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Title: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED
Post by: Keiyuu on January 02, 2016, 12:18:18 AM
Here's one of my longer fics as promised~ I finally finished editing it and I'll be posting one chapter a week (there's 8 chapters in total).

Surprisingly, the first chapter's the longest  :lol:

It's mainly WMatsui but with Mayuki as a small side pairing along with a hint of Kojiyuu and Atsumina. But still, mostly WMatsui, the other pairings are just mentioned  :P

I'd appreciate some feedback like what you thought while reading or any tips to improve. Thanks in advance~ XD

Anyways enjoy~

One and the Same

Chapter 1

My name is Matsui Rena and I’m just your average senior at AKB High. My grades are top notch since it was expected of everyone who went to the most prestigious school in the country. Other than that, I guess you could say I’m a pretty normal girl, at least I thought I wasn’t anything special but my best friend keeps telling me otherwise. She’s the president of the student council and everyone adores her, heck she’s even got her own fanclub...but I bet some would drop out of that club the moment they found out about her black side. Her name is Kashiwagi Yuki by the way, and we’ve been friends for a long time, like since we were born and placed next to each other in the nursery, that long.

But Yuki calls me the ‘princess of the school’ and I just keep denying it. If I’m a princess then that would make her a goddess or something. Which is so not true. But then she’ll just rebut with the same old reasons like how my skin’s so white (which I consider a bad thing) or how I carry myself like an Ojou-sama (which is also something I don’t like because of my family’s rich background). And then we’ll argue for a while until we end up laughing at the ridiculous stuff that she came up with.

Honestly though, I’m not like those preps. Not that Yuki is a prep (most of the time). Just kidding, I labeled her as one just to bug the hell out of her since she’s always loved dressing nice and being popular just somehow came to her naturally. I, on the other hand, prioritize studying and don’t like wearing tons of makeup. I hardly ever dress up since being comfortable is way more important in my opinion. I don’t keep up with trends but I don’t think I’m completely ignorant of style at the very least. She likes to say I’m living under a rock though. I’m not that isolated.

Lately, Yuki has been using that as a reason to get me to go the dance that’s coming up. And I flat out reject her every single time, but she still hasn’t given up just yet. I swear the persistence of that girl will be the death of me...

I’d never even gone to a dance before. Yes I know, high school is all about being social and having fun...but I don’t really care to. Maybe I’m just lazy. Truthfully, I get along with everyone in my class just fine, but I tend to avoid interaction in the first place. I want to be left alone and I’m not really good at talking, I guess you could say I’m kind of shy in a way. That’s what most people tend to think. So Yuki’s the only one who I will actually hang out with outside of school. And I say hang out, but it’s really her dragging me around to wherever she wants to go. Usually I end up carrying all of her bags as she hops from store to store in the mall. She really needs to get a boyfriend so I don’t have to keep doing that!

This time though, Yuki at least helped me carry half of the stuff as we shopped. It was already noon and I was getting hungry so she suggested taking a break in a nearby café. She took my arm and pulled me into this fancy looking one across the street from the mall. Most of the time we’d finish shopping by lunchtime and go to our respective homes to eat, but she sure was taking her sweet time today.

We sat down in the booth by the window. I didn’t like that place since random passerby could watch me as I ate, but Yuki already set the bags down so whatever.

“What’s with you today?” I asked as I took my seat.

Yuki sat across from me and tilted her head quizzically, blinking her doe eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Okay, cut it out. I know you’re trying to be all cute and acting like you don’t know what I mean.” Honestly I was a little crabby since I was starving and some lady just glared at me from outside the window. Seriously what was HER problem?

Yuki just laughed it off and grabbed a menu to comb through. “All in due time~”

I sighed and started fiddling with the salt and pepper stand to kill my boredom. No use in prying since I wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her until she wanted to tell me. But I had a bad feeling about it...

“So what do you want to eat?”

“Surprise me.” I said as I glanced absentmindedly out the window, already bored with the condiments.

On the street there were all kinds of people walking around. A mom with a stroller that was towing another kid along behind her, some businessman talking on his phone hurriedly, and a punk-looking girl in a hoodie leaning against the wall across the street. The girl had her headphones on and seemed to be ignoring the world. How I wish I could do that sometimes. Headphones weren’t allowed in my school and the only reason I had a pair was because I snuck out to buy some, since my parents forbade me from listening to music unless it was classical. They didn’t approve of the ‘rubbish’ kids listen to today. How old fashioned.

But that girl kind of piqued my interest. Was she waiting for someone? Her boyfriend maybe? But she seemed too relaxed...maybe she just felt like standing on the sidewalk and listening to music. I couldn’t really tell.

Suddenly she looked up and somehow, STRAIGHT AT ME. I avoided her gaze quickly and attempted to not seem embarrassed. I didn’t need Yuki harassing me for staring at a stranger.

Our food came quickly and I arched an eyebrow as it was placed on the table. Yuki had ordered my favorite melon pan and not just one either...there were 5 of them stacked neatly on the plate in front of me. Yuki just smiled angelically and if that didn’t raise any alarms than I didn’t know what would. I was still deciding whether or not to make a break for it when she cleared her throat. Oh no...


I gulped and figured that it wasn’t going to be something that I’d like. It never was.

“You’re going to that dance.” Yuki said with a tone of finality. Wow she didn’t even try asking.

I chose my words carefully as to not upset her. An upset Yuki is very hard to deal with. “No, I’m not.”

Okay so maybe that wasn’t very careful since Yuki immediately frowned, her forehead creasing a bit. “I don’t understand you sometimes Rena. It’s just a dance. What harm can come from going? Come on, you haven’t even gone to ONE. And it’s your last year in highschool... Don’t you want to have some fun? Make some memories?”

She stared at me as I seriously contemplated her words. It WAS my last year... Maybe I should go. “I don’t know Yuki...”

She groaned, “Ugh Rena~ What are you so afraid of?”

“Well...” I fidgeted a little in my seat, “Don’t I have to get a date or something?”

Yuki paused for a second before she burst out laughing. She didn’t stop either, she just kept on laughing like a maniac for the next minute and my face must’ve been bright red by that time. She clutched at her chest, gasping for air, “THAT’S what you were worried about?!”

“Sh-Shut up!” Damn it, I was stuttering. I was already embarrassed enough and the funny looks the other tables were shooting us really didn’t help. I smiled sheepishly and let out a sigh as they reluctantly turned back to their own conversations. “Yuki...”

“Hehe sorry~”

“No you’re not,” I accused. “Seriously your reactions are way too big sometimes...” I mumbled it under my breath but she caught it anyways.

“You’re the one that was too funny. You’re always so serious I forget how naïve and innocent you are sometimes~” She winked at me and I frowned.

“Don’t call me that. It makes me sound like a lost puppy.”

“And what’s wrong with that? Puppies are cute~” Yuki argued back and leaned forward insistently. I had no idea why she chose to start fixating on this all of a sudden. “Don’t you like puppies?”

“I suppose...”

“Don’t give me a half-assed answer~”

“Yes yes, puppies are cute. Happy now?” I gave in and just let her have it.

“Yes ma’am~” Yuki grinned happily and finally backed out of my personal space, taking another sip of her milkshake before saying, “But you still have to go to that dance.”

I groaned inwardly. Damn, she caught onto me. And I thought that I was doing a pretty bang up job of distracting her.

I guess I made what I was thinking too obvious though, Sometimes Yuki could actually catch on pretty quickly because then she said, “Hehe, thought I forgot did ya~?”

“Shut up.”

Yuki shrugged indifferently, “Anyways finish your melon pans ‘cause we need to get going.”

“Going where?” I’d already gotten enough surprises today and I really didn’t want another one to add to the list.

She only smiled sweetly and it creeped the hell out of me. “To get you a dress of course~”

At that moment there was nothing I would’ve liked more than to bang my head on the table repeatedly. The only reason I didn’t was because I didn’t want to cause another scene. Then the other customers would think that BOTH of us were crazy, and I didn’t need that.

“And there’s no getting out of it~” She said in a sing-song voice.

I sighed yet again, knowing that there’d be no way to change her mind. Once Yuki decides something, there’s no going back, ever. “Hey go easy on me. I’m begging you here.”

“Hmm...” Yuki pretended to ponder for a moment before smiling at me. “Maybe~”

“Fine~” I gave in and stuffed a melon pan into my mouth, might as well enjoy the treat while I could. At least SOMETHING good came out of this day. And I ate my bread as slow as possible just to irritate her.


“Hurry up would ya? I wanna see what you look like in that dress!”

“Ugh but you’ve already had me try on dozens~ How can this one look any different?” I replied through the thin curtain of the changing stall. I was working on the stubborn zipper, tugging on it relentlessly but it just wouldn’t give. Damn thing. My arms were getting tired from reaching behind my head and my patience was wearing dangerously thin. Lunch had ended too quickly for my liking and now I was stuck in a cramped fitting room, trying on dress after dress after dress...

“Of course it’ll look different! We need to find that perfect one that makes you look the absolute best! Now come out here before I come in there myself.” Yuki didn’t know it but she could really be menacing when she wanted to be, it was like she was all sadistic and cute at the same time. It’s quite frightening actually.

“Argh! I give up!” I ripped the zipper up and tore the curtain aside, not even caring that I probably looked like a crazed lady emerging out of the fitting room. Great. People were staring.

Yuki was also gaping at me openly which I found somewhat disturbing.

“What?” I crossed my arms over my chest impatiently.

She closed her mouth and smiled, her hands clapping together in delight. “I think we found it!”


Yuki started walking around me taking in the dress from all angles, then nodding and making little noises of approval.

“You mean this is what we’re looking for?” It was just a plain white one piece dress that reached about my knees. It left my shoulders bare, and there were little lace designs on the edges. There wasn’t really anything special about it.

“It fits you perfectly~” Yuki said with a glimmer in her eye. “You just can’t tell because you don’t care about clothes.”

“Okay yeah, you’re right about that, I don’t care about clothes. Second, that’s a creepy look on your face right now and you sound like that freaky aunt that nobody ever wants to go shopping with.”

She pouted, “But it’s true~” Now she was just being whiny.

I shook my head and suddenly I felt a sharp pain from my scalp. I hissed in pain, “Ow!”

“What is it?” Yuki asked curiously.

I had tears in my eyes as I turned my whole upper body to look at her slowly, not daring to move my head even an inch. “Yuki...”

She looked at me, still expecting an answer.

“...My hair got caught in the zip.”


After some hair pulling and many curse words later, my hair was finally untangled. The fact that Yuki was not gentle at all just worsened my day. Now I was in an even grumpier mood than before, and I hadn’t though that was even possible. We had left the store with my hair a mess, I tried to be sneaky and leave without the dress but Yuki grabbed my arm and pulled me to the register to pay for it. Darn.

I pulled open the front door to my house and kicked off my shoes. “Tadaima...” It was quiet but somehow the maids still heard me say it and came out to greet me.

“Okaerinasai, Ojou-sama.” The three maids chorused in unison as they bowed.

I forced a smile, I guess I couldn’t be completely rude and grouchy...I still had appearances to keep up. Most of my smiles were fake, okay so maybe all of them were, unless Yuki actually said something funny. But I didn’t have much to smile about, my life was pretty dull and boring, sometimes I wished something interesting would present itself. At least something that would take me out of going through the motions every day, and I don’t mean randomly being dragged to one of my parent’s business meetings every once in a while.

They took my bags as I started up the stairs to my room and one of them followed me at a respectful distance. “Ojou-sama, would you care for dinner or a bath first?”

“I’ll take a bath first, but don’t worry about it. I can do it myself.” They always tried to do everything for me, like running the bath water or picking out my clothes, but I didn’t need the help. I’d just be screwed if I ever moved out on my own. Honestly I hated being waited on. Having the maids around just made me feel entirely isolated and pampered.

Sometimes, being too polite can make people feel very distant and lonely.

“But’s our job.”

I sighed as we reached the door to my room at the end of the long hallway. Did I forget to mention that my house was basically a mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac we lived on? It was absolutely enormous too. I could easily get lost in it and I actually did once when I was little. But the size made everything feel that much emptier.

“Are Mother and Father home yet?” I tried to change the subject. I didn’t feel like arguing with them today, it was never any use anyways. They’d just keep doing what they’re doing and I’d give up eventually.

The maid shook her head, “No, they won’t be back until late and wished that you would dine on your own once again.”

I let out another sigh. I had expected this answer as it was the same every day. They would always have business meetings that ran late or just decide to go out to an expensive restaurant by themselves. Sometimes I wondered if they even remembered that I existed.

“Fine. I’ll just be in my room. Please bring me my food as usual around 7.” I never ate at the dinner table since I’d be the only one sitting there anyways. I wasn’t going to make myself feel lonely on purpose.

She didn’t argue and nodded, bowing again before leaving me. They’d given up long ago to try and get me to eat dinner at the table. It’s not like my parents used the dining table either. What did we even buy it for?

I pushed open the door to my room and trudged over to the bed before plopping down on it. It had been a long and tiring day. After a moment I reached up and tried to dig my earbuds out from between the mattress and the headboard. I plugged them in and scrolled through my song list but that girl from earlier started invading my thoughts. What kind of music does she listen to? Oh man I’m getting really fixated on that girl... But I guess I couldn’t help it...she was kinda pretty. Shit did I just say she was pretty? Since when did I start liking girls? Oh wait, I have kinda liked cute girls for a while now, blame it on Yuki for rubbing off on me. And the number of girls greatly outnumbered the guys in our school, so what did you expect to happen?

That girl’s gaze was really scary, like there was something hidden in those eyes of her’s....Something painful.

I ripped my earbuds out and headed to the bathroom. I really needed to stop that train of thought I was having. I cranked on the shower and got in after peeling my clothes off. The pounding of the water was soothing and I let it run down my head. I almost never took a bath on the contrary to the beliefs of everyone else. My parents liked baths because they were traditional, but I didn’t care. The walls of every room were soundproof too, so the maids couldn’t hear the water running and report me. Parents can be so ridiculously strict. I tended to take extremely long showers and I bet I was in there for a good half hour before coming out. I ended up going to bed since there was nothing else to do anyways. Such a big house but with nothing to do.

The weekend passed by quickly and school started up on Monday again, it was only the first Monday since school had started but I already didn’t want to go back. My family’s car dropped me of like usual and the stares from the other students were still glued to me. I’d already been going to this school for the last year but the stares never stopped. It’s not like I was the only one dropped off in a limo anyways, so I didn’t understand.

Yuki showed up after me like usual. She once asked me why I came to school so early and I told her she was just late. She always showed up 5 minutes before the first class and I figured it was because she liked to sleep and make herself look nice too. Those two together did not make a good combination for showing up on time.

The school we went to was a pretty well known one. It was a private school but it accepted a lot of applications. Since it was so famous, all the rich people sent their kids here and I’m sad to say I’m one of them. Yuki was too, her parents were business partners with mine and they always collaborated on everything. Besides the rich kids, AKB High also offered a lot of scholarships for kids with extremely good academic grades, making it a school for the smart and rich. And somehow, we were also known to have a few idols here as well, which was the real reason why everyone wanted to get in. A few smart, rich pretty girls were the main buzz around here. I don’t know who they are though and Yuki refused to tell me.

But due to the social gap between the normal kids and the rich, they never really interacted. There were some classmates that tended to avoid me probably for that exact reason. I’ll never understand... Why were they unable to approach me just because my parents had money? That was the problem with social order and society in general.

I took my seat just as the first bell rang and the teacher came in. It was Yuki’s job asclass rep to direct us as we all greeted and bowed to him. First class of the day was Japanese Literature and it always made me want to yank my hair out. I ought love this stuff because I look like a perfect Ojou-sama but I hate it, I just don’t show it.

The day passed by slowly until I almost fell asleep but thankfully the bell rang, signaling lunch time and Yuki sauntered over to my seat.

“Hey let’s go to the roof!” She seemed kind of excited for some reason. I wonder what happened to make her so bubbly.

“Why? We never eat on the roof...what’s with the sudden change?” I inquired.

“Just a change of scenery~ Isn’t it boring eating in the classroom or garden every day?” She said so but I liked the garden. It was kind of secluded and people didn’t really go there, so Yuki and I could talk about anything we wanted. The flowers and tall bushes surrounding us were nice too.

But I didn’t argue and just followed Yuki up to the roof. She swung the door open and a nice breeze wafted past. I immediately walked to the edge and leaned on the fence with my eyes closed, just enjoying the feeling of the sun and the wind flowing through my hair.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Yuki smiling at me. “I knew you’d like it up here~”

I’m sure my cheeks were a little red but I ignored it and sat down to eat. Yuki followed suit and we chatted for a while. It was all random and light and I actually really enjoyed myself.

“Do you ever get tired of melon pan?” Yuki had been firing all kinds of questions at me for a good 5 minutes now.

I rolled my eyes and took a big bite to prove my point. “Nope, never.”

“I’m sure you’re not getting enough nutrients from that thing.”

I shrugged, “How about you? You brought another giant bento for lunch again, ever think you’ll get fat?” She deserved a little teasing after doubting my melon pan.

Yuki pouted, “I’m not going to get fat~”

“Are you sure?”

“Why? Do I look fatter?” She started panicking and looking at her waist, trying to pinch her nonexistent fat.

I laughed at her reaction and she looked confused for a moment before recognition set in.

“Meanie~ Quit teasing me!” She punched my arm a several times while sulking all the while. I kept laughing but the girly punches were starting to hurt so I stopped.

“Alright, alright. Ow!” That was a particularly strong one. “Okay I’m sorry~”

“It’s your own fault~” She stopped but not before adding a slap to my shoulder for good measure.

I guess she was still upset that I teased her about being fat. “Don’t worry about it, you’re not fat. So don’t go trying any fad diets or anything, okay?”

She seemed to be a bit reassured after that and relaxed with a small smile on her face. “You know, you can be surprisingly good a cheering someone up~”

I gave her a deadpan look, “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Hmm...” I let it go for now but I’ll be sure to question her again later, probably after she’s forgotten about the whole fat thing. She forgets about stuff pretty easily.

So I ate my melon pan in silence, since I couldn’t think of anything to say at the moment. And Yuki turned her attention back to her food as well, devouring the bento. See what I mean about her attention span?

Silence spread across the rooftop and it felt kind of weird, not like it was awkward but something was off...

“Nee, do you ever feel like something’s missing?” I asked out of the blue. I’m not sure where it came from but I felt like asking.

Yuki furrowed her eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know... Like you need something, but it’s just not there...something that would...I don’t know, complete your life?”

“I guess...”

“I can’t figure out what it is though...”

“Ah! I know~” Yuki smiled, “You need a girlfriend~”

I was so shocked I spat out my bread, then frowned at the perfectly good, yet wasted melon pan. “I don’t think that’s it.”

“You never know~”

I shrugged my answer. How would she know anyways? It’s not like she had a girlfriend.

We finished the rest of our lunch quietly. Not that we didn’t have anything to say but sometimes you just want to enjoy your food. And since we’re lucky enough to be going to such a rich kid school, the lunch period actually lasted about an hour long and we ate at our leisure.

Classes once again dragged down for an eternity until it was the last period. I’d gotten so bored that I started to doodle on my desk, with the eraser end of my pencil of course. Actually marking the desk was frowned upon and like I said, I have an image to uphold. Nobody needed to see the daughter of the president of the biggest conglomerate in Japan reprimanded for doodling on the table. That’d just be silly.

When school was over, I immediately packed up my stuff and went looking for Yuki. Normally she’d be at her desk, waiting for me, but today she wasn’t...which was really weird. This happened every once in a while, Yuki would disappear and make me look for her but then she would suddenly show up like nothing happened, not even bothering to explain where she went off to. So I wandered through the halls aimlessly and thought I’d just take it easy and not look too hard today. She’d pop up when she wanted to be found.

As I rounded another corner, I finally saw her standing behind the end of a row of lockers. I was about to call out but something made me change my mind. There was another girl that was actually hidden by the lockers that I didn’t notice until I got closer. They seemed to be arguing about something and I didn’t want to eavesdrop. Not to mention I’d never seen that girl before in my life. I didn’t even recognize her let alone see Yuki ever approach her before. She seemed to sense my presence though, and started turning towards me. At the last minute I turned on my heel and walked into the classroom to my right. The door slid shut and Yuki spared it a glance before going back to arguing with the unknown girl.

“Phew...” I let out a sigh and leaned against the wall. I was really curious about whom that girl with the pigtails was but I knew Yuki wouldn’t want me to pry. I ought to trust her a little more, I guess. I just hope she’s not keeping some big secret from me because that’d be way too troublesome to deal with.

“Umm...Do you need something?”

The voice startled me and I jumped a little in response. I hadn’t even noticed that the classroom wasn’t empty and I probably looked like a freak just standing there and sighing to myself.

“Uh, no. I just...” I tried to come up with a believable excuse, “I needed to hide for a sec, that’s all.” At least it was the truth.

The girl looked at me curiously for a second and I just stared back. She had shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. She looked kind of boyish and if she wasn’t wearing a girl’s uniform then honestly, I might’ve mistaken her for a guy.

“Hmm.” She hummed and went back to stuffing her things in her bag, finally breaking our staring contest. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just stood there awkwardly. I couldn’t go back out into the hallway yet... So it might be a good idea to start a conversation...

“So I’m just taking a guess here...” And she looked back up at me while slinging her bag onto her shoulder. “But you’re hiding from those two out there, right?” She asked, nodding in the direction of the wall, the one that was hiding Yuki from view.

I nodded.

“Same here. Mayu’s been talking to that girl every day lately and I’m not one to butt in, so I wait in here until they’re done.” She sat down on a desk and motioned for me to do the same on the one directly in front of her, but I chose to sit 2 desks away, not wanting to be too close. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not much of a people person. I’m sure she noticed though, and just chose not to say anything.

“So Mayu is the one with the pigtails, I take it?”

“Yeah, and if I’m not mistaken, then she’s talking to Kashiwagi Yuki...And you must be Matsui Rena.”

I blinked a few times. Somehow she seems to know me. “How do you know my name?”

The girl chuckled, being blatantly sarcastic about it too. And can you even chuckle sardonically?

“Of course I know you. Everyone knows the daughter of the richest family in Japan. The prissiest girl in the whole country. You’re the princess of AKB High, the snow white, the yuki-onna. Should I name any more?” Her eyes were somewhat intimidating. Yep, for sure, she was taunting me.

And I didn’t like it.

I didn’t even know her name. I’d never even MET her before, yet here she was, mocking me for no good reason. “Excuse me, but you don’t need to be rude.”

She shrugged like she didn’t care. Damn was she getting on my nerves.

“And what’s your name Miss Satirist? Or do you prefer me to keep calling you that?” I sneered. Now it was her turn to be a little surprised and I took sadistic pleasure in the look on her face. But it soon faded as she grinned at me.

“Well, well...the princess knows how to riposte~” Her eyes twinkled and I don’t know why but that was even scarier than when she was mocking me. She hopped off the desk and walked around the one that was separating us.

I had this funny feeling that I should get as far away as possible...but willed myself not to move.

Then she held out her hand, “My name is Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you, your highness~” She winked at me and it made me cringe. Then she laughed at my reaction and grabbed my hand forcefully, seeing as I wasn’t going to return the offered handshake.

“Umm...” I wanted to tell her to release my hand...

“I think we’ll be seeing each other a lot more from now on, so let’s get along shall we?” She let go, but not before sending me another wink, and headed for the exit as I wiped my hand on my skirt vigorously. I knew that was horribly impolite but she didn’t mention anything about it, instead sliding the door open and leaving without another word.

I visibly relaxed after she was gone and sighed heavily. I sigh a lot, don’t I? I guess I have a lot to sigh about...

“Rena~” Yuki appeared in the doorway, snapping me out of my thoughts. “What are you dawdling for? We don’t have a meeting today so let’s go home!”

I rolled my eyes at her statement. “Yeah ‘cause I’m the one that’s dawdling...” I muttered under my breath and this time she didn’t catch it. I stood up and she dragged me away by the same hand that the girl shook earlier.

Matsui Jurina was it? I’m going to remember that name... And if I ever see her again...I’m going to put her through hell and back. I grinned as I thought about it, luckily Yuki didn’t notice or else she would have scolded me for being a creep...again.

But really, I was already against this Jurina person, and that didn’t happen often. I don’t usually hate someone so much right away. But I was sure, that there was absolutely no way I’d EVER get along with her.

Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
Post by: nezukara on January 02, 2016, 01:01:32 AM
Wow this fic is really interesting! No joke it's seriously well written from my impression of the first chapter alone! WMatsui's interactions were funny and clever, and it made me laugh several times! Good work, and I'll be looking forwards to more updates!
Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
Post by: daichi matsui on January 02, 2016, 01:43:04 AM
Wow it was really GOOD author-sama :twothumbs
Very interesting. Keep going and update soon please  XD
Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
Post by: RenshuChan on January 02, 2016, 02:38:45 AM
wow.... that was amazing....
I'm waiting for the next chapter. and I wish you could update it frequently, or maybe everyday, lol....
please write more...  :deco:
Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
Post by: Blackdawn on January 02, 2016, 03:12:22 AM
Wooow..wmatsuii~~ its interesting too
Thnkss for the story..waitin for ur next update..
agreed if u can update it frequently
Write moreeeeeee~~
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Yeeey wmatsui (\´▽`)/
I'm waiting for the next chap :)
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Wow its well written.. The best .. Hope you keep update author san :jphip:
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Its very well written Keiyuu-san. And I like about your thinking of focusing on one pair, cz sometimes its hard to tell the plot of the stories if there are many POV. In this first chapter you make clear of the situation about the MC (Rena) and her boredom. But soon it will be change because of someone (Jurina) that make her angry, someone that will be in her mind without her even realize. And from the way you write, you are already a talented writer Keiyuu-san. So don't worry too much hehe.. :) And if someone request about the other pairing you could try to make a side story for them that won't affect the main storyline. Its been a while since I read a great story about my fav pair (WMatsui). Thanks for the chapter, now I'm one of your fan.. :grin:
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I'm waiting for the next chapt.
It's really interesting :twothumbs
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Probably the best thing that I read today :D
This is a really interesting story and I seriously love how you desrcibe every scene~ It's as if you really put yourself in Rena's shoes as you write her point of view! I love your writing style and it somehow inspired me to write better hehe :lol:

Anyways, looking forward to Chapter 2, and looking forward to more WMatsui~ :inlove:
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this ff is amazing!youhave talent for writing! waiting for more~

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definitely waiting for your daily update!!
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It is so interesting.
I'm waiting for the next chapter.
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Hey~~ Here's the update for this week.
If I can somehow manage to find the time then I will try to update faster, but between school and work...yeah it may not happen but I'll try for you guys!  :lol:

Since I only recently went from silent reader to writer, now I totally understand how happy and encouraging it is to have readers and comments  XD
It's weird since I've seen your names and read your fics before but now you guys are commenting on mine... LOL :P

But thanks for all the replies! Seriously encouraging and makes me want to update for you XD

One and the Same

Chapter 2

A few days later, Yuki finally decided she wanted to introduce me to that pigtailed girl. I think her name was Watanabe Mayu? Well anyways, apparently...they’d been seeing each other for a few months already.

And that made me feel like a shit friend.

My best friend had been seeing this girl for two months already and I never even noticed! Damn...

Yuki assured me that no one knew about it except for them, but then I thought about that Jurina chick and I was sure she knew. And then that made me feel even crappier since I wasn’t even as good of a friend as THAT asshole.

So we headed to the rooftop for lunch again and Mayu was supposed to meet us there later. Yuki was a nervous wreck and kept fidgeting with her skirt.

“Hey, cut that out. You’re gonna get wrinkles in your skirt and the Student Council Prez needs to look presentable.” My speech tended to become rougher and less formal when I talked to Yuki, probably because I trusted her enough to be myself, but not completely. There were still some things that even she didn’t know about me, not as much as someone I used to know...

Yuki dropped the hem of her skirt and smiled sheepishly, but didn’t reply other than that. I don’t know why she was so nervous... I wasn’t even mad at her for keeping the secret from me. I was more angry with myself for being a sucky human being.

But maybe I deserved it, I mean I never really trusted Yuki to watch my back though I should’ve, it was just hard after what happened.

We walked in silence to the roof and she swung the door open just like last time. I was looking forward to the roof since it was my new favorite place. It was really relaxing and tranquil, and best of all there was no one around to bother me. I thought that maybe sometimes I’d hang out here after school instead of going home. An escape from society is what I called it. Did I mention that I was an introvert?

Yuki stepped out first and I was about to follow but then something dropped down from above the doorway. My first reaction, of course, was to punch whatever came down.

“OW! What was that for?! Goddammit!” Jurina rubbed her arm vigorously and paced around while I was still processing what had happened.

“You...”  I blinked a few times until recognition set in. “Why are YOU HERE?!” My index finger pointed right at her face and Yuki seemed surprised at my bluntness.

“Why? Don’t you miss me~?” Jurina sneered.

I was about ready to punch her again when another voice interrupted.

“So you two know each other?” It came from behind me and I whirled to see who it was...luckily it was just that Mayu girl, not some underclassman or something. That would’ve been bad, my reputation would’ve went straight down the drain.

“I don’t know her.” I said at the same time Jurina said yeah and I sent a death glare her way. “I don’t know you at all. Just your name.”

She grinned impishly, “Sure you do~ We met each other the other day and I introduced myself, therefore you do know me~”

Is she using logic to argue against me now? The nerve of this girl...

I didn’t say anything because I knew if I did, it might be something I’d regret later. I didn’t need Yuki’s new girlfriend to think badly of me and I think she’s friends with Jurina...wait a minute...She’s Jurina’s friend?! Crap...

I mentally smacked my forehead and prepared myself for the future that’s to come. So that’s what Jurina meant when she said we’d be seeing a lot of each other...Unfortunately I was too preoccupied with my thoughts and failed to notice that we were all just standing awkwardly in the doorway.

“Umm...Why don’t we sit down and eat?” Suggested Yuki in an attempt to dispel the awkward atmosphere. So we sat down but it didn’t get any less awkward from there. Yuki sat next to me and Mayu sat by her...which meant I was left with Jurina sitting at my other side. Just being in close proximity to her made me uncomfortable.

“I guess I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Watanabe Mayu of Class 3-B. Nice to meet you Matsui-san.” Mayu smiled at me.

I nodded in acknowledgement as I became aware that Jurina had the same last name as me. I hadn’t even realized it and sharing the name made me uneasy. Nevertheless I didn’t forget my manners and introduced myself as well. “Matsui Rena. Class 3-A, the same as Yuki. Nice to meet you.”

Jurina scoffed at my introduction. Okay what’s her DEAL?

“Matsui Jurina.” She crossed her arms defiantly and didn’t even look at us when saying her name. Instead choosing to stare at the clouds in the sky as if they were much more interesting than the other human beings she sat with.

Rude brat.

Yuki went next. “My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. It’s nice to meet you Matsui-san.”

She smiled sweetly and I was once again reminded of her seemingly angelic appearance. I wondered if Mayu had yet to meet her black side. Let’s just say that it’s a real mood killer when you find out your girlfriend could be as ruthless as a serial killer. I say this because I’ve known Yuki long enough to see plenty and am used to it, not because I dated her before or anything. Come on get your head out of the gutter.

But hey, maybe Mayu already met Black, they HAD been dating for two months already.

“We need to do something about the way you address me and Rena.” Jurina stated with a blank expression, finally turning her attention to us. Damn brat’s already calling me by my first name and without honorifics too.

“Just call me Rena if you’d prefer,” I suggested to Mayu. “It’d probably be easier that way since Jurina and I have the same last name after all.” If she was going to call me by my given name then I’d do the same with her.

Mayu nodded with a small smile which I found really cute, “Rena-san it is then.”

She reminded me of those anime girls or some CG character in a dating sim. There really wasn’t any noticeable flaw in her appearance or attitude at all. Oh man Yuki’s gayness has most DEFINITELY rubbed off on me. I couldn’t help it...maybe I was just a lolicon at heart. But can you really blame me?

I didn’t say anything else and just pulled my melon pan out to eat. Mayu seemed to be watching me curiously.

“Is something the matter Watanabe-san?” Her staring was bothering me.

“No... It’s just that I was expecting you to question me or something. Oh and it seems you really do love melon pans like Yukirin said.” She indicated the bread in my hand.

“Yes, I do. Melon pans are my favorite food. They’re really fluffy and soft and-” I cleared my throat in an effort to cut myself off before I kept on gushing about melon pans. It was a bad habit of mine. “And so what did you think I would question you about?”

Mayu shrugged, “Like about our relationship and stuff.”

“Oh I’m not too concerned. It seems Yuki likes you a lot and she doesn’t really get that close to too many people, so I’m fine with it,” I shrugged. If she hurt Yuki though, she would pay. Of course, I didn’t think I should threaten her right away so I decided to wait and see how it goes first.

Yuki had subconsciously been scooting closer to Mayu ever since we sat down. So she was practically sitting on Mayu’s lap by now. Then she blushed because she’d realized her action and tried to focus on eating her lunch.

Had they really been dating for a while? It’s kinda hard to believe because they still acted like a new lovey-dovey couple in my eyes.

“And what did you call her just now? Yukirin?” Jurina spoke up for the first time in a while.

Mayu smiled giddily, “Yeah, it’s the nickname I gave her~” She seemed to perk up a little when she talked about Yuki. So that’s what it must be like to be in love.

Jurina rolled her eyes but didn’t pry anymore.

“So what do you call Watanabe-san?” I asked Yuki, who was still busy eating.

“Just Mayu is fine.” Mayu corrected.

“Okay, then what do you call Mayu-san?” I asked again, she still hadn’t answered me yet.

Yuki set her chopsticks down neatly on her bento, perfectly perpendicular to the edge of the rectangular box. “Mayuyu~”

“Mayuyu?” I frowned but then chuckled while shaking my head, “Oh Yuki, you’re totally head over heels for her aren’t you?”

She huffed at my teasing and ignored me. I just shrugged and left it at that. Maybe I’d go easier on her today since it was my first meeting with her girlfriend...but that didn’t mean I was going to stop teasing her later.

It was surprisingly nice talking with other people. Mayu and Yuki kept up their little lover’s banter with Jurina butting in with her remarks every once in a while. I joined in the conversation too and had fun for the first time in a long while interacting with people. I’m glad Mayu’s not one of those people that irritate me. That’d make everything unnecessarily complicated.

Lunch break passed in the blink of an eye and it was really shocking. I was stuck trying to figure out how a whole hour went by so quickly.

I stopped by my locker before class and told Yuki to go on ahead without me. I had to grab my textbook since it had been forgotten earlier when we went to lunch. I pulled it out quickly and rounded the corner of the hallway but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a certain someone standing there. I spun on my heel and tried to go back the way I came but an arm stuck out in front of me, blocking the path.

With a reluctant sigh, I turned to the right, facing the owner of the limb. “What do you want?”

“Tsk. No need to be so cold. I just wanted to talk for a second.”

“You could’ve asked instead of blocking my way, Jurina.”

Without answering, Jurina started moving closer to me and I unconsciously backed up until my back hit the wall. Her hand smacked the wall next to my head with a resounding DON, causing me to drop my book. My eyes were as wide as saucers because I did not see that coming AT ALL.

Jurina’s face was inches from mine and I was too afraid to breathe. Her gaze was so intense... Where had I seen those eyes before?

But then she backed up a bit and I gasped for air, because I really did stop breathing for a second there.

“Your smile was so fake when you were introducing yourself.” She remarked and I glared at her. But she just had that blank expression on her face again. It was like a mask she put on that hid her emotions from everyone...a complete flip from the sharp eyes she had a moment ago. Hypocrite. “I almost gagged when you acted all cordial and proper, though I guess that’s to be expected from an Ojou-sama.”

Her tone was mocking again and it made me beyond furious. What did she know about me? And who was she to judge how I behaved? “I’m sorry but it seems you lack the capacity to understand my position. Don’t assume you know everything because you don’t. I don’t need YOU to tell me that I was being fake. I KNOW. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

At that, I pushed her away roughly and stormed off to my class, not daring to look back.


Surprisingly, that little incident did nothing to our relationship. I suppose I was already on bad terms with Jurina, so how could it get any worse? Yuki and I started hanging out with Mayu and her a lot more and I gradually learned more about them and Mayuki’s relationship. Yes I’d already come up with a ship name for them. It wasn’t my fault, it’s just that they’re so stupidly cute together it makes me want to puke yet fangirl over them at the same time. What a conundrum.

I found out that Mayu was actually very intelligent and got into the school on a scholarship despite the fact that her parents had plenty of money to pay for her education. Overall, she was definitely something. I swear that she’s a cyborg created by some secret national agency or an alien from another planet. There was simply no other way for a person to be so...flawless. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Mayu and all but she’s definitely too adorable together with Yuki for me to break them apart.

Jurina, on the other hand... I don’t know anything about. When Yuki and I had lunch together, Mayu would appear with Jurina in tow. She always joined us but never really said much (unless it was some sarcastic comment which I really didn’t appreciate). On a particularly stressful day when my parents had scolded me for not eating dinner at the table (for the umpteenth time), I snapped at Jurina because she never used any honorifics with my name. Then she proceeded to add a ‘–chan’ to it, and nothing I said could make her stop. It was exasperating. I just gave up after that.

Anyways, Jurina acted like a bodyguard or something, following behind Mayu, and nothing like her best friend as Mayu claimed. I don’t know if Jurina even spoke to Mayu or if she was just some creepy stalker that Mayu just let happen. Her face was always blank or disinterested, either that or smug when teasing me during our conversations. Granted, I never tried to start a conversation with her anyways. I still had a grudge against her after our first meeting. I didn’t want to talk to her. I didn’t have anything to say to her. I absolutely did NOT encompass any interest in her at all.

Okay, so maybe a little.

It’d already been a month since I met Jurina and I didn’t even know anything besides her name and class. The curiosity was beginning to gnaw away at me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mayu?” I started calling Mayu by her first name alone after we’d gotten close enough and especially after she’d absolutely insisted. Jurina and Yuki both were both on class duty today so it was just the two of us at lunch.

“Hmm?” She stopped in the midst of eating and glanced at me with wide eyes. I resisted the urge to pinch her cheeks right then. I really wished I had a little sister like her sometimes...I abruptly stopped my train of thought and went back to the topic at hand, the one that I’d finally gotten the guts to breach.

“So... How long have you and Jurina been friends?” Okay, good, that would be a safe question to start off with since it didn’t have any potential underlying meaning behind it.

But Mayu grinned mischievously nonetheless. “Why? You finally chose to voice out your interest in Jurina~?”

That was definitely more of a statement than a question but I chose to ignore it. “I don’t know anything about her and IF I wanted to find out, then I’d have to ask you, considering I’ve never seen her hang around anyone else.” It sounded reasonable enough to me.

“You could always ask her yourself.”

I grimaced at the thought and suddenly my melon pan started tasting like cardboard.

“Wow you must really dislike her huh? I mean...for you to start reacting like that...I’d say you either hate her guts or you just can’t seem to gather up the courage to talk to her. Sounds like denial or maybe you can’t confess your feelings?”

I choked on my bread.

After a good long coughing fit and Mayu performing the Heimlich on me...she finally told me about Jurina, but not before I smacked her on the head for laughing at me. She literally had to wipe tears from her eyes from laughing hysterically at my predicament. I very possibly could’ve choked to death! Hmph.

In any case, I found out that Mayu had met Jurina when they were kids and it kind of reminded me of how I met Yuki. Apparently Jurina was a popular and cheerful girl, always the center of attention and earned herself lots of friends and fans alike. She excelled in sports and school, balancing the two perfectly. But then Mayu’s expression darkened as she explained that something really traumatic happened to Jurina to make her the way she is now. She said it wasn’t her place to tell and I didn’t ask any more.

However, after hearing about the past Jurina, my interest level in her was even higher if that was possible. What happened to change her so much? But now if I wanted to find out then I’d have to ask her myself. And I dreaded it with every fiber of my being.

I figured it’d be fine if I put it off for a while.


School had been in session for almost two months and it went by rather quickly. Luckily I didn’t have senioritis yet and I really hoped I wouldn’t contract it since Student Council was starting up again. New committee members were elected by popular vote among the students. Somehow, all the members were seniors this year too. The class the members came from didn’t really matter since new members were elected every year, so it was no problem that the whole student council would technically be graduating soon. No underclassmen ran because the seniors were too ‘intimidating’ or something like that. All of us were from the big business owner’s families, the Takahashi’s, Oshima’s, Kojima’s, Watanabe’s, Kashiwagi’s, and obviously the Matsui’s, so maybe that had something to do with it, not to mention we were all pretty well known throughout the school.

So we had an all girl Student Council. It definitely wasn’t because people were entirely biased and only voted for who they liked...I hope you caught the sarcasm in that. Now I don’t mean that they’re incompetent, we’re just lucky that the most popular girls also happened to be the smartest. I swear all the female students voted for Takamina since she had this uncanny charm that she herself wasn’t aware of. The guys had to have voted for Yuki and this girl named Haruna, too. Mayu told me that Jurina was still pretty popular with the guys AND girls, which I couldn’t believe. I mean, who would like THAT brat?

We did used to have guys on the Council, but they graduated already. There was Sae, whom Yuki actually dated for a while but didn’t last since they both lost interest. Guess they just didn’t click. I heard that Sae found a new girlfriend though, one that stopped him from flirting with everyone, which is impressive. I think that he even proposed already, and her name...Sayaka? I think?

There was also Kuu, and he was a real piece of work, always pranking everybody and flirting with the cute girls like just like Sae did. He was still amusing though, his antics were stupid but in the funny kind of way. There was only one person who could keep him in line and that was Mariko-sama. We called her that because she was a real diva, okay no but she WAS a sadist. God Kuu would get so scared when Mariko-sama was mad. He eventually followed her to college, those two are just inseparable even though they argue all the time.

Back to the Council, once again I was elected Vice but unfortunately Yuki lost her spot as Prez. She got Secretary as Takamina took the President’s seat. Takamina was this short senior that everyone picked on all the time, honestly though, she had this ability to lead people so I wasn’t worried with her as President. She was in Student Council last year too so that’s how I know her.

Mayu was Treasurer, so basically she was in charge of the money, and Haruna was the Broadcaster. The Broadcaster had to take care of informing students and teachers of our plans, getting them approved, and getting people fired up for events. It seemed like a good job for her since I’d heard she was one of the naturally popular, airheaded beauties on campus. People tended to be attracted to and listen to girls like her.

Activities Director was Yuko...which was a really bad idea. Kuu must’ve rubbed off on her or something is what I think. I was extremely nervous about what kind of ideas and stunts she would pull this year now that she took care of coming up with the events. Last year she didn’t even hold a position and but already had enough sway for us to put on a scandalous maid café in the school festival. Now that was something private academies didn’t see every day.

Last was the Historian and guess who got that job? Jurina. I didn’t expect her to actually do any work so I was shocked when I saw her actually taking notes during our first meeting.

As expected, the first meeting was pretty formal with lots of stiff introductions and polite smiles directed here and there. I was good with names so I’d already learned all of theirs pretty easy. We talked about random things, just trying to get to know each other better and it made me uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to get to know them. I didn’t want them to get to know me. I was afraid of them finding out my real personality - the complete opposite of the side I showed in public.

On the bright side, I found out some interesting stuff, like how Mayu and Jurina were actually younger than us. Yuki, Takamina, and I were 18, while Yuko and Haruna were 19. Apparently those two had left school for a year to do other stuff, students did it often so it wasn’t a big deal. Yuko had been an apprentice for her father’s company and Haruna pursued a career in modeling (in a branch of her mom’s company), so that’s why they were behind a year. Takamina whispered to me that Yuko practically begged her dad to let her skip that year of school like Haruna, so that they’d graduate together. It actually sounded pretty sweet to me.

Mayu was 17 and Jurina 16. They had both skipped a grade due to their academic aptitude. I was really surprised when I heard Jurina’s age but I didn’t let it show, it’d just be a one-up that Jurina would gain on me. But seriously, that brat looked nothing like a kid, in fact she even seemed older than 18 to me. So that’s what they meant by ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

However, the conversation plummeted after that. The awkward silence in the room was somewhat distressing until Yuko jumped in with her usual self.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare!” She was grinning like an idiot and I don’t know why that didn’t alert anyone else to her true intentions. They all agreed, thinking it’d be a good way to break the ice.

Obviously, Yuko started and chose Takamina as her first target with Takamina grumbling about why it always had to be her that was picked on.

“Okay Bakamina...”

“Oi! Don’t call me that! Have some respect for the President!”

Yuko just ignored this and continued, “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” She must’ve thought she was playing it safe. But no one was safe around Yuko.

“Have you ever kissed anyone?”

What a great question to start off with. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming though...Yuko was just getting started.

Takamina blushed as red as a tomato just from that simple question and gave a small nod as her answer. Yuko hadn’t even asked who she kissed but she was already so embarrassed. I had a feeling Yuko knew the answer anyways from the smirk on her face. “Alright, now you ask somebody.”

Takamina mumbled something about knowing how to play the game without Yuko directing her, but still looked around the room for a target. Her gaze stopped on Haruna and she smirked. “Truth or Dare?”

Haruna chose dare and Takamina gave one immediately. “I dare you to lick Yuko’s neck.”

Now the other members were appalled. Mayu had her cyborg expression on but I swear she got paler after that dare. Yuki, however, seemed too excited. Boy I hoped Mayu would be okay.

I sighed and crossed my legs under the table; I wasn’t worried since I never lost my composure in front of others. The same seemed to go for Jurina, who was still staring at the wall with a bored look, having stopped taking notes. Nobody needed a record of what was going on in here anyways. Student Council most definitely wasn’t supposed to be playing party games in the meeting room. But oh well.

Now Yuko...was a mess. Her hands were gripping the table until her knuckles turned white and her eyes were all dialated. Can she be any more obvious?

Haruna leaned over nonchalantly and did as she was told while Yuko bit her lip to stifle a moan. Damn... Either Haruna was a real airhead or she was a secret seductress. I’m going to have to be careful with that one. The airheaded ones always turned out to be the most dangerous.

There was this awkward silence afterwards as everyone shifted uncomfortably in their seats. I swear Mayu stiffened for a second and Yuki had this odd poker face on. Her hands were under the table too...

Takamina though, was grinning widely with this smug look on her face after getting her payback on Yuko. Yuko actually stayed quiet after that but we kept the game going anyways. Maybe just so that we’d have something to do.

Haruna chose Yuki, who went with truth, not wanting to do anything weird in front of her girlfriend. I don’t know what the question was since I’d zoned out at this point and I think I was staring at the same wall as Jurina. Now I finally understood why it was so interesting to her.

Someone calling my name snapped me back to reality. “Huh?” I blinked in confusion.

“Rena, Truth or Dare?” Looks like Yuki picked me, I was sure she’d pick Mayu though.

“Hmm...” What should I choose? Yuki knew me too well, which meant she knew all my weaknesses so I had to be careful. “I’ll go with dare.”

Doing something embarrassing would be better than letting people see past my façade. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Yuki smiled. Oh no. She knew I’d pick dare. Shit that’s what I get for trying to use reverse psychology!

“I dare you to sit on Jurina’s lap for the rest of the meeting.” Now that didn’t seem so bad...but it was Jurina. If it wasn’t Jurina then I would’ve done it without complaints. I would’ve even been glad that I’d gotten off with something easy. But it was Jurina. It just freaking had to be Jurina.

“There’s no way I’m doing that.”

“Come on, don’t be a spoilsport~”

I sent Yuki the best glare I had but she didn’t even flinch. Damn girl was already used to all my death glares. I stressed my next words carefully. “Yuki... I will do ANYTHING as long as it doesn’t involve HER.”

“You know Rena...” Mayu’s voice caught my attention, she sounded hesitant to say whatever she was thinking, but ended up saying it anyways. “...You don’t really have to keep up your act all the time. It’s fine to let people know how you really are. I don’t think anyone in here will judge anyways.”

Damn, even Mayu was onto me.

“I’ll judge. But only if you don’t tell.” Jurina added. That last comment pissed me off. I knew Jurina hated when I acted polite but at least it was better than bottling everything up like she did. Jurina resented everyone and everything, but I just wanted to be left alone. That wasn’t too much to ask...was it?

The others were all staring at me expectantly. I hated it, being the center of attention was something I never wanted. But since they’re all waiting for a show...

“Yuki, I fucking hate you.” I waltzed over to where Jurina was seated and plopped myself down on her lap unceremoniously. Jurina let it happen and actually didn’t come back with some nasty remark. I crossed my arms and continued glaring at Yuki, silently praying that Jurina wouldn’t pull anything. “I hope you’re happy now because you’re going to regret this later.”

“If you say so~”

“Don’t try me.” I said through gritted teeth.

“You’re just being pissy enough for all of you.”

I scoffed, “Says the Black Marimokkori.”

“Damn Godzilla.”


“I am not!!”

“Would you prefer Dachshund then?”

Yuki crossed her arms exasperatedly and laid back in her seat, a dark shadow passing over her face, but I wasn’t scared. I could’ve sworn I heard her growl a little too.

Then another pregnant silence filled the air after our little spat...




“ least you’re lettin’ loose~” Yuko grinned like a squirrel. “I’ve been trying to get you to crack since the beginning of last year but you never did. I thought for SURE you’d snap and kill me for being an idiot but it never came at all! And now all of a sudden just sitting on Jurina’s lap made you go haywire?! That’s priceless!” She laughed heartily and the others joined in, even I cracked a smile eventually.

“Wait! You mean you caused all that ruckus just to drive Rena insane?!” Takamina blurted out and everyone just laughed harder, my sides hurt as Yuko shrugged her answer. It took a whole 5 minutes until it finally died down.

“I guess...this isn’t so bad.” A small smile crept its way onto my face.

They all hummed in agreement and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I could get along with these guys...and stop pretending all the time. Yeah...

Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.
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Dang  :ding: :ding: :ding:

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fufufufu...thats awesome...XDD

and i found it truly funny..

hahaha..yuki so cute~~~

and lol..way to go yuki..u manage to set rena loose

rena on loose when it comes to jurina only..pfffttt
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I'm soooooo glad you stopped being simply a silent reader! Your writing is awesome! This was another humorous, comedic chapter, and you can bet that I'll be one of your frequent readers! Rena's arguments with all of her friends made me laugh, and it's great that you added more to the colorful cast of characters in the form of the Student Council!

Keep up the great work!
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oh my... i don't know why.. but i always find it cute when someone sit on someone's lap
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what did Jurina feel? was she happy?

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In the last part.. Rena is talking/thinking a lot but my thoughs was.. Rena is sitting in Jurina's lap... so.. Where are those Jurina's hands?.. in Rena's waist.. Rena's lap...
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I did notice that I didn't add what Jurina was doing or thinking, but here's the justification and you can disagree and I'll be totally fine with it. Actually, I encourage skepticism and feedback on my stories so thanks for pointing it out, RenshuChan and Haruko.

Anyways it's all in first person right? So the way I wrote it is lots of thoughts, personal feelings and only from that perspective. Unfortunately, that means you'll never get to know what the others are thinking, or doing outside of Rena's view. She won't know their thoughts unless they're spoken out loud (since this Rena tends to be a bit dense).

When she was sitting on Jurina's lap, she hoped that Jurina wouldn't do anything stupid because that's how she views Jurina and thinks that she will do. Remember that Rena currently hates the younger Matsui, so she may be a bit biased in her thinking.

For all we know, Jurina could've been sitting on her hands to keep herself from touching Rena, or maybe she didn't even care and just let her arms hang loosely at her sides. And we can't see her reaction because Rena can't see her from the position on Jurina's lap.

But I think you can figure out which of those two options Jurina is more likely to be doing  ;)
I guess I could've added something like: "I felt a light touch on my hips and nearly jumped, but held it in. I quickly figured out that it was Jurina's hands and resisted the urge to cringe and swat them away." The thing is though - she didn't. Rena didn't feel anything -namely Jurina's hands - touch her, so it's left out.

And Jurina could just straight up 'defile' Rena (metaphorically in a sense), but she holds a certain...respect(?) for her? Begrudgingly of course.

Just a thought. Sorry if that spoils anything  :sweatdrop:

Hope this 'essay' explains things a bit and sorry if there's too much of just Rena's thoughts, because I did put a lot of those in here. Man I wish I could type an essay this easy for English class, but sadly no haha :lol:
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Yo guys I'm back~

I guess this is a little bit earlier update? Lol I tried :P

This story is all going to be in first person (Rena's) POV so sorry if you don't like that haha :lol:

Thanks everyone for the reviews! If there are any silent readers, I hope you're enjoying this as well~
And ya if you've got questions feel free to ask  :yep: I don't mind answering XD

One and the Same

Chapter 3

The Student Council met up every day after school under the pretense of ‘discussing school matters’, but really we just hung out in the meeting room. It was the only room that other students couldn't get in so we could talk about whatever we wanted. That's when I finally opened up a bit.

I never expected to make friends with the other members but it was nice. I had friends other than Yuki.

I didn't have the chance to make friends since I didn't go to school for a couple years. I had a private tutor from my last year of middle school until my second year in high school, so I didn’t really interact with other kids my age. Yeah I know that sounds cliché but that's how it was. I had some...other things going on during that time and my parents wanted me to learn and participate in their businesses so I could take over after college. At least they'd let me go to college. They hadn't planned on sending me to high school but somehow Yuki convinced them.

I still didn't enroll until my second year though. Man the commotion caused by my transfer...SUCH a nightmare. Everyone gossiped about the ‘heir of the Matsui Corporation returning to education’ and when I showed up for the first day, a bunch of guys confessed to me right away. It was downright embarrassing. That’s when Yuki started teasing me about being a beautiful angel and crap like that.

Oh but we did talk about something important for once in our meeting. The dance. I had completely forgotten about it, and I was actually going to this one. Obviously, Student Council was in charge of the planning, decorations, and basically everything. Last year I showed up to help with preparations but left when it actually started.

Anyways, the meeting was over for today and we all headed downstairs by elevator. Yes, we had an elevator because apparently rich kids can't climb the stairs to get to the third floor. Talk about a fire hazard since no one actually knew where the stairs were hidden.

Takamina wanted us to come with her to pick up a new transfer student that was arriving today. She'd been abroad to study acting so she wasn't able to make it back in time to start school. It seemed that Yuko and Takamina were both really excited to see her. I guess they’re old friends or something.

So that's why we all piled into Takamina’s personal limo and headed to a private airport.

“So who’s the new girl?” Jurina was actually showing interest for once in her life. She was leaned forward in her seat like she was actually curious or something. It was a good thing that limos fit a lot of people, so we weren’t all squished together and I had plenty of space to keep an adequate distance from...that girl. I still remembered the feeling of sitting on her lap and it made me mad and embarrassed all at once.

“What's her name at least?” Mayu asked. “Maybe we know her or her family.”

True, if she was rich enough to get here by private jet then her family must be a famous one.

“You'll find out soon~” Yuko didn't give us a single hint as to who it could be. Way to sound leery.

“I'm sure you’ve heard of her family so we’ll just let her introduce herself to you.” Takamina’s answer was much more reasonable so the topic was dropped after that. They all chatted amongst themselves while I was just content staring out the window.

I have to admit though...I was curious. Takamina also mentioned that she would be joining the Student Council as soon as possible. I wondered who could have enough influence as to make their way into the ranks so easily...It had to be another girl from a notable background. All of us seemed to be elites in both society and school. Not to mention our class ranks were all in the top ten as well.

“We’re here!” The limo stopped and Yuko was the first to hop out, not forgetting to drag Haruna with her. Takamina, Mayu, and Yuki followed suit while Jurina and I were the last ones to climb out.

There was a huge airport off to the side that was known as the main international airport in Japan. But we were quite a ways off in an area of hangers and there was a single private jet parked in front of us. If I remembered correctly then the airport was called...

“Acchan!” Yuko tackled the girl that had just made her way down the steps of the plane. Good thing she wasn't carrying any luggage because the force of Yuko’s tackle knocked them both over. She snuggled against the girl like a koala not even bothering with the fact that all of us were watching. Yuko never acted like a proper lady and didn't seem to care about how people saw her at all. I envied her easygoing nature sometimes.

“Acchan! It's been a long time!” Takamina made her way over and pulled the girl to her feet.

As soon as she got up, Yuko glomped onto her arm. Clingy much? “I missed you Acchan~”

The girl chuckled and patted the squirrel on the head. “Hai hai Yuko, I missed you too~” Then Takamina pouted and the girl just chuckled again, “Of course I missed you too, Minami~”

That was a surprise. No one ever called Takamina by her given name. Hmm...I'm sensing a possible relationship here...

“So this is the new student?” Haruna’s tone was somewhat icy as she glared at the newcomer. Well this is a new development.

‘Acchan’ was immune though and just introduced herself. “Yep~ my name is Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you~” Her gaze wandered over each of us and then tried to bow as well as she could with Yuko still hanging off of her.

Ah...yes, that’s what it was. The airport was known as Maeda International Airport. Another big name company.

After we all said our greetings and names, she leaned over and whispered something in Yuko’s ear suspiciously. Oh no she had better not get in between Kojiyuu or else all hell’s gonna break loose. Remember what I said about the airheaded ones?!

But it was all avoided since Yuko nodded and immediately let go, switching to clinging onto Haruna’s arm instead.

“By the can just call me ‘Acchan’ if you’d like. I’m sure we can all be good friends~” She flashed a small smile and it seemed genuine enough, which was surprising. I should know, I give fake smiles all the time. It takes a fraud to know one.

Everyone agreed with the nickname and we decided to go out to eat before heading home. Takamina and Yuko needed to catch up with Acchan and we all wanted to get to know her better since she’d be joining us in our exploits in the Student Council. Acchan’s butler brought her stuff to the car and off we went. But there was some trouble deciding where we should go...and that’s when Yuki suggested that same café she and I went to when we were shopping the other day.

“Oh! You mean that one by the mall? I love that place!” And so with Acchan’s consent, we ended up going there.

We attracted some attention from the ride we arrived in but it settled quickly. Fortunately, there was a large circular booth in the corner of the place because Yuko just wouldn’t have it if we’d split up where we sat. And it would’ve been horrible experience squeezing eight people into one tiny booth.

A waitress came over to take our orders quickly and Yuki raised an eyebrow when I ordered melon pan again, but she kept quiet.

Takamina cleared her throat and we settled down, giving her our full attention. “I have an announcement to make—”

“Are you and Acchan finally getting married?! Congrats man!” There was a chorus of congratulations after Yuko’s outburst and Takamina flushed bright red.

“No! Of course not!” She spared a glance at Acchan who had this gloomy aura around her. “At least...not yet.”

This made Acchan look up and Takamina smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her neck. “Well I haven’t even asked her out yet...but that’s beside the point!” She was finally getting back on topic. “I wanted to say that I’m relinquishing my position as president.”

Everyone protested loudly and Takamina shouted, “Let me finish! Jesus Christ calm down would you? I was going to say that Acchan is going to be our new president. I’ll still be in the Council just not as the President.”

Nobody protested that but I thought that it’d be a waste of Takamina’s abilities. “I’ll step down too.”

“Huh?” Takamina looked dumbfounded.

“I think you should have a position in the council. Vice President will do just fine since you’re a natural leader anyways. And I think you’d be better suited to help Acchan too...” I glanced over at the said girl, who was staring down at her lap.

Takamina blushed a little and said thanks. I guess she was used to being made fun of and not praised. She accepted it though and I was secretly a little glad to be relieved of my duties.

Time passed quickly after that. We talked about whatever we wanted and Acchan shared some stories from her, Takamina, and Yuko’s childhood. Some were really interesting and I almost did a spit take at one point. I guess I couldn’t expect anything less from that trio. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they were like the best of friends. Haruna realized that too and sulked but Yuko started sticking to her again halfway through a story and her face lit up considerably. They were sickeningly sweet sometimes but then again sometimes it was alright. I don’t think that Yuko has ever asked Haruna out, but it was kind of a mutual understanding type deal. Haruna was a tsundere so she’d most likely deny it anyways, but Yuko wouldn’t give her up for the world.

Atsumina was also undeniably a thing. They went together well and now there was one more person that could make Takamina blush furiously. It was quite entertaining to be honest.

I had only met Acchan a couple hours ago but I already liked her. She was like that nice girl next door that everybody could just get along with. And we didn’t need to keep a lid on our conversations since she joined in wholeheartedly. She was one of Yuko’s friends after all.

I even talked about myself and Yuki (since the Reaction Queen always made a good topic to make fun of) much to the others’ amusement and Yuki’s dismay. All in all the night was thoroughly enjoyable. It was the first time I’d ever hung out with a group of friends and I had tons of fun.

Sadly, it was getting late and everyone went their separate ways. Takamina offered us a ride home but we all had our own personal cars anyways. There was only one who didn’t call for a ride... Jurina.

I noticed this but chose not to bring it up. Takamina left first since her limo was waiting outside the entire time and she felt bad for the driver. Yuko went next but Haruna hopped in her car too, leaving together. Mayu and Yuki wanted to walk home and I protested since her parents absolutely wouldn’t approve of that but she assured me she’d be okay. So I let her go since I didn’t want to interrupt her and Mayu’s private time because that was definitely why they wanted to walk home together.

So that left Acchan, Jurina, and me... What an odd combination.

“I think I’ll walk home too. It’s been a while since I’ve been in town, so I want to roam a bit.” Acchan said.

I asked if she’d be alright and she replied that she’d be fine. She also said that Takamina’s chauffeur already dropped the luggage off at her house, so I didn’t need to worry about that either. I suppose she’d already decided that I was the worrying type. “Fine~ But call if you need help with anything.”

All of us had exchanged numbers with each other so she had mine if she needed anything.

“Hai~” Acchan waved back as she left the café, the door swinging shut with a ding from the bell.

And then there were two.

I looked at Jurina, silently questioning her but she didn’t pay me any heed. She was so quiet and stoic all the time I’d forget she was even there. But then other times I’d be acutely aware of her presence... I just chalked that up to another one of the weird things about her.

Jurina dug in her bag and produced a set of headphones, hanging them around her neck and then looked at me. “What? Something on my face?”

I resisted the urge to punch her and just smiled, “Nothing~ Just wondering if a young girl like you can get home safely. Shall I escort you?”

I held my arm out for her to take and she just snorted. “And to think, I prefer this sarcastic side of you to the overly civil one.”

I shrugged and we walked out of the café together. It was getting kind of cold since it was already fall and I shivered involuntarily.

I noticed Jurina smirking at me. “Cold?”

“Shut up.”

We walked in silence until about a block later when she broke it. “Why are you following me? Don’t you have some limo to pick you up?”

“Don’t mind me, I just wanted some fresh air. Besides, my house is in this direction.” There was no way in hell I’d let her go home alone. It’s far too dangerous at night, especially in the city.

She scoffed and put her headphones on, completely disregarding my presence. Well that’s what I get for saying ‘don’t mind me’.

I fell into step behind her since it’d be awkward to walk side by side without talking. But following her just made me feel like a creepy stalker. I sighed and rubbed my hands together in an effort to warm them up, but as soon as I stopped they felt even colder. And I wasn’t paying attention so I ran straight into Jurina’s back, apologizing immediately.

“Watch where you’re going. Pay attention or else how are you supposed to protect me?” She was mocking me again. Then she held out a pair of gloves and I stared at her stupidly, not sure what was happening. “Here, put these on.”

My mind still didn’t register what was going on. Man I was being really slow today.

“Are you dense or something? Your hands are cold right? Put these on.” She commanded me again and I took them reluctantly, muttering a soft thank you. The gloves were already warmed up and that’s when I realized that Jurina had been wearing them before she gave them to me. Now her hands were bare. “And stop walking behind me like a creep, just walk next to me would ya?”

She started walking again without waiting for me to catch up. I hurried and fell into step next to her, but I felt bad about taking her gloves until a solution popped into my head. I handed her my left glove, then grabbed her right hand with my left and intertwined our fingers.

“What the hell are you doing?” She looked at me incredulously.

I rolled my eyes, “Trying to keep your hands warm, idiot. What did you think I was doing?”

Jurina blushed a bit and stared straight ahead, tugging on the single glove. “...Thanks.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d heard her right since it was so quiet and my brain was a bit addled at the moment... Did she just blush? Oh my gosh she looked so cute for a second there! She blushed! Jurina actually blushed! There was no way I was going to let that slide. “Aww you’re blushing~”

“Shut up.” Now our positions were reversed. Let’s see how she likes the receiving end of the teasing for once.

“So the cyborg can actually show emotion~”

“Who the hell are you calling a cyborg? The only cyborg I know is Mayu. Why don't you try a better comparison?” Jurina huffed while trying to fight the heat in her face. I also noticed that her headphones were back around her neck. She wasn’t listening to music anymore? I wondered why.

“Hmm you're right, Mayu is a cyborg. Then maybe you’re a wolf? That seems to fit well. A lone wolf that shows no compassion for others.” I mused.

Jurina didn't answer and stayed quiet. But I wasn’t done.

“But then again...maybe you’re not so stoic after all. You DID just blush adorably. Deep down I bet you’re just a puppy.” This made her blush again and she refused to look at me. “A cute little energetic ball of fur~”

I was suddenly reminded of when Yuki questioned if I liked puppies. It’s not that I didn't like them, they were just really energetic to the point of being annoying. Surprisingly, I could easily imagine a young Jurina being really energetic and cheerful. It was actually cute to think about.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Huh?” I didn't even notice that I was grinning. “Oh um...nothing. Don't worry about it.” I tried to change the subject so she wouldn’t notice the red tinge on my cheeks. “So where do you live? We’ve been walking for a while now...”

“We’re almost there.”

This part of town we were in wasn’t anywhere close to where I lived. In stark contrast to the luxurious suburbs, there were a lot of cramped apartment buildings and supermarkets. The streets were really narrow and bare too...

Jurina suddenly stopped in front of one of the buildings. I didn’t notice and kept walking, it had caught me entirely off guard and I nearly tore my arm off since we were still holding hands.

She was staring up the stoop at the front door. “This is where I live.”

I looked up and gave the apartment complex a good once over. It wasn’t too shabby, the brick walls were old looking but the bushes lining the sidewalk were trimmed nicely and the white wooden door was clean enough, each window had a small cozy balcony too. Still though...this wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to offend her or anything. Anything that came out of my mouth could sound sarcastic or downright condescending depending on how she took it. Best keep my trap shut. But I should’ve known something was up the minute she didn’t call for a car...

“Not what you expected, right?”

I shook my head, “Not even close.” Shit that sounded so rude just now.

Jurina laughed and I took a side glance at her. It was nice, she threw her head back and her face was lit up in a wide smile with her cheeks still a little pink from the cold. Honestly, the sound was......pleasant. I don’t know how else to put it. It was like the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds, well at least to me.

“You see...” She said after she had calmed down from her unprecedented giggling fit. “This is why I like you. You say what you think without holding back, and that side is really refreshing.”

She...likes me? That’s all I got out of that.

“But that’s why I hate it when you’re pretending to be something you’re not. It’s also why I don’t like society or people, it’s all a big façade. A front they put on to make them seem nice, presentable, polite.” She spat out the last word like it was poison. “It makes others like them, but it’s not really them so what’s the point? And society just encourages it. It’s a form of conformation that we follow unconsciously, just because we care what others think about us. And it’s stupid.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that. I completely understood where she was coming from and she summed up my own viewpoint pretty accurately. I never realized that she thought about things the same way I did, and that we had so much in common. So actually there was a lot I could say, I could agree for one...but my brain wasn’t functioning at the moment. Gah, why does she keep doing that to me?

But by this time I had realized something, one thing that I knew for sure...

Despite growing up with distinct backgrounds and pasts, her thoughts and behavior were just like mine...

We were exactly the same.
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I know it hasn't been a week but I felt like spoiling you guys Lol :lol:

A lot goes down in this chapter so PREPARE YOURSELVES XD
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The next chapter (chapter 5) will be some backstory and explanation of Rena's past.
Then chapter 6 will give a reason for Jurina's cold demeanor.

One and the Same

Chapter 4

Jurina and I gradually grew closer after that day we walked home together. We still weren’t that close and that awkwardness between us hadn’t gone away yet, but it was still a huge step up from how we were before. Our friends hung out a lot in and out of school and I also noticed that Acchan was sporting a dark bruise on her arm, but she shrugged it off, saying she tripped while she was touring the town. I seriously doubted that but what was I going to do about it?

I spent less time at home (which I don’t count as a loss) and had even gone out with one of them at a time and got to know them all as well as I knew Yuki, and that was a feat in and of itself. There was only one person that I’d never spent any alone time with, and it was Jurina.

I wanted to invite her out but I was never the one that did the inviting, others always asked me first, I was still kind of shy when it came to people. Also whenever Jurina and I talked, it usually turned out to be a serious and philosophical discussion, not that I didn’t enjoy having intelligent conversations.

She’d also explained her family condition and some of her background. Apparently she was raised by her single mom and they weren’t exactly the wealthiest people around, but she said that they got along just fine. That’s also the reason why they lived in a small apartment and she even told me that the sole reason why she got into AKB High was because Mayu paid for it. Jurina’s grades had dropped near the end of middle school (for some reason she didn’t elaborate on) and wasn’t able to get a scholarship. Mayu did, even though her parents could’ve just paid for her to get in, and begged her parents to use the money on Jurina instead. This was all so sad I was about to cry, but I was also touched that she’d shared something so personal with me.

It was the weekend again and I had to stay home this time since we hadn’t made any plans. It struck me that it’d been a long time since I was home alone for hours. I’d gone out every single day after school and on the weekends with Yuki too, but Yuki had a date today and I wasn’t about to be the third wheel.

So I lazed around, flipping through channels on the TV and even took a nap at one point. The shows were ridiculously boring because my parents had blocked all the entertaining ones. Damn overprotective sticklers. They weren’t home - what a shocker - and I was dressed in sweats and an anime t-shirt. If they did show up though (which wasn’t the least bit likely), the maids would fuss about them, giving me just enough time to sprint to my room and change into an appropriate nightgown, one befitting of the Matsui family’s heiress.

But for now I was bored. Oh nothing to do, nothing to do at all...

I was so bored that I even requested some chores to do. I wanted to do SOMETHING but that backfired completely. The maids ended up freaking out and forcing me to sit on the couch as they cleaned everything in sight. I think I made them panic so they were making sure everything humanly possible was done and that I wouldn’t report them to my parents. How droll.

I gave up on the TV quickly though and headed back upstairs. I decided to sneak my laptop out and watch some anime to kill time. Most people didn’t realize that I was a serious otaku, it doesn’t show right? Oh and I found out that Mayu really liked anime too, which was a huge bonus because now I had somebody that I could fangirl with. And we did plenty of that when Yuki wasn’t around.

I was about to put my headphones in when my phone buzzed. I snatched it off my desk and saw that Yuki had sent me a message, telling me to meet her at the mall. I rolled my eyes, the mall again? That girl needs to cut down on her shopping, seriously.

Nevertheless, I found myself climbing out of the car in front of the shopping center. Yuki’s impossible to ignore. Trust me, I found out the hard way.

It was easy to spot the couple with Mayu waving at me like a madman. Jeez what had HER so excited?

“Okay why am I here?” I stopped in front of them with a pout. “I had plenty of good anime to watch online yet I’m here, being a third wheel on your date.” Maybe I was exaggerating a bit and probably could’ve toned down the sass but eh, it was one of those days.

“Somebody’s being a negative nelly~ And we just wanted to hang out with you. Right, Mayuyu?” Yuki glanced over at her girlfriend for support, who just nodded with a smile. Then Yuki turned back to me with a wide grin and I was starting to regret coming out. They had obviously planned something what with those sweet smiles of theirs giving it away.

“Hey sorry I’m late.”

Oh I see. This is why they called me here out of the blue. I spun around and was met with a very familiar face.


“Hi...” I greeted her cautiously, still not sure how to act around the girl or what those two behind me were planning. But it seemed nothing was out of the ordinary as we went inside, window shopping and hopping from store to store. It was always so tiring to shop with Yuki.

Just when I started relaxing Yuki said, “Oh I have to go to the bathroom! Mayu, will you come with me?” Mayu agreed and they left with Yuki shouting back. “Don’t wait for us! Go shop around and we’ll just meet up later!”

I thought Yuki was just being herself, since she always dragged someone (usually me) to go to the bathroom with her. But then realization hit me that I was alone with Jurina and that they were definitely not planning to come back. “Shit...”


I smacked myself on the forehead. “We’ve been ditched. They’re not coming back. Ugh I should’ve seen this coming... This is probably all Yuki’s plan too. I noticed Mayu sending apologetic glances at me when Yuki wasn’t looking.”

Jurina just shrugged, “Probably...Well let’s keep going. We’re already here anyways.”

She had a point so we wandered around aimlessly. Without Yuki’s guidance, there weren’t that many stores that we wanted to go in.

“So what were you doing when they called you?” It was my lame attempt at starting a conversation. I’d known Jurina for three months already but there was still that awkward atmosphere around us.

“Just listening to music. Taking a walk. I do that sometimes.”

I nodded, “That sounds like you.”

“Oh and you know me so well?”

I looked at her to see if she was mocking me again...but she wasn’t. Her lips were upturned in a slightly playful smirk and I went along with it. “Of course I do~ I’d say I know you even better than Mayu by now.”

Jurina chuckled, “Really? What makes you say that so confidently? Care to put that to the test?”

“Oh no you didn’t just ask me that, Matsui Jurina.” I scoffed as she grinned my way. “Challenge accepted. And you should know that I hate to lose.”

“Fine then. I’ll ask you an easy question about myself and you answer what you think is right. Ready?”

“You bet.”

Okay so it turns out that I didn’t know anything about Jurina. But after that session of 20 questions I had learned a lot about her, her favorite food and color, her hobbies and pet peeves. We actually took turns asking and so she knew all that stuff about me now too. It was fun and I probably just told her more about myself than I had to anyone else, like ever. It was easy to be myself around felt like she’d just take whatever I threw at her and probably throw something back for giggles. It was nice.

We had sat down on a couch in that section of the mall, the rest area that was provided for shoppers you know? But the other seats were all taken up and we had to share the remaining recliner. I felt embarrassed at first, since I was pressed flushed against Jurina, but quickly got over it. She didn’t seem to mind so why should I?

But it was already dark outside and we probably had to get going soon. Jurina lifted herself out of the comfy chair first and I found myself missing the feeling of her warmth next to me.

She said she’d walk me home and I told her she didn’t have to, but she insisted, saying it was in return for walking her home the other day. I could’ve flat out rejected her and called the car, but I just couldn’t bring myself to. I kinda wanted to walk with her. Her company was...comfortable, something different from what I was used to. I guess I’d been hanging out with the prissy rich kids too long that I’d forgotten what it was like to have a real friend, besides Yuki I mean. But even Yuki had to put on a front for others and Jurina wasn’t like that. She never did anything she didn’t want to do and didn’t conform to what others expected. I was proud of her in a way but also jealous. I felt like a shitty person compared to her.

And didn’t she say that she hated people like that? People like me...

“Hey, Jurina?”

“Hmm? What’s up?” Her tone was light and she seemed to have a skip in her step as we walked down the street.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I thought you hated people like me...”

She halted, turning to face me so suddenly that I almost backed up out of reflex. “I think you misheard what I said the other day. I said I LIKE you, not the other way around.”

“But you said you didn’t like people that put on a façade...” I stared at the sidewalk, purposely avoiding her gaze.

I heard her sigh before saying, “I’m only going to say this one more time so listen carefully. It’s true I don’t like it when you’re being all fake and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I hate YOU. I said I LIKE you dammit, haven’t you been listening?”

She sounded so exasperated and it caused me to look up. I met her eyes and nearly stopped breathing right there because her gaze was just so...breathtaking. Cheesy, I know. But she was so serious and her warm brown orbs were reflecting all these emotions. Her gaze used to make me uncomfortable since it was so intense and I could never read her before but all of a sudden I understood completely. She liked me. She had said that so many times but I never caught what she meant. What a dumbass I was. But did I feel the same? I had to ask myself since I never really considered it before... Mayu was right, I was dense and maybe in denial. After putting some careful thought into it, my answer actually came to me quite easily.

Jurina was still looking at me expectantly and I smiled, completely ecstatic to tell her how I felt. I was practically exploding inside and if I didn’t say it right away then I might die right this instant.

But I got interrupted.

A scream tore through the night and my blood nearly froze at the sound of it.

“Didn’t that voice sound familiar?” Jurina pointed out. I nodded as we both came to a silent agreement, already sprinting down the block in the direction it came from. We rounded the corner into an alley and found...

“Acchan?” I was confused as to why Acchan was out so late and surrounded by like ten yankees. She was in a fighting stance and then I also noticed that there were already a few lying motionless on the ground. I could smell the blood in the air...But Acchan was still backed against the wall and needed help, NOW.

I went and straight punched a guy in the throat as he turned when he heard me saying Acchan’s name. He immediately started choking and collapsed on his knees while I took care of a few of his friends. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jurina fighting too and it was damn cool. She was kicking guys in the face and I secretly admired her flexibility, those kicks looked like they hurt too.

Unfortunately that meant that I was distracted and left an opening for someone to attack.

Searing pain shot through my skull and I groaned, leaning on the brick wall for support. My vision was a little blurry and I could only see red in one eye, must be the blood from where I got hit.

“Rena!” I heard Jurina’s voice but was too disoriented to respond. The guy that hit me stepped up with a steel pipe and snickered, lifting it high above his head to finish me.

But it never connected.

“Hehe...” I wrenched the pipe out of his hands and licked my lips. The blood flowed freely down my face and I could taste the coppery substance on my tongue.

“Using weapons...” I tossed the pipe aside with a clang and cracked my knuckles, they were already covered in blood from the guys I beat earlier. “ foul play.”

I grinned maniacally and chuckled, taking a step towards him and he seemed to be trembling, trying to back up but the wall was in the way.

Now the roles were reversed. And I took sadistic joy in his fear. “Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHA~!”

My fist flew towards him and one hit knocked him down for the count, but I didn’t stop there. I wanted him to pay... I wanted him to suffer... I held him by the collar and pushed him against the bricks, pummeling his face again and again. His face was bloodied and unrecognizable and he had already lost consciousness quite a few punches ago...

“Rena! Stop!” I felt arms around my waist and paused in my ministrations.

“Jurina...” I knew the arms had to be hers. “Nee...Okotteru~?”

“Please just stop... I don’t want to see you beating him anymore...” She sounded so fragile...

My arms dropped to my side as I let myself be pulled away from the guy, his body sliding down to the ground listlessly. I started blinking rapidly, I was confused... What the hell just happened?

It was a few moments until recognition set in. Damn...NOT AGAIN!!

SHIT! I stomped my foot on the ground and pried Jurina’s arms off my torso. I tore away sprinting out of the alley as fast as I could. Tears were falling down my cheeks and I could tell because the salt hurt my split lip. I can’t believe I let that happen...I promised that I wouldn’t...I promised her...And Jurina was there to witness it...Then I left her in that alley without any sort of explanation...

“FUUUUUUCCCKK!!” I screamed as I ran away, utterly disappointed with myself.

I ran and ran. I always ran. From the real me. From the relationships I could have had. From the people who try to help me and from the people who need my help.

I don’t really remember much of what happened after that. Everything was a blur and I was all disoriented, tripping and stumbling all over the place. I might’ve been hyperventilating a bit too. But I think I just wandered around the streets until Acchan found me. She didn’t even ask me anything, and I think the silence was worse than if she would have. She just wrapped a blanket around me and took me to her house. I remember that I was ice cold and shivering like crazy while she cleaned my wounds, just the one on my head and my knuckles. She said that I had dislocated my wrist and might have a minor concussion, and she was surprised that I hadn’t passed out from the blood loss yet. Head wounds bleed a lot you know.

I stayed over at her house that night, and the next few nights after that. I couldn’t go home, my parents would be furious if they found out what happened but I think Acchan took care of it. She probably told them that I was just fine and wanted to stay over for a project or something. I didn’t go to school on Monday either. I just...I couldn’t face Jurina. I just couldn’t. It pained me to think about how scared she’d sounded when she told me to stop. My heart was breaking and there was nothing I could do. I’d never felt so helpless before...

Not even when my best friend died.

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Yeah um so this is sad. Caveat lector.

One and the Same

Chapter 5

Airi was my childhood friend. I used to have two best friends: Airi and Yuki. When Yuki was busy, Airi and I would hang out together all the time. We were inseparable, joined by the hip as the adults called it. Yuki often played with her other friends, the other preps and sons of rich tycoons. I couldn’t blame her, her father was always pressuring her to hang out with ‘the right people’.

And Airi wasn’t high enough in society to be Yuki’s friend. That meant she wasn’t supposed to be my friend either and she knew that, but I was stubborn. We fought over it once when we were kids, shouting and wrestling until we were both panting and covered in dirt. She knew that I wasn’t supposed to be around her...but I didn’t care. She brought it up a few times before but relented after our wrestling match. I think we became even better friends after that though. Fighting always seemed to strengthen bonds somehow.

In middle school, I always walked home with her even though we lived in completely different parts of town. She’d always be there for me, especially when I got into trouble. I tended to get into a lot of fights in those days. I don’t know why, but I’d always had this fascination with blood. Apparently when I was a baby, I always got sick so my parents were worried and called in a specialist. He was some kind of surgeon or hypnotist, but whatever he did, worked. I stopped getting sick after that, but they found something wrong with me once I turned two. I had gotten a paper cut and the maid was getting a band-aid but she came back to find me sucking on it. And no matter what she did, she couldn’t get me to stop. The only thing she could do was prevent me from cutting myself more to get more blood. Turns out, that hypnotist was a total psycho and had fled the country soon after he treated me. So there was no helping that.

As soon as I could walk, I kept picking fights with the other kids. Airi was always there to back me up since Yuki wasn’t supposed to get dirty or do such barbarous things. She was a little princess after all. But Airi and I would fight back to back, always covering for each other and taking the blame when we got scolded by our parents. My parents couldn’t even stop me, I bet they thought it was partially their fault and that maybe it was just a phase. They did try though, lecturing me about being prim and proper...but it didn’t work as well on me as it did on Yuki. So it continued on throughout middle school, my yearning for blood and violence only increased during that time. I was insatiable. And I soon made a name for myself as a yankee.

Gekikara. That’s what they called me. I’m not too sure how it started but Airi said it was because I was eating some spicy Senbei crackers as I fought one time. I couldn’t help it, I was hungry. But after all that fighting, I had made my way to the top. I was teppen and no one could challenge me. They became too afraid to fight me anymore and I gradually lost interest.

And then there was the incident that made me stop fighting entirely.

In my last year of middle school. Airi died. We were only 15 years old. I never even saw it coming.

Airi had started hanging out with this girl, her name was Akane, and she was a year younger than us. They became really close and I bet Airi was in love with her. No, I’m sure she was. They were good together and I might’ve been a little jealous since I got to spend less time with her, but I was proud nonetheless. I still teased her about it relentlessly though because it was my job as her best friend.

Akane wasn’t a fighter. She wasn’t a yankee, not even close. But she was a nice girl and I came to like her, but Airi LOVED her and who was I to stop them? They had pet names for each other too, Airi called Akane ‘Churi’ since she liked birds so much, and Akane called her ‘Airin’. It was so awkward being around them as the third wheel and I was sure I was going to get diabetes from all the sweetness. Around that time was also when I became the top. I often fought alone while Airi and Akane went on dates, and that’s when all the yankees realized that I was strong even without my partner.

But it all came to an end too soon.

Akane got into a car crash. She wasn’t in the car, she was minding her own business as Airi put it, when a semi came rushing around the corner and hit her. Airi was there to see it. And I couldn’t think of anything worse than that. Airi called it her punishment and when I asked her what the punishment was for, she never said.

Akane was in the hospital with dozens of broken bones and ruptured organs. I caught a glimpse of tubes sticking out of her in every direction before the door to the ER room swung shut. There was blood everywhere, on her clothes, staining the sheets, and even on Airi. I saw blood as an everyday occurrence but this was too much even for me. We stood silently outside the ER, waiting for the doctor to come out and tell us the news.

Airi and Akane had been on a date, they were heading home when it happened and Airi had called the ambulance immediately, then she called me.

Akane’s mom was also informed but wherever she worked wouldn’t let her leave. I was horribly tempted to go knock some sense into her asshole of a boss but Airi convinced me to stay. We were the only ones there for Akane and Airi wanted to see her as soon as she woke up. I could only smile painfully at that. I saw the blood, Airi saw the blood, and we knew it would be too late. But Airi had hope and I could only be there when she needed it. She was always the optimistic one. I was the pessimistic one and she would stop me from going overboard and insane in my fights or being so negative all the time.

Airi kept me in line and backed me up, always.

So I stayed. We didn’t eat, we didn’t sleep, and Airi didn’t even bother cleaning herself up. We just sat there, waiting. The rest of the hospital was already closed and we were the only ones left. We were there for hours before the ER room doors finally opened. The doctor came out and shook his head. I’m sure he had plenty of experience telling people bad news but he didn’t say anything. No ‘we tried our best’ or stupid shit, maybe he knew it wouldn’t help. And if he did say it I might’ve beat him. Airi asked if she could see Akane one last time and we were permitted inside. Akane had regained consciousness but only faintly. She could barely speak or keep her eyes open. I saw her eyelids close quite a few times as she drifted in and out but she fought to stay awake.

I take back what I said about her not being a fighter.

Airi wasn’t even crying, she just took Akane’s hand and sat next to her on the bed. I nodded at her, choking back tears and Akane gave me a small smile. I left after that. Airi needed her alone time with Akane. I knew that and that’s why I left with only a small nod. I had a lot to say but Airi probably had tons more.

I was back to waiting outside again, but it was more torturous this time. Akane could leave at any minute and even though she was Airi’s girlfriend, she was also my friend and I was in such shock that the depression hadn’t even set in yet.

At one point, this lady rushed in and ran past where I was sitting, she pushed the doors open and I saw Airi, still sitting there and holding Akane’s hand. She hadn’t moved an inch the entire time. I figured that the lady was Akane’s mom but I was preoccupied with my own thoughts to think about greeting her or anything. I don’t think she wanted to talk to me anyways. She had other things to do that were much more important, just like Airi, so I let them be.

I was there until Airi finally came out. Her face was pale and she seemed so tired and...older somehow, like she had suddenly aged. I noticed that she still hadn’t cried yet and she never did, not even in the following few months after Akane’s passing. She never shed a single tear.

We just left that night. Airi stayed over at my house but she didn’t say a word. She just let me lead her wherever and collapsed on my bed as soon as we trudged into my room. My parents weren’t home because they were overseas on a business trip and they probably wouldn’t hear about this for a long time. Maybe they’d never even find out if I didn’t tell them. And I didn’t.

I didn’t ask Airi anything, and she didn’t tell me anything either. I wanted to help her, console her, but I always sucked at that sort of thing. I could only stay with her and hopefully that would be enough. I did try to talk about it once about a month after, but Airi just said to drop it, so I couldn’t say any more.

The people at school kept whispering about it. Didn’t they understand that it was enough hard for Airi without their gossip? I took care of it though, they learned not to mess with me after a few fractured noses and broken bones. But they had said that Airi and Akane weren’t even in love. Now that rubbed me in the wrong way. They didn’t know that. How could they? Airi might still be young but I knew damn well that she loved Akane, no buts about it.

Airi was never the same after that either. She’d visit Akane’s grave about once a week and I considered that mediocre, she probably would’ve slept there every day if I didn’t drag her away. Once in a while I would get into a fight but Airi never joined in. She’d given up doing anything at all. She didn’t even watch anime anymore and it was heartbreaking since it used to be her favorite pastime. She loved it and was an even bigger otaku than I was.

But what was I supposed to do? I thought about it every day and I never found an answer. I wanted Airi to let it out somehow but I couldn’t. I even thought about punching her to make her mad but seeing her all depressed...I just couldn’t do it. I was utterly helpless.

That wasn’t even the worst of it.

About three months after that night in the hospital, Airi disappeared. Her parents called and I went searching for her immediately. I didn’t even wait for her parents to finish explaining. They said ‘Airi’s gone missing’ and I ran out right away. I didn’t even bother grabbing a coat even though it was nearly winter. Where could she be? I went to our usual hangouts but she wasn’t there. I prayed that it wasn’t going to be one of those times where what you’re looking for is in the last place you look. Thankfully it wasn’t.

I found her in an alley, half frozen to death and bleeding from several wounds. I instantly realized that she had gotten into a fight and had this nasty wound on her side. Whoever she was fighting must’ve used a knife. I took off my shirt and tried to staunch the wound, I tried to call an ambulance but my phone was dead. Great timing. So then I carried her on my back as gently as possible even though I was in a hurry. She woke up halfway to the hospital and tried to speak, but I told her to save her strength. She insisted though and I slowed down to listen.

She told me she was sorry. She was sorry that she’d been a sucky friend for the last few months and that she never tried to talk to me about it. Her tone was so lighthearted, like whatever burdens she had were gone.

It scared me.

I told her to stop talking like that. She asked me what I meant while chuckling slightly, then wincing in pain from the wound on her abdomen. I called her and idiot and told her to stop talking like she was going to die and she didn’t respond.

I thought she was done but then she went and apologized again for being bleak and I rolled my eyes, telling her that if she was gloomy then what was I? Then I felt even worse because that made her laugh and hurt her stomach again. She said that I was a great friend and that she was lucky to have met me. She talked about our childhood adventures and some of the best or worst fights that we had. I don’t know where she got all that strength to keep babbling on and it kind of reminded me of how Akane would often ramble about stuff nonstop. That thought made me smile.

Airi said she was glad that she could make me smile one last time and I started getting mad then. I told her to cut the crap and just shut up, that I didn’t want to hear all that mushy stuff. I swear she was laughing at me behind my back, literally.

When we finally got to the hospital I could tell she was losing strength. I took her to the ER and the doctors rushed about, tending to her. This was the second time that I had to watch a friend suffer in the ER. I hadn’t even gotten over the first time yet.

Airi tried to stay awake the whole time. The doctors did what they could and patched her up, pumping a lot of blood into her but Airi had already lost too much. They didn’t give her any drugs or anything since it wouldn’t help. It would just put her to sleep and then we wouldn’t even be able to talk to her again. Her parents came in and cried their eyes out while I stood in the corner. They stayed for a long time before Airi asked if she could talk to me alone. So her parents and the nurses all cleared out until it was only the two of us. It’s surprising how obediently people follow the requests of a dying person.

I didn’t know what to say and Airi seemed to sense that. She started talking again, going on and on about random stuff. She’d gotten some energy after the blood transfusion but couldn’t sit up in bed, so she just laid there. I was quiet until she started talking about serious stuff again.

She told me not to fight anymore and not to blame myself for her death. She said that she went looking for a fight and picked a bad opponent, though she was kind of hoping this would happen. I knew that she was thinking about meeting Akane but I never thought that it’d happen so soon. She could talk about her impending death so easily, like she was already gone and detached from here. That made me cry. All the sadness I felt from Akane came back and I bawled my eyes out. It was the first time that I’d cried so hard. I was never even much of a crier as a kid. Airi just patted my back and consoled me, I smacked her hand away, saying that I should be the one consoling her and we shared a laugh at that. Well she laughed and I half laughed, half cried.

I took a seat on the edge of the bed, the same place that Airi sat three months ago when Akane was in her position. Airi must’ve known what I was thinking because she told me to stop it and to smile, that she wouldn’t be around to keep me in line anymore so I’d have to do it myself. Then she thanked me and I told her again that I should be thanking her, and I did. I had to tell her everything now, because soon I wouldn’t be able to. I told her everything that I felt and she teased me about being in love with her, I denied it but I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know what love was and she said she loved me though. But I knew she only loved me as a friend because the one she was IN LOVE with was Akane, and it always would be. I had accepted that a long time ago.

Then I said goodbye, I nearly started crying again but Airi gave me a light push, telling me not to look back as I walked out the door. I promised I wouldn’t and that I would start trying to be more optimistic, that I would stop fighting and keep on living because she didn’t want me to make the same mistake she did. I was still sniffling like an idiot as I said this, but I did what she said and didn’t look back. I could tell she was smiling though, as I left her behind.

I saw Yuki waiting outside on the bench and she got up as soon as I came out. She walked up to me, giving me a bear hug and a few words of encouragement before heading in to see Airi too. I was glad she didn’t ask if I was okay because I wasn’t. If she did, then I would’ve broken down right there.

Airi passed away just a few hours after our talk. It was a complete repeat of Akane’s death and felt surreal to me. It didn’t sink in until later that I’d never be able to see her again, the childhood friend that I’d been with for so long. And I didn’t think I’d ever get over losing two of my friends so close together, but Yuki helped me. Yuki couldn’t replace Airi though, and I didn’t want her to, she knew that herself. It took some time before I started going to school again but I learned from Airi that if I wanted to get back on my feet, I’d have to help myself and let myself be helped by others. Airi had taught me a lot. I wasn’t going to dwell on the past, she told me to move forward and not look back.

And that’s what I was going to do.
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Dude you can bet that I will do my best to comment on each and every single chapter that you release, because my god do I love this fic! There's just the right amount of drama to keep me on the edge of my seat every time! Gah I'm so curious about how Jurina is going act around Rena from now on! And Rena's backstory is so tragic T-T Like, I thought that it was going to end with 'Airi disappeared and she was never heard from again' but NOPE! She's gone too! T-T Thank god that Yuki was there to shoulder Rena. I get the feeling that she's a better friend than Rena likes to admit lol Your depiction of their friendships is one of my favorite parts of this story!

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And without further ado~

One and the Same

Chapter 6

“Rena... You have to go to school at some point.” Acchan tried to coerce me through the bedroom door. But I wasn’t going to have any of that and just wrapped the covers tighter around myself. I heard her sigh and leave soon after, her footsteps echoing down the stairs.

I wanted to go out, I’d been holed up in this room for a week already and barely ate anything, not to mention all the trouble I was causing for Acchan. She gave me spare clothes and let me stay here this whole time without prying too much.

Although...we did talk a couple days ago. She explained that those thugs were hired by some students in our school to target her. They were jealous that a new transfer student suddenly became so popular and even took the title of Student Council President. Well screw them, that’s what I said. She also said that it wasn’t the first time they attacked her and that she had fought some off the first night she was in Japan. So THAT’S why she told me she wanted to walk home, having noticed those guys following us from inside the car. I admired her guts, I at least had to give her credit for that. But I didn’t even feel sorry for almost killing that guy back in the alley that night, if he was targeting Acchan then he had it coming. What I did feel bad about though, was that breaking my promise to Airi.

I lost control and went berserk fighting just like I used to, even after I’d promised to take care of myself since I didn’t have anyone to watch my back anymore. And Jurina...she watched me almost beat that guy to death... What did she think of me now? Did she think I was a freak? A psycho? I wouldn’t blame her if she did. I probably would too.

Thinking about it again...Did I blame myself for Airi’s death? Maybe. Was I beating myself up over it? Probably. Do I hate myself for breaking our promise? Definitely. Did I try to do anything about it or get over it like I also promised her? No. Not in the least bit.

I sort of tried, like I said I was going to. It was a half-assed attempt though. I kind of just pushed it to the back of my mind rather than get over it.

But really I was just dwelling in self-pity for all this time, feeling bad for myself even though Airi had it worse.

Just like I am now with Jurina.

I informed Acchan of my worries and she was a really good listener, like the protective older sister I never had. I gave her the short version of course and she advised me to talk to Jurina as soon as possible to sort it out. It was good advice, but I was too much of a coward to even leave the room. Thinking of these things for the nth time, I drifted off to sleep again.

I was rudely awoken by having the covers torn off of my body and I shivered at the sudden loss of warmth. I slowly sat up, slightly groggy and ready to bite anyone that came too close, but instantly changed my mind when I saw who it was.

Yuki. No wait... MAD Yuki. So in other words......Black.

Shit I am so dead.

The scowl Yuki had on her face sent shivers down my spine. Yep, dead. So dead. I knew I forgot about something!...

“Umm Yuki...I can explain...”

“Explain what?”

I gulped, oh god please help me...

“I assume you would want to tell me what happened about an ENTIRE week ago, but you don’t really have to since Acchan already spilled everything.” Yuki put her hands on her hips menacingly.

Wow she even made Acchan talk? That’s extremely impressive...and not in a good way. Her tone was so cold and seemingly uncaring, her face blank and eyes boring into my very soul. I found it much scarier than when she just freaks out and yells at me, thinking that I’d rather prefer the yelling, but Yuki did do plenty of that later.

“I thought that maybe my BEST FRIEND would tell me when something big like this happens...but I guess not.”

I flinched every time she emphasized a word and thought that maybe it’d be a good idea to stay quiet and just let Yuki vent for a bit. I sat like you would during a traditional tea ceremony and folded my legs under me with my hands in my lap. Better just be a good girl and take the bitching head on.

“Honestly Rena, what were you thinking? First of all, call a car if you’re going to go home so late. I don’t care if you want to spend more time with Jurina.”

I opened my mouth to retort but the glare she sent my way made me shut it again instantly.

“And don’t run towards trouble! I thought that maybe you would’ve learned that by now! At least call for help!” Yuki was getting really worked up now, pacing around the room and gesturing wildly. “I don’t know what you were thinking! Running to fight those guys without any back up? And I don’t want to hear about how you’re a good fighter. That cut on your head proves otherwise.” Her glare boring holes through me.

So maybe I was a little rusty.

“And lastly...why didn’t you tell me sooner?! I’ve been worried sick! You haven’t been coming to school and I thought that maybe you died or something!” She grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. I could tell she was really worried and felt like shit for forgetting to tell her.

“I...I’m sorry, Yuki.” I looked down, unable to face her. “I didn’t mean to make you worry... I just......I’m scared. I broke my promise to Airi and I don’t want to go to school and face Jurina... What do I DO?” I said, almost breaking down again.


Yuki slapped me across the face, HARD, and it stung like hell. “Damn it all, Rena. You should’ve really asked me sooner, what are best friends for? I’m here to help and stop sounding like a lost puppy. We’ve talked about this before.”

I realized that I did sound pretty pathetic just now. I rubbed my cheek absentmindedly but then smiled, “Thanks Yuki. I think that’s exactly what I needed.”

“You’re welcome~” She smiled back and I was already starting to feel better.

“Knock knock~ Is it safe to come in now?” Acchan’s head peered through a crack in the doorway.

“Sure~ Yuki was just abusing me a bit but it’s fine.”

“Hey!” Yuki crossed her arms and pouted, having let go of my shoulders. “I was not~”

I laughed as Acchan came into the room and saw that Haruna was right behind her, the latter looking at me rather uneasily. “Hey Rena... Are you okay?”

Looks like I made just about everyone worry about me this past week. I smiled and reassured her that I was alright, except for my stinging cheek then Yuki just smacked me on the arm to make me shut up. Jeez that woman was so violent.

“So why are you all here? And where’s Takamina and them?”

“Well I’m here because this is my house.” Acchan decided to be a smartass but I knew she didn’t mean anything by it. So I just ignored it this time.

Haruna actually answered me though. “We’re here because Yuki was going to come over anyways and I thought I’d tag along. Everyone was so worried and we thought that it’d be best to pay a home visit~”

Wow. It was really nice to have friends and just to know that someone actually cares about you. You don’t find people like them very often.

“...Thank you.” It was the most genuine expression of gratitude that I’d ever spoken, and I really was thankful for all that they did for me.

They all smiled and told me that it was nothing, Acchan even patted me on the head. I pouted and said that I wasn’t a dog so she called me a puppy, saying that I was the pet of the group. I retaliated, saying that it had to be Jurina, not me...


Yuki said that she had sent Mayu and the guys over to talk to her, since she had been skipping school for the past week. I frowned at this. What had she been doing this whole time? How had SHE felt when I left her there in the alley? Damn I was such an ass.

I still hadn’t spoken to her yet. And I needed to get on that right away. She deserved to know. Now that I was all rejuvenated and ready to go, I felt that I could do it. No problem, how hard could it be?

Really hard, actually.

I went to school the next day and all my classmates welcomed me back, those little frauds, they probably didn’t even care or notice until I came back.

Fortunately, my hair could cover my head wound but my hands hadn’t completely healed yet and were harder to conceal. I had to wear these frilly, lacy as hell and dainty-ass little white gloves (that Acchan had given me) to cover up the scabs on my hands. I’d stared with horror when Acchan first presented them, but she just remarked (with a deadpan expression I might add) that it was either wearing the gloves or letting people know I’d gotten into a fight. And we all know how THAT would’ve went. So I begrudgingly put them on and had even gotten quite a few compliments on them (to which I just smiled while cringing inside).

The teachers were all informed that I had been sick and my parents thought I was over at Acchan’s for schoolwork, so overall it was basically a foolproof lie.

Lunch came creeping around the corner and all the dread I was feeling suddenly resurfaced. I thought I had calmed myself down already but apparently not. Yuki came over though, and gave me a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before pushing me out the door. Thanks friend.

I headed up to the roof where Acchan told me that Jurina would be waiting, at least I hoped she would be.

She was.

I saw her as soon as I gathered enough courage to open the door, which took about ten minutes by the way.

Jurina was lying down on her side near the fence, at a closer glance I noticed that she was sleeping. Who could fall asleep with their head propped up with their arm? It was such an awkward position. Her mouth was slightly open and I sat down, listening to her even breathing. It was oddly relaxing.

She stirred though, and groaned a little while rubbing her eyes. I thought it was cute the way she woke up.

“Rena-chan?” Her voice was tired sounding, like she hadn’t slept for days.

“Hey Jurina...” I said as she turned around to face me, until we were both sitting cross-legged about a foot apart.

She just watched me and I did the same to her. I was observing her every feature, her lips that looked like a cat’s whenever she grinned, her shoulder length black hair that was slightly ruffled from her nap, and lastly her eyes. The same eyes that I came to love.


I tensed as I waited for what was coming next. I honestly had no idea how she would respond but I was at least pretty sure it wouldn’t be like Yuki.

“You look like shit.”

I scoffed, “Wow, thanks for the compliment. You look pretty great yourself.”

She gave me a small grin and I realized that I had really missed seeing her smile. “Well it’s the truth. Though I guess I look pretty bad too...”

I laughed at this and her grin grew. Somehow the light banter made me feel better.

“And what the hell...” Jurina pinched the edge of one of my gloves and lifted my hand to get a better look while frowning all the while. “...are THESE?”

I pulled my hand away with a slight blush. “Hey quit judging me~ Acchan MADE me wear them.”

Jurina laughed and shook her head, probably still making fun of me in her mind, but it was alright since I was kind of judging myself for listening to Acchan anyways. Honestly there MUST’VE been another pair of LESS FRILLY gloves available!

So I laughed right along with her until the sound eventually faded into a few merry chuckles.

“...Oh and if you’re going to apologize then don’t bother. I don’t want to hear it.”

I blinked in confusion, all of a sudden reminded that I still had to make up with Jurina. But she doesn’t want to hear it? What does that mean? Does it mean she wouldn’t accept it? Or does she not care? She seemed to read my thoughts though.

“I know you came here to tell me sorry probably about a thousand times, but that’s not necessary. I’ve already forgiven you.”

“Really?” I asked her, incredulous.

Jurina rolled her eyes at me, “Of course. How dense do you think I am? Now if you’re calling me stupid then I’m not going to take that, THEN you’d better say sorry.”

I could tell she was messing with me though. She always had this glint in her eye whenever she was playing. “So you’re not mad at me? Like, at all?”


Phew! I thought she’d bite my head off! Or worse...she’d hate me. “But why?”

Jurina shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess I like you too much so maybe I’m a little biased. But honestly it’s not that big of a deal.”

She was really trying to reassure me, it was kind of a weird way of doing it...but it really did make me happy to hear her say that. Every time she so casually mentions that she likes me, my heart skips a beat, and then I remember that I still never gave her an answer for her confession.

“I don’t see why you always think that I hate you or something. Like, where does that even come from? Do I seem like the type that hates things easily?” She kind of did to be honest, of course I didn’t say that out loud.

“I about what you think...that’s all...” I murmured it real quiet so I didn’t know if she caught it or not. A quick glance up was all it took to find out.

Jurina had this huge grin plastered on her smug face and I thought I’d have to punch her to make it go away. “So SOMEBODY missed me this past week~”

My face flushed as I smacked her shoulder, “Sh-Shut up!”

It didn’t stop there though. “Oooh and now you’re blushing~ Kawaii~”

This girl is going to be the death of me.

Jurina kept up her teasing for a good 15 minutes before I think she realized it was no good because all the blood had rushed to my head - that obviously wasn’t good for my health.

“Haha sorry~ But you were too cute and I couldn’t help myself~”

“Hmmph~” I huffed and tried to fan myself, god my face was burning.

The rooftop was silent for a few moments before Jurina decided to break it with a shy voice.

“But Rena-chan... Can you tell me about your past? I heard some from Yuki but she told me to ask you directly and I was planning on that anyways. No worries if you don’t want to!” She waved her hands frantically and I was struck with how young and child-like she could be. She must’ve been really scared when we were fighting those thugs. I forget sometimes that Jurina was still an ordinary person, just a normal high school girl like me.

“No, it’s fine. I was going to tell you anyways... I just didn’t know where to start or how to even breach the topic.” I smiled sheepishly.

“Well why don’t you start from the beginning? Tell me everything.”

“But...aren’t you scared of me? I was pretty......bad.” I ended lamely. I was still confused. Jurina was just so...nonchalant about this. Like she understood for some reason. “I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was crazy and violent. I certainly wouldn’t be upset if you don’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

But Jurina just shook her head, “No. You just surprised me a bit. I’m not scared of you, I mean, it was kind of scary when we were fighting because I thought you might get hurt. Or hurt yourself. I didn’t even know you were capable of fighting since you definitely seem like the sweet and fragile type...”

“I didn’t know you could either...” I muttered under my breath and Jurina didn’t seem to catch it.

“It seems like I didn’t have anything to worry about though~” She ended on a lighthearted note, her smile so dazzling I thought that maybe SHE was the crazy one.

“...” I didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t scared of me. She didn’t hate me. She didn’t even find me repulsive for being so violent. What is with her?

One part of me criticized her judgement, thinking that she should hate me, should resent me or even get away from me. But then another part of me...was really glad – that Jurina accepted me for the way I was.

“I’ll admit that it was kind of frightening when you wouldn’t stop punching that guy - surprised the heck out of me! But then I thought about it, and in the end it didn’t really bother me after all.” Jurina said it like it was nothing and I wondered why. She wasn’t like most people would find it pretty disturbing or horribly gruesome and repulsive.

“I still wanna hear what you have to say though.” Jurina confirmed. “I want to hear about your past and I don’t care how bad it is.”

“It’s a really long story you know.” I warned her, with a small smile making its way onto my face, but she told me to give her the long version anyways. So I told her everything, down to the very last detail, and she listened intently. Her attention never strayed at all. I told her all about my childhood and how I was a yankee, told her about Airi and Akane, and everything that happened afterwards. It took forever and lunch was almost over by the time I was done. “And so that’s it. That’s basically my whole life story.”

“ weren’t kidding. That was long.” She shot me a playful smirk. “But I’m glad you decided to tell me. So now I just have one, final question...” Jurina looked right at me and it felt like she was staring straight into my soul. “Airin...Did you love her?”

I was speechless. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Wait a minute, I don’t think I ever mentioned Airi’s name let alone her nickname...I’d told Jurina the whole story without mentioning a single name. “How...How do you know that name?”

Jurina sighed and looked away, suddenly seeming tired as she rubbed the back of her neck. “I met her once, Airi I mean. She appeared nice enough, at least my sister seemed to like her a lot...”

“Your sister?”

“Yeah, my older sister...... Akane.”

I couldn’t breathe. Her sister...was Akane? Jurina was Akane’s little sister? Since when did Akane have a sister?

“Sorry I didn’t tell you, but it’d kind of a hard topic to bring up, ya know? Like, hey I had an older sister but...”

I didn’t have anything to say. What could I say? “Akane...Do you miss her?”

I don’t know why I asked that. Out of all the questions going through my head I chose to focus on that one.

“I do. I miss her a lot.”

Ouch that hurt somehow. I really shouldn’t be jealous of her sister but...

“I lost my dad when I was really little, like when I was two, so I didn’t really know him well enough to miss him. But Akane...well it hurt. A lot. I wasn’t even there to see her go since I was at a boarding school. My mom worked hard to support us and as soon as we got some cash she sent me to a private academy. I believe it was Akane’s idea, but she didn’t come with me, probably had certain reasons for wanting to stay at her old school. She was a caring sister though, sort of bird-brained at times but I still loved her. In the end, I didn’t even get to say goodbye...”

“Do you...want to talk about it? You can let it all out, I’ll listen.”

Jurina shook her head, “I don’t have much to say. But I didn’t know that Airi was your friend, promise! Heck I didn’t even know you existed until this year!” She tried to smile. It must’ve been hard for her, but she was trying. Much harder than I was.

Jurina was just so strong, even though she’d been through so much just like me, she was still fighting it head on and I kind of envied her. Heck she was even trying to lighten the mood when I was supposed to be the one making her feel better.

“I had a bad episode after Akane’s death though. I started fighting, I think I was just angry at the world to be honest. Mayu probably told you what I was like as a kid, well after that I sort of became gloomy and dark all the time, like how I am now.”

I could only keep quiet, but I did pull her closer into a hug as she talked. She didn’t resist and snuggled even closer, almost onto my lap with her head leaning on my shoulder.

“...I heard about this girl - Gekikara they called her. They said she was the strongest - the unbeatable queen - and I wanted to fight her. Thought I’d be able to prove myself somehow by beating her. But I’d also heard that she’d completely stopped fighting around the same time I started, so I didn’t have a chance. Guess now I know why, huh?” She glanced up at me with a small smirk.

“I don’t think you’d want to go against me.”

“Oh ho you think you can beat me? Is that a challenge?”

That’s when it hit me. I smirked, “Of course not~ I don’t think I’d be able to defend myself against the infamous CENTER after all these years~”

Her eyes widened, “You know me?”

I snorted, “I heard some rumors floating around~ It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.”

She laughed hard, her whole body shaking with the action and I thought she’d fall off my lap. The sound made me smile though.

But then she brought up that subject again.

“Seriously though, Rena, you haven’t answered my question...Do you or do you not love Airi?” She was staring at me again, her gaze boring into mine. It didn’t help that her face was only inches away...


Jurina sighed, “I thought so...” She began to pull away. “I really like you, but I somehow sensed that you had someone else...someone that you hadn’t gotten over yet. But I had to try even though I knew that deep down I was just Airi’s replacement. I’m not good enough for you anyways...”

I pulled her back abruptly and held her by the shoulders. “Really? That’s what you think?”

“Well excuse me for being insecure...” She sneered. “I just wish you would trust to me to watch your back at least.”

“Jurina...” No, no, she can’t leave. Not now.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” She shrugged like it was nothing and tried to pull away again. Why does she always do that?!

“Jurina...” I said with more urgency.

“I won’t hold it over you or anything, promise.”

“Jurina would you listen to me?! NOW who’s being the dense one?! I’m trying to tell you that I LOVE YOU!” I pulled her close and smashed our lips together. It was messy and sloppy and I think I bruised my lip but totally worth it.

She didn’t respond right away, probably out of shock, but she soon did and her arms snaked around my neck. I didn’t think our bodies could get into closer contact but I was wrong. My hands made their way into Jurina’s hair and she moaned into the kiss. God that was hot.

But after a few moments we had to pull away due to lack of air, both of us flushed and breathing heavily. Jurina’s hair was all messed up, way worse than it already was earlier. Did I do that? I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t even recall my name at this point.

“Rena...” Jurina said breathily. The way she was panting and her red-tinted cheeks...even the way she said my name was sexy...

I was about to apologize again but she put a finger on my lips, chuckling. “Nope I don’t want to hear it, I thought I told you that~ And why are you saying sorry’s not like I didn’t enjoy it...” She said the last bit in a whisper but I heard it loud and clear.

I grinned like an idiot and wrapped my arms back around her, it was a perfect fit. “Well then would you like to do that again? Because I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell do.”

Jurina laughed and it felt nice, I could feel it where she was pressed right up against me. “You’re insatiable~”

I kept grinning and kissed her on the lips again, just a quick peck though. But then I got all shy again for some reason, just trying to get out what I was trying to say. It was embarrassing you know! Trying to tell someone you love them, my smile turned bashful as I glanced at her through my bangs. I never really answered her properly and she deserved to know. So I spoke up. “...Just so you know...I did love Airi, I still do. But the one I’m in love you.”

Jurina turned beet red and I found that extremely adorable. She tried to bury her face in my shoulder and I chuckled at her embarrassed reaction. She was even more embarrassed than I was, how adorable! It was nice to turn the tables every once in a while and make her blush for a change.

She was smiling though, I could feel it.


A/N: So yeah, I could've ended it there. But if I was reading this then I'd hate to not know about what happens afterwards. I mean, it's easy to guess, but then again I'd still like to read it myself. And so~ That means that I've written 2 more chapters. TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS OF LITERALLY JUST FLUFF AND WMATSUI TOGETHER. I hope that's not too much hehe :sweatdrop:

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@abcari: Haha thanks for calling it perfect (tho it's not) but I still appreciate it! Hope you like the fluff.
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One and the Same

Chapter 7

Much to my dismay, the bell rang right afterwards and we couldn’t continue doing what I wanted. Our moment was interrupted by the end of lunch and that also meant we had to separate and go to class. So disappointing. I reluctantly released our hug and Jurina looked even more disappointed than I was. But then her face lit up in a mischievous grin and made it even worse for me by whispering in my ear that we would continue later. How she expected me to sit through class after THAT, I don’t know.

Our friends put us through the wringer too. Acchan called a meeting in the Student Council room during homeroom and I thought that it was to discuss something important, but apparently not.

They just wanted to tease me and Jurina.

Mayu had been spying and got a pic of us kissing on her phone. Where was she hiding anyways?! We were on an open rooftop! Man I wanted to crawl into a deep hole, curl up and die.

“So when are you guys getting married?”

“Sh-Shut up!” I pushed Mayu away but she just laughed. She said it so bluntly that it didn’t even sound like a joke, that cyborg.

Jurina was even worse off. Nobody was used to her showing any emotion so that was a real shocker to everyone. She got all flustered with Yuko’s inappropriate innuendos (I wondered how she came up with so many) and I think Jurina even threatened to kill Mayu at one point. I thought it was cute though.

Takamina was nice about it though, probably because she understood what it was like to be teased, so she just gave me a thumbs up. Which did not make me feel any better.

And Acchan came over and patted me on the back, smiling her approval – like she had been waiting for it to happen. It made me feel like she was my older sister or something, proud that I’d grown up.

We hadn’t made it official yet - that we were dating - but then Jurina asked me right then and there.

“Rena...will you go out with me?” She looked so serious even while blushing and I was awestruck. It was just too adorable. I got so red in the face I thought my head would burst. When did that girl get so straightforward? Jeez... Well it was one of the things I loved about her anyways.

“It’s about time!” Yuko whooped while the others all clapped and cheered.

I looked to Haruna, hoping that she might try and calm Yuko down, but she was no help. She just smiled at me happily and I realized that I wouldn’t be able to count on her to get her girlfriend to stop yelling and teasing. Oh well.

Then they all shouted random things about ‘WMatsui’ and when had they even come up with that? What wonderful friends, I wanted to slap each of them silly.

Yuki mentioned that Mayu and Yuko made a bet about how long it would take us to get together. I was shocked by this. Did everyone know that this would happen except for me?! Yuki smiled sheepishly and said that she expected it too, Jurina and I were just too alike to not get together. Which, after some careful consideration, I found to be quite true. We did have a lot in common now that I thought about it, even though we appeared to be complete opposites.

Thank goodness though, that homeroom was short because I don’t think I would’ve been able to take much more teasing after that. All the blood was rushing to my face and I thought I might faint!

But god I was so giddy for the rest of the day. I think my classmates were looking at me like I was high or something, and in a way I kind of was.

I didn’t care how I looked to them anyways, I was too happy to consider how people viewed me at that point. Like all of a sudden, it was like why did it even matter? I shouldn’t care what they think, their opinions don’t affect me in the slightest. There was only one person that did matter.

Unfortunately, I did have a little run-in with Yuki’s fanclub during between classes. They were upset that Jurina and I were spending so much time together, which wasn’t really their business. Were they stalking me too or something? Because I’m sure that they stalk Yuki on a regular basis at school. Obviously seeing a mob coming after me, I panicked and got chased all over school campus – around the main building and mini hospital, through the field house and all the way to the outdoor soccer field in the back. An absurd amount of running! I thought I’d pass out for an entirely different reason this time.

Anyways they were unhappy because apparently YukiRena was a thing? It’s ridiculous. Sure I loved Yuki and all but just like a sister. But those crazy fangirls wanted me to get together with their idol, seeing as I’m also one of the popular girls that was even remotely possibly good enough to be their goddess’ girlfriend. I’ll never understand, but seriously that’s just one more fun aspect of society – mob mentality.

Eventually I was cornered by the mob but thankfully, Black came and sorted it all out though. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see her. And I was wrong about them dropping the club if they found out about Black, some of them even liked it. Those fangirls, what a bunch of weirdos.

After school, the couples all went their separate ways and I’m proud to say that Jurina and I were one of them. I decided not to inform her of my little escapade since she would probably freak out or something. Jurina could be oddly chivalrous and protective sometimes, and she definitely had the social sway or physical strength to take down the entire fanclub. And I didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

Anyways, Takamina had suggested a group date but they all disagreed, saying that Jurina and I should go on one by ourselves first, not that I was complaining, nope not in the least bit.

Jurina picked me up at my locker even though I told her to wait for me at the school gates.

“But I missed you, Rena-chan~” She explained that she missed me too much and couldn’t wait to see me. Therefore she had decided to come get me. She could be such a flirt sometimes.

I’d also found out that the first time I met her wasn’t that time in the classroom. I never figured it out that she was the girl I saw with the headphones. Remember that girl that had piqued my interest? The one I saw from the window of the café when I went dress shopping with Yuki? Yep, that was Jurina. God I felt dense. I’d even seen her wear the same exact outfit and headphones before!

Anyways, we walked out together and I had to send my car on its way. My driver was all upset about it but I didn’t care. There were more pressing matters to attend to - like where we were even headed.

Jurina had gotten some advice from the others, pointedly Mayu, Takamina, and Yuko, which I wasn’t convinced were credible sources. Those three were also kind of dense sometimes, even more so than me, but Jurina figured that they’d had plenty of experience from trial and error and I agreed with that claim.

“Okay so Mayu told me about this place that you might like, so let’s go there!” She was practically bouncing around and pulling me along with her. I didn’t mind though, her energetic childish side wasn’t something that I saw often and I cherished it. Though it WAS gradually appearing more often, Jurina was getting more cheerful by the day. I could only guess that’s how she was when she was a kid, just like Mayu said.

We walked a couple blocks with Jurina checking her phone for the address every once in a while. She’d frown and glare at the numbers on the buildings as if they’d magically change somehow. But we got there eventually, with a couple of wrong turns and backtracking but still we made it.

“I found it! Rena-chan let’s go!” She was so excited and bouncing around with infinite energy, having finally found the place, and I couldn’t help but be infected by it as well.

I gasped as soon as Jurina pulled me inside. There were books everywhere since it was obviously a bookstore, but not just any old bookstore, it was a freaking BOOKMALL. There was even a small café and food stands on the first floor and I definitely was going to be checking those out later.

Jurina had this pleased grin on her face as she saw my reaction. “I knew you’d like it~ I figured that mall Yuki took us to wasn’t really your style, and seeing how you had tons of books lining your locker...”

She didn’t get to finish what she was saying since I pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. “Thank you! This is the best date ever!”

She laughed and hugged me back, not caring that we were embracing right in the front doorway but hey, cut us some slack, we were a new couple.

I did notice my sudden boldness and how close her face was to mine...then pulled away shyly as Jurina poked my flushed cheeks. I had been kind of timid lately and anything Jurina did would have a huge effect on was weird.

I spent the next hour browsing through all the floors of the place. And it was HUGE. There were only three floors but so many genres I just couldn’t even comprehend. Jurina also told me that there was a whole section dedicated to manga and I practically tore through the shelves looking for it.

I did realize that I’d been kinda ignoring Jurina but she brushed it off, saying that she was having fun too. I did catch her smiling and watching me quite a few times. Eventually though, we did have to eat because without food I wouldn’t be able to keep running around. I spent tons of money on books and manga but I had no regrets and Jurina even offered to carry them for me.

Then we headed downstairs to the café we saw earlier and took a seat. Jurina ordered for me and of course, she got me melon pan. I was bursting with joy at this point and it took everything I had not to kiss her right there. Though something tells me she would’ve enjoyed that a little too much.

“So is this an adequate first date?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course it is! God I love you so much I can’t even describe it in words! Just GAH!” I gestured with my hands, trying the emphasize the degree of my happiness. I must’ve looked about as excited as a kid in a candy store.

She laughed and took my hand in hers from across the table. We chatted for a while about easy things until the food arrived, because then I was too preoccupied to talk. I had so much fun I was completely distracted from the hunger in my belly but I realized it as soon as the melon pans showed up. Did Jurina know that this place offered melon pans? For some reason, I got this feeling that she did. She never failed to surprise me and the food tasted even better than usual thinking about this. The bread was...fluffier somehow, and sweeter.

Jurina was devouring her food as well. She ordered spaghetti and her whole face lit up when it was placed in front of her, I almost laughed but the waiter might’ve looked at me weird so I kept it in. “I remember you told me that your favorite food is spaghetti, right?”

“Yes, ma’am~” She saluted me with her fork. “I’d say my love for spaghetti rivals even your love of melon pans.”

I pretended to pout, “Does that mean that you love spaghetti even more than me?”

She choked on her food and quickly took a drink of her water. I patted her back but felt only slightly contrite about teasing her, she did it to me all the time after all.

“I said it rivaled your love of melon pans, not my love for you. I love you WAY more than spaghetti, I promise~” She flashed me her Cheshire grin and I nearly melted in my seat. Damn sweet talker.

We finished eating in a comfortable silence, the atmosphere was completely different than when I hung out with her before. It used to be so awkward to be around her but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Love sure changes people.

And I was no exception.

I should’ve been mad that Jurina affected me so much. The minute I met her, everything changed. No one had been able to get to me like she did, though Yuki did try her best, I kept everyone and everything at a distance. The façade that I spent so many years building to perfection, Jurina tore it down like it was nothing. The walls intended to block everyone out, she crashed through them with ease. But honestly I wasn’t upset about it. Quite the opposite really.

The date ended too soon and Jurina offered to walk me home again. One minute she’d tease me or flirt, but then the next she could be so courteous, I was learning so many new things about her lately! I accepted her offer and we held hands on the way, she’d timidly taken my hand in hers and I smiled at her bashfulness. It was so adorable, I just couldn’t get enough.

One thing that caught me by surprise though, about a block away from my house Jurina pulled me aside and kissed me, HARD. There weren’t any alleys or anything in that area, just houses, so she pushed my back right up to one of my neighbor’s fences and we made out for a good 10 minutes. There could’ve been any number of security cameras that could’ve caught us or my neighbors in the windows. But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Things were getting heated but she pulled away eventually as we caught our breaths. Jurina rested her forehead against mine and I still had my arms around her neck, not willing to let her go just yet.

“So would you perhaps, like to stay the night?” I asked somewhat breathlessly.

Jurina laughed, “Are you inviting me into your bed already? I never pegged you as the type, Rena-chan~”

I smiled and played along. “Only if you want to.”

She did.

She called her mom as I invited her into the house, and gave a thumbs up as a signal that she could. I informed the maids that my friend would be staying over and headed up the stairs with Jurina in tow. I didn’t even have to deal with my parents since they were still out. I called that a good deal.

We took turns taking showers since I didn’t really think I was ready to share a bath with her just yet, and then tucked ourselves into my bed. It was a king size, too big for one person alone and having Jurina there made it seem less empty.

We were both pretty tired though, worn out from the long day. Jurina cuddled up close to me and I wrapped my arms around her. She was so warm and I loved it, I also found out that she was a big cuddler. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I decided that this was my favorite position.

“Good night, Rena~” Her saying my name without the –chan sent a pleasant tingle down my spine.

“Good night, but I thought you had something else that you wanted to do tonight?” I couldn’t resist teasing her a little. Her reactions were something that only I could see and that alone made me absurdly happy.

But Jurina only smiled and tilted her head up, capturing my lips in another kiss, this time sweet and slow – probably the way our first kiss should have gone, but I don’t regret it. Then she pulled away just a fraction of an inch, I could feel her breath as she murmured, “Maybe next time~”

I chuckled and held her closer, her head tucked in the crook of my neck and both of us falling asleep listening to the other’s breathing. It was the best night I’d had in a long time and I drifted off with a content smile tugging at my lips.

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One and the Same

Chapter 8

Jurina and I woke up late the next morning. I bet the maids didn’t wake us on purpose, most likely thinking that we did something last night and needed the rest. Great, even the help was shipping us, just what I needed.

It was the first time that I woke up to Jurina’s face right in front of mine and I stared at her for a bit, unable to resist watching her sleep for at least a little while, which turned into over an hour without me realizing it. I had to wake her up for school and that’s when I figured out that we’d already missed the first half of second period.

We bustled around and I let Jurina borrow one of my uniforms. It wasn’t exactly her size and the shirt was a bit tight since she was big for a 16 year old, but it’d work for now. It was also the first time that I’d ever arrived at school later than Yuki.

Enduring our friends’ seemingly endless teasing just made be even more beat and I wanted to take a nap after lunch. During passing period whenever we saw each other, Jurina would send me a wink or - if she was feeling particularly adventurous – a kiss. And she stole a lot of kisses, that kissing monster.

I started developing this bad habit of watching her walk by too, my gaze lingering on her just a little too long to seem casual, and I’m sure she noticed it from her smirk. That’s when I’d look away all embarrassed and try to play it off but it was too obvious. Oh well.

Jurina and I had started eating lunch together all the time now, either in the Student Council room or on the roof. Sometimes we would sneak off to the garden to get some private time away from the others. I didn’t think they missed us anyways, they all had their own lovers to attend to.

Oh and did I mention that Atsumina finally got together? Takamina worked up the courage to ask and of course Acchan didn’t refuse.

As for me, I saw Jurina whenever I could, meeting up during passing period or even just sharing a smile when we were in a hurry. Anything that had to do with her made me ridiculously happy. And I wasn’t the only one that noticed.

Yuki started telling me that I’d been so happy lately and less gloomy, I didn’t deny it this time. I think Mayu said the same thing to Jurina too, that she’d gone back to being her old cheerful self. I say that it’s a change for the better.

Mine and Jurina’s next date was technically the dance (if you didn’t count her coming over to my house all the time). It was a good thing that I’d already bought a dress because I had absolutely no time what with preparations and trying to spend time with my girlfriend. It was a nice thought - I now had a girlfriend.

I was really nervous about the dance and paced around in Yuki’s room the night of. There was probably going to be a path worn there on her carpet soon.

Yuki was just sitting on the bed, placidly observing me. “Calm down Rena. It’ll be fine~ You’re ready, your makeup’s done and the dress is perfect. What else is there to worry about?”

“Everything...” I muttered.

Yuki rolled her eyes, “Uh huh. I saw that one coming.”

“But, like, what if she doesn’t think I look nice? What if I dance with her and step on her feet or some stupid shit like that?” I was panicking. No doubt about it.

“Jurina will surely compliment you and I think she’d just laugh if you stepped on her. Remember when you were first worried about not having a date? Well you’ve even got that covered now. So relax, would you?” I think Yuki was getting somewhat exasperated with me.

“Okay, okay. Everything’s good. I’m good. I’m fine. Let’s do this.”

And so we headed to the dance. Jurina requested to meet me there instead of picking me up and I didn’t think much of it. She probably just had some stuff to take care of.

Maybe the school wanted the dance to be a normal event for students, since it wasn’t any different from other schools, just with a bigger budget for decorations and food. It was held in the gym, which was actually our field house, so there was plenty of room. You could invite someone from another school if you wanted or just go with your friends, and it was surprisingly lax. Now if you were just had to say you were friends and they’d let you in. Either the school was too dense to notice or if they simply didn’t care. Whatever, it worked out for the better.

I helped out wherever it was needed and noticed that Takamina and Yuko hadn’t even changed yet. They were dressed in t-shirts and jeans, completely casual. During preparations you obviously didn’t have to dress up, but Yuki and I did already. Acchan and Haruna were also ready and when we asked why their girlfriends weren’t, they said they didn’t know. Mayu hadn’t even shown up yet and neither had Jurina, maybe they were coming together or something. I decided not to dwell on it much, I believed in Jurina after all.

At approximately 8 o’ clock, the dance started. The doors opened and around a thousand students poured in. I immediately wandered towards a corner to avoid being stampeded by the crowd but Yuki dragged me back to dance. It wasn’t bad really, I let loose and danced around. The music was good and the DJ played the popular songs, mostly recent pop songs and such, like I said, the school was pretty lax when it came to events like this.

The whole gym was decorated with huge fake trees made of painted cardboard and wire with the tops made out of balloons. It made the place look like forest except for there were streamers hung everywhere and several snack tables off to one side. There were at least three different disco balls dangling from the ceiling and strobe lights flashing around - now as to why we had strobe lights installed in the gym, I had no idea.

Even though it was a decent enough dance...I didn’t have all that much fun. There was something missing. I kept thinking about Jurina and why she hadn’t shown up yet. She was late. It made me sad, and I thought that maybe she wouldn’t even show. Is this what it’s like to be stood up? ...No way. I trusted Jurina and she wouldn’t do that to me.

Random people that I didn’t even know kept coming up and complimenting how I looked while I wandered, some even asked for a dance. One guy just straight up asked me for my number while staring up and down my body, what a jerk. That whole ordeal was horrible since I was already self conscious enough just wearing a dress. I sent all of them on their way as nice as possible, there was only one person that I wanted to dance with...

I just headed over to the refreshments and got some punch, I had to do something to kill time. As I was sipping my punch, the doors swung open again revealing four young guys. One of them immediately disappeared into the masses before I got a good look at him. The other three were dressed as usual for the dance, suit and tie, but they still stood out. Even from a distance I could tell they were ikemen. Some of the girls near them stopped dancing to stare, and some even dared to go up and flirt. But something about those guys seemed very familiar...


I spun around at my name and nearly spit out my juice. “Ju-Jurina?!”

No way this was her, it couldn’t be, it wasn’t even a her. Whoever I was looking at was dressed impeccably in a black suit with a white and black striped tie (which matched my white with black lace dress nicely). Short, slightly wind-blown black hair stuck out around the head and some bangs hung over the eyes. But it was Jurina’s voice...and at a closer glance, it was definitely her features.

Jurina grinned her signature cat smile and bowed slightly, then held out her hand. “Matsui Jun, at your service. Would you care for a dance?”

Dumbfounded and with my mouth agape, I slowly took the outstretched hand. God she was so handsome, my mind couldn’t even process her hotness. She slipped a beautiful corsage onto my wrist and I silently admired it. It was a single red rose surrounded by little Kasumisou. But I had never even asked her to get me one.

She pulled me away from the sidelines onto the dance floor before the shock had even faded yet. The dancing was hot and intense. She was crazy, dancing all over the place and I could barely keep up. She wasn’t bad though, just really energetic. She even started doing some break dancing and people formed a circle around her, shouting and cheering. She never drifted too far from me though, keeping within at least an arm length’s distance. Even during the break dancing, she kept looking my way and I was utterly mesmerized until someone bumped into me, causing me to apologize awkwardly.

But then the song changed into a slow one and the ring dispersed to find their own partners. She came back and took my hands, placing them behind her neck as she held my waist. We were basically the same height so I could stare into her eyes easily. They hadn’t changed at all, her overall appearance may have been a drastic change but her dark orbs were the same. The same ones I’d always loved. I also noticed that she had a little boutonnière matching my corsage, call me cliché but my heart fluttered a bit realizing that we matched.

“So where did you learn those moves?” I asked as we swayed to the music.

She shrugged and I could feel her breath brushing the loose hairs out of my face. “Yuko sort of taught me. We went to an arcade once and I found out that she’s obsessed with the dance game there. It was insane. She got the highest score without breaking a sweat! But it was pretty interesting to try it out for myself~”

“Oh really? Maybe we should go there sometime, I’d love to see you dance again.”

“You talk like the night’s already over and I haven’t even shown you ANYTHING yet.” Jurina smirked.

I rolled my eyes at her playfulness, “Yeah yeah, just keep swaying.”

She chuckled lightly and pecked me on the cheek. “Whatever you say, princess~”

I could feel the heat on my face and looked away shyly after she stole that kiss. She did that a lot nowadays. And it never failed to surprise me or make me blush. But I wasn’t unhappy about it. I pouted, “Don’t call me a princess though because I’m not one~”

“But you are to me.” She winked and I pulled her down for a proper kiss, on the lips this time. It only lasted a few seconds because it’d be awkward if others saw. When we separated she smiled brightly in a teasing manner. “Well someone’s impatient~”

“Shut up~”

We swayed to the rhythm of the song for a few moments, not saying anything, and it was quite relaxing if you ask me.

“So am I supposed to think of you as a guy for the rest of the night?” I asked, wondering why she’d even dressed up in Danso.

“Hmm, if you want to~ I am the one that wears the pants in this relationship~”

“Oh really?” I brought my face in and let our lips brush ever so briefly, as seductively as I could manage. “I don’t think so...”

It backfired completely. That did nothing to make her submit at all. Because then she leaned in close, her breath tickling my neck and whispered in my ear, “I think we should take this somewhere more...private.”

Alrighty then, that was blunt. But I had no objections.

So we made our way toward the exit but not before witnessing Takamina chasing Yuko with one of the balloon decorations. Yuko most likely did something stupid to Takamina again. And yes, they were also dressed up in Danso like Jurina, I could only assume that Mayu was the other guy I saw. Yuki’s really going to enjoy that, Acchan and Haruna too.

When Takamina finally cornered her, she used her boutonnière to pop the balloon and Yuko let out a terrified shriek while covering her head. I think she even started crying, arms shielding herself protectively as she crouched in the corner.

Takamina just pinned the boutonniere back on with a satisfied hum, “Hmph I knew these things were good for something.”

“Takamina’s right, this thing’s been stabbing me all night.” Jurina, or Jun, grumbled about the little pin on her suit. Not exactly stopping to help Yuko though.

Then Takamina left, presumably to find Acchan, and left Yuko to fend for herself. Luckily, Haruna sauntered over out of nowhere and consoled her, patting her back to calm the hysterical girl down. Yuko clung to her like a koala and snuggled close to Haruna’s chest. Now I knew that Yuko hated balloons but I had to admit her reaction was amusing.

Besides, she was probably really enjoying having her face in Haruna’s cleavage right about now. Yuko could be such a little perv sometimes.

Jun took my hand and led me through the crowd, weaving through the throngs of people. I got stuck between two couples at one point and let me tell you that it was the most uncomfortable moment of my life. Some people called grinding dancing and I just couldn’t take it.

But Jun never let go of my hand and successfully pulled me through the jam...and right into her arms. My face was buried in her shoulder and the entire front of my body was pressed against hers, I suddenly didn’t feel like moving from that position, for like, ever.

Then she slowly tilted my face up, both of us wanting the same thing as she kissed me again. It started off slow and sweet but was gradually getting heated as her hands wandered down the small of my back to my ass. I unintentionally let out a small moan and felt extremely embarrassed. She just took that as encouragement though. I felt her smirk into the kiss and she nipped my lip, making me gasp and she took the opportunity to dip her tongue in. Oh god.

I fought with her for dominance but eventually lost, letting her tongue explore my mouth as much as she liked. She tasted really good too, not like a specific flavor but distinctly Jurina. I was probably being a total hypocrite since we were making out in the midst of tons of people and yet I still cringed at the sight of grinding couples.

Then Jun pushed me away by the shoulders, just a few inches, far enough to separate our lips, I’d started getting too hot and bothered and forgetting where we were. She touched her forehead to mine and I realized that my hands had somehow found their way into her hair again. I played with the short spiky strands, a bit different texture from her real hair which I definitely preferred over the wig.

“Ahem. Get a room you two.”

I turned my head to get a look at whoever just cleared their throat but it was just Mayu, being her usual self. Her face was devoid of expression but Yuki was beside her, smiling, so I could tell that Mayu didn’t really mean it to be rude, she was just showing her regular cyborg side.

Still, her little comment made me my cheeks flare madly as I pulled away slightly. Jun was also sporting a bit of a blush but at least she fought back. “Hey, don’t lecture me about public displays of affection! I walked in on something MUCH worse when you two forgot to lock the door to the Student Council room!”

I laughed without holding back, not even shocked, I could only imagine what THAT couple was doing. They didn’t seem like it, but those two got really wild when it came to stuff like that. Yuki liked to tell me sometimes even though I kept saying that it was too much information. It’s a good thing the meeting room is sound proof is all I thought.

Yuki giggled, “Fine~ You’ve got a point there.

Then a thought suddenly occurred to me. “Wait, aren’t there cameras in there?”

“Mayu’s pretty good with technology.”

“Really?” Jurina seemed interested for some reason, her previous embarrassment all but forgotten. She pulled Mayu aside, whispering something in her ear and I shot them a quizzical glance. What could Jurina be planning?

“...again?” Was all I could catch from what Jurina said.

Unfortunately I couldn’t hear Mayu’s answer over the music but it sounded something like ‘Just tell me when’? Oh no. Please don’t tell me that Jurina’s planning what I think she’s planning.

“Ahem.” Now it was Yuki’s turn to interrupt and it caught both their attentions immediately. The air got a little colder and I could’ve sworn Black’s aura was leaking out. Yuki got jealous pretty easily.

“If you’re done with my girlfriend, why don’t you go back to yours?” She addressed Jurina. “But I think somewhere private would be a more suitable place to continue what you were doing? Don’t you agree?” Her voice was pretty suggestive.

Just that one sentence managed to get Yuki some alone time with Mayu and shoo us away at the same time because Jun blushed and just dragged me away after that, leaving Mayuki to chuckle our reactions. I was reminded of the fact that anything Jurina-related could elicit a bright red blush on my cheeks, it was far too easy. I needed to work on that.

We walked hand in hand down out of the field house. The cold night air made me shiver but Jun wrapped an arm around my shoulders and it kept me warm enough. The garden seemed to be our destination and we took a seat on the bench. I leaned into her side and put my head on her shoulder, her arm never leaving its place around me.

“This is nice.”

“Hmm.” Jun hummed in agreement. “It is.”

In the end, dances full of tons of people just weren’t our thing. I’d rather just cuddle with Jurina any day. So we sat there for a while, just relishing being in each other’s presence, until I sneezed.

She laughed and shook her head, “Way to ruin the mood~”

I gave her a good smack on the arm before settling back into her embrace, feeling only slightly embarrassed.

“Hang on. Here, I’ll give you my jacket. I bet you’re really cold in that dress.” She offered and started shrugging off her blazer but I didn’t want it, I just told her that I’d be fine but she didn’t accept that, saying I’d catch cold or something.

“Well then you can take care of me when I’m sick~”

“I’m sure you’d love that, but I think it’d be better to avoid it in the first place.”

I pouted, but only for a second before she picked me up in her arms, bridal style. I gave a little yelp, having been caught completely off guard. “Wh-What are you doing?”

“Just wanted to carry my princess home~ Is that alright?” Jun asked with a playful grin. She flashed her puppy dog eyes and I cursed mentally, I could never resist those.

I gave a small nod and she carried me away from the school grounds. She had to set me down at one point to call a cab, but kept her arm wrapped around my waist still keeping me close. I guess we weren’t walking home today, it was too cold anyways.

I mentioned that we were missing most of the dance but she didn’t care, saying that she just wanted to spend time with me and we could do that anywhere.

Now this could go one of two ways. We could just go to her house and hang out, cuddle up in bed and chat the night away...OR...we could go a lot farther in our relationship. Seeing as we couldn’t even keep our hands to ourselves in the cab, I’d say option two was more likely.

And of course, I wasn’t wrong.

Jun carried me up the stairs to her apartment, bridal style again despite my many protests, and fumbled with the keys, cussing and swearing when she couldn’t get the door open. It would’ve been a lot easier if she just put me down...but no, she was sure she could get it and decided to be stubborn before I took them from her, successfully unlocking it in one try. I was almost tempted to let her struggle since it was adorable when she got all flustered, but I also had other things I wanted to do. To be specific, I wanted to do her.

As soon as we got inside, I cupped her cheek and initiated another kiss as she kicked the door shut. She took me to what I assumed was her bedroom, dropping me on the bed - none too gently either - and climbed on top of me. But I don’t think either of us were worried about being polite at this point.

“You know...I don’t think I’ve told you yet how beautiful you are.” Her eyes roamed freely up and down my body, taking everything in after we’d broken apart for some well needed oxygen. “And that dress looks positively stunning on you~”

I, of course, blushed madly and practically gasped out, “’re pretty dashing yourself~”

She kissed me again as I let my hands roam over her shoulders to her chest, eliciting a moan that just turned me on even more. Her hands were also grazing all over my body, leaving a burning trail, before eventually settling on my hips. I was acutely aware of her hovering above me, her quick breath and her overall closeness. It was like my senses were all heightened, and utterly focused on Jurina alone.

I yanked off her wig, tossing it somewhere in the room. Her hair tumbled down and I ran my hands through it, relishing in the silky feeling. It didn’t take long for us to start shedding clothes, her tie and blazer went first, and my dress too. I was having trouble unbuttoning her shirt due to the fact that she was running kisses down my neck that felt like fire. It was terribly distracting. But by this time, the burning sensation in my body had been building gradually and it was killing me. I needed her, bad.

“Are you sure about this?” Jurina asked me, pausing in her line of kisses over my collarbone, my chest heaving up and down as I was literally panting.

We’d brought this up once, with me suggesting to wait after our graduation. She’d pouted, upset and sulky before I tried to assuage her by saying that we could do it all the time when we hit college. That had led to another intense make out session and I almost immediately regretted my decision. College was still months away... I didn’t think I could wait that long. And yes, we were going to attend the same one. We had it all planned out, I’d even introduced her to my parents, who agreed to let her help me run the business after college seeing as she was one of the top students in our school. But that was beside the point, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Screw that.”

Jurina grinned and continued her path downwards.

Now I’m not going to tell you what happened next, though you could probably imagine. I’ve already told you more than I’m comfortable with sharing and call me a prude, but I’m not Yuki for god’s sake.

After a few hours of some scandalous stuff, we were cuddling in bed, just like I said we would be (though naked). My head was on Jurina’s chest, which turned out to be my new favorite position, and her hands were combing through my hair. It was quite a nice feeling and it almost lulled me to sleep.

We were both pretty content in each other’s arms and not even contemplating how sore we’d be the next morning. All in all, it was good, even though we were both still nude and sweaty and I was trying hard not to fall asleep.

“You know...” She started and I hummed to let her know I was listening. “It’s funny how much you hated me just about a month ago.”

“But that was before I got to know you.” I defended myself, now a little more awake.

“True, true~ Honestly I hated you too.”

“Wow that’s so sweet of you to say?”

Jurina laughed, and I could feel her chest shaking under me. “Yeah~ But I really did, I mean I hated your entire existence since you seemed to be that type of rich girl that everyone adored, but no one really knew the real you. But then again I was kinda against everyone, so really I can’t say that I knew you either. Because then I met you, and that thought was completely flipped. I fell for you in a heartbeat.”

It took a second for the words to settle...then I buried my face in her shoulder and tried to hide my red face. “Quit making me blush...”

She laughed again, “But you love me anyways~ Don’t you?”

I thought about teasing her and saying no, but then I decided against it, just for tonight. “Yes I do, Jurina.”

“I want to hear you say it.”

I lifted my head and pecked her on the lips, smiling. “I love you, Jurina. And that’s all that matters~”

Jurina grinned and kissed me on top of my head lovingly. “I love you too, Rena-chan. More than you could ever imagine~”

“You’re so cheesy, you know that?” I said, settling back onto my new pillow.

“But you love it~”

Rolling my eyes, I said, “Seriously I don’t know why I even fell for you...” But I just couldn’t keep that smile off my face. It was getting hard to control my smiling these days.

“I don’t know either, but I think we’re a lot alike, so maybe that’s why we’re just meant for each other~”

“Don’t they say that opposites attract?”

Jurina shrugged, well as best she could with me still laying on her. “That’s not how it was with us~”

“Yes, yes, I know~”

“Yep, because we’re TOO much alike!” Jurina was getting all excited for no reason. She really was like a little puppy sometimes, and I didn’t really mind. “Think about it. We both lost someone dear to us and fought with people all the time. Not to mention how negative both of us were after that. And don’t even try denying it~”

I thought about it, working it around in my head. It made sense, what Jurina was saying. We were really similar even though we’d grown up with completely different backgrounds and friends.

At first, we were alike in a way. We were both cold and kept to ourselves, away from other people, yet we were admired from a distance (even I had to admit that after coming face to face with that fanclub. Ugh, just thinking about it gave me shivers.)

But back then...I don’t wasn’t really me. Like, we didn’t let ourselves be ourselves.

We were withdrawn, almost completely swallowed in our own lonely worlds, but I had Yuki and Jurina had Mayu to keep us from being completely drawn in by the abyss. Then somehow, Jurina and I met, and now we completed each other. The past didn’t count for anything anymore.

We finally opened up again, entirely, to everyone else and especially each other. And I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Jurina became her usual energetic bundle of energy and started being really social with everyone (but only really intimate with me - which I both loved and hated because it always made me blush too much). And I was still shy (but for different reasons this time) and not so pessimistic anymore.

At a glance, we seemed like complete opposites, but deep down, we were exactly the same.

“I suppose you’re right...” I smiled softly. “We’re one and the same.”

Jurina nodded and stopped talking after that. Sleep slowly crept up on us and it was the best night of sleep I’d had since like forever, I know I already said that but it was even better than the first time I slept with her. Maybe it was due to the account that both of us had exhausted every ounce of our energy, but I like to think that it was because I was using Jurina as my pillow.

Having Jurina here just made everything better.

And that’s all that counts.


A/N: Phew it's over! I'm happy yet sad at the same time haha :roll: I'm not sure how well that ending turned out so let me know! I want to hear what you guys thought of it and the whole story in general. I wanted WMatsui to get closer and the next stage obviously seemed to be you know what...but I tried to keep it cute at the same time so it might be kinda mediocre haha
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I'll probably be posting a Mayuki OS a day or two from now, so do check it out if you're interested!

One and the Same


I rummaged through my drawers, looking for something, anything suitable to wear. I had already turned over my entire wardrobe (which was currently spilled all over my bed and floor) but I still couldn’t find anything! I had never put clothes high up there as a necessity, but now I cursed myself for never buying anything whenever I went shopping with Yuki. Maybe I’d borrow something from her seeing as I’m all out of options...but she already went over to Mayu’s...   

I sighed and just resolved to upturn all my clothes over again (for the 4th time). There had to be something remotely decent.

Jurina and I were going on a date later and even though we’ve already been together for a year, I still treated each date like our first. I’m that meticulous.

But being with Jurina just never seemed to get old.

The thought of that made me smile, and I sat back on my heels, taking a break from searching and just reminisced about all that we’d been through. We had started off in a horribly, but after a really long journey, we found each other – the real us.

Suddenly, the corner of some piece of clothing stuck out among the others and caught my attention. It was hidden underneath the entire pile and I pulled out of the bottom of the drawer.

A wave of nostalgia hit me immediately, a feeling of sad happiness that was hard to explain. It was my old yankee jacket.

Gekikara’s jacket.

It was an ancient thing. The bomber jacket had twin dragon heads on the chest and a large white dragon design on the back. I ran my hand over it, feeling the silky texture of the fabric, a green metallic sheen to the nylon. It had been so long since I saw the thing, having stuffed it into the very bottom of my drawer when I stopped fighting. It brought back too many memories - most of them filled with Airi - so I didn’t want it anymore. But I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. So it’d been sitting there all these years, until I even forgot about it...until now.

I stared at it for a moment before putting it on. I don’t know what possessed me to do that, but I wanted to try it on one last time. To finally let go of the past.

Facing the mirror, I looked at my reflection. Coincidentally, I had chosen to wear a navy colored T-shirt and jeans for the morning – almost the exact same colors as my old school uniform. My appearance had changed a bit over the years, but I could still see the old me from the past. Then the image somehow morphed and I saw me, I saw her, I saw Gekikara.

That same stance, hands stuck in the jacket pockets. The same hair, a little dishelved but straight as a stick. The same malicious grin, like she was about to do something horribly fun.

I started backing up, a little shocked and scared, until the back of my knees bumped into the edge of my bed and I fell on it. But when I looked in the glass again, I only saw myself sitting on my bed - the present me.

Ding Dong~

The ring of the doorbell startled me. Man I’m so jumpy today. Must be my nervousness getting to me. I left to open the door, not even bothering to check who it was first. It could only be one person.


“You’re early.” I stated as soon as I saw her.

“Mou Rena-chan~ Can’t you at least say ‘hi’ first?” Jurina pouted. “Or an ‘I love you’ would work too~”

“Yeah yeah, just come inside.” I rolled my eyes and stepped out of the way for her to enter. I should’ve expected her to show up way earlier than scheduled. It was Jurina after all, and she always said that she would be too excited to see me to wait any longer, like a cute little puppy.

Jurina headed straight for my bedroom, bypassing Yuki’s without a second glance since she had the layout memorized by heart after she spent most of her time here anyways. Honestly, maybe she stayed in a dorm with Mayu, but she never slept there, never ate there, never spent any time there, so she might as well live here. Now I didn’t say that I don’t like it though.

“Yuki’s probably going to stay over with Mayu tonight, so can I sleep here?” She asked.

“You know you don’t have to ask right? This is your place as much as mine.”

“I know~ My place is always right next to you.” Jurina winked. “But I thought I’d ask anyways~”

“F-Flirt...” I looked away shyly. I still hadn’t gotten used to her teasing flirts and gestures yet, Jurina always surprised me by doing something sweet or cheesy and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it. It’s a part of her personality after all.

Once inside my room, I immediately turned bright red and started stuttering. “A-Ah this”

The place was a mess. Clothes strewn everywhere until you couldn’t even see the carpet. Desk covered in spilled contents from when I accidently bumped into it while trying something on. I hadn’t even made my bed yet.

Jurina started laughing really hard and flopped on my bed, rolling over the clothes pile until she was facing me, still laughing by the way. “Hahaha! Haha—”

“H-Hey! Quit laughing at me!”

“S-Sorry Rena-chan...” Jurina wiped her eyes because tears had started forming from her hysterical giggling fit, still lying on her stomach. “But it’s just too funny haha...”

I blushed even harder and smacked her on the shoulder. “It’s not funny!”

“But you’re just too cute ~” Jurina smiled, ignoring my slap on her arm. She was probably used to me reacting that way since she liked to tease me ALL THE TIME. So that meant I smacked her arm a lot. Oh well, it’s her fault.

“Okay I’m sorry Rena-chan.” Jurina apologized sincerely. “I didn’t mean to laugh at you.”

I sighed and took seat next to her. “It’s okay. I know you weren’t really laughing at me. I don’t know...I’m just in a weird mood today.”

“Must be ‘cause of that sukajan jacket.”


Jurina nodded at me, “You know, that bomber jacket you’re wearing...It’s your old fighting one isn’t it?”

She said the last part kind of hesitantly, like she didn’t want to bring anything up that I didn’t want to talk about. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) Jurina could be really thoughtful and I loved her for it.

“Actually I’m wearing my old fighting gear too~” Jurina grinned. “See?”

I hadn’t really paid attention to what she was wearing until now, but she was dressed in shorts and black blouse, with a tan cardigan over it. “You mean that cardigan?”

“Yep. I used to wear this all the time, as part of my uniform.” She confirmed. “Actually I don’t know why, but I felt like putting it on today. Unfortunately my sailor uniform doesn’t fit anymore...”

“Because you got bigger. Or fatter.” I joked a bit, a small smile making its way onto my face. I don’t know how, maybe just because it was Jurina, but talking with her or just being with her made me feel better, pulling me out of that weird gloom I was feeling earlier when I found the jacket.

“I did not get fatter, Rena-chan. It’s all muscle.” Jurina stated proudly.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. You should know well enough, you’ve seen me naked plenty of times before~”

“Wh-What do you mean?” My attempt at playing it off as ignorance didn’t work and Jurina caught on right away.

“Aw you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed~ Kawaii~” She hugged me around the waist from her position and buried her face in my side, snuggling under my jacket.


“Just let me snuggle here for a bit.”

“...O-Okay.” I just let her do as she pleased. At least if she was hugging me then she couldn’t see how red my cheeks were.

Jurina wiggled for a bit as she got comfortable, her head moving onto my lap and it kind of tickled my side, in a good way. I had a feeling that she wasn’t going to move any time soon (seeing as she loves to cuddle), so I started stroking her head and playing with the strands of her hair.

I always liked her hair. It was a really dark black, even darker than mine, and it always felt silky to the touch.

We stayed like that for a bit until I realized that she would fall asleep soon if I didn’t make her get up. “Hey Jurina.”

“...Hmm?” She already sounded half asleep.

“Time to get up~ We still have a date today.”

That last bit did the trick as she bolted right up and jumped off the bed. “You’re right! Ah I almost forgot! We’re going to the amusement park today!”

A new theme park had opened up recently, but it was a little ways out of town so we’d have to ride the train for a while to get there. And it wouldn’t do if we missed the train.

I chuckled at her enthusiasm and got up myself. “Alright then puppy, calm yourself~”

I called her that a lot, both in my head and out loud, but she seemed to like it and took it in the way I meant it to sound – an endearing way.

Jurina nodded obediently but her eyes still shown with barely contained excitement and I figured I’d better hurry up or she might explode. Then I realized that we were both wearing our uniforms and that I still hadn’t changed yet, due to the fact that Jurina showed up an hour early. It sure was an odd coincidence though...

“Ah I’m just so excited!” She practically bounced off the walls. “And we’re both wearing our old uniforms today too! What a coincidence!” Jurina exclaimed happily.

Did she just read my mind or something?

“I know what you’re thinking Rena-chan, and I can’t read minds but I do know you very well now~” She winked playfully, and I looked away blushing.

Darn it all, that’s what I get for opening up to her...but...well you know.

“Well give me a second and I’ll change. It’d be bad if I went out in this jacket.” I had to cut her off before she started teasing again, or else I’d never hear the end of it.

“Why can’t you wear that jacket? I like it on you, it looks cool.”

“Th-Thanks...But I can’t wear it because it might cause trouble. Those yankees always used to recognize me by the jacket and I’d rather not get into a fight on the way to the train station.” I frowned. It seemed like I’d never be able to get away from my past. It’ll keep haunting me forever.

“Then I’ll wear it!”


Jurina smiled and took my hand. “I’ll wear the jacket. If anyone attacks then I’ll just take care of them quickly, so you don’t have to fight. I’ll do it for you.”


“Relax, Rena-chan~ I’ll take care of it~ I’m pretty strong after all, so you won’t have anything to worry about.” She patted her own chest. “Just leave it to me. I got your back.”

She was serious. Whenever Jurina’s serious, you can see it in her eyes. Like her eyes were a window into her own heart, and right now, I could see a fire burning in them.


“See? Nothing’s going to happen~” Jurina skipped along the sidewalk, hand intertwined with mine and pulling me along after her.

“Don’t knock on wood.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I sighed and let a little smile break through. Maybe she was right. We haven’t had any problems yet and it didn’t seem like any trouble was on the way. We weren’t even passing through an area that yankees tended to hang out, at least not any place I fought before.

Jurina did exactly as she said and wore the bomber jacket proudly, and I have to admit it did suit her really well. She was always the boyish-cool type so it fit her. And I, on the other hand, was wearing her cardigan.

I could’ve just put on anything I had, but Jurina had insisted that I wear her cardigan and I couldn’t refuse when she flashed those damn puppy dog eyes at me. It’s my one weakness. Well okay no, all of Jurina is my one weakness but you know what I mean.

“Okay train station’s just a few blocks away. Almost there!” Jurina did a fist pump and some passersby looked at her weirdly, but I didn’t mind. I’d stopped caring what other people thought about us anymore. Jurina was the only one that mattered. And honestly I quite adored her childish side. Even though we were already in college and helping run my family’s businesses, Jurina still acted like she always did, never changing in the least bit, and I was glad for it.

Two more blocks and we’d be home safe. I started feeling nervous. I always had this bad feeling whenever something was going to happen. Like some kind of instinct or something. And it was never wrong.

It wasn’t wrong this time either.

“Hey! You girls!” A gruff voice called out rudely and Jurina glanced over at the guy.

I had a REALLY bad feeling about this now.

“What do you want?” Jurina’s tone turned cold. A tone of voice I had only heard a few times and it was always directed at any guys that were targeting us, either flirting or starting a fight. Some people still knew who I was, or her. Guess it was hard to let old grudges die. And being ‘manly guys’, they sure didn’t like being beat by some high school girls.

The guy came up, his gang of lackeys following behind him. He must’ve been the leader or something.

“You’re that bitch ain’t ya? Gekikara.”

“No. I’m not.” Jurina’s grip tightened a bit on my hand at the insult. She always got really angry when people insulted me, but didn’t care if they insulted her. She was like my personal little guard puppy.

“Tch. Quit lying. You’re even wearing the same clothes as the last time I fought ya, Gekikara.” He stepped forward, closing in on Jurina who stood in front of me protectively, her hand never letting go of mine. The thug then squinted at me next. “And you’re Center! Damn what a good day! I get to have my revenge on the both of you.” He laughed.

“Okay, so what if we are? What are you going to do about it?” Jurina taunted. “Are you sure you want to fight both of us? I seem to remember kicking your sorry ass last time.”

I could’ve sworn she was grinning too. Why was she provoking them? I specifically said that I didn’t want to get into a fight, and that included her fighting as well. Yet now she was the one instigating it...

“Damn brat. Watch your mouth.” His chuckling cut off and he towered over her, having the advantage in size and height.

But Jurina wasn’t backing down.

“Jurina...Let’s get out of here...” I tugged on her hand, but she wasn’t budging.

Then she turned and smiled at me, putting a hand on my shoulder. “Listen Rena. I want you to stand back and away from the fight. I’ll handle this.”


“Nope, no buts this time Rena-chan. Let me protect you.” Jurina just kept smiling and it somehow convinced me to believe her.

I had once said that I would never fight again. That I would never trust anyone to watch my back again. Not after Airi passed away. And I guess Jurina took those words to heart. And now she was going to show me – that she could watch my back, and fight for me. So I could only trust in her after that.

At least the yankee brute was polite enough to wait until I backed away to throw the first punch.

Jurina leaned to the side and dodged with ease, putting her fists up and sending a roundhouse right to the back of his knee. He crumpled right to the ground. Apparently he was all talk.

“Fucking bitch!” He got up and swung at her again, but it was dodged. However, his gang had started surrounding her and some of them even had weapons.

One guy with a crowbar stepped forward and jabbed at her, I remembered getting hit with that last time and it was not a good feeling, but Jurina just kicked it away also barely missing a punch from his gang mate at the same time. There must’ve been at least 20 of them coming at her – too many for her to handle alone.

But what could I do? What should I do? I could jump in, but that would risk releasing her again. And I’d break my promise to Airi one more time. And who knows if I’d be able to control myself when it was all said and done? I also said that I’d let Jurina take care of it. So would she blame me if I jumped in? No, this was her fight. I can’t interrupt.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from wringing the hem of my shirt in frustration. I knew Jurina was strong, I’d never seen her fight before but the rumors about her strength were most likely true. I had heard that she was like me – possessing a lot of stamina and endurance – meaning that she could take several hits like it was nothing. But that didn’t mean that she should do that, that didn’t mean that she still didn’t take damage and would fall eventually. She wasn’t crazy like I was.

Right as I thought this, I saw Jurina collapse on one knee because she got hit from behind. Those damn brutes... How dare they use weapons anyway?! What kind of yankees were they?! Didn’t they have any respect for their opponents?!

No. They weren’t even yankees so I should stop calling them that. Even yankees had their own pride and code. These were mere thugs and nothing more.


“Don’t worry I’m fine!” Jurina stood back up and wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth. “An insignificant hit like that won’t do anything.”

“What was that?! Say that again you little brat!”

“I said your hits are weak and so are you!” Jurina leaped at him and threw a jab straight at his jaw, connecting with a solid thwack. The leader stumbled backwards, the hit having dazed him a bit but that only meant that his buddies got angrier.

“Come on! Is that all you got?!” Jurina taunted them again, hands up and ready to defend herself.

“And what about you?! I heard that Gekikara was strong, able to beat at least 30 yankees at once without breaking a sweat!” One of them in the circle called out. “Yet you’re struggling against the 20 of us! The rumors must’ve been a lie then! If you’re so WEAK!!”


A fist connected with his nose in a sickening crunch and he toppled over immediately, clutching at his face.

“ not...WEAK.” I glared at the guy writhing on the ground mercilessly, the familiar feeling of my knuckles throbbing from the punch and blood boiling in anger. No one insults Jurina and gets away from it.

I won’t let my fear of Gekikara from holding me back and defending my girlfriend. And sorry Airi, but Jurina is more important right now. There’s no way I’m just going to stand here and watch anymore. Time to let go.

“Shit it’s Center...We can’t take both of them on at once!” A hushed whisper of desperation to his comrades that were still in a ring around us. I had managed to slip in without any of them noticing.

“Should we bail? It’s not too late...”

So that’s why they let me stay out of the fight without attacking. Cowards. And they still thought that I was Center, and that Jurina was Gekikara. If that’s the case then...they’re in for a surprise. And not a pleasant one.

“Jurina.” I faced towards the guys surrounding us and backed towards the center of the ring.

“Yeah. I get it.” Her shoulder met mine as we stood back to back. “I guess I don’t mind if you wanna have some of the fun too.” Her tone was joking, halfway serious in fighting but somewhat playful too. Just like how I always was when I fought.

Unfortunately, the leader was getting back up so the rest of the gang couldn’t make a break for it since they’d lose face.

“Then I’m counting on you to watch my back. It’s about to get ugly.”

The thugs circled us, but not a single one brave enough to go in for the first hit.

“Sure thing. Go ahead and let loose if you want.”

I grinned, “Maybe I will.”

The air seemed to grow thicker as my hands dropped to my sides. I never really fought with my fists up anyways. Taking heavy steps forward, I put a hand to my mouth, biting my nail as it was a bad habit I never got rid of. “Ne...”

The thugs seemed to shudder at the sudden change in atmosphere, finally realizing that the one they were dealing with earlier was not the real maniac.


“ can’t be...”

“Hehe...Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHA~ OH IT CAN.” The nearest guy went down in a mere millisecond then I grabbed the next slamming my knee into his stomach, once, twice, three times and he dropped to the pavement. I heard a loud groan to my left and whipped my head over in case someone was there, but he was already taken care of.

“Told ya I’d watch your back~” Jurina grinned my way.

“Hehe thanks~” At first I think I started to lose myself again, but that smile made me feel too warm inside to get lost. Yep, I think I can fight without Gekikara now, as long as I have Jurina with me.


I stroked her hair lightly as she used my shoulder as a pillow. I didn’t think that my bony shoulder could even be remotely comfortable but apparently I was mistaken because Jurina was out like a light, snuggling into my side and her whole body leaning against me. Her sleeping face was so cute too, it kind of reminded me of a baby that you just couldn’t help but find adorable and smile at.

We were on the train, having had no issues after that little street brawl. Those thugs were nothing against the two of us, and I smirked just thinking about how easily we beat them after teaming up. And we were a good team. You’d think we wouldn’t be, but I don’t know, I guess we just knew each other too well and understood the other without words. We never got in each other’s way and weaved around the other’s attacks without a hitch. Jurina definitely watched my back like she said she would and it was a good feeling. It had been a while since I trusted someone wholeheartedly, and I’m glad it’s her.

Unfortunately though, we couldn’t very well get on the train with our knuckles all covered in blood (from the thugs not our own) and had to go find a public restroom to clean up in. During which, I had offered to switch clothes back with Jurina but she denied it, saying that her cardigan suited me a lot more than her, and then complimenting me that I looked nice. As if that wasn’t enough to make me turn tomato red, then she’d said that it made her happy that I was wearing her clothes, not to mention her traditional fighting attire, and that meant a lot.

I mean, everybody had clothes that they loved most, and my jacket actually meant a lot to me as it held a lot of memories, so I could understand what it meant for her to entrust her cardigan to me. And then it made me ridiculously happy too.

“Hmm Rena-chan...”

“Jurina? I thought you were asleep.”

Jurina started shifting and then lifted her head off its resting place, rubbing her eyes sleepily like a little kid. “Are we there yet?”

I smiled, “No, not yet.”

“Hmm...” She still looked sleepy though so I offered to wake her up when we got there, but she said she had rested enough already. “Thanks Rena-chan~ But I think I’m good to go.”

“You sure? You did kinda pass out as soon as we boarded.”

Jurina pouted at me. “I did not~ I was just a little sleepy, that’s all~”

She looked too cute pouting and I almost pinched her cheek, but restrained myself, just patting her on the head instead. “Hai hai~ Whatever you say.”

“What about you? Aren’t you tired know?” Jurina seemed to be cautious in bringing up Gekikara, but I guess I did make it kind of obvious by now that I didn’t like talking about it.

But I smiled at her, not so worried about that anymore and happy that she cared so much. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, Jurina.”

“Okay...” She still looked a little down though.

“I wasn’t really fighting for real anyways, I mean, that wasn’t full on Gekikara mode.” I tried to explain.

“What do you mean?”

“It was just Chuukara.” I told her, before blushing a bit and adding the last part. “...Because you fought with me, so I didn’t have to lose myself.”

It took a minute for it to sink in, and then Jurina beamed so brightly I thought I’d go blind. “Thank you, Rena-chan! I love you~” She hugged me tightly and pressed her cheek against mine.

“H-Hey! Not in public...”

“Nope~ I’m not letting go this time. So you’ll just have to deal with it ~” Jurina hugged me harder and it was so tight I was having trouble breathing, but it was kind of nice. All I could do was smile at her words.

“Oh but I have a question...”

“What is it?” She looked at me quizzically.

“...Why did you insist on wearing my jacket so much? I told you people would recognize it.”

“Oh that...hehe...”


“Okay okay! I give!” Jurina actually blushed a little and avoided my gaze. So cute! But I wasn’t going to let go of this just because she was being adorable. “...It’s because I wanted to fight with you. Just this once.”


“I wanted to see what it was like to fight by your side, also because I wanted to prove to you that I could watch your back and that you could trust me.”

She didn’t say this part out loud, but I had a feeling that she also wanted to help me move on. Move on from Gekikara, from fighting, and from Airi. And once in a while, like now, when Jurina looks at me with those intense eyes of hers, I really can’t think of anything to say. It’s like my entire mind goes blank. But I had to at least do this much.

I leaned in and pressed our lips together lightly. “...Thank you.”

Jurina immediately burst out grinning so happily she was glowing. “I’ll take that as an ‘I love you’.”

“Wha-What?! That’s not what I was trying to say!” I protested. She always teases me like this!

Jurina just laughed merrily at my embarrassment, before adding on one last bit. “I’m glad though, that you trust me.”

“Of course I do.” I said, leaning my head on her shoulder this time. She scooted over a bit so I could lie against her comfortably, making me smile at her thoughtfulness. “...Because I love you.”

I couldn’t see her face, but I’m sure she’s smiling like an idiot. That’s okay though (and I’ll be honest just this once!) because she’s my idiot. So I’ll endure all her teasing and more because I love her, and because I never want her to leave my side.

Also I’m pretty sure she feels the same way, since she keeps reminding me, so I guess I’m stuck with her for life!

Great, now I’m the one smiling like an idiot.

Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Finally! The epilogue>w<
Well. This epilogue just too cute and too cool for me~
That fight moment, I don't know why, but it felt so romantic XD
Jurina being soooooo cheeeeesy and Rena shyness, great combination!
I can't stop grinning XD And my mom keep look at me like I'm a weird person XD
I love this. Really~

Thanks for the epilogue, Keiyuu-san^o^/
Gonna wait your next work~
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*Re edit later..xD
Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Great! After reading this, it's my turn to grin like an idiot.
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Yeeyyyy!!! Epiligue with gekicenter!!! Fluff everywhere!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs

This story daisuki :inlove: !! I dont want it to end   :cry:
Title: Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Epilogue
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Before starting my (probably) legnthy review, I really wanna apologise again for the review that had taken 5ever to get up here. You know about my initial excuse... stupid internet aargh whyyyy  :bow: :bow: :bow:

Alright. I really hope it wouldn't look too messy and pardon if I don't even make sense throughout this (sadly rewritten) review. But I'm sure I'm able to get 90% of what I had initially written back down here! Anyways, enough with my lame excuses since you probably don't bother about this part anyways  :lol:

P.S. You may notice that my reviews sound like I don't know what's happening the next chapter because firstly, I reread with a partially fresh mindset that I didn't know what happened the next chapter while reviewing (since that was what I had done initially ><) so yeah. Just a heads up??  :nervous

Chapter 1

Some notable scenes I enjoyed~:

On the street there were all kinds of people walking around. A mom with a stroller that was towing another kid along behind her, some businessman talking on his phone hurriedly, and a punk-looking girl in a hoodie leaning against the wall across the street. The girl had her headphones on and seemed to be ignoring the world. How I wish I could do that sometimes. Headphones weren’t allowed in my school and the only reason I had a pair was because I snuck out to buy some, since my parents forbade me from listening to music unless it was classical. They didn’t approve of the ‘rubbish’ kids listen to today. How old fashioned.

But that girl kind of piqued my interest. Was she waiting for someone? Her boyfriend maybe? But she seemed too relaxed...maybe she just felt like standing on the sidewalk and listening to music. I couldn’t really tell.

Suddenly she looked up and somehow, STRAIGHT AT ME. I avoided her gaze quickly and attempted to not seem embarrassed. I didn’t need Yuki harassing me for staring at a stranger.

That foreshadowing. I'm sure all of us, or at least me, went "J, IS THAT YOU?! *sparkly eyes*" when we read this part. A cool and punk Juju is always appreciated~

“Don’t call me that. It makes me sound like a lost puppy.”

“And what’s wrong with that? Puppies are cute~” Yuki argued back and leaned forward insistently. I had no idea why she chose to start fixating on this all of a sudden. “Don’t you like puppies?”

“I suppose...”

“Don’t give me a half-assed answer~”

“Yes yes, puppies are cute. Happy now?” I gave in and just let her have it.

Another foreshadowing! I find it adorable how Rena would rather just give in rather than continue the 'meaningless' bicker with Yuki. Such a good friend  :lol:

I had tears in my eyes as I turned my whole upper body to look at her slowly, not daring to move my head even an inch. “Yuki...”

She looked at me, still expecting an answer.

“...My hair got caught in the zip.”

Uwaaaaa~~~ I can totally imagine a chibi Rena crying scene and Yuki looking on with a "=v=" face xD Or a contented, relaxed expression? x'D


And here's where I give you my overall thoughts of the chapter ;)

I REALLY loved the interaction between Yuki and Rena!!! They were really cute and I can actually imagine my best friend and I bickering like that. Then we have Rena, who seems to have an issue with her loneliness and the negligence of her parents. I know it's due to her social status of sorts that creates a distance between her and her fellow student body but it's not like she gets much love at home too. And then finally~ we have Jurina!  :cow: Sarcastic Jurina and Rena-who-does-not-like-her! Gosh this kind of sweet, sweet plot... it only makes me want to read more to see how their relationship changes from 'rivals'(?) to eventual lovers (yes I spoiled myself and I regret it) x3 Looking good for the first chapter~ and bruh? I really love the way you write. Seriously.  :thumbsup Learning so much from ya x'D


Chapter 2

I say this because I’ve known Yuki long enough to see plenty and am used to it, not because I dated her before or anything. Come on get your head out of the gutter.

RenaYuki fans: Aww Author-san, why you do dis </3
Me: Nicely put? :v *SHOT'D*

It was surprisingly nice talking with other people. Mayu and Yuki kept up their little lover’s banter with Jurina butting in with her remarks every once in a while. I joined in the conversation too and had fun for the first time in a long while interacting with people. I’m glad Mayu’s not one of those people that irritate me. That’d make everything unnecessarily complicated.

Oh ho~ Rena's awkward social life is slowly being improved thanks to Mayu and Yuki and possibly Jurina? It's nice to see her attempt to break out of her shell here :)

Without answering, Jurina started moving closer to me and I unconsciously backed up until my back hit the wall. Her hand smacked the wall next to my head with a resounding DON, causing me to drop my book. My eyes were as wide as saucers because I did not see that coming AT ALL.

Jurina’s face was inches from mine and I was too afraid to breathe. Her gaze was so intense... Where had I seen those eyes before?

But then she backed up a bit and I gasped for air, because I really did stop breathing for a second there.

*swoons~* If I could art, I would totally draw this scene and send it to you~ ;v; And the dialogue after this... dang. Rena was acting fake all along? But her thoughts... it was like she was genuinely having fun thoughts wise but... dang :/ There goes the strain on JR's relationship. 

It’d already been a month since I met Jurina and I didn’t even know anything besides her name and class. The curiosity was beginning to gnaw away at me until I couldn’t take it anymore."

FINALLY! Thank you for becoming curious about your counterpart at long last, Rena-chan. Goodness gracious...

Now Yuko...was a mess. Her hands were gripping the table until her knuckles turned white and her eyes were all dialated. Can she be any more obvious?

Haruna leaned over nonchalantly and did as she was told while Yuko bit her lip to stifle a moan. Damn... Either Haruna was a real airhead or she was a secret seductress. I’m going to have to be careful with that one. The airheaded ones always turned out to be the most dangerous."

Yuu-chan oh Yuu-chan. Thanks Keiyuu for the complimentary KojiYuu :3


More developments! And Rena not sticking to her facade too :3 I'm glad she's breaking out of her shell bit by bit (eventhough it's probably thanks to Jurina in more ways than one). One of the best scenes was definitely the supposedly random game of Truth or Dare! Yuki using reverse psychology on Rena and the short spat that came after x'D I really wonder how Jurina was really feeling when Rena was sitting on her lap. Like, probably "gawd this woman is heavy" or "she smells nice" or idk xD I guess I can only imagine since this is a story from Rena's point of view.  Seriously though Keiyuu. You shouldn't have stayed as just a silent reader previously! Your fics are amazing, and they should've been shown to the world even before this~ :lol:


Chapter 3

There's a lot I could quote in this whole chapter but like, it'll be a crazy quoting spree, so I'd rather give you my overall thoughts x'D

We're officially introduced to Acchan in the story! Gosh. I honestly thought she wouldn't be in this story but then I remember you saying this having slight Atsumina, so she was bound to appear some time soon x'D Yuko's like a koala towards.......basically anyone she likes huh? xD I can imagine. And the scene at the restaurant where Takamina wanted to announce something regarding the position of the student council president? PRICELESS. Like omg Yuko, naisu~  :thumbsup And then the subtle Atsumina moment right after x) I swear. Takamidget would always be 'uke' as far as her relationship with Acchan is concerned.  :lol:

The next development would be JR's relationship with each other!!! The glove part was soooo adorable that I remember squealing to myself (thank goodness I'm alone in my room :P). TsunJ is a thing I adore too *shot'd* These two... they're so interchangable in their roles! And it's nice to see them trying to outwit each other too. I wonder what J's past is??? I'm really excited I can't-- *faints due to amount of OTP feels*

I told you (or didn't I?) that I haven't been in the mood for 48G or WMatsui right? Well this just snapped me back into the fandom. I have to thank you for that!  :rofl:


Chapter 4

Dang. You meant it when you said a lot of things were gonna go down this chapter.  :shocked

This chapter, it's safe to say that JR are really good friends now and that makes a shipper like me, happy  XD And then this scene happened,

“Hey, Jurina?”

“Hmm? What’s up?” Her tone was light and she seemed to have a skip in her step as we walked down the street.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I thought you hated people like me...”

She halted, turning to face me so suddenly that I almost backed up out of reflex. “I think you misheard what I said the other day. I said I LIKE you, not the other way around.”

“But you said you didn’t like people that put on a façade...” I stared at the sidewalk, purposely avoiding her gaze.

I heard her sigh before saying, “I’m only going to say this one more time so listen carefully. It’s true I don’t like it when you’re being all fake and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I hate YOU. I said I LIKE you dammit, haven’t you been listening?”

RENA. GET. A. FREAKIN'. CLUE. ALREADY. XD Jurina meant what she meant~~~ What a tsundere "re-confession" though. This puppy, I just feel like pinching her cheeks just because-- *shot'd*

Of COURSE Rena wouldn't get a chance to respond because poor ol' Acchan is in trouble! And the trouble totally explains why she got a bruise she was trying to play it off. JR fighting back to back is such a precious thing to behold~ *^* Then at the verge of fainting I presume, GekiRena happened:

“Hehe...” I wrenched the pipe out of his hands and licked my lips. The blood flowed freely down my face and I could taste the coppery substance on my tongue.

“Using weapons...” I tossed the pipe aside with a clang and cracked my knuckles, they were already covered in blood from the guys I beat earlier. “ foul play.”

KYAAAAAA!!! I NEVER expected GekiRena to be in such a sweet fanfic. The thought never occurred. So reading this just made me swoon left and right! XD And at the very end,

"Not even when my best friend died."

Holy macaroni and cheese... This is suspense at its finest... omg....


Plot developments were flying around the place in a really good and orderly fashion that I... omg! It's just... breathtakingly good. Jurina reconfirming her feelings towards Rena who was SUPPOSED to reciprocate but that'll have to wait for another time huh. Le fight scenes were really well written too and it's so imaginable that I thought I was watching it being played out in front of me instead of 'reading' it. *^* I am learning so much from you since I fail at writing actions scenes... I seriously do. =v=; I looked at my lame attempts at 'proper' action scenes and I really cringed. Anyways! GekiRena... and the death of her best friend... something tells me that angsty feels are in the next chapter... Gawd it's getting so exciting! Bruh, you've done well so far!


Chapter 5

This whole chapter... oh gawd the feels were strong in this one... Rena's backstory of hers is so tragic TT^TT

Rena's apparent bloodlust. But like, I'm surprised she managed to suppress how she was before in the present. Airi's existence to Rena felt like how Minami was for Atsuko in Majisuka Gakuen, so this fact really pulled my heartstrings. >< When Akane was thrown into the mix, it really felt like Rena was unconsciously jealous of Akane for being loved by her best friend. It seemed like she would rather be in that position but for the happiness of Airi, she decided not to pursue it... Then the car crash happened, and Airi just went cuckoo and died due to a fight.

The scene at Airi's deathbed can be described in one word. FEELS. My gosh, the way you put it as Rena's 'monologue' made it feel like we were in Rena's shoes. And everything that unfolded was directly affecting us, so kudos to that ;v;

At the very least Yuki is still living on in the mortal world with Rena. This is really the most emotional chapter of a fanfic I've read in a long while and dang it was good. Maybe you should write a full blown angst fic one day. With this sort of caliber, I can tell it's gonna be goooood.  ;)


Chapter 6

I was rudely awoken by having the covers torn off of my body and I shivered at the sudden loss of warmth. I slowly sat up, slightly groggy and ready to bite anyone that came too close, but instantly changed my mind when I saw who it was.

Yuki. No wait... MAD Yuki. So in other words......Black.

Shit I am so dead.

The scowl Yuki had on her face sent shivers down my spine. Yep, dead. So dead. I knew I forgot about something!...

“Umm Yuki...I can explain...”

“Explain what?”

I gulped, oh god please help me...

Mad Yukirin is mad. But it's actually nice to see Black here. I thought you'd just made Rena mention Black and that's it, well, before the whole Acchan-getting-surrounded-by-gangsters-and-JR-save-her scenario popped up. Heck, Yukirin literally slapped some sense into Rena for worrying the heck out of her. The bond between these two best friends is really sweet ;v; 

Skipping ahead a bit to the part where she talks with Jurina... ERMERGERD. Jurina is Akane's sister?!  :shocked That was a revelation I didn't expect. But then again I thought about it and you have never mentioned Akane as a 'Takayanagi' but as just Akane/Churi. I had assumed she was a Takayanagi until this reveal. Nice work~  :lol: Then Jurina's rather sad past too... gosh these two.... I want to hug JR so badly  :cry:

And then THAT KISS SCENE~ I've been waiting for this!!!  :inlove: Finally, Jurina's "are you still in love with Airi?" question that she was about to shrug off had been remarkably answered by Rena.  :twothumbs

Of course, I won't forget the sentence I mentioned to ya in our private messaging in which you said it was embarrassing for me to mention just like that :P,

“...Just so you know...I did love Airi, I still do. But the one I’m in love you.”

Cheesy, but effective.  :lol:

Overall, a really heartwarming chapter after the angst-filled one. It's like you're snapping your fingers while you're writing man. One snap you get angst and the other time you snap it'll be a light, heart-warming chapter. And that's cool  :thumbsup Loved the fluff a lot!!  :heart: It also shows how coincidence works in funny ways. Such is a red string of fate that JR have been entangled with :3 And no, I'm not trying to sound poetic  :lol:


Chapter 7

I hope you're still reading my long-as-heck review, Keiyuu  :nervous

Takamina was nice about it though, probably because she understood what it was like to be teased, so she just gave me a thumbs up. Which did not make me feel any better.

Takaboss approves the WMatsui ship (y) xD Heck, the whole student council approves. I find it funny that they just called them in to tease the heck out of the new couple  :D

I didn’t care how I looked to them anyways, I was too happy to consider how people viewed me at that point. Like all of a sudden, it was like why did it even matter? I shouldn’t care what they think, their opinions don’t affect me in the slightest. There was only one person that did matter.

Ngaaaaw no more faker Rena  :thumbup #characterdevelopment #onpoint

Anyways they were unhappy because apparently YukiRena was a thing? It’s ridiculous. Sure I loved Yuki and all but just like a sister. But those crazy fangirls wanted me to get together with their idol, seeing as I’m also one of the popular girls that was even remotely possibly good enough to be their goddess’ girlfriend. I’ll never understand, but seriously that’s just one more fun aspect of society – mob mentality.

You, my friend, had shattered the hearts of many YukiRena fans in the best way possible ROFL  :lol: #theshipthatwasnevermeanttobe Just joking *shot'd*

I’d also found out that the first time I met her wasn’t that time in the classroom. I never figured it out that she was the girl I saw with the headphones. Remember that girl that had piqued my interest? The one I saw from the window of the café when I went dress shopping with Yuki? Yep, that was Jurina. God I felt dense. I’d even seen her wear the same exact outfit and headphones before!

Rena. You really ARE dense. Or at least, slow? C'mon. We readers ALL know it was a foreshadowing of Juri-bae since the first moment we read that part in the very first chapter XD

We finished eating in a comfortable silence, the atmosphere was completely different than when I hung out with her before. It used to be so awkward to be around her but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Love sure changes people.

And I was no exception.

I'm getting diabetes for sure...... KEIYUU YOUR WORK OF ART IS GIVING ME DIABETES!  :inlove:


SWEET DIABETES. That's all. Period. JK. XD Seriously, I would've thought of this as a brilliant epilogue filled with fluff goodness of our favourite couple. But since you continued on with Chapter 8 (and just recently, 9 which is the actual epilogue), I seriously salute to you for having an abundance of ideas to please us fans. I wished I had your imaginative mind.  :sweatdrop: Not even complaining for an overdose of sugar to my already-suffering-from-diabetes mind :v


Chapter 8

Oooooh it's the prom! Gosh, it had been 5ever since it was brought up. Makes sense how Chapter 7 couldn't have been the epilogue since the happenings at the prom hasn't even been written  :nervous If I could art (again), I would've attempted to draw Jurina, Takamina and Yuko in their danso prom suits  :inlove: The way you describe them, they must've been dashing as heck, especially Jurina, who seriously can pull off the danso look like a boss.  :heart: And gosh, halfway through... that semi-steamy scene :v Mayu JUST had to ruin the moment eh?  :lol: Then more steamy moments. Nice way to dodge writing smut btw by making Rena say she wouldn't tell us readers what happens next since we have our dirty imaginative minds to work with  :lol:

Plus you ended this chapter on a fluffy note~ aaaah~ that was truly a satisfying read~ and now to move on to the true epilogue!  XD Really happy that you came up with one! If it were me, I'd be trying to pull ideas from thin air gosh... *looks at my a certain fic of mine's unpublished epilogue*... I totally need your brains gawd... help me? *cringes* Hahahahaa! Now let's see what else you've got for us!  :cathappy:



I'll be honest here. I've just~ finished reading it XD So yes, these are my present thoughts unlike the previous few chapters' thoughts XD

Ahem. So let's see... what do I think?


I had sort of shipping Center and Gekikara too so thinking of them as CenGeki at the same time it's like... double the pleasure in reading this chapter!!!  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Your action scenes were... so... gooooooooooooooood....  :drool: Jurina's really sly to wear Rena's Gekikara outfit so she could fight alongside her for once and at the same time, helping her precious girlfriend get over her past. The fluff is real. And not just fluff, but the fight in this chapter wasn't even a meaningless one just to showcase their coolness. IT WAS SO PLOT RELATED.


Dang. Keiyuu. I  :heart: you for writing such a great WMatsui fic and I applaud you for writing so gosh darn well if this was actually your first time writing a chaptered fic. Made me grin and squeal and feel feelings I haven't felt in ages  :thumbsup Mine falls in comparison to yours, like really. I've learned a lot from reading your fics too. This is like, an ideal fanfiction I would recommend people reading if they wanted to jump into the WMatsui fandom but don't want to read something too long at first.   :twothumbs (I apologise to any authors who think this comment is offensive to them :shocked )

Like I said to you in my private message, this is the first time I've made such a long review (eventhough there's lots of quotes and what not *shot'd*) but like, you deserve it bruh. I'm definitely looking forward to your next work. Eventhough I'm not much of a MaYuki fan but like, if it's you writing, you can count on me reading no matter what ;) Thanks again for rekindling my dying WMatsui flame and writing spirit. I really needed someone to give me a kick so I would think of writing.  :)

If I forget to comment bout anything, I'll private message you  :lol: Till then~ Otsukaresama on this brilliant fanfiction of yours! Loved it lots!  :twothumbs
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I think I can live on the fluff like seriously.

But as always Happy writing once more!
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