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Author Topic: Pirate Bay starts video-streaming service  (Read 1527 times)

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Pirate Bay starts video-streaming service
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:46:27 PM »
Video Bay Site

The world's most high-profile file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay (TPB), has lifted the lid on its new video sharing website, The Video Bay.

Billed as a rival to YouTube, the service will offer unrestricted video content, in violation of copyright law.

It is not clear when the service will actually go live; the site's founders said "it will be done when it's done".

In April, a court in Sweden jailed four men behind The Pirate Bay and ordered them to pay $4.5m (£3m) in damages.

Speaking by video link to the Open Video Conference in New York, TBP founder Peter Sunde said the service would use the latest HTML 5 features.

"More specifically the and tags with the ogg/theora video and audio formats," he said.

"This site will be an experimental playground and as such subjected to both live and drunk encoding, so please don't bug us too much if the site isn't working properly," he added.

Although the site is in its early stages, a preview showed a number of copyright music videos available for viewing in the navigation sidebar.

The move will be seen by some as provocative, given that the founders of The Pirate Bay were found guilty of breaking copyright law and were sentenced to a year in jail in April, though they are currently still free men.

Speaking to the BBC, the head of Sweden's Pirate Party, Rickard Falkvinge, said this was another step in a "prolonged legal battle with the record industry".

"It's obvious that, given enough time, The Pirate Bay will win this war which will go on as long as the record industry has yet another penny to file a lawsuit.

"I think they [The Pirate Bay] are taking an important part in that battle, fighting for freedom of expression and culture against monopolistic companies," he added.

A spokesman for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry said they were monitoring developments but declined to comment at this time.

This is so gonna get swamped with extreme porno it's not even funny :lol:

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Re: Pirate Bay starts video-streaming service
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2009, 03:15:55 PM »
It' fun to watch them keep going on EVEN after their lawsuit and everything. Fun how they just... point the finger to the Ipred law. xD
I can't really say where I stand on "file sharing" I don't think it's all right all the time but I REALLY don't like the Ipred law cuz I think it's stupid, unfare and useless. The politic and eveything about it in sweden sucks. (Och alla partier är värdelösa och dåliga lögnare men att rösta på piratpartiet är bara löjligt. Piratparitets kärna = medelålders datanördar. usch. och även om de blir valda så kommer inte Ipred lagen tas bort eftersom det är demokrati och alla de andra partierna i riksdagen är fortfarande emot XD jag är inte supersmartast på politik direkt men så fattar jag det som)
^too lazy to write in english and no one outside sweden would care anyway  :P

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Re: Pirate Bay starts video-streaming service
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2009, 04:48:29 AM »
The most interesting part of the announcement is the use of HTML5 for video rather than flash. Makes me wonder if they were considering doing this earlier but balked at having to rely on a proprietary plugin for their video player. Interesting timing considering the new Firefox version with HTML5 video support will be officially launched tomorrow.

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