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Title: H!P girls who are "Karin's"
Post by: resop2 on June 11, 2020, 10:00:19 PM
So what is a Karin?  Let's first go over what a Karin is not:

* Being a Karin has nothing to do with the (hopefully short lived) internet meme "Karen".

* Being a Karin has nothing to do with looking like Miyamoto Karin (such as Kawamura Ayano).

* As far as I know, Miyamoto Karin is not a Karin either.

So, what is a Karin?

A Karin is an H!P girl who is caught acting jealous over the happiness of a pairing she is not part of.

So, where does it come from?

The term Karin is derived from the PV for the Juice=Juice song "'I'll do it tomorrow' are the words of a Buffoon" which had a scene where Karin and Sayuki were playing characters not supposed to be them in real life.  In the scene Sayuki shows Karin a confession letter to some guy that Sayuki hopes to deliver.  Karin tells her to go for it, but behind her back also has a confession letter to the same guy!  The scene ends with Karin with a murderous look on her face.





So, who in H!P is a Karin?

* Satou Masaki

Kudo did a Kabedon on Becky, Maachan not amused

Also Erina, to get Masaki's goat, started to brag that since Tanaka Reina and her were both from Fukuoka that Erina had been over to Reina's house many times and Erina was friends with Reina's mother.  Masaki started to cry and whine "Erina is trying to take Tanasa-tan away from me!" (

* Nonaka Miki

From (


Was Miki traumatized by being in the video production of Haga Akane's fanfic? (

Who do you think is a Karin in H!P?