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Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu,JuriAnnin + Others) Chapter 21 [13/5/16]
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Oshima Yuko
Kojima Haruna
Matsui Jurina
Watanabe Miyuki
Iriyama Anna
Yamamoto Sayaka
Maeda Atsuko
Takahashi Minami
Shinoda Mariko
Kuramochi Asuka
Matsui Rena


Prologue #1 & #2 (

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Oshima Yuko and Shinoda Mariko BackStory (
JuriAnnin and WMatsui BackStory (

A/N: You can find this song (which lyrics are written in the prologue in Youtube) Its called: Kodaline — All I Want.

 Prologue #1

All I want is nothing more
To hear you knocking at my door
’Cause if I could see your face once more
I could die a happy man I’m sure

Jurina lay on her bed in fetus position. The girl stopped crying few days ago… probably because there were no more tears left.

At first, she wondered how long can someone cry before they feel nothing… before they feel empty and stop responding to the world around them.

It has been almost a week… a week since Rena just left. Three years of relationship… and now… Jurina was all alone. Alone in this gigantic apartment that once belong to both of them.

All Jurina saw around was darkness and not because it was a night time. Simply because the girl didn’t see point in going forward.

When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side

Jurina thought back on her relationship. They were happy, they fight… all things considered — they were just an ordinary couple. Not like in the movies… nothing that could burst out like they did.

Maybe that’s why younger Matsui hadn’t expected Rena to tell her that its over. To tell her that older Matsui thought about this for a long time but waited only because she didn’t want to hurt Jurina.

Rena even told her that she loved her but she wants to follow her dreams. She flight the plan to Korea few days ago and it wasn’t a romantic comedy where Jurina would run and try to stop her.

No…Jurina stayed laying in her bed. Laying and guessing… ignoring her friends calls…even Rena’s message where the girl apologized one more time for choosing her dreams and not considering Jurina in the process.

Just like a song lyrics… two sentences echoed in Jurina’s mind:

But if you loved me
Why’d you leave me?

Prologue #2

Jurina stood up and walked to the door, not bearing the sound. Someone kept knocking even though normally people would have given up after have an hour.

Jurina didn’t need to check who came and opened the door immediately. “Yuko…what a surprise” commenting a bit bitterly.

“You haven’t picked up your phone for a week…they send me to check if you’re still alive”. Yuko went inside the apartment looking around shortly “messy”.

“Is there…something that you actually need?”

“YES! You know…first of all, its not the end of the world… secondly, you’re not the only one hurting over something”.

Jurina rolled her eyes not showing much of an interest “your constant fighting doesn’t really compare with…”

“We broke up. Marichan and I… and for good this time. So…its not our constant fighting this time, and I think I can relate to your situation”.

Jurina closed her mouth feeling a bit guilty about her previous comment. Yuko didn’t waste her time grabbing Matsui hand and dragging her to the room.

“Let’s listen to a song… maybe its time to move on”. Without waiting for permission Yuko pressed play on her phone, while Kodaline — All I Want, started playing in the background.

But if you loved me
Why’d you leave me?
Take my body
Take my body
All I want is,
And all I need is
To find somebody.
I’ll find somebody like you.

“Now…get dressed… we’re going out and moving on!”

“What…no…what would be the point?”

“I’m not taking no for an answer… Milky is waiting for us, let’s go!”
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You write such good stories.  :cathappy:

I can't wait for this one to get started, I know I'm going to love it.  :heart:

I will be patiently waiting. Bye bye  :peace:
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 1 & 2
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A/N: I really haven't thought of writing but a friend guilt trip me because of her upcoming birthday and I thought...what the hell. Here is first chapter. Not sure when I'm going to sit down next one. I plan on concentrating on other fics more for the time being. But either way... I had to put my inspiration and thoughts down so I'm not going to wait and post it right away.  :peace:

Chapter 1

Jurina looked around and sigh while playing with her drink. “I mean I get it…some people prefer spending their Friday nights at the club… but I didn’t think we belong to that category”

Milky enjoyed her time in the dance floor meanwhile Yuko (who did the same just a minute ago, decided to check of Jurina) “I think we deserve to relax a little bit…and clear our minds… for example you could try to have a chat with someone… meet new people, who knows you might just get a crush on someone”.

“Really, Yuko? REALLY? After three years in a relationship and only a week later after the break up? I can move on just like that?” Jurina raised her eyebrows looking at one of her best friends skeptically. She was surprised how Yuko was even holding her shit together… whatever she got into fights with Marichan… she was devastated.

“And why are you so full of energy?”

“Why not? What’s the point of staying in my room and crying? What would I gain by that? Nothing! I’m ready to do one thing I thought I’m never going to do!” Yuko said as if proud of herself with determination.

“And that is…?” Jurina once again questioned keeping the conversation going but not showing too much of an interest.

“One night stand!” Yuko stated excitedly. Jurina spilled her drink accidentally (probably trying to process the latest information) “you…wait… what?”

“I have been with Marichan since high school… I haven’t been with anyone else. I mean… I never considered being with someone else as I was pretty sure we stay together forever. But life doesn’t work that way… so yeah… tonight I’m doing one thing I never thought of doing”.

“You’re joking, right?”

“Since when you’re against it?”

“Since… you once told yourself…three years ago that you’re against it and find it pointless… you would be sleeping with someone who you’re not going to see ever again! Isn’t that kind of irresponsible? Also… you will obviously be sleeping with someone who only wants you for your body!No one looks at one night stand seriously!”

Milky came to the girls at the same time putting both hands on Yuko’s shoulders and looking at Mayu excitedly “come on! What are you too talking about? Let’s go dancing! The night is young!”

“You’re barely standing…” Jurina commented judgmentally. “But you’re here so… please tell Yuko that having a one night stand with complete stranger is TOTALLY not worth it and pointless!”

“Oh…you’re planning that?” Milky wondered for few seconds and then pointed finger at herself while laughing “well…you can sleep with me…then I would know not only all the facts about your personal life…but also your preference with smexy stuff!”.

“I think the point of one night stand is that…you’re doing it with complete stranger and that’s true… you’re barely standing on your feet… why you even wanted to go out for drinks?”

Milky just shrugged her shoulders while laughing off the questions “fine fine… but that’s your lost. Don’t you dare changing your mind later! Maybe I should have one as well? Though…I haven’t seen anyone interesting…” Milky added while looking around a bit disappointed but after a second or so pointed at someone far away from them “well..except that one… but we can’t even see her face…though that body… eh… I wouldn’t mind having it”.

Milky commented by looking down at her body “not that I’m complaining!” she added still proud of her own.

Jurina sigh annoyed and tired “I will take Milky home… I think you should go with us as well…Yuko… don’t do anything stupid that you might regret…”

Yuko smiled in a friendly matter “I have decided…you won’t be able to change my mind…and you know…I haven’t noticed that girl before Milky pointed at her… maybe I should give it a try?” she questioned a bit jokingly but Milky nod with agreement.

Jurina gave up realizing that her friend made up her mind. Even though Matsui was 100% against it. So she took Milky from Yuko while walking with the girl out of the club.

Jurina brought Milky home knowing that Atsuko and Minami will take care her girl. After all, they were living in three rooms apartment. Atsuko and Takamina sharing one room since they got together, Milky the other. Jurina even considered moving there as well as the third room was vacant. Then she won’t need to see all the corners of her own home that reminder her of Rena.

It wasn‘t the time for such discussion and Jurina was greeted by surprised girls who let her inside. Milky passed out on the way so it was difficult carrying her in.

Instead of bringing Milky to her room, Jurina lay her down on the sofa. “If you help me I could…”

“No…maybe she should sleep here…you know… to learn from her mistakes. Milky got pretty wasted, right?” Minami questioned worriedly.

Jurina nod shortly “I just don’t know the reason for…”



“Sayanee is back and she still has the lease of this apartment so of course… until she finds new place to live… the girl is staying here… I guess Milky is not so happy about it. They haven‘t seen each other for a year or so...”

“Oh…” Jurina commented while looking at the sleeping girl shortly “that makes sense…well I will be going then”, she added feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“At least those two convinced you to leave the home, right?” once again Minami asked not being able to hide her worry and caring. Atsuko would have commented as well, if she wouldn’t have been so tired. The girl barely stood her ground, trying to keep her eyes open but unsuccessfully.

Jurina just smiled awkwardly and nod, unsure how to comment on this. “I find this situation ironic, you know? I would have waited for as long as possible, I would have agreed to long term relationship, or… to go with her… Rena hadn’t suggested any of those options…only a clean break up”.

“Relationships end like that sometimes, kiddo… you shouldn’t over think it. Try to move on…even if it takes a lot of time and energy… but wait… were is Yuko? She left you to take care of Milky by yourself?”

Jurina rolled her eyes while commented “Yuko decided that its a great idea to have one night stand… I tried to change her mind but…”

Even Atsuko forgot about her sleep after the statement showing some curiosity. “She’s a perv, obviosly but… seriously? She wouldn’t dare… and she just broke up with Mariko…well I don’t know who broke up with who…if that was mutual or not but… the point is… she probably still have hope of getting back together”.

Takamina hugged her girlfriend while complaining “good to know that you’re finally awake. But yeah…I doubt it”.

“Well…she seemed pretty confident. She might as well just go for it…” Jurina shrugged her shoulders knowing that her friend is crazy enough to try and pull it off.

When Jurina and Milky left Yuko was left alone and honestly felt at a loss. Even though she seemed so confident just a minute ago… could she actually do it? Sleep with a stranger?

Some people do it so easily, without caring, loving or even liking the other person. All they search for is attraction and someone to spend the night with.

Obviously, Yuko admired the bodies around her and even checked that stranger that Milky mentioned before but… she needed another drink. Maybe two drinks… maybe three drinks would make her brave enough?

While Yuko had this quiet conversation with herself (actually speaking most of her thoughts out loud) the same stranger walked to her.

Yuko only saw the girl’s back, but without a doubt that’s a body you couldn’t confuse with any other.

The girl smiled suggestively at Yuko “are you alone?”

“A……” all Yuko managed to do was some rambling not able to voice her thoughts out loud.

The girl sat on an empty chair next to her “I’m Kojima Haruna. How about you?” She questioned while giving her hand to hold. Just a simple meeting new person thing.
Yuko opened her mouth to answer but stopped herself… the girl is probably using a fake name. I should do the same… just to be safe.

“Akimoto Sayaka”. Yuko cursed in her mind wondering why she chose this name. Sayaka was one of her best friends (apart from Milky and Jurina) who was travelling abroad at the moment. Maybe she just missed the girl, that’s why it was the first name that she could think off.

Haruna smiled back at Yuko showing only interest “well, nice to meet you, Sayaka”.

Chapter 2

An hour conversation lead to even longer amount of making out. It could have been pointed out that alcohol had a big part in it. Usually the conversation flouted better this way as you barely understood what the other one is talking about.

Obviously neither Haruna nor Yuko could drive the car after it and they ended up taking a taxi and heading back to Haruna’s apartment. As drunk as Yuko knew she is… somehow she realized that sneaking out from her own apartment would be mission impossible.

Making out that started in a public place ended up in a taxi and didn’t stoop until they reach the apartment.

It was a bit rough but without a doubt passionate. One of that moments that you don’t need to worry what another person is thinking and can freely be yourself.

Even though Yuko had to confess secretly (at least for herself) that hearing Haruna moaning Sayaka’s name was certainly distracting.

Next morning came quite fast as the girls barely slept with occupation that left all the thoughts of sleeping aside.

It could be said that when Haruna finally fell asleep, even an earthquake wouldn’t have woken her up. Even though Yuko was just as sleepy as the other girl she realized that its probably the only moment she’s going to have for a quick escape. So after looking back at the soundlessly sleeping girl’s face and kissing her goodbye Yuko walked out of the apartment.


“What have you been staring at for the past 10 minutes? Have you heard any of what I have told you?” Milky complained while pouting. “You could you know… I already had to survive Minami scolding and Atsuko wasn’t around…so Minami didn’t hold herself back”.

Yuko still stared at her phone while Jurina answered instead of her “and what did she tell you? That you should drink less? Everyone knows it… don’t start complaining after hearing what others think as well”.

Milky weren’t close to giving up “you never take my side. Also, why should I listen to your advises when you don’t listen to mine?”

“I REALLY don’t want to go on a double date with you! What kind of advise is that?”

“You keep repeating that I should move on…because Sayanee doesn’t feel the same..I mean I know it but… I don’t see you moving on from Rena”

“Rena and I were in an actual relationship. You only imagined yours. Also, hasn’t yours ended like a year ago? Its just happened that Sayanee decided to come back home… what a shock… its not like she would have spend the rest of her live travelling around the world”.

Both girls kept discussing for more than five minutes finally remembering that Yuko was still there and looking at the older girl with confusion written all over their face “YUKO!”

Yuko even let her phone fall on the table because of surprise and shock that those two just gave her “what?”

“What are you looking at for that long?” Milky asked her initial question before that whole discussion with Jurina started.

“Oh…I was just thinking if I should… erase a phone number or not…but I should, right? its just a one night stand? You’re right…I should”. Yuko kept talking with herself without even waiting for the girls to agree.

“Well it depends on…”

“Erased it…” Yuko stood up announcing proudly but with some sadness. “I guess I’m ready to move on now… also, you two could agree to something instead of bickering whenever you get together”.

“Agree to something?”

“Yes…why not? For instance, how long it takes for one of you to find a real girlfriend…and the loser could get some sort of punishment”.

“Oh…like a slave…doing all the errands for a month…or two months!” Jurina commented a bit excited and curios about the proposal.

“What makes you think, you would win?” Milky scolded as well intrigued by Yuko’s idea.

“Obviously I would…you couldn’t get over someone you weren’t with for A YEAR! Even Yuko could win against you!”

“Fine…let make it three way bet then!”

“Eh? Why are you involving me in it?” Yuko complained a bit confused of the outcome. She was ready to leave the two and head to her room for some sleep but instead got a part of their weird conversation.

“Its more interesting like that! Also you suggested this in the first place so don’t try backing out now! So how about a loser? Or there is going to be two losers? Well there can be two or one” Jurina started the conversation while Milky continued:

“And the loser will have to tidy the others room for 6 months!”

“Seriously?” Yuko seemed the only skeptical one.

“And buy sweets whenever the other wants it! Even if suddenly I will decide that I crave them in the middle of the night”. Milky finished her thought looking at the other two and waiting for more suggestions.

“Works for me… so let’s make it fair. 6 months to find a serious girlfriend… you will have to convince the other two that your relationship is actually a real deal…and if others don’t believe you still lose!”. Jurina ended while putting her hand forwards for others to shake it in agreement.

“Okay…but if for instance… I will get together with Sayanee… that still counts!” Milky pointed at herself.

“You know… the fact that you’re still consider it… gives me hope that you’re actually going to lose”, Jurina commented sarcastically.

Somehow this weird situation ended in a bet. Yuko covered her face while pouting and looking back at her phone “eh…maybe I shouldn’t have erased that number…” while looking at the other two that smiled sheepishly.

One thing that Yuko thought about and considered before these two dragged her into, was the fact that this will give Jurina a change to forget Rena. In any other case, without some competition younger Matsui would have probably stayed in her bed for a month or even longer.

Getting over someone was the hardest thing someone can do… but when you get a push forward… you might as well make it.
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I'm glad this story is juriannin. I have been looking for a good one but haven't been able to find one.

Yuko is looking for a one night stand and used Sayaka's name. :cathappy:

Keep up the good work. Bye bye  :peace:
Title: Re: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 2 [28/10/15]
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I wonder how Jurina will meet Annin~
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moorreeee pliiiiiiisssss .....  :mon lovelaff:
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 3 [3/11/15]
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Chapter 3


„You two are seriously going on a double date?“ Yuko questioned remembering how Jurina was actually against it while Milky mostly joked about it without giving it a second thought.

Milky barely commented on her life in the same apartment as Sayaka though her two best friends knew that she‘s not doing so well.

Sayaka and Milky talked quite often, as it is expected in such situation but half of those times both Atsuko and Minami were close to them, so it doesn't really count. Also, talks about weather is not common between someone who has feelings for another so Milky has been slowly losing hope.

That‘s why the idea of double date at this point sounded better than sitting and sulking about things that can‘t never happen. The fact that Jurina agreed to this gave the girl even more hope and joy. Most likely that was the reason why Jurina agreed in the first place.

„You sure you don‘t want to go with us?“ Jurina questioned one more time ready to make this a triple date if necessary.

„No…i‘m more concerned about my job interview…“

„Even if you‘re concerned you‘re going to nail it…without a doubt…after all, you‘re really good with thinking of things on the spot. Aren‘t you?“

Yuko wondered for few seconds but squinted her eyes in response „eh…but you know…what if“

„Just say that you don‘t want to go with us, instead of saying stupid excuses“,, Milky rolled her eyes and seemed annoyed but after few more seconds laughed innocently as if nothing happened „but don‘t worry…later we tell you all the details of this night and you will certainly feel jealous“.

Yuko laughed at the thought but it seemed that the two are still expecting something from her so she nod adding „well…you better make me jealous“.


„Both of you look…“

„Don‘t say it…“


Two hangover girls begged while Yuko was as lively as always jumping around as the world belongs to her and enjoying it to the fullest „AWFUL?PITIFUL? PATHETIC? Am…okay I can‘t think of other insulting words but I don‘t think you need to hear any more, RIGHT? RIGHT?“

Jurina and Milky hid their heads as if in sync „we‘re already in pain… that‘s not necessary… at least we didn't have one night stand…even though we were really drunk“.

It was good comeback which made Yuko shut up. She cursed quietly under her breath „its not like I‘m regretting it“ and showed her tongue „so…you remember what you did there or…?“

„Of course we do!“ both announced in unison.


„Its a long story…“

„Is it?“

„Milky saw Sayanee dancing with some girl there…while we were in the middle of our double date and bailed…“

„Don‘t tell me?“

„Yes…I pretty much spend the rest of the evening with both of those girls…actually I liked them…surprisingly… if I had to chose…that would be quite difficult…but they‘re best friends so that would be wrong“.

„Oh yeah..but Jurina bumped into Annin…do you remember Annin?“

„First crush?“

„More like first love“

„No no…I think Rena was her first love…Annin would only count as first crush…well maybe to give her more credit….first REAL SERIOUS crush“.

Jurina looked at one girl and then at the other pouting „why are you discussing my love life?“

„Why not? I want to hear whole story actually…but I‘m guessing that‘s not going to be possible… because I don‘t want to be late for work…well…first day…I think I already passed the interviews even though I still haven‘t met my boss“.

„Oh right…totally forgot about your meeting“, Milky covered her head and stared at Jurina from the corner of her eye „I think sleep is a good idea…also we can agree what we‘re going to tell you and what not“

"NO NO! I want to now EVERYTHING!"

„You should have gone with us then… so we will agree on which things to tell while you will sit in your boring job meeting“

Yuko sighed defeated knowing that she has no other choice. „Fine…but I‘m pretty sure I will manage to convince…both of you to tell me everything!“, as stubborn as she is, Yuko showed her tongue once more but in a rush this time.


Yuko walked inside Jurina’s apartment like her life was ending. Her showed pretty much all of her emotions “sc**ew my life…what I got myself into”

Jurina and Milky after long afternoon sleep still looked hangover but right now was in way better condition.

That’s why they senses change in Yuko’s mood instantly.



“No…I’m Jurina”, Jurina who asked the questioned pointed at herself confused while sharing misunderstanding with Milky.

“NO NO NO! Haruna! My boss is Haruna!”

“Who is Haruna?”




“Wait…the one that thought that you’re… Sayaka?”

“YES!” Yuko let her body fell down to the sofa while covering her head with a pillow. Some scream could still be heared as she didn’t try to control her voice volume “I’M DONE…OVER…LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE…”


“From the start…”

“From the start…okay maybe we will miss the important stuff…better start from the moment we met with those two…”

Yuko nod while holding her cup of coffee and trying to force herself to forget about her shame earlier today after meeting Haruna once again. And under such conditions… forget the fact that she lied about her name… and how she somehow still got the job which will probably make her life a miserable hell. Well, Haruna certainly didn’t look happy after she found out about the fact that Yuko lied about her name.

Who would be in such situation? Also…Yuko never called or texted while Haruna gave the girl her real number…

Yuko had to force these thoughts disappear from her mind. Milky’s and Jurina’s story was a good distraction. Especially knowing that both of her friends are as fucked up as she is.

Yuko guessed that they probably attract people similar to them. All three of them got themselves in such situations at least few times a month…in some cases even every week…

Yuko recalled the times back in school when they got in trouble almost every day. They parents were so unhappy that even try to separate best friends but they started sneaking around and parents had to give up realizing that its just how things are going to be.

Yuko had to shake her head realizing that she missed the beginning of their story. And tried to listen to the rest of it with all her might.

[THE STORY (or the things that Milky and Jurina chose to tell)]



Girls introduced themselves to Jurina and Milky after that simply talking about hobbies, occupation, dreams and wishes.

They find some similarities in their hobbies and concentrated on those points.

Jurina spend more time with Yui, while Milky with Kawaie. Till the point just like Jurina mentioned…Milky saw Sayanee dancing with some girl. While cursing under her breath Miyuki stood up “you got to be kidding me…of all places?” and walked in that direction without saying a word.

Yokoyama instantly asked a bit confused. Seeing that Jurina weren’t that surprised by her friends actions “is that her ex…? or…worse…girlfriend?”

“Actually…” Jurina chuckled unable to control herself “Neither!”

“What does that mean?” Kawaie, the one who actually spend more time with Milky, questioned with confusion written all over her face.

“Eh..they never dated but…Miyuki has some unresolved issues with…you know…”


“Wait…so what happened with Sayanee?”

Jurina shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know…I saw Milky walking to her but that’s pretty much all…well Sayanee was forced to stop her dancing with that some point those two disappeared…Milky came back when those two already left…and was already kind of drunk convincing me to join her ‘party’…well I didn’t want to leave her alone in this…even though she refused to tell me anything”.


Yuko asked Milky who chose to avoid this topic as much as possible.

“I don’t want to talk about it…its embarrassing”.

“I believe that what I’m going to tell you is more embarrassing… so if you want to hear my side of the story, speak up!”

“That’s sabotage!” Milky covered her face, probably trying to hide her redden cheeks. “yada…”

Still, wanting to hear about Yuko’s incident the girl decided to tell the parts which she chose to ignore previously.


Milky walked to Sayanee interrupting her dance and pointing a finger to the girl next to her “why are you here?” realizing that she doesn’t know the girl, Milky immediately pointed her finger back at Sayanee repeating the question.

Without a doubt Sayanee was surprised by the sudden question and Milky’s appearance. “What do you mean? I’m dancing”.

A little bit wasted girl didn’t seem to realize that her questions aren’t reaching the person she’s trying to address “no no…but WHY here?”

“Why can’t I be here?”

“Because I’m on a date here!” Milky protested. “You can dance whenever you want to! Like there…are many karaoke bars…other places…even our apartment”.

“Wait…both of you share an apartment?”, the girl who recklessly danced with Sayaka just a moment ago now seemed alert.

Milky used this moment pointing her finger at Sayanee and than back at herself “yes, we share an apartment. YOU KNOW…live together!”

The girl raised her hands giving up “Oh…I don’t need this” and rushed away probably thinking that Sayanee is cheating on this girl and that’s where all this drama is coming from.

Sayanee looked at the girl and after few seconds back at her roommate “what is wrong with you?”


“Are you happy now?”

“Why should I be happy?” Milky deadpanned again while holding Sayanee’s gaze.

“I think you’re drunk”

“No…I’m not”.

Sayanee shook her head with judgment “you know what… let’s discuss it when you sober up. I don’t need this drama now. Go back to Jurina”, Sayanee added noticing that some girls left Jurina alone.

Milky opened her mouth to protest but Sayanee turn around and walk out without waiting for answers.


“Oh…wait so you will have to have that talk, won’t you?”

Milky sighed as deeply and loudly as she managed “I know. You don’t need to remind me. That’s why I’m staying at Jurina’s place tonight”.

“Wait what…I didn’t agree to this!”

“You know what they say about friends? True friends are there for you when you’re in need”.

“So…if you won’t talk with Sayanee today, you will have to talk with her tomorrow, what’s the difference?”

“I don’t want to hear her scolding today…that’s the difference”, Milky complained but also pouted in the end, knowing that this should have some effect of Matsui.

“Fine…but only tonight!”

For some time Yuko listened to their discussion looking at one girl and then at the other, but finally sighed a bit desperately “as amusing as it is…can you continue with the original story? I would rather listen to that…Annin hasn’t showed up in the picture yet…”



Jurina sat alone waiting for Miyuki to come back and looking around a bit bored. The conversation with those two best friends were fun but at the same time Jurina knew that she’s not going to see either of them ever again. The date was too awkward with Miyuki escape and it counted as a double date.

So they missed out on this one.

Either way…Jurina didn’t blame Miyuki knowing that the girl couldn’t help herself and lately couldn’t control her drinking. Watanabe’s reaction wasn’t that surprising. Actually, if she reacted in mature manner and ignored the fact that Sayaka was in the same bar and dancing with some unknown girl that would have surprised Jurina.

Either way…as she sat waiting she heard a somewhat familiar voice from behind. “Ju…rina?”

Obviously, anyone would turn around to check who’s calling them if they heard their own name. So Matsui did just that.

For few seconds she stared at the stranger confused but her face and smile soon seemed familiar and she recognized Annin.

Unfortunately, because of Matsui silence Annin believed that she forgot about her. “Am…I’m Annin…we had some lessons together long time ago…we even sat together during one of those lessons”. Some annoyance could have heard from older girl which made Jurina bit her lip guilty.

“Yes, I remember! Sorry for not recognizing you instantly”. Jurina stood up to greet the girl but felt awkward again. How usually people greet their old secret crush that they get over of, after not meeting for few years?

Annin seemed as confused at it as Jurina so they just smiled politely and awkwardly at each other while standing in front of the other. “Am…maybe we could hang out some time? Do you still dance?”

Annin questioned curiosity while adding “I was always jealous how good you were at it…I sucked…even when you tried to teach me”.

Jurina laughed at the silly memory. Those times when she toughed Annin to dance, was Jurina’s favorite part of the day. At least, before she met Rena and somehow Annin and she lost touch.

“Is your number still the same?”

“Am…yeah, I haven’t changed it”, Annin answered curiosity while Jurina smiled with content. “Good…I still have it…maybe I could text you some time and we can meet up and catch up on things that happened recently?”

During these years Jurina forgot how beautifully Annin can smile. Especially when the girl showed happiness. “Oh…I would love that”.

Of course…as usual in situations like that Miyuki appeared next moment. “I kind of need to take care of my friend”, Jurina smiled apologetically that she can’t spend more time with Annin now. Even though without a doubt she would have wanted to.

Annin didn’t mind it and left with the taught of Jurina’s text or call. Hoping to hear from the girl as soon as possible.


“Wait…but that’s great…especially if you compare the situation with Miyuki’s or mine”.

Jurina smiled teasingly “I never said mine was bad…I just feel awkward calling or texting… I have no idea what I could or should tell her…”

“eh…how about…I had a crush on you some time ago…let’s get married and have five children?” Milky joked around probably happy that she can avoid Sayanee for the night.

But soon the subject changed again “Okay Yuko…your turn!”
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I can't wait for Yuko's story. Of course Haruna is her boss and she a fake name and everything.

I can see the Juriannin already.

Keep up the good work. :byebye:
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I don't know but I'm still hoping that Rena and Jurina could be together... like.. why rena left her? maybe there is more story..
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jurina annin....
I love the pairing.
update really, really soon okay?!  :roll: XD :yep:
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 4 [10/11/15]
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Ne_Okotteru, here is Yuko's story as planned and after this the story of these three continues.
Haruko, well sorry the title says JuriAnnin so this fiction is with this pairing. Rena left to follow up with her dreams and she didn't include Jurina in them. That's the sad reality of this fiction.
RenshuChan, hehe I'm trying. It took me a week this time, so that's not so long I guess...considering that most of tv series or dramas appear once a week.  :)

Chapter 4

Yuko walked in the office looking around curiously. She had been here for the very first time and that’s why everything was unfamiliar. She had to ask every new person that she met where to go.

Finally, Yuko managed to reach the top floor using elevator with some chatty people and getting directions where to go next. Without waiting and second guessing Yuko walked to the secretary. Or at least she guessed that it should be the secretary.


The girl look up smiling politely probably used to doing this through the day “oh…hello…wait… you’re new here right?” she asked immediately a bit curios as if she had heard about Yuko before.

This got squirrel girl out of balance, not expecting the question. “Oh..mmm…yes”

“So…how can I help you?”

Yuko wanted to slap her own head for the stupidity. Obviously the girl noticed that she’s new. That’s pretty normal thing to say.

“Oh…I come for the job interview…well not really…I had an interview few days ago so I came for confirmation…they say I will have to meet my boss first”

“Oh…you came for the meeting!” The girl nod while smiling apologetically “you’re a little bit late, though”

“What?Why? I think I have half an hour to spare”, Yuko looked at her wrist watch getting confirmation for that.

“Oh…wait I even have your name written here…right… you're... Oshima Yuko?”

Yuko nod unsure what to say in this strange situation.

“Don’t worry about it…the thing is…meetings never start on time here… they can call you in and tell you that you miss it even though it should have happened two hours later…you’re only fifteen minutes late so no one will care…well maybe just a little bit because that’s your first day…but overall… we’re kind of used to our absent-minded boss forgetting all this stuff and announcing about the meeting whenever she feels like it”.

“Oh…so I’m not actually late…”

The girl thought for few seconds wondering “well…no…not actually…I think…I mean…it depends if our boss is in a good mood or not. I haven’t seen her yet so…”

“But you’re her secretary, right?”

“Yes. Oh…sorry…I haven’t even introduced myself. Kuramochi Asuka. You can call me Mocchi in the future…if you stay in this job”.

“That’s so encouraging…to hear this before going in”.

Asuko laughed shortly “you don’t really need to worry…especially if you already had the job and the interview before…you will see what I mean after the meeting”

Yuko still had questions but had no time to waste and decided to go in as soon as possible.

She interrupted the meeting but no one seemed to notice. She sit in the corner unsure what to say or to do and looked around confused. Some people where talking, there was a presentation about the current firm’s situation but which one was the boss… Yuko had no idea.

Well, she only guessed that its probably not the girl who fell asleep in the meeting. That girl even covered her head with a hat. If somehow that girl is keeping her job… no one should really care about Yuko being late.

The meeting was closing in and for that same reason Yuko decided its time to speak up or she won't find out who's the most important person in the room. She could have asked Asuka how her boss looked...well she at least knew that its a girl. Of course, that's pretty much where her knowledge  ended.

Yuko rose up after noticing that people are clearing out "I'm sorry for not telling about my appearance before but I didn't want to interrupt... I'm Oshima Yuko... I was suppose to come here today to meet with my superiors."

She smiled apologetically "I was a little bit late not knowing that the meeting will start sooner than planned... but of course its my own fault... that's why I'm speaking up only now".

She looked around one more time expecting someone to speak up but most people just shared a short welcoming smile tired after the meeting and not really wanting to interact with newbies for the time being.

Yuko looked around and sigh disappointed. Almost everyone left by this point, expect that sleeping girl whose face Yuko haven't seen yet. Yuko was a bit annoyed. Her boss wouldn't have ignored her but then... why is she left practically alone her.

She cough annoyed for being left with that sleepy head as if they had the same value in here. With her work experience...they should have showed her a little bit more respect. At least answering questions instead of running away from the assembly hall. Unbelievable.

Finally that other girl moved a little bit getting all Yuko attention as she had nothing better to do at the moment. Haruna spoke up without taking her hat first "is it over? I can't handle such boring stuff".

Yuko answered through greethed teeth "yes, everyone has left already".

"So you're the newbie?"

"There's no one else in the room, so yes, that's me". Yuko answered annoyed by adding "I can't believe that..."

"That they left you here with an immature?"


"That's what you're thinking, I can hear it in your tone".

Yuko sigh not sure if she can be honest at this point. "Well...I hoped to talk with my boss... that was the plan for coming here...after all".

"That's why everyone left discretely"


"You're talking with your boss". Haruna commented without a care in the world and even yawned. "I'm just sleepy today".

Haruna stood up and finally took her hat of looking at Yuko "so I'm..." stopping at the same moment. Not only her movements but her smile literally stop in her face after noticing the familiar face.

Though it couldn't compare with Yuko's shock. It looked like squirrel girl had a short heart attack. She opened her mouth to comment but had to cover it immediately having no idea how to start a conversation.

Haruna seemed to be on the same boat. But after few more seconds she smiled bitterly "so...Sayaka is not your real name"

" you believe me if I told you its my second name?"

"I have seen your curriculum and you haven't mentioned Akimoto Sayaka on no... not really".

" I... fired?" Yuko questioned looking at it as the only possible outcome from this situation.

Haruna raised her eyebrows smiling coldly "why should I fire you? I don't think it has anything to do with your job...we need your experience at the company that why you were chosen in the first place. Also, I got the message. You never called or texted and you even chose a fake name".

"Its not really like that...there's more story to it", Yuko wanted to explain herself but once again had no idea where she should even start. Haruna looked honestly hurt by her action and that's the last thing Yuko expecting, guessing that no one looks seriously at these sort of adventures.

Haruna put her hat back on "you will get all information through my secretary. I think you met Mocchi, right? Oh... but..." Haruna stopped for a second next to Yuko "try not to sleep with her...its a job place and we need professional people"

Not like a thought of that would have even crossed Yuko's mind. Also, it was a little bit weird hearing this from someone who just slept through the meeting.

"That's pretty much all...I haven't seen her for the rest of the day... I got Mocchi's phone number and she promised to contact me when necessary..."

Milky thought for few seconds "well...that does suck... you're a bit in pinch, right?"

"I don't even know how I could explain this situation...and now its going to be awkward whatever I do... Jurina are you even listening?"

Jurina kept checking her phone time after time "maybe I should just text Annin....I don't want misunderstandings".

"Really? You're coming to this conclusion after listening to my undesirable situation?"

Jurina giggled while standing up "I don't think you should use desire in this context" of course aiming to remind Yuko all the things she had already done with Haruna before.

Yuko sighed a bit sad "Jurina! I'm sleeping over as well"

"Hey...I don't have so much space", Jurina commented looking back at the two through her shoulder.

Milky hugged Yuko while laughing shortly "not a can take the sofa"

"You do realize that's my home?"

"Yeah yeah... go on and text your girlfriend"

"Oh shut up..."
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interesting story!
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I've been ff this fic from the start.....

Hmmmm.......I'm interested on how will the kojiyuu's relationship will progress....

Thanks for update...

Update soon!!!!!!!
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i like ur fic  :jphip: :jphip:
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 5 [15/11/15]
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@l3utt0sai, I'm glad to hear it, thanks for reading  :)
@Minami-chan, thanks  :bow:
@arawche079, its a slow burn story, I have a story or even that whole 'kojiyuu relationship process' in my mind, all I have to do is write it. The only problem is that most of the times when I feel really inspired I can't sit down and do it. Either way, Kojiyuu actually being together might take a while. I rarely like stories where my OTP gets together on first chapters  :)

Chapter 5

“Why are we having this conversation, again?” Takamina raised her eyebrows curiosily getting in this situation with Milky for the second or maybe even third time.

She forgot the count because at first Milky talked only with her and later on Acchan was added to the ‘talking team’.

“Wait…I haven’t asked you anything about this! Also, we’re not talking about me this time!”

Minami squinted her eyes with wonder and slight confusion. “Eh…its not that I mind… its just weird getting this level of interest from you all of a sudden”.

“Hey! I was always interested in both of you relationship! You’re the only couple that I can look up to! Well…before it was Yuko and Mariko… those two fighter all the time but they kind of represented married couple in my eyes. I never looked at Rena and Jurina as an example… well not because their relationship was bad…I don’t think so… it just…wasn’t my cup of tea. Way too cute and way too… surreal I guess? No wonder those two broke up as well, I predicted something like it after one month after their relationship, haven’t I?” Milky started talking with herself in a wonder.

The girl sigh lost in her own thoughts and after few more seconds remembered her reasons for sitting in front of Acchan and Minami in the first place. Acchan hasn’t heard all her rambling start because she was writing long text on her phone, too concentrated on the message. Takamina on the other hand had to listen to all of it as she had no way of blocking the information coming from younger girl.

“Fine…ask away what you want to now”. Acchan finally put her phone down and smiled shortly at Takamina apologetically. She had guessed from her lovers expression that she’s not very excited about this conversation because they never get the satisfactory result with Milky.

“You look at me as if I’m going to drop some bomb at you or something… once again… I’m not talking about myself this time. Tell me about…how you two get together. I know that Yuko knows this story because you two were like the top two couples at our school. You now…Mariko included to the four friends”.

“You do realize that Mariko is still our friend? Just because she and Yuko broke up doesn’t mean that we stop meeting and spending time with the girl, right?”

Takamina questioned with one more raise of an eyebrow knowing that Milky sees a little bit differently then both of them.

Milky squinted her eyes a bit annoyed “of course I know this! Don’t avoid the subject! How you two get together! I want details! No…I don’t need details… its just… you’re the only successful couple in my life at the moment so you’re kind of an example… though I wouldn’t want this kind of relationship… I’m not saying that your relationship is bad…its just the same like with Jurina’s case… only the difference is I don’t think that you will ever break up…”

“Because no one else would be with us?” Takamina asked a bit annoyed getting kind of tired from the insults.

Milky shook her head a bit surprised “no. You’re perfect together. That’s why”

Acchan and Takamina shared short surprised glance at each other. That was probably the last thing that they expected from the girl, especially because usually without even realizing it Milky said some insulting or sarcastic words about their relationship.

The last thing that they expected is her thinking this way.

So after few more deviations from the subject Acchan and Takamina started telling about their love story.

In summary it could have been described this way: (obviously they were a lot of interruptions from Milky, comments or unreasonable questions which are now left behind without mentioning them at all)

Acchan and Takamina met after Mariko and Yuko started dating for the reason that they had same friends and because they friends started dating. Apparently one of Acchan’s best friend was Mariko, meanwhile Yuko and Takamina called each other comrades. From some reason Yuko didn’t like using word friend so Takamina was rejected many times trying to get her squirrel best friend call her a friend. Yuko grow out of this weird obsession with comrades only when they ended school. But for about six or seven years she presented Takamina as her comrade to all her friends or even relatives.

After Yuko and Mariko dated for about two months they decided its time to introduce each other for their friends. From the very beginning Takamina and Acchan were kind of awkward around each other. The reason might have been that Minami instantly liked Mariko for Yuko and supported their relationship meanwhile Acchan wasn’t that sure.

This ended up with girls discussing this issue most of the time instead of getting to know each other. At the same time without even realizing it they started spending more and more time together.

Mariko and Yuko could have been blamed for this outcome as they found those two bickering — cute view. As a couple in love they wanted others around the to be in love as well and Takamina with Acchan fit that category.

Game nights, going to the park, after school, extra classes, all of that ended up with Atsuko and Minami seeing each other once a week, twice a week, and finally almost every day of the week.

At the same time this let Acchan get used to Yuko and she agreed to her and Mariko relationship (not as if anyone waited for her agreement) but Acchan added plus sign to Yuko for her own sake of a mind. Obviously, this ended Minami and her bickering about the subject but somehow they still found reasons for fighting, more playfully now.

All of that continued without them noticing about their feelings up to the point when few students point out that they look and act cute when they are together. Obviously as a confused teens as they were… the girls instantly tried to get some distance from one another which resulted with a make out session after one more game night.

Atsuko agreed to walk Minami home because they ended games late and night and she new the block and all its paths so Takamina had to agree to such suggestion. Later on, they tried to hug each other saying goodbye, still awkward after the days events but somehow like in a korean drama they lips briefly touched. Of course, differently then in that dramas Acchan pulled Minami close to her again this time sharing full blown passionate kiss.

With some ups and downs along the days they ended up like this.

Milky nod some times listening to their story and making mental notes. “Oh wait…I have better idea…I will be back soon”, she stood up and ran into her room coming back after few more seconds with a notebook “tell me what makes a relationship a serious one…or maybe when you know that its going to happen…or no…how you make it happen… you get what I’m asking of?”

“Mhm…not really…?” Acchan said a little bit tired as she agreed doing most of the talking, especially because she liked seeing Takamina’s blush about mentioning their first kiss.

“Like a list of how to get a perfect relationship that you want to have…”

“I think you can find something like that on the interest…”

“Yeah yeah…” Milky waved her hand dismissively already concentrating on her pen and paper “but I want to hear it from the original. Oh come on… I doubt I will get another chance to her you talking this much… so let me take advantage of this! You know…just like Yuko take advantage of the fact that her relationship with Mariko ended for good this time and had that one night stand…oh crap…”

Milky suddenly covered her mouth realizing that Atsumina couple had no idea about this incident. Well, she probably wouldn’t have realized it if they haven’t look at Milky like hearing that the world is going to collapse after few more hours.

“I forgot…” Milky smiled apologetically and then shook her head “pretend that you never heard of this!”

“No no… you will have to tell us everything, if you want to know anything about that perfect relationship shit…”

Milky bit her lip realizing in what kind of trouble she got herself into. Of course, she could have kept this to herself. That kind of list could have actually been found on the internet. Actually, anyone who would have considered it…would have found it there… but younger girl realized that she will have to tell them about this either way… so its better get something out of it as well.

Milky breath in and out making an exchange that she knew she will get some scolding about later on.

Few hours later Miyuki walked in into Jurina’s apartment where she found Yuko as well. She greeted the girls shortly and walked straight to Jurina’s fridge adding a paper on it.

Jurina and Yuko squinted their eyes at it. “What is that?”

“Important list that might help us out with finding love/or getting into new relationship/or something…considering that it came from Acchan and Takamina who has been together FOREVER…I think it might work”.

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on:

Mutual respect
Separate identities
Good communication
A sense of playfulness/fondness

Jurina read the list out loud and looked at Milky suspiciously “I think you could have found something like this surfing the internet”

Milky clapped her hands expecting reaction like that “I know! That’s not the most important part… you two remember our bet of course…about those six months, getting into relationship, falling in love and so on?”

“Obviously” Jurina and Yuko answered simultaneously.

“Well I get them to agree being the judge…”

“What do you mean?” Jurina questioned curiously.

“How else would we know if we’re being serious and its not just some one week random relationship that we found literally at the last moment not wanting to lose to one another? Our beloved Atsumina pair would instantly see through us and can decide if they agree to the relationship or not…if they believe the sincerity of feelings and see our future together…that’s not something that everyone notices it… but those two… they know us well enough… they can judge fairly”

“That does make sense…” Jurina commented instantly, while Yuko seemed in a bit of a pinch. “Mmm…yeah…but I don’t know about that live with them so you might influence the two…and they like Jurina”

“And you know them since high school… also, you think Takamina would actually chose a favorite?”

“Fine…I get what you mean…but still…there is also Acchan… and my past relationship…well which is not so much in the past…with Marichan… so I’m kind of with disadvantage”

“Oh yeah…you better find a serious girlfriend. Without a doubt you will have to work extra hard”.

Milky turn around ready to leave (or more like to run).

Both Jurina and Yuko instantly sensed something suspicious. “Wait…wait…what’s that suppose to mean?” Yuko tried to shout after younger girl but she was quick to leave the apartment.

Yuko sigh already expecting the worst outcome. “She did something… I am not imagining things, right?”

“Yeah… she only runs away in moments like that…” Jurina tried smiling ensuring “I’m pretty sure that’s not very bad…”

Yuko answered the smile but for some reason both reasons stop smiling after few more seconds. They probably shared an understanding look remembering that Milky’s decisions sometimes have unpleasant consequences and it looked like one of those times.
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No probs... I will patiently wait for updates and for kojiyuu moments which excites  me......

Now I'm wondering if this will turn out as love triangle between Yuko,Kojima and Mariko...

Write more kojiyuu!!!!

Update SOON!!!!!

Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 6 [17/11/15]
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@arawche079, for the time being anything is possible. But let's live in this moment, shall we?  :) thank you for reading!

P.S: next chapter will have an important plot reveal and is going to be Kojiyuu concentrated. See you next time!

Chapter 6

“I feel like I’m going to hear this whether I want it or no…so just tell me”, Yuko said quite simply while drinking her tea and looking at Milky. “Also…you’re staying here again?”

“No…I came to chat and I hoped to find Jurina, but I’m guessing she did actually go on that date?”

Yuko nod with a smirk “you’re as surprised as I’m. But don’t get the topic to sway away from you… also, we can use this time while waiting for Jurina”

Without a second thought or wait for more comments Milky sat down and started talking about the issue that got most of her interest at the moment. Of course that was the situation with Sayanee.

The first part of her story involved the stuff that Yuko already knew about. Milky avoiding Sayaka for few days but at some point she had nowhere to hide and had to face reality and the fact that she wanted to have a little chat with her.

Milky walked from the table closer to Sayanee that just got back from work and decided to go straight to the topic getting over it as soon as possible “so…I remember you mentioned you want to talk about something with me…I just can’t quite grasp what is on your mind…so?”

Sayanee put down her things. She seemed really tired after job but Milky coming to her was some sort of process so she decided not to waste it. “Yes… I have an issue and I think we should discuss it”

Miyuki held some sort of composure that pretty much sum up her cautiousness.

Sayanee doubted for few seconds but finally addressed the issue “I don’t know what some sort of infatuation you have with me, Milky. But I think that has some sort of influence for most of your decisions and the real issue comes when it clouds your decisions…drinking”

Milky raised her eyebrows curiously and showing that she has no idea what Sayanee is talking about.

“I think you have drinking problems… don’t you remember what happened a year ago?”

“It was a different time back then” Miyuki shook her head immediately ready to contradict Sayanee’s idea of the situation. “Also, I mostly partied that time…I stopped because…”

“You stopped because I left…and somehow it looks that it is starting again. Does this mean that I have to leave again to get you back on track? Or is it because Yuko and Jurina broke up with their girlfriends at the same time and now you have company with Jurina. I know she doesn’t really mind joining you on such adventures”

“Okay…but you’re not my mother to scold me about any of it!” finally the girl spoke up squinting her eyes angrily.

“Well yes…obviously I’m not…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t worry…I obviously want the best for you”.

“Well, maybe you had agreed to be with me if you wanted the best for me? A year ago?”

“As you said…it was a different time back then”.

“Does it mean that now its a different time?”

“No..its just means…”

“Is that all?” Miyuki sigh a bit tiredly and not listening to reason. “Or is it annoying you to the point that you want me to move out? I know there are some parts in the contract which we could argue about…and you can even ask me to leave. So if that’s the case just speak up…and if not just let me be”.

Sayanee opened her mouth ready to comment on it but stopped herself instantly. It was hard to read her face and impossible to know what the girl actually thought. “That’s all…” she said kind of giving up after noticing that this didn’t leave any impression on Miyuki and walking off ready to take a shower after tiring day.

Milky sigh a bit disappointingly (only after the other girl finally walked off to her room) “thought so”

Yuko raised her eyebrows in a playful a bit sarcastic manner “aren’t you living an exciting life?”

“Ha ha ha… obviously I can’t compare with you and your sleeping with boss business”.

“It happened once!” Yuko was fast to snap back. “And I wouldn’t actually call it…exciting. Well no..I mean one night stand was exciting… but no I mean…its been a week, right? So I have seen Haruna…or should I call her Ms Kojima?”

“I think you’re past that point”

“Fine…and I have seen Haruna for two times…I have no idea when she comes to work. I heard from Mocchi that sometimes she drives there in the middle of the night and spend next day sleeping. She’s unusual boss but somehow gets everything done so still points for her…”

“Right right…so how about Mocchi? I mean…Haruna commented on it… but wouldn’t you like something that’s forbidden?”

“Your mind is going there?”

“What? I think dating a secretary of that place would be easier than the boss herself. Also…that would just add some spice for your work relationships. AND you two text all the time, don’t you? I saw you on your phone while walking in the kitchen”

Yuko shrugged her shoulders answering shortly “she’s friendly and at the moment the only person I know there. We’re just getting to know each other and she tells me everything, helping out with the issues ans stuff. Also, Haruna sends her requests through Mocchi, I don’t even know if she does the same with everyone or its because I erased her number and never called”

“Fine fine… but at least consider it. That would add some spice for your life…after all, you only dated one person and for so long… everyone expected that you two will end up together… I mean yeah… everyone would be more shocked if Acchan and Takamina broke up…but still… two of you… I was rooting for you”.
Yuko was about to roll her eyes but they heard unfamiliar phone sound.

“That’s not mine.Yours?”


Milky walked around finding the phone that Jurina left accidentally after rushing to her date. “Ohh… I don’t see no phone calls so maybe they successfully met up. I’m actually surprised that Jurina decided to step forward… I predicted her being messed up for half a year at least”

“I think she’s still in denial stage… wait but did someone text her? Though no…don’t look…Milky don’t read her personal messages!” Yuko complained while walking closer to younger girl but instead of grabbing the phone for her, she put her own chin on Milky’s shoulder and looked at the content.

It was the first Rena’s message after a month. Kind of short and in a way even official. Certainly not something that would let your heart skip a beat.

Rena: “Hey…sorry for not writing back when you asked if I’m okay. I’m good. You?”

“She could have added an emoji at least… and if she hasn’t texted Jurina back earlier why bother now?” Milky seemed enraged and shook her head with judgment and disagreement “let’s face it. I never really liked her. I tolerated her but kept my distance, predicting from the start that its not gonna end well”.

Yuko hesitated but at the same time had to agree. Without Yuko’s approval suddenly Milky erased the message.

“Wait…what have you done?”

“Oh come on…Do you Jurina really need that kind of negativity in her life? She would just relapse and forget whatever good that keeps happening to her at the moment. Also, it will teach Rena a lesson that Jurina doesn’t run whenever she calls. You know…like before. Also…how many messages Jurina actually send before? Around a hundred! Getting this as an answer is unacceptable”.

“Well…when you point it out like that…” Yuko didn’t have a heart to tell Jurina about the message as well. The girl finally started smiled and seemed hopeful. This would certainly would have unwanted effect. “I don’t really agree with this… but maybe that’s for Jurina’s sake”.

“My sake?” Jurina questioned curiosity getting back right at this moment and missing two of her best friends previous conversation. Luckily.

“A sleepover of course! Because we want to know about your date!”

“Again? I’m not taking sofa anymore…that’s my home after all”.

Yuko laughed shortly and kept Jurina’s attention while Milky put Jurina’s phone at the same place as before.

“You’re like too old ladies at the shop mall… so I’m not going to tell you anything. What you need to know is…the start which was embarrassing and the ending..which was…let’s say…promising”

“Did you kiss her goodbye?” Milky, always asking the most important questions.

“No…of course not. Not yet! But I agreed to join her dance lessons in the evening…apparently Annin kept going on with it…and as we share the same passion… well we can spend more time this way”.

“So you enjoyed the evening?”

“Yeah…I mean…at first…well I forgot how to actually act on a first date. I don’t need to think about it for almost three years…so I memorized some questions from internet… you know..those weird questions you could ask on a first date. For example: what’s your favorite childhood toy…”

“Wait…she didn’t run away after hearing those questions, that’s already promising!” Milky once again commented excited.

“Shh…that was Jurina’s first date after a long time. Its understandable”

“Well yeah…I was a bit rusty”

Milky looked at both Jurina and Yuko finally noticing the difference and of course pointing it out loud “imagine Yuko on a date! It has been about 10 years, right? Oh good…I would pay someone to see it!”

Milky received well deserved punches from both Yuko and Jurina.

After that the mood was destroyed for few seconds when Yuko also received a message.

“Who’s texting, Mocchi again?”

“Am…no its about the eviction… but let’s leave this issue for some other day…” Yuko smiled but friends could sense some worry in that expression.

“Okay…let’s jump into pajamas and watch some clips on YouTube. Maybe of those people who are falling everywhere. Its always funny when others do that”

Yuko and Jurina shared a pained look but didn’t find the strength in themselves to fight against Milky’s idea.
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Yes I'm excited for next chap.....

So Mochi and Yuko are textmates.....Hmmmmm...

Milky is so cute...

UPDATE SOON!!!!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 7 [22/11/15]
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@arawche079, thanks trying to upload whenever I can (write as well). So here is finally some plot revealing chapter  :peace: See you soon  :)

Chapter 7

2 Months Ago

A situation that’s going to be described in a second couldn’t be called any other way than a complete mess. The girl sat in the middle of the room with all her clothes around, it looked like she hadn’t moved a thing in a month, there were also lots of papers around and her face expression was priceless to the point that you thought if she got completely mad or just needed to take a shower.

Someone left her a message on the answering machine and it appeared that it wasn’t the first one“Yuko…? You got last papers right…? I need those… as soon as possible… also bring the money with you as well…we need that contract or we’re screwed completely.Where are you these days?”

After this message came another but this time with angrier voice “Yuko! We need you here now! Do I need to send someone to your home to get something out of you or…? Because I will send if I have to…” and yet another “I’m sending someone…” only after the last one this girl panicked jumping on her feet and looking around worried as hearing the doorbell and looking around.

Yuko stood up and went closer to the front door curious to know who was sent here.

“Hey, someone inside?”, she hear unfamiliar voice and banging on the door until there was silence and Yuko sighed with relief hoping that that person left.

Instead she hear this guys conversation on the phone “No one is answering…she’s not home… probably. I will come later or should I wait her..yeah? Okay I will wait outside until she comes back” he stated simply ending the conversation.

Still panicking Yuko whispered to herself many times “no no no no no…” and looked around desperately now without caring(even if guy behind the door could hear this) running to her phone and with rush pushing the buttons until found the right ones.

“Hey! I need some help… yeah… I know… I wouldn’t call if this wasn’t important but others don’t know yet that we have broken up already… Can you help me out of this one?! You’re involved after all” saying immediately without any introductions.

“I don’t know to do..I need that money to keep company…but nowhere to get it from…I’m not gonna take a loan or something…”, Yuko talked on the phone in the same apartment as before thought it looked way more tidy now.

On the other line of the phone was her friend Minami “Yeah, I know you, Yuuchan, and your pride. I would give you money if I got it…but you probably wouldn’t take it either way so…”

Yuko sighed sad “I won’t. Unless I knew I really can give it back…but at this situation I can’t be sure…also I’m losing my apartment…I’m pretty sure I’m going completely bankrupt…just don’t tell Jurina and Milky, I don‘t want them to stress… there wouldn't be anything good about that…“.

Takamina was silent for a moment, thinking about something, and obviously something important, not just what to buy in a market “Okay I won’t… but you sure about your decisions? Your dream is to own this library, to make it yours and…”

“If money wasn’t the issue I would have it… oh come on…I was naive and…I guess Marichan got involved in a way as well… she encouraged me to try it out but who would have knew that we would broke up…and everything will fall apart…”

“You’re selling it right…but you still have debt? Will you try to look for job or…?”

“That’s the plan… I still can stay in this apartment for so time… but not sure about my landlord… he has quite a temper. Some people came earlier… I wouldn’t be surprised if those people came for the debt… Marichan helped me out this time”.

“You still talk sometimes, right? Its a bit weird… can’t you just tell everyone that you have broken up? Even Acchan doesn’t know yet…I feel bad lying to her…also, Milky and Jurina would instantly be there to support you so…”

“I know…I know… but Jurina looks at everything through rose-coloured glasses while she’s with Rena… so she wouldn’t look and understand the situation as it is. Milky would suggest going out and drinking a lot… that’s not on my to do list at the moment… so I will keep quiet for a little bit longer”.

“That’s your decision of course…” Takamina said more quietly. In a way showing her disagreement but also adding “just don’t take too long”.


Kuramochi Asuka knocked on Haruna’s office door and walked inside smiling apologetically in case she had interrupted something.

Haruna looked at something in front of her computer but instantly raised her eyes giving her secretary the attention she needed “my father is here already?”

“Yes, he even asked to invite you have a talk right away”.

Haruna nod showing that she got the message. Looking at her computer screen for few more seconds with wonder she finally closed it off and stood up “how would you describe his mood?"

It appeared to be one of Haruna’s usual questions because Mocchi didn’t hesitate to answer. “Maybe grumpier than usual…”

Haruna didn’t seem too content about the report but this made her rush a bit. “Well… in that case, I can’t make him wait for long”.

Leaving her own office she walked to the elevator, reached the last possible floor and walked out.

It seemed that whole floor was occupied by her father and after a huge corridor only his office could have been seen with opened doors.

This probably gave out something else to Haruna. Without a doubt he’s waiting for her and this time, its a serious matter.

The girl walked out in there, firstly, greeting her father warmly (as they rarely meet up because of work and his tight schedule) and then sat down ready to listen to him.

“I think you understand that I invite you to have this conversation because I have something important to tell you”.

Haruna’s reaction to her father’s words could have been described this way: most of the time she nod her head showing that she’s listening and understanding what he has in mind, without commenting.

“That’s the conversation I had with your mother as well… and that’s also something we discussed few years ago. I let you off easily that time but I can’t do that again. Actually, I won’t be giving you options now”.

“Your mother and I…we come to terms that we can’t expect a guy as your husband. That is what we firstly wanted. The world is also aware of this fact and we need to be cautions with that. Press plays a big part in our life and our reputation depends on it. You’re getting married in two months time. That’s the time we need to arrange everything”.

“What? Not this conversation again…!” Haruna rolled her eyes finally commenting but of course not in a way that her father would have liked.

“You’re taking over my company and all press talks about you being single. They’re calling you either Bachelorette or Spinster. That has to be stopped. I know you’re panicking at the moment while hearing this but your mother and I agreed to a little bit different terms than the last time”.

Haruna opened her mouth too impatient to wait for explanation but luckily her father didn’t stop talking. Probably older people were less interested in keeping the drama and tension alive.

“You will have to show the press a happy marriage for six months. That’s all we ask for you. Later on, we can decide the reason for your divorce and you can live on your own as you like, or maybe you will finally find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Also, we will have a contract and your wife will know all the can agree on that”.

“So you’re searching for someone that’s interested in our family’s money?” Haruna asked a bit bitterly. “Or have you found someone already?”

“Not quite yet…but don’t worry. We will find that person in two months and create the best love story for the press to hear. That’s all”.

“I don’t have anything to say in this?”

“Unless you want to resign for all time. Last time I only threatened your position in this company. But I don’t have time to play games anymore. You’re old enough to understand this”.

Haruna stood up without even realizing her movements “if that’s all… I’m leaving… I need some time to process it at least…if that’s allowed”.

Haruna didn’t wait for confirmation and turn around walking out of her father’s office room knowing that she lost either way. She could have screamed, beg for him to change his mind but nothing would have helped. She couldn’t use the same tricks like the last time as well.

About a hour later she found herself drinking in a club with Mocchi. “That’s tough… I haven’t worked for you back then… but for someone to chose your second half… even if all of that its fake… well maybe the fact that its fake is even worse”.

“Yes, I will have to play happy family with someone who cares only about my money. None of this is…FINE”. Haruna looked around while pouting “I guess I should enjoy my last night as a normal human being”.

“Well…you can carry on after those six months when you separate with her… look on the bright side…at least that’s a she… they came to terms with that”.
“Only because the press found it out…”

Haruna kept on looking around and drinking until she noticed Yuko sitting alone at the bar. She squinted her eyes curiously while Mocchi added “I need to go…you sure you’re staying here longer? Don’t get yourself in trouble”.

Haruna wave off leaving Mocchi and headed to introduce herself to the girl that got her attention even at a moment like this.


Mocchi walked inside Haruna’s office the same manner like before but this time with huge envelope in her hands “your father just left but asked me to bring this in. Urgently”

Haruna stood up to take the envelope looking at it suspiciously. “Thanks”.

When her secretary left the girl looked inside, reading the message from her father first.

“The press has these photos. I made an agreement that they’re not going to post them for some time. What can I say Haruna. I think you managed to find your future wife without my interference” (in her mind Haruna read these lines in a sarcastic voice that her father would have used).

“We will have to find everything about the girl and get her involved. If you can provide some information, I’m all ears. I hope you stop doing reckless things now. Let this be a lesson”.

Haruna squinted her eyes a bit confused and take out photos as well. In all of them she was Yuko (the girl that hasn’t called her, and the one who told her that her name is Akimoto Sayaka).

Photos shortly told the story of their whole meeting (expect the bar part). In photos it could have been seen how they left the club, kissed while waiting for taxi, sat inside of it and then some photos were taken next to Haruna’s house. She hold Yuko’s hand while walking with her to the door and finally both of them disappearing behind of them.

Everyone would have realized that its a one night stand and it would have ended up in a scandal. Apparently, her father got his hands on these photos first and will use them to set a different story.

Haruna sigh while looking at the photos for longer then she should have. “What now?” she asked out loud unsure what to expect.
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WoW I did not expect this but the twist....dang......
I need that kojiyuu moments........

Wedding bells...... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

But this might be hard for yuko....

As Haruna and Yuko are not in good terms....well after Yuko lied.....

And what about marichan?

Interesting plot.....

Update tomorrow Soon!!!!
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@arawche079, yup so hard and at the same time good times are ahead of them. Marichan is going to take an important part in the story as well. But for the time being my next chapter as I felt really inspired and felt like writing (thought I really have no time for that  :huhuh ) well, whatever, I'm just posting next chapter!

Chapter 8

“Does it look like I’m joking? Reasonable thing would be apologizing”.

Yuko squinted her eyes with evident doubt. “I don’t know… your suggestions are usually… they just don’t end well”.

Miyuki rolled her eyes a bit annoyed “I could say that…but only because I don’t listen to my own advises and do the opposite… believe me everyone would suggest you the same… of course you can ask every…”

Before Miyuki even managed to finish a word Yuko already had a phone in her hand “you have a point here”, obviously calling Takamina and walking into another room.

Milky sigh loudly to get the attention she always wanted “you don’t need to leave a room, you know!”

While playing around and waiting for Yuko to return, younger girl look around bored and noticed Jurina’s phone back on the counter again. Well it was a different place from the last time but still the girl forgot to take it with her.

Milky rolled her eyes but couldn’t stop herself for checking it, especially as it wasn’t unlocked and surprisingly there was another message from Rena. Unread as Jurina haven’t gotten to it yet.

Rena: everything’s okay? You usually text back instantly. Well whatever. Write when you can. Oh and best wishes to your friends.

Miyuki read the last sentence with prolonging words and making it sound ironic on purpose “oh…and best wishes to your friends. Yeah…sure” and press erase button before even realizing it.

“Please tell me you don’t go around reading Jurina’s messages?” Yuko squinted her eyes noticing how Milky put the phone away from herself and was similar to a caught in act cat that did something it not suppose to. “And that you’re not going around erasing her messages? You do realize Jurina probably wouldn't forgive you, right?”

Milky didn’t comment on it just put both of her hands together and even stretched her back.

“Don’t tell me you go around reading my messages as well?”

“Unfortunately…no” (the first word was said almost audibly though Yuko seemed to catch it)


Milky shrugged her shoulders answering honestly “well…I would like to know if you and Mariko get together…I think the longest time you were separated was…about three months… so you’re not breaking any records yet but every single time you say that its the last time and for real this time… and somehow you still end up together. I’m a bit curios with that stuff. So what others told you?” Milky added at the end finding the perfect moment to change the subject.

“They told me to apologize”

“So you’re going to do that?”

“I mean…yes…probably”

Yuko was walking out of the room as it was still early in the morning and the girl was getting ready to job (finding Milky only as a distraction but not telling the girl, avoiding hurting her feelings).

“Oh…thank you so much for trusting me in the first place! How many people confirmation after mine was enough? Three? two?”

“Two…though the talk with Takamina was a little bit awkward…I wonder why. Maybe you know? You spend more time with those two?”

Avoiding Yuko’s eye contact and finding everything more interesting than the actual conversation Milky answered in a hurry “oh…no no… no idea at all”.

Even though Yuko found this behavior suspicion she didn’t have more time to waste and couldn’t continue to interrogate the girl. Though she made a mental note that she will need to question Milky about it later on.

After finishing with her assignments (because Haruna appeared only in the end of it while other employers were leaving) Yuko used the time and with Mocchi’s approval went inside her office.

Yuko didn’t forget the manners and knocked first waiting for few seconds until she got permission and only after that walked inside sharing a short polite and at the same time awkward smile.

Haruna sigh and seemed a bit annoyed after noticing that it was Yuko. She waited for few seconds until the girl sat in front of her and questioned “Do you need something, Oshima Yuko? Something related to your work?”

Yuko bit her lip nervously. Realizing that its not going to be an easy conversation and for that reason she went straight to the point. “No…actually… I want to apologize”.

This caught Haruna off guard and it could have been read in her face. The girl didn’t expect this at all. “Oh?”

“About that whole…not calling back…I mean not calling at all… I would have called…later…if I haven’t erased the number at the same morning without even thinking about it… wait… when I explain it like this… it doesn’t sound good at all”, Yuko once again bit her lip and almost controlled herself (wanting to hit oneself on the head for silliness).

The fact that Haruna frowned and squinted her eyes showing her unhappy face only confirmed Yuko’s worries.

“Okay…I mean… what I mean is… I was after really bad break up…well not really bad…we were going that way for a long time but… well it was my first time of trying something…like that…I haven’t before…with a different person…as we dated from high school… well for long time.. and I consider it like… am… moving on… and because of that I also thought that… well… that people don’t look at it seriously. I think in most cases… they really don’t…” Yuko added remembering some stories she heard before.

Haruna nod shortly “fine… let’s move on from that”

“Really?” Yuko asked instantly not expecting that Haruna can forgive and forget it so soon. Especially when she had to experience the silence treatment for a week.

“Everyone makes mistakes. But I’m curios about something… so while sharing and being honest… can you answer one question?”

Yuko nod instantly. It would have sounded suspicious in any other case but for now the girl didn’t give herself time to think about it, remembering her rambling before and feeling thankful that she don’t need to carry on with that.

Haruna wondered for few seconds playing with her pen and looking down at some irrelevant file. Probably giving herself time to gather thoughts.

“Imagine a situation… where someone suggests you a well…really huge amount of money… maybe more than you have seen in your life and can even imagine… in exchange for something… like some deal that last for few months or a year…well I’m not getting into details with that… but I’m just curios… would you agree to it?”

“For money?” Yuko questioned just to be sure.

After getting Haruna’s confirmation with a nervous nod, Yuko wondered for no more than two seconds. “I do need money..everyone does… every day… but no. That would be like selling myself…wouldn’t it?” the girl even questioned giving it more thought than necessary.

While contemplating the thoughts and trying to imagine such situation Yuko didn’t notice a short smile that appear on Haruna’s lips after hearing the this answer.

“That’s all for now…I have a lot of work… so… let’s move on from that awkward situation, shall we?” Haruna asked with a short smile and indicating that they had enough of conversation for a day.

Yuko looked up a bit surprised that the talk ended so abruptly but stood up nevertheless knowing that she already got more than she expected.


Haruna stood in front of her father once again “but haven’t you thought that maybe Oshima Yuko…might not agree to your terms?”

That’s what Haruna kept on thinking about for about four days. Since the moment her father announced his decision. Next day Haruna already had a file about Oshima Yuko on her desk which she read instantly both curios and nervous.

That’s when she learn the fact that the girl lied about her name. Also she realized that Yuko is not even planning to call her and probably erased her number.

“I guess I can’t do anything if she won’t at the end… but you should know that I can be very persistent and darling… you will learn with time that at the end of the day…everyone has a price”.

“But…what if…?” Haruna asked having hopes even though she spend only one night with the girl and at the same time persistent to hear some sort of confirmation from her father.

“In worse case scenario…we leave it as it is… maybe you won’t even have to get married…that will be brought into question too… I doubt we will need to do that… but I will have this on mind”.

Haruna nod showing that she understands the meaning while her father added “I guess you have read the file I send you… right? That’s mostly basic information about the girl… we found even more but you don’t need to know everything… and I guess some things you will get to learn while being with her… as you read she’s looking for job at the moment and we’re going to use it to our advantage. After getting her…in this place… I will present this opportunity and we will see”.

He looked at Haruna for few seconds expecting a comment or another nod indicating that his daughter understands the situation. Obviously Haruna had to at least do the later on if she wanted to leave the office.

[Present moment]

Yuko had just left Haruna’s office when she walked into coming from the elevator Asuka. “Good! I was about to message you”.

“Got something on your mind?” Yuko asked in a friendly manner. Also, she was in better mood after getting in good terms with her boss.

“Nothing pleasant, I guess… our boss… you know… like the most important one…who hired you… wants to have a short conversation with you… I think you know where to go, right? You had a job conversation with Mr. Kojima before”.

Yuko nod surprised by the invitation “Did I do something wrong?” wondering that maybe the guy found out about her sleeping with his daughter and that might be a big issue for her employment.

“I have no idea… he haven’t told me about it… I guess you will just have to go and see” Asuka widen her eyes letting her co-worker/message-buddy/almost-friend know that its a serious thing that should be taken lightly.

Yuko smiled not hiding her nervousness “am…I will try to put on my best behaviour, I guess…”

While walking into the elevator Oshima Yuko had no idea that this conversation will change her whole life.
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I wonder what Jurina will think if she finds out Milky read and deleted her text from Rena :dunno:
I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work :byebye:
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Oh kojiyuu are in good terms now...

I'll be waiting for their good times....

Whooa Marichan will comeback....hmmmm.... :cool1:

thanks author san....
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Marichan :w00t:
Marichan :shocked
Marichan  :?

Milky you're doom with Yuko....... :banghead:

Update please.....
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I smell that Annin was feeling insecure about Jurina's past relationship with Rena.
come on Annin.... she loves you..
Jurina, fight!  :deco:
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@RenshuChan, yes, there is definitely some insecurities. Hopefully, Jurina can change that with time  :)
@arawche079, thank you for always leaving a comment, it means a lot  :w00t:

And this is the chapter... hu hu hu  :roll:  (by the way those new Kojiyuu photos makes me really happy!  :oops: )

Chapter 9

Miyuki let Jurina in with a smile and glass of wine in her hand “look who decided to show up”.

Jurina walked inside taking her coat off and went straight to the living room “wait… where is Yuko?”

“Oh… she’s not back… yet…” Miyuki ended her sentence with a bite of a lip after in return noticed how Jurina rolled her eyes. “So why are we in her apartment? Is Yuko even aware of it?”

“Am… I think you both know… that I made extra keys for your apartments…like two years ago”.

Jurina shook her head commenting “I do remember how Rena once found you in our shower… I don’t know if Yuko knows about your extra keys though…”

Miyuki ignored Jurina’s complains and brought her another glass of wine “okay, let’s change a topic to something more interesting. You have been gone for a week or so… I mean… not literally gone but its really hard to catch up with you. I think you even leave your phone lying around without even checking it”.

“Neither of you text me either way… oh but wait… I have just remembered something… I ran into Marichan the other day. Guess what she asked me?”

Miyuki sat down and looked like a caught deer. Totally giving out the guilt that she was feeling from the second when she told Atsuko and Minami about whole Yuko’s one night adventure.

Obviously, Jurina didn’t wait for long “she asked me if Yuko had slept with someone…yes… even mentioned one night stand. I wonder who could have told her that? Or… not necessary Marichan directly but to someone…who’s very close with her?”

For some time Miyuki tried to avoid Jurina’s stare but couldn’t do it for a very long time as it seemed like younger girl was piercing into her soul. “Fine…it was a slip of a tongue! Not intentional! I mean… yes I said it… well… I kind of had to explain the whole situation…”

“Does Yuko know?”

“Of course not! She would kill me!”

Jurina nod without hiding the fact that it would probably happen which left Miyuki a little bit more paranoid than before “really? You think she would REALLY do that?”

“I wouldn’t stop her and that’s not something that you can go around telling to other so… yeah…”

Miyuki bit her lip feeling even more guilty. At the same time it was hard to understand if she was actually feeling guilty or if she was just afraid to get caught and having to deal with consequences.

“Well… I guess you will have to talk about it with her when the time comes. I’m not planning to get involved but you know I’m also close with Marichan… I mean… I barely see her lately as she’s really busy… and she’s not going to places with Yuko like before… but still… I admire her like an older sister… so I didn’t lie…and I didn’t pretend that I don’t know”

“You could have pretended that you don’t know”, Miyuki sigh and shook her head but once again looked down showing remorse knowing that she’s responsible for this whole situation.

“Tell me about you and Annin instead! I know that you two are going around the city, visiting places and so on! You started those dance lessons, right? No wait…you go there later… You promised to tell. Its not like I can retell this to everyone…Yuko will probably end my life soon enough”.

“You have a point here”, Jurina laughed just wanting to tease the girl for now. But at the same time it looked like she wanted to talk about it too. After all, that’s what friends did — talk about everything — including their crushes.

[Jurina’s story]

Only shortly Jurina mentioned and remember the first date and some awkwardness after three years of not really being on a date. She continued the story of the following day when she went to Annin’s dance practice.

At first Jurina didn’t want to interrupt so she stood in the corner but had a good view from this point watching the lesson with evident curiosity. Annin seemed too concentrated in her job and that was one of those things that Jurina truly admired.

At the end of the lesson Annin finally saw the girl and smiled at her through the mirror in front.

When people started going to different directions, taking their stuff and leaving the place, saying goodbye to her favorite students (or per say maybe the students just wanted to say goodbye to their favorite teacher), Annin walked closer to Jurina. “Hey, you could have called me”

“I didn’t want to interrupt… it seemed like you had a lot of fun”.

“That’s true… I enjoy my job very much. But I remember how much you actually loved to dance… why did you stop?”

“I don’t…I’m not sure… I guess I don’t have as much free time as before… life got a little bit complicated… but I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining. I mean… I dance around my house sometimes… with very loud music… usually almost naked so… no limitation to my movements”.

Annin looked down at her clothes without hiding curiosity “oh…you think there was some limitations in my case… I mean… I can take this off… but some of my students are illegal or barely legal… so if they parents appeared out of nowhere waiting for explanations why their teacher is corrupting them… I wouldn’t know how to justify myself”.

At the same time when Annin looked at her clothes, Jurina did the same with a smirk “Oh no…you danced great…and as long as you can go around dancing your home naked…or almost naked… its not an issue. No one should restrict you”.

They both laughed until Annin suggested “want to dance? You have a good memory… I’m pretty sure you already know the moves from this class”.

Considering this for few seconds Jurina shrugged her shoulders without minding, almost rest of the evening was spend with them dancing to different songs or even inventing new dances.

While leaving the place, as Annin locked the door they walked down the street “maybe you would like to join classes…at least sometimes? Or… you can come later after them… I mean… I am tired but I wouldn’t mind the company. It seems that you can show me some moves that I still don’t know”.

Jurina squinted her eyes without missing an opportunity to use this in a joke “for some reason this sounded more sexual than it actually is. But I would love to”.

“Its unfortunate that you couldn’t come today. I was looking forward to it”, Annin commented while talking on her phone and like before locking the doors.

Instead a little bit late Jurina decided to surprise the girl hugging her from behind. For a split second it seemed like Annin had a heart attack. Who wouldn’t have if someone would have done it to them in a dark valley.

Jurina was soon to say something and let go of the girl “sorry. It looked cooler in my mind. But now when I think about it… it was a little bit creepy, wasn’t it?”

Annin laughed with relief after recognizing that the one trying to surprise her was Jurina. She ended the conversation on her phone that she had with this girl just a second ago and commented “well…the only thing I can tell you is… you’re lucky that I don’t have electroshock or any other self defense tool.”

At first Jurina laughed (for even longer than someone normally would have in this situation), and after that she nod few times evaluating the situation “you’re probably right”.

The situation continued with both of them walking in the park near by. Annin spoke up first now, after about a week with Jurina finally daring to ask “I have been thinking about it… I don’t think we actually talked about it… how long have you dated Rena?”

“Around 3 years…well it would have been three years…in about a week. Its very weird to think about it like that… but I guess I have no other choice but to move on… I was honest from the start… I got dumped… that’s how life works I guess…”

“Well…it will take a long time…to recover and all that…”, Annin commented carefully while looking at Jurina’s face from aside.

Jurina seemed deep in thought but somehow came back from that dark place and smiled looking back at Annin, even taking her hand “well, its good that I have you then, right?” in a joking manner.

Annin smiled back at her but not in such enthusiasm as younger girl. “That’s another thing that I wanted to talk about…”, she carefully and slowly took her hand out of Jurina’s. It didn’t seem that Annin actually wanted to lose contact, but somehow felt that its necessary, especially for the following words.

“As you mentioned…or I’m not sure anymore if it was you or me who mentioned it but… getting over Rena might take a long time… I think we should be…just friends for that time being. Unless…”

“I’m good with whatever decision you make. I’m just glad that I have a chance to spend so much time with you…remember the pasts and so on. Let’s just see what happens next without rushing it, right?” Jurina smiled brightly but used the moment and took Annin’s hand again “but friends do hold hands, don’t be silly”, and smiled cheekily knowing that she already won in this situation.

“Just friends, huh?” Miyuki didn’t seem to approve after hearing some of Jurina’s story. She had to raise both hands in giving up stance after the scold she got from Matsui in return “your choice. Not for me to comment… but also, that’s not something that I could tell to someone… but my suggestion… if you’re so good friends, you can already posts some photos in your twitter… you stayed away from that place from more than a month… I’m pretty sure all of your relatives are curious about your life. You know how relatives can be”

Jurina rolled her eyes finishing the wine and looking down at the clock. “Yuko is late, isn’t she?”

“Well… she decided to apologize to her boss… so maybe something good came out from it”, Miyuki joked and without asking filled Jurina’s glass with wine again.

“Oh wait…but its true… only know I remember about your and Rena’s anniversary…well…if you had one… do you still plan that singing at the bar with Yuko?”

“Yeah…we created the lyrics on the first few nights after my break up… I think Yuko kept on training with the guitar… not sure if she had a lot of time at this point… but we’re still singing”. Jurina nod and seem a little bit excited. “I think that’s going to be like a chance to put a dot. You know… everything has to end in some way. I’m going to say goodbye to Matsui Rena in that manner”.

Miyuki nod agreeing and they chatted about some random stuff for the rest of the evening until they heard a knock on the door. “Yuko wouldn’t have forgotten her keys…”

After this statement they heard Mariko on the other said of the door “Yuko?”

“Oh…damn it!”, Miyuki cursed quietly under her breath. “Maybe she will just walk away…”

“I see light inside… I know you’re home!”.

Jurina and Miyuki both shared panicking looks. Jurina shook her head with disappointment for few times, once again remembering the issue she and Miyuki discussed at the beginning of the evening.

Miyuki sum up the situation perfectly and just in one word “crap…”

Surprisingly for Kuramochi Asuka, after the conversation with Haruna’s father Yuko still came back to her desk. At first looking at the girl she wondered what might be the reason, realizing that maybe she simply forgot something.

Obviously that was the case and it was proven when Yuko took her sweater and noticed Mocchi’s look “want to go out? I wouldn’t mind drinking and I believe that after this day… this glorious occasion needs a celebration”.

Mocchi took her stuff also ready to go out but a little bit surprised because of Yuko’s bitter tone “is everything alright with you? Still got the job?”

“Oh… there’s no way I can get fired by this point anymore… I sigh a contract… and I’m in a very good position”, once again Yuko sounded both bitter, ironic and sarcastic. It seemed like she wasn’t really sure where to hide or what do to anymore. That was probably the reason that even though Mocchi was tired she decided to go with the girl. “Fine…we can go for an hour or so…”

Little did both of them knew is that at the same time Haruna was sitting behind her table and looking and Yuko’s files with wonder and curiosity.

Haruna couldn’t deny it to herself… she was a little bit impressed by the previous Yuko’s speech and respected the girl more at this point.

All her hopes got shattered though when she got a phone call from her father. “Its taken cared of”


“…with Oshima Yuko. She has already sign the contract.”

“She..wait…she did?” Haruna couldn’t hide her disappointment.

“I told you, dear, you still need to learn a lot in this life. So count this as your first lesson… people can’t simple say no to money… if they do say it at first… you just need to keep insisting… eventually… they will agree to your terms… all everyone needs is money”.

“So Yuko agreed…when you suggested more money?” Haruna kept on insisting still in denial not wanting to believe this 100%.

She heard her father sighing on the other end of the line, realizing that he’s a bit annoyed and the conversation is coming to an end. Still he answered with less interest than before “yes. She did. We will start arranging everything and don’t worry, you won’t have to do much… at least for now. The wedding is quite soon but we need to make it look…like you have been together for some time. Oh… I will send you the contract that Oshima Yuko signed as well… you need to do that too. After all, that’s a legal document.”

“I understand” Haruna answered quietly not able to form any other coherent words. Finishing the conversation she left her office actually wanting to suggest Mocchi the same thing that Yuko did not so long ago but both of the girls were already gone.

This time Haruna was the one who sigh in a similar manner like her father but with disappointment and sadness instead of annoyance. Closing the door behind herself she went back to the table where Yuko’s photo could have been seen in the corner.

Haruna took the photo while looking at it for longer, maybe unconsciously, maybe well aware of the fact that she’s admiring the beauty of this woman.

“Why you gave me false hope that you’re different from all the others?”

Putting the photo back on the table the girl looked around wondering for few seconds and made a decision grabbing her coat and phone. With or without Mocchi, she really needed a drink. After all, she’s still can count herself a single girl, though this will continue only for a week or so.

At the same time Mariko, Miyuki and Jurina were sitting in Yuko’s apartment and waiting for the girl to come back. Miyuki tried calling Yuko but the girl in question just ignored the call or didn’t see it if she went to some loud place.

Miyuki and Jurina sat on one side of the sofa, while Mariko sat on a different one and situation could be simply described as AWKWARD. As if feeling the need to voice it out Miyuki get closer to Jurina while whispering “well… this is awkward…”

Obviously the distance between them and Mariko was minimal so older girl heard it too, raising her eyebrows in a manner that showed ‘I can hear you, idiot’. Though Shinoda Mariko stopped herself from commenting and just checked her watch few times, impatient.

“So how are you here if Yuko isn’t?”

*cough* “I have extra keys… in case of emergencies…”, Miyuki answered feeling a little bit uncomfortable and as usual trying to change the subject “wine?”

Mariko shook her head “I drove her. I plan on going back home… so I have to decline that”.

Miyuki pouted a little bit disappointed “you used to be more fun” but shrugged her shoulders once again looking around and feeling a little bit uneasy.

She wasn’t the only one. Jurina stood up saying “maybe I should try calling Yuko again…some time has passed already…”, she took the phone ready to press call button but noticed unfamiliar number. “That’s going to take just a second…”

Jurina walked a bit farther from the two unsure what can be calling her on such hour but soon both Mariko and Miyuki looked surprised at the girl who practically shouted because of the surprise “WHERE? WHERE YOU SAID YOU ARE? IN POLICE STATION? CUSTODY? WHAT? WAIT? SERIOUSLY WITH YOUR BOSS? OF COURSE I’M ON MY WAY!”

Jurina ended the conversation still in shock and at the same time in a rush, only now remembering about two Yuko’s guests. “oh…”

Mariko caught up pretty quickly “what happened? I’m driving”, also standing up and raising her eyebrows questioning.

Jurina bit her lip consciously, realizing that Marichan might be the last person Yuko would want to see this evening but not like Matsui had a choice in this anymore “I’m not sure what happened exactly… but Yuko is in police station…and she asked me to come and take her from there”.

“With Haruna?” Miyuki opened her mouth with evident curiosity that she forgot to hide from Mariko.

“Well…she got only few minutes for a call…so she didn’t get in details… but it seems so…”

“So Haruna is the name of that girl that Yuko had one night stand with…?” Mariko added all things up realizing this because of Miyuki’s reactions and Jurina’s strange behavior, and uncertainty.

All three of them already headed to the doors when Miyuki whispered under her breath, so obviously only for herself to hear “ohh… Yuko is really going to kill me now…”
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What? Mariko- Yuko-Haruna

What happened to kojiyuu?

Why did they end up in Police custody?

Then I have to wait again..... SIGH.....

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eheh love it! update soon!
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 10
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@takagil, thanks for finding interest in this  :D
@arawche079, yeah a lot of complications for the girls (I'm pretty certain that after this chapter they will have even more...  :nervous ) whoopsy  :grin:

Chapter 10

A lot went down in one evening… the story started when Haruna left her job and decided that she’s going to a bar even if she has to go there alone.

Usually she had Mocchi by her side for such adventures but this time Yuko got to this girl first. Unknowingly Haruna headed in the direction of that same bar that those two drove to.

Yuko wouldn’t have let Mocchi chose a place if she knew that its going to be the case but at this point it was too late to regret things… what was left for us readers to do is to get acquainted with the full story and find out how girls end up in police station.

Haruna chose to drive with her own car without intention of drinking more than one cup of alcohol or maybe not drinking at all. Halfway there she already regretted decision of going out alone but for some reason kept on driving without turning around.

Haruna recalled the first moment she met Yuko at the bar. Being the first one who went to chat with a girl and show interest in her, she got a lot in a return as Yuko looked as curious about her, as she was about her.

“I’m not really good with strangers actually…” shorter girl confessed all of a sudden, in the middle of their conversation, surprising Haruna, as till this point she thought of an opposite. These 10 minutes were more enjoyable than 50% of all of her conversations.

“What do you mean? It doesn’t look like that…”

“Maybe I’m a bit drunk at the moment and that makes me brave?” Yuko questioned with a wiggle of her eyebrows. The act looked both hilarious and cute though probably that wasn’t the effect Yuko was going for. “I’m not saying that I dislike meeting new people… It just get really intense… I can just sit and stare at someone without breaking eye contact until that whole tension overwhelms us… it can get crazy”.

“But you speak a lot right now”, once again Haruna was fast to contradict this girl’s words while leaning in a little bit closer. She wasn’t sure herself what got into her but words left her mouth without even considering them “and I like our conversation. Would you like to… continue this back at my place?”

Almost instantly Haruna regretted her decision to speak up, realizing how this might have sounded. Also Yuko just kept on staring at her face with wonder and intensity. Attraction and pull to one another was obvious. The only thing that they still needed was bravery. Obviously Haruna took the initiative with a question but already considered taking it back. She even started saying “I mean if…“

But to her surprise, probably because by that time Yuko realized that the girl in front of her is considering withdrawn , she answered without putting much though into it. “Okay…“

Even though they were in quite close proximity Haruna still felt herself leaning in even closer. She was unsure where from all that courage came from but she didn‘t want to stop feeling this way. So adventurous… till this point with whatever relationship she had that was never the case. Her hand somehow ended on Yuko‘s tight, face only inches away from the girl‘s “now?“

Yuko spend at least 10 second simply staring at her lips. Well aware of the hand. “Now”

Through the rest of that first night they continued on talking, making out and of course sleeping together. It wasn’t just physical and that made in more special. Haruna found “Sayaka’s” (because Yuko lied about her name), kisses intoxicating, something that you can get used to, something you can addicted to.

Haruna stopped in a parking lot near one of her most frequently visited bars. Actually, it was Mocchi’s most favorite one, in Haruna’s case she rarely had time to go to such places but decided to make a change.

Sadness… that’s what Haruna felt after realizing that money is still the most important thing and because of money Oshima Yuko agreed to this deal.

After getting inside she walked around for a little bit, surprised when she noticed no one else but Mocchi by the bar. Maybe this night will not turn out as horrible as Haruna felt it might turn out to be.

“Hey, you didn’t mention that you plan on going here tonight”.

Kuramochi Asuka turn to look at both her boss and friend with honest surprise and without hiding that fact “oh… well I thought you had enough of adventures… also, Yuko kind of suggested and…”

“Who? are…you here with… Oshima Yuko?” Haruna instantly looked around both cursing under her breath but at the same time feeling some tremors inside her stomach.

“We got separated few minutes ago… I think she went to the dance floor with some girl… but yeah… it seemed like Yuko needs some fun… she hasn’t told me about it yet… but I know that your father invited her to his office… something important?”

Haruna bit her lip already knowing all the details (or believing that she does). She shook her head shortly “no…well… you will find out about it sooner or later but…oh…I see her”, this time in usually ‘bored’ Haruna’s voice there could have been heard a hint of jealousy after noticing Yuko dancing with some other girl with close proximity.

This time she asked out loud bitterly “so you two came here to have some fun?”

“People keep coming to me to show them the best places in the city… I don’t know what it makes you think that I’m reliable person with stuff like… but yeah… ”

Haruna waved her hand in front of herself dismissively. “To have fun… did she specifically told you that she wants to go and have fun…?”

“What…what do you even mean?” yes, Mocchi could have gotten an award for being TRULY confused in a situation that she neither had any opinion about nor knew any details.

“What did she say?”

“I don’t know… that she wants to drink… that it has been stressful long day? If I know a good place… why are you people so strange right now?”

Asuka didn’t get an answer to that as Haruna looked really attentively at the scene in the dance floor. In her eyes that dance was far from innocent. That girl even touched Yuko’s body and…

After about 20 seconds, it took this long for Haruna to walk pass people until she reach Yuko, she get close to two girls taking Yuko by the hand and pulled her closer to herself. To say that her ‘future wife’ is simple surprised would have been an understatement.

Shock, confusion, surprise, anger, questioning = all of that could have been read in her face during first few seconds after this short interaction.

Her dance partner didn’t get a clue still standing there and looking at the pairing with question, ready to continue the fun of the night, Haruna saw it in that smirk of the stranger so she pulled Yuko EVEN closer.

“What are you…?”


Passionate one.

Oh… almost a french one.

After Haruna suddenly stole a kiss from Yuko, the girl was too surprised to do anything, kissing her back came naturally to Yuko, remembering all the bits of their first night.

Somehow Yuko came back to here senses pulling back “what the…”

That stranger simply gave up walking away, probably deciding that its not worth the trouble while Yuko managed to step back and free herself from Haruna’s grip “why would you even…all of a sudden…”

“You agreed to marry me with a contract… didn’t you?”

“So? Yes but…”

“Can deny the money? I know my father can be generous when he knows he can gain something…”

“Its not really money… its…”


Yuko bit inside of mouth. She couldn’t speak about it. There was something included in her contract that she couldn’t speak with anyone about.

“Is there any difference… still you can’t just…”

“Doesn’t it count like I simply bought you?”


“I…” before Haruna got a chance to say anything else or regain her awareness Yuko was already out of her side. Actually she grabbed and dragged Mocchi with herself.

Haruna stood still for few seconds only now realizing what she had said. Yes… this had been on her mind for some time… Yuko agreeing with her father’s proposal meant she only needed money. Everyone needs money… in a way what she said was true but Haruna did regret voicing her fear and thoughts out. Certainly that’s not a way to talk with your future wife.

Meanwhile outside of the bar Yuko went straight to her car which she decided to drive herself. Neither she, nor Mocchi hadn’t got to drinking yet. They didn’t even spend much time at a bar, Haruna appeared about 15 minutes later than they did.

Asuka wanted to ask what’s the matter and why are they rushed out of there but the short stare that Yuko directed in her way scared the living shit out of her. (Apparently there’s a saying like that which couldn’t be more accurate in such situation).

“WHO’S CAR IS THAT?” Yuko asked angrily seeing that someone blocked her way out.

Mocchi leaned a bit trying to see the numbers of the place realizing that it looks familiar. “Actually… I think that’s Haru…”


Yuko literally drove into her boss and future wife car. On purpose.

She even wanted to drive out of there without looking back but Haruna’s car hit the other car with a driver that just turn into this parking lot at an unfortunate moment.

After that, everything happened really fast. All Mocchi could recall is the fact that all three of them (driver, Yuko, Haruna), kept on shouting at each other while she just stayed in the car. Police showed up about 5 minutes after all the noise and lastly they found themselves sitting in a police station, required to call someone to pick them up and pay deposit.

People were quiet. Probably because they lost their voices and strength with all the fighting and Mocchi was left the one to explain the scene, not wanting to rant on Yuko so assuring that it was just an accident.

After the call — Jurina, Mariko and Milky came sooner than Haruna’s father so the girl got a chance to witness the scene as well.

Three girls went to Yuko instantly, surprised and requiring explanations, forgetting where they are and simply demanding answers.

“I told you… do whatever you want but avoid police stations… and avoid police… like… have they ever done anything good for you?” Milky questioned out loud, not paying attention to officer standing close to them.

Yuko expected Jurina and Milky to show up… but not Mariko and for that reason she looked at Marichan with slight guilt. Recalling this day events and even this present moment…

“And who are these people?” Mariko showed at Haruna and Mocchi questioning. At the same time she might as well just been too curios to know which one of them was Yuko’s boss. With a long drive to the station and not shutting up (when nervous) Miyuki, she heard enough.

“My co-worker and…”

“and her fiancee”, Haruna answered before considering the outcome for the second time this evening. She remembered Shinoda Mariko face clearly from all the photos already knowing that she’s Yuko’s ex girlfriend. Haruna was unsure if what she felt was jealousy or possessiveness but this was not a time to think about it.

“YOUR WHAT?” Mariko, Jurina and Milky shouted out loud the worst in sync as if she had practiced it a lot in the past though it was just in a spur of the moment.

Even Mocchi leaned back in her chair comically so she could get a better look at two sitting next to her. “Seriously?”

TO BE CONTINUED (in... *coughs* 2016) I'm heading home for the holidays and believe me... I'm preparing for the Christmas madness that I get to experience every year (I have a feeling this is going to be just the same), so I'm leaving you with a cliffhanger up till then (I'm only going to post the stuff I have written beforehand (so probably few more posts with other fics) but didn't get a chance to sit and write as I would love to do)...  :on crazygran: (oh...but there is a lot on my mind still... and a lot of things that still need to happen in this story. Marriage bells and on) so see you next year! Wishing you a happy holidays!  :mon xmas2:
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WoW.... Kojiharu possessiveness and jealousy results into disaster...

I think she hates seeing Yuko dancing with the other girl more than Yuko signing the contract....

MARICHAN.......... heartbreak........ now I'm kinda wondering how her relationship with Yuko turn into a mess....

Wedding waiting for it.....
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Posessive Haruna? YES PLEASE!  :drool:
maybe they will have trouble in future because of it but... i like it
and everyones reaction to the news  :rofl:
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So I'm back earlier than I planned (though not sure when I can post next chapter again), still its not January yet and here is an update (so let's call this an achievement of some sort).

@sasshirie, that's indeed possible, and everyone is shocked, I would be too  :dizzy:
@arawche079, you might have a point here... Haruna is hurt because Yuko sign the contract but at the same time... here comes jealousy after seeing here with other girl. (Not this chapter but next post will reveal a bit more about the history of Yuko/Mariko...)

Chapter 11

Jurina and Annin were sitting in a coffee shop near dance studio and Annin was more than curios to find out what is happening in Jurina’s life as apparently it got more interesting overnight.

“That’s a bit… insane isn’t it?”

Jurina laughed shortly as it was exactly the thing she thought of herself “tell me about it. And because we know Yuko too well and she’s not that good of a liar to pretend that she’s not in a relationship for a year, or you know… she definitely didn’t date that girl behind Marichan’s back… just that same evening when Haruna’s father showed up we were practically forced to sign and agreement that we won’t tell anyone about it and pretend that its a real marriage”.

“Wait… so all of you did sign it…even…?”

Jurina nod and seemed to consider it for few seconds “yeah…even Mari-chan… believe me it happened so fast that we didn’t even understand what was happening… one moment we were standing there, next moment we were going back home scolding Yuko why she hadn’t told us about it before… but she also made the decision same evening and…”

“Why Yuko agreed to do this whole fake marriage deal?”

“Honestly… that’s the only thing we know nothing about. I don’t know what Mari-chan thinks about it also… well Mariko mentioned that all of a sudden she get more active with her model career and might even need to leave the country for some time… to follow her dreams… but what are her actual thoughts on this situation… We don’t know… I think Milky enjoy it a little bit though…”

All during the lunch time Annin listened to Jurina curiously even though it didn’t have such important influence to her life. “Oh…I see… why?”

“Milky is a weird one… don’t ask why. But also… Yuko will have to move on and live with her boss now… I should probably call her by the name… at least she is good looking, Yuuchan type for sure… though after one night stand Yuko mentioned that she had like a perfect body. Don’t know about the temper though…and they need to pretend that they have been together happily for a year but Yuko kept glaring at her during all evening…”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh…I haven’t even mentioned the best part… Haruna’s father drove us back home in his limousine. Yes… I know… apparently some people drive to work this way… good for him for showing off his money”. Jurina concluded a bit sarcastically.

Listening to the girl for a bit longer Annin finally nod her head with last but certain comment “well… life is definitely changing for you all… not only Yuko… with that facade that from now you will have to put on… oh but wait… when is the wedding?”

“After a week and…” Jurina laughed shortly because of the absurdity of this situation “they are not even talking with each other.”

Atsuko just left, giving her girlfriend a short kiss before walking out, and now Takamina stayed alone (or that’s what she thought at first). In reality, Miyuki who overslept walked out of her room surprisingly dragging her luggage after herself.

“Wait…you are going somewhere?” Takamina asked a bit confused, knowing that Miyuki didn’t have any plans.

The girl who was questioned looked up a bit surprised after noticing that there is someone still at home “well no… actually…” she took the envelope from her pocket giving it to Takamina “I planned leaving this on the table… but it doesn’t really matter which way I say it…”

Takamina looked down at the envelope and without waiting looked what’s inside. There was money for rent and short message, but instead of reading it she heard the reason from Miyuki directly.

“I think its pointless for me to continue living with Sayanee… she’s against it too, she’s just doesn’t want to look like the bad guy so she keeps those thoughts for herself… I don’t want to cause any trouble and opportunity presented itself…”

“Moving in with Jurina?” Takamina questioned realizing that maybe that’s the only logical explanation. Also Miyuki spend there enough time either way so it didn’t look like she even stayed at her own home anymore.

“Yeah… she didn’t mind… and after Rena’s… well… we all know what happened… she doesn’t mind some company. She will realize this mistake only when she finally starts dating again”, Miyuki joked realizing that it might be a bit complicated for Jurina to take Annin back home when there will be someone else waiting.

“I will use this opportunity while she still hasn’t thought about it. Oh by the way… tomorrow is the night”.


“Yeah… Yuko and Jurina have been preparing that song for some time, wrote the lyrics and music, Yuko’s playing the guitar… maybe you two can come as well? You can also congratulate Yuko with her upcoming wedding”, Miyuki added jokingly at the same time knowing that its a ‘hot’ topic with everyone.

Haruna lay down on the floor in the middle of her office with some work related papers around herself. But she wasn’t that professional because even though there were many of them and she lay on her back taking one and then the other checking, still time after time she grabbed magazine instead.

The article about her romance was released with Yuko and hers photos on the front page. Obviously, her father changed the information, so reporter wrote that these two are in a relationship and that’s just the first time they were caught on camera.

Haruna smiled slowly while looking at these photos where they looked so careless but happy at the same time. She even traced Yuko’s face in one of them.

“You’re at it again?”, all of a sudden she heard Mocchi voiced when she came to check up on her boss, apparently founding her in this position not the first time.

Haruna sigh a bit annoyed “what?” not wanting to admit that its becoming an issue.

“How about you try communicating with your future wife instead? You’ll eventually have to spend a lot time together… so talking is necessity”.

“Don’t tell me what to do”, Haruna whined while putting that magazine under the papers and taking one of work related documents instead “and don’t disturb my work”.

Mocchi stared down at her hopeless boss for few more seconds “fine… do as you like but… oh whatever… its not like you would listen to me”, she added giving up and having the feeling that Haruna will just keep on staring at that magazine when she leaves.

She was right, after her employee close the door Haruna looked at the document for few more seconds and throw it aside not able to concentrate and even understand what was the main point of it. Instead… quite skillfully she took the magazine out (as skillfully as someone who hides porn would do) and looked at it again.


Few days ago, Yuko’s friends and Mocchi looked at these two with disbelief “you’re serious?”

Even always joking around Miyuki felt loss for words and stared mouth agape. Mariko shook her head a bit annoyed “if that’s some sort of joke…”, turning around and kind of planning a quick leave, if not Yuko who grabbed her hand in the process.


Mariko sigh without hiding the fact that none of this makes any sense. “If that’s actually truth…you do realize how it looks”.

Yuko shook her head instantly “it’s definitely not how it looks”.

Haruna squinter her eyes recognizing Mariko and remembering the photos of those two together, she felt slightly uncomfortable, both for her boldness and also feeling jealous in a situation where she probably shouldn't be, remembering that this only counts as a fake marriage deal.

Mariko raised her eyebrows in question “then please… explain me how… should I see it?”

Everyone looked at the two as if watching their favorite drama (expect Haruna, who remembered a horror movie instead), so Yuko feeling conscious of the looks stood up “can we…talk about it…? farther away?”

“I don’t really care where we talk”

“Still…?” Yuko insist while standing up and Mariko had no other choice but to give up.

“Maybe…I should be included in the conversation?” Haruna slowly rose her hand questioning.

The two instantly turn in her direction answering in unison (without a doubt in their tone) “NO”.

Afterwards, they walked as far as they could from the curious group that tried to hear their conversation even with some distance between them. Both Jurina, Milky and even Mocchi also looked in the direction of Haruna who took as big part in this as others, wondering that maybe if they ask, she could tell them about what’s happening as well. Unfortunately, no one actually dared to voice out their thoughts and questions.

Yuko let go of Mariko’s arm when they walked away from their friends “I’m sorry that you hear about it this way… not from me directly”.

“I don’t think it matters how I heard it… also… about your one night stand…I heard about it from some other people as well”.

“Wait…waa…?” Yuko forced herself to close her mouth but still shook her head annoyed “of course they can’t keep a secret… not that you shouldn’t have known about it… not that it’s a secret… but it was nothing… it just got complicated”.

“How complicated Yuko? I know its not possible that either of you get pregnant… and any other reasons…wouldn't make sense at all”.

“It makes sense but…” Yuko couldn’t voice it out remembering what she agreed to. “I have a good reason but…”

“You can’t tell me?” Mariko finished her ex-girlfriend thought with a raise of her eyebrows “just like in the pasts… some things just stay secret? Its not like I can control you or anything…we broke up but…”

“I know… I also realize that there is no reason for me to keep explaining myself… I can make decisions myself and…”

“So you fall in love all of a sudden? That’s one thing that I would like to know. You won’t tell me if there is any other reasons so its pointless to ask and expect to hear about it. At least be honest with something…that you can be honest with”.

Yuko thought for few seconds considering Mariko’s words. Obviously she knew her well enough. She even knew what to expect from her. All of a sudden, Yuko felt more uncomfortable than before. Nothing happened as it suppose to happen.

She shook her head giving an answer “no. There are other reasons…” which she couldn’t tell (just like Mariko guessed).

At least this small truth (the most important one as it involved feelings), calmed Mariko a little bit. If that’s even possible when things like that happen around you.


Haruna kept on laying on her back and remembering all that happened that evening. She didn’t hear Mariko and Yuko conversation and only saw it from a distance. It was agonizing enough seeing two exes that probably still have feelings for each other in a calm discussion about the current situation.

Haruna even felt thankful for her father who appeared to take care of the situation and disturbed those two.

Maybe Haruna would have kept in this position for the rest of the day in self pity and disappointed if not some ruckus behind her office door.

She stood up hearing louder voice and decided to go and check what might be happening there. It was a calm company after all.

After opening her door she realized that things like one girl slapping the other on the face also hadn’t happened here before.

Even though Haruna had no idea who’s that cat-like looking girl who gave the slap is, but she did know Yuko which received it without much of a fight.

In a blink of an eye, probably realizing that it might not be the end Haruna stepped forward this time managing to catch Atsuko’s hand before it touched Yuko’s face again “what do you think you’re doing?”, Haruna asked now looking at shorter girl with calmness but at the same time danger in her eyes.

No matter the situation but Haruna had no plan of tolerating someone slapping her future wife in front of her.
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Getting married without communication... :sweatdrop:

It seems like Haruna did hurt Yuko after all....

Haruna being protective on her wife.... :cool1:

Secrets..... :banghead:.Waiting for kojiyuu wedding....

I got a hint about what happend to mariyuu couple...

Is it a hint or I'm just assuming it.... Well thanks for updating....

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HaruNyan protecting her woman  :mon innocent: :mon star: :mon cute:
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wow, i wonder where iam who didnt notice your fic until now
and i finish 11 chapter in just two hours
I love it :D
i love when haruna be jealousy monster and over protective to yuko
im waiting your update
update soon!  :mon pray2:
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aww, haruna try to protect your future wife, huh ...  :mon misch:
wait, why atsuko slapped yuko?  :mon huh:
pleeeaaseee update sooon ....  :mon beam:
Title: All I Want Is You - Yuko/Mariko BackStory [EXTRA] 7/1/16
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@sasshirie, yes, overprotective maybe? But I liked that part myself (while writing of course).
@Korisu29, thanks for the comment and welcome back (I think you were away from this forum for a little bit, right? I remember you took a break for some time earlier). Oh... I'm not sure if I get into explaining Acchan's reasons about the slap... so I will answer like that: Minami (Yuko's best friend), Acchan (Mariko's best friend). After finding out about one night stand and whole marriage deal and not knowing the reasons behind it (as Atsumina pair weren't in police station), let's just say Acchan lost her temper and hit Yuko because of Mariko... I don't know... is that clear enough?
@shanju, thank you for the comment and welcome to my FF (new readers are always appreciated!) 2 hours? So like a movie  :shifty: me too... I think jealous Haruna overprotective of Yuko is my weakness...hehe...
@arawche079, now I'm really curios if it was a hint or you just assumed it. So maybe this extra will confirm it? You can tell me later about it!  :hee: as usual, thank you for reading and dropping a comment! They are always appreciated!

So this is an extra about what happened with Yuko and Mariko relationship. I will post and actual chapter next week  :on asmo: As usual (even if I don't mention it), thanks for everyone dropping a comment, liking the story, and thanks for the silent readers!

Oshima Yuko and Shinoda Mariko (BackStory)

Every love story starts the same way. You see the person and somehow she or he gets your attention. You get closer, keep communicating, keep meeting and slowly fall for each other.

Yuko and Mariko love story started just the same. They met back at school and experienced all kind of love through the years. They started with Skinny Love (when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it.), and carried on with passionate, curious, jealous, even obsessive love. Whatever you can think of… you can name it.

They had calmness and they had craziness through all the time. They had a time without speaking for one another because of some stupid reasons they friends couldn't figure out. They had a time when they were truly excited by an opportunity to get Atsuko and Minami together as they friends were obviously into each other. Also… as in any other relationship… they had a time when everything started to fall apart.

Staying in relationship for 10 years would be a difficult task for anyone. It doesn't matter how much you love the other person it still gets rough and it depends on how you manage to deal with those struggles.

Mariko and Yuko loved got weaker with years. The first five years they were going strong. The future seemed bright, they considered traveling the world together, going to the same college together, even working at the same place if such chance presents itself. As anyone who’s in love they felt like everything is going in their favor and nothing can go wrong.

Only later on, when they had to face reality they started to seem cracks in the relationship. Living together only worsen the situation as they agreed to move in very suddenly without the concern of their parents and without even having jobs.

They got in lots of fights because of the mistakes, debs and simply because they wanted different things out of life. Mariko still dreamed of traveling the world and becoming a model… meanwhile with time Yuko realized that she wanted a calmer life. No one would have thought this way just by looking at their squirrel girl always excited to tell a dirty joke but for Yuko… she wanted a bookstore… and she wanted to settle down completely. Also just living together didn't seem enough anymore.

Mariko knew about Yuko’s wishes as well but she tried to avoid talking on the subject as she couldn't promise anything. Mariko hadn't considered such things and still hoped to achieve her dreams.

Unfortunately for the girl, she wasted a lot of time trying to keep up with Yuko and trying to help her out with the bookstore… she also wasted a lot of money which she could have used to go for model career and finally reached an age where its almost impossible to get a proposal for a job abroad.

She barely had any jobs in her own country and after going into even bigger dept, after bookstore fiasco both of them realized that they’re doing something really wrong.

The truth was… their feelings changed and they were only dragging each other down. Girls were used to the routine of waking up and going to sleep together, rarely sharing a kiss or a shower anymore. During the last months of the relationship… rarely speaking at all…

Both started thinking about ending it but were too afraid to voice it out loud. Until one evening… they finally did… they speak through all the night remembering the good times they shared… they laughed, cried, laughed again… they weren't sure which one started the conversation but by the morning both girls reached an agreement that their relationship come to an end…

They didn't regret the past or being together but at the same time they knew that this just can’t go on like that. Feelings do not disappear over night… they disappear gradually and even while breaking up they still kept some love inside…

Knowing that it might be really hard… realizing that they might get scared of the real world and get back together as they had few times before… but hoping that maybe… just maybe… this time it can be different and they can find new light in their life to keep the happiness coming.
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Ah.. I guess it right then its about mariko's career and yuko's urge of having a  bookstore .. So kojiyuu is next... Finally an update.  Thanks!!!
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That was? hmm too deep i think, now i know why yuko and mariko break up, well even if they make a decision like that i think they love each other :)

but still i'm kojiyuu shipper so it's still kojiyuu in my heart, hahaha

i like your fic i'm sorry i didn't put any comment but i read your fic, i'm just lazy
thank you for this update
see you next time author-san  :thumbup
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Your stroy is insteresting, i would love to read it more, you make my kojiyuu shipper side verry happy, please continue this story
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I think this is the first story I read with Yuko x Mariko ship.  :on ksweat:

At first I thought "No way! Those two wouldn't look good together!" But then now that I actually think about it...
Yuko and Mariko-sama actually get quite along in real life.  :mon geek:

All of your stories have fun variations to each other, it's really nice.  :mon innocent:

Thanks for the update!  :mon bye:
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@yocelin17, sure things, keep on reading and I'm happy to give KojiYuu for your entertainment ;)
@rindg, I also remember Yuko and Mariko good relationship from the start. I don't know about their communication now... but they did have their ups and downs while being apart of akb48, so I wanted to use it for this fanfic too.Thanks you for reading and dropping a comment, I guess comments is the best motivation for writing  :hee:
@arawche079, you're insightful then. I thought maybe I manage to drop so hints so I'm glad it reached you too!  :thumbup :peace:
@jhom_09, we all get lazy some times, its okay  :bingo: I'm happy to now that you're reading the fic  :glasses:

I'm posting this earlier than I planned but everyone is late my I had time for proofreading and dropping it in here.  :dozing: After this, I'll see you next week! Once again, thanks for everyone who's reading this!

Chapter 12

Haruna caught Atsuko’s arm looking and shorter girl a little bit dangerously “what do you think you’re doing?”

Yuko sigh unsure about the situation, though she already received a slap a second ago, it seemed like she mentally prepared herself for the next one, even closed her eyes. That’s why without a doubt Yuko was surprised that Atsuko’s hand didn’t come in contact with her face.

Yuko opened her eyes only now noticing the scene that unfolded in front of her. Atsuko squinted her eyes annoyed “so you’re… Yuko’s future wife or something?”

“Yes, our marriage is after a week. If you’re from Yuuchan’s friends side you should come”.

“Yuuchan?” Atsuko scolded and snickered at the same time, kind of forcefully taking her own hand away from Haruna “Well, I count as Yuuchan’s…” (the cute nickname was said sarcastically) “friend…or friend of friends… or friend of her ex…I wonder how should I call myself? But sure… the wedding and celebration sounds fun…”, she stepped back looking around “pretty sure you’ll have a huge celebration”, adding knowing that this place belongs to the person Yuko is going to marry and Kojima’s had a lot of money. Like an empire.

Yuko put a hand on her own cheek that still sting “can we talk about this later?”, asking Atsuko calmly, or at least trying to look calm.

Atsuko faked a small smile “how about you give me a call?”, and looked Haruna up and down one last time before turning and walking away.

“Wow…you have so great friends”, Haruna commented annoyed, making sure that Atsuko walked into the elevator and then turning to look at Yuko.

“I would have handled it… she has her reasons…”

“How about you tell me about it inside?”, Haruna suggested while pointing her own hand into the direction of her office.

“How about no?” Yuko was about to turn and go but just at that same moment Haruna stepped in that same direction, blocking her way “couple of minutes”.

“I have a lot of work”, Yuko commented avoiding the conversation and walked around Haruna heading to the elevator.

Haruna sigh not wanting to do this but realizing that there is actually no other way “Fine. Oshima Yuko. As your boss I insist you come into my office. We need to have a conversation”.

Yuko stopped in her tracks and sigh while whispering to herself “you got to be kidding me”, not expecting that Haruna might use this as her trump.

Yuko stamped as little spoiled children do and turn around coming back “of course, Miss.Kojima”

“We could be together…”

“Eh?” Jurina asked absent-minded when she got back home to help out Milky with her things. “We will live together, I don’t get your point”, she added at the same time a bit distracted by the texts she got.

“No… I mean like couple… we literally know everything about each other and still tolerate one another… we have long history and… oh… you’re not even listening to me”, Milky laughed to herself noticing that Jurina is too engrossed in answering a text.

For that same reason she decided to continue “then we can go to some inhabitant island, or travel around the world… wait… we could recreate Robinson Cruise… you know like that book… stay on a island, find some servant and call him Friday…I’m not sure… I think that was his name and…”

Jurina looked up hearing only the last part so asking a bit confused “what’s happening on Friday?”

Milky shook her head with a loud laugh but she had no reason to explain Jurina what kind of conversation she had just a minute ago “oh… nothing… but you’re really in trouble”, still laughing she suddenly remembered something and asked more carefully “by the way… maybe Rena has messaged you or something?”

Jurina raised her eyebrows questioning “no?why? should she have? Actually… she accidentally bumped into Yukirin there… not sure how accidental that was but…”, Jurina opened Rena’s twitter showing the recent photo of those two. “I’m still not sure why Rena didn’t even suggest me going with her… I mean I assume she stopped loving me… why else… or who knows…”

“Maybe because of Yukirin…”, Milky ended Jurina sentence considering this herself. “Well… that’s not really impossible”.

“Yeah exactly… but it doesn’t matter”, Matsui tried to push bad thoughts aside and instead took a photo of Milky “I will share this one, with you moving in!”, and she smiled playfully knowing how Milky will react.

“Wait…show it to me first!”, older girl ran after Jurina trying to peek at her own picture, wanting to make sure that she looks good in it. Obviously, wanting to continue and tease her friend, Jurina ran away and these two continued on playing this way.

“She’s Marichan’s friend. They are really close and she doesn’t really know that this whole marriage deal is fake because she wasn’t there when your father forced my friends signing that contract. So the reaction… well I expected this… even worse…”

Haruna raised her eyebrows with the expression that said ‘you got to be kidding me’ (actually, the same reaction that Yuko gave her before walking into Kojima’s office) “worse than coming to your job and slapping you on the face? How about normal human conversation where you ask reasons and…”

“Maybe…there are just things which you can’t reason with… none of this makes sense for the people that don’t know the situation… Even I don’t know what to say about it … people surrounding me will think that I cheated on Mariko with you behind their backs… I mean… Marichan… well I know she’s trying to say that we only pretended to be together for that year… and that I was actually with you… she was just helping to keep a secret but I doubt that a lot of people will be convinced by this explanation so…”

“So there is no need for you to explain anything to them… its your life so… free will and all that…”

Yuko shrugged her shoulders answering quite passively “it happened how it happened… I can’t change it… I can’t do anything about it… but I can deal with consequences and accept whatever reaction people decide to throw my way. People are quick with assumptions so there is no doubt that most of them will judge this sort of decision… I guess your fans too…”

“My fans?”

“You’re quite popular with media, right? They wouldn’t try catching you in such situations if you weren’t… there might even be a fan club of Kojima Haruna… and I will have even more haters against me”.

For the first time during this whole conversation Haruna laughed “that’s absurd”, never considering it as possibility. “Most likely they want to find some dirt… people are jealous when you’re one of the owners of a wealthy company… they hope to show how messed up my family is”.

“Isn’t it?” Yuko asked while sighing but without irony this time. Just pure curiosity.

“I guess…we’re… or there won’t be a need of fake marriage… welcome to my… dysfunctional family”, Haruna shrugged her shoulders announcing it simply but looking at Yuko’s face more attentively this time. She enjoy that short moment when without thinking her future wife also smirked.

“So… no more normal boring life for me?”


Unconsciously Yuko bit her lower lip, probably realizing that it was the first conversation they had after the police station incident. So she added a bit uncomfortably now “I think I should head back to work”.

Without thinking about it Haruna grabbed Yuko’s hand (gently this time) stopping her while she still could and asking with some uncertainty “wait… mmm… I…still need to say something…”

Doubtful and uncertain Yuko stopped not fighting the pull “oh…okay…?”

“I’m sorry… about my reaction and…how I acted that evening… it was out of line and… I shouldn’t said those words to you… I’m really sorry about that part…”



“Nothing else?” Yuko wondered while squinting her eyes slightly.

“I… I’m apologizing for all the words I said through the evening… as well as in the police station… I should just kept quiet in both cases…”


“What else?” Haruna asked a bit annoyed this time, having no idea what else she had done that might have annoyed Yuko this much.

“Is that all you want to apologize about? Only your words?” Yuko tried giving certain hints and even raised her eyebrows hoping that maybe Haruna will eventually get a clue and she won’t have to voice it out loud.

It seemed to work when Haruna slowly let go of her hand and asked carefully “and about my actions?”

“Well that’s the part that I…”

“I’m not apologizing for it. I meant to do that”.


“Yes I crossed a line… I shouldn’t have said any of the things that I did… but I meant that kiss… I wanted to kiss you… I like you… maybe I should have controlled myself better but… I’m not apologizing for that. Especially because you answered my kiss so I don’t think it was that bad”.

“Are you… seriously?” Yuko couldn’t form words now lost in thought and just mouth agape.

Haruna kept on staring at her with some wonder, not knowing that exactly she’s expecting, so Yuko just shook her head sighing “Oh…okay so I guess its normal to just walking up to someone and kissing them without their consent… very normal situation…”

“Why is that so…”, Haruna sigh a bit annoyed while amending some of her own hair and being a bit more expressing than she needed to be “what’s so wrong about it? I have just told you that I like you… but I’m guessing the events of that evening are more important than my words…”

Yuko managed to roll her eyes and shook her head at the same time turning around and ready to leave Haruna’s office without coming to conclusion and ruining any progress that they made.

Haruna wondered what made her react in this sort of way, giving out to the anger and forgetting considering consequences, but she did reach out for Yuko again, not only turning the girl around but kissing her on the lips like that evening before.

At first, Yuko didn’t plan on kissing Haruna back at all. She even fought a little bit and she would have stayed in control if Haruna hadn’t bitten on her lower lip.

The second when Yuko was truly shocked Haruna even managed to sneak in tongue into her mouth for more passionate kiss. After this, even Yuko was a lost case. Getting lost in passionate moment seemed too easy. It simply helped forgetting about the rest of the world. And for that short time… the rest of the world really didn’t exist anymore.

Haruna even held hands on Yuko’s waist to keep shorter girl in tact and enjoying the dominant role that had to end sooner or later. Unfortunately, realization of her actions somehow got back to Haruna and she slowly pulled back looking down instead of at Yuko “am… that’s probably one thing I should really work on…”, she didn’t dare to look up and Yuko was still silent just panting heavily.

Haruna coughed noticing that despite her lips left Yuko’s… her hands work on their own and stayed on Oshima’s waist “I guess…I understand what you want me to apologize about…”, she rambled again, a bit uncertain and the fact that the girl in front her hasn’t uttered a word made the situation more awkward.

After some time, having no other choice Haruna mustered her courage and looked up. It didn’t look like Yuko planned on moving from her position. Instead she kept on staring at Haruna’s lips. The same thing that shorter girl must have been doing during all the time Haruna talked before.

Feeling quite self aware higher girl tried to say one more thing “are you…angry?” unsure how to interpret Yuko’s actions and silence.

It took some time but Yuko shook her head shortly without answering but looked up to stare back at her.

Without thinking Haruna started leaning ahead for the second time and stopped herself just the last second leaning back “I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing” taking a deep breath.

A breath that she indeed needed because after her retreat Yuko was the one who leaned in capturing her future wife lips instead.

It was time for Haruna to be surprised but she reacted faster than Yuko before. Once again they found themselves in situation with a passionate kiss.

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.”

Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets
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Damnn, you should write a little longer author san because i felt like waiting for decade >,<
Hmmm so, they cant stop their kisses and can not resist each other lips,
I want the next chap pliss
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i dont know what to say, so let me expres my emotions like this:

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Ohehehehheh  :hehehe:

I've been waiting for this, for this scene to happen once again!  :on woohoo:

I almost died waiting for it ha-ha. Heh, passionate kiss my butt, its lustful now Yuko. :luvluv1: :on lol: :shy2: :shy1: :luvluv2:

And Milky wants to get together with Jurina? How interesting
.. :hehehe:

Thanks for the update!  :mon bye:
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many things happened and made me have to take a break ... hihi
heeehhh ... I have not commented on the extras Yuko x Mariko and you've updated chapter 12 ... you fast!!!!!
(sometimes I wondered how many times in a day do you write fic, because I saw a lot of you fic over here ... that's good!!)
their kiss just ... aaaahhh~ i like it!!!
thanks for your update ... waiting for the next chap~
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Yuko is winning the bet.... That kojiyuu kiss yeah!!!!

Oh Haruna confessed and Yuko I'm not sure about it though...

Mariko seems to still have feelings for Yuko well both of them....

I hope longer update next time...

Ah jurina and Milky... Puffs...

I always like milky in this fic....

Thanks for update...
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Is Milky starting to like Jurinaaaa?????
make them together, author-san!!!!

continue!!!  XD
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Nice chap... Thx for update author-san..
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@rindg, well Milky is joking around...kind of... but you never know really  :lol: yeah, I have been waiting for that scene to happen too (even though I am the writer) hehe  XD
@allinone, thanks for the comment  :roll:
@RenshuChan, I can make any sort of confirmations but I'm not writing it off (I mean there is possibility of JuriMilky though), and their friendship is really strong as you can see!
@shanju, yeah I write and post how I can and when I can  :D but I'm happy to know that you're waiting for next updates  :oops:
@sasshirie, your emotions is on point!
@arawche079, I like Milky in this fanfic too, well the friendship of these three. I haven't thought about it yet... how these girls will decide who is the winner of the three... Yuko's marriage after all is fake... for now... who knows what happens next but still... ehh... when I can make it longer, I will... I think this chapter is pretty much the same length as the previous one. If I make it longer I might end up posting only once a month or two times in best case scenario... so for now I'm settling for weekly posts  :roll:
@Korisu29, how many times? One (but not every day), sometimes only one day per week. Depends on schedule  :doh: oh but yeah, I'm quite fast, basically because I started writing earlier and not that long ago decided that I'm going to post it in here as well, so I had some resources  :kekeke: though I guess I don't post it as often as before, because not that much of it is left. And I'm also a quick writer as the stories plays in my head whenever and I just need to find time and write them down  XD

Chapter 13

It could have stopped at any second, especially if either of them would have considered the situation they got themselves into but of course where lust and passion play a part, you can’t really control or stop yourself.

That is why Haruna and Yuko kissed way longer then either of them would have planned or intended. Not that Yuko wanted to have this sort of interaction in the first place… shorter girl still had no idea why this is happening and why she’s reacting in this sort of way.

Haruna knew about her attraction to Yuko from the very start, why else she would have grabbed the girl the way she did. Obviously, remembering her words and embarrassment earlier she didn’t expect Yuko to participate in it. Haruna wouldn’t have been surprised if Yuko had slapped her right that moment, she even waited for it…

Who knows how much longer the two girls would have continued their activity, Yuko even sat at the corner of Haruna’s table. It somehow happened without even realizing that it was somewhat an easier way (because of height difference) to continue on with passionate kisses.

They were so absorbed in their own world that Mocchi’s cough was unheard, and only when Asuka decided that there is no other way but to break a vase… the two girls finally separated looking back with slight shook, embarrassment and surprise.

Asuka looked at the two with unreadable expression though smirked slightly“I tried calling couple of times but… Haruna your father is coming down for the talk… I’m not sure if you would have actually liked if he had found you in such position”. Asuka raised her eyebrows suggestively eyeing the two for the third time since she walked inside.

Earlier Yuko crossed her legs around Haruna’s waist and they ended up in quite compromising position.

Now the girls darted away from each other as fast as they can manage. Yuko whispered something under her breath that she really has to go. While Haruna didn’t try stopping her, still a bit out of balance herself.

It was a good thing that Asuka decided to remind her “Your father is going to be here in a couple of minutes. Maybe you should try composing yourself?”

Takamina raised up her head after hearing the loud bang of a door already guessing that someone came back in a bad mood. Sometimes she tried guessing which one of those two it might be. Takamina was used to Atsuko reacting this way if something important happened, but Sayanee was similar in that manner. She usually walked in without commenting, never raising her voice, but instead making other loud sounds and letting others know that they should stay away from her.

Hearing footsteps closing in the girl realized that this time its not Sayanee. Atsuko walked inside with one more loud sigh “I shouldn’t have done it”.

“What?” Takamina jumped out of the bed already curios, noticing the guilt written all over her girlfriend’s face.

“I… well you will probably hear about it one way or another but I slapped…”

“Yuko?” it was time for Takamina to sigh but she guessed right. “You really shouldn’t have done it… no matter the situation”.

“I know. I have just said that I shouldn’t have done it… I don’t have magic powers to go back in time and change it so…”

“So…maybe you should apologize for using force instead of words next time you see Yuko?” Takamina reasoned hugging her girlfriend when sat down on the bed.

Atsuko sulked in but didn’t turn away from Takamina’s touch. Instead she leaned closer putting head on her shoulder. “Yeah…probably…”


“I will…somehow… I will try, okay?”

Takamina nod shortly, knowing that Atsuko should have felt it because of their position. Also, realizing that its the best that her girlfriend can promise at the moment. She was still angry about everything what happened with Mariko…about the sudden news of a wedding… even Takamina didn’t know what to make out of it but she decided to wait and figure it out instead of taking action into her own hands.

Atsuko was more reckless this way. But it was good that at least she had where to come back and discuss these things. After all, Takamina never judged.

Milky throw herself on the table wide eyes “wait? Should I leave? Wouldn’t that be strange if your almost girlfriend found you with another sexy girl at your apartment?”

Jurina laughed shortly. Obviously only Milky would have thought of adding ‘sexy’ to the definition. “First all, I have already told Annin that you’re going to move in, so there’s no secret. Second of that, was Rena ever worried that you’re around? Third, you already know Annin… you met her back at school even if…”

“Even if I barely remember her… I know… I saw her couple of times… either way… I have no doubts that she’s better than…” Milky stopped herself not wanting to mention Rena’s name in this context. For some reason Jurina still didn’t blame older Matsui for anything and instead tried to move on without looking back.

Milky sometimes cursed under her breath hardly understanding how Rena can stay as a saint and how can her stupid best friend be this forgiving. “Still… If I was your girlfriend and I came into your apartment and found myself there… I would be worried… because… I mean…”, Milky looked herself up and down.

Jurina laughed for the second time “You’re adorable. Can we have this discussion next time? You know what this evening is… I’m not even sure if I should have invited Annin…”

“Its your moving on step. Proving that you’re not planning to look back at the past. If you want that girl to be a part of your future… obviously she needs to come. Also… what’s wrong with her?”, Milky asked squinted her eyes slightly “you’re both single. Why she’s not jumping your bones yet?”

After Jurina’s questioning raise on an eyebrow Milky added annoyed “You know what I mean”.

“I have a lot of baggage… three years of relationship… I haven’t been single for long… so she’s probably just insecure…”

For about 10 seconds Milky just stared back at Jurina without blinking.

Staring to feel a bit uncomfortable after about 5 seconds, Jurina couldn’t wait longer or Milky would have end up in this unmoving stance for a minute or even longer. “What?”

“You know we need one more roommate. If that person ends up being Annin I will kill you. I don’t want to live with another couple again. Atsumina’s love and happiness is annoying enough”.

Matsui shook her head a bit surprised “You know… I wouldn’t have guessed that you will end up saying me this…it has nothing to do with the conversation”.

“I was trying to be nice actually… my first thought was — you two are idiots because you’re obviously living once and you’re wasting time. But is it my place to judge? No its not. So I kept it to myself”.

“You have just told me all of that”, Jurina faced palmed herself but Milky didn’t look apologetic at all.

Maybe this weird conversation would have continued and even got out of hand if not a door bell. Knowing how’s coming Jurina rushed to the door while Milky announced that she needs to use bathroom and ran to that direction.

Kuramochi Asuka stopped in front of Yuko’s table “so?”

“So?” feigning ignorance Yuko asked quite simply, trying to forget the fact that Mocchi had witnessed her full blown make out with Haruna not so long ago.

“I thought that was only a contract deal…” Asuka started with a hint of sarcasm.

“We are… it just… got out of hand? I think…”

“Oh… so you don’t really care Haruna? I mean… you’re only attracted to her? Well that’s one thing that you can’t deny because I saw you two kissing in that bar as well…”

“Am…yeah… just an attraction”.

“I see… good… then it won’t get awkward between us…” Mocchi continued while time after time looking at Yuko from the corner of her eye.

“Awkward? Why would it get awkward?”

“You had one night stand with Haruna. I had one night stand with Haruna. Well… I had it some time ago… so you know how they say… its like bridge under water now but…”

“You did?” Yuko leaned in forward wide eyes without hiding surprise and more things that Yuko couldn’t fathom herself.

Mocchi stared back trying to imitate Yuko’s expression but all of a sudden started laughing. “No. But you should have seen your face when you thought that I meant it”.

Asuka turn around and went back to her table, while Yuko shook her head slightly annoyed “its not kindergarten. Also, its not like I cared”.

“Keep telling yourself that”, Asuka added still laughing.

Yuko kept on staring at Mocchi as if she just betrayed her.

Asuka somehow controlled her laughter “I should have taken a picture. If you have seen your expression you would laugh as hard as I do… this made my day”.

“Mocchi!”, Yuko whispered through greeted teeth, sighing with relief that she managed to control her laughter just at the time when Haruna’s father left his daughter office.

As usual they nod their heads showing respect while he walked pass them, and after the elevator doors closed Asuka started laughing again.

Jurina and Annin hugged after meeting at last and chatted shortly until Miyuki showed up from bathroom.

Jurina rolled her eyes at the sight of her friend. She knew how playful Milky can get and who else if not her might end up thinking of this type of greeting. Miyuki walked out off bathroom in a robe as if she took a shower just a minute ago. “Oh…hello!” saying enthusiastically.

Jurina shook her head shortly while commenting “this is Watanabe Miyuki. Everyone… literally everyone calls her Milky… and I have warned you”, she added while showing Milky a tongue.

Milky crossed arms and squinted her eyes a little bit offended “you told her what?”

“That you’re a show off and I wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to greet Annin this way… You just proved how well I know you. Now go get changed…we are leaving in five minutes…”

Milky sigh defeated “and I went to so much trouble for nothing… five minutes? You got to be…”

“It take you less than two minutes to get out of those clothes… I’m pretty sure you can be quick while dressing up too”, Jurina joked but already smirking mysteriously, noticing that her victory annoyed Milky.

Takamina heard a loud bang of a door for the second time during an hour, instantly asking herself “What is wrong with people today?”.

Because Atsuko was taking shower wanting to calm herself and relax, Takamina decided to go and find out what is troubling Sayanee.

She found the girl while she looked for a cup in one of the cabins, somehow not finding it so smashing it louder then necessary every single time.

Minami sat down by the table waiting until Sayanee will put all her force and blame on the things that of course had nothing to do with her annoyance, and after she noticed that her roommate relaxed a little bit, Takamina finally asked “bad day at job?”

Sayanee stopped for few seconds and finally turn around “what’s wrong with Milky?”

“Am… eh?”

“I mean her moving out all of a sudden. I saw photos that Jurina posted. If she’s going the same road like the first time… should I leave for the second time? I can’t go around changing my life whenever Milky decides that she can’t handle it anymore”.

“What do you…?”

“Drinking… I mean her drinking… she obviously has issues. No one addresses it. It seems like most of the time I’m the cause of it. Weren't her situation better while I was away? Can’t that girl handle rejection like normal people without going to such extremes?”

“Wait…maybe this time is different…and I haven’t noticed her getting worse or anything…”

“Its always the same. The same circle in repeat. I’m pretty sure we’re just waiting for another repetition like the last time… she’s already acting differently… so how far is she going this time until I decide to travel around the world again? I’m tired of this…”

Finally Sayanee calmed down coming and sitting by the table in front of Takamina. Repeating in a whisper this time “I’m really tired of it”.
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I see Sayanee really cares so much about Milky, I somehow feel bad for the both of them now.

Yuko still doesn't know what she's feeling?  Lemme tell you what it is Oshima-san, It's called LOVE
Be like Kojima-san and realize what you feel already! xD

I agree with Takamina, Acchan you shouldn't have slapped her, but I probably would've felt the same lol

Thanks for the update!
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I'm not against JuriMilky you know, :lol:
in fact I love how you made Mipky the third wheel between JuriAnnin,
and it's fun to read.
I'm hoping for a great move from JuriAnnin though,
I'm still waiting for the beat part  :roll:
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Yuko, are you stupid or just stupid?-,- You love Haruna. That's all.
Mocchi, you should recording that kissing moment and share it to meeeeeee XD

Glad to know Atsuko feel guilty about her slap thing to Yuko. And Minami, you're such a good girlfriend~

Jurinaaaaaa~ I love WMatsui. So much. But for now, I'll let you go with Annin. Go get her, kiddo!

SayaMirukii, they have the most complicated problem in this fic. Mirukii's bad habit and Sayanee's worriness, I know they still love each other. Please give them a beautiful ending, author-san.

Thanks for this fic. I always wait for the update, eventhough this is the first time I give my comment~
Sorry for being a silent reader and thanks again for this fic^o^
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Next week again...


Yuko.... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Atsuko........ :banghead:  :banghead:

Sayanee... :banghead:
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i really like Haruna character in this fic ...  :mon fu:
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@Korisu29, well yeah, I thought it was a time for that kiss moment to happen. Also, considering that Asuka saw it... the talks about it can continue for some time... I mean... I know that if I saw my friend kissing someone in this kind of situation I would continue joking about it for some time afterwards  :kekeke:
@arawche079, I know...  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
@rindg, obviously Acchan didn't think about what she's doing before... actually doing it. Happens to the best of us... so her position in this case is understandable as well (also Haruna got a chance to protect her future wifey so there's a plus). Sayanee and Milky's history is a bit... I will write their backstory at some point and reveal more about it... but yeah...its not pleasant. Thanks for reading!
@RenshuChan,  :hee: haha, when you mentioned it... yeah, Milky is like a third wheel with those two for a moment. Every fanfic needs some humour too, after all  :)
@junchan48, don't need to apologize, I'm always happy when silent readers shows up  :shy1: well you commented about all pairings, kind of... so yeah... Takamina is understanding and its not like it was uncalled for...Acchan doesn't know about the marriage deal... so she reacted on instinct without thinking about. That's why she regretted it afterwards. Sayamilky...well... its indeed complicated. But... it was never written that Sayanee loved Milky... it was one side love which makes it kind of worse... I have mentioned before... but there will be SayaMilky back story as it was with Yuko/ I guess more things about their past will be revealed there.  Whoopsy... give Yuko time to figure everything out  :bingo: thanks for the comment!

Chapter 14. Part 1

Sayanee pouted a bit annoyed “Do I really have to?”

Takamina shrugged her shoulders shortly “well, we’re going there to show support. One way or the other… Yuko’s still a very dear friend. Even with everything that happened lately. Most likely, everyone will be there because its both Jurina’s and Yuko’s performance, so you know”.

Sayanee rolled her eyes “if you’re implying that I should have a conversation with Milky while I’m there… I doubt it would do any good for either of us. I have tried a couple of times about these issues before, but she only comes up with excuses or goes to hide in Jurina’s house for couple of days with hope that I’ll leave her in peace until she gets back. Now she can hide in there for the rest of her life if that’s what she wants”.

“You won’t have to talk with her if you don’t want to. Let’s just go and relax a little bit… both you and Atsuko really need it…eh…but maybe you should change clothes… I doubt people would feel very comfortable with policewoman walking around…you know all that underage drinking”.

It was time for Sayanee to roll her eyes for the second time but she didn’t need much convincing “fine. But if this sucks… I will remind you this evening next time and you can’t held it against me… you know the fact that I would rather stay at home”.

Takamina nod her head for a couple of times “yeah yeah… I know! Go go! Acchan is almost done with her shower!”

Asuka walked inside Haruna’s office with a short raise of her eyebrows implying curiosity “yeah?”

Haruna looked up from her papers surprised. Not that she should have been, when just a minute ago, she invited Asuka inside through the work phone “is there something you got to tell me?”

“Sorry I broke your vase?”, Asuka shrugged shortly, unsure what else Haruna might expect from her.

For a couple of seconds this girl wondered about it as well. Only now remembering all the details of an incident and shook her head “no…never mind… am…”

“So, is that all and I can go? I hope you remember that you let me leave a little bit earlier today?”

It didn’t seem to cross Haruna’s mind but she nod her head shortly. “Eh…Is Yuko still…around?”

“Why? You want to have a talk with her…or you want to avoid her?”. It looked like Asuka went straight to the important questions without a small talk. The reason might have been the fact that she had to leave earlier and didn’t have time to beat around the bush.

“I’m…not…sure…”, Haruna answered more quietly than she initially intended “what I mean is…”

“Okay…I won’t torture you. Yuko already left…I think around twenty minutes ago… you also agreed to let her out sooner today… after all, its kind of important day for her best friend. Turning a new page or something like that… as if singing in a bar can change your life… but probably it has some meaning to both of them…”

“Singing in a…tonight?”

Asuka squinted her eyes and waited for few moments until Haruna raised her eyes instead of staring at her desk “Yes. You know…the guitar…voices…life performance… Would you like to go there and listen?”, Asuka even put her hand in front of herself adding “oh…just don’t start panicking. If you don’t want to…you don’t even have to show herself… there are always a lot of people so you can just stand in the corner…”

After some more convincing Haruna still looked doubtful and only when Asuka sighed tired and commented “I kind of have to leave in five minutes so…”, Haruna stood up too “I woudn’t mind some live music and a drink…I guess I can take a short break”.

Asuka clapped her hands happily “at last! Oh wait… what did you talk with your father about?”

“I will tell you on our way…” Haruna commented now in rush, though she kept on wasting time while trying to make a decision before.

Other girls were already in that mentioned bar. It was an opportunity for Yuko to meet Annin and of course she used it now chatting with the girl, while asking the usual questions about her life, what she thinks about this place, what kind of music she likes and so on.

In the meantime Jurina went to greet Mariko hugging her shortly “Hey! I didn’t expect you to show up! Aren’t you leaving tonight?”

Mariko nod her head “yeah… actually this is just a short stop…I wanted to wish you luck…you know I wouldn’t miss it… even if I couldn’t be here… also Milky already promised me that she’s going to film your performance…so I will get to see it one way or another…”

Jurina pouted while looking back at buying drinks Milky “eh…that’s such a false promise. She always films our performances… she just wanted to get on your good side and pretend to be useful”, younger Matsui shook her head but smiled at the same time “but I’m thankful for you showing up… Yuko is already here too… if you have time…”

“We will have our talk… I wanted to wish you luck first, because I know this is somehow symbolic for you… expressing how you felt or feel about the situation and maybe moving on…”

Jurina instantly agreed with Mariko’s words, apparently everyone knew the reason why Jurina liked singing and writing songs “yeah… after it… I wish for a quick change… I think for some time I was already going in that direction…but this is a confirmation”.

“That’s the girl?” Mariko questioned noticing Annin chatting with Yuko, probably feeling a little bit uncomfortable about Yuko’s honesty when she started asking more straight forward questions or telling about hers, Milky’s and Jurina’s past.

Jurina also looked back now catching Annin’s gaze and smiling apologetically at her “yes and I really like her…so I hope I won’t mess it up…”

“You better not! I like this one way better than…you know!” all of a sudden Milky showed up with her comment while hugging Jurina from the side. Younger Matsui just rolled her eyes bitting down the comment that she probably wanted to express.

“You moved in, in Jurina’s apartment?”

“Yes. Its just the first day though… but let me tell you its… AWESOME”


The words were said by both girls at the same time, obviously Milky choosing a positive look on it, while Jurina showing the other side of the coin and her worries.

“Were you always like an old married couple? I thought that’s Atsuko and Minami position…”

Jurina’s face expressed an opinion ‘please stop talking about it’ and she instantly changed the topic “those two are coming?”

“Certainly. Especially after Acchan’s…”, Mariko stopped herself squinting her eyes slightly “you don’t really need to know everything. But yes, they will be here to support you… though I don’t have so much time left”, Mariko added while checking on her watch.

“If you want to have a chat with Yuko…you should rush too… we’re starting after a couple of songs…and she needs to take her guitar and…”

Jurina didn’t get to finish because Mariko just nod her head with agreement, hugged Jurina for the second time wishing younger girl luck and walked in the direction of her ex.

Yuko and Mariko were standing outside of the bar because of the noisy atmosphere inside. Some people were already singing and not all of them were very good singers.

“How long will you be gone?”, Yuko asked feeling a bit uncomfortable, considering that most likely she will never feel completely comfortable around Marichan because of their past.

Mariko shrugged her shoulders, not having a straight answer to that “the whole trip…might last around a year… maybe shorter, maybe longer… that’s the best option I have…so I had to grab it…not even knowing how long it might last”.

“I understand but…”, Yuko stopped her speech when Mariko touched her cheek gently.

“Sorry about Acchan… she already told me about it… I know she’s feeling uneasy now… I’m certain that Takamina and Atsuko will show up tonight so if you could forgive her…”

“I’m not angry… I get it… they don’t know about the situation… I would be pretty pissed if that involved my friends too…”, Yuko smiled shortly, though it didn’t symbolize happiness, instead the smile gave out sadness. At the same time she gently took Mariko’s hand away from her cheek, though not letting go of her hand at that instant. “I guess…I’m more thankful…that you’re…sort of understanding… not judging me and all that…”

“I can’t make decisions for you… I know you’re not doing this..stupidly…we talked about it earlier…surprisingly… I think that girl actually likes you… by the way she looked at you while you were in custody…”

Yuko gave Mariko the same smile like earlier, trying to show a happier side, but not managing to do that, at the same time younger girl squeezed Mariko’s hand “Its weird… let’s not talk about it… can I ask a favor?”

After giving confirmation Yuko asked “Could you call…or write a message…time after time… about how are you doing? Even if that’s job related, boring things that I would probably try to block out of my mind if you told about me in real life situation…”

Yuko didn’t get to finish her sentence, as she probably would have continued rambling about the same stuff, because Mariko leaned in kissing her on the lips shortly, while pulling back she smiled shortly “of course, and good luck on your marriage. Who knows…maybe we will manage to find our happiness”.

A bit speechless, but finally letting go of Mariko’s hand, Yuko also nod her head “yeah…maybe…”



Yuko were sitting in front of Haruna’s father, in his office. This was the conversation they had that time when Yuko agreed with his terms and sign the contract agreeing to marry Haruna for six months. The atmosphere in this office could have been expressed like anything but comfortable and the tension only intensified while time passed.

Yuko had met Haruna’s father one time before while interviewing for this job, but before she actually knew that this man is the father of her one night stand adventure…

Imagine interviewing for a job while knowing that the person you’re talking with is the father of someone you had slept with, Yuko was lucky enough not knowing about it back then or she wouldn’t have come or probably escaped in the middle of their conversation.

Haruna’s father already explained most of the things, and the contract was put in front of Yuko’s eyes. He also revealed the truth — knowing about their night — even showing Yuko the same photos that Haruna at a present time had in her office, and the ones that are going to show up in a magazine.

“I think you understand my reasons for suggesting it. My family doesn’t need a scandal… if everyone believes that Haruna is with someone she loves…there will be some talking about the fact that it was held a secret… but people will soon forget about it… I know pretty much everything about you, Oshima Yuko… I know that you’re single… so this kind of scandal wouldn’t have much importance for your daily life… maybe some journalist will follow you around for some time… but they would stop eventually… that’s why I have something… you might really want as well… you already said no… but hear me out…”

Yuko squinted her eyes uncertain if she wants to keep on listening about it. The idea sounded absurd from the first second she heard about it… marrying someone without love, with just an agreement…in exchange for something you want? For Yuko this was the worst things that could happen… especially when she actually considered marriage, wanting to spend the rest of her life with someone she loves…

Obviously, the contract stated, and even implied that its only for six months and either you want it or not, it ends at that time. Still… wouldn’t being a divorcée ruin her chances of true happiness even more?

“I have understood that there is no way you will agree if we talk only about you. I have already suggested all that money and bookstore… you won’t have to worry about it and get your dream come true… I’m still including this in the agreement but…let me sweeten the deal… your ex…Shinoda Mariko… always wanted to be a model, right? She gave up some of her dreams trying to help you out, she was never successful and at this age… no agency will look at her seriously… maybe if she’s lucky enough someone on the low class will…”

“What are you implying?”

“All she needs is a little push. If you get in good agency… a lot of doors opens up for you… I can get her in the best agency, I know. She would instantly get some work… I have seen some of your friend’s photos… she’s good. All she needs is getting noticed. With time… more job would come her way… and will continue coming without even me getting involved… Without an initial push though… this dream of hers…won’t become a reality. How about… I will make both of your dreams come true?”

A/N: I'm splitting this chapter into two parts, because before writing the second one... I'm going to present JuriAnnin(+WMatsui Backstory) so the song would make sense...and as well as Jurina mentioned... this is like turning new page, but before doing that... you need to remember your past. So yeah... thanks for reading and see you next time!  :)
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So yuko accept the proposal also for Mariko's sake, she wants Mariko fulfiling her dream.
But is Yuko start to fall in love in Haruna or not?

I wait for your next update
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Yuko... what about Haruna?

Finally for some WMatsui backstory, I've been wondering about those two.

Um, Mariko-sama kissed Yuko on the lips? Well it was short but... Yuko and Haruna are like, you know. And if the press caught that moment of the two kissing, oh geez, it's gonna get crazy. And they were outside too right?

Waiting for the next chapter! :D
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Yuko... what about Haruna?

Finally for some WMatsui backstory, I've been wondering about those two.

Um, Mariko-sama kissed Yuko on the lips? Well it was short but... Yuko and Haruna are like, you know. And if the press caught that moment of the two kissing, oh geez, it's gonna get crazy. And they were outside too right?

Waiting for the next chapter! :D

Yes I've been thinking about this too...that they might get caught up by media and Haruna kissing...

Thought its just a peck she might think that Yuko is still inlove with Mariko.

If that will happen her reaction is what I'm going to wait...
Assuming again...

Nice chap.... 2weeks.....:(
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Ooh I'm so conflicted. Yuko and Mariko or kojiyuu? Either way, please update soon so I can figure out the result  :inlove: :inlove:
Great fanfic!!!
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ah so the reason Yuko accept the fake wedding is because of Mariko.
hmm, i wondering did haruna saw mariko kiss yuko? because haruna go to the cafe to watching yuko perform right?
ahh  :banghead:

im waiting part 2 author san

thankyou for the update

NB: you know after read your fic I started to love milky  :mon ignore:

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I will feel happy if Haruna saw Mariko kissed Yuko ... muehehe ... Haruna and Mocchi go to the same place right?
can't wait for the next chap!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for your update!!!!
Title: All I Want Is You - JuriAnnin + WMatsui BackStory [EXTRA] 1/2/16
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@Korisu29, I can't give away spoilers, but it seems that my readers are giving me crazy ideas. The point of that kiss was though... saying goodbye because being with someone for about 10 years and then breaking up... well doesn't seem that easy and simple to me.........
@yocelin17, I don't know about love, but she is attracted to Haruna. So there's at least that  :peace:
@rindg, yeah on the lips (I guess I would have clarified it if she had kissed Yuko on any other place, like cheek or forehead. But yeah...first things first - JuriAnnin and WMatsui backstory...
@Darathon, with time you will get all your answers  :whistle:
@shanju, well before part 2 (there is still this), story for the torture of waiting. I know I'm not very patient while waiting for the fanfics I'm yeah...sorry for the wait! (oh and about that note... I'm happy that my story had this affect, muahahaha)
@arawche079, I'm good at assuming things too, so I know where you're coming to. I guess time will shows, right? A bit patience is necessary in this case!  :shocked (especially because this backstory is happening before the actual part 2!) thanks for reading and as always dropping a comment! These sort of things do encourage me to continue writing after all  :D

JuriAnnin and WMatsui (BackStory)

It could have been noted that the story started earlier than three years ago. Definitely before Jurina and Rena started dating as it appeared that there was someone else with whom Jurina was really close at that time.

Jurina and Annin had one thing in common, which was the passion for dancing, so when they had to chose after school activity — the first thing that come to both girls minds were dance class.

Quite a lot of people chose this particular lesson expecting it to be easier and knowing that they will have a lot of free time, that should be dedicated for getting better with some moves, but of course which they can use for other things.

Jurina and Annin, together with at most — five other people, spend their time trying to improve themselves and actually enjoying the art of dance. Girls noticed each others passion and it was easy to communicate with someone at same age category with same dreams as yours.

One thing that happened unexpectedly was that Annin started liking Jurina quite instantly. The thing about liking someone is the fact how you can’t really control it. Whether its a small crush or love, all of that is beyond someones control.

Back at that time Jurina also noticed some of her own feelings, looking at it as a small crush that possibly will lead to nowhere. Annin was always nice to her, smiling, helping out, or asking for Jurina’s help, giving her the attention that most of the time Jurina craved for… but that was it. Jurina also considered it only as a friendly matter. While Annin knew how free Jurina is with hugs or even kisses and also didn’t give a second thought for the situation.

Then Rena came into focus and it seemed that all Jurina saw or thought about was older Matsui. She started skipping dance lessons and situation got even worse when Rena and Jurina started dating.

At first, younger Matsui still tried to balance between two things. She even took part in some of dance performances that they had at school, the ones in which Rena never showed up to, but Annin could have been found in an audience even if that was not her group that performed.

Later on, noticing how dancing interferes with the time she could spend with her girlfriend, Jurina dropped it. Obviously, Jurina and Annin still crossed each others paths time after time, bumping while in the corridor, Jurina sometimes came to watch the dance performance of others and waved at Annin.

But all of that ended at that, and after finishing school they had no other reasons to keep in touch. Especially while Jurina was still quite obsessed about being with Rena whenever she could.

The truth was… everyone looked at this relationship differently. Yuko and Mariko — always worried that sooner or later, Jurina will get her heart broken. Atsumina pair — judgmentally, but without talking about it out as its younger girl choice in the end. Milky — the only one who always voiced everything out and rolled her eyes most of the time when she got to spend time with both of the girls.

Even Rena was aware of the fact that Milky didn’t like her. Not that older Matsui actually cared about it.

Talking about Rena and Jurina themselves… Older girl didn’t think about the future that much… she enjoyed the moment as it was… she didn’t plan how she will spend the rest of her life in a big house with Jurina and how they will get old together. Those kind of thoughts never crossed her mind.

Meanwhile Jurina had all of those dreams. She believed that they will be together forever. Maybe that’s why she ignored all the sighs she got through the years… for example, the fact how she participated in every single important event in Rena’s life, but how older girl somehow managed to miss all of them. Or how Jurina made many sacrifices and ran whenever Rena called, while older girl needed a lot of convincing.

Its not that Rena didn’t love or care about Jurina. She did. At the same time she never felt that this relationship is enough for her. Just like Mariko… she thought about her dreams a lot more. Though of course, it couldn’t be compared with Mariko and Yuko’s relationship, as Marichan made a lot of sacrifices for love and always put Yuko first, while the only time older Matsui thought really seriously and unselfishly was the time when she broke up with Jurina.

All Rena needed to do is tell Jurina that she wanted her to come along and younger girl would have dropped everything and left the city, her family and friends behind. She would have kept on putting everything behind just so she could be with Rena.

This time… could be considered as the time when Rena actually showed her love. There was no way Jurina could have understood it though, instead she got her heart broken, instead she kept on thinking what she did wrong and if this could still be saved. But Rena not seeing future and realizing that Jurina might be better off this way… left without much of an explanation.

Leaving Jurina to figure it out on her own, finally find her path and decide what she wanted from life. Without the need to make sacrifices wherever she went.

Rena realized that she was only holding Jurina down and their feelings were on a different level…or let’s say… the depth of them…were quite different.

They didn’t manage to find balance as Rena couldn’t force herself to care more… while there is no way that Jurina would have managed to care less.
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Rena realized that she was only holding Jurina down and their feelings were on a different level…or let’s say… the depth of them…were quite different.

They didn’t manage to find balance as Rena couldn’t force herself to care more… while there is no way that Jurina would have managed to care less.

I really love how you explain Wmatsui relationship here, how Jurina would give up on anything for Rena, and Rena who can't do the same. Please continue your good work
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I wanted to blame Jurina for not taking Annin's feeling seriously, but she can't force her feelings.
then I wanted to blame Rena for not loving Jurina just how Jurina did, but Rena had her own reason.
okay... I still want to see JuriAnnin's future, or probably, JuriMilky?

update soon...
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, Sayamilky, JuriAnnin, Atsumina) Chapter 14. Part 2
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@RenshuChan, I know what you mean. I'm glad that it reach you this way (wanting to blame them but in the end...realizing that they had their reasons). Once again, I'm kind of happy that I somehow manage to portray the story this way! And sure thing... its a new era and new opportunities for the girls. So let's just see what happens!
@yocelin17, sure thing I'm continuing this (though of course...who knows with busy schedule and all... but I think I have made a comment in my other story some time ago, that one way or the other, I plan to finish on my stories. I don't want to leave them dropped especially when there are people reading, so thanks for dropping a comment!)

Chapter 14. Part 2

While coming back inside, though a little bit in a rush, Yuko still managed to come face to face with Atsuko and Takamina. “Oh hey… you showed up?”, asking a bit awkwardly, though obviously she already knew that these two are coming because Mariko told her earlier.

Takamina smiled in a friendly manner “well of course. We wouldn’t miss it…oh…I’m going to greet Jurina”, she come up with a quick excuse leaving Yuko and Atsuko alone.

The two stared at each other a little bit awkwardly and because it looked like there is nothing that Acchan wants to say, Yuko commented “I kind of…have to go…we will probably sing any minute and I still need to take my guitar”.

“Am…”, Acchan finally opened her mouth but it still seemed a challenge to get words from her mouth. She shook her head, a bit annoyed at herself “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have hit you and…”

“Its okay…”, Yuko smiled a bit relieved that Acchan finally spoke up.

“You sure?”

Without giving a second for herself to think, Yuko answered quite instantly “if something like that happened to you two…I would have probably hit you with my car. So I can survive a slap”, of course they knew that Yuko is just joking, but this made the atmosphere better.

Both girls laugher at it and Atsuko also seemed relieved by the outcome “good luck on the stage”.

“Oh yeah… thanks for reminding me the fact that I always sign in for Jurina’s ideas…”

“Juri…wrote these lyrics herself?”, Atsuko questioned a bit curiosity.

“Most of the time she does but yeah… I think for the first time she’s happy with the lyrics herself… I have seen her throwing a lot of previously written songs in a trash can… if she decided to performance this particular one… it has to have a deep meaning… but I REALLY have to go!”, Yuko added noticing that Jurina is already waving her hand and trying to get older girl’s attention.

It was almost their time to performance, so they did have to end whatever conversation they had.

When Yuko and Jurina finally prepared, Yuko sat on a chair with a guitar in her hands, Jurina stood next to her, and course both of them hold their microphones ready to perform. At that time Haruna and Asuka also came to the bar.

Just like Asuka guessed before, Haruna whispered “I would rather…stay here… in the back for now”.

Asuka laughed shortly but nod her head “fine. I will keep you company… if you change your mind, tell me about it… I’m actually seeing Yuko’s friends up front”.

Haruna nod her head shortly and it didn’t seem that she’s going to change her mind, but at the same time, at this point she couldn’t turn her eyes away from the stage, intrigued.

Everyone else stood quite close to the stage and as promised Milky had Jurina’s phone in her hands, filming the performance, using younger girl’s phone as it had better video quality.

The song started and Yuko and Jurina started singing having their own parts in the song. (EXPLANATION: in this fanfiction Jurina have written the lyrics and they don’t exist in the world. Well in this universe, let’s say. Though actually this is Shaw Mendes feat. Hailee Steinfeld — “Stitches” acoustic version of a song. I will drop the link after this chapter. And in here Yuko is playing the guitar so she’s singing Shaw Mendes parts, while Jurina’s Hailee Steinfeld parts).

Jurina: “I thought that I’ve been hurt before
But no one’s ever left me quite this sore
Your words cut deeper than a knife
Now I need someone to breathe me back to life
Got a feeling that I’m going under”

Both: “But I know that I’ll make it out alive
If I quit calling you my lover
Move on”

Jurina: “You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe”

Yuko: “I’m shaking, falling onto my knees”

Jurina: “And now that I’m without your kisses”

Yuko: “I’ll be needing stitches”

Jurina: “I’m tripping over myself”

Yuko:  "I’m aching begging you to come help”

Jurina: “And now that I’m without your kisses”

Yuko: “I’ll be needing stitches. / Just like a moth drawn to a flame
Oh, you lured me in, I couldn’t sense the pain
Your bitter heart cold to the touch”

Both: “Now I’m gonna reap what I saw
I’m left seeing red on my own”

Yuko: “Got a feeling that I’m going under
But I know that I’ll (both: make it out alive)
If I quit calling you my lover"

Both: "Move on"

Yuko: “You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe”

Jurina: “I’m shaking, falling onto my knees”

Yuko: “And now that I’m without your kisses”

Jurina: “I’ll be needing stitches”

Yuko: “I’m tripping over myself”

Jurina: “I’m aching begging you to come help”

Yuko: “And now that I’m without your kisses”

Jurina: “I’ll be needing stitches.”

Yuko:Needle and the thread
Gotta get you out of my head
Needle and the thread
Gonna wind up dead”

Jurina: “Needle and the thread
Gotta get you out of my head,
(both:get you out of my head)”

(repetition of chorus)

After the song everyone clapped while Yuko and Jurina repeatedly thanked for the applause and finally stepped down from the stage.

Atsuko and Minami were the first two to congratulate Jurina and Yuko on their performance, while Milky stopped filming and saved the video all of a sudden seeing Rena’s photo appearing on Jurina’s phone screen. The reason for that was, the fact that Rena was actually calling younger girl.

Milky looked up squinting her eyes slightly, as exactly this moment Annin also congratulated Jurina, and Matsui laughed happily while hugging the girl.

Thinking about this only for a couple of seconds Milky turn around walking away with a phone in her hands, heading outside so she could get some distance from the crowd. Only Sayanee noticed this weird behavior and after few seconds consideration, firstly as the others congratulating the two girls that sang on the stage, she walked in the direction of Milky.

She found the girl outside the bar when she was already ending the conversation “also…I think the fact that Jurina weren’t keen on communicating back with you all this time… should have given you some hints… obviously that’s just my suggestion… you’re already left and she knows it. Isn’t leaving here in peace, best choice of actions? Yeah. I thought so. Bye”.

Milky ended conversation a little bit annoyed, but at the same time with a sigh of relief. That lasted only for a second though, as she heard familiar voice behind her.

“What are you doing?” obviously, it was Sayanee who voiced out the first thought and question that appeared in her mind, now squinting judgmental eyes at Milky.

In the meantime, back in the bar, Annin asked curiously while Jurina still didn’t let her go, keeping her hands on girl’s sides “so…do you feel…somehow…different…or better after the performance?”

Jurina considered it for some time, moving her head to one and then to other side, even staring at the ceiling of this bar. Probably, in a way trying to make Annin impatient, and succeeding at it as the girl touched her shoulder and moved it with her hand a little bit “hey…?”

Jurina laughed happily and answered honestly this time “yeah… I feel relieved. Like leaving something behind… but something that has to stay there. I don’t know how to explain this… but I feel a lot better and more certain…about everything”, she added this time squeezing Annin’s sides.

Asuka also came to congratulate Yuko on her performance hugging the girl shortly “who could have thought that you have quite a good voice”.

“Very funny… even if I didn’t have a bearable voice… I could still sing anything I want… that’s not my profession so…”

Asuka squinted her eyes curiosity noticing that Yuko actually looked somewhere behind her. “Are expecting someone else?”

“Eh? Oh…no I’m just…”

“Actually… I have a note for you…from Haruna”, Asuka took it from her coat pocket and gave the note to Yuko. “You two are so weird really… and yeah… she was here, but left already…”, Asuka shook her head showing that she doesn’t agree with this kind of childlessness.

Yuko looked at the note a bit doubtful. “Don’t worry… its not going to explode. But I hope you two realize that I won’t always be around… you know.. to stop you for doing something unprofessional in a work place, or for giving the notes that reminds me my first grate”

While Asuka continued with her rant, Yuko finally opened the note and look inside. It was short and probably written in a rush, but the point was not the look, but context:

“It is kind of pointless having ‘the bridal shower’ before the wedding, so how about we have a dinner instead? The wedding is in two days… so let me now, if you agree to go on a date tomorrow evening”.

While Yuko looked at the note Asuka once again commented with a roll of her eyes “I mean… she could have just asked and get her answer right here and now… but of course… she’s kind of an idiot so…”

Yuko smiled unconsciously and nod her head in agreement, though she still didn’t look at Asuka, and continued staring at the note instead “yeah…”

A/N: The song in this part: Stiches (
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You just made this chapter a million times better because of Stitches. I LOVE THAT SONG!  :on lol:  :luvluv1:

Uh-oh, Milky got caught. Sayanee, don't be too hard on her ok?  :mon cweepy:

Jurina and Annin going well, happy for them.  :mon innocent:

Haruna pls, lol  :mon lol:

It's just Yuko, no need to be afraid of her.  :mon determined:

Thanks for the update author-san!  :mon bye:
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Kojiyuu here is damn . .  :banghead: :banghead:..hmm....I did not notice the update... waiting for kojiyuu's dinner date...long way to go for thisfic 6 months of fake marriage....then after that they will break up

Milky is the super star of this fic.....

Want to read next chap.....

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wahhh two things i love, the song and this chapter  :cool1:
i'm excited for the dinner date of Kojiyuu  :ding:
sorry author-san i didnt put some comment but i'm reading your fic, i'm just lazy...  :err:
when i'm reading this i'm kind of sad because of the song i think and of course the story too, but the song i always listen that, i will wait for your next update  :hee:
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Just nice i was listening to this song!!  :lol: XD
But nice story!
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@kimseoyeonc, thanks! I'm kind of glad that everyone who reads the story approved of the song  :peace: :lol:
@sasshirie,  :thumbsup
@rindg, I LOVE THIS SONG TOO  :onioncheer: :hee: Haruna is so scared and shy probably but aren't we all? Or at least most of us, when it comes to someone that we like? I think so hehe, as it happens to me  :shy1:
@jhom_09, it is indeed a sad song, I know what you mean. I guess a lot of sad songs are actually really good, because they express inner feelings in the best way. Oh...and the date is here! I'm skipping drama for this chapter and concentrating only on that for now!  :whistle:
@arawche079, oh yeah, long way to go. I guess I'm quite slow in terms of this story time line (they haven't even got married yet!)  Though... no worries... the date is here! The wedding is soon after! FINALLY!

Chapter 15

Yuko knew that she wouldn’t hear the end of it after telling Jurina and Milky about the date she’s going to have this evening. She didn’t know what happened with two of her best friends after they separated last night. Milky looked sad and a bit distant, but only for first half of a day. Her mood improved after hearing the news. Meanwhile Jurina was as cheerful as usual and Yuko didn’t even need to ask if her time with Annin was good. You could simply read the answer from her face.

Eventually, two girls kept on messaging Yuko and asking all kind of questions about the restaurant they are going to go, is that counts as a second date or as a first one, does Yuko has intentions of spending the night in Haruna’s place for a second time, isn’t it weird that instead of a party two brides are going to spend evening together, and so on. The messages came none stop and Yuko even had to turn off the sound of her phone as Asuka kept on looking up and smirking.

After last night, Yuko found it a little bit awkward to answer Haruna directly, as the girl didn’t do the same, so she messaged her that she wouldn’t mind spending the evening together. Haruna hadn’t showed up to work and Yuko even started wondering that maybe Haruna had a change of heart, or if maybe she forgot about the date.

First half of a day Yuko even kept on glaring at Asuka and thinking that maybe that’s just her tricks for annoying Yuko and later on her co-worker will confess that it was all a lie and Yuko ended up embarrassing herself while messaging Haruna with her agreement.

Fortunately, that wasn’t just some sort of trick or joke and eventually Yuko got a message from Haruna with the address where she should come. Yuko looked at the clock and smiled content that she still has more than enough time to get ready for the date.

Saying her goodbyes after finishing the work for the day, Yuko listened with curiosity at Asuka’s comment “You know… its possible that Haruna didn’t show up today, because she was getting ready all day…”

Yuko, who hadn’t considered it even for a second, squinted her eyes confused “I doubt that… it wouldn’t take all day”.

“When you’re very nervous or excited it might. My suggestion is not to annoy your future wife one day before your wedding”.

“Oh…so no pressure at all?”

Asuka walked closer putting her hand on Yuko’s shoulder for few seconds and winked for probably the tenth time today “don’t worry. No matter the outcome, you will still be less nervous than Haruna. You have no idea how that one can get sometimes”.

“You’re certainly making me more nervous with your comments”, Yuko sigh realizing that Asuka’s pep talk is not working at all and shaking her head shortly “I’ll better go, get ready. I don’t want to be late either”.

This time, way more nervous than before, Yuko rushed back home to get ready. The fact that Milky and Jurina were already there and wanted to help her out with the preparations somehow made it feel more real and scary.

Yuko went to the restaurant earlier than the mentioned time, but found Haruna already waiting there. Awkwardly she stumbled to greet the girl and both smiled unsure how they should greet one another outside of work with everything that’s happening lately. Lastly, they settled for a short hug and sat in front of each other.

Yuko was the first one to break the tension “so…how long have you been waiting?”

“Oh…not long… like fifteen minutes…well maybe half an hour…or forty five minutes? I lost count… but I read some random stuff on the Internet so no problem, I could have waited even longer”.

After Haruna’s comment, Yuko wanted to tell her, that she actually come earlier that she suppose to…so maybe Haruna got confused with the time, but their waiter come, so instead they chose some food from the menu.

Haruna kept staring at her phone, showing more interest to it than to Yuko, so Oshima had no other choice, but to ask “what are you…”

While looking down, pretty much at the same time when Yuko started talking, Haruna also spoke up, sometimes raising her eyes to meet up with Yuko’s, so overall the girl got confused if Haruna is reading something or if she’s talking for real.

“I want to be your 6am forehead kisses, the 7am good mornings. I want to be the 8am cuddles in bed, the 9am breakfasts, the 10am watching reruns on tv. I want to be your 11am cold showers, your 12 noon lunch, your 1pm iloveyous. I want to be your 2pm piggy backs and 3pm hugs from behind. I want to be your 4pm strolls in the park and 5pm kisses. I want to be your 6pm dinner takeouts and 7pm jokes, your 8pm gaze at the stars and 9pm hugs. I want to be the 10pm laughs till we fall asleep and the 11pm snores. I want to be the 12am dreams and the 1am snuggles. I want to be the 2am bugging to wake up because you can’t go back to sleep. I want to be the 3am soft whispers and the 4am conversations. I want to be the 5am who-loves-the-other-more fights. I want to be all of that, and I’d want to do all of that everyday. Everyday for the rest of my life.”

Haruna finally gave her full attention to Yuko raising her eyebrows with curiosity “what do you think?”


Haruna laughed shortly, finding Yuko’s reaction adorable. “Oh…don’t panic. That’s something I have read on the Internet. But its quite good, right? If tomorrow they will want some sort of vows, I think I’m using these. I mean…they aren’t original but…”

Finally understanding the reason why Haruna READ all of this, Yuko sigh both relieved and a little bit confused that she let herself get affected by such ‘unoriginal’ words “Oh…yeah… but we’re not getting married in Church…so I don’t think they will ask for it. I wouldn’t have mine…” she added a bit concerned.

“Oh…no worries… you can just say ditto…that you want the same and no one will care. I guess, I will have to memorize these just in case…” she concluded with conviction, but shook her head after few more seconds. “That’s not why I invited you here… actually… I want to…talk…”

“I gathered. Isn’t that what we are doing though?”

“Yes…but not like that… I mean… I prefer getting to know each other… with some weird questions… that would be also useful for future… we will have few interviews during our marriage…I know that’s something that is unavoidable, so we can slowly get prepared. Also…well…”

“I understand”, Yuko smiled with her dimple squirrel smile, the best one she had, and everyones favorite one “that’s a brilliant idea. Maybe you should start so I can get a better idea what kind of questions you have in mind…”

“Yes!” Haruna clicked her fingers and for few seconds stared in the distance.

“What’s your sleeping position?”


“On which side…left or right?” all of a sudden Haruna change the question after noticing Yuko’s confusion.

“Oh… I don’t really know… left maybe? You?”

“The other one…. do you have any animals?”

“Not anymore…but I had a bunny for many years… I think I would like to have another one at some point…”

“I have two dogs…you will have to meet them.”

Yuko smiled and nod her head “well, I will… by the way…Asuka mentioned something about next week… I want to ask about it before I forgot… she said you need to tell me something”.

Haruna hit her head with her own palm and nod furiously for more than three times “right! I forgot! I will be away next week… I know… another weird thing in a marriage when your partner has to go away right after your wedding…I will literally have to leave right after it… this is job related and my father told me about it that day when…when…he came”, Haruna concluded unable to describe the situation both of them were at then, and blushing slightly. “The point is… you will have to get used to my home for a week and stay there alone. I’m sorry… it is something that I couldn’t get myself out of… but I tried”.

Once again Yuko shared her smile while looking at Haruna who tried to explain the situation as descriptive as possible. Haruna also tried to talk fast so she wouldn’t forget what she wants to say and that was another thing that Yuko found adorable that evening. “No problem… we will have five months and three weeks for the rest of a time…one week won’t make a difference”.

“You sure?” for some reason Haruna still felt the need to ask about it, indicating that if that’s something that Yuko feels uncomfortable about, she will go against her father and tries to argue for the second time.

“It is really fine. Don’t worry about it… how about we continue asking weird questions, again? This way we will have more fun…well I would have even more fun if I could eat already”, Yuko added while pouting and laughed shortly, because Haruna seemed concerned for few seconds “one question each until we get tired of this?”

After this, the dinner continued in this form even after they stopped eating and even after some inpatient waiter started walking around and hoping to get paid.

They drank only a little bit of wine, so there was no problem and Haruna took Yuko home with her own car. They continued talking, all the drive back, and still voice out one or other thing, even when Haruna parked the car already at the place.

Without waiting for Yuko’s agreement, Haruna decided to escort her back home, that’s why she heard few comments from the shorter girl about the fact that it was still quite early and not that dark, and how it wasn’t a dangerous neighborhood and even if it was, its not like Haruna could do anything about some robber.

Still Haruna insisted and walked next to Yuko, stopping only when they reached the door and Yuko turn around with a smile. “Thanks, I guess? But its more dangerous for you to get back from here to that expensive car, rather then for me to walk home alone.”

Higher girl just shrugged her shoulders, waving such idea away “You have said that it is not dangerous. So don’t change your beliefs all of a sudden”.

Yuko rolled her eyes in an answer. “I’m just…” but couldn’t come up with explanation so just sighed “fine… I’m just not used to someone escorting me this way… so this is awkward… the last time something like that happened…I was still in school so…”

“Well…its obviously the last time I’m doing this, because we’re getting married tomorrow. So stop complaining… but… I guess we should rest… and see how tomorrow is going to turn out?”, she added a bit more nervously, unsure how to say goodbye at this point.

Yuko smiled and nod in return “okay. I have one more weird question for that manner…”


“Do you like escorting people back home?”

“No. I like people escorting me home”, Haruna answered in a blink of an eye, not even thinking about it, but that is how she probably answered most of the questions this evening, without giving a second thought to them.

When Yuko got quiet, Haruna didn’t know what to say either… considering her options, lshe leaned in kissing Yuko shortly on the cheek “That’s…expected after a date…I guess?” she reasoned this innocent act, while once again blushing slightly and leaning back slowly while trying to keep Yuko’s eye contact, but at the same time ready to turn around and run away.

Of course, Haruna relaxed a little bit, when she noticed that Yuko didn’t get angry at the act and nod her head with agreement. Not expecting anything else, Haruna turn around to leave, but was stopped this time, after Yuko’s comment. “Actually… I think this is what expected in such situation…”

Then Yuko gently turn Haruna around and tiptoe, kissing her shortly, but gently, on the lips “considering… that this is a date…”

Yuko let go of Haruna’s hand favoring her with that squirrel smile again.

Feeling like she’s flying somewhere high on the clouds, Haruna’s smile also grew wider and while walking away she waved her hand few times nervous, both — of today, and of tomorrow. Realizing that tomorrow will make this situation even more serious and more real than it was since then.
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I love this chapter, ahaha
And i love haruna unoriginal words, its sound so cheesy but beautiful at the same time. No wonder yuko affect a little because of that.
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I really love yuko and haruna character in this fic, not just them i love all of the character :)
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This chapter has that first date awkwardness. It's so awkward that it's also making me feel awkward!

So they're getting married tomorrow? I mean, in the time of that chapter. And Haruna will be leaving after that lol, poor Yuko. xD
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I really like your fic....

Kojipa's excitement  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: so cute...

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@arawche079, well there are some secrets indeed... I guess they will be revealed with time... the point here is... the clue in the end of the chapter ( will read it, so I'm not saying anything but yeah...) new things around the corner  :)
@jhom_09, same with me... I like various genres of music but usually the sad songs (and most importantly the lyrics) leave the biggest impression on me. I can just keep on listening on a particular song for a week if I really like it  :thumbsup thanks for waiting and you know what they say - the wait is over, the chapter is here! Fresh and new! (well, some drama yeah... it is necessary in stories... I hope you will still enjoy this). And about the date...I wanted to give something cute (and awkward) before the Valentine's Day, I'm happy that my plan was successful  :grin:
@shanju, (answer to your first comment:  :shy2: I'm really happy that you enjoyed it, and that you like the characters in here! I like all the girls too, I mean... I kind of have to... I'm the writer... yeah... there is some stuff coming up, even in this chapter... but still!) and answer to your second comment: SORRY FOR THE WAIT!!!  :kneelbow:

Chapter 16

“You don’t mind it, right?” Jurina asked for probably the fifth time since the girls left the bar.

She and Annin walked in the park, choosing the long way home, while Jurina without even asking took Annin’s hand in her own. The question though, wasn’t about either Annin mind it or not, it was about the fact that they got separated from the group.

“I really don’t mind it”, the girl repeated also for the fifth time and giving Jurina a reassuring smile “also… I don’t mind spending more time alone with you, without your friends around. I’m not saying that I don’t like your friends but…”

“They need some getting used to, I know. Yuko seemed normal at first…until she breaks the tension and then suddenly some her pervert nature comes on the surface. She’s kind of unstoppable at that point. I guess you don’t remember her in school, right? We were lucky that she started dating Mariko early or she would have probably ended up assaulting half of the school… she still did sometimes but…”

Annin laughed at Jurina explanation but didn’t stop her, when younger girl continued. “And Milky…well… she’s… Milky… I think she still has my phone, though…”

“But you’re fond of them… they are your best friends. I can see how much you care about them… its cute”, Annin summarized their whole conversation with a sympathetic smile.

“I think they are more than my best friends… they are my family. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? Don’t worry…you will get used to them with time… after all, I’m planning on keeping you”.

Annin stopped raising her eyebrows both suggestively and curiously “oh really?”

This sudden stop made younger Matsui turn around as well, and she smiled as brightly as she managed “I think I have been implying in one or other occasion… also I’m taking you to a very special place for me now… I don’t show it to just anyone…”

“Oh…why is it special?”, Annin asked already intrigued.

Jurina turn around dragging Annin faster after herself, but at the same time smiling cheekily “its really not, but… I think you will understand why I like it that much”.

“What are you doing?” obviously, it was Sayanee who voiced out the first thought and question that appeared in her mind, now squinting judgmental eyes at Milky.

After Sayanee’s question, Milky froze for a couple of seconds, breathing in and out, and slowly turning around “talking on a phone. What does it look like?”

“It looks like you’re talking on a phone with someone who was calling Jurina… my best guess… Rena?”

Milky sigh unable to lie “so? She left Jurina and now she’s trying to keep tabs on her? How about… no?! Jurina looks really happy with Annin. Messages or phone calls like that… could bring her back to the start…and she might forget whatever progress she made during this time… and Jurina deserves to forget someone who didn’t care enough…”

Sayanee snickered “I hope these words are implied for your situation too. Especially after you decided to move out”.

“Isn’t that what you wanted too? I should have probably done it earlier… then you wouldn’t have to escape to another country with pretext that you’re doing it for my well being. Its not like I’m stupid. I can see when my feelings are one-sided… only you made the bigger deal of it”.

“Oh…and the fact that you started drinking every night? That’s just… a coincidence and completely normal thing to do? I’m surprised that your besties are not aware of it. Or they could take care of you… because Milky needs taking care of”.

Milky opened her mouth to retort, but after a second closed it just staring back at Sayanee.

“Nothing? Well… there is a least one thing that we agree with. But one recommendation… Jurina wouldn’t thank you, if she found out about your… I don’t know how to call this… so maybe you should stop or tell her about it? So you won’t destroy another relationship in your life… I’m not saying that you destroyed ours…it was mostly job related, so I was forced to take care of you… but of course… it could have been more pleasant if you hadn’t…”

Milky ended Sayanee’s words a bit bitterly “If I hadn’t fallen for you? Oh… I guess that something that people can control. Thank you for letting me know… I won’t make the same mistake again… next time I won’t start liking someone who’s not interested in me…I will just tell myself — no… not this one. And look out for someone new”.

Sayanee raised her hands and clapped for couple of times “Impressive. You actually found a good come back. Still… can I once again suggest you something?”

“You full of advices tonight… why not”, Milky agreed but her eyes reeked anger.

“Found someone who will take care of you, get married, spend the rest of your life with that person, leave other people troubles behind. You obviously need someone who will pamper you like a child. I’m pretty sure that there are people like that… maybe this requires some work, some searching. But who knows…something magical might happen and that person will appear…”

“Well…you don’t need to worry about it.”

“Indeed… I haven’t thought about this earlier… but I’m free from you…”, quite unexpectedly Sayanee smiled for herself. “That is good…”, she nod her head, as if finally acknowledging this thought.

Milky stared at Sayanee for longer than necessary finally saying “I actually wonder…what made me like you”

“Oh…I have been wondering about it for quite some time. Trying to come up with a good reason… maybe if I had showed you a lot of affection or something like that… but nothing come in my mind… I don’t get it either”.

Milky looked down at Jurina’s phone that she still held in her hands “I think this conversation is over. Enjoy your freedom”, and without waiting for any other confirmation, she quickly went inside the bar, to look out for other girls.


No one’s life is simple. We all have our problems and worries and we have our own way to deal with things.

Two very different people might not understand each others intentions, hopes, thoughts, dreams and feelings. Sometimes, even if we do realize what the other person is feeling — we might not feel the same way. This way — one person is always left to be the broken hearted.

In this case scenario, Watanabe Miyuki is the one who got her heart broken — considering the fact that she was the only one who fall in love.

Sayanee was her savior in a way. Not that Sayanee chose to be this way. It was simply the job of a girl — protection of someone who needs saving. As a police officer, Sayanee just had to do what was expected from her. Just a simple task given to her by her boss, which this girl couldn’t deny.

On the other hand, Miyuki misunderstood her attention. The girl fall hard and fast. Her feelings were evident and everyone around noticed it. Jurina and Yuko teased their best friend about the issue, but only because they were unaware that Sayanee didn’t feel the same way.

As a police officer, and remembering that Milky was a witness in an investigation, Sayanee had to take care of her. But Sayanee never expected that she not only will have to take care of Milky’s safety, but also her emotional state.

Some people handle rejection well, meanwhile others… breaks down. As you can guess, in this situation we had the second option. One broken hearted girl and one tired of bull**shit girl.

Even though, at first living together (also, with Atsumina couple) was a good idea for protection. Later on, it turned out to be the worst decision Sayanee could have made. She regretted it almost instantly, as even though Milky was already broken hearted she still couldn’t let go…giving up didn’t seem like an option to her.

A lot of times Sayanee showed her concerns about Miyuki’s drinking problems, but no one saw it that much, or recognized it as Milky acted normal next morning and such behavior appeared only at night — when you start feeling lonely.

After the court, when the criminal was send to prison and witness protection ended, Sayanee come up with the best solution she could find for that moment. She fled the country.

The girl hoped she could escape Milky for good, but avoiding your own country just for one person… seemed unreasonable too. That’s why Sayanee got back home, with hope that she won’t need to deal with Milky or this girl’s feelings anymore.

Obviously, Sayanee was wrong as it was impossible to avoid her and she still had to feel guilt for Milky’s conditions though not answering to the other person feeling was a normal thing for others.


Though reliving the past wasn’t a glorious thing for some, others spend their evening enjoying the time as they could. In this case: Jurina took Annin to that special place she mentioned before. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, just a simple swings where most likely children played through the day.

That was probably the reason why Annin asked a little bit confused and curious “Is it…it?”

Almost instantly Jurina answered in the same way Harry and his friends did in Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban “I’m solemnly swear I’m up to no good”.

“I spend all my childhood here… every single day, so it is a very special place for me. You know what they say… this is the place of my youth… so well… I’m not sharing it just with anyone…”

Annin smiled pleased at the comment, after all, this was a compliment, very nice one “I see… so only your best friends and…?”

“No…I mean… if you’re asking if I took Rena here…I haven’t” Matsui smiled grabbing Annin’s hand and dragging the girl after herself “come on! I want you to have some fun! This swing is amazing! You will see!”

Without waiting for Annin’s replay she started swinging the girl, while laughing at the sigh. At first Annin clenched her hands tightly but relaxed after couple of minutes. Exactly two minutes later she was already having a lot of fun.

At this point, it wouldn’t be Matsui if she wouldn’t come up with an idea how to surprise someone, or throw them off guard. Jurina walked around standing in front of the swing at the same time while Annin was still on it, and literally caught the swing in air, having Annin only few inches away from herself, she leaned forward stealing a short but sweet kiss and instantly let go, simply because she didn’t have enough strength to hold on any longer.

As expected Annin was surprised but didn’t seem to mind it. Noticing that older girl is not angry at her, Jurina relaxed. They laughed for some time, even while walking away from the place. “You know… that doesn’t really counts as a kiss… because you stole it”.

Jurina just shrugged her shoulders “Well maybe next time I won’t have to do it and you will just come to me yourself”.

“Oh…like a mutual kiss?”

“However you call it”, once again younger girl answered innocently while looking around at the dark night sky.



Annin sighed giving up, unable to come up with good comeback “you know what I mean”.

“I do?”

“Jurina! You do, just stop”, the girls laughed once again, relaxing and concentrating on the beauty of the night.

Sometimes taking risks payed off.

That was the exact same thing that Haruna though while sitting in front of her desk to write something in her diary.

She kept it through the years, just to explore her thoughts but usually wrote something new only once in a few months. Especially if everything remained the same.

Considering how much happened during this little time, her desire to express all new thoughts was understandable and expected.

This was the paragraph which she wrote after the date with Oshima Yuko…not the first time the girls spend together but probably the only time that everything actually counted.

Kojima Haruna DIARY

I had a lot of thoughts recently. I think… sometimes they get clouded and other times… there is like… explosion… is that a right word for it? Explosion… I think it is… how else to describe it?

The only thing on my mind recently…or should I say person… I should say person… the only person on my mind recently is… Yuko…Oshima Yuko… wherever I go…

I mean… I see her everyday at work, there is a reason for that. I know that Mocchi noticed… before Yuko I used to sleep in and most of the time showed up only when there were two or three people at the place. You could find me walking around the corridors in the morning only if I overslept… but now… I want to use the opportunity of seeing Yuko so everyday I come earlier…

Even when she was angry at me, because… there were a lot of reasons… still… just seeing her was good enough for that time.

Am I insane? No… I mean… I feel like I am… but isn’t that how people who are in love act? Or think? She’s not there yet…I’m aware of it… but hope…oh hope… doesn’t hope bring us eternal misery? Someone told me this! Or have I read it somewhere? Maybe they told me…eh? Wait…what was I writing about?

Right…Yuko… no wait… Hope? Yuko and hope? That I have hope?

It doesn’t matter after all… this date and…tomorrow… I feel like flying… I’m somewhere far away in the sky and I don’t want to get down… ever… I want to stay floating…

I’m thinking about positive things but I haven’t forgotten the kiss I witnessed few days ago… the same day when I saw Yuko singing and helping out her friend. She’s also so talented and… wait… once again I’m starting to concentrate on things that are not that important at the moment.

I saw Mariko kissing Yuko near the bar… I’m not sure if anyone else did… I mean… if Mocchi saw it…she didn’t mention a thing.

It hurt a little… seeing that… and when I say little… I mean… A LOT… but there will always be people behind… exes… I’m hopeful that they were saying goodbye… maybe I will ask about it some day…If I am brave enough but for now… I’m believing what I want to believe…

I wanted that date… to get some confirmations or at least… a little sign… I think I get it… Yuko… she’s not there yet but she likes me and that’s enough… for now…


It happened in a blink. Isn’t that how things like that always do? You’re anticipating the moment, wait for it and then…few seconds later it is over.

While you’re thinking about it and imagine different scenarios it seems that its taking forever but to write down your signature in a paper takes just a couple of minutes. Whole ceremony didn’t last longer than half an hour.

After it, it is over. You’re already a married person (despite the situation you’re thrown in).

A smile. A kiss. A photo. Some excited friends running around, throwing rice on your head and that is all…

That’s how new things start. Other calls it a new beginning or new era, because… who knows what happens next. Who really knows…what tomorrow can bring…
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JURIANNIN cuteness  :tama-apeshit:
Kojipa diary  :tama-lotsaluv:
update soon!
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Ahh Sayamilky backstory explains a lot...

Jurina seems to like Annin more than Rena eh?  Not that I mind it lol.

Kojiharu diary and wedding.  So theyre married,  congratulations lol.

Thanks for the update!
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wahhhh  i'm so late to put my comment here  :err:

well Author-san i like the Haruna Diary, she really love Yuko so much, i love it  :ding:

and the wedding is finish? they officially married couple? where is the honeymoon part? hahaha joke  :hiakhiakhiak:

i will wait for your next update  :farofflook:

and yes i'm like that too, i listen with one song the whole day if i like that song, i really love listen with lot of sad song and in the end sad, hahaha joke

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@jhom_09, there is just something about those sad songs, I guess... makes us think, stop for a minute, lister for 10 times in a row and so on... haha, honestly sad songs usually inspire me to write  :) and yeah, the wedding has happened! yeyeyeyey  :w00t:
@RenshuChan, there will be some in this chapter  :thumbsup
@arawche079, it took me forever to write this next chapter... sorry  :banghead:
@sasshirie, sorry for the wait!
@rindg, yeah the 'wedding bells' happened already... now it is time to concentrate on what happens 'after the wedding', thanks for the comment... I guess Jurina is opening her heart for Annin which is a good thing, everyone deserves to be happy/find their happiness  :oops:

Chapter 17

Yuko couldn’t comprehend what surprised her more. The fact that she did actually just got married to… well quite a stranger, instead of someone she dreamed to be with from childhood, the fact that she didn’t mind it, or the fact that she started missing Haruna went she left for her work trip.

The situation even worsened, ending in more confusion, when Haruna had no other choice but to make her trip longer and promised to be back in two weeks. Maybe, one week would have been enough to keep Yuko’s sanity and stop the questions but now… she couldn’t understand herself anymore.

The first thing Yuko had to do after all ‘official marriage’ thing was move into Haruna’s apartment. She was accompanied by Jurina and Milky, since her two best friends were too curious to pass an opportunity to check the rich person’s home. Yuko felt weird though… since Haruna wasn’t there and she was invading her privacy.

Yes, before leaving Haruna assured that Yuko needs to be comfortable since it is going to be her home from now on and she needs to find places for her things, wardrobe and other personal belongings. The worst part of it all was probably THE BIGGEST picture on a wall with a short kiss that they had to share during their ’10 minutes’ marriage ceremony.

It felt the same like ‘getting married in Vegas’, everything was in a rush, but still they had a personal photographer who captured their everyone move. Ironically, it was Haruna’s father idea to take this photo and present it for the world to see in their home.

To see herself in a short but sweet kiss with Haruna, whenever she came to the living run (which happened every day, since Yuko had to come there after waking up), was some sort of torture. Especially, when Yuko was still uncertain what is going to happen between the two from now on.

Milky (HER OWN FRIEND) wasn’t helping either. Instead, she took as many photos as their photographer and teased Yuko whenever she got a chance, showing all the different angles and leaving comments like:

“you two look great, am I right?”;

”aww…look at that shy smile of yours…I think it is been awhile since I saw it”;

”oh…I have captured the kiss moment! I’m living every fangirls dream!”;

”this one is my personal favorite! Haruna is hugging you like her life depends on in… so close yet so far… I mean it in an ironic way… since you know… she’s away now… but in this photo you were so close… were you even able to breathe?”

Milky wasn’t better to Jurina either. Since Jurina showed up with Annin; Milky took her time and stole few photos of the guests of the wedding as well. Ironically, the only guests that actually got some pictures were those two. 

They looked cute and shy in those photos, so Milky come up with phrases like:

“You could have at least held her hand”;

”oh you should have hugged her from behind”;

”or at least smile and look at each other lovingly… haven’t you learn anything from Yuko? Look how great those two look at camera. Does it look like that trying hard? No, they are not. But it is just chemistry, undeniable chemistry!”

Both Yuko and Jurina couldn’t actually escape Milky, so getting tortured like this at least ‘once a day’ didn’t help for either of their cases. It sometimes intensifies and ruined all Jurina’s and Milky’s chances of finding a roommate.

The girls searched for all week, every day… having at least two candidates per day… but most of the girls ran away petrified after witnessing two best friend bickering (that they would get to see for every single day). No one really wanted to come between the two… and in the end Jurina decided to take some extra work, in that way they wouldn’t even need to search for a roommate.

Matsui used her chance finding a vacant place in Annin’s dance studio, but of course after that she had to hear even more sarcastic Milky’s comments:

“aww, if you wanted to do this from the start you should have, why put me through this week with those weird girls leaving one after the other?”;

”so you will spend even more time from now on? How about making it official since…you’re not a nun. I know this since I caught you once with Rena… worst experience of my life, but you were definitely enjoying yourself”.

Despite this sort of teasing, Jurina and Yuko knew that is it harmless and that’s just how Milky gets sometimes. Especially, when she tries to avoid the reality or hide the hurt. So the two girls never retaliated and let Milky continue, pretending to be more annoyed that they were.

Yuko smiled after getting a new message from Haruna and already started wondering about an answer, at the same time when Asuka stepped out of the elevator and noticed the small smile on her dork co-workers face “our boss is interrupting your work again?”

“Duh? Oh…it is just…”

“Oh come on… you don’t need to hide it from me. Also… I’m kind of glad that you feel more free with communicating between each other right now. I thought these few weeks will make you more distant from one another than… you already were sometimes… well with you keeping your distance and Haruna… wondering if she should overstep it or not”

Yuko squinted her eyes slightly confused about the comment but didn’t have a chance to actually think about it (or fully grasp the meaning behind it), when Asuka spoke up again.

“I do remember that the first week, you only sometimes messaged each other, or she called few times but it lasted like 3–5 minutes… asking random things about each others day… is it because of that interview you will have to give to press right after Haruna gets back? Once again…as a reminder, I’m only talking about the first week…”

Unsure how to react Yuko just nod her head. She learned with time that whenever she didn’t know how to answer Asuka, or can’t actually understand what the other girl wants from her, she needs to nod or shake her head, and Mocchi gets straight to the point.

“What I mean is… that I’m happy you two are getting along…and despite this distance you’re actually getting closer. Don’t try to lie… I had to practically drag you out of the toiler the other day, when you still kept on talking with Haruna for… an hour… maybe longer… do you keep it up after going back home too?”

Yuko shrugged her shoulders this time “I mean… sometimes… well we do wish each other goodnight… so we usually talk for a bit…”

“For a bit means… that you talk before you fall asleep?”


“So it happened?” Mocchi raised her eyes suggestively and laughed quite content with the information she somehow managed to get from Yuko.

Knowing that she’s already busted, Yuko just sighed defeated “once. It happened once… and it wasn’t me who has fallen asleep… it was Haruna and she even started snoring so…”, unconsciously Yuko smiled at the memory but forced herself to shook her head since Mocchi still kept on smirking teasingly.

“Please just don’t… I hear enough from my friend Milky…”

“Teasing machine?”

“Something like that… none of the things I do goes unnoticed so… since I’ll be probably hearing the same stuff and need to make excuses to go into the other room so I could make a short phone-call to my…well… wife… I wish to be at piece at least for now”.

Mocchi laughed, but after all, she nod her head without fighting, only adding one last comment before walking away “Don’t forget to text Haruna back. She must be anxious by now… without getting your answer for five minutes”.

Yuko rolled her eyes at another silly remarked. She squinted her eyes staring at Mocchi at least for a minute and trying to prove a point.

“I’m serious…”

As if one queue, after yet another comment, Yuko got a new message from Haruna and looked down, feeling embarrassed that people seemed to notice more than she does.

Truthfully, Mochi was right, and even Yuko knew it.

The first week between Haruna and Yuko was quite formal… they asked about each other day, shared some memories or better moments, agreed to talk the other day and ended their conversations. It never lasted longer than 5 minutes, since Haruna was really busy with work and Yuko didn’t really know what to say to her ‘wife’.

Of course… as Yuko mentioned, they did send ‘good night’ messages to each other, though not because they had to, simply because they wanted to.

After a call from Haruna on Saturday night that she will have to prolong her trip for one more week and she feels sorry about not doing things the way she said she will. They started talking longer. It wasn’t planned and it wasn’t intentional. But whenever something funny happened between her two friends, Yuko took a photo and send it too Haruna.

They also discussed that whole ‘big photo on the wall’ situation, that might be really awkward, and in a form of messages Yuko started whining how it is annoying her.

Whenever getting a chance, Haruna took photos of her food and send them to simply annoyed Yuko, knowing that her ‘wife’ really likes food and she must be really jealous about the delicacies Haruna gets.

One evening, Yuko was so full of impressions (since it was also the day when Jurina announced that she started dating Annin) that she couldn’t help herself and told Haruna everything about it.

“I don’t know if it was actually planned… the first thing… well you’re aware of a fact that Milky and Jurina are like cat and dog…and they scared all the potential roommates away… after this Jurina decided to find some extra job and surprisingly ended in Annin’s dance studio.

Obviously, Annin was more than excited to spend more time with my best friend… though I think they spend all their evenings together, because Jurina went to her studio after finishing up work, and Annin waited for her. Those two pretended to be taking things slow but couldn’t have enough of one another with spending more and more time together…

So with this opportunity, now Jurina spends there half a day… well firstly, doing the things she needs to do in the morning and then, going straight there. Of course, it is not like they’re together every time. Depends on the clients, of music and dance style… Annin also has her off days… though Milky commented that on those days Jurina always visits her with an excuse to tell how well the classes went…

So yesterday… Annin out of the blue suggested a sleepover. Well… a simple sleepover… not the pervert stuff… muahaha… not that Jurina would have minded… though if you believe everything that Milky says… Jurina had a phone call when those two were together and Milky said that Jurina looked like a caught deer… wide eyed… unable to form words… so obviously she was imagining pervert stuff.

Luckily, Annin was kind enough to explain to Jurina that she would like to watch some movies, talk a bit more.. since she has already been in Jurina’s home for a bit… and it might be time to visit hers… Actually Annin was even kind enough to invite Milky to join in… well Milky doesn’t know about since…of course Jurina didn’t told her about it.

No one, who’s clever enough, would tell such things to Milky… since she would have joined… I’m 100% sure of it… just to annoy Juri and get in between… so yeah… Jurina went to Annin’s home for that simple girls night out… they talked a lot… watched some romantic comedy… Jurina doesn’t even remember the title of it… so imagine how much they actually watched of it…

Though… Jurina swears that they haven’t actually done anything… she’s playing innocent with us… so they talked, drank tea or coffee, talk again…and all of a sudden Annin asked what they are now… yes! My friend couldn’t even ask such an important question! Though I do remember they agreed take it slow…

With that in mind…Annin said something between the lines ‘that she’s okay right now…quite a lot of time pass and by the way Jurina behaves… she believes that she’s not just Jurina’s rebound girl…

Jurina says that she sealed the moment with a kiss and they got together, agreed on dating. Obviously, I believe that for at least 5 minutes Jurina murmured something, stuttered and tried to find the right words…but I can’t really know since I couldn’t witness the scene myself… wait… are you snoring?”

Yes, Haruna probably fall asleep in the middle of Yuko’s story, but it was the first evening that Yuko felt absolutely comfortable with the other girl. She liked talking, there was no denying it… but whenever she get together with Haruna…somehow they seemed to lack with conversation (except the very first evening they met, when Yuko lied about her real name and they ended up not only talking but doing other stuff too).

After that evening, though, it appeared that they opened a new door, a door without holding back and telling each other every detail of their days. Haruna even joked one evening that some random girl hit on her at the bar while she waited for clients. While Yuko laughed it off but felt a pang of jealousy.

The truth was… the two weeks went both fast and agonizing slowly… the fast part — they spend most of their times either messaging or talking on the phone, the slow part — there was no end to waiting.

It was a Saturday evening once again, and Yuko (together with Milky, Jurina and Annin), spend their evening in Atsuko’s and Takamina’s home. Sayaka was away because of her job, which was a good thing since Milky was there too.

It was still way too awkward between the two and after the conversation outside the bar, they ignored each other. Milky even heard that Sayaka started dating some co-worker of hers, but surprisingly it didn’t hurt as much as before…

So while spending quite a lovely evening at friends’ home and laughing around, Yuko felt quite nervous with thoughts that Haruna might call her and tell that she might not be able to get back home again… Haruna even had to reassure Yuko with her messages that she’s indeed coming back tomorrow morning.

So a bit more calm after the reassurance Yuko enjoyed the rest of the evening with her friends, hearing how Milky complained that she’s the only single one around the table and that she obviously lost the bet, or hearing for a second time the shorter and shyer version of how Annin and Jurina got together.

Jurina looked even happier when she get confirmation from Takamina and Atsuko that they’re indeed supporting the couple and they believe it is a good fit. Though most likely she enjoyed this moment since she definitely won against Milky and smirked mischievously. 

By the end of the evening Jurina remember about her phone left in the kitchen and decided to leave the girls and walked out to check on it. She didn’t actually left since she could see them clearly while standing behind the table, or even hear pretty much every word they said, but still there was some sort of distance between Jurina and them.

Taking her phone into her own hands Matsui got honestly surprised after noticing a new message…even more surprised when that message came from Rena.

Rena: Hey. Sorry I kept on bothering you lately. This is the last message that I’m going to send you since… obviously I shouldn’t. Or that’s what your bodyguard friend thinks. Even when I called I didn’t actually get an answer… so I need to know. How are you doing? You do know that despite of everything I still care, right? So I would be truly thankful if you could let me now at least that… Bye”.

Matsui reread the message for at least five times before realizing what might have been happening and raised her head to look back at the table, where quite happily Milky joked around with others, this time even laughing with Annin, after some joke she just cracked.

Honestly, Jurina had no idea what to think or how to feel… normally, you should be in rage after founding such things… but seeing her happy friends… 

having Annin… and knowing what kind of reaction Rena’s messages might have caused from her…

Jurina just couldn’t get angry. 

She will obviously has to talk with Milky about it, the younger girl was sure of that…but for some unknown reason she smiled shortly, deciding that she will message Rena later, and once again leaving her phone, Jurina went back into the living room, where the laugher and chatter didn’t seem to end or quiet down for the rest of the evening.

Next morning Yuko couldn’t help but feel nervous… anticipating the return of Haruna and not knowing what she must say to the other girl… obviously, all kinds of panicky thoughts creped into her mind. That maybe they are more comparable when Haruna is away… maybe it will all change…

Also, Yuko wasn’t really sure what she wants yet… she couldn’t deny the attraction for Haruna and with this constant communication it definitely went past that… but isn’t it too soon?

Yuko shook her head a bit annoyed by all the annoying thoughts and decided to concentrate on them later, since at the moment she had more important meeting to attend… and by mentioning meeting…

She obviously had ‘the surprise picking Haruna from the airport’ in mind.

A/N: sorry for the long wait... argh... I haven't even noticed that it has been a month  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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Welcome back ~

This story is so sweet and cute.

Thank you for capturing Yuko & Nyan's relationship in this way. It is quite rare and the good part is I found it surprisingly super cute and somehow match with their nature-character.
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I' m wsiting author-san update so0 n :yossi: :banghead: :banghead:
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Milky is so mischievous lol, I'm liking this character of hers.

Jurina finally finds out about Rena's messages huh, but she's less furious than I expected her to be.
I expected her to explode at Milky and like, spit on her face or something, guess that's not happening haha.


That's it for today lol, sorry for replying so late. I was recently just in a vacation, spring break~ Though it's time for spring break here in Canada, it's still cold and snowing. Hah, I'm worried about Summer.

Well anyways, enough talk about myself. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!
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@arawche079, this is the update  :peace: :peace: :peace:
@rindg, I also had my Spring break (though it is not that popular in our country, so it just some random week for a bit of relaxation from all the work... eh... nothing special in the end I guess). Oh but I'm jealous of your vacation and you like in Canada? That's awesome (jealous even more)  :shocked :lol: haha... about the comment, yeah I wouldn't mind seeing that KISSING PICTURE on the wall myself... and the girls will get to see it every day (well Yuko saw it for two weeks so muahaha... who knows what was on her mind all that time)  :) oh and well you will read about Jurina's (and Milky's reaction) in this chapter actually... but I think you and Milky think the same way on this  :lol: thanks for the comment!
@Jessye, I'm happy that you enjoy it  :roll: and thanks for the comment, it is always appreciated!  :oops:

Chapter 18

The same morning when Yuko was heading to the airport to meet Haruna, Jurina sat on the corner silently drinking her tea and waiting for her best friend to wake up.

It take some time, since some days it was almost impossible to wake Milky up. Though it probably started when she moved in to live with Matsui, feeling more comfortable than in her previous home where she usually sneaked out earlier just to avoid Sayanee and awkwardness that always lingered between two girls.

“Good morning”, Milky finally announced with a sleepy voice and cute smile on her face, closing up on younger girl and looking around.

As if reading her mind Jurina commented “it is on the corner… maybe a bit cold by now”.

Milky nod and went taking her own cup of tea while joining her friend “mmm… you mentioned you wanted to talk about something… sorry for being emotional yesterday”.

Jurina snickered “you weren’t emotional… you were drunk… I think at some point in the evening you tried to kiss Annin and find out of if the two of us are compatible… as if you could know… you haven’t actually kissed me before” Jurina joked while showing her tongue in a mocking manner.

“If I was that drunk… I would have probably kissed you afterwards to make sure”, Milky rolled her eyes, but after few seconds confessed a bit embarrassed “I don’t really remember much… sorry…”

Jurina tried to pretend that she’s serious or angry, but just laughed loudly unable to act for long “no problem…”, getting serious only after few more sips of her warm tea “there is something else that I do want to discuss though…”

As if on queue Milky raised her eyes showing genuine curiosity.

Yuko decided not to tell Haruna about her little surprised and instead kept on messaging her ‘wifey’ pretending that she’s just bored and has nothing to do.

Yuko: Morning :) So you’re coming back later today, right? :)

Haruna: Yes… a little bit later though… so don’t wait out for me. :)

Yuko: I wasn’t planning to… though… you know that since I don’t need to go to work today, I will just probably eat a lot or watch TV :)

Haruna: so you plan on staying at home all day? :)

Yuko: Not sure… does it matter? ;)

Haruna: just curious. :)

Yuko: oh by the way… you’re in a plain right now, right? :)

Haruna: as if you could actually see me… you know everything, don’t you? Yes, heading back home. How about you… what are you doing at this exact moment and what is your plan for the next…hour? :)

Yuko: I will go back to sleep, I’m in the bed :)

Haruna: :) good, rest :) Text me when you wake up :)

Yuko: I will!

They ended her little chat and Yuko still kept on grinning, happy that Haruna had no idea about her plans. Little did she knew… that Haruna actually had plans on her own…

Meanwhile the two girls were messaging each other none stop, Haruna was sitting in a taxi (similar to Yuko’s) and headed back home. Just like the other girl, she wanted to surprise Yuko and decided to lie a little bit.

Haruna got back home pretty much at the same time when Yuko reached the airport, and walked inside heading to the bedroom, guessing that she should find her ‘wifey’ sleeping, only come up a stop after noticing that the place is empty.

Haruna squeezed her eyes a bit confused, not knowing if she should be angry, and not understanding why Yuko would lie to her. So instead of going to absurd conclusions, she decided to message the girl once again, reasoning that she probably wake up not long ago and maybe ran to the mall.

Haruna: Hey, what are you doing now? :)

Yuko: What do you mean? :)

Haruna sat down on the bed a bit annoyed.

Haruna: Still in bed? :)

Yuko: Yeah… sorry… too lazy to wake up… argh… maybe I’ll just stay here for the rest of the day… lazy SUNDAY! Whoohooo!!!

Haruna: In my bed?

Yuko: well…I think it is… well kind of ours, right? ;)

Yuko: well in your home…our home for now :)

Yuko: how about you, still in the plain? :)

Yuko: Nyan-Nyan?

Yuko: :)

Yuko: okay… you probably can’t use your phone right now… message me when you land, okay? :) see you soon!

Haruna was unsure what to think. Obviously, she had no idea that at the exact same moment Yuko was sitting on a chair and looking around excitedly. Yuko even hummed some melodies quietly, checking her phone time after time, or the gates were Haruna should show up soon.

Younger Matsui considered her words for a couple of minutes, but not wanting to drag it longer than necessary, she spoke up in a rush manner “I know about messages from Rena. She texted me yesterday and her message… wait… I will read it to you… It told me more than I needed to know”.

Jurina instantly took her phone out of her pocket and read that message from Rena out loud: “Hey. Sorry I kept on bothering you lately. This is the last message that I’m going to send you since… obviously I shouldn’t. Or that’s what your bodyguard friend thinks. Even when I called I didn’t actually get an answer… so I need to know. How are you doing? You do know that despite of everything I still care, right? So I would be truly thankful if you could let me now at least that… Bye”.

After finishing her concentration on the message Jurina looked up at shocked Milky “so?”

“Ah…” Milky put her cup on the table and asked a bit confused “how are you… not chocking me to death right now?”, she raised her eyebrows surprised, expecting Jurina to beat the shit out of her.

Jurina sign “Because I… want to know why first…”

“Since when do you want to know WHY first?” Milky once again asked with disbelief. Somehow it felt unreal for the older girl. In fear she waited until Jurina will show her true face…or wait… maybe there were poison in this tea that she drank just a couple of seconds ago?

“I didn’t put poison in tea. Don’t be an idiot… I think I understand your reasons for… doing what you did… so… for some unknown reason I’m not angry”. Jurina spoke up as if reading shocked girl’s mind “and I can’t read your mind, so don’t start panicking for no reason”.

Milky sigh looking down at the table “sorry… I know I shouldn’t have do it just… do you remember in the past… Rena hurt you all the time and then she just write you something similar to that… while fooling your heart again… you always forgave her even though you cried all night before… and it is just… she messaged at the very start when you saw Annin so… I think you would have fallen in her trap once again and I was too scared to risk it…so…”

“So you tried to protect me? In your own twisted, weird and very wrong sort of way?”

“Well…mmm… yes… and I was afraid to tell you because…”

“Because I might poison your tea?”, Jurina smiled unexpectedly, quite relaxed and leaned forward in a joking manner.

Suddenly Milky’s eyes got wide “SO YOU DID POISON ME?”

Jurina stopped the teasing and just laugh out loud “You’re an idiot. Of course not. I love you, why would I poison you? But… you’re cleaning our home for two months”, she added while hugging Milky shortly “don’t even think of complaining or I’ll actually get angry”.

Milky opened her mouth to protest at first, but after Jurina’s words just sigh like some little child agreeing to deal with punishment from her mother.


Haruna sat down in one place for quite some time, until finally sighing disappointed, coming to conclusion that she’s not going to act like a fool. Haruna even started imagining that maybe Yuko lied to her all the time. Though she, herself, was always honest about her whereabouts.

Haruna: why are you lying to me?

Yuko: what do you mean?

Haruna: you’re telling me that you’re in our home… lying in our bed… and sleeping, right? That’s what you’re doing right now… RIGHT?

Yuko: yes :) I mean… I’m not actually sleeping since I’m messaging you back :) why are you asking me that? :)

While Yuko get confused about Haruna’s weird behavior, the girl was getting angrier by a second.

Haruna: why are you lying to me?

Yuko: I’m not lying…

Haruna: I know that you’re lying. I know what you’re doing.

Yuko looked around confused. She didn’t see Haruna… but maybe she’s standing somewhere and looking at her. Is it some sort of way of teasing, or she’s just joking around? Maybe Yuko is just not that good at pretending?

Yuko: Why are you saying that?

Haruna sign. It was probably pointless to keep on going at that, but she decided to be honest.

Haruna: I’m at my apartment. I don’t see you anywhere. I don’t understand why are you lying to me Yuko. I really don’t. But that’s one thing I asked for you. At least be honest with me… gosh… did you lie all the time while I was away? I can’t believe I was such… an idiot. Just… whatever. We will see each other when we see each other… have a good day and don’t forget our interview tomorrow  where we will have to pretend that we’re VERY happy together. I guess there is no point in practicing, right? You’re probably good at faking smiles.

Yuko reread Haruna’s message for at least three times with disbelief. Wait? What?

At first Yuko started writing a message but deciding that it might take way too long time to explain everything so she decided to call Haruna instead.

Unfortunately, for smaller girl, instead of Haruna’s voice, she heard phone operator telling her that the phone is turn off or out of reach.

Yuko also sigh with disbelief and decided to write a short message, though who knows when Haruna will actually see it if she’s acting so childish.

Yuko: I’m at the airport, you idiot.

Yuko shook her head and stood up, stomping out of this huge building furious. She couldn’t believe of her foolishness of wanting to surprise Haruna, and why was it so hard for Haruna to tell her that she came back home earlier? At this point she was probably as angry as Haruna “Fine. Two can play this game”.

The girl also turn off her phone and while sitting inside of taxi told Matsui’s address. It is not like she wanted to see Haruna… though she came all that way to the airport…

Yuko cursed Haruna for at least 100 times in her head. Later on, also starting to curse herself, for caring about any of this in the first place.

She had no idea though, that at the same time Haruna lay down in their bed and cried silently while putting her phone aside cursing Yuko with that same intensity.
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Noooooooo!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Damn! Please don't cried haruna! Yuko was going to surprise you!!  :cry: :banghead: argh! Noooo!!

Haha~ ha~ instead of being mad, jurina throwing some punishment to milky  :D i like it~

Wait... what about sayamilky and... rena?  :?

Great update author-san! XD it just... i want more juriannin moment ( ̄▽ ̄)  hehe~

Update soon :) by the way~ thank you for your update! ((●゚ν゚)
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Wonder why you can make jurimilky is so cuteee here. Anyway I'm looking forward for Juriannin to show up :grin:
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How you can make story so interesting like this?
I want more!
I like everything you did to them, and please update soon
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Waiting for a week was hard for me but it become harde waiting  for idk...but thanks for updating...

First married waiting for next chap.
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@arawcne079, yeah sorry... the updates are not as often as before... life gets in a way I guess... I'm still posting as soon as I finally manage to write a chapter though. Sorry for the wait.
@shanju, I don't know how... It just happens, maybe?  :) thanks for the compliment and encouragement, I guess  :)
@Weird Panda, I guess JuriMilky is my weakness for this fic? I'm not sure... it is somehow really easy to write scenes with those two (I don't have an explanation for it). Since there won't be too much JuriAnnin in this chapters I'm thinking of writing an extra of that little date and how they got together.
@fath107, to answer your questions: Rena is away in Korea with fulfilling her dreams, while Sayanee enjoying the fact that Milky stopped following her around and 'ruining' her chances at relationships. It was mentioned during the dinner that Sayanee is on a date(dating), so yeah... SayaMilky got too complicated in this one, since you can't force someone to love you back and it was just one sided love from Milky  :(

Chapter 19

[Four days after the interview]

Yuko was sitting in Milky’s and Jurina’s kitchen while drinking tea and having a conversation with two of her best friends. It wasn’t uncommon, but considering that she had a wife now (even though they sign a contract which indicated that), still friends expected the two of them to show up together.

“So…” Milky cough a bit uncomfortably, unsure if it is the right time to ask the question. Considering, that this time it was Milky who had this problem, it proved that Yuko’s friends really thought that the current situation was somewhat unpleasant and dangerous for the married pair. “How are you two know? We know that you fought… a bit… with the airport incident… and you kept on cursing Haruna when you showed up in our apartment that same day…so…” one more cough while giving herself time to think “what is the current mood?status?”

“Mood: angry and tired. Status: fighting”, Yuko shrugged her shoulders commenting and not hiding her disappointment. “Haruna is unreasonable. If I knew that things will be like that…I wouldn’t have…”

“You wouldn’t have married her?” Jurina plopped on a chair next to Yuko and questioned raising her eyebrows. “It is not a real marriage so does it even matter? I read the article! Your interview is pretty good! You’re the new married sweethearts, everyone is jealous… oh you remember that girl from high school… I can’t remember her name… I think it is starts with S… well I’m not sure.. but she even asked if I’m still friends with you and if I could take a photo or get your autograph…like you suddenly became some famous person or something”.

Jurina laughed out loud at such thoughts, but she didn’t lie. The things that she talked about actually happened. Haruna and Yuko got a lot of attention from the press. To say that they were like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would be an understatement, but in Japan… they were close to definition of it… few weeks in a wedding. Haruna’s father even wondered what will happened next while the marriage continues.

Yuko sigh one more time “I wish I could just say here… you know… that I wouldn’t be forced to come back to that same home… argh… it is just so annoying… she hadn’t even apologized”.

“How could she apologize if you keep avoiding her?”

“Jurina. We even work together. There is no way for me to avoid her. Literally. I’m stuck. I’ll have to suffer like that for four more months… I think I’ll wonder in the end if any of this was worth it…”. Yuko shook her head slightly adding “whatever… There is nothing I can do either way…”

“You can tell us how the interview went…and about your conversation after it. It is helpful speaking up”, Milky suggested. The girl was surprisingly supportive and careful with her approach on the matter. It took some time but finally Jurina and Yuko acknowledged it. Pretty much at the same time turning to look at the girl.

“What have you done?”, they asked in unison, just showing how dangerous some things coming from Milky might be.


“You’re surprisingly supportive”, Yuko commented.

“And… you aren’t making fun of Yuko’s situation”, Jurina added squinting her eyes suspect-fully.

“You’re not rushing with giving away questions”, older girl added again.

“And just listen to everything barely commenting”, Jurina concluded.

Milky raised her eyes in the air shortly “Hey! Can’t I just be friendly and care about stuff without you two attacking me?”, she pouted surprised. Something was definitely off and both Jurina and Yuko knew it. After the comment Milky got quiet again and looked down sheepishly. She looked sad and that was the only reason why Matsui and Oshima decided to forget this topic and attack (for now).

“Fine. I’ll tell you about my exciting time with Haruna during the interview”, Yuko gave up, remembering the story and sharing as many details as possible.


Yuko and Haruna met after not seeing each other for that one ‘angry’ day and two weeks. It was actually the first time when both girls faced each other after saying ‘I do’.

Ironically, it was also the time when they didn’t want to say anything to each other. The only thing that Haruna asked when Yuko showed up as “Do you know the answers?”

Instead of answering her like normal people do, Yuko just nod her head and sat on the sofa waiting for the interviewer to appear. The journalist came quite fast after Yuko (probably older girl counted the minutes and exact time so she wouldn’t have to spend too much time awkwardly).

Obviously, when the journalist appeared Yuko and Haruna became the best actresses of their generation, suddenly hugging each other and pretending that they can’t live without each other, smiling widely, peaking and blushing while looking down. The act was phenomenal (obviously, there might have been a bit more than act, but neither would have confessed to it), not in a current situation.

The interview went quite well. At first they answered simple questions about each other, finally taking about the distance when Haruna had to go away for two weeks because of job. They had agreed in the past that Yuko will answer to this questions, so she spoke up:

“Obviously we missed each other a lot. I mean… I can only speak from my side, but how can you not miss your wife when you don’t even get a chance to spend your wedding night together? We’re lucky to be together again. Oh…and of course we kept in touch all the time, it is easy with technologies these days. Messages, calls… I felt like we were getting even closer during that time”, Yuko added honestly. Unfortunately, Haruna missed it since everything that Yuko said sounded ‘honestly’ to journalist’s ears and younger girl assumed that Yuko prepared really well for this interview.

Haruna added to make even bigger affect “Yes… it is an amazing feeling to know that you can trust another person… and it doesn’t even matter how far away you two are from each other. You just have to keep in touch and believe that everything works out. Honestly is key”, she added bitterly, but obviously the journalist didn’t notice it. Only Yuko did, smirking angrily.

“Couldn’t agree more”.

Not noticing the tension the journalist questioned “oh…and have you thought about honeymoon? You hadn’t got a chance to travel yet, right?”

This was yet another answer that they agreed on and knew about beforehand. It was Haruna’s time to answer “We’re not quite sure yet, but most probably we will go in a month. For two weeks. It is our best guess… since job is a priority for the time being, but obviously we wouldn’t miss it and try to spend together as much time as possible”.

Journalist left a note in her book and nod her head in agreement “yes, everyone is actually excited to know about your honeymoon. I hope you’ll inform me at the time when it happens or maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get an interview afterwards?”

Both girls nod their heads not knowing what else to say on the matter.The interview continued and ended after another half an hour and Yuko got tired of smiling all the time. It was really exhausting to keep the ‘fake’ smile plastered on your face. When the women walked away, Haruna decided to turn on her phone (forgetting to do it from the day before), while Yuko unexpectedly got a call from Haruna’s father.

“The interview went really well. I just got a call. You did great job… paparazzi and other journalist will now follow you around, that’s for sure… so showed up together from work, go to work together… you know the deal and the agreement… make them believe you”. Yuko didn’t need a reminder of that, she knew that either way.

Pretty much at the same time when Yuko had this conversation, Haruna FINALLY read the message from Yuko from the other day.

Yuko: I’m at the airport, you idiot.

Haruna squinted her eyes a bit surprised, well the fact that she didn’t expect that was evident on her face. Yuko ended the call “yes, sir… of course… we will inform you… yes… goodbye” and finally looked up at Haruna, who stared at her at that moment.


“Mhm… did you come to an airport?”

Yuko rolled her eyes at the question. She was still annoyed after everything that happened the day before. “I planned to surprise you, but then decided that it is too much off a bother and just hang around”. Yuko wasn’t sure herself why she decided to lie instead of telling the truth but maybe her pride get in a way.

“Oh…”, Haruna also didn’t know why she just shrug her shoulders pretending not to care “I see. Well… this fake is exhausting isn’t it?”

“It is good that we don’t need to pretend when we are alone”, Yuko added with a short fake smile. “I’ll take the guest room…”

[Present Time]

“That is pretty much it”, Yuko commented with a short sigh. “She’s just… she doesn’t even care. We haven’t talked actually… only short phrases between each other… but whatever… so what I can go on like that… as if I care…”, Yuko lay her head on the table ‘obviously caring’, but since she knew her friends way to well, she decided to change the subject “oh… Juri…have you called or messaged back to Rena? Milky already told me that… you knew…”

“I have been thinking about it… but I don’t know what to say…”, Jurina confessed shortly, she wanted to conclude but noticed Milky looking distantly ahead of herself and couldn’t take it any longer. “What is the matter with you? You have been quite weird these couple of days”.

Yuko also remembered her previous curiosity and turn to look at Milky with interest and care. It was one of her best friend’s after all. And it was evident that Milky was far from okay.

Mocchi agreed to join Haruna with the shopping since the girl wasn’t that good at it. Having the money and other people taking care of that stuff, Haruna wasn’t that used to it, she tried to be independent, but a little bit help from the side always helped out.

“I didn’t know that you two weren’t even talking… well yeah… Yuko was sulking around the office… but she’s unpredictable and she didn’t tell me anything”.

Haruna took few unnecessary things and added them to her chart “yeah… well, it is good that you didn’t expect anything. We need to be good at pretending”.

Mocchi thought for a moment but then decided to speak her mind “Mmm… is that really pretending? Yuko looked excited when receiving your messages… and I have noticed that you two chatted a lot… her phone never shut up and she was sitting near her table smiling like an idiot… I mean come on… people don’t do that just for pretending”.

Haruna shrugged her shoulders, looking at everything pessimistically at this point. Four days of silence while living in the same home was unbearable. “Who knows maybe she had messaged someone else…”

“Well… I had never checked her phone, but she wasn’t messaging everyone when you got back so… why would those messages disappear if it wasn’t you that she texted? Just a guess…”

Haruna opened her mouth and then shut it. She was still unsure whether Yuko actually mean it and went to the airport or she just decided to annoy and revenge her. She might have been sitting in some cafe while drinking coffee during a date and messaged her misleading things. Jealousy and uncertainty clouded Haruna’s better judgment.


The girl looked up confused after hearing her name being called. Coincidentally Atsuko and Minami were shopping in this same mall and decided to greet the girl. For Atsuko it was a bit awkward (especially remembering the scene where she hit Yuko in front of Haruna some time ago), but since Takamina insisted, she just couldn’t say no to her girlfriend.

The four girls came back to face with each other, greeting with some small talk. Since neither Atsuko nor Minami heard anything from Yuko in these past couple of days, Takamina decided to question curiously “oh by the way… did you like Yuko’s surprise?”


“You know…I hope that midget didn’t embarrass you in front of all those people”, Minami added, though evidently, she was ‘midget’ herself.

“What do you mean?”

“The airport… her surprise… Yuko was quite excited since you now… you two were getting closer during that time you were away… she didn’t let go of her phone to the point when we get annoyed during the dinner that she doesn’t pay attention to us”.

Haruna opened and than closed her mouth. Unsure what to say and still trying to comprehend the current situation. Eventually, she did came to the ‘right’ conclusion this time, pushing those negative thoughts from before away.

Well, crap.
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I love your fanfic and I can't wait for the next update. Keep up the good work :thumbup
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OMG! What's next?
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@awarche079, I have some things planned, don't worry, also the honeymoon is still going to happen (sooner or later)  :thumbup :peace:
@tigers parade, thank you,I'm happy to hear that! I'm actually liking your center-Nezumi story hehe  :thumbsup
@Haruko, this happens!  :lol:

A/N: short update (but at least I'm updating, right?)  :roll:

Chapter 20

Finally, Haruna got a chance to realize her mistake. Mocchi noticed that her ‘boss’ and friend suddenly got quiet after the conversation with Atsuko and Minami and decided to give her some time to think things through.

“Gosh…I’m an idiot”, Haruna commented while hiding her face in her hands, after the girls walked outside. Mocchi couldn’t help but snicker when she noticed the gesture “Tell me about it”.

Haruna squinted her eyes annoyed, but at the end of the day, she knew that the only one who she can be angry at is — herself. Well, probably also Yuko who is just as stupid as she is.

“I don’t know how to even talk with Yuko… express my thoughts, I mean… maybe it is how things needs to be… us distant from each other and breaking up in the end? That might be a sign from the universe”.

“Well… know you’re definitely being foolish. The fact is, maybe Yuko is just as hopeless romantic as you are. You both wanted to surprise each other, what is so horrible about it?”

“How about the fact that we weren’t talking for four days? I mean yeah… sometimes I asked her in the morning when she’ll be ready and go to work, since my father requested that we go there together… that’s pretty much it.”

“Can I suggest something crazy? Well… that’s what normal-reasonable people would do, but I’m aware of the fact that you might just panic when you hear my thoughts”.

“Shoot…” Haruna sigh defeated “I doubt it could actually get worse…”

“Okay so my idea… first of all, apologize Yuko, that’s not unreasonable and is something that you should definitely do, since you doubted her, blamed her, turn off your phone and took part in ignoring each other. Second thing… is more complicated. My advice — tell Yuko how you’re feeling and what is on your mind. It is not like you have anything to lose… either you voice your feelings out or not, you’ll have to divorce this girl in the end, so how about you at least not ignore the opportunity and don’t feel regret that you haven’t tried anything while having the time. We can’t read Yuko’s mind so… yeah… who knows what is on her mind, but she did text you a lot and she does care… so doesn’t she deserve the truth?”

Haruna stopped in her tracks just staring at Mocchi without commenting until this girl finished.

At first Asuka hasn’t noticed that Haruna in a state of surprise and walked back to her noticing that Haruna is still standing in one place “what? I haven’t said anything crazy”.

“I know. You were actually write… I mean… since when are you so clever and why don’t you take it as a business?”

“As a business?”

“Giving advice to stupid people about confessing their feelings…?”

Both girls laughed at the thought, if such profession actually existed, without a doubt Asuka could make money out of it. Finally, Haruna had no other choice, but nod her head and agree with everything she just heard out loud “I can’t really fight against your logic… it is a bit more difficult when Yuko is standing right in front of you… but you’re right… we’re not even together… I mean… actually together… what do I have to lose?”

Asuka also suggested Haruna practice a bit if she’s that nervous and it was something that Haruna actually did for the rest of the day while waiting for Yuko to get back. She was surprised though when Yuko spoke up first. Let’s remember the fact that those two were intentionally avoiding each other for quite some time.

“Can we talk?”

“Ahem… yeah… I was about to suggest that”, Haruna whispered, but loud enough to hear, and waiting until Yuko came closer and stopped leaving some distance between them. Both figuratively and literally.

“I know that you bumped into Atsuko and Minami today… Takamina messaged me… if that’s what you wanted to talk about…”, Yuko commented quite simply, sharing a short smile, but it wasn’t very real. Instead the smile looked forced.

“Oh…”, Haruna lost all her courage for a moment “but well… no… that’s not exactly it…”

“I have been thinking a lot about all of this… this situation, I mean… it is so awkward… truly… like how can we fake a marriage when there is nothing? I mean… one night stand that happened long time ago and it didn’t involve feelings… it involved us being drunk enough, looking for adventure, acting recklessly…. it is actually the thing that got us into this situation. Logically thinking, I could have just switched my job at some point… I wasn’t in a very good situation at a time, but I could have done that eventually… and we wouldn’t even need to interact after it…”

The speech sounded as if it was planned and Yuko probably had no idea how much those words actually hurt Haruna, especially when Asuka convinced her to be brave enough for once.

“What is the… main point of this speech?”, Haruna asked carefully, preparing for the worst and throwing all her hope to a trash can.

“Mmm…I think that… for this to work… we haven’t tried it, but most relationships start from friendship. How about if we try to be friends at first?”

“At first?”

“I mean… I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the time when we talked about everything, either with calls or messages… friendship is a good start… it is reasonable since we don’t know what the future holds… but who knows…”, Yuko got quiet for a moment, probably quite confused with her own thoughts. No matter how many times you practice the speech, some unwanted trues always come to the surface. “I would… like to… think… that… there could be… more… with time”, she added carefully, unsure why all of a sudden, her heart is beating so fast.

Everything sounded reasonable enough to Haruna. Scary, yes… everything was scary, but Yuko words give her some hope too… if this can work out… she could confess her feelings too… maybe she could use this time to figure everything out too.

“I think… that’s a good idea. Let’s start from friendship”, Haruna eventually commented back to Yuko and even smiled. Truthfully, not only with her mouth but with her eyes too. “Let’s start from the start… forgetting this awkward incident…”

“That’s not a bad idea”, Yuko agreed with a nod of her head and laughter.

It sounded like the best idea at the moment. New beginning for the two.
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Lol, they restarted.  :kekeke:

If only life was just a game, so you could try again from a save point and do it all over again. Trying not to retrace the past mistakes.  :cool1:

And that's what they're doing right now. Wait actually, I wouldn't say that Yuko or Haruna ever became friends.  :mon pissed:

They had a one night stand, they became co-workers, then they got married. No friendship in that right? Or maybe they didn't want to become friends? (Lol, this is just me in my dream land)  :mon lovelaff:

This chapter really got me thinking about how tough it must be for the two, and the friends who are supporting them. It's pretty powerful.  :mon innocent:

Update soon!  :mon thumb:
Title: All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu,JuriAnnin + Others) Chapter 21 [13/5/16]
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@rindg, indeed they did! (I kind of hope so too with the restarting thing in real life! That would be sooooo awesome! I don't even want to start on this! Muahaha... and yeah you really have a point here... Yuko and Haruna weren't friends before... they were/are a lot of things (even married), but not friends... so maybe it is actually a chance for the two. Thanks for the long comment, encourages me to write more  :on woohoo: :on drink:
@arawche079, sorry, this chapter concentrates on other things... but thanks for the comment! Hope you'll still enjoy  :)

Chapter 21

Jurina had her doubts at first, whether she should call Rena or message her instead. Writing was easier, it was a way out, not hearing the voice and remembering the person. Despite everything, you can’t forget your first love, that’s not an easy thing. Yes, Jurina was moving on and falling for Annin, she was loud about it, telling her friends and even telling Annin, but it didn’t change the fact that Rena was a part of her past. BIG PART. That couldn’t be forgotten that easily.

After having her doubts for a couple of days, Jurina finally come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is just have a call, talk it out and leave it at it is. She can’t avoid it forever and Rena did call her once before too. Though obviously, it ended badly when Miyuki was the one who pick up the phone and told her to stay away.

Jurina was still a bit surprised (and even embarrassed), because of her overprotective best friend, but she can’t keep thinking about or make excuses for herself. So right after Yuko went back home (to have a talk with Haruna about trying to be friends before everything), and Milky went to the mall for some shopping, Jurina picked up the phone and sat on a chair near her desk.

She waited for at least 20 seconds until someone on the other side pick up, but the voice sounded unfamiliar to Matsui. “Hello?”

“Hello”, she answered awkwardly. “Mmm… this is Matsui Rena phone, right?”, Jurina asked gingerly.

Who knows, maybe Rena changed her number in these couple of days while Jurina wondered whether she should call her or not.

“Yes… sorry… she’s actually just ran outside, but she should be back soon. I think. I wasn’t sure if I should pick up, but somehow your name…you know… the one written on this phone screen, sounded familiar… you’re Jurina, right? Sorry for the strange and direct question, but are you Rena’s ex?”

Jurina cough feeling a bit awkward. She didn’t expect to have this kind of conversation with a stranger.

“Mmm…yes… I am…”

“You can wait… she should be back soon, actually…”, the girl said suddenly, probably realizing that this kind of conversation is awkward for the younger girl. “I’m Yukirin by the way… Rena’s roommate and…”


That ‘and’ and quiet afterwards did speak wonders.

Jurina also realized that it was the name she had heard in the past… someone that Rena was closer before they dated… wait… then Jurina also recalled seeing some photos of the two on Rena’s instagram. They looked close. Really close. Like — her and Annin close.

“If you’re Rena’s girlfriend you can just tell me. I don’t mind it, really”. Jurina wasn’t unsure where this was coming from. It should have hurt… she would have instantly dropped the call and cried in the pillow if something like this happened few months ago. Jurina realized that she’s indeed moving on and even acting mature about it. Milky would have laugh at it and definitely drop a comment about something like this if she hear Jurina at the moment.

Yukirin sigh a bit guiltily “sorry…I wasn’t sure if I could voice it out… it should be really weird… I mean… it is… even for me… I’m really sorry if I gave myself away… Maybe… you would like to call Rena back later? You can have a talk then… she’s still not here… and… it is probably REALLY awkward…”

Jurina laugh a bit after hearing the girl so fluster.

“Don’t worry about it. But maybe you could do me a favor and instead tell Rena that I’m really okay. She messaged me about a week ago asking how I am doing. She doesn’t have to worry I’m thankful that she still does, but… I’m surprisingly good. I wouldn’t laugh while talking with her current girlfriend if I weren’t”, younger Matsui joked trying to ease the tension.

“Oh…okay… I can tell her… you sure you don’t want to wait?”

“Nah… I think talking with Rena might be more awkward than talking to you… just tell her what I told you and… yeah… that’s it. Thanks in advance?”, Jurina asked in the end, deciding that it is the perfect timing for ending the conversation. Luckily Yukirin had the same opinion and the girls said their farewells.

Jurina realized that it did hurt knowing the fact that Rena is already dating someone else, but that is what she’s doing too. They’re moving on. That was the plan, after all, so right after it, she decided to make on more phone call, this time, way closer to home.

“Hey, Annin!”, she said excitedly when the girl answered.

Annin laughed, just as excited as Jurina, to hear her girlfriend’s voice. “Hey to you too. I have missed you and… actually I have been just thinking about you”.

“Oh really?”, Jurina smirked after hearing the latter. “It is good that I can read your mind and called you first. How about dinner tonight?”

“Who’s going to cook?”, Annin joked at the same time curious what Jurina has in mind.

“You want to come to my home? I can try to chase Milky away for the evening. We wouldn’t have to go to some restaurant and waste the money. I’ll cook. But I wouldn’t mind if you bough wine”.

“That’s a deal”, Annin laughed shortly and agreed instantly. She realized recently, that it doesn’t really matter, there is no way she could every say no to Jurina.

While preparing for the dinner Jurina recalled the evening when she and Annin got together. It was the same story that Yuko told to Haruna through the phone, but it was the original version, not the one that Milky created for the fun of it and Yuko told to others wanting to tease younger girl.

The first part of the story was true though. Jurina did panic a lot when Annin invited her to watch a movie at her home. All the time they always met either in a dance studio or walked around the city. Sometimes in the park, other times at the bar, or a restaurant. Annin has been to Jurina’s home a couple of times, but not for long and Milky was always around whenever that happened.

It was the first time they were going to spend time just the two of them and in such close space. So, yeah… Jurina panicked a lot (reason for Milky’s taunting till this day), and went to Annin’s home more nervous than ever.

She relaxed a bit when they started watching a movie and for a couple of hours they enjoyed the time without thinking much about what might happen. When the movie ended though, some sort of nervous came back to Jurina and when Annin finally spoke up, she felt like fainting.

“Can I ask you something? I’m never someone who makes the first move but…”

Jurina nod hear head impatiently, finally daring to look at the girl sitting in front of her.

“Do you like me? Like… you know… really like me… not just spending time together as friends and all that…”

“Of course! I even told you that! Haven’t I?”

“Well yes, but… it doesn’t make this easier… wait no… that came of wrong”.

Jurina panicked a bit since Annin’s words sounded a lot like a break up, and let’s face it, they weren’t even dating. Yes, one kiss happened, the stolen one, but that’s about it. Matsui was usually playful, jumping around the topic, flirting and complimenting Annin whenever she got a chance. Jurina especially loved the moment when Annin blushed after her words, but this was new situation, unfamiliar territory.

“What I want to ask is… Jurina…” oh no, the name… Jurina couldn’t panic more than she already did. Yes… someone will dump her before even starting to date. That’s truly embarrassing.

“Oh the hell with it…”, Annin suddenly whispered impatiently and pushed herself closer to younger girl capturing her lips.

It didn’t take Jurina long to answer the kiss (as surprised and confused she was at that moment), her lips moved on their own. Air became necessity after some time and they pulled away slowly. At this point Jurina wasn’t sure anymore if Annin is actually ‘dumping’ her.

“Are you sure I’m not just a rebound?”

“Is that…” Jurina was still a bit breathless after the kiss. Who could have though that Annin could kiss — THAT GOOD. “what you’re worrying about? I have told you… you’re not… I wouldn’t have showed you my special place if you were just that. Do I need to pinky promise or something?”, Matsui finally joked a bit, getting back to her usual self, when she realized that Annin isn’t going anywhere and that the girl was just as insecure as she is.

“Then… how about we try? This dating thing…how about…?”

“You want to be my girlfriend?”

“Well, I’m getting there…trying to explain you that…”

“No no…I mean… this is a question. Would you like to be my girlfriend?”, Jurina smiled sheepishly, guessing that she will get the positive answer, because of the genuine smile that instantly appeared on Annin’s face. Even her face light up.


The agreement was sealed with yet another kiss.

At the same time in a mall, Milky was searching for something to eat when she received a text message from younger Matsui.

Jurina: “Could you go somewhere tonight? Go out, visit our friends? Come back late? I invited Annin to dinner at my place. Romantic dinner. So you know, just for the two of us”.

Milky sigh shortly after reading the message and decided to answer right away, knowing that Jurina is waiting impatiently and younger girl might end up calling her and asking what’s the problem and where she disappeared if Milky waits for too long.

Milky: “Sure. But you’re bribing me so I wouldn’t appear in the middle of your romantic dinner. Leave some food, I know you’ll be cooking and considering that is for your ‘baby’, you will try harder. I want to eat too. Text me when I can get back. Or tell me not to get back if it gets freaky. Muahaha.”

Jurina: “Very funny. I’ll message you when Annin leaves and even I don’t call her ‘Baby’. So stop! Fine… *annoying rolling my eyes* I’ll leave you something to eat.”

Milky laughed to herself and ended their short ‘messaging conversation’, with her last text: “Good girl”. After that heading to the counter, ready to pay for the stuff she just bought.

After walking outside the shop, Milky though to herself slightly. She had to decide where to go next and it appeared to be a bit more difficult than she expected.

Going to Atsuko and Minami meant that she might end up running into Sayanee and that was the last thing that the girl wanted, not now, not never if that was even possible. Especially, because Sayaenee went everywhere with her new girlfriend. Milky wasn’t sure what was the name of that girl, but she was pretty sure that it was ‘Reina’.

Also, seeing Atsuko and Minami over each other, still just as passionate as the first time the two met, no. It was the last thing that Milky needed now. If she saw Jurina or Yuko groping someone in front of her, she can survive it and even laugh at the situation, but Atsumina couple was at a different scale for Milky.

Coming back home and locking herself in the room was also not an option either, because Jurina would just get annoyed at her and despite all the taunting, she was happy to see her friend dating someone new, not Rena — whom Milky never liked in the first place.

Going to a bar was an option. Getting drunk and forgetting her troubles… it was the easiest way out. It was something that was usually the first option in Milky’s mind, the fact that it seemed like the last option today, surprised this girl a little bit. Sayanee’s words still repeated in her mind: that she’s always drinking… that is not healthy… that the only one she’s hurting in the end is herself.

Somehow, literally, the fact that she thought about Sayanee’s words at this point, was the reason why Milky chose it this option among all the others.

Also, she didn’t want to interrupt Yuko and Haruna. The two girls were probably having the conversation about that friendship thing at the moment.

It surprised Yuko and Jurina, when it was Milky that suggested it. Milky looked at the situation seriously: from the moment they met — Yuko and Haruna weren’t friends. They had one night stand. Then Haruna was Yuko’s boss, and in a way they became co-workers. After that, the surprise from Haruna’s father came, Yuko sigh the papers and all of a sudden they got engaged. Now they were married couple, but how much they actually knew about the other apart from undeniable attraction? Thinking everything through Yuko realized that it is the only chance they actually got…

She confessed to her friends that she likes Haruna, but she’s a bit scared and unsure… Yuko agreed that what Milky is suggesting might actually work out, if Haruna is interested in Yuko too. So despite her own mental state, Milky became the hero of the hour.

Only when Yuko left and Jurina questioned what is happening with her, Milky started feeling like s*hit again. She came up with an excuse that she needs to buy some stuff and escape the conversation with Jurina. Apparently, she escaped it successfully since younger Matsui already had the plans for the evening.

So all of this influence Milky’s last decision. Getting to the bar. Drinking. Forgetting everything for yet another evening.

While — Haruna and Yuko shared their conversation, Jurina and Annin had their romantic dinner, Atsuko and Minami cuddled watching a romantic movie on TV, Asuka rested after a long day hoping that Haruna managed to resolve everything with Yuko, Sayanee worked a night ship — Milky got wasted and danced the night away.

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Important Note: The story will continue in SEPTEMBER. I Autumn. I'll be traveling and working for almost three months during the Summer so I won't get a chance to write... unfortunately... I those who still read this will continue waiting and supporting the story. I would really appreciate it. As well as likes/comments since as you might know it is like motivation for the writer and readers' opinion matters. (There will be few more posts from me before the summer in other threads, I'm not disappearing instantly yet... I have about a week since June hehe...). But either way, this is goodbye for the time being! Hope you all will have a great summer!

I feel like I'm leaving the same note in different places, but yeah, I guess it is kind of important.  :)