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Title: Don’t be jealous shirashi jun x nishino nanase (白石淳X西野七瀬)
Post by: yokomits0711 on November 04, 2016, 07:34:11 AM
Nogizaka high school. the most famous school in japan. Known for not only the education but also in sport and many other kinds. Why not? because the student inside that school are very clever and smart. Skip that part and keep on going. A girl and a boy are going out from the school with bag on each shoulder. Smile plastered on each face. Shiraishi jun and nishino nanase. They were happy. Happy about what? Happy because today is the day they’re dating. They were holding hand just like what other couples do.

Shiraishi jun, the school model. Have a lot of girl and boy fans. While the opposite. Nishino nanase, the senior high student council. The girl that everyone want to protect. They were totally opposite. If only they didn’t date now, nobody will never know what will happen to the two of them.

“then good bye. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” jun said.
“good bye. Be careful on the road.” Nanase bid jun good bye.

Jun smile then leave the school. what about nanase? Her childhood friend from another school will pick her off. Suzuki yuuna, that’s her name. 15 minutes after waiting, finally a black Porsche arrive in front of the school gate. The car’s window opened. “nanase-chan, come on. I already booked a seat on the usual café.” Yuuna shout from inside the car. Nanase run and went inside that car with a smile.

Her smile still can’t disappear from that beautiful face, even when she enters the car. Yuuna confused with her friend’s sudden action. “what happen with you nanase-chan? Smiling alone just like an idiot?” yuuna ask. nanase still can’t stop grinning. She decided to tell what happen to her today to yuuna.

“you know yuuna-chan, today jun-kun confessed his love to me.” Nanase said.
“omedetou, nanase-chan. I’ll support you and jun-kun from now on.” yuuna said with a smile.

Around 20 minutes, they finally arrive at the café and seat on the place that they already booked. There’s no many costumers on the café so it’s no problem. “nanase-chan, what do you want to order? Yuuna ask as she called the waiter. nanase look at the menu. “ice vanilla latte and strawberry cheesecake please.” Nanase ordered. And after it, yuuna order her food. “tiramisu cake and cold chocolate mint please.” “please wait for a few minutes for your order to come.” The waiter said then he go.

The two of them stay silent. Doing their own activity. Yuuna only can look at nanase with her smile. ‘who thought that my childhood friend can grow this fast. But her childish side doesn’t disappear.’ Yuuna said inside her thought.

“…na, yuuna-chan, yuuna-chan, yuuna?” nanase call.
“u-um yes, what is it nanase-chan?” yuuna ask.
“our order already come. What are you thinking?” nanase said.
“n-nothing. Let’s eat, nanase-chan.” Yuuna said stuttering and nanase nod.

it doesn’t take a lot of time for they to finish their sweets and drink. When they finish, nanase decide to pay for their order. At first, yuuna tried to declined it but you know, nanase is stubborn. She said that today is her happy day so it’s her treat. Yuuna only can sigh. ‘even though today I was the one that invite her to this place.’ After a few minute, nanase went back to their seat. “alright, let’s go home.” Yuuna said to nanase that just come back to their seat. “let’s stay for a while. I want to talk about something to you.” Nanase declined.

Silence approaching them. Waiting for nanase to speak. 5 minutes passed, nanase decided to speak.
“yuuna-chan, from now on, I will be a magazine exclusive model just like you.” Nanase said happily. Yuuna surprised.
“what magazine? I will happy if you become non-no’s model.” Yuuna said a little bit excited.
“actually, it’s non-no. jun-kun is ray’s and we are non-no’s, I’m so happy now.” Nanase said.
“wow, I’m glad you become non-no’s model. Let’s do our best from now on. everyone is waiting for you.” Yuuna said.
“I’ll start from tomorrow.” Nanase said.
“how about we go there together? My schedule is tomorrow too.” Yuuna ask.
“nice idea. I’ll go with you.” Nanase said.
“I’ll pick you at school around 3 o’clock, is it okay for you?” yuuna ask.
“of course. But you don’t have to pick me at morning. I’m going with jun.” Nanase said.
“okay. and for now, let’s go home.” Yuuna said as she stand from her seat stretching her body backwards.
“yeah.” Nanase said as she stand up too.

Then they exit the café, heading toward yuuna’s car at the parking area. The two of them are smiling. Nanase smile because she finally date with the famous school model. Then what about yuuna? She is smiling because her childhood friend that she thought as her little sister, finally has grown. Well, yuuna herself already get engaged with sakaguchi kentaro, the only son from her father’s friend.

“yuuna-chan, next Wednesday can we go to amusement park? Double date.” Nanase ask. of course, yuuna can’t refused it.
“okay. next Wednesday right? I’ll pick you with ken-chan. Is that fine for you?” yuuna suggest.
“please do.” Nanase said.

No one dared to speak after it. 10 minutes has passed, finally yuuna’s car stop in front of a big and fancy house. Nanase got off from the car. “see you tomorrow, nanase-chan. Don’t forget that I’ll take you to the shooting place.” Yuuna said reminding nanase. “okay. you don’t want to pay a visit? Mom want to meet you.” Nanase ask. “maybe next time. Bye.” Yuuna said then leave. Nanase smile.

She walk in toward the house. Her smile still can’t get off from that beautiful face. When she enter the building, she is greeted by a question from her brother, nishino taise at the living room. “what take you so long, nanase?” taise ask. nanase smiled. “I just go out with yuuna-chan.” Nanase said. but maybe taise realized it too. That stupid smile haven’t disappear from that face.

“nanase, are you got stricken by something?” taise ask.
“you could say that.” Nanase replied.
“let me guess. It’s jun right.” Taise guess.
“alright, you win. I’m going first niichan.” Nanase said then she leave the room.

When she already inside her room, her phone rung. A few minutes after it, her phone rung. She look at the screen. ‘shiraishi jun’ is written on the LED  panel. She pick up the call.

“hello princess, still haven’t sleep?”
“jun-kun. I haven’t sleep. to be honest, more to the I can’t sleep.”
“do you need me to come there and hug you?”
“yes, I’ll be happy if you do it.”
“then tomorrow, I’ll stay at your house.”
“thanks. Oh yeah, earlier, I and yuuna-chan talk about double date. Do you want join?”
“well of course I will. As long as you stay by my side.”
“ I’ll tell you when we’re going. okay, good night jun-kun. I love you.”
“love you too, princess.”

And after it, nanase change into her sleepwear and without wasting anything, she went to sleep.

Meanwhile in another place……

Shiraishi jun has just finished chatting with her girlfriend. Smiled are plastered on that handsome face. “I never thought that you really will become mine, nanase.” After that he went to sleep waiting for a deep sleep and sweet dream come to his sleep.

the next Wednesday, jun, nanase, yuuna, and kentaro, go to the amusement park using each car. Nanase with jun, and yuuna with kentaro. Black Lamborghini and white Ferrari. Together, they went to the USJ.
When they arrive, nanase has that cheerful face. While yuuna, jun, and kentaro only can smile looking at nanase’s cute attitude. “nanase, what do you want to ride?” jun ask. nanase look around. None of the ride can’t make her feel happy. But a giant wheel immediately catch her attention and she smile happily. Kentaro that notice nanase’s smile, he follow nanase’s eyes. He smile when he know what is the thing that nanase want to ride. “how about we save ferris wheel for the last?” kentaro ask.

Nanase pout. ‘really cute.’ Jun thought. “you’re no fun, ken-chan. I wonder why yuuna-chan want to be with you.” Nanase said still pouting. Yuuna and jun smile at the same time. “then the first ride will be roller coaster. Is that okay for you?” yuuna ask. the rest of them nod their head especially nanase. With their high spirit, they walk toward the roller coaster. Jun hold nanase’s hand and intertwined it.

When they rode in the roller coaster, nanase sit with yuuna, while jun sit with kentaro. They don’t mind, as long as nanase and yuuna is happy then they will be happy. The ride start 3 minutes after they rode on. nanase and yuuna are screaming about the ride that too scary. Jun and kentaro only smiled to each other. When the ride over, nanase and yuuna’s face are full of sweat. How about jun and kentaro? They want to vomit something.

After the roller coaster, they took another attraction. They took a little adventure inside harry potter’s world. They borrow the wand and the robe. Nanase and jun take the griffindor while yuuna take ravenclaw and kentaro take the slytherin. They can only take the ride for 5 minutes because their time are running out. They go to the spider man’s attraction.

Almost 4 o’clock, they rest for a while and sit on a nearby bench. Kentaro and jun went to buy a drink. Kentaro buy 2 canned juice while jun buy 2 bottle of soda. When they get back, kentaro give one of the canned juice to nanase not to yuuna. Actually, this is one of yuuna’s plan to test jun, jun that just got back, look at the view in front of him. His chest is burning out a pain. He give the other soda to yuuna. After looking at jun’s face, yuuna laugh.

“jun, let’s go to the ghost house.” Nanase invite.
“you go, I’ll wait.” Jun answer.
“then I’ll go with you nanase-chan.” Kentaro said.
“okay. jun-kun, I’m going first.” Nanase said. jun didn’t try to answer nanase’s question.

after 30 minutes, kentaro and nanase got out from the ghost house while holding hand. Jun feel that he really want to punch that kentaro for holding her hand. But he stay silent. Yuuna know that her plan has succeed. She look at the clock on her left wrist. It’s showing that it is already 4.30 and it’s almost the closing down time. “hey, it’s already dark. How about we ride on the ferris wheel for the last attraction?” yuuna suggest. Kentaro and nanase are nodding happily but not for jun that sulking out from jealousy.

Yuuna pulled kentaro to ride on first because she doesn’t want to be disturb by nanase and jun by having the same seat as the two of them. Yuuna enter the nearest gondola, while nanase enter the third gondola after yuuna. Nanase feel weird. Because jun hasn’t said anything since they got in to the gondola. Nanase sat beside jun inside the gondola. Nanase placed her head on jun’s left shoulder.  None of them dare to talk. Jun that still sulking over his jealousy. Nanase that too shy to even start a conversation.

5 minutes has passed and the gondola almost reach the top of the giant wheel. Nanase decide to speak. “jun-kun, did I do something wrong to you?” nanase ask carefully. Jun shake his head. “why did you stay silent?” nanase ask again. But still no answer from jun. nanase tried to rewind what make jun become like this. And she know what happen to jun.

“don’t tell me that you’re jealous.” Nanase said. BINGO. Jun’s facial expression become too difficult to read. Nanase win. She giggled. She look at jun face and jun look back at her direction. Jun’s eyes are looking intensely at nanase. “that eyes are showing me that you’re jealous with ken-chan, jun-kun.” Nanase exclaimed. Jun smiled. But behind that smile that he has set up. Once nanase raise her head, jun pinned her down to the seat inside the gondola.

Nanase shock at first but calm after jun kiss her. They know that they don’t want to parted their lips. But they know the time and this is what kind of place. Nanase know, that jun’s love to her isn’t a fake one. Once they separate their lips, nanase look at jun’s face with a warm smile. “you don’t have to be jealous with ken-chan. Ken-chan is yuuna’s fiancé, so don’t worry. he won’t steal me from you.” Nanase said. jun smiled and pull nanase into a hug.

Just in the perfect time, their gondola reach the ground. Yuuna and kentaro already waiting for them. Nanase and jun got off from the gondola with hand that already intertwined. Both of them are smiling while walking to yuuna’s direction. “I’m going first. Mom and dad already search for me.” Yuuna said while pulling kentaro to take her home.

Nanase and jun smiled at the same time. They are trying to save this moment together. With the last kiss and the sunset, it’s really perfect. A smile is plastered on each face. And it is really perfect. For the last time before they go home, they wish for the god to not to separate them no matter what happen, until the time has come.

~ fin ~