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Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on December 15, 2006, 02:33:37 AM
Ch. 1
From the Start

“And I just can't think
Of anything else I'd rather do
Than to hear you sing
Sing my name the way you do
Oh when we do our thing (When we do the things we do)
Baby girl you make me say (Oh oh oh) (Oh)
Sexy love
Girl the things you do (Sexy love)
Keep me sprung
Keep me runnin' back to you (Runnin' back to you)
Oh I love, making love to you (Love to you)
Baby girl you know you're my
Sexy love
She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
With just one touch

Miki couldn’t help but sing the only foreign song she could sing. Nothing bothered her in the shower. Not even the fact that she couldn’t sing in English to save her life. Not only was this song damn catchy, but it reminded her of the truth in her life. Miki was the type of girl who always had someone running through her mind. One could say she fell in love too quickly or she can just really make someone fall head over heals over her.

“Oi, Miki! Stop singing and hurry up. You’re lucky you locked this door. You know I wouldn’t hesitate to just jump right in there with you and –“, a familiar voice said to her from behind the door that protected Miki from all interruptions of her only means of relaxation.

“Ay, Ay! I know, I know, I’m out. You don’t have to rape me; I heard you the first time.”

“Sheesh, you would’ve thought that you learned the first few times, looks like you do things on purpose. You must really love my touch, heh. You know. . . if you wanna be groped, all you have to do is ask.” Hitomi said as she squeezed some toothpaste on her toothbrush. But her threat was left hanging in the air, somewhere between Miki's head, and the space that said, “I really give a heap of crap.” Her means of "lovin'" were all too familiar to Miki. She was already used to her touch, and most of the time it was invited anyway.

“Just hurry up, we’re already late for the concert. You know how the girls get. They already get annoying when they cry at the concerts, I don’t want to hear that crap on the way if we’re late. I'm sick of those brats always bugging us, 'MIKI!! Why can't we get there early? You're always late, and I always have to whine and pierce your ears with my ugly voice. Aren't I annoying? Blah, blah, blah, Miki, Miki, blah' Ugh, I swear, one day I'm just gonna push them off the stage like Tsuji. Ya'll thought I was playin, ha!”

The two 21 year olds headed to the van filled with girls who haven’t even completed all the levels of puberty. So maturity level was deprived from their souls, and lack of peace was cast upon Miki who was usually short tempered. Oh well, at least she brought her mace and handcuffs incase she needed to use some mild force.

When they arrived, the first scene Miki and Yossui noticed was Rika practicing her dance moves and singing to herself softly.  This wasn’t unusual to such a perfectionist as Rika. As the two neared, song lines could be heard.

“Nani ka ga chigau no” *

Rika paused what she was doing to smile at the two familiar faces coming toward her. She grinned and said,

“Hey guys!” trying to acknowledge their presence.  But she seemed to be interested in only one in particular . . .

She’s staring right past me!
“Thank you everyone!” Rika yelled over her mic as she walked off stage waving to everyone with one hand, and holding her large bouquet. Her graduation concert was a success but she couldn’t help but let go of the tears she was suppressing as she walked toward the group of talented girls that she has now officially left.

Never wasting a good time for a Polaroid moment, the group took pictures to remember this moment. Tomorrow, they will retrieve all of their colorful markers to decorate the only piece of evidence they have of that day.

“I guess this means you’re officially the boss, Yossui” Rika said to Hitomi as they stayed behind. The other girls, Miki acting as their chaperone, went to the food court to rampage on FREE FOOD!

“Yeah, I guess this means you’ll be leaving us.”

*What’s so different? This is the song line Rika has for the song Koe, which was one of the first songs sung in Rika's grad concert.

Wouldn't you like to Know 1

Yo, I hoped you enjoyed this so far, I've worked on this for some time and it's undergone a lot of changes. It might be a bit boring, but I have to start somewhere so I don’t jump right into the drama. If you weren’t blown away (because to be honest, I'm not quite satisfied myself with this) please try to stay awake, and give it another shot.

I started writing this because i want to get better at writing narrative stories since my Literature and English teachers got the students too familiar with essays (expository and persuasive, etc). So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and make a narrative with H!P and post it.
I hope this helps, and it entertains you. Please comment and critic on my writing to tell me what I should have done (add) or if you like what you read :)
I'll try my best to put as much humor in it since this is gonna be a drama.

~Credits to Ne-yo for a song that reminded me of this part of the story. I love music, and I think almost every song can tell a story of it’s on and relate to many real life *or in this case, fictional* stories.

Next chapter will the "bridge to the future".

Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Yuuyami on December 15, 2006, 02:41:09 AM
Oooh~! I like the title :]

Yossie and Miki being playful made me giggle :]

-suspense- Who stared past Rika? :< ?! We'll probably never know until the next chapter. XD

I look forward to the future of this story <3~!
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: katatsumuri on December 15, 2006, 03:10:33 AM
I wondered whose thoughts the title is. (cannot be the already perfectionist Rika, right?)

This fic has Yossi, Miki and Rika~ and yeah, I will love it. :heart:

Narrative or POV's~ They're all good. Take your time, drama or just filler, I'll be happy :D  if there's update.
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Aioros on December 15, 2006, 03:20:43 AM
Miki X Rika X Yossi

You don't need to be a geometry wizard to find out that's a perfect triangle.:ONhee:

Gatas girls are the BOMB!:ONfarofflook:
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: raspberrygashes on December 15, 2006, 03:39:25 AM
This looks good so far :D Keep writing!
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: KrazyForKamei on December 15, 2006, 03:39:26 AM
Oooo this should be a good one ^.^  I love the YoCharMi love triangle. But who will end up with who in the end? Dun dun dun...

*is excited for the next part*
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: stefy on December 15, 2006, 09:40:06 AM
YES! the classic '85 threesome... I KNOW i'll love this fic
~awaits for the next chapter patiently~
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: lil_hamz on December 15, 2006, 11:37:58 AM
Quote from: Yuuyami
Oooh~! I like the title :]

I like the title too!!!
I can't wait to read what happens. Great work sLaVe!! :)
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Mikan on December 15, 2006, 12:38:06 PM
Yeah the title got me and that line about threating to push a junior off the stage like what happened to Tsuji. "thought I was playin, ha!”

Supa LOL!
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: MyDearYossi on December 15, 2006, 04:54:57 PM
Fic with Yossi, Miki and Rika. So. looks like I will like thisXD
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: rndmnwierd on December 15, 2006, 07:49:33 PM
Wait, did Miki push Tsuji off the stage? *imagines* That would be hysterical!
Title: Ch. 2
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on December 16, 2006, 04:35:41 PM
Inbetween the Maybes

This is what really happened. This is what the concert DVD didn’t catch, and what will never be released. Then again, if it was released, then that would only mean someone should sue the place for putting cameras in the ladies room.  In short, this is the behind the scenes that no one, will ever see.

"Maybe, just maybe … if she noticed me, every thing would be fine; I would know that I have one small chance. But there has to be a way. Is it crazy to want to be locked up in a room with you? Maybe then the insanity of it all would disappear and you’d take a look around you." Miki thought to herself as she walked through the halls leading to the restroom.
Peeing was one thing she couldn't do on stage when the lights dimmed down. Then again, it's not like it wasn’t thought of before. She has wanted one of them to slip on stage just for pure laughter…

"Hey Miki, what's up? Going to the restroom? It's sorta creepy in there, so watch out. It’s just this big white and empty room filled with stalls you can't see under. I think it's best if you go in there with someone. I'd recommend Erika since she always has to go, but I just saw her walk towards the food court." Yui chimed in as she rudely interrupted Miki's thoughts.

Of course, Miki, never turning down a chance to look tougher than she already seems to be, boldly walks into the restroom. But it didn’t take long for her to realize what the big breasted girl was talking about a few moments ago. Not only did it look like a set from one of those foreign horror movies, but it was cold as hell and she was in her mini skirt. To top that, she was wearing a top that barley covered her goodies.

"Ok….. All I need to do is just rid myself of bodily fluid, wash my hands quickly, and hall ass."

Not soon after she finished doing her business, she rushed out of her stall. It didn’t matter to her that she didn’t wipe. For all she knew, Mimiko* could be right behind her!

"Oh, good. I'm not here alone. ("HOLY FU- oh… Hey.") Haha, Sorry if I startled you, it's just that I think custodians assumed we'd be gone by now, so they locked us in. I was sitting here the whole time when you walked in. I guess I fell asleep since I didn’t notice." She rubbed her eyes and fixed her hair as she was talking to Miki. No matter whom it was she was speaking with, she never missed a moment to look so good.

And there it was. Like someone just granted her wishes. Just like the girl she is, she doesn't take time to count her blessings, thank whoever just to thank someone, or question the odds of this. Miki thought of only one thing : move fast, act smooth.

"So I guess it only opens from the outside. Greaaaat~ all we need now is for someone else to use the bathroom. How often does Erika use the bathroom?" Act smooth, SMOOTH! Not STUPID! She quickly thought after saying her last statement.

"Huh?" There was a look of confusion on her face that would only be mistaken by a complete idiot.

"Never mind. I don’t have my mobile, and I'm guessing you don’t either since you would have called."
Moments passed - all that was completed was Miki slightly blushing from stupidity and nothingness. So, Miki did nothing but beat herself up for not thinking of something smarter to change the atmosphere. Now's her chance! Where the hell was all her pimp talk!?

"It’s sort of cold in here; I always wondered why they turned up the A/C to igloo temperatures in restrooms." She said, almost as if looking up at the ceiling. Which to Miki; implied only one thing…

Miki left no hesitation to the indirect invite that was left to sit together and keep warm. Not only that, but she did it like a pro.

When Miki noticed that her friend was slowly dozing off as what seemed like eternity passed, Miki jumped to her feet on impulse. There was no chance in hell she was about to let this moment go to waste.

Miki stood up in front of her one member-ed audience and stood there like a flamingo. Monkeys are so overrated.

"Wait, this isn't funny without sound effects! What the hell do flamingos sound like?!" She internally yelled at herself.
Either way, Miki still stood there on one leg, with her head high and her hands bent like wings.

She seemed to get a good response upon hearing some small giggles. Maybe acting like a nut really was funny! This thought only made Miki fuel for more. And with that, she quickly tried to shift from a tall flamingo on one leg, to a small and short hen trying to cluck. Looks like multi tasking was deprived from the result of all this. It wasn’t much longer until she fell. . .

"Ah!" Miki yelped as she fell on top of her. They were so close together, she didn’t even have to lean in; she just looked into her eyes. Miki couldn’t help but feel her cheeks redden. Or keep her heart from trying to make a hole through her chest. Little beads or sweat built up on the side of her head, slowly adding up to the sweat she felt on her hair line. Nothing could be more nerve racking than this.

To what would seem like an intimate moment to most, it felt like absolutely nothing happened. No one acted on impulse; no one kissed each other in guilt, - this was definitely not a good movie. All that happened was empty staring from the girl.

Miki was lost in thought.
She had her cornered and they stared at each other in the eyes. The only difference was the way she gazed in. Miki was searching for an answer, anything, awkwardness, shyness, or a plea to keep going.
But all she got was emptiness waiting for the next bold move, which seemed like the end to her.

Finally, the silence was broken. Miki did nothing else but scoff back at the moment, realizing it was no use.

Under her breath, the only thing that comes out is "Did she really hate me that much? You really don’t notice…" It was barely audible, but she said it. Of course, she wasn’t paying attention because there was no change in reaction.

There was no time for a more awkward moment after that. Erika opened the bathroom door looking like she was searching for something, or someone.

"Ah Rika! … Or not…" Erika quickly followed after feeling the atmosphere.

Miki jumped of instantaneously and walked pass Erika in a quick manner before the intruder could say anything else.

"There, I said it. I admitted it." Miki said to herself as she walked down the halls back to the backstage. Cameras followed her but this time she didn't even make an effort to smile back and put up a 'Victory' sign.

Before she could let a tear flow out and after she felt her nose tingle and get redder, a familiar voice chimes in her actions. Miki felt so relieved to hear a friend.

"Ah, Mikitty!" Yoshizawa said upon seeing her friend. "why were you in the restroom for so long? You weren't crying were you? Awww, you know we'll both miss her!" She couldn't help but plant a small smirk on her face after seeing the defeat in a friend who rarely cries.

"Shuddup,Iwaslockedintherestroom you doofus." Miki seemed to not have realized she said this after getting closer to her new leader. She made no attempt to show that Yossui was wrong about her crying for Rika's leave.

"All we have is each other now." Yoshizawa said in a soothing voice, which somehow seemed to reassure Miki a little be more. Her mannor of speaking seemed to change, she realized there wasn't room for mesing around now. Even thought she didn't see the real reason why Miki looked so down, she felt a need to have to let her know that things will be alright.

"I know, I know." Miki replied as she was now held in Hitomi's arms in a long and warm embrace. She noticed the diffrence. Yoshizawa's affects of becoming the new leader, the new mom, and the new best friend were taking place. At least she had her to hold on to.

Mimiko is a character from a big Japanese movie called "One Missed Call". is there to save you if you dont know about this awesome movie.

Wouldn't you like to Know 2

PHEW! I did it! This didn’t stay the original I wanted it to. In fact, it’s almost twice as long as I had imagined it to be. I guess time does give me more ideas. I was planning to post this up yesterday because of the surprising amounts of responses in less than 24 hours! <3 After editing before even finishing, I realized that I became satisfied with it. Honestly, I almost trashed it!
Another reason why I didn’t get to post it right away was I'm on deep watch because I got in trouble the night I made my first chapter. It was messy, and yeah, I'm in trouble :D but this is normal, and this situation has happened quite a few times before.
I woke up early as hell to read to get some inspiration and write this, and it worked! Because I was in trouble I had to err... sleep early =_= so I woke up early =_=

~Please look forward to the next chapter. It will be the start of the whole story, sorta. I'm drained, so I don’t know how to describe this next one.
~Currently listening to : FRUITY KILLER TOONS

Thank you's will be made in the next post. I hear my parents looking for me to eat some of the food I cooked XD >.>


EDIT: sequence order was wrong when Miki fell. Whoopsies.
Added more details to the last scene of YoMiki
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on December 16, 2006, 06:00:56 PM
Do you guys mind if I give smaller nicknames out > ^_^; I suck at names, and suck even more at spelling them out. Copying and pasting works only for so long... If you don't, just say so and I won't mind~

To :

Yuu, Ah~ My mentour! Really? this one had the least thought! It was so random that I didn't even write it down under the possible list of titles! Maybe I do work better spontaniously and at night....

katatsumuri , I hope you were able to notice who's thoughts the title is reffering to now. Ah~ your words make me happy! Atleast I know that I dont have to rush things as I thought. Hopefully I can make interesting fillers at the least.

wordsworth, YAY~ YoCharMi fan!

raspberrygashes , thanks for the inspiration~

KrazyForKamei, only one person knows that secret, sorta (and that's not including me). But I owe it to *** :D So you just gotsta wait. Knowing the ideas that pop into my head at any random time, minor and major things always seem to change in my story every day! So who knows if I decide to change the coupling arrangements in the end!

stefy , EXACTLY what I called them before I came up with Forever 21. The '85 girls :heart:

Hamz, thanks so much! Atleast I know the title isn't so bad after a second opinion. I guess I'll grow on it. After 5 minutes upon posting, i had this big urge to just keep it "UNTITLED" xD

Mikan, a third one! Ah :MKlove2: (damn these smilies are more and more addicting...).
I suck at the comedy, so I hope to get better at that too. Thanks for finding it funny *sweatdrop*

MyDearYossi, I'm glad you'll like it even after one chapter! I thought I wasn't the only YoCharMi writer in  here :doh:

rndmnwierd , like the writers here who have inspired me too, I tried to add in some real news with a side of comedy. NOt that Tsuji falling off and hurting herself is funny itself, but the fact that it really could've been Miki makes me laugh... As if Tsuji just being stupid herself and falling off wasnt funny!

I had this BIG urge to ad the (gyu) part after saying Yui(gyu) buuuutttttt, I didnt. eh heh.

Also, as you can see, I also tried not to reveal who she really was until the end since some were wondering. I wanted to test out my suspense skills. I can't tell how it worked out since while typing this, I just ran into "laid back" mode. I hope it made sense when I couldnt say "Rika said" etc.!

Thanks everyone!
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: rndmnwierd on December 18, 2006, 07:39:33 AM
I figured it out when Miki asked how many times Erika went to the bathroom, lol.
Title: Ch. 3
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on December 22, 2006, 08:36:32 PM
It's sorta long... I guess :D

Past, Present, Future: PT. 1

 “Hey Yossui, do you think that we’re being too obvious?” asked Rika, who was sitting in the middle of Miki and Hitomi in their favorite exquisite restaurant. You could tell, even if just looking at the corner of your eye, that she was eyeing the chicken that Miki just ordered. No one could solve the mystery of her hate for clucking chickens, and the drool streaks she left when she saw it cooked.

Even if she wasn’t the one being asked, it didn’t matter, nothing mattered to her, Miki answered for Hitomi because she knew she wouldn’t mind. “Of course not! I mean, we have the perfect plan, practically the perfect alibi for everything. Think about it, we’re young. We’re girls, we’re 21, and we three are in Gatas. The best damn three too.”

“Damn straight.” Yossui chimed while munchin’ on her beefsteak sandwich.

“But… Gotou-san… Gotou is 21 too and she never hangs out with us maybe we should-”

“That’s because she thinks shes too hot for us. I mean the girl is hot, but com’on! Who is too hot for Miki?! Oh, and she’s been in and out of Korea lately. Ha, for all we know, she’s got herself a Korean hotty! And in that case… maybe we should invite them both.” Miki thought out loud while planning one of her dirty imaginations again.

“Hey Miki, pass me those fries if you’re not gonna eat them” Even if Hitomi knew she just asked for it to be passed, she just took a handful anyway.

“Gyah! How many times do I have to tell you, learn some freaking manners Yo-chan! Where does all the food go anyway?!”


The dream faded, and reality came back with a bang.

The leader of Morning Musume, Gatas, and comedy, silently opened her eyes and woke up. Just lying there. She didn’t suddenly wake. It would be idiotic for her to suddenly wake from shock and confusion from a dream that she has had too often. One could say it’s almost like a routine alarm clock --- just in dream form and at 5 in the morning, two hours before wake up time. Instead, the young leader laid in bed, contemplating on her dream and what to do now.

Why was it reoccurring again?
After so long ago, memories still fill her mind, leaving her nothing but being confused.

As she rubbed her eyes and slightly squeezed her head to shake off the effects of what could have been a good night’s rest, she remembered that she was not alone. In fact, for while now, she was never really ‘alone’. Right at that moment, time had seemed to stop for her as she looked at the one beside her; if not, then her heart just skipped way too many beats. This must’ve been love. If not, then it was too painful for her to think otherwise.

Hitomi convinced to think of anything other than the dream. Why should she be hung up on a dream? She had her partner by her side in more ways than one. Without wasting a moment, she gently embraced her beloved. Hitomi may not seem like it, but she’s a cuddlier. Nothing felt more intimate to her than keeping each other warm. She hugged her even tighter and regretted it afterwards as her captive began to stir.

Usually, Hitomi would be in the shower if she awoke from this dream. Sometimes she’d even skip that shower and just go for a quick jog.
Anything to keep bittersweet memories from her mind.
As she was still in bed, she even thought why it was so bittersweet. Was it because in the back of her mind, something was missing?

Then and there, she realized, nothing could possibly ruin Hitomi’s life, or her life with Miki at least. A stupid dream wasn’t going to bug her!
Well. That’s all Yossui had thought could possibly ruin her happiness. Little did she know that there were greater forces at work.

Good fortune always comes to an end, for Yossui’s joyful memories- never seem to last.

Past, Present, Future: PT.2

“Hmmm….” Miki stirred. “So are you just gonna keep holding me like this forever?”

“Oh, ya awake? Yeah. Why not?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you might regret it!” And with that, Miki quickly turned around, still in Hitomi’s grasp, and tickled her to death now that Yossui was her captive now.

And regret Hitomi did. There was nothing Yossui could do, she was so ticklish that once you started, she couldn’t even fight back and tickle the tickler; so to speak.

Both girls were all over the bed. It was like wrestling, except instead of hearing anything other than slams and “Uuu~ ouch…” you heard giggles and the word “STOP!” every now and then. The bed was rattling like mad! Miki inflicted so much action into her fingers, which Yossui reacted to it in a way that it kept the bed striking the wall. Multiple times it hit the wall, which didn’t seem to bother the two since they were lost in having fun. Neighbors? Please, like those four weren’t as bad, if not worse!

This tickle fight of doom was not foreign to Yoshizawa and Fujimoto. The two had gotten better with their strategies and even used their cushiony pillows as weapons! The idols seemed to get better at this every time since Miki and Hitomi started to get aggressive with each move. Only big difference was this time, Miki and Hitomi were clothed. Well… at least Hitomi has some nice plaid boxers and a white beater* on. Miki on the other hand, had some socks, panties, and a bra on. Talk about sleeping comfortably.

Too bad the fun ended when a picture frame landed straight on Hitomi’s temple. You would think all it would leave is a lump and bruise for a few days, but the corner of the frame got her so good, that Hitomi was knocked out- cold.
“Holy crap! This is bad. Hey! Yo-chan! Hey, are you ok? Does it hu- what the hell, of course it hurts! No time for a Risa moment… Crap! WAKE UP!”

In less than a few minutes, Miki quickly rose from the bed and phoned the hospital.
The only thoughts afterwards was one, to get to the hospital after getting some instructions from a nurse; two, this is all her fault; three, HOW THE HELL was she supposed to explain this?
And four, is Yo-chan going to be okay?

“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!” was all Miki could curse at herself as she drove to the hospital. It was a good thing she lived with the leader, so grabbing and looking for someone who had keys wasn’t a hassle.

Miki couldn’t think of anything else but what happened before their
"love wrestling". She wasn’t even really sleeping! Why did she have to be so stupid? She liked being in Hitomi’s arms. In fact, she was greedy for them. Why did she ruin it? It would have been a peaceful night…

Maybe it was because she wanted to clear her head of guilty thoughts. Good thing Hitomi was no good at reading minds since she was thinking of Rika again. Again and again and again. Then again, Yossui was to blame too.

After almost two years, Rika left Morning Musume for Biyuden. Before Hitomi and herself went to sleep, Hitomi just had to mention Rika’s name. That’s all she had to do, and all the memories came flooding back. The two had a good ten minute conversation on the thoughs of Rika’s leave. Hitomi happened to bring out a good point.
Why did Rika leave? The three were happy together, right?

Miki looked over at Hitomi making sure she was ok while Miki sped through the Tokyo traffic.


*White beater is like an undershirt here in the US. I don’t know what it’s called other than an undershirt or a male tank top… (

Wouldn't you like to Know 3

Originally, this was supposed to be the first two chapters. Well, Yossui’s dream was the prologue. But after much contemplating, I decided to add the first two chapters so things didn’t start too early. I’ve added more detail and other crap here.

I have to take this time to give BIG ASS PROPS and THANKS to the one that helped me edit and decide on what to do with the story when I started this (chapter). She's really awesome =D

I wasn’t planning on posting the second part (I was gonna make it my first Mini-chapter) but I decided to be nice. It is the holidays after all. And I did get very good grades on the finals I worked me ass off on.
I forgot to add a pretty big part to the last chapter, so it took me a while to try to find a way to add it in ^_^;
Also note that I only use MoMusu nicknames in dailogue and use real names in descriptions, etc… whatever it’s called… (narration?) ^_^;;

Anyway, I tried hard to make this one good. I hope my writing is improving along with the story and plot. The next chapter will be the main reason why the the '85 girls will be reunited again. :)

Listening : Se7en's MUST LISTEN korean album. Why? Because I'm getting inspiration for chapter 5! XD

Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: rndmnwierd on December 22, 2006, 10:16:14 PM
Poor Yossui, brought down by a picture frame. YoshiCharMikkity threesome?
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: glcorps2002 on December 23, 2006, 09:49:07 AM
I hope Yossie is ok. Now what made Rika leave a nice little trio like that?
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Blizzard on December 23, 2006, 09:05:40 PM
Quote from: glcorps2002;265702
Now what made Rika leave a nice little trio like that?

Indeed.  Can't wait to find out.

Btw, slave, love your sig!  The 85er's are the best!
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: lil_hamz on December 28, 2006, 06:00:01 PM
How did I miss this chapter :evil:
I totally think those 3 are the best Gatas players too. But Asami is close. Real close.
Nobody is too hot for Miki. Even Maki :p
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Pepto Bismol on December 30, 2006, 02:46:29 AM
its good so far, tho it seems kinda dry in some parts IMO, and im tired as I wrote this post, so I just skimmed it, ill take a better read soon
Title: Ch. 4
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on January 02, 2007, 09:42:28 AM
Changing Time

 “We’ve explained this too many times, Fujimoto-san. Again, there is nothing we can do to jog her memory. Whatever object fell on her head, the blow was damaging enough to her right side of the temporal lobe. Because of this head injury, Yoshizawa-san has what we call ‘Traumatic Amnesia’. Meaning that the object that fell on her temple was what caused her to loose her memory. The doctors understand that you are pop idols, but we need to keep her here to run more tests. We’re still unaware what branch of traumatic amnesia your friend has. We have decided to keep Yoshizawa-san here until tomorrow; she’s still resting and we need to run some analysis on her -”
Doctor Aoyoma was cut off short                                                                  

"Hmmmm," Miki pondered outside of the kind physicians' explanation again, "So what you're saying is, I can't do it like the movies and just have the same traumatic blow to her head to jog back her memory?" She said with a serious and broad-thinking expression. She didn't understand all the unrecognizable medical terms the doctor was saying anyway.

At this point in the conversation, the doctor was no longer frustrated from having to explain to the idol about Yoshizawa's condition for the fourth time. Now, he was just plain horrified that someone would come up with such an idiotic way of helping what he thought was a friend. In short, he was left dumbfounded.

"Uhh…. I… I'm gonna go. You're helpless. Go home Fujimoto-san, it's been a long night. Come by tomorrow at 5pm to pick up Yoshizawa-san. We assure you, she's in good care." With that, Doctor Aoyoma left Miki.

On the drive back to the Hello! Project building, Miki started to reflect again. Thinking too much made her think of crazy ideas, but this time, what she imagined seemed like it would really happen.

Miki's grip on the steering wheel started to tighten again. Thinking even harder now about what Tsunku is going to think about the situation made her take her right hand and bite the knuckle of her thumb, something she did only when she was in a rut. It was a good thing it was dead at night and the hospital wasn't too distant, if not, the vehicles that would have been in front of her on a normal night would have gone unseen to her. No matter how out-of-this-world her thoughts were, her Producer was going to be pissed.

Day Breaks...

" What do you mean she's in the hospital?! How could you let this happen?  I already booked her to make another speech at Tokyo U!"

Tsunku was P.i.s.s.e.d.

"How could you let this happen? I thought if I let Rika launch her solo career with BiYuDen this would all end. Now it's you two as a couple? Do you understand how much damage you can be doing right now? I was just about to announce a new single too!" Tsunku was just about to reach a deeper shade of red but he stopped himself and took a breath. He was running out of things to say while scolding what he thought was his responsible sub leader.

"Maybe I should have let Takahashi be the leader…"

Miki interrupted with exasperation, "What? But this was an accident! We didn’t plan for this to happen, we were just having fun and that stupid picture frame fell on top of her. This is no reason for you to start questioning my responsibility; I'm a hell of a leader, and I'm damn sure that I make a better one than Takahashi would ever be." Miki immediately began to panic because her position in Morning Musume was on the line, this meant that her power over the little brats would be taken away. That also meant it was going to be a pain to be in a group instead of solo again.

Miki took a second to breathe. "I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. All I'm asking is for your empathy."

Tsunku did nothing but stare into space then look blankly back at the puppy he just put into the dog house. He then nodded and searched for what else needed to be said. "I apologize. It's just that…. it's just that I already had a plan to have a sub-group with just the two of you. You know, showing leader ship and everything. But now… now, it seems it's too late."

"But we don’t even know Yossuis diagnosis, maybe there's still some hope." Miki was surprised herself that she managed to say something. A sub-group? With Yossui all the more? What more can she add to make her regret? One of her biggest dreams just started to fade away.

"Okay, this is the plan. Things are going to change around here, and don't think it's because of what's happened last night. I've been thinking of this for a while now but I didn't think things would escalate. I want the two of you to move into the BiYuDen apartment, they are the only ones with space. Plus, I'm sure they wouldn't mind, you two and Rika were in a group together. Now, before you interrupt me, it’s only because I don't want the other members to be affected by this. I want them to be as focused and ready for performances and such while Hitomi is in this condition. I'm pretty sure I don’t need to explain that. Besides, you two are old enough to live by yourselves, and the buildings are near each other. Also, no offense, and this might be where it gets unclear, but I just don’t think it’s appropriate to teach the other girls what you do with Hitomi. Nothing against it, it's just… well, I don’t need to explain, it's my orders. I'll leave you to tell everything to the others and BiYuDen."

"Wa-" Miki stopped herself short and sank her eyes, realizing this conversation wasn't going anywhere. She knew there was nothing she could do but obey orders. She bowed her head and left Tsunku's office.

I wonder… I wonder what look she'll have on her face?

It was time to face the music. Miki waited patiently for the doctors to finish last minute tests and talks with Yossui.

"Good evening Fujimoto-san. Before I take Yoshizawa-san out, I want to disucuss her condition. We established that it is called Traumatic Amnesia, but this is what the result of her amnesia is. We believe Yoshizawa-san may have a mix of what we call call 'Dissociative amnesia' and 'Source Amnesia'"

Miki noticed that the doctor ceased talking and took it as a sign that she didn't understand.
"Oh yeah, I know all about that doc."
Miki was very talented at making stupid jokes and being sarcastic at serious situations that made her anxious and confused. She even added the affects of nodding her head in agreement.

Realizing the hint that she didn’t understand, the doctor continued. "Dissociative Amnesia is when a person is unable to recall information but they are still able to learn new information and may even help them jog their memory of what they forgot." The doctor paused to make sure Miki understood. At least he was able to read her expressions. "Source Amnesia is when someone can remember certain events or information but they don’t know how they remember it."

Miki stared back blankly and said absolutely nothing for a while. But the words "Shit" and "Shiiiiiitttt" were written clearly across her forehead. She then blinked before starting.

"So…. what you're saying is, she'll be able to remember things, but not everything?"

"Yes. For instance, she will remember everybody, but she won’t remember how she is associated with them before the accident, well at least that’s what we have accumulated. From our test and questions, she doesn’t remember that she was an idol, but she does remember lyrics to music when we asked her to sing. She's a bit rusty on dance steps though, so that may need work. Let's see… she remarkably remembers significant people the most, like friends and family, but she still remembers people she has spent her time with, but why she knows them and how she's related with them needs some work." The doctor finished and called for Yoshizawa who looked like she was about to fall over from exhaustion.

Just what kind of tests do they perform in hospitals anyway?

Just like her old self, Hitomi didn't ask any questions and just followed
Miki to their free Hello! Project company car. It wasn't too shabby; it just wasn’t what a teenager would jump for joy for if they received it.

The pessimistic Miki stared back at the sleeping Hitomi. Again, she bit her knuckle and tightened her grip of the wheel on with the other hand while she wondered why she wasn't speaking. Of course, she was asleep, but she didn’t say a word to her. But still…

"Damn, what a way to start off the New Year." Miki scoffed and thought out loud.

What if she really doesn’t remember what we shared?

Miki wished nothing more than for the doctors to be wrong right now. Shutting her eyes tight (hey, it's rush hour, they caught traffic) and thinking REALLY hard. Maybe if she thought hard enough, her wish would come true. But then again, if doctors were often wrong, then Miki would have known not to bring her to a place full of doctors.


"Hey Miki! Why so glum? Aren't you excited? The New Year is coming and we're just about to start the countdown! Exactly 90 seconds Mikitty! Better find someone to pucker up with, just about everyone is paired up!" Niigaki happily said to Miki who was sitting by herself. She obviously couldn't tell when someone just didn't give a crap.

Just the thought of lovers spending the New Year together made her think of Rika again.

Thinking of Rika made her sad.

Being sad kept her from socializing.

Without even thinking, Miki's body started to lead her up the second floor. Why she was going up there was a mystery to even herself.

Who's so important right now?

To her slight surprise she ended up at the door step of the only person she had left. The only one that cared for her even if she didn't make clear why she was acting differently ever since that day.

Just as she thought, once she came back to her senses, Hitomi was sleeping.

She must have been so tired. Her new position in the Morning Musume affected her so much. She was always either busy or knocked out tired. Hitomi never had time for anything other than meetings, recordings, and advertising. Yet, when Miki and Yoshizawa were together, she still managed to let Miki know she was there for her even through the silence.

Looks like although it was New Year, it must have slipped from Hitomi's mind. Poor thing, all she wanted to do was sleep. Miki was sure she didn’t have to apologize for her intrusion.

Miki hovered over the body in slumber. She observed her position. She must've been staring stupidly out the window wondering why it looked like there was some sort of celebration because her head was slightly turned towards the balcony window.

 Without hesitation, Miki acted on impulse as any desperate person seeking something new would do.

She kissed Hitomi.

Hell it was the New Year, fireworks were shooting off in the sky and the colors illuminated the midnight sky. Miki could hear the cheers of the rest of Morning Musume and their staff. It added to the mood.

All the more, her lips were still softly placed on Yoshizawa's lips, sweetly planted for the sprouting of the new comings.

Miki slowly let go of Hitomi's lips as Sleeping Beuaty began to wake. When she first saw Miki's face, her eyebrows started to furrow in confusion.

The longest three seconds passed. "Happy New Year." Miki plainly said as her and Yossui's face were merely three inches away from each other.

"Wah….?", the half awaken Yoshizawa said.

Miki stared back into Yoshizawa's eyes waiting for the next subject. Obviously,  she wasn’t making a big deal out of this. And like a child waiting patiently for a surprise, she waited for the next move.

"What was that for?", Yoshizawa continued, clearly reading Miki's face.

As if trying to act cute because she was being slightly scolded, she simply said, "I had no one else to kiss…"

That's how it began. And as quickly as it started, it seemed like it was ending even quicker.

That night still lingers in Miki's mind from time to time. Especially the moments that seems to test their relationship. Their night was spent in each others arms for the first time as a couple.

Ever since then, the pain that Miki had been pierced with slowly lingered away each day she spent with Yossui. Now a new one could be forming.

Miki quickly wiped the tear that was falling from her eye as she realized Yossui might have been awake for a while now. She loooked very awake and just stared back at Miki.

Traffic was progressing and they managed to be just one block away from their apartments.

Ugh, the apartments. Miki thought, remembering that they had to move. She hoped Yossui didn’t mind or maybe it didn’t matter seeing as their was a possibility she might not ever remember. Miki was almost finished packing anyway.

"Sooo…. you wanna tell me who you are exactly? Um, not that I mind being in a car with a hot girl, but I'm not sure if I know you. I mean, I think I know, you… you seem familiar… I know that I know you, but again, why am I here?"

These questions made Miki's chest ache as she was pulled up to the Hello! Project parking lot. But she had to take this professionally, she couldn’t let Yossui see that she was feeling upset about questions that deserved to be answered.

"I'm Fujimoto Miki; we're sort of dating… Both of us are a part of Morning Musume, a famous group of girls who sing, dance, do interviews, have their own morning show, and have photobooks. I'll explain everything that happened so please be patient and cooperate. Now, the doctors said that you are able to remember certain things, but I guess that’s only because they come naturally. Everything that you don't remember, I'll be there for your."

Miki took Hitomi's hand even if Yossui seemed to be reluctant of the situation.

Please, just trust me. Give me strength to help you remember as much as possible.

Wouldn't you like to Know 4

AH! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope every one was safe and didn't drink too much, hehe.
Sorry for the delay. I didn’t make a Christmas special, so I thought at the last minute to add in this New Year special.I really tried to finish this up in time, but certain forces *which are called… brothers… X_X* kept me from doing so. :T

New Year changes so far…. err… My xanga background is now BoA. Whee~ BoA <3333 *haha, I'm listening to her right now XD*

I couldn’t decide if to hint the New Year scene with some steamy s e x or have it with a light air and just keep things oblivious *because every one knows Yossui is slooooowwww* but silly and romantic. Oh well, you can describe it yourself :P

Changes: My original plan, that was supposed to be a sorta big reason why this was made was to make it seem like my Forever 21 subgroup idea had come to life, haha. But I decided to change that and let Tsunku hint at it instead.  Why? I have no clue either, haha *sweatdrop* I also was gonna end the chapter with the New Year scene, but I decided to see how long I could drag keep the chapter going.

~Currently Listening to : BoA - Moon and Sunrise *Korean artist playlist <3*
~Thanks to my friend *I'll call her Mae mae* for giving me a small idea, haha.

Oh God, it's so effffiiin' late. X___X
EDIT : I should REALLY start re-reading as much as possible to catch these mistakes. Either that or stop writing really early in the morning... I wonder how Mikan does it...
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rndmnwierd thanks for sticking to this XP. A sexual threesome? No... Don't worry, I'm dissapointed too. But thinking about it, it makes me want to make a series of "What if's..." and this might just be included, haha.

glcorps2002 I'd be thinking the same. Shii, I would even follow them to the bathroom so I didn't have to leave their side XD *just kidding*. Don't worry, the whole explination is coming soon =D

Blizzard Thanks! Freaking love this sig. It's very rare for me to use the same sig/ava in another forum, but it's too cool... so I'm using it for H-O as well XD

hamz well all that matters is that you are still reading it! <3 That's what I say. But of course, this is why this is just a "fictional" story, hehe.

Pepto thanks for the critique. So as long as I know what my readers think so I can sharpen up on my writing. That's the only reason why I'm writing this anyway XD


EDIT: Next chapter -
A new person is debuting! Yay! I didn't wanna make it all about the '85 girls. Well actually, I did, haha. buuutttt, I realized the story might not be that long if I did that. The more practice in narrative writing, the better!
Title: I'm Perfect too
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No sex? Then why was Miki so sad?

Aww, I like how they got together, though
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Quote from: Owaranai_sLaVe
She kissed Hitomi.
"What was that for?", Yoshizawa continued.

"I had no one else to kiss…"

what a great way to start a new year :heart:

aaah~I love 85er's fics XDXD
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Ah! D: Slave!

Sorry I hadn't commented earlier. I read the first chapter, but never got around to replying for some reason. My apologies. Anyway . . .

Miki is supreme. Pushing people off stage, bringing mace and cuffs (is chloroform next? :o), wanting to pee on stage, making moves in the bathroom, saying Maki's hot and that she wants a piece of her Korean lover, etc. etc.

Besides Miki, it's a really good story and very well-written. It does bring up some really good questions, like why Rika graduated and stuff. It keeps me interested, and the threesome is pretty hot. (But don't think I'm joining your side. :P) Good job and keep it up! :D
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Quote from: Owaranai_sLaVe;272713
Miki immediately began to panic because her position in Morning Musume was on the line, this meant that her power over the little brats would be taken away. That also meant it was going to be a pain to be in a group instead of solo again.


This is just one of those quote of the day
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How do you think up stuff like this? Becoming such a cute couple with an awesome starter: "I had noone else to kiss." *swoons*

Some might think "what, so I'm the back-up?" but hey Yossi's cool and this couple's even cooler. Damn I need to read more :MKwhine:
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WOW, I just noticed the typos and some grammatical errors I had in the last chapter. I'm very late... sheesh, well its not like you guys are gonna re-read it, but it's fixed.
Now, Im not saying EVERYTHING is fixed, I'm sure my mildy dyslexic ass left some fixing out. But I hope you were able to understand it with these minorities...

And I've been doing a lot more of short story essays for English ( I guess our teacher realized she was totally forgetting about narratives... FINALLY) and I added in some more and changed some words to better some metaphors.

Anyway, the new chapter should be up this weekend. I'm working on it now (err... well... sorta... I wish I could make it first priority, but I'm a student) so HOPEFULLY, with all damn hope, it's up this weekend. Plus, a lot of the senior writers get me to read their stories before I write MINE! I tend to write most of my chapter the day I post it, hence why there are so many damn typos because it's finished early in the morning XD

THANKS EVERYONE! And if you're a lurker reading this, please drop something by :heart:

rndmnwierdHmmm, no one said that... but seeing as there is more leeway on the whole "love" scenes lately, I hope to make something (or atleast try)... but it's soon, not necessarily in the next chapter or two. But since you're awesome enough, I will tell you it's about this night.

len.chanWow, nice to know another great writer is reading (Im in the process of reading your fic as well as another old one, recommended by someone). I hope you stick around ^_^

black velvet.... hmm, it's you ¬__¬ I'm not sure it you're allowed here... I'M KIDDING (of course!)!!! Hey, nice to see you on here more (and on the fic side, none the less). As well, I hope you stick around :)

ferrar1 thanks! haha, nice to know I made somewhat of an achievement!

hamz :heart: To answer your question, a lot of what I write has happened to me or is happening to me. Not necessarily EVERYthing, but a lot of it (and I'm not gonna say what unless I want to =D so you guys will just have to figure that out). I also get a lot of my inspiration from music, how that is, is a mystery to me too...
And hell yeah, Yossui "pimpin' all over the world" (ok, well the original song goes "...Hyori pimpin' all...").


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Meanwhile 1:
???? : Annyunghaseyo

It’s been one month since December. One month since you’ve left me alone. Do you still remember our friendship?

I cant’ sleep.

I think there's something wrong with me.


“Hey, guess what number I’m thinking of right now”, Hitomi greeted Gotou with a friendly smile like a child inviting something new.

Oh, god, no. Please, no! Not this again! Not my goodies…

“Ummm… why?” Maki didn’t even bother to notice the lie behind Hitomi’s friendly eyes, she was just plainly curious. This was enough for Yossui to realize that she was half way there for her mischievous scheme.

“Because! Just do it, com’on, guess.” Instantly, Maki heard a snicker come from her right, where Rika was standing smiling. Of course, Maki didn’t notice this either, just like the other unnoticed  clue.

“But what do I get? You’re not even holding anything? Let Rika go first. She’s smiling, she looks eager.”

“No, I want you to do it; it’s not a surprise when she knows it already.” Yossui replied almost in a begging tone. ‘Anything just to have some fun’ was her motto.

“Ok, fine. I’m gonna say… three.” Thinking she had the correct number, Maki looked nothing more than stupid with a big smile that made her eyes close almost entirely.

Almost instantly, well more like in dramatic slow motion, Yossui’s right hand flew from her side and onto the only thing that would be grabbed with a semi-claw like grasp.

“WRONG! It was Seven.”

“AH!” Gotou shot up from her bed as soon as soon as she was able. “Damn those dreams. I keep yelling at myself to get up whenever dreams associating with Yossui happen. But of course, it has to haunt me till the end.”

Once more, she let out her last shiver trying to forget how it felt like when her former kohai first touched her lovely and still growing breasts. “It’s not fair. It’s not like you can have a number guessing game without a prize! And grabbing my breast is SO not a prize. And when did she start to become so friendly anyway?!” she said while hitting the bed mattress around her and yelling to herself, eventually shaking her head furiously. It was a good thing she was alone in Korea because she looked like she belonged in an asylum right about now.

“Stop. Just stop it right now. You’re free from their grasp. Free from crazy girl love and some serious molestation. Take a deep breathe and get ready for your recording.” Gotou tried to calm herself and stopped yelling. She lowered it to talking to herself. Oh well, anything to calm a mad girl, right?

As of late, Gotou Maki’s life has gone from awful to progressively good. She now resides in Seoul, Korea where she is recording her singles in Korean.

The first opportunity she had to get out of Japan, she jumped for it.

Although Maki is a pretty much a homebody, she couldn’t help but leave and clear her mind. Clear her mind of the sinful doings of the Hello! Project girls, that is. Sinful things such as, oh, stealing people’s pants, looking at each other naked, groping, vandalism, and the worse of the worse; love. But not any kind of normal love.

“How stupid are they? I mean really, men were created for one reason, for us! Are they that desperate for love that they would go after each other? Feh! I’ll wait for my prince charming any day, no matter how long. I’m in Korea for goodness sake! And I’m alone, no one will know. It’s perfect, what happens in Korea, stays in Korea.” Yes, Maki is still talking to herself out loud, and she just happened to miss her driver raise his eyebrow at her on his rearview mirror. He happened to tune in when Maki was shaking her head repeatedly in agreement to herself while scheming of a way to find an eligible man.

“You’re here ma’am.” Maki’s driver waited for a response or for her leave. Upon not hearing anything, he looked up again and watched Maki still conversing with herself. “ Uhh, miss, I said you’re here.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Thank you for the read.” Maki took one last look of the driver just in case he was worth the spot for the new man in her life. Not surprising enough, he was no where near cutting it.

Maki walked into the studio wearing her favorite color for the winter season, white, across it, it had the words written ‘KA.WA.II.’ in English. Because of course, she is hot.


“I wonder what she’s doing now… you think she knows Korean now?  I should ask Gotou-san for some notes.” Risa followed a melancholy Reina to the dance studio. The two young girls were still not sure of what they were doing today. Probably just some practice to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. But Risa was sure of one thing, something was on Reina’s mind.

“Yeah, if she does come back.” Reina said this to herself low, or so she though.

“What do you mean? It’s not like she’s left Hello! Project, she’s just trying something new. Don’t you admire her for that? Wait, do you still admire her at all?” There was confusion inside Risa’s voice, she was trying to indirectly dig out whatever had been eating Reina lately.

“Of course! It’s just, she’s not here, you know? How am I supposed to admire her if I don’t know what she’s doing?” Reina hoped that her half assed answer was convincing enough rather than giving away more than what she intended. She of course didn’t want to admit she missed Gotou for other than missing admiration.

“Reina! Please, pay attention, this isn’t new. This is the fourth time today, go get some water. I’d yell at you, but I don’t want another scar.” Natsu-san* mumbled the last sentence because she was fearing the second coming of Reina’s shoe to her forehead.

Reina excused herself and quickly searched for her bag outside for a  water bottle. She noticed while walking out that Yossui wasn’t there today. “Hmm, must’ve been at a meeting today. That selfish dummy, she excused herself from dance practice and made us do it ourselves. Could’ve at least excused it for all of us.”

Coming back from her small break, she noticed someone else missing… It’s way too empty. This is in no way Morning Musume, the girl group famous for dropping half their members and still having more than any boy.

“Hey, have you guys seen Yossui and Miki? Where are they?” The girls looked around noticing the same. How they never noticed it before also went unnoticed to the girls.

“Is that what’s really keeping you from doing better in today’s practice? Don’t worry about those two and just get back in place. Let’s take it from the top…” Natsu was informed earlier about the events that occurred two nights before, so she was called in to keep the girls from noticing.

“Phew! I’m beat, tired and hungry. Some of the girls are going to eat some Sukiyaki for early dinner, you want to join us?”

“No thanks Ai-chan, I’m going to head home and lie down. Risa’s been bugging me about being different lately. I guess it might be just because I haven’t had much sleep. Bye!”

At least her white lie had more truth in it this time. Reina really wasn’t receiving enough sleep. But that was only because she wasn’t able to stop thinking of her.

Is this continually going to eat me until I see you again?

Reina flopped down on her bed, with her feet dangling off the edge. Whenever she was in a daze, she always found it helpful to lie down in odd ways. This way in particular, she was lying down on the width of the bed, on her stomach, and her head dangling like her feet.

Is it okay if I call you?

“No, that would be completely suicide and uncalled for. What would I say? I might as well tell her that I’m completely dysfunctional then…” She stated in reply to her thought, as if talking to someone else other than her self.

But I guess it won’t be so bad… I can just drop a line, right?

“No, it’s still complete suicide. I should just wait until all the blood rushes to my head and I pass out in slumber.”

But of course, Reina doesn’t listen to herself, but to the voice she replies to. Instinctively, she reached for her hand bag that she dropped at the end of the bed. After a few seconds she dialed Maki’s number, there was no use in putting it on speed dial, she liked the fact that she memorized it.




“Hi, you’ve reached my voice mail, sorry I couldn’t pick up. Drop a line and I’ll phone you later.”

Knew it… I figured as much…

“What the… who is calling me at this time?” Maki came fresh from the shower, fresh enough to make trails of water from the bathroom with her hair and wet enough from not being able to dry her self thoroughly. Once she heard her phone ringing, she ran for it.

She dropped the phone from shock and didn’t pick up. As soon as she read the name “Tanaka-chi” on it, she became paralyzed.

Why are you still thinking of me?

When the phone stopped ringing, Maki sat on the floor, leaning against the bed. She took another moment to breath and think of a logical explanation for the call. “I wish I could read your mind.” I’ve always wished that.

Just when she thought she was able enough to get back to getting ready for bed, she checked her phone just out of curiosity.

“Hmm… I have a voice message. Wonder who it’s from…”

You know who it’s from, stupid. Don’t listen, go back to drying yourself.

Of course, she didn’t listen to the voice in her head.

“Hey Gotou-san, it’s just Tanaka. Nothing important, just dropping a line. How’s the Yakiniku in Korea?”

“It’s quite good actually. But you wouldn’t know that. Because you’re in Japan, where you belong. Away from me… At least you sound like you’re happy…”

I just need some rest, that’s all.
Maki fluffed her pillow and tucked her covers under her arms. An hour and a half passed and her covers were almost completely off her body. Well of course it would be; she was flopping around like a fish. Much like a person who can’t get anything off their mind and counting sheep was no use.

Her eyes were still shut tight, but she was no where near sound asleep.
She wasn’t even thinking of Reina. There was only one scene occurring in her head:

Maki was running in circles over and over again, in the same spot of her apartment. For some reason, she was sinking deeper and deeper down as she started to dig a hole in the shape of the circle she was running in. Deeper and deeper she sank as she ran away from the truth…

Maybe it is time to face the truth…

The title means "hello" in Korea. I've asked all my Korean friends/classmates, so I'm sure that’s how you spell it. Plus, I watch a LOT of Korean stuff to know myself anyway xD
Natsu Mayumi is H!P's dance coach. Thanks to Yuu for the name xD

Wouldn't you like to Know 5

OH MAH GAH! It's taken me forever. I started to write last night, since I've been wanting to write all week, and I had everything ready and thought out.  But once I sat on the computer and started to write my first few lines down, I was completely at a lost. This WHOLE week I've had some SERIOUS brain farts. So bad that I think I did really badly on three of my tests I had Friday. I didn’t know what to do! But after reading some fan fiction and getting some inspiration to write, I guess more ideas came to mind.
The worse part is, I REALLY didn’t like what I had in the beginning, and I almost completely nuked my first two and a half pages.

Anyway, I hope you liked the addition of these two new characters. Of course, I’m never completely satisfied with what I write, because I’m my hardest critic, but I’m happy that I think it’s not COMPLETELY trash, especially compared to what I had.
~ I never planned on putting Reina together with Gotou. Infact, it took some major convincing for me to do it. I had BoA in line for a long time, and for a short time before BoA, I had Se7en. Only because Gotou was supposed to be staying in Korea for a while.
~Gotou’s role in the story is to explain the little details in the story sometimes so I didn’t have to explain why things were this way when they happen to the main couple; well that’s what I wanted. Until I decided to “Why not pair her up with someone?” etc. etc.

And yes, what happened with Gotou and the number guessing game, REALLY did happen to me. Except it was a guy, and he has this thing for touching his girl friend’s breasts. But sometimes I cant help but notice that I’m in the lead :87a4e689:

For some reason, I feel like changing my  title to "In bed, I'm Perfect too".
haha, and no, this has not PTA relation to it at all. It's just that I notice that a lot of my opening scenes (or introductions of new people) are when they are in bed. And I dunno... it doesn't look too shabby anyway. What do you guys think?

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Roffle, I said Mayumi, not Ayumi.

Reina x Maki is loooove <3

I definitely look forward to the future chapters <3
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*squeals for Korean usage*

The nightmare part was hilarious, but I'm sorry it happened to you in real life. ^^; Stupid Maki! Don't push Reina off! >.>

Oh, and don't hate me just because I'm an Amiyakist! :P
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I had to laugh at Maki and Reina having conversations with themselves.  It was also funny how long it took the girls to realize that their leader and subleader were missing.  Maybe it won't be so hard to hide Yossui's condition.  :P  

So does Maki's little "running in circles" dream hint that she's going to return to Japan?  Maybe it's time to stop fighting the current and just go with the flow, huh?  :lol:
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Nice installment :D as expected. I also like how the story is progressing with the 2 couples. The Maki X Reina scene had a typical korean drama feel.
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new reader here *waves*
This is really interesting fic, no, the most awesome fic i have read!! yomiki! but i love yogoto too... haha...
looking forward to read more!!
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Yuu, you know I'm the only one who would manage to screw something as tiny as that up :) either way, thanks for the comment

Velvet wooohoo, glad you liked it. There would have been so much more Korean usage with Gotou, but couplings have changed, as I've mentioned. So there won't be as much as when i originially planned. Hell yeah, I'm quite sorry it's happened to me too often. Quite recently AGAIN too. damn, I should have like a zapping bra or something... Hey, I dont hate, I just love my YoCharMi more...

Blizz (can I call you that? It sounds cool. then again, its like almost 1 am this might be crazy talk... STOP TALKING!!!!) haha thanks. I try, but not as hard as i shjould be XD *whips myself*
that "Running in circles" dream was so damn HALF ASSED its not even funny. And yeah, it had a hint/meaning *what that is? Well like an ass I am, you have figure it out yourself*. I think these early chaps are hints and meanings on many things for the future *keekee*.

ferrar, thanks for the comment~ I'm working on more situations for the couples, and possibly even more couples. But theres just so many ideas and situations that can fit for many or the majority of the couples that it's hard to determine what happens to which couple!

:tfr9a7wg: arina_shinh You really mean that? *cries* you've made all, well most *I'm REALLY hard on myself* of my doubts wither away~ YoGotou? Hmmmm... i dont know, is there really time to fit that in here? Who knows *really, I don't XD* thanks! And I'm looking forward to responding more!

Title: Ch. 6
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Mini-chapter 1:
(A) Moving Day

“So…” The confused one began, “is there a specific reason why we are living together but I never unpacked? What are all these boxes for?”

“Well, you see, since the incident happened, Tsunku is sort of, well, kicking us out of the main building. But don’t worry, it’s just the next building, so it won’t be as hectic as you think.” Miki did all she could to reassure Hitomi as much as she could. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

Explaining something to the leader? It just so ...wierd

“Uh huh… So that means you’re mo- Sorry, I mean, we’re moving out?” There were too many pauses between Yossui’s questions. She tried to hide her mistakes this way. All the more for Miki to notice that she doesn’t completely trust her yet.

Although it pained her inside, she tried to stay away from the obvious. So like being infront of cameras, she put her fake smile on.

“Yep, I’ve got almost everything packed for you, you can check if you want. All we need really is to get some movers to get the drawers and bedpost out of here. Or you know, if we want to save some money and trouble, we can always get the new girls to do it. Better yet, I think Tsuji and Eri are eating too many of those sweets. Maybe I can just call them to move everything for us.”

Better yet, maybe we should just get rid of that stupid bed. It would help to forget more while I’m helping her remember.

Miki continued her rambling; “…anyway, I’ll get these boxes ready so we can leave as soon as possible. You’re welcome to look through your stuff to make sure you have everything-“ Miki caught herself short “I’m sorry, I for-“

“Oh wow, look! It’s my favorite tracksuit; I remember this. Hah, and look, it still has that stain of maple syrup. This was Tsuji’s fault. Damn her table manners...”

“Well at least you remembered something, just wish it wasn’t as trivial as that…”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Hitomi really wasn’t paying attention anymore. She was too focused on her ‘long lost treasures’ inside the cardboard boxes.

“No, nothing, nothing at all. Uh, yeah, that track suit. I think Ayaka gave you that as a present. But that was long before we went out.”

“Hah, wow, I should thank her.” All this seemed to fascinate Miki. Her lover remembers something so long ago; yet, something that happened a week ago has totally slipped her mind. “Man! Look at these boxers! Did I really wear these when I first joined ? Do I still wear them?”

“Actually, no. You sorta, gave them to me to wear as sleeping gear when we decide to wear clothes…” Miki wasn’t looking towards Hitomi anymore. Instead she tried to focus her eyes on the boxes in the corner. She didn’t want her to see the blood rushing in her cheeks.


“Did you hear about Fujimoto-san and Yoshizawa-san?” Risa was lying her stomach, skimming a magazine. Ever since she turned eighteen, she never let a beauty tip fly by.

Parallel to Risa, but lying on her back against the bedpost was Ai. “Yeah, I think I was the only one that noticed them missing, but I didn’t want to mention anything. I seriously thought they were playing hookie to do the dirty.” Takahashi let out a giggle and the reaction she was waiting for from her friend finally came.

Risa turned her head sharply, short after Ai’s statement. “ EW! You’re so perverted Ai-chan…”

“Waahhhtttt? Miki has one friend, and that’s Aya. And they claim to be JUST friends, yet they do things that not-so-naughty girls do. I just think the fact that Yossui and Mikitty happened to be missing together, AT the same time, is a little bit too suspicious, don’t you think? There HAS to be something going on between them. Don't be so niave.”

Risa returned to her glam magazine and managed to answer back, changing the subject slightly. “Well if you noticed, why didn’t you say anything when Tanakachi asked about it?”

Ai answered with sarcasm,“Yeah, right. And show just how much I was celebrating from having control over the others since I was the eldest?”

“Is that really how you feel?” Risa's acclaimed eyebrows furrowed together into an almost perfec unibrow from her quizzical face.

“Yeah! I should have been leader! Every chance I get before Yossui graduates is a chance to show I can prove myself worthy so Tsunku doesn’t try another lame excuse to choose someone else as leader over me.”

Risa couldn’t help but like where this was going. It was similar to the time when Ai was upset about Miki becoming sub-leader when Ai had more seniority over Miki for being in the group longer.

“You mean… someone like… Me!” Risa’s grin grew even bigger when she finished her statement.

“Yes! Someone like you. Even in small groups, where even I’M included in, you are the leader!” On reflex, Ai smacked Risa where she doesn’t let the sun shine, not even when Risa did her photobook .

“Ow ow ow ow ow, ow!” Risa made sure to emphasize each ‘ow’ while rubbing her bottom.

“Yeah yeah, whatever, you’re lucky I love you. Now let’s go and eat some brunch.”

I Love you?…   


“Kyahh! It’s Yo-chan!” Yui made extra sure to hug the new comer tight into her cleavage. “Oh yeah, how rude of me. I. am. Yui. Nice. to. meet. you.” As big as her breast was, her brain was smaller in comparison. She talked audibly as if talking to someone legally deaf.

“Yeah, she can hear you just fine, Okada-san. She’s not deaf, just a little forgetful. Where's Ri-” Miki was cut off when Yossui started talking again.

“No, I remember you somewhat… well now that you gave me a big-bear-hug, I remember... those…” Yossui was emphasizing on Yui’s breast of course.

“I missed you stupid! You never called after BiYuDen stopped being guests on Hello! Morning.” Yui did what she did best, pout and twiddle her fingers.

“Here, Fujimoto-san. These are the last of them, can I have my cup cakes now?” Eri asked excitedly, as Tsuji didn’t do anything at all and waited in the car. Tsuji managed to sneak in a few snacks during the trips between the buildings. Which meant that Eri did all the work while Tsuji did what she did best. Absolutely nothing but eat.

“Yeah yeah, it's there. They’re in the kitchen with your name all over it. Get it before Tsuji does.”

On her way in, Tsuji waved her hand to someone coming from the corner stair case (doesn’t anyone use elevators in these buildings??). “Wrika-shan! Ong ime oo see!”

Rika ignored Tsuji who she told many times, even when they started out in Morning Musume, to never talk with her mouth full. Her mouth was full of Eri’s cup cakes of course.

“A room is ready for you on the second floor. Ayaka, Ayumi, Boss, Ootani, and Megumi have the third floor. And the soloists, on the fourth.” With those three quick sentences, Rika did a speed scan around her and left for her daily trip to the local grocery store. It was a good thing the Hello! Project buildings were located in the part of Tokyo where many other celebrities lived so there were many secluded shopping facilities.

“That must… be Rika?” Yossui asked turning to Miki whose eyes followed the exiting woman like a trance.

“Yeah… tell me, how do you remember her?”

Wouldn't you like to Know 6

Well atleast I don't have to worry about you guys realizing italics = thoughts.

Ugh, so freaking tired. Story may not seem so amusing. MY moods have been changing like cheap mood rings in different temperatures lately. And I started writing this chapter when I was a bit pissy. So don’t hate it >.>

I tried to make this funny. Not sure if it worked. Some of this may not make sense either. But it does help to remember some of the names and situations that were present in this chapter, so its not completely useless :D

I’ve been really bad lately and not writing down my ideas that I have for future ideas. I had like 10 of them today. This will bite me back in the ass when I get a writers block like I did for the Gotou x Reina one. OH WELL. Because I just finished this, my mood switched to “I don’t care”. Just like my Spanish II test tomorrow ~

I’m probably gonna regret not editing this…. AGAIN xD I'm outy~

Song : Lee Hyori - Def
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On reflex, Ai smacked Risa where she doesn’t let the sun shine, not even when Risa did her photobook .

“Ow ow ow ow ow, ow!” Risa made sure to emphasize each ‘ow’ while rubbing her bottom.

“Yeah yeah, whatever, you’re lucky I love you. Now let’s go and eat some brunch.”
Damn that's sweet...and cute...and funny. :lol:

“Here, Fujimoto-san. These are the last of them, can I have my cup cakes now?” Eri asked, as Tsuji didn’t do anything at all. Tsuji managed to sneak in a few snacks during the trips between the buildings. Which meant that Eri did all the work while Tsuji did what she did best.

“Yeah yeah, here, they’re in the kitchen with your name all over it. Get it before Tsuji does.”

On her way in, Tsuji waved her hand to someone coming from the corner stair case (doesn’t anyone use elevators in these buildings??). “Wrika-shan! Ong ime oo see!”

Rika ignored Tsuji who she told many times, even when they started out in Morning Musume, to never talk with her mouth full. Her mouth was full of Eri’s cup cakes of course.
Ah poor Eri. XD
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I really don't think Yui's as dumb as she looks or acts. Poor Yui.
Title: I'm Perfect too
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Quote from: Owaranai_sLaVe;297108
“Man! Look at these boxers! Did I really wear these when I first joined ? Do I still wear them?”

“Actually, no. You sorta, gave them to me to wear as sleeping gear when we decide to wear clothes…”

Aw. :ONshy1:  That's so sweet, in a round about way.  

Quote from: Owaranai_sLaVe;297108
“Oh yeah, how rude of me. I. am. Yui. Nice. to. meet. you.”

I find it hilarious how people talk to someone with a head injury like they're  deaf or stupid or both (as long as it's not me they're doing it to).  I used to do that to one of my friends anytime she got the slightest injury.  Drove her nuts, but never failed to amuse me!

Anyways, I can't wait to see what direction you take this (there are so many possibilities)!  I'll definately be staying tuned to channel 85! :ONding:  Keep up the great work!

Oh, and I don't mind one bit if you (or anyone for that matter) call me Blizz. :D
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Yui:ONxD:  She's just like I have always think she would be XD

This is getting so interesting. Can't wait to read more:yay:
Title: I'm Perfect too
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Ay, dammit all. I'm trying really hard to write my stories on different days so typos from exhaustion don't happen as often as this. not only that, but better writing and details (word choices etc etc). It's hard though! I don't wanna loose my flow or my train of thought.
But I modified things such as detail, word choices, TYPOS! It's basically the same premises/story line. It's just different minor details, some add ins, and fix ups.

JFC Thanks for the comment! I've noticed you've been reading a lot of the fanifcs lately, thanks for dropping by. hope to see more if it :D

rndmnwierd out of all honesty, neither do I. But then again, Koha, Niigaki, Eri, etc etc are portrayed to some (and some stories) as something similar to what I wrote for Yui (gyu). It was just something I was trying to do to lighten up the mood (at least also for me, beacuse it's been crappy days lately). Sorry if you felt offended >.>

Blizz (yaaay~) haha, I think it's kind of sweet. there's just somthing about udnerwear that can either say sexy, cute, or sweet. *Underwear seems to be a big mood setter sometimes XD* I get injured a lot (not always due to being clumsy) so my friends do the same thing to me. (Really) Thanks for the encouragement!!

MyDearYossi Thanks! (you mind if you give a short cut to your name >.>). Haha I didn't imagine Yui (gyu) as "ditzy" as I wrote her to be, it's just how it came out of me =)

(I'm writing the) Next chapter: FINALLY, we know what Rika is thinking about and why the hell things are with her. Is it gonna be bitchy? I dont know *seriously, I dont...* Is it gonna be serious? Probably. And some of the questions from the previous chapter and the New Years chapter (Changing Time ( will be answered (finally).
Although, this might not be posted until tomorrow or Saturday. Why? We're reinstalling stuff and new stuff and etc. and stuff.

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Hi pinsan!

Can´t wait for the final chapter. I´m already bitting my nails :D
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Quote from: black velvet;289360
*squeals for Korean usage*
Oh, and don't hate me just because I'm an Amiyakist! :P

But thats a perfectly good reason to hate you..:P
Title: I'm Perfect too
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No I was laughing about Yui. I just thought it would be funny if she was really a super genius and uses the pop idol life as a cover for her having invented a time machine or the fully automated house or something
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All the TakaGaki parts were KYAAAAA worthy. Yes I'm a fan XD

Trust Reina to ask about Yakiniku in Korea as a reason for calling. That's smart and cute :MKlove2:  

I wouldn't mind if you decide to change the title. More room for the imagination :p

I guess you're a Hyori fan? I like her too but still prefer them as a group. Fin.K.L I mean. Oh those were the days :baa60776:
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Hakai! Mi Prima! Hey :) thanks for the comment

Kuya Henna haha, dont wanna scare Velvet now~ Oh well, thanks for dropping by, hehe. Now you see what Neng does on her "free" time. Keepin that YoCharMi alive.

rndm AH! i see. Well she seems pretty quiet whenever they show her on TV, and I barely listen and read the radio shows... so who knows? maybe she is?

hamz yay~~~ i guess since I wrote that, I am gonna have to start a good story line for them. It's still foggy, so I dont know when the next TakaGaki will happen.
And hell yeah, I'm a Hyori fan. She's hot too and has catchy ass songs and commercials. My friend, whom i introduced Hyori to likes Fnk.l but i havnt gotten around to listen to them. But I have see the prank they pulled on Hyori, a PV or two, and the competition poll they had against BoA (which wasn't fair cuz BoA just started!!! gar!). Although she is awesome, I still cant believe shes the highest payed singer... even after her law suit... oh well, I really wanna check out her new Drama, she looks so pretty and I wanna see her acting :)

Who would you rather see Yuko with : Mari or Kei?

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終わらない紅い情熱 :
Owaranai Akai Jounetsu


Every question that’s left unanswered starts with that word. Why this? Why that?

Why her and not me?
Why anyone but me? No one can answer me with what I’m looking for. But that’s only because there is no right answer. THIS isn’t right.

 Just like how she’s not right for her.

“Stupid New Year. Not only does it mess with the nuisance of time, but it’s a constant reminder of that day.”

That day where I lost everything to the one girl who I thought I could trust and didn’t have to love to do so. Thinking these very words, the young woman went down the seafood isle slowly, while scanning the fresh stock.

“Ah, good, some shrimp for my tempura.”

Walking back to her apartment building wasn’t a big deal to Ishikawa Rika. In fact, she enjoyed the fresh air once in a while. Every time BiYuDen went out, they rode the company vans to avoid paparazzi and fans. But one thing she didn’t want to admit was the pound or two that she put on last week during New Years. A girl just knows when she’s gained or lost. You can feel it in your thighs, the way you suck your stomach in to fit in those jeans; it was all too obvious to her.

“Damn Iida’s Osechis*” Rika said to herself while crossing the street carefully and looking both ways before walking, “I Just never know when to stop eating sometimes. Maybe I should request a break from the Magic Restaurant as well…”

Walking inside the apartment buildings threw her back into reality. That reality being that her once best friend in the whole world, turned a bitch, is living in the same building as her.

Turning her head left and right, she did a quick scan around the lobby and quickly walked to the elevator. “That’s enough walking for today, the elevator is faster anyway.”

When the elevator doors opened, Rika popped her head out quickly, again doing a quick scan. Good thing Rika’s room was near the elevator, she didn’t have to risk getting caught in the act of running into her room.

Once Rika reached her door, she stopped everything to think.

Wait. Why am I the one who seems I’m hiding something? I have nothing to hide. Not only did I live in this apartment building first- but I didn’t do anything wrong to be avoiding anyway. If anything, they should be avoiding me! Feh, and here I just was running around the building, they should be scared to face me! Not the other way around. No, definitely not the other way around.

Upon opening the door and entering her apartment, Rika took off her shoes. When she dropped her grocery bag on the kitchen table, Rika sat on the kitchen table.

Why? Why did I leave them? My two best friends in the whole world, and I left them with no reason. Tsunku didn’t come to me for graduation. I came to him. But for what reason?

“Ok self; it’s time to start analyzing things.” While leaning over the table, and resting her head over her arms, Rika thought it was time to start finding a reason to explain her present feelings.

The longest six minutes passed before Rika realize she wasn’t thinking at all anymore and just stared at the cereal box she left on the table.

Ugh, this is no use, the time when I can think for myself and not for BiYuDen; it’s the last thing I want to be thinking of.

It didn’t take long for the effects of two hours of sleep and rising early to kick in. Soon enough, Rika was in deep slumber imagination. She was entranced from what happened in the past.

<- Two years<-

I waited…Maybe for too long.

“I need to tell her. I need to tell her now. I can’t wait any longer. No big deal. I already told Miki everything, I’m sure I have her consent.”

Noticing that her body didn’t move, Rika crashed into the wall next to her to brace herself for being too nervous.

“Ah! Then why can’t I tell her? Ok Rika. Deep breathes. In and out, in and out”

“Hey, don’t pass out now!” Saitou said to her while she passed by to go to the party next door.

“Shut up.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Saitou was halfway down the hall when she sarcastically called back just to have the last word.

Ok Rika, two more steps and you’re at her door. Just act normal. Tell her straight out how you feel. No big deal, she’s only been your friend for years now. It can’t be that bad, right?

Wait. What is that? Is that coming from her room?

Rika pressed her ear against the wooden door to Hitomi’s room.

What is that? It can’t be that… No way. What is she doing in there? Is that really Yossui?

Rika’s eyes grew as she heard a grunt that definitely sounded like Yossui’s. But it was certainly not the same person moaning earlier. When it finally processed through her mind that she was too late, she backed up horrified. As she felt her back reach the other side of the hall, she sank down and buried her head in her knees. It wasn’t long until her emotions reached from shocked to painful tears. All she heard from across the hall, behind that closed door were the monstrosity of the music of love. Through the door, the only thing she could hear was moans.
Moans of penetration. Satisfaction. Gratification.

When she heard Miki’s name being called out, she lost it.


The sun illuminated through the windows and brightened up the room. It couldn’t get anymore cliché than this. Birds were chirping outside and a symphony played for them. Well not really, but you can imagine it, right?

“Mmm” Hitomi began to stir in her sleep. She awoke feeling the suns rays on her cheek and the room feeling warm. About to stretch, she felt someone else’s weight on her left shoulder. Before opening her arms, she also noticed she was holding something, well someone. At least she hoped because it was warm.

When she saw Miki in her arms, she was puzzled at first. Even more puzzled to see that her white satin blanket was covering Miki, and Yossui was nearly all nude.

“Wait.” She said to herself before she started to get crazy ideas like her having sex with her co-worker. “Waaahhhh?”

Then, like a crash, it hit her. Last night hit her. All of it, at once in fact, and there was no way in stopping the passion that happened last night. Flashing images of entangled feet, soft kisses on the neck, locking hands, and heavy breathing filled her mind. Only two simple words could describe last night - Pure ecstasy.

Crap. Now to get out of here without waking her up… This is going to take some skill. Should’ve practiced more …

With a post-it note and pencil in hand, she scribed a letter to Miki and put it on the floor next to her clothes.

“Miki, I went out for a quick jog and fresh air. There should be some food… or at least water in my fridge. I have an extra towel if you want to take a shower before you leave. I think we should talk… about last night.

Yossui ran out the door as soon as she carefully closed it. As she turned around and sighed in relief, she saw a figure.

“What the… Is that… Rika? Damn, that must’ve been one crazy party last night!”

Upon hearing the door close quietly and the click it made after Hitomi left, Miki rolled and noticed the missing body which she was just held in moments before.


I was being held by someone? What the… WHOA. And I’m naked?!
Miki screamed in her head as she looked under the only piece of cloth that covered her body from exposure.

Miki searched frantically over the room for every particle of her clothes. With the blanket draped around her, she found her panties near the balcony window but her bra on the bedside table on the other side.

What the HELL was I doing last night? Obviously something… Oh God. Don’t tell me I’m not a virg- Oh God. That would explain everything…

Reading the note from Yossui that was near her black top, she looked for some extra towels and took a shower.

“Good. It’s only 7:20. WOW, damn it’s sunny for this early in the morning. Crap. Either way, gotta get out here before someone sees.”

She was in such a rush; she didn’t even notice her sleeping friend.

“Hnn?” Rika stirred as soon as she heard the door slam. “What am I doing he- Oh.”

Rika got up from her spot and rose up as quickly as she could. Taking a moment because of a head rush, she also thought of what happened last night that lead her to sleep at the door of the girl she’s had the biggest infatuation of.

Lucky for Rika, the Hello! Project girls trust each other too much to lock the doors. Unlucky for the two occupying the room the night before though…

“This smell… this smell isn’t Yossui’s. It’s someone elses…”

I just wanted this New Year to be the beginning of something we could share together. I wanted to make it a special day. The day we could look back on and laugh over while we held each other. The day we can think about silently to our selves and smile while we’re too embarrassed to mention what happened and how it began. But I guess… I’m just too late…


I wonder if she kissed anyone this New Year…


“Hmm?” Rika popped her head up from her arms and looked around. “Damn, fell asleep again. Was I dreaming? Damn, I must be senile already. I can never remember my dreams… or if I dreamt at all!”

“Oh well, no use in sulking. I’m gonna go watch a movie. The night is young anyway. Or maybe I should take a jog…”

I haven’t seen those two since they've moved in…

When Rika went down stairs, she saw what she definitely wasn’t looking for. Miki and Yossui must’ve been working on their choreography on the way home. Miki kept arguing that her students' arms were moving too slowly.

Why? Why was our promise broken?

*Osechi (
OwaranaiAkai Jountsu => Endless crimson passion
Passion – strong feeling, like love and hate.
>> Kizu darake demo dakishime (http://<<

Wouldn't you like to Know 7

Oh damn, been a while.
Ummm it’s like late at night, and I don’t know what to say. And I’ve been busy with PTA siggies…

Anyway, as you can see, this has a lot of thinking in it too xD and that last thought from the flash back… Give ya’ll a hint … it’s not Miki, Rika, or Yossui :)

Next chapter gets a lil stalker-ish ;]

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Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: stefy on February 12, 2007, 01:42:28 PM
my fav love triangle!! Yossi and Miki got drunk and *cough cough* right? But poor Rika, can't get Yossi all to herself hope she tells Yossi soonz... And that last thought... I'm guessing its Reina's.
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: MyDearYossi on February 12, 2007, 03:33:01 PM
Yossi and Miki in the bed!:ONbarf:  Poor Rika... But someone have to be the unlucky person...
I need the next chapter. Need to know more about this love triangleXD

Not Yossi, Miki or Rika O_O Maki? Ok, I don't even know why I'm thinking herXD

You can call me MDY if you want:)  And by the way: Aya Kamiki!!! Like her a lot:kwink:
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: Blizzard on February 12, 2007, 11:25:42 PM
Aw.  I feel so bad for poor Rika.  They should just be a threesome, then no one gets hurt.  :P  

So, a little stalkerish in the next chapter, huh?  Sounds interesting.  I'll be waiting!  Keep up the great work!
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: JFC on February 13, 2007, 04:44:09 AM
Oh crap, druken sex can be good, but definitely NOT in this case. :o
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: rndmnwierd on February 13, 2007, 05:37:43 AM
Only mildly confusing, but it made sense when I went back and read more carefully. Poor plot.
Title: I'm Perfect too
Post by: black velvet on February 14, 2007, 12:06:20 AM
Poor Rika. Poor, poor Rika. D: So many conflicting thoughts floating in her head. (This is why love triangles can become bad.)

Hmm, and I wonder who the other person thinking is? Someone also close to the three? Reina? Maki? :confused:

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But thats a perfectly good reason to hate you..:P
Is that any way to talk to your fellow FU colleague? :cry: Besides, you know GAM is hot. :heart: YoCharMi is hot, too, but still . . .

Who would you rather see Yuko with : Mari or Kei?
Mmm, Kei? But, I'm rather fond of Mari. Damn... Well, let's go with Mari x Yuko, because I haven't really seen it around enough. :P

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to add this, but your siggy is hotness, Slave! :heart: