for a little bit?" Sakuya said

"Why?" Miyuki said

"It is a secret. You will soon know about that." Sakuya said and smiles

"Now, Miyuki, be a good girl and close your eyes." he continues

"Ok" Miyuki said in doubt tone

Then Sakuya leads her to a place higher than the flower field. He turns her to face the left side of the flower field.

"Now Miyuki, you can open your eyes" Sakuya whispers

Miyuki slowly opens her eyes. Then she is speechless with what she sees. In front of her is a small portion of the flower field. The blue flowers form a sentence

"Watanabe Mayuki, I love you."

"Sakuya, you prepared this?" Miyuki said

"Uh, that is why I can't go out with you the whole 10 days. I missed you a lot" Sakuya said

"Sakuya, I'm so happy." Miyuki said and hugs him tightly.

Then Sakuya breaks the hugs and seriously looks at Miyuki eyes

"Miyuki" Sakuya gently calls her

"Yes" Miyuki answers and blushes because of his seriousness

"I love you. I want to be together with you. I want see you every day from the very morning until night. I want to hold your hand and walk together with you until then end of my life." Sakuya said and holds Miyuki hands

"Miyuki, will you marry me? Will you become my bride?" Sakuya strokes Miyuki hair and said

Hearing what Sakuya said, Miyuki's tear starts rolling on her cheeks. She doesn't know how to describe her feeling right now. Her heart beats so fast. She hugs him tightly and buries her face on his chest.

"Sakuya, I'm very happy right now. No word can describe my happiness." Miyuki said

"I also want to be with you forever. Yes, I will marry you. I want to be your bride Sakuya. I love you" Miyuki said

"Yay" Sakuya shouts and hugs Miyuki tightly

"From now on, Watanabe Miyuki is Sakuya's fiancée. I promise you that I will never leave you alone or make you cry. Miyuki, I love you" Sakuya happily said

The he breaks the hug and kisses her lips

End flashback

“Sakuya, I wonder if you still remember this flower field, or your work already erase this.” Miyuki whispers and sobs

"Sakuya, do you still remember that day?" Miyuki continues

“Sakuya, will you come here and look for me as Acchan said.” Miyuki continues

“Sakuya, I miss you. I miss my Sakuya who is not the Mayor of a big city, who only concerns about me and takes care of me.” Miyuki cries harder

“Sakuya.” Miyuki calls his name in tear

Then a pair of hands rounds around Miyuki’s waist and hug her tightly. Then a voice whispers in her ear

“Miyuki, I’m sorry. I make you sad because of my ignorant.”

“Sakuya” Miyuki gasps in surprise

“Why did you come here Mr. Mayor?” Miyuki said while struggling to get out of Sakuya’s hug

“Miyuki, I’m an idiot to not realize that the time I focus to my work is too much. It almost likes I did not go out with you since I become mayor.” Sakuya tighten his hug and said.

“I just thought that I want to try my best to be a good Mayor as your father expects me. I want to show him that I’m a reliable person and a good man for you. That he isn’t wrong when he accept me as your fiancée." Sakuya continues

“Sakuya” Miyuki turns and looks at Sakuya.

“However, because of too focusing on that, I forgot the most important thing that is your feeling.” Sakuya said and caresses Miyuki’s face.

“Sorry Miyuki.” Sakuya gently said

“Sakuya, I didn’t know that you worried about that. I’m sorry for being selfish.” Miyuki said and hugs him tightly.

“No, it is not selfish, Miyuki. I should pay more attention to you. After all you are the most important person in my life. I don’t need money or reputation. I only need you in my life. I want you to always be happy. I want to be with you forever.” Sakuya said and strokes Miyuki’s back

Then Sakuya looks directly at Miyuki’s eyes

“Miyuki, I love you” Sakuya sincerely said

“Sakuya, I love you, too.” Miyuki happily said

Then Sakuya leans and kisses Miyuki’s lips. They kiss each other passionately until they are out of air. Then they hug each other tightly.

At Atsuko's side

Atsuko is walking back to the house.

"They knew about me. Then they also related to those traders." Atsuko thought

"Who are those people, after all?" Atsuko continues her thought

Because of too focusing on her thought, she didn't realize that there is someone follows her.

“Their conversation? Also the letter...."

When she is still very deep in her thought she hears Minami's voice.


Minami jumps to her back and blocks someone’s sword

"Minami" Atsuko turns around and calls him

Then the shadow jumps back

"Maeda Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, this is the first time we meet each other. Nice to meet you" the half masked woman said

"Who are you? Why did you know our name?" Atsuko said

"Your name is on the top “The People Should Die” list in my hand. My boss is very angry and impatience now. Those idiots and useless underlings that he ordered before can't kill you. Today, I just want to introduce myself to you. My name is Lightning. Remember that." Lightning said

“You are so lucky. That explosion can’t bring you to hell. However, next time, I will kill you for sure” Lightning said

“You are the one planned that? You are those filthy human traders” Atsuko shouts

"Yes, I'm. By the way, don’t call other like that little girl.” Lightning said in teasing tone

“I don’t have to be nice with those that selling people like an object.” Atsuko said

“Good mouth little girl, but I will make you change your manner later.” Lightning said

“I will go now. I’m busy. Next time when we meet, that will be your dead date" Lighting continues

"I won't let you do that" Minami said

"We will see about that." Lighting said

Then she jumps up to the tree.

"By the way, Maeda Atsuko, your bodyguard is so handsome." Lighting said

"Bye bye, handsome" She said in seductive tone and winks at Minami

Then she jumps out of the place

"So we have another appointment" Atsuko said

Then she walks toward Minami

"By the way Minami, why are you here?" Atsuko innocently said

“...” Minami stays silent

Atsuko looks at him with confuse.

“Minami” Atsuko holds his hand.

She is surprised when his hand is shaking.

“Minami, are you ok?” Atsuko asks Minami in worry tone

Minami turns to look at Atsuko

"Atsuko" he seriously calls her

"Huh? What is it, Minami?" Atsuko asks

She is surprised by his voice

"Did you notice that Lightning attacked you moment ago?" Minami asks

"She did? Sorry, I just too focus on my thought. I didn't notice that" Atsuko said

Minami sighs

"I was thinking about...."

"Will you next time be more careful when walking alone like this? Just now, if I come here a little later, what would happen to you? You would die under her sword you know that" cutting Atsuko's word, Minami shouts in anger

Atsuko looks at him in surprise look.

"Minami" Atsuko calls him

This is the first time she sees him angry like this. However, Atsuko knew that he is angry like that because he is worry about her

"I'm sorry, Minami. I’m for making you angry like this" Atsuko said in low tone and looks down

Suddenly Minami pulls her into his embrace. He hugs her tightly. Atsuko can hear his heart beats very fast because of scared

"Atsuko, I'm sorry for shouting at you. I was very scared. I was scared that you will hurt. I'm so afraid of losing you." Minami gently said and buries his face on her neck

"I'm sorry Minami. I will be more careful next time. I'm sorry for making you worry." Atsuko tightens her hug and said

"I was in the house and wait for you. However, I waited for a long time but you still haven't back yet. Therefore, I went out of the house to look for you. When I walked here, I see a shadow behind you rushes to you. My heart nearly stops. I quickly rush to you. Fortunately, I was able to stop her sword before something bad happened to you" Minami said

"Thank you Minami" Atsuko whispers

“Let go back Atsuko” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then they walk back to Sakuya's house hand in hand

“So, that woman is our new opponent” Minami said

"Uh, and you have another fan" Atsuko said in pouting tone

"Seem like you also like her huh?" Atsuko continues and walks away

"Atsuko, what are you talking about? Whose fan? And who likes that woman?" Minami calls and catches Atsuko hands

''She just said that you are so handsome. And you are still looking at her direction even though she already left." Atsuko pouts

Minami giggles

"Are you jealous?" Minami teases and laughs

"W..who said that?" Atsuko shouts in embarrasses

"Atsuko, do you know that you look so cute when you pout like this" Minami said and pinches her cheeks

"Minami" Atsuko pouts

"The truth is I didn’t hear anything she said. That time all I think is you. You made my heart nearly jump out of my chest" Minami seriously said

“Minami, I’m sorry” Atsuko said

“It is ok, Atsuko. You are safe is all matter” Minami pats Atsuko’s head

“If you talk about her, I noticed one thing.” Minami said

“Huh? What is it?” Atsuko asks

“Her killing aura, it is very strong” Minami said

"Uh, I felt that too. Her eyes show a strong sense of killing." Atsuko said

Then they keep walking

“I wonder if Sakuya found Miyuki, yet” Minami said

“He did, I saw him at that field” Atsuko said

“I see” Minami said

"That remind me, Minami, I met Sakuya on my way back here. He said that he talked to you a lot, and you helped him to realize a lot of thing." Atsuko said

"Uhm, I just tell him my feeling and what I realized." Minami said

"What is it?" Atsuko curiously asks

Minami stops and turns Atsuko to look at him

“Time is the thing that you will never get back once it is gone. Treasure the time you have with each other. Don’t make yourself regret about it” Minami said in serious tone while caresses Atsuko's face

“That is what I really feel. At Miyuki's house, when I woke up and did not see you beside me, I felt very sad and lonely. I was very mad at myself, when I can’t catch your hand. You were absorbed by the churning water, and I thought I lost you. My head is full of regret thought” Minami said and hugs Atsuko tightly

"I kept thinking that it would be great ‘if I could be with you more in the past,’ ‘If I could I find you sooner,’ ‘If I could regain my memories sooner’ those thoughts become my most regretted things." Minami continues

"Minami" Atsuko hugs him and buries her face on his chest

"Even though we were together with each other at first, because of that incident, we were separated for all those years. Fortunately, I was able to meet you again. At that time, I promised to myself that I will treasure every single time I spend with you, and I will never let go of your hand no matter what" Minami said while stroking Atsuko's back

"Minami, I also feel the same way as you. I really want to spend all my time together with you forever." Atsuko said

Then Minami breaks the hug and look directly at Atsuko's eyes

"Atsuko, I love you" Minami said and leans to kiss Atsuko's lips

Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. After a while, they break the kiss. Atsuko smiles and looks at Minami’s eyes

"Minami, I love you too, very much" Atsuko said and hugs him again.

Minami hugs her back and strokes her hair. Then they keep walking back to Sakuya's house

"I hope Sakuya can understand Miyuki’s feeling, and they can be together again." Atsuko said

"I believe Sakuya can do it." Minami said and smile.

"Uh" Atsuko happily response

At Sakuya’s home

While Minami and Atsuko are sitting at the main house and talking to each other, Sakuya and Miyuki are back.

"Are you ok now, Miyuki?" Atsuko asks and smiles at Miyuki

"Uh, we are ok now." Sakuya said and hold Miyuki's hand tight

"Good to hear that. Congratulation you two." Minami said

"Thank you Acchan, Takamina. You two help us a lot." Sakuya said

"No problem." Atsuko said and smiles.

"Will you guys stay here for a while? I still have a lot of places to show you two" Miyuki excitedly said

"That is what we plan on telling you two when you get back. Sorry but we can't" Minami said

"We promised with our friends that we will meet them at my uncle house. If we stay here for too long, we are afraid that they will worry about us." Minami continues

"When we have time we will definitely visit you guys again" Atsuko said and smiles.

"I see. I hope we will see each other soon" Sakuya said.

"Uh. We hope so too." Minami said

"Sakuya, do you know where we can find a ship?" Minami asks

"You guys don't need to find one. I will give you one of mine." Sakuya said

"No, how can we accept that. You two helped us a lot already." Atsuko said

"I'm the one that saying that. You two helped me solve the case, helped me and Miyuki. That is our appreciation toward you two." Sakuya said

"Yes Acchan, Takamina, Please accept that as our thanks." Miyuki said

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then Minami turns to them.

"Ok, thank you two" Minami said and smiles.

"Come on Takamina, Acchan, I will lead you to the ship." Sakuya said and lead them to the city bay.

"That ship is a military ship. It makes especially for battle. I think it suits for you two." Sakuya said

Atsuko and Minami look at him with surprised look

"You know who we are?" Atsuko curiously asks

"How can I not know the famous captain of "The Legend"." Sakuya said and smiles.

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise

"Since when did you know that?" Minami asks

"Since you two introduce yourself" Sakuya said

"But it is just the name. How can you be so sure?" Atsuko asks

"The presence of you two, I can feel something not any normal people had." Sakuya said

"Then why didn't you do anything to us?" Atsuko asks

"Because you two are not criminal. I knew what you are doing, and I admire your work." Sakuya said and smiles.

"I see. I'm glad that you think about us that way" Minami smiles and said

"Well, Sakuya, Miyuki, we will leave now. Thank you for everything." Minami continues

"Ok. Goodbye. Take care you two." Sakuya said

"Hope to see you two again soon." Miyuki said and waves her hand.

"Uh. Me too" Atsuko said and smile

"By the way, Acchan, Takamina" Sakuya calls them

Atsuko and Minami turn around to look at Sakuya

"In the future, if you need anything just tell me, I will definitely help you" Sakuya said

"Ok, I will. Thank you Sakuya" Minami said

Then they leave the island and go back to Kuu's place.

On the ship

Atsuko rests her head on Minami’s shoulder and closes her eyes while Minami hugging her and stroking her hair.

“Minami” Atsuko calls

“Huh?” He said

“Do you remember their conversation?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, about Matsui clan, right?” Minami asks

“Uh, about that”


After shouting at his follower, then he turns to the man standing next to him

“How is your work with Matsui clan? When will that man come here and take the goods?” He asks

“Everything is settled sir. In two day, he will come here.” The man said

“Good, you three prepare everything for that day. About those annoying people, I will find a way to eliminate them” the boss said and leaves

“Yes sir” they answer

End flashback

"Minami, I know where we should go next." Atsuko said

“Matsui clan?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then Atsuko sits up and looks at Minami

 “Another thing Minami, do you know what I found in that pirate room?” Atsuko asks

“What is it?” Minami asks

“This letter” Atsuko said and gives Minami the letter

Minami takes the letter and reads

“Prepare your goods. Deliver time is in two day” Minami read out loud

“You think this letter involve Matsui clan”

In Sakuya's house

Sakuya steps inside a secret room. He bows before two hooded man

"They are gone?" A man said

"Yes, uncle" Sakuya said

"Thank you for helping them, Sakuya" another man said

"It is nothing. She is my cousin, and they also helped me with my problems." Sakuya said

"Uncle, why don't you two reveal yourself to them?" Sakuya asks

"It is not the time, Sakuya. We still can't find out who is the master mind. If we reveal ourselves right now, he will aware." a man said

"I see" Sakuya said

"So, you two will still stay here right?" Sakuya said

"No, we have to find a person. We will leave tomorrow" a man said

"Oh ok. Good luck uncle. If you need anything just tell me" Sakuya said

"Ok." The two men said

Then Sakuya leaves the place.


That is part 6 of chapter 17. Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :)

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Here is chapter 18  :)

Chapter 18: Reunion

After three days

Atsuko and Minami reach the island. Quickly they run to Kuu’s house. When they reached there, they are very surprised. The house was burned down.

“What happened here?” Atsuko and Minami said in surprised

“Where is everyone?” they said and run around

“Uncle Kuu” Minami calls

“Yuki, everyone" Atsuko calls

Suddenly a group of masked men appears and surrounds them.

“Who are you?” Minami asks

“You people are really annoying. Making that ship exploded still can’t kill you. Lightning-sama is correct. She said that you will come here.” A man walks out and said

“You are Lightning’s underling?” Atsuko said

“Yes, I’m. Do you want to know what happened here?” The man said and smirks

“Lightning did that?” Minami shouts

“Yes, Lightning-sama ordered us. After your ship sank, she led us to attack this house and burned it down." the man said and laughs.

"Uncle Kuu." Atsuko thought and holds her fists tight

"You, I will make you pay for that." Atsuko shouts and rushes to the man together with Minami.

"Kill them" the man shouts

Suddenly a lot of arrows are shot to them.

"Archers?" Minami shouts

"Do you think I only bring those men to attack you two? I'm not that stupid" the man said and laughs.

Atsuko and Minami fight the men while dodging the arrows. Sudden the archers stop shooting at Atsuko and Minami.

"What happened? I did not order to stop" the man turns around and angrily shouts

"They did not stop. They just cannot shoot anymore." a voice appears in the forest.

"Jun, Rena." Atsuko calls

Jun and Rena step out of the forest while holding their swords

"How can that be?" the man steps back

"Sorry to disappoint you that we are still alive" another girl voice appears at the left side

"Yuki" Atsuko happily calls

“I think that your “Lightning-sama” didn’t expect this huh?”

"Mayu" Minami calls

The man stuns

"I should also give credit to that woman. She managed to sneak in our ship" a girl voice appears

"Also able to destroyed the ship, my masterpiece" a man voice adds.

"Mii, Mariko." Minami calls.

"You two are really late. You make us waiting for you for too long." a voice appears from another side.

"Yuu, Nyan Nyan" Atsuko and Minami calls

"How can that be? You people are still alive." The surprised man said

"Too bad, it is happened this way. We are still alive, and you will die here. After that will be Lightning’s turn" Atsuko said and smirks.

"Not too soon" the man calms down and said.

Then he throws something on the ground making the smoke spread around the place. When the smoke disappears, he already escaped.

"Next time I will get him for sure. I will make Lightning pay for all her action" Atsuko thought while frowning

Then Atsuko remember his words. She quickly turns around

"Mii, how is uncle? Does he..." Atsuko hesitantly asks

Minami also looks at them with worry eyes

"Don't worry. He, uncle Riku, and uncle Ryu are ok." Mii said

"Uncle Kuu, Riku, and my father escaped from the house before it burned down." Yuki said

Atsuko signs a relief sign.

"By the way, how are you guys doing?" Minami asks

"We are perfectly fine." Yuu said

"How about you two? What took you guys so long?" Mariko asks

"We are fine. The storm held us back" Atsuko said.

"And, what is that cool looking ship that you are in?" Mii asks

"Our friend gave it to us as their appreciation gift. I will tell you guy later." Minami said

"Firstly, can you guys take us to uncle?" Minami said

"Ok, follow us." Jun said

Then they lead them go deep in the forest. They come before a big rock. Mii taps at the side of the rock. Suddenly it opens

"This is my father secret lab." Mii said

Then they all go inside

"Takamina, Acchan, I'm so glad that you two are ok." Kuu happily said

"Sorry uncle for making you worry." Minami said

"So, what happened?" Atsuko asks

"Are you all ok?" she worried asks

"We are fine. Don't worry" Riku said

"Ryu saved us" Kuu said


After seeing the group left, Kuu, Riku and Ryu go back to the house

"So, the young left. Now, there are only the old in the house" Kuu jokily said

"Uh." Ruki nods and laughs

“Ryu, how are you doing?” Kuu asks

“Thank you Minegishi-san, I’m fine.” Ryu said

“Good to hear that. Just call me Kuu” Kuu said

“Ryu, I heard that Yuki accepted you right?” Riku asks

“Uh” Ryu happily nods

“You can’t image how happy I’m when she calls me “father,” Riku. After all those time, just her simple call made me feel like I’m really alive” Ryu happily said

“I’m so glad” Riku said and smiles

While they are talking with each other, Kuu's servants run into the room.

"Master, there is a group of men advance toward here. They carry a lot of weapons with them" the servant hurriedly said

"Who are they?" Kuu said

“We don’t know. However, they don’t look friendly to me.” The servant said

"Ok, I got it. You guys quickly go to the hideout to evade dangerous now." Kuu said

"How about you, sir?" the servant worriedly asks

"Don't worry. I will be fine. Now go." Kuu orders

"Yes sir" they answer

Then they leave the room

"Who are they?" Riku said

"It is them. Maybe they saw that the kids already left the place. Therefore, they come here to kill us." Ryu said

"Anyway, let's get out of here first." Kuu said, and they run out of the room

When they are about to leave the house, a lot of arrows are flying toward them. Ryu takes out his sword and stand in front of Riku and Kuu. He blocks all the arrows that fly toward them.

"Black, you are alive huh?" the woman said

"It is you. Where is Daiki?" Ryu said

"My mighty boss already got rid of that hopeless servant." the woman said

"Daiki was dead." Ryu said in surprise

"Yes. He is a hopeless servant. He cannot even kill a small group of pirate." the woman laughs

"So, now he orders you to replace him. Be careful. One day, you will have the same ending as him" Ryu smirks

"You don't need to worry about that. I already got rid of those annoying." she said and smirks

"What did you do to them?" Ryu shout angrily

"Take it easy. I just blew up their ship together with them." The woman said and laughs

"Lightning, I will never forgive you" Ryu said and rushes to her.

"Finish them" Lightning orders and steps back

"I have some business to go now. Enjoy your last moment" she laughs and leaves the place

At the place

Ryu is fighting with Lightning's men. Taking their loopholes, he quickly rushes back to the house with Kuu and Riku. They quickly hide behind the room

“What are we going to do now?” Riku said

"Let get out of here" Kuu said

"You guy leave first. I will stay here to buy you time. I also want to take revenge for Yuki." Ryu said

"You are as hot blooded as ever. She properly wants to make you angry so that she can kill you easily. They are pirate. I believe that they can be safe in any dangerous situation." Riku said

"I don't want Yuki to be sad when she comes back here and know that you are dead" Riku continues

"Even so we cannot escapes at the same time since they already surrounded the house" Riuku said

"Don't worry. Follow me to my room" Kuu said

Then Ryu protects them to Kuu's room

"I made a secret passage here. It leads to my secret lab. No one will know where it is." Kuu said

"Let's go" Kuu said, and they all jump down to the passage."

End Flashback

"I see. Because you did not leave the house, that why she thought that you all were dead" Atsuko said

"Uh" Kuu nods

"Thank to Ryu that we are safe now." Kuu said

Atsuko and Minami look at Ryu

"Thank you for saving them" Minami said and they bow before him

"'s ok, you two don't have to do that." Ryu said

"I own you two too much. I don't deserve your bow" Ryu said

"Uncle Ryu." Atsuko calls

"Yes" Ryu answers in surprise tone

He did not think that Atsuko will call him like that

"Can I call you that?" Atsuko asks

"O...of course. Please do." he happily said

“What kind of person Lightning is?” Atsuko asks

“I only knew through Daiki that she is one of the two strongest guardians of the boss. She is Lightning, and the other is a man named Thunder.” Ryu said

“They always go together, so you all have to be careful. They are very dangerous especially Thunder. I met him once. His killing aura can make anyone quiver.” Ryu serious said

“I see. So the boss uses his final card huh?” Minami said

“I guess so” Ryu said

“So, from now on we have to be careful” Mariko said

“Uh” everyone nods

"Put that aside, how did you guys back here?" Atsuko said

"When we were separated, Mayu and I was saved by a rich house." Yuki said

Then Yuki and Mayu tell them their story

"After solving their problem, they ordered their servant to take us back here" Yuki said

"I'm glad that you are ok Yuki" Atsuko happily said

“By the way, Atsuko-nee, Yuki, did you know who I met when I was on that island with Rena?" Jun asks

"Who?" Atsuko and Yuki asks

"I met Daisuke" Jun happily said

"Daisuke? What a coincident." Yuki said

"How is he doing?" Atsuko asks

"He is so mature now. He inherited his father's business. He is not that stubborn teenager anymore" Jun said

Then he tells everyone about his adventure.

"It must be hard for him. I'm glad that he is fine now." Atsuko said

"He also said that he really misses you two." Jun said, and Atsuko and Yuki smiles.

"That remind me, Acchan, I also met Kazuki" Haruna said

"Kazuki? ...the kid on the "Dew island"?" Atsuko said

"Yes it is him." Haruna said

Then Haruna and Yuu tell them about their stories.

"Yuu, I'm glad that you also can take your revenge" Minami said

"Uh" Yuu smiles and nods

Then Mariko and and Kuu also tell them about their stories.

"How about you two?" Mariko asks

"We were saved by a Mayor in an island. Then we helped him solve a missing case" Minami said

"About that, I found this letter when Minami and I went to fight with the boss." Atsuko said and takes out the letter.

The she give it to Jun to read it

"Prepare your goods. Deliver time is in two day"

"This handwriting looks so familiar" Rena said

Everyone turns and looks at Rena with surprised look

"You know this person, Rena?" Jun asks

"Uhm..." Rena closes her eyes and tries to remember

"Ah, that handwriting belongs to Roy." Rena said

"Roy? Matsui Roy? That jerk?" Jun said

"Yes, once I saw his letter that he sent to my father.” Rena said

"Uh, those pirate once mention about Matsui clan in their conversation" Atsuko said

"He dares to do something like that. Matsui clan reputation will be affected by that jerk action" Jun angrily said

"I will go back there and takes off his mask" Jun slams the table and stands up

"Jun, calm down" Rena holds his hand and said

"How can I calm down? I can overlook his action selling me when I was a kid. However, I cannot let he do something that affect Matsui clan." Jun said

"I will takes this letter and tell everyone in the Matsui clan about his action, I cannot let him take the head of the Matsui clan and destroy it" Jun continues

"Do you think with only that letter you can accuse him?" Ryu said

"Who do you think they choose to believe? A person who is missing for over ten years, or a person who will soon become the head of their clan?" Ryu continues

Hearing that, Jun looks down and sits back to the chair.

"However, we cannot leave him like that" Rena worriedly said while trying to comfort Jun

"We won't let him do what he wants. However we have to do it in another way." Atsuko said

"What do you mean?" Jun asks

"We will go there and investigate." Minami said

"Go there and investigate?" Yuu asks

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"But Atsuko-nee, how about your and Takamina's problem? I cannot bother you with this." Jun said

“Your problem is our problem” Atsuko said and smiles

"Uh, also our problem is related to this." Minami said

"Uh, the boss is the one that wants my father to die. If I can solve this matter, Minami and I can get closer to the truth." Atsuko said.

"Then when will we leave for that Island?" Mii asks

"Tomorrow" Atsuko said

"That quick?" Kuu asks

"Yes uncle." Atsuko nods

"Ok, then you guys should rest now so that tomorrow you guys can go with full power" Riku said

"Ok." everyone responds

At night

Yuki sits at the cave gate and looks at the sky

“Can I sit next to you?” A voice said

Yuki turns around to look at the person

“Father, of course” She said

They sit silently next to each other

“Why are you sitting here?” Ryu asks

“Uhm...nothing. I just want enjoy the night sky” Yuki said

“Oh,” Ruy said

“You know what Yuki?” Ryu said

“What is it?” Yuki asks

“You are just like your mother. She also likes looking at the night sky. She said that by looking at the starry sky, her mind can be refreshed” Ryu said and smiles

“Is that so” Yuki asks

“Uh” Ryu nods

Then Yuki looks at the starry sky. She takes and deep breath and smiles

“Say father, can you tell me more about mother?” Yuki asks

“Your mother is the gentlest woman in the world. She has a very kind heart. She saved me when I was badly injured although that time her face showed that she was very scared. She treats everyone around her nicely. Slowly I fell in love with her. She will help everyone who need her help without hesitation. I love every part of her. She was very happy when she has you.” Ryu said and smiles

However, that smile doesn’t last long. Yuki looks at him with a worry eyes.

“Yuki, I’m not a good father, right?” Ryu said

Yuki looks at him with surprised look

“All my life, I always did wrong thing. Being an assassin is the most stupid thing I did in my life. Because of that, my family was destroyed, and Juri was killed. Because of that I was separated with you for all those years.” Ryu sadly said and tear rolls on his cheeks

Yuki just sits there silently while listening to him

“I’m also a terrible person.” He continues

“Because of my past, Daiki used me to kill Acchan’s and Takamina's parents. I indirectly destroyed two innocent families and make Acchan and Takamina suffer for 20 years" Ryu sally said

“I’m useless” he said and hits his hand on the stone

“Please don’t do that. The past is the past. You have to look at the future and what in front of your eyes. If you know that you were wrong, that is enough. If you just live in the past and let it torture and destroy your life and your future, my mother will be sad. Instead of that, why don’t you use your life to fix your mistake?” Yuki bends down in front of him and said

“If you think you are not a good father, why don’t you try to be a good one? Didn’t I give you the second chance already, father” Yuki wipes his tear and smiles

“Yuki” Ryu calls Yuki

“Also, if you said that you are a terrible person, then fix it. Atsuko-nee and Takamina also forgave you right. I also own Atsuko-nee a lot. If she weren’t there, then there would be no Yuki standing here right now. Therefore, you and I will find a way to repay their kindness, ok” Yuki said and smiles

“I will, I definitely will do” Ryu said and smiles

Behind the gate, there are two figures standing there and smiles

“You already grew up Yuki, I’m so glad” Atsuko thought

“Atsuko, you are very happy right now right?” Minami whispers and kisses her cheek

“Uh, Yuki finally release all the weight in her heart. It is great” Atsuko holds Minami’s hand and said

“It already late, let's go back to sleep, Atsuko” Minami said and holds Atsuko’s hand

“Uh” Atsuko nods

In the morning

The group repairs their thing to go to Elite Island. Atsuko, Minami, Yuu, Mayu, Yuki, and Kuu walk out of the cave first. While they are standing in the forest and talking with each other and wait for the rest, Ryu shouts

“Acchan, watch out”

There is an arrow that flies toward Atsuko. He rushes and pushes Atsuko aside. The arrow flies cuts Atsuko at her arm and pierces in Ryu’s shoulder

“Uncle Ryu” Atsuko shouts

“Papa” Yuki rushes to him.

Minami and Yuu run to the arrow’s direction

At Yuki’s side

Mayu immediately rushes to Ryu to check on him

“Papa, are you ok?” Yuki said in worry tone

“Yuki, don't worry. I'm fine.” Ryu holds his his injured shoulder

“How is he, Mayu?” Atsuko worriedly asks

Mayu is still checking on his shoulder. He tries to find a way to take out the arrow in the way that least painful

“Uncle Ryu is fine. However the arrow was shot with a very strong power. I’m trying to find a less painful way to take it out. Plus, it didn’t harm his shoulder and tendons.” Mayu said

At the same time

Jun and Rena together with Mariko, Mii, and Haruna come out. Seeing what happened, they rush to them and ask

“What happened?” Jun asks

“Someone shot the arrow at Acchan. Ryu got shot while protecting her.” Kuu asks

“Acchan, your arm is bleeding” Rena worriedly said

“I’m ok. Let take uncle Ryu into the cave first” Atsuko said

“Ok” Jun and Mii said

Then they help Mayu take Ryu back to the cave

At the same time

Minami, and Yuu run to the arrow direction. They see a man with black clothes and next to him is a women with a white coat.

"Lightning? I should have known. Did you shoot that arrow?" Minami shouts

"Yes that is me. We meet again handsome bodyguard" the woman said and waves her hand at Minami.

“Handsome bodyguard?” Yuu looks at Minami

“Atsuko and I met her once” Minami said

"I see" Yuu said

"Then you are Thunder?" Yuu continues

The man still stays silent.

"Too bad, the arrow missed its target." Lightning said with a disappointed voice.

"However, it still hit that traitor, so it would be fine" she continues

"Don't call him like that. You people and your boss is the one made him like that. He is not like you guy. He has a heart and love for his family." Minami shouts.

"Enough of chits chat. If I cannot kill Maeda Atsuko, I will kill two of you instead." she said

Then she and Thunder rushes to attack them. While Minami is fighting with Lightning, Yuu is fighting with Thunder

At Minami's side
Lightning takes out her sword and attack Minami.

"You are quite strong. Why don't you follow me? I will spare your life." Lightning said with seductive voice and winks at him.

“Leave that little captain and follow me. I’m way better than her” She continues

"Shut up. Who do you think you are? I'm not go with an ugly like you. Don't compare yourself with my Atsuko." Minami shouts while jumping up to dodge lightning attack

“You have no position in comparing to her. A black hearted and cruel person” He continues

"Ugly? How can you say that while you still haven’t seen my face yet.” Lightning said in pouting tone.

“I can definitely about that even without looking at your face. Your action show me how you are” Minami said

“What a strong mouth. I will make you pay for saying that to me" lightning shout and rushes to Minami

They fight each other from tree to tree their swords crash against each other. Then Minami bends down to dodge lightning's sword. Then he rolls to the side and injure lightning face
Lightning groan in pain

"You dare to injure my face" Lightning shouts and rushes to Minami.

She is more aggressive now. She attacks Minami quicker. Minami only can dodge. Then she turns around to pierce her sword in Minami chest. Minami dodges. The sword cause a small injure on his left arms

Mean while

At Yuu's side

Thunder rushes to attack Yuu. Yuu jumps up to dodge the attack. Then he takes out his daggers and attack Thunder. They fight and dodge for a while.

"You are quite skilled." Thunder said

"You finally speak. I thought you are mute" Yuu said and smirks

Thunder keeps silent and attacks Yuu again. Yuu tries to steps back to dodge his attack. Suddenly he rushes forward and slashes his stomach. Luckily, Yuu are able to react quickly. The slash only caused a small scratch on his stomach. Suddenly something from his clothes falls out.

Thunder wider his eyes when seeing that. He jumps back.

At Minami's side

After injured Minami left arms, Lightning rushes to attack him once again. When she is about to attack him, she sees Thunder stops fighting and jumps back to the tree. Although she doesn't understand why, she jumps back to the tree

"Today, we will leave like this. However, next time, you will become a victim under my sword" Lightning said and leaves with thunder.

"Takamina, are you ok?" Yuu runs to Minami and asks

"I'm fine. How about you?" Minami asks

"I'm ok." Yuu said

"Let's go back." Minami said

Then they return to the cave. They quickly run inside. Haruna sees Yuu comes back with Minami. She runs to Yuu

"Yuu, you are injured." Haruna worriedly said

"I'm fine Nyan Nyan. Don't worry." Yuu said

At the same time

"Atsuko" Minami calls Atsuko

Seeing Minami, Atsuko runs to him

"Minami, are you ok? Your arm" Atsuko worriedly asks

"I'm fine Atsuko. It is just a scratch." Minami said and smiles

“How about yours?” Minami looks at her arms

“I’m ok, but uncle Ryu’s right arm…” Atsuko sadly said

"How is uncle Ryu?" Minami asks

"He is fine, but his arm…." Atsuko hugs Minami and sobs

“Because the arrow pierced too deep inside his shoulder, it damaged his right arm’s tendons. Although Mayu tried his best to take the arrow out, he can’t save his arm. He can’t never hold a sword or use his right arm freely like before” Haruna said

“That is all my fault” Atsuko said

“Atsuko” Minami hugs her and pats her back

“I’m fine Acchan, don’t worry.” Ryu said

Yuki helps him walk to the room

“I still have one hand left. I also don’t want to fight anymore, so it is ok” He said and smiles

Atsuko turns to him

“I’m sorry uncle Ryu. Because of saving me, you can’t use your right hand anymore” Atsuko said and bows 90 degree

“Acchan, please don’t do this” Ryu holds her shoulder and said

“I did a lot of wrong thing all my life. However, today, I finally did one right thing. I saved daughter of my daughter's savior. Therefore, even losing one of my arms, I’m still very happy” Ryu smiles and said

"Also, I still can use it. It just not flexible like before. That is all." Ryu continues

Minami comes in front of Ryu

“Thank you uncle Ryu for saving Atsuko’s life. I’m deeply thankful about that” Minami said and bows

“It is ok, Takamina” Ryu said

Then they have to delay one day to prepare everything again

At night

In Yuu’s room

Yuu is running around his room. He is trying to look for something

“It is not here, not here, not here” Yuu said in panic

Haruna steps into his room. Seeing the room all mess up, she widens her eyes in surprise

“Yuuchan, what happened?” Haruna asks

Yuu turns to Haruna

“Nyan Nyan, I lost my important item” Yuu said in panic

“Calm down Yuuchan. What did you lost? Let me help you” Haruna said

“My mom’s bracelet, the only thing she left for me” Yuu sadly said

“When is the last time you see it Yuu?” Haruna asks

“Last night, I still see it.” Yuu said

Then something flashes in his mind

“Thunder, I fought with thunder. Maybe when he slashes my clothes, it dropped” Yuu said

Then he rushes out of the case

“Yuu, wait” Haruna calls and rushes to him

In the forest

There is a shadow standing there and looking at a shiny thing on the ground. His eyes turn gentle when he is looking at it. Then he hears some foot steps, he jumps on the tree branch

Yuu rushes to the place. He looks all around the place. Then he sees the bracelet. He picks it up and holds it tightly

“Yuuchan, did you found it?” Haruna asks him

“Yes, I did. I thought I lost her bracelet” Yuu happily said and hugs Haruna tightly.

Then they go back to the cave. After they left, the figure step out of his hide. He turns his looks to Yuu’s direction.

In the next morning

Kuu and Riku will follow them to the shore to watch them depart. Ryu will stay at home because he still needs to rest. Before they go to the shore, Ryu calls Mayu

“Mayu, please promise me. Always take good care of her and don't let her be in any danger” Ryu said

"Don't worry uncle Ryu. I will do everything to protect her." Mayu said firmly

“Good luck you all.” Ryu said

“Thank you uncle” Atsuko said

Then they leave the cave and go to the shore

"Uncle, you two have to be careful. Maybe they still want to kill you." Minami worriedly said

"Don't worry. That cave is very secretive." Kuu said

"Take care uncle Kuu. Uncle Riku, I think you should be here. Go back to your house right now could be very dangerous." Atsuko said

"Acchan is correct dad. I think you should stay here for a while." Haruna said

"Uh, I know. You guys also take care ok" Riku said

"Yes, we know." Jun said

“Uncle kuu, Riku, please take care of my father.” Yuki said

“Don’t worry we will” Kuu said

Then they go into the ship and depart to the Elite Island.


That is chapter 18. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Chapter 19: Matsui Clan

When they settled everything at Kuu's house, the group departs to the Elite Island.

In the meeting room

Atsuko and the rest gather to discuss about the plan.

"Roy is a smart man. We should be careful when dealing with him" Rena said

"We cannot go against him openly because almost everyone in the clan is on his side." Rena continues

"I see." Atsuko said

"How about my parent?" Jun asks

"Your parent...." Rena pauses and looks down.

"What happened to them, Rena?" Jun worriedly asks

"Sorry for keep this as a secret Jun" Rena sadly said to Jun

"They are there, but their power is not there. They were expelled from Matsui Clan 5 years ago." Rena said

"Why? What happened?" Jun asks

"Roy accused your father that he used Matsui clan's ship to deliver some illegal goods." Rena said

"How can that be? He definitely would not do that" Jun shouts

"I know. I also said that to my father hoping him to stand up for your father. Because of our house relation, I hope that with my father position, they can reconsider that. However, he said that Roy had a witness and evident." Rena sadly said

"That bastard. I will kill him" Jun said and slams the table

"Sorry Jun. I cannot do anything to help them" Rena said and sobs

"It is ok, Rena. We will help them clear their name for sure" Jun said and wipes Rena tear.

"Jun is right, we will make Roy pay for his action." Atsuko said 

"How about the head of the clan?" Minami asks

"Uhm...Jun's grandfather." Rena said

"What's wrong?" Yuki asks

"There is something weird about him." Rena said

"What is it?" Jun asks

"After Jun kidnapped, he never goes out of his room. The only person can go to his room to deliver his words is Roy." Rena said

"There is something fishy about that." Yuu said

"I think we should go in that way." Jun said

"Rena, is there any trustworthy person in Matsui clan?" Atsuko said

"Uhm....I guess Jun's aunt." Rena said.

"Aunty Tamaki?" Jun asks

"Yes, it is her. Remember, she really loves you and takes care of you when you were a kid?" Rena said

"When your father was accused, she stands up for him. However because lacking of evident, she had to step back. But she always said that your father is innocent." Rena said.

"I always went out to meet her. She is an independent member in Matsui clan. She is very straight forward." Rena continues

"I see. So we maybe have one ally." Jun said

"However, we also have to be careful. Because you haven't met her in more than 3 year, we should be caution before showing her our intention." Atsuko said

"Uh, we should consider possibility that she may be in Roy's side now" Mariko said

"Until we get a strong evident to accuse him, we have to investigate secretly" Minami said.

“Uh,” Everyone nods

"While doing that, we also have to test her to see if she is still herself." Yuu adds

"About testing her, can you do that Rena?" Atsuko said

"I think I can" Rena said

"Jun, I guess you shouldn't reveal yourself at this moment." Minami said

"Yes, I know." Jun said

"I think you should disguise yourself and investigate around the city" Mariko said

"Uh, I think so." Jun said

“One more thing, if he is one of them, I think Acchan shouldn’t appear too.” Mariko said

“Uh, there is a chance that he will know me.” Atsuko said

“I think I will investigate outside. Maybe in the Matsui clan employees” Atsuko continues

“I will go with her. Rena, can you help us go into the employee?” Minami asks

“I think I can. My father’s friend work there.” She said

“Haruna and I will investigate Matsui clan.” Yuu said

“Yuki, Mayu, Mariko, and Mii will go with Rena to her house and watch out everything around her.” Minami said.

“Ok, let’s settle everything like that.” Atsuko said

Then they go back to their room and rest

In the morning

The ship reached the island. They park far away of the city so that no one can notice them. Then each of them goes to their own job.

Rena and the four go to Rena’s house. Jun disguises himself and goes into the city.


At the ship

Atsuko, Minami, Yuu, and Haruna stay in the ship and disguise them self for their job. Because Atsuko has to work in the ship, among the employees, she has to disguise into a boy.

"Minami, look, do I look cool?" Atsuko happily asks Minami

He chuckles with his fiancée’s cuteness

"Of course you are. My Atsuko is beauty as a girl and handsome and cool as a boy." Minami said and pinches Atsuko's cheeks.

"If I'm a girl, I will definitely fall for you" Minami said and pecks her lips

"Thank you Minami" Atsuko said and kisses Minami's cheeks

Then they go to the meeting room and wait for Yuu and Haruna

After a while   

Haruna finished make up for Yuu, and they go to the meeting room. Minami and Atsuko are sitting in the meeting room. Seeing Yuu walks in, they burst into laugh


"Shut up you two." Yuu shouts

"Calm down Yuuchan. You are very cute." Haruna comfort Yuu.

"Nyan Nyan" Yuu calls and hugs Haruna.

"Haruko-chan, you are so cute" Atsuko calls

Then she and Minami laugh again.

"You two, I will make you pay later." Yuu angrily shouts

"Enough of playing, let get to work guys." Atsuko said and stand up


Then Haruna and Yuu go to Matsui clan. Atsuko and Minami still have to wait for Rena’s news

Rena's side

Rena and the four go to her house. When she reaches the house, a guard said happily

"Rena-sama, you are back."

"Hello" Rena said

"They are my friends" she introduces the four

"Go and call master and mistress." he orders the other guard

Then Rena goes into the house.

"Rena, you are back" a woman calls and runs to hug her

"Mom," Rena calls and hugs her back

"Are you ok? How are you doing these years? You look so thin" her mother worriedly said and sobs

"I'm fine, mom. Don't worry" Rena smiles and said

"Why did you come back here? You dare to run away from home and the engagement. Do you know how embarrass I was?" a man comes out and shouts.

"Honey, Rena just came back don't yell at her like that." Her mother said

"Don't worry Rena. He was very worry about you when you left. He just acts like that" her mother whispers

Rena looks at her father and smiles. He turns away crosses his arms and a little blushes

" just came back. Go to your room and rest" He said while hiding his embarrass

"Someone, prepare four room for Rena's friends" he calls a servant

After that he goes back to his office.

"Come on Rena, I will lead you to your room" Her mother said

Then her mother leads Rena and the four to her room

In Rena's room

"Rena, I have a good news for you." her mother said and sits down

"What is it, mom?" Rena asks

"Your father already cancelled the engagement" her mother happily said

"Really, mom?" Rena cheerfully asks

"Uh" she nods

"He was very sad when you were gone. He regretted that he forced you." her mother continues

Rena happily hugs her mother

"It is very good right Rena" Yuki said and smiles

"Uh" Rena said

"Mom, I want to introduce you to my friends. They saved me from pirates and helped me a lot" Rena said

"You were kidnapped" her mother gasps in shock

"I'm fine now mom. They saved me" Rena said.

"Thank you everyone." Rena's mom said and smiles

"Mom, let me introduce them to you" Rena stands up and said

"This is Yuki, and next to her is Mayu"

"That is Mariko, and next to her is Mii" Rena continues.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Matsui" they bow and said

''Nice to meet you all" Rena mom said

"Mom, I have a favor to ask" Rena turns to her mom and said

"What is it, honey?" she asks

"I have two other friends. They also helped me. They want to work at Matsui clan ship dock. Can you ask father about that?" Rena said

"Ok, honey. What are their names?" She asks

"Their names are...."

In the morning

At a big restaurant

"Minami, do you think they will hire us?" Atsuko asks

"I think we will pass. After all Rena is already sure about that." Minami answers


At the ship

Yuki, Mayu walk into the ship

"Hello Yuki, Mayu" Atsuko and Minami greet

"Hi" they greet back

"How is thing going?" Atsuko asks

"Everything is ok. Rena's father and mother very love her. There is nothing to be worry at the house." Yuki said

"That's good" Atsuko said

"Her father also cancelled her engagement with Roy." Yuki said

"That is a good new" Minami said

"Rena also told her mother about you two. Her mother said that tomorrow the manager will meet you two at this restaurant." Mayu said and gives them the paper that has the restaurant name on it.

"Ok." Minami takes the paper

"By the way, where are Rena and the rest?" Atsuko asks

"Rena is still talking with her parent. Mariko and Mii are staying there to check on the house" I see

"Where are Nyan Nyan and Yuu?" Yuki asks

"They went to the Matsui clan to apply for the job." Atsuko answers

"I see" Yuki said

End Flashback

When they are talking, a men walk into the room. They stand up and now before him

"You two are Katsu and Katsuo, right?" The man said

"Yes, we are" Minami answers.

"My name is Katsu, and this is my little brother” Minami said

“My name is Katsuo” Atsuko said.

“My name is Nobu, Manager in the Matsui clan ship dock.” Nobu said

“Hello sir” Atsuko and Minami said

“You two look so skinny with the porter job” Nobu said

“Don’t worry sir. We are stronger than we look” Minami said

“Ok, your job is carrying goods from the dock into the ships. I will take you to the ship dock to see how they work.” Nobu said

“Yes sir.” Atsuko and Minami said

After a while they reach the ship dock

“Everyone, come here. I will introduce you to two new workers.” Nobu calls

Then all of them gather in front of them.

“This is Katsu, and that is Katsuo. From tomorrow, they will work here. Everyone, remember to help them.” Nobu said

Mean while

Outside of Matsui’s household

“Ready Nyan Nyan, We will go inside to take the task” Yuu said

“Uh” Haruna nod

Then they walk to the back door of the house. They knock the door

“What do you want?” an old man asks

“Hello sir, my name is Haruko, and she is my sister Haruka. We just came to this island, and we lost all our money. Therefore we want to find a job to earn enough money to go back to our hometown.” Yuu said and fakes crying.

“What a pity. Come in you two. I will ask my master to see if she agrees to hire you two as the maid at the house.” the old man said

“Thank you sir” Yuu bows and said.

“Wait here. I will be right back.” the old man said and leaves

“Yuu, do you think they will hire us?” Haruna whispers in Yuu’s ear

“Don’t worry Nyan Nyan, I’m very confident with my acting skill.” Yuu confidently whispers in Haruna’s ear

“By the way, from now on, you should call me Haruko.” Yuu continues

After a while

The old man comes back

“Miss Tamaki agreed to hire you two. Now follow me.” the old man said

“Yes sir.” The two happily said

“Thank you for helping us” Yuu said

“It is ok. Looking at you two remind me of my daughter. By the way, from now on just call me uncle Nori.” The man said and smiles

“Yes, uncle Nori” Yuu and Haruna said

While they are walking, Nori introduces them about the house.

“From now on, Haruko, you will server Master Roy. You have to serve tea and bring food for him.” Nori said

“Roy, it is a good chance.” Yuu smiles in his mind

“Yes, uncle Nori.” Yuu answers

“And you, Haruka, You will server Miss Tamaki. Because her servant just left, you will be her personal maid.” Nori said

“Yes, uncle Nori.” Haruna said

“Here is your room.” Nori said and shows the two their room

“Thank you” they said

“Haruko, go to the kitchen to work. Haruka, follow me, I will lead you to Miss Tamaki’s room” Nori said

“Yes, uncle” They bow and said

In the market

After Atsuko and Minami go around the ship dock, they are dismissed. They will start their work from tomorrow. After preparing everything, they happily walking around the market and talking with each other

"Those goods look heavy don't you think, Minami?" Atsuko asks

"Uh, are you really ok, Atsuko?" Minami worriedly asks

"Uh, I'm will be fine." Atsuko confidently said

"However, after this, I want you to treat me a big meal" Atsuko continues and smiles brightly

"Of course, anything for my food-lover girlfriend" Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose.

They walk by a big and luxury looking carriage. The man turns around and looks at Atsuko

"That smile..." He thought.

In the evening

At Rena’s side

Rena goes out with Mariko. She goes to the restaurant to wait for Jun’s aunt.

“I hope that she is ok” Rena said

“Uh, we need her in our side” Mariko said

Then they hear a knocking sound. A gorgeous lady comes in

“Rena, long times no see, how are you doing?” She happily said

“Aunt Tamaki, I’m fine. How are you?” Rena said

“I’m very good” she answers

Then she steps in the room. There is a girl follow her

“Nyan Nyan?” Mariko and Rena surprise thought.

“Who is she aunt Tamaki?” Rena calms asks

“She is my new personal maid, Haruka. Her and her sister is in trouble. They want to earn some money to go back to their home town, so I hired them.” She said

“Hello Misses, My name is Haruka.” Haruna said and bows

“Nice to meet you” Rena said

“And who is she Rena?” Tamaki asks

“She is my friend who I met when I went away.” Rena said

“Hello My name is Shinoda Mizuki. Nice to meet you” Mariko said and bows

“Nice to meet you, too” Tamaki said

Then they sit down and talk


Jun take a little walk around the city

“This place changed a lot. It cannot be helped. He sold me when I was just 5.” he thought

“I wonder how they are doing now.” Jun thought

When Jun looks across the market street, he sees a middle aged woman. She looks so thin and pale.

“She looks familiar” Jun thought

Then he hears someone whispers behind him

“That is Mrs. Matsui, Matsui Tadashi’s wife. What an unfortunate family.”

“Mom” Jun thought

“Uh, their son was missing for years. Then they was expelled 5 years ago.” another housewife speaks up

“Looking at her right now. No one will know that she was once a Mistress from Matsui clan.” another woman said

“Uh, poor them. She always does charity works and helped a lot of poor people” another woman said and sighs

“Uh” The three women nods

Jun follow his mother to see what she is doing. His mother goes to shopping. Jun is standing in a corner of the street and looking at her. His tear rolls on his cheeks

“Mom, I’m such a useless and terrible son. For all that time, I didn’t know how hard you and Dad have been through. I just think about myself and act selfishly. I didn’t consider your feeling and decide to abandon you two and this clan.” Jun thought while holding his fists tightly.

After finishing shopping, she goes out of the city. Jun quickly follow her. While she is walking in the forest, a group of men walk out and block her way.

“My-my, what do we have here, our Emi-sama.” a man said and laughs

“Please step aside, I have to go back home” Jun’s mother said

“What if we don’t want” another man said and laughs

“What do you want?” Jun’s mother asks

“We want some money” the first man said

“I don’t have” She answers

“Don’t say thing like that Emi-sama. Just give us some of your money and you can go” a man walk toward her and said

“I don’t have. Even if I have, I will never give to those like you” Jun’s mother said

“You…” Then man raises his hand to slap her

His hand is stopped by Jun.

“How can you treat someone older than you like that? Her age can be your mother” Jun shouts and throws the man’s hand down

“Who are you? It is none of your business.” He shouts

“I’m just a free traveler. I just want to help her from your despicable action.” Jun said

“You don’t know who you pick on, travel man” The man said

“Hee! You guys that scary?” Jun said in challenging tone

“Young man, thank you for helping me. However, don’t fight with them. They are Matsui Roy’s men. He is about to become the most powerful person here. I don’t want to trouble you” Jun’s mother said

“Mrs. I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m not afraid of anyone. I just do what I think is right” Jun said to her

“Let see what a big mouth like you have” the man said

“Get him guys” he shouts

Then the group rushes and attack Jun. Jun easily takes them down.

“Remember that. You picked on the Matsui clan. Your life will not be easy. I will revenge” the man shouts

“I’m waiting” Jun said

Then the men run away.

“Thank you, young man” Emi said

“No problem. Where is your house, I will escort you there?” Jun said

“No, it is ok. I can’t bother you” She said

“It does not bother at all. Just tell me.” Jun said and smiles

“Then thank you.” She said

“No problem. By the way, give me those heavy things, I will carry for you.” Jun said

“But…” She hesitant

“It is ok” Then Jun takes all the things that his mother is carrying and walks her back home.

At the same time

In Matsui house

In the kitchen

“Everyone, today, we have a new maid in the house.” The chief said

“Her name is Haruko” he said

“Hi everyone, my name is Haruko. Nice to meet you all” Yuu said and bows

“Everyone, please help her from now on.” the chief said

“Yes sir” they all said

“Haruko bring this food to Master Roy’s office” the chief said

“Yes sir” Yuu said

Then Yuu brings the tea and food to Roy’s room. He knocks the door

“Master, here is your lunch.” Yuu said

“Come in.” He said

Then Yuu opens the door and comes in

“Just put it on the table” Roy said

“Yes sir” Yuu answers

“Are you new?” Roy asks

“Yes, I’m. I was hired this morning.” Yuu slowly said and bows

“I see.” Roy said

“Wait, tomorrow, clean up my room and my office while I’m out” Roy said

“Yes master” Yuu said and bows

“I have to take this chance to investigate him” Yuu thought.

“Do you need anything master?” Yuu asks

“No, you can go now.” he said

“Then I will take my leave.” Yuu bows and leaves

At night

While Rena is sitting in her room, a figure jumps into her room.

"Jun" Rena happily calls and rushes to hug him

"Rena" Jun hugs her back

"To days, I cannot talk to you. I miss you so much" Jun said and buries his face on her neck

"I miss you, too Jun" Rena said

Jun breaks the hug and kisses Rena’s lips. Jun hugs her waist while Rena puts her hands on Jun’s neck to deepen their kiss. After a while, they break the kiss and connect their forehead

"Rena, I'm very happy that your father canceled that marriage." Jun whispers

"Uh" Rena smiles

Then they sit down and talk

"This morning, how is thing doing with aunt Tamaki?" Jun asks

“About that…”


At the restaurant

Rena and Tamaki are talking with each other.

“How are you doing these years, aunty?” Rena asks

“I’m doing fine. I still manage the business at the west side of the island” Tamaki said

“How about you Rena? Did you find uhm...Haruka, I want to talk privately with Rena a little bit. Can you go back to the house first?” Tamaki said

“Yes, ma’am” Haruna said and leave

“If so then I will take my leave too.” Mariko said and goes out

“Ok. Talk to you later” Rena said

“Did you find Jun, Rena?” Tamaki said in low tone

“I didn’t” Rena shakes her head

“So, there is no news about him” Tamaki said in disappointed tone.

“I also secretly hired a lot of people to find him, but I received the same result” She continues

Rena is silent and looks down

“Don’t worry, Rena. We will find him for sure” Tamaki said and smiles

“Uhm… aunty Tamaki, about Roy, What do you think about him?” Rena asks

“Roy? Uhm… I don’t know why did you mention him all of sudden, but I definitely against him to become the head of the clan.” Tamaki said

“I can feel something weird from him ever since the day Jun was missing. I have a feeling that he has something to do with that incident. If I know he relates to Jun’s missing, I will make him pay for sure.” She angrily said

“Hush, hush, Aunty, don’t you scare that Roy’s men will hear you say that?” Rena said in shaky tone.

“Rena, what happened to you? How can you say thing like this?" Tamaki said in confuse

"It is true. I heard my parent said that he is very strong. I think we shouldn't mess with him." Rena scarily said

Tamaki looks at her and frowning

"About Jun, I think we should give up now. I'm looking for him for 4 years, but didn’t make any progress. You too, don't waste your money with that problem" Rena carelessly said
Tamaki angrily slams the table and stands up

"How can you say thing like that Rena. I can't believe you turn into a person like this. Rena, I knew 4 years ago will never say that. Maybe I was wrong about you. You just like those in Matsui clan.” Tamaki said in anger

"I just tell the truth. It is your choice to listen or not. Maybe I will consider Roy's propose again" Rena said and shrugs

"He is now strong and powerful" she continues

"You... What make you turn into this terrible person" Tamaki said

"I’m just being a reasonable person. that is all. I think you should do that too, aunt Tamaki." Rena said

"Matsui Rena. You changed. You changed now. I can't recognize you now." Tamaki said while shaking her head

“I think I will go now.” Tamaki sighs and said

Then she angrily leaves the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant

Rena sits back and smiles happily

End Flashback

“With her reaction like that, I believe that she is still her” Rena said

“Sorry Rena, you had to act like that and listened to aunt Tamaki’s yell” Jun sadly said while stroking Rena’s hair

“It is ok, Jun. If it is about you, I can do everything” Rena said and smiles

“Thank you, Rena. I love you” Jun said and hugs Rena tightly

“Everything for you Jun. You don’t have to thank me. And I love you, too Jun.” Rena hugs him back and said

“How about you Jun? What are you doing today Jun?” Rena asks

“I...I met my parent” Jun said

“You met them” Rena breaks the hug and asks in surprise

“Uh, however I hid my name. I said that I’m a free traveler.” Jun said

“I see.” Rena said

Then Jun tells Rena about how he met his parent

“My father is sick. I asked Mayu and Yuki there to help them” Jun said

Rena looks at Jun with surprise look


In the forest

Jun walks together with Yuki and Mayu

“Mayu, Yuki, can you two do me a favor?” Jun said

“Sure, what is it Jun?” Yuki said

“I want Mayu to check on a person. He is very important to me” Jun said

“Of course, who is he, Jun?” Mayu asks

“My father” Jun said

Yuki and Mayu look at him with surprised look. Then Jun tells them everything

“I will Jun. I will definitely cure him” Mayu said

“Thank you” Jun happily said and leads them to the house

End flashback

“I see. No wonder, I didn’t see them everywhere” Rena said

“I’m such a horrible and selfish son. My parent there endures a lot of pain and hardship. And I just selfishly go around and didn’t bother about their feeling at all” Jun said and slaps his face

“Calm down, Jun. You just didn’t know that. Don’t blame yourself about that. Your parent will be sad if seeing you like this” Rena holds Jun’s hands and said

“Everything will be fine, Jun. They will be fine, Jun” Rena hugs Jun tightly and said

At midnight

In the forest

“How are you doing Yuuchan?” Haruna said

“Everything is fine.” Yuu said

“Tomorrow, I will go in his office and his room to clean up” Yuu whispers

“Really?” Haruna said

“Yes, It is all thank to your genius hands that makes me looks so harmless” Yuu said

Then he lies on her laps and kisses her hand

“Stop flattering me Yuuchan.” Haruna said

“How about you, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu said

“I’m ok, too” Haruna said

“I tried to get close to some maids in the kitchen to find some information.” Haruna continues


“Haruka, can you go back first?” Tamaki said

“Yes, ma’am” Haruna said

Then she leaves the restaurant. When she reached the house, she goes into the kitchen. At there, she hears some maid is talking with each other. She comes closer to them and greets them.

“Hello everyone.”

“Hi Haruka. Why are you here? I thought you go with Tamaki-sama.” The maid A said

“She told me to go back and wait for her here.” Haruna said

“Oh, I see.” the maid B said

“Do you need help in anything? I’m free anyway.” Haruna said and smiles at them

“Uhm… nothing much. Can you help us clean up all of these ingredients?” The maid A said

“Sure” Haruna answers

They are happily talking. Their job ends quicker than every day.

“Thank you Haruka. You are a great help” The maids said

“It is ok. From now on, if you need anything, just tell me. If I’m free, I will help you” Haruna said and smiles

“Thank you, Haruka” they said

End flashback

"I see. that is a good start" Yuu said

"Uh" haruna nods

"Tomorrow, if I'm free, I will go there and investigate more" Haruna said

"Uh, However, Nyan Nyan, remember to be careful ok" Yuu said

"Uh, I will" Haruna said

“It is already late, Nyan Nyan, let’s go back now before someone notice that we are not in our room.” Yuu said

"Ok" Haruna said

Then they go back to the Matsui clan

Outskirt of the city

In a small house

Atsuko and Minami decided not to go back to the ship now to evade any suspicious; they rented a small house in the outskirt of the city. Atsuko is lying on the bed while thinking about what she heard this morning. Minami is lying next to her. Noticing that Atsuko is so quiet, he calls and asks her

"Atsuko, why are you so quiet?"

"Ah, I think about what we heard this morning when we was going around the dock." Atsuko answers

"I see. About that incident, right” Minami said

“Uh, there is definitely something fishy about this.” Atsuko said

“I think so. Maybe, that guy somehow directly or indirectly involve in Jun’s father case” Minami said

“I think so” Atsuko said

“I guess we have to tell this to Jun. He can investigate more from outside.” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Then we should…”

“Minami, another thing” Hasn’t finished his words, Atsuko turns to Minami and said

“When we were walking around, I overheard an interesting story from two workers there” Atsuko said

“What is it?” Minami asks while stroking her hair

“There is a ghost ship in the dock.” Atsuko said

“Ghost?” Minami said in surprise

“Uh, no one dares to come closer to that ship. They said that at night, they can hear women’s crying voice in there. Sometime is the scratching sound like someone use their nails to scratch the wood” Atsuko said
“That sound weird” Minami said

“Uh, I’m so curious. I want to know what is in there” Atsuko said excitedly

Minami sits up to looks at Atsuko and smiles. He puts his hands on two sides of Atsuko's head, then he bends down closer to her face making her blushes. Then he kisses her lips. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. They kiss each other passionately. Atsuko hugs his neck to deepen the kiss. After a while they break the kiss and smiles at each other.

"Ok, my little curious girl. It is very late now, let sleep. We have to wake up early for work tomorrow. We will investigate more tomorrow, ok." Minami said and smiles

"Ok" Atsuko said and smiles back at him

"Good night, Atsuko" he said and kisses her forehead

"Good night, Minami" Atsuko said

The he lies down next to her. Atsuko snuggles closer to Minami while Minami hugs her pulls her closer to him.

In a big house

"Give me that person picture" a man said

"Here sir" The woman said

"Why did you want to know her face?" She curiously asks

"Do I have to tell you every single thing I do" the man said in a cold tone

"No sir, I'm deeply sorry" The woman kneels down and said

"Ok, you can go now. Remember, do your best with your job. Don't disappointing me" he said

"I will do all my best sir" She said and bows

After the woman left, the man looks at the picture again

"I never thought that you will look just like her" he said and touches the person’s face in the picture

Then he leaves the room.

"Sir, are you leaving?" His servant asks

"Uh, go to Forbidden Island" he said


That is chapter 19. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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So many cute moments in this chapter :mon inluv:

Atsumina, Kojiyuu and Wmatsui are too much for my heart

On the downside, I feel bad for Jun and his parents  :mon cry:

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Whose that person in the picture  ;)
Why must you leave people hanging  :cry:
Update soon!
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I think the mysterious man is Atsuko's father
Yeah AtsuMina moments so cute ;)
Update soon! Thank you very much :)
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They kiss
each other passionately. Atsuko hugs his neck to deepen
the kiss. After a while they break the kiss and smiles at each
"Ok, my little curious girl. It is very late now, let sleep. We
have to wake up early for work tomorrow. We will
investigate more tomorrow, ok." Minami said and smiles

How rude you left it halfway  :angry:
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Oh... Atsuko is found out already

What kind of troubles are they going to come across?

Will the investigation go well?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@Bakamina_Oshi, @kimseoyeonc, @tong99826, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

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Here is chapter 20  :D

Chapter 20: Investigating

In the early dawn

Minami and Atsuko walk into the other side of the city to meet Jun

“Hi Atsuko-nee, Takamina” Jun waves at them

“Hi Jun” they greet him

“How is thing going?” Jun asks

“Everything is ok, today is our first day work there” Minami said

“Jun, we heard some information about your father’s case. We want you to investigate more” Atsuko said

“What is it, Atsuko-nee?” Jun asks

“Yesterday when we were walking around the dock with the supervisor, he accidentally spilled out something for us” Minami said


“Katsu, Katsuo, this is Haru. He is the supervisor. He will lead you guys around here” Nobu said

“Ok” Atsuko and Minami answer

“Hello, nice to meet you two” Haru said

“Nice to meet you” Atsuko and Minami said

Then he leads them go around the place

After a while

“What a tiring day. If Itachi didn’t sudden quit, I don’t have to do this.” Haru mumbles

However Atsuko heard what he said. She turns to him and innocently said

“Sorry for trouble you like this Haru-san” Atsuko bows and said

“If you don’t mind, we have some money. When you finish your work here, you can go to get some drink with your friends” Minami adds

“No, no, no, how can I take your money” Haru said

However, inside he is very happy

“It is ok. This is as our thank for your hard work” Minami said

“Then I will receive this. Katsu, Katsuo, you two will be fine here. I promise” He smiles and said

“Thank you Haru-san” Atsuko and Minami said and bow

Then they keep walking

“Uhm...Haru-san, forgive for my curiousity. Can I ask you something?” Atsuko asks

“Katsuo, you are my friend. Just ask me anything” He said and pats her shoulder

“Just now, I heard you mention about Itachi. Who is it?” Atsuko said

“Itachi, he is supervisor here as me. However he quit. Right after, Master Matsui Tadashi’s incident” Haru said

“What happened?” Atsuko continues

“He is the wit….” when he is about to say something then he stops

“Why did you want to know?” Haru looks at her and asks

“I just curious” Atsuko smiles and said

“Katsuo, don’t curious too much” Minami said

“Sorry, that is my bad habit. I’m sorry Haru-san” Atsuko said and bows

“It is ok. Little guy, let me tell you this. If you want to live peacefully in this place, don’t curious too much. Master Roy doesn’t like curious people” Haru said

“Ok, the tour is over. Tomorrow, you two have to come here early for work ok. Don’t be late” Haru said

“Yes, thank you Haru-san. I hope you enjoy your drink” Minami bows and said

“Katsuo, learn from your big brother” Haru said and leaves

End flashback

“I see. So if we stick with that guy, we can know more about my father's case right?” Jun said

“Uh” Atsuko and Minami said

“Haru mentioned Roy in this. Therefore, I guess it has something to do with both of them” Minami said

“I got it. Thank you Atsuko-nee, Takamina. I will go investigate about that” Jun happily said

“No problem” they said and smile

Then Jun leaves the place

“Come on Atsuko. Let get to work” Minami said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles and said

In a small house in the forest

“Thank you, Watanabe-san and Kashiwagi-san for taking care of my husband” Jun’s mother said and bows

“No problem, you don’t have to do that Matsui-san. We are Zoro’s and Rena’s friend. This is what we have to do.” Mayu said

“I didn’t know that you two also know Rena. It is very a great coincident” Emi said

“Uh” Yuki and Mayu smile and nod

“Rena is a good girl. Although I’m a little sad when she can’t find Jun, I’m glad that she safely back to her home. My poor Jun” Jun’s mother said and cries

“Don’t be sad Matsui-san. Rena said to us that she sees you two as her parent. Therefore you can just see us as your children” Yuki holds Emi’s hand and said

“Thank you, you two” She smiles at them and said

“It is nearly noon. I will go to the market to buy some food for you two.” Emi said

“It is ok Aunt Emi, I will go for you. You stay here to take of Uncle Tadashi” Yuki said

“Oh ok, Thank you you two” Emi said

“No problem Aunt Emi. You don’t have to keep thanking us like that” Mayu said and smiles

Then Yuki and Mayu leave the house. On their way, they meet Jun

“Hey, Jun” Yuki and Mayu greet him

“Hi Yuki, Mayu” Jun greets them

“Thank you very much for taking care of my parent” Jun continues

“You are really their son” Yuki said and smiles

“Huh?” Jun looks at her with confused look

“Your parent and you just keep thanking us all the time.” Mayu said and smiles

“You are our friend. You also grow up together with me. I see you as one of my family member, so are they. They are your parent. I see them as mine. Therefore don’t thank me anymore” Yuki said

Jun looks at them and smiles

“How is he?” Jun asks

“He is better now. I’m positive that he will get well in no time.” Mayu said

“I’m glad” Jun said and sighs in relieve

“Yesterday, when I saw him on his bed, I felt my heart hurt” Jun sadly said


On their way to Emi’s house

“Young man, may I know your name?” Emi asks

“My name is Zoro” Jun said

“Sorry for my curiousity, but why did you wear a half mask?” she asks

“Uhm...after an accident half of my face was burned. Therefore, I have to wear this” Jun answers

“Sorry Zoro-san” Emi said

“It is ok. And you don’t have to call me like that. Just Zoro is fine” Jun said and smiles

“Ok” she smiles back

“Matsui-san, can I ask you this question?” Jun said

“Uh, what is it Zoro?” Emi said

“Why did you know that those blocking you are Matsui Roy’s men?” Jun asks

“Because they do that every day, sometime they will take away my groceries. Sometime they will throw my thing on the ground.” Emi said

Jun holds his fists tight.

“I swear that I will make you pay for all you have done to my parent Roy” Jun thought in anger

“Why did he have to do that?” Jun asks

“Because he hates my husband, he was the one that forced us in this situation. And my son, Jun, some rumor said that Roy did something to him. My poor son” She said and sobs

“Don’t be sad Matsui-san. I’m sure your son will be fine. Maybe one day, he will come back and save you two.” Jun said

“Thank you Zoro.” Emi said

When they get to the house, they hear someone coughing

*cough* *cough* *cough*

“Tadashi” Emi rushes to the house

Jun follow her

“Are you ok, Tadashi” Emi asks

“I’m fine, Emi” Jun’s father said

Then he looks at Jun

“Who is he, Emi?” Tadashi asks

“His name is Zoro. He helped me from Roy’s men” Emi said

Tadashi sits up from his bed and bows at Jun

“…*cough*…” Tadashi said

Jun rushes to him to catch his shoulder

“It is ok, Mr. Matsui. You don’t have to do this to me” Jun said

“You are sick. You should lie down and rest” Jun continues and helps him to lies down

Then Jun and Emi leave the room

“What happened to him, Mrs. Matsui?” Jun worriedly asks

“He was hit by those people. Then I don’t have enough money to treat him. After that he got cold, I don’t know what to do now” Jun’s mother said and cries

Jun felt his heart is tightened again. His anger is filled up

“Don’t worry Mrs. Matsui, he will be fine. I have a friend he is a doctor. I will ask him to check on Mr. Matsui.” Jun said

“Really Zoro. Please help my husband. He is my only family now. Please.” Emi said and holds Jun arms tight

“I will. You just wait here.” Jun said

End flashback

“Uh, I’m glad that his condition is stable now” Yuki said

“We think we should go now. Your parent is waiting for us” Yuki said

“Ok, thank…”

“Jun, you are about to say that again” Mayu said and laughs

“Ok, bye guys” Jun laughs and leaves


At the ship dock

Lunch time

“Katsu-nii, over here” Atsuko waves at Minami

“Katsuo, how is your work?” Minami asks

“Uhm...Ok.” Atsuko answers

Then Minami sits next to her, and they are happily talking to each other. While they are talking, a man comes to them

“Hey Katsuo,” The man pats Atsuko’s shoulder and said

“Hey” Atsuko said and smiles

“I never thought that a man this skinny like you can be strong enough to carry those goods.” the man said

“Is that so?” Atsuko smiles reluctantly

“However, if taking a closer look at you, you are very cute, just like a girl. If you are a girl, you definitely very cute” He moves closer to look at her.

“ that so” Atsuko said and moves back

“Who are you?” Minami uses his hand to stop the man’s face

He is not happy about this. He is frowning and looking at the man

“My name is Kei. I work with Katsuo this morning.” he said and rounds his hand around Atsuko’s shoulders.

“Is that so” Minami said while catching the man’s hand before it touches her shoulders

“Katsuo, go sit on my seat near the wall, I will sit here.” Minami said and pulls Atsuko to sit near the wall.

“Who are you?” Kei asks

“My name is Katsu, I’m his big brother.” Minami said and glares at him

“Don’t be like that. I won’t do anything to him” Kei said and pats Minami’s shoulder

“Hey Kei, I look for you everywhere.” A man runs to them

“Oh, hey Katsu, you are here too.” he said

“You know him, Katsu-nii?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, he works with me. His name is Taku.” Minami said

“Hey, that maid girl just now is very cute right?” Taku said

“She also seems to like you a lot” Taku continues

“Hee! So there is a girl like you, huh” Atsuko smiles at him and said

Minami feels quiver after Atsuko’s voice

“It isn’t like that. She just approached me. I don’t think she is cute.” Minami quickly denies

“She also wiped your sweat” Taku continues and grins

“No, she didn’t. I pushed her out before she did” Minami answers immediately

Atsuko is silent and eats her food

“I’m dead now” Minami thought

“Really?” Taku said and giggles

“Taku, stop saying those misunderstood things. I already have a fiancée at my hometown. I only love her. What if she heard about that, she will be sad.” Minami said

“Oh, sorry, Katsu. I didn’t mean, too” Taku apologies.

“How about you, Katsuo, do you have a girlfriend?” Kei asks

“Yes, I did. We already engaged. When I earn a lot of money, we will get marry.” Atsuko quickly said

“Oh, I see. So you guys come here to earn money for your new family?” Taku asks

“Uh” Minami and Atsuko nods

“I’m envy you two. I still don’t have a girlfriend yet” Kei whines

“Me too” Taku sadly said

In Matsui clan

Today, Tamaki has a business trip. However she didn’t bring Haruna with her. Taking the chance, Haruna go to the kitchen to investigate more

“Hey Haruka. Are you free today?” the maid A asks

“Uh, Tamaki-sama is on her business trip. She said that I just stay here.” Haruna said

“So, you guys need me help in anything?” Haruna asks

“Yes, still cleaning the ingredients” the maid B said

“Ok” Haruna said

They are happily talking to each other. Then Haruna decides to give it a shot

“You guys, I have one curious question. It is fine if you don’t want to answer that.” Haruna innocently said

“It is ok, just say it. If we know anything, we will tell you.” The maid B said

“When uncle Nori led me around the house, I saw a big room. However the door is shut tight. He said that that room is forbidden. Why is that?” Haruna said

The two maids look at each other

“Ah. is ok. Don’t mind about my question.” Haruna said and smiles

“That room is Master Natsu’s room, head of this clan” the maid A said

“He shut himself in there after Master Jun was kidnapped. He forbids anyone to come to his room” the maid B adds

“The only one that permitted to go there is Master Roy.” The maid B continues

“Oh” Haruna said

“So, Master Natsu must trust Master Roy very much, right?” Haruna said

“Not at all” The maid A whispers

“Master Natsu loves Master Jun the most. He always said that Master Roy is hopeless. Master Jun at that time, although he was only 5 years old, he is very smart, a promising person. Master Natsu puts all his hope on him.” The maid B said

“Don’t tell anyone what we will tell you after this” The two maids said

“I promise” Haruna said

“Master Roy’s parent was expelled from this clan by Master Jun’s father. He found out that Master Roy’s father fraud at the money of the clan. After one year of expelling, they got sick and died. Master Natsu felt pity on Roy, so he brought him back. However, he never looks at him once. Therefore when he said that only Roy can meet him, we were very surprised.” The maid A whispers

“Wah!” Haruna said

“There are more, five years ago, Master Tadashi, Master Jun’s father, was accused deliver illegal goods. Rumor said that that is Master Roy revenge on him.” The maid B whispers.

“Wah, this clan is full of mystery right?” Haruna said

“Uh, Remember don’t tell anyone ok, or we will be in trouble.” The maid A said

“Don’t worry. I won’t" Haruna said

In Roy’s room

Yuu slowly opens the door and walks in the room. He looks around the room

“His room is so big. I guess I have to spend a good deal of time to look around” Yuu thought

“Let’s see what he got here?” Yuu said and looks around

Yuu runs around the room and looks at every corner of his room.

“I already checked his office. There is nothing there. His room is the only thing left.” Yuu thought and frowning

He turns around to look closely once again.

“Wait a minute” he thought

Yuu notices something strange on the shelf

“This statue. Its position is really suspicious.” Jun thought

Then he comes closer to it. He looks around the statue to inspect it.

“Hum…” Yuu thought while stroking his chin

Then he turns the statue’s arm. Suddenly a drawer of the shelf opens.

“Yes, got you” Yuu happily thought

Then he looks at the secret drawer.

“Uhm… a book.” Yuu thought

Yuu turns the book and looks

“A good evidence” Yuu thought and smirks

“Good job, Yuu” Yuu proudly thought

Suddenly he notices someone outside. He immediately hides the book and rushes to the door. He saw a man jump over the wall. He quickly rushes to him into the forest. He rushes into the deep forest

“Where is he?” Yuu thought and looks around

Running around for a while. Then Yuu decides to go back to Matsui clan. Afar from him, there is a shadow standing on the tree branch and looking at him.

“Be careful” It whispers

In the evening

Atsuko and Minami are walking home after their work. They silently walk back together

“I hope she is not mad” Minami thought

Atsuko is still silent and walking. After a while they reach the house.

“Atsuko” Minami call Atsuko when they got into the house

Atsuko looks at Minami

“Why are you so quiet? Are you mad at me? All I said in the noon is truth. I didn’t even look at her.” Minami panicky explains

Don’t say anything, Atsuko leans and kisses on his lips

“Baka, I knew that. You also said that you have a fiancée. That makes me very happy” Atsuko smiles and said

“Then why did you are so quiet from the ship dock to here.” Minami confused

“I remember what Kei said this lunch” Atsuko said and sits down on the chair

“So you remember about him” Minami said in pouting tone

“Minami, it is not like that. What are you thinking?” Atsuko hugs Minami and said

“Hahaha...I just tease you. It is about the ghost story right?” Minami said and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“That ghost thing just happened after Jun’s father was accused and expelled. More precisely, after Roy take Jun’s father position to manage the dock” Minami continues

“That is so suspicious” he said

“Uh, even though that ship is abandoned, Roy still keeps it” Atsuko said

“Uh, that is the case.” Minami said

“Atsuko, how about we go there to take a look” Minami continues

“Good idea” Atsuko said

“However, are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami worriedly asks

“You have to work a lot to day. You look exhausted. Look at your hands. They are all red” Minami continues and kisses her hands

“I’m fine Minami. Just a little tired” Atsuko said

“Firstly, let find something to eat first, and wait until night then we will go there” Minai said


Mean while

In the forest

Mii and Jun walk around the forest

“Did you find any information about Itachi, Jun?” Mii asks

“I did. He is the witness who accused my father” Jun said

“I see. If we can find him, we can prove your father innocent” Mii said

“Uh.” Jun nods

“Did you find where he is, Mii?” Jun asks

“Uh” Mii nods


Mii goes around the ship dock to ask about Itachi

“Hello” Mii greets a worker

“I come from another island. I look for my far relative” Mii smiles and said

“I heard that he work as supervisor here. His name is Itachi” Mii continues

“Itachi? He quit long time ago.” The worker said

“Really? What can I do now? I came all the way here. Do you know where his house is?” Mii asks

“It is outside of the forest. In the south of the city” the worker said

“Can you give me his direction?” Mii asks

“Ok” the worker said

End flashback

“I see. Let go there Mii” Jun said

Then they go to the west side of city. They look around to find him. Suddenly, they hear someone calls

“Help me, someone help me. Please spare my life. I will never tell anyone about the ship and Master Roy”

Jun and Mii look at each other

“Let’s go there” Jun said

When they get there, they see a man is about to be stabbed by the assassin. Jun jumps up and kicks his face. The man falls on the ground. He turns and kicks the man again at his temple.The assassin falls on the ground and lost conscious.

After that they turn to the man

“You are Itachi, right?” Jun asks

“Yes, this is me.” Itachi said

“You blamed Mr. Matsui Tadashi about trading illegal goods, right?” Mii asks

“Who are you? I don’t know what you are talking about. I just tell the truth.” Itachi said

“You don’t have to lie to us. We knew everything. If you still stubbornly cover for Roy, this thing will happen again. Don’t you see that Roy tries to shut your mouth by killing you? Help us and we will protect your life” Jun said

The man is silent a little. Then he looks up at them

“Please save my life. I will help you two” Itachi said

Jun and Mii look at each other and smiles

At night

After finished their investigation, Minami and Atsuko go back to the ship

"No one here yet" Atsuko said while yawning

"Atsuko, why don't you sleep a little? You look really exhausted." Minami worriedly said while caresses her face

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"Come on, let lie down here" Minami leads her to the bench

"Rest your head on my lap and sleep a little" Minami said

"Uh, thank you Minami" Atsuko tiredly said

The she lies down on Minami lap

"Sleep well Atsuko." Minami said and pecks on her lips

"Uh" Atsuko nods

Then she falls in sleep immediately because of tiredness. Minami looks at her sleeping face and smile. He strokes her hair to comfort her

Meanwhile in the forest

Tamaki is walking through the forest to the other side of the island.

"Why did she told me to go there" she thought


In the restaurant

Tamaki walks in a room. There is Mariko sitting there waiting for her

“Why did you invite me here?” Tamaki coldly said

“I just being a pigeon messenger” Mariko said

“Rena gives you this letter.” Mariko said

"What is it?" she asks

"When you go back home, just read it and you will know." Rena said and smiles

At Matsui clan

In Tamaki's room

Tamaki opens the paper

"Tomorrow night, go to the other side of the city. There is a ship. Go there and you will find what you are seeking" Is what written on the paper

"What is it?" she thought

"What does that mean?" she confused

"Anyway, maybe I can find some information about Jun there." she thought

End flashback

"Rena, this is the last time I trust you." Tamaki thought while walking.

Then she saw a ship with very small light

"Maybe that is the one." she thought and comes closer

She is hesitated to go in.

"Welcome Matsui-san" Mariko said

"Mizuki-san?" Tamaki is confused

Mariko and Mii go into the ship

"Come on Matsui-san" Mariko calls

She is still standing there and looks at them with very confused look

"Don't worry. You will understand everything when you get there." Mariko said

"Oh ok." then she slowly walk into the ship

They lead her to the meeting room.

In the meeting room, she sees a girl is lying on a bench and resting her head on a cool looking man's lap. She is sleeping. The other side of the room is a long black haired girl, and sit next to her is a gentle looking man. Then she look across the room she see a person with a black coat and a half mask on his face. She look next to him is

"Rena?" She thought in surprise

Rena is sitting next to that person, and they are holding had

"What is going on here?" she thought

"Hey guy" Mariko and Mii great them

"Hey" they greet them back

"What happened to Acchan?" Mariko asks

"She is just exhausted because of work. Therefore, after finishing our business, I told her to rest a little" Minami said

"I see. What a caring fiancée you are" Mii said in teasing tone.

"By the way where is the two?" Mii asks

Then the door swing opens

"Sorry, we are late. We have to wait for everyone to sleep. Then we sneak out here." A man voice hurriedly shouts

Atsuko furrows her eyebrows because of noise

"Hush Yuu, you are going to wake her up" Minami said in low tone while stroking her hair

"Oh, I see. Sorry” Yuu said

“Yuu?” Tamaki thought

"Haruko, Haruka? Why are you two here? And why did you sound like a boy?" Tamaki is very confused right now

"Rena, can you explain to me what it is" she raises her voice a little and frowning

"Before I explain everything, I want you to meet this person first." Rena said and stands up with the masked man

"Who is this person?" Tamaki asks

"He is my fiancée" Rena said

"So what. Did you ask me to go here so that you can introduce your fiancée to me. Then saying that 'oh sorry Aunty, I already found a new man. Let forget about Jun' huh?" She angrily said

"And those people who are they? Are they the same group as him? Why did you disguise yourself to go into our house? Why did they fake their name? What is your intention, Rena?" Tamaki shouts

"Please, calm down Matsui-san. Why don't you look to see who is Rena's fiancée first" Minami said

"Why should I do that?" Tamaki said

"Because if you don't, you will regret because of that" Atsuko sits up and said

“Atsuko, are you ok?” Minami asks

“Uh, I’m.” Atsuko nods

"Fine. Just a look. It doesn't hurt." Tamaki said

Then Rena removes the mask from the person face. Jun face slowly reveals

"His face. It is so familiar" Tamaki steps back and thought

Then Jun looks up.

"Jun" she calls a name that she wants to call for so long

"Aunt Tamaki" Jun calls and smiles

"Jun, is it you? You are still alive" Tamaki said while touching his face

"Yes this is me. Aunty" Jun said

"That girl over there saved me from pirate" Jun said and point at Atsuko.

Then Jun and Rena tell her everything that happened to him.

"That is what happened" Rena said

"I see." she said and sobs

She walks quickly toward Atsuko

"Thank you for saving my nephew. Thank you" she bows and said

"No problem. You don't have to do that" Atsuko said and smiles.

Then Tamaki turns to Rena

"Sorry Rena for yelling at you." she said and bows.

"Actually, I'm quite happy about that, because you still think about Jun like that." Rena said

“So every misunderstanding is now clear. Let go into the business.” Atsuko said

“Before that. Let us introduce ourselves to you. My name is Maeda Atsuko, captain of this ship. We are pirate." Atsuko introduces herself

"My name is Takahashi Minami."

"My name is Minegishi Minami"

"Let me introduce myself again. My real name is Shinoda Mariko"

"My name is not Haruko. My name is Oshima Yuu. I'm a thief"

"I'm also not Haruka. My name is Kojima Haruna"

"Nice to meet you Matsui-san" they said and bow

"Likewise" Tamaki said

"The reason they disguise is to go into Matsui clan to investigate about Roy." Jun said

"Roy?" Tamaki said in surprise

"Yes, Roy. We suspect that he is doing some illegal thing in our ship dock." Jun said

"I see" Tamaki said

"Tamaki-san, I have a question," Yuu said

"What is it?" Tamaki asks

"Did you meet Mr. Natsu?" Yuu asks

"My father? I haven't met him since a long time ago. The only way I contact to him is letter. If I want to ask him something, I have to talk through Roy.” Tamaki said

“Don’t you think it strange?” Minami asks

“I thought about that, but if I stubbornly go there the guards in the Matsui Clan will arrest me.” Tamaki said

“They only one they listen is Roy.” Tamaki continues

“I want to fight him back, but only me, I can't anything. Therefore, I try to find the proof to prove that my brother is innocent while hiring people to look for Jun. If I have them, I think the elders will stand in my side again” Tamaki said

“I see” Atsuko thought

"Tamaki-san, where is the elders?" Atsuko asks

"There are 4 elders. They live in four different places. Three of them live in south, west, and east. The most powerful eldest lives in the central. Matsui clan is located at north" Tamaki adds

"They only gather together when Matsui clan have important event. They will be here in two day to host the heir ceremony. That day Roy will be officially head of the Matsui clan." Tamaki said

"Why didn't the elders say something about my grandpa not go outside" Jun asks

"They don't involve in any Matsui’s business unless there is someone complain to them about members in the clan. However, they require witness and proofs in order to get them involve." Tamaki said

"So our chance to take down Roy is the ceremony" Atsuko said

"Tamaki-san, I have a favor to ask you" Atsuko continues

"What is it?" she asks

"Can you...."

In a big house

“You are back. What did you get?” an old man asks

“I found her. She is alive. I knew where she is” a man said

“Take me there” an old man said


That is chapter 20. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Something seems fishy with Mr Natsu...   :glasses:

Oohhh, mysterious people at the end :mon star:

At least Tamaki is on their side now.
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Oh i cant help but I think Grandpa Natsu sounds suspicious... He said he cant trust Roy but Roy can enter his room???

My guess is perhaps, grandpa Natsu is already dead but no one except Roy knows about this...

Or i guess grandpa Natsu is locked in a room as a hostage...?

I like all pairings here! XD

Please continue! :)

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Erm... more mysteries...

What's going to happen next?

Can they defeat Roy?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

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Thank you everyone for reading my fic   :)

Here is chapter 21  :D

Chapter 21: Special Guests

The night before the ceremony

Roy steps in the ceremony room.

"Why did you call me here?" he asks the woman siting on the chair

"I just want to ask about my father. Did you kill him?" she ask him

"Aunt Tamaki, what are you talking about? How can I kill my own grandpa?" he answers innocently.

"How about Jun? Did you also kill him?" she continues

"No, he is my precious cousin. How could I kill him? He was kidnapped by pirates. Don't you see that I also got injured because of them" He answers and smiles

"Aunt Tamaki, how could you say that? I would never do anything to harm them." He comes closer and said

"Stop it already. That is disgusting. Whatever you do now, no one can oppose you. The whole clan, even the elders are on your side. Tomorrow you will become the most powerful person in this island. So don't act like innocent." Tamaki said

“However, you can’t act like that any longer. Today I will take off your mask” Tamaki continues

“Only you?” Roy asks while frowning

“With me” a man said and steps inside the door

"Who are you?" Roy stands up and said

"Did you forget me, Roy?" the person steps in the room

"You are..." Roy said in wonder

"Roy-nii ‘I want to play on the boat’.” Jun said

"Jun" Roy shouts in surprise

"How can..."

"How can I still alive?" Jun continues his word

"I was saved in that pirate ship." Jun said

“I want to say that how can I know that you is really Jun. Maybe you are just some imposter” Roy said after calming down.

“I’m impressed. You are still calmed down like that” Atsuko steps out and said

“Who is that?” Roy shouts

“You will know us in a second” Minami said

"I will let all the clan know your true face" Jun said

“ what?” Roy laughs

“What is my “true face” that you said? I don’t know what you are talking about, imposter. You said that you are Jun. What is your evident?” Roy still calmly said

“I can be the evident that you asked” Rena said while stepping out

“Rena” Roy calls

“What are you doing here?” he said in surprise

“Before I said that, I want to introduce to you people who will judge you tonight” Rena said

“Who are them?” Roy furrows his eyebrows and said

“Us” a union voice said

The South, West, East and Central elders step in.

Roy widens his eyes in surprise

“Elders?” Roy said in confused

“They are all imposters, don’t let them trick you elders” Roy said

“We know what we are doing” The West said

“We aren’t easy to get tricked like you are underestimating us” The South said

“They have a lot of evidences to accuse you. Let see what you have to defense yourself” The East said

Then they sit on their seats

“Now, the judges are all here, we will go into the main dish” Jun said

“Wait, firstly, I want to ask who are you?" Roy said and points at Atsuko

“My name is Maeda Atsuko” Atsuko said

“You are Maeda Atsuko” Roy shouts

“I should have known.” Roy said

Then he turns to the four elders

"Elders, she is Maeda Atsuko. She is the captain of the pirate ship. Don't trust them" Roy said and bows

"Don't try to change the topic here. Let me take off your mask, right here" Jun said

"Firstly, the evidence about you involved in human trader. You use Matsui clan ship to deliver people to trade" Yuu said

"Who are you? Don't blame me that. I don't know what you are talking about" Roy half shouts

“I’m Haruko, Master” Yuu imitates girl voice.

“I found this book in your secret room. It is the customers list, including the type of goods.” Yuu said and smirks

"I think elders know his handwriting, right?" Yuu said and gives them the book

The West takes the book and looks through it.

"What does this mean?" He said and throws the book on the ground

"Please elders; I don't know what they are talking about. Who are you people? Why did you blame me?" Roy asks innocently

"Don't lie anymore Roy. We still have one more guest for you to meet" Jun said

“Who?” Roy said

“Take him in” Atsuko said

“Itachi” Roy stands up and looks in surprise

“I saved him before you can shut his mouth forever” Mii said

“Now tell the elder all the things that you told us" Jun said

Itachi rushes to the elders and kneels down

"Please elders, please help me. They threatened me to accuse Master Roy. He is innocent." Itachi said

"What did you say? You unfaithful servant" Jun angrily shouts

"Thank you Itachi. You are a true servant. I'm thankful with your honest" Roy said

"Elders, all the thing that they said were lies. He is an imposter. He is not Master Jun." Itachi said

"I'm Matsui Jun. Elders, there is one more thing is grandpa. I believe that he captured grandpa." Jun said

"I'm not, Grandpa is still in his room" Roy said

"Then explain for me why didn't he go out for all those years? Why did he sudden let only you go into his room while I heard that you and him aren't in that good term" Atsuko said

"I believe he only take you back because your parent was dead. Did he really trust you that much?" Minami said

"I don't know where did you people got those information. It is true that my parent was expelled. Because grandpa took me back and raise me, I swore that I always be loyal to him." Roy said

"Then call him here" the Central speaks up

"That is correct. If you want us to believe you, why don’t you call him here?" the North said

"Grandpa is resting in his room. I really don't want to wake him up, but to prove my innocent then I have to." Roy said

Then he orders his servant to call Jun’s grandpa out

After a while

Roy's servant comes back with an old man next to him

"Natsu, how have you been doing?" The Elders ask

"I'm doing very well. Roy takes care of me very good" Natsu said

Then he turns to Jun and the group

"Who are they?" He asks

"Grandpa, that man said that he is Jun. He also accused that I captured you" Roy said

"Hahaha...those are nonsense. I'm right here safe and sound." Natsu said

"Also my grandson Jun was already dead. One year ago, the person who I ordered to investigate about him said that he was sold to a mine owner and was dead because of overwork." The old man sadly said

"That is a lie. Everything is a lie. Grandpa, this is me. Don't you recognize me" Jun said

"Who are you? I don't know you" Natsu said


"Enough, now what can you say huh?" Roy said

"One last thing, elder did you check the ship. Yesterday, when we investigate that ship, there are full of girls and children were captured there” Atsuko said


At night

Atsuko and Minami go to the ship dock. They stealthily go into the ship. Suddenly they see some guards around the place

"Guards?" Atsuko thought in surprise

"Is this ship supposed to be abandoned? Why there are a lot of guards here?" Minami whispers

"That is the case. I guess we find the right spot" Atsuko said

They continues their investigation while carefully hide from the guards. Then they go down to the storeroom. Suddenly, a guard walks up. They hide behind the wall.

When the guard walks through them, Minami steps behind and hits his neck. Then they pull the man to hide.

When they get near the storeroom, they hear some strange sound.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

“Minami, did you hear that?” Atsuko turns to Minami and whispers

“Uh, let’s go” Minami said

They follow the knocking sound. It leads them to the corner of the room

*knock* *knock*

Minami sits down and does the same thing

*knock* knock*

“It empty under this” Minami said

“Let find the door.” Atsuko said

Minami and Atsuko look around the place. They use their hands to examine the floor

“Here” Minami thought

“Atsuko” Minami calls Atsuko in small tone

Atsuko goes to his side

He opens the cover. They widen their eyes in surprise. They see a lot of girls and children under their

“Please help us” A girl said in tear

Minami gives a sign of silent

“We will save you” Minami said

End flashback

"We did. Let wait for him to comeback" the Central said

Then 4 men rush into the place.

"Sir, we went to that ship and look around, but we didn't see anything. That is just an empty old ship" servant of the Central Elder said

"How about you three" the East asks

"That is true. We didn't see anything there" the other three said

"How can that be?" Atsuko thought

"Did he know our plan? Why did he always look so calm" Minami also deep in his thought

"Now, who is the criminal here? All of your accusations are proved to be false. Do you have anything to say?" The Central said


"By the way, elders, please let me tell you who they are. They are all pirate." cutting Jun's words, Roy said

"That girl over there is the captain. They are ‘The Legend’, the dangerous pirate" Roy said and points at Atsuko

"I see. Guard catches them." the Central said

Atsuko and others take out their weapon and prepare to fight back

"Wait, I can handle this, Elders. I can make them surrender." Roy said

"We will never do that" Jun shouts

Roy slowly walks toward Atsuko

"I have something I want to talk to you. I want you to surrender right here, right now" he said

"You did a lot of wrong thing. Why don't you reflect your sins" he acts as sincerely

"Stop that disgusting act. We won't surrender" Atsuko steps up and said

"I honestly don't want my servant to get hurt. therefore I ask you to surrender. I promise your life will be fine" he said and comes closer

"Never" Minami said

He comes in front of Atsuko and bends down near her ear

"If you don't do that, I can't be sure about Jun's parent safety" He whispers on her ear with a small tone that only they can hear

"Did you see that old man? He obeyed me perfectly. I like his action. If you also do that, Jun's parent will be just fine" he continues

"You are despicable" Atsuko angrily said

She holds her sword tightly then loosens. Atsuko throws her sword on the floor

"Ok, we surrender" Atsuko said

They all look at her with surprised look.

"What a smart little girl" he laughs and claps his hands.

Then he changes his expression

"Catch them" He coldly said

"And bring Maeda Atsuko here" he continues

Then he turns to the elders

"Sir, she is very dangerous. She killed a lot of our business partners. The notices to kill her are placed everywhere. Kill her will save a lot of people. Therefore, I think we should kill her here." Roy said

"I won't let you do that." Minami protests

"Press him down" Roy said

Then two guards push Minami down.

"Atsuko" he calls her

Because his hand was tied, he can't do anything. The rest of the group shares the same fate as Minami

"Uhm...I don't think we should kill her here. Why don't we give her to Takahashi or Maeda clan? They have more power than us. We are just a business clan" the West said

"Uh, I think he has a point" the East agrees

Roy looks at Central and gives him a slight nod, but that act didn't get away from Minami's eyes

"I think we should just kill her here. She is a criminal anyway. Killing her won't affect anything." The Central said

Minami seems to realize something. He laughs out loud.

"I see. That is it" Minami said

Everyone looks at Minami with curious look

"Does everyone know why did Roy confidentially do all his crime openly without any fear?" Minami asks

"Do you know why did our plan fail?" He continues

"That is because there is a big wall behind him. The most powerful wall is siding him" he said

"What do you mean? I didn't do anything wrong" Roy shouts

"That's correct; all of your evidences are false. Don't accuse other like that" the Central said

"Elder, did you tell him about our evidences?" Minami asks the Central Elder

"What are you saying? You accuse me cooperate with Roy to do all of those things?" The Central angrily shouts

"He will never do that. In this island, he is the most powerful. He doesn't need any more power to be superior." The others elders said

"He doesn't need power, but he needs money. What they do is trading people?" Atsuko said

"Although he is the Elder, he cannot control the ship dock of Matsui clan openly. Therefore he makes Roy head of the clan. After that their trading road will be wider" Minami adds

"Shut up. How dare you accuse an elder like me like that? You pirates just want to ruin my reputation. I think we should kill that man too. And the rest, lock them up in the prison, and I will deal with them later" the Central angrily shouts


"Do you against me? Do you have something to say?" Cutting the South, Central said

"No, we all agree." Three elders said

"Good" he said

Then he turns to Roy

"Kill her first, and then kill him" he said

Then Roy takes out his sword

"Say goodbye to this world one last time" he said and smirks

Atsuko fearlessly stands there. Roy pierces his sword to her heart. When the sword is about to stab her, a small knife flies and pierces in Roy's hand making him drop his sword. He groans in pain

"Who is that? Guards catch the intruder" the Central shouts

"Who is intruder?" A voice said

That is a strong and firm voice. His voice shows his power. Everyone turns to the door. There are two old men walk in. They look strong and superior. Following them is a lot of strong looking guards.

Atsuko look at the old man who is walking into the room. The old man looks at her gently.


"Grandpapa, you won't come with me, papa, and mama?" Little Atsuko asks her grandpa

"Grandpapa is sorry. I have a very important meeting to attend. Your papa can't go there, so I have to go." her grandpa said

"Atsu wants grandpapa to go with me" Little Atsuko pouts

"Don't pout like that Atsu. Grandpapa promises with Atsu that grandpapa will find a free day and play with you for whole day, ok?"  Her grandpa said

"Grandpapa promise" Atsuko happily said

"Promise" Her grandpa smiles and nods

“Yay! Atsu loves grandpapa the most” Atsuko happily said and hugs her grandpa

End Flashback


Taiki is sitting in his office. Suddenly one of his guard knocks his room and panicky said

“Master Taiki, I have very important news”

“Come in.” Taiki said

“What happened?” he continues

“Sir, Master Atsushi’s ship was attacked and sank” the guard kneels and said

“What? How can that happen? Where are they now?” Taiki slams the table and shouts

“We don’t know. Our guards saw the remained of the ship at the shore with our flag and crest on it.” The guard said

“Where are they?” Taiki said

“No one there. I already order our men to look for them” The guard said

Taiki falls back on his chair

“My Atsu, Atsuko” He calls her name in tear while looking at a crystal bracelet which he prepared for her birthday

End flashback

"Atsu" he calls her

"Grandpapa" Atsuko calls

A word, the old man is longing for a very long time. His tear rolls on his cheeks. That is really his precious granddaughter. The little girl he loves the most.

After a little emotion, he wipes his tear and firmly said

"Release her now"

"Who are you? Why should I?" Roy said

The four elders still stun when realizing who he is and also the old man next to him.

"Ask them" the old man next to him said

Roy turns to the elders who now shrink because of scare. They quickly rushes to the two most powerful people

"Sorry Master Taiki and Master Takashi, we don't know that you two will come here." They bow at them and said

They are scared of them because one of them is Maeda Taiki, the head of the most powerful clan in both politics and business. He has power to take down anyone or any clan against him. Plus, the other is Takahashi Takashi, head of the strongest clan in fighting and strategy.

"I said release them" Taiki said again


"Release them" Taiki raises his voice cuts the Central words

"But they are dangerous pirates sir" Roy said

"Shut up. Who give you permission to talk?" Takashi said

"She is my granddaughter, the heir of the Maeda clan. How can you treat her that disrespectful" Taiki angrily said

"Also he is my grandson. How dare you hit him, the heir of Takahashi clan in the future?" Takashi said

The elders are surprised and steps back. The West, East, and South kneel down on the floor and said

"We are terribly sorry. We didn't know about that. Please forgive us" they said

Then they ordered the guard to release all of them. Taiki walks toward Atsuko. He raises his hand to touch her face

"Grandpapa" Atsuko calls him

"Yes, this is me grandpapa. You don't know how long I have been waiting to hear that word. I thought that wouldn't be able to hear those words again, Atsu. Atsu of Grandpapa" he said and hugs her tightly

Mean while

One the other side

Takashi walks toward Minami.

"Minami, you are a man. You have to be strong to protect your loved one"

"I will be strong and protect Acchan"

"Grandpa" Minami said

"Minami, you grew up now. You are really a strong man. I miss you so much" Takashi said and hugs Minami

"I missed you, too. Grandpa" Minami said

After a while

Taiki turns to the elders and Roy.

"The first reason that I come here is to find my two granddaughters and my grandson future in law. I'm happy that Atsuko, Minami and the rest are safe. You all should also happy about that. If there is something happened to my precious Atsu, you all will face a very terrible consequence." Taiki said with a very strong voice

They all are scared and terrified with his words

“We are very sorry sir” The Elders scarily said

"Our second reason we come here is to solve a case. A big problem" Takashi said

"Sir, may we know what is it? Let us see if we can help you" the South said

"Need not. We already solved. We come here to catch the criminal" Takashi said

"Guards catch Matsui Roy and that Central Elder, Matsui Naku" Takashi orders

"May I ask what did I do wrong?" Roy said

"Everything that my granddaughter accused you is true. That is your crime" Taiki said

"But they all were proved to be wrong. Plus why did I'm also captured?" Naku asks

"Those things are just faked. Before I come here, I already ordered my servants to investigate that ship. You two just hide those kidnapped in a cave. My servants also captured your men" Taiki said

"Take him out" Takashi said

Then his men lead two men out. They push them to kneel down before Taiki and Takashi

"Say the truth and I will spare your life" Taiki said

"The Central and Master Roy ordered us. Please don't kill us" one of the man said

"You..." The Naku angrily said

"Next, guard brings them here" Takashi said

Then his guard brings out two people, a man and a woman.

"Mom, dad" Jun calls

They look at him

“Jun, is that you?” his mother touches his face and asks

“Yes, this is me. I finally back” Jun said and smiles

Then she realizes something when seeing his eyes

"You are Zoro" she said in surprise

"Yes, he is me. I'm sorry, that time I can't reveal myself yet. Therefore I have to fake my name" Jun said

"You are ok is all the matter" she said and hugs him

“Jun, we miss you so much” his father said

Then they hug each other and happy about the reunion.

"They are safe now, Natsu, you don't have to act anymore" Takashi said

"Thank you Taiki, Takashi. I owe you big" Natsu said

"That is all his acts. Matsui Roy and Matsui Naku are the culprits. Roy captured me for all those years. He forced me to give him the head of the clan position. If not, he will kill my son and daughter in law" Natsu said

Now the two are speechless because all the things are revealed now.

Suddenly, someone throws smoke bomb into the room.

“Everyone, be careful” Minami shouts

Then they hear a voice

"Please excuse me. I have to save my mighty boss"

"Lightning" Atsuko thought

When the smoke disappear, Roy is nowhere to be found, and Itachi died on the floor

“Man!” Jun angrily shouts

“Don’t worry Jun, I will order people to find him” Natsu said

"We will help" Taiki and Takashi said

In the forest

“Thank you for saving me, Lightning” Roy said

“You are our master after all. Don't say that” Lightning said

“Good job, you aren't my favorite for nothing" Roy said and laughs

“Thank you sir” Lightning said and bows

"Now, I want you to kill Maeda Atsuko for me. It was her again ruin my plan" Roy angrily said

"Yes sir" Lightning said

"And I will take my revenge on Jun" Roy angrily said

“Jun, I will make you pay for what you had done to me" Roy continues

In Matsui clan

Atsuko and the group gather in the big room

“Grandpapa, let me introduce my friends to you” Atsuko happily said

“I know them” Taiki said

“You know them?” Atsuko asks in curious

“When we knew information about you and Minami, we order our secret servants to go here first to investigate and protect you two. That is why we knew you are in danger” Takashi said

“That young man over there is Yuki’s boyfriend right?” Taiki said

Mayu holds Yuki’s hand and walks toward Taiki

“Hello Mr. Maeda, my name is Watanabe Mayu. I’m Yuki’s boyfriend. Please to meet you” Mayu bows and said

“Uhm, I hope you can love her and take good care of her. Although, she is not my blood related granddaughter but I loves her as one. If you make her cry, you are picking on the whole Maeda Clan” Taiki seriously said

“I will never make her cry” Mayu sincerely said

“Good” Taiki said

“Grandpa” Yuki calls him

“What is it, Yuki?” Taiki asks

“About my father, he is…” Yuki pauses

She doesn’t know how to say that

“Your father is an assassin, right? He indirectly killed my son, my daughter in law and Kai and his wife, right?” Taiki said

Yuki looks down

“Grandpapa, that time he was tricked by those criminal. He thought Papa killed his family. That is why he did that. Please forgive Yuki’s father, grandpapa” Atsuko kneels in front of him and said

He stands up and walks to Atsuko

“Stand up, Atsu. Grandpapa won’t punish him, and I don’t have that intention in mind. You are safe is my most happiness. About punishment, I will give to the one that plan on killing your father” Taiki said and helps Atsuko to stand up

“Yuki, I’m not angry at your father. Don’t be sad ok” Taiki said and pats her head

“Thank you grandpa” Yuki said and hugs him

“You are Kuu’s son, right?” Takashi asks

“Yes, my name is Minegishi Minami, nice to meet you two” Mii said and bows

“And you are Shinoda Mariko, right” Taiki said

“Yes, please to meet you” Mariko said and bows

“Nice to meet you two” Taiki and Takashi said

“You are Natsu’s grandson, Jun, right?” Taiki said

“And next to you is Matsui Rena, your fiancée” Takashi said

“Yes, thank you for helping my clan” Jun and Rena bow and said

“No problem.” Taiki and Takashi said

“You are Kojima Haruna. Yuki’s cousin”

“Yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Maeda, Mr. Takahashi” Haruna said

“And you are Oshima Yuu, right? A famous thief “the squirrel”...” He said

“Yes, I’m” Yuu said

“Uhm….” Takashi looks at him in wondering eyes

“What happened, grandpa?” Minami asks

“I think he looks so familiar. Seem like I met him somewhere before” Takashi said

“That is correct. I keep wondering about it the whole time” Taiki said

“Really, gradpapa, Taka grandpa?” Atsuko asks

“Uh” Takashi nods

“Maybe you saw his wanted notice” Jun said

“Yes. That might be the case” Yuu said

"Uhm..." Taiki and Takashi nod

Then Atsuko happily asks the two

"Grandpapa, and Taka grandpa, how can you know us here and all of that?"

"Your uncle found you. He told me that you are here" Taiki said

"My uncle?" Atsuko said in wonder

"Shin, your uncle. Don't you remember, Atsu? He used to take you out to play when you was a kid" Taiki said

"Taiki grandpa, Atsuko lost some of her memories, so maybe she still can't remember him" Minami said

"I see"

"Shin, Shin, Shin..." Atsuko thought

Suddenly her head aches. She holds her head tightly

"Atsu, are you ok?" Taiki worriedly asks

"I'm fine grandpapa, don't worry" Atsuko said

"I will take Atsuko back to her room for her to rest." Minami said

"Uh," Taiki nods

Then Atsuko and Minami leave the room

In the forest

There are three men talking to each other

“We finally found you, my friend” the man said

“You two are fine. I’m glad.” The other man said

“Uh, that is a very long story, I will tell you later” the man said

In the morning

At a restaurant

Rena sits inside and thought

"Why did aunt Tamaki call me here this early morning?" Rena thought

While she is still thinking, the door opens

"Aunt Tama...Roy, why are you here?" Rena stands up and shouts

"Hello Rena, my wife to be. Let have some fun" Roy steps in and said


That is chapter 21. Hope your guys enjoy reading it!  :)
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Oh god... something better not happen to Rena  :mon pray2:

But on the bright side, Takashi and Taiki saved the day... If only Lighting didn't come

And we have more mysterious figures at the end again...
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Who was lighting I really curious. What's happen with auth tama??she tricked rena or sth :( i smell sth dangerous here
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vickystar: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is chapter 22  :)

Chapter 22: Case Closed?

In the morning

while Jun is walking around the garden, he sees his aunt, Tamaki

“Aunt Tamaki” Jun calls

“Oh, hi Jun.” Tamaki waves Jun

“Where is Rena, aunty?” Jun asks

“That is what I want to ask you.” Tamaki said in surprise

“I thought you are with her. This morning she said that you tell your servant to call her to meet at the restaurant.” Jun said

“I didn’t order anyone to say that to her. I have an urgent business, so I left from early morning. However, I forget something, so I go back here to get that.” Tamaki said

“Not good” Jun worriedly said

“How long did she go out?” Tamaki said

“Not long, I have to go there now. I have a bad feeling about this.” Jun said and runs

“I should tell Atsuko’s group about this, and ask them to go there.” She thought and rush to Atsuko’s room

At the restaurant

In the room

Rena is sitting and waiting

“What took aunty so long?” Rena thought

“If I know it like this, I will call Yuki to go with me” she boringly thought

“Ah, I’m bore” Rena said

“How about I will accompany you?” the door opens and a man comes in

“Roy, how did you get here?” Rena stands up and shouts in surprise

“You thought that Tamaki invited you here, right?” Roy said and smirks

"You did that?" Rena said

“Yes, I tricked you. I knew that she will go out of town this early morning. Therefore no one will know that is a trick" Roy said and laughs

"What do you want?" Rena shouts and steps back.

"Nothing. I just come here to meet my wife to be" Roy said

"I'm not your wife. Jun will notice and come here to me" Rena said

"Let see about that. I will make Jun regret for going against me, and ruin all my work.” Roy angrily said

“Jun and the rest are looking for you. They will definitely catch you and punish all your sins.” Rena shouts

“Don’t be so sure about that.” He said and goes towards Rena

“What are you doing?” Rena shouts and steps back

“What do you think? Can you guess?" Roy said and smirks

He keeps walking toward her

"Don't come near me" Rena shouts

"Aww don't be like that honey." He said and raises his hand to touches Rena's face

"Take your filthy hand of me" Rena shouts and slaps his face

"Rena, since I step in here, I always try to be gentle to you. However, look like you don't appreciate my work. I will make you regret for what you had done to me. How dare you run away from my wedding proposal?” Roy shouts and keeps cornering  Rena

“I never love you. Why should I have to stay?” Rena shouts and steps back

Suddenly Roy takes Rena’s hands and pins her to the wall.

“I will make you regret for what you just said” Roy said

“Let go of me” Rena struggles


Jun runs as quickly as he could to the restaurant. He rushes to the waiter and asks

“Where is Rena?” Jun holds his shoulder and asks

“Master Jun,” The waiter calls

“Answer me quickly, where is Rena?” Jun shouts

“S..she is in room number 2.” the waiter said

Then Jun rushes to the room. When he is about to get there, he hears Rena’s voice.

“Let’s go of me.”

“Rena” Jun thought and rushes to the doors

He strongly kicks the door

“Rena” Jun shouts

He sees Rena’s hands are pinned to the wall by Roy while Roy is trying to kiss her

Jun rushes to Roy.

“Take your filthy hands off her. You bastard.” Jun shouts while taking him by his collar and strongly punches his face.

The punch makes Roy stumble and fall on the floor

“Jun” Rena calls him and runs to hugs him

“Rena” Jun hugs her back

Her body is shaking because of scare

“Jun, I’m scared” Rena shakily said

“It is ok now Rena. I’m here. No one can do anything to you.” Jun said and pats Rena’s back

Then he takes out his coat to wear for her. Taking the chance that Jun is still comforting Rena, Roy tries to escape once again. However when he gets to the door

“Not too soon buddy.” Yuu stands in front of him and smirks.

“You are such a low creature. You don’t have the right to call yourself a human.” Tamaki said

“All that time you still don’t regret about your action.” Yuki said

"Yuki can you take care of Rena for me" Jun said

"Ok," Yuki comes to Rena

Then Jun comes to Roy.

"You dare to touch Rena" Jun angrily said

He takes Roy's collar.

"You jerk" Jun shouts and punches his face.

Then he kicks his stomach. Roy kneels down and coughs.

"I will kill you" Jun shouts

Then he rushes to Roy again. He strongly kicks his face. He kicks him again and again

“You dare to make her cry. Go to hell” Jun shouts and kicks him at his face

He takes Roy’s collar and punches his face

"It is enough Jun" Minami said

"I'll make him pay for making Rena cry" Jun said

"Jun, I also want to kill him right now for what he had done. However he is not worthy for you to kill. Don't let your hand dirty with that man's filthy blood" Atsuko said

"Jun, I'm also ok now. Let him be punished by his sin" Rena gently said

“Let’s take him back to the Matsui clan for my grandpa. I bet that he will make him suffer a great deal” Atsuko said

"Ok, let's go Rena" Jun said and holds Rena's hand

Then they leave the restaurant.

In Matsui clan

"Throw him into the jail. This evening Taiki grandpa and Taka grandpa will punish him" Jun orders his servants

Then he pulls Rena with him to the backyard

"Rena, are you ok?" Jun looks at Rena and gently said

"I'm fine now Jun. Just a little scared" Rena said and smiles

"I'm sorry Rena. I should have follow you there" Jun said and tear rolling on his cheek

"I'm fine now Jun. Don't be sad. He couldn’t do anything to me" Rena said and wipes Jun's tear

"You were scared. I should go there smhm..."

Haven't let Jun finish his word, Rena leans and kisses his lips

"I'm really ok now Jun." Rena said and hugs Jun tightly

"Rena" Jun hugs back and buries his face on her neck.

In the forest

Atsuko and Minami walk hand in hand around the forest. Atsuko is silent walking beside Minami

"What are you thinking, Atsuko?" Minami asks

“Huh? Why did you ask, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“You are so quiet” Minami said

"I just think about last night." Atsuko said

"You mean the one who saved Roy?" Minami said

"Uh, her voice is familiar with Lightning. She said ''my mighty boss" does that mean Roy is the one behind all of this?" Atsuko said in wonder tone

"Uh, that is correct. However, if he is the boss, then our parent's case won't be any related" Minami said

"Uh, he is too young to do that." Atsuko said

"But, there is still one more person" Minami said

"Matsui Naku" Atsuko said

"Uh, that is him. Still, if he is the big boss, then Lightning should save him too right" Minami said

"Uh, that is the case" Atsuko said

"Anyway, let's wait until this evening, when our grandpas judge him" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nod

"Atsuko, looking at you, I can guess that there is still something in your mind other than that right?" Minami asks

"Uh, as expected for the only who understand me the most" Atsuko said and clings on Minami's arm

"It is Yuu, and his strange behavior this morning" Atsuko explains

"So you think and concern about Yuu all day long while walking with me" Minami said in sad tone

"Of course not. I of course always think about you and you only. Really. The way I think about you and him is different. Everyday, if I don't see you, I will miss you. It is just Yuu's behavior this morning really weird. He is my friend, so I worry. That is all." Atsuko hurriedly explains

"..." Minami stays silent

"Minami" Atsuko shakes his arms

“Hahaha, Atsuko, you really don’t know how to joke” Minami smiles and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“Minami, you are meanie.” Atsuko pouts

"You tricked me. You make me worry. I thought you mad at me. I hate you Minami" Atsuko said and walks away

"Wait" Minami holds Atsuko's hand and pulls her into his hug

“Sorry, my wife” Minami whispers in Atsuko’s ear

“Who is your wife?” Atsuko said and crosses her arms

"You. Maeda Atsuko is Takahashi Minami's wife" Minami said and kisses her lips

"Who said that?" Atsuko said

“This said that” Minami said and shows the necklace

Then he hugs Atsuko.

"Sorry Atsuko, I will not that that again" he said and buries his face on her neck

Atsuko hugs him back

"Let continue our walk, Minami" Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami nods

Suddenly Minami shouts in surprise

“Look this way Atsuko”

Atsuko immediately turns to look at Minami. Then she feels something soft touches her lips. Minami kisses her

“Hahaha, you are easy to get trick” Minami smiles

“Baka” Atsuko shouts in embarrassing

Suddenly, they hear someone laughs.

"Hahahaha, what a lovely couple" A black figure jumps down from the tree.

"Lightning" Atsuko and Minami shout

"Hello handsome." lightning said

"What do you want?" Minami stands in front of Atsuko and said

"I want to kill you two" Lightning said

"However, since I really want a handsome like this to be my servant, I will give you second chance" she continues and smirks

"Leave her and follow me. I will spare your life, Minami" Lightning said and winks

"Shut up ugly. I told you before right. I will never be your servant. Go back and dream about that." Minami shouts

"You..." Light shouts in anger but her word is cut by Minami

"By the way, don't call my name like that. Those words coming from your mouth feel disgusted. The only one can call my name like that is Atsuko" Minami said

"Go back now old hag" Minami said and laughs

"You, I will kill you. How dare you call me that?" Lightning shouts

"You all come here" Lightning shouts

Then a group of men in black appear. They kneel down before Lightning

"My wonderful, what can we do for you?" the leader said

"Kill that girl. Leave the man for me" Lightning orders

Then she bends down in front of the leader

"If you can kill her, I will fulfill your wish and give you a wonderful reward" she caresses his face down to his neck and seductively said

"Yes my queen. I will do everything for you" the leader said

Then they rush to Atsuko. Minami takes out his sword and fight them. Lightning jumps between them

"Your opponent is me" Lightning said to Minami

"Don't worry Minami. I will be fine. Those stupids cannot do anything to me. Do your best ok." Atsuko said and kisses on Minami cheek.

"Ok" Minami smiles and kisses her forehead

"Say your last word to each other. Today will be your dead date." Lightning said.

Then she and the men rush to them.

In Atsuko's side

The men surrounding Atsuko. Then they rush to her at the same time. Atsuko jumps out of the circle and kicks the leader by his head. Then she takes out her sword and blocks their attack. Then Atsuko turns and kicks the man behind her by his neck.

In Minami's side

Minami takes out his sword and blocks Lightning attack

"This time I will not take you slightly like that time. Prepare to die." Lightning smirks

"Let see about that" Minami said and pushes her back.

Lightning jumps up and raises her sword to slash Minami from above. Minami blocks her sword and strongly pushes her out. Then he rushes to her and kicks her face. Lightning uses her arms to block Minami kick. Minami turn around and use his other leg to kicks Lightning stomach. Lightning got kicked and steps back a few steps.

*Cough* *cough*

"Not bad" Lightning smirks.


Yuu walks silently toward the deeper part of the forest.


In the morning

When Yuu steps out of his room, he sees a small letter at his doorstep. He picks up and opens it.

“That man’s hand writing” Yuu thought

“Go into the deepest part in the west forest. I have something to ask you” is what was written in the letter

“How did he know me?” Yuu thought

“Anyway, I will go there and find out about that” Yuu thought

End flashback

"What do you want to see me?" Yuu said

There is a figure standing on the tree. He jumps down from it

"Thunder, what do you want from me?" Yuu coldly said

"Where did you get the haft part of this bracelet?" he takes out the other part of Yuu’s bracelet and asks

"How can you have that?" Yuu shouts and rushes to take it

Thunder steps back and then jumps up to dodge

"Who gave you?" Thunder asks again

"It is none of your business" Yuu shouts

Then he rushes to Thunder again. Thunder turns to the left to dodge and kicks Yuu's back. Yuu falls on the ground

"What is your relation with Yuko?" He asks

Yuu widens his eyes in surprise

“Who are you? How did you know my mother?” Yuu asks

“You are Yuko’s son” Thunder said in surprise

"Who give you permission to call my mother name?" Yuu stands up and rushes to Thunder

Thunder still stuns with what Yuu said. Yuu punches his face making him to fall on the ground. Thunder stands up and hold Yuu's arms

"Where is Yuko, now?" He asks

"I said don't call my mom like that. Who are you?" Yuu struggles and shouts

"Answer me" Thunder shouts

He looks directly at Yuu's eyes. Yuu is surprised with his eyes

"Who are you? How did you know my mother?" Yuu asks

“Answer me, where is Yuko?” Thunder shouts louder

"She died when I was four" Yuu said

Thunder loses his grip in Yuu's arms

"She died" he whispers with shaky voice

“Why did she die?” Thunder asks while holding Yuu’s shoulders

“She died because of waiting. She waiting for the man that left her when they just married half year. He left and never come back” Yuu shouts in tear

“That man didn’t even know that his wife is pregnant at that time.” Yuu continues

Thunder steps back

“She was pregnant at that time.” Thunder thought

Then he looks at Yuu

"What is your name?" Thunder asks

"It is none of your business." Yuu raise his voice.

“Answer me, What is your name?” Thunder shouts

“Oshima Yuu” Yuu said

“Oshima Yuu.” Thunder thought


There are a couple is sitting at the shore and looks at the sunset. Their hands are entwined with each others. The girl rests her head on the man shoulder.

“Yuji, in the future what do you want to name our children” The girl asks

“Why did you ask so sudden, Yuko?” Yuji asks

“I’m just wondering” Yuko said

“Uhm...if the child is a boy, I want to name our son is Yuu.” Yuji said

“Why?” Yuko looks at him and said

“Because, in kanji, our names share the same word “Yuu” It shows that he is our son, our love.” Yuji said

“Also I want him to grow up and be a gentle person like you” he continues

“That is a great name Yuji. I love that” Yuko said

End flashback

“Yuu is my son” Thunder thought

“Yuu” Thunder calls and touches Yuu’s face

Yuu slaps his hand and said

“Who are you?” Yuu asks the question once again

“...” Thunder is silent

“I ask who are you?” Yuu shouts

“...” Thunder still stays silent and looks down

“Why did you keep silent? Afraid to say that name to me? Oshima Yuji” Yuu shouts in anger tone

Thunder widens his eyes in surprise.

“So, it is really you. I knew that since the time I picked up a letter from Minoru’s hide out. That is your handwriting. I saw once when I was a kid.” Yuu said and laughs

“You are that unfaithful man.” Yuu said and pushes him away

“Yuu, you don’t understand” Thunder said

“Understand what? Do you know how my mom suffered for all those year. People in town laugh at her. Relatives ignored her. Your family kicked us out of the house. We have to live an isolated life. She had to work everyday until dark. Then she died because of overwork” Yuu takes thunder’s collar and shouts

“Yuu, forgive me. Father didn’t know about that” Thunder said

“Don’t call my name, and don’t you dare to say that word to me. I have no father. My only family is my mother. My father was already dead before I was born” Yuu shouts

“I swore before my mother’s grave that I will kill that man when I meet him.” Yuu continues

He rushes to Thunder and bunches his face. Thunder stumbles and falls on the ground. Yuu bends down and holds Thunder’s collar.

“Do you know how hard she had to face?” Yuu shouts

He keeps bunching Thunder face until his hand sore and blood run down from Thunder’s mouth. Yuu’s tear is falling non stop. He loosens his grip on Thunder’s collar

“She loves you very much. Even though you left her without an explanation, she still told me good story about you. She said ‘don’t hate your father. He always has a good reason for his work’.” Yuu said

“When I saw the letter with your handwriting on it, and the person who wrote it is Thunder. The letter is about delivery people to sell. After that, I heard the name Thunder is the one who works for those human traders. I hope that I was wrong about your handwriting.” Yuu continues

“Somehow, inside me, I still hope that you was one of the victim of those pirate. You was dead when you were on your way back to us. I don’t want my mother to be sad because the man she always trust is a good man is actually a criminal. So tell me what is the so good reason that made you leave her alone without a word” Yuu said

Thunder stays silent

“Don’t stay silent. Say something. Defend yourselves. Or your only reason of leaving her is to work with criminal like this.” Yuu said and punches Thunder once again

Thunder takes Yuu’s hand and stands up.

“I also love Yuko more than anything. One day you will understand my action.” Thunder said

“And that day is not so far.” He continues

“What do you mean?” Yuu asks

"When the time come, you will know." thunder said

"Listen to me. Never judge something by its look. Look deep inside it. At that time, you will know what to do” Thunder continues

“Why should I listen to you?” Yuu said

“Stop being stubborn and listen to me. Think about your mother and listen to me” Thunder said

“Here. This is haft part of the bracelet. Keep it careful.” Thunder gives Yuu back the box contains other half bracelet

Thunder jumps on a tree branch. Then he jumps into the forest. Yuu stands there and hold his fists tight.

“What is your so good reason that make you left my mother like that” Yuu thought

Then he walks back to Matsui clan.

On his way

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls him

“I’m looking for you everywhere” Haruna runs to him and said

Suddenly Yuu rushes to her. Then he hugs her tightly, and buries his head on her neck

“Yuu” Haruna calls him softly

“Sorry Haruna. Can we stay like this for a while?” Yuu said with shaky voice

“Uhm” Haruna said and hugs him tightly

Yuu hugs Haruna and cries silently on Haruna’s shoulder

“Yuu, what happened to you?” Haruna thought and tighten her hugs

“Haruna, please don’t leave me. I only have you in my life.” Yuu said sincerely

“Baka, I told you before right. I’m your family, and you are my family. I will never leave you no matter what. We will be together forever.” Haruna gently said

“Thank you Haruna. Thank you” Yuu said

After awhile Yuu breaks the hugs.

“Thank you Haruna” Yuu said

“Anytime Yuu. You don’t have to say that to me” Haruna said and kisses his cheek

“Are you ok now?” Haruna worriedly asks him

“I’m fine now. Thank you Haruna” Yuu said and pecks on Haruna’s lips

“Everyone is looking for you. Let’s get back now Yuuchan” Haruna said and holds Yuu’s hand

“Uh, let’s go Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and pulls her with him

Back in Minami's side

Minami fight Lightning from tree to tree. Lightning jumps behind Minami and kicks his back. He bends down and dodges it. He getting far and far away Atsuko's place.

“Give up already. Your boss was captured by us.” Minami said

“Not a chance. I will save him for-sure. However, firstly, I have to complete the mission that my mighty boss gave me” Lightning said

Lightning rushes to Minami once again. She point her sword toward him. He uses his sword to block the sword. Sudden Lightning jumps up to a branch of a tree.

"Do you know why I named myself Lightning?" Lightning said

"It is none of my business" Minami said

"Because I'm fast. Now, I will go and finish my task. Say goodbye to your lovely little girlfriend" Lightning said and throws a smoke bomb to Minami.

The she rushes back to Atsuko's place

"This is bad. She tricked me" Minami thought.

He tries to get out of the smoke.

In Atsuko's side

Atsuko is still fighting with some of the men left. In the tree far away from her. Lightning is standing there.

"I will not miss this time" Lightning thought and raises the bow at Atsuko

"Bye Bye captain" Lightning said

Then she shoots the arrow. Feeling something strange, Atsuko turns back. However, when Atsuko turns back the arrow is already flying toward her. Because it is too sudden, she is unable to do anything.

"Atsuko" Minami shouts

Suddenly, another arrow is flying toward and hits the arrow that is about to hit Atsuko. It changes the direction of Lightning's arrow.

"Who is that?" Lightning shouts

Follow that is a long silent.

"Maeda Atsuko, this time is your luck. You are able to escape the dead two times. I promise you that next time, my arrow will pierce in your heart. Mark my word." Lightning shouts and

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami rushes to her and worriedly asks

"I'm ok, Minami. Someone shoots the arrow to save me" Atsuko said

"Thank goodness" Minami hugs Atsuko and said

"Who is the one just saved my life?" Atsuko thought

"Atsuko, let's go back the Matsui clan now" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nods

Then she picks Lightning's arrow and go back to the clan

In Matsui clan

When they get to the gate, Yuki hurriedly rushes to them

"Atsuko-nee, Takamina, we are looking for you everywhere." Yuki said while catching her breath

Atsuko and Minami look at each other with confused look

“Grandpa and Taka grandpa are waiting for you two in the meeting room” Yuki said

"What happened, Yuki?" Atsuko asks

"Roy...Roy...Roy was killed" Yuki said

"What? How can that happened?" Minami asks in surprise

“He was shot” Yuki said

“How can that be? Isn’t he is their boss?” Atsuko thought

Suddenly Atsuko remembers something

“How about Matsui Naku” she asks

“He is fine. After discovering Roy’s dead, Taka grandpa immediately ordered his guards to check on him.” Yuki said

“That is good” Minami said

“Where is everyone?” Atsuko asks

"Nyan Nyan went to look for Yuu. Mariko and Mii go around the house to ask the servants. Jun, Rena, Mayu is at the jaij to check on Roy’s body" Yuki said

“Yuu?” Atsuko thought

"Yuki, can you go to the meeting room and tell grandpa and Taiki grandpa that we will go there later. We will go to the jail first” Minami said

“Ok” Yuki said and leaves

“Let's go check on the jail, Atsuko" Minami said

In the jail

Minami bends down to look at the dead body. Mayu is checking the body

“One shot at heart.” Mayu said

“Impressive. Just through the window, they can shoot accurate like this.” He continues

“This arrow is the same with the one in the island” Jun said

“Lighting and Thunder again” Rena said

“That is Lightning” Atsuko speaks up

Everyone looks at her

“This is the arrow which shot me moment ago” Atsuko said and takes out the arrow

“That is weird” Atsuko thought

“Then, let’s go back to the house and talk about this” Minami said

Then they all go back to the meeting room in the house

In the meeting room

Rena, Jun, Mayu, Minami, and Atsuko walk in

“Atsu, Takamina you two are back” Taiki said

"Gran papa ,Taka grandpa" Atsuko greets them

"Grandpa, Taiki grandpa" Minami greets them

“Where is Mii and Mariko?” Atsuko asks

“Also Yuu and Nyan Nyan, too?” Minami adds

“Mii and Mariko haven’t came back yet.” Yuki said

Then Yuu and Haruna are back

“Hi Yuu, Nyan Nyan, where have you been?” Jun said

“Hi guys” Haruna said

“We just walk around the forest” Haruna continues

Yuu just stays silent. Atsuko notices that

“What’s wrong Yuu? You are strangely silent today” she asks

Yuu looks at Atsuko

“I’m fine. I just don’t feel very well” Yuu said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Hi guys we are back” Mii said

“What did you get Mariko, Mii?” Minami asks

“We went around the house and talked with almost all the servant in the house. All of them said that they didn’t see anything suspicious.” Mariko said
“I see." Atsuko thought

“How is Roy, Atsu?” Taiki asks

“He was shot by an arrow and died.” Atsuko said

“Seem like he is not the one behind this. Someone wants to shut him up” Minam said

“I see, I will order more people to investigate about that” Taiki said


That is chapter 22. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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I had a hunch that Thunder was Yuu's father and I guess that I was right! Their past is kinda sad though...   :mon waterworks:

And I wonder what Thunder's words that he said to Yuu meant

But wait... Roy isn't the mastermind then? I wonder who it is then... :mon huh:
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nice update! the story is getting complicated!
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Still more mysteries...

Who is the mastermind?

What's the real reason of Lightning action?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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@Bakamina_Oshi, @kimseoyeonc, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is Chapter 23  :D

Chapter 23

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Minami and Atsuko are talking to each other

“So Roy is not the boss huh?” Atsuko said

“Uhm...that is so weird” Minami said

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at him

“When I fought with Lightning, she said that she will save her boss for sure” Minami said

Suddenly Atsuko and Minami realize something.

“Matsui Naku” Minami and Atsuko stand up at the same time and said in union

“Did you think about that too, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then they quickly rush to the jail. When they get there, they see no one guarding at the gate

“Where are the guards?” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“Let get inside quick” Minami said

Then they rush inside the place. They see the guards were unconscious on the ground. They look at each other in surprise. Minami quickly rushes to the prison room. He opens the door and sees no one in there

“He escaped” Minami thought

Then he notices there is a letter there. He takes the letter and steps out


Atsuko tries to wake the guards

“Atsuko-sama” The guards wake up and kneel at Atsuko

“What happened here?” Atsuko asks

“When we were guarding at the gate, we heard a very loud noise. We quickly rushed in here. Then someone appeared behind us and hit us” The guard said

“He escaped” Minami said

“Matsui Naku escaped?” Atsuko asks again

“Uh” Minami nods

“We are terribly sorry Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama” The guards bow and said

“It is ok. We also didn’t realize this.” Atsuko said

“Go and inform my grandfather about that” Atsuko continues

Then Minami and Atsuko go to the meeting room

In the meeting room

"Atsu, I heard the guard inform me that Naku escaped" Taiki asks

"He did.” Atsuko said

“Also I found this in his jail” Minami said and takes out the letter

“A letter” Atsuko said

“Maeda Atsuko

You will never capture me. No one can capture me, I myself control everything. Let me tell you this little captain. Yes, I’m the one behind everything. I’m the boss of Thunder and Lightning. I’m behind the human trader organization.

I was also the one who ordered Daiki to find assassin to kill your father, Maeda Atsushi because he suspect about me. I never thought that you are still alive. However, rest assured that I will definitely kill you and your precious fiancée. I will make you two pay for ruin my whole plan.

I challenge you, him, and the whole Maeda and Takahashi clan to catch me if you all can.

                                    --------Matsui Naku)

Minami reads out loud the letter

“That man, I will catch him and make him pay for what he did to Atsushi, Nami, kai, and Akiko” Taiki said angrily

“If I think about that possibility sooner…” Atsuko holds her fists tightly and said

"Don't worry Atsu, I will order our people to look for him, and I also will order them to place the wanted notice everywhere here" Takashi said

“Uh, Atsuko, we will definitely find him and revenge for our parents” Minami holds her hand and said

"Another thing Atsu, Minami, tomorrow we will go back to Forbidden Island. You two should go back and rest more" Taiki said

"Ok, we will prepare our thing" Minami and Atsuko said

Then after talking about the incident, everyone returns to their room to rest

At night

In Atsuko's room

Atsuko is sleeping on her bed. Suddenly, her facial expressions change. She is frowning and struggling on her bed. Her expression seems to be very hurt and scared. Sweat covers all over her face.

"No" she shouts and sits up immediately

She breathes heavily

"What is that?" she thought in confuse

Her heart beats very fast, and her body is shaking. It seems like she just experienced something very terrible

"Why did I have this uneasy feeling" she holds her chest and thought while trying to regulate her breath and heartbeat.

After calming down, she lies down to sleep again. However, she can't go back to her peaceful sleep again

In the early morning

Atsuko wakes up early still tired because of her dream. She walks toward the lake and stands there to relax. While Atsuko is standing near the lake and closing her eyes to relax, Minami goes around looking for her. Then he sees her at the lake. He slowly walks toward her and hugs her from behind.

“Are you still thinking about the incident last night?” he whispers

“Minami” She turns around and calls him

“No, just there is something bothering me.” Atsuko said

Her voice seems to be very tired.

"Are you ok, Atsuko? You look so pale" Minami worriedly asks while caresses her face

"I'm fine. I just can't get enough of sleep last night." Atsuko said and smiles faintly

"What's wrong?" Minami asks in worry tone

"I had a very scary nightmare. After that whenever I close my eyes, I will see that again" Atsuko said

"What is it, Atsuko?" Minami gently asks while stroking her hair

"I saw that I was running in a very dark road. I can’t see anything around me. Someone is chasing after me. Suddenly I tripped and fell on the ground. I turn around and see someone’s hand come closer to me. Then I woke up because of scared" Atsuko said with shaky voice

Her body is shaking. She hugs herself tightly

“Sssshhh...Everything will be fine Atsuko. Let forget about that. That is just bad dream. Let forget about it ok." Minami hugs her and said while patting her back

After a while

"Let's me tell you this Atsuko. There is nothing to be afraid of. I will always be with you and protect you no matter what. I will always hold your hand and walk with you to everywhere. Don't worry ok." Minami gently said and pats her back

"Uh, thank you, Minami" Atsuko said and buries her face on his chest

After a while, they sit down on the bank and enjoy their time together. Atsuko rests her head on Minami's shoulder while he is hugging her shoulders. Then someone calls them

"Acchan, Takamina"

They turn around and see Yuu and Haruna walk toward them

"Good morning Yuu, Nyan Nyan" Minani and Atsuko greet them

"Acchan, I have something I want to say to you" Yuu said to Atsuko

"Go ahead" Atsuko said

"I think I can't go with you back to Maeda Clan. I have to go back to my hometown. I have some important business to take care" Yuu said

"I see. Sure." Atsuko said

"However, remember when you are done, go to Forbidden Island to meet us ok. Maeda Clan will always welcome you" Atsuko continues

"Uh, we are waiting for you" Minami adds

"Thank you guys" Yuu said

"You two will go together?" Atsuko asks

"Uh, I will go with him" Haruna said


In the forest

"Haruna, I decided I have to go back to my hometown for a while" Yuu said

"For what Yuu?" Haruna asks

"That is just my personal matter. Since we already solved the problem with those traders, I think I have to go back there" Yuu said

"Your personal matter huh? Ok, go wherever you want” Haruna said and walks away

“Wait Haruna, what wrong?” Yuu asks

“What do you mean?” Haruna coldly said

“You are suddenly acting so strange. I’m worry” Yuu said in worry tone

“You are worry about me? Really?” Haruna said

“What’s wrong, Haruna? Of course I’m worry about you. You are my girlfriend, my family” Yuu said

“So, you still think me as your family huh? I thought I’m a stranger to you” Haruna said

“Of course you are my family. What make you think like that?” Yuu said

“Because you said that that is ‘your personal matter’ Your matter doesn't have me in there. You don't even tell me what really that 'personal matter' is" Haruna said in sad tone

"Of course not, Haruna. I just go back there to visit my mother's grave. You just go to Maeda Clan first. When I finished, I will go there to find you" Yuu said

“See, you still think me an outsider. Why didn't you even think of taking me with you?" Haruna asks

"It just that place very far. I’m worry that you will get tired" Yuu said

"Yuu, I can go everywhere as long as I can be with you" Haruna sincerely said

"You once told me don't leave you. Why did you leave me now?" Haruna said

Tear slowly builds up in her eyes.

"Haruna, I'm sorry. Let's go together, ok. I'll always be with you and you will always be with me. We will not separate" Yuu said while wiping her tear

"Uh" Haruna nods

Yuu pull her closer and kiss her lips.

End flashback

"When will you guys go?" Atsuko asks

"I think we will go now" Yuu said

"Oh, that quick" Minami said

"Uh, because my home town is very far from here" Yuu said

"I see, then let go. We will see you two off" Atsuko said

"By the way, did you find a ship to go?" Minami asks

"I plan on finding it when I get to the dock" Yuu said

"Uhm....then why don't you take our ship? We will go back to Maeda clan by my grandpa ship" Atsuko said

"But...” Yuu said

"Remember when you finish your business, bring the ship to Forbidden Island to return for us" Minami said and smiles

"Ok, I will" Yuu smiles and nods

After a while, they reach the bay. While they are going to their ship, they see Mii, Mariko, Yuki, and Mayu are looking for something

"Yuki" Atsuko calls her

Yuki turns to see who calls her

"Atsuko-nee, what are you doing here?" Yuki asks

"Yuu wants to go back to his home town. We go here to see him off. How about you guys?" Atsuko asks

"We planned on finding a ship first then tell you guys later, but since you are here, we guess we will tell you now" Mariko said

Atsuko and Minami look at each other with confused look

"Actually, we want to go back to my hometown to pick up my father uncle Riku and uncle Ryu" Mii said

"Your grandpa asked us to bring them to the Forbidden Island because he wants to thank them for their work" Mayu said

"Oh, I see." Atsuko and Minami nods

"When will you guys take off?" Yuu asks

"Whenever we found a ship" Mii said

"How about we will take you there, and then we will go our way" Yuu said

"Is it ok?" Yuki asks

"Why not? We also use our ship, so it will be fine" Haruna said

"Ok, then we will go with you" Mariko said

Then the group comes to their ship

"Take care ok, guys. We hope to see you soon" Atsuko said

"Uh, take care" Minami said

"Ok, we will. Thank you for lending us the ship" Yuu said

"No problem" Atsuko said

Then Atsuko comes to Yuki

"Take care ok, Yuki" she hugs her and said

"I will. You also have to take care yourself" Yuki said

Then she turns to Minami

"Please take good care of Atsuko-nee for me. If you make her sad, I will make you pay" Yuki said in serious tone

"Ok, I will. Don't worry" Minami smiles and said

Then they all leave the island. Atsuko and Minami also return to the house. On their way, Atsuko just keeps silent.

"Are you sad, Atsuko?" Minami gently asks her

"Uh, a little." Atsuko nods and said

"We were always together going here and there. Now seeing them off make me feel lonely. Even though I know that they just go for a while, but still" Atsuko sadly said

Minami holds Atsuko's shoulders and turns her to look at him. His uses his hand to lift her face up

"You will meet them very soon. They just bring uncle Kuu, Riku, and Ryu to our place. About Yuu and Nyan Nyan, I think they will be back in no time" Minami smiles and said to her

"After that you can meet all of them again." He continues

"Uh, I can't wait to see them again" Atsuko finally smiles at him

"Are you feeling better now?" Minami asks

"Uh, thank you, Minami" Atsuko said and pecks on his lips

"I'm so lucky to have you by my side. Just thinking about that makes me so happy. It is my happiest thing. I don't want anything. Just you is enough" Atsuko said

"I’m also very happy to have you by my side. I'm very thankful whenever seeing your smiling face, holding your hand, hugging you, feeling your presence beside me. I love you Atsuko, more than anything in the world" Minami said and kisses her lips

"I love you too, Minami. You are my everything" Atsuko said

Then they continue their way back to Matsui clan


In front of Natsu's room

Jun is called by his grandpa. He knocks the door

"Come in" Natsu said

Inside Natsu's there are also three Elders inside with him. 

"Good morning Grandpa" Jun said and bows

“Good morning Elders” Jun continues

"Good moring Jun" Natsu said

“Good morning Jun-sama” the Elders said

“I heard the servant said that you call me” Jun said

“Uh, I have an important thing I want to tell you. However, sit down first” Natsu said

"Ok" Jun said and sits down

"Jun, I and the three elders already decided. You will be the next head of Matsui Clan" Natsu said

"I'm? But I'm still not good enough" Jun said

"Plus, I didn't know anything about the clan business" Jun continues

"We know. That is just our decision. However, that decision will be official once you know how to control the clan. Right now, you will follow your father and learn from him" Natsu said

"Jun, I trust your ability. Grandpa hopes that you can do that" Natsu continues

"And your parent and I will always be with you" he gently said

"I will do my best grandpa. I won't let you and my parent down. I will help our clan develop" Jun stands up and said

"Thank you for trusting me. I promise I will do my best with my role" Jun bows before them and said.

“Good, that is what we want to hear from you” the East Elder said

After that Jun leaves the room.

At noon

Atsuko, Minami, Rena, and Jun meet up with each other and eat lunch together

"Where is everyone, Atsuko-nee?" Jun asks

"Uh, I didn't see anyone this morning" Rena said

“They left in the morning” Atsuko said

"Yuu want to go back to visit his mother’s grave, and Nyan Nyan is with him.” Atsuko continues

“Mayu, Yuki, Mii, and Mariko go and pick up uncle Kuu, Riku, and Ryu to Maeda clan. Taiki grandpa wants to meet them” Minami said

“I see” Jun said

“Jun, I heard my father said that you is chosen to be the head of the clan, right?” Rena excitedly said and smiles

“Really? That is great” Atsuko happily said

“Yes, this morning grandpa called me to his room and told me that. He said that I will learn how to manage the clan from father. After I can be able to manage the clan by myself, I will become head of the clan” Jun said and smiles

“I see. Congratulation Jun” Atsuko said and smiles

“Congratulation” Minami said

“Thank you everyone.” Jun said

“By the way, talking about Elders, so Naku is the big boss who we are looking for” Jun said

“Uhm...Based on all of the evident, I think so” Minami said

Still in his voice there is some doubt

“Uh, according to Lightning’s words, she said that she will save her master for-sure” Atsuko said

“So, he is also the one who involved in your parents’ case huh?” Jun said

“Uh, he left a letter and confessed everything there including order Daiki to hire assassin to kill our parents” Minami said

“I see. So if we can capture him, the case will close, right?” Rena said

“Uh” Atsuko and Minami said

“Taka grandpa already orders the guards to check on the city bay, so I think he is still in this island.” Atsuko said

“Uh, the only thing now is waiting for Matsui’s guard to capture him” Jun said

“Another thing” Minami said

“What is it Takamina?” Jun said

“Lightning and Thunder. They are very dangerous. If they protect him, I’m afraid that he can escape the guards safely.” Minami said

“Uh, that is the problem” Atsuko said

“I will order the strongest unit in Matsui clan to do the task. They were trained very well. They definitely can fight against them” Jun said

“I hope that we can capture him sooner” Rena said

“Uh” the three nod

“Atsuko-nee, when will you two go back to Forbidden Island?” Jun asks

“Grandpapa said that we will leave this evening” Atsuko said

“I see. After settling everything here, we will go there to visit you” Jun said

“Uh, we will definitely go there soon” Rena said

“That is great, we will wait for you two” Atsuko happily said

Then they continue their talk while eating their food

In the evening

At the ship dock

“Goodbye Atsuko-nee, Takamina. Take care.” Jun said

“Goodbye Acchan, Takamina. We will definitely go visit you two soon. Take care” Rena said

“Ok, bye you two. We will wait for you” Atsuko said

“You two also take care ok” Minami said

“Ok” Jun and Rena said

Then Atsuko and Minami go to the ship and leave

Mean while

In the Elite Island

Inside the forest

"Thank you for saving her life" one of the two hooded men said

"No problem. That is what I have to do" the masked man said

"Also, I'm sorry to hear about Yuko." the hooded man said

"I can't believe that those I called family treated her like that. After all, they just want my money." the masked man said in anger tone

"By the way, will you follow them?" he continues

"We will. I have a bad feeling that they will be in danger when they get back to Maeda Clan" the hooded man said

"Uh, even though, it showed that Naku is behind all of this, I still feel something is not right." the other said

"Uh, me too. The boss is a very smart man. He won't let anyone take of his mask so easily. That is what I feel during those times working under him." the masked man said

"Also, if he that easy to be found, I don't have to spend over 28 years to investigate about him" he continues

"Uh" the hooded men nod

"Plus, I have something I want to tell you" the masked man said

"What is it?" the two men walk toward him

In the ship

In the dining room

Atsuko and Minami are eating with Taiki and Takashi

"So Yuki and the rest are going back to take Kuu, Riku and her father Ryuu, right?" Taiki said

"Yes, Taiki grandpa. They left this early morning" Minami answers

"Grandpapa, thank you for inviting them to Maeda Clan" Atsuko said

"No problem Atsu. However, if you want to thank, you should thank your uncle, Shin. He was the one remind me about that. I nearly forgot to thank all of them for helping you and Minami" Taiki said

"Shin" Atsuko thought

Suddenly her head hurts again.

"Sorry, grandpapa, Taka grandpa. I'm not feeling well. I will go back to my room first" Atsuko stand up and said

"Ok, go and take a rest. You was exhausted after all of this" Takashi said

"Let me take you back" Minami said

"Uhm" Atsuko nods

Then the two leave the room

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko is running all her mind in a very dark place. There is nothing except darkness. While she is running she turns around to see anyone behind her. She once again sees a hand is about to catch to catch her. Suddenly she falls into a big hole. She can’t move. Her back is at the wall. The hand slowly approaches her.


Atsuko once again is awoken by her nightmare. She breathes heavily, and her heart beats extremely fast. Her sweet covers all her face and wets her shirt. She closes her eyes to calm herself

“That dream again” Atsuko thought

“Didn’t the problem was already solved. Why did this uneasy feeling keep growing in my heart” Atsuko continues

She sits there and stays silent for a while. Then she steps down from her bed and go to the ship deck. She looks up to the night sky and takes a deep breath to relax.

“This is already late. Why are you still awake, Atsuko?” Minami comes closer to her and gently asks

“Minami” Atsuko turns to him

“I can’t sleep” Atsuko tiredly said

“What happened? You had that nightmare again?” Minami worriedly asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I don’t why but it keeps appearing in my head whenever I close my eyes.” Atsuko continues

Minami pulls her into his embrace and pats her back

“I thought that once the case was solved, everything will be normal. However, I can still feel something really weird inside me.” Atsuko said

“Calm down Atsuko. I think you just worry too much because Naku still hasn’t been captured yet. That is why you feel that” Minami pats her back to comfort her

“I guess so” Atsuko said in small tone

“Atsuko, how about I will take you back to your room and watch you sleep, ok?” Minami said

“Uh, thank you Minami” Atsuko said

“Baka, you don’t have to thank me” He said and pats her head

Then he takes her back to her room and helps her to lie down on her bed.

“Now, sleep well, Atsuko” Minami said and kisses her forehead

“Minami, how about you? Don’t you sleep?” Atsuko asks

“I’m fine. I will watch you” Minami smiles and said

“Let’s close your eyes and sleep” Minami continues

“Uh” Atsuko nods and closes her eyes

Minami sits there and looks at her exhausted face

“Atsuko, you look so exhausted. How can I make you feel better?" Minami thought while stroking her hair

In Yuu's ship

After dropping Yuki's group, Yuu and Haruna on their way to his home town

At night

In Yuu's room

Yuu sits in his room and looks at his mother bracelet. He takes out the box and opens it. Then he takes the other half necklace and connects with the one he has. They form the full word "Yuko”

 “Mom” Yuu thought

Suddenly thunder's words flash in his head

"Think about Yuko and remember my words"

"Never judge something by its look. Look deep inside them. At that time, you will know what to do”

Seem to realize something; Yuu quickly takes out the box that keeps the second half of the bracelet. He inspects around the box. He opens the box and look inside

“The inside and outside are not compatible with each other” Jun thought

He uses his finger to knock the bottom of the box

“Empty under it” Yuu thought

He tries to take off the bottom of the box. Finally he can open the box.

"A letter?" he thought in confuse

Then he opens the letter. He widens his eyes in surprise. Quickly he rushes out of the room.

"I have to go to Forbidden Island now" Yuu thought

In a big house

A man walks into the room. He bows before the man sit on the chair. There is a masked woman standing next to him

“Sir, they are on their way to the Forbidden Island” he said

“Good, only two of them right?” the man on the chair asks

“Yes, only two of them. What will we do next sir?” the man asks

“Don’t rush; I have a big surprise for them when they get there” the man on the chair said and laughs

“I can’t wait to see your plan success sir” the man said and bows

“After that you and Lightning will have a handsome reward from me.” he said

“Now, my favorite servant, go and do your job for me” he said

“Yes sir. I won’t let you down” Lightning said

“Good” he said


That is chapter 23. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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If I need to guess who is the big boss

I think it could be Shin

Because atsuko got her headache and nightmare after hearing this name "Shin"

Well what is in the letter found by Yuu

Who are the other hooded men with yuu's father?

Are they the fathers of atsuko and minami?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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The secrets are getting revealed!  :shock:

So Thunder is one of the mysterious figures... I wonder who the other one is...

And what did the letter say that made Yuu need to go to the Forbidden Island  :dunno:
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@cisda83, @Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Chapter 24: Before Storm

At Hidden Island

Yuki and the rest are walking back to Kuu’s place. Suddenly a group of men appear and surround them.

“Who are you?” Yuki asks

“We will be the one who send you all to hell” a mask man said

“Who ordered you? Is it Matsui Naku?" Mariko said

"Who are you talking about? Who is it?" the man said

"Since you all will die sooner or later, I will tell you that our mighty boss ordered. Lightning-sama delivered his word. She said that they successfully separate you all. We will kill you all one by one" The man continues

The four look at each other in surprise.

"Enough of that talk. Now die" He shouts and they rush to them

Suddenly a lot of arrows fly toward them. Also a lot of men rush to those assassins. In a blink of eyes, those assassins were all killed. Then Kuu, Riku, and Ryuu walk toward them

"Daddy, uncles" Yuki calls

"Uncles" Mariko and Mayu calls

"Dad, uncles" Mii calls

"Who are they, dad?" Mii asks

"They are our servants. The other time because of so sudden, I can't call them. But this time, it is my revenge.” Kuu said

"How did you know about us?" Yuki asks

"Kuu's servant comes back and inform us" Ryuu said

Then they tell Kuu, Riku, and Ryuu about the incident in Elite Island.

"So Minami's and Atsuko's grandpfathers came huh" Kuu said

"Uh." the four nod

"However, I think we should leave now. I think those two are in danger right now" Mariko said

"Uh, those men said thing so suspicious" Yuki said

"You three just stay here. I will take our ship and go there" Mii said

"Ok" Kuu nods

Then the four quickly rush to the bay and take off

In Forbidden Island

After three days

The ship finally reaches Forbidden Island. Atsuko and Minami follow Taiki and Takashi into the city.

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama" the guards at the gate greet and bow before them

A lot of people gather at the city gate to see the heirs of Maeda Clan and Takahashi Clan, two most powerful clans.

They bow before them when they walk into the city

After a while

They finally reach Maeda Clan.

"Atsu, this is your home, grandpapa is so happy to see you here again" Taiki said in happy tone

"Me too, I'm so glad" Atsuko smiles and said

"Guard, gather all the servants here. I want to introduce Atsu and Minami to them." Taiki said

"Yes sir" the guard bows and leaves

In the meantime

"Minami, after this I will take you to Takahashi Clan. I also have to introduce you to everyone there" Takashi said

"Yes, grandpa" Minami nods

"Grandpa" Minami calls him

"Huh?" Takashi asks

"Can Atsuko go with me?" Minami asks

"Hahaha...Look Taiki, they don't want to separate from each other" Takashi said in playful tone

"I know, right. That is the young." Taiki said

Then the two laugh loudly why Atsuko and Minami look down shyly.

"Of course she can. After all, I also have to introduce my future grandson's wife to the clan" He said and winks at Minami

Then the guard comes back

"Master, I have ordered all the servants gather in the main yard" he bows and said

"Good. Let go" Taiki said

Then they go to the yard. There are a lot of servants, house maids, guards gather.

"Everyone, today is the most happy day to my Clan, and also to our brother Clan, Takahashi clan." Taiki said out loud

"Because Takashi and I finally found our grandchildren." Taiki said

Everyone is surprised and turns around to look at each other

"Congratulation Master, Master Takashi" the crowd yells in happy

Taiki raises his hands to signal them to silent

"Thank you everyone" Taiki said

"Now, let me introduce my granddaughter to everyone" Taiki said

"Atsu, Minami, come here" Taiki calls them

"This is my granddaughter, Maeda Atsuko. Daughter of Atsushi, my dearest son" Taiki happily said

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama" the crowd bows before her

"Thank you everyone" Atsuko said and smiles

"She also will be the next heir of Maeda Clan" Taiki said

"Next to her is Takashi's grandson. Also my granddaughter's fiancée, Takahashi Minami." Taiki introduces Minami

"Welcome back Minami-sama" the crowd bows before him

After the introduction, Atsuko follows Minami and his grandpa to Takahashi Clan. Everyone in the clan happily greet them. Then a young man walks toward them

“Good afternoon Takashi-sama” he greets and bows before Takashi

“Hello Hibiki” Takashi greets him

Then he turns to Atsuko and Minami

"Minami, this is your cousin. He is my brother grandson." Takashi said

"Hibiki, this is Minami and Atsuko who I told you before. As you knew before, she will be head of Maeda Clan, and Minami will be the head of our Clan.” he continues

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama" Hibiki said and bows

"Thank you, nice to meet you" Atsuko and Minami said

"Ok you two, now is still early, why don't you two walk around the city to play?" Takashi said

"Ok, grandpa. See you later" Minami said

Then Minami and Atsuko go to the market to play. They hold each other's hand and walk around the market. Everyone in the market happily greet them.

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama." they said

They also give them a lot of food and gift

"Master Taiki and Master Takashi helped us a lot. We are very happy to stay in this island" a man said on behalf of the residents in the city

Atsuko and Minami look at each other and smile happily

"Thank you everyone. We hope that we can be like our grandfather and help you all" Atsuko and Minami said

"Nice to meet all of you" They continue

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Atsuko-sama, Minami, sama

Then Atsuko and Minami continue their walk happily.

"I'm very happy Minami. Everyone here is so nice" Atsuko happily said while smiling brightly

"Uh" Minami nods

He looks at her happy face and smile happily. Those past days, Atsuko look so tired. He is very worry about her

In the early next morning

At Maeda Clan

Minami wakes up early and goes to Maeda Clan to take Atsuko to some places to help her more relax.

"Good morning, Minami-sama." The guards greet him

"Good morning" he said

Then he goes to Atsuko's room. When he is about to open the door, Atsuko opens it.

“Good morning, my love” Minami smiles and said

“Minami? Good morning” Atsuko greets him

“Do you get enough of sleep?” Minami asks her while caressesing her face

“Uhm, a little” Atsuko answers

Her face still shows the tired expression. Minami looks at her worriedly

"By the way, why are you here so early, Minami?" Atsuko asks

"I miss you. Haven't meet you the whole night until morning makes me miss you a lot" Minami said and pulls her to his embrace

"I miss you, too" Atsuko said

"The second thing is, let's go Atsuko" Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him

"Where are we going?" Atsuko asks

"You will know about it later" Minami smiles at her and said

Then he takes her back to Takahashi Clan.

"Good morning Minami-sama, Atsuko-sama" the guards greet them

Then they go to his house's horse stables.

"Why are we here Minami?" Atsuko asks

"Have you ever ridden a horse, Atsuko?" Minami asks her

"No." Atsuko shakes her head

"Then today I will show you. It is really excited to ride one." Minami happily said

"Really? That is great. I thought about it before, it must be really great" Atsuko excitedly said

"Uh, let's go inside and choose one of them" Minami said and pulls her with him

Horses in Takahashi Clan are the fastest and strongest horses. They are trained by a lot of experts. Minami and Atsuko walk around the stable

"Which one do you like, Atsuko?" Minami asks

"I don't know. It is really hard to decide. They are all look strong and fast" Atsuko said

Then she sees a brown horse with a white mane.  It has very strong eyes. 

"Minami, I want to ride that one" Atsuko said and point to the horse

"As expected of Atsuko-sama that is a very strong and fast horse." the stableman compliments her

"Ok, take me that horse" Minami said

"Yes sir. Right away" he said and goes toward the horse

After the stableman prepared everything for the horse, he leads the horse to Minami. Minami hops on the horse and pulls Atsuko to sit in front of him

"Goodbye Minami-sama, Atsuko-sama. Have fun" The stableman said and bows

Then Minami control the horse and ride out of the house. The horse takes them to a big field which cover with only green color. Then he control the horse to slow down and walk slowly through the field

"Do you like it Atsuko?" Minami asks her

"Uh, it feels very relaxing. When he accelerated his speed, I could felt the wind pass through face. That feel so refresh and good" Atsuko smiles and said

"I'm glad that you can feel relaxed. When I traveled around, I also used to rent a horse and running around with the high speed to relax." Minami said

"I see" Atsuko said

She relaxed herself on Minami's chest and closes her eyes.

"Minami" she calls him softly

"Huh?" Minami asks

"Thank you for doing this" Atsuko said and smiles

Minami laughs softly.

"You don't have to say that. I will do everything for you." Minami said

"Seeing your exhausted face and eyes makes me very worry and sad. I don't know how I can make you happy again. I'm glad that I remember this. Also, I'm glad that I asked the servants about this field." Minami said

"Uh, look at its greenness makes me feel much better. Like all my worry was blown away with the wind" Atsuko said

"That is good" Minami said and kisses her cheek

Then they slowly come to a big dandelion field. Suddenly, a breeze blow through them

"Atsuko, look" Minami calls her

Atsuko opens her eyes and sees a lot of dandelion fly around the field. They color the whole place with their white color

"They are so beautiful Minami" Atsuko happily said


In Elite island

In Matsui clan

A guard quickly rushes to Jun's office. He knocks the door

"Sir, I have an urgent report" he said

"Come in" Jun said

Then the guard opens the door and comes in

"What is it?" Jun asks

"We found Naku" the guard said

"Good, did you guys capture him?" Jun asks

"We carried him back here. He is in the basement" The guard said

"Carried?" Jun said in confused

"We found him in the deep side of the forest at the waterfall. His body was stuck between two big rocks." the guard said

Jun widens his eyes in surprise

"He was dead?" Jun stands up and asks

"Yes, he was killed" the guard said

"He was killed?" Jun asks

"Yes, a cut at his throat. One cut and die right away" the guard said

Jun furrows his eyebrows to think.

"He was killed? Who did that? Many days ago, he escaped with a challenging letter. Why is it?" Jun thought

"Take me to him" Jun said

Then the guards lead him down to the basement. The guard opens the white cloth for Jun. The body is smelled and is about to decompose. Jun bends down to look at the body.

"According to its state, he was dead at least 4-5 day" the guard said

"5 day? That mean he could be killed right at the day he escaped." Jun thought

Then Jun looks down at his hand. He is holding something in his hand very tight. Jun picks his hand up and tries to open it.

"Is he holding something?" Jun thought.

Finally, he can open it. He widens his eyes in surprise when he sees what is in there. Quickly he takes the thing and rushes to his grandpa's place

In Forbidden Island

In the forest

There is two shadows that chasing after each other. They jump from tree to tree with a high speed. Then the shadow behind jumps over the first shadow. It blocks the others way

“As expected, you are traitor” The woman said and points her sword to the shadow

“What are you saying, Lightning?” the man said

“Don’t play dumb with me Thunder. Master and I suspect you all along.” Lightning said

“Do you think that I don’t know about your action? I just wait for you to show your tail. After that I will catch it” Lightning said and smirks

“What did you get?” Thunder said while crossing his arms at his chest

“The explosion incident, I knew that you are the one that take out the explosive powder in Maeda Atsuko’s room, right?” Lightning said

“The explosion was supposed to be started at her room so that she will die immediately there. However, some of my men reported that her room didn’t explode. The only one can do that without anyone notice is you" Lightning said

"Hahahaha...." Thunder laughs loudly

"Thank you for your compliment." Thunder said

"But that doesn't mean I was the one did that" he continues

"What else did you find out? How can you be so sure that I'm the ''traitor' like you said" Thunder asks

"Recently, you were the one who save Maeda Atsuko's life second time right?" Lightning said

"The one who can shoot the arrow that can change my arrow direction is only you." Lightning said

"I did that because Master ordered to stop killing her. I just helped you to avoid his punishment" Thunder said

"Hahahahahaha.....Thunder, where did you hear that?" Lightning laughs out loud and said

"That order came after that incident. Master secretly told me that. We knew that you eavesdropped our conversation. Therefore we make a little scenery as I got scold by Master. You were tricked my strong Thunder" Lightning said and smirks

"Now, prepare to receive punishment for a traitor." Lightning said

"With only you. Don't underestimate me that much" Thunder said and smirks

"Me and some help from my faithful dogs" Lightning said and claps her hand

Then a lot of men rushes out and surround Thunder.

"Their strength can compare to a lowest chef guard of Takahashi Clan. You knew well about Takahashi and Maeda Clan right, Maeda's dog" Lightning said

"You knew my identity too. That is unexpected" Thunder said

"You are Oshima Yuji. Maeda Clan's secret agent. That information, I just found out recently through your old friend who is now swimming around with sharks in the middle of the sea" Lightning said

"You..." Yuji shouts in anger

"Now die, traitor" Lightning shouts


In Yuu’s side

Yuu and Haruna finally reach the Forbidden Island. After parked the ship, they rush into the city to find information about Maeda and Takahashi clan. While they just got in the forest, they hear fighting sound. Then they hear a shout

"Now die traitor"

"What is it?" Yuu thought

Then he rushes to the sources of the sound. Haruna also follow him. When he gets there, he sees a lot of dead bodies around the place. He widens his eyes in surprise when he sees Yuji is badly injured. He uses his sword to support himself. Then Yuu notices that Lightning rushing to Yuji to kill him. Immediately, Yuu takes out his dagger and throws at her. Lightning blocks the dagger and jumps back. Yuu jumps up to catch his dagger. Then Yuu and Haruna rush to Yuji

“Haruna, check his injuries for me” Yuu said while standing in front of them.

Although Haruna doesn't understand the situation, she still does as Yuu said.

“You annoying thief and that pirate. I thought you two already left to your hometown. Why did you come to this place” Lightning shouts in surprise

“So that we can stop you and your boss plan” Yuu said and smirks

“You read my letter huh” Yuji thought

“Hahaha….don’t be that confident. This time I will leave you like this. Next time you all will die” Lightnight said and jumps into the forest.

“Yuu, what happened?” Hanura asks

“Take him to some other place to treat his wound first. I will explain everything later” Yuu said

“Not far from here, deep inside the forest, there is a small abandoned house. Take me there” Yuji weakly said

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Then Yuu carries Yuji on his back and rushes to the place

“Yuu” Yuji weakly calls him

“I won’t let you die until you tell me the reason why did you left my mother” Yuu said in serious tone

After awhile they reach the place.

“Nyan Nyan, take care of him for me a little. I will find some herbs to treat his wound” Yuu said and leaves

“What is going on?” Haruna sits down and thought


In the ship

While Haruna is sleeping in her room, she hear Yuu calls

“Nyan Nyan, I have an important thing to tell you” Yuu knocks and said

Haruna quickly opens the door for him

“What’s wrong, Yuu?” She asks

“We need to go to Forbidden Island right away. Maybe, Acchan and Takamina are in danger. Naku might not be the one behind the dead of their parent.” Yuu said

“What? How did you know Yuu?” Haruna asks

“Someone warns me about that. However, I didn't realize that until now. When I open the box, I saw the letter. The letter said that ''Protect the heir of both Maeda and Takahashi Clan. Maeda Atsuko's uncle might be the culprit" Yuu said

“Then I remember uncle Kuu story about the night that Acchan’s father ship was attacked. Her mother was killed by a knife with Maeda crest on it. ” Yuu said

“I see. Then we need to be quick” Haruna said

End flashback

In the evening

In Elite Island

At Matsui clan

In Jun’s room

Jun sits in his room and looks at the thing that he found in Naku’s hand

“We were tricked.” Jun thought

“That is very clever of you. However, I won't let you get what you want”

“I need to get to Forbidden Island as quickly as I could.” Jun said


At Forbidden Island

After playing around for a while, Minami takes Atsuko back to Maeda Clan. Atsuko sits on the horse and leans on Minami chest. She is sleeping soundly. Minami looks at her and smiles happily. Finally he can see his fiancee peaceful face. When the horse reaches Atsuko's house, he calls her gently.

"Atsuko, we are home"

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes


"Did I fall in sleep? Sorry Minami. I suppose..."

"Sshhh...having you by my side is enough. Seeing you sleeping so peaceful I'm very happy." Minami said and smiles

Then he hops down from the horse. After that he helps her down. They hold each other hand and walk into the house

"Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama, you are back" a maid bows and said

"Master Taiki is waiting for you. Master Shin is also back from his business"

"Shin..." Atsuko thought

Then her head aches again.

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami worriedly asks

"I'm fine, Minami. Let's go inside" Atsuko said

Then the two go into the main house. Taiki is sitting at his seat, there is a man standing in front of him. Minami and Atsuko only see his back

"Atsu, Takamina, you two are here." Taiki said

"Are you two having fun?" he continues

"Yes, we are. Thank you Taiki grandpa" Minami smiles and said

"Atsu, go and greet your uncle. He is the one who found out where you are." Taiki said

Then the man turns around to face her.

"Hello Acchan. I'm happy that you are still alive" he smiles and said to her

Seeing his face and his smiles, Atsuko's head sudden hurt again. When he comes closer to her and raises his hand to her, she feels dizzy and about to fall back. Minami catches her

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami worriedly asks

"Atsu, are you ok?" Taiki walks toward her and asks in worry tone

"I'm fine, Minami, grandpapa. Don't worry. Maybe, I just feel a little tired." Atsuko said while holding Minami's hand tightly

"Lets me take you back to your room ok" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"I'm sorry grandpapa, I can't talk to you" Atsuko said

"It is ok Atsu. Rest well. We will talk some other time" he said and pats her head

Then Minami takes Atsuko back to her room. He helps her to lie down and covers her with a blanket. When Minami stands up, Atsuko holds his hand

"Don't go Minami" she said

"Don't worry Atsuko, I will be here. I just want to take some tea for you" He said and kisses her forehead.

After helping her drink some tea, he puts her down.

"Let's rest a little Atsuko" he gently said

"Minami, can you hug me?" Atsuko said

"Of course" he said and lies next to her

He pulls her closer to him while Atsuko snuggling close to Minami. She buries her face on his chest and hugs him tightly

"Minami, please don't go anywhere until I wake up, ok?" Atsuko said with shaky tone

Her voice seems like she is scared about something

"Uh, I will. I won't leave you." he said while stroking her back

"You promise, ok" Atsuko looks up and asks

"Uh. I promise" he said and pecks on her lips

"I don't know why, but I don't want him to leave" Atsuko thought

Then she slowly falls in sleep because of tiredness. Minami still lies there and pats her back to comfort her

At dawn

The sky is covered by gray clouds alarming a very strong storm is about to appear.

On the cliff

Minami stands on the cliff and looks at the scenery in the early morning. The sky is about to have a big storm. The gray cloud gathers into a big black blanket cover the whole island with dark color. Shin is standing not far behind him

“How is Acchan?” Shin speaks up

“She is fine. She is still sleeping in her room.” Minam said

“She probably is exhausted after a long trip” Minami continues

“I see” Shin said

“The sky is about to have a big storm, right?” Shin said

“Uh. It seems so” Minami nods and said

Shin slowly approaches Minami. He puts his hand inside his coat.

“I’m glad that you two are safe. Also found each other” he said

“Uh, I’m happy that I found her” Minami said

Inside Atsuko's room


A big thunder appears. Then follow it is Atsuko's shout


She shouts Minami's name and sits up. She breathes heavily while looking around the room.

"Where is Minami?" she thought

Then she quickly steps down from her bed and rushes out of the room. On her way, she sees a maid is coming to her direction. She rushes to her

"Atsuko-sama" the maid bows and said

"Where is Minami?" Atsuko holds her arms and asks

"Master Shin called him out to talk with him" The maid said

"Shin." Atsuko thought

"Where are they?" Atsuko half shouts

"I don't know. It is Master business. I'm just a maid, I can't ask about that" The maid said in shaky voice

Then Atsuko rushes out of the house.

"Atsuko-sama" the guards greet her

"Where is Minami?" Atsuko asks them

"Minami-sama went out with Master Shin" one of the guard said

"Where are they?" Atsuko lost all her patience.

"We saw they went to that direction" he said and point to a big forest

"They probably went to the cliff behind that forest" another guard said

Then Atsuko rushes to the direction that the guard pointed

"Minami, Minami" Atsuko thought while run all her mind

“Minami, please be safe. I already lost my mother to him. I don’t want to lose you again. You are my everything Minami.” Atsuko thought while running

On the cliff

Shin is now standing right behind Minami

"Uncle, what do you want to talk to me?" Minami said

Then he turns to Shin.

“To do this” He said and stabs Minami

“Die, Takahashi Minami” Shin said


That is chapter 24. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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 :OMG:  No Minami! I hope that he is safe and that Acchan will come in time...

But what did Jun find in Naku's hand? And is Shin the ultimate mastermind behind all this?

I feel like the story is reaching it's climax soon~
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oh... what's going to happen next?

Will Minami be able to save himself?

What about Yuji?

Is Shin really the mastermind?

Thank you for the update

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@Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fict  :D

Here is chapter 25

Chapter 25: Lost

At dawn

Inside Atsuko's room

Minami is still lying next to Atsuko and hugging her tightly. Then someone knocks the door

"What is it?" Minami said

"Minami-sama, Master Shin wants to talk to you" the maids said

“Maeda Shin?” Minami thought

"Ok, I will be right there" Minami said

Then the maid leaves.

When Minami removes Atsuko's arms from him, Atsuko hugs him tighter

"Minami, don't go"

He turns to look at her

"She is sleep talking" Minami thought

He bends downs and kisses her forehead

"I will be right back" he whispers

Then he steps down from her bed and leaves the room

Inside the room

Atsuko is woken up by her mother

"What happened mama?" Atsuko rubs her eyes and asks her mother

"Atsu we should go now. Our ship is under attacked." Nami said

Then Nami picks Atsuko up. When she is about to go out of the room, she hears someone is running to the room. She puts Atsuko in the closet

"Hide here, don't go outside or make any noise ok, Atsu" Her mother gently said

"Mama" Atsuko calls and sobs

"Don't worry Atsu, everything will be fine" her mother said and kisses her forehead.

Then she closes the closet's door. When she turns around, a man appears before her. She steps back and tries to close the door as nothing happen.

"Who are you? Why are you attacking us" Nami asks

"Why are you here? Where is that little brat?" the man asks

"What do you mean? Wait....your voice..." Nami pauses a little.

"You are Shin" Nami shouts

"Huh, as expect from my childhood friend." the man smirks and takes off his mask.

"Uncle Shin" little Atsuko though in surprise when seeing Shin through a small hole of the closet

"Why did you do that to us?" Nami shouts

"Atsushi is your little brother. Why did you want to kill your own family?" Nami angrily asks

"Because I hate him. Why did he have everything that I want while he is only adopted son?" Shin said.

"I'm the only real Maeda, why he is the one become the head of the clan. He is just a stranger. It is unfair" Shin shouts

"I'm stronger than him. I'm better than him in every aspect. Why did they choose him not me?" Shin continues

"That is the decision of dad and the eldest. It was not his fault" Nami said

"Shut up" Shin shouts at Nami

"Ever since we were young, you were always taking his side. What did you see in him that I don't have?" Shin holds Nami's arms and shouts

"Why did you choose him over me?" Shin continues

"Get your hand off me. You disgusting" Nami said and slaps him

"Because I love him not you. He is the nicest and the most gentle man I have ever seen. I love him more than anything." Nami shouts at Shin.

"That why I hate him. Where is his daughter? I came here to kill that brat. I want him to feel the pain of losing his most precious one." Shin furiously said

"Atsuko is my daughter. I will protect her no matter what" Nami said

"Nami, because I love you, I will give you a chance to live." Shin said

"Tell me where that brat is, and then accept to be my wife" Shin said and bends down to kiss Nami's hand.

Nami strongly withdraws her hand from him before he can kiss her. Then she slaps him again

"You are despicable. How can you talk to your brother's wife like that? What more you told me to kill my own daughter, in your dream" Nami furiously shouts.

"I would rather die than become your wife and betray my most precious family" Nami said

Then she takes the knife from Shin's hand and stabs her heart

"Mama" Atsuko shouts in her mind

Suddenly thing around little Atsuko went blank. Then Atsuko sees herself running again in a dark street. She trips and falls. She turns around, and there is once again a hand approaching her. Then a man rushes and stands in front of her

"Minami" she calls him

Minami turns around and smiles gently at her

"I will always protect you" he said

Suddenly the hand catches him and pulls him far away from Atsuko.

"Minami" She shouts while chasing him


"Minami" Atsuko shouts and sits up.

She looks around and didn't see Minami anywhere. After asking the servant she rushes to the cliff immediately. The rain starts falling, and it getting heavy every moment

“Minami, please be safe. I already lost my mother to him. I don’t want to lose you again. You are my everything Minami.” Atsuko thought while running

She runs as fast as she can to the cliff.

After a while

Atsuko finally reaches the place, but she sees no one there. There are only the sign of a big fighting here. Blood scatters on the ground

“Minami, Minami, where are you?” Atsuko runs around and calls him

“Minami" Atsuko shouts louder

Then Atsuko notices something shining near the big rock. She quickly rushes there.


Atsuko screams his name when she sees his necklace in a middle of blood

“Minami..." Atsuko rushes around the place again while shouting his name

Rain starts falling very heavy

"Please don't hide Minami. Please come out here" Atsuko shouts in tear

She runs to every corner of the forest and the cliff. She looks for him everywhere under a big storm.

Then Atsuko falls down because of exhausted. Her eyes now blurry because of tear. Her throat is now hurt because of shouting. And her heart is now in pain because she can't find the most important person in her life anywhere.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko shouts in tear while holding his necklace tightly

“I will make you all pay." Atsuko shouts in anger while strongly hitting the hard rock.

She uses her fists to hit it and keeps hitting it, until blood comes out from her hands. However, seem like she doesn't know the pain anymore because her heart is in the most painful state. Her blood keeps dropping down from her hands.

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

She is panting because of tired

"Minami, are a liar." Atsuko weakly said

"You said that you won't leave me. But now you left me here alone. Liar, liar, liar" Atsuko said in tear

She keeps hitting the rock. Then she faints.

In Matsui Clan

Jun ordered his servant to call Rena. She comes to his office and knocks the door

"Come in" Jun said

"Hi Jun" Rena smiles and greets him

"Rena." Jun smiles back

"I heard the servants said that you want to meet me." Rena said

"Uh, the servant found Naku's body" Jun said

"Body? Naku is dead" Rena said in surprise

“Uh, he was found at the stream inside the forest. He was dead for at least 4-5 days. A knife cut his throat” Jun said

“What does this mean? Isn’t he is the big boss?” Rena said

“We all were tricked. He is just a distractor who the big boss uses to make we think that he is the one.” Jun said

“Distractor?” Rena said

“Uh, Rena, look, I found this in Naku’s hand. He holds it very tight” Jun said and gives the item to Rena.

“That is the crest of Maeda Clan” Jun continues

Rena widens her eyes in surprise.

“That remind me, uncle Kuu once said that Acchan’s mother was killed by the knife with Maeda clan crest on it.” Rena said

“Uh.” Jun nods

“I asked my grandpa about this crest. He said that it was made by gold, decorated by a lot of diamond. Only people with highest position can have that.” Jun said

“Who could that be?” Rena said

“Wait, the person who hinted Acchan’s grandpa to find us was her uncle Maeda Shin” she continues

“So that big person could be Maeda Shin.” Jun said

“If so, then Acchan and Takamina are in danger” Rena said in worry tone

“Uh, I guess we should go there right now” Jun said

“Uh” Rena nods

In Forbidden Island

After a while

Yuu comes back with a lot of herbs which use to treat injuries. Yuu takes the herbs and treats Yuji’s injuries. He bandages his wounds. Yuu also makes medicine for Yuji. After finished his work, he comes and sits together with Haruna

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls him

“What is it, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu asks

“Who is he?” She asks

“He is the man who I mentioned to you before. The one who abandoned me and my mother, Oshima Yuji” Yuu said

Haruna widens her eyes in surprise.

"He is also Thunder who works for human trader organization" Yuu adds

Haruna is now speechless.

"It is a surprised, right? I also can't ever imagine this situation." Yuu said and sighs

"The person who left my mother after they got married for half year is there. Not only abandoned his family, but also associated with criminal. Many days ago, I met him. He didn't even know that he has me as his son. What a funny reunion" Yuu said and laughs bitterly

"Yuu” Haruna hugs him tightly

“Thank you Haruna” Yuu hugs her and said

Sudden, a voice speaks up

“That is my most regret thing in my life.”

Yuu and Haruna turn to the direction

"You are awake" Yuu said

"Uh, all along. I heard all your conversation" Yuji said

“Let’s me answer your question the other day. The truth is I'm Maeda Clan's secret agent. Or more precisely, I work under Maeda Atsushi."

Yuu and Haruna widen their eyes in surprise

“What do you mean by secret agent?” Yuu asks

“I’m a secret agent for Maeda Clan since I was 18 years old.” Yuji said

“I used to be a thief like you. I hate those greedy and selfish. I stole money from them to give to the poor. One day, a greedy Mayor caught me. Atsushi and Kai helped me. They saved me from him after they caught him because he fraud people's money to enrich him. After that they offer me to become Maeda clan’s secret agent. I accepted their offer and became their secret agent” Yuji continues

Yuu and Haruna look at him with surprise look

“My job is investigate about people or groups who do illegal things. I helped them solve a lot of difficult cases until this case. This is the first case I have to disguise as one of them to investigate. However, after many years investigating, I still cannot find out who's behind those human traders. Moreover, I didn't even know their plan of killing Atsushi and Kai with their family. That is my regret” Yuji said

“10 years ago, I found some clues that the big boss is from Maeda Clan which also lead me to suspect Maeda Shin. However, I can't find any evidence to take him down.” Yuji said

“I want to inform Atsushi’s father, but no one knew about me. Luckily I found their children. That time I decided to secretly protect them. At the same time, I tried my best to find evidence to put an end for his evil act” Yuji continues

“You knew that Shin will harm Acchan and Takamina. That is why you gave me that box and some hints” Yuu said

“Uh, I want you to follow them and protect them. I knew that when they get back to the clan there will be a lot of traps waiting for them. Too bad, that I cannot openly say that to you. I know that there are some spies follow me” Yuji said

“That is my fault. If I think about your hint sooner, they won’t be alone here. Just because of my stupid stubbornness” Yuu said and slams the table.

“Calm down, Yuu” Haruna said while holding his hand

“One more thing, I heard Lightning mentioned about stop killing Atsuko-sama. There is something fishy about this” Yuji said

“Stop killing Acchan? What did Shin want?” Haruna said

“Anyway, we should get going now to Maeda Clan. Maybe Acchan and Takamina are in danger now.” Yuu hurriedly said.

“Thai right. We should go now” Haruna said

“Wait, there is a place, I want you two to go first. There are people who you all will be surprised when you meet them” Yuji said and stands up

“Where?” Yuu asks

“I will take you there” Yuji said

“But your injuries…” Yuu said

“I’m fine. I won’t die until you forgive me” Yuji said

“Plus I also have to finish this case. Because of it I lost my precious family.” Yuji continues

“Ok, just rest for now. We will go there tomorrow” Yuu said

In Maeda Clan

“Minami, Minami don’t go” Atsuko is chasing after him and shouts

Minami is slowly slowly fading away from her. Despite how hurt her call is, how hurtful her voice is, he is not going to stop.

“Minami, don’t leave me” Atsuko calls in begging tone.

Suddenly, her body feels heavy. Her legs are hurt because of running. She falls on the ground helplessly.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko cries and calls his name

Then a pair of hands wipes her tear. The warm, she misses a lot.

“Don’t cry Atsuko, I’m here” a gentle voice said to her

She looks up and sees Minami is in front of her smiling. The face, she misses so much. Minami pulls her to him and hugs her tightly. He pats her back to comfort her. She breaks the hug and looks at Minami.

“Minami, is that you?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, this is me” Minami smiles and said

Then he helps her to stand up. Suddenly a sword pierces in his chest from behind. Minami's face turns pale.

"Minami" Atsuko calls in surprise

He slowly drops down on the ground. Behind him is Shin. He stands there and laughs haughtily. Then she turns around, the scenery turns into the cliff. She bends down at Minami

"Minami, Minami, are you ok? Don't scare me" She touches his cold face and said.

Then Minami closes his eyes and lies still on the ground.

"No, Minami, Minami, please wake up" Atsuko shakes him and shouts

Then his body slowly fading and turns into enormous dot of light. The only thing left in her hand is his blooded necklace.

"Minami" Atsuko shouts hurtfully


"Minami" Atsuko sits up and shouts

She holds her chest tightly while panting. She looks around the place with her lost eyes.

"Where am I?" Atsuko thought

Then she realizes

"This is my room. How can I get here? Did everything just a bad dream?" she thought hopefully

Suddenly she feels a very sore feeling from her hands. Then she looks down, her tear unconsciously drop on her hands. She sees that her hands are bandaged. That is how she knows that everything was real. Suddenly she remembers Minami's necklace. She turns around to look for it. She looks into her clothes. It is there inside her pocket. She looks at the necklace and cries harder.

After awhile

Atsuko finally calms down. She holds Minami's necklace tightly in her hand. Her eyes turn cold.

"Maeda Shin, I will make you pay" Atsuko thought angrily

“Come to think of it, how can I back here?” Atsuko thought in confuse

She goes to her door to opens the door and walks out. On her way, she meets a maid who walks toward her

"Atsuko-sama, you are back” the maid said

"You left from very early until now. We were very worry." The maid smiles and said

"They didn't know I'm back? So how can I get back?" Atsuko thought in confuse

Suddenly the maid gasps in surprise

"Atsuko-sama, your hands? What happened?"

"I'm fine. Just some scratches" Atsuko said

"Where is my grandpa? I want to talk to him" Atsuko asks

"He is in his room with Master Takashi." the maid said

"I see." Atsuko said and leaves

"Atsuko-sama" the maid calls her

"What is it?" Atsuko asks

"Mr. Hibiki from Takahashi Clan just ordered a servant here to inform you that Minami-sama will go to do some business for a month. Because this is an urgent business, so he can't tell you" the maid said

"Is that so" Atsuko said while trying to keep herself calm

She holds her clothes tightly at where she keeps Minami's necklace

"Thank you" Atsuko said

"No problem, Atsuko-sama" the maid bows and leaves

Then she goes to Taiki's room

"That Hibiki guy, he definitely involved in this. I will make all of you pay." Atsuko angrily thought

"Minami" she whispers

In her voice, it is very hurt.

After awhile,

Atsuko reaches the room. She knocks the door

"Grandpapa, can I come in? I have a very important thing to tell you" Atsuko said

"Atsuko" Taiki said in surprise

"Sorry Atsu but grandpapa is busy right now. Can you come back another time?" Taiki said

"But grandpapa, this is very important" Atsuko said

"Atsu, be a good girl and go back. Grandpapa will talk to you later" Taiki said

"But Mina..."

"I know that Minami is on a business trip. I know you miss him, but that is an urgent. Takashi told me that already" cutting Atsuko's word, Taiki said

When Atsuko is about to say, she realizes something.

"I understand grandpapa. I will go back to my room now. Goodbye grandpapa, Taka grandpa" Atsuko said

"Uh, rest well Atsuko. Grandpapa is sorry" Taiki said in sad tone

"It is ok grandpapa" Atsuko said and leaves

Then Atsuko goes back to her room

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko sits on her bed while remembering what she heard this evening


“Grandpapa is acting very weird. His voice is so strange.” Atsuko thought while walking slowly back to her room.

“There is definitely something going on there. I should check on his room” Atsuko thought

Then she stealthily walks around Taiki’s room. She hides and secretly looks into the room to see what is going on there. She saw Shin and Hibiki

Inside the room

"Good job old man. You weren't disappointed me." Shin stands in front of Taiki and Takashi

"Don't worry, I won't kill your little Atsu." he said

"Why did you do that Shin?" Taiki asks

“Because you treat me unfair. Remember old man, I’m your son, your only son. However, you gave the head of the clan position to a stranger.” Shin said

“Atsushi is my son, your little brother, not stranger.” Taiki said

“He is not. He is only an adopted son. More precisely, he was an orphanage. You picked him when you went to business. However, you love him more than me. You are really stupid” Shin angrily said

“That is why I want to kill him and I did. 20 years ago, I can finally erase Maeda Atsushi out of this world” He continues and laughs

“You…” Taiki slams the table and shouts

“Now did you regret because giving that position to him not me” Shin said

“Never, I never regret my decision. Not a bit. He was a good son and nice person. Not like you. I feel ashamed when you are my real son not him. If I give you the position, Maeda Clan would be destroyed by you.” Taiki said

"You are greedy and selfish. You are cruel. I don't want Maeda Clan to be destroyed by you" Taiki said

“You…remember that old man. I will make you say that you give this position to me by yourself” Shin said

“Never, even if I die” Taiki said

“Don’t worry father, I won’t let you die that easy. You still remember your little Atsu, right?” Shin said and smirks

“You dare to do anything to her. I will kill you” Taiki shouts

“Now, now...don’t be so hyper like that. I won’t do anything to her...for now. Who know. Depend on your cooperation” he said and pats Taiki’s shoulder

“Well, my best buddy, Hibiki, do you have anything to say to your mighty head of Takahashi clan?” Shin said

“Oh yes, I have a ton of thing to say to that old man too” Hibiki said

Takashi still stays silent

“What’s wrong Takashi-sama? Still sad about your precious grandson’s dead? Too bad huh? You just found him days ago” Hibiki said

“Hibiki, I never thought you will betray me like this” Takashi said

“That because you are too old and stupid” Hibiki said

“For all those years, who is the one helping you manage the clan? It was me” Hibiki said

“I spend all my power and time to help you, but then, one day you found your dear Minami. After that you throw me aside.” Hibiki said

“He doesn’t have the right to receive that position. It is me, the rightful person for that position” Hibiki said

“He is my grandson. His father is the head of the Clan. Obviously, he will be the head of the clan. I knew you do very well with your position. However, you will never be a good head of the clan and help it develop” Takashi said

“What did you say? Why?” Hibiki shouts while holding Takashi’s collar

“Because you are greedy. You like benefit but you don’t care of process. You work with no brain. Just a puppet of Shin” Takashi said


When Hibiki is about to hit Takashi, Shin said

“Stop buddy, he just wants to make you angry. Let him be.”

“How about we tell him a nice story about his precious grandson?” Shin continues

“Great idea there” Hibiki said

“Do you know how your grandson dies?” Hibiki asks Takashi

Takashi holds his fists tightly

“Master Shin’s strongest assassin reported that he was stabbed in his heart. Plus a deep cut at his throat. He also threw your precious grandson down to the sea. Maybe he now becomes fish food” Hibiki said with scornful tone


Atsuko holds her fists tightly. Because she is holding her hands too tight, the wounds on her hands are bleeding again. She grits her teeth tightly to hold her anger. Tear unconsciously rolling on her cheeks

“Minami” She screams his name in her mind

“I swear I will make you pay for all of this even if it cost my life, Maeda Shin, Takahashi Hibiki.” Atsuko thought in anger

Back in the room

“My poor cousin. Minami-sama.” he said and smirks

“You lied” Takashi shouts in anger

“Then let me call my assassin here for you.” Shin said

Then he claps his hand. A black coat man with a hood on his head and a mask on his face appear.

“Let me introduce my assassin to you two. Dark, give them what they want to see” Shin orders

Then the man throws Minami’s coat which covered with blood to Takashi. Takashi takes it with his shaky hand.

“Minami.” he calls him in tear

“Good, you can leave” Shin said

Then the man disappears in no time.

“We will leave now. Enjoy your sadness” Shin said

Then he and Hibiki leave the room


Atsuko quickly rushes back to her room in tear

End flashback

In a big room

“Now, we already eliminate Takahashi Minami thank to your good assassin. The only one left is that little girl. What are you planning to do to her?” Hibiki asks

“I have my own plan for my little unrelated niece. You don’t have to bother about that” Shin said

“However, she seems to doubt something. She is not a stupid girl” Hibiki said

“I know. I have my own plan to deal with her. I can’t do that too openly because servants in Maeda Clan only obey that old man and their so called new heir.” Shin said

“I know that. I also had that problem with the servants in Takahashi Clan too. However, I can still deal with them” Hibiki said

“That is good. Wait for a little more. The day you become head of Takahashi clan is not far” Shin said

“Thank you sir. I will leave now” Hibiki said

Inside the room

“Maeda Atsuko, I will make you beg for me and obey me.” Shin said and smirks

“You are mine” Shin continues and laughs


That is chapter 25. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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Woahhhh... Minami can't be dead... He'll probably end up surviving somehow...
But why don't they just kill Acchan now? Why does Shin want her to be alive?
The other crew members are coming back for the big fight I'm guessing.
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Ah... Shin did not want to kill Atsuko because she is a resemblance of her mother

What's going to happen next?

Did Minami really die?

Will the others able to help Atsuko kill Hibiki and Shin?

Can't wait to see it

Thank you for the update

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@AI712, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

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Here is chapter 26

Chapter 26: Painful Heart

At night

On the west side of the island

In a big house

There are two men sitting and talking to each other

“Minami, did Shin kill him?” A man angrily said and slams the table

“Calm down, we still can’t find his body yet. Let hope that he will be fine” Another man said

“I should come here sooner. If anything happen to him, how I can face Akiko in front of her grave” the man said

“Let’s go back to that cliff and look around once more time” the taller man said

“Uh” he nods

In the forest

There is a hooded man standing on the tree branch and look up at the moon. Then a woman approaches him

“It is rare to see you standing and enjoying the scenery like that Darky” she said

“Lighting, what do you want?” Dark said in cold tone

“Nothing, just come here to check on my boyfriend” she said and shrugs

“If you don’t have any order from him, then I will leave now” Dark said and jumps out of the place

“Wait” Lightning said

However Dark already leaves the place

“I don’t understand you at all. One day, you be nice to me, then the other day, you will treat me coldly. And this time you treat me so cold.” Lightning sighs

In Maeda Clan

At Atsuko’s room

Atsuko cowers herself in the corner of her bed.

“I will make you all pay. I will make all you pay. Minami, wait for me. I will take revenge for you” Atsuko whispers in tear

She looks at Minami’s necklace on her hand

“Atsuko, I love you”

“I won’t leave you alone”

“Everything for my lovely girlfriend”

“You are my everything, Atsuko”

“I will always hold your hand and be with you no matter what”

“I will always stay by your side”

She remembers all her memories with him.

“Minami, I miss you” Atsuko whispers in tear

“If I remember about him sooner, thing will not be like this. It was all my fault.” she sobs

“What did I do wrong? Why did everyone around me one by one go out of my life? Papa, Mama, Uncle Aki, and now the most important person in my life is gone, too. What left for me in this world?” Atsuko said and laughs bitterly.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be born in this world after all.” Atsuko hurtfully said

“Minami, Minami” she buries her face on her knees and cries in silent


There is a figure standing at her window and looks at her in silent while holding his fists tightly

At midnight

After Atsuko fell in sleep because of tiredness, a figure steps into the room. He stands there and looks at her sleeping face. There are still some tear in corner of her eyes.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko unconsciously call Minami’s name

The figure notices that in her hand, she still holds the necklace very tight. He bends down and moves the hair that covered her face.

“Don’t ever say that. You always have me in your life.” The figure whispers

Then he raises his hand to caress her face and leans to kiss her forehead. Atsuko’s face is more peaceful, and she forms a small smile on her face.

He sits on the edge of her bed and looks at her for a while. Then he stands up and leaves. Suddenly, Atsuko catches his hand

“Minami don’t go. Minami” Atsuko said

The figure is surprised.

“Atsuko, I…” He turns around

Then he realizes that Atsuko is still sleeping. He smiles and slowly takes her hand off him. He pulls the blanket to cover her. Then he goes out of the room.

At Jun’s side

Jun’s ship is still on its way to Forbidden Island. Jun is standing on the ship deck and looking around with his binoculars.

“I hope Acchan and Takamina are safe” Rena said

“Uh, I hope so too.” Jun said

Then his servant rushes to him

“Master, our ship is getting near Forbidden Island” he said

“Good, find an isolated part of the island and park there. Don't let anyone suspicious about us” Jun said

“Yes sir” his servant said

The he goes back to control the ship to the west part of the island.

In a big house

“Sir, they are getting near the island” a man said

“Good, as I expected. They will find suspicious and come here.” Shin said

“Go and take some men with you. Remember, I only want Kashiwagi Yuki. Think of something to lure only her here. That is an important trump card in my deck” Shin said

“Yes sir, I won't disappointed you” the man bow and said

In the early morning

Yuki is standing on the ship deck with Mayu.

“Mayu, I’m worry about Atsuko-nee. I don't know why but I always have some uneasy feeling. Like she is in some kind of danger. This feeling I have never had before.” Yuki worriedly said

“Atsuko-nee will be fine, Yuki. She is a pirate. There is nothing that she didn't experience. I believe that she can handle everything.” Mayu reassures her

“Don't worry ok. We are about to get there soon” Mayu pats her head and said

“Uh, thank you Mayu” Yuki said and pecks on his lips

After awhile the ship reach the island. While parking the ship, a group of men come to them. They wear Maeda clan guard outfit.

“Yuki-sama, Atsuko-sama knew that you are back. She orders us to escort you home. She misses you a lot” one of the men said

“Then Atsuko-nee is fine.” Yuki thought in relief

“Ok, I will go with you guys now” Yuki happily said

“Yuki wait for us a little. We are about to finish our preparing” Mariko said

“Ok” Yuki nods

After awhile

They finished their preparation. Then the four follow the guards. They lead Yuki's group to a big house. Then they leave.

“Please come in our guest room” a servant comes out and said

“Uh” they nod

“Please have a seat; I will prepare tea for you.” He said

“Yuki-sama, Atsuko-sama is waiting for you in her room.” A maid comes into the room and said

“Ok, I will go with you” Yuki said

“That's weird” Mariko thought

“Wait, why don't Acchan come here to meet us?” She asks

“Atsuko-sama is sick. Therefore she can't go out here.” The maid said

“Atsuko-nee is sick. Let's go to her room now” Yuki worriedly said

“Then we will go there, too. We also want to visit her” Mariko said

“But Atsuko-sama said that she only want to meet Yuki-sama” the maid bows and said

“Don't worry we are all her friends. She won't mind about it” Mariko said

“But we can’t go against Atsuko-sama order. I’m terribly sorry about this, but I can't do that. If Atsuko-sama upsets, I will be punished. I still have parents to take care. Please forgive me” she scarily said and bows

“That can't be helped. Mariko, I will go in first and tell her that you three also here, ok” Yuki said

“Uh, I think so. We will wait for you here” Mii said

Mariko still looks at the maid with suspicious look. Then she pulls Yuki and whispers in her ear

“Yuki, don’t you feel weird?”

“I know, but I want to check on Atsuko-nee. That maid, I felt her voice very familiar. You guys must be careful” Yuki whispers so that only she and Mariko can hear

“But that is so dangerous” Mariko said

“I will be fine. I’m worry for her” Yuki said

“Ok, guy. I will meet Atsuko-nee. I will tell her that you guys also here” Yuki said

“Let’s go” Yuki said

“Yes, Yuki-sama" The maid said

Then they leave the room. After awhile, they reach a big room.

“Please come in Yuki-sama” she said

Then the maid suddenly pushes Yuki into the room and slams the door.


“Done” she thought

“Now I will deal with those three” she said

“That brat. If I'm not disguise, I, Lightning will kill you for talking back to me like that. Such a clever brat” lightning said

“Now, I will make you never talk to me like that again” she laughs and goes back to the guest room.

Inside the room

Because of the push, Yuki falls on the ground.

“So Atsuko-nee is really in danger now” Yuki thought

She stands up and looks around

“Where am I?” Yuki thought

Then she sees Shin steps out

“Welcome back my long lost niece” he said and smiles

Yuki looks at him with confused look

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Maeda Shin. I’m your adopted father’s older brother.” Shin said

“Hello uncle” Yuki bows and said

“What happened? Why the maid suddenly pushed me in here? And where is Atsuko-nee? I want to meet her” Yuki said and looks at him with doubting look

“Don't rush Yuki, you will meet her very soon” Shin said

Feeling something weird, Yuki steps back and asks

“Where is grandpa? I want to meet him” Yuki said

“Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, don't rush. I promise that you can meet them soon. Don't be that caution with me. You make me sad” Shin shakes his head and said

“I want to meet my sister now” Yuki takes out her sword and said

“Don't be that hot headed person like your father, Yuki. Don't you see what is the consequence of a hot headed person can cause? Take your father's case is an example. Because of his characteristic, he indirectly killed Maeda Atsushi, Takahashi Kai and their wives. So tragic” Shin said and comes closer.

“How did you know that? Only grandpa knew that” Yuki said

“I knew that because…” He comes closer and whispers to her ear

“I was the one ordered Daiki to K.I.L.L his F.A.M.I.LY” Shin said and emphasizes his words

Yuki widens her eyes in surprise. When she is about to react, Shin hits her neck making her lost conscious.

“Take a good nap Yuki. You will meet her soon” Shin said

Then he bends down to take off the ring on her hand

“This will be a good tool for me” Shin smirks

In the guest room

Lightning opens the door and walk in

“Now my preys…”

She stuns because the room is empty. She sees her servant lies on the floor.

“Wake up” she kicks him to wake him up

The servant wakes up and kneels down before Lightning

“Where are they?” Lightning asks in anger

“I’m terribly sorry Lightning-sama, they escaped.” He said

“What? How can they escape?” She asks

“They notice that I put something on their drink. They hit my neck, and then when I woke up, I only see you here” he bows and said

“Useless” Lightning shouts and kicks him

Then she claps her hand. From the door, a group of men rush in

“What can I do for you my wonderful?” The leader said

“Catch those three for me” she said

“Yes, Lightning-sama” they said and leave

In the afternoon

In Maeda Clan

Atsuko walks out of her room. She wants to go to the cliff once again. The place she lost her most important person. When Atsuko walks to the main hall, she meets Shin. Atsuko holds her fists tightly

“I can’t go against him openly by myself.” She thought

She takes a deep breath and walks toward him

“Good morning Acchan. How are you doing?” Shin smiles and said

“Good morning” Atsuko said shortly

Then she walks past him

“Acchan” he calls her

Atsuko turns to look at him.

"What can I do for you, uncle?" Atsuko said in calm tone

"I just want to ask where are you going." Shin said

"I just take a little walk around here, can't I" Atsuko said and smiles slightly

“Of course you can. Anything here is belong to Maeda Clan. You can go wherever you want. I just want to know that because I'm afraid that you might get lost since you just came back" Shin said and walks slowly toward Atsuko

"I see. Thank you for your concern, uncle. I will be careful.” Atsuko bows and said

“Can I go now?" Atsuko asks

"I still have once more small thing to tell you" Shin said

"What is it uncle?" Atsuko asks

"I want to invite you to my house for a small dinner as celebrating for your back” Shin said

"That is also your grandpa idea. He wants you to talk more to me because you seem to be scared of me" Shin said while caressing a ring on his hand

He tries to emphasize the word "grandpa" to Atsuko. She notices that. Then she looks down at his ring

“Yuki’s ring? How can that be?” Atsuko thought

“He got grandpapa, Taka grandpa. Don’t tell me he got her too.” She continues her thought

“Uncle, your ring look so special. Where did you get that?” Atsuko said

“This?” He points at the ring and asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I got it from a very special person this early morning. Maybe that person is with father and Uncle Takashi right now" Shin said

"Can I meet that person?" Atsuko said

"If you come to my small party, she will definitely be there to meet you" he said and emphasizes each of his word

"Of course, I will come. That is my uncle's party after all. Plus, you make that party for me. You also ask me very nicely" Atsuko said with a friendly but coldly tone

"That is my niece. I promise that you will not feel disappointed when you come there tonight" Shin said

"I'm so looking forward to it" Atsuko said and smiles slightly

"Now, please excuse me" she continues and turns around

"By the way, Acchan" he calls her

Atsuko stops but doesn't turn around

"Don't go too far, or do some unnecessary things. Just enjoy your walk. Therefore, we can have a happy party tonight with that special guest" Shin said with a slowly tone but dangerous sound

"Of course, I know" Atsuko said in monotone and walks away.

Shin looks at Atsuko’s back and smirks

Atsuko walks as quickly as she could out of the big house. The house once she thought will be her house, a warm place for her. However, now, in there, there are only selfish and greedy people. Anger, hurt, pain, sadness, hopeless, a ton of depresses feeling invade her.

No one stays by her side to comfort her. No one hugs her and said to her that ‘everything will be alright.’ There is no shoulder for her to lean on. She is all alone. She has to face everything by herself. Her grandpa was captured. Her sister is held as hostage. She is at lost.

She speeds up her pace and rushes to the cliff where separated her and the person she loves the most forever. On her way, everything she eavesdropped last night floods in her head

“He was stabbed in the heart”

“His throat was cut”

“He threw him down the cliff”

Each memory makes Atsuko’s legs weaker. She can't bear this hurt. It is so painful. Her heart is going to break. She kneels down at the cliff and cries silently.

“Why did they do that to you, Minami?” Atsuko whispers and chokes

“Why? Why? Why? Why?” She said while using her still injured hands to hit the ground.

“If he wants that position, why doesn’t he just kill me right away? Why did he do that to you? Why did he have to capture Yuki? Why did he imprison grandpapa and Taka grandpa? Just kill me” Atsuko said

“Minami, I wish you were here for me” Atsuko whispers

“Please Minami, please tell me what should I do now” she looks at the necklace and said

Her tear doesn't stop.

“If I could, I would jump down from this cliff to meet you, to be with you right away.” Atsuko whispers

She lies down on the ground under the cold wind. She looks up to the sky.

“However, I have some important thing to do first. I have to save Yuki and our grandpas. Also taking revenge for you. I will fight with him. I will definitely do that even if it costly by my life.” Atsuko thought

“Minami, give me your strength. Please wait for me. We will meet each other soon” Atsuko whispers

She closes her eyes and lies still.

At the west side of the island

Jun reaches the island. He parks at the most isolated part of the island. He turns and said to his servant

"Go back to Matsui Clan and prepare a lot of skilled fighter for me. Then takes them here and wait for me" Jun order his servant

"Yes sir" They answer

“Remember, everything have to be secret” Jun said

“Yes sir” they said and leave

Then Jun and Rena go into the forest. They plan on finding some information from people who live around the city first. Suddenly he sees someone rushes toward them. Behind them is a group of men.

“Kill them, don't let them escape” the man shouts

Rena furrows her eyebrows trying to look more closely to the three running. Jun does that too

“Mariko, Mii, Mayu” Rena and Jun said in surprise

Then they rush to help them. Seeing them, the three are very surprise

"Jun, Rena? What are you two doing here?" Mariko asks

“Talk about that later. Why did Maeda guards chasing you three?” Jun asks after seeing their outfit

“They are imposters. They are Lightning’s servant. I will explain later” Mariko said

“Ok” Rena and Jun nod

After awhile, they defeat all the faked servants. They rush to the deep forest to hide. The found a cave and rush inside. They sit there and begin their talk

“What happened to you guys?” Jun asks

“They tried to poisoned us” Mii said


In the guest room

“What’s wrong, Mariko?” Mii asks

“Their act is so weird. Plus, I know that Acchan will not act like that” Mariko said

“Uh, come to think of it, you are right?” Mayu said

Then the door opens

“Sorry for making you all waiting” the servant said

“Please enjoy the tea” he said and bows

Then he puts and cups on their table. Mayu takes the cup and smells it

“Something weird in this tea” he thought

Then he signals Mii and Mariko.

“Please enjoy your tea” he said again

“We know” Mariko said

They fake drinking the tea and drop on the table

“Hahahaha, Lightning-sama’s plan works very well” the man laughs and said

Suddenly Mariko stands up and hits his neck. He falls on the floor and lost conscious

“We better gets out of here” Mariko said

“How about Yuki?” Mayu worriedly said

“Yuki properly is in their hands now. We will save her later” Mii said

Then they all rush out of the house

End flashback

“After that is what you two see” Mariko said

“I see” Jun said

“That’s mean Acchan and Takamina are also in danger now” Rena said

“Uh, I guess so” Mariko nods

“By the way, why are you two here?” Mayu asks

"We on our way to Atsuko-nee place." Jun said

"We suspect that Acchan and Takamina are in danger right now" Rena adds

"You think that too?" Mariko asks

"You guys feel the same?" Jun asks

"Uh, we were attacked when we reach my home. We felt something strange so we quickly come here" Mii said

“However, when we reached here, and heard the servants said that Acchan ordered them, we thought that she is ok. However the incident at her house makes me change our mind. What is really happened?” Mayu said

"My servant found Naku dead body. We suspect that he was killed by someone in Maeda Clan" Jun explains

"That person also hold a very high position. The person we suspect is Acchan's uncle Maeda Shin" Rena adds

"Maeda Shin?" the three widen their eyes in surprise

"Uh, my grandpa said that Shin is a greedy person. Taiki grandpa doesn't trust him much. He also was very mad when Atsuko-nee's father became head of Maeda Clan" Jun said

"I see" the three said

"If so, we should go there quickly. Maybe Yuki also is in danger right now." Mayu said

"Wait, we have to have some plan first. We also have to wait for my reinforcement" Jun said

"You have your men with you" Mii asks

"No, not yet. they are on their way now. They will come here in three days. My grandpa told me to come here and take a look first. If I bring too much people, they will suspect" Jun said

"I see" The rest nod in agreement.

In the evening

Atsuko comes to Shin's house not far from Maeda Clan's house

"Atsuko-sama" the guards greet her

Atsuko silently walks in. Shin happily steps out

"Welcome to my small house, Acchan" Shin said

"Stop that act. Now I'm in your territory. Just take off that mask" Atsuko coldly said

"Don't treat me like that Acchan. You make me sad" Shin said

"Enough, where is Yuki?" Atsuko said

"Don't rush. Just follow me" Shin leads her to his guest room.

There is no one inside the room. Atsuko is getting impatience. She takes Shin’s collar and shouts

“Maeda Shin, where is Yuki?”

“Don't shout at me like that. You make me sad. And you know what? When I'm sad, I will want to kill someone” Shin said in dangerous tone

Atsuko slowly withdraws her hand. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breathe

“What do you want? The person you need is me right? Then I'm here. Release her now" Atsuko said

"Of course, I will release her. You are the only one I need. Just because you are too hard to get that is why I did this" Shin said

"However, firstly, let drink this together to celebrate" Shin said and gives Atsuko a small cup

“If I drink this, you will release her right?” Atsuko said

“Yes, I will. Definitely” Shin said and smiles

Then Atsuko takes the cup and drinks it up without any hesitation. Dead to her now means nothing. There is nothing left for her in this world.

“Don't you scare that I will poison you” Shin said

Atsuko laughs out loud

"I don't care. Minami is gone. I will be happy if it is poisoned. That way I can meet Minami sooner" Atsuko said

“Takahashi Minami again. All you think was him” Shin shouts

“Don't worry, I will never let you and him be together. Never” he continues shouting while holding her arms tightly

“Let go off me" Atsuko shouts and struggles out of his grip

Suddenly, she feels dizzy. Her sight slowly turns blurry. Then she falls on the floor. Shin stands there and smirks. He bends down next to her

"Good night my Atsuko." Shin said

In the forest

In the cave

"Yuki, help me. Yuki, help me" Atsuko is tied by a big chain and said

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki calls while running toward Atsuko

However, the more she runs to her, the further Atsuko from her is. Then suddenly, Shin appears in front of her. Then he takes out a sword and stabs Atsuko

"No...." Yuki shouts


"Atsuko-nee" Yuki sits up and shouts

Mayu and the rest are woken up because of her shout. Mayu rushes to her

"Yuki, calm down. Everything will be fine" Mayu hugs her and pats her back to calm her down

Yuki slowly calms down. Suddenly she realizes something

"Mayu, Everyone? How can I get here?" Yuki asks

"Don't you remember anything Yuki?" Rena asks

"I just remember that I was tricked by Shin. He hit me, and I lost conscious. When I wake up, I'm here" Yuki said

"I see" Jun said

"When we were about to investigate around Shin's house, we saw you unconscious behind a big tree" Jun said

"We immediately took you back here. I'm glad that you are ok" Mayu said and sighs in relief

"Uh, we thought you will know something." Mii said

"Seem like there is someone follow us around and help us" Mariko said

Then the dream flashes on Yuki head

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki whispers

"Everyone, I believe that Atsuko-nee is in danger right now. That Maeda Shin plans on doing something to her" Yuki worriedly said

"Then we should hungry" Rena said

"Uh" Jun nods

When they are about to go out of the cave, 5 figures walk in.

In Maeda Clan

A shadow jumps into Atsuko's room


When he is about to call Atsuko, he notices that there is no one in the room. He suddenly feels something isn't right

"Atsuko, where are you?" he thought in worry

He quickly rushes out of the room. At the same time, a maid walks toward his direction. He immediately rushes to her and places a knife on her neck

"Where is Maeda Atsuko?" he fakes his voice

"Please don't kill me" the maid scarily said

"Answer my question" he repeats

"Atsuko-sama is at Master Shin's house. He invited her there for her welcome party." the maid said

"This is bad" the figure thought

Then he release the maid and jumps out of the Maeda Clan

He quickly rushes to Shin's house

"Atsuko, I shouldn't leave you alone" he thought while rushing there

In a dungeon

Atsuko is tied by chains. Her two hands were chained and hung by two big chains which attacked on the wall. Her legs also were chained by two big chains which attach to two big metal balls. She is still unconscious because of the sleeping poison.

In front of her, Shin is sitting comfortably on his chair.

“Did you found her?” Shin asks

“No sir, we are looking for her everywhere.” a man said

“Who release her? Can she escape by herself?” Lightning looks at Shin and asks

“No, she can’t” Shin said

“You people are stupid, useless, cannot even guard a girl.” Shin slams the table and shouts

“My plan was nearly ruined because of your stupidity” Shin shouts

“Sorry sir. We also didn’t know why she disappeared. I just went out a little. When I came back she was nowhere to be found” the man said

“Useless, idiot, useless” Shin shouts while slapping each of his servants

“We are terribly sorry sir” they said in union

“Get out of my side.” Shin shouts

Then they rush out of the dungeon

"Please calm down sir. Even without Kashiwagi Yuki, you still are able to capture Maeda Atsuko” Lightning said

“She is really a naive little girl. Easy to get trick" Lightning said and laughs

"No, don't underestimate her. She is a very smart little girl. It is just that her mind is now unstable.” Shin said

“She has to bear the pain of losing that man, Takahashi Minami. Plus, I pressured her by her beloved sister, Yuki, her grandpa and Takashi old man. That is why she easily fell into my trap” Shin said

“That is because you are a great person, my wonderful Master. They are like little mouse run into your trap” Lightning said

“What do you want to do with her, my Master” Lightning asks

“I have a lot of thing to do with her. I also need her so that I can talk to that old man. She is a very important card. I have her which means I have the entire Maeda Clan” Shin said

“Then I will congratulate my Master first for your success, a future head of the most powerful clan. Additionally, soon will become the ruler of all the Clans in this region” Lightning said

“Good words. When that day come, you will be my most trusted and loyal servant.” Shin said

“Thank you sir” Lightning said

“I will never forget you. When everything is done, I will reward you a big award, Lightning” Shin said

“Thank you sir. Just being able to be your servant is my luckiest thing. You don’t have to reward me. Giving me the opportunity to be your servant is my big award” Lightning said and bows

“Good. Hahahaha…” Shin said and laughs

“I still have one question left” Lightning said

“What is it?” Shin asks

“What about her friends, and that traitor, Thunder?” Lightning said

“I’m not worrying about them much. They cannot do anything to me. I will find a chance and kill all of them” Shin said

Then he stands up and walks toward Atsuko

“Maeda Atsuko, you are finally in my hands now. I will make you obey me completely” Shin said and laughs


That is chapter 26. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. :)
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Ah Atsuko is being captured

Who will save her?

The person that was visiting her late at night in her room, is it minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Whew, at least Minami is safe  :farofflook:

But who helped Yuki escape? And how will the others save Atsuko?

Thanks for the update!

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@cisda83, @Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 27  :D

Chapter 27: The Reunion of Two Hearts

In the dungeon

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sees a strange place. Then she remembers that she was trapped by Shin. When she moves her hands and legs, she realizes that each of her hands is tied by the chains. Each of those chains is connected with the wall at two side of her. Her legs are also tied by the chain. At the end of the chain is a big metal ball. Atsuko tries to struggle from the chain

"You finally awake my lovely Atsuko" a man said to her

Atsuko looks up

"Shin" Atsuko said in hateful tone

“No, no, no, Atsuko. Manner, watch your manner. How can you use that attitude to talk to me?" He said while shaking his head

"I don't have to be nice to a person who killed my mother, father, and my fiancée" Atsuko said

"You really are a heartless monster. How can you kill your little brother like that? You also think about my mother in improper way. She is your brother's wife." Atsuko continues

"Shut up. Don't mention him in front of me" he shouts at Atsuko

"He stole my hereditary. He also stole my Nami. If he were not exist, Nami would be mine" he said

"My mother will never be yours. In her life, she only loves my father. The one and only man she loves is Maeda Atsushi" Atsuko shouts at him

"Shut up. Don't mention his name in front of me" he shouts and while holding Atsuko’s collar

"Another thing, you said you love my mother. However you were the one that force her to death. You forced her to committed suicide. You killed her" Atsuko shouts

"Shut up. I told you to shut up. That was what she wanted. She chooses to betray me. That is what she deserved." He shouts

“Shut up. How can you say that she betrayed you since you are nothing to her other than a brother in law? She denied you and chose to die because she didn’t want to betray her family and my father who she loves the most” Atsuko shouts back.

“Shut up. I told you to shut up.” he shouts angrily and slaps Atsuko’s face

There are some blood runs down from her mouth. Atsuko looks at him with anger looks. Suddenly he changes his tone

"Sorry Atsuko, I was so angry. Are you hurt?" He asks and touches her face

"Take your hand off me." Atsuko shouts

"Why did you treat me like that? I do my best to treat you nicely. Why did your eyes only look at another man? Why don't you appreciate me?" He said in creepy tone

"Nami and now you. Since the day I saw you at the Elite Island, I stopped my intention to kill you. I forgave you and your interference in my business. Do you know why? Because looking at your smile, I knew that you are meant to be mine, and I want you to be mine. Why did you only look at that Takahashi boy? Why did you betray me?" he holds her shoulders and shouts

"Are you crazy? You are my uncle. How can you say thing like that to your niece?" Atsuko shouts

"I'm not your real uncle. That man is only an orphan. My father adopted him. However, he didn't think about his position. An adopted child like him dared to steal Nami from me. He also stole my place. He deserved to die." Shin said

"That Takahashi boy, too. A son of a bodyguard like him dared to steal my Atsuko away from me. He deserved to die too." Shin said

"One day I will kill you to take revenge for Minami." Atsuko shouts

"Minami, Minami, Minami. Why did you always think about him?" he shouts and scratches his head like a crazy man.

He turns and looks at Atsuko.

"Because I love him. He is my fiancée" She said

"Look at me. Everything of you belongs to me not him" He said and strongly turns her to face him.

"Your face, your lips, your eyebrows, your voice, everything of you is perfect just like Nami. Those belong to me" he said while touching Atsuko's face

"You disgusting. Don't use your filthy hands to touch me." Atsuko shouts

He then releases his hands and steps back.

"Atsuko, I will give you a chance like I did to your mother. I will..."

"In your dream. I will never follow you. I will never accept any of your offers" cutting Shin's words, Atsuko said

"Don't you worry about your beloved sister?" Shin said

"Hahaha...." Atsuko laughs out loud

"Do you think that I didn't hear what did you say to Lightning?" Atsuko said and smirks

"See Lightning, I told you right. She isn't easy to get trick." Shin said

"Yep, she escaped. However, she isn't the only thing I can force you" Shin said

"How about your grandpa and your Minami's grandpa?" Shin said

"I bet that you don't dare to kill them since you need them to take the position that you want so badly for all those years." Atsuko said

"Hahaha....good good good. It is true.” Shin said while laughing and clapping his hands

“Yup, I need those old men for my plan, just because those people in this clan only listen to them." Shin said

"That is why I need you. Cooperate with me, and we will become the most powerful couple" Shin continues

"Too bad. I'm not yearning for that." Atsuko said

"Then, how about this?" he said

Then he takes out his knife and makes a small cut on her arm. Atsuko frowns because of hurt.

"Human being is a creature that desperately looking for survives. Accept or I will leave you like this until your blood drained" Shin said

"I rather die than accept your stupid offer and become a heartless monster like you" Atsuko

"Let's see about that. I will wait for you to beg for my mercies. To bow down before me" Shin said

"In your dream" Atsuko shouts

"Just wait and see when the blood slowly ran out. Feeling hungry and thirsty invades you. Let see what you will do." Shin said

"Hahaha...let bet with me." Atsuko laughs and said

She gives him her "I don't care" face and laughs loudly. Suddenly something flashes on his head.

"Just wait my Atsuko. I will have a great way to torture you. Just wait and see" Shin said and laughs

"Let's go Lightning" Shin said

Then they leave the dungeon

In Shin’s office

“Lightning, I want you to call Dark here for me” Shin said while sitting at his chair

“Yes sir” Lightning said

Then she leaves the place.

Inside the room

“Let me see how strong you are” Shin thought

On the other side

A man is rushing around to find a girl he loves

“Atsuko, where are you?” He thought

“I shouldn't leave. I shouldn't follow Hibiki.” He continues his thought

His head now went blank. He cannot think about anything. He continues stealthily rushes around Shin’s house to look for her.

Suddenly he see firework on the sky

“Shin summons Dark” he thought

Then he quickly jumps into the forest

In the next evening

There is a black coat man standing at the cliff. Lightning walks toward him. She tries to hug him from behind. However, the man turns and jumps behind her.

“Mission?” He shortly said

“Darky, why did you treat me so cold these days? Don't you remember our relationship?” Lightning seductively said

Dark stays silent and jumps to the tree branch.

“I don’t understand you at all.” Lightning complains

“Did you call me all the way here just to whining about that?” He said coldly

“If you don’t have anything, I will go” He continues

“Master wants to meet you tomorrow evening” Lightning sighs and said

Then Dark jumps back

In the evening the next day

In the dungeon

“Hello my Atsuko, how do you feel after two day?” Shin said and smirks

She is a little weaker than because of hungry and thirsty for whole two days. Plus, blood from the small cut on her hand still slowly dropping.

“I'm very good.” Atsuko looks up and said

“You really are stubborn huh? Let me see how long will you last?” Shin said

“Dark, come here” he orders

Then Dark comes into the room.

“Dark? You are the one who killed Minami. You took away my important person.” Atsuko shouts while struggling

“So, you knew about this, too. I'm impressed.” Shin said in surprise

“Yes, that was him. He killed that man” he continues.

Atsuko looks down. She holds her fists tightly

“Why?” Atsuko whispers weakly

“Why did you do that?” She continues

“What did he ever do to you?” Atsuko looks up and shouts angrily

Her tear is rolling on her cheeks.

“Who give you the right to take away other life like that?” She shouts

“Now, now, calm down. Don't be so angry like that.” Shin said