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Author Topic: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Idol Royale [Mayu, Yuki, Jurina, Yuko] (11/04/18)  (Read 51193 times)

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #20 on: February 27, 2013, 09:43:30 AM »
Yaay ** I love it.

The world is small sometimes XD, ( in reality too, sometimes people that will meet online are just in the same neighborhood than us - true story - )

Jurina is not alone o/

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #21 on: February 27, 2013, 11:40:22 AM »
Omg. Mama Black, please don't forget Papa and I are your Twitter friends too TROLOLOL

But we won't be like that~ Tehehe~

Moar OS's!!  :deco:
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #22 on: February 28, 2013, 07:24:46 AM »
GAAAAH! pleasssssssse continueee~!!! with Wmatsui! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I LOVE THIS~  :heart: Wmatsui soo cuteee ^//////^

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #23 on: February 28, 2013, 08:00:35 PM »
Super cute actually o/ I loved it^^ (but also reminded me of the situation I got myself into these days, without this cute end)

I guess life is like that. Somethings happen for our own good! It's good to know that Jurina found true frendiship. And by the end of the os, I guess Jurina will totally acept Rena's feelings o/

Thank you for this cute os o/

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #24 on: February 28, 2013, 10:53:01 PM »
It was really cute XD

Thank you!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #25 on: March 01, 2013, 01:34:37 AM »
wow the thing what happened to Jurina with Nori happened to me 2 years ago with a girl who used to be very closed to me a vertuel friend but she changed and I deppressed so much because her she didnt care about me at all aah why I'm talking about my life story sorry I bory you thanks for this OS I d like to read more mayuki again this one is sad too

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #26 on: March 07, 2013, 01:09:48 AM »
I think it's pretty cute~

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #27 on: March 13, 2013, 03:50:58 AM »

@kurosawa87: Indeed it is quite dangerous when a wrong user decides to abuse its right. But yes! Thankfully Jurina has support from her friends.  :bingo:

@Llyloo: True true~ Sometimes the world can be small.  :bigdeal:

@ChuuuPuffss: zomg, I know I know, Baby Chiyuu. I love you two.  :luvluv2:

@ryeangryu: Ah! I'll see what I can do then for the continuation of this (expecting that to have more wMatsui moments~)  :glasses:

@BbSis: Aw, I'm sure you'll find a 'cute ending' to that sort of situation for you! And indeed, Jurina has accepted Rena's feelings~  :farofflook:

@Chanaline: I'm glad you found it to be cute!  :on lol:

@mo-chan: I actually typed this out while I was somewhat stuck in this sort of situation (which thankfully I have gotten over rather quickly). And don't apologize! If you need to have someone to talk to, just poke me here in DMs (or PMs? I'm still unsure how this site works, LOL), Twitter and/or Tumblr! I'll deliver more Mayuki OS (hopefully in a much happier term) in the future~  :hee:

@kahem: I'm also glad you found this cute!  :on drink:

Here's an Atsumina (depressive) OS~  :sweatdrop:

I recommend listening to either one of these for added effects during the entire fiction (or just go find some melancholic OSTs yo).

Unjust Life:
Ashes of Dream/Aratanaru:

Also, I'm unsure if we want a second part to this, so feel free to tell me if this needs to be 2-part OS!  :cathappy:

(Ya know... I think this should be changed from 'LoyalFlutist's Haven' to 'LoyalFlutist's Depressive OS' LOL.)

I'll Do Anything For You [Atsumina]

I sat in front of a young girl. A young girl the same age as me. Straight black shoulder-length hair, her eyes closed as she peacefully was breathing. In and out she breathed. In and out. With every breath she takes in; taking in small portions of the Earth’s oxygen, her chest rise up. And her chest fell down in a slow motion as she exhaled. The pale color that covered her entire skin as she laid on the white bed; covered with the white sheets. Both arms resided by her side in a neat and orderly fashion. Long, bony fingers were slightly bent naturally.

Machine standing nearby and prepared were showing her blood pulse and heart rates. A beep every three seconds resonating in the silent air other than our respiratory system working out loud. There was an IV bag hanging overhead on her left. The thin, clear cord was connected to her left wrist; a white adhesive bandage wrapped around to keep it from moving anywhere other than its original position.

I was on the wooden stool, seated by the right side of her resting body. Wearing a casual black sweat pant and white t-shirt, I ran my hand through my disheveled hair. I heed no attention to my looks and fashion. It’s been almost a full week since I stayed by her side.

Stayed by Maeda Atsuko’s side.

I remember the reason why she landed in this hospital. It was clear as crystal, clear as if it had happened not even a minute again, clear as though it was recorded and implanted within my memory bank.

Atsuko was sick. Cancer to be specific. She had cancer. And she was dying from it.

How we first met was purely a coincidence back in our first year of high school. Both of us were classmates within our assigned classroom. I was considered a midget and made fun of constantly, but respected highly of as president of the class. Atsuko was the perfect role model aside from Yokoyama Yui and the ‘Ace’ of our class. No. Ace of our school. The two of us simply chatted with each other. Conversed in conversations that students would have with each other during school. Soon our bonds grew the more we spoke to each other. Closer and closer we became till we were inseparable best friends. Never leaving by one sides for another.

Despite the fights and drama that came at our way; a couple times where we thought we never will get back together, we instead were drawn back together. Like a bee to a flower. I am the bee and Atsuko is the flower and vice versa. Or we’re like magnets. Always attracting each other back into one.

I remember during the final year of our high school, our feelings for each other were strong. So strong that not even a simple friendship could be entitled upon our relationship. So strong that we fell in love with each other. At first, we were hesitant. What would society, especially our school, classmates and friends, think about us? We could be rejected from the community. Shunned from those close to us. An eyesore to the public eyes. So we weren’t able to tell each other how we felt. Until the day I knew Atsuko had cancer.

I was shocked. Furious. Upset. All emotions just slammed into me as though someone had thrown a huge boulder at my direction and directly hit all of my vital parts. Atsuko had been hiding it. Telling me that it was progressing slowly when she was young but beginning to pick up its pace during this final year in high school. She told me she honestly didn’t want me to worry about her. Didn’t expect our friendly classmate relationship to turn into something so much more. Even more than best friends.

“I don’t want you to feel sad when I’m leaving this world, Minami. I don’t know exactly when my due date is, but I know for sure I won’t be able to live past the age of 21. I want you to please… leave and forget about me. Forget about my existence and move on.”

She wanted me to leave. Take this chance to delete her from my life; my memories. Take this chance to pretend she never existed and resume back to my normal life as a student who leads her classroom as president for the fourth year. But even if I wanted to, I could never get rid of her presence from my heart. I was already in love with her. I love her. I love her so much to the point that I will be willing to lay down my life and sacrifice it for the sake of saving hers. I want to take away her cancer and implant it into my body if I have to.

Tears were escaping from my eyes as I spoke out the words that were pulled out from the bottom of my heart.

“Atsuko. I don’t care if you have cancer or not, I will never leave your side. I will always stand by you and love you, no matter what life throws at us. I will be with you until the very end-no. Maybe even more than that.”

Taking her hand with both of mine, I remembering choking back on the sound that emerged from my throat as I cried. My head lowered till my light brown bangs covered my eyes that were shut. Hiccuping was heard as I gripped onto her hand tightly. I too then heard the sound of Atsuko crying in front of me. Both of us envelop each other into a tight hug. A hug that felt as though we both won’t be separated from any sort of forces.

A couple minutes has passed as we ceased our crying. Now looking directly at each others eyes, I could remember seeing those dark pair staring back at me. Eyes that were dark brown, warm and comforting eyes despite the tears seen from the corners. I was only able to blink, just staring at those memorizing pair. Then she lowered her face due to my height. Getting closer and closer till the tip of our noses barely touched each other.

There was a small pause between the two of us. Before we knew it, we had our lips connected together. It was gentle, full of our emotions as the tears from our cheeks mixed in. It lasted for a few seconds before we parted. Looking at each others eyes once more, we then confessed our feelings and decided to stick with each other till the very end.

After graduating from high school, she worked part-time in a bakery shop with me. Renting an apartment and staying close with each other ever since we first met. The business went well and many customers would stop by and even donate a couple spare coins towards it. It went on about two years. Working together, it looked as though life has turned to the best for the two of us.

But then there was Atsuko’s cancer. We hadn’t entirely forgotten about her health at all. Just last week, she had suddenly collapsed. Passed out on the floor with her pulse weakened. Medics and emergency medical team rushed and took her to the hospital. The doctors soon proclaimed that her lifeline might end anytime soon within a week at most.

I just couldn’t believe that our times together would end like this. We were soon planning to be married in another year before this happened. The year when she turns 21.

Flicking my sloppily tied ponytail over my shoulder, I took ahold of her right hand. I brought it close to my chest, trying to warm up the cold hand.

“Can you feel my heart beat, Atsuko?” I asked her. No answer as expected. I bit the bottom of my lip as I answered in her place. “My heart beats for you, Atsuko. I just wish I could take away your pain and leave you to become happy.”

Unexpectedly, there was a bright flash of white light that blinded my vision. It all happened too fast. A wince slipped out of my slightly parted lips from the brightness. Then the next thing I knew, I saw someone standing right over Atsuko’s sleeping figure. Or more like hovering above her body.

That someone was a young woman. A woman dressed fully in white with white angel wings sprouting from both sides of her body. Long and strong, feathers from it were drifting slowly downward to the cold, white tiled hospital floor; upon contact with the surface it disappeared as an illusion. It then folded itself and stayed behind her back. Gentle yellow lights radiated from her like a Buddha. This person… is like an angel.

She doesn’t look to be old as I had expected. Probably around her 20s if she was a human being. Short brown hair with a small smile on her face. This girl truly was beautiful for an angel. Was I hallucinating?

“My name is Shinoda Mariko the Angel. I’m here to offer you a choice that pertains to this young lady right below me,” she spoke in an angelic, strong voice. 

My eyes widen when I heard her utter those words. Still keeping my hold on Atsuko’s cool hand, I opened my mouth to speak while squinting my eyes.

“What do you mean by that?”

A slight, light-heart chuckle from her direction was heard.

“I see that you are interested, hm? Very well then.”

The so-called woman-er, angel, Mariko, approached to my side and rested her hand on top of my right shoulder. She leaned forth, whispering into my ears.

“I will be able to save the person you love so dearly in exchange for you existence from this world.”

I blinked.

“H-Huh?” I whipped my head at her and gaped at what I was offered. “I-In exchange for my… ‘existence’?”

A nod. “Yes. I will be able to save this young lady here in exchange for you existence from this world. You won’t be found anywhere. All records of your stay here on Earth will vanish and disappear. And not a single person will remember who or even what you are.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless. Speechless at the criteria. I finally was able to have a chance to save Atsuko, the person I truly loved. But in exchange, she will… completely forget about who I am and will live a life where I am nonexistent. A life without Takahashi Minami. A life where her closest friend and lover had never happened. Just what kind of deal did I have to agree on in order to save her? Isn't there another option? A long exhale left my nose, taking in all of the information into my head.

I rubbed my eyes. Pinched myself and slapped my cheeks to give myself a reality check.

Nope. Still found myself still in the same exact position. Looks like this is reality and isn’t a dream at all. The angel was still standing by my side, hands on her hips. And Atsuko was still motionless in the patient’s bed. I licked my dry, chapped lips and closed my eyes.

"Is there any other agreements that I could agree on?"

"Sadly, no."

“....Will you truly save her from this fateful event if I were to agree to that offer then?”

“I will. The heavenly God from above will bestow divine restorations upon her health and completely wipe out any sort of diseases and illnesses even if it’s incurable.”

My eyelids snapped open and surprisingly, did not feel… upset when she told me that. Straightening my back, I told her my answer.

“Then I’ll agree with you. I accept the offer.”

I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I immediately saw the effect go into place. Mariko vanished from my sight and was never found ever again. Still sitting on the same stool, I saw my hand slowly disappear bit by bit. My fingers went through Atsuko’s hand; sparkles and small balls of light rising up from where my fingers once were.

“So I’m really going to be gone…”

I got up from my seat and watched the sleeping figure. I saw the color that she once had return back and replacing the deathly, sick pale skin in an instant. Hints of pink was seen on her cheeks as the vitals on the machines returned back to its normal state. Her chest still rising and falling at a stable pace. Warmth felt from her. A sad smile crossed my face as I brought my already-disappearing hands to cup her face.

“Forgive me, Acchan. Minami here wanted you to be healthy and happy for her sake.”

She was going to forget me. Forget that she has fallen in love with the midget Takahashi Minami. Move on from her life as I was never here on Earth. I'm not sure how I felt about this, but as long as she is happy, then I too am happy for her. She'll finally be able to live the life of a normal person. Be able to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

I brushed aside a strand of hair that rested on top of her cheek. Then I leaned in, giving her one last kiss; a kiss of farewell for eternity. My eyes were closed, feeling her pink lips touch mine. I stayed in that position for as long as I can, trying to savor the moment before I felt my arms fading away into nothing, unable to feel Atsuko below me. Parting away from her, a single tear streamed down my cheek. It dropped down from my face and down onto hers.

“Sayonara, Maeda Atsuko.” 

Ah-That was sorta lame with the random ending. Please don't kill me for this.  :on chew:

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Such a sad ending.....

Pity for that cancer

Posted by the mento Hawaiian

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What no way!!.. omg T_T
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What a sad OS

I was so sad that they need to be separated....

But I really really think Minami is so great and love Atsuko so much that she willing to give up everything for Atsuko

I hope you can continue this OS... I want to see how Atsuko is going to live after that....

What's happening with Minami after she disappeared...?

Did she become ghost or go to heaven?

Thank you for this OS

Can't wait to see more...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - Online Friends (wMatsui + Mayuki) [02/26/13]
« Reply #31 on: March 13, 2013, 07:42:21 AM »
I miss Atsuminaa~  :mon XD:
nice fic we got here..  :grin:

Also, I'm unsure if we want a second part to this, so feel free to tell me if this needs to be 2-part OS!  :cathappy:

please make the continuation  :hee: or else.........  :mon wtfmm:

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Yes to your second part. I want to see Atsumina reunited once again.

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T_T it's so sad
Why only one of them can be saved why??? T_T

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Do you have part 2 for it? :'(
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Sad yet beautiful in many ways T___T I really loved this! Amazing how Minami's love came across so strongly in your fic :D Def makes it 100x more sad that Minami's entire existance had to be sacrificed, but she did that for acchan *___*

Really great fic. I hope you write some continuation to this :D

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ano..can you please do a sequel of this???  :pleeease: and make it a happy ending ?? btw the fic was great that it made me cry.  :farofflook:

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Please make a second part  :bow: :bow:

I really love it :heart: :heart:

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@kurosawa87: It is sad.  :badluck:

@Haruko: Tissue? :OMG:

@cisda83: The next update will explain more about what exactly happened to both Takamina and Acchan. And indeed Takamina is such a good person for Acchan!  :luvluv2:

@d_ruffi: We all do miss Atsumina. H-Hai hai! And thank you very much for the kind words!   :kneelbow:

@Tanchan: Hai! The second part will be written up as soon as possible! :hee:

@kahem: BECAUSE I'M EVIL-er, I meant.... Yeah. I'm just evil.  :hiakhiakhiak:

@qweakb: I will have part 2 for it later~  :glasses:

@arrow27: Thank you very for the compliments! I'll definitely have a continuation to this story.  :hehehe:

@den_takacchan: I'll do a sequel to it no worries! And I'm thankful for the kind words. Tissue also?  :frustrated:

@dark48: The second part will be coming up soon~ :bingo:

It seems that many of you both on Tumblr and on here want a second part to it. Very well! I'll hopefully get to write it after I recover from my surgery. :cathappy:

This one shot is for a b-lated towards Papa Geki/onee-sama and Baby Chiyuu. Not to mention Watanabe Mayu herself. :cow:

Enjoy it!

I've Always Loved You [JuriMayu]

Watanabe Mayu was sitting at the edge of her sofa at home. A couple candy wrappers were scattered around her seat, opened and empty. Hinting that the young black-haired girl had eaten them all up. A fine thin line was drawn across her face as she stared at the television screen. The bright screen showing the old Team’s B first theater performance.

As she watched, her right hand unconsciously came up to touch her lower lip. Running the tip of her fingers from one end of the pink bottom lip to another at a repetitive pattern, her mind wandered to the back of her head.

She wasn’t paying any attention to the songs that their old selves had sung. No. It wasn’t that at all. Her eyes were trained and fixed upon one certain member. Kashiwagi Yuki. The person that she admires; the person that she looks up to; the person that she would do anything in order to spend time with her; the person that she respects; the person that she calls her a ‘mother’; the person that she loves so dearly. Or at least she used to.

It all shattered when their first fight blew up after Yuki’s scandal. It was their first but it doesn’t mean that it was to be resolved easily. It was a pretty bad fight. A fight that doesn’t have a solution unless one side would purposely lose for the other. And from the look of the situation, it doesn’t look like both Yuki and Mayu wanted to lower their guards. For once, Yuki was angered by Mayu’s attitude towards the scandal.

It wasn’t true at all. If one were to simply glance at them, they would judge that Yuki was right. However, she hasn’t fully understood why Mayu was reacting so angrily about a scandal that wasn’t true. Mayu was merely afraid of losing her. After losing so many of her best and closest friends, Mayu only had Yuki left. Now that the two girls are in separate team, their relationship was slightly straining. It was still intact, so they didn’t worry. Until that scandal was blown up right after Minegishi Minami’s that is.

Mayu closed her eyes and remembered vividly the fight that they had. Their first fight which ended their relationships.

“Kashiwagi Yuki!” Yuki, who was busy drying her hair inside of Mayu’s bathroom, glanced over her shoulder. With the white towel still running through her long, wet black hair, she peeked her head out of the bathroom in her pajamas. “Yes Mayuyu-“ Her words were choked in her throat when she saw the younger girl stomp up to her face.

It was rare to see Mayu angry. Irritated was common. Angry and furious was a completely another story. There was the Shukan Bunshun magazine in her left hand. Gripping onto it tightly till it was crumbled where she held. It was trembling when she finally halted in front of Yuki. Without warning, she threw the copy at Yuki’s face. Startled, Yuki stumbled backward slightly before leaving the towel to hang over her shoulder. Kneeling down to pick up the magazine, she stood back up and straightened her back.

“Why the hell are you in this magazine?” Mayu’s voice raised to a dangerous level. Yuki raised her head and blinked in confusion. “Eh? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me. Why the hell were you out that late at night?”


Confused, Yuki decided to flip through the magazine to see what made the younger girl make such a big fuss. The first couple pages held no interest. Positive that there wasn’t anything about her, Yuki was about to close the book after looking through most of the content until she reached the last twenty pages or so.

There was the headline. And photos of her. Accusing her of going out late at night and staying up for a long period of time with her other close friend, Minegishi Minami, and some other male and female adults. Eyes darting left and right as read the details. Yuki felt her jaw drop at such description being written. ‘Just who the hell wrote this?! The way they wrote it made it seem like I did something wrong!’

“Mayu, please understand that this is a Shukan Bunshun article-“

“I’ve trusted you so much.” When Yuki lifted her eyes off the pages, she wanted to facepalm herself. Mayu in front of her had tears in her eyes. Tears that were ready to fall out yet kept the cool exterior to hide the pain written behind them. Biting the bottom of her lip, Mayu stayed silent as Yuki moved towards the girl. Trying to place her hand on top of Mayu’s shoulder, she wanted to reassure the girl. But that didn’t happen. Mayu instead backed away, shaking her head in disbelief. “Never did I expect you of all people to be on it…”

She still felt pain when one of her old and close friends too went through the scandal. In the end, they either got kicked out of the group or transferred around. This made Mayu cautious of having high expectations of the members. But as a cyborg girl with a mind striving for perfection, this is near impossible. Yuki frowned at Mayu’s reaction and shrugged her shoulders.

“Mayu, you know I gave you a call that I was going out with Mii-chan only for that night-“

“But you knew there were other people, right?”

“No Mayu. No I didn’t.”

“Then why did you stay way past midnight then? If it’s something simple like a drink for the night, you shouldn’t stay out that long.” The younger girl hugged herself, gripping her hands tightly on opposite arms. “Besides… I really missed you…”


“Yuki? Why aren’t you answering me?”

Then there was the fight. It was sudden. Yuki snapped at that very moment and stormed out of her house despite being in her PJs and having wet black hair at such chilly night. It all happened far too fast for her to comprehend. Before she knew it, she was known to be crying silently alone in her home. Alone with no one to comfort her.

Over time since that incident, their relationship truly did strain. It strained so badly to the point that they stopped talking to each other. If they did see each other though, they were forced to speak through formality. Yuki spent more time with Sae and Mayu became jealous. But she knew that they were never going to be together again. Soon she accepted the fact that Yuki and Sae were meant to be together. Unlike her who was worried sick and texted the older girl like crazy, Sae was a calm tomboyish girl who would most likely take care of Yuki even better than the cyborg.

A sigh left her slightly parted lips as she opened her eyes; seeing the MC segment rolling around the corner in the recorded DVD. ‘What am I to do now…’ Then there was the doorbell ringing in the front door. Perching her ears up, she listened. Listened to see if the person or thing would ring again. And as she had predicted, it did. Ringing once. Then ringing twice. Prompting the young girl to get up from her seat. Brushing aside a lock of her black bangs, she made her way towards the front door. To her irritation, the person seems to be impatient and continuously rang the doorbell as she came.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” she announced loudly as she unlocked the door. Cracking the door opened, she was surprised to see this person before her. Matsui Jurina. The young girl who had just turned 16 was in her sweater and long skinny jeans. There was a goofy grin formed on her face when she saw Mayu.

“Oh Mayu-chan! Can I come in?”

“Well you came in uninvited,” Mayu raised one of her eyebrows. “Sudden for you to come by.”

“Gomen gomen, but you know that I feel a bit lonely and need some company when my parents aren’t home,” she flashed a smile. Mayu tried to resist chuckling. “You know I live alone ever since I moved out of my parents’ house.”

“Which is why I choose to stay with you for tonight~” Before Mayu could even object verbally to the younger girl, she walked right into the house. After taking off her shoes of course at the ‘Welcome’ mat, she slipped off her jacket and sat on the same furniture that Mayu was seated not too long ago.

Unconsciously a smile was seen on Mayu’s face also when Jurina hopped on the couch. This girl was one of Mayu’s close friends in SKE48. An energetic girl and a flirt, it’s hard not to love her. She remembered that they first actually met during their role as Nezumi and Center in Majisuka Gakuen 2 drama. It was a major hit. And the relationship as their characters were very deep compared to many others. After so long, it was a couple months ago when Jurina publicly confessed that she has loved Mayu like a ‘girlfriend’ during the recording session of the drama. But of course, Mayu was too busy being extremely close with Yuki as Jurina was busy hunting after Rena’s affection and love like a puppy.

After clicking the door shut and locking it, Mayu approached the younger girl and sat by her side. When she glanced over at her, it looks as though Jurina has taken interest in the video.

“I wonder why you didn’t decide to go to Rena’s home,” Mayu abruptly spoke her thoughts out loud. Jurina looked back at her and stuck her tongue out. “Nah, I want to spend time with my Mayuyu for tonight. I think Rena was inviting Airin or Non for the night. Don’t want to interrupt their time.” The older girl of the two understood the situation and bobbed her head slowly. Then she returned her gaze back at the screen of the television. However, Jurina’s still hasn’t left Mayu’s face.

Without thinking, Jurina’s expression became serious. “Something’s bothering you, Mayu-chan?”

Mayu didn’t flick her attention away from the screen as she answered. “Nothing is wrong, Jurina.”

“I could tell that you’re lying.”

“….I suppose telling you doesn’t hurt.” Turning her head over to the younger girl, she leaned back till her back was resting against the soft mattress. Rubbing one side of her head with one hand, she exhaled loudly. “It’s hard to explain how I’m feeling right now. It’s very complicated.”

“Does it have something to do with Kashiwagi Yuki?”

“Maybe…. Maybe.”

Jurina’s pair of eyes sadden for a bit. Her hands reached out for Mayu’s hand that was resting on her lap. Taking it into her embrace and touching it for her comfort. “You know… You still have me.” Mayu lifted her hand away from her face and dragged her gaze to the girl’s face. Staying silent, she waited for Jurina to continue. “You remember how I told you I loved you before? Well, I still feel that way about you.” Squeezing her hand gently, she shook her head.

“You were too busy with Yuki, so I thought that maybe you both were going out. I mean, you two were so very close that the fans and even the members themselves thought you both were perfect. But no one expected for the outcome of your first fight to be this bad…”

“I know, Jurina,” Mayu flashed a fake smile at her direction. She wasn't bitterly thinking of Yuki. She should feel happy that Yuki was with Sae. And true. She did. But she also felt sadness and the empty hole inside of her heart. Oh if only someone were to fill it in or at least be a substitute for it...

The younger girl still pushed on. She wanted to show and tell Mayu how much she cared for her. Even though she did love Rena, she loved Mayu even more. Wanted to have her in her arms and the two to be together. Together through the rough and good times. So in silence, she leaned in and gave Mayu a surprising kiss on her lips. It was a quick peck though. When they parted, Mayu’s face looked like it was lit on fire; blushing heavily.

“W-W-W-What do you think you’re doing!?” she exclaimed and stuttered. Jurina simply hugged the older girl. “I just wanted to let you know that I’ll always be by your side and love you forever.”

"And by kissing!?"

"You know how I am," Jurina stuck her tongue out playfully before retracting it back into her mouth. Her dimpled smile showing at the other girl made Mayu want to praise how cute she is. When she spoke of those words, they sound sincere. Honest and true. But was Mayu really going to take those words for granted? “And how I am supposed to know that you aren’t going to leave me like my other friends did?”

Snuggling close to the older girl's side, she whispered, "I'll show to you that I won't leave your side. Just watch me."

Hopefully it wasn't too confusing. I was somewhat half-asleep while typing this, LOL.  :sweatdrop:

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Re: LoyalFlutist's OS Haven - I've Always Loved You (JuriMayu) [03/28/13]
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Well, fudge ;~;

You made me lose even more hope in my pairing </33

But who cares? JuriMayu is still here to comfort me ;~;

Im still sad lol But srsly, I hope MaYuki will be together again </3

Nice OS, Mama~ Hope you update the Virus more xD
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