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Title: [TV] BUDOKAN (武道館) (starring Juice=Juice)
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Juice=Juice will be starring in a 2016 Fuji TV drama!


The drama is titled Budokan, and is based on the novel of the same name by Asai Ryo (朝井リョウ). Asai is known for his best-selling 2010 novel Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo (桐島、部活やめるってよ; The Kirishima Thing), which was adapted into an award-winning film in 2012.

Budokan is about a fictional five-member idol group called NEXT YOU, who—while dealing with conflict, such as differences within the group, love problems, wavering life choices—dream of performing at Nippon Budokan. Tsunku will also be involved in writing the songs, creating the concept of the group and the costumes, almost everything up to the choreography, as well as appearing on screen as their producer!

The five main characters and members of NEXT YOU are:

    Hidaka Aiko (日高愛子), the amateur
    Dogakinai Aoi (堂垣内碧), the immovable center
    Adachi Mayu (安達真由), the pocchari but cheerful one
    Sakamoto Hana (坂本波奈), the leader
    Tsurui Rurika (鶴井るりか), the one who proudly gives amazing handshakes

Juice=Juice’s character roles will be announced at a later date.

Recording will start next month, which all Juice=Juice events, live performances and handshake events, and even TV appearances during that time will be as NEXT YOU.

Also, some interesting information I’ve found myself: Asai Ryo is a fan of Hello! Project and Tsunku’s music, and has said ( In a Da Vinci magazine interview he also said the character Adachi Mayu was created and inspired by Suzuki Kanon.  (

Funnily enough, Juice=Juice is already in the story… as a fictional group called fruits=fruits ( However, like NEXT YOU, Juice=Juice is currently aiming to perform at Budokan at the end of their long 220 show live tour.

Title: Re: [TV] BUDOKAN (武道館) (starring Juice=Juice)
Post by: oaxiac on November 10, 2015, 06:23:01 PM

Budokan (武道館) Character Details

I roughly translated the character biographies from the official Fuji TV announcement of Juice=Juice’s 2016 drama. There are 12 characters listed with some interesting backgrounds and quite a few references to UP-FRONT and Hello! Project.

The synopsis also states that the drama is mostly centered around Aiko, making her the lead character.

Hidaka Aiko (日高愛子) (17) portrayed by Miyamoto Karin
NEXT YOU member, her nickname is Aiko (あいこ). From a young age, she has loved to sing and dance, and when she was 15-years-old she applied for producer Natsume Jun’s “Tsugi wa Kimi da! Contest” (Next is You! Contest). The competitors were both professionals and amateurs, but Aiko was the only one chosen to be a member without previous experience in entertainment. Therefore, Aiko is reputed for having a amateurish, natural feeling. When she was 8-years-old her parents divorced, and she decided to live with her father Tsunehiko instead of her mother Ritsuko (律子). The father and daughter pair live in an apartment together, which directly above Aiko’s room lives her childhood friend Daichi. She’s had feelings for Daichi since she was younger, but has held them back due to her job as an idol. She attends a private high school in the city, but since she decided to become an idol she has hardly put any focus into her studies. Mayu, Aoi, and Daichi go to the same high school as her.

Dōganai Aoi (堂垣内碧) (17) portrayed by Uemura Akari

NEXT YOU member, her nickname is Aoi (あおい). She is the most popular member and is responsible for the position as the group’s immovable center. The reason for her popularity is her cool and adult-like appearance. From a young age, she longed to work in the entertainment industry and was a child actress/talento. From the countryside, she appeared in local CMs, and as her father often transferred company branches, she was able to find work in Tokyo upon moving there. Aoi was not just interested in acting but also song and dance, and when she was around 15-years-old she applied for Natsume Jun’s audition and passed. She lives with her parents in Tokyo, as her father currently works at the head office of his company there, and goes to the same high school as Aiko.

Adachi Mayu (安達真由) (18) portrayed by Takagi Sayuki

NEXT YOU member, her nicknames are Dachimayu (だちまゆ) and Dacchii (だっちー). Originally a GREEN-UP PROMOTION Kenshuusei (trainee), she became a member of NEXT YOU. Mayu longed to work in the entertainment industry from a young age, and as a 14-year-old in her hometown of Fukuoka she became a kenshuusei of the GREEN-UP PROMOTION Kyushu branch. While receiving lessons, she was active as a dancer of a senior idol unit, and applied for Natsume Jun’s audition and passed. At lives she shows off stuff like original skits, and is always a bright mood maker. A friendly and approachable person with high tension. Her body is a bit chubby, and she worries about her body’s predisposition [note: the word taishitsu 体質 is used] to easily gain weight. Mayu lives rent-free at her relatives’ house in Tokyo, and goes to the same high school as Aiko. She also has one younger brother who lives with her parents in Fukuoka.

Sakamoto Hana (坂本波奈) (19) portrayed by Kanazawa Tomoko
NEXT YOU member and group leader. Her nickname is Hana-sama (はなさま). A child actress/talento like Aoi, she then passed the NEXT YOU audition. A level-headed person. Growing up in a non-wealthy household, she had a strong desire to become self-reliant as a child actress. Living solely on her mother’s earnings after her parents divorced four years before, Hana entered Natsume Jun’s audition with hopes of being able to help her mother look after her three younger siblings. Even though she’s now an idol, she doesn’t earn much, which her mother has scolded her by saying, “Hurry up and become more famous, so I can be at ease,” and has left Hana with a strong desire to become popular at any cost. She appreciates her younger siblings looking after each other and helping do housework when she comes home. She has not divulged her situation to the other members, but the office is aware. Only graduated from junior high.

Tsurui Rurika (鶴井るりか) (19) portrayed by Miyazaki Yuka

NEXT YOU member, her nickname is Tsururin (つるりん). Originally a GREEN-UP PROMOTION Kenshuusei. She became a kenshuusei when she was 15-years-old and was active as a dancer of a senior idol unit. She applied for Natsume Jun’s audition and passed. She’s a spoiled child and a crybaby, but has a skilled mind. She is an expert at handshakes events, and it has been said to an extent that she grasps the hearts of fans. The only daughter of a rich family, she lives in a house in Tokyo. Her father has a successful bank job and a strict nature, which he strongly opposed Rurika working in the entertainment industry. However, Rurika’s mother is willing support her daughter in whatever she likes. She has a younger brother. Graduated high school.

Natsume Jun (夏目純) (34)
A charismatic music producer of the idol world. He has brought up numerous top idols, and is referred to as the kami-sama (god) of the idol world although he’s quite young. He previously made his major debut as a guitarist in a band, but they broke up when he had the opportunity to start working as an idol music producer. Before long, he reached the top of the idol world after releasing a succession of hit songs. He is currently putting the most effort into producing NEXT YOU, hoping the group will take over the country. He has a sense of artists’ born uniqueness, and treats the members with kind but strict guidance. Unmarried.

Mizushima Daichi (水嶋大地) (17)
The childhood friend of Aiko since they were born, he lives on the floor above her apartment, and goes to the same high school. He’s been learning kendo since he was young, and has the skills to compete in inter-high school competitions. He has a crush on Aiko, but he keeps his distance in consideration of the love ban that exists with her job as an idol. He attends the same high school as Aiko and is thinking of going to university to become a teacher in the future, but is poor at studying.

Nomura Yōichi (野村洋一) (40)
The chief manager of NEXT YOU and the section chief of GREEN-UP PROMOTION. He is not just in charge of NEXT YOU but other affiliated groups, and currently has hopes for NEXT YOU. He knows the reality of the idol world, and treats idol business severely.

Maeda Haruki (前田春樹) (23)
A new employee in GREEN-UP PROMOTION as NEXT YOU’s on-site manager. He joined GREEN-UP PROMOTION because of his love for idols in the past. Although he was hopeful about working in the idol world, Nomura repeatedly confronts him with the truths of the idol world, causing him to become troubled by the gap between his ideals and reality.

Takagi Eri (高木恵理) (17)
Aiko’s high school classmate. She has a secret crush on Daichi, and is jealous of Aiko’s close relationship with him.

Omitani Kyōka (尾見谷杏佳) (20)
Former NEXT YOU member. During the group’s indie debut, she was the second center and also one of the most popular members together with Aoi. However, she withdrew from NEXT YOU a year before their major debut in order to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She still belongs to GREEN-UP PROMOTION, but the recent amount of work and auditions as an actress have been few, and her recent activities have been unexciting.

Hidaka Tsunehiko (日高恒彦) (44)
Aiko’s father. He works as a printing company salesman. He divorced his wife Ritsuko eight years ago, and currently lives alone with Aiko. Even outside of work he is mostly busy doing household chores. He doesn’t want to bother Aiko with such matters, as he generously supports and respects what she wants to do.
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Video is viewable in Japan only. Here's a mirror:
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NEXT YOU official twitter
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Budokan trailer
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WHOA! who watched this?? Office girls I thought it'd be like some Last Samurai thing
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This drama will never be broadcasted anymore :

One of the actor has been arrested for rape. (