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Title: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN (SayaMilky, YuiParu, YuriAnnin+) [Ch. Update: March 4, 2019]
Post by: DeNight on May 19, 2016, 12:55:38 PM
Dear Friends,

I have to be honest. I've been wanting to write some gakuen stories involving 48 Groups' members for a while. I've been thinking about a YuiParu longer fic for that. But, reading this  SayaMilky untitled story in Kate's OS Box ( sparked my imagination and I couldn't help but writing something along the lines of that theme in between work. So, I changed my mind and decided to just started this collection of fan fictions set in an all-girls school called Yonjuhachi Jogakuen (or Yonjujo for short) with a SayaMilky. A YuiParu fic will follow after I'm done uploading all the parts for this one, and I've already had some other pairings in mind for the next ones. Please let me know what you think of this. And, if you like it, please just pray that I'll have enough time to write everything in my mind and upload them here *chuckle*. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing the words.  :D


List of Stories in This Thread

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#1: SayaMilky


“I don’t think you can make her fall in love with you.”

Watanabe Miyuki frowned. How dare this Ogasawara girl doubting her ability? She might have not been smart enough to be one of the top students in that school. But, when it came to romance, no one in that countryside could rival her. After all, she had been dating various kinds of boys and men in middle school and no one was able to resist her charm. Even her male teachers obviously favored her. She would have been dating even more if only her parents did not decide to move to that small town and enroll her in that all-girls school.

Well, Yonjuhachi Jogakuen was actually more like an all-girls academy with a kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and even a university, all in the same complex. There weren’t that many people in that town after all, and most of the girls attending that high school had been attending the school even before they could read or write anything. The exceptions were only for people like Miyuki, who just moved to the town, then found that there weren’t many options for schools in it—and, apparently, Yonjujo was the best among all. That also meant that most of Miyuki’s classmates had little to no experience when it came to dating boys.

It was still the first week of high school. Miyuki was just having lunch at the back of the class with her new friends while sharing—well, more like bragging— about her love experience. Four of her classmates in year 1 class N were eagerly listening to her. Then, one of the girls, Fukumoto Aina, said that they had never had that kind of experience. The closest thing to boys that they had was a “prince”—the term they use to refer to a popular tomboyish girl who frequently got love letters and Valentine’s Day’s chocolates from other students. Apparently, every class had at least one and Yamamoto Sayaka, the prince from their class, considered to be number one among the first year students.

“She is very close to Yokoyama from class K. We refer to them as ‘Yokoyamamoto’, and both have the biggest fan base among first year students. Some sempai also ship them,” said Yoshida Akari.

“But, different from the cold Yokoyama-han, Sayanee is very nice and friendly to everyone,” said Yagura Fuuko with dreamy eyes.

“True. She frequently got confessed to, but she always just say that she’ll be happy to be the girl’s and every other girls’ friend. People say that it’s either because she always considers every other girl’s feelings, or she’s just too dense when it comes to romance,” Aina sighed.

“I know… It’s unbelievable, considering that it’s always either her or Yokoyama-han who got the highest score in every test,” Fuuko sighed along.

That was when Ogasawara Mayu smiled playfully and voiced her challenge to Miyuki, making the girl felt irritated. Miyuki then looked at the oblivious short-haired girl that was chatting with some other friends at the front row. She couldn’t help but notice that Sayanee actually did have that ikemen look. She had to admit that the girl was even more handsome than some of the boys she’d been dating.

“Well, I’ve never been with a girl before. But, I don’t think it would be that hard to seduce one,” Miyuki responded.

“Eeeee?” was the other girls’ reaction toward Miyuki’s declaration.

“Hah, wanna make a bet?” Mayu smirked.

“It’s a bet!” was Miyuki’s response.

“Maachun, Milky, it’s not good to bet on someone’s feeling,” said Fuuko, using her friends’ nickname.

She really hoped that they would come back to their right minds. But, Fuuko’s words fell on deaf ears. The two girls were shaking hands to seal the deal.

“You will buy me lunch for a week if you failed!” Maachun clarified the deal.

“Why the small deal? I’ll make you lunch for a whole month if I failed!” Milky raised the challenge.

“Whoaaa! Deal!”

“And, if I succeed… Then you should provide lunch for the five of us for a month!”

“Eee? Milky just turned into Warukii…,” Maachun whined.

“Are you afraid?”

“Of course not! It’s a deal!”

Now it’s Milky’s turn to smirk, “Good. Give me three weeks.”

To be continued...

Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: Janix123 on May 19, 2016, 03:35:28 PM
Sayamilky! Sayamilky!
Three weeks to seduce Sayanee. Go for it Milky!!
Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: DeNight on May 19, 2016, 07:23:53 PM
Dear Friends,

Nice to see an excited comment  :) and thanks for all the silent readers as well. There will be 4 or 5 short parts of this SayaMilky story. Here's the second one  :)



When it came to boys and men, actually, Milky wouldn’t need that long to succeed. There really wasn’t any exact formula or method in making someone falls in love. Sometimes, a smile or a wink was enough. Some other times, it might need some casual conversations, some sneaky glances, or some innocent acts of helplessness to make the magic works. But, it never took her longer than a week, sometimes even just three days—just around the same amount of time she enjoyed the relationships they had before getting bored and moved on.

However, since this time her target was a girl,—and not just an ordinary girl, but a dense prince—she thought that she should calculate her every moves carefully. For one week or one month, it’s actually not a problem at all for her to make some lunch for her friend. But, she had some reputation to uphold and her pride was as big as that reputation. So, she really hoped that three weeks would actually be enough when it came to girls’ love.

Milky used the first few days of the first week to spy on Yamamoto Sayaka’s daily routine. No. Not in an obvious creepy stalker way, of course. She would just follow Sayanee with the corner of her eyes when they were in the same room—acting as if she didn’t care or hadn’t made any move in front of her friends. Sometimes, they would pass each other in the hall way. Some other times, she would just have a casual chat with some girls from other classes—girls who also happened to share the same classes, cram schools, or club activities with Sayanee at some point of time in the past.

Yokoyama Yui was the only person with whom Milky had never really had a casual chat with. It’s not that she didn’t want to, of course, considering that the girl with the long raven hair was the number one potential informant for her “love love operation”. She did try once, but it didn’t go as well as she hoped it would be.

“Aah, Yokoyama-han, isn’t it?” she greeted her in the hall way just outside her class once.

“Ah, hai,” was Yokoyama’s answer.

“Were you looking for Yamamoto-san?”


“She wasn’t in the classroom, was she?”

“No, she wasn’t.”

“I think I just saw her in the hall way, just outside the student council room.”

“Ah, hai. Arigatou.”

And with that, Yokoyama left. She didn’t even ask for Milky’s name, nor did she change her monotonous tone or stoic facial expression while talking with the girl. Meanwhile, Milky had been trying to put her best smile for that best friend’s of Yamamoto Sayaka, hoping to get some information from her in the future. But, since it didn’t go so well, Milky just frowned and prayed to Kami-sama that Sayanee wouldn’t have the same immunity that Yokoyama seemed to possess against her seduction.

To be continued...

Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: Haruko on May 20, 2016, 03:17:38 AM
I just love it, I think is so real that Miyuki doesn't know how to act... because men and woman are very different plus sayaka is so used to this kind of behavour like girls trying to seduce her is a daily basic.. so.. Milky needs a wonderful plan..

I'm wainting for the next chapter!
Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: junchan48 on May 20, 2016, 05:29:26 AM
This fic was great!
Mirukii~ Try to your best~
'Cause YokoYamamoto are hard to pleased~

Thanks for the fic, author-san~
Gonna wait the next one~~~
Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: DeNight on May 20, 2016, 10:18:41 AM
Dear Friends,

Thanks for your comments. It's always so nice to log in (in between work *chuckle*) and found some heartwarming comments from all of you. And, of course, thanks for the silent readers as well. As much as I want to elaborate the story more, I was unable to do so. Therefore, it won't be a long SayaMilky fic. It will probably end before you know it *chuckle*. I hope you won't feel disappointed because of that. Here's the third part. Happy reading :)



Milky finally made an obvious move at the end of that first week. The class was just over and Yamamoto Sayaka was walking toward the information boards with some posters in her hands. She was in the middle of pasting the posters on the board when Milky walked towards her.

“Sayanee,” she called out to her.

“Yes?” Sayanee looked her way, “Ah, Watanabe Miyuki-san. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Mou… You can just call me Milky like everyone else,” Milky pouted, “And it seems like it’s you who may need some help.”

Milky then took the rest of the posters from Sayanee’s hand, saying that it would enable her to paste the poster easier, and it really did. They moved along the boards in the hall way. Milky handed the posters out to Sayanee while the boyish girl pasted them up.

“So…,” Milky said, looking at the last poster in her hand, “You’re in the light music club?”

“No,” the other girl smiled, “Some sempai just asked for my help to post these along the first year’s hall way. But, it does seem interesting, doesn’t it?”

“Well… yeah. If you can play an instrument, probably.”

“Well, you can always just sing, you know. The light music club would always need a vocalist and you have such a nice voice to listen to.”

Milky was a bit stunned. The girl was looking her way with a full smile. She said the words nonchalantly. It might not meant to be some kind of flirting per se. The girl was well-known as a smooth talker after all. But, Milky would not loose in any kind of flirting game. So, she smiled back as if nothing happened.


She said the words with a sing song voice before she moved her face closer to the girl. She then reached around Sayanee’s neck, touching around her collars, tugging her uniform’s ribbon a bit. She made sure that everyone in the hall way could see them and she lingered a bit more, hoping the proximity would affect Sayanee.

“Your ribbon was a bit crooked,” she said, smiling, when she’s done.

“Ah! Thank you!” Sayanee was smiling brightly.

Tough luck. It didn’t seem like Sayanee was affected by her action even for a bit. But, at least, now everyone could see that she had set her eyes on the prince of the first year. It was as if she was branding Yamamoto Sayaka as hers and no one should try getting closer to Sayanee, at least until she’s done with her. It was actually a risky move Some die-hard Sayanee’s fans might hate her and bully her for monopolizing the prince for herself when they didn’t even have any kind of relationship. But, she made sure to make friends and gave good impressions to a bunch of Sayanee’s fans during her spying mission. Even if some would try to bully her later, she would just use that to her advantage, she thought. Who knows, maybe she would see Sayanee saving her from the bullies and it would just make her falling for Miyuki’s helplessness.

“Jaa… I’ll see you on Monday, then,” Milky said while turning away and started walking.

She walked with her normal pace. But, she made sure to count to three in her head before she looked back and flashed Sayanee a cute smile—which the girl responded with her own smile. Then, Milky turned away and continued walking home. She got a lot of homework to do this weekend: she needed to think of more strategies to get the prince falling for her.

To be continued...

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Post by: DeNight on May 23, 2016, 10:10:22 AM
Dear Friends,

Here's the fourth part of SayaMilky story. I'll probably post the last part tomorrow. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing the story :)



“Aarghh!! Why is it so hard?”

Milky growled in frustration as she put her head on her desk. It was the end of the second week and she felt like she was not making any progress with her “love love operation” at all. The other students had already gone home or went on with their club activities. Milky was the only one left in the class. She wanted to have some time to reflect on what went wrong with her perfect plans. She’d rather die before letting Maachun knew that she felt like losing their bet.

For the whole week, Milky had tried everything—or at least, everything she knew when it came to seducing a boy. She had tried to give her some sneaky glances or even an open stare. She talked to her and gave her some hints here and there during their conversations. She had even been flirting with the girl openly and obviously—outright praised her handsome appearance, giggled for every joke she made, even touched her arm or her shoulder casually when they talked. She had also asked Sayanee to help her with her studies, asked her to walk home together, exchange LINE ids, and did texted her until late at night. She invited Sayanee to her house, then leaned on Sayanee and put her head on the girl’s shoulder when they were studying together in her room. She also tried to stay around a bit longer when they had to change for gym class, especially when they had swimming lesson, hoping that Sayanee would look at her exposed skin, or stared openly at her developed breasts and bottom. But, no. Her other classmates would do that, then enviously asked what they should do to have a body like Milky’s. But, Sayanee would not. She just finished changing in a normal pace and reminded her friends that they would be late if they kept on crowding Milky like that.

Sayanee was always nice. She gave any help Milky needed. But, she also did that to other girls. She never blushed or stole some glances or showed any kind of indication that she thought of Milky in any special way.

Milky started to think that she might have tried too hard for this silly bet. She didn’t even know whether Sayanee was gay or had a slightest bit of interest in dating girls or not. Perhaps, Maachun already knew that Sayanee was not interested in girls, or that she had probably had a boyfriend from another school. Yeah. Probably, that was why Maachun was so confident in her bet.

“Aarghh… Kami-sama… What should I do now…???”

Milky was desperately hoping that she didn’t make that bet. But, life was not a dating simulation game. She could not save her progress in some saving point then restart the game whenever things didn’t turn out the way she wanted.

She was still putting her head on her desk with her face toward the window when she heard the class door opened. She didn’t bother to see who that was. It’s probably just some other students, forgetting some things on their desk or something, she thought. The faster they could move on with their business, the faster they could leave her alone again. But, then, she felt a pat on her head. A hand was stroking her hair.

“Milky-san, are you okay?”

Milky immediately sat straight up upon hearing Yamamoto Sayaka’s voice. Concern was written all over Sayanee’s face. She put her palm on Milky’s forehead.

“Do you have a fever? Feeling unwell? Should I take you to the infirmary?” she asked.

Milky was blushing. She did have some skin to skin contacts with Sayanee over the past few days. But, Sayanee was never the one to initiate it. It felt…different.

Milky usually felt comfortable whenever a boy touched her affectionately in the past. But, they never made her felt the way Sayanee did. It was not an uncomfortable feeling per se. It was more like… Nervousness? Feverish feeling? She didn’t really know what the feeling was. All she understood was there’s some fluttering feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Milky?” Sayanee frowned, her concern grew.

The voice startled her. Milky knew she should give some reply soon. So, she shook her head.

“I’m all right,” she tried to smile and touched Sayanee’s hand to remove it from her forehead.

“Are you sure?” Sayanee took a seat in front of her, still looking concerned.

Milky was about to repeat her answer when she noticed some dried blood stains on Sayanee’s hand. There were some small cuts there.

“Sayanee! What happened?” she was a bit panicked.

“Aah… This…,” Sayanee smiled sheepishly, showing an old looking guitar in her other hand, “I was checking some guitars in the light music club room since the sempai said that it’s okay. It seemed like some of them had been neglected for quite a while. When I tried to clean and tuned them, I broke a couple strings so…”

“You should really rush to the infirmary yourself you know!” Milky scolded her while rummaging in her bag, looking for some band-aids.

“Well… I remembered that I have some spare guitar strings in my bag and I left the bag here, so…”

Milky gave her an upset look. So, Sayanee decided not to continue her explanation. She just smiled as she watched Milky poured some of her bottled water content to wet her handkerchief and used it to wipe the blood stains from her hand and cleaned her wounds. Milky then put some band-aids to cover them.

“Thank you. You’re so kind,” Sayanee smiled.

Milky looked away, “You’re welcome.”

Sayanee moved to the front row, looking for the spare strings in her bag, before she went back to the seat in front of Milky’s. She started replacing the broken strings on the old guitar and tuned them. Milky was watching in silence as Sayanee tried to play some simple chords.

“Ne,” Milky mumbled.


“What should I do to make you fall in love with me?”

Sayanee stopped playing and looked at Milky’s face for a moment. Then, she laughed, thinking that the girl was probably joking. But, the seriousness on Milky’s expression made the laughter quickly died down.

“You’re serious?” she asked.

Milky didn’t answer.

“Was that what you’ve been trying to do these past few days?”

Milky looked away.

Sayanee then smiled and sighed. She went back to playing the old guitar, checking for some out of tune sounds. She adjusted it some more, letting the silence engulfed them for a while.

“Ne, Milky,” she said after a while, “Tell me something.”

“What?” was Milky’s reply while looking at the window next to her.

“How can you make someone fall in love with you if she already has?”

To be continued...

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Post by: Yuki88 on May 23, 2016, 11:11:43 AM
“How can you make someone fall in love with you if she already has?”

OMG EXCUSE ME CAN I JUST BARF RAINBOWS. We all thought Sayaka was being thickheaded on Milky's advanced, but turns out it's the opposite! It's Milky who doesn't realize it at all XD

Damn cliffhanger!!!
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Post by: Janix123 on May 23, 2016, 05:07:35 PM
Can't wait for the next update  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Milky you did your best. Woohoo. Can't wait for the next one.  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Thx for the update.  :) :) :)
I'm a little bit sad though cuz the next one will be the last.
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Post by: junchan48 on May 23, 2016, 06:31:58 PM
You hear it, Mirukii? Did you hear what the prince say to you???
Can't wait for the next chapter!>O<
Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: Haruko on May 24, 2016, 02:10:10 AM
omg YES!! but you know that we gonna know Sayaka's POV right? :P
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Post by: DeNight on May 24, 2016, 07:05:43 AM
Dear Friends,

Thanks for all the comments, and all the silent readers as well. It really is nice knowing that you all are enjoying this story :)

@Yuki88: Even if I say you can't, you've already barfed rainbow, haven't you? Lol... Yes, a cliffhanger. But, you don't have to wait for long as I am posting the last part now *chuckle*  :P

@Janix123: She did try her best, didn't she? *chuckle* Please don't be sad. There's always a possibility of reading more stories in the future (as long as I have the time to write and post them, hehe) :D

@junchan48: Here's the next chapter :)

@Haruko: Nope, sorry. No Sayanee's PoV for this story :oops: . But, I do plan on writing another SayaMilky in the future (possibly the continuation of this one) from Sayanee's PoV. How's that sound :D ? But, there will be a YuiParu and possibly a YuriAnnin and/or YuuNaa stories before that, though. So... stay tuned? *chuckle*

Here you go, Friends. The last part of this SayaMilky story. It's really short, but still I hope that you'll enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing the lines  :)



“How can you make someone fall in love with you if she already has?”

That caught Milky’s attention. She turned her head away from the window to meet Sayanee’s smile and gaze. Did the prince just confess to her?

“I kind of figured that you may not remember…” Sayanee reached in one of her jacket’s pockets and took something out then put it on Milky’s desk, “But, we used to go to the same elementary school in Namba, you know.”

Milky stared at the thing Sayanee put on the desk. It was a button. It was old and worn out. But, the childish handwriting on it was still visible.

“SayaMilky…,” she traced the writing with her fingers.

“Yes,” Sayanee smiled, “On that day when I had to move because of my parents’ work, hadn’t I already said that I love you?”


“Maachuuuuuuun!” Yoshida Akari ran to her classroom, she couldn’t wait to tell the news to the girl at the back row, “Have you heard???”

Hai, hai,” said Machun, looking bored, “Guess I really should provide lunch for a month for all of you starting tomorrow, eh?”

“Who would have thought that the prince would really fall for Milky,” said Fukumoto Aina while propping her head on her palm.

“Milky is really something, isn’t she…,” Yagura Fuuko said with her usual dreamy eyes.

“Aah! So it’s true! Sayanee really is going out with Milky???” Akari exclaimed excitedly.

“Yeah… Guess, I should get some part time job now to pay for all those lunches…,” Maachun put her head, face down on the table.

All of the four girls where sighing, thinking of the consequences Maachun needed to face for being dare to challenge Warukii. But, they weren’t able to dwell in it because, not long after that, Milky came and put a pile of bento boxes on Maachun’s desk.

“These are for all of you,” she said, beaming.

“Eee? Aren’t I the one who should provide us with lunch?” Maachun said in disbelief.

Milky shook her head, “No, it’s my lost and I am a woman of my words.”

“Eee? But, aren’t you going out with Sayanee, Milky?” Aina said, confused.

“I am.”

“Then, why?” Akari chimed in.

“Well, the bet was whether I can make her fall in love with me, wasn’t it?”

The other girls nodded their head in unison.

“Well, I wasn’t able to do that.”

All her friends looked confused.

“It was Sayanee who made me fall in love with her, “ she said, giggling.

She took a glance at Sayanee at the front row. The girl was looking her way as well. They smiled the knowing smiles at each other. High school life in Yonjujo might be more interesting than Milky initially thought.


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Post by: Janix123 on May 24, 2016, 07:42:52 AM
Milky!!!!!! Yeay!!!!!  XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
Finally you two are dating!!  XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
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Post by: Yuki88 on May 24, 2016, 05:49:46 PM
Milky is so sportive haha. Goof for Maachun xD;

Thanks for this story!
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Post by: Haruko on May 25, 2016, 02:28:31 AM
Of course Im going to wait to the next fics :D

I love this... remind me a lot the movie Gaynin.. I mean Geinin :P, that sayamilky story
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Post by: junchan48 on May 25, 2016, 07:32:54 AM
Is this fic inspiration come from 'NMB Geinin' movie?
Its great anyway~
Gonna wait your next works, author-san.
And the continuation of this fic, just like you said~
Thanks for the fiction^o^/
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Post by: jurenatsumina on May 26, 2016, 09:49:05 PM
Lovely :heart:
so short but so good :twothumbs :twothumbs
i love how you constantly update with short parts :thumbup
good job :thumbsup
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Post by: sasshirie on May 27, 2016, 10:27:39 AM
Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky for now,more pairings in the future)
Post by: DeNight on May 28, 2016, 07:25:05 PM
Dear Friends,

Been a while :) Thanks for all the comments. Thanks to all the silent readers as well :)

@Janix123: Yeah! Hehe... Glad that you seem happy with the ending. This next story is a YuiParu. But, SayaMilky will still pop out in some parts :)

@Yuki88: You're welcome :) I really like Maachun. When the idea for that story popped up in my mind, I knew that it had to have Maachun in it *chuckle*

@Haruko: Gaynin! Oh my! Why did I never thought about that clever pun??? Hehe... I was actually in a meeting room with some very important people when I first read your comment. Good thing the meeting hadn't started yet and I didn't burst out laughing when I read it.  XD

@junchan48: Thank you and you're welcome :) It wasn't at first. But, as I wrote it, I kinda didn't know how I should end the story. Then the movie and its sequel crossed my mind. So, yeah, towards the end, it was inspired by Geinin movies :)

@jurenatsumina: Thank you. Glad you like it. Hope you'll like the next ones as well :)

@sasshirie:  :hee:

As I promised, this next Yonjujo story is a YuiParu. Honestly, I'm not really sure how this will go yet. There's a possibility that I will change the title as well later. But, for now, here's the first part... Hope you like it  :)


#2: YuiParu


Who would be climbing up hundreds of steep stone steps in the end of a cold autumn afternoon? No one. No one but Shimazaki Haruka would. With her asthma and leg injury still in the process of healing, she should really avoid doing something like that. But, there was a big shrine on the top of the hill and people in that small town said that the shrine deity really granted wishes. Shimazaki Haruka was willing to do anything to make her health problems gone. She couldn’t wait to go back to Tokyo and resume her acting and modeling job. So, if there’s any chance that the problems could just magically disappear, no matter how small that chance was, she would surely take it—even if it means that she would need to climb the never ending steps to get to the shrine.

However, on the 369th step, Shimazaki Haruka couldn’t take it anymore. She held on tight to the steel railing, making sure that she wouldn’t fall, rolling down the hill. She was out of breath. Her chest had started to make some squeaky sounds and her leg hurt badly. She decided to sit on the stone step, still holding onto the railings. She took her inhaler out, trying to take a few puffs while adjusting her coat to brace the cold wind. It really was impossible, she thought. She was still about a hundred steps away from the top of the hill. She would never be able to make it—or so she thought.

Shimazaki Haruka was ready to give up. She was thinking of climbing the stairs down once she could get her breathing under control. But, right when she was ready to do just that, she heard a voice coming from behind.

“Are you okay, Miss?”

Haruka turned her head towards the source of the voice. A girl in a white and red shrine maiden outfit was climbing down the stairs towards her. Her long raven hair was tied in red ribbon. Concerns were evident on her face.

“Aah… I am all right,” Haruka answered.

The girl stopped next to Haruka. She leaned forward a bit, checking on her condition. Concerns were still written all over the girl’s face.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes. I am just resting a bit,” Haruka tried to smile.

“Ah, I see,” the raven haired girl sat down on the step, “I was sweeping the yard when I think I heard something so I came to check. I thought it was just my imagination since no one really comes to the shrine around this time of the year.”

Haruka didn’t say anything. She just smiled a little, trying to be polite. The smile seemed a bit forced since her leg was hurting like crazy. She took her spray painkillers out and sprayed some to her hurting leg.

“Are you going to visit the shrine?” the girl asked, noticing the painkiller.

“I do… I mean … I did. I was just thinking of cancelling my visit and going back down the hill…,” Haruka answered, somehow feeling embarrassed of her situation.

The long haired girl turned away, showing her back to Haruka.

“Get on,” she said.

“Ee?” Haruka was puzzled.

“You’ve come a long way just to visit this shrine. There must be something you really want to pray for. Just a few steps more and you’ll be able to do that. So, let me help you,” the girl said.

Haruka was stunned. They were strangers. She couldn’t just get on the girl’s back for a piggy back ride… Right?

“Don’t worry. You don’t seem heavy at all,” the girl chuckled, sensing Haruka’s hesitation, “Besides, it’s closer to the shrine than to the base of the hill. You’ll still need to walk a long way if you’re going to give up now. It’s better if you get to at least reach the shrine first, isn’t it?”

Haruka still hesitated on accepting the girl’s offer. But, the girl was right. Even with her injured leg, it would be easier to climb a hundred steps up than to climb more than three hundreds steps down. She thought about it a little more, but she couldn’t really come up with a better alternative.

“Is it… really okay?” she asked.

“Un,” the girl nodded.

“Then… I’ll be troubling you…”

“It’s okay,” the girl smiled.

Haruka got on the girl’s back then they made their way up in silence. Haruka still felt a bit awkward for receiving a piggy back from a girl she didn’t know at all. But, the shrine maiden’s back felt warm. Shimazaki Haruka had to fight an urge to lean more and hugged the girl tightly.

“Here we are,” said the girl.

She let Haruka down gently right in front of the praying altar. Haruka thanked her. Then, she faced the altar. She took some money out of her purse and put it in the offering box. She then rang the bells a few times before putting her hands together, praying with her eyes closed. When she finished and opened her eyes, she could see the shrine maiden watching her.

“Does the shrine deity really grant wishes?” she asked the girl.

“That’s what people said.”

Haruka thought about it for a minute.

“But, my wish is rather difficult to grant…”

The shrine maiden smiled.

“You’ve come a long way just to visit the shrine. You tried your best to climb the stone steps. I am sure Kami-sama would take all your sacrifices into consideration.”

Haruka thought about it. She really hoped that the girl was right. She knew that she would still need to go through the healing process, take her medication, and everything. But, hopefully, a little blessing from the shrine deity could speed up her recovery.

“There’s a place over there if you would like to sit down,” the shrine maiden’s words brought Haruka back from her thoughts. “I’m almost done sweeping the yard. If you don’t mind waiting, I’ll help you climbing down the steps afterwards.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. I’m feeling better now so I’ll be okay on my own,” Haruka tried to refuse the offer politely, “We just met today and I don’t even know your name. I really shouldn’t give you more trouble than I already have.”

“It’s Yui,” said the girl.


“My name. And yours?”

“Shimazaki Haruka.”

“Since we know each other’s name now, please do let me help you a bit more,” the girl smiled sincerely.

To be continued...

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Sweet miko girl Yui and sickly Haruka. What will it be of the two?
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HAha I know, for me the geinin movies was a love quarrel, If you change the "comedy show" with "love" you can said that it was a romatic movie.

About this yuiparu fic I'm gonna wait for the next chapter
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Dear Friends,

Did you enjoy reading the first part :) ?

@Yuki88: Hm... I wonder about that myself, too... Hehe...

@Haruko: I agree. When I watched the movies, I ignored every part where Milky went out with her boyfriend, imagining that they weren't exist, so I could watch them as a SayaMilky love story *chuckle*.

Thank you for everyone who's been waiting. Here's the second part of this YuiParu story :)



A week had passed since that day at the shrine. Shimazaki Haruka didn’t know whether it was because of the shrine deity’s blessing or just the small town’s clean air, but her chronic asthma was really getting better. However, recovering completely in just one week was really impossible. It was especially true for her leg injury. She had less difficulty in breathing, but her leg was still hurting from time to time, especially at night when it’s colder. She could only hope that it wouldn’t get worse when the winter come.

Since she couldn’t recover fast enough, Haruka had no other choice but to attend school in that small town. Studying had never been a priority for her. She was not really good at it. However, her parents insisted that, even if she chose to keep working as a model or an actress in the future, she still needed to at least finish high school.

Her father was the director of Yonjuhachi Jogakuen. He inherited it from his father a few years ago. So, naturally, that was where he enrolled her.

To be honest, Haruka didn’t want to move to her father’s hometown and went to Yonjujo. All her friends were in Tokyo after all. She didn’t know anyone there. The middle of the second semester was not a good time to transfer school either. Even if the school were bigger, even if most of the students hadn’t attended the school since kindergarten, everyone would already know everybody by then—and she’ll be the only stranger among all.

That was probably the reason why she felt like everyone’s eyes were on her as she walked along the corridors that morning. She was a stranger. Someone they had never seen before. Someone that piqued their curiosity.

It was even worse since her father was walking with her. Every single person—students and teachers alike—stopped and bowed when they saw her father. It made Haruka’s first day at that school felt even more awkward. Did they really have to do that? She thought. If she knew it would be like that, she would insist to walk to the teacher’s lounge all by herself—even though she had no idea where that place was.

“Papa, I think I can find the teacher’s lounge by myself,” she tried to say.

“I cannot let you do that. I don’t want you to get lost on your first day of school,” her father replied.

Shimazaki Haruka mentally rolled her eyes.

“I will be fine, Papa. I can just ask someone for the direction to the lounge,” Haruka tried to argue.

“Do you really hate me so much that you don’t want to be seen walking with me?”

“You know that is not the case,” Haruka frowned.

Seeing her expression, her father chuckled.

“I know, I know. But, the bell is going to ring soon. So, rather than wandering around the hall way all by yourself and getting lost, it will be better if you have someone who can show you the way.”

Right after he said that, he saw a student coming out of the student council room they had just passed.

“Ah, Yokoyama-san!” he called.

The student turned to see her caller. When she saw the director, she immediately bowed and said her greeting.

When Haruka heard the greeting, she thought that the voice sounded strangely familiar. So, she turned around and saw the girl she met at the shrine a week prior. Her face was instantly lighted up. She felt a bit relieved seeing that there is someone in that school that she knew—and knew her—after all.

“Good morning. Could you please do me a favor?” her father asked.


“This is Shimazaki Haruka. She is new.”

The girl turned to see Haruka when her name was mentioned. Haruka bowed a little and smiled. The girl just bowed a little too as a response. There was no indication that she recognized Haruka. Her face was stoic. She acted like she had never seen her at all.

“Could you please show her the way to the teacher’s lounge?”


“Thank you,” the director smiled.

The girl just bowed a little to the director then turned to Haruka and said, “Please follow me, Shimazaki-san.”

With a smile and a wave from her father, Shimazaki followed the girl in silence. She was puzzled. Was this girl actually a different person? She seemed very different from the shrine maiden Haruka met a week ago. Yet, at the same time, they really look alike—at least, physically.

“This is the teacher’s lounge,” the girl said as they reached the door to the lounge.

“Ah, thank you,” Haruka said.

The girl just bowed a little then walk away.

“Aah… Ano…!”

The girl stopped and turned toward Haruka. There wasn’t any change in her cold expression at all. Haruka felt like she’s losing the nerve to ask.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Sorry.”

The girl just bowed once more and resumed walking, leaving Haruka alone in front of the teacher’s lounge.

“How strange…,” Haruka mumbled while tilting her head a bit to the side, “I was really sure it was her.”

To be continued...

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Poker face Yui at school! Perhaps she has a reputation to hold there?
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She is Haruka!
Why don't you just being a sweet miko than a stoic highschool girl?-,-

Gonna wait the next chapter, author-san!
Thanks for the update^o^/
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Dear Friends,

Real life kicked in so I needed the whole two weeks to come up with a new part for this YuiParu fic. Thank you for reading the previous parts. An extra thanks for all of you who clicked the "thank you button". Another extra thanks for you who left a comment or two. :)

@Yuki88: Perhaps... Guess you just need to wait for another chapter or two to find out about it :)

@junchan48: Eh? I guess she needs to be both sweet and stoic for the sake of this story *chuckle*

So, here it is, next part of the story. Hope you'll enjoy reading this as well :)

*p.s.: I was recalling a song called "Notice Me" by Jenna Anne while thinking and writing about this part. Just in case you're interested in listening to it as well, you can find it here ( :)



Shimazaki Haruka grew frustrated. For some reason, that Yokoyama girl was not talking to her. Within a few weeks of school, Haruka had been even more sure that Yokoyama and the girl she met at the shrine were the same person. Yokoyama was famous for being one of the two most idolized “princes” from the first year after all. It didn’t take long before Haruka learned that the girl’s first name was Yui—the same name she heard from the shrine maiden weeks ago. But, somehow, the girl still acted like she didn’t know Haruka at all.

On Haruka’s first day in Yonjujo, half an hour after taking her to the teacher’s lounge, Yokoyama walked in the hall way while Haruka was delivering her self-introduction in class A. Through the open door near the back of the class, their eyes met. But, the girl soon averted her eyes, not showing any recognition at all. They also saw each other in the hall way a few times over the past few weeks. But, no. Not even a smile or a mere nod—no recognition at all. Once, Haruka was having lunch with Watanabe Milky from class N and some other friends she made, and then Yokoyama came with Yamamoto Sayaka. She thought both of the girls were going to join them. But, it turned out that, soon after her eyes met with Haruka’s, Yokoyama excused herself—saying that she still had something to do in the student council room.

Haruka felt really annoyed by the situation. She was not used to being ignored—left alone being avoided. Even if Yokoyama didn’t remember their meeting at the shrine, they did walk together to the teacher’s lounge that one day. Why wouldn’t the girl talk to Haruka at all?

“Arrgh…. Did I do something wrong…?”

Shimazaki Haruka growled in frustration as she hugged her knees and put her head on them. Class A was having a joined gym class with class K. She was sitting on the side of the basketball court with some other girls while watching the teams from the two classes playing against each other. Seeing Yokoyama in the court made Haruka wondered about the strange situation between them all over again.

“Are you okay, Paruru?” Nakamura Mariko asked.

She was one of Haruka’s classmates and also one of the friends she made over the past few weeks. Since she sat next to her, apparently, the girl seemed to hear Haruka’s frustrated growl.

“I’m all right,” Haruka tried to smile.

Right after she said that, the other girls cheered and clapped. Yokoyama just scored another two-point, widening the score gap between the two teams. Her fans were calling her name like crazy.

“Yui-han is so cool, isn’t she?” Mariko said while clapping her hands.

“Yeah…” Haruka just mumbled while turning her head back to the basketball court.

“She is good looking, always scores at the top of the class, the ace of the basketball club, member of the student council... The kyudo club even asked her help for a competition although she wasn’t a member,” Mariko counted with her fingers, “Aah…she’s so perfect, it feels unfair.”

Haruka looked at Mariko who was smiling and said, “You seemed to know a lot about her, Komari.”

“Hm?” Mariko looked her way, still smiling, “Ah, everyone in the school know that facts. But, I did share the same class with her last year in middle school.”


All of a sudden, there was a shout. Then, there were some shrieks from the other girls. They turned around just in time to see a fast ball coming their way. Haruka immediately tried to cover her head with her arms while Mariko also tried to protect her with her arms around Haruka. But, then, in a blink of an eye, Yokoyama was there, slapping the ball away—letting herself fell down right in front of them in the process.

“Are you okay?”

Yokoyama asked as she tried to get up. She ran her eyes on each of the girls sitting there until her eyes met Haruka’s. Concern was evident in her eyes and—for the first time—she didn’t avert them. She held her gaze until Haruka mumbled a weak, “Arigatou” and Mariko assured her that they were all okay. Then, without saying another word, Yokoyama turned back to the court, barking a request for her team mates to be more careful.

Shimazaki Haruka didn’t know whether it was the threatening ball or Yokoyama’s stare. But, her heart had never been beating as hard as it did that day.

To be continued...

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Gosh! Gosh! Gosh!
Seriously Yui, why so stoic? Dunno.
And glad you protected Paru from the ball. Hehehe
Even though It's first day for a new semester, I can't help but read fanfics.
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Dear Friends,

Looks like the fic will be even longer than I initially thought it would be...

@Janix123: Hmm... Guess you'll still need to wait for a couple chapters or so for the reason... hehe... How did it feel, starting a new semester by reading fanfics? *chuckle*



Shimazaki Haruka took a deep breath. Almost five hundreds stone steps were laid in front of and up above her. Did she really want to do this again? Was it really necessary? She started to have doubts. But, then, as she held onto the railing tight, what happened earlier that afternoon was replayed in her mind.

The school had ended for the day. She was walking in the hall way, trying to decide whether she should wait for her father so they could go home together or just went on ahead. While she was still thinking, she heard some music coming from somewhere. Since she didn’t have anything to do at the time, she let her curiosity lead her to a small room right next to the music room. A worn out yellowish paper was pasted on the door. Light Music Club—those were the words printed on the paper.

The door was only closed half way. She could take a look inside from the gap between the sliding door and the door frame. There were only three people there: Yamamoto Sayaka who was playing a guitar, Watanabe Milky who was singing while doing some amusing poses, and… Yokoyama Yui on the drum. It’s not Yokoyama’s presence that caught Haruka by surprise. It was the expression on the girl’s face. She had never seen the girl smiling widely, left alone laughing out loud like she did with Sayaka and Milky that afternoon. Absent-mindedly, Haruka started to lean on the door frame, watching the whole performance in front of her eyes. Then, in one of her twirls, Milky spotted her leaning there.

“Ah, Paruru! What are you doing there? Come on in and join us!” Milky said while approaching Haruka, trying to pull her in.

Just like that and the expression on Yokoyama’s face changed 180 degrees. No more laugh. The smile was completely gone. Just like Sayaka, she stopped playing right when Milky stopped singing along. But, at least, Sayaka welcomed her and asked her to sing with them as well. Yokoyama was not.

“Ah, it’s all right… I really can’t sing,” she said, sensing the awkward change in the atmosphere.

“Now, now… Don’t be shy,” Milky smiled.

Haruka shook her head, trying to change the topic by saying, “I didn’t know you all are in the light music club.”

“We’re not!” Milky said and laughed.


“There was a light music club here once,” Sayaka tried to explain, “But, the members had either been graduated or already in their third year and are really busy with their study. When I heard about it, I asked one of the sempai and she said that it’s okay if we want to use the room and the instruments.”

“Sayanee here wants to revive the club, but we don’t have enough people to do so,” Milky added.

“I see.”

“Since you said you can’t sing, do you play any instrument, Shimazaki-san?” Sayanee asked.

“Eto… My father taught me to play the piano when I was little. So,…”

“Eee? Really?” Sayaka exclaimed excitedly, her eyes were full of hope.

“You should join us, Paruru! We actually have a keyboard, waiting to be played!” Milky chimed in.

“Eeh? But,… I can’t actually play well…,” Haruka hesitated while sneaking some glances to Yokoyama who had been silent all the time.

“It will be okay! Right, Yui-han?” Sayaka asked, looking back at Yokoyama.

“…It’s up to her,” the girl said without looking at Haruka.

“Yui-han here can actually play many different instruments! She can teach us if we want!” Milky tried to assure Haruka while holding both of her hands.

“Eeh? Is it…,” Haruka took another glance at Yokoyama, “…really okay?”

Sayaka and Milky nodded vigorously. Both were giving her the puppy dog eyes—something she could not really resist. She tried to look at Yokoyama, trying to see her reaction, but the girl was looking at her phone.

“If that is so…”

Right when Haruka was about to give her answer, Yokoyama stood up and started to gather her bag.

“Sorry, Girls. I really need to go back to the student council room now.”

Just like that and the girl left. Milky could only look at the girl’s retreating back, dumbfounded. She started to question what Yokoyama Yui’s problem was while Sayaka tried to calm her down.

Haruka felt really bad. She believed that Yokoyama was leaving so abruptly because she was there. Sayaka, who seemed to understand what was going through Haruka’s mind, tried to assure her that she shouldn’t mind Yokoyama. The girl had always been like that and it didn’t mean that she disliked her—or so Sayaka said.

Shimazaki Haruka tightened her grip on the railing. She honestly liked the girls’ performance that afternoon. It seemed really fun and—although she couldn’t really sing well—it would be nice if she could join in. But, she would not be able to do that if Yokoyama still treated her like a stranger—and avoided her like the plague. So, sooner or later, they needed to talk. If the girl treated her like that in school, she thought, coming to the shrine might change that attitude and they would be able to have a nice conversation—just like they once had, weeks ago.

Was that all? Haruka had started to climb the first stone step when the question crossed her minds. Was that the only reason she wanted to climb those stone steps once again? Wasn’t it more because of the increase in her heart beat whenever their eyes met? Wasn’t it more because of the pain she felt in her chest whenever the girl ignored her? Wasn’t it more because she longed to see that smile again—the warm smile she once showed her when she visited the shrine?

Haruka shook her head, trying to wipe the thoughts away. She didn’t want to think too much about it. She didn’t want to think about what it might actually mean. She was ready to continue climbing the stone steps again. But, a voice made her stop in her track.

“What are you doing here?”

She turned around to see Yokoyama standing at the bottom of the stone steps, still in her school uniform. Haruka’s heart started to race. The pain started to come back as well,

“So, it was really you…,” Haruka said in a whisper.

The girl raised one of her eyebrow a little, unable to understand what Haruka was saying.

“It’s a long way up. You may get injured if you force yourself to climb the stairs again.”

The words were kind, but the expression was not. It was cold—even colder than the wind that was blowing that late afternoon.

“I come to see you. We need to talk,” Haruka said, determination was in her eyes.

“You don’t have to come all the way here for that. You can see me at school,” the girl started climbing the stone steps herself.

“But, you didn’t want to talk to me at school!”

The words stopped Yokoyama in her track, just a few steps up from where Haruka was standing.

“You didn’t even want to look at me at school. You acted like I wasn’t there. You acted like you can’t stand being in the same room with me. What did I do? Did I do anything wrong? If I did, I am really sorry. But, you need to say it. I can’t understand anything if you don’t say anything to me!”

Yokoyama didn’t move, nor did she say a word.

“I just want us to be friends…”

Haruka was on the verge of crying. She didn’t really like to show any emotion to anyone. But, right then and there, she felt like her heart was about to burst. She didn’t like what she felt. She felt hurt. She just wanted the pain to go away.

“…I don’t want any friend.”

Yokoyama finally said without looking her way.

“But,… But, you are friends with Sayaka and Milky!”

“They are rare exceptions.”

“Can’t I?” Haruka dislike the tone of begging in her voice, but she continued, “Can’t I also be included in that exception?”

There was silence.


The plain rejection hit Haruka hard. She could feel the tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. She looked to the ground, not wanting Yokoyama to see her tears—just in case the girl decided to turn around to face her.

“Is that all?”

Haruka didn’t give any answer to that question voiced by Yokoyama.

“If you want to pray at the shrine, I’ll help you to climb the stairs. But, if you don’t…,” Yokoyama turned her head to the side, “Please go home.”

That was it. That was the last straw that toppled the pile of emotions she held back. If her heart was a cup, it was the last drop of water that filled it before the contents went overflowing.

“I’m sorry for bothering you then,” she said, swallowing back a sob that threatened to escape from her throat.

Right after she said those words, she turned and walked away. She didn’t want Yokoyama to hear her crying. So, after a few steps, she walked faster, and then she ran to her car, to the driver who had been waiting for her a bit further from the stairs. Unbeknownst to Haruka, the other girl on the top of the stone steps was tightening her fists, also trying her best to hold back her tears.

To be continued...


End note:
I'm thinking of changing the PoV in the next chapters since I guess I'll need it in order to reveal the reason behind Yui's attitude. But, I can actually stick with Paruru's PoV to do that as well.... Hmm... I don't know. I'm not sure which will be more interesting... What do you think, Friends?
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You may reveal it through a change of pov, but you can also do it without changing the pov haha.
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The decision is up to you, author-san. Cuz I'm sure the outcome will be interesting. Lol
And I feel kinda sad for Paru because Yui is acting cold towards her.
And I hope Yui is doing that for a good reason.

And also, reading fanfics during my first day was fine but I don't know if I'll be active in jphip for a while. Sorry in advance if I won't be able to comment when the chapter is posted. Peace.
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YuiParu yay.. :inlove: so far so good  :k-great: as expected from you :twothumbs

what is wrong with yui, really..  :catglare:
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Somehow i could feel what paruru was feeling there...nice work, author san....👏👍 and it's up to you whether you want to change it or not...
Try to think which one that you feel it's gonna be easier...good luck💪😉

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My fav pairing Yuiparu and Sayamilky :heart: !! I never get tired reading your story again and again. and now it become a habit of mine to check your thread everyday waiting for new update. I hope that someday I can write like you do. Thanks for writing and please update it soon, I have a fangirl heart that need to be tamed everyday   :bow: :bow:
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading the previous chapter. Thank you for leaving me some thanks. Thank you for all the comments.

@Yuki88: Again... Yuki88-san... You really are not helping...  XD *And I am just as indecisive as you are *chuckle*  p.s.: This is out of topic, but I just realize why I felt that Cap looks familiar. I actually had a high school friend who looks a bit like her, lol.

@Janix123: Nah... Honestly, I'm not really confident about this story... Not really sure whether it will really be interesting or not. But, I'll still try.. Yui does have a good reason, though *or so I thought*. And, it's all right. The chapter will still be here for you to read when you're back online :) Wish you all the best with your study.

@Haruko: She did seem cruel, didn't she? Hehe...  XD

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So, here's the next part of the story, Friends. In the end, I decided not to decide *chuckle*. Well... For this chapter, I decided to change the PoV a bit although I went back to Paruru's PoV toward the end.  It may be a mix of Paruru's and Yuihan's PoVs in the next chapters after this, though... This one is just like a bridge that connect the previous chapters with the next ones. I hope that you'll still enjoy reading it, though...



“Seriously! What is wrong with Yui-han?” Milky grumbled, “Why can’t she be nice to Paruru! The girl didn’t do anything, yet Yui-han treated her like she was guilty for each and every problem in the world!”

“Calm down, Milky…,” Sayaka tried to calm her down.

They were sitting on a bench in the school yard, having their lunch together.

“But… But… She really acted like that! Now, I can’t even spend some time with Paruru when I am with you! You know why? Because Paruru is now trying her best to avoid Yui-han! Since you two are best friends, now Paruru doesn’t want to be around you either, in case Yui-han is tagging along with you! So, because of that, now I can’t spend some time with both my best friend and my girlfriend!”

“Milky… Calm down…”

“But, I am really really mad at Yui-han now! Why does she hate Paruru so much?”

Yamamoto Sayaka sighed. She gave up on trying to calm Milky down. She just stared at her bento, moving the rice here and there with her chopsticks without really picking anything up. She let Milky to continue her ramblings about how Yui was wrong to treat her best friend like that.

“You know, Milky…,” she started to say after a few minutes, “Sometimes, things aren’t just what they seem to be…”

Sensing something serious in Sayanee’s tone, Milky abruptly stopped protesting.

“What do you mean?”

Sayaka turned to look at her with a sad smile on her face, “I mean… There is a reason behind everything we do. Sometimes, some people just find it difficult to explain that reason to others, to show their true feelings to others… Thus, they may seem cold or mean to us…”

“Huh?” Milky tilted her head, unable to comprehend.

“In other words, I don’t think Yui-han hates Shimazaki-san. On the contrary…”

“On the contrary…?”

Sayaka stayed silent. She let Milky to think about it herself. Then, after a few seconds, Milky’s expression changed.

“Eeeeeeh?” she said in disbelief, “You mean,… Yui-han actually likes Paruru? Like, really really like her?”

“I’m not saying she does. But, it’s possible.”

“If that’s true, then why was she being mean to her?”

Sayaka sighed, “Like I said, there’s a reason behind everything we do. Yui-han has her own reason, too. It’s not my place to say what that reason is.”

Milky was about to ask further, but then, she saw her best friend walking by herself not too far from them.

“Paruru-chaaaaaaaaaan!” Milky called while waving her way.

Shimazaki Haruka stopped walking and turned her head toward the girl. She smiled and waved back when she realized that it was Milky calling her. Then, she saw Sayaka next to Milky. She bowed her head a bit—just enough to let Sayaka know that she saw her. She was ready to start walking again, not wanting to stay any longer since Sayaka was there. But, Milky was already running toward her, hoping for a small chat. While Milky was happily talking about the new fashion magazine she bought the day before, Sayaka decided to walk up to them as well. Shimazaki Haruka seemed a bit uneasy, but she didn’t move—perhaps knowing that it was too late to avoid Sayaka then.

“Ano… Shimazaki-san,” Sayaka said in a sudden, “Here.”

Milky stopped talking. Both she and Haruka stared at the folded piece of paper on Sayaka’s hand—the one she held out to Haruka. Feeling that it would be rude to leave Sayaka hanging, Shimazaki Haruka took the paper from her hand.

“What is this, Yamamoto-san?” she asked while unfolding the paper.

“Yui-han’s email and phone number.”

“Eeeeeeh?” Milky was the one showing the surprised reaction.

“After everything that happened, I understand if you hate Yui-han now. But, if you’re still interested in making friends… If you want to know why she acted the way she did… Please do try contacting her,” Sayaka said with a serious look on her face.

“Eeh? Sayanee, is this really okay? Won’t Yui-han be mad because of this?” asked Milky.

“It’s all right,” Sayaka smiled, “She will surely be mad at me for giving out her contact details without permission. But, I think, this is for the best.”

Shimazaki Haruka looked at Sayaka’s smiling face, then she looked at the paper in her hands. She didn’t say anything. But, it was clear that she was thinking about what Sayaka had just said.

“Yui-han moved to Yonjujo during the second year of middle school. I had known her since then. It’s never easy to make friends with her. She’s always quiet. She helps others whenever her help is needed. But, she keeps people at bay, not wanting to get any closer with anyone. We were paired for an assignment over the summer break once. So, I asked for her contact details and we started sending emails to each other. That was when I realized that she could communicate her thoughts better through long mails and we started to be friends.”

Sayaka paused to take a deep breath.

“I didn’t get it as bad as you, so I can’t say whether this will work for you as well or not. But, I guess, the key was not the email itself. It’s more about the persistence. The continuous effort to build better communication with each other. So, the question now is not whether Yui-han would reply your mail or not, but whether you would still be sending her mails even when she doesn’t send any reply at all. Would you still try to make friends with her even if she pushes you away again and again? Would you still insist on being friends even when she is being harsh? If you can answer these questions correctly, you’ll probably be able to find the reason behind Yui-han’s actions and attitudes toward you.”

Right after Sayaka finished her last sentence, the bell rang—a sign that the lunch break was over. Milky whined since she didn’t get to finish her lunch. But, she proceeded to walk back to the bench and gathered hers and Sayaka’s lunch boxes. She walked up to Haruka again after that to say bye and asked Sayaka to hurry up to their classroom before the teacher came.

“Just think about it. Please,” Sayaka said before bowing her head a little then running to catch up with Milky who had started walking fast.

Even after they were gone, Shimazaki Haruka was still standing on the same spot. She wrapped her fingers around the paper, crumpling it up. She was ready to throw it into the first trash can she could find on her way back to her classroom. But, then, the echo of Yamamoto Sayaka’s last few words lingered on her mind.

Would you still try to make friends with her even if she pushes you away again and again? Would you still insist on being friends even when she is being harsh? If you can answer these questions correctly, you’ll probably be able to find the reason behind Yui-han’s actions and attitudes toward you.

To be continued...

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Dear Friends,

It's been a while, isn't it  :) ? Thank you for reading the previous chapter. Extra thanks for clicking the thank you button and leaving comments. I am sorry for the delay. Things happened and I was reading more than writing lately.

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@jurenatsumina, Kirozoro, & weirdasspotatoe: Ooh, you'll see, soon  :lol:

Here is the next chapter. It's a rather short one, but I hope you enjoy reading it  :)



Yokoyama Yui was sweeping the yard that afternoon when she heard the bell of the shrine rang. She turned her head, shifting her attention from the dry fallen leaves on the ground to the praying altar in the distance. She saw a familiar figure, so she stopped what she was doing and walked closer.

“If it isn’t Sayanee,” she smiled, “What a rare sight to see you here, praying at this time of the year.”

Yamamoto Sayaka just grinned before saying, “Is your uncle here?”

“Huh? Yes. He’s at the back, having his tea. Why are you asking?”

“I think I need some extra praying and some blessing from the high priest, just in case,” Sayaka chuckled.

“Eeeh? Whatever your wish is, it must pretty big, then,” Yui raised her brows, “If it’s anything that will happen in the near future, I can only think about the final exams. But, considering your grades, I don’t think you need any extra prayers for that.”

Sayaka laughed, “No. It’s definitely not about the exams.”

“Hm… Then, I wonder what that wish of yours is.”

Sayaka looked down, sighed, then smiled, “I think I need some extra praying and blessing to make sure that you won’t get mad at me…”

“Huh?” Yui looked confused, “Why is that? I am not mad at you.”

“But, I think you will…”

“Why would I be?”

Sayaka stole a glance at Yui who was then standing with her arms folded in front of her chest.

“…Because I gave your number and your email address to Shimazaki Haruka.”

It took Yui a second before she could comprehend Sayaka’s mumble.

“YOU DID WHAT???” she exclaimed when the words finally sank in.

“See?? I told you that you’ll be mad at me!”


Yui tightened her grip on her broomstick. Sayaka looked like she was ready to flee at any second—just in case her best friend decided to launch an attack, chasing her around with the broomstick in hand. But, Yui was just standing there, trying real hard not to do just that.

“I am really really sorry,” Sayaka finally said while bowing deeply in front of her best friend, “But, I did it for you.”

“How can you even say that you did it for me!? I never asked you to! You know how I feel about this! You know how hard this all is for me…!” Yui said, feeling betrayed.

Sayaka raised her head, standing up straight.

“I know... That is why I said I am really sorry,” she said, full of guilt, “And... because I also know that you are hurting inside, I believe that I am doing the right thing.”

Yui stared at her angrily. Rage was evident in her eyes. But, Sayaka held her gaze, feeling determined.

“She is not someone from your past, Yui-han. She was not the one who hurt you. It’s not right to treat her the way you are doing right now. Holding her responsible for something she had never done… You’re not being fair to her. You’re just hurting yourself in the process as well.”

Yui averted her gaze. She looked to her side, not wanting to acknowledge the truth in her best friend’s words. Looking at the sight in front of her, Sayaka just sighed deeply.

“I just want you to be happy. I want you to live a life with no regrets. But, if you continue going with this pace, there will surely be a lot of things that you’ll regret.”

Sayaka paused for a second, trying to find the right words to convey what she had in mind.

“It won’t be easy, but please do try to forgive and let go. If you cannot forgive and let whatever happened in your past go… at least, please try to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for once again falling for someone you thought you’re not supposed to. Forgive yourself for not being able to admit it. Then, you’ll probably be able to see things differently. After all, Shimazaki-san is a good person.”

Yui gave no response. She stayed silent, still refusing to look at Sayaka. So, Sayaka took a deep breath and smiled.

“Jaa… I think that is all from me. I am sorry if I said too much. I understand if you’re even more angry at me right now. Later on, if you’re not mad at me anymore, I am just a phone call or a text message away. Do contact me anytime you feel like it.”

Sayaka then turned around and walked away. She left, leaving Yui still standing at the same spot, reminiscing a certain past she had been trying really hard to forget.

To be continued...

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@Haruko: It really was a short chapter wasn't it? Hehe... Sorry for that  XD . Here's more.

@gee: I did take it as a compliment. Thank you XD  Yui's past won't be revealed on this chapter. Probably on the next one after this  :)

I have been thinking that, as the story drags on longer, the title seems more and more unsuitable for the story. But, I still have no idea what would be a better title for this YuiParu story. So, I am open for suggestions, Friends. Or, I will probably wait until I am done with this story before re-reading the whole chapters and re-consider some title change. Anyway, here's the next part. Hope you enjoy reading it :)



“Ne, ne, Paruru-chan,” said Watanabe Milky, trying to grab her friend’s attention.

“Un?” Shimazaki Haruka responded without taking her eyes off the magazine page she had been reading for the last few minutes.

“Have you tried contacting Yui-han?”

Haruka took a deep breath before answering. She knew that, sooner or later, Milky would raise that topic in their conversation. They were actually just lounging around in Haruka’s room that evening, browsing through pages of Haruka’s fashion magazine collections—not in the mood of finishing some homework that was due the day after tomorrow.


“Are you going to?” Milky said, not hiding her curiosity at all.

Haruka took another deep breath, before saying, “I don’t know. Should I?”

Milky sat up from her lying position and put her forefinger on her pouted lips, thinking.

“I don’t really know either… I’m not sure how Yui-han would react.”

Haruka turned her gaze toward Milky, “Haven’t you been in this kind of situation with Yokoyama-san before?”

“Mm… No.”

Haruka raised one of her eyebrows, “So, you were able to become her friend from the very start?”

Milky shook her head.

“I don’t think she considers me as her friend. Not even now.”

The answer left Haruka confused.

“The first time I talked with her, she didn’t show any interest in me at all. She didn’t even ask for my name. She never avoids me. But, she never really initiates any conversation or talk to me if it wasn’t really necessary either. We just naturally spend some time together since I started going out with Sayanee,” Milky then giggled, “Rather than a friend, I think she’s just trying to tolerate my presence since I am her best friend’s girlfriend.”

Haruka blinked once, then twice—trying to let the words sink in. After a while, she turned her attention back to her magazine.

“So, you really are going out with Yamamoto-san?” she said absent-mindedly, trying to change the topic of the conversation.

“I am. I thought you know that already,” Milky giggled even more, “I think the whole school knows.”

“I heard about it, but I don’t know. You never really talk about it and everyone else in the school doesn’t make a fuss about it either. So, I kind of thought that you are just super close friends or something like that. You tend to be clingy and kind of flirty with all the other girls, too, after all,” Haruka laughed a bit.

“Well, that is true. But, even if you say so, there’s nothing to talk about really. It’s a relationship, just like any other. I love her and she loves me,” Milky giggled, “Now that you know that for sure, does it make you feel disgusted?”

Haruka tried to think about it for a moment before saying, “No. I don’t feel disgusted or uncomfortable or anything like that. You’ve been with her even before I hear anything about it and I think you both look cute. Knowing for sure that you both really are going out doesn’t change anything.”

Milky smiled at her best friend’s blunt remark.

“I am just curious, though,” Haruka continued, “How is going out with a girl be any different that being a really close friend of hers… I mean, skinship between girls tends to be accepted more than among guys, so many girls do it casually. How is it any different with going out with one or loving her romantically?”

Milky looked stunned for a moment before starting to giggle even more.

“I’m not going to say anything about the skinship.”

Haruka blushed at the thought of what that statement might imply.

“It’s still different, though. It feels like I want to be with her all the time. When we’re not together, I think of her every now and then. Whenever I found something interesting, I want to contact her and tell her about it right away. Whenever we end a phone call or a text conversation, I feel like I can’t wait to talk to her again. Many times, I found myself talking about her in almost every conversation I have with others. Most of the time, I didn’t even realize I was doing it. It’s like she’s always on my mind even when I don’t have any intention to think about her… I think it’s more like what someone may feel when she’s in love with a boy. It’s just that, in my case, it’s a girl.”

Haruka smiled at the rare expression shown on Milky’s face.

“Ah! And I kinda hate it when she says that she’s okay or stays silent when I know for sure that there must be something wrong! It feels like I have an itch, an urge to read her mind, because troubles are written all over her face, but I just can’t read the writings,” Milky giggled, “Isn’t there anyone with whom you ever felt that way before?”

One particular face instantly popped up in Haruka’s mind when Milky voiced that question. But, she immediately turned her eyes back to her magazine, trying to erase the thought.

“No,” was the answer she gave—although she knew that it was not true.

That conversation they had the previous evening kept Haruka awake almost all night. The same conversation replayed itself in her mind as she sat back in her car on the way to the school that morning. She was just about to curse Milky—and also herself—for the nth time for the lack of sleep and her inability to concentrate when the car stopped abruptly. She heard her driver’s immediate apology before he went out to check on the car. When she saw some smoke coming out from the lifted hood, Shimazaki Haruka sighed and put her hand on her temples. She should have just stayed home and got more sleep that morning—she thought.

After a few minutes of the driver’s futile attempt to fix the car, Haruka looked at the clock on her phone and got off. She was just about to tell the driver that she would just walk to school when a bicycle made a stop right beside her. Before she could turn to see who the person on the bicycle was, she heard the familiar voice.

“Is everything all right?”

It was Yokoyama.  Her face was straight, her expression was cold—like usual. But, the voice was full of genuine concern. Shimazaki Haruka silently cursed her luck. Why should she show up at a time like this? As if staying up almost all night—thinking about her—was not enough, the universe just decided to shove the real person into her miserable morning?

“The car broke down. But, it’s all right. I was just about to walk,” Haruka answered, averting her eyes from Yokoyama’s.

The girl got off from her bicycle and walked to the driver. She looked under the lifted hood and had a short conversation with him—making sure that the driver knew the number of the auto repair shop. Then, she walked back to Haruka.

“Let me give you a ride,” she said, more like a statement than an offer or a request.

“It’s all right. I can walk to school,” Haruka answered shortly.

“It’s still quite a long way.”

It was true. Haruka’s house was quite far away from the school. She never really saw any other students walked on the road she usually took. That was why her father insisted on her going to school by car. But, Haruka decided to be a bit stubborn that morning.

“It’s all right,” she said.


“I will be all right,” she cut Yokoyama’s word immediately and started to walk away.

But, Yokoyama took her hand and stopped her.


This time, concern was not only evident in the girl's voice, but also written all over her face. It reminded Haruka on the day they first met. It also reminded her on that time during gym class when Yokoyama saved her from a wayward ball.

“Let me take you to school.”

Was it the expression she had on her face? Was it because of the voice that sounded a bit softer than usual? Shimazaki Haruka was not sure. But, a few heart beats after that, she found herself sitting at the back of Yokoyama’s bicycle. She was still trying to think clearly about the whole situation when she felt her right hand being taken and put around the other girl’s stomach.

“You may want to hold on tight, or we’re going to be late.”

Shimazaki Haruka didn’t know whether it was the speeding bicycle, the cold autumn wind, or the warmth of Yokoyama’s body being so close to her. All she knew was her heart had never pounded as hard as it did that morning.

To be continued...


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Dear Friends,

I am back with another chapter :) I know it's been a long time. I also think that I have been dragging this story longer and longer. I wonder if I will be able to finish it within the next 1 or 2 chapters without making the ending felt rushed. The truth is: the ending had been in my mind since chapter 3 or 4, but I was still not sure how to bridge the latest chapter to that ending. So, please just bear with me a bit longer...  :P

@tigers parade: Thank you. I'm glad you seemed to enjoy the story :)

So, here's the 8th part :)



“You’re being a nuisance.”

Yokoyama Yui stopped in her track. A competition was coming up and she was asked to help the kyudo club again that year. But, since she was not a regular member of the club, she needed to fetch some extra equipment from the storage room and bring them to the kyudo club room. She was walking toward the back of the gym—trying to take a shortcut to reach the clubroom faster—when she heard that sentence voiced in a cold tone.

“You should stop bothering her.”

Yokoyama Yui had an idea of what was going on. She knew she should hurry up and stop it. But, right at that moment, she could feel some beads of cold sweat forming on her temples. There was an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. She could also feel her hands started shaking a little.

“We don’t care if you’re the director’s daughter or what. Don’t you know that Yui-han hates you? You should at least notice that she avoided you like the plague. Making her giving you a ride to school is plain annoying!”

There was a loud thump on Yokoyama Yui’s chest upon hearing those last sentences. She knew immediately with whom that person was talking to. She knew instantly what they were talking about. There was no doubt on what was going on. She knew that she had to get there quickly. So, she tightened her grip on the bow and forced her feet to move.

“What are you doing?” was the question she voiced when she saw four third year girls circling another girl in a threatening poses.

Startled, the girls immediately turned to her. The action enabled Yui to see Shimazaki Haruka standing in the middle of the circle. She looked just as startled as the other girls.

“Yui-han! No, nothing. We’re just having a chat with the transferred student,” said the girl who stood right in front of Haruka, “Right?”

All of her friends nodded in unison.


This time, she directed the question to Shimazaki Haruka who was looking at the ground. The girl didn’t say a word. But, she reluctantly nodded. What she saw made Yui frowned.

“Bullying is a violation of article number 3 point 1 of the school regulations.”

Her voice might sound calm. But, her eyes were giving them an icy glare.

“Of course! We know that! We’re not bullying her,” another girl chimed in while putting her arm around Haruka, “Right?”

The younger girl looked very uncomfortable.

“Leave her alone,” Yui said while letting some of the equipment she carried fell to the ground—leaving only an arrow in one hand and a bow in the other.

“We really are not bullying her! We’re good friends! Right?” said another girl while touching Haruka’s shoulder with her hand, “You should also say something, Shimazaki-chan!”

“I said,” Yokoyama Yui tightened her grip on the bow, attaching the arrow on the string, and aiming the bow towards the girl while pulling the string back, “Leave her alone.”

“W-wait! You’re not serious, are you?” the older girls started to look panicked.

“Try me.”

“H-hold on! Threatening another student with violence... Isn’t that also a violation of the school regulation? Isn’t it the real bullying here?”

Yokoyama Yui didn’t give any answer. She was just pulling the string a bit further back.

“You have three seconds to apologize and leave,” she finally said.

“Are you serious!?”

“One...,” she focused her gaze on an imaginary target.


“Two...,” she inhaled some air to fill her lungs.

“You really are misunderstanding things here!”


Yokoyama Yui was about to release the arrow as she exhaled. But, one of the older girls immediately gave a deep bow to Haruka, forcing the other girls to do the same.

“We’re really sorry, Shimazaki-san!”

Right after she said that, she pulled her friends’ hands and ran away. Yokoyama Yui had gone crazy. They would surely stop being her fans after that incident.

Meanwhile, right after they left, Yokoyama Yui felt like all power had suddenly been drained from her body. She had to lower her hands and sit on the ground because her legs could not support her body any longer. In between her hard breathing, she could hear Shimazaki Haruka running to her side.

“ right?” she managed to say somehow.

“I’m okay,” Shimazaki Haruka answered while kneeling in front of her, “Are you?”

“I’m...all right...”

Yokoyama Yui wanted to assure her with a small smile. She really tried to. But, as she said those words, she could feel tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Before she could stop it from happening, they had started trailing down her cheeks. She couldn’t stop the sobs that followed either. No matter how hard she tried to hold them back, they just kept on coming. Within seconds, she had crumbled in front of Shimazaki Haruka.

“Just... leave me alone...,” she said while shielding her face with her hands.

“But...,” Haruka tried to argue.

“Please...,” she pleaded.

Why did it always turn out like this? Why did something bad always happen when she started to feel attracted to others? Why couldn’t other people leave her alone? Why should they drag her and the person she liked down? Didn’t she also deserve some kind of happiness?



I hate you!

You should’ve just died.

As voices from the past returned to haunt her, Yokoyama Yui crumbled even more.

To be continued...

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Dear Friends,

I want to make sure that I can finish this story soon. So, I've been using every bit of any extra hour I could have to work on it. Hope you like this continuation as much as I like writing it (despite trying so hard not to exhaust myself over writing it and doing work  :nervous )

@Tupi: Thank you. And sorry, I guess it really was kinda short, huh  XD ? Well, you'll know what happened to her in this chapter.

@ミサキ: I'm trying to update as fast as I can in between my drowning in work XD Sorry if it's not fast enough. Your question will be answered in this chapter... Well, kinda. At least, half of it. The other half will be in the next chapter :)

Enjoy :)



News sure traveled fast, Shimazaki Haruka thought. A day after the incident, the whole school had heard the story about Yokoyama Yui threatening to shoot other students with kyudo bow and arrow. Rumor had it that the number of Yokoyama’s fans had gotten drastically smaller. But, many of her die-hard fans refused to believe such gossips. Some insisted that there’s no way the well-mannered and level-headed Yokoyama-han would do such thing. If something like that really happened, there must be some really strong reasons that made her take such a desperate measure.

Yes. Of course there was. Shimazaki Haruka knew full well what that reason was. There wasn’t any misunderstanding. Yokoyama Yui did threaten those sempai when she directed her arrow at them—and she did it for Shimazaki Haruka’s sake. Funny enough, among all of the twisted versions of the story Haruka had heard since the morning, not once had she heard her name being mentioned. Unless... if those sempai were the ones spreading the rumors and they just didn’t want to get in any trouble for bullying the director’s daughter. Of course. No other student knew about the incident except them anyway. Haruka gritted her teeth.

“It is very unusual that Yokoyama-han doesn’t attend school today.”

“Huh. After such actions, it is only natural that she feels ashamed of herself.”

“Well, if it were me, I will not want to show my face at school either.”

“You all are wrong. She did show up this morning, but she got called into the director’s office before the bell even rang.”

Shimazaki Haruka was trying to drown out all of the annoying chatters about Yokoyama Yui as she was walking in the hall way during lunch period. But, those last words she overheard stopped her cold. She looked to the source of the voice and found Oba Mina, one of the girls she managed to make friends with, talking with some of her classmates in front of class K.

“Minarun, is that true?” she didn’t even bother to say ‘hi’ or any prior greeting before butting in to their conversation.

“Ah, Paru!” said Oba, startled, “What is true?”

“About Yokoyama-san being called to the director’s office.”

“Ah, yeah. I saw it myself,” she explained, “I was on my way to the teacher’s lounge to get some handouts this morning when the principal called her and said that she should come to the director’s office with her.”

“Thank you.”

Shimazaki Haruka didn’t even wait for a reply from the girl. She instantly dashed to the director’s office. The door was closed. But, without any hesitation, she opened it and barged right in.


It turned out that her father was not alone. But, it was not Yokoyama Yui who was standing in front of his table. It was Yamamoto Sayaka. They both turned her way, startled by the interruption.

“I believe that you fully understand the importance of knocking and waiting for permission before walking through a door, Shimazaki-san,” was the scolding that followed.

Shimazaki Haruka lowered her head before mumbling a, “...Sorry.”

“Well, that aside, you may stay. Yamamoto-san is almost finished here and I was about to call you anyway,” he said, “So, please continue, Yamamoto-san.”

Yamamoto Sayaka seemed a bit uncomfortable. Haruka got a feeling that she hesitated on what she was about to say—probably because she was standing there. But, in the end, Sayaka said it anyway.

“As I explained, Sir... Yokoyama-han was a victim of severe bullying herself during her first year in junior high. It was a traumatic experience that forced her to transfer to this school. The effect was so devastating that her family believed that her living here with her uncle, far away from her parents and older sister, would be far better than staying there. There’s no way that she would be a bully herself, Sir. Not after going through everything and experiencing the destructing impact first hand. There must be some misunderstanding related to her case. So, please, look into this case once again and re-consider about her punishment.”

Yamamoto Sayaka ended her plead with a deep bow. She was not moving until the director stated that he understood. He was not going to promise anything. But, he would look into the case once again. So, Yamamoto Sayaka did the only thing she could do—she said her thank you, gave another deep bow, and left, but not before exchanging glances with Haruka.

From that fleeting seconds of glances, Haruka came to an understanding. Was this past experience somehow related to Yokoyama Yui’s attitude toward her? Was this the reason Yui was avoiding her? But,... why?


“Ah, yes!” Shimazaki Haruka was startled by her father’s sudden call.

“I’ve called you a few times, but you didn’t seem to pay attention,” he frowned, “You are my daughter and I love you so much. But, I’m also still the director of this school. So, make sure that you watch your manner.”

“Yes... I’m sorry.”

“Well, that aside,” her father motioned her to take a seat on the couch before sitting on the opposite couch himself, “I did want to call you and ask a few things about this case of Yokoyama-san. I’m sure you’ve heard?”

“Yes,” Haruka said, lowering her gaze.

“I want to talk to you because we actually have a witness...”

That caught Haruka’s attention.

“Apparently, Kojima-sensei saw the incident from the second floor window as she walked in the hall way. But, she didn’t think too much about it until the rumor was spread, so she couldn’t tell us much. But, she did mention that she thought she saw you in the scene. So, were you really there?”


“Could you tell me what happen?”


Haruka told her father everything. She mentioned how Yokoyama Yui had offered her a ride the previous morning because their car broke down. She talked about how it seemed to anger some sempai who then asked her to come with them to the back of the gym. She told her father about the intimidation and how Yokoyama Yui was actually just helping her.

She felt a little relieved somehow. She came to talk about it with her father after all. She didn’t actually want to let her father know about it before because she didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. But, now that Yokoyama Yui might face a severe punishment because of it, she was determined to tell her father everything.

“I see... Do you know the name of those sempai?”

If her father was angry, he didn’t show it. But, Haruka knew it must have angered him somehow. There’s no way he would let the sempai go unpunished.

“I don’t know, but...” she proceeded to describe how they looked.

“Thank you. Someone must have been able to identify them based on your description. I’ll make sure to find out about their names and their classes. I will also talk to Principal Ohori. They will also get a punishment for violating the school regulation. We have zero-tolerance policy on bullying after all.”

“Is that mean the punishment for Yokoyama Yui will be lifted?” Haruka asked, full of hope.


Her hope crumbled down. She felt disappointed. Is there really any point in her telling her father everything then? She didn’t care about taking revenge or anything. All she cared about was what would happen to Yokoyama Yui...

“When I asked her this morning, Yokoyama-san didn’t deny anything. She admitted that she had threatened other students with violence. She didn’t even mention anything about saving you,” her father recalled.

Shimazaki Haruka frowned.

“If it was up to me, I would say that I am really grateful that she helped you twice yesterday,” her father continued, “But, we have zero-tolerance policy on any kind of violence, not only bullying. Threatening to shoot other students, even more with a sharp arrow, and admitting it... There’s no way we can let her free without any punishment, Haruka.”

He sighed.

“I told her that she is suspended for the time being, until the school decides what the punishment for her action will be.”

“But...! Papa! The final exams will be in less than a month! And... Isn’t the kyudo competition will take place right after that?” Haruka protested.

“I know. I even considered suspending her until after the exams and holding her back, making her repeat a whole school year. Either that or expelling her altogether.”

Shimazaki Haruka was ready to continue her protest, but his father held his palm up, stopping her.

“But, I do take your story and her reason into consideration. So, I’ll make sure that she will only be suspended until the week before the final exam. It will probably be hard to maintain her perfect grades. But, it should not be a big problem for her. Sadly, she will still be permanently banned from the kyudo competition and even from any kyudo club activity.”

Haruka reluctantly nodded. She knew that it was the best her father could do. There would be no point in arguing more. So, she asked for a permission to leave as the bell had also rung, signaling that the lunch period was over.

As she walked in the hall way toward her class, she took her cell phone out. After all that happened, she felt a strong urge to text a certain somebody right away.

To be continued...

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Paru! Heal her! Visit her house when she's suspended! Kiss her or something omg!

I wish Paru would just contact her directly for once :/

Good luck author-san and keep on writing! :D
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This fic is really great!
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SayaMilky is really a cute couple.  :cathappy:
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Dear Friends,

It's really nice to see all of your thanks and comments. Thank you. You made me feel very happy :) And for all of you, Silent Readers, I know you're there. Thank you for reading this stories. I hope you like them, too :)

@Haruko: Well,... She did deserve it. A threat is a psychological violence and violence is a big no no, especially in Yonjujo. But, don't worry. All of this punishment will surely give Paruru no other option but to contact her, won't it :P ?

@Soysaucee: We seemed to have similar line of thinking, lol. Thank you. I also hope that Paruru will do all that... But, we'll see... :P

@ミサキ: You're welcome. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :) I'll try to update as fast as I can.

@phoenix0i: It's good to read a new comment :) Thank you. I'm glad that you seem to like it. SayaMilky really are cute couple, aren't they :) ?

So, here's the new chapter. As I mentioned before, the other half of Yuihan's past will be revealed here. So, it will be kinda long and it may get a bit ugly. But, just try to endure it for a bit, okay? For there will always be light after the dark... :)




Yokoyama Yui sighed. Since she was suspended, she didn’t have anything to do. What should she do tomorrow? Or the day after? Did she still have to do all the homework and turn them in later? She wondered.

Yes. Yokoyama Yui was more troubled about those than the real punishment that might be given to her later. She was fully aware of her action. She had gone overboard. She had to be ready with whatever consequences she might need to face.

Her uncle was kind enough to not question anything when he saw her coming back from school very early that morning. Well, perhaps his own experience on being suspended gave him enough wisdom to know about what to say—or not to say—in such situation. His hair—which was kept dyed rather brown—was a reminder of his own rebellious teenage years. Everyone in that small town had heard the story about Omizo Kiyoto the bike gang member. Who would have thought that he would be a Shinto priest now? Despite all that, Yokoyama Yui had told him about the suspension and the cause right away. She had even started discussing school options, just in case she would be expelled from Yonjujo.

“Well, let’s save this discussion for later. We don’t want to jump the gun, do we?” her uncle smiled kindly.

Yokoyama Yui nodded although she was quite sure the expulsion would happen.

“Rather than that... How do you feel, Yui-chan?”

“I am...fine.”

Her uncle didn’t question her answer. But, he spent some time to look at Yui properly—trying to see any sign of discomfort.

“Then, is it all right if we talk about the incident a bit more?”

“...yes,” was her answer.

“Why did you do it?”

Her uncle’s question was simple enough. It was very easy to comprehend. But, Yui found herself struggling to form an answer. Why did she do it?
Flashes of memories from the past started to cloud her mind. Voices she had been trying to forget were coming back again. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to block them all out. But, it didn’t work.

A girl was standing in front of the window. Her younger self was sitting on her seat, collecting her belongings and put them all in her bag. The sun had started to set. It colored the empty classroom in a rather orange hue.

“I think I fell in love with you,” was the words the girl said.

Yui’s younger self snapped her head toward the girl. A bit confused by the confession, she tilted her head. She remembered herself thinking whether it was really possible, whether she had heard it right. She started wondering whether the girl was joking. But, the sad smile on the girl’s face negated that thought.

The scene changed.

They were walking home together hand-in-hand. They talked about everything and nothing. They laughed every now and then. It felt like any other day. Nothing changed despite her best friend’s confession days before. Yui’s younger self smiled.

Another flash of memories replaced it.

An infirmary. A girl was sitting on the bed. Yui’s younger self was sitting on a chair next to it. The speaker made a crackling sound before an announcement was heard. The school nurse was called to the administration office. She left the girl alone.

“I think... I fell in love with you, too,” was what Yui said before the other girl moved in for a kiss.

Right when their lips touched, the infirmary’s door was abruptly opened. Another student was standing at the door, stunned.

Then all hell broke loose.

Lesbian. Disgusting. Die.

The words were written all over their desks and their lockers. No matter how many times they cleaned them, the words would be there again the next day and the days after. Rumors went around like rapid fire. Other students and even teachers started to whisper things behind their backs. Some didn’t even try to be discreet about it at all. They were called names and ostracized. Not long after that, they found themselves in the principal’s office.

“Was it true?”

Yui’s younger self could not give any answer. Fear left her paralyzed. Her feet felt cold. Her throat was dry. The other girl started to sob.

“I repeat. Was it true?”

The voice was colder. The fear in her grew bigger—even more when the principal slammed his palm on his table.

“Answer me!”

The other girl sobs turned worse. She tried to talk, but nothing came out. The sobs soon turned into wheezing sounds. The girl struggled to breathe.

Yui’s younger self could only stared at the floor. She stayed silent as the principal started rambling about how his daughter had never been “like that” before. None of his daughters were “like that.” It must have been Yui’s bad influence. In the end, Yui’s younger self was suspended for a week.

The scene changed again.

Yui’s younger self came back to school after her suspension only to find her being moved to a different class. Everyone stared at her as she walked down the hall way. The rumor had started to die down. But, the harsh treatment continued. The other student avoided her like the plague. Mean words appeared at the back of the handouts put on her table. More than once, her bag was hidden. When she finally found it, mean words were written on every blank page in her books. Many times, her shoes disappeared from her shoe locker, only to re-appear in the trash bin.

But, the one that hurt her most was the only person she cared about...


The girl didn’t answer. She also refused to see her. When it seemed like she would cross path with Yui at school, she took a sudden turn to avoid that from happening. She always walked with some friends and acted like she didn’t hear anything no matter how many times Yui tried to talk with her.


“Stop following me, you creep!” was the words she finally said that one day, “I am not like you!”

Yui’s younger self was stunned.

“In fact... I hate you! You should have just died!”

She and her friends left right after that. Yui could only stare at their retreating backs.

The day turned into night.

Yui’s younger self was tired. She was tired of crying. She was tired of trying. She kept on hearing the echoes of girl’s words in her head. She looked at the scissors in her hand. Maybe the girl was right... It may be better that way...


Yokoyama Yui opened her eyes. She didn’t realize that she had started shaking. Nor that she realized that she had held her head with both hands and bowed deeper and deeper until she almost curled herself up in a fetal position. Her uncle needed to hold her and shook her harder to bring her back to the here and now.

“I... I...” were the only coherent words she could utter.

“No, you don’t have to say anything,” her uncle immediately said, “I am sorry for asking such a foolish question.”

Yui shook her head. It wasn’t her uncle’s fault at all. It was all her. Her fault. Hers.

“Let’s see your doctor this afternoon, okay?”

Yui wanted to say no. She had stopped taking any medicines for two years. She didn’t want to do it all over again. Although she was still unable to form any words, her discomfort was not gone unnoticed.

“I know you don’t want it. But, you are a smart girl. You know you have to. You need to,” her uncle said softly while stroking her back.

Yes. Yui knew that well.

“This Shimazaki girl... You care about her a lot, don’t you?”

Yui didn’t answer.

“I’ve been wondering when this time will come. I’ve been thinking about what may happen if you have started to feel attracted to other people again. Will it possibly a boy? Will it be another girl? Will you be okay whoever that person will be? But, you know what?”

Yui stayed silent.

“I don’t care with whom you will fall in love. The only thing I care about is you. Your health. Your happiness. Being able to feel love is a blessing, not a curse. I want you to be able to see that and embrace it. But, I know it won’t be easy, considering everything you’ve been through. So... Let’s see the doctor this afternoon, okay? It will probably be easier to talk about this with her than with your uncle,” he laughed, trying to lighten the mood, “Just talk it out with her. She will surely know what we can do to make you feel better. After all... I don’t want to see you suffer each time love comes to you.”

Yui knew her uncle cared about her. He really did. A whole lot. He was the only one who was patient enough to walk her though hell and back. His words were always kind no matter how tired he was in dealing with Yui’s symptoms. That was the reason she chose to start living with him. That was the reason her parents agreed on her living with him. Then, that was also the reason Yui found herself sitting in the hospital’s waiting room, right outside her psychiatrist’s door, that afternoon—sighing as she recalled everything that happened that morning.

Yui looked at the door. Thirty minutes had passed since the man who sat next to her was called in. There was still no sign of his session ending soon. Feeling tired of sitting down, her uncle decided to walk around and get some coffee from the vending machine. He then started talking with a male patient about the winter that seemed to come late that year.

Yui decided to take her cell phone out, thinking of browsing through the internet or something to pass the time. But, right when she held it in her hand, it vibrated and the screen lighted up, showing that she got a new email. She wondered if it was from her fellow student council officers. They were the only ones sending her emails lately. Sayanee—and sometimes Watanabe Miyuki—had always been texting her through LINE since she installed the application on her phone.


That was the only thing written in the body of the email. Looking at the sender’s unfamiliar email address, she knew it was not from any of her student council friends. But, she had an idea of who the person might be.

===Hello, Stranger.===

She sent her reply.

---Do you always reply an email from a stranger?---

Yui raised one of her eyebrows before sending another reply.

===Do you always send an email to other people without introducing yourself?===

A minute passed without any reply. Yui had started to open her browser, thinking of looking for some cat videos she hadn’t watched before. But, then, a reply came.

---I’m sorry. It’s Shimazaki. I got your email address from Yamamoto-san.---

Yui smirked and sent her reply.

===Aah, Director Shimazaki. Please pardon my rudeness.===

Another reply came right away.

---No, Silly. It’s Shimazaki Haruka.---

===I know.===

Another minute passed before Yui received another reply.

---Haha. Funny. I didn’t know that you do joke around like other people.---

===I don’t.===

---Well, you clearly just did.---


---Yes, you did.---

===No, I didn’t.===

Five minutes passed without any reply. Yui had started to wonder whether she had annoyed the girl enough to make her stop sending her emails. But, then, her phone vibrated again.

---Yes, you did. But, let’s stop this silly debate here because that was not why I decided to contact you.---

===All right. So, why do you contact me?===

She thought, the girl would reply by asking how she was doing. Perhaps, it would be something along the lines of saying thanks for yesterday and asking if she was okay. Yui was actually not interested in talking about that. But, she was crying uncontrollably the last time that girl saw her. So, such reply was to be expected.

However, when the reply came, it was nothing like she thought it would be. It was a picture of a page from the math book with Watanabe Miyuki in the background, lying down on the carpet while reading some sort of magazine. There was another email right after that, saying:

---Could you please teach me how to solve this? Milky is not helping :(---

Yui couldn’t contain her laughter. Her uncle and some other people turned their heads her way because of the sudden burst. Feeling the eyes on her, she stopped abruptly.

“This girl... Seriously...,” she mumbled as she typed her reply.

To be continued...


End note:
I am sorry for all Kawaei Rina's fans who read this. I needed a character who Yuihan loves and loves her back. Since Sayanee had gotten her own role here and anyone from any gen earlier than 9th gen would either be a Yonjujo sempai or some other older figure, Ricchan seemed to be the one that would be perfectly fit for this role. So, yeah, I decided to use YokoEi for Yuihan's past. However, I hope that everyone reading this will be able to see that Ricchan was not a bad person. She was being mean because she herself was trapped in a bad situation. So, yeah... I am one of Ricchan's fans after all.  ;)
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OHHH!! What a sad past.. T_T.. but well Yui needs to recover about all this accident.. we know paru could be helpful with this..
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Damn! They are really small-minded for doing that to her.  :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
Also YAY! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: Paru finally talked to her, like seriously Paru finally had the guts to finally do it.

And also author-san! It seems we are reading each other's stories. Let's work hard and spread the love! :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the comments, and the likes, and all the silent reading. *Yes. I know you are there, Silent Readers! No need to take a peek. Please do come and join in the fun*  :lol:

@Haruko: Yes. It was really sad, wasn't it? Now you know why Yuihan avoided Paruru all this long. Her character was just too similar with the person who hurt her before. I also hope that Paruru can help Yuihan. Save her from all this nightmare... Heal her heart... :)
@Soysaucee: They really were. Just like many other people in this real world... And, yeah. Paruru did take forever for that, didn't she? *chuckle* And we do! I really like your stories! Reading your updates encourages me to update mine as well. Thank you :)

@9purple: Thank you. I'm glad that you seemed happy with the updates. I'll try my best :)

I think this story is finally getting closer to its end. There will only be one chapter left after this (or two if I can't manage to finish it in one sitting). I have actually written the first chapter of YuriAnnin's Yonjujo a few months ago. But, I still keep it locked in my laptop because I haven't done with this arc. I had been thinking that the next story will be theirs. But, I also remember that I promised some of you that I'll be writing more SayaMilky. So, I'm still thinking about which one I should share first, right after the final chapter of this YuiParu story. Let me know what you'd prefer :)



A week had passed since the start of Yokoyama Yui’s suspension. The weather had become colder and colder. But, despite the fact that she could barely breathe now, Shimazaki Haruka had just finished climbing almost five hundred stone steps successfully, all by herself. Her driver followed her quietly a few steps behind—just in case. But, it turned out that his help was not needed—at least, not yet.

Haruka smiled as she took her inhaler out of her bag and took a few puffs. It seemed like she really had gotten better. She asked the driver to wait before she walked to the shrine. After putting some money in the offering box, she rang the bell and prayed.

“We rarely have a visitor at this time of the year. Were you praying for the final exams?”

She heard a man’s voice once she opened her eyes. When she looked to the side, she found a man in priest clothing smiling at her.

“Ah, yes... And for some other things as well...,” she answered.

“I see...”

The priest was about to leave, but Shimazaki Haruka’s words stopped him.

“Ano... I actually come to see Yokoyama-san as well,” she said, ”Is she here?”

The priest look at her for a while before saying, “...Shimazaki Haruka-san?”

“Y-yes,” Haruka answered while wondering how the priest knew her name.

But, the smile on the priest’s face calmed her curiosity and nervousness down.

“She’s at the kyudo range, a bit far back,” he said before giving the direction to the place.

Shimazaki Haruka said her thanks and followed the direction. She needed to walk through the woods and climbed a few steps down. But, at last, she saw the small kyudo shooting range.

Shimazaki Haruka walked closer and entered the place. There was no one there but Yokoyama Yui who was sitting down while closing her eyes. A bow and an arrow were in her hands. A moment later, she slowly stood up and got into position. Shimazaki Haruka tried to stay quiet as Yokoyama Yui took her aim. After a few deep breath, she released her arrow, feeling satisfied that it hit the bullseye.

“I can hear your breathing you know,” Yokoyama Yui said without turning to face Haruka.

“...Sorry,” Haruka mumbled as she saw Yui took another arrow and got back into position.

They had been sending messages to each other every day for the past week. The messages had gotten longer and longer and they had switched from emails to LINE. Haruka thought it would be easier for them to have a face to face conversation now that they had started to talk through text. But, perhaps, she was wrong.

“So, why are you here?” Yui asked after her second arrow landed right next to the first one, still not facing Haruka.

“The final exams are coming closer. So, I bring you all the handouts and assignments from this week. Besides...,” Haruka bit her bottom lip before saying, “I thought we are friends...”

Yokoyama Yui took her aim and released her third arrow. It hit the target a bit to the left, landed on the second ring instead of the bullseye like the previous two.

“We are,” she said, much to Haruka’s relief, “And thank you.”

She put her bow in its place before walking closer to Haruka and sat next to the girl.

“But, the weather’s getting colder. The snow will fall anytime soon. You shouldn’t risk your health by coming all the way here.”

Although there wasn’t any change in Yokoyama Yui’s expression or tone when she said that, the words were kind.

“Don’t worry, I’m getting better. Sata-san also climbed the stairs up with me. He can give me some help if I have troubles climbing up or down.”


“My driver.”

“Ah, I see.”

There was a couple seconds of silence between them. So, Haruka took the handouts and assignments she brought and gave it to Yui—hoping that the silence won’t continue longer and turn awkward.

“Thank you. It’s very kind of you,” Yui said, accepting the papers.

“That’s what friends are for,” Haruka said, “Besides, this way, it will be easier for me to ask for your help in doing homework. Our classes have the same teachers and assignments after all.”

Yokoyama Yui smiled at that remark. Haruka felt like the smile warmed her heart. It felt as if they had known each other forever while, in fact, they had just met a couple months ago. Then, there were also those weeks in which Yokoyama Yui completely avoided her and refused to talk to her. Funny. It seemed as if those weeks never happened.

“You really do like kyudo, don’t you?” Haruka asked, just to resume the conversation.

“I do,” Yui said, “It took my mind out of any other things.”

“Is that so... Then, why didn’t you join the club?”

“The sempai from the student council managed to recruit me first. After joining the student council, I don’t have time to do any other thing full time.”

They laughed at that answer.

“Nee... Yokoyama-san...”

“You can call me Yui.”

“Well,... Yui... I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“For getting you into trouble, making you unable to participate in the coming kyudo competition...”

Yui looked down. Haruka could feel that the body next to hers tensed up when she mentioned the competition. But, after a few seconds of silence, Yui answered.

“It’s all right. I wasn’t your fault. It was the sempai’s fault for bullying you and it was my fault for going overboard when I tried to handle the situation.”

Haruka looked at the girl beside her, trying to read her expression.

“Is it...okay if we talk about what happened?” she asked carefully.

It took a moment before Yui nodded and said, “I think it’s about time. Sayanee was right... you were not someone from my past. It wasn’t right for me to treat you the way I did... Especially not when you didn’t even know what was wrong...”

Shimazaki Haruka listened as Yokoyama Yui started to re-tell her story. There were times when Yui needed to stop because she started shaking. When Haruka said that it was all right if they continue talking about it some other time, Yui shook her head. She said that Takahashi-sensei, her psychiatrist, had mentioned that she might experience some more flashbacks and regressions if she tried to recall the incidents or if something triggered that memory. But, trying to talk about it might help in the long run. At the very least, it might help her getting used to the flashbacks to the point that it wouldn’t bother her as much as it did before. So, Haruka did the only thing she could do in that situation—she held the girl’s hand, trying to share some strength to help her continuing on.

“May I ask a question?” Haruka said when Yui was done with the story about her past.


“The one that triggered your action the most... Was it the bullying... or was it me?”

Yui’s body tensed up again. Haruka knew full well what her question implied and she knew that Yui did, too. So, when Yui looked into her eyes, she tried her best to convey what she had in mind. She had known the answer—or, at least, she thought so. She just needed a confirmation.

“It’s... I...”

Yui struggled to form and answer. When she couldn’t form any, she looked down. Haruka thought the slight blush on the girl’s cheeks looked adorable.

“I think you’ve known the answer...,” Yui said at last.

“I want to hear it from you.”

“...I can’t,” Yui refused.

“Was it the same reason why you avoided me before?”



Haruka tightened her grip on Yui’s hand, making the girl looked her way. In the next fleeting seconds, she moved closer and touched the girl’s lips with hers. Then, she moved away before Yokoyama Yui was even able to show any reaction.

“...there’s no need to avoid me any longer because I think I’ve fallen in love with you, too.”

To be continued...

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yosha!!! finally they are together~
really yuiparu's problem is more complicated than sayamilky's one, till they took more time to confess each other, and took my patience to wait for your update
please update soon and thanks for chapter 11 author-san :bow:
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I know.. a kiss and everything it's gonna be ok
Title: Re: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN STORIES (SayaMilky, YuiParu, & more pairings in the future)
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Dear Friends,

Hope you enjoyed the previous chapter. I initially planned to let this chapter sit for a while until I have some time to review and possibly edit it again. But, I will be very very busy for the next month or two and it's done anyway, so I guess I should just share it with you.

@ミサキ: Are you sure they are together 8) ? But, yeah... I agree that YuiParu's problem in this story is more complicated than the SayaMilky's one. I'm glad that you kept trying to be patient in waiting for the story to unravel itself. So, thank you :)

@Haruko: Well... I'm not sure one kiss was all they need. Guess, I'll let this chapter speak for itself :)

So here it is. The last chapter of this YuiParu story. Hope you like it :)



Yokoyama Yui sat behind the drum set in the light music club room. She had the drum sticks in her hands, but she wasn’t playing the instrument. She was just staring at the window, watching the snow falling down, covering the school yard in white, like a giant blanket from the sky.

Yonjujo students had had their final exams for three days and the last exam had already been over a few hours earlier. It was the Christmas Eve. Christmas day would be their last day of school before the winter break started. They would have ten days vacation then. But, Yokoyama Yui knew that her uncle and all the shrine helpers—including her—would be very busy during that time, preparing and working for the New Year. Since theirs was the only Shinto shrine in town, practically everyone—except those who had planned to visit their family out of town—would come to the shrine for their first visit of the year.

“Guess it will be hard to find the right time to talk to her...,” Yokoyama Yui mumbled to herself.

Right after she said that, the door to the club room was slid open rather forcefully, startling Yui from her own musing. Then, Yamamoto Sayaka stomped into the room with some posters in her hands. The stomping and the expression she had on her face clearly showed that she felt really irritated about something. But, before Yui could ask what was wrong, the short haired girl had already walked to her, then suddenly hit the back of her head with said posters.

“Ouch!!! What the heck was that for!?” she immediately exclaimed.

“It’s for your stupidity.”


“I felt really happy when I heard that Shimazaki-san had started talking to you through emails. She was practically beaming each time I saw her after that. I was a bit worried when she suddenly turned gloomy all over again a couple weeks ago. But, I thought it was just because of you, putting your usual façade, refusing to talk to her when she went to see you in person, not wanting her to know about your true feelings. I had my suspicion when she didn’t really cheer up even a week after that. When your suspension ended and you had started coming to school again, we were too busy with the exams that I didn’t get to ask you about it. But, then, I freaking just heard about what happened, and I just couldn’t help but feeling like I want hit you before Milky beats me and do it herself!”

Yokoyama Yui cringed as Yamamoto Sayaka blurted all that out to her face. When the girl finally stopped and tried to control her breathing, Yui’s expression turned to its initial state.

“Aah... So, you’ve heard about it. Did Watanabe-san tell you?”

“What do you mean by that ‘Aah...’? Don’t you have anything to explain!? That girl had actually gathered all of her courage to come and see you! She listened to you! She realized that you had fallen in love with her! She didn’t think badly about you because of that! She even confessed to you first and kissed you! And what did you do? You ran away from her!” Sayaka started to lose her temper again, “And for the record, Milky didn’t say anything to me. I was about to meet up with Milky when they had this conversation and I accidentally overheard them.”

Yui stayed silent. Yes. It was true. That was what happened. Right after Shimazaki Haruka kissed her and confessed her feeling, Yui froze up. She couldn’t give any answer. The kiss itself had reminded her of the first kiss she had in the school infirmary years ago—the kiss that started all the nightmares which had been haunting her ever since. When she came back to her senses, Yui immediately said sorry and left the place. She hadn’t been replying any of Haruka’s LINE messages ever since—but the girl hadn’t stopped trying.

“I thought you love her?” Sayaka asked, still feeling irritated.

“...I do.”

“And she said she loves you, didn’t she?”

“She did.”

“Then, what happened?”

Yes. What happened indeed. Yui knew that she should have felt happy. She fell in love with a girl. She was afraid that everything that had happened in her past would repeat itself again. So, she kept her feelings to herself and treated the girl harshly to cover them up. But, despite all that, it turned out that the girl loved her, too. She should have felt happy... Right?

But, no. Fear gripped her heart tighter than Shimazaki Haruka’s hold on her hand that afternoon. For years, she believed that she had been wrong to fall in love with another girl. Everyone in her old school, even many others outside the school, had made that point crystal clear. She, a girl, should not be falling in love and kissing another girl. Or else, something bad would happen. Their words had not only been etched on every single page of her books, on every single inch of her desk, on every bag, on every shoe, or on every uniform they managed to ruin out of hatred... They had also been etched on Yui’s heart and mind. It was not easy to change what one had been made to believe for years. So, when Shimazaki Haruka kissed her and confessed her feeling to her, Yui was panicked. She believed something bad would happen if she accepted that feeling.

“You wouldn’t understand,” were the only words she managed to say before she put her drum sticks down and took her bag, starting to walk away.

“Yui-han,” Sayaka’s call stopped her right in front of the door.

“Yes. I may not understand. No one will understand. Unless, if you try to talk to us about it. What is it that you have in mind? What made you do what you were doing? What is it that stops you and keeps you from moving on?”

Yui didn’t give any response to those questions. She didn’t even turn around to face Sayaka. So, the girl continued.

“Did you notice that everyone had stopped gossiping about the incident and your suspension? Don’t you think it died down really quickly? Do you know why? It’s because Shimazaki Haruka had personally came to the director to clear things up and ask for a less severe punishment for you. She had also come to every single student that was talking about you and told them the truth. And you know what? They believed her. They also believe in you. Although many people still think that what you did was wrong, they all agreed that you were not a bad person, you were just trying to help. So, in case you haven’t notice, this is not the school or the hometown you’ve left. Everything is different here. Everyone is different. The fact that I can openly date Milky should have told you that. So, if anything still holds you back right now, it’s you and you only.”

Yui still gave no response. She just continued walking, leaving Sayaka behind. At least, the girl had tried—and Yui actually really appreciated that effort. She just didn’t know how to respond those words. After all, she knew that Yamamoto Sayaka would not say anything but the truth.

“You’re leaving?”

Yui walked to the front building and found Watanabe Miyuki leaning on the shoe lockers right in front of hers.

“What do you want Watanabe-san? If you want to hit me, Sayanee had beaten you to it,” she said while opening her locker and changing her shoes.

“Whoaa... Someone’s in a bad mood,” Milky smirked, “To be honest, hitting you was something I would really like to do. But, since Sayanee had taken care of that, I’m just here to deliver this.”

Yui looked at the small box that Milky held out to her. It was wrapped in Christmas pattern gift wrap with ribbons and all.

“What is this?” Yui asked as she took the box from Milky.

“It’s your Christmas present. Well, since Paruru-chan thought that you probably don’t celebrate Christmas, and she just found out that your birthday was earlier this month, she said that you can think of it as a late birthday present as well.”

Yui looked at the box in her hands, not knowing what to say

“She actually wanted to give it to you in person. But, even until today, it seems like you’re still avoiding her. She won’t be able to give it to you tomorrow either because she won’t be here. So, she asked for my help to give it to you.”

Yui looked up to Milky’s face, “She won’t be here tomorrow?”

“No,” Milky said, “You haven’t heard? She talked to the director this morning. She’s getting better so she’s going to go back to Tokyo tonight.”

Yui felt an invisible hand started to put its tight grip on her heart.

“Are you really okay with all this?”

She didn’t know how to answer that question Milky had just voiced. The only thing she knew was that her chest hurt.

“She’s going to take the 7.00 P.M. train from the main station to Tokyo. So, she should at least take the 6.30 P.M. train from the town hall station to reach the main station and then catch the train to Tokyo,” Milky looked at the time on her phone, “You know... If you hurry up now, you’ll still be able to see her before she leaves.”

Yokoyama Yui made up her mind. She couldn’t afford to lose a girl she loved—not again, not after everything Yamamoto Sayaka had just told her. So, she put her coat on and rushed to the bicycle she parked outside—saying thanks to Milky in the process. The girl just smiled and waved.

It was already 5.30 P.M. Normally, Yui would only need less than 30 minutes to reach the station on her bicycle. But, it was snowing and most of the roads she needed to take had been covered a few inches deep under the white blanket. Yokoyama Yui tried really hard not to curse as she almost fell off her bike a few times—not to mention the times she was almost hit by other vehicles along the way. But, just like those dramas her uncle liked to watch at night, she miraculously arrived just in time and—thanks to Kami-sama—still in one piece.

She parked her bike and entered the station in a hurry. Her hands were shaking from the cold as she tried to take her train pass out. They were still shaking as she put the pass on the automatic gate, but somehow she made it through. She immediately looked to her left and right and front and back afterward—trying to find Shimazaki Haruka among all the other people who wanted to board the train that night. When she finally saw the girl in the distance, she immediately ran to where she was.


She stopped running when Haruka turned her way. There were only a few steps of gap between them.

“Yui? What are you—“

Shimazaki Haruka couldn’t finish her question because Yui had closed in the gap and hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry for ignoring your messages. I’m sorry for avoiding you in school. I’m sorry for being a coward. I’m sorry for being stupid. I’m sorry—“

“Wait... Calm down. What are you saying, Yui? Why are you saying this?” Haruka hugged her back, confused.

“I’m sorry for everything. I love you...”

“It’s all right. I understand. I’ve told you that I love you, too, haven’t I?” Haruka stroked her back to calm her down.

“Please... Please don’t go...,” Yui hugged her even tighter.

“Huh? But, I have to go—“

“No! Don’t go! Don’t move back to Tokyo! I’ll try to change... Please...”

“Huh? Wait... Yui...”

Yui could feel that Haruka’s trying to break their hug. She then touched Yui’s face with her hands, asking Yui to look at her properly. She wiped some tears that managed to stain Yui’s cheeks with her thumbs.

“I’m not moving back to Tokyo,” she finally said.

“Huh?” Yui was dumbfounded.

“I need to go back to Tokyo to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my mother and my baby brother.”

“Huh? But, Watanabe said that you’re getting better and—“

“I am getting better,” Haruka interrupted, “Didn’t you get my note?”

“What note?”

“The note I asked Milky to give to you along with the present.”

Yui was confused. She didn’t get any note from Milky. She could only stare as Haruka sighed and smiled at her.

“I am getting better. But, I am not completely healed yet. I got a call from my manager yesterday. He said that I got an offer to be in one of the New Year’s programs in a local TV station in Tokyo. There was also a small modeling job offer for me right after the New Year’s break ended. I talked to my father about those offers and he said that it’s all right since I’m getting better. I can also spend more time with my mother and my baby brother if I stay there until the end of the winter break. But, I know that it won’t be good to leave things as they are... I mean, what I did might have startled you and that’s what made you avoid me all over again. So, I left you a note, saying that I need to leave for the winter break. But, I’ll be back here right after that and we’ll need to talk then.”

Everything started to click in Yui’s mind.

“So... You’re not moving back to Tokyo?”

“No,” Haruka smiled.

“And... You’re not leaving because you’re mad at me?”

“Well... I felt a bit hurt and disappointed before, but I understand. So,... No. We just need to talk to clear things up when I get back later.”

Yokoyama Yui felt like the weight of the world had been taken off her shoulders. A big wave of relief washed over her. So, she did the only thing she could do—she pulled Shimazaki Haruka into another hug.

“Thank you...,” she whispered right next to the girl’s ear.

Haruka giggled, “I don’t know why you’re saying thanks. But, you’re welcome.”

“And please remind me to shoot Watanabe Miyuki down later for making me think that you’re moving back to Tokyo.”

Haruka burst in laughter, “No. I think we should thank her instead. If she didn’t do whatever she was doing, you wouldn’t be rushing her to see me off.”

Right after she said that, the train that would take her to the main station arrived.

“I need to go now,” Haruka broke their hug and smiled, “Wait for me, okay?”

“I will,” Yui replied it with a smile of her own.

Then, they sealed the promise with a kiss.


End Note:
I'm thinking about writing an omake or a transition chapter to bridge this story and the next. But, well... we may need to wait until I'm not so busy anymore...
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SayaMilky is such a cute couple.
Even their heart to heart interventions are suprisingly awesome.
Finally, YuiParu is a couple.
Thank you for the fic author-san!  :rock:
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT :panic: :panic: :panic:

THEY FINALLY DID IT WAAAAAAHHH :panic: :panic: :panic:

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Anyway. Yui and Paru are now together! I need to read more YuiParu stories. gosh that pairing is like the last major pairing to be in AKB and it makes me sad  :cry:.

Also are you making any more stories? And if you are, what are enough thinking about?  :?

Have fun writing! Wish you luck!  :twothumbs

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Hi author-san!!!
First of, love both fanfics. They are both awesome. Though I kinda wished that the SayaMilky fanfic be a bit longer, not that I'm complaining, but it was lovely.
I love the lines in each fanfic. How Sayanee tries to convince Yui and that last line she says to Milky in the fourth chapter -- BEAUTIFUL!!!

Can't wait for the update, or a new fanfic.
And please do make an omake of both stories.

Also can't wait for that AnninYuri fanfic, as well as YuuNaa.
Keep up the good work.
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#2.5: SayaMilky


“Sayanee~! Let’s go home together!” Watanabe Miyuki cheerfully called out and opened the door to the light music club room only to find the girl sitting on a chair with her shoulders dropped.

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

Yamamoto Sayaka sighed before answering with, “I said too much again. This time, Yui-han will really hate me for sure…”

“Ah, don’t worry, don’t worry! You are her only friend. She won’t hate you that easily! You usually say the right things anyway. So, there’s no reason for her to hate you,” Miyuki waved her hand in front of her face to emphasize her points.

“…You really think so?”

“Yes, yes! Don’t worry about it! Don’t worry! Let’s go home already! You promised that you’d spend the Christmas Eve with me, right?”

“Ah, yes,” Sayaka grabbed her bag and got up. “So, where are we going?”

“To that shop we passed on our way back yesterday! You know, the one that sells that really delicious Christmas cake? I think they also have a special deal for couples tonight. I saw it on their website the other day.”

Watanabe Miyuki wanted to show the website page to Sayaka. So, she looked through her bag for her cell phone. But, something else caught her eyes.

“Aah…!” she exclaimed while pulling a piece of paper out of her bag.

Yamamoto Sayaka stopped walking and turned. Miyuki had also stopped walking a few steps behind her.

“Milky? What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to give something important to Yui-han…,” she could feel a cold sweat started to form on her temple.

“Huh? What is it?”

“The very important note from Paruru…”


“Whaaaaaaa….. Sayanee, what should I do? Yui-han will surely get mad at me!”

“Nah… don’t worry, don’t worry! She’ll understand.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sure. I’m sure.”


There was a moment of silence between them.



“Do you know that when some people lie, they tend to repeat their words?”

“Eeh?” Sayanee could feel the sweat running down her spine. “No way, no way! You worry too much!”

“It’s true. They said that on the TV drama the other night.”

Another moment of silence followed.

“Wait…! Milky! Does that mean you also lied when you said that Yui-han won’t hate me??”

“What?” Miyuki realized her mistake. “No way, no way! You’re the one who worry too much, Sayanee.”

She immediately circled Sayanee’s arm and practically dragged her to resume their walk.

“Let’s go to that shop already!”

“Wait! Milky-!” Sayanee protested.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s just a TV drama, a TV drama!”

Well…I guess I’ll just have to deal with Yui-han’s wrath later…

Watanabe Miyuki put the paper back into her bag.



End Note:

This omake had been long overdue. I am really sorry about that. I'm planning to make a short bridging story after this, followed by the first part of a YuriAnnin story. So... stay tuned?

@pheonix0i: I agree. They really are a cute couple, aren't they? No worries. Glad that you seemed to like the story :)

@Soysaucee: Hey, Buddy. I thought so. Imagine my heartbreak when Paruru graduated last year... Anyway, yes. I'm writing more. YuriAnnin story is coming soon. Hope you can still have some time to write and have fun, too :)

@Goto24: Hi, Goto24-san. Thank you very much. I am sorry that you had to wait very very long for this update. Hopefully I can publish the next update soon. Wish me luck :)
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Yeay ! A YuriAnnin story~ :grin:

Thanks DeNight-sama !  :bow:
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Dear Friends,

Here's the bridging story. Do you know the song I use in this chapter? You can find the complete translation here ( Yes, I just quoted the first few lines. All credits go to the song's rightful owner and the translators :)

@Miniju: Well, addressing me with DeNight (without any honorifics) will be all right  :nervous  But, I understand why you're getting excited while reading that I'll post a YuriAnnin story. Hehehe. No worries. It's coming soon. I may even post the first chapter tomorrow (if I have an internet connection).



#2.6: YokoYamamoto


How many times have I walked down this road

In the hopes of meeting you…

How many times have I stopped in one corner of town

Looking out for you?

Time makes us wait as it uneventfully passes us by

I thought I’d talk to you about it

But we simply passed each other by…

Yokoyama Yui was just about to reach the light music club room when she heard the song sung with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. She now knew where to find the person she was looking for. She walked faster and slid the door open. She approached the short haired girl who was playing the guitar next to the window. Raising her arms, she swung and hit the girl with the posters in her hand.

“Ouch! What the heck!? What was that for!?” Yamamoto Sayaka protested while rubbing the back of her head.

“Who was it that said we should start recruiting more members if we want to revive the club? I was waiting for you this whole time near the first-year classrooms, you know!” Yui glared at her best friend.

Sayaka widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Aah! I forgot!”

“Yeah, I thought so.”

Yokoyama Yui sighed and shook her head. She reached for a chair and sat down in front of the girl who was now apologizing to her over and over again.

“You know, Sayanee. I really like your music,“ she started to say. “But, how many times are you going to sing that one particular song? It’s not like Watanabe-san is going to magically appear before your eyes after you sing it for the one thousandth time.”

“And whose fault was it that she isn’t here now?” Sayaka sulked.

“What? It’s not my fault if I have tons of student council work with the coming third-year graduation and new students welcoming ceremony,” said Yui in her defense. “I also have my hands full at the shrine with so many people praying for their passing high school or university entrance exams. On top of that, you still drop the light music club introduction on me.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. But, you didn’t have to tell Paruru to ask Milky to spend the spring break with her instead.”

“Why? I gave her a chance for a free holiday. She’s been wanting to see Tokyo anyway. You should have thanked me instead!”

“Yeah…,” Sayaka gave in. “But, if she gets roped into a modelling business, decides to stay in Tokyo, and falls in love with some ikemen model, it’s all your fault!”

Irritated, Yui hit Sayaka’s head one more time.

“What the heck!” the short-haired girl protested.

“It’s too clear your head. You think too much,” she reasoned. “Let’s go. I thought you want these posters posted around the first-year classrooms before Monday. I got the permission already.”

“All right, all right. What’s the hurry.”

Sayaka put her guitar down on its stand. She then grabbed her bag and followed Yui out of the club room. The graduation ceremony for the third year would be held at the auditorium tomorrow. The welcoming ceremony for the new students would be held on Monday of the following week. But, although they were still in their spring break, some people came to school to prepare for the big days.

“Is it just me, or there are a lot more people at school today?” Sayaka wondered as they walked toward the first-year information boards.

“The third years who lived in the dorm need to move out today. The new students who want to live in the dorm can also inspect the building starting today,” Yui explained as she handed the stack of posters to Sayaka and took down some old posts from the boards.

“Aah, it that so.”

Sayaka watched other people coming and going around the school ground as she waited for Yui to finish clearing up some space on the boards. Some people came with their parents. Some hang out with friends. She waved to some students she knew when their eyes met. She noticed some fans clubs were having their meeting in front of the legendary sakura tree. The meeting seemed to be held to send their favorite sempai off and took one final picture with them.

Among the people, Sayaka could see some new faces. Some of them intrigued her. Soon, these new faces would also have their own fans club, she thought.

But, between the laugh and the tears of the crowd, what caught her eyes the most was the glances some people threw to others when they thought that the other parties were not looking. A girl with long straight hair sat on one of the benches with her headphones on. While looking bored, the girl’s eyes kept on following a certain brown-haired girl in a distance. Five girls were standing near the teacher’s lounge. They seemed like a group of friends… Except that one of the girls kept on glancing at the other one next to her--who kept on touching the girl’s arm whenever she had the chance.

“Ooh… this is interesting…,” Sayaka thought aloud.

“What is?” Yui asked as she stopped moving some posts around.

“Nothing,” Sayaka replied. “It’s just… the spring is really in the air.”

“Huh?” Yui did not understand. “You are weird.”

Sayaka just laughed.

“Just remember your promise,” Yui reminded her as she posted the first poster. “I’m helping you with the light music club in exchange of your running for the student council with me in the next election.”

“Don’t worry. I remember,” Sayaka smiled.

It seems like it will be a very interesting school year after all.


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Dear Friends,

This is very short. But, I hope it's enough to build some excitement and anticipation. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)


#3: YuriAnnin


“Ah! It’s Matsui Jurina-sama! Kyaaaaaaa!”

“Sayaneeeeeeee!! Kyaaa! She waves at us!!”

Kizaki Yuria frowned. She felt so irritated by the constant squealing and giggling she had been hearing from the point when she entered the school gate until now when she walked in the hall way. It was still so early in the morning, yet people had been so noisy already.

“It’s the first day of the first term for God’s sake!” she grumbled while pulling her headphones out to cover her ears.

With many of the idolized sempai graduating, —some even decided to enroll in some universities out of town—she thought things would be calmer somehow. But, she could not be more wrong. With people like Mogi Shinobu and Iwata Karen transferring to the school last year, the girls seemed to find their new princes already. The fact that Kinoshita Momoka-sempai had just changed her hair color (again) heightened the other students’ excitement even further.

Kizaki Yuria could not fathom all the fuss about the popular prince-like students. It was not that she disapproved any kind of same-sex attraction. It was just that they were in all-girls school after all. If Yuria could choose, rather than a tomboyish prince-like girl, she would rather be fangirling over a princess…

Right when the thought crossed her mind, a girl with a long brown hair walked past her. Yuria turned to see the girl who was then standing in the hall way, talking with a teacher. About a second later, their eyes met and the girl gave her a polite smile. Yuria abruptly turned back and continued walking—trying to act like she did not care.

The girl was Iriyama Anna, one of Yonjujo top students. She used to be Yonjujo Middle School’s student council president. They had never been in the same class, nor did they ever talk to each other. But, Iriyama was famous for her intelligence and her humble personality—a moe gap with her princess-like aura. So, yeah, Yuria knew her. And yeah, she was attracted to her—not that she would admit it openly, though. There was just no point of saying it. The girl may not even know her name and—even if she did know—it’s not like she would reciprocate her feelings anyway.

“Ah, damn,” Yuria muttered under her breath. ”Why do I have to start a new semester with all these negative moods.”

To be continued...

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Finally! *fangirl squeal*

But, it was too short~ :P

Can't wait for the next chapter~
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DeNight-san, TOO SHORT!!!
Update is TOO SHORT!!!

But I like it either way. Mogi, Iwata and Kinoshita are prince-like here huh.
Interesting, especially choice of members.

Hope each one end up having a love story as well.

Also that YuriAnnin update. Can't wait for your next chapter. Hope it's soon.
Ganbatte kudasai~
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Dear Friends,

Yes, I am back. After more than one and a half year, and this update is not even much. But, I hope you would find it in your heart to forgive me.

@Miniju: I am sorry to make you wait for such a long time even though you had said that you could not wait.

@Goto24: I know. So sorry. This one is not that long either. I did have some ideas for some other pairings before. But, now that I had left this thread for too long, I just hope that I can finish this first, then we will see from there.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this one, too. If I can manage to write more soon, I promise that it will turn into quite an interesting plot.



“I am doomed…,” Kizaki Yuria groaned with her face planted on the desk.

The class just ended for the day. The students in year 1 class B were getting ready to leave. Some were looking forward to checking some clubs to join.

“Why did you all have to choose me as the class president…,” she whined.

“Well, you brought this upon yourself,” Kato Rena said as she flipped her hair. “You should have known that we would choose whoever that can be an easy target. No one really wanted the hassle of being a class prez.”

“Yeah, it’s your fault for spending the whole morning in class D and didn’t even notice that the teacher missed your name during the roll call,” Oshima Ryoka chimed in.

Yuria groaned even more.

“It’s not my fault that the school kept on assigning me into different classes. Last year I even got lost, trying to find my way from class S to class D.”

“Well, it’s your fault for not checking the list on the information board before-hand,” Rena added. “Not that Ryoka is the one to talk.”

“Yeah, what happened to you?” Yuria lifted her head. “Did you miss the morning class, too?”

“I overslept, he he he… When I walked in, they already had my name on the board as your vice-prez.”

“That is rare,” Rena commented. “Didn’t Naanya usually wake you up?”

“She usually does. But, she’s not feeling well today,” Ryoka explained. “That said, I am really sorry, Yuria, but I am going to ditch you and go straight home.”

“Whaaaaaaat….? But, we have a class representative meeting!”

“Yeah. But, Naanya’s parents won’t be back until tomorrow morning. I need to take care of her.”


“Oh, quit whining. I will walk with you to the meeting room. I am going to check out the drama club today.”

Yuria sighed. She grabbed her bag and walked out of the class with her two friends. She actually planned to check the drama club as well. But, there was nothing she could do now.

Not reading the list and simply assuming that she would stay in class D were pure mistakes. But, not listening to the roll call… Well, she had something occupying her mind that morning. More precisely, someone… Not that she could say that to Rena or Ryoka.

“All right, then. I am going,” Rena said as they reached the meeting room.

“Yeah, yeah. Let me know how it goes. I still want to join the club, too.”

Rena waved and left. Standing alone in front of the door, Yuria took a deep breath and braced herself.

She did not actually mind helping out with anything. She just never volunteered to be a class representative because she was not sure if she could handle the complexity. It was easier to keep herself in check if her object of attraction was not around.

But, it was unavoidable now. Sure thing. As she slowly slid the door open, she could see the tall beauty sitting on one of the chairs.  A smile formed as she turned to look at the door.

“Ah, Kizaki Yuria-san… Right?”

Why would the princess even know her name?

To be continued...