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Title: H!P Fandom Sexual Predators *WARNING*
Post by: daigong on August 16, 2020, 09:52:20 AM
Came across this Friday afternoon, my phone was swapped and popped in to see the chatter on discord and whatsapp...

Quote from: shirenu on JPH!P Discord
some of you may be out of the loop, but in the h!p fandom there's been discussion this night of some predators in the community, and two of the people called out have also been a part of jphip: nimrod and flyp. numerous people have come forward with stories, so i don't think anyone can claim it's a simple case of misunderstanding. of course this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable.

i've taken the liberty of banning nimrod from this channel, i don't think flyp has been here to begin with.

here are links to some twitter discussions:

we followed suit and also banned Flyp and nimrod, whom was lurking just yesterday. I honestly do not know these people and am still trying to wrap my head around the facts and details. Just wanted to also fill people in.

more details, anonymous Q&A from those affected by Flyp's actions:

There was a DM from Flyp response as well, posted by miniwheat via

I considered Flyp a friend and confident. In the beginning back in 2006-06, we had to warn him about pervy comments towards the younger H!P members. That was the whole premise of the rules we had, to protect the younger fans. Over time, we moved on. Assumed he learned his lesson. He became a big part of the community and was friends with many. We partied and traveled together on many occasions at conventions, concerts, road trips....but due to work, life, school and just not being online as much.... I lost track and touch with the scene. This is a whole rude awakening. I never gave a fuck about nimrod, even loathed him and to hear the shit that has come out: dicks pics Jesus Christ... To see Flyp's name being involved. Just disappointing. What is his side of the story? He just shut us all out. I don't know what to feel. Numb. Dumbfounded. Could we have steered him to the right direction? But he's a grown ass fucking man with his own phone and twitter account. .Just Fuck. Rambling.

The point is.

SPEAK UP. SPEAK OUT. Find a friend to trust in, an older female or parent that cares. These fans are your sisters, brothers, children, mothers. How the fuck would you like it if your daughter or sister got harassed by sick fucks? There's no place for that shit here,  but out there in twitter and social media. It's fucking in your face and time and time again, we see harassment at an enormous level. i can't even speak from experience just. My heart goes out to you and your bravery. These Incidents will bring forward others who were victimized or just feel goddamned uncomfortable. You are not alone. We must protect each other from creeps. Prevention. Already I've heard of guys hitting on girls. The Confusion, esp. when you are just growing up. It's fucked up.

You are not the victim. We believe YOU. Thank you for speaking out.

Signed long time H!P Fan
Title: Re: H!P Fandom Sexual Predators *WARNING*
Post by: daigong on August 22, 2020, 11:09:00 PM
Crazy Coincidence. met our homie Fushi ( like wtf.

Apparently there is a third one Shioka via never heard of him her but again, this doesn't have to be H!P fandom it is out there in idol fandom twitter basically the internet. PArents have a hard time policing their kids, we need to get the message out and be aware. SPEAK OUT if it dont feel right. Hit that report button

Is it just me or am I still dumbfounded, confuzzled. Silence is Compliance. And I'm going to reach out and get some feedback. But I did not want to post out of frustration anger disappointment and collect myself now that is a week later. Everyday we must be POSITIVE but be AWARE and fight the injustice and ugliness that is the internet and we cannot be shielded from sick fucks at all. We built the brand on no minors this is a mature group only but shit slips through the cracks and we must learn and be better. To protect others and each other. I'm just talking off the top of my head so will get something together. Take care mentally, okay???