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Title: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #8 For a Flight (YuiParu)
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So I'm starting this thread in order to drop off my one shots. This is my first fic (that I'm actually posting) so any feedback is welcome!

I'm posting this in honor of Takamina's graduation... :cry:
Best wishes in whatever you want to do from now on, Takamina!  XD

Anyways I just wrote it today so please excuse any grammatical errors that I haven't found.


The Ace and the General Manager (Atsumina)

Takamina was a loner. She never had any friends or even bothered trying to make any. And she preferred it that way. So when she joined the first generation of Akihabara48, later renamed AKB48, she still didn’t interact with anyone.

She joined Team A to become a singer, it was her only dream and nothing else mattered. She didn’t join to have fun or participate in their (later) large group events. Though she did enjoy the concerts that AKB held. It was a chance for her to sing to a large audience and show her stuff, but really she couldn’t wait to graduate. Once she got popular enough, then she was going to leave the group immediately. That’s what she decided. Nothing and no one was going to hold her back. Or so she thought.

Even within her own team, Takamina was always alone. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for it qualified her for the most important job, being the General Manager. The Soukantoku would have to lead everyone, not like the Ace who set the example, but the one who helped out behind the scenes. She would become the stage hand that still participated inside the group. That way she understood everything from both angles, from the staff’s point of view as well as the idols.

New teams were formed not long after, Team K and Team B added into the mix. Soon they became in desperate need of someone who could manage the ever growing group of idols. So the day Aki-P announced that Takamina would become the General Manager, it wasn’t really a surprise. She wasn’t close to anyone so she could be completely impartial and crack down on whoever was doing something wrong. She could also give advice or support to the ones who needed it, without being biased. All in all, it was the perfect role for the loner of the group.

Some had doubts about whether or not she could rise up to the challenge. The members had always viewed the midget as a gloomy and somber person, so they were pleasantly surprised to find her to be very mature and responsible, providing guidance in the group’s darkest times. The teams grew closer after that and gave her the nickname of Takamina, or Bakamina as Yuko called her.

Years passed and she became an ever present player in everything the national idol group did. AKB48 had risen in the ranks and took the top spot on Oricon charts again and again with their singles. With their rise in popularity, the pressure on the Soukantoku increased exponentially as well. When something didn’t go as planned, then the upset fans (who refused to berate their own oshimens) plAced all the blame on the General Manager. Takamina carried all these burdens on her shoulders as new sister groups like NMB and even HKT were created.

She never complained though, not even once. She just took it all upon herself and tried her best all on her own. Takamina never shared her problems with others even though her new friends kept telling her to. There were times when she cracked under stress and cried during recordings, but she never told anyone the real reason why. Maybe that’s why she was known as such a crybaby.

The years passed and the girls grew up, some graduating or leaving because of scandals, some following their dreams in the entertainment industry, but Takamina still remained. She never thought she would stay in the group for so long, but her job as a MVP was just too important to abandon, not to mention she’d started to like being a part of the group. That alone wasn’t enough to completely change her mind and influence her to stay though. There was something else as well.

Now the real reason we know her as the dorky little midget we see on TV and MC’ing concerts today, and not someone who keeps to themselves, stems from a certain Ace in Takamina’s own team and generation.

Maeda Atsuko.

Maeda Atsuko was the favorite of the group, the absolute Ace, the one Aki-P always supported (much to the dismay of other members). She took center stage in almost all their videos and shows, shining brightly and blinding the other members with her radiance. But she had a different side that wasn’t shown to the public.

If Takamina was the loner, then Acchan was the brat. She always got what she wanted and by any means possible. A pouty Ace was hard to deal with, but an angry one was even tougher. Acchan would occasionally throw tantrums and not show up to practice when she didn’t feel like it. And there wasn’t anything that anyone could do. But that didn’t mean that the Soukantoku didn’t have to try.

It was Takamina’s job to take care of everyone. Any issues with the members had to go through her and she would help in the best way she could. But Acchan was a different story altogether.

Sometimes, when Acchan stormed out of dance practice and left everyone stunned, Takamina would excuse herself and follow the Ace. When a fuming Acchan asked why, Takamina would just respond with ‘It’s my job.’

Takamina would follow a safe distance behind her, never starting a conversation or anything, but just making sure that Acchan got home safe. The tailing ended when Acchan slammed a door in her fAce and Takamina would let out a sigh before heading back to practice. This ordeal happened many times and sometimes consecutively, as in every day the same thing would occur where Takamina ‘walked’ the enraged Ace home.

Then one day, when Acchan asked the midget yet again why she was following her, Takamina didn’t answer. Acchan spun on her heel only to see the midget stopped 2 meters behind her, head down and shoulders slumped.

“Hey...what’s wrong?” Acchan asked. She’d never seen the General Manager look so...small.

“...I think I’m going back to practice...” Takamina’s voice was quiet and Acchan almost didn’t catch it over the noise on the street.

But she hadn’t expected that answer. Takamina always walked her home, without fail, every day. So why was she giving up now? “W-What?’re going to leave me?”

Takamina gave a small nod, never looking up.

“But why?” Acchan was heartbroken. The midget didn’t know it, but one of the reasons Acchan selfishly left practice every day was just so she could walk home with Takamina. Okay maybe it was the main reason.

“I thought you wanted to be left alone...” Confusion was present in the Soukantoku’s voice.


Takamina glanced up and saw Acchan fiddling with the hem of her shirt, refusing to meet her gaze.

“Acchan? What’s up?” Her General Manager switch flipped and she posed the same question she always asked whenever something was off with a member. “Are you okay?”

“No! I’m not okay!” Something snapped inside Acchan as she waved her arms wildly and started pacing right there on the sidewalk. “Why do you have to be so dense?! Baka Minami! I just wanted you to walk me home!!”

Takamina blinked a few times, the words settling in her mind. She...actually wants me to walk her home?...

Loud laughter filled Acchan’s ears and she stopped in her tracks, staring at the source incredulously. Takamina’s boisterous laughter shook her tiny body, her shoulders rising up and down as she clutched her stomach, doubling over from laughing so hard. Acchan had never even heard Takamina laugh before.

“Ah haha~...I can’t...breathe...” Takamina took deep gasping breaths to calm herself.

Acchan’s cheeks shone bright red with embarrassment. “Don’t laugh at me!”

Takamina chuckled at this and walked up to the Ace, an ear-splitting grin lighting up her features. “Sorry~”

“You are not~” Acchan pouted and crossed her arms, but Takamina immediately uncrossed them and took Acchan’s hands in her own.

“I am. Because I haven’t been honest with you.” She got serious and looked into Acchan’s eyes. Acchan always seemed disinterested or lazy on shows, but looking in her eyes, Takamina could see what she was really feeling. “I’m sorry that I always followed you home without telling you why. I always said that it was my job, but it was a lie. The truth is...I just wanted to walk with you, be near you, even if I had to watch your back as you walked away.”

Acchan froze, struck by the sincerity in Takamina’s gaze. She was utterly speechless and neither of them spoke for a few moments.




Takamina sighed, taking the silence as a bad sign. “Sorry. I guess I was expecting too much...”

She let go of Acchan’s hands and started turning away, but a small whisper stopped her.

“...Did you mean it?”

She glanced back over her shoulder and smiled softly, “I do.”

Acchan blushed harder and Takamina found it absolutely adorable, even if Acchan was still being pouty.

“I’m sorry I never got the courage to ever talk to you. But you were in a totally different league and I was just a plain coward. The only thing I could do was make sure you got home safe after practice.” Takamina’s smile turned apologetic.

“Stop apologizing already~” Acchan frowned. “You keep saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ and it’s annoying~”

“Haha sorry~”

Acchan smacked her on the shoulder but couldn’t stop the smile making its way onto her face. She ended up giggling alongside the midget.

“So are you going to walk me home or what?” She asked after they’d both stopped laughing.

Takamina shot her a lopsided grin and Acchan couldn’t help but feel a small flutter in her chest.

“Of course~”


“Every day, after practice, I’ll walk you home.” Takamina promised.

The two held hands the whole way back to Acchan’s apartment, no words were spoken but their feelings were already being properly conveyed without them.

From then on, they became known to the fans as the pairing ‘Atsumina’, with the both of them changing for the better. Takamina became this dorky doting girlfriend that made Acchan blush all the time with her romantic gestures, while Acchan stopped throwing fits or leaving practice early.

After all, if the Ace left early then she couldn’t walk home with her beloved General Manager.
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It was cute OS...  :yep: .. and how usually others say - behind every attitude, is hiding some kind of meaning.  :)
Thank you for it..  :) :roll: .. and of course.. waiting more of them!  :D
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KEIYUU-SAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN  :heart: :heart: :heart:


Great one-shot!!! It really captured how Takamina feels like... she's really been through a lot, and you made the readers understand and sympathize for the midget  :cry: Especially people whose KamiOshi is her... like me  :cry:

Keep it up yo~ I'm looking forward to more!!  ;) And it does motivate me to continue writing~

P.S. Your post really made my day just when I haven't checked JPHIP in a while.  :)
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niceeeeeee keiyuuuuuu san  :thumbsup  :thumbsup
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Nice OS there...

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

Thank you for the lovely story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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I really don't know why I keep writing new short OS's when I have plenty of other ones.
And this is another one with Acchan and AKB and it's cliche as hell but oh well, I wanted to post something for Christmas.

There's not enough Atsuyuu around anyways LOL :P

So Merry Christmas!

Secret Santa (Atsuyuu)

Yuko sighed as she glanced out the window of the car, the same old streets passing by in a blur. But there was something different about the streets lately, they were covered in Christmas decorations, colorful lights and wreaths hanging from the street lamps. The stores were full of reindeer and singing Santa robots and the same 10 Christmas songs played endlessly wherever you went. There was no escaping the holiday cheer.

It’s not that Yuko didn’t like Christmas, she loved it. All the festivities and presents being passed around, but it did get tiring sometimes when people went overboard. And something that she always got involved in - was gift exchanges and parties. She was invited to several of them and it was hard to fit it into her packed schedule. And she had to buy gifts for all her friends and colleagues before the deadline of Christmas Eve, which was only 5 days away. She’d have to go shopping for them late tonight after work.

Another thing that irked her about Christmas was the couples. They were everywhere, just like the Christmas songs. From the car, Yuko could see couples having shopping dates or being lovey-dovey in the cafés while drinking hot chocolate. She was envious of them, but that was the price of being in the Entertainment industry, being a top idol had its perks but it sure had its downsides.

She sighed again as she thought about this. It would’ve been nice if Yuko had a special someone that she could spend time with during the holidays, but sadly it just wasn’t possible.

She perked up a bit as the car rolled to a stop, her manager ushering her out since they were almost late due to traffic. Yuko bounded inside and headed for the dressing room that was used by all the members. Changing at the speed of light, she entered the dance studio, greeting all her fellow members and immediately heading for her group of friends.

“Yo! Sorry I’m late.” Yuko apologized with a half smile on her face, the gloom she felt during the car ride slowly fading away as enthusiasm replaced it. Seeing the other members always made her feel a bit better.

“Hey Yuko~” Acchan greeted.

“You’re lucky the dance instructor’s running late too, or else you’d get scolded real bad.” Takamina pointed out. That explained why everyone was loitering around when practice should’ve started already.

“Heh I’m just lucky like that~”

Then the instructor came in and practice started without further ado. Yuko took her usual place slightly behind Acchan. They went through the same routine every day, practicing the songs until they got it right, but it seemed to go by surprisingly quickly.

Yuko got changed and bid goodbye to the members, trying to hurry to the store to buy gifts.

“Wait! Yuko!” Takamina called as she was walking out the door.

Yuko spun in her tracks. “Eh? What’s up?”

“We’re planning to have a Secret Santa so you need to draw a name out of the bag.” Takamina held out someone’s purse which had been turned into a makeshift drawing box. Poor her.

Great. Another Secret Santa. Good thing I’m going shopping for them now so I don’t have to make another trip.
Yuko came back and drew out a piece of paper, giving it a quick glance before stuffing it into her coat pocket. Ah at least it’s for someone I like.

Then she left with another goodbye directed at Takamina and went on her way. Her manager was already waiting for her and she dropped Yuko off in the city, who then wandered around looking for gifts and searched for the perfect one for the name she just drew.


A few days later, when she was walking down a hallway in their theater, Yuko accidentally overheard someone’s conversation.

“What do I do?” The voice sounded really worried.

Yuko stopped, her curiosity getting the best of her and she leaned her back against the wall next to the door. She peered inside the crack in the doorway and saw the back of a very familiar girl. Acchan? Who’s she talking to? I can’t see...

Obviously, Acchan was consulting someone so Yuko assumed it was Takamina. She figured it would rude to listen in and was about to leave but another voice caught her attention.

“Can’t you just buy her something? I bet she’ll like whatever you get her.”

“But still...” Acchan paced around the room while the other sighed.

Unfortunately Yuko still couldn’t recognize the other voice. So it’s not Takamina...

“Is it for someone special?”

Yuko could see Acchan nod shyly. “Yeah. But that’s what makes it so hard~”

“Well if it’s for someone you like then you should know what kinds of things they want. But seriously, she’s not going to complain about whatever you give her, as long as you put some thought into it.”
The other girl advised. “Or maybe you could ask around, get somebody else to ask her directly about what she wants for Christmas.”

Oh so it’s about the Secret Santa... Yuko thought. Why’s Acchan so worried? If it’s someone she likes...then it has to be Bakamina, and she’s definitely going to love whatever Acchan gets her, that love-struck idiot.

After a pause, Acchan spoke up. “...Okay I’ll try that.”

Yuko panicked when she heard Acchan’s footsteps and sprinted down the hallway, barely making it around the corner before the door swung open. Phew! Safe...

Her heart was pounding from adrenaline and the fear of getting caught, even though it wouldn’t have been a big deal if she was. Oddly though, Yuko felt a little disappointed that Acchan had Takamina. For some reason she wanted Acchan to be her Secret Santa, but she just wrote it off. Heh it would’ve been funny if she had me because then we would’ve had each other~



Yuko spun around at the sound of her name. Acchan was waving and walking towards her in a fast pace, only slowing down to grab her arm and then proceeding to drag her along before Yuko could even respond.

“I need to ask you something.” That was all the explanation Acchan gave as she led the girl to the elevator. The doors shut with a ding and Yuko waited for Acchan to ask whatever she needed to know. “Sorry about that but I’m in a hurry.”

“No problem. So what did you need to ask?” Yuko inquired as she hit the button for the first floor. She needed to get to her next job and honestly the elevator ride might’ve been the only time she could speak to Acchan. The same was probably true for the other girl.

“Oh someone just told me to ask you what you wanted for Christmas.”

“Was it Santa?” Yuko grinned, cracking a joke.

This earned a giggle from Acchan as they both loosened up a bit. All the work was really stressing them out lately since AKB did a lot of specials for the holidays. “Maybe~”

“Well, I don’t really care to be honest. Anything’s fine~”

Acchan pouted, “That’s not a good enough answer.”

“I can’t help it, there’s really nothing I really need.” Then Yuko leaned in close and grinned with her dimples. “Unless she wants to give me a kiss or something~”

Acchan blushed and protested, “I can’t tell them that!”

Yuko laughed at her reaction before asking Acchan what she was getting her person.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t completely decided yet.”

“Who’s it for?”

“Not telling.”

“Aww come on~ How am I supposed to help you decide if you don’t tell me who it’s for?” Yuko reasoned.

Acchan glanced away shyly and it caught Yuko’s attention.

“Ooh seems like it’s for someone special if you’re putting so much thought into it. I know! Is it Bakamina?” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Acchan giggled again and her nose scrunched up cutely as she chastised Yuko. “Stop doing that~ You look like some perverted old man~”

Yuko laughed too, Acchan smiling always made her happy, it brightened up her day. “Well fine then~ But if it’s Bakamina then I’m sure she’d love anything from you. Or maybe you could give her a SPECIAL gift if you know what I mean~”

Acchan caught on pretty quick and was about to reprimand the squirrel for being so perverted, but the elevator stopped its descent with another ding and Yuko quickly hopped out.

“See ya later, Acchan~” Yuko saluted. “And good luck with your present~”

Then she ran off, leaving Acchan dumbfounded in the elevator and a blushing mess.


The next day of Christmas Eve, the members’ own party was underway, but it didn’t include all the members, just the first couple generations. The younger members went home because it was late and to spend time with family.

The Christmas party was the fifth that Yuko had attended over the last couple days but she could honestly say that she was enjoying this one the most. Parties were a lot more fun when your friends were there and not just random people from work. Being the energetic little squirrel she was, Yuko ran around socializing with everyone. She even approached some kohai who were still a little scared of her, but honestly she was a really friendly person.

“Alright guys! We’re gonna exchange presents now so huddle up!” Takamina called. She was always the one to get things going, as expected from the Soukantoku.

A mountain of presents was piled up on the table in the corner, right next to a makeshift Christmas tree. They didn’t really have time to put up a proper one, so it was kind of sad looking with few ornaments and barely any tinsel, but it’d have to do. It was the thought that counted anyways.

Each wrapped present or bag was labeled with the name of the recipient. Takamina started passing them out and other members helped too until the entire pile had been dispensed.

Yuko had gotten an envelope and was almost sure there was a gift card or something inside, but it felt kind of heavy for a card. She was ready to rip it open when Acchan appeared next to her, grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the room.

Eh? Again? Yuko thought as she was dragged away from the members. “What’s up, Acchan?”

Acchan had this unreadable expression on her face as she pulled Yuko into a spare closet in some remote corner of the theater. Yuko gulped nervously, her mind already in the gutter as she thought about what could happen in a dark supply closet like that. But she tried her best to push those thoughts into the back of her head.

Acchan pulled something in midair and a single bulb flickered on, illuminating her face. All Yuko could do was stare at the girl in front of her, once again reminded of how beautiful she looked. Woah woah woah wait, I can’t be serious. I mean, Acchan likes Bakamina already...

“Um Yuko? Are you okay? You look kinda pale.” Acchan questioned.

Yuko shook her head vigorously to stop that train of thought. “Yep I’m fine, no worries~ But why’d you pull me in here? Don’t you have some midget to get back to?”

Acchan giggled, “You mean you?”

“No!” Yuko protested, “I am not a midget! Bakamina’s a midget but I’m not! I still got 2 inches on her!”

Acchan’s giggling turned into full on laughter, finding the squirrel’s overreaction to be extremely amusing. “Hahaha...Okay fine, you’re not a midget. Happy?”

Yuko crossed her arms and pouted like a kid, the notion reinforced as Acchan patted her on the head. “Oi! I’m not a child either!”

“Hai hai~”

Yuko sighed, running a hand through her bangs and bringing up the topic back up. “So? Why’d you bring me here?”

“Oh. Right.” Apparently Acchan had forgotten. “I just wanted to see you open your present.”

“That’s oddly suspicious, Acchan...” Yuko gave her a wary look but Acchan just shrugged it off, waiting for Yuko to open her gift. Yuko sighed and tore open the envelope, drawing out a Christmas card. It said ‘Merry Christmas Yuko!’ and in English nonetheless. Whoever wrote it must’ve tried pretty hard. But then at the bottom it read ‘Look up’.

So Yuko glanced up and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Why didn’t I see this coming? There were so many hints and it is Christmas after all...I’m an idiot, plain and simple. I didn’t think she’d take me seriously though...

Above the two of them, hanging from the same chain as the light bulb, was a single little sprig of mistletoe.

Looking back at Acchan, the girl had a wide grin on her face, her nose crinkling like usual whenever she was smiling for real.

Yuko chuckled, “So you were my Secret Santa.”


“How did I not catch on?” Yuko shook her head, disappointed with herself.

“Hmm...I don’t know. I thought it was pretty obvious.” Acchan’s grin only got wider. “So are you going to kiss me now?”

“Hey aren’t YOU supposed to be the one giving ME the present?”

“You’re right.” And with that, Acchan leaned in and captured Yuko’s lips with her own. It was a simple peck though, since both of them were still smiling uncontrollably and they broke apart too soon to Yuko’s liking.

“Aww that wasn’t long enough~”

“Quit whining.” Acchan scolded, but her smile let Yuko know she wasn’t serious in reprimanding her.

“Oh and what about you? What did you get?” Yuko asked excitedly.

“I don’t know I haven’t opened it yet.”

“Well then open it and let me see!” Yuko was bouncing with enthusiasm.

Acchan pulled out a small box covered with blue snowflake wrapping paper and carefully tore it open. Taking the lid off, Acchan turned a whole new shade of red and slammed the lid back on before Yuko could even catch a glimpse of what it was.

“What is it?”

Acchan merely shook her head, no words coming out.

“What’s wrong, Acchan? Let me see~” Yuko tried to pry the box out of the younger girl’s hands but to no avail. Acchan had a death grip on the box and the lid both, refusing to budge even an inch.

“Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

Yuko then broke out laughing, clapping her hands and confusing the hell out of Acchan. After calming down a bit, Yuko was grinning from ear to ear with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “...Okay I have a confession to make. I’m actually the one that got you that gift.”

If you thought Acchan couldn’t get any redder then you were sorely mistaken because she did. Then she immediately reacted and smacked Yuko on the arm repeatedly. “BAKA BAKA! BAKA YUKO!”

“I’m sorry!” Yuko apologized as she held up her hands in defeat, and then rubbing her sore arm after Acchan had stopped her assault.

“You’re not forgiven.” Acchan huffed and crossed her arms with a pout.

“But I thought that maybe you could put it to good use...”

“DOING WHAT?! What could I POSSIBLY DO with a pair of lingerie!?”

Yuko smiled sheepishly, “Maybe Bakamina would like it?”

Acchan glared at her and Yuko shrunk back, afraid of being hit again. But then unexpectedly, Acchan heaved a sigh. “...We’re not together.”


“It’s just fanservice. You should know that.”

“B-But...” Yuko was dumbfounded. How was she supposed to know that all those cuddles and kisses were just acting? “...So you’re really not together? Not at all?”

Acchan shook her head, confirming what she had already said. “Nope.”

“Not even a little?”


Yuko felt a little hope blooming in her chest and her smile was back full force as she took Acchan’s hand. It was now or never. If Acchan didn’t feel the same way then it’d be better to get it over with now. Yuko needed to know, and if she didn’t ask now then she didn’t know when she’d ever get the guts to again. “Then can I ask you something?”

Acchan tilted her head, confused, but nodded anyways.

Yuko took a deep breath before speaking up. Her heart was pounding erratically and she’d never been so nervous her entire life, not even when she auditioned to become an idol, performed on stage in front of thousands of people, or got center for the first time during the Senbatsu Sousenkyo. This was a whole different level. “......Will you go out with me?”

Seeing Acchan’s eyes getting watery, Yuko started panicking but Acchan laughed in her face. “Idiot. Took you long enough.”

“Eh?” More giggles rang in Yuko’s ears and she thought that maybe it was the best sound she’d ever heard in her life.

“Of course~” Acchan finally answered her. “I’ll be your girlfriend~”

That had a nice ring to it. Girlfriend. Yuko never even considered that the absolute ace of AKB would end up going out with her. Acchan was in a whole new league that Yuko could only dream of reaching, she didn’t think that she’d even stand a chance especially since Acchan had Takamina.

She couldn’t stop the grin from breaking out and hugged Acchan hard. And Acchan hugged her back. “Oh and there’s something else to your gift.”

Yuko pulled back with a puzzled look, reaching for the envelope on the shelf she’d left it on. Tilting it on its side, a small metallic object tumbled out onto her waiting palm. She started at Acchan incredulously, rendered entirely speechless.

“I wasn’t sure about giving it to you since I didn’t know if you liked me back at all. And I was too scared to ask or anything, I mean you’re always clinging to Nyan-Nyan and the other members so how was I supposed to know how you felt about me? But since it’s Christmas I thought-” Acchan was effectively cut off as Yuko kissed her to stop the endless onslaught of babbling.

“I’ll happily accept it.” Yuko said after she pulled back. Then she held up the key, waving it around. “And I’m going to put it to use tonight~”

Acchan blushed but went along with it with a wry smile. “Then I guess I can put my present to good use as well~”

Yuko’s eyes bulged. Never had she thought that Acchan could be so...seductive. Sure Yuko had picked out the lingerie for that specific purpose and it was to her tastes, but she thought that Acchan would be using it with Takamina. Just imagining Acchan wearing black lace and garter belts was enough to induce a nosebleed from the squirrel. Yuko was thanking whatever beings were up there that Acchan actually liked her back and not Takamina.

Acchan took her hand once again and swung open the door, ready to head home with her new lover. But as soon as the door opened, several people fell back and tumbled onto the ground, grumbling in pain.

Yuko was surprised at first but she really should’ve seen it coming. She glared at the three people on the ground and raised a brow. “And what are you guys doing here?”

Takamina was the first to hop up, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. “No reason.”

Yuko deadpanned, “You can do better than that, Bakamina.”

Then Mariko stood up with a strange look on her face and nudged her on the side suggestively. “We just wanted to see what you two were up to when you suddenly disappeared from the party. Hiding in a dark closet eh? It’s only natural that we were curious, but we didn’t want to walk in and be scarred for life so eavesdropping was the only option.”

Now Yuko was the one to blush. What the hell, Yuko doesn’t blush. Oshima Yuko, who was known for her perverted ways, was blushing like some kind of love-struck idiot, well, maybe she was one after all.

Haruna was the last to get to her feet and smiled at Yuko reassuringly. She always encouraged Yuko to confess to Acchan and listened to the squirrel whenever she had doubts. And Yuko was really grateful to the cat-like lady for always putting up with her.

A squeeze on her fingers reminded Yuko that Acchan was still holding her hand, and that they were about to leave. Yuko glanced over and smiled, mirroring Acchan’s own, then she pulled the girl along and ignored the Mariko’s shouts after them. She’d finally gotten what she really wanted and nothing was going to get in her way now. Yuko felt on top of the world and over the moon all at once. Acchan ran beside her and it was a much better feeling than always watching the girl’s back. Yuko, to put it simply, was ecstatic.

“Oh and I’ll be moving soon!” Yuko called teasingly over her shoulder.

“Eh? Where?” Takamina asked.

A gasp escaped Acchan’s lips. “No you’re not!” Though her tone was slightly amused.

Yuko laughed as she reached the end of the hallway, twirling around and held up the key, the one that Acchan gave her, with the happiest grin that you’d ever seen on her face. “To Acchan’s place~”


No Yuko didn’t move in with Acchan like she teased, but she did come over enough that she practically lived there. Seeing the mess that she always made and Yuko’s underwear strung around her room, Acchan never regretted more that she’d gave Yuko a key to her apartment. Though she was the one that threw Yuko’s panties onto the windowsill last night in the midst undressing said squirrel (while the latter laughed about how she didn’t expect Acchan to be the forward type), so really she didn’t have any room to complain.

Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #1 The Ace and the General Manager (Atsumina)
Post by: MisakiShishido on December 26, 2015, 09:42:27 AM

AtsuYuu eh~ I was never a fan of the pair but your adorable little Christmas OS made me change my mind  :twothumbs

“Oh someone just told me to ask you what you wanted for Christmas.”

“Was it Santa?” Yuko grinned, cracking a joke.

This earned a giggle from Acchan as they both loosened up a bit. All the work was really stressing them out lately since AKB did a lot of specials for the holidays. “Maybe~”

“Well, I don’t really care to be honest. Anything’s fine~”

Acchan pouted, “That’s not a good enough answer.”

“I can’t help it, there’s really nothing I really need.” Then Yuko leaned in close and grinned with her dimples. “Unless she wants to give me a kiss or something~”

Acchan blushed and protested, “I can’t tell them that!”

Yuko laughed at her reaction before asking Acchan what she was getting her person.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t completely decided yet.”

“Who’s it for?”

“Not telling.”

“Aww come on~ How am I supposed to help you decide if you don’t tell me who it’s for?” Yuko reasoned.

Acchan glanced away shyly and it caught Yuko’s attention.

“Ooh seems like it’s for someone special if you’re putting so much thought into it. I know! Is it Bakamina?” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Acchan giggled again and her nose scrunched up cutely as she chastised Yuko. “Stop doing that~ You look like some perverted old man~”

Yuko laughed too, Acchan smiling always made her happy, it brightened up her day. “Well fine then~ But if it’s Bakamina then I’m sure she’d love anything from you. Or maybe you could give her a SPECIAL gift if you know what I mean~”

Acchan caught on pretty quick and was about to reprimand the squirrel for being so perverted, but the elevator stopped its descent with another ding and Yuko quickly hopped out.

“See ya later, Acchan~” Yuko saluted. “And good luck with your present~”

Then she ran off, leaving Acchan dumbfounded in the elevator and a blushing mess.

LOL YUKO THE SIGNSSSSSS! Catch on, y'darn squirrel!  :lol: But I really loved this part. Made me laugh and since it was subtle-AtsuMina and AtsuYuu at the same time = Double the goodness  :thumbsup

Fantastic update as expected!  XD Really can't wait to read more of whatever you've got in store for us readers  ;)

Plus~ I really like your writing style too if I haven't mentioned it already.  :)

Have a great Christmas, an awesome new year and I'll look forward to seeing more of your works~  :D
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Ahhh atsuyuu fic on christmas holiday feel like you gave me great gift hahaha
Its so good, i like it :D
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I really don't know why I keep writing new short OS's when I have plenty of other ones.

what do you mean?  :dunno:
Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #2 Secret Santa (Atsuyuu)
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I really don't know why I keep writing new short OS's when I have plenty of other ones.

what do you mean?  :dunno:


To answer your question, I have two other fics, a long one and another OS that is finished but not edited. There's also an extremely long one that's unfinished along with another three that I've started. So yeah, lots of stuff to post but I keep writing spur of the moments OS's lol :nervous
Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #2 Secret Santa (Atsuyuu)
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I have two other fics, a long one and another OS that is finished but not edited. There's also an extremely long one that's unfinished along with another three that I've started. So yeah, lots of stuff to post but I keep writing spur of the moments OS

Ganbatte keiyuu san....what the pairin for those 2?
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I have two other fics, a long one and another OS that is finished but not edited. There's also an extremely long one that's unfinished along with another three that I've started. So yeah, lots of stuff to post but I keep writing spur of the moments OS

Ganbatte keiyuu san....what the pairin for those 2?

It's actually WMatsui for both. Haha I guess I can finish the WMatsui ones faster? :P
I'm working on a Mayuki one also~
Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #2 Secret Santa (Atsuyuu)
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I have two other fics, a long one and another OS that is finished but not edited. There's also an extremely long one that's unfinished along with another three that I've started. So yeah, lots of stuff to post but I keep writing spur of the moments OS
Ganbatte keiyuu san....what the pairin for those 2?

It's actually WMatsui for both. Haha I guess I can finish the WMatsui ones faster? :P
I'm working on a Mayuki one also~

Cooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...wmatsui~~ mayuki~~  :on gay: :on gay:

.be waitin for keiyuu's san patiently  :on drink: :on drink: :on drink:

GANBATTEEEEEE  :nya: :on woohoo: :on woohoo:
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Caveat lector.

What I Wanted (Mayuki)

I wanted someone to love. Someone to hold and to never let go of.

A fairy tale kind of story.

The kind that you only ever hear about as fantasy or saw in the movies. The kind that was one of a kind and happened only once in a billion years.

Yet I wanted to be that one.

The one that may be lucky enough to be the one that fortune might smile upon and present that special someone. Nothing made me more deserving than anyone else. But it was my one wish.

So I hoped. And I dreamed.

And maybe, just maybe, I’d find what I was looking for.


There was a screech of tires.

An impact. Her body felt like it was suddenly knocked to the side.

Then everything went black.


The day started off the same as any other. Yuki went to school, sat in her usual seat, the same old melancholic mood as she stared out the window. Her head was propped up by her hand, elbow on the desk, the cherry blossoms floating off of the single lone tree in the courtyard of their school.

Even though she knew that the detached petals only meant the tree was dying, it was still an oddly peaceful sight.

And the blossoms didn't fall exactly, they didn't plummet from the branches, they floated. Like a feather in midair.

A gust of wind came by and swirled up the petals in a gentle storm. They blew up towards the window, which was left open just a crack by Yuki because she liked to feel the breeze. Sometimes she wished she could be like those flowers, drifting along with the wind, easygoing and free.

But the flowers had to be scattered to do so, and Yuki wasn't sure if she wanted that. She didn't want to be in pieces. But then again, she didn't feel whole in the first place. She felt kind of empty, like something was missing, but she didn't know what could fill that void.

A few petals spilled through the opening and drifted towards Yuki’s desk, absentmindedly catching her attention. She stared the single flower that made its way in front of her face, mesmerized by the rare sight.

It was whole, not separate petals but an entire blossom.

And it floated through the air, suspended for a second before it landed softly on the back of her hand that was resting on the table.

“...Kashiwagi Yuki.” The sudden call of her name made Yuki come out of her stupor. But luckily the teacher hadn't called on her, he was just saying her name...but why?

Class had only just started but Yuki had already zoned out for the first 5 minutes and it seemed she’d missed something important.

There was a girl. A pretty young girl standing behind the teacher and she was smiling at Yuki. It elicited a strange sensation in her chest and Yuki suddenly wished that she had paid enough attention to at least hear the new transfer student’s name, at least that what Yuki assumed she was. Yuki had never seen the girl before so she must be new to the class.

“Then I’ll be counting on you Kashiwagi-san.” The teacher said with a nod in Yuki’s direction.

“H-Hai.” Yuki hadn't caught what he was relying on her for, so she didn't know what to do. Fortunately she was spared when he just went on with class.

The new girl walked over, sitting in the empty seat right behind her and Yuki swore she felt someone staring at her all class period, but she wasn't going to turn and look.

When it was over, the bell ringing to signal the end of the period, Yuki nearly sighed in relief, thinking she was safe.

But then the new girl appeared right next to her with a cute grin, hand extended. “Hi! I’m Watanabe Mayu. Nice to meet you~”

“Um, nice to meet you too...” Yuki took the hand warily.

“So, should we get going?”

“Going where?” She frowned. Was she missing something?

“The teacher asked you to show me around, since I’m new and all.” Mayu explained. When Yuki didn't answer for a second, she continued. “...You weren't listening.”

It was more of a statement than a question, spoken coldly and Yuki was a little taken aback by Mayu’s tone. She’d pegged Mayu as the energetic cute type, from her smiles to her introduction. But it seemed that wasn't all there was to her.

Yuki sometimes complained about everything being too routine, that she wanted a change sometimes because her life was just unsatisfying in a way.

But nothing could’ve prepared her.

Kashiwagi Yuki was caught completely off guard by the being that just suddenly entered into her life and took over.

Watanabe Mayu.


Everything was black. Pitch black. She couldn't see anything, but it felt like she was floating in midair, no sensations other than that emptiness surrounding her.

“Do you want to go back?” The voice had no body, and impossible to pinpoint. It was emanating from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

“What?” She demanded. The truth was starting to set in, desperation and exasperation overwhelming her. “How? I’m dead aren’t I?! I can’t go back!”

“Perhaps. Almost. But so is she. However, you must choose... Only one of you can return. So I can grant you that wish, if that is what you truly want. Her entire existence will be erased, yet you alone will continue to live with your memories. Are you prepared to give that up?”

She thought it over. Did she want to keep living? Of course she did. And this was her only chance. But what she wanted most...was to return to her.

If she took the deal, then the other would die, and she didn't want that. She wanted both of them to live together. And she knew that the other would wish for that as well. Without her, life would just be meaningless empty again and she didn't want to give up the one thing that she had finally found, the one that completed her.

She didn't want her to leave.

“So...” She started carefully. A kind of calm settled over her. “Basically you’re saying that you can give me one wish? Anything at all?”


It was so ironic, a cruel twist of fate. She’d been asked that just the other day – if she could have one wish, what would it be? But thanks to that, she knew what to wish for, and that helped her make a decision.

“Then I want to use it on someone else.” Her voice was sure and unwavering, determination shining in her gaze. “Give my chance to her. Grant her wish, whatever she wants.”

“Are you certain? You will not be able to go back on your word. And there is no guarantee that everything will go back to the way it was.”

“I’m sure.”

“...Very well then. As you wish.”

The darkness started swirling and she suddenly felt like she was falling. Her heart crawled into her throat as her body plummeted down and down, seemingly endlessly.


“Come on, Yukirin!” Mayu called after her, having sprinted ahead of the slower girl. “I want to get some ice cream!”

Yuki thought about trying to catch up but gave up, Mayu just had too much energy to match. “Okay give me a second.”

When she finally did get there, she found Mayu standing by a simple little ice cream booth set up on the side of the road, nothing special about it but the colorful images of ice cream had attracted Mayu. She was just like a child sometimes, and Yuki found it endearing.

So she smiled, “I’ll buy some for you.”

“Really?” The younger girl's eyes lit up instantly. Happiness practically radiated out of her as she stared at Yuki with wide eyes.


“Yay! Yukirin’s the best~” Mayu enveloped her in a hug and Yuki just patted her on the head lovingly. Mayu was younger than Yuki, automatically making her feel protective of the younger girl and wanting to take care of Mayu, almost like her motherly instincts came out especially at times like this when Mayu acted like an adorable kid.

They spent a lot of time around each other now, almost every moment, and Yuki found that Mayu tended to be a bit more distant to everyone else except her. And that cold front had even earned the nickname of ‘cyborg’, but Yuki was a little grateful to it for some reason.

Yuki had also learned a lot more about the girl after their first meeting. How Mayu was a big otaku, how she would always watch anime in her free time, and how she loved to be spoiled.

And Yuki didn't mind being the one to spoil her.

Seeing Mayu happy made Yuki happy, and that was enough.


“How is she?” She asked with concern. The checkup had gone without a hitch, with the patient being quite cooperative this time around, and she had waited outside the room on a hard bench, anxiously wishing the doctor would come out with some good news.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s only going to get worse from here on out.”

She had seen this coming, nevertheless, she had hoped it wouldn’t happen, that she was wrong. But she wasn’t.

The wish had been granted. She just didn't know that it would affect them like this.

If only she knew, she would’ve asked to be the one that got hurt, yet she escaped with barely any injuries. She would give anything to trade places now. But in a way, they already had.

“There is a lot of damage to the right side of her brain, so the way she perceives things has most likely affected greatly. At this stage, it’s hard to tell what will happen, so we can only wait and see, though there is a high chance that it will get progressively worse until her mind reverts back to a child-like state. The only thing I know for sure is that her life is no longer in danger.”

The doctor saw her visibly deflate, as if all the life had been sucked out of her. The young girl always came to visit at least once a week without fail and had seemed extremely tired lately, always nodding off as she waited outside the patient’s room and had dark bags under her eyes. All the enthusiasm she used to have had come and gone, leaving her a mere shell of her former self. She was longer as bright as she used to be.

“I’m so sorry to tell you this.” The white-coated doctor apologized sincerely. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to cheer her up, but he would do his job. “I am taking every possible measure, but I don’t want to give you false hope. Due to the brain damage, it was very unlikely that she’d ever wake up in the first place. However, she did, so there is still some hope for another miracle to happen.”

She had been prepared to spend her life at the bedside, since everyone said that the girl was in a deep coma and may never come back. So she was prepared, but the other girl had woken up, against all expectations.

The other girl had fought her way back, for her.

So she still had hope. She still wished – that everything would be alright. And if it wasn’t, then it’d have to be. She’d make it alright.


Mayu often invited Yuki over to stay the night, especially when her parents were away on business. Yuki had met them once and according to Mayu, she had left a very good impression, thus they trusted Yuki to look after their daughter whenever they were away.

The same went for Yuki’s mom, who treated Mayu like her own daughter and took an immediate liking to the young girl. So she had no objections whenever Yuki packed an overnight bag and left the house, shouting after her that she was going to Mayu’s. “I’m staying the night! Be back tomorrow!”

The first couple of times Yuki stayed over, she slept on the couch, finding it too awkward to share a bed. But soon Mayu had somehow convinced her to sleep in her bed, saying that she was cold and then Yuki had no choice but to become her personal heater.

She blushed madly at first when Mayu clung to her like a koala, but eventually got comfortable with the other girl’s closeness and contrary to what Mayu said, she was very warm. The pleasant scent of her shampoo enveloping Yuki and lulling her into a cozy sleep.

Then the next morning, Yuki woke up to emptiness, the bed feeling cold and bare, as if all the warmth had left with Mayu. And when she realized that it was Mayu that was missing, she shot up frantically and sprinted out of the bedroom, still in a half asleep stupor.

Only to be met with an apron clad Mayu and the smell of fresh pancakes.

“Morning Yukirin~” Mayu greeted her with a cute smile and a slight bedhead. “Breakfast is almost done and syrup’s in the cabinet over there.”

And that's when Yuki realized that besides Mayu’s childish side, there was also a very mature and grown up side to her as well.


Yuki ran. She ran and ran, breathing so hard so hard she was almost hyperventilating. Her chest felt so tight it hurt and her legs threatened to give out with every step. She was slowing down because her body was at its limit. She wasn't sure exactly how long she'd been running, but it must’ve been a long time. Yuki believed that she had covered a lot of distance.

Distance she was putting between herself and her pursuer.

But she couldn't stop. Yuki wasn't far away enough yet. Not yet.

No, she couldn't stop.

Because if she did...then she would catch up.

A sudden hand on her shoulder jerked her back, and Yuki almost fell to her knees, relieved that she could rest but if someone stopped her, then it could only mean one thing.

She had caught up.

Hunching over, she panted, trying to get some oxygen into her lungs before she suffocated. Yuki wasn't the most athletic person so she was almost blacking out from the exercise, but she had made it at least 5 miles, Yuki was sure it was a long distance.

Nevertheless, she had caught up. It was almost inhuman, the speed at which the other girl covered that far of a distance. It seemed so effortless to her even though it was such a struggle for Yuki, and Yuki didn't remember being this weak before even if she was somewhat lacking in the physical department...

“Why Yuki...” Mayu stared at her with solemn eyes. “Why are you running from me?”


Yuki sat on the bed, her back propped up against the headboard. The wood was digging into her back and her butt had fallen asleep some time ago, but she didn't want to move. Because Mayu was snuggled up into her side, and Yuki wouldn't move her for anything.

Mayu’s laptop was in front of them, sinking into the sheets slightly and intense sound effects coming out of the anime they were watching. Yuki wasn't paying all that much attention, but Mayu was.

She was staring at the screen intently, and Yuki could tell even though she couldn't the girl’s face from their position. And while she watched the screen, Yuki watched her.

Mayu didn't move much (having been too absorbed in her favorite show) except for an occasional wiggle that reminded Yuki of their close vicinity. And even though her cheeks were burning, Yuki wished that they could stay like this forever.

Then she was suddenly struck by the thought that Mayu might leave someday. She didn't want that. She’d finally started feeling complete, it was a fuzzy and warm feeling, intensifying every single time Mayu smiled at her or giggled, whenever Mayu held her hand and pulled her along while they shopped or when Mayu was being a goofball and Yuki's sides hurt from laughing too hard at her antics.

Yuki loved it all. She never wanted it to end.

“Ne Mayu...” Yuki spoke up when the ending theme started playing. She had been so lost in her thoughts that she missed the entire episode and couldn't even recall the name of the anime.

“Hmm? What is it, Yukirin?” Mayu looked up at her with big round eyes. She could sense something was a little off since Yuki didn't call her ‘Mayuyu’ like usual. “Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing's wrong!” Yuki reassured her. “I just...had a question.”

“What question?” Mayu’s attention was completely focused on the older girl, her odd behavior making Mayu a little worried.

“If...If you could have one wish, anything you wanted, what would you wish for?”

“One wish?” Mayu had been asked this question before.

Teachers often asked when Mayu was little and she had even written an essay with the exact prompt. But she had never taken it too seriously and now considered it with a new perspective, carefully thinking it over before answering Yuki.

“When I was little...” Mayu chose her next words with care. “I really wanted to own all the anime merchandise in the world.”

Yuki was about to make a comment but Mayu put a finger to Yuki’s lips, indicating that she wasn't done.

“And then I wanted to go to Disney world, or the beach, or—”


“Hang on. I’m getting there.” Mayu stopped and took a deep breath before speaking again. “...But then it changed. That's not what I want anymore.” Mayu looked her right in the eye and Yuki was mesmerized by her seriousness. “I’m not sure when it happened, but I don’t want material things anymore. I still want to go to Disney, but with someone. I want somebody to come with me to the beach, and just spend time with them. I don’t care what we do as long as I have that someone by my side. Then even something as simple as cuddling on my bed watching anime became my dream. And I won't let it go for anything.”

Mayu looked so sincere, like she was laying everything out for Yuki to see, and hopefully accept. The little cyborg had finally decided to reveal her heart entirely.

Then Yuki decided, that it wasn't just that she wanted Mayu to be happy, she wanted to be happy as well.

And so she leaned in, capturing Mayu’s soft lips in a chaste kiss, just like she had always dreamed.


“Let me go...” Yuki pleaded, tears shining in her eyes. They were back in the room - the one that Yuki hated most - and stood facing each other. “Leave me alone please...”

“Yuki...” Mayu watched completely heartbroken. “Why? At least tell me that.”

“’re going to leave me someday anyways, so just go now.” Anger replaced the sadness in Yuki’s eyes and Mayu was struck speechless.

“Is that what you think?”

“I don't want you anywhere near me. So just go!” Yuki screamed.


“No!” Yuki pushed Mayu away when she tried to come closer, hard enough to make the latter stumble back and almost trip over the uneven floor. “Ever since that accident, everything’s changed! You’re not the same anymore!”

Those words hurt. Mayu knew that she hadn’t changed. The one that changed was Yuki.



Mayu grabbed Yuki’s flailing arms so that she wouldn't hurt herself and pinned them to her sides in a crushing hug. She could feel Yuki still struggling but Mayu was stronger, especially as of late, and managed to keep Yuki trapped in the hug.

Still, Yuki kept squirming relentlessly but eventually tired herself out and her body relaxed.

“Yuki listen to me...I promised that I would never leave you, and I won’t.” Mayu whispered by her ear, tears threatening to spill out. “So please, don’t leave me.”


“Yukirin~ Hurry up!”

A sense of déjà vu washed over her as Mayu dragged her along. They were taking a break from the anime watching and were headed to the supermarket for some snacks. It’d already been a month since Mayu confessed to Yuki, and the same fluttering feeling in her chest still hadn’t gone away yet, though she didn’t think it ever would.

The past few weeks had been the best in her entire life, and she wanted her time with Mayu to last for an eternity. They often went on dates and Mayu would hold her hand, pulling her along just like she was doing now, and Yuki loved the feeling. She loved Mayu.

“Hey slow down a bit Mayuyu~ You’re going to pull my arm off.” Yuki jokingly whined.

“It’s ‘cause you’re too slow Yukirin.” Her cyborg side came out a bit as Mayu retorted. That was yet another side that Yuki had come to know and love. And Yuki knew Mayu well enough to tell that her cold tone was only in jest.

All of a sudden, Yuki stopped, yanking Mayu back as well.

“Yuki? Wha—”

Yuki pulled her in for a deep kiss, an arm wrapping possessively around Mayu’s waist and hand cupping her cheek gently but firmly. Mayu was shocked by the sudden advance, usually being the one that initiated things due to Yuki’s embarrassment of doing anything in public.

Nevertheless, Mayu didn’t pull away and just let herself enjoy it, eyes closing in pleasure. It was once in a million years that Yuki would do something so bold and she had to cherish every moment of it, kissing her back with fervor.

It lasted several seconds before they both pulled back, slightly breathless with Mayu’s hands linked behind Yuki’s neck and Yuki’s hand caressing her cheek. Their foreheads were still touching and neither of them really felt like moving away yet.

“Well that was unexpected.” Mayu breathed, her face tinged a little pink.

“Did you not like it?”

“What?” Her eyes widened. “No, of course I did! I love you Yukirin~”

The giggle coming from Yuki caught her off guard, and Mayu finally figured out that she was only being teased. Yuki was only messing with her. She pouted at the thought and untangled herself from Yuki, crossing her arms defensively as she turned her back on the older girl.

“Aw Mayuyu~ I was just kidding.” Yuki tried to assuage her girlfriend.


“Mayuyu~” Yuki came up behind her and wrapped her arms around Mayu’s neck, her hot breath tickling Mayu’s neck. “Please forgive me?”

A shudder ran down her spine from Yuki whispering in her ear and Mayu blushed madly, but she wasn’t going to give in that easily. “Nice try, but not quite.” Mayu moved out of Yuki’s embrace and smirked at her. “You’ll have to make it up to me later.”

“Oh? And what did you have in mind?”

“I have a few ideas~ But first let's go get something to eat, I’m starving!” Her childish side took over as she skipped across the crosswalk.

Yuki chuckled at her cute antics, then started chasing after her, almost reaching the young girl a mere few feet away. “Wait for me!”

Mayu made it halfway across the street before it happened.

The one time they separated, and only for a few seconds, then this.

A slight breeze blew past, carrying with it a sakura blossom – complete with all the petals still attached. Mayu’s attention was entirely fixated on the sight. Everything slowed down as she watched, the cherry blossom peacefully floating past in front of her.

But then something else blew past, tearing the petals apart.

There was a screech of tires.

An impact. Her body felt like it was suddenly knocked to the side.

Then everything went black.


“Excuse me Miss, but visiting hours are over.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I lost track of time.” She chuckled and made a move to get up out of her seat but the nurse interrupted.

“How can that be?” The nurse inquired. “I'm sorry for being rude, but why do you come spend your time here every day? I always see you sitting there for hours on end, and yet you never seem bored or want to leave.”

She was about to answer but a sudden thud against the glass wall made her stop, her mouth still half-open with a reply as she turned her head to the source.

Behind the glass was an entirely white room, a single mattress laid out and both the walls and floor padded for the safety of its sole occupant. The occupant that had just thrown herself against the glass. There was a large scar running from above her hairline to across her temple and forehead - proof of her near death experience. Her face was still pressed up against clear panel as she watched them curiously, almost like a child.

Mayu smiled, her eyes never leaving the girl on the other side. It was a sad smile, but filled with hope. “Because I want to.”


Somewhere along the way, it changed again.

What I wanted changed.

What I want now, is just for her to be happy. That's the only thing I ask for. And if I could have just one wish, I’d use it on her again.

Once, I had thought that maybe it'd be best for both of us to leave, but when I tried, she’d clutched at my shirt, crying. And when I wiped her tears away and tilted her head up, her eyes struck me.

Then I knew.

Because when I saw those glistening eyes, I knew that she wasn't completely gone. There’s still some traces of the old her in there, deep down somewhere. I can feel it.

So I couldn't leave her. I wouldn’t leave her. For her sake as well as mine. Having her like this is better than not at all.

Without her, I’d be empty. Incomplete.

Before, I knew that she was always insecure, but I didn’t know just how insecure she was until it manifested like this – as she pushes me away but doesn’t want me to go at the same time. She never said this out loud, but I know now - that her one desire is to never be alone again, no matter what, even if something happened for the worse, that her someone won’t leave her. And that's exactly what happened. That someone is me.

That's why, all I can do is stay by her side, dreaming that one day we might go back to the way used to be.

Now it’s my turn to take care of her.

I really want her to return to me. I want it so bad. No, it’s more than that, I desire her. But if she’s happy the way she is now, which I'm sure she's not, but if she is then I don't mind. I can’t mind. And even if she sees me differently now, I can tell that she still loves me back. So that's not my wish, because I know she does, and that'll have to be enough even though I want more.

So that's not my one hope.

That's not my ideal dream.

That’s not even what I want.

I want her to come back to me – as her. But I love her. And above all else, I want the best for her.

So I’ll put her needs in front of my own.

I love you, Yuki. Always.
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Please make a sequel where Yuki starts to remember Mayu.

I love your story, thanks for update
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Thanks for the OS.

Rarely see Mayuki(-only) fanfic nowadays and it brightened my day.  :lol:
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I love it. :wub: please do continue writing~
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maybe you coudld write more for Atsuyuu too??? :bow:
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Not a Choice (WMatsui)

Matsui Jurina is not gay.

At least, she doesn't think she is.

In her opinion, having crushes on cute girls and being attracted to them wasn’t a bad thing. It was perfectly normal to admire the female form, even if you were a girl yourself. Honestly, if a person (be it male or female) couldn't appreciate a girl’s ‘cuteness’ then that was just a sin.

Not that there was anything wrong with being gay in the first place, Jurina just wanted to know where she stood and if she liked someone (not that she ever had before) then it didn’t matter to her who or what gender they were. But sometimes it’s good to define yourself and your terms (especially if a certain bird friend liked to keep bugging you about who you liked).

And so with that definition in mind, Matsui Jurina did not label herself as gay.

She simply decided that she wasn't.

Besides, Jurina never liked a girl for more than their so called ‘cuteness’ and if they had a nice personality then Jurina would befriend them. Never any further.

That is, until she met Matsui Rena.

Jurina couldn't really say that she ever truly met Matsui Rena, but she counted it as the day Rena transferred to her school and Jurina saw her for the first time in the hallways.

It wasn't love at first sight, she was sure it didn't start off like that. Actually, she wasn’t even really sure of what she thought at the time.

All she knew was that Rena was pretty. Beautiful even, and unlike any other girl that Jurina had encountered in her sixteen years on this planet.

So Jurina decided that Rena was special - the only one that she would ever go as far as to call ‘beautiful’ - while everyone else would just be ‘cute’. In her mind, Rena was a strange entity that didn't seem to even belong in this world.

Fragile. Pale. Quiet.

That's what Jurina initially described her as – just like everyone else did.

Rena always kept to herself, not really interacting with others or participating in activities. And her light skin and skinny body made people think she had a weak constitution even though she didn’t.

But this was only her appearance. Then Jurina started watching more closely.

It started as a glance when Rena passed by and just happened to catch her eye, before it escalated into times when Jurina would forget anyone else existed (or that she had been blatantly staring for the past ten minutes), then she would snap out of her stupor, trying to hide her embarrassment and thankful that nobody else had noticed, especially the object of her observations.

After all that time spent observing her, Jurina began to think of Rena slightly differently, adding more adjectives into the mix as she saw more sides to the shy girl.

Graceful. Fair. Lovely.

A certain air of elegance and poise seemed to envelop itself around Rena (like the way she carried herself, not overwhelming but smooth). And if you ever tried to look a little closer, Rena never seemed flustered or anything of the sort, always maintaining that calm behavior.

Then the more Jurina saw and learned, the more a certain being named ‘Matsui Rena’ began to invade her head.

First it was when her mind was free and wandered. Then she started thinking about her all the time.

Where would Rena be next class period? Would Jurina ever manage to speak with her? What kind of person was Rena really?

Until it got to the point that Jurina started having dreams about Rena - though it was nothing notable, just little snippets or snapshots. Jurina would frequently dream of Rena wearing a pure white one piece, a light breeze caressing her raven hair, and she’d always be smiling.

But even though it was such a beautiful image, there was something missing.

Rena’s eyes were never seen.

It wasn't exactly hidden by her bangs, or that she was looking elsewhere, no it was more like they weren't there. In her subconscious though, it didn't seem weird to Jurina.

To tell the truth, Jurina had never been close enough to actually witness what Rena’s eyes looked like. And they never made eye contact or spoke a word to each other, not even once.

So everything Jurina knew or thought she knew about Rena may very well be a lie. Delusions that came from her overactive imagination.

But Jurina held a sort of hope that this wasn't the case.

And then she realized at one point that maybe she was starting to go a little too far, crossing the line from ‘admiration’ into something more like ‘obsession’. Although, in her defense, something about Rena was just alluring to Jurina.

And if she was made to admit it, in Jurina’s opinion, Rena was damn appealing.

Hardworking. Reliable. Proper.

That's what Jurina discovered next about her new ‘obsession’.

Staying after class to study (which Jurina knew because she’d see Rena heading home late on Jurina’s way to practice), finishing up the project by herself even though she had many other group members (that Jurina wanted to punch for making Rena do all the work), and careful about doing the right thing. No matter what it was, Rena would always make sure to carry it out properly.

But she wasn't perfect - nobody was - and that just made Jurina like her more. Rena was human like the rest of them, and just like Jurina.

Flawed. Incomplete. Alone.

And somehow that meant that Jurina had a chance - if she ever worked up the courage to talk to her.

It should have been easy, Rena always kept to herself after all. Whether it was due to her introverted nature or inability to express herself, Jurina didn't know, but she knew that Rena was almost always, alone.

But then again Jurina didn't know if she wanted to speak with the girl. She was quite content watching from afar.

Like a guardian angel.

Or a creepy stalker.

Whichever way you chose to look at it.

And if she talked to Rena-chan (the nickname Jurina refers to her by in her own mind - just like a fan would for an idol), but if she spoke with Rena then maybe she wouldn't be as great as Jurina made her out to be.

Her hopes would be dashed away. Mind broken. Heart sunk.

Jurina didn't know if she was prepared or even willing to take that risk.

But love doesn't come without risks right?

Even so, Jurina wouldn't approach Rena. Rather, she couldn't. And who said she loved Rena in the first place? Not that Jurina could define what she really felt about Rena anyways.

Rena was undoubtedly attractive. And Jurina was definitely attracted. Horribly.

But only that. Jurina was merely attracted, nothing more. She almost laughed at the thought of anything more. It couldn’t be that easy to find the ‘one’. And there was ABSOLUTELY no way she liked Rena that much.

Or so she decided.

She didn't want to go too far. Not too deep Jurina told herself. Rena was already above just ‘cute’, but Jurina didn't want to overstep the boundaries she set.

Maybe it was an accident.

Maybe it was fate.

But eventually, almost inevitably, Jurina actually met Rena.

Rena was a year above Jurina, so they had absolutely no classes together (and it makes you wonder how Jurina managed to spend all her time watching her if they were never together), but the closest Jurina ever managed to get to Rena was passing by her in the hallway.

Then one day, instead of just passing by like usual, they bumped into each other.

Quite literally.

Rena almost fell over but Jurina reacted quickly and grabbed her arm, helping steady the girl without even recognizing who it was yet.

But then the realization hit as Rena looked at her for the first time.

For the first time, Jurina saw Rena’s eyes.

She met them.

Rena’s eyes were a deep brown color, not as dark as Jurina’s own, and definitely more beautiful. They were the color of freshly brewed hot chocolate, full of depth and swirling with unseen emotions. They were sweet, and warm.

And Jurina loved them.

During those few seconds of awkward eye contact, billions of thoughts whirred around in Jurina’s head.

Is she okay? I should apologize. Am I grabbing her arm too hard? Oh my gosh I’m still holding on to her arm!

Jurina tried hard not to panic and make Rena think she was a freak. That was the last thing she needed. And being their first official meeting, this would be Rena’s first impression of Jurina. She ABSOLUTELY could not afford to mess it up.

But...she’s even prettier up close.

Unfortunately, with everything else forgotten, Jurina was mesmerized by the girl in front of her, who somehow seemed different from usual.

Maybe it was because Jurina was delusional.

Maybe it was because she was actually closer than five-foot proximity limit (the width of the hallway) that Jurina had set for herself specifically to avoid these kinds of situations.

But she couldn't help but stare.

And there was no way that Rena wouldn't notice now that they were so close.

“Umm...can you go of my arm?” She asked quietly.

“Oh! Yeah sorry~” Jurina sheepishly apologized while internally trying not to fangirl over the soft sound of Rena’s voice. Even her voice is adorable!

She pulled away awkwardly and stood there, fidgeting nervously while Rena did the same. Normally, Jurina was not the type to fidget. But this encounter was anything but ordinary and both of them didn't know what to say, yet neither felt like leaving the scene just yet.

Jurina was the first to break the silence, finding it too uncomfortable to let it continue but also hard to find the right words.

“A-Are you alright?”

Setting the stuttering aside, Jurina thought it was an okay question. Not too prying or weird, just asking if Rena was okay after running into her, perfectly normal.

“H-Hai...Sorry for bumping into you.” Rena bowed her head slightly and refused to meet Jurina’s gaze, much to the disappointment of the latter. And as much as Jurina found Rena’s shy nature adorable, she couldn't help but want to stare into those warm orbs a little longer.

“It’s okay, it was my bad as well~” Jurina assured, gradually getting back into the swing of things and finding her usual vibe. It wasn’t like her to be so nervous. Okay, okay, I can do this...

Matsui Jurina was a social person.

Friendly. Active. Popular.

Matsui Rena was a quiet person.

Shy. Subtle. Alone.

Complete opposites, the two of them.

Nevertheless, Jurina was drawn to this girl who was so different from herself. Attracted to every part of her and she couldn't explain it.

When did this start? How did it grow? Why does she feel this way? What is this exactly?


Jurina blinked. “Yes?”

She was surprised when Rena said something. Jurina had been too caught up in her own thoughts and wasn't expecting Rena to actually speak on her own accord.

“I’m sorry...this will probably sound really weird and creepy but...” Rena glanced up at Jurina a few times through her bangs. “I’ve always seen you around...and although we’ve never talked, w-would you mind...”

Jurina waited patiently, believing it would take Rena a few seconds to work up what she wanted to ask.

But after taking a deep breath, Rena suddenly blurted out, “Would you mind having lunch with me? I want to talk with you, and get to know you.”

At that moment, Jurina was too shocked to respond (or maybe she was a little lost in those warm brown eyes). All those thoughts running around in her head came to a screeching halt.

However, it dawned on her that she would have to add another adjective to the list – bold.

Then as this new information sunk in, a smile gradually grew wide on her face and Jurina nodded vigorously.

“Of course!”

She watched as Rena seemed to visibly relax, a small smile donning her features just like Jurina had always dreamed of.

That’s when it hit her - that Jurina wasn't the only one. She had always assumed that the attraction was one-sided, but this wasn’t the case. Rena had also been watching.

Maybe they weren't so opposite after all.

Maybe Jurina had already found the term defining what she thought of Rena.

And so she finally acknowledged and accepted (not decided because love is not a choice) this feeling in her heart that had actually been there for quite some time already, just never realized.

Then Jurina figured that maybe she was gay after all.

But only for Rena.

Because really, in Jurina’s opinion, who wouldn't be gay for Rena?
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Author-san!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

That was beautiful  :wub:
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Of course!
Who wouldn't be gay for Rena??? Lol
This just...great! Really.
Now I need more~
A sequel, maybe~ Or the story from Rena's side~ XD

Thanks for this fluffy fic anyway^o^
Gonna wait your next work, Keiyuu-san!^o^/
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Keiyuu-san.. finally you make a wmatsui OS..  :fap
That was so real. The two opposite character that drawn to each other. :inlove:
I really miss their moment. :cry:
Thank you. it's beautifull..  :thumbsup
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Who WOULDN'T be gay for Rena? My thoughts, exactly. X3

I love this. It's so cute!
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love your writing style!
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Heya Keiyuu, my buddy~  :lol: Sorry to have kept ya waiting~

I seriously think you should rename your fic to STALKER just because *shot'd*  :lol: Just kidding. But really. Jurina pls. But at least a certain R had also noticed her. Then again, your fic could also be named SENPAI NOTICE ME X'D *shot'd* I should stop being ridiculous  :lol:

The three word adjective writing style was really intriguing, especially when it's related to the whole fic. *v* You described everything so darn well I was like "hnnnnnghhhh"-ing as I read xD Missed these feels :') This fic was just so sweet (in a stalkerish way :P) that I could get diabetes!  :lol:

So I really thank you for writing this OS!  :thumbsup

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This is a little two-shot that I wrote a while back but never posted. Anyways, enjoy~

Upside Down (WMatsui)

Part I

“I’m leaving.”


What does she mean by that? She can’t just up and leave. Who does she think she is? Ruining my life and then leaving me alone all of a sudden. It’s not that simple. No, she can’t, not like this. She’s always been there for as long as I could remember. Sure, the last few years were like a roller coaster through hell but she’s ALWAYS BEEN THERE. Now she wants to get out of my life permanently? What the hell is she thinking?

I took a deep breath and swallowed thickly before saying anything else. “You can’t just say you’re leaving like that. It’s not that easy.”

She shrugged. Damn I hated when she pretended to be all indifferent and cool. “I don’t know how else to tell you this, but by this time tomorrow, I’ll be long gone.”

“What do you mean? Are you moving? Dying? Which is it?” I asked, exasperated with her riddles already.

She always did this to me. I could never have a proper conversation with her. Talking to her made me feel like I was an idiot, and that she knew everything there was to know about the world and how it worked. Ever since we were little, she was always better than me. I didn’t care as much then, but now whenever we spoke, which was few and far between, it made me angry. I just couldn’t deal with her. Everyone and anyone else, I got along with just fine, even the really annoying or stupid ones, but not her. Something about her just got on my nerves.

She got to me like no one else could.

“What does it matter? I just came to tell you that you won’t have to see my face anymore after this, and I seem to recall you calling that a blessing. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, just know that I’ll be gone, FOREVER. So don’t worry about it, I won’t bother you or get in your way ever again. Have a nice life.” And with that, she left. Her hands stuck in her jacket pockets and sneakers splashing through the puddles out on the street.

I was left standing in the doorway on my front porch, watching her back as her silhouette got smaller and hazier the farther she went. The rain was heavy and blurring anything past a 5 meter radius, but I noticed that she didn’t bring an umbrella and her jacket was definitely not waterproof. She was soaked to the bone, clothes damp and short hair matted down, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. I really don’t understand her at all, I never could, nothing she did or said made any sense to me. It was like the world’s biggest mystery that I couldn’t even hope to begin solving.

I’ve known her since I first opened my eyes as a baby in the nursery. Newborns were placed in alphabetical order and she was right next to me since we had the same last name - Matsui. I also remember playing with her as a kid. Back then everything was okay - it was good even. Our parents were good friends and we were enrolled in the same preschool, which was really more of a day care. We were always together, the best of friends, doing everything side by side even though we were complete opposites.

I was the shy one, pale and keeping to myself. I hated sports and people said I was like a sleeping beauty since I preferred to take naps during recess. Then there was Jurina. She was outgoing, energetic and shone with the power of ten suns. She was athletic too, like a puppy and everyone found her just as cute as one. Recess was the only time that we weren’t together, I’d be taking a nap or talking with the other girls, and she’d go play with the guys. Jurina always found gossip and sitting around boring, but maybe that was one of her charm points that got people to like her.

Once we hit middle school, things started changing. Jurina became even more popular, with the guys and the girls. She cut her hair too, so that it was just past her shoulders. The style fit her, I’ll admit that, and it reinforced the notion of her tomboy personality. She made friends easy, too easy. I, on the other hand, found it way too hard. Nobody wanted to approach me, the loner, and really I was too shy to approach them. There were only a select few that I ever talked to, and I did become good friends with them, but compared to Jurina, I was like a single star in a vast universe which really wasn’t a worthy comparison at all.

Things only went downhill from there. The girl that used to hold my hand as we walked home together, the one that would sit with me at lunch and hold a one-sided conversation, the one that always approached me when no one else would, suddenly stopped doing all those things. I think she just got tired of me. I wasn’t worth all the trouble, that’s what I figured had happened.

I used to like Jurina, a lot, more than I should have. But how else did you expect me to feel? If you were always alone and fighting the world, and someone opened up to you and didn’t care that you were different or unpopular, how would meeting someone like that make you feel? Like one in a million. I was a loser, I knew that, and if society were to label me, and they did, then they’d say the same.

Jurina was different though, she was special. She kept her relations with me even when others called me lame, and by association so was she. But she didn’t care and that’s what I loved about her. She made me feel like I was worth something, not just a wallflower that kept to herself all the time.

But now I think of it as puppy love. I mean, I liked Jurina, I aspired to be like her. She was all I ever wanted to be, but that didn’t really mean that I was in love with her. It was a crush, simple as that, and it wouldn’t last. And it definitely didn’t once high school got started.

That’s when everything really changed. A complete flip. Everything I knew, or thought I knew about her, flipped upside down. She became nasty, one of those girls that was always surrounded by her clique. Flirting with everyone like it was the most casual thing in the world—even if it hurt others most of the time. Arrogant and cocky, always having that smug grin on her face because she knew people liked her. There was this one time though, when I saw her smug expression falter when she saw me watching her flirt with an underclassman.

I don’t believe that’s true though, must’ve just been my imagination because Jurina soon became the one type of person that I despised the most. And she stopped talking to me completely. I expected it, like I knew it was too good to be true. Those years I spent with her must’ve been just a dream, a figment of my imagination, I mean when you were smart, athletic, and as popular as Jurina, why would you bother with someone like me?

We became what I had dreaded most. She ignored me, that hurt, and I fell into a kind of depression. It was even worse when her so called ‘friends’ taunted me, making fun of our previous relationship, and Jurina didn’t do anything about it. She never said anything to defend me, but at least she didn’t really do anything to hurt me.

She just...stayed away.

Last year though - our third and final year of high school - she started picking on me. The other girls had started pushing me around before Jurina stepped in to do it herself. Guess that’s what it means by being top of the food chain. At least it kept the other bullies away though. And by this time, I was already plenty used to it. Jurina couldn’t do much more to hurt me than she already had. The sting of betrayal and those bleeding open wounds had turned into a dull throb. Nothing could get to me. I had built up a wall to keep myself safe, protected, since Jurina was no longer there to do it for me.

Whatever I used to think of her was safely locked away in the very corners of my heart and mind. Chained up and the key thrown away, I’d keep it there, never to open it up again for as long as I lived.

After standing in the doorway for a good long time like an idiot, I grabbed my coat and headed for the nearby park. The rain had stopped, drizzling for a bit before the sun decided to come out from behind the clouds. You’d think that it’d be some kind of sign, an analogy for how I was feeling, but I was confused.

I was mad that Jurina had just now decided to tell me this. Why now? She gave me no time to prepare whatsoever. Her constant presence was about to vanish completely and I didn’t know how to cope with it. I was also sad, I’d miss her, I’d miss her playful teasing and god awful puns she used to make when we were younger. I’d miss her Cheshire grin and her tight hugs, heck I’d even miss her horrible way of treating me for the last couple years. The one thing I didn’t feel though, was happiness.

I thought I’d be glad when she finally got out of my life. I used to say that to her when she approached me in the hallway. She stopped doing that too though, since I kept causing a scene. So I guess she didn't completely cut me off. Maybe it was just me that actually ended our relationship.

Thinking back on it, it was really childish and unfair of me. She’d tried to talk to me when her friends weren’t around, but I was a wounded animal that was backed into a corner. And I’d bite. It was the only time I’d ever gotten really angry and I wanted to hurt her back for all the pain she caused me. I shouted some pretty nasty things that I wished I could take back.

It didn’t really hit me until now though, how much I depended on her.

What am I going to do now that she’s gone?

I reached the park in less than 10 minutes, sitting on one of the swings in the playground area. It was the place where I had the best memories with Jurina. We played here a lot, chasing each other around during tag or make castles in the sand. I thought back to those days and I hadn’t even realized it yet, but my cheeks were wet. I’d started crying.

Not the loud racking sobs or the hysterical half-laughing kind, but the silent tears. My emotions had crept up on me and I let the drops flow freely down my face. There was no point in wiping them, more would just keep coming and replace the fallen ones.

I threw my head back and stared at the sky, watching the clouds roll lazily past. I’m not sure how long I sat there, but it started getting really cold and I took it as my cue to start heading home. Heaving a deep sigh, I got up and started walking away, already trying to forget about my childhood friend.

Out of the corner of my eye, something in the sandbox caught my attention and I wandered over. The sandbox used to be one of our favorite places to play in the park, the thought made me smile nostalgically. I forgot about everything for a bit as my eyes fixated on the writing in the sand. It was a whole novel by the looks of it - someone must’ve spent a lot of time trying to carve it into the grains.

Then I started reading.

Forgive me
I hate you
I didn’t mean it when I said that
You’re cute
Because I found that when I took a closer look,
You’re just a loser
So don’t believe that
I felt the same way,
To hurt you
Made me happy
I swear that it never
Was real and genuine,
I’ll tell you this now that
I was only playing with your feelings but
You thought
I loved you
Even when we were younger
I’m sorry

What the hell. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TRYING TO DO?! I spent all this time thinking about how sad it was that she’s leaving but no, Jurina just had to go and leave me with one last piece of misery. WELL FUCK HER! I actually thought that she was my friend! God I feel like an idiot! I’m fuming, beyond angry. I swear I’m going to hunt her down and make her suffer. Really just, why?! I thought I might’ve been wrong about her but that’s what I get. What she did to me, I can’t forgive her, never.

Okay calm down. I tried to take a deep breath and think about this. For some reason, I still thought that this was just some kind of sick joke, that maybe, deep down, Jurina was still trustworthy. But maybe it was just me getting my hopes up.

That's how I felt though, if I was being honest with myself.

Postponing my trip home since my mom would figure out something was wrong the minute I stepped in the door, I opted to do some monkey bars. I hated monkey bars, they always hurt my hands and gave me blisters. But they were there, and maybe a different kind of pain could take my mind off it all. In the end I could only go a couple of bars before dropping onto the ground. Pitiful, I know.

One thing I did like though, was to hang upside down. I’d hook my legs on the bars and fall back, all the blood rushed to my head but I still liked doing it. Dangling there, my thoughts wandered back to Jurina again. That message in the sand...something was off. The way it was written was weird and choppy and didn’t really sound like Jurina at all.

My knees were starting to hurt from hanging there. Wait. I was hanging...upside down.

In other words - from bottom to top.

I swung off the bar and rushed back over to the sand pit to confirm my suspicions. Reading from the bottom up this time, the message had a whole new meaning.

I’m sorry, even when we were younger, I loved you. You thought I was only playing with your feelings but I’ll tell you this now - that was real and genuine. I swear that it never made me happy to hurt you. I felt the same way. So don’t believe that you’re just a loser because I found that when I took a closer look, you’re cute. I didn’t mean it when I said that I hate you. Forgive me, Rena.

My hand covered my mouth as I read it again and again, seeing if the words would change. But they didn’t. I started sobbing, full on crying my eyes out as I collapsed to my knees. I couldn’t believe it. Just that one paragraph...had opened up the box that I had so carefully locked away. Everything came back in a rush, my head was a mess and I couldn’t think straight.

Damn Jurina and her stupid riddles.

Why couldn’t she have just been straightforward? I’d even prefer one her old man puns over this now. I couldn’t really bring myself to be that mad at her though. I was actually angry at myself for doubting her. That’s it, I decided that I’d had enough - I knew what I had to do.

I searched through my contacts, praying that her name would be there. It’d been so long that I wasn’t even sure if it was there anymore, or if her number had changed. I had probably deleted it. But sure enough, right under the J section, it was there.

The call went through after a couple rings and I heard her voice.

“Hello?” It was her, her voice, though somewhat hoarse and scratchy, it was still her.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing would come out. It struck me that I was still crying like a baby. I covered my mouth again to muffle the sounds but I was certain that she still heard me.

“Rena-chan? Is that you? Why are you calling me?” Jurina sounded skeptical and she really had every right to be. It’d been forever since I even spoke to her or spared her a glance so why would I call now? Well maybe it’s because she just left me a freaking confession in the form of a damn riddle!

“J...” Wow who sounded hoarse now? I cursed myself for being such a crybaby. I half-expected her to be all cold and distant again. But she wasn’t. She was talking to me just like she used to, like nothing had ever happened between us. I almost believed it too.

“It’s been awhile since you called me that, Rena-chan~”

I could hear Jurina giggling, but it sounded weak.

“I guess you found my message then? I was hoping that you would but you’re too soon!” She whined. “I didn’t want you to see it until tomorrow or later. I didn’t think you’d figure it out so quickly either! Rena-chan sure is smart~”

“Cut the crap out.” Her attempt at sounding lighthearted was pissing me off, which might’ve actually been a good thing since the adrenaline kept me going as I found my voice again. “Where are you now?”

“Umm...In the building on the corner of 48th street?” Jurina sounded unsure, as if she didn't want to tell me. “But you don’t have to come! I just wanted leave you that message...that’s all...”

I sighed, Jurina could be such a kid sometimes. “I’ll be right there.”

She was about to protest but I cut her off, ending the call right then. I rubbed my forehead in an attempt to get rid of the migraine that was forming. Why...why did she think it’d be okay to leave that message? Why didn’t she tell me face to face? And why didn’t she tell me sooner? Why did she treat me like that if she really meant what she wrote? Why?

All these questions ran through my head endlessly as I sprinted towards the address. But really there was one main question that I really wanted to ask, and it was directed at myself, not her.

Why do I still love her so much?

Even after everything she put me through...

I knew exactly which building she was talking about, it could only be that one, and I reached it after about 20 minutes of full out sprinting. I swear I’ve never run that much in my life. But that’s what she did to me. I never understood her actions and now her absurdity was starting to affect me as well.

I was only kidding when I asked her where she was going. Those two options to choose from...I never wanted either of them to come true. And she just had to choose the latter.

I was panting hard as I asked the receptionist what room she was in. The elevator was broken so I had to take the stairs, god she’s going to pay for making me do so much exercise. That thought kept me going up four flights of stairs and down the hallway to her room.

Matsui Jurina was what it said on the sign outside the door. My heart plummeted when I saw that. But now isn’t the time to dwell on it.

Gathering up my remaining courage, I slid open the door and was finally met with the person I was looking for.

“Hey~” Jurina greeted me from the bed, back propped up against the headboard. She was wearing a white gown and had an IV attached to her wrist. Taking in the surroundings, I found that everything was white. White sheets on the bed, white walls, white ceiling, white fluorescent lights. And her complexion...was white as well. Pale as a ghost.

“Hey.” I mustered up a small smile as she patted the space beside her on the bed. That small gesture gave me a small surge of absurd happiness. I scooted in next to her and she lifted up the covers so that it was over both of us. We sat for a few seconds, shoulders touching and just taking in the situation. Until I absentmindedly remarked, “It’s been forever since I shared a bed with you.”

Jurina giggled and grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers lightly. “It’s been forever since I held your hand like this too~”

I blushed but tightened my grip on her hand. I didn’t want to let go, not now not ever. So we settled into a comfortable stillness. I had things to say, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. And I think she felt the same way.

“I’m sorry.” She finally broke the silence.

“You should be.”

“Eh?” She stared at me with wide eyes before breaking out into her signature Cheshire grin. “Mou Rena-chan~ You’re so mean~”

I scoffed, “I’m mean? You’re the one that’s been treating me like shit for the last 3 years.”

She seem to deflate at this, if she had puppy ears then they’d be drooping right about now. “I know. And I don’t have any excuse for it.”

“...Why? Why did you do it?”

“I just...I needed to push you away...”

“I can see that.” I rolled my eyes.

“No I was better that way.”

“Better how?” I was starting to get mad. How does she know what’s best for me? “And how did you think that distancing yourself was the best solution? Answer me that.”

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. My eyes caught on the IV still stuck in her wrist and my chest tightened. “I don’t know. I was stupid. It probably wasn’t the best decision I ever made.”

“You’re damn right it wasn’t.”

Jurina chuckled dryly and I kind of felt bad for saying that. I shouldn’t be so mean, not now.


“Hmm?” She looked at me expectantly.


Jurina gave me a small smile and it nearly broke my heart it was so sad. “Yeah, tomorrow.”

“And that’s it? There’s not even a chance?”

“Nope.” She shook her head, “They’ve tried everything, and I’m at my limit. It was really hard keeping it a secret you know~ You’re really hard to fool, Rena-chan~”

“Idiot...” My voice shook. Thinking back on it, there were so many signs that I never noticed. Or maybe I did but I just didn’t care. In any case it was my fault, all my fault.

“Hey don’t blame yourself Rena-chan. It wasn’t your fault for not noticing. Like I said, I tried really hard to keep it from you.” It was weird how she always knew what I was thinking. I never knew what she was thinking though. Some friend I was.

“Hey...Jurina, did you...did you mean what you said?” It had been bothering too much to not ask right this moment.

“Eh? What did I say?”

I nearly facepalmed at her ignorance. “The message in the sand...”

“Oh.” Recognition lit up her face for a split second and her expression was really cute. “Yeah, I did.”

But I didn’t know what to say to that. I don’t even know why I asked if I couldn’t come up with an answer for her.

“Nee Rena-chan~ Remember how you deleted my number during our second year in high school?” Jurina asked, changing the subject.

“I did?” I frowned. “I don’t remember that.”

“Well you did and it made me really sad. And since I was so depressed, I stole your phone during P.E. to put my contact info back in there. You never even found out~”

“Eh?! STALKER! That’s creepy, Jurina!”

She laughed at my overreaction and it was a nice sound, like wind chimes in a pleasant summer breeze. I ended up laughing alongside her until my sides hurt and my lungs were burning with lack of air. But it was nice. It wasn’t even that funny but we kept laughing and laughing, all the previous caution and tension fading away. “Oh god...haha I can’t...breathe...”

“Hahaha~ This is nice~” Jurina smiled at me. Remember when I said that she had the power of ten suns? Well it was all directed at me in that one grin.

“What’s nice?”

“This.” She gestured to us sitting together on the bed, our sides pressed against each other so I could feel her giggling.

That’s when I smiled back, I mean really smiled back. I haven’t smiled genuinely for years, not since Jurina started avoiding me, but now I have a reason to again. “Yeah, it is~ Just like how it used to be.”

“Mmhmm~” She bobbed her head in agreement enthusiastically. The amount of energy she possessed never failed to amaze me, even at times like this. “Rena-chan?”


“Will you stay with me tonight?” Jurina’s eyes were hopeful and there was no way I could refuse. It’d be like kicking a puppy.

“Sure. Just like old times?”

“Just like old times~” She shot me a wide grin.

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Mixed feelings with this first chapter of fanfiction.
What happens to Jurina?
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OMG.. My wmatsui feelings
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at first, I thought it was Jurina's POV. and It was Rena who is leaving...

The message in the sand is really good, I never expect that. when I first read like "WTH...." -___-

I really love how you describe Rena's feeling, gonna stay tune for next one XD
Thank you :)
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what will happen to jurina? is she going to die or just to another country to get treated?  :mon waterworks:
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Huaaa i cant wait for part 2
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What happened with Jurina?

I will wait for the part 2
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Genius message, J. Lol
And what happened with Ju?
This fic sounds angst, and I'm not a fan of angst fic.
But well, this fic gonna be an exception.
I'm waiting for chapter 2!

Thanks for the fic, Kei-san!^o^/
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My feelings... :frustrated:
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Hi's okay if you don't wanna read this...I mean if you want to know the ending then read on but it's a two shot for a reason...I didn't want to post it before but I thought this might be a good time considering WMatsui lately (or rather the lack of)...Please don't kill me I just wanted to try out this genre...

Wow so many comments that's so nice~ XD I love comments! And I guess a lot of people like WMatsui haha

@Minami-chan: You'll have to read to find out :P
@Haruko: Haha I guess that means I did a good job? :P
@buciq: Ah sorry I didn't make that real clear at first :nervous Thanks! I saw a poem like that before and decided to put it in a fic, and I tried to write it as if she was really in that situation and it's first person so lots of thought
@iminlovewithakb: Um read to find out? Oh and I saw your comment on an old story of mine so thanks for that too XD Glad you liked it~
@purnamazaki: Haha thanks :)
@yocelin17: Here's the answer to that and thanks for waitin~  :P
@junchan: Haha the message huh? Um angst...ah I don't really like it either but... :nervous Thanks for reading anyways though, glad it's an exception XD
@key17: Sorry? Haha...:nervous

But do explode on me if you want, I want to hear your guys' reactions :)

Alright since Misaki so kindly sent me this link for me to cry about lol, I'm adding it in here for some background music when ya read this.

Upside Down (WMatsui)

Part II

We talked a lot. It was like nothing else mattered. It didn’t matter that we hadn’t spoken for years already. It didn’t matter because it was like it didn’t even happen. We were back to our childhood, best friends that shared everything with each other.

There was only me, and her—in this room that felt separated from the entire outside world.

I ignored everything else. There was only Jurina in my eyes for those few hours. Those few hours that felt like an eternity and a few seconds at the same time. I couldn’t hear the buzzing of the lights anymore. The IV on her wrist disappeared. Her slightly hollower than healthy cheeks filled in. Even the gown that was too big on her turned into something else. The room was all white but somehow I saw all the colors of the rainbow.

Just for those few hours.

We laughed, conversed about everything that had happened right from the beginning—or at least as much as we could remember. I’d say something, then Jurina would go, “Oh! And remember when you...”

It was fun. We shared everything again, about our lives and thoughts, caught up on what happened when we weren’t in each other’s lives anymore.

She asked when I had even started cussing, briefly reminding me that I used to be the shy innocent type. I told her it probably started about when we got into high school, and she just remarked with this terribly pained, regretful expression. “I guess I missed that...I missed a lot huh.”

Her eyes told me that it wasn’t just those things that she missed, she missed me. And I missed her, more than I ever admitted to myself.

We tried lightening the mood after that, sticking to more jokes and easy topics. Like it was just some sleepover two normal teenage girls were having.

Jurina was so lively, just like the energetic kid I always knew. We talked about random things, things that didn’t even make any sense and laughed at the most unfunny comments the other made. We must’ve seemed high to anyone who could’ve walked in during our conversation, but it didn’t matter. And you know how at sleepovers, things tend to get pretty intense and personal?

Maybe it was because we knew that it would all come to an end soon, but we even talked about our deepest thoughts and feelings - ones that we had never said out loud before and didn’t even know existed until we spoke them.

I almost forgot.

But then Jurina started getting tired and it felt like reality came back to bite us in the rear. I just smiled, trying to keep it from looking painful, and told her we should go to sleep.

There was still one more thing I wanted to tell her though - something that I should’ve told her a long time ago. But she was tired, and it’d be selfish of me to keep her up any longer.

So I let her curl into my side, arms wrapping snugly around each other and drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

There’s still tomorrow after all.

I’ll tell her tomorrow. First thing in the morning when I get the chance.


“Rena-chan...” Jurina’s whisper woke me up.

“Hmm?” I suddenly remembered where I was – curled up in a hospital bed with Jurina. The lights were off so I could just barely make out the outline of her face. It seemed like dawn hadn’t even broken yet. “What’s wrong, Jurina?”

“I feel cold...”

My chest tightened and I tried to ignore it, just wrapping my arms around her as she snuggled closer. It was the best I could do.

“Just let me cuddle with you...just a little longer...”

I nodded, rubbing her arm reassuringly and she did feel cold to the touch. Her breathing was shallow too, but it didn’t really register until later - that she was really leaving for good. Her body felt so tiny in my arms and I’ve never seen her like this. Jurina was always bigger and stronger than me, but now her frame felt even skinnier than mine.

“Nee Rena...” Her use of my name without the honorific kind of startled me out of my thoughts. She never did that unless she was absolutely serious. Her voice was quiet, barely a whisper as she spoke. “...I’m sorry for everything I did...I regret it all...”

I sighed, “Jurina? Shouldn’t you rest?”

“I can’t rest until...I finish saying what I want to tell you...”

Then I couldn’t bring myself to stop her.

“...I found out about my illness when I was in middle school...The symptoms didn’t really register until later though...I wanted to tell you, I really did. But...I was scared.” Jurina seemed sleepy, her eyelids drooping as she took a shaky breath. “...So I pushed you away...and it was the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Jurina...please, just rest. You don’t have to apologize.”

But she continued, her voice light and somewhat musing. “I just...didn’t want you to get too attached to me...”

Too late for that.

“The little crybaby Rena that always depended on me to save her from the bullies~”

“I already forgave you, okay? Or really I don’t think I was ever mad at you in the first place—” I choked up a bit then, my emotions got the best of me and I unintentionally made little whimpering sounds. Pathetic, I know.

“There there...It’ll be alright...Everything will be just fine, Rena-chan...Don’t cry~”

I could hear the shakiness in her voice, like she was trying not to cry.

But Jurina just hugged me even closer and patted my head lightly. Here she was, trying to console me. And I was just being selfish. I had blocked her out, just to save myself from being hurt when she really needed me, so I don’t deserve her now.

Jurina always was the strong one, the happy one, the one who always protected me. She did this all for me. And what did I do? Let her suffer alone – that’s what I did.

God I’m so angry with myself.

“Stop it Jurina, just stop...” My eyes watered until my vision was so blurry I couldn’t even see her. “Stop trying to make light of the situation. You’re always so optimistic. It’s not funny.”

“Hehe sorry~ But one of us has to be the positive one...You’re always so negative Rena-chan~” She smiled up at me.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I took in every feature of her face. Jurina had aged drastically, her face tired and her eyes had lost some of their mirth. She was pale, so pale, like a ghost in the darkness, and I almost looked away unable to bear it.

“So try to smile more, Rena-chan. For me.” Jurina smiled weakly, “Eat a crapton of melon pans and...never stop fangirling over anime. Because...that’s the Rena-chan I know and love. Don’t let anybody get you down. I’ll be watching so I can haunt them for you if they do~”

I nodded again, wanting to laugh at her cruel humor but my throat was constricted so it’d just come out as a rasp. But if it was this hard for me, how hard was it on her? Jurina always tried so hard. And for all this time, I didn’t know, I didn’t realize.

How much strength did it take just for her to keep talking? How much pain was she in? I never knew. I still don’t know.

But I should’ve known. I used to know her better than anyone, and I knew that she always liked to fight battles by herself just like this. But I was blinded by my own pain and selfishness so I didn’t see it. Guess Jurina’s not as big of a mystery as I thought.

We had talked a lot last night, but I still had more to say. Maybe they weren’t important things but I just wanted to spend more time with her, laugh about meaningless things, go out to eat together, just anything, anything at all.

If only I had realized this sooner.

“J-Jurina...Please...please don’t go...” I cried, letting the tears fall and burying my face in her shoulder. I couldn’t help but plea. But it was way too late. And there was nothing else I could do but plea.

Keep smiling? Be happy? Without her? That’s too hard. I’m not strong, not like her. I can’t. I can’t accept this.

“You’ll be fine...I promise.”

I couldn’t speak.

“You have to try...Rena...I know you can do it.”

I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“I love you, Rena.” She said it. My eyes widened in shock as she smiled at me one last time, a tiny bit of spirit returning to her eyes. “I love you...more than anything...I’m so sorry for the way I treated you.”

Holding back my sobs and taking a shaky breath, I tried again. I tried to smile back, eyes brimming with tears. “You beat me to it.”

Jurina giggled quietly, eyes already half closed. “Sorry~ I know you’re trying your best.”

I tighted my arms, hugging her hard and pressing our bodies close, trying to get even closer. Maybe if I did that, it wouldn’t be so painful.

“Rena, you’ll be okay. Trust me, you are strong, a lot stronger than me... So just...please. When I’m gone, I want you to keep going.” Jurina sighed and laid her head down on my shoulder permanently, her hand falling to her side and that steady heartbeat gradually faded away, just like her constant presence in my life.

This is breaking my heart.

But I know I can’t be so negative all the time. I know at least that much. And now I know what I can do.

I have to move on.

It’s my turn to be strong for her.

Maybe it’s too late to get what I want, but I can at least give her what she wants.

I cup her cheek – it’s ice cold – and her eyelids flutter as I lean in, sealing our lips in a sweet kiss. It isn’t long, but it’s lasting, and I’m not saying goodbye. I will see her again someday, maybe not soon, but someday.

“...I love you, Jurina. I always have.” I smile, having always been taught to smile when people leave, because that’s the last thing they’ll remember you by. And I want Jurina to know that I’ll be okay without her.

I will keep on living even if it hurts, so she doesn’t have to worry.

So I say it again with more confidence. I want her to know how much I really mean it, because I really do. “I love you.”

Her eyes close then, but her smile grows ever so slightly and she looks so peaceful, so tranquil, like she has no regrets now. “I know...and hearing you say it...makes happy.”

And with that...she left.


Jurina always had the ability to change my life drastically. The day she told me that she hated me and to leave her alone – it was the absolute worst day of my life. Everything took a 360 degree turn and I thought I’d never be the same again, and I wasn’t.

It was my lowest point, or so I thought.

I always thought that it couldn’t get any worse when your childhood/best friend that you loved said she hated you and then got out of your life. Ultimately though, she was still there, just out of my reach. But boy did I have that wrong.

Now she really is out of reach.

I always had the chance before, the opportunity to stretch my arm out just a little farther, and I would’ve been able to catch her...but I didn’t. And now I can’t. She’s gone. Forever.

So now I know - the real meaning of having everything turned upside down.

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Juju just break the TOP 3 and you give me this heartbreaking fic?-,-
What the---!
I was crying, Kei-san!TOT
Its too sad TOT
You break my WMatsui heart TOT

I usually just skip the sad part, but thanks to my curiousity, I don't skip anything this time-,-
You have to post a very fluffy, much fluffier WMatsui fic to heal my heart-,-

Thanks for the fic, Kei-san!^o^/
Gonna wait your next works!
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 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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I really hope that J could recover for this... or maybe the last part is just a bad nightmare but well.. T_T
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Woohoo Keiyuu-chan~ I should really start proclaiming you as my favourite author now 'cuz you can even bring back my dead feels for these two forever lovestruck idiots to life  :lol:

Been a while since I actually attempted reading fanfictions, and I should tell you, reading fics have been a challenge for me these couple of weeks. I just couldn't bring myself to read anything related to stories.

But your fic... I dunno... I thought I'd just end up skimming through or read a few words before apologizing to you on FB that I couldn't read it. In the end, I finished it while listening to that gosh darn OST in the background that I PM-ed you about and oh my gosh... I swear I felt a flicker of light in the WMatsui heart and author heart in me. This is the magic your fics do to me, and I'm not saying this just to say it and make you feel more awesome than you already are hahaha.

Personal overall feelings aside, regarding your fic now, that upside down message to Rena was a work of genius, Keiyuu-chan. Like seriously. How long did it take for you to come up with such an ingenious piece of confession??  :lol: I liked the ambiguity of the beginning of the first Chapter. It made me keep pondering if I'm reading this as Rena or Jurina, and before you revealed it to be Rena, I was actually reading the thing as Jurina  :lol: And then everything else hurt so much in a good way. Totally needed the angst yo, and this is real good piece of angst you've written bruh.

Anyways, keep it up with the awesomeness and feels bruh. I'll be supporting you as always  :)
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 :frustrated: :frustrated:
Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #6 Pick Your Battles (CenNezu)
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Pick Your Battles (CenNezu)

Never pick a fight you can’t win – that’s the motto Nezumi lived by. Even before she was known as Nezumi back when she just plain old Watanabe Mayu – the little girl that just wanted her dad’s love – she followed that one rule.

Nezumi learned a long ago that she would never get her father to change, never earn his attention, so she stopped fighting for it. She picked battles that she could win, and if she couldn’t, then she’d give up, run away. There was no shame in running, not if you didn’t consider it a shame.

Some things just weren’t worth it.

Maybe she didn’t have the best morals (or really any at all) but Nezumi was perfectly fine with that. And by that, she managed to infiltrate all the schools in the region, and not just any old schools—yankee schools.

Yankees were all about fighting, either to reach the top or to prove a point. They never give up, never give in, which was the complete opposite of Nezumi’s nature. But they also weren’t the smartest, and that’s another point of difference between them and Nezumi.

So Nezumi took the challenge.

She made a plan, perfected it, executed it, and carried it out. And by the time she was a first year in high school, she already had the tops of every academy in the palm of her hand (well, almost every academy). She would whisper little suggestions in their ear, and not knowing any better, they’d listen. That was her favorite part of her little game.

You see, when you’re a sneaky, cunning, conniving little rat, no one really trusts you. Even yankees had their own code they followed, but Nezumi had no such obligations. She had no obligations at all, except to herself and only her. But she at least convinced a lot of people that they were using her and not the other way around.

But being that kind of person, she had no friends or so-called comrades.

She did, however, have a lot of enemies.

Nezumi wasn’t worried about those so-called enemies though. They would never be able to outsmart her, they would never be able to get to her. Nezumi was too careful for that. She always covered up her tracks, always made sure she was never followed, always kept to herself. Or at least, she tried to.

Back in her last year of middle school, a girl transferred into Nezumi’s class. She was obviously a yankee - challenging eyes, prideful stance, set demeanor - she would fit right in, Nezumi thought. And she would’ve, if she didn’t pick a fight with the Teppen before her first day was even over.

Then Nezumi thought she was an idiot—who starts a fight so soon? Right away? Without any back up, information, anything to aid her and without a plan? A complete idiot, that’s what Nezumi labeled the girl as. It irritated her that someone could be so utterly stupid. And it irritated her even more when she had to be the one to take care of the idiot.

She just happened to be passing by, on her way up to the rooftop - where she preferred to spend her lunch alone - when the new girl collapsed in front of her, her opponents laughing and leaving her there, telling her not to come back.

Nezumi didn’t even spare a glance—why should she when this was just an everyday occurrence? But something snagged on her ankle and when she looked down the girl was staring at her with these intense, burning eyes that didn’t look like they belonged to a loser. And Nezumi stopped, she could have easily shaken the girl’s grip off (or kicked off like she usually would’ve done) but she didn’t. Those eyes stopped her, and next thing she knew she found herself carrying the unconscious girl on her back towards the infirmary, muttering curses the whole way because the girl was quite heavy for Nezumi’s small stature.

Finally stumbling in, she dropped the girl unceremoniously on the nearest cot, the school nurse nowhere to be found. Nezumi took a seat in the corner, on one of those stools with wheels on it and just rolled back and forth, content on waiting just like that until the nurse came back. It took her a good five minutes before she realized that the school didn’t have a nurse, the lady having quit awhile ago because she couldn’t handle all those violent yankees (why she even applied to a yankee school in the first place was beyond Nezumi’s reasoning).

Another string of curses burst of out Nezumi’s mouth before she could stop herself, the noise waking up the only other occupant of the room.

A groan made Nezumi look over, and she thought about bolting out of there before the girl actually came to (it was a natural reflex for Nezumi) but she willed herself to stay. Something was keeping her rooted to that spot, keeping her from running away, and Nezumi wanted to know what.

You can’t blame a mouse for being curious.

The girl sat up slowly, still groggy and bleeding profusely from her forehead with several other bruises donning her face. Nezumi just sat and stared and waited, patiently on that stool while the girl got a hold of her surroundings.

“...First aid kit’s in the cabinet.”

The girl startled and got into a fighting stance, but relaxed when she saw it was just Nezumi. And that pissed Nezumi off quite a bit, but she wouldn’t show it on her face.

Is she letting her guard down because I look small and weak? Big mistake. Nezumi would’ve grinned had she not wanted to test the girl first.

“...Which cabinet?”

Nezumi shrugged, “Figure it out yourself.”

The girl got up and started flipping each door open one by one until she found the cotton balls and bandages. It was when she prepared to wrap up her head without cleaning the wounds whatsoever (or wiping any of the dried blood off) that Nezumi couldn’t help but speak up.

“They’ll get infected.” She didn’t know why, but she warned the girl. Normally she’d let whatever happen, happen. Nezumi didn’t care about anyone.

“Well I don’t know how to take care of cuts so whatever.” The girl retorted.

Nezumi rolled her eyes. She really is an idiot.

And it wasn’t until the girl tried to rip the bandages with her teeth when there was a perfectly good pair of scissors in the box (along with alcohol and sanitized cotton balls that she should’ve cleaned her cuts with), that Nezumi really couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and tore the roll out of the girls hand, hastily dousing the cotton in alcohol and pressed it to the girl’s head none too gently. But that was probably the least surprising thing to the girl.

Not sure how to respond and afraid to move, she just stood there and let Nezumi patch her up. Nezumi—who never helped anyone but herself (though of course, the girl didn’t know that) but not even Nezumi herself knew why she was helping this girl.


“What?” Nezumi spat.

“My name. It’s Center.”

“I didn’t ask for your name.” She stated.

“I wanted to tell you.” Center insisted. And Nezumi made the mistake of looking up, because then she met Center’s gaze and was once again locked in place. And she saw something...something familiar...something like herself. She saw herself reflected in those eyes.



“...Damn you.”

Center watched as Nezumi backed away, throwing the used cotton balls at the sink and eyes blazing.

“Damn you.”

She watched as Nezumi turned and ran, the door slamming shut with a loud bang, leaving Center all alone in the infirmary.


Contrary to her own beliefs (but not Center’s) that wasn’t the only time Nezumi helped to patch up the reckless girl. Center had quite the habit of getting into trouble, either in their own school or with others. Before class, during, after, Center somehow always ended up in a fight. And somehow, Nezumi always ended up being the one to clean her up.

Maybe she was in the wrong place in the wrong time, but she was always there when Center almost collapsed from fighting. And from then on (she sincerely blames Center for this), Nezumi always carried a first aid kit with her. She never had the use for one before because she doesn’t tend to pick fights (rather she avoids them) but Center was the complete opposite.

Nezumi had never met someone who fit the definition of a yankee so perfectly.

Center was hot-blooded, fighting anything and everything.

But Nezumi was cold-blooded, evading anything and everything.

But somehow they ended up stuck together (which Nezumi also sincerely blames Center for). Now you hardly ever see one without the other. Nezumi didn’t protest though, she found that having someone that would fight for her was quite useful. She never even had to lift a finger when her enemies came, but she never fought together with Center, only watched.

And even during lunch, when Nezumi used to prefer spending her time alone, Center joined her on the rooftop. Sometimes they said nothing, did nothing, but sometimes they talked. And it looked like today was going to be one of those days.


“What for?” Nezumi asked carelessly, leaning against the metal railing with her hood down for once.

“For causing you trouble, I guess.” Center leaned against the railing next to her. “And for making you upset that time.”

Nezumi scoffed, “You really are an idiot.”



“You know, that felt kind of odd. I haven't apologized to anyone in years.” Center mused.

That piqued Nezumi’s interest a bit, no doubt that the statement was true. Nevertheless, she refused to look at Center, gazing at the street below instead. “...So why now?”

Then Center turned her head and grinned at Nezumi - a cat-like smile that made the mouse feel uneasy. “Because I don't want you to hate me~”

“A simple ‘sorry’ won't make me like you.” Nezumi argued, but she had a sinking feeling that she was losing.

“I know. But you seem to have so many enemies, so many people who don't like you so you don't like them back, and I just didn't want to be one of them.”

And that’s when she finally faced Center. No one had ever looked a Nezumi liked that. She didn't know what to do so she let the one emotion she did understand control her actions - irritation.

“What do you mean you ‘know’? You don't know anything about me.” With that, Nezumi stormed off, the accessories on her backpack swinging wildly with each step.

Center let her go sadly, murmuring, “But I want to...”


“Shouldn't you be off challenging the top again or something?” Nezumi asked irritably as Center followed her through the hallways. They powered past classrooms at high speed, but Center had no trouble keeping up with the mouse (much to the latter’s further annoyance).

“Nah, I don't care about the top here anymore.”

Normally, Nezumi might ask what Center meant by that, but currently Nezumi was still mad at her and trying to do what she did best - evasion.

Eventually, the second set of steps resounding behind her drifted off and Nezumi figured that Center had finally gotten tired of her. She was a little relieved but sad at the same time. But she knew it would’ve only been a matter of time anyways.

I guess I'll go take a nap or something. Nezumi wandered off into an abandoned classroom and propped her legs up, settling comfortably in a chair.

There was nothing left for her to do now that Center was gone.


Meanwhile, Center had made her way up to the roof. Ever since Nezumi introduced the site to her, it was her favorite place to stay. A light breeze, warm sunset, and the view—the view was always better from the top. But that's not exactly what Center was thinking of—she was thinking of Nezumi. This was her favorite place to be because it's where Nezumi usually was, and Center wanted to be by her side.

Center sighed and took a seat, back leaning against the concrete wall by the door.

That first time she saw Nezumi, she knew that they were alike. Sure, Center was easy to understand - she was a yankee after all so she was pretty straightforward - but no one really understood why she fought, and no one really tried to, they didn't care. So Center had no one to turn to, no one to watch her back, no one to trust. But neither than Nezumi.

And that's what she saw in her eyes that day, the one thing they had in common - they were both alone. And Center knew that she was not just alone, but she was also lonely. Center couldn't say for sure if Nezumi was lonely or not, but she didn't want her to be. Center wanted to reach out to the one other person that was like herself.

But of course, Nezumi was not very trusting.

But of course, Center was also very stubborn.


Center must’ve drifted off because the next time she opened her eyes, Nezumi was standing in front of her, hands stuck in her jacket pockets, hood up and frowning.


“They took my backpack.” Nezumi cut her off.

That got Center to bolt right up. “Who?”

“Yabakune.” This time, Nezumi watched as Center sprinted off, a little surprised that Center went so willingly. Reckless idiot.

Going at a more leisurely pace, she followed, taking shortcuts that only she knew to head towards Yabakune, and Center was nowhere to be found. Nezumi kind of regretted handing over her bag though, surely there could’ve been some better bait and Center would’ve gone anyways. Hell she probably didn’t even need bait.

That idiot’ll do whatever I tell her to.

The ones who ‘stole’ her backpack couldn't have gotten too far, and they'd surely be heading back to their school.

Center might have run into them along the way. Nezumi thought.

And actually, she hoped that that's what happened. There was no way Center would be able to take on all of Yabakune High by herself. And she’d definitely be dumb enough to storm in there on her own.

Wait, why do I even care? Whatever happens to her will just benefit me.

Running the calculations in her head, Nezumi backtracked along the path they’d most likely take, figuring that in the amount of time passed they’d be right about...


An abandoned structure that was halfway done, just the skeletal frame of a building - the construction having been halted during the colder winter months.

Pulling her hood up tighter around her face, Nezumi made her way around the construction site because based on her knowledge of yankees, she knew they liked to fight where they wouldn’t be interrupted but not too far from where they met the opponent either (they were all too impatient for that). So when she found a number of girls lying on the ground, either unconscious or groaning in pain, Nezumi’s hunch was confirmed. But then she saw something that she didn’t expect at all.

Center stood in the midst of them, and sensing another presence, she looked up and tossed the backpack at Nezumi’s feet.

But Nezumi didn’t pick it up. She just kept staring at Center, astounded. “...How...How are you still standing?”

Center scoffed, “It’ll take a lot more than a few small-fry to beat me.”

That got to Nezumi as she started muttering under her breath. “But calculations should’ve been correct...I’m never wrong...The plan always works...”

“Calculations aren’t everything, you know.”

Nezumi’s head whipped up and she growled at Center, “Shut up. You don’t know anything.”

“That might be true.” Center stepped towards, limping a bit. “But I do know that you are alone. Even if you have all these people doing your bidding.” She glanced at all the yankees lying on the ground.

Nezumi’s eyes widened for a split second, disbelief setting in.

She knows...

If she had been in her right mind, she would’ve realized that Center knew a lot sooner. But everything wasn’t making sense to Nezumi right now.

But before she had a chance to act, Center grabbed Nezumi’s shoulders in a tight grip and Nezumi didn’t know where she mustered that strength from after all that fighting. “Now don’t think about running away again.”

Those earnest eyes again—every time she saw those eyes Nezumi got pissed.

“Just—Shut up!”

She punched Center in the side, exasperated. Now Nezumi might not be the strongest, but unlike everyone believed, she could still fight, and her punches still hurt - especially to Center because she never saw it coming from Nezumi.

Surprisingly still though, Center let go, clutching her stomach and falling over. It wasn’t a hit that she’d normally take too much damage from, and Nezumi immediately knew something was wrong.

“Center!” She hadn’t wanted to catch her like in those stupid romance manga, but she reflexively reached out and grabbed Center’s arm, slowing her fall. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Center groaned and coughed, spitting up a bit of blood. But then she laughed, and that only pissed Nezumi off even more.

“You’re such an idiot.”

“...Maybe~” Center chuckled. “I guess you would think so.”

“Of course. What kind of idiot runs off with a plan and takes on 20 yankees by herself? Just for a stupid backpack? For someone who doesn’t give a shit about you?”

“I would.”

Now even more done with Center, Nezumi rolled her eyes, “And I think we’ve already established that you’re an idiot.”

“But—” Center broke out into a coughing fit, pressing a hand to her side.

“Hey what the—?” Nezumi’s eyes widened when she saw the amount of blood staining Center’s cardigan, and muttered exasperatingly, “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me...”

“—I’m fine.”

“No. You’re not.” Nezumi said through clenched teeth. “God why do you have to be so stupid?”

Center always had to be this reckless, and that’s what Nezumi would never understand. How come someone be so selfless? For someone like her?

“I’m not stupid.” Center argued, wincing from a sudden stab of pain in her abdomen. Black spots started floating around the corners of her vision. “I—I did this to prove something.”

Nezumi rolled her eyes again. “What is it with you yankees and always having to prove something? Why take something like this so seriously? What is so damn important that you have to risk your life for it?”

For once, Nezumi didn’t have the answers, but Center did.

Center weakly chuckled again. “...You.”

Then she passed out.


The next time Center awoke, she found herself lying in very stiff and somewhat familiar cot, her mouth dry and bright lights above her. Blinking slowly, she turned her head and found a vase full of flowers at her bedside, the fragrant scent light in the room. Hearing the curtain being pulled aside roughly, she was met with the sight of a hooded young girl, popping bubbles with her gum and a signature backpack behind her.

“Am I in heaven? ‘Cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen an angel before.”

Nezumi rolled her eyes and plopped down in the stool next to her. “Shut up.”

Center chuckled, but it turned into coughing again and Nezumi handed her a glass of water, even helping her sit up in the bed to drink it.

“...Thanks.” She grinned at Nezumi.

Nezumi just sighed, not exactly the response Center was expecting, and rolled back and forth on the wheels of the seat.

“...So, you were stabbed.”

She wasn’t exactly asking, rather just stating the facts.

“Not this time.” Center shook her head. “It was a few months ago but I guess it tore open today.”

“You mean yesterday. You’ve been out for a day already.”

“Oh...” Then she mused, “Well I’ve gotten plenty of rest then~” She swung her legs over the side and slowly rose.

Nezumi watched her, face blank but eyes following Center’s every move as she went digging for her clothes over in the laundry basket by the corner, the hospital gown not exactly her favorite style of clothing.

It was when Center was about to change that Nezumi spoke up.

“How were you stabbed?”

Center turned and looked at her curiously, mirroring the expression on Nezumi’s face though maybe not as troubled. Then she smiled a little sadly. “I got this from the last time I was betrayed.”

A miniscule twitch in Nezumi’s face let Center to know that she got to her, Nezumi’s gaze drifting downward to the pale gray tiles of the floor, as if ashamed and reflecting. And Center just stood there as Nezumi seemed to be contemplating her actions, letting it go on for a few moments before she sighed.

“Well? Are you going to sit there all day?”

“...What?” Nezumi spat, her irritation level rising again.

“We’ve got a school to take over, you know.”

“What the hell are you talking about.”

Center grinned as she shrugged on her signature cardigan. “Majisuka Gakuen.”

Graduation was only a few months away, then onto high school they went. And what better school to pick than the area’s most well-known yankee academy? It was the only school that Nezumi had no control over, and the small bit of yankee soul she had in her did make her want to take on the challenge. She had already started calculating and planning, filling several notebooks with thoughts. But how did Center know that?

Nezumi’s eyes narrowed, “You looked in my bag.”

“I gotta say, your calculations are pretty impressive, but you’ll need more than brains to take the top.”

“...What are you implying?” She asked hesitantly.

“If I’m not mistaken, then you need someone strong to help you.” Center’s grin only widened. “And I’ve been itching for a good fight lately.”

Nezumi could only look at her incredulously. She just had a fight with 20 yankees that put her in the hospital but Center was still ‘itching for a good fight’? Ridiculous. Nezumi couldn’t fathom how someone could be so stubborn and reckless, hot-blooded and confident. But what she really didn’t understand – was how Center was so straightforward and trusting of Nezumi. Maybe there wasn’t a reason, but Nezumi couldn’t understand that either.

“...You’re an idiot.” She concluded.


Then Nezumi thought that maybe she was an idiot too. Because that was the first time went into a battle knowing she’d never win—and not against Majisuka, but against Center. Because Nezumi just couldn’t win against Center—how could you win against someone who wouldn’t fight you? Someone who refused to even go against you?

But for some reason, she went into that battle anyways. Maybe she knew she would lose but also, for once, maybe it was worth it. This was one loss she’d accept, because she won something much more important. And now maybe Nezumi didn’t have to fight her battles alone, so maybe...just maybe...

We can fight together this time.

Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #6 Pick Your Battles (CenNezu)
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So its CenNezu~~~
And a long one~~~~
You should make them officially dating first before you end the story, Kei-san!>0<
But I love the way you write both of their feeling^^

Thanks for this fic, Ke-san!
Gonna wait your next works!^o^/
Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #7 Someone Like You (WMatsui)
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So I may continue this and make it a full-blown chaptered story someday. But for now, here it is as a one shot. Enjoy~

Someone Like You (WMatsui)

The next person that bumps into me without saying sorry, I kill.

Matsui Jurina sat in a room full of desperate young girls and wished she had a drink in hand. No, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. She was seated in a simple folding chair in the corner of the audition’s waiting room, dozens of other girls there aspiring to become a known face in the entertainment industry, and not just any face – the face of a top model.

They had all filled out surveys, attached profile pictures and sent them off to magazine companies and modeling agencies all around the country, waiting—hoping for a response. And most of them hadn’t received one. So now they were all here, crammed in this little room desperately waiting for their turn to be interviewed. Jurina knew how all this worked, but not in the way you’re thinking. She had done her research, that’s all, and she wasn’t like them.

Not to be rude or blunt or anything, it was just the truth. She was simply not like them. No, not because she possessed something special or innate talent, not because she was here as she had missed the deadline for the agencies, not because she was prettier and cuter and sexier than everyone else in the room (each of the girls seemed to think that in their own right). That’s not why Matsui Jurina was different from them.

No, Jurina wasn’t here to audition—that was the difference. She was here to observe, watch, and pick out a talent – someone that she would choose to be her model.

Doesn’t make sense, right? Well Jurina’s been told that by countless people already, so she’s already accepted it wholeheartedly. She had her own way of doing things, one of them being recruiting a model by pretending to be one herself and going to a last minute audition.

Apparently, this agency was pretty popular and had already taken in a number of girls that had passed their auditions, but one had dropped out last minute. If Jurina had to guess (though it wouldn’t really be called a guess because she was absolutely sure this was the case), then she’d say that training would start soon, followed not long after by mock photoshoots, eventually came the real deal until you’d gotten enough jobs and enough flashes in your face and enough walking down a narrow stage in treacherously tall heels then you were famous – the top model in all of Japan.

So in order for the agency to make that happen, they needed all their models for advertisement, and soon. Hence, the last minute audition.

It really was unorthodox, Jurina had never heard of anyone holding an audition of all things to pick a model. It seemed more like a step to becoming an idol instead.

But Jurina was also anything but orthodox, so she found this to be the perfect chance.

Letting her sunglasses slide a bit down her nose, she gave everyone in the room a once over. Now, Jurina would like to say that there were a variety of people in here, but no, sadly there weren’t. All of them were naïve young girls (or perhaps veterans at getting rejected) that were mostly tall, decent looking and terribly skinny. It was far too easy to tell who had been starving themselves lately.

Jurina let out a small sigh, disappointed with the outcome. She was already long past the point of irritation by now. There was no one here she could possibly use. Jurina wasn’t really picky with her models per say, but at least no one in this room would do, that was for sure.

Now what exactly was she looking for? Good question. She wanted someone like her – unorthodox. Someone who didn’t fit in with the crowd, nothing special, just different. Different in the way that they were probably bullied for it, which was odd, however that’s what Jurina wanted—what she searched for. And sadly no one in here possessed that one quality.

All except one.

Jurina hadn’t seen her at first, so it seemed the girl had actually appeared in a split second, but the rational part of her brain told her that the girl was probably just hidden from view, which was entirely possible because the girl was crammed into the very corner opposite to Jurina’s, her existence completely covered by this other lady (she obviously wasn’t a young one) with huge hair that looked like she belonged in the seventies. Jurina wasn’t one to judge though...okay maybe she was, a lot, but that’s beside the point.

Found ya~ Jurina thought as she stood from her chair, her butt numb from sitting there so long. She had to give props to all the people in the room though, as far as she could tell (besides herself and the girl she was currently headed for), everyone else had been standing for the past 3 hours, which was a feat in and of itself.

As she pushed and prodded her way through the sea of endless bodies, Jurina took in the appearance of the girl more thoroughly (it was her aura that first appealed to Jurina). The girl seemed to be tall even though she was sitting, long and straight raven black hair came down to her chest and wide doe eyes stared at the ground. She was obviously shy just from the way she had her hands wrung in the hem of her dress (which was white by the way and Jurina thought it fit her nicely) and how her posture was unbelievably stiff. Jurina stopped about a foot in front of her (she had to literally shove the seventies chick out of the way, which was actually really hard because the room was so crowded), and then she put on her best smile and took the girl’s hand (which was also really hard because the girl had her hands clenched together in a death grip).

“Would you like to be a model?” The answer had to be ‘yes’, that’s why Jurina asked. If the answer was ‘no’ then why would that girl be in here in the first place?

“...Yes?” She answered hesitantly, wide eyes focused on Jurina this time.

“Then follow me if you want a job.”

With that, Jurina let go of the girl’s hand, swiftly turning and shoving a path back through the crowd and towards the door. She had let go of her hand so she couldn’t be held responsible for the girl’s decision, or kidnapping if it came to that.

Luckily though, Jurina found herself outside and was pleased to see the girl was as well. “The name’s Matsui Jurina.”

“Matsui Rena desu...” The girl bowed slightly.

“Great, now we’ve met. And I assume you do want the job?” Jurina asked, she had to be sure.

“Yes, if that’s what you’re offering...”

Jurina nodded, happy with the answer and proceeded to fish her keys out of her pocket. “That’s good.” She unlocked it with a chirping sound.  “So get in the car.”


“Why did you get in?” Jurina asked. They were currently halted at a stoplight, Jurina was the one driving and Rena sat next to her in the passenger seat—she was still staring down at her lap which Jurina found intriguing.

She really is an odd one.

Most people wouldn’t get in without a lot of questions and suspicion, let alone a young girl. Jurina was absolutely sure (actually she made sure) she looked shady in her disguise today with a trench coat and wide-rimmed sunglasses.

“I...I don’t know...”

“Well that’s a great answer. You can tell me, it won’t affect your credibility to me whatsoever. But if you’re really that desperate then I don’t know what to say. I just hope not to find you on the streets of Roppongi at night sometime.” The light turned green and Jurina drove on. “I could be a serial killer. I could be taking you to be sold on the black market right now. Organs cost a lot nowadays, you know.”

“I know.”

“Oh really? You know huh? That’s good too~ Means you’re not stupid.” Jurina didn’t say these things to be offensive, it’s just how she is. Rena could either accept it or not, and if she didn’t then Jurina would dump her. Then again if she answered wrong then she’d be dropped off on the sidewalk straight away as well.

“...Can I ask a question now?” Rena inquired.

“Sure~” Jurina replied nonchalantly. “You could’ve asked a question anytime you wanted, and you can ask anything you want, though I can’t promise I’ll answer truthfully.” She wanted to play around with Rena a bit, see what the girl’s like before they started working together, test her new subject in other words.

“Then why me? Why not anyone else? Why choose me?”

Jurina chuckled lightly, amused at Rena’s sudden spurt of words. It was more than she had spoken during this entire time combined. So that’s one thing I just learned about her. “Because you’re different. And that’s the truth.”

Rena fell quiet after that, and Jurina didn’t probe anymore, at least for now.


“Yes, this is where I live. Yes, I do own the house. And yes, I am filthy rich.”

That was the first thing Jurina said she swung open the door leading from her garage to her house (which was quite large to boot and in Tokyo nontheless), having parked her Cadillac coupe in its rightful place with the rest of her car collection (they were all far more luxurious than the coupe, Jurina had only chosen that one today because she needed to stay inconspicuous at the audition and unfortunately it was the cheapest car she owned). Tossing the keys on the counter, Jurina immediately crashed on the nearest leather sofa, finding it so much more comfortable than the folding chair from earlier.

After relishing in comfort for a few moments with a content sigh, she spoke, “Well don’t just stand there, pop a squat!”

Rena cautiously made her way around the couch, gingerly taking a seat on the recliner next to it (basically as far from Jurina as she could possibly get).

And there’s another thing I’ve learned about her.

By this point, Jurina was already assuming that Matsui Rena was about as easy to figure out as a stick.

“So anyways, here’s the basics. I’m a photographer—a new one at that though I do have a good deal of experience.” Jurina didn’t care if that didn’t make sense, she just continued. “I was only at that audition to find a model—that’s you.” She nodded at Rena as if that wasn’t clear enough. “And now we’re going to embark on a great adventure with tons of fun and glory and treasure. Sound good?”

Rena nodded, having perked up a bit after Jurina started explaining. Now she was watching Jurina intently, and it unnerved Jurina just a slight bit though she couldn’t figure why. The last time she was unnerved was when she came home to find her aunt in a school uniform, and then she promptly moved out.

“Okay so then I have a few ground rules.”

Rena nodded again.

“First, I’m not going to make you a ‘top model’ or anything like that, that’s not my job. You have to do that on your own if that’s what you’re aiming for. I’m just here to take some pictures.”

Rena nodded again, eyes never leaving Jurina’s.

Jurina swallowed thickly before she continued. “Second, you’re to work with me and only me. But don’t get conceited or careless, I hate that. And if we can’t agree then you’re out, and both our careers will be down the drain, capisce?”

Rena nodded again, her attention so raptly focused on Jurina that the latter was finding it harder and harder to breathe.

Is it getting hotter in here? Jurina tugged at her collar subconsciously. “Third of all—Are you ready for this?”

Another nod and she had her confirmation.

“Great! Now strip.”

If Jurina thought Rena’s eyes were big in the first place, then they were huge and nearly bulging out of her head now (okay maybe not that exaggerated but still). Jurina almost burst out laughing right there, but she kept her cool, only staring at Rena with a straight face and they never broke eye contact. Now...what will you do?

“I—I can’t.” Rena finally spoke, it was soft and quiet, but definite. Then she finally looked away.

And there’s the third thing I’ve learned about you, Matsui Rena. Guess you weren’t as easy to figure out as I thought~ Jurina mused.

She couldn't take it anymore. The sound rang out throughout the empty house and caused Rena to whip her head back around and gape at the source. Jurina wholeheartedly laughed like she hadn’t in a long time, tears threatening to spill in the corners of her eyes.

“Hahaha! Ahahaha!... I haven’t laughed like that in a long time~” She swiped at her eyes, wiping the tears away with a genuine smile. “I like you, Matsui Rena. You’re...interesting.” Jurina grinned at her, fully meaning what she said.

“Th-Thank you...” Rena wasn’t sure how to respond to that, but she could feel the heat in her cheeks building.

“What for?”

“For...” She didn’t know what for. “For giving me a chance.” Rena decided.

Jurina only grinned wider. “Now that’s a good answer.”


“So, Matsui Rena, why did you decide to become a model? Is it a dream? An ideal? Or just an escape?” Jurina asked, swishing the wine in her glass lazily. It had been a few hours since the two met, they couldn’t claim to have hit if off right away, but now they were having a good time sharing a loveseat, sipping on wine and enjoying the breeze from Jurina’s patio, which was pretty darn good in both their opinions.

“Hmm good question~” Rena might’ve been a little tipsy, but she opened up even if just a bit, and Jurina liked this side of her too. “I guess it was so I could meet someone like you.”

That caught Jurina attention, trying not to show it, she asked coolly, “And what do you mean by that?”

Rena smiled shyly, “I asked why you chose me earlier, didn’t I?”

Jurina nodded.

“Well I think I figured it out.” Leaning back in her seat, Rena glanced up at the sky. She always found the sky to be fascinating – sometimes it was dark and stormy, almost angry, then it could be sunny and bright, lighting up the world, or it could be like now, when it was the purest blue with a few clouds lazily rolling past and a splash of orange on the horizon where the sun was setting to rest – and this was Rena’s favorite. “You know the saying ‘a diamond in the rough’?”

“I do.”

Rena breathed a chuckle, “I guess I was the coal in a room full of diamonds then~”

“Perhaps~” Jurina didn’t think it was a bad thing though, and placed a hand over Rena’s in the small space between them. To her, Rena was more precious and beautiful than anyone else, possessing a strength and beauty worth capturing. Jurina knew how hard it was to not give into to conformity—to be different—and it wasn’t through research this time.

But she let Rena continue.

“And that’s what I mean by ‘meeting someone like you’. Someone who could bring out the diamond in me, someone who could even find it, because at the time I didn’t think I had anything worth finding.”

“You do.” Jurina insisted, but Rena wouldn’t meet her gaze.


“I uh...” Jurina started awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck and a little embarrassed at sharing this, “Someone helped me get where I am too, someone who believed in me, so I just wanted to do that for someone else as well.” She peeked over at Rena.

Her eyes misted over as she only gave a small nod in response, though Jurina was sure Rena still wasn’t completely convinced, so she decided to try a different tactic.

“Hey, and I never did finish telling you my rules.”

Rena blinked, a little surprised at the random change in topic, but she knew Jurina was going somewhere with this and didn’t question it.

“So then third of all—” Jurina cleared her throat. “You have to live here, with me—to avoid all the publicity and...other reasons. If that’s alright with you.” She added quickly, glancing at Rena to check but only received a giggle plus a small nod to go on. Then she smiled, giving Rena’s hand a squeeze. “And then you can keep telling me about how you’re a piece of coal for as long as you like as much as you like, and I’ll keep on denying it. Because I promise there’s more to you than that.”

That’s why Jurina chose Rena after all – because she wasn’t just another face. Rena wasn’t like the others. She was unorthodox – just like Jurina. But even more special. And that’s what Jurina wanted.

Then the tears fell, but Rena smiled back sincerely, interlocking her fingers with Jurina’s securely and looked back at the sky again but with a more relaxed nature. Jurina did the same, a content smile tugging at her lips as well now that she felt things were finally okay.


“...I still want a job though.”

Jurina blinked, then laughed again, pleasantly surprised that this girl she met only hours ago made her laugh as much in those few hours as her 20 years on this planet. “Of course~”

So maybe Rena wasn’t simple as Jurina initially thought her out to be, but that made it even better, because now Jurina could take her time and learn even more things about Matsui Rena, and maybe even a little more than that.

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Ngaaaaaw what a sweet little WMatsui OS you've written.  :heart:

It's a given fact that Jurina will always be attracted by Rena's aura even when they are a thousand kilometres apart xD Okay I'm exaggerating a bit now.

Love love loveeee your descriptive writing as always. And their diabetically sweet conversation with each other as the time they shared together (eventhough it was just a matter of hours) was totally on point.

Nice work of art once again, Keiyuu~ Looking forward to more, bruh!  :thumbsup
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Title: Re: [Keiyuu's OS Collection] OS #7 Someone Like You (WMatsui)
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“You have to live here, with me—to avoid all the publicity and...other reasons. If that’s alright with you.”
Lame reason! Lol
Then this puppy really know how to use her authority XD

“And then you can keep telling me about how you’re a piece of coal for as long as you like as much as you like, and I’ll keep on denying it. Because I promise there’s more to you than that.”
THAT'S IT! THIS KIND OF LINE! Not too cheesy yet make ma heart feel the 'doki-doki' sensation!>///<

Thanks for the update, Kei-chan!\^o^/
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Hello wow it's been a while. Anyways I've been convinced to hop back into the fandom for a bit and maybe finish a few of those works that have been sitting in my hard drive all this time. I found this one that I never posted because I didn't think it was good enough (still don't but honestly can't be bothered to re-write the whole thing) but maybe someone will like it. Warning it's kinda long, almost 8k. Enjoy and feel free to leave any kind of comment!

For a Flight (YuiParu)

Paru hated planes. The constant rickety trembling during takeoff and landing and the people that rode on them. Every single time, it seemed, there would be a crying baby or someone talking obnoxiously loud on the phone. And if she was lucky, then she’d get a middle seat - stuck there with two people on either side of her which made it really hard to go to the bathroom. And it wasn’t like she could just not go, not when the plane ride lasted for a whole twelve hours.

Paru had gone to London, wandering around the old cobblestone streets rich with history and sipping on some strange European tea at a riverside restaurant. It had been her dream to go ever since she was little, and she jumped at the chance when it was presented, ignoring the mountains of paperwork she had to go through, ignoring the long hours of sitting there idly in a cramped seat, and ignoring the fact that she’d be away from her family for a whole month.

Nothing was going to stand in her way, not even her fear of planes. It wasn’t an unreasonable fear, the only other time she had ridden on one was when she was only seven years old, a quiet naïve little girl that got easily intimidated by the plane’s sheer size and rumbling engines.

And planes were flying death traps thousands of miles above the ground that could plummet at any miniscule malfunction, but no, Paru was going to go to her desired place even if it killed her (which she really hoped it wouldn’t).

She had prepared herself, now that she was older it shouldn’t be as bad. She couldn’t really remember much from the last time besides the fear (nothing of the actual experience), so Paru had steeled her resolve...but it kind of crumbled as she went down the tunnel to the plane. Just the tunnel itself was scary enough since it was possible to see through the cracks under feet at the ground several meters below. And after actually stepping on the plane, Paru had heaved a sigh, almost believing the worst was over.

But it had only just begun.

Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the armrest, eyes clenched shut during takeoff, which Paru briefly thought was conveniently visible on the screen on the back of the seat in front of her, though while watching the landing gear disappearing into the plane’s shell she to remind herself to breathe and not hyperventilate. That would be bad. But then it wasn’t so bad in midair, a lot better than she thought it’d be. They cruised along smoothly without any turbulence. Having had her hopes dashed earlier, she had believed that it would be the worst of it when they were high up in the atmosphere, thank the gods it wasn’t.

They even provided a little TV for her (and every other passenger) and it was equipped with the latest movies and songs, providing adequate entertainment and distraction for her mind. Paru had been busy lately with packing and researching London (as if she hadn’t done plenty of extensive research over the years already) and had to get everything done before she could go. This meant that the entire month before hand, she had missed out on her favorite shows and music. So she was glad to catch up on AKB’s new single during the trip.

Paru had passed the plane ride by watching four movies total, and sleeping for the rest. This meant that she was completely distracted the whole time, from the shaky turbulence, from the thought of going to a foreign country alone, and from her discomfort of sitting close to people that she knew nothing about. To her relief, no one had spoken to her and she was glad to have avoided any kind of confrontation. Being approached had never really gone well for her before.

So she simply had to occupy herself somehow so the boredom wouldn’t kill her. And she’d realized at some point though, that plane rides were actually way more boring and tedious rather than scary.

Now that the trip was over, a whole month passing in the blink of an eye, Paru mentally prepared herself to get on the deathtrap once again - now back to Japan. Her trip to London was actually funded by her University, where she was currently residing and studying photography as her major. Her class had written an essay about where they would like to visit to enjoy the scenery and surprisingly, Paru had won, earning her the all expenses paid vacation halfway across the world.

She loitered around the waiting area, buying some ice cream to snack on (but London had much larger serving sizes than Japan) and Paru was quite full when she finished it just in time to board. With her broken English skills, Paru heard the recorded voice of some attendant lady alerting them that her flight was now letting passengers on. And so Paru rolled her carry-on along behind her and hopped on the plane.

This time she had gotten the window seat – an amazing stroke of luck on her side since it meant she only had to deal with one seat mate. Also because Paru liked to gaze out the window, watching the fluffy clouds roll past. Sometimes she wished she could be as easygoing as those clouds.

As an early boarder, Paru found her seat quickly and pulled out her book and food plus headphones, making sure everything was in easy reach before anyone else decided to come along. It’d be a pain to ask them to move for her to grab something out of her bag.

And Paru didn’t like talking to people anyways, they always thought she was rude, just because she was blunt. It was just because Paru didn’t put any effort into first impressions which was why they were always bad.

Then there was always the chance of those people trying to strike up a conversation with her, and her cold attitude usually made them misunderstand her horribly, leaving her with some nasty remark or comment and making her feel like it was all her fault and regretting ever speaking in the first place.

But then if everyone was going to judge her like that on their first meeting, then Paru decided a long time ago that she didn’t really want to get to know anyone anyways.

Hopefully no one abrasive would come sit next to her. Hopefully she’d be able to end her trip on a good note, with one last pleasant memory to reminisce on.

She already had her headphones atop her head when the first girl arrived, but only on one ear. Actually, Paru thought that she’d be sitting alone by the window since the plane was almost taking off and no one had come to claim the two seats beside her yet. But she was mistaken as another Japanese girl around Paru’s age sat beside her, panting probably because she had sprinted after almost missing her flight. And she sat right beside her.

Paru’s guard immediately went up.

“Phew! I thought I wasn’t going to make it!” The girl spoke in a slight accent – and in Japanese too - as she started rummaging through her stuff and putting some of it away under the seat in front of her. She only had one small backpack which Paru found weird since she herself had a whole suitcase for carry-on. The girl had chosen the seat right beside Paru even though most people would choose distance. Not her apparently.

Paru studied the girl a little more, having deemed she had nothing else better to do at the moment. The girl had shoulder-length black hair, sort of a bob haircut but longer, and from the one sentence she spoke in Japanese, it seemed she wasn’t from Tokyo but Paru couldn’t place it just yet. Her face was also distinctly Japanese and Paru had to admit it, she was very pretty.

Suddenly, the girl turned to her with a wide friendly smile, extending her hand, “Hi, I guess we’ll be together for the next 12 hours so nice to meet you.”

Paru blinked. Excuse me? Normally people wouldn’t even say anything to the person next to them except a ‘Can you move, I need to go to the bathroom’. She was Unguarded. Paru didn’t like it.

“Um yeah...Nice to meet you.” She said with a blank face didn’t take the offered hand. Paru moved her other headphone onto her ear, hoping that her salty response would put an end to anything the other girl was trying to start and just slid up the window cover and stared out onto the asphalt, waiting for the plane to start moving. A small movement in the glass caught her attention and she automatically glanced up a little, almost startled at seeing the girl’s reflection in the window, still smiling at her quietly. But of course, Paru refused to show it.

She’s so weird. I already brushed her off so why’s she still smiling like that? She huffed and tried to ignore the girl, and it worked this time. The said girl went back to digging through her bag before the attendant told her to put it away, or at least that’s what Paru assumed happened since she couldn’t hear over the music in her ears.


A couple hours later, the plane had started its trip and Paru had gone through most of her playlists, pulling her headphones off with a sigh. Now she had to find something else to do and turned to the screen lodged in the headrest in front of her for entertainment. But as she scrolled through the limited number of movies, she realized that she had already seen all the interesting ones. Sadly she had watched all of them on the last plane ride. Oh what to do, what to do...

“What’re you reading?” The girl tried to peek at the title of the book in Paru’s lap (who had thankfully brought it just in case). Paru held it up for her to see. “Ah Art of War? That’s an interesting choice.”

“Hmm.” She buried her nose back into the reading, trying to keep her mind off of her seatmate who she felt was still staring at her. A few seconds passed, thought it felt like an eternity, and finally Paru closed the book with a sigh, unable to cope with the unwanted attention any longer. “Is there something wrong?”

The girl smiled at her again. Paru was sure she’d never gotten so many smiles from people in her lifetime as she had in these last few hours.

“Nope. I was just curious...”

“About what?...” Paru asked cautiously, brows furrowing a bit.

“About your name, since you never said it. Oh but I didn’t tell you mine, did I?” She smiled sheepishly. “I’m Yokoyama Yui by the way. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself.” And she bowed a little. At least she still had some manners.

Paru still didn’t understand why this stranger was trying to talk with her. It couldn’t be because Paru was interesting because she was always so disinterested in everything around her. So she simply couldn’t fathom why Yui was trying to strike up a conversation, it wasn’t like Paru was ever going to respond with the same fervor and enthusiasm.

This Yui girl might be interesting...or at the least a distraction.

It probably wouldn’t hurt in any case. It’s not like she was ever going to see the girl again after the flight so what was she afraid of? She should at least state her name, Paru decided.

“...Shimazaki Haruka.”

She didn’t think it possible but Yui’s grin grew even wider. She was probably feeling victorious for prying the hard-earned name from Paru’s lips.

“So Haruka-chan? Hmm do you mind if I call you by your first name? Shimazaki-san is a bit long and I’ve been living in London a while so it’s kind of weird going back. Let’s see~ Do you have a nickname already or do I have the liberty of making one up?”

Paru stared at her incredulously. Is she being serious right now?

 “Hmm...Haruka......Haru...” Apparently Yui had taken Paru’s silence as a yes. A light bulb seemed to flick on by the look in her eyes. “...Paru.”

“Wait what?”

“Paru.” She happily repeated. “It sounds cute. Don’t you agree?”

“How did you...” Paru blinked in shock. How did Yui come up with that nickname so easily? It was one that she had been using ever since her childhood but only a rare few ever called her that or knew it now, and she certainly never considered sharing it with someone she just met.

But apparently she didn’t need to.

“Am I right? I am pretty good a giving nicknames.” Yui giggled softly, “I guess I’ll call you Paru then~”

Paru put her blank face back on and turned away, back to the window once again tapping her fingers on the arm rest but also noting that Yui’s laugh was a little high-pitched—not that she cared. But by this time it was already dark outside and there really wasn’t anything to see anymore. The clouds blended into the night sky, forming one endless shape of dark blue.

But Paru, being as Paru is, still thought it was better than talking to Yui. It was kind of beautiful anyways, she thought, how the sky and clouds were two completely different and separate entities yet they somehow complemented each other so well. Even when the sky turned different colors, brilliant blues to warm orange to dark gray, the soft clouds were still there, supporting the sky gently.


“Are you from Kyoto? Or somewhere in Kansai?”

Yui looked at her, shocked. It had been the first time throughout the entire trip that Paru had willingly opened her mouth. But perhaps a few hours stuck in a plane would do that to you.

“Yeah, my family’s from there and I lived there when I was little, but then we moved to Tokyo...”

Paru nodded and turned away again, shuffling in her seat and satisfied with the answer.

Yui cursed mentally for letting herself trail off. It was the only time the other girl had spoken to her of her own accord and Yui somehow botched it up. She’d been doing okay until now, asking various questions of Paru and getting varying degrees of answers. Sometimes Paru would nod (just like now) or if Yui had chosen a good question then she’d be able to elicit maybe a few sentences from the normally distant girl. She had figured out that Paru wasn’t really comfortable sharing things, maybe she had a reason to be that way though, and Yui wasn’t one to judge. She had some bad experiences herself that she’d prefer not to dredge up.

But maybe that’s why she wanted to talk with Paru in the first place.

“So um how could you tell?” Her level of excitement had dropped since earlier since instead of infecting Paru with it, it seemed to drain her more. Yui usually wasn’t that excitable of a person anyways, or this talkative, but today was just a little special. A very cute girl sat beside her after all, the issue was just that Yui really sucked at flirting.

“Your accent. It makes it kind of obvious, no offense.”

“Oh I see. And where are you from?”

“Tokyo.” Another one word answer.

“Ah so maybe we live close to each other. I live there now.” Yui remarked, she was gradually getting her flow back. Okay I got this... “I haven’t been home in a few years, so I wonder how my place looks...probably reeeeaaally dusty.” She cringed at the thought of cleaning, something she missed about living with her family was definitely the division of chores. “So why were you in London? It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.”

Thankfully, Paru wasn’t fed up with her just yet and Yui nearly cheered.

“My University paid for the I could study the scenery.”

“The scenery? What for?”

“Photography. That’s my major...We’re supposed to learn how to appreciate all kinds of subjects, from manmade buildings to nature’s trees.”

“I see...That does make a lot of sense. I’m sure you’re a great photographer. You’ve got this whole ‘quiet appreciation’ thing down.” Yui chuckled.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re so quiet. It seems like there’s a lot going on in your head but you choose not to voice it out. I’d love to know what you’re thinking though, seems like it’d be interesting.” She mused.


“Oh I said too much didn’t I? Haha I always seem to do that. People tell me to mind my own business all the time like ‘I don’t want to hear your ‘damn philosophical teachings’ and stuff like that.” Yui chuckled, trying hard not to make it sound forced.

But Paru shook her head slowly, disagreeing. “No, I don’t think you’re being too intrusive. You just..say what you think. Not a lot of people do that. I was just...surprised.” She admitted, “You’re different than I initially thought.”

“Oh really? Huh...I didn’t think about it that way. Well thanks for defending me~” Yui smiled again.

Her smile was so warm and welcoming Paru didn’t know how to feel about it. She had become cautious of welcoming smiles, seemingly nice people, and those wounds hadn’t healed quite yet. But she decided to venture out a bit, into the unknown, just this once. It came out almost a whisper, “You don’t think I’m silently judging you?”

Yui thought about it, “Hmm maybe you are but is that such a bad thing?”

Paru stared at her.

“Who says that you see everything in a negative way? Like I said, you seem like the type who appreciates things, not judging them negatively. And if you’re taking photography, then you must have an eye for beauty.”

Paru recalled thinking Yui was beautiful earlier on, and that was even before Yui had smiled at her like she is now, but Paru squashed that thought down immediately though finding it more of a struggle than she anticipated. Was it getting hot?

Yui continued on, eyes gazing past the back of the seat in front of her, seemingly lost in thought. “People make all these assumptions but that’s all they are – assumptions. And it doesn’t really matter’re just you. It’s fine...and probably hard, I think,” She glanced back at Paru and the latter suddenly felt like shrinking into the cushions. “To say what you really feel.”

Hearing that, it was no wonder people got annoyed at Yui’s so-called ‘philosophical teachings’, because that’s all they thought it was. But Paru knew, that only someone who had experienced pain, betrayal, loss, could speak about it like that. She briefly wondered if Yui’s outgoing side of her personality was developed from that motto.

And so for once, Paru didn’t respond not because she didn’t want to.

She didn’t know how to.


“Do you wanna get up and stretch?” Yui had been playing with her phone but noticed out of the corner of her eye that Paru kept adjusting her position in her seat, never staying in one for too long. She didn’t blame her, her own butt was starting to fall asleep too.

“Stretch where?” Paru adjusted so she was facing Yui. Her reaction time to Yui’s questions was getting faster.

“We can walk up and down the aisle. A lot of people do that, see?” Yui glanced back at the few hanging out by the bathroom.



“Ugh, I feel sick...” They had just had lunch (courtesy of the airline) and Paru had finished a cup of ramen, missing the Japanese noodles after her time in London. But the ramen hadn’t agreed with her and the altitude of the plane was not helping.

“Are you okay? Do you need to go to the restroom?” Yui asked with concern, seeing as the other girl was hunched over in her seat with a hand clamped over her mouth and the other pressed flat against her stomach.

A curt nod was all it took before Yui scrambled out of her seat to make way for Paru, who then practically sprinted to the small restroom located at the very back of the plane. She didn’t have the time nor the patience to deal with closing the door, there were more pressing matters at hand.

Like puking her guts out.

Luckily, no one saw the disgusting display because Yui came in and closed the door behind her, rubbing Paru’s back calmly and helping hold her hair back out of the way.

When it was finally over, Paru stood up from her squatting position with a groan, a horrible blush on her cheeks from embarrassment while the rest of her face was a bit pale. She hated when she was sick and letting people see her in that condition. Paru would usually only let her mom see her so weak, but now Yui was in her place. The way she patted Paru’s back and spoke quiet words of reassurance was just as soothing as her mom, and somehow, Paru felt oddly at ease with it. But she was still embarrassed.

They made it safely back to their seats (Paru at the window and Yui beside her) after Paru thoroughly rinsed her mouth of the horrible aftertaste but Yui was still worried at the slight flush in Paru’s face.

“Are you alright? Your face is kinda red...” Yui leaned over and tried to touch foreheads with Paru, honestly concerned with her well being.

Paru leaned back out of instinct and Yui frowned, their faces only a few inches apart. This did nothing to reduce the heat on Paru’s face and she fought to keep her cool.

“I’m fine.”

It came out more hostile than she had intended and Yui backed out of her personal space immediately. Paru instantly felt terrible for being so cold to the girl when she was just concerned and trying to help.

“I-I’m sorry...” She apologized quietly. “I shouldn’t have said it like that. I didn’t mean to, I know you’re just trying to help.”

Yui shook her head and gave her a small smile, this time a little sad. “Don’t be. I was in your personal space and it’s not my right to be so close to you.” She tugged at the seat belt absentmindedly. “We’ve only just met after all.”

That’s what Paru initially thought too, but she still couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness when Yui said it. She wanted to make it up to her, she did. The girl looked so dejected. Paru always managed to make people feel that way, she thought regrettably.

“I’m sorry for bothering you throughout this trip. I guess I was just kind of excited to see another Japanese girl like me and couldn’t wait to talk to you. I’m actually a pretty shy person...most of the time, but I haven’t had the chance to speak Japanese in a while besides calls to my mom. And I guess I just happened to let it out all on you haha...” Yui scratched her cheek sheepishly. She didn’t add the part about sitting next to a cute girl exactly her type also putting her in an extremely good mood, which then led to her trying too hard to impress said girl.

“You don’t have to apologize.”

“I know, but I wanted to.”




“Why don’t we watch a movie?”


“Let’s watch a movie...You can pick.” Paru suggested, staring intently at Yui.

After a brief pause, Yui felt a fluttering sense of happiness in her chest as she finally realized what Paru was doing.

She’s trying to make me feel better.

So she obviously couldn’t refuse the offer, after seeing the effort the usually salty girl was making. Yui beamed, “Sure let’s watch a movie!”

Paru was almost taken aback by Yui’s enthusiasm, but at the same time glad that she had returned to normal. She didn’t know how to return the favor property, but figured it was the least she could do after someone had finally taken the time to try and get to know Paru. And though she wasn’t all that used to smiling, Paru let a small one show as Yui turned her attention to the screen in front of her own seat, already browsing through selection of films her own lips spread in a wide grin.


The two ended up watching Big Hero Six because Yui hadn’t seen it yet and really wanted to. And Paru didn’t complain because she had said that Yui could pick the movie, but also because she quite liked the movie herself.

Unfortunately, the airline only provided on-ear headphones and not earbuds, so that made it impossible to share the sound and watch the movie on the same screen. So that left them with two options – either not watch the movie, or watch it separately and try to time the films so that they played at exactly the same time.

They chose the latter.

Yui refused to give up and actually ended up timing both movies quite close together. It seemed like they were matched completely, but Paru soon realized that her own screen was a split second behind. Yui would be the first to laugh or react to something that happened, and Paru would watch it on Yui’s TV. What was the point of watching her own when Yui’s happened first and distracted her every time? Paru also heard what they said a little late that way so it wasn’t as interesting anymore.

And before she’d realized, Paru had scooted quite close to Yui get a better view since she’d given up watching her own screen, only now noticing a pleasant scent. Huh. She kinda smells nice...

Yui though, kept looking over at Paru, trying to see how the girl was reacting to the scenes, but Paru wasn’t really into it and didn’t have any change in her expression at all. It was kind of odd in Yui’s opinion that Paru was so stoic, but she didn’t question it.

She thought that maybe Paru was just like that – like Paru.

Paru eventually started getting sleepy though, the sky outside the window was completely black at this point and she kept nodding off (she was utterly too comfortable in Yui’s presence). Then her head would bob back up before her eyelids would flutter close again. She wasn’t sure how many times this happened before she actually fell asleep.

Yui felt a weight on her shoulder and looked down (having been distracted by the climax of the film) only to be met with the sight of an adorable-looking Paru using her shoulder as a pillow. Her mouth was slightly open and her breath tickled Yui’s neck, which caused the latter to giggle quietly. “How cute~”

She looked around and realized that just about every other passenger was already asleep and Yui was the only one still awake. Yui had this habit of going to bed late and getting up early (mostly to avoid the nightmares), but somehow she still managed even with her lack of sleep. She had to.

“I guess I should go to bed too. It’s getting kind of late.” Yui didn’t really want to though. There was only six hours left on the flight time and she wanted to spend it talking with Paru, which was a rare case since Yui had few people she actually considered her friends, putting up a front for all the others. But it was different with Paru, they didn’t even have to talk, perhaps just enjoying the other girl’s company would be enough for Yui, she smiled and thought.

Yui didn’t know why she liked the girl so much, she just did. Just like when she first laid eyes on her – staring out the small window of the plane with her headphones on, blocking out the world. Something had spoken to Yui, gave her the urge to reach out and maybe make friends with the lonely girl with light brown hair.

It wasn’t a lie, maybe it was different when she was a kid but Yui was always shy and timid in high school, fearful of her upperclassmen and not really approaching others after her own sad past. But she’d gradually gotten over that. And when she saw that Paru was the same way, so guarded and distant...well one of them had to be the outgoing one and it definitely wasn’t going to be the salty girl.

But it wasn’t hard for her to become comfortable with Paru anyways.

Yui paused the movie, settling into a more comfortable position but careful not to disturb her cute neighbor, then whispered in Paru’s ear with a small smile, “I’ll see you when I wake up then. Good night, Paru~”

Then she pulled a blanket over both of them, leaning her head against Paru’s and fell asleep soundly too - the best sleep she’s had in years.


Paru woke up with the sun shining on her closed eyelids, groaning and turning her head while burying her face into something soft. She wasn’t sure when she got such a plump pillow, but it was quite comfortable and she snuggled even closer. But conscious thought hit her moments later.

Wait a minute...this doesn’t really feel like a pillow at all...

She reluctantly opened her eyes and saw blue. Like denim blue......the color of jeans.

Paru snapped right up into a sitting position and looked at the place where her head had been laying just a second ago, then up at the face of the person who was sitting a seat farther away from her now.

Yui had this surprised look on her face since Paru practically jumped out of the seat. She thought the girl was still sleeping!

“Good morning Paru~” Yui greeted with a grin, recovering quickly and happy that the other girl was now awake. Yui had woken up about an hour earlier, but couldn’t bring herself to wake Paru up. Her sleeping face was simply too adorable to disturb.

Paru frowned and muttered a good morning, rubbing her eyes. Her hair was kind of disheveled and Yui observed that maybe Paru wasn’t much of a morning person due to her grogginess, unlike Yui. She was wondering why Paru seemed confused though, and waited for the girl to speak up.

“...Was I...sleeping on your lap?”

“Yeah, you were. At first you fell asleep on my shoulder, but I happen to be very bony so I didn’t think that was very comfortable at all.” Yui joked. “And you were frowning in your sleep so I moved over a seat and laid your head in my lap. You slept like a baby after that~”

Paru’s brow creased further as she glared at the empty seat between them, gaze practically boring holes in the cushion.

“...Do you want me to move back?”

“Huh?” Her head popped up, eyes now wide.

Yui chuckled at Paru’s ditziness that seemed to come out when she first woke up, Yui learned. Then she hopped over a seat - back to Paru’s side. “There~ Better?

“Wh-What do you mean?” Paru had this slight tinge of red on her face even if she was still frowning and Yui didn’t mistake it for a fever this time.

“Hehe you’re cute when you’re all embarrassed~”

Paru blushed harder and looked away.

“Oh, sorry...I didn’t mean to let that slip hehe...” She trailed off, now also with a red tinge to her cheeks. God this isn’t like me at all...

Nothing happened yet, they were still two strangers that were also seatmates. They hadn’t talked all that much (even if Yui felt like she knew Paru already) and she wasn’t even sure if Paru felt the same. Heck they hadn’t even known each other for a full day yet! Yui couldn’t start pulling shit like that! Not yet at least.

Then Paru groaned and rubbed her eyes again, with both hands this time and muttered to herself, “Ugh I think I’m still asleep...”

Does she think this is a dream? Wait a minute does that mean she dreamt about me?! Yui almost couldn’t contain her excitement but kept a cool face on. Yui had to keep her composure and not act like someone who had just won the lottery (though she felt pretty damn near close). “The flight’s almost over by the way. We practically slept through the last couple hours of it. It was halfway around the world but it sure seemed quick though, for a flight.”

Paru jerked her head up and stared at Yui with wide eyes. “You mean we’re going to land soon?”

It startled Yui for a split second, she wasn’t used to Paru meeting her gaze. But still answered calmly, “Yeah.”

“And we’ll be in Tokyo?”


“So it’s almost at an end?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

Paru frowned again. So my time with Yui is almost over...

The disappointment hit her in waves, each one stronger than the last. But Paru wasn’t sure if she really wanted to admit that.

“Hey it’s okay. There’s still a good half hour left before we land so we can do plenty of stuff in the meantime.”

“Like what.”

“Like um...Like what we’ve been doing.”

Paru sighed, frustrated for no apparent reason. She knew she shouldn’t be, it wasn’t like her at all, but she couldn’t help it.

“Do you not want to spend time with me? I can leave you alone if you want. I understand if you don’t like me since all I’ve been doing is forcefully talking to you...You can’t really force someone to open up if they don’t want to.” Yui was misreading her again, Paru didn’t want that—not with Yui.

“No. it’s not that.” She replied quickly.

Yui perked up a bit.

“It was kind” And that got her to brighten instantly, positively beaming with joy and Paru thought the girl may burst so she added hastily. “For a flight.”

But nothing could stop that happy grin. Yui was like, really, like really ecstatic that Paru was okay with her. “Hey Paru...”

“What is it?”

“Can we then? For the remaining time? I feel like I still don’t much about you and if you’d let me...I’d love to learn more.”

Yui gazed at her with the most earnest eyes Paru had ever seen, and she almost got lost in them. They were even more colorful than the sky outside.

So she answered the only way she knew how – with one word.



Paru wandered aimlessly around the terminal exit, hopelessly waiting for Yui. She didn’t know why she was waiting, it wasn’t like they agreed on leaving the airport together or ever meeting up again afterwards. But Paru held a hope and a feeling that Yui might be doing the same – waiting for her.

So she wandered, ignoring everyone that tried to ask if she was lost. They had been together up until only a few minutes ago, so she might still be around. Paru really, like really hoped so.

When they left the plane, Yui had offered to (or rather forced Paru to let her) carry both their bags and lug Paru’s suitcase for her, saying that Paru had felt sick earlier and shouldn’t strain herself. And as if sensing that Paru didn’t want to part just yet, Yui stayed with her (though she felt the same), waiting in line together during customs and talking more, going through baggage claim and chasing luggage on the conveyor belt, it wasn’t until the last bit when they had to go through some more security that they got separated.

Paru had made it through safely, her forms in order and apparently not suspicious, but Yui hadn’t. They caught her, the damn customs kidnapped her and dragged her off somewhere for questioning.

Actually it might have just been luck of the draw that Yui was chosen for further investigation (which really happened all the time), but Paru was still furious nonetheless. Especially when Yui had just smiled back at her somewhat reassuringly, leaving Paru with only her luggage as company once again, and said that she’d be right back.

So Paru waited. She had been waiting. And now she’s still waiting.

And while she waited, she thought about the last conversation they had before deboarding the plane. Unlike the lighthearted talks Yui liked to start, they talked about their childhoods a bit, and Paru had learned that they were more alike then she thought.

Yui had been bullied all throughout middle school. Her classmates all thought she was too uptight, too much of a goody two shoes that kissed up to all the teachers to get a good grade. Her parents were always sending her to school with gifts to the teachers for the holidays and that only made it worse. The other students would hide Yui’s shoes and stick gum onto her clothes while she was in gym class. They all snickered when she found out, not even bothering to hide who did it. And Yui never told. She didn’t want to cause trouble and that’s all telling would bring. Trouble for her parents, trouble for the school, trouble for herself. But more trouble came anyways. Nearing the end of her third year, the bullying got worse. She was always pushed around when her classmates passed by, leaving bruises from the impact, calling her names, going as far as suspecting she was sleeping around with the teachers. Eventually she went from a ‘nerd’ to a ‘slut’ to a ‘bitch’ and so on. She cried all alone and wiped the tears off before her parents got home. Every day made her feel worthless. Like there was no point in going to school if it was just going to be torture, no point in working hard if her efforts were just scorned, no point in living if no one else cared if she was alive.

Paru had gripped her hand tightly by that last part, and Yui had just smiled at her. It was a sad smile, but a smile nonetheless and Paru wondered how she did it. The only reason the bullying stopped is because Yui’s family moved to Tokyo and she started going to high school there. She made a few friends that weren’t too close, but it was much better than before, Yui had told her.

At least it was over now. Maybe the past could never be forgotten but it was just that – the past. Yui ended the story with that, and Paru couldn’t agree more upon hearing it. Maybe it was exactly what she needed to hear.

“Paru! Over here!”

Paru spun around and nearly collapsed in relief. There she was. Yui was waving wildly at her from the adjacent exit (probably having come out of Terminal A instead of B like Paru), while pushing through the sea of people and was smiling so brightly it was almost blinding.

So there was only one thing to do. Paru ran up and tackled her in a hug, almost knocking them over and their luggage too (which would’ve been quite the mess) and she wasn’t about to let go even if a plane crashed on top of them.


“Where do you live?” Yui asked for the second time in twenty-four hours.

“Why should I tell you?”

Yui laughed, “Answering a question with a question, that’s very Paru-like.”

Paru pouted and started watching the cars and lights pass by outside the window, completely ignoring Yui’s presence but not really. The two were in the back of a cab, it was dark outside considering it was almost midnight, and they were headed home, well, Yui’s home. Paru had actually asked if she could stay the night at Yui’s, since she’d told her she lived alone as well, which surprised the both of them. But Yui had recovered quickly, cheerfully agreeing and relaying her address to the taxi driver.

But Paru since wouldn’t tell Yui where she lived, the latter just hoped it wasn’t too far for her to take Paru home tomorrow. At the very least Yui knew she lived in Tokyo. If it was far though...well Yui would just have to take another trip with Paru then, wouldn’t she?






“Paruru?” Paru quirked an eyebrow at the extra syllable.

Yui just smiled and reached over, placing her hand atop of Paru’s on the seat.


“Nothing. I just want to.” Yui’s warmth enveloped Paru just like their overlapped hands, and Paru felt her heart beat rapidly in her chest. Then she slowly turned her hand over and gripped Yui’s lightly, the latter returning the gesture with a gentle squeeze. Thanks to that, Paru felt even warmer and her heart pounded even harder.

But it wasn’t such a bad feeling. Paru smiled.


“We’re here! Finally! Home sweet home!” Yui exclaimed and stretched with her arms wide, way too much energy in her to be contained (Paru blamed it on the coffee she let Yui buy from Starbucks on the way, logically claiming one of them had to keep awake during the car ride but Paru regretted it now). They were only as far in as the first flight of stairs of the apartment building, a long hallway ran the length behind it with several doors leading to separate apartments. The bottom of the staircase was where they decided to leave the suitcases there to deal with another time.

Paru tugged on her sleeve and muttered, “Not so loud...You’ll wake everyone up.”

She herself had been asleep up until a few moments ago.

Yui chuckled sheepishly. “Sorry, I’m just too excited because you’re here.”

“Hmm, cheesy.”

“Eh maybe I am, but only with you.” Yui took Paru’s hand again, giving it a squeeze before softly pulling her up the stairs. “This sure brings back memories.”

“What floor do you live on?” Paru inquired, taking quick deliberate steps.

“The fourth floor. Apartment 48A.”


“And here we are~”

Four flights of stairs and some distance down another hallway later, they were standing in front of a wooden door marked with the cursive symbol: 48A.

But Yui didn’t go in, instead letting go of Paru’s hand and scooted over to the next adjacent door, then banged on it full force.




Three loud resounding thumps later, some far away shuffling could be heard behind it, then a sudden thud and some very distraught cursing followed. Yui looked amused. The voice got closer and louder until the door swung open violently to reveal a woman in robe with slightly crumpled wavy black hair. “—I SWEAR IF THAT’S YOU YUI I’M GOING TO—Who’s that?”

“Nice to see you too, Miyuki.” Yui chuckled.

“I don’t see why you’re so energetic at this time of night...You’re almost never this lively...” Miyuki muttered under her breath and rubbed at the back of her head. There would be a bump there tomorrow.

Yui just glanced at Paru in response, then back and that’s all it took for Miyuki to understand. But then she put it off for a moment as she noticed something, staring at Paru and seemingly scrutinizing her appearance. “...Have I seen you before?” She finally asked.


“I have?”

“You have?” Yui was perplexed. “Where have you guys met before?”

“At the bottom of the staircase.”


“Oh yeah I remember!” Miyuki clapped her hands together. “You’re Shimazaki, right? I do remember saying hi to you in the morning once.”


Paru nodded. “Nice to see you again.” She offered curtly.

“I’m sorry but can someone please EXPLAIN.”

Miyuki frowned and looked at Yui incredulously. “You mean you’re friends with her and you don’t even know that she lives here? She even lives on the same floor, right across the hall.” She jabbed a finger in that direction.

“You can’t be serious.” Yui turned to face Paru. “Is that why you didn’t tell me your address? You really live here. Like, really?”

Paru simply nodded again, a slight smile threatening to break out. “In 48B.”

Yui merely stared at her.




“I’m sorry but can you please take your eye sex somewhere else, I still want to sleep.” Miyuki said, suppressing a yawn with her hand.


Miyuki sighed, ignoring Yui’s flabbergasted expression (though it was priceless), and halfway closed her door with only her head peeking out. “It was nice to see you again Shimazaki-san. And no Yui, I’m not going to help you lug your bags up here. I already helped you tidy your place while you were gone and you still haven’t thanked me yet! So good night you two~”

And with that, she shut the door and went back to bed.

“...That was...interesting.”

“How?” Yui frowned at her friend’s behavior then sighed, “Now how are we supposed to get those bags up here?”

“You carry them.”


“Yes you.” Paru confirmed. “And then you’re going to help me dust off everything in my apartment since Miyuki-san cleaned yours.”

“Okay...” Yui agreed reluctantly. And here she thought she’d finally gotten away without cleaning anything. But then again...if it was for Paru, then she’d be more than happy to. “Let’s start tomorrow. Now we should just get some sleep ‘cause I’m too tired to clean~”

And Yui didn’t even know that Paru’s room was already a mess before she left, but Paru decided against mentioning it. “What about the bags?”

“We can get those tomorrow too. It’s not like anyone’s going to steal them if they’re inside.”

“If you say so.” Though Paru could think of quite a few residents here that might take a peek at the contents.

“So...” Yui smirked, “My place or yours?”

Paru stared at her and replied without so much as a bat of an eyelid. “Yours. Definitely.”

Yui laughed long and hard, the high sound making Paru feel absurdly happy and content about the present, so much so that the past didn’t even seem to matter, and even more so when they stepped into Yui’s home, hand in hand, which may become their home soon enough.

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