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Author Topic: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)  (Read 12378 times)

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New Furuyanagi OS! Of Birds and Sketches)
« Reply #20 on: September 13, 2015, 05:58:13 AM »
Hello, I always read your fics, but never once leave a comment.
So, here my first comment..
The story is really emotional, it got me to cry. I cry a lot on the last part.
I like all your stories, so keep it up.

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New Furuyanagi OS! Of Birds and Sketches)
« Reply #21 on: September 13, 2015, 10:46:36 AM »
I'm glad that I was the one who made you think about that :) and this oneshot is beautiful... Do realise tho that Churi was in NMB at one point X3

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New Furuyanagi OS! Of Birds and Sketches)
« Reply #22 on: September 13, 2015, 01:31:30 PM »
I'm glad that I was the one who made you think about that :) and this oneshot is beautiful... Do realise tho that Churi was in NMB at one point X3

Lol trust me, I remember that Churi once held a concurrency with NMB48 (hence why I made an NMB-related analogy in the fic about how they always race in line to get food during catering), but since Furuyanagi started when Churi and Airin were in SKE48, I decided to consider their pairing as an "SKE couple" and wrote for them an "SKE fic"  :D

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New Furuyanagi OS! Of Birds and Sketches)
« Reply #23 on: September 13, 2015, 02:08:55 PM »
Hello, I always read your fics, but never once leave a comment.
So, here my first comment..
The story is really emotional, it got me to cry. I cry a lot on the last part.
I like all your stories, so keep it up.

Thanks so much for reading my fics and taking the time to comment! I really love comments!

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New Furuyanagi OS! Of Birds and Sketches)
« Reply #24 on: September 14, 2015, 08:24:12 PM »
Nezukara-san, can you write an OS based on this GIF?  :inlove:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (Plans for Upcoming Fics~)
« Reply #25 on: September 14, 2015, 11:54:47 PM »
Nezukara-san, can you write an OS based on this GIF?  :inlove:

I'd absolutely love to write an OS based around that gif! Just as soon as I finish the AnKobii with ShiroKuro OS and find a decent amount of time to write, that is, since school has finally begun to pick up for me.

I'm also planning a multi-chapter fic (which will include a few couples I have already written for, as well as some that I have not as of yet), so that'll hopefully become a thing eventually! However my OS collection will still take priority until then~

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New AnKobii fic! In Which We're Under the Same Sky)
« Reply #26 on: September 23, 2015, 04:05:21 AM »
AN: Holy crap it's been a while since I've updated! Gomen ne!:kneelbow: See, I can only write when I have the free time and the initiative, both of which I do not have enough of, unfortunately:thumbdown: School has been so troublesomeeeeeeeee. Sorry again!

In addition, I've also been working on my first multi-chapter fic, so that took some time out as well. Anyway, I promised this fic to ChibiRine a decent amount of time ago, so I figured that I should finish this first before everything else! Sorry if it's a bit short! Enjoy~

P.S. Even with my busy schedule, I'm still open for requests!

In Which We’re Under the Same Sky - AnKobii

“Argh...” Antonio groans, shielding her eyes helpless from the bright light. The sun? Was the sun really so bright? Suddenly, something blocks her view, and she blinks in confusion. Her vision is still blurry, but she realizes that someone was leaning over her, watching her wake up. A second later, Antonio’s sight finally comes to, and she realizes that it was not just anyone observing her wake.

Eyes widening, Antonio abruptly sits up, only to gasp in pain when her head immediately begins to throb from the head rush.

Across from her, another girl giggles, leaning in to place a gentle hand on Antonio’s shoulder.

“Hey, be careful, alright? You’ll feel off for a good while.” She cautions, “You just got shot in the forehead, too. Obviously, you’ll feel a bit queasy. Don’t push yourself.”

Antonio shakes her head stubbornly, until she feels her head begin to throb harder. Coming to the truth that the other girl was right, Antonio instead opts to scooch forwards, swaying a little forwards, as if expecting something.

In response, the other girl smiles slightly and tilts her head upwards a tad, allowing Antonio to rest their foreheads against each other. She stares in interest as Antonio closes her eyes and inhales a few deep breaths, preparing herself.

They’re silent for a few moments, but it’s not unlike how it was back down on earth. How long they had spent in their classroom, simply resting on each other, Antonio has no idea.

Finally, Antonio speaks up, leaving her eyes closed.

“Kobii.” She whispers, almost in disbelief.

“Yes,” Kobii replies, her smile growing and a soft look takes place in her eyes, “Antonio.”

“I can see you now.” Antonio says, opening her eyes at last, and Kobi basks in the warm gaze of her old friend. “And you haven’t disappeared.”

“No,” Kobii giggles again, reaching a hand up to lightly touch Antonio’s cheek, “I’m not going anywhere, Antonio. And frankly, neither are you.”

Antonio laughs, moving even closer to nudge her nose against Kobii’s, the latter of which wrinkles her nose at the contact, and Antonio heart swells, squeezing tight in the best way possible. She’s missed Kobii so much, and to have her right in front of her was almost overwhelming.

“I’m dead, aren’t I?” Antonio voices, already knowing the answer.

“Yes…” Kobii frowns slightly, her look becoming sullen. “I’m sorry… If I hadn’t been so careless...”

“Hey, I’m fine now.” Antonio comforts her long-time partner by stroking her hair, noticing her depressing attitude. “Remember what you told me when I tried apologizing? There’s nothing to be sorry for. Especially for decisions that I, myself, made.”

Antonio promptly pulls Kobii up to her body, enveloping her in a much desired hug, cradling her ever so gently, as if Kobii would break if she embraced her too tight. Kobii simultaneously melts into Antonio’s hold, burying her face in the stronger girl’s shoulder. It’s been awhile since she’s felt so at home, and Kobii suspects that’s because Antonio is her home.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Antonio murmurs into Kobii’s velvety hair, “Kobii… I wanted to be with you again so badly! So many people had been killed, and I… I couldn’t bear it anymore! I was so angry… first Salt, and then you…”

“I know.” Kobii whispers, and they lapse into silence once more.

“Ne, Sayaka?” Kobii finally mentions once a minute has passed, and Antonio jumps at the unfamiliar name.

“Uh, oh! Yes?” Antonio stammers, unused to being called by her given name. Upon seeing Kobii’s amused expression, Antonio pouts and quickly defends herself, “What? It’s been a pretty long time since anyone’s actually called me ‘Sayaka.’ What’s up with suddenly addressing me by my first name anyway?”

“I don’t know…” Kobii trails off, giving Antonio a playful sidelong glance, “I guess your actual name suits our new location more than your Yankee name.”

And for the first time, Antonio takes the time to behold their surrounding, acknowledging the lush green grass beneath them and the bright blue sky above. Encircling them were flowers of every kind, possessing colors that Antonio had forgotten had even existed. In particular, a nearby patch of light blue, almost white flowers that intermingled with bright pink flora caught Antonio’s attention.

Catching Antonio’s line of sight, Kobii nods at the flowers as well.

“The bright pink flowers are pink gerberas. They represent gratitude and mystery.” Kobii explains, “And the light blue ones are hydrangeas. They represent unity, friends, and family.”

Kobii blushes, looking down slightly. “The hydrangeas remind me of you, Antonio.”

“If I’m the hydrangeas, then you’re the pink gerberas.” Antonio remarks, bending down to pick one of each of the flowers, “I’m eternally thankful to you, Kobii.”

Kobii shakes her head, “You have no idea how thankful I am for you, Antonio. You’re my family.”

“Let’s be thankful for each other, then. Let’s be each other’s family. Like the flowers, let’s grow next to each other.” Antonio smiles, “And you’re right, by the way. This isn’t the place to be Antonio. ‘Sayaka’ is fine, Miyuki.”

Miyuki’s eyes widen, and if it’s even possible, she flushes an even darker shade of red. “You’re not the only one who hasn’t been called by their first name in some time, Sayaka.”

Sayaka laughs, lying back down on the grass and pulling Miyuki down with her, “We’ve got eternity to work on it, right? Let’s take our time.”

“Agreed.” Miyuki says, cuddling up to Sayaka’s side.

“Can you answer another thing for me, Miyuki?” Sayaka asks, looking up at the sky and beginning to watch the clouds.


“Where did you learn about the flowers?”

“Shirogiku and Kurobara taught me about them a while ago.” Miyuki answers, joining Sayaka in cloud gazing. “Shirogiku asked me to drop a blue rose off at Salt’s funeral for them, and I wondered why a blue rose. It turns out that a blue rose expresses the inexplicable. Someone who receives a blue rose is the subject of much speculation and thought.

“Anyway, I asked them about the meanings of other flowers, and hydrangeas and pink gerberas stood out.” Miyuki continues.

“Did you go to Salt’s funeral?” Sayaka furrows her eyebrows, “I don’t remember seeing you.”

“I didn’t stay long.” Miyuki responds, “I paid my respects and left. It wasn’t my place to stay. I did leave two flowers though.”

“Two blue roses?”

“One blue rose and one blue baby’s breath.”

“What does the baby’s breath stand for?”

“A baby’s breath represents one’s dearest wish or desire.” Miyuki smiles to herself, her gaze not leaving the clouds, “It means the dearest joy and purest heart. The blue color represents dreams that come true. Kurobara recommended it to me.”

"Those two have been so helpful." Sayaka reminisces wistfully, "To think that they weren't even allied with us just last year..."

"They've come quite a long way," Miyuki says, thinking back to the duo, "Shirogiku and Kurobara have become very dear to me."

"Do you think they've taken the top?"

"I hope so." Miyuki replies, "I hope they reached it together."

"With no doubt." Sayaka laughs, stretching her still-sore body, "They're inseparable."

The look in Sayaka's eyes softens, "I wish I had been more like them. Those two are always looking out for each other. Always aware of the other's actions. I, on the other hand..."

Miyuki simply shakes her head and intertwines their hands. "Don't dwell on it, alright? We've both made our mistakes. We've both had our share of sadness. Let's be happy together from now on, alright?"

Sayaka nods, relaxing into the grass once more, "Sounds like a plan. We do have eternity, after all. And I'm quickly warming up to the idea of being stuck with you forever."

Miyuki giggles, "If you choose to. Salt is here as well, you know."

"It wouldn't be right." Sayaka answers immediately, "Antonio's place is beside Kobii, so naturally, Sayaka should be with Miyuki."

"Well, I definitely am not complaining." Miyuki smiles, cuddling into Sayaka's side. "Still, you two should at least talk. Sort out the things that need to be said and whatnot."

"Where is she, anyways?"

Miyuki smirks and points to a large oak tree, maybe thirty meters away. Under the shade lay a sleeping girl, lounging peacefully against the roots.

"I suppose I should speak with her eventually," Sayaka muses, "But that can wait. I'm sure she's thinking about things that are more important."

Sayaka is then reminded of a certain Kansai-speaking member of Rappapa, and she wonders how Otabe is handling all the recent events. Then Shirogiku and Kurobara return to mind, and Sayaka feels guilty for leaving her school without an explanation.

As if reading her mind, Miyuki cups Sayaka's cheek and presses a brief kiss to her forehead, successfully dismissing any rational thought.

"Don't worry so much." Miyuki whispers against Sayaka's skin, "Everything will be okay. Let's just do our best to encourage them from up here. A little of helpful intervention never hurt anyone."

"Alright. Miyuki, I love you."

"I know. I love you too, Sayaka."

"Do you think they're happy now?" Kurobara asks her partner, staring up blankly at the sky. Her and Shirogiku were basking under the wide blue in silence, and Kurobara asks herself if she'd be able to see her beloved leaders if she stared long enough. She still feels guilty about attacking her fellow Gekioko students, including her longtime partner.

“They’re finally together.” Shirogiku replies frankly, a small, bitter smile etching onto her face, “I think they’d be pretty happy right about now.”

“I hope so…” Kurobara trails off, her gaze turning to the rooftop floor, “I’m really sorry for getting out of control earlier…”

Shirogiku shakes her head, a sweet smile on her face, and she reaches up to pat Kurobara’s head reassuringly.

“It’s fine, I promise.” Shirogiku can’t stay mad at Kurobara for long, especially when her actions were justified and reasonable, “Honestly, I had some trouble containing myself too. It’s alright, Kurobara.”

“...Don’t leave me, Shirogiku.” Kurobara grips her best friend’s arm with both hands, as if afraid that she would disappear out of sight if she let go. “Don’t leave me alone!”

“I’ll never do that!” Shirogiku exclaims, clenching a fist. “This is where we’re going to be different, Kurobara. We’ll never leave each other’s side. I’ll watch your back, and you’ll watch mine. It’s a promise, okay?”

“Mmhm!” Kurobara nods eagerly, ready to fulfill her end of the bargain, “It’s a deal! Hey, Shirogiku? Do you think they’re watching us?”

“‘Course.” Shirogiku points up to the heavens with her index finger, “After all, we all share one sky, yeah? I bet they’re looking up at it, just like us right now.”
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New AnKobii OS! - In Which We're Under the Same Sky)
« Reply #27 on: September 23, 2015, 11:27:48 AM »
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! >/////u/////>

I am so riding the feels trip right now. OMG.  :heart:

I'm so speechless, to be honest. But one thing is for sure, I'm happy~ :on gay:

Good luck with school and more OS to come, please~ :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New AnKobii OS! - In Which We're Under the Same Sky)
« Reply #28 on: September 23, 2015, 01:05:26 PM »
This is very good! Luv it! :heart:

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Six Trillion Years and One Night)
« Reply #29 on: October 05, 2015, 05:26:15 AM »
AN: Heyo! Nezu's back with something new! This one's a bit shorter than usual! I rediscovered some amazing Vocaloid songs the other day, including an IA song called A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night, and I thought, 'huh, I really want to write a fanfic based on this!' Thus, this WMatsui fanfic was born! The beginning of the fic begins like the song, but with the vague lyrics and even more vague ending, I decided that I would twist a few things around. For example, in the song, the main character is a boy with no name and no voice, but I really wanted this to be WMatsui, so I changed it. Anyways, enjoy!

P.S. Suggestions for new fanfic ideas are always open!

A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night - WMatsui

Our tale begins in a small, rural village in the midst of a nameless era with a young girl by the name of Jurina. This is her story. Her unknown fairytale.

She was the spawn of a demon and a fallen angel. Nothing could be more unholy or blasphemous than she. Born with one eye as dark as the sky during an eclipse, and another a catlike jade green. A taboo child, never meant to be conceived. Her parents tried to pay for her sins the day of their birth, having been stoned at the hands of the other villagers, but it wasn’t enough. From that day forth, an innocent, sinless child was raised from behind the cell doors of a prison.

At the age of thirteen, Jurina remained behind those dirty walls. From her dank, murky room, she could just barely see the sun set behind the horizon. Every day, she stuck her skinny arm through the bars, stretching out as far as she could to grasp the remaining inches of light just as the day slipped away.

Her left arm remained in chains, restrained to the right concrete wall.

“There’s nothing to be sad about.” She would lie to herself, watching the last light dwindle lonesomely behind the mountains.

But what use was it to lie, when the truth was staring at her so obviously, so blatantly, and not even trying to conceal itself?

For there was so much she didn’t know. Jurina never knew the feeling of kindness after a scolding, like the feeling of warmth after rain. In reality, it was simply really, really, really cold.

“Why can’t I die?!” Jurina would scream silently on those silent starry nights when the other villagers were sound asleep in their soft, comfy beds, snuggling beneath the covers and dreaming the night away. Jurina had no dreams of the sort. There was no getting away from this confinement, and she knew that well enough. Thinking about it too much made her head throb with an aching pain that wouldn’t go away for hours.

Nighttime was her companion. Beatings lied in the wake of the morning, and Jurina basked in the moonlight for as long as she could. It was her escape from those contemptuous stares and venomous words. She remained in isolation, preferring it from engaging with those curious eyes who peeked behind the bars, looking at her as though she were some exotic animal.

And then one day, Rena was there.

Jurina didn’t know where she came from, but she was there, chained by her ankle to the other side of the room to the concrete walls.

They were warned not to speak to each other, but that didn’t stop Rena. Only ten minutes after she had been thrown in, the new girl gingerly picked herself up from the ground, dusting off her tattered dress. A second later she was walking over to Jurina, the soft pattering of her feet on the stone floor being covered up by the jingling of her chain.

She kneeled down in front of the long-time prisoner, and Jurina was finally able to examine her properly.

Rena was the most beautiful creature Jurina had laid eyes on. With her raven black hair and large, warm brown eyes and strikingly pale skin. Had she not been wearing that undeserving, dirtied dress, Jurina would have thought she was an angel.

“What’s your name?” Rena asked her, innocent doe eyes wide.

At first, Jurina had been too stunned to respond. It was forbidden to speak to each other. She shouldn’t respond.


“Jurina,” she had whispered, her voice hoarse from being unused.

“Jurina…” the other girl had mused, and a thoughtful look passed over her features before she stuck out a small, pale hand in greeting.

“I’m Rena,” she introduced quietly, holding out her hand in expectation, and while biting her lip nervously, Jurina hesitantly took it.

From then on, their little prison cell wasn’t nearly as lifeless as it had been. Rena brightened up the room no matter how dark and stormy the night.  Her charming laughter and hopeful smiles were enough alone to keep Jurina alive. Jurina didn’t know how long it had been since she had last smiled, but  with Rena around, it became a daily occurrence.

Rena told Jurina about life outside. About how she had once lived freely with her parents in a remote part of the forest, just a ways away from the village. Her parents had been heavenly angels who had fallen in love and had been banished from heaven. For years, they had lived in hiding safely as a family, but like Jurina’s parents, had been stoned to death after the villagers discovered them.

Jurina was fascinated and envious. She had never met or parents or had the leisure to see the light of day outside of the prison walls. The rest was history, but Rena would not give up her hope of one day escaping their hellhole.

“We’re going to leave here together.” Rena declared one night, her doe eyes full of determination. “You and me, we’re going to escape here and live free in the world outside. Together.”

Jurina smiled bitterly at her, “That would be nice, Rena.”

“It will happen.” Rena insisted, crossing the small stone room to sit in the center, under the moonlight. She patted the space next to her.

Jurina got up from her corner, crawling on her knees, taking care not to scrape her knees. Upon reaching Rena’s side, the raven-haired girl let out a sigh and leaned on Jurina’s shoulder, closing her eyes.

“I want to leave here with you, Jurina.” Rena murmured, “There’s so much I want to show you. I want to go everywhere with you.”

“I’d follow you to the end of the world and back.” Jurina affirmed, intertwining their callused hands together. Squeezing tight, Jurina too shut her eyes, relishing in Rena’s warmth and her soft, gentle hands. Hands that were so different from the prison warden’s or the hands of mocking villagers.

“If everyone else would stop existing,” Jurina breathed, pushing her face into Rena’s feathery hair, “it would be so nice.”

“Just you and me.” Rena reiterated, and they fell asleep that way.

Hours later, Jurina awoke to screaming and soft firm hands pulling her to stand up.

“Jurina! Jurina wake up!”

Eyes snapping open, Jurina was awake with a start, staring at Rena who was motioning to prison cell bars.

Jurina joined her at the door half a second later. To her shock, she could only see red.

Flames everywhere. The village was in a panic, it’s people running everywhere. Buckets of water were being thrown in all directions, trying to douse the fire without much success. In front of their prison cell, the warden had collapsed out of exhaustion, his keyring of liberation lying a foot in front of his passed out body.

Jurina’s eyes narrowed, and immediately, she stretched out her skinny arm, reaching as far as she could. The flames cast their heat and shadows onto her palm, and as she grasped the keyring in her hand, she prayed she wouldn’t drop the path to their freedom.

Moments later, she and Rena were running through the flames, trying to find a way out of this maze of hell incarnate.

Then she felt that same soft firm hand enveloping hers, and Jurina allowed Rena to pull her down pathways of burning houses, all of their residents already having escaped from the death traps. For the first time in her life, Jurina told her feet keep on running, forcing herself to not look back and let someone other than the prison warden decide her future. No, this time, Jurina allowed Rena to pull her forwards.

No more looking towards the setting sun.

Together, Jurina and Rena would run towards a new dawn.

And they would make it.

For just as the flames began to surround them and it looked as though there was no hope, six glistening white wings sprouted from Jurina’s back, and with the strength of seraphs, the spawn of man and demon scooped Rena up into her arms, lifting the duo to heights higher than the naked eye could see.

"Where shall we go?"

"To the end of the world and beyond. Just the two of us."

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New YukiRena OS - Never Been Normal)
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AN: Heyo, Nezu here! Back to back posting! It's been a while since I've been able to do this! School has been so busy :nervous Anyways, I got inspired to write some YukiRena after rewatching and being inspired by a certain drama and feeling unsatisfied with it's ending, sooooooo here we go~! Enjoy!

P.S. Requests for new oneshots open as usual!

Never Been Normal - YukiRena

It's been awhile since Yuki has visited the sea. The first time she had gone as an adult, she had came to the seaside to write her engrave her name onto the sand, '柏木由紀'. Such actions were done out of the instruction of a certain producer.

The second time she had visited the beach, she had been accompanied by a man. He told her he loved her, and for a minute or so, she had actually believed him. That was right before he told her of his 'fail-safe' way to make people like him. Needless to say, she found it pretentious and broke things off with him.

"Isn't that kind of like forcing yourself to make cute, pouty faces at people," Yuki had ranted to her coworkers the next day at her daytime job as a barista, "when in reality, those same pouty expressions hurt your face and makes it feel sore? It's like you're lying in order to get someone to like you."

"I'm sure he did it out of the best intentions," her boss, Takahashi Minami, ever the understanding one, had said. She shrugged her shoulders before continuing to drink her coffee. "He probably just wanted to make you happy."

Yuki had sighed, "Still, I don't want someone who will agree with everything I say. I want someone who can openly disagree with what I say and not be afraid to tell me. Someone who can be honest with me."

A minute later, she and Minami had moved on from the topic and proceeded to talk and later laugh about how her ex-boyfriend had entered her name on his phone as just 'Kashiwa', or '柏', instead of the full thing.

A full year later, Yuki never expected that she would be returning to this very same beach, albeit with a very different person.

Matsui Rena had barged into her life without warning, knocking open the doors of her closed, shadowy house and entering without taking off her shoes. She had then proceeded to go around the entire premises, shoving aside the shutters and opening up all the windows, letting the warm sunlight and exciting noises fill the entire place.

Such had been Matsui Rena's entrance. Or at least, that's how it felt like. In reality Yuki and Rena had met in a much more 'normal' way, though their relationship had grown to levels much beyond 'normal'.

Rena lived in the apartment complex above the coffee shop Yuki worked in. One day, there was an accident on the Shinkansen train tracks, and Yuki was unable to go home that day. Minami and her wife, Atsuko, who had both acted like parental figures to her, had told Yuki that she could stay with them that night, in their guest room. Although Yuki had told them that she could easily get a cheap hotel room, they were hearing nothing of it, and she ended up staying the night.

However, before night fell, Yuki had paid a visit to the apartment building's rooftop garden. It was there that she finally met a teary-eyed Matsui Rena.

And as Yuki currently sits next to Rena on their beach towel, she wonders how they could have had such an 'uneventful' meeting. After all, Rena is the brightest person she's ever come across, and her eyes are always full of emotions.

She had no idea what was more awkward. Yuki clumsily trying to comfort the stranger, or Rena being unable to form coherent sentences. Nevertheless, she never expected that from this one awkward encounter, an amazing friendship would blossom. One that would end up leaving Yuki breathless almost as many times as Rena would talk about melon pan.

With Rena around, it was hard enough to keep a straight face on, if you know what I mean. And that's what Yuki thought that Rena was: straight. When they had first met, Rena had been crying over a huge fight with her boyfriend of two years. They had made up the next day and continued to have a stable relationship, but that didn't stop Rena from going down to Yuki's workplace during her break times to drag the barista out for adventures around the city, just the two of them.

"Let's go out on an adventure!" Rena had announced one day as they lounged together in the park. The day had been beautiful: sunny, warm, and clear. Just like Rena. A perfect day to go out and do anything.


Yuki, having been simply observing Rena's everything, had laughed and nodded.


Yuki always believed that Rena was straight. Especially after the other girl suggested that Yuki find a man of her own. For a while, that's what she did. Because Yuki thought that she, herself, was also straight. Stemmed from Rena's encouragement, Yuki had actually gone on a few dates that had all gone perfectly. Each person she met was kind and friendly and they seemed genuinely interested in her.

There was only one problem. And that problem was Rena herself. Or actually, less of Rena and more of Yuki kept comparing everyone she met with Rena. No one was more honest with her than Rena. No one was more fun than Rena. No one was more imaginative than Rena. No one could start better conversations than Rena. Rena this, Rena that, Rena Rena Rena Rena, and Yuki couldn't help but begin to doubt herself.

And then the day came when Rena announced that she wanted to go to the beach, and though Yuki had been hesitant to return to this place of memories, she could never deny Rena (and the beaming smile Rena had sent her way was so worth it). Of course, there was always the option of going to a different beach, but eventually Yuki decided that it maybe it would be a good thing to tackle the past with Rena of all people.

So they went to the beach, just the two of them, together as usual.

They're sitting silently on the same beach towel, watching the waves rush in and out, in and out, in and out, when Rena finally breaks the silence.

"I broke up with my boyfriend."

Yuki's so shocked that she nearly doubles over, her eyes wide and mouth agape.


Rena shoots Yuki small smile and shrugs.

"Hard to believe, I know."

"W-wait," Yuki stutters, trying to digest this new information, "when did this happen?"

"Three days ago," Rena muses, putting a thoughtful finger to her lip, "probably, I think."

"I..." Yuki honestly doesn't know what to say. Because Rena was crying when they had an argument last time, but this time, she seems... fine? Rena's always been an open book, and this is the first time Yuki finds her friend's eyes hard to read.

"That's why I wanted to come to this place with you," Rena continues, motioning to the beach, the sea, and themselves. "I just wanted to get away from the familiar city with two years of familiar memories. But I wanted to do so with someone familiar at the same time. Does that make sense? In the end, I guess I just don't want to be alone."

Yuki finds herself shaking her head in understanding. "No, I understand. No one wants to be alone, Rena."

"But here's the funny thing," Rena says with a bitter smile, "I wasn't even that affected when I saw him kissing another girl. It didn't hurt at all, now that I think of it. For some reason, even though I had been with this man for two years, I couldn't bring myself to care about it that much."

Once again, Yuki is left speechless. "Rena... I..."

"Wait, hear me out, Yuki." Rena says, pushing a finger to her lips, "If you interrupt me now, I don't think I'll ever be able to get all of this out."

And while staring into Yuki's eyes, Rena takes a deep breath and continues to speak.

"I was thinking a lot these past three days. I realized that I was becoming more and more excited to see you than my actual boyfriend. I asked myself why, and I came up with a hell of a lot of excuses, but none of them seemed to make sense. So yesterday, I went down to the coffee shop. You were on break, and Minami said that you were out on another date and I felt so guilty for dragging you around wherever, whenever, to do whatever, and I started freaking out because I had no idea whether you actually liked me and thought of me as a friend or not.

"But Minami told me to calm down and she gave me a hot drink, telling me to do some thinking with a clearer mind, and I don't know what she put in that drink, but it worked. She's such a nice person, and I asked her why I was feeling the way I was, and then Minami just said that I liked you, end of story."

Yuki smiles gently, "She’s always so blunt..."

Rena shakes her head, a small smile on her face, "That's not the end of it though. I couldn't just accept that answer so easily. My whole life, I've never liked a girl before. Then I decided to look at the situation through a different lense, and I thought about how great it would be to be with you, and I thought to myself, 'being with a girl like Yuki would be amazing', so I accepted it."

"That's quite a revelation." Yuki whispers, stunned at the fact that Rena had the self-awareness to make such a change in a short time. “And so suddenly…”

"Trust me," Rena chuckles, "it felt like eternity. I decided that no matter what, I had to tell you how I felt before anything else. I couldn't just allow myself to move on without any closure.

"So yeah," Rena stares up at Yuki, her eyes glimmering and smiling just as much as her lips. "I love you, Yuki. I just needed to let you know, so, ya'know, you can break things off with me as soon as you realize how much of a nuisance I am."

She proceeds to motion to the surrounding area, "I thought that it would be best if you said so here. It's always been a dream of mine to have an Asian drama-like scene in my life. Isn't the beach where most break ups happen?"

Yuki knows that beneath those playful words, Rena is being completely serious, but nevertheless, Yuki rolls her eyes and teasingly shoves Rena's shoulder. "Oh, please!"

"What?" Rena laughs, shoving Yuki back lightly. "I'm being completely serious here!"

“I thought you knew me a little bit better than that,” Yuki replies, shaking her head in amusement. Without warning, she wraps her arm around the unsuspecting girl and pulls her in tight before proceeding to rest her head on Rena’s shoulder. “This feels comfy. I think I’ll stay like this. Anyways, it’s my turn now.”

“Y-Yuki!” Rena mumbles, surprise clouding her eyes, “W-what are you doing?”

“Shhhh,” Yuki hushes, lifting a finger to Rena’s lips much like the other girl had done before and lifting her gaze to reveal a warm smile. “You must be oblivious, Rena.”

“I don’t understand…”

“I’ve loved you for some time already,” Yuki confesses, nuzzling into Rena’s neck, and the other girl sighs contentedly. “I was convinced that you were straight, so nothing was said.”

“I’m sorry…” Rena murmurs, a sullen look overtaking her features as she nudges Yuki gently, “If only I knew…”

“It’s nothing, Rena!” Yuki says, letting out a giggle because Rena’s too adorable for her to handle. “I’ve waited months for you. I could have stood to wait a few more. I’m just glad you said something.”

“When did you know?” Rena asks innocently, “That your feelings were… different?”

“I don’t know exactly,” Yuki shrugs, enveloping Rena in a back hug, “All I know is that when I started to see stars in your eyes, you became my world. When I started seeing you in the stars, you became my universe. But in reality, all that matters is now.”

“You’re so cheezy!” Rena giggles, intertwining her hands with Yuki’s and squeezing lightly before relaxing into the slightly older girl’s embrace. “I love you.”

“I know,” Yuki says, earning her a mild punch. “Ow! Sorry, sorry! I love you too, Rena.”

Yuki can’t see Rena’s face, but she already knows that the other girl is pouting. Despite not feeling guilty in the slightest (because Yuki knows that Rena will love her and forgive her over such a small matter), but she begins peppering feather light kisses on the top of Rena’s hair. She breathes in Rena’s flowery scent and sighs happily, wishing that they could stay on their little blanket on the beach forever.

There is a gust of wind that blows by, and it’s not very cold, but Rena huddles closer to Yuki nonetheless. Under normal circumstances, Yuki’s really not a touchy kind of person, but right now, she honestly does not care because the one in her arms in Rena, and Rena is warm and soft and kind and funny and beautiful and so many other wonderful things all put into one. In the back of her mind, Yuki wonders how someone so perfect could exist, but then again, Rena has always been the exception. The odd one out. The outlier. They both were. And that’s okay. They’d never exactly been ‘normal’ anyways.


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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New YukiRena OS! - Never Been Normal)
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I LOVE YUKIRENA And im so happy that someone wrote it im so happy I love you and thank you for amazing fic

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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AN: HOLY CRAP ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE IVE POSTED ANYTHING. Wow. It's been a solid two months. Sorrrry  :bow: Anyways I've returned with some WMatsui for everyone to enjoy, so thanks for reading!

PS. Anyone have any OS requests?

WMatsui - Think of Me

"Are you sure you're okay?" Rena asks over the phone in a calm tone, and wordlessly, Jurina nods before she remembers that Rena can't actually see her at the moment.

"Yeah, I'm fine—eek!"

Jurina is cut off by a loud boom of thunder, and she tugs the blanket over her head and clenches her eyes shut tight instinctively. A second later, the loud noise fades into the distance, and she mentally sighs. There's no way that Rena is believing her now.

"I'm fine," Jurina repeats into the phone, attempting to sound as convincing as possible, but she can practically see Rena rolling her eyes at the other end of the line.

"Uhhuh." The sarcasm in Rena's tone is obvious. "Right."

"Curse this wavering voice," the younger Matsui hisses under her breath, away from her cellphone so that Rena doesn't catch it. "Damn you, Rena."

"What was that?"

"Nothing." Jurina really sighs out loud this time. She opens her mouth to say something into the speaker but is abruptly cut off by another bout of thunder, resulting in a pathetic whimper.

In reality, Jurina isn't doing well whatsoever. Having been staying in her Tokyo apartment due to AKB48 senbatsu commitments, Jurina was completely alone. Yes, she had stayed in this apartment on numerous occasions by herself, but this was the first time she was sleeping over during a storm. A number of other senbatsu members had commented on it, with Mayu and Yuki, as well as Yui and Paruru offering the younger Matsui to stay the night. Even Sayaka and Miyuki had asked Jurina to join them in their shared hotel room. Nevertheless, Jurina had denied them all.

Now, she was wondering whether or not she had made the correct decision.

"Jurina," Rena's voice is soft and comforting, "I'll come right over to your apartment just as soon as you say the word."

"No!" Jurina shouts as another call of thunder echoes in the background before hastily covering her own mouth and lowering her voice.

"Look, I appreciate the gesture Rena," she begins cautiously, tentatively straining her ears to listen for another sound of thunder, "but I'm really an adult now! I can take care of myself. Thank you for calling me, but really, I'm going to be okay—AH!"

Another boom of thunder resounds through her empty bedroom, this one even louder than before, and Jurina nearly bursts out crying but bites her lip to prevent herself from doing so.

The two Matsuis share a few seconds of silence before Rena finally breaks it.

"Okay, I take back what I said earlier," Rena declares, "I'm not even going to wait for you to say anything. I'm heading over to your apartment right now."

"...When will you be here?"


It doesn't take long for Rena to get to Jurina's house (thank goodness that most of her work is in Tokyo these days anyways). The next thing she knows, Rena is letting herself into Jurina's apartment with the key the younger girl had given to her before her graduation.

Making her way through the silent apartment, Rena nudges Jurina's bedroom door open. A warm smile overtakes her features as she spies a shivering lump under the bed's comforter.

Suddenly, two welcoming arms envelop themselves around Jurina, and the younger girl lets out a happy squeak. Even through the blanket, Jurina doesn't need to even look to recognize the familiar warmth.

Rena has always given the best hugs. Perhaps Mayu and Paruru would dare to disagree, but Jurina has a feeling that she would have Yuki's vote. The older princess and the younger Matsui had somehow come to the mutual conclusion over dinner that Rena's type of skinship was the best kind. Maybe it was because only Jurina and Yuki understood the rarity of Rena's physical contact, but while Yuki constantly found herself amused by Rena's cutely shy acting and loved whenever Rena would cling to her, Jurina simply thought that Rena being Rena was wonderful in itself and would treasure every time she and Rena came into contact at all.

"Hey there, Scaredy-Cat," Rena giggles as Jurina pokes her head out of her blanket burrito ("I was cold, okay?"). "Wonderful that you thought of joining me."

Jurina pouts, unwrapping the blanket from around herself and engulfing the two of them in a wave of blanket.

"It was lonely without you..." Jurina begrudgingly admits, sticking her lower lip out slightly as she allows Rena to get comfortable. "And the thunder was awfully loud."

"I can imagine." Rena replies, laughing a bit. She immediately wraps her arms around Jurina and pulls her in close.

Instinctively, Jurina cradles Rena in her arms and tucks Rena's head under her chin. Rena exhales in content and nuzzles her face into the crook of Jurina's neck. She closes her eyes happily and feels Jurina start to relax in her embrace.

"One of the perks of graduating," Rena remarks, "is that I can come over and hug you whenever I want now."

"Most of your work is here in Tokyo, right?" Jurina asks, squeezing Rena ever so slightly. She reaches down to one of Rena's hands which are wrapped around her waist. Rubbing the back of one gently, Rena gets the message and gratefully intertwines their hands. It's been a while since they've been able to be like this together.

"Are you staying in a hotel room?"

"Mmhm," Rena nods, staring down at their clasped hands. "Truthfully, I'm thinking of getting an apartment here in the city, like you have. Even though you've withdrawn from Team K, there's still a lot of work here in Tokyo, huh?"

"Yeah..." Jurina trails off and sighs, "The plan was to focus more on SKE than anything else. And while I have been focusing more on SKE than ever before, I do have to admit that I'm still loaded with work from AKB. I don't really mind, but I wish I could spend even more time with SKE. I want to be able to help SKE as much as you did."

"You'll get to eventually, I'm sure," Rena comforts. "And I got lucky, Juu. I never had an AKB concurrency, and I was made the Team E leader."

"You were amazing though," Jurina says dreamily, "The first complete sister group member to make it into sousenkyo senbatsu and into Kami7. Rena was the most amazing member of all of the AKB48 Group."

Rena chuckles, reaching up to fuss around with Jurina's hair endearingly, "You're pretty amazing yourself, Juu. I'm sure you'll reach number 1 in due time. You were leading the next generation of AKB Group members with Mayu from the beginning. I'll admit, I was a bit jealous of Mayu at the time."

It's Jurina's turn to laugh this time, and a smile crosses Rena's mouth when she feels the rumbling joy in Jurina's chest.

"Oh, please!" Jurina continues to laugh, "My biggest problem was not losing you to your many fans among AKB members! Yuihan and Paruru looked at you like you were a goddess! I mean, you are, but that's besides the point. And Sashihara and Kitahara were your personal cheer squad! They worshipped the ground you walked on. Not to mention that you were Yuko's favorite sister group member, even when NMB and HKT came around! And don't even get me started on Yuki! You have no idea how much she absolutely adored you! And your clinging to her didn't help much! And I thought that I had some serious competition in Airi and Churi alone! AKB was an entirely different battleground!"

Rena giggles to herself as she watches Jurina rant. She taps the younger girl on the nose lightly before placing a feather light kiss upon the aforementioned feature. "You don't have to worry now, do you? And as if I didn't feel threatened by other members either! You and Mayu really are a dynamic duo, you know? You've got just about every kenkyuusei from every sister group and Team 8 in the palm of your hand. And Fujita Nana? That girl is head over heels for you, Juu! And not to mention how close you've been with Milky lately!"

And then Rena's silent, and at the abrupt halt in conversation, Jurina looks down in alarm. Rena's frowning, and that's never a good sign.

"Rena?" Jurina presses, nudging Rena gently. "Rena, what's wrong?"

There is a loud boom of thunder in the background, but neither girl pays much attention to the sound.

"'s nothing—"

"Rena," Jurina's voice is stern. "You can't hide from me, Rena. Especially not now, when we're in my apartment, and you're lying down here in my bed."

Rena doesn't know how to respond to that.

"With me," Jurina slowly reiterates. "In my bed."

Rena simply shakes her head and buries her face into the joint of Jurina's neck, not saying anything and refusing to look at the younger girl.

Jurina sighs, a small smile on her blooming across her face and she begins to rub Rena's back, gently trying to console the other girl and coax her out of her silence. The actress has always been the more stubborn of the two, much to the surprise of others.

"...alright." Jurina finally relents, allowing herself to entangle her fingers in Rena's long dark brown locks. Absentmindedly, the young ace notes the slight change in color from her usual raven hair.

"You're filming another drama?" Jurina asks, remembering how Rena had dyed her hair brown for the filming of Gift a year or so ago as she plays with the tips of Rena's soft strands.

Rena nods into Jurina's neck, and her voice is muffled when she responds.

"Uhhuh. We started filming today actually. It's an ongoing series, so I'm going to be in Tokyo for quite a while."

"I see..." Jurina trails off, and they lapse into silence once more.

To Jurina's surprise, it's Rena who interrupts her inner ramblings.

"I'm just afraid that I'm going to lose you."

"What?" Jurina's completely taken aback by this sudden confession, and doesn't try to hide the hint of surprise in her voice, though she supposes that she wouldn't have been able to anyways.

"I don't know if you can tell," Rena laughs drily, "but I've kind of been in love with you, Jurina. And I don't really know what to do."


"You don't have to respond now," Rena hastily adds, "Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. It was inappropriate and I—"

"...You know my feelings for you, Rena." Jurina mumbles into Rena's hair, almost inaudibly. "I love you too. And I've never known what to do."

They slip into silence. Thunder booms and lightning strikes in the background, but neither girl moves an inch.

"...I guess neither of us has to know then," Rena shrugs after a bit of time has passed. She's tired of everything being so complicated. For once in her life, she wants something as simple as unconditional love. Jurina may not be the simplest of people, and Rena herself isn't so clear-cut either, but the older girl thinks that it's time to stop hurting themselves, and begin healing each other.

"We'll do what we always do, then."

Jurina frowns, furrowing her eyebrows at the older girl, "And what is that?"

There's an odd sparkle in Rena's eyes as she looks up to face the younger girl, and she shrugs again with this goofy grin on her face that Jurkna has never seen before, but heavens above, what Jurina would give to keep it plastered there for eternity, because Rena is so goddamn gorgeous  and may lightning strike her down if anyone disagrees.

"Why, we wing it of course!"

Jurina is left with no more hesitation as she immediately leans down to kiss Rena's lips. They press against each other, and grip each other's clothes, and Jurina has never felt so giddy as she feels Rena smile into their kiss. And inwardly, she's laughing, because Rena always has a plan. Hell, Jurina used to believe that Rena lived for plans. But not right now. The older Matsui is acting through raw emotion, and Jurina can't even begin to fathom how their lives would change because of this. She knows that Rena can't either, and that's alright. May the future bring as it may, but they'll wing it together, regardless.

As they pull away, Rena cups Jurina's perfect face in her hands and presses their foreheads together, panting heavily.

"Think of me alone right now," she commands breathily, still trying to calm her ecstatic heartbeat. "Think only of me. Not Nana, or Mayu, or Miyuki, or anyone else. You can think of them later, but right now, just me."

"Make me forget about them," Jurina shoots back, not missing a beat. "Live with me. Here. In my apartment. We can be together. You always occupy my thoughts, Rena. I'll remain faithful to you until the world ends. Just let me prove it."

Rena's eyes widen, having been stunned into silence.

"I–If you want me to, Jurina," she whispers shyly before hiding her face in Jurina's chest again.

Jurina sighs in relief, starting to play with Rena's hair once more. She would never get tired of its texture. It's a fact that Rena had always been proud of her long hair, and Jurina is glad the older girl took such good care of herself. She's glad that Rena knew what was good for herself.

"I hope you're free this weekend, Rena, because we're going to be moving your stuff into here."

"I've never been more ready," the older girl replies, and Jurina beams.

"By the way, there has never been an 'anybody else'," Jurina finds herself saying ten minutes later. "It's always been you. There's no Miyuki or Mayu. Sayanee and Yukirin would skin me if there was."

Rena laughs at this. "Of course. And what about Fujita-san?"

"She'll soon see that I'm not the one for her," Jurina smiles. "Let's just say that there are a few certain people who asked me for advice on how to ask out a certain someone."

"Good." Rena says decidedly before letting out a sigh of contentment and drifting of to a peaceful dreamless sleep.

Moments later, Jurina followed.

Outside, the moon shows bright in the inky night sky. Everything is going to be alright.

The next morning, Jurina wakes up feeling much warmer than she's felt in a long time.
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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you're awesome! i like your os!
i want wmatsui and furuyanagay :hee:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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It's so cute.. i really like it! And yeah I thought that before why never mentioned FUjita Nana in wmatsui fics.. because she is so dangerous...

i reaaly appreciate your wmatsui fic
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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Thanks for share this super fluffy fic>o<
JuriRena never fails to make me grinning like crazy XD

And are you serious with that request thing?
I gonna request many fics anyway XD

Thanks again for the fic, Nezu-san~
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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A beautiful fanfic. Thank you!
Merry Christmas!

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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Jurkna sighs in relief, starting to play with Rena's hair once more. She would never get tired of its texture. It's a fact that Rena had always been proud of her long hair, and Jurina is glad the older girl took such good care of herself. She's glad that Rena knew what was good for herself. reminded me of Rena's longg hair... because now she has it short...

I like this thank you for writing  :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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And are you serious with that request thing?
I gonna request many fics anyway XD

Thanks again for the fic, Nezu-san~

I'm absolutely serious! Give me a pairing and/or a headcanon/AU and request as many fics as you like! I can't guarantee that they'll all be done very quickly (I have school and whatnot :/) but I love writing, so I'll get them done eventually lol

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
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Hey author-san. Love your fics. 😄
Since you mentioned that we can request, I wanna request a SayaMilky fic. Genderbend if ok. Yeah Sayaka the guy and Milky being Milky.
You can make it any scenario but please make it a happy ending.
Looking forward to your future works.
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