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Author Topic: [N46] 世界で一番 孤独なLover (Chapter 2)  (Read 4356 times)

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Re: [N46] 世界で一番 孤独なLover (Chapter 1)
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Chapter 2

A new day has started. Hashimoto Naoki has just woken up. He went to the kitchen to cook his lunch, something he does everyday unless somebody told him in advance that he’d be treating him. As he was going there, his phone rang. He went back to his room to answer it for his relative or guardian was still sleeping. His relative was a known graduate of the rival school’s main branch. His relative’s name was so renowned that hearing it would make you jealous or scared of Hashimoto.

Hashimoto checked his phone. It was a message from Shiraishi.

The text message contained these words: "Marukyu! I feel really generous today so as your baseball pal, I’m going to treat you to lunch today! Don’t cook! It’d just be a waste. See ya laters!”

Hashimoto then sighed and went to the shower room. He grabbed his towel, and then stripped down. He went into the shower, closed the shower curtains, and grabbed a shampoo. He then remembered Fukagawa’s sleeping face while they were in the train car yesterday. He also remembered Nishino’s teary eyed face yesterday. Although it wasn’t obvious, he had a slight crush on both of the girls. He was busy thinking of them that he never realized that he grabbed his guardian’s shampoo. The moment he snapped out of his daydream, he had already consumed the last drop in the container. He sighed again. “I’ll just buy that cheapskate a new one the moment I go home.” He muttered to himself. He bathed himself, made sure his hair was as clean as it could be, then went out of the shower room and dumped the empty shampoo container in the trash bin.

Meanwhile, in three houses far away from each other, 3 girls are trying their best to cook for Hashimoto.

In one house, a girl is trying her best to not wake up her still sleeping sister while cooking. However, her sister was actually awake. Maiko, or as her friends call her, Maikomu, went to the kitchen to see an extra set of lunch box beside hers and her sister’s. “Nee-chan, is that for Mai-nii?”

Maimai was shocked for a bit then continued mixing the ingredients. “No, this is for that person who helped me on my way to school.” She answered, her face beaming.

Maikomu then sat on one of the chairs in the dining table, her chin resting on her right hand. She then grinned at her sister. “Is it that really popular guy from your baseball team? The Homerun guy?”

“It’s Ha-shi-mo-to-Na-o-ki, Maiko. It’s rude to not remember people’s names, y’know?” Maimai answered as a matter of factly.

Maikomu continued teasing her older sister. “Are you sure it’s only because he helped you on your way to school yesterday? Or is it more than that?” she then teasingly looked at her sister.

Maimai’s cheeks blushed a light shade of pink then continued mixing the ingredients with the Metal Spoon. “I-it’s not like that… Okay?”

Maikomu then stood up from her seat then went back to her room. “If you say so~” She teasingly retorted.

Meanwhile, in an apartment complex about 1 kilometre south of the previous house, Nishino Nanase started her day by cooking her and her cousin's packed lunch as well as their breakfast. Her cousin, Takayama Riko from Namba High School, a known branch of the rival school, is living with her. Namba High School is known for developing mostly Comedians, unlike their other sister schools. Takariko, her cousin, just woke up. She went to the kitchen, rubbing her right eye. Upon seeing a third lunchbox, Takariko’s sleepiness suddenly went away and was replaced by shock.

“Naachan, why are there 3 lunch boxes? Don’t tell me you got yourself a boyfriend! I’m telling Auntie!” Takariko exclaimed.

Nanamaru blushed, then shyly replied, “I-it’s not a boyfriend, Rikochan! I… i just want to… thank him for being so kind to me...” She blushed with every word.

Takariko walked near the lunch boxes and then looked at her cousin. “So what kind of guy is this guy you’re talking about? Ah, I got it. He’s that ace pitcher, isn’t he? He looks so kind and approachable unlike that mysterious slugger. Shiraishi is so cool~!” Takariko went on and praised her favourite member of Nogizaka’s baseball team.

“But I was talking about Hashimoto Naoki-kun though.” Nanamaru retorted, pouting.

“EHH!? Have you lost your mind, Naachan? He’s so cold! Like Ice!” Takariko retorted in utter confusion.

“B-but he’s actually nice, Rikochan…!” Nanamaru answered, defending Hashimoto. "A-anyway, I’ll be done in a bit so use the bathroom while you still can.” she added then concentrated on what she was cooking. Takariko rushed to the bathroom and showered for a bit.

Meanwhile, in a 2-storey building, a fragile and petite girl is cooking an omelette. 2 lunch boxes laid perfectly on the side of the stove attached to the kitchen set, filled with rice, vegetables, and a bit of fruits on the side. She was doubtful that Hashimoto would notice her using this overused tactic but decided to trust her moronic pupil.

* * *

It was 5am in the morning. In front of the Softball Club, Misa was unlocking the door when Shiraishi appeared beside her. Misa was startled for a bit then gave her greeting.

“Oh! Good morning, Mai-kun!” she answered, smiling at him.

‘This is it, Shiraishi Mai! Homerun or not, here it comes!’ He thought as he breathe heavily. “Misa-chan, I have something to tell you.”

This made Misa wonder for a bit then remembered that she too, had something to say to Maiyan.

“I too, have something to tell you, by the way. If it’s alright with you, I guess?” she said, her right hand under her chin.

‘I knew it! She likes me too! Hah! Take that, Hazard! Better let her confess to me then.’ He confidently thought then grinned. “Sure. You go first.” he answered gleefully.

Misa then opened the door. “Shall we?” she smiled then entered the room.

The two entered the room. Misa switched on the lights as Maiyan entered the room. “So what were you going to tell me?” Maiyan looked at Misa nervously.

Misa then closed the door. ‘Oh shit! We’re doing it!? I didn’t bring a condom!’ Maiyan thought then faced Misa. “M-misa-chan, I didn’t bring a condom with me so not now, please!”

Misa’s mouth was agape for a second. She then stared at a nervous and mentally unprepared Shiraishi. “No, silly! I just don’t want anyone knowing about what I’m going to tell you!”

Shiraishi then got his grasp on reality back. “Oh. So what was it?”

Misa then walked towards Maiyan. Maiyan walked back so he wouldn’t blush too much at Misa’s presence but Misa continued moving towards him until he felt the lockers behind him. “You swear... You wouldn’t tell anyone, right?” Misa then looked straight into Maiyan’s eyes.

His face only 6 inches away from Misa’s, Maiyan could see every detail of Misa’s face clearly. He was trying his best not to avert his eyes from her but it seemed futile. He looked away and silently answered her. “Yes, I promise I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Misa then grabbed his right hand. “Thanks! Sit down on the bench! I’ll prepare some tea.” She then boiled water in a kettle and then prepared a teapot and 2 expensive looking teacups. After a few minutes, she gently slid down 2 teaspoons of tea powder into the teapot. She then poured down some tea into the 2 cups and passed a cup to Shiraishi.

Misa then sat down on the bench directly in front of Shiraishi. “Since you and I are quite close and I think I could trust you… I think we can tell each other our problems, right?”

Maiyan then looked at his cup of tea and thought of what Misa said just now. He then looked back at her. “Sure. So… What were you going to tell me again?”

Misa then sipped her cup of tea. “I… I’m in love with Fukagawa Mai-san.”

Maiyan who was still drinking his tea, spurted the tea outside his mouth out of shock. “W-what…?”

“Surprising, right? So… I was going to ask you if you can help… me… You know? Uhm… Confess to your friend there.” Misa blushingly replied.

Maiyan then sighed and then looked at his reflection in his cup of tea. ‘I guess I got friendzoned, eh? Damn Hazard rained on my parade.’ He then looked at Misa. “Sure. I can help you.” He then put on his best act. “Damn! I should’ve noticed!”

Misa then remembered that Maiyan also had something to tell her. “So what were you going to tell me earlier?”

“A-ah! I was going to tell you that I… Wanted to… Be your practice partner! I mean… We studied in the same Middle School and our practice buddies are weak compared to us, right?! Hahaha...” He forced a smile.

* * *

On the school rooftop, a lone teenage boy wearing his dirty school uniform was touching his grumbling stomach. “Ah, I just drank the last of my water and now I’m really hungry… Who knew I’d get lost in here? This school sure is big. They told me to go to this room yet didn’t give me any instructions… If I die here, I will haunt them- Pull yourself together, Kazumi! Think positive! Pojipiisu!” He raised both of his arms, spread-eagled, then carried his school bag on one hand, Kendo gear and Shinai on the other.

A few hours later, Okada Noboru, the class adviser, could be seen running left to right, searching for someone. A few students arrived in school and thus, he asked them one by one whether they have seen a student who has been carrying a shinai but it was all for naught. A few minutes later, he had to go to his homeroom class. His students were all seated and thus he started his announcements. “A transferee student was to arrive here yesterday but he got lost in the school grounds and up until now we haven’t found him. His name is Takayama Kazumi. He almost qualified for the top notchers but we had to balance the numbers so he goes to the Middle rankers. He looks quite muscular and could be seen carrying a shinai and Kendo gear. If seen, please direct him to the faculty office. Thank you.” He then started the roll call.

Maiyan then remembered that they have been recruiting new members for the baseball club. He then texted Marukyu.
~Marukyu, we could recruit him to our team! We need a good catcher, remember?~

Marukyu felt his phone vibrating on his pocket. He checked the message, obviously from Maiyan. He then sighed and replied discreetly on his phone.
~I thought you were only academically incompetent. I never knew you were also a moron in understanding that an athlete from a different sport can't be scouted to another sport, no?~

Maiyan hissed after seeing Marukyu’s reply.
~He has been trained in Kendo to welcome attacks head on! It’s the same in Baseball! Come on! Give it a thought!~

~No. And I’m paying attention in class. I don’t want morons disrupting my focus.~

~Hah. As if. Suzuki kicking your ass in rankings despite your age gap is quite amusing, by the way.~

~Back at you, Nincompoop.~

~Hey! That was rude! And what does ‘nincompoop’ mean!?~

~Geez, you’re hopeless. Don’t disturb me. Don’t reply. Well, you’re still replying to it anyway so expect that I’m ignoring it.~

That was the last straw for Shiraishi. ‘This bastard…!’

~Damn you, Marukyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

After a several hours, it was finally lunch time. Maiyan was smirking when he went in front of Marukyu’s seat. “Hey, I forgot my money at home so I’m afraid I couldn’t treat you today.”

Marukyu then sighed. “I knew you would say that. Idiots who break their promises aren’t so common after all.”

“Che…” Maiyan walked away then looked at Harvard. ‘Oi, shortie! Go and shove the damn packed lunch into his face!’

Harvard was hesitant. The moment she made up her mind, 2 female students went in front of Marukyu’s desk.

“N-naoki-kun! I made a little extra for my packed lunch today so please eat it!” Both Nishino and Fukagawa said. Shocked, they both looked at each other then back at Marukyu.

This is the first time that Marukyu was in a dilemma. He had to pick one and that would hurt the other. His surroundings were spinning, as if he was in a Confused Mr. Krabs’s meme. He gulped, looked at the two of them again.

‘Please pick my packed lunch, Naoki-kun!’ The two girls thought.

“S-sure. I’ll eat both of them.” Marukyu answered, sweating profusely.

“Naoki-kun no baka!” Naachan pouted then walked out of the room.

“No matter how greedy you are, you should only pick one, Naoki-kun!” Maimai also did the same as Naachan.

Maiyan then patted Marukyu in the back. “Greedy, aren’t we? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Misa then clung on Maiyan’s right hand. “Mai! Let’s eat together!”

“S-sure…" Maiyan answered. He then looked at Harvard again and signaled her to go in front of Marukyu’s desk.

Harvard then signaled a ‘NO’ to Maiyan. Maiyan just rolled his eyes and went with Misa to the Cafeteria.

She then received a message from Maiyan.

~Just go for it, Hazard! What are you waiting for? Christmas?~

She then replied, annoyed.
~Have you even tried that with Eto-san to be telling me that?~

~Just give the damn packed lunch! I don’t want to remember the embarrassment upon knowing that this girl is waaaaaaaay out of my league, dammit.~

~Hah. Sucks to be you.~

~You…! Whatever! Just freaking give that thing to him! He doesn’t have any food today, just so you know!~

~What!? You told him not to bring food with him today!?~

~YES! So give that to him!~

Harvard slowly went in front of Marukyu. Marukyu then looked at her. “Yes, Akimoto-san?”

“I made too much today too. So… Let’s eat it together?” she nervously replied.

“Ah. Thanks, Akimoto-san.” Marukyu smiled at her and this made her heart skip a beat.

* * *

Naachan was walking near the dance studio when she saw a really hungry Kazumi. Kazumi, upon seeing that she was carrying two packed lunches, knelt in front of her, asking for one. “M-miss! Please let me eat one! I’m so hungry!"

“E-ehh!? N-no need to kneel! I-I’ll give you one! Please stand up!” she answered.

“T-thank you, kind person!” replied Kazumi, in tears.

The two went to the rooftop. Naachan looked at his distinctive features. A shinai, kendo gear, and dirty set of clothes. “What’s your name?” Naachan asked.

“Takayama Kazumi. You may call me Kazumin.” Kazumi answered, smiling at his savior.

“Takayama Kazumi? I think I heard it somewhere… I just can’t remember. And what happened to you? Your clothes are quite dirty.” Naachan asked further then tried dusting off Kazumi’s blazer.

Kazumi then held Naachan’s hand, stopping her. “You’re so kind! See, I just transferred yesterday. And then they told me to go to this room but I got lost! Now I haven’t  eaten for a day. And now you saved my stomach! Thank you very much- Err… What’s your name?”

“Nishino Nanase. But you may call me Naachan.” Naachan then tried analyzing his situation. “Lost… Since yesterday?”

“Yeah. I haven’t been to such a large school!” Kazumi replied after eating the last grain.

“Then you must be the missing transfer student.” Naachan then gave him her portion. “Kazumin, I’ll get you a new set of uniform. Also, you can shower in the Shower Room if you want.”

“Ehh? Is it alright? Thank you, Naachan! You’re so kind it just makes me want to cry!” Kazumi was crying. It was pure tears of joy. “And… Are you sure you’re giving me your portion as well? You might go hungry, you know?”

“It’s alright. I don’t really eat too much so the food would just go to waste anyway.” Naachan said, looking at Kazumi eating.

After Kazumi ate the last grain, Naachan hurriedly packed both back into her lunch box then stood up. “Let’s go to the Shower Room, Kazumin.”

“Ehh? Already?”

“Yes. Let’s hurry. The next class starts in 15 minutes!”

“Ehh? I feel lazy…”

“Don’t be like that. Faster!"

Naachan pushed Kazumi out of the room then pulled him to the nearby Shower Room.

Naachan, seeing Kazumi stripping down then averted her eyes. “I'll just get your new uniform. I’ll be back.” Naachan then ran to the Student Council room in the 3rd floor to get a spare change of clothing and then back to the Shower Room at the 4th floor. Upon reentering the room, she saw Kazumi who was only wearing a towel to cover his nether region.

“Oh! Welcome back, Naachan!”

“Don’t say ‘Welcome back’! Just hurry up and wear this!” Naachan, now blushing and still averting her eyes, told Kazumi.

“Ah, sorry for the trouble.” Kazumi then grabbed the clothes from Naachan’s hand then dressed up inside a cubicle. After dressing up, Kazumi then went out of the cubicle. “Say, Naachan… How come you have an extra set of uniform for boys?”

“Ah, I didn’t tell you, did I? I’m currently the Student Council Treasurer.” Naachan said looking at the time.

“EHH!? Naachan, you’re amazing!” Takayama then picked up his bag, kendo gear, and shinai.

“It’s alright, let’s hurry!” Naachan then pulled him to the Faculty Office.

* * *

Maiyan and Misa who were idly doing nothing in the Cafeteria saw Maimai entering the area. Maiyan waved his hand at Maimai, prompting the girl to go to their seat. Misa, seeing Maimai walking her way towards them, felt her heart skipping a beat.

“So… How do you feel?” Maiyan who was obviously stopping his laughter asked Maimai.

“I wonder if I sounded too harsh a while ago…” Maimai answered, looking down on her lunchbox.

“Not at all, Maimai. Not at all.” Maiyan confidently answered, trying to cheer Maimai up. “So… May we eat that? You’re not planning on giving that to Marukyu now, are you?” Maiyan added.

“Uhm, sure. By the way, when did the two of you start becoming this close?” Maimai, who was curious with their actions, asked the two.

Misa glared at Maiyan. Maiyan then saw Misa’s look then invented a story impromptu in front of Maimai. He remembered his substitute statement to Misa earlier inside the Softball Club. “Uhh… You see… Misa and I are training buddies now. We… Train every morning to further enhance our talents! Right, Misa?” Maiyan looked back at Misa.

“Y-yeah! Hahaha…” Misa replied back at Maiyan.

“Hmm… I see. Well then, let’s eat.” Maimai, reassured, then unpacked her lunch and started eating while watching the two people in front of her who unexpectedly became friends. Her packed lunch consisted of karaage, omelet, fried vegetables, and rice, all arranged in a loving manner. Maiyan and Misa were awed at Maimai’s cooking skills even if both of them could cook just as well.

“Say… How did you and Maiyan become friends, Maimai?” Misa, who started sampling the karaage in a poised manner, asked the motherly Fukagawa.

“It was quite funny actually.” Maimai answered, chuckling gracefully.

“Yeah, it wasn’t my fault though.” Maiyan retorted, blushing.

A flashback in their first year in Nogizaka Private High School just occurred to them. Maiyan and Maimai, still unacquainted to each other, went to the cafeteria in separate ways. Maimai alighted to the Coffee Bar stall, ordering a Regular-sized Mocha Frappe. She was asked to tell the Barista her name to avoid giving the order to the wrong customer. After queueing to the counter, she was asked to wait at the waiting area with the other students. After a few minutes of waiting, a tall, white, and handsome student appeared shortly in the waiting area and was waiting for his order. Maimai examined him from the bottom up then smiled. He was quite her type. The barista, done with a certain order, shouted the name of the customer.

“Regular, Mocha Frappe! Mai? Are you present?” shouted the Barista.

Both Maimai and the male student went to the counter. However, the male student had been faster and thus took the Frappe, stuck a straw on it, and then drank it. Maimai, who was shocked with the guy taking her order, pouted in front of him. “Excuse me, that’s my order. Why did you take it?” Maimai asked him.

The male student then looked at her and at the Frappe he was drinking. “Uhh… No. This is my order. Regular-sized, Mocha Frappe. And besides, my name is Mai.” Yes, the male student in question was Maiyan.

“Uhm, No. I ordered that and my name is Mai as well.” Maimai smiled uncomfortably back at him.

The Barista then looked at the two and sighed. “That’s for the female one. Your order’s still at queue.”

Maiyan blinked twice then gave the cup politely to Maimai albeit, in an awkward way.

End of Flashback. After hearing what happened during Maiyan and Maimai's first meeting, Misa laughed. “Geez, Maiyan…” Misa lightly hit Maiyan’s right arm.

After the break time was over, they went back to their class. They were greeted by a thin yet muscular man. The three of them figured that this person was the missing transfer student. They went back to their seats as their homeroom teacher asked the teacher for a bit of time to introduce the new student.

Okada-sensei then went in front of the class, wrote the name 'Takayama Kazumi’ on the board then asked the transfer student to come in. The student bowed in front of them then introduced himself. “Good afternoon, my name is Takayama Kazumi. 16 years old. I transferred in this school due to my father getting reassigned to Tokyo. Nice to meet you all.”

A few murmurs could be heard in the students’ side.

"Takayama Kazumi? Isn’t he the famous Kendo Champion from Chiba Prefecture?”

“The famous Takayama of the Sundome is in our section?”

“Takayama of the Sundome? Isn’t he that fellow who eats Ice Cream and Steamed Buns before his match?”

“I thought he’d grew fat in that way of living."

“Now, now. Listen, everyone!” Okada-sensei patted his shoulder. “Thank goodness, Nishino-kun found him near the rooftop! I thought he was a goner!” He then looked at Kazumi. “Now, Takayama-kun, sit beside Nishino Nanase-kun! She could tour you in the school premises later. That’s all.”

The classes proceeded normally. Takayama was hoodwinked into joining the Baseball team, thanks to Shiraishi fooling him about the non-existence of the school’s Kendo Team despite being classmates with its ace, Kawago Haruto. Despite Marukyu’s protests, Maiyan was able to pass Kazumi’s application to the Student Council, with Naachan sighing as she found out about Kazumi being deluded into joining them. After his school affairs for today are wrapped up, he went to Harvard to ask about the tutorial since he had a model work for today. Harvard told him that she too, had things to do and thus, Maiyan was happy that he could rest from the mental torture for today.

* * *

He went to his modeling work immediately. He was a model for Fashion Weekly, a fashion magazine for both men and women ranging from teenage to middle-aged people. He sat on the couch, waiting for the manager. After a short while, the manager arrived. Maiyan rose from his seat then bowed in front of the manager. “Thanks for the work as always, Itano-san.”

“Ah, no worries, Shiraishi-san. You are a most wonderful asset in the company.” Manager Itano answered, asking Maiyan to rise. “Today, you’ll be shooting with a famous internet idol. She’s already in the room. Good luck.” Itano added, leading Maiyan to the room.

Maiyan entered politely and greeted first, his workmates, and then the net idol he’d be shooting with today. She looked small, with both of her shoulders exposed. Seeing the colors pink, and baby blue in one place, he could only cringe as he remembered the only person in his opinion who looks good in both colors, his very own sister, Matsumura Sayuri. “A-ano… I’m Shiraishi Mai. I’ll be working with you today. Nice to meet you.” he said uncomfortably, forcing a smile.

The person in front of him, faced him upon noticing that his voice sounded familiar. The girl, upon seeing his face, flinched quite a bit. “A-ah… I’m Manattan! Zukkyun! Nice to meet you!” the girl said, making a hand signal of a gun, shooting directly to his heart. However, like a wall hit by a bullet, the imaginary bullet forming the words ‘Zukkyun’ only ricocheted back to her.

“Okay, thanks for your hardwork today.” Maiyan walked away as cold as he could. One minute into Manattan and chill and he could almost feel the darkness enveloping his whole being, as if a demon was eating the last of his soul. He felt as if he had seen the little demon somewhere. However, he couldn’t remember anyone or anything and thus dismissed the thought.

Meanwhile, the little girl calling herself Manattan felt really down upon seeing Maiyan’s reaction to her ‘Zukkyun’. After all, every male idol fan in the country couldn’t say no to her and yet this guy seemed to be uninterested, no, even annoyed at her presence.

“Uhm… Mai-san, do you hate me?” She asked, tugging his right sleeve.

“With a manipulative face like that, I’d say yes to anything but actually interacting with you.” Maiyan answered, his face forming a disgusted expression, his always polite and gleeful expression disappearing in a span of less than a quarter of a second.

Manattan sobbed, both of her hands formed in a ball-like position, covering her eyes. “Mai-san must really hate me…"

“Do what you want.” Maiyan said then walked away from Manattan.

The makeup artists tended to the both of them, and afterwards, the Photographer asked them to pose in front of the camera. “Mai-san, please do a Kabedon with a sexy look on your face!”

Maiyan then smiled at the Photographer. “My facial expressions are always sexy but thanks!” He chuckled as he did a Kabedon with a girl he despises.

“Again with the jokes, Mai-san! Hahaha!”

“Come on, I wasn’t kidding!”

“Anyway, pose as sexy as you could. Manattan-san, please put both of your hands together as if scared of Mai-san here.” the Photographer asked of them.

‘No need to tell me to act as if I’m scared of him. I’m really scared of this guy.’ Manattan thought as she followed per the Photographer’s orders.

The photographer asked them to do several other poses. After they wrapped up the photo shoot, Manattan ran to her Manager. “Manager-san, Mai-san is-“

Maiyan appeared beside her. “I’m what? Come on, Manager-san, Manattan-san is just tired. You guys should leave her be for a while.” Maiyan maintained a really charming smile and then looked at Manattan, his eyes however, stated a different story, his eyes staring at Manattan’s soul.

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Re: [N46] 世界で一番 孤独なLover (Chapter 2)
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such a complex relationship...
naoki-kun is so popular... 3 girls are fighting for him :inlove:
manattan? so maiyan and manatsu have a same job? akimoto manatsu(hazard) right? or there is the other manatsu in this fic? i'm a little confuse :?
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Re: [N46] 世界で一番 孤独なLover (Chapter 2)
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Popular Hashimoto, everyone makes him a bento, but he’s usually making his food himself. I wonder who his guardian is  :mon dunno:

 :wahaha: I was right! Misa likes MaiMai. Poor Maiyan, they’re so good together in Bemars though. And Maiyan is being a good friend too, not reacting poorly and even helping her, good guy.

Maiyan and Marukyu friendship is amusing.
Oh boy, I dunno if I want Maimai with Misa or Hashimoto…
 :mon squee:  Yes! I’ve been waiting for Zu to appear. Even better with his Kendo skills too. He’s so very much like the usual Kazumin, gotta love that personalities.
Now that Kazumin’s here, I really want Nanase to end up with him  :mon determined:

:lol:  that same “Mai” name.
I’m wondering if Manattan is Hazard’s work persona that Maiyan too dense to notice...even when Kuroishi almost came out  XD

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: [N46] 世界で一番 孤独なLover (Chapter 2)
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I was right Misamisa is gay and she loves Maimai

The council members must be know that Misamisa 'play for the other team'  that's why Harvard know that Misamisa won't like Maiyan back.

Ahhh I hope Naoki will quickly choose the one he likes, (please choose Maimai) well if ever he get so long to choose one (who knows if he is so dense with love?)  I'd like to see him jealous over Misamisa x Maimai (hahhahha #evil laugh)
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