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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 264902 times)

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after re-read this chapter again i have several plot on my head about what will happen next...

i wonder which one will come true...or maybe none of them will come true...

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Poor Wmatsui it's a sad story
Eh?!!! I thought you said you were a guy?!

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Right, I'm here finally to make some comments!!!

So back to the present interesting to start with Shinoda, after our trips to the past. It seems though that his 'dynasty' seems to be falling, with the hunters taken out some of his more important unders, it seems as though, now that Yuki and Acchan are part of the hunters, that he, for the first time in centuries, is afraid. or at least concerned about the future of his clan.....

It's odd to think of Shinoda thinking that he is old, perhaps it's from the hunters threatening his position, how he again needs to protect his clan and doing it for 900 years, it perhaps it getting to him more than he would want it to, though time has no meaning for him perhaps he himself is getting tired of his un-life in some ways....

No surprise them perhaps that his thoughts turn to a successor, and its interesting her to see the inner thoughts he has about each of his 'daughters' It's interesting for him to be thinking of Jurina, but then she is the best out of the three, as he has lost his first choice of Acchan, it got me wondering though that perhaps Shinoda will offer the leadership to Acchan anyway, bringing her back to what she sees as her rightful place......

Ahh, Takamina, gotta love her research for Acchan, hmm, I wonder if those books will help her figure out what to get?  :lol:

Hmm it seems as though TomoTomo are still getting along better, definatly when it got down to the kissing they were!  :P Tomo-mi really seems to be thinking of Tomochin now and the job offer, and the giving up of her ring for that purpose, really shows us the faith and love that Tomo-mi has for her!

LOL is Sasshi now like Mayu's sidekick too, like Mayuyu kind of gets her now to because her and Yukirin are together?   :lol:

Man, we come back to the present time and Yuki seems to be a lot more impulsive now! Blimey she even is having naughty day dreams about Mayuyu, lucky Sasshi was there to get her out of it before she started to drool or something!  XD

onto Chapter 21 part 2 now!

Hmm, I wonder if Takamina was smart or not asking Yuko for help on this matter but it seems as though she is pretty desperate to get this present right for Acchan, hmm for all Yuko's perverseness, I think that maybe she has picked up on something when she says to give herself to Acchan as a present because knowing Acchan, perhaps that is just what she wants from Takamina, the only think that only Takamina and no-one else can get her, the one this she truly desires.....

Yuki's thought about Mayu are interesting to see, we really havent had Yuki take stock on her thoughts for Mayu, it's kind of sweet in a way that she can't still cant really figure out why she loves Mayu, but unlike in the past where she would always question her feelings, she seems now to be able to trust them, so much that she knows, even without, well, knowing the reasons, that she loves Mayu.

lol I can't believe Mayu admited to Yuki she wants to 'go all pervert on her'  :lol: it's interesting that Mayu chooses now to admit to Yuki that she was jealous of Sae and not angry at Yuki for dating him, but them it seems as though Mayu has wanted Yuki to know this for a while, so perhaps now it the right time, or at least as good a time as any.....

And Yuki's POV, Ahh Yuki you should still be saying these thoughts to Mayuyu you know but then, I suppose it wouldn't be Yuki then right, thing is, all the stuff she talks about, when she was in Mayu's body I think that the feelings Yuki had at that point, somehow Mayu knows how she feet back then....

I can't believe she walks in on WMatsui kissing again! Man I already an sensing a few changes between Yuki and the Matsui's, that oddly she is less of an enemy than she was before....

As for Rena and Jurina....

Man Jurina has held those feelings for Akane all along and still loves her to this day, the only one she would sire. It explains an awful lot about why she is so angry at Acchan over Takamina because she has the chance to do what Jurina never did, to be with the one she truly loves. And that she is getting her revenge for that on Rena by wanting to break her heart, just when she gets her memories back, it is a long time to hold a grudge that Jurina.....

But them when Rena has a nightmare, where she remembers Airin from the past, and what she did, It seems as though Jurina, despite the fact she is 'acting' with Rena may have some feelings for the girl she ultimatley wants to get her revenge on, though I do wonder if now Jurina knows that Rena's memories are filtering back in, that Jurina might try and get her to remember more......

(And Yet another chapter that makes me want you to introduce modern day Airin and Akane even more!)

I can't wait to find out what Yuki will do, after walking in on the Wmatsui vampires....


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@ bunny_rabbit:
    You know bunny, I'm tempted to make a colaboration with you (and oddball) in this fic, because you two always speculate about the next plots.
    I'm curious to see what's on your mind, and to discuss with you about which scenario will be the best to choose.
    But on the other hand, I find it challenging to make my own plot and make you all surprised.  :D

@ kahem:
    No, kahem, I'm an evil angel girl.... I'm an angel author girl....:hip devil:

@ oddball:
    Wohow....long comment again.  :heart:
    You have such a great insight. You should start your own 48-related fanfic, oddy...
    And just as I said to bunny, I'm tempted to make collaboration with you. (I know we're both evil :twisted: )
    But I can't because I want to give you surprise in every story-arc. Still, any thought from you will always be welcomed.
    About Shinoda's successor: it's Acchan vs Jurina, and Acchan will be having dilemma about that.
    And MaYuki's big talk is still yet to come. But don't worry, it will come.  :heart: In fact, I already wrote the chapter for MaYuki's big talk a long time ago.  :lol:
    As for WMatsui, it still long way to go for them. :roll:
    I have found an intriguing character for modern-day Airin  :wub:. But you have to wait very patiently.

Next chapter will be:
Black VS Geki.......and Nezumi VS Center..... :twisted:
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this is my first time to comment on this very long fic..
I've reading this almost a week before i could catch up the latest chapter and finally I made it!
i'm looking forward again for the other pairings such as atsumina and kojiyuu...
wanna know what happened to them..
Thank you for this i like the concept  :twothumbs
I love Acchan48     maji ni naranakya katenee yo

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Black VS Geki is understand....
But..but..anzai-san, Nezu VS Center is kind of...something?
Mayu is well fragile...and Juri is a vampire...
I dont expect a battle between mayu and juri,but maybe something like harrasement

If that true,yuki will be mad really mad...


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@ oddball:
    Wohow....long comment again.  :heart:
    You have such a great insight. You should start your own 48-related fanfic, oddy...
    And just as I said to bunny, I'm tempted to make collaboration with you. (I know we're both evil :twisted: )
    But I can't because I want to give you surprise in every story-arc. Still, any thought from you will always be welcomed.
    About Shinoda's successor: it's Acchan vs Jurina, and Acchan will be having dilemma about that.
    And MaYuki's big talk is still yet to come. But don't worry, it will come.  :heart: In fact, I already wrote the chapter for MaYuki's big talk a long time ago.  :lol:
    As for WMatsui, it still long way to go for them. :roll:
    I have found an intriguing character for modern-day Airin  :wub:. But you have to wait very patiently.

Next chapter will be:
Black VS Geki.......and Nezumi VS Center..... :twisted:

Start my own fic,  :? maybe, feels as though my comments on yours are becoming a fic in their own right!  :lol: If I get more time though I might, perhaps I'll get round to a one-shot or something....... Yeah wouldn't want to collaborate on this fic, not because I don't want to, but because I'm enjoying the story so don't want to be involved in making it! (hmm a new project though.....)

The MaYuki big talk still to come?!?!?! Man they have had a few big talks already, this one your doing must be Epic!  :w00t: Needless to say I'm looking forward to it

And Black vs Geki fight!!!  :panic: surely it's not finally happening, THE fight with THE hug?!?   :mon squee: hmm probably more a 'warm up' fight but still gonna be good!

Airin!!!  :grin: thought she might make it in, judging by certain things  :roll: hmm something else to look forward to!


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@ wynaut:
    Thank you for reading and commenting.  :)
    I will try to write more about KojiYuu, since they gain many votes in the poll above.
    As for Atsumina, their first arc is in Chapter 14. Now I'm still thinking about their next story arc.
    And oh I love your avatar & siggy!! Acchan in black!! Acchan smiles!! :w00t: She's so cute....  :inlove: And why am I so surprised? She's always been cute..... :roll:
    Just for fun, you can also check this out.

@ kurogumi:
    Which one do you put your bet on? Nezumi or Center?  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

@ oddball:
    Yes buddy, you should start writing!! And yes, your comment has become a fic on its own.
    Here is your longest comment ever: body-swap. It's 2141 words!! It's long enough to be an OS.
    I saw you write a HP fanfic (haven't started to read it, because I'm not familiar with HP).
    Black VS Geki: of course this is just another warm up. No need to hurry there..... :roll:
    First thing first, we need to find a good reason for them to hug each other.
    And here is Airin's new character/role: a  s*****er......  :wub: :wub: :wub:
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that censored word...i assume airin will able to use magic...

but which type of magic she will type magic?nuke type magic?

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
Anzai Give me more Mayuki!  :smhid

i need Mayuki on your fic..please!  :grin:

i like wmatsui but still..YOU're giving too much wmatsui... :smhid

i like your fic please very much :cow:

 update soon!

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Yeah i want Mayuki Kissing moment again...

But i want a battle scene too...battle of love...kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss

Kiss battle...LOL



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HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
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I was planning to post my update next week, but seeing your comments, I'm really tempted to post this now.

@ bunny_rabbit:
    Hmm....Not really sure about that. She can be sorcerer, stranger, swindler, searcher, sinister, stripper, sprinter, supplier.....

@ cmze:
    WMatsui only got their first full chapter in the special flashback, while MaYuki had already appeared in several chapters before.
    But don't worry, MaYuki will be back soon!!  :D

@ kurogumi:
    Here come the battles: Black vs Geki, and Nezumi vs Center!!! Hohoho.... :twisted:



Part 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)

Jurina jumped silently to the stair and running fast to the second floor, while still maintaining her silent movement like a ninja.
The building was dark inside but it’s not a problem for her radiant red-eyes.

Now she’s at the end of a hallway on the second floor.
She watched her surrounding, anticipating every single move which can be caught within her sight.

Jurina was sure she saw the other girl running upstair a minute ago.
Now where is she?

Jurina listened carefully to the sound of a stepping. It’s on the next building.

She smirked and rushed again.
She knows for sure that she will catch her prey.

(Rena-chan, I know where you are. You can’t hide from me. I will always find you.)

She jumped and run again.

Jurina was very good at hunting prey.
Indeed, she’s the most efficient when it comes to killing prey.

There are two of her favorite methods in searching preys:
1. Spying in the dark to choose her preys, stalking them, and then attacking from behind, killing them in one strike. No need for wasting energy.
2. Luring and seducing teenage girls who seems to be walking alone at night, and then after hanging around for a while with them, she will kiss them, kill them, and drink their blood.

Jurina spends the least energy for killing, and never missed her target.
Her style is very different from the other Matsui who likes to attack frontally, beating up the preys just for fun.

Jurina and Rena often went hunting preys together.
This town had become their playground at night.

This world had become their playground.

They’ve been spending so many nights together, wandering around until they got bored because they found it’s too easy to kill preys.

Sometimes Jurina get bored of luring teenage girls.
And sometimes, Rena get bored of beating up people.

And then, because they got bored easily, they started to play a new game just between them: a hide-and-seek game.

Most of the times, Jurina will be the hunter, and Rena will be the prey.
Rena will run and hide herself somewhere in town, and then Jurina will try to find her.

They found this game quite amusing, and they started to play this game whenever they got bored hunting real preys.

When Jurina played as the hunter, she always managed to find Rena.
But when Jurina was the hunted, Rena would have a hard time to find Jurina because Jurina was very good at hiding, and Rena would easily lose her patience while searching for the younger girl.

Sometimes, Jurina would deliberately trick Rena into thinking that she’s safe in her hiding.
But then Jurina would appear out of the blue, to surprise the older girl.

Rena liked it when Jurina’s doing something like that.

It was a childish game, but they both enjoyed it.
It gave them a little thrill, which they needed so bad to spice up their unlively life.

Violence gave Rena a thrill.
Seduction also gave Jurina a thrill.

And now with those hunters in this town, it sent more thrill to these vampires.

Shinoda had protected his clan in absolute secrecy for several centuries.
It’s interesting to see that now human starts fighting back against vampires.

Jurina couldn’t help but feel the thrill at the thought of being Shinoda’s successor.
She was sure that she would finally gain Shinoda’s throne.

One thing she’s still not sure is about Rena.
What is she going to do with Rena?

Oh, of course now she will have to find her first.

(Where are you, Rena-chan…??)
Jurina smirked while keep searching for the older girl.

Finally, she found Rena hiding in a locker room.

Rena was smiling cutely at Jurina, while keep staying inside the locker.

Jurina stared amazed at the cute Rena.

How can Rena be so cute?
How can her body be fitted inside that locker?
That locker is so small...!!
Or maybe, Rena has the ability to shrink her body?

Jurina couldn’t help but wonder.

(Why are you so cute, Rena-chan? How can my enemy be this cute? I just can’t resist…..)

She dragged Rena out from her hiding, and then…..

“I found you, Princess…..Give me the reward…..” Jurina said as she shoved and pinned Rena to the wall.

The younger girl stared at the older girl’s face for a second, and then she attacked her with kisses.

Irresistable kisses.
Full of passion.
It’s burning inside of them.

It’s thrilling.

And after five minutes of a non-stop smooching, they stopped.

Rock, paper, scissor. Rena won again.

Jurina closed her eyes, and give the older girl some time to run and hide.
After that, Jurina will have to find Rena again.
If she managed to find Rena, then she will get her reward: a makeout session with the older vampire.
Pretty nice reward, huh?

After two hours playing, they found themselves tired of running, hiding, and seeking.
And then they choose the empty classroom they found before, to continue their makeout session.

Jurina gently put Rena’s body on the desk, and slowly get on top of her.
Her hands started travelling under Rena’s shirt, and her mouth’s devouring her partner’s mouth.

Jurina was at a full dominancy.
She’s always been the active one, just like a prince for a princess.

Rena held Jurina’s shoulders tightly while they smooched.
They only stopped to take a little breath.

“See, Rena-chan? I told you there’s nobody in here. This place is so much better than cemetery.” said Jurina.

“Uhn…” Rena nodded.

“Last time we makeout in the cemetery, we were interrupted by the raven girl. I’m glad you beat her up, Rena-chan….You should beat Acchan too, give her a lesson.”

“But….I still love Acchan…..”

Jurina took Rena by the chin and stared into her eyes.

“Acchan is a traitor. And now she has become a threat for us.”

Rena seemed hesitate.

“What if we can get Acchan back to our side?”

Rena looked at the girl on top of her, with eyes full of hope.
She really didn’t want to fight Acchan.
Acchan has always been kind to her.
She didn't want to think of Acchan as their enemy.

“Aaahhh………That will be good. But I don’t think she’s willing to get back to us. But, don’t worry Rena-chan, I will never leave you. I love you……” said Jurina, again with her oh-so-charming smile.

Rena didn’t answer, she just stared blankly.

(Rena-chan, I’m going to make you fall in love with me…..
Soon….You will love me……)

Jurina kissed Rena’s ear, and then buried her face on Rena’s cleavage, and closed her eyes.

(And then what? What will I do after I make you fall for me, Rena-chan? What am I gonna do with you?)

Jurina thought, and then leaned on Rena’s chest like a baby in a mother’s embrace.

“I love you too, Jurina-chan……” said Rena.

Jurina smiled.

(No, Rena-chan. Right now you’re not that person. You’re just a lost girl, a happy vegetable. You’re not the person that I want.
I want Lord Matsui Rena. I want to hear her saying those words you said to me just now.
I want to make Lord Matsui Rena fall in love with me.
I want to see that eyes again. The eyes I saw that night, 160 years ago.)

They continued kissing and smooching.

But not long after, someone was walking in, interrupting their hot makeout session.


Yuki walked into the classroom, only to found two vampires kissing each other passionately.

Yuki's blood boiling up inside.
Slamming the door, she shouted angrily:


She stared at the vampires with her usual death-glare eyes.
No….not her usual death-glare eyes.

She’s staring with her MOST death-glare ever.

(Damn…..this raven girl again….)

Jurina sighed and get up reluctantly from Rena’s top.

Yuki was still staring at them, now with a disgusting look in her eyes.

 “I can’t believe this…..Can’t you two do THAT somewhere else?”

Rena looked confused, she turned to Jurina.

“Jurina, you said there’s nobody here tonight.”

Jurina shrugged her shoulder.

“It is. Usually. Unless…..ohh….damn.”
Jurina cursed herself as she remembered meeting Mayu and Erepyon once, in this school.

Yuki smirked in disgust.

“You two should’ve just stayed in the cemetery, you know. A school isn’t a place for your makeout session.”

“Okay then, we’re sorry for trespassing. We’ll just have to get going now. If you will excuse us......” said Jurina as she dragged Rena walk to the door.

But Yuki moved and blocked the way.

“No no no….Not so fast,” she said, crossing her arms.

“I still have some unfinished business with this Psycho.” Yuki said gritting her teeth, with her arms crossed on her chest.

Yuki looks so fierce and revengeful.
Her stare become more and more intense, as if she wants to eat Rena alive.
Not even once she took her eyes off Rena.
If looks could kill, then Rena would’ve been dead by now.

But Rena is Rena.
Instead of being scared, she just felt amused and thrilled to find someone who seemed to hate her so much.

She gently pushed Jurina, putting the younger girl behind her.

She tilted her head, eyeing the raven girl from top to toe.

“It’s you….” Rena said happily.

Yuki nodded and smirked.

“Yeah, well, thanks for beating me up the other day. I’m just gonna return the favor now, Psych.” said the raven.

Rena chuckled, and started biting her finger nails.
She’s now transforming into Gekikara mode.

Yuki  : “Come on, let’s go outside and fight.”     * turned her back, walked to the door *

Geki  : “Fight. Fight. Fight…….”      * giggling, laughing, following Yuki from behind *

But suddenly Geki grabbed a chair and smashed it on Yuki’s back.

Yuki fell down to the floor.

Geki laughed louder.

Yuki get up angrily, rubbing her back.
She did not expect to be attacked from behind. And their fights haven’t even started yet.

“What the f*ck!!?? It’s not fair. I wasn’t ready yet, you Psych!!!”

Yuki scolded Geki.

But Geki is Geki.
She don’t know and don’t care about fair fight.
She just loves to fight.
She just loves violence.
She don’t even care about winning or losing.

Yuki’s blood was boiling even more.

She still remembered the pain she felt when she was getting a beatdown from this Psycho.
It was painful.
It was very painful, not only because Geki was brutal, but also because she couldn’t fight back at that time.

“You’ve punched me and kicked me so many times before. You almost broke my bones. Have you ever had a broken bone before?” asked Yuki, still gritting her teeth.

“No. Does it hurt?” the Psycho asked back, showing a pure curiousity.

Yuki smirked. She can’t believe this Psycho just asked her that.

“Well, then, let me give you one. Don’t you want to feel that, eh, Geki? The real pain?”

Geki laughed louder.

Yuki watched as Geki laughing like crazy.

She took a pair of leather gloves from inside her jacket, and quickly put them on.

She then started cracking her knuckles and doing some warming up.

(Geeezz…..This is gonna be a long, brutal fight…..)
Jurina stepped aside.

(But wait a minute, are they really going to fight here? In this classroom? This will cause a huge a damage….)
Jurina wondered.

She knew Geki couldn’t care less about it.
And right now, Yuki seemed to have forgotten about going outside to find a proper place to fight.

Both Yuki and Geki were so fired up, they could barely think of something else.

(Why do I care about the damage anyway? It’s not my problem. I will just sit back and enjoy the fight.)

Jurina walked to the corner, and sit, and watched.


Geki attacked first.
She come rushing at Yuki, and throw her full fist.

Yuki caught it with her hand.
They both stared at each other, with Geki’s fist still in Yuki’s hand.

Yuki smirked at Geki.
She felt so good to be able to dodge and block Geki’s punch this time. Unlike the last time, when she was forced to take every punches coming from the Psycho.

And then, with a fast move, Yuki ducked down and punched Geki’s stomach really hard, putting so much force into her punch.

Geki doubled over and coughed, as she felt the air leaving out her lungs.
And while she’s still clutching her stomach, Yuki kicked her, sending her down to the floor.

Yuki stepped back, feeling satisfied to have landed some good hits on the Psycho.

“How is it?” Yuki mocked.

Geki was on the floor.
She raised her head up, and laughed uncontrollably.

The laugh was so disturbing, it made Yuki wince.

Geki stood up.

“I feel nothing,” she said.

“Oh, really? Let me hit you again then….” Yuki said.

The Raven came attacking again.
She threw her left and right crosses.

And she was surprised because Geki didn’t even bother to dodge it.

Finally, she swing her fist, landing an uppercut to Geki’s jaw.
This time, Yuki put all her force into her fist.

The uppercut was so hard that it made Geki flying high up in the air for several seconds, spurting blood out from her mouth.
And then she landed on a desk, making it broken into several pieces.

Yuki felt her knuckles were hurt after she threw that punch.
She rubbed her knuckles and waited.

But the next thing was even more surprising.
Yuki thought Geki would get mad, or upset, or something like that.
Instead, Geki stared at her with eyes opened wide.

“WOAAAHHHH…….I’M FLYING……!!!” Geki said with excitement, and laughed happily.

Yuki was surprised.
(What the hell..!! She’s really psyched!! What is she, a monster!??)

“She’s a monster.”

Yuki heard Jurina’s speaking.
She glanced at Jurina.

“She’s a monster, really. If you are smart, you will back down from this fight.”

Yuki frowned, and kept raising her fists.

She didn’t believe what Jurina said.
She just believed in herself, and her own strength.
And all she wants to do right now is to pummel and beat this Psycho up to a bloody up.

Luckily Mayu was not here so she won’t be taken as a hostage while Yuki’s fighting this vampire.

(I’m glad Cyborg is not here so noone will take her as a hostage while I’m fighting.
Eh, wait, she is here!!!
She’s in the other classroom.)

Yuki mentally facepalmed herself.

And that was when she saw the Cyborg walked into the classroom.

“Yuki, I heard noise……..What happ----Uwaaahh…..!!??” Cyborg’s shocked to see what’s in front of her.

A desk were broken into pieces.
Rulers and chalks were scattered on the floor.

And she saw Yuki standing there like a boxer, ready to fight her opponent in some kind of a death-match tournament.

“Oh My God…….Yuki……...” Cyborg stared at Yuki, and then at Geki, and then at Jurina.

Yuki put her fists down quickly, and suddenly looked nervous.

“Mayu, look....I didn’t……I didn't start this.......SHE started this…..She hit me first, with a chair….” Yuki pointed at Geki, blaming the vampire.

Jurina spoke up:
“You started it too, Yuki. We’re about to leave this place but then you blocked our way, saying that you still have some unfinished business with Geki.”

Yuki stood with her mouth agaped.
She lost for words.
She knew Jurina was right.

“Yuki....I can’t believe this…. You fight in my school, in a classroom…..Yuki, how could you?” Mayu asked demandingly.

Yuki sighed.
“Okay, okay!!! Let’s continue this fight outside…..” Yuki said to Geki.

Geki, in her trance mode, giggling and laughing like a maniac.
She kicked the chairs and the desks, making it all messy on the floor.
And then she bit her nails.

“Are you mad? Are you mad now? Wahahahahaa………”

Yuki and Mayu were startled.

“Rena-chan……..” Jurina come closer, trying to make her girl calm.

But at that time, Geki was already fired up.
She can’t listen to anyone or anything again, not even to Jurina.
After she experienced being thrown flying in the air by the raven, all she had in mind was just to continue their fight.
It was too late to stop her now.

Geki tilted her head, still biting her nails.
Her eyes were stuck on Yuki.

“You just made me flying…….Let’s fly, Yuki…..Come on, let’s fly……..”

Yuki winced and stepped back.
This vampire is dangerous.

Geki come with full throttle.
Yuki countered it by spinning her body, and swinging her leg for a roundhouse kick.

But much to her surprise, Geki caught her leg, and slammed Yuki to the floor.

Yuki landed with her head first, causing a huge damage and dizziness.
She crawled away to keep enough distance from Geki.

Mayu become angry as she saw Geki throwing Yuki.
She took the blackboard eraser and threw it at Geki, hitting right at the head.

Now Geki turned her attention to Mayu.
She came closer and closer.

Mayu started shivering.

“Yuki……” she asked for Yuki’s help, but Yuki was still on the floor.

Mayu was preparing herself to take a punch from Geki.
But luckily, someone come to her rescue.

“Geki, this little girl is not your match.” Jurina said and stepped in, putting herself between Mayu and Geki.

“That raven girl, she is your opponent!” Jurina pointed at Yuki who’s now standing behind Geki.

Geki stopped, and then turned to Yuki again.

They continued their fight, trading some hard blows.

Meanwhile, Mayu and Jurina stared at each other.

“Yeah, I just saved you from my psycho girlfriend. You must be grateful. You’re welcome……”

Jurina smiled at the Cyborg, with her oh-so-charming smile.

“Right, thank you.” Mayu smirked.

Yuki watched as Mayu and Jurina staring at each other again.

Jurina stepped closer, and her eyes landed on Mayu’s butt.
(Wow…Nice butt.)

Yuki saw Jurina’s eye movement.

“You Pimp, don’t you dare laying your finger on my girl, or you’ll regret it….!!!” Yuki shouted angrily at Jurina.

Jurina raised her both hands up, showing a sign of surrender.

“Easy there, I’m not going to touch your little girl.” Jurina said, rolling her eyes.

(What a waste! This Cyborg is really cute. I’d really love to touch her butt and wrap my arm around her slim waist.
 Yeah, maybe later, when she’s all alone without her bodyguard around.)

"And don't use her as a hostage. I've had enough of playing hostage game with vampires like you." Yuki said again.
She still remembered how hopeless she was when Umechan took Mayu as a hostage, and with that, forcing Yuki to do nothing while get beaten up.

"You don't have to worry about that. I don't play hostage game. Besides, Rena will always beat you, with or without Mayu as a hostage," Jurina answered, very confident about herself and Rena.

Yuki rolled her eyes, while Geki giggled happily.

They continued their fight, while Mayu and Jurina were standing near the door and watching the fight.

Yuki realized she had to drag Geki outside.
So, when Geki jumped at her and clinged at her, Yuki quickly made her way to the door.
They both fell on the hallway, and rolling on the floor.

Mayu and Jurina followed outside.

There they saw Yuki and Geki still rolling on the floor, trying to punch each other on the face.

Yuki managed to get on top of Geki, and she started sending down her powerful punches to Geki’s face.

Geki didn’t seem bother to block it.
She just kept laughing like a maniac.


Mayu shivered as she saw Yuki’s fist was fully covered with blood.
It sent a chill down her spine.
Eventhough she’s happy to see Yuki getting the upper hand, but still, this scene was just too bloody for a cute girl like her.'

“Don’t you want to help your friend?” Mayu said to the vampire standing beside her.

“No, Rena doesn’t need my help. She can hold her own,” answered Jurina lightly.

“But she’s getting beaten up, there! Not that I care, but…..”

“Don’t worry. Rena is just warming up,” answered Jurina again, smiling at the Cyborg.

“I’m not worried for your psycho girl, Silly. I’m happy to see her got beaten like that.” Mayu pouted.

“Well, yeah, Rena always do that in the first round. It’s like creating a false illusion. She will let her opponents beat her up for a while, and trick them into thinking they were stronger than her. She likes to warm up herself before she starts to fight back. And in the end, she always win.”

Jurina stared at Mayu, trying to intimidate her.

“My friend doesn’t need my help. Besides, I don’t like to fight.”

“Eh? You don’t like to fight? Why? I thought all vampires love to fight!!!” Mayu asked curiously.

“Well, then you thought wrong. I hate fight. It’s not good for my handsome face. I need my face to keep up my social life, also to lure and seduce cute teenage girls like you. I can’t ruin my face, or having it bruised for that matter.”

Mayu almost burst out laugh upon hearing Jurina’s words.
This vampire is really a player.
But yes, she is handsome.
There’s no way for Mayu to deny that fact.

Mayu’s brain spinning faster, trying to find a way to beat Jurina in this mind game.
She put her hand in front of her mouth, forming a funnel of megaphone, and shouted to Yuki.


On the other side of the hallway, Yuki stopped punching and then looked at Mayu.

“Thanks for the warning, Mayu-chan!! Don’t worry, I’ll finish her!!” Yuki smiled and shouted back at Mayu, and continued pummeling the Psycho.

Mayu glanced and smirked at Jurina.
(You see, my girl is beating up your girl now. And I’ve told her not to let her guard down. What are you going to do now, Juri-boy?)

(This kid!! She’s mocking me!!)
Jurina smirked back and composed herself, started thinking of something else.

“Mayu-chan,” said Jurina as she smiled again with her oh-so-charming smile. “You’re a thief right?”

“Yes, but not anymore. Why?” Mayu asked back.

“Actually, I was a thief too. Once, when I was still human.”

Now Mayu was startled.
(Jurina was a thief before, just like me? Now this in interesting.)

“I was a thief, a robber, a mugger, a criminal. And I was very good at it. I’ve never been caught by the authorities.” Jurina smirked at Mayu.

Mayu listened carefully as Jurina continued.

“I was like a Prince of Thieves back then, except that I’m not good with arrow. But, I have a friend who was really good at it. She only had one eye and wearing a lovely eyepatch, but she had never missed her targets. Once she shot an apple on my head. To be honest, I was scared back then, but I trusted her. And she managed to do it without killing me. We both had a very good time, and made a very good team. But that was a long time ago. She's not here anymore.”

Mayu felt something in Jurina’s voice when she’s talking about her past.
Somehow she can felt sadness and loneliness behind that voice.

Jurina cleared her throat.

“So, Mayu-chan, you see we both have something in common. We both are smart. And we both love money. Maybe we should rob a bank together. I’m sure we can make a great team.”

Jurina glanced and looked at Mayu from the corner of her eyes.
Jurina indeed looks like some kind of Prince of Thieves from a faraway land.
So charming.

Mayu was mesmerized.

Jurina attacked again.

“Mayu-chan, you’re smart. You have a bright future for you. You can go to college. You can have a peaceful and wealthy life. So tell me, why don’t you find yourself a perfect boyfriend, or girlfriend, in your case?”

“What do you mean, Jurina? I already have a girlfriend!!” Mayu answered mad.

“That raven girl? Do you really think she is good enough for you?” Jurina clicked her tounge, and continued playing with Mayu’s mind.

“Look at her. She’s so hot-blooded and easily got into a fight, and she has so many enemies. I know you think she’s beautiful and hot. But she’s just an average people with average job. Are you sure you love that girl, Mayu-chan? She's just a village girl. Do you want to live with her for the rest of your life? For a smart girl like you, you can easily get a rich boyfriend, and get married with a billionaire.”

Mayu’s frozen in silent.
She was angry to hear Jurina badmouthing Yuki.
But she knew she can’t show her anger to Jurina, because that will mean she loses and Jurina wins in this kind of game.
No, she must keep herself calm, and think of other way to strike back and insult Jurina.

“You said my girlfriend is not good enough for me? Then what about you? You’re hanging out with a Psycho, you freak!!”

“Yeah, but I don’t love her. I was just playing around with her,” said Jurina calm.


The Cyborg was shocked.
This time she’s beyond shocked.
How can someone saying something like that so easily, after living together for 160 years?
How can someone pretend to love, or to not love each other for that long time?

“You’re lying,” said Mayu, frowning and feeling uneasy. “You love her. And you’re lying to me just now.”

Jurina shrugged her shoulder, as if she didn’t care.

“You’re still very young Mayu-chan. Too young to know which one is pure love, which one is fake. You think you love someone, but then you realize you don't. Someday, you will think that Yuki is not your real love. You will realize that she only brings danger to you, and you will find someone else who’s better than her. And then you will leave her, for the sake of your life.”

Mayu got more mad. She tried hard to control herself.
She’s already reaching her limit of patience.

Silent fall upon them for a moment, while Mayu searching for something to strike back.
She needs an ultimate blow to beat this Pimp, once and for all.


Meanwhile, Geki started to fight back.
Yuki kept punching and punching until her knuckles hurts, but Geki didn’t seem to be fazed at all.

They’re both fighting really hard.
They slammed each other to the floor.
They punched each other, and kicked each other.
But neither Yuki nor Geki seemed to get the ultimate upper hand.
Sometimes Yuki was on top of Geki, and the other times Geki was on top of Yuki.
They kept punching each other, as if they were never tired of doing that.

The floor became tainted with their blood.
And seeing blood, it just made Geki become more excited.

Both were fierce and vengeful.
Yuki was fired up because she wanted to get her revenge on Geki.
And Geki was in trance, she enjoyed this fight very much.

Geki never had a fight like this before.
She never fought a strong human like Yuki before.
She was so excited to finally found her match.

After several rounds, Yuki managed to free herself away from Geki.

Geki chased Yuki, not willing to let the raven go.
She jumped at Yuki, and clinging on her back.

Yuki got mad.
She spinned around fast, and then with an amazing speed and full strength, she throw Geki flying in the air.

“WUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………………………..” Geki screamed as she felt herself flying high for maybe five seconds in the air.
She flailed her arms wildly while flying.

Mayu and Jurina both were dropping their jaw on the floor, staring amazed at the flying scene.

Mayu had never seen Yuki throwing someone like that before.
And Jurina had never seen Rena got thrown flying so high like that before.

And then Geki landed hard on her butt at the other end of the hallway, with a loud thud echoing along the hallway.


Nezumi and Center, I mean Mayu and Jurina were watching from a far while Gekikara crawling on the floor, rubbing her butt, trying to get up.

“You see, Yuki is winning. There’s no way she could lose to your psycho girl,” said Mayu with a face full of victory.

“Don’t be so sure about that. As I said, it’s just a warming up,” answered Jurina, still keeping herself calm in front of this irritating little Cyborg.
“The warming up took very long. It’s too long, you know. She might have been knocked out by the time she finished warming herself up. Tell her to fight back now,” said Mayu again.

“You seemed very excited with this fight, Mayu-chan. Why don’t we put a bet?”

“A bet?”

“Yes. A bet. With real money, like a professional gambler. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?”

Mayu hesitated to continue this game.

She already quit all kind of delinquent acts.
She already quit gambling, stealing, and swindling.

“No, I’m not playing this game anymore, Jurina.”

“Oh, come on, Cyborg. I know you’re not a coward. Look, I have more than 25000 yen. Cash. And I’m going to put all of it in this bet. Are you interested?”

Jurina took her wallet and show it to the Cyborg.

Cyborg gulped as she saw Jurina’s wallet with a lot of money inside it.

(Damn….This offer is so tempting. Twenty five thousands yen. Oh My God….That is a lot…..$$$$)

“Uhhh…..I just have….err…” Mayu started counting the money in her wallet, “…..4000 yen……”

“That’s fine. You put your bet on Yuki, for 4000 yen. And I put my bet on Rena, 25000 yen. Let’s see who will win this fight. Your girl, or my girl. If you believe Yuki is stronger than Rena, then you won’t hesitate to put your bet on her.”

Mayu’s brain started spinning faster.
If Yuki lose this fight, she will lose 4000 yen (US$ 50).
But if Yuki win this fight, she will get 25000 yen (US$ 315).

Of course, Mayu trust Yuki.
But 4000 yen is the only money that is left for Mayu this month.
She needed that money to buy lunch and dinner; and to pay for bus and subway’s ticket.
It’s still several days left until this month end.
And her scholarship will only come out no sooner than next month.

“Mayu-chan, do you believe Yuki is stronger than Rena, or not?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then why the hesitation?” Jurina smirked again. She kept intimidating the poor little Cyborg.

Cyborg's finally losing her cool.

She gave herself into the temptation.

“Okay, Jurina. I’m taking your offer. Let’s play.”

Jurina smiled.
She doesn't like to fight.
She doesn't like to take someone as hostage, nor having herself caught as a hostage.
But she really likes to play this kind of game.
A mind game.
It gives her thrill and satisfaction.

"Good. Let's play, Mayu-chan."


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
« Reply #692 on: July 28, 2012, 05:54:52 PM »
ow...ow...ow...airin as a stripper :on bleed:

ahh...mayu,don't you realize that you had fallen into jurina's trap...

wait until yuki found out about you make a bet on her fight :kekeke:

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
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Yeah! An update! Always love to see fight scene :twothumbs

“WOAAAHHHH…….I’M FLYING……!!!” Geki said with excitement, and laughed happily.
Can you Imagine Rena say this in real life? She would be so cute that I can die happily after that :lol:

wait until yuki found out about you make a bet on her fight :kekeke:
Hell yeah! Another butt-slap for Mayu :lol:

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
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Yuki is so hot-headed as usual lol...I love how everyone except Rena was considerate about the classroom at some point, it's so funny!
I think Black vs Gekikara will be a tie but center will win nezumi anyway and worse still, Yuki will definitely find out and punish our cyborg.

Can't wait for the next update!!

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
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I like Wmatsui moments  :on bleed:
but when I think that Jurina is acting  :fainted:
wow Jurina is sure a devil  :scared:
I wonder who will win Yuki or Rena  :dunno:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
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So Jurina dare to revealing her true self in front of Mayu,why?
She even tell her about her past with akane
She tell mayu that she just playing with rena,not really love her
Somehow its kind sad,like she doesnt have any friend to shared.
And im a little mad that she try to confused mayu love toward yuki
I want mayu to be won in this games of mind..
I want mayu say something to jurina that can make her hesistate about her action plan in the future

Its so funny see yuki vs geki,what the result of yukigeki battle?the result nezu vs center?


Ah im hungry..

Thank for the update anzai-san...hehe


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
« Reply #697 on: July 29, 2012, 07:09:02 AM »
WMatsui makeout session, oooookay....I approve of this... a lot  :wub: :wub: Jurina, you'll always be a pimp, lol.

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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
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No, Jurina. Mayu's butt is for Yuki to spank. Jurina is hilarious lol!



Rena also suffered in the past you know... No emotional or.sexual attachments at all??!??

You shoulda emphasized more on the kissing scene, y'know, like tongue. And Rena hiding in the locker XD it was Imade who took the video I think.


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Re: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE: CHAPTER 21 - PART 3 (Black vs Geki, Nezumi vs Center)
« Reply #699 on: July 29, 2012, 08:25:03 AM »
lol never thought jurina vs mayu is this kind or fighting..
i still wonder jurina will fall in love with rena or not

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