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Title: RY-Shots no Sekai [Entry 2- "Faithful??" (OS) :Yuki:Rena:Jurina::] #14/08/2015
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 1-Bizarre (OS) :Rena:Yuki:Mayu: (
 2-Faithful?? (OS) :Yuki:Rena:Jurina: (

:on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo::on woohoo:

This is my first ever fic. It may be weird, but I'll give it a try.



Daydream now accompany
The feelings that make upset
Or is it an afterthought that is not a friend
Only enemies adds to fatigue
Although anything, kept coming back to it
Because that's what she wants to do

Yuki sat quietly on her bed, looking at the box that had just being given by a certain guy. A guy that lately somehow always got into her dream. A guy who has made Yuki’s eye always wanted to look at him. A guy who could make her eyes light in happiness but also dim in sadness at the same time. The guy who is her friend but at the same time is not her friend, a guy named Mayu.

Yuki sighed and got up to the desk in the corner of her room. She grabbed the blue box and walked out of the room. She wasn’t even bothered to see the contains. She stopped right in front of the trash-can beside the door. Thirty seconds she stood thoughtfully until finally dropped the box into the trash. Closing the door and she sat back on her bed.

She kept silent and pensive. She let her mind drifted back to a few years ago when she was in the high school when she met Mayu in front of the library for the first time. It’s still vivid in her mind the upset of Mayu’s face that she has bumped accidentally. Snorting rough breath when Mayu bowed take the books fell on the floor. Indifferently Mayu left Yuki who was just speechless stunned and confused. She had not even apologize.

Knock knock.

A knock on the door stopped the wanderings of Yuki’s mind. Lazily Yuki got up and walked towards the door. She twisted the knob and opened the door slowly. There, stood a figure with a grin. That was Rena.

"Ano... Sorry. Am I disturbing you?"

"Not really. What is it, Rena?" Yuki said listlessly and sat back on the bed.

"May I borrow a comb? I can’t find mine."

"Sure. Just take it. It’s there." Yuki pointed to a table in the corner of the room.

Rena stepped into Yuki’s room and took the comb. She placed two boxes on Yuki’s desk.

"Here, I brought you some souvenirs."

Yuki looked over and noticed that the boxes are full of melon-pan. She smiled.

"Thank you. Hehe. "

"Sure. Anyway, I still have plenty of them in my locked-closet. I’m just afraid that the whole dorm asked for them and left nothing for me like the last time. Don’t tell the others."

Yuki just smiled without answering. Rena noticed Yuki's face carefully. Her head tilted to the left and right as if Yuki was a very odd object of study.

"What’s wrong with you? So less of spirit. Usually, whenever I’m bringing something, especially the melon-pan, you directly eat it. What about now? You are so calm today. So suspicious.”

Yuki just shook her head and sighed responding Rena’s joke.

"I will eat it later. I'm still full."

Rena winced to hear the answer.

"What did you eat? Sweet-pan? Yaki-pan? Or maybe sandwich?"

"No, Rena. You're weird, anyway. You talks about bread all the time."

Rena smiled to hear the words of Yuki.

"Is it me or you who is weird? You're the one who is weird, not like usual. Feeling upset, huh?"

Yuki kept silent.

“Yuki, please… You know you can tell me anything, just like me who tells you everything.” Rena took Yuki’s hands and held them tight.

And there, the-still-silent Yuki with her eyes looked down.

"Okay, okay. I'm not going to bother your anymore. But remember. This place is an anti-upset boarding house. The girls who lived here are forbidden to be upset. If the other girls caught you in perplexed condition, you are gonna be dead. But, special for you, I will keep it secret. So, do not stay perplexed so long. Okay?" Rena said to Yuki as she nudged her chin and went to step out of the room. Before closing the door, Rena turned to Yuki, her eyes soften, "Remember, I do care for you. I am here for you, you know."

Yuki smiled weakly and nodded toward Rena.

After closing the door, Rena saw a blue box in the trash. She wondered why it was dumped. But then she remembered the guy who this morning met Yuki. She was just finished taking a morning bath while she heard the doorbell rang. She peeked and saw Yuki with this glasses guy. She still remembered the expressions of both. Yuki was in verge of crying while the guy stared at Yuki with cold eyes.

What has happened with those two? Rena thought long enough in front of Yuki’s room. Now, she was the one who upset. If there’s one person in this world that she cares most, that must be Yuki. The truth is they’re best friends since childhood, they’ve been together in thick and thin till a certain event occurred a year ago. Since then, it seems like Yuki built this wall to kept distance between them. Still, Rena will do anything for the sake of Yuki cause she had this certain feeling to the Kagoshima girl…

"Hmm... if I got nothing from Yuki, I’ll find that boy and asked him directly. Ahahahahah…" Rena tilted her head, biting her nails and walked back to her room.


In her room, Yuki’s still pensive in silence. Still remembered the words of Mayu this morning. The more she thought, the more she did not understand.

Is Mayu that difficult to be understood? Is Mayu really that stupid that he could not understand her purpose? Is it me who was too stupid in showing what I meant?

Yuki got up and stared at her own face in the mirror. She was bizarre. She sadly recalled the words of Mayu. But she must not be that sad. She felt confused and did not understand Mayu’s words. But at the same time she felt understand. Because if she did not understand how could she be this sad? Yuki sighed again.

"Hmph ... The human’s heart is indeed very difficult to be understood. Even though it was your own, there are times when you're being an idiot and do not know what you feel."

She didn’t realize that she had repeatedly pacing her room. Her head felt dizzy. She sat back down on the bed because it's the only place that can be seated. Incidentally her chair was broken last night. Suddenly she remembered Rena’s words to not upset. Yes, they were living in an anti-upset boarding house. They called it so by their own. Without the owner’s permission nor the head of the official officers. The nickname is administratively illegal, but legal for all the occupants.

Yuki smiled remembering it. She remembered the incident a few months ago when Kanon, their new housemate had just broke up with her boyfriend. As a result she got upset for weeks until finally all the girls agreed and felt compelled to take action. All the girls agreed to help Kanon. But the word 'help' was just a word, because in reality all of them bullied Kanon. Teased and insulted in various ways.

“Tehe… Kanon-chan, you will be forever single if you kept thinking about him. You know, once a girl failed to move on, means she failed to live and sensing happiness in life.” Said Churi in a teasing way.

“Someone who kept thinking about the ex, is a complete BAKA.” Yui said non-chalantly.

Once, Kanon found a huge print of her ex photo hanging in her room. There were many strokes and scratches on the photo. ‘STOP THINKING THIS FUCKING UGLY BEAST, NON_CHAN! IF NOT, U R THE FUCKING UGLY BEAST. WE LOVE TO HUNT BEASTS!!!’ was written on it.

Kanon couldn’t stand all the bullies anymore and promised for not being upset anymore. From there comes the crazy idea of the girls to make a rule that it is prohibited for the girls to be upset or perplex. All the occupants who consist of girls must always be cheerful. What a weird way to encourage someone. Yuki got up and felt motivated to remember it. But the most re-assuring thing when she felt the warmness of Rena’s hands before, and those brown orbs that full of cares…

That’s right. I may not be like this. I must keep the spirit.

She headed to the mirror and stared at her own reflection.

"Yuki, fighting! You may not let Mayu made you like this. He doesn’t deserve it! He's not worthful at all!"
After saying that, Yuki re-thought.

"Mayu is not worthful? No.. No.. He's precious. After all he's worth. Well... at least for my heart."

Huufth ... Yuki sighed again. “Difficult. It’s difficult for not being upset. I do not want this, but still it’s coming like this at the end. What should I do?”

Yuki turned to the desk. She picked up a book with a green tiny circles motif. The book was Yuki’s journal. She loved to write and pour it into the journal. Opening a blank sheet, and her pen began to sway.

July, 2015
It never occurred to me
Have this sense for you is so hard
You're indifferent
Because you can not understand
Of the too-strong feeling that I have
Is it wrong for me to have it?
Is it too frightening to be loved by me?

A tear dripped and soaked to Yuki’s journal’s pages. Fell and imprinted. Yuki smiled bitterly before she wiped the tears from her eyes. Closing it and clutched it tightly. Grain by grain of tears dripping. Yuki cried silently. She bit her lower lip hard. Se hates this feeling.

Yuki kept sobbing. Then, after a while, her eyes fell on the melon-pan boxes on the table. The face of the giver flashed in Yuki’s mind. Finally, a thin smile appeared in Yuki’s face.


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Title: RY-Shots no Sekai [Entry 2- "Faithful??" (OS) :Yuki:Rena:Jurina::] #14/08/2015
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He smiled and hummed all the way, showing him being happy. He had walked one kilometer so far, but not feel tired at all. Though the sun was shiny, he kept walking cheerfully. People who saw him walked in the weather as hot as it was amazed. What’s that boy doing in this sunny day?

[As long as I could see you, I could bear the sunniest sun]

Arrived at the intersection, he turned to the left. He got in to a bakery.

"Four melon-pans, please." He ordered. Once he got what he wanted, he continued his journey.

[I’ll bring you anything you like]

He walked as enjoying a lollipop. He kept walking until he arrived at a high fenced green house. He rang the bell. Five minutes, no one appeared. He rang it once again. Still no one appeared.

He rang it once again, "Once again I rang it and no one appeared, I will turn into my Black mode and punch everyone." His mind began to chaotic. And yet there was not a figure that appeared to open the fence. He growled. Trying to calm down, he pulled the phone from the pocket of his sweater. Yes, a sweater. In the hot weather he weared a sweater. That's why many people were looking at him strangely as he walked. He was actually also wondering why many people were looking at him earlier. But he was too naive to realize the strangeness of his own.

[If losing sanity could make me be with you, I don’t mind]

He took his cell-phone, looking for contacts, and chose the name 'Rena'. With slow motion, he pinned it to his ear, and a voice came from there, "The number you are calling is out of coverage area. Please... "Click. He aborted the call. "Oh my gosh, I’m gonna kill her!" He put it into his pocket but put it out again soon to send an email. “I hope she’s lurking her mail now.”

[I can wait you forever ever after]

Five minutes later, came out a girl in green shirt with jeans walked quickly towards the gate. Arriving there, she grinned, "Hehe... Sorry."

The boy just glanced irritably, kept sucking his lollipop. "You know, you’ve just sparing your own life," he walked in after the fence wide open.

"Sparing my own life?" Rena said, wondering.

"Yeah, your own life. You know, I was planning to... "

Rena cut his  words. "I know, I know. Sorry. I was…"

"Forget it," The boy pulled Rena’s hand to get in to the house. Rena allowed herself to be drawn as the boy got in.

"What do you like to drink?" said Rena after they reached her room.

"Anything," said the boy.

"Spicy drink?" Rena teased.

"Not that one!"

"You said ‘anything’...." Rena said as she stepped out of the room. After a few minutes, she returned with two glasses of guava juice and put it on a small table beside the boy.

"Thank you, sweety," he said to Rena and drank the juice. "Anyway, it sounds quiet. Where is everyone?"

"Daddy is at his work . Mommy is at her friends’ house, doing something. My brother hangs out with his friends."

"I see... So, where is it?"

"Just a minute," Rena took the laptop and put it in front of the boy. "Not as violent as Nightmare on Elm Street, anyway. But it’s okay. Peevishing ending."

"Peevishing?" the boy said while releasing the flashdisk of his cellphone. He liked to hang the flashdisk in his cellphone.

"It’s just… peevishing. Just watch it. Here, copy it by yourself, okay?" She removed her laptop closer to the boy.

"What was the title?" the boy said while sliding the cursor.

"'The Collector'. In the movie folder," Rena said while lying on the carpet and flip through the pages of a comic.

"Have you other new horror movies?" the boy shifted his view from the laptop to Rena.

"Nothing. I've gave all of them to you before," Rena replied without turning her eyes from the comic that she was reading. “Since when you like horror movies?”

The boy’s head turned back to the laptop. "Hm... So, I’ve come all the way for one movie?" He said ignoring Rena’s question.

[I could turn what I dislike to something I treasure most just for the sake sharing same things with you]

"Plus guava juice," Rena added.

"Then, can I get another guava juice?"

"Sure, but make it yourself. The guavas are in the fridge, the sugar is over the refrigerator, and the glasses are on the plate rack. Ah, I’m sure you already know... It’s not your first time to come here."

The boy’s lips pursed. But he kept doing what the girl said and went into the kitchen. Seeing him moved, Rena got up and following him.

"Ah. I’ve just remembered. I brought melon-pans for you. They’re in a plastic bag I was bringing." Tierra said as he opened the fridge and pulled out the guavas.

Rena’s eyebrows frowned. "Really?” then she run back to her room to find the treasure.

"Jeez, you're really a melon-pan monster." The boy shouted to the running girl.

[I never know a monster could be that beautiful]

"Well, I was the president of Melon-Pan Alliance, you know," Rena said to the boy as walking back to the kitchen.

“Haha. What’s that even mean?" the boy replied.

"It means that I am the number one fans of melon-pan?" She said proudly while munching the melon-pan.

[Well, I think I'm the number one fans of the melon-pans' number one fans]

"I don’t think it’s something you can be proud of."

"I don’t care. I’m proud of it."

"Yeah… Sure you are." He replied while his hands were busy making guava juice.

"Well, done it." He lifted the glass of juice and gave one to Rena.

Rena received it. "Let’s drink it in my room."

They returned to the room, carrying a glass of each. As planned, they continued talking about many things. When the childhood friends met each other, it does not matter what the topic was, the main point was there’s something to be talked about. Moreover, they are really close and have not much different tastes. They felt comfortable to each other. Just like siblings, once Rena told him.

[I don’t want to be your sibling. Never]

Time ticked and there, afternoon arrived.

"Okay. Thank’s for the movie and guava juice," the boy smiled sweetly indicating that he’s truly grateful.

[And thank you for your beautiful existence]

"Hm.. It’s not your first to come here. You came here three times a week. It’s a luck you don’t come here three times a day that made me like taking medicine." Rena smiled.

[As for me, being the medicine is not enough. I would like to be with you 24/7]

"Hehe. But you’re not getting bored with me, are you?" The boy grinned with his eyes gazing her softly.

Suddenly, Rena’s heart skipped a beat. "Nope. In fact, it feels weird if you do not come. Even you came in Saturday night. It makes me see you more often than meeting my boyfriend," Rena’s lips pursed.

[Ugh. Finally you mentioned him]

"Hem.. It’s not my fault that you have an LDR. Why did you let Jun go out of town?”

“I don’t want it either. It’s just the condition….”

“Then, it means that we are more affectionate than you with Jun."

[And love you more. I love you much more than anything, anyone]

Rena felt her cheeks getting hot. "Hh... Fine, just go home. Your words are getting silly."

[Silly? Yes. I’m falling for you in a silly way]

"Nope. It’s not silly at all," the boy replied as he getting closer to Rena.

"Why... What are you doing?" Rena asked him nervously.

“I want to kiss you.”

[And make you mine]

“Wh…!! Don’t. You know I already have Jun.” Rena retorted.

"Oh. Should I stop?" The boy asked her back.

[I don’t want to stop. I want to make you mine]

Rena kept silent as his eyes locked to the ground. The boy sighed.

“Is he here when you’re sad? When you’re feeling discontent? Who’s with you when you feel that way? Who’ll come straight to you when you need something?”

[It’s me, Rena. It’s always been me. I want to make you mine since I'm already occupied by you]

“You know Jun was a flirt. How can you trust him?”

“I trust him. He’s a faithful man.”

"Is he?"

Rena nodded.

[I want to make you mine. Only mine.]

"Okay. I believe he is.” The boy put his hands up. He glanced back to the girl and saw her biting her bottom lip.

“Then… Are you faithful, Rena?”

Once again, there’s silence between them. Rena’s head kept lowering as her hands are shaking. The boy leaned in once more, lifted his right hand, cupped her chin and lifted it so that he could see Rena’s eyes. “Tell me Rena, are you?”
Rena kept silent as her eyes wavering. The boy kept staring at the brown orbs he loved the most in his life. His gaze shifted to the shaking tempting lips before him. He leaned in and locked her lips with his. He moved his lips slowly and tenderly. He took deep breaths as he inhaled the sweet scent of the lovely figure before him. Her lips remained unmoved as his lips kept moving in the most tender way as possible. His hand now moved from the chin to the right cheek of hers in order to cup her face. He tried to express all  his feelings trough the kiss to the girl and hoping that the girl would understand.

[I love you more than the sun loves the earth. I love you every time, day and night]

[I’ll surrender to insanity if you wish it]

[I’ll be your butler, hime. Since a butler will be beside you 24/7]

[I’ll make you the president of my heart, since your image already filling my mind, ruling and ordering my mind to not stop thinking about you]

[I love you much more than anything, anyone, in this sanity world and than insanity world]

[I love you like a fool in a stupidest way]

[I love you who love someone else]

[I love you who’re being faithful to someone else]

[A-Are you?]

He could feel Rena’s lips moving in his lips. Hesitantly, at first, but then went smoothly as he guided her to deepen the kiss. They kept kissing in awkward way, with their own weird way, in their own world.

They broke the kiss as they knew they need air.

[That was amazing]

They kept staring at each other in silence with their blushing cheeks. Feeling comfort with each other’s company, they kept staring in silence until Rena broke the silence.

“Am I?”

The boy shook his head and smiled weakly, but his eyes kept showing her tenderness.

“Then, I’ll just go home, now.

[Silly, I am]

“Take care, Yuki-kun.”


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Spit ice-cream that was in my mouth and haven't sollwed until fic finished just joking,  *throw flower, * hold you and kiss your cheeks,* hugs you tight * jump with you while hugging you* jump in the water * suddenly shark appear and ate ys* we write yukirena together *

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You made us killed, Senpai... The shark is getting fat... :on chew:
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You made us killed, Senpai... The shark is getting fat... :on chew:
Now I can't kiss and hug you back or write more YukiRena .. Now it's just my ghost who's able to do it..:on polter:

O.O  don't worry it's gaint shark we will stay alive in his stomach and write fic also enjoy together.
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yeah... and live happily ever after in a shark's stomach... :kekeke: