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Title: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]
Post by: shortcut48 on April 30, 2017, 05:17:29 PM

To those who haven't heard the AKB48's 48th single in which I get the title for this fic, Negaigoto no Mochigusare (The Waste of a Wish), you can check these links out: :)
Choir Version (
Studio Version (
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: LuckyMatsui on April 30, 2017, 06:09:18 PM
Waiting for the first chapter Cut-sama  :mon cute:
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: hackata48 on April 30, 2017, 08:29:31 PM
You are against me?!?!? The Dark Lord Knight of He'll?!?!?

Maru's Soul is mine to abuse and play with as I deemed fit 4ever!
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: MaYukiIsLife on April 30, 2017, 11:43:01 PM
 :D can't wait for it cut-san
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: sword_chen on May 01, 2017, 08:08:08 AM
JURINA ??? ehm.... That is good comic author san
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: yukine on May 01, 2017, 10:38:52 PM
I'm waiting, I'm waiting for the first chapter~ *I use Spongebob reference there teehee.. *
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: SharkiiiRenz on May 03, 2017, 11:46:15 AM

Is this a genderbend story? If yes i will be gladly to read this lmao.

Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: shortcut48 on May 03, 2017, 03:09:59 PM
@MatsuiLee,  :glasses:
@hackata48-san, Nooo! I think the others don't agree with you as well. Right, everyone?  :frustrated:
@ MaYukiIsLife-san, thank you. 1st chap will be up on Sunday. :)
@sword_chen-san, Thanks for the compliment. :) Yes, Jurina is in this fic. :)
@yukine-chan, now I'm getting more nervous. haha..
@SharkiiiRenz-san, Yes, this will be genderbend. Thanks!

To everyone who has seen this but haven't read Things That Mix yet, you still have 4 days to read it. It will be easier to understand this fic with the background knowledge of TTM. But it is yours if you want to skip reading that one. It is your choice anyway. :) There are readers who enjoyed reading it. It would be really nice if you would give it a shot together with this one. :)

Here's the link~
Things That Mix (

Thanks! See you this Sunday for the unfolding of the first chapter.  :on drink:

(come what may)
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Prologue (05-01)
Post by: yukine on May 04, 2017, 12:31:28 PM
Anyway, I want to ask you a question, is it a 48G only fanfic? Or will include some of 46G as well?
Title: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
Post by: shortcut48 on May 07, 2017, 02:53:56 PM

“WHAT!? What? Is that really all? It ended there?”

Fumie is staring intently to her gear’s screen to the point that there is no more distance from the screen to her eyes.

“Fumie-chan!” she heard her mother shouted from downstairs. “It’s already late! What do you think you are doing? I can see that your gear is still connected to the internet! You will be late to your first day in class if you don’t sleep now.”

“Hai~!” she answered just to stop her mother for nagging even more. She disconnected her gear from the connection then threw herself to the bed. She tried to close her eyes but the last scene of her favorite light novel flashed in her mind like a movie.

She opened her eyes in an instant and turned to look at the ceiling.

“Mou~” she sighed. “Why do I always feel that they will have a happy ending when I already know the ending…”

She covered her face with her pillow and shouted out of frustration.


“I’m already sleeping, Mama!” She answered in big surprise.

“Don’t blame me if you get late at the entrance ceremony, young lady!”

The young girl rolled her eyes and went back to lying. She clicked open the neuro linker she wears on her neck and opened her files. Her school ID flashed before her eyes.


NeoHorikoshi Gakuen
Shingyoji Fumie

“WHEN are you going to stop snickering at me like that, seriously?”

Fumie put up her grumpy face to her friend who is sitting beside her. The entrance ceremony is currently on-going and all the other students are sitting prim and proper according to their classes.

“Have you forgotten that you are in the TRAIT class? How could you afford to come here with those dark arcs under your eyes?” Watanabe Miyu answered while looking at her lovely locks. She looked one more time at Fumie before smirking again.

The other girl heaved an annoyed sigh. “I’m sorry that I got busy reading something.”

“Oh?” Miyu grinned. “Are you referring to that old story? What’s the title again? Things That—“

“I was advance reading the textbook!” She lied. The truth is she spent the whole night re-reading her favorite story. No matter how many times she reads it, the story doesn’t grow old on her. She loves every bit of it and she can even imagine herself inside the story. It is as if she could see everything that is happening like a movie. And her reaction at the ending will always be the same.

“Who would believe that lie, Fumie?” Miyu answered in a cute voice. “Even though we got separated after primary school, I know your habit of reading that story the day before the term starts. It is like your ritual.”


Their attentions were caught by the teacher who suddenly appeared before them. The guy signaled them to turn off their neuro linkers which they are using to talk privately even without opening their mouths. They are the only ones not paying any attention to the speech of the principal.

Fumie looked at her friend and the other girl just looked at her with eyes clearly saying that she already knows what to do. Miyu looked up the teacher wearing the smile that placed her to the higher rankings of the most sought-after faces of this generation.

“She just moved in, Sensei. I’m teaching her everything she needs to know.” She whispered but enough for the teacher to hear it. That statement was then followed by a wink. The teacher immediately bit the bait and got fished right at that moment. He gulped and then nodded frantically.

“G-Go on…” He then went away while shaking his head, waking himself up from the trance.

“Sasuga…” Fumie looked back at her friend with her mouth parted. “That magic is still in you.”

Miyu winked at her. “Well, you have it too. Just stop flashing salty reactions and you will fish everyone that will look at you.”

Fumie rolled her eyes. “Are you going to accuse me of being salty again?”

“You just have to see how your eyes looked like when you roll them and you won’t be able to deny the allegations.”

The whole student body suddenly clapped which made them jerk to their seats. The long speech of the principal is finally over. They went along with the flow and clapped as well.

“Now, to start properly orienting you, I will tell you two of the major changes that happened to NeoHorikishi Gakuen during the four years that you were gone so listen to me carefully…

Number 1: The classes can now socialize with each other. It was forbidden before for Trait Class, Sports Class and Scholarship Class to hang out with each other but it has been lifted three years ago. It’s not showing any bad results so far. This is because more humans prefer to be accompanied by robots or pets rather than by other humans. Humans need more human-interaction so restrictions were lifted for a wider socialization area!

Number 2: It is allowed to be in a relationship with another student now. This applies for the university and senior high students. This was passed since the marriage rate of Japan has declined drastically through the years. We are in need of more people!”

Miyu looked at the stage with a cunning smile on her face. Seeing that smile sent chills down Fumie’s spine. “With this said, my main goal is to be in a relationship now that I am already in my second year in high school.”

Fumie slapped her forehead. “Really, Miyu? Are you serious?”

“What? It is not a crime to be in a relationship, remember? Youth is just a short phase of our lives! We should enjoy it!”

“But remember? We are aiming to be idols! Idols can’t be in a relationship. It is better to keep your record clean so the people will have nothing to dig against you!”

Miyu crossed her arms and pouted. “Scandal can also put your name into the pedestal, you know?”

“That only happened once and it was only a miracle!” Fumie heaved a sigh and leaned back to her chair. “Whatever. If that’s what you want to do then go on. As far as Watanabe Miyu is concerned, you already have a target, don’t you?”

The cunning smile went back to Miyu’s face. “I am aiming for one of the members of Shiki.”

Fumie’s brows met.



NEOHORIKOSHI Gakuen is the most elite school in Japan. Not just because 99% of the students her are awfully rich, most idols and well-known personalities are also studying here. Nothing has beaten this school in terms of elegance for the past century.

There are only two types of people that can study in the academy; either you are very rich and smart or very, very smart. Everything in this school is very expensive. The entrance exam itself is already 300$ while the admission fee is 4500$. It doesn’t involve other fees yet.

The student body is divided into four classes namely University, Sports, Trait and Scholarship classes. University class is where the students who want to continue until college are gathered while Sports are obviously a class made for athletes. Trait class is where idols and models are designated to. They study the same thing but the schedule is manageable while the Scholarship class is for people who got the spot in the school because of their high-level intelligence.

Once, these classes aren’t allowed to mingle with each other but things changed when the SHIKI entered the school.

“SHIKI is a group of four guys who are very famous throughout the whole school. It is not only in the school that they are making such a huge noise. They are all well-known in their different fields.”

Fumie remembered the things Miyu has told her while they are having their first class for the day. The thought about the said group has made her curious to the point that she has written 四季 on her notes subconsciously.

“It was just a name given by the students to them. They were named Shiki because their names are of the four seasons. It is a strange coincidence that their parents named them after seasons and then they got into the same academy and became best of friends.”

Fumie released a sigh and looked at the school grounds by the window. This group really caught her interest; she couldn’t even deny it to herself.

Lunch came and the two girls went to the cafeteria to get some food. The cafeteria itself is one of a kind. Just looking at the interior, you will immediately feel how high class this school is.

“Hey, Miyu.” Fumie called while they are on the line. “What is going on there?”

Fumie pointed the table that is being surrounded by a lot of girls. Miyu didn’t even bother looking at what her friend is asking. She already knows what is happening and it doesn’t concern her.

“In the middle of the sea of girls is Matsui Natsu. He is one of the Shiki. Well, it is obvious with his name.” Miyu explained as discreet as she can. She can’t afford people to hear her saying anything bad about the said guy. “I guess you have heard about that name. He is a well-known model and actor. Oh, and yes, he is the son of whoever veteran Matsui actor that is in your mind now.”

“Ehh?” Fumie looked at her suspiciously. “It doesn’t seem like you like him. Is he out of the choices even though he is one of the Shiki?”

Miyu clicked her tongue. “He’s not my target. Just look at him. He knows how girls are going crazy for him and he is telling it to the whole campus by flinging with a lot of them. I don’t like him. If ever we get into a relationship I doubt that he will be loyal and I will just have a headache because of all the jealous girls.”

Fumie sneered at her. “Seems like you hate your own kind.”

“Fumie!” Miyu puffed her cheeks. Fumie laughed at her and they went on. Before they went out of the cafeteria, Fumie had a glimpse of Matsui Natsu. She thought for a moment that their eyes met but she didn’t mind at all.

While they were eating their lunch in the classroom, a song was being played live by the light music club through the school’s broadcasting system. Miyu listened to the song with much delight in her face.

“What’s with that face?” Fumie asked, feeling a bit disgusted.

“Come on, Salt! Stop being salty and listen to this wonderful song!” Miyu even put her food down just to listen to the song. Fumie can’t deny that the vocalist got a very enchanting voice. It sounds so cool yet so sincere.

“Don’t tell me that the guy singing is one of the Shiki.”

“He is! His name is Yamamoto Aki! He is the vocalist of the band called Phantom Note.” Miyu grabbed her phone and showed to Fumie her wallpaper. It is a picture of Yamamoto Aki. “I’ll feel bad for you if you haven’t heard of that band.”

Fumie innocently shook her head which made Miyu’s shoulders drop.

“Really? Where have you been all this time?”

“I’ve been overseas, remember? My parents didn’t even want me to watch anything related to Japan while we were out of the country.” Fumie explained with a face that is clearly saying that it wasn’t her fault to be out-dated. “So, is this Yamamoto Aki your target?”

Miyu cutely smiled but then shook her head. “He could be my target but there is a rumor that he is gay.”

Fumie almost blew whatever is in her mouth the time she heard the last word Miyu said. Her eyes widened in shock. “H-H-He is gay!?”

“Shhh!” Miyu shushed her. “It is just a rumor though. There are stories that say the he is in love with the other member of the Shiki. There are witnesses that say they saw them being intimate with each other but there are no solid proofs.”

The other girl closed her mouth with the help of her hand. “So, why are you not targeting him when there is no proof? It seems like you are a fan of his music, why not go for the autumn guy?”

“Hmmm…” Miyu thought aloud. “He sure looks breath-taking; his looks and his voice are of a different scale. But, what if he is really gay? I will just waste my time going after someone who might be thinking that he is more beautiful than me.”

“Pfft!” Fumie somehow controlled her laughter. She knows that Miyu can never afford to have a boyfriend that will use more face mask than her. “So, who are Haru and Fuyu?


FUMIE is looking at the bulletin board by the first floor corridor in the Junior’s Tower. Posted on it is the picture of the Student Council president who has been governing the school ever since he was a freshman. It was Yokoyama Haru.

The girl examined the guy on the poster very well because he looks kind of familiar to her. Haru is wearing glasses with rectangular frames and is looking so respectable in the poster. He is the model of the school; even his achievements are written in the poster and it is such a long list.

“He has already reached a lot at a very young age? Wow.” She marveled while looking at the list. “It would be really a waste if he would turn out to be gay like the rumors say.”

Yes, Haru is the one being rumored with Aki. Their one of a kind friendship is so popular among girls there is even an on-going fanfic about the two of them.

“Hmmm…” she continued gazing at Haru’s picture. “He would make a lot of girls cry if he turned out to be gay. Funny, he looks very familiar to me.”

Her phone suddenly vibrated which almost made her shriek. Thank goodness there weren’t a lot of people that time. She went to check it and saw that it was her friend.

“Hello Miyu?” She greeted with irritation in her voice. “Where are you now? I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

“Sorry Fumie, I suddenly received a call and I am running now towards the school gate. My manager is already there waiting for me. There is an emergency photo shoot to be attended—Kinoshita-san! I’m here!”

Fumie heard her friend chasing for her breath while greeting her manager. She heard a car door closed. “Miyu, I thought you will help me go home today!”

“I’m really sorry, Fumie. I believe your neuro linker can guide you on your way back. Don’t be afraid. Just follow the directions and you won’t get lost.”

“B-But Miyu—“

“Come on, Fumie.” She heard Miyu snickered. “You’re already in high school. It’s time to throw that bad luck charm for getting lost too often—Sorry I have to hang up now. See you tomorrow. Get home in one piece.”

Fumie heard more snickers from Miyu before she hung up. She looked at her phone with a worried yet irritated face. She has bad luck in regards of remembering and following directions. This is the reason why she was labeled a ‘ponkotsu’ when she was in grade school; simple directions she couldn’t remember.

Her parents told her to take the public transportation so she could familiarize herself and somehow obtain the confidence to roam around. Their house is just a 20-minute bus ride from the school anyway. It would be bad if she gets lost with that distance.

With a wish that she will not be picked up by her parents at the police station for getting lost, Fumie walked out of the school grounds. Her heart is beating a bit fast but she went on with her fists clenched. She input her address to her nuero linker and followed it as it is.

She arrived at the bus station and finally could breathe well when she saw that she arrived on the right one. Now she just has to wait for her bus to come.

Feeling a little bit at ease, her thoughts traveled back to the famous four boys of her school. Now that she thinks of it, the only member that she hasn’t seen yet is her friend’s target, the one carrying the name of winter—Hoshizora Fuyu.

The name got a nice ring on it. Somehow it sounds so close to her heart.

According to her friend, this Hoshizora Fuyu is the one acting up as the Student Council president since Yokoyama Haru went overseas for family business purposes. Just like the other members of Shiki, he is popular to girls. If the others are very social and bright, Fuyu is living his name into reality.

The guy has a very cold personality. It is rumored that the only friends he has are the other three members of Shiki. No one has ever destroyed his wall other than the three but this will not quench Miyu’s desire to have this guy.

“All I have to do is to get the right scent! With that I will be successful!”

She remembered her friend’s words and it somehow cracked her up. Fuyu has a smell fetish. It is said that he sniffs every girl who confesses at him and then rejects them if he didn’t come to like how they smell. A lot of girls have tried different scents and perfumes but none of them had worked. Fumie thinks that rejecting girls with their scent is absurd yet funny at the same time.

Fuyu is known as a mochigusare. He is close to being perfect according to rumors. He can do anything as long as he focuses on it but keeping him interested is a very hard thing to do. Unlike the other three who are successful in their own fields, Fuyu doesn’t have a goal at all. The school even found it hard to sort him. In the end, he was put into TRAIT class.

He was supposed to give a speech at the entrance ceremony but he is sick due to allergy to pollination. Looks like someone is not so fond with spring.

“Good luck to Miyu.” Fumie murmured to herself. Her bus came and she had to ask the driver about her destination just to make sure of everything. The bus is almost full but she felt so lucky after seeing a seat that is open.

She was about to go there when the next passenger who rode the bus overtook her and grabbed the seat ahead of her. Her jaw dropped in surprise. She just lost a seat to a guy.

She puffed her cheeks and went towards the seat where she is supposed to be sitting. There she stood, looking down at the masked guy who is already sleeping.

“Chivalry no longer exists.” Fumie thought to herself then rolled her eyes. The guy is from the same school as hers. It’s too evident to his uniform. It looks like she isn’t the only one from that elite school who is taking public transportation.

“Maybe he is a model as well. His height is just so ideal.” Fumie continued to observe him but she still feels irritated to him for stealing her seat.

After three stops, a grandma rode the bus but no one is offering their seat to the old lady. Fumie was surprised when the masked guy stood up and assisted the grandma to his seat. After that, he stood beside her, clung on the handle and then dropped his head. He is sleeping again—while standing!

“I guess he is not that mean…” Fumie looked up at him for he is towering over her. She smiled. She went to assist him whenever the bus goes for a sudden break but the guy seems like he has already mastered the art of sleeping while standing.

A few minutes later, it was already her turn to get out of the bus. She was surprised when the guy also went off on the same station. Now, she just has to travel this ten-minute walk towards her house. Hopefully, it won’t turn out as a one-hour walk.

She’s busy following her neuro linker’s navigation when her attention was caught by a coughing sound behind her. It is the guy from the bus. He doesn’t look like he is in a good shape at all. He suddenly raised his head and their stares met. She immediately averted her eyes and went on to climbing that slope.

Her heart started racing. “What is this? Why is my heart beating this way? His stare is just…” She looked back to the guy who let out a loud sneeze, surprising her bigtime. She froze on the spot, not even knowing why. The guy looked at her and stopped walking.

“Are you going to confess?” he asked in a cracked voice. Fumie’s cheeks burned in an instant.

“W-W-What the hell are you talking ab—“

“Junior, huh?” he was looking at the color of her ribbon. “Sorry but now isn’t the right time. I got colds due to spring. How about get back to me after a month so I could smell you better?”

Fumie’s brows furrowed. “W-Wait! I’m not even interest—“

“You stood up in front of me in the bus, right?”

“Hey! That’s because you stole the seat from—“

“You were trying to grope me but you didn’t get the chance, right?”

Fumie’s face turned bright red as if all of her blood went up on her face. “C-Chotto! You are getting it wro—“

The wind suddenly blew from the top of the slope down to them. It was a sudden breeze; the cherry blossoms’ petals were blown with it making the two closed their eyes.

Fumie opened her eyes only to see the guy looking at her with his eyes wide open. His bangs that covers his eyebrows where blown and parted to the side.  And wait, his mask was removed by that strong wind!? He is so gorgeous!

“W-Wait!” Fumie held her skirt. “Don’t tell me you saw it!”

The guy continued looking at her with that surprised look upon his face. “T-T-Tell me what your name is.”

“E-Eh? Why should I tell you—“

The guy rushed towards her and held her by the shoulders. Her heart started to run thrice as fast as if she took 3 bottles of redbull. She tried to escape but she couldn’t.

“Tell me your name and which class you are in.” The guy continued asking her with frustration written all over his face. “Tell me, please!”

“S-Shingyoji Fumie! I’m from the trait class!” She blurted out due to panic. “Now, will you please let go of me?”

Instead of giving the girl her freedom, a wonderful smile curved up the guy’s lips. He looked at her so dearly as if he couldn’t believe that she is in front of him.

“Shingyoji Fumie?” The smile grew cuter. Even his eyes are smiling. Little did Fumie know that this smile is up to something that will shake her world.

“From now on…you are my girlfriend.”










Shimazaki Haruka as Shingyoji Fumie
Watanabe Miyuki as Watanabe Miyu
Matsui Jurina as Matsui Natsu
Yamamoto Sayaka as Yamamoto Aki
Yokoyama Yui as Yokoyama Haru
Hoshino Maru as Hoshizora Fuyu (Eh!? You don’t know this one!? Please read Things That Mix. :D)

It is pretty easy to remember, right? :) I know it would take time to get used to it. I tend to make a lot of mistakes too especially with pronouns. Let’s get used to it together. ^^ Thank you for reading the first chapter. Please standby for the next one. :) There are more people coming!
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
Post by: Goto24 on May 07, 2017, 03:53:39 PM
Hahahaha. It's finally here!!!!!  :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
Love it!!!! And a lot of reference here.   :shifty: :vv:
Can't wait for the next chapters.
And yes. It's gonna be a while to get use to their names.
Gambatte~~ 😄
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
Post by: Erza_Jerusalem on May 07, 2017, 03:59:36 PM
Sooo... you jumped the timeline in to like future or something. Technologies and such  XD

And used Paru's character in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou..

But hey, here are my thoughts/rants,
Firstly, I already guessed who the four Shikis are with their names lol except that I got a little confused with Haru and Fuyu.. I thought Haru was Maru lol.

And Fuyu is a Hoshizora, one of my favorite names XD it means Starry sky right? Exactly haha! XD

The funny part tho was on the last scene hahaha! The "From now on... you are my girlfriend" part, that really cracked me up. I guess Fumie smelled nice to Fuyu and thought that she is the right one lol.

Now I am thinking how chapter 2 will be, because I got hanged up. Haha! It's already great and can't wait for the next update. UPDATEEE!

Aaand not forgetting the fact that I'd be expecting dramas again. Lmao, you can't stop meee. I love them.  :P
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
Post by: Genkikid on May 07, 2017, 04:13:56 PM
Sooo... you jumped the timeline in to like future or something. Technologies and such  XD

And used Paru's character in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou..

But hey, here are my thoughts/rants,
Firstly, I already guessed who the four Shikis are with their names lol except that I got a little confused with Haru and Fuyu.. I thought Haru was Maru lol.

And Fuyu is a Hoshizora, one of my favorite names XD it means Starry sky right? Exactly haha! XD

The funny part tho was on the last scene hahaha! The "From now on... you are my girlfriend" part, that really cracked me up. I guess Fumie smelled nice to Fuyu and thought that she is the right one lol.

Now I am thinking how chapter 2 will be, because I got hanged up. Haha! It's already great and can't wait for the next update. UPDATEEE!

Aaand not forgetting the fact that I'd be expecting dramas again. Lmao, you can't stop meee. I love them.  :P

Was reading the chapter before this comment was posted, and just as I was going to the comment page I read this comment and thought "someone having a mind just like me! Cool!" This comment is exactly what I was going to type!
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
Post by: LuckyMatsui on May 07, 2017, 04:51:57 PM
"Number 2: It is allowed to be in a relationship with another student now. This applies for the university and senior high students. This was passed since the marriage rate of Japan has declined drastically through the years. We are in need of more people!”

Alright!!! Baby Orion!!! Hehehehe. Anyways, thanks for the wonderful update Cut-sama :)

I told you this fic will be fine. See those people who leave their comments? We're always here to support you and read your exciting fic :)

PS. The heck with that cliffhanger again???   :grr:
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Uwaaa~ Sasuga Cut-sama!  *applause*

That's so cool, jumped to the future, and that technologies and such, so cool!!

Wahh... Really, I still can't get their image in this fic so I used their image in TTM, it's alright isn't?  Well, you guessed it, I use their (Jurina,Yuihan,Maru,and Agonee) female version in my imagination (the power of imagination lol)

Great choice of names Cut-sama, even tho I still kinda confused right now, maybe as the time goes by I'll get used to it.

I kinda have a fangirling attack when it's said that Sayanee is rumoured to have a relationship with Yuihan tho, 【ニヤニヤ】

Well Maru that's so you... Maru's still going with that character right? Right? Right?

Waiting for chapter 2!!

P.S is it alright if I use their original names in the comment? I feel more comfortable using that

P.P.S anyway mind if you continue the OS thread, I'm still waiting for another great stories

P.P.P.S do you always use references in you stories Cut-sama? Lol
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So far so good Cut Sama.

I cant wait for moar.

But now I have to tell my friend Rosalie she has a penis now
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WHAT!!! lol Maru-kun so sneaky 😂😂😂 thank you Cut-san
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P.S is it alright if I use their original names in the comment? I feel more comfortable using that

P.S.S anyway mind if you continue the OS thread, I'm still waiting for another great stories

P.S S.S do you always use references in you stories Cut-sama? Lol

I'm pretty sure that the one that should be repeated is the "P."
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 1 (05-07)
Post by: yukine on May 08, 2017, 05:46:12 AM
P.S is it alright if I use their original names in the comment? I feel more comfortable using that

P.S.S anyway mind if you continue the OS thread, I'm still waiting for another great stories

P.S S.S do you always use references in you stories Cut-sama? Lol

I'm pretty sure that the one that should be repeated is the "P."

Ah! I think I made a mistake there, I wrote that in midnight around... 00.15 am, I think I kinda dozed off, I'll correct it right away, thanks Goto-san!!
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P.S is it alright if I use their original names in the comment? I feel more comfortable using that

P.S.S anyway mind if you continue the OS thread, I'm still waiting for another great stories

P.S S.S do you always use references in you stories Cut-sama? Lol

I'm pretty sure that the one that should be repeated is the "P."

Ah! I think I made a mistake there, I wrote that in midnight around... 00.15 am, I think I kinda dozed off, I'll correct it right away, thanks Goto-san!!

Iiya iiya iiya~~
Its ok. I just saw it.
I think it depends on the person in how they used.
No problem at all Yukine-san.
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Sooo... you jumped the timeline in to like future or something. Technologies and such  XD

And used Paru's character in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou..

But hey, here are my thoughts/rants,
Firstly, I already guessed who the four Shikis are with their names lol except that I got a little confused with Haru and Fuyu.. I thought Haru was Maru lol.

And Fuyu is a Hoshizora, one of my favorite names XD it means Starry sky right? Exactly haha! XD

The funny part tho was on the last scene hahaha! The "From now on... you are my girlfriend" part, that really cracked me up. I guess Fumie smelled nice to Fuyu and thought that she is the right one lol.

Now I am thinking how chapter 2 will be, because I got hanged up. Haha! It's already great and can't wait for the next update. UPDATEEE!

Aaand not forgetting the fact that I'd be expecting dramas again. Lmao, you can't stop meee. I love them.  :P

Was reading the chapter before this comment was posted, and just as I was going to the comment page I read this comment and thought "someone having a mind just like me! Cool!" This comment is exactly what I was going to type!

Really?? That's totally cool dude, haha! Jk maybe it was just a coincidence?  XD
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so the story happens in afterlife
if you look it carefully, fuyu (winter) is a season which maru was born?
jurina is the summer just like her personality, sayaka and yui too
I guess the fetish is because maru likes to sniff at paru's scents in the past.
now the afterlife maru has found her paru
Title: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 2 (05-10)
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@Goto24-san, Thanks and sorry for making you wait~ :)
@Erza_Jerusalem-san and Genkikid-san, I think changes are necessary. :)
@MatsuiLee-san, You're really waiting for Baby Orion, huh? Hahaha. :) Thanks for the support. :)
@yukine-san, It's okay. It's up to you. I'm still thinking of stories for the OS thread. I will get back to it as soon as an idea pops out. I like using references. I think that it is a wonderful experience when you suddenly realize something while reading. That's just my personal taste. Haha.
@hackata48-san, LOL. Won't that be too much?
@yuuri14-san, you're welcome~~ :)
@Shiragikun-san, woah, nice theories you got there. :)

Here is Chapter 2~~~ ^^


Chapter 2: The Girl with THE Scent



Fumie felt dizzy after Miyu shook her by the shoulders with the strength of a wrestler. She tried to free herself but her friend isn’t letting go without any answer.

“You said you were aiming to be an idol, right? And to be an idol, your record has to be clean, right? You were just telling me these things yesterday but now whaaaaaat!?”

“Geez! Let go of me first, Miyu!” The struggling girl has finally freed herself. She fixed her uniform before going back to her friend. Miyu is already looking intently at her. She’s ready to chop Fumie’s head off if ever she heard a wrong answer.

“I’m growing impatient, Fumie. You better hurry.” Miyu crossed her arms. “The whole campus is calling you now ‘The Girl with THE Scent’, you know?”

“Okay, okay!” Fumie took a deep breath. “He rode the same bus as me yesterday but he took my seat away…”

She told the whole story to Miyu who is all ears to her. It is currently lunch break and they are talking in the comfort room. Miyu locked it from the inside to make sure no one is going to hear them.

“He just told me that from yesterday onwards I’m her girlfriend and then he went to enter his house like nothing happened. He didn’t even tell me his name. I was dumbfounded. Then I suddenly remembered what you told me about Hoshizora Fuyu. I got more shook! When I got home I went to search for his name on the web and I almost fell from my seat when I saw his picture! It really is him!”

Miyu’s furious expression changed. She looked at Fumie as if she is going to cry.

“Fumie, you traitor! You know that I am going after Hoshizora Fuyu!” Miyu started crying. Fumie tried to reach her but she couldn’t even lift her hands to do so. She saw how Miyu was so dedicated about getting the Winter Prince and that makes everything more complicated.

The whole news has already spread throughout the whole campus. She wanted to keep everything a secret if only she didn’t find Fuyu waiting for her to pass by in front of his house this morning. He waved at her which caught her off guard. She tried to ignore him but he walked beside her. No matter how she tried to shake him off, he didn’t leave her side.

Fuyu sat beside her on the bus and she spent the whole journey feeling constrained. The ice prince was just reading a book through his neurolinker while on the bus and didn’t even utter a single word. He would just sweetly smile at Fumie whenever he catches her looking at him. While they are on their way to the school gate, she thought the he would finally leave her be but Fuyu went all the way to drop her to her classroom.

This made the whole Juniors’ Tower restless early in the morning. Seeing one of the members of Shiki at the said area is indeed a sight but seeing Hoshizora Fuyu dropping a girl and telling her that he will come to pick her up when school is over sent the whole school in a storm.

Fumie, not knowing what to say after those words of Fuyu just dashed towards her room. Everyone on her class room saw everything that happened. Miyu couldn’t even digest it all until lunch break came.

Miyu sobbed even more. Fumie released a sigh and then went to reach for her but Miyu suddenly straightened up and looked at her with a straight face. “So what are you planning to do now?”

“C-Crocodile tears?” Fumie pulled her hand back. That was a fast change of emotions. “Y-You aren’t mad at me?”

“Excuse me, why would I be mad at you?” Miyu asked. “It isn’t your fault if his nose is telling him that you are the one. Although I think there is nothing special with the way you smell…”

“True. I’m not even wearing perfume or cologne.” Fumie wondered.

Miyu sighed. “Stop it. You are making me more pathetic. I spent my vacation trying to figure out which scent was the best. Anyway…” Miyu pulled her phone from her pocket and opened up a site that is only focused on rumors and gossips happening inside NeoHorikoshi. “Come here and take a look…”

Fumie went beside Miyu and did what she was instructed to do. Time seemed to freeze for Fumie after seeing what’s on the headline.

TAKEN! Ice Prince done with sniffing, the girl with THE Scent finally found!


THE students were all murmuring about the hottest topic of the school when Fuyu entered the cafeteria. Everyone froze when the Ice Prince made his way to get his food. They all lost the freedom to talk about the issue now that the main topic around.

He sat on an empty table and silently eats his lunch. Just looking at him, it doesn’t seem like he found the girl that he has been searching for the whole time. He still looks snobbish.


The warm breeze of summer somehow entered the freezing cafeteria when Matsui Natsu came rushing. After him is Yamamoto Aki who has his earphones plugged in to get rid of Natsu’s loud voice. He entered with composure while Natsu jolted towards the eating Fuyu, waving his phone on high.

“You’re being too loud, Natsu. How about tone down a little bit?” There goes Fuyu with his Kori Taiou.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Natsu shoved his phone right in front of Fuyu’s face. The other guy held his arm and pushed it a little farther so he could take a better look. An unexpected smirk was seen on Fuyu’s face as his only reaction to the headline. He continued with his food with that smile on his face.

Natsu pulled himself back with an unprintable face. “Y-You smiled…!?”

Even Aki seems surprised of that smile on Fuyu’s face.He removed his earphones and went nearer. When was the last time he smiled again? It has been a very long time since the last time he showed this expression. Even if you search him on Google, you will never find a picture of him smiling.

Natsu and Aki looked at each other. They pulled seats and sat in front of Fuyu. There were both leaning on the table as if they are going to take a share of his food.

“W-What happened, Fuyu-nii?” Natsu asked; his eyes were wide open. “Did you really find the girl with the scent you are looking for?”

Fuyu smiled once more then looked at the other two. “I finally found her.” His voice couldn’t hide the excitement.

Aki heaved a sigh. “Are you sure of this Fuyu? It is just the second day of this term and you are telling me that you found the scent you are looking for and it comes from the newcomer? Dude, you are going after a complete stranger!”

Fuyu shrugged his shoulders. “Well, she isn’t a total stranger. I know her name.”

Aki facepalmed. “Knowing the name isn’t enough. When did you become a Disney prince?”

“What’s her name Fuyu-nii? How does she look like?”

“Her name is Shingyoji Fumie.” Fuyu said Fumie’s name as if he is in a deep trance.

The two guys slowly backed away at the sight of the inevitably infatuated Fuyu. They turned their backs to the guy and started a quick search about this Shingyoji Fumie in Google. There are quite a few pictures of the girl on web but information about her is very limited. They just saw that she is modeling for some magazines. It seems like she is a star that is about to be discovered.

“I may say that she is cute…” Aki whispered while nodding slowly.

“Is she really the one? I can’t believe that the scent that Fuyu-nii is looking for really exists.” They swiped up even more but wrong results started to appear so they went back to the top. Natsu looked closer to the first image and suddenly remembered something.

“Wait, she’s the girl who I met the stare yesterday!” he whispered to Aki. His facial expression changed into a disappointed one. “She didn’t show any interest to me. She just went on like our eyes didn’t meet. Maa…”

A smirk slowly curved up on Natsu’s face. Aki noticed it and immediately smelled that he is up to something.

“Don’t do anything that will anger Fuyu. Remember what situation you guys are in.” he warned. That cunning smile is not up to something nice.

“Don’t worry, Aki.” He looked back at Fumie’s picture. “Shingyoji Fumie, huh? I will just make sure about this girl—“

“Are you guys not going to eat?” They both jerked when Fuyu suddenly talked. They totally forgot that he is just behind them. “I’m about to finish my meal, see?” He presented to them his half empty plate.

Natsu immediately stood up. “I’ll go get my food now, Fuyu-nii! Please wait for me!” That’s all and he rushed to the server.

Aki shook his head and stood up. “Seriously… What a kid…”


“AM I GOING to get bullied now, Miyu?”

Fumie asked her while they are on their way to the cafeteria. She couldn’t even lift her head up because she could feel everyone is staring at her.

“You wish. It’s not a nature of the students here to bully people. And how can they possibly bully you if you got Hoshizora Fuyu in your back? You are being delusional.”

Miyu gave her a slap at her back to straighten her spine. She gave out a cute yelp then looked back salty at her friend. “What’s that for?”

“If I were you, I would walk with my head held on high knowing that I am the girl with THE scent.”

“But Miyu! You know that I didn’t wish to be that girl!” She rubbed her face with her palm together with a sigh. “I want to be an idol! I can’t commit myself to anyone especially if I don’t even know this person at all.”

“Blah blah blah…” Miyu clicked her tongue. “Tell that to the girls who are madly inlove with Hoshi-senpai, let’s see if you can go back home with your head still attached.”

Fumie suddenly stopped from walking which made Miyu curious. “What is it this time, Fumie?”

“N-Ne,” she stammered. “What did you call him again?”

Miyu looked at her with her left eyebrow higher than the other but then her cunning smile surfaced. “Don’t tell me you are thinking about the story again? You’re really getting delusional!” That’s all and she continued walking. She’s already starving. If they don’t go faster they won’t be able to eat lunch.

Fumie followed her friend. She felt her heart skipped a beat after hearing that name. She shook her head violently. What was she thinking anyway? She got too addicted with that book that things like this affect her. Maybe she is really getting delusional.

She was walking with her head bowed down when she suddenly bumped into someone. She heard gasps from people around her. Even Miyu gasped. Just hearing those reactions, she knew that she didn’t just bump to an ordinary student. She froze on the spot and couldn’t even raise her head up.

“Fumie? Going to get lunch?”

Fumie blushed in an instant. She’s sure of who the owner of that voice is.

“Gosh… They are already on first-name basis.” Miyu thought to herself. She took a look at the guy’s face and she got even more surprised.

Standing in front of Fumie is the 181cm tall Fuyu; the guy that they have never seen smiling in front of other people… That guy is smiling cutely right now!

“Fuyu-nii!” That was Natsu running out of the cafeteria while wiping his handsome face with a tissue. “I told you to wait for—“

Natsu halted when Fuyu turned to him still with that curve on his lips. His eyes automatically landed to the girl frozen in front of the Ice Prince. Their eyes met again but the girl immediately averted her eyes.

“Natsu, this is Fumie. She’s my girlfriend.”

Fumie raised her head with a force and started waving her hands frantically. Miyu’s jaw dropped straight to the ground that she has to pick it up in order to close her mouth.

“Y-Y-Y-You’re getting it wrong! I-I-I am not—“

“Fumie, this is Natsu.” Natsu waited for additional introduction about him but Fuyu stopped to that. His heart started to revolt.

“So, you are the one with the scent, huh?” That was Aki, finally making his presence known. Miyu jolted to hide herself right after seeing Aki’s shadow. “I’m Yamamoto Aki. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Fumie thawed and tried to introduce herself with her trembling voice. “I-I-I’m S-Shingyoji Fumie from Class 2-D. Y-Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

Aki gave out a faint smile. “Please take care of our little Fuyu.”

“Come on, Agoki. I’m way taller than you so don’t call me little.” Fuyu blurted out. He was even measuring their heights with his hand.

“I know you are tall—hey wait! Who are you calling Agoki!?”

Fuyu laughed at Aki’s annoyed face. Aki wanted to get back on him but what can he do against the laughing Fuyu. It has been forever since he saw him laughing and joking like this.

“U-Uhmm…” Their attentions went back to Fumie who is currently fidgeting with her fingers. “C-Can I go now? I haven’t taken lunch yet.”

“Ah, yes!” Fuyu looked at his watch. “It’s already late. You should go and hurry.”

The girl took a bow and then dashed towards the dining hall. She couldn’t really lift her head up.

“See you later, Fumie!” Fuyu waved at her which almost made her trip. Miyu sneakily followed her friend after she saw the Shiki started moving.

“You look so happy, Fuyu.” Aki mentioned.

“Well…” Fuyu sighed with a smile. “I just couldn’t believe that I have already found her. I want to treasure her.”

“Just don’t get yourself hurt. You still don’t know who that girl really is.”

“I know Fumie is a nice girl. I can feel it…” he smiled foolishly to himself. “Ah! I have to drop by the Student Council room before classes resume. I’ll be going ahead. See you, guys, around!”

That’s all and Fuyu ran towards the Senior’s Tower. When he is already out of sight, Aki turned to Natsu who is sulking behind him.

“You saw how he glowed just after seeing that girl, right? Whatever is in your mind now, you better get rid of that thought right now.”

Aki noticed Natsu’s fists clenching so he gave him a chop on his head to wake him up. Natsu gave out a loud yelp.

“Hey! Don’t ever do that to handsome Natsu!” Natsu shouted while rubbing his head.

“Man, you are so gross!” Aki said with disgust all over his face.

Natsu heaved a sigh. “He introduced her as her girlfriend but he just introduced me as Natsu. Just Natsu.”

“Are you jealous?” Aki teasingly asked.

“Atleast he should’ve introduced me properly!” Natsu answered.

Aki arched his arms around Natsu’s neck and started dragging him towards their tower.

“Well, you should try to understand him. Your situation is complicated, remember?”

Natsu fell silent. The earlier scene flashed back on his mind. The way Fuyu smiled because of that girl… The way he waved at her cheerfully… It seems that they are even going home together. He bit his lower lip. His heart tightens everytime he thinks that a random girl is making Fuyu smile like that. What makes it worse is it seems that the girl isn’t on the same emotional wavelength as Fuyu.

“Shingyoji Fumie…”


“IS THERE something wrong?”

Asuka turned back to Shinoda-sensei with a jerk. She seemed to be in a daze “T-There’s nothing wrong, Sensei…” she lied.

“Is it about Fuyu-kun?”

The girl was surprised to hear that name from the teacher. She is currently updating her schedule of activities so that the school can adjust with her timetable. She is an idol in her prime so her schedule is divided down to seconds.

“Why is Hoshizora-senpai being dragged in this conversation, Sensei?” she asked back; trying her hardest not to show her emotions.

“Senpai? You don’t have to be formal now, Asuka-chan, It’s just the two of us anyway.” The teacher smiled at her and then looked at the schedule that she has passed. “You’ve been looking up to him for a long time, right? I heard that he already found the girl with the scent.”

Asuka snickered. “You will be so late if you haven’t heard about it, Sensei.”

Shinoda laughed and fixed his glasses. “You are right with that, Asuka-chan.” He put a stamp on the paper Asuka passed to him and scanned it then kept the hard copy into some clear folder. Even though most of the things now are digital, NeoHorikoshi is still going on with the traditional way of passing documents so that teachers will still have interactions with the students.

The teacher then leaned on his table. “So, how do you feel about this?”

Asuka took a deep breath. Here goes Shinoda-sensei being nosy again with his nephew’s life. She wore her idol smile and flashed it on him.


“Of course it hurts…


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Waaaaaaaait... I maybe assuming but, does Natsu has feelings for Fuyu?! That really caught my attention, I'm sorry lol XD

And as I read how Fuyu talked with Fumie, I can clearly imagine them. And how Fuyu smiled to her and Fumie being shy while hanging his head low. XD My breathing stopped.

One more with that searching thing on the Google, really cracked me up :lol:

And last.. who's that Asuka... maybe from Fuyu's past.


One way to find.. TO THE NEXT CHAPTER! XD
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So Natsu likes Fuyu? Miyu is scared of Aki?
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あぁぁぁ!! i can't stop myself from grinning the whole  time while reading this!! I mean, imagine that Maru smiling happily like that!

I think you're right Paru, you're getting delusional lol, is Milky kinda scared with Agoki or just too shy??

And....  ASHU!!! Remember when you tell us there is a MaruxAshu story in parallel universe?? (I forgot the author, gomen author-san!!! :kneelbow:) is she the one from there in this story?  Oh! Oh! Oh! Is this going to be a 48x46 fic or just 48? Is there possibly a 46 pairing too??

This is getting more interesting!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!
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Yey an update! Oh! My shipper heart, OHMYGOSH! FuyuFumie, FuyuNatsu(JUNMARCO!!!!!!!) and of course FuyuAshu(MARCOASHURIN)!!!  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: and Uncle Mario. Wait where is Aunt Miichan???!! Waiting for the next update :))

PS. Of course I'm waiting for Baby Orion! Please get married soon Fuyu and Fumie! Hehehehe.

PPS. No worries, I'm here to support you all the way. :))
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A RUNNING girl bumped Natsu but the girl didn’t even say sorry to him. She just continued running while sobbing. Question marks popped out of his head. He went to look to direction in which the girl came from; his question was immediately answered.

He went towards the kid playing on the sand box alone.

“Fuyu-nii…” he called out. “Did you say something weird to that girl?”

The boy lifted up his pail but the sand that he was molding immediately crumbled. He turned to Natsu with his cold eyes.

“She told me that she likes me but then I sniffed her and told her that I don’t like the way she smells.” Fuyu answered monotonously. “And, we are just in pre-school. It is too early to talk about this kind of things.”

Natsu nodded. He sat beside the other boy and grabbed the toy shovel.

“Fuyu-nii, you are always saying that you will find the girl for you just by her scent. How sure are you with that?”

“1000% sure.” Fuyu simply answered while filling up his pail with sand again. “I just have a strong feeling that I will know her by her scent.”

Natsu helped in putting sand in the pail. “What will you do once you found her?”

Fuyu let go of his tools and sat on the sand. He looked up to the sky and heaved a sigh. “I will treasure her and never let go of her. I will lay my life on her. I will love her with everything that I have.”

Natsu’s eyes glittered while looking at the other boy. Somehow Fuyu looks like a kid in shining armor in Natsu’s eyes.

“You are always so deep, Fuyu-nii.” Natsu said with a cute smile on his face. “I want to be cool like you!”

Fuyu smiled back at him and ruined his hair. “I doubt that. You are way cooler than me! You’ve already come out on television, right?”

Natsu remained silent. He blushed at the compliment of the other boy but something in his heart is telling him that what he said was wrong in some point.

“I don’t have any dream or anything I like to achieve but you are already living your dream, Natsu. The only thing I am certain now is I will feel complete once I found that girl.”

“Are you kids really pre-schoolers?”

Their heads automatically turned to the source of the voice.

“Uncle Mario!” they ran towards the then 23-year old, Shinoda Mario, and gave him a hug. He wore off his mask and rubbed the boys’ heads.

“Come on, kids! Your hands are so dirty. You are ruining my clothes!”

Shinoda tried to shake them off but the kids tightened their hugs to his legs even more. Earlier they were just talking like adults but here they are chuckling according to their age.

“What are you, kids, talking about? It seems like a gentlemen’s talk.”

“I was talking with Fuyu-nii about the girl that he wants!” Natsu energetically answered. Fuyu just nodded.

Shinoda forced a smile. “You guys are too young to be talking about girls!”

“But I’m serious, Uncle Mario!” Fuyu argued. “My goal is to find that girl! My heart is aching for her!” He was even clenching his chest to prove it.

Shinoda laughed and patted their heads. “Hai, hai. You say so.”

A familiar looking car suddenly stopped in front of the school. Natsu instantly held on to Fuyu right after seeing the said vehicle.

“I guess you have to go back home now, Natsu.” Shinoda sighed.

The kid just looked at the other kid. The smile on Fuyu’s face has already faded. An old guy who seems to be the Matsui Family’s butler came out of the car.

“Natsu-kun, it’s time to go home.” He said without any expression on his face.

“Go now, Natsu.” Shinoda told him with a faint smile.

“B-But… how about Fuyu-nii?”

“What are you talking about, Natsu? I got my own home and I have a different family, remember?” He nonchalantly placed his hand on Natsu’s shoulder. “You’ll slowly get used to this. Go home now.”

He nodded but his heart was in great disagreement. He dragged his feet towards the car and rode it with his head bowed down. He looked at the other boy who waved at him with a faint smile on his face.

The car left soon after but Natsu looked at Fuyu and Shinoda through the back window. His eyes were tearing up a little bit but he couldn’t show it to the butler. He dropped himself on the seat and continued sulking.



FUMIE GAVE out an exasperated sigh after seeing Fuyu waiting for her to pass by again. She managed to escape him yesterday after sending Miyu to tell him that she got a sudden appointment and it somehow drove him away.

She could clearly remember how Fuyu’s face became downcast after Miyu told him that she will not be able to go home with him. He started walking away with heavy shoulders. On the other hand, her friend came back to her with a huge smile on her face, telling her how handsome Hoshizora Fuyu could be up close and personal.

The guy noticed her and immediately waved at her, pulling his back from the fence he is leaning to. He is smiling so warmly that all the threads that she has read about him never talked about that he can do. But man, she couldn’t deny it that he is indeed breath-taking.

Looking at it, he isn’t wearing a mask now. Is his allergy to pollen already disappeared?

“Good morning, Fumie.” Fuyu greeted her with that heart-melting smile.

She tried to look at him but she quickly threw her stare somewhere else. “G-Good morning, Senpai.” She stuttered and then hurriedly started walking. She walked pass Fuyu but the guy just casually walked beside her like yesterday.

“You can just call me with my first name.” he stated. Fumie could feel that he is all eyes to her and that is making everything more awkward. She is looking on the other side so she could hide her face.

“I couldn’t just call you by your first name just like that.” She answered in a faint voice.

“Why not? I am your boyfriend anyway.”

Fumie’s brows furrowed. She stopped walking, her fists clenched. She looked up at Fuyu who also stopped walking right after she did. He is looking at her with a curious face.

“Is something bothering you, Fumie?”

The girl grumpily puffed her cheeks but she then continued walking. “When did I become your girlfriend?” is what she wanted to ask but she still couldn’t voice out what she feels. She still doesn’t know what kind of guy Fuyu is.

Fuyu just shrugged his shoulders and followed her. His cheeks burnt a little because he couldn’t deny how cute Fumie was when she puffed her cheeks.

When they arrived at the school, they became the center of attention once again. It is the second day that they came to school together. Fumie tried so hard to shake him by walking very fast but the guy has longer legs which made it effortless for him to catch up. Her effort was futile.

“Fuyu-nii, good morning!” That was Natsu who just finished changing into his school shoes. “Have you already eaten breakfast?”

“I had some toast and milk.” Fuyu thriftily answered.

“Are you okay with just that?” The other guy worriedly asked which Fuyu answered with a nod. “Anyway, Fuyu-nii, how about we go home together today?”

Fuyu looked at him after changing his shoes. “Are you serious? Our homes are in opposite directions.”

Natsu gave out a forced laugh. “W-Well, I’m kind of free today so how about let’s hang out on your house.”

Fuyu picked up his shoes and put them in the locker. “You know we can’t do that.”

“E-Eh… How about we hang out on Aki’s house? That’s fine, right?”

Fuyu heaved a sigh. “Sorry Natsu… But today I’m planning to go home with Fumie.”

Fumie suddenly walked pass them. She changed her shoes on the other side where the juniors’ lockers are in. She had a glimpse of the two but she immediately tried to escape them. Their stares met again for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Natsu. See you around.” That’s all and Fuyu went running to catch up with Fumie. He just broke a school rule of no running in the hallway.

“Tch!” Natsu clicked his tongue. “You are like a dog going after her like that… She obviously doesn’t like you… You are losing your coolness, Fuyu-nii…”


That was Fumie talking with Miyu through the phone. She is snooping outside by the window of her classroom. She is the only one left in the classroom.

“Hoshi-senpai is gone. It seems like he got tired of waiting for you.” Miyu answered her. The other girl was already in the car on her way to a photoshoot. “You can get out now.”

Fumie heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness he already left. I thought he would stay until I get out.”

A sarcastic laugh was heard from Miyu. “Just tell him that you are planning to be a nun so he could stop with following you.”

“I’m not planning to be a nun! I want to be an idol, Miyu!”

“I’m just playing with speech!” Miyu sighed. “Just tell him that you couldn’t return his feelings. It will be bad for him if you remain silent like this. It will be bad for the both of you.”

Fumie picked up her bag then checked if all her things are inside. “What’s up with that foolishness anyway? How can someone say that he has found the one for him just by scent?”

She jerked when she heard a gasp coming from one of the lockers behind. She was about to go near it but Miyu continued talking making her forget about the locker.

“Don’t you feel anything about him at the very least? If he thinks like that then maybe destiny is involved with this, right?”

“Destiny?” Fumie’s shoulders dropped. “I wonder what year it is for us to be talking about destiny.”

Knots appeared on Miyu’s forehead. “Well, ask that to yourself when you are also crazy about a certain story. If you don’t tell him what you feel today I will seriously be mad at you. I’m hanging up.”

“E-Eh… Chotto! Miyu!” Fumie looked at her phone only to see that Miyu indeed dropped the call. She kind of felt guilty after that conversation. She knows that Miyu is probably getting annoyed of her being like this. “Why does it have to be me anyway?”

“Yeah… Why does it have to be you?”

Her eyes darted to the door. She gulped. She never thought that she would see this guy here and he is looking at her with a smirk—Matsui Natsu.

“Why does it have to be you out of all people?” He asked once more and then closed the door. Fumie looked back at him. She isn’t going to let herself be frightened by this guy.

“Sorry, but I was eavesdropping on your conversation a while ago. I couldn’t hear the person you were talking with but…” his eyes grew even sharper, the smirk faded from his face. “I heard that you called Fuyu-nii a fool.

Fumie tightened her grip to her bag. She might have not said it directly but in a sense she did call Fuyu stupid.

“Trash talking Fuyu-nii on his back… That is something that I can never forgive.” Natsu smiled and brushed his blonde hair upwards. “This is something that I’m really afraid of… What if the girl with the scent won’t take him seriously and think that he is crazy? What if she won’t see how much Fuyu-nii values this thing?” He weakly shook his head. “I hate you for making him wait like this.”

“Why are you being angry at me like this?”

Natsu’s eyes widened for a moment. This girl just dared to answer him. Her eyes are fixed to him, they aren’t wavering. Things are just getting interesting.

“Maa…” Natsu shrugged. He went closer to Fumie and looked down on her. “I know that it isn’t your fault to be the girl. You’re probably surprised as well but you know…” he leaned towards her and whispered right next to her ear. “If you don’t like him at the very least, tell him right away. Don’t make him look like a dog. Fuyu-nii doesn’t deserve the likes of you.”

Natsu saw Fumie’s shook expression and this pleased him. A sneer curved up his lips. He then turned his back to her and went towards the door. “It would be nice if I won’t see you together with Fuyu-nii ever again.”

“You guys are crazy!” Natsu was halted with that shout from Fumie. “Really, I can’t say anything but you are all crazy! Why are you all pressuring me with this!? How is someone supposed to like a person she just met!? Tell me how I could like a person I just met!”

Fumie clenched her fists. “You, guys, don’t even think of what I feel. You don’t even dare to ask about me and here you are pushing things to me! You don’t even know me—“

She gasped when Natsu suddenly kicked the table near him. His face is a complete picture of anger. Fumie was taken aback.

“You also don’t know Fuyu-nii so don’t act like you are the only victim here! You don’t know how this thing is very important to him! He just wants to go home with you but you are making him look like an idiot waiting for nothing at the school gate! He has allergy to pollen for goodness’ sake!”

The guy brushed his hair up once again and took a deep breath. “I heard you want to be an idol. Consider this a training. Nobody will bother about your feelings the moment you become one.”

He kicked one more seat before going out. “How I wish that it was Asuka-chan and not anyone else.”

Fumie finally found air when Natsu is finally out of the room. She took a seat first. Her knees are trembling. She never imagined that she would be having an argument with someone just a few days after the term starts and that person is one of the famous people not just in NeoHorikoshi but in all Japan.

She held her chest for it felt like it is tightening.

“Why do I feel like I have hurt a dear friend?”

IT’S already past 5 in the afternoon when Fumie went out of the classroom. Her heart still feels a bit heavy with those words she heard from Miyu and Natsu. She believes that she has a point but she couldn’t help but feel guilty. She has no clue why.

A girl was standing in front of the gate and it seems like she is talking to someone. This made her stop. It feels like she will ruin something once she goes close to them. The girl’s face is pinkish, probably confessing to someone.

“Are you still waiting for her, Senpai?” she heard the girl said which made her heart skipped a beat. Could it be…

She didn’t hear any answer from the one who is being asked. She saw the girl took a deep breath.

“S-Senpai… The truth is I—“

“I’m sorry.” Her sentence was immediately cut which made Fumie gasped. She covered her mouth so she won’t get noticed. “I’ve already found the girl I was searching for.”

Fumie’s heart tightened when she heard that voice. She’s sure that it was Fuyu.

“But Senpai! Everyone can see that she isn’t interested to you. Don’t wait for her like this!”

“You got a point.” Fumie felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment. “But you know this doesn’t change the fact that she is the one with the scent. I don’t care if she doesn’t look at me the same way.”


“It’s okay. Don’t worry about me.”

Fumie heard groans from the guy. Fuyu tried to stand up, his legs numb for sitting for a long time. The other girl tried to help her but Fumie was caught in her line of sight. The girl bowed at her jolted away.

Fuyu, curious of what made the girl run took a peek inside the school grounds. A wonderful smile curved up his lips. “As I thought, you are still here.” He waved at her.

Fumie released a sigh. How could he smile like that to her when she just made her wait for almost two hours outside?

She slowly walked towards him, trying not to look at his happy face as much as possible.

“Did something hold you back?” Fuyu cheerfully asked her. His tone is much different to the way he talked with the other girl. “Let’s go home.”

The guy started to walk, dragging his feet that are still numb.

“If you don’t like him at the very least, tell him right away. Don’t make him look like a dog. Fuyu-nii doesn’t deserve the likes of you.”

The lass took a deep breath. This thing has to stop.

“U-Uhm…” She called unto him. “Can we stop by somewhere to talk?”

FUYU went running back to Fumie with cans of chocolate drink in both of his hands. He handed it to her before sitting to the other side on the bench. Fumie was hesitating to accept the drink but in the end she accepted it.

“Today is a very nice day.” Fuyu looked up to the sky after taking a gulp of his drink. “The weather is just right.”

Fumie weakly nodded. “Y-You were wearing a mask when we first met, right? D-Do you feel better now?”

“Yes! Strangely, my allergy immediately went away the first time I came to smell you.” He turned to her with eyes adoring her whole being. “It’s the first time I’m walking so freely in spring.”

“I-Is that so?” Fumie stared blankly at her can of chocolate drink. She isn’t in the mood to take even a sip of it. She’s looking at the guy through the corner of her eyes, trying to find the right time to tell him what she really feels. Fuyu is currently looking at the two boys who seemed to be brothers playing ball.

“S-Senpai… Your house is kind of big. W-Who are you living with?”

“Great, Fumie. Great! What’s wrong with you asking that question out of nowhere?”

She saw him smiled weakly. That smile seemed kind of forced.

“I’m…living with my mother.” He answered in a low voice. Judging the way he answered, it seems like Fumie touched something that she shouldn’t have. She immediately thought of another topic.

“W-W-What do you want to be in the future?”

“Good! Your questions really flow!” Fumie nagged to herself.

“Future, huh?” Fuyu inclined his back to the bench. “I never thought about my future. All this time I was only thinking of how to find you and live the rest of my life with you.”

“You also don’t know Fuyu-nii so don’t act like you are the only victim here! You don’t know how this thing is very important to him!”

She remembered those words of Natsu. It seems like Fuyu is really serious of this thing basing on how he talks about it. She bit her lower lip.

“How sure are you that I am the one you are looking for?” she asked, finally getting to her point.

Fuyu dropped his head and looked at his drink. “Since I was young, I know deep within me that I am here for a purpose. I know that I am here to search for a certain girl and be with her. I’m here to give my life to her and I just know that I will come to recognize her through her scent.” He started smiling to himself; his cheeks light pink. “And it happened that I found that scent from you.”

“What’s making you so sure?” Fumie asked once again. “What if there is someone else other than me who has the scent you are talking about? Someone else in Japan or someone else from the other side of the world?”

Fuyu shook his head. “You have a very unique scent. I have never smelled this scent ever in my life.” He turned to her smiling. “I’m 1000% sure about this. I have been talking about this stuff ever since I was a kid to the point that my father thought I was crazy and concluded that I will have a wasted life. I don’t mind though. I believe that once I find you I will be complete.”

Fumie tightened her hold to the can. Everything that the guy is saying makes it harder for her to tell the truth. He definitely looks so happy about finding her. How could she break that smile? She’s aiming to be someone who can deliver smiles to people but here she is, about to took a smile away.


“I told you, Fuyu is fine. I am your boy—“

“I cannot be your girlfriend!”

The world’s rotation seemed to stop for Fuyu. He got deafened. For a moment he could only hear a faint yet long beeping sound. His eyes wide opened; his lips parted.

“I have a dream to be an idol. Right now I am under some training, hoping that I will be chosen to debut. It has been my dream since I was young.” She paused to hydrate her dry throat. “In order to become one I have to remain pure in the eyes of the public. I… I can’t involve myself in a relationship.”

She said it! She finally said it! Her chest started to feel at ease after finally letting out what’s making her feel heavy. She looked up in the sky and smiled, trying to lift up the heavy atmosphere.

“And above everything else, we are talking about a serious thing here. I just met you. I only know your name. I have a very faint knowledge of you. I can’t just agree with you about making me your girlfriend even though you are famous and everything.”

There was a short reign of silence which was soon broken by Fuyu.

“I-Is that so?” He smiled and scratched his head. “I’m sorry about that. Aki was right. I guess I really shocked you. My bad… I’m really sorry. I got…a bit excited…”

The way he sighed the last phrase pinched Fumie’s heart but she chose not to mind it.

“I finally found you and it got me so happy. I’m sorry that I neglected what you feel. I’m really sorry. Believe me all I want is to treat you properly.” He emptied his can before continuing. “If that is your wish then I will stop pursuing you but…I will wait for you.

Fumie turned to him with a surprised expression on her face. “B-But—“

“I’m convinced that you are the one I was searching for. Let me support you from the sideline. I would love to see you achieving your dreams. I promise that I will stop bothering you. I won’t even lay a hand on you. But…”

Fuyu turned to Fumie. He is still smiling but his eyes are telling a different story. “Let me wait for you. I promise I won’t do anything that will ruin your dream. Just let me wait for you. I don’t mind even how long it will take or if you will ever look at me the same way, just let me do this for now…


Because I will literally lose the will to live if you tell me to forget about you…”



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Title: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 4 (05-17)
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FUMIE arrived at school the next day without the sight of Hoshizora Fuyu beside her. She didn’t see him waiting for her in front of his house. He wasn’t on the bus stop either. This is exactly what she wanted but she’s feeling a little strange. Why is there some hint of…regret?

“I will literally lose the will to live if you tell me to forget about you…”

Those words kept on echoing on the back of her head even when she got home. They went home together yesterday but Fuyu chose to make a distance. He walked far behind her and even sat on the solo seat on the bus.

Fumie couldn’t deny that she was relieved but a part of her is telling her otherwise.

With the sight of her coming to school alone and with Fuyu still not appearing even though the first class is already about to start, rumors spread that the great sniffer was rejected by the person that he has been searching for.

The school bell rang but there is still no sign of Fuyu. Fumie was looking at the gate through the window, hoping that Fuyu will come any minute. She remembered how the guy was smiling yet looking so fragile yesterday.

“Until I find another reason to live, please let me just wait for you and support you…”

“He’s really serious about that scent thing…” Fumie told herself. She was spacing out when she felt being poked from the back. It was Miyu.

Miyu passed her a piece of paper while looking at her intently.

‘You better tell me everything,’ is what is written in that paper. Fumie rolled her eyes and smiled weakly. “Okay.” She mouthed.


THE DOOR of the Principal’s Office made a creaking sound as it closed. Fuyu made sure that he closed it properly before giving out a deep breath. He held his head that has been aching a little bit since morning.

“Do you want me to bring you to the nurse’s office?”

Fuyu suddenly turned to his side only to see another teacher.

“U-Uncle—I mean, Shinoda-sensei… G-Good morning.” Fuyu greeted then immediately dropped his head.

“It’s already lunch time you know!” Shinoda teased him with a smile on his face. “Why did you get called? Did something bad happen?”

“Well I…” Fuyu brushed his face with his palm. “I was called for various offenses: running in the hallway, leaving the student council earlier than everyone, passing my future plan blank, loitering in front of the school gate and being late for school without any important schedule.”

“Ohh… Five strikes all at once. I wonder what Yokoyama-kun will say about this.” The teacher went to stand by the window and Fuyu just followed him.

“I believe Haru will be disappointed but he already knows that I am not into this kind of work. He better come back fast.” Fuyu grumbled.

Shinoda smiled at him. “Well, aren’t you going to tell your handsome uncle anything about that girl? I’m just being updated by rumors but I’m not hearing anything from my nephew himself.”

Fuyu also stood by the window and tried to get his eyes busy with the scene outside.

“I found her. I finally found her.” Fuyu started talking in a low voice but loud enough for Shinoda to hear.

“Well, it doesn’t look like what the rumors say. I heard you are smiling again but it doesn’t seem like you are happy at all. What happened?”

“It didn’t go as I dreamt it to be.” Fuyu sighed. “I thought that once we see each other she will gladly hug me like she has been searching for me as well. I thought we would have mutual feelings. You know… Everyone thinks I am crazy for being so focused on finding her. In the end she doesn’t feel the same way.

I have thought of that possibility before but I chose to believe that she would also be waiting for me. That after meeting her I can present her to everyone saying, ‘Hey, I’m not crazy. She’s true! And she loves me, too!’ But yeah… it didn’t turn out that way.”

“Y-You got rejected?” Shinoda asked with a worried face. Fuyu answered with a weak nod.

“She has a dream and on that dream I am not included.”

That line gave a huge blow on Shinoda’s heart. He knows how Fuyu made searching for that girl the center of his life. He thought that it might be foolish to look for someone through scent but he was amazed by how Fuyu is convinced that he would find her. And yes, he did find her but he only got even more heart broken.

“What are you planning to do now?” Shinoda fixed his glasses in position.

Fuyu remained silent. He is obviously thinking. “Wait for her… I guess.”

The teacher sighed. He went near Fuyu and placed his hand on the guy’s shoulder. “How about set another goal while waiting for her? You don’t even know if she would ever return your feelings.”

Shinoda gulped. He knows that he might have poured alcohol on the wound but it is necessary to make it heal faster. He also doesn’t want Fuyu to remain like this forever.

“How about go back to modeling? You are receiving offers, right? I believe Natsu will also be happy if you get back to the industry.”

“I’ve been thinking about a lot of things last night, I found it hard to sleep. If only I could find something that I really want to fulfill other than this…” Fuyu turned to Shinoda with a faint, lonely smile. “I’d be happy…”


IT IS P.E. time for the TRAIT class of all levels. For the whole school, this is such a time to behold for it is the only time they will see those pretty faces being stained with sweat. Even though a lot of people may treat them like saints, it is different in terms of Physical Education in NeoHorikoshi Gakuen especially under that instructor.

“Oy, oy! Shingyoji! How about stretch further!?” The terror instructor, Akimoto Michael, shouted at Fumie while waving his shinai (bamboo sword). “Watanabe, push her further!”

“Hai~!” Miyu cheerfully answered and gave Fumie more push from the back.

“O-Ouch!” Fumie shouted in pain. “M-Miyu! I already reached my toes so you can s-stop—ouch!”

Miyu laughed at her sarcastically then let her go. “That is for really trashing out Hoshi-senpai. I didn’t think that you would really throw him away just like that!”

“Shh!” Fumie shushed her. “Keep quiet. You told me to tell him my feelings, right? And please, stop calling him Hoshi-senpai.”

“Hey, who are you to tell me that? Remember, you let go of him so he isn’t yours anymore. I can call him whatever I like. That’s my nickname to him!”

“Whatever!” Fumie stood up and started stretching her arms by herself. She looked around only to see people that are obviously talking about her. “Why do all of the trait classes have to do P.E. together?”

“This is some sort of a tradition. Everyone likes it so I guess there’s nothing bad about this except that our instructor is AkiGori. He always--”

“Hoshizora is so pathetic.”

The two froze on their spots when they heard someone from their back mocking Fuyu. They pretended that they weren’t listening but they are all ears to it.

“He kept on rejecting girls because of his scent fetish but look at him now. He is rejected by the person his sucker nose has chosen.”

“He deserves that. He is just a crazy guy hanging around. He is a wasted talent. He only got a good name. If he wasn’t named that way he’ll be a complete trash.”

“And what is with the new comer anyway? There isn’t anything special about her.”

“But she dropped Hoshizora. That’s enough. She placed him where he belongs!”

The group of guys laughed. Fumie clenched her fists. Why is she feeling so angry about this? She was about to turn to her classmates when she heard a banging sound.

“Tell me more about that.”

The two’s head automatically turned to the owner of the voice. It was Natsu. He just threw the basketball on the wall so hard. It frightened everyone on the gym. He went near to the juniors who are already trembling in fear.

“It seems like you guys know a lot about Fuyu-nii. Tell-me-more.” Natsu’s stare is locked to the boys. Akimoto was alerted but before he could even make a move, a certain someone entered the gym.

“Fuyu!” Aki called the guy who casually entered the scene. He innocently looked around, curious why everyone is looking at him. Natsu left the other guys but threw them one last killer look before running to Fuyu.

“Oy, Hoshizora!” Akimoto shouted while pointing his shinai to Fuyu. “Who gave you the permission to come late in my class!?”

Fuyu was quick to bow to apologize. “I’m sorry, Sensei. I wasn’t feeling so well in the morning.”

Akimoto rolled his eyes. “Maa, maa! Hurry up and get in. I don’t care if you are sick or not. Do some stretching and play basketball!”

“H-Hai!” He went to the side where Aki is, waving at him. His eyes were caught by Fumie who was also looking at him that time. Their eyes met but Fuyu was quick to avert his eyes, acting like he didn’t see her. Natsu tailed him. The guy also looked at Fumie then tucked his tongue out to tease the girl.

“What was that all about?” Miyu asked Fumie who obviously got annoyed; because of those guys who don’t have any good thing to do and with that childish action of Natsu.

Fumie stayed quiet, getting a little conflicted with her feelings. She was the one who told Fuyu to back off but why is she suddenly feeling hurt when the guy didn’t even say hi to her.

“Seems like Natsu made some small fuzz, eh?”

Akimoto shrieked when Shinoda suddenly appeared beside him to the point that he almost fell to his feet. “What the hell, Rio!? Stop doing that kind of thing!”

Shinoda laughed at the other teacher while straightening his back. “He won’t be angry if those kids didn’t say anything about Fuyu.”

Akimoto rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Those kids seriously need to realize how Hoshizora is beyond their reach.”

The other teacher smiled faintly. “They would see that if only Fuyu would look at himself that way.”

“I’d love to try to knock that kid’s head so that he would wake up from his fantasies.” Akimoto blew his whistle to get everyone’s attention. “All boys of all year level gather in the middle of the court!”

“So a basketball match to start the term, right?” Shinoda said with a smile on his face.

“Tch! I’ve been wanting to watch a match between spoiled, little whiners since vacation. I want to watch their weird way of playing!” The guys gathered in the center.

“Girls, consider yourselves lucky because I don’t want to see your horrible skills for now! Today is a match between the seniors versus juniors and freshmen mix!” Akimoto swung his sword and it hit the ground. “Start with choosing representatives! Match will start in five minutes!”

“A basketball match!” Miyu giggled. “This will be very interesting! Come, Fumie! We have to see this!”

Miyu pulled her friend to secure a good viewing spot. The teams have already chosen their representatives. Fuyu, Aki and Natsu are among the starting players of the seniors. The third year girls cheered for them.

“We are supposed to cheer for our team but…” Fumie looked around at her classmates. They are obviously rooting for the other team. She looked at her friend beside her and she got even more surprised to see that she is already holding a banner.

“Go, Yamamoto-senpai~!” Miyu shouted even before the match started.

“Gahd, Miyu… Where did you get that?” Fumie facepalmed.

The players gathered in the center to prepare for the jump ball. Natsu will be the one doing it for the seniors. He looked at his opponent with his intimidating stare.

“If anyone of you holds back I will send you to detention. Seniors, don’t play lousy because you are playing with juniors! Juniors, don’t be polite because they are seniors! Fight with all of your might!”

“Hai!” The boys answer in unison.

Akimoto blew his whistle and then tossed the ball upwards. Natsu was quick to jump and hit the ball towards Aki. The band vocalist got it and immediately dribbled it towards the opponent’s ring. Fumie almost got deafened when Miyu shouted on top of her lungs just to cheer for Yamamoto.

The juniors were fast to form their defense. A guy already caught up Aki and he stopped on his drive. His eyes looked around and found Natsu waving at him. He passed him the ball.

Natsu caught it. The one manning him was one of the guys who were saying bad things about Fuyu a while ago. Natsu sneered at him.

“You think that Fuyu-nii is a trash, right?” he teased the junior who tried to get steal the ball but Natsu’s dribbling skills are on a different level. He laughed to mock at him. “You don’t know anything about Fuyu-nii.”

He suddenly passed the ball backwards in a very fast motion. Everyone gasped when they saw that the ball was passed to Fuyu who is standing by the three point area. No one is manning him because they thought he was sick.

Fuyu’s eyes didn’t look anywhere else but to the ring. He jumped and made a successful shot. The girls cheered even more. It was a marvelous shot; nothing but the pile of the net.

“Hoshizora Fuyu, three points! 3-0 with seniors on the lead!” Akimoto commented. Everyone was cheering for Fuyu except Fumie. She’s just silently watching.

The seniors rushed to the other side of the court to defend their ring. Aki and Natsu high-fived with Fuyu before going on to their positions. Fuyu stood as the center. The juniors were taken aback but their captain encouraged them not to be frightened.

They went on for an attack but Aki was fast enough to steal the ball from the opponent. Miyu shouted once again but this time, Fumie already plugged her finger on her ear to avoid having her eardrums bleed.

Aki passed the ball on the other side only to surprise everyone. Fuyu is already there! No one even noticed that he ran towards the other court. Everyone thought that he will drive the ball all the way to the ring because it was a fast-break but he stopped by the three-point line and wonderfully threw the ball on the air. It was another majestic shot!

They all clapped at the fabulous showcase of skill. He could’ve done a lay-up or a closer shot but he went for the three-point shot as if he is very sure that he could make the shot. They went back on defense.

“I guess his skill is still there.” Akimoto murmured to Shinoda.

“Ehh?” Shinoda smirked. “Did you just organize this match so you can watch Fuyu’s three-point shooting?”

“Well…” Akimoto smiled. “It’s always a sight to see him playing like this. He got a very accurate shooting skill whatever sport it may be. His aim is awesome.”

Shinoda smiled, feeling proud about his nephew. On that short chat of them, Fuyu was able to block the attempt to score of the other team. He passed the ball to Ooya who is one of their team mates. Then that guy passed the ball to Natsu who almost bent the ankle of the guy manning him with his wonderful cross over. After leaving the guy behind, he added two more points for the team through a cool lay-up.

The second year students are already tired. It’s already 8-0 and the match point is 21. They couldn’t afford to lose without even scoring. The fact that the girls are cheering on the other team isn’t helping them at all.

“Let’s score this time!” Their captain shouted. The ball was passed among the players until there was someone who found a good spot to shoot but unfortunately, he lack a little of energy and the ball bounced on the rim.

Fuyu and another guy jumped for the rebound. Seeing the frustration on the guy’s face, Fuyu backed out a little. The guy caught the ball and held it with both hands. When they landed back on the ground, Fuyu planned to steal the ball from behind but the guy suddenly swung his arms and his elbow hit Fuyu directly to his face.

The whole gym was surrounded with silence right after Fuyu fell flat on his bottom. He is covering the right side of his face. His team mates were quick to rush towards him.

“S-Senpai… I-I’m sorry—“

“You!!!” Natsu gritted. “You did this on purpose, right?”

“N-No! Believe me I just wanted to protect the ball!” The guy was telling the truth. He was just trying to avoid the ball being stolen by Aki that time. It was unlucky for Fuyu to be standing behind him.

“No! You did this on—“

“Natsu… It’s okay…” Fuyu took his hands away only to reveal blood flowing from his wounded eyebrow. It was quite a cut. This made Natsu even angrier. The sight of blood shocked everyone but it gave a heavier impact on Fumie. Her heart shook so hard that she thought she’s having some sort of heart attack. She’s even on her feet, her eyes wide open, looking if Fuyu is safe.

Natsu looked like he is about to pounce the guy into pieces but thank goodness there were teachers present at that time. Shinoda and Akimoto rushed to the commotion.

“Hoshizora! Why do you have to be easily wounded like this!? The match barely started!” Akimoto helped him to stand up. “You’re a guy! Atleast start with a bruise!”

“Sorry Sensei.” He apologized. The amount of blood flowing is quite a shock but he doesn’t seem to feel any sort of pain. It doesn’t show on his face.

“Tch. You are making another story for yourself.” Akimoto tried to be cool but he is obviously worrying. “Match suspended! The rest will be free time! Go back to your class rooms!”

They put a towel on Fuyu’s wound to somehow stop the bleeding then they guided him to the nurse’s office. Before leaving, Fuyu placed his clean hand on the shoulder of the guy who accidentally hit him.

“Don’t let this bother you. This usually happens in basketball.” He said that with his other eye shut closed. The junior couldn’t even face him but he was thankful that Fuyu isn’t as hot-headed as Natsu.

Fuyu was already out of sight but Fumie stayed standing to where she is, looking at the direction where the guy went. She held her chest as she felt it slowly being loosened. “Why?” she asked herself. She didn’t even notice that a drop of tear has escaped her eyes.


FUMIE was welcomed with a suspicious stare from Miyu. Right after the match was suspended, she suddenly disappeared without even telling Miyu where she is going.

“So where have you been, Shingyoji-san?” Miyu asked while Fumie was having her way to her desk. The other girl dropped herself on her seat and leaned on her desk like a student who just failed her entrance exam.

“Hey, answer me, Fumie!” Miyu called unto her.

“I just went to wash my face in the rest room.” She answered with a weak voice.

“I thought you sneaked to the nurse’s office.” Miyu teased her which made Fumie straightened up.

“Why would I go there!?” she asked, her cheeks light pink. Miyu only shrugged.

“I hope Hoshi-senpai is okay. Hopefully that wound won’t leave him a scar.”

“I told you to stop calling him like that!”

Miyu was taken aback. “Excuse me, Shingyoji-san? Why are you being protective like this like Matsui-senpai? You turned him down, remember?”

Fumie squinted her eyes and sighed. Until now she is getting so frustrated with what she is feeling. Miyu is right; she tried to sneak on the infirmary but aside from the fact that there are two teachers there; Aki and Natsu are also present. She knows that Natsu will bark at her if she appeared.

What’s making her more frustrated is the fact that she wants to check Fuyu out. She is dead worried about the boy she just rejected. She couldn’t have such feelings. She has to be an idol!

“Hey, Miyu…” she called to her friend who is busy checking her locks. “Why do you think Matsui-senpai is over-protective with Hoshizora-senpai? Aren’t they the ones to be rumored as, you know… gays?

“Pfft!” Miyu tried to stop herself from laughing. “Haven’t I told you about it? It’s because—“

“They are twins.”

Their heads automatically rotated to the direction of that foreign voice. Their eyes widened when they saw the person who just jumped in their conversation. Standing behind Miyu is a girl with porcelain-like skin. Her silky, black hair is flowing down to shoulder level.

She has a very beautiful face. There is no doubt about that but the dark arcs under her eyes are getting a little bit on the way. A smile slowly curved up her lips; so wonderful yet so creepy it sent chills to Fumie and Miyu’s spines.

Miyu’s mouth opened, uttering the girl’s name.

“T-Togawa Maki-san?”



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You put a zombie in the story!?  :shock:

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IT’S ALREADY 9 o’clock in the evening but the dance studio’s light is still lit. Everyone aside from Fumie has already left the practice area for the training has been over for 2 hours now. Fumie chose to use this time to practice the routine a bit more. She is having issues with dancing because it isn’t really her forte.

Just a while ago, during the strict rehearsal, she was showered with harsh critics from their dance instructor. She felt like she was shamed in front of the other trainees. She couldn’t let it continue just like that. She has to improve or else coming back to Japan will all be wasted.

Sweat is dripping from her forehead after she finished dancing the song she doesn’t know for how many times now. She heard someone clapping from behind and she was surprised to see who it was. It was non-other than the legendary idol—Kojima Haruna.

“I admire your passion but you do really have to focus with your dancing just a little bit more.” That’s what Haruna said as she comes near the girl. She handed Fumie a towel to dry herself which the girl courteously accepted.

Haruna is a descendant of AKB48’s Kojima Haruna. Hoping that she will become like her legendary grandmother, her parents chose to name her after her. And she really did become like the original Kojima Haruna or might’ve even surpassed her.

Since it has already been many, many years since the era of her grandmother, the world only knows the present Kojima Haruna.

“T-Thank you so much, Kojima-san.” Fumie answered. “I’m really going to do my best to be selected!”

Haruna smiled at her sweetly. “I’m thankful that there are still girls like you who have the passion for being an idol especially during this time that the morale of the country is low.”

“The war still isn’t ending, right?” Fumie asked with a low voice. The war has already taken a lot of lives but it is still not done with taking more. That civil war is from a neighboring country and Japanese troops are being sent for help to their ally. This has caused a lot more conflict. Now, Japan is also being targeted by the other party.

“Hopefully it will be over soon.” Haruna sighed. That’s just a deep story to tackle. “Anyway…”

“Shingyoji Fumie-desu.”

“Fumie-chan, let me help you with your dance. Are you willing to stay for 30 minutes more?”

The girl’s eye glittered with excitement. “O-Of course! I will be in your care, Kojima-san!”

The older woman snickered. “I’m not a Kojima anymore. Remember? I’m a married woman for many years now.”


DIFFERENT kinds of bread were placed on the table the two girls have combined for lunch. The two looked at Togawa Maki who casually pulled her chair and sat with them.

“Today’s lunch is my treat.” She nonchalantly said and then picked the melon pan. “Let’s eat.”

Miyu and Fumie looked at each other then just shrugged their shoulders and picked their breads.


Maki smiled at the sight of them eating what she prepared for them. It didn’t escape Miyu’s sharp eyes. She straightened her back and put her bread down.

“Why don’t we proceed with your intention, Togawa-san?” Miyu said with dignity.

Maki turned to her and smiled. “Shall we continue with our conversation yesterday?”

Right after Miyu called Maki’s name, the next subject’s teacher came and their conversation was cut off. When the classes were over Maki just disappeared, Miyu had a photoshoot while Fumie had to attend training.

Fumie swallowed first before talking. “It is about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsu-senpai being blood-related, right?”

Maki turned to her and curiously looked at her. Fumie felt her skin crawled for a moment.

“W-Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.

“Why are you still calling him Senpai? I thought you are the girl with the scent.”

Miyu gave out a sarcastic laugh. “She already turned him down. She’s not interested with him.”

“EH!?” Maki looked very shocked. “So, the Prince’s prediction about you came true. I feel bad for King.”

Fumie fell silent which kind of surprised Miyu. Usually she would defend herself at times like this but she just went on with eating. Miyu sighed.

“Yesterday we were talking about summer and winter being twins, right?” She started the main topic to turn the focus away from Fumie. “I thought it was just a rumor. Some sort of tale created by other students of this school since they share the same birthday.”

Maki put her beloved melon pan down and with a smile shook her head. “It is true. They are twins.”

“How did they become twins? They don’t look like each other even a little bit.” Fumie innocently asked. Miyu looked at her with eyes of disbelief.

“Fraternal. They are fraternal twins. They were formed from different zygotes. They developed from two different eggs and each was fertilized by its own sperm cell. They also call this dizygote. This explains why there are twins who don’t have the same features and those with different genders.”

“Wow, that’s some detailed explanation you have there.” Miyu exclaimed.

“My father is a scientist.” Then Maki smiled a sinister smile once more.

“Please stop smiling like that, Togawa-san!” Miyu blurted out. “And please, everybody knows that your father is an army general. Stop being a chuunibyou for once.”

*Chuunibyou A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to "Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome". People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. Src: Urban Dictionary

Maki’s cheeks started to burn. “H-Hey! I’m not a chuunibyou!”

Miyu smiled at her cunningly. “You are not, eh? How about remove that horrible under eye makeup? It destroys your image, you know?”

Maki was shook. She covered her eyes to protect her makeup. “This can’t be removed! This is the result of my father’s successful attempt to revive me from the dead. I became a zombie who can make someone be reborn into a better human species when I kiss them!”

She was waiting for a response but there was only awkward silence. She removed the cover of her eyes only to see that the other two are busy with their food.

“I’m free after class, Fumie. You want to go somewhere?”

“Sure. How about we visit that crepe place in Shinjuku later?”

“Hey! Don’t disregard me!” Maki shouted to get their attention.

The two turned at her with awkward stared. “You are not a chuunibyou, huh?” Miyu sarcastically asked. “How shall we guarantee that the information you are going to tell us is true?”

“Because I am friends with a wizard called—“

“So Fumie, how was your training going?”

“It’s going well I guess. It’s just that I am having hard times with dancing.”

“HEY!” Maki heaved a deep sigh. She pulled her phone from her pocket and opened her gallery. “Alright, with my powers aside, I am going to show you a proof. Here, look at this.”

Maki placed her phone in the middle of the table and then crossed her arms. The two friends were still a bit suspicious about her but in the end they still looked at the picture Maki is showing them.

“Wow~ who are these kids? They are so cute!” Miyu exclaimed after looking at the picture of four cute kids. Fumie seconded with a nod.

Maki took her phone back to explain the photo. “The two boys here are obviously Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai.” She pointed at the two boys with matching clothes. The two girls looked closer, their mouths parted.

“They look like twins there because of their matching outfit.” Fumie commented.

She observed the picture even more. What caught her attention is the wide smile on Fuyu’s face while Natsu is the one smiling shyly. Did something happen along the way that got their personalities changed?

“Our parents are friends. You see? This is me!” Maki pointed at the little girl standing beside Natsu. She looked like she has just finished crying because her eyes were still swollen. She doesn’t even look like she is in the mood for the picture.

“Wow~ You look so innocent and cute here, Togawa-san.” Miyu commented.

“W-Well…” Maki cleared her throat. “The experiments haven’t started during that time—“

“So who is this other girl? The one standing beside Hoshi-senpai?”

“Atleast listen to my story!!!” Maki released a vexed sigh then leaned on her seat. “That girl is the top idol of this generation—Saito Asuka.”

Fumie’s eyes started shimmering. “T-This is Ashu!?”

Maki nodded and she just found her phone being snatched from her hand. Fumie zoomed the picture towards the young Asuka. “Waah~ She is really, really cute right from the start.”

“Well… So I guess that proof is enough. I have credible knowledge about those two guys because I am their childhood friend.” Maki stated trying so hard not to smirk.

“Okay, I believe you now.” Miyu finally said. Fumie is still in trance with her favorite idol’s picture. “Let’s say they are twins but why are they going on different surnames? It also doesn’t look like Hoshi-senpai is treating Matsui-senpai his brother. All I know is the latter calls the former with –nii cause I thought they were cousins or something.”

“That’s too easy to explain.” Maki smirked. She snatched her phone from Fumie so that she would focus on her story. They cuddled closer to avoid any information leak.

“That is because their parents divorced.”


LEADING everyone with grace, Haruna helps the trainees to practice their dance routine. She is their producer but she is kind enough to be with them as they train. Haruna is known to be the lovable ageless idol that everyone admires. She has long graduated from the industry and started raising idols by herself but a lot of people still look up to her.

Fumie is just watching her while she is helping the other trainees. Somehow, that goddess-like image of Haruna in her mind was changed after that story she heard from Maki yesterday.

“Their parents divorced because their father didn’t really love their mother. He is inlove with another girl all those time. And guess who that girl is—Kojima Haruna.”

Those words echoed at the back of her mind. She’s trying to focus on her training but the thought about Fuyu and Natsu won’t leave her in silence.

“Since their father was a famous idol during that time, his first marriage was in secret. He married the first girl because he got her pregnant. She got pregnant of twins; the older one she named Fuyu while the younger one she named Natsu.

Their existence was made secret from the public but their father let them carry his name. It went on like that until they reached the age of 5. Their father decided to divorce their mother after his long-time love graduated from being an idol. He decided to pursue the one he really loves.

At that time of divorce, Natsu-kun was taken by their father because he thinks that he has the most chance to become a popular star. He was showing the interest in show business for such a young age. He even revealed his mistake in the public just to introduce Natsu as his son. On the other hand, Fuyu-kun couldn’t even reach his father’s heart. He was labeled delusional and worthless since all he was saying is he will find his princess and marry her. His father thought that he won’t be of any use so he left him to his mother.

And so the story goes, their father married another woman and the twins got separated. They weren’t allowed to tell anyone that they are twins. Fuyu-kun has become distant to Natsu-kun. He started treating him just a friend. From the day they were separated until now, Natsu-kun has been longing for Fuyu to look at him as a brother.”

“Is something bothering you, Fumie-chan?”

Fumie went back to her senses when Haruna suddenly appeared in front of her. The lady looks worried about her.

“A-Ah, it’s nothing K-Kojima-san.” She lied.

“I told you Haruna-san is better. I love my given name.” The cheerful lady smiled at her. “You don’t seem to be in your best today, Fumie-chan.”

Fumie shook her head. “S-Sorry, H-Haruna-san… My mind is just caught up with something.”

“Is that about Fuyu-kun?”

Fumie’s jaw dropped.


THE ELEVATOR door opened and Fumie came out of it with her heart filled with anxiety. Haruna asked her to come to her office after the rehearsal.

Her jaw literally dropped when Haruna mentioned Fuyu’s name. Did the rumor about them already reached her agency? Will she be dropped from the rookies? Is this the end of her career? That’ll be short-lived! She hasn’t even debuted yet.

She stood in front of the door with all of those thoughts in her head. Right now she has a lot of questions and her heart will only calm down if answers would be given to her.

She pressed the small screen by the door and spoke, “Shingyoji Fumie-desu.”

The door slid open and she heard Haruna asking her to come in with a cheerful voice. Fumie gulped then slowly walked inside. She marveled at how the office was decorated by the trophies and plaques Haruna achieved during her time as an idol but what struck her the most is the picture of the former idol with her fans at the day of her graduation. She seemed to be really happy having served all those people.

She continued sight-seeing until she saw Haruna’s wedding picture. It’s the biggest picture inside. The couple really looks like they are happy. Next to it is their family picture, she found Natsu there but not Fuyu.

“You don’t seem so pleased with our family picture.” Fumie jerked Haruna suddenly appeared behind her. “Don’t you like it?”

“N-N-No! It looks lovely!” Fumie stammered. She was actually thinking that the picture was a result of another family breaking apart.

Haruna looked at her meaningfully. She then smiled and invited her to her table. Fumie sat down and tried to calm her heart, still looking around the office. Haruna placed a cup of tea in front of her to get her attention. She reached for it and tried to take a sip.

“You are the girl with the scent, right?”

Fumie almost choked when Haruna suddenly dropped the bomb. She put the cup down, coughing a little.

“You are curious on how I came to know this, right?” Haruna asked as she graciously lifted her cup of tea. “I believe some cute chuunibyou girl has told you about our family history, am I right? That means I won’t be explaining a lot of thing. Yatta~”

The truth is Maki immediately gave her a call informing her that she leaked the secret to the girl with the scent. The girl was deeply apologizing to her for acting like a know-it-all. Well, the three of them agreed not to share the secret to anyone else so there was really nothing to worry about.

Fumie nodded as a yes. She tried to take a look at Haruna but then immediately bowed her head.

“I’m quite updated with the news in NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. I am an alumni and I still got the access in the gossip page. What happens inside NHG stays in NHG but it is a different story for me.

When I saw the news about Fuyu-kun being able to find the girl he is looking for, I was really surprised. No one actually believed in him other than Natsu-kun and their mother. Never did I think that I will see a picture of Fuyu smiling again after everything that happened. It was all thanks to you.”

Fumie still doesn’t know how to feel about this so she just remained silent. She just stared at the cup of tea in front of her but her ears are wide open.

“But, the recent news somehow broke my heart.” Haruna pressed her lips together. “The news that you turned him down… Is that true?”

Fumie nodded. “It’s true. I did turn him down…”

“Sou?” Haruna gave out a sigh. “Is it because of your dream to be an idol?”

“Yes!” Fumie answered with confidence. “I want to make people smile! I want to give them inspiration just like how you did.”

“I really admire your passion. The one who scouted you probably saw the potential that you can be a great idol but…” Haruna placed her cup on the table and looked straight to the girl’s eyes. “Are you sure about this? If ever you get the chance to debut, there’s no turning back.”

“W-What do you mean, Haruna-san?” The girl stammered.

“You have heard a bit of my story, haven’t you? It was actually during the early days of my career that I fell in love to my husband. I still had the time to back out but I chose to continue with bringing smile to people. He told me he would wait for me but I kept on pushing him away.

I guess that led him to being so frustrated and lonely that’s why he tried to find some other girl. That one night stand resulted to beautiful twins. He was honest enough to tell me that he did something against me and he decided to marry the girl in secret for the sake of the kids, hoping that things would work out for them.”

Haruna looked by the window trying not to show the sadness that is evident in her eyes.

“His face when he was telling me that hurt me the most. He was so down casted I didn’t know how to lift up his spirit. I love him but I couldn’t tell him and I couldn’t be with him so I drove him away… Pushing him to his limits as a man. I became the top idol that time but I couldn’t even make the person I love the most smile.

He continued with his works as an idol and later on became a well-known actor. He managed to keep his kids in secret and I also lost contact of him. But when I graduated, he came back to me asking him to give him one more chance, saying that all this time he has been thinking about me. Before coming to me he already filed divorce. He said that his wife agreed with it with a smile on her face. But you know, us being together means their family being torn apart.”

The producer heaved a very lonely sigh.

“If only I didn’t drive him away then probably it won’t be hard to patch things up.”

Haruna took a sip of her tea to hydrate her dry throat. She smiled at Fumie to somehow lighten the mood. She is a girl of smile anyway. Talking about sad stories like this is not really her style.

“In the end, I agreed to be with him. I can’t help it. I really love him. I can never forget how he smiled when I finally said yes. I never felt so satisfied in my whole life after seeing him smile like that. I also couldn’t hide the fact that I am happy to be with him. I am happy that I am the one who could make him smile like that.”

“Uhm…” Finally, Fumie found her voice to speak. “Why are you telling these things to me, Haruna-san?”

Haruna smiled at her and took a deep breath. “I want to give you a special task, Fumie-chan. Consider this one of your trainings in being an idol.”

“E-Eh?” The lassie was taken aback. “S-Special task?”

Haruna nodded at her with a smile on her face. “The selection will be announced in three months’ time. By that time, I want you to make sure of one thing.

Fumie gulped. Her whole system is focused on whatever Haruna is going to say.

“Please make sure that you are not going to miss the smile of that person that is more valuable than the smile of thousands.”

“E-Eh?” The girl’s brows furrowed a bit. “A-Are you telling me to give Hoshizora-senpai a chance? B-But—“

“It’s not necessarily giving him the chance.” Haruna stood up from her seat, carrying her cup of tea and went towards the window. The city lights somehow reminded her of the light sticks during performances. Sitting on one of the table of a café on the other side of the street is a familiar, good-looking lad who’s been looking from afar since the start of rehearsals. Haruna smiled.

“How about start in helping the twins regain their former relationship? That would be a good start, right?”

The image of a barking puppy with ‘Natsu’ written on its nameplate flashed on Fumie’s mind. She got chills all over her back. How could she help someone who is very hostile of her?

“Judging Natsu-kun, I know that he’s so jealous of you now because his brother’s attention is all yours. Consider Natsu to be an anti. How will you turn him into a supporter?” She turned back to the girl who seems to be in a deep thought. “I know that I am giving you a lot of trouble now but it is best to make sure of everything before really committing yourself to this work. Being an idol isn’t forever… Are you sure that you will give up a lot of things to be one?”

Fumie clenched her fists. Is she being tested by their producer?

“I want you to spend your youth as exciting as it can be before the day of the selection announcement. If you were to get picked, all of it will be over. Try to make Fuyu smile and then find out what kind of feeling that smile would give you.”

There was a term of silence between the two. Haruna has already finished her tea when Fumie got up from her seat. Her face looks determined.

“Thank you for everything that you have told me, Haruna-san.” She bowed as a sign of huge respect. “I would keep your advises in mind.”

“Are you up to the challenge?” Haruna asked with a challenging tone.

Fumie hesitatingly nodded. “H-Hai!”

The smile on Haruna’s face widened. “I hope you get an exciting ride~”

Fumie bowed to her again. “I should take my leave. Thank you for everything, Haruna-san.”

“Mhm!” Haruna cheerfully nodded at her. She watched the girl leave her office. Fumie gave her final bow before the door closed. The smile on the producer’s face somehow fainted but the curve on her lips is still there.

She looked back at the lad on the café and he is still there waiting. Haruna chuckled.

“Fuyu-kun and Yu-kun are exactly alike.” She sighed to herself, remembering the times when her husband is doing the same thing for her. He would just wait outside the venue of her performance but he wouldn’t say anything. Just the sight of her being safe and healthy would be enough for him.

“Stupid Yu-kun…Being so angry about the boy who is just like him, following his heart and willing to sacrifice everything…”

Haruna leaned her head on the glass window and released another sigh. “I’m sorry for everything, Fuyu-kun…”


There will be no update on Wednesday starting now. I will update only once a week starting now. Please tell me your comfortable day. Right now, I’m thinking of Friday but I still want to hear your thoughts. Thank you~^^

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, you might have to wait a little long for Haru, hahaha.
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@ Genkikid-san, I did. :) Hehehe. *smirk
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Hello Author-san..this my first comment in your story...  I like your story :wub: although i'm not really like genben but when this story update I can't to not read it :inlove: :inlove:
and i love this chapter coz you add kojiyuu couple :twothumbs *will u add atsumina couple and the other legend couple too??
are yuu-kun not like fuyu???why??
when yui(haru) come and make more drama in this story?? :P
thanks for your update author-san :twothumbs... *comeback to silent reader mode...
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@ SharkiiiRenz-san, haha. Did you just change your name or this is really a new account? Your way of talking reminds me of someone.


I've been silent reader here for a 6 months or 7 months. I can't remember lmao. And i learned that you cannot change your username here you need to message the admin if you want to change it. And it's my first time to make an account here lmao.

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But... Back to the story topic haha.

So Harunyan is the mother of Fuyu and Natsu right? And who's the father haha? Squirrel-san lmaoooo. 😂

And an Anti kid hohoho~ Interesting. (ノシ ・A・)ノシ バンバン

So Fuyu's the King right? So who's the Prince? Haru or Natsu? (Kinda reminds me of an anime named Highschool DxD. It's kind of Romance,Action,Comedy and Ecchi haha.)

So Maki's an Chuunibyou. Niceeee. (So maki's chuunibyou character here has a kind of reference from a anime named 中二病でも恋がしたい! (Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!) In english "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions" right?)

So Maki,Fuyu,Natsu and Ashu here are childhood friends. Niceee! I like Ashurin because of her i'm practising drums haha. Thanks for adding her in this story. とてもありがとうございます!

So their parents got divorced right? If that's Squirrel-san.... PLEASE MAKE THEM BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! FOR KOJIYUU FANDOMS SAKE!

And can you add other Nogizaka members besides Ashu like Ikuta-san,Akimoto-san (Zukkyun-sama  :heart:), Hoshino-san (Minami), Nishino-san, Sakurai-san, Sayuri-san and Shiraishi-san. And add some Keyakizaka members like Hirate-san, Nagahama-san, Sugai-san,   Koike-san, Moriya-san, Imaizumi-san, W-Watanabe, Shida-san, Habu-san, Kobayashi-san, Ozeki-san or Harada-san (Aoi) and lastly Saito-san (Fuyuka)....

If you add them in this story... i can die early haha..

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See yaaaa~

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@Sanno K-san, thank you for reading the story. ^^ We have to wait to see if the other pairings will come out as well. :) But I am planning to make this fic all-stars with cameos here and there so everyone must watch out. Haha. ^^
It seems like a lot of people are waiting for Haru. Don't worry. He will come out soooon~

@SharkiiRenz-san, you say so.  :bigdeal:
You know?  I can't shake off the feeling that you are someone I know. I'm sorry about that.
Maki's character has nothing to do with that anime since chuunibyou is a real case. ^^
As I have said, I want to make this an all-star fic which means they might come out so you have to be attentive. XD

I think I made a confusion about the family. I fixed it earlier.
Haruna is not the mother of the twins. To those who got confused, I'm really sorry.  :kneelbow:
I was a little sleepy while I was updating I kind of deleted the essential part.

Stalker Fuyu...  :mon cweepy:

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Sooo, a chuunibyou appeared and not a zombie lol if I imagine that she's the real deal, man it would be chaos hahaha kissing random people everywhere XD

And about those twins' parents, thanks for the note. I already got it hahaha, I re-read the part where chuuni-Maki explained the details.

I hope someday, Natsu and Fuyu's relationship would be better. Really, Natsu's trying hard to gain his big bro's attention back to him. :cry:

And hey I got some theories in my mind... but I'm not sure lol

It seems like a lot of people are waiting for Haru. Don't worry. He will come out soooon~

Heck yeah, that's right! Hahaha I wonder what Haru is doing now? :?

On to the next chapter! Hahaha! (I finally commented XD)
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And what do you mean by coming soon? Is Sakura really going to kiss everyone?!?!?


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You really like to give the characters a not so bright background story huh...
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Will there be a love story from natsu-kun ?
Awesome fic ~
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@Erza_Jerusalem-san, tell me your theories. XD
Haru is somewhere in Europe I think. :)
@yukine-san, I'd like to do that but Sakura wrestled everyone on her SSK appeal video.  :nervous What am I even saying? Hahaha.
@Genkikid-san, I want to write that in my resume under my specialties. Haha. Just kidding. :)
@kumabear-san, Of course. Natsu-kun can never be left out. :) Thank you for reading the fic.

And now, as promised... I made some character chart. I don't if this is helpful or I just really want to edit something. Haha.  :nervous
Here it is~


I just put the main characters from TTM that has already come out/mentioned in WISH. It's a little hard to make the character relationship chart for WISH for now. It might become such a big spoiler so that will be for some other time. XD
So I just made the reincarnation chart (maybe we can call it like that.)

That's all~ Next chapter will be on Friday~ Please remind me in case I forget about it.  :nervous

*credits to the respective owners of the pictures that I used.
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Hoshizora senpai is so handsome :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
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@SharkiiRenz-san, you say so.  :bigdeal:
You know?  I can't shake off the feeling that you are someone I know. I'm sorry about that.
Haha. It's okay some ppl always mistakenly says that i'm someone that they know even though that i'm not haha. Sad haha.

Maki's character has nothing to do with that anime since chuunibyou is a real case. ^^
Oh, i didn't know that chuunibyou is a real case. Sorry haha.. because my stupid teacher didn't even tell me haha i watch too many animes haha..

As I have said, I want to make this an all-star fic which means they might come out so you have to be attentive. XD
OMFG! A big thanks to you author-san haha.. i can die happily now haha.. XD
Thanks for the chart author-san haha. Now i know who's juju here haha.. and hoshizora-kun looks hot there. And he looks like Kim Woo Bin a little bit because of his hair haha.. Too bad that Kim Woo Bin has a rare canser or disease. I hope he survive from this rare canser or disease. Sad..
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Yay. The mere mention of AkiGori in the 4th chapter makes me so happy. 😄😄😄
And seriously?!!! TWINS?!!!!
Also that was a big reveal. How KojiHaru went through those things during her youth.

Seems like the updates won't be on the usually day now huh.
Well its ok. I still get to read them once a week.

Gambattene Cut-san. 😊😊
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IT’S JUST the second week of the semester but to Fumie it already felt like a month has passed. A lot of things already happened in a short period of time. She got herself involve in scenarios that she never wished to be in at this time of her life.

She received a confession, got into a forced relationship that only lasted for two days, got into a fight with a famous young actor and now being challenged by her producer. All of this didn’t give her leisure to rest during the weekend.

Fumie is walking down the slope from her home when she gave out a deep sigh. She agreed with Haruna’s challenge but until now she hasn’t thought of anything to succeed with the challenge. She searched for information about the twins on the internet and as expected, Natsu outnumbered Fuyu in terms of data. He is widely-known anyway; he even got an international fanbase. There are a lot of facts and trivia about him in the internet. On the other hand, Fuyu is just known as a rookie model with striking looks.

On her research, Fumie found a forum about Fuyu and she found a lot of unconfirmed data about the lad. She found out that Fuyu’s obsession is not known to the public. His fans that aren’t from NHG just know that he is having some issues with life that’s why he doesn’t seem motivated. Haruna was right when she said what happens inside the campus stays in the campus.

She’s surprised that the photos of her together with Fuyu aren’t visible when she self-searched. It seems like the rumor and gossip page of NHG isn’t connected to any search engine and is really private.

Fumie paused with her walk when the door of a familiar house suddenly opened. Fuyu came out of the house biting a slice of bread. His hair is unfixed with all his bed hair on the loose. Even his neck tie isn’t properly tied. On his hand is a pack of milk.

Fumie watched him lock the house and even made sure that it can’t be opened. With the marvelous smell being around, it got Fuyu’s attention and he sniffed to make sure making him turn to where Fumie is. The girl froze on the spot and she doesn’t even know what she must do.

Fuyu, on the other hand, just looked at her and gave out a small bow. After that, he dashed out of the gate and went down the slope without looking back.

Fumie felt a slight pinch in her heart. She slapped herself to wake up from reality.

“Don’t feel bad, Fumie! This is what you want, right?” she reminded herself and started walking towards the bus stop.

The bus arrived just when she arrived on the bus stop. She was thankful that it saved her from the awkward silence with Fuyu if they happened to wait for it longer.

Fuyu let her rode the bus first and she sat on her usual seat. She watched as Fuyu made his way towards a solo seat, leaned his head on the window then sleep. Fumie slapped herself once more for expecting that Fuyu will come and seat by her side. How many times does she have to slap herself just to remember that she drove him away?

Fumie released a sigh while looking at the guy who is in a deep sleep. She is thankful that she isn’t the type that is so pushy. She’s glad that Fuyu respects her dreams and he is true to his words that he isn’t going to bother her. The only problem now is she. She could feel herself being pulled in by something.


MIYU and Maki couldn’t believe what they just heard. They looked at each other to confirm that they heard the same thing.

“Are you sure about that? Why the sudden change?” Miyu asked.

“Did you realize that you are really meant for King over the weekend? Are you going to be the new Adam and Eve now?” Maki seconded, thinking about a lot of wild things.

Fumie sighed. “No… I just thought that what Matsui-senpai told me is true. I don’t know much about Hoshizora-senpai at all but just like others, I judged him and even thought that he is crazy. That is something that a proper idol shouldn’t do.”

The two slid to their seats powerless. Hearing the word idol from Fumie also means that the FuFu couple won’t be back together.

“Why are you guys acting like that?” Fumie asked, pouting. “All I want to do is to help the brothers to patch things up with their relationship.”

“Waah~” Miyu rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Now you want to play hero? Please decide in which career you are really going to take.”

“Come on, Miyu…” Fumie sulk down to her desk and buried her face to her arms. “After hearing their story from Togawa-san, I just can’t stop thinking of how Hoshizora-senpai could look at Matsui-senpai as his brother again. I have a brother, too, you know? Family members are very important.”

“So, what are you planning now?”

“That’s the problem.” Fumie scratched her head. “I couldn’t think of any plan. I know I’m not in the position to do this for them. I’m not even their friend.”

A triumphant laugh was then heard from Maki who is laughing like a detective who have finally solved the case. She is even covering the right side of her face in a fashionable way. The two gulped. Seems like the chuunibyou has come up with a plan.

“I think I know who can help us with this.” Maki smirked.


MUSIC is filling the whole hallway during that after school time. The band called the Phantom Note is currently on their break from plugging their new album to the public but they are still practicing their songs even if they are in school.

The three girls sneaked to the area where only legible members of the light music club can only enter. They peek into the studio and they saw their target singing his heart out while playing his guitar.

“Are you sure about asking help from him?” Miyu asked while clinging to Fumie. “Why don’t we just go directly to the two guys? I’m sure Hoshi-senpai will listen to you if you talk to him, Fumie!”

Fumie looked at her friend with doubting eyes. “Togawa-san is right. I think Yamamoto-senpai knows more about the two. I believe he can help us and please…” she sighed. “Stop calling Hoshizora-senpai that way.”

Maki advanced to the front door of the studio by rolling like some sort of special agent. She looked to her left and to her right to make sure there are no enemies. She turned to her comrades and, with a serious look, gestured for them to follow her. The two girls slapped their forehead then followed the other girl.

The music stopped playing and they heard laughter from the inside. It seems like they are on a break now. It’s a good chance to talk!

“Let’s enter the enemy base now, guys!” Maki was about to kick the door open but luckily the two other girls caught her.

“W-W-What do you think you are doing, Togawa-san!?” Fumie whispered but almost shouting.

“I’m going to break the door open to surprise our enemies—“

Miyu covered Maki’s mouth. “We are here to ask for help, remember? Stop being a chuunibyou for once!”

The door of the studio suddenly opened which caught them off guard. Aki came out, looking at them curiously. His bandmates are peeking behind him. The two were frozen in such a way that they look like they are kidnapping Maki. The chuunibyou immediately set herself free.

“The enemy boss has come o—“ Miyu was fast to shut Maki’s mouth again.

“S-S-Sorry about this girl!” She apologized while trying to look at Aki. Her face is so red.

Aki looked so surprised. He looked at everyone until his stare landed to Fumie. His brows twitched a bit.

“S-Shingyoji-san?” he called. “What brought you here?”

“I-I am here to ask a favor… it’s about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai…” Fumie went straight to her point.

“About Fuyu and Natsu?” he asked to make sure which Fumie answered with a nod. It seems like it piqued his interest. He looked back at Miyu at the corner of his eye. The girl immediately looked away right after their stares met. Aki smiled then turned back to Fumie. “Tell me more about that, Shingyoji-san.”


“SO YOU basically want Fuyu to start treating Natsu like a brother again?”

Fumie nodded at that question of Aki. They were welcomed inside the studio to talk about the favor. The other members of the band went out to get some fresh air. They were made to sit on stools while Aki sat on the beatbox.

“I heard their story from Togawa-san. It made me feel like I want to help them.”

“He~?” Aki smirked. “Sorry but can I ask you what you are going to get in helping them? You have already turned Fuyu down, right? Why is it that you want to help them now?”

Fumie was taken aback. Can she answer that she was just challenged by her producer that’s why she is doing this? “W-Well, I—“

“Well~” Aki stretched. “I like your plan. I have been trying to do that but I keep on failing. I want to help you with that.”

The girls smiled after hearing the affirmation from Aki. The guy was also pleased to see them smiling but he noticed that there is still one girl that can’t properly smile in front of him.

“So, what is your plan?” Aki asked.

Another villainous laugh was heard as Maki slowly rises up from her seat. She’s on her signature pose again. “At this point in time, you can’t deny that you all really need the perfect lab creation. There will be no better idea coming from someone who has already died but was brought back to life and became the most perfect zom—“

She was not able to finish her sentence when she saw the three casually getting out of the room.

“D-D-Don’t you think it is getting moist here, Yamamoto-senpai?” Miyu asked.

“Let’s go to a café somewhere? Would you like that, Shingyoji-san?”

“I don’t mind. Please tell me more about Hoshizora-senpai and Matsui-senpai.”

Maki gritted her teeth and her eyes started to get teary due to embarrassment. “At the very least LISTEN TO ME!!!”


cut: :panic: Are you having fun?  :cathappy:

FUMIE was welcomed by the mouth-watering smell of sukiyaki being cooked. It was already around dinner time when she went back home due to training and this is what she exactly needed.

She found her parents in the dining area who seem to be expecting for her to arrive. She was welcomed by a kiss by her mom which she gladly received. Her father even pulled the chair for her to invite her to eat. She saw her father’s bionic arm again which she has already grown used to seeing.

“Are we really having this feast?” She asked right after taking her seat. She couldn’t believe that they are having sukiyaki at just a normal day. As far as she could remember, there is nothing special during that day.

“We just want to celebrate the fact that you haven’t lost your way ever since we came back to Japan! Omedetou~” her mother explained. The couple even clapped for her as if they are really rejoicing about Fumie’s success. The girl gave out a forced laughter.

“So this is for me not being a ponkotsu, right?” She scratched her head. Her parents just gladly nodded at her question. Fumie sighed but then she smiled. At least she is getting used to travelling alone now. She could finally shake off the ponkotsu title.

“My daughter is finally a grown-up!” Her father was smiling from ear to ear and nothing could make her happier than this. Her father has already got out of the mud of trauma from the war. He was once a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Army but he got severely injured at the last encounter he had making him lose his right arm.

The government repaid his bravery by giving him a bionic arm but it was the trauma that is hardest to deal with. It was his toughest fight especially when someone special died because he couldn’t protect him.

Fumie looked at the vacant seat beside her. She smiled faintly. That reminiscing smile wasn’t able to escape her parents’ eyes.

’It would be nice if Nii-san was here.’ is what that smile means, right?”

Fumie’s eyes widened when she heard that sentence from her father. She tried to deny the fact that she’s thinking of her brother because she was afraid that it might open some wounds. They have never brought out her brother’s name for a very long time.

“It’s okay Fuu-chan…” Her father assured her with a smile on his face. “Everyone feels the same. No matter what happens Hayato will remain a member of this family.”

Fumie bowed her head. “I’m sorry for ruining the atmosphere.”

Her father reached for her hand. That cold feeling from the bionic hands may not be able to send the warmth her father is intending to send her but it can surely make her feel the love. She looked up to her father and he is smiling to her.

“It’s not bad to miss someone but I believe Hayato will be mad if he sees we are being sad like this again. How about let’s be happy so that he would also be happy wherever he is now?”

Fumie smiled. She straightened her back and filled her actions with energy.

“Yosh! I will eat a lot of sukiyaki even if I am on a diet. I’m going to eat Nii-san’s share!”

Her parents only laughed at her. They all grabbed their chopsticks and started eating. Her father continued teasing her about her being a ponkotsu while her mother was busy protecting her from her father’s allegations. It was a lovely dinner and she would really love to go back to it if ever there was a time machine.

It was the first time after how many years that they talked about her brother without getting engulfed with sadness. She could finally say that their family is having progress now.

Fumie was in the bath when she remembered her mission about the twins. Their meeting earlier with Aki somehow gave out a good result. They will go with Maki’s plans. The autumn guy was kind enough to help her but she could feel that he is observing her actions.

“Natsu will be very happy if he gets to know about this. You might even become best friends with him.”

She remembered those words of Aki that seems to be really challenging her. She could feel that Aki somehow knows why she is suddenly doing this for the two. But she could also see that Aki is enjoying something else.

Fumie dipped herself deeper to the tub until only her eyes are above the water. She remembered her brother once again and no matter how many years have already passed the wound left in her heart still stings. Everytime she thinks of him, it still tightens her chest.

“This is why the two of you should hurry up and fix things…”


FUYU DROPPED himself to his bed after taking a bath. It is still a bit cold but it didn’t bother him. He just let his topless self to enjoy the comfort given by his bed. It has been another long day for him. Studying in the morning and working at night aren’t really easy to do. That’s where his pride would lead him.

He suddenly heard his stomach growl. It seems like the food he ate earlier isn’t enough to keep him alive through the night. He stood up to get his phone to order some food.

He turned on his phone only to see that his mail is almost exploding again. He kept receiving offers from different modeling companies but he really doesn’t have interest on modeling. He gave it a try but it never made him happy. For him, it is better to tend a small family store in the neighborhood than to fake smiles in front of the camera.

He scanned the other mails and saw another frequent visitor on his mail.

“Is this General Togawa again?” He asked himself but then he was surprised to see the first name. It was his childhood friend, Maki. “Maki? Maki the perfect zombie?”

He opened the mail only to get even more surprised. His eyes widened.

Greetings to you, lord of Ice and Snow, King of the Northern Lights!

“What!? Is she seriously calling me like this until now?” His lips almost curved into a smile after reading that one of a kind greeting.

I, Maki-0048, the perfect zombie is inviting you to come into my castle and spend the time in tearing up our vocal chords in front of a machine that will score you lower than zero and throw you in the pits of hell if your voice sounds rubbish.

Let’s entertain ourselves with the machines that my father, the greatest living scientist, has bought in cold cash to teach me the happy emotion and also the feeling of unending frustration

“Man… Her letter is so deep.” Fuyu sighed, feeling a bit of a headache.

I will be pleased if the King of the Northern Lights would come and grace us with his presence this Saturday at 10 o’clock in the morning! The meeting place is at school. The Perfect Zombie, Maki-0048, will wait for you together with my minions and also with the princes of Summer and Autumn.

And when I say minions, here’s what I am talking about.

With great curiosity, Fuyu scrolled up only to see a picture that instantly melt his icy heart. He could feel his cheeks and ears burning, his heart racing.

Maki sent her a group picture she took with Fumie and Miyu. Miyu is flashing her fisher smile while Maki is on her normal chuunibyou pose. On the other hand, Fumie, who is kind of squeezed by the two in the middle, is smiling but looks a bit troubled. Well, it seems like it is her signature look. It makes her smile looks like it is very fragile and important.

Fuyu’s thumb almost burnt when he hit the save button for the picture. He bit his lips still surprised of what he has done. The lad pouted to himself and while still staring on the screen, murmured, “Well, there are three of them, right? I’m not a complete stalker, right?”

He suddenly remembered the time he went to follow Fumie to her practice area and stood outside to wait for her and then follow her in going home. Fuyu’s face burned even more. He took his eyes away from his phone and brushed his hair backwards revealing the birthmark by his forehead.

“I am really getting crazy.” He sighed while hopelessly smiling to himself.

The lad went back to his phone and scrolled up to read the end of the message.

If this picture does not convince you to come to my castle, I guess nothing will. But remember that ignoring the invitation of the perfect zombie will bring forth a generational curse to your bloodline. Now, answer me, King of the Northern Lights, are you going to come?

Fuyu suddenly remembered the words Fumie told him the day he got rejected. It always gives a huge blow to him whenever it comes back to his mind.

He slowly typed his response and with much hesitation, he pressed send.


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Please say yes!!  :cow:
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Fuyu... that's called stalking you stalker. Now that you have a picture of her, you want more of it. :kekeke:

Now, Fumieee why the sudden change? ^^ Are you falling for your senpai now huh? Then if you are, you should back out like what your producer said lol jk just go with the flow, make him wait!!! Hahahahaha what am I even saying...

And, Hayato... who's this Hayato? Aaah I am so having many theories in my mind hahaha but I don't want to share, I shall just keep it mine. XD

Come thee forth brothers and sisters, we shall together fight the Perfect Zombie, Maki-0048, and her minions to their castle and bring forth victory on our country! Come, therefore, I will conquer--- ACK! Hahahaha

 Chuuni-Maki reminds me of some anime charas, I was really having fun reading her meassage to Fuyu until the end. XD Now that is left is that CLIFFHANGER, what will Fuyu have sent? :cry:

Lastly, never forget Haru lol aahhh you can't stop meee I am so waiting for Haru. Hahaha

Now, on to the next chapter!
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AHHHH!!! So happy!!!!  :onioncheer:
Can't wait to see what's gonna happen from here on out.
Though why still no appearance Haru!!!!!!
Hope those 2 brothers make-up soon.
I liked the message that Maki sent to Fuyu.  :pig madder: :mon fyeah:

By the way, "FuFu?"
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I wonder what will Sakura and her minions do to Maru-kun..

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ONCE upon a time, when world peace was disturbed due to a war broke out, one scientist has managed to go beyond everyone has ever imagined. He was able to revive his daughter from the dead. It was a very successful experiment that even though she has been dead for many hours, there were no internal damages that surfaced or any other complication.

The name of that successful experiment was Maki-0048.

She was then tagged as the perfect zombie. She is beautiful, her skin is like porcelain, and her hair is so silky. At first glance, you would think of her as a doll or someone who has come out of the graphics world. Her beauty is unmatched thus a lot of people adore her despite her peculiarity.

It’s not just her physical trait that is outstanding. She is also good in adapting in terms of emotions. During the time when war was really out of hand, her father left her with the promise that he would come back. It was expected for a child to feel lonely and cry but she was different. She sent her father off with a smile on her face saying that she will wait for him so he should surely come back.

Since the great scientist is an important figure in the army, he didn’t return home for many months. In the presence of other people, Maki didn’t show any sign of being worried. She would always smile saying that the daughter of a great scientist should not be lonely because her father is basically doing his job.

But, hidden with that smile was a very scared child that whenever she hears negative news about the war, she would go to her room and secretly cry.

Her tears are the proof that she is a perfect experiment. She has emotions just like of a real human but she chose not to accept being human completely. She wanted to hide her emotions because she knows it would just be a burden to the people around her.

Little did everyone now that this experiment has surpassed the word perfect. She developed super powers as she play with herself along the way. Her most favorite among her powers is that she could change a person with just one kiss.

“Maki-chan, are you there?”

Maki, who was at her second grade in elementary school, heard a voice coming from outside her window. It was already around 8 o’ clock in the evening and she was just playing at her room alone. She wiped her tears away before heading towards the huge window. She already knows who it was.

“Prince of the Summer Heat what can I do—“ Maki was not able to finish her sentence when she saw her playmate’s swollen eyes. He is trying to hide it but it won’t escape the zombie’s sharp eyes. “What is it this time? Is it about your brother?”

The shy Natsu looked up to her and nodded. Natsu looked like a pitiful, lost puppy back then. Maki was his refuge everytime he feels sad.

“I saw my brother in school today. I was about to go near him but he went away as if he didn’t notice me. It still hurts me, Maki-chan.” Natsu told her in a cracked voice.

Maki released a sigh. “Are you still bothered by the King of Northern Lights being like that? It has been a long time since the two of you separated!”

“I can’t help it. I can’t treat my brother just like a nobody!” Natsu sobbed. “It hurts everytime he ignores me. I want to tell everyone that he is my brother but my father will have me killed if I do that.”

Maki placed her hands on her waist. “Your father is the evil boss that needs to be defeated! But with our level now, we can’t defeat him! You have to comply with his wishes for the mean time!”

Natsu dropped his head. “That’s what I always do… I’m getting tired of it. Now he has already signed me to an entertainment company. I will receive training 4 days a week.”

“You just have to smile, you know? Just smile and everything will be fine!” Maki confidently said.

“Are you telling me to just be like you?” Natsu asked with a pout.

“Sou! I have mastered the magnificent art of smiling even in the hardest situation and it has never failed me! I believe the King of the Northern Lights would love to see you smile. You don’t know, maybe if he sees you are doing a good job, he may come to you and befriend you! You guys can start over again!”

“Y-You think so?” The boy could see a little hope in those words of Maki.

“Believe me! Smiling is the best thing that you can do! Have some confidence in yourself! You are a prince! You should learn to act like one!”

“I’m a prince so I should act like one?” Natsu clenched his fists. He raised his head and looked up to Maki with determined eyes. “Then Maki-chan, please kiss me!”

“Sou! I should kiss you—“ Blood went up Maki’s face after realizing what the request really was. “Wait, what!?”

“You said that if you kiss someone, that someone will change into a better person, right? To a better human being! I want to change! Please help me!”

“B-B-But you are telling me to kiss you!”

“Because I know your kiss can help me!”

Maki started panicking. “On the cheek will be enough—“

“No!” Natsu argued. “I want the kiss on the lips! You said it has the most powerful effect when you kiss someone on the lips!”

Natsu looked straight to her eyes with full determination. Maki was taken aback. The heart of the zombie started to race. She couldn’t control its beating.

“Calm down. The Perfect Zombie shouldn’t be bothered by this!”

Maki took a deep breath. Her cheeks might be as red as a tomato now but she also believes that her kiss can help her friend. Whenever she kisses her mother, she would stop crying and worrying about her husband. She believes it can absolutely help Natsu as well. But seriously, why is this boy asking her to kiss him on the lips?

“C-C-Come closer…” she finally said. “I will do this just once, understood? It would take years until I can do this again to the same person!”

“I-I’m ready!” Natsu stammered, finally starting to feel the embarrassment about his request. He went nearer the window and leaned on the wall.

“C-Close your eyes!” Maki kneeled so they would be on the same level. “Here I go…”

After that fateful night, the Perfect Zombie’s kiss indeed gave huge effect to Natsu. The boy has gained so much confidence and he did change. The shy and weak Natsu disappeared and was replaced by a confident and fearless one. He never came to her house again with swollen eyes. He was always smiling.

Maki also heard from him that his brother Fuyu finally talked with him again but he is talking to him just like a normal friend and not a brother. At that time, Natsu was satisfied with just like that. It is much better than being ignored.

But then, the boy grew busy with his activities as an artist and his visits to Maki’s manor lessened down to the point where there was no Prince of Summer that came. The Perfect Zombie became sad but they kept in touch through mails.

That’s the story of the Perfect Zombie and her magical kiss. When will be the next time that the zombie would grace someone her magical kiss?


“ARE YOU by any chance going to a funeral?”

Aki was so confused while looking at the all black one-piece dress outfit of Maki. They are the ones who have arrived first in the meeting place. Maki’s limousine is just on stand-by somewhere.

The girl slowly turned to him; her tired-looking eyes are creepy as always. A creepy smirk curved up her lips. “This is how I normally dress.”

Aki tried to smile despite the confusion. “Are you really Togawa Maki-san?” The pictures of Maki that he saw on magazines before flashed on his mind. She looks like a normal girl in those pictures, so cute and so natural, no heavy eye bags. “I didn’t know that the news about you—“

“Whatever you heard about me, they are true. I am a special being. I have super powers and…”

Maki went on with her claims about her existence. Aki closed his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t believe that this girl became famous despite the fact that she is a chuunibyou. He looked at his right only to see another girl coming.

It was Miyu. The girl is wearing an all-white pair of blouse and short shorts topped with a fashionable denim jacket. Aki’s mouth formed a small letter o as his eyes got glued on the coming girl.

“Isn’t it too early for that fashion? Isn’t she cold?”

Miyu noticed that Aki is looking at her which made her hid her face out of instinct.

“Pfft!” Aki turned to Maki who was actually also looking at the coming girl. “It’s really suspicious. Everybody knows that Watanabe Miyu is a fisher but she acts all flustered everytime she sees you.”

“You think so?” Aki curiously asked.

“I’m sure you have already noticed it. I’m also sure that you have already heard of her name since you didn’t ask for our names when we met you for the first time.”

Aki gave out soft laughs. “It’s because you girls are in the ranking of the most sought-after faces in fashion modeling.”

“That’s exactly what I meant.” Maki clicked her tongue. “I know you already have background knowledge about this minion of mine.”

Aki laughed again. “So she is your minion, huh?”

“W-What are you guys talking about?”

The two jerked on their places when Miyu suddenly appeared behind them. She was so fast to reach them. She looked flustered while trying to take a look at Aki. She was waiting for a compliment but Aki just looked at her with a surprised face.

“G-Good morning, Senpai.” She pressed her lips together and then went beside Maki.

“See?” Maki mouthed at the guy. “I’m not wrong!” She even strikes a detective pose to emphasize her right eye. She believes that her right eye has a very powerful observation power.

Aki shrugged. He is used to see girls acting flustered and shy when he is around so he really couldn’t tell. But he is amazed that a fisher like Watanabe Miyu is also like that to him. He has heard how notorious Miyu is for being a fisher. There are people in the internet who nicknamed her Milky after a certain legend in fishing.

“Good morning, everyone.”

They all turned to the new comer. It was Fumie wearing a brown beret. She is wearing a one-piece blue dress with a white collared long-sleeve blouse underneath. Maki smirked at the sight of her.

“I can’t wait for the things that are going to happen today. This will be interesting!” Maki murmured to herself.

Everyone greeted Fumie back. Miyu looked at her from top to bottom then smiled widely at her. She seems pleased with her choice of outfit. She knows that Miyu is already thinking that she really prepared for today. Well, she couldn’t deny that. She took days in deciding what to wear. She even thought that she is getting crazy for nothing.

“So now we are just waiting for the main people, right?” She asked when she saw that the twins are still not around. “Are you sure that they are coming, Togawa-san?”

Maki crossed her arms. “Don’t you trust me, minion?”

Fumie tilted her head in confusion. “Minion?”

That topic was soon forgotten when someone riding a motorbike came. The said bike stopped in front of them and the motorist, who is wearing an all-black outfit with the leather jacket as the main attraction, removed his helmet. It was Natsu and his golden hair.

“The Prince of the Summer Heat has arrived!” Maki shouted in joy.

Natsu scanned everyone who is present. He looked sharply at Fumie, obviously telling her that he doesn’t like her being around. Fumie returned his stare. She isn’t the type to back off. The guy just gave him a challenging smile then he greeted Aki with a nod and turned to Maki.

“What’s up, Perfect Zombie? How is it going?” Natsu greeted her.

“I’m still perfect. It has been a long while, Summer Prince.”


The two turned to Aki and Miyu who are trying to handle their laughter.

“The reunion of chuunibyous.” Aki said. Miyu agreed to what he said and they both completely lost it. The two glared at them but they laughed even more after seeing their serious faces.

“Whatever…” Natsu sighed and ignored the two. “Maki…You were saying that you are going to introduce me your new friends. Are you serious that these girls are your new friends?”

“Is something wrong with us being her friends?” Miyu smiled at him. Fumie just remained silent at the hostility.

“A duo of sugary milk and a big pillar of salt—are you sure that you’re picking what’s healthy for you, Maki?”

Maki just laughed at what he said. “They are good girls.”

Everyone was surprised to hear that from Maki. They haven’t known each other for so long but she is already fond of them and she considers them as friends. Even Natsu is surprised to hear that. He knows that Maki isn’t the type to just consider a stranger her friend.

“At first it was Fuyu-nii and now you are going after Maki? What’s wrong with you, Shingyoji Fumie?”

Natsu took one last look at Fumie then flipped his bangs. “I won’t be staying late, Maki. I have some shoot in the evening so I came with my bike.”

“It’s the same for me. Togawa-san.” Aki butted in. “Our band has a radio guesting in the evening so I can only stay until 5pm.”

“It’s totally fine. Let’s just maximize the time we have.” Maki normally answered. “Where is the King of the Northern Lights anyway? He is already 5 minutes late.”

“Did you really invite him?” Natsu asked.

Maki nodded then cutely tilted her head. She’s confused. “I sent him the greatest invitation I could ever make. He sent me a reply that he is coming. I wonder why he is late.”

“How about give him a ring?” Miyu suggested. Natsu looked at her, still being hostile but the fisher just ignored him. She just smiled at him but deep inside she’s wants to pluck his eyelashes so he would stop acting like that to her.

“I think there is no need for that. There he is.” Aki pointed at the coming guy. Fuyu is sweating as if there is no tomorrow. His light grey hoodie has almost turned to a dark grey one because of sweat.

They were all looking at him but he only met with Fumie’s stare. He nonchalantly turned somewhere else then ran faster.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit late. I had to help to the shop that I am working in.” He immediately explained, still chasing for his breath. “They had me help in the morning so that I can be free for the whole day.”

A complete lie. Yes, that was a complete and perfect lie. His boss has already let him get the day-off because his daughter will be there to take care of that muffin store. He also worked overtime for some days just to get that day-off. The truth is he was so excited for this day that he arrived so early. He decided to jog to shake off his tension but he ended up going too far before he noticed it. Some good story that he can never tell anyone.

“What the hell is up with you, dude? Just look at how beautiful these girls are! Are you seriously presenting yourself like that?” That was Aki with his arms crossed.

“I don’t really mind.” Fuyu coldly answered. Well, that one is true. He is the type that doesn’t care about how people view him.

“Fuyu-nii, you need change of clothes?” Natsu asked. “We can stop by on a store on our way to Maki’s house. You can ride my bike.”

Fuyu shook his head. “It’s okay, Natsu. I haven’t received my pay so I still don’t have the leisure to buy new clothes.”

“It’ll be my treat—“

“Could you please wait for me a bit more? I have some change of clothes in my locker. I’ll just run for a quick change.”

Natsu fell silent after being ignored. He clenched his fist due to frustration. Fumie witnessed all of it. She somehow felt bad for Natsu.

Everyone agreed to what Fuyu said then he ran inside the school very fast. Aki arched his arm around Natsu’s neck.

“I’m excited about today! It is the first time after a long while that we will be hanging out and we also have girls with us this time. It’s good to have more friends!” Aki cheerfully said to lift up the heavy atmosphere. “It feels kind of strange that is very easy for us to gather like this as if we have done this a lot of times before.”

Aki has a point. It was so easy for them to organize everything. Some of them are technically strangers but their hearts are already settled with each other.

“I just hope Haru is also here.” Aki sighed. Fumie and Miyu looked at each other after hearing that lonely comment from Aki.

“It’s a very strange feeling but it feels so right.” Maki told herself and smiled. “We will go once the King comes with his new garments. Let’s go to my fortress!”


AKI and the two girls were all in awe when they arrived at the Maki’s house. They know that Maki’s family is really rich but they didn’t think that they are rich to the extent of having such a very luxurious mansion. It is very huge. The distance of the gate to the house is also something.

“Welcome to my castle!” Maki swirled in the entrance of the mansion where they are welcomed by a grand staircase. “Don’t admire it too much because it may seem so huge and full with a lot of things but the truth is it is actually empty.”

She jumped towards the stairs. “Let’s go to the arcade room, first! Follow me!”

They all followed the girl who led them to the arcade room. Again, they were amazed because the room already looks like a center itself. There is a variety of arcade machines starting from old to recently released games. It felt like they already entered a real gaming center.

“We can play all of this for free! There’s no need to swipe cards!”

“Wow!” Aki exclaimed. “This will be fun! Haru must’ve really come. He needs things like this to release stress!”

Natsu laughed at him. “Stop thinking about Haru for once; how about let us race with those?” He pointed at the linked racing games.

“Don’t go crying after I made you eat dust! Fuyu, let’s—“

They looked at Fuyu who is already killing his enemies in that FPS game. He hasn’t missed a target yet, his lives are still complete and he has already finished a stage. The two just casually walked towards the game they were talking about earlier.

“What do we expect?” Aki asked Natsu.

“Yeah, do you really think he would be interested to race with us when he is addicted to that game?” Natsu answered and then picked his machine.

Maki just shrugged her shoulders then turned to the two girls. “Let’s start!” she mouthed. The two just nodded. Maki cleared her throat and started speaking; audible enough for Fuyu to hear.

“Shingyoji-san, I asked the chef to prepare snacks before he left this morning. Can you get the snacks for us?”

“S-sure.” Fumie answered. “But I don’t know where your kitchen is.”

“Just turn left and then go straight. You will see another staircase there. Go down and then turn right. You will see a room with two doors. That is the dining area. If you enter that room, you will see a door by the right side. That will lead you to the kitchen—Hey, are you okay!?”

Maki was pertaining to the blood coming out of Fumie’s nose. Miyu was fast to give her tissues from her pouch.

“S-Sorry, Togawa-san! This girl has no sense of direction. Her brain couldn’t handle the data input that it exploded.” Miyu explained while smiling at Fumie’s dilemma.

“Miyu~!” Fumie frowned while wiping her nose. “That’s not a funny way to describe it.”

The gunshot sounds suddenly stopped and they heard the gun being placed back on the rack. The next thing they saw was Fuyu coming to their way.

“I’ll get the snacks on her behalf.” He nonchalantly said. Aki laughed so hard when he saw Natsu’s car crashed. The other guy was surprised to hear that his brother stopped his precious game just to save that girl from an errand. He got his focus out of the game.

“I’m also a bit hungry. I know where it is so I’ll go get it.” Fuyu said then just went towards the exit. Miyu pushed Fumie who was really nervous; she forgot what to do next.

“W-Wait!” Fumie almost shrieked. “L-Let me go with you, Senpai. You might need more hands.”

Fuyu slowly turned to her, a bit surprised of what he heard. “A-Are you sure?”

She just nodded at him and smiled. “Let’s go?”

Fuyu felt blood coming up his cheeks so he immediately turned to his way and started walking. Did Fumie seriously smile on him?

“Let’s go.” He said, still with a cold voice but his lips secretly curved into a cute smile.

The two left the place in accordance to the plan. Miyu and Maki high-fived then happily ran towards the purikara booth.

“Tch!” Natsu gritted his teeth. He remembered how he was ignored earlier but then it was a completely different story when it comes to that girl?

“Damn it, Shingyoji.”


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Summer prince,  you should wait shingyoji-san fully melt the king's frozen heart so he can smile again to you
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Haruuu... No Aki! Stay away from Haru! Lol. Hahahahaha

Anyway, the first part was funny. How Perfect Zombie and Summer Prince conversate lol. I like the cute and shy Natsu back there, when he was still a kid and Maki haven't 'kissed' her. XD

"The reunion of the chuunibyous" dang, this really cracked me up! :rofl: good one Aki hahaha

Good thing that Fuyu came, now you can see more of Fumie. Even though you look like you're about to die there. XD

Don't worry Natsu, Fumie and the others will help you... just keep calm and trust Fumie.

P.s. I see what you did there.. hohoho~
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NatsuMaki... eh? Hehehehe....

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*Launches Exterminatus missles at Natsu*
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Good Paru... Good... Don't make Maru-kun sad anymore  :mon cweepy: :mon cweepy:

The reunion of the chuunibyous lol that's so funny!

Well I wouldn't mind to see some YokoYamamoto moments  :hehehe: :kekeke:

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Chapter 8: Are You Still Not Affected?

FUMIE is already getting dizzy with all the turns they are doing. What’s with this unusually big house anyway? They’ve been meeting maids who are busy keeping the house clean. They greet Fuyu as if they are very accustomed to him. The guy would politely greet them back.

“Togawa-san should’ve just asked one her maids to fetch the snacks.” Fumie immediately shook her head after that thought entered her head. They set this up so she could have her alone time with Fuyu. She has to convince him about treating Natsu back to being his younger brother.

Yes, they set it up and it is going according to plan but she still hasn’t uttered a single word since they left the arcade room. The guy was the same. He hasn’t spoken to her yet. She has to immediately do something or else everything will fail because of her.

“We are at the dining area now.” Fuyu suddenly said which surprised her a bit. The guy pushed the door and a huge dining area welcomed them. Fumie’s eyes glistened in amazement.

“It’s such a big place, isn’t it?” Fuyu commented then continued walking towards the door on the right. Fumie followed him, still amazed with the luxurious dining area.

“It is such a lonely place.” Fuyu sighed. “It is well-decorated and everything but they have never dined together here.”

Fumie was more surprised with that statement. She looked at Fuyu and sadness is evident in the guy’s eyes as he looks at the long table.

“W-What do you mean, Senpai?”

“Nothing.” Fuyu stopped in front of the kitchen door and then pushed it open. Again, the kitchen is unusually bigger than the normal kitchen size. They found the snacks prepared by the head chef in the table. Different kinds of sandwich that are not high in calories were prepared for them.

“As expected, the food prepared is meant for celebrities.”

Fuyu picked the basket up and then looked inside the fridge. In there he found something that would really give them energy. He pulled a huge chocolate bar and put it on his pocket.

“Yosh. Let’s go back now.”

“W-Wait, Senpai!” Fumie halted him. “A-Actually, I have something to say to you.”

Fuyu was surprised but he didn’t let it show on his face. “What is it?”

“It is about you and Matsui-senpai.”

“Woah~ Shingyoji-san is really straight-forward when she finally gets her courage, right?” Maki commented while they are listening to their conversation. Fumie’s neuro linker is on and is secretly transferring the audio data to Miyu’s phone. The two are listening to them inside the purikura machine. They can’t tell her what to say, they can only eavesdrop on the conversation.

Miyu sighed. “Fumie is a frank person. She won’t lie to you just to sugar coat everything. She might look like she’s harmless but once she made up her mind she will tell it to you straight to your face.”

“Is that the reason why she only has you as her friend?” Maki innocently asked. “I mean, not everybody likes someone who is very honest.”

Miyu looked a bit surprised for a moment but then smiled widely like she always does. “Yes, I think we are the only ones who can stand each other. You can say that we are balanced.”

“Sou…” After that, the chuunibyou just stayed quiet and listened to the conversation.

“I’ve heard about your situation from Togawa-san. I know that you are twins and how you are not allowed to treat each other like brothers.”

Fuyu put out a faint smile. “Is this the reason for this gathering?”

“Aki! Why are they taking so long!?” Natsu irritably asked. He couldn’t focus to his match with Aki when all he could think of is his brother hanging around with that girl. “They should already be here!”

Aki just laughed at him. “Maybe Togawa-san’s kitchen is really far. Just let them have some nice chat. We both know that Fuyu is enjoying his time with Shingyoji-san.”

“Tch! Enjoy? That girl thinks of him as a crazy person. She doesn’t deserve the attention that Fuyu-nii is giving to her!” Natsu grumpily stood up from his seat. “I should go and ruin their moment!”

“H-Hey! What the hell are you talking about!?” Aki tried to stop him but Natsu won’t listen to him. They passed on the purikura booth where the two girls are. A statement from a familiar voice made Natsu stopped.

“It’s true that we are brothers but please don’t tell anyone about it. I don’t like to tell anyone about us being twins.”

That was Fuyu’s voice! Natsu is sure that it was his brother. That statement echoed at the back of his mind several times. His brother doesn’t really like to see him as his sibling. He might’ve felt it a million times through his actions but this is the first time he heard it straight from Fuyu’s lips.

Aki slapped his forehead. He failed to keep Natsu busy and now he is listening to the conversation as well. The girls won’t find this cool at all.

“Why don’t you treat him the way you supposed to treat him? I mean, Matsui-senpai is really lonely that you are ignoring him as your brother. Don’t you think it is unfair for him?”

“S-Shingyoji?” Natsu uttered under his breath after hearing Fumie’s voice. He was surprised to hear that the girl is standing up for him.

“Well…” Fuyu sighed. “It is a complicated situation. It would be really bad for the both of us if we introduce ourselves to the public as twins.”


“If you have heard this fact from Maki then I believe you have already heard about our family’s situation. My father didn’t like me from the very beginning because I don’t have anything set as a goal. I never had extravagant dreams unlike Natsu. From the very start, he thinks that Natsu is his only son.”

Natsu leaned at the purikura machine. That’s the awful truth—the filthy secret of their family.

“For that man, my dream is nothing but fantasy. A literal dream that I should wake up from. When our parents divorced, he talked to me as if he was threatening me. He told me to stay away from Natsu so that he won’t turn to a delusional person like me. He also told me not to tell anyone that I am Natsu’s brother. He despises the fact that I am his son. He won’t let that shame to get out in public.”

“T-That’s so cruel…”

That’s the only thing Fumie could say after that story. That was really very cruel of Fuyu’s father considering the fact that he was only five or six years old back then. But looking at Fuyu, he doesn’t seem like he is deeply affected by that.

“If I let the secret out and introduce myself as Natsu’s older brother, it would be over for us. That man will surely take me somewhere far where I can never reach Natsu. That is something that I never want to happen.”

Natsu’s eyes widened. Did he really hear Fuyu said that he can’t afford to be away from him? His heart is incredibly jumping in joy.

“I still receive financial support from that man especially for studying. The only reason that I am accepting that is because he enrolls me in the same school as Natsu. If I would follow my pride, I would prefer to stop studying but I still want to see how Natsu develops and reach his dream.”

Fuyu took a pause to get some air then smiled. “The only reason I’m studying in a prestigious school like NeoHorikoshi is solely because I want to keep in track of my brother’s activity and be in a distance where I could still talk to him. Natsu might not like that I am just treating him as a friend but it is better like that than to have us apart.”

Natsu felt tears rolled down his cheeks. He immediately wiped them. He looked at Aki to see if the guy is laughing at him but the guy just gestured for him to go on. Aki was finally able to breathe now. It may not be in accordance to the original plan but they are getting goo results, right?

He was amazed that Maki was right that Fuyu will be very honest to Fumie and he will tell her everything. Her predictions about the movements of the twins are very accurate. They were recording the conversation to have Natsu listen to it later but here he is listening to it live.

“So… you don’t really mean to be cold to Matsui-senpai?” Fumie asked.

Fuyu smiled at her. That was such a sad smile. “If I don’t do so it will definitely show in his face. He won’t be able to hide it and then that man will notice it. Me being cold to him is best for the two of us.” He then took a bite of a sandwich since he is really starving.

“But, you could at least treat him the way you should treat him in private so it won’t lead to misunderstanding…” Fumie tried to look to the guy’s eyes but his stare feels like it is passing through her that she has no other choice but to look somewhere else. “I believe Matsui-senpai would love it. I-I-I know I’m getting super nosy but—“

“It’s okay.” Fuyu pulled a stool and invited Fumie to sit on it. The girl hesitantly took the seat. “You can tell me what’s bothering you.”

Fuyu sat on the table itself far enough that he won’t be able to accidentally get skin-to-skin contact with the girl. He continued to eat while waiting for Fumie to start with her story.

“T-The truth is I actually feel bad that you can’t do the things siblings usually do. I mean, you both have the time and the chance. You still have each other…”

“What does she mean, Miyuuuuu~?” Maki curiously asked.

“Sshh…” Miyu shushed her. She got a very worried look on her face. “I wonder if she’s already ready to tell this story.”

A sigh was heard from Fumie. “During the start of the war, my dad and my older brother were deployed to fight for the country. I got into a huge fight with my brother. It was such a small argument but my immaturity made it big. I didn’t talk to him even on the day that they were deployed. For me who has lived in a peaceful country like Japan, war was just a word in the history books. I didn’t take that war seriously, thinking that it will be resolved right away. I didn’t know that I would never see my brother after that deployment…”

Everyone who has heard it for the first time gasped. Fuyu suddenly lost the appetite because of the story. He focused even more on the girl.

“He was killed in action. The time I heard the news, I was filled with bitterness. It was stupid of me to fight with him just because of a little thing. I couldn’t even say sorry to him. I tried but he won’t hear me anymore. If only I knew that it would be the last time that I would see him, I should’ve sent him off with a hug. I shouldn’t have sent him with an unresolved misunderstanding or maybe shouldn’t have sent him at all.”

Fumie looked up so that she could get her tears back to her tear ducts. She tried to smile, giving a shot in lighting up the atmosphere. She then soon bowed to hide her face.

“It’s not that I am telling that something bad will happen to one of you… I’m just saying that it is better to live each moment like it is the last so that we won’t have any regret if ever something bad might happen. You guys still both have each other. It’s not necessarily telling the public about your real relationship but you can try acting like one in private. I will try to help both of you so there won’t be any regret!”

Fuyu’s arm automatically stretched towards Fumie’s head. He was about to give her a pat to comfort her but his hand stopped midway. He pulled his arm back and then sighed.

“So that’s the reason why you suddenly got concerned of us…” He went off the table and stretched. “I feel really sorry about the loss of your brother. He is a person of valor. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to the two of you  but… I think the distance I have with Natsu now is enough. That man is still right. Natsu doesn’t need a lackluster brother like me. I’m fine with watching in the sidelines.”


“Let’s head back now. I’m sure they are waiting for the snacks.” Fuyu picked up the basket and then went towards the door.

“Senpai please listen—“

“Don’t worry about the drinks. There is a vending machine in the arcade room. It is free for all.” That’s all and Fuyu went out of the door. Fumie’s shoulders dropped. Did she succeed? She’s sure that she confirmed about Fuyu still caring for his brother but the guy is still not ready to let out his brotherly side.

“Mou… What should I do? Am I asking for too much?”



Everyone was surprised when Natsu suddenly called Fumie that way. He seemed to be a puppy that was waiting for his master to come back. Fumie was in great shock. What happened during the time she wasn’t around? When did the mad dog turned into a cute puppy?

Natsu is smiling from ear to ear. He even clung to Fumie and directed her to the race game that they were playing a while ago.

“Come, I will teach you how to drive.” Natsu cheerfully said as he drags her towards the game.

“W-Wait! S-Senpai!”

“Don’t call me Senpai. You can just call me Natsu! We are already friends, right?”

“W-What!? When did that happen?”

“Come on!”

Natsu continued to drag her away. She looked at Fuyu to ask for help but it seems like the guy was also surprised to whatever is happening. His eyes were glued on the way Natsu clings to her. He averted his stare and went to sit somewhere.

Did he just feel his heart tightened?

“Watanabe-san, do you know how to drive?” Aki asked. The girl looked surprised about Aki suddenly talking to her. She slowly shook her head which brought a smile to Aki’s face.

“Should I teach you to drive as well?”

“I-Is it okay?” Miyu asked. Her cheeks a bit pink.

Aki shrugged. “Of course! Let’s go?”

Miyu cheerfully nodded. Her gum smile back on her face. The two followed Fumie and Natsu on the racing game.

“Did you have fun talking to her?” Fuyu looked up only to see Maki smiling at him. She sat beside him and then looked at the others who are currently enjoying the game.

“You set that up, didn’t you?” The guy said. He pulled the chocolate from his pocket and handed it to Maki. “I know you would want some so I sneaked one for you.”

Maki’s eyes glittered at the sight of the chocolate. “You’re really the best, King!”

Fuyu placed his hand on top of Maki’s head. “Stop calling me like that.” He sighed. “You asked for Fumie’s help, didn’t you?”

Maki grabbed his hand on her head and held it. “I believe you are going to listen to the girl with the scent. I was hoping that she could convince you to treat Natsu-kun just like before.”

“Are you still worried about that?” Fuyu asked. He is looking at his brother who is busy laughing at the way Fumie drives. He feels a bit strange that Natsu can go close to Fumie like that unlike him. “Thank you for all the help, Maki. Thanks for always being the bridge for me and Natsu.”

Maki smiled. During the time when Natsu is sulking about his brother ignoring him, Maki told him things that are actually from his brother. Fuyu asked her to relay to Natsu that he would befriend him if he becomes cheerful. She also tells Fuyu Natsu’s feelings. She’s like the messenger for the both of them. It’s just Natsu doesn’t know anything about it.

“Everything for the two of you! You are my precious friends!” Maki chuckled.

“You got new friends now, don’t you? I’m happy for you, Maki.” Fuyu returned the grip on Maki’s hold to him. Their fingers intertwined.

“I don’t know if they consider me their friend.” She laughed and scratched her head with her free hand. “It’s hard to be friends with someone like me anyway.”

“I’m sure they are also enjoying your company. I’m just wondering why you chose to be friends with them.”

“Hmm…” Maki thought aloud. “Let’s just say that one after school, while I was secretly observing someone if she really does deserve something that is being given to her, I witnessed a confrontation between two people. I admired that girl’s honesty. I was even giggling in the locker.”

Fuyu’s eyebrows rose although they couldn’t be seen because of his fringe. “You are talking cryptically again, Maki.”

Maki just smiled at him and shove her head to him. “Pat my head more, King.”

Fuyu was taken aback. “You are holding my hand, see?” He raised their clasped hands to show her.

“You still have one free hand. You can pat me with that.”

“Maki…” Fuyu sighed. “You are not a small girl anymore.” That smile on Maki’s face is so genuine that he can’t also help but to be happy. He stretched his right arm and gave her more pats. The perfect zombie seemed to be satisfied. She even tightened her hug to Fuyu’s arm.

“I’m sure Asuka misses being patted like this, too.” She said and looked up to Fuyu. She heard the guy laughed a bit.

“I doubt that Asuka misses me. She has become so famous and she is getting everyone’s attention. Who needs the attention of a lackluster like me anyway?”

Maki’s smile somehow fainted. “Prince? Asuka? Me?” Fuyu suddenly ruined her hair. She laughed at the sudden action. She knows that such action means that he is thankful yet embarrassed at the same time.

“Let’s all dine on that long table so it won’t continue to be lonely!”

“If you say so…”

“Fumie-chan! Where are you looking at? Focus on the road!”

Fumie jerked to her place and then looked back at the screen. “G-Gomen nasai…”

“Ehhh… Where were you looking at?” The guy turned to the direction where Fumie’s stare is locked just a moment ago. His lips curved up.

“Don’t tell me you are getting jealous?”

Fumie’s face turned bright red. “W-What are you talking about!?” She stammered.

“Don’t worry, that’s how Fuyu-nii treats Maki. It has been like that since we were young. There’s nothing more than that. It’s just that he can somehow relate to Maki—being called delusional and such.”

Fumie released a sigh. “Thank you for telling me about that but just to clear things out, I am not jealous.”

“Ohh?” Natsu’s voice became more challenging. “Do you know that Maki has special powers? When she kisses people, she can change them into a better human being. Guess what, Fuyu-nii loves her kisses. I bet they will be making out in just a moment.”

“W-WHAT!?” Fumie’s head immediately turned to where Fuyu and Maki are. She turned so sharply that she almost hurt her neck. She only found the two playing some rhythm game then she heard Natsu’s annoying laugh.

“Not jealous, huh?” The guy laughed even more. Fumie rolled her eyes and just went back to her game. Natsu leaned towards her and in a whisper he said, “Since I am in such a good mood today I will tell you something.”

Fumie pretended that she isn’t listening but she is actually all ears to whatever Natsu is going to say.

“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips long ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”

[“How I wish that it was Asuka-chan and not anyone else.”]

Fumie remembered the last sentence Natsu said when they had an argument. The childhood picture that Maki showed them also flashed in her mind.

“Asuka?” Fumie repeated. “By any chance, are you pertaining about—“

“Yes, I’m talking about Saito Asuka. To remind you, I’m still in Asuka-chan’s side. I believe Maki is on the same side as me.”

Fumie shook her head. She is getting dizzy to everything Natsu is talking about. “I don’t know why you are telling me about this. It doesn’t concern me anyway. And to remind you as well, Ashuu is a well-respected idol. She can’t have herself be involved in a relationship.”

“Being in a relationship is forbidden, falling in love is not.”

Fumie turned to Natsu who was looking at her with challenging eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say if Asuka-chan didn’t become an idol, everything might have been different from the way it is now. Fuyu-nii might’ve chosen to forget about the girl with the scent… about you…” Natsu sneered at Fumie to provoke her even more. “Asuka-chan is deeply inlove with my brother and Fuyu-nii almost fell for her, you know?”

Then there it goes—the excruciating pain in Fumie’s heart.


@yukine-san, your request is quickly answered. Here is an update out of nowhere. XD
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That's the puppy we've been waiting for!!  :jphip:
In TTM, Maru kept denying her feeling but now "Paru" is the one who keep denying her feeling.

“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips longs ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”
Does "her"  here refer to Fuyu? If so, it's supposed to be "him"  and "his", because Fuyu is a boy. I thought it refers to Maki, but later thinks Fuyu is more suitable.
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Reaction for Chapter 3:

"Because I will literally lose the will to live if you tell me to forget about you…"

Damn! Right in the feels. Fuyu just stay strong. I know that Fumie will chase after you because you two are meant for each other. (Still waiting for Baby Orion hehehehe) and what a cute chibi artwork Author-san :)

Chapter 4:

Funny thing about love is it will make you do something that you don't usually do. Nice! 5 strikes?! Poor Fuyu boy.

The Hot-headed puppy Natsu and OH! Sharp-shooter Hoshi-senpai! Way to go!

Btw Author-san, it's really nice if there is a Game 2 for this. You know, for us to see the full skill of the Great Ice Prince Hoshizora Fuyu.

I really laugh so hard with Genkikid-san's comment. What a nice twist to include a zombie in a fic.

Chapter 5:


SO WHO'S THEIR MOM????????!!!!!!

All I can say is "The apple never falls far from the tree."  :hehehe:

Chapter 6:

Hmmmm... Fumie is missing her Ice Prince. Ayiiieee...

Fumie is teaming up with Sayachin, I mean Aki.

What a way to invite the Ice Prince, Maki-0048 the perfect zombie.

Chapter 7:

NatsuMaki kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGASH! Hey Author-san! Will my Rena-chan make some appearance on this season?! I want to see a NatsuRena action!  :kekeke:

Really Aki? Your so gay for Haru that I LOLed so much. It makes me sing a song "This guy is inlove with you Pare (Bro)."  :luvluv1:

The great fisher Milky is being shy is kinda weird for me.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit late. I had to help to the shop that I am working in.” He immediately explained, still chasing for his breath. “They had me help in the morning so that I can be free for the whole day.” Yeah Fuyu, whatever you say. They believed you, but we won't buy that.  :glasses:


Chapter 8:


Natsu is so clingy to Fumie that his twin bro became jealous(???) Anyways, it's so freakin' adorable!

Oh! FuyuMaki?! Hmmmmm... Alright! Holding hands & Patting in the head. Alright!!! :) Result = Jealous Fumie lol.  :mon misch:



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“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips longs ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”
Does "her"  here refer to Fuyu? If so, it's supposed to be "him"  and "his", because Fuyu is a boy. I thought it refers to Maki, but later thinks Fuyu is more suitable.

I think Natsu is referring to himself. If you look back in chapter 7 at the first part, Natsu asked Maki to kiss him. XD


And man, I teared up at the part where Fumie told about his brother's story... ;-;

Glad to know that they cleared things up with the twins, good job Fumie! :twothumbs: Tho, a pup has been released be careful with that. Hahahahaha

That's all.. lol XD

Oh almost forgot Haru. Wahahahaha

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I havent been to JPHIP for a while and just read this from tumblr
but lol
it does different to read this from here and se how other readers think bout particular scene thinking like "hey me too! ikr"

waiting patiently for the next chap Author san
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“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips longs ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”
Does "her"  here refer to Fuyu? If so, it's supposed to be "him"  and "his", because Fuyu is a boy. I thought it refers to Maki, but later thinks Fuyu is more suitable.

I think Natsu is referring to himself. If you look back in chapter 7 at the first part, Natsu asked Maki to kiss him. XD


And man, I teared up at the part where Fumie told about his brother's story... ;-;

Glad to know that they cleared things up with the twins, good job Fumie! :twothumbs: Tho, a pup has been released be careful with that. Hahahahaha

That's all.. lol XD

Oh almost forgot Haru. Wahahahaha

On to the next chapter!  :D

Aahh souka... Got it now. Thank you!!  :jphip:
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@yukine-san, your request is quickly answered. Here is an update out of nowhere. XD

You're right!!! I only commented last night and now it's already updated!!   XD

JuriSaku is on the way hmmm...  :glasses: :glasses:
The YokoYamamoto rumor about they being a couple still stick in my head, sooo... Maybe you can give me some YokoYamamoto moments!!!!  :lol:

Oh, and i wanna ask you, when will you update the os thread??  I'm still waiting you know, Cut-sama...
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Chapter 9: Maki's Prediction

EVERYONE HAS just finished eating their lunch and they are now resting in the garden. Fuyu still fears about his allergy but he just couldn’t miss every opportunity to look at the girl of his dreams. He has the chance anyway so he decided to use it. He doesn’t know if this will happen ever again anyway.

Right now they are grouped into two. Maki and Fuyu are still inseparable. They have been with each other ever since Fuyu went back with the snacks. They were also sitting together during lunch and now they are sitting on a bench just like a couple.

On the other hand, the remaining people are on the other side of the garden. They are explaining everything to Natsu. They also told Fumie that Natsu already heard the conversation explaining his sudden attachment to her.

“I understand that you have some sibling issues…” Natsu started. “But I really couldn’t see what you can get from helping us.” His blonde hair is being blown by the spring breeze.

Fumie just gave out a faint smile. “I just want to help. As someone who wants to be an idol, I want to start with making the people around me happy.”

“Tch.” Natsu sighed. “You’re not even our friend. But ne,” Natsu smiled widely at her. “If you are really helping me and my brother then that is really wonderful. I’m sorry for telling you harsh things that day.”

“Harsh things!?” Aki’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me you really did—“

Natsu turned to Aki with the same wide smile, pretending to be innocent. “She got on my nerves; that’s why I asked her to stay away from my brother.”

“Really, you—“ Aki turned to Fumie with an apologetic face. “Is he the reason why you dumped Fuyu? Let’s stop helping this freak! He just drove his brother’s happiness away!”

“Chotto, Agoki!”

“Who the hell are you calling Agoki!?”

The two girls just laughed at them. She stole a glimpse of what is happening to the other side. Maki seems to be telling a story to Fuyu who is sitting on the bench. The girl is using all her might with elaborated movements just to give more excitement to the story. The guy seems pleased as he smiles and even laughs at times.

“Happiness, huh?” Fumie thought to herself and then sighed.

“What the hell are you looking at?”

Fumie jerked when Natsu’s face suddenly appeared in her line of sight. The guy traced where she is looking then he smirked at her.

“Someone’s really jealous!” Natsu teased her. Miyu and Aki looked at the two out of curiosity then immediately found out what Natsu means.

“Ohh…” Aki nodded slowly while turning back to Fumie. “Are you jealous with their closeness?”

“She’s been looking at them ever since.”

“Miyu!” Fumie scowled at her friend who just returned her wonderful smile at her. Fumie released a deep breath. “I’m not jealous, okay? I want to be an idol.”

Natsu also sighed. “Am I the only one who is getting annoyed with her wanting to be an idol?”

Miyu gave out a hopeless sigh as well. “You’re not the only one.”

The two looked at each other with a surprised expression. That expression slowly turned into cunning smiles.

“I think there are things we can agree with, Miyu-chan.”

Miyu nodded with a smile. “I guess so, Natsu-kun.”

“Oy, oy, oy!” Aki butted in. His ears ringed when he heard Miyu addressing Natsu with his first name. “Call me with my first name, too, Watanabe-san.”

Miyu was taken aback with that sudden request. Her heart thumps so fast especially because of that pouting face of the cool vocalist.

“W-Well if you say so… A-Aki-senpai…” she looked up at the guy only to see his pleased face.

“Drop the formality. I also want to be called with –kun, Miyu-chan.”

Miyu’s smile widened even more then she gave him a cute nod.

“It’s the same for you, Fumie-chan.” Natsu said. “Since we are all friends now, it is much better to start calling us with our names so we can slowly be comfortable with each other.”

“F-Friends?” Fumie repeated. She couldn’t believe that she is hearing it from someone who scared the hell out of her just last week.

Natsu cleared his throat and looked somewhere else. “I-I’m doing this for Maki. She considers you her friend that’s why I’m befriending you, too.”

“I’m getting a little sleepy!”

They all turned to the direction where Maki and Fuyu are. Maki dropped herself to the bench and then leaned on Fuyu’s shoulder. “Let me sleep in your lap, King!”

Fuyu gave out an awkward laugh. “You got visitors and you’re going to sleep? How about the plan for Karaoke?”

“It’s okay~ Just a ten-minute nap would be fine!”

“But Maki—“

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence when Maki suddenly hugged him. “I’m going to sleep like this then.”


Everyone was surprised when Natsu suddenly sprinted to the other side. He suddenly pushed the two apart. His face is red in embarrassment.

“Stop being lovey-dovey with each other, will you!?” Natsu shouted at them. “I’ve been looking at the two of you ever since!!!”

Miyu chuckled. “Looks like you’re not the only one being jealous, Fumie.”

Natsu turned to his brother with a frustrated face. “Fuyu-nii! I also want to sleep in your lap!”

The three who were watching almost fell to their places. For a moment they thought Natsu is being jealous because he likes Maki. Maki grabbed Fuyu’s arm because she knows Natsu is going to steal him away.

“No! I’m sleeping with him!” she gnashed.

Natsu gritted back at her. “No! Not you! I’ll be sleeping with him!”

“Come on! You’re both using the wrong sentence!” Fuyu tried to calm them down. On the other hand, Miyu’s nose is already bleeding, some weird thought entered her mind after she heard Natsu’s sentence.

“No one is sleeping! Let’s spend the rest of the time with the others. It’ll be rude to sleep while having visitors! Follow me.”

Fuyu stood up from the bench and went towards the other side. Natsu and Maki are still like dogs fighting for the attention of their master. In the end, they just followed Fuyu.

The sight of Fuyu coming towards them didn’t leave Fumie’s heart at peace. Her heart tightens for an unknown reason. It grew even wilder when Fuyu stopped in front of her.

“I want to properly introduce myself.” He finally said after staring at her for quite a while. “I’m Hoshizora Fuyu. I’m sorry for everything that has happened for the past weeks. I know it caused you a lot of trouble. I’m really sorry.”

The guy took an apologetic bow and Fumie returned one. After that, Fuyu turned to Maki and held her hand. He pulled her to his side. Seeing them holding hands made Fumie averted her eyes. “This is my childhood friend, Togawa Maki. I have a feeling that she also surprised the both of you so I am introducing her properly.”

Maki just gave a sinister smile. “Yoroshiku~”

“On the other hand…” Fuyu turned to Natsu and asked him to stand beside him. The guy did so and he was surprised when Fuyu arched his arm around him. “This is Natsu. He’s my twin brother.”

Everyone was surprised at the introduction. Fumie and Miyu looked at each other knowing that there is really a progress. Everyone is pleased. Natsu couldn’t contain his emotions that he suddenly jumped to hug his brother.

Fuyu, because it has been a very long time since he got to hug his brother, felt really awkward but he slowly gave in. He patted his brother’s head and smiled.

The twins are smiling! Fumie looked at them and heaved a joyful sigh. She succeeded with the challenge, right? Seeing people smiling like this really made her happy. Fuyu looked at her and smiled. “Thank you…” is what that smile is inferring. She just nodded at him and returned a smile.

Maki is also very happy. This is the scene that she has been wanting to see for the past years.

“Yosha!” She shouted to get everyone’s attention. “Now that we got a good atmosphere, it’s time for Karaoke!!!”


THE GATHERING ended with a blast. They all enjoyed the karaoke event where almost Maki and Natsu are the only ones who were singing. They got into a competition where the winner will get the reward to sleep at Fuyu’s lap.

Fuyu slapped his forehead to the hopeless two. He didn’t have his turn since he is not confident with singing with other people around while Aki rocked the machine with all of his turns receiving perfect scores. It felt like they are watching a live everytime it is Aki’s term.

Fuyu and Fumie are seated opposite to each other. The whole time they were like fools who secretly took glances of each other. There are times where their eyes would meet but they will immediately unlock it.

Fumie is still confused why everytime Maki is near Fuyu and holds the guy’s hand, she feels like coming in between them and then tear them apart. It would be so inappropriate for her to do that. She knows that she has lost all the right to do so when she asked Fuyu to go away and above all, she doesn’t like him at the very least.

Or maybe that’s only what she thinks.

They ended their first gathering at the promised time. Natsu looked like he doesn’t want to say goodbye to his brother but he really has to go or else they would get into more trouble. Fuyu reminded him not to tell anyone about what happened today. Somehow it feels like Fuyu doesn’t trust anyone from their family. Natsu agreed with it and he went off with Aki.

Fuyu and the two girls were dropped by to the nearest station. Before Maki left them, the girl thanked Fumie and Miyu for spending the day with her. She even told Fuyu to visit her often then she left with a huge smile on her face. Since Miyu lives on a different direction, she rode the train opposite to Fumie and Fuyu’s. Now the two are left all alone.

They remained awkward with each other during the whole trip. Fuyu stood away from her but she’s still in his line of sight in case something happens. He called out to her when the seat in front of him was left vacant and let her take the seat. Fuyu then started to act like they don’t know each other again.

“Hey, want to go for a drink?”

A group of women, who seems like in their mid-20’s suddenly approached Fuyu. They stood in both sides of him as if they are cornering their prey. Fumie was surprised yet again, her heart squeezed for a moment. She bowed her head just to avoid seeing the scenario.

“Sorry, but I am underage. I don’t drink.” Fuyu coldly declined the offer.

“Ehh~” The girls complained. “Don’t worry; we will all drink in secret. These onee-chans will teach you how to drink.”

Fuyu sighed in irritation. “I’m not interested.”

“Ohh… Do you have a girlfriend?” Fumie suddenly looked up which made the girl who asked that turn to her. The girl smirked. “Is she your—“

“No.” Fuyu’s flat denial dumbfounded Fumie. He looked sharply at the girls just to have them shut their mouths. “I don’t even know this girl.”

Fumie bowed her head again. Right at that moment she wanted to slap herself for feeling hurt when Fuyu denied her. She’s really, really confused.

“Then you are free, right? Come on and drink with us.” The girls insisted even though he is already showing signs that he is irritated.

“Sorry. I got myself reserved for someone.” The announcement for the next stop echoed. “It’s my stop.”

Fuyu walked towards the door but the ladies are so persistent that one of them even slid her business card to Fuyu’s pocket. Fuyu was surprised with the sudden movement. He looked back at the lady who even gestured to give her a call. Fuyu took a deep breath to calm himself and then just ignored the girl.

Fumie hesitated if she’s going to stand up or not. This is their station. She has no other choice but to follow Fuyu or else she might get lost. The train stopped and the doors opened. For a moment she lost Fuyu but she immediately saw him because of his height. She tried to get in a closer distance.

Fumie saw him crumpled the business card he received a while ago then threw it right in the trash bin. She doesn’t know why but she felt so satisfied that Fuyu got rid of it. Fuyu then turned to her and looked around. It seems like he was making sure that the ladies aren’t following him.

He went near her and was about to touch her in the back to have her walk beside him but his hand stopped midway. Fumie was ready for that reach out but the sudden back out made her feel frustrated. Why is it so awkward between the two of them?

Fuyu pocketed his hands as he tries to regain composure. “Let’s go. Lead the way. Miyu told me that you are not good with directions. I will tell you if you’re not going on the right path. I’ll walk behind you.”


In the end that’s all that she could answer. Her heart is seriously complaining. It wants to walk beside Hoshizora Fuyu!

“We’re getting out at Exit 3. You are heading to 6.”

She jerked. She looked up and saw that she is indeed going to Exit 6. “T-Thank you, Senpai.” Her mind is blurry right now; she couldn’t think straight.

They finally arrived on the bus stop. The bus going home arrived shortly. Fumie’s seat sensor was so fast she quickly located the empty seats. She immediately went to take it. Looking around, there are no more vacant seats other than the seat beside her.

Clenching her fist, she gathered her courage. “S-Senpai! Here!”

She called out to Fuyu which completely got the guy off-guard. He hesitated for a moment but he then went to take the slot. He thanked Fumie but he didn’t look directly to her eyes. Fumie secretly smiled.

“Did you have fun today?” The guy suddenly asked. The day with this girl will end soon. It won’t be bad to ask some questions.

Fumie nodded. “I did. It was really fun.”

Fuyu smiled after that positive response. He is leaning to his left side so that he won’t bump shoulders with Fumie. “I’m glad that you became friends with Maki. Please take care of her.”

The smile on Fumie’s lips faded after hearing Maki’s name. She suddenly remembered how close the two to the point that they are comfortable with holding each other’s hands. Here she is again with unexplained feelings of frustration.

“Maki is a closed person. I’m surprised that she managed to be friends with you and Miyu. She might be a chuunibyou like everyone is saying but Maki is a very sweet and thoughtful person. I think she really likes your honesty. I hope you can get along with her.”

“Mhm…” Fumie nodded once more. “Togawa-san is so beautiful, right? I wonder why you don’t go for her. It seems like you too are close as well.”

Feeling that he is being driven away to another girl, Fuyu’s smile fainted. “Maki is indeed beautiful and special. But you know…” He turned to her and looked into her eyes. ”She isn’t the girl with the scent. She isn’t you.

Fumie’s face turned pink in an instant. She turned to another direction because her lips are automatically forming a smile which she doesn’t want Fuyu to see. Her body is acting on its own. Her emotion is certainly on a roller-coaster ride.

“You see, Fumie…” Fuyu started. “I’m really sorry for surprising you. It was foolish of me to just declare that you are my girl. I’m sorry that I didn’t even listen to you.

Today I realized a lot of things. We really do not know each other. There are a lot of things to discover. I don’t even know the things that you like…the things that you hate. I didn’t even know that your family has that scar and here I am acting like high and mighty, deciding on something in an instant.”


“I guess I started with the wrong foot.” Fuyu scratched his head while foolishly smiling at himself. “All I want to do is to treasure you. I’m really sorry.”

“I-It’s okay, Senpai. Don’t say sor—“

“Hmmm…” The guy audibly thought. “How about let’s start again? I know you don’t need romance. I want to be your friend. If it’s alright with you I hope that we can be friends.”

The word ‘friends’ echoed in the back of Fumie’s mind. The coaster seemed to go on a downhill ride again. She turned to Fuyu and forced a smile. “S-Sure.”

“I’m glad. Thank you.” The guy smiled as well. “I know our first meeting made everything so awkward. Please forget about that day. Right now, I’m looking for something to focus at. Please cheer for me until I find it.”

Fumie hesitantly nodded. Her heartstrings are being tugged. In a sense Fuyu is saying that he is trying to forget about her being the girl with the scent, right? It means she can focus on her training to be an idol without any worries but why is it that she feels like something within her is telling her not to let go of this person?

“It’s our stop.” Fuyu pressed the bell to notify the driver. He stood up and let Fumie go to the door first. The bus ride finished just like that and they are back to being strangers. They went up the slope with Fuyu walking behind her with a good distance. She automatically stopped in front of Fuyu’s house. All the lights are out.

“Are you going to be fine from here?” Fuyu worriedly asked.

“Yes, I won’t get lost at this distance. My house is just a few lots from here.”

Fuyu smiled faintly. “Then I’ll be going inside now. Thank you for today, Fumie. Enjoy the rest of the day.”

“You too, Senpai.” That’s all and she gave a bow. She hasn’t taken her third step when…

“Fumie!” Fuyu called out to her and as if like she is waiting for that call, she automatically turned to him. The guy is smiling from ear to ear. A wonderful smile it is. A smile she never saw him flashed to Maki. “Thank you for making me realize things about me and Natsu. Don’t worry; I am treasuring my brother as well. It may not be as proper as you guys think but I really love my brother. See you on Monday!”

He waved at her before going inside his house. Fumie was frozen on the spot. She could feel her heart getting so warm. It’s such a nice feeling to know that Fuyu is smiling because of something that she has done for him. It’s so wonderful to think that he is smiling like that because of her.

[“Please make sure that you are not going to miss the smile of that person that is more valuable than the smile of thousands.”]

She suddenly heard the playback of Haruna’s words. She got even more confused. Her heart couldn’t stay put. She violently shook her head and slapped her face.

“This isn’t like that…” she murmured to herself. “It’s not like that.”

MAKI went straight to her room after dropping her friends off. She booted her computer on to surf the web about world mysteries to somehow entertain herself. She was watching about reincarnation when she received a mail from a certain person.

“Asuka-chan?” her eyebrows rose after seeing who the sender is. The mail says to call her if ever Maki has the time. The chuunibyou smiled and immediately went to call the idol. It didn’t take long for the call to be answered.

“Moshi moshi, Maki-chan?” That was Asuka who seems to be having a sore throat.

“Asuka-chan! Long time no talk! Are you doing fine? Your voice seems hoarse.”

Asuka gave out faint chuckles. “I’m feeling a little bit under the weather these days.”

“Psh…” Maki turned her swivel chair around. “You should at least take a rest. I know the demand about you is too high but your health is a priority as well.”

“Mhm… Thank you for worrying, Maki…” Asuka took a pause to take some air. “How was the gathering in your house today? I’m sorry that I was not able to make it.”

“Don’t worry. There are still opportunities in the future. Just make sure that you will make it or else you family line will be cursed!” They both laughed at Maki’s chuunibyou joke. “Today was fun. It was really nice to see Fuyu-kun and Natsu-kun again. Fuyu-kun is surprisingly loose. I thought he would still be constrained.”

“Do you think it is because of that girl?” Asuka asked after another pause. “I heard that Fuyu-kun was dumped by that girl. Is that true? She also went there today, right? Did you see anything off between—“

“Asuka, Asuka ~ One question at a time.” Maki sighed with a smile. She knows where Asuka is coming from. “The awkward tension between the two of them is undeniable but I can’t deny the fact that the King listens to Fumie-chan. She made Fuyu-kun introduce Natsu-kun as his brother. I know you can imagine how happy Natsu-kun looked like.

Hmm… I like Fumie-chan especially her honesty. I witnessed her talking back to Natsu-kun! That was really brave of her! I heard Fumie-chan wants to be an idol that’s why her heart is closed for romance. I guess that’s the reason why Fuyu-kun is keeping a good distance from her. They couldn’t even look at each other’s eyes.”

Maki smirked after remembering the earlier happenings. “I wonder what could’ve happened if you came here today.”

“I wonder as well.” Asuka snickered. “How is it going on with Natsu-kun, anyway?”

Maki’s eyes widened. She felt her cheeks burning. “W-W-What’s up with that question?”

Asuka’s cute laughter echoed from the other line. “Nevermind. Anyway, Maki-chan, I’ll be going back to school next week but just because of work. I hope to see you by then.”

“Woah! You’re really coming back? Sure, I will keep my next week’s schedule clean!” A mischievous smile was pasted on Maki’s lips.

“That’s the main reason why I want to talk to you tonight. I’m going back to work now. See you next week.”

“Uhm. See you~!”

That’s all and the call ended. Maki clenched her fists in excitement then went to drop herself to her bed. “Next week will be exciting as well!”


@Genkikid-san, Yes... It is as Erza_Jerusalem-san said. her on that certain passage is pertaining to Maki. :) Sorry for the confusion.  :bow:
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Here’s a clue for the next arc~

And yes, I got a reference picture for this drawing. So, if you somehow see a picture with the same pose then that should be my reference. I’m still practicing with drawing. XD
Guessing game: Who is the additional person in the drawing?
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See you on the next chapter~~
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@yukine-san, You have to wait for Yui to come out for those moments.  XD About the OS thread, don't worry about it. I'm also working with the stories to post there but I'm still figuring about the right time to post them.

I'll be waiting patiently for YokoYamamoto moments of course...  :kekeke:

Guessing game: Who is the additional person in the drawing?

I believe the shiki only have Haru, Natsu, Aki, and Fuyu, and I recognize all of them at first glance, but I have absolutely no idea who is the additional person is :lol: I think I'm just gonna wait for the answer to come out :lol:
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Fumie-chann~ you should stop denying your feeling ~~

誰かな?the shiki's shirts give clues about their identity by the letters on it (I don't understand why fuyu's is written in hangul for H. Because maru's a korean in TTM?), but the extra's shirt letter is not fully visible so I'm thinking it probably an X or Y but I can't think any name of it. But I think, since Asuka is coming, he might be someone close to her in nogi (nanamin? Kitano?). But he might be someone else not connected like yukirin or mayu since it look like he's near to natsu (jurina). It's only my theories anyway
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another great chapter cut-sama, by the way i still can`t move on from TTM  i re read it again and again, and oh judging by the height and his hairstyle that another boy is mayu right ? or is ot naachan hehe, oh i`m also waiting for haruppi`s appearance if you include her
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WTH Fuyu and Fumie?!!!
What was with all those chances?!!!
Though I can see why Fumie is doing that. But seriously I agree with Natsu and Miyu. It is getting a bit annoying to hear the same words over and over again.
I mean woman, the love of your life is right in front if you!!!!
Any who, I still can't figure out who is that additional member even with the coloring. But that has actually given me an idea with Hus hair color. For now I think it could be Nana. Who knows.
As always great work Cut-san. Can't wait for the next chapter.

P.S. When will Haru appear?! 😭😭
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@yukine-san, so it doesn't resemble anyone for you? >_<

@Genkikid-san, Yes, I used ㅎ for Fuyu which is actually H in Korean but this is also used to write words with F on it. Since the F sound for Japanese and Korean is a little bit in between F and H, his name can be spelled 후유 in Korean. (It sounds like 'who you' hahaha.) You don't really hear the sound of F in these countries. You are right about the reason why I used a Korean letter. Maru's original name also starts with ㅎ. :) And the letter for the additional character is actually Y.  :cathappy:

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Last night I wrote an extra chapter for TTM, it would be nice if you could check it out~
TTM | Special Chapter - Don't Fall Asleep (
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@yukine-san, so it doesn't resemble anyone for you? >_<

Now that you mention it, well at first it doesn't resemble anyone for me, but as I look closer to it, uhmmm... It kinda resemble Fujita Nana for me, but idk for sure since his position is close to Juju/Natsu I also thought that it'd be Mayu too and if there's Asuka, idk if she's gonna be paired with someone or not, but since there's Asuka I also thought of her most closest person in nogi which is Nanamin or maybe Kitano?? I'm confused :lol:
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Chapter 10: MFFA


Fumie’s eyes twitched after hearing that faint call. She took a stretch and rolled from her side to lay flat. As if nothing happened, she just went back to her sleep.

Ha… ka….

There it is again. She rubbed her eyes with her hands, trying to wipe the sleep away from it. She felt a hand caressed her face, tucking all the stray hairs on the back of her ear.

“It’s cold…” Fumie mumbled as she held the hand that is gently caressing her. What’s up with that cold palm? “Mama, I’m still sleepy. Give me five more minutes…”

She then suddenly heard snickers. “I’m not your mother.” Then she heard that voice laughed again. “Open your eyes and you will see.”

Fumie felt someone’s breath near her ears and…

“I finally found you… Haruka…”

And as if like she was plunged into the deep blue sea then surfaced only to be thrown in the air, Fumie felt the whole energy from her body being vacuumed. Her eyes opened with a jerk.

Much to her dismay, she only saw the ceiling of her own room. She jerked up from her bed and looked around. Cold sweat breaks out from her back.

Fumie slapped her face to wake herself in case she’s still in a dream. For one more time she looked around, trying to find the source of that voice. She held her head and closed her eyes. Her other hand automatically held her chest for her heart is currently on an early rampage.

“What’s happening with me, really?”

She went back to lying. With her arm covering her eyes, she closed them but Fuyu’s smiling face suddenly flashed in her sight. Her eyes automatically opened to get rid of that picture.

“I should go wash my face.”


AKI WAS in a lost when he arrived at school. Everyone seems busy and excitement is all over the air. A yawn escaped from the band vocalist. Their band was in a midnight radio show and he only had around three hours of sleep. But school is school. He has to finish high school at least.

Another yawning student passed him by. At just one look he recognized who it was but it seems like the girl didn’t notice him so he took the step to call her.


The girl automatically turned around after hearing her name. She was surprised to see Aki running towards her, she immediately covered her face with her bag.

“G-Good morning, Aki-senpai.” Miyu greeted while still covering her face.

“What’s up? Why are you hiding your face?” The guy asked with a brow raised.

“I-I… I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. I have dark arcs—“

She wasn’t able to continue what she is saying when Aki gently pulled her bag down. He was looking at her face so intently, with a lot of curiosity. After he made sure that he got a good look of Miyu’s face, Aki smiled at her.

Miyu’s fangirl heart is on double time with pumping. Aki is holding her to her wrist while looking at her. What did she do deserve this early fanservice?

“You’re still beautiful with those. It’s getting on trend lately because of Maki-chan so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Miyu felt cupid’s arrow struck her heart. She was called beautiful and it is not just by anyone else. She was called beautiful by the guy in her phone’s wallpaper!

“But…” Aki let go of Miyu’s hand to get something from his bag. Miyu got even more surprised to see what it is. “If you’re still uncomfortable with it, you can use this.”

“C-Concealer?” Miyu asked while looking at the concealer stick Aki is holding. “W-Why do you have—“

“I always carry this. Here let me help you.” Aki raised her head by the chin then gently applied concealer on Miyu’s under eye. He even skillfully blended it. “There… Now there’s really nothing to worry.”

Miyu was dumbfounded with everything that is happening. She doesn’t know what to feel—she wants to go ‘kyaa, kyaa’ because of happiness but it is being negated by the thought of rumors surrounding Aki might be really true.

“Hey Agoki, get inside already. Stop flirting in the school gate.”

They turned to the source of the voice with a jerk. It was Fuyu, nonchalantly checking things through his neurolinker.

“Fuyu-senpai~!” Miyu called out to the guy.

“Good morning, Miyu.” Fuyu looked at them. He is on his usual poker face. It doesn’t seem like he is in a good mood. It isn’t the right way to start a week. “Go get to your classes already. The school staffs are all busy with the preparations so don’t loiter around.”

“Woah~ Look who is acting like a real student council president!” Aki arched his arm around Fuyu. “My, my… Haru will be really proud of you.”

Fuyu released a sigh. “I received a call last night to come to school early. Do you know what that means Agoki? I’ve been here since 6am. I sacrificed my precious sleep just for this.”

“At least you are being productive. Ohh… Our little Fuyu—“

“Stop it!” Fuyu swatted Aki’s hand that is about to ruin his hair.

“You don’t like your coconut hair to be ruined?” Aki teased him even more. “Why don’t you smile? Are you really only going to smile to Fumie-chan?”

“I said stop, Agoki.” Fuyu sighed and freed himself from Aki’s arm. “You better go to your classes. I heard someone big is coming here today that’s why everyone is busy. I will be the one to get fried if you loiter like this. Also, this is called two-block hairstyle and not coconut hair. ”

“So cool~”

Aki turned to Miyu who is looking so dreamily of Fuyu. She even has her hands clasped together as if she is praying.

“What? You think this guy is cool? Do you girls really think that a guy with a coconut hair is cool?” Aki asked. His eyes are wide in shock.

“Pfft.” Fuyu smirked. “At least I can change my hairstyle anytime but you can never change your—“

Aki’s eyes started to burn with anger. “Finish your sentence then I will let you taste my fist—“

Aki’s sentence was cut when Fuyu palm covered her mouth. The guy began sniffing, trying to trace a certain smell. His eyes started glittering; looking like a dog that has smelled his owner. Aki and Miyu looked to where Fuyu is looking at. The two sighed with a smile.

“Ohayou gozaimasu~” It was Fumie. She greeted them with a faint smile. Her stare met with Fuyu’s. The guy was about to smile at her but she immediately averted her eyes which made the guy awkward once again. He sighed, the glitter in his eyes disappeared.

“I’m going back to the faculty office to ask what more do they need. See you guys later.”

“W-Wait, Fuyu!” Aki’s call was pointless. Fuyu already dashed back the school building. They just watched him disappear from their sight. Fumie tried to ignore what happened but she could never ignore how her heart reacts everytime their eyes meet.


“WHAT’S MAKING you so excited, Maki-chan?” Miyu asked. “You’ve been looking at the window like you are waiting for someone to arrive.”

Maki turned to her and smiled cheerfully. “I’m just really looking forward for today, Miyu-chan~!”

The girl was even nodding her head in a rhythm. It seems likes she’s in a really good mood. On the other hand, Fumie is just listening to them, surprised that the two are already calling each other with their first names. Looks like Maki is now an official part of the group.

[“…I hope you can get along with her.”]

Fumie shook her head to get rid of those words of Fuyu that just played back in her mind. What’s wrong with her? Why does she randomly see Fuyu or remember the things the guy has said? She heaved out a very deep sigh.

Noticing her being so down, Maki skipped towards Fumie’s seat then low-squatted in front of the lady. “Saa, Fumie-chan… Do you know that Ashu would be coming here today?”

Fumie’s eyes widened, her lips parted. “A-Ashu? Ashu’s coming today?” Her mind was suddenly flooded by the thought that she can see her favorite idol in flesh for a moment but her heart somehow reminded her of something.

[“Asuka-chan is deeply inlove with my brother and Fuyu-nii almost fell for her, you know?”]

“What happened?” Maki curiously asked. “Why did you suddenly freeze?”

Fumie forced a smile. “N-Nothing. I-I’m just excited to see Ashu.” She stammered.

“I see.” Maki’s smile widened. “Jaa, if you want then I can introduce you two to her!”

“Really? Is it really okay to do that?” Fumie asked. To be honest her feelings about this idea is a bit complicated.

“Asuka is my friend. I want to introduce my new friends to her!” Maki explained. “She’s from the same agency as you, isn’t she? It will also be good for you to greet your senpai in the industry!”

A sigh was heard from Miyu. “I’m really not interested with female celebrities but if it’s what you want then I will go with it.”

“Cool then! You are the best Miyu-chan~!”

Miyu’s heart quaked after seeing that cute face of Maki. She went to pat her head like she’s a cute animal. “My, my… You are so cute~ Just don’t suddenly go all chuunibyou.”

Maki snickered then she turned back to Fumie. “Fumie-chan, everything about you and Fuyu is already over, right? There won’t be a chance for romance, right?”

“E-Eh?” Fumie was taken aback. “W-Why are you suddenly asking about that?”

“Well…” Maki stood up. “You know, I’m actually shipping Asuka and Fuyu.”

Fumie felt like her ears stopped functioning for a moment. Did she hear her right?

“I know, I know. I’m sad for Fuyu that you don’t feel the same way despite him being so crazy about you from the very start. We can’t help it. His ability is not as real as my powers.” Maki shook her head while wearing a smug face. “But don’t you also think that Fuyu deserves someone who will love him as much as he loves you? I think Asuka fits the role perfectly!”

Miyu’s gossip sensor was lit. “Y-You mean Ashu—“

Maki pulled them in a hurdle to avoid information leak. “She’s been in love with Fuyu for a long time but Fuyu is looking for someone else. But since you already rejected him, wouldn’t it be nice to help him find someone else? Let’s help them get together!”

Miyu rolled her eyes. “Now I’m going to be cupid for my target? Really…”

Maki chuckled. “Stop acting like that. We all know that your eyes aren’t really on Fuyu.”


“B-But… Ashu is an idol. She can’t be in a relationship.” Fumie stated. “It will be bad for her if this thing leaks in the public.”

Now it is Maki’s turn to roll her eyes. “Really? Idols are just being used to distract the public’s attention from the war. They are being used so that the citizens may have imaginary peace. But idols are humans too!” She took a pause to get some air. “Okay! I know Asuka is a responsible person so she may not get into a relationship for now. Let’s do it this way: MFFFA!” (Read as M-Triple F-A)

“MFFFA?” The two repeated.

“Sou!” Maki nodded with her eyes closed. “Make Fuyu Fall For Asuka!”


“AND NOW we are finally here in front of the prestigious NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. It’s time for INFILTRATION!”

That was the title call of the show that is going to be taken inside the said school. The staffs gave applause as usual. As the title infers, the show bows to infiltrate establishments that the whole Japan has little knowledge of. The MC of the show is a comedian duo called the B-Boys.

This time, they are going to infiltrate NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. Everyone knows that it is a school for the elite and since it is just for that certain group of people, the general public really doesn’t have any idea what the school looks like inside and how things really go in there.

“For today’s infiltration we have our special guests! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Saito Asuka-san and Matsui Natsu-kun!”

The two entered the camera frame on cue. The two are both on their school uniform and they greeted the cameras together with their self-introduction.

“This two are legit students of this school! They will be the ones helping us with the infiltration!” said Dasa, the one who is wearing the black coat.

“But wait, we still have another one with us!” The guy wearing white, Tokiyo, said with a clap to get everyone’s attention. “Gaining popularity because of his special talent in telling about someone’s past life, the new trend setter in the mystery entertainment, Getters Yuma-san!”

Coming inside the frame with his red eye mask, Yuma greeted the audience with a glad ‘Yoroshiku onegaishimasu’.

“Looks like you are in a very good mood today, Yuma-san!” Dasa commented.

“Maa…” Yuma crossed his arms. “I’ve been waiting for so long to enter this academy. I can really feel that there are a lot of things to discover here.”

“Well, that’s something to look forward, right?” Tokiyo said which was answered by an affirmative nod from everyone.

“To refresh everyone’s memory, Getters Yuma-san is the one who is identifying celebrities’ past lives and according to him, there were past entertainers and celebrities who were reincarnated and then went back to the same business, am I right, Yuma-san?”

“Hai! It’s exactly like that!” Yuma answered with great confidence. “There are celebrities like THE IDOL, Kojima Haruna-san. I can say with great assurance that she was also AKB48’s Kojima Haruna. It’s not a coincidence that she was from the clan of the first Kojima and she was named with the same name. She is really Kojima Haruna coming back!”

A roll of ‘oohh’ was heard from everyone surrounding him. This kind of mesmerizing entertainment is timely needed to have everyone focus on the bright side.

“Well, Yuma-san…” Dasa asked. “If you are going to look at us, what do you think were we in our past lives?”

“Well…” Yuma looked around at everyone and there was silence. He opened his neurolinker to consult his research about these people around him. Then he looked back at everyone like he is scanning at their entire soul. Everyone is tensed yet excited at the same time.

“Let me say the result of my analysis.” Yuma first face the B-Boys and with a sly smile he said. “You two were cockroaches!”

“WHAT!?” The two almost fell in their places while the people around them laughed in the verdict.

“You were cockroaches in your lives before this. But before that life you were also a comedic duo of the 21st century called the Bad Boys!”

Everyone was in awe when they remembered the duo that was famous about being yankee comedians. They were really, really shocked.

“B-B-But we love that duo since we were kids!” Tokiyo stammered, still amazed of what Yuma said. “They greatly influenced our craft!”

“It’s no coincidence Tokiyo-san. Even the black and white outfits are linked to this!”

“So how about this two here?” Dasa asked pertaining to Natsu and Asuka. He is still feeling his skin thickened.

Yuma smiled at them. “Matsui-kun here was SKE48’s Matsui Jurina. He was that idol group’s absolute ace!”

Natsu’s jaw dropped, he was dumbfounded. “A-Are you saying that I was a girl in my past life?”

Everyone laughed at Natsu’s reaction. He couldn’t believe that a handsome guy like him was a girl in his past life. It looks like someone is going to dig the internet for some information when he gets home.

“And Saito-san here… She’s almost the same case as Haruna-san.”

“M-Me?” Asuka pointed herself.

Yuma nodded. “You were also an idol in your past life. You are Nogizaka46’s Saito Asuka.”

“Waah! The same name!” The MCs exclaimed.

“Yes. I’m really sure of this. They just have the same name but the kanjis are different.” Yuma once again answered with confidence. “Just by looking at a person it sends me signal of what they are in their past life. Those who had been under the spotlight in their past life release the strongest signal. That’s where I start further research to get more evidence.”

The MCs are still amazed by everything that Yuma is saying when they noticed Asuka sneakily snickering to Natsu.

“Hey, hey! What are you laughing at Saito-san?” Dasa asked.

Everyone turned to Asuka and the girl just couldn’t stop laughing. “I’m sorry but I just find everything funny. I don’t think that things like this really happen. It’s just mere coincidence.”

The director of the show suddenly became worried. He immediately looked at the special guest if ever there is a change in his facial expression. And there was! His face looked a bit disappointed for a moment but he returned to his usual smiling appearance.

“That’s something that Nogizaka’s Asuka would really say. She was originally a girl filled with doubts. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just seen a proof!”

Everyone was put again in awe. The director heaved a sigh a relief. He was thankful that Yuma is really a professional. He was able to handle Asuka’s negativity. Asuka just waved her hand and tried to negate everything but Yuma is really convinced about his evaluations.

A cue card was then raised. It is finally time to get inside.

Tokiyo took a deep breath. “Saa, our infiltration mission for today is… Dasa!

“INFILTRATION: Search for the Lost Stars!”


FUYU is currently in the library skipping class. Well, he got excused from classes for the sake of an interview but the great mochigusare isn’t interested at all. He passed the task to the original vice president of the student council that he calls Drill Sergeant because of her being a control freak.

He can vividly remember the girl’s face when he entrusted her everything and then escaped. He knows that he will be in trouble because of this but he doesn’t care anymore. It will be better that the school takes him off from the position. He is sure that Haru will be forced to get back because of that and that would favor him a lot. He can get back to his usual routine.

He’s sitting on the floor, in the middle of the last two shelves of that big yet useless library. Since everything has turned digital, all of these books turned into decorations. All of them are still being taken care off by the management but no one is there to use them according to their purpose.

“Purpose, huh?” Fuyu murmured to himself while looking at the books. “Am I not serving my purpose just like you guys do?”

He leaned his head on the wall and covered his eyes with his arm. He remembered how Fumie ignored him this morning and he felt his heart ache once more. He wants to punch himself to wake himself up to the reality that the girl will not look at him the same way he looks at her. As time goes by, he is feeling more helpless since no matter what he does the awkwardness between them just won’t get away.

“It’s my fault… I got too excited… I thought she feels the same…”

Fuyu wiped his face with his palm and then loosened his necktie. He has released a sigh for a hundred times now but he is not close to stopping.

“Why do I have to be born like this? Why can’t I focus on something else other than you?”

He let himself slid down the wall until he just found himself lying on the floor. His closed eyes were soon brought into real sleep. He was tired from his part time job yesterday yet he had to be at school in such an early time. Is there a better way to forget about sadness than sleeping? For Fuyu that has always been his escape route.

His heart is still in the lowest; still aching even though he has already succeeded with his mission. All this time he believed that he will be complete once he finds the girl of his dreams but why does he feel a lot emptier?

Now in his deep sleep, a drop of tear rolled down from his eyes and with deep longing he murmured…






The answer to the Guessing Game last time is already obvious, right?  O0
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Chapter 11 Preview
(is this the right term?)

“I wonder if I can see them here.”

“Mou~! Stop flirting in front of me!”

“Stupid perfectionist.”

“Such a faint light!”

“I’ll get my flame dragons ready!”


Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 10 (06-16) | MFFFA
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“Why do I have to be born like this? Why can’t I focus on something else other than you?”

That is what is called destiny,  Fuyu - kun :glasses: your past self don't want you to miss your destiny
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just as i thought, from the height and his hairstyle i know it`s mayu (or yuma) and when you said that the letter in his shirt is Y i know i was right muahaha, i have been this suspicious that there will be some `past life things` and i`m happy that you did that maruparu will be come true this time yeah
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Ah. I knew it! It was Mayu   I mean Yuma, it does resembles her face. Tho Getters? His last name is Getters? When I read Yuma I know for sure that he is Mayu from the past, tho when I read that his last name was Getters, I got confused lol. But if Yuma's there, it's gonna be fun. Huehuehue~

I got excited at the first part! Maru appeared in Fumies's dream  :panic:

And I laughed at the part where Natsu found out that she was a girl in the past. And Fuyu's coconut hair. Way to go Agoki! :rofl:

Hey Fumie, the past Maru is haunting you now... LOL so you better decide on that mushy feelings of yours. Tho I look forward to see jealousy, anger and some revenge in the future chaps //SLAPS

I'm sensing that Haru is almost there... :D and you know what that means... XD

On to the next chapter!
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Is Maru now visiting Fumie in her sleep to get Fumie to change her mind about rejecting Fuyu?

Hmmm.... Yuma? Why do I feel like I've heard that name before. 😏
Also I like how you mixed up the letters a bit for B-Boys. Now I'm missing the Bad Boys themselves.

Plus how Natsu reacted when he found out that he ancestor was the prince of Nagoya and was a girl.

Looks like things are starting to become interesting.
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I'm waiting for haru come back!!! Ship haru-fumie :3 but it seem to be fufu couple for sure so it will be sad for him if haru like fumie too!!! I hope maki will make a MHFFA in the future @@ Haru-asuka hear hot :3
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I'm waiting for haru come back!!! Ship haru-fumie :3 but it seem to be fufu couple for sure so it will be sad for him if haru like fumie too!!! I hope maki will make a MHFFA in the future @@ Haru-asuka hear hot :3

I feel the same way about Haru and Fumie.  :on speedy:
But this time I'll root for FuFu couple. XD

Also I like your idea. Haru and Asuka doesn't sound bad.  :on cigar:
It actually sounds interesting.  :ding:
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Chapter 11: TRIGGERED

YUMA’S EYES are sparkling nonstop since he has stepped at the school grounds. He could feel that there are a lot of hidden gems in that place. Finally, his dream to invade NHG is being materialized.

“I wonder if I can see them here.” He murmured at himself while looking around. He looks like a cute shonen in his earthly paradise. Yuma looked at Natsu who is busy acting as the tour guide. A smile of excitement curved up the searcher’s lips.

“This one is here. There’s a big chance that they are here as well.” His fists even clenched in great excitement. “You guys are doing well, right?”

While Yuma is in the peak of his excitement, a certain group is in the verge of breaking down due to stress.

“Have you seen him?” Akane, the vice president of the student council, asked Manaki and Risao. The two were chasing for their breaths. It seems that they have looked everywhere but they were not able to find the missing officer-in-charge.

Manaki shook his head. “Negative. Hoshizora-senpai is nowhere to be found.”

“I wonder if he went home. It doesn’t seem like he’s in a good shape.” Risao commented while walking towards the refrigerator of the SC room. He got bottled water and tossed one to Manaki.


The two turned to Akane who is already erupting like a volcano but then soon ignored her. Manaki went on to wipe the sweat rolling down from Risao’s head. Her fists are balled and there are countless knots on her forehead.

“Where the heck is this good-for-nothing senior!?” She gritted. “Seitokaicho even entrusted him this position but he isn’t giving his best! He is a big disappointment!”

“There’s nothing new about that.” Manaki flatly said. “Hoshizora-senpai is not the type that goes with everyone’s expectation.”

“And that makes him cool!” Risao finished Manaki’s statement and as if on cue, the two stroke their signature cool poses.

“Are you kidding me?” Akane rolled her eyes. “What’s cool with a person that has the ability to do something yet just lays that ability to waste? If I were him I will maximize those talents!”

“Well, he isn’t a people pleaser like you.” Risao commented and then high fived with Manaki as if he scored onto something.

“Well, it’s not necessarily like that. I’m just serious with everything that I do! What’s wrong about that?” The vice president explained herself, trying so hard not to vent her anger to the two.

“Pfft.” Manaki smirked. “What’s wrong with not being serious anyway?”

Akane grumpily stood up from her seat and then crossed her arms. “Why are you two protecting him anyway? Are you his fans? He has put us in a pinch right now!” She looked at her watch and her face crumpled even more. “It’s about time for the interview. What should we do?”

“Just do the interview for him. You can handle it better than him.” That was Manaki fixing Risao’s necktie.

“Mou~! Stop flirting in front of me!”

Knock, knock!

Soft knocks were heard which made Akane jerk. It must be the interviewers. Her heart started to race. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. Risao signed to her if it is okay to open the door now. The vice president wore her game face on and nodded.

Risao opened the door which welcomed the people from Infiltration. They cheerfully welcomed them inside the room and acted naturally.

Akane immediately noticed Natsu looking around. She knows that the guy is looking for that other part of the Shiki. Natsu looked at her and his eyes are clearly asking where Fuyu is. Akane sneakily shook her head.

“Is this the student council room?” Dasa asked while looking around the said room. “It’s huge! It feels like a conference room! Sasuga NeoHorishiki!”

“Excuse us for bothering you but may we ask for the Seitokaicho?” Tokiyo asked.

“Uhmm… I’m Mochizuki Akane. I’m the vice president of the student council.” Akane stepped forward. “Our president is currently on a foreign business trip with his family.” She presented them the poster of the school where Haru is the model. The hosts together with Yuma went near the said poster and examined it well.

“Yokoyoma Haru, huh?” Dasa read the name.

“He is one of my close friends.” Natsu explained. “He became the student council president since he was in first year.”

“Since first year!?” Dasa exclaimed. “He’s like a prime minister! What do you think about him, Yuma-san?”

“As expected, NeoHorikoshi is hiding a lot of things!” These remarks made everyone excited especially the director of the show. It seems like they are going to produce a show that will skyrocket in the ratings.

“What are they talking about?” Manaki whispered to Risao with his brows furrowed. Risao shrugged.

“The funny looking guy looks like Getters Yuma. It seems like he is up with his reincarnation stories again.” Risao whispered back.

“This is really interesting!” Yuma interjected. He’s really, really excited but he can’t reveal anything for now according to the program director. The revelation will happen in a different setting. All they have to do now is to roam around. Yuma is recording everything he observes in his phone.

“Matsui-san, you said Yokoyama Haru-san is one of your close friends, right?” Yuma asked which was answered with a nod by Natsu.

“Nice! I want to meet all your friends here!”

Everyone was surprised to the sudden goal change of Yuma. The director just gestured an okay signal.

“You want to meet the other members of the Shiki?” Risao asked.

“Shiki?” Dasa repeated. “What’s that about Asuka-san?”

Asuka was a bit surprised that she was called. “Shiki is a group of four boys who carries the name of the four seasons. I heard they are really, really famous inside this school. I’m not really sure since I’m always out.” Asuka chuckled cutely to cover up her lack of knowledge.

“They are like NHG’s own idol group.” Manaki explained. “They are undeniably popular especially to girls.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we just discovered that NHG has its own male idol group!” Dasa commented. “They have names of seasons, huh? What a nice coincidence!”

“A-Actually they are not an official group. The students only created the name for them.” Akane explained further. “Matsui-senpai and the Seitokaicho are members of it.”

“I want to meet the other two! If we already have Natsu and Haru here, that means those two are Aki and Fuyu, right? Let’s go find them!” Yuma’s excitement is really off the roof.

“Aki might be in the classroom but Fuyu…” Natsu stopped midway.

“A-Actually Hoshizora Fuyu-senpai should be the one doing this interview now.” Akane started. “H-He is the acting president while Seitokaicho is away but he has an allergy with pollen. I think he took a day-off today. I don’t think you will be able to meet him today.”

The girl looked at Natsu who is intently looking at her right after she finished explaining. She knows how this guy turns out to be really scary if someone mocks Fuyu so she carefully chose her words.

“Ehhh…” Yuma’s shoulders dropped in disappointment. “What a waste~”

“Yes, he is really a waste—“

Everyone’s head turned to Akane. Risao and Manaki’s eyes widened.

“I-I mean it’s really a waste that you won’t be able to see him.” The girl covered up. She felt cold sweat ran down her back. She could feel Natsu’s burning glare.

“Is that so?” Yuma sighed. “Then let’s just go and meet this Aki!”

“Alright.” Natsu answered. “Let’s head to the Senior’s Tower now.”

The hosts and the staff thanked the members of the student council for the short intrusion before they leave the room. Akane finally got to breathe when the door shut close. She dropped herself back to her seat and sighed. “That was close~”

Risao and Manaki heaved a sigh with her and gave her a chop on her head.

“Stupid perfectionist.”


MAKI couldn’t help but to be more excited. They are on their way to the cafeteria where the Infiltrate cast and staff are in. She received a message from Asuka that the hosts will try the food being served by NHG and present it to the whole of Japan. The girl is even skipping in happiness. It has been a long while since she has last seen her friend.

“Ne, Fumie… Don’t you think Maki-chan is really cute when she is not in her chuuni mode?” Miyu whispered while looking at the happy zombie. She was waiting for her friend to make a comment but the other girl just stayed quiet. It seems like her mind is in another universe.

Miyu sighed and snapped her fingers in front of Fumie. The girl jerked when her soul went back to earth. She looked at Miyu with surprised eyes.

“Is there something bothering you?” Miyu asked.

Fumie blinked fast then closed her open mouth. She shook her head with a sigh. “N-Nothing.”

“Are you trying to lie to me?” Miyu squinted. “Are you sure about this?”

The other girl forced a smile. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m asking if you are sure that you will be part of this MFFFA. Are you sure you are letting him be taken by someone else?” The fisher seriously asked.

“Miyu…” Fumie sighed while trying to smile. “Togawa-san is right. At least I should help him find—“ she suddenly held her chest which didn’t surprise Miyu at all.

“It tightened, right?” Miyu casually asked. “Your heart.”

Fumie looked at Miyu with a shocked expression. “H-How did you know?”

Miyu shook her head in disappointment. “Continue to deny it and you will be late. Don’t come crying to me once that happens.”

“Seriously, what are you talking about, Miyu?” Fumie continued playing clueless even though she already has a hint of what her friend is meaning to say.

“Hey~ What are you guys standing there for?” Maki waved at them. “We might not be able to catch them if you will take time like this! Asuka said that they’ll be taking a break after eating lunch. We can say hi to her during that time. We have to hurry!”

“Okay~” Miyu answered with a huge smile on her face. She turned back to Fumie before following Maki. “Until you are not admitting anything, I’m going to help Maki with what she wants to do. As you have said, she has a point and I personally think that it’ll be better for Hoshi-senpai to fall for someone else if you won’t be brave enough to face the truth. It feels like you aren’t the Fumie that I know. Where’s your honesty?”

After that Miyu smiled at her as if she didn’t say something that threatened Fumie’s life. She hurriedly followed Maki. Fumie closed her eyes and shook her head. She just went on and followed the other two.

On the way to the cafeteria, they crossed paths with Aki who doesn’t seem to be in the best mood. They even witnessed him murmuring something before kicking some imaginary thing in front of him.

“Agoki-senpai, is something wrong?” Maki curiously asked.

Aki was a bit surprised to meet them but his mind was fast to get back on the track. “Who are you calling Agoki, Maki-chan?” Aki sighed. “I got into an ambush interview with the Infiltrate and this funny looking guy said that I was a girl in my past life. Seriously…”

Miyu’s eyes widened after hearing that. “Why does he seem disappointed?”

“Someone told you about your past life?” Maki followed up. “It must be Getters Yuma-san! He’s getting really popular lately because he’s been looking for people who were celebrities in their past lives!”

Maki’s face lightened up. She has been watching videos of Yuma and it fascinated her.

“Yeah, yeah…” Aki weakly answered. “He said I was a female idol in my past life. I can’t imagine myself doing idol things.”

Maki laughed on his pointless sulking. “You don’t have to worry about that. It was the girl you who did that anyway.”

“Man, this will just destroy my cool image even more. The director is so determined to air that footage. That fanfic and now this? Tch!” He kicked the air once more. “Sorry, I’ll be going ahead now. Enjoy your lunch, girls.”

That’s all and he left, still murmuring. The three just shrugged their shoulders and went inside the cafeteria. They found the Infiltration staff gathered by the window. It seems that they are currently on a break now.

Asuka saw them and waved at them. She seems like she has been waiting for them to arrive for a long time judging by how anxious she was looking around. The director of the show noticed it and immediately signaled on one camera man.

“Sorry, Director… They are from the same class as me? Is it okay to talk with them for a while?” Asuka asked. She didn’t notice that a camera is rolling.

“Sure, sure. It would be nice if you could introduce them to us—“

“Fumie-chan~!” Natsu jumped up from his seat after seeing Fumie. The girl herself immediately turned red after the whole cafeteria’s attention transferred to her. She even met Asuka’s stare who seems to be startled of what Natsu just did.

Fumie hurriedly covered her face and dashed out of the cafeteria. Miyu tried to call her but the girl was covered with embarrassment that it seemed like she just evaporated. She disappeared in a flash.

Maki grumpily walked towards Natsu. “What was that for? You frightened Fumie!”

Natsu just laughed while scratching his head. “Dunno, I felt glad when I saw her.”

“Is that Matsui-kun’s girlfriend?” The director nosily asked; his neck getting longer.

“No, Director.” Natsu professionally shrugged off the idea. “She’s another friend’s long time crush.”

“Ohh. I see.” The director nodded. He seems convinced. He looked at the new comers and immediately recognized them. “Togawa Maki-san, Watanabe Miyu-san! Fancy meeting you girls here! Where is Yuma-san anyway? He should be here to meet them!”

“He went to the restroom.” A staff answered that made the director sigh. The girls greeted the director with a smile.

“Is it okay if we borrow Asuka for a while?” Maki went straight to the point. “It’s been a looooong while since we last saw her in the school.

“E-Eh?” Asuka was taken aback. She thought that Maki will just drop by to say hi.

“Please, director~” Here goes Miyu dropping the trap to the water. “Just for a little while. We will give her back in no time~”

The fisher even used one of her fatal move which is the wink. Everyone who saw it was sent into a trance. The director couldn’t do anything else but to nod in agreement. The girls were filled with delight and they immediately pulled Asuka out of her seat.

“We’ll be back really fast~” Miyu assured before they jolted out of the cafeteria. All eyes are on them since they have the top idol of this generation in their hands.

“W-Where are we going, Maki?” Asuka asked, stammering. She’s glad she has already finished her lunch when she got dragged out.

Maki smiled childishly at her friend. “We are going to meet the King!”

Asuka’s eyes widened. There is only one person that Maki addresses as the King.

“Introductions first. This is the new friend that I am talking about. She’s Watanabe Miyu—“

Miyu suddenly chuckled. “There’s no need for introductions. We’ve met before in a photoshoot. Right, Asuka-chan?”

Maki looked at Asuka as if asking if what the other girl said is true. The top idol nodded.

“We did meet before but we didn’t become close enough for her to call me with –chan.”

“I’m the type who becomes friends with anyone anyway.” Miyu chuckled. “The only one that needs introduction here is Fumie but she just ran out before of embarrassment.”

“Ah! She’s the girl with the scent, Asuka. But as I have told you, she isn’t interested to the King so it is really okay now. She even said that she will help you to be with Fuyu but stupid Natsu frightened her away.”

“The girl with the scent, huh?”

Miyu turned to Asuka after she heard her murmur those words. She looks a bit sad; it is evident in her eyes. Miyu couldn’t help but to think of her bestfriend who is still in the middle of denial. If this persists, she will be caught in between.

“Don’t sulk there, Asuka!” Maki cheered. “We already set everything for you to meet up with the King. I already sent him a message. We’ll meet him by the library! We only have a limited time so let’s run faster!”


YUMA has just gone out of the cubicle in the rest room. His stomach suddenly felt off after he found out how much the food he just ate in the cafeteria. It doesn’t sound right for a food being served to students to be that extravagantly expensive. He just couldn’t take it.

“As expected for this school…” he murmured while rubbing his stomach.

He then went to wash his hands but then he saw another guy who seems to be erasing his whole face while washing it. His eyes widened.

“Such a faint light!” Yuma exclaimed in the back of his mind. “A criminal in his past life?”

The guy, feeling that someone is looking at him, straightened up and turned to Yuma. He brushed his fringe upwards which somehow terrified the geinin even more.

His eyes… That stare… It feels like it is examining his whole existence. And what’s up with that straight, reddish birthmark on the left side of his forehead. He looks really scary.

Yuma jerked in his place and immediately washed his hands. After that he went out as fast as he could. He never felt so terrified like that ever in his entire life.

“How could a criminal like him be reborn with such a good face?” Yuma asked himself while he was walking in the fastest way he can. “His light is so faint! I’m sure he is a criminal of some sort! Most probably a murderer!”

He shook his head to wake himself up. He looked at his watch and clicked his tongue.

“The recording only has four hours left. I’ve confirmed about the whereabouts of the three aces now but I still haven’t seen them.” He gritted in frustration. “Where are you, Hoshino Maru-san? Are you still mixing?”

He was about to turn into a corner when he bumped to someone who is also walking in the same speed as him. A loud yelp was heard from Yuma when his butt hit the ground.

“I-I’m sorry… I wasn’t looking at where I am going...”

He saw a hand stretched out to him after hearing those words from a sweet voice of a girl. Yuma, with his bottom still aching, slowly opened his eyes and looked up. But, he hasn’t been looking at the girl for two seconds yet he has to close his eyes. The light coming from the girl was too bright.

He tried to look at her again and his heart jumped from its place. He jumped to his feet and fell in trance for a moment.

“Y-Y-You look exactly alike!” Yuma stuttered. He is so excited, he couldn’t help but to laugh. “F-Finally, I found you! I’m so happy!”

Fumie, the girl Yuma bumped with, was taken aback. Why does it feel like this happened to her before? And why is this happening again exactly?

Yuma grabbed her hands, his eyes sparkling in happiness. “Tell me what your name is!”

“C-Chotto—“ Fumie started to feel dizzy as Yuma keeps on shaking her while throwing her a lot of questions.

“I can’t be wrong. Just one look at you I know it is you! What is your name? Are you in a relationship? Boyfriend? Or is she still a girl in this life? I doubt that, I believe she has become a guy! Introduce him to me! I really want to meet him!”

“P-Please let go of me!” Fumie cried out but it seems like Yuma doesn’t hear her plea.

“Hey, isn’t that Fumie-chan?” Maki pointed at the girl who is at the end of that hallway.

Miyu frowned after seeing what is happening. “What the hell is that guy doing to her!?”

“Y-Yuma-san?” Asuka murmured to herself.

“Let’s go help her!” Maki raised her arm. “I’ll get my flame dragons ready!”


The three froze on the spot when they heard an angry voice on the other part of the hallway. Yuma and Fumie turned to the owner of the voice and the two froze on their places as well.

Fumie’s heart started to grow violent. Why does she feel like crying right now that this guy is coming for her aid? His worried yet angry face gave a fatal blow in her heart that she started feeling like she’s running out of breath.

Yuma’s eyes widened when he recognized the guy. He was the one he met in the rest room. He is coming nearer and nearer. And what the heck is happening? His light is turning bright… Brighter and brighter… And—

“Get your hands off of her!” Fuyu rushed to Yuma and pulled him by the collar. Everyone gasped after the next thing that Fuyu did. He gave Yuma such a powerful headbutt straight to the guy’s forehead, sending him down to the floor.

“M-Maru-sama—“ That’s the last word that came out from Yuma’s mouth before he fell unconscious. His eyes turned all white but what’s weird is his face looks very happy.

Fuyu turned to Fumie. Their eyes met and the world seemed to stop for them. He was about to reach out to her but he remembered his promise. His arm dropped as he averted his stare. “Are you okay, Fumie? Did he hurt you?”

Fumie was still in the state of shock. She is looking at Fuyu as if wanting to be hugged. This thing also… It feels like it has already happened to her before. “I-I’m okay, Senpai.”

She noticed her hand holding on to Fuyu’s sleeve. She immediately pulled her hand away asking herself when she reached out to him. Asuka saw it all—how Fuyu became furious after he saw Fumie being ‘harassed’ by Yuma, how they looked at each other as if they have been preventing their own feelings to leak out.

This is the first time that he saw Fuyu this angry for the sake of another person. Her heart felt like it was squeezing. She has lost all the excitement to meet him after everything that she saw. She was just surprised that Maki pulled her towards the two.

“King! Fumie-chan!” The two turned to them after that call from Maki. Fuyu immediately noticed that certain someone whom he hasn’t met for a very long time. Their eyes met.

He looked at Fumie whose head is down after remembering the mission they are supposed to do. Fuyu looked back to Asuka who gave him a faint smile.



Yokoyama Haru-senpai,

I hate to do this but I am here to inform you about everything that has happened the past month. This is the list of Hoshizora Fuyu-senpai’s offenses:

1.     Didn’t deliver a speech during the entrance ceremony which made me do an impromptu speech. Reason: Allergy to pollen. But then he came out perfectly fine the next day. He even came to school with a girl.

2.     Running in the hallway like a child.

3.     Passing all the tasks to other SC officers so that he can leave early.

4.     Not listening to his homeroom teacher about the submission of future plan then wrote “Whatever is fine.”

5.     Loiters a lot in the school gate during the time that he should be working in the SC.

6.     Came to school late which ruins the image of the SC.

7.     Didn’t participate on the interview for a TV program and what’s worse is he even knocked down a celebrity from the program.

Seitokaichou, all of this happened at the span of one month that you are gone. I know that you are busy with your family business but it is also an important matter. We are hoping that you could come back now and redeem the stained name of NeoHorikoshi Gakuen’s Student Council. Everything that you have done is being destroyed by Hoshizora-senpai. Please come back soon.


Mochizuki Akane


Laughs were heard from the guy who is sitting in front of his laptop. He removed his glasses and leaned to his swivel chair. He is smiling to himself and then he went to look at the email again. He laughed again at the content and then with such a force, closed the laptop which made the smashing sound echoed in his whole office. His secretary jumped from her seat after being startled.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his hands. With a loud voice he growled,

“Hoshizora Fuyuuuuuu!”


@Genkikid-san, Hopefully the other side would stop with her denials. Haha.
@FZA02-san, I actually based Yuma on Mayu's florist danso. :)
@Erza-Jerusalem-san, Getters Ida. I based his geinin name from this person. He helped with Lucky Girl rankings before. ^^
@Goto24-san, I heard Mayu is often called Yuma in genderbend fics. I also miss the Bad Boys. ㅠㅠ
@giotuyet-san, new name! Thank you for reading the fic~! I hope you are enjoying it. Let's see what will happen in the future~

Everyone, thank you for reading. How is the experience thus far? I hope you like it. My semester just ended but I'm still tied up to some responsibilities. I'm actually busier every vacation so I might not be able to write that often but I have already piled up chapters for the time that I will be busy so don't worry about the updates. I just need someone to remind me to update. Hahaha.

Yeah, I hope you are still having fun.  :sweatdrop:

Let's have some character recap:

Shinoda Mariko as Shinoda Mario
Akimoto Sayaka as Akimoto Michael
Saito Asuka (Nogizaka46) as Saito Asuka
Watanabe Mayu as Getters Yuma
Moriya Akane (Keyakizaka46) as Mochizuki Akane
Watanabe Risa (Keyakizaka46) as Waku Risao
Shida Manaka (Keyakizaka46) as Shina Manaki

See you at the next chapter~
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Wasn't Mayu a JunMarco shipper??  XD
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Poor Yuma. He just wanted to meet Maru and then he gets a headbutt.  :mon wtf:  :OMG:

Also it seems like Manaki and Risao are a couple here. Nice  :inlove:  :luvluv2: .
Akane being the third wheel though.  XD :lol:  :pig laugh: :bigdeal:

Fuyu gonna be in so much trouble once Haru comes back from his trip.  :mon evillaff:  :mon evil:
Hope he appears in the next chapter.  :tantrum:

Seems like your tired and busy. Don't force yourself ok~  :hee:
Take a rest every once in a while.  :on roll:
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Haru! Haru!! Haru!!! So Haru is yui in past life and fumie is paruru in past life and yuiparu is couple :3 I wonder if fumie remember her past life memory???  What will happen when she meet haru??? Waiting for your next update :D
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okay cut-sama let me be honest here,

am i the only one who get annoyed with fumie's constant denial ? i mean reading how she react make me want to "come on girl, that man loves you with all of his heart" and why i think that fumie also indirectly responsible about yuma and fuyu's incident here hahaha XD :P

and also since you add some keyakizaka, how about add techi wheter as female or male is fine hehe

well almost all of fuyu, i mean maru''s close friend already appear but....

where is haruppi ?
sorry if i'm asking too much  ;) :nervous
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@Genkikid-san, Yes, she was. But if you have read the special chapter in TTM, the answer is there... I guess. XD

@Goto24-san, Thanks for worrying about me. Don't worry, writing is actually my rest. If I don't write, the scenes will remain in my head and I will keep on imagining about the happenings which really make me tired. Haha.

@giotuyet-san, The answer will be on the next update. :)

@FZA02-san, You are not the only one getting annoyed. Haha.
*spoiler alert* Hirate Yurina already got a special role in this together with Nagahama Neru, Sugai Yuka and Ozono Momoko. You can try and make a guess about their roles. But, I'm still a bit confused if I should change Neru with Yamashita Mizuki.
About the last question, I cannot answer that for now. :)

Thank you for everyone who reads, hits the thanks button and leaves a comment.. I really appreciate it. Coming home after a long day with things like this really brightens my day. I somehow feel that I am not alone. Lol. So much drama but yeah, it's true. Thanks a lot everyone. I'm sorry if the quality is getting lower, I'm a little busy and somehow feeling tired as well but I really like writing and I can not stop with the current happenings in the story. Hahaha. After all the business, I would love to get back with my original twice a week update if time permits. I also don't like waiting for so long. Uhh.. yeah, see you on the next chapter~

Cut :byebye:
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Chapter 12: SMALL WORLD

AS MUCH as the school wanted to suspend Fuyu to what he has done to the geinin, Getters Yuma, the administration couldn’t do it since he is the acting Student Council president and he is specially picked by Yokoyama Haru whom they really respect.

Yuma, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be mad at all. The truth is he regained consciousness with a huge smile on his face. He seemed to be really, really happy. He went to search for Fuyu and Fumie right after waking up but the Infiltration crew didn’t let him to go near Fuyu believing that the guy is violent.

The recording resumed with Yuma having a bump on his forehead. It’s all thanks to his bangs that it was not seen. He is convinced that he has found what he was searching for but he chose not to reveal anything in the public for the meantime. He wants to observe how those two are doing and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to present them in the public since they are not well-known.

Aki was laughing really hard at their classroom. It has been three days since the headbutt incident and he still couldn’t move on.

“That funny-looking guy deserves to be headbutted!” He exclaimed to somehow cheer up the gloomy Fuyu. “He even said that I was a girl in my past life. This will really damage my image even more. I’m really glad that you got him for me, Fuyu!”

“Shut up already, Agoki.” Fuyu sighed. “I know that you are happy about me hitting him but my life has been more annoying since the incident.”

That’s true. Now he is not just a lackluster but a violent one. He couldn’t help it. The moment he saw Fumie’s helpless face, his mind just went blank and went to attack Yuma. The feeling to protect Fumie filled him that time. That’s all he could remember.

“Other students are making fun of this matter. I’m okay with them laughing at me but they are also dragging Fumie down. It’s really over for me. I got no more hope.” He then released a vexed sigh. “I’m sure he has already heard of this incident and is laughing in the back of his mind believing that he is right about forsaking me.”

Natsu’s ears twitched right after he heard that statement. He’s sure that Fuyu is talking about their father. He dragged his chair near Fuyu and greeted him cheerfully.

“Fuyu-nii, Fuyu-nii~” he called out. “That day you also met Asuka after a long time, right? How was it? How was it?”

Fuyu sighed at the way Natsu is being pushy. He could clearly see that his brother is just changing the topic. He nonchalantly placed his hand to Natsu’s head which surprised both Natsu and Aki.

“It wasn’t such a good setting for a reunion.” He answered nonchalantly as well. He was patting Natsu’s head while looking at Aki. This made Natsu so delighted that his smile reached from ear to ear. He even wanted to rub his head to his brother just like a cute puppy.

Aki just shrugged and smiled at the sight of the two. It’s nice to see them like this.

And as if on cue, the homeroom teacher went in which they immediately greeted. The teacher smilingly greeted them back. It seems like the teacher is also in a very good mood just like Natsu. He looked around as if looking for someone.

“Matsui-kun, Yamamoto-kun and Hoshizora-kun.” The teacher called out which put the attention of the whole class to them. “Please head to the Student Council room now. There is a very important meeting that needs your attendance.”

Aki turned to Fuyu. “What meeting?”

Fuyu shrugged since he didn’t hear of any meeting that is going to be held today. They just did what the teacher ordered.


THE THREE guys arrived in front of the Student Council room feeling a bit anxious. Fuyu opened the door without even knocking since he is the acting president. They immediately saw the vice president, Akane together with Risao and Manaki. Akane suddenly smirked at Fuyu but the guy just ignored her.

The door closed and the swivel chair that is supposed to be for the president suddenly turned around. A guy was already sitting there and with a warm smile he greeted the three boys.

“Good day, everyone.” He raised his glasses by his index finger. “Did you miss me?”

Aki and Natsu’s faces were immediately filled with delight right after they recognize who the guy is. They rushed to him and gave him a tight hug.

“Haru! I’m really glad you are already back!” Aki said while trying to ruin Haru’s perfectly styled hair. “I really, really missed you!”

“Haru! Where are my presents? You promised me presents from England, right?” Natsu knelt in front of Haru and looked up at him just like a cute puppy.

“Seriously, you two.” Haru sighed. He then turned to the guy by the door. Fuyu was looking at him with misty eyes. Haru stood up from his seat and returned the same look at Fuyu.

“Fuyu…” he called out to the guy more like a whisper.

“Haru…” Fuyu called him back and he smiled faintly at him.

“Fuyu…” Haru called him again as he took his first step towards him.

“Haru…” The winter guy did the same. They ran to each other their arms wide open as if they are lovers who haven’t met for a long period of time…or not?



Their smiling faces were suddenly changed by angry ones. Instead of a hug, they greeted each other with their fists landing straight to each other’s cheeks.

“What the hell were you doing when I was not around!!?” Haru threw another punch at Fuyu which the other guy quickly dodged.

“Why did you even have to make me in charge of the council when you already have the Drill Sergeant here!!?” Fuyu tried to give him another taste of his fist but Haru dodged it as well.

“I did that for you to learn about responsibility but here you are fooling around!!! You’ve even put the name of the school at risk by knocking out a celebrity!!!”

“You know that I am not up to this work and to tell you, that guy was harassing Fumie that’s why I attacked him!!! I don’t care if he is a celebrity!!!”

“You’re judgment are being blinded just because of a girl!!?”

Their brawl continued until their perfectly styled hairs got ruined.

“S-Somebody stop them!!” Akane looked around at the other boys for help but he only found Natsu and Aki casually drinking tea as if nothing is happening. She then turned to Risao and Manaki but the two are busy judging and taking notes on how the Fuyu is throwing his punches. She even peeked to their notes and the title of the entry is “How to be Cool, Cooler and Coolest”.

She spanked the back of their heads to wake them up from reality. “Stop that nonsense and stop them from fighting!”

“It’s okay Drill Sergeant-san, they will stop when they are already tired” That was Aki taking a sip of his green tea.

A few minutes later, the two fell down in the floor. Their eyes are still showing that they could still go on but Haru suddenly started laughing. Fuyu laughed as well.

“Long time no see, Fuyu. I guess you did well than I expected. It’s just that people are more focused on how you are going to mess up than how you are exerting your efforts. Good job.”

“Tch. Don’t say cheesy things. You know that I tried.”

“I know, I know.” Haru smiled. “But that doesn’t change the fact that you somehow messed up.”

“Alright.” Fuyu sighed while fixing his ruined Korean-styled hair.

“See?” Natsu said. “It didn’t take long. We didn’t even finish our tea.”

“The fact that you were able to make tea at that short period of time is something.” Akane shook her head.

The two stood up from the floor as if nothing happened. Their faces are still perfectly handsome as they just dusted off their uniforms. They received a round of applause from the marveled Manaki and Risao.

“What did you call us for anyway, Haru?” Fuyu asked.

“Well, take a seat first.” Haru went back to his swivel chair. He waited until everyone is settled into their seats. “I called all of you here to make plans about this year’s MT.”

“This year’s MT?” Aki repeated. “Now that you’ve said about it we are kind of late already.”

“Yes.” Haru nodded. “We are already late because someone here didn’t organize it. It should’ve been done at the second week of the term.”

Fuyu felt arrows striking him. He dodged Haru’s stare.

“But why are we here?” Natsu asked, pertaining to him and Aki. “We aren’t even part of the SC.”

“Yeah! We are not part of this council!” Fuyu seconded.

“Shut up, Fuyu! You still have to clear the mess you made three days ago.”

“Man~” Fuyu leaned to the table and buried his face to his arms.

“I called you, guys, here for a special mission to be executed in the MT. We will help Fuyu to remove the violent tag on his name. I have actually sorted out some things.” Haru nodded at Risao, a sign that he should start taking notes of the meeting. “Before I discuss that further we should decide in which country we should go.”

“Are we going overseas again? Don’t tell me that it’ll be Europe again this time? We’ve been there for the last two years.” Natsu sighed while remembering all the things he has done when they were in Europe.

“Is that even the issue?” Fuyu talked without raising his head. “Are we really going out of the country knowing that there is an on-going war?”

“Don’t worry, Fuyu. Currently, everything is under ceasefire so we should take this opportunity for the MT. Even though there is an on-going war, the countries couldn’t just let their tourism rate fall down. There are places that are completely free from attacks and are open for tourists.”

“The people behind this nonsense war are hypocrites.” That’s all and Fuyu shut his mouth.

Haru just smiled and went on with the meeting. “We will be under tight security so we will be alright. It’s already tried and tested. The problem now is it seems like the students doesn’t like to go to the west anymore. They complained about the travel time last time we went there.”

“Yeah. Since everyone has their careers, time is very important.” Aki commented. “The last time, I had to be in an interview but since we were so far there was no other way but to conduct it through a video call.”

“I agree with the seniors. I believe somewhere near would be better so in case something happens we can go back to Japan as soon as possible.”

Haru nodded at that opinion of Akane. “So, do you guys have any opinion on where we should go?”

“Somewhere that is not really far, huh? Hmm…” Manaki thought aloud. “How about Guam, Pres.?”

“Guam is so close that it has been a regular vacation destination of most of the students.” Haru rubbed his chin. “It will be a bit risky to go by the sea. We don’t know how much of a kid the freshmen are. It’ll be a shame if someone drowns.”

“Where should we go then?” Natsu’s brows started to furrow thinking of ideas. “Somewhere near and safe… Somewhere where everyone would enjoy…”

Haru turned to the sulking Fuyu. “Do you have anything in mind, Fuyu?”

“I don’t want to go anywhere.” He answered while weakly waving his hand up in the air.

“Come on, there must be some idea in that coconut head of yours.” Aki teased which made him raise his head and look sharply at Aki.

“Agoki.” He pouted and then buried his head back to his arms. “If there is somewhere that I want to go, you guys already know where it is.”

“It’s decided then.” Haru stood up from his seat. “We are going to South Korea.”

A roll of ‘EHH!?’ was heard from everyone in the room. Akane couldn’t believe that Haru agreed to Fuyu’s suggestion like that. He didn’t even ask about where it is. He already knows what he is talking about. He also didn’t ask for what the students will benefit there in that place. Haru just said yes as if he is just waiting for Fuyu to talk about that place.

“A-Are you serious, Haru?” Fuyu asked, his lips parted. “Are we really going there?”

Haru nodded. “Korea has a rich pop music culture. Their old culture is also well-preserved. It’ll be nice to see those things once in a while. Plus, it is still a little breezy in that place so there won’t be any problem with the weather change. There are also a lot of great places where we can conduct the Membership Training.”

“Fuyu-nii! We are going to Korea! You want to go there for a long time now, right?” Natsu cheerfully told his brother. “We will finally go there!”

“Y-Yeah.” Fuyu smiled hesitatingly. He still couldn’t believe that he would be able to go to Korea at last. He doesn’t know but there seems to be a strange force that pulls him to that country.

“Manaki, Risao. Start researching about the place where we could stay. Choose the best one so we will not hear any complain from the students. Akane-san, please start making schedule of activities. I know I can trust your planning skills so I’m giving you this task. The MT will be three days and two nights just like the usual. Tours are great but I would like to see more team-building activities.”

The three nodded at Haru and booted their laptops.

“And now for the four of us…” Haru raised his glasses and smirked. The other members of Shiki gulped in anxiousness. “Let’s go somewhere to start with our part.”



“Good morning, I am Watanabe Yuma. I’ll be in your care.”

Class 2-D was in awe of the sudden appearance of a bishonen. He is such an eye candy and seems like he is someone you could never resist. This guy has just transferred into their class.

Yuma is smiling proudly. He could clearly remember that phone call he had with Yokoyama Haru. He apologized for what Fuyu has done and in order to compensate, he is willing to grant one request. Without further thinking, Yuma answered that he wants to study in NHG. He knows that Haru might be surprised and his request is too much but this is his only chance to get into that school. And to ask that to Yokoyama Haru it has 99.9% possibility.

“Being hit in the forehead is such a big blessing.” He chuckled to himself. “And look at them; they couldn’t even recognize that I am Getters Yuma without the silly mask and glasses.”

“Watanabe-kun, you can take the empty seat behind Watanabe Miyu-san.” The teacher pointed at the seat and he went there as soon as possible. He could feel the heavy stare from Miyu and Maki. It seems like they have recognized him. He just smiled at them, knowing who they were in their past lives.

As he was walking towards his seat, he had a glimpse of Fumie who is currently spacing out. Her chin is resting on her palm while staring blankly at the direction of the Seniors’ Tower. Yuma couldn’t help but to heave a sigh after seeing that troubled face.

“You will constantly feel sad if you keep running away from your destiny.”

Yuma has already gone through the gossip page of NHG to find more proofs about his observation. Everything that he has read just gave further support to his theories—Fuyu’s obsession with a certain smell, that smell being discovered from a new comer that really looks like that girl. What bothers him the most is why Fumie doesn’t feel the same way as Fuyu.

Lunch time came and Fumie heavily stood up from her seat. Yuma was about to follow her but he was immediately halted by the frowning Miyu and Maki.

“Aren’t you guys going to get lunch?” Fumie weakly asked. The two hid Yuma in their back.

“Go ahead, Fumie-chan. We will go after you.” Maki waved at her.

“We will follow you right after we finish something. Don’t get lost, okay?” That was Miyu covering everything up with her smile.

Fumie took a deep breath. “Alright… I’ll just go get some bread for today. Hmmm… I’ll just go get Melon Pan for you guys as well. How about that?”

“Cool, cool! Thanks for that, Fumie-chan!”

That’s all and the girl went out of the classroom. She seems to be really, really down. The other two immediately went back to Yuma who is just sitting comfortably at his seat with his arms crossed.

“You are that funny-looking guy from last time, right?” Miyu asked as if she is some inspector. “Your mask fell when Hoshi-senpai headbutted you so we know who you are!”

“Wow~ So you even call him that way, huh? Shouldn’t you be calling him Waru-kun?”

Miyu backed out a little bit and then looked at Maki as if she is asking her what the hell is this guy saying. “Go and talk to him, Maki-chan. You might have the same language.” Maki took a deep breath and stroke her favorite pose.

“Tell us the reason why you are here or I can’t help but to use my geass to you!” Maki even covered her left eye. “I admired you but I can’t believe that you are someone who randomly attack girls like Fumie-chan!”

Yuma’s brow twitched a little. “I never expected that you will be back here with that kind of personality.” The guy sighed and then smirked. “Well, to tell you the truth…” He took a deep breath and with a confident smile on his face he said,

I’m here to help Maru-sama be with Paruru-san.”

“W-What!?” The two asked in chorus.

“What are you even talking about?” Maki asked. “I can’t decipher your thoughts!”

“Maru-sama? P-Paruru?” Miyu repeated the names the guy mentioned. “You mean—“

“Yes!” Yuma stood up from his seat and pulled down his blazer. “I’m talking about that story. According to my analysis, Maru-sama is seriously running out of time.


FUMIE suddenly snapped back to reality and she just found out that she is nowhere near their tower. She looked around only to find that she is in the building where the library is located. ‘Why is she even there?’ is a question that she was also asking herself.

Everything somehow went back to her mind when she remembered the place she is standing at. It was the place where Yuma found him. It is also the place where she saw Fuyu running to save her. She held her chest as it started to tighten.

“Why am I feeling like this?” She asked herself. The scene flashbacks to her as if it is playing on hologram. Fuyu came to save her and then all of a sudden, Maki and Miyu arrived with Asuka. She heard Fuyu call the girl’s name, looking really surprised about meeting her in the school.

Asuka smiled at him and then uttered his name. And just like that she felt that she already got lost in Fuyu’s sight but all of his attention transferred to the idol. Miyu and Maki rushed to her to check if she is alright and the two was left into the world of their own.

She couldn’t hear what they were talking about because her two friends were too loud but she managed to read Asuka’s lips.

“Aitakatta… (I missed you…)” is what she read the girl said, her eyes a bit misty. She saw Fuyu scratched the back of his head a bit, probably feeling shy. His arm slowly stretched towards the idol and with much hesitation, he patted Asuka’s head which made the girl filled with delight. She has never seen Asuka smiled like that ever in her career.

At that moment she heard a voice inside her head saying, “That should be me.”

Fumie gasped to herself after realizing that regretful sentence she just heard from her inner self. From that day onwards, that thought never left her—the idea that she might be jealous.

“And why am I even here expecting to see him again?” Fumie asked herself then sighed. She turned around to go back to their tower when she suddenly heard footsteps from the stairs.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Going to get lunch.”

“We are not done yet!”

“It’s already lunch time. I need to eat.”

“We will not eat until we are not perfecting it!”

“We won’t perfect it if we are hungry!”

Fumie’s heart started to quake when she recognized the owner of the other voice. She wanted to move and hide but her feet remained rooted on the ground. Soon after, she saw Fuyu coming down from the stairs at his usual ice-cold, poker face.

The guy noticed him quickly through her scent and he froze right after their eyes met.

“F-Fumie?” he called out.

“Hoshizora Fuyu, come back here—“

Haru stopped when he saw the girl that halted Fuyu’s escape. Fumie also noticed him and with a loud voice, as if on cue, they exclaimed in chorus,




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So the haru-fumie first meeting isn't the first meeting then! Maybe they meet in dream about past life @@ well maybe i watch so much romance drama @@ I wonder what that story is?? Things that mix???  and maru-sama is fuyu??? Time out???? It will take a few chapter for the answer then!!! I'm looking forward for your next update!!!
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Heyyy.. finally my time to shine! Lol. I'm new in this fandom so please be gentle with me...  :hee:

Yuma’s brow twitched a little. “I never expected that you will be back here with that kind of personality.” The guy sighed and then smirked. “Well, to tell you the truth…” He took a deep breath and with a confident smile on his face he said,

I’m here to help Maru-sama be with Paruru-san.”

“W-What!?” The two asked in chorus.

“What are you even talking about?” Maki asked. “I can’t decipher your thoughts!”

“Maru-sama? P-Paruru?” Miyu repeated the names the guy mentioned. “You mean—“

“Yes!” Yuma stood up from his seat and pulled down his blazer. “I’m talking about that story. According to my analysis, Maru-sama is seriously running out of time.”


Lmao. I don't know how to quote so I copied it instead. Sooooo, what do you mean when Maru-sama is running out of time? Yuma doesn't just read faces (past life of a person) but also their future or something?   :on hypto:

Haru stopped when he saw the girl that halted Fuyu’s escape. Fumie also noticed him and with a loud voice, as if on cue, they exclaimed in chorus,



I think they are like childhood friends or something... I think I've read about that somewhere ... I think it's on chapter 1 when Fumieparu was looking at the Student Council Bulletin Board or something...  :glasses:

FUMIE is looking at the bulletin board by the first floor corridor in the Junior’s Tower. Posted on it is the picture of the Student Council president who has been governing the school ever since he was a freshman. It was Yokoyama Haru.

The girl examined the guy on the poster very well because he looks kind of familiar to her. Haru is wearing glasses with rectangular frames and is looking so respectable in the poster. He is the model of the school; even his achievements are written in the poster and it is such a long list.

“He has already reached a lot at a very young age? Wow.” She marveled while looking at the list. “It would be really a waste if he would turn out to be gay like the rumors say.”

Since Haruyui and Fumieparu were like bestfiends turned lovers on TTM is there another chance for a love triangle between Fumieparu, Fuyumaru and Haruyui this time? Also will there be a time for a bromance between Haruyui and Akisaya? :luvluv2: Imma really looking forward to it tbh :shy2:  :wriggly: :wahaha:

Anyway, I'm looking forward to everything you write. Love it when the said Sayaka's fic TTM was here. Ganbare Cut-san  :on asmo:
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ahaha seriously cut-sama you just make me laugh at fuyu and haru 'reunion' scene, and how the heck the others 2 can make a tea in that time and sip it without care in the world really cracked me up wahaha :rofl:

to say i wasn't surprised with yuma's presence as transfer student would be a lie, i didn't expect him to enroll in NHG, and what's more, his word about helping maru and paruru to be together is surprising

but the more surprising part when fumie and haru seems to know each other, somehow i sense this will bring some trouble/heartache/jealousy and love triangle toward fuyu.(add natsu or aki and it will be square )  XD

now, let me try to guess, they will meet someone in south korea aren't they ? maybe accidentally. and the people that i can think of is between haruppi or techi and another keyaki members ? :nervous   

in the end this is great chapter thank you, i will wait for the next
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Hey Cut-san hisashiburi you know there is a song perfect for your story if you have listen to the ost of kimi no na wa Zen Zen Zense its kind of a match in a way but the english one would be good to try to listen to the original song then the english cover i'll provide the link for the english one in youtube.
"Zen Zen Zense" English cover link:
Or just search it in youtube
Thank you as always.
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Ohhoo I'm waiting for the harufumiefuyu love triangle  :jphip:
And the truth behind akiharu gay rumor :jphip:
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Fuyu looked back and forth at Fumie and Haru. What on earth is happening?

“D-Do you know each other?” The guy asked, his eyebrows forming a knot.

“Yeah…” Haru answered. His eyes are still on Fumie. “When I was in Wales, I helped a Japanese girl go back to her house because she got lost. I couldn’t believe that I will meet her again here!”

“I-It was you!?” Fumie gasped. “No wonder you look familiar when I saw your picture.”

Haru smiled at her. “It’s nice to see you again. I hope you are not getting lost again.”

Fumie started to blush. The fact that her feet just brought her here and she technically got lost is embarrassing. Fuyu noticed the way she blushed which made the boy’s heart clench.

“Heeeey~! Don’t just run from us—“ Natsu halted when he saw Fumie downstairs. A smile curved up his lips. “Fumie-chaaaan~!”

Haru’s ears twitched. “Fumie? So she is the girl with the scent!?“ He turned to Fuyu who immediately averted his stare.

“You don’t know?” Aki asked. He came after them together with Natsu. “Their story is all over the gossip page of this school.”

“I am not visiting that page. You know that I am not interested with gossips. I just know that Fuyu has already found the girl he is looking for but I haven’t seen her face.” Haru explained then turned back to Fumie. It seems like he still couldn’t believe everything. “Such a small world!”

“I-It really is!” Fumie couldn’t believe that the Japanese guy that helped her when she got lost in a city in Wales was non-other than Yokoyama Haru. He was like an angel from heaven that time because if he didn’t appear and help her then maybe she’s still wandering until now. She was not able to ask for his name when he suddenly disappeared just like an actual angel. “I-It’s nice to see you again. Thank you for leading me back last time.”

“No worries! I’m glad that I helped a fellow Japanese.”

“I’m going to eat now. I am really starving.” That was Fuyu. He was quick to leave without even waiting for the response of his friends.

“W-Wait, Fuyu!” Haru called him back. “Aren’t you going to properly introduce me your girlfriend?”

Natsu and Aki gasped. The former even bit his lips. This is what happens when you are not updated with gossips. Fumie was also shocked by the sudden question from Haru.

“You have already met each other. There’s no need for introductions.” He slightly turned his head to them but he isn’t directly looking at them. “And… she’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have any relationship with her. Please stop linking her to me. I feel bad for her.”

That’s all and he left. Natsu took a few seconds before he could recover from the shock. He called out for his brother and ran after him. “See you around, Fumie-chan.” Natsu awkwardly smiled at her before going.

“I guess I have to follow them as well.” Aki shrugged as he went downstairs. He stopped in front of Fumie and smiled at her. “Seems like he is already waking up. Isn’t it good news for you, Fumie-chan?”

Fumie was shocked at Aki’s innuendo. She immediately bowed her head to avoid his stare. Aki then turned to Haru. “Let’s go and eat first, Haru. The task can wait. See you around Fumie-chan. Say hi to Miyu-chan and Maki-chan for me.”

That’s all and Aki also left. Haru was left there confused.

“Why did everything suddenly turn awkward?” he asked himself, audible enough for Fumie to hear. “I think I have a lot of catching up to do. See you around…”

“Shingyoji… Shingyoji Fumie-desu…”

“See you around, Shingyoji-san. It’s really nice to see you again.”

Haru rushed to the direction where his friends went. Fumie suddenly felt her knees tremble that she had to sit on the stairs just to have it rest. She was dumbfounded. Those words kept on echoing in the back of her mind.

[She’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have any relationship with her. Please stop linking her to me. I feel bad for her.]

Fumie held her chest and coiled forward.

“Why does it hurt this much?”


A LOT of people were greeting Haru while they were on their way to the cafeteria. It seems like the students are really pleased to see him back. Even the teachers are overjoyed that the student council presidency is already back to its rightful owner. They don’t have to worry about anything.

It’s really a sight to find the Shiki complete in the cafeteria. What a lovely sight it is for the girls. All the HaruAki shippers are rejoicing to the reunion of their OTP.

They sat on the usual table they use. It is the one in the corner near the window.

“So you are saying that Fuyu was turned down?” Haru asked Natsu. The latter gave out a series of nods.

“To put it simply, Fumie-chan doesn’t feel the same way for him. There isn’t any sigh that she was also searching for Fuyu-nii at the very least. And to top all of that, Fumie-chan wants to be an idol.” Natsu then took a spoonful of his food.

“That must be really hard for Fuyu, eh?” Haru commented.

“You’re totally right about that.” Aki seconded. “It really became so awkward for the two of them. It seems like Fumie-chan was really traumatized about Fuyu suddenly declaring her as his girlfriend at the very first time they met.”

“No wonder she turned Fuyu down. I know romance is a lot more fast-paced these days but being someone’s girlfriend without even knowing the name of the boy is like getting into forced marriage.”

“Please stop talking like that as if I’m not here.” Fuyu rolled his eyes in disbelief. He was trying to focus on his food but these three won’t leave him in peace. “I know that I started really badly. Every move I make just pushes her farther from me. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Are you going to surrender now, Fuyu-nii?” Natsu asked. A hint of worry is on his face.

Fuyu remained silent and went back to eating which somehow made Natsu and Aki panicked a little. Haru shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, now that you know that this girl that you are waiting for doesn’t feel the same way for you, I think you should focus on developing yourself. You are seriously overflowing with talents and abilities. Don’t let them lay wasted.”

Fuyu didn’t say anything. He is already tired getting this kind of reminder. He hears this almost from everyone.

“You are good looking and you can do things effortlessly. Don’t rest your fate just on one girl. I understand that there might be a special feeling behind that but you should look at the long-term effects.”

Fuyu sighed. Haru lecturing him is really getting to his nerves but he understands where the guy is pulling out everything.

He’s on the same page anyway. He has been waiting for the day that he meets the girl that he has been looking for but it ended up this way. The feeling of laying down his life just for this girl is still there. There is no doubt that he loves her. He has been loving her even before he met her.

But, the rejection and the continuous avoidance seem like it has already taken a toll to his patience. Doubt has already sprung out in his head. What if everything he has believed from the very beginning isn’t true? What if everything is just like as everyone is saying? That he is just a delusional, good for nothing lackluster… Everything that he has been dreaming of… What if all of those are really just a dream?

“Hey Aki…” Fuyu was brought back to his senses when he heard Haru. “You got some sauce on your lips. Come here and let me wipe it from you.”

“Eh? Really?” Aki leaned towards Haru and the latter gently wiped the sauce away from his lips. Somehow they heard gasps from the people in the cafeteria.

Natsu smirked. “You are giving them fanfic material again.”

“Is it really bad that we are this close?” Aki sighed. “I’m really going to get whoever is it that writes that R-18 story about me and Haru. That doesn’t help to my image at all.”

“Are you guys reading it?” Natsu casually asked before taking a spoonful. The two just shook their heads. “You should go and check it. You might find clues on whoever is writing it. I heard that there are similar happenings that happened in real life.”

Aki shook his head furiously. “I think I couldn’t take to read it.”

“I don’t have time for it either.” Haru commented.

A buzzing sound from Fuyu’s phone somehow caught their attention. They were a bit surprised because this guy has always set his phone notification into silent unless it is really important.

The guy was surprised to have the attention in him. He just ignored them and reached for his phone.

“Who’s that, Fuyu-nii?” Natsu asked. His neck stretching just to take a peek.


The other three froze on their places after Fuyu nonchalantly answered. He answered like talking to the top idol of the generation is not a big deal at all.

“What?” He asked; his brows in a knot.

Natsu cleared his throat and tried to talk in a lower voice. “Are you really chatting with Asuka-chan, Fuyu-nii?”

Fuyu sighed and looked back to his phone. “She asked for my contact when we met last time and we’ve been talking through LINE since then. She messages me whenever she gets her break.”

“Fuyu-kun, I am having my lunch now. I hope you are eating your lunch on time, too. We are currently doing an MV for a new song. Please look forward to it.”

Fuyu almost shrieked when Aki suddenly appeared behind him and read the message aloud. He tried to hit him but Aki was fast to dodge him. “The message ended with a heart emoji.” The guy casually went back to his seat while telling the others what he saw.

“What the hell is wrong with you, people?” Fuyu tried to calm himself then sent Asuka a quick reply. After that he quickly put all the food in his mouth and stood up. He left the other guys as if he doesn’t know them. He went to return his plate with his mouth full.

Haru just shook his head and went back to his food. “He’s such an innocent kid.”

“Fuyu-nii should just go for Asuka. It’s very obvious that she likes him!” Natsu commented with a pout. “I’m not saying that I don’t like Fumie-chan for him but why not go to someone who likes you than to the one that keeps pushing you away?”

“That’s some deep words you have there, Natsu.” Aki smiled while slowly shaking his head. “But seeing him with a doubtful face about the girl with the scent is something that really surprised me. We all know how he was so sure of that girl, right?”

Natsu shrugged. “Don’t know.”I’m for FuyuAshu!” He looked down a bit and whispered. “Although I also like Fumie-chan because she became the bridge for me and Fuyu-nii.”

“Poor Fuyu… Having all the woman in his life as idols…” Aki commented then there was silence.

Haru seemed like he is in a deep thought. He stopped eating and placed his spoon on the table. He turned to Natsu who somehow got a bit surprised. “What is it?” the other guy asked.

Haru took a deep breath. “Well…” he started. “Could you tell me anything about Shingyoji Fumie?”


“I’m eating lunch now with my friends. Have a good time in your shoot. Ganbare.”

Asuka gave out a sweet smile after reading Fuyu’s reply. It was sent with no emojis at all but it was enough to make her day. The short chat she is having with the guy is what keeps her going these days. She’s glad that she is finally talking with Fuyu again.

“The way he sends message is really just like him.”

She murmured to herself while reading their past messages. She wanted to open up the topic about Fumie but she knows that everything will be awkward if she does. It is better to keep the conversation topic to be just about the two of them. She better not start something that she will instantly regret.

She suddenly remembered the scene where Fuyu came to ‘save’ Fumie from Yuma’s hands. It was really a big shock for her to see Fuyu that violent to the extent of knocking Yuma down.

Asuka leaned to the table and blew her bangs with a sigh. Her phone is still right in front of her face. “Fuyu-kun really cares for that girl, huh….”

She turned off her phone’s screen and then closed her eyes. She is supposed to eat lunch but she is watching her weight these days so she’s skipping it and will just try to take a nap. She let her thoughts wander until her memories took her somewhere in the past.

The third grade middle-schooler Fuyu flashed on her sight. It was that scene again. The guy was just standing under a tree looking somewhere far. He was wearing that black suit. His face wasn’t showing any emotion at all. It was such a perfect poker face.

The boy noticed her looking at him and he turned to Asuka’s way. She doesn’t know whatever the boy is feeling after seeing her. His face literally says nothing. She just went near him without asking for permission.

The boy looked back at wherever he was looking at and with a cold voice he said, “Go home, Asuka. They won’t like it if they see you hanging out with me.”

“Fuyu-kun…” Asuka called out to him. She isn’t used to Fuyu being cold to her like this.

“Everyone has already abandoned me. No one wants to keep me.”

That look upon his face… Asuka couldn’t help but wonder why the world and Fuyu don’t seem to be in a good relationship. Why is everything that happens to him seems to be bad and will break his core into pieces? Why does it have to be always him that ends up suffering?

Those eyes… She knows that he is just pretending that he could handle everything but it is evident to his eyes that he is close to breaking down. How long is he going to put up a front that he is okay? How long will he try to convince himself that everything is fine as it is?

“Fuyu-kun…” She tried to reach out to him but her hand was swatted away.

“Go back home!” Fuyu shouted; his voice cracked. “I’m fine being alone! I don’t need anybody else! Just go and leave me alone!”

“But, Fuyu-kun—“

Asuka gasped when Fuyu suddenly hit the tree with his fist. She could see blood flowing down from his knuckles but Fuyu just bit his lips to suppress the pain.

“Just go away, Asuka…” Fuyu commanded in a low, shaky voice. He raised his head and looked at the girl only to reveal his watery eyes. He tried to smile at Asuka and the tears just started flowing. “I-I’m okay, Asuka… I’m okay—“

He was not able to continue what he was saying when Asuka jumped to hug him. The girl smiled at her, her eyes a bit watery. “I’m here, Fuyu-kun… I will never leave you. I will stay beside you.”

Fuyu’s face crumpled even more. He fell on his feet and started crying like a lost child. Asuka hugged him even tighter while he helplessly cries; letting out everything that he has been suppressing for he doesn’t know how long now.

“What have I done to be treated like this, Asuka? Why do people always make me feel that I don’t fit in? There’s nowhere I belong to… Nowhere!”

Tears started to flood Asuka’s eyes. She just let Fuyu cry for she knows it would really help if he lets his emotions out. The past days are considered the worst days in Fuyu’s life but no family member was there to help him get up and move on. Instead, they have been discussing who will take him into custody but no real family member seems interested to take him in.

After a few minutes the guy somehow calmed down. He leaned on the tree; covering his eyes with his hand because he is embarrassed for crying in front of his friend. Asuka also leaned on the tree. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the sobbing Fuyu.

She reached out for his injured hand which somehow surprised the guy. Fuyu removed the cover of his eyes and turned to Asuka. His breathing is still not stable. The girl wrapped his hand with her handkerchief to stop it from bleeding.

Asuka then smiled at him, her eyes swollen. That smile…

“Don’t worry, Fuyu-kun…” Asuka held his hand tightly. “I promise I will never leave you.”

The scene warped and was changed into her early memories of being an idol. It was after the day their group’s song reached number one in the weekly charts for the first time. The demand about her has increased drastically after centering the song.

Just like usual, Fuyu has dropped by her house after his class. He is now in his first year in NeoHorikoshi while Asuka is in her last year in middle school. Before heading to his part-time job, Fuyu would come to visit her for a small talk.

“There is still no improvement with your dancing. It is evident to your last night’s performance.” Fuyu casually dissed her while he is looking at the fashion magazine where Asuka has been featured.

“Eh? You watched it?” Asuka asked; her cheeks a little pink. She’s on her bed, lying on her stomach. She’s currently looking at the internet about her group. Little did she know that that group of hers would be quickly disbanded and she would go solo.

“Of course I watched it. Don’t you know how many times you sent me a message just to watch it?” Fuyu coldly answered but the truth was he was really looking forward to that performance. “But you did your best. You were really shining last night. It was really stunning.”

Asuka got startled for a moment. Fuyu just gave her a compliment, right? She couldn’t help but to be happy. She had to cover her face with her phone so that Fuyu won’t see her foolishly smiling to herself.

“Thank you, Fuyu-kun…” She said, more of a whisper. Nothing could make her happier than being complimented by the boy that she loves. If only this boy would look at her the same way, she would be willing to give up everything just for him.

A knock on her door was heard and the door opened a little, giving enough space for her mother to take a peek. Her mother is in her usual poker face.

“I’m sorry but can I invite Fuyu-kun for a talk? Please follow me in the living room.”

That’s all and her mother left them. The two looked at each other. Fuyu is curiously asking what would be the conversation about but the girl couldn’t give him anything other than a shrug. Fuyu stood up from the floor where he was sitting and then went out of the room.

There was an incredible wave of emotion in Asuka’s heart. She suddenly felt restless. She wanted to come out of her room to eavesdrop but her mother will surely not like it. All that she could do is for Fuyu to come back.

After a dreaded seven minutes of her life, Fuyu came back to her room with a suspicious smile on his face. He went to pick his bag, gave Asuka a smile and then went back to the door.

“W-Wait! Are you leaving already?” Asuka halted him. He is supposed to leave thirty minutes later.

“Sorry, Asuka.” Fuyu scratched his head. “While I was talking to your mom I got a call from my boss. He told me to come early. Jaa—“

“USO!” Asuka frowned. “You left your phone here when you went out!”

Fuyu’s smile widened. His laugh made everything more suspicious. “I really have to go now.”

“W-Wait! Fuyu-kun!”

“Gomen, Asuka…”

That’s all and Fuyu left her room. For a moment she was lost at the sudden happenings but then she realized that the best thing to get clarification is to go after the guy. And she did. After slapping her face to gather courage, she went out of her room only to see her mother blocking her way out.

“Okaa-san!” She called out to her mom but the lady just slowly shook her head.

“From now on, Fuyu-kun is not allowed to visit you.”

Her world almost shattered when she heard those cold words of her mom. She felt like she has swallowed her tongue.

“B-But Okaa-san! You know that I like—“

“That’s the main reason why I told him to go away. You are on your way in becoming a national idol. I won’t let your career be destroyed if some bunshun catches a boy coming into your house. He understands me and he agreed with everything that I said. You have to focus to your goal on becoming the top idol of this generation.”

“But that’s not my goal! It was your own dream!” Asuka argued. Her eyes are getting watery. “Please Okaa-san, let me through. I promised Fuyu-kun that I will not leave him alone! Please take back your words about driving him away!”

“Enough of this discussion, Asuka. Think about your fans that are sincerely rooting for you. Don’t give your all to just one guy. We both know that the girl that Fuyu-kun is searching for is not—“

“I DON’T CARE!” Asuka pushed her way off. She ran downstairs, gnashing her teeth in frustration. She dashed towards their gate. Thank goodness Fuyu is still there.

“Fuyu-kun!” She called out to him. She wasn’t even able to wear anything on her feet.

The guy turned to her with a surprised expression. “What’s up with that face?” he asked.

“Don’t leave!” Asuka shouted. She’s panting heavily because of the surge of emotions.

Fuyu only smiled at her. “I have to. I can’t afford to cause you any trouble.”

“But Fuyu-kun, the truth is I—“

“Don’t worry, Asuka.” Fuyu cut her sentence. “While you are on your journey on being the top idol, I will look for the girl with the scent so you won’t have to worry about me anymore. The moment I find her, I believe I will never be alone like this again. Well, it’s not that I hate being alone. I’m already used to it and I realized that there is nothing bad with it.”

His smile widened, hoping that it will send the girl at ease. “Thank you for taking care of me all this time. Please be successful as much as you can be.”

Fuyu opened the gate but before going out, he turned back to the girl who is trying to keep her tears from falling. “Don’t worry about me. I’m really going to be okay. Once I find her, I will introduce her to you. I’m going now.”

This is the moment in her life that she really wanted to go back to if ever she would be given a chance. She would like to reset everything. She would tell Fuyu that the girl he was looking for would not return his feelings like he was thinking. If time would ever permit, she would go back and then tell him straight to his face what she truly feels about him. She won’t let herself be swallowed by the fact that she is not the girl with the scent because she knows that that girl would not help Fuyu at all. She would tell him that she has been loving him since the beginning.

Her nap was suddenly disturbed when her phone vibrated. Her eyes opened in a flash hoping that it is Fuyu. A wonderful smile was pasted on her face right after reading the sender’s name. It is indeed Fuyu!

There will be an MT next week and it will be held in Korea. It will be for three days and two nights like the usual. Will you be able to come with us?

Asuka jumped from her seat which surprised her manager.

“Wada-san! Can you please make changes with my schedule for next week? I want to attend our school’s MT.”

The manager’s jaw dropped for the sudden request. He looked at his neuro linker to view Asuka’s schedule. “Let me see what I can do with that.”

“Thank you, Wada-san!” Asuka went back to her seat and sent a reply to Fuyu. She couldn’t help but smile foolishly to herself.

“It isn’t late for me, right? It isn’t late for us to pick up where we stopped, right?”



@giotuyet-san, I guess some questions are answered in this chapter now. :)
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So this time fumie got helped by haru. Will it be the start of their love story? The last time paru got helped by maru when she got lost in korea, they start a very much complicated love story
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Oh btw, porkofdoom-san  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow: that's all I can say. You're really gooooooooood~! Waiting for your next fanart  :on cny2:

@MatsuiLee THANK YOU!!!! Arigatou gozaimashta! It's actually my first fan-art, digitally made and the first one I've posted OL. Cut-san really overdid himself and touched my heart with his love for his fanfics and arts. I hope he will update soon and maybe I could post another one, too! XD Maybe a Wish fanart LMAO!!

@Cut-san, tuesday :3
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well, to be honest somehow i really really can relate to fuyu when he said about how the world treat him,
“What have I done to be treated like this, Asuka? Why do people always make me feel that I don’t fit in? There’s nowhere I belong to… Nowhere!”

i kind familiar with that feeling of being unfit, too bad i don't have someone like ashuka in real life, i know what you are feeling my bro fuyu  :(

enough for serious thing now, i kind agree with using zenzenzense's english version or maybe since they are going go to korea why not use Cnblue's "because i miss you" that's song is kind of sad thought hehe  ;)

now to the character : yuma, fuyu and fumie seems really need your help now but some action, and haru, you better not try to steal fumie
oh and  am i the only one who laugh with natsu's comment how haru and aki give the ladies new fanfic material without the two even realize it ?  XD
i can't wait for the next chapter  :) XD

@porkofdoom-san your fanart is great really keep it up
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Chapter 14: M.T. (I)

YUMA’s eyes couldn’t stop glittering in the plane. It was his first time to get out of the country and who would’ve thought that he will be sitting in the business class together with the Shiki, the Student Council plus three more extras.

It was Haru’s idea to put him there and he was asked to bring his friends if ever he has them.

“Stop looking like it is your first time to ride in a plane like this, Yuma-san.” Miyu commented while playing with her locks. She looks so bored. “Why am I even stuck here with you?”

She looked around to see what the others are doing. The vice president of the Student Council is just reading something through her neurolinker. She’s the only one without a seatmate. The two other boys of the council are busy watching a movie on the screen in front of them while snacking.

Maki and Fumie are sitting together. The former is trying to teach the latter some magic tricks but Fumie doesn’t seem amazed at all. She’s still looking a bit down just as she was at the beginning of the week. She looks like she’s still in another planet. Maki has been trying to cheer her up but to no avail.

Fuyu and Natsu are sitting together and she can never deny that Natsu is so much delighted being seated together with his brother. Fuyu is sleeping while Natsu couldn’t keep himself calm. Instead of taking a rest, he is sneakily taking two shots with his sleeping brother.

On the other hand, Aki is sitting with Haru. Miyu couldn’t stop her heart from throbbing so fast while looking at those two being together. Haru seems like teaching something to Aki through his laptop and they are so close to each other.

“Should I snap a picture?” Miyu asked herself. “No, no. I must hold myself back. This scene should come out in the story…”

She continued looking at the two when she witnessed something that is off. One, two, three… She counted how many times Haru stole a glimpse of Fumie who was sitting on their left side. He looked at her thrice in just one minute.

“What was that—“

“So…How long are you going to keep me away from her?”

Miyu turned to Yuma who is now sitting comfortably with his arms crossed. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Are we on this topic again?” She asked imitating the way the guy sits.

“I told you and Togawa-san about this already. You are all reincarnations of the people written in that story I am talking about. You were all idols at some point in time and not just ordinary ones—you were all national idols!”

Yuma took a deep breath. “I know that it is hard to believe but it is the truth. People were surprised when that book came out containing names of real idols, based on real happenings, revealing things that the people didn’t know about.

Of course everyone thought it was just a fanfiction. But, think of it—who will write a fanfiction of an idol group roughly 80 years later after that group’s fame? Would you consider that author to be in the right mind?”

Yuma rolled his eyes when he noticed that Miyu isn’t paying attention to whatever he is saying. He tried to calm himself and continued talking.

“The book was written by someone under the pen name Yuki Koi. She has never shown her face in the public even though she was a renowned novelist. But according to my research, her real name is Yamamoto Sayaka. It’s the same name of one of the characters in the story! Do you think that it was just a coincidence?

You also have to know that that Sayaka had a lover called Watanabe Miyuki. And as I have been saying to you for I don’t know how many times now, YOU are this time’s Watanabe Miyuki! The Sayaka of this time is that guy over there!”

Yuma pointed to Aki. Miyu took a glimpse of Aki and acted like she is not affected at all.

“So you are trying to fool me that you are not affected, huh?” Yuma smirked. “We both know that you are strongly attracted to him. That’s because in your previous lives both of you are lovers! It’s not a coincidence that you like him. It’s normal for Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka to be together!” (A/N: Because SayaMilky is forever)

Miyu grew so red just like a ripe tomato. She slowly lifted her head to glare at Yuma.

“Is it that obvious?” she asked shyly. “That I like him?”

“It is!” Yuma nodded strongly. “Also according to my research, the story was not Yuki Koi’s idea. It was a story that her adoptive son has been talking about. That kid claimed that he was Hoshino Maru in his past life and he had vivid memories of it until he turned to a certain age and all the memories vanished. Luckily, Yuki Koi managed to write everything.”

“Is that so?” Miyu finally showed interest. She was even leaning towards Yuma. “You mean that the kid they adopted was Hoshino Maru?”

“That is according to my research! I don’t really know what happened but I‘m sure Maru and Paruru weren’t able to have the happy ending they wanted even on that time. I heard that the kid grew up to be a marksman and ended up being killed.”

Yuma remembered that he saw Fuyu’s light was very dim at the first time he saw him which made him conclude that he was a criminal in his past life. Thinking about it, Maru’s father died in her hands and if the kid who was claiming that he was Maru became a marksman, having a dim light is explainable.

“How sure are you that Hoshi-senpai is Hoshino Maru of this time?” The girl threw another question.

“It’s very easy to be honest. His ‘smell fetish’ is one of the strongest evidence. If you have read the story then you already know why he was searching through scent and not by anything else. He also has this birthmark in his forehead that he is concealing with his hair. Birthmarks are said to be the cause of your death in your past life. I want to think that it was because of the car accident Maru got herself into. It may not be the real cause of her death but everyone thinks that she died that way.”

Miyu remained silent as if trying to figure out things.

“If you are going to ask about Shingyoji-san being Paruru. It is just so evident on the way she looks. She’s like an exact copy of her!”

“Now that you said it, Fumie has been told that she looks like a famous idol and she is also addicted to that book for the reason she doesn’t even know herself.”

Yuma nodded at Miyu’s statement. “It’s because she was Shimazaki Haruka! I’m just wondering why she is running away from the Hoshino Maru of this time. Could it be that Maru was the only one who really loved?”

“That would be too bad!” Miyu gasped. “You are saying that Paruru didn’t really love Maru, right? But in the story Paruru was deeply inlove with her.”

“Hmmm…” Yuma thought aloud. “Regardless of that, we need to help Hoshizora-senpai to be with Shingyoji-san. Looking at him now, he doesn’t seem like he can hold on for a long time.”

“What are you talking about exactly?”

Yuma released a vexed sigh. “If the Maru and Paruru of this time won’t end up together, I’m afraid that Hoshizora-senpai would stop holding on to the promise. Being driven away by the one he loves… Do you think his longing heart could handle it any longer? I doubt it! Looking at Senpai, it doesn’t seem he is having a good life as well.”

Miyu pressed her lips together. “This is getting really complicated.” She remembered that she also agreed in the MFFFA plan. She’s now torn in between. “Let’s say that everything you are saying is true, how should we make this time’s Paruru to remember her promise to Maru?”

“That’s why I am trying to talk to her and tell her everything but you guys are always blocking my way!” Yuma fell silent then he turned to the window. “I will just reserve that as the final card. For now, let’s just observe them. We are going to Korea, right? We shall confirm everything there.”



THE NHG students and teachers safely arrived in Korea. Fumie saw Fuyu helping Maki with her luggage and then went out the gate. She tried not to care and then grabbed her baggage. She got surprised when somebody suddenly grabbed it from her. It was Natsu, grinning at her from ear to ear.

“Disappointed?” Natsu asked. “I saw you looking at them with that salty face of yours. Fuyu-nii asked me to help you.” That’s all and the guy started walking towards the gate. Fumie couldn’t do anything but to follow him.

“I don’t really need help.” Fumie bitterly answered.

“You’re welcome.” Natsu smirked. “If you like him then just tell him. He will be overjoyed for sure. He will gladly accept your feelings.”

“I-I don’t like him.”

“You stammered. You’re lying.”

“I-It’s because you are suddenly telling me that again!”

Natsu turned to her, unamazed of her continuous denial. “You say so. Then you won’t regret if he falls for another girl, right?”

“I-I don’t really mind!”

The door of the gate opened and Fumie’s jaw dropped to what she has seen. Asuka was there and she was talking to Fuyu and Maki. When did she arrive? As far as she could remember she didn’t board the plane with them.

Maki noticed them and she waved at them. “Fumie-chan, Natsu-kun! Look, Asuka is here! She said she’ll be joining the MT! How cool is that!”

Asuka and Fuyu turned to them. The idol smiled at her and their eyes met. Fumie panicked. She took a bow and took her baggage from Natsu.

“I’m going to look for Miyu.” She started walking with her head down.

“Hey! You are going the wrong way!” Natsu shouted at her.

Fumie flushed. She turned to Fuyu to see how the guy was looking at her but she was surprised to see him looking at her with his cold eyes. Shortly after that, he turned to Asuka and started talking with the idol. She felt her heart crumpled. She immediately turned to the other side and rushed to where Miyu is.

“Is Fumie-chan, okay?” Maki asked Natsu. The guy just shrugged.

“Is she still feeling shy to me?” Asuka asked.

“I think so! Fumie-chan is really a big fan of you, you know?” Maki said. “It’ll be nice if you two could be friends as well. She’s really giving her best to be an idol like you.”

“You know I’m not good in making friends, Maki.” Asuka smiled faintly then took a glimpse of Fuyu. The guy was looking at the direction where Fumie went. Those eyes of him… They are still filled with sadness. How could she erase that sadness from the guy’s eyes? It has been like that for years. How could she make other people happy and not this person that she likes the most?



ONE BUS is going to transfer their things to the hotel they are going to stay at while they will go and start their tour. From the city of Incheon, they are now heading to the capital of Korea which is Seoul. Fuyu was all eyes to the scenery outside. He badly needs to know the reason why this country is very close to his heart.

They arrived in Seoul in no time and the first place they went to see is the palace of the president. Of course they weren’t able to look inside. The real target is somewhere near that place.

“Good day, everyone! May I have your attentions, please?” Everyone turned to Haru who was speaking through a megaphone. “I am the president of the Student Council, Yokoyama Haru and with me here is the team who planned the MT. We are here to explain to you the first course of this event.”

Everyone is listening to the respected president. As expected from Haru. He is really good in managing people. He is really born for it.

“As you can see, everyone, we are here behind the Blue House (the presidential mansion in Korea). We are actually going on a hike today!”

The students gasped after hearing the word hike. Is Haru serious about this? They just came from an airplane ride and now they are going on a hike?

“We are in the foot of the Bugaksan. This is one of the best mountains to hike here in Seoul. Aside for it being historical, the scenery here is very amazing. We are going to hike here and we will go down with a different course. On the other side, there is a small museum. I’m not very sure of the details but that place will be the finish line.”

The students started murmuring. What is this finish line that Haru is talking about? By any chance, are they doing a…

“Yes! This will be a race!"Haru proclaimed. "Along the way there will be tasks that you have to do. But don’t worry, everyone. The tasks are very easy. We have already assigned you in groups. If you remember, we gave you color coded wristbands when you rode the bus. That will determine your group!”

Excitement is in the air while everyone was looking for their teammates. Just as Akane planned, everyone is socializing very well. Since it is a mix, there’ll be a lot of things to discover with one another. With these, the freshmen will have the opportunity to properly blend in.

When everyone is settled with their groups, Haru continued talking.

“The group who will properly complete the tasks and will arrive quickly on the said museum will be rewarded with extra premium meat to be served during lunch. Please be guided with the maps. Don’t get lost. Please make sure that you are going to arrive at the finish line before lunch. Last but not the least, let’s just enjoy this time of our youth! Saa,

The race starts now!”

The students went on with their journey up on the said mountain but those who were sitting on the business class were left behind. The second years got confused. They were handed with wristbands but they couldn’t find their groupmates. Miyu and Yuma have matching bands but there were only the two of them. The groups were composed of five people each.

“I know this is confusing you all.” Haru stated with a smile on his face. “But we are going to have our own race.”

“What!?” Natsu asked with a frown. “What’s this for?”

“I just thought that it would be fun to race with you, guys.” Haru’s smile widened.

“You’re such a child, Haru.” Fuyu dissed.

“Hey! Just let Haru do what he wants. He needs this kind of thing to relax, you know?” Aki defended the president.

“Tch!” Fuyu rolled his eyes. This action made Asuka chuckle. Fuyu looked at her and pouted. “Don’t laugh. It isn’t funny.”

“Well, let’s start our own race.” Haru raised his wristband with letter H on it. Everyone looked at their bands and the groupings started.

“I think this is actually the first letter of the names of each member of Shiki.” Miyu whispered to Fumie and then giggled. “I got A, Fumie! I got A! You know what this means!?”

And Miyu is right. She was grouped with Aki. Team A is composed of Aki, Miyu and Yuma while Team N is composed of Natsu, Maki and Akane. On the other hand, Team F is being led by the Ice Prince himself and on his team are Asuka and Manaki. Fuyu couldn’t help but to steal glances at Fumie who is grouped with Haru and Risao. All he could ask himself is why Fumie got grouped with Haru.

Risao on the other hand is dying with envy of Manaki because he also wants to be grouped with Fuyu. Manaki tucked his tongue out to tease his bestfriend.

“Don’t worry about this, Matsui-senpai, Togawa-san. I have studied the route. We will surely win this!” Akane raised her fist. Her eyes are burning with the desire to win. Natsu and Maki gulped.

“I guess there’s no other way but to win this, Maki.” Natsu whispered.

Maki smirked. “Don’t worry, Prince! I can use my teleportation technique if ever we get lost.”

“Baka!” He reached for Maki’s hand which somehow surprised the girl. Maki looked up to him only to see his blushing face. “Just stick to me so you won’t get lost.”

Meanwhile in Team A…

“I can’t believe I’m still stuck with you, Yuma-kun!” Miyu sighed in disbelief.

“It seems like you are really destined to help me with my mission.” Yuma smiled with his head held on high. “We should watch over Yokoyama-senpai as well. He could be a big hindrance to this time’s MaruParu.”

Miyu’s curiosity arose. “What do you mean?”

Yuma moved closer to her to whisper, “Yokoyama Haru-senpai is obviously Yokoyama Yui in his past life. You know the story.”

“Ohhhh… I see.” Miyu nodded while looking at the direction of Haru’s team. “No wonder Fumie got on his team.”

“What are you guys talking about?”

They jerked and then turned to Aki. His eyebrows are flinching while forcing a smile. He still couldn’t believe that this good looking boy is Getters Yuma that is claiming that he is a girl called Yamamoto Sayaka in his past life. His cool character is heavily bruised.

“Nothing! It’s just for me and Miyu-san!” Yuma tucked his tongue out and then grabbed Miyu towards him. Aki’s eyes widened.

“C-Chotto!” Miyu tried to push him away but Yuma winked at her.

“Let’s tease him a little bit.” He whispered.

It seems like Team A will find it hard to cooperate with each other. Team H looks like they didn’t take time to settle with each other. Fumie seems like she is really comfortable having Haru around which somehow irritates Fuyu. The Ice Prince, after failing to prevent himself for doing so, went to the place where Team H is. Fumie gave him a surprised look.

“You need something, Fuyu?” Haru asked.

Fuyu took a deep breath and tried to keep his poker face. “Take care of Fumie. She gets lost easily so don’t let your eyes off of her.”

Fumie’s cheeks instantly burned and her heart started raging.

“Is that all?” Haru asked. “Don’t worry. I will look after her.”

Fuyu eyed Haru. The latter didn’t back out with the stare lock. Fuyu sighed.

“Okay then.” He turned his back to them and was about to go back to his group when Haru suddenly spoke.

“You said you don’t have any relationship with Shingyoji-san. You even asked me to stop linking her with you. I wonder why you seem like you care so much about her.”

Everyone fell silent after that statement of Haru. They all turned to where Fuyu and Haru are. Fuyu looked back to Haru with a meaningful, cold stare.

“What are you inferring to say, Haru?”

“Wait, are they going to fight again?” Akane asked herself. “At this time!?”

Haru shrugged. “Nothing. I’m just a bit surprised that you care for her this much after telling me that you don’t have anything to do with her.”

“Tch. So what—“

“Okay, okay! Calm down, Fuyu-kun~” Gasps were heard when Asuka entered the scene. She held Fuyu by his shoulder. “No fighting, okay? We are here to make good memories.”

As expected from the top idol. Fuyu took a deep breath. “I will beat you at this race, Haru.”

“You wish, Fuyu. I will definitely win with Fumie-chan.”

“Wait, I also belong to your team.” Risao raised his hand.

“Psh.” Fuyu clenched his fists but then let Haru’s teasing pass. Asuka brought him to their team. She took a look to where Fumie is and their eyes locked for a moment. She gave the other girl a cute smile together with a faint bow. Fumie bowed in return, surprised that Asuka suddenly greeted her.

Yuma heaved a deep sigh on what he just witnessed. His shoulders dropped.

“Why is everything seem to be chaotic?” He asked himself. “How should I get Maru-sama and Paruru-san together with this kind of setup?”

Hello everyone, I've read all your comments. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to reply to each one of you but I read them all and I'm really thankful for all the responses. I got a little busy and I'm tired. My eyes are half-opened while trying to proof read this. XD See you on the next chapter. I will properly reply to your comments next time. Thanks a lot everyone~ Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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The war between winter and spring to get the princess' heart has begun  :jphip:

That small scene manaki envied risao because he get to be in the same group with the cool fuyu XD さすが  ザ クール
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So many things happeneing all at once.
OK, first off, I thought that Manaki was a girl amd that him and Risao were a couple. Guess I didn't see that coming.  :on lol:

Also seems like Yuma doesn't want Haru to seriously interfere here. Hahahaha funny.

Plus another AkiHaru moment.  :tantrum:

Anf finally, spring and winter. It's war time.

Oohhh. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!
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Welcome to Korea Rosalie and Maru and Fuyu, as a gift I will kill Kim Jong 4 U and laugh at you as you get Zerged Rushed by Norkies with Nondongs and then suddenly gain a sense of sympathy and rescue U.
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damn the war of spring and winter.... i feel the intensity i guess,
so this is not only connected to TTM but to the sayamilky fic before, you really are genius cut-sama :w00t:  :twothumbs
and also i was thinking why didn't yuma just convince aki, which is make aki help him as return ? hehe
now now, fumie you better move fast or fuyu will be asuka's,
but seriously i don't understand what's haru's planning, wheter he wants to make fuyu jealous and pissing him off or he start pick interest at fumie ? who knows .

can't wait for the next chapter cut-sama

edit : you seriously have big talent in drawing keep it up, maru`s smile is so cute
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Chapter 15: M.T. (II)

THE LAST team’s leader who would reach the goal will be the errand boy of the Shiki for two weeks—that is the only punishment so placing 2nd or 3rd won’t be bad but it seems like three teams just won’t let the 1st place go in peace. The only team that is having leisure in their hike up is Team A.

The mountain is so lively as it is filled with the noise from the students doing the tasks. Most of the tasks are about taking pictures such as group photo with weird faces and poses, and poses recreating iconic movie scenes. They don’t really have to worry about being lost because there are a lot of marks everywhere.

The four teams took four different paths which were decided through lots. Feeling a bit frustrated that they seem to be going to the longest path, Fuyu and his team rushed to climb up the mountain. Haru was just laughing at the sight of him giving effort. Only Haru can tease him to the point of doing something that he doesn’t usually do.

“The competition between you and Haru-senpai is still not over, right?” Asuka chuckled while they are climbing up.

“I saw them brawl in the Student Council Room and that was really amazing.” Manaki stated with his eyes glittering. “They seem to be very close.”

Asuka turned to the freshman and smiled at him. “They are! Since they met on their first year in NHG they have been like this already!”

“Eh? Is that so?” Manaki bewildered.

The cute Asuka nodded. “We all know that Haru-senpai is always aiming to the top and is a little perfectionist so he really couldn’t accept the fact that Fuyu-kun beat him in the entrance exam ranking. When he found out that the one who beat him first time ever in his life was a person who doesn’t exert much effort, he was really agitated that he challenged Fuyu in the term test.”

“Their freshmen year seems very exciting!”

“It was! Fuyu-kun, was really in the spotlight in his first year. Most of the clubs were trying to escort him but he kept rejecting everything. But you know he isn’t the type who likes attention that’s why he purposely flunked his term exams which made Haru-senpai more furious.”

“Asuka, you are talking too much today.” Fuyu coldly mumbled while keeping his eyes on the summit. “I didn’t flunk that time, I barely passed it.”

The idol just smiled and continued with her story. “Since Haru-senpai felt like Fuyu-kun is looking down on him, they got into a heated argument which led to a brawl. It was Haru-senpai’s first time to fight with his fist and they’ve done it in school which really made a huge fuss. At first the school would call them to the office everytime they fight but they fight even with small things that’s why they just let them be.

If Haru-senpai’s motto is ‘work hard until you don’t have to introduce yourself’ Fuyu-kun’s is ‘what’s wrong with being normal?’ You know where the friction is coming from.”

“I see…” Manaki nodded. “They are exact opposites. But opposites really attract.”

“They are already best friends even before they admit it. I’m really thankful for Haru-senpai that he was there for Fuyu when he needed someone…”

“You seem like you know a lot about Hoshizora-senpai, Saito-senpai.”

Asuka was taken aback. Of course she knows everything that happened. Fuyu would come to her house to chat with her about everything that happened in the school.

“Well, we are—“

“We are childhood friends.” Fuyu finished her statement. He is still careful about getting Asuka’s name as an idol stained.

“Wow, that is really cool!” Manaki interjected.

“I also have a big crush on Fuyu-kun.”

The two guys suddenly froze. Fuyu turned back to Asuka with a very surprised face. Did he hear her right?

“W-W-Wait, b-big crush!?” Manaki stammered. “Have? Present tense!!! You mean y-y-you—“

“Yes! I like Fuyu-kun! I like him a lot!”

Fuyu’s throat instantly dried up. “A-Asuka! W-What the hell are you talking about? Y-You’re—“

“I know, I know… I’m an idol and I shouldn’t be saying these things, right? But you also have to remember that I am human as well. I can’t help it that I like you.”

“B-But Asuka—“

“I got it. It’s not that I am asking you to be my boyfriend right away. I just want to tell you the truth. I lost the chance two years ago. I decided that I will tell you what I feel once I get the chance. I really, really like you, Fuyu-kun!”

Fuyu turned to Manaki in robotic movements. Asuka jumped and arched her arm around the freshman’s neck.

“Don’t worry! Manaki-kun here won’t tell anyone about it. Right, Manaki-kun?”

“H-H-Hai!” Manaki finally got his tongue back. He just witnessed the top idol confessing to his favorite senpai. He just witnessed what could be the biggest news of the year. “I-I-I promise I will not tell anyone!”

Manaki almost shrieked when Fuyu went near him and looked straight to his eyes with that stare that could kill. “Promise me that you are certainly not going to tell anyone about this. Do you get me?”

“H-H-Hai!” Manaki covered his mouth with his two hands. “I p-p-promise!”

“Come on, Fuyu-kun. Don’t frighten, Manaki-kun like that.” Asuka chuckled.

Fuyu rubbed his face with his palm. “Do you know what situation you are putting yourself, Asuka? Really, what happened to you during the years that we weren’t talking?”

“Well... nothing much~” The idol put up an innocent face. “What I am trying to tell you is that…” Asuka looked straight to Fuyu’s eyes. “I’m willing to give up everything just for you.”


FUMIE suddenly felt her heart tightened for a moment. She had no choice but to stop walking and looked around as if she was looking for something. Her teammates got worried seeing her clenching her shirt.

“Is something wrong, Shingyoji-senpai?” Risao asked. “Do you need water?”

Fumie abruptly shook her head. “N-No. I’m fine, Risao-kun. Thank you.”

“Are you really fine, Fumie-chan?”

Fumie looked at Haru. She was really surprised that he is now calling her with her first name. She was even more shocked about the earlier incident. He is obviously taunting Fuyu about what he said last time. But what she can’t understand is why he would do that to piss Fuyu off.

“I’m really fine. Let’s get going.”

They went back to their track shortly after that conversation. Haru is leading the way while Risao is guarding Fumie by walking behind her. He decided that he will protect his favorite senpai’s girl.

Meanwhile, on team N…

“Weird face!?” Natsu and Maki read on a loud voice. The one who is supervising the booth was non-other than Akimoto Michael. Even on a trip like this he is still carrying his bamboo sword.

“I will not let you pass if you don’t make a satisfying weird face.” AkiGori smirked. He readied his camera and focused it on the three.

“Senpais, we really have to do this very well in one go or else Akimoto-sensei will hold us back!” Akane said with a lot of passion. “Let’s do this weird face challenge seriously!”

Maki smirked. “Doing weird faces is just a little thing to me. How about you Natsu?”

“I’ve been doing weird faces at TV guestings you know? You can’t beat me with this, lady.” Natsu ruffled the girl’s hair and they both chuckled.

“You’re as flirty as your father, Natsu. It is making me sick.” Akimoto commented. “Strike a pose already.”

Natsu rolled his eyes. At Akane’s count, they went to do the best weird face they could do. Akimoto was quick to take a picture but when he reviewed the picture  he doesn’t seem pleased with it at all. A smirk was formed on his face.

“One more.”



“WHY DO I feel like something not really good just happened?” Yuma murmured to himself but was audible enough for Miyu to hear it.

“What are you murmuring there, Yuma-kun?” The girl asked.

Yuma turned to her with a worried face. “I don’t know. I just feel like Hoshizora-senpai’s feelings are getting swayed. I don’t know why I am having this hunch in the first place.”

“You guys are your own world again.” Aki turned to them with a sharp eye.

“I can’t afford to see them ending up this way. I have to get them together!”

“What the hell is this guy talking about?” Aki murmured.

“Should we tell this to Aki-senpai?” Miyu asked making Aki more confused. They didn’t have any choice but to take a pause from their hike.

“Maybe we should really tell Sayanee.” Yuma looked up to their leader. “I think the Sayanee of this time can help us get them together.”

“Huh?” Aki frowned, his chin sticking out. “Are you pertaining to me? I told you I was never a girl. Stop claiming that, it doesn’t help me at all!”

“But Senpai, you have to listen to what Yuma-kun has to say. I think he isn’t just making any claim.”

Aki was taken aback by the sudden, unintentional burikko attack from Miyu. Did he get fished?

“O-Okay.” He pulled his jacket down to bring his composure back. “Tell me and I will listen.”

Yuma started telling him everything that he believes. Aki is obviously having hard times believing everything that he is blabbering about but he got some sort of evidences that he can’t just cross out as coincidences. He knows that this guy got famous because of this ‘special talent’ of identifying people who were celebrities in their past lives. He’s not just identifying them just with a hunch but he always presents proofs.

“Sorry, Yuma… But everything you are saying is just really hard to believe.” Aki lied. He’s actually close to believing, he could feel cold sweat running from his head. He’s getting goose bumps as well. “If what you are saying is true, then why are you so fixated in finding Maru and Paruru and getting them together?”

“I don’t know as well. Right after I finished reading the story I gained this ability. Right there and then, all I wanted to do is to find this time’s Maru-sama and Paruru-san. I don’t know if I have any connection with them in my past life but I feel like it is my mission to get them together.” Yuma explained. He seems restless and keeps looking around. “You guys are directly involved with them in their past lives, aren’t you feeling anything strange?”

Aki and Miyu looked at each other and then just shook their heads. Yuma bit his lower lip.

“Climbing this mountain made me feel more anxious. Could it be that this mountain—“ Yuma’s face was filled with enlightenment. He suddenly ran, going outside the actual path that they should follow.

“H-Hey, Yuma! Where the hell are you going!?” Aki shouted.

“It should be here! I have a feeling that it is here!”

“What the hell!?”

“Let’s follow him, Senpai!” Miyu went after Yuma. Aki shook his head and booted his neuro linker before running after the two.


“ARE YOU getting tired, Saito-senpai?” Manaki asked. Asuka is already having difficulty in breathing. She rushed a lot of things just to be able to join this MT anyway. No wonder she is already tired. “Should we stop to take a rest?”

“No, it’s okay. If we take a rest we won’t be able to get there first—ouch!”

She bumped into Fuyu’s back. The guy suddenly stopped with his hike and then went to his knees.

“Hop on. I’ll carry you up to the summit.”

“P-P-Piggyback ride!!!” Manaki interjected. He blushed first before Asuka did.

The idol was also surprised but she took the opportunity. “Okay then. I’m not that heavy anyway.” She rode Fuyu’s back and the guy effortlessly carried her.

“It is very obvious.” The guy commented and then started walking. Asuka smiled and just hugged Fuyu from behind. She’s worried that Fuyu may be feeling how hard her heart beats but she chose not to mind. This feels like heaven to her.

After more minutes of walking, Manaki found something weird with their path. “S-Senpai, it doesn’t seem like we are walking on the right path.” He mentioned while looking at the map.

“E-Eh? Are you sure, Manaki-kun?” Asuka gasped. “W-Where are we going, Fuyu-kun?”

Fuyu seems like he is very sure to the path they were taking that’s why Manaki didn’t ask beforehand but the scenery is already different to the path where they should be.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling strange as well.” Fuyu casually stated which made his teammates worry. “My feet… It feels like they have a mind of their own. They are leading me somewhere.”

“B-But Fuyu-kun we might lose the race!”

“Don’t worry, Asuka. I can handle this…” Fuyu answered coldly but a hint of excitement can be traced from his voice. “I can feel that…something is calling me…”


HARU’S neuro linker vibrated which put them into a halt. It was Aki calling.

“Aki?” Haru called out as he picked up the call. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s Yuma. The kid just ran away into somewhere. We are off our track already!”

“What?” He could hear Aki’s heavy breathing. It seems like he is still on a chase with Yuma.

“He was blabbering a lot of nonsense then he just ran off. I heard him shouted something about a grave. I’m going after him with Miyu. Don’t worry. We will get in the finish line safe. I will drag this burdensome kid there.”

“Are you sure you are going to be alright?” Haru asked. The anxiousness in his face has already started to make his team mates worry.

“We’ll be okay. Once I get Yuma, we will just follow the track recorded in the neuro linker. See you later!”

That’s all and Aki ended the call. Haru couldn’t help but to worry but he had no other choice but to climb up. He heard from Akane that there is indeed a grave in this place since it’s historic but why on earth will Yuma have an interest on it?

“What was that, Kaichou?” Risao asked. His curiosity won’t let him off.

“It’s nothing, Risao. It’s just that Yuma seems to have a fascination with graves—“

A strong wind from the top suddenly blew towards them. Risao was quick to shield Fumie from the dust. It was a really strong one that they were surprised. Fumie’s heart started to rage once again. This wind is just like the wind when she first met Fuyu.

She looked around, wondering if she could see the guy but Fuyu is in a different path. How could she even think of meeting him here? In the first place, why is she even wanting to meet him? Her heart was about to give up when—


Fumie suddenly felt her world stopped. Her ears ceased to hear for a moment; her eyes started to water. She’s just in a deep surge of emotion; she couldn’t explain what she is actually feeling.

“S-Shingyoji-senpai?” Risao called. “Are you okay?”

She wasn’t responding to them. She kept on trying to trace where the voice came from. Haru tapped her in the shoulder which made her jerk.

“Fumie-chan, are you okay?”

“S-Senpai… I-I just—“


Fumie’s head automatically turned to the source of the voice. She didn’t waste a single moment, her legs moved on their own. For the first time in her life she was able to run this fast that she felt like she could beat the best sprinters in the nation.


The two guys were surprised about her running away as well. They went after her, trying to call her but it seems like the girl is on auto-pilot mode. She isn’t responding to their calls. The only thing on her mind now is to reach the place where the voice is coming from.

She didn’t care about getting scratches. She didn’t care of getting tired. All she knows is that she has to reach that place or she will never be in peace.


TEAM N fell into their knees. They have already taken a lot of pictures but none of it is being approved by AKiGori. Maki seemed to have used all of her secret weird faces in stock. She couldn’t think of anything that will be able to please the strict teacher. The Drill Sergeant also seems like close to giving up. It seems like the only one that could make her give up is non-other than AkiGori.

“Come on, Uncle Michael!” Natsu decided to draw his ace card by calling Akimoto his uncle. “We’ve done a lot and I think that is enough. Let us through or else we will lose the race.”

AkiGori swayed his bamboo sword which made them shriek. “Do you think you will get my yes if you call me uncle? Stop using the fact that I was in the same idol unit as your father. Back in our days we were called ‘Weird Face Machine’. No one could beat Yuu and me in terms of the weird faces we could do. Now prove to me that you are Yuu’s son!”

“Unfair…” Natsu sighed. “We might end up being last if you don’t let us through!”

AkiGori squatted to level with them. He ruffled Natsu’s hair to annoy him more.

“At least I am having fun making you guys suffer.” He smirked. “If only Rio didn’t change locations with me then probably you were all fine now. I should be the one taking my leisure guarding a grave.”


Shinoda sat up from lying down after giving out a loud sneeze.

“Someone must be talking about me.” He murmured while rubbing his nose. He then looked at his back where there is a grave that is surrounded with marble. Looking at the date of death, the grave has been there for more than a century but it looks like it is being well taken care of.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like me being here…”

He looked at the plate where the name is written and read it with his usual smile playful on his face.

“Hoshino Maru-san…”



@Genkikid-san, they can be the cool trio. Hahaha. ^^
@Goto24-san, I guess many things happened in this chapter as well.. XD
@hackata48-san, In the end you rescued them. XD
@FZA02-san, ohh.. you noticed. XD Yeah, they are kind of connected.  Thanks for the compliment about the art. :) Let's just say that's how she normally smiles for Paru. XD

And yes, everyone! War has started between spring and winter. Who do you think will win? XD
I'll leave you all hanging with this until next week. See you at the comments~ Until next Friday~

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Everyone are being  called to Maru's grave and only Natsu's team that are not, poor Jurina for not being called by her (his?) aniki XD

Who called Fumie "Haruka"? Maru or Fuyu?
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I CALLED IT!!! :on yellcard: :on yellcard:
I CALLED IT!!!  :on redcard: :on redcard:

THAT CLIFF HANGER. I CANNOT!!  :on speedy: :on speedy: :stoned: :pleeease:

I don't know if I can wait until then.
They are all going to meet at Maru's grave for crying out loud!!

Also that uncle and nephew interaction.
So AkiGori was in an idol unit with Yuu. And is this Yuu the one we all know?  :ding:
Plus, what was that about, Weird Face Machine.  :bigdeal: :on lol:

Can't wait (seriously, I cannot wait for that long) for the update.

Things are starting to get more interesting. And like you said, many things did happen.
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I have to pause reading while on the Haruka wind calling part. And I nearly cracked up because everyone is going to the grave while Natsu's team stuck on a checkpoint.

But I wanna point out Yumayu's statement about Fuyumaru's feelings being swayed!!!! I really fear for that time to happen, but then Fumieparu's heart go ba-dump in a bad way :( I'm really sad for that part. It's just a good thing that Maru's grave decided to call them :3
Cliffhangers... *Sigh* when will be your next update Cut-san?
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this Cliffhanger really Gahhhhhh *Flip the entire house*
seriously not just yuuma and aki who got some strange feeling, because all the time i'm reading this i feel sweat running down my head and nervous and uneasy really, i even got a goose bumps while reading through this chapter really (again, maybe i'm too engross)
now now, i can't hold back to tell some of a lots of things i found here and some of my own theory,
1st. about the first wife of yuu, who could that be ?
2nd. i  totally didn't expect that sayaka (or yuki koi)'s adopted son died because being killed (i know he is marksman but didn't expect it), and i think the reason of his dead has something to do with fuyu's birthmarks (could it be shot in the head ? who knows) (and perharps maybe fuyu will met someone who killed him in his previous life)
3rd. i don't understand what mario and michael doing there, and even mario at maru's grave ? somehow i feel mario and michael knows something is going on that none of the student even shiki knows about, (it's understandable for mario, since mariko once met maru before)
4th. just like yuma, i don't understand why it's only him (and the fuyu and fumie) who got feeling about maru's grave while haru and natsu even aki who were maru's little brother and papa didn't feel anything strange.
5th. almost forgot, i was surprised about the fact that it wasn't yuki koi idea herself who writes the story but it's based of her son's telling her, i also wonder what happen to yuki koi know her son being killed

okay now for questions
1. did yuma already told aki that he (or she) used to call fuyu (or maru) as "son" (sorry if it's not too important question but i am big fans of father-son relationship between those two, sadly maru never call sayanee as her papa except during their time in game arcade)
2. after rereading about yuma's confusion about he being someone involved with them in past life make me feel afraid that.....could it be yuma who actually killed fuyu in past life and the second thought could it be haruppi ? ( i don't know but haruppi's image as katsuzetsu in majisuka 5 suddenly pop into my mind) then again please tell me i'm wrong with this
3. since they will reunited in maru's grave, is that mean this story is about to end ? (i hope it's not)
4. somehow if reunited in maru's grave, still can't make fumie accept fuyu then, i will support fuyuashurin really. (ashuka is so so kind and really care for fuyu )
5. if fuyufumie still ended up together (which 90% will happen) would you give ashuka someone to love as well aside fuyu (she is too kind that her action toward fuyu really touch my heart and she is too kind  to being left alone)

all and all please forgive me if i said too much or asks too much, i'm not a talkactive person in real life except if it's about something i like, besides, this is probably the first time i read a story that can make me feel too engrossed that makes me think what will happen if this happen to me or someone close to me,(not to mention this also make feel a lots of different emotion too, and i like that ) and sorry if it looks like i'm taking too seriously (it's because i love it) i can't wait for your next chapter
again i'm sorry for write too much comment  :banghead: :banghead: i'm too excited and too..... i don't know how it called haha

ps : if there is an award for the best author or the most genius author in this akb fanfic forum i will gladly nominate you Cut-sama  :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs
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“I also have a big crush on Fuyu-kun.”

“Yes! I like Fuyu-kun! I like him a lot!”

“I know, I know… I’m an idol and I shouldn’t be saying these things, right? But you also have to remember that I am human as well. I can’t help it that I like you.”

“I got it. It’s not that I am asking you to be my boyfriend right away. I just want to tell you the truth. I lost the chance two years ago. I decided that I will tell you what I feel once I get the chance. I really, really like you, Fuyu-kun!”

I nearly fainted because of this. No words can explain my feels after reading this chapter. Thanks Cut-sama for this early Christmas gift, New year's gift and birthday gift. PLEASE MORE FUYUASHU!!!!

Yuma, Miyu and Aki teaming up. Nice. But wait! “I don’t know as well. Right after I finished reading the story I gained this ability. Right there and then, all I wanted to do is to find this time’s Maru-sama and Paruru-san. I don’t know if I have any connection with them in my past life but I feel like it is my mission to get them together.” Yuma explained.

Aren't you a JunMarco shipper, Mayu??? Is this the request of Yuki????


What a mischievous uncle you have Natsu.



@porkofdoom-san:I will definitely wait for that fanart.
@FZA02-san: I agree with you.
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Hello fellow readers! So, me and Cut-sama has a gift for all of you. We have compiled songs for this fic and hope you'll like it. Kindly check out the songs below. Thanks~

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Track #5. Maybe by Sunye
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Track #6. My prince by Park Bo Young
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Track #7. Miss you by SM The Ballad
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Track #8. Jealous by Nina
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Track #9. Dati by Sam Concepcion ft. Tippy Dos Santos
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Track #21. Zen zen zense by Radwimps
Zen zen zense by Radwimps ( *shout out to yuuri14-san who shared this song.
You guys are welcome ne add the alternative English Cover
"Zen Zen Zense" English Cover - Kimi no na wa. [Feat. Kuroノ]
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@Genkikid-san, Haha. I guess Maru just want Jurina and Sakura to play more. XD
As for the other question, neither called her. It was her heart playing with her ears.

@Goto24-san, I guess that was a bit predictable. But, I made hiking as their first activity because hiking is one of the recreational activities in Korea. And since they are there, I thought that going up a mountain is a must try. XD
Yes, they were on the same idol unit. AkiGori-sensei, Fuyu and Natsu's father, Shinoda-sensei and one more person. ^^

@porkofdoom-san, One of my guesses is that Maru thought that Jurina and Sakura would be so noisy. Hahaha.
Fumie should start to move, right? But meh, she's kind of stuck. XD
Next update will be this Friday. :)

@FZA02-san, I hope your house is okay. Haha.
I can see that you got interesting theories. Let's check that as the story progress. Right now I'm writing Chapter 19. XD
1. Yuma hasn't told Aki about that yet.
2. I posted the answer to this in a special chapter in TTM. But who knows, maybe there's a deeper reason.
3. Surprise. XD
4. You will be good friends with MatsuiLee-san if that's the case. XD
5. If that happens, I will adopt Asuka. XD
I'm glad you are enjoying the fic. Thank you so much. :)

@MatsuiLee-san, FuyuAshu/MaruAshu shipper since JunMarco stopped sailing. XD

@yuuri14-san, The English cover is really great! :)

Anyway,  the playlist is provided by MatsuiLee-san and most of it is his idea. I entrusted him the playlist since he volunteered. I got a few songs there, too. Listening to the songs and looking at the translations, I think they do fit the characters and the situation. Thank you for sharing this to us, MatsuiLee-san. Also, thanks to those who have sent their recommendations. If you haven't seen yours, I might be using it in a scene so don't worry. :)

I hope you prepare yourselves for the next chapters because I just let myself be swept by the current.  See you on Friday~

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Track #13. Say Yes by Loco ft Punch
Say Yes by Loco ft Punch ( *shout out to Goto24 who shared this song.

You guys are most welcome~~  :inlove:
Also, thank you for the shoutout~~  :twothumbs

By the way MatsuiLee-san, I noticed that the playlist is full of Filipino songs  :ding:

P.S: I love the playlist. Maybe I'll send some more recommendations, if that's ok.  :nervous
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@Goto24: Yup, and most of the songs are my suggestion. I just really like songs from different countries and reading the translated lyrics, characters of this season always comes to my mind, especially Fuyu hehehe.
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@shortcut48: yes it is, i kind of liked that version than the original one hehe
[Imagine this for the next chapter :hip smile:]
Anyway guys on the last chapter we had a cliff hanger with both Fuyu, Fumie and Yuma run off somewhere try to imagine that the songs we suggested was playing on that scene its kind of a cool right 😂😂 anyway we are waiting for it 😍😍😍
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SHINODA-SENSEI went to inspect the grave, the first time that he looked at it since he arrived there. He only heard about Hoshino Maru as a foreigner who made noise in Japan because of how mysterious she is and as an idol protector. She has left a big impact in the country before she died of a car accident. The government even made a statue for her in Akihabara where she is seen looking up at the AKB Theater. But when the theater closed, her statue was also removed.

“So, this is where you got buried, Hoshino-san.” Shinoda smiled at himself. “You were such a mystery, weren’t you? Even having a book about you published years after your death.”

Shinoda suddenly heard footsteps together with shouts. He rolled his eyes and then sighed. “Don’t tell me there are really students who got lost here?”

Yuma arrived at the grave site with a roll. He tripped to some stone but he didn’t mind. He was chasing for his breath but his face is a complete picture of satisfaction right after his eyes landed on the small hill in the middle.

“G-Goodness…” Yuma fell back to his feet. “It is really here. It is exactly looks like the way it was described in the book.” Yuma wiped his tears. He is being overcome by his emotion. “I’m not a crazy, mystery-loving shonen—OUCH!”

His head flew a little bit forward when Aki knocked him off. The band vocalist was also in a chase of his breath. Behind him is the fisher. “What the hell is wrong with you running away just like that?”

Aki was taken aback when he saw Yuma’s crying face. The boy just pointed at the grave while he continued sobbing.

“Hey kids! What are you doing here? This place is restricted.” Shinoda finally caught their attention. He was a bit surprised that someone came here crying. “Are you Hoshino Maru-san’s relative by any chan—“

Shinoda’s sentence was cut when the three gasped in chorus. Yuma cried even harder.

“Sensei said it is Hoshino Maru-san’s grave. Maru-sama~~~!”

Miyu and Aki felt their skin crawl. They looked at each other with surprised faces.

“T-This is real?” Aki asked himself as he looked back to the direction of the grave.

“Can someone explain me what is happening?” Shinoda asked. He is getting a bit irritated.


They all turned to the direction of the voice and they saw Risao running. Before him is Fumie who is already about a meter from the grave. Her eyes are wide open, her stare fixed to the grave. Another roll of gasps was heard from the first group.

“F-Fumie…” Miyu called out to her friend. She couldn’t believe that she also arrived there. And what is with that look on her face?

Haru arrived short after. He was surprised to meet Team A in that place. All of them are at loss of what is really happening. For a moment the whole place was filled with silence and only the sound of the wind could be heard. Everyone’s attention was on Fumie whose eyes started to shed tears before she even realize it.

“Waah! Why is everyone here?”

Everyone’s attention then transferred to Asuka. She arrived with Fuyu carrying her on his back. Manaki was also in a shock. He started to think that there was actually a plan to meet in this place. Fuyu looked at everyone who are also looking at him strangely until his eyes landed to Fumie. For the first time since they met, Fumie didn’t avoid his stare. She looked at him with those watery eyes.

He went to gently put Asuka back to her feet. “What are you all doing here?”

“That should be my question.” Shinoda stated. “This area is restricted that’s why I am guarding this. What are you all doing here?”

“Hoshizora-senpai also arrived.” Yuma murmured, audible enough for the people close to him. “This doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

Fuyu frowned even more as he really couldn’t comprehend anything. His feet brought him there and now almost everyone is here. What is with this place? He looked back at Fumie whose eyes are still on him. His heart broke at the girl’s crying face.

“W-Why are you crying?” He asked as his feet automatically moved once again, drawing him closer to where Fumie is. The girl sobbed even more at the sight of this man coming towards her. She covered her face as it started to crumple. Her eyes shed even more tears. Why? She doesn’t even know herself. All she knows is that she is extremely happy seeing that he still cares for her.

“H-Hey…” Fuyu gently called out to her. “Stop crying, will you?”

Fumie looked back at him, her eyes are already swollen. She tried to wipe her tears away as she called out to him, “S-Senpai…”

Fuyu was about to reach out to her when his attention was caught by the grave which is surrounded by marbles. His eyes got stuck to it in an instant reading all the names that are written on it.

Everyone gasped when the guy suddenly fell into his knees while holding his head. Groans due to pain were heard from him. Right after reading the name of the one resting in the grave, he suddenly felt his heart beat fast and there goes this throbbing pain in his head.

“Senpai!” Fumie tried to keep him up for he has been coiling due to pain. Everyone rushed to him, calling out his name.

His hands clenched as his groans became even more audible. He seems to be in extreme pain. Fumie held her in her arms as she tried to remove his hands from his head to avoid him from hurting himself.

“Senpai!” Fumie called out to him once again.

“Yuma-kun, what is happening!?” Miyu asked. She is already panicking.

Yuma is also in a state of shock. It took time for him to speak up. “I-I don’t have any idea as well.” His eyes are fixed to Fuyu; he couldn’t erase the heaviness that is filling him up. He gulped. He lied when he said he doesn’t have any idea. The truth is he already got a hunch of what is happening. It just either of the two—reset or recollect.

He also tried to observe Fumie. The girl was already crying before she reached the site. Did she just remember something from her past life? Do the feelings of Shimazaki Haruka finally manifest?

“Tch!” Shinoda clicked his tongue. “Are you guys playing a dokkiri against me!? This isn’t nice at all!” He reached out for his phone and was about to contact AkiGori for help when Fuyu suddenly went calm.

The guy was still chasing for his breath as his balled fists loosened. When he rose up his head, his face seemed like he has just realized something very important. Those wide opened eyes would never tell a lie. He slowly looked up at Fumie who properly returned stare.

“S-Senpai…” the girl called out in a soft voice. “Are you okay now?”

Fuyu didn’t respond. He remained looking at his precious girl. Fumie tried to smile but a tear managed to escape from her eyes. “You see, Senpai… I don’t understand but I think I—“

“It’s gone…”

“Eh?” Fumie was halted when Fuyu suddenly spoke. All ears were on him. “W-What do you mean?”

“The scent…” Fuyu looked a bit horrified. His head dropped, he could feel his whole body shaking. “The scent is gone…”

“야! 뭐하는 거야!? 여기는 제한 구역이야!” (Hey! What are you doing here!? This is a restricted area!)

Their attention transferred to the old Korean guy who just arrived. He seems to be the one responsible in taking care of the grave with all the tools he is carrying. With his eyebrows in a deep frown, he came rushing to where Fuyu and the others are.

“학생들?” (Students?) The old guy murmured after looking at their gym clothes. “빨리 가 애들아! 여긴 제한 구역이라고!” (Leave right away, kids! This area is restricted I say!)

They all stood there unable to understand whatever the man was saying. Fuyu stood up and then helped Fumie to stand up. It was the first time that he reached out to her and the girl also reached out for his hand. But, as soon as Fumie is back to her feet, he immediately let go of her hand. This left the girl into a feeling of missing something that she has longed for.

Fuyu went to face the Korean guy and then left everyone shock.

“죄송합니다. 길을 잃어버렸어요.” (We’re very sorry. We kind of lost our way.)

Everyone in the back gasped. Did they just hear him speak Korean? They thought that he was just saying random words but the old man understood him which was evident when this frown flattened.

“우리는 일본에서 왔는데요. 혹시 일본말 할 줄 아세요?” (We are from Japan. By any chance do you know how to speak Japanese?)

The guy was mesmerized. For a while he thought that Fuyu was actually a Korean because his pronunciation was so natural.

“Japanese! I see… you are the ones who are having a trip today, right?” Finally, something that everyone could understand. The caretaker knows how to speak Japanese. “I thought a teacher would be here to guard the area but why are you gathered here?”

“I-I’m sorry…” Shinoda stepped forward while scratching the back of his head. “We are about to leave as well. These kids are just having something sorted out. I am very sorry that I couldn’t tend the place very well.”

Shinoda bowed for an apology which the students also did. The caretaker couldn’t help but to give out a sigh. He made his way to the grave and pulled out a cloth from his pocket. They just watched him wipe the dirt on the grave.

“Well…” the old man sighed. “It has been a very long while since Hoshino-san got visitors so I guess this would be fine. You didn’t do anything to her grave, right?” He then robbed a glimpse of Fumie whose eyes are obviously swollen. His brows furrowed a bit.

“We didn’t do anything, Sir.” The teacher answered. “But, may I ask you one thing? Why is this place restricted?”

The old man stopped with his job and turned to them. His spirit seems to be a little down. “My parents have passed me the responsibility in guarding this place. I heard that it was all thank to this person that our clan managed to cope up financially. From what I have heard from them, Hoshino-san was someone who became famous in Japan. Have you guys heard of her?”

The man laughed a bit. “I wonder if you have heard about someone who has lived almost a century ago.” He went back to his job but his story didn’t finish there. “There was a sudden influx of visitors by the time I was in middle school. People were saying that they have read about the grave on a certain book and came to verify its existence. That’s when my parents decided to prohibit entrance to this area of the mountain since they’ve been littering and vandalizing the place.”

“Is that so?” Yuma murmured as he looked at the plate where the name was written. It does seem like it was just restored.

“I’ve known Hoshino-san’s story from my parents even before the book came to existence so I was really shocked about how that book came to be. I just thought that maybe, Hoshino-san is still trying to fulfill her promise to the person she loves. So I swore to myself that I will take care of this place even though it sounds absurd hoping that this may lead them back together.”

“But slowly… she got forgotten, right?” All attentions suddenly went to Fuyu. He is just looking at the grave. There is still a bit of pain evident in his face. “She got forgotten by those people who visited her grave. Probably the person that she has been searching for has also forgotten about her.”

Fumie lowered her head even more. She felt a pinch in her heart.

“Well,” the Korean guy held his arms in akimbo as he looks at his finished product. He then turned back to the visitors. “It may be like that… but it would be really nice if they have found each other in their present lives. My grandparents even built a museum for her on the other side of this mountain.”

He then looked at Fumie as if he is observing everything about the girl. He then raised his glasses a bit. “How about we go to the museum now?”


THE MEMBERS of Team N couldn’t even try to hide their grin as they saw the other groups approaching. The three looked very much worn out but their spirits are on fire.

“Sorry that we came first!!!” Natsu welcomed them with a huge smile on his face.

“All thanks to my teleportation skill we arrived here in no time! We’ve been waiting for you for ages!!!” Maki high-fived with Natsu and Akane. Their prides just won’t let the others know that they got stuck doing weird faces and the fact that they just arrived around five minutes ago. They laughed their victory laugh but seeing the atmosphere of the group that just arrived led them to finish their celebration awkwardly.

“What the hell just happened?” Natsu asked. “Why do you all look so gloomy?”

“Did something happen along the way, Kaichou?” Akane asked.

Haru shrugged. “I don’t really know what’s going on. I will try to explain later. Is everyone already inside?”

“Hai.” Akane nodded. “Everyone arrived safely. We are just actually waiting for the tour guide.”

“I will be doing the tour.” Everyone turned to the mysterious Korean guy that is already on his way inside the little museum. They all just followed him and the students’ attention all turned to Fumie. The girl stepped back, confused of why all eyes are on her.

“S-Sugoi~!” Miyu marveled while looking at the pictures displayed all over. She was not surprised that this museum still exhibits things in the old-fashioned way. There is something more behind that amazement. “T-The girl just look like you, Fumie!”

All of them looked around and was astounded as well. There are framed pictures of seemingly past idols hanged on the wall. There are many girls in the photos but there is this one girl that almost came out in all of the pictures and the said girl looks exactly like Fumie. What are the odds?

“This is a bit creepy…” Aki rubbed his shoulders as he could feel his skin crawling.

“A-A…A…” The old man tested his mic which caught everyone’s attention. “Good day everyone and welcome to Byeol Museum. I am the owner of this place; my name is Park Sang-hyun. I will be the one touring you to this humble museum which was built to somehow fulfill a wish. Shall we start?”

The old man led them around while explaining the origin of the pictures. Fumie was about to approach Fuyu but she was halted when Asuka approached the guy before her.

“Are you okay now, Fuyu-kun?” The idol asked and held on to Fuyu’s sleeve. The guy just gave her a nod and then gently patted her head. That’s all and they followed the flock.

Unable to do anything, Fumie clenched her fists and moved on. That display of frustration won’t escape the eyes of the Prince of Spring.

“Is there anyone here who has read the novel entitled Things That Mix that was written by Yuki Koi?” The students looked at each other and only a few people raised their hands. This includes Fumie, Miyu, Maki, Yuma and Akane. The old man was not surprised about the number of people who are knowledgeable about the said book. It may be popular to the generation of their parents and grandparents but he highly doubts that this is still popular these days.

“This story was written as a tribute to the person who managed to blend in into the world of national idols. She started as a photographer of the group then later made her own name in the entertainment industry.” The old man took a deep breath “Her name is Hoshino Maru.”

The students started murmuring to each other for how familiar that name is. Some remembered the statue that was placed in Akihabara before; some were talking about how their parents talked about this girl. Others are talking about the legendary idol group that once reigned all over Japan.

“Everything that you are seeing in here, all of these are pictures that Hoshino Maru-san took herself while she is still in the group called AKB48. If you are still clueless of that group then I think you should go and ask yourself if you are really Japanese.”

The students laughed. Who wouldn’t know about AKB48? They might be long gone but they made a huge impact in the hearts of many people. But, Hoshino Maru and the book? They were wondering about the connection since everyone believes that it was just a late fanfiction.

They continued walking inside the humble museum, looking at the wonderfully taken pictures. All of them are printed and are well preserved. It seems like these Koreans are really treasuring everything that’s in here.

“There are people from the Japanese entertainment that came here but they just labeled this place as fake. They claimed that these pictures aren’t really taken by Hoshino Maru but the truth is everything came from a memory card that Hoshino-san entrusted to her adoptive father before being euthanized. Japan was unaware of its existence since they have never learned of the real happening after the car accident until the book came into existence. Well, it’s not that everyone believes that the happenings after the accident are true.”

“That seems credible.” Miyu whispered to Maki. The other girl also couldn’t believe that such a place like this exists. Maki knows about the story since her mother got some sort of extra attachment to it. Everything that Yuma is talking about and now this—it is such a big mystery!

“As you all can see, these are the pictures of the idols during Hoshino-san’s time. These pictures were never released to the public and they are just available in this place. Taking pictures of them are strictly prohibited.” The old man cleared his throat. His thoughts are all over the place since it has been a long time that he has led the tour himself.

“If you have noticed, there is one girl that came out in most of the photos. In the story, Hoshino-san fell in love with this one girl from the group and they promised each other to be lovers again in their next lives. That is the main purpose of this museum—to somehow be of help to get them together.

The old man heard snickers from the students. He expected this kind of response. No one really believes about this kind of things anymore. Most of the students are finding everything absurd. Operating a museum just to help dead people find each other in their present lives? They would rather play Sword Art Online which feel more authentic than this story.

“I know you have questions in your minds such as ‘Why prohibit taking pictures if you want them to find each other?’’Would it be better to have this presented to the public?’ Well for me, I am just taking care of the place because I believe one day their feet will lead them here.”

The old man led them into a small auditorium inside the museum. They were told to take a seat for a moment to take a rest but then the lights suddenly dimmed. Everyone gasped.

“This is the final stop of your tour in the Byeol Museum.” That was the old man speaking on a microphone. His voice echoes throughout the whole auditorium. “As a tradition, we are going to play one of the last recordings that Hoshino Maru-san has recorded.”

“S-S-Sugoi!” Yuma stammered. He could feel his skin crawling up. “They were able to get her recordings!?”

“This is her last message to the person she loves. This record has never reached the person during the time she was alive. This was prepared by Hoshino-san to her lovers’ future self. We have been letting visitors listen to it hoping that one of them might be that person.”

Suddenly, the whole room was lighted by stars. Everyone marveled; this little room is a mini planetarium!

“Recording this through your phones is also strictly prohibited. Please refrain from doing so. Saa, here it is…”

The old man played the precious recording and the students sat there thrilled of what kind of message they are going to hear. There was a long silence at first, there wasn’t any background music. It’s going to be Maru’s pure voice.


There it is! Fumie raised her head with a jolt. It was the exact same voice that she hears inside her head. It was the exact same voice that calls her in her dreams; the voice that led her to the grave. Yuma noticed her response to the call. There is no doubt about this.

I wonder if you are still called like this at this life. I hope you are doing fine. I hope you are healthy and you are always smiling. I know for sure that you are still as beautiful as the first time that I have met you but… I can’t help but to wonder about how you look right now.

They heard the speaker snickered a little. The girls giggled. They could feel how in love the speaker is. Sasuga Maru-sama. Your charm still works up to this day.

Will you remember me? To be honest that is my biggest fear now. I’m not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of what might happen in the future. Don’t worry. I promise I will be healthy and my eyesight will be as sharp as an eagle. I will not be a burden to you...

When I find you in my next life, will you remember me? If I call out unto you, will you remember my voice? If I hug you out of happiness, will you hug me back?

You will, right? You will remember the annoying hood-wearing, four-eyed, short-haired, self-destructive girl from your past life, right? You will remember me, right?

The girl stopped speaking for a moment and sobs were heard in the background. There are students who are leaning forward, waiting for what she is going to say next. Some are already riding the wave of emotions.

You will remember me because you love me too, right?

A drop of tear escaped Fumie’s eyes. She coiled forward as her heart started to suffer even more.

I don’t know how I will look for you but I will surely find you. This thing I could guarantee you. When that day comes please smile at me and welcome me back to your arms. Please do not drive me away or even tell me that you don’t remember even a bit about me. I’m okay to receive salty treatment in the beginning but please tell me that you remember me.

I might not be the same Hoshi in that life. There might be changes but I will assure you one thing—my heart will always go back to you. Even if you change as well I won’t mind. As long as you won’t drive me away I guess I will be fine.

I’ve been rejected by people I love almost my entire life and I don’t really care about it anymore. But to be honest, I’m really bad at being rejected by you. It pains me a lot. So… Haruka… Please…

More sobs were heard. Just the sound of her crying was able to break the hearts of the people listening to her.

I know you might hate me for leaving you behind too early but I promise I’ll be back. I just don’t really want to find out that you have given up everything just to take care of the invalid me. Until that time that we meet again, please wait for me. Be healthy. Smile always... I will surely make up to all my short comings. On that day that we will finally meet again please remember me…

I really, really love you, Haruka...

This is
your Hoshi... signing off.


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However, remember how you admitted that you made Maru suffered so much in TTM? I hope you intend to give her a better life in this one. Because, the poor girl had suffered too much and, so far, I saw that Fuyu had, too.

I am still a Yui-oshi and YuiParu shipper til the end. But, it doesn't mean that I want to see Maru suffer. You managed to make us, readers, fell for her as well after all.

But, with that being said, I hope you'll give Yui a better life as Haru as well. Because, in TTM and in this story so far, if Paru was a princess, Yui always ended up like as a samurai assigned as her guardian. Even though she fell in love with the princess, this samurai was aware that she shouldn't, she couldn't. She should keep on protecting the princess as she had sworn to do while watching from the sidelines as the princess fell for a foreign prince (in this case, Maru). *huh...actually that seemed like an interesting plot full of angst....

(With all this possible angst, I kept on consoling myself by thinking that: in all those past lives where MaruParu didn't end up together, including in Yuki Koi time, Paru might ended up with Yui. Or, at least, Yui was always there for Paru, to accompany her, until she found Maru. *Yep. Another angst, but better than thinking that even in those times, Yui didn't meet Paru either.)

By the way, I also remember that Mayu was a JunMarco shipper. So, when I read that Yuma didn't know why, but he felt like it was his duty to make sure that Maru and Paru fulfilled their promise, I could only think about one thing:

Yukirin was a MaruParu shipper. Did Mayu make a promise to Yukirin or something like that in one of their past lives? Perhaps, Yuma will only be able to meet this day Yukirin if he fulfill the promise to help MaruParu ship sailing?

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Maru's last recording..  :pleeease:
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Chapter 17: M.T. (IV) - BECAUSE I’M A FOOL

[Treasure the people you have in your life now. They won’t be here forever. You don’t know when they will be taken away from you or for how long they are willing to hold on. Just as strong as my wish that Hoshino Maru-san has already found Shimazaki Haruka-san, I hope that all of you here would find that one person that will complete you.]

Those were the parting words of the museum owner before they went out of the auditorium. Fuyu suddenly vanished. Asuka was sure that he sat beside her but when the lights went back, he was nowhere to be seen. She just found that he already went out the hall even before the playback of the recording started.

“I’m not interested”, is all that he said and then went back to the bus. He didn’t even look back at the museum. He said that he is already hungry and he doesn’t have any time for useless things like that.

After that was the late lunch. They were brought into a very fancy Korean Barbecue restaurant and there they filled their stomach with the delicious fried meat. It was indeed a late lunch but students didn’t seem to mind. They were talking about their experience in the museum which quite marveled them. Most of them have already searched for information about the said book and some even went to purchase its digital copy.

They couldn’t stop talking about how sad they felt while listening to the recordings. Though they still have some sort of doubt if that was really Hoshino Maru or just some random actress who fabricated the recording. But, it seems like everything that they have seen was credible. The owner of the museum will not benefit anything at all from doing it so they started to believe that he is really doing this with a pure heart.

They also couldn’t believe about Fumie’s strong resemblance to Shimazaki Haruka. Some were even thinking that she’s probably the exact same girl and Hoshino Maru ended up as Hoshizora Fuyu. It seems like NHG’s students aren’t that slow.

“That is what I have been telling all of you!” Yuma hit the table with his palm. “I told you that Hoshizora-senpai was Hoshino Maru and Shingyoji-san was Shimazaki Haruka-san! Now you believe me? Huh? Huh? Huh?

They were sitting on a long table. Haru, Natsu and Aki are present. Miyu, Fumie, Maki and Asuka are also there. Fuyu was dragged to another table by Risao and Manaki and surprisingly, he just agreed. He went to eat with them which delighted his juniors except the Drill Sergeant who was on the same table.

“We can’t help it! It was really hard to believe in the first place!” Maki argued.

Yuma turned to her with a sharp stare. “But you believe 100% about your powers, right?”

“Of course! They are authentic!”

“Oh, come on!”

Yuma slapped his forehead and sighed. He turned to Fumie who was sitting in front of him. She found her looking at him with wide-opened eyes, lips parted a little.

“What is it, Shingyoji-san? Still couldn’t believe?” Yuma asked, seems like he is already tired of explaining everything. “Do you need more proof?”

Fumie tilted her head. “I’m just wondering when did you transfer to our school?”

“PFFT!” Everyone tried to stop their selves from laughing while Yuma slapped his forehead again with greater force.

“I’ve been your classmate since last week. Thank you for finally noticing me.” Yuma sarcastically answered. “Thanks to these two girls that has been keeping me away from you.”

Maki and Miyu turned their heads to another direction, playing innocent.

“Okay, Watanabe-kun…” Haru swallowed his food before continuing. “If what you are saying is true, could you explain why Fuyu is suddenly acting like this? He looks like he is easily irritated right after that scene on the grave.”

“That’s true.” Natsu seconded. “He murmured something after the pain in his head went away, right?”

“He said that is gone.” Aki stated in a low voice. “The scent.”

Silence followed that statement. They were just waiting for whatever Yuma is going to say.

“There are actually two possibilities.” Yuma broke the silence. The serious look on his face doesn’t help the atmosphere at all. “He might’ve remembered everything or all was reset.”

“What do you mean by reset?” Miyu asked. “You mean he has already forgotten about the promise his past self has made?”

“Basically.” Yuma answered as he crossed his arms. “He has ceased living for that promise and is ready to start a new life.”

“But earlier he was speaking Korean. Does he really know how to speak it or is it because Hoshino-san was from a Korean descent?” Miyu held her hands together. “There might be a chance that he has remembered!”

“Fuyu-nii spoke Korean?” Natsu asked while chewing. “He is learning Korean since we were in grade school because he is really interested to this country. I guess he has finally put it into practice.”

“Ehh…” Miyu’s shoulders dropped. Yuma rubbed his chin as he thinks.

“There are incidents like that when people started to do the things their past selves can do when they came to a place significant to their past selves. There was someone who has never played piano but after reaching his past self’s home, he started playing piano out of nowhere. It happened that he was a well-known pianist in his past life. I was also hoping that the reason he suddenly spoke Korean was because Maru-sama was a Korean but it turned out that he was learning it.”

“If he has remembered everything then he should have gone all the more to Fumie-chan, am I right?” Aki voiced out what’s on his head.

“Exactly.” Yuma nodded. “If he has remembered everything then he will not let go of Shingyoji-san anymore! But look at him. He is completely ignoring her. He also said he isn’t interested with the recording a while ago. Right, Saito-senpai?”

“Y-Yes…” The girl stammered when she was suddenly called. She doesn’t like what they are talking about. She has just confessed her feelings for Fuyu and now they are telling her that he is meant for no one else but Fumie. How is she supposed to react with this?

“Well, we all have heard it.” Natsu placed his chopsticks on the table before leaning backwards. “That Maru person said that she’s bad in being ignored by the person she loves but…” He took a glimpse of Fumie who’s hanging her head low. “The girl who we believe as the reincarnation of Shimazaki Haruka-san kept on pushing him away.”

Yuma also put his chopsticks down. The food is something that he doesn’t normally eat but he doesn’t have the appetite to eat. He couldn’t force himself to eat.

“Normally, children remember something about their past lives but as the innocence is being taken away as they age, they tend to forget about the reason why they were born again. I was actually pretty amazed that Hoshizora-senpai still remembers that even though he is already 18. I really think that he is really eager to fulfill the promise. But I guess the things that happened in his present life have already pushed him to give up.”

Everyone’s spirit fell down after that conclusion from Yuma. They have heard from the guy that they are all friends in their past lives thus the heavy feeling about what’s currently happening to Fuyu.

Yuma looked up in the ceiling and closed his eyes. “Maa, I guess that’s it.” He sighed. “It’s over if Hoshizora-senpai has already given up. He already ran out of time.“

Haru wiped his lips with a tissue. “Everything is already in the past. It doesn’t matter anymore. We are new people with new background and new personalities. We have new memories. It will be better for us if we are going to stop talking about things that don’t matter anymore.”

Yuma felt hurt hearing those words from Haru. The latter was right. A lot of things have already changed. What happened in the past cannot be continued at the present time. It cannot be altered. He thought that he could get support from someone but no one is voicing out anything about getting the two back together.

“Fumie-chan wants to be an idol and she doesn’t feel the same way about Fuyu. Now that Fuyu has woken up to this reality, I will help him stand up and maximize his abilities. I’ll be taking care of him.”

Haru noticed Fumie’s hands rolled into fists. He also observed how the girl bit her lips as she listens to everything that he is saying. He noticed the showcase of frustration but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Let’s forget about all these happenings.” Haru stressed out. “The past doesn’t matter anymore.”

THE MT activities continued even at the hotel that they are staying. After the lunch, they just took a group photo then went to the hotel. There they had their free time to rest or to take a bath in order to prepare for the event that is going to be held at 9 in the evening.

The Shiki suddenly disappeared after they arrived in the airport. It seems that those four guys are up to something. Yuma went to take a short nap since his head has been aching due to the happenings while Fumie and Miyu went to sauna to refresh themselves. On the other hand, Asuka and Maki went to their room to fix their stuffs.

“What do you think, Maki?”

Maki was surprised when Asuka suddenly spoke. She thought that her friend was sleeping but it looks like she’s just lying on the bed while on a deep thought.

“About what?” Maki tried to play clueless even though she already knows what Asuka is talking about. Actually, she has also been thinking about it. All of this reincarnation stuff is getting her amazed. The claim that she was Miyawaki Sakura in her past life excites her chuunibyou nature. But all of these claims are clearly saying that Asuka can’t be with Fuyu, right?

“Should I just give up?”

Maki froze and then slowly turned to her friend. Her heart hurts seeing the sad look on her friend’s face. “Asuka…”

“Yuma-san has been saying that you are all in the same circle of friends in your past lives. I was the only one who didn’t belong. I wonder how I should feel about this…”

Maki suddenly jumped into Asuka’s bed which somehow forced the other girl to sit up.

“Don’t feel bad about it, Asuka! That’s already in the past. What’s important is now!” Maki said, almost shouting with a frustrated face.

Asuka was shocked for a moment but then she just smiled. “So, if the past isn’t really that important then why do you seem like you are rooting for them to be together?”

Maki stiffened after hearing that. Asuka was looking at her straight to her eyes but she couldn’t make herself return the said stare. She bowed her head and covered everything with a smile.

“W-W-What are you talking about, Asuka? You are my friend and I know you longer than Fumie-chan!”

Asuka smiled faintly. “But if the reincarnation theory is true then you might’ve known each other long ago. Longer than me…”

Maki pouted. She never wanted to hear Asuka talking like this. “But right now I am Togawa Maki. I’m not Miyawaki Sakura anymore…”

Ashu went back to lying in the bed. She spread her arms and closed her eyes. She’s already tired. It won’t help her if she would just waste her rest time in worrying like this. She has already decided that she would fight for Fuyu so why does she have to feel like this?

“I’m taking a nap, Maki.” That also means Maki has to leave her bed. The other girl got what she is inferring and immediately left the bed. She went back in fixing her things heaving a deep sigh, somehow cursing herself because she knows deep in her heart that Maru belongs to Paruru.


BUFFET style dinner raging from western food to eastern ones. That is how NHG MT is going to spend their first night in Korea. The dinner is being held in the hall of the hotel that they are staying at. Everyone is free to get whatever their hearts desire.

Yuma had to wipe his drool at the sight of the foods around him. This is the first time in his life that he will eat with this vast range of choices. He couldn’t even set his eyes on what he is going to eat first. In the end, his plate overflowed with food.

“Do you know that you can go back if you are not yet full?” Miyu asked while smiling cunningly at the said guy.

“R-Really!?” Yuma interjected. “I thought I can only do one trip so I get everything that I could get.” He innocently explained.

“Have you ever been into a buffet before, Yuma-san?” Maki was amazed. She has never encountered someone who has zero experience of buffet.

“W-Well…” Yuma cleared his throat. “I don’t really like buffet because I think it is just for people who are saving money.” He lied.

Maki and Miyu just looked at each other and shrugged the topic away. They are sitting on a table together with Asuka and Fumie. Both of them are still lost in their thoughts and their friends are trying to cheer them up in the best way they can.

This is a time to enjoy. It is not the perfect place to be vexed about the recent happenings. If they really want to move on then they should stop letting those negative emotions linger.

The lights suddenly dimmed and everyone was caught off guard. The stage lit up which called everyone’s attention on it. The crowd cheered up as they saw Shiki on the stage, each one is manning their own band instrument.

Natsu, who is the man on the drums, gave them a signal to start. After a rolling, the familiar song started. It was [Don’t Say Lazy] of the band called Hokago Tea Time. What amazed them more is that the one who is singing is not Aki. The said guy is focused on the lead guitar while doing the backup vocal. Haru is on the keyboard that has a very important part on this song.

The one doing the main vocal is non-other than Fuyu himself. He is also holding the bass guitar in his hand as if they are mimicking the original artist of the song. Everyone was suddenly on their feet, jumping and cheering as the Shiki rocks the song.

Natsu is being 200% more chick magnet while he is hitting the drums and the HaruAki tandem isn’t up to see unsatisfied faces on the crowd. Fuyu’s badass looks didn’t help in calming the girls. He may seem forced of what he is doing but he is executing it perfectly fine. This might be one of the biggest surprises in this trip—Shiki performing like a real group!

The song that is perfectly fit for Fuyu ended with a bang and the roar of the audience became even louder. Haru went to calm them down and told them to sit back. He is still chasing for his breath but there’s no doubt that he is satisfied with the reaction that the performance received.

“It’s a nice evening, isn’t it?” Haru asked which was warmly answered by everyone. He is really well-respected not just by the student body but also by the teachers as well. “I hope you all had fun during the first day of our Membership Training. Tonight, we are rendering you a special performance as you eat—“

“When are we going to eat?” Fuyu mumbled, he forgot that there is a mic in front of him. The next thing he knew is that Haru is looking at him with a stare that could cut his coconut hair. Fuyu gulped and zipped his mouth. This short skit made everyone laugh.

Haru cleared his throat before continuing. “As I have said, we have prepared songs for that first night. Tomorrow, the stage will be open for all who wants to render something. But tonight, as our appreciation to your cooperation in this MT, I and my friends are here to light up the night.”

A round of applause was given by the audience. Haru saw that more and more people are gathering. Even those people who are serving the food are all eyes on the stage.

Aki took a step forward which is a go signal for Miyu to go wild together with the other girls. The autumn prince took a quick look of the audience’s faces before he spoke. “We are now going to sing for y’all an original song.”

The students cheered even more which made Natsu even more excited to hit the drums. Fuyu is just standing there silently. The audience’s excitement is already at the peak.

“This is a song that I wrote for a friend of mine and we are going to perform here first. I hope you will all enjoy this song! This is called ‘Because I’m a Fool’” Aki nodded at his friends as a go signal. Natsu hit the crash and played some beat. After a complete routine was a slide coming from the bass guitar and all the instruments came all together for the intro.

(This song is called A Song For A Fool/Because I’m A Fool by Park Sang Woo[Jung Yong-hwa of CNBlue] Let’s just say that it is in Japanese. Haha. You can check the playlist  for the link.)

Again, Fuyu is leading the vocals. He looks a bit flustered but his eyes look so sad that the girls are being drawn to him.

Maybe this is because I am fool

Even if I get hurt it seems okay

Even when others say this is a useless love, it’s okay

Because I’m a fool beyond help

“No way…” Maki gasped. “Did Agoki-senpai really write something like this for the King!?”

“Isn’t that a bit mean?” Yuma asked then went on with his karaage.

Miyu frantically shook her head. “The song is just starting. Let’s listen first.”

I was good to her because I wanted to be

I was happy with just that

Even if she smiles at me just once

I’ll be happy just with that smile

Fuyu took a glimpse of Fumie. Even though it is dark by the audience’s side, he didn’t take long to locate where she is. Fumie just looked back at him, she isn’t letting go. Asuka immediately noticed it.

The song then went to the chorus. Never did they think that this song could be sad like this.

Until the person that she will love comes

I will just be by her side

For it is a happy love that I could give

I’m not asking anything in exchange

On that place where she can reach out for me anytime

On that place where I could hear her when she calls

Without changing, I will be there

Because I love her
It was followed by a short instrumental made just by the guitar. After that was the second verse of the song.

Because it is the love that I chose

I was happy even in the painful times

Even if she looks back at me just for one time

With that, I’ll be happy

“The four of them obviously have a strong bond.” Yuma commented while tapping the table in accordance with the rhythm. “Hoshizora-senpai might not be the type that properly expresses himself but everyone one knows what he feels without saying a word. I can see that Yamamoto-senpai really knows what’s inside Hoshizora-senpai’s heart. He knows that he couldn’t let it out so he turned it into a song just for Hoshizora-senpai to be able to breathe. It feels like the three of them are here just to protect him.”

The song went back to the chorus and after that is an instrumental with a great guitar lead from Aki. The members of the band are just looking at each other, enjoying the moment that they are performing as a group. The crowd cheered even harder when a faint smile was formed on Fuyu’s face after he took a good, meaningful look of the guys that are with him. They didn’t expect him to smile while doing something that he doesn’t like doing. It seems like he is laughing because the song clearly says what he feels inside.

Until that person that will take care of her instead of me comes

Even just for a moment, I will stay by her side

Because I’m happy just by looking at her

I don’t need anything else

So that she could rest whenever she feels tired

I will remain the same

Even if she leaves without saying goodbye

I will send her with thanksgiving

The instruments stopped and everything was hanged into some sort of cliff. Fuyu bowed his head and then grabbed the mic. The other members are just looking at him with a proud smile on their faces. After one deep breath, Fuyu sang the last line of the song.

Because I’m a fool

After that was the last strum from Aki’s guitar and the song ended. Everyone clapped at their magnificent performance. Even the teachers are moved on the lyrics of the said song. Shinoda-sensei could be seen clapping while in tears while Akimoto-sensei is pretending that he isn’t proud of seeing Fuyu perform.

“And now, for the next—“

“Excuse me for a moment…”

Aki was halted when Fuyu suddenly talked. It wasn’t on the plan that he is going to say something but what is up with him? They’ve been observing that he is acting weird but to the extent that he will talk in front of this entire people? Hoshizora Fuyu doing that?

Everyone’s breath is on a halt as they wait for Fuyu to talk again. The guy held on the mic once again, his eyes traveled to the whole of the audience.

“B-Before we move on to the next song, I just want to say something.”

His voice is cracked and his hands are shaking but he is trying so hard to show that he doesn’t give a damn. He tried to keep his composure by taking another deep breath. The people sitting in the audience breathed with him.

“N-No…” Yuma murmured to himself which caught the attentions of the girls sitting with him.

“W-What happened, Yuma-kun?” Miyu asked, troubled of why Yuma is tearing up.

“His light...” Yuma brushed his face with his palms. “It’s… It’s gone… He had cut ties with his past selves. It’s really over…”

Fumie’s jaw dropped as her eyes widened after hearing Yuma’s statement. Her eyes went back to the stage and there she met Fuyu’s stare. A sad smile, a very meaningful smile—that’s the first thing she saw from the boy.

“I-I… I want to take this opportunity to say sorry to every mess that I made. Actually, Haru set up this band thing so that I could pay for all the shame that I’ve brought in the school’s name.”

The students started murmuring. Are they really hearing Hoshizora Fuyu apologizing?

“I’ve been so unreliable and indeed I’m just a lackluster but I honestly think that I don’t have to do anything about it so I’m not changing anything. I am not asking you to accept me. I’m not appealing for my sake as well.”

He avoided looking at the audience by looking down. Feeling that the air is getting awkward, he scratched the back of his head, trying to put the words together.

“I-I just have one request for all of you…” He bit his lips and heaved a sigh. He gulped to swallow the lump that is forming in his throat. He cleared his throat to prevent his voice from shattering even more.

“It’s about the girl with the scent.” He finally said. “I’m really sorry about making a fuss about it. I’m also really, really, really sorry for the girl that got involved with this. I’m sorry… I was only thinking of myself.”

“Fuyu-kun…” Asuka uttered under her breath.

“My request is that you stop from linking her name to me. I know it is my fault so I’m saying this in front of everyone. I caused her a lot of trouble already and I don’t want to burden her anymore. I was wrong in a lot of aspects. S-She has a dream and I don’t want to be an obstacle for that dream. I want her to fulfill all her dreams.

Eto… Everything is just a work of my imagination. I’m just a delusional freak just like everyone says. Please forget about the girl of the scent. Everything I believed about it is not true and…”

He took one last look at Fumie and with all the remaining courage in his heart, he ended his plea.


“…It will never be true.”


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Chapter 18: WHERE ARE YOU?

WARNING: Don't scroll down without properly reading. Please. Please. Don't.

“YEAH… This is just a good time for rain.”

Manaki sighed while looking outside their window. It is the second day of their trip and the plan was to go out and have a city tour but the weather isn’t cooperating at all. The spring rain is currently wiping all the cherry blossoms away.

“Maa… This is so cliché.” Risao dropped himself back to his bed. “Why does it have to happen at this time?”

The other guy released another sigh; his eyes are fixed on the scenery outside.

“Is something bothering you, Manaki?” Risao asked. “You’ve been sighing for the nth time now.”

Again, another sigh from Manaki. “It’s nothing, dude. I just couldn’t believe that Hoshizora-senpai really gave up the girl of the scent in front of everyone last night.”

With this, Risao also gave out a sigh. He rolled into his stomach and looked at Manaki’s direction. “Same here, man. He gave up that one thing that he has been searching for the whole time. It was very obvious that he doesn’t really want to do that.”

“He even said that he is delusional. He swallowed everything that people are throwing at him just for Shingyoji-senpai’s sake.” Manaki leaned to the window. “But Shingyoji-senpai didn’t even say anything. She didn’t even defend Hoshizora-senpai.”

“I feel really bad about that. It just proves that she doesn’t feel the same at all.”

Manaki saw someone went out, dancing like some sort of a ritual dance. He shook his head when he recognized who that was. He looked back at Risao before even giving another sigh.

“Let’s go get breakfast.”


“MAKI, what the hell are you doing!?”

Natsu slapped his forehead and he weakly shook his head. He was with Maki during breakfast when the girl just suddenly ran outside. She looks really frustrated while eating and Natsu immediately knows that something is wrong with her. And, here she is now, dancing in the rain like a monkey.

“Maki, come on. People are going to think that you are crazy!”

“I don’t care! I’m used to it!” Maki gritted her teeth. She continued with her dance without any care for the world. “I’m going to prove to all of you that powers are real! I can stop this heavy rain. I will show you that I’m not just imagining things!”

Natsu’s eyebrows formed a wrinkle in between. He looked at Maki with sympathy. Now that his brother has already stopped believing that he is destined to a girl that gives off a particular scent, even admitting that it was all just his illusion, Maki surely feels betrayed.

“I know that I love to see the King end up with Asuka but why do I feel like this!?” Maki continued dancing, moving in her awkward movements. “He has been believing about this since we were young! He was holding to it like it is his oxygen! He even let his father disown him so that he could just continue searching for this girl and now he is going to tell us that none of it was true!?”

The zombie tripped with her own leg and she fell on the ground. Seconds after she fell, the rain fell even harder.

“Damn it!” She shouted as she hit the ground with her fist. Tears started falling from her eyes which are concealed by the rain but it will never escape from Natsu’s eyes. Maki felt the rain stopped pouring so she raised her head up in excitement. Much to her dismay, it was just Natsu putting her under the shade of his umbrella. The guy was looking at her with a lonely face.

Maki’s face crumpled even more. She started to cry harder. She never thought that she will cry this hard just because of Fuyu.

“Tell me, Natsu! Why do I feel like this? Why do I feel so hurt after seeing the King ate everything that he believes!? I should be happy because Asuka will get her chance now, right!?” Maki sobbed harder. “But why do I feel that he will only be happy if he will end up with Fumie-chan!? My feelings are so conflicted, Natsu! I feel really horrible! Tell me what I should do!”

Natsu sat in a lotus position. He couldn’t give Maki any definite answer. The truth is he feels the same. Finally, Fuyu has woken up from the curse-like promise that ruined his present life. He can go on with his life without being caught up with this pointless search of a scent. He can now go and look at other girls… But, everything just doesn’t feel right at all.

“I don’t know, Maki.” Natsu bit his lips. “I really don’t know.”

Maki tried to calm herself. She wiped her tears away even though it is pointless because she’s already wet. “What is the King planning to do now?”

“Don’t think of my brother for now. Remember that he is the King. The King knows what he is doing. Let’s just trust him.” He reached out his free hand towards Maki and gave her soft pats on her head. “Let’s go back inside. Go and dry yourself. I don’t want you to get sick.”

“But the rain—“

“It will stop later.” Natsu smiled at her. “Your powers tend to take time to show effects, right?”

Maki bowed her head. “Alright.” She murmured and then stood up. She then went inside with the Summer Prince but her pure heart is still bothered by the thought of the King giving up.


THE RAIN doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Haru gathered his team and made adjustments. Since Risao and Manaki considered the sudden weather changes in choosing a place to stay, they easily came up with a substitute activity. The hotel has a place where they could play indoor sports. They decided that they would just go with a mini-sports fest and then just go outside when the weather permits.

After the meeting with the SC officers, he told them to send an advisory to the students about the change in schedule. They should all be gathered in the gym by 10 am.

Haru asked for help from his circle of friends to come up with things that will make the event exciting. The teachers are expecting a lot from him so he didn’t waste any time. He gathered all his resources and they all met at the mess hall.

The Spring Prince just shook his head after seeing that Fumie and Miyu didn’t come. Well, he knows that it would be really awkward if they will come so he quite understands. Fuyu is acting like nothing happened last night but he is smiling. It’s like he wants to tell everyone that he is okay but it gives off a different message since everyone knows how cold he really is.

They are in the middle of the discussion when Miyu arrived. The girl was chasing for her breath.

“O-Ohayou gozaimasu~” she greeted as she tries to regulate her breathing. “I woke up late and then I saw the message and I rushed—eh?”

Miyu’s eyes widened after she took a good look of the people present in the table. She took another scan but something is really off. She tilted her head to the side and asked, “Where is Fumie?”

“Huh?” The people on the table were alarmed of her sudden question.

“Isn’t she with you?” Aki asked.

Miyu shook her head innocently. “I woke up without her on the room. When I read Yokoyama-senpai’s message, I thought that she is already here. I was really ready to pinch her cheeks because she didn’t wake me up.”

“If she’s not with you then where is she?” Haru worriedly asked. “Does anyone see Fumie-chan during breakfast?”

Everyone shook her head. There wasn’t a single trace of Shingyoji Fumie during breakfast.

“Don’t tell me—“ Miyu hurriedly grabbed her phone and tried to contact her friend. The phone is just ringing but there is no answer. Again she tried to call her by trying to connect to her neurolinker but again there is no response. Miyu suddenly remembered that she saw Fumie’s phone and neurolinker on top of the drawer in their room. She gasped.

“What happened, Miyu-chan?” Aki worriedly asked.

“I-I… I don’t have any idea where she is now!”

Lightning suddenly flashed and thunder roared. The group immediately surveyed the whole hotel in order to look for the missing girl. Miyu knows how easily Fumie loses her direction so she couldn’t calm her heart even for a second.

What is even running on Fumie’s mind that she went out of their room all by herself without even bringing her phone and neurolinker? Miyu believes that something is already wrong with her friend after the request that Fuyu made in front of the whole school. She didn’t hear any word from Fumie even until they fell asleep. In fact, she was waiting for her to open up to her while she’s busy writing something but not a single word came out of Fumie’s mouth.

She knows that something is troubling her but she didn’t ask anything so that she won’t be more pressured. But man, if only she knew that she will just run away like this then probably she should’ve just tied Fumie up and injected her with some truth serum so that she could get her feelings out.

What makes Miyu more annoyed is the fact that Fuyu didn’t even show a hint of worry in his poker face. He didn’t even try to move a muscle from where he is sitting. He stayed by Asuka’s side as all of them are running around the hotel.

They went back at the cafeteria, all are tired but there’s no group that was able to bring Fumie back.

“Where the hell did she go?” Natsu asked. He is obviously agitated. “Don’t tell me that she went out with this weather?”

“Do you really think that she would go out?” Miyu asked back. “She clearly knows that she is bad with directions and most of all we are not in Japan!”

Natsu just facepalmed. Miyu is already frustrated thus the reason of her high tone. He just ignored it knowing that getting angry would make the situation worse.

“But if she is really nowhere here in the hotel, then maybe she really went out.” Aki stated the truth. Miyu dropped herself on the chair and buried her face unto her palms.

“I’m really going to kick the hell out of that salty girl for making us worry like this!” Miyu cried. Maki was there to calm her. The zombie doesn’t know the right words to say.

Haru looked at his watch. “We should be at the gym by this time.” He brushed his fringe backwards as he tries to think of what to do. “I’m going to tell the teachers about this—“

Everyone’s attention was caught when a seat made noise. It was Fuyu, finally moving from his seat. He looked at them casually and started walking towards the exit.

“Fuyu-nii!” Natsu called out. “Where are you going?”

Fuyu stopped to look back. “I’m going to look for her outside. You all go and start the program.”

“Fuyu!” This time it was Haru. “What do you think you are doing? Do you think you know this place that you are going to look for her with confidence?”

The Ice Prince scratched his nape and then pocketed his hands. “Don’t tell the teachers about this Haru. They will hold you responsible for this. I’m sure about that.” He looked back at the exit and took a deep breath. “I will bring her back and that’s for sure. Go and execute the program.”

That’s all and he ran towards the exit, borrowing an umbrella from the hotel staff before heading out to the rain. Everyone was dumbfounded at his sudden movement. They weren’t even able to run after him.

“Fuyu-kun…” Asuka uttered under her breath. “You did lie last night, didn’t you?”

Haru cleared his throat to call everyone’s attention. “After all the crazy happenings since yesterday I don’t really know what’s happening now. But for now, I want to do one thing and that is to trust Fuyu. He has his neurolinker with him so we can contact him anytime. Let’s go to the gym now and do what we have to do. Let’s just hope that this time they would find each other.”

Yuma’s eyes suddenly widened. Did he just hear Haru say that?


BGM: Who Are You – Sam Kim

THE RAIN is still pouring like crazy but Fumie doesn’t mind at all. She somehow likes the feeling of the rain on her face. She had her eyes closed and is just savoring the feeling.

A lot of people have already asked her if something is wrong but since she couldn’t understand whatever they are saying, she just remained silent which drove them away. She’s already drenched but she doesn’t mind. It’s indeed cold but she chose not to feel it. The lightning and thunder are scary but she doesn’t care. All she wants is to remove the unpleasant feeling residing in her heart.

“How I wish that it was Asuka-chan and not anyone else.”

“Please make sure that you are not going to miss the smile of that person that is more valuable than the smile of thousands.”

“She’s not my girlfriend. I don’t have any relationship with her. Please stop linking her to me. I feel bad for her.”

“The girl who we believe as the reincarnation of Shimazaki Haruka-san kept on pushing him away.”

“My request is that you stop from linking her name to me. I know it is my fault so I’m saying this in front of everyone. I caused her a lot of trouble already and I don’t want to burden her anymore. I was wrong in a lot of aspects. S-She has a dream and I don’t want to be an obstacle for that dream. I want her to fulfill all her dreams. Eto… Everything is just a work of my imagination. I’m just a delusional freak just like everyone says. Please forget about the girl of the scent. Everything I believed about it is not true and… It will never be true.”

All those words kept ringing inside her head. It didn’t stop reminding her of how she treated Fuyu. It kept on pressing on her whole being as if wanting to destroy all of her.

Tears started to fall… again. She doesn’t know how long it has been since she started crying. The tears just won’t fully stop.

“So this is how it feels to be ignored…” Fumie murmured to herself as a sarcastic smile curved up her lips. That smile didn’t last when her face started to crumple to release even more tears. “I’m sorry…”

The bus finally came and it took away all the waiting passengers. Now she is left alone in that bus stop. She’s aware that she’s lost but it doesn’t bother her. She doesn’t have the face to present to Fuyu anyway. The desire of seeing him is really big but with everything that happened, how on earth will she face him?

Guilt and shame covered her whole being. She couldn’t completely understand but after everything that has happened all she knows is that she’s deeply in love with Fuyu. Yes, finally after all her denial episodes she realized that her heart has been captured by the Ice Prince.

It wasn’t because of their past lives. She has been feeling this attraction ever since they met. Starting that fateful day, the thought of Hoshizora Fuyu never left her. Her heart clenches whenever he’s around but looks for him whenever he is out of sight. She loves seeing him smile and she loves the fact that he could make her smile. She loves it when he would suddenly appear in front of her and then waves at her like a cute kid. She loves every single thing that he does but she couldn’t find the reason to accept it because of her dream to be an idol.

“But why now…?” Fumie asked herself and wryly smiled. That’s what she has been thinking since last night. Why did she have to realize it now when everything is already late. Fuyu has already given up on her. Now that the scent is gone, she no longer has any hold of him. Fuyu was only in to her because of the scent but since it no longer exists, there’s nothing left to bond them.

According to Yuma, Fuyu has already cut ties with his past selves. What will he do now? Maybe he would start thinking more about his life; probably he would start to go out with Asuka. He’ll start showcasing his talents and probably he would win his father’s favor.

Remembering all of this, Fumie realized how much Fuyu has sacrificed just to be with her… but she didn’t give any importance to any of those.

BGM: I Miss You – SoYou

Sobs were heard as her head hang low. It hurts. It hurts so much. She doesn’t care about failing her past self in regards to the promise. What is pulverizing her heart is the fact that she wasted all the chances to admit to herself that she loves him.


“Found you.”

Fumie suddenly stiffened when she heard that familiar voice. She turned to the direction of the voice and there he saw a man holding a grey umbrella. He’s bending forward, his other hand leaning on his knees for support as he went on to chase for his breath.

The umbrella doesn’t seem to help at all. He is already wet with rain mixed with his sweat. His usually perfectly styled hair is flat wet. Time seemed to stop the moment he raised his head up and had his piercing gaze upon her.

“S-Senpai…?” Fumie called out, her eyes wide open. She rubbed her eyes to make sure that she isn’t imagining stuffs.

Fuyu looked up at the sign of the bus station and read it aloud. “KBS… KBS Sports World…” He looked back at the girl and smiled faintly. “I know I would find you here.”

Tears continued from the girl’s swollen eyes. He went to search for her! He knows exactly where to find her even without the scent! She doesn’t even know that she is in that bus station.

“Let’s go. You’ve already made everyone worried.” Fuyu finally got a hold of his breath and straightened his back. Fumie dropped her head back because of shame. “Seriously, what’s running in your mind?”

The girl remained quiet. Her heart clenches like it is going to kill her. There’s something inside of her that is desperately trying to come out.

Fuyu looked at her with sad eyes. “Fumie, let’s go—“

“I’m sorry, Senpai.”

Fuyu was cut mid-sentence when Fumie suddenly talked. Frustration is so evident in her voice.

“I-I’m sorry…” She started sobbing. “I’m sorry that I tried to make myself believe that all of this is nothing. I’m sorry that I pushed you away.”

Knots were formed on Fuyu’s head. “What are you talk—“

“I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for not seeing your worth from the very beginning. I’m sorry for not being able to recognize you. I didn’t mean it…”

“Fumie, are you sick—“

Fuyu suddenly swallowed his tongue when Fumie looked back at him. She looks very broken just like an abandoned kitten. The surrounding was then muted. Fuyu couldn’t hear anything else even the heavy downpour of rain or the noise of the traffic.

“Senpai…” Finally, he heard something out of that deep silence. Fumie’s face crumpled a little but then she forced herself into a smile. “I love you.”

Then there it goes—the biggest shock in Fuyu’s life. His jaw dropped, his eyes widened, his heart almost stopped beating.

He heard forced chuckles from the girl that somehow woke him up. “What am I confessing for anyway? You have already given up and have decided to forget about the promise. I’m so desperate…”

Fumie forced another laugh before trying to stand up. She was sitting on the bench for so long that her legs felt numb. Thankfully there is an advert in which she leaned for support.

“What am I talking about? I’m just going to make everything more awkward. I’m really sor—“

She was surprised when Fuyu suddenly appeared in front of her standing just a foot away. His eyes are fixed on her, those eyes that are verging in tears. Man, how she loves the way he gazes at her.

It seems like he is going to break any moment but he is trying to cover things up with a smile. He did his best though in the end he wasn’t able to contain his emotions. Tears just went on falling, that smile is still on his face.


“Okaerii…” Fuyu finally said, his voice cracked. “What took you so long to remember me?”

For a moment, Fumie was not able to speak. She was just staring at the beautiful boy in front of her. Suddenly there was a warm spring in her heart filling her whole system. She smiled; something that she thought she won’t be able to do genuinely for a while.

Finally letting go of all what’s suppressing her, Fumie jumped into Fuyu’s arm and embraced him as tight as she could. “Tadaima…”

Fuyu wasn’t able to move. He lost his grip to his umbrella. He doesn’t know if it is right to hug her back since he promised that he wouldn’t lay a hand on her as a sign of respect for her dream. But he’s happy, extremely happy! He couldn’t believe that at long last, after the long search and all the heartache, the person that will complete him is finally in his arms…Telling him that she feels the same…Telling him that their hearts beats the same way.

Slowly his hands went on to return the hug. His hands know perfectly where to go as if he has hugged her a thousand times. He embraced her as if he has forgotten everything else. Finally… Finally his longing heart has been satisfied. He never felt this kind of happiness anywhere else.

“I love you, too…” He uttered under his breath as he tightened his embrace, burying his face to the girl’s hair. “I’ve been loving you since the beginning.”

“I’m sorry…” Fumie cried even more. “I’m really sorry for giving you a hard time. I’m sorry for making you wait this much. I’m sorry for not remembering anything—“

“Shh… Shh…” Fuyu cupped her face and made her look at him. He wiped his tears away and cleared her beautiful face from the stray hairs. “What’s important now is you are here with me and you feel the same. There’s nothing more that I could ask for. It’s okay even if I forget everything else.”

Fuyu couldn’t help but to laugh his heart out. He’s just so happy that he couldn’t help but to smile. He looked into her eyes as he caresses her beautiful face. “My heart knows you… With or without the scent… Bound by promise or not… It is you that my heart will always go back to…”



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Chapter 19: M.T. (FINAL)

THE OLD MAN is currently deep in his thoughts. He has heard this recording almost a thousand times but this is the first time after a long time that he felt the excitement to listen to it again. Was it because of the girl that looks exactly like Shimazaki Haruka? He has a strong hunch that among the visitors are the people that he has longed to help. Or… was it just his wishful thinking?

Maru’s recording is being played and all the students are listening to it when he suddenly heard soft knocks from his door. His wrinkled forehead formed even more wrinkles as his eyebrows met. Feeling a bit annoyed, he went on to open the door. The old man was surprised to see the Japanese boy that could speak Korean.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance…” Fuyu greeted with a light bow.

The owner of the museum opened the door widely for him. “What can I do for you, young one? Aren’t you going to listen to the recording? It is the climax of the trip in this museum.”

Fuyu quietly entered the room. His eyes are busy surveying everything.

“I already know the message of the recording.

The man stopped mid-way as he was going back to his chair. He looked back at the boy who is currently gazing at him with those familiar dead eyes. His memories kicked him back to the time when a Japanese writer went to visit Maru’s grave together with her son. That kid and this boy in front him…They both have the same set of eyes.

“D-Don’t tell me you are—“

“Whoever that person you are thinking about… I think I was that person.

The old guy suddenly has forgotten how to speak. He has never imagined that he will live up to this day where he could meet that boy again…that he could meet Hoshino Maru.

“W-What’s your name at this life, lad?” He asked. His voice waving a bit.

“Fuyu…” the high school boy answered. “Hoshizora Fuyu.”

“Goodness…” Park Sang-hyun almost lost his balance as his knees started to tremble. Thank goodness that he was already near his chair. He dropped himself at the seat and tried to calm himself down. “I can’t believe that this is happening to me…”

“I can’t believe this as well.” Fuyu calmly answered. “It has been a very long time. If I didn’t die early then probably we are of the same age now.”

The old man shook his head as he foolishly laughs to himself. “You remember our first meeting? That time you have already lost your memories about being Hoshino Maru.”

Fuyu looked at the time of the recording. It will finish soon. “Strangely, after I saw the grave, I got bits of memories from my past lives. Not all… There are faint ones and clear ones… Until now I couldn’t believe everything.”

“And to have me in those memories…” Sang-hyun raised his head up to have a good look of Fuyu. “I’m glad. You seem to be very healthy.”

The younger guy gave out a faint smile. “I’m taking care of myself just like as I have promised. I have to do this so that I can lay my life for her.

The old man also smiled. He was right that Maru is true to her promises. Such a great love it is that it is able to conquer time and death.

“Have you found her?” he asked followed with a gulp, looking straight to Fuyu’s eyes. The latter just smiled and avoided his stare.

“I have. I found her through her scent.” Fuyu then sighed. “But it seems that she has already forgotten about me.”

“사장님, 끝났어요.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the assistant telling the president that the recording already ended. The old man signaled for Fuyu to wait for a bit and then he pushed his swivel chair towards the mic.

“Treasure the people you have in your life now. They won’t be here forever. You don’t know when they will be taken away from you or for how long they are willing to hold on. Just as strong as my wish that Hoshino Maru-san has already found Shimazaki Haruka-san, I hope that all of you here would find that one person that will complete you.”

After saying those words, the door of the auditorium opened and the students dispersed. The president went back to Fuyu who is currently smiling at him.

“That’s some speech you got there.” Fuyu teased him a bit. “Thank you so much. That’s the only thing that I want to tell you. I don’t know how I could properly express my gratitude.”

The old man just laughed a satisfied laugh. “I’m really happy that I was able to meet you again but… if you are going to tell me that you are going to give up now then you will just waste that one wish that I used just for you…”

“I was close to giving up… If only memories didn’t come rushing I might’ve given up. You don’t know how much I have been questioning myself about this. I even started thinking that I am cursed.” Fuyu also laughed as he scratched the back of his head. “But, who am I to give up? Don’t you remember what I promised to Haruka?”

「“But I promise you, Haruka. If ever there is a next life after this… I will look for you again… I will not stay in one corner and just wait for you to be lost and meet me… I will search for you no matter how hard it is… And when I find you, I will make you fall in love with me again… As crazily as I am to you now…”」

That certain paragraph from the book immediately flashed on the old man’s mind. He smiled.

“She may not remember who I was or whatever our relationship before. I don’t mind if she has forgotten about Hoshino Maru or Hiroki. It doesn’t matter…” He paused for a bit to render his rare naughty smile. “I’m going to make her fall in love with the current me. I’m going to make her love Hoshizora Fuyu. I will never ever give her up.”


IT’S CURRENTLY lunch time at the hotel but the gang couldn’t get to touch their food. It has been a busy morning for them since they made an impromptu sports fest. Things are going well and the students didn’t mind staying inside. People can really expect great things under Haru’s leadership. But, under the façade that they are showing lies a core group that is dead worried.

Fuyu hasn’t contacted them and he is out of reach as well. Haru couldn’t help but to be irritated. Fuyu always makes him worry.

“What’s up with that face?” Aki came towards him, munching some chicken sandwich he bought at the hotel’s store. “Want some?”

Haru weakly shook his head and sighed. “No, I’m okay, Aki. I’m not really hungry.”

Aki rolled his eyes in disbelief. He forcefully pulled Haru near him by arching his arm around the guy’s neck and shoved the sandwich straight to his mouth. Haru had no choice but to take a bite or else he would die of suffocation.

“I told you I am not hungry!” Haru complained after finally getting freedom from Aki’s grasp. He grumpily wiped the mayo from his face.

“Don’t worry about, Fuyu.” Aki suddenly stated. He leaned on the wall and took a bite of the sandwich. “He’ll come back with Fumie-chan.”

“Geez. I’m not worried about that idiot.”

Aki just laughed at the tsundere reaction of his long-time friend. He knows that the calm and well-mannered Haru can turn into a vicious tsundere when it comes to Fuyu. Since Fuyu was the first one to break his core, Aki sees why this guy cares about that certain friend. Meeting someone like Fuyu made him realize a lot of things.

“You want them to end up together, right?” Aki brought out another surprise question. He heard a sigh came out from Haru.

“I would lie if I tell you that I am not rooting for them.” Haru crossed his arms and closed his eyes. “I know how Fuyu is so in love with her even before they met. I’ve seen all the sacrifices he made for the sake of believing about her existence. He didn’t have any assurance but he kept on believing.”

Foolishness. That is how Haru described this idea of Fuyu for the first time he heard of it. It was nonsense and pointless. He didn’t really see the worth of discarding everything for the sake of only one person. His whole life he was told to achieve nothing but honor, to reach as high as possible. He gave a lot of effort just to reach his current status. Being the second best is something that his mind could never process, his pride would never swallow.

But here is this guy who can do almost anything with ease, who is adored by a lot of girls, who managed to make him taste his first loss in his life… He is almost perfect but he is wasting his life for someone who he has never even met.

Yes, that is how Haru thought of it. But as time passed by, his eyes opened to the reality that Fuyu has a definite reason for his existence…which he doesn’t have.

Reason. This is what makes him envious of Fuyu despite the difference in their social status. Fuyu has his eyes set on one thing and is willing to give his life for it. But what about him? He is just under control of his parents. He doesn’t even know what he really wants in life.

Haru smirked. “Yeah, I can’t help but to be irritated seeing that he is giving up this one thing that he holds dear in his heart. I want to tell him ‘Idiot! The girl that you have been dreaming of is right in front of you! Dare to give up and I will kill you!’ That’s why I am trying to make him jealous.”

“You kept on pushing him to focus on his life but you are actually thinking of getting them together.” Aki also smirked.

“I’m still stuck with this belief…” Haru pressed his lips together. “It’s embarrassing but yeah… I want Fuyu to be with the girl that he loves. I want the best for his innocent heart.”

He looked at Aki with a wry smile on his face. “You feel the same, right?”

Aki laughed. “I even composed a song for him, remember?”

The two just laughed their worries away.

“Hey, Aki. Want to beat some troublesome kid when he comes back?”

“Count me in, dude.”



A CANNED peach juice was placed in front of Asuka. She was sitting on a table in the cafeteria alone when Manaki suddenly appeared in front of her and handed her the drink. The freshman didn’t ask for the permission to sit with her, he just took the seat as if he is not going to deal with the top idol of this generation.

“You should get something to eat, Senpai.” Manaki stated. Worry is hinted by those eyes.

Asuka faintly smiled at him and made a cross with her pointing fingers. “Diet.”

Manaki just nodded his head. He took glances of Asuka whose eyes are glued on the entrance. He knows that more than anyone else, this girl is the one worrying the most. She just confessed her feelings to his favorite senpai and here goes that senpai, going out in this heavy rain just to look for another girl.

“Manaki-kun…” Manaki jerked at that call from Asuka. She’s still keeping her eyes on the entrance.

“Y-Yes, senpai?” the freshman stammered.

“Do you know the reason why I confessed to Fuyu-kun even though you were around?”

Manaki was also asking that to himself. Confessions are usually done in private but what’s running on Asuka’s mind that she confessed with someone else’s presence. He stayed quiet, coming up with no guess at all.

Asuka turned to him and he almost forgot how to speak after seeing the loneliness written on the girl’s eyes. He immediately dropped his head so that he could avoid being vacuumed by that void.

“Manaki-kun…” Asuka called again. “I’m sorry but I might need your help later.”


“WHAT ON earth is Manaki doing with Asuka-senpai?”

Akane rolled her eyes in disbelief. She took another bite of her food and munched it grumpily. Risao just shook his head at the immaturity that the vice president is showing.

“Look, Risao. Look! He’s acting all flustered!”

Risao flicked his fingers on Akane’s forehead which made the drill sergeant yelp.

“What the hell is that for, Risao!?”

“Can’t you read the atmosphere, Akane?” Risao asked with his arms crossed. “You’re eating like a pig there while everyone is dead worried about—“

“I don’t care about them!” Akane took another bite. “I’m in charge of a lot of things so I need energy. I never really cared about that good-for-nothing senpai. Let him get drenched in the rain or get lost here in Korea… I won’t mind at all—“

“You are saying that because you got rejected bigtime when you confessed to him—“

“Shut up, Risao!” Akane barked at him. All the blood in her body seemed like it climbed up on her face. Yeah, Akane once confessed to Fuyu when she was in her last year in middle school. The two boys know how much she built up her confidence before finally confessing. But just like every other girl who confessed to Fuyu, Akane suffered the same fate. For her, that rejection was such a huge humiliation that she was not able to go to school for a week.

“Don’t bark at me Shiba Inu! We can never forget that fact. We had to drag you out of your bedroom to get sunlight.” Risao teased her even more. Akane shook her head with such a force so that she could not hear Risao anymore.

Risao just laughed at Akane. He rested his chin on his palm and looked at her still with those teasing eyes. He waited for Akane to calm down and then spoke…

“Akane…” He called with a serious tone. “By any chance… Do you know why me and Manaki are looking up to Hoshizora-senpai?”

Akane looked at him and blinked twice. “What do you mean?”

The guy just smirked. “Never mind.” Risao then turned towards the entrance.

Akane’s eyebrows furrowed. “What do you—“

“H-Hey! They are back!”

Everyone who is in the cafeteria is surprised with that news from Risao. From outside they could see the hotel staffs running with towels in their hands. They immediately wrapped them around the two guests who arrived drenched with the rain.

The gang rushed near the entrance and was surprised to what they see coming in from the said door. Wrapped in the towel that the staffs handed them, Fuyu and Fumie entered in… their hands clasped.

The two immediately noticed their friends staring at them. Fuyu was about to let go of Fumie’s hand but the girl didn’t let him go. She gave him an assuring smile which moved his heart. He tightened his hold to Fumie then they both looked at the gang and smiled.

The frozen group got thawed. Miyu ran towards Fumie and jumped to give her a hug.

“What the hell were you thinking, you big ponkotsu!? Do you know how much you made me worry about you!?” Miyu wailed. She didn’t mind even if Fumie is drenched. She’s just so relieved that Fumie is finally back. “I already feared for my life. Your father told me to take care of you, remember!?”

Fuyu slowly let go of her and just nodded, a sign that she should go and apologize to her friend. Fumie did so and hugged Miyu back. Suddenly, Fuyu got surrounded by his friends who are all smiling faintly. The winter prince smiled at them and opened his arms. “I’m back.”

The other guys looked at each other with meaningful eyes. They gave a nodded to each other and then turned back to Fuyu. “Se no…”

Fuyu shrieked when the guys jumped to attack him. Aki and Natsu held him by his arms while Haru started to give him body blows.

“You think you are cool, huh? You’re cool!?” Haru shouted while punching Fuyu. The guy fell face down to the floor and the three didn’t stop hitting him. They went to kick him as he helplessly lies on the ground.

“You made us all worried, coconut head!” Aki growled as he tortures the poor guy.

“You made your handsome brother so anxious, Fuyu-nii! Somehow I can’t forgive you with this!” Natsu kicked his brother but it is with lesser force than the other two.

Haru squatted and raised Fuyu’s head by pulling his hair. “You said you were going to send a message but you didn’t! And now you are going to enter this building as if nothing happened and you are even holding Fumie-chan’s hand!? Do you want me to lame you down?”

Despite the torture, Fuyu just smiled at him with matching pinkish cheeks. Haru grossed out at the sight of the smiling Fuyu and smashed his head down in the floor.


That scared call from Fumie called their attentions. The girl’s head is hanging low knowing well that it was all her fault. “P-Please don’t hurt Fuyu-senpai. It was my entire fault.”

“Hee!” Fuyu smiled even wider after hearing Fumie call him by his first name. Haru grossed out even more and stepped at Fuyu’s head. “Stop smiling like you are a titan.”


“Don’t worry. His body can handle this kind of abuse.” Aki assured her.

“Yeah...” Haru sighed. “There’s no need to apologize. As we have all seen… It seems like you guys have sorted things out already and that’s what’s important. Go get a shower and go to the gym after it. We are still holding an event and I expect your presence there.”

Haru turned back to Fuyu. “I’m glad for you, idiot.”

“Me too.” Aki commented.

“Congratulations, Fuyu-nii.” Natsu stated with a wide puppy smile.

Then they gave another kick to Fuyu while they are still wearing those smiling faces. That’s all and they left taking the team with them. Fuyu saw Manaki and Risao gave him two-thumbs up with happy smiles before they left while Akane just rolled her eyes.

Fuyu suddenly met Asuka’s stare then he remembered. This girl just confessed to him yesterday. She saw how a forced smile curved up her lips as if she is telling him not to mind her. He then saw Manaki running back and gave Asuka a tap on her shoulder and then invited her to come with him. Asuka was quick to follow and didn’t look back to Fuyu again.

“I guess I should go talk to her later.” Fuyu thought as he stands up. It seems like he didn’t get beaten. He was then taken aback when he saw Maki and Yuma verging in their tears. Brushing his hair up, he gave them a smile.

“Did I make you worried as well, Maki?” He asked.

“A lot!” Maki puffed her cheeks. “I was close to summoning a hero just to help me find you!”

Fuyu laughed as he compares the past Maki to the present one in his mind. She’s completely different but she still gives off the same aura. “I’m back now so don’t worry.”

Maki couldn’t hold her tears anymore and started crying. “I jush shought you aw gawing to gibap awready.” (I just thought you are going to give up already.) She mumbled as she wailed. Who would’ve thought that she would cry like this even though she was the one who came up with the MFFFA.

Fuyu just laughed at the cute chuunibyou. “Never, Maki… Never…”

“M-M-Maru-sama…” Yuma immediately covered his mouth after that name slipped from his tongue. His eyes are glittering because of tears. Fuyu looked at him and winked. The winter prince then mouthed. “Thank you…”

Yuma also started crying which surprised Fuyu. All his efforts didn’t go in vain. When he thought that Fuyu has already given up, here they are! They came back with reunited hearts. How could he be any happier? He feels like a satisfied cupid.

Fuyu placed his hands to their heads and gave them soft pats. “Come on. There’s nothing to cry for.”

“I guess you should get changed, Senpai.” Miyu called out while trying to dry Fumie with the towel. “You’ll get sick if you just let yourself dry like that.”

Fuyu turned to her with a curious face. He went near Miyu and smiled naughtily. “How about let me take a shower with, Fumie?”

Fumie’s face instantly turned red as well as Miyu’s. Miyu hugged Fumie and kept her away from the grinning Fuyu. “Dare to come near her! I will kill you! You are moving so fast like always!”

The guy just laughed and waved his hands. “I’m just kidding. I won’t do that.”

Miyu puffed her cheeks and pouted. “Warui.”

Fuyu beamed and pinched her cheeks. “Pufferfish.”

The guy heaved a sigh. He couldn’t believe that everyone has gathered around. He feels really, really happy that he is living at the moment.

“I’m going to take a shower. Go get yours as well. See you later, Fumie.”

Fumie gave a faint nod. Fuyu gave her a quick pat on her head before running towards the stairs. She just followed him until he disappeared from her sight. He turned to her almost everytime just to wave and smile at her. Just that cute gesture makes her heart flutter.

“I told you, it won’t be bad to be honest like your usual self.” Miyu sighed and flipped her hair. “You feel better now, right?”

Fumie smiled as she keeps her eyes to the direction where Fuyu ran. “I’m extremely happy.”


THE WEATHER only calmed down when it is already past 6 in the evening. Haru thought that it would be nice to go to night markets for souvenirs but the ground is wet so they chose not to go. They went with the original plan of having students perform.

Everyone is already gathered in the hall but Asuka is still in her room trying to bargain more time from her manager. She received an emergency call from work, a sudden promotion opportunity for the new album. The said album is composed of songs of the top 12 idols of this year. It is very important for her since it marks her second year as the top idol of the generation. Her song is basically the carrier single of the album. Without any choice and with a broken heart, she packed her things up and then planned to leave quietly but then she found Fuyu standing in front of her room.

The guy awkwardly smiled at her. She kind of expected that he would come and invite her for a talk. She smiled back at him and led him near the fire exit to get some privacy.

“So, you want to talk to me because of the recent development between you and the girl with the scent, right?”

Asuka went straight to the point. She took Fuyu’s silence as a yes. Her heart broke even more when Fuyu couldn’t even look straight to her. She could sense guilt with those weary eyes. The regret of suddenly admitting her feelings filled her up.

“C-Congratulations, Fuyu-kun!”

The guy shot his head up which he also immediately tilted down. “Mhm.”

“You finally found her! Why are you still acting like that?” Asuka raised her tone a bit to be more convincing that she’s happy. She’s smiling from her ear to ear but her eyes are verging with tears. She gave Fuyu a playful push in the shoulder then hid her hands behind her back.

“Don’t tell me you’re not happy about it! Do you want me to remind you how crazy you are about her?”

“B-But Asuka…”

Asuka was taken aback when the guy’s stare landed at her. She couldn’t stand up that heavy stare. She couldn’t handle what those eyes make her feel.

“Please don’t look at me like that.” She whispered to herself as she hangs her head low.

The lass gave out a chuckle. “Fuyu-kun… Do you really think that I meant what I said?”

Fuyu’s eyes widened a bit before his brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

A playful smile curved up on the idol’s lips. She secretly waved her hands as if giving someone a signal. At the count of three, confetti were thrown into the air together with Manaki jumping in the scene. He was hiding behind the wall where Asuka was standing. His nuerolinker is projecting some weird graphic.

“D-Dokkiri success?” Fuyu read the said graphic. “Y-You mean—“

“Hai~” Asuka nodded and posed a cute idol pose. “Everything was just a dokkiri~!”

“Y-You mean you are not really—“

“Come on, Fuyu-kun! I’m an idol and not just that, I am the reigning top idol. I couldn’t risk my name just to get into a relationship. The idea of falling in love never came into my mind.” Asuka chuckled even more. “I set up everything with someone you will not expect to prank you. I just really wanted to take my revenge when you suddenly left me hanging two years ago!”

Fuyu’s facial muscles flattened. “Is that so?”

The smile on Asuka’s face faded a bit after seeing that reaction. Her heart is telling her to stop with all the lies but her mind dictates that this will be better. Manaki gave her a light tap in her back to somehow awaken her from the daze.

“Y-Yes!” Asuka answered, her voice cracked a bit. “I’m sorry. Did I overdo it?”

Fuyu released a sigh. “No. I’m sorry for what happened two years ago. I was just thinking about what’s best for you.” This time, the guy has finally found strength to look straight at her. “I heard that you are already leaving. Can’t you tell your manager to stay longer? At least finish this trip.”

The lass gulped. “It’s okay. I really need to go to that event. I-I tried to ask for more time but my manager couldn’t push the event.”

“Okay.” It was cold. So cold. The way he answered sent shivers to her spine. “Sorry, I was taking so much of your precious time. I’ll be going to the hall now. Take care on your way home.”

That’s all and he started walking away. Asuka’s eyes started to well up again. Deep in her heart she was wishing that somehow Fuyu would stop and tell her that he also feels the same way but that is just a wasted wish. She knows that in the current situation, he loving her back is impossible.

But then… Fuyu did stop and looked back at her. He gave her a faint smile and uttered…

“Thank you for evrything, Asuka…”

Then he left. He left her again hanging. The girl almost lost her strength in her knees when Fuyu is finally out of sight. Thank goodness that Manaki was there to give her assistance.

That’s it. The price of her being a coward during the last two years… How many times does she have to see that image of Fuyu’s back while he is leaving her behind?

“Senpai…” Manaki worriedly called. What on earth happened that he got dragged on this?

The idol turned to him his heart almost stopped beating. The girl is smiling happily while her eyes are shedding tears.

“I’m okay, Manaki-kun…” she bit her lips. “I’ll be okay… because I’m an idol.”


Hello, Cut here. Thanks for reading WISH up to this chapter. I hope you are having a good time reading this.

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Chapter 20: 妹の戦争 (I)

IT IS ANOTHER normal day in NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. Beautiful faces are still roaming around the area, outstanding athletes are still on intensive training and the teachers are still hot as hell but glorious like heaven. The weather is starting to get warm as cherry blossoms already shed its flowers. It’s such a wonderful day to live.

Fumie has been looking at her watch for she doesn’t know how many times now. Time seems to be playing with her feelings since it doesn’t seem to move at all. Her heart is cheering for the clock to strike 12. It’s not that she’s hungry and not because it is the day for the limited edition melon pan. She just wants to go and meet her boyfriend as soon as she can.

“Shingyoji-san!” Shinoda-sensei called her attention which made her jerk in her seat. “It’s just a few minutes before lunch. I ask to spare me more of your attention.”

“H-Hai!” Fumie focused on her monitor’s screen, pretending that she’s reading something when she’s actually in the wrong page.

Shinoda-sensei grinned. He could clearly see in his own monitor on what page his students are in. “Don’t think too much of Hoshizora-kun, Shingyoji-san. I believe he is thinking of you as well.” The teacher teased her which was followed by the cheer of her classmates.

Fumie turned bright red. She wanted to hide her face but she couldn’t deny the fact that she is Hoshizora Fuyu’s girlfriend and everyone acknowledges her.

As soon as the bell rang, the door of the classroom suddenly flung open leaving everyone astounded. It was Fuyu, chasing for his breath. He is aware that everyone is looking at him but he suddenly smiled like a cute kid which surprised everyone even more.

“Fumie, let’s eat lunch! Let’s go or we will be late for the melon pan!” Fuyu invited his girl out as if there are no other people in the room.

The girl immediately stood up. She turned to Miyu with a wide smile on her face. “I’ll be going ahead, Miyu. See you later.”

That’s all and she left the room, bowing down to her teacher before stepping outside. She happily greeted Fuyu back and they started chit-chatting while walking in the hallway. It was such a bright scene that the students had to cover their eyes.

“What the hell did just happen?” Shinoda-sensei asked, still dumbfounded. “He arrived here as soon as the bell rang.”

“I taught the King my teleportation technique!” Maki said proudly, her nose growing longer.

“Okay, you said it.” Miyu sighed as she weakly stood up from her seat. “I guess we are going to eat lunch together today as well, Maki-chan.”

The zombie sneered. “Sorry, Miyu-tan. I need to meet the Prince so we could stalk the FuFu couple even more. See you later!”

“Mou~~~” Miyu dropped herself back to her seat only to threw tantrums. “Why am I the only one without a partner!? What happened to my goal of getting a boyfriend this term!?” She grumbled as she slid down to her table.

“Miyu-san…” Yuma called who is sitting behind her, called out. “Let’s eat—“

“I wonder what the menu is today.” Miyu stretched out her arms as she walked out of the room. The cute shonen was left with his jaw hanging.

“Looks like Miyu-san also learned teleportation.” He shook his head in disbelief.



THE PATH towards the cafeteria seems a bit more crowded today because of the limited edition melon pan. Most of the students are in a hurry but Miyu found someone who is also walking in the same pace as her. Her agony of eating alone suddenly vanished as she skipped her way towards the said person.


Miyu was taken aback when Aki turned to her with glaring eyes. She was sure that Aki seemed like an angered god at that moment he laid his eyes on her. The guy immediately recognized her and somehow his frown flattened.

“Miyu-chan!” Aki called her with a hint of excitement in his tone. “I’m sorry. I thought it’s another weird girl following me.”

The girl cutely tilted her head to the side. “Weird girl?”

Aki heaved a sigh as his shoulders dropped. He then went back to his path and the girl quickly followed her with little but quick steps. “There are weird girls that have been squealing after calling my name. I would ask them what’s the matter and do you know what they answer?”

“What?” Miyuki innocently asked.

Aki’s hands balled. “They will just smile creepily at me and then say ‘uke’ straight to my face and then run like crazy.” He rolled his eyes in disappointment. “How could they call me like that? It’s really because of that damned fanfic!”

Miyu felt sweat broke out her scalp. A forced chuckle was heard from her. “What happened?”

“I’ve read the damned thing’s latest update and I was not able to sleep well because of what I read. Everything happened in the MT. Me and Haru sharing a room made the writer’s head go nuts. Man, I’m so embarrassed to talk about it!” He stopped and then turned to Miyu. “Do you read that thing, Miyu-chan?”

Miyu took a step backward before frantically waving her hands. “N-No, no! I-I don’t like reading. Do I look like the type to read BL?” she stammered.

“Okay then.” Aki finally put himself at ease. “Anyway, where is Fumie-chan?”

“Well…” Miyu was finally able to breathe. “Where do you think she is now?”

Aki just smiled and then went on. He has seen how Fuyu ran out of the classroom five minutes before the clock strikes 12. He was lucky that the teacher before lunch is not as tight as AkiGori-sensei or else he has already been sent to detention or even get suspended. He has never seen him so excited like that Though it seems a little weird for him to see Fuyu very cheerful. But yes, he is happy for his friend that he has finally get that one thing he wants in life.

They were already in front of the cafeteria when they saw a ruckus going on. It was Natsu and Maki and for them, seeing this two together is like a big chuunibyou bomb that will explode any moment. But hey, what is really going on?

The two seems to be preventing someone to enter the cafeteria. Looking at it closely, it was a girl with shiny, black hair that is on armpit level. She’s almost begging them to let her in but the two are firm with their NOs. And oh, isn’t the said girl wearing a different uniform?

“What’s going on here?” Aki asked. The three froze in action. Natsu was pushing the girl’s face away while Maki was pulling the girl’s arm. They looked at the new comers for a moment but then continued with their struggles.

“Let me in! I want to see my Onii-sama!” The girl forced to make a step further but it was futile.

“How many times should I tell you to stop, Momoko?” Natsu irritably asked. “He will be really, really furious if you go to him and address him like that!”

The girl puffed her cheeks and then grumpily gave more force just to barge in. “Nii-chan!” she cried out. “Just let me get in to Fu—“

Maki immediately covered the girl’s mouth before uttering that name. “Stop this Momoko-chan! The King will be mad. Listen to us!”

The girl stopped with her struggle, her eyes are being prickled with tears. She tried so hard to suppress them but drops managed to escape which she immediately wiped away. Taking a deep breath, she glared at Natsu and Maki and uttered in shaky voice, “You cannot stop me! I’m going to introduce myself to Onii-sama!”

She then ran towards the direction of the middle school department of NHG while shouting that she is not done yet. She looks at her older brother from time to time just to show him how angry she is now…although her tears don’t stop falling.

“What’s up with your sister, Natsu?” That question from Aki somehow shocked Miyu.

“So… she is the daughter of the legendary idol, Kojima Haruna, right?” Miyu asked, her eyes still fixed to the direction where the girl went. “She’s really, really cute!”

Natsu took a deep breath. “Yeah, yeah. Momoko is really cute and adorable but you can see that she can be handful at times.”

“I thought she didn’t know that you have a twin brother.” The curiosity of Aki needs to be resolved. “Don’t tell me that your parents told her about it. I doubt that your father will let that.”

The Summer Prince’ handsome face was then tainted with agitation. “Dad’s other woman casually talked about it during dinner. Dad was really surprised, he looked angry but since he is head over heels with his other woman, he forgave her even after spilling that secret. And as you can see, Momoko is dying to meet Fuyu-nii.”

Natsu combed his golden hair up and strike an ikemen pose. “I can’t let her introduce herself to my brother. I am the only true sibling of Fuyu-nii. Momoko has to be satisfied with having the hottest male alive as her brother, her Natsu-onii-chama—”

“I’m hungry…” Aki grumbled on his way to the entrance. “I guess I’ll have something heavy.”

“I will have melon pan!” Maki ecstatically raised her hand. “I had King buy one from me!”

Miyu chuckled. “This time it isn’t Maki-chan that is being left out because of her wild thoughts, right?”

“What the—Wait for me! How dare you all leave the most beautiful guy on earth!?”

The three turned to him with a lazy glare and in chorus they said, “Narcissist.”




MIYU was standing by the window of their classroom while she looks at the sight of her bestfriend heading out the school gate with her boyfriend. Not so long ago, Fumie was all out to push Fuyu away to the extent of agreeing to the plan to make him fall in love to another girl but look at her now. She’s smiling so widely that Miyu has almost forgotten about her usual salty face.

Well, it’s not that she hates it. Seeing her friend this happy makes her joyful as well. She has seen how much Fumie suffered in hiding her feelings and having her back to her honest self is one of the best things there is in Miyu’s life.

“Who would’ve thought that she’ll get a boyfriend faster than me?” Miyu exasperatedly sighed. The couple is already out of sight but she is still looking at the grounds. “And who would’ve imagined that we all have quite a background in our past lives?”

She smiled. Just the thought that everything seems to be turning out fine is enough.

“I should go home as well. I should not waste time sulking on why Fumie isn’t asking for my companion anymore.” She raised her fist together with a determined nod. “Today I will use my free time to write even more!”

And so, the Fisher went on to her journey to her home. Since she doesn’t have any schedule, she’s going to take the public transportation for today. The sky, compared to the sky during lunch time, seems to be not in a very good mood. Rolls of thunder can be heard faintly and it is really dim. Well, it does seem like people aren’t the only ones with mood swings.

“I should get to the station as soon as possible.” Miyu told herself as she could feel that the clouds could no longer hold on. She was about to turn into a corner when a motorbike suddenly stopped in front of her. For a moment she got scared thinking that it was a stalker but the person riding it is wearing an NHG uniform.

The guy took off his helmet and Miyu’s heart was sent into another level of excitement.

“Aki-senpai!” She interjected after seeing the face of the rider. The guy just gave her a smile. He passed her his extra helmet and patted the seat of the bike.

“Hop on. I’ll try to drop you to the nearest station.”

That was all that Miyu could clearly remember. After that she just found herself riding the bike and clinging so hard to her senpai. She doesn’t know if Aki is purposely driving really fast just to have her hug him or he is just really serious in getting her to station quickly.

But then, the weather doesn’t seem to be on their side. Before they even arrived to the station, rain suddenly poured so hard that they got drenched in an instant. It’s too heavy that they might get into a serious accident if they aren’t careful. They also can’t stop somewhere to wait for the rain to stop. People would surely flock into them and seeing the vocalist of Phantom Note hanging out with one of the most beautiful faces in the country would be a big gossip. Although most probably, being seen with a girl would help Aki’s cool character to be revived.

Left with no other choice, Aki came up with a plan.

“Miyu-chan…” He called out. The girl could hear him through the helmet that she is wearing. There are voice receptors and a little speaker installed in the helmets that can make the passengers talk without the need of shouting. “My house is just in this neighborhood. How about we stop there and wait for the rain to stop?”

“EHHH!?” Thank goodness she is wearing a helmet or else her flustered face will be wide open.

She heard Aki laughed a little. “Don’t worry. I’m not bringing you to my apartment. We’re going to my family’s house so there’s really nothing to worry—“

“Your family’s house!” The Prince of Autumn almost felt his eardrums explode for a moment.

The motorbike stopped in front of a neat-looking house. It is not as big as Miyu imagined of it but it looks sophisticated just looking at the way it was designed. The gate opened up automatically. Aki parked the bike by the lawn and then rushed to the front door.

“Let’s head in.” Aki invited her after he opened the door. The girl stood there frozen. Her fangirl heart is definitely in a rage. She could hear the sound of trumpets from the heavens while her heart is acting like the taiko drums.

“B-But Senpai…”

Miyu somehow noticed the faint pink tainted on the guy’s cheeks. He lowered his head for a moment to hide his flustered face.

“D-Don’t worry…” he stated with his husky, alluring voice. “My parents aren’t home.”

That’s all and Miyu’s mind turned completely blank. She felt as if she was hypnotized by the way Aki’s voice vibrated in the air. Her feet walked automatically inside and she jerked when she heard the sound of the door locking.

Aki immediately led her in front of the bathroom. He went first to his room to get a clean towel then casually tried to dry Miyu’s hair. Miyu heard her heart curse for a moment because she definitely didn’t make any preparation with this. What is this sudden development with their story!?

“I know you are going to take a shower and drying your hair would be pointless but I just really want to do it.” Aki placed his hands in akimbo while admiring Miyu. He snapped his fingers after an idea entered his mind. “I’ll go get some change of clothes. Get in now and take a shower. Just place your clothes in the washer and it will do its job.”

That’s all and Aki rushed back upstairs where his room is located. Miyu was looking at the direction of his room for some time before her feet started moving towards the bathroom. Wild thoughts are now running in her head. What if Aki isn’t really looking for clothes? What if he is just preparing his room for some action?

She cupped her cheeks while being all-flustered at all these wild thoughts. Are the feelings of their past selves also manifesting? The girl slapped her face just to wake her up from the daze. Why is she even thinking of this thing? What if Aki isn’t really into her? She’s just making herself hope for nothing. What if this is all nothing to him because he likes people of the same kind?

With all these thoughts, Miyu took a shower as quick as she can while her clothes are being washed. She knows that the clothes will be dry as soon as the washer finishes its work but having Aki looking for clothes for her to wear is something that her fangirl heart is squealing for.

When she went out of the showers, a hoodie and jogging pants was placed neatly for her to wear. She only took her underwear from the washer and then happily wore the clothes prepared for her. She hugged herself, imagining that Aki is the one hugging her. Her heart began to beat even wilder when she is about to get out of the bathroom. Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself and erase all the weird thoughts in her head.

Just as she was about to open the door, someone also opened it from the opposite side. Surprised, she took a step back and just let the person open the door. The sound of thunder suddenly echoed. She has no idea if that was really thunder or just a BGM created by her mind.


In front of her seems to be Aki but her mind got confused with a lot of things. When did his hair suddenly become that long? Why is he—What!? He is wearing a blazer uniform and a skirt!!! Miyu’s jaw dropped in an instant. “Don’t tell me Aki-senpai is into crossdressing and he is revealing it to me now!” she shouted in her mind.

Aki’s eyebrows furrowed and he backed off a little. “Who are you?”


FUMIE is just looking at the face of her boyfriend and isn’t really paying attention to whatever he is saying. They are currently climbing that slope where there houses are located. Fuyu is holding her hand just like the usual; he is also smiling like the usual but why does she feel that he is hiding something from her.

While they were at the library waiting for the rain to stop, she asked him if he could go and meet his mother since he said that he lives with her. She was a bit curious of how his mother looks like. Fuyu doesn’t really look like Matsui Yuu. A bit maybe, in regards with the physique and that dimple on his right cheek but just looking at him, there’s really no hint that he is that actor’s son.

Fumie also wants to know him more. She loves him and that’s a fact. Her heart somehow remembers him but it’s also true that she knows too little of this guy. She might know a bit about Hoshino Maru because of the book but it will be really bad to base everything on it. Fumie wants to know more about Hoshizora Fuyu. At the same way, she wants Fuyu to know more about Shingyoji Fumie.

But, she guesses that family is a very sensitive topic to touch in regards to Fuyu. The moment she mentioned about his mother, everything turned a little awkward. Fuyu became a little quiet and he seems to be in a thought once in a while.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Fumie jerked from her daze. Fuyu stopped walking under the street light which also led her to stop. She looked at him with a surprised expression before bowing her head. She couldn’t think of what to answer him.

“Is it because of your request to see my mother?”

“E-Eh! N-No!” Fumie panicked, waving her free hand as a big no.

Fuyu patted her head to calm her down. Somehow that smile on his face isn’t assuring at all. She could see through it. Something is definitely wrong.

“Okay then.” Fuyu sighed. “I’m going to introduce you to my mother.” That’s all and Fuyu started to walk again.

Fumie’s throat suddenly dried up. She suddenly became nervous. What on earth did she put herself into? She said that she wants to meet her but she isn’t prepared for today. There is no preparation at all. She’s just wearing her school uniform and doesn’t have any gift at all. This could be really bad.

She was about to stop Fuyu when the guy stopped by himself. He was looking into his house with those widened eyes. Fumie also looked at the house but there isn’t anything that looks suspicious. It looks like how a normal house should look like.

“Why are the lights on?” Fuyu whispered but it was audible enough for Fumie to hear. The girl fell into deeper curiosity. Is that really a big deal? He is living with her mother, right? It would be normal for the lights to—

“Fumie, stay here. I’ll be back.” Fuyu let go of her and started running towards his house. Fumie was left dumbfounded. What on earth is happening?

Catching up with the tension, Fumie automatically moved from where she is standing. She went after Fuyu. She saw how the boy shook his head after seeing that the door isn’t locked. She suddenly remembered that he always makes sure to lock it before leaving.

“I told you to stay there.” Fuyu told her in a whisper. He is trying his best not to make any noise.

“I can’t help it! I’m worried!” Fumie also whispered.

Fuyu gave out a sigh of defeat. “Alright, just stay behind me, okay?”

This time Fumie did what was instructed. She stayed behind Fuyu as the boy carefully charges inside. The two passed by the kitchen and Fumie was shocked after having a glimpse of it. It seemed like it has been ransacked. It looks like someone looked for food everywhere but only found an instant cup noodle since there is an empty container of it in the table.

Fumie became even more nervous as the approach the living room. There are traces of water heading towards the said room. Someone must’ve come in when it was raining. Fuyu held Fumie’s hand to secure her.

The two were even more surprised with what they saw in the living room. Clothes are hanged to dry almost everywhere and there was even a wet luggage bag on a corner.

“What the hell happened here?” Fuyu murmured while examining the whole room.

Then there was a sudden movement from the couch. The two stepped back after they saw an arm raised up in the air followed by a groan as if someone is stretching. Fuyu hid his girl behind his back and prepared himself in case of an attack.

The two gasped when that person lying on the sofa suddenly stood up. That person seems to be a girl having her hair cut short and that hair is all over the place since she just got up from sleep. She stretched even more together with a yawn and then dropped her arms like a tired ojii-san.

She was wearing a familiar grey hoodie that seems to be not of her size. Fumie noticed that Fuyu has already loosened up. He doesn’t seem like he is on a defense mode but he is still on a shock.

The girl looked around with her still drowsy eyes. Fumie gasped when those eyes landed on them. Why does it feel like she has seen those set of eyes before? As soon as their image was sent to be interpreted by the girl’s brain, her eyes widened but then became sinister as a mischievous smile curved up her lips.

“F**k.” The girl raised her elbow to the couch’s back rest. Nii-san brought a girl home.”


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Chapter 21: 妹の戦争 (II)

MAKI CAME in the classroom with unusual high tension. She is wearing her hair in twin tails in preparation of some upcoming event. All the other girls greeted her and praised her about how the hairstyle fits her. With those praises, she became even more excited to present herself to her friends but…

“Why are you two so gloomy early in the morning?”

Maki asked, all the excitement in her face is gone. The two girls both seemed like their souls were taken away. Miyu is just staring blankly at the window while Fumie is burying her face in her arms as she leans on her desk. No one seems to be bothered to look at the happy zombie.

“It seems like they had a tough day yesterday.” Yuma casually commented while he is busy surfing the internet to prepare more stuffs in his future TV guesting. He raised his head and looked at Maki. “Anyway, that style looks good on you Maki-san. You look like a cute imouto.


Maki and Yuma gasped when the two just gave an abnormal reaction at that word. They both looked like the person on The Scream painting before they melted back to their soulless appearance. The other two got alerted even more when they started murmuring a phrase again and again as if they are going to summon something.

“Little sisters are scary… Little sisters are scary… Little sisters are scary…”

“Oh no!” Maki dropped her bag and tried to wake her friends up by slapping them and shaking them up. “What are you guys talking about!? Little sisters aren’t scary!”

Maki then turned to Fumie and shook her strongly. “Fumie-chan! Little sisters aren’t scary! You are a little sister yourself, remember!?”

The two somehow calmed down and stopped with all the mumblings. They looked at each other as if they are going to cry.


“So you met their sisters?” Yuma and Maki asked in chorus. The other two nodded.

“It wasn’t a very good first meeting for me.” Miyu sighed. “I mistook her as Aki-senpai. I thought that Senpai was actually coming out to me which made everything so awkward. I mean, they really look alike!”

Miyu covered her face in embarrassment. “Why do I even think that Senpai was into crossdressing? My heart started beating so fast to the point that I got nosebleed. Yuuka got scared at me and called me a creep. She even thought that I was an intruder, her brother’s stalker. Thank goodness Aki-senpai came to save me.”

“I see.” Yuma nodded. “But, knowing your nature, I bet you were thinking of indecent things while you were in the showers, right?”

“S-S-Shut up, Yuma-kun!” Miyu lied even though everything is written over her flustered face. “Why would I even think about that?”

“TCH.” Yuma and Maki rolled their eyes then turned to another direction.

“Hey! At least believe what I am saying!” Miyu protested.

“What about you, Fumie-chan?” Maki asked. “What happened with your first meeting with the King’s sister?” Maki sounded irritated as she stressed out the last word. “Tell me about her. What was her name again?”

“Yurina.” The girl answered after trying to remember. “I heard Fuyu-senpai called her Yurina.”

“And then, and then?” Maki moved closer to Fumie which made the other girl backed out a little.

“W-Well… According to their conversation last night, it seems that Yurina-chan ran away from their grandparents’ house. She brought all her clothes but since it was raining yesterday, all her stuffs got wet so she had to borrow clothes from his brother.”

Fumie tried to remember that happened and tell the others about it as it is. The intensity that she felt when Yurina looked at her is still fresh.

“Her hair is short and she’s really tall compared to her age. She’s still in middle school but she doesn’t give off an adorable aura at all. Maybe it is because of her eyes.”

“What about her eyes?” Maki raised up her follow-up question.

“Hmmm.” Fumie thought aloud. “She has the same eyes as her brother. But hers look like the same eyes when I first met Fuyu-senpai. It was so cold and empty yet it feels like they are hiding a lot of things.

She looks really amazed that her brother brought a girl home. She even went near me and tried to sniff me after that she looked at her brother with a very curious face. Then she just shrugged her shoulders as if she is telling him that there’s nothing special with my scent.”

“What else? What else?” Maki’s curiosity about Fuyu’s sister is somehow off the roof.

“Yurina-chan seems like she has a bad habit of spitting out random bad words. The first word that I heard from her really doesn’t sound right.” Fumie explained further. “Well, that’s all that I can say since Fuyu-senpai dropped me to my house after that. It seems like Yurina-chan’s sudden appearance would be a very big issue in their family. He told me not to worry but he didn’t chat me even after dinner. It seems like it is really serious.”

Maki then leaned back to her seat before crossing her arms. “I’ve heard that King had younger sisters when his mother remarried but I haven’t met them even once. Even though my Dad also knows her dad, I never had the curiosity to meet her.”

“Look whose nose is growing longer.” Miyu commented with a sly smile.

“Yours just got back to its normal size, Miyu-san.” Yuma followed-up which made him receive a spanking from the Fisher.

“I really never met her. Since the King’s mother and her new husband got into a fatal car accident, her sisters were then taken by his step-father’s parents while the King got abandoned by everyone else. The ones who helped him get by were Shinoda-sensei and Akimoto—WOAH!”

Maki was surprised when Fumie suddenly jumped out in front of her. Her troubled-looking eyebrows looked more troubled as she holds Maki’s hands.


“Can you please repeat what you said?” Fumie asked with a hint of frustration in her face.

“W-Which part exactly?” The zombie backed off a little bit. Fumie is just inches away from her.

“Did you just say that Fuyu-senpai’s mother is already dead?” The girl asked with great disbelief written all over her face. “But Senpai said that he is living with his mother!”

Maki gulped. Did she just spill something that she shouldn’t? “T-That’s rubbish! The King’s mother and step-father died in a car accident when he was in ninth grade! How could he live with his mother?”

Fumie caught the attention of her other classmates when she suddenly stood up from her seat which made a lot of noise. She was about to go out when the bell rang and their homeroom teacher opened the door before her.

“Going somewhere, Shingyoji-san?” The teacher asked in a cold voice. The girl just backed out and returned to her seat. Seems like someone will have some explaining to do during lunch.

“HOW ARE the preparations going on, Akane?”

Mochizuki Akane, the proud Vice President of the Student Council or widely known as the Drill Sergeant, took her eyes away from her laptop for a little while and turned to Haru who just entered the SC room. The President looks a bit tired. Right after the MT, he went to Singapore to check the branch of their company there and then after three days he flew to Hong Kong to do the same thing.

He wanted to entrust everything again to Fuyu but knowing everything that happened, he knows that Fuyu will not be able to focus on his job. So, even though it is a little burdensome, Akane volunteered to do the preparations for the upcoming Family Day.

“Everything is going out fine.” The Vice President answered. “I have already sent the invitation to the families of each student and a lot of them have already confirmed that they will be attending the event.”

“That’s good to know. Thank you, Akane.” Haru dropped himself to his swivel chair and then closed his eyes. “I’m sorry that I was not able to help you from the start. Where are Risao and Manaki anyway?”

Akane stood up from her seat and went on to prepare tea for the President. “It’s okay, Kaichou. I can handle this. The guys just went to fetch food. They’ll bring food here.”

She finished making the tea before she went on with her concerns.

“Is there anyone from your family that will come this year, Kaichou?” Akane asked as she places the tea on Haru’s desk. “This will be your last year, right?”

“Well…” Haru sighed. “My parents will never be able to attend but my younger sister is insisting to come in their place. Our father already gave her the permission to attend the event and she can’t be happier about it.”

“That’s good to know.” The Drill Sergeant went back to her seat with grace.

Neru is so excited about it that she facetimed with me the whole night. I was too sleepy but she didn’t let me sleep in peace. But I’m glad that she’ll be out of home once in a while. Being home schooled is tough.” Haru opened his eyes and reached out for the tea prepared for him.

“I’m just worried about one person though.” Akane turned her laptop screen to Haru’s way. It is flashing the picture of a certain coconut head. “I don’t know to whom I should send the invitation.”

The president only looked at the screen through the corner of his eyes. For the past years, it was his task to send the invitation to the families and he already know what to do in this situation. He organized this kind of event to keep families intact. Since marriage is just being taken for granted and divorce is easily accessible, there are a lot of children that are living with a broken family. And, since the society is a lot more workaholic, most parents have more time with their work rather than quality time with their kids. Haru knows all of it. He sees it to his friends. His life reflects it as well. Somehow he wants to change this kind of society.

But, this case of his friend seems to be a little helpless.

He may have a family but he couldn’t call them his own. The right to call them his family was taken away from him.

“Leave it to me.” Haru closed his eyes. “I already took action about that.”

THE SECOND year tower is yet again on a buzz but this time it isn’t about the Winter Prince. The one who graced them with his presence is the prince that is being rumored to be inlove with another prince—Yamamoto Aki.

“Agoki-senpai!” Maki called out to him which made the guy’s eyebrows twitch. “What are you doing here in our classroom?”

Aki removed his earphones and sighed. “Please don’t call me like that so loudly. I could still hear you even with my earphones on.”

“So I can call you Agoki as long as I don’t shout?” Maki innocently asked.

“Of course not!” Aki felt a throbbing pain in his head. Fuyu isn’t a very good influence to Maki. He is the one who started this whole Agoki thing.

“Oh, Agoki-senpai! What brought you here?”

Aki started to continuously hit his head on the wall as Yuma also greeted him with the same name.

“What’s wrong with him?” Yuma asked Maki. The zombie just shrugged.

“Trying to fight the devil inside him?” The girl calmly answered.

Aki tried to gather himself and retain his cool composure. He looked at the two with his sharp eyes before heading on to his purpose.

“Is Miyu-chan still around?” The Autumn Prince asked while trying to see if the said girl is still inside. “I just want to say sorry about how my sister acted towards her. I know she was surprised.”

“Ahh… That one?” Maki answered as she remembered the story Miyu told them earlier. “She already left. She got a call from work.”

“Is that so?” Aki’s shoulders dropped. “I guess I should’ve come a bit earlier.”

“Why come during afterschool if there is lunch time?” Yuma asked as if he is talking like a love expert. “You really should’ve come earlier if you are sincere to your feelings.”

“What on earth are you talking about, Yuma?” Aki sighed. He bit his lips in frustration after not being able to see Miyu. Something is definitely wrong with him. It feels like he always wants to see the girl and it comforts him everytime she is around. Was it because of the way she smiles?

Men are so easy. Just because of a girl’s smile they can be captured. Probably, one of the best baits there is in order to fish is such a wonderful eye smile. It’s not because of his public reputation anymore that he is looking for the writer of the BL fic and put that person to stop, he could feel that for now it’s about something else. He wants to be as cool as he can be in the eyes of Watanabe Miyu.

“Where is Fumie-chan anyway?” Aki asked to change the topic. He is worried that the other two would pry more on him. “Fuyu didn’t come to school today. Have you guys heard about it?”

“Well, the King’s girlfriend is here. Of course we would know about it right away.” Maki answered, a little bit pissed. She couldn’t move on about the younger sister story.

“Fumie-san said that she will visit him. Apparently Fuyu-senpai isn’t responding to her mails.” Yuma explained. Aki seemed a bit clueless of the happenings so the two told him everything that they heard from Fumie. The guy just wiped his face with his palm.

“Our younger sisters are little pain in the ass.” He sighed in disappointment. “I really envy Haru for having such a reliable younger sister like Neru-chan. Natsu has the spoiled, crybaby Momoko-chan and I have a Yuuka who is horseback riding freak then there are the twin sisters of Fuyu. I’ve met Yurina before and I can say that she is really rude.”

“I see…” Maki answered while gritting her teeth. “It seems that that Yurina is giving the King some hard time to the point of not responding to his girlfriend’s mails! I will teach her a lesson once I meet her!”

“You know Maki-san, I don’t know from what kind of emotion you are pulling those words.” Yuma stated. His brows are meeting, can’t figure out what’s really on Maki’s mind.

“You guys are both weird.” Aki laughed then pocketed his hands. “Please tell Miyu-chan that I dropped by to see her. I’ll be heading out now.”

The two waved at him as a goodbye. Such a disappointment that he was not able to see the reason why he came over. That fanfic about him and Haru must be stopped as soon as possible.

“Oh!” He was still in the hallway when an idea popped out his head. He immediately went back to Class 2-D which surprised Maki and Yuma. Aki was in an adrenaline rush.

“Guys…” He called out, chasing for his breath. “Can I ask you a favor?”

THE WIND blew once more but it seems that the damsel in distress hasn’t decided on what to do. She has been standing outside Fuyu’s house for a good 20 minutes but she still hasn’t found the courage to push the doorbell. Why is she always this hopeless?

“Why did I even rush here if I will just act like this?” She violently shook her head and slapped herself. Her fists balled. “I’m here for my boyfriend! He’s my boyfriend! There’s nothing to be shy about coming to his house all of a sudden!”

She nodded in agreement to herself. “All I have to do is to press the button—KYAA!”

Fumie suddenly shrieked when her phone vibrated. She immediately pulled it from her pocket hoping that it is Fuyu but it is the same person that has kept on bothering her since last week. She immediately rejected the call and was on the edge of blocking the number when she suddenly had a change of mind—like she always does whenever that person calls.

She puffed her cheeks, annoyed why she couldn’t just block it. Her fingers then led to Fuyu’s number. She decided to give him another call, hoping that this time he will pick it up but—


Fumie turned around to the direction of the voice. There she saw a familiar short-haired girl panicking, trying her hardest to turn off the phone that is ringing. Her hands are a little wet because of the papico that she is eating making it hard to silence the phone off. She even dropped the said popsicle on the process which made her cursed so hard.

“Y-Yurina-chan?” Fumie called out which made the other girl froze for a moment. Yurina immediately straightened up, kicked her unfinished papiko away and then looked at Fumie with her smug face.

“What are you doing here?” She asked coldly trying her best to act cool while trying to sneakily hide the phone in her hoodie’s pocket. “Are you here for my stupid brother?”

Fumie faced her properly. “How long have you been there? A-And… Why do you have Fuyu-senpai’s phone?”

“Don’t answer with me with another question, woman!” Yurina sneered at her. “Let’s say I’m just preventing him from calling back up that’s why I stole his phone.”

“W-What do you mean?”

“Well, you know? My grandparents—Wait! What the hell am I even doing answering your questions!?” Yurina crossed her arms and looked down at Fumie. “Why are you standing in front of my brother’s house?”

“W-Well!” Fumie raised her chin; she isn’t bowing down to this girl. “I’m here to see my boyfriend! He hasn’t replied to my messages for the whole day! And look at what I have discovered…”

“Tch!” Yurina rolled her eyes and looked at another direction. Fumie’s jaw dropped. Did a middle-schooler just did that to her.

“Where is Fuyu-senpai now?” Fumie asked.

“Why are you still calling him Senpai when you are already lovers?” Yurina’s smug face is back. “Are you guys just playing?” She then laughed to tease Fumie even more. “I can’t believe that the girl she is talking about is you. You look so plain!”

Knots started to form in Fumie’s head but she tried her best to calm herself. This is her boyfriend’s sister and Yurina is younger than her. There’s no need to be annoyed. After all, she doesn’t know the story why this girl is here.

“It doesn’t matter whatever I call him and however I look. What matters is what we are to each other!” Fumie blushed to her own words but she tried not to make Yurina notice it. “Now, will you just please tell me where your brother is?”

Yurina backed off a little at the showcase of courage. “E-Earlier this morning, when he is about to go to school, a short-haired girl came here crying. All I heard is that my brother’s boss was sent to the hospital. He was so worried that he has forgotten that his younger sister is here. That’s all! He left with another girl! Bleh!”

The younger girl tucked her tongue out. Fumie felt her heart tightened for a moment. The fact that Fuyu left with another girl surely got her but it isn’t the time to be jealous at some trivial matter. She knows that he would explain once they meet.

“Do you mean that Senpai is in the hospital?”

“No, he is just guarding the store—F**K!” Yurina covered her mouth. “Why do I always spill things up?”

At this moment, Fumie started to realize something with the way Yurina acts.

“Can you show me where he is working?”

Yurina laughed. “You said you are his girlfriend but you don’t even know where he is working? Are you sure about your relationship?”

Man, this girl’s tongue is really sharp. That sure got her. She could feel that Fuyu is still not fully open to her. Just the fact that he hasn’t told her the truth about his mother is a proof. She’s well aware that Fuyu has a reason but she couldn’t erase this negative feeling.

She took a deep breath. “Do you want to make sure about my relationship with your brother?”

Fumie watched Yurina’s eyes widened for a bit. For a moment she was also surprised at the way she sounded. Since people were claiming that she was Shimazaki Haruka, there are times that she would spend time watching videos about the girl. For that certain moment she kind of heard Paruru and not herself. Was she watching too much videos of that girl? Or is it just her nature that’s manifesting?

Anyway, it seems to be working. Her plan is to intimidate Yurina and the way she spoke seemed to take effect. She could imagine the other girl bathing in salt. She has to continue with it.

“If you want to witness the truth…” She stepped towards Yurina who wasn’t able to do anything but to step backwards. She looked down at her with those bored eyes and she saw how sweat rolled down from Yurina’s head.

“Lead me to where your brother is.”

“WHAT ON earth is going on?”

Fumie couldn’t believe what she arrived at. There is a long line of customers waiting for their turn only to buy muffins. Are those muffins really that delicious that people are lining up just to buy a piece of it? Why didn’t she hear about it until now when it is just in the neighborhood?

Most of the people in the line are girls. There are girls of all ages but highschool girls dominated it. It’s like a festival of schools because of the different uniforms that are present. All of them are so excited to get inside that little store.

“I never thought that there is a muffin place in here that is really famous~!” Fumie bewildered. She hasn’t had the opportunity to go around the town. The poor girl already knows her fate once she attempt to go on her own.

“Huh?” Yurina sneered. “Don’t tell me that you are really thinking that what they came here for are the muffins. Let’s fall in line so that your rusty ear could hear what they are talking about.”

Yurina jumped from where they are hiding and then casually get in line. Fumie just followed her and then tried to listen to what the customers are talking about.

“I heard he was already here since morning!”

“Really? He didn’t go to school?”

“I heard it from my Mum. He has been working since morning!”

“Seems like they are giving Fuyu-kun a hard time!”

Fumie’s ears twitched when she heard Fuyu’s name. Yurina looked at her with her default smug face. Just with that look she could understand what the girl is trying to convey.

“I want to see him so badly that I rushed here after class finished!”

“Girl, you are a die-hard fan!”

“Duh? I would go to the ends of the earth just for Fuyu-kun! I have all the magazines where he appeared as a model and he would literally be my ichiban if ever he became an idol!”

The girls giggled at the idea of Fuyu being an idol.

“He has a face of perfect proportion! His eyes are really… oh Gahd!”

“I know right! Just look at his lips! I wonder how soft they are!”

“Girl I bet he has fine abs too! Just look at his biceps whenever he flexes! I’m sure he works out!”

“Let’s have some delicious muffin! I don’t care how cold it is!”

The girls giggled once more while Fumie’s face is red up to the tip of her ears. So all of these girls are here not for what is being sold.

“Look, kanojo-san. My brother is right at the counter.”

Fumie’s body automatically moved and her eyes went to search for her man. There she saw him, exactly where Yurina was pointing. He is manning the counter wearing a maroon apron with the logo of the muffin store.

He seems tired. All the customers that are paying always ask other questions but he doesn’t answer them at all. He sticks to doing his job and nothing more. She noticed how he forces himself to give a smile but it always ends up being faint. From time to time he looks at the clock, growing more and more impatient with every ticking.

His every movement, no matter how small it is, is an eye candy for all these girls who couldn’t take their eyes off of him.

“Are you getting je—WTF!”

Yurina was surprised to see Fumie smiling from ear to ear. She looks like a different person from who she saw a while ago.

“Why are you smiling so creepily like that?” The girl asked, acting like she’s having goose bumps.

Fumie tried not to smile but she couldn’t help but to. “I’m just happy, Yurina-chan…”

“H-Happy!?” Yurina asked in disbelief. “Don’t you think you should be jealous?”

“Fumie just snickered. “There’s no need…” She heaved a sigh. “I’m happy that among these girls that like him, he chose me.”


Their conversation was put into a halt when there was a commotion in front of them. Apparently, all the muffins were already sold out so this means the store has to close. They saw a short-haired girl came outside to apologize to the customers and then immediately went back inside after changing the signage of the store.

The disappointed girls dispersed. Some of them are blaming someone for buying a bunch of muffins just to have more time by the cashier.

“That store girl is also cute. Don’t you think she and Fuyu-kun are dating?”

“Hell no! Do you think Fuyu-kun is the type to date? Just look at how cold he is!”

“But they meet each other everyday! There’s a possibility that they will develop feelings for each other!”

“Shut up! That girl couldn’t even straighten up her tongue that’s why she wasn’t put in the counter. Let’s just go home!”

A few minutes later, that busy street suddenly became quiet. Fumie watched Fuyu helped the said girl with cleaning. They seem to be in a hurry with the girl looking so worried. Fuyu stopped her by holding her by the arm. This somehow stopped Fumie’s heart for a second, too.

“Let me take care of the cleaning. Go.”, is what Fumie read from those lips of Fuyu. The girl just nodded and removed her apron. She bowed down to Fuyu before leaving the store to his hands.

The two bystanders didn’t notice that the sun has already set. They were busy watching the guy cleaning the whole store. There isn’t a hint of complain in his face but he still seems to be in a hurry.

“Nii-san is really working hard…” Yurina murmured to herself but Fumie managed to pick that up. “I’ll be going back home. I’ll give you guys some private time.”

That’s all and she ran away even before Fumie tried to call her back.


The girl immediately turned to where the voice is coming from and there she saw the smile that wiped away all the anxieties that she was having for the whole day. Fuyu is already out of the store, back to his normal clothes, looking a bit exhausted but that smile on his face is really precious.

“Fumie, I missed you!” He rushed to her to give her a hug which the girl welcomed warmly. It’s just for a day that they didn’t see each other but she admits that she missed him so much as well. Heaven knows how she was worried.

“I missed you, too, Senpai.” She looked at his smiling face once more and pinched his cheeks. He looks like a cute puppy especially with those untidy hair. How happy she is now for being the only one to see this adorable smile. How glad she is for being the one jailed in these arms.

“But…” The smile on Fumie’s face somehow became a little scary. “You still have to explain things to me.”

A drop of sweat rolled down Fuyu’s head.



Here’s the Imouto Chart for all of you
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YAY!!!! The little sisters have been revealed!!!!
Good choices for who will be the sister of who.
Looking foward to more drama. But please let it be a happy ending~
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I KNEW IT, the instant i read about girl in aki's house i immediately realize it was yuuka (she is the only one who looks like sayanee anyway) about girl's smile is the only need to take a man is heart, i think it's true since i experience it myself haha
now i'm curious about what will aki do

when i read description about fuyu's sister i remember about your 1st description for maru in the very first chapter in TTM "the girl wearing grey hoddie with hair as short as hirate yurina" and so i believe it's yurina especially when she has familliar eyes to fumie and i'm glad i was right (techi is really perfect to be fuyu's sister anyway) and thanks i laugh out loud when reading how techi's way of speaking .. i find techi's rude speaking as actually really cute it gives me the vibe of real imouto type (gaah i want to adopt her) besides it's suit with her brother haha

the other sister of fuyu ? is that the girl that work with him,? both have short hair anyway, i wonder what will happen if both of fuyu's sister and friends meet each other

neru as haru's sister ? both have smart type student feeling it's great

anyway somehow when i read about 'family day' event and some background of student-parent relationship in the school it remain me to "ouran high school host club" drama (i never watch anime nor read the manga, only the live action one)

hmmm i know this is hard request but what about siblings for yuuma, i don't know who it is if it was sister but if you want to give yuuma a brother then maybe okada nao (naachan) will be nice hehe (just ignore this request hehe)

thanks for the update it's really great, i will wait for the next chapters
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So among my theories, i got the part wherein Fuyu's mom died but what the heck, you killed his stepdad, too!

In the part, where Akane is troubled, is she referring to the family of Fuyu? So I assume that Haru invited the other twin—Manaka? I can't wait to meet her! Also Neruuuu :3

I was cracking about the part where Yuma teased Miyu about her green thoughts when she met Aki's imouto lmao xD

I also got theories for the girl in the bakery who's working with Fuyu. XD i pm'd you my theory so... Wahahaha! Im so excited for the next part :3

Also, is Momoka and Maki close? Im dying to know if they have the same chuunibyo wavelength hahaha!

It's good to know that Fumie is learning how to be salty xD i just hope tho that yurina saw how Fuyu hugged Fumie with his loud "imissyou" wahahaha!

This early update is amazing! Thank you, Cut-san! XD
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Don't worry Shorty... She had seen much worst
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Who kept bothering Fumie since last  week?
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Chapter 22: 妹の戦争 (III)

COLD SWEAT. Fuyu could feel cold sweat running down his back. A delicious bowl of katsudon and tonjiru are placed in front of him and he is dead hungry but he couldn’t get himself to eat it. Sitting in front of him is a former military colonel with his chin resting on his bionic arm. Fuyu knows someone of higher ranking and has dined with that person many times but this is the first time that he got so nervous facing an officer.

“Eat.” Fumie’s father ordered. His eyes are examining Fuyu’s every move.

“H-Hai!” The guy immediately grabbed his chopsticks and put his hands together. “I-Itadakimasu!”

As you can all observe, our heroine is currently in the house of his girlfriend. Fumie insisted him to eat dinner at their house. Her parents were surprised to the point that her father had to drink cold water to wake himself up. Her mother immediately went to the kitchen to see if the stock would let her prepare something special.

“Papa, you don’t have to frighten Senpai like that.” Fumie pouted. Her father is really acting strange yet funny at the same time.

“Who is this guy again, Fuu-chan?” His father asked in a scary voice.

“My boyfriend!” Fumie answered with a huge smile on her face. A gunshot sound was heard followed by her father falling down from the chair. Fumie’s mum immediately assisted him while laughing.

“Why are you acting like that, Darling?” His wife asked him in between snickers.

“Darling, do you remember where I kept my rifle?”

“Enough with the nonsense, Col. Shingyoji. You are not leaving a good impression to Fuyu-kun.” She gave a force on her grip to her husband’s normal arm which made the man’s face crumple, a sign that he should get himself together.

“Well Fuu-chan, I didn’t expect that your boyfriend is this good-looking!” Fumie’s mum praised Fuyu which made the guy a little embarrassed. “He definitely fits your description of the guy you were talking about when you were young!”

Fuyu and Fumie looked at each other before looking back to the lady. Fumie’s head tilted a bit.

“What are you talking about, Mama?” she asked in curiosity.

Ara! You don’t remember?” Her mother clapped in excitement. “When you were young you were talking about a prince with cold-mysterious eyes. You even claimed that you will be the one who will make that prince smile and then you will marry each other.”

“Eeeek!” Fumie’s blood immediately rushed up to her face. That totally sounded that she was a chuunibyou before. Suddenly those memories of her when she was 6 came rushing.

“You really don’t remember?” Her mum asked. She then pulled her phone and then made Fuyu watch a video. It was Fumie’s video of declaration.

“I’m going to make that prince smile! I know he will come for me. Our meeting will end his sadness and then we will get married.”

“K-Kawaii…” Fuyu whispered with blushing cheeks.

“M-M-Mama!!!” Fumie snatched the phone away. “D-D-Don’t let Senpai watch embarrassing stuffs! Why do you even have this video of me!?”

Her mum laughed at her frustrated face. “It’s cute, right, Fuyu-kun? She was trying stuffs to make people smile so that when she meets the prince she could make him smile without fail. And then she discovered idols and she was fascinated on how they could make people’s faces light up. There goes the story, she has forgotten about the prince and focused more on becoming an idol.”

“I see…” Fuyu answered with dead eyes. “She has forgotten about the prince. That’s really sad.”

“S-Senpai!” Fumie puffed her cheeks in embarrassment.

“Ehem!” The head of the family cleared his throat to get their attention. “So this means that you are not going to pursue being an idol, right, Fuu-chan?”

The dining table was suddenly covered with silence. Everyone’s attention turned to Fumie.

“W-Well I…” She turned to Fuyu who was just observing her. She then smiled. She then turned to her parents and shook her head. “There’s no need. I have found my prince.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment. Fuyu’s ears are red. He was so surprised, he was moved. But he couldn’t shake off the fact that she hesitated for a moment.

“OH YEEEES!” Everyone was surprised when the father suddenly rejoiced in his seat. “Finally, my daughter has quit her pursuit to being an idol! Thank you, Fuyu-kun! Is there any thing that you want to eat? Darling, can I drink beer just for tonight? I want to celebrate!”

“Sure, Darling! Let’s have a toast!” His wife cheerfully answered and then went to get beer from the fridge.

“Thank you, Fuyu-kun! You’re a gift from heaven! My daughter is now safe from gravure works and from all the dirty eyes of this world! Do you drink? Let’s have a toast!”

“Papa, Senpai is still in high school!” Fumie defended.

The dinner went on like that. It was full of smiles and laughter. Full of fun stories like the adventures of Fumie’s father in the military. It was such a happy family dinner time—something that Fuyu is a stranger of.


“SO, THAT’S what happened…” Fumie uttered under her breath after hearing Fuyu’s story. He was about to go to school when the daughter of his boss came and ask him to man the store because her father was sent to the hospital after passing out.

Fumie could see that Fuyu’s boss is a father figure to him that’s why he got so worried. He was only able to breathe well when his lady-boss called and said that her husband is already in a stable state. That’s the moment when he remembered about Fumie.

The two are currently sitting on a swing in the park near their houses. They weren’t able to talk privately because Fumie’s father keeps on eavesdropping so they decided to talk outside.

“I’m really sorry for making you worried.” Fuyu apologized, his face filled with guilt. “My mind just went blank.”

“Don’t worry… I understand about today’s incident now.” The girl answered with a faint smile. She looked straight to Fuyu’s eyes which somehow surprised the lad. “Ano sa… Earlier I heard from Maki-chan the truth about your mother…”

“Eh?” Fuyu was taken aback but then put up a smile. “Really, Maki…”

“Are you planning to keep it a secret from me?” She tried to keep Fuyu looking at her. “If Maki-chan didn’t tell me about it will it remain a secret from me?”

Fuyu frantically shook his head. “No, Fumie. It’s not like that. I was about to tell you about it yesterday but Yurina suddenly appeared and my plan was blocked.”

“Really?” Fumie pouted which made Fuyu blushed. That grumpy face is really cute. “Okay, let’s say you are really going to tell me about it but why didn’t you send even a good night message last night?”

“Ah? About that…” Fuyu massaged his temple before continuing. “I was busy arguing with her last night. I told her to go back to their home but she insisted on staying. She said she’s getting tired of the orders of their grandma. She even broke my neurolinker and stole my phone.”

“I think Yurina-chan just really wants to see you so she came.” Fumie uttered her breath.

Fuyu sneered. “I doubt that.”

“Why so negative?”

“Well…” The guy looked up to the sky to take a good look of the beautiful moon. “I believe they were told stories about me and I know those stories aren’t really good. Their family considers me and my mother as a curse. They keep on saying that the reason their son died was because he married a divorced woman with a delusional child.”

Fumie was not able to react after that revelation. She could feel the weight in each word, the sadness, the frustration. He could imagine how Fuyu became a little happy after his mother found someone who would love her but they suffered such a fate. He was left alone once again. How sad it is to know that there should be people that can be with you but aren’t really there when you turn around.

“After the funeral, they immediately took Yurina and Manaka away from me. They moved to another city and they didn’t bother to think about me. I stayed at the house Okaa-san has inherited from her parents. The ones who took care of me are Shinoda-sensei and Akimoto-sensei. Shinoda-sensei even asked me to move to his house but I declined thinking that I will bring curse to his household. So until I was on the age that I am allowed to do part-time jobs I received financial support from them.”

He is smiling. He can put up that smile even though he is talking about something that really took a toll on him emotionally. It is the same when he was talking about what happened to him and Natsu. But it is clear with his other movements that all of these events that he is talking about crushed his heart.


There it goes. For a moment Fuyu’s ears stopped receiving audio signals. He turned to his girl in a flash, his eyes wide, his lips parted. Fumie addressed him without –senpai, right?

The girl smiled at him with her signature worried smile and then reached out for his hand. For a moment she was shocked by his cold palm but she’s getting used to it. She gave it a light pinch as if asking Fuyu to hold her too.

“It’s okay…” Fumie started. “It’s certainly okay to cry…”

Fuyu was once again startled. Before he knew it, there is a rush of emotion coming from deep within which moved him to tears. He didn’t know about it until he felt Fumie’s palm caressing his face as if trying to wipe the tears away.

“W-Wait… It’s not like I’m really sad about it… H-Hey…” He tried to cover his face because of embarrassment but the tears just kept on flowing.

How long has it been since the last time that he cried about this? How long has it been since he started to act in accordance to his name? How long has it been since he began keeping all these emotion?

He kept denying that to himself that he is sad. There’s no point to these tears but they just won’t stop. Fuyu then suddenly felt Fumie’s hands holding his hands and then she slowly uncovered his face.

“I’m here…” Fumie stated while bending towards Fuyu. “I know I’m a hopeless at times but you can rely more on me. As much as I want you to smile, it would really be bad for you to keep those things forever. Please depend more on me…”

She bowed her head to hide her blushing face. “Because I am your girlfriend…”

Fuyu smiled. That statement surely got him but that smile slowly crumpled as even more tears kept on flowing. He pulled Fumie into an embrace which surprised the girl. Then he just started crying like a little child. He wasn’t saying anything but Fumie can feel how heavy it was with those faint sobs.

“I’m glad…” He uttered under his breath after calming himself down. “I’m glad that I didn’t give up on you. I know that I would certainly find you.”

He released Fumie from the hug and the girl just looked adoringly at him. He caressed her face which the girl just let him do. “Even if everyone else turns their back on me as long as you are there I know I can go through.”

Fumie nodded with a cute smile on her face but her heart suddenly quaked when she saw how Fuyu was looking at her so longingly. His eyes are simply saying that he is yearning for her. The beating of her heart is too loud making her worry if ever Fuyu could hear it.

Their stares locked and she could hear her heart telling her to just go for the inevitable conclusion of this moment. They have been yearning for each other for so long, right? Why not just give it a go?

Fumie closed her eyes, a sign that she is ready. Fuyu blushed and panicked for a moment but he immediately composed himself back. He drew his face nearer to Fumie until they could feel each other’s breath. Nearer and nearer until—


The two jerked from their places and drew a distance from each other in a flash after hearing Yurina’s voice. Suddenly, everything became awkward.

“Nii-san, where are you~~!? I’m hungry~~~” Yurina suddenly came running. Her eyes glistened after she found her brother sitting on the swing but then she immediately transformed to her usual smug appearance. “What the hell are you doing here with that girl!? Let’s go home and give me something to eat!”

“Yurina!” Fuyu shouted back, his face beet red due to the earlier happening. “Don’t address Fumie like that! She even packed your dinner!”

The girl’s eyes glittered once more but just like the usual she reverts back to the smug face.

“So!? Are you waiting for the food to spoil before giving it to me!?” She shouted. “Let’s go home now! I’m starving!”

“As I thought…” Fumie told herself. “This girl is a tsundere.”

“Tch.” Fuyu slapped his forehead before turning to Fumie. “L-Let’s go home. I’ll drop you first.”

“Let her go home by herself! She’s already in highschool!” Yurina teased.

“Her place is along the way so stop shouting like a kid.” Fuyu answered coldly. He then marched towards Yurina and gave her the dinner Fumie prepared for her. “At least say ‘thank you’ to Fumie. Let’s go.”

That’s all and Fuyu went ahead. Fumie immediately went to follow him but—

“T-Thank you for this.” Yurina whispered, her face blushing a bit.

Fumie smiled at her. “Enjoy the food, Yurina-chan—“

“But…” Yurina cut her sentence and looked at her intimidatingly. “I tell you the truth, kanojo-san… Don’t be so happy… Romantic love doesn’t last.”

Fumie blinked fast. Where did she hear that sentence again? Maa… She sweetly smiled to the other girl after taking a quick look at her boyfriend.

“It does! It lasts!”


POSTERS about the upcoming Family Day are posted all over the school and the mood is quite set. There’s also a good response from the parents which made everyone more excited. Most of the parents were also stars or prominent people of the society. It will surely be a star-studded Family Day. There are even TV networks that asked to broadcast the event but Haru wanted it to be a private time for the families so he denied the offers.

“I’ll be absent for that day.” Fuyu said which made Haru hopelessly shook his head.

One of the biggest news is that Matsui Yuu and Kojima Haruna confirmed that they will be attending the event. After hearing it, Fuyu suddenly changed his mind about the attending. A few days ago he agreed that he will attend this year even if no one comes for him but then here he is.

“I’ll be working on that day. There’s nothing fun about that event.”

“Is it about—“

“I realized that working will be better. I also have to assist my boss. He just came out of the hospital. I believe he needs assistance.”

“But Fuyu, you promised—“

“Do you want me to go to the event looking like a freak being the only one without a family?”

Haru fell silent. How will he even answer this? He has already sent the invitation to someone he knows as Fuyu’s relative but it seems like no one is really coming for him.

“I don’t need this kind of things. I grew up with a broken one and I’m used to it. There’s no need to be so concerned about—“


The door of the Student Council room flung open at the kick of a certain twin-tailed girl. She marched her way in like an angry gorilla leaving those who were eavesdropping with her dumbfounded. She hurriedly went to Fuyu and pulled his collar.

“King, you are not alone!” Maki shouted which terribly surprised the two guys in the room. Her eyes are welling with tears. “You don’t really need blood relationship to consider someone as your family!!!”

“Ohh…” Miyu wowed while watching the impromptu drama with Fumie and Yuma. “Sometimes Maki-chan really has good words to say.”

“Since my mother is not healthy enough to come and my father is still at work, I will attend the event as your sister!” She dropped Fuyu down and then twirled. “Can’t you see? I’ve been wearing my hair in twin tails in preparation for that role!”

“M-Maki…” Fuyu called out, still surprised.

“Come to the event and let’s become a family!!!”

The eavesdroppers flustered after hearing that declaration.

“That doesn’t sound so right.” Yuma commented. “It’s as if they are going to make their own family.”

Miyu giggled at the thought and then turned to her friend with an evil smile. “Hey, Fumie. How about enter the scene and declare that you are the one to make a family with Hoshi-senpai.”

“W-W-What are you talking about!?” Fumie frantically waved her hands. She tried to deny it but she really doesn’t dislike the idea. “And please, how long are you going to call Senpai like that?”

“T-Thank you about that, Maki.” Fuyu finally answered. “But, I have already decided to make a family with Fumie and not with anyone else.”

“Oh, he said it.” Miyu’s devilish smile grew wilder and then she gave Fumie a slap in the shoulder to let her know how much she giggles. Fumie was just frozen while Yuma is seen scattering confetti in the background.

“It isn’t like that, King!” Maki dropped to her knees in frustration. “How will I even explain it?”

Fuyu just laughed and gave her soft pats in the head. “I know what you mean and I really appreciate it.” He heaved a sigh and smiled. “Okay, let’s just say I will come to the event as your brother.”

Everyone’s face lightened up after the successful convincing tactic of Maki. These guys are graduating and they need to leave with good memories from this school. If good memories just don’t come like that, they have to be purposely made.

Maki already noticed that Natsu is thinking twice about attending the event because he knows for sure that Fuyu will not come if their father will participate. She wants the best for the brothers and she won’t let awkward blood relationship to ruin it.

“Ara, ara… Looks like I am not needed here anymore.”

Everyone’s attention turned to the broken door. The eavesdroppers stood up from their place as the new comer leans on the other side of the doorway.

“Y-Yurina-chan…?” Fumie called out. The girl just sneered at her and then turned her stare back to her brother. Yurina raised a familiar-looking envelope.

“I came here to send my answer to this letter.” She said full of superiority. “I don’t know how to reply to snail mails so I just went here personally.”

Yurina then eyed Maki who immediately got taken aback but then tried to return the stare just like how her cat, Marucus Gryffindor VII, looks at her.

“It seems like Nii-san already found a f**king family.” She then flipped the card towards Fuyu. “Eat that, baka.”

Fuyu then turned to Haru who just looked back at him. “Don’t tell me you sent Yurina—“

“Wow. Are you going to get mad to that person now?” Yurina rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “At least that guy knows who your real family is.”

“She’s a tsundere.” Miyu whispered but still audible.

“I know right.” Yuma seconded.

Yurina’s face reddened. “Will you guys shut up!?” She turned back to Fuyu and pointed at him. “Don’t ever come home without food or I will kick you out of the house. Get along with your new sister!”

“W-Wait, Yurina!”

The girl was about to go when another girl arrived. That girl is beaming widely while running away from the guy who believes that he is the most wonderful guy in the world.

“Momoko, wait!” Natsu cried out. He is at the end of the corridor, chasing for his breath. He has been trying to catch his troublesome sister but he was shocked that Momoko has that amazing speed. She doesn’t even seem to be running but just skipping.

“Hello~” Momoko greeted Yurina then passed her by. The said girl went straight to the SC room and then Yurina heard a giggle which made her eyebrows form a knot. What she heard next made her rush back to the said room.

“Fuyu-onii-sama!” Momoko’s eyes are glittering like crazy. Her hands are even clasped. “I finally meet you!”

Natsu finally caught up but the he met Yurina by the door which made him rooted in his place. He couldn’t even move a muscle after those eyes landed on him.

“W-Who are you?” Fuyu asked while sweating really hard. “Don’t tell me you are—But you are not supposed to know about me!”

Momoko smiled relentlessly. “I am Momoko, I am your sister! I am pleased to meet you, Fuyu-onii-sama!”

The eye contact with Natsu broke when Yurina heard Momoko’s statement. She immediately stepped inside and faced the other girl.

“Hey, hey, hey! I am that idiot’s real sister! Stop acting cutesy, that makes me sick!” She resentfully stated while trying to act that she’s having goosebumps.

“B-But! I am Onii-sama’s sister! We have the same fa—“

“Shut up! We came out from the same hole so shut up! And stop calling that turd Onii-sama like he is a prince!” Yurina panted after shouting.

“Actually, he is a King!” Maki butted in.

“Grr…” Yurina growled as her fists balled. She took a good look of the two who are claiming what she believes is rightfully hers. After that she turned to Haru which surprised the lad.

“Hey you, put my name in the list of attendees under that ugly guy’s name. Write in all-caps that I am his sister!” Yurina ordered like she is talking to someone of her age. Haru just signaled ‘ok’ to her. She then pointed at the two other girls and declared, “Let’s fight in the upcoming Family Day! If I win, stop dreaming about being his sister!”

“Call!” Maki raised her fist. “You don’t know who you are challenging, kid!”

Momoko snickered. “I’ll be on it! I’ll be fighting for my Natsu-nii-chan as well!”

“Huh?” Yurina smiled wryly. “I will let you know the taste of frustrating defeat in that event.” She was about to go but then stopped again. “Nii-san, I will not forgive you for forgetting about me and Manaka. Bring me the same food like yesterday’s dinner if you want my forgiveness!”

That’s all and she ran away leaving all of them in state of shock. All their attentions turned to Momoko who suddenly clapped, that sweet smile is still pasted in her face. She then went to Fuyu, bumping Maki away and then held the guy’s hands.

“Fuyu-onii-sama.” She called out, smiling from ear to ear. “I’m really glad that I found out that you are my brother. I promise that I won’t be noisy about it. But really, I’m overjoyed! I promise I will be the best sister!”

“Momoko!” Natsu barged inside and gave Fuyu and embarrassed look. “I’m sorry about this Fuyu-nii.” He pulled Momoko by the ear which erased the smile on the girl’s face. He made her bow for an apology together with him then pulled the girl out of the room.

“Am I not the best sister already?” Maki puffed her cheeks. “Those girls! They can’t beat me! I will perfect my jutsu even more! See you around, King!”

Maki rushed her way out. She could be heard calling out to Natsu in the hallway. The SC room can now finally rest from the invasion of younger sisters.

“Seems like it will be an interesting match. A contest for the best sister, huh? I will enter Neru’s name in the participants.” Haru casually said as he reached for his laptop.

“So the reason why Yurina came is because you sent her the invitation.” Fuyu stated, his sharp eyes fixed on Haru. “Why do you have to do that? Do you know that you made a big problem?”

“I will just make a separate event for younger sisters so that it won’t be a big issue for them to compete for you. How about that? You will be safe from rumors.”

“Haru!” Fuyu stood from his seat. “Why are you even doing this!?”

Haru looked back at him. He raised his glasses and then went back to his laptop. “Fuyu, you have seen it, right? You have people in your back. Maybe you are just too focused to your own loneliness.

Fuyu was silenced. It felt like he was splashed with cold water. He wobbled back to his seat and dropped like he has lost energy. Haru took a glimpse of Fuyu’s shocked face but then just went back to his work.

“Let’s go back now.” Miyu asked her friends. “The drama is over.”


“MAAAAA~! Who could it be!?”

Maki cried out as they went back to their classroom. She and Yuma dropped back to random seats while looking so fatigued. They’ve went all over the school looking for that certain someone Aki has requested them to hunt.

“How sure are you that the one writing that thing is from this school, huh, Yuma-kun?” Maki asked while sitting like a drunken ojii-san.

“It’s too obvious! The setting is in school and the scenes are based on the real happenings that happened here in school. There was also a chapter about the M.T. I’m sure that person is somewhere nearby observing Aki-senpai and Haru-senpai’s movements!”

The guy scratched his head as if trying to push his brain to narrow down the suspects. “This is seriously taking much of my time. I’m still trying to figure out who I was in my past life now I have to put that into a halt because of this mission.”

Maki just grinned at him which somehow creeped him out a bit. “But it is fun, right? We are like detectives here. I’ll be Sherlock and you will be Watson.”

Yuma sneered. “Isn’t it the other way around? All you do is to stare at people and you are scaring them away. I am the one doing all the investigation.”

“What!?” Maki stood up with such a force that the desk in front of her flipped. “I’m doing the job—“

“Maki-san! You knocked down Miyu-san’s table!” Yuma went to put the desk back to its place and then picked up all the things that were under it. He was surprised to find a phone under the pile of notes. “Eh, Miyu-san forgot her phone.”

Maki went to see it out of curiosity. “Nonsense! Her phone is another model. She doesn’t use Android phones!”

“B-But it fell out from her desk.” Yuma explained.

Maki snatched the phone from him. “I told you this isn’t her phone. Her phone has the Phantom Note—WAAH!”

The phone suddenly vibrated which surprised Maki, making her lost her grip to the phone. Luckily Yuma was there to catch it. They both looked at the screen to read the notification.

Banana_Storm commented to your—

The two shrieked when the phone’s screen suddenly turned black. They tried to open it due to curiosity and the two gasped when there is no password at all. What welcomed them is a stolen picture of Haru and Aki together in a plane as the wallpaper of the said phone.

Yuma immediately got a hunch and swiped down for the notifications.

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The two looked at each other. There are more notifications but they already stopped with scrolling.

“What… Don’t tell me…”

“Maki-san…” Yuma gulped. “I guess we have already found the culprit.”


This will be a long arc as well. :)

@Goto24-san, there is still a long way before the ending. :) Thank you for always being up to date. :)

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I really had hard times thinking of who's going to be Yui's sister. XD
About Ouran, I haven't watched the live action but I saw that Mariko-sama was also there.
Let's see what will happen to our dear Yuma. :)
Thank you for always reading. :)

@porkofdoom-san, because I am bad, I make characters suffer. HAHAHAHA.
Please wait for the other sisters. :)
Miyu is always green. hahaha.
About the theory you sent me, I guess you are right. You are the only one who noticed it. Or probably the only one who told me that you noticed it by yourself. Haha. XD
Let's see if Maki and Momoko are on the same length. :)
Thank you too for reading~! :)

@hackata48-san, That's making me curious.

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Lots of things going on in the SC. Hahaha time to decide who is Fuyu's sister!!! Lucky guy. Looking forward to family day. Reunion or Yuu and Kojipa??!!!
Also Cut-san, will it be added in the next chapter?

Gonna try and wait patiently.
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a,a,ah i think i know who is the girl who works in same place with fuyu..couldn't it be she is the one that i often asks before, (i asks it in the chapter of where haru get  screen time (if i'm not mistaken)

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Chapter 23: 妹の戦争 (IV)

YUUKA was sent into a trance after that spectacular guitar and vocal performance of her brother. Aki presented her the song that he recently wrote. It was a love song which really tugs the listener’s emotion. It’s like sending you in a state where all you would want to do is to listen to it and be taken with the waves of emotion that it brings.

“What do you think of it, Yuuka?” Aki asked as he placed his guitar to the stand. “Do you think our producer will like it once I present it to him?”

Yuuka jerked on her seat, waking up from the trance. “W-What are you talking about, Nii-san? That song is really fantastic. Your producer will surely put that in your next album!”

“You think so?” Aki smiled. “That’s really good to hear.”

Yuuka observed her brother while grinning without any reason at all. She sighed and grabbed her phone.

“Don’t tell me that you wrote that for that girl.” Yuuka asked while keeping her eyes on her phone.

“Girl?” For a moment Aki was surprised. It was the first time after a long while that someone linked him with a girl. In NHG and on fansites, it has always been HaruAki. “Who?”

“Are you going to deny it, Nii-san? I’m talking about Watanabe Miyu. That girl that you have been collecting magazines of.” Yuka gave out a somehow irritated sigh but still managed to act like a princess. “Okaa-sama has seen your stash of fashion magazine. She started to think that the rumors about you are true. But I noticed that you only buy magazines where Watanabe Miyu is featured.”

“W-W-What!?” Aki stammered; his fingers froze. “H-How did you—“

“It’s too obvious!” Yuuka put her phone down and looked at her flustered brother. “You even brought her home—“

Iyayayaya! I told you we just really had to stay somewhere safe that time!”

“And you think bringing her to our house when everyone is out will be safe for her?”

“It’s not that I will eat her!”

“Oh.” Yuuka gawked at Aki with sarcastic eyes. “I didn’t say anything about eating her. Nii-san, your desire just came out of your mouth.”

Aki covered his mouth with both of his hands and started to hit his head on the wall again and again. That was one hell of a tongue slip.

Yuuka pressed her lips together while looking at her helpless brother. She just went back to her phone before she could see the explosion of Aki’s head.

“Honestly I don’t like that girl for you but seeing you this crazy about her is something so I won’t barge in like an immature younger sister. Just tell her what you feel. She looks like a girl who is capable of charming a lot of guys. If you don’t haste then someone might win her over you.”

“But…” Aki sat back to his seat. “It will be hard for us if ever. It will also be bad for Phantom Note. I can already see that once a dating news about me comes up, the media and the fans will give us a hard time. I don’t want Miyu to be bashed online.”

“But you like her, don’t you?”

Aki fell silent. He wasn’t able to give Yuuka an answer. It is true that he is collecting magazines where Miyu is featured. He just couldn’t help to be attracted to the smile of that girl. It gives off a very familiar feeling, everytime he sees it warmth starts to fill his heart. Some sort of a magical feeling. It just feels like it is… home.

Was it because of Yuma told him that he and Miyu were lovers in their past lives? Was his feelings influenced by that story? But he knows for sure that even before they met Yuma and heard all of these claims, he already has his eyes on Miyu.

He was delighted when he found out that Miyu is friends with the girl that his friend likes. That means that he could finally get an excuse of getting near the girl. Finally he won’t just be a bystander; he can finally get himself to talk to her without creating any malice to the eyes of other people.

But, talking to her is like entering a trap even though he already knows that it is dangerous. It’s like a complete surrender. He has put himself into something that he would never be able to pull himself from. He is well aware that he is on a skyfall.

Silence means yes, Yuuka thought to herself. She wants to tell her brother that she could smell that Miyu feels the same way but she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. She knows for sure that her brother will not believe it anyway.

She’s just a little afraid that the other girl might be thinking that Aki is really into guys. Yuuka knows that she and his brother might have little resemblance but Miyu thought that she was Aki even though she was wearing a skirt and her hair is really long. She was addressed as Aki-senpai and she can never forget the cringe she felt that time.

Maa, for now she will just let this past. Her Aki-nii-san is actually very shy and she knows it well. She’ll just wait for the developments but what’s important now is to focus on the preparation for the best little sister battle. Yuuka is not up for any other title aside from the best.




EVERYONE IS swooning after Manaka introduced herself. Fuyu is just watching at a corner, exhaling exasperatedly as he witness his friends adoring his little sister. It is different to the reaction that Yurina received.

“I’m sorry for my sudden appearance. I came today in support of my brother.” Manaka politely said. “Thank you for taking care of my brother.”

She gave them a bow which made the others giggle at her cuteness. After that she smiled to them cutely which almost knocked out Yuma. That guy has a strange weakness to younger, cute girls. Manaka has the aura that makes you want to hug her but her twin sister always seems like a starving wild tiger in a hunt.

Manaka arrived last night at Fuyu’s home. She arrived without making a ruckus. In an easier explanation, she pressed the doorbell and didn’t break in just like what her sister did. Of course Fuyu was surprised when she arrived. After Yurina stowed away, he thought that the grandparents will be tighter with Manaka but there she was in his front door as if nothing happened.

When the girl was asked about her grandparents, she explained that she is just going to bring Yurina back. That’s what she told them and they easily agreed. This shocked Yurina to the core. Why do her grandparents frighteningly strict to her but not to Manaka? Was it because Manaka doesn’t look like she is up to no good?

“F*ck.” Yurina rolled her eyes. “Stop treating Manaka as if she is an idol.”

“Nee-chan~!” Manaka called out with a grumpy face. “No cursing!”

Yurina’s face reddened and she blushed even more when Miyu suddenly hugged her and then started caressing her head. She tried to free herself but Miyu’s hug is superb.

“See, see… That’s the reason why we find Manaka-chan cuter than you. She’s like an angel.” Miyu even rubbed her cheeks to Yurina which made the girl panic even more. “But I am more attracted to warui types like you.”

Yurina pushed Miyu’s face away but the other girl isn’t giving up. “What’s wrong with you, woman!?”

The group just laughed at what seems to be a manzai. Fuyu bowed his head down to have his eyes rest from watching them. Although Haru is right, he isn’t used to having his sisters around. He is basically clueless to how he is going to interact with them again. He wants to make a move but he always ends up showing his cold nature.

“I’m hopeless.” Fuyu whispered to himself, trying to plant his face to that table of the library.

“I heard you.” Fumie playfully said. She was planning to surprise Fuyu but the plan failed. The guy didn’t even move an inch as if he already knows that she is near. Fuyu patted the seat beside him, telling the girl what he wants.

Fumie smiled and sat beside him. “What’s troubling you, Fuyu-kun?” She asked, resting her chin to her palm. Fuyu shook his head just like a stubborn child.

“Come on. Are you going to deny—“

Fumie gasped when an arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her nearer to Fuyu. The guy is still has his head down and is facing another direction. Fumie flushed furiously.


“I feel awkward.”

Finally, Fuyu voiced out what he feels inside leaving Fumie silent for a while. She reached out for the hand that’s hugging her. “Do you need help?”

Another sigh came out of Fuyu. “I don’t even know how to treat Natsu properly but here are my sisters invading my life. I know it has just been three years since we got separated but I’m afraid that their grandparents may have brainwashed them about me.”

“But they seem really fond of you.” Fumie answered, trying to take a peek of Fuyu’s face.

“Maybe.” Fuyu then turned to her but his head is still on the desk. She felt her heart jumped at the moment he laid his eyes on her. Fuyu looks like an abandoned puppy and it is moving her heart into the melting point. She wanted to play with his hair but she’s just too shy to reach out.

“Also,” Fuyu continued, waking the girl up from her daze. “I’m worried about Natsu. He might feel bad if he sees me having fun with the girls. I don’t want him to feel sad. Since he met Yurina last time he seems to be avoiding me.”

Fumie was kind of surprised after hearing that other reason. She didn’t expect that he was also thinking about how Natsu would feel. He is indeed cold towards Natsu and often brushes him away. Hearing it from him just proves that he really loves his twin brother.

Observing how he is forcing a smile since they met before going to school, she could sense the uneasiness there is to Fuyu. It is finally the Family Day. Today there is a big chance that he would cross paths with his father and Fumie could feel that he is anxious about it too. He’ll be meeting him after a long time, displaying a happy family in the public, seeing him with his half-sisters. She could trace the restlessness in that handsome face.

“Hey, hey!” Fumie gasped when Yurina suddenly barked at them, looking all flustered just by looking at them. “What do you guys think you are doing in broad daylight!?”

Fumie’s eyes widened when Fuyu pulled her nearer. She watched him tuck his tongue out to his sister with an amused expression in her face. Yurina backed off a bit but she became even more furious.

“Get a room, will you!? How indecent!” Yurina gritted her teeth. Miyu jumped to hug her once again and blew to her ears which weakened her knees.

“Don’t worry, Yurina-chan. That level of skinship won’t give you a nephew—“


Yurina shouted at Miyu, her face burning in embarrassment while Miyu just laughed her heart out.

Manaka skipped her way towards the couple and sat at the seat beside Fumie. She looked at the older girl adoringly. She gave Fumie a hug which immediately melted the girl’s heart. Fumie turned to Fuyu, her lips parted due to the sweet surprise of the young girl. Fuyu slowly let her go as he places his chin to his palm.

“Thank you for taking care of Fuyu-nii-san.” Manaka smiled like a cute baby. “I’m really glad that I met you, Fumie-nee-san.”

“Manaka is a really sweet girl.” Fuyu explained. The little girl then turned to her and smiled with delight. She bowed her head as if asking Fuyu to give her some soft pats. Fuyu backed off a little bit. He indeed had a habit of patting Manaka’s head when she was younger but after everything that happened…

Fumie noticed the awkwardness that’s why she took the initiative to break the ice. She reached out for Fuyu’s hand and led it to Manaka’s head. The little girl raised her head, her face beaming with glee. “I really missed you, Nii-san~!”

Fuyu pushed her head to make her bow again so she won’t be able to see his embarrassed face. The little girl just giggled and then smiled to Fumie as her way of saying thanks. Fumie’s heart was struck with that cuteness.

“You know…” Miyu started, she’s still clinging to Yurina. “You and Manaka-chan are like Fuyu-senpai and Natsu. You are twins but you are extreme opposites!”

Miyu didn’t hear any answer from Yurina. She took a glimpse of her face and her lips formed an oval shape. The girl’s eyes are sharper that it usually looks like.

“Don’t compare us to that person. He isn’t a part of the family.” Yurina freed herself from Miyu. “I’m going to win this contest. No one from that family is related to any of us.”

Miyu and Yuma were silenced by that coldness. Yurina just proved that she’s indeed Fuyu’s sister. They watched her pocketed her hands and then went out. She didn’t even say a word to her brother but Fuyu definitely noticed her.

“This family relationship is really complicated.” Miyu put her arms in akimbo. “Why can’t we all just live happily and protect that precious smile of Manaka-chan?”

“Hmmmm…” Yuma thought loudly. “We will all live happily if we would all stop keeping secrets.”

Miyu almost snapped her neck when she turned to Yuma’s way. “What are you talking about now, Yuma-kun?”

The guy shrugged his shoulders and left a more cryptic message.

“It applies to all of us.”



“I’M REALLY surprised on how big this event is.”

Natsu heaved out a sigh. He is in the rooftop of the Senior’s Tower together with the Perfect Zombie. Maki rushed her way out when she saw Fuyu coming with Yurina and Manaka then she bumped into Natsu who was sneaking his way towards the library. The guy couldn’t find the courage to join them so the two decided to go somewhere with lesser noise.

The young actor is currently looking down at the school grounds. The atmosphere is just like a festival but his heart isn’t on the mood for celebration at all.

“This is what you call Family Day of the elites, anyway.” Maki casually answered and then had a slice of her kimbap. “We can’t deny it. 99% of the students here are from very rich families starting from politicians, world-class athletes and TV personalities. Haru-senpai, the organizer himself, is an heir of a big conglomerate business in the country. What are you expecting, Natsu?”

Natsu asked the same thing to himself. What was he even expecting? He has been to showbusiness for many years now and he still finds it weird that he is still not used to big events like this. Or maybe, this event is just really awkward and it feels so fake for him.

He went to sit on Maki’s side. The zombie offered him her kimbap but he refused. His stomach isn’t really in a very good state. He couldn’t even sleep well just because of the thought of this event. He didn’t even have breakfast because he felt like he is going to puke everything up. Just the thought of his father and brother crossing paths is really making him restless.

“What are you so worried about, Natsu?” Maki asked innocently. “Nothing bad is going to happen. As if Uncle Yuu is going to make a ruckus when he meets King. I don’t think any of them is up for some drama.”

“I’m still nervous.” Natsu sighed as he combed his hair up with his fingers. “They haven’t seen each other for a very long time. I am worried about how they are going to react.”

Maki also sighed and then looked up at the clear summer sky. She’s thinking of something witty to say but nothing is getting in her head. Natsu is really the type to panic whenever it is about his family. His encounter with Yurina the other day adds up to his anxieties.

He has never met the twins since he was forbidden to. Well, there was no exact order about it but it is just too awkward to meet up with them. Since both of their parents remarried, they tried to live like they didn’t even get married at all, completely cutting ties with each other.

His mother, frequently contacts him before but with him feeling bad for his brother about not getting fatherly love, Natsu avoided most of the calls. He pretended that he was really busy but the truth is he purposely let the caller get tired. He wanted to be fair to his brother even though it hurt him.

That’s why his whole world crumbled after the news of his mother passing away because of car accident. He couldn’t even get to drag his feet to the funeral service. He was filled with shame and he bitterly regretted the times he ignored his mother. Not even his shadow was seen even in the burial and he believes that it is the main reason why Yurina is angry at him.

“Are you really nervous?” Maki asked once again and then took a slurp of her orange juice. She already finished her kimbap in a flash which surprised the guy. “It’s really weird to see this side of you. It’s somehow nostalgic.”

Natsu smirked. “Even the hottest man in the world has his fears. It’s a good character gap, isn’t it?”

“You would be a good character if you have special powers!” Maki ecstatically answered.

“Ehh?” Natsu leaned forward and rested his chin to his palm while looking up to the excited girl. “Like what kind of super powers should I have to be an interesting character?”

“Well…” Maki started thinking. This cute curious face gets Natsu’s heart flutter all the time. “There are a lot of cool super powers but what I like the best is Chronokinesis!”

“Oh, time manipulation, right?” Natsu tried acting cool but he couldn’t help but leak a smile. “What if I tell you I can manipulate time?”

“What do you mean—“

And then it all happened in a blink of an eye. Actually, Maki wasn’t able to blink that time because her eyes were wide open. She heard a smack with Natsu’s face in front of hers. She felt something soft pressed on the side of her lips and then she just saw Natsu grinning at her.

“See?” Natsu started, his dimples all out because of his puppy smile. “I can stop the time.”

After that he stood up and left as if nothing happened, leaving the zombie who is still in the state of shock. Maki felt the side of her lips where she was kissed and realization slowly struck her. Blood crawled up her face as she stood up from where she was sitting.

“Natsu! Come back here! I’m going to kick you off of the roof!!!”

On the other hand, Natsu was running down the staircase with uncontrollable grin on his face. He was sweating due to adrenaline rush, cursing his self for adding something to ‘What Makes Me Nervous’ list but kissing Maki definitely gave him a boost.

“I kissed Maki!” he giggled, trying to contain his voice. “I kissed her!”

He jumped his way off the stairs and started running in the corridor. Guess this kind of action runs in the blood.



FUMIE IS ON her way to the school gate to meet up with her parents. She’s very excited because it is the first time after a long time that her parents will attend a school event for her. Her father completely being healed of the trauma is really something that she is thankful for. For now she just wants this day to be the best that it can be. Her boyfriend may be having a hard time but she’ll be there to somehow brighten things up for him. She even woke up early today to prepare food for Fuyu and his sisters with the assistance of her mother.

She just came out of the building when her phone suddenly vibrated. Thinking that it was her father, she immediately pulled her phone from her pocket but seeing the caller ID made her heart stopped for a moment but then her heart rate doubled.

She just stared at the caller ID until the one who is calling got tired. When will this person going to stop bothering her? Soon after the call ended, a text message arrived from the said person. Fumie was reluctant to read it but her thumb pressed it open.

Fumie-chan, please let’s talk about it. Please stop ignoring my calls. We really need to talk. Please contact me back. If this persists, I’ll be coming for you.

Fumie immediately deleted the message. She somehow felt scared even though she isn’t originally frightened to that person. She shook her head and started running to meet her parents. Why is it even hard to that person to accept that everything is over?

The real question is, why can’t she just block the number?

Her parents went of the car and greeted her with smiles on their faces. Her heart was still beating fast but she tried to convince herself that everything is going to be alright. She cheerfully greeted them; successfully pretending that nothing is wrong.

She was about to lead her parents to the place where her friends are when an elegant-looking black car stopped by the gate. The students started gathering by the gate which made the Shingyoji family stop on their way.

The students cheered when the one who was driving get off the car. Fumie held her breath for a moment. The person who just came is still stunning even though he is already a family man he is still capable of getting the hearts of women regardless of age group. Definitely people would say that Natsu got his genes from him and no one can argue about it—Matsui Yuu.

Yuu greeted the students and made the girls swoon with his signature bright, dimpled smile. After that he went to open the door of the passenger seat where his queen was sitting. The lovely Kojima Haruna came out, being assisted by her husband.

The students cheered even more. Matsui Yuu and Kojima Haruna are considered as the Royal Couple of the entertainment industry and seeing them in flesh is really a rare chance. The whole Japan knows their story and for them it is like a true to life fairytale. They got separated, got into different paths but ended up getting together as their happily ever after. Nobody cared about the first wife of Yuu and nobody knows about his other son’s existence.

“Papa, Mama!” Everyone turned to Momoko who jumped to hug her mother. “Welcome back to your old school!”

“Thank you, Momo-chan.” Haruna smiled at her as she pats her head.

“Where is your brother anyway?” Yuu asked while looking around, his eyebrows forming a small wrinkle in the middle. “He should’ve welcomed us too. We came here for you guys anyway.”

“Natsu-nii-chan is with Maki-nee-chan.” Momoko answered with full grin.

“That guy.” Yuu sighed. “Anyway, let’s go now. The event will be held in the field, right?”

The royal family started making their way to the field. The students made way for them, the only thing they lack is the red carpet and everything would look like a road to an awarding ceremony.

Fumie met Haruna’s eyes and the former just gave her a meaningful smile. The girl’s heart almost stopped when she found out that Yuu was also looking at her. The usual cheerful smile on the man’s face is nowhere to be seen. He looked at her with a poker face sending her chills down her spine. They just passed her while Fumie was sent into another dimension.

“Fuu-chan?” Her mother called, snapping her back to reality. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Don’t tell me you are also giggling over Matsui Yuu just like your mother?” Her dad irritably commented. His wife just hit him in the shoulder and denied the allegation.

Fumie tried to laugh. “Let’s go”




Yurina’s shameless cursing echoed to the whole corridor. She bumped to another girl while she was turning to a corner. The girl was smaller than her but she was incredibly blown away by that small frame. She hit her bottom when she fell which really hurts.

“Are you hurt?”

Yurina’s ears twitched at the voice of the girl who bumped unto her. Her voice sounds really cute but what the hell is with that brute force? Yurina looked up at the girl and her jaw couldn’t help but to loosen.

The girl cocked her head to the side, curious of why Yurina isn’t responding to her. She reached out her hand to her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you and I was in a bit of a hurry.”

Standing before her is a girl with silky, black hair on armpit level just like Momoko but it is styled in a country style twin tails. This girl has a very attractive aegyo sal (little fatty deposits under the eyes) which make her eyes really, really charming.

Yurina snapped back to reality and stood up by herself. The girl smiled widely which made her beautiful eyes produce a very wonderful eye smile.

“I’m glad you aren’t hurt.” She said while grinning from ear to ear. “I really have to go now. My brother is waiting for me.”

That’s all and the girl skipped her way to the other part of the hallway. Yurina’s body automatically turned to the direction of the girl.

“Hey! What’s your name!?” She shouted. She was even surprised of herself for having the voice to call out unto a complete stranger.

The girl curiously turned to her. The surprised expression on her face made Yurina’s heart weakened even more. Shortly after her eyes landed to Yurina’s way, the smile went back to her cute face.

“Neru.” The lassie answered with a meaningful smile. “Yokoyama Neru.”

@Goto24-san, younger sisters are always like that I guess. XD
Let's see. :)

@misaamasane-san, Oh! Welcome back. :) I hope you are doing well. Gambatte with your work. :)

@Genkikid-san, the battle will be on the next chapter. :)

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Ohh.. Who do you think that girl is?
We will find about AkiMiyu soon. :)

Thank you everyone for reading~ See you on the next chapter or maybe in the comments section~ :)
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Thank u for the early update Cut-san...
There are a lot of emotions here from Salty Yurina to Sweet Manaka, then there's Emo Natsu and Suprised Maki bc of that kiss wahahaha!
Its a good thing that Manaka accepts Fumie (aww) also that Yurina-Neru at the end. XD

Im very curious who is that person who texts Fumie? Which she said she could block but refuses to. I have my theories and I crossed out a past relationship since i know that fuyu is fumie's only love, so i think it has to do with her career.

And i hope everyone is going to be happy at the end. Especially the relationship between fuyu and his dad. :)))

Thank you again :)))
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well, i'm feel ashamed to admit it, but.....i used to remind myself that i fall in love with sayanee but after i got stuck with keyakizaka46's music and thanks to your fanfic, i think i got my heart stolen by techi haha it's kind of odd since i don't like girl that too much younger than me and rather i like girl that older than me like sayanee, but techi is exception

yuuka finally appear, really sayanee's 'long lost sister' they are looks alike in real life so of course someone can mistake them hahaha

the girl that work with fuyu.... could it be ? "marco's 'pretend' girlfriend ?" (i'm sure you know who

yuma's criptic message "it applies to us all" i have feeling he is not only pretend to miyu but also to the others

and.... Goddamn it natsu.... you sly motherf*cker, even after born again as boy jurina still a kissing stealer huh?

someone who keeps bugging fumie, i have feeling it could bring trouble to fufu couple,

and lastly....Did you will make a yuri on this fic (for your info i like yuri as long as it's about 4846girls)  yurina and neru huh ? i like it  to be honest after watching zankokuna drama i kinda ship techi and neru hahaha
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Who kept bothering Fumie? Is this person going to get in the way of FuyuFumie's love?
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Chapter 24: 妹の戦争 (F)


EVERYONE is on a cloud of huge excitement as the annual Family Day of NeoHorikoshi Gakuen was put into a start. The Principal of the school gave a speech of appreciation to each family who made time just to attend the said event. He also gave thanks to Haru and the Student Council for despite having a few members to work still managed to have the task done magnificently. He welcomed everyone with the warmth that there should be inside a family.

The next person who gave a speech was Akane, somehow surprising everyone because Haru is present but why is the Vice President doing the speech for him?

“As our Principal said a while ago, we warmly welcome everyone to our Family Day. I hope that you will all enjoy this time with your family. Like usual, it is the combination of Sport’s Day and School Festival.”

Akane took air for a moment. “Morning activities will be focused on sports while the afternoon will be free for everyone to go around the booths. There are tasks to be enjoyed as a family, so don’t worry if you won’t be able to play in the morning games. We have prepared a lot of things for all of you to enjoy.”

The atmosphere was added with more excitement after that statement from the Drill Sergeant. Her parents are watching her from the distance with tears in their eyes, so proud of their daughter. What do you expect from this gachi family?

“And now, to officially begin this program, we are going to bring you the representative of our school and their families into a contest. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome NeoHorikoshi Gakuen’s own idol group—SHIKI!”

The girls’ cheer started to fill the field after hearing that the Shiki will be the one opening the event. The parents’ interest was piqued by the said group. They have heard about them from their daughters but this is the first time that they will see them in person. They never thought that they are really a big deal in this school.

“Known as the one who brought back social life in NHG, the Prince of New Beginnings and a prodigy in the business world, the representative of spring—Yokoyama Haru!”

A loud howling was heard for the respected president of the SC. He is really well-loved by the students because his thoughts are for the welfare of everyone. Haru went out to the improvised stage wearing a pink sports uniform to represent the cherry blossoms of spring.

He came out with an elegant manner where he is well-known for and all his fan girls from the business clubs couldn’t help but to shout his name.

“Up next, representing the overflowing energy there is during summer. The one who has captured the hearts of many due to his remarkable acting and his irresistible charm, the Prince of Summer—Matsui Natsu!”

Natsu came out wearing a yellow version of what Haru is wearing to represent the sun. It also fits his lively personality. He even showed his arm muscles to the audience which intensify the cheer to his name.

“And now, let’s welcome the Prince who has never failed to keep our hearts from swooning through his wonderful husky voice. The leader of our favorite band of this age, representing the cool breeze of autumn—Yamamoto Aki!”

A loud roll of cheers welcomed Aki as he came out on the stage. His uniform is color orange for autumn’s dried leaves. He waved to the audience and raised his fist to say that he is prepared to fight. He smiled to his friends and the smile he gave to Haru made the hearts of the shippers go wild.

Akane gulped. How is she going to present the next person with praise? She blushed for a moment, remembering how she was dumped by this guy that made her shut herself in her room for a week. The serious girl shook her head to get rid of the idea of revenge. It won’t be professional of her if she would shame him in front of all these people.

“For our last member, unexpectedly making his debut to this event; the one who is still able to charm ladies despite his cold treatment; the one who has made everyone curious of how he looks when he smiles; the prince who despite having a cold name has a surprisingly warm heart…”

“Is she confessing again?” Manaki asked Risao with a smirk.

Risao just shrugged his shoulders with a playful smile. “Her feelings might be leaking.”

“Representing winter—Hoshizora Fuyu!”

Fuyu came out with a face tinted with cringe. It was the first in his entire life that he was introduced like that and he wanted to cut off the mic’s signal while he was waiting in the backstage. It certainly made his skin crawl.

“What the hell is with that weird presentation, Haru?” Fuyu asked the SC president who is busy waving at the people.

“What’s weird with that, Fuyu? Akane said nothing wrong.”

“Come on, Fuyu! Just smile and wave, boy!” Aki arched his arm to him and presented him the audience who are busy cheering for them. “Smile and wave!”

“Tch.” Fuyu rolled his eyes which automatically landed to the seat where his girlfriend and her family are sitting. Miyu and Manaka are also sitting with them. A faint smile curved up his lips and he waved at them leaving the field into a louder roar of cheer. Fumie waved back at him as a sign of support, feeling a little bit flustered with the scene.

“Fuyu-nii, gambatte~!” Manaka cheered on top of her voice. She’s waving the banner she and Miyu made in a rush in support of his brother.

“Hoshi-senpai, fight-o~!” Miyu shouted which was followed by a soft push in the shoulder from Fumie. She then turned to Fumie only to eat rock salt.

“I said stop calling him like that!”

The attention of the audience then went back to the MC as Akane continued with the next participants.

“And since this is a family event, one family member of the Shiki’s will participate in this relay. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the younger sisters of the Shiki~!”

A platform then rose upward from the bottom of the stage and revealed the younger sisters who are wearing the same colors as their brothers. There was even a smoke effect which made the presentation more extravagant.

Curiosity covered the whole field as the kids were also covered with smoke. When the smoke screen was fanned away, everyone was up to their seats just to take a better look of the sisters.

There are those who murmured on how Aki and her sister look almost the same while there are people who giggled with Momoko’s cute and pure smile. The appearance of Neru at a quiz television program didn’t make it hard for her to be identified by the crowd but the sudden appearance of Yurina drove everyone into bewilderment. They all once thought that Fuyu is all alone in his life but here he is, presenting his younger sister in the whole school. They cannot deny that the two are oozing with the same aura.

“Neru-chan! Momoko-chan! Yuuka-chan! Yurina-chan!”

Each of them gave a bow to the audience as their names were called. After that, they joined their brothers and all of them bowed. Everyone is already settled with the participants when…

“Chotto matte!”

The cameras then focused on the other side of the stage where the voice came from. A bright ray of light somehow prevented the owner of the voice to be seen but the light soon faded only to reveal Maki and a gloomy Yuma behind her, both in military outfits.

The audience laughed but her cuteness got them on hook so they didn’t criticize her. She is widely known as a chuunibyou anyway so no one is really surprised for her to suddenly come out like this.

“I’m also here to join the relay!” Maki protested in a loud voice. Miyu already lost it that she had to cling to Fumie in order not to die of laughter. “And Watanabe Yuma-kun here will serve as my older brother!”

The audience, thinking that probably Maki is lonely for having no one to come for her to this event, accepted her participation with warm hearts. Although she is originally a participant to this particular contest.

“Why the hell are we going to participate as well, Haru?” Fuyu continued to grumble. “I thought this will only about younger sisters?”

“Isn’t it good?” Haru answered with composure just like a traditional Japanese man. “With this we can be able to play together. You can play with your sister, Yurina, and you can also enjoy the event with your twin brother at the same time.”

Fuyu’s eyes widened after realization struck him. He then turned to Natsu who is busy warming up. Their eyes met but the other guy immediately averted his gaze. Fuyu sighed and then turn back to Haru. “Man, you are really a genius.”

“Don’t think about it too much.” Haru smiled faintly. “I just want to beat you into this.”

Akane went on explaining the rules of the game to the now calm audience. The rules are as follow:

The younger sisters will be participating in a pop quiz that are of middle school level. The one who is quickest to answer the question correctly will give her brother an advantage to the start of the race. Simply put, their rank on this quiz will determine their brothers’ order in the race.

After the quiz, the official race will start. The guys will then have to race towards the next station where they have to reach for the numbers that are hanging in the air only through their mouth. The number corresponds to a costume which they have to wear in the cosplay booth. They will be judged if they have properly worn the item or not. If they pass, they can go and run towards their sisters and pass the baton to them.

The girls will now have to run towards to a mysterious booth and enter it. They have to pass the baton to a mystery player who will continue the race for them. Those mystery players will then race to pass the baton to the brothers who are already back to their ordinary clothes.

The last race will be of the guys running two laps and then the race will finish. With this flow, the younger sisters’ intellect and sports abilities will be measured. Although the over-all outcome of the event is also important, they have their mini games which will determine the best sister.

“But…” Yuma sighed. He is with the Shiki on the other side of the stage, waiting for the quiz to start. “Isn’t Maki-san in an advantage here? She’s already in high school and the quiz level is middle school.”

“Well…” Natsu gulped. “Let’s just see what will happen.”

The girls were made to sit in the center stage. In front of them are buzzers that are just waiting to be pressed for those who are going to attempt to answer. Yurina looked at the other competitors and she was overwhelmed of the calmness and confidence that Neru and Yuuka are showing. They looked like they are veterans of quizzes. On the other hand, Momoko is just smiling as usual. She doesn’t seem to be taking this game seriously at all while Maki is in deep concentration as if she is praying for the stars to align in favor of her victory.

She looked back at the girl wearing pink. Again, her eyes were jailed just to look at Neru. She was surprised to see her in the backstage. For the whole time she was talking with her brother, telling him how excited she is about the event. Neru suddenly turned to Yurina’s way which somehow made the latter stiff. Neru gave her another sweet smile making Yurina curse in her thoughts.

“Come on, Yurina. Focus! At least give Baka-nii-san a favorable spot in the race.” She told herself as she clenches her fist. She isn’t really confident of this type of contest but she has to try her best. If only Manaka could do this part…

“First question!”

The girls were put into serious mode. Their ears wide open for whatever question Akane is going to ask.

“First subject is Math…” The audience gave a chorus of ‘ooh’. They didn’t expect that the Drill Sergeant would start with the most hated subject. “If 2(x + y) = 8 + 2y, what is x?”

Yurina immediately used her palm as scratch paper, scribbling using her finger but a loud buzzer crumbled everything that she is trying to compute. Everybody turned to Neru whose hands are still on the buzzer.

“Yes, Neru-chan?” Akane asked.

“x is equal to 4.” She answered with a cute eye smile.

“She got it right.” Fuyu murmured surprising Aki and Yuma who are sitting beside him.

“You already computed it as well?” Aki asked, his eyes bulging.

“Come on, Agoki. That’s too basic. You can solve it without using a paper.” Fuyu innocently answered. Aki and Yuma looked at him like they are torturing him in their minds.

“Correct! The answer is 4!” Neru received a round of applause from the audience. She immediately gained their attention with that superb way of answering. “With Neru-chan being the first one to give a correct answer, Yokoyama Haru-senpai will have an advantage in the race. Neru-chan, you can now take your sit. Job well-done.”

“That was really fast.” Yurina murmured to herself.

“Yosh!” Maki stretched her arms forward. “It’s time for me to get the next question.

“Next question: There are two popular ways of riding a horse, Western and ______________?”

A buzzer immediately made an alarm. This time it was Yuuka, she hit the buzzer with her fist and she is even panting heavily when the camera turned to her. Probably because of the adrenaline rush.

“English!!!” Yuuka answered with a shout.


“YES!!!” Yuuka celebrated and then went to take her seat without waiting for Akane to say anything. Aki facepalmed at the sight of his sister getting fired up about horses.

“How am I even supposed to know that?” Maki complained. “That’s not being taught even in highschool! This is unfair!”

“Next question!”

“At least listen to me!”

But the Drill Sergeant already got her ears closed. She went on with reading the next question.

It took quite a long time for the three to be ranked because they kept answering with the wrong answers. In the end, the ranking fell into this: Neru, Yuuka, Yurina, Momoko and Maki. The chuunibyou went back to her seat with her face so pale because of embarrassment. The middle-schoolers got her served in front of all these people.

With this ranking, Haru will have the most advantage in the beginning of the relay. He’ll start with a two-meter lead from Aki and a total of eight-meter lead from Yuma. The crowd went crazy once again when they went to their positions and readied their selves. The tension is so thick that you would think it is real Olympics.

Finally, the real event is about to begin and everyone’s hearts are already racing. The lights of the stage turned red and the screen is divided into five which focuses on each player’s faces. The background music set the mood into a deeper level of frenzy.

At the loud buzzing sound and the stage lights turning green, the runners jolted towards the cosplay booth that is about 150 meters away from the starting point. Even with a favorable lead, the other four runners were able to catch up to Haru. The president was surprised at the speed of the four. Did he become rusty with all the office works that he is doing?

They all arrived on the next stop at almost the same time, fighting their way to the hanging numbers. Yuma, who is unexpectedly serious about the race, immediately took the number with the longest thread. He grabbed the corresponding costume and went inside the booth to change. He was really fast like a mouse.

The others soon followed and everyone’s hearts are on halt, waiting on who will come first and what kind of costume are they going to wear. Everyone was startled when Haru’s booth opened first. As far as they can remember, he got the number that is hanging higher than the others.

The President is wearing a basketball uniform, no wonder it was very easy to change on it. The judge raised the green flag for him and he is good to go. Soon after Haru went on, another door opened and the whole field rolled into laughter. The one came out is a mascot, a monkey mascot to be exact. It struggled to make its way to the judge’s area because of its giant head. It was Yuma, he fell into the trap of the numbers. He thought that the lowest one will be the easiest costume to change into but he got it all wrong.

Natsu and Aki came out almost at the same time. The audiences were on their feet at the sight of the two princes in costume. Natsu changed into a butler outfit while Aki got a yukata outfit or a traditional Japanese clothing for summer. They both looked marvelous to the point that people would think that there are stylists inside the booth.

Four runners are already back in the track but the winter prince isn’t coming out yet. His opponents have already taken quite a lead from him but his booth’s door is showing no sign of activity.

“What’s happening with Fuyu-kun?” Fumie’s mum asked. Her daughter couldn’t answer her because of worry.

Miyu and Manaka started shouting for Fuyu’s name to call him out but no Fuyu is coming out.

“Don’t tell me Senpai picked up a very embarrassing cos—“

Miyu’s statement was cut when the audience suddenly jumped from their seats. The next thing they saw is the camera focusing to Fuyu who is already back on the track. He is running barefoot and… and… and—

“He is only on SWIMMING TRUNKS!” Miyu shouted, half of her body is almost out of the railings.

Fuyu is running on top speed not because he wants to win the race but he badly needs to change back to normal clothes. Why on earth is swimming trunks included in this game? His face is already red due to embarrassment.

His fans are swooning at the sight of his upper body. His abs and chest muscles are refined that they thought he is some sort of Korean idol. His skin is so white and looks properly moisturized. For them, there was really no need to be embarrassed if you have that kind of body. At least his trunks are below the knee.

“His body is of a navy seal.” Fumie’s father casually commented while his daughter is struggling to free herself from her father’s hand blindfold.

“Papa!” Fumie gritted, trying her hardest to pull her father’s hand away from her eyes. “I want to see Senpai!!!”

“I wonder what kind of routine that boy is doing.”


A big part of the audience is cheering for Fuyu for his late start and basically because of his abs. He effortlessly managed to outrun Yuma who was currently on the last place that time. He couldn’t see well because of the big head and the costume was really heavy. He also managed to outrun Aki because the guy kept on stepping on his long clothes and running on those sandals is really difficult.

“Natsu!!!” The running butler took a look at his brother for the sudden call. His heart almost jumped in joy when he saw that Fuyu is smiling at him. “Don’t tell me that you forgot that you never won against me on a race!?”

Memories of them playing as kids suddenly entered Natsu’s mind. A playful, puppy smile curved up his lips but then soon into a challenging one. “This will be the first time that you will lose!”

Fuyu slowly managed to close the gap between them and taunted his brother with a smirk. “Who told you?”

He managed to take over the second place in just a short time which fired up Natsu even more. He ripped his butler clothes open and revealed his also well-toned body to the whole school. This action almost flooded the field with blood because of nosebleed from the girls.

“I won’t let you show off just like this!” Natsu started to run faster while trying his hardest not to laugh. Just the sight of the two of the Shiki having fun like this is like a source of healing for the viewers. If they also knew the background story of the two they will be moved even more.

Haru was once again surprised when the two caught up on him. He smiled to himself, admitting that he has to work to regain his speed back.

Yurina is already dead nervous as she sees her brother approaching. She was worried about him a while ago but look at him running with the beam on his face.

“It feels nice to see them having fun together, right?”

Yurina turned to Momoko who spoke all of a sudden. She immediately wore her deadly stare to frighten the other girl. “What are you talking about?”

Momoko smiled wider. “I’m talking about our brothers—“

“Shut up!” Yurina glared at her. “The only siblings Fuyu-nii-san has is me and Manaka. That blonde guy is never related to him. Especially you!”


“Where were the both of you when Nii-san was suffering? That guy didn’t even visit our mother’s funeral. Can you consider him a family after that?”

“Hmmm…” Momoko thought aloud, there is no sign that she’s being she is fazed by Yurina’s intimidation. “Don’t you agree with me that we are all kind of caught up in the wrong decisions made by our parents?”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“I mean, the actions and everything… They were all influenced by those wrong decisions. Technically the fault is not ours…” Momoko turned to her brothers and smiled. “How about let’s just all be happy instead of making things harder for everyone of us?”

Yurina fell silent after that. The shout of the audience deafened her and made her return her focus on the game. Her brother suddenly appeared in front of her, passing the baton to her. She, Momoko and Neru took off almost at the same time.

“Yurina, gambare!!!” Fuyu shouted at his sister which made the girl flustered.

“I know exactly what to do!!!” She cursed to herself. She has been running on her top speed but she couldn’t catch up to Neru who is surprisingly fast. “What the hell is with this girl? Brute force and speed!? Is she a girl of the wild!?”

“Tch!” Yuuka tried to catch up with the three girls but her stamina immediately fades out as soon as she started running. “If they only permitted me to bring Sebastian then this race will be a piece of cake!”

“Maki-san, I’m sorry!” Those were Yuuma’s last words before he collapsed. He managed to properly pass the baton to Maki whose eyes are already burning.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” With a loud shout, Maki set off and surprised everyone with her… running form?

“What’s happening to Maki-chan?” Fumie asked, her face looks so troubled. “Why are her eyes closed? And her arms…”

Once again, Miyu lost it. “She’s running like a titan!!!”

“All I have to do is to feel the wind and to be taken by the it! With this I will surely be—“ Maki opened her eyes only to see that Yuuka is still far away from her. “No way! What happened to my ninja-way of running!?”

Neru arrived first at the mysterious booth and shortly after, a familiar guy came out running with the baton on his hand. The guy was a member of the legendary male idol unit Roku-jihan (Half Past Six), the one who became a bigtime idol producer—Hirahara Rino!

Another surprise came after as the second mysterious player came out. It was Shinoda Mario-sensei also known as Rio of Roku-jihan. He was the one who went out on the field for Yurina. He ran as fast as he could because he knows that the next members will eat them up if they don’t run for their lives.

Momoko finally arrived in the booth and her eyes widened in surprise. The guy took the baton from her and dashed on his way to the field.

“I’ll win this for you, Momo-chan~” was Yuu’s words before he set off. The ace of Roku-jihan and an award-winning actor, Matsui Yuu, is now on the field as well. After that they heard a roar from the booths followed by the rampage of Akimoto Michael, also a member of the said idol group that is known for his brute strength. He is with Aki’s team.

The last member of the group finally came out which received a lot of cheers from the audience. Maki came out of the booth short after. The girl is on tears cheering for the member who came out.

“Papa! Ganbatte~!!!” Maki shouted on top of her voice. Togawa Sae is also now in the field. He just raised his fist to tell his daughter that he heard her loud and clear. The idol turned army general made his debut to the public after a very long time.

General Togawa or was more well-known as Genking, dashed to tighten the gap with a roar until to the point that each competitor is already almost in a straight line. Everyone is on their feet as they are cheering for their own favorites.

But even after a lot of years have passed, nothing has changed to the characters of Roku-jihan. Despite being the shortest, Yuu still managed to take the lead. Behind him are the twin towers of the group, Michael and Sae. Next is the most handsome yet best prankster of the group, the Sadist, Mario. He is just running like he is doing a CM. While on the other hand, Rino fell so much behind despite the huge lead Neru gave him. The guy didn’t improve with his athletic skills. It probably became even worse because he’s always at the office writing songs.

Yuu managed to pass the baton to Natsu who seemed to be in a wary. The son went on, worried about the people who were left in that line. For the first time after so many years, Yuu and Fuyu are such in a close distance.

“Go son! Don’t dare to trip!” Yuu shouted as if his other son is not around. There isn’t any trace of emotion in the face of Fuyu. He is just patiently waiting for his uncle to come…or not?

He keeps on wishing on his mind that Rio would come soon so he could leave this strange air behind. He doesn’t want to look at his father. He doesn’t have any interest to see his face and he doesn’t want him to see him as well.

Michael and Sae arrived at almost the same time, launching Aki and Yuma back on the track. This is the final leg of the race and the brothers are the anchors. They have to run two laps to finish the race.

“Long time no see.”

Fuyu suddenly froze when he heard Yuu greeted him. He couldn’t look at him directly but he can see in his peripheral vision that the man is still chasing for his breath after that run. His hands are on his knees for support.

“You grew up well.” Yuu commented in between huffs. “I’m really glad that you are good in keeping secrets. No one even suspected that you came from me.”

Fuyu still didn’t show anything through his face but his fists are saying another thing. They are balled firmly and even shaking. It’s as if he is restricting himself to hit this guy beside him.

“I never wished for that anyway.” Fuyu firmly answered. “You left a home broken just to pursue another woman but you can’t accept a son who is set to find the girl of his dreams. I never liked to be recognized as your own flesh.”

“Hee…” Yuu smirked. He straightened up and turned to Fuyu with a smug face. “Saying those mean words while having those eyes of Atsuko just proves that leaving you behind is the best decision.”

Fuyu almost chocked after hearing the name of his mother. How can this guy so casually say her mother’s name as if he didn’t wrong her? He couldn’t even blink his eyes; he could feel the heat filling up the back of his eyeballs. He was about to turn to him but—

“BAKA-NII-SAAAAAN!!!” Fuyu snapped back to reality after that call from Yurina on the other side of the course. “STRETCH OUT YOUR HAND! DON’T BE STUPID!”

Fuyu’s gaze turned back to the track and he saw his uncle waving the baton at him like he is filming a graduation CM. The winter prince stretched out his hand automatically and his focus went back to the race as soon as he felt the baton in his hand. Before he set off he took a quick glance to his father and—

“Sorry, I don’t really talk to strangers.”

Haruna couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh after seeing that the two has already been separated. She is sure that Yuu agitated Fuyu just seeing how the two acted. She shook her head with great disappointment and shrank on her seat.

“Why can’t you just be honest with your son and say that you are truly sorry and you are making him your punishment to yourself?

Yuma and Aki passed Natsu behind who is strangely slowing down. The viewers started to murmur at each other about the sudden behavior of the usually energetic prince. He knew something has happened on the short period of time his father and brother are together. He couldn’t help but to be bothered by it.

Behind him are Fuyu and Haru racing with each other, both of them gnashing. The two passed him in no time and seeing his brother looking okay somehow calmed him down. He slowly tried to accelerate but it seems like it is already late for him. Yuma already took the first place. Somehow he and General Togawa saved Maki from shame. Aki is in second place. It seems like they don’t need the help of Yuuka’s horse to get a good place.

Haru came third. Even though Neru outshone the others with her wit and sports abilities, they got unlucky with their teammate coming from Roku-jihan. Natsu heard cheers from the crowd and his head automatically raised up only to see that his brother is standing before the finish line.

“Natsu… What the hell are you doing?” Fuyu asked with a hint of annoyance in his face, trying hard to get air. “You could’ve won first place! Why are you spacing out in a race!?”


Natsu wasn’t able to continue what he is saying when Fuyu walked towards him. The former backed off a little bit. Why is Fuyu even coming near him when Yuu can clearly see everything? Why is he breaking the law their father has set?

Fuyu suddenly caught him by arching his arm around his neck. He then dragged Natsu who is still feeling awkward. And despite that sudden drama, the two of them finished the race at the same time and they were welcomed with a round of applause from the audience. To most people, that was just a wonderful showcase of their deep friendship but for a few a people this is a very amazing scene of brotherly love.

Fumie was moved by what Fuyu did. She knows exactly how he was trying so hard to ignore his brother in public but she guesses there is a limit to everything. She just couldn’t believe that he would do it in front of everyone, in front of their father.

The younger sisters and the guest players joined them in the finish line. Maki was very happy that their team won even though they were in the toughest position since the beginning. She just won’t let go of her father’s arm and clings to him like how it usually is when they reunite.

They were then invited to the stage and they gave their short speeches. Roku-jihan was also asked to greet the crowd and everyone went wild.

“This is to celebrate the anniversary of our group.” Rino explained. “Even though we were disbanded quite a long time ago, there are still a lot of people who love the group and it is really amazing. I thank Yokoyama-kun for inviting us all.”

“It would be great if Kai is also here but I guess the King of Fails is already enjoying his stay in heaven.” Sae commented that somehow pricked the hearts of the audience. “It would still be best if all six of us are here. We won’t be Roku-jihan if we are just five anyway.”

“If Kai is here he would just tell a joke and fail miserably like always. Let’s just let him rest and drink his favorite wine in heaven together with his wife.” AkiGori snobbishly said, trying his hardest not to show the tears that he is forcing back.

“Don’t worry…” Mario suddenly stole the mic. “I believe that guy is also in the hearts of many people. He won’t really die if he won’t be forgotten even just by one person.” He then sneaked a glimpse of Yurina and Fuyu who are standing behind them and gave them a meaningful wink.

“Anyway, thank you everyone for having us here! We really enjoyed the event and I hope you enjoyed that race as well.” Yuu waved to the audience while smiling from ear to ear. “I believe that being a family isn’t just by blood but also by the special bonds we create with people like our friends, seniors and juniors and our teachers. I hope you all enjoy this family day~!”

After that, they went backstage and the former national idols were too noisy chatting with each other after a long time. Mario suddenly elbowed Yuu and pointed something with his lips. The other guys just looked at where he was pointing and they saw Fuyu, Natsu, Momoko and Yurina on one corner of the backstage.

“What are you going to do”? Mario challengingly asked Yuu who is intently looking at the four. The latter just shrugged his shoulders and went on walking.

“Let them be.” That’s all and he exited.

“What’s up with this sudden meeting, stupid brother?” Yurina asked with her arms crossed. “You lost the game because of waiting for this guy who gave up midway! How pathetic—“

“Yurina!” The girl suddenly fell quiet at that call from Fuyu. “I know things were hard for all of us but being the eldest, I shall take responsibility with this.”

“W-What the hell—“

“Yurina, this is your other brother, Natsu.”

Yurina’s jaw dropped straight to the ground. Is Fuyu really introducing Natsu as his brother?

“W-W-Wait! What are you—“

“He is my twin brother; if you treat me as your brother then you should do the same to Natsu.”

Fuyu’s firm resolution was properly received by those who are listening. Momoko clapped in joy after that order from Fuyu. The eldest then pushed Natsu towards Yurina to have him introduce himself.

“Y-Yo!” He awkwardly greeted, looking at his brother from time to time as if asking for help. “I am Natsu. I’m sorry… I’m sorry for not being there—“

Yurina was dumbfounded when he saw Natsu shedding tears. The guy couldn’t stop his tears from flowing and he didn’t plan to cry in the first place. Natsu felt his brother’s palm on top of his head and he started to cry even more.

“I-I’m sorry for not being able to show my face on our mother’s funeral. I-I am really ashamed of what I did. I’m really sorry.”

“I told you.” Momoko whispered to Yurina. “We are all victims here.”

Yurina looked at how the usually proud guy cries in front of him. She then looked at her Fuyu-nii who is gesturing for her to do something. The tsundere girl sighed in defeat.

“Alright, alright. Natsu-nii-san… Are you happy with that?”

Natsu raised his head, his face filled with tears with his cheeks blushing. “How about... How about call me ‘handsome Natsu-nii-chama’?

The other girl backed off in disgust. “Dude, are you on drugs!?”

Momoko just laughed at their banters. She then turned to Fuyu and tugged his sleeves.

“How about me?” She asked with an innocent face. “Can I call you, Fuyu-nii-san as well?”

Fuyu leaned forward Momoko which surprised the other girl. “You can. But, don’t be too loud. Are we okay with that?”

The girl’s face brightened after that affirmation. She nodded in excitement and she received a pat in the head as a reward.

“Let’s go out and meet Manaka. It would be unfair for her if we left her out like this.”

The four then went out leaving the others behind.

“Seems like a big family reunion for them.” Aki commented with a huge smile on his face. “Our little Fuyu just stepped out of his shell and took his role.”

“Something might’ve urged him to do that.” Yuma stated.

“Maybe.” Haru thriftily answered. He then turned to his sister who is busy eating a snack with Yuuka. “Neru might’ve won the best sister competition but the real winner here is nobody else but Natsu…”




From: Togawa Sae

Subject: No time to think about one

Message: Hey, Fuyu. I saw you at the Family Day but I wasn’t able to talk to you because I immediately left soon after the event finished. I really wanted to talk to you but maybe next time.

Have you thought about the offer? Give me a call when you finally have arrived in a conclusion.

I heard that you found the girl you were searching for. It’s a waste that I wasn’t able to meet her but Maki showed me her picture. They seem really close.

Anyway, is Maki really not enough? Haha. See you next time I get an off from work. Think about it well, Fuyu. This is for your future.

**Sorry for being absent last week. A lot of things happened. Sorry also for not properly replying to comments of the last chap. I will respond in the next chapter.
Also, my updates will be irregular for now. I'm undergoing a lot of changes so yeah.. I hope you enjoyed this arc and I also hope you are all ready for the next arcs to come. If I say ready, you know what I mean already. Haha. See you~ **
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My mind is spinning on trying to figure out who is who. Lol! Can i get an otousan guide? XD and don't worry on the late updates, it's still better than not updating afterall.

The cosplay race made me remember the event in Kaichou wa Maid-sama (i miss that stuff) and I was laughing the whole time as I imagined the red-faced Fuyu running in a swim suit lol, also Yumaaaa, oh poor guy. He must be suffocating inside. The winner is also a surprise lol. MAKI HAHAHAHA MAKI's titan run omg xD

But wait since the Fuyu and Yuu talked about something and he mentioned Atsukooooo!!! Is this Aachan? Maeda Atsuko? @_____@

Im glad that Yurina and Neru is being coupled here but I wish for more twin moments! Yaaaa~

Arigatou for a super long chap~ Spasibo Cut-san ;)
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What a heartwarming family reunion. If Yuu would be my more honest it will be better.
AtsuMina are dead?!  :cry:

What's with Sae's offer to Fuyu?? It seems fishy
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ee, ano sa, cut-san i know that i'm being annoying with requests but....please tell me that this is not will be the last time for yurina and neru to take a major role, i kinda like....really really ship those two and yurina's tsundere character here is so.....gahhh  :D

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Too many things to mention. So emotional and breath taking.
AtsuMina??!!!! General Sae?!!!!
Offer?!!! Yuu accepting??!?!!!
TechiNeru confirmed??!!!!
Hoshizora/Matsui family come together??!!!

All will be answered in the next chapter XD
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@porkofdoom-san, The only dads here are Sae and Yuu. AkiGori has a family and Rino is also married but Mario is still single. XD
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Like what kind of twin moments are you expecting? Haha.

Thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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“DO YOU know what time it is now?”

Fuyu jerked when he heard that voice out of the dark. The lights then turned on revealing a person by the stairs where the switch is located. The boy’s shoulder fell down as he found out that he just got caught.

He went on and tried to climb the stairs but the other guy won’t let him go just like that.

“You missed family dinner again. Your sisters were looking for you.” Kai looked up to Fuyu who got frozen by the stairs. “Manaka won’t eat if you are not around and because of that Yurina got pissed and they fought again. Don’t miss family dinner again, okay?”

“I don’t have your stomachs. You can eat without me.”

Kai sighed. “Can you spare me some of your time, Fuyu?”

Fuyu also sighed. He rolled his eyes and then made his way towards the couch where he grumpily dumped his self. Kai sat on the opposite sofa and he couldn’t help but to shake his head after seeing Fuyu’s face.

He got a cut on his lips and bruised cheeks. He got scratches on his face and his uniform looked like he just rolled over some mud. The boy couldn’t even look straight at him.

“What did they do this time?” Kai asked maintaining his composure. He was waiting for an answer but Fuyu didn’t give any. The boy kept his annoyed face on.

“Do you know that your mum is hurting so much because of what is happening to you?” Kai patiently asked. “Please Fuyu, tell me so I can help you.”

“No one would believe in me even if I tell the truth.” Finally, the boy spoke. His voice cracked a bit and Kai immediately saw through it.

“Wait a minute.” The former idol stood up from his seat and went straight to the kitchen. Fuyu had no choice but to stay and wait. After a few minutes, Kai went back with two mugs on his hands. He placed one in front of Fuyu. The boy was surprised of what’s in the mug, even of the mug itself. It has ‘Onii-chan’ written on it while the Kai’s has ‘Otou-san’.

“Go on.” Kai said with a smile. “I studied making your favorite drink from Atsuko. Go and take a sip.”

It was hot chocolate. It is Fuyu’s favorite drink ever since. He looked at the cup then back to Kai who is patiently waiting for him to taste it. With his bruised hands, he reached for the cup.

“Be careful, it is still hot.”

Fuyu stopped for a moment with that precaution. He blew softly on it and took a sip. His eyes went wide as soon as the drink touched his taste buds.

“It tastes exactly like Okaa-san’s—“ He stopped, realizing that his excitement just went out of his mouth. Kai laughed at his clumsy acting.

“I’m a good student.” Kai proudly said. Fuyu hid his face by drinking more. He was surprised that this guy even knows his favorite drink, something that hisreal father doesn’t even take interest with. He took a peek of Kai who is really enjoying the drink he prepared.

“So now…” Kai placed his cup back on the center table. “Tell me what happened.”

By that time Fuyu didn’t really remember the reason but he started to tell Kai what really happened. He got beaten by upper class bullies. They are the same kids as last time. They didn’t like how Fuyu is gaining attention because of his looks to the point that the teachers have taken favor of him.

They didn’t like how he seems to be perfect and acts like a bigshot by being a snob. The truth is just he doesn’t really know how to interact with others that’s why he couldn’t speak to them. The reason why he is always being called in the faculty office is because of counseling. The teachers are trying to win his heart so that he could open up more to other people.

They beat them up; they even called their middle-schooler brothers just to teach Fuyu a lesson. They spit to his face and told him to just die, calling him names. Just how unreasonable can this generation be?

And, as if his body is used to pain, he just stood up after the bullies left and stayed under that bridge where he was beaten. He couldn’t help but to wonder about things.

Why is it me again? Why does it always have to be like this? Am I really cursed? Did I do anything wrong to anyone? Why does it always have to be me?

“So you went home late because of thinking about those things, right?” Kai sighed, his cup already empty. “And you don’t want your mother and your sisters to see that beat up face.”

“I don’t want to see Okaa-san’s pained face again. I don’t want to see Yurina and Manaka cry because of me.” Fuyu explained further.

“Maa, our Fuyu is such a man!” Kai stretched his arms upward and then went back to his serious face. “I will call your school tomorrow to notify them about what happened. I’ll ask them to give you a break from school to have your wounds heal.”


“No buts Fuyu. Things like bullying should never be tolerated. If those kids don’t get punished now they might get worse in the future.”

Fuyu fell silent. He is just worried that the former national idol Takahashi Kai would call to his school as his parent. He is worried about the guy’s reputation. He doesn’t want his name to be dragged by this curse that’s on him.

“You have to take care of yourself or else the girl with the scent will be disappointed if you meet with that kind of face.”

Fuyu felt like something got stuck on his throat. This person in front of him doesn’t criticize him. He understands his pain; he knows the things that he wants. He even gives importance to his waste-like dream. Why did his mother has to meet his dad first before Kai?

“Ano sa…” Fuyu suddenly talked making Kai excited. He leaned forward to make sure that he won’t miss any word that Fuyu is about to say. “I’ve been curious about this for a very long time…”

“Go on and ask.” Kai smiled.

Fuyu took a deep breath. “Actually, I’m really curious on why you chose to marry my mother. You were famous and a lot of girls were after you. Why do you have to marry someone who was divorced and already got kids?”

“That’s a deep question for a grade schooler like you to ask.” Kai scratched the back of his head.

“Well I… I’m just really curious. Your parents were against the marriage but you pursued it as if your life is at stake if you don’t end up with my mum.”

“Well…” Kai blushed. “I loved her ever since she was a trainee. She got my eye when I saw her practicing. I admired her passion to what she is doing and she became my oshimen even though she hasn’t debuted. From that day on she already have a special place in my heart.”

Kai’s happy face suddenly darkened. “I know she got a crush to Yuu but I never thought that Yuu would take advantage of it.” Fuyu saw his fists balled and how he bit his lips with frustration. “If only I was quick to tell her how much I love her then probably everything is different the way it is now.”

“Yeah, yeah. You were so slow because your legs are short.”

“What’s up with this sudden dis!?” Kai slapped his forehead. He composed his self and continued with his story. “I never loved anyone other than Atsuko. I know being happy that they separated was wrong but it was my honest feeling. I was given another chance and I will never waste it, is what I thought.”

Kai looked at Fuyu straight to his eyes. The kid didn’t avert his gaze this time. He is listening to this guy attentively.

“Listen Fuyu, when you finally find the girl that you are searching for, grab her in your arms and tell her immediately your feelings. Tell her how much you have been waiting for her and how much you really love her. Don’t waste the opportunity.

And when she’s already in your arms, don’t let her go. Let her properly know your feelings and treat her as if she is the only woman in the world. Accept her flaws and shortcomings. Accept her whole being.”

“W-Wait…” Fuyu stammered. “Are you really supporting me with my goal? Are you not going to ask me to dream about other things?”

Kai just laughed. “Why should I? If this will give you satisfaction in your life then why would I be an obstacle to it? Go on. I know someday you will find her.”

Fuyu was so shocked he couldn’t speak for a moment. He was afraid that he will look funny if he suddenly cries so he gave his hardest to stop his tears from falling. Kai is great. It should’ve been Kai!

“I have another question…” Fuyu continued.

Kai gave him a warm smile. “Go on.”

Fuyu hesitated for a moment but in the end he asked, “You aren’t going to leave me like my father did, right?”

Kai was shocked. Fuyu has finally accepted him fully, right? He got so excited to the point that he wanted to embrace Fuyu right at that moment. But, Japanese men are Japanese men. They are not that good in expressing their feelings. He just adoringly smiled at his step-son.



“I won’t.”


THE CAFETERIA of NHG seems to be getting livelier these days. The Shiki are always complete which draws the student to the said place. Haru has been attending school more often maybe because of the upcoming exams. Seeing them complete in the dining table together is always a scene to behold in the school.

The cute transferee is also with them and the said guy has been gaining attention since his magnificent victory in the relay at the Family Day. There were magazine editors that were fished by Yuma’s cute shonen looks. Now he isn’t only getting money through his Getters Yuma act but also through modeling where he has taken the name Nezumi. (This name was actually given to him by Fuyu.)

And of course, the girls are also with them. As if Fuyu and Fumie will miss the opportunity to be together. Maki is also with them to mess up with her chuunibyou antics. After eating they will go to their own station which is the unused library.

The library is supposed to be only for Fuyu and Fumie but since they got friends who love to ruin their alone time, the library became known as the Shiki station. Miyu is going to attend class at the afternoon since she got something to do while Aki is practicing with his band for their upcoming single release. Haru, on the other hand, went back to the SC to check things out.

“What are we going to do about the secret?” Maki asked Yuma in a whisper, careful not to wake up the sleeping Natsu beside her. “Agoki is squeezing updates from me. I think he feels like we are hiding something from him.”

“I don’t know.” Yuma brushed his face with his palms. “It’s a bit complicated. Agoki-senpai wants the fic to be stopped because he wants to be cool in Miyu-san’s sight but Miyu-san is the one writing the fic. What would Agoki-senpai feel after knowing it? The girl he likes imagines him as a helpless uke![That would scar his pride!”

“Poor Agoki. Why is Miyu-tan doing it in the first place? She obviously likes Agoki as a guy!” Maki crossed her arms as she tries to come up with a reason but everything seems more absurd to her than her illusions of having super powers.

“We can’t help it.” Yuma pondered. “I also don’t know what the best thing to do is. I just hope that it won’t be a source of misunderstanding. What would happen to the SayaMilky of this time!”

While the other two are busy discussing about their detective responsibilities, the FuFu couple are also into something.

“Which do you think is better, Fumie? Photography or astronomy?” Fuyu kept on turning the pages of the astronomy book he found among the shelves, waiting for an answer from her girlfriend but there was none. He turned to her only to see her watching something on her phone.

“Fumie?” Fuyu called once again, making Fumie twitch. She immediately removed her earphones and turned off the screen of her phone. Fuyu’s eyebrows met. “What were you watching?”

“E-Eh… Uhm…” She immediately pocketed her phone. “I-It’s nothing. D-Did you say something?”

Fuyu couldn’t help but to be suspicious with those actions but he chose not to give meaning to them. He pushed the thick book towards Fumie to let her have a look on it.

“I’m thinking of which major I should take in the future.” Fuyu started. “Recently, I got into photography and astronomy. I don’t know why but I feel like trying both.”

“E-Eh?” Fumie tilted her head to the side. “You are already thinking of what to get in college?”

Fuyu smiled shyly as he nodded. “I’m already in my senior year. I should really think about it. Lately this has been on my mind. I have to get a degree and get a good job so I could prepare for our future.”

Fumie’s cheeks blushed a little. The widely-known mochigusare is thinking about his future, their future. Yes, she was moved… but why does something feel off?

“Go with something that you would enjoy the most.” Fumie said while smiling, looking at that certain page of the book where a familiar constellation is being shown.

“How about you?” Fuyu innocently asked. “Do you have anything in mind?”

“M-Me? Well I…” Fumie bowed her head. “For the past years all I ever thought was becoming an idol and nothing else…”

Fuyu felt stiff right after hearing that. He wasn’t able to say a thing and just shamefully bowed his head, turning his eyes to another direction. How could he be so insensitive about this topic?

“I-I-It’s not that I still want to be one!” Fumie panicked right after she noticed the change in expression of Fuyu’s face. “I just have to find something that I would enjoy as—“

“Hey, look. We only have ten minutes left before afternoon classes start.” Fuyu stood up and returned the book on the nearby shelf. “Let’s go, I’ll drop you to your classroom.”

Fuyu’s attention was suddenly caught by the still sleeping Natsu. A sigh came out of nowhere. “Sorry, change of plan. You can go with Maki and Yuma. I’ll wake Natsu up and drop by to a nearby vending machine for some refreshments. Seems like he pulled an all-nighter again.”

“E-Eh…” Fumie took a glimpse of Natsu before looking worriedly at her boyfriend. Fuyu brushed his cold palm on Fumie’s face before finally smiling.

“I’ll pick you up after class.” He said followed by a light pat on the girl’s head. After that, he went to wake up his brother who looked really satisfied after being woken up by Fuyu. His face brightened even more when he heard that Fuyu is going to treat him some juice. He immediately stood up from his seat and bid goodbye to the others.

“See you around, everyone!” Natsu jolted, following his brother who already went outside.

Fumie was left wondering… Why did she even have to answer that way?


AKI went inside the café with a satisfied smile on his face. Phantom Note seems to be very ready for the upcoming release of their latest single. He feels really happy that their producer gave him the privilege to use the song he wrote as the coupling song. His band gave more life to his song which makes him more proud of his team.

They are currently on a break from practice and each one of them feels the fatigue but they don’t seem to mind. Everyone is really working hard to deliver the best music that they could give. Having a satisfied heart as the leader, Aki decided to treat them some milk tea but since no one is there to buy it for them, he decided to go out by himself. Wearing a black cap, he went out hoping that no one would recognize him.

“Five grande milk tea for takeout please.” He quickly placed his order and as usual, the cashier asked for his name. He foolishly smiled to himself before answering.


Aki then immediately searched for a seat; luckily he found an empty table by the corner that is not really noticeable. He sat there comfortably, finally able to breathe. It didn’t take long before he heard the fake name he gave being called.


“Hai!” Aki stood up from his seat, amazed at how fast his order came. That was merely five minutes. He went towards the counter only to give himself a surprise. A beautiful girl in an elegant white dress was there, holding a cup of mini Frappuccino with the name ‘Yuki’ written on it. The said girl was also looking at him with widened eyes, her mouth gaped.

“Oh!” The cashier interjected. “I forgot we got two of the same name. Your order will come out soon, Sir. Please have your rest for a while.”

“A-Ah…” Aki stammered. “Alright.”

Was he that embarrassed that he stammered? Or the girl was just really striking that he almost lost his tongue at the moment his eyes laid on her?

The girl cutely hopped towards him, wearing her signature gum smile. “What are you doing here, Senpai?” Watanabe Miyu asked. She’s so pleased that she was able to meet Aki in such a place.

“I-I came to buy refreshments for my band.” The vocalist answered. He couldn’t take his eyes off of this ladyin front of him. The girl’s hair is curled a little in the ends while it is tied in a half ponytail by a beautiful lace. One can say that you can smell summer just by looking at her beauty.

“Ah… Are you guys practicing? Your label is just near hear, right?” Miyu followed up, tucking her loose hair behind her ears. That question was just answered by a nod. “Cool! I’m waiting for your next song! I’ll be cheering for you all—“

“Ssshh!” Aki hushed Miyu. “Don’t be so noisy, the upcoming single will come out as a surprise so tone down your voice. Let’s take a seat first before my order comes out.”

Aki led her to the place where he was sitting earlier. Miyu’s heart is in cloud nine, spending her Frappuccino with her favorite band vocalist is such an amazing reward for her hardwork.

“I heard you were on a shoot that’s why you were not able to come to school today.” Aki started, pretending to be busy with his phone but he’s actually taking stolen glimpse of the beautiful girl.

“Yes, it was for a fashion magazine. They’ll have me in the cover for next month.” Miyu smiled sweetly while looking at her cup. “It’ll be the first time that I’ll do a solo cover.”

Aki’s eyes widened in great surprise. Indeed it will be Miyu’s first time to do solo. Most of the time she’s only featured inside or covering with other models but finally, the day that she’s waiting for has come. An avid fan of her magazine shoots like Aki could not be happier.

“C-Congratulations!” Aki finally said. “I’ll definitely buy it!”

“Hm?” Miyu looked at Aki with a curios face. She couldn’t catch that up because of the sound her sipping made. “What did you say again, Senpai?”

Aki looked at another direction to hide his blushing face. What on earth came on him that he almost revealed his admiration for her?

“I said congratulations. I hope for more solo covers for you! Good luck!” He immediately praised himself in his mind after expertly covering his mistake.

“Thank you, Senpai~” Miyu took another sip of her drink. “It was supposed to be finished by noon but everyone was being supportive because it is my first solo cover. So in order to get the best shots, we decided to take a lot of pictures with different concepts. The article about me would be long. That’s what I heard.”

She then twirled the ends of her shiny, black hair by her fingers. “The last concept was very summer-ish. I really liked it so I didn’t remove the makeup yet. They made me look so beautiful.”

“You are already beautiful. They just made you more wonderful.”

Miyu shot her head up only to see a flustered-looking Aki. She couldn’t see it properly because of the yellow lights but it seems like the guy is blushing a bit.

“Anyway…” Aki slid something on the table towards Miyu. “This is a ticket to our upcoming live. I already gave Fumie-chan and the others so if you are not busy I hope you could drop by and listen to the unveiling of our new song.”

Miyu’s eyes glittered. How can the heavens be this gracious to her? “Ofcourse! I will make a time for it! Count me in—“

“Shhh…” Aki hushed her again. “If only I knew you would be this noisy then we should’ve used the private linker while talking.”

That seems like a great idea but Aki knows that it would mean more trouble if a fan sees him talking to someone using the private connection of the neuro linker since it is often used by lovers. He heaved a deep sigh.

“Also, I have to request for this.” He pushed his phone towards Miyu. It is on LINE ID search. “If you don’t mind, I want to add you up on LINE.”

Is it okay to shout? Hey, would it be weird if I jump? What the hell is my LINE ID again!?

Miyu panicked in her mind while trying to remain calm in front of Aki. She inputted her ID and casually pressed the search button, revealing her account to the other guy. Aki seems pleased and it delights her heart.

“Don’t worry, I will not suddenly message you. I have everyone’s contact except yours so I—“

“Yuki-san, your five grande milk tea is ready~!”

Their hearts suddenly sank after hearing the call from the counter. Aki smiled faintly, feeling so upset of the short time with Miyu but he’s thankful that somehow, he has moved from his place a little bit. He has been stuck for a while.

“I’m going now. I’ll see you tomorrow at school then.” Aki stood up and fixed his clothes.

“See you tomorrow, Senpai.” Miyu watched him go with a huge smile on her face. Everything that happened feels like a dream. Now she even has a topic to discuss with him the next time they meet. ‘Why is he using Yuki as a fake name?’ is what she wants to ask.


Miyu’s head suddenly turned around after hearing a sound of a camera shutter. She looked to her surroundings but she didn’t see anyone holding a camera. She leaned to her table and sighed.

“Is this because of the work I had earlier. Even though it’s already over I can hear the sound of cameras! I should go back home and rest early," is what she thought…

That’s what she thought.

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woaahh this chapter is pretty cute, that akimiyu moments  :nervous

truthfully i was also being bullied during middle school just like how fuyu did, and thus make me feel related to fuyu and yeah i agree this generation can be mean

something will happen to fufu couple and i feel it's not good one, (i hope i was wrong)

kai....what a great father figure, i should take note from him

and yepp, my favourite pairing sayamilky/akimiyu is cute, i understand about aki's often tongue slip since i experienced it when i'm talking to my crush haha

will wait for the next chapter, i wonder what will happen to akimiyu haha
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That history is so angsty. It's really hard to find someone who understands your feelings and for Fuyu to find someone both as a father figure and also as someone he could trust just to die after the promise is just so... Sad.

This is a nice chapter. Also that yaoi talk between yuma and maki is so funny. Why is natsu asleep there anyway? AkiMiyu couple is really cute and I hope Cut-san will enter a new tag under fake/pretend relationship between my fave couple :3 (crosses fingers)

And I agree with Fumie's dad that Fumie shouldn't be an idol but for her dreams to be so short sighted that she rarely thinks of other choices, will leave her confused as what Fuyu had said, "why did she have to answer it that way". But since Fumie-chan is young, she could be someone who doesn't have dating restrictions on her future careers. Breaking Fuyu is enough. He had enough of angsts in his life lol.

So those are just my wishful thinking. But sometimes my own feelings reflect on this fic's title, I really do think that my wishes are a waste here lol xD joking aside... I'm really curious to the video Fumie was watching. Was is Red Velvet? Is she secretly doing SeulGi's moves when she's alone? Hahaha. I bet she really REALLY REALLY wants to be an idol. :<

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FUMIE was panting heavily when she arrived at their classroom. She broke a rule but that isn’t something to be worried about for now. Leaning by the door, her eyes immediately surveyed the whole room only to find the one she is searching for looking aloof at that certain corner.

Watanabe Miyu, as if she felt Fumie staring at her, turned to her friend and gave out her signature gum smile. “Good morning, Fumie.” She greeted cheerfully after that sudden change in expression. “Did you just run? You’re already sweaty this early morning.”

Fumie took a deep breath before rushing towards her friend. Her eyebrows are clearly showing how worried she is. “Miyu… I saw it…”

Miyu’s smile fainted as she looked down her desk. “I wonder who hasn’t seen it. Don’t worry… Everything will be okay. All of it is false accusation anyway.”

The girl was trying to say everything with confidence but Fumie can clearly see through her. Her hands are shaking, so is her voice. Her eyes are showing the opposite of the bravery that she is showcasing.

A scandal suddenly broke in the middle of the night but it wasn’t brought up by any bunshun but it was uploaded by an anonymous twitter account. On the tweet that started the thread #Uragirimononokappuru, pictures of Miyu and Aki hanging out in a coffee shop were shown. On those pictures, they seem to be really, really close and having so much fun with each other’s company. It even showed how they tried to isolate themselves by sitting on a place where it is not that visible.

All of those pictures were maliciously captioned by the twitter user who uploaded it. A story was made that the two stealthily met at the coffee shop to have a date. It was also mentioned that they were a bit touchy with each other but wasn’t able to capture the scene because the two were too careful.

“I feel like vomiting while watching them. I am a Phantom Note fan since the beginning but I felt really betrayed. How could he go dating a slut just like Watanabe Miyu. That girl doesn’t even pick the guys that she flings with. She reeks of the aura of a femme fatale. How can someone like Aki fall to her hands!? She’s such a big slut! They are traitors! They betrayed all their fans that are supporting them!!”

This post was already retweeted more than a thousand times and comments are flooding nonstop. 

“They are just in highschool, right? Such a bad influence to younger fans!”

“I wonder how many guys she has already dated before Aki. I bet she’s already experienced!”

“We can’t deny that she’s beautiful but her being an expert tsurishi makes me sick! Get out of Aki’s life! You are destroying his wonderful career!”

“Phantom Note’s career will be ended by a slut. How pathetic…”

“Look at all the stinky guys crying because of her dating Aki. She annoys me to the core!”

“F*ck you, Watanabe Miyu! Get lost!”

Fumie sat on her seat and then reached for Miyu’s hand. The girl was surprised, lifting her head up to look at Fumie whose eyes are telling that she would be there for her no matter what happens.

“Tss!” The whole attention of the class were caught by Maki who pushed her desk out of annoyance. “Why is it always the girl being trash talked by all these people? This is really pissing me off. I want to send them in the outer space!”

The chuunibyou girl looked around with eyes imitating Fuyu’s. “If one of you agrees with all the comments online you better ready yourselves before I make you my father’s target practice!”

Miyu just laughed as usual but it’s easy to say that she was just forcing it. “Don’t act like Natsu-kun, Maki-tan. I’m sure the people in our class will understand the most.”

“Have you discussed about this to Agoki-senpai?” Yuma asked after releasing a deep sigh. Who would’ve thought that the SayaMilky of this time would face such trial?

Miyu shook her head. “It’ll be bad for us to be seen together. Although I know that we are inside NeoHorikoshi and people would understand, we still can’t trust everybody. There might be more photos to be uploaded since there are various occasions that we were together. It might make another misunderstanding if more pictures will be taken.”

The three fell silent. Miyu is correct. Right now they don’t know who uploaded the malicious tweet. They don’t know who the enemy is and with this kind of fight, anyone can upload pictures and post baseless accusations. Whoever uploaded it must really hate Miyu.

“We will find a way out, Miyu!” Fumie tightened her hold to Miyu’s hand. “We will get your name cleared!”

Miyu was surprised but she couldn’t help but to chuckle for the next moment. “Seriously Fumie, now is not the time to act like an idol.”

The door suddenly slid open and their homeroom adviser came in. Everyone went back to their seats and went quiet. At the command of the class representative, they greeted their teacher a good morning. The teacher also greeted them but her tone was very cold.

“Watanabe Miyu.” That cold voice of the teacher echoed to the whole classroom, sparking murmurs from the other students. He didn’t even look at Miyu, he just kept on operating his DC (desk computer). “The headmistress has summoned you.”

“Hai.” Miyu stood from her seat and left the class with her chin up. She wore a dignified face and showed it to the whole class before heading out. She gave Fumie and the others a smile, telling them not to worry. But then after that, Watanabe Miyu was not seen for the rest of the day.


THE HOURS passed and it is already lunch time. The gang went straight to the library to talk about what happened and to see if there is anything they can do to resolve it. It will not be good for Miyu if this issue persists. Her forums are being trashed so as her social media accounts. She is being showered by hate by the overly-passionate fans of Phantom Note and of some of her fans as well.

“She isn’t suspended. The school just sent her home to protect her.” Haru explained to Aki who is with them through a video call. The guy is currently doing finishing touches with their next single and is originally scheduled not to attend school for this day. “There are suspicious looking people lurking around the campus and we guess that they came here because of Miyu. We sent her home by a school car. She will be safer in her own home so you don’t have anything to worry. We are already investigating those people who are spying around.”

Aki released a vexed sigh, brushing his bangs upward to clear his worried face from hair. “We just met accidentally at the coffee shop… Who thought that an issue would sprung out from that and it even became this serious.”

“There’s no doubt that the one who uploaded it is a crazy fan of yours, Aki.” Natsu leaned on his chair with his arms crossed. “It’s either that or that person simply hates Miyu.”

“This is just too much! I should go and use my powers to beat the enemy!” Maki stood from her seat but she wasn’t even moving away from it when Natsu casually got a hold of her shirt and pulled her back to sit.

“Calm down.” Natsu nonchalantly said but in his thoughts were of another story. “The power should only be used to me. Only to me.”

“This sucks! Why does this have to happen!?” Aki’s frustration can be traced through his voice. “If only I was careful enough!”

“It’s the price of popularity.”

Everyone fell silent when after that one line from Fuyu. He wasn’t even looking interested of what is going on as he is resting his head on his shoulder wearing those bored eyes. No one was able to say a thing after he made that point of his. This is one of the few times that he spoke about serious matters.

“Well, this just proves that you and your band are really popular to create this kind of fuzz. I guess that is one thing that you should be thankful of. Only those people in high places can be dragged down, right?”

“What are you trying to say, Fuyu?” Aki asked in an angry tone, it seems like his switch has been flipped. Somehow he didn’t like how smug Fuyu sounded.

Fuyu straightened his back and looked at the screen. The dramatic pause he did put everyone’s heart into a halt. “I’m just trying to bring up the bright side but I guess cheering is not really my forte.”

The guy stood up from his seat and walked towards the exit. “I’m hungry. I’m going to grab something to eat.”

Fumie was surprised by the coldness shown by her boyfriend. She looked at him and then to Aki before finally standing up to chase after Fuyu.

“Fuyu!!!” Aki shouted. “Can you act like you are concern at the very least? Are you looking down on me because I can’t protect Miyu!?”

Fuyu stopped walking with Fumie almost bumping to his back. Natsu lazily turned the screen to Fuyu’s direction as the guy also looked at Aki.

“Don’t misunderstand me, Agoki.” Fuyu finally started talking after releasing a sigh. “I know that you have your eyes on her for a long time. I know how you have been keeping yourself from confessing your feelings because of the fear that your fans won’t receive this properly.

But you have already chosen your career over her from the very start, am I right? For now, your career is clearly more important to you. You got a dream to chase and there is nothing bad about it. But now that you are in the point where you are asked to choose again…”

Fuyu took a short peek of Fumie who is standing beside him and immediately turned his back to everyone.

“Which is it?”


“GET OUT of here, whore!”

“Do you think you can do anything just because you are pretty cute!?”

“You know that Mika-chan likes Matsumoto-senpai but why did you seduce him!?”

“Her confession was rejected because Matsumoto-senpai likes you!”

“You know that she likes him but why didn’t you put yourself out of his sight!?”

“Miyu-chan… I thought we were friends but… Why?”


Miyu’s eyes shut open and a familiar ceiling met her eyes. She was panting heavily as if she was chased by something. Making sure that she isn’t dreaming anymore, she sat up from her bed, blinking fast. She wiped the grains of sweat on her forehead before looking at the clock.

It’s already five in the afternoon. The girl heaved a sigh after seeing that she wasted a lot of time in sleeping. She fell asleep right after eating lunch and now she is worried if she gained weight after that careless action. It might require her to jog at night again but she remembered that she isn’t allowed to get out because her name was unfortunately pasted beside one of the most sought-after personality of this generation.

“I guess I just have to use the treadmill.”

She lazily stood up from her bed and stretched a little before getting out of her room. She headed to the kitchen while looking at her phone. Nothing has changed during the time she was sleeping. Her forums are still vandalized and memes about her are all over the internet. She is being labeled a slut and a whore just because she wanted to drink Frappuccino on a certain day.

She dropped her phone on the sofa before flopping herself on it. On her hand is a glass of water, still trying to calm herself after that nightmare or rather a flashback from the past.

“Who would have thought that history would be repeated in a large scale as this?” She laughed at herself just to shove the heavy feeling away. “Am I really that slutty at the eyes of people? All I just do is smile and nothing else.”

She wanted to not to show a hint of care like she always does but memories keep on flooding her. The smile that was always her weapon doesn’t seem like it can help her this time. She stared blankly at the glass of water she is holding until her thoughts brought her to some fragments of the past. Voices played in her mind as if they are recorded.

“Your uncle won’t touch you if you didn’t seduce him!”

That was her aunt, her mother’s younger sister. Miyu could clearly remember how she thought that her aunt would stand for her. Her uncle did touch her in a malicious way. She has seen him peeping at her whenever she showers or changes her clothes. She could’ve gotten raped if she didn’t tell it to her mother.

“No! We won’t file a sexual harassment case! It will be a disgrace in the family!”

That scene of her grandmother looking so appalled flashed before her very eyes. Her mother was begging for help but her grandmother couldn’t even look at her. The family’s pride is much heavier than her whole being. They couldn’t afford more shame since her mother just married an average guy from the lower class. Her father later committed suicide due to the pressure and stress being put onto him by his in-laws.

“Get them out of this house. They are leeching and staying for free but here they are trying to break even our family! I don’t want to see that girl’s face ever again!”

And that was her uncle. He acted like he was innocent. And of course, everyone was on his side because he is known to be a very good guy which is only a façade. Her grandparents trust him so much and they are proud that someone of high status like him became a part of the family. He even cried crocodile tears to look even more convincing.

“Disgusting. I don’t know you. Get lost!”

Those words… All of it gave a scar to Miyu. Her cousin loathed her as she was brainwashed by her parents. The cousin that she treated like her own sister pushed her away with an angry face. She was called disgusting when she was the one who was abused. Her mother, who doesn’t have enough money to bring the case to the court, wasn’t able to do anything as well. Even though they file for a complaint, the other party would just cover everything by their money.

They never stood a chance.

During those times it was only Fumie who has been by her side but since Fumie’s father needed to be out of the country for medical reasons, she was left alone and middle school was like hell to her. She was being bullied because the other girls envy her with the attention she was receiving from the boys.

Her mother works night and day to support her and in return she went to find a part time job which is handling free tissues in the street when she was finally in the legal age to work. While working she was discovered by a magazine photographer and asked her to model for their label.

Since her beauty is like a love potion that attracts men, she became a household name when it comes to teen fashion and makeup trends. For some time she thought that her beauty was a curse but she never imagined that it would be able to help her and her mother financially. Her pay isn’t really bad and her talent fee was higher than all the other rookies when she was starting.

It was also her way of revenge. No one from their family wanted to see her face and most of her classmates feel the same. Why not have her pictures in magazines, everywhere, to piss them off bigtime?


Miyu almost dropped the glass when her phone suddenly vibrated. It was a message from her manager. She was just talking with him earlier about her activities and it seems like her agency has already made a decision.

You will not be suspended, Miyu-san. The agency is doing their best to get rid of the issue and find the one who is spreading malicious rumors against you. Everybody here believes in you and we know how hardworking you are. Please trust in us. We will surely find the uploader and take legal action.

Finally, Miyu was able to breathe properly. She thought that she would be misunderstood even by her agency. Thank goodness they aren’t that narrow-minded and they care about their models. Somehow this is one less problem from her.

She scrolled down for more and the relief that she felt a few moments ago was quickly taken away.

The agency understands you but the magazine where you will be featured in the cover and center page has decided to postpone the issue. They told me that they will be having a discussion about it whether they will change you or just have you for the cover once the issue dies down. I’m sorry, I tried to convince them but it was no use.

I’ll let you know if there is any progress with the investigation. Avoid using social media for now and don’t stress yourself. Everything will be fine.

Miyu turned off the screen of her phone and placed it on top of the table in the kitchen before she went back to the living room. She threw herself on the sofa and shouted as loud as she could but since her face is buried on the sofa the noise wasn’t able to break a glass.

Her eyes started to water as frustration started to consume her. She went on a tight diet just to prepare for the shoot. Her mother is enthusiastically waiting for it and so as her fans. The staff who worked with her during the shoot really gave their best just to make sure that the pictures will turn out great and now everything will be put into nothing just because of that baseless allegation?

“You better be kidding me!” She sobbed while hugging the throw pillow but still managed to be cute. “This is just too much!”

Miyu continued to throw tantrums until her doorbell suddenly rang. With her eyes swollen, she looked at the door, wondering who came. She’s sure that her mother is still busy with her nurse duty so it’s not possible for her to be home this early.

She kept her mouth shut until the ringing of the doorbell stopped.

“Is she not around? I thought she’s not supposed to go out?”

“I’m sure she is here. Miyu listens to instructions…”

“Hey! Miyu-tan, if you don’t come out now I will use my sharingan to blow your door up—“

“Shh! You are disturbing the neighbors!”

The door of the apartment room made a clicking sound which put the noisy visitors into a tableau.

“M-Miyu?” Fumie called. “Is that you?”

“The Queen of Darkness has descended!?” Maki asked after freeing herself from Yuma.

The door then widely opened, throwing up Miyu to Fumie’s arms.

“Fumieee!” Miyu cried as she buries her face to Fumie’s chest. The fact of having her bestfriend come to cheer her up really moved her. “Why is everybody being so mean to me!?”

Fumie chuckled at the sight of Miyu flaring up. She isn’t the type to show her emotions and hides everything with a smile. She knew all along that her friend is in need of someone she could cry onto.

“Don’t worry, Miyu…” Fumie hugged her back. “You got friends.”

“And fried chicken.” Miyu looked at Yuma who is presenting the box of fried chicken that they bought along the way. “Consider this as return for the tips you gave me in regards to modeling.”

Miyu’s eyes glittered at the sight of the delicious food. The smell even made her stomach growl. Now isn’t the time to mind her diet anyway.

“You guys are really the best!” She said, having her cheerful smile back on her beautiful face.

 Well, the treadmill was forgotten that day.

FUYU WAS in a deep thought while working and luckily he isn’t making any mistakes in the counter. He feels bad for being misunderstood. He cares… deeply. The memories of his past life are slowly fading away but his heart remembers that Miyu and Aki played a big role in both of those lives. He never discussed it to anyone else but to the Korean old guy who manages the museum for Hoshino Maru.

Despite he sounded smug and cold, there isn’t any hint of regret. He thinks that life is a series of choices and people are always asked to choose. And, now that Aki is being asked once more about that thing that he ignored already, will he consider it another chance or just something to confuse him?

He suddenly snapped back to reality when a male customer suddenly entered the store. It is very rare to have a guy come and buy muffins since Japanese guys aren’t really fans of it after all. The guy is taller than Fuyu and being so thin makes him look taller. His hair looks like it is naturally blonde and his eyes are blue.

“I see. He is a foreigner, that’s why.” Fuyu shrugged his shoulders after arriving to the conclusion. He continued serving the other customers who are all giggly when they take their turn to pay. He wanted to focus at his work but the guy customer is just too shady that he couldn’t put his self to rest.

His eyes are fixed to his phone instead of properly picking muffins. He has damaged other products because of this careless action. He would stop with getting stuffs and then just laugh creepily which really scares the hell out of the female customers.

Whatever he is looking at, it should be really, really fun for him to not care about his surroundings. He is so submerged to whatever it is.

“You’re done now… So, so done! Don’t worry, Mighty Lex is here to save you!”        

He is murmuring to himself in English which doesn’t really bring a good atmosphere in the shop. His smile is so creepy and it also seems like he hasn’t taken a bath for days.

“I will celebrate with the talk-of-the-town muffins… I’m so excited to have you in my arms…”

“Gaming?” Fuyu asked himself but immediately wiped out that possibility since most of the games are played in landscape mode but that guy is just holding his phone the normal way.

The foreigner then went to the counter, his right hand holding the tray while the other holding his phone. Fuyu just shook his head and did his job.

“That would be 300Y, Sir.”

The foreigner raised his head after hearing the counter spoke in English. His eyes widened even more when he laid them to Fuyu. The Winter Prince noticed him gulped and panicked a little bit. He turned off his phone’s screen before placing it to the tab to pay. After the payment was successfully processed, he grabbed the purchase from Fuyu’s hand and immediately went out.

Fuyu just followed him by his eyes until he disappeared in his line of sight. He even saw the guy looked back with angry-looking eyes.

“Is shomething wrong, Fuyu-kun?”

Fuyu turned to his co-worker who is also the daughter of the owner of the said shop. The short-haired girl tilted her head to the side, unintentionally producing a cute, curious face.

“Nothing.” Fuyu answered before looking back outside.



“Nothing’s wrong… Haruka…


@Genkikid-san, Maybe...  :glasses:

Hello, Cut here..

Took a long while to update. Sorry, school and work stuffs. For now I won’t be having a set day for updates. I’ll just be posting whenever I prepare something. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter~ Thanks for reading!
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That was... Unexpectedly short. And im craving for more~

It's a good chapter all in all and I think the shady foreigner is Viktor. Bc of the blue eyes lol. DONT NAME HIM VIKTOR PLEASE!!!
And I think he likes Miyu. So he ruins her and be her knight in shining armor. Lol. That's only a guess!! And please dont name him Viktor :<  or was it the muscular guy in FMA? XD
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Yay. Welcome back Cut-san.
And also, NEW UPDATE!!

First of all, can I say that I was surprised by the title for this chapter. It's pretty deep.

Anyways, to the story. Pretty interesting. Didn't expect for Miyu's past to be that bad. I was waiting to see if she was.... well... you know. But thankfully it didn't happen so  :sweat:
Looks like it's Aki's turn. Wonder which will he choose. (Of course we know what he will choose.)  :hehehe:
And finally that shady looking person. Wonder who can it be?
If he really is Miyu's stalker/basher/fan/person who took the photo of Miyu and Aki, ohhhh he is so  :angry1: :scolding: :temper: :on voodoo: :mon annoy: :mon zoom: :mon uggh: :mon evil: :mon mad: :mon fire: :mon headbang:

Also, that last word on the last line, her name didn't change?
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Yeay! An update! It's been a long time since I commented on your thread cliffhanger-san. First of, why do you like sad background stories for your characters, author-san? Second that Lex guy is soooooooo creeeeeepy and lastly, Haruka???? Is she.........

See you on the next update :)
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woahh, it seems that sayamilky of this time will get a big trouble before they reunited i never imagined miyu's past are that terrible, and yeah fuyu, you should care more for them, they are your parents anyway haha
but i agree, that sometimes we really need to be careful when making a choices especially when it involving our dreams

mighty lex ? somehow i imagined the lex luthor villain of superman and batman haha,and ........ he was talking about miyu right ? damn agoki you better take action fast.

and lastly.......she finally appear and i was right about that girl is "marco's girlfriend" right? and her doesn't change,
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Uh oh. Is that shady foreigner guy the one who spread the rumor?? He seems panicked when he realized fuyu understand english.

Haruppi is the shop owner's  daughter?!
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Dont tell me that daughter of a shop owner is Kodama Haruka?!  :mon scare:

PS: it is my first comment here  :mon sweat:
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Chapter 27: UNMASKED

TWO days have already passed and there’s no progress at all with the dating rumors regarding Phantom Note’s lead singer, Yamamoto Aki, and one of today’s most beautiful girls, Watanabe Miyu. Fans have taken the internet to vent their disappointment with regards to the issue. They believe that Miyu doesn’t deserve Aki while Miyu’s fans think the same way. ‘None of them deserves each other’ is what everybody is saying.

They don’t call themselves idols but it is different to the eyes of the public. As long as they are in the entertainment industry, people will consider them as public property. There might be a few people that find them cute together but the voice of the other party is more overwhelming.

Aki’s hands balled after remembering everything that he saw in the internet. Everyone is throwing curses on Miyu, calling her names, when the girl is really innocent. Even if they were really dating, they don’t deserve to be treated like this, especially Miyu.

What makes him even more furious is he couldn’t do anything about it. His manager restricted him to express his part in social media. He was told to wait for the decision of the agency and let them be the one to make an official statement. He wanted to tell everybody about the truth but he can’t make any harsh decisions. He also hates the fact that he can’t even send a message to Miyu and ask about how the other girl is doing even though he already added her on LINE. No one restricted him to do it but he is just too ashamed that because of him, Miyu’s first cover was postponed and being reconsidered.

Phantom Note is currently in the conference room of their agency. They were called by the Executive Producer to discuss about the issue and plans about their single release. The band is unusually quiet; since the pictures were uploaded they’ve become awkward with each other.

The boss entered the room and they all stood up to greet him. The said guy just raised his hand to tell them to get back to their seats. He sat in the center swivel chair, releasing a deep sigh.

“I can’t believe you made that careless mistake, Yamamoto. You get out in public alone without any heavy disguise at all.” The boss expressed his disappointment with a scowl on his face.

“I’m really sorry.” Aki apologized; his head bowed lower and couldn’t even look at their boss.

“You are the face of the country’s most famous band; you should already know how fans can cross boundaries. Don’t you remember that someone event sent you a motorbike as a birthday gift and all those creepy fan letters written in blood? You should know that all of you are attention magnets whenever you are out there.”

“I’m really sorry, Sir. I will be more careful next time.”

The boss closed his eyes for a moment and then leaned on his chair. He looked at the band whose members are hanging their head low. This isn’t the band that he created. He made Phantom Note to be the band that will bring back good music to today’s generation and a band that can walk with their heads held on a high. Whoever is trying to destroy his creation, he will never forgive that person.

“Don’t worry about it boys, the single will not be canceled.”

Finally, their faces brightened up. The staffs that are surrounding them are delighted with the news, too. The boys have been working hard for this new single anyway. They even helped in writing songs and compositions and practices even when they are in the school.

“The surprise live will be held on the same date. There will be no changes. We are going to show everyone that Phantom Note will not be destroyed by some random allegation that was just tweeted by an anonymous person who can’t even revealed his face. Let’s show them what Phantom Note is made of!”

The boss stood up from his seat and clapped to get the boys more fired up. “Go, go, go! Back to rehearsals, boys! Let’s blow everyone up with the surprise live!”

The boys also stood up with a shout. They all headed towards the door with determined faces. This is all they need—people who would trust them.


Aki was halted by the boss himself. The lad froze after turning to the older guy who is looking at him very intently. “The song you wrote… That’s not just something you wrote in random, didn’t you?”

Tha vocalist’s eyes widened, he couldn’t even answer. How did their boss find out about it? He didn’t say anything about the inspiration of the song aside from Yuuka.


“You feelings leaks in the song. The way you sang it will move everyone in a daze. You can’t tell someone that you love her and you are frustrated about it, am I right?”

Aki gulped. He couldn’t believe that their boss has analyzed the song to that extent.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“What are you saying sorry about!?” The boss slapped him in the back to wake him up. “My agency isn’t just for people who only have talent. I established this place for people who can properly relay music with their emotion. There are a lot of people that are good in singing but there’s no emotion at all.”

The boss smiled and straightened his back, bringing back his dignified stance. “I’m glad that I discovered you. You and the other boys are the hope of the band industry here in Japan.”

“T-Thank you, Sensei!” Aki almost tear up after hearing those words of their boss.

“I’m hoping for the best for you, for Phantom Note and for the person you like.”

“H-Hai!” Aki bent forward for a 90-degree bow. “Thank you very much, Sensei!”

“AKI! Yabai!” Phantom Note’s drummer’s scream made everyone thought there was an emergency. He rushed back to the conference room with the other members tailing him. They are all shocked.

“What is it, Kei?” Aki curiously asked.

“The identity of the fanfic writer that you were hunting…” Kei waved his phone. “Someone revealed it!”



“CAN YOU please stop looking at me like that? You are creeping me out!”

Yurina rolled her eyes and blew her bangs upwards. The reason for her annoyance? It is Momoko who is looking at her with adoring eyes. The said girl is sitting opposite Yurina as their table was beside the window of the restaurant.

“For f*ck’s sake, Momoko… Stop looking at me like that. It is really annoying! I didn’t tag along just for you to annoy me.” Yurina went on with her cold custard pudding. Summer is already around the corner and this pudding in front of her really gives her more of the summer vibe.

“I just think that shorter hair really suits you.” Momoko said while smiling cutely. “You look really, really cool!”

“Excuse me?” Yurina’s eyebrows are showing how displeased she was with those remarks of Momoko. She was about to argue but…

“I agree with Momoko-chan.” Her attention turned to the girl sitting beside Momoko. That girl, whose long hair Yurina lowkey adores, has her hair ponytailed for today giving more emphasis to her beautiful face. “You look really cool with that hair!”

“W-Well…” Yurina was taken aback, scratching her cheek with a finger.

“It’s because Yurina is the basketball club’s captain now.” Yurina’s fraternal twin, Manaka, answered for her. The younger twin answered giddily, admiring her older sister. “She cut her hair as a sign of dedication. It means she will do her best!”

“Ohh… I see…” Neru nodded at Manaka’s explanation before looking back at the flustered Yurina. “That’s really admirable.”

Manaka tapped Yurina on her leg before giving her a thumb up secretly. The older twin heaved a sigh. Her younger sister just really saved her. If she didn’t spoke for her then probably she stammered so bad and be embarrassed big time.

“Ehh?” Momoko slyly smiled at Yurina which fused up the other girl once again.

“Why the hell are you smiling like that!?”

“Would you, girls, stop with your banters?” Yuuka, who is sitting at the center, tried to straighten the wrinkle being formed by her meeting eyebrows. Yurina and Momoko have been acting like kids since they met. She has seen enough and she doesn’t want to waste her time watching them fight. “I hope you don’t forget why I asked you to gather here.”

After the Sport’s Day of NeoHorikoshi somehow, the sisters of the Shiki kind of get along. Yuuka thought that it won’t be bad to stay in touch with the other girls. It will also help Neru to get more friends since the girl is just being home-schooled. Having friends will give her a reason to get out of their house. Neru was given permission by her father but Yuuka knows that there are a lot of secret bodyguards hidden in the shadows.

Momoko on the other hand is as free as a bird. It’s Saturday anyway, her parents are at work so as his brother Natsu. Unlike Natsu, Momoko wasn’t told to get into the entertainment business at a young age. She was told to do anything that she wants to do and for now posing for teen magazines is enough for her.

The twins always go to visit their brother during weekends. Somehow after seeing how the twins are really happy with their older brother, their grandparents let them do the weekend trip. They go to his house at Friday night and stay there until Sunday evening. Even though Fuyu is working until four in the afternoon, the twins just stay in his house and do whatever they can do such as homework and house chores. They’ll wait for their brother to have dinner together with him. Sometimes they eat with Fumie and they both love the food she makes.

They are determined to visit him every weekend because Miyu kept on telling them that they will have a nephew or a niece once they let Fuyu be alone with Fumie even on weekends when the truth is Fuyu has yet to kiss Fumie. He is contented just by holding her hand and seldom hugs.

“Well, your brother’s ‘scandal’ is already solved, right?” Momoko cheerfully said, resting her chin on her palm. “The conclusion was quite interesting though.”

“Who would’ve thought that the girl that was rumored to be her girlfriend is the one writing a smut BL fanfic about him? That was a weird way to end things.” Neru commented. “Adding the fact that my brother is the one paired with him on that story.”

“I was also surprised but I guess that it helped to shut down the issue. Apparently, many of Aki-nii-san’s fans read and love the fic being written by Miyu-nee-chan.” Manaka took a sip of her soda before continuing with her opinion.

“I know it is crazy but her account being hacked kind of saved them in some way. The one who hacked her found out that she isn’t a whore like everyone is thinking. The fan even said that she found all her records clean and she only talks with a few people and is even helping her family a lot. The hacker also revealed that Miyu-nee-chan may be a hardcore fan of Phantom Note but she never saw a picture of Miyu-nee-chan with Aki-nii-san in her cloud. The hacker really regretted hacking Miyu-nee-chan to destroy her further so she revealed all the things that blew her away in an anonymous blog together with proofs.”

“That sounded like an insider report.” Yurina sighed as she got tired of Manaka’s lengthy report.

“That’s not the end Yurina!” Manaka took a deep breath to prepare herself for the next part of the story. “The café where they met released the CCTV footage. It clearly shows that they just met by incident showing the surprised gestures they made after seeing each other. They weren’t touchy at all just like what the tweet said. They were just talking to each other casually. The café staff who served them their drinks also proved that they met by chance.”

“Everybody knows about it already so you don’t have to re-tell the story.” Yurina picked her ear and blew off the dirt she got.

“Would you please don’t do that in front of the dining table?” Manaka scowled at her older sister. The latter just stuck her tongue out to annoy Manaka even more.

“Come on. Stop fighting.” Yuuka cleared her throat and began with her real purpose. “Let me explain why I called you out.”

She slid some papers on the table and the girls all stretched their necks out to see what those are.

“Tickets?” Neru asked. “Phantom Note’s surprise live?”

Yuuka nodded. “I’m handing this out to you and I am asking for you to support my brother and his band. They have been in a very rocky situation the past days because of the issue. Having this surprise live after that issue might put them into more trouble. I bought these tickets with my own allowance so that I can support my brother. This might be little but—“

Her statement was halted when all the other girls started rummaging their bags and wallets. She was then surprised when they started placing money on the table. “W-Wait, why—“

“It kind of feels like you are buying audience for your brother’s live.” Momoko commented, pushing the bill towards Yuuka. “Aki-nii-san would feel bad if he get to know about it.”

“I hate to say it but I agree with this weird girl. You are also belittling the fans, you know?” Yurina also slid her money on the table together with some coins. “That might not be enough. I’ll just borrow money from my brother later.”

“I’ll be glad to support them without you asking us.” Neru smiled at Yuuka to cheer her up. “Aki-nii-san is my brother’s best friend anyway.”


“Hey, how about we start making personalized banners for the live? It would be nice if they would see the banner we will make from the stage.” Manaka eagerly suggested, having her hand up in the air.

“Sounds like a plan, Manaka-chan!” Momoko high-fived with the other girl. “Let’s do a big one!”

“Don’t drag me in the banner-making. I have to do—“

“Yurina-chan…” Neru called out to Yurina which made her fell silent. “You are coming with us, right?”

Yurina cursed in the back of her mind. How could she ignore that invitation from that girl? She clicked her tongue before answering with a nod; making it look like that she is just forced to go.

“Perfect!” Neru put her hands together and then turned to Yuuka. “Since it will be a surprise, let’s do this in our house. I think I got everything that we need.”

“Let’s go then!” Momoko stood up from her seat and she was followed by the others. They headed towards the exit with Momoko and Manaka talking to the still surprised Yuuka. Yurina and Neru are just tailing them from behind. There was an awkward air between them when Neru suddenly started talking.

“If Aki-nii-san and Watanabe Miyu-san are innocent then the uploader of the pictures did a crime. Don’t you think that person should be caught, Yurina-chan?”

They are waiting for Neru’s service car to arrive when Neru popped the question. She looked at Yurina with a half curious, half worried face.

“Well…” The short-haired girl sighed and turned to another side when her eyes suddenly caught something that shocked her core. She saw a familiar girl inside a fancy looking restaurant talking with a good-looking guy in a suit that looks like he is in late-20’s. The girl was looking down and couldn’t even look at the guy in front of her. What surprised Yurina even more was when the guy reached out to the lassie and held her hand as if trying to convince her into something.

“Yurina-chan? Is something wrong?” Neru asked innocently. She noticed how the other girl’s hands balled into a fist.

Yurina felt sweat broke on her forehead. She turned to Neru and tried to calm herself down.

“Yeah…” she started. “People who play dirty like that uploader should be caught.”



THE HORRIFIED look on Miyu’s face wasn’t hidden even by the mask that she is wearing. Standing in front of the rack behind her was Fuyu. He just came inside the said convenience store where Miyu is eating instant cup noodles. It doesn’t seem like a busy store so she took the chance to dine in there. But since a guy she knows just came the thought that she would be involved in yet another scandal right after another one somehow frightened her.

“What’s up with that look, Miyu?” Fuyu asked; he wasn’t even looking at Miyu that time for he was busy picking sweets for his sisters but he knew that Miyu was looking aghast. “Looks like you can now come out of your house.”

Miyu gulped. She tried to laugh to shake off the awkwardness. “Well, everything is already fixed so I think I can get out now. I also have to do the grocery. I can’t have my mum do it since she’s already busy in the hospital.”

Fuyu looked at the plastic bags that beside Miyu through the corner of his eyes. It looks like she bought a lot. Miyu also noticed the paper bag that Fuyu is holding.

“What’s that?” she curiously asked while eyeing the said bag.

“This?” Fuyu raised the paper bag that seems to have some weight on it. “These are astronomy books. Sorry, this won’t help you with your BL fan fiction.”

Miyu’s face instantly reddened. Her top secret was revealed by a hacker which somehow fixed the issue with Aki but now that everyone knows that she’s writing BL smuts she feels like she won’t be able to act like nothing happened in front of Aki. She knows how embarrassed Aki was because of the things she wrote and he was even searching for her. She never intended to reveal herself until she got hacked by a fan.

“What are you doing, eating while wearing a mask?” Fuyu, knowing that Miyu got flustered, changed the topic but he isn’t done with ‘bullying’ yet.

“I kind of felt hungry after coming from the market so I dropped by to eat some noodles. I’m done eating anyway.”

“That would make your face blow up like a puffer fish.”

Miyu’s eyes widened at those words of Fuyu. She pulled her mask down to let Fuyu see that her face isn’t swollen. “I only ate half of it, warui!”

“But you were having second thoughts about leaving it, right?” A faint but playful smile curved up Fuyu’s handsome face. His teasing left Miyu speechless and just went to throw the rest of the food. Fuyu just shook his head, trying his hardest not to crack up.

When Miyu came back, Fuyu was still on the rack of the chocolates but what surprised her was the guy is suddenly sporting a face mask.

“S-Senpai!” Miyu rushed towards him and gave him a good slap on the shoulder. “What are you doing wearing my mask!?” She’s sure that he is wearing her mask since she left it on the table before she threw the leftover.

“Someone might take a photo of us, just making sure that I will be mysterious.”

“Stop with being silly, will you?” Miyu grabbed the mask off of him and revealed a smiling Fuyu. “At least buy your own mask. Fumie will be mad if she saw what you just did.”

“Are you going to wear that again?” Fuyu innocently asked.


Fuyu ruffled her hair before going to the cashier to pay for the presents for his sisters. He also pulled a new set of mask to repay what he did to Miyu’s old mask. After paying, he went back to Miyu and gave one of the masks to her while he is already wearing one.


“I’ll help you carry those bags. Let’s go.”

“B-But, Senpai—“

“I won’t go until your house. I’ll just make sure that you’ll ride a safe taxi and then go home.” Fuyu then slightly turned to the left so as his eyes. “I won’t let you go home alone. I must protect you.”

Miyu’s eyebrows met. She couldn’t understand the actions of her senpai. He sounded like he intentionally spoke louder to let someone hear what he said. After that he picked all of Miyu’s grocery bags and headed towards the exit.

“Miyu~!” Somehow that call from Fuyu sounded weird as well. He is making it sound like they are really, really close. “What are you waiting for?”


The two then went on their way looking like a weird couple. The convenience store that Miyu thought to be empty then became a bit noisy after they left. The old lady that is manning the store went to the direction of the garbage bins after she heard noises coming from that corner of the store. She was alerted after seeing a man rummaging the trash, looking for something.

“W-What are you doing, young man?” The store tender asked the blonde-haired guy but she was ignored. He continued to look for something on that certain bin, when he couldn’t find it he went to the other trash bin and did the same thing.

“Found it!”

The store keeper was taken aback when the guy rose up his arm, his hand carefully holding a pair of wooden chopsticks. The guy was almost dancing in joy while admiring the said used chopsticks whose tips are still wet. He kept it on a clear zip lock and put it inside his bag.

The lady hurriedly went back to her post due to the fear that the guy might do something scary. She prepared herself to call for help just in case he totally goes nuts. The guy was kind enough to return the other garbage in the bins. While doing so, he saw the mask that Miyu wore and the flashback of Fuyu wearing it set his heart on fire. He could feel the blood rushing up to his nape, boiling in anger. He was trying to get the mask to add it to his collection but some guy just took it away from him.

Fuyu saw him. He was seen looking at the Winter Prince by the prince himself while the latter was wearing the mask. Their eyes met and before he knew it, Fuyu was already wearing his treasure.

“That b*st*rd should know where to place himself.” He gritted as he threw the mask back to the bin. He was already furious about the ending of the scandal about Miyu and Aki but seeing Miyu with another guy made him more enraged. And that guy is not just some other guy. It is Hoshizora Fuyu and he can clearly remember that Miyu mentioned him on her blog before saying that he likes how cool the school senior is.

“When I thought it was that annoying band vocalist, some other assh*le is having his way to my Miyu.” He kicked the trash bin to return it to its place under the table. “F*cking son of a b*tch needs to get some lesson. He should be thankful that my phone is dead or else he will suffer hell.”

The foreigner went out of the store still murmuring curses.

“I came all the way here for Miyu Watanabe. Miyu would be sad if she finds out that I’m being discouraged. The marriage form is already ready. Oh my Miyu…” he felt his body heating just at the thoughts of Miyu. He hurriedly went on his way back to his apartment so that he could relieve himself.

“Not today, assh*le. But you will definitely get a taste of hell for touching my property.”



@porkofdoom-san, sorry for the short updates. I'm really busy nowadays.  :nervous
His name is Lex. I mentioned it in the previous chapter. :)

@Goto24-san, thanks for welcoming me back~ I think no one expected that from Miyu because she is always smiling and sunny.
I wonder what Aki will choose too..

@MatsuiLee-san, Yeah! It's been a long time. Haha. Well, the pasts defines the present state of the characters, right?

@FZA02-san, haha.. Yeah.. They were Maru's parents.. And Hiro's parents as well. XD
Haha. I know. I also thought of Luthor... XD

@Genkikid-san, He probably is the one. :)

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Look at those dejavu scenes! Haha. Tha mask scene brings out a  whole lot of memories from TTM. And when will the maruparu couple kiss? Arg. It's hard to comment thry the phone so I'll make this short. Thank you for another amazing chapter^^ Will this arc be a happy ending or not? Don't leave us hanging! Love the imoutos btw and the cussing of the stalker named LEX. HAHAHA
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I feel like Techi is the one who uploaded that rumor.

“Yurina-chan? Is something wrong?” Neru asked innocently. She noticed how the other girl’s hands balled into a fist.

Yurina felt sweat broke on her forehead. She turned to Neru and tried to calm herself down.

“Yeah…” she started. “People who play dirty like that uploader should be caught.”

The fact that Neru saw how she was acting and she denies not being okay makes her seem more suspicious. Though the latter didn't know she was discovering something serious.
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This crude Techi and wonderful Neru. The TechiNeru you write is awesome! I wonder what made Techi so angry/nervous. An ex-girlfriend (just kidding)? Someone we already know? Or someone new altogether. Ahh, I'm curious.
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Dear Maru Chan: (

Your now a tier 1 Counter Terrorist who can hack shtuff...

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Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 27 (11-15) | Unmasked
Post by: Goto24 on November 17, 2017, 07:36:51 AM
Ohhhh this fic just keeps getting better and better.
Looks like Aki and Miyu's problem has been solved.
But now I'm more worried for what is to come next. The foreigner is just so creepy. I hope someone finds out about him soon.

And that TechiNeru ship!!! Oohhhhh!!! Techi being all flustered because of Neru is so cute!!!! Let that ship sail!!
But I wonder. Who was that that Techi saw. Fumie?
Title: Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 27 (11-15) | Unmasked
Post by: FZA02 on November 17, 2017, 09:15:59 AM
finally, the rumor has been cleared, now i'm really curious on what will aki do ?
and also.....can anybody please slap that lex guy for me....... and what i mean slap is using and axe at his neck
that girl that seen by techi... can it be fumie or someone else ?

and lastly......the little sisters is back!! and that TechiNeru!!... it's so ...super adorable.. i mean techi getting all flustered just because of neru...hmm i wonder if techi has fall for neru or what will be interesting to know fuyu and haru's reaction

and i really really agree with @Goto24-san let the TechiNeru's Ship Sail!!!!
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Post by: Genkikid on November 17, 2017, 02:08:36 PM
That guy is so creepy. I think I need to do this to him  :on voodoo:

Did Yurina saw Fumie with other guy or what
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Post by: shortcut48 on November 24, 2017, 07:01:28 AM

@porkofdoom-san, I wonder when this arc would even end. I thought of finishing it with the next chapter but it is getting so long. I guess I have to divide the next chapter into two. XD

@MaYukiIsLife-san, no. Techi can never do that to her brother's friends. :) She isn't the type to spread rumors as well. :)

@Shinoki-san, Thank you for reading and thanks for the comment as well. We will find out who she saw soon. :)

@hackata48-san, Maru politely declines to do that. XD

@Goto24-san, there are already two guys on the move to get the foreigner. Who are they? We'll find out soon. :D Seems like a lot of people like TechiNeru here. XD

@FZA02-san, slap by chopping the head off by an axe? :0 calm down buddy. Two heroes are secretly on the move. XD
TechiNeru now sailing~~

@Genkikid-san, You also need to calm down. XD  I guess the foreigner really creeps people out. Well, who in the right mind would collect used chopsticks? XD
We will find out soon. :)

Sorry for the lack of post this week.. I've been busy doing school stuffs but I'll update as soon as I finish the chapter. Please wait for it. See you in the next update but before that, I'd like to know your thoughts about the fic as we are nearing the end of the first half of it. Please let me know your thoughts about the overall happenings and theories about what will happen next. (Sorry, this is just me wanting some entertainment. I'd be thankful for a response to this selfish request..) Haha..

Anyway, that's all. See you~ :)
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Chapter 28: OBSESSION


YURINA CAN’T stop glaring at Fumie and Fuyu as they were busy preparing dinner. She could clearly see how happy her brother is while he is together with the girl with the scent but why can’t she calm herself at all? Deep down she knows that Fumie is growing on her but somehow she just couldn’t trust her fully.

“They are so close to each other, I’m getting jealous.”

The short-haired girl turned to the guy sitting beside her. It was Natsu who looks like a very sad puppy. It seems like his hooman was taken away from him and is looking at the couple with those doe eyes.

“And what are you doing here?” Yurina raised her elbow to the chair’s backrest. “I don’t remember inviting you.”

Natsu just smiled widely at her. “Fuyu-nii gave me a call. He said I can come if I am free. And guess what, I just finished my job when I received the call!”

Yurina rolled her eyes and released a tired sigh. She could feel the cringe coming up to her nape. How can a handsome lad like this act so giddy just because of his older brother? She’s 100% sure that all his fangirls will be turned on even more anyway.

Natsu rested his chin on his palm as he continues watching his brother.

“I thought Fuyu-nii called me out so we could cuddle but look at him playing family with his girlfriend. I want to be the one to help him with the chores.”

“Then help us.” Fuyu coldly answered. They were surprised that he could hear them. “Don’t just wait for the food to be placed in front of you. Atleast go and set the table.”

“HAI!” Natsu immediately rose up from his seat. Manaka just shrugged before following Natsu.

“Aren’t you going to help us, Yurina?” the youngest asked, her other brow raised.

“You don’t need a lot of hands just to set a table.” Her twin frowned, looking back at the happy couple. Manaka couldn’t help it anymore so she raised the question up.

“You have been looking like that to Fumie-nee-chan since she arrived. Is something wrong?”

“Nothing. Tss.”

The younger twin shook her head and just went to help. She thought that Yurina is probably getting all tsundere again since she can’t have her own time with their brother when Fumie is around.

It didn’t take long before everything was set. It isn’t only the dining table that is full but also the chairs are all occupied. How long has it been since all of them were used all at once? Fumie prepared some Mapo Tofu and Teriyaki Salmon from what is inside Fuyu’s refrigerator. This brought delight to everyone’s faces except from Yurina.

“Eat now, Yurina-chan.” Fumie said with a smile after noticing that the girl is barely moving from her seat. It isn’t the usual Yurina that she knows. Usually, she would go grab the food served in an instant. “Did something happen? You don’t look okay.”

Yurina rolled her eyes again before picking up her chopsticks. “Itadakimasu.” She lazily said.

“If you don’t stop rolling your eyes, I would turn them into marbles so they could roll forever.”

Natsu and Manaka snorted at what Fuyu said. He sounded like a typical Asian mum and hearing that from a cold person like him was really funny. Yurina shouted at her siblings for laughing at her being scolded by the eldest.

“Start eating before the food gets cold.” Fuyu then looked at the giddy Natsu. “You eat a lot since you are working a lot. We have enough rice so just eat. You too, Yurina. You are doing sports so you need more energy.”

“How about me, Nii-san?” Manaka asked, her eyes glittering in excitement.

Fuyu straightened his back for a moment, looking a bit uncomfortable. “Well, I guess even if I don’t tell you to eat well you’ll be eating a lot—“


The dining table was filled with laughter once again. The warm feeling growing in everyone’s heart is undeniably wonderful. Each of them hoping that everyday could be like this… that their parents could be there dining with them as well. But for now, they don’t have to be greedy. Dining together like this is more than enough.

They are already half way in finishing their plates when Yurina suddenly asked a question. She has been wanting to ask this since they got together.

“Fumie, what did you do before coming here?”

Everyone turned to Yurina since it was really quiet when she spoke. They were surprised at the sudden curiosity towards Fumie. The questioned girl, on the other hand, was taken aback a little bit. She looked at everyone as if trying to read the atmosphere before giving Yurina an answer.

“I-I went to do house chores and finished my homework.”

Yurina’s eyebrows twitched but no one noticed it because of her bangs. She took a deep breath and then went back to her food. “Well, I and Manaka went to eat pudding together with silly Momoko and the others.” She looked back at Fumie with a glance passing through her whole. “You know… in Colombin… You know where that is, right?”

“You went out with Momoko!?” Natsu’s question started an endless conversation between him and Manaka. Fuyu was just listening to the other two talk but he is aware of the friction there is between Yurina and Fumie. Yurina kept her eyes on Fumie which made the other girl feel awkward. She was the one to cut the stare game and joined Manaka and Natsu with their conversation.

The short-haired girl just continued to eat not knowing if she would say what’s on her mind. But, she doesn’t want that smile on her brother’s face to disappear. For now, maybe she’d just observe.


THE WHOLE NeoHorikoshi Gakuen is incredibly lively since both Yamamoto Aki and Watanabe Miyu are back to school that day. Their issue was really big the other week and it almost shook the internet for all the hates they received. But now that it was revealed that Miyu was the one writing the fanfic about the two members of the Shiki, which she admitted in a blog post, they are all wondering how the two will interact with each other from now on.

They weren’t seen dining together as Miyu ate lunch with Maki, Fumie and Yuma. It was a little bit surprising to see Fumie eating without the Winter Prince but everyone is more interested with the reunion of Miyu and Aki. They all know that the two are still being careful with their actions.

After eating, the sophomores went to the library as the Shiki is already there. Miyu was really worried on how she is going to face the band vocalist but Yuma assured her that nothing bad will happen. Aki isn’t angry at her. How could he be angry at her in the first place?

The door of the library opened and they saw the four handsome lads sitting on the long table. A 98” interactive panel is in front of the table and the lads looked at them as if they waited for them for so long. Miyu met Aki’s eyes as the latter was already looking at her but quick enough to avert his stare. She felt her heart clutched for a moment but she has to act like nothing happened.

“Private Togawa Maki reporting for duty! What can I do for the four generals?”

“It’s not time for role plays Maki.” Natsu sighed and pulled a chair for the girl. “Take a seat.”

But the chuunibyou isn’t moving. She kept her stance, her hand on salute.

“Maki… please—”

“At ease.”

Fuyu’s command was immediately followed by Maki which surprised everyone. “You should’ve said that before the King, Natsu!” She mumbled before sitting at the seat beside Natsu.

Natsu quickly turned to his brother who is busy looking at the laptop in front of him. “How did you do that?” Natsu mouthed.

“Well…” Fuyu sighed. “You have to play with what she likes to do before she listens to you. You should already know about that.”

Their attentions were then transferred to Haru after he cleared his throat. “Since we are all seated already and everyone who is needed has arrived, let’s start with our agenda. I don’t really have enough time. I have to pick up my fiancée in the airport—“

“FIANCEE!?” The sophomores shrieked in chorus. Haru turned to them with his usual stoic look.

“You mean you have a fiancée?” Miyu asked, her eyeballs almost coming out.

The heir of a conglomerate closed his eyes for a moment before giving his answer. “Yes. I have a fiancée, Miyu-san. I’ve been engaged with her since last year and to tell you the obvious truth…” He looked straight to the girl’s eyes and said, “I am not interested to dating guys.”

Miyu turned into a stone after that line from Haru. She was about to say sorry but Haru is still not over.

“I’m not a lonely son of a billionaire who uses his father’s money to buy the time of a famous band vocalist and get rid of the loneliness by taking him to bed with me.”

“KYAAA~!” Miyu fell from her seat in embarrassment. By that time she just wanted to disappear and evaporate in thin air. This is much worse than all the hate comments she received online. She was only concerned of facing Aki but she literally forgot there is also Yokoyama Haru.

“Ha-Ha…” Aki’s awkward laughter was then heard. “Stop teasing her, Haru. I bet the past week has already stressed her enough.” He then tried to look at Miyu but can’t maintain eye contact even for three seconds. With a sad tone he said, “I didn’t know that you see me that way but I am straight…”

Miyu felt her heart skipped a beat. The sad look on the vocalist’s face hit her hard right in her heart. She has stepped on the man’s pride and pride is something that a man is valuing the most especially Japanese people. She won’t be surprised if he could never treat her like the usual ever again. She has hurt his pride and now he can’t even say her name at all.

“Anyway, let’s continue.” Haru turned on the big panel that projects what is in the laptop. It shows the tweet that started the rumor about Miyu and Aki. Haru stood up as if operating the meeting formally.

“As I’ve told you, I promised to investigate about this matter and I may say that there has been a good result on it. I’ll present to you the evidences. Let’s start with the tweets itself.”

Haru tapped the screen which led to the next slide. It is only composed of the text, all the pictures were removed. He tapped again the screen and some parts of the text were highlighted by red ink.

“As you can see here, the one who tweeted it got so many grammar mistakes to the point that I thought that person intentionally did that to mislead people but looking at it, I got the feeling that all of it are unintentional errors.”

Haru took the touch pen and encircled some words. “I mean, who would write in hiragana something that is supposed to be in katakana? And it is obvious that he couldn’t write a lot of kanji.”

“So are you saying that the uploader is a foreigner, Senpai?” Yuma asked with his hand raised.


Everyone was surprised at that declaration from Haru. “As expected of Phantom Note. I guess there are also obsessed fans overseas. She even came here for you, Aki.”

“No, Natsu.” Haru shook his head and swiped the board to present another slide. It is the CCTV clip that is released by the media last Friday. “At first I thought that it was also one of Aki’s fan but we found light from this clip.”

Haru played the clip and it is exactly as what the media showed the people. But after zooming out, it gave a wider view of the café.

“The media only showed the clip where you guys are seen for the privacy of the other people in the café. Looking at the pictures, I believe that it wasn’t taken from a distance. And since I’m suspecting that the culprit is a foreigner, all we need are foreign features.”

Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw a certain foreigner sitting on the stool by the window. He seemed to be very busy with his phone but the frown on his face cannot be hidden. “What he is doing with his phone can’t be seen but he seems like he is taking a selfie or doing some video call. But I have a feeling that he isn’t doing any of those but taking your pictures.”

Haru then zoomed the footage to the foreigner whose only half of the face is seen. “Does he look familiar to you, Miyu-san?”

“T-To me?” Miyu pointed at herself. “B-But—“

“I had your blog checked and aside from the great number of Japanese followers, you also have foreign followers. Is there anything suspicious or you just don’t read the comments on your blog?”

Miyu was put into a deep thought until something entered her mind. “Ah!” She put her hands together at that interjection. “There is this one that keeps commenting to my posts. There are people who don’t miss leaving comments but that person just floods my post with messages about marriage and asking me random stuffs like how many kids do I like to have. I tried to report him but he keeps making new accounts and repeats everything.”

“He caused a lot of trouble within the fanbase, am I right?” Haru swiped the board again and the many usernames used by the suspect was then seen on the screen. One of it was the same username of the twitter account that posted their pictures. “I guess he wasn’t so careful about it… Mighty Lex.

Haru mentioned the first ever username the suspect has used in Miyu’s blog. Miyu somehow remembered that the display picture of that Mighty Lex account was a blonde guy with a kabuki mask.

“He wasn’t careful enough that he even showed himself twice to one of the detectives” The president then turned to the guy who is sitting opposite to his seat. Am I right, Fuyu?”

Aki’s head turned sharply to where Fuyu is. The other guy is in his usual laidback appearance, almost looking bored at Haru’s presentation of evidence. The band vocalist was surprised that Fuyu participated in the investigation when here he thought he didn’t care at all.

Fuyu stretched his arms and sat upright. He released a sigh and then tried to explain his side. “I already had two encounters with him.”

His statement dumbfounded everyone who is listening. Haru stepped backward as if calling him to take the floor. The great mochigusare lazily stood up and then swiped the screen. The face of the suspect was then shown making everyone more stunned.

“Alexander Woods, 26 years of age, from Portland, Oregon. He worked as a Systems Engineer somewhere in Akihabara but was laid off because of his addiction to a certain someone.” Fuyu took a pause to get some air. He isn’t used of presiding a meeting like this. “He is wise to keep his real IP address hidden as he uploaded the pictures in PC rental cafés and it is evident that he also uses VPN. It would be really hard to track him if he didn’t register the ‘Mighty Lex’ account using his private email address.”

“How did you even find out about the email addresses that he uses?” Aki asked, still amazed. He quite didn’t get the first half of the explanation though.

Fuyu took a short glimpse of Maki who jerked a bit with that quick gawk from the guy. “I know someone with power and asked for his help. Anyway, let me continue with my explanation.”

The Winter Prince told them about how he saw him in the store where he is working and how the guy looked really suspicious to the point that he creeped out the other customers. And when the joint investigation with Haru and a certain army officer results came out, the thought of the weird customer immediately entered his mind.

“And I have another evidence. This one is really solid.” He swiped the screen and another CCTV footage started playing. It is a video taken from the convenience store where he accidentally met Miyu last Saturday. A few minutes after they get out of the store, the said guy suddenly popped out of nowhere. He was standing outside and entered through the back door.

The next scene showed the horrified expression of the old clerk while the foreigner started digging up the trash. The video was then paused when the guy raised a pair of chopsticks in the air.

“Miyu, do you remember what you ate that time?” Fuyu asked with a calm voice.

“N-No way…” Miyu’s started crawling. “D-Don’t tell me that’s my—“

“Exactly. That is the pair of chopsticks that you used to eat ramen.” Fuyu resumed the video. “As you can see, he also saw the mask that you wore but since I used it as well, he lost interest.”

Maki hit the table before standing up. “Let’s go get that pervert! He might do worse if we don’t get him jailed!”

“I agree with Maki-san!” Yuma also stood up. “He is clearly obsessed with Miyu-san. He should know his boundaries. We don’t know what is going inside his head!”

“Calm down.” A smirk suddenly curved up Haru’s lips. He has been trying to hide that sly smile from the very start of the meeting. “We don’t really have to report him to the custody. It would just make unnecessary news. I and Fuyu have already received the permission to handle everything with our own hands, from both of your agencies and from our backup. We are just dealing with one guy. This will be very easy.”

Aki could feel the excitement of Haru’s voice. He knows that doing this detective thing is stirring up the child in him.

“Since Fuyu agitated this guy after using Miyu-san’s mask, he already made a move to destroy Fuyu. One of his forums is being trashed by an anonymous user, inventing weird stuffs about him. He could also feel that he is being followed.”

“H-He’s following you?” Fumie’s worried voice somehow echoed throughout the whole library. The surprised girlfriend couldn’t help but to be anxious after hearing that her boyfriend is being followed by an angry stalker.

Fuyu flashed a faint smile to somehow ease her worries. “There’s no need to worry. I intended to do that so his focus would be out from Miyu for now. I intentionally angered him.”

“We already have a plan to catch him so we just need everyone’s cooperation. I’ll be discussing the plan real quick and then leave so I need your full attention. Also, Fumie-chan… ” Haru then turned to Fumie who is still looking worried, also surprised that she was called.

“I need you to let Miyu borrow Fuyu for a while.”


IF THERE wasn’t any music playing in the background, Miyu’s heartbeat would be heard like it is performing some taiko drum solo. She has never held hands with any boy in her entire life and here she is walking side by side a guy, hands intertwined. To add more pressure to it, she’s holding hands with her bestfriend’s boyfriend. She can’t even calm herself down.

“Hey, try to act more natural.” Fuyu’s cold voice made her jerk. He even tightened the hold to her hand which made her more flustered. This guy has been her original target in the first place. It’s automatic that she would feel embarrassed that they are holding hands now.

“Let’s try to pick some dress for you.”

The whole floor of that shopping center was purposely cleared from other people just as planned. The said shopping center is a property of the Yokoyama clan that’s why it was easy for Haru to set things up. Now, everything is up to their acting abilities.

“How about try this one?” Fuyu drew a beautiful purple dress and presented it to Miyu but the girl doesn’t seem interested to it at all.

“Senpai…” she called out. “Why are you doing this for us?”

This question was raised since she couldn’t stop the playback of what Fuyu said in the meeting a while ago.

“I won’t let Fuyu do it. I was the one involved with it so I should be the one to do it. It’s dangerous!”

Aki knows how dangerous it would be. Everyone knows it. They are dealing with a person that would do anything for someone he is obsessed with. They don’t even really know what’s going inside the head of that person. But Fuyu looked at Aki with those usual cold eyes of his, without any stain of fear.

“Just watch, Aki. Unlike you, I am not keeping my name clean. You can’t do anything even if you face him. If you beat him up you will be defamed. But me…”

Miyu felt chills on her back once again after remembering what Fuyu said. She’s sure that everyone in that room felt the same way, even Fumie.

“I can beat him up with no mercy at all.”

“You are asking me why?” Fuyu pulled out another one piece but this time, it is a plain white cloth but with a more expensive fabric. “Well, that person tried to ruin my friend’s life. Aki is doing his best in his career but he’ll just destroy it for his selfish desire? That is something that I can never forgive.”


Fuyu handed her the clothes that he picked up but as when she was trying to look up on him, Fuyu kept her head bowed by placing his hand on her head. Miyu’s heart almost stopped beating.

“Consider this as my way to atone for Hiroki’s sins. I want you to be happy, Miyuki. You and Aki.”

Miyu felt her heart clenched for a moment. The tears prickling her eyes made her even more curious. It felt like Fuyu said something that freed her soul from something.

“Ha-ha…” She tried to laugh to get rid of the awkward feeling. “It’s Miyu not Miyuki, Senpai. How come you didn’t know my name correctly until now—“

“Go on and just try those clothes on.” Fuyu held her by the wrist and dragged her towards the changing room. Fuyu pushed her inside and he blocked the door with his own body. “Now say the magic words Haru taught you.”

Miyu blushed. Those words that the president taught her are really embarrassing. She just wished that Fumie and Aki were not watching this but those two are with the others monitoring the CCTV footages of the whole floor. They might even be hearing everything that she and Fuyu are talking about. Crossing her fingers, she hopes that this won’t make any misunderstanding between her and Fumie.

“Say it.” Fuyu moved nearer to her which made her face redder. The space between them is so tight as she was jailed inside the dressing room.

“I-I love you, Senpai…” she whispered.

“That doesn’t sound so natural. And how would he hear that if you won’t make it more audible? I thought you were a fisher.”

“Mou…” Miyu’s shoulder dropped as a sign of surrender. She took one deep breath and after chanting ‘I am a fisher, I am a fisher’ continuously inside her head, she started to move. As if the wind of change blew onto her, she became a complete picture of a femme fetale.

She wrapped her hands around Fuyu’s neck and pulled him closer to her followed by that gum smile of hers. “I really love you, Senpai~! Thank you for taking me to shopping today. You are really the best~!”

“Sounds better.” Fuyu whispered to her, disregarding her flushed face. “Now, whatever you hear, don’t open the door until you are fully clothed.”

Miyu nodded at Fuyu’s instruction and set him free. “I’ll give you more than that after we get married. Now change so we can enjoy more of our time.”

Fuyu gave her a reassuring wink before he closed the door. Miyu was about to finish changing when something just crashed on her door. The loud thudding sound was followed by a shout of some guy. She couldn’t understand anything of it because it was in another language but what she feared more is the safety of her Senpai. She isn’t hearing anything from him until the noise subsided.

“S-Senpai?” she called in a shaky voice but no one answered her. “S-Senpai!”

With her hands trembling, she unlocked the door and slowly pushed the door open. She almost shrieked after she saw Fuyu lying on the ground.

“Senpai!” she called out to him but a shadow of a tall guy suddenly casted upon her. Her eyes widened in shock after she met those large, reddish eyes of the guy in front of her. Haru and Fuyu are right; this guy is exactly the same person that the two showed them earlier.

Miyu’s body froze in fear, she couldn’t even move an inch. She stepped backwards but all that she touched was the wall of the small dressing room. The guy looked at her with an angry face but slowly, a smile curved from his lips before he covered his face.

“T-This is the first time I-I s-stood up in front of you. I-I’m so embarrassed.” Lex started talking in broken Japanese. The guy took a glimpse of her but quickly covered his face again. “I thought this guy is harassing you so I quickly come to your rescue.”

He went to give Fuyu a kick before turning to Miyu with a creepy smile. “I mean, you don’t love him, right? You can’t love him more than me, right?”

The foreigner slowly made his way towards the stiffened Miyu. “You can’t love him more than your husband, right? I am your husband, remember!?”

“I-I-I don’t even know you!” Miyu shrieked. Tears started flowing down her face.

The surprised face of Lex started to crumple into a face of confusion. His eyes became sharp followed by the balling of his fists. He grabbed Miyu by the wrists and pinned her to the wall. Miyu couldn’t do anything but to lower her head and cry in fear.

“Do you remember when you were invited to do a charity work!? I donated a lot of money during the live broadcast! You saw me! You saw my username! You even thanked me and told me that you love me!!! Out of all the people that donated you only said those words to me!!!”

Whatever this guy is talking about, everytime Miyu is facing a foreigner all she says are the basic English sentences she knows and that revolves around ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’. Maybe she noticed that the username is from overseas during the time of broadcast so she said those words. Who would’ve thought that it would bring her a stalker?

“You were the first person to tell me those words! You love me, right? Don’t worry Miyu, I can give you better that any other guy can give you! I’ll be your everything!” He put her face nearer Miyu’s face. “You are my everything!”

“G-Get away from me!!!” Miyu, with all her remaining strength pushed the guy away and tried to escape but Lex quickly captured her by pulling her by the hair.

“You are telling me to get away from you after I spent a lot of money just for you!!? I came all the way here and gave up everything just for you and you are telling me this!!?” Lex eyed the dress she is wearing and his face was filled with fury. “Strip! That dress was given to you by that guy, right!? Take it off!!!”

Miyu shouted after she felt her dress being tugged by the guy. There was nothing she could do but cry.

“Fuyu, we already have enough evidence. Get up.”

On Haru’s cue, Fuyu got up from the floor and dusted off his uniform. Waiting for Haru’s cue felt like forever. He immediately went to where Miyu and Lex are to save the damsel in distress.

I came all the way here and gave up everything just for you and you are telling me this!!?

He doesn’t know but those words of the stalker struck his heart. But now isn’t the time to think about that. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and right after Lex turned to him, he gave him a straight punch to his face which immediately brought the guy to his knees.

“Senpai!” Miyu ran behind Fuyu, her face wet with tears.

“Sorry Miyu. I had to pretend I got knocked out by his pathetic punches.”

“You!!!” Lex tried to stand up from the ground, his knees wobbly after that heavy punch from Fuyu. “Get away from Miyu! Miyu is mine!”

He went to attack but Fuyu was fast enough to counter. He gave him a body blow which sent him back to the ground, curling and coughing up.

“Prepare your things and your passport. You are now being banned from Japan. Get back to your country—“

“What the hell are you saying!!?” Lex coughed even more but the anger in his eyes doesn’t fade at all. “My Miyu is here! I won’t be leaving until she comes with me!”

“Someone will fix everything for you. No one is going to report you to the officials and you can start a new life back in your country without any criminal label on you. Just listen to me and—“

“SHUT THE F*CK UP BASTARD! Are you really telling me too—“

Lex suddenly forgot how to talk after he saw those enraged eyes of Fuyu. He was taken aback; he was being pushed by the fury behind those brown eyes.

“You are calling this love!? Really?” Fuyu stepped forward, his glare glued to the frightened guy. “This is nothing but lust, just a selfish desire!!! You almost destroyed her life and you are calling it love!? Don’t f*ck with me!”

“W-Wait! I-I-I—“ Lex even wet himself at the intensity of Fuyu’s stare. His body trembles in fear. Those eyes are so ready to take his life.

“Aki!” Haru who was currently monitoring them even though he is travelling was alerted after seeing the change in Fuyu’s eyes. He knows there’d be trouble if Fuyu won’t get stopped.

“H-Haru?” Aki held unto his neurolinker. They are in the mall’s surveillance room. “What is it?”

“Send Fumie-chan to Fuyu. This doesn’t look good at all.”

“Alright!” Aki turned to Fumie who is already looking so worried after all that is happening. “Yuma, bring Fumie-chan to where they are. Fuyu needs to be stopped! He isn’t listening to Haru at all.”

“G-Gotcha!” Yuma stood from his seat. “Let’s go, Fumie-san!”

Haru took a deep breath. “Aki, you also get a hold of Natsu.”

“I know…” The vocalist looked at Fuyu’s twin who is gnashing his teeth while looking at the monitor screen. If Maki wasn’t there to stop him then probably he already flew to where that stalker is now. “These guys really loathe this kind of fans, don’t they?”


Fumie was aghast after seeing Fuyu holding Lex by his collar. The face of the stalker is already bruised, his lips bleeding. The angered Winter Prince turned to Fumie after that one call. He lowered his readied fist before letting go of the stalker. He fell, coughing off blood.

“If you don’t listen to me I’ll make sure you won’t be able to get near Miyu again. If that involves limping you off then I’ll gladly do it.”

Lex shuddered in fear. “I-I’ll go back to m-my country! S-Spare me!” he cried, his tears and snot mixed with his blood. “I promise I’ll go away from Miyu!!!”

“Fuyu-kun!” Fumie held unto Fuyu. The guy turned to her and as if drained off of energy, he fell to his knees.

“I’m sorry…” Fuyu whispered. “I didn’t mean to go that far.”

Fumie went to hug her boyfriend and she was surprised to know that the guy is also shaking. Was it because of the adrenaline rushing off of him or was it because of the pure anger that he felt towards the stalker. He was so angry to the point that his whole body reacted to it.

Right then Fumie remembered… The reason why Fuyu’s parents encountered a car accident.

“Of course the twins would  resent stalkers.” Haru heaved a sigh after seeing that everything is already in control.


“If it wasn’t because of a stalker, they shouldn’t have lost their mother…”

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Serves that stalker right. Ahhhhh, but to think that a stalker caused the car accident that took the parents' lives... Stalkers really are the worst!
Did Techi see Fumie in the previous chapter? Ah, I wonder what Fumie was doing...
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I haven't comment here for a long time even tho I'm still reading it. Haha but here's my part of the latest chap:

-aww yurina is still the tsun tsun princess, cute! (even tho I dont really know her, but still)
-oh my natsu is still the inu who awaits his master... hachiko? Haha
-yurina chill down with fumie pls
-manaka pls calm your sis down
-what's in your mind yurina? Hmm....
-as always the chuuni maki makes me laugh
-even fuyu played along, why dont you play along w/ your soon to be natsu?
-and wait wut... HARU'S FIANCEE?!
-omg who?! WHO?!
-I am surprised as the sophomores
-poor miyu got found out
-poor aki when he found out
-oooohh it's like a mission impossible scene
-bgm: mission impossible song
-fuyu is just cool af, always chill
-I dunno what ta feel about that fuyumiyu scene, but it's kinda cute. I see em as siblings window shopping in a mall
-fuyu gained another younger sister! Jk
-man fuyu is like the lion taking care of his pride, "no one touches em or I'll touch you with my fists"
-*gasp* fuyu got knocked out!
-oh no crazy psycho on the move to miyu! Get ya hands off her you prick!
-haru cues
-fuyu came back from the dead! Sent teh lex guy wet himself w/ his eyes on fire lol
-ya deserve that you idiot of a stalker! Now go back ta your country before fuyu froze you to death
-the winter king is on the lose! someone stop him before he literally freeze the lex guy!
-the pup is also in the verge of eating the lex guy in the flesh!
-fumie to the rescue! calming her nervous bf
-no, im not getting teary at the end.I got dust in my eyes.
-yeeaaa the mission is over! miyuaki is now safe!
-good job team!

But seriously, I am shookt about Haru's fiancee.. now you made me more curious about it. Man...

As always, on to the next chapter! Ahahaha XD
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Imagine what will happen to that Lex guy if Fumie didn't stop fuyu :prayers:
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yeah finally serves that lex right, if i was fuyu maybe lex will end up in hospital already...really those kind of guys is really angered me and also staining the name of all men in the world

what does fuyu mean with hiroki's sin ?
my cute imouto techi, she looks like she just hold herself and didn't want to ruin her brother's happiness
i wonder who is haru's fiancee ?
and since the stalker already being taken care of (even thought i still want to beat him) make your move goddamn aki

and actually i have some theory and i've write some here if you don't mind. there will some people and their love life involved in this story, remember when yuma still try to figure out who is he in his past life ? i think he will meet someone (yuki?) and his past will be solved (or maybe he will be knowing his past first and search yuki just like fuyu). and then techi will try to observe more about fumie and i sense that techi won't be alone (perhaps with neru?) and maybe techi will admit to his brother that she likes certain girl (okay this is just my delusions but maybe you'll make it real hahaha), and haruppi will do something major in the future i guess
and then something will happen to fufu couple which is connecting to fuyu's past and maybe akimiyu too (maybe about hiroki's live)


ohh and also......THIS IS ONLY FIRST HALF ? i recommend you to write some novel or directed movie in the future because you are GENIUS
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Commenting has never been easy. When i hit the reply button i get logged off from my acct here. I even left a thank you to a wrong post lol >.<

So anyways, im a bit curious what Fumie's reaction to Miyu's Fisher acting lol xD i want a jealous Fumie!!! Bring it on, Cut-san!!!

But what is that cliffhanger? Stalkers issue? Hmmm. The story is a bit familiar, the one who made several accts just to stay in touch with a certain celebrity, hn... Anyways, i hope this issue gets resolved for good and let Aki comfort Miyuuuu!!! Poor girl she must've been so scared. And let her burn the chopsticks she used in front of that NotSoMighty Lex (phew! Good thing he wasn't named Victor and he's from USA so Yay!!!)

I foresee Maki acting like an angry detective or prosecutor while she interrogates the stalker in a camera filled room. Lol (That would be so cute) — with a growling pupper Natsu beside her hahahahaha xD

They are one big happy family~ with their dog Natsu hahaha. I coin him Nato — that smelly stuff Japanese likes eating XD

Are we getting an early update next time? :3
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Seems like that ends the stalker arc.
Lex is creepy AF.
Good thing that it was settled.
Surprised to hear Haru has a fiancee. But I'm sure it will be 'Her' won't it.
Also, Haru can be a sadist as well. Teasing Miyu about her story.  But looks like Aki and Miyu's relationship won't be happy just yet.
Still wondering who Techi saw with Fumie.
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“THE 8TH FLOOR was cleared out in accordance to the Young Master’s command.”

“Did something happen?”

“I heard that the Young Master and his friends had to deal with something in private.”

“I saw it! Some guys in black suits took out a guy that is all bruised up.”

“Sshh! If you value your work don’t ever spread that news. I’m sure the Young Master will be angry if this comes out in public.”

“I’m sure the Young Master has a reason why he did that.”

“One of his friends was wronged by someone. It was Aki-sama. We all know how special his friends are for him.”

“No one died so we really don’t have to worry. Let’s go back to business before someone catches us gossiping.”

“As if the Young Master would kill someone!”

Yuma’s ears twitched as he passed by those workers. He volunteered to buy drinks for everyone. He is already aware of the bond there is between the Shiki but he’s always put in awe everytime it is being proven, taken this stalker incident as one of the prime example. He can’t help but to be amazed of the four’s bond. When someone gets into a pinch, everyone would be there to take risk just to clear that person’s name.

“I’m sorry.” Yuma called out the attention of the sales lady and he got them all with just one smile. “We were filming a movie needed in our class and Haru-senpai helped us in getting the location. Everything that you saw was part of the movie. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

The girls melted at his innocent-looking smile. They all believed him and even praised him on how cute he is. ‘You are such a bishounen’ is what they all say.

“Thank you.” Yuma cheerfully said. “I’m going back to my friends now to help with the wrap up. Have a good day, onee-chans!”

The girls giggled as they wave good bye to Yuma. He felt his shoulders broadened at the thought that he was able to somehow protect the others.

“I understand why they are that close and I want to protect that fact.” Yuma thought to himself on his way back to the surveillance room “I should quickly find out why I am here for them. There should be a connection somewhere, right?”


YUMA IMMEDIATELY distributed the drinks he bought. It seems like Miyu has already calmed down. The encounter with the stalker sure has traumatized her but it seems like she is slowly coping up. Maki and Fumie are by her side to make sure that she’s alright.

Fuyu and Natsu on the other hand are with Aki. The twins seem to have gathered it together as well. Fuyu’s knuckles are a bit swollen though and he was immediately given treatment. He sure taught that guy a lesson. He promised Haru that he would contain his anger but he ate his words and exploded like crazy. If Fumie wasn’t there then he could’ve brought more damage to Lex.

Lex was already sent to the immigration office. They don’t want the issue to be known since there is an on-going war and Lex’s country is one of their allies. Even though they know that it might not really bring that huge of a damage, it’s better to be careful so Fuyu asked for General Togawa’s assistance regarding the matter. The General is the one who will inform the U.S. Army of why someone who’s almost beaten up to death will arrive to their country. Lex will be taken home with the other troops anyway.

“It’s getting late. You should go and head back.” That was Haru on a video call with them. He is on the car and it seems like he has already picked up his fiancée. They could hear a noisy woman in the background. “I’ll have some of my drivers to bring you to your houses.”

“It’s okay, Haru. I’d like to take the subway today.” Fuyu said. “I’ll pass with the free ride.”

“Going to take some air, are we?” Haru asked and was immediately answered by a nod.

“Just give Fumie the ride back—“

“No!” Fumie stood up from her seat. “I’ll go with you.”

Fuyu’s tough act is nothing to those pleading eyes of Fumie. He let out a sigh before giving a faint smile. “Okay. You say so, Hime-sama.”

Fuyu then turned to Miyu who’s holding the canned coffee Yuma bought for them. He went to her and knelt in front of her, his action brought unease to Aki’s heart.

“You are safe now, Miyu.” He said in a calm voice. “If someone threatens you again don’t hesitate to tell me, okay?”

Miyu was moved into tears by those words of Fuyu. She wanted to contain her tears but she just produced a cute puppy face before letting go of her sobs. Fuyu smiled to her and patted her head. “You did well. Get some good rest.”

He stood up and then looked back at his girlfriend who is as surprised as Aki is. He extended his arm to her, asking for her to hold his hand. Fumie smiled at him and gladly held his hand.

“We’ll be taking our leave then.” Fuyu said, feeling a bit more comfortable now that he’s holding Fumie’s hand. “Take care on your way home. See you tomorrow.”

Fuyu and Fumie went on their way but Fuyu stopped to give Natsu a tap to his shoulder and told him not to think of what happened anymore. He also did the same to Aki but whispered something else to him that shook the guy’s core.

“What are you doing? Can’t you, at the very least, comfort her? What’s wrong with you?”

Aki couldn’t even look at Fuyu. He remained frozen, his eyes fixed on Miyu making the girl curious. He averted his stare by looking down. His heart shook so hard, for a moment he found it hard to breathe.

It’s true. He is being careful with his actions especially towards Miyu. At some point he thought that it was to protect her from getting into more scandal with him but now that they found out that it wasn’t one of his fans who spread the rumor why is he still hesitant about going near her?

Was it because—

“You chose the other option, didn’t you?”

Aki’s eyes widened in shock. He turned to Fuyu but he couldn’t speak at all. Fuyu tapped him in the shoulder again and then went out of the room with the worried-looking Fumie with him. He tried to stop Fuyu but the guy just waved at him without looking back.

What is the cause of his distance? Has he been keeping the distance to avoid Miyu getting into trouble or is it for his own cause? To not get his name dragged into this case… To not get himself into more trouble…

The door closed, leaving them behind. One by one they left the room as the drivers are already waiting in the parking lot. Maki assisted Miyu as she still feels wobbly after all that happened. Aki was taken aback when Miyu stopped in front of her and with a smile she said,

“I’m sorry for causing you a lot of trouble, Aki-senpai.” Miyu started, trying not to choke. She tried her best to look like she’s fine. “Seems like after everything I only caused you headaches… You know? This and the fanfic…


“I… I’m really sorry…” she bowed deeply before facing him with her bright smile. “J-Jaa… See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Agoki-senpai.” Maki also smiled at him before going.

“We’ll go ahead, Aki.” That was Natsu giving him a light push in the back.

“Good night, Senpai.” Yuma followed them after waving at him.

Aki was left alone in the room together with a few staff members. He sat in front of the laptop where Haru is still connected to. The musician let out a sigh of frustration before messing up his hairdo.

“Fuyu said something, didn’t he?” Haru asked. He is eating something that was given to him by his fiancée.

“Haru…” he sighed once more. “Am I really acting like a coward?”

Haru remained quiet for a while. He took the time to swallow whatever he is eating.

“Well… I was expecting that you’ll be the one to assist her after that horrifying experience but you just stood there and watch. Were you that afraid? It was only us around.”

“I see… I’m really pathetic…”

Haru took a good look of the devastated state of Aki before looking at the car window.

“Aki...” he called out. “Don’t forget that there’s always a third option…”


THE TRAIN was crowded that time, probably because it is the time when workers who work overtime usually go home. And of course, to avoid having Fumie squeezed by the sea of people, Fuyu used his body to shield her from all these people who are craving for rest.

Fuyu noticed the flushed face of his girlfriend as it is the first time after a long while that they are this close to each other. The guy started to blush as well after realizing the situation they are in now. It is too crowded and if he is not strong enough then he could also squeeze into Fumie. He is currently giving the best that he can, applying all his strength to his arms so that he won’t even bump to his girlfriend. He is making sure that there is enough space between the two of them.

The train stopped and as it loaded off people more people came in and Fuyu was pushed towards Fumie. He felt his left arm almost gave in; thank goodness he managed to regain the strength.

Fumie tried to look at him but she immediately bowed her head. The faint smell of Fuyu’s cologne somehow stirs up something inside of her.

“H-How close were you and Miyu earlier?”

“Eh?” Fuyu raised his eyebrows. He couldn’t quite hear what she said because of the sound of the train accelerating. “Did you say something?”

“I-I said… How close were you and Miyu earlier?” Fumie repeated her question in a much audible voice. Surprised at the sudden question, Fuyu looked at his princess’ cute pouting face that is somehow oozing with jealousy.

“I mean… Both of you were in that small dressing room earlier… T-There was no camera so I wasn’t able to see how close you guys were.”

That’s right. Since Miyu had to change, they didn’t put any camera inside the dresser. They only planted a recording device to get more evidence.

“W-Well…” Fuyu looked at another direction. “Miyu hugged me earlier to make things more convincing. We already know that he’s following us so we had to give a realistic acting.”

“I see…” Fumie whispered. “She hugged you, huh?”

Fuyu felt sweat breaking down from his head. He keeps getting pushed by the people behind him but what makes him more hyped is the first time his girlfriend is showing jealousy. She doesn’t really show interest whenever there are girls who still attempt to confess to Fuyu but here she is getting all concerned after her bestfriend got a small body contact with her boyfriend.

The guy tried to suppress his smile by biting his lips, revealing his deep dimple on his left cheek.

“W-Well…” Fuyu started, looking up at the ceiling. “You can hug me anytime if you want to. I am your boyfriend anyway.”

Looking back, the only time that Fumie initiated a hug is when Fuyu found her at the bus station in Seoul. There are times that Fuyu would surprise her with back hugs but aside from holding hands and for that one time when they were about to kiss (if only Yurina didn’t interrupt the scene), they don’t really have any intimate couple moments. They might be seen together everytime they get the chance to meet but having each other around is more than enough for them.

“Y-You don’t really have to hesitate… I’ll always be within your hugging distance…”

Fumie looked up to him after that somewhat cheesy line and their stares locked. Fuyu gulped as the wonderful scent of the girl keeps on hitting his weak spot. He thought that the scent was really gone forever after that scene on Maru’s grave but it went back at the time he went to search for Fumie. How can he just let this moment pass by without making a move? How long will he be able to suppress himself?

Then all reasons just shut down at Fuyu’s mind. Without breaking the connection of their stares, his face descended towards Fumie’s. From the girl’s eyes, his focus transferred to the girl’s appealing lips. Their faces are only an inch away, so close that they are able to feel each other’s breath.

Time seemed to stop and the noise ceased as well as Fuyu continued to make his way. But, when he thought that everything was going in accordance of the mood, Fumie suddenly turned her head to her side, completely avoiding Fuyu’s lips.

For a moment Fuyu was in a state of shock. The face Fumie made when she fended off will be hunting him for nights. She looked so scared and guilty at the same time. Confusion is so evident to her face. He could feel that she wanted to give him what he wants but it is also obvious that she doesn’t want what Fuyu wants.

What is that scared face for?

“I-I’m sorry… I-I’m not ready…” Fumie’s shaky voice also added up to the daggers that have already sunk in Fuyu’s heart. Did she really feel frightened of him?

“S-Sorry… I got ahead of the situation. Sorry…”

“N-No, Senpai… I mean I’m—“

There she goes again addressing him with –senpai.

“It’s okay. Our stop is next. Get ready.”

The train stopped and the two went out of the cart together with the sea of people. The bus they rode was packed as well but Fuyu secured her a seat while the guy stood somewhere far from her after getting pushed by the other passengers.

Fumie’s fists clenched as she looks at Fuyu’s face. It has returned to its usual emotionless appearance. She has ruined the mood and made a gap between them. She’s sure that he’s disappointed but she’s more disappointed to herself. It was her duty as a girlfriend but why can’t she do anything right when it comes to skinship?

Wait… Did she just say duty?

Time was quick and it’s already their stop. Fuyu rode off first and was waiting for her, wearing a faint smile. The other girls that were there couldn’t help but to turn their heads to the beautiful guy and Fumie noticed all of those. Maybe if those girls found out that she evaded the guy’s kiss even though she is the girlfriend she would be considered a big idiot.

“Let’s go.” Fuyu called out to her but he didn’t reach his hand to her instead he pocketed his free hand while the other one carries his bag. Fumie just nodded and they went on, silence surrounding even their very step.


They haven’t reached far when Fuyu was called by a familiar voice. He immediately turned to the caller. Fumie getting all curious also turned back. It was a girl with short bob hair and a cute smile that seems to highlight her eyes rather that her teeth. A smile so innocent that would make anyone want to smile with her.

She ran towards them, carrying a wrapped bento box.

“Ehhh… I thought shomething really important came up so you weren’t able to go to work but it seems like you only went on a date.” The girl mischievously said while taking glimpse of Fumie.

“We really did something important together with our friends, silly.” Fuyu gave the girl a flick in the forehead which made her yelp. “And to tell you, this girl is really important.”

“EHHH! So she’s really your girlfriend!!?” The girl asked with geinin level reactions. “Why didn’t you tell me and ‘Tou-shan!?

Fuyu released a deep sigh. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk about Fumie but he just doesn’t know when to start the conversation since it has always been awkward for him to open up to anyone.

He was about to place his hand on Fumie’s shoulder but he stopped midway. His hand immediately went back to his pocket. “This is my girlfriend, Shingyoji Fumie. Fumie, this weird, loud girl is my co-worker, my boss’s daughter… Fukuoka Haruka.“

Fumie looked at the girl, her heart suddenly kicked after hearing the girl’s name. Haruka then smiled at her and reached out her hand to her.

“Nice to meet you, Shingyoji-shan. My name is Haruk—OUCH!”

Haruka yelped once again as Fuyu smacked her by the back of her head. “Why are you stretching your hand? You aren’t a westerner.”

“You’re such a killjoy!” Haruka returned the favor to Fuyu by slapping his arm. Fumie just watched as another girl interact with her boyfriend as if she’s not around. They seem so be so close to each other but here she is. She is called the girlfriend but she couldn’t even do the same thing to him. There’s an awkward feeling with every hug, a guilty feeling whenever he holds her hand. She even shunned Fuyu’s move for intimacy.

“Anyway, here!” The short-haired girl gave Fuyu the bento box. “’Kaa-shan made shomething really delicious tonight and she kept shaying your name while we were eating so ‘Tou-shan shaid that we should give you shomething.”

“Thank you, Shitatarazu-chan. (Lisp-chan)” Fuyu received another slap after his joke. Haruka has lisp with the syllable ‘SA’ which she always ends up pronouncing as ‘SHA’. “Tell your parents that I’m thankful. I’ll be eating it for breakfast tomorrow.”

“No worries!” Haruka gave him two thumbs up. “I’m going back now. I still have homework to finish. Nice to meet you, Shingyoji-shan~! See you around~!”

Fumie bent a little forward to set the other girl off.

“See you tomorrow, Fuyu-kun~!”

“Mhm. See you.”

After that the girl ran back to their house/store that is blocks away from the bus stop. After she disappeared from their sight, Fuyu continued walking towards the slope they climb everyday. Fumie just tailed after him.

What is even happening to her? She was doing fine as a girlfriend but why on earth is she acting like this again? Why is her heart this… divided?

“H-Her name is Haruka?” Finally she managed to spit something out to break the rule of silence.

“Yes.” Fuyu answered thriftily and then there goes silence again. They are already in front of Fumie’s house when Fuyu spoke again.

“Say, Fumie…” he called out to the girl who was about to open their gate. “I’m really sorry for earlier. Sorry for trying to kiss you without getting your permission and it’s even in public. That was stupid of me.”


“It’s my fault. I made everything awkward. I’m not going to do that again so rest assured. I’m really sorry for trying to rush things up.”


“Good night. See you tomorrow.”

That’s all and Fuyu left wearing a forced smile on his handsome face. Fumie entered their house, dragging her feet as if their mission to save Miyu wasn’t successful at all. She’s sure that she felt jealous when Fuyu and Miyu became so close in such a tight space and then there’s this girl that’s acting so close with Fuyu as well to the point that she addresses him with –kun and brings food for him. But what’s keeping her to properly express her feelings for her boyfriend?

She went straight to her bedroom without even properly greeting her parents. Her mind is so occupied and her heart is tightening so much. She threw herself to her bed and closed her eyes but she only saw the disappointed face of her boyfriend after that scene in the train.

Her eyes opened automatically to get rid of that sad picture but what she saw first was her calendar that is hanging on the wall near her study table. A certain date is marked in red circle 17 days from now. Her face crumpled, she grabbed the nearest pillow and covered her face with it before shouting.

“Fumie, you better get yourself together!!!”


AKI ENTERED the library expecting to see the other guys. It is the last day in school before he gets busy with the intense preparation for their surprise live. He wants to give them the tickets personally so he did his best to get to school today.

He walked towards the usual area where they gather but to his surprise, all he saw was one lady sitting on that long table. It was Watanabe Miyu.

“W-What’s up? Where are the others?” Aki asked before pulling a chair for him to sit on. “I thought they are already here since they finished eating before me.” He came late since he had to check their clubroom to get some stuffs.

Miyu smiled at him, closing the book that she was reading. “I… I asked them to give me a time with you… Just the two of us…”

“Eh?” Aki couldn’t even get to sit after those words of Miyu. He looked at her once more only to see her smiling but her eyebrows are telling another story.

“I mean… I’m here to privately talk to you, Aki-senpai… I want to discuss something with you… Please take a seat…”

Feeling a little nervous, Aki finally took the seat. He thoughtlessly stared at Miyu who made the girl conscious about how she looks. She tucked her stray hair behind her ear and took a deep breath. She tried to look at Aki but she’s too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

“I’m sorry… I know it is a little annoying to see me after everything that happened. You got involved in a scandal mainly because that person is obsessed with me and as you kept on saying, the fanfic that I write caused you to lose your cool character but let me explain myself…”

Miyu took a deep breath, the smile on her face faded as she raised her chin up to look at her senior. Then she opened up her lips.


A long and faint beeping sound followed those words of Miyu. For a moment Aki couldn’t hear anything but that imaginary sound. He just stared at Miyu, eyes wide and mouth gaped.

Miyu snickered. “What’s with that look? Is it really that disgusting?” she lowered her head once again. Biting her lips to prevent tears from falling, she continued with her explanation.

“I started that fanfic not because I am a fan of BL. I made that because I thought it will be a way to keep the girls away from you. I thought it will be a way to protect you from them until you get to notice me. It sounds familiar, right?”

She gulped to push back what’s choking her. “Whichever angle you look at it, it is almost the same reason of that stalker. I tried to destroy your image so that I can keep you to myself. Because Aki-senpai… I really, really like you…”


“From the very first time that I heard your music I got inspired. Your voice somewhat enticed me and it felt like I have known it for a very long time. It kind of felt like it already had a place in my heart. I started to be curious about you so I took the time to read articles about you and your band. When I found out that you are studying in NeoHorikoshi I worked hard to be able to get in just to see you more in flesh. You didn’t notice that I like you, don’t you? It’s because I’m good at hiding… I’m good at acting…”

Tears dropped from her eyes which she immediately wiped by her sleeve. She forced a smile to lighten up her heavy heart.

“Hearing my own story makes me sick. I acted like a complete stalker. I took stolen pictures of you and Haru-senpai just to inspire myself in writing BL. I even read a lot of BL related things so I could write well… Just with the intent to build a fence all over you… What comes around goes around, right? I deserved what happened to me.”

Miyu stood up from her seat which somehow thawed the frozen Autumn Prince. “I thought it will be nice to tell you the truth rather than doing this pathetic stalking. Fuyu-senpai told me that he wants me to be happy and I guess confessing is one way of lifting up the burden off of my chest…”

The wind blew so hard that the curtains of the opened window were flown upwards. Miyu’s hair was also blown by the wind and the lovely scent of her shampoo brought life to the room.

“The fanfic will all be erased. Don’t worry about it anymore.” The damsel gave her final bow of apology. “I’m really sorry for everything… for the scandal… for the fanfic… and for liking you so much… I’m sorry…”

Miyu’s beautiful face crumpled as she couldn’t hold her tears anymore. She dashed towards the door and left Aki still dumbfounded.

“What are you doing? Can’t you, at the very least, comfort her? What’s wrong with you?”

Those words of Fuyu reverberated on his mind which took him off from his seat, snapping him back to reality. And as if someone lighted fire crackers on his feet, he ran outside to search for the girl who just confessed to him.

“You chose the other option, didn’t you?”

“Shut up, Fuyu!!!” he shouted at his mind. “This isn’t the time for you to playback on my mind!!!”

How long has it been since he was frozen? Did he really take that much time to absorb everything that he heard? Where on earth is Miyu? How come she runs so fast?

“She likes me!” Aki told himself while running. “Miyu likes me as well!!!”

He couldn’t think of the other things that the girl said, all that his mind chose to focus on to is the fact that the girl he has feelings for a very long time is feeling the same as well. If only he has manned up long ago, the girl won’t resolve into doing the fanfic and won’t feel guilty about anything. If only he had the courage long ago then it would turn out fine today.

No matter how much he run, he couldn’t see even the shadow of the girl so he resulted into one thing. Risking his vocal chords, he took a deep breath before—



He was halted when he heard someone called him. He turned around to see the members of his band rushing towards him.

“We’ve been looking for you!” Kei stated, panting heavily. “Our manager came to pick us up for a sudden appointment. Didn’t you check our group chat?”

Aki then reached for his phone in his pocket and saw the overwhelming amount of chat notification. He didn’t even feel it vibrated while he was with Miyu.

“We better go. We are so late!”


“Is there something more important than this?” Kei asked. “The release of the next single is three days from now. Get yourself together, leader!”

Aki was taken aback by those words of Kei. He calmed himself down and fixed his unruly hair. His desire to go after Miyu was there but the responsibility he has for Phantom Note felt much heavier. As their producer said, he is the face of the group. They are all important part of the band since it will never be complete if one of them goes missing but as the vocalist, he holds a much important position.

“Are you going or n—OUCH!”

“Don’t shout at me, Kei. I heard you correctly.” Aki fixed his uniform. “Let’s go.”

The band felt some spark after with that command from their leader. They saw how his eyes primed up. He led them as they walk fast towards the gate of the school. Miyu just watched Aki leave while hiding behind the wall. If the band members didn’t arrive, Aki could’ve caught up to her since she stopped to cry on that certain intersection.

The girl tried to smile while watching her prince go back to where he truly belongs. Knowing that going out with him would never be possible, Miyu swallowed his feelings and whispered to the air…


“Good luck, Senpai…”


“GIRLS, are you ready!??”

Yuuka’s really on fire as she lighted her light sticks on. The banner that they made for Phantom Note is ready as well; it is so huge that they need to hang it out somewhere. It was good that Yuuka could only afford the upper box; they are planning to hang it there.

Aki’s younger sister couldn’t help but to be amazed at the amount of people who are in the line right now. She can’t believe that the live was only announced to the public last night at 10 o’ clock but the tickets were sold out in just 30 minutes. Yurina was right when she said not to underestimate the fans.

Everything is set, the banner and the sign boards, but the girls have one more obstacle to go through.

“Kids without guardians are not allowed to get in.” is one of the messages being flashed in the digital sign board of the venue. Since there is a curfew for kids 15 years old and below, they can’t just watch the event without a guardian. They are getting nearer and nearer to the entrance and each step they take are making them more nervous.

“You should have told your brother that we are coming. He could ask the security personnel to let us in.” Momoko said while scratching her head. She’s feeling so hot because of the wig Yuuka made her wear. The white polo topped with black suit sure doesn’t fit the weather. It is really hot and Momoko can’t complain even more. “We don’t have to dress as guys just for this event.”

And yes, they are currently wearing suits and are acting like guys to conceive their age. Yuuka’s wild imagination is really at its finest.

“For once I would like to agree with Momoko.” Yurina irritably said while trying to loosen her necktie. “This outfit is so hot I am going to die. And look at you, you look exactly like your brother that you are gaining attention.”

“What?” Yuuka looked around and she was surprised to see that most people are staring and mumbling about her. Her horrified face made Yurina crack. “Do I really look like my brother!?”

“Please, don’t complain about your clothes. Look what you all did to me.”

Everyone turned to Manaka who is standing behind them and they all lost it once more. Manaka threw a kick to Yurina’s leg which made the girl yelp but soon continued with her laugh.

“Stop that! A grandma doesn’t have enough strength to kick people!”

The three girls laughed even more leaving Manaka speechless. In her mind she is already planning how she will strangle Yurina to death in her sleep. “I’m going to report you to Nii-san!”

“That’s the only costume that will fit your height, Manaka-chan!”

“Shut up, Momoko!” Manaka pouted.

“And why aren’t you wearing any costume?” Yurina turned to Neru who is beside her. The girl is busy taking pictures of them to add in her diary. She just shrugged her shoulders before smiling cutely at Yurina.

“I’ll tell them I am your wife. I think that’s enough—Yurina-chan!”

Neru immediately assisted Yurina who suddenly choked after hearing the word ‘wife’. Momoko’s eyebrows flinched after seeing Yurina’s reaction. She then hugged Yurina by the shoulders and pulled the girl to her side.

“I want to be Yurina’s wife!” she complained, puffing her cheeks.

“Shut up! What the hell are you girls saying?” Yurina wiped her beet red face. For that moment she felt like her sweat glands operated sbove normal.

They all stiffened when they are already in front of the entrance. The security personnel is eyeing them with his intimidating glare, surprised that some group of kids thought that they can make a fool out of him.

“No kids al—“


Everyone’s jaw dropped when Neru suddenly raised her hand and waved at the guy standing by a stall inside the venue. And did she just say Fuyu’s name?

Yurina’s eyes widened even more when she saw that it was really her brother that Neru called. What on earth is her brother doing here? He isn’t the type to watch performances like this.

Fuyu went to the personnel and whispered something to him. The guy looked surprised and then turned to Neru. He immediately let them pass after verifying their tickets. The personnel even looked nervous at the same time.

“What the hell was that?” Yurina asked her brother. “You should’ve said that you’ll be coming here so we didn’t dress like this!!”

Fuyu tucked his tongue out to Yurina. “You should’ve told me that you are coming in the first place. I’m not the one who needs a guardian. You should thank Neru or else you will just listen to the music outside of this arena.”

“What are you doing here in the first place? And how did this girl know your contact details?”

“Are you pertaining to me?” Neru cutely pointed to herself.

“Are you serious with that question, Yurina? My friend is performing today and this is the time he needs support more than anyone else.” He then placed his hand on top of Neru’s head which delighted the girl. “And this girl is my friend’s sister and I used to tutor Neru before. Looks like Neru is the only one who used her head about this curfew matter.”

“No way!!!” Yurina shouted.

Fuyu’s eyes narrowed. “What’s up with that reaction?” He looked at everyone and he almost snorted after his eyes landed on his youngest sister. Manaka started sobbing after seeing the look on his brother’s face. She threw him the light stick that she’s holding before running towards the rest room.

The little grandma bumped to Fumie but it seems like she didn’t recognized her. Yurina’s face immediately turned sour at the sight of the girl.

“That was Manaka-chan?” Fumie asked Fuyu. She went to the rest room while they were waiting for the kids to come. “Why is she dressed like that and—oh!”

She was more surprised when she saw the three girls wearing suits. She turned to Yuuka and curiously asked, “Aki-senpai?”

“I am not my brother!!”

Fuyu just sneered and then Momoko started to cling unto him again. When Manaka finally finished wiping the grandma makeup off of her face, they already went in. Yurina noticed that strangely, her brother isn’t holding Fumie’s hand that time. His hands are pocketed which is really not his style.

The girl’s eyebrows met. “Something happened… I’m sure of it…”


THE LIVE is closing to its end and the hype of the audience can’t be tamed. Phantom Note has already performed their new single and fans can’t help but to fall in love with it for the wonderful arrangement and heart-clenching lyrics.

They also performed their all-time favorite songs and presented the CD covers of the single. There was a seat prepared for everyone even to those who are in front of the stage but it doesn’t seem necessary since everyone chose to stand up and be taken away by the music.

“They are really the best band! Right, Fumie?” Miyu, who is wearing a mask, asked Fumie. She risked her life just to watch this live. She can’t imagine what will happen to her once Aki’s fans recognize her.

“I agree with you! This is the first time I saw them perform up close! Aki-senpai and his band are amazing!”

“I’m glad that the band is doing fine.” Miyu murmured to herself but audible for Fumie to hear. Her swollen eyes are still noticeable even in the dark.

They are sitting by upperbox as well. Probably Aki gave them those tickets to avoid them getting squeezed by the fans on the floor. The arena was then filled with cheer once again when the staged lighted up again after a short break.

Phantom Note are now wearing shirts that says thank you to their fans for the support. The members’ faces then flashed on the screen one by one as they enjoy the view of the fans cheering for them. Their eyes looked all misty which moved the audience to a louder uproar.

Aki expressed how grateful he is for the fans with a shaky voice which made the fans tear up. His avid fan girls are already crying while shouting for his name.

“Thank you very much for staying with us even after that rumor. Thank you for trusting and believing on me after everything that happened. That was a really tough time for us… Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu!”

The band took a 90-degree bow which was received by the audience with a clap. They raised their heads up wonderful smiles are pasted on their faces before picking up their instruments.

“This is the final song that we will give you for tonight. I know that you are all going to shout for encore later but I’m saying it ahead, this will definitely be the last for tonight.”

The audience laughed at him but then their main guitarist started to play as if on cue.

“This last song is on the B-Side of the single and I personally wrote this song.” Aki started plucking his guitar as he continues to talk about the song. The look in his eyes felt a bit more intense and the fans couldn’t help but to notice that.

“Actually… this song is for the girl I have been in loved with for a long time now…”

Gasps were heard from the audience. Everyone was surprised and Miyu is one of those. Aki is in love to someone? How come she didn’t know anything about it? The people in the audience fell quiet because of the shock but it seems like the band members already knew that this was coming. They are only looking at Aki with proud faces.

“Before I came to my current label, I auditioned for other agencies but I kept on getting rejected. No one believed on what I can do so after another failed audition I just found myself in a CD store in Harajuku listening to synthesized music. I already thought of giving up that time but then…”

The cute smile that slipped out of Aki’s face melted the heart of the audience. When did he become even more handsome? Was it because he is really in love?

“I saw a girl handing out tissues during that breezy autumn day and she was in a maid outfit, probably because it was the theme of their shop. She was working really hard, flashing a smile to everyone, to those who receive the tissue and even to those who flatly rejected her. I could see that she’s getting really cold not only because of the weather but also because of the cold shoulder that other people are giving her…

For some unknown reason I went to see her work everyday. I made ‘going to the music store’ as an excuse but the truth is I just really wanted to see her smile. I know, I know… I was like a stalker back then but seeing her move forward despite all the rejection she was receiving, I thought that I should stop sulking and continue with my passion. If it wasn’t because of her then probably I won’t be here on this stage today.”

“I can’t believe he is saying this...” Yuuka whispered to herself. Her brother is seriously opening up this thing to the public? At the release of their new single? Right at this moment?

“But then one day she just disappeared from her usual spot. I asked the maid café where she was working about her and I found out that she was escorted by a modeling agency. I was amazed but I didn’t doubt that because I think that she is really beautiful and charming. So when I found out that she’ll be working in this industry I worked harder to get into the same industry where I know she will shine. And then I was discovered by my producer while I was singing on the streets of Harajuku with my guitar.”

A shy smile struck the hearts of the fans. Aki looked at them but bashfully covered his face due to embarrassment. He was cheered by the audience to continue with his story.

“But yeah, since I am here now I won’t be able to make my move to her. I don’t want her to be judged and I value everyone’s feelings as well. I don’t want to disappoint anyone of you so for now, I will set this feelings aside to focus on giving you more wonderful music. But for now let me say this…”

Aki took a deep breath and look at the area where Miyu is sitting. He knows where she would be since she was the one who picked the seat for her.

“I bet you didn’t know because I am good in hiding my feelings but I really like you. From the very start I’ve been into you. But since I won’t be able to stand up with this feelings for now… I can’t properly receive your feelings as well… I’ll be selfish… Until that day when I can properly hold you in my arms… I want you to please, stay with me.”

The intro of the song entered and then Aki started to sing. His husky voice added by the right emotion he is pouring out to the song made everything so perfect. The sound of the instruments is in proper balance as well sending everyone into a fluttering feeling.

( Please Stay With Me by YUI vid: translation: )

The live ended with the B-Side song becoming the anthem of the whole fandom. The fans can’t help but to sing it as they were going out of the venue. They didn’t care about Aki being in love with a girl. He appealed to them with sincerity and he did delivered great music together with those emotions which they consider as a job well-done for the musician.

This is the third option that Haru was talking about. Be honest and tell yourself that you can’t let any of it go. Be selfish. That idea had a trace of business mind on it but it somehow worked out.

Radios were flooded with requests for the song and their digital sales are skyrocketing as well. Phantom Note has certainly taken the whole country by storm.

Miyu was then pushed inside the dressing room of the band by Maki and Yuma who dragged her to the backstage. The two were cheering on her like crazy. The band was surprised to Miyu but as is they already know what’s happening, the members went quiet waiting for what is going to happen, hiding their silly smiles. The others are all present together with the little sisters. If only Aki could ask to leave them alone he had already shouted at them to get out but his heart is racing that he can’t even say a word.

Miyu looked at him with teary eyes which were then followed by her wonderful, gummy smile.

“Aki-senpai…” she called, freezing Aki even more. “I’m staying.”

What happened next was riot as the members of the band and their friends started to throw confetti all over, rejoicing at the wonderful outcome of their story.

For Aki that is enough… To know that the person he loves will be staying with him through his journey in this world of music he believes he can reach anything… no matter how high it is.



“IT’S only a few days left! Are you sure you can make her come back!?”

The shout of the boss echoed throughout the whole office sending the employee in front of him deeper into the mud of embarrassment.

“I’ll be bringing her back.” The guy in black suit answered.

The boss scoffed at him. “If you won’t be able to bring her back I’ll have you pay for the cancellation of her contract. You are such a shame. What happened to you, Mr. Genius?”

The employee’s fist balled but he kept his head down. “I promise to take her back.” he stressed.

“Anyway, I don’t even care about that girl because she looks useless from the very start. You only forced her to be taken in.” The fat guy laughed and put his cigarette off. “With this I can have you work for me like a dog forever...

Kato Kenta-kun....”


I know you all got tired of reading to so I will reply to comments in another post. Thank you all for reading, leaving likes and commenting! :) Thank you very much.
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“What are you doing? Can’t you, at the very least, comfort her? What’s wrong with you?”

Those words of Fuyu reverberated on his mind which took him off from his seat, snapping him back to reality. And as if someone lighted fire crackers on his feet, he ran outside to search for the girl who just confessed to him.

“You chose the other option, didn’t you?”

“Shut up, Fuyu!!!” he shouted at his mind. “This isn’t the time for you to playback on my mind!!!”

I can imagine a chibi-devil Fuyu whispering on Aki's ear XD This is really cute :D
But oh  well... There are priorities that should be entertained first... It's so sad that they can't pursue the person they like in a moment's notice.


1- Train Kiss - HE DID apologize to Fumie acting like a jerk but why is there so many silent moments between the two of them?This just proves how a young couple they are. Still testing the waters and full of awkwardness. :/

2- Another Haruka - I'm worried for her. I know that Fumie is a fan of the book she always reads before and I hope that Haruppi won't be used as an excuse for a brewing problem that soon to arise.

3- MIYU'S CONFESSION - What the heck Aki? He's so slow... But maybe Miyu is like an Olympic Gold medalist runner that Aki can't catch up to her? Lol But he's so slowwwww he should be like Fuyu who confessed on the first day XD


A shy smile struck the hearts of the fans. Aki looked at them but bashfully covered his face due to embarrassment. He was cheered by the audience to continue with his story.
This paragraph captivated me. I dunno why, maybe I have this weird kink about shy people Ha-ha-ha!

So Im kinda surprised since Im a bit of a fan of YUI <3 Omygod Imissher XD So before I fangirl here about the song and the singer I might as well give you thumbs up for choosing this song :)))


“Anyway, I don’t even care about that girl because she looks useless from the very start. You only forced her to be taken in.” The fat guy laughed and put his cigarette off. “With this I can have you work for me like a dog forever...

He's a meanie! But however are they talking about Shingyoji Fumie? Bc you have that scene earlier when Fumie looked at the calendar and there's a circled date on the 17th? I mean it's not a bday right bc she shouldn't be talking herself out like that. But anyways....

Kato Kenta-kun....”

Is this supposed to be #$@#%$%*&^-san? XD KATO = #$% like omg Maybe I'm a genius or something? But lol XD Why are *&@ going to be the bad guy?

HAHAHAH OMG I'm not cursing words or something XD
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Uwoooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I wonder if you're trying to kill me because I died from this chapter. Haha, it was so satisfying. Miyu and Aki are finally together, huh. Ah, but at the same time, Fumie and Fuyu seem to be reaching some trouble. Always hyping us readers for the next development.
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I feel bad not replying to the last comments so here is

 (Chapter 28)

@Shinoki-san, Answers will be on the next arc. :)

@Erza_Jerusalem-san, that was an entertaining reaction. Thank you so much. Thanks for getting back to the comments. :)

@Genkikid-san, He'll probably need a stop over in the hospital before going home. And that stop over would probably take days.. XD

@FZA02-san, Do you remember the name of the kid in the SayaMilky fic that I wrote? :) I'm planning to have a short sequel for that era so please stay tuned~~ :) It will have another pair on it though. Thanks for sharing your theory.. :)

@porkofdoom-san, there was a bit of jealous Fumie in the latest chapter but we all know what happened. Haha.. I kind of imagined prosecutor Perfect Zombie and her pet K9, Natsu. Haha. That was cute. :)

@Goto24-san, I guess everyone already has a guess about Haru's fiancee. Haha.

(Chapter 29)

@porkofdoom-san, haha. You look like you are cursing or something. Haha.

@Shinoki-san, I'm glad I'm able to give that feeling.  :D Hopefully I can give the same at the following chapter... More intense... :)

Thanks for reading.. Keep the comments coming... I'll reply at the next post~~ :) It's really nice to read your reactions. :)
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i couldn't reply fast...damn my japanese language proficient  test today but at least now it's over so i have to catch up  :nervous :nervous

firstly first i love how akimiyu's relationship's development and they are so sweet

and...techi got chocked because of neru's words? does that mean i can officially says that this adorable (and rude) imouto is fall in love with neru ? dang i already imagining techi in suit waiting 'his' wife while neru walking down the aisle to her husband
and yeah haruppi's appearance, her ways of talking looks similiar with real life and it's so cute
and yuma.. maybe fuyu can help him somehow

Be honest and tell yourself that you can’t let any of it go. Be selfish
i have to say a giant big thank you because this words is actually helps me, i also got similiar situation with aki to be honest (except the fact that i'm not a musician or anything, just ordinary student) and this words really help me, and i think in near future i will do what aki do hahaha

p.s : i know about hiroki since i still sometimes reread it but just don't know what fuyu means with "sin" ? can't wait for that story haha keep it up  :twothumbs :thumbup
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Such a sweet conclusion for miyuaki's complicated love story. But both still can't be together though.

Yurina sure is fast on catching up to things. Or she's just a tsundere with brother complex?
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Hahaha so it will be 'Her.' Wonder when is she gonna appear.

Interesting turn of events.
Now that Miyu and Aki's arc has been settled. But looks like it might take some time before they become officially official. XD
Still, Lex is still creepy AF.
I like the song that Aki sang to her. Hope they have a happy ending.

Now that is done, FuFu couple is a bit of a predicament.
Kato Kenta? Is he the.......?
The next chapter gonna be interesting.
Still waiting for the development of TechiNeru~
Also loved the way Neru said that she will be Techi's wife.   :hee:
Though Momoko ruined it.  :farofflook:
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@FZA02-san , I hope you did well on your test. :)
Well, let's see what will happen between the two as the story progresses..
Yuma's relation with them will be revealed soon but I don't know how soon it is. haha.
I'm hoping for the best for you. Good luck! :)

@Genkikid-san, Yeah, they have to wait for some time I guess...
Maybe Yurina is both of what you said. XD

@Goto24-san, Lex also had a collection of photoshopped pictures of him and Miyu being together. Husband goals? Maybe not.. Haha.
Kato Kenta~~
This three might become a brewing love triangle.. What do you guys think?

Okay, so for this week's chapter~~ Here it is! Enjoy~


Chapter 30: LOSS

FUYU WAS in class when he received a call from a hospital. He was immediately released by his teacher and he rushed towards the said hospital with his heart running wild in his chest. He couldn’t even calm himself while he was on the taxi after they passed by on an area where an accident happened. There he saw a familiar car, its plate number on the ground.

It bumped on the truck in front of it while the car behind it collided to it as well. He won’t be able to recognize the car if it wasn’t for the stickers he and his sisters pasted on the car’s back screen. It was a family sticker that Yurina and Manaka designed by themselves.

The accident caused heavy traffic and his heart couldn’t handle it anymore. He left the taxi and ran towards the hospital that is only a few blocks away from the accident area. Media people are starting to gather when he arrived but the hospital staff has managed to keep them out. He ran pass them and hurriedly went to the information desk.

“I-I’m the son of the couple who got into the car accident few blocks from here!” Fuyu told the nurses on duty while still chasing for his breath. “W-Where are my parents? P-Please… I beg you, tell me that they are alright!”

The nurses looked at each other with worried faces. Then they told Fuyu the whereabouts of his parents.

“We are sorry to say but Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were pronounced dead on the spot. You can find them in the mortuary.”


TOGETHER with a doctor, Fuyu was brought to the morgue. His legs are just moving with his mind being absent. If ever that was a nightmare he wished to wake up from it right after he received the call that his parents got into a terrible accident. But no matter how he bury his nails to his thighs, he just couldn’t wake up from the cruel reality.

The doctor led him to two beds covered with white cloth. Fuyu looked at the doctor who just gestured at him to confirm it. The boy slowly lifted up the cover of the bed in his right and he broke into pieces after seeing that it really is his mother, her head still has traces of blood on it, not breathing… lifeless.

With his whole body shaking, he went to uncover the other corpse and his tears started to fall like waterfalls when he saw Kai. His face has deep cuts because of the shards of the windscreen. His skin so pale, having no warmth at all.

With a loud lament, the boy fell on his knees while holding to the hands of his parents. The doctor felt his heart clutched at the scene. For the first time in his entire life, Fuyu cried out loud to the point that his throat gets hoarse, until there isn’t any sound coming out from him.

“Okaa-san… Otou-san…” He kept on calling out to them but there was no response at all. He couldn’t cry hard enough, his face already wet with his tears. He doesn’t even know if there are more tears to shed.

“Otou-san… You said you aren’t going to leave me! You promised not to leave me but what on earth is this!? Otou-san!!! Wake up!!!”

He remembered that last night they were just talking about changing his surname into Kai’s surname. He has been against it for he thought he might bring damage to Kai’s reputation but he was finally convinced by the two. He couldn’t forget how happy Kai was after he finally said yes but now what? Where did that smile go?

“Okaa-san, I haven’t found her. I promised that I’ll present her to you first, right? Wake up, don’t be unfair. We got promises for each other, don’t we?” Fuyu went to hug his mother but the usual warmth of his mother’s embrace was replaced by this cold, lifeless body. “Okaa-san!!!”

“I’m sorry!! I’ll be a good boy. I promise I will not miss family dinner again. I will not get myself into trouble. I promise I will do better in school! I will not fight with Yurina again. I will take good care of my sisters! Please, just wake up! Otou-san, Okaa-san… Please!!!”

His voice trailed off as he went back to his knees. His tears just won’t stop from falling. “Wake up… please…”


HIS SWOLLEN eyes enraged after his sight landed to the only survivor of the car crash. The woman in her late 30s only suffered fractures, a dislocated neck and a bit of a trauma in the head. She’s already in the recovery room after receiving the necessary treatments.

The lady noticed him and she was horrified. She tried to run but her condition won’t let her go anywhere. Her family members, probably her siblings, are there and they can’t even look at Fuyu because of the shame their sister brought her.

“Y-You?” Fuyu asked as if he couldn’t believe of what he is seeing. “How come you were inside the car as well? D-Did you hide yourself and then wait for the opportunity to kill them?”

Fuyu’s feet led him nearer to the terrified lady. Groans were heard from the woman who was struggling to move. If only she could run she already did but all she can do is to cry.

“Y-You…” Tears started to fall from Fuyu’s eyes again. “H-How come… How come you are alive? WHY ARE YOU THE ONE WHO SURVIVED!?”

The boy’s shout echoed at the whole corridor of the hospital. He was already a foot away from the lady before he stopped. He wanted to hurt her; he could feel every muscle of his body shaking in anger.

“Are you that crazy of my dad!? It has already been years!!! The court already issued a restraining order against you! Why does it have to come up this way!? Tell me!! Why do you have to do that to my da—“


Fuyu froze. The lady just talked back to him, this lady whose hands are stained by the blood of his parents just dared to talk back at him.

“You will never be his son! You are not of his blood! Don’t dream about it, boy!!!”

Her relatives tried to stop her but the lady has really lost it.

“Your mother had you from another man and how dare her seduced my Kai!! Kai is everyone’s precious man! How can a divorced, failure of a woman like your mother take him to herself!? Your mother is a whore!!! You and your mother should be the ones who died and not Ka—“

“Don’t talk like you and my father were friends.” Fuyu’s fists balled as he gritted. “And don’t you dare call my mother a whore in front of my face.”

“W-WHY!?” The lady talked back once more, laughing hysterically. “The truth hurts, right? Your mother failed being an idol because she’s a slut! You stole Kai from m—“

Everyone in the room gasped when the woman’s head suddenly flew back leaving her with a broken nose plus a heavy nose bleed. Her lips were bleeding as well.

“F*CK YOU!!!” Fuyu shouted, not caring about the age gap anymore. He gave the awful lady a head-butt that impacted straight to her nose. “You took the most important people in my life and you have the guts to talk like that!? F*CK OFF!!!”

“How will I explain this to my sisters!? How will I tell them that a soulless person like you caused an accident and now we are orphans!? How will I tell them that Otou-san and Okaa-san will never be coming back!? HOW!!!?”

Fuyu was about to punch the lady straight to her face but his fist was stopped mid-air. He turned around and saw Mario together with Michael. The two were chasing for their breaths as they rushed all the way to the hospital after hearing the news.

Mario weakly shook his head, calmly telling Fuyu to stop. “It’s futile, Fuyu-kun. You should not dirty your hands to this kind of person.”

The lady was taken aback by Mario’s words. The idols that she has been looking up to all these years are looking at her with disgust and hatred.

Fuyu broke down even more as he was welcomed to the arms of Mario and Michael. He cried his heart out, calling out to his parents.

The stalker then started crying as well as guilt filled her once more. She kept asking for forgiveness from the three people who lost their loved ones because of her, saying that she didn’t want everything to end like how it ended.

Fuyu turned to her once more, for the last time. He glared at her as if engraving her miserable image in his mind. “Forgiveness is something that I can never give you. You survived? Then live your life with guilt and regret. Live a miserable life…


I will never ever forgive you.”


BATHING with his own sweat, Fuyu rose up from sleep while gasping for air. He immediately stood up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He wiped the sweat clustering up on his forehead.

“This nightmare is so late.” He told himself as Miyu’s stalker incident concluded days ago. He shook his head to shake away all the memories of the nightmare. He looked at the clock and saw that it is almost time for his day to start.

He went to wear his favorite overall and went for a run around the vicinity. For years this has been his routine as instructed to him by Maki’s father. He would run for an hour and exercise at the park for another hour. With this he has to wake up earlier than most people.

He does 50 push-ups a day and he uses most of the exercise equipment in the park. His favorites are the horizontal and parallel bars so his upper body strength is no joke at all. No wonder his body is ripped for an 17-year old like him.

Working out became his way to momentarily forget about the past. It helped him a lot when he was trying to move on and entertain himself. This is the reason why Yuma was knocked down in just one hit and Miyu’s stalker crumpled in one blow.

Mario told him to use his looks so there was a time that he tried modeling but he didn’t enjoy it. He didn’t like the attention he was getting so his modeling career was short-lived but sparkly. In the end, he chose to move in a tighter space. Exercising early in the morning, sometimes with AkiGori or General Togawa if they aren’t busy, school and then part-time job. He is so disciplined in terms of exercising that he doesn’t need to set an alarm. He would just sleep during lunch but that was when he hadn’t found Fumie yet.

He already finished his routine and on his way back home when he was called by a loud girl. It was Haruka jogging with their dog and shop mascot, Rupyo. Fuyu slowed down to wait for the said girl.

“Good morning, Fuyu-kun!” Haruka greeted him with a wide smile. “Exer-shay-sing as usual!”

Fuyu just shook his head and looked back at his path. “Good morning, Haruka. Stop being too loud early in the morning.” He took a glimpse of the cute shiba inu and greeted, “’Morning, Rupyo. Good job for walking your master today.”

Fuyu received another shoulder slap from the girl which is some sort of a habit.

“I didn’t know that it is this hard to wake up early to exershays.” Haruka wiped the sweat from her forehead. The girl does look like that she’s a bit deprived of sleep.

“How long have you been jogging?”

“Ten minutes.” Haruka proudly answered.

Fuyu shook his head in disbelief. “Seriously?”

They turned in a corner and met another store owner in the vicinity which cheerfully greeted them. The old lady stopped them and gave them some freshly harvested pears that she got from her own backyard. The two thanked the old lady and were about to go when the lady suddenly blurted. “Grow old fast and make babies. I really want to see how your children will look like.”

Haruka turned beet red and heavily waved her hands. She almost let go of Rupyo, good thing the dog is well-disciplined. “Really, Tsukiko-obaa-shan? When will you stop talking about that? Me and Fuyu-kun are just friends.”

The old lady just looked at them, switching her stare from Fuyu to Haruka then back to Fuyu. “I thought you two were together since Fuyu-kun has been working on your store for years already. I thought that romance already bloomed between the two of you.”

Haruka laughed and smacked Fuyu’s shoulder once again. “That’s impossible! Fuyu-kun likes those idol-type girls. His standards are so high and I can never reach it!”

The old lady chuckled at Haruka’s excuse but Fuyu flinched at that statement. “I just thought that your kids would be interesting to look at since the both of you have coconut hairs.”

“Eh?” The two looked at each other. Fuyu’s styling a two-block long haircut while Haruka wears a bob cut. Now that the grandma mentioned it, they do look like coconut shells.

The lady laughed at them once more and then went on her way. “I’ll get going now. Tell me when you both end up together, alright? I’ll be sure to attend your wedding.”

The two shook their heads and continued with their jog. Most of their neighbors are thinking that they are in a relationship since they see them together everyday at their store. Most of them have seen Fuyu together with Fumie but somehow they didn’t like him being with another girl. It’s like the whole neighborhood is shipping Fuyu and Haruka together (excluding all those young girls who has a crush on Fuyu).

“Hey, Haruka.” Fuyu called with his usual cold voice. “What’s up with what you said earlier?”

Haruka tilted her head to the side. “Eh? What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about so don’t act like you are innocent.” Fuyu saw a different smile curved up on Haruka’s lips.

“Well… Since I shaw that she was wearing the uniform of your school and is really cute, I thought that probably she’s on a celebrity status so I searched her name up on the web. I shaw her profile and screenshots of her past blog posts.” The girl then turned to Fuyu with a teasing face. “I knew it! You are really into girls with dreams of being an idol! I thought your taste changed when Asuka got really big in the industry!”

Fuyu’s pace slowed down a little as his ears opened up wider to listen to whatever Haruka is saying. Has this girl seen something about Fumie that he hasn’t seen yet? And why is Asuka being dragged into this?

“Your girlfriend’s past blog posts show how she is eager to be an idol. One would like to cheer on her because of how diligent and sincere she writes her posts. She had quite a following but her blog suddenly got deactivated. I guess that was when you two started dating.”

Haruka paused to take a quick breath. “Her name also popped out in the list of trainees that joined Kojima Haruna’s search for girls that would debut in a group.”

Fuyu completely stopped running, looking so confused. The short-haired girl and her dog also stopped with their jog and curiously turned to Fuyu.

“Are you really saying that her name is still on the list?” Fuyu asked.

“W-Well… Yeah.” Haruka scratched her cheek while trying to remember the details. “The website about the prospect idols also has a discussion thread for each aspirant. Nothing has been mentioned about her quitting the course. In fact, a lot of people are cheering her to her thread. I guess no one has seen her dating you. You don’t really go out on dates, do you? I know, I know! It is hard to date an idol-aspirant.”

It’s true that they don’t date outside. Since Fuyu has work after class and duties at weekends as well, the only places they hang out are at school and at their houses. But hey, that isn’t the issue here. The main concern is why Fumie’s name is still on the list.

“Hey!” Haruka’s face showed worry. “Don’t tell me you don’t know!” She covered her mouth with both of her hands. ‘Did I just say something that I shouldn’t have said?’

The guy suddenly fell to his knees which surprised the girl but it turned out that he was only tying his shoelaces properly. “I’m going now, Haruka. I badly need to shower. See you at work later.”

That’s all and Fuyu set off in much faster speed. Haruka released a sigh and then started to rub Rupyo’s head. “I hope this won’t be the Asuka incident all over again. Fuyu-kun looks so dazzling the past days, doesn’t he? I hope his smile won’t disappear again…”


WHEN Fuyu arrived back home, he immediately went to the showers and there he spent more time thinking. Questions are popping non-stop in his head. There are ideas being induced to him by how Fumie was acting the past days but he rejects the ideas right away. He wants to believe that everything is alright, that things aren’t supposed to hurt him. ‘Having the girl with the scent means that all his suffering would be put into stop’ is what he always believes in. All the pain should stop bothering him.

...but why is it like this?

After spending some time on the showers, he went to groom himself for school. Though one would not really call it grooming since he would just put his uniform on and then dry his hair and leave without even combing it. It just magically falls into place, perfectly hiding his birthmark on his forehead.

He then ate the food Haruka gave him last night for breakfast before finally setting off. If the girl didn’t give him anything, he would certainly go with his usual breakfast—a slice of bread and milk. He then would wait for Fumie in front of his house then they’ll go to school together.

“You again?” Fuyu blurted out after seeing Haruka waiting for him outside. He quickly locked his house before turning back to the girl who is just smiling at him. She’s already wearing her uniform. “What are you doing here this time?”

“I came to get the bento box.” She answered in a bit of a high pitch. She lied. The truth is she just wanted to check him out. She’s feeling guilty that she told him everything that she found out with her little research. It’s not her fault anyway; she thought that Fuyu already knows about those things.

“I haven’t washed it. I’ll give it to you later when I go to work. Now go ahead.”

“Are you okay, Fuyu-kun?” The girl worriedly asked but hiding her worries by smiling.

“What are you talking about? Do I look sick?”

“W-Well…” Haruka was taken aback, thinking of what to say next. “I just thought that you may be—“


The boy’s head automatically turned to the owner of that voice. Haruka saw how his expression completely changed from the usual cold and stoic Fuyu to a wonderful guy with a smile of complete happiness. Is this really the guy that she has been working with everyday for years?

“Fumie~!” Fuyu waved his hand to the girl who was looking so surprised of what she just saw. Haruka bowed her head to greet her. Somehow, she’s not having a good impression of Fumie.

“I’m going ahead. Give me the bento box later, got it?” That’s all and she left. She ran downhill without even looking back.

“That was Fukuoka-san, am I right?” Fumie asked.

“Yes, she was asking for the bento box but I haven’t washed it.” Fuyu went to carry Fumie’s bag for her. “Let’s go before we miss the bus.”

The guy started to take the lead. Fumie had to run a bit to catch up to him and walk by his side. Fuyu didn’t ask for her hand today as well and it has been like this since the subway incident. He still looks happy whenever he sees her but somehow she could feel that there has been a building resistance between the two of them. This has already made her heart suffer so after pondering carefully about it last night; the girl has decided to make a move.

“F-Fuyu-kun!” Fumie called him with a stutter.

“Mhm?” Fuyu turned to her with a cute smile that made her heart skip a beat. This guy is just so beautiful. That innocent and happy face is something that she would always love to cherish. Moreover he only shows it to her... but why can’t she just focus on protecting that smile?

The girl stopped walking and stretched out her hand towards Fuyu. “C-Can I… Can we hold hands?” This is the first time that she asked for it so she couldn’t help but to be embarrassed.

The handsome lad turned to her direction and just stared at her for some time. She witnessed how his cheeks got tinted with a light blush of pink before he finally smiled again. He won’t deny it, Fumie’s move was able to make his heart go crazy. He reached out for the girl’s hand which he wasn’t able to hold for the past days because of his fear of another rejection.

The lad’s heart was put at ease after feeling Fumie’s palm on his, fingers intertwined like all the other couples usually do. They both smiled at each other before Fuyu pulled Fumie to his side. Then the two continued with their journey down the slope, both with warm hearts.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Fuyu asked.

“Hmm… yes!” Fumie lied. She’s still bothered by a lot of things that caused her to sleep late. “How about you, Fuyu-kun?”

“Well… I slept well too.” The nightmare he had entered his mind but he chose not to tell anything to Fumie. He doesn’t want to ruin the moment that they are having now with his sad memories. He has already decided to only make good memories from now on. Even if Fumie is hiding something from him, he’ll just be there waiting for her to open up to him. He is willing to take the role of the fool if that is what it takes for their relationship to work out.

“Say, Fumie…” Fuyu took a deep breath. “Do you... you know... have any time to spare this weekend? How about going on a date with me?”

“D-Date?” Fumie repeated.

“You see… We haven’t really had a proper date. I can ask for a day off this Saturday... that is if you want to go out with me… I’m not forcing you or anything.”

Fumie was not able to answer but it doesn’t seem that her silence meant to be a yes. Worry is all over her face so Fuyu concluded that it is a no. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued on their way. It was foolish of him to suddenly ask her out for a date.

“A-Actually, Fuyu-kun… There is something that I like to tell you…”

Fuyu gulped. Is this it? Is he about to hear that thing that he’s afraid to hear? His heart was covered with fear but he tried his best to smile. “Yes?”

“T-The truth is… I… The truth is I—“

“So this is the reason for your absence, Fumie-san?”

Fumie’s eyes widened in fear right after hearing that familiar voice. Fuyu’s face immediately changed into a protective one before turning to the guy in a black suit. Leaning at the door of his car, the guy with chestnut-dyed, parted styled elegantly to the side hair brushed his hair up but his fringe would always fall to cover most part of his left eye. He lifted his back from his car and stood properly.

“K-Kato-san…” Fumie, as if her body automatically moved, pulled her hand free from Fuyu’s grasp. The guy turned to her with wide-opened eyes, could hardly believe that he is seeing this guilty face from his girlfriend again.

“I had the hunch so I came to confirm it myself.” He looked at Fuyu with narrowing eyes behind those round specs. “You are quitting because of this?”

“What are you talking about?” Fuyu tried to ask calmly but his brows are already meeting.

“I came here to pick Fumie-san up and bring her back to where she belongs.” He opened the door of the backseat of his car. “Get in.”

Fuyu’s fists clenched. Noticing the build up of anger on his boyfriend’s face, Fumie tried to stop him with whatever he is thinking. “H-He is my manager, Fuyu-kun. He is—“

“There’s no need to tell him about me, Fumie-san. He already knows me.”


“TCH.” Fumie heard Fuyu’s tongue clicked. He’s struggling to stay calm but his fists are telling otherwise.

“Long time no see, Hoshizora Fuyu-kun.” Kato smiled at him. “I didn’t know that we will meet this way after a long time. I guess your preference hasn’t changed at all. You still like idols, don’t you?”

“I don’t have any business with you.” Fuyu retorted.

“Maybe you don’t have but the girl beside you has. Get in the car, the both of you. I have to talk to your parents as well, Fumie-san. Let’s head to your house first.”

“But Kato-san I—“

“You signed a contract. Do you want to get your parents in trouble?” Kato went back in his car. “Hop in. We don’t have much time.”

Fuyu was about to tell Fumie to run with him but he was dumbfounded when the girl slowly made her way towards the car and rode it. He felt his throat dried up in an instant and his heart slowly dying. Left with no other choice, he followed Fumie inside the car just like a fool.

He knew it already, he could already feel it but he just kept on denying it. The very moment that Fumie rode the car he knew that…



he has already lost her.


Yes, Kato Kenta is an original character. See you on the next chapter~
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Even though it had been said that Fuyu's parents died because of the stalker... reading it is so much sadder. Even though the nurses were just doing their job and properly informed Fuyu, when they said...
“We are sorry to say but Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were pronounced dead on the spot. You can find them in the mortuary.”
My heart totally broke... Even though I already knew that they died...

(That crazy stalker woman deserved to be punched in the face! Ah, life is really unfair for Fuyu. The good people get torn away from this world while the bad ones survive. Even if they do repent... Fuyu's parents are still dead.)

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It seems today is just a very bad day for Fuyu  :(
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You told me to criticize you but...

Omygod that drama... Why is that stalker fan even there in the first place? I hope she had reconstruction surgery so Fuyu wouldn't recognize her xD

Look at that Haruka why are you so caring, Fumie will get jealous!

Oh no! She saw you together with her bae... And the whole NEIGHBORHOOD SHIPS THEM?!?!?!!! HAHAHAHAHA WHY OH WHY. OMG xDDD And apparently they don't like Fumie or other girls besides Haruka... but the sound of free food is enticing ! HAHAHA :drool:

Haruka doesn't like Fumie?  :wth

KATOSAAAAAN~ Make him handsome please hahahaha! Look at his elegant hair xD

Ugh Fumie why are you keeping a secet from your bae? Now Fuyu is a sad puppy again :<

Okay I get it. It's #FuyuHaruka after all.  :roll:

So when you say that you'd be dropping hints... Is Fuyu's career going to be a soldier? He's going into army? Bc he likes working out a lot. Like A LOT. He breathes, eat and live to exercise which Haruka helpfully emphasize thru her lisp lol. Exershays  :lol:

I can't blame Fumie tho, she had signed a contract before meeting Fuyu and I wanna know her otousan's reaction  XD  she's going to have gravure pics all along~

Heyow Cut, mail me some tissues next time you write angst. Poor Fuyu :<  :cry:
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well, umm how i should put it...that woman stalker make me want to break my own vows to not hit girl or woman but mario is right i shouldn't tainted my fist to those kind of people and what kind of man who hit a woman anyway (in fuyu's case it's different so he still a man... a gentleman)

okay haruppi (i'll call her haruppi since call her haruka makes me confused with her and paruru) she i should it the way she put "sh/sy" instead of just "s" is cute well, the real one is like that so i really can imagine her cute way of speaking

and now.....damn that drama, i know trouble will happen to this couple and it really happen.. now i wonder who will help fuyu to solve it since it looks like it's hard for fuyu to handle this alone

i actually don't want to say this say his miserable will end once he realized his dream is a bit naive but well they still 17 so i really understand

now i'm really curious for the next chapters, i can't wait good job cut-san keep it up :twothumbs
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Drama alert.  :hehehe:

First of all, scary stalker.


Third, looks like more mischief is about to brew. And that Kato... I don't like him already.
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@Shinoki-san, I hope I did a good job with relaying the emotions. I feel lacking with my vocabulary but I'm still I get the right emotions go through that barrier..
You're right, you can't put a bandage to fix a broken glass..

@Genkikid-san, I thinks so too. I hope his coconut styled hair is still in good condition though.. (I don't know why I said this) XD Just hoping he's having a good hair day despite the awful day..

@porkofdoom-san, She's currently suffering the shame of what she did and is having suicidal thoughts... I guess. XD
Free food! Yum! XD
I'm planning to draw him but I lack time. I'll try my best.. :)
Maybe he is just an exershays addict? XD
Uh oh... Dad's not going to like it, I guess... Hmmm...
I'll ask Sakura to give me some box of tissues she got from Music Station and give it to you. :)

@FZA02-san, Haha.. There is always an exemption to the rule.
I'm having hard times pertaining her as Haruka. XD
Let's see in the future~ :) I agree, that's naive in a sense but it is a promise that his soul has been dying to fulfill..

@Goto24-san, Uh oh. Kato-san already got an anti here. XD

WISH will be updated tomorrow (hopefully). Thanks again for reading~ :)
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Chapter 31: KATO KENTA

AS MUCH as Hoshizora Fuyu is concern, Kato Kenta became one of his worst nightmares about two years ago. This person was very respectable in the field of idols since he was the one who discovered most of the well-loved idols of the generation.

Kato Kenta was called a genius in terms of picking girls with idol potentials. At first, one would not know why he picks a certain girl but as time passes by, the girl proves that she is worthy to be in the industry and excels in almost everything. At a very young age of 27, he has already reached a lot in terms of discovering idols. His eyes are always sharp in terms of idol qualities so if you were asked by a guy named Kato Kenta to be an idol, people will automatically expect great things from you.

The same man brought Saito Asuka to the spotlight. Aside from having a prominent name backing her up, the girl was well-received because of her character that is not close to any other idol. She’s frank; she would really say what is on her mind without any hesitation. She doesn’t like acting cute which somehow felt fresh for the fans causing a lot of wota to oshi-hen to her. The girl became a favorite cover model of magazines as well, both fashion and gravure. But since she often declines gravure works, gravure magazines that features her would be sold out in a flash.

Since Fuyu and Asuka quite had a friendship back then, Fuyu went to see Asuka’s lives and guestings to the point that he has been getting a lot of attention because of him being a head turner. If he knows that the performance would mean a lot to Asuka, he would be there to support even if Asuka’s mother had already forbidden them to meet, even if Asuka doesn’t know that he’s watching in the audience.

But due to the attention that Fuyu was gaining, Asuka’s fans somehow got a bad impression of him to the point that they wanted him to be banned from going to her shows. As Asuka’s handler, Kato confronted the high school freshman Fuyu who was still trying to move on from his parents’ death.

A stumbling block. No, rather a huge boulder hindering success. Kato made sure that he properly shoved those words to Fuyu’s face leaving the scarred boy without any choice but to completely leave Asuka even he is just supporting in the shadows. He stopped going to her lives and did his best not to care about the girl anymore. At the same year, Asuka made her debut at the prestigious Jyuni Seiza (12 Zodiacs), landing in the 7th spot, which is a very big thing for a first timer in the list.

The said list is an annual event of which the fans all over the world have the power to vote for the girls they believe should be called the best of the bests. All idols are ranked regardless of how long they have been in the industry, their agencies, or even their own will. It’s a compulsory participation. You will only be out once you graduate. No one cares about your emotional status as well.

Saito Asuka is one of the living proofs of how genius Kato Kenta is. Her success as a rookie brought more glitter to the name of Kato Kenta. He is a true man of talent, success, dignity and pride. Name it all. His looks isn’t lacking as well since he can surely invite a girl out without even revealing his identity. He was a complete package but…

The whole Shingyoji household and Fuyu were all dumbfounded while they look down at this respectable guy doing a full dogeza in front of them. Kato is down to his knees, his forehead touching the floor. “Please! Let me have Fumie-san back to the contest.”

“K-Kato-san…” Fumie’s father scratched his head. “My daughter has already chosen. She is also going out with Fuyu-kun here. It will be bad if—“

“It’s okay! I will let them continue their relationship!” Kato bowed even further as if trying to bury his face in the floor. “Just let her get back to the contest. I will take responsibility of everything!”

Frustration can be traced from the voice of the guy. He is pleading like his life is at stake. Fumie’s father shook his head and grabbed Kato by his shoulder to make him stand up. “Let’s talk properly.” He said in a manly voice before putting the guy back to his seat.

They are all in the living room with Fuyu and Fumie sitting at the long couch together with the girl’s parents while Kato was made to sit on the solo sofa placed in front of them. The scary-looking manager suddenly turned into an abandoned-looking pup while he sniffs to get a hold of his tears.

“Look Kato-san, we don’t see the reason why we are talking about it.” Fumie’s father started after clearing his throat. “My daughter has already chosen not to become an idol. I know that there is a contract that she signed but can we do anything about it?”

“It’s sad to say that there’s nothing we can do.” Kato released a sigh. “You see, if you don’t abide with the contract, my uncle would just leech money out from you. He would certainly bring this to the court just to get money from you.”

Since Kato started in the industry at a really young age, he had to ask help from his uncle to support his agency financially. His uncle only approved of supporting him if he would name him as his business partner. When he got really, really famous, envy came crawling to his uncle and made all sorts of things to get him down to dust. He desired everything that Kato is gaining with the guy’s own abilities.

He got into a scandal with one of his employees which was set up by his uncle. There were trainees who were blackmailed to file a sexual harassment case against him which defamed him. Since he was dragged down and couldn’t find any way to prove his innocence, he became a slave of his uncle who, which in eyes of the people, is kind enough to still accept him back in the company but this time as a lowly manager.

Kato flew overseas to wait for the issue against him to die down. He has spent almost all of his earnings to pay for the damage to all the trainees who complained about him. His share of the company was also lessened to 10%. His uncle’s plan backfired at him because the company lost the trust of sponsors and the media itself. He then started pressuring Kato to discover more idols and that is when he accidentally met Fumie.

“I don’t want you to be a victim of his greed so please just finish the course. I heard that you are a respected veteran, Sir. I don’t want your name to be tainted by this.”

Fumie’s fists balled after hearing that. She just can’t let her father’s name be dragged into this.

Kato then reached for his suitcase and pulled out a paper. “Here is the hard copy of the contract that Fumie-san signed. Since this girl is underage, do you remember that I also had the both you sign the contract so the contents of it are properly read by an adult?”

Fumie’s parents were taken aback. It’s true that they also signed the contract because Fumie was really into becoming an idol that time. All they wanted is to support her in her dreams but they didn’t know it will end up this way.

“Since my stupid uncle doesn’t see any potential from Fumie-san, he wrote an unbelievable condition in section III of the contract. You can go and read it, Sir.”

The head of the family turned the pages and read the said section. “To prove her worth, the applicant has to participate in Kojima Haruna’s search for new idols which will be chosen from different agencies all over the country. If the applicant is not chosen, all the support coming from the agency will be stopped and her idol journey will be put in an end.”

Fuyu’s eyes widened. A smile of relief was then seen on his face. “Does that mean Fumie only has to purposely fail the course and—“

That smile immediately faded right after he turned to his girlfriend. The look on her face clearly says that she doesn’t want to fail the selection without any fight. “I got myself excited for nothing.”

“That’s right, Fuyu-kun. But she has to do the selection performance. She has to appear at that day and perform. If she fails then the 8-year contract with our agency will be nulled.”

“But…” Finally, Fumie’s mother found her chance to say something. “What if she passes the selection? What will happen to her and Fuyu-kun?”

Kato nodded once but that doesn’t mean that he is saying yes. He then turned to Fumie and gave the girl a meaningful stare which Fumie immediately averted by bowing her head.

“That is for Fumie-san to decide.” Kato finally answered. “It would be up to her to choose on that point. If she passes the selection but chooses to keep Fuyu-kun then I will do my best not to let their relationship be publicized. They could continue their relationship and I promise to protect them with all my might.”

To Fuyu, hearing those words from Kato who drove him away from Asuka was really absurd. He can clearly remember how he talked to him as if he would destroy Asuka’s bright future by supporting her from the shadows but here is the same guy promising that he would protect whatever he and Fumie have. He can’t completely believe it but Kato’s eyes show determination and sincerity.

The lad wanted to smile. It was good news for him nevertheless. They can continue their relationship while Fumie can pursue her dream. A bit risky they might say but he is willing to do anything just to keep whatever they have. But, looking at Fumie feels like something is lashing his heart. She looks like she is ready to give him up any time soon.

“Go on, Fumie.”

Fumie’s head automatically rose and turned to Fuyu’s way. Fuyu’s perfectly deceitful smile was the first thing she saw. “B-But, Fuyu—“

“It’s okay. I know it is really your dream to become an idol so go back to the course and don’t think about me. Get back there and fight for your dream.” Fuyu even tried to make his eyes smile with him to make his act more believable. “I will be fine. For someone who doesn’t have a dream like me, it makes me want to dream just by watching people with something they pursue. You don’t have to worry if you pass as well. I will always be waiting for you and I will support you all the way so all you have to do is give your best to it. I will be waiting.”

Fumie’s heart clutched at those words. How can this guy be this understanding? Even her parents are in awe with those heavy words that the lad just said. “But—“

“As expected from Fuyu-kun!” Kato put his hands together to show how pleased he is at that answer from Fuyu. “I knew that you would understand this better than anyone else! So is everything settled now?”

Fumie looked at Fuyu once more but the lad still has that faint smile while looking at another direction. She bit her lips as she took a deep breath. “All I have to do is to fail the selection performance, right?”

The smile on Kato’s face widened. “Yes.”

Her parents are worried about what will happen from that point onwards but they can’t do anything since Fumie is bound by the contract which has both of their signs as well. The conversation with Kato then ended with the agreement that Fumie will continue the course and join the selection performance.

Kato then volunteered to drop Fuyu to NHG since he is the reason why he is late. He will also personally file Fumie’s leave from the school for the following days.

While Fumie is taking her time to talk with her parents privately, the two guys went outside to wait. Kato took this time to light up a cigarette to reduce stress. He noticed Fuyu looking at him so he stretched out his hand to him. “Do you want one?” he asked pertaining to the pack of cigarettes in his hand.

“No thanks. I don’t smoke and I am still underage.” Fuyu coldly answered. He then heard the other guy laughed a bit.

“You grew up so much. I mean, you gained more centimeters, didn’t you? Your body looks really fine as hell. I won’t doubt it if more girls are flocking over you now.”

“You changed so much as well.” Fuyu retorted. “I didn’t remember that you are the type of person that will kneel in front of someone.”

The older guy just weakly shook his head and exhaled the smoke. “Life of an adult is tough, young one. I am left with no other choice and everyone whom I discovered turned their backs on me. Cleaning your name from false accusations is not an easy task.”

Kato took another lung-full of dirty air before he continued talking. “Fumie-san is the first person to trust me after I get covered in mud. Somehow I want to do my best for her to be able to reach her dreams but since she has you now, I wouldn’t mind to protect the both of you. I can’t believe that she fell for you… out of all the people.”

“What are you meaning to say?” Fuyu asked, his voice growled a little.

“Well, I mean you and Asuka were just like this before, am I right?”

“Tch.” Fuyu rolled his eyes. “How many times should I tell you that I was just supporting her as her friend that time? People’s eyes are always full of malice.”

The other guy smirked and stepped on the remains of his finished cigarette. “That’s true.”

And as if on cue, Fumie came out of the house looking a bit distressed. Then they set off towards NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. There was a tense air surrounding them while they were inside the car. It was too silent even the couple isn’t talking to each other.

It is still too early but Fuyu can feel the fatigue in his heart. His day started with a nightmare and now he is watching how his girlfriend is slowly being taken away from him. How is he even supposed to react to this? He wanted to reach out for Fumie’s hand but he is afraid that she will shake him off once again.

Shinoda-sensei was startled to see Kato Kenta filing a leave for Fumie. He filed the leave together with the girl who just stood quietly behind him. She was asked by the teacher is she is sure to whatever she is doing but she is left with no other but ‘yes’.

After filing the request, they went back to the car where they found Fuyu waiting for them. He hasn’t entered the school building yet. He waited so he could see Fumie off.

“Message me when you get home, okay?” He said with another deceitful smile. “Don’t tire yourself too much.”


The lady was silenced when she felt Fuyu’s palm on top of her head. “Don’t worry about me. Just do what you think is best for you. I don’t want you to have any regrets. Follow your heart, Fumie.”

He saw how Fumie bit her lips to stop herself from crying. She looked up to him with those teary eyes as if asking Fuyu is she could hug him. The boy smiled faintly and opened his arms for his girl. Fumie slowly closed the distance between them and embraced Fuyu, her tears finally started falling.

Fuyu felt his heart tightened so much after feeling Fumie in between his arms. He was hesitating to return the hug at first but he ended up embracing her tightly but as gently as he could. The possibility of not being able to hug the girl for a long time entered his mind and this clutched his poor heart.

“See you later. Have fun, okay?” Fuyu wiped the tears from Fumie’s eyes while trying his best not to cry himself. The girl gave him an affirmative nod, controlling her sobs.

“I’ll be back… Please wait for me.” Fumie’s shaky voice added up to the pain in Fuyu’s heart but he still managed to set her off with a smile. Their moment was interrupted when they heard the car’s door opened.

“Let’s go, Fumie-san.” Kato said with the usual smile on his face.

Left with no choice but to separate, the two said their goodbyes to each other. Kato gave Fuyu a tap on his shoulder and whispered, ‘Don’t worry, kid. I got your back.’ before leaving.

The car has left for a good ten minutes but Fuyu hasn’t moved to where he is standing. He is having the urge to pray but about what? For Fumie to fail the course even if it is obvious that she wants to be selected or for her to pass it but have their relationship at risk?

A sigh came out from Fuyu… A very deep one…


“What should I even wish for?”


NATSU was out of breath when he reached the cafeteria. He was supposed to be in a break for today since his shoot for his new drama ended around 7AM and he wasn’t able to get enough sleep. Due to his healthy, functioning digestive system, he had to wake up after getting only three hours of snoring. With his eyes half-opened, he casually visited the gossip page of NHG while sitting at the throne of glory. There he found the news of Fumie filing a leave from school to resume her training to be an idol.

His eyes suddenly opened widely as his bomb also splashed to the cold waters. There was even a picture of Fuyu taken after Fumie left. His brother looked really, really sad so he went straight to the showers and prepared to go to school.

He was reading the comments while he was on his way to the school. Everyone was wondering what happened between the couple and theories started springing out of nowhere. There were people who said that they have noticed how Fumie is allegedly distancing herself from the lad. They usually go to school while holding hands but they haven’t been doing that recently. They could also observe the awkwardness between the two.

“I guess she just got carried away. Hoshizora-san gave up on her already during the trip, right?”

“Back then maybe she realized that she is going to miss one of the hottest guys in the campus so she changed her mind and went after him.”

“I heard she was also having hard times in her dance lessons. Maybe she already thought of giving up that time so she just went to Fuyu-kun.”

“But then she changed her mind again? What kind of girl is she? She had the guy’s hope up. Now she is going back to her idol journey dumping Hoshizora who is obviously so in love with her. Sucks!”

“Well, we knew it from the start. It’s either Shingyoji dated him out of pity or to get more attention. I mean Hoshizora is one of the Shiki. He is Hoshizora f*cking Fuyu. She would really get a lot of attention.”

“Seems like everything is just a tale for Hoshizora-san.”

“We still don’t know what happened. Let’s not assume things.”

And more comments flood the said entry at the gossip page. Natsu could only grit his teeth, couldn’t really calm himself. What on earth just happened between the two? Why is Fumie off to be an idol again?

“Natsu! I thought you’re on your day off?”

Natsu’s jaw dropped after seeing his brother on their usual table, his mouth was full when he greeted his brother and what’s more chilling is he was smiling at Natsu from ear to ear.

“Come, come! I guess you haven’t eaten anything for lunch. Go get your food quickly and take a seat!”

“King! Stop talking while your mouth is full! Act like a King!” Maki, the main source of cringe, is also cringing of the energetic Fuyu. His happy act doesn’t really suit him.

“H-Hai!” Natsu stuttered and quickly went to the server to get his portion. He then ran back, spilling a bit of his miso soup on the way. He was finally settled on his seat when he noticed that everyone is gathered on that one table.

“You should go home after eating, Natsu! Look at those dark arcs under your eyes. You will disappoint your fan girls!” Fuyu cheerfully commented before getting another mouthful of his food. “Thish ish really delicious!”

“Can you please stop acting like that? You are seriously making my skin crawl.” Haru shook his head in disgust. He wasn’t lying about his goosebumps though.

“Come on, Haru! Why are you so serious?” Fuyu bumped him with his shoulder which made the president jerk. He seriously looked disgusted of Fuyu.

“The King is being possessed by a deceitful spirit!” Maki stood up from her seat with her fist up. “I will take care of you and prepare an exorcising ritual! Help me on this, Yuma!”

Yuma twitched after hearing his name. He was scared that Maki would bring out that he is Getters Yuma. He couldn’t afford to reveal his other identity to the whole school. “E-Eh!? Why me?”

Everyone froze when Fuyu started laughing. Everyone pertains to all the people that are currently in the cafeteria. Hoshizora Fuyu is giggling like a child. Has he gone mad already?

“Stop it, Fuyu! You are making us more worried about you!” Aki shouted at the other guy which made him stop laughing. Fuyu calmed down and his laughter ended with a deep sigh.

“If I don’t act like I am fine, they will not stop talking badly about Fumie. I don’t want her to be judged.” Fuyu tried to smile but he showed off a very bitter one. “I seriously don’t know what to wish for.”

The others fell silent at another sight of a helpless Fuyu. The guy wiped the sides of his lips before standing up. “I’m going to the gym to work out.” He stated, now back to his usual composed demeanor. The others just let him go. They know that he will just either play basketball or run laps. They already know that talking with him wouldn’t do anything. They just saw how he made an effort to look fine just because of one girl and that is something that they never thought the notorious Hoshizora Fuyu, who rejected girls without batting an eye, is capable of.

“Did you know anything about Fumie’s status at the course, Miyu-tan?” Maki turned to Miyu who was just silently watching them. Her heart is being pinched by the fact that Fuyu is hurt. It feels like she is having motherly affections towards the lad.

“All I heard from Fumie back then is that she always got called on during dance classes and her singing isn’t exceptional as well. But she was really into it. I’ve known her for so long and she is really an idol otaku to the point that she wants to be one of them.” Miyu bowed her head, getting anxious with all the attention on her.

“I know that the one who scouted her is Kato Kenta and I have warned her about him due to the scandal that he got involved with but she said that she wanted to trust him. She thought that she could never miss the chance s-so… yeah…”

Miyu somehow got a feeling that there is something wrong with Fumie the last few days. She is often absent minded in class and she has caught her watching what seems to be a dance practice video many times. She was unsure of what it is so she just didn’t mind.

“That Kato Kenta will really get a piece of me once we meet again!” Maki hit the table with her fist. “He already took Ashu from the King before and now he is going to take Fumie-tan!? That guy!!!”

“C-Calm down, Maki-chan.” Miyu bit her lips. “Fumie has been absent from the course for a long time. I don’t think that she can pass…” The girl’s voice trailed off when she realized what she was saying. “My gosh… I feel horrible for some reason…”

“I don’t get it…”

Their attentions transferred to the Summer Prince who is yet to touch his plate. There goes the agitated look on the pup’s face again. Maki looked at him with a troubled face.

“I really don’t get it!!!” Natsu left everyone else and followed his brother while calling out to him. He might be feeling betrayed by Fumie. He has a lot questions running inside of his head right now.

Haru released a sigh to get everyone’s attention.

“Let’s just let it be for now... They all need time to think...”



“WHAT are you doing here?”

Kojima Haruna’s jaw dropped when she saw who just came inside the dance studio. All the other girls were surprised as well but it seemed like they have been all expecting for that person to come back.

Shingyoji Fumie took a bow right after she closed the door. Kato didn’t come inside since his identity as Fumie’s manager is a secret. The girl is there to face everyone on her own. The girls she is close with welcomed her back while the others didn’t seem to mind her.

“Is your injury okay now, Shingyoji?” Anna-sensei, the dance instructor, asked her with a smile on her face. The lassie answered with a nod. Kato told her that he made injury an excuse for her sudden absence. “I’m glad you’re back. Let’s go back to practice!”

Since the selection day is getting nearer, Haruna has been coming to the practices to personally see the progress of the girls but she never thought that she would see Fumie in the studio ever again. And what’s up with the injury story? Why is it that she didn’t know anything about it?

The legendary idol met eyes with the girl. Fumie just gave her a polite bow without any expression on her face before joining the others into their practice. The dance instructor told her to stretch first before everything else. Haruna couldn’t believe what she’s seeing. The thought of Fuyu immediately entered her mind; her hand automatically reached out to her nuero-linker and visited the NHG gossip page.

Her eyes widened in surprise after seeing the pictures posted and the following updates about Fuyu. When she thought everything was going out well.

“Are you really serious, Fumie-chan?”


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Chapter 32:  Muffins

THE MATSUI Family is complete in the dining table after a long while but it doesn’t seem like it is something to be celebrated. Natsu has been spacing out and is only fidgeting with his food. Momoko tried her best to lift up the atmosphere but deep inside her she could also feel whatever Natsu is feeling.

Yuu put his chopsticks down; the sound it made alerted Haruna.

“What’s wrong with you, Natsu?” The father asked with a blank expression on his face. It is obvious that he isn’t pleased with however his son is acting. “Don’t you like the food served to you? Don’t play with the food.”

Natsu released a sigh in response which made his eyebrow twitched. “I’m sorry, Otou-san. I’m going to eat now.”

Yuu shook his head in disappointment before reaching his chopsticks again. “We haven’t dined like this for a long while but you’re dragging the mood down. Please be considerate.”

“I’m sorry.” After that emotionless apology of Natsu, he stuffed everything to his mouth before emptying his glass of water to push everything down to his stomach. He wiped the stains from his lips before standing up. “Thank you for the food.”

Yuu’s jaw dropped as he watched his son left the dining table like nothing happened. He was about to call him back for some scolding but Haruna stopped him by holding his hand together with a weak shaking of her head.

And with that halting from the love of his life, he just let it slide for a while until they finished eating. Momoko went up to her room after receiving a sign from her mother that she should go.

“What on earth is wrong with that guy?” Yuu asked, still can’t believe what just happened. He and Haruna are now seated in the living room watching a music show where Saito Asuka is currently performing together with the other members of that Jyuni Seiza.

Haruna took a deep breath. She reached out for her phone and called out a recently opened page. “Natsu-kun didn’t tell me anything but I have a feeling that this is the reason.”

She then showed her phone to her husband whose wrinkles on his forehead deepened even more. His eyes widened after reading the headline. He took the phone from Haruna’s hands and continued to read the whole article by himself. His agitated face somehow turned into a worried one. He couldn’t even stop scrolling even at the comment’s section.

“The girl suddenly turned up at the dance practice earlier. I was even surprised myself. I thought that she quit the whole thing for good.” Haruna rested her back to the sofa and turned her eyes to the TV screen. “I believe Natsu-kun is worried about his brother.”

“Did these two break up?” Yuu asked while still reading the comments.

“I don’t really know. Apparently there were people who already noticed them being awkward with each other for the past few days.” The former idol let out a sigh.

Yuu returned the phone to his wife and then leaned to the back rest as well. Haruna held his hand and then leaned on her husband’s shoulder. “Fuyu will be alright, right?” He asked as he caresses Haruna’s cheek; his voice tainted with worry.

“I hope he is.” The lady buried her face to her husband’s shoulder and inhaled a good amount of his scent. “I will look at the happenings… Let me see what I can do. You should do something as well.”

Yuu’s head suddenly dropped followed by a sigh. “You know that Fuyu hates me. I will only make things worse if I suddenly appear in his life.”

Her husband is acting tough but Haruna clearly heard the longing and fear in his voice. She knows well why Yuu ended up treating Fuyu a little harsh. It’s because of his eyes. Whenever Yuu sees Fuyu, he is always reminded of Atsuko since Fuyu got his mother’s eyes. But compared to Atsuko’s, Fuyu’s eyes always seem so cold. It’s as if Atsuko is looking at him with disgust, mad about the fate that she suffered in his hands. She could’ve been a big idol if only he didn’t take her.

Whenever Fuyu looks at him he feels haunted—reminded of the sin that he has done. He used another girl to forget another girl and ruined her life in the process. He knows that he should atleast do something for his sons but he just can’t look at Fuyu the same way he looks at Natsu. His conscience doesn’t stop bugging him but he is trying at the very least by supporting Fuyu’s studies and other expenses but it is late. Fuyu has grown to hate him. His fear and conscience engraved a miserable picture of him in Fuyu’s mind.

“I’m going to contact Rio and Michael. Fuyu trusts them.” He was about to reach out for his phone but Haruna stopped him by holding his hand.

“No.” She firmly said when Yuu turned his way. “How about you do it yourself this time? Don’t drive your son to other people. You are his father.”

“I know but—“

“You’ve heard of Sae-kun’s plan for him, didn’t you? If you don’t move Fuyu-kun and Natsu-kun might—“

Haruna was silenced when Yuu stood up, his phone in his hand. “I’m sorry, Honey.” He gave Haruna a kiss on the forehead. “I’m going to give Rio a call. Excuse me for a moment.”

The lady watched her husband made his way towards the garden. She sank in the sofa due to disappointment. She turned her focus back on the television and noticed that the performance is already over and the top 12 girls are being interviewed at the moment.

“Why is my Yuu like this?” She sank lower to her seat. Asuka is being interviewed and her thoughts traveled back in time. That time when Asuka was still a beginner and was still not able to handle her emotions and the pressure of being an idol.

“I don’t want to leave Fuyu-kun… I promised I will stay by his side… Why do I have to leave him?”

Those were the words of the lass when she was confronted by her manager before she even transferred to Haruna’s agency. The legendary idol witnessed all the commotion in the fire exit where she was taking a break. Asuka was crying a lot that time. She was a complete picture of frustration.

“Asuka-chan…” she called out in silence. “What will you do if you get to know this?”


MAKI just finished showering when she heard a notification from her phone. Curious of who will message her at that time, she immediately picked up her phone while still wiping her hair with her towel. Her eyes widened in surprise after seeing the username. She jumped to her bed, lying flat in her stomach.

Summer Prince AKA Perfect Zombie’s First Kiss

“Maki are you up?” Natsu asked followed by a puppy emoticon.

The chuunibyou panicked a little at the surprise chat of the Summer Prince. For a moment she didn’t know what to do until her hand automatically went to slap her face to calm herself down. She went to sit up and picked up her phone which she dropped in the process of panicking.

“Oh, Prince of the Summer Breeze! What can I do for you? What brought you into my magnificent chat room?” was what she wrote but she was biting her fingernails while waiting for the guy’s reply. How long has it been since the last time Natsu talked to her on Line? Chatting with him again made her a little excited.

“I think I’m not so perfect when it comes to this prince! I should ask my father for advice!”

One moment she is sure to get repair from the Great Scientist, the next moment she jumped in surprise of her own notification tone. It was heart stopping but she doesn’t dislike the feeling. She immediately opened the message.

“What do you think I should do to cheer up, Fuyu-nii-san?” Natsu replied with a sad puppy emoji. “He told me earlier about everything… The reason why Fumie-chan had to go back to the course… He said he understands her but it is obvious that he is hurting inside. I don’t like to see that kind of face from him again…”

Maki bit her lips. Natsu’s love for his brother is really something. It always makes Maki envy them. Sometimes she wishes the Great Scientist created another zombie to be her playmate for life but she guesses the Great Scientist grew tired of all the experiments and stopped when he finally created the perfect one. That’s why Maki swore that she would protect the twins with everything that she got. They are her precious brothers.

“Everything will be alright, Natsu. Let’s trust Fumie-tan. I believe she can’t just give up the King. Don’t you remember that they were the past’s—“

Maki suddenly stopped with whatever she was typing. “What was I going to say again? The past’s what? Mah, whatever.” Shrugging her shoulders, she deleted the last sentence and sent the message.

“I’d be really mad if Fumie-chan passed the course and then continued with it. She knows well that she is the happiness of my brother.”

“You should try to understand my minion, Fumie-tan, as well. It is her dream to be an idol.”

“Can’t she just treat Fuyu-nii as her happiness as well? Fuyu-nii is going to break really bad if she pursues her dream. You knew well what happened when he and Asuka-chan stopped seeing each other because of the damned idol life.”

Maki sighed. She remembers well the aftermath of their separation. Fuyu thought that everyone is being taken from him one by one so to save himself from the trauma, he was the one who started distancing himself from them. His visits to Maki’s manor became seldom, he would only come if he was called by General Togawa. He stopped smiling. It was only when he found the girl of the scent when he started laughing again.

She knows that it is unfair to Fumie’s side. She believes that Natsu somehow thinks the same way but they just can’t help but to worry about the other guy. Fuyu has experienced enough heartache. Adding more to it might end up completely destroying him. And they aren’t talking about anyone here; they are talking about the girl that he has been searching for all of his life.

“Don’t exhaust yourself in worrying, Prince of Summer! Everything will be alright!”

That is what Maki replied but deep inside she worries about the future as well. She can’t fully assure Natsu that everything will go in accordance of everyone’s happiness.

“Maki… If you don’t mind, can we use your house again? Let’s play this weekend. I’ll ask Fuyu-nii to get an off from his work and I will bring Yurina and Manaka as well. I know it is like hell for him to wait for the outcome of Fumie-chan’s career. Let’s entertain him even for a little bit.”

Maki’s eyes twinkled at what she read. The idea of Yurina and Manaka coming made her excited. It was like a dream for her to play with the other twins. Ideas came flooding her playful mind.

“I will prepare my castle for your return, Prince of Summer!” she sent with an amazing amount of smileys. She soon received a reply from Natsu that made her heart quake.

“Thank you, Maki. Anyway, when will I get my second kiss? I’ve been waiting for it since forever!”

The girl’s cheeks burnt that you can fry an egg on it. She stood on top of her bed, took a deep breath and pressed the record button of the said messaging application.


Her voice echoed throughout the whole mansion.


THE WHOLE practice session is playing back in Fumie’s mind as she is on her way back home. She is riding Kato’s car, she was surprised to see him waiting by the subway entrance. The guy said that he came to pick her up and told her not to worry because he is just trying to avoid being seen by the management of Kojima Haruna’s agency that’s why he waited somewhere else. They might give Fumie a plus point if they find out that Kato Kenta is the one managing her.

The guy also said that he wants to help her that he would start to act more like a manager to her hence the free ride. He’ll be going to pick her up from home and send her home as well. As long as the course is going, he will be managing Fumie’s schedule.

The whole session was like hell for Fumie since she was at lost at the formation and everything. She couldn’t follow the routine at all even though she was giving her best to learn as fast as possible. The thought of it being a good way for her to be out of the contest came into her head but the feeling of failing without even trying is something that she can’t accept at all.

The girl massaged her temple as she has been thinking the whole day. She couldn’t erase Fuyu from her mind at all. She wanted to message him during breaks but she has to be careful or else someone might see her chatting with a guy. She wanted to give him a call right after she went out of the building but with terrible luck, her phone is already dead when she went back to it. Fuyu hasn’t bought a new neuro linker as well since Yurina destroyed it.

“Fumie-san…” she was suddenly dragged out from her thoughts at that call from Kato. “For the meantime you have to be careful. Since the selection is coming up, the tabloids are making their way to the lives of the hopefuls. Be careful in meeting Fuyu-kun.”

Great! The girl released a sigh as her heart was once again filled with disappointment. Just when she thought she could drop by to see Fuyu came the warning to be careful of paparazzi. She just hopes that no one took a picture of them when they go to school and going back home. They were always walking hand in hand back then. But who is she to worry about that? She wasn’t that big of a name in the first place, no one would be interested to get a photo of her dating. There isn’t anything to worry about the gossip page of NHG since they didn’t put up any of those photos and the site is highly secured.

Kato, noticing the disappointment at Fumie’s face, gave out a snicker to lift up the atmosphere. “You have to bear with it for the meantime, Fumie-san. It would be harder for you to meet if you debut as an idol so whatever the outcome of the competition, I want you to consider what you think would be best for you.”

The lass weakly nodded and then turned her attention to the view outside the car. “I want to see Fuyu-kun…” She blurted out of desperation.

The manager smiled faintly. “I understand what you feel but it is best to be careful for now. It is for the both of you as well. After all of this then you can go back to your normal life again.”

“But I also want to be an idol…”

Silence followed that weak confession from the girl. They were caught in a red light by the intersection. Kato took this time to make a confession as well.

“You see, Fumie-san… The first time I saw you I really thought that you got what it takes to be an idol. It was like I found hope in my miserable life once again. You were on an amusement park with your parents and then you got lost. For someone of your age, getting lost was a really funny thing but you made it so cute to the point that I can get a heart attack from the cuteness.”

Fumie scratched her head, “Kato-san… That’s a little bit…”

“You were waiting for them in front of the carousel since you were so embarrassed to go to the information desk to ask for help. You were waiting there like a princess eagerly looking forward to meet her prince