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Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 12:06:11 PM
So guys^^ I really like ypur fanfics!!! they are coo!^^ Well i give it a try too:)  I hope you guys like it!^^ Ah and before i start i have to say 2 things^^:
1. I'm still learning english in school :evil:
2. There is a person named Yumiko.^^ Well Yumiko is me. But only in the Story^^^^XD :P :D ^^

______Part 1______________________________

[A room somewere in a building]

Maki had to make some photos for her new Single.

"Ok we are finished! Good work!" said the photograph.
"Hai, okay! Good work everyone!" said Maki and went to Tsunkus Office because he wanted to talk to Maki about her new Photobook.

[Tsunkus office]

"Hi Maki, i want to talk to you because your new Photobook." Tsunku said.
"Yeah ok. So where do i make it then? And who will photographe me?"

I hope it´s not a old man.... i remembered the last photobookmaking very well...

"Ok in two days you will fly to Hawaii again. The last Photobook was very popular to the people." said Tsunku and pointed at the door and said "And she will photographs you."

The door opend and 1,69m tall girl camed in.

"That is Kasaki Yumiko, she is 20 years old and came from Germany." said Tsunku.

"Nice too meet you! It will be a honour to phatographe you!" Yumiko said and smiled.
"I'm Goto Maki nice to meet you too!" Maki said and smiled too.

After a while they sitting next to eachother and they didn't talked anything.

Then Yumiko asked
"Do you want something to drink or to eat or something like that?"
She went completly red after saying that.

She seems to be shy...but it looks cute.

Maki began to laugh a little. Yumiko thougt she said something wrong and went totaly red.

"You are nice. I think you will take wonderfull pictures of me right?" said Maki and smiled at Yumiko.

"Eeeeeee...eeee...yes of course i will!!!" Yumiko said it very shy.
"Let's go to my place and plan something for the new Photobook." Maki said and went to the door.
"Ah yes..." Yumiko's legs were shaky.


" Yossie stop it!! " screamed Miki.
"I'm just tickling you! " Yossie said and laughed.
" Yeah but its much.... ahahaha stop it!"
" You know to be with you in Hongkong was very nice right?"
"Ohh...yes it was so much fun!" Miki slaped Yossie in her face.
"ouuuuch! what was that for?!"
"Sorry it was just a reflex!"
"And why?" yossie looked a little bit scared.
"Hahaha it was just a reflax! But i thought about doing this..." Miki kissed yossie softly on her lips.
"Ah i remember this kiss!" Yossie screamed.
"Yossie i always kiss you like this...whats so special?" Miki said
"Yeah but it felt like the kiss in it is special!" Yossie laughed

Yossie kissed Miki on the cheek " like you are special for me" said Yossie very lovely and smiled.
"Ahhhhhhh~ yossie!!!" Miki shouted and snuggeled with Yossie
Title: Part 2
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 02:52:16 PM
part 2

"Here we are." said maki und pointed at the door.
Maki opend the door. "come in"
Yumikos legs were very shaky.
Maki put some tea on the table and some housemade cookies.
"Anno...Goto san did Tsunku told you that we share one room together?" Yumiko went red.
" that so? Well i have no problem with that. Do you have a problem with that?" Maki smiled.
"errr..... nno iii ddon`t have a problem with that" said yumiko with wide opened eyes when she saw makis face.
"You are very shy! Is everything ok?" Maki laughed.
"err yes its allright!" she looked at Maki again and then it happend!
Her nose was starting to bleed.
"ahhh.....kuso...." Yumiko whisperd.

Her nose bleeds when she is looking at me?

"Ah im sorry!!"

"Eh its ok... well lets start to plan for the photobook."
"Ok so how do you want to pose?"Yumiko asked.
"In some nice summer clothes and of course in bikinis!" Maki said that and began to laugh.

Not again!!!!!!!Yumiko thought when her nose started to bleed again.

"Are you ok?"

"yeah I´m fine!!"

[Finaly in Hawaii

Maki and Yumiko had 2 days time to know eachother better. But yumiko hadn't a good start with Maki. Her nose bleeded everytime when she saw Maki laughing and smiling. But the two girls get along very well.

Yumiko found a very nice place at the beach to photographe Maki. There were lots of Big and small Stones.
" well ok Maki it would be nice if you sit right there and then i can take pictures.... is that ok?...Maki??..." Yumiko looked behind a stone and Maki was sitting there in a Bikini.

Ahhh no~~~~~~~~~~~~ not again

"Im ready Yumiko....Ehhhh?????????????? your nose is bleeding again?" Maki screamed.

Maki looked so erotic in this bikini that Yumiko had completly a blackout.
"Come and take a seat. We didn't had time to chat a little bit." Maki said and smiled.
Yumiko sat down.
"Do you like me?" Maki asked suddenly.

Yumiko went comepletly red and had here mouth wide open.

"Do you like me i asked" She smiled.

"yyeah of course iii do..........wwwhy?" she blanked out.

She is really cute... i feel good when she is there.... i don't know why  Maki thought.

to be continued^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 10, 2006, 02:59:01 PM
aww this is fun, actually i would get a nose bleed aswell, if i saw maki in a bikini XD
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Tanachan on September 10, 2006, 04:14:41 PM
Welcome to the club!
Title: part 3
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 05:00:00 PM

There was a nice atmosphere in Yossie’s apartment.
Lots of shining candles were on the table. It was very quiet.
Yossie put some wineglasses on the table. Miki was sitting in nice clothes on the sofa.
“Did you enjoy the meal?” yossie asked while she was giving wine in the glasses.
“It was very delicious!”  
While the girls were holding their glasses yossie said
“You look very sweet today”
“Thank you, you look nice aswell.”
Both said

“ To us!” and they drank a little bit of the wine.
“Do you think the other girls are ok during the little tour without us?”
Miki was really worried about that… Tsunku wasn’t happy about that.
“Don’t worry Miki!” Yossie sat down to Miki on the sofa.
She leaned her arm over Miki’s shoulders. “ Everything is gonna be ok.”
“Yeah but Tsunku… don’t you think he will throw us out if he knows whats going on between us?”
“I don’t think so. You are the only person who I want to be with. I need you Miki.”
“ I need you too.” Miki kissed yossie on the cheek.

In the Hotelroom Maki is taking a shower, while Yumiko is cleaning her nose again.
Suddenly Maki jumped in the livingroom only with a towel on the body.
“Waaaaahhhhhh ~~~” Maki screamed
“Eh? What happened?” Yumiko asked with a bleeding nose again.
“ I…I….d..on’t know… I heard something than I jumped out of the shower”
“Let go and see whats there”
“O…k I will be right behind yyou.” Maki’s legs were shaky.

Yumiko entered the hot bathroom. Maki was so scared that she clung Yumiko’s back.
Everytime when Yumiko see something at Maki her nose bleeds. Her nose didn’t stop to bleed.
“Eh Maki….”
“Oh that was it?”

A Shampoo bottle felt down in the shower. Maki was embaressed.

“I’m sorry! Really sorry!” Maki said .
“Nah it’s allright….that happen sometimes….it’s not a big deal.” She went completly red.

Suddenly the wind blowed very hard thru the opened window.
Yumiko could feel two hard little things at her back.

“Eh Yumiko……”
“My towel flue away…..”
“I felt it……”

"WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~" both of the girls screamed.

"Where is it????"
"I don't know!!"
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 10, 2006, 05:22:12 PM
haha damn i wish i was in yumiko's position right now XD
Title: part 4
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 05:26:47 PM

Yossie and Miki were starting kissing on the sofa.
“Miki you know….we didn’t do anything exept kissing all the months…”
“Yeah I know” Miki’s voice started to get very erotic. “Do you wanna have an adventure?”

Miki said that with a such erotic voice that Yossie couldn’t resist to do more than only kissing her.

“So wanna lets go?” Yossie smiled.

They stand up and while they were going to the bedroom they took there clothes of very carefully and continued kissing eachother.
“You really want it?”
“Yeah I’m shure”

Both felt on the bed and they were kissing eachother very deep. You could call it “The battle of tongues”

Maki and Yumiko still were searching for the towel.

“I don’t understand were it could be?” Maki said.
“is everything ok?
“Ummm….” Yumiko pointed at Maki’s naked body.
“Ah~ I’m sorry!”

Maki wanted to put some of her own clothes but her case was still at the airport.

“Here” Yumikosearched for her clothes.
“It could be a little bit large for you but it will make it until you have your case back.”
“A That’s kind of you!” Maki kuddeled Yumiko…but she has forgotten that she hasn’t got any clothes on.
Yumiko went completely red and her nose bleeds again.
“Kuso~ why must my nose bleed everytime?”
“Maybe it’s because I’m hot?” whispered Maki.
“What did you say?” Yumiko didn’t understand what she was saying.

Maki put on Yumiko’s clothes. They were large. But they smelled good.
She felt asleep.

This was the first time that Yumiko’s nose didn’t bleed. But Maki was still cute at that moment.

Is that a sign?
Title: part 5
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 05:53:43 PM
Gosh I’m 14 and have such bad ideas!^^
Hope you enjoy it^^

It was Morning in Hawaii and Yumiko woke up and the only thing she could see was Maki’s face above her

“Hah! Your nose doesn’t bleed!” Maki laughed.
“Eh? Morning….you are right” she smiled.

Yumiko’s body was shaky. Maki had her head directly above her own head.
She could feel Maki’s warm breath.

Then someone knocked on the door. Yumiko was surprised and banged her head directly against Maki’s head.

“Ouuuch!” Maki shouted.
“Ah.. I’m sorry…” she looked a bit sad.

Maki laughed and said
“Well you are a bit nervous. Invite me to a dinner or something like that than I will forgive you”
“Ehhhh????”  Yumiko was getting red.
“Looks like a date huh?” Maki smiled
Yumiko scratched her head “ Well ok I will try it…”
“Fine! So tonight me and you right?”
“uhhhh yes…”

Then both Girls had wide opened eyes.

“EHHHHHHHHHHH~~~ wasn`t someboday at the door????”
“Yeah forget it.” Yumiko had a big smile on her face.

What should I do? A date with Maki…. I don’t know what to do

She didn’t know what to do but she felt something special in her heart that she never felt before.

But it seemed that Maki felt the same thing in her heart too.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Elle_Driver on September 10, 2006, 06:14:56 PM
Only 14? WOW! Respect!  
Keep up the great work.
I really enjoy it, I love it :heart:
Title: part 6
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 06:16:28 PM
Puuuuuh it’s getting harder and harder^^ But I have written 5 chapters yet^^ on one day^^

Morning in Tokyo

Yossie and Miki had a wild night together.

“Ah~ Yossie…that was fun….you are very good.” Miki was completly  exhausted.
“Uhn…yeah…ah I’m totally finished….”
“Me too…”
“Well it’s early in the Morning we should sleep a bit until the other one come back from the tour.”
“Yeah right…yossie….” She didn’t finish the sentence.
“I love you….”Miki felt asleep.
“I love you too Miki…”  Yossie felt aswell to sleep.

Hawaii   8:00 pm

“Well I’m really exited!” Maki had a big smile on her face.

Yumiko didn’t answer.

They had a nice dinner. And then on the way to the hotel they made a break at a big hill with a wonderfull view over the sea.

“That was nice!” Maki smiled.
Yumiko didn’t answer.
“Hm? What do you mean?”
“Why me? Why did you want to date me?” Yumiko went red.

Maki looked at the sky and said
“Well I…..”
“No Stop!” Yumiko shouted.
“Don’t say anything I only want to ask you questions and you answer ok?”
“ok…” Maki was nervous.

Yumiko looked directly at Maki’s eyes. Without nosebleeding.

“Do you like me?”
“Do you think the scene with the bathroom was nice?”
“Do you think it was nice to bang our heads together?”
Maki smiled “yes”

Yumiko’s heart started to beat very hard.

“Would…Would you kiss me?”
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 06:21:18 PM
Thank you!^^
Title: part 7
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 06:40:05 PM
Ahhh my gosh hard work^^

The Morning Musume Members arrived Tokyo.

Yossie and miki were sitting at the table and had breakfast.
They really looked tired.

“Yay!!! Hey you two! We are back!” shouted Gaki san.
Gaki san and ai were holding hands.
Miki looked at Yossie and smiled.
Ai whisperd in Gaki sans ear
“Do they know about us?”
“I don’t think so…or do they?”
Both of them were getting really red and they ran away.
“What is with them?” Yossie didn’t understand it.
“I don’t know…well it will be noisy again here….”
“Yes…wouldn’t it be nice to go on holiday? Only the two of us?”
“Yeah but Tsunku….would he be ok with this?”
“Lets go and ask him!”

Yumiko was getting really red.
Maki smiled.
Yumiko’s heart started to bounce very very hard.

The two got closer and closer.
Finaly their lips touched.
Holding Maki in her arms and feeling maki’s heart too was a nice feeling.
Maki opend her eye’s again.
She didn’t say anything she was just looking down the ground.
“Are you ok?” Yumiko asked.

Maki get closer to Yumiko’s ear and whisperd
“I want some more…”

They continued kissing.

After ten minutes they went back to the Hotel and lay on the sofa.
“That was very nice” Maki layed her head on Yumiko’s shoulder.
Yumiko kissed her on her forehead.
Maki was feeling well in Yumiko’s arms.

Than she said the sudden words that Yumiko wanted to hear from her.
She waited so long for those words.

“ I LOVE YOU”  Maki went asleep.
“I love you too….”
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: KrazyForKamei on September 10, 2006, 06:51:37 PM
This is great! Yumiko is hilarious but I think we'd all act the same if we met an H!P girl :P
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 07:04:50 PM
yes you are right^^
Title: part 8
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 07:24:22 PM

Ah~ I must catch some new ideas!^^
Tock tock*

“yeah come in” Tsunku said.

“anno…Tsunku san…” Yossie started to talk.

Tsunku seemed to be very angry about something.

“What is?” he shouted.
“Anno… could Mikiand I get some day’s off?”
Tsunku looked really angry.

“What??!!! First you don’t get with us to the tour and now you want day’s off again??!!!”
“Well…yeah…” said Miki.
For Goddness sake!! You two are leaders!! You cant’t take free all the time! The answer is  pretty simple…. NO!”

“ok…” both of them said.
They wanted to go out of the office but than Tsunku said
“Fujimoto wait!”
“Go ahead yossie I will come later” Miki said.

Tsunku didn’t look that scary anymore.
“Fujimoto you are taking too much time with Yoshizawa that I decided to do a new group. It is called GAM and you will join it with aya.”

Fujimoto couldn’t belive what Tsunku just said.
“No… does that mean I must go out of Morning Musume?” Fujimoto had klittle tears in her eyes.

“No. But you just have a bit more time with aya than with morning musume.”


Fujimoto was crying very hard when she went to yossie.

“ I don’t want to work in a other group….”
“It will be okay Miki… We still can have time! I will be always there for you. Pleas remember that!”
“Yossie….” Miki kissed yossies lips and then they went out for dinner.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 10, 2006, 07:31:06 PM
i feel soo sorry for aya now!
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on September 10, 2006, 07:56:56 PM
Wow! I'm out for twelve hours and this story is already into it's second page! It wasn't even here when I went to bed! Amazing, and I like the plot. Yossui/Miki and Maki/non-H!P girl. Keep up the good work!
Title: part 9
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 08:30:36 PM
wow first thanks for the comments!^^
here some more stuff^^
When yumiko woke up she was tired. It was the last day for making the photobook.

Suddenly Yumiko jumped up and down.

“Shit!! Shit!!!”
Maki woke up and asked
“Whats wrong?
“Shit!!! Weve forgotten something!!”
“And what?”
“We spend the last day’s together without shooting pictures for your photobook!!
“Ok we can’t panic now! We must make some pictures! I don’t want to know what Tsunku might be saying to me…. I want to make photoshoots and stuff like that forever…but if I lose on my first job here  I can pack my things again and go back to Germany… but I don’t wont that!”
Maki kuddelt Yumiko and said “ I don’t wont to happen things like that….come we go out and make pictures!”

In the evening they were finished. The sun was going under. It was a wonderfull time for seeing the sun going under.
There they stood. Hand in hand. No worries anymore. Only being together was the nicest thing ever.

“What will happen when we are back in Tokyo?” Yumiko asked.
“Well I will take you to my mums house.” Maki smiled.
“Eee? Really? But what will your mother think?” Yumiko went red.
“I don’t gonna say something like ‘Mother this is Yumiko my girlfriend’ she would be surprised! That would be not so good” Maki laughed.
“I understand that”
“But do you know what we can do together when we are back in Tokyo?”
“No do you know something?”
“Yes! We take a bath together!” Maki laughed.
Yumiko’s nose bleeds again.

Yumiko saw Maki only one time naked. But she didn’t really looked at her.

“Yes of course! It will be nice! I’m exited!” Maki smiled.
“Well it sounds great to my ears and to my heart!”
Maki cleaned Yumiko’s nose.
“So it’s clean” Maki smiled.
“Ah thank you.”
“Why does your nose bleeds so often?”
“Because of you… you are so hot!”
Maki get red.
“You don’t must get red. It’s true “ she laughed.

Maki and Yumiko spend the last Night together without doing anything. Will something happen soon?
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 10, 2006, 08:45:59 PM
omg omg, i'm loving this!!!, wow just one day lol, that fast! hehe
cant wait for the next part!
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 08:47:40 PM
thats so kind!!^^
Title: part 10
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 09:10:39 PM
“Do you hate me? You are so quiet” said Aya to Miki,
“Nah…I’m fine.”
Miki couldn’t belive what Tsunku Just said “You are hanging to much out with yoshizawa”
She was very Angry at Tsunku.
“I hate him!” she shouted.
“Ee?? Who do you hate?”
Aya was really thinking about why Miki was so angry.

“Hai! Cut!” said the director.
Theay were finished with the video for Thanks.
“That was fun wasn’t it Miki?...are??? Miki??”
Miki was gone.
Aya didn’t know why Miki was in such a bad mood.

After a time aya went past Tsunkus Office.
She could hear something.

“That’s not fair Tsunku! You know I am in Morning Musume so why I must  join another group??!!”
“But I don’t liked what happened the last days! You and Yossie didn’t went to the tour! And then you two wanted to have some free time!”

“are? Yossie? Free time? Whats going on??” Aya was suddenly in a big anger mood.
She don’t know why but in someway she felt something for Miki, And that all started when she heard Yossies name.

I will not let win yossie!

Maki and Yumiko arrived Tokyo and were standing right at Maki’s mothers House.
“Don’t let your nose bleed again” she laughed.
“Iwill try to hold it back…”
“Why holding it back? You mustn’t make your nose bleed everytime when you see me.”
“It come automaticly”
“Then we must train a bit!” Maki laughed “Ive got a plan but I#m telling it you when we are at my apartment”
“Come on lets go in.”
“Okasan!!” Maki shouted.
“Ah Maki!How are you?” said Maki’s mum.
“I’m fine and you?”
“I’m fine too hahahaha. Who is this girl next to you?” she asked.
“Mother this is Yumiko-chan.”
“nice too meet you.”Yumiko said.
“Me too. And you must be Maki’s girlfriend right?”
Maki and Yumiko looked at eachother.
“Nooo~ ahhhh shes only a friend.”
“Don’t be silly Maki I know you to well! Please take care of my daughter.”
“ahhh…eetto….anoo….” Yumiko didn’t get a word out her mouth.
Maki pinched Yumiko and winked.
“Anooo….hai I willl take care of her!”
Maki smiled.
When Maki’s mother went out of the room Yumiko said
“How does she know???”
“I don’t know!! But I think it will be ok” aki smiled and kissed Yumiko.
“If you say so.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Elle_Driver on September 10, 2006, 09:24:20 PM
It's getting even better now!
* thinking about a catfight between Yossie and Aya now...*  :D
Title: part11
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 09:33:46 PM
Maki and Yumiko went after hour to Maki’s apartment.

“So what did you planed for me to stop my nose bleeding everytime I see you?”
“Wait and see.” Maki said and giggles.
“Owww I can’t wait! I’m to nervous…” Yumiko screamed.
“Hehe I like you more and more Yumiko” Maki said that with a smile on her face.
“Wait here for a few minutes…I must to prepare something.” Maki said and went into the bathroom.
Yumiko looked at some nice photos of Maki and some other people. She was the cutest on the pictures.

After 5 minutes a nice and relaxed voice camed out of the bathroom
“You can come iiiin” Maki shoutet.
Yumiko didn’t know anything until she entered the bathroom.

There she was. In the bath. Leaned on the bathedge. And naked.
“Don’t try to think about that I am naked.” Maki said.
“Take your time and than come in.”

She is naked!!!She is naked!!! I can’t belive it she is naked!!! And I have the chance to take a bath with her??? Am I the luckiest human in the world??? Ok relax! Yosh! Go in ther and have fun!

“I think I’m reday….” Yumiko said and took her clothes off.
She steped into the bath. Sitting next to Maki. The water was hot, hot like Maki.

“Are you ok?” Maki asked.
“I’m completely fine! Maki don’t worry.”
“I’m glad to hear that.” Makicame closer to Yumiko and was putting her arms around her shoulders. Yumiko could feel two very hard little things in front of her. Yumiko started to kiss Maki deeply. A little fight of love in the bathroom.
Both of them enjoyed it.

“That was so good…. Will it be more the next time?” Maki asked.
“I think so….no I hope it!” Yumiko answered.
Maki smiled and they giving eachother the last kisses and dried themselves.
Then they fall asleep and they felt good.
Very good. Maki didn’t know that it would be so nice to be with Yumiko. Either Yumiko didn’t know how nice it was.
Both of them are completely in love with eachother.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on September 10, 2006, 09:44:26 PM
Maki kuddelt Yumiko

Lol, that's such a German spelling, it's cute.
That would be not so good

I can totally hear your accent in this story, my teacher talked just like that. Ah, how I wish I hadn't failed German class.

Great updates! Keep going.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 09:45:25 PM
oh^^ i didn't see that xD like takahashi^^
Title: part12
Post by: Gomaki on September 10, 2006, 10:03:49 PM
Miki falled directly in Yossies arms.
She was crying so hard.
“Whats wrong?” Yossie asked.
“Tsunku is an asshole!” Miki shouted and cried.
“What did he done?”
“I told him I don’t want to join GAM.”
“nothing.. He shouted at me and throw me out…”

Miki’s cellphone ringed. It was Aya she wanted to see Miki.
“I will go and talk to her…”
“keep looking…I love you” Yossie kissed Miki.
“I love you too…”

Miki went to see Aya.

“Whats wrong?” Miki asked.
“Well… I don’t know how to start but I say it directly…”
“Say what?”
“ I love you! I never thought I did but I do!”

Miki didn’t know what to say.

She went to yossie and told what’s going on.

Yossie was very angry at Aya.

“I don’t let anyone between us two miki!” Yossie said.
“I hope so…I don’t want to get any trouble.

To be continued.

I must go sleep now!^^
Have nice dreams !
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 10, 2006, 10:14:35 PM
oooo wonder who will win!, i kinda want aya to win haha
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on September 11, 2006, 03:19:18 AM
Aya Yossui conflict! Oooo!
Title: part13
Post by: Gomaki on September 11, 2006, 10:41:36 AM
Puh and another one^^
Part 13

The Morning Musume Members and some other Members had a Ribbon no Kishi practice.
There was a scene were Aya and Yossie had to fight. Aya was still jealous at yossie.
In the break Aya went to yossie and said
“I hate you. Do you know that?”
“Well I hate you too!”
“I want Miki for me yossie!”
“I don’t think so Aya…” xossie said and turned around.
“Eeh? Well if I don`t get what I want I will fight for it!” Aya was very angry and tooked her bag and left.

I don’t think so Aya…

“Were is Matsuura san?” one of the trainers asked.

“what did she want?” Miki asked.
“Nothing special…”
Miki didn’t felt well. It was to much for her that she falled on the floor.
“Miki?!” yossie shouted.
“I need a break…”
Yossie tooked Miki to her room and stayed there. Miki and yossie didn’t want any quarrels with other Members.

It was 9pm when yumiko and maki went to shibuya to eat something.
“At this time nobody is on the street.” Yumiko said and looked around.
“haha yes right. Let’s see were should we go?”
Both of them had no idea were to go.
Suddenly Maki saw a little café and was thinking at the past.

There it was… 3 years ago….

“Gocchin what do you think both of us are?”
“Hm… well we are pop idols ishikawa.” Maki began to laugh.
“that’s not what I ment!” ishikawa said and was a bit sad.
“Hmm…what do you mean?”
“Well… um…. I mean we know eachother so long now…” rika began.
“What are you trying to say?”
“Don’t you think we could be together?”
Maki was surprised. After 2 minutes she said
“Well… give me some more time…”
After 4 Weeks Maki went to Rika.
“Rika.. I can’t be with you any longer…”
Rika was shocked.
“I’m to scared… If Tsunku finds it out then he will throw me out of Hello!Project…”
Rika didn’t say anything.
“Please understand Rika… my solocareer has just started…”
Rika went to the window.
“Uhm… yes I understand… it’s hard … but… if you think it is the best… it’s ok…”
Rika was upset.
After 3 years they can talk normaly to eachother but rika still have feelings for maki.
Rika is holding her tears back for 3 years now.

“Maki?...Maki?...” Yumiko asked.
“Eh yes?...”
“Are you ok= you look a bit sad…”
“yeah im fine…”Maki grabbed Yumiko’s arm and hugged her.
Yumiko wasn’t shure if maki is allright.
“Where should we go and eat?” Maki asked.
“hmm… it’s ok Maki… let us go home and just relax
“If you want so. Come on let’s go.”
Both were smiling.
Title: part14
Post by: Gomaki on September 11, 2006, 11:49:50 AM
Here come another^^
On the evening Miki and Yossie watched Tv.
“I don’t understand why she loves me…”Miki said and looked at Yossie.
“Me either….”
Suddenly Miki’s Phone ringed.
It was a voice that Miki never heard bevor.

“Who is it?” Miki asked.
“I want to see you…. Please come…..” the voice said.
“Who are you??!”
Yossie wantet to know who it was.
“Who is it Miki?”
“Ah it’s my mum….i must go to visit her….see you later…”Miki said.
“Ee?? Why are you going?? Can I c…”
“NO!..:!” Miki shouted.
“What’s wrong?” Yossie asked.
“Nothing it’s allright…don’t worry…I love you see you later..” Miki said and went thru the door.
“Miki……” Yossie didn’t know what to do.

After a while Miki arrived the Park.
“Miki….” Someone said and touched her at the shoulder.
Miki jumped back “Who are you??!!”
The Person took of the black hat.

“Yes it’s me…”
“What do you want?!”
“I don’t want to have a quarrel with you…I want just talk to you…”
“About what?”
“What would you do if someone would take yossie from you?”
“Huh?? She doesn’t go away from me!”
“Answer the question!”
“…I…don’t know….I don’t want to think about that…”
“You would be sad right?”
Miki looked at Aya with tears in her eyes.
“Why?...why are you doing all this Aya?”
“For goodness sake I love you miki! I really felt something in my heart when I saw you the last time!” Aya shouted.
Aya fell on her knees. “I love you!” Aya had tears in her eyes.
“I don’t love you aya…I am with yossie…deal with that please…but it don’t mean that I don’t like you. Let us just be friends.”
Miki was going away from Aya.
“Miki please!!!” Aya shouted.  “Ple…. Please…..” Aya started to cry very hard.
At the same time Rika was walking in the park.
She saw someone at the ground.
“eh? Excuse me. Are you allright?” Rika asked.
Aya turned her head to Rika with tears coming out of her eyes and they run down her cheeks.
Aya fell in Rika’s arms and cryed.
“Why?....Why?....” she kept saying.

In Maki’s Apartment Maki showed Yumiko her new PV-

“……………….” Yumiko’s nose startet to bleed and she was drooling.
“Is it not god?” Maki asked.
“……………….” No answer.
“Hello? Anybody home?” Maki asked.
“Really?” Maki smiled
“It’s  ggggreat!”
“Thanks!” Maki kissed Yumiko on her cheek.
“But you hadn’t got any relationship with one of the dancers?” Yumiko went red.
Maki attacked Yumiko with kisses. “Of course not!!”
“Ah….good to hear that..” she smiled.

The girls were very in love with eachother. Yumiko enjoyed every minute with Maki.
And Tsunku said one day ago that she can fly with Maki whenever Maki has some work to do, because she can make pictures of her than. Tsunku didn’t even know what’s going on with them two.
Title: part15
Post by: Gomaki on September 11, 2006, 01:08:36 PM
Miki felt a little bit sad that she has shouted at yossie.
When Miki unlocked the door there was a little paper with a note on it:

Dear Miki

I went to get some food for tomorrow.
I will be back soon.

Love you


I feel bad…

Miki didn’t feel well. She locked the door and went into the bathroom.

After 10 minutes Yossie came back.
“Miki? I’m home again.”
Yossie looked for Miki but she wasn’t there. Then she could hear something in the bathroom. It sounded like a shower.
Yossie opened the door and didn’t see anything.

Suddenly someone grabbed her from the back. The person was wet and naked.

“I’m back again too….”
“Is everything ok with you?!”
“Yes I’m fine…and I feel sorry…”
Yossie turned and hugged Miki.
“It’s good to see you…”
Miki went red.
“Well I am very dirty…I think I will take a shower too”
Yossie took off her clothes and washed Miki’s back.
They were touching eachother very softly.

Yumiko hadn’t seen Maki for a day. She was wondering what could be with her. She liked to call her but she hasn’t got her cellphone number.

“Is that weired? I havn’t got her number yet.” She said and phoned Tsunku.

“Tsunku san? I’ve got a question. Do you know were Maki is?”
“Yes didn’t you heard that? She is ill and is at her mums house.”
“She is ill????”
“I’m sorry that I haven’t tell you. Could you look after her and give me a call when she is feeling better?”
“Yes of course! Bye”

Yumiko went to Maki’s home.

*knock knock*

“The door is open come in” Maki’s mother said.

“Sorry to disturb you but I’ve heard Maki is ill. Can I see her?”
“Yes of course…but don’t get to close to her ok?”
“I will try…”

“Maki?” yumiko asked.
“huh? You came?” Maki was surprised.
“Of course! Tsunku told me…are you feeling better?”
“No not realy but seeing you makes me feel better.”Maki smiled.
Maki was really sweating.
Yumiko sat down on the floor near Maki’s bed.
“You are sweating very hard.” Said Yumiko and cooled Maki’s forehead.
Soon Maki fell asleep.
Yumiko didn’t go she stayed next to Maki and kept an eye on her.
Title: part16
Post by: Gomaki on September 11, 2006, 04:17:25 PM
Awwww  I like it to write about maki and yumiko!^^

Maki’s mum came into the room and was bringing some medicine.
“Can you give it to her? I must go shopping.” She said.
“Of course I can.” Yumiko said and took the bottle of medicine.
Yumiko woke maki up carefully.
“mmmhh….?” Maki wasn’t really awake.
“Maki….her have a bit of medicine.” Yumiko whispered.
“Well than you feel better and we can go on with other things…” Yumiko smiled.
“Well…if it helps than we continue soon. But what would happen if the medicine doesn’t work?” she smiled and was still looking sleepy.
“Errr……I don’t know”
“Well we can continue anyway” Maki laughed.
Maki smiled and stroked Yumiko’s cheek.
“We talk about that later”
“Uhm …yeah..”

“Ah~ Maki wait one sec please. I must call Tsunku and say that you are gonna be fine.”
“No wait…ask him if I could get a couple of days free time.”
“Hm…? Why? “
“Wait and see….”
Maki had lots of secrets. Yumiko couldn’t wait to discover them.


“What’s wrong aya?” Rika asked.
“Do you know how it feels when somebody you love don’t want you to love?....”

Rika thought about the past with maki.

She looked a bit sad and answerd “Yes…”
“Who was your person..:?” Aya asked.
Rika get red and answerd “ Mhh…Maki,,,”
“Yes….what about you?”

Suddenly aya felt a bit better after talking with rika.
“Rika what happened with you and maki?”
“I don’t want to talk about that… i still have feelings…”
“Ah ok..” Aya switched on the TV.

“Eeeeeeee look there is maki!” Aya shouted.
Rika looked at the screen and listend what the reporter was talking about.

Here is Takano san from Tokyo News with the newest headlines.

Maki Goto was seen very often with a girl when she was during the making of her new Photobook. The girl she was with was Kasaki Yumiko. They were saw at the beach kissing eachother.
The press is waiting for an interview with Tsunku.
We will be right back at 9:00 pm.

What? Maki and a other girl kissing eachother? And I wasn’t good enough for her huh?
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: YoukaiChica on September 11, 2006, 05:20:21 PM
Uh oh! That's not good at all! Anyways, I love this story. Very interesting....
Title: part17
Post by: Gomaki on September 11, 2006, 06:27:10 PM
Yumiko wanted to ring Tsunku but she had a bad feeling. She didn’t know why but the feeling was there.
“You look like thinking about something. Whats up?” Maki asked.
“Eh…I’m fine I just have a bad feeling to call Tsunku…”
“Why?..Don’t you want to have some more time to spend with me?” Maki’ said and was a little bit upset.
“Of course I want to have more time with you!!I only have a bad feeling…”
“Could you please turn on the TV?” Maki asked.
“Hmm? Yeah shure.”
Yumiko turned on the TV.

Suddenly both of them were shocked when they have read  headlines.

“Kuso….”Maki said.
“No way! How did they found out?!” Yumiko shouted. Yumiko was angry but scared too.
Let’s wait and see until the interview with tsunku begins….”

Suddenly Maki’s cellphone ringed.
“Moshi moshi?”
Maki was in tense.
Yumiko looked at Maki. Her face colour turned white.
“Shit don’t say it’s Tsunku?!” Yumiko whispered.
Maki nodded.

“You two guy’s come right NOW in my office!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!”
Tsunku hanged up the phone.

“Shit what should we do?”
“We must go and face the truth….they found out…”Yumiko said.

They took a taxi and went to Tsunku’s office. They were nervous.

No answer…but they get in.
“Don’t you two know that dating in the group is a bad thing for out publicity?”Tsunku said.
“Yes…” both answerd.
“But…” Tsubnku said.
“Ehhhhhhhhhh?” both said.
“Let me finish talking!!!! Yumiko is not official in H!P so it might be not so a big deal.
But you two talk to the press! Did you understand?”

Maki jumped in Yumiko’s arms and kissed her.
“Hey you two! Not in my office!”
“Gomen Tsunku!And thank you very much!” Maki said.
“Yeah now get out of here…”

Outside the press was waiting.

“Let’s show them! I don’t care what other people are talking!” Maki shouted.
“If you want so!”

The press was quiet when the two went outside but than the people kept asking
“Maki!!! What is going on?”

When Maki came closer to Yumiko everyone stopped breathing.
Maki kissed her and said
“Well you can see that we are together. And I am not suspended or something like that! So please let us alone with questions. You can ask about my career but not over my privat life. Thank you”

Yumiko an maki left.

When Rika saw that on TV she was very angry.

Why this bitch? Why her? I could be at her place now! You don’t get away with that Maki!
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 11, 2006, 08:40:44 PM
oooo well i'm glad that maki doesnt have to hide it anymore, wonder wot Rika is going 2 do now :/
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: GeTaWay on September 11, 2006, 08:51:19 PM
I understand!  Aya will be with miki then Yossi will want to be with Rika and Rika will want to be with Maki and Maki wants to be with Yumiko! and Yumiko will be able to end the story? XD
Title: part18
Post by: Gomaki on September 11, 2006, 09:36:49 PM
Eee well^^ i don't know it yet^^:D
Well i must first surprise me with my ideas and than i surprise you^^XD

At the next morning Yumiko went down to the recording room to take some photos of the H!P Members.
Everybody talked normaly to Yumiko. It seemed that no one watched the news yesterday. Except Rika and Aya.

“Maki can I talk to you?” Rika asked.
“Shure Rika. Could you wait a sec? I just want to go and get my bag.”
“I will look after your bag” Yumiko said.
“Thanks!” She winked.

Rika took Maki to a other room.
“So what’s up Rika?”
“Who do you think you are?....”Rika started.
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“Why are you doing this Maki?”
“Doing what? Please speak clearly.”
“Why are you together with this bitch?”
“What did you say?!” Maki was getting angry.
“Why are you together with her?!”
“ I can’t belive it Rika! You  do  think the same way sience  3 years ago?!”
“Well call me stupid but I love you!”
“Yeah but I don’t love you rika! I thought we could be only friends rika. I didn’t want anything to become between our friendship.”
“But your career is working good…why could we not start again?...”
“…….” Maki was saying nothing.

While in a other room.

“What do you want?”
“I’m sorry Miki… I don’t love you anymore…it was all a big mistake..” Aya said.
“Ah I see”
“Yeah please forgive me!! I hope we can stay good friends and be together in GAM!”
“Well…uhm… yes ok. I will forgive you.”
“Thank you miki!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~” somebody screamed thru the corridors.

“Maki?!” Yumiko shouted and searched for Maki.
“Maki where are you??!!! Maki??!!!”
Yumiko ran into the dressingroom
She was lying there and was hit by something.
“Maki wake up!! Maki!!!!” Yumiko shouted.
She didn’t answered. After a while the ambulance arrived.
Yumiko was staying at the hospital. Yumiko couldn’t think about anything.
After while maki woke up.
“Maki…!”she whispered
“ouch…Y..yumikodon’t hug me so hard.”
Yumiko had tears in her eyes. She was so happy that Maki hasn’t losed her mind.
“Please try to remember what happened maki!”
“I tried but I can’t remember….”
“Well Tsunku said that you need a break. He gave us two 1 month time.”
“hm..yeah ok…”
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: tanakachi on September 11, 2006, 11:09:57 PM could she....omg......poor maki....damn Rika!:x
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on September 12, 2006, 04:10:02 AM
Ah! I can barely keep up with love triangles and now you have the whole polygon! And Violent!Rika makes an appearance!
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: YoukaiChica on September 12, 2006, 06:02:11 AM
I love it. Absolutely, positively love it. The drama, the cuteness, the overall goodness!! Keep it up! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite fanfics.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Seagull on September 12, 2006, 06:39:49 AM
This fic is really good, I love it :D
Title: part20
Post by: Gomaki on September 12, 2006, 01:48:47 PM
Thank you for your coments!^^:D :heart:

“Yossie I must do another PV with Aya. I will be back soon.”Miki said on the telephone.
“Yes ok. I must got with Ai, Risa and Reina to a special greeting, so I wont be here too.”
“Ok.Well I must go now… someone wantso to take sizes for the dresses.”
“Uhn yeah I must go too. Well see you on Monday Miki. Love you.”
“Love you too” Miki said and hang up the phone.


“Buuuuuh!” Reina screamed.
“Waaah! Reina you shocked me!” Risa screamed and jumped back.
“Hey you two! Don’t play around!” Ai shouted.
“Gomen…Ai” Both said.
“You two are no kids anymore…” Ai said but couldn’t finish the sentence.


Ai walked against a opened door.
“Uhaa!” Ai said and she saw little stars.
Risa and Reina laughed about that.
Ai had a red face and left.
“Ah how embarrassing !” Ai thought.


Maki was eating 4 plates of food.
“Sugoi! You must be very hungry!” Yumiko said with wide opened eyes.
“mhhh yesh… itsh delicioushhhh…” She answered.
“Ah you got some rice on your cheek.” Yumiko came close to maki and ate it.
“Delicious!” Yumiko laughed.
“ehhm Yumiko could you do me a favour?”
“Yeah shure.”
“I have some clothes at my mum’s house. Could you go and get them?”
“Yeah shure.”
“Thanks! They are in a pink cupboard”
“ Yep I will go and get them I will be back soon.” Yumiko gave maki a little kiss on the cheek and left.

At Maki’s mum’s house.

“Sumimasen…can I come in?” Yumiko asked when she arrived there.
“Yeees the door is open!”
“Hello I want to get something for Maki. Where is Maki’s bedroom?”
“Upstairs and then the last door.” Maki’s mum said.
“Thank you.”
Yumiko entered Maki’s bedroom.
The walls were pink and everywhere on the wall were little pictures of family and friends.
Yumiko opened the pink cupboard and grabbed a bag with clothes. When she wanted to go out the room she saw a picture of Maki’s family.
“Hmm there is Maki, Maki’s mum, her brother Yuki and a other man….could that be her father?” Yumiko whispered.

After 20 minutes.

“Maki I’m back!”
“Ah and did you get it?”
“Yes here.”
“Thank you!”
“Eh maki… I saw a picture of your family at the door. The man in the blue shirt is that your father?”
“Yes he was.”
“Ah I see…he was?!”
“Yeah he died at a climbing accident.”
“Oh…I’m sorry…”
“Nah it’s ok I get over it.” Maki smiled.
Title: part 21
Post by: Gomaki on September 12, 2006, 09:56:28 PM
I had to write somethin about maki and yumiko again^^
Today it snowed. Outside it was really cold.
Yumiko looked outside. From the new Apartment Yumiko and Maki bought 1 week ago they had a beautiful view. It was very quiet were they live. No press no photographs except yumiko.

“Morning…” Maki said.
“Morning. How do you feel today?”
“My head hurts a little bit…and my back feels not so good…”
“Come here” Yumiko said and kneeled on the sofa.
“I will give you a massage”
“That’s nice” Maki smiled.
“Can i..?”yumiko asked and pointed at her shirt.
“Yes do what you want…I just try to relax…”

Yumiko took of Maki’s shirt and opened her bra.
She started to give Maki a softly massage.

“mhhhh that’s very nice….mhhhh…brrrrr your hands are getting cold..”
“Ah I’m sorry!”
“mhhh.. well I’m relaxed now… thank you…”
Yumiko closed Maki’s bra and helped her to get into her shirt.

“it’s cold isn’t it…oh…I’m a bit tired I didn’t sleep well this night…” yumiko said.
“Why not?”
“Well it was such a good feeling to have the first night together in our own apartment”
“Well I slept well…because… I had this on.” Maki pointed at her shirt and smiled.
“Eh? Wow I have the same shirt!”
“It’s yours!”
“Oh…eeeh?!  I didn’t realised that!”
“Stupid girl huh?” Maki laughed.
“Hey..haha…stupid? Come here! Or I will tickle you!” Yumiko said .
“Catch me if you can!” Maki said and smiled like a bad girl.

“Wow look tere”
“Huh? Where?”

Yumiko grabbed Maki and kissed her. “Gotcha!”

“Hmm…you are right” Maki laughed.
Title: H!P Lovers
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Ah love... :)
Title: part 21
Post by: Gomaki on September 13, 2006, 08:31:29 PM
aaaand here it is!^^ Ah and gomen! it's part 22^^

“Good work everybody!” Miki and Aya said.

They had finished there new PV.
“Miki do you wanna go out and drink something?” Aya asked.
“Hm yeah ok. To be honest I  could have a full glass of cherry now” Miki said and laughed.
“Yeah me too! So let’s go!”

The two went to a nice bar in the middle of yokohama.

“A full glass of cherry please” Miki said to the barkeeper.
“Hai. Wait one sec.”
“Hmm… I think I will try a beer.” Aya said.
“Are you shure? “
“Yeah I think so. It is the first time that I drink some alcohol. And Yuko said that beer tastes very good. So I will try it.”
“Do you want something to?” the barkeeper asked.
“Yes I will have a bottle of beer please.”
“Hai. Here you two. Enjoy your drinks!”
“Arigatou!”both said.

“Ah that was good!” Miki said after 30 seconds.
“Eeh??? You already finished??!” Aya was really surprised.
“Yes that was just what I needed.”

After 1 hour they walked thru the streets.

“Yeaaaah!! Meccha Holiday!!!....hick…”Miki sang and laughed.
“Kanpaiiiii hick baby!! Hick… hahahahaaaa”
“That was fun! Hick….” Aya said.
“yeah hick…”

They were completely full.

“Let’s go to the hotel hick…”
“Uhn yepp…hick”

When they were in the hotel they sat down and looked at eachother.

“That was pretty fun hick…” Miki said.
“Uh yes it was hick…”


“I will give miki a call and see if she is ok..” Yossie said and took the cellphone.

Beep………………..Beep……………Beep……   No answer……

“Hm.. maybe she is sleeping. Well I will go in bed now too.” Yossie said and went to sleep.
Title: part23
Post by: Gomaki on September 13, 2006, 09:56:07 PM
The sun made it to get thru the dark snow clouds and shined directly in Miki’s eyes.
Miki woke up and felt fresh.
She couldn’t remember what happened last night.
“Ah my head hurts…eh?”  Miki was suddenly in tense.
“Miki…whats wrong?..ah my head…” a girl said.
Miki jumped up and grabbed her clothes and hided her naked body.

“Aya what the hell???!!!” Miki shouted.
“Eh?!” Aya looked under the blanked.
“I…I’m naked?”
“I can’t belive it…what happened???!” Miki shouted.
“I don’t know!!”
“OK..first we get dressed and than we think!”

3 minutes later.

“Miki it seems that we have sle…”
“I can see that!!!”
“I can’t remember…what did happen?...”
“ I don’t know it too! We just forget this little mistake and continue on our work ok?! “
“Yes…”Aya said.

What should I do?? I tricked yossie…. I can’t belive it! I’m such a fool!


“Tonight? Me and you?” Maki asked.
“Yes… I thought I t might be nice…me and you…” Yumiko said
“Hm it sounds great!What have you planed?” Maki asked.
“Yeah well…maybe a dinner?”
“Sounds great! In our apartment?”
“Yes…well I must go now I must buy something..well see you later. Love you.”
“Love you too.”
Yumiko hanged up the phone.

Sorry just a little one tonight!^^
Must go sleep now^^
Title: H!P Lovers
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:o Bad Miki!
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Mikan on September 14, 2006, 08:55:07 AM
hahaha, ;) Maki and Yumiko coming out of the closet? haha~ That I'd like to see ^^
Title: part 24
Post by: Gomaki on September 15, 2006, 06:27:53 PM
Here it is!
At 3pm Tsunku called.
“”What’s up Tsunku?” Maki asked.
“M..Maki can you pleace come to the office?Quick?” Tsunku said nervous.
“I don’t have time Tsunku can I g…”
“No! no no! You must come now and hurry up !” Tsunku shouted nervous.
“Well..yeah ok…but..”
The line was dead.
“Shit…why now? Yumiko wanted to make a present for me..well I think I will leave a letter.”
Maki wrote a note on a peace of paper and left.

After 30 minutes she arrived…no one was there…no h!p members…no staff members…

“Where are they ?” Maki thought
She took 3 steps and then someone grabbed her.
“Hey! What th mhmhmhmhmhm” Maki couldn’t finish because the man holed his hand against Maki’s mouth.
“Don’t say anything!” the man said and pushed her down the caller.

Suddenly Maki’s eyes were wide open.

They are all here?

All the members were there. They were all tied up.
“I want you money! You all have a lot of it!!” HAHA” the man laughed.


“Maki I’m back. Do you wnt to have the…dinner now?....Maki?” Yumiko said and searched the apartment.
“Oh man…where is she? a note?”
Yumiko looked at it.

Yumiko Tsunku wants to see me…I don’t know why but he sounded nervous. So I will check everything out.
Don’t worry I will be back at 4pm.

“Ah I see…well than it’s allright…wait! It’s 5:13pm now! There is something wrong!”
Yumiko ran out of the room. She ran as fast as she could.
She arrived the office building. But she didn’t get in…The maindoor was locked.
“Eh? There must be something wrong!”

I call the police first….

Yumiko called police and said what was worrying her.

“Ok stay there were you are we are right there!” the officer said.
“I can’t wait!! I must go and look what’s wrong!”
“Hey no it might be dangerous!”
“I can’t wait sorry! Hurry up!” Yumiko shouted and hang up the phone.
She grabbed a stone and throw it against the glass door . The Glass braked.


Yumiko ran thru the corridors. But she couldn’t see anybody.
Then there was someone who talked really loud.
Yumiko went down to the caller and stand behind a door.
“Shit! What is going on here?” She whispered.

“No one can stop me and no one will find you! Not even a little girl who is standing behind a door!” The man shouted and took a weapon out of his bag.


“Umm….” Yumiko sighed. The man got her directly on her shoulder.
“Hahahaha!!” See!” The man laughed. And looked really angry.
Title: part 25
Post by: Gomaki on September 15, 2006, 07:12:18 PM
“mmmm..y..mmm..u….m…mmmm….i….mmm….k…..mmmm…o…..”Maki tried to say yumiko’s name.

Suddenly thought about the past.

“I think you make wonderfull pictures of me right?”
“Why does you nose bleed?”
“Do you like me?”
“Yes I want to kiss you”
“You are the best what happened to me”
“I Love You”

Yumiko tried to stand up. She put her hand on her bloody shoulder.

“You….you…big MONKEY!!!!!” Yumiko shouted. She was really angry.

“Stupid girl shut up!” the man shouted and shot again.
Maki couldn’t see that again.
This time he didn’t get her. Well only a little scratch on her cheek.

“You….You are such a fool!  You are scaring all the girls!!” Yumiko shouted and got  nearer to him.
“Stay there!!!” The man shouted and shot again. “umpf….”Yumiko sighed. Now she had a little hole in the right leg. With the last energy she took a stone and throw it against the door.
The man looked out of the door to see if someone is there.
Yumiko pulled herself in front of maki. Maki had tears in her eyes. She tried t say yumiko’s name but she couldn’t because of the tape on her mouth.
“D…don’t…worry….e..verything w..ill be fine…”Yumiko said and kissed her on the cheek.
Yumiko felled down in Maki’s lap. She wasn’t dead but knocked out.

“Uaahhhh” the man screamed when someone grabbed him. The police was there.
The police wanted to bring him out of the building when he said
“Hey…little girl!”
Maki looked up to him-
“Tell you little friend I will be back soon! HAHAHA”

The police took everyone out of the building. The other members were shocked.
“Yumiko!!” Maki shouted
“unnmmm…M…aki…chan…”Yumiko whispered and tried to stand up but she felled in Maki’s arms. She could realise something wet on her cheek. Maki was crying.
“D…don’t cry…”Yumiko said.
“No! you could have die!”
“Well…but im fine…”
“Yeah but you could have die….” Maki said that 3 times but then

“Would you kiss me?” Yumiko asked red.

Suddenly Maki remembered at the past.

“Would you kiss me?”

Maki smiled again
Maki kissed her.

“Itaiiiiiii!!!!!” Yumiko shouted.
“Ouch…you hurt my shoulder.”
“Ah I’m sorry!!!”
“I was only joking” Yumiko smiled.

“Ah eh sorry but can we take you to the hospital now?” a police officer said.

“eeh?!” both said.
“Well you have a big injury”
“Nah I don’t need to go see I’m fine!”
“Ouch…well…ok than…”
“I will come with you! And when we are home again we can continue right?” Maki whispered in Yumiko’s ear.

Yumiko went red and was knocked out. Knocked out because of love~
Title: H!P Lovers
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Wow, how heroic.

The Glass braked.

BTW this is so cute!
Title: H!P Lovers
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great chapters!!! :D

the man... will return!!!! :pen_shocked:
Title: Yay
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thank you^^ and i must say that i am sorry that i have so much mistakes in the text^^ well I'm sitting here with my dictonary^^ I'm half english but I'm still learning it xD so if you have trouble with some words just say it ^^:D
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on September 15, 2006, 08:48:33 PM
Quote from: Gomaki
thank you^^ and i must say that i am sorry that i have so much mistakes in the text^^ well I'm sitting here with my dictonary^^ I'm half english but I'm still learning it xD so if you have trouble with some words just say it ^^:D

But braked is just so cute. I love how foreigners speak English. Not to be condenscending or anything. Actually, I'm in love with accents.
Title: part 26
Post by: Gomaki on September 15, 2006, 09:11:00 PM
The people were talking about that what happened.

Tsunku said to the Press:

“Well we don’t know why or even how this could happen…the members are all a bit shocked. They need a little bit of time to relax, so hello!project will continue in 5 days.”

“Is someone got hurt?” one reporter said.

“Yes. Kasaki Yumiko san is hurt. She was a real hero. In the next day’s I will think about the idea to take her into the hello!project.”

“How do you feel?” Maki asked.
“My shoulder still hurts a bit but I’m fine”
“You really do care about other ones life but risk your own?” Maki said
“Of course I do… and seeing you on the floor…dirty and helpless makes me mad…”
“….but why did you came nearer and nearer to the man?”
“Well I called the police and I knew that they will come quick so I had to distract him…and then he shot..well it doesn’t matter now…”
“It does…I’m worried..he said he will come back…”
“Don’t worry I will be fine!” Yumiko said and took maki’s hand.
“I hope so..:”

[tock tock]

“hmm…yeah come in”

It was Tsunku

“How do you feel?”
“A bit better..”
“I wanted to say thank you that you saved the girls..”
“No problem Tsunku.”
“I thought about the idea that oyu might can joy Hello!Project too. What do you think?”

“No thanks Tsunku…”
“Eeh why not?”

“Well… that means that I can’t have a relationship with maki anymore..but I love her and wont give her up”
Maki went red.
“Is that so?” Tsunku said and smiled.
“Well maybe can it change your mind when I set an age in the rule?” Tsunku said.
“Well yes…!” Yumiko said.
“Ok! So the new rule will be like that:  Everyone can date others if they want but only at age 20.”
“That’s nice!”
“Thank you Tsunku!”
“Yeah and welcome to Hello!Project! See you soon” Tsunku left.

“You are a real hero! And my hero !” Maki said and kissed her.

Everything was correct. The next day Yumiko could leave the hospital again.

In the Bathroom.

“Will that be there for your hole life?” Maki asked and pointed at the scar.
“I think soo… but I will look at it and think of you” Yumiko said and smiled.
“Come here!” Maki shouted and hugged Yumiko.
Title: part27
Post by: Gomaki on September 15, 2006, 09:40:17 PM
The last one for tonight^^ tomorrow i will continue^^
“Yossie I’m back home again!” Miki said.
Yossie was sitting on the sofa and look t Miki with tears in her eyes.
She stood up and stand in front of Miki. Suddenly she hugged her.
“Yossie what is wrong?”
“I’m so happy that nothing happened to you!”
“What happened yossie?”
“Well while you was in yokohama all the other members and I was kidnapped by a older man…”
“What?! Are you ok?! Do you get hurt?!”
“No I’m fine! Everyone is fine…I only thought that someone was in yokohama and kidnapped you too…”
“Nothing happened to me…”

Miki couldn’t tell Yossie what was going on between her and Aya …not yet… but she wanted.

Miki and Yossie were just talking and talking about what happened with the members.

Rika was sitting in the staffroom. Thinking about yesterday.
“Hi Rika! Are you ok?” Aya said.
“No I’m not…”
“What’s wrong?”
“Well yesterday we all got kidnapped and that bitch safed us…” Rika was looking angry.
“You mean Yumiko? I’ve heard about that in the news…horrible that someone had done this..”
“That is not what I’m talking about!”
“Sorry… anyway how is maki? She was knocked out by something last week right?”

Rika didn’t say anything.

“Oh no don’t tell me you…”
“I didn’t want it!! I didn’t do anything…there was a little bang outside so that the building shacked a bit….and then there was a big box on the shelve… it felled right on Maki’s head…I didn’t know what to do…if I stayed there they all thought it was me…so I took the box and ran away…”
“I see… well I must go now…” Aya left.

In the dressingroom

“Man why age 20?...” Ai said.
“ I don’t know it aichan…unfair…” Risa said.
“Yeah…but we did hide our secret really got…we only must get shure that it will be so in the future”
“Yeah we can try it!”
Risa hugged Ai.
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Happy birthday to Ai... One day late... Ai and Gaki, yay!
Title: H!P Lovers
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it was her birthday? oh well happy bday to her.

Yay for new chapters! and yay to heroic yumiko!!!
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Ah~ Well happy B day Ai~ i only have maki's b day in my head xD i will post a new chapter later or tomorrow^^
Title: H!P Lovers
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yeah! Maki's B'day is near too ^^
mm.. i think i haven't commented here before.. gomen :P
that's what I call a positive fic XDXD
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^^:D :)
Title: part29
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“Yossie?....I must talk with you” Miki said and pointed at the sofa.
“Hm….yeah ok”

“I don’t know how to start…ehm..ah…”
“Take your time…I can wait…” Yossie said and smiled.
“Yes…anoo…in the last night in the hotel…well…uhm…”
“You were drunk…right?”Yossie said and smiled.
“Eh how did you…?”
“I know you miki…I only must see at your face and read what you are feeling” Yossie said and stroked Miki’s hair.
“Oh…yeah but i…”
“You slept with aya right?”
“Ehhh how did you???”
“Well like I was saying you were drunk. Didn’t you remember the last time when you was drunk?” Yossie said and smiled.
“Yes… I kissed a lot of people who I didn’t know…that was embarrassing when you told me that the next day..”
“See so see that night with aya as an one-night-stand.”
“Hey…don’t worry we all had an one-night-stand” Yossie laughed.
“Well…not me but Yuko, Kei, Erika, Mai, Rika, blah blah blah….” Yossie said lots of names.
“Eh it’s ok now…” Miki said and was confused.
“Haha…well…I’m a little bit angry am i…but I forgive you…it was only this time right?”
“Yes it was…but I didn’t realised what happened…”
“That’s good isn’t it? You forget a lot of things when you are drunk” Yossie said and laughed.
“Yeah you might be right.”
“I am right”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY AI~CHAN!!! ~~” The morning musume members screamed.
“Thank you guy’s!! Fuuuu~~~” ai said with a big smile on her face and blow the candles out.
Ai got a message.

Happy Birthday~ my honey
I’m sorry that I can’t be with you now…but I’ve got a present for you
I ask you later if you enjoined it
Risa <3

“Ahh~ cute!~” Ai said.
“Ah guy’s I’m sorry I will go now and relax a bit.”Ai was really exited.

aI went out of the building and saw a white limousine. Someone came out and opend the door for her.
“Here miss Takahashi san” the man said.
“Eh me?! Wow!”

When ai was in the limousine she saw a video tape.

“Would you please have a look at it?” the man said.
“Yeah ofcourse…” Ai pushed the tape into the video recorder.

“Hi my darling “

“Eh Gaki san??!”

“I prepared this for you I hope you like it…well but it’s not the end of this beautiful night…the limousine will take you to a nice place in Tokyo…well…please enjoy it! I love you!”

“love you too…” ai said with a smile in her face.

10 minutes have passed.

“Miss Takahashi san…we are there.”
“Ah~Thank you!”
“My pleasure “ the man said and opend the door.

Ai looked and was surprised.

“Ahh~wow” she said

She was at the Tokyotower. The light’s were very bright.

“Excuse me…are you Miss Takahashi?..” A woman said.
“Yes why?”
“There is a table reserved for you at the top platform.”
“Really?!” Ai was even more surprised.

When Ai arrived the top of the tokyotower she saw another person.
“Eh? Is there some more?” She asked the Person.
“Shure..”The person said and turned.
Title: part 30
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Suddenly Ai had tears in her Eyes

“You…?”she said.
“Oh noo don’t cry please!!” the girl said.
“I’m crying because it’s nice!!...i did’t know you..”
“Yeah….umm…well yeah I’m here” Gaki said and smiled.
“That is so nice…”
“Ah come here!” Risa said and opened her arms
Ai directly hugged her.
“Thank you!”
“Hey I love you I only want to show it” Risa said.
“Thank you!” Ai said in fukui dialect.
“Thank you!” and again
“Ahm what?”

Ai kissed Risa

“Ah ‘thank you’ you said?!” Risa shouted and laughed-
“Well lets have dinner!”

There were candles on the table. Everything was so romantic. And the view over Tokyo was the best.

“We must thank yumiko that we are here…”said Ai
“Yes you are right!”
“To Yumiko! And of course to us!”

“HATSCHIIIII  ~~~~” yumiko sneezed.
“Bless you…someone is talking about you hah?” Maki said and smiled.
“It seems so…”
“Or did you caught a cold? It’s still very cold outsite.”
“Nah…that can’t be it” Yumiko said and looked for something.
“What are you searching for?”
“Uhmm I’ve got something for you….i only can’t find it” Yumiko said and went red.
“For me?”
“Ah here it is!!”

Yumiko was holding a little package in her hands.

“For me?”
“Yes!Please exept it!”

Maki was surprised. She opend the package and than she had a big smile on jher face

“Do…do you like it?”
“like it? I love it!!” Maki said and kissed Yumiko.

Yumiko bought Maki a ring.It was very nice and had a diamante on it.
“Well… I got the same...i thought it might be looking good if we both have the same ring”
“Yeah of course! I love it thank you thank you thank you!”
Title: part 31
Post by: Gomaki on September 17, 2006, 06:56:37 PM
It was near Maki’s birthday. Maki, her mum and Yumiko went to see her grandma in Sapporo.
Yumiko has a driving license so they drove with a car.
“That is very kind of you Yumiko” Maki’s mum said.
“No problem. I wanted to see Sapporo anyway so that is my chance” she smiled.
“By the way…it would be nice if you two don’t show that you have a relationship.” Maki’s mum said.
Yumiko looked at the rear-view mirror “Why?”
“Well I think grandma wouldn’t be so happy with that. You know she is one of the older generation so that she only likes the man- girl relationship…but a girl-girl relationship…”
“I understand that…you too maki?”
“Yes…” Maki was very sleepy she didn’t sleep very well in the last night.
“You look still very tiered…I will drive very carefully so that you can sleep” Yumiko said and smiled.
“Thank you…uaahhh” Maki yawned and closed her eyes.

“And did you do more with my daughter?”
“How do mean that?”
“Well what did you do with maki since you are together?”
“uhmm…well…hugging and kissing and stuff like that..” Yumiko went red.
“I see… Maki’s birthday is coming nearer. Have you got something planed?”
“eh not yet…I don’t know if she want to celebrate her birthday with the members or the family.”
“Well my little bar downstairs in the house is still open for you two”

After 7 hours they arrived Sapporo. Yumiko stopped the car and got out off the car and opend maki’s door.

“Oh thanks!”
They two could feel that they wanted to kiss eachother but then they thought about that what Maki’s mum said.

“ok lets go in” Maki’s mum said and knocked on the door.
“Come in…”
“Sorry to disturb you” The 3 said.
“Ah how nice to see you come here my daughter” Grandma hugged Maki’s mum “Maki! Come here too!” than she hugged maki.
“Oh and another guest? Who are you?”
“I’m Kasaki Yumiko! Nice to meet you!”
“Nice to meet you too…you are a friend of maki right?”

They sat down and drunk a few cups of tee.

“It was a long long time since we saw us again right…And Maki how is your career? I saw all you concert when I had time.”
“Ah it’s  working great! Thank you!”
Suddenly maki’s face colour turned into white.

“Ah Y..yumiko could you please come with me to the car…I’ve forgot a bag.”
“Eh…Yes shure..”
“Don’t stay too long outside!” Grandma said.


“Whats wrong??!”
“She said she saw the concerts and stuff like that!!”
“Yeah no big deal”
“No big deal huh?! Think! The news 2 weeks ago! When we said we love eachother!”
“Ok that’s…that’s….maybe she didn’t see it!”
“I’m dead if she knows it!”
”Calm down…maybe we should ask her when she saw the news the last time.”
”I’m to nervous!!”
“Yeah but we can’t stay outside all the day…I will be right there with you!”
“Yeah you’re right..”


“Ah there you two are!”
“Yeah…eh grandma did ypu see the news 2 weeks ago?”
“2 weeks ago…hmmm…lets se….yeah….”
“Shit…”Maki whispered
“…no… I remember! The electricity went out! I couldn’t see TV for a week..why did you ask?”
“Ah no I only wanted to know that”  Maki sighed.
“See…” Yumiko whispered.
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ooo this is getting good, haha cute that maki was worried like that haha, cant wait for the rest!!! keep up the good work!
Title: part31
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This is a bit short but i will write a other one today or tomorrow^^

The next day in Sapporo.

Maki and Yumiko were laying  in the futon on the floor.
“Morning did you sleep well?” Yumiko asked and stroked maki’s cheek.
“Uhn yeah… I was sleeping really good!” she said and lay her head against yumiko’s.
“It’s sad that we only stayed one day here…” Yumiko said
“Yeah but mum has to work… “
“your birthday is coming…what do you wanna do?”
”ah~ I didn’t realised that my birthday is coming…I was so concentrated on other things..”
“you will be 21 then…”
“That is soo old…”
“Nah…it’s cute!”
Maki smiled. “I want to be with you on my birthday…only you…”she looked a bit erotic and touched yumiko’s lip with her fingernail.
“hmm…if it’s that what you want” Yumiko smiled.

After they had breakfast they drove back to Tokyo again. They stopped at Maki’s mums house and drove to the apartment.

“Home..sweet home..” Yumiko said.
“Haha…it seemed that you missed our apartment” Maki laughed.
“Of course I did! I wasn’t able to touch you when we were in Sapporo! That was very very hard for me!”
“For me too… let’s take a bath and go to bed I’m tired…”
“Yes…I’m tired too.”

Their body’s touched softly. The sweat was running down their skins. Yossies fingers  were touching Miki’s lips and then they slipped down to her waist.
Yossie was kissing Miki deeply. Miki had her arms around yossie’s shoulders, then they slipped down to yossie’s back.
Miki’s fingernails were squeezing (xD) into yossies back. Yossie didn’t care if it hurts.
Yossie`s fingers were getting deeper and deeper.
“Nmm….Yossie!!” Miki sighed

Miki lost her innocence  (xDDD)

The hard battle continued all the night.
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Ooo, Yumiko/Maki Gaki/Ai Yossui/Miki. All the goods! :D
Title: H!P Lovers
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I like your fic!
I would like to know something more about the man who wants a revenge of Yumiko hehehe
Title: No fanfic but a picture^^
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I had a bit time today so i draw a picture of Yumiko:D
Hope you all like it^^
The story will continue soonXD :D
( (
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haha loving the picture Gomaki!! :D:D
Title: H!P Lovers
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I like the angry expression. ^_^
Title: part32
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Well ok Maki has in 2 todays b day (^_^)v
So now here is a birthday special!^^  \(^_^)/

It was Saturday.
Maki was sitting on the sofa. She had a day off now because it was her birthday today.
She was watching tv and was bored. Yumiko had to do a photoshooting.
After 3 hours suddenly the door opened. It was Yumiko.

“Ah…puh…” she sighed.
Maki looked a bit sad.
“ah~ were is my birthday honey?!” Yumiko screamed
“Uhaa” Maki screamed she was attacked by kisses.
“Did you think I would forget you?” yumiko smiled.
“Nahh~~not you” maki smiled.

Yumiko was directly over maki’s body.
Suddenly both of them jumped up.


“Wanna go out and do something?” Yumiko asked.
“Yeah ofcourse! And where should we go?”
“Well let’s walk thru the town a bit.” Yumiko asked and got a coat.
“Yeah good idea!”
“Don’t you take your jacket with you?” Yumiko asked and looked at maki.
“Nah it’s ok…” Maki smiled.
“Well ok let’s go!” Yumiko put an arm around maki’s shoulder.
“Are you ok with that?” Yumiko asked.
“Sure I am!”

They walked thru the shops and went to a nice restaurant.
After that they walked to a little nice park and sat down and leaned against a tree.
Yumiko had her arm still around maki’s shoulder.

“Nice today…” Yumiko said.
“Hmm…yes…who did you photographed?”
“Well…a lot…Gam, Momusu and fanatic fans…”
“Fans…why that?”
“Tsunku wanted it…”
“I see…it’s nice to have you here” Maki smiled
“You are the most important thing in my live!”
“Nice to hear that”
“Should we go back?”

When maki stood up she took a break

“Everything ok?”
“Yeah but it’s cold….brrr~”
Yumiko smiled “ Here”
Yumiko took of her coat and gave it to maki.

“Thanks!...I’m sorry….now you are getting cold…”
“Hey I’m fine as long as you are fine!” She smiled.

They took a bicycle and rode to a ship and went on it.
It was getting darker, the stars were bright and it was cold.

Now they were standing on the boat like jack and rose from titanic well…without grabbing their arms.
“Now I’ve got a present for you…”
“Eh really?”
“ look at your clock.”
”It’s 9:59pm now..”
“Right now look at the sky…” Yumiko said and hugged maki from the behind.

Bang   Pong  …

There was a firework.

“Wow!! Sugoi!!” Maki was really surprised.
“Yeah but now the special part comes!”
Maki looked at the sky. Lots of fireworks were flying around but then there was something.
“Eh? There are words!”
“Look and enjoy…”








“Happy Birthday Maki~” Yumiko whispered in Maki’s ear.
“I…I…don’t know…what…what to say! “ Maki was speechless.
“I love you too Yumiko!!” Maki shouted with tears in her eyes.

Yumiko was happy. Her surprise was a hit. Maki was still speechless.

Somewhere in Tokyo

Maki’s mum was cleaning the streets when she heard a big bang and boom.
She looked at the sky.
“Ah~ Yumiko you made it! Good girl! You are making my daughter happy!” She said and smiled.
Title: H!P Lovers
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awww thats soo sweet, glad that maki's mum is happy for Yumiko :D
Title: H!P Lovers
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Heh that's pretty cool. Sorry for the short comment, I got a sandwich in one hand
Title: Yeah!
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Happy Birthday Maki!  In japan it is 0:19am now ^^
aishiteru yo!^^
And here is a picture for the Birthday special

( (
Title: Pictures
Post by: Gomaki on September 22, 2006, 11:05:56 PM
Herê are some more pictures^^ the next chapter is coming tomorrow:P

( (
( (
Title: H!P Lovers
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I love this, more Gaki action please :)
Title: H!P Lovers
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Yeah^^ I try to make more gaki & ai action :D :D
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: pikapikapika on September 23, 2006, 08:03:10 PM
Then I love you too XD
Title: part33
Post by: Gomaki on September 23, 2006, 10:20:58 PM
Ok. So first of all I must say that im writing about a special part again ^^’’ The Risa and Ai part is coming soon^^
Ok hope you enjoy this part!^^

Ishikawa was sitting on the sofa and was thinking. She had a picture of maki in front of her. She was still thinking about a future with her.
Rika hit her hand with such a power against the glass table.
The poor glass table broke.
But than all  of sudden she smiled. Not because she was happy… no… she had an idea.
“I’m such a devil…hehe… but I fight for things I don`t get!” her smile turned into a bad smile.
She was looking really scary.
“It might take some time but it doesn’t matter…this idea is better than anything else…”


“You must really go back to Europe ?” Maki asked with a sad face.
“…I’m sorry…” Yumiko said.
“But why?”
“Well if I am working for Tsunku now… I must quit my old job. And than there is my apartment in middle of germany… I must sale it. But than I come back!”
“How long does it take?”
“Well… I think 2 months…” Yumiko said and looked out the window.
“2 months…well…I can wait…”
“When I come back we continue. But first I must deal with the problems in Europe.”
“I understand that…2 months…. It’s very long…”
“I know…” yumiko took makis hand .
“I will wait!” Maki said with tears in her eyes.
“Thank you…well it’s time to say goodbye…the taxi is here…” tears were falling down from yumikos eyes. Maki couldn`t hold back her tears either.
“I love you…I wont give you up…” yumiko said and kissed makis lips for the last time until she will return.
“I love you too.”
Yumiko was in the taxi and than she drove away. Maki was standing outside. Lonely. Only with memory’s. but she knew that yumiko will return.


“How much do I have to pay for the release of the man who started an attack against tv Tokyo?” a person with a lovely voice said.
“Hahaha!! I hope you are joking!” the officer said.
“Damn! I’m not joking! How much?!” the woman was getting angry and looked very scary.
“eh…eh….oh…ah…” the officer was to scared to answer her the question.
“you are getting in trouble!!! Say the price!!”
“ yen…”
“ok…was that so hard? Here!” the woman had a package with money in her hand. She gave it to him.
“I can’t do that!”
“Take it!!!” the woman shouted.
“Ok!...ok!” the  man was so scared. It was his first day at the prism.
The man showed the cell of the man who planed something against tv Tokyo.
“Thank you” the woman said and looked into the cell.

There was sitting a bad looking man. The shadow was hiding his face.

“what do you want?...” a cold voice said.
“My name is ishikawa and I got a job for you”
“Are you blind? I’m standing under arrest.” The man laughed.
“I know that’s why I bought you free. You really must do me a big favour and put someone out of my way.” The woman said and smiled.
The man didn’t answer. Ishikawa was waiting a while until he answered.
“Who is it than?” the man lauged.
“Oh! You know her! I think I must only say ‘YUMIKO’” ishikawa laughed.
“yumiko….kasaki right? Well I said I will return! Now I she will lose in our battle!! Haha!!” the man was full of angry.

“so … deal?” ishikawa smiled.
Title: H!P Lovers
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OMGOMG ishikawa is sooo DAMN EVIL!!! :O:O:O hope yumiko will be alright!!
Title: part34
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“Were is she?” Ishikawa asked when she was talking with tsunku.
“She went back to germany but she will come back in 2 months or earlier.”
“Well Ishikawa what do you think about the scene…?....Ishikawa??! What the heck is wrong with the girls?”

“Two Months?! Ha! But I will wait…oh yes! I will wait!! But when you will return there is waiting something special for you! HAHAHA!” Ishikawa shouted.
“What the heck is wrong with you?!” Aya said and crossed her arms.
“Aya! Nothing..” Rika was surprised.
“What are you planning again?”
“I’m planning nothing! See you later I can’t talk now I have to do some other things first.” She said and went thru the corridor.
“Ts…ts…shit! The recording!” Aya ran to the recording room.
“There you are! We were waiting for you!” the staff member said.


In the plane yumiko was surfing in the internet.
Suddenly she stopped breathing when she read the braking news.

The man who planed an attack against TV Tokyo is free.
No one knows why. He injured a lot of people of TV Tokyo.
The police said: “We only can say that someone bought him free. If there is enough money to buy someone free, we must except the money. We even don’t know who bought him free and were he is now.”

“Well…what should I do now?” yumiko whispered and looked out of the little window.
Suddenly Yumiko had an e mail.
“Hm..? Yossie?”

Hey yumiko-chan

I read the headlines today… I was shocked. I’m a little bit scared.
I don’t know if the man planed something again… but if yes we must stop him!
So if you know something let me know it! I want to help!
But it would be better if we say nothing to the others… I don’t want them to be scared…
So have nice day’s and come back soon!


If I know something I let you know it!

“ I must go back! Germany can wait!”  Yumiko said
When she arrived the airport of cologne she phoned her boss.

“Hi it’s me Yumiko! I don’t have much time but I quit my job! Sorry!”
“Eh?? Yumiko??! Wait wait!!” the secretary said
“Ah? You? I don’t have enough time! So I make it quick! I found a job in japan and must go back today! I wanted to say it directly but there is something in Japan I can’t leave! But hey could you do me a favour?!”
“I see…yes yes! Say it quickly!”
“Could you please try to sale my apartment? I will send you the papers in the next day’s”
“Ok I will try! Good luck!”
“Thanks! You are a real friend! Bye” Yumiko hanged up the phone and went on the next plane what was flying back to japan again. She couldn’t leave maki on her own. Not after what was happened.
Title: part35
Post by: Gomaki on September 24, 2006, 07:32:07 PM
Rika had a sms on her handy.

Hey Yossie!
I am coming back today!
Please tell everyone!
Thanks! Yumiko

“Now it’s time!” Rika said and called the man.
“We can start now! She will be back soon! You know what we planed right?!”
“Of course…of course… It’s time for rumble!” a scary voice said.


“Ok….eh?! oh I send the message to ishikawa! Well it doesn’t matter.” Yumiko said and felled asleep.
She had only 2 hours left until she is in Tokyo again.

Maki’s doorbell rang.
When she opened the door nobody was there. Suddenly someone grabbed her.
“What the?!”
“Nice to see you again haha!” a man laughed
He pushed her into the car and drove to a  old dirty hall.

“I said I will have a revenge!”
“What do you want from me?!”
“Eh?? But why are you doing this all?!”
“Haha! You can’t remember hah? Well I think I have only to say Yu..”

“yumiko! Right?”
“What?!” the man turned his head.
“Yumiko!!!” Maki shouted.

Yumiko was standing on a beam and was looking angry.

How did she…? How did she find us?! We didn’t leave a note on a paper! We wanted to do that one day later!”  Ishikawa thought. She was watching this drama out of a little room.

“How did you know we were here?!” the man shouted.

“Well…” yumiko walked a bit on the beam. “If you are so silly and lose oil of the car!” she smiled.
“hah…anyway it doesn’t matter now! You are here and that’s it!”
“Ts… thinking so easy? You don’t have weapons with you hehe”
“Really?” the man smiled and pulled a weapon against maki’s forehead.
Yumiko was in tense.
“How?! You didn’t have anytime to buy one!” yumiko shouted.
“Well…if you know the right people everything is possible! So…should I first kill you or you?”

When Rika hear that she jumped out and shouted “Hey!! I we didn’t plan that!”
“Ohhh shut up!! You are a so silly girl! First you buy me free and than this?! No one really no one can stop me hahah!!”

Rika was standing near at Yumiko.
“Why…?” Yumiko asked.
“Hah? Didn’t she tell you?!”
“Tell me what?!” Yumiko shouted.
Maki was looking angry at Rika but didn’t say nothing.

“Oh! Shut up Ishikawa!” The man shouted and shot.
“Down!!!” Yumiko shouted, jumped and pushed her down.
“haha! “ Yumiko was angry. She didn’t want that the same thing happens again.
Rika was in tense and didn’t do anything.
Title: part36
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There were lying stones on the floor. Yumiko looked around while the man was loading his gun again.
The gun was making loud noises.
“So…where werewe?...Hey?!” The man looked around. No Yumiko.
“Where is she??” the man shouted.
“Hey! I’m here!”
“What? Where?!” the man was looking but he couldn’t see her.
“Look up monkey!”
The man looked up


“uaahhaaaaa…” the man was lying on the ground.
Yumiko was standing on a beam what was directly above him and throw a stone on his head.
“Is he dead?” Maki asked.
Yumiko jumped down.
“Nah…but he could wake up soon!”
“Why are you back so soon?”
“It doesn’t seems you are happy huh? We talk about that later” Yumiko said and opend the string around maki’s hands.
“You are very shaky. Wait a sec.” Yumiko tied the hands of the man with the string and took maki on her right shoulder and rika, who was still in tense on her left shoulder.
“Ummppfff….heavy….” yumiko sighed. But she didn’t care.

When she went out of the building yossie was standing in front of her.
“Is everybody ok??!” she asked.
“Yeah we are all fine…could you take care of them and call the poilice?”
“sure!” Yossie was calling the police and tried to talk with the girls.
“Where are you going?!” Maki shouted.
“I will take a look on the man…”
“Please be careful!”

“Ts…it seems that you won the battle again…”
“Battle?! You are pissing me off!” Yumiko shouted.
The man laughed.
“Stop laughing! You are a devil! Why?!”
“Hah! Ask the little girl outside! She bought me free and I only wanted to take revenge!”
”Ishikawa san?!”
“I don’t say anything!” the man shouted.
“You are pissing me off!” Yumiko shouted and went outside.

“I... I would like to hit you directly in your face ishikawa!!” Yumiko shouted.
“Well I think you 3 talk about everything alone. I’m off see you” Yossie said and went away.
They could hear the police coming.
“I think you should go now…ishikawa san…” Yumiko said.
Rika looked up to yumiko.
“I don’t know what was between you two but you should go and think about that what you have done…” yumiko said.
“Go I said!!!” Yumiko shouted and was looking angry.
Rika went to the next train station.

“We should go too…the police will find him…I’m sure…” yumiko said and took maki’s hand.
“Yumiko…” Maki had tears in her eyes.
“I love you” yumiko said and looked in her eyes.
Maki hugged yumiko and started to crying. “I love you too!”
“But it would be nice if you explain to me what happened between you two…”
“I will tell you the truth at home.”

Maybe Yumiko is a bit to friendly but she knows what she do.
She doesn’t want that somebody gets in trouble. She is angry at ishikawa but maybe she understands the situation better when maki explain it to her.
But Ishikawa didn’t think what she was doing. She thought the man would only shock yumiko a bit so she could be with maki…but she didn’t knew that the man wanted to kill both.
 Maki explained everything to yumiko and ishikawa was really sorry the next day’s. She realised what she has done. She left maki and yumiko alone. It might take some time until they can talk properly to eachother but friendship is the most important thing in the life.
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o thank god the girls are alright, that guy is pissing me off aswell XD
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hehe, Action!Yumiko!
Title: H!P Lovers
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Those chapters were really, REALLY exciting. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it.
Title: part37
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In the dark corridors you could hear little noises.
“In here?”
“Nah…better in there?”
“Oh maybe here?”
“It might be better in our rooms”
”So in here”
Two girls stormed into their room.
“Gaki?! AI?!” koharu shouted surprised when they entered her room.
“Ehh?!  Koharu?!” Gaki shouted.
“What are you doing here?!” Koharu screamed
“We thought…”
“We thought this was our room. It’s so dark in the corridors.” Ai explained and pinched risa in the butt.
“Ouch… yeah ai is right. Sorry ehm well… we better go now…”
“Wait wait! Come sit down and we can have a talk!” Koharu screamed.
“Nah koharu we don’t have ti…”
“Come on we don’t talk very often!”
Both didn’t answer.
After a while koharu was sleeping.
“Quick! Into our room until she wakes up!” Ai whispered. Gaki nodded.
They were running so quick that they were getting tired.
“Unn…finally we are there…”  Ai opened the door and locked it when they were inside.
“Koharu can talk like a waterfall!!” Gaki shouted.
“She is the youngest of us! We talked so too when we were young.”
“What do you mean? We are old?”
“Nahhh that’s not what I ment!”
“You are strange… but…”
“But what?” Ai smiled.
“Very, very cute!”
They were lying on the bed and were thinking of the past.
“You looked really funny risa…haha”  ai said and stroked risas cheek.
“I know…my eyebrows right?”
“Hm…and Hawaii…” Ai dreamed.
“Oh yeah…Hawaii…but the best was the audition!” Risa smiled and tickled ai.
“Ahahahah hahaha haha risa!!”
“uhn yeah the audition… we have lots of memories…but do you know that one?...” risa turnd ai around and gave her a massage. She touched ai very softly.
“ah…this was at my place right?...i remember that clearly…” Ai closed her eyes and relaxed.
“Yep…well I was a bit shocked when your dog entered the room… I thought it was your mother…”
“Well…my mother is not a dog” ai laughed.
“Waaahh!!!” Risa screamed suddenly
“What? What? Whats wrong??!!” Ai asked in her fukui dialect.

“hm hehe nothing…I just like it when you are surprised…and than your dialect” risa smiled.
“Oww…I don’t have my dialect anymore…”
“do really think so?”risa laughed and kissed ai’s lips.
“mmhh…what was that for?”
“For your cuteness…”

“Look it’s a letter from you grandmother!” yumiko said and gave the big letter to maki.
“Oh…hm so let’s see than.”
“Yup…” Yumiko went into the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge.
“Ah~ that is what I need now!” Yumiko had a big smile on her face.
She opened the bottle and… SPLASH… “That isn’t what I wanted…” the froth splashed directly in yumiko’s face.
“I’m in the bathroom…pah…” yumiko said in a bad mood.
“Yeah ok…” Maki laughed.

So lets see…

“Ehhh~?!” Maki shouted.

Marriage interview

“What the?...!”
“What’s wrong?” Yumiko asked when she entered the living room again.
“Hm..let’s see…” yumiko’s eyes were wide open  “A marriage interview?!!!”
“ohh wait…why now?” maki was irritated.
“Well. You are 21, old enough, a lot of girls are married at your age…even earlier.”
”yeah but…but…but…” maki was still irritated.
Yumiko looked shy at the ceiling “maybe we…”
Maki went completely red.
Both were sitting on the sofa. Shy. Nobody said a word. Only holding hands.
“When it would be possible…” Maki said and looked at the floor.
Their hearts were bouncing.
Then both said at the same time
“Maybe we could wait a bit…” they laughed
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Aw, GakixAi cuteness. Wonder what Maki will tell her grandmother?
Title: Yumiko and maki picture
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( (
Here is another one :D :P
next chapter tomorrow i've got a headedge right now :evil: XD XD
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Kawaii! Hope you feel better.
Title: part38
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Yeah i'm feeling a bit better today:)

Maki didn’t know what to do so she went to see her mother.
Yumiko was walking outside to get a clear head.
Maki’s mum was surprised when she saw the papers.
“I really have no idea why she planed this right now…” maki’s mum said and looked concentrated at the papers.
“Me either…I dreamed about wedding years ago…nobody was coming closer to me…but than…” Maki didn’t finish the sentence.
“Yumiko is a very good girl…I was really surprised what things she was planning for your birthday! She cares about you. And I didn’t see you happy the last years ago but now your face is shining like it never done before!” maki’s mum said and looked at pictures.
“I know! She was surprised too when she saw the papers… she tried to say something but she didn’ finish the sentence…that’s why I’m not so sure…”
“What did she say?”
“maybe we could… and then she cancelled  the sentence…”
“Well everything is possible in our time now. It might be better if you talk to her and sold things out. And you better give grandmother a call…well I must go to work now…think clear!” she said and left.

Maki went walking too. She couldn’t think clearly.
She thought it might be better to think at the yogi park, so she went there.
“Aww…what should I do now? should I tell grandma…” she sighed and felled on the grass.
She felled asleep.

When she woke up she was lying on somebody’s lap.
“And how was the talk with your mum?” a girl said
“Hm? “ maki was still sleepy.
“was it ok?”
“mn…yumiko? Well… I don’t know what to do…”
“You need time…it’s your decision. And it will be ok, but hard too if…”
“If what? I will not leave you! Understand?” maki smiled.
“ok! Got that!”
“And what were you thinking of?”
“Future…” suddenly yumiko hugged maki tight.
“Say maki…would you think about a real future of us two?”
Maki went red. Her heart started to bounce.
“Of course…I do”
“So you would be fine if I would ask you a question when the right time has come?”
“Yes I would be fine!”
“Puh ok!” yumiko smiled.
“You are very cute when you are talking with strength in your voice” maki said and smiled.
“Ehm…do you think so?”
“Ah come here!” Maki kissed yumiko on her lips “Let’s go home and try to phone my grandmother ok?”


Miki was spending a lot time with aya the last months. It seemed that she has forgotten yossie in some way.
“Where are you going?” yossie asked miki .
“Ah~ I’m going to the cinema with aya to watch a film.” Miki said and put on her jacket.
“Again? You are spending a lot of time with her…” Yossie said and looked a bit sad.
“Same as you with rika right?” miki said and went to the door.
“We spend only a few day’s together miki!” Yossie shouted.
“Bye” Miki said and closed the door behind her.

No I will back later? No I will see you later? No I love you?

“Miki…” yossie whispered and checked her cellphone messages.
There was a mail from rika

Hi yossie!

Do you want to come to my place?
We can talk a bit and watch TV together.
I’m a bit lonely tonight because nobody is here.
And it’s quite boring :-P

“Well I have nothing to do…I will write her back.”

Hi rika

Shure I will be there in a few minutes!
Miki went out tonight…so I have time!
See you later!

Yossie took a taxi and drove right to rika’s place.
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Oh my, what an interesting plot twist in the Yomiki department. I probably shouldn't even be online right now, but I noticed you updated. ^-^
Title: part38
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Outside it was dark and cold.
“It’s getting dark earlier  now” Ishikawa said to yossie
“Yes. Christmas is coming soon”
“And? How are you?”
“Eh? Why are you asking this so sudden?”
“Well you are not looking so happy…” Ishikawa said and was holding yossie’s hand.
“I…I’m fine…” Yossie went red.
Rika looked at some pictures on the wall and than back to yossie.
“Is something wrong?” yossie was a bit irritated.
“Hm…you really have a boyish style…looks very cute and suits you very well…” Ishikawa said.
“Eh…” yossie looked at the wall “hm…yeah you might be right. Ishikawa…it’s getting very cold here…”
“I noticed that too…well there is only one thing to do!” Ishikawa said and took a blanket out of the cupboard, went back and put it over yossie and jumped under it.

Their body’s were very close. “Ishikawa you became a real beauty…I mean…well…you look very good everytime…” yossie said and went red.
She didn’t know why she said it. Maybe because it’s true. Ishikawa is a beauty.
There was a nice atmosphere in the room.
“Well…ehm I mean…well…” yossie stuttered.

“Ishi…kawa?” yossie was suddenly in tense and touched her own lips.
Ishikawa kissed her.
“I’m sorry…you are looking o cute when you talk like this…”
Yossies hand slipped under rika’s shirt and stroked her belly.
Quick they went into a lying position.
Now yossie’s hands were stroking her beack. Ishikawa put her arms around yossie’s neck.

Both of them had bad love memory’s.
Ishikawa lost maki and it looks like yossie would lose miki with every second she is spending with aya.
“Ishikawa san…you are a real friend…” yossie said and kissed her.
“You too…”
Both of them had no idea why they were touching and kissing eachother.
Nothing real happened in this night.


“Thank you aya!” miki shouted happy.
“No problem.”
“The Christmas present for yossie…it’s finished!” miki giggled. “hope she like it!”
“Sure she will! It’s from you with lot of love!”aya smiled.
Miki made a little photobook with photos of the past until now.
“Do you think she might be still angry? I mean…it’s a present for her…I couldn’t say ‘Hey I’m going to aya to make your Christmas present…’”
“Well you only lied to hide the truth! No big deal!”
“Yeah you are right!”

2 hearts were bouncing very hard.
Yumiko was right behind maki. Maki had a telephone in her hand.
“Well…call her…” yumiko said.
“Eh yeah right now…ehm I will call right now…”

20 minutes later.

“Call…” yumiko was sleepy.
“Yeah…right…now…2 minutes please!” maki was to nervous to call her grandmother.

1 hour later-

“ZzZz….” Yumiko was sleeping. “call….ZzzZ….” she whispered.
“argh…QUIET!!!!” Maki shouted and punched her hand against yumiko’s head.
“OUCH~! Oh…ITAI…itai…itai….”
“Eh! I’m sorry I didn’t want to…”
“No big deal!” Yumiko smiled with one little tear at her eye and a bump on her head.
Title: part39
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Here is a Maki - Yumiko special! I really like to write about them:) :heart:

Maki cooled yumiko’s bump.
“I’m really sorry!”
“I said its ok…”
“Im making to much trouble…”
“Nah you don’t! Only a bit…but I can live with that” yumiko smiled “You can hit me everytime …but please…not so hard like today”
“Sorry…I didn’t think…I will call my grandmother on an other day”
“Cute!” yumiko screamed suddenly.
“I’ve never seen this picture !” she said and pointed at maki’s opened purse.
“Ah this one? I was 5 at that time”
“Really cute!” Yumiko said and scratched her head.
“Do you have work today?” Maki asked.
“Nah…free time today”
“Wanna go out a bit? Take a walk?”
“Sure why not?” yumiko said and helped maki to get into her coat.

They went to Ginza to have a look at the shops.
Christmas was near. Soon it was a full year since yumiko and maki are together.
The time passed quickly.
“The shops lights are brighter when Christmas is near.” Maki explained.
“Looks nice… but look this is brighter than anything else” yumiko said.
“Hm? Where?” Maki was irritated.
Suddenly yumiko stood in front of maki. Maki looked up to the taller.
“Eh? Where do I have to look?”
Yumiko touched maki’s cheeks “See! They are shining brighter than everything else!” yumiko smiled.
Maki had the nicest feeling ever.
“Look!” Yumiko said and pointed at the stars “There are so many stars…but if you were a star you would shine thru the whole universe!”
“Yumiko…” Maki was speechless.

“The Aliens would be scared if they see you…” yumiko laughed.
“Ouch!” Yumiko shouted. The people were looking at her.
Maki boxed her right into the stomach.
“Hey power girl! You are making me really happy!” yumiko laughed.
“Aww…come on!” Maki said and grabbed yumiko and her clothes.
“Ahh~~ wait wait! Where are we going?!”
“On top of the building there!” Maki said
“Wha?? What??!”
“come on!”
“But I… I’m scared of heights!” Yumiko said.
“It’s not so bad up there!”

Yumiko’s legs were shaky when they reached the top.
“look at the view! Nice hah?” Maki had a big smile on her face.
“Eh…wow ~ I can see something beautiful right there!”
“Where? The Tokyo tower?”
“Nah! This!” Yumiko had a big smile and hugged maki from the back.
“Yumiko…you are saying this things very often the last time!” maki went red.
“Ehehe it’s true!” she smiled.
“Yumiko!” maki said.
“Eh what?”
“I love you” Maki had a nice smile in her face.
“I love you too!”
Both were looking at the sky.
Suddenly they saw a shooting star.
“ We can wish something!” Maki shouted.
Yumiko was holding maki tight in her arms.
“Finish” Both said at the same time.
They were smiling and watching the night view of Tokyo.
Title: Picture
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And it's a picture again^^ createt for part 38^^

( (
Title: part40
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Well... i don't say anything to this part...enjoy:P

It was late in the night.
Miki was sitting in the dark. Worried about yossie. Yossie didn’t came.
But than the door opened.
“Yossie!!” Miki shouted. Yossie gave no answer.
“Where have you been?!” Miki said and looked angry.
“I was outside…” yossie said and looked out the window.
“I was worried!...”
“Why…? I was at ishikawa’s place…”
“Ishikawa?!” miki shouted.
“Yeah…you are always’s hanging out with aya!” yossie shouted back.
“Yeah…but the…no…the reason…eh….”
“You like her more than me right?! You love her right?!” yossie shouted and pushed miki against the wall.

Miki was getting angry.
“No! I made a present for you for Christmas!! It was a secret! But now! Argh! Get out of my way!” miki pushed yossie down on the floor and ran outside.
“ A…a present?...” yossie was in tense.
“Yossie you are a bitch!” yossie shouted and smacked herself into the face.
“You can’t let go person you love!” a voice said.
“Eh? Ishikawa?!”
“Go after her! Forget about what happened between us! Miki is important for your life! She give’s you energy!”
Yossie thought about rika’s words.

“…you are right…” yossie stood up from the floor. “ I must find her!”

Where did miki go? But yossie was looking like she knows where she is.
Outside of Tokyo was a forest with a nice seaside.
They often went there when they wanted to be alone.
Yossie hadn’t enough time to catch the bus or a taxi so she took a bicycle.
When yossie arrived at the forest she saw two ways. It was dark so she didn’t know wih way she should took, it was to dark that she couldn’t find any signs.
Suddenly she saw footprints on the left way.
“She took this one!” yossie shouted. When she was walking along the way her foot hit something on the ground.
“What’s that?” yossie took a near look at the thing.
“Oh…shit!” she shouted. The only thing she could read was  CLIFF.
Yossie ran along the way.  “shit! Shit shit!  MIKI~!!!” Yossie shouted.
You could hear it thru the whole forest.
“Eh? No…yossie…”

Yossie was a bit exhausted that she took a little break. But than….


“Miki!!” Yossie followed the voice.

“Help!~Help!~I’m down here!”
Yossie saw a hand.
“Shit! Miki!”
Miki felled down the cliff and was only holding her hand on the cliff edge.
Suddenly yossie grabbed her hand.
“Hold on! I will pull you up!”
“Yossie quick!”
Suddenly miki’s hand slipped out of yossie’s.

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WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? impatient for the continuation!!!!!!!!!!! >o
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i really get into drawing pictures:P
here is on for the last chapter^^
and i've got two blogs:D
if you want to have a look at them- your are welcome!^^

heres the picture!^^
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Cool pic, but Yossui's face is very.... pale...
Title: H!P Lovers
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i know:evil: XD
its because of the light:evil: XD :P
i think i will write the next part now^^ im a bit bored^^:P
Title: part41
Post by: Gomaki on September 30, 2006, 11:14:49 PM
“Uhnn…hah..hah…are you ok?!!” yossie sighed.
“Eh…?I’m still alive?”

Yossie jumped after miki. She was holding miki in one arm now but the other arm is fighting against the death.
“Yossie…”miki said and looked down “…how…no…do you think we gonna die?”
“uhnn…I have…no idea… argh…my arm….” It was really hard to hold miki in one arm and holding the bunch with only one hand.
But yossie fought. She don’t want to kill miki. Everything is in her hands now…or better arms.
The bunch was cracking a bit.
I was so dark down there they didn’t know how deep it was.
“Yossie!!!” miki shouted.
“uhn….what’s…wrong?!” yossie was still fighting
“The bunch the bunch!!”
Yossie looked up. “shit…miki…?!”
“I’m sorry that we…you must die by my own hands…I only wanted to say sorry…and…and…miki fujimoto! I love you!” yossie shouted.
“Yossie … please don’t say that! If we die it’s not youre falt!!! And…I love you too!” miki shouted with tears in her eyes .
“Well…we see us up there than…” yossie said and kissed miki’s lips. Maybe for the last time in her life.


“Aww… now it starts to rain…” yumiko said sad
“Do you have an umbrella?” Maki asked.
“I’ve forgotten it at home sorry…” yumiko said and took of her jacket.
“what are you doing?”
“Here…your hair is getting wet…” yumiko said and gave maki her jacket.
“No! You could caught a cold!”
“If we are talking longer I would caught a cold…yes…so come on”
“Aww yumiko!!!” maki shouted and was running after yumiko.

“Uhhh hatschieeee!!!” yumiko sneezed.
“See! I was right!” maki shouted and crossed her arms.
“Ehehe…ehm maki?”
Yumiko had a really big smile on her face.
“What’s wrong?” maki asked with a suspicious face.
“You are kinda talking like my mum” she smiled.
Maki went red. Yumiko laughed.
“Argh…hold on!!! Now I will kill you!!” Maki shouted.
“Wahh!!” Yumiko screamed and ran away.
They were running thru the whole apartment.
“ It was just a joke dear!!!” yumiko shouted.
Maki stopped.
“Hm? Huh?” yumiko was irritated.
Maki had a red face. “D…dear?...”
Yumiko went red too. “Ehm …well…”
 “My heart was bouncing when I heard that…is that a good sign?” maki asked.
“It…just came out of my mouth…well you are my dear aren’t you?”
“I think so…”
“I think so?! Huh? Anybody home?” yumiko asked and poked her finger against maki’s head.
“Gotcha!!” Maki shouted
“Ah~ I’m a bit tired…” Maki said, grabbed yumiko’s collar and laid on the sofa. Yumiko was right over her body.
“Nice try…” Yumiko whispered.
Maki smiled. “It worked…”
“Love is nice…but with you it’s even nicer…” yumiko said and kissed maki’ neck.
Maki put her arms around yumiko’s neck. She relaxed.
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hey! DON'T KILL YOSSI&MIKI!!:cry: :cry:
Title: H!P Lovers
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Yossui! Miki! Damn! :o

And then the sweet Yumiko/Maki scene. That was such a contrast, lol.
Title: part 42
Post by: Gomaki on October 01, 2006, 09:04:16 PM
The bunch broke.

Miki closed her eyes. A single tear felled down her cheek.
Would it be the end? Or would it be a nice new start in paradise?
She still felt yossie’s body. Why aren’t they moving or falling?
Carefully she opened one eye. She could see yossie who was holding a big stone on the cliff wall.
“Yossie?” Miki asked.
“Uhn…hurry up…climb on my shoulder and safe you life!” yossie sighed.
“But what about you?”
“Hurry up please!”
Miki climbed carefully on yossie’s shoulders. Only one mistaken step and they could be dead.
She reached her arms to grab the cliff edge. But she couldn’t  reach it-
“I can’t reach it!”
“Damn…uhn…climb on my back…I will…try…some…thing…!” yossie sighed.
When yossie felt miki on her back she tried too climb up.
“Uhhnnn….ernnn…..” she sighed.
There were only a few stones in the cliff wall.
With her last power she climbed up higher…higher…and…higher.
“Ok!...try again..!”
Miki tried again… “I’ve got it!!!” she shouted and pulled herself up.
But she didn’t rest…no! she tried to help yossie.
“Miki leave it! Go and get some help!” yossie screamed. Yossie was half on top the cliff edge but couldn’t climb up.
Miki took out her cell phone.


Yumiko and maki were still kissing on the sofa.
When maki wanted to open yumiko’s  shirt her cellphone rang.
“Aw…” Yumiko sighed.
“Who the?! Wait…I will check who phones…”

“Moshi moshi?”
“Maki please!! It’s me mikI!! Yossie needs help!!!” Miki shouted.
“What’s wrong?! Where are you?!” maki shouted. Yumiko was looking irritated.
“We are in the forest! Eh…you know the forest! The privat forest near Tokyo!” Miki explained.
“Why are you two there?!”
”I can’t explain it now! Come quick please!”
“ok…!” maki said and hang up.
“What’s wrong?!” yumiko asked.
Maki grabbed her at her collar. “Hurry up miki and yossie need our help!”
“Eh??! Ok!”

Miki heard noises. “MAKI??!!” she shouted.
“Miki we are here!!” maki shouted.
“Yossie??!! Oh my…!! Come maki!” yumiko shouted and grabbed maki on her clothes.
“You the left arm and I take the right arm! Ready?! And pull!!! Pull!!!” Maki shouted.
After only one minute yossie was safe.
Yossie couldn’t speak she was to exhausted.
“Uh that was close…” yumiko sighed.
“thank you very very much!!” Miki shouted and laid yossie in her lap.
“I call the hospital…” Maki said and took her phone out.


“uh…my body…itai…”
“yoshizawa san!” maki and yumiko screamed.
“uh…hey guy’s…” yossie smiled.
“How do you feel?” yumiko asked.
“I can’t say it yet…ouch…”
“Well you need your time…see you!” maki said and grabbed yumiko at her colla.
“Waah! Maki!! Not again!! Eh…see you yoshizawa san! Wooaaa!!”
Suddenly they disappeared.

“Hehe…they really fix together…” yossie smiled.
“Yeah they do don’t they?...” a voice said.
Yossie turned her head to the left.
“Mi…Miki…? You are safe…”
“Yes…only because of you…thank you…” miki said and kissed yossie on her lips.
“I feel better now…miki…I’m sorry…”
“Nah…forget it! I was so stupid and lied to you…”
“No! I was so stupid…I didn’t let you finish your talk…”
“It’s our fault than..” Miki smiled and laid her head against yossies shoulder.

“Damn…I’m to exhausted to continue on that what we wanted to do…” Maki said.
“Me too…damn….”
”Should we…do…it tomorrow? I have free time than…” Maki said and smiled.
“Eh…sure why not…?” yumiko smiled back.

It was a happy end.


I never could kill yomiki!!^^:P
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Lol, happy end indeed. What about Rika?
Title: yomiki pic^^
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for the yomiki fans!^^ i made a picture with photoshop^^ hope you like it^^
( (
Title: H!P Lovers
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Woah i was worried there for a minute. I thought Yomiki was gonna have a horrid end. Thank God they didn't though ^_^. Maki and Yumiko to the rescure. And that picture you made is awesome. Very impressive
Title: part43
Post by: Gomaki on October 03, 2006, 09:27:44 PM
It was a nice sunny winter morning.
Yumiko had to do a photo shooting with morning musume.
Yossie was still missing because the accident.

“Ok everyone! Ehm..well ok let’s start.” Yumiko said and placed her camera.
Back shoots, front shoots, profil shoots and other were taking every minute of each member.
Yumiko made all members laugh sometimes.
When the photo shooting was over maki came into the room.
“morning…” she said with a nice and happy voice.
“Mooorning~” the members shouted.
“…morning” yumiko said and smiled.
“You were gone early this morning” maki said and looked around.
“Ah…ehm…yes…work you know” yumiko said and was searching for something in her bag.
“Are you ok? You are so nervous” maki said and placed a kiss on yumikos cheek.
“Oh~”Yumiko had big smile on her face “Yeah I’m fine! Here!” yumiko said and showed two cards.
“Hm?” Maki was a bit irritated.
“Tokyo sealife park! I bought them this morning! Ehm…wanna go there?”
Maki smiled “ Sure!”
“great! Is it ok when we meet us there? I don’t think that I can come home early today…”
“Sure no problem! I have to do recordings again today” Maki stepped  closer and placed a kiss on yumiko’s lips “See you later than~” Maki left with such a good mood.
Suddenly something happened. Yumiko didn’t realised it until a voice said
“Eh…yumiko-chan? Your nose is bleeding”
Yumiko was surprised  “Oh~ long time ago since that happened the last time…ehehe…ehm thanks…eh…” Yumiko looked at the person.
It was reina. “Eh…no problem” she said shy.
Reina was still red in her face. What was she feeling?
“Aare you ok?” yumiko asked.
“Eh? Oh…yeah yeah…well see you…” reina said and left.
“weird…” yumiko said  “So ok!! Good work everyo…EH?!!” Yumiko looked around. No one was there. “Ahahaha~….” Yumiko laughed weirdly than she got a message.
“Oh~ its tsunku? I must come to his office? Well…ok…” yumiko said and went there.

“Gomen…” Yumiko said when she entered the room.
“Ah~ our hero!” Tsunku said in a good mood.
“Ahahaha…” Yumiko scratched her head.
“Well enough joking…” Tsunku said and turned his voice into a deep voice,
“Well did reina told you the news?” Tsunku said.
“Reina?! News?! Eh?!”
“Oh..she didn’t…well you are joining gatas now! And now do me a favour please…” he said.
“Gatas?! Eh…what favour?” yumiko was still irritated of the ‘Gatas’ news.
“I will play something on the piano and you will sing a few lines…” he said and went  to the piano.
“Wh…What??!! I..i can’t sing! My voice is bad!!” yumiko shouted.
“Try it try it!” tsunku said, throw the lyrics in her hands and started to play.

Yumiko started to sing. Tsunkus eyes went wide open when he heard her voice.
She stopped. “It’s so bad~…” She kept saying.
“Nah…it’s not…ok…I made a decision! “ he said
Yumiko was still irritated.
“So you are joining gatas now and you will build a group with Ai, risa and reina. I don’t have a name now for the group…but I think it will be ok…are you alright with that?”
“Eh….well…ehm…ok…” yumiko said.
“Great! Now get out” he smiled.

Yumiko couldn’t belive what he said. A group? Playing in Gatas?! She looked at her watch.
“Oh~ someone important is waiting for me~” She said and went to the seapark.
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ooo lucky yumiko!!! lol Damn her being in the same group has Reina XD
Title: part44
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Maki was waiting…waiting and waiting…
She waited 20 minutes now for yumiko.
“Grr…” Her good mood turned into a bad mood.

“Lalalala~” A voice sang and hugged maki from behind “Sorry for kept you waiting…here!”
The first thing maki could see was a nice bunch of flowers and behind them a smiling face called yumiko.
Maki’s mood returned into a happy mood again.
“It’s ok. I think it was something important.” Maki said and smiled.
“No…ehm…no see…well…it was only tsunku…”
“What did he want?”
“I tell it later! Now let’s have fun!” Yumiko said and kissed maki on her lips while holding her hands. The people were looking at them but the two didn’t care.
The whole trip you cold hear “ Look~!” “Kawaii~” “Fat~!”
They were holding hands. After a while they arrived the seadogs.
“look!~ aren’t they cute?!” Maki screamed.
“Uhn…yeah…” yumiko said and looked a bit sad.
“Are you ok?”
“Well…look…” yumiko said and pointed on two seadogs that were pairing. (hope I spelled it ight:-P)
Yumiko knew that maki and she wouldn’t have kids. It was impossible.
“What are you thinking about?” Maki asked and leaned her head against yumiko’s shoulder.
“Well…looking at the two seadogs there…it’s kinda sad…well…I mean…”
Maki didn’t think about this part of a relationship.
“Uhn…well…I know…but…should we go ho…” “No no!! not because of that! We wanna have fun! It’s ok…we can talk about that on another day” Yumiko cut into maki’s sentence.
Maki hugged yumiko suddenly. “Ma..Maki?”
“Shut up…I wanna go home…and do something we havn’t done before…” Maki said with a erotic voice.
Yumiko went red “R…R…Really?!”
“Yes…so come on…” she said and took yumiko hand.
They went to their apartment.

Sorry that this is a short chapter :-P But I will continue tomorrow.
Because I can’t enter the perv thread *cry*^^ I will make the perv parts on my blog :-P
More stuff tomorrow than^^
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^tell me ur blog so i can read the pervy bits!! :D
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*laughes naughty*
Its done!! muhahaha!!!
The perv chapter you can find here!

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^haha that was soo fun! hehehe :D
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^^:hits with chair: :pc problems: :kcrazy: :pen_hot:
it's hard to write somethin "special"^^
Think i will write something now^^ i'm a bit bored^^
Title: part45
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I wrote a bit more about yumiko and maki:D  i have no idea yet what i should write about the others but i think the ideas will come soon:pen_roll:
Yumiko = :pen_bleed:    <--- i didn't see that one yet hehe^^

In two days its Christmas time.
When yumiko woke up she was very sleepy. The room was still hot because of yesterday.
“Ah~Gosh…” she sighed.
She was looking at maki. She was still sleeping. She drooled a bit. It looked very cute.
“Wah!!!” yumiko screamed.
Maki woke up and tackled yumiko. Maki was lying above yumiko.
“Morning~” maki smiled and kissed yumiko.
“Hm…what was that about…nice nice hehe”  
“For yesterday~ I feel so refresh today~ ahhh~” maki said and stretched herself.
Yumiko smiled and seated her on her lap. She stroked her belly.
“Tickles” maki said and leaned her head back against yumiko’s shoulder.
“hm…I have an idea…” yumiko said and kissed maki’s cheek.
“Uh~and what?”
“Let’s take a shower…together” she smiled.
“Sounds great!~” maki said and they went into the shower.

The water was splashing against their naked body’s.
“Hm? Yeah?”
“I really really love you so much! You are the best what ever happened to me!! And since Hawaii I feel so good, being near to you, feel you body, feel your heart beating and kiss you everytime when it is possible…I really love you! And I want you to know that I never could leave you or give you up!”
Maki was touched by yumiko’s words.
“Everything you said I feel too…and I love you too.” Maki said and hugged yumiko.
“Oh~~~” Yumiko’s nose started to bleed.
“Ahaha~ I missed that so much!~~” Maki said and cleaned yumikos nose.
“Ah~ Thanks. You are very attractive…I really...want to spend my whole life with you”
“Hmmm…wouldn’t be so bad hah?” Maki smiled.
“Un yeah…oh my…you are so hot…” yumiko said of sudden
Oh~hehehe really?”
“Yesssss~” yumiko said and kissed her.
“Ah~ I could do that the whole day hihihi~”
After saying all these nice words they washed eachother. Then they were playing with the water like little kids. After one hour fun in the shower they dried themselves.
“Hm~ you are smelling really good.” Yumiko said while she was smelling the really nice perfume.
Both were such in a good mood. Everything was getting better and better. And the sudden email of tsunku was the best.
He wants that yumiko and maki make a photobook together. And the best: IN HAWAII
“We have the chance to look at the past again~” yumiko said.
“Yeah! Isn’t that great?!”
“Ehm…but who will take the photos?”
“I think you…oh…wait hehe!”
“oh eh…if this is a pb of us too…I can’t take pictures?!” yumiko was irritated.
“Oh well! It doesn’t matter does it? As long as we can be together”
“Ohhh~~Kawaii~~ you are really cute…dear…”
“I think I like it when you call me dear. My body is getting hot in kinda funny way than.” Maki giggled.
“uhhh~~~” yumiko made funny noises.
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wonder what they will get up in Hawaii :P
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Hawaii!! Aloha! And wow, that perv was something.

You know you have enough posts, why don't you go ask permission to get into the PERV?
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i asked a few day's ago but I'm too young :pencry: :pen_nono: :pen_roll:
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Quote from: Gomaki
i asked a few day's ago but I'm too young :pencry: :pen_nono: :pen_roll:

Oh, dang. You are young.
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Title: H!P Lovers
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Ok minna san!~ Here is a special again!
Special part 1     dhozo!

Today it was Christmas.
After a recording yossie and miki walked down the streets.
“Ts…working on Christmas day?” yossie sighed.
“Uhn yeah…terrible…” miki said and looked around.
“It’s cold isn’t it?” yossie said and looked at miki.
“yes…it’s winter…always a cold time yossie”
“Are you celebrating with your family today?”
“Well I had the idea to drive there…but not alone…what about you?” miki said and looked up to yossie.
“I don’t celebrate with my family this year…wait a sec…not alone? What do you mean?”
“Ehm…well…would you like to come over tonight?” miki said and went red.
“Christmas with you?” yossie asked
“You don’t have to…” miki said and looked a bit sad.
“Of course I will! I really want to spend the night with you” yossie smiled
“Really?” miki asked again. Yossie nodded. “Ah~Thanks!!~” Miki shouted and hugged miki.
Yossie smiled. Christmas with miki. It couldn’t be better.
“If we go now we can make it for dinner” miki said and took yossies hand.

They arrived after one hour at the house of miki’s parents.

“Okasaaaan~ Otoooosaaan~” Miki shouted. Yossie laughed a bit.
“Why are you laughing?” Miki said with an erotic voice.
“Ehehe it’s nothing you are just so cute~”
“I know~” miki smiled.
She looked everywhere but her parents weren’t there.

“They might be gone out…well doesn’t matter. Should we go upstairs?”miki asked.
“Sure why not?”

When they entered miki’s old room they sat on little pillows on the floor.
“Looks like you aren’t here so often” yossie said and looked around.
”Right. I don’t have so much time to visit my parents. Sorry it looks a bit dirty here” miki said and scratched her head.
“Look at my apartment” Yossie smiled.
Miki laughed and placed her head on yossie’s shoulder.
“What would you say if we make a dinner for your parents?”
“That would be no bad idea…but…well…my mother always cook it and she doesn’t like it when somebody else made it” miki said.
“Ah I see.”
“But wee~~ can cook a bit~” Miki said and kissed yossies lips.
“Hm~ nice nice~ idea~” yossie said and kissed miki back.
During to kiss eachother miki’s parents entered the main door.
“”Yossie yossie! They are back” miki whispered.
“Aww~~why now?” yossie smiled.
“Hahaha~” miki laughed and kissed yossie.
Then they stood up and said hello.
“Miki-chan? You are here? Nice to see you” Miki’s mum said.
“Yes. I brought yoshizawa san with me.”
“Konnichi wa~” yossie said.
“Hello nice to see you again. It was a long time.” Miki’s father said.
“We came to celebrate Christmas with dad and you.” Miki said.
“Oh~ I’m sorry dear. We don’t stay here we only wanted to get some things and then we go back to our friends.” Miki’s mum said.
“Oh…I see…well maybe yossie and I could stay here? Can we?”
“Sure you can! Have a nice night~ Merry christmas~” parents said and left.
“Uh~ well…alone again…” yossie said.
“Yeah looks like it. Wanna go downstairs and take a bath together? “ miki smiled.
“No bad idea!” yossie said and was holding miki on her arms.
“Yossie h…hey put me down!~~” miki screamed.
They went into the bathroom and took a nice bath.
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hah yossie carrying miki, how nice XD
Title: Part 47
Post by: Gomaki on October 05, 2006, 09:54:27 PM
:pen_wave: Here comes special part 2!!
Please read it carefully and slowly!
There is a big surprise :pen_shocked:

Two girls were walking on the beach in Hawaii.
The sun was going under but It was still hot.
“Nice sunset right?” yumiko said while holding maki’s hand.
“Yeah really nice.”
“You are wearing a cute dress. It suits you very well.”
“Thank you. I bought extra for Hawaii.”
“look! There is the hill where we kissed us the first time” yumiko said and smiled.
“Right. I loved the kiss that you gave me up there. I could never forget it”
They took a break and looked at the sun. That would be a nice picture.
Maki and yumiko standing there hand in hand. “Maki…I’ve got a really big christmas present for you…”yumiko smiled
“Yes…but…if you don’t ‘except’ it it’s ok” Yumiko smiled.
“Eh well! Would you please go up on the hill? But don’t look down ok?”
“Eh yes ok” maki was a bit irritated-
“Ok I will come up when I have it” yumiko said and left.
Maki was waiting on top of the hill. After 10 minutes Yumiko came up aswell.
Yumiko hugged maki.
“Oh~” Maki said. “Before I will show it to you…would you kiss me?”
“Do you know what? I really feel the same like we were the last time up here.”
And finally Maki kissed her after saying that.
“Thank you~ Ok now please look down there…”
Maki went to the edge of the hill and looked down. Yumiko closed one eye and looked how she would react.
Down there there was  something written in the sand.
Maki opened her eyes. They were wide open.
She knew it. She really knew it.  Yumiko was still in tense and watched her.
Maki watched still down and read it twice.

Maki! Would you marry me?

She turned and went directly to yumiko and hugged her.
“M..maki…if you don’t want I ca….” Yumiko’s sentence was stopped by a sweet and deeply kiss of maki.
“I…I will” Maki whispered.
Yumiko was in tense. She didn’t move.

‘I will’ ‘I will’ ‘I will’ ‘I will’ ‘I will’
These words were flying in yumiko’s head.

After a while she moved a bit.
“Yes!~” Maki smiled and had the cutest face ever.
Yumiko hugged maki so tight.
“Thank you~ thank you~ I will not leave you! I will never leave!” yumiko said with tears in her eyes.
Maki started to crying too. Not because of sadness. NO!! Because of Love. Real Love!
She didn’t knew that she ever would marry a girl or would be together with a girl, but since she met yumiko her world and minds turned.
She really started to love her over the months and now she knew that she can share her life with the woman she really loves.
 Both had no plan yet where or how they should get married but that wasn’t important now.
They can get married everytime.
For both it was the best Christmas ever.
Title: H!P Lovers
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:O!!, thats a big surprised! i want to hear about the wedding XD
Title: part47
Post by: Gomaki on October 07, 2006, 03:22:23 PM
It was one day after christmas.

While aya was dreaming she had a dream.
“Mikitty…don’t go….” Aya whispered.
Suddenly she was shaking with her hands.
Aya was shocked. What did she dreamed?
She looked at herself in the mirror. “Don’t be silly aya…it was only a dream…”
With a towel she dried her sweaty face and made breakfast.


“Late!! I’m late!!!” Miki shouted and jumped out of the bed.
“Late for what?!” Yossie asked
“Interview! Interview! I have an interview with aya today!! I forgot it!!”
“Oh~I see well hurry up than” Yossie smiled.
“Sorry yossie! Love you!” Miki said and kissed yossie on her lips and ran to the studio.

“Aya~~ Sorry I’m late!!!” miki said. She was really exhausted.
Aya looked at her then she looked away-
“A…Aya? Are you ok?” miki asked.

Just a dream…yeah…just a dream…don’t be stupid aya!

Aya slapped herself into the face then she looked at miki’s face with a smile.
“Sure sure!! I’m fine!!”
“Ah ok.”
“Two minutes girls!! Get ready!!” a man said.
“Hai~!” both answered.

The interview took 1 hour. After it they went into the dressingroom.
Aya touched her head and looked a bit down.
“Are you really allright? You are looking nervous.” Miki asked worried.
Aya gave no answer.
“Aya what the hell is wrong?!”
“N…nothing…” aya said
“Come on! I know you! Tell me whats wrong!”
“miki…I had a dream…”
“What was it about?”
No answer.
“Aya please!! What was it about?!”
“YOU!” aya shouted “It was about you!!”
“Me?” miki was a bit in tense.
“…” Aya was quiet.
“I need more details…please”
“Maybe…you can’t hear it anymore…but i…will ask again…” Aya said and stood up.
“No aya! Please not! Please don’t do that to yourself!” Miki shouted.
“I need to…”
“Aya no…”
 “Hi yossie!” rika said.
“Ah~ Ishikawa san! How are you?”
“I’m fine. And how are you doing?”
“Well fine…I need to say thank you…”
“Huh? For what?” ishikawa was a bit irritated.
“For everything you have done for me” Yossie said and smiled.
“Huh?” ishikawa still didn’t get it.
“Never mind” yossie laughed.
“It’s ok! Eh say I left my bag in the dressing room yesterday. Would you like to come with me and get it?”
“Yeah ok I have nothing to do anyway so lets have a little chat” Rika smiled.

“I love you…” Aya said and looked at miki.
“Aya no no!! Wake up aya!! I’m with yossie!I can’t be with you!”
“Well…I don't really undertsand it...but…” Aya said and stepped closer to miki.
She leaned forward to kiss miki. When their lips touched the door opened.

“Yeah rika right that was a good film…miki?!!”
Title: part48
Post by: Gomaki on October 07, 2006, 03:46:57 PM
“Yossie???!!!” miki shouted and ran away.
“Miki wait!” Aya shouted and was running to the door

“Ah~Hawaii was nice right?” Maki said to yumiko while they were walking thru the corridor in the studio.
“Yeah it was really amazing!”


“Ouuhhhaaa~~~” yumiko sighed and fell down on the floor.
“Eh??!! Yumiko??!”
Yumiko was hit by the door that aya opened.

“miki wait!!” aya shouted and ran after her.
“What’s with them?” Maki asked.
“uhahaaaaa~~~” yumiko made funny noises.

Yossie was in tense. Rika couldn’t belive what she saw and was in tense too.
Because of the shock yossie sat down on the chair and put her hands against her forehead and looked down.
“Why…why…why does something like this always happen to me?...” yossie whispered with a sad voice.
Rika put one arm around yossies shoulders and put her against her body.
“I really don’t know…” rika said.
“Rika…I need my time…please go…” yossie said.
“Ok…” rika went outside and waited for yossie.

“Rika what happened?” Maki asked.
When rika looked in maki’s eyes she felt the same pain that yossie was feeling.
“It’s ok…”
Yumiko looked at rika than back to maki.
“Maki…come…she needs a break…”
“Ok…bye rika”

Miki was crying. Aya was sitting next to her.
Both didn’t say anything.

After 1 hours yossie came out of the room.
It was cold. Yossie could see a person. Standing there in the cold.
“Here…” yossie said and gave the person her jacket “Why did you wait ishikawa san?”
“Thanks…I know how you are feeling…”rika said and smiled but you could see tears in her eyes.
“Rika…say…would you like to come over to my place?” yossie asked.
“Sure…if I can.”
Yossie took rikas hand and then they left
Title: H!P Lovers
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....Aya/Miki Rika/Yossui Yossui/Miki.... Brain hurts...

Oh and dang is a nice way to say damn.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on October 07, 2006, 08:02:50 PM
Ah i seeee^^

It was already night. Yossie and Rika were sitting on the sofa in yossies apartment.
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah it was only a shock…I didn’t know that miki does it again…I’m so silly…I always said I won’t give her up…and she agreed…but than she gives me up…”
“Yossie…I can’t belive it…I’m shocked too…silly right?”
“I’m the silly one here…I know aya loves her…but…miki…always she said she loves me…I need something to drink…you want something too?” yossie said and walked into the kitchen
“Yeah…what have you?”
“hmm…let’s see…gin…and  beer.”
“I will take gin”
“Ok. I will take a gin too…maybe I can think better after that…here”
Both were very quiet.

“Rika…do you have the feeling too? know the ‘lonely feeling’?”yossie asked.
“Yes…I very…well…” rika had tears in her eyes.
“Oh…rika don’t cry please…” yossie said and got closer to rika.
“I’m not crying…I am…yossie! I feel lonely…” rika said and started to cry very hard.
“Rika…” yossie took rika in her arms and stroked her hair “I feel lonely too…”
After a while rika fell asleep. Yossie was still holding her tight in her arms.
Yossie was sleepy too so she fell asleep too. Both were lying there on the sofa.


Miki was still crying.
“Shut up and let me alone aya!” miki shouted.
“But miki…” aya tried to hug miki but miki pushed her away.
“I said leave me alone!” miki wanted to hit aya but aya grabbed miki’s arm and pulled her against her body.
“Leave me alone!!!” miki was shakingher body to get rid of aya.
“Miki…calm down…”
Miki stopped but started to cry harder as before.
Aya’s shirt was a bit wet. She was holding miki tight in her arms.
“You destroyed my life…” miki said.
“Shut up…”
Aya stroked miki’s hair.
“Don’t do that…”
“But maybe…”
“Please aya…let me go…”
“Fine!! Than go back!!” Aya shouted and pushed miki away from her.
Miki went to yossies apartment.
She unlocked the door and searched for yossie. But when she looked into the living room she couldn’t hold back her tears again.


“see…” somebody whispered.
Miki looked back.
It was aya.
“What the hell are you doing here?” miki whispered angry.
“Do you really think…I would let you alone..?” aya said and grabbed miki’s hand and went out the apartment.
“Damn…please aya…I can’t think clearly…”
“Come with me…I know a place were it is quiet…”
Miki didn’t know why she went with aya to this place.
While they were walking aya tried to hold miki’s hand but miki slapped ayas hand and crossed her arms and looked down.
Miki sneezed.
“Bless you… its cold…here…” aya took off her scarf and wanted that miki put it on.
“We are there…” aya said.
Miki looked around. “huh? That’s your apartment!”
“I know…please come inside with me…” aya said and took out the keys.
Miki wasn’t sure but than she went inside.
“you can stay with me…only if you like…” aya said.
“Where else should I go…” miki said that with a sad voice.
“You can sleep in my bed… I will sleep on the floor…I don’t want that you caught a cold…”
“Thanks” miki said and went to bed.
Aya was lying on the floor.
After a while miki said something what she didn’t expect to say.
“Uh…it’s to cold down there…I don’t want it but come here too…”
“A…Are you sure?” Aya said.
Aya was happy inside.
Aya was lying near miki. She could feel miki’s warm body.
“Like in melodies…” miki said of sudden
“I said like in melodies…”
“Yeah…a bit…” aya said.
Miki turned her body and looked in ayas face.
“Miki…you look cute…”
Without a warning miki kissed aya.
“Miki? Why…I thought you…”
“Well…I like you…maybe I was hiding my feelings for you deep in my heart..”
Aya was happy. She didn’t know that miki would change her mind.
Title: part50
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Wow~ my 50th part hehe^^

In the middle of the night yossie woke up.
“Yossie?...are you awake too?” rika asked.
“Oh…ehm…yes…can’t you sleep aswell?”
“No not so good.” Rika said.
Yossie leaned her head above rika’s head. Rika stroked yossie’s cheek.
“I have really no idea why…why I feel so good when you are near me rika…” yossie said and smiled.
“You feel the same way? I feel good aswell…”
Both had to laugh a bit.
“Rika… I have a weird feeling in my heart…” yossie said and crossed her arms around rika’s neck.
Rika went with both hands under yossies shirt and stroked her back.
“I have the same feeling…”
Yossie kissed rikas neck. With yossie on her own body rika didn’t felt lonely anymore.
“Rika say…do you think it’s right?...i mean…” yossie was a bit worried.
“I don’t know it…maybe it is a bit too fast…maybe we should wait a bit…”
“Yeah…but…close your eyes please…”
“Hm…ok” Rika closed her eyes.
She could feel yossies lips pressing against her owns.
“Thanks rika…”
“I have to thank you…”
“Say…wouldn’t it be better to move to the bedroom? It’s cold here…and a bit uncomfortable…” yossie said.
“Ok!” yossie said and carried rika on her arms to the bedroom.
“You are strong yossie” rika laughed.
“Like it huh?” yossie smiled.
“Good night…sleep well…” rika said.
“Thank you…you too…”


“Does it still hurt?” Maki asked.
“Uh a bit…” yumiko said.
“Do you know what was going on?” maki asked and looked at yumiko.
“I have no idea…maybe it’s nothing important…” yumiko said and took maki’s hand.
“Should we go to my mother? You know…about he marriage?”
“Oh~right~ yeah I have nothing to do. Of course we can.” Yumiko smiled.
“ok…I’m nervous…”
“Eh…I’m nervous too…but we have to look forward not backwards.”
“Yeah you are right.”

At the house of maki’s mum

“Ahhh~~ you two are soo cute!! I really was hoping that you would marry soon!” maki’s mum laughed.
“So…you are alright with the idea?” Yumiko asked.
“Of course I am!” maki’s mu pinched yumiko into the cheek.
“Mum!” maki shouted.
“Oh haha~~ ….but hey…” her voice turned into a frightened “if you don’t look after my little girl I will be very very angry!” “Hahaha~~” Now her voice was normal again.
“uh~~kowaii…” yumiko said “Yes I will take good care of her!! I promise!”
“Maki would you came into the kitchen?” her mum said.
“Huh? Yeah ok”
Yumiko had a funny way to play with little dogs.

Maki and her mum were watching her.
“She is exactly the person you need maki…I knew that since the first time I saw her.”
“I know…she is so kind and funny…” maki smiled a little.
“And did you make it yet?”
“huh?!!” maki was irritated.
“Had you sex with her? “
“Eh…ah…oh…ehm…well…” maki was to shy to answer the question.
“That’s a yes? Haha~”Maki’s mum started to laugh.
Maki nodded.
“How was it?”
“Mum?!! That is to much!” maki shouted and was red.
“Ah~poor kid. Ah~ I have forgot to say it…”
“Say what?”
“Two neighbour kids  Mashimaro kun and kemeko chan are coming over. Could you two have an eye on them?”
“Eh??!! What??!!”
“Is that a yes?”
“Thanks maki! Byeee~”
“Hey! Were are you going?!”
“I wanna have fun!~ see you!” maki’s mum laughed and left.

“Huh? She left?” yumiko was irritated.
“Yeah…she left with a big surprise…”

”Heeeeeeyyy~~~ Maki chan!!!” two kids shouted.
“Ah hi…ehehe…”
“Don’t say we have to look after them?”
“Ah never mind hehe” yumiko laughed.
“Who areee youuu~” the kids asked.
“I’m yumiko chan. Nice to meet you”
Maki was surprised.
“We liiikeee~~~ yumiko chan~” both kids said and hugged her.
“Oh~hehe” Yumiko had to laugh and looked at maki.
Maki smiled.

After a while they were playing with eachother they were tired and went asleep.

“Puuh~~I’m exhausted…” yumiko sighed.
Maki didn’t answer.
“Hm? Are you ok?”
Maki smiled. “You are very funny when you are playing with kids.”
“Ah~well…if you say so”
Maki kisse yumiko on the forehead.
Title: H!P Lovers
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Title: part51
Post by: Gomaki on October 08, 2006, 07:10:11 PM
“just friends…ok?...and …we are both leader so we must take care of the younger ones…we must hide it for the rest of our lives that we were together…if it comes out that we were together…well …it wouldn’t be good…did you understood what I was saying?” yossie said and looked at miki.
“Yes…i understood…say yossie…”
“are you with rika now?” miki didn’t look in yossie’s  face.
“Maybe…let us leave the past behind us ok? Like nothing happened…but…maybe it is better for you…I mean…you can see aya every day…you know ‘GAM’…” yossie sounded a bit jealous.
“Maybe…I must go now…don’t forget we have to record something in the afternoon…” miki said and left.
A cold atmosphere was between them.

“Maki are you alright? Since yesterday you look a bit…hm…well…worried…or no…hmm”
“Huh? Nah? I’m fine yumiko” maki smiled and looked at the still sleeping kids.
They stayed over night. Yumiko and maki didn’t slept because they had to watch them.
“They are cute…” yumiko said and smiled. “Yeah…really cute…”
“Grandpaaa~~?” a child voice said.
“Huh?! Grand….pa???!!” yumiko was shocked when she looked at the little kid.
Maki had her eyes wide open.
“You are a boy aren’t you?” the other kid said.
Yumiko looked at maki. Maki showed yumiko a piece of paper.

Say yes!! They don’t understand it yet!
Please   ^_^’’

“Ehh…eh…ah…oh~ yeah yeah yeah youre right hehe I’m a ‘boy’ hahaha….” Yumiko was still a bit shocked but irritated too.
“seee~~~I said thaaat~~~I waaas right!~~” the girl said to the little boy.
“Aww….ok you were right…” the boy said sad.

“I’m back again!~”
“Ah~ mum! Nice that you are here…ehm we have to go now…ehehe” makis aid and grabbed yumiko.
“Yeah right right…it was nice nice nice…very nice see you hahaha….” Yumiko was sweating.
“Hey you two!” maki mum shouted but the only reply she became was a door bang.

“huh…huh…hu….” Yumiko was exhausted.
“that…that was…”
“Close?!! Argghhh~ a boy…? Ts…” yumiko was pissed of a bit.
“You really look like one…ehm…” maki said and was red.
“Eh?! Oh… so that’s why I must do everything at the first place everytime?”
”Yep~” maki showed yumiko her tongue.
“But it’s cool~ you are always cool~” maki said and hugged her.
“But grandpa?! Ah wait wait wait…” yumiko said and smiled
“Huh? What?!”
“So you are grandma hehe?”
“Ahhh…ha..ha…ha…”maki punched yumiko into the stomach.
Title: H!P Lovers
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ups...^^ that was a short one xD
Title: part52
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Sorry that it took so long!
Morning Musume were fooling around outside.
“Yo~Mikitty!~” kamei shouted.
“Hi everybody…” miki said and didn’t look at them.
“Recording with yossie now?!” Risa asked.
“Yes…see you later…”
“What’s wrong with her?” ai chan asked.
“No idea~” the other members answered.

No one was in the recording room when miki went inside.
Miki seated herself on the chair and crossed her arms.
She didn’t noticed anyone until someone sat on the table edge.
Miki looked up.
It was yossie.
“did you wait long?” yossie asked and smiled.
“Huh? No…not long…” miki said.
“Well…I’m here now…”
Suddenly everything was dark.


“Miki…Miki….Miki…wake up!”
“are you alright? Did you had a bad dream? You were shouting”
“What but…huh?” miki looked around. Near her was yossie “It was a dream?”
“Well I think so…you shouted so I woke up well…and now you are awake.”
“…yossie!!” miki shouted and hugged yossie tight.
“Huh? What did you dream?” yossie was a bit irritated.
“Aya…Maki…Yumiko…Rika…and you…”
“You were all there…” Miki was sweating.
“Calm down…and then tell me what you dreamed.” Yossie said and stroked miki’s head.

After a while she told yossie what she dreamed. For miki it was a nightmare. She cheated on yossie in the dream.  But in the end it was only a dream.

“Oh~ I see…well it was only that dream…don’t worry ok? But say Yumiko banged her head against a door?” yossie couldn’t hold it back and started to laugh.
“Hey…come here. “ yossie said and crossed her arms around miki’s back. “ You know I would never let you go…”
“I know…And yossie trust me! I wouldn’t do that too…I really love you…and…I want to forget the dream…” miki said.

“Hey we have forgotten something maki…”
“We must tell your grandmother…”
“Hahaha…don’t say ‘ups’”
“Why is this so hard yumiko? I can’t tell her…”
“I know but we ..we have to. If it would be better I could go to Sapporo and  tell her.” Yumiko scratched her head. Maki was thinking a bit.
“No…no…we must face this together! I will call her now and say that we are coming over on the weekend!”
“Well ok…” yumiko watched at the clock “Ups. I’m late for recording! Good luck! See you later!” she kissed maki’s lips and left the apartment.

“Hi guy’s! Sorry I am a bit late!”  yumiko shouted and left her bag in the corner.
“Don’t worry Tsunku isn’t here yet” Ai said who was sitting on a chair.
“But if he would, he would be angry. But not at you” Risa said.
“Huh? Not at me?” yumiko was irritated and looked around.
“Oh~ Reina isn’t there I see…where is she?”
“We have no idea. She said in the morning that she will come but you can see no reina.”
“Hmm…maybe she is ill?”
“Naahh she was in a top condition!” Risa said.
“Hm…I will have a look around if I can find her see you later…” yumiko said and was on the way to the door
“Hey wait!! What are we going to say to tsunku?! And are you really sure about that? He might be angry!” ai shouted.
Yumiko looked to ai with a smiling face.
“Hehe…I’m leader in this group…I think tsunku  will understand it. And if not hmm…well…id on’t know it yet see you later!” yumiko said and left.
“I think we have a good leader…she is acting exactly the same as yoshizawa! Really cool!”
“Yeah youre right!”

“Hey you!” a voice said.
Yumiko looked back
“Oh! Nakazawa san!”
“Why are you in such a hurry?”
“I’m searching for reina. We have recording now but she wasn’t there so look around.”
“Reina?…I saw her…but where was it again?” yuko was trying hard to remember.
“Ah! Right!! No wait…”
“Hey!!  Think clearly!” yumiko was getting angry.
“…yesterday at shibuya…”
“Yesterday?! Awww nakazawa san!!!”
“Sorry hehe but hey keep searching!” yuko said and was gone suddenly.
“Aww…the older ones…can’t remember things clearly…” yumiko looked around.
She kept asking everyone if they saw reina. But no one did.
After 1 hour of search she went back to the recording room.
She could only find  a note on the table. Everyone was gone.
“huh?  Recording is finished. We all went home. Tsunku wasn’t angry. We will keep looking for reina. If we see her we tell you. Next recording  in two day’s.
Ai chan.   Awww….” Yumiko went back home again.
Title: H!P Lovers
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Reina, oh Reina. Werefore art thou, Reina?
Title: part43
Post by: Gomaki on October 11, 2006, 10:12:52 PM
Maki and yumiko were having a little dinner in the evening.
“So you searched for her 1 hour?” Maki asked while she was chewing the meat.
“Hm yeah. But I didn’t found her…I am still a bit worried…what is when something happened to her?”
“I really have no idea…the last time she was a bit weird…”
“Yeah I know...i really have no idea what’s up with that kid.” Yumiko said and ate a bowl of rice.
“You are really cute yumiko” Maki said and smiled.
“Huh? Why?”
“Because you really care about other people. That is really one of your strong points!”
“Yeah but maybe I am a bit too worried…”
“Maybe…Uh…I’m full! That was really good wasn’t it?”maki said and stroked her belly.
“Uhm yeah…hmm…say…”
“do you want to take a bath?”
“Sure that would be good right now.”

The bath was really relaxing.
“ah~ that was really relaxing right?...”Maki said and hugged yumiko.
“Yeah that was exactly what I needed”
“Before I forget it to say, we can go to Sapporo on the weekend”
“That’s good! But hmm…what would be if she say’s no?” yumiko looked in maki’s eyes.
“I don’t care. We only go to her to say that we want to marry. I really don’t care if she say’s yes or no because I want to share my life with you.”
“Youre so cute…” yumiko kissed maki “I love you”
“I love you too”
Nothing special was in the tv so they went to bed.

“Whoa!! Mikitty!” yossie screamed
“That’s! That’s a such cute dress!!”
“This one? Really?” miki smiled.
“Of course everything looks cute on you!”
Yossie really had a boyish character.
Suddenly miki tousles yossies hair.
“Huh? Mikitty? Hehe” yossie laughed.
“You look exactly like a boy” miki smiled.
“Eh?? Only because of my short hair right?”
“No…no you could be a boy…”
Yossie went red. “is that so?”
Miki smiled and tackled yossie with kisses.

“Where have you been?!” ai shouted.
Reina didn’t answer.
“We were all worried about you you!” The other members said.
“Yumiko was searching for you! She really was worried!”
Reina looked up “I…I’m sorry…I didn’t felt well…”
“Yeah but you could have called us?!”
“I’m sorry…”
“Well we can forgive you but you really must say sorry to yumiko!” ai chan said and crossed her arms.
“I know…”
“Hey hey! It’s really late!We can talk about that tomorrow!”
“Risa is right. Goodnight everyone.”
“Niiiight~” the members said.

The next morning it was a beautiful weather but it was still a bit cold.
“Morning…” yumiko whispered into maki’s ear.
“Oh…you are awake already?” maki asked with a sleepy voice.
“hm yeah…” her finger was sliding softly over maki’s arm.
“I will take a quick shower and than we can have breakfast”
“I already had breakfast…I’m sorry…I have a futsual practise in 10 minutes.”
“Oh I see. I will come too in one hour than”
“Really? That would be cool!” yumiko smiled.
“Yes” Maki said and kissed yumiko “See you  later than”
“Right!” yumiko said and left the apartment.
Yumiko left the building and walked to the stadium.
While walking there she noticed that someone was following her.
When yumiko turned around, when she saw the person she smiled
“ Morning!”
“Are you alright reina? I was a bit worried yesterday because you weren’t at the recording.”
”Yeah I’m ok…sorry that I wasn’t there…”
“Hey it’s ok! “
“Are you going to play with the futsual team?”
“Yep…tsunku wanted that I play there…say where are you going now?”
“I’m going to the stadium too because we want to see you all practising football”
“Hey cool! Maki is coming too later! Maybe we can all play together!” yumiko smiled.
“Yeah right”
After they walked 300 meters reina asked yumiko something.
“Say you and maki are you just friends?”
“Huh? well…could you keep a secret?”
“Well ok I could tell you the whole story if you like?”
“Ok… I was chosen for making maki’s photobook in Hawaii. After we met I stayed 3 day’s at her place to get know eachother better. After 3 day’s we went to Hawaii. It was really funny there. Funny things happened there…we banged our heads together, saw us naked…welll I saw maki hehe”
“Well uhm yeah…we were really close to eachother. We went out for dinner, took baths together and shared one bed together because we havn’t got enough space. Well and one night before leaving Hawaii we kissed us…it was a really great feeling…”
“You kissed her?”
“Yeah I did…but we really forgotten to make the photobook! So I did some pictures on only one day! Back in japan we tried to hide our little secret…but the news found it out…so it was no secret…well but we had luck only two !p members saw the news…it worked better and better…we were truly in love…we already sle…”
“Ok that is a privat thing I don’t want to know!” reina smiled.
“Youre right hehe…well and when we were at Hawaii again well…i…asked her to marry me”
Reina was in tense “Marriage?? Really??!!”
“Yes…she said yes and well it really works good!” yumiko smiled.
They were talking and talking that they didn’t noticed that they were already at the stadium.
“But hey keep it for you ok?”
“Sure I will!
Title: H!P Lovers
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Amazing how few people watch the news.
Title: part54
Post by: Gomaki on October 13, 2006, 10:48:47 PM
The other part is part 53 not 43^^
I would be very happy if i would get more comments:)  it doesn't matter if they are good or bad:)
When yumiko entered the dressing room the other futsual members were already there.
“Ah there you are!” rika said and smiled.
“Good good! Look everyone! We have a match next week! So get dressed and than we can start to train hard ok?!” The coach shouted.
“Haaai~~!!” the girls screamed and put on their jerseys.
“And how do you feel to be in ‘GATAS’?” yossie asked while she closed her bag.
“Ehm…well…I think good” yumiko smiled but still a bit nervous.
“Don’t blame us haha~” miki said and hit her hand against yumikos back.
“Ufff~ …eh I will try ehehe…”
“Hurry up girls!!” Shibata said and crossed her arms.
“Yeah yeah…” yossie said.

When they walked onto the field they could see a few H!P Members and a few fans.
“Ok girls! Warm ups!” the coach said.
The fans were flipping out when they saw the beautiful legs of the girls.

“Pigs…” yossie said and looked at miki
“Yeah…only looking at our bodys…”

“Ok 10 minutes are enough! Well I said that we must train hard today for next week…but I have to do something now. It is very important that I must go now…I’m sorry girls but please train a bit for yourselves…see you next week.” The coach said and left.
“What was that about?” yossie asked
“No idea…”
“Hey can’t we play with you?” a voice asked from the behind.
“eh?” yumiko turned around and blushed “Maki?”
She was wearing a pink cute t-shirt and a black hotpants.
“I said I will come around. Fish brain hah?” maki smiled.
“Eh? Right you wanted to come”
“Maki came around to play with us? That’s cool!” yossie said and smiled.
“Yeah it was a long time ago since I played football…I will give it a try again” maki smiled.
“Ok! Lets go!” yumiko shouted.

The ball was kicked over the whole field.
But no goals. Over  3 hours they played without a break.
“Puhh~ Girls…I think it’s enough~”yossie said.
“H…haii~” the girls answered exhausted.
The fans were gone, the girls went into the shower room only maki and yumiko were standing on the field.
“Uha…I’m exhausted…” yumiko smiled and wiped the sweat off her.
“Yeah but it was fun!...”
“Yeah…you are looking very beautiful…”
“Really?  I bought the t shirt yesterday”
“Like it~” yumiko leaned forward to kiss maki.

“Yumiko? Oh ups…”
“Eh? Oh ehh yossie haha…“ yumiko blushed.
„Sorry eh…what did i want?...ah yes!  I wanted to say that we are leaving now and want to go to a café. You two want to come with us?”
Maki looked at yumiko.
“Eh…no sorry yossie. I have to drive to Sapporo with maki so I can’t come. I need a ‘break’”  yumiko smiled and looked at maki.
“Ah~ I got that hehe well ok see you next week! Have a nice time in Sapporo!” yossie said and went to the other girls.

“Let’s take a shower “ Maki smiled and took yumiko’s hand.

“Yumiko…?” maki whispered.
It was in the middle of the night.
“Are you awake?”
“Y..yes…” yumiko answered shy.
“Can’t you sleep aswell because of…”
“Sapporo? Oh yes…”
“I’m very nervous…if my grandmother says no…I would be very sad…” maki said and snuggled herself on yumiko’s body.
“I would be sad too…” yumiko placed a kiss on maki’s head and stroked her cheek.
“It isn’t really easy to find someone…but when I saw you my hart was jumping up and down.”
“I was completely knocked out when I saw you…to be with you is the most important thing in my life…I will always be by your side…you can trust me…”
“I know that I can trust you…because I love you…”
Yumiko smiled “come on…we have to sleep…”
Yumiko was holding maki tight and carefully. Soon they were sleeping deep.

When they are in Sapporo they must be strong. Together.
What would Maki’s grandmother say? Yes or no?
This is the only thing that makes them to worry about.

To be continued…
Title: part55
Post by: Gomaki on October 14, 2006, 10:56:17 PM
In the morning it rained a bit.
“Nice weather to drive…” yumiko said and looked out.
“Yesterday it was so nice…and today?! Yumiko! Is that a sign?!”maki asked nervous.
“Calm down calm down! Oh ok 6 o’clock! Better we go now” yumiko said and took the key for the car.
Both were getting really wet.
“Argh…” yumiko started the car and took the fastest way up to Sapporo.
Maki switched the radio on.
“Ah~ Natsumi’s new song! I really like it”
“Yeah it’s not bad! By the way did you saw the Pv of GAM?” yumiko asked and smiled.
“Yeah. Wow I was really shocked! Maybe we should do something like that too~”
Both burst into laugh.
They were talking and talking and talking and didn’t realised that they were already there.
“Oh…we are there…”
Maki took a deep breath “Ok…let’s go!”
“Ok…I will be there…”
“I know…”
Yumiko locked the car doors and took maki’s hand.
Together they walked up the little stairs in the garden.
Maki knocked on the door.
“It’s open come in…” a voice said.
Yumiko opened the door carefully.
“Ah you two are here so quick? Nice to see you! Give me a hug!” Maki’s grandmother said.
Maki hugged her grandma and her grandma hugged yumiko.
The two were very nervous.
Maki had a quick look at the tv, looked away and looked again.
Her eyes were wide open.
Maki pointed at the TV. “What what are you looking there?!”
“Ahhh~ Oh! I watch it everyday! Haha! It’s a story about two lesbians. I think it’s very interesting.” She laughed and put tea on the little table.
Yumiko didn’t know what to say.
“Maki-chan could you do me a favour?”
“Huh? yeah yeah?” Maki was still irritated.
“Go to the corner shop and buy some rice cracker”
“Yes…ehm yumiko you want to co…”
“No no maki! You are big enough” grandmother said.
“Eh? Huh?...yeah yeah…” maki said and left the house.
Yumiko was getting nervous. What should she say?
“And how are you yumiko?”
“Ehm…fine fine…”
“That’s nice. I heard that you are living together with maki.”
“oh…eh yes…”
“And you are working in Hello! Project too?”
“Ah is it true that you saved a lot of members? I heard that in the news.”
“That was very nice of you! And I heard something special too…from maki’s mum. I heared you are going to marry?” grandma smiled.
“Ehm…well..that’s the reason I’m here…huh?! wait a sec?”
“Hahah…I know why you are here yumiko…I have contact to my daughter you know?...”
“I thought about it…you are both young…and I thought it might be…better…if….” Grandma drank a bit of the tea “you get married with maki. I will agree with that!”
“Yes, go and tell her hahah~”
“Thank you! Thank you very much! “ Yumiko was happy.
She ran out of the house on the street in search of maki.
Than she saw her.
“Huh? Yumiko?”
Yumiko smiled.
“What’s wrong?”

Must go now^^
Title: H!P Lovers
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omg DONT DO THAT!!! EVIL!!!!!!!! :evil:
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on October 15, 2006, 08:04:13 AM
Lol at Yumiko, I laughed at Miki thumping her on the back. Those two are such a sweet couple, I usually don't like it when people add new characters, but this is an exception.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on October 15, 2006, 04:54:59 PM
Quote from: tanakachi
omg DONT DO THAT!!! EVIL!!!!!!!! :evil:

Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on October 15, 2006, 07:54:17 PM
Quote from: Gomaki

Cliff hanger, just leaving it like that, I guess.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: YoukaiChica on October 15, 2006, 08:20:30 PM
Ah. What happens next???? And I love this story!! I'm surprised and happy that Maki's grandma accepted the marriage. I was worried for a minute. Anyways, update!! Ahaha.
Title: part56
Post by: Gomaki on October 16, 2006, 07:47:16 PM
Ok first i have to say i wrote in yumiko's position^^ it's easier:D

I was looking directly in maki’s face. She still was confused because I didn’t say anything.
My hand touched maki’s soft cheek.  The smile on my face has grown.
“Did you talk with her” Maki asked me.
I nodded.
Maki’s eye’s were wide open “Really??!!”
“Yes…she said…”
Suddenly I felt two arms hugging me tight. I couldn’t breath.
“M…Maki I can’t breath!”
The small hands were going up to my face and rested there. I really could see she was happy.
“I love you!” she whispered into my ear.
Maki’s Grandmother was watching us. She smiled. She was really happy.
But I think maki and I were the happy ones here. After all the things we did, all the nights we spend together, telling secrets to eachother, real love, we deserved the marriage.
Maki hugged her grandmother and thanked her. I really loved to watch that.
Seeing Maki happy makes me happy too.
“You two know what? I will go and get some food and make a dinner! If you want you can stay over night!” Maki’s Grandma said.
Maki looked at me. I didn’t know exactly what she was thinking of.
“The dinner sounds great grandma! But maybe yumiko and I could rest in a hotel?” Maki looked back at me and smiled. I blushed.
“Oh~ I don’t have a problem with that” her grandmother said and left.
Maki came over to me and hugged me again.
“So~ let us have a nice night!~” she said with a sexy voice. My legs were shaky.
I was so nervous. Why? I had no idea!
Soon Maki’s grandmother was back and cooked a fantastic dinner. It was delicious!
About 8:00 p.m. we left the house and went into a nice hotel. We had luck, there was only one room left. It was a sweet room. Really big. I didn’t expect that. The bath had a really big bath tube.
“Whoa! This is big!” Maki screamed.
Maki came in front of me put one arm around my neck and played with her finger on my face.
I knew she wanted something. I just wanted to wait until she said it.
“Hm…I’m a bit sweaty…want to take a bath with me?” she smiled.
I couldn’t resist this cute face. “Of course!”
We went into the bathroom and took of our clothes. We washed our body’s and carefully went into the bath tube. The water was hot. But not so hot like maki who was lying with her head against my shoulder.
Her body was really relaxed. I’m the totally opposite site…I’m sitting here…totally nervous. My heart is beating so fast. I wonder if she noticed that. She is so close.
Suddenly Maki turns around and splashes water directly into my face. Most of it went into my eyes. I closed them and rubbed them. when I opened my eyes maki was gone “Eh?!”
I looked around. I realised that something is punching me softly into my stomach.
Then the whole body came out of the water. She took a big breath.
“Why were you down there?” I smiled.
“Just looking hehe”
“Hahaha~ risking a look huh?”
“Don’t need to~ buuhhh~” she stretched out her tongue “I saw you naked often!~”
“I saw you one time more than you me!~ remember Hawaii!~ aloha~!” I said and grabbed her hand and pulled her against me.
“Hm~ That’s right!~” she said and kissed me softly.
The water was getting cold, so we decided to go out and dry ourselves.
I rubbed maki’s body with the towel and she dried mine.
After 3 minute we were in clothes and were just sitting on the sofa.
“That was nice~About the marriage…when…” I broke maki’s words with a kiss “Don’t worry. I think it’s better when we plan everything back in Tokyo”
“You are right” she lay down and placed her head on my lap. I switched on the TV to see if anything interesting is there. Nope. I switched it off and concentrated on maki. I stroked her head. 30 minutes passed and I looked in maki’s face. She was sleeping. I had a little smile on my face. I carried her carefully on the bed, I didn’t want to wake her up. I lay my self by site her and covered us with the blanket. I fell asleep as well.

When I woke up in the morning maki was still sleeping. She is looking very seriously. It’s so cute. I didn’t go out of bed. I was looking at her. She drooled a bit. I blushed when she opened her eyes.
“Huhm…what are you looking?” she asked totally sleepy.
“N…nothing! Ehm…you looking so cute…” I replied and stroked her cheek.
“Did I drool?”
“Only a bit”
“Ups~”she smiled and blushed.
I tapped her nose “Kawaii~”
She rolled over my site and kissed me. She rested her hand on my stomach and leaned her head against my shoulder. We could stay the whole day like that but we have to drive back to Tokyo that day.
We had a little nice breakfast and drove to maki’s grandmother for the last time.
She couldn’t be able to come to the wedding so we said goodbye to her and let her know that we will call her soon.
To be honest I was quite happy to drive back to Tokyo.  Work, home, friends and maki.
Title: part57
Post by: Gomaki on October 16, 2006, 10:03:09 PM
Reina, Gaki, ai and eri were going thru the recording building.
They were all bored and had nothing to do.
“Recording starts at 5:00 p.m. and it’s 8:00 a.m. now…silly tsunku! He gave us the wrong time to come here!” gaki shouted.
“Yeah…this happens quite often the last time don’t you think so?” reina said and crossed her arms.
“Maybe he is tired…” ai said and bought a can of water.
“Don’t protect him! We are the ones who are tired!” eri said and banged her head against the wall.
“Yeah ai and I havn’t got much time to have s…”
“havn’t got time for  swimming!” ai cut in.
“Swimming? Youre ill or something?” reina asked and hold her hand against ai’s forehead.
“I’m not ill!” ai shouted and punched reina into the stomach.
“Uha~ yeah yeah ok…”
“Anyway… where are our two love leaders?”  eri asked.
“Miki and hitomi? Maybe tsunku gave them the right time! And we are the un-lucky ones who caught the wrong timetables…” ai said.
“Sayu and koharu are missing too”
“Maybe they have the right time too…” reina said.
“Argh! I will call him right now!”Risa screamed and opened her cellphone.
“You can’t reach him now…he has an interview…” eri explained.

“Yossie do you think this is the right place?2 Miki asked.
“Don’t know…hm…tsunku gave us this address yesterday…it must be right. Let’s go inside and check if anybody is there.”
“Yeah but this building it looks so…old…” miki said and grabbed yossie.
“We can risk a look?”
The building was looking really old and messy.
Inside there was nobody. And no sign would say ‘recording’ or ‘toilet’.
Both didn’t know that tsunku did a mistake with the address. The building they had actually had to go was 2 blocks away from the building they were in.
“I don’t like this here…” yossie said.
“Me either…” miki said and was directly behind yossie.
Suddenly something was cracking.
“What was that?” miki asked and looked up to me.
“I…I have no idea!” yossie looked around “but whatever it was I don’t like it”
Yossie took miki in her arms.
“It’s better when we walk like this…If something is gonna to happen I can safe you”
“Eh?! Ehm…thanks…”miki was irritated.
There it was again. A little cracking you could hear in the walls.
“Miki this sound is right there. Maybe upstairs is someone. Should we go and look?”
“Maybe…I hope there is someone…”
They walked 2 stairs up. Suddenly there was a loud bang.
“The building was shaking.
“Yossie?! What was that?!” miki shouted.
“I don’t know!”
There was smoke coming up the stairs.
“Miki! We must go higher!” yossie took off her shirt and hold it against miki’s mouth. There was smog. Yossie didn’t want that miki get’s it into her lungs.
When they reached the top of the building they looked around.
“Why does something like that always’s happen to us?!” miki shouted.
“I have no idea!” yossie said and closed the door.
The building was burning.
“It looks like a gas explosion!”
“What should be do now?!”
Yossie looked around. Soon she had a plan. They could reach the other building very easily.
“We can climb over to the building there!” yossie said and grabbed miki and they ran to the edge of the building. “Miki you first!”
Miki took a huge step and reached the other building. “Hurry yossie! The building!!”
The building was shaking. Yossie had no time and jumped. The building collapsed.
“Yossie! That was…”
“Shocking…” yossie said and hugged miki.
“Well at least… nothing bad happened…”
Soon they were found on top of the building. People kept asking questions how this had happened.  Tsunku was truly sorry for that. But the two girls said that it’s ok.
“It seems to be our future~” yossie laughed
Miki boxed her into the stomach.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: JFC on October 17, 2006, 05:13:36 AM
Wait...they're on the ground/main floor, see smoke coming from the upper levels, and they climbed UP towards it??? That wasn't very smart (nor very realistic, to be honest).  Knowing Yossi and Miki as we do, it's a safe bet that they'd take one look at the smoke, say "fuck that shit", and get the HELL outta there.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on October 17, 2006, 10:49:16 AM
Ahaha~ gomen nasai^^:evil: XD
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on October 17, 2006, 07:46:11 PM
As a reason for them going up, you could have blocked off the exits.
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: Gomaki on October 17, 2006, 08:19:00 PM
hmmm yeah...i thin i will edit it later.
But first i drawed a picture again:P
I hope it's ok^^ i worked 2 hours on it:evil: :rolleyes:

( (
Title: part 57
Post by: Gomaki on October 18, 2006, 04:28:16 PM
Quote from: Gomaki

There it was again. A little cracking you could hear in the walls.
“Miki this sound is right there. Maybe upstairs is someone. Should we go and look?”
“Maybe…I hope there is someone…”
They walked 2 stairs up. Suddenly there was a loud bang.
“The building was shaking.
“Yossie?! What was that?!” miki shouted.
“I don’t know!”
There was smoke coming up the stairs.

Wait wait i read it again. They were in the ground floor, than they walked up to see if someone is there than the pipe exploaded, than they saw the smoke coming up from downstairs. And where smog is there is a fire. so they went up to the top of the building.
I will write it a bit clearer later:)

It was 5:00 p.m. when Maki and I arrived at our apartment.
I dropped myself on the bed. I was so tired.
“Ah…I’m tired…watch out…” maki said and dropped her body on mine.
“UUUF~ ouch…”
“Sorry…ahh~that’s nice…” she said and snuggled herself against my body.
I love it when she is so close to me. Like a big cute teddy bear.
She put her arms around my neck and rested her head on my chest.
My right hand slipped under her shirt and I started to tickle her back with my nails.
Maki was totally relaxed. I felt her heart beating slowly.
Suddenly my cellphone ringed. I opened my eyes, took it in my left hand and throwed it against the wall.
“Huh?Wy did you th..”
“I can buy a new one…I don’t want to answer it…” I said and stroked maki’s head.
“Hehe…you have a strange way to hang up the phone…” maki said and placed her head against my chest again.
After a while maki turned her body around so that we had eye contact.
She came nearer and kissed me but she was looking still in my eyes.
Than she smiled, her lovely dimples on her cheek. Everytime she smiles my heart is beating so fast.  
“Are you nervous?”
“Huh? eh no no no” I smiled and kissed her cheek.
She rolled of me and stretched herself. I closed my eyes. But than I felt something tickling against my arm. I opened my eyes again. There she was again. Her head above mine. Smiling so innocent. Than she turned me around. She sat on my legs and wrote something on my back.
I concentrated myself.

‘Kimi o ai-shite imasu’      I love you

A big smile appeared on my face. I turned around and looked in maki’s face. She smiled.
I pushed myself up and hugged maki.
“I love you too. I will give my best to make you happy!” I said while holding her so tight.
“Thank you” maki whispered.
“Don’t you think…I mean it’s only an idea…if we-“
“wait a bit longer with the marriage?” she cut in.
“Yeah I mean…I really love you I really do! But don’t you think it is a bit too early?”
I was so stupid. I was who asked her to marry me.  I looked in maki’s face. She looked like she was thinking about it, than she smiled.
“It’s ok with me. Maybe we can wait a bit longer? I know how you are feeling because I feel so too”
“Ok…so we wait? I feel embarrass now…I mean I was it who asked you…I mean…I feel stupid to ask if we wait a bit longer…”
“Hey hey~ don’t worry! I said it’s ok! I want to wait a bit longer too”
It’s seems that we were both scared. I really loved the time with her. I didn’t want to rush things. I thought we could just continue there where we were. Maybe the relationship would get worse if we would marry, that’s why I was so scared.
But when it’s ok for her to wait we can wait.
“I’m tired~”
“I understand that let’s get changed and get our selves ready for bed?”

We cleaned our teeth, took of the make up and took on our pyjamas.
I locked the main door and went into the bedroom. Maki was lying in the bed and smiled. She smiled very often the last time. Cute. I lay myself near to maki. Maki snuggled herself against me and closed her eyes.
“Good night” I said ans placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Good night”
It didn’t took long until we were sleeping.
Title: Pictures
Post by: Gomaki on October 18, 2006, 07:17:40 PM
Argh~ i couldn't resist to draw some new pictures^^:) (Maybe i should draw some of the others too:D )
( (

( (
Title: H!P Lovers
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Ah, how cute.
Title: part58
Post by: Gomaki on October 22, 2006, 05:51:53 PM
OK! Finally! This chapter is finished!^^
Sorry that it took so long...but my computer deleted my last parts xDD:evil: XD

2007 is really close. Tomorrow is the start of the new year with new adventures.
All H!P Members wanted to celebrate together. The older members managed to get the biggest room of the TV Tokyo building so they had enough space for all the members.
Iida, Abe, Yaguchi, Yasuda and Nakazawa were decorating the room.
Yossie and Miki bought lot’s of drinks for the younger and alcohol for the older members. Of course there was a lot of beer, because everyone knows Yuko loves beer.
“Only one, only one!” Yuko begged
“Aw~ Yucchan! The party hasn’t started yet!” Yaguchi shouted and tried to pull Yuko away from the beer bottles.
“Come on Mari~ It doesn’t matter there is enough beer~” Kei-chan laughed.
“Yeah but remember the last time~ she tried to kiss everybody~” Mari laughed.
“Like Miki~” Yossie giggled.
“Oi~! That was only once!~” Miki laughed.
The older ones started to laugh loudly.
After a while the younger members arrived.
“Whoa!~ The room looks great!~” Ai screamed.
“And look~ a Karaoke machine!” the other shouted.
“It’s the first time we celebrate all together ne?” Masae said while coming in the room with the other Melons.
“Right! Hmm…ok let’s see…Morning Musume? There- Melon Kenebi? There-  Nacchi? There-  Kei-chan? There- Iida? There- Yaguchi? There- Berryz Kobou? There- C°ute can’t come so not there…”
“Biyuuden are here~! Plus Tsuji!” Rika shouted.
“Ah~ good! Ayaka is there- country Musume are here too- Inaba…oh yes…she’s there-“
“Aya, Maki and Yumiko are missing. Did anyone see them?” Yossie asked.
“Hai~ I saw Aya! She said she will be here at 6:00 pm.” Eri said and looked at the clock.
“So in 1 minute! Everyone please count! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-“
“Hey guy’s~”
Everyone looked at Aya, than they bursted into laughter.
“Huh?” Aya was irritated.
“It’s ok doesn’t matter~ ok Aya is here too so there are only Maki and Yumiko missing.” Yaguchi said.
“There is still someone missing!~” Rika shouted.
“Huh who? Ah~! Tsunku san?” Yuko asked.
“Yep. Should I call him?”
“Yeah of course! Damn…are we so nuts that we have forgotten to ask our own boss? The father of Hello project?” Natsumi said.
“Sure we are…~” The other ones laughed.
Rika was on the way to the door “I will call him…ah and I will call Maki and Yumiko too, ok?”
“Yeah only phone Maki! Where Maki is Yumiko is too!” Miki laughed.


RrRIiiiNnGn   RrRIiiiNnGn

“Who…calls…at…4:00a.m in the…..morning….?” Maki asked when she looked at the clock.
Yumiko opened her eyes. She was very sleepy. Maki and Yumiko were sleeping because they were very tired.
“I will answer it……….” Yumiko said sleepy and opened Maki’s cellphone.
“Moshi moshi?....”
“Where the heck are you two?!!” Rika shouted.
“Huh?...Rika?...Where? What?....” Yumiko asked sleepely.
“Hello?! We have a party at TV Tokyo today! Have you two forgotten that? We are waiting!”
“At 4:00am. In the morning?!” Yumiko asked irritated.
“Huh?! It’s  6:13pm now!”
“What?!!! So late??!! Yumiko looked at the cellphone clock “Oh shit!!! You are right!! Damn we overslept!! Sorry we are coming right now!!” Yumiko said and hung up.
“What’s wrong?” Maki asked irritated.
 “That stupid clock over there has the wrong time! It’s past 6 o’clock now! We have overslept!”
“What?! Oh shit! What are they thinking of us now? Damn that’s embarrassing!” Maki shouted and went into the bathroom to change clothes.
“I know I know! Well if we catch the taxi we will be there, hmm, in maybe 10 minutes right?”
“Yeah if we catch one! Hey but it’s kinda funny ne?”
“Yeah now it’s funny but we will get killed by the others” Yumiko laughed.
They managed to get a taxi and drove to the building.
“Oiii~~~ Kei-chan“ a voice shouted when Maki and Yumiko were standing at the door of the room where the others were in.
“Uh~ Someone is drunk already!” Yumiko whispered.
“Sounds like Yuko? I hope that they didn’t bring beer with them…” Maki said and crossed her arms.
“Huh? Beer? Let’s go in muhaha!” Yumiko shouted.
“Eh?! Now you are nakazawa yuko number “2”?!”
“Hey we are celebrating the new year! The last time when I had alcohol was 3 months ago~”
“Me too…Ah~ your right! Let’s go!”

“Ah~ look who’s there! Yumiko-chan and Gomaki!” Yasuda shouted with a big smile on her face.

“Hora!~ Oh~ look how cute they are” the already drunk Yuko shouted.
“Ahaha…” both blushed.
“Oi~ kawaii ne~? Yuko said and came nearer to Yumiko.
Yumiko was getting nervous but scared too.
“Wah~ Nakazawa san!  Stop stop!” Yumiko shouted and was running thru the room.
“Wait wait~!! You are 20 years old and you can run so fast?!” yuko shouted while running after Yumiko.
“No!~ I’m already 21! Of course I can run faster than you, because you are much older than me~”
“Maki do something! Waah~!” Yumiko shouted and hid herself behind Maki.
Maki laughed “Yuko look over there!~ More beer~”
“Where? Where?!” Yuko shouted and searched the whole room for more beer.
Yumiko was exhausted. “Fu~ thanks…man she is really drunk~”

“Tsunku san!~” The other ones screamed.
“Konaban wa minna san!~ And are you having fun?”
“Nice nice…ah Goto san and Kasaki san.”
“Hi Tsunku san” both replied.
“And? Everything allright?”
“Yeah yeah…couldn’t be better” Yumiko laughed.
“That’s nice…keep your eyes open ok?”
“Huh? Why?”
“I only have to say that the “F” magazine is having an eye on Hello! Project. You know first Yaguchi, Ai and lately Reina.”
“Oh~ so you me-“
“It doesn’t matter what they say if they caught us. We said what we had to say and this thing is finished now” Yumiko broke in.
“Yeah yeah I know I know…but I am more worried about other people here…” Tsunku said and looked around than back to Maki and Yumiko “ I think there is more going on…I will keep an eye open…anyway have fun haha~” Tsunku said and joined Biyuuden.
“Eh?! That last sentence was kinda strange!” Yumiko laughed.
“Yeah right…hmm…hey! Yossie, Mikitty!” Maki shouted.
Yossie who was fooling around with Ai, Gaki and Reina looked over to Maki and Miki who were chatting with Aya, Miki looked over too.
“What’s up?” both asked.
“Watch out…Tsunku has an eye on everyone…”
“Huh?! So he…???” Miki asked irritated.
“Looks like it~” Yumiko smiled.
“Damn you two are lucky…we have to hide our secret and you two can face the world with it…~” Yossie moaned.
Maki and Yumiko bursted into laughter. “But it was hard for the first time! We were in the news!”
“Ohh~ yeah I saw that! Whoa but you two were really koakkoi!” Miki said.
“Well doesn’t matter, I only wanted to warn you two a bit. Now Let’s have fun!” Maki said.
 “Ok everyone! I would like to say a few words.” Tsunku said with a glass of wine in his hand.
Everyone listened.
“This year was really exiting and funny! Of course there were a lot’s of trouble with the man who scared TV Tokyo. But thanks to Yumiko nothing else worse happened.
And now 2007 is near. Let us make the next year as good as this one. Many CD sales and other things! You all worked very hard! And I’m sorry for that what happened to some members of you this year…I hope you forgive me. Thanks for listening.”
All members applauded.
“Saa…minna san! Let’s count!”
“Shin’nen akimashite! Omedeto Gozaimasu!” Everyone shouted.
Everyone was happy.
In a free minute yumiko kissed maki and hugged her „Happy New Year…I love you…”
“I love you too…this party is really funny”
“Yeah really it is”
“What should we do after this party? Should we go to my mother and wish her a happy new year?”
“Sounds great to me” Yumiko smiled.
“Fine~ Should we go now?”
Yumiko looked around “Yeah would be better~”
“Bye everyone~ We are off~ it was really funny!” both shouted.
“Hai~ Ja ne~” the other shouted back.
 “Ehm…Maki? Didn’t we want to meet your mother?”
“Yeah ehm…why? Oh~ ups…”
Both were talking so much that they arrived at their own apartment.
“We can meet her tomorrow”
When they were standing at the door of their apartment, Yumiko closed Maki’s eyes with her hands.
“Huh? Eh?”
“Only a little surprise for you…” Yumiko whispered and opened the door.
The room was smelling really good.
“Tadam~…” Yumiko said and hugged Maki from behind.
Maki looked around. They were standing in the bedroom. Lot’s of candles were standing around the bed, the bed full of white and red rose-blooms and on a little table there was a bucket with a cool bottle of Champaign.
Maki’s mouth was wide open “Whoa…did…did…you? Eh…oh…” she stuttered.
“Yeah…well…I thought it might be nice…me and you…new year…”
“When did you prepared this? I mean we were on the party!”
“Well…I told your mother my little idea…I phoned her in a free second…I left a little note for her…”
“Whoa you are so cute!~”

Continue in the next chapter^^
“maybe” I will have a perv part again xD “ maybe”^^
Title: H!P Lovers
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Ah, early New Years! Party!
Title: part59
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here it is muhahaha~
this time it is a perv part again.
You can find it here~
Title: H!P Lovers
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no comments yetXD  so it's bad?:evil:
Title: part60
Post by: Gomaki on October 28, 2006, 11:08:27 PM
The new month started really bad. Conversations between Maki and Yumiko became worse.
It was such a silly thing how all this trouble started:

“What are you trying to say right now huh?! So you don’t like it?!” Maki shouted and looked angry.
“I didn’t say ‘I don’t like it…’ it’s just….”
“It’s just WHAT?!”
“I think you are showing a little bit too much of your body in your PV’s…”
“Oh I see so I should wear winter clothes and my face hidden behind 3 scarves?!”
“No! That’s not the way I mean it…but it really makes me angry when I see all these boy’s drooling over it…”
“I don’t like it either!”
“So why are you doing it?!”
“It’s my job!”
“Oh~ yeah sure…what comes next? Photos for Playboy? Tsunku new ideas of images…”
Maki bit on her lip. She really wanted to slap Yumiko directly in the face.
“So am I right? If you don’t like it why don’t you just go to Tsunku and talk with him?…” Yumiko said and turned off the Tv.
“And you think you do everything right huh?!”
“I don’t do everything right…”
“What’s with you and Reina huh?!” Maki asked and looked directly in Yumiko’s face.
“She is a kid!”
“That wouldn’t hold you back right?!”
“Hold me back?...Wo wo wo! Wait! You think I have feelings for her?!”
“Yes that`s exactly what I think!”
“That’s…I can’t describe that now…That’s completely BULLSHIT!” Yumiko shouted and stood in front of Maki “ I can’t believe that you are thinking this Maki!”
“Oh yes I do!”
“Ts…tidy up your thoughts! I need fresh air…” Yumiko said and went to the door.
“Where are you going?!”
“Somewhere…” Yumiko finally said and left.

(Yumiko’s point of the view)

I walked out of the apartment house.
How could she think I’m with Reina? How could she?
I didn’t look back up to the window of our apartment because I knew she would be looking out.
I left my jacket in the apartment. Only wearing a shirt and jeans. And than the snow. It was damn cold, but I couldn’t go up there. My heart can’t take the pain that she thinks I’m cheating on her.
I’ve never had this lonely feeling. It doesn’t feel great.
I walked thru Shibuya. My heart suddenly started to bounce when I stood in front of a shop.
We bought matching things in there…last week…
“Yumiko-chan?” a voice asked me from behind. I turned around but I wasn’t surprised.
It was totally simple that the person walkes in Shibuya often.
“Oh…Ayaya” I replied.
“What are you doing here?” she asked. What am I doing here? Good question I thought.
“Only looking…”
“You are crazy or what? You can catch a cold if you walk like this!” She shouted and pushed me into the shop “First we will buy you a jacket!”
“Ayaya…it’s ok…” I replied. She was in such a good mood.
“No~ This one looks good!” she said and showed it to me “We`ll take that”
“I will buy it yeah…you don’t have to…I have enough money”
“Ok but than let me invite you into my place yeah? We didn’t have time to talk to each other. And something worse happened I can see that!”
Somehow I felt better. Ayaya is a real friend. She really can read the mind of others.
I bought the jacket and than we went to her apartment. Ayaya’s Apartment had a really positive aura. The colours are warm and it gives you the feeling that you are welcome.
I sat on the sofa and Aya made some tea.
“Here I have some Yakitori left from my dinner today” she said and gave me a plate with yakitori.
“Thank you Aya!” I smiled and took a bite “Uhh~ sugoi oishii! How did you make it?!”
“’s not mine…haha…”
“Your mothers?”
“No it’s from Maki. She gave it to me this morning”
My smile disappeared.
“Now I know what’s wrong with you…it’s Maki right?” Aya asked and sat down on the couch too.
“We had a fight…our first fight…and the sad thing is…a really bad one…” I whispered and let my head fall back.
“Oh…how did it start?”
I explained every detail. It was refreshing to talk to a close friend. She hugged me like a real friend would do “Hey~ don’t worry I bet everything will be alright soon!!”
”I hope so…”
“Come on you can stay here tonight. It`s not any trouble”
“That would be kind…”
It would be better to stay at Aya’s place over the night. If I would go back to Maki again I could sleep on the couch…she wouldn’t talk to me either.
But I’m really worried…
Damn what now?

(Maki’s point of view)

I walked up and down. Checking my cellphone for messages. None.
“Damn where is she?!” I kept asking myself. I would feel better if a voice could tell me where she is.
Maybe she was right. I really kinda show to much in my Pv`s. But it’s my job. My career is really good now. My CD sales are better than the last years. I would do every…no not everything but many things to make Hello! Project more famous.
But I feel a bit uncomfortable with the new image. Ima ni kitto…in my life was still ok but everything started with glass no pumps. But I’m not the only one with a new image. Natsumi has a new one too.
But I don’t want to think about that now…
Yumiko is not here and that makes me feel lonely…
Tears were falling down my cheeks.
I took my jacket and went to my mothers house.
“So you had a fight?” My mother asked me again after I told her everything.
I nodded.
“That’s normal in relationships…don’t worry” My mother said and took me in her arms.
“It’s your first fight with someone you really love isn’t it?”
I felt really weak “Yes…”
“Look what you just answered…”
My heart started to bounce faster. She was right. I still love her I really do.
“Mother would it be to late now?”
“Go and find it out…”
I hugged her once more and left the house.

“Aya…? Is it ok when I hm…”
“Hey hey~ sure it is! Go and look! If you don’t come back I know everything is alright ok? But send me a message that you are ok?”
I smiled “Thank you Aya for everything! I really can’t leave it like this! I love her and she must now it and keep it in her heart!” I said hugged Aya and left.
I ran to the apartment and looked if she was there. She wasn’t in the living room so I ran into the bedroom.
I smashed my hand against the wall. She wasn’t there…Now I was worried more…
Just when I turned around to search outside again……………………..
I stood behind Yumiko. She was totally in tense.
A tear suddenly fell down her cheek.
“I’m…sorry!!!” she creamed and felled on her knees.
She didn’t had to be sorry…I had to be…I kneeled down as well and hugged her.
“No…I’m sorry…I love you and I don’t want to fight anymore!” I said and felt that Yumiko held me tight in her arms. It felt like she never would release me.
“Me either! And I love you!”

I have to continue tomorrow it’s late in germany now^^
Title: H!P Lovers
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Good story! kinda enjoyed the fight, never knew aya was that kind :D haha Yumiko cheating on Maki with Reina XD that i want to see!! haha
Title: part61
Post by: Gomaki on October 30, 2006, 11:09:38 AM
My feelings for Yumiko were growing after our conflict yesterday.
When I woke up this morning I saw she wasn’t in bed.
Ah right…she wanted to sleep on the couch…
I rubbed my eyes and pulled myself up. I entered the living room and looked if she was still sleeping or awake. No she was sleeping. The blanket was on the floor. I covered her up with the blanket and looked in her face. She was sleeping so peace full.
She is drooling a bit…haha…cute…
“Gocchin…” she whispered while she was sleeping.
Than she raised her arm and…
“Ouch…” I whispered. She hit me in the face, but not so hard, like a little claps.
I watched her again. She was smiling. Suddenly her left arm grabbed my right arm and pulled me against her.

“Watching me?...” She asked with a big smile.
“You are not sleeping?”
“I woke up when I realised that I hit something…”
I pinched her cheek and smiled “That was me”
She suddenly jumped up but still sitting on the sofa “Ups! Sorry!”
I smiled “It’s ok~”
She stroked my cheek like to heal the pain.
“It’s~ I said Daijoobou desu~”
“So, how long are you awake?”
“Hm…about…quarter to seven…”
“Hontou ni? And did you sleep well?”
“Hm…not so good…” I seated myself on her lap and crossed my arms around her neck “Was lonely without you…”
She smiled and put her finger under my chin to move my head near to her “You don’t have to be anymore…” She said and gave me a little soft kiss on my lips. It was feeling really great.
She really knows how to make somebody happy.
Something was still going on in my mind that had to be asked.
“Yumiko…only one thing…”
“Did you had something with reina?...”
She looked directly in my eyes, really seriously.
“Maki…I could never lie to you…but all I can say… I’m not with reina.
She is a kid and why do I have to be with someone else when I am with you? The only person who I love and who is the most important human in the world for me is YOU. I would never ever cheat on you trust me!”
Her words sounded like a nice melody in my heart. Now I really know that I CAN trust her.
“You are great…thank you Yumiko…” I said and hugged her.
“I really can’t describe how important you are for me…only my heart can describe it…”
She is always so kind to me. But what would be…no don’t think about that…I’m sure something like that wouldn’t happen.
In the morning all Hello! Project member were doing their work.
But something was going on there. A few member were in a very bad mood.
“What’s wrong with them?” shibata asked.
“Didn’t you get an invitation for later?” Miki asked back.
“Invitation? For what?” ayumi was irritated.
“Tsunku wants to talk to all of us later. Don’t know what he is on about again…” Miki said and scratched her head.
“I see…where did you get it from?”
“Look around…all these people who are wearing black staff shirts are giving them to everyone”
“Hmm…ok…well see you later mikitty”
“Yeah…” Miki went outside to get some fresh air. She can’t handle with so many people on one place.
“Morning~ Mikitty” a voice said.
Miki turned around “Oh Gocchin and Yumiko. Morning.”
“Woo~ many people are here today” Maki screamed.
“Yeah special work day…”
“Are you alright?” Yumiko asked.
“Not really…yossie wanted to watch a movie with me but than her neighbour knocked on the door because he can’t find his cat…and of course our kind yossie had to help him to find the cat…3 hours searching only for a cat that was sleeping peace full on top of the cupboard…” Miki sighed and closed her eyes.

“Whuiiiiiiiii~” Yumiko suddenly screamed out.
Miki and Maki looked at her.
“Gomen…here an invitation from tsunku…” a deep voice said behind Yumiko.
“shock…thanks…” yumiko sighed and looked very angry at the man.
“Now you have your one too…bye see you two later…” Miki said and went into the building again.
“Could you pinch me please? Is that a dream or why do they have such a bad mood?”
“Ouch…not a dream…”
Maki laughed “I wonder what he wants…”
“Maybe only something about the concert in…5 months?”
“would be a bit too early ne?”
“Whatever…come lets go inside.”
Title: part62
Post by: Gomaki on November 01, 2006, 03:45:58 PM
“Haaaaa~…” Yossie sighed while she entered the dressing room “Oh! Mikitty. Good Morning!”
Miki was reading papers “Morning Yocchan~”
Yossie seated herself next to miki on the couch and smiled.
Finally Miki put the newspaper on the table next to her and looked at yossie.
“You are looking beautiful with glasses~” yossie said.
“Do you think so?...” Miki sighed.
 “Hmm? What’s up? Something isn’t right I can feel that. Did I said something wrong?” Yossie asked carefully.
“Ah~ Yocchan~ Nothing about you~ Your sweet~” Miki screamed with a high tone in her voice.
“So what’s up than?” Yossie asked again and put some hair strains out of Miki’s face to look in her beautiful eyes.
“I don’t feel well today…but don’t worry I only have a bad mood…”
“Ohm…do you want to come over my place today? I could also come to yours if you don’t mind…”
“Sounds good…I think to be with you would make me happier” Miki smiled.
“I will come to your place than ok? My apartment is very messy…”Yossie scratched her head.
Miki giggled “Ok than~ We could go together later?”
“Yeah sure~ I will meet you here again later ok?”
“Ok” Miki smiled.
Yossie was on the way to the door but then she turned around “I forgot something!~” she said and gave Miki a kiss on the cheek.
Miki blushed a bit “You’re cute~”
“Not so cute like you~” She smiled and left.
“Itaaiiiiii~!” Yumiko shouted.
“Huh?!” Maki looked totally irritated at Yumiko.
“I banged my head against the light over there…ouch…” Yumiko rubbed her head.
“Well you are tall~ taller than kaori hihi~” Maki giggled.
“Yeah I know that…but this light is hanging down from the ceiling…ah~ never mind…itai…”
“hm yeah? Maki? Youre ok?”
“I feel a bit dizzy…”
“Let’s take a seat here…”
Maki and Yumiko sat down on a sofa.
“Maki you don’t look good, are you ok?”
“I don’t…feel well…”
“I call a taxi and than we drive to a doctor, ok?”
Maki nodded. She was sweating a bit.
“Maki the taxi is there…can you stand up?”
Maki tried but she couldn’t.
“Ok…I will carry you” Yumiko said and carried Maki piggyback.
Yumiko felt that Maki was breathing fast.
They drove with the taxi to see a doctor.
Yumiko was sitting on a chair in one of the corridors of the hospital.
Her head leaned against her palms and her eyes closed.
“Eh? Yumiko-chan?” a voice asked.
Yumiko looked up “Ayaya?”
“What’s up?”
“Maki is here…”
“Maki?! Is she ill?!”
“appendicitis…” Yumiko replied.
“Oh! So she…”
“Yeah she is in the operation room…”
Aya sat down on the free chair next to yumiko.
“Don’t worry…I think everything is ok…”
“The doctor said it was close…damn…the last time she often said that she felt a pain in her stomach…I’m such an idiot…”
 “It’s not your fault and either hers…”
Than the door opened and the doctor came out.
Yumiko stood up.
“Mrs. Kasaki?” He asked.
“Everything is alright with her” the doctor said and smiled.
Yumiko was in tense and her heart was beating faster.
Aya poked yumiko “Ne~ see! Everything is alright!”
A tear of happiness felt down her cheek. Suddenly she hugged aya very tight “Yeah!~ My girl is ok!~” Yumiko shouted. Aya couldn’t feel the ground underneath her “Yumiko let me down!~”
“Oh ups~ sorry hehe~”
“Wow you really love her huh?”
“Oh yes I do I really do! Maki is very important for me!~ Thank you aya…again…”
“No problem. That’s what friends are there for? Ne?” Aya smiled.
“Yeah~ I will go and check if she is feeling ok now…bye aya” Yumiko said and left.
Carefully Yumiko opened the door.
“yes…are you ok?”
“Hm…it still hurts…”
“But it will be ok soon…”
“I need some day’s to recover myself the doctor said”
“Ok…how long do you need to stay here?”
“2 day’s the doctor said…”
“Oh…I will miss you than…”
“I will miss you too”
“I will tell Tsunku what happened and ask him for schedule”
“Thank you…I’m tired…”
“Ok…I will go than ok?”
“Maki…I love you…get well soon yeah?”
“Thanks…I will…Love you too”
Yumiko kissed Maki’s forehead and left the hospital.
“I will take care of you maki…don’t worry…” Maki whispered and looked back to the hospital.
Title: Ahaha...
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Well... I still got no idea what to write...:ONdozing:
I wonder how I should continue the story...:ONdunno:
Somehow I messed my story up :ONerr:
I think I have something soon! I can't give up! Not yet!:ONfarofflook:
Well I have 2 other stories but they are in german ^^''
But I will try my best to post some new stuff here again!:ONwahaha:
I will think positivuuu :ONbingo:
I will be back soon...:ONglasses:
I hope You guy's still like the story :ONsad:
See ya :ONcool1: :ONbyebye:

I love the smiles :tfr9a7wg:

Ah! Forgot something!!!
I made a comic to my story^^
*click here* (
Title: H!P Lovers
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I truely luv it ^.^
Title: part63
Post by: Gomaki on December 08, 2006, 09:01:25 PM
:ONhee: :ONglasses:
Ok!!!!!! Here is a new chapter!!!^^ Please enjoy it!
I truely luv it ^.^


After I went out of the hospital I went back to TV Tokyo. There were still many people walking inside and outside.  
“Oh wait…” I said and looked on the paper that everyone got “Oh! That thing that Tsunku want’s to do starts in 3 minutes! Have to be quick now!” I ran into the building and then to the conversation room. All H!P Members were sitting on chairs. Everyone was there. Well not everyone.
I sat down on a chair as well and watched what happened.
When the light’s turned off everyone was quiet. Tsunku appeared and stood in front of us.
He took a little note out of his jacket and looked up to us.

“Minna san… I’m glad that you are all here today. You might ask yourself why I want to talk with all of you, right? Well the point is…” He took a little brake before he continued.
“I want no dating anymore”
I raised my eyebrow.
“I know what is going on between some girls here…and I don’t except it anymore. Many of you aren’t concentrated on the things they have to do and need to do”
I bite on my lip

“Liar you! First you said that everyone over 20 can date others and now? You are  really an…”

I thought but listened.
I was able to see that yossie took Miki’s hand with her own. Now we are all in the same situation… . Not all but the most of us…
Rika was looking really happy when she looked at me. Sure she is happy. Happy to see that I will lose Maki.

“If somebody will not follow the rules here in hello! Project than the person has to leave! I don’t want more rumors about H!P! “
Without saying goodbye Tsunku left the stage. I was angry, sceared I felt a mix of emotions.
Someone poked my shoulder.
I turned “And? What are you going to do?”
“We don’t know yet. What about you?” yossie returned.
“Well…first I have to explain this shit to maki…”
“Damn, damn, damn…I really don’t like this…” Miki sighed

“Yocchan! Mikitty! Come on we’ve got dance rehearsal!” Kamei shouted
“Coming!” Miki and Yocchan shouted and went to the group.

I sighed and stood up. Rika was standing at the door still smiling badly.
“Why are you smiling so weirdly? Can’t control your face anymore?”
“I’m just in a good mood” she answered.
“I am glad that you don’t have the chance to be with maki, rika.”
Suddenly she looked at me with wide opened eyes.
“Oh you can change your face mood? Great~!”
I know that I sounded really strange. I normaly don’t say things like that.
Aya was still in the room but we two didn’t noticed that.
“I really don’t like you yumiko you know that?” she said.
“Really rika? I don’t like you either”
Rika was getting angry and smashed her hand hard against my face.
“You will see yumiko!” she said and left.
My nose was bleeding.
“Damn…” I sighed.

“Nani?! What was that about?!” Aya said when she saw that rika slapped me.
“It’s ok Aya nothing to worry about” I said and tried to stand up.
“Shit you are bleeding and there you have red and blue marks!” she shouted and searched for an issue.
“It’s ok…” I said. I don’t want that Aya get into this. I really don’t want it.
“Come on shut up…” she said and cleaned my face but it didn’t help, I was still bleeding.


“Huh? I have a message?” I checked my cellphone. It was from Maki.

:: I only wanted to say that I am at my mums house. The doctor changed his mind that I can go home. Would be nice if you can come.   MAKI ::

I sighed and punched against a chair that was in front of me.
“Aya I have to go…I will call you or something like that ok?”
“Sure…please take care…”
I nodded and left.

I really had no idea what I should do. I went to Maki’s mum.
“Oh Yumiko” Maki’s mum said and let me in.
“Maki is here too”
“Yeah come into the living room”
When I entered the room Maki was sitting on the floor and was smiling.
“Nice that you are feeling better…” I said and kissed her forehead.
“Yeah…What’s wrong? What happened?! Your are bleeding!” She said and gave me her hand.
“Well…there is something…”
“Ok that sounds not great.”
“Let me tell you… “ I said and started to tell her what tsunku said.
Her mum was listening too.
Maki was quiet for a moment.
“I don’t want that you lose your job only because of me…” I said. First tears were building their self in my eyes.
Maki looked at me.
“I know you love your job…but everyone knows…and now the paparazzo’s  can do what they want…”
I took Maki’s hand.
“Maybe we take a break and think about everything? I have my tour coming so I wont be able to be here…it might be better if we…” Maki stopped her sentence.
“…be good friends?”
“Yes…that’s really hard to say isn’t it?” she had a little smile on her face.
“It is…but maybe it’s the best. And you know…I only want the best for you…”
Maki hugged me. Feeling her warm body, her soft skin, ahh I will miss that…
“Yumiko” she said
“Only this time ok?” she said and put her arms around my neck.
“Yes…the last time…”
We kissed us for maybe the last time. We both will treat this kiss for our whole life.

„Oh damn…this is really pissing me off right now…“ Maki’s mum muttered.
We looked at her.
“You two are so happy…and now this stupid thing again…” she continued.
Maki and I were staring on the floor.
“But hey!!” Maki’s mum shouted suddenly.
We looked up again. She was smiling? Had she got an idea?
“You two can take a little brake that is a good idea yeah…But! Maki’s tour will take about one month right?”
Maki nodded.
“Well see there would be enough time after that to start again!”
We were still irritated.
“So you mean…after the next month…to start again?”
“Yes. But you two still have to make it as YOUR secret!”
“Well mum that sounds good but…one month is to short isn’t it?” Maki sighed.
“Maki is right…Ok…I’ve got an idea…” I said and stood up.
“3 Months are long and hard but they would do it for the first time…Maki continues her work and I quit my working in Gatas and the “No Name” group Tsunku planned and continue my normal work as a photographer…”
Maki thought a bit “Ok and after this 3 months we start again…carefully, better and more secretive”
I nodded and smiled.
“Fuuuu~ Now I’m happy again…” Maki sighed.
“Me too!” Maki’s mum shouted.

“But Maki! Be careful! Rika is planning something again…”
“What? Wait a sec!! Now the puzzle is complete! She did that to you right??”
I nodded.
“I will be careful trust me! But you have to be more carefully!”
“I know…well! Let’s start a new Game than!”
“RIGHT!!” Maki and her mom shouted.
Title: part 64
Post by: Gomaki on December 12, 2006, 01:59:20 PM
„What do you want?!“ Rika asked angry.
“I saw what you did to Yumiko!! What’s wrong with you??” Aya asked.
“It’s NONE of your business!!” Rika replied.
“Oh yes it is!! I’m in this shit too!” Aya shouted.
“I’m not in the mood for talking to you!”
“Ishikawa Rika!!! You are so…so…”
“So what?” Rika was coming nearer to Aya.
“So…so…” stuttered Aya.

“It’s enough Rika!!!” a voice shouted and smacked Rika’s face.
Rika sighed and fell onto the ground.
“What the?!” Rika looked at her hand “I’m bleeding!!”
“Now we ARE quit!”
When the person got nearer, Rika was able to see the person in the moonlight.

“Yumiko!” Aya jumped behind Yumiko.
Rika stood up. Her eyes were burning.
“You will see you will see…” Rika laughed.
“You tried often enough to get rid of me! And this time like the other times you can’t make it!”
Rika smiled and started to walk away “You will see…” she whispered.

“She is driving me crazy!” Yumiko shouted and hit against a tree.
“What’s wrong with her?...” Aya asked.
“That is to long to describe it…and trust me…you won’t like to hear the story…”
“I see…but somehow it’s sad…she was normal…but some months ago she is…angry, dirty, violent…and more…”
“It’s my fault…”
“When I came to this project everything was ok…but since…Maki and I were a couple …”
“Wait! Were??? I thought you two…”
“No. We aren’t together…I respect her job and I don’t want that she get’s trouble…”
“Oh…I understand…but only one question…”
“Are you two still living together?”
“Maki wanted to go back to her mothers house and I should keep our apartment”
“I see. But you aren’t looking sad so there must be something that you two have planned?” Aya smiled.
“Exactly!” Yumiko laughed “Do you want to come over for a drink?”
“Yeah sure!”

They went to Yumiko’s apartment. It wouldn’t be so good if there are people who catch up the secret that Maki and Yumiko are hiding.

“Cocktail for Ayaya~” Yumiko smiled-
“Ah thanks!”
“I thought about it…I will tell you the whole story. Only if you like.”
“Of course. And you can trust me! I will not tell it anyone”
Yumiko smiled “Ok…It was the beginning of the last  year….”

She explained every detail. Aya was really shocked. She didn’t even know that Miki and Yossie were in the same situation.

“You tried to win Miki didn’t you?”
Aya nodded and looked at her cocktail “Yes…but I was stupid…I didn’t realised that she was and is Happy…I was to blind to see it…When I stood near Tsunkus office and heard  that Miki was sharing to much time with other members, of course yossie, I somehow felt different…I couldn’t control myself…”
“Somehow it’s funny and weird…we all like girls…maybe it’s because we are together the most time of our business and even in our free time…”
“yeah…Somehow it’s really funny…but that it took this complicated side…is terrible…”
“Hm yeah…” Yumiko looked at the clock “Whooo! Damn it’s already 3:00 a.m!!”
“What???? Really?? I’m sorry but I’ve got an interview at 8:00am!! I have to go I’m sorry!”
“Doesn’t matter! I have to go to bed now too…Futsual in 2 hours haha…”
“Ohhooo! That’s early!”
“Yeah, but I’m not playing in Gatas anymore haha”
“No I’m taking Photos”
“Yeah I somehow am not good for this haha”
“Stupid! Don’t say something like that” Aya hit against Yumiko’s shoulder and smiled.
“Hahaha But it’s true isn’t it? Ahh well doesn’t matter”
“Well I don’t know, don’t tell anyone but I’m not watching the Gatas games. Only the important ones”
“Errr ok…”
“Well Bye bye see you tomorrow. Eh wait I meant later!”
“Time is irritating right?”
“Yeaaah! Bye bye”
“Bye Ayaya”


Morning  5:00 a.m.

“Mo- Morning!”
“Ahhh are you taking pictures of us today?”
“Er yeah Yocchan”
“Than make good ones”
“Yes. It’s my Job” I smiled. Yossie smiled back and went to the others.

“Morning Yumiko chan”
“Oh Morning Ai-chan”
“I have a little question…do you have time?”
Yumiko looked at her watch “30 minutes yeah. What’s up?”
“Well…when I went to bed yesterday I had a look into the member list of Hello! Project…and..:”
“Well did you live in Fukui?”
“Err…yeah. I went there to school and after I finished school I went to Europe and than I got a Job here in japan again”
“Wich school?”
“Hm? Ehm…wich was it again…?“
“Toriyama school?”     (I just took a name)
“Yeah! How do you know?”
“Well I went to the same school…”
“Huh?? Really??”
Ai nodded “it’s just funny because I knew a Yumiko Kasaki….”
“Oh I see. Well Fukui is big haha”
“Yeah you are right.”
“Hmmm but somehow…I can’t remember clearly but there was a girl…ah never mind! Have to take pictures now. Bye”
Ai nodded “No…it’s stupid Ai…She’s right, there are many yumiko’s…” She said to herself and left.

“Niiice shooooot! Oh Oh Oh!!! Watch out Yumiko!!!” Miki screamed.

“Wha-what?!” I looked at Miki.


“Ouch…” I sighed when the ball hit me.
“Whoos! Gomen! You’re ok?” Ayumi asked me.
“I- I think so…”
“How many fingers am I showing?”
“Ayu! I can’t see how many because your hand is shaking!” I shouted.
“Ups…sorry again sorry sorry sorry!”
“Shut up!” I screamed and slapped her soft on the cheek and smiled.
She smiled back and helped me up again.
“Somehow my life is a trouble life haha” I laughed.
“Looks like it. Is your camera ok?”
“Camera are you ok?” I looked down “ Camera looks fine!” I giggled.
“Good” Ayumi said and went to the field.

“Under 500 pictures…might be ok” I whispered.
I took my cellphone out and called Tsunku.
“Tsunku it’s Yumiko”
“Ah I just wanted to call you!”
“Eh really? I just wanted to say I’ve got under 500 pictures of the Gatas training.”
“That’s good! And the reason why I wanted to call you is, that you have to go to Koharu and  take pictures for the booklet of her new single.”
“Yeah sure. Where?”
“She’s standing by the Tokyo Tower.”
“Ok I will go there now. When can I bring the pictures?”
“About 8:00 p.m.?”
“Ok see you later than”
“Yes and thank you very much!”
“Your welcome” I replied and hung up the phone.

The Tokyo Tower wasn’t far away so I walked.


would be nice to hear some comments again. doesn't matter if good or bad ones
Title: H!P Lovers
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Whoo! Good comment! Sorry for not reading, this story just slipped past me for a few updates.
Title: part 65
Post by: Gomaki on December 13, 2006, 05:44:56 PM
“Hey Koharu!”
“Oh! Yumiko!”
“Ready for the Photo shooting?”
“Of course!”

“Ok stand there…a bit right…back, back, back…ok stop there”
“Yes…and now pose…”

After one hour we were finished.

“I think 200 pictures are ok aren’t they?”
“Yeah I think so…”

I wasn’t quite sure if we should talk or not.

“Hey you two”
“Ah Yossie!” Koharu said and greeted yossie.
“Ah hi” I said
“Koharu there is a surprise at home”
“A surprise?”
“A special Person has come to your place”
“Hm? Really?”
“Yeah go and have a look. I’m sure you will be happy”
“Ok! Ah and thanks for the photo shooting “ Koharu excused herself and left.

“A surprise?”
“Yeah. Her mum came over to see her”
“That’s a great surprise!”
“Of course it is. She is still young and need her parents right?”
“Right. And is everything ok?”
“Yeah I think so. What are you and Maki going to do now?”
“Well we decided to take a break of 3 months and start carefully again”
“That sounds good”
“And you and Miki?”
“Well we thought about that too but we are to weak for a break…”
“Hard to decide isn’t it?...”
“Only because of the rule…” Yossie sighed.
“Yeah…He lied…only because of the fact that I would enter H!P than…”
“Right that was when you were in the hospital right?”
“Yeah…and now the rule is back…” I sighed.
“I hate rules…but do you know anything about rika? She changed!”
“I know…look here” I pointed at my cheek “This here is only because of her…”
“Really? So she hit you?!”
I nodded. “It’s only because she still love maki and wants her back”
“Maki told me the story a few years ago…she was totally sad because she didn’t wanted to destroy the friendship with Rika” Yossie began.
“Yeah she was in the 1st or 2nd year of her solo career…” I sighed.
“Exactly…she often was upset and you could really see that she was crying…”
“Has she cried often?”
“Well I didn’t see her but when you looked at her eyes you were able to see that she cried”
“Damn…this whole thing is complicated”
“That’s right. Err only one question”
“Did you realised that other girls are watching you?”
“Ehh??” Now I was irritated “What girls??”
“Many of H!P. You are popular haha” Yossie laughed
“No…I didn’t realised that yet…haha…”
“Well doesn’t matter. I have to go now. Someone is waiting for me if you know what I mean “ Yossie grinned
“Ahh~ I see! Yeah ok. Have to go to Tsunku and give him the pictures”
“Ok see you”

‘Many Girls of H!P… Are…watching…ME????’

I gulped.

“Oh oh oh…I hope this doesn’t end in a trouble too…” I sighed and went to Tsunku.

I entered the TV Tokyo building.
“Hi Yu-Mi-Ko~”
“Eh h-hi Mai…” I stuttered.
„Hi Yumi-chan~“
“Na-Natsumi hi…”
“Hey Kasaki!~”
“Hi Yu- Yuko…”
Yuko walked behind me and slapped my butt.
“Wha-“ I stuttered and couldn’t finish my sentence.
“Nice butt~ Bye bye~” Yuko laughed.

‘What the??? OMG! I don’t hope that what yossie said…’

I tried to pass everyone who was coming nearer until I reached Tsunkus Office.
“You are sweating everything ok?”
“Y-Yeah yeah s-sure” I stuttered and gave him the Memory card of my camera.
“Thanks good job!”
“No problem well I will go now”
“Eh…yes ok”
Quickly I left the room and ran down the streets until I reached my apartment.
I closed the door behind me and sighed “Oh gosh…”
“You’re ok?”
“Ehh??? M-maki?”
She smiled “ Yes I just wanted to give you the second key back”
“Oh…I see thank you”
There was a pause “Well I will go now…have to pack my things for tomorrow…Tour starts in 2 day’s…”
“Yeah…good luck eh…I mean eh…” Why couldn’t I speak properly?
“Hey…I know what you  mean…”
“And when I am back we start again ok?” Maki smiled.
I nodded.
“And maybe…” she came closer “We can start a bit earlier?”
“Of course!” I smiled back and gave her a little kiss on her cheek.
“I will miss that…”
“Don’t worry…you always can have it…”
Her smile grew “Well…I will go now…”
“Yeah and have fun yeah?”
“Of course I will…”
“Bye than”
“Bye” She said, hugged me and left the apartment.
Title: H!P Lovers
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There's always a few bumps in the roads in relationships, I'm actually glad to see them there, makes everything more realistic.
Title: part 66
Post by: Gomaki on December 15, 2006, 10:15:21 PM
Maki’s point of fiew-

When I entered the house my little dog Taka came to greet me. He is always so cute.

“Maki where have you been?” My mum asked.
“I was in Yumiko’s apartment to give the second key back”
“Oh I see…Maki do you want to talk?”
“Eh? Talk about what?” I knew exactly about what but I didn’t know if I should talk with my mum…
“About what happened the last times…”she said and seated herself on the couch.
“There is nothing to talk about mum…”
“I know something is bothering you”

Now I felt really weak…she was right…I tried to hold my tears back but…

“Okasan!!” I cried out and hugged her.
“Maki don’t worry everything will be fine…It just takes some time…but you are strong-“
“I’m not!” I cut in.
“Yes you are!”
“I’m not…It’s to hard to be not with her…”
“I know that…but look at me Maki…your father is dead since years ago…I’m still sad about that but Life continues…”
“You’ve got a strong personality…but I don’t have enough power…”
“You have it too you just don’t feel it…come pack your bag and then relax until your tour starts ok?”
“Ok…” I got up and entered my.
It was late and I wasn’t in the mood to pack my bag. I will leave Tokyo tomorrow and on the next day the tour will start. There is enough time tomorrow to pack it.
I dropped myself on the bed and looked around. I never thought it would be so hard for me.
3 months? For me…it’s too long…
Maybe I should quit my job? Last tour ever? Wouldn’t be bad…but Yumiko is doing it all for me…and when I would quit she would be more upset than me…and I don’t want to feel her bad…
I looked at a picture.
“I forgot it already?...”
It was a picture of Yumiko and me on Hawaii…2 day’s before we kissed us… I remember it clearly again…


It was 10 o clock  when I woke up.
I rubbed my eyes with my palm.
“Moo~…” I sighed and slowly I got up.

“Oh my!!!!” I screamed when I looked into the mirror.
Taka was so surprised of my scream that he jumped out of his basket and ran into the living room.
I went into the bathroom and washed my face. I hoped that the cold water would wake me up completely.

“Morning…” I sighed.
“Good Morning did you sleep well?”
“Was quite ok…”
“Well I will go now. There is an open cheese package in the fridge, only if you want some”
“Yeah…ok” I sighed and went to the fridge.  
2 minutes later my mum left the house for work.
I ate my breakfast and gave Taka and the other cats and dogs their food.
My tour starts in Okinawa. I have to pack winter clothes because it`s still winter.

“come on! You have to be strong now! You can`t show such a mood in front of the fan’s…” I said and slapped my hands against my cheeks.
 Yumiko is right! I have to be strong! She is strong too so I can be it too!
My mood changed into a good one.

I grabbed my cellphone and phoned Shibata
”Maki? Oh hi!”
“Ready for the tour? Are you and the Melon’s fine?”
“Yes we are ready and we will give 100%!!”
“That’s nice to hear!”
“Maki? Why are shouting?”
“Am I?!”
“Whoops sorry” I whispered
“Haha! Ah wait before I forget it! Masae is ill. So she won’t be there and she is really really sorry”
“Oh? Really? So we are only 4?”
“No 5. Tsunku told me about a person who will come to Okinawa too”
“Huh? Which person?”
“I don’t know…he didn’t want to tell me… I tried everything to squeeze out the name…”
“But the person doesn’t know the choreography!”
“No! Tsunku said she studied them really hard! And you know what?? He said she did that today! Only on one day!”
“On one day???! That can’t be true…but to be honest…If Tsunku makes a mistake again he has to get the trouble alone this time!”
“Don’t worry I think it’s ok! If not we are still 4 people right?”
“Yeah you are right! Well see you tonight at the airport!”
“Right! Bye!”

A Person? Hmm….I was really irritated…and why did Tsunku toldl Ayumi and not me? Mysterious…   I thought to myself and started to pack my other bag.

The day was coming to an end and I had to go to the airport.
I said goodbye to my mum and my pets and drove with the taxi.
Ayumi and the rest of the melons, not masae, were there.
“The person is not here?” I asked irritated.
“Tsunku said she will come with an other plane later”
“Ohh great…”

I hoped that everything would be fine during the tour.
For the rest of our flight I wrote into my blog.
The time past by very quickly. Our landing was safe and a taxi drove us to our hotel.
Hitomi asked me if I would like to go to have a drink with the others but I said no. I was to nervous about my concert tomorrow.
Everything was so quick. I wanted to have a look at my hotel room. The hotel had 24th  floors and my room was on the 23rd floor.
My room was quite nice. Big bed, big bathroom, a fireplace, big Tv screen, massage chair and more things.
I dropped my bag down and checked my cellphone. There was one from aya. She wished me good luck for my tour.
I quickly wrote her back and then I left my room and looked around. I always check out everything. I wondered if I could reach the roof so I went to the elevator.
The elevator brought me on the 25th floor and I looked for stairs.
I walked up the stairs and opened the door.
“That was exactly what I was looking for” I had a big smile on my face.
“Wow you can see the stars so clearly” I whispered and seated myself on the floor.

“You are right really beautiful…”
I looked right und jumped back
“Surprised to see me?”
“Eh…eh…I thought you…”
“have a tour with biyuden? No. Cancelled”
“I see…why are you here?”
“Got a few day’s off and thought I will come over to see your tour”
“That’s kind…but Rika, you are not the mysterious dancer who will take place for masae?”
“Mysterious dancer? I? No”
I took a deep breath and sighed “Ok”
“Do you want to walk on the beach a bit?”
“Not a good mood hm? Maybe some fresh air could help?”
“Ok…let’s go…”
We got up and went down to the main entrance.

I looked at something that was behind me so I didn’t looked forward.

Then someone crushed into me.

“Oh! I’m sorry really sorry!”,  a man? I didn’t know if it was  a man, said and helped me to get up again.
“It’s ok” He was wearing sunglasses. In February?

“Hey watch were you are walking!” Rika shouted.
The man looked at her and didn’t say anything.
Then he passed us and got into the elevator.

“You didn’t have to be so angry…I said it was ok…”
Rika didn’t answer. She got a phone call. “Wait here please”
“No. I’m going into my room now…”
“But Maki”
“Maybe on an other day…” I sighed and went to the elevator .

“Excuse me!”
“Hm? Yeah?”
“Please don’t take it real what my…friend…said”
The man smiled “That’s what I have to expect from a bitch like rika…” The man said.
“You know her?”
“Yes…” the man said and slowly removed his sunglasses “Of course…”
I froze .
“That’s why I am here…”
I was still frozen.
“Err? Are you ok?”


“I thought you were a man…”
“Really??” Yumiko laughed.
I had a smile on my face “So you are here to take care of me?”
“Yes…and because of that…I am the mysterious dancer…”
“You are so…”
“So? Stupid?”
“Cute!!!!” I hugged my Yumiko.
“Ehehe…you know…I feel really weak when you are not by my side…”
“Me too…”
“Well but I’m here with you know. Let’s have fun ok? We will give our best to make your Tour become really really GREAT!”
“You arrrre right!” I smile “Do you have a room here?”
Yumiko blushed.
“Not directly…”
”I hadn’t enough time for booking one haha…And Tsunku  said I should do it on my own but I forgot it…I’m stupid right?”
“Yes you are…but it’s no problem with me if you stay in my room…Got a big bed”
“T-Thanks…darling” Yumiko smiled.
I smiled too. When I heard that someone got up the elevator I pushed Yumiko into my room and closed it behind me.
“Wow…somehow it is like…a movie”
I punched Yumiko softly
”Ohh how I missed that” she cried out.
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Well Christmas is nears so I made this little picture of Maki and Yumiko.

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Title: H!P Lovers
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Evil Rika is Evil, but that's such a cute pic.
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I wanted to say that I have a few "early christmas presents at my blog^^
If you have time have a look^^

*click* (

Story update will come later:pen_shocked:


“Yumiko? One question. What is that on you cheek?” Maki asked.
Maki nodded.
“Ehm well…”
Maki touched yumiko’s face with her palms “Yumiko please…”
Yumiko took Maki’s hand and sighed “Ok…It was Rika after Tsunkus conversation…but it’s okay…”
“She is pissing me off…” Maki sighed.
“ I know…but don’t worry…” Yumiko seated herself on a chair.

“What’s that cracking noise?”
“What cracking-“


Maki laughed.
“Stop laughing it hurt…” Yumiko began to laugh too.
“But you are laughing too!” Maki cried out.
“Only because you are laughing sooo cute!” Yumiko cried back and stood up “Tsk…noble chair? I’m not heavy…moo…” Yumiko looked at the destroyed chair and crossed her arms.

Suddenly Maki pushed Yumiko on the bed and got on top.

“Want to give you a massage...” Maki grinned.
“Ohh…from the front?” Yumiko grinned evil.
“No! turn around!” Maki laughed.
Maki’s hands were travelling over Yumiko’s back and neck.

“Is it good?”
Maki slowed down and looked at Yumiko.

‘She’s sleeping?’

Maki got off of Yumiko’s body and laid herself next to her.
Yumiko’s mouth was opened a bit.  

“I love you…” Maki whispered and stroked Yumiko’s neck.
The elder opened her eyes a bit and took Maki’s body closer.
“Did I wake you up?” Maki asked.
Yumiko shook her head.
“You are looking really tired…” Maki whispered and covered their bodies with the blanket.
Yumiko nodded slowly.
“Then sleep…you really need it…”
“You too…I will give my best…tomorrow…I will…be happy to see…your smiling face after…the concert…I love that smile…” With each word she was getting quieter until she was sleeping.

“Baka…I love you…” Maki whispered really quietly and snuggled into yumiko.


“Still watching photos?” Yossie asked and seated with two glasses of Champaign in her hands next to Miki on the couch.
Miki took one glass “Thanks. Yeah I’m still wondering if I should cut my hair off again…like the old day’s…What would you think? Short or long hair?”
Yossie took a sip of Champaign  and closed her eyes “For me it doesn’t matter…you are beautiful, doesn’t matter to me if your hair is short or long”
“Ok ok! But don’t hit me now…!” Yossie moaned.
“Huh?! So you want to say something bad now?”
“But it sounded like that!”
“Mikitty…you always said we say the truth to eachother right?”
Miki thought a bit than she nodded.
“You ARE beautiful…and it doesn’t matter for me which haircut you have ok? I think your long hair suits you the best”
“Really really?”
“Really really really  reaaaallly??”

Yossie kissed Miki to make her shut up.

“I overdid it?”
“Really really?”
“Mikitty!” Yossie cried out.
Miki began to laugh.
Yossie grinned while looking at some pictures

“Hmm…both suits you…maybe you should cut of the right side and leave the other side” Yossie laughed.
“Yocchan you don’ take it serious!”
“It was only a joke honey calm down”
“You are looking better with short hair…it’s sexy…” Miki took a picture and showed it to yossie.

“Moo! Miki you still have it?”
“Sure! I love this picture! You dressed up like a reindeer”
“Well…” yossie began and took a picture out of her pocket “Than I can have this here too”
“Yocchan!!!” Miki screamed trying to get the picture.
“Ah ah ah…no. I like this picture toooo much” Yossie grinned.
“Where did you made it?? And when??”
“After you finished your shower”
“I’m naked there!!! What happens if you loose it?!”
“I won’t loose it Mikitty”
“I know you! You will!”
“No! I won’t”

The battle was coming to an end when Miki gave up.

“Dare you to loose it!” Miki sighed.
“I won’t! Ah wait here I only have a quick walk to the nearest shop to get some things”
“Yeah ok be careful”

Yossie left Miki’s apartment.

“Short hair? Long hair? Argh!...” Miki sighed.
Miki stared at the pictures and about 10 minutes later yossie came back.

“Eh…” Yossie began.
“Hm? What’s up?”
“Well I… I…”
“You? Yeah?”

“I somehow…lost…the picture…”
Miki’s head turned red “NANI????!!!!”
Yossie played with her fingers “I must have dropped it on my way back…”

“YOU!!” Miki shouted and ran towards yossie.
“Mikitty look here!” Yossie shouted with the picture in her hands.
Miki stopped and was irritated “Huh? I…I thought you? Lost it? You said you lost it right?”
Yossie began to laugh “Miki trusting someone is important”
Miki took one glass Champaign and throw the liquid against yossie.
“Miki! Now have to take a shower again…”
Miki grinned “Not alone…” Miki took the other glass and splashed the liquid against her own body “…with me”
Yossie smiled.


“Ai? What are you doing?” Risa asked.
“Ehm..just looking for something…”
“Well I will go back now. See you tomorrow” Risa said and patted against Ai’s shoulder.
“Yeah ok…bye~”

‘It must be somewhere!’

Ai found a book.

“Ah…it might be it?
The book was covered with dust.
She looked thru it, she searched every page.
“I was right…I knew it…there is no mistake…it’s her…”

Ai closed the book and put it on the table.

“I was so blind? Why did I just found it now? She changed…Years past since we saw us the last time…No! She’s here…I was working with her…she changed so much that I didn’t realised it?” Ai rubbed her head with her palm.

“It’s still a puzzle…but I can think about everything a bit clearer now…when was it? Oh yeah…”

….to be continued

Muharrr xD
Title: H!P Lovers
Post by: rndmnwierd on December 21, 2006, 10:35:53 PM
To be continued? What is Ai thinking about?
Title: 68
Post by: Gomaki on December 26, 2006, 02:57:17 PM
Grr muharr xD   :ONhiakhiakhiak:


I was walking down the corridor after the school bell rang.

“Oh! What’s up Nobiko?”
My best friend stopped by side me “Aika, Kumi and I will go to walk around town with 4 higher school students. Would you like to come with us? Would be fun right?”
 “Higher students?”
“Yeah only one class above us, you know these two really cute guys from Miss Mori’s class?”
“Oh! Kenshi san and Takayama san?!”
“Exactly!” Nobiko giggled.
“You can count with me!”
“Great! See you later ehhhm about 5:00 p.m.?”
“Yeah ok, bye the way the other two--?”
“Sorry have to go now!” Nobikio ran down the corridor to her boyfriend.
“Eh!!! Moo~…who are the other too…?” I sighed and left the building.

“Oi!! Asuka!” someone shouted.
The people in front of me were turning around.
“Oi! Hello?!”

I turned around too. The other people were continuing their business again.

”Oh! I’m sorry! You aren’t Asuka!” the girl said and walked towards me.
She had brown long hair and was tall. And she didn’t looked Asian. But she wore our school uniform.
“Eh it’s ok” I stuttered.
“Oh ok…” she was getting shy.
“Are you from here?” I somehow asked.
“Err yes. Well I was born in Europe, Germany exactly…but my parents moved to Japan when I was 2 years old.”
“Oh I see…”
“Yeah well sorry again…ehm I have to go now” The girl excused herself and left.

“Eh!...What is her name?”
“Yumiko, Kasaki Yumiko.”
I turned around “Eh? K-kenshi san” I stuttered. One of the two populates boy’s of my school was standing behind me.
“She is in my class. I can’t stand her…I tried to be with her because she is cute but noooo!” Kenshi sighed “See you later ehhmm…Takahashi san right?”
I blushed and nodded.
He smiled and left.


[05:00 p.m.]

“Ai hiiii!!!” Nobiko shouted.

I looked around everyone was there. I couldn’t see one of the girls. She had her back towards us. But it didn’t took long until she turned around.
“Gosh… can we go now—“ she stopped and looked at me.

“YOU?!” We both asked.

“Know eachother already?” Takayama asked.
We nodded.

“Ha! Well ok. We decided to make teams and walk around. And to have a bit fun we want to make a little battle.” Takayama said.
“Ts… we are no kids anymore…” Yumiko muttered.
“Yeah and because of this fact we decided something special.”
“And what?”
“Weee have to date eachother”
“Waaait wait wait! We have 6 girls and two boys here”
The two boys were grinning evilly.  
 I just waited and was looking what would happen next.
 “Ok the younger ones will pick up little letters with the names of the older ones and than we can go ahead for the ‘blind dates’”
I looked around. Well ok these aren’t exactly really dates but maybe it’s fun.

After we picked the little papers we were surprised. And I was really surprised.
I picked Yumiko.

“Awww…It’s sad that I wasn’t able to pick Yumiko…” kenshi sighed and leaned one arm around Yumiko’s neck.
She closed her eyes and punched into his stomach.
You really could see that kenshi was angry.
The other one left one by another.

“Well ehm…Hi” I stuttered.
“Don’t think I take this serious…and hi…” Yumiko stuttered back.
“I don’t take it serious too!” I answered quickly.
“Hm…where do you want to go?”
“I have no idea…”

Wow we just stood there. It was totally cold…

“So your name is Ai?”
“Cute. EH no I mean no! Eh I mean nice”
I laughed a little when I saw she was blushing.
She sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“My classmates are all idiots… believe me…”
“But everyone says that kenshi and Takayama are the cutest boys of the school”
“They think they are but it’s not true”
“Hmm…kenshin said that he tried to be together with you. What happened?”
“Huh? Idiot…He is lying. I hate him. He never asked me”
Now I was really angry “Ok! He is an idiot!” I pouted my cheeks and crossed my arms.
Yumiko turned around.
“What’s wrong?”
“Ehhh nothing!! Ehhh go ahead I will fetch you”
“Eh?” I turned her around.
“G-gomen” she stuttered.
“Nose bleeding?”
She nodded.
I gave her an issue and smiled.
“Thanks…your acting was cute…couldn’t control it…”
“Oh thought you hit your nose or something”

Now she was quiet.

“Oh…so you erm…”
“Other subject please” She begged.

I was still irritated. Somehow she was really…kind.
We didn’t know what to do so we stayed where we were.
We waited for the others but they tricked us.

“I said they were idiots”
I nodded “It’s late…I will go now”
“Wait! Ehm…I would like to bring you back home. If it’s ok”
She smiled and we walked.

“Say how old are you?”
“14. But I’m getting 15 on the 14th of September.”
“I’m 15 already”
I giggled

I sneezed.

“A bit”
“Don’t catch a cold” she said with a smile and gave me her scarf.
“Thanks but you-“
“No. You can keep it”
I smiled.

“Oh we’re here.”
“Chotto matte!” she shouted.
“Don’t tell me you live in this apartment block there!”
“Er yes I do”
“How is that possible I never saw you!”
“What do you mean? Wait you live there too?”
She nodded. Now I was really surprised.
“Wow. That’s a-“
“Surprise” she cut in.
I nodded and we began to laugh.
We went into the building and soon we arrived in front of my apartment.
“Well it was nice”
“Yeah it was. Maybe we should do something together more often?”
“Would be nice yeah”
“Bye than”
“Bye” she went to the stairs and got up.
I opened the door and went inside. My parents were a bit angry because I was 30 minutes to too late.


Yumiko and I were getting really close to eachother. And I didn’t knew that something more could happen.


The months past and it was in the middle of spring.
It was getting warmer with each month.

“Ai-chan what are you doing?” Yumiko asked me and poked on my shoulder.
“Hugging my teddy bears like when I was young.”
“Eh? Why are you hugging them?”
“Because I love them”
“Oh come on! You are always acting so cool”
“Ok I will shut up… “ Yumiko seated herself near to me and took one teddy bear.
“We never talked about this topic yet. But did you ever had a boyfriend?”
“No. Don’t need one”
“Me either. Normal friends are more important for me. Like you” I giggled and placed my head on her lap.
“Silly you…”
I seated up again and pouted my cheeks.
“Stop doing that”
“Why?” I got nearer and pouted my cheeks even more.

And before I could react, because I felt really weak when she hugged me, she kissed me.
But when she stopped I kissed her back.
Somehow it felt really good.


But I had a dream…Morning Musume. She said I should try it because I want it.
And I tried…and now I’m a happy member of Morning Musume.
When I went back to Fukui she wasn’t there. I heard she moved back to Europe.


I sat down and crossed my arms over a pillow.

“Did I really loved her? Or was it just a stupid Teenager feeling at the time? I still don’t know…” I whispered to myself.
I can’t remember my feelings… They are blurred.
But I am stupid that I didn’t noticed that it was her… One year in hello! Project now…And I’m so stupid to realise it now?

I cried into my pillow until I fell asleep.