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Title: [shortcut48's SHORTS] When A Yankee Uses A Gun (Majisuka Gakuen AU) 3/3
Post by: shortcut48 on April 12, 2017, 01:12:50 PM
HEEEEY, I'm back~ This thread is mainly focused on Short Series and OS. I still have the chance to write so I guess I'll take the opportunity. :)
I'll present a SayaMilky fic as the first story in this thread~   Enjoy~ ^^

A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky
Part 1 (
Part 2 (
Part 3 (

Paruru Shrinks! | YuiParu (

Breakup | RisaNeru (Keyakizaka46) (
Title: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
Post by: shortcut48 on April 12, 2017, 01:26:36 PM
A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky

PART 1: This And That

THE OTHER girls of the said club fell quiet when they heard that their top girl is going to be taken home again. They secretly took glances at each other, some are amazed that customers are still coming to ask for her even though they know that she has been used by countless guys already while most of the girls are in the deep mud of envy. How will they even beat the number one girl?

“Milky-chaaan~” The manager called his top girl with a huge smile on his face. It seems like some big amount of money is already resting on his pocket now. “Are you going to be okay for tonight?”

The top girl, operating with her club name Milky, looked at her manager with an innocent face. “Is that something that is needed to be asked?” she asked with that hypnotizing smile on her face. “This is my career and I have no other place to go. There’s nothing I can do but do it well.”

The manager menacingly smiled at her. He just heard money coming in on his bank account with those words of Milky.

“Tonight’s guest will secure your place to the top.” He whispered to Milky while rubbing her hands together. “No one can ever beat you if you manage to please this guest as well.”

Milky’s eyebrows rose together with her curiosity. “What made you say that, Saionji-san?”

“Putting the fact that this customer is a big shot aside…” He gestured Milky to come closer and the girl did what was instructed. He then whispered,

“The customer is a girl.”



MILKY came out of the club after changing back to her usual clothes. Her customer for the night didn’t require her to wear anything that reeks of the club atmosphere. She was told to look like a decent person.

She went out of the building still a little confused of what is happening. She already met the customer at the VIP room a while ago and she couldn’t calm herself up after that meeting. Just looking at the way the lady is dressed, she could say that she isn’t just one of the usual person that you will see everyday. She looks rather sophisticated, calm and composed. She was sitting on the VIP room with a book on her hand which is very out of place.

When Milky came in, she gave her a scan from head to toe then back to the top with those sharp eyes. She closed her book and stood up. She looked at the manager and nodded at him.

“I will take her home.” The guest walked towards the door, passing by Milky. “But, make her change her clothes into normal ones. I can’t handle glittering stuffs.”

Milky sighed after remembering that scene. Throughout her whole career as a cabaret girl, this is the first time after a long while that she got a bit nervous. The last time she got nervous was her first experience. Never in her life that she imagined about being taken home by a girl. This is the first time that she will do it with someone of the same sex.

The woman who has reserved her for the night noticed her. It seems like she has been waiting patiently for her to arrive. Milky is sure that she took some time changing because she still couldn’t believe what is happening. She wore her game face on.

“Did you wait long?” She asked in a very cute voice as she went near the said customer.

The girl with a short hair stretched out her left arm to reveal her wrist watch.

“You almost took an hour just for changing and you are going to ask me if I waited long?” Milky’s eyes widened after hearing those cold words. Normally, she plays the customers on top of her palm but it seems like tonight is a different story.

The lady opened the door of the passenger seat and asked her to hop in. Milky gulped. This is it. There’s no way out.



MILKY could finally breathe when they went out of the car. The air is just so tight she thought she would die. The lady didn’t even say anything while they are on their way to her house. Milky tried to start a conversation but the girl will just give her short answers. She used that time to observe the girl through the corner of her eyes.

Her black, short hair is slicked back which makes her look really clean. Her face also seems like it is being taken care off very well. She doesn’t know why but she feels a strong attraction towards the lady. Was it because she is a girl and she knows the experience will be different than anybody else?

There is no trace of cigarette in the car. It smells a bit different than the usual cars she has rode before. It kind of smells likes coffee but she loved it. It somehow put her mind in ease.

The lady guided her towards her house. Milky was marveled to arrive in front of an old Japanese styled house and she couldn’t believe how huge it is.

“What are you doing standing there like a statue?” she jerked at that call of the lady. “Let’s go in.”

She just nodded at her and the gate opened. She was shocked to see a huge guy welcoming them. He bowed at the sight of his master.

“You’ve arrived, Sayanee-sama.”

“S-Sayanee-sama?” Milky unconsciously repeated which caught the attention of the guy. He looked at her and his eyes widened in an instant.

“G-G-Girl?” he stuttered. He even started breaking sweats. “N-Nee-sama brought a g-g-g—“

The lady who is being called as Sayanee threw her keys to the dumbfounded huge guy. “Go and park my car.”


That’s all and she started walking towards the house. Milky followed her while looking everywhere. They were welcomed by more tough-looking guys on the corridor heading towards Sayanee’s room. All of them are startled to see a cute girl being brought in.

“All of you…” Sayanee took a look at everyone who is tailing them. “Get out of the house and do business. If ever I see anyone of you—“

She is yet to finish her statement but the guys have already flown away. With just that, Milky has already concluded that the girl that took her home is not just an ordinary girl.

“Get in.” Sayanee said, more of a command. Milky did what she was told but there is one more surprise in the room.

“D-Dirty—“ she murmured but immediately covered her mouth. The room is really all over the place. There are books and clothes lying everywhere together with crumpled music sheets. The bed doesn’t seem like it has tasted changing its sheet for a long time. The only thing with a trace of cleanliness left is the study table. Is this where someone should take a girl for a one night stand?

“You got the hobby of blurting out what’s on your mind, don’t you?” Sayanee closed the door. The sound of it closing made Milky jerked. Sayanee just looked at her and went straight to the study table.

“You are going to have sex with me here?” Milky blurted out. Her pride as the top cabaret girl is finally surfacing.

“Huh?” The other girl looked at her with eyes of disbelief. “Who told you that I’m going to sleep with you? I’m not interested with your body.”

Lightning hit Milky after hearing that statement. She could never take this kind of treatment. The pride that she has worked for is not established just to be stepped on like this.

“If you are not going to sleep with me then what do you want?”

Sayanee looked back at her with a not amused face. 

“Clean my room.”



KEICCHI’S eyes were glittering while looking at her friend Milky. The excitement is so evident to her face that Milky felt uncomfortable. She already knows what her friend is going to ask and she could never tell her the truth.

“So~?” Keicchi started. “Tell me what happened last night? How was it being taken home by a woman?”

“Ehh…” Milky turned around to cover her thinking face. All the other girls are all ears to her. All of them are dead curious of what happened. It is the first time in the history of their club that someone was taken home by a girl.

“S-She…” An idea suddenly popped out of her head which gave her some confidence. “That girl likes roleplaying.”

A chorus of ‘Ohh’ was heard from the other girls. They looked at Milky with their hands clasped together as if praying to a goddess. Their eyes blinked fast, asking Milky to tell more details.

The top girl heaved a sigh and then wore her alluring smile.

“As I have said, she loves roleplaying. It was my first time doing it with a woman so I was a little bit unsure of what I have to do so I let her take the lead. Last night…” She stopped to think again. “Last night she made me play the role of her maid.”

“Kyaaa~” The girls giggled at her story.

“You mean she made you wear a maid outfit?” Keicchi asked.

“Sou, sou!” Milky nodded in agreement, thanking her friend in the back of her mind for the wild idea. “She made me wear a maid outfit with cat ears on then we did it.”

Another ‘kyaa~’ was heard from the girls. Milky took this opportunity to make more stories.

“She got a very nice technique. At first I was really scared of what is going to happen but she appeared to be gentle…”

She told them more lies. Milky just couldn’t accept the fact that she was taken home just to clean someone else’s room. She tried to seduce her but she failed so hard that she never wants to see that Sayanee person ever again. Everyone will laugh at her if they get to know the truth.

She continued telling more lies as dirty as it could get when suddenly, the reaction on the faces of the other girls changed. They were looking at something that is behind her, they all seem to be in a trance.

Milky stopped with her lies and slowly turned around. Her jaw dropped at the moment her eyes laid on the wonderful creature that is standing about a meter behind her. It was Sayanee and she is looking intently to her.

“H-How long have you been—“

“Wait, Milky! She’s the one who took you home last night?”


“She is reeking off of pheromones~!!”

“Milky you are so lucky~!”

Sayanee just remained standing there. There isn’t any change with her facial reactions. It seems like her facial muscles are not as active as those of other human beings or she isn’t just amused of the other girls praising her.

“So you are telling them that we did this and that, huh?”

The girls giggled even more after hearing her husky voice while Milky’s face couldn’t be painted anymore. She was caught in the act. How could she face her now?

Sayanee saw how Milky bit her lips and how tensed she is. She just rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, I booked you up for tonight as well.”

Milky raised her head up in a jolt after hearing that statement. The girls looked at each other with love struck faces.

“As expected for the top girl of this club!”

“It seems like you have made someone your patron in just one night again!”

“No one can beat you now, Milky!”

Those are the words that Milky’s pride is craving for but couldn’t she smile after hearing them? Her heart almost stopped beating when Sayanee smirked at her. It is the first smile that she has seen from the girl.

“What are you waiting for? I will take you home…” Sayanee turned her back to her and was about to get out but she stopped by the door to look at Milky once more.

“I can’t wait to do this and that with you again.”

The girls let out their giggles when Sayanee is already out. Milky stood there frozen. Her head is aching, still couldn’t cope up with what is happening. She closed her eyes and heaved a sigh.

“I’m doomed.”



MILKY’s eyes widened at the sight of Sayanee’s room. She believes that she has left the room spotless last night but why does it look like a hurricane has just passed by the place again?

“What in the world happened here?” Milky asked Sayanee who went straight to her study table. It seems like the girl is busy with making some files in her computer. Milky was ignored once again which sent her to her limits.

“Excuse me.” She clamored for the other girl’s attention. “Did you intentionally make this room dirty again just to see me?”

Sayanee’s brows furrowed with that question. She turned to Milky with her eyes squinted. “Excuse me?”

Milky was taken aback by that stare but she tried to act unfazed. “You just want to see me, don’t you? I’m sure I cleaned your room very well last night. You purposely did this, didn’t you?”


Knots were formed in Milky’s forehead after Sayanee almost cracked up with everything that she said.

“What are you smirking at?” she asked.

“I couldn’t locate my things so I had to turn the whole room upside-down before I could find them. Now, I want you to make a list about wherever you put my things. It’s not that I want to see you. You assume so much.”

Milky slapped her cheeks to wake herself up if ever she is just dreaming. She then went on to cleaning just to finish all of this at once. She showed how annoyed she was by putting force in her actions but Sayanee doesn’t seem to mind.

While Milky was putting back the books on the shelf, one book caught her attention.

“T-Things That—“

Her eyes sparkled then hurriedly pulled the book from the shelf. She ran in front of Sayanee’s desk with the book on her hand.

“C-C-Can I borrow this book?” she suddenly blurted out which made the busy girl a bit surprised.

“What?” Sayanee asked.

Milky looked at the book then back to Sayanee. “I’ve been waiting for this book to be out but it easily ran out of stock before I was able to buy it. I managed to read by borrowing one from my friend before but I want to read this again! Can you please lend this to me? I will finish this in just one day! I really love this so please~~”

Sayanee looked at her irritably for a moment but then she just sighed. She took the book from Milky’s hand and grabbed a pen. She opened the book and scribbled something on the first page.

“Come on, you don’t have to write your name on it. I will surely return—“

“It is yours now.”


Did she hear her right? She’s giving the book to her, right? She slowly reached for the book that is being handed to her. She looked at Sayanee with suspicious eyes before opening the book.

Her jaw dropped when she saw what was written on the first page. It was a sign.

“D-Don’t tell me you are—“

“Are you that slow?” Sayanee sighed. “Yes, I wrote that book. Are you happy now?”

Milky froze for a moment and then revealed her fangirl side after being thawed.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not just happy! I’m overjoyed! You don’t know how much I love this work and you are telling me that the author is right in front of me? I’m not dreaming, right?”

“Just a while earlier you are angry at me.”

“Because you are making me do absurd things!” She looked at her signed copy of the book and hugged it. “I will really treasure this! Thank you so much!”

Sayanee looked at her at the corner of her eyes. Somehow that child-like smile is more alluring than the kind of smile she curves up just to fish men. This smile…

“I have one more request if you don’t mind~”

Sayanee heaved a sigh. “What is it this time?”

Milky playfully opened the book on the page where Sayanee signed it and placed it in front of the girl.

“Please write my name on it. ‘To Watanabe Miyuki'.

She waited for the author to write her name but she found out that she is just staring at her. This made her cheeks burn a bit.

“W-What? You don’t know that kanji? The kanji for Mi is the one used for beauty and the—“

“Are you sure you are letting me know your real name?”

Milky fell quiet. There’s a rule in their club that giving out their real name to customers is forbidden. She got so excited that she just blurted out her name.

“W-Well…” she stuttered. “It doesn’t seem like you are a bad person to begin with…”

“Are you sure about that, lady? You have seen all the guys here in this house are bowing before me and you are thinking I am not a bad person? Guys won’t bow because someone is an author.”

“Well…” she thought once again. “They might be bowing to you because they really respect you. It may not be because they are scared of you. And… uhm… If you are a bad person then you have done something against me already, right?”

“You really know how to please people, don’t you?” Sayanee murmured.

“D-Did you say something?” Milky cutely asked.

“Nothing.” Sayanee started writing Milky’s name to answer her request. “What if the reason that I am not doing anything to you is because I’m not really interested to you? How will you react?”

“How about I try to seduce you… again?”

Sayanee looked up at her with her brows furrowed. Milky’s eyes are focused on her, stealing glances on her lips. Their stares locked. This is one of her fishing techniques. Once her prey is already looking at her eyes, there will be no way out. Thinking that she already got her, Milky slowly leaned towards Sayanee, closing the gap between them when—


Milky shrieked in fear when she felt a palm groped her butt. She fell to her feet due to shock. A shadow casts upon her which made her tremble in fear. She looked up only to see a pair of round, black eyes looking down at her. And they are owned by a…kid?

“You got nice butt, Onee-san.” The kid stated with a blank face. “It looks so nice that I felt like it was calling me to touch it. I couldn’t help it so I am not going to say sorry.”

“W-What are you—“

Milky suddenly heard laughs from Sayanee as the girl stood up from her seat. She went towards the little boy and ruined his hair. The boy just looked at him without any change in facial expression. He’s just like Sayanee.

“Here you go again at your butt fetish, Hiroki.” Sayanee greeted the boy and sat on the floor to level down the boy’s height. “Tell me you are not doing this kind of thing at your school.”

“Of course not.” The boy looked back to Milky. “Who is this girl with a perfect butt?”

Sayanee gave out a short laugh. “She is—“

“Is she going to be my mother, Otou-san?”

“Otou-san!!?” Milky shrieked. “You are a guy!!?”

The smile on Sayanee’s face faded. She rolled her eyes. “My asset is bigger than yours and you are telling me that I am a guy?” Sayanee shook her head while looking at Milky’s asset. The girl hugged herself as she felt like Sayanee’s is belittling what she has. “This kid considers me as his father, no matter how hard I tell him that I am not who he thinks I am.”

“Y-You mean you are also not her mother?”

“No… Isn’t it obvious?” Sayanee sighed, getting tired of explaining everything to Milky. “I adopted him after his parents were killed in a gang war. Ever since he came to this house he calls me Otou-san.”

“I don’t care.” The kid butted in. “You are my Otou-san and that is final. I don’t want anyone else.”

“Hai, hai…” Sayanee sighed and patted the boy’s head. “Introduce yourself to the visitor.”

“Konnichiwa.” The kid bowed a little. “I am Hiroki. I am 10 years old. Are you going to be my Okaa-san?”

Their eyes widened at the innocent question of Hiroki. Sayanee immediately dismissed the idea and explained to Hiroki why Milky is here. For a moment Milky felt her cheeks burned. Her chest tightened. Why is she feeling this way to someone she just met? And, to top all of it, this person is a girl.


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You're baaack! I miss you! lol :cow:

and with SayaMilky, tho I'm not much of a shipper but I still like how you make a story out of them :inlove: It's your story after all, of course it'll turn out good!

and dang did I read that right?

“T-Things That—“

is it what it is I'm thinking? Hmm... well nvmnd, I'll just brush it off.

I have something to follow again yay!
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hee new fic!
tbh this would be the first sayamilky main pairing fic i read (don't kill me)
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Loved it so much.

And I see what you did there. 😏
Gonna try and wait for the update patiently. 😀
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YES!! NEW FIC :D I made my opinion in tumblr :D

Im really waiting for the next chapter
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Hmmmm... I see what you did there. :mon misch: The book and Maru's cameo appearance. Oh and that "butt fetish" reminds me of Maru's Drunk Text chapter. Looking forward to the next part of this SayaMilky OS. :mon thumb:
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Waaa!!!  Cut-sama you're back!!!  I miss you :on gay: :on gay:

And I see what you did there, sooo after all this time, sayanee wrote the book huh?  Lol

Waiting for the next part!!!
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@Erza_Jerusalem-san, Ehh... Thanks for missing me. I wasn't gone that long tho. :) Man, that is some sort of a pressure. Hopefully I can give justice to this as well. ^^

@akbdaisuki48-san, Wow! This is your first? :) I hope you enjoy this. :)

@Goto24-san, I'm glad that you loved it. Thanks for waiting. ^^

@Haruko-san, Thanks for reading. ^^ I wonder what those questions are. ^^

@MatsuiLee-san, haha. nice. you remembered that drunk text. XD

@yukine-san, Waa!! haha. I'm back~~^^ Thanks for missing me. :)

And yes everyone, I used a lot of reference here from the last fic that I wrote. Eh? You haven't read it? It is called Things That Mix. It would be nice if you also check that one out. ^^ I hope you are enjoying this SayaMilky fic but this will not be a long series. It only has three parts (cause I am preparing something else^^) And man, I can feel the pressure. Please don't expect much with this short series. ^^

Also, tell me which pairing you like to be featured next in this thread. ^^
Next update will be on Sunday. See you~ Have a good day everyone. :)
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Also, tell me which pairing you like to be featured next in this thread. ^^
Next update will be on Sunday. See you~ Have a good day everyone. :)

Well can I request yukkanen to be featured next??  It's Sugai Yuuka x Moriya Akane in case you don't know
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The first thing that cross my mind when I finish reading this chapter "ああ。。Milky は ドM だ。。"
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Nice fanfic author San  :) :)
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Yey!! A NEW Story!!

I've been a fan ever since I started reading Things that Mix
and I just can't wait to read your works.

I'll be waiting for your update! ❤️❤️
Title: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (II) 04-16
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@yukine-san, I will try to come up with something... ^^
@Genkikid-san, Haha. IKR. XD
@sadrilim-san, thank you~ ^^
@Oshi~san, Wow! Thanks for reading Things That Mix. ^^ Yey~

Good day, everyone! Happy Easter to all of you~ ^^
And now, for the promised update. Lol. I'm really nervous... Douzo~

A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky

PART 2: Table Number 8


Sayanee handed Milky the cup of coffee she has prepared. It’s already past 11 in the evening but here they are, about to take caffeine in their bodies. They are currently in front of the garden of the house where there is a koi pond in the middle. Everything about this home looks so Japanese with the rooms as exemptions. Sayanee sat by the other side of the tatami door.

“I’m sorry about Hiroki earlier. He is just a mischievous child.”

Milky chuckled while remembering how cute the boy was. They just met but it feels like they’ve known each other for a long time. Also, the fact that her butt was perfectly scored by a kid with a butt fetish made her pride full again.

“I don’t really mind.” She smiled. “I like innocent looking kids like him but actually a bit mean inside.”

Sayanee just nodded at her and took a sip of her coffee. Milky also took a sip of hers while stealing glances at the other girl. It is her second night without tasting any alcohol and now she is drinking coffee instead. Somehow it feels really weird.

She already finished organizing Sayanee’s room and she gave her the list so she won’t have to ruin what she has done. She was only called here to clean her room and now that her job is done, she doesn’t have any reason to be called again. Somehow, this makes her sad.

Milky shook her head at that thought. She couldn’t be sad. What will happen to the integrity that she worked so hard to establish if she would prefer this kind of life? She has learnt to swallow every kind of shame she has on her body just to achieve being number one.

“Say…” Sayanee started. “How long do you think you can do that kind of work?”

That question took her by surprise. Of course she had thought of that before but she never had an answer to it.

“As long as I can do it, I guess…”

“Do you think you can still sell even if you are already in your thirties?”

“I guess I have to lower the price that time…” She then laughed to pretend that it’s all fine with her. There are nights when she honestly thought if ever this time would ever come to an end.

Sayanee took another sip of her coffee then released a sigh.

“Are you fine with just any guy?”

“Pfft.” Mirky smirked. “I’m fine with anyone as long as they are going to pay me with the right amount. I’ve been doing this kind of job for a long time. It would be foolish to ask me things like that.”

“Watanabe Miyuki…”

Milky’s heart skipped a beat after hearing someone call her with her whole name. It’s the first time after a long time that someone called her Miyuki.

“You got a very beautiful name.”

Milky took another sip of her coffee to hide her blushing cheeks. Why is this person continuously making her feel things that she never felt before? Her heart is thumping so hard and it makes her hard to breathe.

“Is this withdrawal from alcohol or is this because of coffee?”

She took another glimpse of her and once again she was marveled on how beautiful Sayanee is. The light from the moon makes her glow even more. Milky bit her lips. She has never been so tempted and attracted to a person like this before.

“It’s now or never.” She thought to herself. She put down the cup of coffee and took a deep breath. “N-Ne…” She called. The other girl turned to her direction and there goes her heart again.

Milky’s fists balled. Crawling, she went towards Sayanee, showing a bit of her cleavage to the other girl. Sayanee has already noticed it but she isn’t giving any reaction like usual. Milky invaded the other girl’s personal space. She looked up to her with those alluring puppy eyes.

The small distance they have left made her heart go even wilder.

“Yuki Koi-san…” she called as their stares locked.

“You shouldn’t call me with my pen name.” Sayanee answered in a low voice.

Milky didn’t mind what she said. She just continued with her advancements. “C-Can you do me?”

Sayanee didn’t give any answer so Milky assumed it was a yes. She went for another attack and kissed Sayanee on the lips. She could feel a hand placed slowly on her shoulder. Thinking that the other girl has already responded to her, she went to take the kiss further but she ended up being pushed away by the girl.

She opened her eyes only to see Sayanee looking down at her. Her eyes are so cold it gives shiver to her spine; so sharp that it tears off her heart strings.

“W-Why?” She asked with no other words left to say.

Sayanee closed her eyes and pushed her even farther. “Get yourself ready, I will drop you home.” That’s all and she stood up to prepare her car.

“Wait!” Milky called out, her voice a little cracked. “You didn’t like the kiss? Why don’t you just do me? I feel bad for you paying me so much without even doing my actual work.”

“You cleaned my room and that is enough. At least that’s a decent job.”

“But it is not my job!”

Sayanee turned back to her and looked straight to her eyes.

“I don’t do girls that aren’t mine.”


MILKY jerked up after the manager of the bar clapped his hands right in front of her face. She looked up to him only to see his annoyed face.

“You’ve been spacing out a lot, Milky!” He nagged. He could already see money getting out of his door. “Stay like that for the whole week and you will lose your title! Are you getting tired of this job? Remember that you don’t have anywhere else to go!”

Milky rolled her eyes in irritation. “I know, I know! You don’t have to remind me that my parents sold me to you because of debt. I don’t have any other choice, right?”

“Good! It’s good that you remember!” He rubbed her sexy shoulders with a huge, freaky smile on his face. “Now go to table 8, Fujita-san has come for you again.”’

“That guy?” Milky’s shoulder dropped after hearing that name. That guy might be good-looking and rich but he has an awfully huge ego, probably bigger than the Tokyo Tower but he is actually bad in bed. “I can’t stand him to be honest. Can you give him other girls just for tonight? I’m really not feeling well.”

The manager gave her a sarcastic smile. “The money has already been transferred, lady. I’ve let you rest for the past days but that’s enough” He pulled her up from her seat and pushed her out of the dressing room. “Now go on and do as you are told or you will never be free!”

Milky let out a deep sigh and stomped her feet. She has been earning a lot but still it isn’t enough to cover the price she was sold to. The manager even doubled it saying that her value to the club has become so significant he just couldn’t let go of her just like that.

She made her way to table 8, Fujita’s favorite table because it is the table that can occupy the most girls. Just the sight of the guy’s face makes her want to puke. She wore her game face on and greeted everyone on the said table.

Fujita’s face lightened up right after he saw Milky. The girls gladly made space for her. It seems like they are all on the same page in regards with this guy. Milky sat beside Fujita and the guy was quick to arch his arm around her.

“You missed me, dearest Milky?” He then kissed Milky’s exposed shoulder. “I’m sorry that I’ve been away for a long time.”

“I don’t really mind you being away. I hope you are gone forever.”

Milky put up her fisher smile and hugged the guy. “It’s okay, you are back and that’s important.”

The guy laughed his ego out. “That’s what I like about you, Milky!” he brushed Milky’s hair that is covering her neck before he shoved his face on it and kissed it. “Are you prepared for tonight?” he whispered. Milky closed her eyes and Sayanee’s face suddenly flashed in the darkness.

“Geez. Why is she suddenly appearing like this? I can’t focus on my work because of you!”

It was the first time that someone turned her down after being kissed by her. That gave a huge blow to her pride but was it just really because of pride?


Milky’s eyes automatically darted by the entrance of the bar and her heart started racing. Speaking of the devil, Sayanee came after three days of absence. Why is her heart reacting this way just at the sight of her?

Sayanee turned to her and their eyes met. She saw a slight curiosity on the face of the girl when she saw her being kissed by the guy beside her. The manager was talking to Sayanee but the girl doesn’t seem to mind. She is just looking at Milky.

“Geez!” Milky gasped to herself when she saw that the girl is actually coming towards her. “Not now, you are making it hard to breathe.”

“Oh! It’s the woman who took Milky home!” Keicchi exclaimed when Sayanee is finally standing in front of them. This stopped Fujita who was currently busy with Milky’s neck.

“Woman?” He threw his death stare to Sayanee who is just looking coldly at them. “You were taken home by this woman, Milky?”

“And they’ve done wild things~!” The girls giggled as they remember the things Milky told them. Milky bit her lips. She can already smell the plate of trouble being served in front of her.

“I’m going to take her tonight as well.” Sayanee said to the manager pertaining to Milky.

“I-I-I’m sorry but Milky is already booked for tonight.” He explained; sweat is evident on his forehead. “Y-You can choose other—“

“I said I want her.”

“Hey!” Fujita rose from his seat, furious of being treated like a nobody by just a woman. “Can’t you see that I already paid for her!? Get the hell out of here!”

“How much did you pay for her? I will pay you back.”

Fujita’s eyes widened after seeing that Sayanee isn’t close to backing out. She just looked at him sharply, so sharp it felt like it could kill.

“W-What the hell are you talking about!? As if I am going to back down from a woman like you!”

“A woman like me, huh?” A smirk was drawn on Sayanee’s face sending fear to everyone who saw it. The manager started to tremble in fear. He almost fell down when she turned to him.

“How much is the freedom of this girl? I am going to buy her.”

Gasps were heard from everyone. Even the people on other tables who heard that stopped with whatever they are doing.

“C-Chotto! What are you doing!?” Milky also rose up to her seat. “Don’t tell me that she is planning to buy me to be her maid!? What is wrong with this woman, really?”

“B-B-But…” The owner stammered. “If I let you buy Milky our business will be affect—“

Sayanee moved her face near the owner for a staredown. “How much?”

Fujita lost it. He went to Sayanee and pulled her by the collar. “Don’t you know who I am, woman? Who the hell are you to treat me like I am air here, huh?”

Laughter was heard from another table which caught their attention. It was from a huge, bald guy who is currently enjoying his mug of beer.

“My boy! You should ask yourself about that!” He then took another gulp of his beer. “Are you sure you are allowed to say that to the woman in front of you?”

“Shut the fuck up baldie!” he shouted. “You don’t have anything to do here!”

The guy laughed again and looked at him with pity. “Looks like you have to prepare for burial, boy! You are just talking to the future Oyabun of Yamamoto-gumi!”

“Y-Yamamoto-gumi?” Milky stuttered. Is she hearing it right? Sayanee is the future leader of that huge Yakuza group? That Yakuza group that pushed her parents to the edge of the cliff!?

The strength on Fujita’s grip suddenly faded when he heard the name of the Yakuza group. His mouth is wide open while stepping away from Sayanee. The girl dusted off her collar and then turned back to the owner.

“I'm buying her freedom. I’ll be waiting downstairs.” She was about to go but stopped midway. “Don’t make me wait.”

“H-H-Hai!” The manager pulled Milky from the table and pushed her towards the dressing room to get changed. “I hate to do this Milky but you have to get out of here now. I don’t want my business to turn to literal ashes if I don’t set you free.”

Fujita heard laughs from his table. All the other girls are talking about cool Sayanee was. He was just humiliated in front of all these girls. He gritted his teeth, his fists balled.

“I’m not letting this pass.”

THE CAR stopped in front of Sayanee’s house. She removed her seatbelt and was about to go out when she noticed that Milky is not making a move.

“Aren’t you going out?” She asked but Milky remained silent. Sayanee removed the seatbelt for her which brought them too close to each other. “Aren’t you used to being free?”

“Pfft.” Milky smirked. “Are you seriously telling me that I am free? My master just changed. I’m not actually free, right?”

Sayanee moved back. She’s ready to listen to whatever Milky is going to say. She saw how pearls started forming from the girl’s eyes. She knows that Milky has been preventing herself to cry since the time she rode the car.

“You booked me for two nights, for what? Just to clean your awfully messy room? You didn’t do anything to me, saying you are not interested to my body. You even rejected my kiss and now you just bought me? You’re asking me things about freedom when the truth is…”

Her fists clenched before she turned to Sayanee. “The truth is your group is the reason why my parents sold me! Your group is the reason why they committed suicide! You are the reason why there is a value placed on my head right now! You—“

“I know about it.”

Milky was taken aback. “E-Eh?”

Sayanee is looking directly straight to her eyes. “I know about you. I know how much your family was pressured by one of our higher ranks 8 years ago. That officer was the one tending me so I was able to see all the horrible things that he did.

I wanted to do something that time. I may be the daughter of the Oyabun but I don’t have enough power to tell a high-tier what to do. I don’t know if you remember but I was the weird looking girl who always buys books on your bookstore before. I’m the one you mistook into a creep because you saw me staring at you.”

A picture of a stone-faced girl with messy hair flashed in Milky’s mind—the girl who is a regular customer of their bookstore.

“At that time buying books to your store was the only thing I could do to help. Then one day I just saw your place being surrounded by police. I heard that your parents hanged themselves after they sold you just to clear their selves of the debt.

I asked my uncle about you but you were taken in a very far place. I don’t even know your name. All I know is you are the girl who smiles at the sight of me. Most people fear my presence but you were there and smiled brightly at me.”

“W-What do you mean?” Milky finally found her voice.

“All these years I made my way up to the rankings not relying on my blood relationship with the Oyabun but with my own strength. I made all the way up to the point that I don’t have to introduce myself.”

Sayanee reached for Milky’s hand. The other girl was a bit hesitant but she slowly let her guard down. Sayanee held her tight.

“All this time I struggled to go up in order to have the power to find you and save you.”

Tears started flowing down Milky’s eyes. She covered her mouth with her free hand. She tried to avoid Sayanee’s stare but her eyes were drawn to them.

“I’m sorry…” Sayanee sighed. “I’m sorry that it took me so long to find you. I’m sor—“

She was not able to finish her statement when Milky jumped to her arms. She dug her face to her chest and there she released all the tears that she has been holding. “Why have you taken so long? I’ve been through a lot you know!? I’ve been through a lot of hideous nights!”

Sayanee heaved a deep sigh. She slowly embraced the crying girl. That embrace grew tighter. Finally, after all those years, the girl with that wonderful smile is finally in her arms. She hugged her with the hope that she would feel how sorry she is for being so late. For how sorry she is for everything.

Sayanee raised Milky’s head so that she could look up to her. She wiped her tears away while caressing her face gently. “But you know…

You are mine now…”

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Love it even more!!!!!!

Ohhh so it was Sayaness's family that drove that to happen to Milky.
Ohh well. At least she got her out. But too long Sayanee. TOO LONG!!

Now I'm worried about what Fujita will do.

Don't make it a sad ending. 😐
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I REALLY LOVE THIS!!  It will be a happy ending right?  Right?  Right? Bc, I'm worried about that Fujita guy...

Please don't make it the same like TTM!!!
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Sayanee kakkoii na~
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Uwwwaa! Sayanee is so cool and ikemen here ❤️😍😭 Its kinda cool how Sayanee is the future head of a big yakuza group  :inlove: :drool: And the "you're mine now" part is just ......  :wub: I cant even.....  :wub:
Since she said in chapter 1 that "I dont do girl that aren't mine" AHDHSHDBHSBD

Ill be waiting for your update!
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A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky
LAST PART: Yakuza Movie

Sayanee heaved a deep sigh. She slowly embraced the crying girl. That embrace grew tighter. Finally, after all these years, the girl with that wonderful smile is finally on her arms. She hugged her with the hope that she would feel how sorry she is for being so late. For how sorry she is for everything.

Sayanee raised Milky’s head so that she could look up to her. She wiped her tears away while caressing her face gently. “But you know… You are mine now…”

“I don’t do girls that aren’t mine.”

Those words of Sayanee echoed at the back of Milky’s mind. Her heart started running wild once more. Her mind is turning blank. So it explains the weird attachment she has for this girl. She has known her years ago. She was the one with the same taste of books as hers. No wonder why she is so attracted to her.

Wait… She is telling her that she’s hers now, right? That just means…

Milky looked at Sayanee and their faces began to be drawn to each other. They were only an inch away from each other when Milky saw a pair of round eyes outside Sayanee’s window. She shrieked, releasing herself from Sayanee’s hug then went to hug her seatbelt.

Sayanee looked by her window and laughed.

“It’s Hiroki. Don’t worry he didn’t see what we were doing. The car is heavily tinted.”

“Gahd! That kid is always scaring me!”

Sayanee laughed again. Milky is really marveled that only Hiroki can make the girl laugh. She opened the window and greeted the kid.

“Why are you out of the house at this hour?” Sayanee asked.

The kid’s eyes immediately inspected the inside of the car. His eyes landed to Milky and the girl greeted her. He politely greeted back then looked back to Sayanee.

“I’ve seen your car arrived through the CCTV but you aren’t coming out so I came to check you out.” Hiroki looked back to Milky. “Don’t tell me you are enjoying her butt without sharing her to me.”

Sayanee lost it while Milky flushed bright red in an instant. Sayanee went out of the car and Milky followed her. She held Hiroki by the hand and then they walked inside. Milky stood on the other side of the boy. The kid was fast to spank her butt which made her shriek.

“Mou~ Seriously?” She asked the kid. Sayanee just laughed at them. Milky smiled at Sayanee and the girl smiled back at her then her heart was once again filled with warmth. It seems like she will enjoy having this freedom being spent with the two.


MILKY just finished hanging the laundry. It has been a week since she was released from the club of a nightmare. She may be staying in the house of a Yakuza high ranker but she never felt so safe in her entire life. She doesn’t have to sell her body anymore. No one is hunting her back knowing that she is in the domicile of a future Yakuza boss.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and took pride at the amount of laundry that she has done. She went back inside and all the other guys are greeting her with respect. She would just smile at them and send them in a trance. Guess her fishing skill hasn’t gone rusty yet.

She took a peek of Sayanee’s room only to see that the girl is still fast asleep. Sayanee is more active at night. The writer can only organize her thoughts once everyone on the house has already fallen asleep. The peace brought by the night makes her concentrated with her work. She would sleep around 6 in the morning and wake up around 1 in the afternoon.

Since Milky was brought in, Sayanee has been so focused with her work because of a deadline. This just means they still haven’t done it.

Milky closed the door and sighed. “She said she has waited so long for me but it doesn’t seem like it.” She went to the room given to her and picked the book Sayanee gifted to her. She threw herself on the futon and opened the book.

“She wrote my name wonderfully…” Milky gasped when she realized something. She slapped her forehead. “I still don’t know her real name.”


“YOU’RE TOO good with that game.”

Hiroki’s attention was caught by the young girl that stood beside him. He got out of focus of the shooting game he is playing but he immediately went back on track. He tried to look at the girl through the corner of his eyes.

“I’ve been playing this for a long time.” He finally answered after clearing the stage. He wouldn’t care about talking to the girl if he didn’t find her cute. He placed the gun back to the rack and turned to the girl. “So, do you want to play with me?”

The girl smiled sweetly at him, surprised by his sudden invitation. “Sure!”

Hiroki extended his hand to her. Just how fast kids of these days could be? The cute little girl was about to reach for his hand when a shadow was casted over them.

“How about play with me, little kid?”


Everyone on the arcade center stopped what they were doing when they heard the shout from the girl. They just saw a man threw a boy inside his car then quickly sped away. Hiroki’s guardian was busy playing with his own game he didn’t even see that the boy has been taken away.

The big guy tried to follow the car but he was too late. Chasing for his breath, he rubbed his face with his palm. Looks like he’ll say goodbye to a pinky.


KAWAKAMI, Hiroki’s guardian was kneeling in front of Sayanee. The whole house is in big tension after the news that Hiroki has been kidnapped reached everyone. They were at the courts of the house with Kawakami kneeling in front of the stairs.

Milky is standing beside Sayanee. She is really worried about the kid with butt fetish. Who in the world would kidnap such an innocent looking child? Well, he may not be too innocent but Hiroki is still a child.

The other guys are all bowing their head. They all know how important Hiroki is to their leader. Kawakami might get his whole pinky cut off.

“Tell me, what are you doing when Hiroki was taken away?” Sayanee asked, her voice brought fear to the whole house. Kawakami wasn’t able to answer; he just started to tremble in fear. Sayanee stomped her feet which made everyone jerk.

“I-I-I was playing an arcade game. I-I-I lost sight of H-Hiroki—“

A butterfly knife suddenly landed in front of him that made him shake even more. He tried to look up but he only saw the merciless eyes of their leader gawking at him.

“If Hiroki is not back in this house this evening you already know what to do.”

“H-H-Hai…” He kneeled further, his head touching the ground. He was moved that his master gave him a chance. If it is other higher-ups his pinky has already been cut off right after he told them the story. He picked up the blade and kept it on his pocket.

Sayanee’s phone suddenly rang as if on cue, flashing an unknown number on the screen. She picked it up right away.

“Who are you?” she asked with a cold voice. The person on the other line answered her with an annoying laugh which got into her nerves.

“Is that how you normally pick calls up?” The guy laughed once more. “Remember how you humiliated me at the club? I’ve come for revenge.”


“I don’t care if you are a Yakuza boss or what. You humiliated Fujita Tomoya. I can’t just let that go. Now, bring Milky here to me in exchange of this kid—“

“Otou-san, don’t worry. I can handle this. They don’t look scary at all.”

“Shut the fuck up, kid!”

“This guy doesn’t look like he has the balls to—“

Sayanee heard a slapping sound which alerted her. The change in her facial expression frightened the whole house. “Bastard…” she gnashed.

The guy laughed again. “I will send you the location. Come here and bring Milky. No back up or anything. If I saw you bring backup…” A gunshot was heard which made Sayanee clenched her fist. “Say goodbye to this child.”

The line was cut. Sayanee put her phone back to her pocket. “Get out of the way.” He glared at Kawakami and the guy immediately stood up, tumbling because his legs gone numb.

Sayanee went straight to her car. The guys followed her with anxiety on their faces.

“Nee-sama! Are you going alone?” They asked.

“I can’t bring anyone with me. I heard a gunshot and that is making me worry.”

“G-Gunshot!?” they started panicking. “Shouldn’t you bring a gun with you too?”

“Sato, I know what I am doing. I am well-aware of the situation.”

“C-Chotto!” Milky made her way to Sayanee. “Bring me with you. That was Fujita Tomoya, right? I got the hunch that he will get revenge. That guy with a little whiny!”

“I can’t bring you with me.”

“He is asking for me, right? I heard all of it, Sayanee! Let me go with you and I will teach that jerk a lesson!”

The guys were marveled of the courage that the girl is showing. All their mouths are forming letter o’s. Sayanee heaved a sigh. “Get in.”

A smile curved from Milky’s lips. She immediately rode the car and fastened her seatbelt.

“Nee-sama, are you sure you can do this alone?”

“I told you, guys, I know what I am doing.” She repeated. “I will be back soon.”

Without further ado, the two went on following the address that Fujita sent Sayanee.


THE CAR stopped in front of a warehouse near the port. Sayanee was about to go out when Milky halted her. The girl is a complete picture of worry.

“What?” Sayanee asked. “You were so brave a while ago and now you look like a scared cat.”

“It’s not that.” Milky sighed. “Look, you are just getting out of the car like that? Shouldn’t there be a moment for the couple before they go out of the car? That’s what usually happens in the movies, right?”

Sayanee’s jaw dropped. Did she just hear her right?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Milky innocently asked. “Aren’t you watching Yakuza films? Before the final action, the couple should have a moment in the car, remember? Don’t tell me we will just go in like this! This is too boring!”

Sayanee turned her whole body to the other girl. “Are you serious with this, Miyuki? And a couple? When did we become a couple?”

Milky’s got shook. “D-Don’t tell me we are not a couple yet…”

“We are not.”

Milky’s jaw dropped. She averted Sayanee’s stare and smiled bitterly. “Here I am thinking that we are already a couple, Sayanee… How embarrassi—“

Milky was silenced when Sayanee’s lips landed straight to hers after she was pulled into her arms. She felt Sayanee’s lips started moving and it made her weak. This is probably not a good idea after all. They are about to enter a battle ground and she needs energy. She realized that kissing like this in the movies is such a huge mistake.

But of course, as a former number one girl, she couldn’t let herself to be dominated just like that. She has made a lot of man worship her. Milky learned to kiss back. Who is she to fool herself that she doesn’t want what is happening?

Sayanee cut the kiss. Catching up for some air, they stared at each other.

“Yamamoto Sayaka.” Sayanee uttered under her breath. “That’s my name. Don’t call me Sayanee, you are not one of my men.”

“S-Sayaka?” Milky repeated. Her voice is still a bit shaky because of adrenaline.

“Mhm.” Sayanee nodded and gave her a peck on her lips. “I was planning to court you but you already said that we are a couple. You can’t take that back anymore.”

Milky nodded, still in a trance.

“We’ll continue this when we get home.” Sayanee sighed. “We just have to get Hiroki back. I’m worried that they might—“

They suddenly heard consecutive gunshots which made them jerked out of the car. Sayanee cursed loudly. “Hiroki!”

She ran towards the entrance of the warehouse. Milky just followed her though a little bit hesitant. What they heard are gunshots. Freakin’ gunshots! But why is Sayanee going in just like this. There is no trace that she is worried about getting killed. She just followed her either way.

When they opened the door of the warehouse, Milky was surprised to the amount of blood scattered all over the floor. She saw a lot of guys on the ground, all of them are groaning in pain. She also saw Fujita lying on the middle. His face is covered with the mixture of his tears and snot.

Stepping on his head is non-other than Hiroki. He is holding pistols in both of his hands.

“S-S-Spare me, please! I-I still want to live!”

It seems like Hiroki didn’t hear his plea. He pointed the gun on the guy’s body. “You were saying bad things about my Otou-san, right? I will show no mercy.”

“Hiroki! That’s enough!”

The kid turned to Sayanee with cold blooded eyes. Those eyes slowly started to regain spirit when he recognized Sayanee and Milky. “Otou-san! Okaa-san!” He dropped the guns on Fujita’s head sending the guy into a deep sleep. He ran towards Sayanee and hugged her.

“I’ve finished everything just for you.” Hiroki said. Sayanee looked around once more. Everyone is alive. Hiroki only immobilized them. She could finally breathe. She sat in front of the kid and patted his head.

“You didn’t overdo it, right?” The boy just shook his head. His uniform is stained with blood so as his cute face. Sayanee wiped the blood off of his face. “When I heard the gunshot during the call earlier I already know that this will happen. They surely messed with the wrong kid.”

“He destroyed the moment I was having with the cute girl on the arcade. He was also saying that he will take my Okaa-san away. As if I will just let him do that.” The kid turned to Milky and smiled at her. “You don’t have to worry anymore, Okaa-san. Hiroki already kicked his ass.”

That smile warmed Milky’s heart. She opened her arms and the kid came in for a hug. “Thank you, Hiro—“ Milky’s brows twitched when she felt her butt being groped by the kid once again. She just shrugged her shoulders and let him do his thing. “Just for this once I will let you do that. But sons don’t do that to their mothers.”

“Is that so?” Hiroki innocently asked then sulked. “Anyway, I like you as my mother more than your butt so I guess it is fine.”

Sayanee smiled at the sight of the two. She reached for her phone and called one of his subordinates. She ordered him to take the knife away from Kawakami and call for ambulance anonymously.

After that she invited the two back to the car and they went back home.


A MONTH has passed. After Fujita Tomoya was silenced by Hiroki, no other movie-themed incident followed that. Until now, Milky is still shocked about Hiroki being a skilled marksman at a young age. Sayanee told her that it was an inborn talent.

Milky is watching Hiroki playing with the girl he met at the arcade in the backyard like a normal kid. She could see that Hiroki likes the girl by the name Kyoko. Milky sighed.

“A month has already passed but we still haven’t picked up to where we stopped.” Her eyes darted to the direction of Sayanee’s room. “Until when is she going to make me wait? Mou… Sayaka…”

She stood up and took a stretch. She told Hiroki that she will just be in her room and then went inside. Sayanee became busy with the launch of her new book. She almost shut herself inside her room just to finish proof reading everything.

Milky was surprised to see a book on her bed. She picked it up and read the title,

“A Girl Took Me Home”

Her curiosity arose and her heart started to beat fast. She opened it up and saw a dedication on the first page saying,

“Dedicated to the reason why I worked so hard during the past eight years. To you who gave me that one precious smile I will never forget. I will treat you the way a pearl should be treated. You are my treasure. I promise you will not experience horrible things again.”

Her eyes started to water when she read the last line.

I love you. I really do. In my heart it has always been you…


                                         Yuki Koi

“So, you saw the book already?”

Milky turned to the door where she saw Sayanee standing. Her hair is still a bit messy since she just got off of the bed. Milky looked at her with puppy eyes.

“Do you mean it, Sayaka?”

Sayanee brushed her fringe up. She went towards Milky and held her by the shoulders.

“You still won’t believe me unless there is physical interaction, right?” She kissed the girl in the forehead and smiled at her. “I searched for you for eight long years, remember? Let me show why a girl like me took you home.”

To avoid being interrupted by a certain boy, Sayanee locked the door.



Hello everyone, Cut here. I hope you enjoyed this SayaMilky short series that I made. Thank you for reading it. Also, I want to take this chance to tell you that I’m going to release another series. It is called:


To those who have read Things That Mix... this is it.

It’ll be posted soon. Please wait for it. Thank you. ^^
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I want to know what they do after Sayanee locked the door

Things that mix is going to have a sequel?!?! Please say yes :ding: :ding:
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Good ending author san. I hope you make sequel for Yuiparu.

I been looking for one good story for them.
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Woaa... Woaa...  Hiroki is such a badass!  :onionwhip:

And what do you mean by those who have read TTM... this is it... don't tell me you're gonna make a sequel bout TTM Cut-sama?  Say yes pls, say it...
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So Things that Mix will get a sequel...

That means the AKB48 girls are gonna go to the very depths of he'll to rescue Maru?


I take all comers!
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oh its a 3 shot only?
hmmm my first sayamilky main pairing fic.... i cant really say since while reading it sometimes I end up imagine that sayanee is  Jurina and milky is sakura and end up just getting super excited all by myself LOL I'm sorry

and did i heard a sequel of things that mix?
i wonder will it started right after the last chapter?? or will it a prequel kind of? like before the fic even started? or even same event but different POI? or a mix of all coz its things that mix (okay bad pun sorry). looking forward to anything itll be~
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What? No little details behind the door.  :ding:
Hahahahaha. Just kidding. I got the ending that I was hoping for anyways. XD

So that's what you meant about Hiroki.......  :mon huh2:
But man. Hiroki so bad ass.  :mon cigar:
Where did he learn all of that? And how the heck did Sayanee found out about him?

So it's finally time...........  :on comhere:  :farofflook:  :on roll:

Bring on the thunder!!!!!!  :cool1: :angry1: :on GJ: :mon beam:
Title: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (OS)
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Paruru Shrinks! (OS)

A HEAVY SIGH came out of Paruru as she her eyes landed to the person who opened the door of the fitting room. She tried to massage her head to somehow ease the throbbing pain in her temple but it is no use. A tough long day she had after a series of drama shoots but she never thought the impossible task that she will be facing for the day is this one.

“What?” Yui asked her with a knot formed by her meeting eyebrows. “Is this still not good enough?” She twirled around to give Paru a better look of her 7th choice for the night. It was a loose black shirt with some cool white prints on it paired with some ragged, tattered jeans. This set of clothes is on trend lately but Paru can’t help but to wonder why this doesn’t look good at Yui at all. This is really getting more and more frustrating.

“Mou~” she groaned. She pulled Yui out of the dressing room and took her place. “Go with that. We’ll be really late if we keep on changing your clothes.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes anyway?” Yui looked at her shirt. “You chose it for me so I thought this will be fine.”

Paru gave her a cold stare before rolling her eyes. “There’s nothing wrong with the clothes. You just really can’t fit with them!”

That’s all and she shut the door close blowing Yui away who is already eating a mouthful of salt. The latter just shrugged her shoulders and waited for Paruru to finish changing.

Five minutes have already passed but the girl is still not coming out. Yui decided to be more patient but it has been a good 15 minutes. There is no Paruru coming out.

“Paruru...” Yui called out after a series of soft knocks. She’s trying to remember if Paru brought a lot of clothes to try but she realized that everything fits Paruru so there’s no need for that.

“Paruru...” she called out again, this time a bit louder. Yui backed out when she heard thuds coming from the room as if someone is jumping up and down.

“Are you alright!?” Yui asked but only silence answered her. She heard another jump followed by a loud thudding sound which made her jerked. Finally the door of the fitting room opened. It made a creaking sound which added to the suspense.

When the door opened to its fullest, Yui’s jaw dropped straight to the ground, her eyes almost jumped out of their socket. For a moment she lost her voice. When she finally found it there was nothing that she could say more.



SAYANEE and the others were alerted with the non-stop ringing of her door bell. She went to see who it is only to find Yui’s sweaty image in the monitor. The NMB ace quickly placed her glass of wine on the table before rushing towards her door. Finally, the pair that they have been waiting for has arrived.

“Yuihan, why are—WOAH!”

Sayanee almost twirled when Yui rushed her way in like a swift of wind. The General Manager swept all the liquors she saw and hid them at Sayaka’s kitchen. She even snatched the drinks that are already in the hands of the other members.

“What the hell are you doing, Yuihan?” Sayanee asked as she watches Yui tiring herself with cleaning all the liquors. “Don’t tell me that you are passing a new law in the group about liquor ban.”

“Luckily I’ve already graduated before that ban gets approved.” Itano Tomomi, AKB’s original fashion queen commented while protecting her glass to be snatched by Yui. “Seriously, what is with that outfit, Yuihan? And where is Paruru?”

“Listen to me, Itano-san. This is an emergency so I would really appreciate it if you give up your drink just for now.” Yui finally talked. Tomochin scowled but in the end she gave her favourite drink up.

“Yuihan~” Milky cutely called. She clung to Sayanee’s arm which the other girl let her do. “Why so killjoy? At least greet Sayaka-chan first before forbidding us of liquor.”

“Oh? Happy birthday, Sayanee.” Yui casually said with a small wave to Sayanee and then went back with cleaning. When she’s already satisfied, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and faced the other members. “I have a reason for this.”

The GM jolted back to the door and opened it. “Paruru-chan, it’s okay now. You can come in.”

The members’ neck almost stretched up just to see what’s happening. Yui opened the door widely but there is no Paruru coming in. Everyone gasped when a cute, little girl took a peek from the door. The little girl was blushing; probably shy of all the girls that are looking at her.

“Don’t worry, Paruru-chan. They are friends. They won’t hurt you.”

The members shrieked. Did they just hear Yui called that kid Paruru? Could it be…?

“Did Paruru shrink!?” Sasshi shouted while covering her mouth. “Is that child seriously Paruru!?”

The little girl finally made her way but she still cowers as she hides behind Yui’s legs. She takes a peek from time to time but immediately hides back. She’s wearing a normal set of clothes but her cuteness is still on point. That shy behaviour immediately melted the hearts of the other members.

“Oh my goodness~” The members giggled as they made their way towards Paruru who tried to use Yui as a shield from people who seem to be predators in her eyes. The members showered her with praise; she doesn’t know who to listen to. This made the young Paruru cry as she seeks help from Yui. The GM gave out a sigh and carried her to her arms. Paruru immediately hugged Yui and buried her face to Yui’s shoulder.

“Don’t stress her.” Yui uttered under her breath. “She’s already stressed that’s why she shrunk back.”

In this world where idols are being the source of warmth and happiness of other people, they are the ones who are very prone of stress. Whenever everything gets heavy and they couldn’t handle it all, their bodies tend to revert back to their child form together with their minds. It’s like the emergency button for them to breathe and clear their heads from all the worries. They degenerate to being a child to be stress-free for a moment.

This is the reason why they are being assigned in pairs. They have to look at each other. It would be bad if they suddenly revert in a public place. They could be easily kidnapped by stalkers. Just like the incident when Kojima Haruna suddenly became a kid in kindergarten, she was almost taken by men riding on a suspicious vehicle. Thankfully, Oshima Yuko, the great squirrel, was there to save her from that big pinch.

But for Shimazaki Haruka, this is surprisingly her first time that she reverted to this form. Everybody knows how weak she is with pressure but they never saw her reverting. Somehow, everyone has been waiting for this day to arrive.

“Is that the clothes you’ve prepared for Paruru-chan, Yuihan?” Tomochin asked with a hint of disgust in her face. “I’m sure she wouldn’t like it. You better change her clothes.”

Yui sighed and flashed an apologetic face. She’s also aware that Paru won’t like the clothes she prepared for her in case she reverts like this. She also know that the reason why Paru is trying her hardest to choose a fitting outfit for her tonight is because she promised Tomochin that she would make the current GM stylish. Somehow, this truth makes her heart clench. Paruru isn’t really doing it to help her but she is doing it just to please her beloved senpai.

Shortly after that, Sayaka’s dog, Neon came to greet Yui who is a frequent visitor of the house. The dog barked as if asking Yui to pet her. The GM squatted to brush Neon’s fur which the dog really likes. It seems like Paruru was pleased with the appearance of Neon. She looked at Yui with her teary eyes as if asking permission if she could touch the dog as well.

Yui smiled at her and help her stretched her hands towards the said pet. Neon was tame enough to just let this cute kid pet her. An adorable chuckle was then heard from Paruru which made everyone adore her even more. The girl’s dimples are ten times more attractive now that she is an innocent—they thought she was.

Yui let her back to her feet and she went to play with Neon. The other members followed the young Paruru, snapping pictures of the little girl as she snickers adorably. Yui sat on the sofa as the adrenaline rush is finally subsiding.

“Paruru-chan~ here, take this.” Miyuki handed Paruru a lollipop. The girl looked at the small present for her then went to look at Yui. The GM just gestured that she could go and accept it and she did. She took the lollipop from Miyuki and put it in her mouth while still looking at the said girl suspiciously.

Chenks… (Thanks)” Paru uttered which was then followed by giggles from the members.

“Ne, ne, Sayaka~” Miyuki called out to the birthday girl. “How about let us practice being parents with Paruru-chan?”

Sayanee’s eyes widened, she felt her cheeks burned for a moment. “Here we go again with your wild imaginations, Miyuki.”

The Fisher just hugged her even tighter as she flashes Sayaka her signature gum smile. “It wouldn’t be bad to practice for our future, right?”

Sayanee felt arrows striking her poor heart. She really couldn’t handle Watanabe Miyuki at all. She then went to call Neon to her side which left the cute Paruru looking at their way. Miyuki carried Neon to her arms.

“Come here, Paruru-chan.” Sayanee called out to her. With a lot of hesitation, the child went to Sayanee’s way. She just let herself be carried by the NMB ace. The look of satisfaction found in Sayanee’s face didn’t escape Miyuki’s eyes. She gave Sayaka a meaningful smile.

The two played with Paru and Neon. The little girl letting out chuckles is like an angel playing with their hearts. Paru seemed like she has let her heart open for Sayaka and Milky. Everything was going on really well when the girl suddenly grabbed Sayanee’s chin. She paused for a moment while looking at Sayanee’s chin. After that she flashed an innocent smile.


Sayanee froze right in the moment. Did the young Paruru seriously dis her?

Paruru then turned to Milky and with the exact same innocent smile, she said,

“Femme Fatale.”

Even Milky paused. They heard laughs from the surrounding members. Even though she has reverted to being a child, Paru’s salty character is still there. Neon jumped out of Miyuki’s arms which made Paru wanted to be released. Sayaka let her go, still shocked of what the girl said.

“How could a little girl like her knows a word such as femme fatale?” Sayanee asked Miyuki. The other girl just shrugged her shoulders.

“Ohhhh~!” Jurina giggled in excitement. “Seeing Paruru-chan this cute makes me want to see you become a child, Sakuratan.”

Sakura gave out a frustrated sigh. After the management decided to pair her with the SKE ace whenever she is in Tokyo, she hasn’t stopped feeling a bit stressed out. She always feel like Jurina is planning something just to force her revert. “Why are you so excited to see me in my child form, Jurina-chan?”

For the HKT princess, reverting is such a big problem. Her original pair, Haruppi, has reverted a hundred times and everytime she degenerates it’s always a tiring work for Sakura to watch over her. Haruppi’s katsuzetsu gets even worse when she turns into a kid and Sakura couldn’t get anything what she is saying.

“Well…” Jurina stretched her arms but her other arm casually arched around Sakura’s shoulders. “I just think that you’ll be really cute when you revert. Don’t worry…” She placed her face near Sakura’s which sent some static energy to the other girl. Jurina then whispered to her. “I will take good care of you and shower you with kisses.”

Paruru who was chasing after Neon stopped in front of them and looked at them with those curious eyes. Jurina smiled at her. “What’s up, Paruru-chan?”

Paru stayed quiet for a moment but then,



The little girl then turned to Sakura who snorted out laughter after hearing Paruru called Jurina a player. She thought that she was safe but Paruru isn’t over.


That’s all and the little girl went to chase Neon again. The two were left speechless.

Paruru then went to her next stop. She stopped where Tomochin and Sasshi are sitting. Tomochin carried her with a wide smile on her face. “How is our immovable ace doing?”

Paru’s eyes glittered while looking at Tomochin’s face. She reached out to touch her senpai’s cheeks.

“Onee-chan, kirei~”

Tomochin giggled. Finally, something good came out of the child’s lips. She rubbed her cheeks to Paru’s which made the girl chuckle. “What a good girl we have here!”

“What about me? What about me?” Sasshi pointed at herself while presenting her face to Paruru. The girl looked at her for a moment but then buried her face to Tomochin’s shoulder. She took a peek of Sasshi before casually saying,



Everyone on the room laughed. Paru just can’t stop roasting everyone. Yui was laughing on her own place. She’s enjoying this type of Paruru but seeing that out of all the people in the room, Tomochin being the only one getting praised pinches her heart.

“Paruru-chan is really cute, right?” Kitahara Rie suddenly popped out of nowhere, handing her a glass of water. She took the glass from the NGT captain followed with a faint expression of gratitude. The other woman just sat beside her.

“I didn’t expect that she would revert at this time. I wonder what made that take place.” Rie commented while her eyes are still fixed to where Paruru is.

“I think it is my fault, Rie-san.” Yui sighed and then took a gulp of the water given to her. “I think I’m really unattractive.”

Kitarie tilted her head to the side. “What are you talking about, Yuihan? You are really attractive!” She turned her body towards Yui and held the girl’s hand. “Believe me or not, you are really an admirable person!”

Yui blushed at that very moment. “Do you think so, Rie-san?”

The other girl eagerly nodded. “You are! You’ve been with me in a unit, remember? I think I could enumerate a hundred things that make you really amazing!”

“T-Thank you, Rie-sa—“

Yui wasn’t able to finish her sentence when she felt something tugging her pants. When she looked down, she saw Paruru looking at her. Probably it is her time to be roasted. The little girl raised her hands as if asking Yui to carry her. Yui did what was instructed and placed Paru in her lap.

Paruru started to be so clingy. She hugged Yui while looking at Rie with a scowl as if she is telling the other girl something. Paru then looked up at Yui and with that cute, blushing face she said,

“Nee-chan, daisuki.”

Yui felt her heart stopped beating for a millisecond. The girl then turned to Kitarie, pouting.

“This nee-chan is mine, go away unagi inu.”

Rie’s eyes widened for a moment but then she laughed. She stood from her seat and took a stretch.

“I know, I know.” Rie sighed. “I’m not going to steal Yuihan from you, Paruru-chan.” She then gave Paruru soft pats to her head before leaving.

Yuihan then turned to Paruru who is currently rubbing her eyes. She is still shocked with the sudden confession from the young Paruru.

“Nee-chan, sleepy~”

“Ohh, are you?” Yui looked at her watch. It’s already past 12am. It’s not right for a kid like Paruru to be awake at this time. Yui carried her and immediately waved goodbye to the other girls. She apologized for leaving early and she just promised Sayanee that she would treat her to her favorite Yaoi restaurant as a gift. The other girls are still asking to take more pictures of the reverted Paruru but the over-protective GM refused and left as soon as possible.

Yui’s room is just two floors down from Sayanee’s apartment anyway. She fixed her bed, dusted it off so that the girl will not criticize her bed just like last time. After that, she led Paru into brushing her teeth and helped her change into a bigger shirt. This is a preparation if ever Paru would revert back to normal. Most of the time, just after a good night sleep, they will go back to their normal form.

She had Paru lay to her bed and then she went to check Twitter and 755 to monitor the activities of the other members. She is the General Manager anyway; it is her responsibility to make sure that the members are behaving well in their social media accounts. Yui couldn’t help but to be anxious about a certain hashtag that has started trending. How would she even explain this?

She was sitting in her study table when she suddenly felt a familiar tugging in her pants. It was Paru.

“Can’t sleep, Princess?” Yui asked as she placed her hand on the little girl’s head.

“Un.” The girl cutely nodded. “Please tell me a story.”

Yui sighed. “Okay, spoiled little one.” She closed her laptop and went back to bed. She helped Paru walk because she was dragging her shirt like crazy.

She lay on the bed with the kid. She was even surprised when the child hugged her and looked up at her as if waiting for a story to come out of her lips. Yui gave out a faint smile. She cleared her throat and came out with a story.

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who auditioned to Japan’s biggest idol group. She was just influenced by a friend to do that audition but she unexpectedly made the cut even though she didn’t sing…”

Yui started combing the girl’s hair as she eagerly listens to her story.

“This girl became a part of the 9th generation and eventually became the ace of her class. She sucks at dancing. She’s not good in singing. She’s also bad in socializing. She’s well aware of that. This girl believes that she isn’t a good fit for an idol. But the nation loved her. She gained a lot of support. I guess the fans saw her efforts.

She loves her job. I remember the time she cried at me because she thought she couldn’t do anything properly. But you know, I love how she depends on me whenever she’s down. I love how she runs at me first to ask for advice. I love that side of her…”

Yui then gave out a bitter smile. Why is she even telling this to a kid?

“But lately she became more independent. She had solo activities, starred in dramas and became a main star in a film. She became more and more beautiful, more successful, more well-known… while I am just here watching her. Supporting her in the sidelines. Hoping that one day she will come back to me and lean on me again. I know you won’t understand this selfish request of mine but…”

Yui turned to the girl only to find out that she’s already deep in her sleep. The GM sighed. She looked at the cute face of the sleeping child. Knowing Paruru, she will really find this kind of story boring and no doubt, she would instantly doze off.

Yui gave out a faint smile. She remembered this young Paru telling her that she loves her. That really made her night.

“At least you should’ve finished my story…” Yui carefully bumped her forehead to the kid’s forehead. She then closed her eyes. “At least you should have heard the revelation of the name of the character… That girl is called Shimazaki Haruka… she is the girl the current General Manager of the 48Group loves the most…”




A RAY OF light blinded Paruru as it flashed directly to her eyelids. She stretched out and rolled over the bed while trying to rub off the sleep from her eyes. She looked around and found herself in a familiar room. When was the last time that she came to this place on earth? It feels like it has been years but there is not a single change in the said room.

She sat up and almost shrieked when she found out that she’s only wearing a loose, unstylish tee. Her face instantly reddened at a certain thought. As far as she could remember she was with Yui trying on clothes for Sayaka’s birthday party. She heard that Tomochin would come and she instantly worried about Yui after hearing the news.

Paru thought that she should help her bestfriend so that Tomochin would not be able to say anything about that way she dresses. She’s aware that Yui is notorious for being a poor dresser to the point that even Aki-P mentioned about it in a magazine interview.

Even though she is the one that initiates the teasing, she wants to be the only one to tease Yui about it. She wants to be the only one.

Speaking of Yui, Paruru jumped out of the bed and grabbed her clothes that were neatly placed in a chair. She had to go find Yui to confirm if what she was thinking of is true. But wait, if that was true why does she feel so well-rested?

After changing, she immediately went out of the room only to find out a kid trying to play with Yui’s cat, Bisu. Knots were formed on Paruru’s forehead. She examined the kid who seemed to be unaware of her presence. The girl was stuck in the shirt that Yui was wearing last night.

Bisu gave out a loud meow before running away for the girl has been pulling her tail. The animal seemed like it got hurt thus the reason for escaping. The girl froze for a moment before she finally noticed Paruru. She immediately smiled at the sight of the salty girl.

“No way…” Paruru gasped. “You’re Yui, right?”

Paruru picked up the little girl who just chuckled endlessly. She immediately looked for her phone and found it in her purse back in the bedroom. Whenever Yui feels like reverting, she would send Paru a message for a notice so Paru hurriedly checked her LINE. And there it is--Yui’s message.



Sorry, I feel like I’m going to degenerate. The night is just so stressful. If you want to ask me about it, you better check twitter.


The lady did what was instructed. She almost wanted to throw her phone away because what welcomed her at the said social media were photos of her reversion. It seems like the members had so much fun seeing her in her child form. There was even a family picture of her with SayaMilky as her parents, Jurina trying to kiss her but she shove her away with a slap while Sakura is seen on the background laughing, a wacky picture where she is hugging Tomochin while Sasshi looks like a monster trying to steal her away.

Paruru felt the energy from her body being drained. She dropped herself on the sofa, her furious eyes fixed on the screen while little Yui is trying to steal her phone away.

“Mou, Yuihan…” She mumbled. “Why do you have to bring me there at the first place?”

She kept scrolling down and saw that Yui retweeted a video posted Jurina. In that video she was sitting on Yui’s lap and then told the GM those words.

Paru immediately closed the app, her cheeks bright red in embarrassment. She then turned to Yui with a scowl. “Why do you have to retweet that!? You actually liked it, don’t you?”

The little Yui just innocently smiled at her. Paru sighed as she went back to Yui’s note.


I’m stressing on how I should explain everything to you. I don’t want you to be angry to me because I brought you to the party. I just panicked. It was the first time that my pair reverted. I didn’t know what to do. I really regret bringing you there.


“Regret?” Paru rolled her eyes. “But you retweeted the video.”


I filed your leave in case you won’t generate back to your normal size. But I know that once you are back, I will go take your place so I’m really sorry. Just send me to sleep and I will be alright. I’m really sorry, Paru.


That’s the end of the message; Paru gave out a sigh and raised the little Yui. The girl is still chuckling while she is trying to make her look at her way.

“Why do you always have to say sorry, Yuihan? Stop saying sorry…”

Paruru hugged the little kid. Deep in her heart she was moved on how Yui took care of her when she reverted. Probably she has been waiting for that day—the day that she would be back to Yui’s arms.

The kid hugged her back but flashing a curious face. Paru just laughed at her and pinched her nose.

“I’m not angry… Get back now…” Paru whispered and hugged little Yui again. “The little me might’ve told you already but… I will tell you properly once you revert back.”



This is for everyone requesting a YuiParu fic for me. This is kind of rushed since I made it last night while feeling so sleepy. I tried to edit it but I still feel strange. Maybe because I got used of having Paruru paired with my OC. Somehow it feels awkward not having them a pair now. You felt it too, right?

Sorry for all the Sasshi wotas... That is just for comedy... We all know that Sasshi is not ugly! Don’t hunt me down. XD

Anyway, the idea came from porkofdoom-san. She requested me about a fic where Paruru degenerates to her child form. Thank you, porkofdoom-san~~

Well, I hope you enjoyed this cheap YuiParu OS from me. I will try to make a better YuiParu next time or let’s just wait for porkofdoom-san to post hers. XD
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I think you already know what I would say but I'll say it again!
I knew it I had to suggest this to you since, I know (smirk) that you'll know Paru better since she's your oshi. :3 Of course I have to comment about Milky being.. well, Milky HAHA!! The shakure king just can't live in peace without being roasted also the other members lol! And I really enjoyed how Paru rubbed cheeks with Tomochin. Kinda unfair for the others but Yuihan ya dork, she even got an innocent cute heart-wrenching confession with dimpled shy smile from Paruuuu.

Anyway, thank uuuu. And that ending was a surprise!!! Hahahaha! I just can't believe Yuihan got stressed out after those events (If i got a cute confession too maybe I'll gladly welcome death as well) xDDD

Omaigahd! This is just so gay. But yeah, Cut-san thank u for putting up with my shenanigans lol xD (A yuiparu fic atlast!!!)

Heart heart!!! ;) :heart:
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I really loved it.
Yui and Paruru ... wish they had given us some more time ...
In short ... I think that there are no more couples ... it seems that Jurina and Sakura is the only couple that is seeing now and that is liked.
You could write the regression of Jurina or Sakura! As another part of this fic.
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uwaa, new OS uptade, this is so cute, i think i've got diabetes, idol will shrink eh ? i really curious what if sayanee shrink back to a child (since she is my kami-oshimen) haha.... and well who will reject sayamilky as parent ? (even thought i'm in love with sayanee but if it's milky then it's okay *in big delusion*) haha aahh too much sugar on this fic cut-sama thank you

ps.: sorry for replying here but i got every TTM reference in waste of wish hehe and thanks for the info about maru's jacket (i'm going to search and buy the most similiar one hahaha)
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キュート すぎる~~
Title: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Breakup (RisaNeru OS)
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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the YuiParu OS last time. Next in line is a RisaNeru OS. I'm sorry for this story. I wrote it in a flash so I'm sure about the flaws. I didn't elaborate anymore but I hope you will enjoy this. Have fun reading~

For those who are requesting for a Keyaki fic. Here it is~ I'm saying sorry before hand.

Breakup - RisaNeru OS

IT WAS ALREADY around 2 in the morning but Neru is still wide awake. She couldn’t drag herself to sleep because of the sudden visitor that barged in her room. The said visitor is sitting in front of the television, eating bento she bought in the convenience store while drinking her 4th canned beer this evening.

Risa is laughing her heart out while watching an idol variety show making Neru worried about her neighbors. She is living in a dormitory anyway. Risa is just lucky that Neru’s roommate just went out last week and the girl is currently solo in her room or else she would be found in the streets.

Neru was surprised to see Risa’s face at the monitor after her door was knocked terribly loud. The other girl is already tipsy; probably she had already a can while she’s on her way to Neru’s dormitory.

“Aren’t you going to sleep now, Risa? Don’t you have any class for tomorrow?” Neru asked, trying to sound that she is annoyed.

“I’m okay. Being absent once is okay.” Risa answered, her eyes are still fixed on the TV screen.

Neru slowly stiffened, her back leaving the wall where she was leaning to. “Are you sure? Studies is really important to you, right? It’s new that you would be absent for no reason.”

“Come on Neru. Of course there is a reason!” Risa turned to her while waving her beer, her eyes half opened. “It’s breakup. The reason is breakup!

Neru rolled her eyes and went back to her former position. She grabbed her nearest pillow and hugged it. “Are you really that upset with what happened?”

The Risa Neru knows is not the type who will be frustrated on something like this. In her eyes, Risa is a very cool girl, somehow stoic and has a very firm outlook in life. While they were in high school, a lot of people were looking up to Risa because she’s really amazing in everything that she does. It is the same thing now that they are in university. She may be a little hard to be close to but once she opens up to you, you would see a totally different side of her. She likes to mess around and laughs at the most unfunny things.

To Neru, Risa is like a hot pack. People call her cool but once she warms out for you, you can survive the whole winter with the warmth she gives.

Risa is a very special person for her… That’s why she could never forgive the man who left her hanging, the man who dragged her to this state. She has never seen Risa drink like this.

“I’m not upset Neru…” Risa answered while playing with the empty cans. “This is what you call celebration of freedom.”

“What do you mean?” Neru asked. Her curiosity is on peak.

Risa looked at her and smirked. She got up from where she was sitting and ran to the bed where Neru is. She sat too close to the girl that moved Neru to a gasp.

“You reek of liquor, Watanabe Risa-san! Move away!” She pushed Risa but her arm doesn’t seem to give force at all.

“Come on. Are you still afraid of human touch?” Risa scratched her head and sighed. “Well, I want to tell you what happened. But this will just be for the two of us, okay?”

Risa winked at her which made Neru blush. She tightened her hug to her pillow and covered the lower part of her face with it.

“G-Go on. I’m listening.” She stammered. She doesn’t like to hear stories about that guy but she guesses she has to be a good friend who lends her ears.

Risa leaned to the wall like Neru. Her playful expression somehow changed to a semi-serious one. “Well, you see… I feel that I can really breathe now. I know there will be times that I will miss him but that’s it. It is over for us. Those three years together with him will be sent to the depths of my memory.”

She took another gulp of her liquor and was surprised that it’s already the last. The can is already empty. Her neck stretched out to see if she has left an untouched one in the floor but they are all empty.

“Psh.” Risa placed the empty can on the nearby drawer. “I feel empty to be honest. I was under that meaningless relationship for a long time. For that span of time my whole world revolved around him. In everything I do he was my inspiration.”

Neru felt her heart tightened a bit. She could see that Risa really liked that guy. She knew all the group events Risa missed because her boyfriend would get jealous once she goes out with her old classmates.

“What happened then? Did he… cheat on you?”

Risa smiled. “I wonder if he did.”

Neru’s eyebrows rose. “You mean you are not sure if he did?”

“There were signs but I didn’t really witness it with my own eyes so I didn’t care.”

“What’s the matter then?”

Risa took one deep breath. Her eyes switched to Neru’s way but then she looked up in the ceiling. “I guess we didn’t really love each other.”

“After three years of being together you are telling me that there is no love involve?”

“It’s true. I think we just got stuck with each other.”

Neru sighed. As much as she wants Risa to get straight to the point, she also wants her to take her time so she could release everything properly.

“I’m listening.”

“It was more of an obligation.” Risa bowed her head and started to fidget with her fingers. “The first time that I agreed to go out with him, he kissed me.”

Neru snorted which made her received a death glare from Risa. “S-Sorry. I just thought that it is really funny that he already kissed you in your—”

Neru’s eyes widened as realization struck her. “He got your first kiss!?”

She remembered. Risa has been telling them that she would marry her first kiss. She kept on saying that her first boyfriend would also be her last and she was so determined with that. Risa was unexpectedly a romanticist. She got her ideals well-sketched in her mind and she was holding unto them like a religious practice. How could she even forget about that?

“T-Tell me what happened next.”

Risa tucked her hair behind her left ear. “Since he kissed me and I was also infatuated to him, I thought of not letting go of him. I clung to him in order to save my pride from the mud. I didn’t let go. I don’t want people to think of me as a girl who isn’t true with her words.”

The girl smiled bitterly. The way she bit her lips is evidence that she regretted what happened. “Actually, he kissed me without saying that he loves me. That already broke my ideals. After hanging out for two months there was still no official label that we are a couple. I just followed whatever he said and I let him do what he wants to do to me.”

“Imagine making out with a guy you don’t know if he is already your boyfriend or he is just playing with you. It was because of him that I lied to my parents. He had a very nice image to my folks; they are clueless of how carnivorous he is.”

Risa even lied to her parents? Neru clenched her fists. She knows how the girl loves her parents even though she doesn’t usually show it.

“I was only 18 back then and he is a man who met my standards that’s why I blindly followed. But the present me can’t look at it without saying that my 18-year old self is such a big fool.” Again, she bit her lower lip. “Well, I couldn’t blame her. Her weakness has been taken advantage of a guy five years older than her. I can somehow say that she was a victim.”


“And so there it goes!” Risa raised her tone to lighten up the mood. “He would take me to movies but we’ll end up kissing instead of watching movies. He would choose a movie that won’t have a lot of audience. He would invite me at his house to watch animes but he would end up doing the same.”

The girl suddenly laughed which surprised Neru. Risa’s cheeks are tainted with pink. “Don’t worry Neru. He wasn’t able to get the whole me. Somehow I managed to get off of his hands whenever he is trying to pursue that thing. It’s also a good thing that he was transferred to another city making it a little hard for us to meet.”

Risa then rested her right arm to her knee. “I felt happy when he was sent away but I still pursued him just to stick with my first kiss policy. I realized that it was really stupid. In the end he agreed to be called my boyfriend. I was so happy back then but now I detest that feeling.”

“Years passed without any change. I felt like I was taken for granted. He didn’t value the small requests I made. He didn’t care about special events. There was a time when I asked him about marriage but he said that he wasn’t even planning on marrying me. But yeah, since I am a fool I kept holding on to him.”

“So… The only thing he wants from you is your kiss.”

“Sadly, that’s what he made me feel.” Risa smiled. “You can add breast fondling if you want to.”

Neru got even angrier. She would certainly find this guy and feed him with endless wasabi for making her hot pack feel terrible like this. Risa is such a precious gem! How dare him treat her like a pastime? How dare him treat her special person like this!?

As she thought, that guy is the reason for the sudden change in Risa. She tries to avoid people as much as she can. She doesn’t engage in conversations probably just to avoid lying.

Risa turned off the TV using her phone. The smiles of the idols suddenly annoyed her.

“But I managed to get out from his grasp. I was thinking about freeing myself but my stupid ideals blocked me. But yes, you can see that I’ve woken up now. I felt like the blindfold was taken away from me. I feel disgusted with everything to the point that I don’t even want to see him.

And guess what… He didn’t say anything when I said that I’ll be leaving him. He didn’t stop me. He didn’t look like he is giving a damn about it. I guess my decision is really right.”

“I’m really bothered of how stupid you are for clinging to him like that for so long.” Neru commented, annoyance can be traced to her voice. “If I were you I would kill him and throw his corpse in to the woods! No one deserves to be treated like that!” Neru gave her pillow a strong punch.

“Silly.” Risa smiled faintly. “I was too young and vulnerable.”

Then there was silence. Neru could see the emptiness in the eyes of her beloved hot pack. She hates seeing her source of warmth like this. If only she could tell Risa to look at her and not to anyone else.

Come on, Risa. Why do you have to be sad for a guy like him?

“So… What are your plans now?” Neru asked, throwing her pillow to the other side.

“Hmm… I don’t have any plans for now.” Risa bitterly smiled. “I really, really feel empty.”

“But alcohol won’t fill you up.”

Risa laughed shortly. “I know.”

The girl’s head hung for a moment. Neru thought that she was already sleeping but then she suddenly spoke.

“Actually....” Risa started. “If ever I get to another relationship I want to be the dominant one.”


“I said I want to be the dominant one. I want to feel what it is like being in control.”

Neru’s cheeks burnt. “You mean?”

“I’d like to be the one initiating all the kisses. I want to be seen as the prominent one. I think that will somehow tape my shattered pride back.”

Neru noticed Risa’s eyebrows started to form a knot. “But I don’t know how. It is normal for women to be subjective and finding a subjective man is like searching Los Angeles in the map of Japan. And strangely, I feel disgusted to men after that unhealthy relationship. I don’t even want to be touched by any man.”

“Are you saying—”

“Yes, I want to try going out with a girl.”

Risa, are you really throwing away all of your ideals now?

“I’m afraid that no one will accept me and take me seriously after what happened. I’m afraid of what other people are going to say, of what my parents are going to feel. I feel like garbage. I want to be honest but this just really hurts my ego. I feel like I won’t be able to be in a proper relationship after this.”

“B-But…” Neru gulped to hydrate her throat. “Why do you think that going out with a girl would help you?”

Risa opened her eyes and switched her head towards Neru’s direction. “I think…” She started with a ghastly voice. “I think I can do better than him. I want to show him how to properly treat girls. I believe… I can do better than him.”

Neru’s heart started beating faster. The girl that she likes for a long time is suddenly saying that she’s now open to having a relationship with a girl. The blood circulation in her body is working double time. How is she supposed to react with this anyway?

Should I confess? Neru asked herself. But what if I get rejected? How are we supposed to continue our friendship? Moreover, what if I got accepted just because she feels the need to be with a girl? Aren’t we going to end up just like her former relationship? Help! What should I do!?

“Gahd~~!” Neru got surprised when Risa stretched. She then coiled and buried her face to her knees. “I wonder if there is someone who will accept me. I think I am getting crazy. I’d like to know what makes guys addicted to girls’ kisses!”

“R-R…Risa!” Neru called, more of a squeak. Her grasp to her pillow is so tight that it might split. “H-H-How about t-t-try it with me!?”

“Huh!?” Risa looked at her with a confused expression, her eyes heavy because of liquor.

Neru started sweating heavily. What on earth did she just ask? But yes, it is now or never. She doesn’t care anymore.

“K-K-Kiss me!”

Risa’s amused expression slowly vanished into an ‘are you kidding me?’ smile. “Seriously?”

“I-I-I’m serious!” Neru stuttered heavily, she almost bit her tongue. “I’m willing to—“

“Stop telling me things like that.” Risa coldly answered. She sat upright while looking down to Neru. “You don’t know what you are saying, Neru. For a long time I’ve been a slave of kissing. You don’t know how much I am well-trained.”

“B-But Risa!” Those words of the other girl just even made her heart go wilder. “A-Am I not enough!?”

“Shut up…” Risa sneered. “You are so innocent to be tainted. You might end up being like me.”

“I-I’m not afraid!”

“You’re stammering.”

“I’m not!”

“Are you kidding me?” Risa reached out to Neru which made the girl jerk. She brushed Neru’s hair to the back revealing her left ear. She watched Neru close her eyes as she plays with her hair. “That’s the face of someone who isn’t afraid, huh? That innocent face… Somehow I am really tempted to kiss you now.”

Neru opened her eyes and shyly looked at Risa. “Why don’t you try?”

Risa’s mind went blank. Her fingers traveled to Neru’s lips, testing the waters. “My pleasure.”

And then she dove for a kiss. It was just for a short moment and Neru wasn’t able to close her eyes. She almost didn’t feel anything because of how her system reacted. Risa looked at her with those lazy eyes, gazing at her lips. “It’s too soft. I wonder if I made the same expression at my first kiss but seriously… That expression is making me want to get more.”

Without further talks, Risa went in for another kiss. It’s a longer one. This time Neru started to feel the kiss propely. Risa’s lips hugging hers. She started with her upper lip down to her lower lip, going back and forth like a she’s not close to stopping.

Neru closed her eyes. Negative thoughts started to fill her mind but she chose not to care. Whatever happens after this, she will deal with the outcome but not now. The girl she has been inlove with for a long time is kissing her, she just wants to savour the moment.

She tried to return the favour as her lips started responding to this skillful kisser. Right then, she felt an arm wrapped her waist and pulled her nearer. She felt the other girl’s body next to hers, making her whole body ache due to the sudden warmth.

Risa let go of her lips and looked at her face, carefully observing each part of her face. She’s panting heavily but Risa doesn’t show any sign that she got tired with that kiss. Neru lowered her sight, averting the other girl’s observant stare.

“You learned how to kiss back after the second kiss.” Risa commented. “Or do you already have an experience before this kiss?”

“Silly…” Neru puffed her cheeks in embarrassment. “You know I have never been in a relationship.”

“I’m your first kiss, then?” Neru just nodded amusing the other girl. Risa sneered. “Somehow this excites me even more.”

And there it goes—their third kiss. Neru welcomed Risa’s lips, trying her hardest to catch up to her rhythm. The heat that is continually pressing her lips is addicting. She wants more of it. She needs more of it.


Neru suddenly pulled her face away from Risa, her cheeks burning hot. Did she just choke while kissing? That’s too embarrassing!

“Why?” Risa immediately went after her and gave a smack. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I…” Neru panicked. “I c-choke—“

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s continue.”

Risa jumped in front of her and pinned her to the wall. Her kisses became wilder making Neru weaker. Her hands aren’t doing anything, they were lifeless until Risa led her hands to give her a hug. Unsatisfied of Neru’s poor performance, she changed their positions. She made Neru sit on her lap and then continued with kissing while hugging the girl tightly.

Neru noticed the disappointment. She wanted to please Risa so she wrapped her arms around the girl’s neck, softly tugging the other girl’s hair.

Risa cut the kiss and smiled at her. She’s pleased and Neru can’t be any happier.

“You’re doing great.” Risa commented while smiling foolishly. She brushed Neru’s hair to have another good look of that beautiful face. Neru looked at her with those longing eyes.

“Risa…” she called out, her voice a little shaky due to the intensity of the kisses. “Risa, I love you.”

The smile on the other girl’s face suddenly faded. She fell quiet, her heavy eyes suddenly turned wide.

“No way…” She whispered.

“I do…” Neru cupped her face. “I’ve been loving you for so long.”

“Since when?”

“Since highschool.” Neru bit her lips and looked at another direction. “Since forever…”


“Please don’t think that you are taking advantage of me because I love you. Don’t also think that I’m taking advantage of your present state. The truth is I’m a scared of how we are going to deal with each other after this night.”

Neru drew a little farther. “I know we’ll be a little awkward. When the influence of alcohol leaves you I know you will feel embarrassed to what we are doing now. I don’t want you to feel obliged about me. I’m not going to ask you to be my lover. I just want to…” A drop of tear rolled down her cheeks. “I just want to be honest with you… that after all these years I’ve been into you… I really love you…”

Neru closed her eyes. Her confession just ruined the mood. Why did she even have to do that? How amateur could she be?

She was surprised when Risa suddenly pulled her face nearer. The other girl is looking at her as if she is going to cry, faintly smiling at her, trying to say that she understands what she feels. She didn’t utter any word but her lips are reaching out to Neru, asking for her permission.

Neru smiled faintly and gave her what she is asking for. They kissed again. Again and again. She didn’t receive any answer but a kiss. She felt disappointed but the mood went back so she cursed in her mind followed by the resolution that she is just going to go with the flow.

Risa’s lips started to travel from Neru’s lips to her neck, to her collarbone down to her chest. Neru heard herself moaned which was really embarrassing but she just let Risa do her thing. She could feel that the girl is enjoying the dominance that’s in her hands. Risa made her lay to the bed and kissed her back to the lips as soon as her back touched the bed. Neru responded with the kiss, tugging the other girl to her. Her body magnetized by the other girl’s body.The atmosphere got steamier when tongue got involved.

Risa’s hand made her way to Neru’s bosom which made the girl moan even more. Risa cut the kiss to have a look at Neru but the scene that she saw splashed cold water unto her. Neru is looking helpless, panting heavily. Her shirt raised up revealing more of her milky white skin tainted with kiss marks that Risa left.

She suddenly came into a realization—this is how she looks like whenever that guy was making his way to her. Risa sat up. She hurriedly pulled Neru’s shirt down and slapped her forehead.

“What am I doing?” she uttered under her breath while tugging her fringe. “I’m turning out to be like him.”

“R-Risa…” Neru called out as she found strength to sit up. “Are you okay?”

The other girl left the bed and started to clean the trash that she left on the floor. Neru just watched her, her body still tingly. She knows exactly that everything is over.

“I’m sorry, Neru…” Risa sighed. “This is a mistake. I’m really sorry.”

Risa went to pick up her coat and hurriedly wear it. She went straight to the door and left the room. Neru didn’t even bother to stop her. She knows that it will be futile to do so. There goes her hot pack leaving her forever. For a while she was just looking at the door with her wishful thinking that Risa is coming back.

Tears started to flood her eyes. For heaven’s sake, why did she even offered herself for the experiment? Moreover, why did she even confess? How is she going to face Risa now?

“Neru, you’re really stupid.” She dropped herself back to the bed and closed her eyes. The thoughts of the earlier happenings filled her mind that she couldn’t even calm herself. Risa’s kisses, Risa’s touch… She wants more of it. She just made herself crazier in love with that person.

But now what? She embarrassed herself badly. How could she even save herself from this pit?

Her phone buzzed and she lazily went to get it but she jolted up from lying when she saw who was calling.

“H-Hello? Risa?” She answered, her voice still shaky.

“Thank goodness you answered. I thought you are going to ignore me.”

Neru somehow traced worry in the voice of the caller. “What made you call?”

“Look, Neru. I’m really sorry for what happened—“

“I know…” Neru bitterly answered. “Everything is a mistake, right?”


Neru’s heart tightened. She felt like being pinched with thousands of needles.

“How about we start again tomorrow?”

“Eh?” Neru felt time stopped.

“You’re right, I’m under the influence of alcohol and I’m not happy with my first relationship. I should’ve learned already. Starting with kissing isn’t really a good idea.”


“Let’s start once more. Let’s begin on how a proper relationship should start. You confessed to me, right?”

“I-I did…”

“Well then…” Risa took a deep breath. “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

Neru felt her heart jumped in joy. Risa accepted her feelings!

“I know, I know… It is unethical to do this through phone. Let’s go out tomorrow. I got the feeling that everything will be awkward but if you are still willing to go out with me, let’s meet tomorrow after your class…”

Risa went on with the details of their date but Neru is already crying in joy. She agreed with everything that the girl said, answering with ‘mn!’ while trying to wipe her happy tears.

“I can’t say that I am feeling the same way for now, Neru.” Risa stressed. “But I’m really thankful that you still accepted me even after knowing what I went through. That really moved me. Let’s give it a shot. It might work out. I have the feeling that we would work out!”

“Mn! Thank you, Risa… You really made me happy.”

“Are you crying?” The other girl asked.

“N-No!” she lied. “See you tomorrow. I promise I won’t be late.”

“See you tomorrow, Neru. Sleep tight.”

“Good night, Risa.”

The call ended and Neru is still in a daze. She hugged her pillow and buried her face on it.

“How am I going to sleep tight with this?”

She knows that it Risa might not look at her with the same feelings but she couldn’t help but submerge herself with the happy feeling. She feels like she’s in a cloud nine.

Well, people are all the same. No matter how smart someone is, all of us become fools in regards to one subject—Koi.

Risa put her phone back to her pocket. She felt her lips that are still a bit hot with the earlier action. She broke up with her boyfriend for about a month already and moving on from it didn’t really take a lot of her time since she is really filled with disgust. But, using this story just to have the chance to visit her long-time crush somehow paid off.

She just laughed to herself on how sneaky she could be. She didn’t expect that Neru would offer herself to her and she even received a confession from the girl. Well, she has to go back to her home soon. She has a date set tomorrow and she can’t afford to arrive there looking like a tired panda.

She is being loved. Someone is loving her. Even though Neru got to know what she has gone through she still said that she loves her. That is something that she couldn't help but to be thankful of.


Obviously, I don’t know how to end it. XD I wrote this on a whim. XD
I can’t properly write things like  this. Sorry. I was thinking of Akane and Mona but I felt like an innocent looking girl like Neru fits the role more. Sorry about this. At least it didn't end up angst. XD
Title: Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Breakup (RisaNeru OS)
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This is amazing and the emotions are so raw I can even relate LOL! I actually cried a bit for Risa's story. I look like a squid now that my mascara's running. But anyway, Neru is so kawaii, when she stuttered but really determined to confess haha! And i thought it would be angst but Risa had been liking her too! I really like how Risa got Neru's first kisses xD

Thank you for writing this! Waaa~ This is amazing~!!
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Thank you for writing about this pair!!!!!
I love these 2 so much. I'm so happy right now!!!

I love the story. I was worried about what Risa will say and react to Neru. But to then to see that the feeling weren't one-sided made me squel with joy!!! Thank you so much.

I hope there will be a sequeal. About the date this time.
Plus, you're getting more and more into this love-making scenes.  :bath: :hee: :luvluv2: :shy2: :nya: :whistle: :wriggly: :on bleed: :monk gboy: :mon angel:
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OMG I love this story so much. RisaNeru is just so darn cute couple  :inlove: :deco:
Please write more RisaNeru fic author-san 🙇
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I love your stories. Please update more shortcut-san :bow:
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So cute I want a sequel of this story  :inlove:
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RisaNeru is cute.
I almost thought this was going to end badly for a moment there.  :cry:
But Risa sure is sly.  8)

Would love to see a sequel.
Title: [shortcut48's SHORTS] When A Yankee Uses A Gun (Majisuka Gakuen AU)
Post by: shortcut48 on January 21, 2018, 02:32:19 PM
@porkofdoom-san, haha.. I'm glad it felt raw. :) Hahaha. Thank you for reading it.
@Goto24-san, I just like to try new things. I guess I am over that period. Haha
@alvinmahendra-san, Spaceboy686-san, Sakamichi-san, four4four-san, Let me see what I can do with this RisaNeru story. I still have an on-going series so it might take a while for a sequel. :) Thank you for reading my stories. :)

Hello! Sorry for the late notice but last week’s chapter of WISH is the last chapter for the first part of the story and it would be on a hold for a while. I’m really sorry for that. But it is not getting hold because I got tired of writing it. It is part of the flow. Here is another short series from me. If you haven’t checked the SayaMilky fic I wrote before, I think it will be better to check that out first. :) WISH will be back after this one.

Anyway, try to guess who will be the lead pairing in this story. XD Enjoy~ :)

When A Yankee Uses A Gun | Majisuka Gakuen AU


SAKURA jerked on her place after hearing several gunshots. Her eyes widened, alarmed of what may happen if she doesn’t move. She couldn’t help it anymore. The girl who is still in her school uniform was about to stand from where she is sitting in order to rescue their president but she was halted by the guy in front of him.

“Let them be.” That was the only thing Hiroki said; he is holding Sakura tightly by her wrist. His eyes are still on the cards that they are playing. They are playing poker but Sakura isn’t in the mood to enjoy the game. How could she even play if their president is already in danger?

“The enemy is already using guns and you are telling me to let them be!?” Sakura asked almost shouting, trying to free herself from the tight grip.

“My girl can handle it so don’t worry. She’ll manage to save Antonio.”

“Hiroki-san!” Sakura called out unto him. “I know how strong Salt-san is but guns—“


That awful cry from the enemy made Sakura turn to where the battle is happening. She just saw that the gun is already in the floor while Salt is twisting the arm of the Yakuza leader.

“See?” Hiroki asked and then freed Sakura. He put off his cigarette by stepping on it and then slapped his cards presenting a full house. “I won again. Time to give me your lunch money.” Hiroki innocently smiled.

Sakura rolled her eyes and sighed. What would she give him when she survives eating free food from a Majijo OG called Minami? “How come you can remain calm like that? Your girlfriend is in danger!”

Hiroki chuckled which made Sakura more pissed. “You are talking about Salt being in danger? Come on, do you remember how she badly kicked your ass?”

Sakura blushed at the embarrassment brought by those words. The fact that she only landed one punch and had her face hit the ground countless times during her match with Salt will never let her pride to rest.

“But that was a fair fight!” Sakura looked back at the happening battle and she was shocked even more. She twisted Hiroki’s head just to make him see what’s going on. Hiroki almost lost his life.

“Look! The boss already got his sword!”

Hiroki ruffled his hair; getting tired of Sakura’s futile worrying. He grabbed his pistol armed with a silencer and locked the Yakuza boss as his target.

“Are you seriously firing at them!?” Sakura complained even more. “What if you hit Salt-san!?”

“Urusai, urusai!” Hiroki rolled his eyes. “Don’t you know who I am?”

Hiroki focused on his target. The boss was swaying his sword all over the place and it is a little bit hard to lock him down. But yeah, he is Hiroki. He is the best hitman there is in the history of Yamamoto-gumi.

He knows his girl might get angry at him if he steps in her fight but he is really getting annoyed with Sakura’s ramblings.

“Gotcha.” Hiroki pulled his trigger and the sword flipped off from the hand of the Yakuza boss.

Salt was surprised to what happened. She immediately turned at the direction of Hiroki and Sakura. There she found Hiroki playing with his gun while Sakura had her jaw dropped. How on earth did he manage to hit just the blade of the sword!?

Salt scowled at her boyfriend for interfering with her fight. She was having a little fun teasing the Yakuza boss because he couldn’t slash her off.

“Gomen.” Hiroki mouthed followed with a wink.

“Tch.” Salt, now furious, sent her enemy to a deep sleep after a combo of kicks and punches. She then turned to Antonio and freed the kidnapped girl with the sword the boss dropped.

Antonio was kidnapped by their rival Yakuza group just for fun and to satisfy the flesh. She was caught off guard after fighting with some people from Yabakune and was easily taken away.

“Salt...” she called after being freed from being tied. “Why did you help me?”

Knowing that they are from rival schools, it was really surprising that Salt saved her from the hands of the enemy.

“I am bored...” said Salt which is not really surprising. “I’m bored so I get the task Hiroki was entrusted with.”

“Hiroki-san?” Antonio hurriedly looked for Hiroki and the guy just waved at her with his gun. She also noticed Sakura standing beside the guy.

“Why is Sakura also here?” Antonio bowed her head due to embarrassment. “This is really frustrating. If only I wasn’t tired after my fight with Yabakune.”

“That girl was asking me to fight her again but I said I was in a rescue mission.” Salt answered, disregarding Antonio’s shame. “Also, she’s not entertaining me enough anymore. She isn’t getting stronger at all.”

Antonio looked at Salt’s unamused face. “Are you really that bored?”

There was silence before the Rappapa president answered. “I don’t even know what my life is for.”

“You still don’t know even after having Hiroki-san as your boyfriend?”

Salt remained silent after that question from Antonio. She knows the story of the two. Hiroki is the adoptive son of her older sister and he became the marksman of their group despite the opposition of his adoptive parents. He was a crazy player until he met Salt. It seems that the guy has fallen head over heels to the Rappapa president to the point that he stopped killing people just because of Salt requested for it.

But, the question here is if Salt feels the same way.

“Why are you two taking so long?” Hiroki asked, looking so bored. “Get out of here already and I will clean this mess.”

“W-What do you mean, Hiroki-san!?” Sakura asked, panicking.

Hiroki looked at her with bored eyes, put his gun against his head and acted like he is firing it to himself. “Bang~”

After that he went to the direction of the unconscious Yakuza people. Before he could even go there, Salt halted him by holding him by his arm. He turned to his girlfriend with an innocent face.

“Why?” he asked innocently. “If I let them go they will just bother us in the future. They can’t afford to be beaten by a high school girl like you.”

Salt firmly shook her head. “Let them be. They won’t stand a chance if they come back to me.”

“But Haruka, these guys are yakuza. You don’t know what they are willing to do just to get their prides back.”

Hiroki is saying this because he knows what is really happening inside. There might be good ones but there are those higher ups that don’t bother about blood relationship in order to expand their territory. There are those who are willing to execute their own child just to get whatever they want.

“But you’re part of a Yakuza clan as well, Hiroki.” Her hand slid down the guys arm and then held his hand. “I can handle them. Don’t worry. They will be my toys just to relieve my boredom.”

Hiroki heaved a sigh. “But, Haruka—“

He felt Salt pressed his hands. She’s looking at him straight to his eyes.

“No more killing, Hiroki.”

Hiroki rolled his eyes and pocketed his gun. “Alright, alright. I’m just thinking about you.” He rose up his hands as a sign of surrender.

“I can handle them anytime all by myself.” Salt reassured him.

“At least rely on your boyfriend.”

Salt just sneered at him while looking at his frustrated face. “There’s no need.”


“YOU ARE being so serious, Sakura. There’s no need to worry that much about those two.”

Center put off her boxing gloves and placed it neatly at the nearest table. Those are the precious gloves given to her by a remarkable senpai. She made her way towards Sakura who is lying on a bench, wearing her ever frustrated face.

“I hate it that they are being so carefree because they are too strong.” Sakura murmured. She remembered how Salt single-handedly destroyed that Yakuza troupe. They were armed but she took their consciousness like she was battling with low-level highschool yankees.

Center chuckled at the showcase of frustration. “You just can’t accept the fact that you can’t beat Salt no matter how many times you tried, right?”

She saw Sakura clenched her fists, a sign that her hunch is indeed correct. Center saw everything that happened in Majijo. It always amazes her whenever there are girls aiming to reach the top. It always reminds her of her own adventures towards it and the partner she was with.

One of the most remarkable fights that she has seen was probably the fight between the indestructible monster of the current Rappapa and the transfer student from Hakata. For a while she thought that Sakura could be the next Maeda because she reflected the same eyes as the legendary destroyer. She thought that finally someone would be able to kick the bored monster out of the throne but Sakura fell short. She fell so short, watching her lying on the floor almost the whole fight was so disappointing.

And here she is now, well Sakura is well-respected in school as the current Vice President but the fact that she couldn’t dethrone Salt affected her pride to the core. She’s been training under Center’s guidance. The senpai somehow wanted to see to how much more the girl would be able to grow. She’s been improving a lot. She might stand a chance’ is what Center always thinks but as Sakura progresses Salt is also having her game up without even giving much effort.

This is what frustrates Sakura even more. She feels like she has been chasing after the wind— something that she will never be able to catch no matter how fast she runs. What’s worse is that Salt ended up getting a boyfriend to ease her boredom. All that Sakura wants is to be the one to remove that from her. She wanted to see Salt flash a frustrated face because of being defeated by her so that she could erase from her memory how Salt terribly looked disappointed when she failed to entertain her during their first bout.

A sigh came out of Sakura. “Tell me, Center-san... What should I do to beat Salt-san?”

Center gave out a weak smile. She stopped trying to dry her hair damped with sweat from the training and then focused more on Sakura.

“How about seduce her boyfriend?”

Sakura’s eyes shut opened as she jolted up from lying. She turned to Center with her jaw hanging. “Are you serious!?”

Center crossed her arms. “Well, if you manage to rob Hiroki-nii away from her then you will win in the best-girlfriend field.”

“That’s not the type of victory I am longing for!” Sakura answered back, almost shouting.

The senpai just laughed. “But you like Hiroki-nii, right? Beware of that man. Rumor is that Hirokii-nii is also a monster.”

“He is a monster because he has killed a lot of people already, right?”

“No, no, no, dear kouhai.” Center eagerly shook her head. “I know that he kills without any hint of mercy from those dead eyes but what made him a monster is that he is...” She invited Sakura to come closer which the other girl did without thinking. She whispered the words she wanted to say.

“He can make anyone groan in bed—”

Sakura immediately covered her mouth as her cheeks burn in embarrassment. Center just looked at her with a wide grin on her face.

“He is a notorious monster in bed.” She casually said.

“B-But Hiroki-san is just in high—”

“Who told you that? He may look really young but he is already in his late 20’s.”

Sakura’s jaw dropped even more. What the hell is Center talking about?

“Rumors are he maintains that youthful face after taking someone else’s lives.”

Sakura remained quiet, contemplating about everything that she heard. She was just looking at Center as if she can’t fully grasp the situation.

“What’s with that look?” Center asked.

“I-I can’t believe that Hiroki-san is like that.”

“You wanna confirm it?”

Sakura blushed even heavier after that tempting suggestion of Center. “N-No way! I’m not into those kind of things! All I want to do now is to defeat Salt-san and reach the top!”

“I told you, you can also defeat her in some other ways.”

“No way!!!” Sakura angrily protested. “I’m not even interested to Hiroki-san as a man even the slightest bit!”

Center sneered. The sight of the flustered Sakura is making her excited. She likes the way this badass girl turns red. She looks so innocent and pure it makes her want to stain her. The sadist inside Center believes that a stained Sakura would entertain her more.

“Is it the other way around?” Center teasingly asked as she moves closer to Sakura. This action alerted the other girl. Sakura tried to avert her but if she moves further she will fall off the bench.

Center pressed her face near to the other girl’s. Sakura kept on trying to stay away from her but Center is like a snake that followed her wherever she is facing, trying to lock eyes with her.

Sakura gasped when she felt Center’s palm on her thigh. It was really warm and then she felt it crawling upwards.


“By any chance...” Center caressed Sakura’s face with her free hand. “Do you have the hots for Salt?”

Sakura’s eyes widened even more. Her mouth opened but there is no voice coming out. She waved her hands to gesture something but she panicked too much that she fell off the bench. The girl immediately stood up and faced the sneering Center.

“I-I-I don’t l-l-look at Salt-san that way!” Sakura stammered so badly. “F-For me she’s like a wall that I should crush or else I will never be able to move forward!”

Sakura was dumbfounded when Center started laughing so hard. The senpai was even clapping as if she was really entertained.

“Don’t take it so seriously, Sakura! I was just joking!” Center laughed even more while holding her stomach. “Why do you always have to be this serious?”

“Why are you all saying that to me!?” Sakura asked back. “Salt-san, Hiroki-san and then you...”

Center tried to get her composure back and then looked at Sakura straight to her eyes.

“You will bore people even more if you are always serious.

“There’s nothing in this life but seriousness!”

Center scoffed. This girl doesn’t really listen to her.

“If Nezumi heard that she would die laughing at your seriousness antics.” Center smiled faintly at the memory of her special friend.

“Nezumi-san, huh?” Sakura fell quiet after hearing Nezumi’s name. The one who conquered the top with Center but suddenly vanished. “Do you have any news about her?”

Center shook her head followed by a sigh. “I hope she’s doing well.”

At the sight of that lonely Center, Sakura sighed as well.




SALT couldn’t contain her frustration anymore as she lost against Hiroki for who knows how many times it is. She threw the console straight to Hiroki’s face that stopped the guy from his manic laughing.

The arcade staff member that is guarding them almost peed his pants since Salt is starting to lose her temper yet again. She has destroyed a lot of game machines starting from consoles up to the monitor screen and the gaming center won’t be able to keep up with the repair costs if this keeps going.

They tried to confront the couple a few times but there are two reasons that kept them hiding under the sheets. First, the girl is the leader of the notorious all-girls school for Yankees that has been running for generations and no one was able to dethrone her. Second, the guy is a well-known Yakuza member and not just a member but he is considered a high-ranker for being the dispatcher. No one was able to pull themselves together and confront the two.

Hiroki shouted in pain with what Salt did to him. He immediately checked his nose to see if it didn’t get crooked. He has been taking care of his face so meticulously due to the influence of his adoptive mother and the said face has broken a lot of hearts of all genders.

“Haruka~” he whined, sounding like his adoptive mother. “Don’t be a sore loser for once. If you can’t beat me then stop challeng—OUCH!”

He wasn’t able to continue when Salt stepped on his foot. The girl stepped even harder after seeing the pained expression on the guy’s face. “Someday, I will really kick your ass in this game.”

“O-OUCH!” Hiroki shouted and lost balance making him fall towards Salt’s direction. Surprised, Salt tried to step backward but Hiroki was quick to catch her by wrapping his arm around her waist. Their faces are near each other with Salt being baffled at the face Hiroki is showing him. It is the guy’s usual playful look.

Indeed, he was faking being hurt with what Salt did to him earlier. His body and pain doesn’t really exchange words so they would never understand each other. The two has ceased talking a long time ago.

“Baka.” Salt glared at him. “Let me go.”

Hiroki pulled her closer to him making her gasp. The sound Salt made brushed shades of pink on her cheeks. She got embarrassed after hearing her own voice.

“Let you go?” Hiroki asked with a sneer. “Your hands are telling another story.”

Salt looked at her hands which instead of pushing the guy away are grabbing into the Hiroki’s shirt like they are pulling him closer. The girl, agitated of the continuous teasing, gave Hiroki a blow to his stomach to free herself.

Hiroki did react to the punch she gave but she knows that all those reactions are just part of his instinct. It’s an impulse of the body but there isn’t really any pain that he could feel.

“I wonder when you will stop hitting me. Will I be a battered husband in the future?” The guy scratched his head while smiling foolishly to himself but then Salt’s heavy stare caught his attention. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Instead of answering, Salt started walking towards the exit, bumping Hiroki along the way.

“Hey! What’s that for, Haruka?” Hiroki asked with a confused face.

Salt stopped and then turned to her boyfriend. She doesn’t know why but she feels like he made her wait for a very long time. Whenever she looks at that face of him, she could feel something in her heart that she couldn’t explain. It feels like she has longed to see that face but there is this bit of hatred for making her wait for so long.

She doesn’t know where she gets this feeling from but her heart aches whenever this guy comes into sight. She wants to give him a hug. It’s the first time in her life that she wanted to hug someone but she just couldn’t do it. ‘Playing easy was never her game’ she thought in the beginning but after getting beaten in an FPS game duel, she agreed to be his girlfriend as punishment.

“I’m really going to let you remember the feeling of pain.” Salt stated with a very serious face before turning back to her way out.

Hiroki’s eyebrows raised but he then smiled soon after. “Please don’t. I had enough of it.” He whispered to himself before following Haruka.

“Anyway, Antonio told me to say thanks to you. Seems like you got a new fan.”

They were already in the streets when Hiroki started talking again. He tends to always make the atmosphere light whenever he feels it is time to do so. He just couldn’t stand a serious air. Sometimes he thinks it is funny that he turned out this way when he was just a very innocent kid calling a woman his Otou-san and scaring people with the way he stares at them. When did his personality change anyway?

Ahh… Yes, it was the time when his adoptive parents were executed by the head of the Yakuza clan himself. It was the time they breathe their last, witnessing everything with his own eyes. How can a father just erase his own flesh and blood just like that after one disagreement?

Oh, and that was the time Hiroki took his first kill. He was forced to fire his gun to completely end someone’s life for the very first time. Both of his parents were already bleeding that time and he was given a choice to keep them alive by killing the politician that betrayed the Yakuza or let his hands remain clean but let his parents die.

Of course, due to shock and the love he had for his parents, he killed the politician, firing his gun straight to the guy’s head. His parents witnessed him killed someone and he could remember the strong feeling of letting them down. Hiroki did what he was instructed to but his parents were still slaughtered.

Trauma caused him to be a mindless puppet of the Oyabun, discarding anyone that threatens the boss’ business. He doesn’t know how many he has already killed. He might be acting all cheerful but when it comes to killing, he won’t be someone you would wish to mess with.

“Tell her not to feel indebted. I had fun that night.” Salt answered him coldly, not even turning to him.

Hiroki laughed awkwardly. He is now the attender of the boss’ other daughter but to another woman. The Oyabun has an obsession of naming all his daughter’s with the name Sayaka which is a bit creepy and weird at the same time.

“Anyway, tell Sakura that she has to pay me. She lost to me in poker last time.”

Salt scoffed. “Sakura, huh?”

“What? Did she do something again?” Hiroki pried.

“Nothing. She’s making me bored like hell.”

“Don’t be too hard on her. She’s doing her best just to entertain you. She must really admire you.”

Salt sighed. “Admire, huh?”

“She’s serious in everything she does. Sometimes her seriousness is scary. I hope she can loosen up even a little bit and start considering people her friends.” Hiroki smiled. “Be a good older sister to her, Haruka-chan!”

“Shut up.” Salt tried to act tough but a faint smile peeked on her lips.

Hiroki watched Salt as she walks. He wouldn’t mind spending the rest of his life with her. If only he can get out of the hands of the Oyabun. Salt may have told him to stop the killings but he can’t say no to whatever is ordered for him to do. He’s afraid that Salt may get targeted as well just like what happened to his folks. He would never want to see her suffer the same fate. He still executes the orders but this time he lets them live but tell them to fake their deaths.

“Haruka…” he called out, the tone of his voice changed making the girl stop and turn to him.

“That face…” Salt pointed out the change in his facial expression.

“Haruka…” he called out once again. “Tell me, have I made you like me now?”

Salt smiled at that question. How many times would he even ask about that? She has agreed to be labelled his girlfriend. Isn’t that enough? “Maa… You entertain me so I’m keeping you in my company.”

Well, people just can’t be honest at times. Even though the answer is simply yes they tend to go on a detour.

Quite disappointed, Hiroki just smiled. “Maa…”

He stood still and watch Salt cross the railway. Her house is on the other side of the road while Hiroki has to get back since his house is on the other direction. Salt didn’t even say goodbye. It’s always like this. They go on their separate ways as if nothing happens, as if they are not a couple.

The train passes by and together with the noise it makes, Hiroki released a sigh.

“Well I guess even the strongest Yankee would never love a criminal like me.”

Smiling as if it is the only thing to console himself, Hiroki started walking back. He doesn’t deserve any of this anyway. On the other hand, Salt froze on her way while climbing the hill. She looked back but only saw the passing train.

“Should I tell him?” She asked herself, her heart started beating fast. She shook her head to wake herself up.“I should tell him!”

The train completely passed and she saw Hiroki walking with his head down. Her heart couldn’t handle it anymore so she gave in.


For the first time in her life she let her voice out like that. The guy looked back and was startled to see Salt running towards him with a smile on her face. Did the train put some magic on her? Why did she suddenly turn into a puppy?

“H-Haruka?” He called, couldn’t believe what he is seeing.

“Hiroki! I have something to tell you!” Salt tried to run but the gate of the railway hasn’t opened up yet. Out of frustration, she gathered air around her and tried to shout. “Hiroki!!! The truth is I—“

Hiroki’s shout echoed on the whole area after three gunshots were heard. He watched Salt as she fell on the ground, her eyes wide open but lifeless. Hiroki trembled upon seeing his beloved girl struggling to get air, bleeding terribly.

He ran towards her. He tumbled a few times for his knees were badly shaking. He tried to save her but there is nothing he could do for she’s already dead when he picked him up in his arms.

Hiroki wept. For the first time in forever he felt this excruciating pain of losing someone he holds dearly. He wept. Bitterly.

He looked up on the hill where the gunshots came from. There he saw someone wearing a hoodie and his core shook after recognizing who it was.



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Gasp :shocked

I thought it was going to be a Hiroki x Paruru or Paruru x Sakura, but I guess that is going out the window.

That cliffhanger ending though.
Just who is the figure? :?

I guess we will find out in the next update.
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just when i was waiting for wish but this new stories comes out and since it was you, i know it would be interesting and i'm right

well, so basically this is continuation of that sayamilky stories and antonio is actually sayanee's sister.
and sakura already meet center and oh it seems that something will happen haha,
and wait....why did center call hiroki with 'hiroki-nii' ?

i already watch season 5 alots of time and it still pain me whenever i remember all of those scenes
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WHY THE HELL YOU KILL SAYAMILKY!!!!!!!!!!    :'( :'( :'( :depressed: :pleeease: :frustrated: my sayamilky heart........ :cry: trust me i don't even dare (and didn't want) to imagine sayamilky's death....why sayaka and milky while the real life sayamilky is already over since miyuki's graduation now even they died here :cry:...but....At least THEY DIE TOGETHER AND IN EACH OTHER'S ARM RIGHT? HAHAHAHA

this is nice work and maybe will explain more about hiroki/fuyu's past and i will wait for the next chapters now if you excuse me i shall go and mend my sayamilky's broken heart

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Who dare to interrupt the revelation of salt's heart??!!!!!  :angry: :angry:
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Who dare to interrupt the revelation of salt's heart??!!!!!  :angry: :angry:

yes how dare you  :angry: and please stop killing Haruka 😭😭😭 bring her back to life this instant 😏😏
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@Genkikid-san, probably the writer. Yes, it is most likely the writer sending someone to kill the character. XD (Sorry for the lame joke.) XD

@porkofdoom-san, well... Salt just got killed. XD

@yuuri14-san, I would like to do that but that means she will be either revived as a cabaret girl, a lazy detective or a yandere. XD


Hello everyone! Sorry for the sudden inactivity this past month. Did anyone even miss me? Haha. Sorry, I got a lot of things to fix in RL and I'm still adjusting to the current situation. It would be hard to explain but let's just say that there are things that were given and things that were taken away from me. I'll be back to writing now and hopefully I can give you something to read next week. I can't promise anything this week so yeah...  :cry:

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hahaha, then I would choose the first two plus i dont want her to kill for love so yandere is a big no no 😂😂 see you next week then ✌
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Hello people, I’m really sorry for the sudden hiatus. I really needed a rest. Anyway, here’s an update for the short series. WISH will be back after this is over. There are only three parts so yeah. :)

I got Majisuka references but I didn’t really go with the original happenings on the 5th installment so if you see things that really didn’t go in the original story then don’t get confused because I only picked what I think would be good for this AU. I didn’t elaborate much because this is just a short series anyway. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this as well. Have fun reading~!

When A Yankee Uses A Gun | Majisuka Gakuen AU (2)


A CHAIR flew on its way making noises as it roll down the floor before finally hitting the wall. For once there was sound that filled Rappapa’s headquarters. Yoga threw a stare on Magic who suddenly exploded in anger, kicking the chair that was in front of her.

“What the hell is happening!?” Magic turned around and tried to calm herself down but she failed miserably and ended up releasing her anger to another chair. “Salt-san was obviously murdered! She was killed by a gun! Not just one but three bullets were found on her body and you are telling me that the police dismissed her case!? What on earth is happening here!?”

Magic went on with her rampage only to stop when Otabe’s cup of green tea made a sound when she placed it back to the table. The two other queens turned to the said right hand of Salt.

“I would appreciate if you would calm down, Magic.” Otabe calmly said but the intensity was enough to silence the raging Magic. The girl gritted her teeth before going back to her seat. She still couldn’t keep the anger within her.

“Our president is murdered and the police abandoned the case. I believe that the Yakuza has something to do with this. They are holding the police in their necks.” Magic stated, now in a calmer manner though her whole body is still shaking in anger. “Where the hell is that stupid boyfriend of hers!? He didn’t even attend Salt’s funeral.”

“Hiroki-san… I heard he is running around town drowning his self with liquor.” Yoga stated as her stare shifted to their Vice President, Sakura who is standing in front of Salt’s abandoned throne.

“That sucker! I have a feeling that he has something to do with what happened—“

“You’re wrong.”

The other queens then turned to Sakura’s way. They noticed how her face crumpled for a moment as memories of her confrontation with Hiroki last night flashed on her mind.

He found the guy so drunk beating up street yankees that didn’t recognize who he was. Hiroki was so close to picking up his gun if only Sakura didn’t arrive and stop him.

“Hiroki-san, no more killing…”

Sakura could never describe the shock on Hiroki’s face when he recognized her. It felt like he was showered with cold water driving the spirit of alcohol away from him.

He immediately shoved Sakura’s hand away and went on his way. The street yankees, with all their remaining strength and regret of messing with the wrong person, flee with their bodies without any hole on it. Sakura tried to call out to him but Hiroki didn’t even care to turn to her. He went on with his way, staggering.

“Are you not going to face this thing like a man should!?” Sakura shouted. “You are Salt’s lover! Are you telling me that you are not going to seek justice for her!? She was murdered and are you saying that you aren’t going to do anything but just get drunk every night!?”

That statement somehow made Hiroki stopped. He slowly turned to Sakura but he couldn’t meet her eyes. Sakura, on the other hand, was taken aback after seeing how the guy is suppressing his tears from falling. His eyes are all swollen, probably due to non-stop crying since Salt’s assassination.

“S-Sakura…” Hiroki called out in a hoarse voice. He tried to make eye contact but he couldn’t keep it going. “If you value your life… n-never associate yourself with me again.”

“What the—“

“From now on, pretend that you don’t know me.”

“But, Salt-san—“

“This is my punishment, Sakura… I should’ve never pursued Haruka…” Hiroki turned his back to Sakura as he could no longer keep his tears.

“All the people I give my heart to… They end up being dead so get away from me and live your life—“

“For Salt-san’s sake, stop blabbering like that!” Sakura shouted with her fists balled. “We have to find the one who killed her!!!”

“Sakura…” Hiroki called out to her again. “I also killed people… A lot of them… Stop being serious and enjoy your life like a normal high school student should do. Forget about Haruka’s case.”

That’s all and Hiroki left. Sakura wanted to call him back but she was so stunned of the words that she heard from the guy. He asked her to forget about seeking justice. No, it was more like he commanded her to go back to her normal life after the biggest wall in her life was killed without her being able to relieve Salt’s boredom.

“Majisuka?” Sakura gritted to herself. Hiroki didn’t even take another look at her. Remembering everything that happened awakened the seriousness inside of her. To someone like her, there is nothing but seriousness in this world.

“What are you talking about, Sakura?” Yoga asked. “Are you denying the fact that Hiroki-san is the number one suspect here?”

Sakura turned to them with her eyes filled with seriousness. “Hiroki-san could never kill Salt-san. He was sincere about liking her.”

“How can you be so sure—“

“I agree with Sakura.”

Magic’s question was cut when Otabe finally broke her silence. “Hiroki-san is indeed in love with Salt.”

Magic’s shoulders dropped as if all the energy in her body was vacuumed out. “What the… Even you, Otabe?”

“I met Hiroki-san last night in the streets and he is a complete picture of grief. He lost his light. He was ready to kill just for fun. At Salt-san’s death, his whole world also crumbled.” Sakura’s explanation might seem flowery but the other girls understood. They are aware of how persistent the guy was in pursuing Salt. He was always there for her even though Salt treated him coldly.

Even though Salt never really acknowledged him as her boyfriend, never even told him that she likes him as well, Hiroki didn’t go away even if he could easily jump to another girl. He was known to be a ruthless criminal but that picture of him never showed whenever he was with Salt. He fell head over heels for her to the point that he was ready to disobey the orders of his oyabun to comply with Salt’s wishes. And all the students in Majisuka Gakuen saw it that they didn’t even disapproved the fact that their president is dating with a Yakuza hitman.

“I believe he feels responsible for her death.” Sakura continued. “He thinks that the weight of his sin finally took a toll on him that’s why he couldn’t do anything about what happened. But…”

Sakura looked back at the chair that only the strongest fighter of Majisuka Gakuen can sit. “I will not just let it end this way. If Hiroki-san doesn’t want to do something, then I’ll be the one seeking justice for Salt-san.”

“Sakura…” Magic called out as if hope sprung out of her heart.

“I already have someone in mind.” She then went to get a huge piece of cloth which turned out to be a huge logo of the school. And with one sway, she covered Salt’s throne with it as a sign that the former master of it was undefeatable, that no one is worthy to sit at it anymore.

“I will find the one who killed you, Salt-san.”


GASPS were heard at the Kango-ka headquarters of Gekioko Koko as Coby sent Zakoboss in her knees after giving her a body shot. All the other members stepped backward in fear that the big sadist of their top would turn to them and hit them with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Did you hear what you just said, Zakoboss?” Coby asked the girl who was bending in pain, raising up her chin to make her look at her face. The smile on Coby’s face doesn’t really match the strength that she gave in that one punch. “Are you really suggesting that we should dethrone Majijo now that Salt is dead?”

“B-But…” Everyone turned to the direction of KY who seemed to be hesitating of what she is going to say. “But i-isn’t it a good opportunity to get into the to—“

She was not able to finish her sentence when Coby immediately gave her a slap right on her cheek. The other students beside KY immediately went away from her.

“Have you all lost your dignities as yankees? You want to overthrow them now that their top is gone?” Coby, with that alluring smile on her face, caressed KY’s other cheek before raising her palm to give her another slap. “Do you think we are that low—“

“Coby. Enough.”

Coby’s palm stopped in mid-air after hearing Antonio’s frail voice. Their top hasn’t completely recovered from the attack of the rival clan last time. She still got bruises and her right arm is still on a sling band. Now, all of their attention is on her.

“It’s enough. We’ve been doing weird plays before so we can’t help that the others are thinking like that.” Antonio stood up from her seat and looked at her army’s faces one by one.

“I know that you all have been waiting for the day that we can take the teppen but getting it in this way is really unacceptable. As you all know, Salt saved me the other day. She also saved Coby once. If it wasn’t because of her, I don’t know where I would be at in this time. I can say that I am alive now if it is not because of her.”

After hearing Antonio’s statement, Coby couldn’t help but to clench her fists in secret. Her heart is tightening much more that what she thinks. Having Antonio talked so admiringly of Salt hurts her and she couldn’t deny that fact.

“Let us wait for Majijo to settle their inner affairs. Let’s wait for the new successor to rise on the top before finally challenging them into a fight. If you all understand my reason, you may all go now.”

The other girls started leaving one by one until the President and the Vice President are the only ones left in the room. There was an awkward silence between them until Antonio broke it.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Coby. There was no point of hitting them up.” The President said while looking at the window. Coby knows that her thoughts are somewhere else.

“You’re getting too soft, Antonio.” The Vice President answered back. “Is that what being saved by Salt has done to you? Even before she was murdered all you ever think about is her.”

Antonio heaved a sigh as she weakly shook her head. “I’m going to get some fresh air.”

That’s all and the leader of the Kango-ka left, leaving her vice president behind. After hearing the sound of the door closing, Coby couldn’t help but to bite her lower lip, her gaze became even sharper.



“WHAT DO we have here?”

The leader of the rival gang of the Yamamoto-gumi smiled menacingly after recognizing the uniform of the girl that bravely blocked her way. It was raining really hard and everything is so dark but the leader couldn’t even take off his sunglasses. He only raised it up a bit to make sure that he is seeing the right uniform.

“What can I do for you, yankee-chan?” He asked, raising up his chin to intimidate the girl under the black umbrella.

“Why don’t you remove your glasses and face me like a real man should? Are you still embarrassed to show your face to the neighbourhood after getting beaten by a highschool girl?”

Sakura’s provoking led the underlings to the point of attacking her but the leader stopped them. It is noticeable that he got pissed off due to the wrinkles on his forehead but he is still trying to keep his cool.

“You see, Yankee-chan… I was a little drank that night that I was not able to give my all. Stop acting like you know everything.” He was pointing at Sakura’s forehead while saying those things, giving her a push in the end of it. He gave Sakura a piercing stare but the girl isn’t the type to back off in this kind of contest.

Seeing that look on the girl’s eyes, the leader rolled his eyes before signalling to his underlings that they should go. He even intentionally bumped Sakura just to say that he isn’t afraid of her.

Sakura, who has been trying to contain her anger from the very moment she saw the leader’s face, isn’t contented with just a staring contest. She came here to seek justice and she won’t let it end here.

“Are you that embarrassed to the point that you killed her?”

The leader’s steps were put into a halt as he slowly turned to Sakura with a frightening face. He removed his glasses and gave it to one of his underlings. It seems like Sakura has flipped his switch.

“What did you—“

“Oh well, what do we have here? Sorry for being late!”

The growling of the Yakuza leader was stopped when someone wearing a hoodie came and arched her arms around Sakura. Even the girl herself was surprised especially when she recognized who it was.

“C-Center-san!?” the girl exclaimed followed by Center giving her a wink.

“Did you wait for so long? I couldn’t find an umbrella in my house. I ended up wearing a hoodie. Let’s go a—“ Center noticed the gangsters and greeted them. “Oh, Jinyama-san! What a coincidence to see you here!”

“Aha! Aren’t you Center?” The face of the leader brightened up. “I didn’t recognize you for a moment because of your clothes. Can’t wait for your next battle in the ring!”

Center gave out a perfectly-acted laugh. “Thanks! Please cheer for me for the next match as well!” The senior then turned to her junior with a meaningful look. “Let’s go.”

“Is that girl your protégé?” The leader suddenly asked.

Center took a deep breath, rolling her eyes that they still couldn’t go. She turned back to them and answered. “No, haha. She’s my girlfriend!”

Everyone’s eyes widened after hearing what she just said. Despite the gloominess of the atmosphere, the pink blushes on Sakura’s cheeks are clearly noticeable.


The leader cracked an awkward laugh. “I see, I see. I guess the shady girl already left you even though you were so into her. Good riddance!”

He then gave Center a heavy pat on her shoulder and whispered. “But you see, better handle that little girl well. She might get her tongue cut.”

Center answered the challenging tone of the leader with her signature smirk. “I might chop the head off of the one who would cut her tongue.” After that, she smiled like she didn’t give a threat at all. “I’ll be going ahead Jinyama-san! See you!”

That’s all and the two left with Center almost dragging Sakura. The leader just gawk at them as they go.

After securing that they are already out of sight of the Yakuza, Center pinned Sakura to the wall which surprised her junior, making her drop the umbrella that she is holding. She tried to escape but as expected of the former top of Majijo, she got overpowered.

“What the hell are you thinking? Why would you go and face a Yakuza leader like that!?”

The frustration on Center’s face almost took Sakura aback but her serious expression immediately went back on her face. “I have a feeling that he is the one who killed Salt-san! He is the number one suspect in this murder!”

“Do you have any proof!?”

“Salt-san single-handedly overthrew his gang. I know he would be furious!”

“That’s not enough proof!”

“THEN WHAT SHOULD I DO!?” Tears started rolling down Sakura’s eyes which startled Center. This is the first time that she saw Sakura cry in frustration. Center was not able to say a word as Sakura breaks down in tears.

“T-Tell me what I should do, Center-san…” The girl tried to wipe her tears away but it kept on coming. “All this time, I’ve given everything I have just to defeat Salt-san… to give her the amusement that she is longing for… But now what!? Are you really telling me that the one I am aiming for all this time is just going to disappear like this!? Are you serious!!?”

“Sakura…” Center slowly pulled Sakura to her arms and gave her an assuring hug. This made the other girl cry harder. A yankee crying is a proof that she really lost something that she treated as her life.

Center understands. She kind of felt the same thing. First is when Maeda had to step out of the throne without a proper match because of the crimes she did in the streets. Center was not able to beat the former president up but then she became the top. She can still remember how that feeling makes her want to vomit.

Next is when Nezumi left her after all the years of being together. The girl left her without a word. She knows that Nezumi has been undergoing some circumstances but she never even imagined that she would left her and threw her like a trash as if they didn’t have anything between them. She didn’t even know how she managed to get out of the mud of depression.

Center shook her head. What is she even thinking? She knows exactly how she managed to cope up. That’s when a bruised kitted came to her and asked for her help, telling her that she wants to reach the top.

She thought that it was a good idea. She might not be able to reach the top with her own hands but if someone that she trained personally would successfully climbed up the stairs then it would feel like the same thing as her defeating everyone.

Center swore that she would help her get what she needs. She trained her almost everyday but the training led her into another thing, to an emotion that she didn’t think she would ever feel again.

“S-Sakura…” she called out in a faint voice, her cheeks burning. “A-Actually I—“

“I’m going to find the one who killed, Salt-san! I will take the top and then I will take Hiroki-san as my man!

Center felt like something blocked her throat for a moment. She isn’t sure if she’s going to be happy that she avoided being embarrassed or will grieve because of that indirect rejection. She knew it already… long before… that Sakura has feelings for Hiroki as well.

Sakura went to calm herself and faced Center with those swollen eyes. “I swear I will bring light to this case even if I have to use a gun!“

Then the girl left, running in full speed, not caring about the heavy rain anymore. Center looked up in the sky and let the rain fell over her face. She let the rain soak her, wishing that it could wash away the heaviness of her heart.

She bowed down and felt something that is strapped on one of her thighs. She sighed.

“A gun, huh?”


OTABE was left in the headquarters as the other queens all left to investigate. She volunteered to stay just in case that rebel students try to climb up the stairs. She’ll be the one to handle them.

But no one has the courage to climb the stairs. The last challenger was Sakura and after her no one dared to challenge Rappapa again. Everyone saw how undefeatable Salt was. She was really of a different calibre and Otabe knows it well. She has seen a lot in the history of the school. She was there during Maeda’s time. It took a long while before they found someone with almost the same strength as her.

Who would have thought that the monster with a clean record would only be taken out by a gun?

“Salt…” Otabe unconsciously called as she was blankly staring at Salt’s throne. “You left a huge hole on Rappapa… Seriously?”

She stood up and took a stretch and then went near the throne. She could still imagine Salt’s bored expression while sitting on that chair, playing with those metal balls that she always have in her hands. Then Salt would look back at her and ask, “How long should I sit in this boring place?”

During those times, Otabe had nothing to answer her. She would just smile at her and tell her that they should wait for someone strong. That person would surely come. Then there goes the transfer student from Hakata. Otabe would never forget how she first saw excitement on Salt’s face but that didn’t last. The President fell into a huge disappointment.

That excitement came back when she started going out with a well-known thug. Every time that she spent with him felt like she’s always challenged. She didn’t get bored for once.

“Salt… I hope you have told Hiroki-san what you truly feel… How silly of you to hide it for a long time…” Her fists balled as everything about Salt’s case is blurry. “Just wait… We will bring you justice…”



“WHAT ARE you doing here?”

Sakura wasn’t fazed by that angry look on Hiroki’s face. She wasn’t sure that Hiroki would be home but luckily the guy is staying at that abandoned traditional Japanese style home for some reason. He might be in a severe hangover of last night’s drinking.

“Did your parents teach you to use umbrella when it is raining?” Hiroki asked as he brushes his bed hair up. He could feel his head stinging but there’s also this feeling of déjà vu that he couldn’t explain.

“I need you to come and help me to find Salt’s murderer—“

Hiroki tried to close the door but Sakura was fast enough to keep it open. She pushed her way inside and knocked the dizzy Hiroki on the floor then Sakura went to pin him.

“Sakura are you cra—“

“I know you know who killed her!”

“I don’t know!” Hiroki gritted, freeing himself from Sakura’s grip. He immediately stood up and turned his back to Sakura. He went inside the house, trying to get rid of the girl but Sakura is persistent as hell.

“You were there when she was shot, right!? I know you saw who murdered her!”

“I didn’t see it!”

“You saw it!”

“I told you I didn’t see it!”

“You know who did it, don’t you!? You are well-aware of that person that you can’t even pursue whoever it was!!!”

Hiroki stopped walking after hearing that statement from Sakura. His whole body is trembling and Sakura is well-aware of that fact. The fact that what she said took him aback just proves that he really knows the identity of Salt’s killer.

“I don’t know…” Hiroki sighed as his fists gave way. “I said I don’t know so just leave me be… Please… Sakura…”

“Hiroki-san…” Sakura stared at that heavy back of the guy for a moment before trying to close the distance between them. Hesitatingly, she went to hold onto his shirt. She wanted to give him a hug but she ended up leaning his forehead to Hiroki’s back. “Are you really going to stay silent like this?”


Hiroki was suddenly alerted when he heard a couple of cars stopping somewhere near the house. Sakura might not be able to hear anything but his trained reflexes aren’t telling him lies. He went to face Sakura, surprising the girl by dragging her by the hand towards a bedroom.

Dumbfounded, Sakura was not able to do anything but just let herself be dragged. Hiroki pushed her inside towards the bed. The guy went on to pull one of the drawers where he pulled two guns out. He then turned back to Sakura and gave her a reassuring pat on her head.


“Stay here. Whatever you may hear, just stay here and don’t ever make a sound.”

“W-Wait, Hiroki-san! Where are you going!?”

The guy gave out a sigh. Knowing how strong this girl is, she could open the door even if he locked it from the outside. But he doesn’t have any choice, there’s no time to think for another way. He gave out a faint smile.

“I’m sorry, Sakura. But I guess I’ll be going to where Haruka is…”

“W-Wait wh—“

Sakura was not able to finish her sentence as light suddenly escaped her vision. Darkness gradually surrounded her after receiving a blow on the back of her head. She immediately fell to the ground and the last thing she remembers was the sight of Hiroki’s feet and the door closing followed by shouts that she wasn’t able to comprehend at all.

Then she lost her consciousness…

Even the gunshots weren’t able to wake her up at all…


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note to self : don't read this kind of story before going to college  :D :nervous :nervous.....well i read your update morning before i go to college and the last sentences almost make me gloomy all day and that's the proof how amazing you and your story are cut-sama :twothumbs :twothumbs

center being jealous huh? and coby as well ? i wonder actually how is antonio's response when her.....sister and her 'wife' get killed, i don't know how this story will end but......maybe letting antonio and coby alive will be nice isn't it  ;) 

so now, remind me if i'm wrong but hirosalt will join sayamilky in heaven? at least sayamilky died together hehe...(my heart)... you know since you broke my heart twice (if hiroki really join salt).... a nice love story of techineru in 'wish' might be good (just kidding just kidding, please don't take it seriously)

ps : hope you won't forget about one of the most badass character in season 5...katsuzetsu

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Sadness all around.

Salt is dead and Rappapa is left without answers.
Coby just wants Antonio to look at her.
Center got rejected.
And now Hiroki might be dead. :cry:

Looking forward to reading the conclusion to this story.
I hope the girls are able to solve the mystery.
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I honestly can't understand anything. Lol but yeah this is a mess. A beautiful mess. I don't actually know the names (Spoiler: I haven't watched Majisuka Gakuen) and then i decided to ignore it and it miraculously lessened a headache forming on my temple andnthen the next thing I knew is that Sakura like Hiroki!!! ( I was like "WHUT???!!!) and then Hiroki goes suicidal because he wants to follow Salt in ... (i don't think it's heaven, they're criminals!) And he goes hitting Sakura's head and there's a lot of Bang! Bang! (Did Hiroki hid sakura's body? Before he went nuts?) Anyway it was a lot of fun to read! Even though half of the story i was confused with the names. :)

I assume jurina is Center? What kind of naming is this anyway? Hahahaha!
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Sorry for the long wait. I finally got the time to finish this. Haha. Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy it~

When A Yankee Uses A Gun | Majisuka Gakuen AU (3)


“Salt-san… Am I not getting stronger?”

The President, who was leaning on the fence of the rooftop, gave out a disappointed sigh. She felt her right cheek and she is certain that Sakura’s fists became heavier. The girl landed quite a few more punches today as well.

“You became stronger, Sakura. I can assure you that.”

“Tss.” Sakura tried to get up but her whole body is in pain. “Is that your way of consoling me? Don’t try to make a child out of me.”

Salt rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Why so serious, Sakura? You were the one who asked the question. I answered and now you are telling me that I am lying?”

“Then how come that I still can’t defeat you? How do you keep on getting stronger!?”

Sakura’s frustration echoed at the rooftop. Salt just looked at her for a moment and then turned to the guy who is standing in front of the school gate. She suddenly felt worried about the wound on her lips. The guy might get turned off after seeing it.

Salt gave out another sigh. Why is she even worrying about it? It’s not like of her to be worried about how others would look at her. She stood upright and turned back to her Vice President.

“I have to get stronger, Sakura.” Salt declared. “I have to free someone from his current situation… For now, this is all my seriousness…


“WHAT THE F— Sakura! What the hell are you doing!?”

Hiroki held his chest as he was shocked when Sakura suddenly appeared on that corner of the street. He just went to drop Salt after fooling around in the arcade as always. He felt like all the shio ramen that he ate with his girl rose up from his stomach up to his throat after getting surprised.

“Why are you suddenly appearing like that!? You almost gave me a heart attack.” Hiroki fixed his stance and whispered, “How come I didn’t even feel your presence?”

“I want to ask you a question.” Sakura started, hiding her face with her hair because it is still swollen after the previous fight.

“You can just ask me through SNS. I gave you my LINE—“

“I want to ask you personally!”

Hiroki, feeling like nothing will happen if he kept on talking, blew his fringe. “What is it, little Maji-chan?”

Sakura balled her fists and met Hiroki’s wonderful eyes. “What does it cost to free you?”

The guy’s eyebrows rose a bit. “Free me?” He then sneered as if he understood what the girl was talking about. He slowly shook his head and then brushed his hair backwards.

“My death.”



PAIN welcomed Sakura as she departs from sleep. The back of her head is aching and her vision is hazy. She rolled over to her back and looked at the ceiling, trying to recognize where she is. This is definitely not her room. This is not somewhere she had slept before.

“Where on earth am I?”

The girl tried to stand up, borrowing some balance from the bed. She looked around the room with her eyes on squint as her head stings with each move. In a drawer top she saw some framed pictures of what seem to be a happy family. Someone who looks like Antonio and another one who looks like Coby together with a boy who has that familiar set of eyes.


As if all her energy came back to her body after recognizing who was in the picture, Sakura immediately went to find the door. She tried to open it up but it was locked from the outside. With a loud shout, Sakura kicked the door open, destroying even the lock that prevented her freedom.

The scene that welcomed her out horrified her the most. She couldn’t even close her eyes. Her stomach reacted first as it started to bring everything up back to her mouth. The foul smell coming from the dead bodies upset her stomach. Trembling in fear, she went back to the room and let it all out.

“T-This can’t be…” Sakura wiped her mouth. “Hiroki-san…”

Avoiding the stink by covering her nose with her sleeves, Sakura came out of the room to see if ever Hiroki is around. There were about eight bodies on the floor and she couldn’t exactly say if any of them is alive due to the amount of blood that was shed.

None of them was Hiroki and her heart almost jumped of its place after realizing the fact that the guy may still be alive. But then she saw blood trails that seemed like they were painted onto the floor. The blood started from the living room up to the courtyard where it stopped on a place where there are markings of wheels.

Hiroki may still be alive but he’s terribly injured and that is for sure. Knowing that the dispatch team of the Yakuza might come anytime soon to clean the bodies, Sakura hurriedly went back the room where she was locked.

She immediately opened up a drawer and her memory served her right. Hiroki took two guns from that drawer and her eyes widened at the sight of more pistols. Not knowing which one to pick, she grabbed an army bag lying around and took guns and ammo with her.

It is just four in the morning and teenagers like her are not allowed to be out at this hour so Sakura hurriedly went to school to find refuge. She almost dropped the bag when she found all the queens present in the room with more familiar faces.

“Why are you all here?” Sakura asked as she placed the bag aside. “At this time?”

“You are not the only one searching for the truth, Sakura.” Otabe answered, her eyes have noticeable dark arcs under them. “Salt is our president.”

Sakura then turned to the two top of their rival school. “And the two of you?”

Coby was about to talk back after getting pissed with Sakura’s smug treatment but Antonio halted her with her uninjured arm. She had no choice but to stand behind her president.

“Salt saved me so I am deeply indebted to her. I also want to seek justice for her.”

Sakura smirked. “It’s because you were weak that you needed her help. If you didn’t get caught—“

“Really, you!!!” Coby was about to attack but again Antonio stopped her. “Hiroki-san was the one tasked to save Antonio that night and Salt only stepped in. Don’t insult our leader in front of me!”

“Calm down, Coby. Let me handle this.” Antonio turned back to Sakura, successfully maintaining her cool. “To tell you the truth, the gang that we encountered that night would never be able to lay their hand on Salt or to even to me… ever again.”

Sakura’s eyebrows crunched. “What do you mean?”

“They saw who was with us that night. They saw that Hiroki-san was there and was ready to kill them without mercy. People in this business are all aware of the killing machine from the Yamamoto Clan.”

That’s true. Sakura clearly remembers. If it wasn’t about Salt stopping Hiroki then all those guys who did Antonio wrong would be long buried in the ground or worse they would be thrown away to the river only to be discovered when their bodies are all swollen.

“Technically, Salt gave them another chance in life. They won’t be going after her even if their prides were crushed by her. Killing her would make them the lowest.” Antonio’s explanation went on, leaving Sakura startled.

“T-Then who would…” Sakura stammered. “Who would have the intent to kill her?”

“I’ve done an investigation and I didn’t know that I would find the answer without going that far.” Antonio felt warm on her free hand. She then turned to her side only to see Coby holding her hand. She gave the girl a nod as a sign of being thankful for being there for her.

“Salt’s death is of revenge but not to her but to Hiroki-san…”

Sakura’s eyes widened even more. “W-What the—“

She was silenced when Antonio suddenly turned to Salt’s abandoned throne then went back at her with a sharper stare.

“The one who killed her is an alumna of this school.”


AFTER FINDING out the truth of Salt’s murder, Rappapa and the two-top of Gekioko immediately went to move to somehow help Hiroki. They are all armed with the guns that Sakura obtained from the guy’s house. Now they are all rooting for the fact that Antonio is the daughter of the boss, hoping that the Oyabun would listen to her.

Everything was carefully plotted by Antonio’s father. He didn’t like the fact that Hiroki has been disobeying his orders to the point of lying to him that he killed all his targets when in reality is he just threatened them but let them go without any detached limbs at all. He hates that the one he raised to be the most ruthless dispatcher would wag his tail to a high school girl.

His anger couldn’t be contained after the one that he has set to be his heir, despite having lots of daughters of his own blood, decided to leave the path that he has prepared for him. The Oyabun has found the best way to punish Hiroki. He found the right person to brainwash and he knew exactly who to take away from Hiroki’s life.

“He’s a crazy geezer.” Sakura couldn’t help but to grit her teeth after hearing the whole story from Antonio. The girl was able to find the truth after one of her late sister’s loyal man confessed what the Oyabun has been up to.

“He is planning to dispose Hiroki. He has found a new toy and he will use the new toy to kill him. I know that Hiroki is your personal bodyguard but please don’t involve yourself with this. The Oyabun has lost it. He might get his hands to you as well.”

That was what Antonio was told to but the girl is as stubborn as her sister. If there is something that she could do then she would be more than willing to do it for the sake of Hiroki. He might be the worst person in the planet through his own eyes but Antonio knows all the hardships that he faced due to his inevitable state. She knew all the nights that Hiroki would come back to report his successful dispatch with those soulless eyes.

Hiroki might have found a way to hide his struggles through smiling but Antonio is not insensitive to not notice how much he is suffering. Someone like him never deserved to be treated like a tool.

It is half past five when they went out of the school building. Their hearts are all ready to whatever the result of this rescue mission may be. They know that there would be no help coming from the police since they are technically under that big Yakuza clan. This would be all their seriousness and they are willing to use a gun to prove it to the adults.

Their hasty feet were then halted when Sakura suddenly stopped. They all looked to where the girl’s eyes are focused only to see another familiar person leaning on the wall of the school gate.

“Center-san…” Sakura breathed out the name of the person. She doesn’t seem surprised that she would see her at this time.

“Hello, Sakura!” Center greeted with her usual smile. “Hello, current Rappapa plus two extras.”

“Center-san…” Sakura took a deep breath, maintaining the distance between them and the former Majijo top. “Why didn’t you tell me? You knew all along—“

“There’s no need for me to tell you. All you guys need to do is to entrust this thing to adults since—“ But no one listened to Center’s words. The group started walking pass her, finally stepping out of the school grounds. “H-Hey, guys! Where are you all going?”

“We are going to save Hiroki-san.” Sakura answered without looking back.

“Sakura, wait!”

As the persistency of Center started to irk her, the officiating top of Majijo turned to her senpai only to be shocked that she is already pointing a gun to her.

“Don’t go.” Center commanded, now with a more serious face. She was trying to maintain her cool but the atmosphere clearly says that these kids won’t listen to any word that she’s going to say without threat. “I said leave it to us adults. Hiroki-nii told me not to let your seriousness meddle with the situation.”

“Hiroki-san said that?” The other girl asked with a knot on her forehead. “Both of you already know who killed Salt-san and you didn’t really tell us?”

“Hiroki-nii confessed everything to me. He told me to take care of all of you in case you do anything that will endanger your lives. He also promised to solve everything and come—“


The two fell quiet when Otabe stepped forward and called not just Center’s attention but everyone’s right after saying the girl’s name.

“You are pointing a gun to us while talking about protecting us. I quite don’t get the point.”

The other girl was taken aback. Otabe was the one who received the Rappapa presidency from Maeda before so she is technically Center’s senior. This girl has her reason for purposely getting held back and Center knows that reason very well.

“Salt is the top that I established myself.” Otabe continued. “If you are telling me not to do anything after her getting murdered by a graduate of this school, I don’t think I will be able to stay silent. Salt was our top. The top has saved the school many times even though she was bored of being in the throne. We couldn’t save her when she was the one in need of help but atleast we could deliver her justice.”

“There’s no need to point the gun to us, Center-san.” Sakura stepped back in the conversation. “You know very well who the enemy here is. It’s either you come and fight with us or just wait here until we get the justice that Salt-san deserves.”

Center tightened her grip to the gun but the energy faded soon. Her arm limped as she bowed her head in surrender. With this, Sakura went near her and extender her hand towards the former top of their school. “Let’s go, Center-san.”

Still with lots of hesitations, Center reached out for Sakura’s hand.


HIROKI spit out blood for nobody knows how many times it was. He was given another powerful body blow, he is sure that he broke some of ribs after that knee to his stomach. The right side of his face is bathing with blood as a sharp knife traveled from his eyebrow down to his cheek.

“How long do those kids willing to make you wait?” The Oyabun sighed in boredom and disappointment. He called one of his men and told the guy to turn his back to him. The man did what was ordered to him only for his back to be turned into an ash tray. Shouting in pain, the Oyabun kicked him off back to his place.

“I thought they would be here as soon as they heard that you’re abducted. How long are they going to prolong your suffering?” The boss looked at his heir but Hiroki’s state disgusted him. The son that he always wanted turned out to be a rebel and is now filled with blood and couldn’t even free himself from those ropes tying his arms up.

“Look at you, Hiroki. If you only listened to me we won’t come into an end like this. I thought killing your parents would be enough trauma to you but there you go giving your heart to a girl…” The knot on his forehead couldn’t be flattened as he is thinking deeply. “You wanted her to be killed, didn’t you—“

“NO!” Hiroki shouted with the remaining energy he has left. He tried to raise his head and looked at the cruel boss with his functioning eye.

“Tch.” The Oyabun rolled his eyes. “How dare you look at me like that? Do you want me to completely blind you down?” He pulled the butterfly knife that he used to Hiroki earlier and let him feel its tip on his neck.

He is already in the verge of being killed but Hiroki continued glaring to the boss. He knows too well that he is going to be disposed. His eagle eye was blinded already. The boss doesn’t need him anymore.

The boss then pulled the knife back and pocketed it. “Let’s just wait for those kids before I finish you up. They should witness how I take the likes of you who don’t listen to my words.”

“They won’t be coming!” The helpless guy shouted back once again. “I told Jurina not to let them come. You can just kill me. Don’t drag the kids into this mess!”

The Oyabun just laughed at him before spitting right on his face. “I didn’t drag them. You dragged them here. You know how dangerous your existence is and you dared to befriend with those highschool girls. This is all your fault!”

The old man ordered his men to give him more sake and as if frightened mice, they all went to give him a cup as soon as possible. The boss is going to kill his favourite pawn, they aren’t safe at all.

“And to add to your misery, I won’t be the one to end your life.” With a huge sneer on his face, he called out someone from upstairs that has been watching them since the beginning of the torture. Sounds of boots can be heard from the stairs, pulling everyone’s attention to that place.

Hiroki’s eye widened after recognizing who it was. Wearing the same black hoodie she was wearing the night she killed Salt, Nezumi showed herself while chewing a gum. She looked down at Hiroki with a poker face.

“M-Mayu…” Hiroki stammered.

The Oyabun found his reaction hilarious that he couldn’t help but to laugh. “She’ll be the one who will take your life, Hiroki. The same person who killed your girlfriend, say your greetings to Nezumi.”

“M-Mayu! Don’t do this!” Hiroki shouted.

“Are you begging for your life already?” Nezumi asked while playing with the gun that she used to kill Salt. “I thought it would be hard to have you plead for your life. What a bore.”

“You’re wrong!” Hiroki tried to free himself but his exhausted body just won’t follow his will. “Don’t taint your hands even more! If you do you will end up just like me—“

“Shut up!” Nezumi kneeled to his level only to give him a slap on his bloody face. She then pulled him by the hair and made him look at her. “Do you remember the politician that you mercilessly killed long ago? He is my father!”

Hiroki’s head flew to the other side right after another slap. “He was already starting to change but you killed him! You took the chance for us to be a happy family!” She continued to hit him while spilling everything that’s in her chest. “No wonder you were so good to me! You treated me and Center so well but it was all pretension. If I didn’t find out about it you would keep a secret to your grave, right!? And you will keep making a fool out of me, right!?”

When Nezumi was finally over with her rage, Hiroki slowly looked up to her. With his sight slowly blurring because of blood loss, he tried his best to stay awake and talk.

“I guess whatever I say to you now won’t get to you since you were fed with wrong information…” Hiroki coughed blood and spat it out before taking a deep breath. “But I was put in a place where I had no other choice but to kill him or else that person out there would kill my parents… I-It was his will to kill your father since he backed out to their agreement. It was n-never my will to kill your father… n-never my will to kill anybody…”

“LIES!” Nezumi stood up and pointed the gun straight to Hiroki’s head.

“Believe me, Mayu… L-Like me… You are just being used here…”


A loud gunshot was heard after that shout from Nezumi. For a moment Hiroki thought that he would be already sent to the afterlife but what he saw after he opened his eye was another thing. It was a shocked picture of Nezumi whose mouth opened up to call a name. “C-Center…?”

In panic, Hiroki turned to where Nezumi is looking at. Everything that he is scared for just happened. Everyone fell for the trap. “What the hell are you girls doing here!? Jurina!!! What the actual f*ck!! I told you to use the gun to keep them at school!!”

His heart tightened even more when he saw that Antonio and Coby also came. He started struggling to free himself even though he knows it would be useless. “F*CK!!!”

The Oyabun started laughing manically again. He is even more pleased when he saw his daughter among the visitors. “So you also came as expected! You coming here is the only thing I expected from you so welcome to your grave, daughter!”

His men who have been guarding up the warehouse from the outside all came inside. Without further thought, the girls were then surrounded by the Yakuza.

“You are really going crazy! Don’t ever try them!” Hiroki growled but the boss just laughed at him.

“Are you really sure of that, Father?” Antonio answered back with a question. “Have you thought of how we came here so easily? Your men have already turned their backs on you. They are on our si—“

Antonio was supposed to say that they are already on their side but the men, including the guy who told him about the whole happening, pulled out their guns and pointed it at them. Antonio’s eyes widened at the betrayal, looking at the guy whom she thought they could trust.

“I-I’m sorry, Sayaka-san… I’m sorry Hiroki-kun…” That was all he could say. He couldn’t even meet Antonio’s eyes.

The old man laughed so hard as if he is so entertained of the happenings. Everything is going according to his plan. He asked Nezumi to step aside for a moment before he pulled out his butterfly knife and slashed the rope that has been holding Hiroki for quite a long while now.

Hiroki fell face-first to the ground. He tried to stand up but he couldn’t even feel his legs at all.

“DAMN IT!” Hiroki shouted. “Don’t ever touch them! If you want to kill me then just finish me already! Leave the girls alone!!!”

“You won’t be able to do anything, son! I’ll give you the most painful death.” The old man sneered and then stood up. “Get them. Do whatever you want to them. Follow your pleasure. Make sure you all kill them after!”

Then the rumble started. As the order says, they have to keep the girls alive and make them suffer in front of Hiroki. The tortured guy couldn’t do anything but to struggle from his own weak body. He could already feel the warm fluid flowing from his eyes due to anxiety.

The boss sat back to his chair, laughing at the on-going fight happening before his very eyes. It feels like everything is on top of his hand and he likes it very much. He was amazed that the girls have been dominating his men in hand to hand combat but it soon bored him and made him so disappointed to his troop.

He pulled out his gun and chanted eeny, meeny, mini, moe before he pulled the trigger. The next thing after the terrifying gunshot was the picture of Yoga’s body hitting the ground. Everybody froze on the spot.

“Y-Yoga!” Magic cried out and ran towards the said girl. Yoga was already lifeless when Magic lifted her up to her arms. The bullet went straight to her chest. “YOU, F*CKER!!!”

Magic was about to pull her gun but another shot was heard which made her lie lifeless beside Yoga. It was another shot straight to the heart.

“NO!!!” Hiroki wept bitterly after seeing two other girls being killed in front of him. “STOP IT!”

“Woo! I guess my skills haven’t diminished even if I got older. I can still get my target with ease!” The boss looked at the faces of the shocked girls one by one and he can’t help but to be amused at the fear that is slowly being painted at those young faces. “It’s getting pretty boring. I couldn’t believe that my men are this weak in terms of close combat. Now, who should I send to hell next?”

He then slowly pointed his gun to the next person he decided to kill. “How about you go next, daughter?” And without further ado, he pulled out the trigger as if he is not going to fire it at his own flesh and blood. Antonio was sure that it was the end of her but then she saw a figure covered her, shielding her from the sure death from that one bullet. It was Coby.

Antonio fell with Coby falling down in her arms. It is as if her father calculated that Coby would shield her since it was another sure hit in the chest. Antonio froze in shock.

Otabe, knowing that she got the chance, pulled out the gun Sakura handed her and fired at the boss. She managed to hit him but only on the arm that was holding the gun. As the boss shrieked in pain, few of his men pointed their guns to the remaining Rappapa heavenly queen and shot her to her death.

Everything happened too fast. Before Sakura knew it, there were only the three of them left. She looked at her fallen comrades with mouth wide open, she couldn’t process the fact that they all died under her leadership.

“F*CKING B*TCH! That’s what you get for firing at me, fool.” The old man looked at his injured arm that is overflowing with blood. “I lost my dominant arm. Now, Nezumi…”

Nezumi flinched to where she is standing. She too was aghast of what just happened. She felt cold sweat ran down her spine as her name was called.

“It is your turn to use your gun again. Now kill the girl who has been staying under your bestfriend’s wing.”

Nezumi and Sakura’s stares met after that order. Nezumi quickly cut the connection of their gaze and turned back to the old man. “B-But, you said that killing Salt would be enough! And you said that you would not really hurt them but just use them to torment Hiro—“

“Did you really believe in the words of a Yakuza leader?” The old man sneered at her and picked up his gun with his other hand. He then pointed the gun to Center.

“H-Hey! You said you would not hurt Center!” Nezumi stammered. “This is not what we talked about!”

“Go and kill her or I will kill your friend. You’ve been watching them for quite a while now, don’t you? Your bestfriend who has been so attached to you was just stolen by that girl. You’ve killed somebody else before so why not kill this one?” His devilish smile widened. “What’s hindering you?”

Center was about to pull her gun but more guns were pointed to her by the other Yakuza men. She couldn’t do anything but to stare at Nezumi.

“Kill her or lose your friend, you choose.”

“S-Sakura…” Everybody turned to Hiroki whose eyes already lost hope. “This is why I told you not to be serious at all things. T-There are things that you better not care about. T-This is r-reality. There are times t-that it is better not to face it and not be serious at all…”

“H-Hiroki-san… I-I—“

“It’s too late, Sakura... And you, Nezumi… you trusted the wrong person… I-I’m really sorry f-for killing your father… It was really never my intention t-to kill him. Now that you are in the same position as I was in that time, I believe you can understand the situation now.”

“Oh, shut the f*ck up, dumbass! Let’s finish this because I need treatment now. Nezumi, kill that girl then kill Hiroki or else I will shoot your friend to her death.”

“Nezumi…” Center called out to her lover with a faint smile on her face. “Don’t dirty your hands even more. It’s okay. I won’t regret dying like this. I’m sorry for not being able to take care of you properly.”

Nezumi’s face crumbled. She couldn’t understand how and when everything turned out like this. She only wanted revenge for her father. “Center! What the hell are you talking about—“

Another gunshot was heard which caused everyone’s heart to skipped a beat. It came from the boss, he gave a warning shot to Nezumi but it didn’t hit anyone but the ceiling. “I’m going to count. Kill the Sakura girl or I will send your friend ahead. Five.”

“W-Wait! This isn’t right!!!”


Nezumi’s stare goes back and forth to Center and Sakura. She tightened the grip to her gun as the pressure continued to boil her up.


The men cleared the way. They all stepped aside. Even the ones who are holding Sakura and Center got a good distance from the targets though they are not letting anyone go.


Nezumi closed her eyes. Who would’ve thought that revenge would bring her into this situation? She killed Salt with her whole body trembling and she is sure that Hiroki saw her horrified expression that time. She knew that he saw how much she was aghast of her own crime that’s why he didn’t pursue her even though he clearly saw her killed Salt. There’s nothing more but regret to consume her now.



Nezumi pulled out the trigger only once but why were there two gunshots heard? She opened her eyes and everything looked blurry. She immediately turned to Center’s way and she couldn’t thank the heavens less after seeing that she is alive. But what is with that worried look on her face?

Parallel to her vision, she noticed another girl who was holding a gun. She turned to that direction and noticed that it was Antonio. While holding Coby’s body on her injured arm, she fired her gun with the other. The secret lessons she had with Hiroki somehow paid off.

Hiroki dispatches people with a headshot believing that it won’t be painful. It is to give his targets a quick death and that is what Antonio learned from him.

Nezumi, still nauseous, turned to where Antonio’s gun was pointing. It turned out that she killed the evil man with just one shot straight to the centre of his forehead. His body was thrown backwards because of the shot, his eyes rolled in white.



With everything moving in slow motion, Nezumi turned to Sakura. The girl managed to survive the bullet she fired on her. She’s alive. She just fell down and managed to dodged—wait, what?

With blood spilling like crazy from the left side of his temple, Hiroki laid lifeless on Sakura. He was the one who pushed Sakura away and took the bullet that Nezumi fired. Nezumi saw how denial and grief painted over the face of the younger girl. Her clothes are tainted with blood but she didn’t care. She hugged Hiroki as reality started to sink deep into her.

He is dead. He is now… free.

“Hiroki-san!” Sakura called out the guy’s name as tears started to burst from her tear ducts. She’s crying like the time her father left their family to run away from his debts. Maybe she is crying even harder.

“Hiroki-nii!” Center knelt to Hiroki’s side and held his hand. He used his remaining strength to protect Sakura. He was already tortured and heavily wounded but still his will overcame the weakness of his body. He managed to make it right in time, receiving the bullet straight to his left temple with it being stuck right in the centre of his head.

Center started crying and the sight of her tears placed an awful amount of weight to Nezumi’s heart. Her whole body felt weak that she almost dropped her gun but she got her grip back and placed the gun by her temple.

“I-I…” she stammered. “I-I’m really sorry…”

Center and Sakura noticed her but—



Maki woke up from her slumber, her face wet with tears. She immediately wiped her face, fearing that the others might see her and make fun of her crying in her sleep.

“What’s up with that weird dream? It felt so realistic!” she stated as she held her chest. She’s still on the paintball uniform. This made her remember that she was playing guns with her friends a while ago. “Was that the cause of that gun-filled dream?”


The girl shrieked when she heard the cold calling from non-other that the Prince of Winter that is sitting at the solo sofa in front of her.

“King! How long have you been there!?” She blushed furiously.

Fuyu just shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t think that you are a big fan of Yuma. You were shouting his stage name even in your sleep.”

“W-Wait! That’s not it!!!”

Fuyu just shook his head and stood up. “Let’s go, lunch is ready. Everyone is waiting for you. Go and change. The dining table is surprisingly filled with people today.”

The smile on Fuyu’s face somehow lightened up the gloomy room. Maki immediately stood up and gave out a salute. “Aye, Sir!”

She then ran towards Fuyu, forgetting the horrible dream that she just saw. Forgetting the past that they once lived in.


It’s time to go back to WISH now. :)
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i knew it!!!!, glad that my prediction back then was right all of those watching sherlock holmes seems almost paid off hahaha

but actually i never ever imagined that this is how their past life before reunited in wish but it's kinda suit them all

ano just confirmation, did antonio still alive ? and.....which one is aki actually....the yuki koi or antonio ?....and it means that most of shiki except natsu probably have birthmark didn't they?

man, a bit dissapointed how maki fastly forget her dreams, well she is chuunibyou after all hahaha now,......just like what you said.....let's get back to WISH

p.s : your story is always amazing i will always wait for an update from you
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So that is how everything ended. :cry:
Too much death for me.

I like how you were able to link this to your other story.
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@FZA02-san, It is an open ending so it's up to you~ :) Well, I can say that Antonio was born after Yuki Koi was killed. And it happened while Hiroki was around 13 years old. Since Maru died first, Hiroki was born a bit earlier than the others. So we could say that Hiroki and Salt got some age gap in this time. But since both died in the same period, they don't have much of a gap in WISH. Fuyu was born first because he is there to wait for his love.
They all don't have much of age gap in WISH so what do you think that means? :) Well, I said a lot but it is my way of saying thank you for always reading what I write. Thank you so much. :)

@four4four-san, there's much more death on the original MG5 tho.. Haha. :)
Almost all of my stories are connected. It would be nice to have your own universe, right? The only one not connected is the RisaNeru fic I wrote before but who knows... Maybe I could find a way to connect it. :)

Thank you everyone for reading! I'll be posting a new chapter of WISH in a short while. See you there~
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The ending  is heartwarming but mostly heartbreaking :cry: :cry: