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Author Topic: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 16 (Part 3) *190223*  (Read 36212 times)

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{Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 16 (Part 3) *190223*
« on: May 01, 2015, 07:39:13 PM »
New thread for mine and Sky's collabos. This time, we've done several different Super Sentai based fics, featuring AKB group! Our stars; Team K! Please enjoy~

Ver. 1
Chapter 1: Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3
Chapter 2: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 3: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 4: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 5: Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 9
Chapter 10: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 11: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 12: Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Chapter 13
Chapter 14: Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3
Chapter 15
Chapter 16: Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3

There are two powers that balance this world. Light and Darkness. They are two powerful forces, those of good and evil. Yin and Yang.

Whenever there is a disturbance in the balance, and the evil of the Darkness grows too powerful, the Light chooses warriors of pure heart to wield its power and protect our world from this dangerous enemy.

Even now the war of these forces has yet to cease, and once again, the Light must call upon her strongest soldiers…



Yuko opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by light. She remembered this feeling, this warmth. She had felt it once, long ago…

“Yuko, it is time. The enemy has begun to move.”

“My lady… why have you called me? My power is...”

“The Gods have allowed me to grant you your power once more. You will be the one to help assemble and lead the next chosen warriors.”

“I see… thank you.”

“Now, take my hand. Let me grant you my Light.”

Yuko reached her hand up to the sky, feeling a warm hand grasp hers. She closed her eyes again as light enveloped her body.


Yuko opened her eyes again and saw she was back in her room, her hand stretched out to the sky.

“Yuko…?” she looked and saw her partner, Kana, by her side.

She slowly sat up, then felt something was different. As she put her hand down, she touched something that was lying on her bed. Something that wasn’t there before.

She looked down and saw a pendant. A white crystal with silver metal holding it, tied to a chain like a necklace.

“Is that… possibly..?”

Yuko nodded.

“Then, that means...”

“It’s time.”

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Chapter 1 (Part 1)

As a taxi rides down the streets of Tokyo, a young girl sitting in the back seat looks out the window with a smile. She had a long ride on her way from Kyoto, and she had soon arrived at her destination. The taxi cab pulled up and she got out, paying the driver and taking her suitcase.

Not too long, she had arrived at a small restaurant. She smiled again, looking through the window and seeing one of her closest friends hard at work. She entered the restaurant, causing a small bell on the door to chime.

“Welcome,” the girl spoke, but then her eyes widened as she laid her eyes on the girl. “Ah, Yui!”

“Hey, Takamina.”

“You came back from Kyoto! Okaeri~” The short girl hugged Yui with a smile. “How have you been?”

“It’s been great. I’m applying for a university after summer break.”

“Maji de?!”


“Uwaa~ I’m getting old!” Takamina said, making the girl giggle. As she sat at the counter, the shorter girl poured some water into a glass and gave it to Yui. “But, y’know, it’s been pretty busy over here, too.”


“Yup. Only a few more months, and I’ll be overseas to work in New York.”

“Oh, that’s right. You’ll be going abroad soon.”

“Un. That’s right. I'll be taking my most famous taste known worldwide!”

“What’s gonna happen to this place while you’re not around? Without you, it won’t be the same.”

“Don’t I know it.”

After a few minutes, Takamina came back with some food.

“Here ya are,” Takamina handed her a bowl of her famous katsudon. As she watched the girl eating happily, an idea came to mind. “You know… I will need someone to take over the shop while I’m gone.”


“And, working at a family restaurant would look good on your college resume.”

“Eh?” Yui’s eyes widened. “You mean..?”

“Would you want a job here, Yui?”

“Oh my gosh, yes! That would be great! Thanks!”

“Hey, don’t mention it. You’ve got your future ahead.” Takamina grinned, leaning forward. “Play around, play around~”

“Ah! There it is! Takamina's famous one-liner!”

The two laughed and enjoyed their time together in the small restaurant, eating katsudon heartily.


Meanwhile, in Osaka, a young girl was sitting in the center of a large intersection of Namba. She had a guitar in her hands, strumming a few notes while writing a few things down in her notebook. Her lips moved as if she were speaking silently to herself.

“There you are,” a voice rose, catching her attention.


“I thought I’d find you here.” The girl sat beside the guitar player. She looked down and saw her notebook, filled with song lyrics. “I see you’re doin’ some writing as always, eh, Sayaka-chan?”

“I can’t help it. Music is my passion.”

“You’re so cool~”

Sayaka looked at her friend. “Eh?”

Miyuki took a bit of change from her pocket and set it down in Sayaka’s case. “You better make it big. I’ll be countin’ on ya.”

She smiled. “Thank you.”

Miyuki then got a text. She looked at it and smiled.

“That your boyfriend?”

“Un. He’s waiting for me at the cafe,” Miyuki hugged her friend one last time before waving goodbye. “Good luck! Jyaa~”

Sayaka waved goodbye and went back to writing, a new confidence in her.

“I’ll do it, Miyuki… I’ll make it big.”


In Nagoya, somewhere in Sakae, a young girl is doing a photoshoot for a magazine. The model, being 17, is a very bright spirit with a captivating, catlike smile.

Each outfit she wore was the very essence of a pro fashion model, from a bright pink dress, to a warm fur coat, but the model’s personal favorite was a two piece outfit, with a white and blue striped shirt, navy blue short skirt, and red heels.

“Hai, good work today, Matsui-san!”

“Arigato!” The model bowed to the staff as she was finished with her final shooting.

She went back into the dressing room and saw a bouquet of flowers, with a card on it.

“From Takayanagi Akane. Good luck at work today, Jurina-chan! -Churi”

Jurina smiled at the gift. She got changed back into her regular clothing and started checking her phone. She noticed she missed a call from her sister, Rena, and called her back.


“Hi~ Rena-chan~”

“Ah, Jurina! Where were you? I thought the photoshoot would be over an hour ago!”

“Sorry, nee-chan. It ran a bit longer than I expected. But, I promise I’ll be there tonight.”

“You better. I’ll be making curry.”

“Oh, yay~”

“You want anything specific?”

“Hm… le’ see, I feel a craving for veggies tonight, so put in some nice veggies(yasashii yasai), kay? Just sayin’.”

Rena giggled on her side of the phone. “There you go again with those old man puns.”

“Hahahaha, gotta go! Bye~”

She hung up and put her phone back in her pocket, then her manager came in.

“Alright, Matsui-san, time to go to our next job.”



“Haruppi~” The short haired girl looked back as she saw her best friend calling her name. “Let’s walk home together.”


Haruka was a student at a private all-girls’ academy in Hakata, Fukuoka. She and her best friend, Sakura, were walking home from school under the cherry blossom trees.

“It’s so pretty~”

“If only cherry blossoms could bloom forever!”

They heard a chuckle from behind. They saw their senior, and student council president, Sashihara Rino, standing behind them.


“Sakura-tan, you don’t get it.”


“Flowers, you see, they only bloom once because that’s what make them truly beautiful. It’s what makes them special.”

“Eh~? Sugoi...”

“That’s why, even after they wilt, they will still be able to grow and bloom beautifully once again.”

“I see~! Isn’t that amazing, Haruppi?”


Sasshi patted the girl’s head. “Just you two wait. You’ll both blossom beautifully.”


The older girl just smiled and started walking down the path again.

“What did she mean by that? Does she see us as flowers?”

“Who knows...”


Back in Tokyo, in a tall agency building, auditions were being held. In this group of girls auditioning was a young girl who couldn’t stop smiling, anxiously waiting for her name to be called.

“Next, number 22.”

“Hai!” The girl stood up and walked up, in front of the panel of judges. “Number 22, Kojima Mako desu!”

“Kojima-san, why do you want to become an idol?”

“Simple. I want to shine brightly! Like a star!”

The judge gave her a certain look. “Hmm…you seem a bit.. different from the image we’re looking for.”


An hour later...

Mako pouted as she sat down, outside the agency building.


“Makocchi~” She looked up and saw her two friends, Nana and Miki walking to her. “Yappo!”


“Are? You look glum.”

“Did something happen?”

“I failed the audition...”



Nana and Miki sat on each side of her.

“Maybe I really can’t do this...”

Just then, Nana held both of her shoulders and looked straight in her eyes. “Don’t worry. You can do it, Makocchi. I know you can.”

“That’s right! We believe in you!”

“Yeah, but… I’m 17 now, this is my last chance.”

“It’ll be okay. Soon, a big opportunity will come your way, and when it does, you go straight towards it.”

“You’re using big words again, Naachan,” Miki giggled.

“Don’t give up. Makocchi, you can become an idol.”

With that, the girl gained a new confidence and stood up.

“You’re right. I’m not gonna let this beat me! I’ll definitely become an idol!”

“See? That’s the spirit!”



As Mako got on the bus, saying bye to her friends, she sighed as she went through her phone.

She looked up a bit, then noticed a sign.

“Tokyo Art Museum Special Event: New Art Exhibit grand opening! Special showing of rare gems!”



In an unknown headquarters hidden in Akihabara, Tokyo, a satellite radar went off.

Yuko looked at the computers and saw ranges of powerful energy being emitted at a single point.

“I knew it...”

“Yuko!” Just then, Kana walked in.

“What is it?”

“I found something. A lead...”

She handed the shorter girl a pamphlet to an art museum.

“Tokyo Art Museum Special Event: New Art Exhibit grand opening! Special showing of rare gems!”

“Yuko...” Kana spoke as she and Yuko saw the pamphlet. “Could these be..?”

“Yes. The Prism Gems.”


To Be Continued


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The prism gems????...coooooooool~
Interesting update.... but why
Ur making em sisters...
And what is jurina job??

Update soon ruka san..
waiting for next~ :on gay:
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
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Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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Interesting update.... but why
Ur making em sisters...
And what is jurina job??


I just wanted to! Don't blame me! ;P

And as for Jurina's job, she is basically an idol.

Basic stuff. Model, actress, and so forth. Fitting, ne~ :3

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Chapter 1 (Part 2)

“Hey, Yui,” Takamina walked over to her dear friend. “Look at this.”

She handed Yui a pamphlet talking about a special showing of a new Art exhibit in the Tokyo Art Museum.

“Apparently, they found these extremely rare gems and are showing them off today.”

“That’s amazing~” Yui said with a smile. “Are you going to go?”

“Nah, too busy.”

“Hmm...” Yui continued to look at it with a curiosity. “I think I may go.”

“Hee~ I didn’t know you had an interest in gemstones before.”

“I don’t know. I just feel like it’d be interesting. Intuition, I guess, y’know?”

Takamina chuckled. “Yeah.”


“My Lord...” A figure dressed in black armor walked over to a throne, kneeling down in front of a larger figure, similarly clad in black. He looked like a king or overlord.

“Yes, Lapis?”

“We found them. The Prism Gems.”

The Lord smirked, an evil smile.



Yui got off the bus and stood in front of the large art museum. She had never seen so many people gathered for such an event, and she wondered, just how special and rare these gems could be to attract such a crowd.

She paid for her pass inside and stepped into the large doorway. It was almost like she had stepped into another world.

Her eyes gleamed at the sight of the beautiful paintings that were hung on the wall and the sculptures that had stood proudly. She stared in awe, seeing such detailed artworks that seem otherworldly.

“This is amazing...” she said in awe.

“Excuse me,” a voice called. “Do you know where they’ll be showing the rare gems?”

“Uh, no. I think they’ll announce it.”

“I see… Well, I came here alone, so how bout I hang with you?”

“Okay. I’m Yokoyama Yui. You?”

“Yamamoto Sayaka.”

“Sayaka...” Yui then noticed something strapped to the girl’s back. “Is that a guitar?”

“Oh yea. I always carry ‘er with me.”

“You’re a performer.”

“If you count street performing,” she laughed.

“Kyaa! It’s Matsui Jurina!” a girl screamed.

Yui and Sayanee looked. Everyone in the museum stared in awe as Jurina walked into the building, smiling and waving at her fans.

“Who’s that?”

“I’ve heard of her, Matsui Jurina,” Sayanee said.


“Yeah. At 9 years old, she was cast as the lead to a drama way back when. That was her debut into the entertainment world. Then, when she was 11, she joined an idol group in Tokyo. But, due to certain circumstances, she left the group at 15 and moved back to Sakae. But since then, she’s come back and forth from Nagoya and Tokyo, working as a model and aspiring actress.”


“They called her a super idol. With a title like that, it’s no wonder she’s so popular.”

As Jurina came in, she took out a small pamphlet she had received from someone.

“Mr. Manager, I’m gonna check this out for a bit. Will you make some time in my schedule?”

“Uh, sure. But, will you be okay by yourself, Matsui-san?”

“Ufufu, don’t worry, I’m almost 18. I’ll be okay. Later~” she waved goodbye and went to a crowd of fans.

Mako, who had just entered, happened to notice and smiled.

“Oh my gosh!”

She quickly fixed her outfit and went over to the crowd.

“Uwaa~ Jurina looks so pretty today~” a fan said to her.

“Thanx! Oh, you’re so cute~”

“Um...” Mako walked up to Jurina. “Jurina..-san.”

“Oh, just Jurina is fine.”

She smiled widely. “Jyaa, Jurina! Can I have your autograph?”

“Of course!”

She took out her notebook and let her sign in, but then someone ran into her from behind and she fell on top of her.

“AAAAH!!!” She quickly got up, blushing. “I’m so sorry!”

“Oops...” The two looked and saw Haruppi, rubbing her butt. “Sorry. I kinda got dragged in.”

Yui and Sayaka happened to see the situation and walked over.

“You three okay?”


Then, something happened…


“That’s strange...”

“These four...”

“Something about them...”

“Makes me feel...”


At that moment…


“Attention, everyone who is planning to view the reveal of the new rare gems, please report to the Eastern Wing at this moment.”

As the majority of the crowd started leaving, the five continued to stare at each other.

Then, Jurina giggled.

“Well, this seem interesting, ufufu...” she said. “Since we’re all here, let’s watch the unveiling thing together.”

Mako smiled. “Guess that’s okay.”

“I got nothing else to do,” Haruppi said.

“Alright then! Let’s go~”

“Eh? Wait, Jurina-sa.. ah! I mean, Jurina!”

“This’ll be fun~”

As the three started leaving, only Sayaka and Yui were left. The two looked at each other.

“Looks like we have no choice,” Sayaka chuckled.

Yui did the same. “Un. Let’s go.”


Somewhere in the museum, a figure snuck in and entered one of the rooms. Inside, there was a case holding many glowing gems.

“There they are...” the figure said in amazement.

She walked towards them, admiring their how they shined from the light reflected off them. She opened up the glass case carefully.

“Even if I can’t use their power...” she said, “I’ll still protect them.”

She took the crystals one by one and placed them into a bag she had with her. She carefully placed every one inside, making sure none would shatter and break.

Then, she realized something…

“Wait… some are missing..!”

She then heard an evil laugh echo.

“Lose something, Oshima?”

Yuko glared at a figure sitting on top of a platform.

“Lapis...” she growled angrily.

“Looking for these, I presume,” he said, holding up a few of the gems. With a snap of his fingers, they all turned black.


“Geodites, come forward!”

The black gems took physical forms and turned into strange monsters.

Yuko took out her necklace with a white crystal and held it tight in her hand. She closed her eyes and chanted a few words, but when she opened her palm, nothing happened.

“No, this can’t happen..!” She held her crystal harder. “Come on! Work!”

The monsters were closer, so Yuko had no choice but to run. She took the last five necklaces and ran out of the room as the monsters charged for her.

She looked at the gems in her hand. No matter what she’d do, they weren’t working. They were just regular gemstones.

She groaned. “Fine! I don’t care if they work. I just got to get out of here!”

As Yuko ran out into the Eastern Wing, she accidentally tackled into someone, making them both fall to the ground.

“Oh, sorry. You okay?”

Yuko looked up and saw Yui and the others.

“Oh no, I need to get these five out of here before…”

“Hey, you alright, miss?” Haruppi and Mako helped her up.

“Listen you five, I don’t have time for chit-chat, I need to go, and you should come with me--”

“Woah, woah, I’m not taking orders from some weird chibi.”

“Hey, I’m not a chibi! I’m just 152 cm tall, y’know!”

“That makes you a chibi~”

Yuko pouted. “How old are you, kid?”

“Hey, I am NOT a kid!” Jurina said annoyed, but then she flipped her hair and smiled. “I’m almost a blooming 18.”

“Well, you should respect those older than you. I’m 25.”

“Eh~? So you’re a chibi AND a baba. Who knew?”


Then Yuko realized what she was doing.

Returning to the main subject, she urgently told the girls, “Wait, I don’t have time for this! We need to go now!”

“Why?” Sayaka asked.

“This place and everyone in it are in danger!”

“Danger? Danger from what?”

Before they could say anything, all the power suddenly went out.

“What the--?!”

“What happened?”

That was when Yuko noticed something. She thought she was imagining things, but the gems in her bag definitely were beginning to give a faint glow.


“Guys, I think we should get out of here,” Yui said.

“You think?!”

The six found the lobby again and saw many people had collapsed on the ground.

“Oh God...”

“Are they all..?” Before Jurina could finish her sentence, Mako and Haruka immediately covered their ears going “LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!!”

Yui and Sayaka ran up to the entrance doors and tried to open them, but to no avail. They were all shut tight as if glued in place.

“What’s going on…?”

“Hey, wait...” Yuko examined one of the people who had collapsed and saw that they were fast asleep. “They’re just sleeping...”

“Oh thank God...” Mako held her head and sighed.

“If we can’t get out, then… what do we do..?”

Yuko gripped her fists. She knew she had to get the gems out of here, but with her pendant not working, she was powerless.

“I’ll be putting these five in danger if I keep them here any longer...”

Just then, there was a large crash. The group looked and saw strange monsters approaching them.

“W-w-what is that?!”

The monsters all had different forms, but they were all black and had strange gems on multiple parts of their bodies.


“What on Earth is going on?!”

Yuko watched as the group started backing away from the group of monsters. One of them happened to eye them and slowly approached them.


“What do we do..?”

With that, Yuko made the biggest decision that will change everything.

“The five of you must fight!” she said.

The five girls looked at her in disbelief.


“Against that thing?! No way!”

“You have to. Take these,” she handed the five girls necklaces with different colored gemstones. “Use these to transform!”



“Just hold them up and say ‘Gem, energize’!”

Sayaka looked at Yui. “Should we..?”

Yui looked at the necklace, staring at the red gem as it shined in her hands.

“Let’s just try it for now...” She stood up, gripping her necklace.

The others looked at each other, then they all agreed and stood up with her.

“Let’s go!” Yui yelled as they all held the necklaces up.

“Gem, energize!”

That next moment, the gemstones shined a bright light, enveloping their bodies.

The monsters roared from the brightness of the light. From a distance, a young man in similar black attire as Lapis saw the scene unravel and cover his eyes.

“What the hell..?”

Yuko stared in awe as the girls were covered in bright colored auras of the gems.

“Now say, ‘Summon, armor’!”

“Summon, armor!”

The next second, the girls were dressed in strange clothing. They looked like outfits similar to what mages in medieval times wore, and at the same time, there was also padding on their shoulders, chest, arms, and legs that resembled armor. They looked like something out of an anime, and each had a colored streak in their hair to match the gemstones. The pendants dangled on their chests, shining brightly.

“No way!”

Sayanee reached up and felt the armor that now covers her body. “We transformed?!”

Mako looked at her outfit, surprised by what just happened. “Holy cow! How is this possible?!”

“I don’t know, but… this looks so cool~” Haruppi exclaimed. “We look like superheroes!”

“It’s not superheroes,” Yuko corrected. “You are now Prism Knights.”

“Prism Knights..?”

On the other hand, the man was not pleased to see this.

“Grr! Oshima you fool! You dare give the gems to those puny humans!? Hand them over!”

But Yuko replied, “I’m afraid that can’t be done, Topaz. Once the gems choose a host, they become part of them. Those Prism Gems belong to these five now!”

“Prism Gems..?”


“Wait, who is that?”

“Fine. Geodites, attack!” the man called Topaz commanded as the monsters all charged forward.

“Wh-what do we do?!”

“Hold out your hands and say, ‘Energy, release’!”

As the monsters came forward, Yui stepped up before anyone and held her hands out in front of her.

“Energy, release!”

Once she said that, a red aura shot out of her hands and shot brightly in front of the monsters. It was so strong, the monsters retreated to their gems.

Yuko stared in awe at the sight.

“I never thought she could master that so easily… she IS powerful.”

As it calmed down, Yui looked at her hands.


“Sugoi~” Haruppi’s eyes sparkled. “How did you do that?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Topaz gritted his teeth. “Damn… Fine, I’ll just get rid of you myself!” he said before shooting a beam of dark energy towards the girls.

However a small smirk was seen on Yuko’s face. She ran in front of the group and held her hands out.

“Release!” she said before a barrier surrounded them and protected them from the blast.


“She can use magic?”

“I think it’s time we took our leave,” she said to the girls.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

But her question came unanswered when Yuko now held out her own pendant.

“Work this time...”

She clenched it in her hands and whispered a few words. The next moment, a bright light surrounded the group. It flashed and caused Topaz to go blind for a moment.

Much to Topaz’s frustration, when his vision cleared, Yuko and the girls have vanished from sight.

“Tch! Curses! That Oshima really has some nerve…”

Lapis walked over to him and took the black gems in his hand.

“A minor setback… but next time, we shall defeat them.”

Topaz just gripped his fists. “Fine...”

Then, the two teleported out of the room.


Now as for where Yuko and the five girls had disappeared to, it just so happens that in the last minute, the thing Yuko used was a teleportation spell that came and grabbed the girls and pulled them at Mach speed through what felt like a roller coaster.

In seconds, the five girls were screaming as they were taken to who knows where at lightning speed as thousands of colored lights surrounded them.

“What’s going oooon!?!”

Finally at last they were arrived in a completely other place.

They ended up landing on solid ground, all of them now back to their normal forms and without the armor.


Jurina however was the only one who laughed and said in excitement, “Wow! That was fun!”

“Fun?” Sayanee repeated thinking that the girl from Nagoya is crazy.

“Um...where are we?”

“I’ll explain things, girls, so please stay calm,” Yuko said.

“Yuko!” But, before she could say anything, a girl ran up and approached the woman. “What happened? Did you get the Gems?”

“Yeah, I got 'em, Kana. But so did Lapis. He turned some of them into Black Gems before I could get a hold of them.”

“God, that guy is annoying!”

“Don’t worry, though. I got most of them before they were corrupted.”

“Good...” Kana then saw the group of girls, looking at the pair with wide eyes. Kana screamed and dragged Yuko to the other side of the room. “Yuko, who are they?! Why did you bring them here?!”

“Ah yeah about that...well you’re looking at the new Prism Knights,” she said sheepishly.

“Huh?! How? You gave them the gems?”

“I was sidetracked by Topaz. I had no choice, and besides…” she looked over at Yui, who held the red Gem. “They have been proven worthy by the Gems themselves.”

“Hello?” Sayanee called out to gain the two older girls’ attention, “We’re still here you know?”

The five are still left clueless and out of the loop

“After what just happened, I guess we can safely assume that you two know exactly what’s going on here?” said Yui, “What exactly were those monsters? What is the meaning behind these gems? And who exactly are you two?”

Yuko sighed. “Please, calm down. We’ll answer all of your questions.”

Yui gave a serious look. “Please do.”


To Be Continued


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Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Chapter 1 Pt. 2)
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Wait! No, I want more!
Ya dragging me into reading this fic author-san and now I can only roll and wait for next update.  :bow:
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Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Chapter 1 Pt. 2)
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I decided to make it a three parter!


Chapter 1 (Part 3)

The five girls sat down on a white couch in the headquarters. Kana brought out some snacks and let them eat as she and Yuko sat on two separate chairs in front of the group.

“Now then, please explain everything to us from the start.”

“Okay…” Yuko picked up a cup and sipped some of the tea. “For starters, me and Kana are not human.”

“Well, we are, but at the same time, we’re not like normal humans,” Kana said.

“We’re from another world, a separate dimension from this one, ruled by Lady Ange.”


“She is the queen of our realm, and she created these,” Yuko held up her pendant. “The Prism Gems. Crystals that synchronize with our aura and manipulate energy around us. With that, we can create weapons, or use magic.”

“And then there are those who use the full power of the Gems to protect the realm from monsters like you fought in the museum.”

“That’s what you all became; the Prism Knights.”

“But… why were we chosen?” Mako asked.

Yuko smiled. “That’s because you all have one thing in common. Something very special.”

“What’s that?”

“You all have pure hearts, you see the true beauty of the world.” Yuko explained. “While beauty lives in the eye of the beholder, it is because you see and understand this beauty that you are worthy souls to wield the Gems. They saw that you were worthy, and now, they have synchronized with your aura.”


“It’s an energy humans give off,” Kana said. “It’s sort of like a radiation we all produce.”

“It’s light energy, Kana, not nuclear radiation.”

“Same difference~” Kana pouted as she ate a cookie.

“Wait...” Sayanee realized something. “Does that mean, you’re a Prism Knight, too, Yuko-san?”

“I used to be,” Yuko responded, putting her necklace back on. “My magic isn’t fully restored yet… I can’t do anything. All I can do is support you five now.”

“What about Kana?”

“I lost my Prism Gem a long time ago. I can’t fight anymore...”


“Sorry you two.”

“It’s okay.”

“So, who is it we’re fighting against exactly.”

Now, Yuko had a serious look. “His name is Obsidian. He’s a corrupted being of evil.”

“Lady Ange was created by pure Light. Obsidian is her counterpart, nothing but Darkness.”

“He wanted to overthrow our realm, kill Ange, and turn all of the Prism Gems into Black Gems.”

“So, those monsters...”

“Yeah, they were Black Gems.”

“Obsidian also has an army of Black Prism knights. They side with him and the Darkness, turned on our kind.”

“So, that person we saw at the museum...”

“That was Topaz. He’s one of Obsidian’s men.”

“Who was the other person you mentioned? Um, Lapis, was it?”

“He’s Obsidian’s right hand servant.”

“This guy sounds like trouble.”

“He is.”

“He wanted to plunge our realm into an abyss of Darkness and destruction. Luckily, Lady Ange sent all the Prism Gems down to Earth before she…” Yuko went silent, covering her mouth.

“Before she what..?” Jurina asked.

Yuko covered her face, Kana hugging the shorter girl.

“What’s wrong?” the Nagoya girl asked, then Sayaka nudged her shoulder.

“Can’t you get a clue? She...” she gripped her fist. “She was killed, wasn’t she? By that Obsidian person?”

Kana nodded her head. The others just went silent. Jurina immediately felt guilty.

“Sorry...” she apologized.

“No, it’s fine,” Yuko sat up again. “Ange may have lost her physical form, but… her spirit watches over us.”

“So, she’s like a ghost?”

“Mm, I guess...”

“Anyway, with her gone now, our realm became overrun with Darkness. Only us and a few other Prism knights were able to escape to Earth before being corrupted by Obsidian. But, now that he knows we and the Prism Gems are on Earth, most likely, he’ll want to do the same with this world as he did ours; turn everyone and everything dark and ugly.”

Haruppi raised an eyebrow, making a confused expression. “Ugly, like ugly faces..?”

“No. Ugly hearts. He’ll eat away everything that is beautiful and only leave hatred. This world will be destroyed and turn into a wasteland of devastation.”

“That’s even worse!”

“That’s why we need to fight.”

Yuko took Yui’s hands.

“Yui, you are the leader of this team.”


“I know that you’re very strong. I trust you to lead this team to victory against Obsidian.”

Yui saw the serious look in her eyes and smiled.

“Thank you.” Yui hugged the short girl. “I’ll do my best. In order to stop him.”

Yuko felt her cheeks blushed as she hugged Yui back and smiled.

“So, how do we get back home?”

“Oh, we’re already in Akihabara.”


Kana walked towards a door and opened it, revealing a view of Akihabara. It was like a pocket dimension in the room.


“That’s pretty cool.”

“Just come here tomorrow so we can start training. You have to bring your Gems or the door won’t open for you.”

“Got it.”

The girls bid their farewells and exited headquarters.


“So… it seems we have some new Prism knights that have awakened.”

“Yes sir.”

Obsidian held his staff as he looked down at his servant, Lapis.

“A minor setback in our plans, sir, but,” he held out the Black Prisms he had captured. “they are still weak. We can outmatch them.”

He grinned. “Good, Lapis. You are such a good boy,” he said, reaching out his hand. Lapis kissed the back of it, showing his loyalty.

After that, he was dismissed and re-encountered Topaz in the large mansion.

“Why did you let us fall back?” he growled angrily. “I could’ve killed those girls in a heartbeat..!”

“Patience, Topaz. You let your anger get the best of you.”

“What was that?!”

“Do not fret. Those girls shall be defeated, in due time,” he said before leaving.

“Tch! They better...”


In celebration over their first won fight against the Black Prism knights, the girls all had the rest of the day to themselves. Yui had left and now it was the four of them spending time together in Akihabara.

Soon, they all became hungry and stopped at a restaurant to eat.

“Hey, girls,” Yui came in, wearing an apron.


“You work here?”



“C’mon, I’ll set you up a table.”

Now that they've noticed this restaurant, the other four girls can't help but want to come again, now knowing their newest friend was working there.

"This is good~!" Mako praised after trying out the katsudon.

Yui, who is on her work shift, watched her friends stuff themselves out with the yummy food.

She giggled. "Don't expect a discount just because I work here now," she reminded.

"Yeah yeah..." Sayanee said sarcastically.

"Seconds please!"

Yui shook her head and said to herself, "You girls sure eat a lot..."

“That’s because this is so good~”

As Yui went to fetch a refill for the customers, Takamina came over from cleaning the tables.

"You've made such interesting friends so fast after coming back here just a few days ago," the owner remarked.

Yui chuckled. “I know.”

She looked over at her friends, then looked at her necklace. She had just become part of something big, and even after all that seriousness they experienced, they were still able to have fun and smile.

“Hey, what’s that?” Takamina asked, pointing out the necklace.

“Oh, uh, we all bought them together. They’re.. friendship necklaces!”

“Wow~ that sure is nice.”

Yui smiled and looked over at her friends. Takamina grinned and handed Yui a glass.

“Why don’t you take a break for today?” she said with a smile.


“Yeah, go hang out with your friends. I’ll make you some katsudon.”

Yui accepted her offer and took off her apron before going over and sitting with her friends. They sat and talked about everything, all night as they ate.

She knew she had made true friends, and she was excited, and nervous, about what was going to happen to them next.


To Be Continued


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 :panic: Thank you for your update  :kneelbow:
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ah.. I suppose is ori K.... and turn out it's a new K ^^"

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« Reply #9 on: May 20, 2015, 04:41:57 PM » reminiscing my long lost geography again....cooooool~
all kind of rocks/gems...xDD

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Chapter 1 Pt. 2)
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This is a short update. Gomen ne. XD


Chapter 2 (Part 1)

One day, while Yui was working with Takamina at her restaurant, the two happened to notice a lot of people gathered at a new place which had recently opened.

“That restaurant seems pretty popular,” Takamina said as the two looked over at the large crowd gathering at the restaurant.

“Will you be alright? With that sort of competition, they may shut you down.”

Takamina then grinned. “Don’t worry. This restaurant has been around for a long time. I’m not going anywhere.”

Yui smiled. “Good.”

The bell then rang as the door opened and four girls entered.



“Welcome back girls,” Takamina said. “I suppose we’ll be having the usual.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As the girl went to get the food, Yui approached her friends.

“So, Yuihan, looks like you’re doing well over here.”

“I am,” she said with a giggle.

“This place is nice, I can expect you love working here.”

“Yeah! I would love working at such a neat place like this!”

Now Takamina couldn’t help but overhear part of their conversation for a while. Because then it was here that she decided to throw out a suggestion.

"Well then in that case, would all of you girls like to apply to work here?"

The five all looked at the restaurant owner


“Is that really alright?!”

“I could use the extra help around here. How does that sound?”

Yui took a moment to think about it. The more she thought, it might not be such a bad idea. At this way, the five can easily meet up in case of an emergency.

“Actually...” Jurina spoke up, “That may be impossible for me.”

“Eh?” said the other girls.

Jurina continued, “Because… I’ll be so busy with my work as a model.”

“Ah, I see. Being an idol must be tough,” said Takamina.

“Hmm… I think it’ll be tough for me, too,” Sayaka said. “Going back and forth from Osaka and Tokyo...”

“Same here,” Haruppi said. “Plus, I’m still in school.”

Yui turned to the last member who still hasn’t answered yet. “Mako?”

Mako smiled. “It’s okay with me! I live in Tokyo, so I won’t have to worry about travel, and plus, working at an awesome place like this will look good on my idol resume,” she reassured.

“That’s great!”

Hearing their answers, Takamina then said, “Tell me what you’re good at.”

“I have confidence in my cooking skills.”

“How’d you like to start tomorrow? Show me what you can whip up.”

“Yes ma’am!”


Meanwhile, Lapis was looking over a crystal orb which showed the people at the restaurant. He grinned.

“Looks like progress is going well.”

Lapis held one of the Black Gems in his hands.

“With these Black Gems, we’ll suck up all the energy from those foolish humans. Then, when the Prism knights come to stop us, we’ll defeat them when they’re at their weakest. That’s when we’ll take their Prism Gems and Lord Obsidian will become invincible.”

Topaz happened to be overhearing and stepped in. “How was Ange even able to recruit a new team, anyways? We should’ve gotten rid of her troops.”

“No, at least one of them survived.”


“Oshima Yuko. To think she could hide from us and get away with it. She is as clever as I remember.”

Topaz’s eyes went ablaze with anger, turning bright orange. He pounded his fist on the wall as some of his red hair hid over his eyes.

“Enough talk. I’d actually like to see just what these girls are.”

Lapis grinned, pulling back some of his white hair. “Okay,” he turned to his ally. “Go and take them on. I bet Lord Obsidian would be proud if you came back with all five of their Gems.”

Topaz scowled. “I will.”


To Be Continued


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Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai - Ver. 1 (Chapter 2 Pt. 1)
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Tadaima~~~ :heart: :heart: :heart:

Here's a new chapter!


Chapter 2 (Part 2)

The next day, the group arrived at the restaurant and saw it was completely empty. Takamina was still working as normal, though, cleaning the counter.


“Looks like that place is better than I thought,” she said.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m not losing to that place just yet.”

The puzzled girls gave an “Eh?”

Takamina pointed over to across the room. Sitting at one of the tables, eating a croquette, was a young boy who looked almost 12.

“I still have one loyal customer,” said the owner.

Yui smiled widely at the sight of the boy. “Kouichi!”

Kouichi looked up and smiled when he saw Yui. “Yui-nee-chan!” he greeted.

“How are you? I didn’t see you yesterday.”

“Gomen, nee-chan. I had soccer practice, we’re having a big game this weekend.”

“Oh, I see. I’ll definitely have to come then!”

Jurina turned her head to the short woman, “This boy always comes here?”

“Yup. He came once, and said after eating and talking with Yui, this place was his favorite restaurant. Ever since, he would always come to be with Yui and eat with her.”

“That kid must be in love with her,” Haruppi giggled.

“Wait,” Yui suddenly asked. “Where are your parents?”

“My mom had to look after dad. He ate at that new fancy place and got sick,” he said pointing to the restaurant he’s referring to.

This brought some puzzlement to Yui.

“Wait… but, that place is so popular.”

“Now that I mention it, there have been news reports of mass food poisoning going on,” Takamina mentioned.

“What? Mass food poisoning?”

“Yeah, but it seems no one has been investigating… that’s too bad, though,” the woman frowned. She then slung the towel over her shoulder and announced, “I’m gonna go on my lunch break.”

As Takamina left, the group huddled together to have a private discussion.

“So all these people are getting sick from food poisoning. Why is no one looking into it?” Sayaka began the conversation.

“Yeah, you’d think with something like this, they’d check into it,” Mako mentioned.

“It’s gotta be that restaurant,” Yui said, “People have been going nuts ever since that place opened up! That has to be it!”

“But that place is supposed to have really good quality food,” Jurina stated.

“Takamina told me herself, no matter how fancy or how popular, bad food ruins the business.”

“But, how could that be? Even my friends from school said the food was delicious,” Haruka asked.

They pondered the idea, and then Sayaka said, “It must be one of Obsidian’s men. They probably did something that’s making people crave it so they’ll eat more and get even sicker.”

“That would make sense,” Jurina agreed.

“Well, if it is, we need to figure out a way to get everyone out. That’ll buy us time to find them and stop them.”


They broke the huddle and Yui approached Kouichi again. She patted his head and said, “Stay here.”

He only nodded and continued eating.

“Takamina, I’m heading out a bit!” Yui said before she and the others left.

Takamina looked up from her bento, seeing the door close. She shrugged and went back to eating.


Inside the restaurant, the customers were eating all the food that was brought onto their plates. Each spoonful that went down was filled with an addicting taste that made them beg for more.

However, all of them were eating countless amounts, and all of them seemed completely mindless. As if they were animals in the wild gorging down on their prey, their feast. They all felt their stomachs were bottomless, and with each bite, they wanted more.

Topaz watched from the shadows, chuckling under his breath.

“That’s good. Eat more,” he said with pleasure, “All the food here is filled with the nectar of Obsidian’s cursed black lilies. Once it enters their system, they become addicted to it and want more, then it sucks all their energy away and leaves them as empty shells. Soon they will all become mindless slaves to Lord Obsidian.”

Outside the restaurant, Yui and the others arrived at the front doors. Yui pulled up her sleeve and revealed a wrist watch. It was a watch that Yuko had given her and the other four to communicate with her and Kana while they were at the base. She pushed a button on the watch and a hologram of Yuko appeared.

Yui spoke, “Yuko-san, one of Obsidian’s men has invaded this restaurant. People have been getting sick because of it.”

“Hmm, indeed, we’ve been picking up a lot of negative energy since that place opened up. That has to be the explanation.”

“We need to stop him.”

“Right, but first, get everyone out of there. Then, find whoevers causing this.”

“Got it.” She pushed the button again and the call ended. She turned to her allies. “Let’s transform!”

This made Jurina react with surprise. “Eh?! Right here?!” she said, concerned of course the fact that someone might see them transform and their identities will be exposed.

“Don’t worry, I already checked, and no one’s watching. Let’s do it!”


They all raised their Prism Gems in the air, causing them to glow in unison.

“Gems, energize!”

The light wrapped around them and at their command, the armor appeared on their bodies, just like before. Yui then approached the entrance door and swung it open.

“Everyone, stop eating! This restaurant’s food is dangerous towards your health!”

Topaz saw the group and sneered. “Them again...”

Sayanee started proceeding to help some of the customers who haven’t completely succumbed to the spell escape. The others however were more difficult and wouldn’t budge.

“What do we do? We can’t move them!”

“Then we’re gonna have to take this fight elsewhere,” Yui proposed.

And to do that, Yui focused the energy in her Gem to find Topaz. She concentrated as she held the pendant, then focused on finding where he was hiding. She felt a strong energy behind one of the pillars and saw a figure in her mind.

She opened her eyes, “Here!” She pointed at the pillar.

The next second, Topaz stepped out. “You found me. So, you five are Ange’s new knights.”

Yui grinned.

“The fire burning with passion; Ruby Red warrior!” she then said before posing.

He gave me a confused look. “Haa?”

“The cool and calm ocean waves; Sapphire Blue warrior!” Sayanee posed.

“The wild and free-blowing winds; Emerald Green warrior!” Jurina posed.

“The shining sun of happiness; Amber Yellow warrior!” Mako posed.

“The prosperous blooming flower; Quartz Pink warrior!” Haruppi posed.

“We are the Rainbow Prism knights!” All five then said in unison.

Yui pointed at Topaz again. “We’ll vanquish your darkness with our light!”

From the base, Yuko and Kana watched the scene from the base and saw the group posing.

“Oh sugoi!” Kana remarked, “It’s just like the old times!”

“How did they even come up with that?”

“They look like Super Sentai! I heard that series is pretty popular here, so I looked it up. They fight monsters just like we do! Don’t you think they’re like that?! Nee, Yuko~”

“Baka, I dunno anything about your Sentai-whatever thing!”

Kana then stopped. “Ah, they started fighting.”


The five charged towards their opponent and teleported him with them outside the restaurant.

“Damn!” He jumped into the air and summoned Geodites. “Attack!”

“Summon, weapons!” Yui, Sayaka, and Jurina all called out their weapons. From their Gems emerged three different weapons. A red sword, two blue hand blades, and a green spear.

The three charged forward and attacked the Geodites.

But while those three were at it, Mako was a bit reluctant and scared, not really having any experience at all with combat.


When Topaz was about to hit her, she panicked and ducked, covering her head.


“Be careful of your surroundings, Mako!” Sayanee advised.

“H-hai! Gomen!” Mako quickly apologized. “Um, summon, weapon!”

From Mako’s yellow Gem appeared a yellow war hammer. She had a bit of difficulty lifting it, but then swung it and hit one of the Geodites, causing it to poof back into its Prism Gem.

“I got it!”

“My turn! Summon, weapon!” Haruppi held her hand out and from both her hands appeared two guns with pink cherry blossom symbols on it. She shot at the Geodites as they came at her.

Topaz gritted his teeth. “How are they so strong?!”

“Girls, now!” Yuko spoke through their Gems.


Sayaka, Jurina, Mako, and Haruka’s weapons all changed into orbs of light and were absorbed into Yui’s sword making it stronger.

A much larger Geodite approached and she combatted with one swing. In that slash, the beast was cut and poofed into its Gem form.

“We did it!”

“Yui, that was awesome!”

Topaz gripped his fist.

“This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us, Prism Knights,” he spoke.

“Us?” Mako asked.

“You’re still small. We have a much larger army. In the end, it will be us who’ll prevail. And Lord Obsidian will rise again.”

And with that, he vanished.

The dark energy surrounding the restaurant disappeared and everyone who was affected by the Black Gem’s power returned to normal.

“So… now what?”


“You fool, Topaz!” Obsidian boomed. “How could you have not defeated them?!”

“I’m sorry, my Lord! They are much stronger than we anticipated.”

“Do not fail me next time! We must retrieve their Gems!”

“I understand.” Topaz bowed his head before leaving. He gave an angered expression as he left the room, one only Lapis saw.

“Lord Obsidian,” Lapis then spoke. “I shall take care of them next time. You’ll see.”

“Very good, Lapis. I can always count on you, my most faithful servant.”


Later that day….

Since they solved the mystery behind the food poisoning, there were a lot more customers coming to Takamina’s restaurant. Business was booming. So much that you could’ve considered it at five-star level.

“Excuse me? Can I have a refill on water?” a customer called out.

“Hai coming right up!”

The one who responded to the customer’s call was actually Sayanee, wearing an apron given to her by Takamina.

As it turns out, the other four girls have decided to take Takamina’s offer and began working at the restaurant to help with their new blooming business.

Jurina called out from inside the kitchen, “Order up!”

She worked as an extra hand in the kitchen with Takamina, preparing the food for the customers.

“Jurina-san you’re pretty good in the kitchen,” Haruppi couldn’t help but remark.

“I may be working as a model, but I have learned cooking before that,” said Jurina.

Speaking of Haruppi, she was now working as a waitress taking people’s orders, wearing a cute waitress outfit and apron similar to Sayaka’s.

“Yui, here you go!” Haruppi handed her senpai one of the food trays and they carried them out to their awaiting customers.

Alongside Jurina, the other Tokyo local, Mako, was working in the kitchen preparing food. Jurina happened to taste some of the curry.

“This is good, Mako-chan!”

“Thanks! It’s my mom’s recipe!”

Jurina giggled. “You’ll make a good wife~”


Yui smiled as she saw how well business was going, especially now that she had her best friends working by her side.

“This is nice. I hope we can have this happiness stay.”


To Be Continued


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Added a poll. Tell me what you all think. :)

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} AKB x Super Sentai *Poll added* 150831
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Someone said "something else". If you have a specific idea for "something else", could you please put it in the comments.  :nervous

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM (AKB Team K x Super Sentai)
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Chapter 3 (Part 1)

“Achoo!” Sayanee sneezed out loud. “God, why is there so much dust in here?!”

“We haven’t used this base for three years. It only just activated after it picked up the energy waves of the Prism Gems,” Yuko said.

Jurina made a disgusted face at the dust. “So that’s why…”

Yui and Haruppi were both dusting off a bookshelf. Haruppi looked at one of them and blew off the cover. She saw a symbol which looked similar to their Gems.

“Yuko-san, what’s this book?”

“Oh, I think that talks about Prism history.”

“Ooh~” Haruppi opened it up and looked through the pages.

Meanwhile, Mako was cleaning up a table when she happened upon a certain object...

“Hey,” Mako picked up a picture frame, “Guys, look at this!”

“What?” They all gathered and saw the photo.

In it, was Yuko, but a bit younger, along with Kana. There were also more girls with them, all wearing similar outfits as them. There was also a young man with black hair and a white uniform they didn’t recognize.

“Hey, Yuko, is this you when you were a Prism Knight?”

Yuko and Kana both walked up, looking at the photo.

“Ah~ how nostalgic!”

“Yup. This was about 3 years ago, before me and the others used our powers to seal Obsidian.”

“Although, I wasn’t a warrior,” Kana said. “I was just a trainee, so now I work as an advisor for Lady Ange-sama.”

“Wow, you all look so young!” Jurina couldn’t help but remark.

“Oh, stop~” Kana giggled.

Yui then decided to ask about the rest that are in the picture that she doesn’t know. “Who are the others?”

“They were also warriors who protected Lady Ange alongside me. There’s Yuka, she was from Osaka working at a takoyaki shop. She wanted to become a singer, but when she gave up her powers, she ended up losing her life.”

“Then, there’s Ume-chan. She left and moved to Fukuoka to DJ a radio show. Tomo~mi, she lost her powers and left to pursue her dream as an idol. Natsumin and Erepyon, both ended up losing their memories...”

“Who are they?” Sayanee pointed at two tall girls in the back. One had a very exotic face and long dark hair, the other had shorter hair and looked very boyish. The boyish girl was hugging the other, and the two were holding hands.

“That’s Sayaka and Sae. Those two were the strongest pair in our group. The two were powerful on their own, maybe more than me, but together, they were truly unstoppable.”

“Are they…?” Yui started to ask, but Yuko put the photo down.

“They disappeared 3 years ago… neither of us were able to find their Prism Gems. We finally gave up searching and considered they had died.”

“That’s terrible...”

Yuko pounded her fist on the table.

“Obsidian did this...” she gritted her teeth, trying to fight her tears. “Because of him… Lady Ange…. Sayaka… Sae….”

The girl’s voice started to crack. She was crying, even though she wouldn’t show her face, the girls knew tears were flowing down. Kana hugged the shorter girl, giving the five a look that asked them to be alone.

They simply nodded and left the room.

“Things suddenly got intense...” Haruppi said, holding her arms.

“Yeah...” Mako agreed.

“Maybe we were wrong to ask her about them…”

“No,” Yui responded.


“I understand what Yuko is feeling. She was very close with those girls, I could tell. I would feel heartbroken, too, if I lost everyone dear to me.”


“Wait, we forgot to ask who the guy was!” Haruppi realized.

“Oh yeah...”

“We’ll ask them when they’ve calmed down. They’re probably still hung up on everything in the past…”


“Lapis…” Topaz glared at the white haired male as he looked into a crystal mirror, reflecting the girl’s in the base. “What exactly are you planning?”

“Oh, a plan that will surely not fail.”

He sneered.

“You see, Topaz, the Prism Gems they hold are some of the most powerful that exist. Ones that hold potential to unleash great amounts of energy. If we can turn them into Black Gems, Obsidian will become invincible.”

“I still don’t trust you…” Topaz said. “Ever since you arrived, I never have.”

He left and Lapis simply chuckled.

“Oh, Topaz… he truly doesn’t know what I am capable of.”


Yuko looked through all the screens in the computer system of the base. Everything seemed to have been functioning probably even though it hasn’t been touched for several years.

“Looks like we’re officially back in business.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

“There’s one important mission for you girls right now,” Yuko started. “Those Black Gems, we have to contain them here so they don’t become more corrupt.”

“We’re gonna use our technology to revert them back to normal,” Kana mentioned.

“You can do that?”

“Well, for some.”

“Not all…”

"It's a learning process. If some become too corrupted, there's a risk of them being unable to revert back to normal Prism Gems and go berserk. Before that happens, we crush them. Unlike--"

That was when an alarm went off. They saw a figure appear on the screen, looking at them.


Lapis smiled evilly. “Hello, Yuko. It’s been some time.”

“Eh? Yuko-san, you know Lapis?” Mako asked.

Yuko gave Lapis an angered look.

“Why do you keep doing this?”

“We have to keep things here moving. In order to succeed--”

“That won’t happen! How many times have I told you, you won’t succeed!”

Lapis glared at the girls through the screen.

“You fools never learn do you. No matter how bright your precious Light is, it will all be swallowed up by the Darkness.”

“How can you say that?!”

“I learned a long time ago, that true power lies within the Darkness. That’s why I am loyal to Lord Obsidian only!”

“You betrayed us, Yukito!!!”

That’s when Yui saw it. She looked at Lapis again, and she saw the resemblance. His hair, even though white, his outfit, even though black, and his eyes, even though dark… she saw it all.

“Lapis is… Yukito..? He’s the guy in the photo...”

“Leave!” Yuko screamed in anger. “Just leave us alone and never come back!”

She ran off, running into her room.


“Oh, well… Anyway, before I go, here’s a present for you girls.” He snapped his fingers and the screen went to static.

Another alarm went off and waves of dark energy came in.

“Black Prisms!”

“We need to go!”


To Be Continued


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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM (AKB Team K x Super Sentai)
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Comments are much appreciated by me and Sky! :) :heart:


Chapter 3 (Part 2)

The girls transformed and were teleported to the scene. They saw the Geodites wreaking havoc in the middle of the streets.

“Let’s go!”

They summoned their weapons and started to fight. However, they found more difficulty in defeating the monsters as they were stronger and more fierce than before.

“What’s with these things?! They’ve grown more powerful since the last time!”

Jurina then happened to notice a gemstone that looked sort of like their Prism Gems, but it was distorted and had a different shape. Like it was mutated. They weren’t like the last monsters’, which were simply Prism Gems that were tainted black.

She pushed it back with all the strength she had, but struggled to keep it steady.

“Hey, a little help, somebody!”

Mako summoned her war hammer and swung it hard, hitting the creature and defeating it. It poofed into its Gem form and revealed a very distorted shape gemstone.

Mako spoke through her communicator. “Kana-san, this Black Gem isn’t like the others.”

“It must be too corrupted. Point the wristwatch to the Gem.”

The girl nodded and pointed the yellow watch to the Gem. A beam shone over it and it disappeared.

“I sent it here so it could be contained, that way it won’t corrupt any further.”

“Okay. Everyone,” she called out to her teammates. “These guys are gonna be harder to defeat, but after we subdue them, we need to send them back to base to be contained.”

“Alright!” Yui raised her sword. “No one hold back!”


When the battle was over, the five helped Kana place all the corrupted Gems in glass containers.

“That should keep them from regenerating.”

Yui and the others all sat down, breathing heavily from the last battle.

“What is this..?” Sayanee couldn’t help but ask in between pants, “I felt a little tired before when we fought, but… now I’m exhausted.”

“The Prism Gems level up your stamina so you can fight, so when you transform back to normal it may take longer for you to regain that energy.”

“Is this how you guys felt when you fought Obsidian..?” Haruppi breathed out.

“No, we were in WAY worse condition. I was passed out for three days after that battle.”

The five groaned.

“Don’t worry. With some training, you girls will be able to strengthen your stamina so you won’t feel as tired,” Kana reassured.

Jurina then remembered something.

“Oh yeah… when Lapis appeared on the screen, I saw a black crystal on his chest that looked like ours.”

“Ah, you’re right,” Mako agreed. “And Yuko-san called him Yukito…”

“Kana-san, what does this mean?” Haruppi asked.

This was when Kana gave a sad expression and sat down along with them.

“The truth is, Lapis… no, Yukito used to be on our side.”


“He was an advisor for Lady Ange and was like a mentor for our team. He and Yuko were extremely close and I think Yuko was even in love with him.”


“That’s why she reacted that way.”

“But… what happened?”

“Yukito ended up making a deal with Obsidian, that in exchange of ultimate power, he would become loyal to Obsidian only. He sold his own humanity to serve him, and his Gem was tainted black.”

“That’s why… Yuko-san said that...”

“You betrayed us, Yukito!!!”

“Yuko couldn’t handle his betrayal… and on top of that, after Sayaka and Sae disappeared, she was worse than ever. Even I can’t do anything…”

She looked over at a door. The name “Yuko” was on it.

“I just hope… she’ll be alright.”

Yui got up and started walking towards the door.


“It sucks being alone… one of us needs to be there for Yuko-san. I will.”

She looked at her teammates. She knew just by the look in their eyes they agreed. She turned back and opened the door, walking into the dim-lighted bedroom. She saw Yuko’s back facing her as she was crawled into a ball, sitting up against the wall on the floor.

“Yuko...” Yui walked up to the girl. “Kana-san told us everything… I’m so sorry.”

Yuko didn’t speak; she didn’t even look at Yui.

“Yukito… you liked him, didn’t you? That’s why you were so upset when he betrayed you… I really am sorry.”

No response came, and Yui sighed out. The atmosphere was tense and silent.

“Do you wanna be alone?” she finally asked.

Yuko shook her head. “No...” Her voice cracked.

Yui knelt down and hugged Yuko, letting her cry softly into her chest. She hadn’t seen Yuko in such a weak state before, even though she always seemed strong.

“It hurts, doesn’t it..?”

Yuko nodded.

“I’ve been alone for so long… all alone… I don’t want to lose anyone else..! I don’t want to be alone anymore! I…!”

“Yuko...” Yui parted from her and looked in her eyes. “You’re not alone.”


“You still have Kana-san with you. And now you have the five of us. You don’t need to worry about losing us. We’re gonna become stronger and beat Obsidian together. We’ll always stay by your side.”

Yuko smiled as she cried more, wiping away some of her tears.

“Thank you, Yui...” Yuko said.

They hugged again and Yui patted the shorter woman’s head.

“You don’t have to be alone anymore.”


To Be Continued


Next chapter will be the start of character focus chapters, highlighting on one of the five main! Hope you'll look forward to it! :D

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM (Chapter 3 Part 2) 150914
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You're dragging me back to AKB, arghhhhh. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.  XD :twothumbs


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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM (Chapter 3 Part 2) 150914
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Added a new poll. :3

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Poll update 150922
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Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Ever since becoming a Prism knight, Mako had to live on her normal life while bearing a huge secret. One she could never tell her two best friends.

“Your little brother is really nice, Miki. You shouldn’t boss him around like that.”

“Oh, quiet, Nana!”

“I mean it, you need to be a better big sister to him.”

“Mou~ Mako-chan, tell Nana I--”

When they saw the gloomy look on Mako’s face, they became worried.

“What’s wrong, Makocchi?”


“Hey, don’t be shy. You can tell us anything, Mako-chan. What’s on your mind?”

“Guys...” Mako started backing away from her two friends. “I want to tell you, but...”


“But.. I can’t!”

She started running away. Even when her friends called to her, she didn’t look back.

Mako ran until she was all alone. She sat down on her knees and started crying.

She cried by herself, knowing she could never be able to tell her friends everything. The thought of putting them in danger was breaking her heart, because she wanted to let everything out

Then, as she was silently sobbing, someone walked up to her.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Mako looked up and saw a young girl standing in front of her, looking at her with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Mako wiped her tears away. “It’s nothing… just a lot’s happened.”

“What’s your name?”

“Kojima Mako… and you?”

“Owada Nana.” Nana smiled. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Mako looked at her Prism Gem, thinking through everything. She couldn’t tell anyone about what she was doing…

But… if the others never found out, and if Nana kept it secret, perhaps it would be okay.

“Well, alright… But, I need you to promise you won’t tell anyone. It’s extremely important.”

Mako held out her pinky. Nana nodded and intertwined her pinky with hers.


“Where’s Mako-chan?” Haruppi asked as the four were waiting at the base.

“I don’t know…” Jurina sighed.

“She should’ve been here earlier.” Sayanee paced around the room.

“Maybe she’s doing after school activities,” Haruppi then suggested.

“No. She’s not in the school,” Yuko then brought up. “Look.”

The group saw a blinking yellow dot on the screen.

“That’s Mako-chan?”

“Yeah. Using this, we can track where you all are just in case you get into danger. Right now, Mako’s off the school grounds. She’s--”

But before she could finish, the screen glitched slightly.

“Dang it! Come on!” Yuko pounded the screen a bit, trying to clear up the disruption. “Not again!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I dunno… It’s been happening ever since we got it start up. I wonder if it’s cuz we haven’t used it in a while.”

Kana banged on the monitor and it went clear again.

“Yes!” She smiled, but then she thought she saw something on the screen. It was only for a moment, but it was gone.

“We’ll need to fix that later. For now, you guys go find Mako.”



The four started tracking Mako’s communicator through a small computer given to them by Yuko. When they got close to Mako, it would sound off.

“She has to be around here somewhere…” Sayanee pointed the device in each direction, then headed north. “This way.”

They started walking until they reached a certain café. They saw Mako sitting with a girl they didn’t recognize, talking about something.

“Can you hear them?” Jurina asked Sayanee.

“No. Hold on...” She turned a few knobs on the tracker, making static sound off. “Since there are mics in our communicators, maybe I can hack in and listen on their conversation.”

Just then, the static cleared and they could hear voices…

“So then, me and the others transformed into knights, using these.”


“They’re Prism Gems. We use them to fight Obsidian and his army.”

Their eyes all widened.

“She’s telling her about our Prism Gems!” Haruppi softly exclaimed.

Jurina covered her mouth as Sayanee and Yui formed concerned expressions.

“You gotta promise you won’t tell anyone. If Obsidian tries to get you, I would never forgive myself.”

“Don’t worry, Mako-chan. I won’t tell a living soul.”

“I can’t believe this…”



To Be Continued


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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 4 (Part 1) 151011
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MAKO! You stupid mongrel!

Update soon friend


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