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Author Topic: Promise Special Chapter~~~Part 3 (The Final Part)~~~Update~~  (Read 11792 times)

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Promise Special Chapter~~~Part 3 (The Final Part)~~~Update~~
« on: April 26, 2010, 08:59:44 PM »
This is my first fan fic....
i hope you guys will like it.



Maimi –chan!!! Wait for me!!! Yell Airi.
Hurry up slowpoke!!!!hahahahaha……. Laugh Maimi while she’s running.
Airi and Maimi live in the same neighbourhood. They have always been together and they are very close to each other. Maimi or Yajima Maimi is a bit taller than Airi or Suzuki Airi. After running around their neighborhood, both  of them finally reach their destination. It is a park. Both of them stop running and sit under a tree.
Mou….Maimi-chan, you are so mean!! How could you make me run that long….you knows that I am not as athletic as you…. Airi said as she pout.
Maimi sigh as she pat Airi’s head.
I’m sorry Airin…… I didn’t mean to make you exhausted… know how much I love to run…..said Maimi.
It is not because you like to run, it is because you want to turn yourself into a boy~~~said Airi as she giggled.
What did you say??!!!Maimi ask as she poked Airi’s head.
Itai!!! What did you that for Maimi-chan?? Ask Airi while she rubs her head. You know that I’m just joking right?? She continued.
Maimi just smile when she saw Airi rub her head. “I know that” she replied as she kiss Airi’s head.
Suddenly Airi started crying and hugged Maimi. Maimi was very surprised.
What’s wrong Airin?? Why are you crying?? I’m sorry for poking your head….. I promise that I will never do that again….. Maimi said anxiously.
I have to move away from this place Maimi-chan……. Airi said while she continued crying.
What??!! Maimi said. She was very shocked. Please tell me that you’re just joking Airin….. she continued.
I am not joking….. daddy….have to transfer…..Airi said while breathing heavily. She could fell her trembling voice as she speak.
Maimi can’t hold her tears anymore. She never fell this sad before. Airi was her bestfriend, the only girl who have never seen her as a boy. The other girl in their neighborhood never likes Maimi because she’s a bit rough and boyish. Airi was the only one who wants to become her friend. Maimi didn’t know what she’s going to say. She is very sad and hurt right now. Her heart fell like it is being torn apart.
Maimi-chan……what are we going to do?? What if we never seen each other again?? Airi asked Maimi.
Maimi close her eye’s for a moment. “I have to be strong” she said to herself.
Maimi-chan?? Airi continued.
Maimi open her eyes and stared at Airi eyes as she wipes out Airi tears.
Don’t worry Airin, we will see each other again. I promise you. I will wait for you forever…. Maimi said to Airi.
Really?? You promise to wait for me?? Airi ask as she starting to smile.
I promise you….. Maimi said as she hold Airi tighter in her arms.

Chapter  1

7 years later…….


Maimi woke up lazily as she turn off the alarm. She jumps back on the bed and was about to fall asleep again when she heard a knock at her door. The door opened and Maimi’s mother enter her room.

“Maimi dear~~ Wake up already or you’re going to be late to school……”yell Maimi’s mother.

“Mou~~~~ can I sleep a little a bit more?? I’m tired…..” Maimi said as she pulls the blanket.

“Yajima Maimi, don’t you dare fall asleep again”!!! Maimi’s mother yell again as she walked out of the room.

“Alright, alright……”replied Maimi as she walked lazily to her bathroom and ready herself for school.

After she finish her bath and put on her school attire, Maimi sat on the chair near her study table and looked at a picture. She feel very sad every time she look at that picture. But she can’t stop herself from looking at it.

“I miss you so much….. I wonder do you miss me the way I have always miss you….”she said to herself as she kiss the picture.

“Maimi dear!!!! Erika-chan is here!!!” Maimi’s mother shouted.

Maimi quickly put the picture down and ran downstair.

“Ohaiyo Maimi-chan~~~~”said Umeda Erika, Maimi bestfriend.

“Ohaiyo…..”replied Maimi as she walks to the door and ready to go to school.

Mom, I’ll go now!!! Shouted Maimi.

Okay, be careful both of you!!! Replied Maimi’s mother.

As they walk to school. Erika can sense that there’s something bothering Maimi. She look down and depressed than usual.

What’s wrong Maimi-chan?? Erika ask while looking at Maimi with great concern. Are you sick?? She continued.

No…. I’m ok….. Maimi replied as she gave Erika a week smile.

Maimi-chan, don’t insult my intelligence ok….. I have known you for 5 years and we have been best friend since then…… so I know when something is bothering you….. Erika said looking a little displeased.

Maimi sighed and look down to her shoes.
I’m thinking about her……. She said.

Erika smiled and put her arms around Maimi shoulders.
I know that would be the reason…. Erika said as she smile.

What do you mean you know?? Maimi ask.

Because every time you’re looking depressed, there are no other reasons… Erika replied as she smile.

Am I that obvious Erika?? Maimi ask again.

Well, maybe you are…..hehehehehehe….. Erika replied as she giggled.

I don’t know what to do Erika…… I can’t hold my feeling anymore…. I want to see her again…. I want to hear her voice and watch her smile again…… Maimi replied as her voice starting to trembled.

Maimi-chan, I can’t say that I understand how you feel because I don’t, but I sure that you will meet her again someday….. Erika said as she patted Maimi’s head. So, for now just be patience ok?? She continued.

Well easy for you to say…… you have Maasa by your side…… Maimi replied as she stared at Erika.

Erika blushed when she heard the name. After a while, a sweet, heart melting smile appeared on her face.

Well, what can I say Maimi-chan, I’m the luckiest person alive….. unlike you!!! Hahahahaha……Erika said as she run towards the school.

What did you say?? Why you little…… Maimi grinned as she chase Erika until they have reached their school.

I hope you’re right Erika…… I really hope so!!!! Maimi said to herself.

Chapter 2

When both of them reached the school, they saw a group of girls already waiting for them. Maimi and Erika walks quickly towards them. When they reached them, Erika quickly went to a girl that was leaning on the wall.

"Maasa-chan, ohaiyo….." Erika greeted the girl in front of her.

"Why are you late today???" Maasa ask as she pouts.

"Gome, gome…… Maimi have a little problem earlier….. "Erika said while she hold Maasa hand.

Maasa didn’t respond and she keep pouting. Erika knows that Maasa is sulking. So she decided to use the most effective way to cheer up Maasa. She hold Maasa hands as she stares at her with her puppy eyes. Maasa try to ignored it for a while but she already knows that she can’t win with that look. So she smile and kiss Erika cheeks as a signal that she is not sulking anymore. Erika cheeks grew red as she cover her face to cover her blushed.

"Get a room you two!!!" Maimi interrupted both of them.

"Oh~~~ what’s wrong Maimi-chan??? Are you jealous??" Said Chinami as she walks toward Maimi.

"What?? "Maimi asked her while raising her eyebrow.
"Chill out Maimi, she’s just joking…." Said Saki
"Well , if I am jealous, maybe you should share Yurina-chan with me….." Maimi said as she walks towards Yurina and put her arms around Yurina’s shoulder.

"Don’t you dare touch my girl!!!" Chinami said as she push Maimi away.

"Oh~~ what’s wrong Chinami-chan?? Are you jealous??" Maimi asked her with the same tone she was using before.

The other girls just giggled and laugh while watching both of them.

"Hey guys, do you hear?? We have a new transfer student today….." Risako said.

"Oh really?? Where is she from??" Asked Saki.

"Dunno…." Replied Risako.

"That’s great…… maybe she can join our group too…." Said Miyabi as she hugged Saki from behind.

"Great idea Miya!!! Maybe then she can hook up with Maimi since she the only one who ‘s single…." Maasa responded.

"Don’t you guys dare to hook me up with anyone….." said Maimi.

"We have to, or you will keep bothering my Erika every morning…." Maasa said with a grinned.

"Yeah, yeah….whatever…. "Maimi said with a pout. "Let’s get going already or we will be late to class…." She continued.

"Well guys, let’s go or we will be late……" Erika said as she kissed Maasa.

"See you guys at lunch!!!" Said Chinami as she hugged Yurina.

"Ok, later!!!" Saki shouted.

A few hours later at Risako, Nakky and Chisa class……..

"Class, we have a new student today….. go ahead, introduce yourself…." Said Rika sensei, their class room teacher.

"Suzuki Airi desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu….." said the new student.

"Ok Suzuki-san, go and sit beside Risako…." Said Rika sensei.

"Hait….." replied Airi as she walks towards Risako who was waving her hand.
When Airi takes her sits beside Risako, Risako introduce herself.

"Sugaya Risako desu"….. said Risako.

"Suzuki Airi desu…." Replied Airi as she shakes Risako hand.
After their class was over, Risako invited Airi to join them at lunch. Airi smiled and accepted Risako offers.

Maimi class……

"Maimi-chan, you know that I am joking about hooking you up right……" asked Maasa.

Maimi smiled at Maasa and nodded her head. "I know that you’re just joking….." replied Maimi.

"And I’m sorry for making Erika late this morning….." she continued.

"Maimi-chan, don’t worry about that, I not jealous at all ok….. besides, she’s your best friend…." Maasa said with a smile.

"Thanks Maasa….." Maimi replied as she patted Maasa shoulders.

"Well, let’s go to the cafeteria, we don’t want them to wait any longer right……" she continued.

When Maimi and Maasa reached the cafeteria, they quickly walks toward Erika and the others.

Maimi was chatting happily with Maasa until she noticed a new face at that was sitting besides Risako. Maimi froze on the spot and can’t move her leg anymore. She just standing there with her mouth that have grew wider because of shocked.

"Maimi-chan, what’s wrong??" Ask Maasa when she noticed what had just happened to her friend.

Maimi can’t answer Maasa question because there’s only one word that she’s capable of saying at that time.

Airin…………. She said.


i really hope that you guys enjoy this story.....
im sorry if my english is bad.... :nervous
but please leave your comment about this story ok.....


Chapter 3

"Airin……………." She said.

"What’s wrong Maimi-chan??" Maasa ask again. But this time she also poke Maimi’s arm.
"Oh nothing……" replied Maimi.

Maimi was so happy. Her heart beat faster as both of them nearly reached the table. When Maimi and Maasa reached the table, the other girls greet them.

"What took you guys so long??" Ask Miyabi.

"Nothing….. Miami just froze for a second and can’t used her leg properly just now"…… answered Maasa as she giggled.

Maimi didn’t really pay attention to the other girls because the new student have already caught her attention. Airi was also in shocked when she saw Maimi. Maimi was about to talk to Airi when suddenly Rika sensei came and told Airi that she needs to go with her.
Maimi was so disappointed when she saw Airi leaves. But she knew that she will meet her again after school.

"Just be patience and calm as Erika said"…… Maimi thought to herself as she sat down to join the others.

During the last period, Maimi can’t wait anymore. She was just so excited.

"Damn clock!!! Why are you moving so slow!!! Damn bell!!! Why don’t you ring already…."she thought to herself. She was so lost in her thought until she felt somebody was poking her arms. She turned around and looked at Maasa who was staring at her.

"What???" She asked Maasa.

"Don’t what me"….. replied Maasa. "What’s wrong with you??? I’ve never see you daydreaming during our class before…." Maasa continued.

"Nothing"…. She answered.

Maasa still staring at her and giving her the “I don’t trust you at all look”, so she decided to change the subject.

"Are you going to walk Erika home today??" She asked Maasa.

"Of course I will. Why do ask?? You always know that, don’t you???" Said Maasa as she becoming more suspicious.

"Oh nothing… listen Maasa, I’m not going to join both of you today, so you can go home without me"….. Maimi replied.

"Why?? What’s wrong??" Ask Maasa.

"I have something to do today….."she answered shortly.

"Oh really?? Do you want to tell me what it is??" Maasa said as she raised her eyebrow.

"Well, it’s nothing big….. just something I want to do……" Maimi replied. She’s getting irritated by Maasa question.

Maasa can feel Maimi irritation so she decided to drop the subject.

When the bell rang, Maimi quickly packed her things and headed towards the school gates. She told Maasa to take care of Erika. When she arrived there, she felt very happy because she’s going to meet and talked to Airi again. She decided to wait for Airi at the shop in front of her school. A few minutes after that, she saw Airi walking alone from school. She quickly went to Airi and called her.

"Airin~~~~" she called.

Airi look around to find the person who called her. She was very surprised when she saw Maimi walking towards her. She quickly turned around and ran away as fast as she could.

"Airin!!! Wait!!!" Shouted Maimi. She was very shocked when she saw Airi ran away after she saw her. Maimi quickly chased her. "Maybe she thinks I am a stalker or something……but doesn’t she remember me???" Maimi asked herself while she was chasing after Airi.

10 minutes after that……

Airi couldn’t ran anymore. She was never good at sport, especially running. She finally stopped because she thought she have already out run Maimi. While she was gasping for air, her could feel a hand touching her shoulder. She turned around and she saw Maimi smiling at her.

"She‘s still fast after all……" Airi thought to herself.

"Airin~~~" called Maimi. It’s been a long time….. she continued.

Suddenly, Airi pushed Maimi away and yell at her.

"Don’t you dare touch me!!! Who the hell do you think you are??!!!" Airi yelled as she look at Maimi with her angry face.

"Hey calm down Airin!!! It’s me, Maimi……" Maimi replied. She was extremely shocked about how this event turned out to be but she manages to hold her tears from falling and calm herself down.

"I know who you are, Yajima!!!" Said Airi. "And don’t you dare call me Airin again!!! There’s only one person who can called me that and to me she’s already dead!!!!" She continued. Airi couldn’t hold herself anymore.

Maimi froze on the spot. "Dead?? What is she talking about?? And why is she so angry with me??" Maimi asked herself as she felt her eyes started to get wet.

Maimi try to hold herself together as she put her both her hand on Airi’s shoulder.

"What are you talking about Airin?? I’m not dead, I’m right in front of you!!!" Maimi said to Airi. She was trying really hard to hold her tears. "Aren’t you happy to see me???" She continued.

"Happy???" Airi said with a smirked. "Why should I be happy to see you?? I pray every day that I will never ever see your face again…… I hate you!!!!! "Airi continued as she push Maimi to the ground before she turned around and walked away.
Maimi froze. She doesn’t have the strength to get back to her feet. She couldn’t hold herself anymore as she felt her tears running through her cheeks. She watched Airi walked away and deep down inside her, she said to herself. 

"This is just a dream, a very bad dream, right???"

Chapter 4

Airi arrived at her house late that evening. After what happens between her and Maimi, she needs to be alone for a while. After dinner, she just stays in her room. After she had finished her bath, she lies down on her bed and starting to stare to the ceiling. After a few minutes, she slowly opened the drawer and she took out a picture of young girl.

"Why did you appear in front of me again???" She asked herself as she was staring at the picture. "I have already promise myself to forget you……and yet, you just won’t let me……" she continued as she starting to sob.

"I’m sorry Maimi-chan….." Airi talked to herself as her tears kept falling like the rain. "I never meant to hurt you…..but why didn’t you chased me?? Why do you pretend that nothing is wrong??? Don’t you remember the promise that you have broken a long time ago???" She continued talking to herself until she falls asleep while hugging Maimi picture.

The next morning…..

Erika walked alone to school that morning. When she arrived at school, the other girls quickly went to her and ask her why she is alone.

Erika-chan, what’s happen?? Ask Saki.

Did you just kill Maimi-chan because she tried to groped you or something?? Chinami asked as she giggled.

Maasa realized the concern look on Erika face, so walked over to Chinami and poked her head.

Itai!!! Maasa, what’s that for??? Asked Chinami angrily.

Stop teasing my girl or Yurina will have to spoon feed you….. Maasa warned Chinami.

What did you just say you bitc…… Chinami said as she walked toward Maasa while raising her hand.

Maasa was also raising her hand too as she push Erika softly behind her.

Stop it both of you!!!! screamed Miyabi.

Chinami and Maasa frozed as both of them glared at Miyabi.

Maasa, you know that Chii was just joking, and Chii, you know that Maasa do too….. so just stop acting like a fucking brat!!! Miyabi continued as she clenched her fist.

Yurina quickly walked towards Chinami and dragged her away. Risako, Nakky and Chisato that just stood during the whole scene decided to follow Yurina and helped her calmed Chinami off.

Calm down Miya….. Saki said as she put her hand on Miyabi shoulder.
Saki, I’m sorry….. Maasa apologized to Saki.

Saki smiled at her and said.

“It’s ok Maasa, we’ll see you guys at lunch ok”

Then, she took Miyabi away with her.

Maasa turned to Erika who was about to cry as she wrapped her arms around that girl.

Gomenne….. she said as she stared into Erika eyes.

Erika smiled at Maasa as she leaned forward and kiss her lips.

At Yurina and Chinami side…..

“Why are you dragging me away Yuri-chan??!!! I’m not finished with that bitch yet!!!” Chinami scolded Yurina.

Yurina just ignored her as she continued to drag Chinami followed by Risako, Nakky and Chisato.

Don’t you heard a word I said to you??!!! Chinami screamed and pull her hand away from Yurina.

Risako, Nakky and Chisato quickly went to her and tried to calm her down.


“Shut up you brat or I will end up beat the crap out of you too!!!!” Chinami cut those three as she glared at them angrily. “And who does
 Miyabi thinks she is??? Yelling at me like I’m a fool…..” Chinami continued angrily.

If it wasn’t for Saki, I would have…..


Risako, Nakky and Chisato were shocked as they saw Chinami rubs her cheeks and Yurina who was crying as she shouted.

Tokunaga Chinami, if you don’t get a hold of yourself and shut up, I will break up with you and I will hate you forever!!! Yurina’s cheek
was already wet with tears.

Nakky and Chisato just stood there and they just froze. But suddenly Risako took both their arms and lead them away.

Rii-chan, what are you doing??? Asked the very confused Nakky.

We need to give them some time alone…… Risako continued.

Chisato just nodded and the three of them walked away to class
Chinami can felt the guilt building inside her. Yurina was a gentle and caring girl who will never hurt and raised her voice to anyone. The guilt is even greater when she saw Yurina crying.

Yurina….. Chinami called her.

Yurina didn’t respond. She just starting to walked away from Chinami.

Chinami ran up to her and hugged her from behind.

I’m very sorry Yuri-chan….. I’ve lost my temper again….. Don’t leave me….. I beg you….. Her eyes was starting to water as she hugged Yurina tighter.

Go ahead, slap me again, yell at me again and hit me again for being a fool….. slap me again for hurting you….. She continued.
Yurina still stayed silent.

Chinami didn’t know what to do. Her tears were getting worst.
 If you can’t forgive me……

She froze as she felt Yurina lips were crushing against hers. She held her tighter as she returned the kiss.

Let’s go home….. Yurina said as her cheeks starting to grow redder.

Ok…. Chinami said as she holds Yurina hand and entwined their fingers together.

I’m sorry for slapping you so hard….. Yurina said when she saw the red spot on Chinami’s cheek.

It’s not your fault baby…. Chinami replied.

Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel better….. Yurina said as she blushed.

Chinami smiled grew wider as she whispered to her.

Well, I guess we better get home fast.

Yurina smiled as she held Chinami hand tighter.

During lunch……

Where Chinami and Yurina?? Asked Saki.

They skip school for today….. Maasa answered.

Oooooooo……… The girls replied as they giggled.

Miya, I’m sorry about this morning…. I shouldn’t lose my temper…. Maasa apologized.

"It’s ok……. Forget about ok…..

 Miyabi said as she smiled at Maasa.

"Erika, you still haven’t told us what’s wrong with Maimi-chan….." Saki asked Erika.

"Oh, her mother said she has a fever….." Erika replied.

"Ooooooo….. so you and Maasa gonna visit her after class???" Risako interrupt with her worried face.

"Yes…. You guys wanna come???" Erika comtinued.

"Sorry, but we have plans today….." Said Miyabi as she hold Saki in her arms.

"Yeah, we have plans too"…. Nakky and Chisato said.

"What about you Rii-chan??" Maasa asked Risako.

“Well, I’m going to Airi house today, she wants me to teach her with some homework…..” Risako replied.

“Oooooo …….. speaking of Suzuki-chan, where is she??” Saki asked Risako.

“Well, she’s doing yesterday homework…… she said she fell asleep to early last night…..” Risako answered.

The other girls just laughed when they heard Risako answer.

After class….

Maasa was already waiting for Erika at the school gates when she arrived there.

“Erika-chan, Maasa, don’t forget to Maimi-chan that we are sorry for not visiting her……” said Miyabi as the other girls nodded.

When both of them arrived at Maimi house, they went straight to her bedroom after they have say hi to Maimi’s mother.

When they stepped into Maimi’s room, they were shocked to see Maimi.

“Maimi-chan, what’s wrong??!!!!” Both of them asked.


This is the new chapter.

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Chapter  5

After school, Risako followed Airi to her house. After Airi had introduced Risako to her parents, she took Risako to her room.

“You have a nice room Airi…..” Risako said as she smiled at Airi.

“Thank you Risako-chan……“ Airi replied to Risako.

“Airi, you don’t need to call me Risako….. Just call me Rii-chan like the other girls……” Risako said while she starting to get her homework out of her bag.

“But you just know me…… I don’t think you would like me to call you that…. And besides, your friends know you very well……” Airi said.

“Silly Airi……” Risako said as she patted Airi’s head. “I have invited you to have lunch with me and my friend at school….. And besides, all the girls seem to like you too…..” She continued. “We can be best friend right???” Risako asked as she’s smiling sweetly towards Airi.
Airi smiled back and took Risako hand.

“Of course Rii-chan…. I would like that very much……” Airi replied.

“Ok then, let’s start doing our homework!!!” Risako said as she punched towards the empty ceiling and tried to put on a very determined and serious face expression.

Airi just giggled at Risako and said.

“Yeah!!! We can do it!!!”

Two hours later……

“Yatta!!!!” Risako screamed as she rolled over towards  Airi’s bed.

“Our homework is finish at last!!!” Risako said as she continued to roll herself on Airi’s bed.

Airi giggled at Risako and went over to her bed.

“So, are you going home now Rii-chan???” Airi asked Risako.

“Are you throwing me out???” Risako asked Airi backed in a very sarcastic voice.

“What??? No!!! I’m not throwing you out…… I’m don’t mean it that way……” Airi explained herself to Risako.

Risako smiled when she saw Airi panicking face.

“I know that, I’m just messing with you…….” Risako said as she laugh.

“Mou~~~~~you are so mean Rii-chan…..” Airi said as she pouted.

“Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Risako.

“Nee Airi……” continued Risako.

“What???” Airi replied.

“Are you dating somebody right now???” Risako asked as she moved closer towards Airi.

What kind of question is that Rii-chan??!!! Airi asked as she felt her cheeks grew red.

Come on Airi, we are best friend now right……. We can’t keep any secret between us…… Risako said to Airi.

No way….. I’m not going to answer that question…… Airi said as she put her arms across her chest.

Oh really~~~~ Risako said with a grinned and moving closer to Airi.

Yes…… I will not tell you…… or should I say I would never tell you….. Airi replied.

Well then, I guess I just have to force you…… Risako said with an evil intention all written on her face.

Airi moved backed a little bit as she could sensed something bad going to happen to her and said.
“What are you……”

Before Airi could finish her sentence, Risako jumped on her and she’s starting to tickle Airi.

“You better start talking or I’m going to tickle you to death…….” Risako said while laughing.

“Stop!!! Hahahahaha~~~~ please Rii-chan~~~~stop~~~~alright, alright~~~~ I’ll tell you~~~just stop~~~please……” Airi said to Risako as she tried to stop Risako from torturing her.

“Good choice….” Risako said. She’s very pleased with herself.

“Wait a minute ok……” Airi said as she tried to catch her breath.

“Hurry up Airi, or I will tickle you again……” Risako warned Airi.

“Ok,ok…… but, you have to tell me about yours first……” Airi said as she smiled.

“What??!!! I asked you first didn’t I…..” Risako replied.

“But to be fair, you have to tell me yours first….. Considering that you almost kill me just now…..” Airi said with a stern look.

“Ok then, fair enough…… I tell you first…. But you better tell me after this…..” Risako said to Airi.

Airi smiled and nodded.

Risako sighed as she started to tell Airi.

“I not dating anyone right now, but I do have a crush on someone……” Risako said as she started too blushed.

 “Really??!!! Who is that lucky person??” Airi said as she starting to get interested.

“Her name is Tsugunaga Momoko…… she’s in the same class with Miyabi, Maasa and Maimi……” Risako said. “She’s also from our group…..” Risako continued.

“But I didn’t see her yesterday…..”  Airi said.

“Well that’s because she has a fever and she can’t come to school for two days……” Risako replied.

“Aww~~~~you worried about her, don’t you Rii-chan……” Airi giggled as she teased Risako.

Risako cheeks become redder as she threw a pillow to Airi.

“Stop teasing me!!!” She shouted. “And of course I’m worried……” she continued.

Airi laughed as she patted Risako shoulder. “Don’t worry ok, she will be fine…..” Airi said to Risako.

Risako smiled as she take Airi’s hand.

“Thanks Airi…….” She said. “Well, it’s your turn now……” continued Risako.

Airi look up and she’s starting to stare at the empty ceiling.

“I am not dating anyone right now……” she said.

Still not satisfied, Risako asked Airi more.

“Well, have you been in love or have a crushed on somebody before???”

Airi looked at Risako and answered.

“Yes, but it was seven years ago…… I don’t think I can call it love because I was just a kid at that time. She is two years older. I don’t even know when my feeling starting to change towards her, but to me, she more than my best friend, she’s my angel……”

“Airi, when it comes to the matter’s of heart, It doesn’t matter whether you are kid or grown up….. Loves have no age limit….” Risako said to Airi. “What happen then???” She continued.

“Nothing happen….. I moved to another place after that….. I don’t even have the chance to tell her how much I love her…….and never met her after that” Airi said as her eye’s starting to tears.

Risako went to Airi and put her arms on Airi shoulders. “Don’t worry Airi, you will see her again….. Just don’t give up yet ok…..” Risako said smiling.

“Thanks Rii-chan……” Airi said while she wipes out her tears.

“Airi, I think I should go home now….. It’s getting late……” said Risako.

After Risako went home, Airi lied down on her bed and starting too stared at the empty ceiling again.

“Rii-chan, I’s sorry that I lied a bit to you just now…… but I can’t tell you that I have meet that person again…….” She said to herself.

She opened her drawers and took out the photos of Maimi.

“Why don’t you keep your promise back then Maimi-chan???” She mumbled to herself.


Airi’s was moving out today, the mover van was already at her house that morning.

“Where is she???” Airi said as she walked back and forth. “She promise to come and see me today before I leave…….” she continued as she waited anxiously for Maimi. She wants to tell Maimi something today. Something that she has hid inside her heart this whole time.

A few minutes after that, her mother came and told her to get ready to move.

“Wait mom, my friend is not here yet!!!” She said as her tears starting to fall through her cheeks.

“Ok, we will wait five more minutes…..” Airi’s mother said.

“Thank you mom, she will come, she promised me……” Airi said to her mom.

But, after 5 minutes, Maimi never showed and Airi’s mother can’t delay anymore.

Airi was very sad. She never stopped crying even in the van.

“Why did break your promise??? Why didn’t you come Maimi-chan??? I hate you…… I don’t ever want to see your face again…..” She mumbled as she continued to cry.


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Re: Promise
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Here's the new update!!!!! :P

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Re: Promise
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Wooooah, Airi and Maimi! Love that pairing  :wub:
Hmm I really liked it. Miyabi and Saki  :inlove:
Poor Maimi  :cry: Keep it up!  :heart:

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Re: Promise
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i likes these chapter are nice!! I like the introduction, I like the chapters, they´re cutee and nice.
I don´t understand airi.  >.<

Maimi and Airi, that´s great. <3 <3

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Re: Promise
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thanks Vikitty and Mikitty_ayaya.... :)

ihope you guys will like this new chapter........ XD

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Re: Promise
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Chapter 6 is here!!!! XD

Chapter 6

The next day, Erika went to school by herself again. She seems very sad and concern about Maimi.

“Maimi-chan, what’s wrong??!!!!” Both of them asked.

They were very shocked when they saw Maimi’s condition. Maimi was sitting on her bed while wrapping herself with her blanket. Her eyes were red as blood because Maimi has been crying all night long. Her hair was a messed. Erika and Maasa have never seen Maimi like this. They have never even seen Maimi cried before. Erika rushed towards Maimi and hugged her. Maasa also went to Maimi and patted her head. After a few minutes, Maimi pulled away and smiled a little at Erika and Maasa. Maasa and Erika knew right away that it was a forced smile.

“Maimi-chan, what’s wrong?? Tell us…..” Erika said with a very concerned tone.

“Nothing happen Erika, I’m just not feeling well……” Maimi said as she moved a little bit from Erika.

“Don’t lie to us Maimi-chan, we know you very well to tell whether you are lying or not………” Maasa said to Maimi.

“Why should I lie to both of you??? I not lying ok, I’m just having a fever……” Maimi said to Maasa as she put on her fake smile again.

“If you are not lying, then why are your eyes so red??!!! I know well enough Maimi-chan, you never sicked!!! Don’t you dare lie to me and Maasa!!!” Erika said at Maimi angrily. She hates it when Maimi was trying to hide something from her.

Still putting the faked smile, Maimi answered Erika.

“Why don’t you believe me Erika??? It’s true ok….. I’m just having a fever…..”

Maimi answered have caused Erika to explode in anger. She stood up and she was flaring at Maimi.

“How dare you lie to me Maimi!!! I’m your best friend and you are still hiding things from me??!!!” She said in anger. Her eyes were almost filled with tears.

“Do you think that Maasa and I are stupid??!!! We’ve known you for five years Maimi!!! Your eyes are red because you have been crying all night!!! You better tell us the truth or we will never want to see you again!!!” She continued in rage.

“I am not lying ok!!!! If you don’t believe me, then it’s your problem!!!” Maimi shouted at Erika.

“Fine then, if you don’t want to tell us anything, fine….. We are your best friend Maimi, and we just want to help you……” Erika said as she went to Maasa and pulled her to the door.

“Erika dear, calm down……” Maasa said as she hold Erika hands and stopped her from leaving.

Erika looked at Maasa and said.

“What the point Maasa-chan, she don’t want our help, she don’t even need us anymore!!!”

Erika was about to leave when Maimi jumped off the bed and hugged Erika and Maasa from behind as she was starting to cry like crazy.

“She said she hates me, she said she never want to see my face again!!!” Said Maimi as she was hugging Maasa and Erika while she was crying.

Maasa and Erika turned towards Maimi and they hugged her back.

“Who is she Maimi, what are you talking about???” Erika asked Maimi as she and Maasa leads Maimi towards her bed again.

Both of them were confused now. What was Maimi talking about?? Who is she?? But before they asked again, they tried to stop Maimi from crying first. After a few minutes, Maimi began to ease up as she looked at Maasa and Erika.

“Airi-chan…..” She muttered.

“Suzuki-san??? Do you know her before Maimi-chan???” Maasa asked in confusion.

Maimi took the picture on her table and gave it to Erika.

“Maimi, don’t tell me that this girl is Suzuki-chan!!!” Said Erika.

Maimi just nodded weakly as she started to wrap herself with the blanket again.

“That’s why I got a feeling that I have met her somewhere yesterday…… didn’t I tell you Maasa-chan???” Erika said to Maasa who was still confused with the whole situation.

“Who is this girl Erika??? Tell me…..” Maasa said to Erika.

Erika sighed and she told the story about the girl in the picture to Maasa.

After Erika told her, Maasa started to understand.

“What happen yesterday Maimi-chan???” Erika asked Maimi.

Maimi told Maasa and Erika everything that happened between her and Airi. Maimi started to cry again when she told everything to Maasa and Erika.

After she told her everything, Maasa and Erika went to Maimi and hugged her. Erika was crying also that time. She never thought that her best friend would be hurt like that.

“Maimi-chan, why would she that to you???” Erika said.

“I don’t know Erika…… but she seem very angry at me……” Maimi said as she continued to sob.

“Don’t worry Maimi, Maasa and I will find her tomorrow, we will find out why she did that……” Erika said to Maimi as she looked towards Maasa and saw Maasa nodded.

“Don’t Erika!!! You have to promise me that you will never do that!!!” Shouted Maimi.

“We want to help you Maimi-chan…..” Erika said to Maimi.

“No, I have to deal this on my own…… please Erika, Maasa….. Promise me that you will never bother her…..” Maimi said as she holds Maasa and Erika hand.

Maasa and Erika sighed as they promised Maimi.


Erika sighed when she remembered the promise that she have made to Maimi. She really wanted to help her best friend, but there’s nothing that she can do now.

When she arrived at the school, Maasa and the others were already waiting for her.

She went to Maasa and gives her a kiss.

Maasa smiled at Erika as she hugged her girlfriend and whispered in her ears.

“I know you are worry right now sweetheart, but remember our promise to Maimi ok……”

Erika smiled at Maasa and she nodded.

“Where’s Maimi-chan???” Asked a short and bright girl.

“Ooooo~~~~ Momo-chan, you’re back…… How are you feeling???” Erika said as she went to the smaller girl and hugged her.

“Better now…… now where is Maimi-chan???” Momoko asked Erika again.

“She has a fever…… but she will be back tomorrow…..” Erika answered.

“Ooooo~~~ that’s bad……” Momoko said.

“Don’t worry Momo-chan, you know Maimi, she’s a strong girl……” Chinami said to her.

“Well, I guess you’re right………” Momoko said to Chinami.

“Maasa-chan…….” Chinami said slowly.

“What Chii-chan???” Maasa asked as she smiled at Chinami.

Chinami went to Erika and Maasa and bowed to them. Maasa and Erika were shocked as they went to Chinami and hold her hand.

“I’m sorry for yesterday……. I should not lose my temper…….” Chinami said as her eyes started to water.

Erika and Maasa hugged Chinami.

“We are friends right, of course we forgive you…… and I am sorry too…..”  Maasa said to Chinami.

Yurina went to them and pulled Chinami away.

“Ok, that’s enough…….” Yurina said as she pouted.

“Oooooo~~~~ don’t tell me you are jealous Yuri-chan…….” Asked Erika.

“Of course I am…….” She said as her cheeks turn red.

“Babe, you don’t have to be jealous anymore ok…… not after what happened last night……”  Chinami said and winked at her tall girlfriend.

Yurina face turned redder when she heard Chinami said that.

“So, what happen last night???” Saki asked Chinami.

“Well, we……”

Before Chinami could finished her sentence,  Yurina punched her arms and said.

“Don’t tell them…… it’s embarrassing!!!!”

All of them giggled as they watched the couple.

“Well, it looks like I have some catching up to do……” Momoko said. “Who’s gonna tell me everything about what happen over the last two days……” she continued.

All the girls looked at each other and they shouted in unison.


Momoko went to Risako and hold her hands.

“Well, I guess you will be my date during lunch today……” Momoko said as she kisses Risako cheeks. “Maasa, Miya, let’s go or we will be late……” she continued as she started to walked towards her class.

Risako watched Momoko as she hold her cheeks.

“She holds my hand and she kiss me!!!!” She shouted to herself. She can feel herself flying now. But her imagination was interrupted by Nakky and Chisato.

“We have to go to class too you know…..” Nakky said as she and Chisato giggled at Risako.

“You should tell her your feeling you know…….” Chisato said and Nakky nodded in agreement.

“Ah~~~~ just mind your own business guys……” Risako said as she joined her friends to class.

“I can’t wait to tell Airi about this and I will tell Momo-chan about my feeling……” she thought to herself.

At Maimi house…..

Maimi just woke up and she better now. She took the picture on her her table and hugged it.

“Airin, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I will make up to it…… I promise you…. I love you so much Airin…….” She said to herself as she kissed the picture and fell to sleep again.


i just edit a few words in this new chapter......

men, i make a lot of mistake......
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Re: Promise
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New chapter!!!! :shocked:


Chapter 7

The class went smoothly that day. Airi was walking towards the cafeteria with Nakky, Chisato and Risako. But today, she couln’t helped but notice that something was bothering Risako. During the class, Risako seems too lost in her owned world and sometimes, she just blushed for no reason.

“Rii-chan, what’s wrong with you today??” Airi asked Risako.

When Risako heard Airi’s question, her cheeks was starting to blush again.

“What?? Nothing….. Nothing interesting to tell~~~~ hahahahahaha……” Risako said while she tried to hide her blushing face.

 “Oh really~~~~~” Airi said with a sarcastic tone.

Airi turned towards Nakky and Chisato and asked them.

“So ladies, what’s wrong with our little Rii-chan today???”

Nakky and Chisato giggled and answered Airi.

“Well, it looks like our little Rii-chan will be Momo-chan date during this lunch….”

“Uso!!!!” Airi shouted. “Rii-chan, is it true???” She continued.

Risako cheeks turn even redder than before and she nodded.

Airi hugged her and said.

“Congratulations Rii-chan!!! I am so happy for you……. maybe this will be a perfect time to tell Tsugunaga senpai about your feeling….

“Thank you Airi-chan, maybe I will!!!!” Risako said as she holds Airi hand.

When they arrived at the cafeteria, all the girls were already waiting for them. Momoko saw Risako and rushed towards her.

“Rii-chan, you are late for our first date!!!” She said as she take her hand and lead Risako away.

Airi watched Risako who was blushing like mad and chuckled.

“They really deserved each other”….. She said to herself and smile.

She followed Nakky and Chisato to the table and sat beside Erika.

Erika felt very uncomfortable because of what Airi did to Maimi. Maasa realized this and whispered to her.

“Calm down honey….. Don’t show to her that you are mad….. Please think about Maimi……”

Erika took a deep breath and smiled at Maasa.

“Thanks darling, I don’t know what to do if I don’t have you by my side…….” She whispered back to Maasa.

Maasa smiled as she kissed Erika’s forehead.

“I love so much honey……” Maasa said.

“I love u too darling……” Erika replied.

“That’s enough you two….. Not in front of these kids…..” Saki interrupted them as she giggled.

 Maasa and Erika blushed as they stuck their tongue out to Saki.

 Airi smiled at both of them while she scanned around the table.

“Where is she???” She asked herself.

“Who are you looking for Suzuki-chan???” Miyabi asked Airi.

“Ummm….. where’s Mai….. eh…. I mean Yajima-san….” Airi said.

“Maimi’s not well; she didn’t come to school since yesterday….” Saki answered her.

“Oh~~~ I see……” Airi said.

“What have I done??? I know she’s not sick…..  Why does my heart hurt when I heard about this???” Airi kept talking to herself. She wanted to cry, but she holds her tears. She doesn’t want those girls too know anything that happened between her and Maimi.

“What’s wrong Airi-chan???”  Asked Nakky.

“Nothing…..” Replied Airi as she put on her fake smile.

Meanwhile, at the school garden…….

Risako was blushing like crazy when she’s telling Momoko everything that happened for the last few days. Risako was in her own world right now. She never felt this happy in her life. She always wanted to spend some time alone with this cute and bright girl.

“I really appreciate these guys!!! Thanks a million!!!” She shouted in her head.

“Rii-chan, can I ask you one question???”  Momoko said as she broke Risako from her own little world.

“Sure Momo-chan…… anything…..” Risako said as she tried to hide her blush from Momoko.

“Are you dating anyone right now???” Momoko said.

“No…..” Risako answered. Her heart was pounding like crazy right now.

“What about that new girl, Suzuki-chan???” Momoko asked again. But this time, she lowered her head and looked at her shoe. Her cheek was starting to turn red.

Risako became a little surprised. She smiled and answered Momoko.

“No, Airi and I are just best friends……. But she already knows that I have a very huge crush on someone……” Risako answered.
Momoko lifted her head and a little smiled appeared on her head. But when she heard the second phase of Risako answered, she became a little scared.

“Do I know that person???” Momoko asked again.

Risako smiled and took a deep breath.

“Yes you do…….” Risako answered her shortly.

Momoko felt like a huge wave was hitting her. She lowered her head as she tried to hold herself from crying.

“That person just asks me on a date this morning to tell her everything that happened over the last few days before she kiss my cheek……” Risako continued and felt that her head was getting hot.

Momoko was a little surprised by that answered. She quickly went to Risako, and took her hand.
“Rii-chan, would you be my heart and soul???” Momoko asked Risako as her cheeks starting to get very red.

Risako cried a little as she leans towards Momoko and kiss her lips. Momoko was a little surprised at that time. But after a while, she kissed Risako back as she slip her tongue inside her and taste every surface.

After a little while, they pulled away from each other for air. Risako hugged Momoko waist and said.

“What took you so long??? I have been waiting for that word for a long time…….”

Momoko smiled and said.

“I’m sorry for making you wait……”

She lean towards Risako and kiss her again.

That afternoon, Maimi decided to take a walk. She went out and heads towards the park. She sat on a bench there and she tried to clear her mind. She was thinking about Airi again. Suddenly, someone tripped in front of her and she quickly went to help.

“Are you alright???” Maimi said as she tried to lift up the stranger.

When that person was back on her feet again, she smiled at Maimi and said.

“Thank you for helping me. I am ok now……”

Maimi smiled at the stranger and she invited her to sit with her.

“By the way, my name is Hagiwara Mai; you can call me MaiMai or Mai-chan…..”  said the stranger.

“Yajima Maimi desu……. You can call me Maimi…..” Maimi replied as she smiled and shook her hands with Mai.

“Do you come here often Maimi-chan???” Mai asked.

“Yes, almost every evening….. I like to run….. hehehehe~~~” Maimi said as she smiled at Mai.

“Really??? Maybe we can see each other again right???” Mai asked again.

“Sure, why not Mai-chan…..” Maimi replied.

“Ok then, I’ll see you later Maimi-chan, I have to go home now……” Mai said as she started to leave.

“Ok Mai-chan, see you later!!!” Maimi shouted at Mai.

“Maimi, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl……” Mai said to herself as she went home.

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Re: Promise
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Wow, this story is coming thick and fast, liking it though, the chapters work well and the story is easy to follow, wonder what part maimai will play in this story :?

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Re: Promise
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Airi smiled at both of them while she scanned around the table.

“Where is she???” She asked herself.

Although airi said unpleasant words to Maimi, airi still looking to Maimi,  and she is attentive to her.  :wub:

“Who are you looking for Suzuki-chan???” Miyabi asked Airi.

“Ummm….. where’s Mai….. eh…. I mean Yajima-san….” Airi said.


“Maimi’s not well; she didn’t come to school since yesterday….” Saki answered her.

“Oh~~~ I see……” Airi said.

“What have I done??? I know she’s not sick…..  Why does my heart hurt when I heard about this???” Airi kept talking to herself.
:cry: Airi...

She wanted to cry, but she holds her tears. She doesn’t want those girls too know anything that happened between her and Maimi.

“What’s wrong Airi-chan???”  Asked Nakky.

“Nothing…..” Replied Airi as she put on her fake smile.

my part favourite,  :wub:  :wub: this part is nice,  Airi´s worried about Maimi.  :wub:

next chapter.  :)

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Re: Promise
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new chapter is here!!!!!! :lol:

Chapter 8

Maimi went to the school with Erika the next day. She’s feeling a bit better now. When both of them arrived at school, they were ambushed by their friends.

“Maimi-chan!!!” Shouted Momoko.

“Momo!!!” Shouted Maimi as she went to hug the smaller girl.

“How do you feel now Maimi???” Asked Saki.

“Well better……” Maimi answered Saki.

“We’re sorry that we don’t stop by to visit……. But we’re glad to see you healthy again Maimi-chan……” Chinami said as she bowed to Maimi.

“It’s ok Chii-chan……. It’s just a fever……” Maimi said to Chinami while she smiled.

“But it’s weird you know……” Said Nakky.

“What are you talking about baby???” Asked Chisato as she hugged her cute girlfriend.

“Well, Maimi-chan never sick before…….. So, it’s weird to me……” replied Nakky.

Maimi smiled at Nakky and went to her.

“I am human too you know…… so, there’s nothing weird about me falling sick…..” said Maimi.

“Well, it’s still weird to me…… hahahahahahaha……” said Nakky as she giggled.

The other girls just giggled when they heard Nakky said that. After a few minutes, all of them went towards their own class.


The bell rang and all of the students were starting to leave their class to go lunch. Momoko and Miyabi just ran out of the class without saying anything to Maimi and Maasa. To Maimi, it was natural for Miyabi, but when she saw Momoko did the same. She was starting to wonder why.

"Where’s Momoko going???" She asked Maasa. "Why didn’t she wait for us???" She continued.

"Momo-chan is going to Rii-chan class….." Answered Maasa.

"Huh??? What for???" Asked the very confused Maimi.

"So, your cute little sister didn’t tell you???" said Maasa.

"Tell me what Maasa???" Asked Maimi again. She was starting to get irritated by this conversation.

"Apparently, your little sister Rii-chan, are Momoko’s girlfriend now……." Maasa said as she giggled.

"What??!!! When did they start dating???!!!" Asked Maimi. She was very surprised to hear about this shocking news.

"Well, yesterday……. Finally Momo have enough courage to tell Rii-chan about her feeling……" Maasa replied.

"I think I’ve only missing school for two days, not two years……" Maimi said to Maasa who just giggled at her reaction.

"Well, that’s what you get when you missing school!!!" Maasa said as she started to run towards the cafeteria.

Maimi chased after her and when she and Maasa arrived at the cafeteria, Maimi suddenly turned around and started to walk away from the cafeteria. Maasa realized about that and she quickly chased after Maimi.
"What’s wrong Maimi-chan???" Asked Maasa.

"I can’t join you guys today…… I have something to do……." Maimi said as she started to walk faster.

"Not so fast Maimi-chan……" Maasa said as she grabbed Maimi’s hand. "Don’t lie to me ok……" Maasa continued. "It’s about Airi right???" Maasa asked.

Maimi sighed heavily as she nodded her head reluctantly. Maasa took Maimi hands and hold them while she stared into Maimi’s eyes.

"Please Maasa……. I am not ready……. I can’t face her yet……." Pleaded Maimi.

Maasa sighed and said.

"But you know that you can’t avoid her for the rest of your life right…….."

"I know that Maasa, but, I need time to adjust ok……" Maimi said. She lowered her head to avoid Maasa from seeing her tears that have started to form.

"Maimi-chan, she’s already one of us……. I hope you understand this……" Maasa continued.

"I know Maasa, just don’t tell Erika ok…… I don’t want her to leave the table too……" Maimi said to Maasa and she walked away.

Maasa sighed heavily and headed towards the cafeteria again. She was wandering what kind of excuse she’s going to give and what kind of response that she’s going to get.

One week later……

Maasa instinct was correct. Maimi was still avoiding Airi. She’s only with the girls during the morning or whenever Airi was not around. Maimi don’t even hang out with them during the weekend anymore. Whenever the girls asked Maimi, she just either ignored them or walked away from them. Maasa still remembered the incident that happened to Maimi, Risako and Momoko a few days ago. Risako and Momoko felt that Maimi was avoiding the girls because she doesn’t approve their relationship.


Maasa and Erika were at Maimi house that evening. Erika wanted to talk to Maimi about her behavior that week. When Erika and Maimi were arguing, Risako and Momoko arrived.

"Rii-chan, Momo-chan, what are you doing here……" asked Maasa.

Risako and Momoko didn’t answered Maasa question but they kneel in front of Maimi. The three of them were shocked seeing Momoko and Risako that were kneeling in front of Maimi.

"What the hell are you two doing??!!!" Asked Maimi. She was getting pretty upset with both of them.

"Are you avoiding the girls because you didn’t approve our relationship Maimi-nee???" Asked Risako.

Maimi was very shocked to hear that. She quickly went to Momoko and Risako and hugged both of them.

"Why do you say that Rii-chan???" Said Maimi. "It has nothing to do with both of you……" she continued.

"But, you were avoiding us ever since you are back to school Maimi……" said Momoko.

"I have my own problem Momo, please don’t think I avoid you guys because of your relationship……" Maimi said while she pulled away from them and smiled. "i think of Rii-chan as my imoto, even though it just what we call each other, we really close and we are sometimes like real siblings….. And as her oneechan, of course I’m happy!!!" She continued.


Maasa sighed as she continued towards the cafeteria alone. Again……


i am sorry about the delay...... :sweatdrop:
i got to study because i am having my final exams 2 days in a row...... :nervous

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Re: Promise
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i add little bit more to chapter 9..... :w00t:
because i think it's too short..... :sweatdrop:

Chapter 9

Airi just arrived at her house that evening. She was very exhausted. After taking her bath, she lied on her bed and starting to think about the event that have happen this week.

"So, she still didn’t show up today……. i know that she's just avoiding me" She thought to herself. "Why does my heart feel hurt…… I’m starting to miss her again…… I want her to talk to me again……. Why do I have to go over this feeling again…… I hate her…… she didn’t even keep her promise long ago….. But, why do I have this feeling like I miss her a lot???" She continued mumbled to herself.

Airi took Maimi picture from her drawer and stared at them.

"She’s still beautiful and even more angelic now…… her eyes, her lips, her voice, her face…… Kami-sama, what do I have to do to forget her???" She thought to herself.

"I don’t want to be hurt again……. I don’t want to lose again…….I don’t want to be the one that cry in the end……" she continued.

While Airi was busy talking to herself. Suddenly her telephone rang. She picked up her phone and started to chat with the caller.

"Moshi-moshi…… airi desu……"

"Airi-chan, Momo here……." Replied the caller.

"Momo-senpai, what’s up……" she said.

"Well, this Saturday, we are going to have a surprise party for Rii-chan to celebrate her birthday……." Momoko replied.

"Oh really, what do I have to do Momo-senpai???" She asked.

"Well, you have to keep Rii-chan busy so that she never knows what we are up too!!!" Said Momoko.

"No problem Momo-senpai…… you can count on me……" Airi said.

"Ok then, remember the plan ok…… take her to the town this Saturday and I will text you about the place…… bye-bye…" Momoko said as she ended their conversation.

"Ok …… bye-bye….." Airi replied.

Airi stared at the empty ceiling after that. She couldn’t help but smiled. “Its Rii-chan party, I’m sure she will be there. Maybe I can talk to
her again…… and this time I won’t yell at her again” she thought to herself as she smiled.

Maimi didn’t know what she should do now. After she received that called from Momoko, she couldn’t stop thinking. She knew, if she didn’t go, Risako and Momoko will be very upset. Not to mention Erika and the others will be extremely angry with her. But if she went there this Saturday, she has to face Airi. She’s still not ready. But suddenly she remembered someone. A person that has been much closed to her lately. A person that she just met a week ago. She called that person and went to meet her at the park.

"Maimi-chan, what’s wrong???" Asked Mai. "You sound so urgent when you called me just now……" she continued.

"I’m sorry to bother you Mai-chan……. But I am wondering, are you free this Saturday???" Maimi said to Mai.

"Hmmm…… I think I am Maimi-chan….. Why???" Answered Mai after she thought to herself for a while.

"Well, my friends are going to have a surprise party for one of our friends birthday…… would you like to come with me???" She asked Mai.

"Are you asking me for a date Maimi-chan???" Mai said.

Maimi face blushed when she heard Mai said that.

"No!!!" She shouted.

After screaming like that, she realized the look on Mai face. She seems very sad and hurt. She quickly went towards Mai and hugged her.

"I’m sorry….. I just want you to help me….. the girl that I have always tell you about is going to be there and I am not ready to face her yet…… so, if you are there, at least I have someone to talk to……." She said to Mai.

Mai pulled away from the hugged and smile brightly at Maimi.

“Of course I will help you…… we’re friends right…..” Mai said as she holds Maimi’s hand.

Maimi smiled back at Mai and hugged her again.

“Arigatou Mai-chan…….” She said.

Mai went home feeling very happy that evening. “Maimi have asked me for a date!!!” She thought to herself. “Looks like everything is going according to plan” she mumbled to herself. “Well, since that girl is going to be there too, I guess I have to think of something a little bit more interesting……” Mai continued to think until she came out with a brilliant plan. A grinned formed on her face as she lied down on her bed. Mai took her phone and called someone. After a few minutes of discussion, the person that she was calling gave her the permission to continue with the plan. She smiled as she thought to herself. “Looks like I’m going to snatch Maimi away from you Suzuki……hahahahaha…..”

Chapter 10

Saturday was finally here. That morning Airi was not herself. She was so nervous because she’s going to start talking to Maimi again today. She rolled on her bed while she was hugging Maimi picture. She was starting to wonder about what would happen when she talked to Maimi today. She just hoped that Maimi would forgive her for all the mean things that she has told Maimi before. Airi went to the bath room and starting to get ready. She has to prepare herself early because she needs to take Risako to the city and distracted her. After she has finished bathing, she received a text from Momoko.

“Airi-chan, are you awake yet??? Do you still remember our plan for today??? “

Airi quickly replied Momoko text.

“I’m already awake Momo-senpai and I still remember the plan…..” :D

“Good!!! :twothumbs are going to Rii-chan house now???”

“Yes….. Where are you going to make the surprise party??”

“The girls and I will make it at Yuri-chan house….. Her parents are not home for a while because they are on a business trip….”

“Ok then, make sure that you text me when everything is done ok???”

“Ok….. Don’t worry….. Thanks a lot Airi-chan.” XD

“You’re welcome.”

After eating her breakfast, Airi quickly went to Risako house. She didn’t call Risako because she knew that Risako would never follow her to town today. When she’s on the train, she started to think about her planned for Maimi today. “I know that she will be happy….. I just hope that I didn’t screw anything up this time……. I know that I’ve said that I hate her, but that just word….. I can’t afford to lose her again this time….. I know that she avoiding all her friends   because of me…..” Airi thought to herself. “Who knows, maybe after today, Rii-chan and the others will have their old Maimi back and I will have my Maimi too…..” She smiled to herself at that thought. Even though she said that she hates Maimi, but the truth was, she still loved her. She wanted her Maimi back. She still wanted Maimi to be by her side forever.

When she finally reached Risako house, she called Risako and told her that she was standing outside her house. Risako quickly ran downstairs to get Airi.

“Airi-chan, what are you doing here???” Asked Risako.

“I want you to go shopping with me…..” Airi replied with a smiled.

Risako stared at Airi for while and answered her.

“No….. I am so not in the mood of shopping right now……”

When Airi heard Risako’s answered, she knew right away that it would be very hard to persuade that girl to follow her. But, after 20 minutes of persuasion, Risako finally gave up and agreed to go shopping with Airi. When Risako was bathing, Airi sighed heavily as she texted Momoko.

“Momo-senpai, you should be grateful because after 20 minutes of persuasion, she finally agreed to go shopping with me……” :sweatdrop:

A few minutes after that, Momoko texted her back.

“I know that I can count on you Airi-chan….. Don’t worry too much ok, by this afternoon, everything will be done and I will text you to come here….”

“Ok Momo-senpai….. Orders received…. Loud and clear….. hehehe…. Roger and out….” :thumbsup

A few minutes after that, Risako finished her bath and both of them went straight to shopping. Risako just stood in silent that time. She seems too lost in her owned little world. Airi smiled at Risako. She knew the reason why Risako became like this.

“Why didn’t Momo-chan wish me last night……?” Risako thought to herself. “Did she forget about my birthday??? She can’t forget, she’s my girlfriend right….. Maybe she’s busy….” She continued. “If she does forget, I swear that I will not be happy….. I’ll never kiss her again…..” Risako thought to herself.

After Risako and Airi arrived at the town, both of them went to the mall. But Risako was feeling a bit weird. Airi told her that she has some shopping to do. But Airi didn’t even buy anything. After they have entered a few store, Risako finally decided to ask Airi.

“Airi-chan, you said that you have many things to buy….. But we have been walking into every shop in this mall and you didn’t even buy anything…….” Risako asked as she raised one of her eyebrow.

Airi knew that Risako was starting to become suspicious. She quickly thought about something to keep Risako in the dark.

“I know, but I don’t find anything that takes my interest yet……” Airi replied Risako.

“Well, you better hurry and find something and or I will leave now!!!” Risako said to Airi. She was starting to feel irritated and impatient.

“Mou Rii-chan~~~ what’s wrong with you today???” Airi asked innocently even though she already knew what’ wrong.

“Nothing ok….. I’m just not in the mood for shopping or get out of the house…..” Risako answered.

“Alright then, I promise you that I will buy something from the next shop…..” Airi said to Risako. "And Momo-senpai better pay me back for it too……” Airi thought to herself.

Meanwhile, at Yurina house.

Maimi have just arrived at Yurina’s place with Mai. Her friends were shocked to see Mai.

“Maimi-chan, who’s this???” Asked Momoko.

“Oh, this is Mai….” Maimi answered Momoko. “And Mai, this is Momoko, and the tall girl is Yurina, the owner of this house, the one who’s hugging her is her girlfriend, Chinami and this is Nakky, Chisato, Miyabi and Saki….” Maimi continued as she introduced everyone to Mai.

“Domo…..” Mai said to everyone.

“So, where’s the birthday girl???” Asked Maimi when she realized that Risako wasn’t there.

“Airi-chan is taking care of her…… She’s taking her shopping…..” Momoko answered Maimi.

“Where are Erika and Maasa then???” Maimi asked again.

“At the kitchen, preparing the cake…..” Saki answered.

“Ooooo…. Ok, let me go and help them….. Mai-chan, you can stay with the girl ok…..” Maimi said as she walked towards the kitchen.

When Maimi arrived at the kitchen, she was very shocked with the scene that she just saw. Erika and Maasa were making out in the kitchen!!! Maimi smiled as she walked slowly and startled them.

“OOOOO…… so this is what you mean by preparing the cakes!!!” She shouted at Erika and Maasa.

Erika and Maasa were shocked and stopped their making out session right away. Maasa glared at Maimi and said.

“Well, can’t you give us some privacy???"

Maimi giggled at both of them and said.

“Maasa, you should know better than arousing Erika in the kitchen…..”

Erika blushed like mad as she hid herself behind Maasa.

“Stop it Maimi!!!” Erika said to Maimi.

“What’s wrong Erika-chan??? Hehehehe…… are you blushing???” Maimi asked with a smirked on her face. “I just hope that both of you didn’t ruin the cake…..” She continued.

 “The cake just fine!!!” Growl Maasa.

“Ok then, since I have disturbed both you, why don’t you let me finish with the cake while both of go find an empty room or something…….” Maimi said as she winked at Maasa.

Maasa cheeks turn red as she pulled Erika with her.

“Fine then…..” she said and left with Erika.

Maimi just giggled at them and thought.

“Man, that is one traumatic experience….. Not every day you can catch your best friend while she’s making out…… Erika and Maasa are so busted….” Hehehehehe….

While Maimi was busy preparing the cake, Mai was busy being bullied by Yurina and the others.

“So Mai-chan, are you dating Maimi???” Yurina asked Mai.

Mai felt her cheeks were turning red from the unexpected question.

“No I’m not!!! We’re just friends…..” Mai said in defense.

“Oh really??? Then why are you blushing???” Chinami asked Mai this time.

“Of course I will blush!!!” Mai said. “Maimi-chan!!! Help me!!! Your friends are bullying me!!!” Mai shouted for Maimi’s helped.

Maimi heard the shout and she quickly ran towards Mai and hugged her.

“Come on guys!!! Don’t bully my friend like this!!!” Maimi said to the girls.

“Oooooo……… look at that….. How sweet….. Maimi, the knight in shining armor come to save her princess…..” Saki said as she giggled.

Maimi blushed and shouted.

“You guys better stop or I will destroy the cake!!!!”

“What??? You can’t do that Maimi, I will haunt you forever!!!” Momoko warned Maimi.

“Then, you better help us Momo, called Risako already, the cake is already finish…..” Maimi said to Momoko.

“Ok, ok……” Momoko said as she stops the others and texted Airi.

Back to Airi and the starting to get very, very mad and irritated Risako…..

“Airi-chan, I want to go home now!!! I’m tired of waiting for you to buy something!!!” Growled Risako.

“Damn….. Rii-chan is so serious this time…. What should I do now……” Airi thought to herself.

“Airi-chan, do you heard me??!!!” Risako said as she punched Airi’s shoulder lightly.

Airi just stared at Risako for moment, she still thinking how to make Risako stay with her there. Suddenly, her phone rang. Momoko have texted her!!!

“Airi-chan, everything is ready….. :twothumbs Take Rii-chan here now!!!”

Airi stared at the message for a while as she thought about how to get the angry and annoyed Risako to Yurina’s place.

“Who’s that Airi-chan???” Asked Risako.

“Ooooo, it’s Yurina-chan……” answered Airi.

“What does she want???” Risako asked again as she raised her eyebrow.

“She needs help!!!” Screamed Airi. “She said something about Chii-chan fell from the stairs and collapsed or something…..” Airi lied to Risako and hope that she bought it.

“Great, exactly what I need on my birthday….. Another problem…..” Risako said to herself.

“Let’s go Rii-chan!!!” Airi said as she pulled Risako hand and headed towards Yurina’s place.

“Do we have too???” Risako asked Airi. She was getting annoyed by the fact that nobody remembered her birthday and giving her problems instead.

“Of course we have too….. Chii-chan could be badly injured….” Airi said again.

“Ok, ok……” Risako said as she reluctantly followed Airi.

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Re: Promise
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new chapter have arrived!!!! :)

Chapter 11

Momoko was moving back and forth now. She was extremely nervous while waiting for her lovely and adorable girlfriend. The other girls were starting to get a terrible headache when they watched Momoko.

“Momo, you really need to chill…..” Maimi said as she walked towards Momoko and patted her shoulder.

“How can I chill Maimi, I’m sure that Rii-chan is very upset with me right now because I didn’t even wish it to her yet……” Momoko said to Maimi.

“Momo-chan, don’t worry too much ok….. Maybe she’s angry right now, but I think, she will be very happy after she got here….. You have work very hard to plan this surprise party…..” Erika said to Momoko.

Momoko sighed and sat down. She knew that the girl was right. She just hoped that Risako would like this surprised.

Airi was getting nervous right now. Both of them were very close to Yurina’s place now. She was getting a little afraid right now. Half of her felt very excited while the other half felt very nervous. “What should I say to her when I get there??? Should I call her Maimi-chan or Yajima??? Oh Kami-sama, please help me today….. I’m gonna need a lot of courage and nerves…..” She said to herself as she prayed that God will be on her side today.

“What’s wrong Airi-chan???” Risako asked when she realized that Airi was lost in her thought.

“Huh??? Nothing….. I’m just thinking about something…..” She said as she smiled at Risako.

“About what???” Risako asked in confusion.

“Ah nothing….. It’s not important….. Don’t worry Rii-chan….” She answered Risako.

“Airi-chan, you know that you can tell everything right…..” Risako said as she stopped Airi by holding her hand.

Airi sighed and she looked into Risako eyes.

“What will you do when you say something bad about the one you love the most and it makes the one you love cry???” Airi asked Risako.

“Hmmm…..” Risako mumbled as she started to think about Airi question. “Well, if you don’t really mean what you said, you just apologize to that person….. If that person really loves you, they will understand…..” Risako continued. “But why do you ask Airi???” She asked Airi again.

Airi hold Risako hands and smile sweetly at her. “Thank you Rii-chan….. You really help me a lot….. U are a very good friend!!!” She said as she hugged Risako.

Risako smiled as she stroke Airi’s back gently.

“I’m glad that I could help….” Risako said.

Both of them continued their journey to Yurina house after that. When they arrive at Yurina’s house, Airi rang the bell.

“They’re here!!!” Screamed Momoko. She was starting to have panicked attack.

“Relax Momo, now, everybody hide….. Let me get the door….” Yurina said as she walked towards the door.

When Yurina opened the door, she could see the irritated face of Risako. Yurina smiled and asked Risako innocently.

“Why the long face Rii-chan???”

Risako kept pouting as she answered Yurina’s stupid question.

“Nothing…. So where’s Chii-chan??? Is she alright???”

Yurina stared at Risako in confusion. “What are you talking about Rii-chan???” She asked Risako.

“Don’t ask me, you’re the one that sent the message to Airi……” Risako replied.

“What….” Yurina said but before she could finish, Airi cuts her off.

“You said that Chii-chan fell from the stairs right Yurina-chan???” Airi said as she winked at Yurina and put on her “just go along” face.

Yurina finally gets what Airi was saying and nodded.

“That’s right Rii-chan!!! I really need your help right now!!!” Yurina said as she grabbed Airi and Risako hands and led them inside.
“Gesh!!! Both of you sure acting weird today…..” Risako growled.

When the three of them reached the living room, Momoko and the others jumped out from their hiding and screamed.

“Happy Birthday Rii-chan!!!!!!”

Risako was surprised. She just froze at the spot and still looked a little confused. She looked towards Airi and she saw Airi was smiling at her.

“Happy birthday Rii-chan!!!” Airi said as she patted Risako’s head.

“You know about this???” Risako asked as she stared at Airi.

“Well, Momo-senpai asked me to take care of you while she and the others get ready…..” Airi explained herself.

Momoko walked towards Risako and hold her hands.

“I never forget your birthday baby girl…….” She smiled sweetly at Risako.

Risako felt her tears coming and hugged Momoko.

“Thanks Momochi!!!! I love u so much!!!! I thought you forget!!!! But you don’t…” she cried as she said it to Momoko.

“Don’t cry my sweet baby girl…..” Momoko said as she wiped out Risako tears and leaned in to kiss her.

The girls cheered both of them loudly while Maimi took the cake out.

“Happy birthday Rii-chan….” Maimi said as she patted Risako’s head.

“Thanks Maimi-nee……” Risako smiled as she hugged Maimi.

After Risako blew the candle, she went to Airi and gave her the first slice of the cake. That’s when Airi realized the person standing next Maimi. Airi went to Nakky and Chisato and asked them.

“Who’s that standing besides Yajima-san???”

“Ooooo….. That’s Maimi-chan’s friend…. Mai…..” answered Nakky.

 “But I got a feeling that she’s more than that to Maimi…..” Chisato added.

“What do you mean Chisa???” Asked Airi. She felt like her heart just stopped beating she heard Chisato said that.

“Well, I don’t know….. Maybe I was wrong….. But I’m just guessing….. hehehehehe….” Grinned Chisato.

Airi moved away and sat on a chair. She started to think about that girl. And she’s starting to get angry. “Who does she think she is??? Trying to steal my Maimi…..” she said to herself. “Well, there’s no way I’m going to let Maimi fall into her hand!!! Maimi’s mine!!!” She said as she was getting very angry. She felt like going to Mai and beat the crap out of her. “Relax Airi, maybe she’s just a friend….. Just ignored her and focus on your mission today…..” She said to herself as she tried to calm down.

One hour after that, everyone started to vanish. Momoko took Risako to Yurina’s room because she wanted to give Risako her present and something “extra”. So did the other couples. They all just vanished and went somewhere to be alone.
Airi knew that this was the chance that she looked forward too. She quickly got up and went to find Maimi. After walking around the house for a few minutes, she heard Maimi’s voice at the kitchen. She quickly went to the kitchen and her excitement just kept rising. When she reached the kitchen, she was about to called Maimi when she saw something. Something that she never thought she would saw.

“It can’t be…..” She said to herself as her tears were running fast from her eyes.

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Re: Promise
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oh, these chapters were so intense. airi is suffering on how  to express your apologies to Maimi. it´s  cute as airi has strong feelings for Maimi. Risako poor, she thinking that everyone forgot her birthday, Momoko was very tender with her surprise for Risako. Mai-chan Oohhhh, she´s too  bad  ...
poor Airi ...   :cry:
What is Hagiwara planning? What did Airi see?

next chapter.   :inlove:  :)

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Re: Promise
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new chapter!!!! :cow:

Chapter 12

Airi was running through the street. Her tears won’t stop from falling. She just ran and kept on running. Even though her legs were killing her right now, she didn’t care anymore. She just wanted to go home right now. She kept running until she reached her house. When she finally reached her house, she quickly ran to her room and locked the door. She was lucky because nobody was home at that time. So, nobody can saw her tears. She wrapped herself in her blanket and continued to cry. Her heart was hurt again. But this time, she felt like her heart was reaped to pieces. While she was crying, she recalled back what she saw at Yurina’s house.


“Maimi-chan, I’m going to make you mine this time……” she thought to herself as she went to the kitchen when she heard Maimi’s voice there. “I hope you will forgive me and accept me as your best friend again…… and maybe more than friend…. I hope…..” she continued mumbling to herself as she walked to the kitchen.

She was about to called Maimi when she saw something. Something that she never thought she would saw.

“It can’t be…..” She said to herself as her tears were running fast from her eyes.

Maimi was facing Mai at that time so, she can’t see Airi. Maimi was leaning towards Mai and their distant from each other was getting smaller. Then, Airi saw Mai hugged Maimi waist as she leaned in to kiss Maimi lips.

Airi can’t watch anymore. Her hurt was aching. And she thought that she just saw Mai was smirking at her. Airi ran and she didn’t say anything to anyone as she left Yurina house.


“Why am I so stupid??? She doesn’t love me…… She didn’t even care about me….” She said to herself as she was crying very badly. She crawled over to the drawers and she took Maimi’s picture. She stared at the picture as she continued to cry. The longer Airi stared at the picture, the more she could feel the anger inside of her. She could feel her hatred rose inside her chest and from the bottom of her heart. The more she remembered about what happened at Yurina’s house, the more hatred she felt.

“You’re the reason I’m suffering!!!! You have crushed my heart a long time ago, and you doing it now too!!!” She muttered to herself in hatred. “I am a fool for loving you, I am a fool to think that you care and love me!!! What am I thinking trying to apologize to you!!!” She continued. “I hate you Yajima Maimi, I really hate you now!!! And this time I will make sure that nothing will change that fact!!! I will never allow your fake tears to cloud my judgments again!!!” She screamed as she tore up the picture of Maimi that she was holding. “From now on, I will make sure that I have no memory of you anymore!!!” She continued to mumble.Airi continued crying until she fell asleeps.

Rii-chan was just finished her alone time with Momoko. She went to the living room with Momoko and tried to find Airi.

“Erika-chan, where’s Airi???” Risako asked Erika who was sitting on Maasa laps.

“Oh~~~, I saw her running just now without saying anything…..” Erika answered Risako while she caressed Maasa’s cheek.

Momoko put her arms around Risako.

“Maybe she has something to do baby girl…..” Momoko said to Risako as she leaned toward Risako and whispered to her.

“Don’t worry, I will walk you home….. We still not finish you know…..”

Risako blushed like crazy when she heard Momoko said that. She smiled as she whispered back to her.

“Of course we not Momochi……”

While the girls were busy chatting, Maimi and Mai came back from the kitchen.

“Well, look whose back….. Are both of you done having fun with each others???” Said Yurina.

The other girls turned to look at both of them. They giggled a little bit when they saw Maimi and Mai were blushing.

“Stop it Yurina, we are just talking!!!” Maimi said as she covered her face with her hand.

“Yeah right, then why does both of you are blushing???” Teased Nakky.

“Everyone will blush when they are tease like that…..” Mai shouted.

“Stop being mean you guys……. Hehehehehe……” Maasa said as she giggled.

“Where’s Suzuki-san???” Mai asked.

“Oh, she went home already……” Erika replied Mai.

“Is it so???” Maimi said as she lowered her head. “I guess she’s still not feeling comfortable with me around…..” She said to herself. “Airin, what should I do to make you happy with me again???” Maimi continued. She sighed heavily.

“Maimi-chan, what’s wrong???” Mai asked when she saw Maimi was lost in her own world.

“Oh nothing, are you ready to go home Mai???” Maimi lied as she distracted Mai by asking the question.

“I’m ready, let’s go home now…… I’m really tired…..” Mai answered Maimi.

Maimi smiled as she informed the others that she and Mai will take their leave now. The other girls nodded and hugged both of them before they leave.

“It’s a pleasure to know you Mai-chan….” Chinami said as she smiled.

Mai smiled back at her as she said.

“The pleasure is all mines too….. You guys are so cool!!!”

The other smiled as they watched Maimi and Mai walked away.

“So, do you think Maimi-nee is dating Mai???” Risako asked the others when Mai and Maimi was gone.

“I don’t think so Rii-chan, you know how Maimi is…….” Momoko replied.

“You’re right Momo….. But if they are together, it’s a good thing too……” exclaimed Chisato.

The others just nodded as they continued doing their owned things.

Meanwhile….. At Mai and Maimi’s side.

“Thanks for today Maimi-chan….” Mai said as she opened the door of her house.

“It should be me thanking you Mai, you really help me a lot today……” Maimi replied as she hugged Mai.

After she hugged Mai, Maimi turned around and started to walk towards her house when she heard Mai called her. She turned her head and looked at Mai.

“I’m sorry for my behavior at the kitchen today too…..” Mai said.

“It’s ok Mai, forget about it ok…..” Maimi said as she waved at Mai and continued to walk. She stopped at the park and sat on a bench.

She started to think about Airi again. Maimi didn’t know that her relation with Airi will be much worst after today.

Mai entered her room with a satisfied smile on her face. Her plan works. Airi saw what she was about to do to Maimi. And it’s even better, because she saw Airi tears before she left. Mai lied on her bed as she took her phone and called that person again.

“It is done……” she said to the person she was calling.

“Really??? That’s great…… how was she???” Asked the person.

“She cried before she left that house……” She replied.

“Good….. I just hope you know what you’re doing……” The person said to Mai with a great concerned in her voice.

“Don’t worry, just trust me ok……” Mai replied.

“Ok then, but remember, not too extreme ok…..” The person reminded Mai.

“Ok….” She replied as she hung up her phone.

Mai smiled and thought to herself. “Maimi-chan, you are so lucky to have a friend like her….. And Suzuki, what will you do now??? If you don’t make a move, you will lose Maimi forever….. hahahahahaha……”
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Re: Promise
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Ah classic misunderstading setup, nice twist tho, wonder who dosn't want Maimi and Airi together? do they know Mai has plans further than what they agreed? Could the even be a freind of Airi's trying to make her move on?

I like having questions to stories, makes them more fun, Good Job!

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Re: Promise
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@oddball: well.... i can't answer that..... just wait ok..... hehehehehe


new chapter!!!! :jphip:
Chapter 13

Airi woke up later that night. Her body was aching all over because of the running she did earlier. She got up slowly as she went downstairs and saw her mother was washing the dishes. She went to hug her mother and her mother was surprised. When she turned around to see her daughter, she was shocked to see her daughter eyes. Airi eyes were red, very red.

“What’s wrong dear???” Mrs. Suzuki asked her daughter.

“Nothing mom, I’m just having a headache….. That’s all….” Airi tried to lie to her mother.

Mrs. Suzuki smiled and led Airi towards the table. She sat down with Airi and patted her daughter’s head.

“Airi, I am your mother….. Don’t lie to me ok…. I know you just cry all day….” She said as she smiled to her daughter. “You can tell me…..” She said as she continued to pat her daughter’s head.

Airi smiled as she hugged her loving and caring mother. “I’m fine mom….. I cry because this headache is killing me……” She said to her mother.

Mrs. Suzuki sighed as she holds her daughter’s hand and said.

“Ok then, go and wash up first….. I will heat the food back…..”

Airi smiled and hugged her mother. After that, she went back to her room and took a bath. While she was bathing, she can felt her tears again. She tried to stop herself from crying and quickly finished her bath. After she ate, she came back to her room and took her school bag to finish her homework. Since she has already slept, she decided to finish her homework. When she went to her closet, she noticed the pictured of Maimi that she just tored up. She picked up the pieces of Maimi picture as she stared the picture again. Her tears were starting to form on her eyes again. She moved to her study desk and put the pieces on it. She opened her drawer and looked for a tape. “I didn’t hate this Maimi, I hate the new Maimi…..” She said as she pasted the picture back together. She placed the picture of Maimi beside her as she started to finish her homework. While she was doing her homework, she received a text from Risako.

“Airi-chan, are you ok???”

Airi smiled a bit as she replied the message.

“Yeah…. I’m just having a headache…. Sorry for leaving you there….”

“It’s ok……. Momochi walk me home….”

“Oh really??? Are you sure that she just walk you home???”

“Well, she staying here tonight……”

“Eww….. You guys are too much….”

“Hehehehe….. Airi, we’re going to watch movie tomorrow, would you like to come???”

Airi thought for a while. She didn’t want to go. She still hurt and she knew that her heart will hurt more if she saw Maimi and Mai again tomorrow.

“No thanks Rii-chan, I have something to do….”

“Are you sure???”

“Yup…. Have fun ok….”

“Ok…. See you at school!!!”

Airi continued doing her homework and after she’s done, she started to think about what she was going to do tomorrow. Finally she decided to go to the park that she and Maimi always went a long time ago.

The next day….

Airi slept until afternoon since she fell asleep at dawn. When she’s awake, she ran downstairs to eat lunch. Her mother already went out to buy groceries with her father. After she ate her lunch, she took a bath and she quickly went out her house. After a 15 minutes walked, she arrived at the park. She sat on a bench as she watched the view. Airi was very confident that she would never meet any of the girls today because she thought that they went to the movie with Risako and Momoko. While she was enjoying her view, suddenly she heard somebody was calling her name. Airi turned her head towards that person and she could feel that her anger was rising up again.

“Domo Suzuki-san…..” Mai said.

“Domo….” Airi answered her. “What the hell is she doing here???” She thought to herself.

“What are you doing here??? Maimi said that she and the girls are going to watch movie today…..” Mai asked Airi innocently. She already got a feeling that Airi was very furious with her, but she just ignored the fact.

“I have my own damn business today…..” Airi said as she was getting very irritated with this person.

“Ooooo~~~~ that’s not nice….. I ask you nicely didn’t I??? Why are answering me like I’m some kind of a bitch or something…..” Mai asked again. She was getting pleased with Airi respond. She wants to provoke Airi. It is part of her plan.

“Why the hell do you care??? Just leave me alone!!!!” Airi said as she stood up to face Mai. She can’t contain her feeling anymore. She hates Mai. She started to grasp her fist. She felt like she wants to punch Mai right now.

Mai moved closer towards Airi and whispered to her.

“Aww~~~ don’t tell me you hate me because Maimi-chan kisses me yesterday……”

Airi could feel Mai was smirking under her ears. She pushed Mai and shouted at her.

“Why should I care about her??!!!! She can do whatever she wants with you!!!” Airi said. Her whole body was trembling right now.

Mai kept on her smirking face as she continued mocking Airi.

“You can’t fool me Suzuki….. You like her don’t you??? hahaha~~~~ too bad because she’s already mine…… She enjoys being with me……
She like my lips and my body…..”

“Shut up!!!! Shut up!!!!” Airi screamed as her tears were pouring down her cheeks like the rain. She closed her ears as she fell down on her knees.

Mai walked towards Airi and said.

“Don’t you ever come close to Maimi again, or you will pay!!!! And next time, I won’t be so nice!!! Hahahahahaha……”

After that, Mai left. Left Airi crying alone there. Left Airi suffered there. Left her there as Airi felt her hurt was being torn apart again.......

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Re: Promise
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Ok really, stop putting Airi through such emotional stress, I cant take it :cry:

Mai gets more and more evil, She must have her own agenda now rather than sticking to the plan of whoever decided for her to be a wedge between Airi and Maimi.

Airi just really needs to speak to Maimi, do it damm it! :banghead:!

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Re: Promise
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I like it, really, really.    :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:
poor airi,  she´s suffering too, I never imagined it, that would be so cruel Mai-chan.  :twisted:
it´s amazing but this girl is destroying to suzuki-chan,  and apparently airi´s too  weak and vulnerable. 
and no doubt Maimi is a white dove there.  :nervous and she´s too clueless.

  :doh:  :doh:  :doh:  :doh:  :doh:
now I'm fearing for Maimi´s life. XD XD XD

maybe, airi want  to  destroy to maimi, for the suffering that she causing on her..
and Maimi don´t knows nothing.
poor maimi and airi.  :heart:
next chapter!!!!!  :heart:

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Re: Promise
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new chapter!!!!! XD

Chapter 14

Mrs. Suzuki was busy shopping when suddenly she encountered someone that she had not met for years. She wasn’t sure about that person at first, but after catching a good glimpsed of that person, she quickly went towards the person and greeted that person.

“Hello Yajima-san…..” She said.

Mrs. Yajima turned her heads toward the person that was calling her and she was surprised to see the person that was standing beside her.

“Suzuki-san!!! Is that you???” She said. Oh my god…… “how long has it been???” She continued as she hugged Mrs. Suzuki.

“7 years I think….. How’s your family doing now??? How’s Maimi-chan???” Mrs. Suzuki asked.

“My families are doing fine….. Maimi too…..” Mrs. Yajima said as she smiled. “Why don’t you come to our house next weekend, we have a lot of catching to do….. And so does our daughters…..” She continued.

“That’s a great idea; I think Airi will be happy to hear this…..” Mrs. Suzuki replied. “You still live at the same place right????” She asked Mrs. Yajima.

“Yes we do….. But, don’t tell our daughters yet…… Let us surprise them…..” Mrs. Yajima said.

“That’s a good plan!!! Ok then, see you next week!!!” Mrs. Suzuki said as she left.

Maimi and the others have just finished watching movie. Throughout the entire time, Maimi couldn’t focus on the movie or the girls. She just lost in her owned thought, thinking about Airi. She got a weird feeling about why Airi didn’t come to the movie with them. “Is she sick??? Why didn’t she come today???” She thought to herself the entire time. Erika realized this so she decided to help Maimi cleared her thought. Erika tugged Maasa shirt and whispered to her.

“Maasa-chan, could you please ask Rii-chan why Airi didn’t come to the movie with us today???”
Maasa nodded and asked Risako.

“Nee Rii-chan, where’s Suzuki-chan??? Why didn’t she come today??? Is she sick or something???”

Risako shook her head as she answered Maasa.

“No, she has something to do today….. Why do you ask Maasa-chan???”

“Oh nothing…… Just wondering……” Maasa said as she and Erika pondered towards Maimi and smiled at her. Maimi didn’t quite understand at first, but after she a while she got the message that Maasa and Erika tried to give to her. She smiled back at both of them as she started to shout.

“So, what are we going to do right now???!!! It’s still early you know…..”

“Why don’t we all go to the arcade???” Yurina gave them a suggestion. “It’s been a while since all of us go there and have some fun!!!”

She continued as she holds Chinami’s hand.

“Nice idea Yuri-chan!!!” Nakky said as she and Chisato nodded in unison.

Maimi, Risako and Momoko also nodded. Erika and Maasa also agreed. So together, hand in hand all of them walked towards the arcade. When they almost reached the arcade, Erika phone rang. She picked up her phone and talked to the caller. After a while, she hung up and told the girls that she and Maasa have another matters to attend too. The girls nodded and hugged both of them before they leave. After they have finished at the arcade, they decided that it’s time to go home. After saying goodbye to the girls, Maimi walked towards the park. She took out her phone and listened to C-ute song “Forever Love”. She loved that song. She loved the meaning of it. She also hoped that one day; she could sing that song to Airi. She sat under the tree that she used to sit with Airi a long time ago as she started to remember something that only she knew. Something that happened between her and Airi a long time ago. Something that even Airi didn’t knew.


Airi was sleeping over at Maimi house that night. After dinner, she and Airi stayed at her room and talked about many things until both of them fell asleep. Later that night, Maimi woke up because she heard someone was crying. She was scared at first but then, she realized that the one who’s crying was Airi. Maimi smiled as she patted Airi’s head. "Why are you crying in your sleep Airin???" She thought to herself.

"Don’t leave me Maimi-chan, I beg you……" Airi suddenly spoke.

Maimi was shocked because she thought that Airi has awake but then she realized that Airi was just talking in her sleep. Maimi leaned towards Airi and whispered in her ear.

"I will never leave you Airin, I promise….. You are my everything…. I love you……."

"I love you too Maimi……" she heard Airi murmured in her sleep.

When she was about to sleep again, she turned to face Airi and she was attracted by the smaller girl who was sleeping beside her. She couldn’t contain her feeling anymore. She leaned closer as she kissed Airi’s lip. "Her lips is so soft….." she thought to herself. When she was about to pull her lips away, Airi pulled her into a hugged and return the kiss. Maimi froze. She thought that Airi was awake. But, when Airi, pulled away, Maimi can saw that the girl was still sleeping. She sighed a bit and smiled as she hugged the girl and closed her eyes again.


"Do you really mean what you said back then Airin??? Do you really love me??? Even though it was just a dream, but you were dreaming about me….. Weren’t you….." she  thought to herself as she watched the sunset.

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Re: Promise
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i am so sorry for the delay...... :nervous

here's the new chapter.... :roll:

Chapter 15

It was a dark and scary alley. Airi was walking alone as she looked carefully at her surroundings. She had been walking for a long time now and she doesn’t know where she might end up. She just knew that she had to keep walking. The longer she walked, the more she could feel that her heart was racing. She was very scared right now. She doesn’t know where she was and how did she ended here. Suddenly, she heard a growling sound behind her. She turned her body around and she saw a dark figure was chasing after her. Airi screamed and ran quickly. But no matter how fast she was, she couldn’t outrun the dark figure. The dark figure was getting closer and closer to her. At that very moment, Airi hand was grabbed by something. When she turned her head, she realized that the dark figure was already grabbing her hand. Airi struggled to release herself from it, but the harder she tried, the gripped became tighter and tighter. Airi screamed for help but nobody was there to help her.

“Let me go!!!” Screamed Airi.

The dark figure didn’t responded. It just kept gripping Airi and started to pull her into the darkness. Airi was feeling very frighten now. She started to cry as her struggled became more and more hard. But, everything that she was useless against the dark figure. Airi was becoming week. Her energy was gone. But she still tried and screamed for help.
Suddenly, she saw someone was walking in front of her.

“Help me!!!” She screamed. “Please help me!!!” She continued as she hoped that the person that was walking in front of her would come and help her to get away from this evil dark figure. The person turned towards Airi and rushed to help her. When the person was becoming closer to her, Airi finally realized who it was. It was Maimi.

“Maimi-chan, help me!!!” Airi screamed out her lungs.

Maimi ran towards Airi as she held out her hand for Airi to grab. As Maimi was getting closer, Airi started to feel that her surrounding was starting to light up again. The gripped that came from the dark figure was also becoming weaker and weaker. Airi used the remaining energy in her body if the was any of it to struggle herself from the dark figure. She could fell the dark figure gripped was starting to lose. She stretched her hand in ordered to take Maimi’s hand. She was much relived right now. Even though she still couldn’t reach Maimi hand, she knew that she would be saved by her angel. As their hand was getting closer, suddenly another figured shows up behind Maimi and pulled her away from Airi. Airi was shocked. When the figured came to view, Airi could clearly saw who it was, Mai.

“What the hell are you doing Mai??!!! Don’t touch my Maimi!!!” She screamed towards Mai.

But Mai just stared at her with her cold eyes and kept pulling Maimi away from Airi.

“She’s mine Suzuki, what makes you think that she’s gonna save you??? Or maybe even love you???” Mai said as she glared at Airi who was struggling to free herself from her capture. “Stop your stupid thought Suzuki because you were just wasting your time!!!!” She continued.

As Maimi and Mai figured got further and further away. The darkness that have faded was starting to get strong again. The dark figured was gaining it’s strength back and Airi couldn’t fight it anymore. As the darkness slowly swallowed Airi, her tears ran faster through her cheeks.

“Help me…..” She murmured to herself. “Please help me…..” She continued. “Maimi-chan!!! I love you!!! Please save me!!!! Don’t leave me alone!!!!” She shouted as the darkness finally swallowed her completely.

“Maimi-chan!!!!!” Cried Airi as she woke up from her sleep and she was sweating and gasping heavily. She hugged her knee tightly as she was starting to cry. The dream was back again. The dream that she has forgotten for a long time, was returning to her. But, the ending was different because, when she dreamt of it a long time ago, Maimi would save her and hugged her tightly. But now, the dream has turned into a nightmare. Because now, another person has shows up in her dream, the person who has taken Maimi away from her, Mai.

Meanwhile, at Mai’s house……

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing Maimai???” Asked a person who was sitting on Mai’s bed.

“Of course I know what I’m doing……” Mai answered the person.

“But, I am getting worry now….. I think that you just taking the matter into your own hand now…..” The person said to Mai. “Why the hell did you say that kind of things to Suzuki??? You don’t even discuss it with me…..” The person continued.

Mai walked towards the person who was sitting on her bed and put her hands on the person’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry okay…. I know what I’m doing….. I want to make Suzuki mad by thinking that Maimi love me and I want her to be depressed…..” Mai said as an evil smirked was form on her lips.

“But, what if things go wrong???” The person asked again.

“Just trust me okay….. You know that my plans always work…..” Mai answered as she gave the person shoulder a squeeze.

“Okay…. But I really hope that you know what you’re doing……” The person said as she sighed heavily.

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