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Title: AidoruING!!! Project
Post by: Hatix on January 24, 2018, 12:00:12 PM

or romanized: AidoruING!!!
Pronounced: aidoru-ai-enu-jii (アイドル・アイ・エヌ・ジー)
Channel website:

Current subscriber count: 1130 (as of January 20th), 1083 (February 3rd), 923 (February 17th). (It's declining :( )

AidoruING!!! is a kind of revival of the Idoling!!! TV show but on a smaller scale presented by ex-Idoling!!! members. It has the same concept: watch aspiring idols grow into becoming fully fledged idols. This time the members are supported and coached by ex-Idoling!!! members. All this while bringing back famous segments from the original TV show (like Acchi Muite Pie, Fansama Request, ...) and also Idoling!!! songs.

The show
The show was announced in September 2017 and is being broadcast on FreshLive! as a paid channel. Episodes are 1 hour long and are broadcast live every 2 weeks on Saturday at 19h from the Abema Studio in Harajuku. Every episode also has an After Talk episode that is broadcast the Saturday following the episode. The first half of an episode is free to watch for all but the second half is only for subscribers of the show. Every episode is kept in the archive for 2 weeks so you can rewatch it, after those 2 weeks they are no longer available. Every episode is MC'd by Sakai Hitomi & Kawamura Yui. Usually about 8 other Ex-Idoling!!! members are present and there's usually a special guest member.
Regular Ex-Idoling!!! members: Tachibana, Yurika, Okawa Ai, Hashimoto Kaede, Kurata Ruka, Takahashi Kurumi, Tamagawa Ramu, Ishida Karen, Furuhashi Mayu & Hashimoto Ruka.
Special guests so far have been: Kikuchi Ami, Asahi Nao, Takiguchi Mira & Morita Suzuka (although Suu-chan seems to be becoming a regular).
These subscribers are important because their goal is to reach 2000 subscribers by the end of March 2018 otherwise the show will end. A monthly subscription is about 10 USD. Although the Freshlive website states that foreign credit cards are not accepted, some Asian countries seem to be possible. But for those whose credit card is not accepted, there is still hope. FreshLive has an app for iOS & Android, install it, log into your FreshLive account and subscribe to the channel by in-app purchase and then it works on both your phone and your computer.
Info & featured members can be found on J-Enta:

The members
The show started with 4 members: Peyton Naomi, Suzuki Karen, Hosoi Hana & Tanabe Manaha.
Although the original title of the 8th episode talked about additional members, so far it's only these four.
Although the new members don't have a number like Idoling!!! they are always presented in the following order.

Peyton Naomi (ペイトン尚未)
14 years old. Birthdate: July 1st 2003.
Half-American (father), half-Japanese (mother).
From: Saitama (originally from Kyoto)
Likes: Kyoto Ramen
Agency: SMA Entertainment

Suzuki Karen (鈴木楓恋)
15 years old. Birthdate: May 9th 2002
Nickname: Karen, Papaya
Agency: Box Corporation

Hosoi Hana (細井華)
17 years old.
Nickname: Kusonezumi
Agency: SMA Entertainment

Tanabe Manaha (田辺真南葉)
17 years old. Birthdate: December 17th 2000
Nickname: Manaha
Does classical ballet
Agency: Sun Music Production
Also appears on "R no Housoku" (NHK) and is a friend and kouhai of Furuhashi Mayu who also appears on that show.
Title: Re: AidoruING!!! Project
Post by: muppet on January 24, 2018, 12:40:22 PM
Double posted:

Hope they succeed!

Naomi Payton / ペイトン尚未
ペイちゃん (Peichan)

( ( ( ( ( (
( ( ( (

【 #アイドルING!!! 】2017/10/28 新メンバー合格発表 (
Title: Re: AidoruING!!! Project
Post by: muppet on January 25, 2018, 02:01:11 AM
New quartet introduce themselves
surrounded by their Seniors!

( ( ( ( ( (

【 #アイドルING!!! 】2017/11/25 結成したばかりのアイドルが衝撃の「事故紹介」 (
Title: Re: AidoruING!!! Project
Post by: muppet on January 25, 2018, 02:15:45 AM
Manaha Tanabe chan

( ( ( (
Title: Re: AidoruING!!! Project
Post by: JasonHall on February 12, 2018, 06:33:58 PM
very interesting group. and where you can read more about their work?
Title: Re: AidoruING!!! Project
Post by: Hatix on June 30, 2018, 02:54:12 PM
A bit of an update on what's been happening lately.

Back in March they did not reach their goal of 2000 paying subscribers (it was even less than 1000), but through a crowd funding they were able to continue for another 3 months again setting the goal of 2000. With extra crowd funding they also bring back some well known old Idoling!!! segments like Pro-Wrestleingu!!!. We also saw some guest idol groups appearing like Up Up Girls (2) and Ciao Bella Cinquetti. They have also started doing a monthly live called Yokohachi Live (in line with the old Shibuhachi & Nicohachi, this time at FujiTV Yoko stage).

So end of June came along and again they had not reached their goal of 2000 subscribers, however the show has been extended until December 2018, this time without crowd funding! However, they did do a crowd funding again for the release of an original song & CD! Also AidoruING!!! will be appearing on their first idol event on July 28th (Fresh Live Meets) and with new outfits. They are also competing in Road to TIF to appear at TIF.

Also, Karen finally has a twitter account now: @s_karentan