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Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on August 06, 2006, 03:07:53 PM
Friday Night / Saturday Morning

A single desk light is on in an office of downtown Tokyo. Billboards and Neon signs cast perculiar shadows on the salmon walls. Not pink. Salmon. Tonight was a long night just like yesterday and the day before. Although the biggest task of choosing girls and bringing out there hidden talent was over the next grooling task now had to be done. The debut song.

Tsunku rapped the table with his long fingers. The index finger and ring finger's nail were well chewed down to show his stress.

"Im getting too old for this"

He ran his fingers through his hair with a sigh. The clock opposite chimed happily, alerting him that it was already 3am. He dropped down his pencil onto the blank pad and turned off the lamp. He was out of ideas. Dry on creative juices. On the way to the car he wondered, worried. "Have I finally struck out?"

Saturday Morning

A tall figurely woman with hair swaying, strided down the halls of an old building. Banging her fist on 4 doors in particular as she went. A warm morning glow lit her path and shone into the eyes of 2 girls who had just woken.

"Morning" Ogawa yawned, scratching under her arm.

Konno wiped the sleep from her eyes. "Morning"

"I wonder what we're doing today?...I think it was dance practice...I dont really remember....ahhhhhhh it's too early"

Konno smiled politely and contemplated "Hmm"

Iida Kaori was making her way back towards the two girls. "Come on. Move your butts to breakfast...wait a minute..Where are the other two?"

Ogawa shrugged. Being a leader was tough work which Iida knew a lot about. What she didnt know much about was how to move a group of adolecent girls quickly and efficently.

"Wake up girls!" She yelled, banging on their door again. Takahashi and Niigaki were out - dead to the world. Yesterday's schedule was full of vocal exercises and fitness training. Enough to make anyone sleep like a log. There was only one thing left to wake them. Iida pulled out her mobile and pressed speed dial number 3.

"Hey. Yeah. I need you. 1st floor. Yeah. Thank you"

Ogawa had merrily gone back into her room, changed her clothes and was on her way to breakfast with Konno when something that felt like two minature tornados ripped past them in the hall and speed off toward Iida-sempai.

Like a air traffic director, Iida sent the small whirlwinds into Niigaki and Takahashi's room. There was a muffled squeal from one room. From the other, complete silence which was broken a little bit later by hysterical laughter and a pillow flying into the hallway. Iida leant back and smiled as her two saviours brought out the sleepy head.

"You two - breakfast. Make sure you're always up on time!"

The girls marched sorrily over to their fellow generation members and headed to the living room for breakfast.

"...and you two!!" She embraced Tsuji and Kago "I'm going to buy you the best shortcakes money can buy"

"Shucks" Tsuji gave a toothy grin

"Happy to help" Kago took the hand of her supposed twin and bowed.

"Righto! Off to breakfast"

Just another morning for Morning Musume.
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: smoothee on August 06, 2006, 03:57:50 PM
woo Mikan.. trying something new? i have to go to sleep but i'll read it tomorrow :)
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on August 06, 2006, 04:22:31 PM
Saturday Afternoon

In a dance hall a little way from Shibuya a class of young girls are warming up. The teacher stands at the front supervising with a cigarette in hand not yet lit. In the far corner Tsuji and Kago are holding onto each other for balance as they stretc. Yaguchi was on the floor instructing the newest generation on the best way to warm up while the others hand spaced themselves evenly elsewhere.

Ishikawa's legs were over Yoshizawa's shoulder. An intimate position held for an innocent reason. When Yoshizawa laughed out loud, Ishikawa blushed.

"Dont be sick"

Yoshizawa shook her head and didnt bother with a verbal defense.

"Nee, Yossui?"

Yoshizawa took her eyes of the group in the corner to look back down at Ishikawa. She remember what they were suppose to be doing and leaned forward to stretch Ishikawa's leg further.


"Huh, whah?"

Ishikawa's voice became hushed. "What do you think of the new generation?"

Yoshizawa swapped the legs around and stretched the other one. "They're alright...a bit timid...were we like that?"

Ishikawa pushed Yoshizawa on her back and stretched her. "Have you become friends with any of them?"

Yoshizawa furrowed her brow as she thought. "Uhh...Risa and I had a ow ow ow ow OW OW OW! TALK! OW! STOP TOO FAR!"
Her leg was touching her forehead. An unnatural position for her.

"Places girls!"

Mayumi stands up and directs the class into their positions. A video camera is set to record in the corner and the stereo is already playing. There is a loud knock at the door.

"Sorry to intrude"

Tsunku, dressed in his casual brown jacket and jeans steps into the class with an apologetic bow. Mayumi bows back and the girls follow, nervously saying 'Hello' to their producer.

"Is something wrong?"

The only reason people saw Tsunku was if someone was wrong. So at that moment everyone's heart in that room was racing a hundred miles an hour.

"No. Nothing's wrong" The whole room lets out a sigh. "I was just hoping I could sit in this class"

A fold out chair was handed to Tsunku. For the entire lesson he sat and watched, pen in hand watching the girls. There was a lot of pressure to shine that lesson. Tsunku, being the genius he is, must have an ingenious plan brewing and all he needed was a star. This is the impression he gave in his entrance. It couldnt be further from the truth.
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: lil_hamz on August 06, 2006, 04:42:44 PM
I just :heart: reading fics that are based on reality. This is during Mr Moonlight too! Ahhh the entry of my fav gokkies. Bring it on Mikan :D I know anything from you is good.
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: MIKIisLOVE on August 06, 2006, 08:20:30 PM
aaaaaah another masterpiece from :bow: great Mikan :bow:
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on August 08, 2006, 02:47:40 PM
Saturday Night

All the lights were off in the office. A man, leaning back in his chair, spins the pencil around his fingers. A new talent he has just mastered. A car in the distance honks it's horn and tkaes his attention away. He snaps back to the empty pad and sighs. Still nothing.

To fill the void he scribbles. Nothing in particular - just words that are floating around his mind.

His mobile rings. Shaking his attention away once more.


You still at the office?

His reply is in a flat, exasperated tone. "Yeah..."

Why do you call it a night and come to the hostess bar? A whole bunch of us are going?...Y'know you might find something to sing about there..

Tsunku clears his throat and rubs his face to fight the fatigue.

"Not interested. Not tonight"

The conversation ended shortly after. He felt bad for being blunt but more important this are on the line at the moment. He needs that song.
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on August 08, 2006, 04:00:26 PM
Sunday Morning

Yoshizawa twirls Ishikawa around, under her arm and pulls her close. Keeping a jive beat pounded out by her left foot. They both laugh at each other. It's silly, they know it but it's fun to pretend.
Yoshizawa a boy.
Ishikawa the girl.
Together and madly in love. That's the image they have and they dont mind.

The newest generation look on with awe.

"Ii kappuru!" Someone sighs.

Kago and Tsuji join in on the fun. Changing the the mood from romance to comedic.

Mayumi returns from her cigarette break in a more understanding mood than she left in. "Girls, take your places! We'll start from the beginning"

The tape player starts and each girl remembers her part. Several sets of eyes are on the door though. Even Mayumi sensei's. Tsunku didnt show that lesson. Even though he said he would.

Sunday Afternoon


Tsunku peeled a draft of a possible song off his forehead and smoothed out his fringe. The last thing he remembered doing was checking his phone for the time. It was late. Or early. 4:42am to be exact. Sometime after that he must have fallen alseep accidently. He cursed again. He'd sleep past both vocal and dance practice. Another chance to gather ideas slipped through his fingers because of incompetence. He knocked his mug onto the floor with a smash. The late nights were taking their toll.

Grabbing his coat he dashed for the stairs. If he was lucky he might be able to catch the girls finishing up their second lot of dance practice.


His name was called out from the kitchen he had so eagerly sped past. Kago and Tsuji came running up to him, embracing him in a way a child would hug their father.

"I was coming to see you..."

"Practice was cancelled" Tsuji informed.

"Sensei had a private call" Kago added.

Tsunku rubbed his eyes. This was both a good and bad situation. He had been saved the drive to the studio but he had also missed the practice. Tsuji took hold of his big hands and tugged him towards the kitchen with the help of Kago.

"You havent eaten yet, have you mister?"

He laughed. "No, not yet"

"We're are cooking. Try some"

His stomach clentched at the thought of what weird and wonderful meals these young girls could have prepared. The table in the kitchen was suppose to fit a maximum of seven people but somehow they managaed to fit ten. Eleven if you counted Tsunku. Yoshizawa was Iida's kitchen hand. Together they were making a range of things for lunch. Sandwiches, noodles, fried meat, you name it.

Konno, Takahashi and Tsuji (who was ban from setting one foot near any electrical cook ware) sat at the table waiting to be served. Yoshizawa tipped the meat onto Makoto's waiting plate who then placed it infront of Tsunku with much fanfare. He politely took a bite and smiled whole heartedly.

"Thank you girls that was wonderful"

There was a loud groan of disapointed when he excused himself. He had to leave, no matter how much he wanted to stay. Today was another day. Another day to write that debut song.

He cursed all the way to his car. As sweet as all the girls in Hello Pro were they were surely going to be the death of him.
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: rndmnwierd on August 08, 2006, 06:53:59 PM
Yay for new fanfics! I don't think I've ever really seen one about the Mr. Moonlight song. And, hey! Tsuji and Kago and Ishiyoshi! Fourth Gen Love! I especially like how you make Tsunku seem like a father figure and not a peverted old man. He doesn't get enough respect. I'm looking forward to this almost as much as Doki Doki! Keep up the great work!
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: lil_hamz on August 08, 2006, 07:06:36 PM
Wow the girls sure love Tsunku :D
I think I kinds understand why Tsuji was not let near any appliances. But why Konno & Ai too? Asami should be pretty good around microwaves :lol:
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: MyDearYossi on August 09, 2006, 07:52:54 AM
I started to read this 'cos it's name is Mr. MoonlightXD  And I have enjoyed reading it:D
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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You know what? I'm reviving this thread in the hopes that Mikan will remember she posted it. So remember... Please?
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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that's a good idea
let's make know Mikan that we need more of this fic! XD
where are  you great Mikan? You're followers are waiting! :bow: :bow: :bow:
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Tanachan on August 30, 2006, 02:00:56 AM
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Tanachan on August 30, 2006, 02:00:56 AM
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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MIKAN COME BACK!!!!! Or we'll start sacrificing people....
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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!^_^     Ahahaha...sacrifice? *sweats*

um, you'll have to PM Mikan. I think this thread has totally been forgetten
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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I'm drawing the plans! Who's going first? Not it!

Title: Mr. Moonlight
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Definitely not it! We need someone who's easy to convince that it'd be a good idea to be the first sacrifice.....
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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o.o;; well....Im not first, or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or any number that can actually be reached in my lifetime. O.O;; ermm......good idea!...*Looks around* one here....^__^;; Let's find an idiot!
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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I would offer myself but she allready owns my soul so i cant offer my body but im sure you will find plenty of idiots in here
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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Did someone call for an idiot?! I've been reading Mikan's stuff but never really posted...and im a n00b so...i guess ill be the sacrifice (just don't make it hurt so much) :P Her fics r grrrr-eat
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on December 16, 2006, 08:29:42 AM
Tuesday Night

The patio at the back of the apartment was light solely by the porch light. With Summer now over the winds of Autumn rush by shaking the browning leaves. The sounds of the city were music to the two girls sitting outside with their books.

The silence was shattered by screaming and laughter coming from inside the house. Konno closed her novel and looked over at Ogawa.

"Did you hear something?"

"I think so"

Both girls cocked their heads back over their chairs to watch the door. They manical laughter mixed with screams and shouts grew louder. Only taking minutes before the causes burst outside and crashed on the crash.

Maki circled the yard holding a simple red book in her hand with Yoshizawa close behing yelling for the return of the precious item. The chase ended with both girls wrestling on the ground, Maki emerging the winner. Out of luck and having the longer arms she pinned Yossui and tortured her with the passages from her own diary.

"I've never met anyone cooler...She's completely different to what I expected -"

Maki's readings were brought to a premature end as Yossui found her ticklish spots. The tables were quickly turned.

"You dont read peoples diaries!"

"Oh come on! Dont write about me then"

"Get over yourself"

The rumble moved off the lawn and back into the house leaving the two new members in a confused silence. Konno looked up to the near full moon  peaking over the buildings as a smile crept onto her face.

"I didnt ever think they would be this mad off camera..."

Ogawa chuckled, closing her diary. "Luna effect. It makes everyone crazy"
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on December 16, 2006, 08:30:44 AM
Thanks guys
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Blizzard on December 16, 2006, 07:54:51 PM
Oh my gahhh!!!   Yet another Mikan fic for me to stalk! :ONwriggly:  It's like an early Christmas!  I'm so glad you're writing for this again!  Keep up the great work!  I'll try to wait patiently for the next chapters.  :ONwhistle:
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Tanachan on December 17, 2006, 01:33:18 AM
Yay! My convincing finally worked<3~!

And incase we have to result to the torture chamber again...NOT IT! *runs away*
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on December 17, 2006, 11:33:31 PM
. . . Just when I thought the funniest part was stretching (the owowowowo talks inbetween the conversation is so realistic! MY friend stretched my legs so far that I was able to do perfect splits! but my thigh muscles.... ;__;) you hit me with the diary scene.

AH! That is even funnier because that happens too! and like Konno said, who knew that they could be crazy behind the cameras.
i totally thinkn they are... they are girls after all, idol or not.

YoCharmy <3 hahah, the whole time I was reading, my head kept singing "Mr Moonlight"!

Title: Mr. Moonlight
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*fangirlie scream*
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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i love this story :)
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Mikan on February 03, 2007, 05:16:35 PM
I could contine this one! Its story is more straight out than Doki Doki.

Im glad you enojyed it.

I hope to rid myself of all this STUPID WORK and return to writing
Title: Mr. Moonlight
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on February 05, 2007, 10:05:24 PM
Work? Heh.... I know how that feels... *stares at homework/housework*

I'm glad to know you're considering on continuing it... I was about to look like I was stalking you this thread and ask if the story was still gonna continue.
*reads the diary chapter again*

Title: Mr. Moonlight
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Quote from: Owaranai_sLaVe;301341
I'm glad to know you're considering on continuing it... I was about to look like I was stalking this thread and ask if the story was still gonna continue.

And you thought I was stealing your thoughts?  :P

Anyways, I really do hope you decide to continue this fic, Mikan.  It really makes me happy when I see that you've posted new chapters for any of your fics!
Title: Mr. Moonlight
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You do need to continue this, Mikan-sama!
I red it for the first time today and it's (as always) an awesome fic! ^___^
being your slave I'm not in position to demand, but I'll have to ask you not to drop it! :panda_love: