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Title: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: monkeyman on December 29, 2006, 06:23:37 PM
A thread for the Mighty Faye Wong 王菲


-The Wikipedia article- ( -All About Ah Faye- ( -Complete Discography- (

Was Fei heading back to Beijing to live a simple life and be a full time mom out of the glare of the Hong Kong media scene a good life choice or a professional disaster? Can someone as quirky as Ah Fei have their career ruined by going into seclusion or will it enhance her mystique and, if it were ruined, would she even care?
Title: [Chi] Wang Fei
Post by: gaussnguyen on January 12, 2007, 05:54:43 AM
I love Wang Fei, especially the song Hong dou (Red bean).
Title: [Chi] Wang Fei
Post by: JZA on February 23, 2007, 12:53:53 AM
I liked her cover of the Cranberries' Dreams at the end credits of Chungking Express.  She look immaculate in 2046 as well.
Title: Re: [Chi] Wang Fei
Post by: mckool on April 08, 2007, 07:05:40 AM
the goddess of our dreams, from kids that grew up in the early 90s right to today!

this lady is dynamite  O0
Title: Re: [Chi] Faye Wong
Post by: kwanleekwan on September 18, 2007, 03:07:48 PM
Miss her so much.............
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong
Post by: Masa on June 01, 2009, 08:58:18 AM
Faye Wong’s latest ad, making comeback?

Chinese pop diva Faye Wong in a recently released shampoo ad poster…

It’s rumored that the star received 20 million RMB to make the commercial, and it fuel speculations that she might make a full comeback into entertainment world soon. (
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on June 08, 2009, 12:25:46 AM
HOLYSHIT!! Faye don't wear skinny jeans cuz her knots don't fit!! :shocked:

Reports on a number of Chinese-language Web sites put her commission for this gig at approximately NT$100 million, a sum that breaks previous records for celebrity endorsements in China.

Images posted on the site show Wang in a golden outfit very reminiscent of Gong Li’s (鞏俐) outfit in The Curse of the Golden Flower (滿城盡帶黃金甲). This is a massive turnaround from news earlier this month about Wang performing chants from the Heart Sutra (心經) at the Famen Temple (法門寺) in Xian (西安), and photos of her draped in a hieratic white gown, hair neatly pulled back from her face.

The news of the advertising gig was quickly followed by a report on, a China Web site, that the next step in her comeback will be a staring role in a Feng Xiaogang’s (馮小剛) new movie about the great Tangshan earthquake of 1976, in which an estimated 242,000 people lost their lives. The figure of about NT$386 million has been bandied about for her role. The ad’s official release, slated for early next month, is awaited with baited breath.

Singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅), a good friend of Wang’s, said in an interview with, that he was completely taken by surprise by Wang’s move, saying that these days, “She lives like a farmer. She goes to bed at eight (in the evening). It’s really difficult for a night owl like me to meet up with her.” If there is anything in the flurry of rumors about a comeback, Wang’s early bedtime will quickly become a thing of the past.

Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on August 12, 2009, 08:26:00 AM
In case y'all are bored of waiting for her comeback, peep this Wong Faye 3 disc set.

Faye Wong  - Faye Wong  (2009-06-23)


Is the rumored comeback of Faye Wong really going to happen? Hopefully, but until she actually releases some new works, we'll have this Greatest Hits collection - easily the most comprehensive one to date - to remind us why so many people have considered her the best Chinese female singer since the days of Teresa Teng. This 3CD set is fully loaded with 48 digitally remastered Cantonese and Mandarin classics selected from her Cinepoly and EMI eras, like the breakout hit "The Injury-Prone Woman", "I'm Willing", "You're Happy, So I'm Happy", "Love Letter to Myself", duets with Jacky Cheung and Jan Lamb, and several rare remixes. The DVD contains 10 hard-to-find live performances Faye gave on TVB and RTHK programs in the 1990s, including several she did with other superstars Sally Yeh, Jacky Cheung, and Leon Lai.

Disc 1
01. 容易受傷的女人
02. 執迷不悔 (國語版)
03. 冷戰 - 十大中文金曲
04. 我願意 (弦樂版)
05. 夢中人
06. 知己知彼 (Europe Mix)
07. 天空 (Unplugged)
08. 棋子
09. 暖昧
10. Di-Dar (Historical Mix)
11. 浮躁
12. 你快樂(所以我快樂)
13. 半途而廢
14. 當時的月亮
15. 百年孤寂
16. 給自己的情書

Disc 2
01. 尾班車
02. 有緣的話
03. 可否抱緊我
04. 浪漫風暴
05. 執迷不悔 (粵語版)
06. 不再兒嬉 (Rock Version)
07. 把鎖匙投進信箱
08. 長大
09. 流非飛 (60's Version)
10. 如風 (Autumn Version)
11. 容易受傷的女人 (國語版)
12. 回憶是紅色的天空
13. 愛一次給不完 (張學友合唱)
14. 只因喜歡faye (林海峰合唱)
15. 天與地
16. 夢遊

Disc 3
01. 你在我心中
02. 一人分飾兩角
03. 誓言 (Discovery Mix)
04. 不得了
05. 心驚膽戰
06. 我也不想這樣
07. 紅豆 (廣東版: 償還)
08. 蝴蝶 (廣東版: 郵差)
09. 開到茶靡
10. 只愛陌生人
11. 守望麥田
12. 笑忘書
13. 螢火蟲
14. 流年
15. 迷魂記
16. 我愛雀斑


You know you love it Porky and Schak!
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: shirenuファクトリー on August 22, 2009, 03:31:44 PM
Faye Wong is so lovely :heart:

Her voice is angelic ^____________________________^ And in movies she is so cute haha
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: adventwriter on August 23, 2009, 05:24:18 AM
I love Faye Wong - my first experience with her was FF8's theme song!
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on September 30, 2009, 11:31:10 PM
Still no word on a new album??

Have some old pix!

( ( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( ( (
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: Masa on October 04, 2009, 09:30:54 AM
Faye Wong 王菲 - Hero 英雄 MV (
Faye Wong 王菲 - Colourblind 色盲 MV (
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: ushi on October 24, 2009, 02:41:55 PM
awesome thread. Faye is the best!
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on December 09, 2009, 06:50:52 AM
^ post of the decade! :P


The return of the queen


After years of speculation about her comeback after retirement in 2003, pop queen Faye Wong's much-anticipated return is finally happening.

The diva will launch a national concert tour next October, and a performance at the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala is also in the cards, according to her agent, Katie Chen.

The tour will start in Xi'an in northwest China, the Chinese Business View (Huang Shang Bao) quotes the concert organizers as saying.

Wong's paycheck reaches 6.5 million yuan, or just under US$1 million, per night, the highest among Chinese female singers, the report said.

The organizers are optimistic about the box office earnings.

"It has been six years since Faye Wong held her last tour show in 2003. The fans are really looking forward to her concert," a source surname Yu was quoted as saying.

Organizers in more than ten cities are making offers, Chen said. She also confirmed she is negotiating with CCTV on Wong's performance at its highly-rated Spring Festival Gala.

A crew member of the gala told the newspaper Wong will appear on their stage only if they offer the right song, and so they are looking out for "a good song that has the potential to be popular."


Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on January 05, 2010, 07:06:46 AM
GO FAYE!!!  :w00t: Hope the movie's a hit :P

Faye Wong helps Chow Yun Fat sing the theme song to "Confucius"


Faye Wong had just recorded for the theme song for Chow Yun Fat's film "Confucius 孔子" entitled "幽蘭操" on New Year's Eve. Earlier the "Sweet Angel Fund Charity Dinner" was held in Beijing, Chow Yun Fat donated a photographic work for auction. As a result, it helped the foundation raise 3.18 million yuan. Turns out that the donation was to thank Faye for singing the theme song to his new film. "Confucius" will be releasing at the end of this month, but Faye's theme song will be released worldwide on January 6th on the official site of the film.

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on February 04, 2010, 08:36:35 AM
here is said song, confucius theme by wong faye
Confucius Theme Song / 孔子 主题歌 (

Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on February 12, 2010, 11:36:34 PM
Just like Jay-Z and Eminem .....

Faye Wong Returns with Illusions
    2010-02-12 16:39:57      Web Editor: Xie Tingting 

When former "Queen of Pop" Faye Wong makes her official comeback, she will take no companions. 

Faye Wong rehearses for China Central Television's 2010 Spring Festival Gala on February 11, 2010. [Photo: CFP]

When former "Queen of Pop" Faye Wong makes her official comeback this Saturday, she will take no companions. With beautiful creatures of nature surrounding her, she will sing alone in a tranquil universe.

That will be the special stage effect for Wong's performance at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala, which will be aired live on China Central Television Saturday night, the Chinese New Year's Eve.

Wong, who was absent from previous rehearsals, triggered buzz when she appeared for the final rehearsal.


Unlike other performers, Wong took the entire stage on her own, singing a tune with a huge LED screen in the background projecting scenes of nature.

"Blinking stars on the screen [...] transform the studio into a vast universe," a report on said.


Saturday's performance will be Faye Wong's stage comeback after years of hiatus.

After the CCTV gala, Wong will launch a national tour. Dates for the shows are yet to be announced.

Faye Wong's fame was almost unrivaled in her heyday. She is named in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling Canto-pop female of all time.

In recent years, Wong has been barely seen in the music scene. However, she is still active with her charity work. In 2006, she and her actor husband Li Yapeng founded the Smile Angel Foundation to help children born with cleft palates.
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on April 04, 2010, 07:40:51 AM
Pop Queen Faye Wong to Start Concert Tour In Oct

王菲 《传奇》 2010央视春晚复出首唱 Faye Wong comeback performance Chuan Qi [自录版] (

After former pop queen Faye Wong made her official comeback performance at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala, she is to start her concert tour this October in Beijing, China Mobile's 12530, the sponsor and mobile music supplier under China's largest mobile operator, has announced.

According to China Mobile's 12530, Faye Wong has made a preliminary plan for the concerts. Kicking off from Beijing and Shanghai, her concerts will take in various cities across the country. Wang's first concert is to be held for five successive days at Beijing's Wukesong Stadium in October.

More details on her concerts will be released in mid-April.

Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: borly on April 22, 2010, 04:28:16 PM
Eyes On Me was such a memorable part of growing up! :)
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: Babhuska on April 27, 2010, 03:51:40 AM
Hi,I Have The Complete Discography of Chinese Faye Wong( that I download many years ago in a site),and im not try to  put any airs...
Well, belive that format is not allowed here: "AAC",it would be a very hard work  to convert all albums in mp3 or wave
format. :doh: if the moderators allowed ,i will publish (if they accept) and you people  can be convert in "anyudioconvert" or "formatfactory" ..wht you say?? :?


( (

( (

( (
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on April 27, 2010, 09:26:02 AM
sure Babhuska

Sounds good to me ( any format is OK, as long as we can listen to lovely  Faye <333

The Cranberries - Dreams (Chinese Version) (

i was reminded of her song, even tho it's a cover, she sings it so dreamily:

Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: Babhuska on April 28, 2010, 12:18:31 AM

( (
Track Listing: 寓言
Format: AAC | 256kbps

01. 寒武记
02. 新房客
03. 香奈兒
04. 阿修羅
05. 彼岸花
06. 如果你是假的
07. 不爱我的我不爱
08. 你喜欢不如我喜欢
09. 再见萤火虫
10. 笑忘书
11. 螢火蟲
12. 給自己的情書 ( (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps
Track Listing: 只愛陌生人

01. 開到荼蘼
02. 當時的月亮
03. 催眠
04. 只愛陌生人
05. 百年孤寂
06. 蝴蝶
07. 過眼雲煙
08. 嗶一聲之後
09. 推翻
10. 精彩
11. 守望麥田
12. 郵差 (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: 唱遊

01. 感情生活
02. 瞼
03. 色誠
04. 半途而廢
05. 飛
06. 祢
07. 小聰明
08. 醒不來
09. 紅豆
10. 童

Bonus Track:

01. 原諒自己
02. 償還
03. 情誡 ( (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: 王菲

01. 麻醉
02. 你快乐(所以我快乐)
03. 闷
04. 娱乐场
05. 人间
06. 我也不想这样
07. 小题大作
08. 怀念
09. 扑火
10. 云端 (

( (
Format: MP3 | VBR

Track Listing: 玩具

01. 暗涌
02. 约定
03. 敷衍
04. 玩具
05. 我信 (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: LPCD 45

01. 约定
02. 暖味
03. 暗涌
04. 天空
05. 容易受伤的女人
06. 无奈那天
07. 爱与痛的边缘
08. 执迷不悔
09. 尾班车
10. 知己知彼
11. 如风
12. 矜持(国语)
13. 天与地
14. 季侯风
15. 梦中人
16. 我愿意(国语)
17. 给自己的情书
18. 静夜的单簧管 ( (

( (
Format: AAC | 320kbps

Track Listing: 浮躁

01. 無常
02. 浮躁
03. 想象
04. 分裂
05. 不安
06. 哪兒
07. 墮落
08. 掃興
09. 末日
10. 野三坡 (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: Di-Dar

01. Di-Dar
02. 假期
03. 迷路
04. 暧昧
05. 或者
06. 我想
07. 享受
08. 一半
09. 无题
10. 流星 (

Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: Babhuska on April 28, 2010, 02:40:35 AM
sure Babhuska

Sounds good to me ( any format is OK, as long as we can listen to lovely  Faye <333

The Cranberries - Dreams (Chinese Version) (

i was reminded of her song, even tho it's a cover, she sings it so dreamily:

I did not know this video. Thanks! I like Fey, only three albums, was not so much Fan...
But I consider indispensable The Band "Sotasei Riron" and The Singers : "Umekishi Okunimeguri", "Morita Douji," & "Meiko Kaji",Love Them! :thumbsup
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: Babhuska on April 28, 2010, 02:49:27 AM

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: 自便

01. 守时
02. 守护天使
03. 自便
04. Di-Dar(Historical Mix)
05. 誓言(Discovery Mix)
06. 梦游(Universal Mix) (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: 情菲得意

Disc 1 | P1:
01. 無奈那天
02. 藉口
03. Everything
04. 巴黎塔尖
05. 又繼續等
06. 多得他
07. 靜夜的單簧管
08. 請勿客氣 [軟硬天師 & 王菲]
09. Miss You Night & Day
10. 容易受傷的女人
11. Kisses In The Wind
12. 季候風
13. Summer Of Love
14. 不再兒嬉
15. 執迷不悔
16. 流非飛

Disc 2 | P2:
01. 如風
02. 冷戰
03. 忘掉你像忘掉我
04. Do We Really Care?
05. 我願意
06. 知己知彼
07. 胡思亂想
08. 誓言
09. 夢中人
10. 愛與痛的邊緣
11. 棋子
12. 出路
13. 天空
14. 非常夏日[張學友 & 王菲]
15. 但願人長久
16. 流星

Disc 3 | P3:
01. Di-Dar
02. 曖昧
03. 浮躁
04. 暗湧
05. 約定
06. 你快樂(所以我快樂)
07. 人間
08. 原諒自己
09. 情誡
10. 償還
11. 郵差
12. Eyes On Me
13. 給自己的情書
14. 香奈兒
15. 色盲
16. 花生騷 [梅艷芳 & 王菲] ( ( (

( (
Format: AAC | 320kbps

Track Listing: 菲靡靡之音

01. 雪中莲
02. 你在我心中
03. 但愿人长久
04. 君心我心
05. 初恋的地方
06. 南海姑娘
07. 假如我是真的
08. 翠湖寒
09. 黄昏里
10. 奈何
11. 一个小心愿
12. 又见炊烟
13. 原乡情浓 ( (


Format: MP3 | VBR
( (
Track Listing: 十万个为什么?

01. 流非飞
02. Summer Of Love
03. 如风
04. 冷战
05. 长大
06. 若你真爱我
07. 动心
08. 雨天没有你
09. 诱惑我
10. Do Do Da Da
11. Do We Really Care (


Format: AAC | 256kbps
( (
Track Listing: 胡思乱想

01. 胡思乱想
02. 誓言
03. 天与地
04. 梦中人
05. 知己知彼
06. 纯情
07. 游戏的终点
08. 梦游
09. 蓝色时分
10. 回忆是红色的天空 (

Format: AAC | 256kbps
Track Listing: 天空
( (
01. 天空
02. 棋子
03. 天使
04. 影子
05. 眷恋
06. 不变
07. 矜持
08. 挣脱
09. 誓言
10. 天空(Unplugged) (


Format: MP3 | 320kbps
( (
Track Listing: 珍藏集

01. 女孩
02. 往事
03. 潇洒的走
04. 想让你知道
05. 月光下的恋情
06. 心墙
07. 请你猜一猜
08. 多梦的童年
09. 我们俩
10. 你在我身边
11. 请你别说
12. 除了你
13. 说一句
14. 最后的告白
15. 别了,朋友 ( (

Format: AAC | 256kbps
( (
Track Listing: 王靖雯

01. 無奈那天
02. 藉口
03. 有緣的話
04. 溫柔的手
05. 尾班車
06. 未平復的心
07. 仍是舊句子
08. 中间人
09. 愛聽謊言
10. 新生 (


Format: AAC | 256kbps
( (
Track Listing: Coming Home

01. 浪漫风暴
02. Miss You Night & Day
03. 容易受伤的女人
04. 不相识的约会
05. 把锁匙投进信箱
06. 这些那些
07. 开心眼泪
08. 重燃
09. 兜兜转
10. Kisses In The Wind (
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: Babhuska on April 28, 2010, 04:37:46 AM

( (

Track Listing: 王菲
Format: AAC | 256kbps
01. 光之翼
02. 等等
03. 打错了
04. 有时爱情徒有虚名
05. 流年
06. 流浪的红舞鞋
07. 夜会
08. 白痴
09. 两个人的圣经
10. 单行道
11. 迷魂记
12. 不眠飞行

Bonus Track:

13. 不眠飞行
14. 心路
15. 女皇的新衣
16. 流浪的红舞鞋(钢琴版) ( (

( (
Track Listing: 将爱
Format: AAC | 256kbps
01. 将爱
02. 空城
03. 不留
04. 美错
05. 乘客
06. 阳宝
07. 旋木
08. 四月雪
09. 夜妆
10. 烟
11. MV
12. 假爱之名
13. 花事了 ( (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps

Track Listing: 风从哪里来

01. 风从哪里来
02. 四个心愿
03. 甜蜜蜜
04. 小小秘密
05. 年纪轻轻
06. 唱歌的人
07. 最高峰
08. 望着天空的女孩
09. 你怎么说
10. 说说笑笑
11. 月光小夜曲
12. 你照亮我的心
13. 故乡从不拒绝我
14. 又见炊烟 (

( (
Format: AAC | 256kbps
Track Listing: 一人分饰两角

01. 一人分饰两角
02. 巴黎塔尖
03. 闷人咖啡
04. 美丽的震荡
05. 只有你
06. 不相识的约会
07. 尾班车
08. My Loneliness
09. 不可多得
10. 这些…那些… (


Format: AAC | 256kbps
( (

Track Listing: 迷

01. 我愿意(管弦乐版)
02. 执迷不悔
03. 变幻的世界在转
04. 软弱
05. 我愿意(弦乐版)
06. 沉醉
07. 冷战
08. 心太野
09. 只愿为你守着约
10. 只有我自己 (
Title: Re: [CHI] Faye Wong 王菲
Post by: daigong on April 28, 2010, 11:41:24 AM
I did not know this video. Thanks! I like Fey, only three albums, was not so much Fan...
But I consider indispensable The Band "Sotasei Riron" and The Singers : "Umekishi Okunimeguri", "Morita Douji," & "Meiko Kaji",Love Them! :thumbsup

Incredible collection!! irregardless. Faye experiments a lot, and I have her 2000 album Fable ( from pirated CD shop in Wan Chai, really amazing the vocal and productions, unlike anything you usually hear in the Chinese music market.
Faye Wong .See Firefly Once More. Live@Osaka 2001(王菲-再见萤火虫) (

btw Babhuska. Japanese music (I moved your question there too) can be discussed here: (
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Post by: daigong on July 01, 2010, 01:07:04 AM


Hong Kong pop singer Faye Wong will perform five solo concerts in Beijing this fall, reports.

The concert organizers have announced the shows are scheduled for October 29th, 30th and 31st, and then continuing on November 5th and 6th at Wukesong Stadium.

Earlier information suggested the concert tickets would be expensive, with some seats going for 2,000 yuan or roughly 294 US dollars. However, organizers say ticket prices have yet to be determined, and ask fans not to believe unofficial sources.

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lol stalker pix of Faye shopping in Paris. June 30 or July 1.

( ( ( (
source: (

it's cool cuz shirenu is there too!!
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Poster Unveiled for Faye Wong's Concert Comeback   
 2010-07-09 17:10:05       Web Editor: Duanlei

The poster and ticket prices for pop diva Faye Wong's series of concerts were released.


The poster and ticket prices for pop diva Faye Wong's series of concerts in Beijing and Shanghai to mark her return to show business were released Friday.

The most expensive ticket for the concert is priced at 2,500 yuan (US$369). :shocked

The first Beijing shows are scheduled for October 29, 30 and 31, while two others will be held on November 5 and 6 at Wukesong Stadium in the western part of the capital. Wong will perform concerts on November 19, 20, 26 and 28 in Shanghai.

Wong is busy preparing for the concerts during which she will perform most of her famous hits such as "Red Bean," "I'm Willing" and "Legend."
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Faye Wong Launches her Comeback Concerts    
2010-07-20 13:05:01       Web Editor: zhanglin


Pop diva Faye Wong held a press conference in Beijing on Monday, July 19, to launch her series of solo concerts.

( ( ( ( ( ( (

Pop diva Faye Wong held a press conference in Beijing on Monday, July 19, to launch her series of solo concerts, reports.

Having been long absent from the media, Faye Wong heated up the atmosphere when she showed up in a graceful black and red dress, though she still maintained her silent character. The entrance to the press conference was decorated with all the albums she's released during her 21-year career, reviewing the legend of a normal Beijing girl who turned herself into an admired pop singer.

As the most anticipated concert of the year, Faye Wong will give 10 performances in total in Beijing and Shanghai. The first Beijing shows are scheduled for October 29, 30 and 31, and continuing on November 5 and 6 at Wukesong Stadium. Then Wong will perform in Shanghai on November 19, 20, 26, 27 and 28.

天后复出!王菲2010巡唱正式启动 (

Get tickets here: (
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Faye Wong on Cover of Fashion Magazine     
2010-08-09 10:23:20       Web Editor: Duanlei

  ( ( ( ( (
A series of photos of Faye Wong was published online recently, indicating that the pop diva will be on the cover of fashion magazine "ELLE". This July, Faye Wong announced a set of solo concerts, which will be staged in Beijing and Shanghai. After being out of the limelight for six years, the former pop queen is launching her comeback. [Photo:]
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still waiting for new music, how about good shit Faye Wong Eyes On Me Live @ Budokan

Don't break my heart-王菲 (

LIVE!!! whatta voice <3
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Faye Wong Practices for Upcoming Concert   
2010-09-27 14:47:14       Web Editor: Duanlei

Faye Wong has started to practice with her team in preparation for her upcoming solo concert tour, which will be performed in Beijing and Shanghai.

  ( ( ( (

Hailed as the pop diva's comeback tour, the theme of her concerts is "Rebirth".

Faye Wong retreated from the showbiz circle six years ago when she married actor Li Yapeng and gave birth to their first daughter, Li Yan.

Previous reports suggest that besides Beijing and Shanghai, the concert will also be taken to various cities including Taipei in January of next year.
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Faye Wong holds her comeback concert in Beijing [27P]

  ( ( ( (
( ( ( (

     Pop queen Faye Wong held her comeback concert in Beijing the night before. Faye had always been a trendy icon, whether it's the 'pineapple head' seen in old award ceremonies or the 'world's first heel' that appeared at her concert, she will forever be trendy! After giving birth to her youngest daughter (Lee Yin), she steps back on stage at her old home in Beijing for a concert. She had several different costumes including the deceptive swim cap looking white cap can really make people in the fashion industry swarm after it!

This time, Faye's concert revolves around the four seasons theme. For the winter part, she only wore a white cap, that looked like a swimming cap, and audience felt it was very glamorous! Her designer Titi Kwan wrote on Weibo afterwards: "It is a pair of 4 year old stockings, giving a unique side..." This makes people think that it belongs to Faye's 4 year old daughter Lee Yin, but when Titi accepted an interview, he denied: "Thinking too much! I bought it from Paris, it is the attire for ballerinas, not Lee Yin's! This time her style is what I wanted!"

That night, Faye did not speak too much she only said thank you 4 times, but on Weibo she full of thought. Not only did she thanked everyone's encouragement, she also wrote: "Tomorrow will be even better!" Meaning the performance will get better and better! Regarding her making the record of 'the least talk during a concert' in history, she said: "Our rundown goes all in one go, so I couldn't talk and there was not enough time set in between for me to say anything. But I can still bow!" Also, Faye's hanging up in the air part, her manager (Chan Ka Ying) already bought heavy insurance for the Faye who's afraid of heights. One male fan made a successful marriage proposal to his girlfriend while Faye was performing the song Only Hope For Long Lasting (但願人長久).

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

the fuck is she wearing fancams XD
王菲童裝襪褲笠頭成潮流!? 2010.10.30 (

[王菲2010巡唱]北京首場演唱會20101029 **10 傳奇** (

2010 王菲 巡唱 Faye Wong's Concert in 2010 Beijing Wukesong Station. Last Song (
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Faye Adds 4 More Cities to Her Comeback Tour     
2010-12-30 15:56:50       Web Editor: Xie Tingting

熊抱王菲舊同學 官員現狼相( 2010-12-30 ) (

Pop diva Faye Wong is taking her comeback concert tour to four more cities, reports.

Beginning in May, Wong will perform in Guangzhou in southern China, Nanjing in the east, Chengdu in the southwest, and Tianjin in the north, with two concerts in each city, her publicist Katie Chen said Thursday, December 30, 2010.

Information on dates and tickets is yet to be announced.

The shows will follow Wong's Hong Kong gigs slated for March, as announced earlier.

One of China's most influential pop icons, Wong went on hiatus in 2005 to focus on her charity which helps children born with cleft lips and palates, as her second daughter was.

The 41-year-old launched a long-awaited comeback concert series in Beijing and Shanghai earlier this year, dominating Chinese news portals that called the shows "the return of the heavenly queen."

( (
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"Eternal Moment" ("Jiang Ai") released its theme song sung by Faye Wong and Eason Chan!

王菲陈奕迅合唱《将爱》主题曲《因为爱情》 (
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Faye Wong Arrives in Taipei for Upcoming Concert     
2011-01-20 14:12:50       Web Editor: Duanlei

Pop diva Faye Wong arrived in Taipei on January 18 for the Taipei stop of her comeback concert tour. She will perform in the Taipei Arena for three consecutive days starting on Friday, January 21.

Wong's agent said that the singer has prepared some new songs for the Taipei concert, which she didn't sing during her Beijing and Shanghai concerts.

Faye Wong's good friends, Na Ying and Zhao Wei, also arrived in Taipei to show their support. And many of her celebrity fans, including Fish Leong, Carina Lau and Tanya Tsai will come and listen to the concert.

Faye Wong kicked off her comeback concert last October in Beijing. The initial plan was to only include Beijing and Shanghai. However, more and more cities were added to the tour list as the pop queen is gradually adapting to the stage.
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THE QUEEN RETURNS :bow: :bow: :bow:

Faye Wong Makes Return to Hong Kong

Faye Wong made her return to Hong Kong on Friday night to kick off the first of five shows for her 'Faye Wong Tour 2011' at the Asia World Expo. The entire venue was packed with fans, many who have waited years for her return to Hong Kong. To thank her fans for their endless support, Faye specially added new features to her show, including new outfits and makeup, and also prepared a new brand set list featuring some her classic Cantonese songs. Riding on a float which lowered into the crowd, audience members were able to have a more intimate encounter with their idol.


With previous stops in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei, Faye finally returned to Hong Kong where she first began her rise to fame. She prepared 10 new looks for the night which accentuated her diva image, but maintained her graceful appeal.

Aside from her outfits, Faye's makeup design was also brand new. Starting with light makeup at the beginning of the concert, she gradually added different colours and images onto her eyelids and eyebrows, including one which resembled a seabird. Her bangs swept in all directions, which changed according to the four seasons to match with the theme of her concert.

It's been almost 8 years since Faye last performed a Cantonese song on stage. Faye appeared a little nervous at the beginning of the concert. Her pronunciation was evidently not as sharp as it was before. However, with the audience's endless applause and cheer, she soon regained her confidence. Faye was so into the music she evened danced a little on stage. In spite of her enthusiasm, Faye remained the same as always and spoke only a few words that night. She said 'thank you' three times in Cantonese and once in Mandarin, and greeted the audience with a simple 'hello' in English.

During the 'Fall' segment, Faye wore a black dress which revealed her back. She rode on top of a float covered with feathers which lowered her into the audience, allowing her to be much closer in proximately than she was during her previous concerts. Faye continuously waved at the audience and appeared in high spirits. The two hour concerted ended at 10:15 p.m. At the end of the show, the screens in the back showed an image of a white lotus as she began singing the song 'Heart Sutra'. The audience continued their applause till the very end.

The set list:

Date - 約定
Repayment - 償還
Withered Flower - 花事了
Undercurrent - 暗湧
Dreamlover → Sleepwalk - 夢中人 → 夢遊

The Empress' New Clothes 女皇的新衣
Rikean Heart (Cocteau Twins)
Scandalous - 曖昧
I'm Willing - 我願意
Let Love - 將愛

The Last Blossom - 開到荼靡
Eyes Wide Open - 大開眼戒 (Eason Chan)
Wings of Light - 光之翼
Bored - 悶
Sky - 天空

Wish We Can Last Forever - 但願人長久
Love Letter to Myself - 給自己的情書
MV + Cold War - MV+ 冷戰
Mortal world - 人間
Rebirth - 重生

New Tenant - 新房客
Chanel - 香奈兒
Flower on the Other Shore - 彼岸花

Faye's performance of Eason's 大開眼戒

王菲2011巡唱(香港)3月4日~大開眼戒 (

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ AsianFanatics

王菲 - 開到荼糜 (Faye Wong 2011 Tour - Hong Kong) (
開到荼靡 - 王菲 (

:shock: :shock: :shock:
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Hope she doesn't go Rihanna and perm it :lol:

Faye Dazzles with Short Red Hair at her Guangzhou Concert


Faye Wong performed last night at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena for the second night of her concert tour in Guangzhou. Faye appeared with a completely new look. Her long black hair which she had grown for the past six years was replaced by a bright red haircut. Known as a trendsetter, Faye specially returned to Hong Kong to prepare for her new look. Her outfits were brand new as well and included materials like chiffon, silk and lace. She wore a vintage outfit made of leather, accentuating her ever changing style.


 Tickets were long sold out for both shows and the price had skyrocketed due to scalpers. Tickets originally priced at $600 RMB were being sold for $2,500 RMB. Some were even sold for $4,000 RMB. However, there were still not enough tickets to go around for all her fans. Aside from scalpers, counterfeits were being sold as well. Many were mixed in with the rest of the tickets. Tickets were selling for cheap right before the show, leading to approximately 20 counterfeit tickets being sold that night. At the beginning of the concert, the audience went out of control. Fans in the front row rushed to the stage to get closer to Faye. Security guards were on hand to control the crowd.

 Faye's new look earned praises from her fans. She sang a lot of classics during the concert. However, when she sang 'Cold War' she slipped on the lyrics. The audience continued to cheer her on by clapping and she said 'thank you' in return for their encouragement. Faye was lifted above the stage as she sang 'Wishing We Can Last Forever'. The audience sang along with her as she continued to wave from above. She said 'thank you' a total of four times that night, including once in Cantonese.

 When manager Katie Chan was asked about Faye's slip during her performance, she says that it wasn't because she forgot the lyrics, but something caught in her throat. Faye's husband Li Yapeng was absent from the concert that night. He revealed on Weibo that he's become a student at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. While there are 50 students in his class, only three of them are female. Faye teased him by saying, "There are many wolves, but so little meat."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ AsianFanatics

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oh man she was so cute in Okinawa Rendez-vous (戀戰沖繩) from 2000

Faye's this Yakuza's ex gf who happens to be the guy Leslie's blackmailing lol

Tony "Big Tony" Leung Ka Fai is crushing on her and exposes Leslie as a fraud and scumbag.

...and he takes her to dinner so he can catch Big Time Thief Leslie in the act, and bores her with stories about Leslie being an asshole:

which instead turns her on lol

shit she just ...what do you call "enigmatic" performer. like a kid like innocence

not to mention a tight ass

if she did more acting she'd win all the awards. Just a pure natural. of course she sang on the OST:
新房客/王菲 (
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Faye flawless from her weibo
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Faye Wong Eyes On Me Live @ Budokan (
Great song
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王菲 - 暗湧 (Faye Wong - Undercurrents) (
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Post by: ccfccc on July 01, 2011, 07:44:31 PM
Faye wong-Love Letter to myself (
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did u see her new concert performances??

Faye Wong's Comeback Tour Arrives in Changsha     
2011-07-04 13:23:58       Web Editor: Xie Tingting

Pop diva Faye Wong's comeback tour recently arrived in Changsha, the capital city of central China's Hunan Province.

the armpit selection!

Wong sang for two nights over the weekend at Hunan International Conference and Exhibition Center, the province's largest indoor venue.

As with her previous shows, Wong preferred to sing rather than speak, treating thousands of fans to dozens of her best-known hits on Saturday night, addressing them only five times with the words "thank-you".

The color selection of Wong's dresses was also minimal. The singer chose to wear black and white outfits on the first night, and black and red on the second.

The concerts were part of Wong's comeback tour which she kicked off with box office success in Beijing last October after staying away from the stage for six years.

She will perform next in Wuhan, Hubei Province on August 26-27.

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As i know Faye from Final Fantasy VIII "Eyes on Me", i think i should post this interview of Nobuo Uematsu's impression of Faye.

---Why did you decide to put a vocal song?

Actually, some of us came up with a plan to use a famous vocalist in the ending of FF7. It didn't
go through because the plan was too abrupt, and there was no themes or reason in the story for a
vocal song to suddenly come up in the ending. On the other hand, the "song" has a meaning in the
FF8 plot, and it closely relates to it main characters. That's why I wrote a ballard that I
thought would suit the theme. Then, I asked everone to bring in CDs with vocalists who would
match it. We listened to countless CDs in our staff meetings, but none of them didn't seem to
match our expectations... until one CD was played. Everyone looked around and asked
"Who is this...!?", even though it was the first track in the CD. We didn't have second thoughts.
Some of you may ask why I chose Faye Wong, but I can't just say that it was my instinct. I didn't
even know her when I listened to her CD, but her voice and mood seem to match my image of the
song exactly. The fact that she was Chinese fits the international image of Final Fantasy, too.

---What kind of a person was Faye Wong?

I wasn't the one who partipated in the negotiation, so I couldn't get to know her at first.
Still, I found out that she was extraordinary as I gathered her information. She accepted our
offer, but the recording had to take place in Hong Kong due to her schedule. Thus, I organized
an orchestra and gave her a copy of the tape before everything. Her style was to concentrate
alone for a while before recording, and sing in a one-shot deal. She also liked to sing in a
complete darkness. I have to say she had mystic qualities.

---Her mysteriousness is one of her traits.

I think we each received different impressions of her. Still, her skill as a singer is superior.
Her voice is truly heavenly.
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I just discovered this girl. She is great! My favourite song of her so far i "Love Letter to myself". Not sure if it actually has a Chinese title.

I actually heard of her because a Chinese is considering taking his girlfriend to a concert with her, now :) - She is a great singer, and I will probably take some song tips from this thread later on, but for now I just skimmed through before I am leaving for school.
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^ good choice. :thumbsup Faye defines Chinese Music.

What a trooper Eason is :P with Faye here for CNY

Faye and Eason Take Part in New Years Festival


Eason Chan, Faye Wong, Charlene Choi, Li Yundi, Leehom Wang and many artistes participated in China Central Television's New Year's Gala last evening in Beijing. Even though Eason's leg injury had not fully healed, he still stood on stage alongside Faye Wong for their duet 'Because of Love'. Faye wore a red hairpiece which matched her flowing red gown, appearing very festive. Leehom and pianist Li Yundi jammed on stage together, playing the guitar and the piano respectively. Participating at the event for the first time, Charlene joined Dicky Cheung, Jess Zhang and others for the opening performance.

《因为爱情》王菲陈奕迅 2012央视春晚 (

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15 @ AsianFanatics
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Faye :wriggly: god speed to the 64 injured.

Faye Wong utters 36 words at concert

The Chinese singer moved her fans to tears when she went beyond her usual “Thank you” at her concert

Diva Faye Wong is known to be selfish with her words. Since her return to showbiz in 2010, Faye would only say "Thank you" during her concerts.

However, during her concert at Chongqing's Olympic Centre on Saturday (Feb 18), the Chinese singer opened up with a short speech.

This, after a concert scheduled the day before was cancelled because the upper-level seats at the centre collapsed suddenly.

Faye and her manager apologised to her fans for three times in total for the cancellation.

On Saturday, Faye took the stage and put on a full two-hour show. She sang 21 classic hits, including Hong Dou and Kai Dao Cha Mi.

That night, the singer was very energetic and playful. She also took the chance between songs to wave to her fans. Faye thanked the audience six times and waved to her fans five times in total.

After she performed the song Cheng Ke, the singer said: ""Thank you. I hope you're not affected by what happened yesterday and that you have a good time tonight. Thank you," she said.


Her short speech garnered a roaring applause. Some fans were so touched, that they shed tears of joy.

In other related news, the organiser reported that 11 people were injured during the collapse, which occurred on the first day of the concert.

According to the hospital in Chongqing, they treated more than 70 patients within the first three hours after the accident occurred. Four suffered from broken bones, while one had to undergo surgery.


It is believed that more than 1,000 people received a refund for their tickets, costing the organisers an estimated NT$4.69 million (S$197,000).

via (

what a moving moment:
王菲重庆开唱火爆 鞠躬致歉令粉丝感动 (
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Faye this past March 31, Faye Wong, held in Kunming in concert, even for a few sets of clothing, sometimes the embodiment of crystal lamps, sometimes take the rocking chair to fall from the sky, the scene beautifully.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

【王菲2012昆明演唱会】 - 城里的月光 (完美!) (
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she is the real female artist who really can sing....many junior singer cant even dare to sing her songs...
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I have to say, Faye is most definitely one of my top artists of all time. Di-Dar is my favorite album of hers and also just one of my favorite albums in general. Such a beautiful and unique creation!! Seeing that Vacation was finally performed live for the first time on her recent tour greatly excited me. I'm really hoping that at some point video of this tour is officially released because there has been some really great performances and some nice new covers along the way. It'd be a shame for all that fantastic stage production and pretty decent setlists to not be properly released.
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love her voice..
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love her voice..

love her pits...

Faye Wong Dalian concert will be held on the 12th, three times thank you, but also to the fans to ask questions: "Dalian friends you cold." The audience simultaneous A "cold" in addition to the "old rules". She says with a laugh: "You do not cold I do not cold." IC / text and Fig.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

王菲 My Valentine 王菲巡唱2012大连站 (

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I love her music.
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Post by: wolfsan on August 09, 2012, 07:28:31 AM
Faye Wong. ^_^ Her voice is very good. I still remember when I first heard her song on a video game I played. Final Fantasy VIII. Good memories.

Here's the song she sang:

Faye Wong 王菲 - Eyes On Me (
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Post by: daigong on September 26, 2012, 09:41:44 AM
SO SLENDER!!! preview from Harper's Bazaar

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

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May 19, 60 Teresa Teng Memorial concert held in Beijing. Faye Wong, Hsiao, Jane Zhang, Ping and other singers. Faye Wong singing Teresa unfinished posthumous work, Taking a duet of two generations of days.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

王菲 - 清平调 / 独上西楼 邓丽君60周年纪念演唱会 . (
王菲 - 清平调 / 独上西楼 (

You did great!


AND new song! top of the charts! Fuckin Rights.
王菲-致青春 MV Faye Wong - To Youth Music Video [Zhao Wei Directed 2013 Movie Soundtrack] (
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DOING GOOD!! Take notes Y'all.

Li Yapeng and Faye Wong founded Smile Angel because of their daughter Li Yan to help children with facial deformatory.


Posted by hktopten 

Meeting up with Tony and Carina!!
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Post by: ghostface on June 30, 2013, 09:09:12 PM
One of my favorite singers of all time.  I love her voice, Love Letter to Myself is superb.  Her acting is excellent as well.