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Author Topic: HUMAN vs VAMPIRE (SEASON 2): TRAILERS PART 4  (Read 263162 times)

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« Reply #1201 on: August 25, 2018, 12:22:33 AM »
SAYAKA! You need to believe what Yuki is saying!

(Hehe, was the line where Sayaka said she was a werewolf a reference to another fic series? xD)

For real though, I'd love to see Sayaka face a vampire! Can you make that happen, anzai-san? Pretty please? ^-^

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« Reply #1202 on: August 25, 2018, 05:48:32 AM »
@ Ruka Kikuchi:

We need to find a way to make Sayaka start believing in Yuki. And Yuki will need help from her friends to make that happen. But of course it's not going to be easy, because Sayaka is a stubborn person :lol:

Oh me too, Ruka, I really want to see Sayaka face a vampire! You know I’m planning to make Acchan evil again and Takamina imprisoned, so we’ll definitely need more heroines in our Scooby gang. And with Sayaka being a better fighter than Yuki, she will be a great aid for them. And I also want to develop Sayaka's relationship with our hunter girls, especially with Yuko. We see after Takamina is sent to prison, Yuko will become their new leader.

And yes that line is a reference to the Supernatural Partner by kevinwkl. I also got another idea from that fic. I recently watched a few episodes of iZombie. Is anyone interested if I add a zombie character here? Maybe the one which is similar like in iZombie. I was quite intrigued with Liv Moore character there.

And thank you for commenting, Ruka! It seems this thread has become our private place to talk :lol: . Please keep commenting until we finish Sayaka arc here.

Anyway, I’m still in the middle of writing the Part 4. I want to make Yuki win in the next battle, but Sayaka is stronger than her. So any idea how to make Yuki win?

P.S.: I need to explain here that even though Yuki was able to defeat Shinoda, it doesn't mean she's the strongest. She managed to defeat Shinoda because Acchan helped her. On the other hand, even if Sayaka can beat Yuki here, it doesn't mean she can easily beat Acchan or Gekikara.
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« Reply #1203 on: August 26, 2018, 02:59:28 AM »
Hahaha it does seem to be the case! XD

And yo! I would love to see a zombie character! I don't mind who it is. :3

Hmm, how would Yuki win against Sayaka... Honestly I'm not really sure. Sayaka is tough and I think she could hold out in a fight longer than Yuki. Maybe a third party enters the fight and Sayaka gets injured or something?

Plus yeah, Sayaka might not be equipped to handle super tough vamps like Acchan or Geki. I'd love to see Yuko or Takamina train her if she does decide to help out their team. *fingers crossed*

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Hello there!
Fast update again.
And with a pretty long fighting sequence again!

@ RukaKikuchi:
Let me figure out who will be the best for zombie character. :lol:
A third party? No Ruka, I don’t want a third party. I want Yuki vs Sayaka fight to be personal, only for the two of them. And if Yuki want to win against Sayaka, she will have to do it by herself. No third party for her. :lol:
And of course, Yuki has several tricks up her sleeves in order to beat (or at least hurt) Sayaka.

And we see Sayaka is much more skilled than Yuki in handling a more serious situation and more complicated battleship. Sayaka is a cop, she is trained professionaly in using guns, firearms, bazooka, grenades, and other equipments. While Yuki is still a beginner. We see how she's been struggling a lot in using the gun, she even had to ask Tomochin to train her.


(Part 4)

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honour and Humanity

     I arrived at the apartment later, with bruises all over my body. Along the way home, I had to hide my face behind my bang so that people wouldn’t get freaked out upon seeing me in such a bloody state.
     Yuko was the person who saw me first. She was sitting alone in the living room reading some newspapers when I came in.
     “Wooahhh, Yuki!! What happened to your pretty face!?” She asked me, surprised much.
     “I had a fight. You should look at the other girl.” I replied coldly.
     “What? Did you sent her to hospital?”
     “No, I sent her to the morgue.”
     “Eeeeehh!? You killed her? Yuki, you’re so scary!”
     I just smirked, ignoring her remark. I was lying to her of course. The one who took the most damage from the fight was me, not the other girl.

     I heard Sasshi and Miichan’s voice coming from inside the kitchen. It seemed they were busy cooking something. I quickly stormed into my room in order to avoid them. I don't want many people to see me in this pathetic state. And especially not those two people.
     I don’t want Sasshi to see me because, well, she’s my sidekick. No hero wants to look beaten and defeated in front of her sidekick right? If she sees me like this, it won’t be good for my ego. I have to always look cool and tough in front of my sidekick. And just yesterday, she had praised me, saying I'm a one tough girl and such. And I want to keep it like that between us.
     As for Miichan, I don’t want her to see me because, well, she’s a psychic. She would noticed it right away that I’m indeed in a big trouble. She already smelled it, and I mean literally smelled it, when we’re both sitting in the kitchen this morning. The way she sniffed me and wiggled her nose kinda made me think that she’s a witch or something.

     Once I was inside my room, I quickly locked the door. I took out my jacket, grabbed my towel and went into the bathroom. I then stripped myself and stood in front of the mirror, and began to observe my naked reflection in the mirror. And for the first time, I witness it with my own eyes, just how badly beaten I actually am.
     The person I see in the mirror looks so messed up. All cuts and bruises were visible especially around the cheeks and nose. There were dried blood under my nose. And a long cut near my right eye, it stung every time I blink. I had a chapped lips, and it’s still bleeding as well.
     I let my tongue move around inside my mouth, exploring and checking on my teeth. And I was relieved none of them was broken. It would be troublesome if I had to go to the dentist to fix them.
     I then brought my hand up, cupping my chin, and started moving my jaw around. A faint crack was heard but there was no dislocation. I made a mental note to wear a mouthguard next time if I confront this rogue female cop again.
     Next, I turned my attention to my torso. The most notable damage was the big, purple bruise on my stomach. She had punched/kicked/kneed me hard, several times on that part of my body. I’m sure it’s gonna sting for days.
     Other than that were smaller but countless bruises and cuts here and there, and a few broken bone inside my body. My legs muscles were sore as well after I exerted them a lot, doing all those spinning kicks.
     All in all, this is the worst damage I’ve received so far, ever since the battle against Shinoda last year. And this is the first time I received it from a human. I’ve never felt so defeated and humiliated like this before, getting beaten up by a police officer whose name I can't even remember. If I thought yesterday was just a bad day, then today is definitely atrocious.
     This officer is really tough, I have to admit it. And maybe my fighting skill has been getting rusty too, and I have to practice more often to improve my fighting skill.
     But those aren’t something that bothers me much. What enraged me the most was the part about her personal relationship with Mayu and Sae.

     ’Stay away from Mayu.’

     ‘Stay away from her, before you’re ruining her life.’

     ‘You’ve killed her brother. It’s too dangerous for her to stay with you. You must leave her.’

     ‘I’ll take her away from you.’

     ‘If you dare to hurt her again, I’ll beat you to death.’

     I glared again into the mirror, and the person in front of me glared back furiously at me, her eyes were burning in anger.
     And I’m seeing red.


     My fist went up hitting the mirror, shattering it into pieces.

     Stunned, I stared at my knuckles. It’s already bleeding before, and now it’s bleeding even more after I punched the mirror.
     I rested my palms against the wall, my chest heaved rapidly as I struggled to take a deep breath and control my rage. I felt my body trembling but this time it wasn't from the pain, it was from anger.
     I then waited for a moment until I calm down before turning on the shower knob. And for the next several minutes I lingered in the shower, letting the water run down on my head and my body, washing all the blood and dirt away. The tiled floor beneath me is now tainted with the red liquid mixed with water before it went and disappeared into the drainage. And as the water flowed over my skin, I felt the pain, anger, sadness, and all those negative emotions inside of me slowly disappeared as well.

     I found myself sitting on the bed a few minutes later, wearing a white shirt and a baggy pants. With my temper cooling down, I started to clear up my mind and contemplate. I feel it’s rather funny now, to have someone blaming me for what I had done to Sae. For more than two years, I’ve been blaming myself, taking all the punishment that I could get and still thinking it was not enough. And now when I’ve gotten over it, suddenly someone came and put the blame on me again. How ironic.

     Mayu was still not home yet, and I decided to wait for her. As I glanced at the clock on the table, I figured she’s already on her way now. I can’t hold this up anymore. After what just happened today, I need to confront her directly. And this Cyborg got a lot to explain to me today.
     I heard Mayu’s voice echoing loudly as she entered the apartment. She greeted Yuko and then they talked about something. And I waited for her in the bedroom.
     “Hey, Yuki! I thought you weren’t home yet.” She spoke as she saw me sitting on the bed. I wasn’t facing her directly so she didn’t notice my bruised face yet.
     Getting up, I walked to the door and locked it before turning around to face her. I stood there and watched as she put her school bag on the desk and took off her blazer and necktie.
     She was humming to a cheerful tune, but came to a stop when she turned and saw me.
     “Y-Yuki! What happened to your face!!? Were you fighting again!? Who did this to you!?”
     She came at me and reached out her hand, wanting to touch my face, but I stopped her and pushed her away gently, keeping her at arms length.
     “You wanna know what happened?” I spoke while throwing her a death-glare. And she must have sensed something was different too in my voice.
     “Here is what happened today. I just had my ass handed to me on a plate, by someone who apparently knows a lot about you and Sae.” I said crossing my arms on my chest.
     “Huh!? W-what-”
     “And oh, she’s a police officer. And your childhood friend. Does that ring a bell for you?”
     “Oh! Sayaka! It’s Sayaka-neechan!”
     I snickered.
     “Yeah, that must be her. Now explain.” I said coldly, still with my arms crossed.
     “.....” The Cyborg was in daze.
     “Explain, Cyborg.” I spoke again.
     “W-what do I have to explain, Yuki?”
     “Everything. About her and you and Sae. And about your meeting with her two days ago. Everything. I want to hear it all.”
     I could see Mayu was stunned and confused for a moment. And I waited as she gathered her thoughts to answer me.
     “......She’s Akimoto Sayaka. She was my neighbour in Okinawa….. A childhood friend of me and Sae….. and- Oh snap! Yuki, did you meet her?”
     “Yes, I met her, and to be exact, I was beaten by her.” I said with my finger pointed at my face, signifying my injury.
     “Oh my! She beat you! B-but why? How? Why did she beat you?”
     I let out a sigh. “Two reasons I guess. First, she thought I killed Sae, which is kinda true. And second, she thought I was beating and hurting you, which is kinda true too, only I was training you.”
     “Oh God. I- I don’t… “ Mayu was still stunned. “I mean, how come she thinks like that? And how did she know about you and Sae?”
     “She’s a cop, Mayu. She can track everything about Sae, and you, and me.”
     “So, Sayaka thought you killed Sae-niichan. Did you tell her that he was a vampire?”
     “Yeah, but she didn't believe me.”
     “Well, we should try to tell her again then. Oh God, I still can’t believe this.”
     “Yeah me too. She came at me yesterday, wanting to arrest me. But she didn't have arrest warrant so I ran away from her. But today she stalked me again, and we fought. Aaaagh dammit, it hurts!” I groaned and winced in pain, my hand’s on my stomach.

     I saw Mayu staring at me, looking so worried.
     “Yuki, you look so messed up. Let me check and patch you up first.”
     “Okay.” I nodded. I know I really need some treatment right now.
     Mayu took the medicine kit before pulling me and making me sit on the bed.
     “Take off your shirt.”
     I slowly removed my shirt, leaving me with only a bra on my top.
     Glancing, I saw a slight tinted blush on her cheeks, and I couldn't help but smile a little. She's always blushing like that whenever she saw me naked or half-naked. For a moment she just stared at my body, as if she not wanting to miss the opportunity to rape me with her eyes. Oh Mayu, come on, you have an injured girlfriend here, leave your pervertness for a little later, okay? I then faked a cough in order to bring her back from her fantasy world.
     "Ah sorry, where was I?"
     "You said you're going to check me and patch me up." I said while giving her a funny look.
     "Oh yeah, right," she said grinning.
     Mayu then began to inspect my body carefully. A frown was formed on her face as she noticed the big bruise on my stomach, and a few more bruises on my back which I couldn't see.
     “Oh boy, Yuki, you took quite a lot of damage this time. I can't believe Sayaka can hurt you this much. Is she that strong?”
     “Yeah, probably stronger than me.” I said pouting.
     "Wow, really?"
     "Really. Damn, I never had someone pummeling me like this before. And the funny thing is, she thought I was the bad guy here." I continued whining.
     "Haha! And now you know how the bad guys feel when you pummel them." Mayu let out a chuckle.
     "Yeah, right. I'll be more gentle to them next time." I still pouted.
      Letting out another chuckle, Mayu then dubbed a gauze sponge into an alcohol and put it gently on my wounds. I couldn't help but flinch every time she touched my wounds.
     “I’m sorry for Sayaka. She shouldn't have done this to you. I’ll try to talk to her soon.” She said while still concentrating and working on my wounds.
     “Yeah.” I just nodded at her.
     She spent a few minutes to take care all the cuts and bruises on my face and  my body. She did it very gently, as if not wanting to cause me more pain. And I have to admit she had developed quite a skill in doing that. Maybe because I often get home with bruises and injuries, and she always be the one who take care of me.

     After we finished, I put on my shirt again.
     “Mayu, you still haven't answered my question. Who is this officer and what is her relationship with you and Sae?”
     I saw Mayu taking a long breath before answering my question.
     “Akimoto Sayaka was our neighbor in Okinawa. She’s a year older than Sae-niichan. We’re childhood friends. I never heard about her again after I left Okinawa. And then two days ago, I accidentally met her at the bookstore. And yes, she saw my bruises. She’s been like a big sister to me, and that’s why she was worried when she saw my bruises. We’re very close. Me, Sae-nii, and Sayaka always spent our times together, and-”
     “And she was Sae’s first love.”

     And I was stunned. Again. For the n-th time today.
     This rogue female officer who had just beaten me up into a pulp was actually Sae’s first love!
     I suddenly felt dizzy. Too much revelation today. I feel like my brain is going to explode now. I can't handle this anymore.

     “First love? Now that explains why she went all gorilla at me. She’s one of those Sae’s crazy fan girls, huh?”
     I saw Mayu just smiling at me.
     “No, actually she isn't. Sae loved her, but she never loved him back. It was only a one-sided love.”
     And I was startled once again. That was kinda like me and Sae when we first met. I mean, Sae was totally head over heels for me when we first met, and all I did was trying to avoid him during the whole time.

     “Tck…. Why you never told me about this, Mayu?” I asked the Cyborg.
     And she shrugged. “Why would I? I thought you wanted to move on and forget everything about Sae.”
     “Yeah, you're right.” I said. “And I can't believe they're going to arrest me again because of him! Geeez!”
     Mayu turned and frowned at me. “What? What did you say?”
     I realized I just blurted out something important. Stupid me and my stupid mouth!
     “No, I didn't say anything.”
     “You said something before. Say it again.”
     “I said I can't believe they're going to arrest me because of him.”
     “’Again’. You said they’re going to arrest you ’again’. That one word makes a big difference, Yuki. And now I wonder, what do you mean by that.”
     I blinked at her. Uugh, why is she so keen? I need to keep my mouth shut next time.
     And I sighed. “Okay, what do you want to know, Cyborg?”
     “When did they first arrest you? And where?”
     I clicked my tongue and glanced away. And suddenly I found the floor become very interesting to look at.
     “.... It happened in Hiroshima after Sae disappeared, three years ago, when Shinoda kidnapped him and sired him. You know, that night when Shinoda hunted me down, and then Sae came and protected me by hiding me inside a locker in his apartment. Two weeks later, the police came to arrest me. But I was released after that because they couldn't find evidence.”
     I saw Mayu thinking for a moment.
     “Oh, wait, I remember something. My parents and I went to the police station in Hiroshima back then. They said they had a suspect on Sae’s case.”
     I frowned upon hearing her words. Wait, so Mayu was also there at the police station? Why didn't I see her?
     Mayu continued. “And when we were in the police station, when I was just returning from a vending machine, I saw my parents talking to someone. A girl. And then I saw my mother slapped that girl…. Oh my god, Yuki, was that you? Were you the girl who got slapped by my mother?”
     “Yeah, that was me.” I replied with a pout, and glanced away.
     “So you’ve met my parents before!? Yuki, why you never told me this!?”
     “Well, you didn't tell me about your meeting with that officer too! So we're even.” I said, still with a pout.
     Mayu threw herself sitting on the bed beside me. She probably found this was too much for her too. Just like I said, too many revelation today.
     “And what were you talking with my parents? Why did my mother slap you?”
     “....... She asked me if Sae was still alive, and if I had killed him or not. I couldn't answer it. And so she slapped me.”
     “Oh my… Why did you never tell me this, Yuki?”
     “Well, why would I!? You know I wanted to forget all about that.”
     Mayu turned to look at me.
     “Yeah, you’re right, sorry…. But, why didn't you deny it? Why didn't you tell my mother that you didn’t kill Sae?” Mayu asked staring at me.
     I sighed. “I guess I was still in the self-blame phase, back then. You know I’ve been blaming myself for everything that happened to Sae, so yeah, I couldn't deny it.”
     Suddenly the Cyborg came and hugged me.
     “Oh Yuki…. I didn't know you were suffering that much,” she said looking into my eyes.
     I smiled at her. “It’s okay, I’ve already gotten over it. I’m not sad anymore.”
     She then put her hand on mine.
     “Tough isn't it, Yuki, your life?”
     “Yours too.”
     “Yeah, we both had it rough. Our lives’ suck.”
     “Now you said it.”
     “Well, everything sucks for me, except you.”
     Oh, here she goes again! She’s such a smooth talker! But I love it~
     Suddenly, she leaned closer and put her lips gently on mine.
     And she kissed me.
     I returned her kiss. And for a moment we kissed each other tenderly. It wasn’t our usual, long, passionate kiss. It was much more gentle this time, the kind of kiss that can ease your pain and relax your mind. And we both know we need it very much at a time like this. Our kiss had become a cure. A medication. A daily respite from our stressful days.
     “Ouuch!” I winced again. I forgot I had a wound on my lips.
     “Ow, sorry!” Mayu said as we broke the kiss and pulled away.
     She then stared at me worriedly. Her eyes were on my lips.
     “Your lips still bleeding, Yuki. Do you want me to treat them?”
     “Well, you just did, Cyborg.” I said cheekily with a smile, causing my girlfriend to chuckle.
     And I was wondering myself, since when I have also become a smooth-talker like this? I used to be ‘black’ and cold, but now I feel like I’m a complete sweetheart.
     And why are we so lovey dovey, even after I got beaten up like this?

     After a moment of awkward silence, the Cyborg turned away, scratching her head.
     “Ah, I think we should get back to our main topic. Sayaka. We must talk to her and explain everything.”
     Mayu then fished out her phone and dialed a number.
     “Who are you calling?”
     “Sayaka, of course. Who else? We exchanged our phone numbers two days ago.”
     “Wait! Wait! Wait! Why are you calling her?"
     “Why? To explain everything to her, of course.”
     “No, Mayu. Don’t call her yet-” I protested.
     But it’s too late. The person on the other line already picked up the call.
     I heard Mayu speaking. “Hi, Sayaka. It’s me, Mayu. Yes………….. What!!?? Do you want us to meet? Where? …….. Okay. I’ll be there soon.” She then hang up the call.
     “Mayu, what are you doing?”
     “She asked me to meet her in the park, around….now.” Mayu said as she glanced at her watch.
     “What? No! You shouldn’t meet her! Don't go, Mayu!” I pleaded.
     “Yuki, she’s my friend. I need to see her and talk to her.”
     “No! Don’t go, please! Who knows what she's going to do to you?”
     “Yuki, you're being overprotective again. She’s not going to do anything to me. She's a good person. We just have to explain this to her and solve this misunderstanding.”
     I stared hopelessly at my girlfriend.
     Of course, Mayu, she's not going to hurt you or anything. I’m quite sure of that. But what I’m afraid is that she’s going to take you away from me.
     I then let out sigh. “Okay, then, I’ll go with you.”
     She frowned at me. “Yuki, you’re still injured. You better stay at home.”
     “No. I’m coming with you. I can’t let you go alone, Mayu.” I insisted.
     “Are you sure?”
     “Yeah, let’s go now.”
     But just then we heard a growling sound.
     That sound was coming from my stomach. Mayu looked at me ridiculously, while I just glanced away feeling a little ashamed.
     “Ah, you must be hungry. I’ll get some food for you first,” she said with a stifled laugh before rushing to the kitchen.

     After I finished eating my...err… I don’t know what it is, lunch or supper or dinner, whatever, we then walked to the park nearby to meet with the officer, I mean Sayaka.
     And along the way there, I couldn't help but feel anxious to meet this person again, now that I know she was Sae’s first love.
     At the park, we saw the officer stood near a small pond.
     “Sayaka-neechan!” Mayu called.
     “Hey, Mayu!” greeted Sayaka as she turned to Mayu.
     Mayu was walking toward Sayaka, while I followed behind her.
     “Oh, you come with her.” She stared at me coldly.
     “Yes, I come with her.” I stared back at her.
     “You dare to come with her. Do you wanna get your ass kicked again?”
     Gritting my teeth, I then retorted. “No, I’ll be the one who kick your ass this time.”
     The air around us suddenly become so thick that someone can slice through it using a knife, as if it was butter.
     “Alright. Round two. Are you ready, Kashiwagi?” She said, cracking her knuckles.
     I took my gloves and put them on. “I’m ready whenever you are.”
     Mayu flailed her arms and put herself in front of me, standing between me and Sayaka.
     “Noooooooooo!! Yuki! Sayaka! Please don't fight. We’re here to talk. No fight, please.”
     “Alright. No fight.” I shrugged.
     “Ooooohhh….Look at you, now you’re hiding behind Mayu. Just tell me you’re afraid to fight me, Kashiwagi.”
     What did she say? Grrrrrr!!!
     “Who said I’m afraid!” I retorted.
     “Hey, hey, calm down, everyone! No violence tonight!” Mayu pleaded, only to be ignored by me and Sayaka.
     “Mayu, back up, while I deal with this crook here.” Sayaka said grunting.
     [A/N: This is a reference/homage to Disney’s Frozen.]
     I frowned. “What did you call me?”
     “Grrr… You, gorilla.”
     “I said gorilla. That’s you.”
     “How dare you call me that!”
     “Woooh woooh… Hold up everyone! Let’s try not to get into each other’s nerve okay? And let’s settle this in a more civilized way, no fighting, no shouting, no cursing. I mean, we’re ladies here, so, please?” Mayu pleaded again.
     Yeah. Ladies. This line almost makes me laugh, but I digress.
     “Alright.” I said shrugging, complying to her plead. And I saw Sayaka also backing up.
     Sayaka then turned her gaze at Mayu. “Mayu, do you know she killed your brother?”
     Mayu seemed to be hesitating to answer that. “Oh, about that. No she didn’t kill him. I mean, yes she did, but he’s a-”
     “What? Are you going to say that he’s a vampire?” Mayu’s words were cut by Sayaka.
     “Y-yes...” The Cyborg stuttered.
     “Tck… Mayu, you’ve been brainwashed by this woman.”
     The Cyborg was stunned for a moment.
     “But, Sayaka, I was there when Yuki killed Sae.” She struggled to explain. “He was a vampire. He’s going to harm me and-”
     Suddenly Sayaka came towards the Cyborg, interrupting her.
     “Where is your necklace?”
     “Huh!?” The Cyborg was confused.
     “Your necklace. The one your mother gave you. It’s paired with Sae’s necklace, right?”
     “Oh, that necklace. I….uhhh….We….” the Cyborg glanced at me. “We threw them into the sea.”
     Sayaka frowned. “Mayu, do you realize by doing that you’re throwing away an evidence?” She said glaring at Mayu. “Or maybe this is a conspiration? Mayu, were you involved in your brother’s murder too?”
     Mayu was dumbfounded, her mouth agape. She’s probably surprised to see how much Sayaka distrust her too.
     I sneered at the Cyborg. “You see? She didn’t believe you too, Mayu. There’s no use talking to her. Let’s just go home and talk to Takamina. I’m sure she can help us.”
     I was about to grab Mayu, but Sayaka beat me to it.
     “Hey, where do you think you're going? Mayu, come with me! This person is dangerous!” exclaimed Sayaka as she grabbed Mayu’s arm and forcefully pulled the Cyborg towards her.
     “What? No!! Neechan…I’m not-”
     I saw Mayu trying to hold herself against Sayaka, but Sayaka was stronger.
     “You’re coming with me, Mayu! You can’t live with this person anymore!” said Sayaka.
     What? What did she say? I glared at her. Is she going to separate me from my Cyborg? No way I’m letting her do that!
     I quickly grabbed Mayu’s other arm, preventing her from being dragged away by this rogue officer.
     “Let her go! She’s not coming with you!” I growled.
     “Hell, no, I can’t let Mayu staying with a dangerous crook like you!” the officer said.
     “What did you say? I'm not a crook! Let her go!!” I yelled angrily and pulled the Cyborg closer towards me.
     However, Sayaka also pulled the Cyborg to her direction. The poor Cyborg now was torn between me and Sayaka. I pulled her harder, and I could see Sayaka doing the same. And of course, because of our monstrous strength, it was the Cyborg who ended up getting hurt.
     “Aaaaaaaaaackk!!!! Ittaiii! Stop it, you two! You’re hurting me!” Mayu let out a painful groan.
     I automatically released her arm, and so did Sayaka.
     “Hm, looks like it’s a stalemate.” Sayaka said with a smirk.
     She then raised her fists and assumed a fighting position.
     “Now, Kashiwagi, we don’t have other choice. Let’s just settle this with the old fisticuffs again. This is your preferred way, right? Come on, fight me again!”
     I glared at her. She was right. We had no other choice.
     I slowly raised my fists, ready to fight her.
     “Alright, come on! Let’s settle this!” I said angrily.
     We then circled each other before going for our first strike.
     “Nooooo!!! Please don’t fight! Yukiii!!! Sayaka!! Please, stop fighting!!”
     I heard Mayu pleading again, calling our names, begging us to stop.
     I froze for a second, contemplating whether I should continue or stop.
     But then I saw Sayaka come at me with a high kick.
     And I realized I really had no choice but to fight her.

     I spun around to dodge her kick. I knew this time I could not afford to get hit again. I already have so many bruises right now, if I get more of them I’ll probably end up in the hospital.
     “You’re ruining Mayu’s future, Kashiwagi. I will save her and take her away from you!” She shouted while delivering another kick.
     “Over my dead body!” I shouted back and attempted to kick her.
     “You murderer! Killer! I’m not going to let you get away with your crime, Kashiwagi!”
     Her next kick sent me flying to the wall behind me. I heard Mayu screaming, she was worrying about me.
     Ignoring the pain, I then got up quickly. My brain’s thinking fast. I got an idea.
     Sayaka rushed towards me. She knew I’m weak when it comes to a close fight with her. She’s probably wanting to beat me up again using the same strategy she used previously.
     But I have another plan now.

     Trick #1. Make her angry.

     “Officer, you wanna know how I killed Miyazawa, right?” I said smirking.
     “Oh, now you confess.”
     “Yes I confess. This is how I killed him. I put my stake into his heart. And he vanished to dust. That’s why I didn't need to dispose his body, ‘cause he just vanished like that, as if he never existed.” I taunted her.
     “What!?” The officer was taken aback upon hearing my harsh words.
     “Yuki, don’t say those things. You’re going to make her angry.” I heard Mayu protested, but I ignored her.
     I turned to Sayaka again. “And oh, you wanna know what the best part is? He kissed me. Right before I killed him, he kissed me, so passionately. I was the last person he kissed before he died. And he died in my hand. Just like he always wanted to.”
     I smirked as I saw a fume coming out from Sayaka’s nostril.
     “Man, I’m gonna miss his kisses for life. It tasted so sweet and tender and-”


     I fell to the ground immediately.

     This officer just punched me on the face before I could finish my words. But of course I already saw this coming.
     “How dare you talk of him like that!!!” She growled angrily.
     “See? Now you’re making her mad, Yuki!” Mayu scolded me.
     A smirk formed on my lips as I wiped the blood away from my bleeding lips. This is actually my intention. The more I can provoke her, the more she’ll become careless, and the bigger my chance is to defeat her.
     After gathering my strength, I stood up and punched her back.
     It sent her flying backward a few meters away.
     “I still remember how he smelled. His scent. It’s peppermint. I even know what his favorite perfume is.” I licked my lips seductively.
     It enraged her and she came back at me again, looking more furious than before.
     She swing her punch, only to meet the air as I quickly ducked down and punched her, but not on her stomach. Instead, I punched her on the side of her body. And I punched as hard as I can, almost hurting myself. She fell to her knees, clutching onto her waist.
     Well, she might have a hard-rock abs on her stomach, but she still have weakness on other parts of her body.
     “Yuki! Sayaka! Please stop fighting!” Mayu screamed frantically.
     “No, Mayu, not until I knock some sense into her stupid brain.”
     “What!? Don’t you dare calling me stupid!” Sayaka launched at me and tackled me down.
     Now we’re both rolling on ground, wrestling.
     I managed to get on top of her and I began punching her face.
     My knuckles began to covered with blood as I rained down my fist upon her face.
     And just then I heard Mayu’s voice calling me.
     I stopped and turned at her.
     But when I was distracted, Sayaka punched me and knocked me down.
     I rolled away quickly.
     Staring at my girlfriend, I shouted mad. “Mayu, just go home! You’re distracting me!”
     “No, Yuki, please, stop it! Don’t fight with her!”
     “But Mayu--” My words were cut suddenly when a body slammed onto me and brought me down.
     Then I found myself on the ground again, this time with Sayaka sitting on my stomach.
     “Yeah, Mayu just go home! You don’t wanna see me kill this woman tonight!” Sayaka shouted.
     A punch landed on my face and I was knocked to the side.
     Damn, I shouldn't let Mayu distract me again!
     I tried to push Sayaka away but she was too strong. She held my collar and raised her fist up, ready to punch me again. But before she managed to do it, I grabbed her other arm (which was holding my collar) and I brought it closer into my mouth. And then I bite it. Hard.


     Sayaka screamed loudly.
     And I kept biting her. My teeth were buried into her skin.

     Yeah, forget my warrior code, now it's time to play dirty.

     And that was Trick #2: Use your teeth.

     She frantically pulled herself away from me. Her arm had a biting mark and it was bleeding.
     We both got up quickly, maintaining our distance from each other.
     “You’re cheating!” She yelled angrily.
     “No! It’s called using our brain, Idiot!”
     I glanced at Mayu. She was staring at me with a disbelief look in her eyes. She probably couldn't quite believe it to see me cheating in a fight. I know this is wrong. I’ve never cheated before, but I had to do this now.

     She rushed towards me again. I spun my leg for a kick, but she dodged it. I swing my arm and knocked her down, but within no time she already sprung back  into her feet and gave me an uppercut on my chin. The blow was quite powerful, it knocked my head upwards, and I found myself facing the sky for a moment before stumbling back a few steps. I was dazed, but I managed to keep my balance and stayed standing. And as I turned my head again, I could feel blood coming out from the corner of my mouth, traveling down to my chin before dropping to the ground bit by bit.

     Damn! She’s really strong! I cursed silently as I wiped the blood away.

     I guess I had to use my trick again now.

     Trick #3. This is a trick I learned from Mayu. Distract your enemy.

     Sayaka came at me and began to strike me with her raining blows again. Her punches landed here and there upon my already beaten and bruised body. I tried my best to counter her, trying hard to ignore the pain she’s inflicting upon me.
     At one point, I diverted my attention at something behind her. I widened my eyes, making a shock expression. My mouth was opened wide as well. Once upon a time I was known for being a queen of reaction, so now I’m going to use that skill tonight.
     “Oh my God! What is that!?” I shouted. My eyes were locked at the empty space behind her.
     “Huh!?” She whipped her head automatically, curious at what I had seen that made me so surprised.
     And of course she saw nothing behind her, and when she turned her face at me again I could see the confused look in her eyes.
     I didn't waste anymore time as I swing my head and gave her a headbutt this time. My skull smashed right onto her face, breaking her nose in an instant.
     “Gack!” She was choked in her own scream.
     I watched her as she stumbled limply to the side.
     Once again, I saw the Cyborg stared at me. She must be totally awestruck, unable to believe what I had done to her beloved childhood friend.
     “Y-Yuki…..You’re- you’re cheating…” Mayu stuttered.
     And I just smirked.
     Oh, thank you, Mayu, you little trickster. I think I’ve learned from the best. I learned it from you.

     Blood were running down swiftly from Sayaka’s nose like a fountain. Groaning, she wiped it using the back of her hand.

     After that, she turned at me and threw another death-glare at me.
     “You’re going to regret this, Kashiwagi!”

     She then straightened herself and stood upright. Letting out a smirk, she then walked in circle around me, eyeing me as if I was a prey and she was the hunter. And she didn't even bother to put her fighting stance. She just walked casually around me.
     I felt a bit anxious now.
     What is she planning to do now?
     I already used up all of my tricks.
     Not sure if I can take her down using only a brute force.

     She then went closer at me, still with that annoying smirk on her face. And she didn't rush it this time. She just walked slowly, almost jogged.
     I bit my lips and spun my leg for a high kick. She didn't dodge it nor block it. The kick landed hard on the side of her body. And I was surprised to see my leg was bouncing off from her body. As if her body was made from steel. I stared at her, my mouth agape. I made a second attempt as I spun my leg and kicked her again. And still, she was unfazed.
     Oh my.
     I gulped down hard.
     She grabbed my leg and threw me flying over the pond. It had a ten-inches-depth of water, so I ended up lying there with my body soaked up wet.
     Man, her strength just reminds me of Gekikara! Only she’s pretty much sane, and not crazy like that psycho vamp!
     I got up quickly, panting. I was wet from top to toe.
     I got out from the pond and once again maintained my distance from her.

     And suddenly I got an idea. My one last trick. Though I’m not sure it will do good this time. But, well, let’s just see how it turns out.

     We spurted into each other again. I decided not to maintain my distance again, and just jump in and engage in a close fight with her instead. Our punches and kicks flurried in a quick and swift motion. It was almost like a choreographed dancing. Yeah we’re both masters of martial arts so it was expected to have this kind of fight with her.
     After waiting for the right timing, I decided to bring on my trick. I reached to her stomach, and in a flash motion I ripped her clothes apart, detaching all the buttons on her shirt.

     Well, that’s Trick #4: Acchan’s trick.

[A/N: See Season 1 - Chapter 3, this is where Acchan used this trick for the first time and ripped Yuki’s clothes apart, leaving her half-naked]

     The next few seconds left the three of us in a moment of stun.
     Sayaka was stunned, of course, because I had ripped her clothes apart just like that.
     And I was stunned because…..oh my God, those abs! I’ve never seen an abs like that before! It’s so six pack, it almost look like a chocolate bar!
     I held my breath, staring at her abs.
     Damn! Now I know why I failed to hit her stomach in our fight earlier!
     I was wondering what kind of exercise she did everyday and how rigorous it was. I only did a hundred sit-ups and fifty push-ups a day. This woman must have done five hundreds of them each, every day.
     I glanced at Mayu, and I could see she was also stunned upon seeing those abs. She even had a nosebleed, and drooling silently (kinda reminds me of Yuko). I really wanted to punch this Cyborg right now.

     “Kashiwagiiii!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!” The gorilla, I mean Sayaka, growled at me.

     Man, she’s so hot-blooded! Kinda reminds me of, well, myself.
     And I realized it now. Sayaka and I had so many things in common. We’re strong and we mastered a lot of martial arts. We were so hot-blooded and we’re both a very righteous person who never cheats in fights. So if I want to defeat someone like Sayaka, then I would have to do it by becoming someone who is so not like me. That means, I have to cheat. And the masters of cheating will be: Acchan (ripping clothes), Gekikara (biting, chestbutting, and striking from behind, but she’s crazy so what do you expect?), and Mayu (tricking). I had to thank all those persons for giving me a valuable lesson in fightings.

     Sayaka glared at me again.
     “I’ve had enough of your cheap tricks. Now it’s time to put an end to our friendly fight.”
     She then came closer to me again. Her fists were curled besides her. Her abs was exposed and it kinda distract me, although I’m not a pervert.
     She spun her leg. And I spun my leg too. Time seemed to crawl its way, as we both coming to kick each other. She aimed my stomach. I aimed her head. Whoever lands their kick first will be the winner of this fight.



     Our kicks landed on a body.
     But it’s not ours.
     It’s Mayu’s.
     Oh. My. God.

     “Aaack!” The Cyborg let out a short, muffled grunt before collapsing onto the ground.
     My brain quickly registered what was happening. It seemed Mayu had thrown herself between me and Sayaka, right before our kicks managed to hit each other.
     Both Sayaka and I were stunned once again, glaring at each other.
     I was the one who recovered first as I then rushed immediately toward Mayu.
     I sat myself on the ground and lifted her head and put it gently on my lap.
     “Mayu, wake up! Open your eyes! Oh my god, Mayu, please wake up!” I hugged her and caressed her, and shook her body gently.
     But she didn't move at all, much less waking up. The Cyborg was knocked out cold.
     I turned and glared at Sayaka.
     “Look what you’ve done to her! You’re hurting her!” I snapped.
     “Hey, you’re hurting her too!” Sayaka retorted. “I only kicked her stomach, but you kicked her head!”
     I ignored her statement and just hugged the Cyborg again.
     I then lifted Mayu’s body up and put her on my back. After carefully adjusted her position (because it’s not easy to carry a knocked out person on your back), I then spoke to Sayaka.
     “I have to bring her home first. Let’s continue our fight later.”
     “Wait! Let me take her to the hospital!” Sayaka stared at me and Mayu. She looked so worried. I knew she must have loved Mayu too, as her little sister.
     “No, I’ll take care of her.” I said as I walked away, carrying the unconscious Cyborg on my back.

     We reached the apartment later that night.
     Takamina and Miichan were in the living room. They both were very shocked to see me and Mayu in that state.
     “Yuki, what happened!?” asked Takamina.
     I didn't answer, only staring at the floor as I kept walking.
     “Yuki, are you okay? Is Mayu okay?” Miichan asked and came rushing to us.
     She noticed a big bump on Mayu’s head.
     “Oh my God? Did she fall?” she asked worriedly.
     “N-no, I…. I accidentally knocked her out.” I explained while glancing away. And I’ve never felt so guilty like this.
     “What!?” Takamina shouted in shock. “Yuki, this is the third time in a row I’m seeing you carrying Mayu home with bruises like this. Last week you said it was just a training. Is this still a training now?”
     Again, I was silent and could only bit my lips upon being scolded by Takamina.
     “Yuki, you know Mayu is not as strong as you. She’s the weakest amongst us, for God sake! How could you bring yourself to hurt a fragile body like that!? Look! She even fainted this time!” Takamina scolded me more.
     “I- I had a fight with someone. And Mayu came in between, and I couldn't stop myself…”
     “Tckk….Yuki, you should do a better job to protect Mayu next time!”
     “Okay. I will.” I nodded slowly before walking into my room.

     I laid the Cyborg on the bed and left her there as I took a quick shower. I was wet from top to toe. And this is the second time I had to take a shower today because of my fight with Sayaka.
     After finishing my shower, I came back to the Cyborg and began to check on her.
     I felt my heart sank to the bottom, upon seeing my beloved girlfriend hurt so much. And what makes it worse, she was hurt because of me (and Sayaka). I will never forgive myself (and Sayaka too) if something bad happens to Mayu.
     I took a wet towel and put it on the bump on her head. The bump looked so big, and I felt so guilty because it came from my kick. I then lifted up her shirt to check on her stomach. She had a big bruise on her stomach, as a result from Sayaka’s kick.
     I sat beside her, holding her hand.
     “Mayu, I’m sorry.” I muttered.
     I sat there for a moment, until she stirred and opened her eyes.
     “Y-Yuki… Where are you?” She squinted her eyes, searching for me.
     “Mayu, I’m here. I’m right here with you.” I caressed her.
     “Yuki, please don't fight with Sayaka anymore.”
     “Please, I don't want you and Sayaka to fight anymore.”
     I could see the tears began to well up in her eyes.
     “Okay, I won’t fight her anymore. Don't worry, Mayu.”
     Mayu nodded weakly.
     “I’m thirsty.”
     I took a glass of water then helped lifting her head a bit so that she could drink it.
     “Yuki, please stay with me. Don’t go anywhere.” She said holding my hand.
     “Of course Mayu, I’ll stay with you.” I said with a smile as I caressed her face gently with my thumb.
     She seemed so weak and fragile. And I couldn't imagine how painful it was for her, to receive that kick from me. I had put all my strength into that kick. Only someone like Acchan, Gekikara, and Sayaka could withstand such a powerful kick like that.
     For several minutes, I kept sitting there beside her and holding her until she fell asleep.
     And then I kissed her in the forehead and got up, ready to leave. However, I felt a hand grabbed my shirt, causing me to stop. As I turned and looked at her, I saw she’s still closing her eyes as if she was asleep. But at the same time her hand was gripping tightly on my shirt, I couldn't move away. And I found it funny to see her acting like that. She’s really such a cutie.
     “Yuki, don't go. You said you won’t leave me.” She mumbled.
     Ah. She's still not sleeping yet. I stared amazed at her.
     Then I sat down again next to her. “Okay, okay. I’ll stay.”
     I spent another long minutes holding her hand and staring into her face, until she really fell asleep.
     I then lowered my head closer to her. Our faces were only a few inches away. She was sleeping peacefully.
     “Mayu,” I whispered to her, “How was your mock exam today? You must have scored really well, right? I know you do. Mayu, I’m so proud of you. And I will always be proud of you, no matter what you will become in the future. You will always be my Mayuyu. And I will always be there to support you. You’re my silver lining…My rainbow after the storm....” I whispered at her, smiling as I saw her sleeping face.

     After that, I got up and walked out from our room. Heading to the living room, I found Takamina and Miichan were still there. They’re probably busy discussing something about our clients (the clients of our detective agency).
     I stood there for a minute, hesitating.
     I brought my fist to my mouth and let out a little cough. “Takamina, I need your help.“
     “Yes, Yuki?”
     Takamina and Miichan stared at me.
     “.......How much is the cost for a lawyer?”



Wow, 7700 words! And I typed it all using smartphone only!

And yes, that last line is a self-reference to my other fic (Street Lawyer Watanabe) :lol:

And if you think that Yuki vs Sayaka fight here is epic, then I gotta say, their fight is just a friendly fight. Yuki vs Geki fight will be much more epic than this, with both girls taking as much as damage one can take, to the point of almost dying.

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In case anyone is wondering how Sayaka's abs looks like, here I attach a picture.

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Ahh~ that's right, that's right. That makes sense.

Haha, maybe Sayaka can train Yuki then! ^-^

(Ahh~ I love that photo! Sayaka's abs are amazing. :love: )

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@ RukaKikuchi:

LOL I don’t think Yuki will be happy to be trained by Sayaka. I can only imagine an awkward tension between them if they train together. Sayaka may bully Yuki in their training session :lol:

Also, don't forget this important fact: they both loved Sae once. So try imagine yourself being in Sayaka’s shoes, to meet a girl who had stolen Sae from her just to kill him in the end. But yeah, I think we still need Sayaka to train Yuki, so let’s make that happen! And yes, Yuko or Takamina can teach Sayaka about hunting!

(I love that photo too! She looks so hot and cool! Yuko and Tomochin have abs too, but still, Sayaka’s abs are just the best. She has amazing abs but still look beautiful as a woman! I want her as my older sister IRL :D. I mean, imagine having an older sister like her.… I’ll die happily… #sigh)

Just like I said to you before, if only it weren’t for Yuki being my oshimen  the more popular member in the group, I would’ve made Sayaka to be the main heroine in this fic (and I would’ve made Yuki or Black being the vampire instead with Rena as the hunter:lol: , and yes I’m referring to your fic Black Rose hehe~)!

P.S. : If anyone is offended by the mentioning of gorilla in the previous update, I deeply apologize. I just meant to use it for a joke. You know I love Sayaka too. And in the story, it is Sayaka who called Yuki ‘crook’ first, and then Yuki reacted by calling Sayaka ‘gorilla’. Actually, there is nothing wrong with Sayaka’s build. She may be bigger than average Asian women, but for western standard, she’s still normal and cute. Even Yuki here admitted Sayaka is beautiful (see Chapter 18 Part 3). And besides, I don’t think the ape related term is really offending at all. It’s been used in many popular cultures, such as Journey to the West, Dragon Ball, One Piece, etc. But yes, it maybe a bit offending for a female idol, so again I truly apologize. And lol what am I doing here, explaining this kind of stuff? :lol:


No fighting scene in this update, because our girls (MaYuki & Sayaka) already received enough injuries from their previous fights. Let’s give them a break.

Also, there will be a brief appearance of Lord Shinoda here. What? How? Is he resurrected? Nope! Keep on reading to find out!

And in this update I will return to third person POV as usual. Writing in first person POV kinda tires me out and it also drains my emotion, especially if it is from Yuki’s POV, because really, I can't imagine how it feels to be in Yuki’s shoes and experience all those bad things. Oh wait, actually I can, I’m the author of this fic :lol:

(Part 5)

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honour and Humanity

     “Takamina, I need your help.”
     “Yes, Yuki?”
     “.....How much is the cost for a lawyer?”
     Takamina and Miichan stared at each other for a moment before looking back to the raven girl.
     “A lawyer? What for? Why do you need a lawyer, Yuki?” asked Takamina.
     Yuki bit her lips. “I think I’m in a big trouble.” She said as she glanced nervously at Miichan.
     Yuki was hesitating whether she should tell Miichan too or not, but in the end she decided to let her know. Sooner or later, all the girls will know about Yuki’s problem so why not just tell them now.
     Yuki saw Miichan frowning at her.
     “A big trouble, huh? Thought so. I already smelled it this morning.” Miichan sneered.
     Yuki glanced away from the gachapin, knowing the later would probably scold her for not telling them sooner.
     “Come, sit here, Yuki.” Takamina said.
     Yuki came and sat in front of them.
     “Now tell us what your problem is, and why do you need a lawyer,” asked the leader.
     Yuki thought for a moment before answering.
     “You remember about Miyazawa?”
     “Hm… you mean the vampire boy that you killed last year?” Takamina asked with a frown.
     “Wait, wait, who is this Miyazawa?” asked Miichan.
     “He was my late boyfriend. Shinoda sired him three years ago. And last year we met again and I killed him.”
     “And a police officer came at me yesterday, and also today. She wants to arrest me for Sae's murder.”
     Both Takamina and Miichan mouthed an ‘O’.
     “Have you told her that Miyazawa was a vampire?” asked Takamina.
     “Yes, but she didn't believe me. She didn't even believe Mayu too.” Yuki said.
     “Hold on, Yuki. I don't really get the whole story. You meant to say that this officer already meet Mayu too, and--  Oh boy! Did you fight with this officer? Is that why Mayu was knocked out?” Takamina’s brain worked very fast, linking together all the facts they had seen tonight.
     “Yes.” Yuki nodded slowly.
     “Yuki, you need to tell us the whole story. Everything. We need to know everything so that we can figure out how to solve this problem.”
     So then Yuki told Takamina and Miichan everything about her current problem and the related background story. She told them that she met Sae three years ago in Hiroshima, and that Shinoda kidnapped and sired him. She also told them that the police had arrested her once before releasing her, back then in Hiroshima. Then she told them about her meeting with Sae last year, and how she had killed him. She also revealed the most important facts on this story: that Sae was Mayu’s older brother, and that the police officer was Sae and Mayu’s childhood friend from Okinawa.
     It took quite a long time for Yuki to finish telling her story. And once she finished, it put Takamina and Miichan in daze.
     “Oh my! What a complicated problem!” Takamina commented.
     Miichan then stared at Yuki. “Why didn't you tell us sooner, Yuki? Look! Because of you, Mayu’s badly injured now!” Miichan smacked Yuki’s head with a folded magazine.
     Yuki could only grimaced and rubbed her head upon being smacked by the Gachapin. Indeed she knew it was her fault. If only she had told her friends sooner, they would have taken an early measure and Mayu wouldn't have been injured like this.
     “So, this officer, who is her name again?”
     “Akihito… errr….. I mean…. Akimoto Sayaka.” Yuki answered.
     “So Akimoto wants to arrest you but doesn't have arrest warrant on you?” asked Takamina.
     “Yes. But she can’t do that right? She can't arrest me without arrest warrant, right?”
     “Well, actually yes, she can. A cop can arrest someone without arrest warrant, but of course, only under a certain circumstances. For example, if they see you harming people or conducting dangerous activity, then they can arrest you on the spot without arrest warrant. As long as they have a good reason, they can make warrantless arrest. As for your case, Yuki, they can at least arrest you for attacking a police officer in a public space.”
     Yuki let out a sigh. She didn't know anything about legal matter and how the law enforcement institutions work. And hearing this from Takamina only made her spirit sank to the bottom. She remembered in their fight earlier, not only had she admitted killing Sae, she also taunted Sayaka about how he had killed him. Now she realized just how reckless it was, provoking a police officer like that. She even cheated in their fight today. But then again, if she didn't do it, this officer would have probably won their fight and beat her up again. She had no choice other than to defend herself.
     Staring at their leader, Yuki’s voice sounded desperate as she asked. “What should I do, Takamina? Do you think I need a lawyer for this? I don't wanna go to jail. Please help me.”
     Takamina thought for a moment. “Lawyer fee is expensive, Yuki. We can't afford it. We have to solve this by ourselves. First we have to find an evidence to prove that Sae was a vampire. It will grant your innocence. Secondly, I wanna know who the witness who had reported you to this officer.”
     “I think it’s one of Acchan’s sisters, Umeda, Rena, or Jurina. Umeda has a grudge on me because I killed Sae.” Yuki said.
     “Hm, yeah, it’s probably them. This means they’re still hiding somewhere, watching us. We should be very careful. I sense their comeback soon. They will avenge Shinoda’s death, and we must get ourselves ready for that. We should talk about this later, after we solve your problem, of course, Yuki.”
     “So, about the evidence, how are we going to find them?” asked Miichan.
     Yuki was thinking for a moment. “How about searching it at Sae’s apartment? It’s the place where I had fought and killed him.”
     “Okay.” Takamina nodded, agreeing. “Miichan, can you go with Yuki? I have so many stuffs to do right now, I’m sorry Yuki, I can’t go with you. Ask Yuko or Sasshi to come too. Find anything you can find and bring it home.”
     “Haik! Aye aye, Captain!” said Miichan eagerly. She always wanted to be the first to come and help her friends whenever they were in trouble.
     “Are we going to go there tonight?” asked Yuki.
     “Don’t be too reckless, Yuki. It’s already late. And look at you, you’re injured too. You better take a rest tonight.” Takamina said.
     “Let’s call it a night then. Tomorrow we have so many things to do.”


Next day in the afternoon.
In the Kobe City police headquarter.

     A group of rookie officers were talking to each other in the locker room.
     “Oi, Natsumi! When is your day off for this week?” Kobayashi Kana spoke to the female who was standing beside her.
     “Friday,” replied Matsubara Natsumi as she took off her jersey and began to change into a more formal attire.
     They had just finished their training session today which consist of sparring and gun shooting.
     “Eh~ Me too! How about sleep over at my place, Thursday night? Let’s go binge watching movies or something!”
     “Yay! Sure! I wanna watch Sherlock Holmes!”
     “What? No! I want Zettai Reido!”
     “No! Sherlock Holmes!”
     “But that’s boring! You should try watching Zettai Reido this time! It’s Ueto Aya’s new dorama!”
     “Guys, why don't you just watch them both, half season of each of them!”  Their comrade, Masuda Yuka, stepped in and interrupted them.
     Both Kana and Natsumi stared at each other, grinning. “Oh yeah, that’s right! Hehe~”
     Yuka could only smirk upon seeing her comrades’ childish acts and then continued changing her clothes.
     Kana and Natsumi were best friends and often slept over at each other’s places, watching movies, going shopping, baking cakes, and such. They both enjoyed doing their hobbies in their spare time. And being a police officer, they had to work around the clock and their day off will differ from week to week and month to month, according to their scheduling plans. Sometimes they had a day off on weekday, sometimes on weekend, and sometimes they didn't get any at all. The police stations opened 24/7 so there must always be officers in duty. It was also considered highly unethical for an officer to ditch work. And that’s why Yuka was so worried about Sayaka right now.
     It’s been five days since Sayaka left off to Shizuoka, and Yuka has been trying to cover up for Sayaka. But she knew she couldn't do that for too long. Their team leader, Captain Noro Kayo, had already grown suspicious about Sayaka. And Yuka knew she had to warn Sayaka and force her to return to Kobe soon.
     “Yuka.” A voice called her out.
     Yuka turned to the person standing on the corner, Sato Natsuki, who is also a member of their team.
     “Where is Sayaka?” asked Natsuki.
     “She’s still sick.”
     “Really? Last time I saw her, she looked very healthy and active. And I don't think she's the kind of person who can get sick so easily.”
     Yuka didn't answer.
     “Just tell her to come already. We all need her here.”
     “Yeah. Don't worry, she will come back soon. I’ll call her tonight.” Yuka said.

     Suddenly the door opened, revealing their captain, Noro Kayo.
     “I want everyone in the meeting room, thirty minutes from now! We have three new homicide cases to solve.” The captain spoke.
     “And where is Sayaka? Tck! If she doesn't show up tomorrow, I’m going to give her a detention!” The captain said angrily as she closed the door and left.
     Natsuki sneered at Yuka.
     “See? You better call her ASAP, Yuka.”
     And Yuka could only nodded and sighed.


Back in Shizuoka.

     Yuki, Sasshi, and Miichan arrived at Sae’s apartment which is located near the remainings of Shinoda’s mansion. The apartment had been abandoned ever since Sae was killed last year. And as the girls entered the room, they were welcomed by dust particles flying in the air and spider web hanging from the ceiling. The windows had been broken completely, allowing the harsh wind to enter into the room.
     Sasshi was about to pick something from the floor, but Miichan stopped her.
     “No, don't start yet, Sasshi. Don't touch anything. We need to take pictures first.” Miichan said as she took out her camera and began to wander around and take pictures. She worked and acted like a real detective who is currently investigating an important case. After several minutes, she returned to them.
     “Yuki, where did you fight with Sae?” asked the gachapin.
     “Here, in this living room.”
     “Was Mayu here with you too?”
     “Did you go to the other rooms before or after the fight?”
     “Did you see anyone else here that night? Or did you see someone watching from outside the windows?”
     “No. Not that I remember.” Yuki replied.
     “Hm, we need to ask Mayu about this later. Maybe she remember something.”
     Yuki nodded.
     “Okay, let’s split now. I will search in the bedroom and bathroom. Yuki, you search here in the living room, since this is where you had fought Sae. Sasshi, you search in the kitchen and dining room. Find anything that you can find. Notes, books, photos, mementos, accessories, and other objects.” Miichan said.
     “Okay.” Yuki and Sasshi nodded.
     Miichan and Sasshi left, while Yuki stayed in the living room.
     As Yuki observed the room, she noticed everything was still the same as what she recalled from their last fight. A tall, heavy wardrobe was laid down on the floor. It was the same wardrobe that once fell over Mayu, and Yuki had to throw herself between them in order to protect the Cyborg from the falling wardrobe.
     Yuki then wandered around the room, observing and searching. Although honestly, she didn't know exactly what she was searching for. It was as if her subconscious mind had blocked herself from any attempts to remember anything from that night. However, she managed to collect a few things that she thought can be useful to prove her innocence.
     After a long hours of searching, they gathered again in the living room. Their backpacks were filled with stuffs and objects they had found.
     “I found a family picture inside his bedroom. This is him right?” Miichan said as she showed a framed photo showing Sae, Mayu, and their parents.
     Yuki nodded. “Can we go home now, or should we search for more?” asked her. She felt a bit tired and wanted to go home already. Just staying inside Sae’s room and looking at his stuffs had drained her emotion to an extent.
     “Wait. Let me check the surrounding first.” Miichan said. She then approached the window and began to take pictures of every buildings that were visible from there.
     “Hey, is that Shinoda’s mansion?” she asked.
     Yuki and Sasshi came at her and took a closer look. From the window, they could see Shinoda’s mansion a few blocks away.
     “Oh yes, it is his mansion, I mean, was.” Yuki replied.
     “It’s ruined now. I almost couldn't recognize it,” said Miichan.
     “And what is that building?”
     “I don’t know.”
     “Probably a warehouse.” Sasshi voiced.
     Miichan continued taking few more pictures before finally shutting off her camera.
     “Okay, I think we have got enough stuffs here. Now let’s go there!” Miichan spoke.
     “Where?” Yuki asked, frowning.
     “Shinoda’s mansion.”
     Both Yuki and Sasshi fell silent immediately. And the air around them suddenly felt heavy.
     Miichan spoke again. “You said before that Sae was sired by Shinoda, and that the witness who have reported you to this officer might be Acchan’s sister. That’s why we need to check his mansion too. Maybe we could find something related to Sae there.”
     “Y-yeah, you’re right, Miichan.” Yuki nodded, though still hesitant. It surely will take a lot of courage from her, to go back to the place where she had been beaten to within an inch of her life.
     “Let’s go then.” Miichan said.

     Several minutes later, they were already standing in front of the gate at Shinoda’s mansion. It was still an hour before sunset, but the mansion already looked quite scary. From the outside, they could see that almost half of the building had been completely ruined.
     “Are we really going to go in there? It looks like a haunted mansion now.” Sasshi voiced out nervously, being the hetare she always is.
     “We have no choice. Let’s do this, Sasshi.” Miichan said.
     “Yeah, let’s do this, for Yuki.”
     “Oh guys, you know I really appreciate your help. Thanks for doing this for me.” Yuki said.
     “You’re welcome, Yuki.” Miichan and Sasshi replied in unison.
     Yuki carefully opened the gate. She then entered it and motioned the others to follow her.
     The path that was once a boulevard had disappeared and fully covered with wild plants. The garden was overgrown and deserted. Rats, squirrels, owls, nighthawks and other creatures were found inside and outside the building.
     The main door at the front side of the building had been completely destroyed, leaving only a big hole on the wall. The windows were broken as well, with shattered glasses on the floor.
     Standing in the main hall inside the building, the three girls walked closely together.
     “Let’s not split up. It’s better to stay together.” Miichan spoke.
     “Oh yeah sure! Why would I want to split up anyway?” Sasshi said sarcastically, while Yuki just nodded.
     “I sensed a very strong supernatural forces here. A lot of bad spirits were trapped in this building, they were tormented. Be careful and stay with me.” Miichan exclaimed.
     “Eeehhh!? Aaahh~~ Let's go home now~~”
     The hetare was shivering as she voiced out. She hid behind Yuki while clinging tightly onto the taller girl’s arm.
     “No. Not yet, Sasshi…. Sssshhh!! Quiet!! Someone is coming.”
     “Eeeeh!? Who?”
     “I don’t know. Just be quiet.”



     There was a sound of something crashed onto the floor, causing Sasshi to scream in shock and jump immediately onto Yuki’s back.

     “What’s that?” asked Yuki. She was also feeling quite tensed, being inside Shinoda’s mansion.
     “I think it’s just a wind. Come on,” replied Miichan as she gestured them to move again.
     “Sasshi, get off me!” Yuki shook her off, but the hetare was clinging on her back tightly like a koala.
     “Sasshi, get off now! You’re heavy!”
     “Uhh...Okay...Okay…” Sasshi obeyed as she got off from Yuki’s back and held her arm instead.
     “Let’s go upstairs. To Shinoda’s room.”
     The party then made their way upstair while keep staying close to each other. The dim lights along the corridor made the mansion looked more creepy. Yuki remembered making her way through this corridor, when she was about to face Shinoda in their last battle, a year ago.
     Arriving at Shinoda’s room, they saw a large bedroom with a king-sized bed. Similar like Sae’s apartment, the room was also covered with dust and spider web everywhere. The bed and furnitures had been consumed by rust, while the wall and the floor was still intact.
     It was already dark outside and the lights inside the room wasn't working, so the girls took out their flashlights to help them searching for what they wanted, an evidence to prove that Sae was indeed a vampire.
     At that time, Yuki already felt uneasy to be inside Shinoda’s room. It gave her an eerie feeling, as if someone was watching her. However, she tried to ignore the feeling and continued searching through Shinoda’s belongings and stuffs.
     “Do you find anything?”
     “Let’s go to other rooms then.” Miichan said and everyone agreed.

     The next rooms were the four bedrooms of Shinoda’s daughters. Their rooms were smaller than Shinoda’s, but looked brighter and more comfortable. They didn’t know which room belongs to whom, but judging from the remaining stuffs, they can guess that Acchan’s room looked the most girly and fashionable, Jurina has boy clothes in her wardrobe, Umeda’s room looked like a chamber of a royal princess, and then the last room must be Rena’s room.
     The party searched thoroughly inside all these rooms, especially in Umeda’s room, but still they couldn't find anything related to Miyazawa Sae.
     They then decided to continue searching in Shinoda’s library and working room. It was a very large room, and it was exactly the room where the last battle between Yuki/Acchan and Shinoda had took place last year.
     Standing in front of the room, Yuki paused for a moment before entering. She felt as if she was walking back into a hell’s mouth.
     Miichan switched the lights on, and strangely they found the lights was still working inside this room. (And they wondered, who still paid for the electricity bill anyway!)
     There were a lot of big holes on the walls and one on the ceiling. Cracks and dents were spotted everywhere on the floor. Ton of books were scattered on the floor. Wooden furnitures lying on the floor, broken into pieces. It was obvious that this room had taken the most damages from their fight of last year. And now looking at how severe the damages was, Yuki couldn't help but wonder again, how she could manage to survive the battle. It was really a miracle.
     There were several safes and wooden chests in the room. They checked inside them, but could only find documents related to Shinoda’s business activity. None of them were related to or even mentioned about Miyazawa Sae.

     Suddenly, while they were still busy searching, the light went off.
     “Hey! Who turned off the light!?” Sasshi asked mad.
     “Wasn't me.”
     “Wasn't me too.”
     Darkness enveloped the room, leaving the girl in daze.
     And just then, a strong wind came from the window. The curtains were blown off, allowing the moon light to penetrate into the room.
     On the window, a strange dark shadow formed and came into a view.
     “Who’s there?” Sasshi asked again, shouting.
     “Sssshhhh….Quiet Sasshi!! Oh my God!” Miichan stopped suddenly when she was about to check the window.
     “Everyone, come, and stay with me.” She motioned the other two to come closer to her.
     “What’s happening?” asked Yuki.
     “Ssshhh….Don’t speak too loud...” Miichan whispered.

     “It’s him. S-Shinoda…”

     “W-what!!!!???” Yuki was in shock. “Miichan, are you kidding me?”
     “No, I’m serious. It’s him," the gachapin said.
     The raven girl gulped down hard. Her muscle tensed up.
     Miichan continued. "It's him. But don't worry, he’s just a spirit now, he can't hurt us.”
     “Oh yeah? That’s great! Because I really cannot fight him right now.” Yuki cursed inwardly. With only Miichan and Sasshi (who both were weak in fighting) as her companion, Yuki knew she wouldn't stand a chance against Shinoda. And the last thing on Yuki's mind would be to have another showdown (or in her case, a beatdown) with that lord again.
     “God Lord...What is he doing?” Sasshi asked in whisper.
     “He’s….standing there… and he’s… smiling…. at you, Yuki.” Miichan pointed at an empty spot near Shinoda’s working desk.
     “Oh God.” Yuki could only muttered under her breath. She felt shivered down her spine. And she was starting to feel scared, and frightened. She was never afraid of ghost, but if it is Shinoda’s ghost, it will be a different story.

     The room fell silent as the girls froze, too scared to even move.
     After a moment, the wind stopped blowing, the lights turned on again, and everything went back to normal.
     “Okay, he’s gone now.” Miichan said, much to everybody’s relief.
     “I wanna go home now!”
     “Me too!”
     “Alright, alright, let’s go home now!”
     The party then rushed home immediately.


Later at the apartment.

     Takamina, Miichan, Yuki, and Sasshi were sitting in the meeting room, discussing their findings.
     Mayu was still busy studying in her room. While everyone else was going outside, Team K were out hunting vampires while Acchan was out hunting rabbits for her daily meal (since she still needs fresh blood to feed herself regularly).
     “What!!? You came to Shinoda’s mansion too?” Takamina was in shock.
     “Yeah.” Miichan nodded. “And we saw his ghost there. I mean, I saw his ghost. Yuki and Sasshi didn’t.”
     “Of course, Miichan, you’re the psychic. And should we be worried about Shinoda?” asked Takamina.
     “Hopefully no. He lives in another dimension now, it’s impossible for him to harm us. Unless, someone open the gate to that dimension.”
     “What!? Aaaah! Let's not talk about that and just focus to Sae’s case now.”
     Everyone agreed.
     “So is this all you got from Sae’s place?” asked Takamina.
     “Mm-hm. I also snapped a lot of pictures. Let’s take a look at them first.” Miichan said as she opened her laptop and transferred the image files from her camera into it.
     Miichan and Takamina went on analyzing the images first. They made a sketch of Sae’s apartment and the buildings surrounding it. While Yuki and Sasshi just watched them quietly.
     “Someone can watch Sae’s apartment from here, and here, and here.” Miichan said, pointing to several points on the sketch.
     “That is Shinoda’s mansion,” exclaimed Takamina.
     Miichan nodded. “Yup. So, Acchan’s sisters could witness Yuki and Sae fight from there.”
     “Hm… Even if they didn't witness it, they obviously knew about it. Okay, now onto the next issue. How to prove that Sae was a vampire.”
     “Well, that’s the hardest part.” Miichan said.
     The girls began to examine the stuffs they had collected from Sae’s apartment. They read his journals, looked at his family albums, and analyze other stuffs.
     “Hey, he had a camera!” Sasshi spoke.
     “Oh, let’s check it!”
     Sasshi clicked on the camera and they went on checking the pictures.
     “Eh, Yuki is that you!?” The camera was showing a raven girl in a seifuku uniform.
     Yuki nodded, blushing a little.
     As they checked more pictures, turned out all of those pictures were taken three years ago, before Sae was kidnapped by Shinoda. Most of the pictures shows nature and city landscape, since Sae loved traveling and photography. There were also photos of Sae’s friends and his activities in the college. And the rest were pictures of Yuki.
     “It seems he was stalking you, Yuki.” Miichan said with a smile, causing Yuki to blush even more. It’s kinda embarrassing to have her friends discover about her old life and her relationship in the past.
     However as they continued searching and examining, a sound of ringing bell was heard from the door, followed by a few knocks. The girls stared at each other. It certainly wasn't Yuko and the Team K, because they had a key and therefore they never had to knock or ring the bell.
     “Strange. We never had a guest or a client coming at this hour.” Takamina said as she got up and went to the door.


An hour before that.

     [‘ Sayaka, you need to return to Kobe now! I can't cover up for you anymore. ‘]
     “Okay, I’ll return soon. I still have something to do tonight.”
     [‘ Hurry, Sayaka! Captain said she’s going to give you a detention if you don't show up tomorrow! ‘]
     “Alright! Alright! Just give me a couple of hours tonight and I’ll be heading to Kobe before midnight.”
     [‘ Good! See you tomorrow then! ‘]
     “See you! Thanks, Yuka!”

     Sayaka hang up the call and put her phone back into her pocket.
     She was now heading to Mayu and Yuki’s apartment. She decided to confront them again for the last time before she leave this town and return to Kobe.
     After ringing the bell and knocking a few times, the door opened revealing a short girl with a bright eyes, brown hair, and boyish look. Her short stature made Sayaka think she was still a middle-schooler, but the look in her eyes showed otherwise. There was a trait of maturity, wisdom, and intelligence that can be seen radiating from this short girl's eyes.
     “Good night! May I help you?” the girl asked.
     “I’m looking for Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu.”
     “And you are?”
     “Akimoto Sayaka. Police officer.” Sayaka took out her ID card and showed it to the girl.
     “Oh!” The girl looked surprised. “Come on in.”
     Sayaka stepped into the living room.
     “Please suit yourself. I’ll call them.”

Back in the meeting room.

     “Who is that, Takamina?” Miichan asked as she saw Takamina coming with a serious look.
     “It’s the police officer. She wants to see you, and Mayu too, Yuki.”
     “W-what!?” Yuki’s eyes bulged out, panicking. “T-Takamina, I don't want to see her! Tell her I’m not home!”
     Takamina stared at Yuki. “Yuki, you know you have to face this. And don't worry, we will do anything to help and defend you. We’re in this together, just like always. Come, Yuki,” she said as she put her hand on Yuki’s shoulder to give the girl a support.
     Yuki let out a sigh and nodded. She knew Takamina was right.
     They called Mayu and together they came to the living room to meet the police officer.

     Everyone now was gathering in the living room. Mayu was standing beside Yuki, holding her hand.
     “Let us introduce ourselves first. We are Yuki and Mayu’s friends. I’m Takahashi Minami. And this is Minegishi Minami and Sashihara Rino.” Takamina opened their conversation with an introduction.
     “So, Officer, you came all the way here from Kobe just to meet Yuki and Mayu?” she then asked.
     “Yes. And I’m here to arrest her.”  Sayaka replied, pointing at Yuki.
     Takamina spoke. “Officer, if you’re going to arrest her then you must take her with peace. No force. I am sure if you have good reason to arrest her, Yuki will not mind to come with you.”
     Yuki was fidgeting. She was clearly upset upon what was happening.
     “No, I don't want to go to jail. Not again!” protested her.
     “Calm down, Yuki.” Takamina said. “Akimoto-san, on what charges are you going to arrest her?”
     “First, on the first degree murder of Miyazawa Sae. Second, for abusing and harming Watanabe Mayu. And third, for attacking a police officer.”
     The girls fell silent. That was one hell of a serious crime and they never encountered a situation like this before, being confronted by a police officer.
     “I’ve told you, Miyazawa was a vampire.” Yuki said with a stern face.
     “Then how do you prove that?” Sayaka retorted.
     “Sayaka, what Yuki said is true. My brother is a vampire.” Mayu voiced out.
     Unfazed, Sayaka turned at the Cyborg. “Look Mayu, I am a cop, and I know some people can just kill each other and say the other one is a vampire and get away with it. So I will not believe in what you said unless you give me a prove.”
     Mayu continued. “And for the second charge, Sayaka, you’re making a mistake. Yuki never harmed me. It was just a training.”
     Sayaka didn't say anything.
     “Yuki is the one who’s been protecting me all the time. She has never hurt me, and never will. I can assure you of that, Sayaka.”
     “Mayu, you’re ruining your own future by staying with her. She killed your brother!”
     “No, she didn't. She saved me from him. He was a vampire and he was going to harm me.” Mayu said firmly.
     “T-that’s right, Officer.” Sasshi also stepped in, trying to defend Yuki. “Miyazawa was a vampire. First time I met him, he was attacking me and then Yuki came and saved me.”
     Takamina nodded. “I saw him too, Officer. He was a vampire.”
     Sayaka paused for a moment, thinking. “You know, Kashiwagi, even with ten people defending you, it’s still not enough to grant your innocence. You have admitted that you killed Miyazawa, and I will be holding onto that statement of yours.”
     “I will come again next week with arrest warrant. And if you can’t come out with a solid prove, then you will have to come with me, Kashiwagi.” Sayaka said as she excused herself before leaving the apartment.
     “Nice to meet you, everyone. And thanks for your cooperation. See you again next week.”

     After the officer left, Yuki slumped down on the chair. She was already losing her hope.
     “Should I just turn myself in?” she asked with a desperate tone in her voice.
     “We still have one week. Let’s continue searching.” Miichan said.
     Everyone agreed and they went back to their meeting room.
     However, after spending the whole night searching and analyzing through all those items, they’re still unable to find anything. Not even a clue.
     “What should we do?” asked Yuki.
     “Keep searching. And let’s visit the apartment again tomorrow. Maybe we can find more stuff.” Miichan said.
     “Okay.” Yuki agreed.
     “Don’t worry, Yuki, we will find the evidence.” Takamina said, upon which Mayu and Sasshi nodded in agreement. Everyone was trying to cheer Yuki up.
     “Thank you.” Yuki could only respond with a weak smile.


     For several consecutive days, the girls  went searching for more stuffs in Sae’s apartment. Even Yuko, Acchan, and Haruna also stepped in to help. Everyone was doing what they could to help Yuki. However, despite their great efforts, they still couldn't find the evidence.
     This situation didn’t seem to get any better, and it began to take a heavy toll on Yuki. She didn't want to go out at night. She didn't want to speak to anyone. She didn't want to do anything. After returning from works, she just spent the rest of her day locking herself inside her room, or practicing in the training room.

     Friday evening, Tomochin came to their apartment.
     At that time, Yuki, Mayu, and Sasshi were inside the training room. Yuki was busy punching and kicking the sandbag, taking out her anger and frustration upon the poor object. While Mayu and Sasshi just watched her silently.
     Tomochin entered the training room, unaware of the gloomy aura that were surrounding them.
     “Hey yo Team B, ready for hunting tonight?” the duck-lips girl asked while twirling her gun in front of Mayu and Sasshi.
     Mayu and Sasshi didn't reply, only pointing at Yuki.
     The raven girl, only cladded in tanktop and tight pants, was seen to be raping and mutilating the sandbag with her punches and kicks.
     She was furious. No, furious is understatement. She was beyond pissed, to an extent that there was nothing she could do to cease her anger.
     “What happened to her?” Tomochin asked, only to met with a silent answer again.
     And just then, a powerful spinning kick was delivered by the raven girl. It landed hard on the punching bag and slit it open, causing the sands to be pouring out onto the floor.
     The raven then stopped and took off her gloves before turning to her friends. She was drenched in sweat, and her breath ragged. She then took a water bottle but instead of drinking it as usual, she just took a few gulps before pouring the rest of the water over her head and her shoulders, causing herself to drench even more, and of course, making herself look more sexy and hot, much to Mayu’s delight.

     “Errr…. Yuki, aren't we going to go out hunting tonight?” Tomochin stared ridiculously at the raven girl.
     “No, I won’t go.” Yuki said as she took a towel and dried herself with it.
     “I don't want to.”
     “But Yuki, this is our schedule tonight. We have to go.”
     “Sorry. Not in the mood.” Yuki shrugged.
     “But you can go with them if you want.” She gestured at their two comrades who were sitting quietly across the room.
     “What!? You mean I have to babysit those two kids? No!!” Tomochin exclaimed in protest.
     Yuki just smirked. “Then don't go. It’s your choice.”
     Tomochin let out a frustrated grunt.
     “Tck! This is troublesome! Hey kids, come with me! We’re going out hunting tonight, the three of us! Sasshi, bring the weapons! And you, Mayu, bring my bag and make yourself useful just for once!” Tomochin said harshly as she threw her bag at Mayu before storming out. Mayu was barely able to catch the bag.
     The two comrades then stared at each other for a moment, looking horrified. But they had no choice other than to comply and follow the duck-lips girl. They just hoped Tomochin would not accidentally kill them with her gun tonight.

[A/N: This scene with the punching bag is copied/taken from a similar scene in The Black Rose. I hope RukaKikuchi won't mind me copying them here. And I add the water bottle and pouring-water-over-the-head and drenching stuff to make it more sexy and hot  :lol: ]


     Day after day, the girls still didn't make any progress.
     They visited Sae’s place a few more times to gather more stuffs. They contacted Nacchan, Yuki’s cousin who lives in Hiroshima, and asked for her help to go to Sae’s ex apartment in that city in order to search for clues. They also went to Shinoda’s mansion again, the whole party of them, and in a broad daylight because they were afraid to go there at night. They tried to track down all the places where Sae had visited during the two years of his missing, after he was sired by Shinoda. They studied and analyzed all the stuffs they had collected, trying to find an evidence to prove Sae’s vampirity.
     But all those efforts were in vain. No evidence. No prove. No clue. And they’re not even closer to it.

     On the sixth day, Yuki was already on the verge of giving up.
     “Aaaahh…. I should just turn myself in now, right?” she wondered hopelessly while everyone was sitting in the living room.
     “No, don't give up yet, Yuki! We still have one more day!” Everyone tried to cheer up and support Yuki.
     “But she will come again tomorrow. Let’s just call a lawyer. Aaahh… But it’s too expensive… What should I do?” Yuki continued wondering.

     “GIRLS, I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!”

     Everyone turned at the gachapin. “What’s that, Miichan?”
     The gachapin let out a cunning smile.
     “Well, here is my idea……..”



Can you guess what Miichan’s idea is?

Also, I’m inspired to write a full chapter about ghost now. Anyone interested? :lol:
And no, I’m not talking about SaeGhost here, because he is NOT a scary ghost :lol:

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Ahh~ Sayaka as the heroine huh. Hehe, That would've been interesting. (Nice reference. Glad you enjoyed it. :3)

Ghost Mario?! :O

What could it mean?

And what could Miichan's plan be? I smell something sneaky...

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@ RukaKikuchi :
Hehe~ Keep reading to find out! Now that I think of it, it’s kinda funny actually, to recall that your very first comment here in this fic was something like “Author san, how dare you write Sayaka in a ridiculous role like that!”. And now look, you have turned into become my most loyal reader :lol: It seems I have quite spoiled you with this Yuki vs Sayaka arc, am I right? And really Ruka, you have no idea just how much I love and adore Sayaka!

@ Everyone:
This will be the final part of Yuki vs Sayaka arc. This time, Miichan and Haruna will be the hero. And after this arc is finished, we will move to Nagoya arc and Kyoto/Osaka arc.


(Part 6)

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle without Honour and Humanity

     “Oi Miichan, what is your idea?”
     The gachapin just let out a cunning smile.
     “Miichan, hurry tell us!”
     Everyone was looking at Miichan, waiting impatiently for her to speak.
     “Well, here is my idea…….. Let’s attack the officer and-”

     “Nooo!!! Miichan, are you crazy!?”
     “Yeah Miichan, don't be stupid!  She will arrest us if we dare to attack her!”
     Everyone was scolding and yelling at Miichan.
     The gachapin raised her hands to defend herself.
     “Guys, just let me finish first! What I propose here is, let’s attack the officer and then let Yuki come and save her.”
     The room fell silent for a moment. Everyone was stunned.
     Everyone was mouthing a big ‘O’.
     Miichan continued. “Look, I know it’s impossible for us to find evidence now, but if we attack this officer and let Yuki come and save her, then at least it will make her feel a bit of gratitude towards Yuki, and then-”
     “Oh yeah, that’s right, Miichan!” Takamina interrupted her words. “If we can make this officer owe something to Yuki, then she will have to think twice to arrest her! Oh my God, Miichan, you’re genius!” The midget stared at her best friend, amazed.
     “Hehe~ Now you see what I mean. We need to make this officer believe in us, with or without the evidence.”
     “Ahh~ that's right, that's right. That makes sense.” Mayu nodded.   [A/N: Not so important, but I copied this line entirely from RukaKikuchi’s comment earlier :lol: ]
     Everyone else agreed with Miichan’s idea.
     Yuko then asked a question. “Miichan, that’s a very brilliant idea, but, how are we going to attack this officer? We can't reveal ourselves to her while attacking her, right?”
     “Oh, about that. Actually, we don't need to worry about it. We have exactly what we need here.” Miichan said, again with a cunning smile. Her eyes then locked at a certain cat girl who is currently sitting beside Yuko, dozing off as usual.
     “Haruna~” Miichan called out cheerfully, upon which the cat girl turned and blinked in confuse.
     “....Huh!? M-Me?”


In Kobe.

     It was late at night when Akimoto Sayaka arrived at her apartment. Today has been a very tiring day for her. Not only  she had to do her regular tasks, but she also had to finish several more tasks as a punishment from her boss, Captain Noro Kayo.
     After being absence for five days last week, the captain decided to give Sayaka punishment. Not a detention, but a ton of extra jobs. Sayaka didn't even have time to rest and sleep at night, and she had to spend five nights in a row to sleep at the police station instead. And finally today, the captain allowed her to go home.
     “Welcome home, Akimoto san.” A voice welcomed Sayaka as soon as she entered her apartment. And she was taken aback, for she forgot she actually had a guest staying in her apartment for quite some times. Five days of hell in the office had eventually put Sayaka’s mind into a disarranged state today.
     There in the living room, she saw her witness, Umeda Ayaka, sitting alone waiting for her.
     “You’re finally home. I feel so lonely.”
     “Yeah, sorry. I- I have so many stuffs to do at work.”
     And suddenly Umeda’s facial expression changed. “I’m scared…”
     Sayaka frowned. “Are you okay? Did something happen while I was gone?”
     “I’m scared. I’m not safe anywhere, not even here. Kashiwagi. She will come to find me and kill me.”
     “Umeda, don't worry. You’re safe under my protection. And I certainly won't let her hurt you. Don't worry. I’m going to send her to jail soon. She’s too dangerous. You’re right about her, Umeda.”
     Umeda nodded. “When are you going to catch her?”
     “Tomorrow I will come to Shizuoka again. Last week I couldn't arrest her because I didn't have arrest warrant. And now I have.”
     “Good. I really hope you can catch her this time.” A smirked formed on Umeda’s lips.
     “Yeah, sure, I will catch her this time.” Sayaka nodded. “Aaaahh…. I’m so tired, I’m going to sleep now. Good night, Umeda.”
     “Good night. And sleep well, Officer.”
     “And you too, why don’t you go to sleep now? It’s already late.”
     “I will. Just wanted to wait for you here. And Officer, thank you for protecting me. You’ve been so nice to me although I’m just a stranger, I really appreciate that.”
     “You're not a stranger, Umeda. You’re very important to me now. Without you, I won’t be able to find Sae’s killer. I’m glad I found you. I hope you stay with me until this case is over.”
     “And what will happen to me after this case is over? Will you send me off?”
     “Errr…. Yeah, sure, if that’s what you want. You can go wherever you want. I won’t keep you here any longer.”
     “..... But I’m afraid. I’m still not safe out there. Kashiwagi has friends. A lot of friends. They’re going to go after me. I’m scared….”
     Sayaka was a little confused now. She didn't know what to say.
     “D-do you want me to protect you again? Do you want to stay with me, longer?”
     Umeda stared at her. “....Can I?”
     Sayaka could only blink, unable to give a prompt answer.
     “I...Uuhhh….Sure….. You can…. stay with me…. if you want.” Sayaka replied hesitantly.


Back in Shizuoka.

     “....Huh!? M-Me?”
     The cat girl turned and blinked in confuse.
     “Yes, you, Haruna.” Miichan stared at Haruna.
     Everyone in the room was also staring both at Haruna and Miichan. Once again, they were amazed by Miichan’s idea.
     “You’re a werewolf, Haruna. The officer won't recognize you.” Miichan said.
     “Oh yeah, that’s right.” Yuko nodded, agreeing. “Miichan, I never knew you’re such a genius.” She said praising her friend.
     At that time, the werewolf girl herself had just recovered from her confusion state, and she began to register their situation.
     “Wait, wait! Miichan, you want me to transform and attack Yuki!?” Haruna asked frowning. Her mouth opened wide.
     “Yes.” Miichan nodded.
     “W-wha… How… Miichan, I’m not sure this will be a good idea….. I still don't know if I can control myself in a werewolf state…. What if, what if I hurt Yuki?” Haruna spoke worriedly.
     Everyone seemed to be worried too, as they now stared at Miichan, waiting for her opinions.
     “Don't worry, Haruna. I’ll be there to watch over you. We can do that last year, in the battle with Shinoda. We can do it again now.”
     “Are you sure?”
     “Yes, let’s do it again. We have no other choice than to do this. It’s the only way.” Miichan said reassuringly. “Or do you prefer seeing Yuki get arrested and thrown to jail instead?”
     “Of course no. But is Yuki okay with this?” Haruna glanced at Yuki.
     “Yuki, I have never attacked people before. I am really worried you’re going to get hurt much, if we continue with this plan.” Haruna spoke to Yuki. Her face was full with worries.
     The raven girl just shrugged. “As long as you don't kill me, I think I can take anything.”
     Yuki realized she had no more option left, and she had to go with what her friends suggested her. All of them, especially Miichan, had been doing what they could to help her.
     “Okay, so, everyone agree with my plan?” Miichan asked once again for the last time.
     Everyone just gave a nod at her.
     “Miichan, do you need my help too? You know, I can attack this officer and show my fangs to her and bite her, if you want. And then Yuki will come and fight me.” Acchan, the only vampire in the room, glanced and winked playfully at Yuki, only to receive a death-glare from the raven girl. Everyone knows they both love to fight each other. Yuki and Acchan had become some sort of frenemies now.
     Miichan smiled. “Errr… No Acchan, this officer might have been spying on us.  She might already knew about us being Yuki’s friends. If we attack her directly, she will know it’s just a setup. Only Haruna can do this job.”
     Everyone agreed once again.
     “Oh wait, Acchan, I think you can lend your help a bit!” Miichan said suddenly. It seemed ideas just never stopped flowing into her brain.
     “What is it?” asked the vampire.
     “Can you kidnap some vampires out there and lock them up for one night, and then we can freed them tomorrow and make them attack this officer?” Miichan asked.
     “Oh yeah, sure. I’ll do it tonight.”
     “Thanks Acchan.”
     “You’re welcome.”
     Now everything was settled and everyone felt happy and optimistic about the plan.

      However, there is one person who is still worried. This person then spoke with a sigh. “Miichan, just make sure you won't hurt Yuki too much. I’ve had enough seeing my girlfriend injured and taking care of her.”
    Yuki smiled and pulled the person closer, hugging her with one arm.
     “Don’t worry, Mayu, I’ll be fine.”
     “Yeah. You always say that everytime you go out to a battle.”
     “And I always make it home, right? Mayu, we have no choice. We must stick with this plan.”
     “But what if it doesn't work? What if Sayaka still wants to arrest you and send you to jail, Yuki?”
     “Well, if that happens, I will still find a way to make it home and return to you.”
     “Oh, really?”
     “Yeah. Even if they lock me up in prison, I will always find a way to escape and come back to you. And even if they kill me, I will rise again from my coffin and come back to find you.” Yuki said with a cheeky smile and gave Mayu a gentle peck on her lips, not feeling so shy anymore to show their PDA in front of their friends. The Cyborg responded and they began to indulge in their own world, kissing and devouring each other, in front of their friends.

     Everyone in the room were all jawdropped upon seeing such a scene.
     “Hey, Sasshi, did you teach Yuki to speak something like that?”
     “Huh? No, I didn't!”
     “Did someone put her under a love spell again?”
     “I think she has another episode of bodyswap. The question is, who occupies her body this time?”
     “No, no, no. I think she just had a brain damage or concussion after the officer beat her up last week.”
     “Yeah, probably that. Poor Yuki.”
     And everyone was left wondering why Yuki suddenly changed into a sweet lover and a romantic person.


A few hours later.

     It was almost midnight when Miichan arrived at the gate in front of Shinoda's mansion.
     For a moment she stared at the building, and she had to admit that she was a bit scared to enter the mansion again tonight. Not to mention, in a middle of the night, and alone. She had thought about asking her friends to come along before, but then again she realized she had to do this alone. The ritual will only work if she comes here alone at midnight. And she had to do this because they needed a Plan B in case their Plan A did not work.
     Carefully, she opened the gate and entered. She walked past the boulevard and stopped for a moment. She then took out her flashlight and switched it on before entering the building.
     Everything looked much scary and frightening now, more so than the last time she came here with her friends. Now with her enhanced sixth sense, she could feel all the ghostly presences that were surrounding her. All of them were crying, screaming, asking for her help. However, she ignored them and continued walking. She knew they could not harm her.
     She made her way upstair, to the place where she last saw him. The library. And once she was there, she quickly prepared a spot for herself in the middle of the room, near Shinoda's working desk. And there she put herself in a sitting position with her legs crossed. She didn't even bother to switch the lights on. She just took out a few candles from her bag and lit them before spreading them out on the floor. She then muttered something like a spell and not long after, a dark shadow appeared in front of her, also in a sitting position. This shadow had no figure. It was just a hollow, dark shadow.
     Miichan put her hands on the floor and bowed deeply, and the shadow bowed as well.
     “Lord Shinoda, thank you for coming and talking with me. It’s a pleasure to meet you again.” Miichan voiced out. Her voice came out a bit shaky but she managed to speak clearly.
     And suddenly she heard a man’s voice replying directly into her mind.
     "The pleasure is mine, Minegishi. You are the first person who is able to summon me. What do you want my child?"
     There was no actual sound, but she could hear him speaking at the back of her mind. Clear and loud. Just like a telepathy.
     Miichan then continued speaking.
     “Can I ask you a question first?”
     "Sure. What is it?"
     “Why are you still here, Shinoda? You don't belong in this realm anymore.”
     "Oh yes. I know I don't belong here anymore. I just want to visit this place for the last time and cherish my memories here before they destroy this building."
     “Who? Who’s going to destroy this building?” Miichan asked frowning.
     "The new lord, of course. They will come soon."
     “Oh I see. So that’s why you still come to this place.”
     "Yes. And after they destroy this building, I won’t be able to come back here again."
     “And who is this new lord?”
     "Well, you will know it soon, my child. They’re already on their way. And I have to warn you, they’re very powerful. More powerful than me."
     Miichan could almost see the shadow smirking at her, and it made her heart  jumped and skipped a beat.
     The shadow then spoke again.
     "So, why do you summon me, my child? What do you want from me?"
     “I need you to help my friend.”
     "….." The shadow suddenly fell silent.
     "Ehm… Why do you want me to help her?"
     Miichan took a deep breath before answering. Summoning and talking to a powerful spirit has really drained her energy.
     “You’re the only one who can help her now, Shinoda.”
     "Is she in trouble?"
     “Yes, she’s in a big trouble now. And she really needs your help, Shinoda.”
     "Errr…. No. I don't want to help her."
     "Why? Because she’s my enemy! And I like to see her suffer!"
     “Shinoda, please. Don't you think she had suffered enough because of you? Now it’s time to end this dispute between you and her.”
     "She killed me."
     “Yes, but isn’t that what you want? If you didn't want Yuki to kill you, you would’ve given her a quick death once you unsheathed your sword in that battle, Shinoda.”
     "Tck. You’re right, Minegishi. But still, I hate her. No joke."
     Miichan smirked. “No, you don't really hate her. I think you kinda like her a bit now. I saw you smiling at her when she came here last week.”
     "No, I didn't smile at her. It was a smirk."
     “Just admit it, Mario, you smiled at her, and you have grown a liking on her.”
     "No, I don't like her, not even a bit. And how dare you call me Mario. It’s Shinoda-sama for you, Minegishi.”
     “Okay, okay I’m sorry. Shinoda-sama, please just give her a hand this time, please.”
     "Tck… Okay, I’ll help her. And what do I get in return?"
     Miichan thought for a moment. “Hm, how about a day in my body? Wouldn't you like to see how Acchan is doing? She’s your beloved daughter, right? I will give you a day in my body so that you can meet and talk to Acchan again. But promise me, don't do anything bad while you’re occupying my body.”
     "…….. Alright. I’ll take the deal. So what can I do to help Yuki?"
     “Give me a piece of your memories about Miyazawa Sae, especially around the time when you sired him.”
     "…… Oh, that boy! He was Yuki’s first love right? I wonder what kind of trouble Yuki is in now, and why you need my memories of Miyazawa to help her."
     “It’s a long story but to make it short, a police officer is going to send Yuki to jail for Miyazawa’s murder. We need an evidence to prove that Miyazawa was a vampire in order to claim Yuki’s innocence. And your memories can provide such evidence.”
     "Oh, but will they believe in such a memories? You know memories are vague, my child."
     “They will believe it.”
     "Okay, if you are so sure about it, then I will give it to you. A piece of my memories of Miyazawa."
     “Thank you, Shinoda.” Miichan bowed deeply once again.
     And when she raised her head again, she saw a ray of light coming from the shadow and shooting right into her eyes. She jerked a bit and let the light continued penetrating into her brain.
     After that, the light stopped shooting and her body fell to the floor, shaking. This ritual of transferring memories from one person to another is really tiring.
     Miichan lied on the floor for a few minutes, waiting until her body stopped shaking.
     Not long after, the candles went out and the dark shadow disappeared immediately.
     Grabbing her bag, the psychic then stood up and walked away, stumbling as she made her way out from the building.


Next day, in the evening.

     Somewhere near the alley, several girls were spotted to be hiding behind bushes and shrubs, over the trees, inside a garbage bin, behind a wall, under a shadow, and other hideous spots. They were waiting for an arrival of a certain police officer.
     A short girl who were sitting on a very tall tree talked over her walkie talkie. “This is Captain Spider. I saw the officer coming. Everyone, get ready in your position. Over.”
     “NoSleeve is here. Torigoya are you ready? Please transform within a minute. Over.”
     A certain cat girl answered lazily. “Yeah. I’m ready.”
     “Say ‘over’, Torigoya.” A squirrel-like girl, who were standing beside her, said.
     “Alright, geez. Over.” The cat girl rolled her eyes. She then quickly removed her clothes and gave it to the squirrel girl.
     “Black, where are you? Please get ready! Over.”
     No answer was heard. The midget called again.
     “.... Black!? Black!? Where are you?”
     There was a static for a minute before someone’s answering.
     “...... Ah, sorry, Black is here! I’m ready! Over.”
     “Good! Just wait for my signal, Black! Over.”

     Meanwhile, Akimoto Sayaka, the said officer, was spotted to be walking on a nearby alley. She was heading to the girls apartment, wanting to arrest Yuki tonight.
     She heard a faint rustling sound coming from around her, and her guard rose up a bit. Her hand automatically touched the gun she hid under her jacket. She knew Yuki had loyal friends, and they probably would attack her or do anything bad at her, in order to help and defend Yuki.
     Sayaka continued walking along the alley with her guards up. However, when she took a turn at the nearest intersection, something unexpected happened.


     A very big wolf came out of the blue and launched itself towards her. Sayaka immediately fell to the ground, with the big wolf landed on top of her.
     What the heck!! A werewolf!? Sayaka thought in surprise.
     Werewolf attacks on human are still rare, compared to vampire attacks, therefore Sayaka was quite shocked upon seeing this creature.
     For a moment Sayaka was struggling on the ground, punching and kicking, trying to push the werewolf off from her. The werewolf had its claws on Sayaka, pinning her body effectively to the ground. She attempted to pry them off, but to no avail.
     Finally, she pulled out her gun and aimed it at the werewolf. And with such a close distance between them, she fired right into the werewolf’s head.




     The bullet went and hit the werewolf on the head. But instead of penetrating into its skin, the bullets just bounced off from the animal’s body.
     Dammit!! Sayaka cursed inwardly, panicking as she realized only silver bullets can hurt this creature.
     She never thought a werewolf would come and attack her at a time like this, and thus she didn't equip herself with the proper weapon to fight a supernatural creature. And furthermore, she was a cop, a homicide detective. She wasn’t trained and equipped to fight against supernatural creatures.
     Sayaka kept firing her gun although the bullets kept bouncing off from the werewolf’s body. And eventually the werewolf pulled away from her, probably it was shocked by the defeating sound of the gunshots.
   The officer then kicked the werewolf away with all her strength, giving her enough distance from this creature.
     Sayaka began to observe the creature. It has a flashing green eyes, in contrast with its silver fur. It was actually quite elegant and beautiful. The officer guessed this creature most likely to be a female.
     Sayaka was about to fire again, when the werewolf suddenly sped and leaped towards her. Its claws managed to bring several cuts and scratches on Sayaka’s skin. Sayaka did all she could to defend herself against the werewolf.

     Just then, a flying kick came out of nowhere. It managed to bring the werewolf down. Sayaka quickly rolled away from the creature before getting back on her feet. And looking around, she was surprised to see the person who had just saved her was none other than Kashiwagi Yuki.
     “Run!” the raven girl shouted at the officer. She was putting herself between the officer and the werewolf.
     “Run! I’ll handle this!” Yuki shouted again. She had two daggers, one on each hand.
     Sayaka was a bit stunned by this sudden change of situation, but she managed to recover quickly from her shock. She then put herself side by side with Yuki, ready to fight this creature together.
    The creature then sprang towards them with a loud growl. It spread out its claws, ready to plant them into the girls’ skin and tear their flesh apart.
     Sayaka was about to aim her gun again but just then, she felt herself being pushed away quite harshly. She ended up falling to the ground, with Yuki hovering over her, as if trying to shield her.
     The werewolf managed to slash its claws on Yuki’s back, causing the girl to arch her back and scream in pain. Sayaka quickly grabbed Yuki and rolled away together with her.
     They both got up on their feet, and Yuki once again raised her daggers. Both women had their guards up, ready to face the creature again.
     Sayaka glanced up to the sky. Her eyes captured the sight of a crescent moon.
     "It's not even a full moon. Why is there a werewolf when it's not full moon?" the officer muttered.
     Yuki smirked. "You absolutely know very little about them. This werewolf is different, and much more powerful."
     The werewolf was growling again, threatening to attack them.
     "I'll handle this! Run, officer!" Yuki said as she then put herself between the officer and the werewolf. After a few struggle, she managed to slash the werewolf on one of its leg, causing the werewolf to pull away. And fortunately for them, the werewolf then decide to withdraw and flee from the scene.
     The raven then turned around and faced the officer.
     “Are you okay, Officer?” she asked.
     Instead of replying, Sayaka asked back. “Why did you help me?”
     “Why didn't you run?” Yuki asked her back.
     Sayaka frowned. “I’m a cop, remember? My job is to protect people, not running away from danger.”
     Yuki just smirked. “Yeah, of course.”
     However, the element of surprise was still not over yet as they then heard a sound of someone’s screaming from a far away. Well, not really far, actually, just a nearby.
     “Heeelp!!! Heeeelp!!! Please help meeee!!!” That person kept on screaming for help.
     Yuki and Sayaka both were quickly alerted. They run as fast as they could to the source of the voice. And when they arrived, they found a young girl cowering in fear, being surrounded by a dozen of figures.
     “Careful. They’re vampires.” Yuki warned Sayaka.
     The scared young girl (who later turned out to be Sasshi) then quickly ran and hid behind Yuki and Sayaka.
     Those figures then vamped out, showing off their fangs. They’re very hungry, after being kidnapped and locked up the whole night by a certain vampire princess.
     Sayaka was about to draw her gun again, but Yuki stopped her.
     “Your gun is useless without silver bullets. Use this.” Yuki gave one of her daggers to Sayaka.
     It didn't take long for our heroines to finish these vampires off. They’re just underlings. Soon enough, all the vampires vanished into dust after the hunter and the officer stabbed them right in their hearts. And during this fight, Yuki kept her eyes on Sayaka, watching her back and helping her whenever Sayaka was attacked by the vampires.
     “Thanks.” Sayaka said as she dusted herself and looked at their surrounding.
     “You’re welcome,” replied Yuki.
     “But this doesn't mean our business is over, Kashiwagi. You still have to come with me tonight, unless you have the evidence to prove that you're not guilty.”
     Yuki stared at Sayaka. There was a hint of sadness shown in her eyes.
     “I don't have the evidence,” she said softly.
     “Well, then,” Sayaka took a paper from her bag and showed it to Yuki. “I got your arrest warrant. Now come with me, Kashiwagi.”
     The officer took out a handcuff and was about to restrain Yuki, but just then, Takamina, Miichan, and Acchan appeared from their hiding spots.
     “Hold on, Officer. I beg you not to arrest her.” Takamina said.
     Sayaka was a bit surprised to see everyone gathering in that place.
     “I have arrest warrant now. It’s official. You can't prevent me from arresting her. If you do that, I can arrest you as well, for obstructing an officer in duty.” Sayaka said firmly.
     Takamina stared at Sayaka.
    “I know. But please come to our place first. We have something to show you.”
     Sayaka didn't reply. She was hesitating whether she could trust these people or not.
     “Officer, look, Yuki got this wound for saving and protecting you. You owe her.” Takamina said as she approached Yuki and observed the wound on her back. The clothes on Yuki’s back had been torn apart, revealing the bleeding wound underneath.
     Takamina then touched the wound on Yuki’s back with her fingers, causing the raven girl to grimace a bit, before showing the blood on her fingers to the officer. She did it to make the officer feel guilty, knowing Yuki was injured because of her.
     “Please, Officer. Come with us. We’re not bad people. You can trust us.”
     Sayaka thought for a moment.
     “Alright, I’ll come with you.”

     And with that, everyone left the scene.

     Except for two girls who were currently hiding behind a wall. One of them was fully naked. Her body was glowing radiantly under the moonlight.
     “Yuu-chan, give me my clothes.” The naked girl spoke to the squirrel girl standing next to her.
     However, the squirrel girl just stared at the naked girl, amazed by the exquisite beauty being displayed in the form of this naked girl’s body.
     The squirrel girl was drooling, and she was starting to have a nosebleed.
     “Oshima Yuko! Stop staring at me and just give me back my clothes!” she said while giving the girl a good smack on her head.
     The squirrel girl, Oshima Yuko, then winced in pain and rubbed her head.
     “Aww!! That hurts, Nyannyan!!”
     The naked girl, Kojima Haruna, just ignored her and grabbed the clothes from Yuko’s hand. She was about to put on her clothes again when her girlfriend suddenly shouted.
     “Nyannyan, look! Your wound!”
     Yuko pointed at Haruna’s bare thigh. There was an open wound there on the left thigh. That wound was inflicted by Yuki using her dagger in their fight earlier, when Haruna was still in her werewolf form.
     Yuko and Haruna observed more closely, and then they saw something strange happened. As they observed the wound, it was slowly healing and closing itself. And in less than a minute, the wound was completely healed.
     “Wow!” Yuko once again was amazed.
     “You heal so fast, Nyannyan!”
     “Y-yeah! I didn't know I can heal this fast!” Haruna said. She was amazed as well.
     “Nyannyan, you’re so cool~”
     “Haha~ I know, I know! Now let’s go home, Yuu-chan. I wanna know what happens in our apartment right now.”
     Haruna quickly put her clothes on. And then they headed home immediately.

At the apartment.

     Everyone was now in the living room. All eyes were focused on Sayaka, Yuki, and Takamina.
     Takamina spoke. “Officer, these are all we have. We retrieved this from Miyazawa’s apartment. This is his journal, dated from three years ago, few months before he disappeared in Hiroshima. You can read from this journal, how much he had been in love with Yuki. And look at these photos, you can see how happy he was with Yuki, back then.”
     Sayaka observed the photos for a moment, and began to read Sae’s diaries. There was one photo showing the young raven girl busy fighting against vampires.
     “Even then, Miyazawa already knew that his girlfriend was a vampire hunter.” Takamina said. “This photo was taken secretly when Yuki was busy fighting the vampires. She didn't know Miyazawa was stalking her and taking her pictures. She didn't know it until she sees this photo now.” Takamina continued her explanation.
     Meanwhile, the raven girl herself just sat there and kept silent the whole time. She didn't have the ability and skill to speak as clearly as Takamina, and thus she let the leader speak on her behalf.
    “Only one thing we can conclude from all these photos and journals. That Miyazawa and Kashiwagi were once so in love with each other. There is no reason for this girl to kill the boy. They were happy. You can even read from this journal, that Sae had already made a plan to marry her once he graduates. So why would she kill him? Why would Kashiwagi kill a gentleman, a very handsome gentleman, who already made a promise to marry her? I can't see any reason for her to do such thing.” Takamina continued. Her voice a bit shaky now, probably due to being too carried away by her own act.
     Sayaka could only silent upon hearing all of this. And seeing these photos, and reading these journals, it somehow made her heart ached. She had been falling in love with Miyazawa too, ever since they were in the middle school. And to learn and discover about his love story with other girl had surely break her hearts into pieces.
     “Officer, we don't have the evidence to prove that Miyazawa was a vampire. But as you see, we are vampire hunter. And the only reason Kashiwagi would kill Miyazawa is, because he’s a vampire. And if you still insist to arrest her tonight, then I have no choice other than to offer myself instead. Arrest me, Officer.” Takamina said as she closed her long speech. She then walked and put herself in front of Yuki.
     The room fell silent for a moment, and then the others began to follow suit.
     “Arrest me too, Officer.” Miichan stepped up and also put herself in front of Yuki.
     “Hm, if you’re going to arrest Minami, then you will have to arrest me too, Officer.” Acchan also stepped up and stood beside Takamina.
     “Officer, before you arrest these people, you will have to arrest me first.” Yuko said and put herself in front of Takamina and the others.
     Haruna and Sasshi didn't say anything but they also stepped up and stood in front of Yuki.
     The only persons left were Yuki herself, and Mayu, who was sitting on the chair next to her, holding Yuki’s hand tightly.
    Seeing how her friends had gone so far to defend her, Yuki couldn't help but feel so touched. She never felt so warm like this, being surrounded by many people who believed in her and would do anything to defend her. She couldn't describe it with words, just how much she was grateful to have friends like them.
     The room fell silent again for a moment. The officer was thinking, considering. After being saved by Yuki from the werewolf earlier, and after seeing all these photos and journals, indeed Sayaka felt she had to reconsider her action again. Her conscience told her that Yuki was not a bad person. Probably Sae was indeed a vampire. And probably her witness had made a mistake in her report.
     Just then, when Sayaka was still thinking, Mayu suddenly come up and stood just a few steps in front of her.
     “Neechan,” Mayu said as she stared deeply into Sayaka’s eyes. “You know I really like you. But if you insist to arrest Yuki, I will never call you ‘oneechan’ again. And I will hate you for the rest of my life. So please don't make mistake on this, Neechan.”
     “Mayu…..” Sayaka’s voice trailed off.
     “And oh, I want to tell you one more thing. Yuki is my girlfriend now.” Mayu said smilingly.
     “W-what!?” Sayaka was in so much shock.
     “Yuki is my girlfriend now. I love her. And she loves me.”
     “O-oh…” Sayaka’s voice trailed off once again. She’s just lost for words.

     Everyone was still standing there, watching quietly as the officer’s thinking to herself.
     And then, after contemplating for a moment, Sayaka took out the arrest warrant.
     “Okay, I won't arrest her.” Sayaka announced as she tore the paper apart.
     Everyone let out a sigh of relief, smiling, while Mayu burst out in joy. The Cyborg jumped and hugged Sayaka tightly upon hearing her decision.
     “Thank you, Oneechan! Thank you! I love you so much!” Mayu kept hugging and planting kisses on Sayaka’s cheeks.
     Sayaka then stared at Yuki who had been silent the whole time. Sayaka could see the sheer happiness that radiating from the raven girl’s eyes.

     All eyes were locked again upon Sayaka, who now was making her way towards Yuki. Yuki then stood up and faced her, thinking that Sayaka probably wanted to have a word with her.
     “T-thank-” Yuki was about to say thank you when the officer suddenly raised her fist again and….


     She punched Yuki hard on her face, causing the raven to fall on the floor.
     Everyone was stunned. Yuko and Acchan were about to step up and help Yuki, just in case a fight would break out again between her and Sayaka. But then Takamina gestured her friends to stay back and just watch.

     Yuki was on the floor. Her eyes opened wide, she was in daze. That punch had taken her by surprise.
     The raven then turned and stared up to the officer who was now standing tall in front of her. She didn't know what to do. She thought maybe Sayaka was still mad at her and wanted to beat her up again. If that is the case, then what should she do? Should she defend herself and fight back, or should she just let herself getting beaten again by this police officer?
     Yuki didn't know what to do. Startled, she touched the wound on her lips. It was bleeding. She then took a deep breath and sighed, and was about to pull herself up from the floor when suddenly she saw a hand reaching out to her.
     She then looked up, only to find the officer holding her hand out to her.
     Yuki was stunned once again. It was a helping hand. The officer was holding out her hand in order to help Yuki stand up, right after knocking her down.
     “That was for tricking me and biting me earlier, Kashiwagi!” Sayaka said.
     “And this,” Sayaka grabbed Yuki’s hand and then pulled her up, “for protecting and taking care of Mayu-chan.”
     Yuki felt herself being pulled up by Sayaka, back into standing position again. And now Yuki realized that the punch Sayaka gave her was just a friendly punch, the type of punch that marks the end of a dispute and the beginning of a new friendship.
     The officer kept smiling at Yuki, while Yuki could only let out an awkward smile as a response. This situation has become so awkward and bizarre now. It couldn't be any weirder than this.
     Mayu came at Sayaka, glaring angrily. “Neechan, why did you do that? Don’t hit Yuki!” she protested.
     “It’s her fault Mayu. She tricked me, she bite me, she headbutted me, she ripped my clothes, she made me angry.” Sayaka said as she glanced and smirked at Yuki.
     “Wait, what!? Yuki did that in your fights!?” Acchan voiced out in surprise.
     Yuki nodded, glancing away as she felt a bit ashamed now.
     “Yuki, what have you done!? You never cheat in fight before. And you stole my trick. Yuki, you’re such a disgrace. Hit her again, Officer! She deserves that.” Acchan spoke loudly, teasing the raven girl.
     Sayaka just laughed upon hearing Acchan’s remark. Suddenly the situation has become much more friendly now.
     The raven girl let out a weak smile as she looked at the officer. “Yeah, sorry. It was my fault. But I have no choice. You’re too strong for me, I have to admit.”
     Sayaka nodded and smiled. “Thanks for your compliment. You’re also a pretty good fighter. You’re the first who's able to break my nose. And you can withstand some of my hardest punches without getting knocked out, I’m actually quite impressed. You’re probably the strongest opponent I have ever fought with. Let’s do it again next time. But no cheating, please.” Sayaka extended her hand to Yuki, this time for a handshake.
     “Yeah, sure. No cheating.” Yuki said with a smile as she accepted the handshake.
     Sayaka then winked at Mayu. “Don’t worry, Mayu. She and I are in a good term now.”

     Sayaka turned at Yuki again. “Actually, you’re really a good fighter, Kashiwagi. Ever think of joining the force? You can be a good officer if you want.”
     Yuki didn’t answer.
     While Mayu suddenly become hyped up. “Eeeh~ I want to be a police officer like Sayaka-neechan too!”
     Sayaka opened her eyes wide. “You, Mayu? Don’t be joking. You and your skinny, weak, fragile body. You’ll get beaten up too often by the criminals, you know.”
     “Hey, don’t say that! I’m not that weak, Oneechan!” Mayu retorted.
     “Well, if you can prove yourself to be stronger than me and Kashiwagi-san here, then you are qualified to be a police officer. But no, I think that will never happen. I mean Mayu, you’re just too cute to become a police officer. Just find something else for your dream job.” Sayaka said teasingly.

     Meanwhile, Takamina and others just smiled upon seeing Yuki, Mayu, and Sayaka interaction. Finally, after a huge misunderstanding, they will become friends.

     Sayaka continued. “Errrr….. Mayu-chan, I still don't get it, about something. I mean, Kashiwagi-san here is-...”
     “Sae’s ex-girlfriend.” replied Mayu.
     “And now she is-...”
     “My guardian slash lover.”
     “Yes. That’s weird, I know. But who can blame us? Love is blind anyway,” Mayu said with a blank face.
     “Hm… Yeah, I guess you're right, Mayu-chan.”

     The night grew thicker and the girls continued talking casually to each other.

     Takamina then spoke. “So, no one is getting arrested, no one is getting beaten, everyone must be happy. Akimoto-san, what’s your plan now? Are you planning to stay in this town tonight? If so, how about staying in our place? We’ll be happy to welcome you as our guest.” Takamina said with a smile.
     However, Sayaka declined the offer. “No, thank you, really, but I have to go back to Kobe tonight.”
     “Oh, okay, maybe next time then. You will come and visit us again right?”
     “Of course, I will visit here again soon. I have to check my little sister here and see how things are going on for her. Right, Mayu-chan?” Sayaka hugged the little Cyborg and shuffled Mayu’s hair, making it messy.
     “Eeeeh~ Stop it, Neechan~ I’m not a kid anymore~”
     “Yes, you are, Mayu-chan. You always be a little kid for me, my little sister.” Sayaka said as she continued shuffling Mayu’s hair.
     The Cyborg could only pout upon receiving such treatment from the police officer.

     Sayaka was now ready to leave the town.
     “Goodbye everyone! Nice to meet you all. And see you again soon!” Sayaka said, waving to everyone.
     “Goodbye, Officer! Nice to meet you!” Everyone said, waving back to Sayaka.
     “Kashiwagi-san.” Sayaka spoke.
     “You're right about me almost making a big mistake. I apologize for causing you this much trouble.”
     “Apology accepted.” Yuki said with a nod. “But you still owe me my grocery bag.”
     “Never mind. Forget it.”
     “...... Anyway, I’m serious about one thing though.”
     “What’s that?”
     Sayaka thought for a moment. “If you dare to hurt Mayu, or break her heart, or even make her cry, I will come and knock you around again, really. I'm serious, Kashiwagi.” She then said threateningly.
     Yuki didn't say anything as she just stared back at Sayaka.
     “Mayu-chan, I’m leaving now. If you need my help, just call me anytime, okay?”
     Mayu nodded. “Sure, Neechan.”
     And with that, Sayaka waved her last goodbye.

     And while watching Sayaka left, Mayu was imagining his brother Sae looking down and smiling down at them from heaven. Mayu knew that Sayaka was Sae’s first love, but one thing that Mayu didn’t know is that Sayaka was also in love with Sae, and that Sayaka still loves him until today. Unlike Yuki who had gotten over Sae, Sayaka was still madly in love with Sae and couldn’t find replacement for him. That was something that Mayu (and anyone else) didn't know about Sayaka.

     Once Sayaka left, everyone in the room cheered. They were happy that Yuki didn't get arrested that night and the problem was solved.
     Upon feeling grateful, Yuki then bowed deeply in front of her friends.
     “Minna… Hontoni, arigatou gozaimashita.” She said while bowing 90 degrees.
     “Aaaah… No need to say that Yuki. We’re friends. We help each other out. That's what friends are for.” Takamina said.
     “But still, I owe you so much, guys.” Yuki said.
     “Then just thanks Miichan. She’s the genius one here.” Takamina said with a smile as she glanced at Miichan.
     “Yeah, Miichan, you're genius!” everyone praised the gachapin.
     Yuki bowed again to Miichan. “Arigatou, Miichan.”
     “It’s alright, Yuki. I'm glad to help. Just remember this, whenever you’re in trouble, just don't hesitate to tell me next time, okay? Not because I have a psychic power, but because I’m your friend. Remember that, Yuki.” Miichan said.
     “Okay, I will.”

    Just then, Mayu got hyped up again all in a sudden.
     “Yataaaaaaaaa!! I found it!” she shouted.
     Everyone turned their attention at the Cyborg.
     “What!? What did you find, Mayu?” Yuki asked.
     “My dream job! I found it!”
     “Eeeeh!? Your dream job? What is it?” Sasshi asked curiously.
     “I want to be…… a lawyer!! Yaaaay!!” Mayu jumped and skipped around happily like a little kid.
      “A lawyer?” Yuki asked frowning.
     “Yup. I figure most of us here will be getting in and out of troubles quite often in the future, even getting into jail. So I figure there has to be someone who can defend you. Am I right?” Mayu said with a grin.
     Everyone else was dumbfounded upon hearing Mayu’s statement.
     And that was how our Cyborg found her ideal dream job. She wanted to be a lawyer. And yes, she WILL be a lawyer in the future. A smart, mature, charming, suave lawyer.
     [A/N: For a continuation of this story, please see HvsV Season 3 - Street Lawyer Watanabe]


Later that night in Kobe.

     Sayaka arrived at her apartment very late, two hours after midnight. It took almost 4 hours of driving from Kobe to Shizuoka or vice versa. Sayaka felt her body was so tired after driving that far.
     And once again, she was welcomed by Umeda who was sitting in the living room, waiting for her.
     “So, did you catch her, Officer?”
     Sayaka stopped and stared at her witness for a moment.
     “...... No.”
     “Why!? Did she run away?”
     “No. I just-- I just found her not guilty for this case.”
     “What do you mean, Officer?”
     “Kashiwagi admitted she killed Miyazawa. But she said he was a vampire. She didn't have evidence to prove that, but I knew she wasn't lying.”
     “How? How did you know she wasn't lying?”
     “I just knew it. I don't know how but I just knew it. She’s not a bad person. She even stays with Sae’s sister in order to protect her.” Sayaka said.
     “Oh, really?” Umeda said with a frown.
     Umeda just sat there, silent for a while. Her aura had become a bit more mysterious now.
     Umeda then spoke. “Well, I guess we will never find the real killer then. Poor Sae-kun.”
     And just then Sayaka felt something suddenly tickled inside her mind.
     “Wait, who are you?” Sayaka asked her guest.
     “I’m Umeda Ayaka. I’m Sae’s friend.”
     “No, you’re lying. You’re not his friend.” Sayaka exclaimed, raising her tone a bit.
     The officer began to take a few steps back, maintaining her distance from the  now-mysterious guest. Her hand was on her gun, ready to take it out from its holster anytime.
     “Maaa~~ Maaa~~~ I should’ve seen this coming. This plan won't work so well.” Umeda said in a cold tone.
     “What!? What do you mean!?”
     “Now I have to find another way to destroy her.”
     Umeda then stood up and took a few steps closer at Sayaka.
     “Stop right there!” Sayaka pulled out her gun and aimed it at Umeda.
     “Stop, or I’ll shoot!”
     Umeda then complied and stopped.
     Sayaka asked again. “Umeda, did you know about Sae being a vampire? Answer me!”
     The guest just smirked at the officer. “Yes, I knew. He was a vampire. Just like me.” Umeda said as she advanced again, taking more steps towards Sayaka.
     “Stop! Stop right there!” Sayaka ordered, while kept holding Umeda at a gunpoint.
     But Umeda kept moving closer.
     Sayaka then aimed at Umeda’s arm and pulled the trigger.


     The bullet penetrated into Umeda’s skin, but that woman didn't seem to be fazed at all.
     Sayaka knew it was useless to shoot her gun now, unless she had silver bullets. So then she put her gun back and raised her fists, preparing herself for a fist fight.
     However just then, Umeda stared into her eyes, and Sayaka couldn't help but stare back into them. Big mistake.
     Umeda’s eyes turned all black, leaving no white spots in her eyes. Sayaka’s eyes also turned black as she fell into the vampire’s charm. She was hypnotized. And then, after a few seconds, Sayaka fell down to the floor, screaming in pain, and clutching onto her stomach. The pain she felt was unbearable.
     Sayaka could only lying on the floor, unable to move. Umeda then came and knelt down besides her. And what happen next is, Umeda showed off her fangs, revealing her identity as a vampire. And then she bite Sayaka’s neck, and sucked her blood furiously.
     Sayaka felt herself getting weaker and weaker as her blood was taken and drained out slowly from her body. However, just before she lost her consciousness, the vampire stopped sucking.
     “Your blood. It tastes so sweet. And because you’ve been very nice to me, I decide not to kill you tonight. Goodbye, Officer. It was nice to know you.”
     The vampire dropped Sayaka to the ground. And with her last bit of strength, Sayaka managed to catch a glimpse of the vampire walking out from her door. That was the last thing Sayaka saw before she finally fell and succumbed into the darkness.



There Ruka, I granted your request already. Sayaka faced a vampire! Although she had to lose so early in their fight because Umeda used her psychic power on her. And of course we will see more of Sayaka facing another vampire, next time in the future updates. Actually when I said earlier about wanting to see Sayaka face a vampire, it wasn't Umeda that I had in mind. I was imagining Sayaka to face a more powerful vampire like Acchan, Gekikara, Yui, Nishishi, or AkiP himself. And we can also make her face a powerful werewolf like Sayanee, or a powerful hybrid like Wakatsuki, or a wild half-blood like Techi, or a strong zombie like [fill in yourself].

To all Umechan oshi, please don’t worry too much about Umechan being evil here. Just like Jurina and Rena, she will also cross to the good side, later in Season 3. And she will be paired with Sayaka. A forbidden relationship between a police officer and a vampire with psychic power, isn't it intriguing?

And next chapter will have a bit more of ghost Mario, but not much though, only a bit :lol:

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UmeSaya, eh? Pretty interesting pair. I like. ^w^

But, holy crap! Ume-chan's power is scary! o_o"

Hope Sayaka is okay!

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@ Ruka Kikuchi:
Glad you like UmeSaya! And don't worry, Sayaka is strong so of course she’ll be okay. She is by far the strongest human fighter here, being able to defeat Yuki in a close fight. However, when it comes to supernatural creatures, vampires, and old-fashioned fight (e.g. sword fighting), Sayaka’s skill is nowhere near Yuki’s. If Sayaka were to face Shinoda, she wouldn't last long because most of it was sword fighting. Sayaka is a modern type fighter, she never used sword. While Yuki is a mix of old-fashioned type and modern type fighter, being able to use both sword and gun. And on top of that, Yuki has something that is more powerful than any other weapons: her willpower. Yuki has gone through numerous battles in the past, and it is her willpower that makes her able to survive and get through it. While Sayaka has yet to experience them, thus we still don’t know how strong her willpower is.

Umechan’s power is scary, yes. We’ve seen how she had used it to torture Acchan before, in Season 1. And it proves how brave and strong-minded Acchan is, to be able to withstand that torture. Umechan’s power maybe similar like Jane’s in Twilight Saga, but actually I got the inspiration initially from Itachi Uchiha’s power, the Mangekyou Sharingan Tsukuyomi (from Naruto manga).

Anyway, Ruka, since the arc with Sayaka is already over, I’m not forcing you to comment again now, and you can go back to silent reader mode, just like many others do here. :lol:
I can't make Sayaka always appear in every chapter because she's not the main heroine in this fic. So please wait patiently until she makes her appearance again later. But if you're still willing to comment, I will really appreciate it.

And here I present you our most endearing villain, Lord Shinoda Mario. I kinda miss MariTroll here. :lol: And there will be a lot of MariMii moments too. :lol:
This will be a funny and light-hearted chapter, in contrast to those action-pack chapters we had earlier.
I’ve never wrote a chapter about Miichan and MariMii before, so let's consider this as a tribute for Minegishi Minami for staying so long in the group. She’s the only 1st gen member who is still staying with the group. And despite her huge scandal earlier, she’s still a very respectable member up there.

There’s also a sweet AtsuMina moment here, as a tribute for Acchan’s marriage (LOL what?)
So come on all of you AtsuMina shippers, come here to this thread and let’s ship this ship till the very end. Muahahaha…. :lol:

I used to write a rather bloody/demonic chapters in the past (what with what I write in Season 1 - Special Chapter C - Paradise). But now I will happily say that my update this time is a rather angelic/divine chapter, especially from Shinoda’s point of view.

And this will be a very long chapter (14000 words), so I suggest you to prepare some snacks or drinks to nibble while you’re reading this. Enjoy!



Pairing: MariMii, AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki
Fight scene: Yuki vs Acchan friendly fight

:note: BACKGROUND MUSIC: :note:
Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Midnight. At Shinoda's mansion.

     A young girl was sitting on the floor inside a library. Her eyes were closed and her hands were clasped together in front of her. She was muttering a barely audible chants in an old Japanese language. An ancient spell that dated from more than a thousand years ago.
     A dark shadow appeared in front of her and they bowed to each other.
     This dark shadow had no face. It was just a hollow, dark figure.
     They both now were sitting neatly, just like in a tea ceremonial party.
     ”You come again, Minegishi.” The dark shadow spoke.
     “Yes, of course. I have promised something to you and I must come to fulfil it.”
     ”Hm, so is the problem solved? How is Yuki?”
     “Oh, she’s fine now. And actually we managed to solve the problem by ourselves, without using your memories of Miyazawa.”
     ”Fufufu~ Is that so?” The shadow let out a chuckle. ”And why did you come to ask for my help then?”
     “It’s for a back up plan.”
     The shadow was silent for a while. ”Hm, is this purely your idea, Minegishi? Does Yuki know about you coming here and asking for my help?”
     “No, she doesn't know. No one knows about this.” The girl answered bluntly.
     ”Ah! Just as I thought. You came here without her permission. I already knew it before.”
     “You did?”
     ”Yes. Because knowing Yuki, there’s no way she would let you come here and beg for my help. That child has too much pride in her. She would never come and beg to me. Even when I beat her and hurt her to almost death, she still wouldn't beg for my mercy…  She would never beg. Not even for a quick death…” The shadow’s voice trailed off as he reminisced his last fight with the said person.
     ”... God bless her soul. I will never be able to defeat her.” The shadow closed his speech with a sigh.
     While the girl in front of him, Minegishi Minami, just nodded silently. She could only imagine how deep the relationship was between Shinoda and Yuki, what with their centuries-long feud.
     ”And you, Minegishi. You are such a good friend to her. Isn’t she so lucky?” The shadow then spoke again.
     Miichan nodded. “Yes, and we’re lucky too, to have her as our friend.”
     The room fell silent again for a moment. It seemed the shadow, or Lord Shinoda as people used to call him, was still caught in his memories before he died.
     Miichan then broke the silence. “So, anyway, because you already gave me a piece of your memories about Miyazawa, then I have to fulfil my promise to you. I will give you a day to experience a ride in my body. I hope you will enjoy it, Lord Shinoda.”
     ”Hm, sure, Minegishi, it sounds like a wonderful experience to me already.”
     “But promise me first, you will not do anything bad to us while you’re in my body. I will be watching you from aside, and if I see you doing something suspicious, I will push you out and take over my body from you. Understand?”
     ”Of course, my child. You don't have to worry about that. You see, I have no power anymore. I’m just an ordinary spirit now.”
     “But you still can do something bad to my friend, using my body. That’s why I need you to promise me first. And also, promise me you will never tell anyone about what you’ll see and hear while you’re in my body. My friends have a lot of secrets that they wouldn’t share to anyone else other than us. Please respect their privacy. Don't spill their secrets to anyone.”
     ”Sure, I will do as you please. You have my word, Minegishi.”
     “Oh, and one more thing, Shinoda. Can you explain to me about something?”
     ”Go on, child.”
     “When you came to Acchan’s birthday last year before the battle, you said something about me and my family. You said that my family had served you for centuries. And then you said we betrayed you. Is that true?”
    The shadow seemed to be thinking for a while.
     ”Yes, that’s true. Your family, the Minegishi Clan was one of the most powerful sorcerer clan since centuries ago. Your ancestors has been serving me since the first time they learned practised magic and witchcraft. They were very loyal to me. Until one of them decided to betray me and leave, a hundred years ago. She said I was the devil, and she didn't want to serve me anymore. That’s all I can say to you, Minegishi. You are a descendant of a very powerful magician, Lord Minegishi Minato, who lived 600 years ago.”
     Miichan couldn't help but stunned upon hearing this. She knew her family had a lot of supernatural things running in their family bloodline. She herself had a sixth sense that enable her to detect people’s aura. She also had a premonition ability that can predict bad things (such as death) that will happen in the future. Her twin brothers, Kuu and Ryo, had a telepathic ability, and they probably had more hidden abilities that were still yet to be revealed. Her parents and her grandmother also had a special ability like her, being a medium and clairvoyant.
     Miichan always knew her family had something special. She just didn’t know it was that special. Now it is revealed that her family actually have a very long history in magic and sorcery. And now she wanted to investigate and learn more about this later.
     After quite a long silence, the shadow then spoke again.
     ”So, Minegishi, are you ready to let me invade your body now?”
     Miichan was then brought back from her trance as she replied. “.... Oh yes, sure, Shinoda. Let’s begin the ritual now.”
     Miichan nodded and closed her eyes. Her mouth muttered another spell. And a minute later, the shadow stood up and moved closer to her. It moved closer and closer, and then slowly penetrating into the girl’s body until it was fully merged with the body.
  Minegishi Minami, now sharing her body with the lord, then opened her eyes and stood. A smirk flashed across her lips, and her eyes were sparkling brightly. With a dignity of a noble lord, she then raised her head high and walked out from the building, heading to girls’ apartment.


Next day in the morning.

     Minegishi woke up early in her bed.  Her eyes opened wide as she’s scanning around inside her room. She then got up and walked elegantly to her closet, in a very Shinoda-ish way.
     She stood there for a moment in front of her closet, thinking what she’s going to do next.
     ”Good morning, Shinoda.” A voice was heard at the back of her mind, greeting her, or him, whatever.
     ”Good morning, Minegishi.” Shinoda responded, also in a telepathic fashion.
     Shinoda Mario and Minegishi Minami now were sharing a body, with Shinoda taking control over the body and the movement, while Minegishi watching him from behind. And now they were communicating with each other using a telepathy.
     ”I’m going to take a shower first. Where's the towel?”
     ”Oh right. They’re in the drawer.”
     Shinoda then opened the drawer and took a towel. After entering the bathroom, he then stood elegantly in front of the mirror and began to undress himself. Although Shinoda was a man, he didn't seem to be nervous at all, being inside Miichan’s body.
     Shinoda then turned on the shower knob and began to shower himself (or herself, whatever). He worked on the hair first. Miichan’s hair was quite long and wavy, and it need some womanly skill to wash and clean it. And Shinoda did it so masterfully, causing Miichan (the real Miichan who was silently watching him from behind) to be stunned and bewildered.
     After finished washing the hair, Shinoda then put his (or her?) hand on his (or her?) body, rubbing it gently. He carefully cleaned every inch of his body, his face, his hair, his torso, his breast, his arm, his leg, and also his private area in the crotch. And he did it all in a very elegant and skillful manner, as if he was a woman. Miichan could only jawdropped upon seeing this.
     ”Shinoda, were you a woman before?”
     Shinoda let out a chuckle. ”Why? Are you surprised seeing the way I handle your body? Well, Minegishi, don’t forget that I’m a lord. A 900 years old lord. I have plenty of experiences with women and their bodies. And I know exactly how to please them, and where to touch them to make them fly to heaven.”
      ”What!? Oh, shut up! I don’t wanna hear that!”
      ”Oh, don't tell me, you want me to touch you and please you too, Minegishi?”
      ”What!? No!”
     Shinoda smirked and brought his hand up to his breasts, and began to squeeze it gently.
     ”Nice cup size, Minegishi.”
     ”W-Whoaaa!! Stop it, Shinoda!! Don’t do that, please!!” Miichan was blushing heavily.
     Shinoda let out another chuckle while Micchan was panicking in the background.
     And finally, after some teasings and trollings, the lord finished his shower and took a towel to cover himself. He stepped out from the bathroom and walked to the wardrobe.
     “Hm, you have quite a lot of nice dresses, Minegishi. I like it.” Shinoda spoke to himself aloud as he picked a navy blue shirt and a white pants. Being a man, he didn’t go for the skirt or dress. It would be very uncomfortable for him.
     “Now, where do you put your underwear?” asked the lord.
      ”Oh, they’re in the second drawer.” Miichan replied, slightly embarrassed. It was never occurred to her that Shinoda would teased her and trolled her like this. She thought Shinoda would be nervous getting inside her body. Turned out she was wrong. A hundred percent wrong. Shinoda was a womanizer, and if he’s not, then he must be a woman in his heart.
    Shinoda then began to dress himself, starting with the bra and panties, then the shirt and the pants. He turned around a few times in front of the mirror, trying to adjust those outfit on himself. And he did it very calmly, as if he enjoyed being inside a woman’s body. After finished dressing, he then combed his long hair and put a hairpin on it, wore a belt and other accessories, and sprayed a perfume onto his body.
     And now, he was ready to go out and meet the hunter girls.


     Shinoda stepped out from his room (Miichan’s room) and walked to the kitchen. And he walked with the dignity of a noble lord, raising his chin up and keeping his posture upright, and puffing his chest like a proud man.
     He prepared a breakfast for himself and then sat on the chair, eating his breakfast. And one by one, the girls were coming out from their rooms, gathering in the kitchen to have their breakfast.
     It was Saturday, so no one had to go out for work.
     And at that moment, there sitting in front of Shinoda, the vampire princess Maeda Atsuko and her girlfriend Takahashi Minami. The two were clinging tightly to each other. Acchan rested her head on Minami’s shoulder, while also planting kisses to her face and neck every now and then. While Minami enveloped her hand around Acchan’s waist and kissed her head a few times. Both girls started giggling while continuing their intimacy. And Shinoda couldn't help but feel amazed upon seeing that.
     “Atsuko.” Shinoda called out.
     “Hm?” the vampire princess turned at him with a smile.
     And Shinoda was stunned for a moment. Acchan was smiling so sweetly, it made his heart fluttered. Never had he saw his daughter looked so sweet like this before. And she was so pretty too. Shinoda's eyes began to grow misty.
    Atsuko, you look so beautiful, just like your mother. And I’ve never seen you so happy like this before. Are you happy now,  Atsuko? Do you still remember about me? I’m your father...
     The vampire princess were still staring at Shinoda, waiting for him to speak. “Miichan? Do you want to say something?” Atsuko asked.
     “Huh!? N-no. I mean-” Shinoda stuttered.
     “Miichan, what’s up with you? You’re acting weird today. And you're so quiet, it’s just so not like you.” Takamina said.
     “Hm? Oh, I just feel… a bit unwell today.” Shinoda lied.
     “Shouldn't you take a rest? And I can take you to the doctor if you want,” said Takamina.
     “No, really, I’m okay. Thank you.”
     “Oh, we plan to go shopping today. Miichan, do you want us to buy you something?” Acchan's the vampire spoke again.
     “Huh!? Err… No. Thank you.” Shinoda replied as he casted a glance at Acchan's fingers. And there he saw that ring. The special ring that had been given to him 240 years ago by Acchan's mother, Oshima Mai. The ring that can make a vampire able to walk under the sunlight. Mai had sacrificed her own life in order to create this ring for Shinoda. And it seemed now Acchan had been having fun with that ring. No wonder Acchan’s skin has gotten a bit more tanned now, she must have been exposing herself a lot under the sunshine. Shinoda’s feeling was mixed upon realizing this.
     A voice then was heard inside Shinoda's mind.
    ”You see, Shinoda? Your daughter is really doing fine, right? She’s happy with Takahashi now.”
    ”Oh yes, Minegishi, I can see it very clearly.”
     Shinoda kept watching Acchan and Takamina as they continued their lovey-dovey moment.

     The next person who came to the kitchen was none other than Kashiwagi Yuki, the girl who had teamed up with Acchan and killed Shinoda in their battle last year.
     The raven took a chair right beside Shinoda’s, and the lord couldn't help but feel tensed. His eyes opened wide as he eyed Yuki from top to toe. He could not believe his arch-enemy just sat casually next to him as if they were best friends. Oh, yeah, he forgot he’s not in his body right now. Of course Yuki didn't know it was him.
     “Good morning, Miichan.” Yuki said with a smile.
     And Shinoda just sat there, frozen. His eyes were still opened wide.
    ”Smile and greet her back, Shinoda. Yuki is being nice to you, I mean, to us.” Miichan spoke.
    ”Oh yes, right. Sorry.” Shinoda let out a fake cough and smiled. “Good morning, Yuki.”
     He then glanced away quickly as he felt so awkward now, sitting next to his arch-enemy.
     Yuki took a salad fruit into her bowl and was about to eat it, but suddenly she paused and leaned closer to Shinoda/Miichan.
     “Miichan,” Yuki whispered.
     “Y-Yes, Yuki?”
     “I had a bad dream last night. It was a very strange one. Maybe this is a premonition or something.” Yuki said, still whispering.
     “What is it?” Shinoda asked.
     “I dreamed of Shinoda last night. He came back to us. I saw him coming with a sword, and he stabbed everyone in front of me. Everyone. All of you. And I couldn’t do anything to stop him. It was really frightening, Miichan. And I’ve never dreamed of this before. Maybe this is a premonition,” said the raven girl. Her face looked terrified, and angered.
     “Miichan, do you think it is a premonition? Will Shinoda return again and slay us?” asked Yuki.
     Shinoda, as well as the real Miichan, could only silent upon hearing that.
     “Err…. I don’t know if it’s a premonition or not. Why are you asking me this?” Shinoda asked, giving Yuki a confused look.
     “Because you’re a psychic, Miichan! And if this is a premonition, we have to do something, right?”
     “Yeah, sure…. We have to do…. something.” Shinoda said, still bewildered.
     Yuki then turned to her salad fruits, and began to stabbed them with her fork.
     “Dammit! That old man! If he dare to return again, I will kill him again, and again, and again, and again!” Yuki spoke angrily while stabbing the fruits furiously with the fork.
     Shinoda could only stare dumbfoundedly at Yuki. He didn’t know how to react to that.
     ”Pfffffft! It seems Yuki still hates you very, very much, Shinoda.” Miichan laughed silently.
     ”Well, no problem, I hate her too. So we’re even.” Shinoda retorted, also silently.

     As the morning progressed, more people came to the kitchen. One of them was clinging to the tallest girl, like a koala.
     “Yuu-chan! Stop clinging on me!”
     The tall girl shook the smaller girl off of her. The smaller girl then landed with her butt on the floor, and she was grinning widely. She quickly stood up and clung back to the tall girl. This clingy couple was known as KojiYuu, the most playful, fun, pervert, and hilarious amongst other couples. And they’ve been together since they were in high school, which made them become the oldest couple in the group.
     “You two are so loud last night! I can barely sleep!” the person who followed behind them, Sashihara Rino, said as she opened her mouth wide, yawning. Sasshi’s room was right next to KojiYuu’s room. Therefore everytime Haruna and Yuko had a smexy time, Sasshi was forced to hear them out loud. Every sigh and scream that came from inside their room would keep Sasshi awake all night long. It was such a torture for the hetare girl.
     Yuko and Haruna then sat on the empty chairs next to AtsuMina couple. And for a moment they continued and prolonged their smooching time in front of others.
     After they finished, Haruna poured a mango juice and grabbed a pack of biscuits. She was about to enjoy her snack when suddenly Yuko took a knife and slashed her arm with it.
     “Ouch!! Yuu-chan, careful with the knife, will you!!” Haruna hissed in pain.
     However, Yuko ignored her and just grabbed her arm.
     “Hey, everyone, look!” Yuko shouted, calling for attention.
     “Look! Look! Her wound! It heals very fast! Do you see that?” Yuko spoke as she pointed at Haruna’s wound on her arm.
     All pairs of eyes were locked on Haruna’s arm. They all witnessed it with their own eyes, as the wound slowly closed itself and healed just within a minute.
     “Yeah, wow!”
     Everyone was ‘wow’ing at Haruna, unable to believe what they have seen.
     “Haruna, since when do you have ability like that?” Takamina asked.
     “I don’t know. It was Yuko who noticed it first. She saw it happened after I fought with Yuki and the police officer last week.”
     “Hm, so it just happened recently. This power must have something to do with you being a werewolf. Let’s just hope it won’t bring side effect or complication to you, Haruna.”
     “Yeah.” Haruna shrugged.
     “Don’t worry.” Shinoda suddenly spoke. “It’s just another phase of becoming a full-fledged werewolf. All werewolves experience this phase. And there’s no side effect of it. Unless they have a silver inlay on them, no weapon would be able to hurt you that much.”
     “.....” Everyone stared at Miichan.
     “Miichan, how do you know that?”
     The old lord realized he had just done something that might looked suspicious to these girls.
     “I… I just know. I’m a psychic, remember?”
     “Oh yeah. Right.” Everyone nodded at Miichan.

     Meanwhile, Yuki just stared at Haruna, feeling a bit envy for her power. She was the one who gets injured frequently, more often than the others. And she thought it would be nice if she could have a superpower like that. A fast-healing power would be very useful for a fighter like her.

     And the last person who came into the kitchen was the youngest and the cutest amongst them. The otaku, the little swindler, and the wannabe lawyer, Watanabe Mayu.
     The Cyborg walked to the kitchen with her eyes half-closed. It seemed she was still a bit sleepy after staying all night, studying. And instead of taking her own chair, she just went to Yuki and sat on her lap. And Yuki’s mood suddenly changed into a happier one, having Mayu’s presence so close to her. The older girl ran her hand through Mayu’s hair and kissed her head gently. She then feed Mayu with the salad fruits. These two looked just like a mother and a daughter, with the mother spoiling her daughter.

      Shinoda could only stared at AtsuMina, KojiYuu, and MaYuki couple. All of them shamelessly displayed their affection in front of their friends.
     ”What is this? You’re all so gay.” Shinoda commented silently.
     Miichan just laughed away, also silently. ”Yeah, welcome to our world, Shinoda.”


     An hour later after they finished their breakfast, Acchan and Takamina was ready to go shopping. Acchan was wearing a sleeveless pink shirt and a white frilly skirt that made her looked much younger, like a highschool student in a cheerleader uniform. While Takamina wore a more casual and boyish outfit, a beige-colored loose shirt and a green army-style pants.
     “Miichan, are you sure you don’t want something to buy? If you need something, you can just give us the list.” Takamina said.
     “Err… No thank you.” Shinoda was hesitating. “Oh wait, can I go with you two instead?”
     Both Acchan and Takamina stared at Shinoda (in Miichan’s body) for a moment.
     “Of course, Miichan, you can come with us, if you don’t mind being the third wheel here.” A chuckle escaped Takamina’s lips.
     “Well, I don’t mind.” Shinoda said with a smile.
      ”Shinoda, what are you doing? They’re going out for a date. Don’t ruin it!” Miichan protested in the background.
     ”But I want to see Acchan more. I want to be around her, just for today.”
     ”Okay. Just don’t do anything stupid in front of them.”
     “Give me a minute, I’ll take my purse.” Shinoda said as he rushed to Miichan’s room.

     Not long after, the three of them (or four, to be exact) were already strolling on the sidewalk near the town shopping center.
     The sun is shining brightly today and its golden ray fell upon Acchan’s exposed skin, making it more beautifully tanned. The vampire princess didn’t look like a vampire anymore. Instead, she looked more like a human. A healthy, young woman in her peak age of beauty.
     Shinoda kept staring at his daughter and her girlfriend as he followed them from behind. It was Saturday, so the streets were more crowded than usual. Shinoda also noticed how the town had changed so much since the last time he saw it. There were several new buildings and skyscrapers being built here in there.
     Shinoda then looked up to the sky, and he found a few little black clouds hanging above him. And it was strange because just a moment ago the sky looked so clear and blue without clouds. These black clouds must have appeared suddenly without he noticed. The lord then just shrugged at his thought and continued walking.
     At that moment, there was a car moving fast on the road, and there was a puddle of water on the track near them. Takamina quickly shifted her body and raised her arm to shield Acchan just in time. The car slided over the puddle, splashing water all around them. The midget ended up drenching wet. Her face, her arm, and her clothes was soaked with water and mud.
     “Ow, Minami~” Acchan took out a handkerchief and wiped Takamina’s face and arm with it. “Thank you.” The vampire then kissed the midget on her cheek.
     “You’re welcome, Atsuko.” Takamina said with a smile. She didn’t mind being drenched like this, if it means to protect Acchan and keep her clean and pretty.
      ”That midget is such a gentleman, isn’t she?” Miichan voiced out at the back of Shinoda’s mind.
      ”Yeah.” Shinoda nodded, agreeing.
     They continued walking until they reached a big fashion store. Acchan and Takamina went inside the store, with Shinoda trailing behind. Acchan picked a few dresses and looked at their price tags.
     “This is too expensive. Pick another dress, Atsuko.” Takamina said as she put the dress back to the rack.
     “Okay.” Acchan nodded obediently.
     Shinoda found himself frowning upon hearing that.
     ”Acchan, if I were still alive, I would definitely buy that dress for you. I would buy anything for you, Acchan. You’re my baby girl.” Shinoda thought. Even after Acchan had killed him, he still loved his daughter with all his heart.
     Takamina then put her hand around Acchan’s waist as she spoke. “We must save our money for our future, Atsuko. We need money to build our house--”
     “--And raise our children. I know, Minami.” Acchan said, finishing her girlfriend’s sentences.
     “Yeah, Atsuko. How many children do you want? Two? Three? Four? Boys or girls?” Takamina teased her girlfriend, making the later giggled and blushed.
      ”W-what? What did they say? Children?” Shinoda stood and stared at them.
      ”Oh, looks like they have everything planned for them and their future. It’s good for them, I think.” Miichan commented in the background.
     After searching for a while, Acchan managed to find a dress that she liked, and with a more affordable price. She looked so happy after buying that dress. They then went to the cashier and paid for it.
     Meanwhile, Shinoda just stood near them, watching his daughter and her girlfriend. The couple looked so happy. And Shinoda’s eyes turned dreamy as he recalled his time together with his daughter when he was still alive.
     Miichan sensed the sudden change of mood in Shinoda.
     ”Shinoda-san, aren’t you gonna tell her or not?”
     ”Tell her what?”
     ”That you’re in my body right now. Don’t you want to tell your daughter that you’re here right now?”
     ”....Err… No. I don’t want anyone knows about this. Please keep this as our secret, Minegishi.” Shinoda said.
     ”Okay, as you wish, Shinoda.”

     The couple continued spending the rest of the day, shopping and sightseeing. And Shinoda kept following them from behind. He looked up to the sky again, and he wondered why these little black clouds keep following him and walking around with him.
     Shinoda realized today will be the last day for him to walk on this earth. Soon his mansion will be destroyed by the new lord. And after that, he will never be able to return to this world again, not even as a ghost. And so he decided he wanted to cherish this moment. This moment will leave a precious memories for him. This will be one last, precious memories for him. And he wanted this memories to stay forever in his mind.
     And suddenly he had an idea.
     There’s actually one way to cherish this memories, so that it will remain forever, not only in his mind, but also in this world that he left behind.
     That sword. Yuki’s sword. He must put his memories to that sword again.

     And so without speaking a word, Shinoda left the lovey-dovey couple and rushed back to their apartment. Once he arrived, he quickly searched for the raven girl. At that time Yuki was in the training room, working on her gun shooting.
     “Yuki!” Shinoda entered and called the girl.
     “What?” Yuki said, feeling a little distracted by the sudden entrance.
     “Can I ask you something?”
     “Where is your sword?”
     “Where is your sword? Can I see it for a second?” asked Shinoda.
     “What sword?” Yuki squinted her eyes. “Oh, you mean the sword that I used to kill Shinoda in the battle last year?”
     “Y-yeah!! That sword!! Can I see it, Yuki?”
     “Why? What for?”
     “I need to make sure of one thing. Please, Yuki, can I borrow it? Just for a second, please?” Shinoda pleaded.
     The raven girl seemed to be hesitating for a moment. She looked around to make sure noone was around them. And then she went closer and whispered to Shinoda/Miichan’s ears.
     “Miichan, I’m going to tell you something, but this is only between you and me. Please don’t tell anyone about this. Not even Mayu.” Yuki said in a low voice, which make Shinoda (and Miichan) grew curious.
     “Okay. What is it?”
     Still whispering, Yuki said. “Well, you see, I kinda have a money problem right now, so I took that sword to a pawnshop and turned it in.”
     “Y-YOU WHAATT!!!!!????” Shinoda burst out in shock. “You- you pawned that sword?”
     “Yeah, I pawned that sword.” The raven clenched her jaw and glanced away.
     “But- but… Yuki, how could you!? How could you pawn the sword that you had used to kill me- I mean, to kill that lord!! That’s not an ordinary sword, Yuki! That sword is precious!” Shinoda started freaking out.
     “You can’t pawn it, Yuki! You just can’t!” he shouted.
     Yuki was stunned, confused upon seeing her friend’s reaction.
     “Miichan, don’t talk too loud, please.”
     Shinoda took a breath and calmed himself before speaking again. “Yuki, why did you pawn that sword?”
     Yuki frowned. “I’ve already told you. I have a money problem, and I need a quick cash. And why are you so overreacting, Miichan?”
     “Yuki, you can’t pawn that sword!” Shinoda said angrily.
     “Of course I can! I need the money, and that is my sword! I can pawn it whenever I want. I can even sell it and throw it away if I want to. Do you have a problem with that, Miichan?”
     The raven crossed her arms on her chest. She had no idea what was happening to Miichan that make her act like that. And she was beginning to lose her patience, dealing with this psychic gachapin.
     Shinoda was dumbfounded.
     “I...Uhh…. Right, I’m sorry. I just think that you still need the sword. You know, in case danger came and you need to fight them. You still need that sword, you can’t throw it away, Yuki.”
     Yuki nodded. “Hmm, yeah, I still need it, but I already got a more powerful weapon now.”
     “What is it?” asked the lord.
     “This.” Yuki said as she pointed at the holster that is hanging around her waist.
     Shinoda could only blinked at the sight of a gun resting inside the holster.
     “Okay, I see you have a gun now. But still, that sword must be very precious to you, isn’t it? That sword hold a precious memories, am I right?”
     “Yeah, of course, it does. My father gave that sword to me before he died. It was my family heritage. It was passed from one generation to another, so course it holds a lot of precious memories.” Yuki said shrugging.
     “No, no! Not that kind of memories!” Shinoda shook his head. “What I mean is, another memories, someone else’s memories, not yours. It holds a… a vision, from the past. A vision of someone.”
     Yuki froze for a moment upon hearing Shinoda's words. And something suddenly crossed her mind. The horrifying vision of Gekikara’s memories. The tortured girl in the dungeon, and all those bloodbath scenes of massacre that she saw when she touched that sword.
     Yuki then stared at the gachapin with a suspecting look. “Miichan, you knew it?”
     Shinoda blinked. “What? Oh, yes…. I knew.”
     “How? How did you know? I never told anyone about it! Is it your sixth sense tingling here? Tell me, Miichan, how much do you know about it?” Yuki questioned the gachapin.
     “Errr…..” Shinoda thought for a moment, but then decided to take another route. “... No, I don’t know.”
     “What? Ah, you’re confusing me now, Miichan.” Yuki said pulling a face.
     The lord looked away, avoiding Yuki’s gaze.
     ”Hey, what’s going on here, Shinoda? What are you two talking about? And what’s with this sword? Shinoda, explain!” Miichan spoke in the background.
     ”Nothing, Minegishi. Nothing.” The lord just bolted.

     Shinoda then threw his glance back at Yuki.
     At the moment Yuki already seemed to be very annoyed by this conversation.
     “So, Miichan, I’ve told you, I pawned that sword. Please don’t tell anyone about this. And if you still want to borrow my sword, then you will have to wait until I get that sword back.” Yuki said with a displeased tone.
     “Now if you don’t have anything more to say, I need to continue my training.” The raven turned her back and walked to the shooting range.
     For a moment, Shinoda just stood there and watched silently as Yuki aiming and firing her gun at the shooting targets.
     And then, not knowing what to do, Shinoda silently left the room. His head lowered and his shoulder slumped. Not only he was disappointed after knowing that Yuki had pawned that sword, he also worried whether Yuki would be able to get that sword back or not. If Yuki couldn’t get it back, then it would be lost forever. And the memories that were held inside that sword, including Matsui Rena’s memories, would be lost as well. And that thought bothered Shinoda a lot. He had put all of Rena’s memories, the good and the bad ones, into that sword.

     ”You seem to care a lot about her sword, Shinoda. Just tell me, what’s up with that sword?” Miichan asked again.
     ”Nothing, Minegishi. I just want to see that sword. I want to see the sword that she had used to kill me.”
          ”Oh, really? But I smell something  more here, something suspicious about that sword. Just tell me already, Shinoda.”
     ”No. I won’t tell you. If you want to know what it is, then you will have to find it out by yourself.”
     ”Tck! Okay. Just you wait, Shinoda. I’m going to find out your secret.”
     ”Sure, Minegishi. I’m sure you will.”


     Shinoda then walked to the living room and sat there alone.
    ”Shinoda, we still have about ten hours before I return you to your realm. So what do you want to do now?”
    ”Nothing. I just want to see my Acchan.”
    ”Okay, let’s just wait until they come back from their shopping.”
     Shinoda and Miichan then waited in the living room until everyone gets home.
     Haruna and Yuko arrived first, bringing a lot of snacks. After that Mayu came in with Rabutan, bringing a lot of card boxes and paints and brushes. Those two then rushed quickly into Mayu’s room. It seemed they were having a school project together.
     Not long after, Acchan and Takamina arrived, bringing shopping bags.
     “Miichan, why did you suddenly leave? We were looking for you out there.” Takamina asked.
     “Huh!? Oh, sorry, I forgot something so I ran back home. Sorry for not telling you first.”
     “Miichan, don't suddenly leave and disappeared like that. You made us worried.” Takamina said again.
     “Yeah, sorry. I won't do that again, I promise,” said Shinoda.
     In the background, Miichan sneered. ”Of course you won't do that again, Shinoda. Tomorrow you won't even be here anymore.”
    ”Haha, shut up, Minegishi!”
     Takamina and Acchan sat in the living room, and started discussing something with Yuko and Haruna.
     And not long after, the last person, Sasshi, arrived bringing a lot of stuffs, including two big punching bags and two others, smaller ones. She seemed to be having difficulty bringing all those stuffs.
     “Can someone help me taking all these stuffs to the training room?” Sasshi asked for help.
     Everyone, including Shinoda, then quickly gave Sasshi a help.
     “Wow, Sasshi, you bought punching bags again? Four punching bags?” asked Yuko.
     Sasshi nodded. “Yeah. Yuki destroyed one last week and I’m afraid she will destroy another, so I thought of buying several this time.”

     Everyone now was in the training room helping Sasshi moving the stuffs. Yuki who was at that moment was still practicing in the shooting range, also stopped and helped them.
     They replaced the old punching bag with the new one, and installed a few more.
     “Yuki, please don't destroy this again. These are quite expensive, you know.” Sasshi spoke.
     Yuki bit her lips. “Yeah, sorry.”
     “Everytime you’re in angry mode, it always ends up with me replacing and fixing something. You have to find another way to work on your issue, Yuki.” Sasshi complained.
     “Alright, alright, I’m sorry, I won't do that again, I promise.” The raven said apologetically.

     Meanwhile Shinoda who was standing next to them and listening to their conversation, suddenly had an idea. He then took his wallet (Miichan’s wallet) from his pocket. He found eight 10.000 yen notes.
     “Yuki, here is another way for you to work on your issue.” Shinoda spoke as he  took all the money from his wallet and put them on the table. “How about you fighting Acchan here, and if you win, I will give you eighty thousands yen.”
     The whole room fell silent immediately upon hearing those words.
     Yuki stopped and stared at the gachapin. ”Miichan, you're just kidding me right?”
     ”No, I’m serious, Yuki. I want to see you fight Acchan.” Shinoda said.
     Yuki bit her lips and glanced at the money on the table. Eighty thousands yen. It equals her salary for a week with extra hours and night shifts. Yuki couldn't help but feel so tempted.
     “Hey, what if I win, Miichan? Will I get the money too?”
     Shinoda smiled. “Of course, Acchan. You will get the money too if you can beat Yuki.”
     “Wow, Miichan, majisuka?” Acchan’s eyes bulged out.
     “Maji dayo,” replied the lord. His smile grew wider. He could feel Yuki and Acchan both were starting to get thrilled because of the money.
     Excitement spread quickly in the air, as Yuko and Sasshi also took out their money and put them on the table.
     “I’m betting five thousands for Yuki. No, I mean, I will give it to whoever wins this fight. It's been a long time since we last saw you fighting each other.” Yuko said grinning as she stared at Yuki and Acchan.
     “Me too. Five thousand for Yuki.” Sasshi followed suit.
     Takamina also took out her money. “Yeah, me too, I’m betting ten thousands yen for Yuk- I mean, for Acchan here. Ahaha!” The midget laughed nervously as she glanced at her girlfriend, who was now glaring at her because of her antic.
     Shinoda collected all the money and put them all on the table. “A hundred thousands yen. It will go to whoever win this fight.”
     Meanwhile, the real Miichan protested in the background. ”Shinoda, what are you doing? Stop it!”
     ”Why? Are you worrying for your money? Don't worry Minegishi, I will give your money back. I have plenty in my storage safe, back in the mansion, and I will give the secret key to you.” Shinoda said calmly, in a telepathic mode, or course.
    ”No, I’m not worrying about the money! I’m worrying about them! Stop this fight right now, Shinoda!” The gachapin was freaking out.
     ”Don’t worry, Minegishi! This is just a friendly fight. No one is going to get hurt...much.” Shinoda smirked, ignoring Miichan’s protest.

     The vampire lord then picked a chalk and drew a large circle on the room.
     “Here is the rule. Whoever manages to throw her opponent out of this circle, wins this game. No weapon. No striking in the vital part. And no biting for you, Acchan.”
     “Yeah, and no cheating for you too, Acchan.” Yuki spoke.
     Acchan glanced at Yuki. “Hey! Wasn’t it you who cheated in your fight last time, with that police officer?”
     “Oh yeah, I kinda did.” Yuki said snickering. She then went inside the circle and put herself in the middle, the vampire followed suit.
     “We’ll have three rounds. So please suit yourself, this is gonna be a long fight.” Shinoda clapped his hand, giving them a signal to start the match.

     Yuki and Acchan now were circling each other, ready to attack.
     “I feel deja vu.” Acchan cracked her knuckles and began warming herself up. “Yuki, you make me excited. This is exciting, right?”
     “Yeah, Miichan’s money makes me excited.” Yuki replied with a smirk as she glanced at Miichan, or at whom she thought to be Miichan anyway.
     Acchan laughed. “You know what, I want that money too!”
     The vampire then launched her first attack on Yuki as she leaped and thrust her fist at Yuki’s head. Not surprisingly, Yuki shifted and dodged it nicely. The fist went through the air, missing its target. The vampire quickly attacked again with a second punch and third punch, which once again, failed to hit Yuki. The raven was dodging them yet again, and maintained their distance.
     Acchan halted and turned at Yuki.
     “What are you doing, Yuki? Aren’t you gonna attack me or not?”
     “I will. Just you wait.”
     Acchan snickered. “You’re planning something. But whatever it is, I’m still gonna win.”
     The vampire spun around and swung her leg, aiming for a spinning kick. Yuki reacted fast by throwing herself and rolling away to the side. She knew Acchan’s kick was very strong and if she just blocked it instead of dodging it, she might get thrown out from the circle.
     “Hm, you’re planning to wear me out and then attack me when I grow tired. Not gonna happen, Yuki.” The vampire gave the raven an icy glare.
     Acchan sprinted closer and strike in with a combination of punches and kicks. This time, Yuki started fighting back, engaging themselves in a close fight. Acchan’s fists and kicks were coming in a flurry. Fast and hard, one after another. Yuki managed to block and dodge most of them, though she had to take a few steps back in order to avoid getting hit.
     “What happen to you, Yuki? You really have gone soft now.” Acchan said while attacking Yuki. “You used to be so much better than this. You were tiger before, but now you’re just rabbit.” The vampire spun fast and gave Yuki an elbow on her chest. The loud crack caused everyone to wince, while Yuki staggered back with a small grunt.
     “That didn’t even hurt. Maybe it’s you who have gone soft, Acchan. Not feeding on human blood has made you weak.” Yuki mocked.
     “Then let me feed on your blood, Yuki.” Acchan vamped out showing her fangs, trying to intimidate her opponent.
     Upon seeing this, Shinoda lifted and waved his hands. “Whoaa!! Acchan, remember, no biting for you!”
     “Oh yeah, right, sorry.” The vampire said as she withdrew her fangs and dashed again towards Yuki.
     She unleashed a barrage of punches at Yuki, and once again the two indulged in a close fight, with Acchan being the striker and Yuki on the defensive mode. Aside from being naturally stronger and faster than human, Acchan did receive some training too from Shinoda in the field of martial arts. The vampire seemed to be getting the upper hand as she managed to land few more hits on Yuki, forcing the later to step back even further.
     However, while Acchan was still focusing herself on striking Yuki, the raven girl suddenly spun and pushed Acchan to the side. That push wasn’t too strong, in fact it only made Acchan limp a bit without falling to the ground.
     The vampire then turned herself and gave a questioning look at Yuki. She thought Yuki must have been joking, by pushing her so gently like that.
     But Yuki just smiled at her, saying. “You’re out, Acchan.”
    (Oh, shit!) The vampire suddenly remembered something as she then quickly glanced to the floor beneath her.
     And there she found herself standing outside the circle, just a few steps away from the boundary.
    (The rule! I forgot about the rule! Dammit!)
     Acchan could only stare at Yuki, and then at the floor, and then back at Yuki again. Her shocking expression was priceless. As it revealed to her now, Yuki was holding back from attacking her not to tire her out, but to distract her mind. By allowing her opponent to strike and pummel her a bit, Yuki had successfully distract Acchan from their rule. The vampire had grown cocky and enjoyed their ‘friendly’ fight a bit too much, that she forgot about this important rule. And Yuki didn’t even put her strength into it when she pushed Acchan away, out from the circle.
     “HUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA...!!!!!!” Shinoda’s laugh echoed loudly throughout the room.
     While everybody else just stared amazed at Yuki before bursting into laughter themselves. Yuko's even rolling on the floor, clutching onto her stomach and laughing like crazy.
     "Huhuhaha! Hehehe! Wahaha! Hahahehe!"
     "Stupid, idiot Acchan!" Takamina scolded her vampire girlfriend.
     Yuko and Sasshi kept on laughing wholeheartedly.
     “Round one, 1-0, for Kashiwagi Yuki.” Shinoda announced the score while still trying hard to stop himself from laughing. His eyes then were locked upon Yuki. That girl had never ceased to surprise him.

     Round two. Yuki and Acchan started circling each other again. Acchan seemed to get more serious now, her face showing no humour. She eyed and scanned the circle around them, and mapped it virtually into her mind. She knew she had to be more careful this time. If Yuki win this round again, then the money will definitely go to her.
     While Yuko and Sasshi was getting themselves hyped up upon watching this awesome fight. They began to cheer louder for Yuki.
     “Go, Yukiiii, gooooo!!! Kick that vampire’s ass!!” Yuko and Sasshi shouted while putting their hands on their mouth like a megaphone.
     At that time, Mayu and Rabutan just happened to pass by and hear the loud commotion coming from the training room. Curious, they went inside the room only to be surprised by the sight of the most badass tournament of the year, between one of the strongest human and one of the strongest vampire on earth.
     “What’s happening here? Why are they fighting?” Rabutan asked, she was both curious and shocked.
     “I don’t know. Maybe they’re just practicing. Let’s go ask Sasshi.” Mayu dragged her friend to the hetare who was currently busy cheering for Yuki.
     “Sasshi, what happen? Why are they fighting?” asked Mayu.
     “We’re having a bet. Whoever win this fight will get the money.” Sasshi explained, pointing at the money on the table.
     “Wha- A bet!?” the Cyborg was surprised. She then went to the table and counted the money, and was shocked even further upon realizing just how much money they have put in that bet.
     Mayu came at Sasshi again with her eyes opened wide.
     “A hundred thousands yen! Whose money is that?”
     “Well, mostly Miichan’s--  Ouucchh!!! Watch out, Yuki!!!” Sasshi continued cheering on her champion.
     “Miichan? Hm, that’s not surprising.” Mayu muttered. Everyone knew Miichan came from a rich family, and her job as a writer/columnist had also paid off really well. Such amount of money would probably means nothing to her. But it means a lot for the rest of them, especially for Yuki and Mayu.
     Mayu then turned her attention to the two persons who were busy fighting inside a circle. Yuki seemed to be getting pummeled again by the fierce vampire and it made Mayu worried. Just last week Yuki had herself getting beaten up by Sayaka, and her wounds were still not fully healed yet. As much as Mayu wanted Yuki to win, she didn’t want Yuki to push herself to the limit and continue fighting and hurting herself as a result. And she definitely didn’t want to see Yuki getting a beat down again, much less by a very strong vampire like Acchan.
     Mayu continued observing the fight, and after a moment she quickly noticed how those two fighters were attempting to throw each other out from the circle. Yuki and Acchan didn’t exchange blows to knock each other out. They only aimed to throw their opponent out from the circle.
     “Hey, Sasshi, how many rounds are there? And what’s the score now?” Mayu asked again, out of curiousity.
     “Three rounds. It’s 1-0 for Yuki, and they’re in round two now.” The hetare replied without taking her eyes away from the fight.
     “1-0? Oh my God!” Mayu exclaimed in surprise. She didn’t expect Yuki to have scored first. Now she realized Yuki might have a chance to win. Yuki only needed to score one more in order to win this fight.
     Mayu’s heart started beating faster. She felt adrenaline came rushing into her vein. Only God knows just how much she loves this kind of game!
     A long time ago, she had played exactly the same game like this, with her favourite enemy, Matsui Jurina. They were betting on Yuki and Rena while those two were fighting in Mayu’s school. The game ended up with Mayu winning the bet, although at that time it wasn’t actually clear who was winning the fight between Yuki and Rena. [A/N: Please refer to Season 1 - Chapter 21 - Back to the Present, click here.]
     And now, watching Yuki and Acchan fought over the money, Mayu couldn’t help but feel thrilled again. She watched silently and anxiously as those girls fight their battle out. She didn’t cheer out loud, but she began to pray silently. Come on Yuki, you can win this! I know you can!
     Yuki and Acchan kept going at each other. However, after exchanging a lot of blows, Acchan managed to get a grip on Yuki’s collar. She then grabbed the raven and lifted her up, and threw her out of the circle. The force was too much, it made Yuki flying high across the room, and then crashed against the wall.
     Everyone could only jawdropped upon seeing such scene. Takamina was shocked upon witnessing Acchan’s strength and hostility. Even Shinoda (in Miichan’s body) was also shocked by this. He didn’t expect Acchan to take this fight so seriously.
     “Oh boy! Shit just got real!” Yuko commented.
     Nobody was laughing this time.
     Sasshi rushed to Yuki who was now lying on the floor, groaning in pain.
     “Yuki, are you okay?” Sasshi asked worriedly, extending her hand to help Yuki up. However, much to her surprise, Yuki ignored the helping hand and attempted to pull herself up on her own, using the wall to keep her balance. It seemed Yuki was very upset now, to the point that she even rejected Sasshi’s helping hand.
     Yuki then rushed into the circle again, leaving the dumbstruck Sasshi behind her. Sasshi was confused, and slightly disappointed after being rejected just like that. She has always been loyal to Yuki, being on her side most of the time, and giving Yuki all the help she could offer. And therefore, being merely rejected by this raven girl had made Sasshi’s heart ache a bit.

     “1-1. Last round now.” Shinoda muttered in a low voice. He was still stunned by the fact that Acchan used all her power against Yuki. Shinoda had long knew that Acchan was stronger than Yuki, but he didn’t expect his daughter to get this far. Shinoda could only assumed that Acchan too, just like Yuki, was in a dire need of money. That must be the reason why Acchan didn’t seem to be holding back at all in this fight.
     Everyone now was staring silently, and anxiously, at the two fighters. Even Haruna who had been dozing off during the previous rounds, now was sitting on the edge of her chair, watching the fight closely. Mayu was also seen to be losing her cool. She brought her hand up, covering her face, as if not wanting to continue watching the fight. While Rabutan just clung tightly onto Sasshi’s arm. The little loli was utterly terrified by the whole fighting scene.
     Yuki and Acchan’s friendly fight now has escalated into a real fight, all because of money. And now as they reached their final round, the fight between them would be getting more serious and tensed.

     ”Shinoda, please stop this. They’re hurting each other.” Miichan pleaded silently.
     ”No, Minegishi, give them a few more time. They both know what they’re doing.” The lord insisted.
     "Shinoda, please just stop this right now, and give the money to both of them. Let them share it in half."
     "Hm. No, that would be ruining the fun."
     ”What!? Shinoda, how could you do this!! Oh my God! I just hope those two are still friends after this!”
     ”Now that depend on how hard they hit each other.” Shinoda just laughed away.

     All pair of eyes were locked on Yuki and Acchan as the two circling each other once again. Acchan had gotten more serious and fierce than she was ever before. In fact, this was the first time she went all out at Yuki. But Yuki, being Yuki, she wasn’t going to give up either.
     This time, Yuki decided to play cat-and-mouse game with the vampire, and trying to buy as much time as she could while searching for a new strategy. It was impossible to use the same tactic that she had used previously in their first round, because now there’s no way Acchan would forget about the rule. Yuki was lucky back then, but now her luck may not be on her side. And cheating wasn’t allowed either, she just had to find another way to beat Acchan.
     As Acchan rushed towards her, Yuki dodged it swiftly and went to the other side of the circle. Upset upon missing her target, Acchan came at Yuki again with a full throttle, and Yuki once again dodged it and then quickly put herself far enough from the vampire, but still within the circle.
     Acchan stared at the raven. “What are you doing, Yuki? Stop running away, and fight me.”
     “I will, after I find a way to beat you.”
     “You know there’s no such way. Just give up already, Yuki. Let me take the money.”
     Acchan moved to the left, and Yuki quickly moved to the right, avoiding the vampire.
     The vampire then moved right, and Yuki responded by moving to the left.
     They were really like Tom-and-Jerry right now.
     One time, Acchan managed to put her grip on Yuki’s shirt and was about to throw the raven out again just like earlier, but Yuki quickly flipped herself and threw her body onto the floor, bringing the vampire down with her, and then she quickly slid and rolled away. That way, Yuki was able to foil Acchan’s attempt to throw her out from the circle.
     Acchan was starting to lose her patience. She was stronger and faster, but Yuki was also really slick like an eel. Everytime she managed to get her hand on Yuki, the later would slipped herself out from her.
     Acchan then tried to negotiate with the raven girl. “Yuki, I have an idea, how about you admit your defeat and let me take the money? And I will give you a share. Seventy-thirty? How about that? And I won't tell anyone about this.”
     “...How about sixty-forty?”
     “...Still no.”
     Acchan clicked her tongue. “Tck….Why are you so stubborn, Yuki?”
     “Because I want all the money. And I’m not sharing it with you.”
     The vampire snickered. “Not only stubborn, you’re also greedy. Tell me, Yuki, is this all about the money? Are we really fighting over it?”
     Yuki didn’t answer it, but Acchan was smart to know the answer. Indeed, it’s not only about money. It’s also about something else. It’s about their pride.
     “Alright. If you really want the money so much, then show me that you deserve for it.”
     At that time, the vampire decided to really go all out, even 1000%, on the raven girl.

     Acchan then sprung herself toward Yuki. Her punches and kicks flurried more heavily than before. Yuki was struggling to hold herself against those flurry attack. She was under siege, and she was pushed closer and closer towards the boundary of the circle.
     The vampire managed to knock Yuki down, causing the girl to fall on her four. Not wanting to give Yuki a time to get up, Acchan lifted her foot and stomped it on Yuki’s back, hard enough to crush some of her ribs and her back bones. Yuki fell back down to the floor again. She was lying flat on the ground, kissing the floor, with Acchan’s foot pressed on her back.
     “Give up now, Yuki!"
     "No!" the raven said stubbornly as she attempted to push herself up again.
     Feeling agitated, Acchan then lifted her foot again and kicked Yuki to the side, causing her to wipe the floor with her body. The kick was so strong, it made Yuki sliding more than ten meters on the floor. The raven was aware that she was getting closer to the boundary, as she then attempted to stop herself from sliding by pressing her palms hard against the floor. There was nothing she could hold on to, thus she could only put her both hands on the floor. Not only her hands, she also put her whole weight, pressing her body against the floor in a dire attempt to stop the sliding. Her face showed a grimace as she felt the friction between the floor and herself increasing sharply.
     Everyone was once again holding their breath upon watching such an over-the-top performance delivered by these two badass fighters. There was a sound resembling that of a screeching tire as the raven continued sliding on the floor, flat on her stomach. It was clear that Yuki was on the losing end of this fight. Everyone was waiting for Yuki to slide over the boundary, and thus falling to her defeat.
     Not willing to give up, Yuki pressed herself harder against the floor in order to add more friction. Her hands already felt like burning from too much friction, but she kept pressing them. And eventually, she managed to stop the sliding. This yet another Matrix moment put everyone in yet another jaw-drop moment. There on the floor they saw Yuki lying still, unmoving, with dust flying all around her. And she was only a few inches from the boundary.

     “What the--” Acchan stared at Yuki, her mouth agape.
     The raven girl was still lying on the floor, gathering her strength before getting up.
     At that time, Mayu’s heart had been racing rapidly upon witnessing such a scene. It was like watching your favourite champions battling in a Formula-1 or Grand Prix 500. The tension was just too much, way more than Mayu could handle. (Dammit, Yuki! You better get up now!)
     However, when Yuki was still in half-way of getting up, Acchan was already speeding towards her. A hard stomp landed on Yuki's back, causing her to fall down again to the floor. As a finishing strike, Acchan then kicked Yuki again in order to send her out of the circle.
     “Aha! Now you’re out, Yuki!” Acchan exclaimed.
    Yuki was sliding again after receiving the second kick. Her body ended up lying outside the circle.
     Acchan thought she had already won the game.
     “Miichan, look, she’s out. I win,” said her.
     Shinoda shook his head. “No, she’s not out yet. Look again, Acchan.” He pointed at Acchan’s foot.
     “What?” The vampire glanced down. And there on the floor she found the raven girl clinging tightly onto her right ankle. Yuki’s body was lying outside the circle, but her hand was clinging onto the vampire’s foot inside the circle.
     “What the heck!?” Acchan was shocked.
     Yuki’s determination to win is so annoying, it made Acchan feel agitated even more.
     “Let go, Yuki.” The vampire lifted her left foot and stomped it on the raven girl. “Let go of my foot now.”
     "And lose the money to you? No way!" Yuki gritted her teeth and tightened her grip. She then began to crawl into the circle again, while still clinging tightly on the vampire’s right foot.
     Angered, Acchan then kick Yuki again using her left foot. But Yuki refused to let go. She was just as stubborn as she could ever be.
     The vampire then proceeded by giving several more kicks and stomps at Yuki, but each of them only made Yuki’s grip tightened even more. As those kicks and stomps landed on her body, Yuki could only yelped and grimaced at the pain. But still, she didn’t want to let go. She kept on clinging on Acchan's foot, holding on to it like a grim death.

     Upon seeing this, Haruna turned her eyes away and spoke. "This is barbarous. Somebody should break this up. Takamina.” She glanced at Takamina, asking the later to stop her girlfriend from going berserk on Yuki. Despite being a werewolf, Haruna had never liked violence.
     Takamina nodded and was about to go to the circle, but Miichan stopped her. “Look, Yuki is not giving up yet. She still wants to fight. Just give them more time.”
     Miichan gave Takamina a meaningful look, and after a moment, Takamina complied.
     Mayu also wanted to go there and break the fight, but she was also stopped by Sasshi. “No, Mayu, don’t do that. Yuki doesn’t want me to help her earlier. And she doesn’t want anyone to help her now, can’t you see that? You should put more faith in your girlfriend.”
     Sasshi’s words put Mayu in silence. Mayu realized Sasshi was right. Yuki had gone through much worse than this. She would definitely make it again this time.

     Back to the fighting scene.
     Yuki was still on the floor. Acchan was giving her more kicks on her stomach, while Yuki could only grimacing and tightening her grips on Acchan's ankle.
     Upon seeing her kicks make no impact, Acchan then began to kick harder, and much harder again this time, it made Yuki’s body sliding clockwise. And surprisingly to everyone, it made Yuki went inside the circle again.
     But actually, it wasn’t really surprising if you understand some basic law of physics underlying the motion of torque and rotation. At that moment, Yuki was lying on the floor and clinging onto Acchan’s ankle, and with Acchan being the axis, the kick that was given to her just made her body sliding in rotation, and thus sending her back into the circle. It’s just as simple as that.
      Yuki didn’t know anything about physics though (she barely even passed their exams in her high school), but she knew how to use the momentum for her own advantage. As soon as she gets back inside the circle, she immediately let go of Acchan’s foot and quickly rolled over, securing herself inside the circle.
     After locating herself at the center of the circle, Yuki then quickly stood up again. And her appearance looked so messed up. There were grazes and scrapes all over her arms, as a result from the friction during the sliding earlier. Her clothes was also covered with dust and dirt, as a result from wiping the floor with her body.
     Slowly, Yuki then raised her fists up again. Acchan could only let out a sigh upon seeing this. She had no idea how to make this girl give up. Yuki's stubbornness seemed to have known no bounds. Maybe the only way to make her give up is, to knock her out.
     Everyone was still holding their breath as they watched anxiously, anticipating every moves that were coming from both fighters. While Shinoda only stood there calmly since he already managed to get himself together, not feeling surprised anymore by whatever Yuki and Acchan going to do to each other. These two girls had teamed up to kill him in their epic, bloody fight last year. So of course it was kind of expected to see them going all out at each other in this fight.
     “Just give up already, Yuki. You know you can’t win this. I’m stronger than you.” Acchan said giving Yuki a glare.
     “Oh, really? Then why am I still standing here? Why haven’t you thrown me out yet?” Yuki said, panting.
     Acchan closed her eyes for a moment, trying to calm herself before facing her opponent again. “This is bad, Yuki. Your inability to give up and accept your defeat is self-destructive. You’re only hurting yourself. You have to stop this. Just give up now.”
     “No. Look, you only have Takamina cheering for you. I, on the other hand, have Yuko, Sasshi, Mayu, Rabutan, and maybe even Haruna and Miichan here, cheering for me. How could I give up and disappoint them?” Yuki said, still panting in between her breath.
     “Look, Yuki, I really don’t wanna hurt you.” Acchan moved closer.
     While Yuki just sneered. “Oh, I wouldn’t stress about it.”
     Acchan then sprinted towards Yuki, once again unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks. Tired, Yuki could only raised her arms and protect her head from those attack. Acchan grabbed Yuki’s collar once again, but instead of throwing her out, she just pulled Yuki closer and began to punch her repeatedly on her face.
     After throwing a lot punches, the vampire stopped and stared at Yuki's bloodied up face. The raven seemed to be already on the verge of passing out. She was almost collapsing, and just hanging limply only to be held back by the grip on her collar.
     "Just give up now, Yuki. You don't want to see the real me." The vampire spoke threateningly. She raised her fist up high, ready to pummel the raven girl again.
     Despite getting hurt and weakened, Yuki managed to retaliate and gave Acchan a head butt. It brought damage to both of them. Acchan withdrew and Yuki was left falling to the floor.
     At this point, everyone had already grew silent and numb upon watching this prolonged fight. They wanted to continue cheering for Yuki, but they knew it was useless. Yuki had already been giving her best, with or without their cheering. If she wanted to give up now, they really wouldn't mind it. In fact, everyone had been expecting her to give up since long ago. They knew Yuki's chance of winning was hard, unless she wanted to use a stake to dust Acchan. But then again, weapon was not allowed in this fight.
     Unable to bear the sight any longer, Mayu then walked to the corner and sulked. She didn't feel interested to watch this fight anymore. If she was worried for Yuki before, now she was more like mad. She was mad at Yuki for being so stubborn like that. Why bother fighting, if you know you're going to lose anyway? You will end up being beaten, bruised, injured, and still you're not going to get the money. In a case like this, you should just give up early. That’s what Mayu thought. And that's the most logical thing to do for Mayu and anyone else, except Yuki. She would rather get beaten up into a pulp than admit her defeat in front of her opponent.

     Meanwhile, the real Miichan was panicking in the background upon seeing this brutal fight.
     ”Oh, Shinoda, please stop this now! Yuki’s going to die! Make them stop right now, Shinoda!”
     ”No, be patient, Minegishi. They’re still not finished yet.”
     ”What!? Then get out from my body, Shinoda! Get out now!” The real Miichan attempted to push Shinoda out and take control over her body again, so that she could go and stop the fight.
     Much to her surprise, her attempt failed.
     ”Eh!?” Miichan was surprised. She thought she wouldn’t have problem pushing Shinoda’s spirit out from her body. Turned it she was wrong. A hundred percent wrong. ”Shinoda, why are you stronger than me? Aren’t you just an ordinary spirit now? Get out from my body now, Shinoda!”
     ”Calm down, Minegishi. Let me finish this first. And then I will return your body back to you tonight. Just be patient, okay?”
     ”But you’re killing my friend, Shinoda!”
     ”Who? Yuki? Naaaah, she won’t die. She killed me, remember? She’s strong, she won’t die from this.”
     ”Oh God! Oh God! This is a mess!” Miichan mentally face-palmed herself. Although ‘mentally’ was not needed, because she was already in a mental state of existence.

     Back to the fighting scene.
     Acchan managed to recover first after that headbutt, while Yuki was still struggling on the ground, attempting to get up.
     “Stay down, Yuki. Final warning.” The vampire said.
     But Yuki was never the one to stay down. She always gets back up again, no matter how hard it is. After some struggling, Yuki managed to push herself up and stand again although a bit wobbly. She shook her head a few times in order to get rid of the dizziness. Acchan's punches really wasn't a joke. It could destroy a brick wall or even a boulder. Yuki could literally hear her ears ringing, and imaginary birds chirping inside her head.
     "How long are we going to do this, Yuki?" Acchan muttered with a sigh, staring at Yuki.
     Still wobbly standing, Yuki stubbornly raised her fists up again in front of her, challenging Acchan to continued their fight. “Tck... I could do this all day.”
     Acchan was stunned once again. “Okay then, let’s just get this over with. And don't blame me if you end up in the hospital after this,” she calmly said. She was about to came at Yuki again when suddenly she noticed something strange happened amongst their spectators. The vampire then glanced and squinted her eyes. And she saw Miichan standing there, making a gesture that was all so familiar for Acchan. The gachapin was silently and secretly lifting her thumbs-up, and then with a slow motion she turned it into a thumbs-down.
     Acchan was stunned upon seeing this gesture.
     (Miichan!? No, this can’t be!)
     Once again she stole a glance at Miichan. And she saw the gachapin repeating her gesture. Thumbs-up, and then thumbs-down. It was a signal. A signal to lose the fight. And it was sent directly to Acchan. There’s no doubt about it. But why? Why does Miichan want her to lose?

     Shinoda and Acchan were visiting a friend in a castle far away from their town. Acchan was still 13 years old back then, and she was still human. Shinoda brought Acchan with him to visit one of his friend, a landlord in a far away land.
     During their staying, the lord asked Shinoda to let Acchan fight against his children using wooden sword. This landlord have five children, boys and girls. Shinoda knew Acchan was strong and quite masterful in sword-fighting. But he also knew this landlord doesn’t like to see her children got beaten by another child. And so Shinoda made a pact with Acchan.
     “Acchan,” Shinoda said. “This landlord wants to see his children wins. He will be upset if his children get beaten by other child. So I think you must not beat all of them. I will give you the signal, so that you will know when you have to lose your fight.”
     “Okay.” Acchan nodded obediently. “And what is the signal, Shinoda?”
     The lord then made a signal with his hand. “Here’s the signal. Thumbs-up, and then thumbs-down. If you see this signal from me, then you have to lose your fight. Otherwise, you can win the fight.”
     And so after that day, Shinoda and Acchan continued using their signal whenever they feel the need to.

     Why? Why Miichan wants me to lose? Acchan tried hard to figure it out. And as she once again turned her eyes at Miichan, she saw the gachapin stared back at her, sending her a meaningful smile while also repeating the gesture for the third time, thumbs-up, then thumbs-down. Miichan definitely wanted Acchan to lose.
     Still bewildered, Acchan then turned her attention at Yuki again. The raven girl was still standing there with her fists raised up. And she was still slightly disoriented after receiving all those punches and kicks earlier.
   The vampire then dashed towards Yuki again. And then, with an inhumanly speed that was too fast for Yuki to even see, the vampire punched Yuki hard, square on her face. Yuki’s head was knocked backward, and her nose was bleeding. Before she collapsed to the ground though, the vampire grabbed her collar and dragged the raven around, closer to the boundary. Yuki was already losing much of her strength, she could barely hold herself up against Acchan.
     Standing near at the boundary Acchan then began to punch Yuki’s face again, although not as hard as before. Everyone thought Acchan was going to finish this fight and throw Yuki out already. But the vampire decided to knock Yuki around for more and give her a lesson for her stubbornness, before finally throwing her out from the circle.
     Pausing for a moment, Acchan then stole a glance at Miichan for one last time. Miichan was smiling at her. And for a crazy second, Acchan thought Miichan’s smile looked very similar with Shinoda’s smile. She might be wrong, but Miichan did resemble that lord a bit, at that moment.
     Acchan froze for another seconds. Her grips on Yuki loosened. And that was when Yuki decided to power up and strike back in a heroic second wind. Ignoring her pain, Yuki gathered her strength and grabbed Acchan’s arm. She spun around fast, backfacing the vampire, and then she pulled and lifted Acchan’s body from the ground, up to her shoulder. And with all her might, she then flipped the vampire over her shoulder and slammed her down hard against the ground.
     “Yaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!” Yuki let out an outcry as she exerted all her strength, giving the vampire a nice judo throw.
     “Ugh!” The vampire groaned in pain as her back hit the ground hard.
     Acchan was lying on the ground, with Yuki sitting on top of her.
     “You’re out.” Yuki said panting, while still locking Acchan onto the ground.
     “Huh!? Eeeeeeh!?”
     Everyone was stunned.
     Miichan/Shinoda then quickly rushed and approached the two fighters, and began to inspect the aftermath. It was clear to see that Acchan had been fully thrown out from the circle, while Yuki still had one foot planted inside the circle.
     “ACCHAN’S OUT!!  2-1 FOR YUKI!!” The gachapin announced loudly.
    Everyone was stunned yet again, but then quickly burst into screaming.
     “Yeaaaaay!! Yuki win!!” Sasshi jumped around and clapped her hands.
     “Eh!? What!? Yuki win?” The Cyborg who was still sulking in the corner, snapped her head in an instant.
     “Yes Mayu, she win!”
     The Cyborg froze for a second, and then dashed and jumped towards Yuki, surprising the older girl. They both fell to the ground, with Mayu ended up falling on top of Yuki.
     “Yuki! I can’t believe this!! You win!!” Mayu screamed in joy as she hugged Yuki and kissed the older girl everywhere on her face, not caring that Yuki's face was bruised and bloodied.
     While Yuki was already too tired from the fight, she just laid there and let the Cyborg attacking her with hugs and kisses.
     Everyone was very happy, including Takamina. Although she was cheering for Acchan, she was also secretly cheering for Yuki. Because in a fight between a human and a vampire, a hunter must always take the human side.

     And while everyone has their attention on Yuki, Takamina went and sat beside Acchan. The midget then leaned closer and whispered something to her girlfriend.
     “Thank you, Acchan.” Takamina whispered.
     “For what?” Acchan whispered back.
     “For letting Yuki win.”
     “No, I didn’t.”
     “You were pulling your punches, Acchan. I saw it. You let Yuki win on purpose.” Takamina said, and still whispering.
     “No, I didn’t. I was distracted. My mistake,” replied the vampire.
     “Liar.” Takamina smiled. “Here, here, princess, I’ll give you a kiss.”
     The midget then brought her lips to her girlfriend’s, and gave a gentle, sweet kiss. Acchan really has such a big heart. She could've won this fight easily, but she chose to let her opponent win. Takamina couldn’t be more proud of her girlfriend than she is now.
     “I’ll give you a nice reward tonight, Acchan.” Takamina said again, this time with a naughty grin plastered on her face. “Captain Spider will be at your service tonight, Mam.”
     Acchan blushed heavily as she playfully pushed Takamina away. They were already imagining a hot, making out session for themselves tonight.
     The vampire then whispered again. “Minami, I’m sorry I can’t get that money for you.”
     “Naaaah! Don’t worry Acchan. We don’t really need the money. But Yuki and Mayu, they need it more than we do. Look, they’re so happy right there. I've never seen them so happy like that before.”
     “Yeah, you’re right.”
     “And besides, I think Yuki deserves the money. Look at her face, so messed up. You have gone a little too rough on her, Acchan.”
     “Well, I just need to make sure that she really deserves that money. If she had just given up easily, then I wouldn’t have let her win on purpose, and I would have taken the money for me instead.”
     “Yeah, you’re right, baby. Anyway, let’s just go to our room now. I think I can’t wait till the sun goes down tonight.”
     The vampire only blushed and giggled again upon hearing Takamina’s words.

     Meanwhile, Miichan was also talking to Shinoda through telepathy.
     “Now I see what you did there, Shinoda. You did this to help Yuki, right? You know she has a money problem, and you want to help her, by setting up this fight for her. Just admit it, Shinoda. You like Yuki.”
     ”No, I was only planning to help my daughter here. I was hoping Acchan to win this fight, not Yuki.”
     ”Liar. I saw you giving Acchan a signal. You asked her to lose this fight and let Yuki win on purpose. You like Yuki, and you did this to help her solve her money problem. Just admit it, Shinoda.”
     "What signal, Minegishi? You're imagining things." Shinoda laughed.
     Despite Shinoda being in denial, Miichan continued blabbering.
     "Shinoda, now that I think about it, I think your idea is brilliant. I've been wanting to help Yuki too, but I just don't know how to do it. I knew she's been having money issue since last year. But if just come to her and give or lend her some money, she will reject it immediately. Just like you said, she has too much pride in her. So by setting up a match like this, you actually provide a way for Yuki to accept our help, without hurting her pride. Shinoda, you’re brilliant."
     ”Yeah, whatever you say, Minegishi. Whatever you say.” The lord just shrugged and laughed away.


     Later at the evening.
     The girls were already locking themselves inside their rooms with their own respective pairings.
     It was Saturday and it was Team B’s schedule to go out hunting. However, after having a big fight in the training room earlier, Yuki decided to skip their hunting tonight. And everyone agreed they should take a rest and took their time for themselves tonight.
     Well, there’s nothing can beat a joyful feeling, when a lover spend their time cuddling, making love, or just lazing around with their other halves. Happiness is really just as simple as that.
     Shinoda was lying alone in his bedroom (Miichan’s bedroom), which was located between AtsuMina’s room and MaYuki’s room. And being sandwiched in between those two rooms just made Shinoda grew curious. There were a sound of giggling and whispering, coming from AtsuMina’s room.
     Shinoda couldn’t help but feel curious even more. He put his ear on the wall, trying to listen to the sound. Acchan’s voice and Takamina’s were easily recognizable, Shinoda could clearly tell them apart. The whispering sound has now escalated into laughing, moaning, and muffled screaming. Whatever those two were doing at that moment, they must have really enjoyed it.

     ”Shinoda, what are you doing?” A voice was then heard at the back of Shinoda’s mind.
     ”Ssssshhh!!! Be quiet, Minegishi, I’m trying to listen here!”
     ”You’re eavesdropping your daughter while she's having sex with her partner? Oh my God! Shinoda, I can’t believe you’re doing this!”
     ”Ssshh!! I just want to make sure that midget is treating my baby right!!”
     ”Pffftttt!!! Hahahahaaaa!!! You’re worried for Acchan being with Takamina!! Oh please, Shinoda! They are a perfect couple! You don’t need to worry about her. Takamina is definitely the perfect husband for her.”
     ”I know. But I still want to make it sure with my own eyes, or in this case, my ears.”
     ”Yeah, right, go ahead. Keep checking on your daughter and your son-in-law. All fathers do it.”
     ”That’s right. All fathers do it. Finally we understand each other, Minegishi.”
     Shinoda continued eavesdropping AtsuMina.

     Not long after, a similar voice was heard from MaYuki’s room. The voices were a bit more high-pitched and cheerful, it must be Mayu’s voice, laughing, giggling, screaming. While Yuki’s voice was only heard occasionally and in a lower tone. It seemed that Yuki was the one who’s taking control while on bed.

     The last sound, which was definitely the loudest, was coming from KojiYuu’s room, which was located quite far from Miichan’s room. Their voices were so loud, it could be heard from a far, far away. Haruna and Yuko were both a screamer. They liked to scream out loud while doing the ‘you-know-what’. They didn’t even feel ashamed or guilty for disturbing other people sleep’s at night. And poor Sasshi, she’s going to have a trouble sleeping again, since her room was located just next to KojiYuu’s room.

     And so that night, Shinoda spent the rest of his day, which also meant to be his last day on earth, listening and eavesdropping to those three lovey-dovey couples while they were busy doing ‘you-know-what’. Shinoda kept listening to them until finally everything fell silent. Those couples probably had lapsed into their dreamland.

     As the night grew thicker, Shinoda/Miichan prepared themselves to go back to the mansion. Shinoda felt very grateful after being given a second chance to meet with his daughter again, even if it’s only for one day.
     It was only an hour before midnight. Shinoda’s last hour is getting nearer. Together with Miichan (who was still sharing the body with him), Shinoda exited their apartment. As they reached the gate, Shinoda glanced again for one last time to the window of Acchan’s room, cherishing the moment, and saying his last goodbye. He never gets to say just how much he loves his daughter. But maybe that wasn’t needed anyway, because Acchan must have already knew it too.
     Stepping out into the streets, Shinoda then looked up to the night sky for a moment. It was really beautiful. There were a half moon and a countless stars on the sky. Shinoda took a longer moment to stare at those stars. Being a 900-years old vampire, Shinoda already learned it by heart, all the constellations of the stars that would each taking their turn to appear in every month. Her favorite constellation was Aquarius and Pisces. Those were his stars.
     As Shinoda looked up again carefully, he found the same little black clouds following him again. And he was wondering why those clouds keep following him.
     Stretching out his arm and puffing his chest, Shinoda then took a deep breath. He wanted to cherish this feeling, the sensation of having a fresh air coming into his lungs. He stood there for a while, breathing the air in and out.
     ”Shinoda, are you ready? Let’s leave now. To your mansion.” A voice spoke at him in silent.
     ”Yes, let’s, Minegishi.” He replied, also in silent.

     They were walking in silent. And the only conversation they had during their walk, was this:

     ”Minegishi, I’m going to ask you something.”
     ”Yeah, shoot, Shinoda.”
     ”I want to ask you this. You're still virgin, right?”
     ”Eh!? What kind of question is that? And how do you know?” Miichan was blushing heavily.
     ”Of course I know. I’m in your body. I can actually feel it, Minegishi.”
     ”....”  #still blushing madly#
     ”....So, Minegishi. I hope someday you will find someone who is perfect for you. You’re a beautiful girl, and very kind too. I’m sure many people like you, and you will find someone who you like too.”
     ”What? Oh why, thank you, Shinoda! But let’s stop this conversation. I’m not in the mood for this kind of talk now.”

     They continued walking, until finally they reached the mansion. They then went directly to Shinoda’s library and working room upstair. Upon arriving, Shinoda quickly opened a hidden compartment inside his wall. Miichan and her friends didn’t notice there were a compartment like this inside the mansion. Shinoda then took a small storage safe from the compartment. He then revealed the combination key of the storage safe to Miichan, and as Shinoda opened the safe, Miichan was surprised to see a lot of money in there, all in 10.000 yen notes.
     Shinoda/Miichan then sat on the floor and put the safe beside him. He clasped his hand in front of him and muttered a few spell, and then something strange happened. A dark shadow emerged in Miichan’s body. It then slowly moved away and separated itself from the body. The shadow stopped a few feets away from Miichan, and then it sat and bowed in front of that girl. Miichan who was now in a full control over her body, bowed as well.
     ”Thank you for the ride today, Minegishi. It’s been a wonderful ride for me.”
     ”You’re welcome, Shinoda.”
     ”And I will entrust my money to you, Minegishi. All the money in that storage safe, I will give it to you. Please keep it and use it wisely anytime you need it. Please also use this money to help your friends whenever they need it too, especially Acchan and Yuki, since they probably will need it the most.”
     ”Of course, Shinoda. But why are you giving this to me? Why not giving it to Acchan?”
     ”Well, you know, Acchan is not very good in keeping money. If I give this money to her, she will probably waste it all for shopping. That's why I want you to keep this money for her. If you see her having a money problem, please help her using this money. But don't spoil her too much. I want my Acchan to be able to solve her problem without relying to other people.”
     ”Okay, I can see what you mean. Don’t worry, you can trust me on this.”
     ”Thank you very much, Minegishi.”
     ”You’re welcome. And what about Acchan’s sisters? Is this money also for them?”
     ”Errr…No. They won’t need it. They already found themselves a new lord.”
     ”Yes. And you will meet them soon. Very soon.”
     Miichan could only silent. They definitely needed to prepare themselves for a future confrontation with Acchan’s sisters and whoever this new lord there were serving under.
     ”Now it’s time for me go.” The shadow bowed again, very deeply this time.
     Miichan nodded.
     Suddenly a bright light appeared out of nowhere. It shone through the dark shadow, and something more magical happened. Shinoda’s figure slowly revealed himself, filling the frame of the dark shadow. His face was as handsome as he could ever be, and it was shining so brightly. Miichan felt as if her heart stopped beating for a moment as she stared into Shinoda’s angelic face.
     ”Oh my God, he’s so handsome!! I can’t believe he's a 900-years old vampire! He looks so young and handsome!! Eh wait, did I say that aloud? Oh shit!”
     The figure in front of her burst into a small chuckle.
     ”Yes, you did say it aloud, Minegishi! And yes, I’m handsome. Thank you for your compliment.” Miichan could only blushed heavily upon hearing Shinoda’s remarks.
     The lord continued chuckling and smiling. And his smiling face just made him looked even more handsome. It almost robbed Miichan’s heart away.
     After a moment of chuckling and smiling and staring, the figure then stopped and took a deep breath.
     “Well then, I’ll take my leave now. It was really nice knowing you, Minegishi. I hope we can meet again, in another world.” Shinoda bowed for one last time.
     The bright light slowly disappeared, and Shinoda’s figure slowly disappeared as well, until it vanished into thin air.
     Miichan was left frozen, and bewildered.
     She found herself sitting alone in that room.
     And then, without saying a word, she picked up the storage safe and walked home quietly. Her mind was full of thoughts, and sweet memories.

     Goodbye, Mario. See you again in another world.

Ikemen Shinoda Mariko by gonzanne (taken from deviantart)

I've been down and I'm wondering why these little black clouds keep walking around with me.
It wastes time, and I'd rather be high.
I think I'll walk me outside, and buy a rainbow smile.
They're all free.

And maybe tomorrow, I'll find my way home.

I look around at a beautiful life.
I’ve been the upper side of down, been the inside of out.
But yeah, we breathe.

I wanna breeze an open mind.
I wanna swim in the ocean.
I wanna take my time for me.
All me.



I was blushing myself when I wrote AtsuMina moments here, mainly because we know Acchan is already married. :lol:

And here I tried to portray Shinoda as a jealous father who doesn’t want his daughter to get married with someone, because then it will take his daughter away from him. However, in the end he knows that he must give his daughter away since it’s the only way for her to bloom and grow into a matured woman. Isn’t it so sweet to have a father like that?

I feel this chapter is quite contemplative too, since it tells the story of how Shinoda would spend his last day on earth (using Miichan’s body). And how he wanted to cherish that one last, precious moment in his mind.

As for Yuki vs Acchan not-so-friendly fight here, I never planned it, it just suddenly popped up in my mind when I was half-way typing this chapter. Maybe I just can’t help writing a fight scene in every chapter. :lol:

And in case anyone think I’m plagiating, I will state here that I quoted several lines from MCU movies, but I mean it as a homage/references. So I think it’s not plagiarizing.

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I love Sae-boy and Juri-boy.
But my most favourite ikemen will always be Mario-kun.  :inlove:

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Update again!
It's already Chapter 20, and we still haven't reached the rendezvous between our hunter girls and our vampires family. This fix is dragging itself too long. Too long :lol:

Now this chapter will be fully about Rena, Jurina, and Umeda. I really enjoy writing this story about them, it kinda bring out the dark side of me. :lol:

And if you want me to make more of Shinoda’s appearance in the future, then I have to say you're going to be disappointed, because I don't intend to bring Mario-kun back again, either as a ghost or as a resurrected one. The previous chapter is really his last appearance. It has been stated too, that after his mansion is destroyed by the new lord, he will never return again to this world, not even as a ghost.

I will apologize beforehand at the mentioning of the elderly people and homeless person in this chapter below. I don't mean to offend anyone here or out there. In fact, I would like to state that it is our responsibility to help those elderly people and homeless people to live a better life. And someday we’re gonna be an elderly people too. And I myself was born in an Asian country where poverty and homeless people is still very common. So yeah, no offense here.

And also, I’m starting to get tired of making disclaimers again and again here, really :lol:



     Darkness. Copper. Sweat.

     Matsui Rena blinked at her surrounding. She was standing alone. All she could see was darkness. And the scent of blood and sweat, probably hers.
     Where is she? Is she still in the facility? Rena doesn't remember how she gets here in the first place. And this doesn't seem like a place inside the facility either.
     Oh, this must be a dream. Rena quickly realized. This must be just another dream.
     There was a light, a spotlight, far in front of her. A raven haired woman was standing under the spotlight, back facing her.
     Rena then took her steps forwards, heading to the light. And she felt like her body was moving on its own.

     CLANG!!! CLANG!!!

     A sound of metal clashing was heard from beside her. Very close beside her. It was dark she couldn't see anything, but she felt something.
     A sword. She was holding a sword in her hand. Why didn't she notice it before?
     Rena took a few more steps and began to run into the light, dragging the sword along with her. And within a second she was already in front of it. Which is strange because the light seemed to be so far away when she first saw it. It was either she had a lightning speed running ability, or the time and space around her had just been folded by some unknown force.
     But then again, this is just a dream. Everything can happen here. And the concept of time and space is no longer applies in the realm of dreams.
    Slowly, the woman under the spotlight revealed her face. And the next thing Rena knew was herself screaming. And her body moved on its own again. Her hand brought the sword up, and thrust it  right into that woman’s chest.



     The woman let out a gasp, followed by a painful, continuous outcry. The tip of the sword was piercing right into her chest, and protruding out from her back. Blood was gushing out from her wound, squirting like a fountain.
     Rena kept thrusting and twisting her sword deeper into the flesh, causing the woman to scream even louder, and her blood to spill even more. As Rena drew her sword back, the woman collapsed on the floor, and Matsui Rena found herself bathing in her blood. Kashiwagi Yuki’s blood.
     Still inside the dream, Rena looked up to see someone else standing on a higher ground. Shinoda. He was standing there, staring and smiling at her. Rena couldn’t help but staring back at him. Her feeling mixed upon seeing him standing there, and smiling at her like he used to. His face was lit up so brightly. He then opened his mouth, muttering something to Rena. But Rena can’t hear his words. So she stared at him, waiting for him to speak again. But he didn't say anything more. He’s just standing up there, smiling like an angel.
     And then she woke up from her dream.


     Matsui Rena woke up abruptly on her bed, her eyes shooting opened. And she was soaking wet. Her chest heaving up and down as she panted.
     She let her eyes roaming around, and she quickly realized she was still inside her room in the facility. The room was small but it was clean and quite comfortable, just like a VIP room in a hospital. And she was cladded in a white clothes similar to a patient’s uniform in the hospital.
     She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was still 3 AM in the morning. She tried to get back to her sleep, but she can’t. She then stared at the ceiling and began counting sheeps. One sheep, two sheeps, three sheeps. It didn’t work. And she kept on staring at the ceiling.
     Usually a vampire would like to stay up all night and sleep during the day. However, because most of the scientists in this facility is human, therefore most of the research activities were also conducted during the day. As a result, the patients’ sleeping pattern were adjusted to their schedule. They must sleep at night and wake up during the day in order to complete the tests and experiments that had been prepared by those scientists for them.
     But Rena was rarely able to sleep at night. Whenever she tried to sleep, those dreams will come and haunt her. And then she would find herself staying up until the morning light. This had been happening for weeks, and she’s beginning to lose her sleep.
     Rena had never been locked up before, and she had never been admitted to a hospital either. So now, being locked up in this facility had somehow made Rena’s mind go crazy. How long had she been locked in here? How many days, or weeks, or months? She didn't know. She couldn't remember.
     She kinda lose her sense of time now, the days don't matter no more for her. The only things that matters to her now is revenge. It’s the only way for her to stop those dreams from coming and tormenting her in her sleep at nights.

     Matsui Rena had been dreaming a lot lately. Before Shinoda was killed, she used to dream about some bloodbath massacres and a mysterious girl in the dungeon. And now after Shinoda was killed, she also started dreaming about other thing. She dreamt about Kashiwagi Yuki, the person who had killed the vampire lord.
     In one of her dreams, she would find herself with a sword in hand, and she would stab Yuki repeatedly with it. In another dream, she just thrusted her bare hand into Yuki’s chest and snatched her heart out, and then she would crush the bleeding organ in her palm while watching Yuki died slowly in front of her. In yet another dream, she would vision herself and Yuki in a dungeon, where she would torture the later to death. And in yet another dream, she would just plant her  fangs on Yuki’s neck and drink her blood till none was left in her body. In fact, Rena could find so many ways to torture and kill Yuki in her dreams.
     And those were neither unpleasant dreams for Rena, nor they were nightmares. Instead, those were like a sweet dreams for her. To seek revenge and kill Kashiwagi Yuki had become Rena’s latest obsession for this past year. That’s why Rena kept dreaming about it every night. But no matter how many times she had stabbed and killed Yuki in her dreams and in her mind, it never ceased Rena’s heart from aching. It hurts. It really hurts.
     For Rena, Shinoda was a patron, a protector, a life-saver. He was an angel. A saint. Yuki on the other hand, is a monster. A devil. A sinner. An unforgivable sinner. Yuki had committed a terrible sin and thus she must be punished. And Matsui Rena would be the one to punish her.


     Rena was still drowning in her thought when three people came into her room. One of them is a woman in a white coat and a tablet in hand. The other two were her assistant and guard.
     “Good morning, Rena,” greeted the woman with a smile.
     “Morning, Eguchi.” Rena greeted back.
     “How was your sleep last night?” the scientist asked as she checked the control panel beside Rena’s bed. The panel was connected with several wires to Rena’s body. It monitored Rena’s condition during her sleep at night.
     “Not well. I had a bad dream again last night.”
     “Is it the same dream?”
     “And you killed her again?”
     Rena nodded. “Yes. But this time, Shinoda also appeared in my dream.”
     Eguchi then studied the log of Rena’s brainwave pattern that was previously recorded by the machine last night.
     “Hm. It seems you went through a lot of R.E.M phase last night. And you’re sleep-talking too. Do you remember any other dream you had last night?“ Eguchi asked.
     “No. Just that dream.”
     “Well, don't worry too much about those dreams, Rena. It is normal for someone to have a dream about revenge after having their family member was killed by someone.” The scientist said.
     “Yeah.” Rena nodded. Her eyes were squinting again at the thought of herself taking revenge on Kashiwagi Yuki.
     Eguchi then flashed a sweet smile as she tapped Rena gently on the arm.
     “Rena, you do realize that what we are doing to you right now, will actually help you a lot, right? By being a daywalker, it will be easier for you to get your revenge on Shinoda’s killer.”
     Eguchi had been acting nice and friendly towards Rena so far. But the truth is, she never cared about Rena's revenge and the motivation that drove her. She only conducted this research merely out of academic interest. Matsui Rena now has become her second priority on her project list. The first one being Shimazaki Haruka or Salt, who is currently making a good progress into become an artificial vampire. However, different from Salt’s case, Rena’s case only showed a little progress. For several weeks, Eguchi and her team had tried, and still failed, to find out why Rena’s body reacted differently than all other subjects regarding to the sunlight antidote. While others were able to consume and absorb the antidote into their internal system, Rena’s reaction was exactly the opposite. Not only her body showed a strong rejection, the antidote also caused her an immense pain. Which, according to Jurina, was very strange because Rena had never experienced feeling pain before. And this had piqued the scientist’s interest and curiosity to the utmost level. No matter what the result is, Eguchi will gain a lot of advantages from carrying out this research on Matsui Rena.

     The vampire looked at the scientist as the later busy typing something on her tablet.
     “Is Jurina coming today?” she questioned.
     “Hm, no. She already visited you last week. And Iriyama said they’ve been giving Jurina a lot of task recently. Don’t worry, Rena. She will surely come again next week.” The scientist looked up to her and once again showed a deceivingly sweet smile.
     The vampire gave the scientist a demanding look. “Just tell me how much longer are you going to confine me here?”
     Eguchi stopped typing. “No, I don't know how much longer. But as I’ve already told you before, we’re doing this for your own good.”
     She then gave a paper to Rena. “This is your test for today.”
     Rena read the paper. “Resistance for…blood?”What the hell was that?
     “Come, Rena.” Eguchi gestured the vampire to come with them.
     Rena let out a sigh. After being confined in this facility for several weeks, she began to grow tired going through all these experiments. Sometimes the experiments ended up well, sometimes not. Sometimes it ended up with her passing out or almost fainted. And Rena was left wondering, what do all these experiments have something to do with her abnormal reaction to the antidote? Would these experiments reveal something about that?
     One thing that Rena learned from the experiments was that she indeed has a limit as a being. Being pain-free doesn't mean her body cannot be broken. The fact that she fainted several times during those experiments has proven it so far. Her condition wasn’t much different from someone who is put under anaesthetic all the time. It was as if Rena had a natural anaesthetic inside her body that made her unable to feel pain. This could be an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. The advantage of it was, it made Rena become fearless, ruthless, and inhumanly powerful. While the disadvantage of it was, she didn't know when to stop and give up in a battle. And that’s when Jurina would step in and intervene. It was Jurina who always told Rena to stop and take a break, and give her body a time to recover before it ceases to function entirely.
     As Rena made her way out to follow the scientist, she unconsciously touched the metal collar wrapped around her neck. It was a security collar. All the in-patients in this facility, including those who had been subjected to the experiments, had this security collar on their neck. If they behave in a dangerous manner or try to runaway, this collar will shoot a ton of silver microparticles into their neck. And how bad it could be, for a vampire to be shot in the neck by silver microparticles? Oh, very, very bad. Rena had experienced it several times during her incarceration here. She didn't feel the pain (because of her abnormality), but she did feel weakened and incapacitated. She even ended up fainting twice after getting shot by the silver collar. Even after they removed the particles from her neck, she still felt an uncomfortable, tingling sensation around her neck for days. And don’t even ask what happened to other patients when they got shot by these silver collars. They were screaming and wailing hysterically, and thrashing themselves around on the floor like a tortured animal. The collar had a different levels of impact, depending on their purpose: testing, warning, punishment, incapacitating, and even killing. Yes, in the worst case, they could die from the silver attack. And eventually Rena learned not to go berserk or misbehave again in front of this scientist. She learned to just comply and obey whatever they told her to do.

     Rena then followed Eguchi along as they strolled down through the many corridors inside the building. Everything looked just the same and this building really looked like a labyrinth, what with all those corridors and intersections. People in white lab coats were walking around everywhere, and security guards were seen to be guarding in many spots. For someone who was never good in directions, this place gave Rena an eerie feeling. Even without having the silver collar around her neck, Rena for sure knew she won't be able to escape from this facility on her own. She would probably get lost in this labyrinth if she ever tried to make an escape.
    Finally after a long walk and lots of turning, Eguchi brought Rena to another room. The room was dimly lit and much smaller than all other experiment rooms that Rena had encountered previously. Inside this room, Rena could only see one desk and two chairs opposite of each other.
     Eguchi then made Rena sat on the chair near the wall, while she also sat on the opposite chair.
     The scientist then spoke to her. “Rena, this test is very different from all the tests that I have given to you before. This is a mental test, not a physical. But this test is very important since it will reveal a lot of about your nature and traits as a vampire.”
     Rena furrowed her brows upon hearing that. A mental test? Oh, now this is surely gonna be harder than before! Because even Rena herself knew she was always a bit insane and mentally unstable. She was practically switching on and off between Matsui Rena and Gekikara. And there’s also Amakuchi and Chuukara in between. Who knows how many alternate personalities she has at the moment. Giving Matsui Rena a mental test is like giving a fish a try-out on how good they could fly in the air.
     The scientist spoke again. “Now Rena, close your eyes, and think of one thing that you desire the most right now.”
     “Okay.” Rena obeyed as she closed her eyes.
     “Tell me what you’re thinking of.” asked Eguchi.
     Rena was silent for a moment. “...... I’m thinking of… I’m thinking of, killing Yuki.”
     “Alright, now open your eyes and I’ll explain the test for you. We’re going to put a bucket full of fresh blood in front of you. And I’m going to ask you to stay here for as long as you can, and you have to restrain yourself from drinking the blood.”
     This time Rena wasn't too surprised. This was just exactly what she thought. The title of this test had said it all.
     “Is that it? All I have to do is just stay here? You’re not going to put me in a strait jacket or anything?” Rena then asked.
     Eguchi smiled. “Yes. Yes. And no, we’re not going to use straitjacket. The only thing that will restrain you here is your willpower. You’ve told me about your most desire, and that is getting your revenge on the person who had killed your master. Now, let's create a rule for this game. This is just an imaginary rule, of course, but we need it in order to carry out this test for you. The rule states that you have to choose only one between these two: drinking this blood, or getting your revenge on that person. You can’t have both. If you choose to drink this blood, then you won't be able to get your revenge in the future. If you want to get your revenge done in the future, then you must not drink this blood. It’s simple, right? Can you do it, Rena?”
     The vampire frowned upon hearing this, and just responded silently with a nod.
     A staff came into the room, bringing a small bucket which was filled with fresh blood. The bucket was then put on the desk, right in front of Rena. The amount of blood inside the bucket was tremendous. It immediately sent Rena into her ‘vampiric’ mode.
     “Now, we will leave you here alone and we’ll be watching you from the next room.”
     Eguchi and the others then left the room.

     Rena took a deep breath and stared at the bucket in front of her. The bucket was filled with a red, fresh blood of about 1 gallon. And the smell of it was so tempting. If this wasn't a test, Rena would've jumped and drank the blood already.
     The vampire then thought for a moment. What’s the point of this test, really? Rena couldn't seem to figure it out. Oh wait, Eguchi said something about willpower. Willpower? Yeah right, I’m going to show you what willpower is. Rena thought to herself.
     She continued staring at the bucket.
     Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
     One minute.
     Two minutes.
     Ten minutes.
     Twenty minutes.
     Rena kept on staring at the blood in the bucket.
     And she felt the beast within her was slowly awakened. Her fangs were showing up little by little.
     Realizing she was starting to lose it, Rena stood up quickly from her seat. She brought her hands up to her head, taking out a deep breath in order to calm herself down.
     She then left her seat and walked to the wall. It would be better if she maintained her distance from the blood, as far as possible.
     Rena then stood and leaned herself against the wall. Closing her eyes, she then visioned herself killing Yuki again. And it helped to distract her mind a bit from the temptation.
     The scent of the blood started spreading around in the air. And because the room was very small, it didn't take long for the scent to reach into Rena’s nostril. Rena tried her best to restrain herself. She shifted and moved around inside the room, trying to find something to occupy her body and mind.
     She leaned on the wall. She kissed the wall. She walked along, tracing the wall. She banged her head against the wall. She punched the wall. She kneeled on the floor. She lied on the floor. She kissed the floor. She closed her eyes. She opened her eyes. She rolled over. She tossed and turned.
     Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
     Rena stared at the clock on the wall.
     It’s been almost two hours since they locked her here inside this room.

     Still lying on the floor, Rena closed her eyes again.
     I’m gonna kill her!
     I’m so gonna kill that sinner!
     I’m not going to lose to this!
     And nothing will stand on my way!!

     And once again, she visualized herself killing and torturing the raven girl, over and over again, using every mean and every way that a person can be killed and tortured.
     I can’t give up now!
     I have to finish my duty, and punish Yuki for her sins!
     I won’t let my mind getting distracted by anything, not even by this blood!
     This blood is nothing compared to hers.
     Just hold on Rena, keep resisting until the very end!
     Yuki's blood will taste much sweeter than this blood!

     Rena kept closing her eyes, resisting. However, the scent of the blood seemed to be getting stronger and stronger,  invading further into her nostril, and thus put her in a delirious state once again. Her fangs were showing up again, in and out. Her eyes were glowing red. Her face was covered with sweats, and veins were also seen on her temple.
     Trembling, Rena then crawled to a corner and lied there, curling herself into a tight ball. A sound similar like a howl from wild animal was heard coming out from her mouth. She was really trying hard to restrain herself.


     In another room. Three people in a white lab coat were staring at the large display that was currently showing Rena in that small room.
     Eguchi rushed inside and asked her assistants. “How is she?”
     “Still resisting,” one of them replied.
     Eguchi glanced at the timer. “Three hours and fifteen minutes. What a surprise! This almost breaks Nishishi’s record.”
     “Yes. Nakanishi’s record is three hours and forty minutes.”
     “Interesting.” Eguchi said as she stared at the display. “But she’s really struggling there.”
     In the display, Rena was shown to be cowering on the corner, lying in a fetal position. Her condition didn’t seem good as she was seen trembling hard, with howling sound escaping from her lips.
     One of the assistants pointed at a chart on the display. “Blood pressure, very high, almost reaching 180/150. Heart beat rate, also very high, 195 bpm. Eguchi-san, should we stop this test now?”
     “No. I think we should continue this.” Eguchi said as she locked her eyes on Rena on the display.
     “She’s different. She’s not like other vampires we have tested before. Continue this.” Eguchi said firmly.

     Eguchi then took out her tablet and began to open several files and records of Matsui Rena.
     She kept her eyes on her tablet, re-reading all the necessary information about Rena, while also occasionally checked Rena’s condition on the large display.
     All the tests and experiments that had been carried out to Rena so far were only physical tests, in which Rena had shown a quite extraordinary result. Rena’s strength almost reached 150 kg for 1RM. Her endurance limit was also very high, she can tolerate extreme hunger and muscle fatigue. Pain tolerance, almost no limit because Rena was unable to feel pain. And instead of showing pain, Rena usually just passed out silently under an extreme pressure or severe circumstance. And she also had shown a vulnerability to extreme temperature, both very high and very low.
     Eguchi continued reading Rena’s records. The next showed the logs of a specific experiment regarding the sunlight antidote. Eguchi and their teams had been trying to modify the antidote in order to match with Rena’s condition. However, after conducting a lot of tests and make a lot of variances of the antidote, they still couldn’t reach the solution to solve Rena’s problem. The sunlight antidote just simply didn’t work for her. Instead it inflicted pain on Rena and weakened her, just like a kryptonite for Superman. And all the variances of this antidote had different level of impact on Rena. Some variances might hurt her a bit like a tickle. Some others hurt her like hell. And none of those variances was able to change her into a daywalker. They had also tried to change the dose, but still it didn't work. Eguchi couldn’t help but feel so challenged to solve this riddle.

     Now it’s been five hours since Eguchi started this test on Rena. Her three assistants were already showing a worried-like-hell look on their faces. They were afraid something bad would happen to Rena, and thus causing them to lose their precious subject.
     “Eguchi-san. We should really stop this now. If we continue this, we’re going to lose her.”
     “No. I say we keep going. Give her few hours more.” Eguchi insisted.
     The three assistants stared silently at each others. They knew Eguchi is a very strict person. And this scientist prodigy was notoriously known for her unpopular approaches and methods of handling her subjects. Some of her colleagues had accused her for being ruthless and showing no compassion and moral codes while conducting her experiments. They said she only treated human and vampires like a guinea pigs and laboratory rats. There were several occasions in the past, where some of her subjects died during her experiments. And it seemed Eguchi is going to use the same approach again on Rena.
     Not wanting to let Eguchi take the risk and endanger their subject, one of the assistant then braced himself and voiced out  again.
     “Eguchi-san. Matsui Rena is not an ordinary people. She is the daughter of Shinoda Mario. If something happens to her, we’re going to be in so much trouble. Akimoto wouldn’t let us get away with this. And Nakanishi too, had told us to treat her more carefully than our usual treatment. We must stop this, Eguchi-san.”
     Upon hearing this, Eguchi then paused for a moment. Her assistant was right. If something bad happened to Rena, Akimoto Yasushi probably would not like it. Akimoto and Shinoda were friends back then, although not very close. And Rena had also demonstrated an extraordinary fighting skill in some occasions before, proving herself to be very valuable for her new family.
     “...Alright. Let’s stop this,” the lead scientist agreed.
     Once she gave the signal, several guards moved and entered the experiment room. They took the bucket away and quickly put Rena in a straitjacket. At that moment, Rena was already in a weakened and delirium state. As they took Rena back to her room, her mouth kept muttering something like, ‘Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!’. It seemed that her determination to kill that person was very strong to the point that it successfully prevented her from drinking the blood.
    Not long after, Eguchi and her assistants came and injected Rena with a sedative. And with that, Rena then was put into sleep.


Later at the evening.
At Jurina’s apartment.

     “Jurina, gear up, you have a new mission.” Iriyama Anna spoke as she entered the apartment. She had a spare key and Akimoto Yasushi paid for this apartment, so that’s why she can enter without Jurina’s permission.
     Jurina was found lying on her bed, listening to her iPod. Annin then snatched the iPod, causing Jurina to jerk and pouted at her.
     “We have a new mission. Let’s go,” Annin said coldly.
     “What!? But I just came back from my last mission!” Jurina let out a protest.
     “Order from the higher ups. Can’t refuse.” Annin sent the younger one a glare, her arms in akimbo.
     “Alright. What’s now?” Jurina got up lazily. “Beating up some thugs? Collecting debts? Running errands? Really, Annin, those jobs are boring! Can’t you give me another, more challenging tasks?”
     Annin frowned. “Look, Jurina. You’re still new here. You have to obey the higher ups and do what they ask you to do.”
     The puppy let out another pout. “Tck! Back in my old days, I was the higher-ups.”
     This time, Annin couldn’t help but laughed upon seeing the puppy acting like that. It was quite cute, actually. After working together for a few months, Annin had learned something about Jurina. That despite her boyish and cool personality, Jurina actually had a childish side that she rarely showed to others.
     “Yeah, I believe you were once a higher-up, Jurina. You’re Shinoda-san’s daughter. But here you must start from scratch and climb your position up from under. Now you’re just a soldier, or a private to be exact. I’m a sergeant. Rikkie, Mizuki, and Nao are captains. Nishishi, Takumi, and Yamauchi are the underboss. And Akimoto is the boss. It’s still a long way for you to climb up to the higher-ups. And as you everyone is working so hard here.”
     Jurina just squinted her eyes and stared at Annin. The girl was right. She must work hard if she want to secure her position in this new family. Being Shinoda’s children doesn’t give her a privilege or a right for special treatment.
     Jurina then grabbed her jacket and her stuff. “Alright, let’s go.”

     “Where are we going? What’s our mission today?” Jurina asked as she followed Annin into her car.
     Annin unlocked her car and sat behind the wheel, while Jurina sitting beside her.
     “We’re going to abduct some elderly people from their houses.”
     “Whaatt!?” Jurina was pretty much in shock. “Abduct elderly people? Is this for real?”
     “Yes, Jurina. We’re going to abduct elderly people, and we’re going to kill them. Is that clear?”
     Jurina froze in place. “Y-yes…. But… Oh my God, I never heard something like this before. Why are the higher-ups targeting these people? I mean, they are weak, right? Why are we attacking them? What for?”
     Annin was about to put the key into the ignition point, but then she stopped and turned at the younger vampire.
     “Okay, sorry, I should’ve explained this to you earlier. This might be new to you. Now listen to me, Jurina.” Annin said while Jurina began to listen attentively. “Everyone in our family has a job. As the lowest underling, your job is to fetch our preys. Akimoto has built a warehouse where we can store our blood supply. So after we kidnap these elderly people, we’re going to drain their blood and store them in our warehouse. Got it?”
     Jurina was startled once again upon hearing those explanation.
     “I… I understand it’s for our blood supply. But still, why the elderly people? Annin, don’t you feel bad by attacking weak people like them? Like, it’s against all codes. Even yakuza and mafia never attacked a random, elderly people. And I can’t see the reason why we’re doing something like this now.”
     Annin tilted her head and stared at Jurina. “Can’t you guess it? It’s pretty clear actually.”
     “No, I can’t.” Jurina shrugged.
     “Well, it’s because these elderly people has nothing left for them in the future. They were just sitting inside their houses, waiting for their death. They lived alone without their relatives. Their children had moved away to the big cities and left them alone in their houses. Most of them will die soon because of age, disease, or other natural causes. It will be such a waste if we let them die just like that. So that’s why we’re targeting them as our prey.”
     “Ah! Sou desu ka!” Jurina then exclaimed. “I understand it now. I thought it was scary and weird at first, but now I can understand it. It’s actually a pretty neat idea.”
     “Yes, it is neat. All the higher-ups has been thinking carefully about this. Not only elderly people, they’re also targeting low-life criminals as our preys. They think those people aren’t worthy to be kept alive for a longer time.”
     Jurina was stunned. “Wow. I’ve never thought of this before. I think Shinoda had never thought about this too. We used to attack random people too, mostly young people, and killed them or sired them without going through some analysis like this. But, oh, I’m still gonna feel bad for attacking elderly people.”
     “Don’t worry, you’re not going to do this forever. After you get promoted to a higher rank, you will get a new job, that is siring people. Hunting for preys is only for the lowest underling. Once you climb up higher, you’ll never have to hunt anymore, unless you want to do it for fun.”
     “Siring people? Hm. I never do that too.”
     “You never? Why?”
     “Not interested.”
     “Tck, here your interest won’t matter anymore. Whether you are interested or not, you’re still gonna have to finish your job.”
     “Tell me, how many people have you sired, Annin?”
     “Not much. Just ten. They are all my underlings now. After you get promoted, you’re going to get an opportunity to sire people and make them your underling.”
     “Do I get to choose who I want to sire?”
     “No. They will choose it for you. They already have a list for it.”
     “Damn. These higher ups are so strict. How do they come up with the list anyway?”
     “Emm… That, I don't really know. But they usually choose young men and women with a strong and healthy body to be your underlings. Fighting skills are not necessary as they can be trained later.”
     Jurina nodded a few times as she tried to process all these stuffs into her brain. The way these higher ups worked. The way Akimoto maintained his family clan. The way they choose people who’s going to get killed or sired. It was all beyond her  thoughts and knowledge. And this was actually quite fascinating. It was like learning a new rule to play the same game.
     “There are still many things that you need to learn, Jurina. But for now, we have to complete our mission first tonight. And we’re going to have a company to help us in this.”
     “Oh really? Who?”
     “She’s a friend of mine. A human.”
     “A human?”
     “Why do we need a help from human?”
     Annin squinted her eyes and stared at Jurina once again, looking a bit impatient. “Because apparently, we, vampires cannot enter into a house without a permission. That’s why we need a human friend to sneak into the house and let us enter it.”
     Jurina patted her own forehead and laughed ridiculously. “Oh yeah, right! How could I forget about that!? Haha!”
     Annin just shrugged as she started the car engine and speeding up to their direction.

     “So, Annin, who is this human friend you're talking about?”
     The older vampire was driving her car on a highway. She peeked to the side and the rear mirror before shifting her car to the faster lane. After overtaking a few vehicles, she then went back to the slower lane.
     “She was my senior at high school. She didn't manage to graduate though, cause she had to work to support her family. And now she’s been working with me for two years. She’s very skilled and reliable, and trustworthy too. I like working with her.” Annin explained.
     “Oh, then why don't you sire her and make her become your underling?”
     “Well, first because we for one don't get to choose our underling without permission from the higher-ups. And second, she doesn't want me to sire her. She said she doesn't want to be a vampire like us.”
     “Ah! And yet she’s willing to work with us? Why?”
     “She has her reason.”
     “Which is?”
     “Money. Her little brother has a cancer and is staying at the hospital now.”
     “Oh. That’s unfortunate.”
     “Yeah.” Annin nodded.

     Fifteen minutes later, they reached a quiet neighborhood.
     “Here we are. We’re going to meet her here.”
     They parked their car near a park, and then got out from the car and stood in the park while watching their surroundings.
     “Ah, there she is!” Annin waved at someone.
     A girl with a long hair and bright eyes came approaching them, and Jurina found herself staring at a familiar face. She tried to remember who she was and where she had met this girl, but nothing came into her mind.
     “Konbanwa!” the girl greeted them.
     “Konbanwa!” Jurina greeted back while kept on staring at the girl’s face.
     “Annin, where is Kawaei and Renacchi? They aren't coming with us tonight? And wow, you bring a new apprentice here!” said the girl cheerfully as she flashed out a bright, playful smile at Jurina. And she looked quite charming, smiling like that.
     “No they aren't coming. And yes she is our new apprentice. Jurina, go introduce yourself.”
     Jurina was still startled. “Oh, hi! I’m Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you.”
     “Hi, I’m Wakafuru Airi. I’m specialized in picklocking, breaking and entering, and also exiting and escaping. Nice to meet you too, Jurina-chan, can I call you that? And you can call me Airin.” She flashed her smile again, and her eyes were radiating brightly. Her cheerfulness would make you wonder if she really had a family problem and a sick brother staying in hospital. Her personality didn't seem to suit those with an unfortunate fate at all.
     “W-wait! You said your name was Airi!? You are Airi? I mean, you’re that Airi?” Jurina questioned her, seemingly in a shock.
     “Mmm… Yeah, last time I checked, that was still my name. Why?” the girl asked curiously.
     Jurina was bedazzled. She remembered it now, where and when she had met with this girl before. It was more than a hundred years ago. That was the last time she met this girl. And now, Jurina couldn't help but feel so shocked to see this girl, alive and kicking in front of her.

     “Hey! Why are you looking at me like that?” the girl asked again with a ridiculous look on her face.
     “.....N-no...I’m not-”
     “Oh, maybe you mistake me for someone else. There are many other Airi here in this town, and with different surnames,” the girl said chuckling.
     “......” Jurina was bedazzled once again. Yes, there might be a lot of other Airi here, and out there. But the striking resemblance between this girl and the one that Jurina had met in her past life, 150 years ago, was undeniable. They really looked like the same person, except that this present-Airi acted more cheerful than the past-Airi.
     “Jurina! Oi! Earth to Jurina!” Annin clapped her hands in front of the dumbstruck, frozen vampire.
     “Sorry!” Jurina then said as she finally recovered from her shock. “It seems I have mistaken you for someone else.”
     “Yeah, that must be it. You look as if you’re seeing a ghost just now.” Annin said and stared at Jurina, also with a ridiculous look on her face.
     Jurina didn't answer. She just took a deep breath to calm herself.
     “Now let’s go. It's getting late now.” Annin said as she dragged her friends to her car.
     The girl, Airi, then sat on the passenger seat behind Jurina.
     “Hey, you changed your car?” asked Airi as she plopped herself on the seat.
     “Nope. I just modified it a little,” replied Annin as she started the engine and began to drive.
     Airi seemed to be enjoying herself there as she then took out a gum from her pocket and put it inside her mouth. Soon she was indulged in her gum candy, chewing it and popping it after shaping it into balloons several times.
     “So how many houses we’ll be breaking and entering tonight?”
     “Five.” Annin said.
     “Ooookay! I’m geared up! Let’s roll, girls!” Airin voiced out loudly.
     While Jurina just keep staring and stealing glance at Airi through the rear mirror. She still couldn't believe she just met this girl again. What a coincidence! And of course, the girl she just met right now is not the same as the Airi who lived 150 years ago. The Furukawa Airi who had sacrificed her life in order to accomplish her mission, killing Matsui Rena’s father. Sadly, Airi failed in her mission and she must paid it with a very high price: her life. That was what Jurina heard about her.
     And now, for the first time ever in the past few years, Jurina was struck by this strange, warm feeling. A nostalgic feeling. Seeing Airi revived and alive now, it brought a lot of good old memories into Jurina’s mind again. Airi was a close friend of Akane in the past, being born and raised in two neighboring villages of ninja clans. So if Airi is here, does this mean Akane is also here in this town? Jurina couldn't help but wonder.
     Once again, she stole a glance at Airi through the rear mirror. The girl just looked charming and beautiful as ever.

     Oh Rena-chan, just wait until you see this girl!
     We finally found her!
     The girl in your vision!
     The girl in the dungeon!



Somewhere in another city.

     A beautiful woman was walking alone on a quiet street, in a middle of the night. Her face was hidden behind her bang and the high collar of her trench coat. She was walking silently and slowly, and her eyes wandered around searching for a prey. She’s hungry for a fresh blood tonight.
     There was a tall, young man walked from the opposite direction, coming towards her. And she paused for a moment, thinking whether she would follow this man and make him to be her target or not. The blood of a young human was actually the best. It tasted more delicious than any other age. She was really tempted to follow this man and feed on him. However, she then chose not to. This man had a bigger built than average people, and she didn't want to take a risk. If she assault him, he would probably assault her back and hurt her instead. Even with her psychic power, she was still unsure whether she could defeat this man in a close fight.
     The woman continued walking until she reached another section of the roads. There was a park nearby, and she saw a homeless person sleeping on a bench. She stopped for a moment and stared at this homeless person. And she was hesitating again. The homeless person was a filthy-looking old man, and he looked messy and tired. And he also smelled bad, he probably hadn't been washing himself for days.
     The woman was hesitating again. But then after thinking for a moment, she decided to feed on him. She had no choice. Feeding on this homeless person was the safest way for her to get a fresh human blood.
     Slowly, she bent down over the old man. She was about to planted her fangs into his neck, but this old man stirred and woke up suddenly. Upon realizing he was being attacked by a vampire, he then quickly pushed the woman away. The woman then had no choice other than using her psychic power on him. She stared into his eyes, hypnotizing him.
     Few seconds later, the old man fell to the ground. His eyes were opened wide but his stare was void. His expression showed an utter pain and horror. And he didn't even scream. Maybe the pain was too unbearable for him that he just broke down and lost his mind immediately.
     The woman, Umeda Ayaka, then bent over again, kneeling down besides the man. She planted her fangs on his neck and began to suck his blood.
     Eww!! Gross!!
     Umeda almost spat the blood out when she first tasted it. The blood smelled stinky, and it tasted like a rotten water. Just what she had expected from an old, homeless man.
     Nevertheless, Umeda continued draining his blood until there’s nothing left in his body. The homeless person soon died silently in her arms. With nobody knowing, and nobody watching.
     This homeless person probably had no friend or family in his life. Thus no one would look for him when he died. He was just a nobody. And tomorrow, when people found his body, they would send his corpse immediately to the morgue, without  even bothering to investigate who had killed him. A lot of homeless persons died on the streets nowadays, and no one cared about them. It’s sad, yes. But it’s true.
     After killing the homeless person, Umeda then left the park and continued walking. Her face was showing a disgusted look. The blood of an old, homeless person was never her favourite.  It tasted sour and bitter. And it was not the first time for her to feed on a homeless person. She had been doing it for quite a while now. It was the only way for her to survive. And at a moment like this, she started thinking about her plan. Her revenge plan towards those hunter girls, especially the girl who had killed his fiancé, Sae, and his lord, Shinoda.

Kashiwagi Yuki, just wait until I get to you.
One way or another, I will get to you.
One day, maybe next week, I will go past your house and come at you again, with another plan.
One way or another, I'm gonna get you, and I'm gonna beat you, and I’m gonna crush your life.
I'm gonna make you cry and beg for my forgiveness.
You will cry and beg in front of me.
And you will die, slowly and painfully.

That police officer though.
I kinda like her a bit.
She was nice to me before.
She even let me stay with her for couple of weeks.
I was planning to sire her and make her be my underling.
Too bad she didn't trust me anymore.
But her blood…. It tasted so sweet.
I want to taste it again someday.
Yes, I want to meet her again.

But as for now, I have to find another plan for my revenge.
I have to make Yuki pay for what she did to me and my family.
And I can't do this alone.
I need accomplices.
Megumi is quite good actually, she’s a very talented witch.
But just like me, she’s also weak in physical fight.
I need someone else.
Someone who’s stronger and smarter than me.

Rena. Jurina. Where are they hiding?
Megumi said they were still alive, hiding somewhere.
Just like me, they also survived and managed to escape from the battle last year.
And now I need to find them first.
I need them next to me.
Rena is strong. She will protect me.
Jurina is quite smart too. She’s our little trickster.
I really need to find them.
But where, and how?
Where should I start searching for them?

Umeda Ayaka continued walking down the street with that thoughts inside her mind. Indeed, she had been missing her sisters so much lately, after being separated for almost a year. And now she must search and look for her sisters again, and reunite with them. That would help her a lot to carry out her revenge plan.



Oh my god……
I finally make Airin appear again in this present time!! And her role is still as intriguing as ever!!
#currently squeeling and spazzing over my own fic#

Honestly, I think Airin’s appearance here is kinda rushed, don't you think? I was planning to put her in Chapter 40 or so. But then I decide to make her appearance sooner because, well, I really really want to see Airin again in my fic, but unfortunately I’m afraid I won't be able to continue this fix again for the longest time. I’m going to be discharged from the hospital within 2 or 3 weeks. That's why I'm rushing Airin's appearance here.

And so now after Airin entering the picture, what pairing would you like to have? Should I keep this a WMatsui and Furuyanagi? Or should I change this into JuriChuri and RenaAirin like I did in the past chapter (flashback chapter)?

Or should I make this JuriAnnin? How about JuriMayu? I’m also thinking about JuriYuria, JuriKanon, JuriMilky, and JuriRyouha.

I’m confused. Too many interesting pairings for Jurina, I can't choose! Goddammit, JuriHarem!  :lol:

And I swear I’m not going to kill Airin (and Akane) again this time! I promise!  :lol:

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So many Jurina ships... So many possibilities. XD

I'd like to see Jurina flirt with Annin or even tease Mayu to anger Yuki. lol

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@ Ruka Kikuchi:
I think Jurina will anger everyone, including Yuki, Kumi (Takumi), Sayanee,  and Nagisa. :lol:

I already made a hint of JuriRyouha in Chapter 9 Part 4.
A small hint of JuriYuria was given in Chapter 9 Part 7 and Chapter 10 Part 3.
A hint of JuriMilky was given in the “Character Biography for Season 2”. There I described Milky as “a schemer and will make a conspiracy with Jurina against Nishishi.”

On a side note, Milky and Yuria here are vampires. They’re both Takumi’s cousins. While Ryouha here is a human. She will be paired with Nagisa (a shapeshifter), but I think we can let Jurina flirts with Ryouha for a while.

We see Jurina has a lot of possible pairings, thanks to her image as the crown prince in the group.

I also see there are fanfic for JuriSaku around here. But please don't ask a JuriSaku from me, because Sakura is only for Haruppi. And Sakura is kinda like MaYuki’s daughter here in this fic. Better go for JuriMayu than JuriSaku, right? :lol:

As for JuriMayu, I have mentioned it very clearly in HvsV Season 3 (The Street Lawyer Watanabe), that Mayu indeed had let Jurina kissed her a few times in this Season 2. They had kissed behind Yuki’s back, and that makes Yuki become jealous and angry.

Now this will be the very last update from me in this thread. Just like I said, I will be discharged from the hospital within 2-3 weeks. And I still want to write 1 or 2 chapters for Street Lawyer Watanabe, before I go to a long hiatus again.



     In one fine evening, Sasshi was driving her car in a suburban area in Shizuoka with her fellow Team Butt members.
     “Ah, that’s the building! Slow it down, Sasshi.” Yuki said as they passed near a building on the side of the road.
     Sasshi then hit the brake and stopped her car in front of the building. As it revealed to them, the building was surrounded by a tall gate and tall brick walls. Graffitis and other evidence of vandalism were found on the walls and on the ground.
     “It doesn't look like a fight club at all.” A voice was heard from behind them, coming from a certain little Cyborg in the passenger seat.
     “Yeah. That’s probably why they chose this place to hold an illegal events. Nobody would suspect it is actually an underground fight club.” Sasshi made a remark before shifting her gear and continued driving again. “I need to park my car somewhere else. People will get suspicious if I park here.”
     Sasshi then drove around for a while, until they found a perfect parking spot, hidden behind a large dump truck, several blocks away from the building.

     And what are these girls doing exactly, you ask, in this unfitting place and unseemly hour like this?
     Well, it turned out that Yuki, Sasshi, and Mayu had decided to come and attend the illegal street-fighting event again. For what? To have Yuki join the competition again, of course. After seeing how Yuki managed to beat Acchan in their friendly match last week, Mayu then decided it won’t be a bad idea to make Yuki join the street fighting again, in order to make more money. Mayu figured that if Yuki could beat Acchan, then she could beat basically anyone else.
     When Mayu told her two comrades about her idea, she got different reactions from them. Sasshi, who always gets super excited to see Yuki fights, agreed almost immediately. While Yuki was hesitating at first, due to her traumatic experience after being caught and arrested in a police raid. She only agreed after Mayu assured her that there won't be any problem this time. Mayu said this time Yuki won't be working alone as she will have Mayu and Sasshi to help her. They’re going to plan out everything carefully so that Yuki won't get caught by the police again. And the one who come up with the plan was none other than the geek slash the mechanic slash the tool-guy, Sashihara Rino.

     “Sasshi, please explain to me again, what's our plan now?” Yuki asked Sasshi.
     They already discussed this before, back in the apartment, but Yuki needed Sasshi to explain it one more time before they burst into action tonight.
     Letting out a cough, Sasshi then began her explanation while Yuki and Mayu leaned in forward to listen.
     “Okay, first, you have to install this hidden cameras on the main gate, the front door and the back door, the ceiling, the walls, and other hidden spots. You’re the only one with a ninja skill here and you already know the inside of this building. Just make sure nobody sees you while you’re installing these cameras.”
     “Okay.” Yuki nodded.
     “I will check and access the cameras from my laptop here. If everything is good  then you can proceed to the main event. Here’s your earpieces.” Sasshi gave Yuki and Mayu each a wireless earpiece and a small communication device.
     “I will watch everything from here. Make sure you two always keep an eye on each other, and don't ever reveal your name to a stranger. In case a police raid is coming, I will warn you immediately through this. And you Mayu, your job is to make sure Yuki gets my warning if I give her one. During commotion, I will guide you with the escape route until you manage to get back to this car. So please keep your eyes and ears open at all time.”
     “Alright. Understood.” Yuki said getting ready to leave. The raven girl and the Cyborg girl then got out from the car.
     “Good luck, girls!” Sasshi said with a smile, waving her hands at them.

     Yuki and Mayu stood in front of the main gate. They saw two men who looked like a guard, standing between the gate and the front door.
     “Wait, Yuki, I’m going to distract them first.” Mayu said and then walked toward the guards.
     Yuki saw Mayu talking to those guards in a friendly manner. It seemed they were easily captivated by Mayu’s cute, angelic face and her wide croissant smile. They probably thought Mayu was an idol or something. Mayu and the guards were then indulged in a conversation that only they knew what they were talking about.
     Upon seeing those guards get distracted, Yuki then started climbing up the tall gate and in a matter of seconds she was already on top of the gate. She quickly placed and installed the camera on the spot. The camera was very small and camouflaged so nobody would notice it there. It can be activated and controlled remotely. And it also had a 1-year battery life which means they wouldn't have to replace it for a long time.
     “Sasshi, I’ve installed the camera on the main gate.” Yuki clicked her earpiece and whispered.
     [‘ Okay, give me a minute, I’ll check on it. ’]
     Yuki waited for a moment until Sasshi responded again.
     [‘ Great, I can access it. Good job, Yuki. Now proceed with the next installation. ’]
     Letting out a sigh of relief, Yuki clicked off her earpiece and then started climbing back down. And she did it very gracefully and quietly without making a single sound. Her level of dexterity and nimbleness seemed to match those of acrobatic dancers in a circus club.
     Yuki and Mayu then proceed with their operation, installing the cameras on the front door, back door, ceiling, and other  hidden places. And while Yuki was busy doing the climbing and the installation, Mayu guarded their surrounding to make sure there was nobody around them. And if there was anyone, Mayu would come and talk to them or do something to distract them.
     After the installation was done, Yuki and Mayu then went inside the building.
     “Yuki, wear this first.” Mayu said as she took out a mask and gave it to the older girl. “Better not expose your face while you're fighting up there.”
     “Good idea, Mayu. Thanks.” Yuki took the mask and put it on her face.
     The raven girl herself was cladded in a black leather outfit with red streak on the side, a white belt around her waist, and a red fingerless gloves on her hands. Her jet-black hair was done quite neatly and fell nicely upon her shoulder. Her face was partially covered by her mask and her bang, causing her to look more mysterious and appealing. She really looked like a superhero in a leather suit. Add a winged helmet and an emblem, and voila, you got Black Yukirin as a female version of The Flash.

Black Yukirin with a mask

     Yuki and Mayu then stepped into the main hall. The main event was about to start and the hall had become more crowded now that more people, either fighters or spectators, were arriving to that place. Some of them seemed to be recognizing Yuki, even with that mask on her face.
     “Hey look, is that Black?”
     “Oh yeah, that must be Black! Why she has a mask now?”
     “Eh!? Black has come back!? Really!?”
     “I heard she went in a hiatus after she was caught in the police raid last time.”
     “Black? Who is that? What a weird name.”
     “You don't know her? She’s the one who almost beat Tornado!”
     “This is great! The fights are going to be much more interesting with her!”
     “Right! I’m putting my money on her!”
     “Me too!”
     The chatterings and murmurs continued as people stole glances and stared at Yuki.

     Mayu frowned. “Wow, I didn't know you’re quite popular here, Yuki.”
     “Well, now you know.” Yuki said shrugging.

     “Hey, Yuki-san!” someone called and waved at them from a distance.
     They saw Akira the yankii came at them. He was accompanied by his right hand man, Toru.
     “Yuki-san, you’re back! What a surprise! I thought you won’t be coming here ever again!” exclaimed the yankii leader with a smile. He seemed to be very happy upon seeing Yuki.
     While Yuki just bit her lips and let out a vague smile. “Well, yeah, I guess I’m… back now?”
     Yuki was actually feeling a bit ashamed for having to make a come back to this fight club. It only proved just how much she was desperate for money. In fact, if it weren't for Mayu and Sasshi encouraging her, Yuki wouldn't have come back to this place again.
     “Yuki-san, I’m sorry I couldn't help you escape from the police raid last time.” Akira said resentfully.
     “It’s okay, Akira. It's not your fault. It was my own fault, indeed.” Yuki replied with a nod.
     “But, still, I should've been able to-” Akira’s eyes landed upon a certain Cyborg girl. “Wait, Yuki-san, you bring your little girl here?”
     The Cyborg got offended right away. “Yes, she brings her little girl here. And do you have a problem with that, Akira-kun?” she said menacingly.
     “N-No! Of course not!” the yanki boy recoiled.
     Mayu and Akira then exchanged glare for a moment as they recalled how bad  their interaction was in the past. Back in their old days, Mayu used to be in a constant dispute with these yankis. She used to cheat and trick them and steal their money from them, and Akira used to chase Mayu around and beat her up as a return. That was of course before Yuki came to this town, when Mayu was still a bad girl and a delinquent.
     Upon seeing the tension between Mayu and Akira, Yuki then let out a fake cough and spoke to the yanki.
     “So, Akira, do I need to meet your boss again and register myself here?”
     Akira took his eyes away from Mayu, and his facial expression changed suddenly into a pleasant one as he turned and spoke to Yuki.
     “Just leave it to me, Yuki-san, I’ll register for you. Your stage name is Black, right? Do you want to be a regular or a guest?” Akira asked.
     “Guest.” Mayu replied even before Yuki finished thinking.
     “Guest? Are you sure? You can make more money if you become regular here.” Akira spoke and eyed Mayu.
     “No. Guest.” Mayu repeated, only to receive a more questioning look from Akira.
     “Well, she’s busy.” Mayu then said with a shrug.
     “Okay, wait here. I’ll be back soon.”
     Akira then disappeared into a room.

     After a moment, the yankii leader came back with a piece of paper containing a schedule and a list of contestants for the upcoming fights.
     “Yuki-san, I mean Black-san, your fight will come third. And your opponent tonight will be Daruma. She’s a girl, and also a yankii like me.” Akira said.
     “Okay.” Yuki nodded. “And, what should I do? Should I beat her or not?”
     Asking those questions caused Yuki to earn a frown from Mayu. It’s not like Yuki needs a permission to beat someone, right?
     “Hm, let’s see.” Toru the yankii leader’s right hand man spoke and opened his notes. “Based on my calculation, you have to lose this fight, because-”
     “Wait, wait, wait!” Mayu interrupted. “What do you mean Yuki has to lose!?” she asked glaringly at Toru.
    “Well, uhh, it’s because, uhh…”
     The boy stuttered, and Akira quickly stepped in to help him. “You see, Mayu-chan, we actually have made an agreement with Yuki-san about this before.”
     “Agreement? About what?” Mayu asked in a more demanding tone.
     “Well, Yuki-san agreed to work together with us. She agreed to let us  draw a strategy and decide whether she should win or lose in her matches. We make all the calculation for her. You see, although Yuki-san here is very strong, we cannot make her win all the matches. Because then it will raise suspicion from everyone here.”
     Mayu squinted her eyes, thinking. “Yeah, that actually makes sense. But right now I don't give a damn about it. I want Yuki to win her fight tonight.”
     “No, she can’t. She has to lose this match tonight. Or else people will think she’s-”
     “I don't care what people think! Yuki must win tonight!” Mayu said with a glare.
     “No! She can't!” Akira glared back.
     “Yes, she can! And she will!”
    The Cyborg girl and the yankii boy continued arguing. While Yuki just stood there silently, watching them, and somehow feeling quite amused by their silly confrontation. Even with Yuki being there with them, those two were always at loggerheads on each other.

    “Mmm... Guys, don’t I even have a say in this? I mean, this is my fight, right? Maybe you should let me decide it for myself. Right?”
     The raven girl voiced out behind them.
     Mayu and Akira both snapped their heads at Yuki and spoke glaringly. “No!”
     Yuki was taken aback.
     “Okay then, please continue, and just let me know when you have come up with something that you both can agree on.” She let out a smirk and walked away.
     Yuki thought it was kinda funny actually, to see her girlfriend and her yankii friend arguing like that while the one who’s doing all the heavy lifting was her.

    After Yuki walked away, Mayu then stepped closer to Akira and spoke in a low voice.
     “Listen, dumbass. I want to see Yuki win tonight. Make her win. Or else, I’m going to kick your ass.”
     The yankii boy snickered. “Tck!!! You, Mayu? You’ll kick my ass? Do you remember how many times I've beaten you up in the past? Now you want to kick my ass. Do you think you can do that?” Akira retorted.
     “No, but I can make Yuki kick your ass, dumbass!” Mayu went into a full Nezumi-mode, giving the yankii a death glare. And wearing her signature pink hoodies, Mayu seems to be in her element a lot tonight. Cute face, sly grin, menacing stare, all of it just gave off the aura of a cold-blooded, manipulative little schemer. She's the epitome of a real Machiavellian, indeed.
     Mayu continued her threat, speaking in a low voice. "You know Yuki will do anything for me. She will do anything I ask her to. And that include kicking your ass."
     Mayu’s threat successfully made Akira shuddered and shrank. The yankii boy knew better than making this little mouse angry now. After living together for more than a year, Mayu had become the closest acquaintance for Yuki now. And Akira knew how far Yuki would go to protect Mayu. He still remembered how Yuki had let herself getting beaten by him and his thugs, in order to protect Mayu back then. No one can doubt that Yuki would do basically anything for Mayu. And she would do anything Mayu asked her to. Anything, including kicking Akira’s ass.
     Akira gulped down hard upon imagining himself getting beaten up by the fierce raven girl. He had no choice other than to budge and compromise with Mayu.
     “Okay. Fine. We’ll make her win this time.”
     “Great! Yaaay~~” Mayu’s face was lit up with a smile as she switched back to her cute, happy little-kid mode.
     “Tck… Who needs your permission anyway? Yuki doesn't need permission from anyone to win her fight. This is stupid.” Mayu then murmured.
     Without saying anything, Akira then went to Yuki to inform her about their decision.

     Yuki and Mayu spent the next minutes watching the fights of the other contestants. The first fight ended up with one of them getting a knockout. While the second fight was a very long one where both fighters seemed to be capable to hold their own. After many punches had been thrown and a lot of blood had been spilled, the fight then ended up with a draw. And the arena now had become tainted by the bloodshed from those previous fights.
     “And the next match is, Daruma versus Black!!!” Someone announced loudly, and the rowdy cheers and claps from the audiences followed after.
     As the two fighters stepped into the arena, the audiences began to cheer louder. Some of them cheered for Black, some others cheered for Daruma.
     Yuki/Black clicked on her earpiece and began to observe her opponent. Daruma’s appearance looked pretty tough and intimidating. Everything about her was big. Her big and tall frame easily occupies the air. And when she enters a room, there’s no way one cannot feel her presence. It’s as if her existence is meant to be noticed all the time.
     A voice was heard coming out from Yuki’s earpiece.
     [‘Oh my god, Yuki, your opponent looks really tough!’]
     “Sasshi?” Yuki asked in a whisper. “You can see me?”
     [‘Yes, of course, I can see you very clearly from here. I have two cameras capturing you from nice angles.’]
     Yuki then turned and squinted her eyes at the cameras she had placed earlier, on the four corners in this hall. She didn't expect the cameras to capture her from such a distance. Those walls were quite far from where she's standing right now.
     She then glanced back to the audiences and saw Mayu standing in the front line, shouting and cheering for her.
     “Go Yukiiiii, goooo!!! Kick her ass, Yukiiiii!!!!”
     Many pair of eyes were immediately landed upon the hoodie girl, sending her a questioning look.
     Huh!? What did I do? Oh crap, I forgot!!
     Mayu suddenly realized she just called the wrong name.
     Grinning, Mayu then cheered again, this time using Yuki’s alternate name. “Gooo Black, goooo!!! Kick her ass, Blaaaack!!!!”
     Yuki couldn't help but smiled upon seeing Mayu’s antic. Having Mayu here to see her fight has really lightened up her mood. As long as she has Mayu, she doesn't need anyone else to cheer for her.
     Yuki then focused herself to her opponent again. Earlier, Akira had filled Yuki in with all the necessary information about this female yankii. He said that Onizuka Daruma was very strong as a yankii. When she was still a sophomore in her high school, she already defeated almost all of her seniors. She was also famous for single-handedly defeated all the yankiis from their rival schools. Her signature winning moves was a headbutt. And everyone said Daruma’s headbutt really wasn't a joke. Rumours has it that she had come to Tokyo and defeated all the gals’ leader in Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku, etc., using her infamous headbutts. And the impact of her headbutts was so severe it put one of the gals’ leader into coma for six months. Poor gal, she never recovered again after getting that headbutt. Daruma was tough and dangerous, indeed. She probably could kill her opponent with a single blast. And why does Akira have so much information about this yankii girl anyway? It’s really not important.
     Yuki then stared at Daruma, and Daruma stared back at her. And she was a little surprised when she saw Daruma making a threatening gesture to her. The yankii girl pointed at her own forehead and then slid her index finger on her own throat, sending out two messages: ‘I’mma headbutt you’, and ‘I’mma behead you’. Yuki could only frown upon receiving such a death threat.
     Daruma then closed her eyes and took her fighting stance. She took a deep breath and puffed her chest, putting her arms beside her with elbows turned outwards. It was her signature pose. She was inviting Yuki to attack first.
     So then Yuki went in and swung her fist at Daruma. Daruma caught the fist and made a counter attack. She pulled her head back and was about to give Yuki a headbutt, which Yuki dodged at the last moment. Yuki then sprung her leg and kicked Daruma’s stomach. But it lacks power so it only made Daruma staggered a bit. Upon recovering, Daruma retaliated with another headbutt as a counter-attack. Which Yuki dodged again by shifting herself to the side. However this time Daruma already had a counter-counter-attack. She swung her punch and managed to knock Yuki on the head. Yuki fell down to the ground. And while she was on the ground, Daruma lifted her foot ready to stomp on her. Everyone was holding their breath as they were unable to bear the sight of a girl getting stomped by someone who is almost twice her size. It will be like getting stomped by an elephant. Luckily, as Daruma brought her foot down, Yuki managed to dodge at the last moment as she rolled out of the way and quickly stood up again. The fight between them continued, alternating between attacks and counter-attacks on each other. Both party managed to land a few hits on each other, but failed to inflict serious damage. As the fight become more intense, the audiences cheered louder, chanting their champion’s names.
     And while Yuki was busy fighting, a voice was then heard from Yuki’s earpiece.
     [‘ Yuki, what are you doing? ‘]
     It was Mayu's voice.
     “Sorry?” Yuki whispered back.
     [‘ You’re pulling your punches and your speed’s decreasing a lot. You're not planning to lose this fight, are you? ‘]
     “What? No, of course not. I’m going to win this. Don't worry.” Yuki said while dodging another headbutt from Daruma.
     [‘  And why do you keep playing around with her? You even let her hit you. And you almost let yourself getting stomped on! Dammit Yuki! Stop giving me a heart attack! ‘] Mayu’s voice seemed annoyed.
     “Well, Akira said I need to take some blows before knocking them down, you know, to make the fight look more interesting. And he said I need to give my audiences a heart-attack once in a while, you know, to make their adrenaline rush.” Yuki replied while still busy dodging and blocking Daruma’s attack.
     [‘ Tck! Since when you started listening to a yankii, Yuki? ‘]
     “He’s helping me.”
     [‘ No, he’s just taking advantage of you. You shouldn't listen to him. ‘]
     Yuki frowned. “Oh, don't tell me, you’re jealous?”
     [‘ #Mayu sneered#  Me? Jealous? Over a yankii boy? Haha! No way! ‘]
     Another voice came entering their conversation.
     [‘ What are you guys talking about? ‘]
     [‘ Eh, Sasshi, you’re listening? ‘]
     [‘ Of course, Mayu, I’m listening. Do you forget already that I’m the one who gave you the earpieces? Of course I can listen to you! ‘]
     [‘ Oh, yeah, right! Crap! ‘]
     [‘ Hey, Mayu, tell me again, what’s happening between Yuki and Akira? And why she said you're jealous of him? ‘]
     [‘ Well, it’s a long story, Sasshi, but to make it short-- ‘]
     “Shut up, you two.” Mayu’s words were immediately cut by Yuki. “Shut up and be quiet so I can concentrate to my fight here.” Yuki said raising her voice a bit.
     [‘ Alright, alright, go ahead, Yuki, I mean, Black. Hehe~ #munch#munch# ‘]
     It seemed Sasshi was enjoying herself too much there, sitting in the car, watching Yuki fighting from the camera, while munching on some chips and takoyaki.
     Yuki then focused herself back to her fight. This time, she decided to finish it quickly.
     As Daruma came towards her again, Yuki moved fast and countered her attacks. And she began to land a series of more powerful punches and kicks on Daruma’s body. Her speed and strength increased drastically than before, as if she had been recharged by some unknown force.
     Enraged, Daruma then decided to charge at Yuki with a full speed, like a raging bull. Yuki shifted out of the way causing Daruma to miss and slipped. Yuki didn't waste the opportunity as she then spun around fast and swung her leg, delivering a spinning roundhouse kick right onto Daruma’s head. A loud thwack was heard as the kick landed on the back of Daruma’s head. A second later, Daruma stumbled and fell gracefully to the floor, giving out another loud thud when she fell. The big, fat woman now was lying flat with her face on the ground, barely conscious.
     The audiences were then sent to a frozen state. They were shocked because Yuki had just brought Daruma down with a single kick, and Daruma was almost twice her size! A loud cheers and applauses filled the air while Yuki stood and bowed politely to the audiences. Glancing around, Yuki then let out a flashing smile at the Cyborg girl who was currently staring in awe at her.
     [‘ Damn, that was awesome!! ‘] Sasshi’s voice was heard through the earpiece.
     “Yeah, awesome fight. Did you record it, Sasshi?” Mayu muttered.
     [‘ Oh no. But I will record it next time hehe~ ‘]
     Mayu and Sasshi were pretty much stunned upon seeing this, although they already knew that Yuki is going to win the fight. But what made them more surprised was actually the way how Yuki carried the fight and win it. It was… err, what to say, entertaining?
     And now after watching this fight, Mayu finally figured out the reason why Yuki become popular amongst the audience there. The way she carries her fight, the way she plays around with her opponents, the way she tricks them and fools them into thinking they’re going to win the fight, and the way she delivers the finishing blow, all of them just made the fights become very interesting to see. Not only is Yuki a good fighter, she is also a good performer, a stage fighter, and an entertainer. Mayu and Sasshi had never learned about this side of Yuki before.

     After receiving the money, our three lovely Team Butt members then went home with a pocketful of sunshine in their hearts, and a large amount of cash in their wallet. It seemed things had turned out so much better lately, for the three of them. And hopefully in the future, things will keep on getting better for them.
     And most importantly, after seeing how Yuki fought in the club that night, Mayu decided that she would never, ever give up on her dream. Whatever she’s going to do in the future, she will always work hard and do her best. From this day on, she will always fight for her future, and will not let anything crush her dream. She will go for it and nothing can slow her down. That was a promise Mayu made to herself that night.
     As for Yuki, well, she already had made that promise since a long time ago, that she will always be there for Mayu and support her. Yuki knew she still had so many enemies around her, waiting for the right moment to come and crush her. And Yuki promised to herself, that she would never let them destroy her. Her enemies can do what they want to her, but they’re never gonna break her. And stick and stones are never gonna shake her.
     Mayu and Yuki now have got a pocketful of sunshine. They got love, and they know that it's all theirs. Yes they will face so many obstacles and so many enemies in the future. But as long as they’re together, everything will be fine.
     The sun is on their side, it takes them for a ride. And as they smile up to the sky, they know they’ll be all right.

     And later that night, on their way driving home.
     “Errmm…. Guys…”
     “Can I ask you a favor, please?”
     “Yeah, what is it, Sasshi?”
     Sasshi scolded as she stared at the two passengers who were busy making out in the passenger seat behind her.
     “Oh yeah, sorry, Sasshi, hehe~ But we’re not making out, really. We’re just kissing.” Mayu explained with a grin. Her hands were on Yuki’s body though, roaming underneath Yuki’s black leather shirt.
     “Just kissing, huh? But still, you’re distracting me! I almost run into a red light, you know! Can’t you wait until we get home? Geeeezz!!! And this is my car, for god sake!!”
      "I think maybe next time you should bring Rabutan along, Sasshi.” Yuki said with a smirk as she pulled Mayu closer and continued kissing the girl.
     “Yeah! Whatever!” Sasshi continued grumbling.


Next day in the morning.

     Yokoyama Yui was currently busy working on one of her experiments inside of her working room. The room was very big and it had a lot of large working desks. Each desks was full with electrical and mechanical devices. On one desk, there were a collection of modified weapons and artillery. On the next desk, there were microscopes, beakers, flasks, glasses and tubes, pipettes, forceps and spatulas, thermometers, burners, and all those stuffs you usually find in a laboratory. On another desk, there were computers, gadgets, and other electrical devices. While on the other desk which was located near a bookshelf, there were papers scattered all over.
     Yui herself was cladded in a white lab coat, a pair of hand gloves and a safety goggles. Her eyes were locked on the burner as she was carefully burning something on it. She then examined the small, burned object under her microscope. Wrinkles were seen on her forehead, indicating that her mind was in a deep concentration state.
     After a moment, she pulled away from her microscope and took off her goggles and her gloves. Bead of sweats were running down the side of her face, and  she wiped it with a handkerchief. She then lowered the seat level of her wheelchair, and drove the chair towards the window.
     Taking out a deep breath, she then stared at the view outside the building. There she saw Sayanee and her friends were practicing in the yard. It seemed they’re enjoying their training a lot. And upon watching them, Yui couldn't help but feel a bit envy. It was a sunny day and she would’ve loved to go outside and spend her day with them, walking and playing under the bright sun, were it not for her being a vampire. And here she is now, instead of going outside, Yui found herself locked inside her laboratory, working on her experiments and projects, developing weapons and devices for her army.
     Yui smiled to herself as she repeated that word silently in her mind. Yes, she has an army now. Or even better, friends. Yui never had a close friend before, except Togasaki and Fukumoto Aina. Those two were the only friends Yui had, before she met Sayanee and Haruppi. There’s also Yamada Nana who had been working as a medical and research scientist for Yui. But now, Yamada is currently spending her time abroad in a pursuit to gain knowledge of biomedical and cybernetic engineering. Yamada wanted to make a bionic legs for Yui, but building one for a vampire turned out to be much more complicated than for a human.
     While Fukumoto still lived in Kyoto with Yui, but she stayed in a house near Yui’s breeding farm. In that farm, Yui raised a hundreds of cattles, cows, horses, pigs, goats, lambs, rabbits, chickens, and such. And Fukumoto managed thar farm for Yui. Yui had been loving animal since she was a kid. And being a vampire, it was actually very advantageous for her to have a breeding farm like that. Yui didn't need to go out hunting animals to supply her need of fresh blood. Every week, Fukumoto will pay a visit to her mansion and bring blood supply for Yui. That was how Yui managed to keep survive until now. She doesn't drink human’s blood anymore, and only relies to animal’s blood, which comes from her own breeding farm.
     Yui was grateful for having those three people in her life. Yes, they were good friends for her. They were loyal to Yui just as Yui was loyal to them. But she never thought of them more than that. She never shared or revealed her deepest feeling to them. And thus, despite having them, Yui still felt lacking of something. A soulmate? A true friend? Or a romance, maybe? Yui didn't know what she’s looking for, but after meeting Sayanee, she did feel a bit of attraction towards the werewolf girl. Although she had told Sayanee earlier, that she herself didn't know whether they could trust each other or not, and that they only helped each other out because they had a common enemy. However, deep inside her heart, Yui was secretly hoping Sayanee could trust her and willing  to be her friend.

     Letting out another sigh, Yui then stared into the courtyard again, watching the girl practicing. At that time, the girls were taking their turns, transforming themselves and shapeshifting into werewolves and other creatures.
     Sayanee and her Osaka-based friends were werewolves. While Haruppi and her Hakata-based friends were shapeshifters. And now, down in the courtyard, the girls were demonstrating their abilities in their true form.
     Haruppi took the first turn. She stepped to the middle of the courtyard and slowly took off her clothes. A second later, she already transformed herself into an eagle, and flew high above the mansion and then disappeared into the wood. After a few minutes, she came back with a snake in her mouth and she landed herself on the courtyard again. Haruppi then transformed back into a human form, and quickly put on her clothes again. After that, others followed suit, transforming themselves into their true forms and demonstrating their abilities. Some of Haruppi’s friends were eagles just like her, some others were tanuki (raccoon dog), kitsune (fox), and neko (cat).
     After Haruppi and her friends finished, it’s become Sayanee’s turns. Sayanee stepped to the middle, and just like  Haruppi, she also removed her clothes  and left them on the ground before getting into her transformation phase.
     Actually there’s nothing unusual with that scene. When a werewolf or a shapeshifter intentionally transforms themselves, they will remove their clothes first so that it can stay intact and they can wear it again after they transform back into a human form.
     However, upon seeing Sayanee’s transformation, Yui felt her heart skipped a beat and her cheeks felt kinda hot. She was blushing. And she ask herself why. Why is she blushing upon seeing Sayanee transforming? Or maybe, it’s not because of the transformation. Yui realized she was blushing because of Sayanee’s nakedness. Oh my god. Yui quickly brushed the thought off her mind and scolded herself.
     Focus, Yui, focus! You’re not supposed to think of her in that way!
     She then forced herself to calm and to take a look once again at their training. The view of Sayanee as a black-furred werewolf was magnificent and delightful to see. Sayanee already had a quite athletic body in a human form. And she must be much stronger and more powerful in that werewolf form. Yui couldn't help but feel a bit of excitement upon thinking about it. She did have a very powerful army here.
     Yui continued watching until Sayanee transformed back into a human form. And this time, she managed to grab hold of herself and not spazzing over Sayanee’s nakedness. Instead, she just stared and observed as Sayanee put on her clothes again. After that, Sayanee’s friends took their turns. One by one, they transformed themselves into werewolves and then back into a human form.
     Upon watching them, an idea suddenly came crossing into Yui’s mind. A special clothes. Designed and built for a werewolf, in order to help them dealing with their nakedness during the transformation. Maybe she could make that clothes using a certain material that can shrink and spread easily to cover their bodies. Something like that.
     Yui then smiled and quickly pulled out her notebook and wrote down her idea. She made a note to explore this idea more, later on. And then, after finishing her notes, she removed her lab coat and drove her wheelchair to the elevator.

     Downstair, Yui saw Sayanee, Haruppi and their friends entered the house. It was time for lunch.
     “Aaah! I’m so hungry!” Sayanee’s little sister who goes by the name of Kimoto Kanon, said loudly while throwing her arms open wide as she skipped her way into the house.
     Sayanee smiled at her little sister.
     “We all are! A werewolf transformation takes a lot of energy, really.”
     “But Kanon-chan eats a lot, more than any of us!” spoke Jonishi Kei, one of Sayanee’s best friend.
     “Hey, it’s because I’m still in the growing phase! I’m fifteen, remember!” Kanon retorted.
     “Yeah right.” Sayanee sneered. “Fifteen, and you still often forget the date of your own period. Pfffffft….” She let out a stifled laugh.
     “Hey, don't say that aloud, Neechan!” Kanon whined. But too late. Her friends already heard it.
     “What!? Hahahaha! Non-chan, how could you forget your own period date! Hahaha!” Shiroma Miri burst out in a laughter.
     “Non-chan, you should just make a note!” Yagira Fuko spoke.
     “Ah, Non-chan is still so pure and innocent. She hasn't really reached her puberty.” Ogasawara Mayu wondered.
     Kodama Haruka, or Haruppi, then entered their conversation, “Is Kanon-chan the youngest here?”
     Sayanee turned at Haruppi and replied. “Yes, she’s the youngest. She had her fifteen birthday last month. I’m eighteen, turning nineteen in three months. Most of us are around eighteen to twenty.”
     “Oh, I’m also the same with Kanon-chan. I’m fifteen. All my friends here are around fifteen. The oldest one is Nagisa-chan, she’s sixteen.” Haruppi said as she poked at her friend, Shibuya Nagisa, who was standing beside her.
     Nagisa nodded. “Yes, I’m sixteen.”
     “Hm, you and your friends are still so young, compared to us.” Sayanee said to Haruppi.
     “But you and your friends are apparently much stronger than us.” Haruppi said.
     “Yes.” Sayanee nodded. “But it’s because we’re werewolves. You, on the other hand, are very unique. I have never met a shapeshifter who could transform themselves into many kinds of animals. Your ability is very interesting.”
     “Yeah, thank you.”

     “Lunch is ready. Come on everyone.” Yui then come and led them to the dining room.
     It was a very large dining room, with a long, large tables and a lot of chairs. Everyone then took their plates and filled them with meals and dishes from the buffet. And soon the room was filled with the sound of spoon and fork clashing against the plate as everyone indulged in their meals. It was almost like a feast for them.
     And everytime they have meal, three times a day, Yui will have to ask her servants to slaughter a cow or a pig in order to serve the meal. Indeed, serving a meal for a pack of werewolves and shapeshifters is not an easy task. They surely eats a lot. And with a lot, they meant A LOT. But of course, Yui doesn't mind about it because she has a breeding farm on her own, which will suffice their need for a very long time.

     Later after their lunch, Yui gathered everyone in the meeting room.
     “Now we're going to discuss our next step, to bring Akimoto Yasushi down.” Yui spoke in a serious tone. “And my strategy here is to use a guerilla war.”
     Everyone let out a frown. “A guerilla war?”
     “Because,” Yui explained, “Akimoto has a very huge army. He is protected by a special group of guards. And they're very tough. He also has several layers for his security. It is impossible to attack him directly. We have to spread and find his weak points.”
     The room went silent as everyone listening.
     “We need to spy on them and gather all information about them. We know despite being a vampire, Akimoto and his troops can walk on a broad daylight. And why is that? We need to find their secret. Akimoto is not a pure blood like me. He doesn't have the ability to walk under the sunlight without getting burned. So there must be something else that makes him able to do that. And we need to find out what it is.”
     Yui then opened her laptop and showed some pictures on the large display.
     “These are his family. He has three sons. Nakanishi, Yagami, and Yamauchi. Nakanishi is his right hand man. He’s probably the one we must fear the most. My informant said he is very strong in combat, and is also very strategic and tactical not only in a combat but also in managing their company. Yagami and Yamaguchi, on the other hand, are still young and inexperienced. They are the weak points in Akimoto's family. They attend a private high school in Nagoya, and I want someone to go there and spy on them.”
     “Spy on them? How? By infiltrating into their troop and be a member?” asked Sayanee.
     “No.” Yui shook her head. “They only accept you as a member after they sire you and turn you into one of them. And I suppose no one here is willing to get sired by them, right?”
     Everyone nodded.
     “I suggest we use another way. A more subtle way. Send someone to attend the high school where Yagami and Yamaguchi attends. From there, she will have to approach them and befriend with them. And that’s how we spy on them.”
     “Good plan.” Sayanee nodded.
     “So who is going to go there for this mission?” asked Yui.
     Everyone was still silent.
     “Well, I think Kanon-chan can be a good candidate for this." Sayanee proposed. She then turned at her little sister. “Kanon-chan, what do you think?”
     “Huh!?” the cute little werewolf was seen to be daydreaming at the moment, staring at  Yagami and Yamauchi’s pictures on the display.
     “Kanon-chan, can you take this mission and be a spy on Yagami and Yamaguchi? You will attend their school and befriend with them.” Sayanee explained.
     Yui also stared at Kanon. “And you will report to us, everything that you find about them.”
     Kanon was seemed to be in daze for a moment, thinking. She glances at Yagami’s and Yamauchi’s pictures again, mostly Yagami, before finally accepting the offer.
     “Okay, I’ll take this mission,” she said with a nod. And once again, she stared at Yagami’s picture on the display.
     “Great. Thank you, Kanon-chan.” Yui said. “But we still need two more to come with her. We can't let her stay alone in Nagoya without protection. I need one werewolf and one shapeshifter. So who’s going to come with Kanon-chan?”
     “I’ll go.” Ogasawara Mayu offered herself.
     “Okay, thank you, Maachun. Now for the shapeshifter….”
     “Should I go?” Haruppi asked, raising her arm.
     “No, you can't, Haruppi. You’re the leader of your pack here, as well as Sayanee. So you have much more important task to do than being a spy. Anyone?” asked Yui.
     “I’ll go then.” Shibuya Nagisa raised her arm.
     “Great. Now it’s decided. Kanon, Maachun, and Nagisa, we’re going to discuss more about this, after this meeting. And Sayanee and Haruppi should come too.”
     Sayanee and Haruppi nodded.
     “Now into the next stuff. I have made a new weapon for you…..blablabla… blablabla...”

     And so the meeting goes with Yui continues with her explanation about the weapon and stuff.

     After they finished their meeting, Yui then gathered five people (Sayanee, Haruppi, Kanon, Maachun, and Nagisa) in her room in order to discuss further about their espionage plan.
     It was decided that the three girls would be heading to Nagoya next week and enrolled themselves in Sakae High School. Maachun would attend the same class with Yagami. While Kanon and Nagisa would attend the same class as Yamauchi. Their job is to make friends with Yagami and Yamauchi, and to find anything they need to know about them. Kanon, Maachun, and Nagisa were seemed to be very excited upon being given this intriguing task. They couldn't wait to go to Nagoya to meet with those vampire family.


     Meanwhile in Nagoya.

     Eguchi was having a meeting with the members of her research teams. They were discussing the progress of their researches.
     “Fujisawa-san, how many articles are we going to publish next month?” Eguchi asked one of her assistants.
     “We have eight articles. Here are the titles.” Fujisawa answered as he clicked a slide on the large display.
     On the display, some texts were shown.

1. The effect of dental surgery on vampire teeth.
2. A comparative study of psychological behavior of the newly born vampires.
3. Experimental study on the creation of artificial vampire using genetic engineering: study case on Salt Project.
4. Study of hybrids: where they are hiding and what are their natures.
5. The design and implementation of bionic arms for vampire.
6. Finding equilibrium state of human and vampire in the new world order: A simulation for the next millennium.
7. Improvement of sunlight antidote using bacterial enzymes.
8. Study of the effect of sunlight antidote on a vampire with a case of congenital insensitivity to pain: A study case on Matsui Rena.

     All those papers/articles will be published in a journal. And of course, it’s not an ordinary journal. It’s a top secret journal that was only published amongst their secret society. The journal was titled “Journal of Vampirology”, and it was issued quarterly. All researchers around the world who are working is invited to write and publish their papers there. And their results had been making a big influence in the research and development related to the vampires and supernatural creatures all around the world.

     Eguchi studied all the eight titles on the display before making a remark.
     “Mmm… Looks good. But I still have my doubts with the last title.” Eguchi said. “As you know we still haven't come out with a significant progress with Matsui Rena. And yesterday, Nakanishi come and discussed this matter with me. He gave us another three more months to work on Rena. And if we still can't come out of with a solution for Rena’s case, then we will have to discharge her from this facility. We need to find something for her. And we need it fast. So, any idea?”
     Everyone in the room started talking and chattering amongst themselves, as each of them has different opinion on how they’re going to deal with Rena’s case. Their goal was to create a variance of the sunlight antidote for Rena in order to make her able to walk under the sunlight without getting burned. Unfortunately, all their attempts so far had failed.
     “Quiet!” Eguchi spoke.
     The room fell silent immediately.
     “Now I need to hear your opinions.”
     One of the researchers raised her arm and spoke. “Mmm… How about making her a super vampire?”
     “Super vampire?”
     “Yes, super vampire. I don't know the exact term. Maybe like, alpha vampire? Cybernetic vampire? Cyborg vampire? You know, a vampire with an enhanced strength, speed, and other abilities. We know that she has a symptom of insensitivity to pain. We can put it into advantage and make her become much more powerful. Like a super soldier.”
     Eguchi frowned. “That’s a good idea. I’ll make a note of it. Anything else?”
     Another researcher raised his arm. “I think we should work on her memories. We know Matsui Rena had lost all her previous memories from before she was sired by Shinoda Mario. I don’t know if this is a case of Alzheimer's or not. I think we should investigate this and try to retrieve her long lost memories.”
     “Great. Interesting idea.” Eguchi nodded as she took a note of that.
     “Okay, enough about Matsui. Now onto the issue. Project number 48: Salt Project. Matsuyama san, please explain her latest condition.”
     The researcher named Matsuyama then stood up and walked around the table to give out a printed slide containing a detailed explanation about the said project.
     Salt Project is currently on the top of their priority list. It is a project to create a vampire without using the conventional method (which is, having a vampire to sire a human). These researches wanted to create an artificial vampire using genetical engineering approach instead. The research on this area has become a very hot topic for years, amongst the researchers in their secret society. And no other researcher in this world has ever come up with a success in this area. May experiments had been done with many different subjects, but all the subjects died and perished at one point somewhere during the experiments. Shimazaki Haruka is the first subject that had managed to keep the highest record of survival, being able to stay alive for this longest time, almost four months ever since she was abducted and sent to this facility. And due to the gravity of this project, Akimoto Yasushi had invested a lot of money for Eguchi to continue this research on Salt. Eguchi also had several sources of fund from other research grants regarding Salt. And everybody was very interested to learn about the progress of this research.
     Matsuyama then showed the slides and spoke to the audience.
     “Shimazaki Haruka, or Salt, has passed the fourth stage and now she needs to pass the fifth stage, or the final stage to become a fully-fledged vampire. Her body is currently adapting to the change. Her cellular regeneration has reached the same level with vampires in general. Her cellular growth has been almost stopped, meaning she’s aging very slowly. She also had developed a symptom of allergy to holy water, garlic, and silver weapon, just like any ordinary vampire.”
     “How about her bloodlust? Any sign of her craving for human blood?” one of the researchers asked.
     Matsuyama paused and bit his lips, thinking for a moment. “About that, we actually still don't know if she has developed a sign of bloodlust or not. We can only wait until she wakes up from her tube, in order to check her bloodlust.”
     “And how much longer do you think she can make for the final stage?”
     Matsuyama answered while clicking on the next slides. “Well, she’s now in a dormant state, and stabilized. It may take one or two more months before she wakes up in a new state, and then we can get her out from the tube.”
     Eguchi clapped her hand and nodded. “Good job, Matsuyama san. We will continue working on this. Now I’m concern about her bloodlust. And I have several more ideas to talk about this. Meet me in my room after this meeting.”
     “Haik!” Matsuyama said and then continued with his presentation.
     After he finished, another researcher went and explained their researches. Everyone in that room had their own research and they all were more than eager to present the progress of their research in front of their colleagues.
     Most of these researchers were human, including Eguchi, Fujisawa, and Matsuyama. And the reason why they decided to work for vampires, no one knows. Maybe they had an ulterior motive. Maybe they were doing it for the money and the high salary that was offered to them. Maybe they were doing merely for an academic interest. Maybe they were doing it for fame. Or maybe, they were just plain evil. No one really knows.



     Takamina was walking near the cemetery, heading towards her apartment. She had just finished her work in her office that day, and she felt a bit tired and wanted to go home immediately.
     However, when she passed by the cemetery she noticed something unfamiliar happened. There, in front of the cemetery, she saw a large crane knocking down the sections of the wall of Shinoda’s mansion.
     Oh my god, they’re destroying Shinoda’s mansion! Who are they?
     Takamina approached the mansion and took a closer look. She then read a sign board placed on the gate in front of the mansion. The text on the board spelled, ‘Property of Akimoto Yasushi.’
     The midget frowned. She felt as if she had heard that name before, but she failed to recall where she had heard it from. She then approached one of the construction workers.
     “Excuse me, can I ask you something?”
     “Do you know the owner of this property? And do you know what he’s going to build here, to replace the old building?”
     The worker turned to Takamina and replied. “Oh. Akimoto Yasushi? He’s a rich man from Tokyo. I heard he’s going to build a huge retail store here, probably the biggest in this town. They will hold an official meeting and an open house with the citizen, next week. You should come to the event if you feel interested.” The worker said as he gave Takamina a brochure containing the detail of the date and the venue of the said events. It was written that Nakanishi Yutaka, the son and representative of Akimoto Yasushi, will be the one who holds the even and speaks to the public. Takamina couldn't help but feel curious about this.
     The midget then pulled out her phone and dialed a number, and then spoke to her phone.
     “Acchan, you need to come now and see this. Someone’s destroying Shinoda’s mansion.”




Now that is my last update.
And let's see if I can update the other fic with the remaining time I have.
I hope I can write at least 2 chapters for that fic.

See you again later.
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These are more trailers.
As you see, I already have 60 trailers here. But I only manage to make actual appearance of 2 trailers, so far. Other trailers must wait, and they will appear somewhere in the future, and far in between.


TRAILERS PART 6: #51 - #60

Now let's catch a glimpse on how Jurina will flirt with everyone :lol:


Jurina comes at Mayu after school, in a broad daylight. She’s using the sunlight antidote so that she can walk under the sunlight.

Jurina : ”Hey, Mayu!”  # jumps and hugs Mayu#
Mayu  : “Yaaaaaaah!!! Go away!!” #screams and tries to push Jurina away#
Jurina : “Ouch! Don't be so rude, Mayu! I’m not here to bite you!”
Mayu  : “What do you want then?”
Jurina : “I want to play a game.”
Mayu  : “Not interested.”
Jurina : “I will give you fifty thousand yen if you win.”
Mayu  : “Okay, let’s play! What game?”
Jurina : “Chess.” # takes out a chess board and starts placing all the pawns#
Mayu  : “Alright. Come on, let's play. Eh! But I don't have any money! What if I lose in this game?”
Jurina : “Well, if you lose, you just have to let me kiss you. And don't worry, I promise I won't bite you.”
Mayu  : What? Kissing? No, I can't do that. Yuki will get mad if she knows I'm kissing Jurina. But… but the money, it's so tempting. What should I do?
Jurina : “So, what do you think, Mayu? Still wanna play?”
Mayu  : “O-okay. Let's play.”

A moment later, Mayu lost.
Jurina : “Yaaaaay!! I win!”
Mayu  : Damn, I lost! Now Jurina is going to kiss me. Hufff!! I guess there's nothing I can do about it. It’s okay Mayu, it's just a kiss. At least I don't lose my money to her.
Jurina : # leans in and starts kissing Mayu#
Mayu  : Oh my god! She’s really a good kisser! # blushes and mentally facepalms herself #
Jurina : # still kissing Mayu passionately#
Mayu  : Oh boy! What am I thinking!? Huffff! I better not tell Yuki about this. # continues kissing Jurina #



Jurina pay a visit to Akane in her dental clinic. (A/N: Remember, Akane here is a dentist.)

Jurina : “Good evening, Akane!”  # smiles sweetly and gives a bouquet of flower to Akane #
Akane : “Good evening, Jurina! You're so sweet, thank you~”  #takes the bouquet and put them on a table#
Jurina : #smiling# “You’re welcome, Akane.”
Akane : “So, Jurina, why are you coming here? Do you have any crook teeth again?”
Jurina : “Err...No, I just want to visit you, and maybe, we can talk if you’re not busy. And after you finish working, I want to walk you home, Akane. You know it’s dangerous for a beautiful lady like you to walk alone in this late at night.”
Akane : “Oww! Thank you, Jurina! Come on in. You can wait in my room.”

Jurina enters the room. The two then sit and start chatting. Not long after, they hear a sound of bell ringing. They have a visitor.

Akane : “Oh that must be my patient! Atsuko Maeda.”
Jurina : “Who!?”
Akane : “Atsuko Maeda. She’s been visiting me regularly to fix her teeth. She's a vampire, but don't worry, she's a good person. You can wait here while I-”
Jurina : “Atsuko Maeda!? Oh man, I gotta hide!” #starts crawling under a desk to hide herself#
Akane : “Jurina, I’ve told you, she's a good person. You don't have to hide.”
Jurina : “No! I have to hide! I have to hide! I can't let her see me!”
Akane : #confused# “Alright then. Just stay here quietly while I’m tending her, okay?”
Jurina : “Okay.”

Acchan enters the room and has a discussion with Akane regarding her teeth/fangs. Acchan then sits on the hydraulic chair and Akane begins to examine her teeth. And all the while, Jurina keeps hiding under the desk, trying to hide herself from her older sister.



Milky   : “Hey, Jurina, come here, I want to talk to you.”
Jurina : #comes closer# “Talk about what, Miyuki-san?”
Milky   : “I heard you talking to our Big Daddy about Nishishi. You’re scheming something. What are you planning, Jurina?”
Jurina : “No. I’m not planning anything.”
Milky  : “Liar. I found this. #throws something at Jurina#  You can't deny it anymore. You’re planning something to frame Nishishi. You really want to make Akimoto thinks bad about Nishishi, right?”
Jurina : #sighs# “I guess I can't deny it anymore.”
Milky  : “You scum. Get out of this house and leave this city before I tell everyone about you.”
Jurina : “Oh, is that a threat, Miyuki-san?”
Milky  : “Yes. This is a threat. You have to leave now and don't ever come back to this city again.”
Jurina : “Hm, no, Miyuki. I think you're really not in a position to threaten me. I know I’m not the only despicable person here.”
Milky  : “What do you mean?”
Jurina : “Here. I found this yesterday from inside your bag. #throws something at Miyuki#  This is a solid evidence to prove that you also have a bad intention to this family. You’re planning to turn Takumi against Nishishi, right?”
Milky  : “....”  #gulps#
Jurina : “Now, now, Miyuki, because we now have something in common, why don't we put our dispute aside, and starts working together? How do you think? And let's not try to betray each other. If you dare to betray me, I will bring you down with me. Let's work together, Miyuki. Let’s pull the strings together.”
Milky  : “A-alright, Jurina, let's work together.” #pouts#
Jurina : “Good. Anyway, I’m curious? What is your motive? What drives you to do this?”
Milky  : “Well I… I hate this family. Akimoto did something to my mother. He made her commit suicide. And no one else knows about what he’s done to her, except me.”
Jurina : “Oh, that’s sad. I’m sorry to hear that.”
Milky  : “Yeah. And you, Jurina, what is your motive?”
Jurina : “Me? Oh, I just want to be a lord.”
Milky  : “A lord?”
Jurina : “Yeah, not really a lord. I mean, I just want to be on the top.”



Jurina, Annin, and Airin are in the middle of sneaking into a big house in order to kidnap an old woman. She’s been living alone in that house after her husband died few years ago.

Airin    : # picklocking the window on the roof and then entering the house by hanging onto a rope #
Airin    : “Okay guys, come on in!”
Jurina and Annin follow Airin, also by hanging onto a rope like a field agent going in a mission.
Jurina : “Wow! This is cool! I feel like shooting an action movie right now!” #slides down fast and almost clashes against Annin#
Annin  : “Hey, careful, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Sorry!”
The three of them then land themselves smoothly on the floor.
Airin    : “I will search for the key and wait for you at the front room.”
Annin  : “Jurina, you come with me to the bedroom and help me fetch the granny.”
Jurina : “Okay.”
They go inside the bedroom and find the old granny there.
Granny: “Who are you?”
Annin  : “Hi, Obaachan. Don't worry, we’re not bad people. We just want to take you somewhere. It's a very nice place.”  #smiles at the granny#
Jurina : #glances at the photos on the table beside the bed# “Obaachan, is that your granddaughter? She’s pretty.”
Granny: “Oh, yes, she is. And yes, isn’t she so pretty?”
Jurina : “Very pretty. Can I have her number? What’s her name?”
Jurina : “Ouch!” #rubs her head#
Annin  : “Focus, Jurina!”
Jurina : “Alright, sorry!”
Annin comes closer at the granny and puts a chloroformed handkerchief on her mouth, causing the granny to faint. She then attempts to carry the granny outside.
Annin : “Jurina, help me here- Hey, what are you doing?”
Jurina is staring at the DragonBall figurines collection on the cupboard. She then grabs them all and carries them in her arms.
Annin : “Jurina, what are you doing? Put them back!”
Jurina : “Can I take this? It’s very rare collections of DragonBall Z.”
Annin : #comes at Jurina and smacks her head again# "No! Put them back! We’re only here to fetch the granny. We're not stealing anything from here. Put them back!”
Jurina : “Ouch! Tck! Alright! Alright! I'll put them back! Geeeez!" #rubs her head again#



Takumi : “Jurina!!”  # rushes at Jurina and grabs her collar #
Jurina   : “Takumi-kun… What-” # attempts to let go #
Takumi : “Stay away from Kanon and Yuria. I’m warning you!”
Jurina   : “But-”
Takumi : “I don't like it when you always clinging around them. Stay away from them!”
Jurina   : #smirks#  “You- You want me to stay away from them both?”
Takumi : “Yes.”
Jurina   : “Tck! So greedy! Why don't you just pick one and let me have the other?”
Takumi : “What!?” # pulls Jurina closer and raises his fist, ready to punch her, but then he pulls back #
Takumi : “Tck! If you weren't a girl, I would’ve hit you right now!”

Takumi then pushes Jurina hard against the wall before stomping out from her room.



After Akimoto Yasushi killed Sayaka’s comrades by ordering his men to put a bomb inside their car, Sayaka then goes rogue and turns to the hunter girls.

One day, Sayaka trains Mayu and Sasshi how to fight. She demonstrates to them how to defense and attack using some basic moves in martial arts.

Sayaka : “Here’s the first lesson. When someone attacks you and you cannot run from them, try to fight back by attacking their weakest point. Eyes, nose, neck, knees, and-”
Mayu    : “Boobs?”
Sayaka stares at Mayu, giving the Cyborg girl a ridiculous look.
Mayu    : #grins# “Well, I know someone whose weakest point is their boobs. Hehe~”
Sayaka : #rolling her eyes# “Mayu-chan, you pervert. But yeah you’ve made your point Mayu, although I’ve never heard anyone else mentioning about it before.” #smiles at Mayu#
Sayaka : “Okay, so I will demonstrate how to attack the weakest points that I’ve mentioned.”
Sayaka : “For eyes, try to gouge, poke, scratch, or punch them with your fingers or knuckles. It will blind your opponent for a while and you can take this to your advantage and run from them.”
Sayaka : “As for the nose, use the heel of your palm to strike up under his nose, and put your strength into it to inflict more pain. Sasshi, come here. I will show it to you. Like this.” #asks for Sasshi’s help to demonstrate how to strike a nose#
Sayaka then proceeds demonstrating how to strike neck and knees.
Sayaka : “Those are the parts of the body that are most sensitive when hit. Now here are the parts of the body used most effectively for inflicting damage: your elbows, knees, and head.” # continues with the demonstration #
Mayu    : #stares in awe at Sayaka#  “Wow! Sayaka-neechan is awesome!”
Sayaka : #smiles# “Now how about you two try it yourself? Try to attack me, and try to defend yourself against me. Don’t worry, I will do it slowly and gently.”
Mayu and Sasshi then come to attack Sayaka. And Sayaka counters them in a slow motion so that Mayu and Sasshi can see clearly what she’s doing.
Mayu    : #feeling excited# “Wooah, I never think fighting can be so easy like this!”
Sayaka : #smiles at Mayu and Sasshi# “Well, it’s not easy, but it's not that hard too. Everyone can learn it, including you.”
Mayu    : “Yaaay! Sayaka-neechan, please teach us more!”
Sayaka : #smiles# “Sure, Mayu. But I’m curious though. Did Yuki never teach you about this? I mean, she's a very good fighter. She should've teach you a thing or two on this.”
Mayu and Sasshi seems to be hesitating to answer.
Mayu    : “Errr…. Well, she’s tried to teach us once. But she gave up.”
Sayaka : “Eh!? Why?”
Mayu    : #shrugs# “Err… maybe it’s because either we’re bad students, or she’s not a good teacher. Or both.”
Sayaka : #smiles empathically# “Oh, you’re not bad students for me.”
Sasshi  : “Mayu is right. Yuki always thinks that we are weak and that we won't be able to learn how to fight. And maybe she’s right. Mayu and I are the weakest here.”
Sayaka : # turns at Sasshi and smiles# “That's not true. You two are not weak. Come on, girls, you have to be a bit more confident of yourself.”
The girls continue their training for another hour. After that, Mayu asks Sayaka.
Mayu    : “Neechan, what is your favourite moves? I know Yuki likes to kick a lot. But I rarely see you using your legs while fighting. What is your favorite move then?”
Sayaka : “Oh, mine is a shoulder throw.”
Mayu    : “Wow! Can you show it to us?”
Sayaka : “Okay! Come here Sasshi, let me show- Wait, this is gonna be a bit rough. I can't do this to you. I need another volunteer here.”

At that moment, Yuki happens to pass by them.

Sayaka : “Hey, Yuki!? Can you come here for a second?”
Yuki      : #comes closer# “Yes? What can I help?”
Sayaka : “I need a volunteer. I want to demonstrate something to these girls.”
Yuki      : “Okay.”  #unsuspecting, and letting Sayaka pulls her#
Sayaka : #suddenly lifts Yuki up onto her shoulder and flips her and smashes her onto the ground#
Yuki      : “Ouch!”
Sayaka : “Now that is a shoulder throw. It's one of my most favorite moves.”
Mayu and Sasshi : “Wow! Awesome!”
Yuki      : “Grrrr!” #tries to stand up while clutching onto her behind and glaring at Sayaka#




Sasshi is walking alone in an alley after finishing her works in the auto-mechanic shop. Suddenly Gekikara comes and attacks her. Sasshi then gets beaten up badly by Gekikara.

Gekikara : “Tell me, where is Yuki?” #holds Sasshi’s collar#
Sasshi     : #trembling in fear# “I- I don't know! Please let me go! Please!”
Gekikara : “Don't lie to me! You know where she is. Tell me!!! Tell me where is Yuki!!”
Sasshi     : “I don’t know! I'm telling you the truth. I swear, I don't know where she is!”  #starts crying#
Gekikara : # takes out a pencil and breaks it into two, then threatens to shove it into Sasshi’s nose #
Sasshi    : # trembling and crying even more #  “No… Please stop… Please…”

Suddenly, Yuko appears with a big gun and aims it at Gekikara.

Yuko       : “Put that pencil down and let her go. Yuki’s not here.”
Gekikara : # turns at Yuko # giggles #
Yuko       : “I’m warning you, Gekikara. Put that pencil down, or I’m gonna blow your head off. I’m serious.”
Gekikara : “Where is Yuki?”  #bites her bloody nails#
Yuko       : “I’ve told you. She’s not here. You have to wait until she comes back tomorrow. Now be a good girl, put that pencil down and let Sasshi go!”  # keeps aiming her gun at Gekikara #



Inside her room, Furuhata Nao is packing her stuffs into her backpack. Her companion, Azuma Rion, then comes into her room.

Rion : “Nao, where are you going?”
Nao  : “I’m leaving, Rion.”
Rion : “Where?”
Nao  : “....”  #stares at Rion#
Rion : “You’re going to meet those hunters?”
Nao  : “Yes. And I will stay with them.”
Rion : “What? Nao, you can't be serious, right?”
Nao  : “I’m serious. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. We’re not in the good side. I can't stay with this family anymore.”
Rion : “But- But- Nao, we have swore to stay loyal to our family. You can't betray us, Nao!”
Nao  : “Rion, you know I’m right about this. Akimoto Yasushi is a bad person. He’s the devil here. I can't fight for him anymore.”  #starts to leaves#
Rion : “Nao, please don't go! Please don't leave me!”
Nao  : “So come with me, Rion. Let’s stand and fight for the good side.”
Rion : “..... No, I can't. I’ve made a blood oath to stay loyal to Akimoto. I can't break my oath.”
Nao  : “Okay, then. Bye, Rion!”
Rion : “No, wait! I can't allow you to go!” #blocking Nao’s way#
Nao  : “Rion, step aside.”
Rion : “No.”
Nao  : “For god sake, Rion, I’ve saved you from that werewolf yesterday! Now step aside and let me go.”
Rion : “......”  # confused, not knowing what to do #
Nao  : #eyeing Rion from top to toe#  “Rion, this is the last time I will ask a favor from you as a friend. Please, let me go.”
Rion : “.....”  #slowly steps aside and makes way for Nao#
Nao  : “Thanks, Rion. Goodbye. And see you in the battlefield.”

Rion can only nod and watch as Nao walks away. Her heart aches upon seeing her best friend leaves. They’re friends before, but due to their different ideals, they have to separate their way.



Tomomi    : “Tomochin, we have a serious issue now.”
Tomochin : “What is it?”
Tomomi    : “Takamina and Miichan insist to invite both of us to come to their party next next. It’s a barbeque party on a beach, and on a broad daylight. Takamina wants you to come. And Miichan wants me to come. They insist to come and pick us next week. And they already get very suspicious on us, because we always bail out at the last moment every time they invite us.”
Tomochin : “Hm. Let's runaway and hide from them for a while.”
Tomomi    : “We can't. If we don't come, they said they will change the date for the party, and they will invite us again. They’re really expecting us to come.”
Tomochin : “Hm. We have only one ring.”
Tomomi    : “Yeah.”
Tomochin : “Oh, I have an idea. Let’s steal Acchan’s ring and borrow it. Only for a day, of course. After the party, we can return it again to her.”
Tomomi    : “Wow! Good idea, Tomochin! You’re genius!”  #kisses Tomochin#
Tomochin : “Thank you.”  #kisses Tomomi back#



Jessica Jung has just finished her shower as she steps out from her bathroom. And she’s shocked upon seeing a stranger standing inside her room.

Jessica    : “Who are you? What are you doing here? How do you enter my room?”
Tomochin : #ignoring Jessica’s question# “Jessica Jung, you’re going to have to go with me.”
Jessica    : “What!? No!! I’m gonna call security!!”  # pushes the button on the wall to call the security #
Tomochin : “Go ahead. Call them.”
Jessica    : #stops# “Eh!? It's not working!?”
Tomochin : “Now Jessica, I’m giving you two choice, either you come with me in an easy way, or a hard way. Your call.”
Jessica    : “No! I won't come with you! Get out!”
Tomochin : “Well, I guess it’s the hard way then.” #comes closer#
Jessica    : “Stay away! Don't come near me!” # grabs flower pots and vases and throws them at Tomochin #
Tomochin : #dodging the vases and keeps coming closer#
Jessica    : #starts screaming and throws everything around her at Tomochin, including shoes, sandals, plates, bowls, ornaments, etc.#
Tomochin : #dodging effortlessly and grabs Jessica and punches her hard on her face #
Jessica    : #falls to the floor, knocked out cold#
Tomochin : #digs out her phone# “Tomomi, I’ve knocked her out. Hurry come and pick us up in the front gate.”

Tomochin then puts the unconscious Jessica above her shoulder, and carries her in a fireman’s carry. She then heads to the front gate where Tomomi is waiting for her in the car.


Which trailers do you think is the funniest and most intriguing?
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Here’s more trailers.

TRAILERS PART 7: #61 - #66


     One day, Mayu had an idea to make money fast and legal. Her idea is to open a Hunter Academy, an academy that will teach its students to become a vampire hunter. It will teach the students to hunt and kill not only vampires, but also werewolves, monsters, demons, and other supernatural creatures. The basic lesson is fighting and martial arts, but depends on their interest students can also take extra lesson about witchcraft/sorcery, mechanical stuff, computer hacking, etc. This academy can also teach them how to become a good sidekick, especially for those who are weak in fighting.
     After drawing out the concept, Mayu then makes a flyer about the Hunter Academy and its open recruitment. And she did it without telling Yuki, Takamina, Yuko and others about it.
     And few days later, when our vampire hunters are patrolling and hunting vampires out in the town, a bunch of high school girls suddenly come at them.
Yuiri         : “Excuse me, are you Takahashi Minami, the vampire hunter?”
Takamina : “Yes, I'm Takahashi Minami. Can I help you?”
Yuiri         : #shows a flyer# “We want to join this.”
Takamina : #reads the flyer# “The hunter academy….open recruitment… eh, nani kore!? Who made this flyer!? Yuko!”
Yuko        : “What?”
Takamina : “Did you make this?”
Yuko        : #reads the flyer# “Hm? No, I didn't. What is it? Hunter academy…. Come and join us…. We will teach you how to hunt and slay vampires and supernatural creatures... Wow, this sounds fun, but why are we the teacher!?”
Takamina : #grumbles# “Obviously someone has set this up. Yuki, did you make this?”
Yuki         : “No.”
Takamina : “Sasshi?”
Sasshi     : “Nope. Wasn't me.”
Takamina: “Atsuko?”
Acchan   : #smiles# “Of course not, baby. Why do you think I would do that without telling you first?”
Takamina: “Yeah, you're right. Sorry Atsuko. Hmm...But if it's not us, then who?”
Everybody pauses to think.
Yuiri         : “Actually, we got this flyer from Watanabe Mayu-senpai yesterday.”
Takamina : “Mayu!? Dammit, that kid! I should've known it was her! That little rascal! She's gone way too far now! Grrrr!”
Yuko        : #reads the flyer again# “Wait, Midget, actually this is not a bad idea. Look, there is a registration fee and monthly tuition fee. We can make money from this. Hehe~”
Takamina : #sigh# “But, Yuko, we’re already very busy, I don't think we can handle this. Hey, girl, what's your name?”
Yuiri         : “I'm Murayama Yuiri desu.”
Takamina : “Okay, look, Yuiri-chan, I’m sorry to break the bad news to you, but this announcement is fake. There is no such academy. And we're not recruiting new members.”
Yuiri        : “Eh!? But- but we already paid the registration fee!”
Other girls: “Yes! We already paid it! We even have paid the monthly fees to Mayu-senpai!”
Takamina : “WHAAAAT!!!?? Mayuuu!!! Grrr!!! Where is that brat!?”
It seems Mayu has already runaway with the money she got.
Takamina, Yuko, and others then stare at Yuki, giving the raven girl a death-glare look.
Takamina : "Yuki."
Yuki         : “What? Tck! Alright, alright! I will spank her once she gets home tonight!”
Takamina : “Good! Spank that Cyborg hard, Yuki!”
Yuki         : #rolling eyes# “Yeah, don't worry, I will.”

Yuko         : “So I guess because we don't have any choice, we will just accept you all as our new students. Everyone stand in a line here, and we will put you in the respective teams.”
Yuiri          : “Eh? There's a team?”
Yuko         : “Yes, of course. Team A, Team K, and Team B. Takamina is the leader of Team A. Team K’s leader is me, and Team B is Yuki. Which team would you like to join?”
Yuiri         : “I want to join Team B. Yuki senpai, please teach me.”
Yuki         : #smiles and nods#
Yuko        : “Okay, Yuiri, go to Yuki. And you, what's your name?”
Ryoka      : “I'm Oshima Ryoka desu.”
Yuko        : “Oshima? Oh, we have the same surname. Come to my team, girl!”
Ryoka      : “Haik!”
Takamina : “And you, what's your name?”
Juri          : “I'm Takahashi Juri desu.”
Takamina : “A Takahashi! Come to me then!”
Juri          : “Haik!”
Yuko       : “And you, what's your na- MAKO-chan! What are you doing here?”
Kojimako : “Mmm...I want to join too.”
Yuko       : “Does Haruna know you're here?”
Kojimako : “Err...No.”
Yuko       : “Go home then.”
Kojimako : “No! I want to join! If you don't let me, I will spill Oneechan’s secret to everyone.”
Yuko        : “Tck! You little brat! You’ll never stop blackmailing us, will you? Alright then, come to my team.”
Kojimako : “Yaaaay~ And oh, I bring friends too. Can they join? This is Owada Nana, Nishino Miki, and Mukaichi Mion. We want to join in the same team.”
Yuko       : “Geeez! Alright, you're all in Team K.”
Kojimako and friends: “Yaaaaay!!”
Yuko       : “And you two, what's your name?”
Tano       : “I'm Tano Yuuka desu.”
Tomu      : “I'm Muto Tomu desu.”
Yuko       : “Tano-chan, Tomu-chan, please choose Team A or Team B. Just don't choose my team, cause we're full already.”
Tano       : “Eh? But I want to join Team K!”
Tomu      : “Me too! I want to join Team K! Team K is awesome!”
Yuko       : “Oh thank you girls, but really sorry, we’re full now. I won't take anymore students unless they have big boobs and nice oshiri. Please just choose Team A or Team B.”
     More and more juniors then come in, willing to join the Hunter Academy. Most of the students choose Team A or Team K as their favorite. While Team B seems to be the not-very-cool type, and only favoured by lolis and hetare type of kohai, who of course, are usually weak in fighting. (This will bring Yuki trouble later in the story.)



     One day, Hirajima Natsumi (Nacchan), comes visiting her cousin, Yuki, in Shizuoka. She comes with her best friend in college, Nakagawa Haruka (Harugon). They spend their few weeks holiday in Shizuoka, helping the girls hunting vampires.
     In one morning, Yuki and Mayu are inside the kitchen, wearing aprons. Valentine Day is coming near and Mayu comes up with another idea to make money, that is, by making chocolate cakes and candies and selling them to their friends.
Yuki   : #watches Mayu baking chocolate# “I didn't know you're actually good at this, Cyborg.”
Mayu : #smiles# “Well, yeah, my mother taught me this.”
Yuki   : “I see. So what can I do to help?”
Mayu : “Hm, let me see, can you break those eggs and put them into the mix?”
Yuki   : #takes some eggs and starts breaking them#
Mayu : “Woah! Woah! Stop! I think you’d better just stand there and watch.”
Yuki   : “Eh? Why? Mayu, I want to help you!”
Mayu : “No, it's okay, Yuki. Just stand there and watch, or else you're going to destroy my work.”
Yuki   : #pouts#
Mayu : “Ah, don't be sad. Look, this one is done. You can taste it now.” #takes a piece of chocolate cake from the tray#
Yuki   : #takes a bite# “Wow. Delicious.”
Mayu : “Is it? Here, here, taste this too!”
     Mayu takes a bowl of melted chocolate and offers Yuki a spoonful of it. But suddenly Mayu slipped and fell upon Yuki, causing the bowl to be thrown upside down, and the melted chocolate is poured all over Yuki’s face and body. Fortunately, the chocolate has been cooled down and is not so hot anymore.
Mayu : “Ooops, sorry, Yuki!”
Yuki   : #stares# “Did you just purposely slip and pour this chocolate on me?”
Mayu : “No.”
Yuki   : #stares#
Mayu : “No, really, it was an accident. I'm sorry, Yuki.”
Yuki   : #sighs, and walks to the sink to wash her face#
Mayu : “No, wait, Yuki! Don't wash them yet! It can still be eaten, you know!”
Yuki   : “What? You want to eat this?” #points at her own face#
Mayu : #smiles# “Yes.”
Yuki   : #frowns# “Really?”
Mayu : #smirks#
     Mayu then comes closer and starts licking the chocolate from Yuki’s face and body. And soon the scene escalated into a make out scene, with Mayu licking Yuki all over her body.
     Sasshi and Rabutan come and stop outside the kitchen’s door after hearing the commotion. They then witness the whole scene from the keyhole.
Sasshi   : “Oh my God, they're at it again.”
Rabutan: “Mayu is such a good kisser.”
Sasshi   : “Mmm...The chocolate look tasty.”
Rabutan: “Yeah, let's make one too, Sasshi.”
     Sasshi and Rabutan continues peeking from the keyhole, watching MaYuki kissing in the kitchen. Not long after, Nacchan and Harugon come along.
Nacchan: “Hey, what are you two doing there?”
Rabutan : “Sssshh!!”
Harugon: (comes to open the door)
Sasshi   : “No! Don't open the door! Don't enter the kitchen!”
Harugon: “Eh? Why?”
Sasshi   : “You will disturb Yuki and Mayu.”
Nacchan: “Yuki and Mayu? What are their doing?”
Sasshi   : “See it yourself.” (make a space for Nacchan)
Nacchan: (kneels down and takes a peek into the keyhole) “Oh my God!”
Harugon: “What? What happens?” (pushes Nacchan and takes a peek) “Oh my God!”
Sasshi   : “See? Let's not disturb them.”
Nacchan: (takes a second peek) “Oh my God, oh my God, Yuki, I can't believe you're doing this!”
     Nacchan is amazed upon seeing Yuki kisses Mayu. She never thought Yuki could ever kiss someone so passionately like that again, ever since they lost Miyazawa Sae three years ago.



     Yuko is visiting Takamina in prison. Now they’re sitting face to face, only separated by the glass window as they talk to each other.
Yuko        : “Takamina, how are you?”
Takamina : “Fine, thanks. And how is everyone?”
Yuko        : “We’re all fine, except, you know, Acchan. We still don't know what's wrong with her. She has turned into a completely different person now. It seems like someone is taking control of her mind.”
Takamina : “What did she do this time?”
Yuko        : “Well, last week she came to attack us in our house. She’s still a resident so she can enter our apartment without our permission. Luckily we can fight her off. And I have also replaced our key, just in case she will come back again.”
Takamina : “...Where is she now?”
Yuko        : “I don't know. Probably going back to her sisters, or joining Akimoto’s clan.”
Takamina : “Yuko, I need you to take care of my sister and my mother while I'm imprisoned. Can you stay at my house for a while? I'm afraid something bad will happen to them.”
Yuko        : “Sure, don't worry. We will take care of them until everything is back to normal.”
Takamina : #sighs# “Thanks Yuko. I can't do anything, I can only depend on you right now. And about Acchan, I want you to promise me something, Yuko.”
Yuko        : “Sure. What is it?”
Takamina : “Promise me, that if things get out of control you won't hesitate to kill Acchan for me.”
Yuko        : “......”
Takamina : “Promise me that, Yuko.”
Yuko        : “...Okay, I promise. But I think Yuki is more suitable for this job, don't you think?”
Takamina : “No no no, Yuko. Yuki won't be capable to kill her. Acchan has helped Yuki killing Shinoda last time. She owed her. There's no way she could bring herself to kill Acchan. Only you is capable to kill her, Yuko. Only you. And I trust you. Kill her. Kill Atsuko, before she kills anyone else.”


     Yuko leads her team to find Acchan and bring her back to them. Her team consists of Yuki, Tomochin, Sayaka (the police officer), Miichan, and Sasshi. And after doing investigation for quite some time, they finally find the cause of Acchan’s evil behavior. It is the microchip planted inside her brain. And so after learning about this, Yuko wants to take Acchan back and destroy the microchip. But of course, Acchan’s sisters won't let Yuko do that. Yuko and her teams must fight Acchan and her sisters in order to bring Acchan back to the good side.
Acchan : “Oh Yuko, I thought you will never find me here.”
Yuko     : “Come with me, Acchan. Let me help you. That microchip inside your brain is ruining your brain. It must be destroyed.”
Acchan : #points to her head# “This? Oh but it's making me feel good, Yuko. I have never felt so good like this before. It gives me...freedom.”
Yuko    : “No, Acchan. This isn't the real you. You're not evil. Come with us. We're your friends.”
Rena    : #giggles# “Friends? Acchan doesn't need friend like you! She has us now. We're her family. And I won't let you take her away from us again.”
Acchan : #smiles at Rena# “Oh, thank you Geki. You're so sweet.”
Yuko     : “Acchan, I'm asking you for the last time. Come with us.”
Acchan : “Ha! Are you kidding me? No!! Just go home to your pregnant girlfriend, Squirrel. Oh, have you found the father yet? Your girl is such a b**ch, I bet she had s*x with a random stranger.”
Yuko     : “Shut up! Don’t talk about her like that. She's just a victim. And you're a victim too, Acchan. Come with us. We will save you.”
Acchan : “Hell no.”
Yuko     : “Hell yes. Yuki, take her.”
Yuki      : #nods and moves forward, ready to fight#
Rena, Jurina, and Umechan also move forward in order to protect Acchan.
Yuko     : “Everyone, choose your opponent. Mine is the kid.”
Jurina   : “Grrr! The kid has a name! It's Jurina!”
Sayaka : #hesitating to choose her opponent, and slowly moves to Umeda#
Yuki      : “No, Sayaka, don't fight her. I suggest you fight Gekikara instead.”
Sayaka : “Okay.”
Rena     : “Hehehe…” #cracking neck, and slowly turning into Gekikara mode#
Tomochin: “Then this left me with no choice. Umeda, I'm your opponent. I heard you have psychic power. Show it to me.”
Umeda   : #smirks# “Oh, you’re really asking it, are you? You're going to regret it, Itano!”
     Megumi the witch also comes out of nowhere. Miichan comes at her and they start having a witchcraft/sorcery war, throwing potions and eliciting spells to each other, just like the scenes in Harry Potter movie. While Sasshi stays in the car and watches everything from nearby, ready to jump into action whenever she is needed to.

Yuko   : #whispers to her earpiece# “Sasshi, are you ready? Don't forget our plan. Once you see Yuki and Acchan come near you, drive your car closer so that Yuki can put Acchan inside the car. After that, drive home as fast as you can.”
Sasshi : “Aye aye Captain!”

Meanwhile, Yuki and Acchan start circling each other.
Acchan : “Tck, there you go again, Yuki. Do you really think you can take me? Last time we fought, I kicked your ass real hard, didn't I?”
Yuki      : “Oh you mean, the 100.000 yen fight? Don't forget that I actually won that fight, Acchan.”
Acchan : #smirks# “Well, no. You won it because I let you. Miichan wanted me to lose and I took pity on you. You seemed so desperate for money that time, Yuki. That's why I let you win. But the fact is, I beat you. I have always beat you.”
Yuki      : “Yeah, but don't forget too, it was an empty handed fight and I admit you have advantage in that. But now I'm armed, you see.” #reveals the weapons she’s keeping underneath her jacket, including gun, silver daggers, holy waters#
Acchan : Oh, shit!
Yuki      : #takes out her gun and begins aiming at Acchan#
Acchan : “Wait! You're not gonna shoot me with that, are you?”
Acchan : “Ouch!” #holding onto her bleeding shoulder (the gun has silver bullets)#
Acchan : “How dare you shoot me! I had helped you killed Shinoda last year, Yuki, and this is what I got from you? Where is your gratitude? If it wasn't because of me, you wouldn't have been alive today! You owe me, Yuki!”
Yuki      : #hesitating# “I'm sorry, Acchan, but I have to do this.”



     Sayanee and her werewolf army come to Nagoya and start surrounding Nishishi’s mansion, threatening to attack them anytime.
Yuasa   : “Nishishi-san, there are so many of them out there. There will be a bloodbath if we fight them now. And we’re also in a disadvantage, most of our troops are out of the town.”
Nishishi : #thinking# “Send someone to negotiate with them. They're not the type who likes to attack frontally. They must have a reason for this. Let's talk to them and see what they want.”
     Nishishi and Yuasa then send their right-hand-man, Rikkie (Hirata Rikako), to talk with Sayanee. Not long after, Rikkie returns with some news.
Nishishi : “So, what do they want?”
Rikkie    : “They said they want us to return Kanon to them.”
Nishishi : “Kanon? Isn't that-...?”
Rikkie    : “Takumi’s girlfriend, yes. And she's Sayanee’s little sister.”
Nishishi : “Dammit! Get Takumi here, right now!”
Rikkie then goes to fetch Takumi. Not long after, they arrived in Nishishi’s room.
Nishishi : “Takumi, did you kidnap Kanon?”
Takumi  : “...No.”
Nishishi : “Do you hold Kanon somewhere right now?”
Takumi  : “....”
Nishishi : “I take it as a yes. Takumi, return her to her sister!”
Takumi  : “No!”
Takumi  : #falls to the floor after getting punched by Nishishi#
Nishishi : “You useless kid! Look what you've done! You just cause an unnecessary war here! Return Kanon to them!”
Takumi  : “No, I won't! I love her! I love her, Niichan!”



     One day, Jurina trains Nana how to lure a prey using their charm and how to become a pimp like her.
Jurina : “Naachan, tonight I'm going to train you how to lure a prey. And unlike Rena-chan, we won't involve violence here.”
Nana  : “Eh? How?”
Jurina : “Wait here and watch me.”
     Jurina then walks up to a highschool girl who is standing alone at the bus station. Nana witnesses them talking for a few minutes, with Jurina clearly flirting with the said girl. The girl looks happy, she smiles and laughs a lot while they're talking. Not long after, Jurina and that girl goes to somewhere else. Nana quietly follows them, and in a secluded place, she witnesses Jurina traps the girl and drinks her blood, leaving her unconscious on the ground.
Jurina : “You see? That's how you do it. Now your turn. Find a prey for yourself.”
Nana  : “Alright.”
Jurina : “Look! There’s a girl there! Go! Talk to her, Naachan!”
Nana  : “Okay.”
     Nana then walks up to the girl. They start talking, but not too long, because then the girl pushes Nana away and leaves angrily. Mission failed for Nana-chan.
Jurina : “What happened? Why did she leave you?”
Nana   : “I made her angry.”
Jurina  : “What? Why?”
Nana   : “She asked me if I like her hairstyle, and I said I didn't. I said her hairstyle is weird and not suitable for her.”
Jurina  : “Eh? Why? Why did you say that?”
Nana   : “Because I think it is. I think her hairstyle is really weird and not suitable for her, and I don't like it.”
Jurina  : “Darn it, Naachan! You should just say you like it. That's Flirting 101. When a girl ask your opinion about something, just say you like it, and praise them.”
Nana   : “But what if I don't like it? I can't just lie to them!”
Jurina  : #facepalming herself# “Geeez, Naachan! Why are you so serious!?”

(Imagine a serious vampire Nana with a rookie hunter Yuiri.  :roll: )

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Haha I can imagine that scene with Jurina trying to teach Naachan to flirt so well! XD

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Right! One last trailer before I go!
I made this one for RukaKikuchi, who has been staying so patiently with me until the end.
Thanks, Ruka!
You still owe me a JuriRuppi shot in that TofuPro universe, haha!



     Finally, after quite some time, Sae learned the truth about Sayaka. That Sayaka was the one who still loves him until this day. This revelation made Sae felt bittersweet. He was happy, but also sad because now that he had found that person, he needed to leave soon and go back to Heaven. (He was a spirit/ghost).

Sae      : “Sayaka, is that you? ”
Sayaka : “...”
Sae      : “Is that you who still loves me sincerely until now?”
Sayaka : #stares# “Yes, it was me, Sae.”
Sae      : #takes a deep breath, trying to gain control of his emotion# “Why? Why you never told me that?”
Sayaka : #sobs# “Because I don't want to see you leave again! You will leave and go to Heaven if I tell you I love you, right?”
Sae      : #smiles# “Yes, but what I mean is, why did you never tell me that you loved me, back when I was still alive? And not in a ghost spirit like this! Why you never told me that, when we were still in highschool?”
Sayaka : #continues sobbing# “...I don’t know. Maybe I’m just too shy...”
Sae      : “You know I loved you very much back then, Sayaka. You were my first love. I’ve fell in love with you ever since we’re in middle school. Don’t you know that?”
Sayaka : “No, I didn’t know that, Sae. I’m so sorry...”
Sae      : #smiles# “Sayaka, you were always kinda slow...”
Sayaka : “I know, Sae, I know. I’m sorry...”
Sae      : “All those times I was trying to draw your attention, but you never once looked at me.”
Sayaka : “I looked at you secretly.”
Sae      : “Sayaka, you stupid girl.”
Sayaka : “Yeah, we are both stupid, Sae.”
Sae      : “Unn...Thank you for loving me, Sayaka. Please don’t forget about me.”
Sayaka : “I won’t. I will never forget you, Sae.”
Sae      : “I hope you can find somebody worthy of you. I know you will.”
Sayaka : #nods#
Sae      : “I’m leaving now. Goodbye, Sayaka. ”  #his hologram form begins to vanish into thin air#
Sayaka : #sobs# “Goodbye, Sae.”


Yes I'm putting this thread into its end.
Let's consider this as completed.


@ Ruka:
Don't you dare replying to this thread. Anyone who reply after this post will be a page-topper!  :lol:
Here I'm telling you a secret. The post that is numbered in multiple of 20 will always be a page-topper.
Post #0, #20, #40, ... #1200, #1220, and so on.
You know it's very easy to reveal this pattern/formula, right?

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