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Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:15:32 PM
Now posting Yume no naka :heart:

It's a series of drabbles which reflects on the relationships between four early members of Morning Musume, Kei, Yuko, Kaori & Aya, over the time of almost two years.

There are six installement of this series and I've put it on hiatus for now, even though it could happen in the future that I feel the urge to add a new chapter.

Anyway, for now, this is sort of finished, so I thought I'd share :D
Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:16:29 PM
In Motion
PG-13 - pre-Kaori/Aya - timeline : early 1998, pre-2nd gen - WC : 296


She's staring.

Kaori knows she's staring, knows she should probably stop, and yet she can't.

Not with the way the red leather - red of all colors! - clings to Aya's curves in all the right places, the skirt maybe just a few inches too short to not be provocative, the jacket just a bit too tight to not notice her breasts straining against the fabric.

And it's painfully obvious how much Aya is enjoying the power she has over her audience, dressed up like this, one corner of her lips tugged up in a mischievous half-smile.

Kaori's eyes follow her every movement - as she lifts a leg, places her foot on a chair, leans forward, one hand gliding suggestively from her thigh down to her her ankle and up again, taking the zipper of her boot with her.

Then the other leg, the other foot, the other hand and the other boot and the way she's bend over, skirt riding higher still, Kaori feels herself blush as she wonders how Aya manages not to flash anyone.

Not that she would mind, of course, she admits as she watches Aya stride towards the full-length mirror on the other side of the room, striking a pose, another, pulling at the skirt, popping one more button on her jacket.

And in the mirror their eyes meet, Aya with that confident sex-appeal oozing from her every pore, Kaori's face still flushed, and Aya lifts a hand to her lips and blows her a kiss.

Kaori blushes, even more so than before, and when Aya winks at her while her hand travels slowly between her breasts, down to her skirt and then slowly up again, Kaori does the only thing she is still capable of.

She turns and runs.

Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:17:21 PM
PG - Kaori/Aya & pre-Yuko/Kei - timeline : mid-1998 - WC : 240


"I know ..."

Yuko's voice sounds right in front of her and Aya's head snaps up, confusion written clearly over her face.

Yuko is leaning across the table and she is coming even closer, a smile on her face which Aya can't really read.
Satisfied? Mocking? Predatory?

“Did you forget our non-dating rule? It also applies to members of the group, you know?” and her voice is hard and stern as she says it.

It makes Aya shrink away from the woman she calls her friend.

"I know about you and Kaori! You’re far too obvious”, she laughs. “And Kaori is even worse at hiding her emotions!”

Her laugh now is definitely mocking, right in her face, and it’s too much for Aya and she snaps.

“At least I’m not lusting after one of the new ones!”

And Aya knows her words hit the right nerve as she sees Yuko’s eyes widening, a gasp escaping her lips.

“Kaori and I might be obvious to you, but you are even worse ...” and she stands up, rises to meet the older woman eye to eye, “... everyone can see how you stare at her and everyone knows what you are thinking.”

For a moment, tension hangs heavy between as neither of the women speaks a word.

Then Yuko turns and walks out, calmly, head held high, and Aya is left with an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:18:08 PM
G - pre-Yuko/Kei - timeline : fall 1998 - WC : 143


Yuko remembers.

She remembers it all, like a dream rather than a memory.

And, in the end, it was just that.

A dream.

Nothing more.

It was fall when it started, all those years ago, and the leaves beneath their feet had the same color as Yuko’s hair as it shone in the fading afternoon sun.

Next to her, a not yet 18 year old girl, her own black hair pulled back in a ponytail which made her look even younger and betrayed the maturity in her eyes.

Their hands were entwined between their bodies, both warm and gentle in their hold on one another and when she looked down, she couldn’t tell where her hand ended and where the other began.

It was their first fall together and Yuko fell in love with a girl for the first time in her life.

Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:19:13 PM
Left Helpless
R - Aya/Kei, Aya/Kaori, pre-Kei/Yuko - timeline : December 6th, 1998 - WC : 381

will be posted seperately in the perv forum

Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:20:03 PM
Everything's Changed
PG-13 - Kei/Yuko - timeline : spring 1999 - WC : 564


The camera finally stopped rolling ten minutes ago.

It seems longer than a day in retrospect, but one day is all they need to shoot a promotional video and so Kei's feelings must be betraying her.

Then again, she's felt worn out for the last two months so maybe that's enough of an explanation.

Even the way from the dressing room to the bathroom seems longer than usual and Kei can't help but think of home, of her bed, and of how much she'd love to sleep right here and now, sleep until the next morning.

But of course that's not possible, and so she wills her feet to move and her eyes to stay open, at least for now.

All of a sudden, there are footsteps behind her, quick and light, and the voice calling her name makes her freeze on the spot.

And when she turns around, it's really Yuko who's hurrying towards her, heels clicking, and Kei can feel the pit of her stomach clenching when she realizes that there is no one else around, and that this is exactly the situation she's been trying to avoid for the last few months.

Because, she knows that Aya's right when she advises her to talk to Yuko, but she's just not ready yet, just scared, so scared, and now they're all alone, and Kei's heart is hammering high up in her throat.

But this time there is no way out, and running away is a too embarassing option - one she considers shortly and then forgets about just as quickly - and so she stays where she is until Yuko comes to a halt right in front of her.

Stays and waits.

She has no idea why Yuko came after her, what this is all about, can't read in her eyes at all, and so it comes as a surprise when Yuko takes another step and grabs Kei's hand, holding on tightly.

"I'm going to make this quick", she starts, "before I lose my courage" and this is surely not Kei was expecting, if she was expecting anything at all.

But before she even gets the chance to think about the older woman's words, she feels Yuko leaning in and Kei knows what will happen a split second before it indeed does happen.

Yet when their lips meet, Kei can't believe it is really happening, even though she knows the lips beneath her own are real, soft and warm and everything Kei's always dreamed of.

It takes all of Kei's willpower not to faint right then and there, nor to grab Yuko and kiss her senseless, even though she's been driving her mad all day in that dress which is slit just high enough to tease and not higher.

All too soon, Yuko pulls away again, a gentle smile gracing her features, and suddenly Kei feels giddy and embarassed, a schoolgirl caught by her crush, and the color creeps into her cheeks as she averts her eyes and feels the laughter bubbling in her chest.

"We need to talk", Yuko simply says, squeezing the hand she's still holding.

"How about I give you a lift later?" she asks and Kei can't do anything but nod and so she does and watches as Yuko turns around to walk back in the direction she came from.

It would be an interesting talk for sure.

Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 26, 2006, 02:20:52 PM
PG - Aya/Kaori, Kei/Yuko - timeline : late 1999, before Aya's graduation - WC : 485


Seeing Kaori break down after the show is something Kei will never forget.

She closes the door to their dressing room behind her and even though she doesn't mean to stare, her eyes are fixed on Aya and Kaori on the other end of the room.

Wrapped in each others arms, Kei can see Kaori's shoulders shaking, her sobs filling the awkward silence that has settled over them all, while Aya's lips are moving, silent whispers of soothing nonsense escaping her mouth that are too soft to reach anybody's ears but Kaori's.

It's a heart-wrenching moment, and for some strange reason, Kei feels like slapping Aya for putting Kaori through something so cruel.

But of course she knows that it's not her position to say something and so she keeps quiet as she makes her way across the room.

She passes Sayaka and Maki, who are talking quietly, in hushed voices, their heads lowered and Maki raises a hand to her face, quickly wiping away another wave of unwanted tears.

Across from them, Mari and Natsumi are sitting in front of their mirrors, fidgeting with the make-up kits, the accessories, half-heartily trying to get ready to leave the studio.

For a split moment, Kei's eyes meet Mari's, and they both smile at each other, small, forced smiles that hold no sign of happiness, only of the knowledge that this sadness will pass, that they will manage to go on, eventually, without Aya.

When she reaches her own space and sinks down onto her chair, some of the unease seems to leave her body as she allowes her limps to relax.

Next to her, Yuko turns to face her and, without saying a word, grasps her hand, holding on tightly.

Kei squeezes the hand in hers, then leans forward so that she is right next to Yuko, her mouth next to her ear.

"Don't you ever do something like this to me!" she whispers and when she pulls back, their eyes meet and Yuko nods, a slight nod of understanding and agreement, before she lets go of Kei's hand and proceeds to follow Mari and Natsumi, who've already changed back to casual clothing.

Kei sighs deeply and turns towards her own mirror, her eyes lifting to spot Aya and Kaori's reflection behind her.

Even though they are still tightly wrapped in each other's arms, Kaori finally seems to have calmed down, the tears gone from her eyes, and Aya is busy wiping away the last remains of them from Kaori's cheeks.

They share a smile and for a moment, it feels like nothing has changed and the world will always go on like this, all eight of them sharing a room, at concerts, at rehearsals, at tv shows.

But then that feeling is gone and Kei only hopes that the lingering sadness will pass soon, because she doesn't know how long they all can bear it.

Title: Yume no naka
Post by: smoothee on July 26, 2006, 02:48:17 PM
woot!! more fics!! sorry freya.. havent read them yet.. i have to go to sleep now.. ill be sure to read them by tomorrow!! hehe HURRAH!
Title: Yume no naka
Post by: bluekinoko on July 27, 2006, 08:10:37 AM
YEEHAW! ITS UP AND IN ORDER! Sorry, Im a little dumb with the order. I have read this before but I read all your work in one rush so I wasnt sure when it all fit in. Ah, its great. You're gonna put the rest up here too, right? Pretty pleeeease~
Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on July 27, 2006, 10:37:18 AM
Quote from: bluekinoko
You're gonna put the rest up here too, right?

What rest?
Title: Yume no naka
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I didn't read all of them by now.
I hope you try your best all along.
Title: Yume no naka
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I want mooooore!!! *starts chanting* Motto! Motto! Motto!
Title: Yume no naka
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Just had to reread these and comment on them. I realized that I hadn't before.

BTW I LOVE YOU!!! What's your favorite color?
Title: Yume no naka
Post by: freya86 on September 11, 2006, 09:15:59 AM
Quote from: rndmnwierd
Just had to reread these and comment on them. I realized that I hadn't before.

BTW I LOVE YOU!!! What's your favorite color?

:heart: Arigatou ne :P

My favorite color's red, followed by purple. Nande???
Title: Yume no naka
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*stands back*

There is something about you have your way with the ladies...First Kinoko and now Rndmn!
Title: Yume no naka
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Umn, I hope that is a good thing???

Waaa, last post :cry:
Title: Yume no naka
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Title: Yume no naka
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From her sig, its say she is moving.
Title: Yume no naka
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thank god someone is paying attention ^^

You are coming back Freya, right?
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