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Title: Keyakizaka46 Fic | Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai | Te wo Tsudaide Kaerouka..?[hiatus]
Post by: ミサキ on November 15, 2016, 04:22:07 PM
Hello minna-san, It's my first time to write a fanfic and I'm sorry if there's a grammar mistake since english is not my first language  :mon sweat:
Thank you for @Kairi65 -san that willing to be my Beta-reader and give me some tutor :mon innocent:

This fic set in Tokuyama Daigoro wo dare ga Koroshita ka Drama
So make sure you already watched it or at least know the drama before read it :mon squee:

Hope you like it. Douzo^^

Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai


11 :15 pm

First, Bread ..
Milk ...
Bread. Hmm..
Oh I almost forgot a Soy Sauce. Yosh, everything that i needed is already bought.

Berika decided to go home after double-checking all things she needed and bought them at 24 hour convenience store. She went home with her friend, Karaage, a dog puppet which she named it herself that’s always by her side.

While humming her favorite song, she looked around her surounding to find a few people that’s still passing by at street in the night. But not like usual peacefull night, she realized that there’s someone who followed her since she went out from convenience store.

What’s these uneasy feeling
Berika turn around to make sure her thought, but there is nobody behind so she turned back to her front. Before she could take a step, a big hand covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming and dragged her into a narrow street. To her surprise, she found herself being pinned by two big, drunken men.

   “What a cute girl we got here, bro.” said the taller one.
   “And sexy too.. Hey, what if you play with us? Don’t worry, he also can join.” Added the short one while take karaage from her grasp.
   “Yada! Karaage! Give back my Karaage! Somebody! Help me! ” She screamed for help but found it hopeless since it was that late in the night.
   “Oh~ho~ho~ He has a name! Then nice to meet you.” He sarcastically said to the dog puppet, then threw it away.
   “It’s your turn, just be a nice girl `cause no one will hear you now~”

Just when the taller one trying to take off Berika’s shirt, the short man screaming while holding his head and going unconscious.

   “I heard it anyway, so I came here to search for the voice. Oh, and i’ve called a police too, just wait for them okay.” Said the stranger at the end of street.
   “What? So you dare to die huh?”
   “Bring it on, old man.”

The guy let go his grip on Berika’s wrist and approached the figure. The stranger did the same, started walking towards the man. Thanks to the moonlight, Berika could see clearly at her saviour’s figure, and how surprised she was to know the figure’s identity. A girl with messy-short hair, adorning her trade-mark blue headphone that hung around her neck.

It was her classmate, Shida Manaka.

The man released a powerful punch and hit right at Shida’s cheekbone making her mouth bled, but she just endured it and strike back right on his belly making him groan in pain. Just on the right time, police came and arrest the tall guy along with his unconcious friend.

After saying ‘thank you’ to the police, she picked karaage that already stained and gave it to Berika. With a smile that plastered on her face, Shida lead Berika out of the narrow street to sit at a nearby bench. Berika could feel her tears started to fall down so she just nod and lowered her head, when she felt a pair of arm pulling her to a warm hug.

   “Shh... It’s safe now. Please don’t cry, it’ll looked like I’m the bad person and people may misunderstanding it.”

Haven’t yet get a good grasp on her rationality, Berika just tighten her grip on both Karaage and her saviour. They shared in the same position for 5 minutes passing by, until Shida finally broke the hug and decided to accompany her classmate home. When they arrived in front of Berika’s house, she simply said goodbye and left Berika, dumbfounded.


Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PROLOGUE
Post by: wakasama__ on November 15, 2016, 08:15:27 PM
hello author-san..
this is my first time to read keyaki fic.
because shida manaka is one of my favorite member in keyaki, I hope that she'll appear in your fic. and it turns out there! did you read my mind? :on lol: lol
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PROLOGUE
Post by: shortcut48 on November 16, 2016, 01:57:49 AM
Wassup~ ^^ haha!
Yey~ Keyakizaka~! I'll be waiting for the next chapter. Dunno much about the pairings they have but I'll be waiting more of my faves to come out. (Hopefully. Haha.)
Thanks for this, Misaki-san.  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PROLOGUE
Post by: finiarel on November 16, 2016, 04:03:45 PM
Uwaa Keyaki fanfic, welcome to author life, Misaki-san  :welcome
Hmm.. Tbh I haven't watched the Keyaki drama but I could still understand what's going on and this is interesting, so I'll be following this  XD
I'm also not that familiar with Keyaki pairings but I love how cool Shida is  :farofflook:
Title: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 1
Post by: ミサキ on November 18, 2016, 03:05:13 PM
@wakasama__ eh? your favorite member is mona? lol... maybe i am :lol:
@shortcut48 yo~ thank you for your time, maybe she'll be appear :roll:
@finiarel haha... i know.. it's because keyaki still haven't popular like nogi or akb ,ne? :) she's indeed cool :yep:

anyway, minna-san, thank you for your time to read it^^ and here's the next part :)


08 : 30 am

Shida’s POV

I’m Shida Manaka, a 3rd year. Yes, I’m a senior now. But on my first day school, an incident happened. Our to-be homeroom teacher, Tokuyama Daigoro-sensei is found dead, stabbed on his back with a knife. We, class 3-C decided to keep this as a secret and find the culprit by ourselves. One of my classmate,Techi suggested us to hide the corpse at Nagahama Neru’s locker since we all know that she never attends school.

Sigh.. It’s first class period now, I’m not in the mood to study so I just doodle on my book. Felling my phone vibrated, I checked my LINE to find Suzumon telling us that the locker which we hide Tokuyama-sensei was opened. At first, Uemura requested  for Berika’s help to close it. But then, I realized her name were none to be found in our group chat, so I suggested for Ozeki to close it instead. Of course she did it with her Ozeki’s Style.

Talking about Berika, I found that she’s a weird and troublesome person. Like, when we’re trying hard to hide the corpse, she just took a two-shot photo with the corpse like it’s totally normal. And now here I am, standing in front of her desk to ask for her Line ID since I  lost in janken with my friends.

   “Ne, Watanabe-san, can i have your LINE ID?  I.. no, we want to invite you into our LINE Group.”

Just like that, my first conversation with her ended. I took a little glance at her before I  walked away to join my fellow comrades. She smiled at me but her eyes seemed to give off a sad stare. I just shrug it off and went into my conclusion that Berika was a weird, lonely girl.

04 : 50 pm

I looked at the time on my phone before closing my eyes to sleep. Like usual, it’s one of my habit to take a nap above the tree located at the public park near my house after school ended. Luckily today is Monday, so Akanen has a tennis practice. If not, she would shout at me and drag me to go home, what a noisy childhood friend I have here. Nah.. Let’s forget that and use this precious time as much as possible.


I woke up from my deep slumber after hearing a camera shutter. Forgotten that I was on a tree, I turned to my side making me accidentally fall to the ground. And then..


To my surprise, there was Berika standing in front of me while capturing my photo with a wide smile plastered on her face. It took her a while to notice that I had this surprised look on my face.

What the...

    “Watanabe-san, what are you doing here.” I stand up, dusting off any dirt on my uniform while keeping my cool.
   “I always go here... to play... with Karaage... and he said... there was a person... above the tree...”

What a strange girl...

   “Then, why you took my photo? Delete them immediately.”
   “Don’t want... That is... my treasure...”
Wait, a treasure? You must be kidding me...

   “Give me your phone.” I snatched the phone from her hand.
   “Return my phone, Shida-san!” she said and try to reach her phone.
   “No, let me delete them first.”
I moved my hand from her grasp but after I started to run, I realized that she didn’t even try to chase me. I turned around to find that she just standing there with her head down. I approached and examined her face. Wait, she’s... crying?
   “Sorry. Here. Your phone.” I gave back her phone.
   “...why do you come back? Have you.. deleted it already?” she said while sobbing.
   “I haven’t deleted it, baka. So stop crying, people may think of me as a bad person for making you cry.”

She took her phone while murmuring a soft thank you, and I walked away from her without saying anything. It’s best for me to just go home and take a bath. Especially after this frustrating incident.

Sigh..  I’m supposed to be the one who should be  angry in the first time, but why did I end up apologizing instead?

End of Shida’s POV
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 1
Post by: Gekikara chan on November 20, 2016, 08:53:23 PM
Keep up the good work! Nice to see a Keyakizaka46 FanFic :thumbup  :)
But if anything bad happens to Berika tho :angry1:  :kickass: :mon cry: :mon angel: :mon waterworks:
But I'll be happily waiting for your next post~
Title: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 2
Post by: ミサキ on November 22, 2016, 09:38:21 AM
@Gekikara chan thank you for reading my fic^^ oh, your oshimen is Berika huh? :D don't worry, she has Karaage by her side to protect her XD


12 : 15 am

Berika’s POV

Today is the second day we keep sensei’s corpse. Like yesterday, another visitor came to pay a visit to our classroom. Today’s visitor is sensei’s wife, she came here to find the person that made sensei cheating on her. But after Techi tried to reassure her, she just went out from the class and gave us 10 minutes to bring her the girl in sensei’s picture.

I wanted to record my daily reports but I looked my surrounding, only to see that everyone was busy to think of a solution. Until my eyes fixed on the ‘my-pace’ classmate that’s jumping around in front of the class while listening to her headphone.

I clicked the record button that appear on my phone’s screen, and started recording myself.

   “This is Berika at the crime location. Is there any other proof? The clock is still not working since yesterday. Is it time to make a wish? Let’s ask that person. Ne, ne... Shida-san. Shida-san. Shida Manaka-san. What do you think?”
   “I don’t know.”
   “She seems happy. That’s all of my today report, see you on next report.”

I tapped the stop button and saved it. It looks like she’s avoiding me now. Maybe it was because yesterday’s incident. I felt guilty now for crying like that and made Shida angry until now.

I stared at my friend Karaage, and started to draw him on the chalkboard. As I was draw Karaage’s doodle, there was a hand that followed me by adding some music tone around it.  I took a glance at the owner’s hand to find the same person who avoid me before.

Shida Manaka-san.

End of Berika’s POV

Shida’s POV

    “I’ll give you 10 minutes, just come out and let’s talk about this!” Tokuyama-sensei’s wife said and went out from our classroom.

Since she’s dissapeared, most of all my classmate came near to Neru’s locker and decided to find a solution. I’m too lazy to think about that so I just went frontward near the chalkboard to kill some time by hearing rock music. I enjoyed the music and I jump around crazily without paying attention to my surroundings... until a certain twin-tailed girl approached me while recording herself and trying to talk to me. Since I used my headphone and adjusted my music player to the max volume, I can’t hear what she was talking about. So I just answer it half-heartedly hoping that she’ll leave me.

I felt that she give up on me just as I was continuing my activity.  After I was satisfied, I removed my headphone and hang it on my neck.  I checked on my classmate that are still on the same spot, so I looked at the chalkboard and fixed on the girl that I ignored before. I examined her and see what she was doing. With a wide smile, she draws her dog puppet on the chalkboard.

So she had a talent in drawing. Hmm... Interesting...

I got myself near to her, picked up a chalk and added some music tone around her doodle. I examined her, she stopped her work and looked at my hand, then my face. I smirked at her.

   “Shida-san?!”  She said while widen her eyes.

I  can tell that she was shocked of my sudden appearance.

   “Hm?”  I just continued my doodle.
   “...What are you doing here?”
   “Drawing, of course.” I said without looking at her.
   “But... On my Karaage’s doodle?” She looked at her doodle.
   “Yeah. Isn’t it better to give some tone around him, it’ll look that he enjoyed the music rather than let him smile without reason like that.” I said while pointing her doodle.
   “..... That’s right!”

She smiled again. Then I draw her doodle beside the dog puppet one. Since drawing was not my skill, I  just draw a stickman with a tall body.  She frowned at my doodle of her.

   “...Do I look like a scarecrow?” She said innocently.
   “I think you look alike at first glance!” I smirked at her.
   “You cruel! Hmph...” She pouts her cheek.


   “Then you should be looked like this too.”  She said while drawing a same stickman like me with added a headphone around the neck.
   “Hey! I don’t look like that.”

We made fun of each other and ended up laughing at the chalkboard that’s full of our weird doodle. Until Oda-ni called me to help them holding Suzumon that’ll be taken a photo with sensei’s corpse.

Maybe my early conclusion was wrong... She’s funny person after all.

End of Shida’s POV
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 2
Post by: akbdaisuki48 on November 23, 2016, 03:05:23 PM
ooh Keyaki fic!
its about time
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 2
Post by: huffhuff on November 24, 2016, 03:51:34 PM
this is too cutee..
berika is so cute :heart: :heart: :heart:
cannot believe there's keyaki fic with berika as the main char. on top of that
thank you
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 2
Post by: wakasama__ on November 24, 2016, 06:34:24 PM
ah.. I missed two parts :bow:

mona's cool side really know how to deal with the nature of berika
waiting for they sweet moments :nya:

keep writing author-san :twothumbs
Title: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 3
Post by: ミサキ on November 28, 2016, 04:21:51 PM
@akbdaisuki48 : yeah. thank you for your time to read it^^ i really appreciate it :D
@huffhuff : yeah, i thought to make the fic from berika and shida's point of view back then, since i find out that they're cute together in episode 3 from drama. hahaha. thank you for your positive comments^^
@wakasama__ : haha. yup. they fit for each other :cow: thank you for your support :twothumbs

to everyone that have waited for my fic, thank you, and here's the next part :)


09 : 00 am

Shida’s POV

   “It stinks!” I said after sniffing the locker.

It’s already the fourth day we kept sensei’s corpse in the locker and we can smell a weird stench from there. Fact that every corpse stinks is really true. We even supplied fragrances for the corpse. We planned to place them in locker to reduce the smell. But, when Techi opened the locker, we were surprised. There was Neru inside the locker with the corpse.

   “Why are you here?” Techi asked Neru that exited from her locker while regaining her breath.
   “When I opened my locker, the corpse suddenly fell out. When I pushed it in, I got in and trapped there. I can’t open it from inside.” Neru tried to explain it to us.
   “You were observing us, right?”

I asked her but she didn’t answer it. She just moved away to let Techi placed the fragrances. Right after Techi closed the locker, Kanzaki-sensei went in with a new art teacher, Noel-sensei. After some introduction, he ordered us to form a circle, then pointed Neru as our drawing object.

During class period, the air conditioner suddenly broke. Noel-sensei went out of the classroom to fetch an electric fan. We took this chance to interrogate Neru. But she proved that she was not the girl on Tokuyama’s photo and the sender of Tokuyama’s LINE. She even showed us a CD containing a video from Tokuyama, but Noel-sensei caught us watching it and confiscated the CD.

We continued our drawing while Noel-sensei had a look of our work with Yonesan as a translator. After seeing Uemura and Sato’s drawing, he gave a confused look on Berika’s drawing. When Habu take a look at the drawing, she surprised and told us that Berika actually drew on the corpse.

How foolish...

We panicked especially after Noel-sensei said that he worried to Tokuyama-sensei…in japanese.

We were all shocked.

He told us that he met Tokuyama 3 days ago when they went out for a welcoming party and asked him about our school’s secret before the class ended. After we arranged our seat, we checked on the corpse while thinking how to remove the smell. Until Neru who’s being supported by Risa and Yuuka, suggested us to bury the corpse, so we planned to bury it tonight.

09 : 00 pm

With our phone’s flashlight, we walked stealthy to our class. Too bad Ozeki can’t join us since she already had a plan with her parents before. After we went in, everyone was already there waiting for us. We prepared the things and wrapped the corpse with a mat. To our surprise, Berika really brought a telescope(it’s huge too!) with her since all she knew was that we were star-gazing with everyone. Right after we wrapped the corpse, another guest that looked like a security came in, asked some questions to us. He asked which teacher would supervise us, and Akanen accidentally said that Tokuyama-sensei would came. Thankfully he trusted it and left the class.

End of Shida’s POV

After the security guard left, Neru came in from the back door dragging a shovel behind her. To make the excuse more solid, they decided to see a star before burying the corpse. While everyone was busy taking turns observing the stars from the telescope, Berika just sat at a corner of the rooftop while enjoying the silence, until Shida approached and accompanied her seeing the star.

10 minutes passed, and they sat together like that. Each in their own world, Berika played with Karaage while Shida just listen to music and watched Berika. Until Shida got bored and removed the headphone from her head, then put it on Berika’s head.

Berika that was still playing with Karaage, shocked after got the headphone from Shida. At first, she took a glance at Shida who looked away, possibly blushing...? Then she continued playing with her puppet while humming the song from Shida’s headphone and thought that perhaps, just perhaps...

The usually cool Shida Manaka can be a sweet person too.
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 3
Post by: Gekikara chan on November 29, 2016, 06:33:45 PM
That is so sweet the ending!!!!! :cry:  :heart: I felt like crying....
This is such a good fanfic and I just can't wait for the next part!!!! :ptam-kiss: :k-great:
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 3
Post by: huffhuff on November 30, 2016, 07:27:31 AM
the ending makes me go kyaa kyaa

 :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 3
Post by: aergia on November 30, 2016, 04:57:13 PM
i literary just sign up so that i can bump up this fic lol  :farofflook:
shida is too sweet that i'm almost melting
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 3
Post by: wakasama__ on December 01, 2016, 03:05:30 PM
how lucky berika is..
mona showed her sweet chara just for berika :mon inluv:
your fic really made me fall in love with mona :wub: (don't tell waka) :lol:

keep update author-san
Title: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 4
Post by: ミサキ on December 03, 2016, 07:32:25 AM
@Gekikara chan : Haha. Thank you for your support^^ but please don't expect much from me, i just write from MonaBeri side of drama^^
@huffhuff : i even blushing while write that part :wub:
@aergia : Hi.  :welcome Thank you^^ you even used your 1st post for commenting here... once again, thank you very much :kneelbow:
@wakasama__ : yeah, she is^^ haha. i won't, i fall in love with her too... so please keep this as secret from waka ne~ :on asmo:


10 : 30 am

Today is the last preparation day before Keyakizaka Private Academy festival started but everyone still sleeping in the classroom, exept Shiichan who didn’t sleep because she had to draw the wallpaper for Ghost House’s props. Yes, they would do a Ghost House instead of Maid Cafe for festival. It started with Akanen’s Group idea to use the corpse to make the Ghost House setting looked more real.

The first to wake up was Techi who then, went out  to find more clues.  5 minutes later, the whole class wake up one by one and got themselves terrified after looking at Shiichan’s drawing. Then the door was opened abruptly  by Techi who’s showing Tokuyama’s phone while saying that it’s the time to determine the murderer.

Shida’s POV

With Tokuyama’s black colored phone in her hand, Techi smiled and showed us Tokuyama’s mail that’s full of his conversation with our new homeroom teacher, Kanzaki-sensei. We lifted sensei’s corpse to sit on a wheelchair and planned to ask Kanzaki-sensei about the mail by calling out her to go to the class. To surprised her, we wore the ghost costume and hide. Right after she entered the classroom, we came out from our hidden place and made a big circle arround her.

Techi was the last person who came out and asked Kanzaki-sensei about her secret relationship with Tokuyama-sensei. She read some of Tokuyama’s sent mail as an attempt  to taunt her. It didn’t take long to make Kanzaki-sensei confess that she was Tokuyama’s murderer. However, Techi asked more, including about how Tokuyama was killed in sitting position, she questioned on the possibility of another person who helped Kanzaki and showed the corridor’s hidden camera.

In the recording, Neru and Zuumin entered and exited the classroom before Tokuyama died. After 3 minutes passed, a certain twin-tailed girl that’s holding a dog puppet recorded entering the classroom, followed by Kanzaki-sensei not long after.

Our eyes fixed on the two, we told them to confess their motives. I examined Berika, after a long silence she just said that she was the one who did all by herself and Kanzaki-sensei was only covering her crime. She requested Kanzaki-sensei to got out of the class as she will explain it to us.

After sensei went out, Berika pushed the chair which corpse was sat, and confess in front of the class that she did it not to protect Kanzaki-sensei as the latter had said so, but just for fun. I frowned at her statements.

Is she already crazy? Killed someone and get excited from that?

   “Don’t you think, thanks to corpse that make this class more lively?” said her calmly to us.
   “I DON’T!” said Fuuchan.
   “ARE YOU STUPID?!” told Miichan.
   “IT WAS HOPELESS YOU KNOW!?” Ozeki then spoke to her.
   “Especially having to deal with the corpse... and many more...” said Zuumin with teary eyes.

I looked at all my classmate that already had piercing glare to Berika, then my eyes looked back at Berika. With that gaze in her eyes, I knew she was lying.

That wasn’t her real reason.

But then with a soft sniffle, she admited that she did it because she was lonely. She did all that to make her classmate notice her presence. Berika realized that all she did was wrong and apologized, reassuring us that she will take all the responsibility for it.

Before she could exited the classroom, Techi stopped her, saying that Berika forgot one important point;

Tokuyama was already died even before Berika killed him.

To prove that, she played the video from Tokuyama’s phone, and we’re surprised that Tokuyama actually died because of heart-attack.

Damn it.

While we’re still confused on how to respond to this new discovery, Risa told us that regardless, it’s still a crime. Then we realized all of us are at fault (since we had touched sensei’s corpse too) and decided to clean up the mess and keep sensei’s corpse in Neru’s locker for the moment.

Before the camp fire event, we started to tidy up our classroom, but then Neru said that the corpse was not in her locker anymore. We panicked and searched for the missing corpse, until Techi informed us that the school janitor, Hashibe-san already took out that and burried it.

We took time to recall these one week incident at the window then went out to watch the camp fire. I took a glance at Techi who was the last one to left to whisper thank you for the last time to sensei’s spirit, and Berika who was left standing there alone. I stopped my walk to looked at her. Maybe I should turn back and invited her. But before I could, I saw Yukka already approached and invited her, so I continued walking with Akanen who was waited for me.

End of Shida’s POV

After the camp fire show ended, everyone went to their own destination, especially Berika who had left earlier. Unike her usual routine, she went straight to her home, took a bath and prepared for dinner because her parents was  coming home from their business meeting in Osaka. Right after she finished cooking the main dish, she heard her parents called her name while knocking the door. With her wide smile she opened the door and helped her parents carry their suitcases inside the house before moving on the kitchen. They eat their dinner quietly, until Berika’s father broke the silence.

   “How was school?” Mr.Watanabe tried to start a conversation.
   “It’s fine, dad. How was the meeting?” asked Berika back.
   “It was tiring, we have to argued for 5 hours before we have a deal to make the project,  right?” Mr. Watanabe answered it while looking at his wife.
   “Yeah. And tomorrow morning both of us need to go to Hokkaido to prepare for next Monday’s meeting. So take care of yourself, okay?” Mrs. Watanabe reminded Berika.
   “I will, dad, mom.”

So they’re going to left me alone... again.
Meanwhile at Ozeki’s House...

Ozeki’s room was in a mess. With a loud rock song boomed all over the house, a certain short hair girl was jumping to her heart’s content at a corner of the room. At one side of the room you can found a braided hair who wear a glasses lying on the floor, reading comics with a few piles of them around her. At the center of room, a ponytailed girl and the host moving around wildly, swishing the remote controller in their hands like mad-mans... playing a tennis game. While in the kitchen, Suzumon was cooking instant ramen with some vegetables for dinner.

Today Akanen’s group had a sleepover at Ozeki’s house since her parents went to visit her grandma who was sick and they’ll come back tomorrrow. It was Suzumon’s idea, knowing that Ozeki will be alone during weekend, so she suggested her friends to have a sleepover tonight. They went to each home to ask for each parent’s permission and got their thing before they came to Ozeki’s house. After entering the house, they rushed to Ozeki’s room to put their thing and started to play until now.

Before the dinner, Akanen gathered them and using janken to decide the one who will cook for all five of them, since they knew Ozeki’s parents left without having the time to prepare any food. Suzumon lose so she was in charge for their dinner. Too lazy to think, she just cooked up instant ramen for them. After she made it in one big pot, she carried and served that to her friend. While eating, they talked about everything;  like the comic, magazine, or song that would be released, an upcoming midterm test, and Tokuyama’s incident.

   “Ne, I still can’t believe that Tokuyama died because of heart-attack.” Oda-ni started the topic.
   “Me too. But the one who knew it first was Kameyama-kun (a class’s turtle) and he didn’t even tell us about it.” Ozeki commented.
   “He will, if he can talk.” Commented Shida, and the whole laughed because of the joke.
   “Ahaha.... But thanks to Tokuyama, we know of our classmate’s hidden personality like Habu’s .” Oda-ni remined them.
   “And of course our classmate’s secret. Like Yukka who entered our school from backdoor, I’m still curious how much is her amount on the list.”Added Akanen.
   “E-eh? A student list who entered through backdoor? I thought that was a donation list for the school?” Said Suzumon and everyone nodded their head.
   “But still I assume that she passes from backdoor, maybe I’ll call her for that to tease her.” Akanen showed her evil smile.
   “Haha.. That will be good.” Ozeki replied while smirking.
   “Don’t you think Techi was like a real detective back then?” Shida asked.
   “Yeah, she was awesome! She pretty much uncovered all the cases herself. But, don’t you think Watanabe Berika is a little bit odd? I mean stabbing Tokuyama like that just to get noticed by us?” Oda-ni said, munching her ramen.
   “Maybe she had another purpose. She could have had a relationship with Tokuyama, then got ignored just like Kanzaki, and stabbed him for revenge.” Ozeki added.
   “She’s just a lonely person you know... And I think she is funny too.” Shida told them, then drinking her water.
   “How do you know?!” The four of them shocked.

Because I find out and experienced it myself that she’s just lonely yet a friendly person.

   “Hmm... Instincts?” Shida said jokingly.

After they finished eat a ramen, they prepared a futon and had a pillow fight before they went to sleep.
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Post by: wakasama__ on December 05, 2016, 03:02:11 PM
new chapt :deco:

poor berika..
while others say bad things about berika only mona is so attentive to her. why mona didn't come to berika home and sleepover there? berika felt lonely :lol:

(by the way about W.. because we're in the same boat let's make it our secret) :glasses: lol

keep writing author-san..
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"So they’re going to left me alone... again."
this is just too sad
 :on speedy:
*running to accompany berika* *get kicked by shida*

anyway thank you for update
Title: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 5
Post by: ミサキ on December 09, 2016, 01:29:08 PM
@wakasama__ : thank you for your support^^ (about that person.. yeah. let's make it a secret between us ne~)
@aergia : yeah.. that's why she always has Karaage to accompany her :)
for everyone, thank you for reading my fic. since jphip is down yesterday, so i update it now. douzo~^^


06 : 30 am

The sun had rose and brighten the room through the window as the chirping sound of birds was heard from outside. A messy, short brown haired girl was the first to wake up, rubbing her sleepy eyes before looking at her surrounding that seems different from her own room, and she remembered that she had a sleepover together at her friends’ house. After she was fully-awake, she tiptoed to the bathroom to wash her face, and went out of the room to the kitchen to search for anything that can be served as her breakfast of the day. Finding only a loaf of bread, she made some toasted bread out of it. She ate her breakfast, enjoying the silence of the house. Right after she finished eating her slice of bread, her childhood friend came into the kitchen while stretching her arms.

   “Ohayou, Mona...” A certain long brown haired girl yawns.
   “Hm? Ohayou, Akane. Here, I make some toasted bread for breakfast, you can have some. I’ll go back to grab my phone and wake everyone up.”

Shida walked to Ozeki’s room and found that the room was still dim, so she turned on the light and pulled Ozeki and Oda-ni’s sheet, making the two woke up immediately.

   “Ohayou, Dani, Riichan. Can you help me with this sleepyhead?” Shida points to Suzumon who was sleeping on the bed.
   “Ohayou!” Ozeki said energetically.
   “Ohayou, Mona. Sure, let me give you a hand.” Oda-ni replied then got near the bed.

Shida pulled the sheet while Ozeki shook Suzumon’s arms violently. But the girl was still sleeping and doesn’t seem to wake up... until Oda-ni  jump at the side of bed, making the sleepy girl thrown from the bed and fell on the floor. Sitting herself up, she then looked around to find their friends laughing at her. Still, being only half-awake, she just scrunched her face in drowsiness and ignore them. After they were fully awake, they tidied the futon and washed their face, except Shida who waited for them while tapping on her phone. The three exited from the bathroom, then together with Shida went to kitchen and found Akanen who’s munching her bread.

   “Ohayou, Akanen!” Said the three in unison then took each slice of bread that was left.
   “Ohayou, minna!” Akanen responded them while sipping her milk which found in the host’s refrigerator.

After finishing their breakfast quietly, they helped Ozeki to clean up the mess that they’ve made yesterday. Feeling that it’s still early to go home, they decided to study together since there’s a test tomorrow. They finished the study session at 4 in the evening.

They thanked Ozeki for letting them sleepover at her house, then walked home separately since their house was on opposite side and far from each other, except Akanen and Shida who lived together. Yes, Shida lived with Akanen’s family who was her parents’s best friend in Tokyo. Since she was accepted in Keyakizaka Private Academy, 2 years ago, Shida had moved from her hometown in Niigata to study in Tokyo.

On the way home, Shida was walking side by side with Akanen while listening to her favourite song through her headphone. 20 minutes passed for them to reach Akanen’s house. After they went inside, they greeted Akanen’s parents and went to each room. Akanen put her bag then got her tennis equipment to play with her dad at the court near her house. While Shida just threw her bag, went straight to her bed to take a nap and woke at 8 pm for dinner.

10 : 45 pm

She was supposed to be asleep at this time, but Shida found herself must going to the 24 hour convenience store to buy some milk. It was Akanen who said that they run out milk after she looked in refrigerator and wanted to go to buy it at 24 hour convenience store. Before she got ready, Shida volunteered herself to buy it since she couldn’t sleep and thought that it was dangerous for `a real girl’ to go outside at night. She brought her spare-key with her then told Akanen to lock the door and sleep first. Akanen knew how stubborn Shida can be, so she just let Shida do what she want.

Inside the convenience store she spotted her own classmate, Berika who seems to be checking her item before paying it at the cashier and exited. Shida remembered her objective then searched and sighed after she found out that the milk she was looking for was out of stock. With a long face, she exited from convenience store and saw two big drunken men were following Berika. Knowing what will happen, she dialed the police and picked one big stone from ground. Shida saw they dragged the girl to the empty alley and decided to follow them. Standing at the end of the narrow street, she can hear Berika’s scream.

   “It’s your turn, just be a nice girl `cause no one will hear you now~”

The taller of the two man said.

I must save her...

Shida threw the stone to the short guy’s head, making him unconscious. The tall one stopped what he was doing to look at his friend then at her.

    “I heard it anyway, so I came here to search for the voice. Oh, and i’ve called a police too, just wait for them okay.” Shida said while composing herself.
    “What? So you dare to die huh?”
    “Bring it on, old man.” Shida smirks.

The tall man released his grip on Berika’s wrist and approached Shida, ready to fight. She did the same too, walking towards the man, taking a short glance at Berika who looked at her, disbelieved. Before Shida could attack, the man already released a punch right on her cheek, so hard that it made a cut inside her mouth. The unpleasant metalic taste of blood comes along right after. But she endured it and strike the man on his belly making him groan. Right at that time, the police arrived and caught them. Shida thanked the police then turn to her back, picking up a dog puppet on the ground and approached Berika. She examined Berika and she can hear soft sobs coming from her. Shida took Berika by her wrist and lead them out from the narrow street. She decided to take Berika at the nearby bench to soothe her then walked Berika home after that.

In front of Berika’s house, Shida just walked away right after saying goodbye. Not far from Berika’s house, Shida checked the time from her phone to find that it’s already midnight. She ran to her house and opened the door slowly, managing not to make a sound. She looked around and found that the light is off showing that everyone was already asleep. Before she could take another step, the light turned on startling her, and she saw Akanen standing there ready to bombarded her with questions.

Tch.. Today is my bad luck. First got hit and now Akanen.

   “Yo, nen! Sorry, I ended up not buying anything. The milk was out of stock.” Shida said while scratching the back of her head.
   “Don’t yo-ing me like nothing happen, Shida Manaka. What happened to your cheek? Did you got in a fight? Are you alright?” Akanen take a look and touched the bruise on Shida’s cheek.
   “Don’t touch, it hurt you know. Anyway, I’m fine, I’ve just meet some yankee that blocked my way home, so yes, I got into a fight. Don’t worry too much will you.” Shida tried to reassure Akanen.
   “No. Let me treat your wound.”

Akanen dragged Shida to the couch then grabbed the first aid box at the drawer and treat the wound. Too tired to stop her, Shida just let Akanen do what she want, until she fall asleep on Akanen’s lap. Akanen who finished her work then fall asleep too on the couch.
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i didnt realize part 4 has been updated
thank you for updates  :inlove:
poor pe chan getting harassed  :cry:
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part 5 :cow:

my ikemen mona :farofflook: I thought mona with cuts on her face will make her become more cool and sexier :mon inluv:

I smell the scent of akanen have a feeling towards mona :? well you got me curious :lol:

please update soon author-san :thumbsup
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don't leave berika alone (with kaarage) at her home
as always thank you for update
Title: Re: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 5
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Thank you for this fic, Author-san!
I didn't think anyone would make a fic based on Tokuyama Daigoroku dorama.
When I first watched it, I thought it was a weird drama.
(With all those slow motion scenes when the girls were changing or having lunch, couldn't help but thinking that it was... :nervous)
But turned out that it piqued my interest quite well XD
I am really interested in Watanabe Risa x Nagahama Neru back story. Too bad they didn't elaborate on that more.
But, through your fic, you managed to turn my head around to look at Berika and Shida.
Now, I started watching the drama all over again, imagining everything you wrote happened in the background XD
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This is such a good FanFic :heart: :heart: Keep up the good work!!! I'm very happy that ive read this
Title: Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai (Keyakizaka46 Fic) | PART 6/Final
Post by: ミサキ on December 18, 2016, 09:19:02 AM
@huffhuff : thank you for reading :) haha. don't worry she has mona on her side :cathappy:
@wakasama__ :
I thought mona with cuts on her face will make her become more cool and sexier
yes, she is :inlove: thank you for your support :cow:
@aergia : thank you for reading too :kneelbow:
@DeNight : thank you for your time DeNight-san^^ i hope you enjoyed this :) Well, RisaNeru already told in drama, so i prefer to make MonaBeri instead XD haha. let's be delusional :mon inluv:
@Berika : thank you for reading^^
to all readers, thank you for reading my fic, i hope you liked and enjoyed it. here's the last part :)


08 : 00 am

There was a change of atmosphere after the incident, especially now that Neru finally attends the class every day and Berika who seems to play together with Yukka’s group, it seems like the whole class started to accept them.

The bell that signs the start of homeroom period rang all over the school. Right after that, the back door abruptly opens, with Akanen entering the class out of breath with Shida following her from behind. It seems that they ran in order not to be late for school. Before the other start to ask Shida about the wound on her cheek, their new homeroom teacher came in, making the whole class rushed to their own seat.

Berika’s POV

   “Are you alright?” I saw Yone-san approaching Shida-san’s seat, then everyone followed her.
   “What happened to your cheek?” Said Kobayashi-san and her friends.
   “Is it true that you got into fight with some yankee?” Asked Suzumoto-san.

At break, everyone started making a circle around Shida-san’s desk and bombarded her with questions. I looked at her admitting Suzumoto-san’s question and tried to reassure the whole class that she was fine.
   “Seriously, everyone. It’s just a small injury.” Said Watanabe Risa-san that sat beside me while looking down at her.
   “..Risa!” I can hear Nagahama-san’s whisper trying warn her.

Knowing the real story, I just sat at my seat in silence. Then I took a glance at Shida’s to find she was looking at me showing a little smile. I looked away and lowered my head, feeling guilty. Because of saving me from those men, she got herself injured.

05 : 00 pm

Since my parents are still having a meeting today, I killed my time by playing at the park as usual. But before I can go to my favourite place, a hand dragged me to the nearby tree. Scared of the yesterday incident to repeat, I closed my eyes and tried to scream. But before I opened my mouth, a palm covered it, and I heard a familiar laughter after that. I opened my eyes slowly to find Shida-san was laughing at me.
   “Hahaha.. You really have a funny reaction.” She said while taking a breath after laughing.
   “T-That’s not funny.. I.. was really scared back then...” I said while trying to calm myself.
   “...I’m sorry.” Shida-san said looking at me. “Ne, let’s watch the scenery from there.” She pointed to her favourite spot.
   “E-eh? ...How?”
   “Of course, climbing.” She told me as she started to climb at the tree trunk then gave her hand.
   “...Climbing? I can’t climb at all...” I said dumbfounded then looked at Karaage.

After she forced me to take her hand and helped me to get upward, I finally make it to the top of the tree. I’m amazed after realized the scenery from here was really beautiful.

   “...Kirei” I whispered while seeing the scenery from above here.
   “Deshou?” I took a glance at Shida-san who’s smiling at the scenery too.
   “Um... Shida-san?” I tried to call her.
   “Hm? We’ve been a classmates since the past few months yet you still call me that? Just drop the formalities, Berika.” She said while looking at me before averting her gaze to the scenery again.
   “Um..  Okay...”

I played and took a two-shot with Karaage after that. There was a long silence between us; accompanied by the sounds of bird chirping, the wind, and the children playing down there. I took a glance at her again, and looked at her wound. I decided to poke at her injured cheek but her hand stopped me from doing that.

   “Don’t touch.”
   “Does it hurt?”
   “Of course, it is. What do you think of this? A fake wound?” She said while raising one of her eyebrow.
   “N-no.. It just... You looked fine... even though your cheek... is injured.” I looked down.
   “I’m already used to this. It’s just a small bruises.” She praised herself.
   “Um.. Manaka-san.. Thank you... For saving me and Karaage... Yesterday...”
   “Hm. But why were you still out there that late of night? Won’t your parents get worried?”
   “I was buy something and... My parents leave me for 3 days... Because of meeting.”

I felt the loneliness again. I tried to calm myself but failed. Until the person beside me hugged me while wiping my tears, and I apologize her for make her uniform wet with my tears.

   “Oh look! It’s sunset.” She said pointing at scenery.
   “...Beautiful...” I said to her.
   “Indeed. Hey, Let’s take a two-shot!” She grins.
   “E-eh? U-un.”

After I took a two-shot with her, she looked away, blushing. While looked at the sky she spoke,

   “Ne, if you feel lonely you can just come here or oversleep at my place, you know. Let’s watch the sunset again tomorrow, since you can climb now.”

She smirks at her last remark.

   “M-Mou.. That’s because you forced me to climb.”
   “Haha.. Yosh. Let’s go home.” She climbed down the tree.
   “U-un!” I climbed down with her help.
   “Hurry up. I’ll walk you home.” She turned and walked ahead.

Before I could brush any twigs or leaf off myself she was already a few metres away with Karaage in her hand. I realized that and started to run after her.

   “Ah! Matte! Karaage! Manaka-sannn!”

Now I believe..

There is only love in the world..

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It's over :cry:
Thank you for this fic..
   “Ah! Matte! Karaage! Manaka-sannn!”
Now I believe..
There is only love in the world..

I ship Berikaxkaraage lol
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Author-saaaaaan! You can't be serious, right? This can't be the last part of the fic!
What was that about Akanen being so worried about Shida's injury and letting her to fall asleep on her lap?
I was kinda hoping there's more to it...
Well... maybe you could try to make another arc as a continuation?
That's if you would like to do so, though. No pressure. Hehe...

Thank you for the fic. I enjoyed it very much  :)
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final? too soonnnnn, i'm not readyyy
 :fainted: :on cloudeye:
well, looking on the bright sight at least it has ending.. haha

i like how you put a tiny bit of risaneru interaction

thank you for update and hoping for season 2 *cough*
:shy1: :kneelbow:
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NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!! :OMG: Final already???!!! :dizzy:

I loved this fic too much!! :shy1:

*cough* *cough* Hoping for a season 2 *cough cough*  :sweat:
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This is too sad to be true!!
 :badluck: :tantrum: :frustrated:

For such a good FanFic to end!! :shock:

*cough* *cough* Hope season 2 *cough* *cough*
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so this fic was end..
thanks author-san.. your fic makes me happy :hee:
and I hope you'll make another fiction again especially if about mona XD
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@huffhuff-san :
I ship Berikaxkaraage lol
a new ship huh :shocked I think Mona has to work harder to steal Berika from karaage  :lol: Thank you for reading my fic^^

@DeNight-san : Yessssssss.....! I'm serious.. It was the last part :( But don't worry--  XD
Well... maybe you could try to make another arc as a continuation?
ah.. looks like you already read my mind before  :huhuh
Thank you for your time to read my simple fic :sweatdrop:

@aergia-san ; @Gekikara-chan ;@ Berika-san (wait.. Berika? :shocked ww) : Don't worry, I heard your dearest request about Season 2 XD please wait for it... and thank you for always support my fic~ I'm happy.. :cry:

@wakasama__ : I'm glad that you were happy because of my simple fic.. And don't worry... this ikemen Mona will appear again ;) Thank you for your support!!^^

To my readers (hope there are still) Thank you for reading my fic.. I really appreciate it^^
Sorry... Many things happened before.... And I have to take a break from author's world and going back to reader's world XD XD
I wonder if there's somebody that's still waiting for this simple fic :(  Haha... Like @DeNight-san said before, the story sounds hanging.. It's true.. XD
But after I have gone too long, I started to think about it again....
Should I continue my fic...?
Please give me your answer by vote :bow:
Title: Keyakizaka46 Fic | Te wo Tsudaide Kaerouka...? (PROLOGUE)
Post by: ミサキ on March 14, 2017, 12:49:51 PM
Thank you to who've voted to 1st option....  :cry: :cry:
I didn't expect that there's somebody that's still waiting for my simple fic :cry: :cry:
I'll continue it...!  :) But it might took a long time for the next update since I'm really busy in real life huhu :( :(
But i won't abandoned this fic XD

Thank you for @Sei (Yuki)-san ; my dai-senpai who willing to be my editor this time XD

Anyway... please give me your thought about my fic :sweatdrop:
ENJOY!! :cathappy: :cathappy:

Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka...?


06 : 00 pm

Hmm.. I wonder how Mona will react after she finds out that they chose me as the school representative for National Tennis Championship.. Ahh~ Can’t wait to go home and tell her... She’ll be so happy to hear it...

A ponytailed girl thought while, smiling to the world along her way home. Too excited, she even skipped a little, her heart went BUN BUN BUN like she was about to profess her love.

Mona, have you gotten home yet?  I’ve got great news! ^^

Akane typed a message and sent it to her best friend on LINE before continuing home. In her usual Keyakizaka Private School uniform, she also sported her school bag and a larger bag containing her tennis equipment.She quickened her pace, only to suddenly stop in her tracks at the sound of familiar voices. Akane walked around in search of the source and found herself at the family park where her best friend often dozed off.

   “Oh look! It’s sunset.”
   “Indeed. Hey, Let’s take a two-shot!”
   “E-eh? U-un.”

Akane spotted her short haired best friend talking with someone else at the top of a tree.While pointing out at the sunset, they took a photo together. Weird.. She thought. She knew that Mona never acted friendly like this to the others; not even with Suzumon, Ozeki or Oda-ni. Curious as to who it was, Akane tiptoed to a nearby tree to get a clearer view.

   “Ne, if you feel lonely you can just come here or sleep over at my place, you know. Let’s watch the sunset again tomorrow, since you can climb now.”
   “M-Mou.. That’s because you forced me to climb.”
   “Haha.. Yosh. Let’s go home.”

As her best friend climbed down, Akane hid herself around the other side of the trunk, hoping that they wouldn’t see her.

   “Hurry up. I’ll walk you home.”

Footsteps faded into the distance. The coast was clear so she tried to take a peak. But to her surprise, Akane found Berika still nearby. Her classmate was frantically brushing twigs and leaves off herself.

   "Ah! Matte! Karaage! Manaka-sannn!”

Her phone buzzed and there was a LINE message from her best friend.

Mona, have you gotten home yet?  I’ve got great news! ^^

Ah, I walk Berika to her home and we’re sleeping over at her place.
I already told your parents earlier. You won’t have to wait for me at the door like usual.

Her heart sank along with her smile and she found herself staring to the ground as Berika started to run after her best friend’s silhouette.
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Hey, Misaki-san! You're back! :D
Haha.. Seems like I will be on the other side here. I kinda ship Shida and Moriya. Maybe I am one of the few people who ships them. XD
Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next chapter! Thanks for this update!
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The 2nd season is here~!!!

But why so sad when only 1st ep T^T  akanennn.....
Title: Re: Keyakizaka46 Fic | Te wo Tsudaide Kaerouka...? (PROLOGUE)
Post by: aergia on March 15, 2017, 09:51:47 AM
whatt?? am i dreaming?
season 2 wooooooo....
i actually like berika x akane IRL lol
it's funny, akanen who hates to lose is friending berika who's a ponkotsu
but, whatever, in the end i'm a monarika shipper (or berimona according to manaka)

thank you for season 2!!
 :kneelbow: :farofflook:
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Hiiiii I just read all the chapters of the first season (?) all at once and wow! Thanks for making a continuation~

just like how keyaki irl has love triangles, this love triangle among berika, mona and nen is about to destroy my keyaki OTP list (as if I ever had a fixed OTP in the first place hahaha i ship so many members together gdi...)

Will wait for the next update^^
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Post by: huffhuff on March 17, 2017, 07:07:37 AM
aww love triangle for 2nd season?
but haven't we agreed on shida-berika-karaage as the best love triangle out there?

thank you for continuing this..
 :mon loveflower: :mon inluv:
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Post by: SkyFantasy on March 19, 2017, 04:01:43 AM
is mean Akane love manaka,but manaka love berika?
wow,that triangle is a big trouble :lol:

wait for your update and sorry for my bad english
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I'm glad that you make a continuation!!!  :cow: :cow:

It's already sad at the beginning, but, tbh I ship manakaxberika rather than akanenxmanaka, and I ship akanen more with sugai-sama (YukkaNen FTW!!!, lol, just kidding 😁😁)

Don't be upset tho, it's only my opinion, the fic you decide it
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I cant believe there is a season 2!! I havnt been online for quite some time and seeing this has just made my day. thank you :inlove:
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finally found you :cathappy:
I was looking for berimona fic and finally I found yours.. XD
I think I ever read the continuation before, please post it!! :( :(
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Oh, hi Misaki-chan. It's me, Yagichan  8)
After a long time I back to jphip and guess what...
Can't believe that you're gonna have season 2!!!!  XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
I'm so exicted, my frienddd  :cow: :cow: :cow:
Hope you will do your best again  XD XD XD
Title: Re: Keyakizaka46 Fic | Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai | Te wo Tsudaide Kaerouka..?[hiatus]
Post by: ミサキ on April 29, 2017, 12:38:28 PM
thank you for you all who've been read, gave your thought, and hit a 'thanks'
i really apppreciate it. honto ni arigato gozaimashita^^
thank you for your support^^

i'm sorry, for you all who've been wondering why it's written "hiatus", it because i need to rest. so yeah, i can't being here for now.
i will continue it, i already have the ending, it's just i haven't type it :banghead:
it's okay if you already lost your interest for my fic, i've been gone and back without the next chapter, but only this heartbreaking announcement.
sorry, if i can't reply your comments one by one :bow:

thank you^^

Title: Re: Keyakizaka46 Fic | Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai | Te wo Tsudaide Kaerouka..?[hiatus]
Post by: Kairi65 on April 29, 2017, 02:17:58 PM
Take a good time to rest!  :rock:
Title: Re: Keyakizaka46 Fic | Sekai ni wa Ai shika nai | Te wo Tsudaide Kaerouka..?[hiatus]
Post by: emprezz48 on May 02, 2017, 07:12:48 PM
misaki!!! mai here~ (from twitter? I got a lil worried when you suddenly disappeared on twitter:( )
Please do take as much time as you need and want to rest! I'll always be waiting^^