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Author Topic: [EVENT] HELLO! PROJECT WEEK (01/11 - 01/17/2010)  (Read 1773 times)

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[EVENT] HELLO! PROJECT WEEK (01/11 - 01/17/2010)
« on: January 13, 2010, 09:54:10 AM »
In case you have no idea.... we dig deep to show you what we got! Celebrate the NOW. H!P puts the HiP in :hipheart: there's so many Eggs and Auditions, it'll make you loco like a daigong!

Feel free to postwhore in the threads and keep up to date with Hello! Project members and TNX/Nice Girls Project that you have no clue about but were too shy to ask! Don't see a thread for a favourite member? MAKE ONE! MAKE WACKY THREADS! You better believe we will be discussing and and debating our asses off so feel at home.

This wouldn't be a celebration of Pimpage :pimp: without goodies to share. Games? Most def a Radio Show! So keep checking in the main H!P News, Crapola and H!P Girls forums later this week!


Even though you've jumped off the H!P Bandwagon or if you're just starting out, come on in and drop a post or dozen!

Maybe we'll get guest appearances from Crack Staff contributors *cough* LETS FUCKING PARTY :banana: :taco:

Pretty! Positive! Peaceful!

We're taking tabs on the best contributor. Show us how you love H!P  :jphip:

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