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Author Topic: [EVENT] GEEK WEEK (01/25 - 01/31/2010)  (Read 1362 times)

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[EVENT] GEEK WEEK (01/25 - 01/31/2010)
« on: January 25, 2010, 08:41:52 AM »
Over the next month JPH!P is continuing to celebrate's fifth birthday and everything that’s great about our community. You seen everything from Ladylove to Sports to Asian Entertainment to Hello! Project to AKB48 - soon to come Fan Fics and SNSD! Set your phasers to FUN!

Get your fucking GEEK on as we celebrate everything that is GEEK at :hipheart:

What would we do without geeks? We'd still be writing letters or using smoke signals! Jump into the IRC and get served by bartender_bot! Discuss how you geek out?! What makes you a geek? How you would geek out to benefit and make JPHiP a better place? :oldie

Feel free to postwhore in the threads and pimp your favorite shit! Have a Big Bang Theory marathon. Layout your Trekkie Comfessions. Don't see a thread? MAKE ONE! MAKE WACKY THREADS! You better believe we will be discussing and and debating our asses off so feel at home.

This wouldn't be a celebration of Geeks :pimp: without a GAMING TOURNEY. How about a CONTEST: Who is JPH!P’s Ultimate Geek? :tama-mad:

Stay tuned at THE GEEK aka Akihabara forums all this week for more!

l33t! :jphip:

Thanks Comrade-Kitami-Saikami, Amplifier & The Crack Staff for their input!!

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