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Title: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 5 NEW UPDATE 6/11/17
Post by: jhom_09 on January 27, 2017, 08:17:48 AM
another fic from me  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

sorry for my grammar and lot of mistake in this story

I Fell In Love

with the


Chapter 1

I can’t remember what happen last night, all I know is I’m so drunk and seduce a boy in the bar and bring him in my apartment. And after that all the things happen is blurred until I can feel a masculine arm in my torso. And a blonde head in my chest, I take a deep first and whoever this boy is he needs to leave in my apartment. I shake his shoulder to wake him up, he slowly looked at my face and smile but I only give him a cold stare. I push him so I can escape with his hug, “I think you need to leave..” I said.

But the boy just look at my face, I roll my eyes because I remember he can’t understand what I’m saying, ‘Tu dois partir??’ I try my best to translate that for him.

He gets what I mean, so he get up in my bed and wear his clothes that scattered on the floor. And when his done he want to say something but he only give me a peck kiss, ‘Au revoir’ he said and say his goodbye.

When I make sure I’m all alone again in my apartment, I get up in my bed and not bother if I’m naked. I walk closer in the glass wall and look at the view in front of me, every time I can see the Eifel tower in front of me it makes me calm. And if I finish my mission I go back here in Paris because for me this is my home.

My train of thought interrupted with the sound of my computer, I roll my eyes when I know someone wants a video call early in the morning even though I already have a clue who is that person is. I walk closer in my table and sit in the chair; I accept the video call and just seconds someone appear in my screen a old man his face is full of white beard and his blue eyes look straight in my eyes.

He raise his one eyebrow when he saw me naked, I cross my arms in front of him and wait for him to say something, “It’s good to see you but not in this way..” he said.

I roll my eyes again and stand up and look for my bathrobe and back at my computer again, “Happy??”

“Much better..”

“So what is this call about?” I ask him fast because I know he want something.

“I want to say you did a good job”

This time I’m the one raise my eyebrow, “You’re not the type of person who will compliment what I accomplish, just tell me what do you want?”

“I’m giving you another mission..”

“Are you fucking serious? I finish my mission 2 days ago and now you giving me another one? I want a break..” I hissed.

“I know about that.. but this mission is perfect for you, no one can do this except you Haruna..”

I take a deep because it’s not common to hear someone saying my real name again; it’s been so long since I use that real name. I need to protect myself so I use lot of names to hide my real identity, when I was 8 years old my parents killed in front of me, I still remember how their blood scattered in the floor and watch their lifeless body. At young age I experience that, but I don’t feel anything after that when I’m 15 years old, someone raised me and give me a bright future they say, but my teenage year is different they taught me to kill for me to live and get all the things I wanted.

I hide my real emotion every time I will clutch the gun and point that in my victim, for me killing someone is not a big deal. That who I’ am the real Kojima Haruna die when I was 8 years old. And the person in my computer screen is the only person who raised me and show what the real world is.

“Is that a compliment or what?” I said to continue this conversation.

“This mission is easy.. you only need  two months for this mission”

“Two months? I finish my mission for only 1 week, why I need a two months?” I feel irritate with this mission because I’m a type of person will finish a job fast.

“Like I said this mission is different…”

“Why it’s different?”

“You need to befriend your target.”

“Befriend??!!! You know I kill my target..” I mock him.   

“That’s why I said its different, we need to gather an information about her..”

“Her?? so it means a girl?” I ask him.

“Yes a girl and you need to go back in Japan”

I glare at him, “I can’t accept this mission if I need to go back in Japan, you know how I hate that country” the truth is I’m afraid to go back and remember the family I lost.

“I’m not here for you to choose if you want to accept this or not, I’m here because I’m telling you what you need to do with this mission.. I will send the details later and wait for my next call, it’s that clear Haruna??!!” he command.

Because of that I don’t have a choice, “Clear…” and end the call.


1 week after that conversation and accept this damn mission.

Oshima Yuko, why this person is special all the information they give is her name and her dorm room. I need to wait another hours for them to send the other details I need, I need to spy her and report all the things she will do. All the people surround her and how she acts with her friends I need to report all of that for two months and they will give me 2 million dollars for that simple mission. I will be her roommate for two months and pretend I’m the new transfer students from France. It’s easy task if you think but the hardest part is make friend with someone because I don’t have a friends and I don’t know how to do that. It will be easy if I need to seduce my target but befriend her is different. It’s easy to use my body but this mission I need to use my feelings and I don’t have a clue with that Oshima Yuko.

I take a deep breath when I reach the dorm I’m going to live for two months; I grab my luggage when the taxi driver gives that to me. And look around and notice the other students looking at me. They look at me different maybe because I dye my hair with blonde because of my last mission and I don’t have a time to change that.

I enter the dorm building and look for my room while I pull my luggage behind me. I look at the little paper in my hand and look for my room number ‘203’ , ‘204’ , ‘205’  until I found my room, ‘206’ I’m so afraid to knock because I don’t know what I will saw behind that door.

But to my surprised the door suddenly open, it’s startled me when the person behind that door is so near that I can feel her hot breath in my face. I try to open my mouth to say something, “Oh.. hi..” the girl in front of me said while were still close.

I step back to give her personal space, “Ahm.. Are you my new roommate?” she asks me with her cheeky smile.

“I think so.. Because my paper say this is my room..” I show the paper I’m holding.

“Then you are my new roommate..” she said excitedly and too my surprise she hug me and then she push me a little, “By the way I’m Oshima Yuko..” she extend her hand.

I grab her hand and we shake hand, “Kojima Haruna…” this time I use my real name.

She look at my face, “You’re really pretty..” she whisper.

I furrow my eyebrow when I hear that, “Ahm??”

“Oh god… I’m sorry, please come in..” she step aside for me to enter our room. “Sorry not big and too messy... no one told me you will arrive today so I don’t clean..” she said and scratch the back of her neck and look down.

I look around and notice it’s really messy, some of her book is all over the room and her use clothes dump in her bed. The room have two beds and a bathroom, I never picture out that this going to be my room, I have a luxury in life and this room is so simple for me. But what surprise me is this girl smiling wide in front of me, when I think about it, there’s nothing special about her except with her cute dimples. She’s small and messy she’s normal in my opinion but why they need to spend a money for her? 

“Ahm?? You don’t like your room?” she asks me and saw she’s sad.

“No… it’s..” I look around again, “Common??” I said and titled my head.

She laugh loud, “Yah its common… I hear you live in France? It’s not surprising you find this room common..” she laugh again.

“It’s not what I mean.. really, I’m sorry..” I want to say something more but she stop me.

“Stop!!! It’s ok really, I thought your foreigner earlier because your blonde but it suit you, you look hot with that..” and then she wink.

I blush hard, ‘Is she flirting?’ I ask myself.

“Ahm thank you..” i feel shy with her compliment and this is the first time I feel this.

“Just put your things in your cabinet and in the right…” she point the bed across her, “That’s your bed, I think you already notice our bathroom and last that’s our study table..” she point the study table near the window.

I walk closer in the window and look outside, I’m expecting a nice view but all I can see is other building in front of this dorm. I look at my pocket when I receive a new text, I grab my phone and read the text I’m expecting today.

‘Change of mission after we gathered enough information after two months you need to kill your target’

I read it twice and I can’t explain why my heart beating faster, I turn around to face the girl I need to kill. And saw her smiling wide in front of me and I think this is the hardest mission I receive.



i know i have lot of fic i need to update  :bleed eyes: but i keep thinking this plot but this fic have few chapters only my focus is my other on going. i hope you guys like it, i love writing this one  XD i will try to update faster than usual... thanks for reading  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 1
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good job author cruel san  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs I want next chapter!! are they high school student????

Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 1
Post by: buttsove48 on January 27, 2017, 12:19:57 PM
WHATTTT.!! how can nyannyan will killing yuuchan.?? OMG please don't do that nyannyan.!
we know you love yuuchan so much.!

gue bisa mampus kalo kayak gini.! gimana ceritanya coba.? haruna itu bisa jadi seorang pembunuh.??

okay, I will waiting this story update.! you evil author-san \(T_T)/
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 1
Post by: Haruko on January 28, 2017, 01:31:03 AM
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 1
Post by: midori lime on January 28, 2017, 06:19:50 AM
wow! this fic makes me want to kiss you!!
I mean kill you!
tell the old man to make me as the target.. I am willing to replace Yuko and be killed by the princess.  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
haruna as a cold murderer.. what a great character! you are a genius writer sir Jhom_09  always describe the character well. I dunno what else to say but the point is I amazed by every fic u write. please don't finish ur fic easily even I curios so much.. describe haruna's daily as a normal girl, n put some action too  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

I (I point my chest)
Love (I make a heart shape wif my hands)
You (I pinch your head author san)
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 1
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i like it :wub: :wub:
pls continue author-san! :onioncheer: :onioncheer:
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 2 2/2/17
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Sorry for the late update, i have lot of work i need to finish first  :thumbdown:

again sorry for my grammar.

I Fell In Love

with the

Chapter 2

I hide my phone back in my pocket and look at the girl in front of me, I did not expect they will change the mission. But I can’t back out now; all I need to do is befriend her and kill her after two months. It’s an easy job, if this girl is not charming enough and every time she will smile my heart melted, like she doing right now, she smile cheekily and I don’t know what to do next.

“Ahm?? You want me to help you with your things?” she asks me frowning when I didn’t say anything and observe her.


“Your luggage? It’s that all you have?” she said and glance at the small luggage near at my bed.

“Yes..”  ‘Because I only have few months and kill you after that.’


I left some of my things in Paris..”

She nod, “By the way I want to know your course you’re studying” she asks me again.

“Business Management..”

“Really?? That’s my course too..” she said smiling.

“Wow what a coincidence right??” I act like it surprised me but the truth is, all the thing happening here is planted for me to close at her.

“After you fix your things you want me to tour you?? I’m a good tour guide..” I can see the excitement on her face.

I think for a while, “Sure…” I smile a little and past her and grab my luggage and put the clothes I bring in the drawer near at my bed. While I’m busy, I can sense she’s watching me, I’m use at the eyes looking at me but the way she look at me is different it make me nervous.

After I’m done and the thing left in my luggage secret pocket is the little gun I’m going to use in the future. But for now I will hide it there until the time comes, I stand straight and turn to face the girl patiently waiting for me. She sitting in her bed while her legs cross and titled her head, I found it cute every time she will look at me so innocent. And it kind of hard to think why this girl need to die, I kill lot of people but for me they deserve that. But this girl? I feel she just a normal college student, “Ahmm…” she stand up and walk closer at me.

“Did you eat your lunch already??”

“Not yet..”

“Good..” it surprise me when she grab my wrist and pull me, “Because I will bring you in the most delicious ramen here in Tokyo” she said excitedly.


“Well??” she said when we arrive at the small ramen house near at our dorm.

“It’s normal..” I look around and say my comment when we enter the ramen house.

She laugh again, “All the things here is normal for you nee..” she said grinning and guide me to the vacant table. I sit and watch her take her sit across me, “Well this place is simple but I will tell this their ramen is the best..” she said again.

When I want to say something, “Yuko-chan…” said by the old man when she saw Yuko.

“Ojisan…” she said and give him a warm hug.

“What bring you here? I thought you already forget about me..” the old man look at her and then look at me and give Yuko a questioning eyes.

“No…” Yuko laugh awkwardly, “Don’t think that Ojisan, you know I can’t do that..” she said again.

I just look at them and confused what’s happening, “Can you introduce me to this beautiful lady…” the old man said playfully.

“Oh yes.. sorry, she’s Haruna-san my new roommate, I said you have the best ramen in town…”

We shook hands, “Nice meeting you Haruna-chan…”

“So???” Yuko said again.

“Well she’s pretty..” the old man said.

“It’s not what I mean..” she whine and her face is so red.

“Oh right.. You’re here for my ramen..” he laugh loud and whisper something to Yuko.

“Ojisan?? Stop it!!” she said while her eyes wide open but he only laugh at her.

“I will leave you two for a while to prepare your food, What you two want?”

“The usual and??” Yuko look at me.

“Same with her..” I said.

We both watch him leave, “I treat him like my father..” she said when were alone.

“I can tell..”

“I don’t have father actually, I never met him even once though my mother always said his a good man..” she start to tell her story and this is what I need. 

“Oh.. Why is that? what I mean is why you didn’t met your father??” I saw a hesitate in her eyes, “You don’t need to tell me if you don’t like..”

“No it’s ok.. the problem is, I don’t know what to answer with your question.. I don’t know about my father and my mother don’t like to talk about that…”

“Oh I see…”

“How about you??”

I don’t know if it’s ok to tell her about me but I will kill her, so what’s the harm? “I don’t have a parents anymore but my uncle adopt me and bring me in France.. I grow up there…” that one is all true.

“You live in Paris right?” I nod, “Then why you’re here? I mean Paris is beautiful and have lot of Universities they can offer you a good education, why you choose Tokyo?”

“Because…” ‘Because I’m here to kill you’  “I missed Japan..” my lie.

I don’t know if she believe me or not but the way she looks at me I feel she can tell if I’m lying or not, “Okay…” she said.


“I said it’s ok.. you don’t need to tell me..” her assurance.

I want to say something because whatever she’s thinking it surprised how she can read me, no one can read Kojima Haruna but this girl, she can tell. And she never pushed me to tell her everything, she’s different, I can say she’s a nice person, so why she need to die.

Until our foods arrive, she looks at her food like a kid and you can tell how her eyes lighten with a simple food. “Prepare yourself.. you will be addicted with their Ramen…” she chuckle and start to eat.

I follow her and when I taste the soup my eyes wide and smile wide, “Your right it’s delicious..” I said and for the first time I enjoy my first lunch here in Japan with my target.


I don’t know how I finish the two bowl Ramen earlier and back to our dorm with contented smile. I rest my back at my bed and look at the ceiling smiling, I blink my eyes, I can’t believe I will enjoy this simple lunch.

“Your right.. that was amazing..” I said and touch my big tummy.

I heard her chuckle and sit at her own bed, “I know where we can eat a delicious sushi too..”

When I hear sushi, I got up on my bed and look at her, “I love sushi…”

“Lucky you.. you have the best tour guide who can fill your tummy…” she grin when she can see how excited I’ am. “By the way I want to tell you something…”

“What is that?”

“Well.. I think you notice how Ojisan look at you earlier when I introduce you to him…” there’s hesitation the way she speaks.


“Actually, I want to say this first to you because I’m afraid you will hear this to someone…” she pause and look straight through my eyes, “You know I’ am into…” she stop what she want to say when we both heard a knock on the door.

“Did you expecting a visitor today?” I ask her and I suddenly feel nervous and blame myself for not holding my gun.

She only shrugs and stands up and walks closer at the door, she look at me first and slowly open the door. I prepare myself what’s going to happen, until someone enter. She run at Yuko and hug her, “I missed you..” she said and then kiss her.

My eyes wide when I saw them kissing in front of me, it’s common to me to see two girls kissing but I can’t understand why I feel uncomfortable when Yuko kiss different girl. I look away when I can’t take it anymore I want to walk out and give this room to them when the other girl starts to roam her hand to Yuko’s body.

“Ahh babe..” I heard Yuko call her with that pet name and I feel something I can’t understand, I feel disappointed what’s happening right now.

The girl stop but her arms is in Yuko’s waist, she notice me when she look where Yuko’s eyes, “And who is she??” the girl look at her again.

“She’s my new roommate I mention before..”

"Oh.. I’m sorry you saw that..” the girl laugh and let go with Yuko’s waist and extend her hand at me, “By the way I’m Ruby and you are??”

“Haruna” we shake our hands, but I feel a strong grip in my hand and look at me like her eyes see something, I saw her smirking.

“Nice meeting you…” she said.

I look at Yuko but she only stand awkwardly, “You didn’t tell her are you??” she ask her.

“Actually I’m planning to tell her earlier.. until you arrive…” Yuko smile at her.

“Oh?? So it’s my fault..” Ruby bites her lips and walk closer to Yuko and kiss her again.

This time I can’t help to look away, “Babe?? I know you missed me but there’s someone can see us you know..” Yuko pout.

Ruby pinch her nose playfully, “Sorry, I just missed you.. you two already eat something??”

“Ah yes.. We go to Ojisan ramen house earlier..”

"Oh.. How about I buy drinks for us?? I leave you two for a while, I think you need to explain something right babe??” Yuko only nod and Ruby wink at her and leave us.

I watch her leave, I didn’t expect I will learn something today about my target and I didn’t like it, “So.. That’s my girlfriend Ruby..”

“That’s what you want to tell me?”

“Yes that I’m into girls? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable because I’m you know…”

“It’s ok, it’s not a problem..”

“Well that’s cool… earlier Ojisan thought I’m cheating because I bring different girl..” she laugh awkwardly.

“Now I get it..” I small at her to assure her everything is ok but the truth I don’t have a choice and I need to know about that Ruby. She’s beautiful taller than Yuko have a tan skin, have a sexy body and I think they been together for too long, I can see Yuko loves her, the way she look at Ruby I envy her, I want someone to look at me like that too. My thought interrupted by my phone again, I receive a text.

‘You need to go outside, we will wait for you’

And that’s my cue, “My uncle send a message he want to talk to me..”

“Oh.. it will take long?”

“I guess…”

“Hmm ok..”

“I will give the room for you and your girlfriend tonight; I think I will spend my whole night with my uncle’s house..” I said and saw the disappointment in her face.

But before that, when she turn around I grab my luggage and enter the bathroom, I get the gun and hide that in my back. I compose myself first and walk outside of our bathroom.

“Well it’s nice to meet you today Haruna…”

“Me too and I enjoy the lunch..” we both smile at each other.

“So see you in class tomorrow??”

“Of course…”


I walk faster at the hallway when I saw Ruby walking towards me while holding a plastic full of foods and drinks.

“Are you leaving?” she asks me when she’s in front of me.

“Yes.. I will meet my Uncle” I said and past her.

“I saw a black Limo outside, it’s that yours?” she ask me again.

I stop but my back still face her, “I think that’s my Uncle’s Limo..” I said casually.

"I saw David too..” I frown when she know David.

David is one of the assassin too and his here to assist what I need for my mission, if she know David.. I hold my gun fast at my back and turn around and point the gun at her.

But she look at me so calm, “It’s not appropriate to point a gun in the Dorm Haruna-san, I’m afraid someone will saw..”

I clutch the gun so tight and anytime I will pull the trigger, “Who are you??”

“I’m Yuko’s girlfriend..”

"You’re lying..” I hissed.

“You work for Fischer are you?” she asks me again.

“How did you know him?” Fischer is the one adapt me and give order for my mission.

“I work for him too and they hire me to spy her, I guess we have the same job, am I right?”

“So they hire two assassins for her?”

“You didn’t know are you? The reason why you here? This mission? What’s your mission actually? Because I’m here to give information they need, that’s all.”

“It’s none of your business why I’m here, so are you my ally or my enemy?” I ask her one last time.

“I’m afraid were enemy.. Because I cancel my contract with them 3 weeks ago, maybe that’s the reason why you’re here…”

“Why you cancel that??”

“Because I can’t do my job anymore? Because I believe she’s innocent and she don’t deserve this..” I slowly put my gun down and look at her, “I will protect her as long I can..” she said again, “So watch your back Haruna-san because if you point your gun in front of her, I won’t hesitate to use my own gun to you..”

She turn around and start to walk towards Yuko’s room, “What are you going to do now? I’m here now and they don’t need you anymore…”

She stop, “I will treasure my time with her? I’m afraid they will eliminate me soon, so I will spend that with my girlfriend..”

I watch her leave while I stand and put back the gun I’m holding, I have lot of question and I need to know that today.



I will update this every week and if im not lazy enough i will update more early than usual... if your asking me why i use different character to be yuko's girlfriend because that character is not that important  :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

@Hipchan - umayos ka   :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

@buttsove48 - tsk now im evil author-san??  :twisted: yah how our Nyan-nyan call kill our Yuuchan.. i dont know too hahaha

@Haruko - thank you so much yes another Kojiyuu fic and im dying to write a plot like this.. hahaha

@midori lime - sir?? how come i become sir??  :smhid your so sweet and then call me sir?  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

@seblakichi - thank you so much and heres the new update

and to the silent reader.. thank you so much
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yes you is devil author-san.!

WHAT.,! YUKO have GF..? ohh you broken my heart
and nyannyan is jealous.? oh i think it Yes she jealous.

why they want to kill yuko.? did yuko made something really badand having big secret about them that why they must kill her.? Or yuko is the heir of a big company and having enemy that why they want to kill her.?

i can't wait for the next part.

you still evil author-san.
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 2 2/2/17
Post by: buttsove48 on February 02, 2017, 02:44:44 PM
yes you is devil author-san.!

WHAT.,! YUKO have GF..? ohh you broken my heart
and nyannyan is jealous.? oh i think it Yes she jealous.

why they want to kill yuko.? did yuko made something really bad and having big secret about them that why they must kill her.? Or yuko is the heir of a big company and having enemy that why they want to kill her.?

i can't wait for the next part.

you still evil author-san.
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 2 2/2/17
Post by: Haruko on February 02, 2017, 08:05:21 PM
I just love it!!, I want to know why Yuko is the target, Firstly I though was becaus that "Ruby" girl was her GF bu tnow... is more misterious..

Keep going! I recommend you to publish the link in tumblr too!
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 3 2/4/17
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ok i write this more early than usual  :P so here's the update, sorry for my grammar and all the mistake in this fic.

I Fell In Love

with the

Chapter 3

I saw David waiting in front of my dorm while his back rest in that black Limo, I stand in front of him and raise my eyebrow. He open the door for me and set aside, I enter the car fast and wait for him.

“Really?? I thought this mission is classified but you show yourself in front of my dorm..” I said while I roll my eyes. But he only looked at me emotionless, “Where’s Fischer? I thought his here too..” I ask him when he sits beside me.

“He can’t come but..” he grab a remote and push the button and a big screen appear in front of us.

“Hello Haruna..” said by that deep voice, I only look at him fierce, “How’s your day?”

“Can you please stop this chit-chat? I need to know what this mission all about…"

“You really impatient…”

“Really I’ am… because I have good news and bad news for you…” I said and cross my legs in front of his virtual image.

“I want to hear that..”

“The good news is, I can get any information you needed because she’s the type of person can open herself with anyone and the bad news, she have a girlfriend…” Fischer raise his eyebrow, “You never mention she’s into girls..”

“I don’t think it’s a problem right Haruna?”

“It’s…” I try to open my mouth to say something but his question makes me speechless.

“I don’t care what your next move Haruna, you can do whatever you want but don’t forget your mission and I warn you don’t fall in love with your target..”

My heart pounding hard, “I’M NOT!!!” I yell and the two surprised with my behavior, “You know I do my job easily it’s not a problem..”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Ruby.. You never mention about her…”

“So you already met her?”

“Yes.. and she’s Yuko’s girlfriend, you know she’s a threat..”

“I know and I will think a solution for that…”

“Tell me who is Oshima Yuko… why she needs to die? She’s just a normal college student and I think she’s harmless…”

Fischer looked at me so serious and then looked at David who silent the whole time, David hand over a folder, I grab that and flip the documents inside. I frown when all I can read a normal background of her, “This is the only thing you can give to me?” I raise the document when I know reading this is useless.

“You know the Cosa Nostra?” Fischer asks me.

“The Sicilian Mafia.. Of course I know them..”

“Joseph Falcone is in coma for 3 months now…”

“The big boss..” I said again.

“Yes.. And they think he only have few months to live so they need someone who can fill the position..”

His story caught my attention so I sit straight and look at him, “So what’s the connection of this to Oshima Yuko?”

“Oshima Yuko is the only granddaughter of Falcone…”

I furrow my eyebrow, “How come? She’s a Japanese..”

“She is.. Falcone marry a Japanese but her wife runaway with his son, so they live in Japan, the rest is history and his son daughter is Yuko..”

All the things he said make sense now, “I heard from Yuko his father disappears, is he dead?”

“No one knows, they say his dead someone said he only hiding, but Falcone knows he don’t live long so he look for his granddaughter…”

“And what’s the reason, why someone needs to spy her?”

“Our client afraid someone contact her, that’s why they need to know if Yuko already knows about her…”

“So she didn’t know her history?” I ask him and there’s guilt inside of me.

“That’s why you’re here, I want you to dig deeper, I want you close yourself to her, spy her, if someone contact her already, that’s your job..”

“And then kill her after that? Why change the mission?”

“Human is greedy Haruna, everyone wants that position..”

“And that’s our client?” and Fischer nod, “Someone innocent need to die for them to get that position..” I gritted my teeth because I hate people like them.

“I don’t want you to forget why you’re here Haruna.. I will call you if you needed me, it’s that clear?”

I didn’t answer him, after I heard everything I start to hate this mission, I keep silent the whole ride. I close my eyes and imagine that face again, I don’t know if I can kill her or not, I clutch my fist until I heard David voice.

“Where do you want to go now? You want me to bring you back to your dorm?”

“No... I want to sleep in the Hotel tonight….”


The truth is I don’t know if I can look at her face, so I choose to be alone tonight.


If I can avoid this mission I will do it but I don’t have a choice so when I saw her in the library I walk closer at her and sit in the chair beside her. She looked at me fast, when she feels my presence, “Haruna..” she smiles wide again and I hate it.



I chuckle, “What are you reading??” my A game start today, I close myself and pretend I look at the book she reading.

“Ahmm..” she feel tense when I’m so close at her, “About business??” and then show the book she’s holding.

“It’s not surprising..” I said and wink at her.

Her face is blushing, I titled my head when she look away, “Wha..” she stuttering when I look at her face, “What time you return to our dorm?”

“I didn’t..” Yuko frown, “I go directly in my class.. you know I can’t be late…”

“Too bad were not in the same class..”

“Yah.. But it’s still ok, we still have time to know each other right??” Yuko look at me.

“You’re different today…”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you flirting with me??”

I froze, “Am I look flirting with you?”

“I hope not.. I have a girlfriend you know that..” she look at her book and read again.

I bite my lips hard and panic what to do next, I feel I do something wrong for her to feel uncomfortable, am I too forward? It’s easy for me to flirt with my target but I know she won’t fall for that easily.

“Where’s is your girlfriend??” I ask her again to start a conversation.

“She will go here after her class..”

‘That’s good’  I said in my head because the real reason I’m here is because of her girlfriend.

One thing I hate the most is someone interrupt my sleep, ”What is it David??!!” I yell when I answer his call early in the morning.

“Fischer wants to talk to you..”

“What for? He already said what he need to say last night and I know my mission already..”

“He have another mission for you..”

“Are you joking??” I hissed.

“I’m afraid not..” David said with his usually cold voice.

“Fine..” I end the call and get up of my bed and open my laptop.

I accept Fischer call, “Good Morning Haruna..”

But I only glare at him, “What do you want??”

“Our client offer us 50 million dollars for a clean job..”

“The price is high now…”

“And I will offer another 5 million for you..” he said again.

“And what’s that 5 million for?”

“I want you to eliminate Ruby tonight…”

“Hey babe…” I look at Ruby in the corner of my eyes when she kissed Yuko.

“Hey…” Yuko return the kissed.

I pretend I didn’t see anything and what I don’t understand is, why I’m so affected with this scene.

“What bring you here Haruna-san?” Ruby asks me.

She sit beside of Yuko while her arms is on Yuko’s shoulder and pull her closer, I look at her and give her a force smile, “I’m here for Yuko actually, I want a company.. I’m new here so I don’t have friends and the only person I know here is her..”

“Well.. You’re lucky because my girlfriend is the nicest person” she looked at her and the way they look at each other eyes I feel sting my heart.

“She is..” I whisper and watch how Yuko nuzzle her nose at Ruby neck and they laugh at each other when Yuko whisper something.

Right now I hate myself, why I feel this, I only met this girl yesterday but she have a big impact to me and I almost forget the reason why I’m here.

“You two??” I pause when they both look at me at the same time, “How long you two been together?”

“We been together for one year now..” Yuko said.

“I see..” I said and nod ‘She been spying you for one year now..’

Ruby notice my eyes on her but she return that with a smirk and I hate that every time she will do that. The three of us didn’t say anything after that, there’s an awkward silent the whole time.

“Oh shit..” Yuko suddenly stand up while holding her phone, “Excuse me.. Sae calling me again..” she said and excuse herself.

I watch her leave while my eyes still on her, “You think I didn’t notice the way you look at her?” Ruby asks me.


“I can’t blame you, she’s charming..”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about..”

Ruby laugh but I glare at her when she didn’t stop laughing, “Ok… tell me? are you really looking for Yuko or me?”

“I’m looking for you and I know I will find you with her…”

Ruby face change and she look at me so serious, “I’m afraid this is my time.. what do you want?” she ask me a bend down so were the only one can hear what she going to say, “You already know Yuko’s identity?”

I nod and raise my chin up, she take a deep breath, “Why you’re here really, what is your mission?” she ask again. I didn’t say any words, “I’m not afraid with my own life because I deserve that but her….” she look at Yuko that still talking outside.

“I…” I stop when I can see how she care for her, but I give her my cold stare, “You know what are job is, they pay us to kill and I don’t care if she’s innocent or not..”

“You never failed your mission right?”

I frown, “I do all my mission clean..”

“Then this will be your very first failed mission…” we both look at Yuko walking back to our table. “Meet me at the abandoned building tonight I will wait for you there.. I want to say something..”

I furrow my eyebrow, “What…” but I stop when Yuko’s look at us.

“What the two of you talking?” she take her sit again while looking back and forth to us.

“Hmm Haruna-san tells me her life in Paris..”

“Oh.. I want to hear that too” she said.

I glance at Ruby again and start my story about my life in Paris when Yuko is so serious listening to all my lies.



Well that's it  :P :P :P

@buttsove48 - im evil??  :cry: :cry: :cry: yah she have a GF.. they are sweet right?? hahaha ah i think i already answer your question  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

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My God, I cant believe I'm saying this but
Yuko and that Ruby girl is sooooo cuteeeee >...<
Yuuchan is so happy with her.
and happy Yuuchan makes a happy me  :lol: :lol:

but well, I'm curious about how this story will go, how Haruna will be able to steal our heart because right now, there is another people in it  XD XD

ganbatte for updating the next chapters ^_^
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tsk that ruby girl.!! its baba-neechan fault for make ruby character.!

ruby want to say something to nyannyan.? what will happend.!! i hope ruby say to nyannyan that she want to break up with yuko. so haruna can steal yuko hearth

i cant wait for it
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"I saw David too..” I frown when she know David.

David is one of the assassin too and his here to assist what I need for my mission, if she know David.. I hold my gun fast at my back and turn around and point the gun at her.

But she look at me so calm, “It’s not appropriate to point a gun in the Dorm Haruna-san, I’m afraid someone will saw..”

I clutch the gun so tight and anytime I will pull the trigger, “Who are you??”

wow! surprising!!! I imagine how cool this scene!! you make the Ruby girl related to the main characters.  she is not just the girl cooking wif yuuchan. she is interesting more. and her death is such a good script u write J. keep it up. sorry for reading late but you will always have my support n love ( for ur fic, not for urself)

I curious how Yuuchan handle this..that her lovely girl is dead..
and Haruna the assassin..please make her more sadist. make her happy killing Ruby. like she won a lottery  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I want more crazy n more sadistic scene of Kojima Haruna Hime san.

I hate you J  :) :) :) :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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yey, new fic!!
waiting for the next!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry for the long update and to my grammar.

I Fell In Love

with the


Chapter 4

“Are you going out again??” Yuko ask me when I’m preparing to go outside and secretly meet Ruby tonight.

“Ah yes..” I said.

“Hmm...” she hums and nods while still looking at the book she’s holding.

I look at the mirror for the last time, to check if I’m ready to leave, I look at her for the last until our eyes meet, “I will go now..” I said softly.

“Ok.. have fun..”

When I turn around Yuko call me for the last time, “Haruna…” I turn around to look at her again, “I’m sorry about what I said earlier..” I furrow my eyebrow, “What I said about you flirting with me?” she said again.

“Oh.. It’s ok, don’t mind that…” I wave my hand to assure her.

She smile wide, “Then tomorrow if you’re not busy, let’s go out again??” she said excitedly.

“It’s that a date?” I ask her and her face is blushing, “I’m only teasing you Yuko..” I chuckle but my eyes feel sad when I see in her face a relief.

I only watch her face, how she look at me, “I’m going now…” I said again.

"Sure..” I turn around and start to walk, “Have fun!!” I slowly open the door when I hear that, i froze.

‘Have fun huh..’ I did not turn again; I leave fast without turning my back.


When I enter the abandoned building all I can hear is the sound of my high heels, this building is not that far and perfect to the crime I’m planning to do tonight. I stop when I saw her standing not that far from me, she give me a smile when she saw me, “You’re late…” she shout and I continue walking closer at her.

I stop when she’s in front me but give her enough distant, “At least I’m here..” I said cold.

She only shrugs, “How’s Yuko?” she ask me.

I frown, “The last time I know, she’s your girlfriend, so you know her condition more than me..”

“But your with her earlier right??” she said smirking.

I roll my eyes, “Can we please stop this topic?” and look at her so serious, “Tell me everything you know about her…”

“Are you my boss now?” she raises her eyebrow and cross her arms.

I clutch my jaw, “For your own good.. Give me some information maybe in that way I will change my mind..”

“Like I said before she’s innocent she’s just a normal college student, I guess they already told you?”


She nodded, “We been together for 1 year but I never saw her or someone from mafia with her I know she didn’t know her history or about that mafia, that’s all I can say to you..”

“Why you back out with your mission?”

“Because I do love her…”

I raise my eyebrow, “You love her??” I laugh every time I heard that word ‘Love’ “You know we can’t fall in love with our target…”

“I know but I did..” she said without a shame.

“And because of that you risk your own life..”

“I don’t care…”

“You know they pay me to kill you..”

I’m expecting she will surprise but she didn’t she just look at me so calm like she’s expecting this already, “So are you going to kill me now?” she mock. I slowly hold my gun and point at her and look straight in her eyes, “Too bad I don’t bring my gun to give you a fair fight…”

“You know we don’t play fair..” I said but I can’t see any fear in her eyes “You expecting this right?? Why you still not prepare yourself..”

“I don’t know.. I feel it’s my time already, the first time I saw you I know Fischer sent you and I know one of this day he will sent someone to kill me..”

“Then why you’re still calm?” I ask her while my gun still on her.

“I know Yuko is in good hand now..” she said smiling.

“What do you mean??” I furrow my eyebrow because I don’t know what she means by that.

She did not answer me, instead she smile and that make me pissed like she know something I don’t know, I notice she put her right hand in her pocket. And because of my instinct I pull the trigger of my gun and fire that on her side to give her warning whatever she want to do.

“Calm down Haruna..” Ruby raise her both hand, “See.. I don’t bring any gun..”  she show the phone she holding.

“I want to make sure and beside I’m here to kill you tonight..” I said cold.

“I know.. that’s why I want to call her..”


“Allow me to call her; I want to hear her voice for the last time..”

“I’m not that stupid to allow you that..”

“I promise I won’t say anything to her, just give me a minutes and then.. do whatever you need to do..” she said again.

I think for a while, I want to make sure she’s telling me the truth and she don’t have other plan to ruin my mission, “You can shot me if you think I’m doing something..” she said again.

“Why you doing this??”

“I’m doing this for her..”

Again we both silent, I only nod to allow her to make a phone call, she hold her phone and keep my eyes on her the whole time.

“Hello babe..” Ruby said, “Ahm.. sorry I can’t make it tonight I need to do something..” she pause and listen to the other line. “I can’t tell that to you…” she chuckle, “Hey… I’m not doing anything you don’t like… yes I eat my dinner, don’t worry about me…”

If I have a choice I don’t want to hear this, so I pretend I didn’t hear anything, “Yuko..” she said softly, “I want to say thank you for everything.. and I’m sorry…” I notice the tears in the corner of her eyes, “And… I love you so much don’t forget that okay??” when I look at her, our eyes meet, “I need to end this call now babe.. goodnight..”

She put her phone back at her pocket again, “Thank you..”

“You don’t need to thank me…”

She titled her head like waiting for something to happen, “So when you going to shot me??” she shrug her shoulders when I didn’t do anything yet and just point my gun at her.

“Shut up ok??!!! I’m thinking…” I hissed and look up, I try my best to pull this trigger but my hand froze and right now she can notice my hand is shaking.

“You change your mind now??”

"No I’m not… I’m not backing out with my mission!!!” for the first time my heartbeat pounding hard because I can’t do my mission, why is hard to kill this girl who I hate the most. “Fuck!!!” I shout and that word echo in this building.

I saw her smiling, “I think you can’t do it..” I want to think she’s mocking me with her words but she did not, she can feel my hesitation.

“You’re not worth it with that 5 million..”  I said softly and slowly put my gun down.


‘Bang…’ that gunshot deafening me.

And the girl in front of me fall down on the ground, my eyes wide and just a second my whole body is shaking; I turn around to find the one who do this. And saw David standing calmly while her gun still point at the girl dying in the ground.

“What the fuck David!!!” I said loud, but he only look at me blank.

“I do your job for you…”

I walk closer at him and punch him hard, “I never say I need your help!!!” I gritted my teeth and saw the blood on his lips.

“I notice you can’t kill that girl, that’s why I do that.”

“Fuck!!!” I turn around because I don’t want to see his face because I know talking to him is nonsense.

I walk closer to Ruby but I stop when her blood flowing, I grab my head and mess my hair, “Clean this mess, I don’t want to see this.. in any news tomorrow..” I said at David and walk faster to get out of this building.



that's it  8) thank you for reading, i will try to update this faster and my other on going..  O0

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@buttsove48 - ahh Ruby is gone now hahaha i know you wait for that

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thanks that you kill ruby.. iam happy now.!!

ahh its that ruby really dead.?? if yes like i said before. i'll give you lipstick.!!

so ruby want that haruna take care of yuko when she said that yuko is in the right hand now.??

good job david. i love you
if you not here.. haruna cant kill ruby and ruby will still life.!!

what will happend after that accident.??

will yuko know that ruby is dead.??

and how about haruna when yuko asking why ruby being killed by someone.??

hope you will update it in fast way.. like in tokyo mrt...!!

thanks for the update.. i will waiting for the next chapter.!!

ps : my changmin tell me to say hid hello to you evil author-san
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 "I know Yuko is in the right hand" she said smiling blahblahblah
and I know that Kojiyuu is in the right authoer ever! my precious fl chan  *blushing blushing  :D :D :D

"fuck!!!!!" haruna  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
she is super cute, unlike u paris  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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I'm afraid if someday Yuko will blamed Haruna for Ruby's death  ...
thanks for your update...
moreeee puhliissseeeee,,,,,
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Omg please continue this fiction.

I really love it ><!!
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Still waiting~
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Sorry for the grammar and typo error

I Fell In Love

with the


Chapter 5

I lift my head and feel the water falling in my face and try to forget what happen earlier, I can still see her when she look at my eyes and watch how her body falls in the ground. I look down and saw the waters in the shower falls in the tiles. I go back to my hotel room after David shot Ruby in front of me; I should not feel this guilty. But this is killing me and I’m so afraid to face Yuko after this. I’m a good actress I know I can pretend this thing never happen but i can’t every time I’m in front of her. I feel I will cave in, once she starts to smile at me. I bit my lower lips hard until I can taste my own blood.

“This is not you Haruna!!” I said to myself but what I feel betray me, I clench my fist and punch the wall hard in front of me, “Ahhh!!!” i groan when i feel the pain.

I take a deep breath when I notice my hand start to bleed, I turn off the shower and go out in the bathroom and not bothering to get the towel and cover my body. I sit in my bed and hold my hands who’s injured, I decide not to bother heal my injured hand and try to sleep and plan what I need to do next. I grab the bathrobe and wear that and when I rest my body in the bed, I heard my phone ring.

I answer that fast, “Fischer??  Did you command David to do that?” i ask him fast when I know his the one calling me.

“Yes..” he answer me cold.

“Why?? You know you don’t need to do that, I can do my job!!” I feel angry and said that loud.

“You really want my answer?? David said you hesitate to kill her and what I command to him is right thing… you know what problem she will cause if that woman still alive, I’m so disappointed at you Haruna, I know this one is easy for you, but you put your emotion too much and I’m afraid you will fail this mission.”

What he said makes me speechless I don’t know what to say, I want to defend myself but I choose not to say anything, “I want you to remember why your there Haruna, remember your mission and that’s not hard” he said again.

What do you want me to do next?” I ask him.

Spy her? Like the mission I give to you and wait for my signal when it’s the right time to kill her.”

When he said ‘Kill her’ my heart pounding hard, “Did you understand that Haruna??” he ask again.

“Ye.. Yes…”


I throw my phone in the bed when I don’t have time to reply when he end the call.


I saw Yuko facing the window of our room and didn’t notice my arrival. She’s holding her phone in her ear, “Please.. Call me when you receive this message, I’m worried ok?? Please babe don’t do this don’t ignore me” she said in the other line.

She put her phone in the table and saw she wipe her tears, my guilty rise when I watch her like this, “Ahmm??” I fake a cough so she will notice my presence.

She turn around and she look surprise when she saw me, “I’m sorry I didn’t notice you’re here..” I notice the sadness in her eyes.

“It’s ok..” I wave my hand to assure her.

I saw her furrowing when she notice the bandages in my right hand, “What happen??” she walk closer at me and held my hand.

I pull my hand fast and try to hide that, “It’s nothing…” I look away while she’s staring at me.

“Come on, show me your hand..” she said while she cross her arms, even if I’m more taller than her I feel small when she look at me like that, so I slowly do what she want. “This is bad Haruna..” she said softly and touch my injured hand gently.

“It’s ok.. I already put something in my wound..” I assure her.

“Seriously?? Is this look ok to you??” she lift my hand to show how bad the way i put the bandages in my hand. She slowly let go and walk closer in her drawer and for a minute I feel sad when I can’t feel her hand on me. She grab her first aid kit and sit in her bed, “Come here..” she said softly and wave her hand to go to her.

I do what she want and walk closer at her, I don’t know what to do next so I only stand in front of her, I heard her chuckle, “Come on sit beside me..” she said and pat the bed for me to sit.

I do what she said and I feel nervous when she grab my hand again, “I will treated this ok??” she said again.

“You don’t need to do that..” I said softly.

“You know I will still do this even if you will say no..” she said while she gently take off the bandages in my hand. “What happen?” she ask me when she clearly see how bad my injure is.

Our eyes met, I can see the concern in her face, I bit my lips and look away. But my eyes wide when I can feel her thumb in my lips, “Your lips..” she said softly while trace the wound with her thumb.

“I…” I want to answer her but I close my mouth again.

“You don’t need to say anything.. I understand but allow me to do this first..” she smile and grab her first aid kit and get the alcohol and the cotton.

While she busy doing that, “You don’t have enough sleep??” I feel concern when I notice her eye bag.

“I don’t sleep last night actually…” she said while she didn’t take off her eyes on my hand.

I know why but I still pretend I didn’t know anything, “Why??”

“Ruby calls me last night and she said weird things, I try to call her again but I can’t contact her after that… I..” I can feel she want to cry when she said that. “I’m worried…”

“She’s fine..” I know it’s a big lie, because I saw her dead body last night.

“I know… I already send lot of messages and all i need to do is wait… she never do this..” and when she’s done with my hand she look at me for the last time and it break my heart when I can see the tears in her eyes.   

I broke this innocent girl heart and without thinking I held her shoulders with my both hand and hug her tight. “Ssshhh..” I try to comfort her when she start to cry, “It’s ok I’m here…”

When she stop crying I said it’s a good idea if she don’t attend her class today because she need a rest, at first she don’t like but when I said I won’t leave her. She said yes and now she’s soundly sleeping in her bed while I’m watching her. I know I can’t do this anymore so I make a phone call earlier to David that I want to talk to him.

I leave a message to Yuko and said I want to buy food for us. When I notice the limousine in the street I open the door fast and enter. But to my surprise I saw someone also in the car and David is not around. “It’s good to see you again Haruna..” he said with her deep voice.

“Fischer..” I said softly.   

“I’m here in Japan just to see you, so please act your excited to see me..” I want to think it’s a joke but I know him, he won’t do this if this is not important. “I heard you want to talk to David and what’s the reason of that?”

“It’s good you’re here so I will say it now in front of you..” i said calm but the truth I’m nervous, I know he will get mad if he hear this. But he still waits patiently, “I want to quit, I want to back out…. I can’t do this anymore, I can’t kill innocent people, I want to go back in Paris and pretend this thing never happened…” I said and take a deep breath and wait for his reaction.

But he only stare at me blank, “Oh Haruna…” when he said that I feel goosebumps in all my body and feel small with his stare. “I’m afraid it’s a bad decision..” he said again.

“You know I can quit if I want!!” I said loud.

“Yes you have the right to do that..” he said smirking.

“Then I will go back to Paris tomorrow..” I said when I want to leave he stop me.

“I want to bargain something Haruna..”

“What??!!” I frown.

“You will finish the mission and do all the things I want you to do..” I keep listening, “And if you do all of that without complaining?” he look straight in my eyes, “I will give the information you seek for years, I know who killed your parents…”

I clench my fist hard, “You have the information who killed my parents??!! But you keep that secret from me??” if my stare can kill, I already kill him now.

“Because I know I can use that information in the future, like right now..” he said smirking.

“Why you doing this Fischer??”

“Because human is greedy Haruna, I give you motivation and I think you can do this mission now.. right Haruna??”

I gritted my teeth, “Like I have a choice, I will kill her and you will give the information I’m looking for..” I said without looking at him.

When I’m outside of his limousine, “Haruna??!!” he call me again. I stop but my back still face him, “You will thank me, after this mission.. trust me you will glad I give this mission to you…” he said.



thank you for the comment and the thanks, i really appreciate that, i wont abandoned this fic and i promise more to come, it's good to know some of you still wait and im happy because of that...

and i will update my other fic too i just need to re-read that again, again thank you so much

Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 5 NEW UPDATE 6/11/17
Post by: Haruko on June 12, 2017, 07:11:23 PM
Gosh! Haruna gonna has a bad time because this decision. Yuuchan never gonna forgive this...

I need to wait for the next chapter. Thank you a lot!
Title: Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 5 NEW UPDATE 6/11/17
Post by: buttsove48 on June 14, 2017, 02:02:26 AM
so ruby dead. thanks to david.!!

 iam glad to read that but at the same time i felling sorry for yuko😔

if yuko know this. she will never forgive haruna for sure🙁

ehh WTF😡😡

who killing haruna parents.?😨😱

can't wait the next update😁