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Author Topic: The Forbidden Dance Ch.21 (WMatsui) 03/23/2017  (Read 41510 times)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.7 04/05/2015 Update!
« Reply #40 on: April 05, 2015, 05:50:34 PM »
Welcome back... :w00t:
I'm really waiting for your update author-san, Its been so long  :cry:
Jurina love mayu..
Rena love Jurina..
Where is yuki then?  :banghead:
Next update please.. :bow:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.7 04/05/2015 Update!
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What happen with Airin.. is she  in love with churi?
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.7 04/05/2015 Update!
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Finally you come back... :lol:

let's see , jurina love mayu and rena love jurina
poor Rena :cry:
don't hurt her too much author san
and i'm waiting for the next update :twothumbs

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.7 04/05/2015 Update!
« Reply #43 on: April 07, 2015, 03:43:28 PM »
@wmatsu fanfic: i love yukirena! it's one cute pairing! however i'm afraid yuki's character will not be mentioned on this arc, though there's a link connecting her and jurina. yuki has a major part on the whole story, it just happen that she's not the main character on this one :sweatdrop:
@RenshuChan: lots of drama to come! and yes jurina loves mayu and they're each other's first love :deco:
@Weird Panda: don't worry.. i promise to finish this story so i'll keep coming back no matter how long it takes :thumbsup
@Raizel: yuki is there ofcourse! actually her character is already existing somewhere and in the same timeline.. she has her own arc together with... uhm... well it will be revealed soon right after wmatsui story :grin:
@Haruko: airin has never been fallen in love yet.. she's clever but lacks personal experience hehe :lol:
@blackcold: oh hisashiburi! believe me i don't want to torture rena.. but it's still her decision if she wants to get hurt or get real with her feelings :cry:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 8

"Osoi yo!"

Churi shouted as I hurriedly run towards them at the train station.

"This whole thing is your idea and yet you're the one who came late..." Airin complained as I finally arrived at the waiting area.

"Gomen.. gomen!" I gasped out. "I still had to fix things back home. You know this is the first time I'm leaving Okaasan alone."

It looks like everyone is on time. Even Rena-chan is already here. And wow.. she's wearing the clothes I chose for her the last time we went out shopping together. It really looks cute on her.

"Ah! Rena-chan, you're early!" I greeted her. But she only gave me a quick smile in return.

Tomorrow will start the dance preliminary competition and now we're off to go to the place where it will be held. The school principal approved our participation on the dance contest. She only has one condition, that we should have a club adviser to accompany us. Good thing there's a new teacher who accepted it. We still haven't met yet but I heard she's a music teacher.

"Is it only the four of us who will go? I thought a club adviser will be joining us." I asked.

"She already went ahead to early register our school participation and also to make hotel reservation." Airin answered.

"Too bad, I'm already excited to meet her."

We're about to ride the bullet train. Rena-chan chose the seat next to the window and then I sit beside her. Opposite facing me is Churi then Airin is next to her. The train started to move. This is the first time the four of us will go out together for a trip.

"So~ did you tell Watanabe-senpai that you're coming to see her soon?" Churi asked curiously.

Churi and Airin later found out the real reason why I wanted to join the competition. And they gave me their full support without having any second thought.

"Mayu-chan has still no idea about it. I actually wanted to give her a surprise visit." I answered. "And besides, we have to reach the finals first before that happens."

"And if we win, what do you plan next?"

"I'll give her my share on the prize money. It will somehow add to our college savings. I wanted to help her even in my own little way." I explained.

"That one lucky girl... to think that there's someone who's willing to follow her anywhere... maybe even upto the end of the world." Churi kept on babbling.

While we're having that conversation, I saw Rena-chan glanced at us. Airin looked at her and then Rena-chan faced the window again.

"Ne.. Jurina-chan.." Churi bent closer and whispered. "Is it only me or there's really something off between those two?"

Churi points out to Airin and Rena-chan. I only observed that they never talked to each other during practices, but I think it's just a normal thing since they're not really close.

"They seem fine to me. Haven't you gotten used to their deafening silence?" I whispered back.

"I can hear you both." Airin glared at us for a second and then she relaxed herself back on her seat. "After those tedious practices we've gone through, it's a wonder how the two of you still have energy."

"It's because I'm excited to meet new people and show them my dance moves!" Churi confidently said. "But Jurina-chan's case is different. Uh, what's  that term again? Yeah, the power of love!"

"Getting cheesy, Churi..." I playfully reached for her face.

"Yada yo! Not my cheeks again..." She protested and we all laughed.

Except for Rena-chan. She's still quietly looking outside the window. I wonder what she's thinking.


"Sugoi~ this is where we will stay?" I said out of surprise as I saw the huge hotel infront of us.

"I didn't expect our school can afford us to stay in such hotel.. It looks like five star!" Churi was also surprised.

"Come on. Let's go inside." Airin went ahead.

We checked for our reservation on the reception area. The receptionist looked for our names and confirmed that there are two separate rooms reserved for us. Rena-chan and I both looked at each other when we saw the room assignments.

I'll be sharing the same room with my sister alone?

"We all better rest now and save our energy for tomorrow. The start of the elimination round is early in the morning." Airin suggested.

After we received our room keys, we immediately went up to our assigned rooms.

"Our rooms are right next to each other then! Ja, oyasumi.." Churi bids us goodnight before we all part ways.

Rena-chan and I enter our room. She quietly unzips her baggages and properly arranged her clothes on her bed. I never heard her utter even a single word today. Why do I get the feeling that she's keeping her distance again?

"Ii ne! Look, we have our own bathroom inside." I tried to break the silence. "Do you want to use it first?"

She still didn't talk to me, she only nodded.

The quiet atmosphere between us is getting awkward. I sat on one side of my bed, my eyes still watching her fix up her things.

"Rena-chan." I called her name. "I wanted to thank you for coming with us."

She paused for a moment before she's finally spoken.

"You don't have to thank me." She sounded so cold just like before. "You know the only reason why I came."

"I understand..." I answered in a weak voice. "It's because you wanted me to think over about Grandfather's proposal."

I stood up and took a step closer to her.

"But even if that's the only reason, I'm still happy that you came." I sincerely told her.

But Rena-chan only turned her back on me and went inside the bathroom. Did I do anything wrong? I wanted to know her thoughts... what it is that's bothering her. By looking at our current situation, our relationship seems back at square one.

I tried not to think anymore and started to arrange my things while she's using the bathroom. I went inside right after she's finished. After I'm done freshening up, I went back to the room and saw Rena-chan already on her bed facing away my direction. I then turn off the lights and also went to my bed.

"Rena-chan. Are you already asleep?" I asked.

But I didn't hear any response from her. This is the first time we spend the night together and yet this is the atmosphere between us. All that I'm allowed now is to only stare at her back. She's so near me and yet I can't possibly reach out to her. I wanted to embrace her... to comfort her. Tell her I'm here for her. But she never lets me to.

*Suddenly hears music*

Huh? What's that sound?

*Piano playing*

A piano? Wait... That music sounds somehow familiar...

I immediately got up from my bed and went out the room. I follow where the music is coming from. Until I reached a door and opened its knob.

Why is it so dark in here?

I can now loudly hear someone playing the piano. I stepped inside and found myself amazed with the beautiful scene I'm witnessing.

AH... KIREI....

The darkness of the room emphasizes the bright moon shining from the window. And then I see a silhoutte of a lady... playing a piano under the moonlight reflection. The sight of these is so breath taking...

And then I suddenly remember that day, when I met Mayu-chan the first time.....

That time I was still in middleschool. I was about to go home, when I heard piano playing from the school music room. The door was left half-open so I tried to peek what's inside. The sun is setting outside the window and a shadow of a young girl is all I could see. The music is not perfect but I can clearly hear how she puts her feelings into it. When that girl finished her piece, I clapped my hands for her and then she looked at me.

"Mayu-chan..." I whispered her name as I remember the old days with her.

The music from the piano suddenly stopped. Oh, no! Did the lady hear me? I have to go back before I get caught.

"Did you like my music?" A calm voice spoke before I leave.

The lady noticed my presence. I had no choice but to show myself.

"Ah, I'm sorry for intruding... I heard a familiar music that's why I followed where it was coming from." I apologized and explained.

"Why are you still hiding there? Come inside." She invited.

I accepted her invitation. And as I went closer to where she is, I was stunned when I finally see her clearly right infront of me. Beauty and elegance are the perfect words to best describe her.

"Familiar music you say?" She smiled.

"Because that's the same piece a special friend of mine used to play when we we're kids." I told her.

"Really? It's a classical piece. I believe your friend at young age has a good taste in music." Her voice is so clear and calm.

"But there's some level difference. Your music sounded so professional. Hers I think was only a simplified one." I concluded.

"So which version do you like better then?" She asked me.

"W-Well..." But I hesitated to answer her.

I know that even if Mayu-chan's music was a bit childish and wasn't perfect, I'll still choose to listen to hers over and over again.

"You like that person, don't you?" She asked again without waiting for me to answer first.

"W-Why did you say so?"

"The beauty of music depends on whom or where the listeners are in favor with. Regardless of how perfect it is played by a person. Few of those unfair things in reality."

The way she said those words feels so big and heavy, like she pulled them from a very deep experience.

"Ano... sumimasen... maybe, I'm already disturbing you. I think I must go back to my room now." I tried to excuse myself.

"No. I don't mind at all. You can stay here as long as you want, Jurina-chan."

"E-Eh? You know me?"

"I'm sorry... I forgot to mention that I'm your club adviser. I actually plan to properly introduce myself to your group tomorrow, but it's good that we've met earlier than expected."


"Why look so surprised?"

"You're so young! I mean... when they said our club adviser is a music teacher, I instantly imagined an old and grumpy person." I talked rapidly.

"Kawaii~ You're an interesting girl, Jurina-chan." She then puts her face closer to mine, and I think I blushed hard.

"So, do you want me to play more?"

"O-Ofcourse, sensei!" I gladly answered.

She played the piano once more and I listened to her. She's a music teacher, no wonder why she can play so clean and perfect. It makes me calm and temporarily forget things.

"Jurina-san?" Rena-chan entered the room. "You left your bed and you're not still coming back. I was looking for y....."

Then the teacher stopped playing and turned to her direction.

"Rena-chan! Come here, I'd like you to meet our club adviser." I told her with excitement.

Rena-chan froze, her eyes widened as she saw the teacher. Her mouth slightly left opened. I noticed that she's shaking, but why?

"Rena-chan? Do you know her?" I asked.

She didn't respond, she only stared back at her like she's seeing a ghost.

"Oh~ Rena-chan... isn't it? Finally, I met you..." The teacher stood up from the piano stool and approached Rena-chan. She cheerfully smiled at her and said...

"Hajimemashite... Matsui Sakiko desu. Yoroshiku ne?"


uh-oh.. the big sis has arrived :panic:
and it took 8 chaps before she finally appears :nervous
i wonder what her motives are and what rena will do :?

thanks for reading! :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
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Oh my god.. There she is Matsui Sakiko.. :farofflook:
I wondered who it is at first,  :hehehe: finally the big sister appeared,.. :glasses:
I hope she will favor Jurina..  :kekeke:
Can't wait for next update..  :on gay:
Thank you for the fast update ainivel-san.  :on woohoo:
You make my day complete.. :on GJ:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
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Ohhhhh it's getting more interesting hehehehe.

I wish if there will be yukirena .

Well I'm thinking what If yuki and Rena work together to make mayu and jurina fall for them hehehe.

Waiting for updates

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
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Matsui Rena. Matsui Jurina. And now, Matsui Sakiko. What will happen? :O

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.7 04/05/2015 Update!
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at first I wonder who's the music teacher, and then ta-da, it's big sis Matsui Sakiko! ofcourse she play piano perfectly, she's a pianist.
Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Matsui Sakiko.
why sakiko come? what's her motive?
um, about airin, does she know rena's purpose? and will airin know about sakiko?
ah it's getting more more interesting!
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
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more more more~ :3
hehe i also stared liking mayujuri too because of majisuka :D
please update soon~ :D

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
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Well. WOW. Its more complicated now~
Rena loves Jurina, but Jurina loves Mayu T0T
It'll gonna be drama~
And Matsui Sakiko appeared><
I thought she was Yuki><

Good job, author-san. I'll wait your next chapter~
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
« Reply #50 on: April 20, 2015, 04:48:54 AM »
@Raizel: we'll going to see if sakiko's character is a good one or a bad one :sweatdrop: but one thing is for sure... she will be part of this story until the end
@wmatsuifanfic.: that's a nice idea you have there for yukirena! i'll give it a shot once i write another new story :thumbsup
@Ruka Kikuchi: hi senpai! sakiko's name was already mentioned since chapter 1.. i'm just waiting for the right moment when to finally include her :nervous
@sastio13: oh i just noticed your picture's koixdao! i'm a fan lol. anyway about airin, she has a big supporting role in this story.. i like her tsundere character here :oops:
@yurin23mayuki: okay, here's more! haha honestly, this is the first story that i wrote with consistent drama.. jurimayu's quick story is even much fun to read than wmatsui story :lol:
@junchan48: ah new reader! yeah, complicated it is.. so here's the next chap! please enjoy :twothumbs

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 9

The music that can fill color in every space between walls of the mansion... was the sweet, calm music coming from her graceful fingers dancing across those monotone piano keys.

"Oneesama, sugoi desu ne!" I clapped my hands.

She put her lovely hands on her lap as she finished playing for me. She then looked at me with those gentle eyes and gave me a bright smile.

"You think so, my little Rena?" She asked with a soft voice.

"Un~! Oneesama is best pianist in the whole world!" I hugged her tightly.

Then she tapped my head like she used to do. Her warmth embraces all my senses. I really admire my Oneesama so much and I always look up to her. I wanted to be a lady like her when I grow up.

But then after that, our grandfather came home.

"Ah, Grandfather!" She immediately ran to him and called his attention.

"I wanted you to see this! I won this year's Europian piano competition." She excitedly showed her trophy. But Grandfather only ignored her and continued to walk away.

"Sakiko!" Our mother suddenly pulled her away. "Can't you see? The chairman is busy. I already told you not to bother him with unimportant matters!"

"But, Okaasama... I worked hard for this. Aren't you at least proud of me?" I could hear sadness in her tone.

"That piece of thing won't able to change your situation here in this family. So keep that away! And don't use the piano when the chairman is here. You know he doesn't want to hear any noise. You understand?"

Our mother left her with those hurtful words. I immediately went to Oneesama to comfort her.

"P-Piece of thing? T-This?" Her grip on her trophy tightened. I saw sudden drops of tears on her hands.

"She's right. No matter what I do, nothing will ever change." She told herself in a serious tone.

She ran upstairs straight to our room. When I entered inside, I saw her packing up her clothes.

"Oneesama, where are you going?" I asked her.

But she only ignored me and immediately went out our room after she's done. I ran after her.

"Oneesama!!!" I cried out.

"Stop calling me!" She shouted back at me. Her eyes were not as gentle as before, like they we're replaced with anger. "We're not even real sisters!"

"W-What are you talking about?" I tried to follow her. "W-Wait... Please..."

She continued to leave until she finally went out the gates of our mansion. I was left behind those rails and helplessly watched her slowly disappearing. And she never look back.



"Rena-chan... Rena-chan... wake up."

Ah... that familiar voice...


I opened my eyes then immediately sat up on my bed. It was only another nightmare of the past.

"Rena-chan, are you alright? You're crying." It was Jurina-san calling me. She's right beside me on my bed.

"I'm fine. I just had a nightmare." I said.

"I'm sorry. I don't know you're having nightmares. I shoudn't had left you alone here earlier." She apologized.

"I've always had nightmares like this since I was little, so this is just normal." I told her.

I look at the time. It's already 2:00 in the morning.

"Jurina-san... why are you still awake?" I asked.

"I can't sleep, maybe because of my excitement for tomorrow. I almost fell asleep earlier by hearing the lullaby sound of Sensei's music from here. But I can't hear her playing anymore. Maybe she's already sleeping, too."

Right. What happened earlier was real. I'm not dreaming anymore. I'm wide awake and I'm sure of who I saw in flesh. It's her... she's back. But why is she here?

"Rena-chan?" Jurina-san called me again. "You don't look fine. Do you want me to sleep here next to you?"


"To make sure you won't have nightmares anymore." She explained.

She wanted to share same bed with me?!

"I-I'm okay now... T-Thanks for the concern... You may go back to your bed. We're still early tomorrow." I answered.

"Are you sure? Okay, then. Oyasumi, Rena-chan." She went back to her bed.

I smiled. For a moment, my worries disappeared. This tiny room is filled with Jurina-san's presence. By simply knowing that she's near me, makes me already feel safe.


Today is the first day of the dance competition. Jurina-san and I arrived at the venue. The place is filled with different groups of students. Some consists of all-boys, some are all-girls, or combination. I can also see participants wearing cute costumes. I never thought joining a competition is this serious.

"Jurina-chan! Rena-san! Over here!" Akane-san called us.

Airi-san and Akane-san we're already there waiting for us. We saw another familiar person talking to them.

"The two of you almost didn't make it on time. You both overslept or something?" Airi-san scolded us.

"Gomen... actually, we slept a bit late last night." Jurina-san admitted.

"Ah, Sakippe-sensei here told us you already met last night" Akane-san said.

"S-Sakippe-sensei?" Jurina-san sounded confused and looked at her.

"Hehe~ I told them to call me whatever they want since we're outside the school. And besides, I'm only here as your group's official chaperon." She giggled.

By looking closely at her, she seemed didn't change at all. But something was off. Why do I feel that she's different person now?

"Your number is after few minutes. I'll be watching you from the audience." She told us. "If you win today, I'll treat you all to a special dinner later. So minna ganbatte, ne?"

"Hai! Sensei!"


We prepared ourselves backstage. What's this? It's getting harder to breathe, I'm starting to get nervous. This is my very first competition and I'm so afraid that I might mess up out there.

"Guys, we're next." Airi-san called.

"Rena-chan, are you ready?" Jurina-san asked.

Maybe she noticed that I'm not calming down. She grabbed my hand. Her hand felt cold and sweaty.

"We feel nervous, too. Like you, this is also our first time to compete with a large number of people. But we all prepared for this, remember? So, let's have fun dancing out there." She told me like she's saying no pressure.

"Come, I'll share you a little trick." She came closer and whispered to my ear. "Close your eyes. Remember how we practiced before? Imagine there are no audience. Then just like those practices, there's only music and us here alone. Now, open your eyes."

The stage curtain started to open. She's still not letting go of my hand.

"Let's go?"

And just like a casted magic spell, everything else became invisible. Jurina-san is all that I can see. The whole place suddenly belongs to us alone.

I was once her audience before, and now here I am, dancing with her on stage. With our movements synchronized with each other. The music we chose is a strong and heavy street type, giving off angst genre. And whenever I meet those fierce, aggressive eyes of hers, my desire to dance with her burns up like flames inside of me.

Me dancing with her isn't just a dance. For me, it is a battle between my family and her. Between my mind and my heart. I know I shouldn't be involving my feelings into this, it is wrong. But it keeps on making me feel like it's the only right thing that I've ever done in my life. And deep inside of me, even if I must not, I hoped that our dance never comes to an end.

And then, I heard loud applauses.

"They liked it!" Jurina-san sounded so happy.

She smiled at me and I smiled back at her.

Our dance number has finished. I can now finally see the audience infront of me. And then my eyes we're locked into one single person from the crowd. That person who I used to look up to.

Now, I understand how she felt before whenever she's joining competitions. I never thought how heavy the pressure she's gone through just to bring home her achievements. She's still there staring at me for long. I'm the one who's up here now. I wonder if she's proud of me. But I can't even tell if she's happy. She then walked away and disappeared from my sight.


"To our first victory! Kampai!"

We passed the elimination round and as promised, we were taken to a special dinner to celebrate. It was a high-class restaurant near our hotel.

"Minna, otsukaresama desu!" She praised us for our hardwork.

"Sensei... isn't it a little pricey here?" Jurina-san asked looking around.

"Daijoubu~ you guys deserve this! You did a great job there! So, let's eat!"

We started to have our dinner together and also had a few conversations while eating.

"Ne, Sakippe-sensei.. you're a Matsui too, right?" Akane-san asked. "By any chance, are you related to..."

"Rena-chan and Jurina-chan?" She continued.

"I would love to have such kawaii little sisters! But I don't find myself that cute like them. Can you even see a resemblance between us?" She giggled.

"Eh~ You don't have to be cute. You're already pretty! And also talented!" Jurina-chan complimented her.

"Arigatou~ Jurina-chan! Honestly, it is not my real surname. It is the family who adopted me who gave me their name, and that's how I ended up to be a Matsui." She explained.

"Naruhodo. I never thought that Matsui is now a common family name. I won't be surprised if I wake up one day and see everyone being ruled out under the Matsui dynasty." Airi-san added in a sarcastic tone.

I saw Airi-san glanced at me for a second there. Ever since that incident happened between us, I had no choice but to be extra careful around her.

"Ah, haha~ Don't mind her, Sakippe-sensei. Airin always sucks in delivering funny jokes." Akane-san said.

*Phone ringing*

"Ah, please excuse me. I think I have to leave now. But just stay here and enjoy your food. I'll see you all tomorrow." She stood up from the table and went out the restaurant.

I wonder who's that person calling her.

"I have to go to the restroom. I'll be right back." I excused myself.

I followed her outside and saw her talking to someone over the phone. I went few steps closer to where she is.

"Oneesama." I called her.

For the first time again in many years, I finally said that word.

I know she heard me. I saw her ended up her call and slid back the phone into her pocket.

"Tell me. Why are you here?" I asked her.

"How cold~" She turned around and faced me. "Was that really the very first thing you'll say to me for our little reunion?"

"I've never heard from you for years! I don't even know if you're already dead! What do you expect me to say?"

"But I'm back now. Haven't you missed me? I'm a little sad that you seem not so happy to see me at all."

"Then why? Why did you come back?"

She paused and smiled.

"Hehe~ Okaasama's right. Matsui Jurina is an interesting girl, isn't she?"

Jurina-san? Why was she suddenly talking about her?

"Spare her! I'm warning you, the girl's mine! I-I mean... Okaasama and Grandfather entrusted her to me."

"Hahaha~ Calm down. You're so intense. I'm just here to watch over you. Okaasama told me you're going out for a trip. So, I'm here to make sure my little Rena will get all her needs."

It means... the expensive hotel and the high-class restaurant are all her doings for me?

"Thank you. But you don't have to do that. I don't need anything else here."

"Sugoi~ my little sister is acting like a grown up kid now. Okay then, if that's what you wished."

She turned her back on me and started to leave. But before she took another step away, she talked to me once more.

"I saw how you look at her, Rena. But does she look at you in the same way? Remember, we're the original team first. I'm the real one who cares for you."

She left me with those serious words.

"Oneesama, huh?" A voice from my behind spoke.

I immediately turned around.

"Airi-san! Let me explai-..."

"You don't need to. I get it. Again, it's some family matter. Still none of my business, right?" She said cutting me off.

"Airi-san... Please...."

"People like you who keeps secrets, I hate them all. But there's something more that I hate about you. That's whenever I look at you, I always argue with myself. Because behind those cold eyes, I can see a good soul."

I'm speechless. I didn't expect that's how Airi-san sees me.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to spill out what I heard. I know you have reasons you don't want to tell. The truth is... a part of me wanted to trust you. Because I can feel that your care for Juritan is true. I know you won't do anything to hurt her."

She paused.

"I just hope... I'm not wrong."

She left me and went back to the restaurant.

I reached for the door and saw Jurina-san cheerfully talking with her friends. She always thinks of positive things that's why she seems to radiate like a sun. She wasn't even aware of what's happening around her... that the people she trusted intends to hurt her in the end.

I then asked myself. What is it that I really want from her?

I saw how you look at her, Rena. But does she look at you in the same way?

Because behind those cold eyes, I can see a good soul. I know you won't do anything to hurt her.

Those words uttered by two different persons kept howling inside my mind.

If she doesn't see me in the same way... if there's someone else better for her... then that only serves me right. Jurina-san is a good person, she deserves to be happy... even if it's not with me.

Because her happiness... is a thing that a liar like me... can't possibly give to her.


ne rena, i was just thinking... :?
you're the only one who knows you're not related by blood
but jurina... she believes you're her real sister! :O
so how can she possibly looks at you in another way? :doh:

thanks for reading! :)

(arigatou RenshuChan for correcting me! my bad haha!)
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
« Reply #51 on: April 20, 2015, 08:55:48 AM »
Yeah that's right ainivel-san Jurina doesn't know a single thing..  :banghead:
So she wouldn't have grow a feeling toward Rena..  :smhid
So Sakiko character is still mystery,..   :shocked Why she want to become her mother pawn??  :banghead:
Its getting more complicated, I still cant figure Airi's true purpose.. Is she love Rena?  :panic:
Well gonna be patient for the next update.. :twothumbs

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
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Sakiko fearless....wooooow~
more drama awaited~

Thanks for the update~
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Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
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ohhhh i neeed mooreeee sakiko and Rena moment please please.

i hope Rena can find happiness too
waiting for update

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
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Airi keeps two secrets now :O

Rena should find what her real intention to Jurina, quickly. Is it to bring her to the family, or to make Jurina become hers?

Author-san, you changed Churi's name into Ayane? It's Akane isn't it? XD

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
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I have read from chapter 1 to chapter 9 and.......
arrgh Renaaaa recognized your feelings!!!
just say you love her already!!
i'm waiting for the next chapter~

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.8 04/07/2015 Update!
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yep, my picture's koixdao! woah, you're a fan too! :w00t:
yeay~ hormones~

ah it becomes more more more interesting
um, airin is tsundere? well, I think i like airin chara here, cool!
and sakiko, is still mysterious for me... she is bad or good? :?
I like it when rena call her with "oneesama"
I'm waiting your next update hehehehe :D
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overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
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I love your story
Can't wait for the next chapter XD

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.9 04/20/2015 Update!
« Reply #58 on: May 09, 2015, 06:37:00 PM »
@Raizel: maybe airin feels something for rena... i just don't know what exactly it is :?
@kuro_black29: hello there! rena's unrequited feelings will have to continue for the mean time :cry:
@wmatsui fanfic.: gomen not too much of sakiko and rena scenes this chapter.. you'll have plenty soon hehe :nervous
@RenshuChan: on jurina's pov, she calls her churi.. but on rena's pov, she calls her on her firstname.. and thank you very much for correcting me! i'm actually used to call her churi too that's why i got confused :lol:
@Renachii: hi there new reader! rena will have the perfect moment to say her feelings don't worry hehe :sweatdrop:
@sastio13: sakiko's true intentions will be revealed on the later chapters.. oh i can't wait :panic:
@yuuri14: another new reader yey! thanks for reading my story... so here's the next chapter! :thumbsup

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 10

Two seasons quickly passed by and before we know it, the cold winter already arrived. For the past few months, everyone has been consistently doing their best and trained so hard to be able to reach the top.

Together, the four of us faced different challenges and went through a lot of ups and downs. We met many great and talented dancers from different schools around Japan. We got scared and insecure, doubted ourselves if we can really make it. But despite of these thoughts, we still went on and pushed ourselves forward. Each of us has her own reason why we must keep on going. And along our way, we're slowly building this dream together.

I can say that hardwork really pays off and it brought us to where we are right now. Our group successfully reached the finals, and today we will go to Sapporo for the championship event.

Every month we travel to different cities around Japan to compete with other schools. After we won each battle, we return to our school in preparation for the next one. The school always warmly welcomes us back, everyone is very proud of our achievements particularly our classmates and Sakippe-sensei who's been there for us all through out. The popularity of our club suddenly rose and many students are now signing up to join us.

Eventhough our school is giving out their full support on our club, they still remind us not to neglect our studies, especially now that college entrance exams are near. We are all senior students and soon to graduate from highschool. When the competition is done, we know that the group needed to focus back on studying right after this.

"Jurina, have you prepared everything that you need?" My mother asked.

I was packing up my things when she entered my room.

"Almost, Okaasan." I answered.

"Ah... I really hope I can watch your final performance." Her voice sounded a little sad.

"Okaasan..." I went near her and hugged her tightly. "It's okay... I know Sapporo is very far from here."

"I'm not actually worried." She smiled. "Because eventhough I'm not there to watch you, I know you and your friends will show everyone your best."

My mother had always kept her hopes high for me. She always makes me feel that she believes in me.

"Speaking of Sapporo, isn't it where Mayu-san relocated? By any chance, are you going to see her?" She suddenly asked.

I was surprised with her question. I'm not aware that my mother knows where Mayu-chan stays.

"I-I'm planning to give her a surprise visit there." I said.

"Oh, that's good. I remember how the two of you used to spend time here together since you we're both younger."

"Okaasan, how did you know that Mayu-chan lives in Sapporo now?"

"We had a little talk before she left. I remember she told me that she'll be skipping one year to earn money enough to support her college. She also said that she plans to enter college as freshman together with you. She's worried about you going to a big university alone because you're always like a kid and never grows up." She giggled on the last part.

"Eh?? Mayu-chan told you that?!" I was embarassed.

"She's really a nice girl. Don't forget to say hi to her for me, okay?"

I smiled and nodded.

"After the competition, I know you'll study for your college entrance exams next. I never asked you this before but, what course will you take up in college?" She asked.

Now I that I think of it, I'm not really sure.
Mayu-chan and I haven't talked about this yet. It's also the reason why I wanted to see Mayu-chan, for us to personally discuss our plans.

"I'm not decided yet." I honestly answered. "But when I come back here, I'm sure I already know what I want to take."

"Naruhodo.. Oh! you must hurry up now or you'll miss the train!" She immediately reminded me.

I looked at the time and I'm going to be late again. I hurriedly took my bag with me and kissed my mother before leaving.

"I will be back soon, Okaasan."

"Take care of yourself there and do your best!" She told me.

"Un! Ittekimasu!" I waved her goodbye as I leave the house.

"Itterasshai!" She waved back.


After a few hours, the group finally arrived at the city where the final event will be held. Knowing that Mayu-chan is just somewhere nearby makes my heart beat out of control.

"Ngggghh~! It's so cold here!" Churi said as soon as we got off the train.

The temperature in this city is much lower than where we came from. We can already feel the winter atmosphere here.

"Ne Jurina-chan... please warm me up a little?" Churi suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Wait a second." I opened my bag and looked for something. "Okaasan prepared me an extra winter scarf. Here, I'll let you borrow it if you want."

"Hmph... Human warmth is always better you know." She took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. "The scarf somehow helps, thanks. I understand you're reserving yourself for someone who lives here. That one lucky girl."

Eh? I knew she's talking about Mayu-chan again. But I only tried to hide my reaction. After that, we took a cab to our hotel. It was only the four of us, Sakippe-sensei already went ahead as usual.

"Now that we're finally here, when will you going to visit her?" Churi asked me again inside the cab.

"I don't know yet. I'm thinking maybe after the competition." I answered.

"Isn't it a better idea if you already tell her that you're here? If she knows that you're competing, then she'll come to watch and cheer for you."

Churi's right. Maybe I should inform Mayu-chan already that I'm staying here in Sapporo for few days.

"Do you know where she lives?" She asked again.

"Yes, I saved her address. I guess it's just near from our hotel." I opened my mobile phone and showed her. "So will you come with me then, Churi?"

"She can't come with you." Airin turned her head. She's sitting beside the taxi driver infront.

"Eh? Nande!?" Churi complained.

"Have you forgotten that you promised to study on your free hours? It's you who needed to catch up most. You wanted to graduate highschool, don't you?" Airin scolded her.

"Boo~ Fine." Churi sighed.

"Gomen ne, Juritan. I'll be helping Churi to study." Airin apologized. "Why don't you invite your sister instead? I know she wanted to meet Watanabe-san anyway. Right, Rena-san?"

Rena-chan instantly looked at Airin in surprise, and then she slowly faced my direction.

"Will you, Rena-chan?" I asked and waited for her answer.

She later nodded.

"Really? Yokatta! I'm sure you'll like her when you meet her!"

She only smiled on what I said and then faced back outside the window.


After Rena-chan and I unpacked our things in our hotel room, we went out to look for Mayu-chan's place. Luckily, we still have plenty of free time left today. It's not hard to find the place, it's just near as what I thought. We found the exact location of her address in less than an hour. I ring the doorbell when we reach the front door.

"Looks like nobody's home." I said as I wait for someone to answer. "But I'm sure this is the right address. Maybe Mayu-chan is still at work. And besides, no one else stays with her."


"Yes, Mayu-chan lives alone here. Can we wait a little longer?" I requested.

Rena-chan only nodded.

We waited standing outside Mayu-chan's apartment. Rena-chan is quietly looking faraway. I really hope she didn't force herself to come here with me. Does she really wanted to meet Mayu-chan?

"Rena-chan, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" She answered.

"About Mayu-chan... You're probably surprised that I have that kind of relationship with a girl."

"I don't mind at all." She calmly said. "I don't have the right to interfere with your personal life. I'm only here because of Grandfather's request."

"I see. But eventhough, it's still such a relief that you don't think anything bad about it." I told her.

"There's only one thing I can't understand." She paused. "If you accept Grandfather's proposal, then you won't have any problems on how to support yourself after you graduate. But why you didn't?"

I looked at her and gave her a smile.

"Because I choose Mayu-chan." I simply answered. "Do you think Grandfather will approve of her if he knew about us? I'd rather take the long and hard way, the important thing is we're together."

Rena-chan looked down and didn't speak anymore. She went back to silence.

"How about you, Rena-chan?" I spoke again. "What do you plan to do after you graduate highschool?"

"Everything is already planned right from the start. I'll be the company's apprentice. I'll study how to run everything that Grandfather owns." She explained.

"So, you're going to handle everything alone?" I suddenly felt guilty. "I'm really sorry if I can't able to help you."

Rena-chan suddenly sat down on the floor tucking up her knees.

"Rena-chan, are you alright?"

Her hands were shaking. I noticed that she doesn't wear any gloves. We've been waiting here outside for an hour. Maybe she's already cold.

I sat down next to her. I removed my coat and put it around our back. My coat is big enough to cover two persons.

"W-What are you doing??" She asked.

"You're cold. Churi said human warmth is always better. So here... let me share mine with you." I told her.

From her behind, I wrapped my arms around her waist. I reached for her hands enclosing them both with mine. I put my face next to hers, leaning my head on her one shoulder. I hugged her tightly.

"Feel warmer now?" I asked.

She didn't answer but I felt that she leaned back on me. The feeling was so warm and comfortable. I realized that we're both actually tired since we just came from a long travel earlier. We stayed like that for I don't know how long, until we both fell asleep.



That voice... Why does it sound so familiar?

"Jurina? Is that really you?"

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up. I thought my heart skipped a beat when I saw the person standing right infront of me.

"MAYU-CHAN!!!" I immediately jumped to hug her.

"Jurina..." She hugged me back.

"Hisashiburi..." I said almost in tears. I break the hug to look at her closely.

Mayu-chan's still cute as always. Though her face looks a bit mature now. I can say that she grew more beautiful. She only look thinner...

"Mayu-chan, you looked tired. Have you been eating well?" I asked with concern.

"I'm okay... Just a little overworked. And you, still a crybaby!" She giggled. "You surprised me! What are you doing here?"

"Loooong story." I smiled at her.

Mayu-chan looks so happy to see me. She then remembered that she also saw someone else I brought with me.

"Oh! You must be... Rena-chan!" She figured it out by looking at her.

Rena-chan stood up and they finally see each other face to face.

"Jurina talks so much about you. I'm Watanabe Mayu! Jurina's mother." She softly laughed.

"Maaayu-chaaan?!" I called her.

"I'm just kidding! But I can't help it though. You see, whenever I'm with Jurina, I feel like I'm watching over a child. This kid brings nothing but trouble. Tehee~" She said taking a glance of me.

"Come, let's go inside! It's very cold out here." She invited us as she opened the door to her apartment.

Mayu-chan went ahead inside and I entered next. I noticed that Rena-chan didn't follow us.

"Rena-chan?" I went back to look for her outside.

She's there at the same place not moving at all.

"Is there something matter?" I asked.

She just looked back at me and said, "Nothing..."

I wonder why she's hesitating to come in. Maybe she's just shy because Mayu-chan's still a stranger to her. I have to make her feel that I'm just here.

"Let's go?" I hold her hand once again and tried to lead her inside.

This is like a dream come true for me. When two of the most important persons in my life finally meets each other. And there's nothing more I could ever wish for than to be with both of them... just like this one happy moment.


checking up rena, is your heart still intact?
jurina's a little insensitive i guess :?
still a long way to go so please bear with me :bow:

thanks for reading! :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.10 05/10/2015 Update!
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Wow.. Finally Jurina meets Mayu.. :sweatdrop:
Poor Rena, I want to know how Rena's feeling about meeting with mayu.. :cry:
Ainivel-san in this chapter you only use Jurina's POV, hope you make Rena's POV also in the next chapter.. :bow:
And yes please make it a long story.. :twothumbs

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