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Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on July 13, 2006, 07:15:19 AM
Welcome to The Official Georges Laraque Thread!


This thread is dedicated to the toughest player in the NHL. He is a class act and always has time for his fans and local charities. Thanks for 9 great seasons in Edmonton Oilers copper and blue Georges!! Keep beating up bitches as a Phoenix Coyote whenever The Great One Wayne Gretzky gives u the tap on the shoulder!! LET'S ROCK!!


Position    Left/Right Wing
Shoots    Right
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight    243 lb (110 kg)
Nationality: Canada
Born:    December 7, 1976, Montreal, QC, CAN
NHL Draft: 31st overall, 1995 by the Edmonton Oilers

Born in Montreal, it was natural for Laraque to enter the QMJHL, where he played for a variety of teams, generally as a power forward. In 173 games at the junior level, Laraque stockpiled 107 points and an even more impressive 661 penalty minutes. Georges was a member of the 1996 Granby Prédateurs team which won the Memorial Cup.

After finishing junior, Laraque spent parts of three seasons with Edmonton's American Hockey League affiliate, the Hamilton Bulldogs.

He was unanimously awarded the 'Best Fighter' award from The Hockey News in 2003.

Got a good Georges Laraque moment? Post it!


Links ( ( (


Every time he scores a goal, he runs to the corner at the side of the goal and "jumps the glass" it's his trademark goal celebration move.

He is one of the few minorities in the NHL. At one time, the Oilers had the most blacks on one team (3). Here we see a group of pioneers like Grant Fuhr and Willie O'Ree with a current group of black NHL players.

His Fights:

Pumping the crowd up after whoopin ass

Dominating in the 2006 run for The Stanley Cup

Scoring against the Ducks

Final Game as an Oiler

( ( ( ( (



vs Calgary Flames Chris Simon

Watch Georges Laraque - He jumps the glass for the fans! He promised a cup! (camera action by daigong)
Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: Masa on July 13, 2006, 07:45:56 AM
Dude looks like KRS-One:

More videos:

Bob Probert crowns Laraque the toughest in the NHL:

George Laraque hammers Sami Helenius

Helenius got beat up so badly that he had to leave NHL. Dude came back to Finland and he has been worse than ever (three years, three teams). All thanks to Georges "KRS-One" Laraque.
Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on July 13, 2006, 06:52:14 PM
:lmao: you have a point

I MET HIM IN THE FLESH AT 8:30 AM MST!!!!!!!!!! I shook his hand! He said "aaiiii can't believe I'm leaving"

Photos coming shortly.


He's STILL there. signing 4 hours later, it's nearly 1:38 PM MST!!

signing evey last autograph!! Goodbye! Goodluck! Here is Photos. *clicky*

( ( ( ( (

I thanked him for the time here, how he repped minorities. then asked him to pose for a pic like he was gonna beat me up. :lol:


Final count: 1700 people, raised 3000 bucks for his fave charity too. Till nearly 6 PM! :shock:

When he comes to town, October 23rd...everyone should give him a standing O.
Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 24, 2006, 09:59:27 AM
( (

Laraque relishes his return home

David Vest
The Arizona Republic
Oct. 23, 2006 10:22 PM

EDMONTON, Alberta - Right wing Georges Laraque couldn't wait to get inside Rexall Place on Monday, but the former Oilers fan favorite does not regret leaving Edmonton to play for the Coyotes.

"I wanted a change," Laraque said after Monday's morning skate. "After nine years with one team, you want a chance to see what you can do with other teams. I don't regret my decision. I'd been here long enough."

Laraque was back in the lineup after a one-game benching for what coach Wayne Gretzky described as the enforcer's reluctance to "physically engage" opponents in the first six games.

Reporters and camera operators swarmed Laraque after the morning skate to ask him how it felt to be home.

"I love the guys on the (Coyotes), and we've bonded well together," Laraque said, " . . . but Edmonton will always be home."

Laraque was the first player on the ice at the morning skate.

"I wanted to look around and see the flag they put up for us," said Laraque, who helped the Oilers win the Western Conference title last season. "There are a lot of memories. I couldn't wait to get back here."
Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: kuno_thunder on October 26, 2006, 02:25:46 AM
Your fandom for Mr Laraque somehow rivals that of Ishikawa Rika's sweet booty - and I find it hilarious.
Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 26, 2006, 08:17:47 AM
Quote from: Kuno_Thunder;221172
Your fandom for Mr Laraque somehow rivals that of Ishikawa Rika's sweet booty - and I find it hilarious.

Yep. Him and Shaq rank up there. I'm like following his 4 minutes a night career in Phoenix in the soon to be Arean. He beat the shit outta a Flame the other nite too.

D'oh and the links are down. My efforts are wasted.
Title: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 27, 2006, 08:27:15 AM

After a benching last week, typical Georges bursting in outta the corner with chumps draped on him as he beat the Oilers Jussi Markkanen :doh:
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on May 13, 2007, 08:09:22 PM
Georges speaks the truth man. Having an exodus of players leave last season HURTS. I really wished the Oilers at least offered him something instead of just throwing him away like that.

Laraque livin' large in E-town :shock:
Edmonton's biggest booster suggests Oilers may have to overpay to draw free agents

John MacKinnon
The Edmonton Journal

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some NHL stars flounder in the supposed "fish bowl" that is Edmonton, but the water here still feels mighty fine to ex-Oilers tough guy Georges Laraque, who returned Saturday to summer and socialize in his adopted home.

Not only that, his dad, Edy, who happily fled snowy Montreal years ago for Miami, Fla., has up and moved here, too. And full time, to boot.

"That is even more ironic," Laraque said in a telephone interview Monday. "He told (us) kids that when they were old enough they'd all move to Florida because he was sick of the snow.

"That's why for him to (move) to Edmonton is unreal. Nobody can believe it. My dad's an Edmontonian, it's the funniest thing."

Turns out Edy, who lived for years in Miami where he worked renovating condos and selling them, met a vacationing Edmonton woman on the beach. As is so often the way with these Miami Beach romances, love blossomed, Edy and Aileen were married about a year later and opted to move north, way north.

And why wouldn't Edy Laraque love Edmonton? His son raves about the place.

"People are genuinely nice, the city is developing nicely," Georges Laraque said. "In the summer there's not too many places like this.

"It's not too busy like Toronto or Montreal, where it's hectic and if you go downtown it's almost like New York City. Here it's perfect."

So, it's not a fish bowl where you're the constant target of staring eyes everywhere you go, as ex-Oilers defenceman Chris Pronger told reporters on the weekend in Anaheim?

"People are respectful," Laraque said. "Obviously it (public attention) comes with the job, wherever you are. In Canada, there's a little bit more.

"When you're nice to people, they're nice to you. People say, 'Hi' and I'll say 'Hi.' Who cares? It's the least we could do. Those fans, they pay our salary. So I really don't mind it. How can you get mad at someone that wants to come and talk to you?"

"What, you're going to tell a fan off, but when playoff time comes, you want him to come and scream his heart out until he has no (voice)?" added Laraque.

"You've got to do something for them, you know what I mean?"

Laraque, as is well known here, gives plenty of his time to the fans, to charities and to worthy causes.

For example, he will be participating in the Edmonton Journal Little Big Run, a mass participation walk and run event on June 3 to promote physical activity and better health.

"I told (organizers) they didn't have to sell me on it, I thought it was a great idea to get people active," Laraque said. "The fact that you can get your whole family out there and go for a little walk or a little run or whatever instead of staying inside, I thought it was a great idea.

"Kids stay home and play with their PlayStation too much."

When Laraque is home for the summer, he gets out and around as few people do, let alone pro athletes.

Last summer, of course, he signed as a free agent with Phoenix, but was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins at the March 7 trade deadline. Laraque reinforced that the Oilers have obvious issues when it comes to signing free agents to rebuild their roster this off-season.

"No. 1, everybody knows that they have the worst schedule in the NHL in terms of travelling, that's a fact," said Laraque.

He noted that many unrestricted free agents are 30-somethings for whom wear and tear on the body is a key issue, making the easier travel schedule in the east hugely attractive.

"And No. 2, after what happened with (Jaroslav) Spacek, (Michael) Peca, Pronger and Ryan Smyth, they put themselves in a tough situation to sign unrestricted free agents because of that," Laraque said.

NHL players talk, Laraque said. And when a cluster leaves a city like Edmonton all at once, they wonder what's going on. Players who leave on dodgy terms could potentially spread poisonous chatter about Edmonton.

"That's why you never burn your bridges," Laraque said. "All I'm saying is they put themselves in a tough situation to get unrestricted free-agents. So what they're going to have to do is overpay to get them.

"I'm not putting the team down. I was there for nine years and it was the best nine years of my life. Obviously, playing with them is the reason why I made Edmonton my home."

And there is plenty of irony in George's choosing Edmonton as his home.

Now a Penguin, based south of the border all fall and winter, Laraque remains a splendid ambassador for the good life in Edmonton in the good ol' summertime.


GEORGES!! RE-SIGN!! WE MISS YOU!!! Fuckin watching Moreau Staios and Jason Smith feebily try to take runs at heavyweights TOGETHER. Hemsky and Stoll getting their clocks cleaned like their name was Oscar De La Hoya. Hope to stalk ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR see him at that fun run.

he was on the local radio station The Team 1260 and sounded off on MacT:

- MacT on many occasions gave him the red light

- MacT, after telling Laraque not to fight, benched Laraque for an entire game after Laraque fought Peters

- Laraque would love to finish his career as an Oiler as long as MacT is not the coach

source: some chump on the Oilers board and me listening to the radio
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 14, 2007, 10:39:08 PM
How 'bout Big Georges protecting Sid The kid!? Look at his cornrows XD

Watch this inspiring video, about how Georges overcame racial stereotypes and followed Jackie Robinson's path to glory:
Georges Laraque - The Story

Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 21, 2008, 06:38:14 AM
Georges looking good in Habs threads! KICKING THE SHIT OUTTA Scott Thornton 10-15-2008 debut:
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on December 21, 2008, 01:44:12 PM
cuz you need HQ

( (
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: oragami33 on December 24, 2008, 12:36:48 AM
He's can not only throw down, but he's honorable too
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on May 31, 2009, 04:19:52 AM
Say it ain't so GEORGES! Joining PETA wtf

Habs tough guy joins fight for better treatment of animals

( (

 "He's targeted June 1 as Day One of his vegetarian life."
 By MIKE BOONE, The GazetteMay 25, 2009

  Laraque: "DVD opens your eyes."
Photograph by: GETTY IMAGES, The GazetteI don't want to blow his cred as a National Hockey League tough guy, but there's a sensitive side to Georges Laraque.

Generally recognized as the heavyweight champion of the NHL - in 700 regular season and playoff games, he has scored 56 goals and served 1,166 minutes in penalties - the Canadiens' forward has joined the fight for more humane treatment of animals. Laraque was among the protesters when the North American Fur & Fashion Exposition was held here early this month.

I did not attend the demo and would not have known about its celebrity participant except for a photo that surfaced on the Internet. Pictured are Laraque, wearing a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals T-shirt, and a woman holding a placard on which a photo of a butchered baby seal bears the caption "Your Fur Had a Face."

The woman is my daughter. She is active in the animal rights' movement, a political commitment of which I am immensely proud.

"Georges Laraque is a great guy," my daughter reported. "He's becoming a vegetarian. You should talk to him about it."

I reached Laraque on his cellphone last week and asked what was up.

"I saw a video called Earthlings," Laraque said. "It shows the way animals are mistreated by humans."

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with an original musical score by Moby, Earthlings is, as Laraque says, a powerful indictment of human cruelty toward the species that share this planet (thus the title).

"(Earthlings) shows slaughterhouses where animals suffer," Laraque said. "They're not even killed in a way that would prevent them from feeling pain."

There's an old joke in the parliamentary press gallery that anyone who enjoys sausages and respects the law shouldn't watch either being made. Earthlings shows what happens several stages before sausages are prepared.

Hidden cameras were used to capture stomach-turning footage. You don't have to be sentimental about animals to be horrified by what happens to them before they end up on our dinner plates.

And it's not just the food industry.

"The movie shows how they use 60 animals to make a fur coat," Laraque said. "And then they're thrown in the garbage.

"There's so many cruelties to animals. The DVD really opens your eyes."

You can watch Earthlings on Google Videos. DVDs can also be ordered from (, which is how Laraque got his copy.

Earthlings is not easy viewing. But it's a well-crafted and very provocative documentary that, at minimum, will give you pause to consider what you put in your mouth or on your back during winter.

One of the most shocking segments, for Laraque, was Earthlings' exposé of how circus animals are trained.

"Starving them, whipping them," Laraque said. "You never think about what they must do to an elephant to make it sit on a stool.

"We take our kids to the circus to see animals who have gone through so much pain to become entertainment. Children love animals and have no idea they're mistreated this badly."

Children, at least those who follow hockey, love Georges Laraque. He has been immensely popular during an NHL odyssey that has taken him from Edmonton to Phoenix to Pittsburgh before signing a three-year contract with the Canadiens last summer.

Everywhere he has played, Laraque has been active in the community. Yesterday, he was playing indoor soccer in Brossard. Today, it's wheelchair hockey at Joseph Charbonneau high school in Villeray.

For a guy who makes his living pounding on opponents, Laraque is a big, kid-friendly teddy bear away from the rink. The key adjective is big: Laraque carries about 250 pounds on his 6-foot, 3-inch frame.

It will be interesting to see whether the champ can remain a heavyweight on a diet of tofu. Laraque had an appointment with a diet consultant last week. He has targeted June 1 as Day One of his vegetarian life.

I asked whether he'd be able to do his job if vegetarianism got him down to 220 pounds.

"The last time I was 220," Laraque said, "I was 17 years old. I'll just be healthier and happier."

On the web: (, (

© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 14, 2009, 08:58:06 PM
ROFL Laraque!!! Much controversy. WHO CARES!!

( (


Georges is a PIMP!  :pimp:


fixed link :tama:

Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: Masa on December 11, 2009, 11:00:41 AM
Carey Price & Georges Laraque on The Score's "Cabbie On The Street" (
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on January 23, 2010, 09:28:21 AM
Come back to the Oilers GEORGES!! Do it Steve!!

( (


Georges Laraque will not play another game with the Montreal Canadiens.

General manager Bob Gainey contacted him Thursday morning and told him that head coach Jacques Martin didn't have any confidence in him anymore and the team believes they can win without the enforcer in the lineup. The club will pay his salary for the rest of the season and will buy out the rest of his contract at the end of the 2009-10 campaign.

"I don't have anything personal against Georges and I appreciate what he did for the organization, but we've decided to go in a different direction," Martin told reporters following Canadiens practice Thursday.

"It's a hockey decision.  We felt that he was not helping our team to win games."

Laraque, who told TSN he was on his way to practice in the morning when he received the call to meet with Gainey, insists he's been a good team player and said there were no issues with the team or Martin, whom he believed was behind the decision.

"Jacques Martin doesn't like me and doesn't believe in toughness," Laraque told TSN.

Martin disputed the notion that he doesn't believe in toughness but admitted that he did not think that a team needed an enforcer to be successful.

"The Red Wings, I don't think they have an enforcer and they've won some Cups," said Martin.  "I think it depends on your team and where you are at in your development.  The game has changed and speed has become a major factor.  It's nice to have, but it's not a necessity as some teams have proven."

Laraque added that Martin never shared any concerns directly with him and is furious with the Canadiens' approach based on the emotional issues he's dealing with following the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the impact this disaster has had on both him and his family.

"To do this in the midst of all I'm dealing with in Haiti, the timing is awful," Laraque said angrily.

Laraque followed up the initial conversation after cooling down in an effort to put his frustration into context.

"I was very emotional and I'm very hurt by this decision.  I'm a proud guy and I may have let my emotions get the better of me," Laraque told TSN.

"Needless to say, I'm very disappointed."

Laraque, a Montreal native, signed a three-year, $4.5 million contract in July of 2008 and has one year remaining on his deal.

A lingering back injury limited him to just 61 games with the Canadiens over the last two seasons, as he tallied just five points and 89 penalty minutes. Laraque scored his first and only goal with the Canadiens last week in a game against the Dallas Stars.

Laraque's teammates admitted the move caught them completely by surprise.

"It was nothing that anyone saw coming," admitted Brian Gionta.  "We walked in this morning and found out about it."

While his teammates were surprised to see him go, they don't believe that other teams will be able to take liberties with the Habs now that they no longer have a team enforcer.

"I think that we have enough guys that will stand up for each other if push comes to shove that are willing to go to war for each other," Josh Gorges stated.  "Guys that are willing to put their bodies on the line and stick up for each other.  It doesn't have to be an enforcer like Georges but anybody that's willing to stick up for their teammates and that's all you really need."

While Laraque was well liked in the dressing room, his dismissal came down to a single factor.

"It's all about winning and they're trying to put a winning team together," said Glen Metropolit.  "If (management) feel like there is a weak link in the chain they are going to get rid of it."

Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on March 20, 2010, 07:48:34 AM
I dedicate my 27K to the player the Oilers should bring back!!!


Big Georges giving back to the community! :shakeit:


Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: Masa on March 20, 2010, 09:56:25 AM
I dedicate my 27K to the player the Oilers should bring back!!!
Congrats, homie! :twothumbs
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on May 21, 2010, 12:51:28 AM
^ Props homie! If you can, check out this:



UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and former Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque appeared on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg on Wednesday, and the two friends accepted a mutual challenge to face off in grappling match.

The bout will take place at St-Pierre's Tristar gym in Montreal, and will be shown on Friday's edition of Off The Record, at 6pm et/3pm pt on TSN.

"First we will do a wrestling match, because he believes that he is going to be able to put me down at will, and I believe that I am going to be able to put him down at will," explained St-Pierre.

"On the ice I would never go against him, he's going to beat me and I agree with that 100 percent, but on the floor I have no problem," GSP added.

St-Pierre currently weighs 190 pounds, while Laraque tips the scales at 270 pounds, something the former NHL tough guy thinks will work in his favour.

"I think because of the weight difference he's going to have a hard time," said Laraque. "I want to pick him up and body slam him."

"The problem is Georges believes I am like a tomato can you can grab at the supermarket and you can lift it and do what you want," remarked St-Pierre "He's going to find out that it's not that easy." 

After defeating Dan Hardy at UFC 111 in March, GSP will now coach against Josh Koscheck in Season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter. Following the show, the pair will meet with the UFC welterweight title on the line.

Koscheck became the number one contender by defeating Paul Daley at UFC 113 in the Bell Centre. After the win, Koscheck antagonized fans in Montreal stating that the Pittsburgh Penguins would knock the Canadiens out of the playoffs and that he would go on to beat St-Pierre.

Koscheck's first prediction proved to be false, and GSP didn't hesitate to address his second claim.

"He's wrong, I'm telling you right now. He will be wrong," stated St-Pierre.

As for his matchup with Laraque, St-Pierre wasn't ready to give up his gameplan.

"I have a strategy, but it's like when you play cards, you don't want to show your hand."

source: (

Watch: (
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Post by: daigong on May 22, 2010, 05:49:56 AM
annnnd here's the fight! Thanks to Hey Landsberg!

GSP warms up for Georges Laraque fight - Part 1 (

GSP vs Georges Laraque - Part 2 (

GSP vs Georges Laraque - Part 3 (

GSP vs Laraque on TSN (
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: Masa on May 22, 2010, 08:13:22 PM
It's here! Georges vs. Georges: (
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on June 11, 2010, 06:52:26 AM

Georges Laraque jokes around with a Haitian boy outside Grace Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, June 8, 2010. The NHL Players' Association donating more than $1 million to help rebuild a hospital in Haiti. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-NHLPA
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: Masa on June 16, 2010, 06:42:23 AM
Canadiens buy out Georges Laraque

Tuesday, 06.15.2010 / 7:03 PM / News

Montreal Canadiens  General Manager Pierre Gauthier announced Tuesday that the club has bought out the contract of forward Georges Laraque, which was scheduled to run until the end of the 2010-11 season. No financial terms were disclosed. Laraque, 33, played in 28 games with the Canadiens in 2009-10, scoring a goal and adding a pair of assists, along with 28 penalty minutes. In 61 career regular-season games during his two seasons with the Canadiens, Laraque recorded five points (1 goal, 4 assists) and 89 PIM. In 695 regular-season games with Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and the Canadiens, Laraque has 53 goals and 153 points, along with 1,126 PIM. He has also played in 57  playoff games, going 4-8-12 with 72 PIM. (

Habs :thumbdown:
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on June 16, 2010, 06:28:14 PM
Fuckin Idiots!!

Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on September 08, 2010, 11:39:46 AM
Face Palm Time...

Ex-Oiler Laraque back on ice in Battle of the Blades
Edmonton Journal September 8, 2010 2:04 AM

First he was an enforcer, then he became a vegan, then a politician. Now Georges Laraque, 33, is becoming a figure skater.

Laraque is one of eight former NHL players who've signed on for the second season of CBC's popular Battle of the Blades series. Starting at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 26, it pairs professional hockey players with champion figure skaters in an eight-week series in which the skaters compete in pairs for a $100,000 prize, to be donated to the winners' charity of choice.

Last year, the pair of Edmonton Olympian Jamie Sale and former Oiler Craig Simpson won top prize and donated the money to the Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre (Northern Alberta) Society.

Sale is back for this year's series, along with two-time Olympic gold medallist and four-time world champion Ekaterina Gordeeva and former American champion Kyoko Ina.

Laraque, who recently announced his retirement from the NHL, played 10 seasons with the Edmonton Oilers before moving on to the Pittsburgh Penguins, Phoenix Coyotes and Montreal Canadiens.

He lives in Edmonton and is involved in Terrasphere, a vertical farming movement and PETA, and co-owns two vegan restaurants. He is also a deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada, and has been involved in rebuilding the Grace Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Other former NHLers on the series are Theo Fleury, Patrice Brisebois, Valeri Bure, Kelly Chase, Russ Courtnall, PJ Stock and Todd Warriner.

The pairings for this season will be announced during the show's premiere. Charities chosen by the participants will be announced then, too.
© Copyright (c) The Edmonton Journal

source: (
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on October 07, 2010, 09:37:31 AM
here's his skating number for this week on "Battle of the Blades"
Anabelle and Georges - Battle of the Blades - Season 2 week 1 (

BUT DAMN! Big Georges gets a skate in the face:
Battle of the Blades accident: Georges Laraque (

Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on November 23, 2010, 01:07:23 PM
George Laraque sings Hotel California (

Georges battling back!
Season 2 Week 5 - Annabelle and Georges - Battle of the Blades (

suddenly Masa is a Georges Laraque fan
Langlois Laraque Battle Of The Blades -'Bringing Sexy Back Theme (
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on April 08, 2011, 04:46:46 AM
The fuck you doing Georges :lol:


Figure skating Georges Laraque out to prove sport is tougher than it looks
By: Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press

STE-JULIE, Que. - His forehead is splashed with sweat, his lungs gulp for air and blood trickles from his cheek, yet Georges Laraque's figure skating practice is barely underway.
The ex-NHL slugger, best known for branding hockey opponents with his knuckles, has embarked on a mission to prove that figure skating is tougher than it gets credit for.
Only months after being captivated by the sport as a reality-show contestant, Laraque is in the middle of a tour that will see him skate in 50 pairs performances at amateur clubs across Canada.
He wants to encourage skeptical boys to give it a shot, and to stick with it.

"I tell them that actually figure skating is an extreme sport, it's tougher than hockey," said Laraque, after catching his breath during a training session with his skating partner in the Montreal suburb of Ste-Julie.
"Figure skaters are mentally and physically much tougher than many athletes.

"I get a lot of stitches from figure skating — more stitches than I had in 13 years playing professional hockey in the NHL."
As a bonus, the 6-foot-3, 285-pound Laraque, who looks more NFL defensive end than the next Elvis Stojko, gets a chance to practise his new love.
He would even consider swapping his NHL career with figure skating, if he could.

"If I had known that it would have been a successful one — I would have done it any day," said Laraque, who was one of the most-feared NHL heavyweights.


First the Green Party, now this. come back to the NHL already and help us beat people up!
Title: Re: LET'S ROCK!! Georges Laraque Thread!
Post by: daigong on September 29, 2011, 10:24:14 AM
BREAKING NEWS!!! I heard on the radio that Georges Laraque is releasing a book in November!! Autograph signing on the 10th of Nov to kick shit off!!!

Maybe it's a cookbook lol, vegan pimping:
Georges Laraque & Vegan Meal Time Interviews at Toronto Vegan Festival (

here's an article he wrote about fighting in the NHL, real moving piece:

I can still remember my first National Hockey League game, with the Edmonton Oilers. It was an exhibition against San Jose and I was on the ice for a faceoff at the same time as Dave Brown, a fighter with a fearsome reputation. I was so close I could hear him breathing, and all I could think about was the time he broke Stu Grimson’s face with a punch. I couldn’t help but think: “What would happen if he challenged me to a fight? He would break my face, too.”

I panicked and avoided his gaze, crouching so low that I could see the stretch of ice between his skates, all the way to my goaltender. I was so scared at the mere thought of dropping the gloves with him that I told myself: “I will never fight in the National Hockey League.”

But I did, and I have learned from my experiences that being a heavyweight in the NHL is the toughest job in professional sport.

This summer has been one of the saddest in the hockey world. We have lost three great guys – Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak. It is puzzling to me that we have had to wait this long to address this issue. After all, we lost Bob Probert, another warrior, just last year. Something should have been done then.

The hardest part about fighting is not the physical part, because once you’re into a fight, with adrenalin kicking in, you don’t feel much pain at all. The struggle is the mental part.

A fight starts much earlier than when it actually happens. During the season, it is continuously in your mind. You think about the next game, who you might have to fight, whether that team has a superheavyweight. It’s in your mind so much that sometimes you cannot even sleep, enjoy your kids’ company or even focus at a movie theatre.

On the day of the game, some guys might be sweating because of the anxiety, have a hard time having their pregame lunch or even pregame nap. It’s often why when two tough guys face each other in a game, they want to get it over with as soon as possible so then they can play and not worry about it. This mental struggle is constant, because when this game is over, then there’s the next one, then you think about the next guy, and after a while this can drive you crazy.

On top of that, you got the pressure of doing well, you want to keep your teammates’ respect, and, of course, you want to keep your job. You know one bad loss in a fight can cost you your job. Tough guys are easy to replace.

Another struggle is the fact that the average career of a tough guy is not usually long, and most of them make minimum salary. Not everyone playing in the NHL makes multimillion dollars a season.

So imagine a guy busting his face for $500,000. About 50 per cent of your salary goes to taxes and 10 per cent goes in escrow back to the teams. After adding in the cost of living for an NHL player during a short playing career, you don’t have much saved. You then have to handle a life after hockey for an other 70 years, and this causes another type of pressure.

For a lot of guys, not just heavyweights, all they knew was hockey. When they get into the real world, it is a struggle and they go into huge depression.

So if you’re a tough guy, you have to deal with a lot of stuff. It would be normal that former players need help or counselling, but this is another issue.

We are supposed to be invincible. We are supposed to show no weaknesses. This is an ego job. You hide everything and the only people who know what you are going through are other tough guys.

So that pressure is why many players rely on drugs or alcohol to hide from their issues. Boogaard, Rypien and Belak were all suffering from depression, but do you know how many more guys are in that situation right now and were just standing by waiting for the bad news to come? As you can see, those guys are not invincible and they also need help. The programs we have right now are not good enough.

Forget about the programs where you have some doctors with a PhD from Harvard who can come in and solve those issues. Players don’t want to talk to a guy who has never played the game or even understand our struggles.

If you think that taking fighting out of hockey is the solution, you are wrong. Eliminating an aspect of the game to solve an issue is never the right way to accomplish things.

I would not want to be the person to make that rule because there will be 75 or more players out of a job because of it, and you would see some going into depression. There are also kids just like me who are playing junior hockey with the hope fighting stays in the game so they can have a job some day. This would create a bigger issue. For me, all those former tough guy who are retired and commentating on television and on radio about taking fighting out of hockey are making me sick. They were there at the right time and now that they’ve made their money, they’re going to spit on what put bread on their table? Well, that’s not going to happen with me.

The best solution would be to have a committee of former players who have fought before for a living, some guys who struggle with the job, some guys who had success, some big and small guys. That way, guys with problems would be more comfortable to talk about their issues and we would be able to find solutions together.

The NHL and the NHLPA also have to work hard together to find better programs for transition to life after hockey for their athletes. Even after their careers are done, those guys are a product in the NHL and we have to take care of them.

We want to enhance the game and make it more popular. If we don’t solve this issue, we will lose many fans, and parents are not going to want to put their kids in hockey. The world is watching us so we have to act quickly and now.

Georges Laraque spent 12 years in the National Hockey League before retiring in 2010, playing for Edmonton, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Montreal. He is now the deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada. His first book, Georges Laraque: The Story of the Unlikeliest Tough Guy, will be released in November by Penguin Books. He can be reached at (

Published on Friday, Sep. 02, 2011 9:44PM EDT

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You'd attend this event if you know what's good for you! GO SUPPORT GEORGES!

In Person: Georges Laraque

About this event: Meet former NHL enforcer and Montreal Canadien alumni, Georges Laraque, as he signs copies of his new book, Georges Laraque: The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy.

Indigo Brossard
 Brossard, Quebec
Monday, November 7th
 12:30 pm
Chapters Pointe-Claire
 Pointe-Claire, Quebec
Monday, November 7th
 6:30 pm
Indigo Eaton Centre
 Toronto, Ontario
Wednesday, November 9th
 12:00 pm
Chapters Oshawa
 Oshawa, Ontario
Wednesday, November 9th
 7:00 pm

plus buy the book:,,9780670065905,00.html (,,9780670065905,00.html)

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FUCK! I think I missed the autograph session here yest. :doh: too busy getting me edumacation!  :banghead: :tama-mad:  :theking (

lol Big Georges under fire after he called Gretzky his worst coach ever, you think he woulda trashed MacT  :rofl:
Georges Laraque On NHL Drug Use, Gretzky as Coach (

Georges Laraque not afraid to take on politics, religion and a hockey icon


Georges Laraque’s hands are not quite as all-encompassing as you might think, if only because when he used to use them to hit people they landed like cannonballs. But now, when asked by a photographer if he would make a fist for the camera, he declines. He will open his hands, sure, or tuck them under his chin, or lay them on the table. But no fists. He’s done making fists.

Which does not mean, of course, that he is done getting in fights. The past two weeks the former enforcer has started a pair of fires that are still burning in the hockey world, thanks to his new eponymous memoir, subtitled The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy. In it, he describes his childhood under an abusive father, the racism he faced in hockey growing up, his push to get to the National Hockey League, his politics, his decision to become a vegan, his priorities, his life. Only over a few pages does he hit issues which are considered third rails — Wayne Gretzky, and performance-enhancing drugs — and they have sparked.

 “I didn’t even want to talk about hockey in the book, but the publisher said I should because that’s what I did for a living,” says Laraque, still a massive figure in a black suit with a white open-necked shirt and a poppy, at a beautiful little Bay Street cafe. “I wanted to do more than that. I wanted to help people to become more open-minded. That’s why I talk about politics, about religion, about gay rights, about animal rights, all that stuff.”

And amid all that he also said that Gretzky was the worst coach he ever played for — and there are always many in hockey who will leap to defend its greatest player — and said he knew some players were using PEDs when he played. Neither seems so terribly controversial, other than the fact they were said, or written, aloud. But both have received heavy criticism from within the hockey world. The old, he’s trying-to-sell-books hook has been trotted out. He is, of course, but he says that’s not the point.

“If really it was for a publicity stunt, then that’s all I would talk about,” says Laraque, constantly animated, talking with his hands. “I would write a whole chapter, go much bigger. And in an interview with you, that’s all I would talk about. I’d make it sensational, so it stays and becomes a debate. And every interview I go to people have changed the subject, because I talk about the three guys who passed away this summer and a measure to prevent that. All the players or former players who criticized me, what are they doing to change things? I’m just trying to find a way.”

Indeed, the steroid stuff is a page or two, and it is merely reminiscing without naming names. As for today’s problems, Laraque advocates Olympic-style mandatory blood testing. He admits most players would privately object, but he is haunted by what happened to Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak this summer. He wants a test that could detect sleeping pills, painkillers, the tools of the depressive trade. (All three men suffered from depression, to some extent, before they died.) It is in no way a perfect solution, but at least he is willing to try.

“I don’t think there is a steroid problem in the NHL, but there’s obviously a drug problem,” he says. “And how many more guys are suffering in silence, or taking stuff they shouldn’t be taking? And what are we doing to prevent them from doing it? If another person passes away from any type of drugs …”

As he speaks his hands move faster, and he gets excited. He talks about the sometimes-strained racial climate in hockey — “media in Montreal have said P.K. Subban’s a great player and he has to be careful, because people are waiting for him to make a mistake, because he’s black. And it’s true.”

He speaks about his politics as deputy leader of the Green Party, which he joined in part because they asked before the NDP did. He talks about doing work in Haiti, or in Africa, and learning what real problems are.

He says hockey doesn’t matter, not really. He wants to be a symbol of triumph over impossible odds, of achieving a dream, of opening your mind. He is of the hockey culture and so apart from it in so many ways, and this is one more.

But the hockey issues are inescapable, of course. When the book was launched in French the reaction focused more about his revelation that most Quebec-born players would prefer not to play under the great fiery microscope that is the Montreal Canadiens; that seems to have been ignored in the English-speaking world, even if it applies.

“And it’s not just Montreal — it’s Canadian teams,” he says. “Why do the Toronto Maple Leafs have a hard time getting players to come play in Canada? Right? Because we know that the pressure to play hockey in Canada is greater. A lot of guys want to play in the States where there’s no media, and they don’t bother you, and you can live your life.”

This last heresy is widely felt but rarely expressed. Laraque, who played in Edmonton, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Montreal in his 13-year career, isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. Which, in hockey’s still-thriving culture of pablum, is notable in itself.

“The culture of hockey is answering politically,” he says. “When [Alexander] Ovechkin doesn’t play and he says, ‘I’m pissed off,’ that’s great. When Ryan Miller is benched and they ask him, ‘How do you feel about it,’ and he says, ‘I’m pissed off, I want to play and I want to win,’ I love listening to that. They’re not lying to the fans. It’s not, ‘Oh well, I understand the coach’s decision, I’m going to work 110%, and I’m a team player’ — f— that, 90% of interviews are like that. People pay to listen to us. Why lie in their face? Why are we doing interviews, then?”

With that our time is up, and we walk to his car, off to the next interview. He has more people to tell how he really feels.

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My possible return to the NHL

As many of you guys know already, I’m trying to make a comeback in the NHL.

Here’s why…

First of all, now I’m healthier than ever, my last 2 years of playing with the Canadiens, I had to deal with a lot of injuries, and no one really saw me play at my full potential. For the last couple months now, I’ve been training with a personal trainer every morning at the gym, pushing myself like I was when I was playing in the NHL to really test myself physically, I actually just ran 90km in 3 days last week for a charity (Esprit de Corps) and my body feels great. I weight now the same as when I was playing 255 lbs and intent to go down to 245 lbs.

The biggest reason thought, is because I didn’t like the way my career ended and I want to finish it on a better note if I got the chance. My last memory of my career is on January 21, 2010, couple days after the earthquake in Haiti, Bob Gainey calls me in his office to release me. That’s truly not the memory I want of my 13 year career. So I will do everything I can to play at least one more year so I can end things of my own term and have a better memory.

We all saw the state of the game of hockey today, and I don’t think it would come as a surprise for you if I told you that the role of enforcer is still really valuable to a team this year and now more than ever. Look at all the incidents that happened in the last couple of years, I don’t see those incidents happens to team like Boston, Philly, Toronto… And why do you think? Isn’t it obvious? So some teams this summer will address their need and some of them will be toughness. Well me, I know my role, I did it for 13 years where I fought over 130 times, and to comeback, it’s exactly what I will have to do. I’m motivated, I feel like I have something to prove, and a man on a mission like this is a dangerous man and if I get the try-out I’m looking for, I wouldn’t want to be the guy standing in front of me…

This is not news worthy because I don’t have a try-out yet, my agent will be speaking to teams after the draft, this is not about money either because I’m willing to play for minimum salary so I don’t hurt the cap of any team that might be interested. This is not a P.R. move because I’m really putting it the effort for a real comeback, just like my buddy Ken Belanger, former tough guy for the L.A. Kings that had a successful return to the NHL after a 2 years absence couple years ago.

Just look at the fourth liner of your favorite team, then pick the tough guy on it, this is the guy I will have to compete against for a job, who do you rather have on your team…? At the end of the day, I have nothing to lose, at the end of the day, I’m just looking for a try-out, not a guarantee , a try-out, like my buddy Peter Sykora did last camp in New Jersey and he made the team. I understand that my role wouldn’t be the same as before, I might play every 2 games, my ice time average of 9 min. a game might go down quite a bit, but I’ll do and accept whatever it takes and if I get that chance, I guarantee you that I will make that team!

Thanks for your support!

P.S. About the critics, here’s what I have to say, if I was a person that listen and was affected by them, I would have never made it to the NHL, critics give me fuel to achieve my dreams! After all, criticism comes from jealous people period, when you can understand that, there’s no problem at all!

Georges Laraque

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Please MacT resign him, Oilers need his muscle and leadership!!!
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HOLY SHIT!!! Big Georges Retweeted us :jphip: my mancrush fantasies fullfilled


cuz I gave him props on his radio interview for the Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer ( event September 22nd and in Toronto and Vancouver.. Pure 15 minutes of RANT esp. dissing the Oilers tough guys: (

He makes a good point - protect the star players during the regular season so they can play in the playoffs.
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joyeux anniversaire GRAND GEORGES  (


ITS A MONSTER MAN!!! Enjoy those tofu burgers, simply the best fighter in NHL history, come back to the Oilers!! At least coach em up on how to beat up chumps!
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One of the most shocking segments, for Laraque, was Earthlings' exposé of how circus animals are trained.
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BEEN A WHILE GEORGES!!! How's the Green Party!

Now that he's been retired. Great to see him back during the last Rexall Game.
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MERDE!!!! Big Georges got covid19, he's got asthma so more vulnerable  GET WELL Big Man!